25 Eylül 1838 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4

25 Eylül 1838 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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Mlsiasespp it an. Louisiana Hotel, _. _RS. MARY KtiifL4.ND reopnottully. an. 01 allie" to ht'r triendo and the pohliv enie. ally that she is prepard to rieeonllnl.dae Iheo at i' a abo., enhablirhmecnt, and hopes fr op her e"rti.lns to lend r vlsitri colfeort ale, to rqonive Seaot1atiqua.l of formlnnr favor,. She fetls endi. .I h.l that persons vtlting Covi gnIon during tlhe ummer months, , anno find brttlr .ecomrnnmodtione than srh .can afford them, on mere liberal terms. Her hsunen a plnes.ntly situnted, and well supid.ie with every tonvenieneo; the hna is furnished wilh the most ehnice liquors, &e. in short, she protmiere !'t nothing shall h, wanting on her part to give . tire .iefaetion to all who may patronize the 'isiesippi and Luisiana Motel. Ji3 TO 'PTI PUBLIC-The undersigned. hivng studied under Dr. Sol anidt of Charleston, South Carolina, and for sonme ye;rs his. asistant in 'ge practice of medicine and surgery, has the hneor to offer bit professional services in tlis city. he assurer the lpdses and gentlamen that the most .,pre.aMpt attention will be paid to the calls which Sho be made; and also offers his services to the "4elMers of slaves, being well acquainted with the tAw enhlcommon to them, having attended them in p anger house in Charleston. a.l'L.mionus anti.hilious pills al ter the composition *eqfa ier Smollettal, with directions, can be had ,,ethot.adetalgbd. The eyfot which they have S e.maed in this and other cities, has been attended a. th ,the greatest anacene, to which the host of ..fero.eas can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. "iae Itreet. JNO. M'LORING. ,"WO. OW ATi.R O SOCREWS, SL) IRONS, &e. T BR HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. a u8 Water, near Beekman street, New York, have received the past season, and are constantly hefitvlng largi and extensive additions to the stock orf the srove goods, which now consists of the slHowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, sensisting of about 1500 tone, viz, Pots of t diffrent izes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettlos, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 siues, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, akepan. or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . . 5 do Pat Spidrse . 6 do Covered Spideer, S do Oriddles, . - 4 do Idetsego, S do Wagen bozes from 1 1 4 to 43.4 inches. tart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Serews, 20,000 gros, iron and brass, from 1lIinch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior Taltty and finish, and less than Jame's imported Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibs for retailing. Tailor's and hatter's Irons, assorted. Bash weights, 100 tone, assorted from 1 4.4 to ilbrs. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &.:. o.nile to order, Also steambeats and other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly rveommended to the attention of Southcrn and Western morehants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms; it is be. lieved to be the largest and best assortment ever o1fered for sale by any one establishment in the United 8tates. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a printed oirnular, with description of goods, prieosand terms, from which no deviation is ever made, furaished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. j:"3 - ET-ON SYRIUP & PtICltlA.-Undlerwcod's Le L ma Syvrup and Pickle, asseorted sizes; ralso, 60 bkes of Lewis & Haskerll' Pickles; for sale Ito yHe n uonsignment, by JARVIS hk tNl)lEW.S, old r Com ollnon aol Tl'ehelllitolll:bts biOAPf-I00 hall l:oes No I Sa:o, .,breed ofiJamee oGeuld, forsanleby ISAAC BIttlthE & C:). m16 1384 lugnzie str:"et. T'1 LET. SFONEsma dwelliny lhuse on Triton streel, be tween Tlvrli t ircle and t arodaler ;treer. m99. Apply to J OTT, ,i' HEEI.\ARKIOWS, &c-4-5 l heelbarrowt, 25 V dirt do. in core, for vale hv CI.3lIPLIN & CO.)PER, 15 82 hul'a St :.AlN anl rufed Capt and Leiter I'ap:rs,,of all qua lilies, conoistiag of very superlur blue laid, blue anr white aw, :,lla'l i:and rulel rou:h edge record -lp, oast"latly oe n alhlld andl hi scalv ly MVil) FlLI' A& CO. oa1! N V Station:ll ' Hall, " ('4 hrtr st. • ILd hb.ea .1f3 dllr rat:h ..loselh' I lhze, 18-';, 51 :le, :oft do he 18 1; I do ofS do 1, P Port, 1816: 51) do of 2 deo I, l bro:wn 5:^ ry, 181f ill ipesl t: c:x : \1ldirv . or : le iiv lHEtRtIlt;lENE, llLbtlWN o' 1':). or ' Ctac:ti stre:t. TILANK 11(:1(5, o1f evoery variety ," rtuli: lnld . bl Ilmdiug, culhJaulltlv on hind: vnld "Prinilig, Rlulin and Billdiag neatly pxecutrld, at <hort noilor bv I)AVIID FP ''. T e(O. m.l NI' Staltioers' 1al1l,24 Chartrve st. .J I r-4(1C hi fo urth Iproof Ainerieriu Brandy L leding, for sale by ISAAC BRIDGE & CO. m2l 134 Ml:hgzine oi reet. EW two story hbrick loouse itunteld 5 doors from the Sec:red Munieinalitv Had on St Charles -stree. Itrt very low, possession given mmoediately LOUR.-. bblles f Flour. for sale by / mt0 G DO)RISEY, 44 New levee. C. '- BACON [ds fi Rr aie w y v 229 G DORSET, 41 New Levee.RA 11 ceils Rope, lading from Amhersador,fior sale by LAYET & AAIELUAG, ml9 17 Couunetm e st. BA G I fi- pin,;es Kentucky Bugging i, Sfrom steamer Goe: WaVne. and for sale by YORKE, BitOTH1ER5, Je8 65ifCamp treat. NO NURU1UY NOR COPAIV& Now ()rleans, Nov. 1., 18:17. A OLCT six months ago I had the misfortune to got a seet disease, for hich I have applied to seve rel detors far a cure, andl they did ntt care p *e nsow oil iu absee date 1 put 1y m s under the eare of I)oets Hunt, and I expect himl to cure tim. Sice that timle the disease got worse, so as to break out in large ulcers to the number of six or eight on ea h Ileg, aRd all over tiy lnce, and more throat, and not ablle to work at he preo.nt tilea as accuint of tie disease; Iage uloer She~right side of the tlhroat. I am nu pulttilng t so coefidnntly under the cure of Dr. Hunt, rf Paris, to be pereectly cured JOHN DEAN. fo,4 ly I DO OERTIFY that the ab*ve mentioned disoease quite well cored to my own saotilation, ifol which I hank Dr. Hont; and moreover I assure that the medi sine I have taken tal.es t e flit, n sd did not injure In uoith Rat all; berefre I adviss mtf Illsw soltibrers t o lhoe no time ait.t alplt to I)r A. HIuet, I5 Itt!temll st. J'hey will find s trlu leotsr (or this coi.plinlll. JI)tiN I)AN. IIII iravier street. IF any one wants to soe lem, eall at No. 4U (iravie street, and ltay wall le sulislied. To be published at the uptitn of Dr. lHuet. JtIHN DEN. New Orleans. Feb IR 103. I, It Sv . hound, i put up in hlottl at tl low Iprice oif l511 cents each, corntaniing the stron th of tlhree unces of LveRwot, helsi les thlia tirtis of o nl:tiY other roots and herbs known moalog the Indiuns as dlicucious in curing pulmonary compltaints. Tie u ,ritalled success which has attended the etotf this iuestmlllllt e Ill.ltml wherevetr t Iias un il i. dtsled. has ohrtined the confidence and rectuonnda iioa of resde tablle tlyseicintt, for Ilt, stre of taoglt, oollo, pain to tihe si:le, wolltof ret,o spitting or bloud, liver complainat,&. To lwthol it tia concern. This i to certiy tht we have in oar practice frequently preserisedl Mlrs iaMrld nsr's Indias Balea of Liverwort a td Ilourhound, willth a deeided goal effect: we can tharsfore, facis tie ktuw lodge of the materials it is made ftms., and llervaon ntdexapoerioea, romlend it na a ollltorie pr."pralat, or all those tleetios of tile lunlgs fr which it is re mmended. Ai.B'.l I' WEi.LI AMS, M. D. CALVIN EI.[S ItI, I). Memehes, of the Boston Medical Association. Boston. October 25. sale by JARIVIS & ANDREWS, wf 19 ' ,n a i tl I i t' . it i ial is keeo.mmonded ',y the Medical Fitulty. II TLER'S Effervescent Magnesian Apnrient-or,, i.Jdypei..ri ne idigestitn, nervets debdu, , li t.a.o. headsaheuidity oft the stsaol.h, ,lsI,,uaIl cue=0 tveetts,e utlneoutsdi.t-en, lgout graO c!, &.c. aond muchl ,al .1d as a gentle, coolie:, ptrgtivr. Th desiraile pres,arato.,t has rrorived the ntatsn age To many etliltoent mlembers of t..e ptOfessiot, aid Irom a discrneing lpublic ,ally respectalle. :,d Iunto,. citedtestimonials f'its effiaoy as a uedicine have leen elicited. With all the pleasng qualities of a class of sodal wa er, it p sauoaes t.e arme ta lleil'tual properties of the moast aipr ted salinsot turativaoe t st t pleasant to the palate, ead grateful t, tit sto.,lch. IM'PORTrAN'T' CAI'UTti')--'he iuee,.tilg retputa tion and great demand fr ,utlea't r,f erv.ilcnat ) anr. alan A,.iont. lhls beean In il,,lllo.etllt fi tr th, to of reran imtatiotn ,f tlhis vaiuahie nteatlne. Purchasers are poriotlt ly warned lt this fact that they lmay be an the'guard, alldl not ttClllre a:l t lipllr." anrlre" The puhlic a reres,ect!lly itfor eodltlha tte.uhscri. bers ee'eoitntlv tisititlied .i h Ilt Ilrigllil ali ge naitlo preparati as. For sole who rsols a d re'ail. SICKLI"i & CO). g,'nts m15 40 Cannl street, N tO. SARI)'S Vegetable Hair Oill, fr the reeostrato0 Sand growtll of Hair, iving health nltd beaut,,and t revanting balhdnsa. Iebfs this Hoir r)il w.e n'ated.r to the public, it had teen tried in hun.rtIls I'f c.se of baldness, tthinness, ,dll ellina oeof tite hair, and iuevery install.s it. s l.nirv efsarttea been reltopd. It heas nevertai do prdue awpssand batliful growth of hail it a ltend alrPadv d I. a eati . here it beeomes dry and ceases togrow _hi. Oi Lwi .era soon rinder it healthy, and produce rapid .cd .siful growth of hair. without the least lajuarJ S' tb bead. 'husa Oil gives a oagreentle fra. g" l cad e peferable to aty other lsir Oil for per unulnut rhg"ri and lntaiag the hair. The h or aot busee *sr d e r, imr ly For sale at SES&D'LA GE. iO,:duls IIAllrTT& C0, nee noon recrivinglrtet on board ship (..s17 n.leagle I lander. Poker Isar 4'01(m1, r.ne. anit German Mlay cards' Buck lanu o soaerda (tChessmen, 2 1-4 and 23-9 inch Ril ard hlalls; , 9, 10 and 12 inch blade Bowie Knives; .eatlter anti other travelling Dressing Case.; Belt, lohket. Hrotlem's, and Dutlling Pintots; doubie ald le, bnrrelhlted ;un.: eRGam Bags; Shot lIcltu; Powler tad Pistol Planks; Dram Bottles and Drinking Cops; P errieion 'Caps and Caop Holders; Cloth, laire, Tooth; Itd Nail tHi. .e.. Orras and Chiorine Tooth Wanl. o'nolth Powderf Toiler and Shaving Soaps, in great vsu cet; long Hair irnids, Ringlets and Frizeltet; Pear, Itd Tfilt Powder Etmery Bagsi Ivory Tuh Conhionar Patent Slidea Ir arters; om Elastic . upenmlers; "awlr Puff and'Boxera ifit Chains, Seals and Kre; arldros.; Waist uodkl"; Bracelets; Brea Necklaces tod Clhin.; Gilt and Siivrred Beads; Indian Brads, nide and Plutmors Shell Twist; Side and Dlress in Tevn:; whichin nddition I their former staock on hand msake their assorcment very comp!te, snd will he scole ow and on libral terms, at the sign uf tle Go lden To'ah. ' i5-tf 70 Chartres street. T . .bn.r-iher-, Agontes far the extenivor bhase wf SV. & S. BIitcher, Sheffield, Entlandi, have just eceirved rn vert etendrIe netof pn' te, eansisting of ale an, IkDessert Kniiea of e - dlecriplion, Pen, Poket, Dirk, and Spear poinf Inlets; Razrs, Srie erns. dle Tools, ha. &c. &e. wtich they ae p.epared oexhiit to thtalraelororderu. Terms and condittono will he made known at the time. is J. I7 BEN & A COHEN.90 Cmmmes srt. SIMMOS, HA9RTT & CO --Are now reeeiving e" r tship H tlevilelr, Eagle, Merry Andrew, High arder, Fench alsd German douhle heal plaoing cards: ter, belt a i lteaket pistols; plain, tihhed and split cuarios eaps , p holers; seisslrs, Rtlrnrs, pen. vest; Gillott's ommernial and other steel pers: Via as: Violia strings; shell, ivory and horn sombt: wafers; k, head and leather purses; hair braids, fioont atn aek rtinRlets; negro pri s; German o, d tFrench colnogne water, Rowlndss maotesser oil, imitation slt; attique tonl hears il; porthle deesks and dremling eases: imst, hlacklng; sttis nml toilet glnases; eolvex mirrora; op iel glassen an t views; Indlial eanls, hellslad I ptmes; eoordeon; whit twine; toilet and s.laiing soaps; toilet ovetler, tesmetie wash .alls; soeneed satin ctahions; pool stands; screw oothions; fancy bead thains ant necklaces; hilliarl bllt.; pocket hooks and waulltts; German hones; razor straps; fine anti common gum olastic etspendlers, garteredo; Bells lucifer mnatches; sil oer peneils; Creynnt, &,e. &n. The ablvein ddlitinn to our former stack of frnny artilets, makes ar missrtment very eotmplete. Pot sale eholesole or retail; as the sign of the Galden Comb, 70, ('tr ,e ostreet. ,mn2a. kTI(:E--The partnorslhip of Kelley, n.nn &Co, o• f New Orlean.; Mason, Harris &Co., of Natchez; SHlmarris, Kelley &Co., of Rodney. wao diesIcaed Ot he2lst of May last, hy the death of Samuel A Mason, me of tle orirtnsr ol the firms. The udlersignedl, surviving partners, will he ehargeed with tihe nettling and closing said businessee as ifollows: LeviC larrins will attend tothe settling of the hItstnetO of l aeo,, Horris& Co.. tt Natchez; and Ilsrri, Kel ev & (,.,ot R.lnev; and HenryKllev will nttled to Ih settlinog of the tsines ofKellyav, a2mon & Co., at New Orleans. 'fle names of Ihe several firms will he used in li. idatioo ly. These Itdlhtebd to said firms are enrentlv requested sellte Ihrw.rd anl mhake earlv settlermen' and thost having claims will please preostal them witllout delay. I.EVIC IIARRIS, HENRY KELLEY. Newp Orlean,, June 27,1837. Si:.N MARIE FARINA'.-S COtOGNNE WATER sJ carose moreof this stperior Coloner watcr, j;st rreeired atll for saele lv tle dozen or single btott e .loo Aueriean ntlld French toilet p ,wder, powder tItll tillt, Ite olt, aEing and toilet soaps, 'smet lt waq 1 lbulls, milk of roses, enosloetie etll ream, eucr aa o tusk, keplhala, Ward's vegetable hair oil, p;m;utatm, Irelll de parse, Fleridn, la.vendtr, rose antl ha water, Pre'ac'' saltt, Mllrseilles perl;tnerv il tr nk'. veretn hIe t Il liqtid rooe, Chlorine and erris tooth wash, loth, heir, tooth, nail and flesh brtolese; togetheer with an hlitiml napplv of fahlionalde hlrn ,nnt shell combo and jewelry,or sale low at wholesale or r tail hy SIIIMONS, HARTTI' &CO, itI! to 70 tloartres street. NVW dTN.iIi0,0i i a- Hrt; & te are now 're esivinf frnt, on hard ships Yazoo, anti Sarantogoa andbhrig Cnnroldia, from New York, a great variety of goods in tleir lite, which together wiithl tlerir formet stoek nhnl.ol.nd tmakes tlheir assort ant veryr, plate. The follnwing.o rmp ose a part, viz: ell twist, I.,,r'. .;dle ttck and dreosnug ttlths horn dlo of all dtesriptiono , la dia ratoer, silk at worsted eelautic guarteorse; olmon & ine elastic sallpttndors, oco fca o ld l.ucifer matchces, Seid litz pnwders, ;powdtr puffs adl haoxes, toilet Ipowderl, pocket bouok, and wallets, needleb hooks, shell, pearl, vctrv and moroct o card eases, hedeornamtl ats, plaintuo rt1 heads, necklc.s anl eegligeesa elrt hta ltuhead neclacet, ctt goin onrl ,lontia,eedrl,ilver aned ilt hbntld, Indian [eallds, bells ad Ilumes; pistol and large pow let fl.skl, lshot helts, hoer, bellt. paket and (all;iliag aitls; .tiullU t and lsingle larrelleld lons. Btowie knives, anti dirsH. scissors, shelrs pocketknivest geard chainse and rihhots, waist tuckles clotlt, lhair, tootlh nil,conb, oruash, shoe, lhlte, flor and dastiai brrshes, Cologne Flo rid n, lv(.llavener, re at handvby waterl',sorte] rescmceP, lltdl exlnrlctt, tlacna, heatt antihate, and Wtard's ve getable ilmir oils, lshoving andl toilet cops of all deha tHilthlttt, ladle-" autd gtntlernr' ,lnhns and dressing tN o a lrliriet tlct, frizut ttean l lrid, platin, i lnm ylll d tmul gil worl<thoxtlst, plain anl t ilt itttutred t coat and anld tilthr il toe lltra itgoihtli toit;l d Iweeoers pIltedl Ul(e gilt ot:kets, Iinihltle rnto, silver, hlteis ulle stete and rldinlk,s .01 aotukillgt vtntills ntdnlltflgeulltl'ribhel rnd pliln prrca-Iion (caps, illnln twitl. srerllcd ellch lenP,gohl nold silver laces dI fringe, l ltoter pall' gamlne gold, dntlOd ent gilt 'bwtollh &e. The rolhove, h,,'ethttr with o glreat vuriretv of atlher arti Ir oire lfferedl at wholesala or retail o. ucconlllnohtui te r ts . N B Shell cambs repaired. SRIET¥Y s'TORK--at the sign of the golden comb, lo 711 Chartres street. The slcribers have re ceived, in addition to thelirprevions strck on hand, a full and cromplete assortment of articles in their line; vi: combs, perfltunery, Jewellry, brushes, locking glasses, fancyy articlcs, &e. asosisting in part as follows: COIBIS-tortoiser shell, wrourglht al plain tuck,twit, quilled bnek, long rornd, dresdlng, side pull; cIrl and neck, lrozilian comnb of every description amongst which are some Mexiocan patters, Ivory combs of every dlaserition, lon, dressing andl packe, trgether with a general asortment of Freno h amt Americ0n. PERFUMERY-Cologne, Lavendler, Florido, honey, hio, rose, and range flowor wafers of everysize and deo criptrion, camphorated Cologne, extract of lorgoantot, lancry saps oaill kinds, shaving do in cakes and rotl, cream soan Io, Ward's vcgetahl hair oil, hears and anlo riquedo. Preston's smelling salts, plain and perfumed toiletpowder, pearl powder, poalcrpl's anllboxesa po latum in plots anod rollsorn an(l chlorine tooth wasli and nowdept, with a general assorteant of JICW\VLLRY--some ofthellatest nnd most fashiona ble setts, consisting of white and red cornelian, tpar· ojet eardrpo, set in filagrec, breast.pins rofa grer' s tyIv of patterns, watch trinllnri a, gilt andl slvr ,racklea, silver thimbles, silver anrd :ol:lpt arcils and gardl calrino lBRUStIll S-Cloth, rair, lduL I.rgacrnmb,hearth,loor, hat, esoli, tootl, plate, comb, Nail, shaving, shoe and ,w hir ew as l brushes , SLOOKING GI.ASSES-Gernman statia and toilet glasao, ngnifviog and French dlressing gloasses, oie do, willt variceiv ofother kinds not eana erated. "FANCY ANl) VARIETY ARTICLES-French and lAerican portable desks and dressing cases, oolec very riclh an finely finished ladies work boxelos anl dre sing i nca, wirll aad without music, musical oiaxesi Ac coidiana if o'vuioua kinlds, violins and gliiters, silver a placd eceai d lr Ind,waod ilencils for car icnters and cravos,mutile rclocao,guannd pistols with ald wilhorlt eases, oenniroor a claps. i'rcuainio cap chargers, ippllo screw adcirars, lsht bildto,cora hags, paste blakcking,toy tea rela, ldlinbeadll uolfevery kind, lbells and phges, hienond co onllo knives, razors andl scissors, laibdlea, needle, pils, silver Ilatled, steel anld olmiion oJecrtu teso, pocket ookr slid wallets ol various kildd, visitin. lcards alnd carld re'PSR, playring cirds of iFreach, (lio Ioiia 'rld American maninceture, dolla. itoitation frnilt,sn boxes, piolto of VllaiOlla kinds, Saanlll-rs' IPoinlerv'!c Eioieraiin's, Hillllm s anod Hiawkin's razor straps ortr metallic honeo,dirks, Iaucy bead lecklaces, do wrth -or drops,roy wartlico, rwurllbuttlsr, powderlaksks, oand plaon seed beads, gilt .aid il'er cdo, gUit elastic slspoen dors,.atld garterrs, pidan and asword cl anes, hockgaminon hards, diire, otical vionIic,iijewshar, locolbeo Iarrter es ail diaking cips, with o great variety oo IotCr arti cles, all ofwhlil h will be sold for rcash orily acceptan-r. ces on 12 months credit. B H SIM.llJo: , & co. (14 70 (nartressa . I bO)lIIEA L'S Science of Per:raashipr receivcedl, an SY filr aioe ot theair peranent Writrrg Aehilonieia No. 8 Caltres slrhot, New Urloans, 1812 tllradway now lYrk, lal'poltlce at., :lobil0. Ili ol paiilicullr) designed Ibr private lenrnoers, and schiool,, lld is ootleaitl foIr prso of all aisa. L;rlics ual and ltl ien, are invited to call and examine thp cvsoriI tlir thelvlaoes. Leosioa are given at such houser as may sar t the coUlelliollee of all, atlla to classes froed oton ay part oa he crtc. Ladies wlao prefer it cati receive lessons at their own ref l'ersilona paying for one :i rso oofle sons ore desired o ated alllll tarey write i well as hlrey wish. ill O)(.AJEAR & lh ltlOI'HrR. D)EAFNESS. A NEW axriclo for peroros Irouhled awilh denheas, i mccalled rkt Ear T'l'roameP,) has jusl bee receiverd b. thle to li \ hichli, rtIt) eligieort artilcltatio, of the hIu olan voice is distinclly conveyed to the ear. Air oneo WhO haols 01or heno ofliged rtocacersr, with a ivr lIrk '''a)l, mllst ho flie ori ,'l+,iiie oif Ithe diliicil ti ven cad aarra.sln,: r xpelriaened both by themselvces and the ila dividulos a, ull.rluialel nlhctrl. By thi e ue of tho tar luolllcpt ois objection ls elllirely tuviiaed.I Tihe nu'st aci,'c.ihBo rlei toayea aunduarodlheir doubts ater F i oo d ti,'rccior ofoar. oFor salermlo atne Fancy store,.crner of Cmninon and St Charles streets I l' tM OIL--1'cail galiols pire winter d SpO7pla Uil, iu casks and hbls, fior se by JAIItVIY & ANIi)REWS W\bolcdal Dragg sias, curier C aaitona at T'clap tas s 1reeoL. tk l1:{ % ] HI'E' LEA1")-Sbbbll ooma r S411 kegs, t00 " " 4Hil do 5 English d1o--5 I-4 bils. 1110 " 10i I'Pat llrushes, varitus sizes; 5 bbla Cepal Varnih; 2 Japan Coach 20 packs Gold Leaf; 501 do Silver do; 10ll do Dutch letal. WINiti).V GLASS, America, Erglish and French --It1l boxes, varouns sizes and qualities. Bilston srown do.--500 boxes,consignment, will be sold low. Also, a general assortment of artists' Celour and tool, far ale by A W SCA'I ES, No 46 Canal street. N B. Alabama notes takon at p r. and t Mississippi notes will be received at l0 per cent discount for goods, or in pIayament ofdebts. je I Iw ILtI'R--301 anding from 01teaner Indepeol.d I e.r, Ire G DItRtOey. w_3 1INEkLevee. MR. WILLIAMS, OCULIST, Not AT TA JarruOns HooNot a Jno wrl , noeW'rts LOUISVILLE. To the Editor of the Lotistile Adeert.ier: S I--ltIt appears by the observations of the Editors of the Nashville Prehsyterian, Union and Trans cript, as well as the editors of the Memphis Enquirer, that the "Old Gentleman" is among the Doctors. 'his is pcroved by his kingly rage, knowing that his time is hot short, and that the independent American people are ahle to jrudge for themsrelvees what are pubfs and impositions. The worthy editors who ate Doctors, the proprietors, editors or sub-editors of the above named journals, call every letter from persons I have resloretd to sight in tho above places, puffs. I. The fact is, that never had sn:h great Sace ass within so limited a period as ten or twelve days. One who was need about ten yearo, who had only seen the light iron his birth, begre to see to fillow his maoter to my hotel, instead of bheing obliged to be led by him. Two young ladies, who had eacblast the night of one eve, one for ten years. and the other far nearly two years, having hoth of them the other eye very wenlt; vet each of those veung ladies bhean to see with hIrh eyes, which ltenrfit I pledge mvselfstill continues, ex cepti g they are under tle influence or doeninati ri of the Medicnl IDoetor. Another is the dauglter of a respectable merchant, whose name I am bord never to mrention, (as he paid ine my fees), who said shie had lent the might of one eve from the age of Ill months. bint that she now hegion to read large letters wt'o tl.e othelr eve completel shut. This the doetoredytarh knew, an the gentleman told me himselfl e had con dec'ed his daughter to the ofiice of the medi el editor.; that they might he itforncmd of the fact. The last I shall menion iy an elderly gentleman by the name of Yount, nearly seventy vers of age, who declared rlh lirlv Ib letter, which fie took to all the differsrt otmcee in Narhville but one, and himrelf told me he had paid for the insertion whatever they demanded, who drlelar el inr that letter that ihe ha toltallv deprived of the eirt f one eaye from f khs aher ihiv birh, which his mother otateri to I .- occasioned bhy the merslne or small pox; that now le could not onl.y see the liiht of the nun, for the ferst time that he recolleets, but tre utars also, and was beginning to distinguish many obiects; and did, hefnre I left that e;tv, give ma ny prormf that he eouli see to walk anoutthe streets with the Roter eve completely closed. He said he had been a memher oI the Methodist Episcopal Chrneh tbr ne-ly forty rears, and that his word wa never doubt ed thoutgh the that I course of hi life. 2. 1 reteat ther o! ad never greater sutesra than at Naohville, and the" the merdical anl elcrica, Ilctor ead never hefqmt a Bntcht reason et lie eraed. The pionrs idignatio t . he Rev. clerical I)r Smith proves, when me statedt to m that oabiont six years past, ihe was rconverted from being a perfect infidelf, to believe in tihe doetrin s of the Bible, that he must have mtnd a trifling elrror-that he must have mtnert to sayv, th .t befire ti Pend ofsix vears to come, he shruld e converted frrom hir infiilelitt, as the spirit rf ihe true minister of the peaoeful and beInign doctriees of the Christian reeigilo does n.t breathe ont destruction, rage, calumny and falsehoed to please his medical frields, anainst the man whom he knew had done so much good, and no in jury to any one. Allthe inhabitants of Nashville spoke of thle great tecns I had, ae-cept the medical doctors. Mort ofhem alseo hIad heen informed byh Mr Yonart of the cure perfirmed on his totally blind eve. ii. T'he frinour Goliah S. oflthis tovwn; pretends that 1 have lost the laurels I gained in the North, since r y arrival in the So.uthwest. This proves, Irwever,l lnr, andi that I kept them uintil arrived in this aection. If I gained one in thie northl oughit to have .aineri aotlh er ill thle soulh and earrthwrvet, anti still holpe to wear them on rmy very youthfil brow n the tirny I leave, in spite of tdr ritrperrtion of the greatl Dr S.,if I mray judge frrrn the maotn I ave alreadly benefitted in this I city within three rdnvs. 4. Thre obrjeet of the present is to inform tle medi Cal (Goliahs arrr editors r f tie Iteprrllicon and Tracs scrirt, rs well as tile clerical I)r Sioathl of tie C Pres. vtiner ani nrof tle ;Union, of Nashville, as well as tihe eitior nrd sui medical editor of the Mermethis Enquirer, ato wel es Mr I'rentice, tihe editor of the Lorisville Jourlrtl, anlr aise the medical (iolini ediior of this city, tihe great DIr S., that I thall brin actionas aginst t[irm arl, fir vltureoration, slanler or calmnoy, irmnedi attelyv after my arrival in New York, ao well its ogainst their niiabhle ire hren the mleicoal Golinlls oftrthe norrth. I now hind im.selfhlv promise, neverte qit tlhis Irpyv Irnd of lirety, urtril I hove bironght the noses of ail my rmediicnal (olinlr of tihe north, as well s tihe south and tlt west, to the grindstonle! Th'le afflicrted, tlere. fire, sltay clcnlrate on fidintig ile tIoriesg tile reaI o" next vear in New York, where letters, post paid, ani no otfters will be sire to reach Ile, 5. To inform tihe pubilic that the cccfi; SO olled whirch thre lIev. clerically cortveertd itlirdel preetrlr was writrell frorl him, was written manre tllhn a week prior, anrd intendeld for tle Rev. I). Howeall, who read it i my presence r ithiout mnnifreting any disapyrobation; on tire crrtrsrvy took it to Iris .R.ley nd conrlten.cr it in tihe way hIe did, which lie oiidho rherthcirr wrcrrir an or mey purrose better; ohe delivered them Iboth tnt f, without prtcnrlingtlhat wranted to b'ibc ii l fi' fr c ;c dityv as I never roIuld I)Ie.ttOll to otffer tt gecitleacrri or 'ry otherr, irny mnrney tir stating fincts Thie I1ev I)noetr's owll statementt is biefore tile Irulblic: hil ie not examnirned all iiy dipilomas, &re. &c. willh a genltelcna, ua: intimnat friond of his, a.n well is tihe whole of my paittl, in acorti)ancy with anotlher clergycnan, nuttI fUllld tlelmtn all to be auonctiretc atn ll nII uticmtst t, de ore or ssrr bIlr'efittred, hei never cl have heen induced b- it trotal strnllger to draw tiup srlll en 'tite cr0 o rerote himelf fi pdirlion, ,rad addrrcssedl it to Str Srtcrcireili, elditcor ofi thie S \V C .rilvca te. fl Ni wi dler the cler sig.lted lutidlliii (;ins of Nashville took the aln, .;a It tretil'e useP irel firis to join wit! the, the all.powerhlnl, athletic, pfit ical no iellicctucal fre,-e of thie aild .o-he-conv/rtel clerical inlrdsl. W'e realin tle Bible liit 'a tceis known hv its fruits." I liei, aiy thle overted iidel 7. l lm etillmltv wutld toetalblih his muhornl l-r r ;: mr as i mln, bmy shewing lthat he was allote ling hribedl l t is see whether thI ie of thirty piees cf i!vnir will apply to Iliii i wIll a- it Vwas well an)lied Ito nothee cn.vrtedl infidel, who, in the days of mtile in emnrnatimon of hisl Divine Master, ablniolntclyv sold him limr that number of pires of silver. Alt nanswer is, thnt it wais never intendled as a bribe, nonre;)uld it be considelr ed so by any one, a it was not even eqlul to the tenth purt of all tile regulr printer's fee, of $1 per square. C(ontsiallng two or three columns of closrlv priutetd mllter, which were to be repeated three or ilnlr tiese in the 'resbyterian, Union andl lonitor journals, had I ever intendled to bribe him, I should have offered him it leant $300, his regular fee, instead of .i0, which, in all probability, he would have gladly received as his fee, andlnot aoa hribe. On the contrary,if I had Ieeun ca mahlle of offerieint a ribe, I lhould certainly have done it in a way to have insured his ac,.eptance. 8. Mrlu the Rev. IDoctor been really connverted to the beliefrf the ductrines of tile .nvilttl lie wouli not have promised to cmne and examine my patieonts y -ill ot keepilg hti werd, am I have always tlbnd every minitelm of the gospel zealous to 1o. 9. IHod he been really converted, he would not pub liclv have spokso against the American intiturtions which, it is well known, are more numerous, and which are superior to many in some parts of Europe. HIis conduclt oi nuLci disgusted some young literary chlr acters, is to ko scarcely restrained from punish ng himt on tile Ipot, by luying violent hands on hlilm. The Rev. ,endemnn, though a Scotlehmn, is without exiuse,h (nls lihe is calumniated), n ltlo ah he lm v tltik lI hasn it right to aluse the Atnerican imlnitetiuio ., lereiunc he is n cmiverted infidel. I sayleh Ios ot--as nil ought ton speak well of the hrilres lie ges srafely over. I faley tie gallant Capain Gorundy, and several oither amiable young gentlemen of Nashville, recullect well the conduct of this pious expounder of the Holy Seripturesl 10i. 1 neer saw sulch a demon in human shape as tile Rev. I)lotalr wis the day I calel l to reason with lin, wlell lie ne llaced ty gry lhairs with au uplifted gigatltic lvme, ao if lie wold have felled me ti the grunml, fur daring to draw a pious mltinster awny fnrot his dutv, hy a irihe if 30 iiecest of ilver! I really treLmhiled mlre t1i it the o lid Genlleia" ha d sp Iesrod iun his ownu shalpe 11. I moremnly declare beftre Gomdl and am not afruid tucall Hiluto wituess thpt I never, in thtewhole enursh of 42 yearn practice s anu oculist, it Gucrea t in, Fae. Ilellent atd America, inl a sitngle instanie of1 itred sis i hrihe un ilomnou t t thie editor of Filjourrn, hilt nunas a oe.ana tis llf thie space I nenupiedl nd Ithe troulewhich uioreasiosned tlerul;atd that I wl s always morre hilncud ti reduce, ratlher than alddil any ionev ti the I'inter'a lill; which is a sufficient proonitlut I lti uoilktention to brile. 12. iLitlv.--Thare mphis F.nquierfertwt or three weeks coutltins a tissue of flagrnt flaclsloods, whlich tle ielici Golio editUts "leiariei frnI teir bl e hthe, oi the II. lnliultes of lte North, and I ohall treiit thie, with silet counlempt until the proper time rrives- Unles it is trne what I have ieen infrrmed--"sue a beggar, and yt will catch a l--!" ThIugl Iy l aid hiN i t tir l r advrtaimnetst for two or thre weeks, he olnly inerted thlem onee. SII wvill please to insert this letter in your next pa Ik haste, JOHN WILI.IAM1S, the Englishn Oculist. l.onliville, Jly 18.'7. Copied fre the S. W. . ldernroate of the Rith Jane, t117. At thie remuilest of IDr. Wlliinon, we insert the Ib . w iu u.l i firo the Inev. Mer hlowel, of Naslville, to tin Idllrlrf tIt, S.tIIh WVntern Clhristiat Advoaute, iwho, it n Ipeurn, has examined the dlipluIma and otier a nier iiuiits,evihiive otithe :nctor's clais to piuldic patrOnll. age itt cnslquenlle of an oaccident, DI)r. will re. iain in Nashville a few diuy longer thanhie at first intended--say thl let July. Rev. Mr Striugfielm:--Having been requeasted by Ir. Willinams, tlhe ounlist, now in this city, to examine Iis nllluerns diplillmla aiiil other docnmeuts evimneive of hjis quill' nto mllictnoufimdenI. il his prolnioiin, I hiive, in ucoimpiy wvitlh a vulmtl friendl,dlnte so with plenasure. At,,mii them I filund ait letter froth lir Iageot;at pre. llnt (iaurge d'Aillltire of the Ki:c of the Freel, at Wahillgtou, addressedl to Dl)r. Villiams, tentilnvimg lie go nilldmnesn of the diplll mis froin the Kiings otFralnce, hlelgiumn, he. ints well an those fromn thie \I.lmlCIt Scie ties F'ranlere. lie Iins nlnieriou vuclhers fmlUll miiIn'I known to bie ofnllhc repultltlon ill thiiaeuletr, rceivedI since is al'ivll in the [Jailed Stltsc, dletalifil inlslln ea tmt greut lu:cess is tile reitraItioll o sight t the oinlil, i litve see ine-rly all liis por intmats in this e!l. I kllew llln" of tlintl previous tol i ei comin nller his care; liitall I have seen say they are al qe:lertiunal.ly bleufiltaud. Ilil'T. IB. C HOWELLI, Nlashvnille, Jllue 21,18:17. 1'. . Siwce wrtingihe aove,onetf Dr. Williams' ltiints hxs cullepid u l tOle, and sawy it hadaI ctuall andl totally losit tIhi oinl uf one eve ftor seventy vearte blt Iollrw dcrlres Iilaself better. that lest nlulghtl, ir thll first tittle im hlis lifo that lie cIa, recollect, he could dis tineuish, with th tt tve,o oie of the prv umiumei t art . 1 ihiiaritl itt thisnoi geIltle.l ttil lM lived Inaliy years in lil rdlgiun sald says lie Ihas heeat a Mletlhodiat dualing firty years. Yours, truly, an~--10 C. B. C. if. 'l'i-:rl-EM MAP.tlF Lt)UISIANA,.ce. m&. A NI:w M1aP ts I.Oelnttno ovith its emu,,mL roas -i wrd diotlmees, froi plaee to p!ane, along the stage alllt slr teall,,,t lilt routes, by II. U.'t1 e al.r. MIt CHHELV Ml p oF THE UNITED STSTF-S ehI, wing the iritnciptl I Ilpikeo and eomin reands, i which are given le diitlstieer in miles front one place to I1nothe also the eourses if t.he cnals lald rail rnds thrni gh, 'iut the eountro carefult compiled from the best au. ihoitioteC--puhlSnhed by S. uegatlun Mitchell. MITCHELL'S TRAVFILER' GUIDe TaUIIROa THar UNITED ,TATiSn ; a nipa of dhe r.oldn, iatnees steam0 boat and canalm routes, &e. just received and for sale \v11 M'KEAN, - HEKS ON PIIlIAhIFLI'Hlh--P,.r sau . by 31 - 6iCnnlp street. lOHI INlDIAN'S 10PA\AI;EA. rO Rthe twurearusl .ism iserfi'tla dflht. evltg ut, Saiatica or hip gout, hieipietsi cancers, salt rhtll.m, siphiliti annd mhrurialldisesoes, particularly ulcers and painfulaffections of the bones, ulcerated throat i -1 nos trils, ulers of every dessrsption, fever sores, and internal absesses, fistulas, piles, swald head, scurvy, biles, olro o- nirsore eves, r)sipelis,btlellths, andt every vnrietrsofen taneoUs affection, chronic Catarrh, head ache pioneed ing from any aerid humor, pain in the stomach and dys pepsia proceeding from variation, .fectionseof the liver, chronic inflnmmation of the kidneys, and eenerdl debili ty caused hy a torpid action of the vessels of the skin. It is sing'nrly ef!icacious in renovating those constitutions which have been broken down by injudicious treatment, juvenile irregularities. In general terms, it is retom mended in all those diseases whichariso from impurities of the blood, or initiation of the humors, of whatever r name or kind. Some of the shove complaints may require some tri. fling asistant applications, which thecireumntanees of the ease will dictat; but for a general remedy or Purificator toremonvetheeause, the IN LtN'S PANACEA will generally be found suflicient. TO THE PUBLIC. flow troe it is, that modern Physicians, in their am hition to excel in their professionuexplore the vast fields of science by the aid of chemistry, and sek out new re medial ugetls; in short, to arrive at perfection in the practice by means of aet alone,--nti. ely overlook atL. neglect, as beneah their no:se, the r" -h and bosnteaors stores o medisira, which the Almightty has caused to ispring out of the earth in every clime! And hiw mueh more true isltthat while the American Physicinn looks to foreign countriesfor many of his most common and Snecessary articles, perpetually ohanging as they are at the dlitates of fashion orfolly, ha is surrounded in his own country with an endless profusion of medical iplants, atflicient to answerany indiention in disease or to cure F ay ourable disorder; sad yet he is igncrant of their vir tues, and they are sufferedto 'wastetheir healing on the desert Air.' The c.feets of vegetable mediclnesupon the system are temporeric-those of minerals lasting. The former ex erttheir etC."ts and pass off-the latter, merury in par ticnlar, act chemically upon the solids, decomposins the bones and undermining the constitution by a slow and sure desto'u.etion. The congenia.tity, efficiency and SAFETY ofvegeta ble remedies ever inineral, may be estimated byenontrast ingthe ancient paoticee with the modern; or, to bring il tuore immediately un .sr our own observation, th- lndi an practice with that of cte whites. Who, in America, nas not known or heard of repeated instances wherein some decrepid, unpretendn gfemale Indian, by meansof her simple remedies lone, Los attetecl the most rapid and astonishino cures, sierthe Moteiro Medice of the .nmmon lpractce. directed in the most skilfil manner, has foiled ? And who his not heel: surprised at the com Iprativeease andteacility with whicth ile Ildini fieeshim selfi'rtm an.edisease, ani at the almoct to t a bstinence o fchronledlaseasenmong themt Who `tas . ' mheardl of an Indian with constitution brokel al ,, ruined by illtreatment? And can a doubtexist that tlli" hIappy ex emption of the savage from most of the ills a 'lich the flesh of man i heir to, is chieflyowing to more tent. fand safe remedies which he emltdoys T'his asto .iish ing difference in success, is a fair exemplification of 'ie ttininite stperioritv of thle sille eand safe meass of cott" twhich ofid has created, f.r the benefit of Iis children, over those which the prtite andt the art of man have io vented. From a long residence among a portion of lthe horigin alianihlitantsof thiseonntry, andan intimate acquain lance with the methods of cure of some of their most successtil practitioners, the proprietor of 'The Ineinn's Panacea,'aecquire a knowledge of some of the mlost powerftl and favorite remedies. From itese he selected such asweremost effieaciousand pliptopriates, and after various experiments to test their principles and strength, Ie has combined them in the form here presented, as the most perfc t and beneficial for the purpose for which it is recommended. "T'he preoprietor offersthis Ireparation to tihe inllic, with the consciousness that he is placingit ititheir seo, a remedy calable ofrelieving many of his altlicted fel low beings, who are sulfering under the various ehronic and obstinate complaints to which it is applicable. To such it will prove of incalculable value, as the means, oand inl many cases, tile only means of relievilgltheir sui felings and restorinlthegtnl ce more to lieailtl and np, pinlss. 'isis is notot.ered as i commloni ritieldy, tllt ny maiper' chlau e eetquall good with many others lnon iin use, lint eits one wlh in ch aiie of i'i ili lite iln many extreme cases a bhic all thle un nul relnteeieliostnlll. This it has done reIpeatedly; and this is the reputation it hsob tahledt wherever it has lbeen introduceid. It o me lti. snc.leut thi.e veasiinice tis preln.ltin was presente so iele pblic: lt ir thilt shorlt sparle f time solemnly dled:lare that they believed that thelr li'es were snoed by it, nd in noanson..asller they haIld tried uTI:y a ll t per i's il the ootmion remedies in vain. W.Iiher evr it is knlown it isrUpitdle eoiiig into iuse, t id Ibis afniristlhemnlostlsuistanttialaudelonvincig proof of it 'p The vlale f the Pfaniei e i ost cnspicunus in tihose Ion; stanli' g and s yphilitic r nd serohlsius l :T'i els which have ldefied all other remedies, and :par'ietlarh in theosf eoasi ,llee nelrcllly h:s .een so lw:Ist: use; ! l as " .''e distres~sing pa:i s in: tie , ibo li, u lildle: n rialulcersI leranogoe ot fthe ligetieve 'iiir, 'ei c. '1'hse it empletely remt.es, am inall caCses. I entire ly emlicattes tie disueates nal] ethlIs of merc'Ci' repo ol es theeolslilliinlll int i e:l + 'I thl e piii Iliti ni ml lllll well. I iHiii uiisnn iluti i ' Ilera'ed sore thSlce. , it haiie y s ,ts ar not le.s alpare lt, uil ing alitil intine [;Take:l inll Itnrt ,Inp s, thli hulhu'"i m l:I.el llpl-ti. nIe:tl. :shn nia tl ;iv ,l[t d .e l;a diilulhrr tilici, dlill'.l', fl1aI :x tives,:ml n tllli-SIpI:sll udclli a lln .lll llll itllll ill pr i'lper ra 1', :uIII)tootlllt' c filale( ( t'l lit.'li· gnelel. I nellcl' ally iexr esseld, iti sIstell al tle secritels iilll l ei f eltilll, Sies ismi, lones totle toach, load excites action i liles itsopllle'ations lllny he noderstllllnd. ' Thit eeandicie lmhasee thdi ti higimhl uo dieti in manyi 'lnbie no. diseag ses lit he s, s aifi' e, d irets hsiit,"l iitd n llt wonhlerfiil suwoess A' s a Spring and a Full i'ui iiler l hght hlie swhl iearels atlet tio o in it Il sile elst, sai whoset coss ttitionis rest t new vigu. t sit i r s r su S will d o well" p use t vo or three ,mules11 siatl do se. Wihenever a diet drink is considered necessary, this Panacetaltken in a small dose; will answer all its ar mlm're agreeable manner thau the common diet drink. The following certificates, out of hundreds similar, which might be proecured, are given to show Ilh elift.. of CASES OF' IIIIEUMATI'ti\I. CeHAnllSTon, Nov. 15, 1[.", During the last wtiter sad Sprilig, I was fllicti.l wilh a very severe and distlessig 'llrh umalisin, oenlelusel.d ly expn'sut e itsah weathe. Icow. tk rewe ii rll.e ur iT stainsg, thet six hbottles of the f nIndtiasn lmlen , iesi -illt me to ler'lfet health, stnd 1 colifitetlly rel.nniueiid is to all similarly afflicted. JOHN FERGUSON, Kingst. COuttLESTOA , March 27, 1832. l wan seized ibout threeyears since, with adihstessiig rheumnatism, caused by taking a severe cold, while mll.. Iheinlluenceef mercury, and which has disnhled i from business nearly ever since. I)uring this period have bet n a iatient in the Marine Hospital, ill this cit upwards olf fur months, andl nearly tie same lengtsi. time in the Baltimore Hospital, and tried almos't ever remedy, with little benefit Ol the l lith of cienruar last, at that time scarcely ableto move ahout upon erntch. es, I cnotenlced the use of Imlian's Panacea. Il1 ono montolh I Iund mysetlf entti.ely fred from pin, aI d r nosi happiy to state that I Ontsidt niy'seltf ils'i'sttl cell W M. 'l'UCKIý:{, 13 Jll.akt St. CAPES OF SCUIOFULOUS ULCEIIS Naw Yone, Sept IIt, iRto. This nti certi.y that in the tll of 1825, I was seize with a swe llinin y neck and tiee, which atieriwalrc ulcelatesd andI beenme latgc ghastly ulcers in tlly neck. Ater olryig severalI pysniians tono alvantage, 'I wen' to Philadelplhia, ani placed myself under the care )Ihs. Phvste anil lench, when, after repeated salivations to no effet, I was ptllouliel autterly ilncuable. After. wards Itook twenty bottlcsoftSwaimt's Panalcea nml Cighl horlttes of 'Potter's Catholicon, with no materkl benetil Despairing O alite, which had now become a Itrlhen t1 mne, I etrned to mily parents in New York, in 1t829, an gave nysellfu to a lingering deatht. Hearing of tin glret success of The Indian's Pelaeas, however, io casi similar to my own, was ltersoaded to tro it, as a ltst I. sort. To my great sultrilse, as well as satisftction,d soollaT il mniy.lfllrpiy g recovering, ad ulllo takiln l sevell botlls the ulcsnershealed alnll 1 Iecame perlfectl well in the course oftwo months, and have remained so ever since. I make this statemene aid wish it lilublished fo thi Ibenefitofthoa e whoare suttering undllelr sinmilar sealttlous or syphilitic afl'ctions, that they nmay know what I culredone who has sultfered ctrr- tlhiig nat death, land who considers his life saved by tie above nv uVM. IHINIIA' CHAlAniTsrov. July 12, 1 31. I was afilicted, four years with an ulcer lac tle leg, ne casimnally accompanied with crjtsillaton s ilflalnatit l anl excessive pain in the leg an alllni joint. SevtIal eminenilllt physician exelrted their skill ullponl it, but with out permaient benefit. In this case file bottle Indian's I'anacea made a perfect cure. MAltGAltETI' A WEST', 1t1 Market iFor sale by HEINRY IlONNAIIEL, dlruggist, agen tfo" the proprietors, Tchloiltanlas street If NEw ORLEANS k. NASHVILLE KAIL ROAD COMPANY. SHI: stockholdern of thiis etltpona are Ilereblv no tiliell thIt tiv it resoilution of the Iosars of lirec tion ipased oIn the 19th inst, the call ilmae oil theml on the ll:hl. Februaryv last, lir the payment of five dollars i ahiate Was rt.t.indvd n the said IistockhUldersLI are fsitthnr nitiifeii hst WItH .IEAS, by a resouiition of this hoard paused ons the L9th , sst . a call has been 'ude do ths ia .,'kholders of Ithe New Orles tano ild Nashville Rail ItRoiss iloni:uy for the fillowi nigpaymrn sotin th the sto.rk h'tlt resptlc litely) by thlimo, iz:-tivo Idoiiars per sheare, payibl o)I lhe tirst d~y of Sertanbtll'r next; two dillars per share pavabl oal the first Ilay oif i'eceile'r Pext; ad tt o ltsl'¢Sr sliojri payabile on the tist ltay of it at'll lext. SNow tlhel''Lre lhe it resolvied, that tile slcr'trt oif Iis e 'iiiisit hall notify the lshare Ihoihlersl therei, througl h doi pu ic plr. s ' the ityl,tlhl in eolrllllilyts with h sil isxll b tion of the clmrtei, thiyiure n ermitted Io post Ipmi any payment called in onu the stIck ofPa idl illny forl thle ~scllld ixty i'a, fllsm and after hdie dal oin Mlichit is madile plivable, wit, illie exp co!l diioi: howeIvu', thut if not regularly paidt within tie 'aid proloneationi of sixty days, from and after Ih tin on wh<.Ih it shoulhl imte ln paid, that lhea the stock on whiri saildpainelltt shouldll have bIlenullll , i. anid rera , lorfnited to the compan, the charter oil that point thitni inimperative. In onflltidianity therefore, to said, call, all stock of ithe sitwkhoblerso in said comtpiut, as think iprolptr ht sit p iot llsi itlh li ieaPsnt il ts't'ir sts.ik Iss ihe iai of the llt' ition il sixty days, whtih ile chartler allows th nsnoti ufiied that the" pImnvent of Iwo dol Inlrs ir sthare cIalled for,and due to the lirst of Sepa enda.r atch next, may he poPtd lner tle i ilt the 3.thill olf a.till chlarter, lntil the :llst day of ()ctolier tlext, thl june I l Airtv oL December lNt, Ilnrav i , pot Iounedf util the 3ittl dly of Juar-v itils id ilte ily nmnt of Iwo dollers per share calhed fhr aslit-nll h i ie irslt day olf March next, may In polltuptOed ulntil the i0th day of April next. Extrcls of tile minutes of the hOerlt. VItnsIforusale JOHN U GI(AHAM. ap 16 STATE OF LOUISIANA.- Parish Court for the Parith and City of' New Orleans. r I HE STATE OF LOUISIANA, To all whom L th'se Presente shall come, G(reetineg:-W\Vherers, Jomes Haosne hving purchaued at al snie made bIy tile Sheriffof the oerilh u f Oflono the proplerly Ihreinhlltor doorilb-d, roe oltplie I to It clrk ol this court, in uwhoe offce thle ried lo sirle was recort-ri oI rht 21tiday of April, A. ). 18.18, ftr a m onii or adver tiiemont In confornitv to n ictof the I.eoinlturr of ithe blate of Louitian, etriltled An act for thie farther nso rnc oo tirtles to roch.oC. otjlisl ;"'anpprownd the 1th dnrof Mr~ch it, ilt4. NO\V, therefore, knrow ye, and all prr'ons interorest hereio, aohere trr tied ond odnloished ill the naRote rf the State of L'olisiann, and of the 'arish court, who can ret op aony righl,title or otinr in cnu to the prptetty herioofleredeocrihlced inconoooeqne ofony infrionlalitiy in the trtcir, decree or ioUgtrt.tI of tho court tnrter whobh tile 'ari wae rarule, or ono irregulority ttr illegality in the appraisemernts and adrertisementrs, i tittle, ormanner ofsale, or for any oither defect wllleso ever;, to show cause, withiin tlirtv'davs fromn thie day this monition is first inserted in the Iriblic ers ltrihy the rale so made should not bhe confirmed od hoRno I'hc said prcnertn ren ol Iby the Sheriff of tire por ish aforesai, on the 14 o day hf April, A. D. ti:8, Iv virtue ofa decree of this Court rendered on the 5th day of Febuary, A. D. 1338, in a erit entitled Alexander Chldwnell e. Jr.tre IHane, flo i'fl37 of the docket of t:.is Court, at . :h c..l :. s i: lomre. Hacr. becamen the purchaser for the price of twenty o> tl uosand doilore. Desceription of Property s givren in the Julicial Con revaner, viz: A certain lot of eromd iit:red in tohe ouhlr5 AP nunci-ltion elias Lacourse of this cely. i t square No 5 ad lot having Franch measnrt, GOfee.flionrt on'l'chna pitonlas etreet, h6ri fret Peon' on Orangers etroc-t, ml il0 feet on I.afnade do Atrec' i strot, ih su tehnnme" thrt said hotof crond is (i P'et nide froo ooe side of the square to the other, togelther with . dwelli.g horre frontg on Tehoupitonlas stree, tlhe lirtchen cad ide pendencies, also the distillery estallishments erectedr thereou nnci other hrildiogs anl ittprovoetterts, 'Ite mochiaory, utensilt, imilerttenrs sd fixntolres heonogiag tor said dirtillery, its dependlencios and nlp ,tenanee nnd tIre rightsactions,ondl privileges thoetct hcilongbirg or in any wise opperttinintr. Clerl.s Office, New Orleans, tay 7, 1R38. m14,24&jc J. tLItE, Itopoty Clerk. ETA'I.tUEtA LtUIirtblANKF--Coun de I'rtottooe pour In paroisse et vill die la Nontuvelle Orlemns. L'ETA' DE LA ItOUISIANE.A tolr ceu que ces prsentes concernecnt, Salut: Attetndu que James Hanse avntaohet unoe vrente faite ipar le Sherif tieelnpitPreiose li'Orlono In irluopti6ti Ci-optBo dierr-ito, nrftr aderss ano Geeff doe celts Coutr ou loI dile vents e lit eregistl rbe Ir tdemcjour de Mor de l'atntee 1t3o, pour uo avis conformement d un acti de nla L6gislatlure die I' Etat tie la Louisiani , inlitulb "Acre olar confirmer les tittres des atqeoreure nox oertresjtdtioioitrttst" aperlrony Ie et Mtrs 1834. Qu'il iaoitonolo, ot toutosper-soooes intfrotsseessoot pr ee pr cesetes soln oitotben n nom die ' Etot die In Louisiane et lie la Cour die Pnroisse, qui pourriet aoir droit A nla proprite ci-aprs decrite, eO contsequencer d'lt tifcut die tnrlne das lblrle, Ie dlecret on le jugemeor t de la cnur, ell vertll Iuel oo vlents a te thilt, o a trtoute irloo gularlte on illgnlitt dans I'c·aiaonion,l avis ou le tenlps et le modec de i ventc, ol pour unsanutrecause qocconoic e;d ldefaire ,ror, d::ns trente jours a d.ter dela (iuabienti ecette vi.l, pourloi larvcnto ainsi tiite neaeri pus confirmeoi tt ho, tolognbt, la , 'opriit6 fit vendto pnr le sheriiaoditoi le qu torzi to oe l.or d'avril do I'alttie 1h:3ll, ot. rt:l .'it t decet de Pctte caur le 5 de Iovrier ldo i'anvt e Ioron. Ilnsre, No li,3 '7 do docher dt cctro Cotr, t laqullqlo vcotO ledit.laume. Hunec n'est rendu acqlrercur poor Ic poix tie (ti trl0l. Denri ption del r ero OtriCit od'aprs loetransfer Judiciare, Savoi,* Un oertan I,.t tie terreo .iotttn tu tfhotri tie l'Atnon lriiioo arias tcoursee- de rntrt rills, tt -- ilett NO, . le ilit lot de t nerre evnt [I'SOre fr n.uis,] soixamue t tod s d i c e I tt "o Tto i 0t t roi s r en t pttdt die lace ii iii runo des r tn I.,'r et n inlute Ilds e fii ht n altotct te ola rte Olu -t d sortruoeei Ie l'ilet :' I':tlltrrc en.¢e·lllllo lle l~lp [~:il: -.t ]',,qll fnLC:'ila ilje T eho o itonf l -s 'l t cuis n tt o t -c h o it qIire lIt tl lertit' c 00uito sulr t t - I t'' t io - ti ess, et anil/lioratioil.; les a n chin-s, u "a.ie 0<. in-t a ions, 1e.nI p'rtennul A la dile distil eler;...sm di ".nd" ,ni, otllmrtenarts et les rloits, actious-lt tlivi-lt;eg y lpp it tlltntlico i lUlln ,t gr' od iteriNollv Orltans- oItt -ot 8. nl4,9l&j3 J. €)Lll II l Gr' l iut0 (; i.er -ioyal C'..,!ege or Phv,.-. ,. = , clt origtont otc t- -hl l.i:: Uonicro -t - ritioa C~e. l I -'l.-m Lc'ia t A I~c--c (l". 'st panI.y0 et-itow ton iloh Court Swiety, ,rg ttttihe ittot l t Uni c --,ttli At- t lottti tro U it -,. Ptla'tl'Vtrh, 1 t i.r re, ItItco Innr, tl pupil of Gu} tall St. TIrho nt(l t:t's I toS itl:: tt I I -(d n tl This vai uhr e Imedtli(cil , lilth I'lMlilt of" IwenI Y (':1rS t Xilel'lioilqe ·I: lld illl~ 1 i~ll ' :t !i*. tlu.4gi~l th,' 1 t'.l ['tl.]\e:( 1 A itnoooir ce tIrli t . o c nto ".i l , I i. i n . . i t -it I Anioni teop ertale riotr i) rcro II ltul 'iti ttortgtontntty ltt- noon l rir rotic3eon r tolAmrtrnila Jsta din i" ,,thi t ' p ,lar I'lx, " r1 srh-Ioped :io ,1 N W t'l n t I I t o I chec, |ii .' i-k t ,he "e • v il , :,i\ 1 :.1 I,. [C :tU I tofrsl n il l n: tors, fi , I to i l. fe Io .ttrl, t n wb itli.II hlrlsl cInilll p hdq idu ,',l lS. s L1 likw h, theI alur i a'lwii. ,. i I'(Ic'.,|'t l~lfi~ll .at'oil~llqt,,>., :I1, .[I1 \L'v:,:l.O.;ll., I,% :t i.ll [ copti ilnas hich to elolll le a rose~llll YI· ASayP he speedi In 1t''lycu re , r Y'nlt' l ,, ' Y' te l, 1 ) lth "n te i a otll g t lt~ i.lle nl..t,11.%. [!:I ll I1,,,, ! .. ill,.l I IIIICS / IIo'l[ll( I heltlhlTI hnt1 i wlry h, le iw oith u Uee . ii ilt' rlilelo t, isc ;t'l ie r~lll':hn~iac/,ii. w {hl,ru al lliltis 1 nt~ltnrll :ldl.l.eitb Jh Het , )at 9 coIts (11 ..n. kd, l- :r'h, by a r'," . I S.e Seio is, flo..Srlt U ihtr-lt ibogil-o N tic.. AI. Astoo Kyi or. ,namboo, ict. .n.I .nt nuimr otes TheJm .riginn t'..is may .b•-,u ae sen pssio o., ,he . Ii,) ml ~sr ild i:.%1,h.llH I)·IC'i·(Sou !l;il Thtv Cillt .ll'lCI enehd I Auent, hsi y ,r,,k. wIh... the mdicd r f.,lim thlit thi cn Id..tle, an t whom. (nmas, aphhicaions do gnecihe. JNelot.iwt HO tlaWii,19s Wawr" luPbhlacl N.ilt Yiorkl, the l elo i en es uiiitl ,A lileientb t ii. Asited States, Ger. A o lrnhvane s IIpo~inlell o, I)h, \' iinlik M. I), I. wAlnn &Ky IA. rna tn, M I).ugit, No1 acdmlneal re idenew. Agen, hyrwhom themdeo lide san hupotdlte I.';IIx It L.II & coIC. ,J \No ,-Hzim- stret Ho f : nv rc eisins. flrom sh ip. NlA.Ivsl, I.nuissdh+ Ke.tllllcky, E:ngle aI! other Ih tIo iits tro)m Il 'thelrn cities;. . large tolH new ,letted assortment I'.s, Boots, Shoes. aond Iroeaans, consirlistl of gentllelin's tine calf and Iloroto 1o,. o0 2d ,lltmlity; to buIIIlt, atl stont wat lpegu l ol: ot, mariousqualities; men's tinl call seal not %lj o<, rhlno pr!llliS nnd Ibrogants, hcks'kin shoes, brrogan9.,th litpel s; men'slillne calf and kipped lltgged shr o slltaon I tRogacS; do boots; do stout kip :,It w:ax egged shOet t d br.gals; gelntlement', best Iuality cal 'seeei shoes, hoog.anrs sad .lack I)ownitgs; do .ilf utnd \hwrocc, ho okl , sholt and ro~lians; do callo; ,al olldtl Umlnc, I sdia n e( shou :I I it, llcl, ) aII e:dl. Ibun alel s lcut men ",. e Isw anll tic; ,Io tine c:lk , -tu:dl :,;td1 ul mul' o ,ll,;u.l, ,lts; I oVs', nl isst s'and cI 'selt :11111 b tog als, a ll d shos olewn, Itl\el :lold I:,; Also a gen.ltd tt illto t of t1men' s stou way .tll Sas brtogo ttans and shotoo, ether slktit Itt I Ltloies' fite olt', seal, moroclcol and groiln welts, all. p tp sole shoes; do tine Flotth Xlhrocco n kid rotto lt a.t slippe s; do rulty Is.thl, with and wIIthou heels; Scoff, seal aidt stottt leather thooteoo ; to I'ruellat sho totlt kitdo s ttt oo liti o s; dI o lto i ~ o o rogas;, qtuiter t and liloedl bootees. llissets' lusilog Spring slhesl:tlI aw gots. Cltilrleo's oloooed IMotoo atiol lastinOg brlo r on.sittd boots, htc. inotlemneo'sfittt. tsoiotlltnolt Itolack siltk talo; do blacklo to odraot beover do of a superior ,potcr; do iiuit to rum do; broad oottl narrow brio men's line drub ld l: tk .ssit shllort ppedlllll hats, a onew article. Youths' l1t :e size hats of ilitlerent qualitios; do childrleln'. AI n' slld bc's blaclk anld drob wool llts of ivriious sil Iies, wilt gene ral assorotmet oft boy s' aoilt men's sot tcaps. TIns assortment will be replleished il tithe ol'ivoal of ie iit packetlslito the iiose notasted cities, aoil of whtich Sill he soldlen saom modlatilng terms. itg 1-t \h ilc.,ta ,iibI gllhotll t uu iltII.tio aid cnt f Lilt1ingl RAL..f FOR THiE TEETI. servaillive of t oh i tiet.h, has indruced tile su -cribter oilter it to the Atmerican poblir. Arraogtemntstt htv tet+ ti t i olsli p ,Iv o totS illot tho O tt ri ipal citio tooit dotoll io the Uliti l Slas, tooo i t. t llol it ithi h t rtenh ilo sto tuli rii. ntl Il ikely to souler this lmos hlotritoillg ofll uelsc, to ootl-ache. Wheon appllie,l 1cotlrding to directions given on bottle, it has never tfioited to oftlrd inmediate and mlnent re'if. It also arrests tihe iteol o i dlefetiv' teeth,and relieves that soreness hich'sto frequotluh rtllers a s 0trong tooth 1useles The application O nd mlnedy are sillllte, itnoeIt, In ot nilpleasant; in rtoT, that hl radv t crhletl -Ioch tletTihtil Ia-ulsaltry eln;ls lfromileithe use nflte lilllhn, lre rleadv too torot r the hlh, o .,nIt Ilhir testh uv Ito it - rialloel a litrles. Itto i sro i01o llo h tilit r tlolol tidtoi o °i-,hrlhrlveclsIv anap fecrtdlt anld l W: IleK ie',nlied b the tit ithsed worhl its l0h 0l0lsl voltl nbtltloon'torv I'lto IT / d oer btlileo. ISold T J.1 iA'ld & A NIthi 0,4W Ior . ( 'ori Comi1 1io n oo d 'o .llit lllt aS trs. i~ E:l ll i) iw --Navanlt .ktll lhltLo,o t , ,tlho , lniln I. N ies ell rlln ut itis r. \ttitiotllst I Olr t- 0 e0 00jl l+rt:l ('li o mt1'and, o ni. o lld iO lor the tiLot ol iIl lleIsIo l riu' , ty se iond sletxils, hin '.' . ol ol. Hanloooto ithoeoltlitjoo iot otl toltotse o b t en f:)oto litr Yelt r 1hi 1) tohe Costol f 8l:ti, illt ludilog per tanl sketchres tIf the le'dinb lleolllberS--t onle tlo io - ,nst received and for SlIp ,y \ MehKEIN, - 0I. 1 0111. i'l 1 .l;A'll'ot 00-. .( 0 Ilt o. lEll. tI itooril NIi ovel, bI tlhe althor onl /. t"lIoo Otrothotrs," &c. in 5 wos. tooltr toleotioi/ t ... .o Fo tooi! Advisto r; .o...iot;o tot ,rodie. when n, g dorm w ykisieirbs ioi m ieh proeured: brlo. il a ullllpipo It11i llallat li lr* iaindl tnl'ileldl ir nchoo htatl,l of ittoio h ooI' stero o l of l'emo , i so istioonotre or tr oveltl r; slid a tsig lllto th lior VktIIIII tlll l ioii11 e . ltc PIeter ottootto t 1 toiovtro'al ofistoro oot the Lttoo s' o", ia ~trn lllord tlhte i.lTe of faliliesT , ;llusttnledl ty mnp and Iomgltans, ino vtlo s J lsl receivedl andl .r sale h1y I , \IlKE IN. inJ ,r .I'Iap aolllo o t'lonooto RI. N(ITICEl.-Too..n...o.. o..... lloLokao.oo lnerhano odio e nilfo rkeol oo luo\oo o V. lrtto lloleli'nth.t per ohip hI ot h sPlo l1011 by STIT II()N,'AVEo0Y, ol(I 1111 Ctnnlignele "o(;mrotoo , 1JUTPUBLISHEDFROM STEREOTI¶P PLATES, The Filh Edilinc of ROWLEt'.O TAttLES OF IN'ITREST: ITO which is new mlterd i- Average Time Caleula Stor, or eosy mtehoas for fleiniig the average lime on stenrage, nouteof nad or t illr of goods, when urin chosetd at dillerent dates, t n vliferetlt credlits, and for vtarioaus amoant; hesiden a st- nfual ane emplete Banking Timie Ta le' , the lhen lht can he centltrived. nr that fi guies eat hr ituee within the sante colnesend ecoml pass, anld size of't! pr. Au a. vertisement in dtehook is in nearly thie follow ing worrds: T'hehigi dlintivnnn this wlolw h has recivei hethntg thten sgialnve iacts theefiJet, title pal., in ae eomnmett.tti in itseel. st lllntrommon, ad so onelll sive, Ih t nathina is nteeserwy more than by wa) of ad t'ertisement, to give a eomlnsead view of some of its pIe cetliarities: an fr ilst:ance, the lterest has bieen comp.a ed fiom,and tnempered with, what is equivalent to four teen setsefealettatlione, examined in thie press thirty tue times, nml prinlted Irotm teretype plates est;td , thirtylty-ne times, tfom ail which it mnst be evident even to the skeptic (especially tn tit lienonal ofthe tie nail el" proofin the prefite) that the weark melat lIe nrhhb meticallv infallible, and in eon3rmotIon of this belefa Spremillna of two htinlre nd iand v dollars, is now offer r ed for the deteetion of an error oea ceat in the present or fifth edition, as expreslnaed in tthe preface, making floe laeer'e wremiiona c.ered for the same error slincethefirst pnhlieatianin the year 1|08. Ona of the most conspicuoas features of the tables is inthe :ierangbnaot of the Time and Amtnonts, which fe ' exn'"lititns, referenve onal ierspienity, with the help oitlie title and intdt., tannol he cxeatledn; anti thle naty ty and eilc vn:,t which tihe in:erel catn he fotbund tothe extaent of eneal bhuinesa, withont doobling of stis it he-il sa oonveniemle s, etoetial, that in the estlma lin of sotne oi tile most comnetent and practt ealcRI busi n vna natntinv pltnhiic offi ere who have maite great oe oa the worte, it mas heeti tintignpuincil by the hontaale anipellation euffa "manter pi:cee". Atnd eonsidering the irallihility of the method originally adopted i comlosinig the work. and H the eXnraortiuary uumber and vnarie, ofthe examinations, annl tests ofevery edition it has npasedl ithe preiss, entwithstanding the whole is in stereotype, considiering, in sh6rt, Ihe positive ateorncy seenred hii the unpnreediented means emntlott i, the vc lumteha hen hehlup tdl emwhatially styledl " the most vwohtenil hock n th0 waslk;" most certainly no mwantan neaIa~t Tre work ofthe same extent, which sinte he teyinning ot reation, has had the same nom ber and varnitc of tests in the same number of editors; no, ntrona half the number, as is clearly shown in the f pefre. tesildes, astest anil standad, ithnas heen tried andt reed in nearly all the ank and pulliho offlces in the r ntel Slntes, anl by thepuhl c generally, durlingthe long periold o'fthirtt-fiv re:ers, yet no eror of ihe ral ch titions has ever beent Ilotndl in print, althongh enntint : Ily challentetd by the offer of ver~lge premiums. The boo:a.is in act expressly adtptnl hy all thenouerts oflaw cl sevnetral olfthe Stales on the "rnte of eUlelatilon forntatet interestt" asalna hy law for bank interest, eordiruyas the hIookI is osedu, and as many he seen in part, by h. namtoes of the sobscrihers, and a few of Ihe alscqueit lntuhnrhsers, it the list atthead of th hnohk, ti il toaneir n clfeeery clns oofeilizens in every tuar enof ilte t~nietle Sttaoe. It ismoreover well knlwn that, hy its rearly eheeli, it has so often dtertetd large eanvors, long after they were atlc, even iy the most carful and imost competent aritlhmelictt mn , tat its usefulness, and the nbsolhlte ne cessity fur its uso, ihave l-ent extensiyelt insiltetd non, So evlent, illcelt, hlavo hcen its attHvnaget, a(i ils -saiags, that, severel yearsagn, whilst thie first e ;tiocn was SC~ace, and lo ot of print, a great hulmbut of sce3nd hand coplies were songht for, some to a gre t diStane, lai: t iurerased at vaolioe s prices, as they coul oclcasion ily hao pictked uol at fiom $10 to $.25 per etily, anil some persolls hlave een.ey declaredoi, and instances could he quoted that tlhey wtull toy $5l, $100, eId $t500 for a enpy, If notto be had fo less, anl an individulal i the latter instance particvnlarly, ihaving at tile same i me rxlhibitrd satislcltory pronf, to sevranl persons tre sent tlhat to him it was real Iv worth that mney and more thtlogh the stting of his very vininable time, he leing a vter.t rich man te:,d in public oelie. It is like:vist olth; of notice,ned iindeed proper to impre,, that scih it i lt ntllt.e of Egnie work gonerally and aspeciltiv 'ahtle cf I :e extent aInd ihmlale· C a o l these in Ins, ihathil L:.i I ck orits like Itnn prepar ed in thie uleu:l nmlr r I ne, v the me.t competent calculatorl ill thle wr'ld, and atereerd e tri it' re caullntl. IIlI ndCr his owo ec r'ertion o. l: plf she, el% it VoulOnl, alnlost to a ce'rn atq/ I.AVe blien nnsnl, ftor re t ,n:lceand earttl t o :.I). l:e, as the irtefiee t.eliiu lti e\ic.s. lIt ,ii iped and vtiuable have the stt.1rp;,· ;:a:teIs ..a'o s orklbeen maii , i ia t listCore th rm i w l "th th e:- ' , . c - tIs I II l eC. tra o rd In a ry C x a ml in a - tions',n.,i ab t Gre,., i'r. t',, gteral b nafit, th'ev are (hy sal~l. ~xcept .!tuft I lit- iu tie (ticg : A tl-,rtanor d ) cal . . nt., ktp, l b,.fi t in a ol a :tce of ' -peial i P itlt I .oI '.l . 1). , Io' iiltw I I ,- e w tilt i: this fi ll :l'. i Il*" .. . i) ,,. ' din z , di u, tis, co.,inhn nm ch in lit1 iuntil i nlve, ml Itll ttI . to.on nodes o" tto hilt Iltt"l:. i':lll"€i il\ I··l·:, t]'. L :.' l ilk ,,dv,'h '.t':*'.Pnh li l~lid i l.)r tIt~ :1 ill :Ilt l tl i lr : t .1 4It'tll %r: "%fli(l'4 · . 1 II sr! t ]'.ll ]'.~ li,.t". ' 'ed, it ha", n:.t y t s u1 n.'h ai m t ai d ilh t , l resti . I .'Je' If ':. [ \\ of I . {h..ll l. Ifour :th sanlla do11 ' lar i11iles Si X I *i~··1.1 .X'.II[ [ IH ' |''1 111·:~ I. I l.lP. H I I IItl5 '. t ;)ll llt~ l 11[l*" .ll. ) , !lfl\l e ll e ailt, pol rrl lj" d Vl . ii tlt-ii lhlt r I J I 1 : r (.( , Pif :, \ I h IT C IIt thu - ti i ' t.n l uti l a-. th SI].I (''llllt'l, [.l~] .1 i t-['* 1 oli t"t I lie i-itdl ii l ii i n lilt I t', t t I ,d e ,' i tuu Il [ i, IS tilt l,:had, y it . l tnhiro"A Yetr in tpain, ii Stn it li lit., toonol a mrl e. h ciii u.u \ i t 'ltu k ..lr ... .... I. .... I ri .oCTORI .IOIINS(ON 1.V J he t(Isulted conlil lyV at his llfiCe, 113 S(llCustoml lolsstreetl llCar l)anphine street or tile trer:a,,, I of ta ear:aill laass of delc!teo diseae's. 'From it, t . a . ' nttextelsiv, op iortunit in ll nil Is)f fits olly m' . '+ -:.,c1 II,,sel l al. ,it ifF nropie, exehlm it lv devo111h l tol ". ,, • antiil'qd V(l: n ri,.I mid S, phlilitc romplfllllll It'r , :' , In .s n re-l+lr':nr ot I ve c·at s hI pate ice solely to ,.r hi: 'llt af ih .-e i-a.ses, with IIImthe niost ui pree .s,, t+.r ,al 'a:,: "I si a enabled t-, re ovl any of Ithc f 'll.., I ": , id nts in from 5 to 2i Jiy t.ltll i l liuri'a :tl, " nn "iS n.bya ll' illerllra.na lia ul" oiullier ,ilishtrhliT IwlellilV IeI1VV..'tc; , h rihenl, slet, truacture, Samtuel',) > iW. 3 1of lhellad der,rt id ells, Ill- Irlate l(11,: it'i, of those nutnmer ous tr wlal ail' iaetina , which t 'aai .. w bt aitahat ed or oual-treated eases of Vt'r.. :'er Ptiet; ,ats nores, ulceralted leg'al and Wlirlg ltil night, at 14 .:I? mnletl od lof tirat n \, without rastrition 1.tat or it.:errup ion frll l autnines . Perton.le idtn in tile nountry, anl who frrl el dli eate inc salting their hinily physician, h) send.:-g treatment, with medicine, necessary to be used, forwar , t ll provided where patients can never con nia tnat witAteaichqather. A ltal muaofron morning until night, at 143 Custom I li ilr , 'aalnet. an 1 'l· i ltat' i ta, tly con hdential in al cases.te aI :t a ntll t Itr It , lnk e, S ign, an d le nanwt a n, Asila laintlers , a sreet, tw doors& fro Imitations of *1h filomving woods and marblesex ecuted in a mnstr b sn t e . int w00i1a MARBLIES. gtahl, gany, Egyptian black and gold, Oak, Gi HE lia and AOitico, Pollard io, Oriental or verd antique, Curled do, Jasper, uarled Maple, l lieo, Stone, irds '.le Jo, lrby Granite, Satin Wood, aln elatotmainn Hair Wood, Dove or aurdello, OYew Tree, Italian Wiite, 'orol an, le or Black Sianna and Brectella, Iose IWood, Ameri in Grey, Ashll ithe Oak, a ie. aal ac. Curled Elm, Spllimens to be seen at the shop. Paints, oils, glass, copal varnish, e a. ol ' hand andlor sale. IeI N,,'4TEEII.& HEAVY tGlOODS-Hat, sqaare 1 and bundle iron, well assorted. Ilop, scroll and rod iron, nail rods and plough Clst, German, shear, blistered, spring, sheet and Crowley steel TIllow ware, cut and wrought nails and spkeYn i t, b elk ti mill and grind stones, salt kettles C''aina cala, Anchas, h aots Ox, leg al d t trace thaiis, tern mills Anvils, vices, aailnners and bellows Wire, sheet, pig and liar lend; shot Centl, and e .oking stoves Amns, Ilowhind's amd other spades nod shovels Hook and plate hinges, door and window hooks Collies, lhets, S harpis, Iandl other axes I'ar'd ai ll Manlllla llaurds; tillig, lines ndill twine uolt atn shathog coi ; Naval stores A Ihllassrrhteit !a ..rewe.rt land ship chandleay always o o ll:m:: le. ntn are onltertd for salge a whoeny ihle or reta ] aill, leient favtrhlnte te t dils, by t'laeIaa U ita ia aTa N ' aa.Iea ld Levanne. liaeaaiaaaala·l snil taaliilaaeli Al'ati .tappnetnnitn THREll E V1Y> 1': ; ' It Y .R I FROMIia NEWt FtaltHE prolatri-tlr itof thin establishment has thei plea " sure ofa o lumina tt ia.A friends nl d tine public in g t'nrall, t tir ill Ie in leadine hy the r.-t day of SlTetmtrt-tlN lnie, PtAl (lers now gainr oi enan ta.tn rapid Ir';;r, s a tar ta'uhlet an. whirn will ebnable aie snhsr fi. tt Ji~l:ithtet. a meit Larger nnumber thaa Fti'ntilie coan ',nnlmmdated , ith go.. rooms,, or hoe who net 1", :r a have large ca"bils , e 'acked "lot It is d ateel n iteeiail r tino ale anything in partacl bIr ,f the b:ir h i ter el thleo w":terns, for itis generally Ielileted thati they are nat nhlrior to anv in the South Iest mul fic ta this mart of th country aflitrds, has beero tegaged, and will Ia in .onstt ntteldanee at the 'I hr sul lctib 1 will mail hhiself of :his oppnrtunity in returning his unh~idend thanks fir th'' very liberal sport given hiln lasn ieasoni and hopes bhy the exer tion* thut htvoe ltven ,, ab ill iprting nand extelding r dilt it ' l atioll to merit a liberil putro ntge Ihe presto[ season. .JN) CR.1/M. . . ...at'ae I) a ., ; I.51)I nl. tTKINS.ON'S lDEPIld.AT)IIO'Y, flr removing etn! ! lerdltutil nir lio the fihe, neck and arms, with ul. saelty and certainiy, leatinug the skin liner atlI whiter thau hbeore toe application A fresh supply junt received at Oll, IN's, No I Et'hangte -Inotelt, torr St Charles and Comantle stre I.. NJ, ti MAIL AIR A N-hEMSIENT NorernMail, Due Every Day at II.AM. Nr Closes Everv day at 101 A. M Si Due every cl doy, Waehoduyv an Western Mail, j Frilay, by ,, P. y W. iby ray of 1Ie Clanes every Monday, W.Vnesda Coast, . and Satordav,' h 9, P. M. Th keMil oe ever'y l'trlay, Thrstidyan T3 I.e Satrd, 1' 5,1'. 31. via Closes every Monday, Wednesdaa - EXI'IESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARIIVAI, I)EPAR'T'UtlE DISTANC &c. of the :)xprers Mail, hbet'",., Maoill anil New len k-leavis. Mobile dlail' at 3 P. Ml. Northwar New York daily at i P. l 'Boothwaordl. Arrives Arrive Northwanl. Distance. Time. Return'g Montgomery, Ala. 2 pm. Igl in's 23 Ih 12 m. Colublanbs, G. 114 81 94 34a.mn Milledgeville. Ga. 2 133 144 24 p.m Colmnbin. S.C. 74 am. S3 17 10 Raleigh, N C. 5 9215 22 12 Warrenton, Va. . 55 m61 P'tersbhug, Va. Itt po. 83 10 9n. n Richneo, o IVa. am. 21 3 84 SFrederickshbur$, 8 67 7 11 p m. Washington cty, 2 pm. 61 6 nlthimore, 64 38 4 04 Philndetphia, 6 am. 100 II 2 tNew York 2 pm. 90 8 1305 143h.sr Nb3b Northward. Coming Southward, the time is in hbo less; heing5 days end 17 hours. T'lEN/ OlLARIS REWARD. DANAWAY from 169 Cnrodelet corner of Heel. 1 t esreets,on the night of 30th of August, and was seen mh next morning in Poydrns street, a negro bey named CHARI.E.S, about 17 years of age, and feel or thereabouts in height, very bhack, andl hasan imped meant in his speech, one of his log is sore, oeeasienet by a recent hurt; hle had on when he went away a white cotton or linen shirt and white eotton clntaloone. Masters of vessels and steam boats are eautiomnd a ginnt receiving aor harboring said negro, as well as all other persons, as the utmost rigour of the law will ha enforced against them. The above reward will be pami fordelivering him ints. any of the jails of either of the municipalities, or at 169 Carandolet, corner of Hevi. steoaet. sept OTICE--The coparmterhip heretofore eaising 1\ under the firm of Dubois & Garretson, hao bes-s dissolved. The sabscriber will liquidate the fflaireo the eoneern in this city, and requires all peraoneindeh . ad to make pnyment to hiln only, and all thosehavinp claims, to present them forsettlemnat. nlle -7t H (GARRSTSON W. W. SWAIN. No. 1Canal SLreet hew G'rlenns TH AS always on hand en.tantly at rseceivin DLt i Iyes, Chemicals,and Pames,anonog taeis ar llo DRUGS. DYES, Antimony, rudle, Argols, red; do regulus, Anmatto, Spe8s . Arsenic, crude, Alum, do powdered, Brazillctte woon , Rlasm coparia, Cochineal, li'eo,nrole, Coep ,eras, American, do refinedl, Cupllecr, Brimltone, crude, Fustie, Tampico, do roll, tno Cubn, do flower, do .eanine, P.irmuth, Frernch terriese, C.ntor oil, 1inlilo, Bengal, Cn'. a tartaer, do M nailla, Ceainharitdes, ale (atsmlesa, (;ain al3es, do (.aliwemslo, do A abie, Lo naod, Campealhy do osag.:tiila, lo St Domnigo do nmoniac, do Jamaica, Ido benzoin, Camreood, ndo copal, rough, Maller, ambia, do do scraped, Nicauragun, iolnlnre, la do 5 Amrinee , do Cors, do camphor, crote, do Mlaoenib d3 do refth. do liache. do ginceum, CHEMIGALS. do kinlo, Acid, an:toenl, d, mastic, do nmuritic, lo opium, t~Ie lphlurie, do sihelle, lilac v~trol, .·n.segal, tldosel, pp, Ssmtr, c. aor. s.ivublimatie I tr.:gcantkh, hIr :te lo lime, alt , pm sals, .I tip e' Lerries, Auerilcanlau :.: caastlel M iagnesia, E Sglio ir i yi,-, le..n, d,3 Americalg t, t edhrontltlot aIOS lae torts, Sill t potat. Iigrrice. all, Sug.A, lean,a Oil cloves, Sulp zinc, dongssin, a .i, ];inine. dhebergtulot, Tartar ettc, d. h'ant, IAl' -Illacea. d r lelpermiat, Nlua, lHa.rt glntio lllCh~trr ll v.ow, lryi lid "s'te, ih, l ;1:b iie oil Sl ri, do ' i il, du1rhlblultrk, E I, laSlblack Enllhsh, nn , en, t. N.ie w eta AaIrrieae . Itd lead, a ei., il c, ýanmen, dbea (,Inlesinalker.,l II ' e lll'lrlThSpa" b;l'n n, r)i l, ogli *1 n 7rl,,,'ic.ldle, ldo do A ri lin ltoclolrectk, -to grunll in ioil Sl,; ", Wnecrsn, . l e.h . 'cdl Enlishl dry , ie Met Aillle riAi n. Satllhe,, planish, griaml inoil, Nitie, colde, Yt million, Curese. doi do rrflnaf, Veloige *,.r 'y, SteUei llaviCes, Alh,, It ground pllr. In dol hldi, do do elted Seal., I eVnlelor, Elglish, I bile ell, dry Arie, I. eto do Antelica., A English, I (Cuasltle, En grttol ia tuieksilver, Am warranled pure. 9 f--Mea I Pi AI' tIN MA~ ItfY ATT'i8 NEW NOVELS. Ro/lin Rhe IReefer, by tihe author of Peter Simple, s. ('noansa, or a Winter at ScldsOr Hal-field in Leer itnw', by Cnt in Basil flail, Royal Nary, F.L S., in Iw1. Lord Rohtnt, a romance. by Allan Ctonningham,I ve Sheppatrd Le. written by Iimself, in 2 vols. SCoompendieas isaetoeycflltal, tralslated from tHe original ltahan, bv Nttholdel Greene in 1 yl. ibr ming No. 79 of Itlrpter's Eoaily Library. Vols. I 4 f the new eomplete and uniform editiUs of Itnslitaqlotn tiw' os e'bks. Roer' r h and EnRfeh Dicaitre,.in I tel, See An;t a For,, toad Rant fg l Oieeioatby. A .r-A few more coapictf Combe's Phronology - , S v. y;o Irv cvt.'sCao ( cnm aotes ofsupe 'orqua 11 1 ,.d ' ul l s l'a li.4 erd 2 1-2 inca h .' (S i: c.',;oreJoletarioPens,japanedpapers,weights &c. .. :. Just r.aed, -nd for sale by o1t BENJ. LEVY. SPA.IN REVIl9ITED,&. &. S PAIN Pt..ItT'ri )T ,;, by t;,e author of'Ayer Trai:: . ' Ice , ra car segerteraly aplieble to the Ah,,iblm ofu North Atreetir, by 0uaerr. er.q TIh PT e; / ic e ramtrr . of the United States, or a (' peru et . ' -': % t -eo..v e. .l pract eofthe generarn and slat . g,'v, '1:%, rith to rr intienae itesn theetm --dd:'l-:i r . , daptod ato tthe young lmon of the Uated rataes, I : ; ::v t fitlid, .i Nimro . :... 7'e'-o iia tpoed with character istic aute ir.. . yn, tun:. ,oi.g ofspolrtina men, in clntlin er.. , e t eckl', i>,; crack roler. eIgland wcth antylinl cm.c.eri, and general inde el' naamea,2 EOR THlE TURE OF S,,r fl'. o Kina-'a ;i, Chronic Rheumatism, Chror... _..tous Dis- Paola in tho Ianes, by free tn *o- use of lMercury the lcat 'eiton 'nt vitiated atate. T::+ -.-y e:a'Ltotrd S: runo{ is preparet with the great.t: .p' p:aoeltloel areo amoo ateoceo,and contaia the a .:, e tL ..itle oel' ottrsatcrilla in thl Inott concea tat , . :, craltinued wil othltr vegetable substance ofe I ir I i , - ' I ,..c. ad ", er.. rt with lhoi ecians ina bpcs abl to er:.i :: 1 r ., quanticrof artith parillan in a ama done, tlPa IO a T....eid iithis au'ora oti-they, being fulry .a .\i., -,1 ( :to nI •ite, confidently odminister ['t:,', i. - 5 ,lo:8. Sold only at SWAIN or()'l'at ':L'S tru'e t>t', No. I ICani ttreet, wha titler h, da,, ftei l ,.:lI nottine, diree. t oi'.on tierfrit . ators. y aim ' Prgulny" and VewnifugI, Potter's ul.tall con, ('otraea a:'s prparations, nad a large and gaeer assoeilettit ,f tstti dun go m4 I'!NNOCK'S ROME, &e. PIN NOC K'S IMtPLOYEI) RI)ITION OF DR Ghlrdtno:'s Abrtidgmeant oif 1Io Hittory of Route Schick is i'efixedk on Intrltllt rtii to tile Stdy o RoPtllll litortY, and ia greall vriet f of v oruable infr llltiolo addedl tlwol U the o ort , thoto the Manners Ilatiluti.ne and Ancquitien of thie Itnoman; with nu mercias biographical and hisot'ical Notes; and qtee tion for cxallnnatio' Rt the edil o' eachl sction. II lu'.atedwitht thcrtc,"eng r ans on w md, y Atherton Plun( cg's Improved Edlition of)r iGollsmithl'a History ofnghuld, firoll lnt lot t Insion of Julius Calno to the dl.eth of Georgoe d, witlh a ettinuntiton to the yea 18I3. With questions for exanlcination at the and o etch section. Isienl a ivairkiety of valuable informs tti nll! thra, o thro lo te wo rki. Consistiug of table of ctonttplllc orts) ove.eigon anld eminent persolo (oltoius exaluoototo I:roteJ. tRemarksc on the poi tics llloners and lict oattire of tlie age. An tctlitne tile Co.atitution, &tc. &. tllostruted by ainy tngy CsUs' EI.EMEta T OF AR'reotOMY and an Aoeridgmne oi Keith's New Treatttisc cni the Use of Globes. New Ato, ricno edltiot, citih adhtions and imlptrovemeon awoo ll aXl tltiott Ulthi astronotieoal part oftlo A. ricna A l.onut' Jut received and for sale by WM M'KEAN n 24 . . corner of Camp and Comooon s IIAitPEIt'S CLASSICIAL LIBRAItY. Sl OIlACE, transhelted Ily Plhillilp Francis, I D, with 11 otllallpendlx, clitaiaing trtnslatiola of VatIolu oldes &c. by Blo Jnsotol, Cowley, Mliltt, Drvdoa Pople Adldison, Swift Clhuttertoua, iG Waketield, P.oalrl Bryan, &t. and soaae of the motre eainent paot of tl dao--adl i'(CEDttUS, with tile appendix t (ilioUus trensi ted by Clristoplher Stuoarl, ill 2 vols titnnocu volumeas It and 19Lof"Harler's Classicanl Library ITh Expedition of IHUc I KIRY CLINKER, , Sli.lltott, Al t, owicl a ,ielnoir of ha Author, hby niorl at Roase, Etct., new edition, with illustratons, by G (Cruikslank tlE IlPSY'; a Title, by tile author of "Richeliaee laltlyoll' urgundy," &c.,..w. alitoru, 2t rleal PAUL ;LIFFORDII;y the nuaoner eI l., The Diso rod," &., Iainq volume IV ollany w Ot. n of"'lt earn Complee arksa. Joel r eirved a aole j WM llMchKklAN ACO.N SIDES--s ccasks Cincinoatioo !eareing fP. Iothesteooett Eooho.and 'ocr sant IUGEIHT & [JA W r

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