6 Eylül 1838 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4

6 Eylül 1838 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

Mslensnippi m[d Loulifana Hotel, - o noesto r i ....d- , tw - n abaoe, el ail ;,,+l, , a 1 ,: , .r exertionato mde: v:ale , r.la'.,a . apntiusueoae ;(if fh run ur two v no "",113 * Illi Mint nl persZns v.,:n . ( .. ummer monthlts, enot e. fid bettrr lcmmlnall, t.,ye than ehiWieao afford then, on teore Hibral anrna.. er nbopaneu plasant4y itatated, and well snpplicd whit ,e·.J.nhtlenielce; the bah is tturnished wilh the laq$Oel4hie liquets, &a. in short,'hv proamiase `Nat nothing itnhal b., wanting on herprrt tao give ,tire natiathltion ttaia who Nay patraniz, tI'o aiteissippi and L'aisia In ottl : 3 10 TIII PUBthfL .---.mPhe; or~egd Irng studted under "Dr. SetLmidt of Charletton, Soath Carolina, and for some years hie assistant in the penatie'of medieineand surgery, has the honor Sodbr his prpesinnal ermtanes in this city. Re a t laises and gentlemen that the meet xesp a nri will be paid to the calls which 1 n t fel d e also ern his services to the hD ee h ttimn being well aequainted with the . l.ttehin, haYing attended them in en Chalteston. 1 dkipilaelter the nompoeition ith dinetion, can be bh4 a i elet which they have r oiSli, hnbeeen attetided r the gteSt gqp to which the bent of u~ee kbe gtvee. lAp to 66 ag. >1l LaLC K iCOMPANY,' No. 1M Waatery .ae lrekanmtreet, New York, t0 1R i f , eaeon, and are oestenlly Si an e. t ive additions to the stocnk eif~p oi o hode; Meh now oonsists of the o t, suitable for the southern and of siperior quality, consisting of _adi wit·CIs, from 9t8 to 50 gallons, aro 3:8 to30 galloon, 3:8 to 18 gallons e Itkl ire f O' ana 7 different sizes, PiatBpirpid . 6 do 4 do Wagon benes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. ICht do. 5 to 7 inches. Woad Serews, 90,000 gross, iron and brans, from tinOehi N.. 3 to 3:9 ineh, No, n4 of a superior iality and fitnish, and less than Jame's imported ed nrons, assorted, in eascooks of about 500 lbe for retailling. Tailer's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Sau weights, 100 tons, assorted front 1 4.4 to' 201h. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, chanrc:es, &e. made to order, Also seambeata and other machinery made to order. The above assortment or goods is particularly recommended to the attention of Southern and Woetern merchants, and are offered for sale at low ories and upon the mlost liberal terms ; it is be. to be the largest and best assortmllnt ever . ored for slip by any one establlshment in the United BStates. Merehante, by forwarding a request by mail. can have a printed circular, with description uf goods, pg~aespnd terms, from which no deviation is ever made, fuiabhed by return of mnail. All ordere will receive immediate attention. New York; 1838. jc3 L motmvtlup ant I'ibkles, aassarled sixes; also, 6ht enaxe of Letis & lIaskell's t'iaklev; for no e to cloae a aunsignmant, by JARIVIS h ANDItEWS, ao2 car Caamon natndl Tehoapitololas n AP- Iti hael Ib .xes No t Soap, brand of Jaallas Gtild, for oale by ISAAC BUIt1lGEl & CU. ml1i 134 Magoialae srret. f1'Ul 1,E1'. O Ensma alaelling hbonae onil riton streat, be tween Tl'oali Circle ad l.L arendalet :tlreet. mcli. Aaplv to J OTT', W IlELBARROWS, &c--25 \t hVeelbnttaoas, 25 iBr do. in stotre Ibr tale by UHAMPLIN & COOPER, m15 8l2 .Ialst XT . and ruled Cap . dd Letter Pauppera, all uo J liioa, consiatilg of very lMrior 01ue nlaid, blue nod white wove, and alain n ! ruled rough edge record cup, eostanbtly ot hand antl for sale lr DAVID FFLT & CO. anI3 NY V Stationet' Hall, 'J4 Chartres st. ''(o B"AG3 S..n.tr Coffee 511 bnoes cf3 duo each loselle Wine, 182fi; 50 do oft do no do 1821; 50 do oft do LP Port, 181a; It do of 2 do I. Pbrown Shtrry, 181t 10 pipes extra aOdeira. For: . la by HERMOGENE, BROWN & Cat. atw Corti street. B LANK BOOKS, of every variety tf rulina and La i.idiinc. ,olastantly on hned: rnd "Prin,iag, Rulit nid lmdiag neatly eaxecutad,'t short notice, by SIA VII FEt Ta CO. m|l N Y Stationers' Hall,24 Chartres st. 1iia l¶v ll foiartih proof A erica Brands .ilading, for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. mil 134 Mageaine vtreet. ro RENT.¶ A~ NEW two story brihk I onse, situated 5 doors .- from the Seeond Munieinality Hall,on St Char es sheet. tent very low, possession givn in mmediatela Enquire at the premies., m29, If. LjULaltM-50i bbl s f Flour. for aln byr 10 it DOERSY, 44 New Itvr l Sc.tK IBAUON sides Fir sales vi' 0U1 m G i DORSEY. 44 Nrw I y ev. iFli e Rops.latding from Amba. ador,torsale by LAYE & AMELUNG, mnlV 17 Commerce at. - pes - gi y , laid i, afrm gstemer In Waene. nod for sole bv YORKE, BRO'TlP RtS, Jea 65 Camp street. MNOU O zT NOR CO yaIVA 'e rie:n, Nty. 14,187. BO 'T six meaths ago I had the misfortune to get r a sot disease, for which I hoave applied to seve ral dqo.re for cure, and they did not care me. o now e on the habre dae I putt myself undcr tile caroe of IDoctor Iuet, iad I exltyt him to cure me. oince that time the dioaa get worse, so as to break out in large nlcers to thei .tnler of six or eight on ea h leg, and all over .ray l.c, and sore threat, and not able to work at he preslt;t, oU aOccout of the disease; large llcer t ie rght ide of the throat. I am no.v putting t se confiectly tncderth calre of Dr. luelt, ,f Pari, to be perfectly cured JOHN DEAN. I DM CERTIFY that the ab .ve menthined disease quite well tuoad to mt own coo tiofation, for whijh I Ihlak Dr. uneq aud moreover I alosre that thie medi ine I have taken make makesoe t ilt. and did not injlre my tvoiithl a eall; tbereforre advise my f Ilow sufiererst o lose neotih and apply to IDr A. Hoct, 15 inurbonl st. I'heywill find a trnue dotor for this comlplaitm. JOHN I)EAN.Il (Graeter street. If any one wants to ee me, call at No. ii Gravioa rtreet, acl! they will he salicfied. To he published at the opti-n of Dr. .DlrEt. JOHN DEAN. New Orleans. Frlo I, IRIS. fh 1ic Iv TIR B- oiom la, too.o tit..... o e......vo.. ad aot.. /hmotd, in patc aop in biotiles at the low price of 51t ..ontc each, containuing the strength of three ounces of Liverwmrt, beas fha the virtues oi manty other roots ad herbhkowek acmlong the Indians as efficacious in curing puimooary somplaints. Tlitu rIvalled suctess which has attended the see of this inuettmable Baloanl wherever it hos been intro doeLf. has obtained the eonlfidence and recommenda tions of repeatnlble phr~i iciansv for the ullre of couguls, "odds, pain in the aide, want of rest, spilting or blood, liver compaa ino, &e. To homn it may concerl. This is to rertifi that we have ickomr praetice froiuiuolly prei'rslhed Sfrs Gard ner' ldlhdiu Balsam of Lverwort a ld tlhlrhiuclld, witt a degitld gotd effect: we can threlfbre, from the know. toltd of the materials it is nlde( from. nild r tservarnlloi and eaicr.noee, reeotleln it os a tuperia- prelparation or all those oallttios lof theim Ilns fir which lt is rn nmtondedl. AIAlER 1E VI LIAM, M.)D. CALVIN EI..I M.. I). SMmbers of the Blston Medieol Arsoeintion. Boston. October '.4. ade by J 11 VIS & ANDREW'S, 11i19 l I ' it'Inn it t b'."ioottiso l.e kcoommoended by the Medical Faeuhiv. )t TLIMR'd Efferveacent Magyesian Aporicnt-For. _odypbJfaisiu pr icn.igestion, cervous debhlitv, giddi •;hpkadtfkcaaitditv of the stolmach, habitual to;o o, - . ntalenusdiseaser,gout gra.el, o .and much oil U a geoie, eooliltg purgative. 4'iti aidile preporatonc has received the patron of niltnyntinoeant meamb rs of Ite prolbsooion, atd :ri i diseocoog publie many ree ecthle and uanssli. +ti .t oiotimroniall f ,it efficaty no a medicine have been ceited. Witt all the pleaung qualiries of a glass of oola watO, it poeaese the active medicinal properties of tie most Ippr vead calinous purnatites; it nI pleasant to, tit notatolnd grotcful t. th stomach. ,IPORTAN'P T AU'PI)N-'t'im increasing reputa. tion and great demand for HBule'a .ffBerracent Mogne eian Aplrient, has been an iudlucmects for others to of fer ou L.ialtiopof thIs valuable med tine. Purchasera ., pkltil,,iarly w.r.,ed of this fact that they may be ono their .[tllrd, al; not proutre an Impure artcle. " - T'he pahlit. am cei1oeqluloy inioroe ed that the nubocri ro ar ee ra.t.otche snloplied wi'h tihe oigital andl ge noaolp pt acneUn. or sale who aso a detail. IICKLFI Ii CO. .geman. m1 4 Canal r areet, N O. t do'ales qgtatle Hair Oil, fhr the restoration S edn awth of Hair, giving hdthatld beauty,and efoh at Heir Oil wee olrsed to the publie, is had aeeu trio aldcr. ..eareseof baldaess, thinnes, and allianr di'f flrectdr.. mlnd iuveryj instfac its alotary laecta Itfbeen mrealisl. It hssneerfailld toproduce a newt. slifns l gtowth of heir on heads already bald. In p where it beromta, dry and ceases to rrow hIc OIm*r pry aer res it halthy. and produce r•td m aluh slf geowth of hair. witlout the least .iuej' iradij. TlPhia Oil giseu as agraeble fra gensa l prefereahble o any. .talk olr Oil for par uneic,.ias t litgsa gloo o. tho hair.. The h it nothel'ho dcyRslevotlg For ale at U8 & D'LANG. &1AltTT Co, am new eyvmvforr - rm " ship Orle s, l, Polwhlander, kt ,, i ,.,',W FPreeh and ( npatitl.v cards; B.,i ' S. :',,rds; liCeirmenn, 2-4 and " 1.8 inch ili ' !,tl; .i 91 and 12 inch dlad. iitert Knives; ni"l,'.". md otht'r 'ctvelli, t.... 0"icNr t'ase. n : ilePd hv 'em Tdl : ;, t:, Powdel tnld Choitile lt a deriiE r at Bends Patent e or GINer A.E. ; ,,r at; . H'wdEr nuaitn ail Bane, A.;I i ,ii, 'r th;l . ea; ey -ar nirape; Wiiti Btehien: S e i .': a al i Neclaces ititd Cltihi.; Gilt and ilanri tjtae ll·t .Inlian Boand, Ielum anai Plinaen; ShialoTi.t S:.1stid Dnenning Catb; tnhiehins addml astr lit-in h1 elr 'tech n eand maken their sneetinmet v erncra ti "i, atel be h sacd ow and on ibe alrtsrs, ti ist, iie @the iG;lrn CaTh. d1i i t' r , fm spre s ret.r TiHEe makeonrar, Agenat for thre alstettne ore S fal SW. &Se . Butcher, Sheaffiel f.t,-Ild, hler lust teivan a very extennive sittof nit t , tonsisting of Table andl lDemrt Knivea or.. descriptiion, Pen, Pocket, Dirk, and Spatr point he nve Rarors, bels onexhttibin th tre tinont orKen. Tlerms and conlld ats = h be node k oown at the time.l, meli J.DU. 1IN dt A COHEN.90 Comman et. .IMMOWS HliART'r& CO.-Ae now renetviig tptss.ip. - natill., Eagle, Merry Adthew, HIgh ahle, Pr.enh and German double head plavingetards: eor,helt orad packen pistols; plain, ribbed and split thlinn ealaeit alip halde'n; aes 'n Riloria, pen. v44 Gifleai's enmmesenil tmd other ! artineht; Via its; V'Piliss aings shell, ivory and horn ensmba; waferi k, bed and leather rneat hair braids, front and ske ringlets enro pufft German aml Frleanoltogn Vwmit+. rowlnda stlsaetIfsn i, imJitatiOn d; lint e ad banrosil pornale dekr ancd tresing nass: paet blakngls ana btand toalen glaan; convex mlalmn ; ep. eel glasses mild vews; lmlian etrac, belhs and , ietr ea.,leo; whit, twine; toilet and having naps; toilet owdere, erosmetie wash nhals saendr satin d t aishts; pool - anml, aerew ethinons; fanny bead chains ail neklanet; billiard hall. pocikeri honks an walletat Glerman halani razor eaps; fine and common gum. e.tr mils; Crynotn, &e & heer he above in adition to our formenar nlack of fant artieles, makesnl taort a tmet v eery a rapit. Per sale whelanele or retila the dsign of the Golden Comb,70. bheartre stree t. mitr . N OTICE--Tlte partnearhip of Kelley, Msacn &Ca f New Orlean ; Mason, Harrisa &Ct., f Nathezh; nr Harris Keller &Co., of Rodney, weas dienenl orn oe2lst of Jtmy last, by the death o Samteli A Masoen me of the nr.aeies oat the firms. - The auneerm ig edn toreing partner will ber charged with the settlig aend cnlon c a nd ing id inen a fllows: LavilC larr; ill attend tobthe settlint of thh e banines f Maonie, Harries& Cor , t Natchen; and Harrin, Kel er Co.,aent Relnev; and Henry Kelley will attend eto he settling of the bu'siness of Klley, Maaon & Co., at New Orleans. Thenames of the neveral firms willt,. aned in liqaidationonly. Thone indebtend i said fi en ore earnektly quesitedn eceme forward ni d make eanly rettlemoent ail thosei linsg claiMr will please, rth et them withore t delay. -m pedrcu n LpaEVI C HARRIS, ed HENRY KELLEY. New Orleana, J tine l, 1837. 2 cares man t of this superior Coltne wiae"ar jurt receivened anti hr salesa thedor eaon or inl ottle. Aleo American and ti'eneh toilet p wdtcr , r powder rauff and boxes,staping andt toilett snop, tsmetie waht balls, milk of ruast, oameticr etnht eream, vxtr tc o mtnk, kephahta, Ward'e vegetable hair oil, vmnatun, tiele de prrse, Fleridn..itte atlar, rose rend Ie watters. Itrealnte's nalts, Morecillee terttmver" int trtnks. voelit ie , id liquid ao-en, Chlorine and Orris tMitl, wastl, clot, hair, tooth, nail and fleshe t!alhes; tgthetr withl all ndditioeol supplt of fnasionable hter ant shell colibs and jewelry, fortle low at whoilensale or r tail bvt- SIMMONS, IIART'r &Co, \oairing from on beard clips Yazoo, anrt nratovltt tndltrig Contnordi, from New York, a grent variet, of goods in their line, which togiether with their itwomet Pttck n Ir.ad, makes their assort cat very': plete. hime iollowing compose a part, viz: ell twitrl, tti';de, tnek and dreaaingembs helten do nrall dtlacripiton, I n tie rubber, silk and wormed ielatict n c.,rter otmonle & fine elstic entspnderae, lofecetLo tttl cifer mnttotle, Scidtlitz powdera, owa and brrtf xtdtte, tottileter , pocket ibooks and wallets, needile books, Sell, pearl, vorvy anti n morocco enrd tae, Iead ornullents pltain eo ehlaes, eat glss and plain,eed,silver and iltbende, Indim beaids, boll anti plunmen; pistol antd inret pew Jer flsns, shot belots, horsee , tel. pocket ani dueiling .intols; doublen hiandeingle barrelled .ne, Bowie knives, and dirks. aiasorne, shears, pocketknivehs, e tr ct ins, and ribmans, waist buckleso , clonth, hair, tooth, naoil,omub, crntb shoee,ilta, floor and desting brusles, Cologne, Floreidna, lavetludern, roser and bay wer,nortel elatssen.Ie,, and extrats, Macealeenr,, hnar, attiq ti VndWrmd's ve getahble hair oils, shaving and toilet eoaps of alt den-. criptions, ledie e and gentlentaee' diesk and dressing nes, hair rieglete,frizatten and breids, plain, fancy nand tttsicnl work hboxe, plain and giltfigured,toatt and rest btttta,, pearl and ivory shlirt do, vitirt tideila, agold and eilver pencil easa, t oothpks ind tweezersplatad and gilt rlokets, winiature don, siver, hlrass nne ttein thinmhles, hooaks and eyeas, hair pine, iiitatiotn frtit, blh and redink, hlate htcklng, violins and git,.trt, rihlled silt plain percussion caps, linen twine,t seted clash eritns, gold and iler lace and fringe, itter pater, ,nue hcgs, riding waip, walking antees, plintlagp att' in, gold, platad atid gilt jkwcliry &rc. rPle. ttave, together with a great varitty o oilter arti lea are offereld ant wholesale or retdil on tcicotttdIltting N elt SImhll aentsl rnpired. ' RIETY STOR.-at de sign i r . 1 comb, Mo70 Chartres stener. The lbscri,:r ceived, in ddition to theiiprevious ttnsk irn ha.,L + and complete assortment of articles in their ll; ln ; combs, perfumery, Jewellry, brushes, leeking glasses, anry articles, &e.e consisting in part as follows: COMBBt--toetoise shell, wrought and plain tnck,twist, qiuilled back, long round, dressing, side puff, curl and neck, Brazilian combs of every description amongst which tse seome Mexican patters, Ivory combs of every description, hore, dreming and packet, together with a gneral assortment efrenahand Amerioao. PERFUMERY-Cologne, Lavender, Florido, honey, hay, rose, and orange flower wafers of every nine and des crilption, camphorated Cologne, extract of Bargamonr, lancy soaps of ell kinds, shaving do in cakes and pots, crenm soap do, Ward's vegetable hair oil, bears and an tiqsuedo. Preston's smelling salns, plain and perfumed toilet powder, perl powder, po. derpulk and boxes po matues in pots and erolls, ers and chlorine toothl wash and oowdezo, with a generalassortment of JEWELLRY-some of the latest and most fashiona ile setts, consisting of white and red comelian, toper 4 iet eardrops, set in filagree, breast pins of a grep' ,se ty of patterns, watch trimmings, gilt and silvr ..sakles, itocr thimbles, silver and nlsl pt teils nd guard chains BRUSIIES-Cloth, hair, dust. lg,crnmh,lhearthIoor, hat, .esh, tooth, plate, comb, Nail, shaving, shoe and whlitewash hrushes. LOOKING GLASSES-German statia and toilet glasne, maognifying and French dressing glasses, honme do, with a ariey of other kinds not enuscerted. rFANCY AND VARIETY ARTICLES-French and American portable desks and dressing cases, some very rich and finely finished ladies work boxesand dres eiin eases, with and without music, msnical boxes, Ac ceordions of various kinds, violins and guitors, silver and plated pencils mid lends,wood pncils for carpenters and crayons, matle cloceks,guo and pistols with and without oases, percseion caps, peernssion cap chargers, nipple ocrsw drivers, shot belts, game begs, paste blacking, toy tea retts, Indian baends ofevery kind, hells sand tilnees, rnesnd common knives, razoers and scissors, tliulblen, needles, pins, silver plated, stestel and oommon specta cles, pocket hbeok and wallets 1 various kindls, visiting oeards and cart cases, playing cards of French, German and American menufaetare (dolls, imitation fruit, salo boxes, prints of various kinds, Sannders' Ptosersy's, mmerson's, Hillman's nod Hawkin's reazor straps and metallic hones, dirka, fancy head necklaces, dlo wril -r dropis, toy watches, pearl buttons, powdlcr flusks, e.. and plain seed beads, gilt and silver ci, guu elastic suspeo ders, and garters, plain and sword canes, bnekgamiun hoards, dice, optical vimnneos,jewsharln , locolbeo natchl es and drinking cups, with a great varietyo o other ari cieo, all ofwho h will he sold for cash. or city accepta. con on 12 Ononths credit. B II SIi.l,', & no. d4 70 Chartreps; . 1- OLItkiAR' Sfcience of Peomunsoship received,~i , for sale at thei permancet W ritnsg t:,ti .i. . N'o. 8 Clhatre stlreet, sNew ,)rla.o., IdJ .ic,'lswcy Nsii York, Daluplioe st.,, itolhile. Ladies aid ielolmetl are invited to rcall ud exa li ne the sostleo l.t themlseneclcet. Lessons are givno at eoch Liouses as nila . tit oe11 ocnllvetielce of all, aod to elanoses ;,rad ,t, r ... r.; of tile city. Ludio. wile prefer it can receive eanous l lla w icr identees. sPersis paying for one :, irse of Plra.so are lesired i o attred until they write n cell as they wish. nll DUL.EAR &dl6 BO'I'HFR. DEAFNESS, SNEW rtisle for pereos troubled wid, de.a hes, S(called Ih Earl romIel,) hn. just beeoris reeied, b the .ur it's hich, the elighltet artctlatiou of tine hu les voice is distinctly conceyed to tile ear. .All ois who hs ever bleen obliged it coiverse with a very des Iteion, mlult b fully d emoible of the difficulty asld am. hberOsscmt experienced both by themselves and the in dividuals so inimrtunatel hlietetll. By the use of tiea Ear TsIraimpt Ihis ohje."tion is eltirely o ,laiuted. he islt sReptieal have always a, antldoed trltir doubts after having used tIm Trumpet. For csle at T F GUION'S, Fancy store.co.mer of Cormoa and St Charles streets ulterlie Is-rh(Istoi Hotel. fell 13 SPERM OIL--1500 galioos pure winter d Sporno 0il, in casks and bhls, for sale by JAKVIS & ANDREWS, WVholesanle irugs sts, corner C ,asen and Tcehap lao stlreets,. mr 13 ' / he'l': LEA D--Sibds, tftO lb. Sach; vt 411'kegs,0 s. " 2011 do 235 English dio--5 I-4 bbis. 4110 " 100 Painet lresbent uarious d ozea; I tc,-e VerNilliunt 5 bids Copal Varnish; 2 . Jopas 1 0 Cuesct M20 packs Gaoll Leaf; 511 do Silver do; Ifi) do Dutch sMetal. WINDOW GLAS,, American, Erglash and Fresolh -11-01 boxn, vcenors nires and qoalitics. Boston Leoan do.-500 boxeeonaeeigmnest, will be sold low. Also, a.oeneral s.metslnet of artists' enlore and tools. mor ale h A W SCA1Ed, No 416 Cnal street. N R. Alaheuno ntes taklsen at p r. and Miaiissippi notes will In received ao 18 per cent diaconst for goods, or in p.csenst sf debt. je I lw LOUR--30 anding frmn .seaner Indpend-I sance, 1. 161 Df)RSEY. .5244 Now Levee. MR. WILLuAMsB OCULISTI MOW AT THE aJEFEERjoO rop.. JverF.Rson CTRET, Tnt.he Irlo of , foeatlilte ,Qdertriver: S --It appear b by thlAbl at of the Editors I .of the Nashville Presbyterian, Unisa and Transi eript, a well as ith edttors of the Memphis Enquirer; that the "Old Gentleon" is among the Doctors 'Ti le is proved by his kingly rage, knowing that his time ioe bitt short, ausl that th inldeenodeat 'Aoerivat people are able to judea for theomielves what are puffs and impositions. The worthy editors who are Doctots, the proprietors, editors or sub-elitore of the above natoed joumrals, call every letter from perons I have mtored to sight tn thl above plaoen, ptuffs. 1. The fact is, that I naveR had such great success within so lispited a period as ten or twelve. days. One who was aged hbout ten yearsy who had only seen the light from his birth, hean to see to follow his master to my hotel, iutead of being ohliged to be led hy him. Tw , yoqng aedtse, lwho had each lost the sightof one eve, oma far em eans. and the other for nearly two tear, havingboth of them the lether eve verv weab;' 'et 4htoh of those young ladies began to see with bath' eyes, which benefi! pledlgeyaetill contioltn x eeptigt they are under the tnflaence or dolfnitil ati of the Mediasl Doctors. Another is the daughter of al nespectable merchant, whose name I am bound never to mention, (as he paid me my fees), who said she had lestthe night of one eye from the age of I months, bat that she now begins to read lage letters with the other eve eompletel) shot. This the dlnotoreditars knewa the gentleman told me himlfhe had ann. due'ed his daughter to the o1iea of the medicaleditmrs. that they might be informed of the fact. The last I shallmeoion is aqelderly gentleman by the name of Yoant, nearly seventy Vears of age, who decfaredpub. litla by letter, which she took toallthab different offies' in lNaahville but one, and .shotglf.told me he had paid for the insertion whatever they Ianded, -wnhdeelar." el iu that letter that he h ri 'seall deovedsd of the lhte ef ooe aye from fta khe.enr hia birth, which his mothertaed tee. -. oecasioned hby sthe measlee or small pox; that noe he could not olyr see the light of the sut, for ibd first time that he reeullectd, but the tateo ls, d yah s heglhinig'to distinguish many eijects; and did bethib !* Itiutatt r;tv, gigs ma al_ prsof that he eoull see to walk aboot ttfi.hreets witl thnother evi eomhletely eloted, He serltd had been a member it the Methodlst Epitiopal Church for ne rly forty year, and that his wred we never dtoubot ed through t ' t..t e'e uraor ofhis life. 2. 1 repeat 'h: 'tad never greatar success than at Nashville, antr . he medicaltand rleriea doctors hadnaeverhefare , nt reasonto e henrared. The pioaeinddlgatln as Res. clerical Dr Smith proves, when testatedtt ' that about lia years past,he was converted from. t. .- a perfect itlded, to believe in the doctrines of the tttle, tht he must have made a trifling error-that he must have meant to say, th t before the end ofsix veares to cone, he ohould be converted froi his infidelity, as the spirit of the tret cinister of the peaceful and benign doctrines of the Chriotian religion does nct breath, oet diest uction rage, caluomnv and falsehood to lenase his medical fi'ierdo, agiinot the man hom aie knew had done so imuch good, and c o i- n jry to any oine. All the inhabitants of Nashvills spoke of the great uore. e 1 had, Iueept the medical dcltors. e Most of them also had been infonred bho Mle 'oult of the cure pesfosmed ne his totally hIlihdl eye. 's The fo ,taet o ialt S. of'thi town, eretends that 1 have loPt the laerels I alned in the Nort, since oy anrivl in the Suothwoes. This proves, ha wever,l had, and that I kept them until I arrived in this :eetirn. If SI gaine one an the north, l oueht to have gained anoth sr in the s'elt and oe'thwest, o'ln I still hope to wear them on v very vutefilol broew on the, dla I aves, in shpite" the of alrn ther toreTi , l1 <lher r .if I ,ilv jolgrs ltf o o ln , t r .li v ' o l i, o" ' l fit'l d it· , p is i. T rhe as a .n ' . .. "e n t '" ' h t 'h 'tm the tedi' ,nl " . ..inlhs mIl ' I, ,,p helloan and Tra "a brib.1 l. :t u h, .e e ' rwhhe ihth of the C. Pires. h ,.,i ~:r ll i f p," t h l"i ,f \":w h illte, as w ell s tle elan,-~ : itr, ,{ ,+,leal .dit.,. oftho '', a, hi s E ni-rr ;.. ,,ell ,"+ pi.i : ce-i. . f i , ,, itm' ,, r , l s ua:vith .J er ",,. n., . ' h , +tl ':'d; 't edli',,, of this Ieltvt ne-l ntl e .,fII. I b'.',; krill c lntio ns it st lt rer whi vmo .,' ' ito . +,pe. In, or rc l tonv, i ', le trelv itemv, hetivl ,, \, d" rce . i , t ' , i, thei amiable , e he r e I' , ,, ', ,I ,, i" H.bi n ,"' I~f ., ",,r....... " ... e e,m d " o h . t'. ,i i t, , , .,' all fore, moy crlellcot et leltli. n noe m tlrine Iloe .-lcolt',l next yea, in :Ner Teork, e hie t.tr,, Ipoie paeid and noothers, will he ,,yre to .esenct mde.t I5. 7'T i.firm i o the tvli u rtl, he aol'edo mld intandetl flrl thle fmy. It. )law.,! h, , ,,ad it in aly presete 11 ithlo t Ie lle is't . e ,' . i "i' tll hi a Ikeoeltrdllv, t e tl, ll llam ,i e, o' d I eei i tie wad hie did, rall ncoh h eted he ,boo would an ,er mily purpose ctPfel ; b. delivered then, h1tih t " iole withouy preren ins th.t e wanted t I i h lii Fro h duty, as I aever couoll reetoe to reiler oltt ,'ti'llC, or any stlhvr, any moeney fotr pst'tilg pfiys ''iE e. tl)ctor'sown :tatemcnt is hefore ther el+,li: h. .i examined all nl ,li lotmees, ,c. &,. 'i ' ie ,ren It a:,' itimate friEnd ,f hi, i, 'f . .'i t ' ;' ,,ole a patients, in olrmitote oeit' ~:,+I et.' clevrgeymen ,, founed thenm ill to e nlllthelti: .eeltto all eV R teieoreti ', , ha onore or less Icefited, hle lcvscr eoul'd hare Ito,.. inducee by a total stranger to draw up snch an, ao tile as o wrote hli'elf for puoilication, tn tdressen d it to Mr Strignfield, editor ofthe S WIV C Advotate.te 6. No wonder the clear sighted rmedical Coliailso of Nashvllse took the al. ; aud therefore inoerd their el faois tojoin with theoe the all-powerfil, athletic, pt as icrl and intellrctual foree of the saiel to-lm-converted clerical infidel. We rearud in the Biblell tlhec' tree is known by its fruits." I dare oy thle converted infidel has preaebhed fron that passote. 7. He evidently wanted toestablisi his moral h'ir ser as a sein, hy alloewing that he was above hcing bribed. Let ut see whether the som of thityv pieces of -ilvpr will apply t him ie s well atit was well upplied to atlher econverted infidel, who. in ther layes ofel tlhe i enicrutio of his Divine Mleter, ehaol otrdy soll hie for t t!t nlmber ofpi.ees of silver My acswer is, that it was never ilntndeI ao a bhihe, noroeold ie be onidler. ed so by cany one, as it was not evee n r elu to th leethl aret of all itt regular printer's fee;cof $5 per sqenre. 'ontainiing two or thres colemns of closely rilnted natter, which were to be repeated' tihree o four times in the Presbyterian, Union and Mlonitorjocrnels, had I ,cr iotendled to bribe him, I should have offered hiol at e'.ett $300, his regular fee, instead of $ 0, which, in all prelahility, he would have gladly receilved as his fee, and not esa bribe. On thecontrary,if I ad been ca eaeiac ifofl'Bsrl a bribe, I should certainly have done it in a way to have iusured his acceptance. 8. itad the Rev. Doctor been really converted to thei lelirefof the doctripes of the Saviour, he would not have promised to csme and examine my patienas sith. out keeping his word, as I liasve always foand every miuilstor of the gospel zealous to Io. 9. Had he been really converred, he woull not cub lilv have spoksen against the American institutions, wlhch, it is well inown, are more numerous, and which are superior to many 'in some parts of Europes His conduet so much disgusted some young literary char acters, as to he scarcely restraited'from puntshing him on tile oort.bv laviner violent handl aon him. The ve: gendemanthugh a Srot man, is without exnare, (unless he is calumniated), although he ony think he has a right to abuse the American inaritutions, because he is e c~,verted infidel, I say he has hot-as all ought to speak well of the bridges he goes safely over. I fancy the gallant Captain Orundv, and several other amiable young gentlemen of Nashville, recollect well the conduct of this pious expounder of the Holy Seriptures! 10. I never saw such a demon in human shape as the Rev. Doctor was the day I eal ed to reason with him, wh4 e he menaced my grey hairs with an uplifted gigantic arm, a if lie would have felled mne to the grulnd, for darinu to draw a pious minister away from his duty, by a bribe of 30 piecees of ilver! I really tremblled tnre that i the "old Gentleman" had ap pearoed in is own shape! It. I solemnly declare before God, anti am.not afraid to call Him to witness that 1 never, in the whole ellors of 42 years iractice as an uctliet, in ::leat Britain, I'manoe, ileleun aind .tlnerio, in a single istance of-. fered asa bribae otiv atnol to te editor of anyjourrc bIt as a atntonsation for the tnace I mtcunpied anti the troule wlhiclh I uecnioned themt; and that I was always nlort iclined to reduce, rather than adld arv money to the printer's bill; wlichn iu a sufficiet proofthant I lhad no:ot ntlon Ato bribhe. 12. Last.v.--Thlt 'lomplia Enor irerfortwm o or thre weeks cottnillnnt tisnlle of fineraut |alcenoo do, whicil t needical Goliah editors nlear' ' from their brethren tof the M. Gulilns of thc North, ant I shtrll teeat them with sllltt contempt until tlhe p oper tiem anrrivns: Unles it is true what I have tena itli.ll "l--sur a beggar, and yotR will catch ir t ! ,' t ltg 1 H aidoo , oNer, t;i bli_,ne, b 1, -.. It, .Silbo t e, J blci lLIrol: ti the u m gali.b thidcall. louirsilt', Jcly 1837. Copied fram the S. W. C. .dorate o/htare lk .olue. It;. At tiee reoluest of Ir. WVtlltUS WIe Honern th, li.,., i; n. te frlu the ire. it Honwrll, m o \:tad i o i ,.mi ,itnorn ofn I " Sotulth :Vterlu i.liin e .dvnlcnt , t . ' i 1HalEK.,r OlieN eX Hi LAd ti : l:lIA r. t d n tier .i euv inn,1,montrv, ut the ,ntwindt,tt.mn , t, public itnrlnn. -ge Iin cusequnnt ,ce of anll acident, Oir. Vwt! r- i rllin in .tlshvile a few dlya lungel than lie *,t tdrt into nded-sny the tst July. Rev. ttr ttringfielel:-llnavingle nbe In equ-ted Iby ;r. Williams, the oculist, toow tu thit city, to 0' nito his numerous dipiomas andl other diontcan. viainc. vit; at his nlaims to ublic neonftldel. , itl isc I .'tccsion, I have, ill contlinll with a nulued frienIl, ,dne et with pleasure. AlilUmgtlien ! fonnds lettsrfromn Itr loageot,t pre oeut tinarge d'Affaires olt the -Kin, of tihe Froencll, at Waslinngtot, addressed to Dr. Williams, terntifviag the gcrtitncnes of the diplonnas fron the Kinca o'France, Belagium, &e. as well as those from the nedicol Sotie. ies of Franoce. Ho iea numerous vouchers frain non ktown to lie tfhligh repanation in this country, received since hIis arrival in tihe United .States, detailing irhtanno cet of great success in t e restoration of sight tn ti e ouod. I have seen e trly all his pour patients in this c:b. I knew non., of them previous to thei cunitnng ann.sr his care; but all have ean snoy thny are nuu qoestionably benefittod. ROB'T. B. C HOWELL, Nashville, June 21,18:R7. P.:. Since writing tiem auove, one of Dr. WVillimnln' patients has called upnt me, and says lie had attnally and totalle lost the sight of one eye Ibr seventy reare* but mow declares himself betten that last nngt, for ithe first time in his life that he can recollect, lie could din tin uidi, withh h t ye, some oftthe prominentt tare. r learn that this oal gentlemnaan an lived mtany yeuar in this rdgion,aud says be has been a 3lethadist during forty years. Yours, trnlly, augLi0 R. B. C. H. TENNbii' nl MAoPO LtUISIAA'L4,&r. Ic A Now MMaP tIF Louistud, with its canals, roads ald dit:mnces, fromplae placelc, along the stage lid steani l' routes, by I1. S. Tenner. IlItCHe , 'N Ip OF THE UNITED SrToni eh.twing he pri. .tontpike and common roads, on which are girve , e.s tn til es from one place ton another, also th.. -o nf tile canals and rail roads through ,tnt thei. . rerefllly compiled from the best asu tbhuritir--1.., nied hy S. Augustus Mitchell. ?sITCtmcts.t c oars 0LEa't GUID r THROUOGH TE UatiTn '"I ra.t; a smat, of the roads, distances stean boat and canal routes, &¢. just received and for sale WM M'KEAN, '1HE'K8 ON PHILAD.PLPHIA--For sale hv YORKt. BROTHERS, 3SI f Camp street. THE INDIAN'S PANAClEA. R the cnre ofrlheumotism,cri lsor kingsevil,gout, r uintica or hip gout, incipient csncers, salt rhehn f uiphilitie ad meicrial diseases, iparticularly ulcers and pnfullafections if the bones, ulcerated throat o, no J rls, ulcers of every desonption, fever sores, and internu b bsesses. istnlas, piles, sc.ht head, scurvy, biles, ehro. h les ore eyes, crysilillis,hlothres, cad every varietyiofct tasies affOction, ehronic Catarrh, head ache proeed- 9 ing fr4m any acrid humor, pain in the stomach 'artl dys ppsaa prone orlhg from variation, scti LntSoe of the liver, bhroic infl.'matiou ofthe kidneys, and general dobill v casue I by atorpid action of the vesel of the skin. It is sing.·rly efieaious in renovating those constitutions ohi :l have been broken down by injudicious treatment, juvenilte iregtarities. In genm al terms, it is reuom enlded in all those diseases which arise from impurities ofthe blood, or initiation of the humors, of whatever i name or kind. Some of the above complsintsmay require some tri uing sitadeipplications, whichthccirumitalaes ofthe t am.e will distis-; but for a general remedy or Perificetr co remove the cause, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will generally be found seflcient. TO THE PUBLIC. flow true it is, that modern Physicians, in their am bition toezeel in their profession explore the vastfieldsi ofacience by the aid ofehemistry, and seek out new re medial nthl; in short, to arrive at perftion in the pr.stice by means of art alone,-setirely overlook and negleet, as beneath their noee, the rih and bounteous sl.es of medicine, which the Almightly has caused to pring out of the earth in every clime!' And how much moue true isttthat while the American Physician looks o' foreign eountries for many of his most common sad neses.ry etioles, perpetoally changing as they are at the distates offashion orfolly, he is morrudetl in his own country with an endle profusion of medical plants, sffleieotto answer any indicale in disease or to cure lny cunable disorder; and yet he is ignorant of their vir tuas, and they are sufleredto 'wasereheirheliling on the desst air.' Theeffeotsof vegetablsmedclineisupon the system ate ,emToery-tho of minerals lasting. The former ex ert ther effts and pams off-the latter, mercury in pin icalur, snt chemically span the solids, deaompsilg the bms and isnderminiog 'he eosttitutisn by a slow aid sure destruction. The songeniallity, effieisy mand SAFETY of vegeta lde remedies ever mineral, may e estimated by contrast ing the anooient prantiee with the modern; or, to bring ii mnoreimmediately utteor or own observation, tlO Indi n practice with thatoftha whites. Who, in America, oas not known oer had no repeated instances wherein some deerepid, unletring female Indian, by meansof her simpleremediesalone has affected the most .ipid nodastonishing oures, dfter the \iateira Medica of the ammnn practice directed in the most skilfll manner, has foiledl And who has not beei surprised at tie com arativemise and flcility with which the Indian fires ilm self from any disease, and at the almost tota ablstinence of chronic disease among thren Who has el heard ol al Indian witha eonstitutio broken and ',ined by ill treatment A:d can a doubt exist that this happy ex enption of the savage from most of the ills which the flesh qfman is heir to, is lchietul owing to more genia atd safe remedies which li employsa 'this astonish inagdifference in swuccess, is a fthirexemplifiation of the iniatte superioriti of the simple and safe means of oure which God has created for the benefit of his ýhihen, overthose wlich thlr ,idetd a thit art o lf aln la.e il vented. From a long relusidece among a portion of thm e tlhruuigi, lrhabitaltsaof thi.seoullty clall intimalte i quHi 'ace willh he ,wthllts of" care o nlo of Iheir cmod + ," . vginnir.' thi p m w1'n4:1 4 . ' ht ,.!i:,, ·s.eea,' acu, sd a klnow Iledge, of annr orf thllt mo, .. al... nlt~lt n\lite i.meth m e sb From theseh,. .,gclsetd ch u . i, , , ht "f ticiousaal cappt :" n ii , 0< ..r~ , h,, , + It, I bes it v a .o. s. the co.stiutia , : d lx Ile Iaient . : well. la ,I umau .t. :a n " im ula i rua.anl+'la a l." , ,.,

uipyseleiicc : r an , , t ., ý .a,,a:iuc It pra "itakr -n in .ii , o , . ''ir.o I {'.i .,ro opener. ar hll tti r llmtvrrr . s i i ore lls r frri r .....rr Hir "II ILrr , it 11t b"to1 allnd !:,xalk.l ¥m III, p1 l l li-I( . .lll. lhil· ,1I 'I . t ll :Ita ill 1 tlpl'l)..i* ::iat M al I ll': 1P M s .hl1 slll III'.. : e - ,,1l! .. .lrl,,:s ' ,lt '1 , .1'.1 u.5 l I h1, -C.vI'. , , , . ,11 11 t. X Itehw . t.1. h IIIml . u ehl , all- I t ctirres letiiolll i II i, " articular ' oh' ertrao-. nroi thrr ,e priuci. 1 ll, ,lkill ns m lia e uildrlrspo d.l "'htii iiciire hnsc iee linond highly milil in main allllbigllll, dliseiases net here specified, aIuI it Iils blll Iused I ith wonidellill success as a Springill a l Fall Pu ritier, by tlhose wlho pre llbject to comnlllai lll of tile clest, inll wlhose colnstilutioulsrequire new vigor. S.lch per Slols will do well to use t vo or three Ilttlus ill small do ses. Vhenever dliet t.ilnk is considered IIcesslly, this Ilnacne, taken in a small hlose; will alswert all its purposes, in much less time, at less expense, anll in a tla more aglreable manner than the comnmo dliet drink. The following certifclates, out of hundreds similar, which might he procured, are given to sliow tihe effect of the lrdalu l's Panseoa, in the various comlalu ltst isereh inentiosetl; and also to exhibit it the molst satlslretolty mnanner itisuepriority over the syrops in comono l use. CASES OF RHIIEUMATISM. CHARLESTON, Nov. 15, 1832. )uring thelast winter and spring,l was afflicted with a very severe and distressing rhrumatism, occasioned by exsposre in ard weather. I now takiegreat pleasure in stating, thiat six bohtles of rite Istlinr's Panacea, restored me to llefecet health, and 1 confidently recommend it to all similarly afflioted. JOHN FERGUSON, Kingat. CeaRlLoror, March 27,1832. I was seized about threeyears since, with adlistressing rheumatism, caused by takings severe cold, while under theinfluenceef mereury, and which has disabled ar' i uem business nearly ever since. liDuring this period have ber n a patient in the Marine Hospital, in dtis cil upwardsot fiour months, and nearly the same lengthri time in the Baltimore Hospital, and tried almost ever femeidy, with little benefit Onl the 16th of loor.lUar last, at that time scarcely able to move about uponl crutch. es, Icommence.d the use of Inllnl's Panarea. Ini o rorth I found myself entirely reced from lots, and or now happy to statehat I consider myself I.rerfectly well AVM. TUCKEiR, 13 Mal'ket st. CASES OF SCROFULOUS ULCEIRS Now YnRK, Sept- It, 18030. This may certily that in tie fll of 18253, I was seize with a swellinigiln ity neck atil face, lwhicli .lierwart Iceraltest and became lerge ghestly ulcers in mly inel. Aliter tyig evelll nhysiritnls to n al alvlbtle, I wel to ilahiladelphia, and o ln crd myself stlnder he carl Drs. Physic and Beach, when, alter repeated salivatloltr to no efect, I was pronounced iltterly iculble. Alcer. words took twenly bottles ofSwai 's PIll:nace tnd t eigh bottles of Potter's Cratholioolr, itll no matel'ial benelti tieslJaioilog of lie, whieh had now become a iur:lien t nie, I returned to my parents in New York, il I r9, all galcmyselfupto a lingering death Hearile o t !hr gpe t slccss of T'lhe Indliml's Pallncea, hoelllae.r lit oIn usimilar to mv ow,ll. I was ie'suaded Io tr, it, as l last . 1 '"ot ,ot y gireat llstetrr.es. as well as tlosiCeotlrO . , rilr s; the \ i tf l s ':rt e tc overs llg 3 l1U1 lakm , -,, n ll l trs; ttileo lcl'l' lie llllo l I I II. amll Ilelolocctl S co l ' ..o , ,' ts 1 1,,1 ' ,imnpihai , rml ine ii ed o1 S,- 1 ke men a~; wishh itsull..h S , ., 1 1 ' . atI ItL·( i .ll ll III ý, I - il d t lto l heirakill lu , , .,-r, so..o honefit I- hois -. iirr. rrlli a . l lce s t .%lA lli ·,t , .1 ' '.' - i I.: ", , il A il tr i -llFor sale i tai 1. , NEW ORLKA`i,' . -I . i . , .' E GTIýtHE stockh,.,t ers , I t .i= . . 1 • tifiad that by a resohl': t ' ion palsed on tihe 19th inst. tIll . the 13th Februarv est, fbr tlhe rLt a share, was r ncinldedt and lh, - , . .' l, I'rthiernattified that W12 RiEAS, by a ,resoluti, , id ,-itilln - thle 9th inst . a call I.sL en ee ,a r to holdhers. of ite New Orleans and N- ,' .o. I, d :intly Ibr the foll wing pu:.pentret tIe t l d it ble. tiner'i by tham,viL:-iwuo trtl. - --tr o the ret dr. riSep ember, , Ias r ,r,,1" drlhars per share paoryvble Ite Ii th Illd of II . next. inoaroiere.aiiroe I o-lved efor, tir otil tai- .,I,,r I'rteo~1rtitt-ttt r ''h ' e .tt.I" Itt lrstit c art y inayme t ,,,ir t ,.s lOW, st. "cl,,'aid eunsanty for ith e termne sitvy doa, ertrt r itd after I ayn which iar is n cade yble withile t eXl).i s r eit - itio aowever, e hat ift notretularly iratit wthir ritht osaid ptrohoteution or aisty dayl fr oeiaotir loti, --dltv on whicl it hould have ellee piartr shas tlliutr ire l.ll, on which staidraymentssehould have Ieeai i" tt ,,I rema - !orfiad to the acompany, the charti r n otr tittl pcint ring imperatlive. In coilermity therefore, o sai t estdl, allstock of tim stockhoiera in said sunomaruy, i0 hink prolte t off the pymoents on tleir .rock t thecnd ol the additiul sity days which the charter allows thlsre notifedthat the payment or two dti lore per share ciled forsad dua to the first of Sell. tsmoera.ut, sa. y 1w pootpoened under lbe sixtb s.n- i. nf said charter, until the 3tet day of ctober oiext, thar tie paymei at Iewo dnolls per share called for, ndrl due oa thc first day of Dseember next, may IT DnsI losted until the 30th day of Janearsy set; and the'spu neat nf tets dollars per lare called for and due on the fstdsy aof March nect, ray be postponed uotil the 311th sly of April next. lntrtels of tae minuste of the board. june21 A R McNAIR, Sec'ry. -c' HATS. i ...e-2.5 do..n -whire-Wo SHats, for sale JOHN II GIt411AANI. sp Ili PrLhaed bib ot New Ohteana. TISE T ATE OF LOUISIANA,P T all wrhem thse Presents shall come, Oreseting,-Whereas, I lomes Haose having purahsnad at u sale made by the Sharffaof the parich af Orleans tihe property aa herinaater described, *as applied to the clerk of thibe court, in whose office the deed l ale was recorded on c e r2d day of April, A. D. 1888, fr a monitima or adver- Ti tieement in oonaormity to an actof the Legislature of the yr ruate of Louisiana, entitlediAn act for the ferther aenu- n rsle of titles to aurchaser atjudicialsals;" approved i tile l/)th da~yofntareh, 1834. i NOW, Iherefore,know ye, and all persons interested herein, are hereby citedand admonished in the name of th tle State of Louisiana, and of the Parish Court, e bwho can set up any right,title or claim in and to i the property hereinafter deMcribed, i eonaequen.e of any infarlality inahe ordardecree or iudg.ont of the roert nder wa'bch the sale wa made, or any irregularity or illegalityi in the appraisements and adrertiasemea, in , time, or manner ofsale, or fora any other tefeet whoan vetr, to show oene, within thirtvy days from the day this mAntita is first imrteed in ihe publir papers, why the lte oLa made should naot be onirmsed and home Th t id pot perrty was sold by the Sheriff of the par ish abseenid on the 14th day of ApritA. D. 1838, by p ciie oFta deees of this Curt, rendered n the 5lth day afFebtaryA. I. 1838, in a suit entitled Aleeander a CaldTwell e. James anese, Ne l0lh7 af the docket of h this Coert, at which sale the said James Hanec became the purchaser for the pies of twrety onee theusaml dollarst ... I)esrption of Property as givree in the Judicial on a Are e eynane, eia • A certain lt of e roatned sitated in tle snO rb An uEcietiAn dines Laeore of this Nity,in qAuae No 5, ad lot haviag Preanh masccre, Oi feet front ouTehou piulacs prast,, a feet ronfer on Oragerae atreet, and 0 feet cn Lafaide da lachh street, i saneh amaner that sade lt oa ground is 6de feet wide from ele side af atre square te the other, together with a dwelling hoale fronting on Tlmupitoulac street, the kitchen ard der pendenies, oia the distillery estebulirhment erected e thereson and other buildings and impraovements, the machinery, utenils, implemetes and ixtursr bhehmging to Mid dirtillery, itt dep odllsion and aplourteneanees, and the rights,antiua, antl priilegnes thereto belongilg or in any ise appertinieg. Clerts' Offie, New Orleans, Mlay 7, 1838. tnl4,24dj3 J. OLIIE, lteprltyClerk ETAT DE LA IItUItoANE--towt de Pmruartaeo pour In rpnisse et ,ilt, de Is Nl ueelle Orleans.e S'ETA1 DE LA LOUISitAN .- A tonui es c qao e ee peiPrentes eoleeeot, shlut: Atterdol que James tanste cyantahet a u ne vr faite poI le Sheif rletaparoise d'Oelean Ias prolpiitS ni-apeda leerite, s'est nres~ i ar reffe de etrite Cero mi e dilte vente fit ertegistrrfehemejeur deMaen te l'anerbe 8s3, pour uo eri eolorrfemmamot . acts Pte de la Lbgisturaee 1' Etr de Is Loeidanie, iptitult " Ante pour confirmer lea titres des cqueerere acos vrneatesajudiiire r" appro i le 10 t RMa18a34. Q'il a iteonu, et toetes pernoeorn intlrbeeceao sent lar ces presentes enri mber nor ci ale 1' tat de hi Loauiniane et de la Coeur doe Paroise, ai poursiet arair dreit t Ia peopriftie ei-oprS rireie en eomsequenre dnm rlfenut de firnra dieo eI'orl, r ieeret ou le jugemt de Im roar, earenla' drirel Rto ventie a Ste firte, ou teie t.ute irer6gnliatt he ilit:,lirte lne I'estimntimr,l'ais oule atemts et te nrode licirewe mritaraumeaareaogentlemnorrlonerrsiefir de ra veals, o1 phoUr Ullse evlp and ttuelconqe; uen cir rirle, diorrelrrle jours a deter de ian lhblesrotrr tie ceter oar i,, luroiri la vonrtini fit re tereisit iuaS onflrirrte ," h· l,l..oh~gue,.c o la f rit rut vendepsere oaerit im rpihl , mqoea rtrzrme,orrr d'lvrir rde o'aro6e 1i8;1h roer Ir1 ll'ran *reretleretr roep 9pnes ferers an ter uam cml inti rhir rre oft proe hiayespdi l.rn r, r , o Ir td, In et ,e a'll ' ,h.e w m rie ,, ++, o I1 I t ll| tll-P s'.- i felll ,tt :.l~lil.,vl'l ],,.ur1 ,rr ii~ a near ~ i ,,., hrl. . . .... . .. ,, clit ,dieIs lIt. . . .ogrrtrrr lirnr., tr inhsondnvr le witroutarnhem TIrorrre, Io , Ila srT c ent , n r . eia ,e ofA porre ta hair, i'okeller, rod erreol P.orpi ot Gio togethr withestm tire o proersonlto ablrritre.,re' el ;th i low nlioruointlen I aerl. m. en e ir A ri e C -l - A n', J' " I olr'rl', r rte llttS oti:I 1. rrI. It k . Il SIt:, )'It IIIlll|+ 'oi rlr+'irtl rlt In0II,'I *e btreienrrblioatrlrees7r,rr4 ~.a ii 1:tovt:1, .... IFW·.. \`1.. ,·/ +.:/:.i·811 i-t ii;JU. - --) JA'listo . , . :A Framp, M , UnivermrI).li ... . i·,+ \C Miskin, Esq. . tlt'mlntl· ++|' 1 rr o bo ltgeot l b Ieren i le of Ator n rrthe. rnr rrr , :byri r Io' hr lltie rourtr Smoie y Suri pordn thi , 'y ' to,,:. w:'h'm ion Apcintions loranciest..r rN. O rllrIN, ,of d Ierlytn Puil of (tl)ire in, l r.ieirrl i Lolltain. . lclliri lli, Ill+ rstilrh of iclrr1 rPlrrrr+' n I1 . +dunpa'a'lleledl success i~lll.tie exlensive o., s !1 .k. oin.tldlleiieetienr owf the lproietvr, I,:lt.l y tllr w lritrrr, alo 4urioan ioblc, aw Ihe elllecrlst foe lici nlloe . ,t': l nou mb er o l' gnt le n la, o f u oi n lld hi g h nllldlcihlr illn I flrofemirne It is horey, wn r ,relimr-or Iilnl\ Jlelalri r coeikt ollr erils adte ' e lal r lrllol, icoo l.le tlq~ill.. I'l.lllln Iht II.H. of Ih ilell'OmllR antil dr~·Ih...Iillll .irrroreeeIrrIerl.(I Il rfnth r luthlilh lrrr ar rillrOeoltrilltl i I~'1 Of lIcll *i'tlllonq tll'1 it oiil~eIll y lhl ~ lllllS l i sul i iii tllllnlrortll. rre iillrlle irteiatateadr. sofil\: ilrre 'l rnrrlr -pte.lre rilogitci borhaetr.Te, t coills idmI:.,.+dl i tol, rloirrtetllla.r I lekrepl ritiino rirrriretrre, - trrgercnirrrrlreteos rroal ofy Irrefravniorrt ohiririt,' trirnr -hlltlr l.re llllr , i e llerile , fevers, retir Si lr ier lhn illg A elllllile,o ohhh Ittoa nrl ore f1. ltsI., i' V Ie€ SIC+ li h. cm.tdor tireeteA. It e t)ae, il. I I., ;1 val t+ g, ml I ;e.rrrh, sAoglri byerireoa the wietout tleeit. i" rrrmrr strh' it+il palckets et 51. cenlts, 81 Had $P eseh, h~y cvery· Irespee 0 ,h41.uggi, t otIkselte, sd 12r9 f Wa lcitit e i't IIe SI (nihull Slilles t i I I Cliae (SllasI w~ith co liOllS ihl'leliolls, ~ l~tgelar~r wnlh esrloonialr of p~rofessionlal Hbilitv li'm.~ Sthle l'i~llll ins: enlinent gentlemcn: Sit' Artlev C.m;per', J J. Astoll |.+v, A. l/l'8nlnlltne .11. I1., snde iiilltqllr!4Sr olhers. T'heom'igilnals amy be: sen .l po.l.:nsio, l o lhe (:elenerl Agent, hy whloml the nlmtfliezh is imllw~rtedl into ~ithis eolnle)c, sald to whonl oil applicestion· forsgeleeies IIluatlbe ilncde. JNO. tIOLIEIN, !'25 I~ael'ly P'lace, N. Yor~k, ' Sole Cerreral Agent for tire Urriteri SttCes, LU. eor role hv ippoinrolen t of tie trigirsl ,iolt'ietor. Iry AwatN Li lienTauon, I)etggiorts, N o It Coral strer, (it aeee Agentrtaabr Stathtwe ef Loeist+one. jelt , 1MIltY I1 LEE £4 co, No 3 Magazine street, arc Ii :w receiving from ships Nashlille, Iomisville, Klenlleky, Eagle, ald other late arrivals trlin :te , 'llcter cities, a laFge and tew selected assortment iids, Boots, Skioes andR Brogans, nonsisting of'gentlhoesn's fine calf and Morocco blonl sIo 2d quulity; do buft'd, and stout wax pegged boots o various qulities; menl's fine eolf seal asnd sl orica rto p l p an d bragi s, brogans, buckskin shoes, brogans R s. slippes s; men's fine calf aid kipped pegged shoes alln I rogans; do boots; do stout kip odll wax plegged tshoes a ld brlogsls; gentlemenl's best quality calf sewed shloes, |logasso antd Jack I)ownings; do calf and sMoroesc 1 bkle slloes nMd brogans; ldo call, seal idl MlrosanS I sdian shoes and slispersc do calf, bhuff aan semi wnigs, a icw article; sIo lne all, sesid sid l inorocco nqisrtel lots; Ioys', lisses'and chlildlten's pegged anl sawled aogans, and shoes of everya quclit aid indl. Also a genroal assrtment of menl's stouat wax and "'s IlonsOilals and ,hoes, togetlhers vitk 10,iKO) pair, gsro busIt quality, rus'sett Ibrogans,, nailedi ill I I ls, Illle expLressly for ilaluntatio use; a gool s-l Simel of llmn's finl and stout kip russett bro'gans, w artich, ais a ar5nge quantity of an inferior quail r ,sel Iutin wax Iblnlro lls. Ldsies' fsnre It', sell, se lorlcco alI graill welts, aol, S'lp i, ! 'si s e d in" Frei.h Alumeaco and kid ran n.it ,lq is; illa sai slhoes, sitlI, ;n: withoutbhlleels; S.:".f, ~ . :tin lllalt .,:ltll: IIbIaote -; 5o ti i runella siln, s . ... 1nhlisk -la e ag s ssan i, and • t siiltt rin - a dli likel. ' ,.. . · . "l aCCI IdIIlU ,' di s . lions gi . ,ar fiae ý 0,i" mn hdeiali. ha Il I,, los" ness'nlnd rit unp.:leasant; and ' ·l' ' , - ' + red thl:it d ali' .Z'il . i , lh, Beah, amre readv i) Iloseir testianonu to its lln sI India~ remedy, obtained ast" , e regarled by sssssss , isir1111 P dsnaeonrl , ,old b+ ,I \ill'IS & ANDREWS, ,Ii l' n nd 'rl.uitoulua -s, S ' , ,, fio rIk, ol, the Service. s l a L Ollulucleristie rlaliniaoall SIra-l un sta and ,,lsnss. By the author of uls.sl s, s lar,&e. secrnd series, In 2 vols. i.,msollstlls lessetiu' a of tL f.s lses ot Commosass, fsssll thle veIr 1830 tI, I.e close ol 1835, nm,:ludig peso t1l 'kelsths-. of tle leading Imember.-by one of no par , ;slt rcsslvsd anl os r salle bIy IV MleKEAN. l.l'lE PUBLICATIA'tNS. I \' I :.L, as llistorir.al Novel, b the author os ' e .rolhers," &c. in n vols. stisisir \ledichlie, or Famoily Adviser; consisting sf ,lsissI~ of Anstomy, Phyaiology, sid Ilygiene, with aIk binlslllls tie pros-tlice oIf Physic, Surgery, ans the Ih.l es l'f wolmen d ehildren, as may prove useful in fislailies when regultr physician, eaunot be procured. Irinla ucslllslsalsio and guide for isltslligent priecipals of nIlltlll tories, 'plantations, and buarding schools head.n o' fssilic, ssaatera of rvesset umlssionarieu, or travnllers; nlill t uteful sketch for young een ecnnmeuc. ilg tl.e study ofmnedieio'. By Reynell Coateas, 1. D. Peter Parl'ney' Universal Ilistorv on the basus of (Gography, for the use of families, illustrated by maps and engravings, in 2 voles Just receivesl and for sale by IV McKEAN, 1119 clr tamnp umd Common sa. N OTICE.--Th ewneroffeveral paekags nmerebn 1 dime marked Madane V. Artiqoenerie. per ship Groton, eon New York, is hereby notfled da tlthe havre i'en storedi by STETSON, AVERY &cO. iI 31ol'iglre ' "G( l ll,,' ardTPtflz8anrn ou a zorYPy P±.uTfB, " he Fihh Edition of ROWLETT'S TABLES OF INTEI'NT: NO r TO hih is new added at Averge Time Caleuls tor, oreasy metods for finding the average time W on Mtrage, notes a band or bills of goods, when luar chastd at different daies on different credits, and r, variousamounts; besidesasaaful andlcompletetanking Tic Time Tadle, the best that can be contrived. ar that fi ures all produce within the same condesend compass, .and size of type. A .n ,.vetisement in the book is in nearly the follow ing weords: TI Theiigh distinction this work has received thronugh the ten legislative nets prefixed to the title page, is a re ommetndtim in itself, so aneommon,, and so eonelts sive, th t nothing is neceary more than by way of ad vertisement, to gives acodensed view of some of its pe- t csliarities: asnerninstone, the Interest hass been compas C ed from,and complred with, what is equivalentto faur teen setsefealculatione, examined in tile pressathirty- C fve timey, and printed from teeostype plates tested Rs thirtyty-one times, from all which it mnst be evident W even to the septic (eapeeilly on tho pesotal ofthe de- P tl of proofinthe prefae) that the work mutt he uith- Ri m6tlelly infallible, and in confirmation of this beliefa F, premium of two hindred and fifty dollars, is now offer- . ed for the detection of an error of a cent in the present B or fifth edition, an expressed in tite preface, maksng five Pt large premions offered for the same error ainceth first N pnhlioation in the year 108. One of the mst econs ieuous features of the tables is inthe aerengemont of tie Time ansld Amountsa, whieh N for eopediti.lis, roference ond perpietity, with the help le of the side and inden, cannet be excelled; and thesa.fty ty and arne with whieh the inteesl can be found tothe extent of geneal business, withont doubling of aoms isbesides a eonvesience so essential, that in the estlma tisenof some oi the most competent and praetieal busi. tn noes men ans public officers who habe made great se n of thework, it tasbees distisgishied bytho honolsable i appellation effoa "master paooe". And eonsideriag b' the inallihility of the method originally adopted itn t esmpnsaiag the wrk, and the extranordinary sumobers ams variety of the examinations, and tests of every edition it ha pnassedinthe press, eotwithstanding the whole is in sterentype, considering, in aOtrt, lhe positive accuracy secured by.theeunpreeedented means emplot od, the vo. lumelas been heldup and emphatitally styled " the moet wonderfnl book in The waslk;" most certainly i nean can name figure work of the same extent, whichIT since the beginnigol creation, has had the sane nue ber and variety of tests in the same number of editors; di no, nor one hali the number, as is clearly shown in tile t prelface. a Besides, astest anti standard, it has been tried asnd c proeed in nearly all the bank and public offices in the Unitss States, and by the public generally, during the long period of thirty-five Irears yet no error of the cal culations has ever been found in print, although continu ally challenged by the offer of very large premiums. The book.is i fast epressly adopted by all thenoarts o oflaw cl several ofthe States as the " rate of caleulatlon for tatute interest," as alsn by law for bank interest, A according as the book is used, anal as ray be seen in pirt,Jby ,.,. names of the subscribers, and a few of hoe A snlureqent mrehiasers, in the list at the td of the book, is in possession of every closs of eitizens in every quar- It to of the Unit ed States. I It is moreover well known that, by its rearly check, it has so ofteu derteted large errors, long after they were p ade, even by tile most careful antd most competent arithmetticiotn, tat its tusefulnes, andl the aholllte ie cessity for its use, have been exlensiyely insisted tl a, II so vvillent, in:ee, ianve belen its alvantages, and its ( savingt, that, actl'r ,,eag:ago, whilst the first edition C Sscarcn, aod :ut fi pri,nt, a gre'at .,umbr of s(econd h l copies were soughlt for, some to a :fre t distluce. ( r md pure'ased ,t various prices, as they could ocension alls Ic: picked op at from $10 to $25 per copy, and snore persons have reeen. y declared, and iIIntaces eonld he qtuotedl that they wouhl pay $5::, $tl0:, and $5011 fora eCpv, ineot to be hlad for less, ald an ordividual ill the latter instance particularly, having at the same time rxhibited satillattory prol;, to avernl persons plm sen that to thim it was really worth that tIoO:y and more thitongh the saving of his vert vtalable time, he beinF a very rieh manedal in pnblic office. t ts likewvise worthy of not ee, nd indleed proper to inl;mre s, that stch is tihe lntre of figue work grenrally a11 nsprei:~oI whent of thl e extent and itnporltace of , ., -n I: , Ih;fIt had this hook or its like been preplr :hi" uttl maer m one, Ilr tie most conlmtent :. s, it, the worll and1 afterwoards printed most . , " 1, ,1, , ,"', , i, ns nt, ,:orrtction of proof sheets, it \.oud ,uhl,, lt" a e-etalt), v have bcect nnsati Ior re liu'enlc,awl tler ,t an" iseno as the pr'efee dariieo I",rlp explains. ilts ' per'tat and stiable have tle slelre,.l3lle iitlta'- I this worklbeenllmae, that toseeure Ithen, witnhheir iiinlertu.s and extraordinary examina tions,aginost ire, for the general beInfit, they are (by 0dvertisement) constantly kept in a place of apeeial safety, except while use I inl pr:ititg. Ampleditections to fisnd utth banks and tstavite intne Sest with usefl notes, follow the iprefate, which, il this fith as inl tle two plceedling editions, contailln muchll inl fernItian eollceling the two lawfuil iudes of etlllput oig inter ets, tee d1ys of gs ace, ie. It remlanst only to remark that, notwithstatd:ing this uncommomly costly work, which was t lldi:hed r etiawe ilterest tables wer: illtronlclve.* in dollars and cents Ile Vend anallmaac, has lleel so extensivehl ad soliherally pIatroiseinl, it has not yet so much as paid with interest. tee heavy loss of uvarlov for thousanlld dollars, besides six tearsofl time from I'99Tto 18i05, snstaioed on the firat I 0dlti5n of 76i0 copies .rising chiefly from its pttlicea t Lion at hal time, s t an ioder priee,) to san otlhing igf Scompenaelltion or protfor lllloslt a life-tin of sate, tail, l and sacrifice. Iheratfo'e te atllhor still relies on tile l disurelmllnt nll geerosity of the pnllic for a contilu: ;oneo of pneferellce sand patlrtnge. Fer sole by tile JPrincri al Illoksellces int Ute Loiteld Stoles. S I.ItIfEL'S NEW WtiK,.e.-'l 'l'he Aneriitni a , la,y the uthoro "A Yeaor in Spain," inl vill- lnl s. Noble Dl edsof Wrmen, in ll2 vls. AThe Youngt Wife's Book, a manuala a oral reli o tt und dmnestir duties. Just ret-ri.oI and ftericoy ,y WMl. M5'KRAN, N fj1EltlCAtL C Alttt. DOCTOR JOHNSON SI. A+Y he consulted confiaently at his offter, 113 1.I Custom Hlouse street, near Dauphine street, or the treatrne l of a asrtain chans of delictte diseases. From Dr. Johlste 's etensive opportuuity in sort. of the mnost ealebraled Hloslals in Korole, exclusive ly devoted to the treatneutt ioa Veneriul and Si philitic eoatplaint; and also Iraln a repatonr e of five years in Now York, during which tiue Itr. Johllnson cotiaed his praceice solely to the treatment of those disuease, with the most unprededented success: he is enabled to re move aly of the following eomplaints in from 5 to 20 day.ewiithaout injsrillg the cttstitttion hy Iaercary'e or ant other .teleteriatn medltine. Gihatarihee, GiRt, Structure, auminal Weaknes, Affections "f Itllttad der, Kidneys, Prostate Gladand anyll of those ounare ous train of affections, which genurally follow nego -. ed or atol-treated cases of Venerial. Scrofulllu sores, ulcerated legs, anld womals,removed by a simple mth ad of treatment, without restriction in diet or interrup tion frlom business. Persons residing in the countrv, and who feel deli cate in cu .aultng their Itlnily physician, by sendieg a stalteent of their ca-e by lltter (post paid with fees enclosed) can have it.. ohnsoa's advice, for their own treatment, with medicine, e.essary to be used, forwar deti. Separate offices provided awlere patients can never come in cEnatat with each )ther. Attleudaure flroil mornilg until night, at 1.13 Custom SHouse street. [LFConsultationu strictly confidential in all ases. rec 13 HO\'Lt MtAY, Hllose, Sign, ail trttntt enta tPainters, N, 3 Ca,,adele street, two doors frot C:anal Street. Imitatiolls of' al following lodls :tad lmarbls,er ectwul il a t muster!, miner 11ttt :t), Fg, prtnt tIttck and g.,lI ( k, t uillt orl Altico hubvy { ralte e ... ,tI I' . ý IliliVY Gti J ll)S-list, squ.n W II V ill irom, nail tads hadl plough .i blis, ' 'd", sring, d, he , a " udl g ",,,i .tonesb lth ke tles . .- ., . ..alS, wt e ' bt h , ,. I.:pa. ,++ sh v ls ] Pait4 i . iaeaet anelda ln o .iitt - A ftall assortnt t on hardweare atet sip ochandlery' aways o hand, tad which are ffared ftr saln at whoe sale or retail, on the most fave able terns, hby .o4 tAYTI kCp.SOdLes. .oan'gt -.tery ota, Atatama. THREE DAYS JOURNEY FROM NEW ORLEANS. re fnouning t his friends ann the puthi im general,t at he will be in readineaby the first dae of ae t receive visiters. He will also state for the be nefit of those at a dittance, that there have been large iproeats ritstdee andths no going sn nd io raid o gretl , antr mhill atan t'hictfr twitl ernatbe the s tbser aer to necemmodate a much larger number than he retai, and at the amet time mucth better. Famtitie can he accommodated ith good rooms.or ahre oot piter can have large cabins teiached from It is d.ettled aonecessary to say anything in ptrtic. etiened that hate eir not inferior tn an in the Soath. em Statte. All the amsuemants that tae generalty f d aomm Watering Pla rit, awi eral pnd at hirona. the heen ongagtet and mitt he iaaot herat attendaceeat the Spreent seas one. JNO Rata. tihe nroesstimct will noait timsetfnt chitepparttnite 1'O THE LADIES. A TKINSnoNS D .:PI"LATA I, folr removing n it b.perflc e !tair from the facu neck and urmb, with tertettafige and t ertaine, leaving rthe kin tiner and siter itt gilo its tate. apoition. frn h h ply art. just received atr gelN'fns Npt I dEuhnnr hFlrlt, Jhnler St es nrlte ad CAmmrr Ai tringSf N d _" LA f r heme ligett -r-e Madil Due Every Da at 912 . OlMues Every day at 19 A. M eer . Due erery Sunday, Wednesday an Friday, WedbytaP.d G o 4 , C lo.es every Monday, Wedaesde 'il, |and Saturday, by 9P. M. Da a e eve Tu oy, Thursday, an elikeu i ]Saturday, 6y 5,P. a via Closes every Monday, Wednesday EX PSESA MAIL. IMES OF ARRIVALDEPARTUtF DISTANCE se. of the Express Mail, betwr' Moaile and New York--leaving Mobile daill' at 3 P. M. Nerthkwar New York daily at 5 P. M houthward. Arrives Arrive Northward. Distance. Time. Returdn lntgomey ,Ala.i 2pm. 198 m' 23h 12 m. ca.1 81 943 a. lilledgetlile. Ga. 183 144 $p. m olumbia. S.C. 7sam. 163 17j I 'leigh, N . 51 215 22 12 Varrenton, Va. 12 im. 5 to a terabur., Va. 10 pm. 83 10 gS. at ichmond, Va. 1 am. 2 3 6 rederickshbar, 8 67 7 tp an, Vnshington city, pm. 61 o lalttmore, 6j 38 'hiledelphia, 6 am. 160 11' lew Yorkt 2 pm. 90 84 1305 143 h. or Sd "23 forthward. Coming Southward,the time is six hourc ess; being5days and 17 hours. TEN DIOLL.ARB REWARD. RANAWAY froa, 169 Caroaxdlet egrner of Heviv rerrses,on the night of 3l of August, arid w'r en lthe next mornina in Paydrs strert, a negr" boy Named CHARI.E, about 17 years of e a age; .le arthereabouts in height, ver black, and has on iiped ment in his speech, one of his loeg is sore, oe.asioned ty a recent hurt; Ie had on when he want away a phit ;wton or linen shirt and white cotton i antnloats . Hasters of vessels and steam loats are cautioned a tainst receiving or harboring said negro, as well a alt taher pereons, a the utmost rigoar of the law will ba ,nforeed against them. The above reward wilJobep trrdelive.ing him incr any of the jails of eitht. te municipalities,or at 169CAroAndelet, corner ofHel tenet. Alet No(TICE-The copartnership heretoafire exiting under the firm of )ubois & Garresnno, hae hieeb rissolved. The subscriber will liqaidate the affairs o te concern in this city, and irquires oII p sons indeb - ad to make payment to hin odly, ennd ail thnseovinp Claim, to preent hem for ettlem~a;l. sag 8-7t ll t.ARRETSON W" W. SWA -N. No. llr Canl lree -Nero Orlrno.e UIA always on hand cen.tantly a receivin o ,r I tDyes, Chemicalt,snd Pmn.a,nmon;, Iheta or ollLn iw , a S Antim ny, smide, A. tls, .:1I. do regulua, Atnntto, Spow'. Armeni, crude, Aluom, do powdered, Bruzillette woon, alam copanvia, Coehineal, lonma, crude, Copperal, American, do refined, Cupbear, ltimatote, crde, Fustic, Tamplte, do roll, do Cuba, do flower, do 'Maire, Birmuth, French LerriCs, :astoroil, Indigo, Bengal, Cream tartar, do Manilla, Catholmrides, die Eraecac, tGum aloes, do Ln't namala, do Amble, Logwood, Cmtpeaob; do anmfmtida, dn St Dorniua, do amooiac, do Jamaica, do benzeil, COnlmwoodl, do aopal, rogh, Madlder, ombio, do do semrtml, Nieauraguo, -onolurr, J ro In S Amerlic-, do Corn, Mdo ea,nldor, eru e., do Mr.poeib do do rrfl;a. do laehet. dno gaiaeum, CHEMICALS. do kino, Anli, nitrotn, (Ino luotie, do mtriltic, Ido opium, do ulptauric, dl nhelhte, lBlue vitriol, sad Senegal, Crlom yel, p f,, do wonden. orrooivr asblimatin do tragaeanthe, loride of linte, GCu .hloge, lapsom atts, .itlllper aerries, AIner'Geatailacorcaastie, Ido do Foreiga, lied preoipitate, Magpnesa, Rnglish, rochelle alt, do Ameriuta4 l let hromaennt ipatsl Manna flake , a l car, So i, l do norta, Suli potar oi'onioe hWll, Sugar lent, Oil cloves, Snip nine, dn aUsia, A lprquinine. do bergamnot, Tartar emeic, do lemon, IPAIN'l'S-Blllnca, a in'peprrint. Blue, Rit prntiau, Chromeic yellow, dr, do I l.m, ido do io oil t, ,julap, do green, dry, do liuoriee, al do in oil, do rbehlmr, E 1, E lmblank Englisk, do uenrea, dla toeaelaowr Ilo .rpn air, UilorSe, ntgla.a, do ..wmp tldauraes, do American do ldo l'Tmpire, I';ral white Y.cglida, rn ni.i, in Ana-rioon do ma'ni, Red lead, Ptttern irdo roaamoar imm n. do Glaoinker, do cm'iandwr,, Siwl brur, ati, Eogli'h, dlofmicedale, do (a Anmleri lolm tatgtreck, dot ground in oil Si iotgc,conrt, 'Vear. red Eglish h'),, k, fale, Medft, do Aamericaa, Sai'en, Slai.ih, grona iatoil, Nitre, emde, Yt etillima, Chinlca. do ao refined, aVerdigri r,'i~y, Senn. leave,, Aba, da gano a,,paue do ao lndia, dao o redeaod 8o001, Witldsor, PEnglis, 'a lile exit, dry Anes in do do Amtc'ioaaa, d F. Englisb, ,to Castile, Ito gImld inl Quicksilver, Aam walranled puae. aliO--6na CAPTAIN MARRYAT'rS NEW NOVELS. Ratlin the Reefer, by the author of Peter BSimple, &A in 2 vols. aCunmnins, or a Winter at Schloss Hai"field in Lo.e Styvna, by Captain Basil Hall, Royal Navy, F.1. in rotl. i lord Roldan, a romance, by Allah Cunninghasm, l v Sheppard Lee. written by hiimself,in 2 vols. d Compendiuss HistoryofInlpa, translated from the original Italian, by Natlhiiel Creena, in 1 vol. for minig No. 79 of Harper's Eamily nibrary. Vols. &d 46 fthe new complete and uniform editlion of Woshiacqton Jrrinae's Works. Roger'o Fruach and English Ditoim.tary.i I vol, 3ro "Nuoee's Frrench ,at En.'ish Dietionary. ALse-A few mo e copso of Conbe's Phrenology "Rienwi." Large Surveyow's ('nmpens ofsuperior qua its, with chains, Billiard Ballsof 21.4 and 2 1-2 inehe. ort's improved metalic Pene,japaned papers, weight &c. &c. &r. Just received, and for sale by o31t BENJ. LEVY. SPAIN REVISITED,&e. &c PAIN REVISITE, &c, by the author of 'A yea, in Spain,' in nvols. Trni* ofd nd n characler, as generaloe opplicable to the Aborigiies of North Amnerica, by G TurnerEsq 2 vols. The Political Grommar, of the United States, or a comoete virew ofthe theory and pracltco of thO genrra and slate governments, with the relations Ietweno them -dedliented ant adapted to the , ung toen of the Unted States, by E I) hLnanfield, Esq. nimroad's Hutioy Toesrs interspersed with character iatic anecdotes, raymngs and doings of sporting met, in clding noticees of the principal cIrack ruters of England with analytical colrents, and general ondex of names,2 volmnas. FOR THE Ct.RE or Saeofuda or King's Evil, Chronic Rheumontin, Clhronie Cutaneous Dis- Pains in the Bones, by free eases, use of Mercury the bllod being in vitiated stale. This very concentrated Syrup is prepared with the greolatest pharmaeuticnl care and accuracy,and contain the active pnnciple of Sarsoaprilla in the mnost concel troted degree, combined with ether vegetable substance of Knowf efficacy. Thle great desideratum with physicians in being abit to exhiit a large quantity of Sarnpoarilla in aetna dtc, hoas been obtained in this preparatiun-they, bIeit fully convinced af'its merits, confltnidntv adolnuister the,curae f theltir practice. Price $1 50 Ipart hbottle. nold cs it SWAIN IIIO'l'HER'S drug store, No,. I I ':clol 'tret:, whe may he tad, fresh and genuine, diree t rroa the pr.fri, tores, Swaim's Panaea and Vernnitile, otter's dCc.taot con, Carpenter's Preparations, and a large and genera assortmloent of fesh dN g, m4 PINNOCK'S ROME, &e. INNOCK'S IMPROVED EDITION OF DR Gioldsmith's Abridgment of the History of Routs to which is prefixed an Intrndu:tion to the Stud o. Romuan History, and a great variety of valuable intb mlation added throapholut the work, on the Mannera Institutions and Antiquities of thdie Romans; wilth no, merous biographicol and historical Notes; and qltee itono for examonation at the end of each section. II luotrated with thirtyengravings on wood, by Atherton Pto.oc's Ilmnproved Edition of Dr Goldnsmith's History of England, Fromr the Invasion of Julius Cacsar to the death of iGeorge 2d, with a continuation to the yea 18t2. With questions for examination at the and , each sectreion. Besuies a variety of valnuable infonrma lion added throughout tihe work. Consisting of table of ontanipecasy Sovereigon and eminent persons Copious explanatory noten. Remarks an the poa tios, manners and tileratur of the age. An outliane. the Constitution, &c. Ac. tllestrated by many eagri igt. GuYs' EL.EtEITa or ARTintONYu an an Aoridgmen, of Keith's New Treatise on the Use of Globes. New Ameriono edition, with nadditions and imtprovementt nton n exptiaan of the rstmntaical part of the As rican Alnonane. Just received nod for tale by WM M'KEAN mv 24 center of Camp and Oommn ate HARPER'S CLASSICAL LIBRARY. rIlORACE,trantlatod by Phillip Franoc, D D, with 11 an appeodix, elntarinng tmnslanton of varioous odes, &c. ty Ben Jotetson, Cowley, Milton, Drydon Pope Addinon, Swift Chatterton, G Wakefieltd, PNase Bryan, &c. and some of the lmel, temirent poets of tho day-mid I'H(EDRUS, with the appendix at iludiu tmanela ted by Chriatopher Smart, tn 2 vItn formns, volunms 18 and I9 of"Harper's Clasical Lihraro T'lhe Expedition of IIUMHPKRe CLINKER, ty Siaollett, aK I), wilt a memoir of tie Author, byTtom no Resce., Etq., new edition, with illustratntes, by Go rauihehnsah T'HE iIPSY; a Tale,by theautnhor of ].ibgdio. tny oft! urgandy," &c., tenw editin, 2 v0e.eocpl PAUL ;LIFFOlD;,by th, anthcr at Pelha, The Dirt " ed;" Ab , belnt Voluee IV ottla new 0. ltof'E t anlu Complet ,riks. justroceied t aale,) WM MIcKiAN SACION SIDES--it casks Cincinnatis 1Jastrltlg froi tlo e, tsete +ent Eclto. nod for erte,. 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