10 Ekim 1838 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2

10 Ekim 1838 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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. uLr..lAj& tA' p.8 ' 001thw..oo, it osotet.t he4 omthlte5l ct. oe rv. Ikecoght cop W A OPmtIAe Psy0.ito pte.to91h, at "an W~i Amoy, Ie~hhorty 4th loot. fro,, Mateotr... i. -0-3..y B1ouGc t What.. St CiO t .:.o, . y Po Illr:Spt . ..40 04w"Met... ....:.***SI Lhioneih.0pt . .20 (t3.2.). i..,ht I~ep,,, Sept, .....21 AY[ ....I4 II Purs SeI'$ .............. *~ . ^1 0 Ranod., Wept .... 7 . 3U. 1 III Hoare ept. ..... . 0 s· 30lk tlocol, hLi·.p . 0nH~. t~x~oira* `> A =SS -Per.. btig S~omo..ts hi. *otdtie,, 3 tiotte. deStbgpoosh 45 bae. ieo., 14 keg, naih. 3 Sq. powedr. 10 MI. rtetot I10 hb . whIokey, 2 btoxes tog..., 2 10th, ram, 4 bids .uadrimir -r *MOO-Per t.eiwViogl.. .3429kt. laod. IMPtORTS. LANAA-.Poo brig T.ooofhoi-S..3oar hoetpo. t..,,ili234 snr We f nit Ia.oy-li d .sadly SAY R fioI. ro Moot,,. he l...-p oo ..p00 to e-yed. i cPete .a Mil. bed.3 S I.; paotk. sctd B bbl, 1ndi2o to ,cleIr. CA-Par wil ent..300 hotm. ioooto.sad tcdoy lob R.iht, ccw, o. * t.o Cccco ioh PAhOENtiI2RO. WlSthrt ef Ohi~o-.per oameo McIalo;..e , A Moo Fe.... ·; &14G n. MIw Da 3ar, Ho Bulloed. Jamts " lSowop.MHe 448 .jOb eon, lecter, Anidy, L FtokImo T NMw Tb..r. N oke, :r'h . Pk U kyle SHoward It Col. Col Lore, P A Williom. 11 G s P ,Pu 4Olo-t. It P Feli. Untl., J Weieldo.Ls. gnu L.OtO.taley..o0,d I15 9coy ioo..a eol. MEM3ORANDA. IStem., Modleto hte11 the Moncth of Ohio. 2.) net; Pacenet lniUho ooming down the M les ,pr , pi, bid oll c.-ight 5 ...i belrow Ucdida Po,,... po..oodt 2o'oI,,c atoight. 0O.. 3d1, at I~e'olooh Oloeop With Gov bohlg aod (2..., o.link aichao N ord. ofemPh othe, both ,truck a ine sog. Cesalr not con Atl~d toVonlrely caro no bond, ffty tlon haeope, eoom, loat. &t. Abetn.. Rol tu lck it. some h i;o tod thn,,.ook of C5o0'e pamotngoo tlldlot, took :00 bontes aid2d)Opo lecon. litta ci Mht head 37. (le 4. ont ChIlIulothc heod 37; Cocneo at Peoaodiot't head, olad all night ti' ..d 3. tOct. 4 gttAlto fcoltyvery clonop ,boaod; poomod lieoCol:. olgetoutl at fuot 0tt~ Pawnee agrounod nO Cl~oO..w lh',d, oill or sewooeot oh ofW0, laidaIll night is ,LoBagl. (i t., oct. ot repp.., hood. io..dod at Viokohuo0 017 o'dock, It t., p apeotet lai4 .1l night ot Pclmyra islaod u.it 714h, .bin cCooh..oh ciagooA at laioeo,.ok'.,.islnd. iltoh.n,0 i reamer Ponteb a u laid all ntrl t at Dead Man't. bar tct -o Nlt, Bteo Root, g o an . Ic,, sIhtC Jof..,,n IRouge. 0SlonI..t wote in the hio and fullinp, o. thIc 7d. Ohio tall e.( loth ,toc soutyaltl gooood oteoanOLO-outhOI.er meolht wcll bIne oth t boa,. Ifrooc Ohcio, and S flat i II.04i a.e ppbandruico.on.01.. mod Pl ut i.. htblsoelcd coo opKo,.. brg ho rc I. 11'. Ne.hodPetied Iher )i tyl uodchp od one c o I,' n iolaud, U S. si,.oI o, 2y,1 Ilm distance. (IIil PII ~ld Uu.uPTH'tULL' OF - FICE--;UND AIMUNICi. PA LI'I'y. New Orlean, Octoblri, 10th, 1O8R. GEALlD pmoduils will be recaiv. d at this obtice oUnteil Fridy, the 19th instant, for the I'urnieniu .l 114 Municip ality whh five thor-and grl sIo ulefir.,t quialite w Ater trained Spt-ic Oil, ti be dtlivered aat sali be agteed npn. PrAoae io be bndormed "a panpseals i Oil." A J'I'IAREI L & Cc, ede 7G d Podcrnca sates . W hNe bS aulea inasturte, id or u tle by r 1 - .J 'PTAiA R ;J CO. ,7. Pnydrae st (Ai'ct, i P,,lc,e.0r- oi ....a .ig. ,uile rio htll I du duoiub WVlappillg paper. in store sd Sur lebv JI THAYER I . CLO, o lete0 74 Ilcvdrt, to EXCH ANE on a ueaun, ih 3o 1 .ia d ,l dlv sibht. fcr sale by ISAAC BRIIDE & :.n, octlcO 131 agazruiner t. hA-i leliol 'ol'ea t i3 ibua.e, n .storue cnd for apie by culS rr 'l'ETOm N & AVERIY, oello 83 ;t iv er rs (I 11l.1- i'E.A-.50 LbaxisGt.;ariii.ildr li'e, in Galcd 11 13 lb hoes. 50 do Iil0ricl do in ci and 13 Ib do; o8 dt Young Irysoa in 3 d a, ol ellc Latira cehont, JII.t rreiveIIl cid fr sale lb JOieil'il COCKAANiF:, actlO 25 B ruvier Ct IE'LVI II GAIE, oati0 8i3 Commoiiin at OST on Sunday aneri t ni, the 7h s Pint. ies Men T ee street, betweeh n Cnldtl lhrtYea stn.f, fine God Pencil ca., ar loi ite I loit. e .r- q T.' e rae en on ihe ead The finder will rc'eivc the ni.e rewaid a lefc i co h r the ci . , l eaiieo, an Narrutt ei Ci:nnn, 2 .ali. Memoirs of I'1 p da Corrinea, 2tels. tJtwuyic t, miki, 2 voul Lan wce llcn Horses, 2 vol. Aie,.uit " .;adyl Hiniiti Sianiondii' Hi-sory of Ilit rati'n-, 4 odls: li'e .Wors of Sir Philip Sidney, tin 3 vl; A,- no<'irt i' T1raecitl, Ii els and lto Antls; liogriphtiint 6ket.iei of ReIform aliatis er, I el; Hlerw, y's Wtrkie e oi.ldee it I ,"-I Thamp on'a Chem llte , i wie;. 'halletotpm's lmieci II egy, 2 ail,c a8m;t the "aurmir'- ('Alcnd. r c '0 t;" Jerry Berathua' Itation a IafJd cllvi E~lodenlae,i vos Ciolan'e iRecords, 2 rolic; Napijecr's Hiitov oIliao P-. niacals Wr, 05 tole; M'lntusli'v Prae'iceal Gardener, 2 ole; tallery cf Irhiishi Arcist, 4 l ; Niewte.n'e Principil, 2 vocle; Scott's Pieticnal Wiks, c,,l.eiie i I vol with platis.; litash a Geonlog; liidilee on' llile of Cinciro, ci vol; .etoira'abf litlibeIIII. by h imell, 4 til; Hatiea & Sti.tllelt'e Hinstirv IDof Eni lal, cunI tole in I ctmplte in 1 vol. just received an6d for sale by ilRM.. hcKLAN, crc9 Cerner of Lamp tad Cmonliiuc leta. dc UNSETi Y BAi tL(M 0baci es3 ielPa I t t-usleis slOre and for sale by I DORISEY, 4UNwrDFI-IlH--SP (tome whitea md dry Coilfish, itr ISAAC ItRIDICE (. OR, Netl. 134 Aiagazine fI K(\VN n..lil:'INc.S & 9.ir,,icg--.1010 iol-el eaomprising a general astcrtmtu a"f 3l..iho.7- tlen STETSON c AVdRlY, •ngar 88 cGra.er sti sale by REAl) ,. BAR-'IcOW, iet. 7 Bank Place IC K I .F , O tC u rri - P o , e . - A c iii i i n v oic 1a stAd an d I lr oale hy eet 7 Bantk Piacet ANNUALSI FOiR 1819. ITIE GIFT: a Christmas aci New Year's Present for 11539; Edited by Mie. Leslie. The Viilet, a a'hrinac ancd Nec Yean 's gift, acd Birth .tay present, for I63.; Edited by Mint Iresl e. on A-lcid! The Crcnketl Aihnne el r ic lla cen inctig udvedtares, exploits, spree end curerpns in tile aWest, life ancid manners in the becks io ds i The Aerican Comiic Alccaicc ter iIli9, irh whimst, scraps eti! odditiest froc Ice land i' Johlniy BuillI _ltn tlmeehac and Monsltier Neigtongpaw. The P.aole's Alcmaac if Istel c-l intertein.itg, X ilsget, lfoir 183a, justrIeeivetd cnd fir sale hy ned r cur Camp and Commc n at p TvlIIlE l.BAI-8i"el bege. suitricno .u' 1, White SLaidin tsltri and cfor hie by JAlRVI Si lANI)R+ iltV, eits$ cot Coaltion i & 'I'nhlitculu Ftlec v A.Th ll--A waenanctc tcbe h.'i.ge of twolcil. a lnl. ce chi in Ciie lll to travel, a mhdle .- ci ji cwLatl sq.eitldPr Ameianii, Enclishco r rnetch woild Dpt ,liced. Noce ced apily wilout cthe iost rafter- f tere. Apply Ce tice olice af the Tre Aieritcin. i -----' BOY wANTi.) I*'l a Ida: "t by from 19 to 16 yearc nfage, co weck i,, c L. s'rtbig Ollii acd book Icndiric to ai good one SIpetlsleat stinataioe can hie Iad ov allving io t eDAVID'FEILT & CO, , , o____ "" 9___ it 24 bhartres at ] e LT 8Ese cad colalrseiBucira gei, laning fro ship Paa.ses , fr csale b ISAAC BIlIDul;l;r CO, f t ac18 11,4 Mlo.cine et t ·IL',Rb'D Ol,,-3v arr takl'ke er' Oil, iii cto,,{ te , mid far salea by pI WHITiLIDGE & CO, n's8 76 Malazinere st in tiEIk.TIlNfi.'-.b7 tca uc' b lehcd and ebrown Sheet-. t eJ ioje, fia nIa by eHVIfITRIDGE & CO, IASZD tIL act santiun cu4 hit ai by ib R ED IBAN8-.4 sasl in pad for sale by G G Dt)RSi ."EV. act8 44 New Levels Pt B .ACIOP l S40 as superior CicinnatiPp Bicred, in stLon sud tfor ali Iy 1 th Oet 1 44 New Levee. fa eAILS-J ga glaoauc Nais. far soe lr toc clm I i, .1aucaignra,.t, bv ci c .. - "STETSON & AVERY( 1 118 Gnereee Iat cud Nani, fIncpac. nil - 1 'lONI do AVERY, Sell . . . - r , av er t iat CK- la. for sle b--- C.lla t Tdb 'It ON & AViERV. II .28 , vier sireets e M JIMO YAftM t! (Tf lt al a icC erprac, a tae Sal&.t aaied eata;,.b alo'he Te'r S WIIY.,)Y & IcHAII., A iLL ..- ".. 7rc"a il I.L ee,: a t Dnt.l'D 1Y JOBPl eGIgBf. l l 1: Wt OR EI A&tY : . WEDNESr:A) ....OCTOBER 10, 1S38 fl'-We have had roi mail igaiu yet.erday, sod ,or col.amon are necessearily restricted in their quantriy of new, ,or intcreroting inteli genes. The d. lay, we understand proceeds frnm somne de. tenoinn caused by the operation of the new law relating to steamn boats. Now as it appearaby the attestaionn of many that the 'itllihacIt Wallase" was prepared foTr examination, and tliact her cap cain repeatedly requested it, it is palpabte to all that the framers of the law never cosce.aplalrd thlt the mails were to he delayed by itsce action, --yet so they are, if the boaos employed in its a earriage aoe to I ty up until it suits the conveni.o.ce of the inspectors to examine lhem As these bhcata return ca the Railroad every day, it ispreponceronu to think the law ever intended thus to detain them. It the leisucre of the inspectors will not ctlva to-day, surely to-anorrow will do as well? a But independently of this fastltiona causfe ofdelay we hear that a want of understanding between the aurlthrities of nor city and M, ile has opera. ed to detain Ihee-s mail boats. If this hypereri rlicl interpreesti.,n of the law is to hold good, why is the "S ui,"' or any other boar belonging to the Unoited Stalle to be IIexempted frour ics operation? The "Seal," we believe-has not been detained fcr, or notified of any eece.sary examnlination: nay, we have reason to know, that tile provisions of the law have been overloked in her regard from ihe supposition that sbe is beyond control. Surtly if a hotn in the service of the governmtent at the Bal ze has a privile'ge of Ontal erxemplinn, ihrse that ectrry the United States mall, at laer, 9clr e courtesy. 'Ihey ar ready for examination, hu: their urgent duties will not permtal Ihei to wait the tardy operation of the ilelcr-tors. As as all the huats inl olur port cannot he exanlined in one day, they have tihe best right to delay that are of necesaily sure to returnr in two days, aid have so universal a duty to perform duyi). Were every astcaner stopped until the itmpector coiuld crawl throu',. their boil. ere, wh:at woud Ieoitie of eur trade? Bolat bound in a few weeks a rh p c lay well be dalltaloed until proved sate, but oter~i testylving their teadinessa, and causi:g y one turn's elny a loss to thlieir owners or $.iillc, and to the public: oa two furl ma ls, should claicn at least a promnpt aittntion, orgome exlensive conald-orisn. SlteatbotLr Lot.-B- y the report of the steamner Mediator it apelars thatt tile stealr.iraat Caar on her trip from tile month Ofcth. ri t')io thin port struck a salg at the hend of Island No. 21 and apeedily went down This very anay ti souppaled to be the onie that caused the sinking of the Gov. Dodge, lost just before. A aprtion of che Czar's ceago consisting ol ilour, bale rape. and b,,gging, ,e expected to he e:tved:t ihe boat, it is feared, will Irove a total ltse. Thle .lediator took off a large number of the Cz r'c ipassengers, toglether with 3) hoarse, cil of which were hrouc!ht safely to this eitv. The Pawteep, frim St Louis, passing about che oance tie, tooik ,f" the if lrs, but shorliv after doing so, sie Rot aruuind. The M ediator also brourght he nl'ters who narrived v.arerday to re-eliorte their brethren Iat lle SI. Charles. The fri.nol el ti l as. F c Hcoy, Ilhi new Oelected ..Sleiff was wai,.d upon by lhis ":many friends" oin Mondav ni rhr ti, conor talare himn on his new apiuointmeno . The \Vas' i inn o o lurds, the Loui. sialo Gras,c the N.lr,,on l IniffoaI ry (Ilaely the Bliackwnlch) all arteinded, an.l wiith themin a sii ;prb hand colposed principallv of the artiler sof the IS. (Chnrir. rhenrre, whoa plovyed tauny an e livaenIng srenade belre te the hllse of our Il ucb res. perered Ienetd npt. Ilo.ey. T'he gnlanr and kindvl caprain opened his iaospitabla doors t i all, and many a hearty expression of contgrelnlaiin, and good tellowthip restified how sincerely his fliends felt p!eased at his. gl fortnll . And well tche might. A kinder hearted, or a better citizen coild not Ie elected t, office thllan Chrles F. Hozer, and ctie Ullalllinola pinion o all assembnhled, and inrleeld f o r Allericall (ipoiuaaion generallly wia 1 th i, (overnor \lVhlie had never iadeea Inore po polar, or nalllltiirepd nominoana. After a most hearty, and sincere congratulation, the nssomohld d force with their acenlmpanylng hand proceeded to P make a resperarflil farewell to our worthy ex , mayor, before wh acs dwelling a sple'ndid sore- b nade w'aperformned. M-. Prieur, who it appears It was nlread allall ton hi vOyage, could not re- s pond to the heIrty feelings of the sosem hbled panry, bu hhe wilI do so as sou as he hears of thie t spontralneous ernliphinlenrt. Afrlr secrjillng the commander of the Guards to his home, the whatl ec of 'he troopo priceeded to their rest. It is with ft pleasure tIcln we record that the no Oinltinon of Cha.rles F. Hizey t be Slheriff of the Parish of r Orleans hans veln, as far as we can hear, univer. sal etlisfaclion, and the universal belief is that hei wri:l pertf *il the dlti.as of his nIew, anrd onerous, ac ofiise with fidelity and disinlcrrestednesas. f (t> . The Colunlmil the second municipality at Its its sitting last night, rejected the ordinance in. Srodueed at a reviotu sitting by Mr. Caldwell, It, providing for the paving of certain streels with ogranite blocks and hexagennl blocks of wood, cn and adopted a substitute oflfred by Mr. Peters to Sincrease the event ,of the contracl with Mr. M n. turn for round atonte paving front 20, to 50,000 re square yards. The. following Comltnienrirs mere elected: It For the first ward, A. Pickard. id Do. second, R. D Barry, a Do. tlhrd, S. Kibourz, e tlaie Bnt itur, Fanrick Wand. , C..nmmi.nay St. Mary's MalneI., W. I. Carter. II, I lr.c aldwell handed in his r.sognationl as chair. Sman and nlmen:er of the commi'tee oUt Staeets and Landings, and the Recorder appointed in hais at place, Alderman Goyd. to - ---- - - T Tle writer of lte French ild. of the Bee in a at notice of the performances of the St. Charles I T'heatre, lakos one remark, which is no correet that we have taken tIhe trouble of translating it . for the benefit of certain actors antd actresses. We hope tihey wil profit by it ''fTil eotrances are generally failures. Mr. Plu a m r causes lhims.l f to be particularly remtarked by this fault; we have never yet seen himr arrive at the proper timle, and it would appear that lie has estublishod a ru:e to make himself waited fur. oAn oly.ne ho i-acquatoted withthhe severity of I the Fr n rb h o ag* . w ,,ul be asn tulsh. d at the p - tarens wi w ich the audience otllle St. Chlarles pa e over this ,tast improper rregulatity. The t indulgence is badly understood, and ran only lead nto a g col dii.oraton.t'ion of oLhe T'hearicals.' "The.4ctors are conme, nry Lord," An aceession hos been made to tihe company of the S. Charles whioh will matetrially improve lie performances at that theatre. M1r. anti Mrs George Farret, Mr. and Mrs, DeBfr, Mr. II. G' Pearson, and Mr. Williams, have arrived ftom the upper rountry. Most of these artists will appear I this evening, atnd we hope will be greated by a fu'l, and friendly audience, for Ihey are all estate lhsh-d favorites who b:ast of a very extensive eir eletf admiring friends. (t.- We lave received at our Reading Room i all the numbers of Bentley's Miscellany up to a Semtsember, No,. 4 Nicholas Nicklaeby, and the a east namber ot Sketlehet by Bota. [.Tlre races over the Louisiana Course are m,. commaenee on the 28th or2t9h-the Spirit of the ai Timu says it is uneertain which; at home thleres is at ueitit~ntaltiort. The I.t day recesare far ";the Gre- ha $22U free for all,-miles heals. Sroard Diy jI C. Puree $1200, for 2 mild heats, $200 is t.L nd, if more than two. Third Day J.C. Purse $1800--three mile heats: $300 to the tnd horse if nore than two. Furtnh day. Louisiana Plate $ 1000 two mile heats. Fifth Day, J. C. Purse - .500, founr mile heats: $301. to the 2nd, if niore thou two. 8xtll Day,J. . Purse $600--mileheats, beat 3 in 5. Souvenirs for 1839.--'PTw.) II these exquisite geas of literature for the pr.louction of which the present day is so reimarkaile are now before us from the store of RVim. MiKsen. The prin cipal object of both is the sime, to alffrd an ele Ilgat present to fair friend, for whose sa, eriol enloylnent these lchartming works are so lobuo. ralely completed. 'TtiE GtCoT," edited by Miss Leslie, contins 9 most exquisitely engraved illustrations to the li. terary contents, which are from the eons of -iolne of our most esteemed writers. The eloquent edi Star M.ta Leslie, Mrs Sigourney, Miss Gou!d, Mrs Gilnlman, Mrs 'alte, Mrs 'ruill, and other ladies of literary distinetion: aod by Park Benjamin, John In*stt, "Lafittt." Brtoks, Robert Walsh, slid many others. The "Gift" is peculiarly adopted by its elegant style, and agreable literature, for the puirpose of presontimg to "Sweethearse stid Wives."'and those enamoured youths who would fain convert the one into the other would do well to Crmmrtenee proeoedings with "the Gilt." "T"e V'iolet" is indeed a: exquisite gem; light, brilliant, and pe€lie. It is edited by the same charraing hand, and as peculiarly adapted to the more juvenile omong our fair young friends. For more perfect specimens of art we have never met with, thian "the Gift" and "the Violet." Talking Ladles. There is no novelty in the idea of tell.tng ladies: that is true. But there wae, un. til lately, some novelty in dramatic heroines "talk ing out of book." It has not been customart, and it is not consistent, that actresses slhould speechify to their patrons when their laborsare ove r. Celeste, because she never spoke while acting, was accua. Coimed to show her friends that sihe was *"silentl,. not dumb," by returning her thanks on benotlit uo ceains a rlltrol favors reecaeved. For a ltile she i c ontinued "alone its her glory," until some, min taking the result Itr the mean, thought all he' successe was atlriutuhle to norlost slreech lr ctrn less on,'instead of her tltnt, land grace, ald heocu t lve 0 .en. up a crowd oi eomulutlrs. Ladlea who pokebad had!y. s acted worse, have mado loung talks to Indian Chiefs and 'Congress-men. Mrs Shaw oas "tullowJed in the lfotsteps," asod now mtkesa speech of many lengths to answer manyil purposes; and even irso. Gibbs, albeit untible to speak but poorly whille aided bynr author in Ihe play, now tmak.a a lengthy speech after the cur. tarn tIes dropped-by way of atonement, we pre sttme, fur the quonlity of speeches omitted, or spoiled while it was np. If this very unbecomingt lashion be lot checked, we shall soont have as ma ny tallking ltlies oni the stage as talking parrots Iff it.- - - 31) Land Sales.--\e believe all tioe who feel an ils cnteucas Icn tie prceperit) cf Lciecs 'a, were cat a llccic rc*jclced ihen a he Pres dent'si rotrac n:.tic o nIIIInouIce: d that the Puhblic Lands wecre ihlut to l .t brought Ic tie han lt rclc erlr, a t"ee a l y whi' h ! or exceedld the averac. dulratlin of hui nn aile - ''he joy, however, renived a dumper, when we Sreceav.,a c hi P ndveirtme scnent ''f pI)sttit enentp Isro bht (tencr'a Lanai tflice. Upon inqsiry we find ,hut the rensai I for ietlyingc the tcule is fnou l i latnd, p:t ctpdtly in i he paraish ul luervtile and t cn r- cyrtly co.vered by tile letell. lions oat d'clau. thv u l v r' heirs. af It hic d'ilautcrive'c succeeed, hey will becme iacctcnaeaay rcic,, f-or tie hauaid in qucatentlla . m thlllllll ite lihs in ile statle, fir I.r ICh e sugar e cn d e, and worth lerha c tiive millions oftdcllld . ad -.I Ice Sleuacbual-- lI'h New Yorki Sun Fays: 'T',e jIIIIItI.I.s1 cc..ucill cic .' recenCllyl , had Uld.Jcr all 000n(50 er• tJ t l , Itr,,l.0 ,"I u pl [)'I i. flith 1h1ur1 t das il l' as' lltoa lso csnaLructed a.l that shnc will be able w v in the h r wa seto,0e Swhen ticl tLee wolai t c iven ordintlry teea'illl),clls id frcmn perCclr g clll l ht service. A re, cort o t, c atr rulJec \ccJt aciateull Mlunday evensng, a htch ,' ad 'ate na s thes adv. n dllci . Itc icac-u"pcilrantt,,c ae $,cc O. rlr lhatl purpaccc. 'I',n prc-j cl, ii appcnar., i was prcposed by VIr. G. bY. Crocker, wo.c alct" - propesec to build ice boat cv eubscripll,,, an. he spplied clc the Co alcon Couadncei i ass Il Ita t andi alter ccllrtdeilltg be cllatllcer tan t c receivlc.g d several crli tces rll, Ilan erctunts and otherac, crp prauving of the usdnerdtulccnt 1c, the nl acro te to WItoam It en-as refered, racecosrnenrd hatl as soon e $.sr u,O, were ,uaid rlbcd ioward bold hil, the bao,a, tihe eratcmercn would advance $.atJU an a hrloetr psrtnerhop In the casc'erl, bu.ie meln I bet e ithe Ucas d ,,ea utt d tee the reoalutioa aon tile romund Ithet i would lrncl c vcry dangerous precu I delll lr tile Corpouraion ca llcit a part lers i a trading p onc-erlc. 'lThe rei 'cl and resalu ionl cc were oerelurre lasd otil tablc, ore urtebr cuns ld. Sercacnc. Our ci.ahenl .cialls want ctileu cty a pay their trees netustad busil tcc wIalb iantsote b for then. of AN AsnsIr. MItxand i Prs...-iThe lflinwina, i if extradcteo toaccr Lte ofIe Sal.l.l "a' ltorCle ridge, by Jar.e f(illmanc : "'l'he ithelar ol tll bard and mtcuphnysicm n was a poor eltllnlry pacnt/l ti a crery ubstn mited. It iecas aof hllni the oa a, one aiccaoln, hant g o breaclast with hia lle shp ihe wi,, as was the practice ot that day, inlo a barler'bla shp, to have hb head shaved, wigs being IeI cInll coneilrns use. Just as tlce operation wan curllplele lck strue k scrak nine, the hlsur at which thie bihbop punctually braakfasted. RccaseI I, rde.s fltla I reverie. he instantly left tie babaer's it shop, and in his noste forgettncr his bewi, appear dt e bat the breakfasi tible, whr rhe tlbehp and bhig party had assemalced. The bimhopb well ae a qaainted with his alnacet mnanners, coarteronua aBd playhully requested him to wallt iltaen ad Jmininc rocaac, end give titS nhlci,,c oat s nccr r which htind arcivcd Iron Lolndnn a l wI tlanes reevlue ly, en l hllch d ulct.,ed to Ils a.-. llethl, l t'ut e ust ml cc CIIt' I IIIC IICc e a r Iuf It lc le an f'lrlgtflnCrta 0 aenOther 0e nsi,.n he dined ir tId the bishop, when er olilacwscng idocruc cneslct ouok ptare: 'the bishop had a ltnndeni daughcer, ensrl se nerictan t il ile, wsi, oo a swacty'e las ion see anlld sollverse wlth tiell deilr, ag o olt an.' (hils necl apptella tcn, and who was alcs kind henough t, relnind bionr f his citlBe forgela in s, slety) Iacd rouse hill frot his as o tiln Toh d. Itw anot bine n ite aeshlun In his dai fslr gcntwlemen Ic wedr ac-cc, bhia '.tl r lycothan, reteadinarm trcm his wacestcat, left a s paee in his black dress, tihreu h which ellen appeared o portion of his linen. Oil) thdese opc asnn. she pgoad lady wotld draw hie at tention to thie apieararnce, by se.inLg i na cad r t1 elle, 'A ittlein t o this elile, Mt. .al ricldge, or'" a ehat, as the adjutmentn might tequre. ''lis -Ihtn s.as inll-tatlllly atlecded co as hie enlhlarnsrr ld onsnetl, p lrdctenad hi a sease alf the arnclnec w would permite. On the day nhvo aludld n , it, fliend sait next ta hen, ci retlssd a wa the fasllllrn inl a snlar, partcy soang aprnce. IWhlll in earln..t alalVercaticn wcs h he s tch pbe ilce naclgttnr,r o i. sidet nxt the la.ly appeared the folds f Itis sit;rl through tllhe It taun brlr, delrscrlbcdc o, conepicu. It o.elv cics enstantly to attract Iloatie. 'The hin was Imnedlcacely givec lMenr. Clteridge, a little ' n the I side neat mer"nod wan as insctancily anclhwlnedt I you, and the hand set to work n t replace ie hllirCa t, lbut eunortlnatrly in his nerveau eagerenrs he atizs. c td na cte tod'a ap ron, and approcrcated the iret- m nr eart cl it. Ihe w uappenl t 'lDaar ,Ir.Cnonrldge :o stpl' -ailv llncurensd has enmbarrassnrln:, aaio also his exert'lc as toa dlisp"l e ol his hlrt ,'illtlhe lady, to pIat sop tr, the lte ter f the vsitoers, and i relieve her Iown e llfllsint m ntie d th I nerlnio and I tlils dleell asl g ll herserll lelt the r-ote, atdl her Irlend at plareseclcn on her aprnln.i e.'llotlsolnra Jl{ldcllto.--(lIl.ctt.rfrnm n entle -I man in aYt, magltn to the Ilna A. B. Wnodwrno i Jucde of Middle Florida ) T'hlta wnderllle. h I namaPcnoa, thiat has excited the an''er and is aon-t i la:Icsleta Ctf the worldl ]taave een. Tlltcere nre ew 11 illy clcalllro e ne Wllo have hact the ,Icc sr Ulait, - icc ecn qct'asrccl tic cictt c I a c) cI ,. tct racllcorec( Ir ,-nsu any pI rt o l co enlnlr ree. Its t i tede nn d maIln tde a dr nat exaccty recollect.I I cii e satnd ell betwen two isl;tllla l, hleltn ing I i a grup off - the coaec l of Ncor"at:, sullndt le Low cn ecall' i Is.ende,. hiltlcaeen Dttnisll;,ln l (blinc g dlc ncust ntrltherl port c 1 cculelce) acd tile Norlh Cape. I - supptele Ic. !aliudcc 1) 'c e Ilout c .8L nlortht t tita will is,1 hs eeriai. I Iced rcclelsla n scc lle yers s ince to naVilnlce a eltpc Irmn N, rill cUal), to l)rolahecn, nearly all tie way beplwtt5 n the tilanIs ur rck.s ald h!ku stsa. On Inqulran.g nI my Norwua pant IJt abolut the practcl.atiicy cc atting er te hir. I|."t, I ,leccid le llbltlls w ll a g d bccaie t could be npprelarehd near enouah Itlr exa lninasllon Wai. - out danerr. I at once delero lned to .ellc yl-y a I. i sell. We began tl near ia shout Iieo'clsetA s 1 c cn the nccntl aol September, wtll a fins landine J sit'lld norlthweat. 'lwo g.suea lenclec were placed tiup t lcce hebl c end clte insl e on the quarter det, kat in e hlsdc at c.oir stetions tor working shtilp, snd sIc lends.I went "n 'he """'''""d yn 'sl, ri ·6 gond alass. I lld he.n sented but n few nomdnlt S when my shin enltred the dish of the whirlpo. I; the velnoity of thm water sltered her csnr-e ther pointi tnwards he. entre, although *he wn s goa!ti eight knots through the wator. 'his alarmed nsme extremely; flir a moment I though thhat de irrnclt,,n w n inevit.hle. She, h'nowever, nnrwetred her helm sweetly and we ran along the edge, the wanvens tlt rnd ing raund usin every f lrtm, while she ,,was dantcing aily over them. The senstiions I experienced are dinlitlit to describe. Imagine in yourself an immense circle, running round, of a tdisaotterof one and a half muiles, the velocity in. cressint sa it .pproximated towards the centre, and nradually channvina its dark hlue etlor to whire-foaminge, Iontblnig, rushing to the vortex: very nrus h elcave, ais tuch an as the water it a tunnel when half run nor; the noise ton, hissing, roaring. dan.in-ill pires-ing on the miind, at once iretsrn.d Ie* mlo-ti awfun , grand, and sou!enn sight. I ever .experienced. We w.*re near it about "igtteen rnir.u es, ami In right of it about tIwo hours. It is evidently a nbterraneean ipasage, that lead,: the Llird knowsh where. Front its magnitude l should not J.lobt that inlltant destrue. tibn woutl he the late ot a dozen of oir largest ships, were thevdrawn in at the anme moment. The pilot sans that several vessels have been B sucked down, and that whales have also hetn destroyed. The first I tllin probable enough, but I rather doubt thie latter. Alnecdoles of Lean .Ales -A reverened Doctor of a very ghlntv apjperance, was one day aceosted hy a fellow witl the following saluation: '"Well, decrtor, I hope yinu have taken arse of your sou at" "Whi, my trnd P"stidthe divne. "Becaus," rIplied 1eothetr, "your boudy is not worth caritng for."' When the Ditk teo P'hoiseuil, a remarkably meagre man:, Ii ".t L'.,nrtn to ntegotinate a piece i hales 'I'.:otnae:td being asked- whether the French gnverlnie ts hall soni the preliminaries of a Irenty, anaswred, "I do ort know; but they have sent tile oullitie aofat ambasrsadorn " A poor, diminutive Frenchman, heing ordered by his Sunarndo, to drink a qunart of piaan daily, replied, with an heavy sigh: "Alas! doctolr, that in impos.ible, since I only hold a pint.'t A rennarkable acse oflesnness is montioned by Sorrey,,f a I r.it, wllh btetleue o thin, and dry in all his alticunlitites, that at lust he was unab e to no tihrugh tile ctlebration of mlss, as hi: joinls and spine wanid crack in so loud & strange a manntr an every genullexion, that the faithful were terril.ed, ntnd the Inlthless Inughed. nan OIn 't'AHti.EmAND Every one Sive him a a.r, no heis dead. Eventlcut hiutd-tlartad snlid molest atirrursins him a puoah. II ulludi.g to tdtintory ti t whill ll si:a e ill thlis inuitry ti worked .n u llrnl near' Allany, sand peddted eggs tra d blalttr tlh tile i itn a , of II tatiitly t ie Mirror U - I ndilynanat "We dodnot brlievO thattlho old diplolntustttas ever en.aged it ' llenet in .c..ptniolh" F'aatlE IN Te EAS T tnaIesa--By the last acounats fron Ii'di.a, tllo illtper I'riviauts ttofto lmtenil tsilenscy were t le seoseso f lnlghint misery uatan mrtnity. Tensaofthousats htvn ehee relu,'il to iatter sttr;arvlion, sand lens of tu.a.s re fed hby bIounty. 'he alr for iiten was tiilltnd with tile eilauvii from tlhe utaeflytlnn cnrete of mtoll ld rattle. and rivers of tha JuntlllllllU d Gni gnschocked sup ld poiseunIt by. the dead blties throwa itn, thieir hanntels. It is iuponito Stol cplute r5ho 1Unhlllht who die ill their prouresn frou the dosenste di'teiit ir tt tle to Vlet where ftod is proillabil. n.e ]lear of olrl bllelt sdetrti I heir children on the Irish ways; of itfiata crawtngtaroundlho ,eratnnriis to pitk thpthernaiusnof rice naecidetlly Sacitlltud dull: i.tleu pncs of distriibutii at tile doora; of th lOntadS lliSai ;aied with dead budies tprey tI tile vulture aulla thel jiueinl!; lf tI coarses of satcll riers ctmllalv obstructed by tile iatsste' of it.odies tlroWnt therein hy house wha ire otniitlOyed to cei, the hlih wnamy: filta in Sruetin. dlive, fiat a the tetutlihillh , Of nana:Uateting Ithe lhvia Anle tile pullrrldto Islltei troule f ;and thel worst ol' t asll, Ibltt tWo tnleella Iollur. ltlust Moltlse bef'ore it fall of rtlu colad b explrcted, a ilt tte teartth ihit frtit to appes ttihe cra vitgs urhungaer. 'I'li. tis iii .pjil last. ml Ca- H1E S ihscriher oli;rs for Sile: I off 50(I baxes S prrl n +,'di le?; 75 l Jt, hl', piUte, ntr d r' 7 111 " 1 N l I & Extra It l[ S"1111i n bh n l riled d Wh 'u is; 10 cask- S.eler , ,ll;l 'm Ir x u-i Tll i ;

glr .' 7 I 13 g, a l t11' BRID'' E A C'.al Om 310 coil-, B le Ropt;, 0, O 1P 0 gunE-v 0ags. assi rted sires; in 50 r',ls,.s seasowih clo Yhing; Iar s, Ilnk and 1'in ,+ Ca, N a lr. BIh.ei](R E & -O. ris 0o .'u 3 ll Mag1zine stt' lo Or'3PI Itt ltiAS-- bIl.e iniie ari i i, r r , l. hy - eo tir , fll latoM ler" ' o oto l".ht uur , I ,r , _ & i l e l o ' 1 . t, ' , illtllB l l S 'r l' Ih trv '['Iwt its rdmlv haiIl I i', :ll3 f i tIti, ii t I, hi ll hfnrned f itrl'as. harrest ,,r sh l neorvt b i , n l -nil ' -ii t¾ if(,+ 'Hl t tlll- t' , ' II g i 'l it r € , unr I duy me rt i ,hull te r hr d eb orl t h' .I Ir it or trro hli |e d houe, .t ale a xs,,.,,r nrl 1 ,ther f" d, itI v , wl oa'l· I lllu ril d it' -te f tnll, i" I nta"rl itfiu s .e pti llll ," , h: Crlit't f , t 'rI ni. o i , ori rl e , , r 111 hcle in. " liiut hn ,ni ii Id I 'I't, r ' lltll ' 1i 1 i lllre iuty Io , t trtri ,e ,l or ln, it h a 1 , x t ri flhir 1 - uis to cor iini h it-es lria l w.: r l lle- llP r h (oL',d so t r ,(l ta li t te I ,or. iltgl t l t 'r llll. i th or gi ,o r t.II ti r a 'o ad ,ift IttI 1 h lliiu , Ahl lUo l, i iat Spt. [thoI , t'eite tili' oi'ls lh ed r e i,,e i '1111t 1 1', of 2 to ll 2 ' 11 r1 , A ,n di uI Heel trui el lnra o o thce e di 11 Ioa ns t I t htn-t h. i....... i re, h, sr p ronv cit. any e rn ear wieorll d ul i a conpie r til ar t eril leu ll Ia I i ll , t i n llwilll r+huie ,l ioifree fiesl i itooil, lrl-et, ,of d Soi il nei t i e 11 inh ted illi anu y I li 1t whtevt++r fin' deolf;tr ,thewisi ol prtc 1e e 'tlfil tile m n er ore l id, anid shall have ,o tllined IN, Sertilic te that f t, ine the e e nat 10he tet,telle re"tlrW. tr tte." T 'The third ectlion f tie act f 163I for nh orgnaia. . lion anid dlsei Jlinig ,,'tle 1 t" iiarf't e Stai t h Loui +,na,, declar'es: rl3 se or lanle d l Ja 1 a laln talion, b r.oIsni or special inn-t, ,, ,+ , ,, =h rl ;ehoe to Iat v nany otoder ir TIrde :\., , . W i,,tr, ; uvieu'ith r it Si ton ive e I eu 'd d.o ... 'i Ii , i. 11 reL use &r ,leel t i r lt ,r ll -Iim l liwith S Ltd .e -¥ on ; €, fur CIsut h prrs or p,"rsuo,, fat grit laid every ulitOr, fit tl residet o Ithe el l uri o a' re , l't4 r;en e fioe S'I'N dollars, and it ,hfuh thcre shall be ip rti-l - rI d Ive h ln M at thl expense tll ; S& ;w h ite ieres, dlid .d Nill allU y of t ol"oher perace- t ? teLtn o'r , per' o nl1 M tII he flle3d FI"VE d, , a w'',tii l tt deio h th err,,; sooittig ae Ip l t4 O lhet txelt-Illvu o'h . I' The tc.ili i) Sill he fillv onco e,[v ill t or iu..ace a nd fi ale N ore SI toc I aioli of tle kintd. e To avoid as llont'h llt ipssihllle lnnece.sPtrv troullel and expense t all s e to itat, y r f- ' .0 -ed or Iegleie d to tlnl,'l with the l ilitry lws nd ofthe slate -t alln 2tha gt y , a.Sept. lalt, at tLe ,'ciew c- in s let teii ,II 3llhe th i CLPuihen IL. P E. o L* ave le Square', every dero tinirlt i ls respel:tli plv , re nlt'd ,1rail at liV uillice [i+tk l ii0 ,llts lioln, rith lJate oi tllia r ...ice, ll++.... l .... , ours ... . If ' St""d 2 o'clock, A Al Wl 4l selttle l I, e l "ltI e i exl ntle. Ally 1lo l~er ofa lire or olhlllleer e4omp) any, wvhon nlav have been nhold rto1tveiltrllo aanl dtt '<lt dlt holl,,il dutiy ill t e b c IIll LIP i- al entaii t lejoib (, lact montmh, will eauf'"r a particNl~ar l' o r otii t ave ni' el, 1, frlbll Ioi bei,,. Iro l «., , d and ,,i )1,xle, bl y hilfrlnig are e ;-the fict, within Ip , o a.-, i eii C'i verbaoly ta r ahh-eii si, rn 11note; and alsu otll ler personlaS who aII1V hav bee IJl. Thl' eiobjetl' ~c i h llllsoti, io SpRive e tily deli. . llenl tlhe o l,lp otunit y (,fst llillfiX' il fine or l lnkio hls e+×uls+.s, or g.ivig Ihia reaJll s) It ... he shouldh n be fi• . II ellnccordine tu lw, taerebty aviing the diargteetabte, to necessity , f legal Irucceediugs against hive onl the part of 11,' StateC t " " l:f,' l t u llv , J A S H D A K IN , Ottic',t the ih ll:e of anlki!i . Dakin, Arl:hilect. rr a r,'h,mlnlt' IExt'h.l u,,_, Blalink P ]ace. i,,X.r'!ir 4- AMELUNG, i. Spl I (COrllllnlr,,ll 0t1Pf. 12 crusks Ne,, i, • 1 br I winlter ,ii, warranted pure, not loadhg liglni b.ryue Ihenre, filled Ioston, Por nsle by JUSEPII COCKAYNI', rOet "75 Grnvier st k V Full blenched Sp)ermt lil, a pare article. No. 1 al ld 2, Soap np ' of llltllitlP anI otIher brTnud.+--Jtldd'e Pt. tella SlelI Iim ('ilii Ies a, d n ,t Sllurll lot )1"f .panihll l'ritle - pie .eg'us es l' of iilau riur lutivy, ill atore anld ur s:le by r Ort4 3:3 Gra' ier St I11 ilui-t C.;o--::,1n, Ir>Uva ll nun .nrmtltir,7 lael. c, lc., m s"P: and polunlll np sllJ, oif aiLlOlus bralads nI qua.' d lties, fir salel v I selll5 ISAA+C BRIDGE & Ca, 17'4 Maazein, St he'll..,lit 7 iIJissippll f lr sale by ¢t'2 1:31 .Magaziulle t. C 3,1 b0oterl 1,dc, a ganod article, Itrl o by _ _.. _lt. _ 7 FronIt Levee floOUI{-lt0 bils resh Flor, li, sale Iy - oelt _ 44 New I,,evoe THliirl l rl tti superfue Iblue wove Cap, rued; dl o du .. ..ite do du 30 dt Iiw prie.. hite S. white? Cup rul'd 511 do n Sorte, blite &: white etLer, ral d id Jst lrc 5eived an(d for sale byv I).\VID FELT &. '.O, New York"Stutaner's lla11, SEpl I. :1 Chartlue i. 0o.11', A.-Iii l"'", arc -l1ttit-abed f;o-..ae N., A7 .'& l"d ap, of Valentiha dell other UrHnd+. Jlldlld' whi·(1 t1rll tcollored p:,telul Splermil _'slidler,, in slore and Ini- sule by S G B LANCIIARD, sep. ;3 (ravirr t. ClRarles Theatre. ; TENTHNIGHTOFTIIESEASON. SFirst appetaran e this season of ^d Mis. Farrs, . De a In, Mr. Pe lrran, Mr. Wil. - liams & lr. De Banr. This Evering, October 101h, 1838, Will be performed the domestic drama, called THERESE. Corwinl, l'. P'erson Lavigno, liliiatn, a- Fonair., lie ltor, Therese, Mrs. Farren, Two Overtures, and tihe National Airs. 'OThe performance will conclude with thie mtu icl En . teortalaumnt ctlled DUMB BBLLE. u I Vivian, 31r. De lIar, in U.Smirk, +l'nke, Eliza, Mrs. De Bar. L, UIV)r I.Fr t ti'. t TO SOUTIIERN & WE.STERN IEILRCIlIAT.e. Tr HE Subocriher takes thia opportu ity of iAllrin nl his riends i d cusetowrrlm t.t ie ,til con tiaues to mInlllacture the follo r in ndel hrtieles Gohl and ilhr LtGold ea ad Titn oil Iiroultr ne&., Ut nitl warrants them superior to any' nnufnctured ill tlu United ~tates. WIllJAM BRADY, or No. lI0 South Ffith , Pat hildellllia. Cd It'All orders thonkfilty received and punctually attended to. Tih 'Courier' Chiarlestrn, S. C. 'The Trio Allm cas' N'et' chleasa,and iVhig' Cincinnati, Ohi,, will g please insert lle above 6 imnes, and send tslr ,ills It the office of rtl ' National I tiot,' Plhiladrlphia, with ialers containing the advertisement. oct5--6t to TA'EI'E O, LOUII i "A--h'i.vl , Cout r tes to S Parish ald city ofNew Orleo.ts Preaeut P hr Ille. of Charles ,tauraiui , Jume, No. - , ct. ib, 1838. LJohn WhVite, Insolveno debtor, in a cluul custitly vs. his creditors and Ite creditas of lWhite & Folly. 1U n motiin of C. itl'Millirn, Counsel for the lIslvent, d anil on iving the Court to ndlerrtand that a scfficient number of Eceditors in olu I)el" ll n ld m ilal hid at ap ipeared at the merting of ereditonr to iurhorise s din. oimrgItlll dor thle hli. It is tIherfire Oldered bI thI court, tlhat the second inert n of the creditors .O Oh I tv petitioner antd ofWhite and Folilev tote pnre in ioe hCouirt in tIlndatly 29I1 tlas of O't tieor, 1}831, then antd there to deliberate on thle affitlrs of lhe petitioner, anid is tsoew iuse why thle s aid insolvelt shoulJd not be t discharge.d. ul xtraclt fron the minuteils. Clrkr's Office, Oct 8111, 1838. A M GIUYOL, ctlo--itwfrd l'y Clterk T '' RIN'I"'. tII MFIE four story fire proof hrick store in Catt d sltreet, at triesent socuined by .Ies-rs. A ii i Wallene Co. The thlr+ ort brick storeat th cort"er ofl: hiti 81 la and .;at..ht... street, at present OIellupi,,d liv aless s lnleatlh ti C,.; tile third t try being fitted itor . dl Alsotheo t re roryofithe biick store in Itkh Aley, i4th dirt froit ihe last uuued--tle aud Iud 'd sireit I'tiing a ll lilted e uit. S l'os'iw l s iou given iaiI thIe Iet Novelmcber nevt' ' ciS-tt CllhIAS. A .IAt' Ill is 8)Ui)8 hilt, tIbit time; iS ibla cleor;i t2Iahlx si e eli '; "0 bills soft imesc; li Itbis shit ldclt; CO I bbls at o'rk i'r torc, at l t;r salehv I.AY ET l l A'.i F. IiJN(t, I Oclt) 17 lCommercir st whellat ill stoi e ulll *i I , -l b[, IAy hI' V AItEttUNfi, ,__._ i_17 (Cliilni'rrr ct r it E. E)- 00 bh. Prime Lekt l.urd ir stEr n J leby LAYVE. & I INE, •r j ot5 i CoEE, sel(.e Itllanuwv y f'roI t' e (ylrrjton Me t .hile shop, , here hail e, no ll r ryar d .1()1j "tlay is stu buiir 5 lit, t il •rhr s i. hei.h, hs Ia ,light sen t nu nt is le r elle , arpelk r li it lho t n l ier I'E w reh. "l'i thvre reward nrl ill be Irid rupon hli rt Sleery to the s - Trbscribe" (lI ;;Er d,; E lEE l'i, 1.5 -if C'hiri' r niiryrr N . & C. It. R I.' 1':',1 'i \I Li.., N"1,',rr bo.s. , .\t i ll2e rrlr p r ('tr ll..s ,1; :ill box,,r wri Ilyrvt , Ih r 7l.rrl-; 1 l E.l llyl r UIrll o; LII 111' 1I Ibu NIl . Zilnc; :3.30 ,hbelts u1stn'rted i al"r8zier ' .S ot n.,r for srlr b J 1;Pll (cC ,.\ . , r elp'".rI9 `l2.i He iGreb 0 avier S r rolrn : l _ y (rlr n velr, r 7L\1 :t .1: -r 1 - bo x of rimEe' h"e 71 :o.t On. flllo ,.i.ni lr oe9 o r, l I ai th dt "1 ilo l I, CIvei t l, o e r . It v. t.trv f l ir,+e e i, I" ' sa le, by ll I) i,'ll)'+i3,' ;:,T E l"E 1 1 ll I , I k f.' Itt 1-,n ,i I rel = o:t. , t il' 6. .1:r B ;i ,,l. : ") "a- (-: ll L : b l l, ellT : N111 : IY All i 1d nirt, l n .ur r Ihv r y''d Ir. El 'r rrrlr' 1r ,r T1( ! l t4 I lt I " l l ; I)h,, icLv .. OR --, ' 1l, e u -I 18; )l k ,hlit l ponll t h e, Ior urll're loe , I'y erl sl nte rlll o rrllr I ilyr e lE," . l h hh A L Ii ' i h R, ,i It( '.r,, Jt r ul n h.1 :e (,O 'I'V I r ilef-110t0k11 arl Al hit1ru(ii t 1a, El I toe ' - 15 7nE Nrt r or' r,j lt rreerivrd umro ir s rE , r.b tI\- .11 4--5 I Tr 1I, bIr.... by..r 1nyr3r b e r f ,rir... A ii ntlity lmo'r' e, Ir ,le by '- r i Nur i r rrnor ' d y. in ; t le l'rlof ir , rvdr I ilr k, sirnedI E ld a pro.ve E Iv ItE r s I 1 ek wir her,,fterbe paid Iv tYR t o ier r of fit. b ls h'rtie lIre' ShlDock, tlue ad J mell . l I)i, k having uever e nhe or o -r I Le n&Iake r11b NullrlrrrS. r n 'to rat er, dll'bill-'tmia in ditt will Ior ve . T e tip I'oed lt iued by vhe anut ofh PlanI ing i Or, d rDryck. Ifly ;j EI .\I 'I R E jr''r' ' Cr\N. ." if ! l':lll Oil() , ,CANI)3IE .,+ l ... tl e sk.-, StyIhrld 'r tnril o e s lr bi', S rer r I ,edl -ill rslren randliall, bli t s, iI h oloxes a<n ulnl t hae le:, in ah - O lej r. Fi ro', fra salt rrl ( l.)l:l'llI'i I!'KAYFII, I -l'-- 1 1l a 'l'h rim r IIIi J r ". rII UNDS 25InE ID 1 br ig J ief ill r anIllrid for itle byIii I J J) I IIITNE l '. atZ nu; Il (7snri street. i.OAl --llr Ioes IValel tine's No E Sy.yj. i store at all., fir sale Il I.\IIEENCE & & I EEI'NFEIYIE; r I'OEN--10lEI Inr s .l t Er r "ir t ior E r imr " -t fur le by i s2 Tieh Jullo ia sr. 4tS (i U t M El Il. ii--0ll m allou. s n I r i i 't lill . s erm orrril filli.t1 e y I1'E1E''E1 E111: & II) , ESet 15 711 S1irajt.irie sre't.r GIZISON'S GUIDE AND DIRE. CORY I 1E(. Ihe .ht arl Lrr.rlrlrrtr, 'rEnd Chiries o Noew Or J. le:tis naud Luf tty lU; |for saleh Iby EAsIll.o lan lExes;',--iuo re,'eir ,d by YI LA\VI ELNLE & I.; tIENlIt':, ili.' from irig C.l cr lit*., nil. r lot iolell by " tuLEVI lI t;:&, LE, y! ,oi , (-1) E A lANAV Y frys h t oelln sublrlber he yellow r lboy birlE Srtout air well IEuilt, rlarE e llo ... IrrEr an wrheyn sp. s ken r . raher dory lEr h kin'r n I lohw o1 i,;eerh. Te d:I(,lrs libll hi) p id It) eiv per."mi llee iiii g hhim tu tE t lt rlrr hb er, y ia 52 ew levere. S IV (; BI11AN. l l,) rohyE o ii iIyra ll li lloy's fit kip1, lrigged ond rLoi-:set lrogano; mera Ior lov s iny chillre'lE nd ili Lbuts,) to shobes oailo lrii Eirer; lard. ing ' rEi shi ll O io E fillny oilre iy I..AC AEElElME1E & CD!). ougll 13E1 hloyio-ryine s'reEt. git wale b y 9ly A'r'l'a & 'lrr liRi,. r 1'1 AV 1N.1 I to r T"- lius; \hito -. d i]. - uit qualitiea of V5egra ' rr grr.. r rllli by LATER * TIIER, W+"I)- r rl Povdras E i r lý i SlI.ATEALI & '|RIEIR, s0139 ,10 Poydrnr st I hE Its l).crilrr E i o erEE r sar e, hludhrrgrfro it, Concoerd, - bales phuior mnliedtr I uegro yi. bale Cwrilled miy ed negro rl_)thr 18 'alrs liEryar as 'elrte dtolory I bale white swo n skins; I case prumed ker' e ;s. o I IIEEI,F N E.y ooal'21 E I+ OI.SEY, I1 Netl N' ever. SECOND MUNICIPALITY. WiTAS brought to the PFunil of the 2nd tMunieipal V ity, in HIaronn street, t.eteen lievia and Gi - rod streets, on theIth Sept., l.lU, 1 large liav Horas. The ownnr i requested to prove property and take liin a',nv, orie wl l .e nold by 1' A Gtolint. At-4tiun' ner, on "-tnutnL.y, tite lllth inst. II 8 HARPER, oct5 Captain of Watch I .I. a Itit ucansna +j I6io d c a tlo I tiai pa. Itii ,:e 6 2 n seiptemhre, un o 'rand theval ba: le pro prietaire est prib de veutr prouver sa iprupriit- et l'ena mrnel; ltremenl it I elra venlun il 'elca par P A tiulloihtea, niLiantur, slnlndi Ino 13idu nonOnt. Suct I S lAI'PElI, I a,_ pt. \Vitch, i2de tun. STA'I'F OF I.)UISIANA, Pnrish ourt Ibr the S Parish sold city of Now (orleaan . Present tihe hlonoable (C :arica tlanrian, Judogh. September 20th 1li:l38. No. 10d8. '\illinm Ken un, no. ils Cred itors; Ut'pn reading and filing the petiiton and ached ile inthis ciase, it is iorderd by the Coirt that a meet ing of the insolvent nreditors do itakein ice iii opeln collt, on 11e thll dl of l'October inixt, e' 10 o'locak, A ll,then anl therl e to -hlew eatu-e nol the said inail. vent rshold ln I dischargei d neearaiti to litw, and in tteieanutine all .roceedltiS ngagainnt his pe on and property tare statyed. ARMPA.\ND PITOT, s; el.'--l:l:w+ ( ltrk. P.,'Tlt tE I.A t I,I l -t.\N:-- Cuaur ie. I aryi i a t I-'nnt lIt piataroisae el ville de la N-Orllean--No 111t 8 -I'tsoent i'll-t o Charle S aurian, Juge--2ie -epl0tm bre 1838--\illit Kenyon coutra .se creanciars Aprces lecture it einrelistronlllt e lIn pettiton tt dul Y tablenlu d:ns I cte altlire, II t-t diteaift qu'une assellllihfe it'insaolvanle urla lime en pleine n cOr, I lje jouur d'aotobre lroehain a 10 ItheurP dol main Iour ductlirelus raisions pour lesqnelles ledlt innolvn Ile tin sereat pltts hinnre: en attendant tolter p)ulllnites jljuticiires centre sa porsonne on sea prtirirstsanllt arrelecs. S 2 sep:3 AtIMAND) PT'rOT', (rfler. .I MASON'S CHALLENGE BLACKING! J AS. S. .1 St)N, of I'hilad Iphia, lhats respectfidlv t t Isprise the mercehants anid pllllic cenernlly of tew O arlaa n. d .ill'atilloa, that lie lins alnpeintedo it 1nssrs. Reeseo &, I)'lain n, the sole nagents tor lie saole of Iii uneqtalled and ilimitable CIIAI.It,Ntt tilt', INT SHOE 11t.ACKING in this section of conatry; tn artictn ulic snldsl re tminient furits Itantifil Ihtrt, anl uniformlirty of nnl. itv The nrmt-ithr'turer warrants the Challenge Bloek ili to retain its vittues in all clihnlle alld n reserve td tieleatlir towaliehit itis applild, lii, olienrs,$109t ire Inlill to aniy personi.lll who will produce its superior. Culthitcatc s nllt he c tP'ti theie torae of Me'is'. ILlese And 1)'laungec. lfriom erhant of thei Inalhe-t respeclti bilit, hearillele timol ti to itlhealuti- atnd suer oriev over every mither Illacking in the United Statns. All iordelr fire this articlo in N. Orlenns, or aly paot Ieftllts lsection of the Union, must Ie forwirdled to the Pole Ai enta iias t botae, twhl will pay iarticular nttenliont to the same, anttd fill thetm at the iatflanutiettrer'n prices. JAs. S. MASON, Philadelphia, replt. 1, 11131. 95 Callowhill t. ILIESE & t'LANGiE, Colb and Fancy Store, 18 Camp street. I[ ýAIV\' \ S C 1"EI, t" -1-: +9 hu_" prime green llava. till ('1 lllio, "f hr traw crop, tlow nnidini tronu Ihr ' Clharles Car roll, fur anlt by JOSElPll COCKAYNE, Octl J Gravwr et T'lr. IA (F') COFFEE-lll sacis ti snuperior an quli SL.AT''ER & 'itlEll, t )Oi 401 Potydras stiiet. lli t -t'lartI(ntt.eult iulofire xistn n der the .tn. t firno nfGLtonft t ,hh)\NI,.lunai the t ia x-n 'ii uge Hotel, lla; l ieen tlis day lissllved by IniI tuli tol nt.lent. Jobin tlI:lonltie llis ctharged with theet drle, clnont ni'the n1lilli t tlef lik C ropnrttrrhi ), ah1d lice ia IM 11 111,llr finll' till bI Iuacm i u . lly in I.i tlllludai oil. ITllle prtir riolaeke f t !ati ltd after tlIst lpl o t)lorvtlP , will lie lift1 ' cent': ",lr Iarrel i till, lGias drodll ba'Irel! , , trill hrde d lqm. d '.'red li.t:, f dlrayage. ier tih anoltrce llni i antitmmons coals, ignilint Itntn - ai('lyiil thlllin the I;rrr . ani ttu freot iontit e ile llttmi t , :lkt\e ofthn la'tr, iih uhld induce v I rv I0 tll ily to - kc ': W\ \VEJ.I.S, a lll, ltr",I pad, l:tcl:h,,tl s'lr t e n l i, " lit Ihe titioti nin t thll'itl, i --I teat +'+, itt hi c it itig I l r i tl rlqit.lli 'lo t hi li.,-. tt it esi e a tI o iin) \ l.\S. Il ,>iN .: . (&. Ilt, :$. tnl l?..\11 -II pI· rý, c .rj!is nn' i all - ,il ,vim tI t (I rl t e t --ll I'.t'tot. , it :.-t-ot ln ,iltinary i i iltl -u-'iI t tu ilt d - I - ilt il i m, ii i ll u l ll iliL . Li tnl i , aI I-.· l l -lo n , p ,d ,, 'll~ l t i , lt,;+ 1 'ru'h - AtAl h I;11[ l. t ,. il ii t-, l Itt ' I, n - i Th ti n' att ',: t - i. au r ', , . 11 ' , ' ., i t-: h . r i t ih' ,li iC. .0 " 1 a~tl . .lle , t o, f i I, - t- -tit tie' -, iot l. i i i -it e t t ioll-t i --T , ',1. '-.' . t li ', '. 'i , I it ii'tle o bit -i 11 I1 1 Hil ( 1)112 sNY OF E;' linle dhe, in pa h Inr ti lle tid y of l tob f , l the ll ce, if the ; iN t hi i IIII ' I I I 1 I '1.1 ' N w hTlem.' sept:. "r,',r . S.tlN SIDIS--li ll BaciL "i],,- st,,r wi llr 11J P . I7. le b.I X lt, h liE"r a It " I lt .. keg. ul or o nuli t e Ir t , ' 1 01.t1l l' in S'" I e I lll ir tlo b rnl te l't"'l'li Al t', ,1 ,\V totY .. 1 '"1'`7 ;lit l li vNNA IE r L I -' - I0. , , l " 'S ll'l&r " ll op' i Il i oL t ht c:r1 t No the S ller l pito Art limnl II0 0 'I. lr v w rll w 1111 i te e prpae Il? eeo ult wh lc l t e lt il l 711110 n t r c I il e 1 l terml. , oectlH'. ,.ud vounny Gto rth t+, I f st o l int luset.u ,. .) T blre te l:LL ntf. .1 . i) \V ohol ' I j t lei. e tll- i A L .or 1 lent Iy i , l.0111 1 1-i sl. _ ' sc m'oor ol't" Utolmmol n & '1'h nupinounls 111i 1111'111. 11.tl't Ill .\1:\1 ' U': I.UA li, Tves f n1'e ul fr it bt, Breaul 1f'thb spcl d t Io 1 it n ort e ii Il lr. II I E II , a r. ,e. 411111 U1 1 1 iI..S''I, i'l' io om r i ? 1'III ' o.: III vi rs hle o ldirsit lra o ,stres l t e relletl I:ookI; " !.m a good w:,ihr and ironer lor suIN I 11 & AM!)\NA EI, 'jct-.qYX il"::I1 i, tr o. 7 ,, ltoh e rc e, l t Atoll N''l y 7111t1ili~ t gIi1g18 Al 51111 roth N I' l Ihc besl ul il', for sale, w h .stle anld retail 1'by " I IINNAIIEI., ' rq Slhlit nd B(rloia Ilo hi il 1frnt 1hp C111k' krg.I A0 n b iNo fli t In colmpris i ng saitituod TFot meat, and sul * OIIta l 111 the iy I, c i'IIE Itrna. Fit 1t oct 1 (ill CoI tl Ilnose St. U cs, jlst r, keivu slil l fur il ther e Wnl. ,'l.iE.\SN I lrt'; Ill" ( lCl;,l ()omm St II1tl)h 4lllalllllilell d ily \\l'mI rillS rteiv ed IIli I N Ill ise fur it at Ie Pig. \ptplV t o 1o__t carlr - to Noer " . 'Te Iopitvlnlua st UlK--+51 i,,-1 \Ir. F.. .. ' li+-'.-k, - ol,-d,,nng .o,,. flat oeats, for s ale by LAYE'T & AIxELITN.,1; ort" i ]7 ( lotllllere otreet ,i l11 t;; l & tloeo. 5l-i- Ithl-ggii g sel d 51 01 coils I ls, o n store I id nlr s alI I-lv i !l Vt M1 ) IK .UN - ClI'hI 1 .7.t0 Itinh ,, to l eo lret nh r, & Cmi . "I barque UI b ll, Ie ericrttt 7t, oTh it ok tilt 1 l by tisle le Drd11ri &e I' N'1'LI:,\10 It l'.. TA F \IF& t, clr, N A L SOiM, o the other side of t hei river, will be r'-l lltlld o theill l i hs role N; 1--Noa Ldis adm ited i ivith iut beI & atoma id hy Olent lelh It OI- ` S \ 1 i hp l x 'tl l ru'll n ll-r e d T o - t b -ll , hlvo, Iow riced, wil be sold a bargain to close c olsilgnmenltlll by aI, r tle, lfor tle l by rho do or siolll,vby - DAVID FI.'IT x. CO; C ,('tG N TY Slalioleis al|ll, _' Clhartres at ri.r N.ews I: k, for sale by I)A'VID FFEL.T & CO. ST. CHARLES THEATRE. '1HIS maenificent structure has undergone, during " the recess, en enltire Inew der of emblw lishlnent; the whrle of the ilerior lhs bl ee replaired: the chan 'eleer Ihs bern taken to pitHes, ald its 13 0wt. oflut glass bends nal drps luicalued and pulished; nothing has been negiected, eit.er in lhe building iltrlf or in lenagegmenlt, which iha been made with the first dra nIIIctt( i talentll i tIle e, " t to Iprelatte lthe high char. acl°r whiLh the St. C.Ihr c.i has obtained both la homet and abroml, for its heing ne f the first dramatic Es tablishmentsll ii the Vuarld. Thli Orchestor, hretontiire o'knowldged superior,. has been cons derably inreantd inl nullmler and taletr, rnd tirmeor ctiieiesie ian olrtieular inelllber of tle Pioancue Pond. Daurig tie reason tdi mosat setucesrft dramas of the doy will be prodaced,and in style wnlichl it ia pre aste will give general satisfatction I The fdlowing Ladies aud Gentlemen are in treaty with, and rn,.,ged, JOHN It. BARTON, Stage Manager, EI)WIN FORREST, JUNIUS BRIUTUS BOOTII, J. It SCOTT, II. J. FINN, JOHN BARNES, S. T. BROWVNE, and GEORGE IIOLLAND. Messrs. Ilarrison lcsersa. Plumor, Pearson, 'age, Farren, Porter, Wdlliatmns, Davis, Cowel, Parer, Idlm ,', )Denniton, Anad torher in Itrearty. CEIESTE, ELLEN TREE, JOSIEPHINE CLIFTON, .Ars. BHrner, .liss Cltarlotte Btrntes. Mlastdare Parrer, itead'lles. Sidnly Cowel, Cowel, JOilel. Drleir, Chester, Pmltner, Sort, Ilarrison, C. Smith, F. Brown, Iavenut, lltadden, Smith. S .XI. LEE, Principal dreist. N. Lewis, Costumer, S. Wallis, I'roprtier Maker. OitCt1-d 174t.. Mlassre. Croce, Alesers. IHaellerr (Gilemlri, Myers, Jalolbi, Storm, ciiterbart, Lueriani, C rl, B. tiopt. icc, tEberhardt,. I. hdhd, Smtelger, ]ash.lr, Ciof i. Conduit, Ir etrella, PIrmitl Cripps, i Jlopt, Even I)Plte'lhn And othlera in treaty. It. W, Sr.JlnS, Il er vi. W. tilht l'd invi''ic.lie. I l' Ur . (' ni tT livr, of the bill9? ro din g rit l'etoil'rio irn gtter stnes o tle ftilloawine dn n le nslr I 1 I t; iho, in., 20 il , 9b in. and 8to oth-in., expecetd tl arrive between thne lt oflcto iv er ille. Thi Irlltlr In.nxt will e so.ld by the subscriberes on arri. Tvine, by to i nvoice. eirms. ('cIl eu th' delieirv of the bill ofa lading. Perions brunu, shall reeiwnn the tation an trych ar rin, lli th vollt Iof theitor lleati ton. ty I )I I Pj)l l·-l ']tl tl¢.Y to .h'lfleraml CoI eoi oraln t oth Unthernatic1, LIII &Unellity, ILdeL A RD . disipline re tri ely l by ISi . ( e ,lad er t, I, IV . )l'x.hg t Allti' 'etwl'een i 1t'o1t an It eive Thlrei iit i e nu thiet ao rt ligihle that ve ld b efound t' tti, 'lu it' itt tot th ilte oioet of the oat .et and the rtltoi Y,' ld's, , lo n mr hges 'ta. The ,I r l l ý ' r ic ,,\v'4en r is divided into two depart 0 It.' 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A i. . a d e t ' :, t m, i i" l; 'Ill I' In Pt'i . tr il' ie artfA , ar ely JillII I' Alll n; llEti i n lllhe l d ret li ! r. verYl ollll i .ithtl hvurtc rrut e t 1-i2 tI.c 3 o'olok, tio.ept Thurr. dy .., sep27 'l . \ ' ,tli"' t lvitrt d-i i . llot ''n M ;it mre irc d per sh.lip 1 \ t, frtn Now Y,.ik, n fftw glogoe ao Ien. · ' h • ,mlo e uaci eti i .t 1flloat si l , I t otle by the DAVID FFII' & CO, iN Y I t' nnrrs Ihll, i4 t'ilrtre NtlIt ('h l.II[, ll , I .Jelen ll l lIr ttl l l l'l i nglillll l elll nt . un l hlin, i ,o h.l o e1 , ~i Il ulll1 rt la of Or. tober, i lln ihehl,,l,+dhl. t It Ihll' NON, I l M t..dein Church. 4c.bor r , oll f '.rý , ",ht .,t l I' , s, llll t he till' 1'11 ',1 o'i-i I ,,t l i 'tt t ,i t. t tt it lo t-ti, 1 1 n ti ll1 :t. 'I'I, ! ,i,;iii.• mt lit , it Il, it i rtI d n wt hia t h .il"ll awl tcrllln iin :'¢ll')l " It + lilI'd (till.l Itl l,\h , A''r. S -. I . L itv, 'mg t'1.". i. Iho Mud In Lun.,ttea willo he lufilt' I d it t l, lst O'tobter. 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