25 Eylül 1838 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 3

25 Eylül 1838 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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o0 EVERY DESCRIPTION, mPEEDILY, HANDSOi)Ei," AND CHEAPLY EXECUTED AT THE OFFICE OF THE 'rue sainerican, ST, M11ARLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. mD3 LOUISIANA FURNITURE WAREROOMS S N,. 63, Uienvllel i sreet. W ILLIAMb I. CARNES, (frms rlv of the firm of Flint & Carnere,) wonEl rspeettullv inftrm is friends and tile pl ic thatt he is coIstaltly receiving from New York Rad Boston a good Lasortment of Fur nitui., suoh as IahoLgly chairs, softi , led-terad, REa pIe and painted elElr, Imaple aod cherry bbdotearls, maihogany aen cherry taller of iall lTecriptiiE, hiu Treour, toilets, Recretaryo, writing desks, wardrtbesl of mathorgny nd cherry, washl stands, looking glossEs, feathern, mtedding, &c. &e. NB. Furniture packed for transportntion with great eare. jel; MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, Removed fromt 17 Cusrlonmouse St. TO NEXT DOOR To Sr. ChIARLES THIEATRE, CORNE.R or POVDRAS A. ST. CHARLES STREET. nug9-1838. 1iYOtIALTLT OF NEW tIHLEANS, Council of Municipnlity .N. I, Sitting of August 30, 18~. A N ORDINANCE coneerniog BIr hto tiln he buy ing glotonds of Mtuuooir¾,0lity Nto. I,tof tite city oF New Orlehns. Tie Council of Municipality No. On,, ordtin as itl Iowa: Art. 1. From and ofter the Oth or Septlber next, it shall be the iuo of the guardian or g ardians of acmeoertei within tist i niiipfalit t, dotobland, a cer tifeae sigoed iv a licene odhlViciln, or thle croer, or two resplane eitinells, c eI. nr wot ilhw, a he a llloio t earyofthe wtro iti wh eh thle deo'h nnly toour, o'ttI the dAte ot the dioneae, na hao. geg, tlce oIf' birth, ore. color and causne of deotl or' the bly longiht ti te eeotery for sepututr. rt. 'I. Thcertifieaore ielen a isc tob funirllshe by tile p PAo00 or persol hs rilgi t, tie coretrtiy a ode Ahroyte otIt htiesOndi oonoeotlt buftheeo'P 'or t e ol rl e tory re cive or illtUnent e royeediere wiolnftt ltad g obtfaioed tlth etilicate abve eit . 'tined. Art. 3. It l tll tIt titi dotl l te k eeper l f til e ,emrtrv to r-curt ill a ftok krlt fir, that tltrcpooe alt the priu artarn ohtn iter It Ic oesifieoteo retotlng on oIeo hodies ro ing rcieivedi c epaltutre, ad uale,, th fur :iuh montlrlay t relmrt to the x eayr to F tle city, cln taioing a copy of the nnetoet, nges, plbce' oln bou;h, cnu. oser deanth, date ol n diseae, cnx, color o se en bodiest, lanes ofth. ptyiciane or other citioono attesoting tle LIame. Art. 4. A fine of ten d tlioar sh allnht " ioora sed upon the. puarson or erans onbrlnoting a n ho r b,.dlie rf rlltnl tlure to the ceeterie of tllin tllntil.I ttv; .ill all te ise wheree erll crtieanto heretofore o clletilttdlll nhil tnot have hoe-enurmnished° Art. 6. The gunrdino of tore cenoetory ntL'tll ut 8ih ses I, nd l ee, nit beeby otc loriose, to th7 ft posRes ain of ter lolrsa or lutees ande r fefioIftrtfingtl'g snid Iod ea, and slor kees , posae irln of rild hlire an dnd' e lnsi ac until a re fiooe hall eittllvee atoitt olrt. otc Art. 6. The nayor oins leroby athl oriaeod to pnlhtbhdl the present orti.,nce in altl ie newslotliers o in tles citY, both in rho Freocnd nod Eotglish lhngulttges tttoihutg tel' de. Signed p0uAU. BrRiTIUS, iR ortcncr. Approveul, Septemoer 3, tIi . [Siglne] C NrS()IOS, Mnayor. A true tpoo. Te .iters, JnIott no.'oy. SITTING Of' SEIT'I+lEtIttill :,, f1811I. Reancrve Ir hoto l r enrdirlatntttor cttclillo o he lot - ti an i d ss us p se ,tiondj th e ti rth ni t.,rle s l l nellr l s otant lohoitorethet r wcords "tat of(:loltr tneo t" ,ir tie wntrdo folllll l of SeIout rel l.er neotl, ill te efrst t rtitil ml the olde nelioarnce. [Sigon.t] PAlt. fItlITUS, Reerdetr. Appro' rl, Seoleonltber , 1 Il:t. [Sigioed C. (t.ENfOIl, Mnyor. A tru e conoy oo; I ooltl J n. clroyr MAIIttI GEI.A NEIlI.Ib. oil)lII+ANS. Coonsilde lo .ronoiere \hotnriciploltir itoae exra 1 lb ak iey orilonoir l IIIi oooo o1 toto 1;;38 t. tieret; dee I(. lulh. lalii( 1t.1,d Irri Revltlra IIH. d,'Ri ll4,liS. tier (lense i e ~li MiilClulit (' Nd. In, d Ii I il vllri~lle de lie Nolle. ollJrf lot, trrete Ce quO slt: ,hrt I. A tia rlter ohfoin eettttlototrt' tortl' ttttoooil oerlt dol .orotrl,tattll'itlil I'P ger liU trloIIoo letg rI octt tiiiti Inedoeinl lice~neii· Oi1l )(llr11 [l*,, 1I( · T lll'r 11 )11rdellX {'it{IV· -ensK resllee lallle. .I, lon lt nlolltnf, i lt- tlo ' ' tt t lnllllit ai t (o flu eto rli~ r dtI i,.qU I le Ito Itt'rot inlrto bton till tioeuot tl filut la lldtel 11ll i.t'1~;1 1 I ilIIIlh i'iiZ('l Ii: lic~ll e tl'.is fr eonalle l e le, tolo nt lto lr, eotoo oftito tu!oo1ooo otloll ltlic ai 1 [e.si orl."lll (1 11'hlu~ pTli~l'e lhlU" lt lllrlltlrl 11 'I IIIIIT par la r sl l lll• ill h Us ll r.l IIa roinlloerIo I'iol Itr At ce, p t otdst o tp oor rot gor It' r illm ht , oioll o lUlotolteltolt llto otilloc to till lllr II Cl'I lllr o t ocrloifetolt eitl,'oico liolnutitl llll , Ihroltt e dll nlooootrd I o I f llnlh, o hoio Iohlierr-l , . .~? rl t, , ta I vilnr i i (Il nl ~l · Ie illnali d'iirretita hrioioi oeClooodotioo tIlloo ,ot-rleticeoo oIto t'fteT lnfl i trsf eidelado Ililitllti . all Illlti EPI.I IIi( l'lt itllhlll ts li (s irooo oIi lo'l1 nViel .aroo ilollCleie' toltt oboel rI. mseInl*Irel'ne I i slI, It' l~ 'PItI.lHl TPT |*llni'llii" l 'llll de lltl un rn Bip9il fil dlll i url. II.(CII'lll I,I 'l~l)ltr- vlllgllrll oloo .ola Ol, lonelde n to e Il,. l i l l callsP1 l till ulfoeo. seletoooll f Boo lllloo ooti li 0 tlotlnollrio 0l 1ooe , tIre n aio out:tm 'ofc~ 00000lr .lllr~ 1b pubie i! i ll dwrm ioe nrr rl'lraill. iii lr PS v il rSFn llllt l,lia E ea Flr~altl sLon e Ircrtllt' rlll·nD. t(ldl IplRV Ie tootrut . Si i i tlrl triottii 000tllr -eoroolol, l o.ptt ttrl tll tot u o o f toutieI r toor t 0 it to 0 -ou re eolotrc' ohmo n 0l,nl.00 tooc D. •iifesolt cidetaouln nl ,oroo nooooiot tooot tohioto to i l Aclr o olgu T l r lieo detollietrlonrltr loillllllS n. ce loir enur tiuro leqlo do trlottloIo,.ot Tli l ,m juuOoaepelhioorl:lnn crootooc'ototot forthcli e ln a lli .... noe 0reel et or........t s:t ii Iiti00 ; puhlirdoac Ooottoes garototoe fr-i d neet nofle ott Itlooohio ett entfraooeois 1:p. iroeteot nr00n otter- t'odcoottrtI~'edrcli tIx jottro. Sigou P'I; ttltt IUIU, Roo'cntr er Apprnuch tesnpe 3ronfmee 8lbt. Sg Sigo ONOl 'ooter'opie c~ornfolrne ''IIll4Rll, Jr--ooeotortaor Reetotu otte t'oteotonoontte rletootoo Ottoiuet., ,llopee Ic 20 lUoll d,or..er sil llllendell denlallit·re otobotihuer don4 ltoco for'l ,|boo letnobotre lrtehtot' lfitepteonhre porfolnton. Itostlnoqnelroue tnoaoeoledooooloonitfs.h titi Pry 4otleoeola lsioooedcoonuooe, ' i$gne, lootU. fIItIE~toI, S, Ilecocoteh. Apoprone.le toseptoobre 003. Nigne, 0' IiNI IM:. .,tonoire. iPnnreeopie coulornos, TIIEARI)I, Jr, sorotsreloo ".j' INt-ij Pl)i-t'I;EiI ilt)-(l.-'P]flo-.O proto. noo tY aond 100 grooo ptnorer htoolet, llfr note fhy IIooLAIEof & MI ItI., jygl toothi .+titec. PR1IVAlE BOAR.DNG iO IICS E, - No 13, Tohuluse st,-- Iy lv r Ilffmr, n. Fr HIS house is spacious and convenientlv situited I for men of business, near the Levee anld the New Exchange. The table will be well suppnled and attended to, and tile charge moderate. Boarders wishing to have lodgin:, cn bie accommo tletgd, at different priees, with onmmoedinos furnished rooms. Boarders will Ihwe the satislu tien to mlet there, persons selaking the Freelch, English eal Span iIsh 'nnguag.s. aug'233_hl PENSION BOURGEOISE, Rue Tobdouse, n. 13, tenue plar.lde Ve. Ifmann I l El'T tablissemenet est npacieux, et e trouve situi, pres de la Levee et de la Nouvelle Bourse, eest dire an eentre des atllires. La table seru biel fournie, proprement tenie et A unptriu rtodkrk. neuo qui prenant pension desireraient y loger nue rent des uppartemens de diff"rens prix, bien garnisoel rcommodes. Lea pensionnaires auront l'agrilment d'y trauver des personnes parlatt lee longues fratcaise, anglaisn Ve eSpnole. aeta AI(A Witne,rwetw and ry,een quarter casks, Indian bbl.l.forsale bIt READ) 4. BAItS'TOW, aug25 7 rank Place. 1IURNITUIRE-Just receiotg , a; - pl from New York andl Boston Pete io want of K' PURNITURE. ra Pld do well to call ot 53 ,lienville street before pnre.cising elsewhere. Termee Cash. or good city aoeeptancen. - I R CARNES. aug235-2w M EDICINES, PAINTS & OILS-A large and . general assortmert on hand, for sale low, by JARVIS & ANDREWS, jy28-lm.is.c or Coeinon & 'choup itolnas a NOPTICE. THE Coprtnershr heremtoore exirting in tris city, hbetween the suhtteibers, untler the firm of Lean WVen Wyek & Co., in New York, laidlaw 4 Co., anud ilin .Natelne, Miss., Van Wyck, Laidlnw 4. Ci.. is nissol. .ned by antualconsert. John Loidlaw, Peter S. Var 'Vyck, anil Thomes W. \'ta Wyck ere nauthrized to snio tIe namne of the litr in liquidation only. JOHN LAII)LAV, ANItIREIV LANE, PETSK:I S. VAN WVYCK, THlOMAS \V. VAN VWYCK, N* wOrleans, aug. 18th, 1838. (0-PAR'INERSHIP. The nubshribers have funredl a cirotpinerslip in this city noder the firm of Vn Wyck & Co., and i New rk ude the firm of John Laidlaw & Co. JOHN LAII)L.AW, PETER S. VAN WYCK, ng THOMAS WV. VAN WYCK, (1 LOTIING--0 Cose t, r l rter Jfl nels; Liverpool striped, twilled, end whilte eot tor shirts; heavy bhlue striped cottoatnale pantlos lrndinlg fron chip Concordia, ftr sole by ISAAC UBRIIDGE & CO, trp8 131 aInazine rt. H AVANA A COFF.:E--lIS huge itt stoat, and for SLATER & T'RIER, leep8 4f Pylderns stroel. PIUX'V'I.e + Ob 7"'LA'. FOR SALE,--A printing offinc, c:tmlpo.ed or all F the ialt rials neerssory for u rw' lthrler. An nnietorert of t reneh nteonls; severel ",rle i, JOB "TreP;a large. eXtrn ilntr)eritl presn, SE, &ce wtil le sold elhea, anl on eniry totem. This .i An excclleee llallce tir i1el ilten linm to eitablilel a ecirItre llei'. anl vil Ize Job tllce. rie, ty e &c. will Ie o1. s epatelv ironti e rtc eit tli l( t ll , l'lit eieareaermgen; nccomrlto dele the purchaser. Apply at this ollt,,. sage3 For tho Interior. For Springfield, (Livingstoe Cy) Pnass MnnEaeCmoutho oftlte Aorte, TFaochialho andinterouediate luandings. STHE well known and light diraught SSteamelr OU tCHIT'I'A, P. Hticord, master, will leave the Lake end of the Rail Road on WWednesday morning the 19th inst., after the arrival of the 8 o'clock Cars. For fieight or passaRge, apply to (GEO. WIITMAN, .. aond U. S. I Offire, nuder the Exchange iHotel, St. Charles sOtnet, New Orhlans. seIp 15 FOR LOUIS'ILLE, CINCI NNATI, AND ALL IN I'EIIMEIIATE PORTS. 'o iT The substantial steam Irom l h.ýL - GOV. SHELBY J J Kerclhevnl, S t ..master, is hourly expectel to arrive, cr1 wuill have dlenpatch for the above ports. For freight or ptrssage, having sueperior oceommodations, apply to L\VIAWRENCE & LEGENDRIE, Sep8 28 & 29 New Ieven. PLEASURE EXCURSION TO BAY ST. I.OUIS AND PASS CHRISTIAN. Fare $2,50!! SThe fIst running steamboat M A I ZE~P'PA,Captain Griffiln, leaves tih n ý"-, " lake end of thle roil roal, tt bhe arri val of thie 7o o'c k cars, on Satrdnay evt.: the 18th itntt. and every encuing Saturday. Returniog, will resch the rail road by i o'clock oil Mondaytonrniieg. Apply to GEO. VITII'PAV', Now Orleans c' Mobile Mail Oilcer. naugl8 Under tile Exchange Hotel. St Charles st. UIlS, PASS C litiSTIAN, BlI PASCAGOUI.A, Twice a leek, , The fine low pr esore steamn r ,Iy G-- R PAIFE, Capt. Swile,, will tracve th for the above places on the mrnings o, W IDNEIt"DAYS & SATI'URItAYS, intn-eliately a!'t.r tht ertivtl of the 7 o'clock a,-, an:l return oa,il'hlrsdays and Mondals to thle Iail Itoul Ttepubth l ict nr tdeend tpo geret m whtonliln. ort 14 t or picla sge apply to C(t.ain Swiler. j O c.hial t T Ittw pressure scam roat )1 N.inl, liloNEnwill e NRew Orllens ;;' lire dloilo, every Thursday and Sundat, at 12 l . toncllitie at ll tile hwn'eri,, laces nt wnlleb paagerurs ay wioti to land. Ifor ftrtber particulars, apply to tGEO. wITrMAN, jy`l Exchlllilte Hotel, St. harles st. For Mobile and all Ioerrmediale Londias. S - Tfltr t tlt tennin c and sllellid nteam w.lADI Iont , \VAILLACE, elitirelE in nstrte rdealtt, will . inve New Orltalua f, t r oto.lo., tt all intermoediae woterin pIloen, nvery TFueday d and Saturda l,, tlier tlhe orrival of lh 1' leclod, cars. G1O0. WHITMAN, jye? Exlhange Itotel. St. Charles st. SA'L'URIIAY EVININGi AND SUNDAY EXCUIISION TO lMANDEVII.lLL . & iMADIt ONVII.tE. S - l'l-lThe steamer SOUTI AL.AIIAMA, SCapt. L.T. Knight,will ave e tile ike _ enrl oftherail-rond for the above Ian ec.,very .tutt n) evenig, on tile arrivnal of thl o' c:k curs, and retrn tllt same neight,-nnl leave Sun lay mrnillg on the arrival ufthe 8 o'cllck arsl; returlt in leave Ma lhsonvitle at 4 o'clock, P. R. a 3tow 2mn Olt MADISd)A VII.I.E, LOUIrllL'Rti, MANDE VIlIt: & GoVINGITtN. Ei T fast rnottlg and splendi strenm j..JL. boau5~t (1SOU'I' ALAInAlA, L. T. 1,.--7- ~~Kighlt t.astetr, ill tun .s . regu Se r n.il lnat tbr te above torts on Monldays, \VWedles doa u llt Fridays, after the arrival of the 8 o'clock cars, .I. LReturnting, leavoe Covingtont Tuetdays, Thlur lvts .' Saturdays, at 8 o'clock, A At. N II A Il batgneo and parcels at tile risk of the own .rs t o ,l enI o . b il l ,f tl dr ,g i s i ,gn e d . ('lO WITltMAN, New Orleant and Mobile Mail ,fiiee, an IxchanLe Itlilhlinee St Chaurles t. -- AI R I I LEDUCII! S 'l'e steamboaot M.IZE\PPA will ce lhve the Lake std oftbe lail Hotel In Mond,lays, Wedneldallv s and Fi Iduyse o rnvi •, ohe. uhivu k 'h It t'lo'ck cars, our l litit tily St Ioio, Pass lnt Willan, Ililoxi, &c ; retoin, i nill ltia, l'oneog¢ooltr alt deny litt, and arritve t !r l miit i a o 'c lo Ic k '. l, t, h ili ng o f ft ill th e w a terin g p'laes ihlv lihtay llerhoe i Ncl,. crllean It.' t St. tLu n $21 5t s yl C hristian '2 511 (lVl, l IIITa t IN, ." __ _ Ezchangle Ilotl, Stt Carles toteet. r . . ( ' I' i -. rpIL\V :I'LLE.S going to Mobile by the Mail Line n .i lud uy, (We.. Iduys Iand Friinda , wll retils nbito inr. 1' ,t this aint iahnnn ilaidr. no 'ilnan he dncre ai th . e at 'asca .o(la on the0a vr ta e 11 l ; day i i s, "t'hoe Ilo s.ve havy bI gage cal l hai t tll L .le ,direct to 1lobilc by unv boats d411ion1 the \w ,'k, x''c' i S ithe lubi v amed dlys. 11,i) W iHi I'.IIit t ,t SllFTi') KllGS F''~lil (": t*lJLN "UUl" , "t 511 Ioxcs cheese, ".5 boxes b.lch raisinl, lUII Il iiii e.iplerial ten, 1I) hill b r L, trlls Fl Iliiarket 5 birel.s iiokId tUnguis, lt bx,.(e' IP ' le¢. ltReeived per ship IiunIsfill, aor siale j jl.Illa .1111. I I ). jR,,.akI-u. alds i , I., bbI alones, jut re d, 1 lr',sae y G itlKh.l., Jr8 411 New Le,·l'. SUl'I'4 i thNTiiU.tt .1i\ t', tic.-. N lply , ,' Cl Cu l'i;tI IlstrUntll. ltsl Ient Pu lllyringc, uand Stoacni Pumln aill of tise astl itinrotid des , cr.1 loon, secuived Iby the soullnser 11. .Iol', ooII IIe Witer, lanll o t oldoliani, Ward's I iiu r Oil, l'ont, lhlil, oil an Pd ('oIthl Brushe ls,&L . &c. Jyl albJ l.IiIE & Co, i0 Cinal street. S[10 lNi'- rhe Holseli' ad lGarden adjoting IaIrby's . Acadiny, ol Tivoli Circle cointiiuloS .ix io.tisn itlh kitchee, jpantry, and , uhmhals, &I . alplyl to JiLLVIS &J At IIIio \V:&Ai i jy 21 corntlll 'Tiiittla & taO lltinl & ono stIrelt . EAI ,' I.Alll-- "lOlU kegs lpe fiolr articl, i title Jy t+ 41.\aw Levee. L1 ,hil itt111 r, ,r J , y ,vw I the liBrady L 'wine l Is, . ases i sup ; ll, iinlie letter ii i r v1nue ,ery low pri:ced; I caseds , ',ll :: p liltte Iota , Lpaper", i; ; 2case tlil llpink lter pliel'; I cao. su lol( till: packel post largo -+lzt 2 clase -uperilu eittl fur catle wholesale allnd ,tail, Ii 1..'EL.'' & Co, anw I ork iaitlters' Hail, jy?1 '!4 (bhrtIIres -treet. tlj it0 ItIV.'-l'a itatina gitea ttm.'.ddaiitly, ti -I Il(louse ot the ddnlk Rail Road tear tne 1abkr Nhore. ''lle two Paviullt. ill Bath, near tile .ea trl.anl and .\ainilthl Itanl I(lta ti. t.everai Rioous in tlle iar itouse tf the Bllath ail ioat Collltpnay. F'or Ithe laticular. apply to t IIO.\NAIEI., _ jydl corner Natchez il 'rchoupltujnus sit. I CUITCII ALE-72 cnanka Saiotch ale, (quartsc aad piuts) l or sale by II0LMiES & MIl,L.a, Jytl llank Alley. .Al .ltRIEN'TEIt's Flunid ERtract of Sarsap.parilla Sanld all othler Carpenter'a L'relaratios, received lately iy I1 IIa)NNulAlI., jydl cor To'houpitoulas & Natinlez sta L EMiN SYIRUP in boxesa of 1 duoz. eacli for ale by READ & BARI.OTW, aug4 7, Hliak Place. SUiGAIlt Houase l alatts-JII biarrels ir saledy J TIIAYER & aLO, u2 Liq 7k4 oydras street Y WiCE-- ,(Cng c s bicerand,) 1r.ived d fr sa-Ic .L ,J ' TII YETI 4, CO, nug23 74 l'oydra street. wi NVASE, (Laf Hams--ia n hhd, tieres eand itbls. iq astose, and for sale by LAYET &T AMELUNG, ang23 17 olymerce street. OFF INES O Liqu rs--lO baskets CAN mpNAgn ' Wine, (Congress brand,) 100 do wine, (Lafavette "rand;) 10 pipes (Madeira; 250 qr. caFsks iittiSon Madeira wine, in store and pbrsale by HERMOGiJNE BROWN A. CO, Jnltlg3 9J Corti it] IASEi bbJAMESl. in to CALDWELre, fr LAWRENCE ,V LEIEleNDRE, nng23 o8 and %9 New Levee. J TIIAYEI &'C), ahg23 74 Poydras street. +.LLEL, RAIL IROA). R-ILAFTS on New York at sight, fot sale at 4 per +,int. plnemium. JAMES H CALDWELL, sep8 Pres't. LA.ST PU' LICATION NS. r lIIE Novels of JaneA Aatin, ontatnlai ig ridt and I lrejudine,' Mansfield P'rk,' 'Senase and Soensi bility' 'Eamma' and 'Northanger Abbey' to which is iretixed a hingralhical notice of dit auihor-complete - IO nle volulme. Nos. 3 & 4 of 'The Life and Adventures of Nickolas Niekleby, cntainig a faitlhful accounst of the fiartunes, iitlbrtlttes, dnwllallings, and eonlplele eareer of the Niaklebv F'nlily. Edited by'Btoz'-with illsttrations by "Phiz.' R ALSo, An aldditional snpply ol'N 1, 'Nickolas Nicklehy.' 'Oliver ' wist,' piart first, and 'Pickwbk Patlper,'just - received, oald for saml by WM. Ml'KEAN, sept8 corner of Camp&, t.nalaO, -t 40U DOLLARS RE VARD. SLIST or stolen io on Oa board shi, KENSING. 'd ON, while lying at th Leveer 95 Colul bian and Mexlaican Doubhlonsa--ilthe above rewanrd v'li be a paid for any information that may lead to the discovery le of the san. hI Sell8-1838 1tANDLES--173 booed sperm candles, beat brands, Slandttg from ship, I'latlu, for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO, a0 _G') __ 134 Olagazioe st. LXCIANdE Onl istnu--l sllla lto suit lpaur clLaaers, lbr sale by STETSON & AVERY, angd28 88 (iravier st. T'IIAIp.,'GNE llrai dy--h ip- i ad half pipes, S a very lllperl"ll.Irl article tn store and fat sale by a It H VIE & iRO., iag23 )9 .! tl isutla cor"er l31ag a tins I OLbnal2--:fI I i i.trt su oradnelt ortlbe I.,\ IX IENIE ta LF:(I I EIJ l'., SPp IA %1 dtill %' Neal,,ver. SHIPPING. For Europe. FOR MARSEILLES. - The fast sailing brie CA ROlIN E, Capt. TloTh nopsn, will h lye imnuediate leslpach rfr f thie abolne port. For freight o. ,Is I bales col ton, or lpassage, apply to ,r ~ - f LEVI H GI LE, aug'23 93 Colioi 't. -- OR TIIIESYTR. S The tast sailing ship HELEN MAR, Capt. - 4-, having full cargo engaged, will .har despatcb; fir passage apply toI S JP 1' 1W fl'NEY, a -2t" 8 Contist Coastwise. FOR N .W YORK. L. uisiana and New York aine. Regular Packet of the 29i instant. The regnlar and last sriling Packet ship VICKSItURG, Ward, uma ter having hallf of iher cargo ertliged nd griag o.n ho:ird wll positvlv o ail oinoSatulday tile .'W inst, For freglot If 3.30 ales cotton or the bulk thereof or passage hav ing splenlid oecoarno hloitns, alply on board opposite tilhe Vcghtuble Alarkrt,r o to J 1) IBEIN 4S COIIEN, aspl5 . . . 0.__ UD Common +treet IUi' reriied at the Louisnmia F.lrnitore Ware S Roooms, 53 Ioienville streit,2;00 Maple and ilherry 0ledstead,; a fitrh rate article. Also, a good asaort .lment l'of Unpler Walnut, arnld Printed Chairs, which will be sold oIr the lowest each prices. W R CAtKNES. jy7 51 I lianville street. HiLt.,ESAL. AND RR tAIl ol/.ill A"D VAI(kl"TlY STO5RE, No. t8 Caimp stree .I - tier liisllo1r's Hotel-The subscribers arce inw orpel l'g at their niew stand, Ia enttive assrt a ,oni t arrnti ni s i , their lirle,,L rlil prisi.g everyl- ari.ety of [Comls, slhahes, I',rl .r, iooking 'hooesr. Playingc. t:, .ni s lag null:i mbr qf EnI",cy arlticlus. The l lohwi:% er p iln'0 rIi derl ri h ldir Sll) II 1ir-' rli-toi lrt ttr linrazilrn high top k, pal rid oanrlcell; do. d twist, long, inek, pull'. r;il, n. and dressing, ivory andi horn; fine loai, dssing r ti pocket combs; horn, redding alnl hr 'auli l s; tslodln, dressing, ine toolsl and pocketconn. PEII'UMEIItY--A general asoo .,.ait of Princh and Americant Peinft ery, consisting ., t orl ntre water in bottles, of all shapes and sizes; lavn aete, Florida, rose, oranilge, lemio, Jessramine, hergaranr, asllerflenrs, eta; faorcy soaits i e'ery rrcscription; maoaasnrr, antique, arid veetable hair oil artl ouilit rtlihl; chlorine toothr wash, carlronic an chlorine dellriliee; seentet anrd plain toilet liowder; ollmatunml; preston salts, rite. ltRIUSItIS-S- omlpising a great oariety of elotlh, hair, hat, flesh, tooth, naril, calsh, shaving, plate hearth, titie and llain ustins, swreeiing, crumb filurniture, scrubbing and white wash, lhorae, shoe and tanner's couring, paint and varnish brushes, and sash and grain ng tools of all sizes. LOOKING GI.ASSES-Coerprising gilt frames of vatious sizes, 5, a, S and I draw toilets; Germanl statia, toilet ani pooket glass, magniling minrore, etc. PIAYIN G CAII)S--.sagle, lla=ry 8th, Broom, Highlalnder, Spiel Larten, French and white back Play ing Cards. FANCY AND VARIETY ARTICLES-A supe rior assortment of portable ldess, laIies' and gentle men's dressing cases and ladies' work boxes; fancy box. es of various descriptions, suitable for the new year and Christmias' gifts; pocket books of all sorts; suspell. ders, music-boxes, lead plenils, crayons, violins, bead bags and purses, at assortment of fancy beals, superior quality billiard balls, paste blaekii.; bone, shirt, vest, fall ald sluspender buttonsti pearl tattoos and shirt studs, razor straps; gas machines for creating light; Spanish and melee segars; maecouba, Paris, rappee and Scotch snuffls; n assortnent of plain and swsord camles; back gamnnon boards; dice, fIhny screens, optics, Jews harps, hrmonlas, lucifer matches, pins, needles, percussion eaps, drliking eups, hunting flasks antl games balgs; steel, silver and plated spectacles; thimbles, twine, etc. a huiallsonle assortment of engravings, and a tRige varie ty of other articles, all of whilch will be soldfor low prices, for cash or city acceptances. may 4 REES & D, LANGE. (l 1 i i]-MB-l..+litK iI i lianlinig frr, brig Uncle jyl9 S & J P WHITNEY UiINsiNE,R EI',ca l SAI'l!, AND CALt.i', i.. fb 150 oncries French rr tiiriroe I0r brid Epsom Saota [ carko P'earl Ashes, 4 carse Calomel, llec.s:,, Jolo,, Ithuohri& h&..&.. lnrding fironl brig \WiliaIn, frorr lioston, alidrfor sale by JIIRVIS & ANiiREWS, Vholeaile Dri.ecgist, jv7 car Counloll r rToltonipituilas street. SWI1MlING SCli)OIL AND FLOATING BATHS IN THE RIVER, fppisotle .Ilarudrrille alrer,, Third .rlrnr;rrioaligy, rwo squares below tire Jlrril Jload. EXEIiCISE, CI.EANI.I.NESS, PLEASURE AND) PIIE arr neln nenlilS foir tlfis estalishment are now Sthine whirrh n.y tend to Itheomnfrt of btlllers. 'Ie'll' dressing rIoomaire now proe idld with doolrs nder lock ai ker; lad hr al rpeyrttr irparc ror rsceri .i't'hrlltilrsrsplying etwr anal street antd 1 w e <trod;n prs, pass every hallf lur within fifty sa:nl fre uBths arc riren. tirrm lti r'lrg A. 31. urr til , i tath 1 3 lilr,'l it . r...... ed ..... of water 'C3 to, r g[ I i I IRS. It(1'E W 1VORK ... rlliIl()CKllr rAlIJN'l'AiNS--tcrscnu l re a Iejourla orf (a;pt tit |u i. I.: onuve lle, of tilhe Army r;Niir, I \t'nocK% ct '111 I OvingS i i i nlt.. TI'HI Vb C'iA.: ' O. Fl S(¶E:I'I t--By tile Countes of ileussira.to, , l n 2 ,,l ' Jusl reb .ived tI)a f 1r l 'a by W + , .'."Kl" .;t i1 i.lT Iutil Ist Nn weanbrr next: the eleant lnt, lw e ni 1. a,, t .t J Jse3il htreel. $+ T! \I i','I'a,' na! ,:.j-La wrence & Co i.1 heavy I iro It.uheeio Jack t I t ('a .i0 inih urown -irtilngs. Li cell N.\ I &. btn ut contonl. inrtnile .I'"+7''S j'N & AVERy, anlgl 8 Gratier stree K " l' It'iAN&S-40 cases, o f ), ri , u l ar men and buIy. fur sale by ISAAC IltIL G(E & Co. nug3) l,"4 Maazine i t. A L M ?ZAN AC ,'-Ir 1839 . just received p ' Shllip Ar . kansas, Irim New York. 2|1 gru"e? American Coolmi Alminnacs for 1839, 5 do. Crackett''" Almanacs fnr 1839. 2.: o. People's Almanaes for 183oL. Caliula. ttd tit every st:te in tile Union, and containi, . a ereat variety ofn.gravillg, tbr sale ly ilhe gra e, du .etl and singleby DAVI) LkEI' & '(i, N 1Y Stationer's Hall, 4 Chortras st. antg30 1OPPERAS-20 - blis copopera, in store for sale b y CG. i)ORSEY, augl6 44 New Levee. 7 ISKEY, Puork, Ilacu Sles, Flour and La fl in store for sale by ug16 Di)ORSEY . au1gl6 44 New Levee. Olt-, b x aline corn in gnudubippinu ordnr J THAYER & CO, aug 16 74 Poydras street. E'Ii!R--b I0 bbIls renli grouund flour, landing from ilut boats, inr nieabV , dg r LAYET & AMELIING, angl6 17 Commerce street. iOS lEN t I fE:f-R kege primle Guellen bat. f u nd fr sale by WIRENCE A- LEGENDRE, aug?3 28 & '29 New Levee. R SALE--Frn 18 to 22 ewt. scfraup Zic, by CLAY uI CLARK, Plumtnerr, nug23 102P t, PORK.--4 I0b nls M e .1 O, prinne and saut. lrinIe junt inspeted, ft.r saile by Ci. D)ORSEY, jy26 44 New Levee. t SACKS SAL,.' lunding fromn brig Saemu e Seand John. far sale iby jetl S J P W1MITNEY. H AIA S and Sllhulder--l10 hihds.Piikl h s od Lshoulders, lauding Cfrol fitbat , boa for sale by LAYET & AMELUNG, aug16 17 Commuerce street. EtCH ANGE a Lunouis ille at right, ior n by SLATER & 'TRIER; uug3 40 Poydas tt. )itO(AiANS-30 Cases Mena and Iloys fine at kinpegged Brogans, fur sale Iby ISAAC IBRIDGE &CO. aug3fl . 34 Magazine streert. jy IIELI.AS-- iases e lo Umlbrelias far sale by SWII'I'RII)DGE & CO, alig28 131) Magazina at. WVIir'Pli Ivaa Sui.tqr-50 btaes White llvaana Sugar of very superior quality, now lanuding frau brig A. E. ., for sile by .. ., JOSEPHi COCKAYNE,, allg28 i.ii Gracier et. iFLITlY Dii AL4R, itRFb'. A - - . W. LI, be paid by the subseribers or te npprellnsin ot the aboy ANL)REW who absconded on tile 5th inst. Said boy is about 15 veara of age, 5 leer bigt, black flce, and very tgo lookin; when lirst spoken to he spaks tHib:, anti tnnutnere a little-hld on w lln he irft, blue cottoude tlnent, blue striped shirt and straw hat. JOIIN MINTURN, aug22 13 Exchange st. - Ui.LEl RLcord I upter-Just recalivnd few reams n Ouldsol'a)very fine blue record 1tp, both laie ontd ruled IOr sale iby DAVID FIl'lT & CO, autg.3 N Y Sltlinrr'u Hsl, 24 Chartres. A Nl)REWS i z lthelt rs h.ve renlt ed their Couan A tag House to No 50 Camp street. COFlebyeb Ili I-u W ias . int1 dut. to an,. ttor ruleby 'tI'rO.'l'N , AVEII. atng4 ill Gravier tree ('e 13 N l'l -57 kes ue rral ts nt s pto articler "- t ...... bi , 111 itENtC2 & O.OENi iRK:,. ' pep 1.3 + 11ttni ft New Levee. BUSINESS CARDS. PASHIONAElB-f CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, INe. 14 Chartres sirees HlAVE aoonistantsal) dy r f every article pertalning to getlentle n's dress, ul the latest style, at New York priers dec 20 TEETH. rSLICEOIJS METALLIC TEETH. SPECIMENS of these henullful teth, and the man. ner of setting them,tmay he sen at the office of J.B.Ross SURGEON DENTIST, No 16 Canalstreet. 'These teeth never chu ge colour, andi are by any, and in nmny cases, preferaole to the natural teethl. EP I)r. It. will wait tpoun ladies at their residence, reqaesred. eip9if S A. PE{RRIOSSIEt. MERCHANT TAILOR, 67 Commolnl atreet, EGSd to inforU m the tpulic thlt LvMint purchased from Maesrs IIOt)Lti, SKtEit(iS CO. Iart Io the.ir stock, lie will cerltine thi business at their old stand, ppo site Bisllp'S Hotel, where hIe hpes to meril a sate or their patronaeo. ie hats inide arrangeent at tle North to he spplied inuhly wito th the lmtt anld nosl fsDhitemldle go.ds itr 14 CLAY & CLARK, EOUSE AND SHIiP PLUMBERS, No. 110: Ioivdras street New Orleans, 'ANUFACTURoFRS (OF Lead Pipe, Water Clonete, and Pumpi OWall dsceriptiolli. WARM, COLD, AND SHO IVER BA TtT H Fixtel iit the moet ii proved Iprinv.iple. NtIAlI I.E h.D, PItt>, Ac NO.(tderi i executed ih any paort if he r outhetn Statet . inr. Ilobtertl . I.iade. it) " PB 1 ': Ir, laH:Hl tno lorEL. tim Plumbers and Lead Pipe Manuiboturer , Noi. F2 PoydNra street, 12 ECrP on hand a ctnatant supply of Lead Pipe, =.i from 2 is, diameter down to 39 io. dialoeter, fr sale. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHICO PRINTING , ESTABLIShMENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arcade. WILLIAIM GREESE, PROPRIETOR nrl D TF PARNER Comnmissionu amd Forwardiang Merehant, No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, uE STAIRS. Newa O:learn,rFeh. '_. JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIO.LEAI.E AND RETAIl, )DEAl.Et i IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS FYE S'TUS'b8 ANVD WI'NjDOW GLASS, Corner of Common and Tchoupitoulas streets, NEWV ORLEANS. NATHAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANI)tEWS. A large apply of Garden Seeds. warranted the gruoth of 1837. AT .MOBILE At s. & . I.ONES, AUCTIONEERS. Nos. 61 and 63 WATER ST'REET'. T tE tlnersigned, havinog set.bisrhed themselJos in lMobile f.r thie prnose of troaecting the Aiction and Commission business in its various branehes, beg leave to ittorm their frienns and the puolic, that they are now prepared to reeivrt contgnr.ents, and inake liberal advances on the same, either for private or public sale. SO.OMIAN I. JONES, ISRAEL I. JONES. Refer to Walker. Knight & Co. New Orleans. fMooile, Feb 9,18:I8, feb 13 A CARD. SAMUEL SLATER. ABRAHAM TRIER. SLATER & TRIER Forwarding L comm ni'Saion Merchants, No. 411 Poydras Street, NEW ORLEANS. They will devote their partieular attention to the sale of Western I'ruduce. Referenees. Ahfijah Fisk, Esq. S (i Blanchard, HaIrt M Shill; New Orleais. A It Nathn, o Messrs. Kohr , Daron & Co. J I & M Williams, t Sriggs, Vil & Co. o oston, 'Tlhiii Vase Est. lt.b, rits Brothers & CO. Ieveret &'tate . New York Stanf,rd & Davis. St L,,ui. Glasgow, Shaw & 'Tlatulm. S Rider & Co. Hawleoy, Page & Dunlap. Altn. A It Skidmore Esq. ti t tIhrti.dtl & Co.-louiiville. ELI STONE. a. T. STONE. E &B.T. STON,. Foewanrdan0 and EComluni.es iSerehun[s, FUIRNISHIEIS OF StiIP' AND BOAT STORES, No. 11 I Tci'HIure OLAS bTREET. No:w.t rleaes. Relerencs : SMessrs. BLI, BAKER & CO. no.to" E.BENEZER VE C oston A. I.' EACH & Iit N Co. o It. PurAM, New ork. J" & . HOLLA.t , Cino.inti,. O. 0RIGHT SMITH 0tn , 0, )tVIllD STONE, D:aton 0 H. COMsTOCK E& Co. Colum os ' N. AI.UDtiCH, & Co.. lluisvtlle, bv WILLIS,STEVENS & ttcTtlSSt LoUid \lI A. II. Itorr, Alto,,, Ill. Wm E. Wtrraow, Iturhville, Ill. J. & P. IP. I'A'rWELL, Bvyou Sura, La itn 22 SoLOton HIGHa. Noe O(rlents. DOYLt A& MAN, I)EALERS IN AMIERICA' & N(GLISHI CROWN GLASS, No. 3 CARONOEI.ET STREET. o1 lIRIEM EN'S INSURANCE COMiPANY This Company ar. now prepared et take RISKS AGAINST PIRE. OFFICE, No.24 Musson'a Building, Canal Streer. E L TRACY, New Orleans, May 15, 1838. Secretary. WILLIAM IRWIN Commission and Iorwarding Merchant, CINCINNATI, OHIO. Refer'to Layet & Ametang, ort . Landis & Cu, New Orleans. m2l4 In ROBERTI' CLANN()N, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 Camp street, W, ilesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, malt Window and Picture Glass, &a. &c. -T. W. COLLINS .4 T' ORNEY & COUNJSELLOR .9T LA W. N OV practising in the State and City Courts. Cli enIS: - ill find Ihim at thle Clerk's ofufice, U S Circuit Court, il the Custom Ilouse building. je8 A CARD. T HE IuII ersigned have opened a house in this city, for tile purpose of transacting a GEN i tAL COMMIISSION IBUSINESS. OFFICE, No. 10 GRAVIER STREET, UP STAIRs. H P LEVY. The house at Grand Gulf, Miss.. will be continued in the above nat-oe. References. Godfrey, L r Small, Ne Orleans. La. Peters & Millard, n Orleans. Lu. H B Hill & Co, l.uisville, Ky. John M Gilmore, Vicksburg, Mliss. Harper, Crpeoter & Co Grand Gulf, Miss. Muir, Moore & Co, " Nilb-e Lillard, Natclhez, Miss. New Orlesan, July 1., 1888. jyl2 A CARD. N ATHANIEL TOWNSENI) having located hin. self in New Orleans for the purpose of transacting a General Agrency al C:otmisetalt btsinese, would re lpeCtfally solieit from tii public a share of their pa tronofge. Htrving a house in Texas, he will attend to the trans acting of any businers that may be desired in that coun: try, and will guarantee prompt and unremitted a. tention to all husiness entrusted to Iis charge. and a faithful application (in accordance with instructions) of all Iu nds that may come into his hands. Office in New Exclhange, on reavier street, o.,posite to RBv Mr Clapp's ehurch, and adjoining Gibson's reading rooln.sign of the Tiexia Conuiate. New Orleant,, NNovember 25,187. 'Referernes. Mesrs Ilillyer, Bush & Co. New York Burr Wakeman. Alvara~ F sk, Natchez, Miss. RM Struth r. St Iou,., Mo. John T Gr y. Loumiville, Ky. Dr Job A Stee e, Hopkien.alle, Ky. m28 6m PIREMIN'S INSURAN.I COMPANY OF NEW t)RLLEkNo, OMce No. 24 Maona's uidinag je C CANAL SLTREET. GIBSON'S GUIDE AND DIREOTORY SlTR the State of L,,utsian, and Cities el New Or Sleans and Lafayette; f,r sale by WPM M5 I.[' ,AN. m23 cor Camp and t omeu.t ANs ASI.er alklBoxs,.-jutt reeived by c is DRtOW £ (ii TRUEs AIBERICAM @NFICE. In connection with this Office is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE, . FOR THO E PRINTING o(F Pmahlsets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices, Auction Bill31 Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circuaars, And eveop dieription efJob Wmorlh that may be rquired. f[L'rThe proprietor reslpetfutlly calls the attention of the public to the above Card, ando assures themr that all work intrusted to his care shall be done at the sholrt est notice, in a style unsurpassed in this ealy, and at ihe lbrest rates. GUIDE & DIRECTORY oF THE CITY OF S.e: v Orleans and Lafayette AS pul,lished o 9.ln . n.v 21lst Mlay and is 1, , w for tiale at tlt e clt nir;g room oll, het p ulit'. E lxchane iontel, SIt Chrles streett,-- d at tie lu kh ttore cK' Moos. F. Johlts & Co.corner St Charles and I Comnon streets,. 123 PER, quils, steal pens, ink, fluid, wafers tcaling Sad ia inasadic rube r a and sand, potare. and every other article ofstatrtiery, of the very best qualitf. col stantly in hand aid orsale lby DAVID FFLT&CO. m19 V', Y tntrtlern' lalll, 5 ('hlrtrea St' 1'ter I--yo iboxes landine cr tion unt oru' hivtfnd. mina by IER, 40 Pydra, st JOLIN 1iOEY, Saddle, IlHanen and Trunk Ma anofaalurer, and f.r airher of Milibrm Eqripments oJ'eeoery oderipioun. No 189 trCUPIvtOULAS SYTREET. HAVING in employ several Mililtary orkman, II heis renlady to execute work in the abnove lile I s the bhortast notice, alo nod the must reufolole ternl ' Merchents' and Pedllrs' PackingcTrunksh of everv ret scErption, conttantly on Itliand. ('1ORN MILLS---I1 corn toitsr, lS &later'sa t colndolit. One mann till c'rildl 2fT or :3I Ioerlheli of meal per diem with tlese Itille, and they vail lie at anched tt n eotttaol in, anl a ulrly ctlculaoted lot planter's ase. All ily t I II & CO(OPEF, nol5 2 Julio street. rO AIERCIIAN'TS. h ERCIIAN'T'S can have a beautifuil oircolor trrok off at two hours notice by ot alig atl te Orlea Au Lithographlic t oflce,3u Magazuce street, iopposite lians A rcden i. P M4 M ACKEREL-35 half bble ,'%o "2 ,tfoerci, hir molr by READ & ItA lttoVOW, jtl2 67 Ia iVern Itret. jy42 44 New Levee. K EN'I'UCKV B.hOGING01G L.a-l .- by,.- IIy 1AV & F OLE ES & C l I LLS, I jylt Baink Alley. C11 I'CI! tBl-iIiitl -fti l fieavy i c Scotch loggintg 43 inclhes wide, ftr sanl rv tOL..IES & MIlS; JIvly laone i Alley XCHA\N(.GE O)N NEW YORK Irsth.I. - E L.AWRENCEI & I I.EG IDIN t, jy 12 `.: & 2.9 New lecvee. V1 EAS, NUTIMEiS, &e -'2x4ff uj d utooit I Iountd cotlddies of gullowder and ilmpria , eases of canister idmperial and stlupowl dder chests of poloothonu tea; one took •of i.osl II and a general asorttttnt of trocerisr , foo, stle low by LAWIRENCE & LEGEN)RE, Iytl 28 & 2ff New evee rlESi Aenericnn I)etocrmat. or ointuin thIe so.ie anto jL civil renlatiouls of tlih United States. ty J. Feoi otore Coloier. The Two Fllrts; or, Adveiltlren int a Conlrv 1-Hoon; and other olaleor, bly Luyle siltfonj E I, Iltlwer, Alle Norton, Barry Cornwall, Ires Gore, Caltair, Aleorwin, and others, in '2 vontw. The Rivcer and thle I)esrt, Ber Als Il'rtltle, autier of the City of tlre S.lttan. Theior Clalt of Beiotl, floe Gilt of on UCacle oito AotS with fine wtnod eOtgrvioeo bv Anldereolo. Junt received otid for 00 tl boy W rI McKEAN, jelt6 cor Cnattott Id CotlntTon sitc. RoSlIN lI)ROS-70 hds rosin dillos., landing ando fur ale by J 'I'IA I EIL & Co, jy 4 74 I'oydrlas street. CAVE & ECIIAFFER'S CuoRmplu, FMaid E tract ot" Sarsaparilla, tfor ltheo cure of ostitate eruptions of the kin; pinplesan or pustules of tile Iarte; bilns whi It arise trot ton itofpure state of the blood; tnadloy era ti.tn; pt ins i illeh bones; cioronle rheunllllti; lItfl. r; crofulia, or killtg evil; wilti sctllitg; syphilitico diseases, u n. d all dltordtlr orieig irollil noll imnpure stile of thie blood, by a lonng rosideiroc in a htl alimtte, or tile inlljudiious use ofu mercury. Alta,-Cave & Selhaflf r's Worm Syrop, or It. feet Presarvatio: thle best o purcpar:ationt Iow eO:tat. A tong which tire the followotg:-Itdiuo Dye, for eeI ringo tuhe hair; Bear's O; Rlnussian Bear s Greaoo:; Polrnatutl,; icihaw' Frboe,Io Wash: su. perior Pearl Powder; Lily Wlhitef Crealll of ro.ue; Vegetable Rouge; Otte of RIeu'; lip Salve; Kra. orite Tooth Wash; C.orbonic Dtotrlfice; Orange Fltwq Wa'er; Puwder Pufls an f Boesr; Amerl. no Cttaretoal, neatly oit oj ill four oiouncO vials; I' eaton Salts; Cologneo; Kreonote Tooth.anhe Drops; Hlair Brushce; Enlglisn IDreasing Cu ll.-. Iltlloottn fair Oil;-with oI variety of other Perf-. Imeriet, &c. For sale by L W GLENN'S PERFUMEIIIES. J C 'IRINCHARD, Corner of Canal alod Bourbon streets PARKER'S ROCKY MOUNTAINS, &c. IOURNAI, of an Exploring Tour beyond the I Rocky Mountains, under the dmrectionl f the A B C F M, performed in the yearn 1835, '36 and 73; containing a description of the geography, ge. ology, climate and prodluctions, and tie num' e.t manners and .tnatoms of the natives; with a Map of Oregon Territory, by Rev. Samuel Parker, A hi. 'I ie River and he Desert; or Recollections of the Rhone and th ihlmurtreuse; by Miss Pardoe, author ofthe City of. Si tan, &c. in 2 vols. The Robber, a Tle, ' the author of Richelile, The Gypsy, Attila; in So The Two Flirts; or Ad. memre in a Country Iiosme, and other Tales, by Lady Blessington, E L Bulwtr, MrsNorton. Barry Cornwall, Mrs Gore, Captainm Medwin, and others; in 2 vols. The Litfe and Adventures of Nicholas Nic leby, edited by Boz, with Illustrations by Pliz, No. 1. Just received and for sale by BENJAMIN LEVY. ELN iis LITHOGi-i---- OPFF - Nim. ema ,lg.azmllie streetl, soenp;,le e amlkau AII.adl. E.STABLISHEDfor tihe execution of napl, }an, -.3 amd drawings, mnrerlmants' circulars, businea and laddress nrds of every descrilption, funeral cireulmr oan deep mouming paper, apothecary alnd druggists'labela; bnk heceks, dray receipts, &e. prmted nod exeeute d i eilcheap and expeditioas style, Iy tae proprietor. NB. Bank Notes neoly executed. nli24 NEW HAT STORE. JUST received per late arrivals from New vYok, fresh anid fashionable asnortmlemt of IIA'fS. 'ile subscriber would particularly erIl time attention of the public to style of in eaver hate of i sluperiam finish, in texture, ric i and beautifuil hlis.re; ano Io ine Iplain Russia loat ofa nsuperior fimaliti; aud anso a ellendid article of silk halt, IItoed er will e o gneral f iormeint mmanufnelaed bylmmmnell, exple.mely for thli market, wholesale and retail J W C oSROI N, 34 Camp street. N.B . Cite and country dealers are invited to call. feb 8 PORTRAIT PAINTING. ý i ,HR. PARKER respectmully nurs tl e pullie that llie will remailn a short iinn in New )rlriuao lmar the piurlmse oi painting pertrnits. Rtoomoa e rrur of Canal and St Cihrles, in the lholse occupied dhv Parmly & Lyon. l)entist, where ieemilmrea of his painlting can be eeeno. Entrance in St i larlen stut[ree. '28 lti BISKEY, Flour end mIrk, in oviee - r co t e b IV," m'22 G I)ORSEY , 44 NewLevee.. B ALE RoPE &'l'WtNE:-foer ole lv UL.\TER a. 'ItIttER, ougti 40 l'ivndra street. WHOLESALE TIN WARE MANUFACimTORY SI.OCKE & CO., No. 2 Old .Levee, Ioave in a stere, .f their own manuofacture, a .arge n Paex. enmive assortment of tinu ware, whmc hey invlte deali ers in ithe trade to examine; also 20 L Coplpr, Ngarn imuse okiamero; 250 do. Sugar Ladles; 20 doz. Cmilper a euger lamps; 7w Bath tubs. assorted sizeas 30 gross assorted siezed Coffee Grnighs. N. i-Roofs of buildings covered with ainc, mappere r ili. Copper and tim gutters pmt uip n tile snlo rite ioWice. i .7 SNDERWOOD, Pickles, KetishuInu sad Mltiae..d, ill store and for sale bv S J THAVER & CO, aug 16 74 Poydra'treet. EMIY. 7R(FEmSOIE MOR MOPIIY, nssited by peotleneen f Sproper qualibfcatiRno ans exi.'rimnm.e, hI, nr ',t am Aeadewmv, in thib rick buhlning belongi, i'. ii.id Brand Esq.n adjoiaini tile \ eramla ih n S" Charles atreet, whese vmurn .e'ntie lem, wel] dis.,"Jie,, will re ceivc a good edcaetion. Mr. ,. solicits tie co-operatlim nof his fi'ends and those ifedimeatnom, to ennale h to redr ti i.ti tultion arcfiul andl permauent. m/ lsK.--.,ii, , r, I r ,v - jau aIt}RSEY, 41 New- iLr. ~H~K~~l~mo ire HBROG;ANS-40o eases Men's and Boys' Kip sad SRusett tlro'anto, tir sale hv ISAAC BRI)GE & CO, jy9 134 Magazine street. R. SAMUEL SHAKSPEARE is my authorized Agent during my absenclme fromn the eit. DANIEL liANA. j9-lawdlw. r'i RIALIDNESS. SBEAUTF1I'L head ofhnair is the granest twona elnt Ihehoneine to. the human frame. HoW strener Iv he loss of it ehanets liae couittensac e, and proma rtrli I.rins on tile arpeararnee rfold age. which c at se talnv to trecil It bhei[e iai.overtd, antl RoioPtialea eve'n Ito sihs s·aJetv to avoid iih tests and sneers of their I.nquai tance: the reonaindlt or tlheir lives are con lt.tintnly lpoilt in retihenent, il sholrt, not even the I" isf larypertt fillt tie renPatra thinking vmath wtih 'tlat neavv psikin ealoon as does the lotss of brit hir. Ton ert all these ttnnlata.ano eimttlmlttaneeR, liilde' aolil of Columbia 'm iop the hair from faihn. nofnn tho firt nnplirertin, noti a few bottles rrstores it egait. It likewisre prodnies evrhaowe and whiskers: preontr ithe r t gray, make it crl huttrifalla, nad cr i from ar. Nlneroo certlificate 'of the firlst respeetnhilitv in spport of'lIte virthne of Oldridgo I Balm, are ohow Iv the propr etor. Iri Read the bfollowing: Robert WIhrteon, Esq. Inte Maovr of Philodelph las "ertifle' as may I tme n below, to the high e tara ter of lie f.lliohwinoe' entrlon. _The ind.nrigaed dio hereby certify thnt a n terns tined the Ialt f t 'olniatli liecovered by J. Oldridge. and have ftund it highly ervteotobe nt nnolvs a m preventive aainat thie flling fffof hair, but altso Certtn rester five. WIl..I \.1 THATCHER, Seiomr, Methodist linister ia Et George etarre. No 86 North "iftnh at. JOHN P INGI.I S,321 Aich mteet. J,', N 1) 'I'IlOlMAS, h I), 1i'3 Raest JOHiN S. FL'I{EY,IIc Sprutsotrer et IIIU I A1eC UIII)Y , c43ituilhd st, JOllYN G A R , Jr. 123 Arch street. t isi kmsnown that tiree of the shorv pigners are more than 50 years of age, and tie others not less than 30. [tnota the Mator.] Cit y if Phi'ilael , lln. I. Roler Whortvo i on Mayor of aid city of Philale. hli, do a lreiv certify th t Ir a cw llsq ttcaired with .1lesustre Iluglia, Jelia FaIrve, nd Hu gh MCulvy, v hose nmnes are iened ti,,the labve .erticste,taht tlnyv are ettlenltri ot'lia rsaitr and rerrc:titltilitv, and as anch full eredlh should he liven to ei ie aid erlifieate. In witirres wmlree.:fl liae hereuntt set tr Io hatl tad tad tlet seaI o 'to e city f o he ,flixedl, tlhi 6fh d:4 of t)eetrl)e.I Ac. of[L. S. i ROtBERT WIIARTON, Mnvor. OBSEl{ VE Ihateach holth+ ofthe Genuine Pales tis a slplendid engravdl wraplper, on which is represtt.tce the als (laif iagaro. A c Sold a olaeale ail rctail by the solo agenlr fir Alo. rice, No'2 Flerche' sireit, ,atr i iiditi Lotte, tne don Ibelow I', eartreet, aold by iosl drtlggiotsand icrfiltier t lroagh h loutyr,. JARVIS & ANI)RIES, 9 \VWholesrIl Agents, New Orleans. THE subserilor iproposes to publihh. in the be. ginning of the ensuaing witier, a C:ndensation v1' the twonty volumes of the Old avid New Series of Martin't Louisiana loports, to be comprised in fiaur volumes. Sot,, sccrtding to thie model of Peters' Condensed Relports. This work is now in preparation by .I. Blrlon loarrison, Esq., of'tits city. assited hby William F Brand, Esq. 'rTle Editor is also permitted by a distinguished retired Judge of thle Supreme Court, and by one of the silting Juvdgoe, to expect from their personal tupervaion all ato. advanttage Which eaoy naturally hb reaped rolu their experiencte, tSuch a wtrk is beuooitng every dty mtre ne oessary, as tihe origilal is vollirnots, expensive, and scarce. An increasing curiosity too is mani ftoot, in the otier States of' tie Union, in reference to the presliarjnriipriedeane of Laouisiana; and the eirculstalnce ol the ntinlt'roti principles here do. tided in tihe atjustmerlt of tltrflieti of tlaws, makes the knowledge of our adljudged ettes of prime uti. lily to tltejurists of ithe whole Union. Moreover, the rising repoublic of e'r'xioa bhn adnptlI our codes, anti thaus there is a great deatoand for tite Louisiana decisions from a fresh quarlter. Contvenient notes, indicating the parallel eases decided in Louisiana, and occasionally thlose in tile tmors authoritative foruls of tile othler Staatse will he added to each case. 'rie work will fortm folr volumes, royal octavo, and will ie delivered, baund, to suoheribera at $6 per vol.; in cate it should be ftound practicabla to clmproe it into tlihree volumes, ithe )rlite to tab. stribher will Ioe $7 per vol. Subscriptions received by WM MeKEAN, je5 cor Catp and Common cta . it'nl lPtiifrolm t'le ait, hor ale bv T.II bItE 'BROTfIIIER, i 39 CIIIIIIoi st eto irnler l Malgazine rt. UI TItEIRLA & P.t 1,4 tStIlS-'s25 ca;esa crtionl ing nit atortmrtlnl of Mimtrn a& (iinghatm Uit brelets a id Parasols, ladiag frlut Barque t llen iAloud tor stle by iP9 I I:\.AC( BRIDGE & CO, 134 Ml.gaine a et K iulklnsa' t)iOllllllI (;eroa feilln e tlllle , Bil tl er'. Lf:v'rveoetei Magnesiar iBaB of Colutabu, &ea c.y landing sad fol ursulae tly II IItNNAIIEI,, mt25 or Natlchez and Ted'I pitoulas tl. La LtOUIi.-'21Ib, bldl tu/.arflitie Flor, freh ekauid will Skeep fr.m aooaring tier sane llme, for sale ty Ii. Dt)IRSEY, je.2 44 New L.eve. flAO'ANA CsaPEi:E=anI haft treat C idvepres L schr Hero, from tluvana; tfor sa.el by LA'I'EIR & TRIER, jel . 40l I',,ydr street.. N store, ud ltr Pine Ire t.,. t nhscibhi s, Autericnn Irnndvl an~d Giil in du;; No 2 Nn bnCk.rl ia Il doi Table Sali in csare olt il boxes,; llagA 1 inn, Sweet and I irn, in fr Casks and I dinn Ibli, (entitled W ,del~nlnrmre8k;) ld Spaniel. Maiting; ILnndon Poter arnd 4A.; iemon Syrup, I'li iadellnjhin WVite Lead,. No I; Codfish in boxes4 Cotton Gino. RE'.]D) & ISAR-rowIY, oilS 17 (jl4.7 rliI stree j(I YHIN RLUtPi IR-FI 4oll, ta ince l;eio ,bn bultr I~r putNJ)exllrreak ,r familily use, for sale. low, to, close a CIIs)*ll norm, b yI LAN~to.i\., v.n I rap". lRE, j717 2' and ;lNown Learr; .inoaii bancon. in pric ord.er, in store, for sat by LA &ET s .l F:I.UNG, jy17 17 _____erce _tre_ LI AMiS-744h,!,' ,nn.ud5444 FiEHWat4TER 414hla ul I~bs 4411 e Ilrnao, a11 for fusiliy us~e, a supleri it artlell·, in atonel, fo~r coin by I.A TI' A A11ELUNG,(; _ j/17 17 CO(lllllee ne street - 14ESH 1YF:>TEIR. i IiC'1"I'F(t-49 kegs mrerited I~ ~ ~~~~~'44 f,,,naml~l·1l~l i,· l .lla Iv SLA l1141 & I RIER, jy17 411 noyllrd asreeit. BLANK HOOKS-Justl receive~d br recenlt arrivalsr lnofanrom nlow Yok, Rill nddRiti,,,, so,,Sndtl,,na n(HIIkl, ofeverv earicrv of R uling and Bo tlin, thaw) nit ,utl RBlank nookb in,] Pape'r, are req.,,o4' to call and i exami illur extensive snick, fiji I & l or retail by DAVID FESI.I' & CO. NWYr ttoe' 10 ln17 .4 (.IIrTrl% street 1 ~ J '1iI4Al il & l 4, - jfil 74 i ',,dratreet,. x IANVAS1SL) 1I.1 ,ý.1 uk i ennrassod hamsl, for sal. by iunpce J TiIAVER t C), P ji7L .-llTl4 Lb bidthe lu ib iinjV, ýý t, fur gala jei3 4i1 ina liant COLOIINE WYA'1'EiR-I/irina.iy i.ainabed anao Cii loglebyH l44iN2','.1I1L, - cnrug nrnl cn in~l',.h~ nE,,i,,,:.a, cor Natchec z unitl 'I'rililitiru,:nP re Q3Th Te yenulilelecsa of the anrticle is invert by the fb nuhTIrapI, onte lwaullo ,l'rr, Jelnloin Saris Faria.i jI EI Credit Syodji mnoa Frane, Gre, t Ilritlin a theo Unitedl'Stullrr-lv 1 (; tarey, au tilt '~lrilaeij,lr, ,,t'liairi,,ai R~elndt.'., he , `Irnile1rwten cntn;&.nt received nnd for solle byI l'F.F a,'. M N'ILE.'.n* noI4 Coreer al' l',,,,, &n' ,'mon rt. Co tr ' ier.i, &o.r Oint torn[, .e.da lwriirmnnn, i~i~nrlis*nr !,aster, St.l all sale l" ZIA F1S l & A ('0N~ , N I(lVoN & AVRY J _Gr 2 iii. Common .'S: Trhonpitnllat dim ".ntr r ppe, ome, very law priiced, Will someSl ll ,c b 'I1aai ni md, Inr s male j by LaX!.. FET L cUo, N 'anilrPHall, '21 Chrtre .Pt ýt"ý\'NýI:1 i:ulttons--11[1) ba es ; h: 4.1ý el '.agro Cbttons, inorbone. al, a Inc sale a, S''lETSON & ANd?, fur sale by CH E& IE, ____ 6 C,.ar lam inhiaetri e i , L.tLv sD dug. .n, . ''idsand,,lIi r .t hr Rote alltu O ditto, in store, aodin, r a,".eb L.n E'1' A AinELUN,;:, n, e7 7 C'ýrll;,.o n deer.[ %V~~iNl ·11-A l i tii l lit. ll K-Ctiu;\ , eeIM an p~Ily but a worlmaub. \V McKI+SBN, car Cam;. . i ~otx a ;netsi 71 P lijedra l atr r Ai'18-;NNJLajtsin t rum1fore l b LATE PIIILICA'I'IUNS. C HESB MADE EASY; beirn a now introduetiar to the rudinents W that uesentif and popular game. By George W.alke,Teacherf of('hema . Uncle 1ra, a nroveL y Arner S C hall atnor t Sketches of Irsha Chtracter,T'he Buccnun.er lot.i velt. The Spirit ofthenWods,,illnetrnted bny eoe'lrd es gravihta, bI the aunrer olf'I' Morel, of FlowerW'. Finden's Views of Porte tand Harboursaf Gralt Bri fain. 'ylora's Grnms, or se Treeasrre of the Parenrel 12 nuqiete.drawnt and coloured from naatu'rb Jamen Andrews: with pumtiini illnaruatin. , h to-tunit Au't, '. tley, nuthor ," thIe iuanntuce of Natore. A lonsnary of Terms. used in ;reciai RIomia. 1i lian, and .luthic Aerhit~tr.re; iw eue.olu ediion. en larg. d; exeopiliel by k) wuii(al rats. Addoek'b Fngile.rn' Pilleet It .k, fur the y 18n8; with ll Alan.une; by Henry Aeblla:, Civil n:ainierr. \Vorks f Lord jiaecn. wiitl n. in'rldltln try essay, ard a p.o'taSnej ew editilm, ciompletn in 2 vole. Itilihp I)lurct's Illhtstot et in" inl 'tlll-e: .0. the' renturatioan f' (harles I I' to ha mtreaty of pdane ut Utricht,intlne Oanof QutaenR Amnct. A new edition, with historieUt'd r Irograrpict atlead; :otmplet' iavene voltttie. Juui reeived and fur adW MIKRA't mill cur Camp and CO.eouy ndi. rIHIF: public are reIhee tt ll interned this lleni • taoion is etrected m the mnost iupreveil .,% and i an aiy slnd Itmmt ,ltnirnhie sltlation.a in Ithe'..Luit F'rtknlit;, nlmu t.e railrund, oute tle frn ,het. Missi. he letiding is large and mtcinonllm]i.uelhydi idlb, int. epartnmets. for keeping sepurae dif'erent el.iasn,e and dulI'erenlt dia.ass. 'Th inutrnttiot i asupplied with tee matt skilfit adt atenttive imale and femalne nutesaeadpepaking tlhe'4' rioua eiuiern languages. Private roosn ..ny be had iy eentievw at five die lart per day. includin, attendimete. &e. 'I'Terms in tie or inury ward., two d e!iilera dAny. la:ven alnt two dillrse. SnialI Poe in fiordinary wards, five dotlhrs. All canirt l urhe perni peeatlonatextrn. 1'Tie reident plhsi:iniaa is Ir Weddlennnm,twhom application fur uditnisson must be ids, ader o t iu C A Luzemberg, No I; Iltn.paft street. apfl Ivn i EAF LA lI)--0i( kege in str.e, atrlh e be .. G DORitEYn 44 New I.ewact. NEW WORKS. F' ItE, NATURALIST' S OWN BOOK--Comprlaing 1 deerritinn andl authentic aneedoteuwofettadrup ed; Sciein.tificallvarranged aecerdin to thte rstenm u Cuvier by the aulthor of tite "YomnglMan's Onn Bnook, TIIE NA''TURAL HIST''ORY OF INSE'CTS-in tw.I) vlumes-'vol 2,formning no. '4 of tile "tamily Li brnry''. A dlleest of tile LAW Oi EVtIDEtrn N CRIMtItIL CAStS --ibyllullr Roscoe, Fl.. with i.ote and relrenae to' An.'ita'u decision, .nd to tile Eullie't ciomtmalaw and ectlesriaultill neports by George Shawluuwunl. On DAlNieOSI oF DISEASES of the (.HE*r--un- ed utp. on tie ennltarirm 1 f their physical and general Signes by W W ien'hrdnl, .t D. PRHINCIPLES oF PATHOLOGY, An. PRACTICE ant I'taltc-By John Maekintosk. M 1)., from the lat Lunt doni editioni w'itlh notes and additions, by Samttl er Gde' Murtont, M ), in 2 vul's. T'tHE AmEutICAn QUARTRtI.Y REvIEw-NnW 7' fIo December 18i5. Just received nd four sale by 1'19 Win . eKEAN.eorner ofCaun auRl Ca EAF t.ARII. 4211 e n Ii . 4 steamboat General Wavl e, for srlll , by I.AYI''/ & AMi.I.UM'n jy'2 I1 Cowener ' ef. AC ' tlDES-.I.lhi.lshe aaeonine'i ,l d ig from 1) so boat 4i..aoral Wayte' foir na li LAYLT at .1MI U' i , 19 17i Couune sutreet., I Ul,tIUR WII'SkEY, IPOrK t:IIEI- 48 bit. s petfiletite and 15' do fin- flIoir; 1II.0 Coemmon n', 46 lhbls reetified whiskey; 7 bbis mess enll 1I btls prime p.rk; 2 bils priiei bee,; the cargo of a flit boat Ir sale luoW, tO close, by L.AYET & AMILLN'IG, 'd1e A'C.mnlrti Familynama f I, elpleriir quality btnditg frLm teamenleman nltontn hi, four uale Iy ,LAnE'I' & AMI.LJN(,.. Je2tL 17 (Cnmmrce alSres., SOS.N~ 7 bmrrela Rosini, h.antini adl fir sale ny SJ P1' WHITNEY, (eonti stree i situtte, :or sale by SLATER & 'RIEi., u egil 0_ l'uydna aelr c. X IANE l obde wanted - Auf4 ABIJAI FPISK, ,Kl I -5, bul5 4,IA proof A rrican brandy for L sale by ISAAC Bltl!tlE & (:Ce, naigl4 134 Magazine etreet SAVI'ANA 'EGiiAItS---tlnllnarofgneen coffeeland fur lg ifronm seltr Libert., und 2111 baln in star for sele lby LA1'Ei( or 'RIER, attgli 411 PI'drna street. wT VANNA SUGAR--ilI boxes prim I nlitg fromn brie Ptiac:her, fir sale Ib SLATER & TRIER,. nertl 1 40 Po.ydnu street a LE IU0 casks Philadelphia Ale, Abbot's rand • lust received. and for ale by J D BElN & A ('OHEN, jy24 90 Common street. Near- O-.r-o . and 82r,.lIIm.. !ail ]Bend. Arroegements or runming the core from thlt date.] Ik'ROM COROLL.TON FtRO NOW (IRL0ARs, Tile horeecar at 4 o''k A M Steam oar a 7 A M steam ear 6 do do do do 9 do do 8 do do do doll dlo d. 10 d do do i I alam oalr 12 do do astaulrar at3 de clealmcar 2 do P 1M do do 5 do do do 4 do do do do 7 do do do 6 dc( do do do 9 do d,* ton 8 do do Tle Jaeksol eletel Cars nlld lnfrvete. half past d o'shlck, A M. Canal street at , ot'clck A DI, and tan. jiae hourly at 7 o'clock. 'Ihesa car will awtumestl runnolg every hlll hour. and continue tlrclgbhoIt the l'hlaernngemeoot fonr lt La Course street 8ar tOo samte u ur Jakr skoon street. ST. ,AO ,- -'E , in gr is 0.eeie lepr lerg Stolar, n ore, fir snip .' SLA'r'N I & TRIER, mtt 411 I'ovdra street. A l, ow0 lmeling frolt hl'ie WIllian, from T otel. 12l0 g:lllono forign ond northern ono.fuetured linseed oil, ia oasks and barrele, inl lore, and for sule low by JARVIS & ANDREWS, Wholesale Ituoggiete , jy7 a -r Common & Tclhaupit, olas itrWelr O I'A-351 boxes No e Fol,, brood tI' ooShe iodtold lIbuding froam brig Willilm, for oele by ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, J' 134 WMagdine 1t(net. 3)ALE ROItE--I51 coils bat rope, of superior J quality, for sale by IV EA, • I SA A C BR ID G E .C o, jo7 134 Maguine atoes l)tIlK-2.5dbbl.Me s a nd -prime :1 0 uRjp 0 A I lrk, fir ale Ilw by LAR'RENCL & LEGCENDIhE. j.ell 8 lnd29 New Levee. 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