20 Kasım 1838 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 1

20 Kasım 1838 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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PlicE 12) CENTS. NEW ORLEANS TUESDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 2,0 1838. VoL.--VI No 1810 rto0etrt ng.t ý of (ouncil. TeU.oaD , Sept. 15th, 183S, Resolved, That the Mayor be and he is hereby authorised to contract with Stitos Millar for paving from the south corner of Lafayette square to the north corner of said-square to where the flat atones join thIe cubic blocky of stone in hcxgonnal blocks of wood, to draw his warrant on the Treas urer of this municipality for the payment of the same in cash, Resolved, That the Mayor on satisfactory proof of the faithfll performance of the work, of which a cartificate from the surveyor and the approval ofthe committee on streets and landings, shall be evidence, may draw his warrant for every 200 yards; so approved ou the Treaourer of this mu nicipality. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Sept. 16. Resolved, That the Attorney of the municipality, be and he is hereby instructed to co.uperate with the attorney of the GeOeral Sinking Fund of the city, and with the attorney's of the first and third municipalities in definding the corporation of New Orleans, represented by said Sinklng Fund, in the case of Duhrucil's lairs vs the city of New Orleans. JOSIIUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Sept. 16. Resolved, That David McAuly he accepted at the srcnrity of Mr. Tnl' as Redlly on his contrac. for opening, deepening and cleansing the Melpo mone anal. JOSIIUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Sept. 16. Resolved, That the use of the two pieces of C anona of this Mfuticipat. y be given during the dleoaure of the council to the Washington Artille ry. JOSIIUA BALI)WIN, Rocorder. Sent to the Mayor, Sept. 16. Resolved, That the attorney of the municipality be and he is hereby authorisod and required to take asuc legal steps as may be necessary in order to loltni a judicial dea'-inn vesting in the public the right of use of all that portion of ground known as Gravier cannl aud Basin, and Place Gravier, and to that effe.t Ioe is authorised to employ Geo. Eustis Rsq. as assistant council, who shall be euti. tied to recea'iv a fee of Two Thousand Dollars; five hundred dollars fIrthwltla, and lifteen hundred at Lthe fial teraminutiao of Lies suit. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Sept. 16. Resolved. That theattorney ofthemnnicipality be andll lie is hereby authorisedl to otain an order somfaeaure and sale af the property of persons as. cessed lor widening 'l'eholapitauauhs strct; provided the aaiamntus dilo by them respeItive y be not paid an or bhafrre the first day of Ofctober next. . JlrSIIUA ALLDW\ IN, Recorder. Sean to the Mayor, Sept. 16. Resolved, T at the 'reasurer pay to John Gib. S on, on the ,varrant oflth Mayor, ll. e hundred and taweaaty doal area; baing the amount of his bil for ariattlug tomunicipll lld, al. , &c. .)OSIIIUJA 1A I,)WIN, lecorder. Sent to the Mayor, Sept.. i6. l.efa lvud, lThat tiae Ireasaa rr pay to I,. Rodtlgers, oa the acarranat lof aaa, cayor. thirty d llahrs for ringing tlhe arat belll lair ix amonathl, etnlllg on the 1.6th i tlant. .O)SHI iA Blal)WIN, ]teeaorJcr. Sent l t ahe aaar, Salpt. 11. --; Rl ,'v,.!, " 1': 1 ha sa a ,. a aolio thousand dollars Iae aa) the ame is hereby aplpr.iataed out oaa .any) InII'ney l tit he trea·.L: it, illto in rrct SHerviee Ftlun.l, a et It .a'e a tda' liar by h le Mayoror Rle. ,."order is sur. , dat suchl tis aae and in a . yollr of silll personsl as to them or ther of lhela sllnly appt..ar adr",alaHa. .(IA ll;, IlALDWc)\'IN, liecorder l Sent taalaa alayaaar, Sept. 16. II.1aolvald lhat aon hundred and Ia.rty five dald lar. hn paaid ao G ayd &. l.l:) annall for rearealh 1entI t arnl.ed at tae tJuly ela.at n of l the J.ldg'.s and otlers within ta,. lar. J),SI] JA I1. ll)IV IN, Recorder. Sent to the 1ayiat, Si.],I. 1 G. Ofr lhe Comliilt,(·n Streets and IL'ndin s. iwre..is thllis c, iil ihas bein inl;.'rul d that at- ia teiple are ahout to b made to tik,k works in the had oftlin river, it , froit r.f this ml nicipaihy, at itsl nt lower hinti, toI i gr"it inconvent'ience of comn h illerct , and to the pit'"hjm c i fl'the rights and in. torests of the inhaoitalts of this .ouOicipality, s 11t it thliart..r It.lsolvr d, That the attorne'y 'of this municipality be rand he i is hterby autlioriteil and requiired, io otiin nn in. I junctio ugillnst any corporation or individual, who shall mllake or attemplllt ito make, anylll wolrk or worktsa i. ofany kihd wlnatrvr in the bed of thi river Mis- nsi1ippi, inll frt of this municipality, as its limits are described biy the law of 5thl March, 1836, in order thit ii.nl works ilmay be removed or proven. c ed from hlnlllg made, no thil catso may be. .U HM U A A IAl) \V IN, Recorder. Sent to tho Mayor, Sell',, 16. Relolvod, That the surwv~7lr he and he is hereby authorised, t I erect an ot"e 1! feet square, ftr the t especial usei of tile wliniger anti tile collector of levs drues, the salme to no ilueed onil the wharf at the heaod of St.Jo till street. J.OSIIUA BA LI)WIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Sept. 16. Resolved, that the round stiones now being taken sfi) on Graoier street, beOtwenI Toiloupitoalor and laazinostreeots, heo laid on Carondelot street, bo twense Grrvier and Perdido streIets. Resolved, that J.olhn linturn be requested to do the alroreiaid werk folrthwilh. .10S1HIIIA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Sept. 16. Resolved, Thlat John Minturn be permitted to erect a stenam engine, within a fire proof building, to complete his cotton press, in the square bound ed by IRicharde, Annunciation, Constanceo and Market streets, within tthe third ward of the Mu nicipality. JOSIIUA BALDWIN, Recorder Sent to the Mayor, Sept. 16. Resolved, That tie petition of Mr. John Brand and partner, ftnirmers of tlhe St. Mary's Market, comn. plaining of thie otlicial misconduct of Mr. B. W. Elliott. conmmirsianry of the St. Mary's Market, rnot being substantiated by the prosecutor proving tile allegations therein set foirth, be hence dismissed, and the ronmmttce bn discharged from any further consideration ofthe same. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Sept. 16, * Resolved, that Jrames Priestly be allowed to retain his distillery where it now stands, provided that said distillery be so kept as not to be a nuisance. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Sept. 16. 'IOUESDAY, 25th Sept. 1838. Resolved, that the Council do persist notwith standing the objections of the Mayor, in their reso. lution or the 18th instant autllorising the payment to Gloyd & McDonnell of one hundred and forty dollars, for refrslrhments furnished the Judges of eloetions in July last. J.OSIIUA BALD.WIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Sept. 26. Resolved, That tioe Comptroller be anid hoe is hereby ilutthoriznid to advertiso during one month in the True Ameriran and Iirtlletin of this city, in the Courier & Enquirer and Journal of Cnlnmerce of New Yore; and the National Gazetts of Phi. ladelphia , for proposals for $30110,000 bonds of this Municipality, pivabl iI thirty years, and bearing six per celnluor per atnin ill itrest, The interest payatlie suui-annually in Lludon, Now York or this city, a. i1 lty bL lagred on. 'rhe Bondy to ho fir $1010t each, if the interest be pa.yable iI tAi 1. Stltc;, an:id ir 1£250 rig. eacli, If the interelst be praitu lan Lonu hio. lThe propo salst e s ,t'nal .llih , 1 iinit is d "f'run ssji r , fir htondt" and to be received until Tuesday the 25th day of November next. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Sept. 26. Resolved, That the Comptroller be authorised, after advertising ten days for proposals, to con. tract with the lowest ladder for the furnishing of this Municipality with five thousand gallons of first quality winter pressed sperm oil, to be deliver. ed at the time to be agreed upon. Be it further resolved, that tile Comptroller be and is hereby charged with the distribution or said oil. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Sept. 26. Resolved, that the Wharfinger be, and le is hereby authorised to employ an assistant from the let day of October till the let day of June next, provided that the monthly salary of said assistant shall not exceed seventy five dollars per month. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Sept. 26. Resolved, that the Recorder be authorioed to or. der from the Gas Co. the erection of four additional lamp posts on La Fayette Square; viz: one in the centre of the N. E. S. W. corners of said square, and that the same shall be lightIl with gas, in confonnity with contract for the lighting of this Municipalihty. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Sept. 26. Resolved, that the Wharfinger be, and he is hereby authorised to order an iron buoy for the ase of this Municipality, provided the cost of the same shall not exceed the sum of $200. JOSIIUA BALI)DWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Sept. 26. Resolved, that the Wharfinger be, and lie is hereby authorised to advertise all the unclaimed articles now in the public store, for sale, after 10 days previous notice in two newspapers, in English and in Froneh, and hand the proceeds to the Trea. surer, by him to be paid to the proper owners thereof, after deducting the-fines, cost and charge. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Sept. 26. Resolved, that tie Mayor be, and he is hereby authorised to draw Iis warrant in favor of Joseph Pdie, tbr sixty five dollars, for plans executed aor the use of this Mnlecipality. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Sept. 26. Resolved, that the ~nurvoyor Ire and he in herelby anthorised to repair the roof of St. Mary's Market without delay. JOSHUA IALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Sept. 26. AN ORD)INAN CE • Concerning tIhe Poydras st. nmarket,and providing zor farming tie revenue thereof. The council of Municipality No. Two Ordain as o Alt. 1. On tile first of December, in each year, the ,.,luproller nill aihazeote or c~ante to be ad-. judlicatod, at'lls oflte. the colllelion of tilhe rove. o nu , of tile Poydras street ,mtarket, for on yeaor. p Ile shall givo tel days notice in tihe official ga- e :cltte of tLie mnipal.ity of the d'.y nod hour at d whithi said adjdicationt shall tooke idace. Art 2. The contract to be entered into nitb the compltroller, by hre lirmner or le.s.ee for tih col- t. le,:tl0, of tine revene ofr said market, shall be for n one year, irom fho that of January of each year; u tano, attlio rld of saddl year, said contract shall hn LI r wned in ti e manner plllreu:.riledr in the preceding s article. Art 3. The, frmer or lesoe shallo within five b days afer said ndjudclationo, firmsh hh promissory s I 's, enL doers-d l to1 lh, atlinz l tillo ofl the l ol neil, y pit [1,nIr thrze first day otfJanu ry at 1, 2, 3,4, 5, 7,i, , , 9, 1I, II lnd 1, mo),As. Souhl h re. r fu..e or n, gle't to it, nilth l1,a in as afolrezaid, r the co,,uroller~ i aulllt-zri0d to) c.use a new z l- t n c n tllio hi madle i, [lr tL aozz'uzlht anzLd rtl.zk of atlld f'Irnler ( or e ,)ne e. Art l. I tr tithe tmore niplerzstrily otr ithe pay. t tlle t of tihe notes lllurnis d I lhr sid loIt e, thle tar or or les.e, shatl all ;et anld mtorigge, iln flvor of this uuicipathy, ail tlho tIglts on which the ctllctizon of maid ruven ro ti trollcy hLmudt, su that to dfault of ptytetnt of aty o th!e afroesai nofcs on their betcomting duoe, tel munircipality mnay lave tlhe ower ol Szizio[g provisionally tie tore. !t d rights so izflinted and mortgaged aos a pledge; which it shal. e the duty of the Treasure r to do, withl three days after oho protest of any of the aforesaid bills or pronisory notes. Art 5. The farmer or lessee of said revenue shall not he entilled to collect other duties than those hremlaticr mentionled, to wit: For every head of largo horned cattle, eighty seven and a half cents, or .even lIts. For every hlead of vel, mutton, pork or venison I twenty tldi cents or two its. (It being well - darstood that wlhen te forequarter of a veal shall I toeigl! more than forty pounds, the former or les- I aee of the revenue may levy for the sale of said veal I eighty sevent and a Ialf cents,. or sevon bits, in had of twenty five cents or two bits.) b in For each sa ll and half rt.dlno including thel frames with tooks on which to hang the meat,twen ty five cents or two bits per day. For rvery bench for tie sale of fish, twelve and a half cents, or a bit per day. All butchers ad retailers of fish shall be an. r swerab e for tl e frames with hooks, so rented to Stlen bty said farm.er. Art 6. All kinds of meal, fowls, game, fish, or. getables and all aother articles dertined for the daily supply of the city miay h bought and sold at o4s d miarket. Art 7. The surveyor is required to cause chains to be placed at the ends of the twor tleets running parallel with said market, in order to provent the a passing of carriages during market hours. SArt 8. Said market shall open at the dawn of day, and shall close at twelve o'clock precisely from tel first of April to the first of Novorimbr,aud z at one o'clock il the afternoon during the reman. dor of the year: and the closing of the market shall b oe announced by the martkeo bell, which it shall j be the duty of the commissary to ring or cause to be rung. Art 9. The two sides of the middle Alloy of said Smarket fromn Circus street to the end noar ia. rotie strrt with exception of the four feet pas. sages and the space occupied by Philippa street, to 0 e for butchers-and in case aln the tables of said Alley are not taken up by tie butchers, tir west. orn extremity of the same to Izo allotted to retailers of salt nmat: provided always that whenever any or all oftht tables are in demand ta r Butchers, or required for them, that the sald vendor or vendors of salt meat give place to the Butcher or Butcherse Sapplying for tie amooe. (iThe South Alley to be divided intoxix portions, at from the entrance at Circus street to that near Bia. e roune street. The first po tion esituated at the west. d.ern extremity of said Alley to be for Fish. The or second for salt meat. The third for poultry and game. The fourth and fif Lt for grocereso, and the r sixth situated at the eastern extremity of said Al. . ioy to be for fruit. The cross passages and the spaeo occupied by Philippa street are excepted. Thie North Alley in its whole extent from Circus o streetito toe end near Baronne stroot, with the ex. d ception of all crossings, to be for vegetables. a Art 10. When torr various places within said market are taken up, or occupied, tIhe farmer to be, and he is hereby authorized to lot tle corree. r ponding spaces on the fIotway without thIe market, o ranging them immediately along the outer line of Sthe columns, ad in such way as in no case to oh. alruct the cross passages from the sides of tihe moarket or the entrances at eirther extremity or end of it; .- and preference must always be given to retailers 0. I stuch articles a are sold or exnhbited for sale on at the inside of the market agreeably to Art. 9 of this '.y Ordinance. of Art 11. When the stalls or tables in said market appropriated thtrofrir, shall not be occupied by sell. r. oere of fresh tireat, teio farmer or lessee may let them to retailers of salt meat. In cases where all the tables and stalls shall be occupied by sellers of fresh meaat thle vnders of salt mtsntalool be placed Is outside of said market, and make tlheir sales on thi benches ,or tables fzrnished at their cost, and ftr in which thev sheall pay to the frmer or lessee, c. twelve and hall cents, or a bit per day. . Art 12. During time half hour itttondiately follow. "[ ing tte closing of oail market, toie butchers and g oteer p rmns hiring or occupying stalls shall be t bound to scrape, wash oand cleanse their respective or stalls and tables so as to keep the sarm in tIhe high. et state of rleanlinoss, and overy perorn neglect. ot ing to comp1ly punctually with the diepositi,m on Ib the present article, or who shall not quit tle Said - market at the hours speeifilod in article eight ofthe ' present ordi.notce, sharll pay a tin of tlive dollaro for each offence. And no person shal. be pormiled to sub-lease any stall or table under a penalty of filty dollars. Any Butcher, or other perore, vanding ra in said market, ifahsent therefrom three days, leav. of ing his stall or table unoccupied, shall be deemed to re have abandoned the same, and the farmer may hire it to another. Art 13. It shall be the duty of the farmer, or other persons nuthori.ed by this municipality to collect the above estab.ishedt duties, to keep an exact register of the persons to whom he lots the t stalls, stlands, tables and frames with hooks, at market hours, and deliver certificates thereof to persons occupying the same. Any person occupying SI any table, stand or stall without the consent of tlI the said farmer or, collector, and who shall refuse yt to deliver op the same on the first request which a shall be made to them by the commissary of the ti market, shall pay a fine of ten dollars for each ri offbnce, and shall be compelled to conlform to the cc provisions of the present enactment. lit Art 14. No person shall place within the market house, on tihe footway thereof, nor on the space ai- t toated between the two sections of said mlarket any other stalls or tables than those fixed there by authority of this council under a penalty of five y dollars for each ofl'nce, and tie said tables or stalls shall besides be removed by the commissary Is of the market. Art 15. If any person shall sell or expose for C sale within thae market aforesaid, any blown, stale, a imperlect or unwholesome provisions, or meat of ra any animal that died of disease, such provious or I meat shall be seized by the commissary and be thrown i'eto the nuisance boat, rand the offaender t shall be fined from ten to fifty dollars for the first offenoe, and for the second hi shal be deprived of it the right of vending in said market or of hiring any stall within its limits. It shall be the duty of the a commissary of th market, alone, or with twoansis. f tacts appointed by thie Riecorder anti sworn borore a him, dtily to make a str:it inspection of the butch. ers' meat and of olthar provisions exposed forsale at at the said market and to enforce the strict obsery. d anne of this regulation. hb Art 16. Butchers, or other retailers of butcher's w meats, shall not expose thIem for sale elsewhere than p at the markets established by law, under a penalty of 25 dollars for each offence. Tiey shall be C compelled to saw the bones of the meat; and they ti shall not, under any pretext break them down with it a hatchet, or cleaver, under a penaltj of five dollars C for each offence. Art 17. It shall be obligatory on the commissary v of the market always to have in the said market a scales and weights, to be used at the request of any person, who, at the time of purchare, may desire It to prove the right weight of tany meat or other e proisions, anti no scales and weights shall be b used in said market, unless they are proved andlt It stamped according to law, nor shall stoolyardf be It used within said market under any circumstances whatever. Any violation of the provisions of this l sectlon, or selling by false wrigChts, shall subject a the olfonder to a fine oof $10 fbr each and every i off ene. Art 18. Any person who shall forestall or cause to 1 be tfrustalled any provisions t l tio market behfore ten o'clock in the mornnfg, shall pay a fine of' twenty dollars for ech offence. t Art 19 It is expre;sly forbidden, tuder a penalty t of lilly dollars oir tecl al offence, to sell or cause to t be sold, withml thie said market or on thie fiotways which surround it, any spiriltous or aldntt l;qulrs. . Art 20. It shall be the duty of every butcher or other person selling butcher's or other lreat at the said inarket to be cleanly dressed, and moreo.ver to I wear in selling tile stamet, a large wilteo apron, t which shall constantly bi kept in I the greaL ,st stttle iI of cleanliness, and it shall l ot b. lawltl or any person vending il said n rket Io smlloke while so employed withint attid llarket ileleir it petily live I dollars for earh offernce if tfe of.n:ter is a free person, amd tenll lashes if a slave. Art 21. It is forbidden to all hat kers nind pledlars to sell ailly 1ort of gds or tlt rcllanle I t0e said ml. ket, or on Ith liltways ctt lUt l llllgll . o s tI lt. I Iuldr a plnall y often dollars lfr .leac ll llal allCl,1 i the , ltnder be at free person, and ten lashes t a tlilvct, tles the lmdLtlaler prtstar tr py stid fite. Art S2". ' r'l a the v yr shat ll at faro t lll t lellety l tot be painlted and thIe ie-ings to bo white.washed of : il mlarket lee or abou it the l.et.O .ibe. r of earch yual; at ,,'hih, tints luthe,"rs anld other personsI o c Ull ll p s t a nu ll ll , L M a l l I I h1 lltn tI b ' h] , f ' l spai , il taln s nl d painlt in a l Lprl ler nllntlll'r thetir 'respeetivo stalli or sitands, .l uncltr t pt ilPly of tiety-live dollars. Art 23. All vogertab 'Os, ononill,. sirn fish, hr ll p, crab, crawli.h, rItirs o /and ;;,n.ll, airs. , ,, fu. r ihe daily a, pply of lits sctilcty shall lie hrounght to the markrtl, esthb ,ehcd by law for tilo esal theruof, and all p,.rsens cx poein, fhi)r sah+ ant of said artirl,. u thne str..ts or in any otherp.lrt than Iat satid trkels dtritg the ieuts prebaerned by this ordinance shall tnt a tte of' f 'o,, five to fil'teeu dollars for evere otlence'. Art 2.. Carts or wagons for the cocveyance of all oullphen whatever to s.tld market udll be placed "uder the ilspectitou of the comlUiisary of raid Art 25. All persons are forbidden to stantd, Pit or lie oo tie stalls or tables of said rmarket, uider a penalty of two dollars if tlhe off'nder be flie, and I ten Iashes if a slave. Art 2di. The .thrmer s.all frrnist, at his owtn ex. pense, all thilgs necessary tor sweeping and cllean ing said mlarket, the fto ways tiereof Included. u 'Irt swet'Oeping and lehIting of said market shall i be done by the negroes belonging to the chain gang utndr the superintendant c of the overseer of said negroes and of the colllmissary. Art 27. It hllall be tihe duty oat the ctommissary of said nrarket to see that the orldinances relating thereto are fully enforced, and that no offlnce is perpetrated against the farmer of thir duties of said i tatllret; to keep order in said market, to have ar. t rested all persons who disturb the pubrlic peace and to conduct thirn before the ilayor, the recorder, or (1 any other magistrate, to be punished according to law. Trhe said commissary shall always et presrent in said market, during marker t hours, except in case of sicknessm; and ill such case lie alall give notice t to tite mayor, wiho shall place anothur tot do his duty until tle Council shllall act ther on. In case of neglect of his duties, tie commissary shall pay a filne oftwonty dollars tfr each offence,.and further, hie shall he liable to be rermnved by tile counlcil. Art 28. The said farlmer sl.ril be bound to comply with all the regulations corntarined in this ordinaner : ill all that relates to hitm. Iio shiall not bo entitleod to any indomnificatisn froer the Council onder the protoxt that tihe ordinances, by virtue of which hle has tformod his conltract are not sufliciently clear or are not enforced, either by the ucgligence of the officers of the police nominatted to protect thetm, Or by violations committed by individuals; the fartmer haviet tile right to prosecute tile said officers or individuals at tihe case may be, to have themilr punished with tile fine or oth r penaltties fixed for these offlnees. Art 29. The farmer shall not under any preteoxt whatever exact or receive fbirs of aty person selling inaoRy other places than those designated by tih present ordinance. under a penalty of twenlty dollars for eachi offerre. Art 30. All tites fixed by this Ordinalnce shall be recoverable before any court of compeetnt jurisdic. Lion thr the bernefit of thin Mlunicipality Art 31. It shall the the duty of tihe colnttissary of the market to cause to be posted up, at all times, in at least six places ill said mtarkot, this ordintance, ill the French and English languages. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Sept. 26. Resolved, that no alderman or other offieer of this Municipality shall be either directly or indirect. ly interested in contracts for works to be done for, or for supplies to be furnished to this Municipality; that no aldermnan or other offieor of this Municipal. ity shall either by himself or by any other person for himil, be lessee or farmer of any branch of the revenueosof this Municipality; ard that no alder. mant, during his continuance in ofnicr, shall receive or be paid any comlission or clmpensalionl fio r fsr vices rendered or to be rendered to this Munici. pality. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Sept. 26. TUESDAY, 9til October, 1838. iResolved, That the Treasurer pay to Robert Aiken, on tile w.rrant of the Mayor, the sumn of tlhirteen hundred and forty nine dollars and eighty four cants, being the balance due him for 745 1.3 square yards of paving stones, delivtered in con. firmity with a resolution of the Coutncil, datetd tlth Marchl, 1838. JOISHUi A BAL)WIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, October 10. RIresolvil, 'T'fat tio Comptrotier be atnd he is hereby lttthtnrrisrd ito contract wlth the C'ul nercllrtltial Iiulletin of New Orleans, frir all printing lnot incil. dedlr t the O)rtltnnce crearinre a triter for tihe Mu.rcpa'tity, at.i defraying o t i. rtes of that otf. ficer, providi d saudl ( unrlllltercial Billeti llt ill c arrge d as low therefor, tit ay other pap:er ) " extensive c.r. culatirn. .IOSHUA BAIDI)WIN. Recorder. :cunt to the .1Mayor, October 10. TU ESDAY, 17th October, 1835. Resolved, That the Treasurer pay on the war rant of the Mayor, to Alexander Burke, the sunm ofone hundred and twelve dollars for labor done in repairing the walks on Llfityette square. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder Sent to the Mayor, October IS. AN ORDINANCE To establish a Ferry near the St. Mary's Market, and connected with the City of Lafayotte. Be it Ordained, That the Second Municipality" Steam Ferry Company be and they are Iereby an. thorized to establiah, and to continue during five years, one or more steam Ferry Boats, to ply from a-landing to be appropriated to said Company, be. tween St. Josepll anti Dolord streets, across tihe river, touching attihe city of Lafayette, doing and coining; provided said Company shall conform to the conditions heroinafter named. 1. They shall establish a suitable boat with all necess ry conveniences for carriages, hlorses and passengers, and not inferior in any respect to the boat now employed by saiJ Company, within one year from the passage of this Ordinance. 2. They s'll, , at all times during the existence of their privilege, keep a stoaai boat running rugt. larly at least oneo in every hour, from sogrise to unnset, to and Irom the points designated in this Ordinance, unless preventted by unavoidable causes; and the charge for ferriage shall riot exceed the rate heretofore charged by the Noew Orleans Steam Ferry Company. 3. Sa.i Company shall allotd and pay monthly to thi Treasurer of this MGnicipality the sum of one utlndred dolters for the use of the Wharf and landing which will le allotted to thetm. The Second Municipality guarantees no r ght to eatablish this ferry, in case it should appear to co,,. flict with any similar right conferrod on others, by any existing laws oftthe State. 5. If'said Company, by a legal number of their stockholders, accept this Ordinance within twenty days after its passage, it shall he deemedol to be .binding on them and on ths Municipality, other wise it shall be null and void, so far as said Com pany are concerned. If said Company, after having ncceptod of this Ordinance,shall not fai: hfully perform all the duties that devolve on them, under its provisions, accord. ing to their true intent and meatoning, then said Company shall foirfeit to the benefit of this Muni cipality all the rights and privileges that have been vested in said Company by all Ordinances and Rtt solutions of this Council. Be it further Ordained, That in ease the Second Mu licipality Steam Furry Comnpany shall not ao eept this Ordinance, it shall be lawful for any nutn. bher of responsible citizens of thit Municipality, not less than ten, to accept it in the mnanner follwiag to-wit: A book of subscription shall be opened by Solo. non ligh, Charles Di nond and M. Itobitaille, after five days notice, given by them or by a major. ity of thlr, whchl book shall remlain open dutri,.g the day. The capital shall be fixed by said Coum. mnisaioners at a ullln not Iexceedllg twenty thou sand dollars, anti nhall be divided into shares of, one hundred dollars each, and when the baturdip. tions are closed, if a greater amount is eultscribtltl I than is necessary, tie then sutm Sall be duI tnlntsl. ed by reducmg t Icrgest subscriptions, in t nup e a manner that no one shalU bti redruerd while a larger '1'h,tt as stoon a a Crnpany so formed shall in. corporl.ate thonwlvres m1 c)onformity \ Ith the law ,t" 13Ih M1.trh, 1837, aln : eltall ntlify this Conned of thar .cceptanctu l't tltl Ordttance, it shall b bind ing sItdaul CTonmany and one titls Me icip ity : prtvrled sulch notification bo made previous to the li at day ol 'J.tllary next. JOSHUA BALI) \IN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, October 1,8. BIe it solved, Ta'ri t the collector Ie and he is ii hereb a ,uihlorised to Uemploy an assist ,ant fro. ii'tire of first of Nivember in each year, mintcud of thie irst r, or .Ianuary, as providld Iby reolution of 12th I)D.: r ocomber, 137. v .JO()SHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. : Sent to the Mayor, October IS. Whereas rundry pr.prietors of Carr.llton hIove petiti.ed the (Council rt ad to make a good road threngh Carrollton avenue to the road ot the Canal , and l1toking Co. oo thle bank of said canal, altll I hei th t hatlnl s a road v. ill be of general advantage t I, Ihis hllllllCipilllly. Hie it I I-slved, ''hI the sat of tw o thousand n d ashe. b,.and is ba r by appropriated to aid in the if completion of saidl road: provided it be olai suffli ient widih for iti ,arrigiis abrealst in its whole extent, bha of suitabi elevation throw offI tLh wa ter, ditched on bIoth ldes, and covered at ltost four iII;b, of' sells, 10and ovnh1 d iIedthe road shall be iadelli to tlie nt i rls ii o this Council, befo re the l nloney hereby appropriated be paid. tJOSHUA BALD\VIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, October 1S. Resnoved, That the Surveyor be and he is here. by aulhorisid to advertise for ten f do ) a in thie Bulle. in alld .l're .\lierlcan newspapers, inEinglish and in French, lbr proposals to be received by hlin for b delivery of all bricas tieat may be required by this l i municipality for twelve i ontho fiom i .te of the a contract. Sai i bricks to be of the hlut lake brick, deliverable in such quantities and at such places as may from time to time be required of the surveyor. JOSHIUA BA LI)\VIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, October 18. Resolved, That the Surveyor be and he is here by autholised to cause lamp posts to be erected at the following places, viz: At i.tersection of Front and Now Leveo streets; do do and Lacourse or Race ate; do do New Leveie and Rofftgoac sts; do do and loenderson sis; dodo Robin st; dodo Locoursa or Race st; do do Oranges; or Orange sts; do do Richartd sti; do do Market stn; do do St James lts; do do Colette set; do do Nuns do' Tehoupitoula and HeIlnderson str; do Religious and Orangers or Orange eat; do do Laeourae or Race; do do lichard; do do Market; do do St. James; do do Celeste; do do Felicity road; deo St John the Baprtist and Richard sts; dodo and Market sts; do do St James tas: tio do Felicity Road; do Paeaniors and Robin ste; do do Leourso or IRace sts; do do Orangers or Orange sts; do do Richard; do do Market; do do St James; do Annunciation and Orange sts; do do Richard t; d do do Market sto; doo Felicity Road ; do Constance and Orange t st.; do do Richard sta; dio io Felicity Road; do L Camp and Basin sts; do do Robin ats; do do Race eta; do do Orange lis; do do Felicity Road; do Coliseum do; do do Uraninm sat: Polymneum sts; i do do Euterpe sts; do Prytanonmi and Felicity Road; do do Urnuinm ets; do dulTerpsichora sts; do a Navades and Felicity Road;i d do Polymneum; do do Euterpo; do do Torpsichore; do Juli. and Cir. I cuts is; do do St John Sts; dot do St. Paul ist; do Girod and St. John sts; do d, St Peter eis; do do St. Paul sts: do laevia and St John ate; do do St Paul sis; do Robrtlson and Canal ate; do do Jack iso tlts; do do Common sts. JOSHUA BAL WI) N, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, October IS. Resolved, T'hat the Police Commilttee be requi. red to report to this Council what measures, if any, be necessary for this Council to adoapt to carry intot effect the Ordinances in relation to the vending fire wood. JOSHUA BALD\VIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, October 1S. Resolved, That the Comptroller be, ani lie is hereby authorised to adjudica:te to the highest bid der, all the buildings anid other ohrtruotions within the lines of the new street extending frome Pay dras to Girod street, between TeI'houpitoulas and Magazine streets, after giving five days notice, re. quiring said buildings and iobstruetions to be re. moved within fifteen days after the adjudication; and thie surveyor is hereby authorised to thke pos. session fsfaid street, lay out and level tile satme, after thirty days notice is given to tihe owners and occupants of land and buildings situated wilhin the limits tihereof JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Octtober 18. 3 L Resolved, That the surveyor be and he is hereby authorised to employ Mr. Stites Miller 0o cover with pltch or tar the surftco, and to fill the intter. rticea of the hexargonal wood lpavlentlat in C troill delet street, at it5 ,ilts er C.qtIa yard ; iprvitded said woirk shall be done to the sratifacloatt of tea surveyor. .JOSHUA BALI)WIN, Recorder. i Sent to the Mayor, October IS. Rsaolved, 'IT' t the suan of for y three dollars and twenty-.ive a.nts he p':d to E. Riiiny, for 1work done l,i St. CihaI le street, ia per the c~rtll. eato of lthe survvor. JOSHUA BA LDWIN, tiecordloi Sent to the Mayor, Octohlr 1-, TUIESDAY, 23d October, 1838. Ilreolved, 'rilat the peft;ion oftlhe (OrliansCot ton Pres. Company, prayinl ti bhe put in pouser sion of the ground in front of tleir PFres, be re. jected, inaemnulh as said ground blongsto th the Municipality; and the nttnre.y of tie Mojnicipali. ty is hereby directed to take snt I pro:ncdings as may be required by law, to protect tle ittercate of he publec in the primuies. JOSHUA IIALD)WIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, October 21. AN ORDINANCE Regulating the order and manner in wlich the banquettes, or footways within the taxable lim. its of the Second Municipality must be proceed. ed with, and completed. Art. 1. From and after tIm public tion of this Ordinance, no banquette, or footway can be legally conautructed, or caused to be constructed, within lthe taxable limits of the second Municipality, other than the best Lake bricks bordcied by curb and gutter ntones, and a three feet paved support, in thel most efictient and workmanlike manner, a. greeably in all respects to the instructioli adopted by the Council at their sitting of the filth of June last. Art. 2. The work must be executed in the fol lowing ordor:--lt, the stroct nearest to, and par allil, or nearly parallel with the Rtivr and Levee, the footways of which have not teen completed, from Canal Atrcot towards, or to Felicity road, no. cording to the extent of thle treet.-2d, all the other streets to be gradually progressed with; those parallel and perpendicular to the river in similar anid alternate suciou.soin. And as often as the side walks ofaany two of tIe parallel streets are com pleted, those or the parts of tie perpenlicular ;treets, lying and being between the sauil parllea streets, nlmust alao be executed ere a third parallel street is ordered to be done. Art. 3. After the publication of the present Ordinance, it shall be, and it is hereby made the duty of the Commissnry of each Ward, in his res pective District to notify the proprietors of ground frontiing streets in the order regulated by the pre ceding article (No.2) to have their banquettes, or footways constructed within two mointlis of tle date of said notification, and in the event of tlheir non. compliance or neglect, they shall be, and they are hereby made liable, for a line not exceeding $10 per day, recoverable bfolre any competent tribunal; and the Municipallity shall caus the said footwnay to be executed, and tile proprietor or the proprietori to reimbliule IHs, her or their portion of expense in conformity to Ondinances and ltesolutions ren. ti eeing Ip.li g. Ant. d. It is distinctly understood that no no. tificatioun canll e srlvtdl oo ally proprlT.tor or pro. prietora for cxrco al1g his, lier, or their side walks. until all the proprietors of lots preceding his, her, or them in the order etablialied in the foregoing, have colpleotd thelrs. Art. 5. All Ordinntces and parts of Ordinances conlrary to the provinlons of the present one, are hereby repealed. JOSHUA BALDL WIN, Rieciorder. Sent to the .Mayor, October 24. Considerio i the igreat irragul'lrily of tihe fall in tire gutter, a d the height gzvo i to the ilb.quettls, or liotwtay in v triout pirts of this Muricipoality, more spci ally ttlu tihod Ward, with tihe co sequenllcer I l b apprehended Ilomn lie stagnant wauter ocrtas:..id by ihn onl, ad the addlli ill and unnecrossary filling of adjeini g lots caused by tihe ti iother: Resolved, That the Surrveyor he, and ho is here. by authorised to makt, or cause to !it lade, during of thi geliiwrai operatioun for sile walks and street to paiting in the Municiprit.y, sruch alterations in the LI levels of the guttori and bridges, and in the height r of the banquuites or ftotwnays, ras will obttin such o t rrguntr and frolee dsceint for tile u ater as must i:or. Il respond with the general levels established for tile whole Municipalily, and will obtain FIr the i djriini r. iog lots a reasontabl and regular share o ffilling. to .IOSIUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, October 24. u Renolved, That the Surveyorebo,and he is hereby nI horised to give the street ,ines of certain partsn ro'the nonilerr able Ilmits of tile first and second wards of this lMunicipality; and t ht as no regulari i and correct plan o"f th-se paris is now in existence, no hhimo will t aittached to hliml for anlly dtlfftroee lthat may hi readter be found. c JOSIUi' A IIAL)DWXIN, Recorder. Senrt to the Mayir, October 24. Resolved, That tio Surveyor ie, and he is lihereo Iy niutihrized, to cause to be fitted up to a proper i level, the whole of that part of Front street, br- n tween the gunwale road and the front line of lots fronting on snlid street JOSIIUA BALDWiN, IRecorder. Sent to the Mayor, October 24. Resolved, That thir nurveyor be and he is here by nathtlrized, to pronirre a pylr of hanld wheels I for trainsporting lnspar forr the use of steram boate .ldl shlips along tile port of' the Municipality. JOSHUA BALDWI\V N, Recorder. . Sent to thie lMayor, (O)ctober 24. Resolved, That the Surveyor be, and hie in here. by authorised to advertise for ten days, in tile Buil . etin and 'True American newspapers, in English and Frrnch, for proposals to flrniihI all the timber required for bridges and other Municipal works, f1er one year, exclusive only ofsinrh timber as has a l. radly been contracted to be furnished for thire Wharves. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to tthe Mayor, October 24. oesolvrd, that J F Rub and others, petitioners complaining of certain houses of ill.ofame, ituated d in and aboutr [ierouloe street be retnrred for re. dress to the Recordrr of thies Monieipality. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, October 24. IResolved, that all persons having licennes to keep cotTee houses, taverne or grog shops, within I tihe limits of this Municipality, who shIall violate the Ordinance by keneping open their respective oestablishments after tile hour at night fixed fior cloning tihe samn, shall itntrinlately be proceeded against for the recovery of the fines to which they are subjected by law. Provided, that this resolution shall not take e~flet until after the let November, and that all such suits be instituted by the collector of taxes on coffee houses, grog shops, :c. JOSHUA BALDWVIN, Recorder. Sntl to the Mayor, October 21. Resolved, that the PoI'lice Committee bo requested to examlilne into the statt of the pubtli Printing I;r this Municipaleily, and in what Imanner the existing Ordinances relating thereto have been adheord to iand complled with; and whalt amend tnents are waltting to corroet tlhe defects of the present syttem. oJOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Octollcer 24. Resolved, that the sumi of forty.fivr dollars be paid to Capt J R Butlir forr exoenseo incurred by himi in procuring a lithograpilic chart of the i soundindgs of theO river in front of this Mun ci Spahly. n JOSHUA BALDVWIN, Recorder. Sent to the M1ayor, October 241. [Resolved, that all gools, morcirhandize, or other eflr:ct, that have been seized by tllo pohee of this Munlcipality, and now in the depot tlereof, bo , lnd tihe smo are hereby ordered to be sold at d public auceion, under ti!e direction of. time Colnp. e troller, anlld the prIroceeds of tel sale shall be placed in the trasurlry of tllis Municipality. r JOSHIUA BAL\.I)WIN, Recorder. Sernt to the Mayor, October 21. Resolvrd, that thle CommnitteC on Police, make y inquiry into the i)resent state of the watheo and r poice of ti tll Itrnnlalhty, and report on tile same r- to thir Co onell as non as prtactirable, and to nittkt ally ifrther rpotl, thiat ttlo said ('onmiritteo may Sdeio iicessrcTry for tho neort completo i)rotection anid security .1o th ritilizte ofi thios Municipality. JOSHUA BIALD\VWIN, Recorder. r. Sent to the Mayor, October 24. 'rFtESD tY, 33th October, 18t3. r" Resoe'vd, 'l it tile ruIn of one hiludfrrd litiar. Sbe paid to Mr. Juio M. Lo for services rendered ill (Ith .:.in[Ure llr's departnment. ,IO.>lIA IALDWIN, Recorder. Seut tioe Mayo:r, Ocetoberr 31. IRsolvtd, Thalt (34ths1 three.fiorths of any portion of the Work contracted for by Mr. Peter Cleary fol optlning, extending, and draining the tl.rerts in lhu rear of the first sad second wards of this Municipality be, and the same I herehy made payable tI him o its completion to the satis. faction of the Surveyor or of his Deputy, and oe. cording to the specification of; and that on com. pletion of the ,,bhole of one or other of the streets, or cannla, to t.e sali.faction of either of said offlcers, and according to specification; such stree or streets, canal or canals he paid in full; and taken from off tihe Contractor's hands. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, October 31. Ordained, 'int fron, and after the pssage of this Ordinance, it shall not be lawful for any person or corporation to erect within the taxuble Iluits of this Municipality any Steam Enginn for any object wlatever, without the consent of this Counndcil be proviously obtained, under a penalty of $100; and the additional fine of $25 per day until such steam engine shall he removed. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, October 31. TUESDAY, Gth November, 1838. Resolved, That tho Council do persist, notwith. standing the ohjections of the May o , in its resolu tions, adopted at the sitting of the 30th October, 1838, 1 rlhibiting toe erection of Stlaun Engines within the limits of this Municipality. JOSHTUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, November 7. Resolved, tlht the account of the Comptroller for the year 1837, as presonted by t[eo Finance Com. mittee, be po)lished in tilhe oflicial gazellte; and that tile saule be deposited in the archives of the Coun. cil. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, November 7. Resolved. That the Surveyor le and he is here. by auth rized to case to be one osed with a wooden railing the triangular piece of ground bounded by Callhopt , Clio, Prytanea and Colliseumt streets, in the third ward, also to sause to be made the sidewalks around tile name. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to tihe Mayor, November 7. Resolved, That the owner or owners of the square of ground bounded by Mllheerte, Prytanin, Clio and Calliseum streets Ihe required to ilnclose the same, & to make sidewalks a ound sail rqltre within siaty dl ys froi this ldate, under penally of $100, and 1510 per day after the exptration of said •ixty days. JOSHUA BALDWI)W N, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, November 7. Resolved, ThaIt the suma oneighty nine dollars he paid to L.J. Pili fLar plans tuarnlisld theut. tornies employed by this Municipality, in the suit with tile Orleina Cotton Pre.ss Comnpany. JOSHUA BA LDI) IN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, November 7. PRIVATE JOURNAL. i,a TUESDAY, 30th October,1833. 18 S 1. Resolved, That inll urstlnce of the sutts- 0ion o thle Attorney of the Municipality, contal ed r in his letter date!d 3d Oct. 138, S. Mazurl. u, John i 1m It. (rymes and L. Pierce, Esquires, are hereby S oemployi d ol bteltalf"ot the Municipality, as its \it w. tornint, lt act tI conjunctlon with the Attorney of the Munictpalitv, in prusecuting to a r, covery the rights of utie nd of property wlil tlhe Mu. icipal. an ity No 2, ias in tle alluvioo inl front of the Or- to, ooans Cotton Press. mi 2. R solved, That a fie of $3)00 he paid to wi each of the alove named Attortns, and of $100') to tie Attorney tof the Municipality, in notes at , siX !otthi, so soonl a they, to wit: S. Mazureau, ex .Ito. Ri. Grymtestand L. Perce, shllall assent in wai tlng to tile tlregoing, and to tile following resoui- in 3. Resolved, That in tie event of said Attor. r nits procuring a dlcision ot'the Supreme Court, ai declaring hllat alluvioye situated within tile litlis it of thli Municlpality, in front of the planltations whzeh il,tve been divided into I o ts and united as t FoauxbourgS Delord, Saulet, Lacoureo and Anuun. ciation- o tte City of New (trleans, which allu- I vioIns wTere ftortlled sinlc said division into iots, or I, which were thin so low as not to be susceptiblo of. a uae during tall the toLe of the year, that is to say, of at highl ater as well as when the river was at its it lowtat stage, with ut being raised by artificial pt eas, are the propeOrty of, and beliong to this Mu. p, nicipalit .-each of said Atlornies. to wit: S. Ma. be zureau, John R. Gryies, Levn Pierce, and R N. at Curter, the Attorley ofti t Munieip:tllty, hall re- v ceive the flrthlr sumo of $15,000 itt case, or the , tio do of the Municipality, at tie cash value. 41. Be it thrthler Reiolved, Tlhat tile Mayor he I and he is hereby roequested to eonlulo icate to ca Mlessrs. M lzureau. Grlt noes and I'terce Iliese reso- n lotions, anodreceive from, and tralnlllt .o thei Council their replies. L 5. Be it further l..solved, That when the as. sent of said Attornies shall be received, it shall be the duty of tthe Secretary to furnish the Comptrol ler with a certified copy of the two first reaolu. S lions* v, JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. ,, Sent to the Mayor, October 31. Posolved, Tihat the proceeedingo of thLe secret sees. 'ions in relation to the suit of the Municipality,withi to the Orleans (Cotton Press, h pu lithed. JOSHUA BA LI)WON, Recorder. h Sent to the Mayor, October 31. TUESDAY, 13 1 November, 1838. Resolved, That one hundred and twenty fiveI dollars, he paid to tihe proprietors of the Commar. ctal Bulletin job oflice, for printing 500 copies of reports on Paving. JOSHUA BALI)WIN, Recorder. tt Sent to the Mayor, Nov. 14. ti Resolved, That eighty six dollars be paid to J o. Ilouy, tfor Watchtnen's Cap, ansd other articles, furnlehoel by hitm to the night Watch. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Nov. 14. Be it Resolved, That until after tie first day of January next, it shall not be lawnul for any person or ersols to romeva frem tihe Itttatra, in front of the first and second Wards, any batture earth, ex ctp! from tile placos hercin diesignated, to wit: tFrom tetwoon W\haves, Nos. 6 and 7. Not. 7 a d 8. S , , N0o. 9 and tlhe nuisance wharf; it tbing undorstood that in taking earth a frot, theoe spaceo, tihe directions of the Surveyor shall to strictly comphoed with. Any person violating the provisions of this Ro- i olutiou, slhatll subjected to a fine of from t10 to $25, recover hbl by this Municipality, before any court qf comnpetent jurtedLctIon. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Nov. 14. AN ORDINANCE r More ftlly defining the duties of the Secretary of tile Council, and the Sergeant at Armes. 1. Be it Ordained, that from and af er tile pas. sage of this ,erdinance it sllall be the duty ot the Secretary of the Council, within two days after any Ordtinlance or IRetsolution becomes a law,te transmit a written certified copy of lsuch ordinance or reso. luotion to tile olicer of tite Municipality whose ea. r pecinl duty it may be to carry the same into efo.et. All Ordinances and Resolutions concerning thle it o nanctal department of tile Municipality asd au. thorizolg the expluld.ture of money, or the miak. ang ofcontracts, mlaet bh transmitted to the Comp troller, and all such as relate to the pubehc works, shall te sent to the surveyor, &e. 2. ite it Ordained, Thtatt it lshll be thle duty of the oflieors of tile Municipality receving sueh cer. titfed ordinances and resolutions to keep a correct register of the samle, and If any errors are coln. td mtted by an offitcer of the Municipality in ensel Squence of not having an oflicial copy of the O di. lance or Resolutlon under which he was author tetetd to act, he shall tt responsible for the some. 3. But it further Ordamoed, That tile Council Chamber athall Ie kept )ope:n every day in tite week, Suldays exeopted, from tie hours of Ill A. I. to 2 1'. M., and the Secretary or Sergueat at Armts osllhl be present during those hours. 'Tlhe Minute Boone of tt,e proeceedins of the Coluncil as well as tie Ordinatnuo B ,k shrilt alwayebso .,pttn to tllh inpllet.ttl tit tte Mayor, the Recordetr, the Mt obers of tihe CouUCet, rand the O)tIicers ot tile MllunBlcipaity, .I Bn it furthet Ordained, Tt,,t it itshall to ' e 'r. ulu of te Se'ageutt.- Atttll to atti ald o ,alst tile Secretary of thle C unc llto the perttlttt.uac oe his dutres, inl such mtani r as the Shcietary maIy rot quire; said So reary being alone responsible for thie norrclsiea of all Orditano;eu, tRecords, or other documlenlis to which hle nmay Iaff lia his name; iane the salary of the Scrgeanat-at-Artin is hereby fixed' at $8111) per an Imn. 5. IfI iet furtheir Ord ined, That no officer of thlw Municipatity shall, under any pretext whatevev take or remove out of 'te Comcil (aell any of the archiveli or records of this Municip:lity, under the penalty of being dismissed fromt his office. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, Nov. 14. STATE OF' -LOUlSIANAj-First Jltic T .I STATE OF LaUISI\ NA, To all whaet these P etents itlll come, Giretotig:-Whueras James tBahrnes iggns Ito ng prl hbsed at a sale raile by thle hhelrif of thie teatish of Orleans the property he.s illnatelr desrihed, has applied to t clerk of thiseoturl, in whose office the deed ll af sle was ree'de on thie d hda of April, A ).). 18.38, for a monitioll or eadertie seit in conoliolotity to eIn et of the I.eislleire of tis Stite or I.ntiinilesnttitled "An net for hihe furtler uss ralece of titles oo ipllrchasers at jluliclst nlet;" pllSoveSd site loth day of March, 183s. NOW, therefore, klow ye, and all aresons interested I rein, are hereib cited at atlmotshe i thittit name of the State of Louisi.na, and of the Fil.t Jdicil I)istliet oorlin,who ein set up tay riKght, title or nIlinm in hid t the ro1ierty herenlstien dihsnrilind,in heoitnlseitaeeof e it'ilelmlitl in th: ordern, denene iejndeKment of Iheeourt under which the sale wan made, nor nt irrepttlarity or illegality in the appraisementts and tdlertinenlents, i tlie, ol mntIllleth o'asole; or f Cl iv other ietget whatstl eter: to how causeo , wthil ihirtyda-ys frome the'le tisi motion hi fit ieurtied in the iubli.n plners, why ha stle no no le hshotld ttnolhbe eittllttir:tctdsiI tlmltoling Tilhe said llpropliey was sold by thel Slit rill if tile p~aisy o:illrs*ltilon the 3tth , oI' Miatch, A. I) 1 :., by vset tie of a decree of this c aut, tendIer, ri onl till- `0th ljab t t J:i;uiary, A. 1). 1838, in a suit e.itled .itoAnnes liBar a I iggs .s. ttufns (tlteene, No 15,191 of thi docket Coct ai.t a hih satle 8shablImes Htnees ggs the tptchsehi tr flithe price of twenty-five iusl o (iescripltion of propertly as giel,, in tile Jdie vet ante, viz: Acert1it piece of proper.y or parcel of grant.dtcgether with all tihe buildingsand improvements hnereIt ,rights pifleges, &ih . thereuiotoh beloingitg, ot in alc e .iner pelrtii.cng silllite in filhohorg Annntctii.toon, hmove th.I ity aid metasuring in ilnglish inesture, lithree hundred teelrl ltiy-tix fet anIl toutr-eighths ontt t i .itti firlnt h. the tlie It'oad ll nnNeU IxB St. thIree hiti dii :rhll a sixt) .,e feet six inllthesati fl lth ii- itlths of i:t it ch t tillt on Celeste s, two hundred and fity -fife feet Dine mist'hessd two-eighths .i'an inch on a line fi', iitltg ni OlC() Levee stti . untllil it trlikeslth boullln da li . ti Lt llnreltlf il Iliudonlns ipl.perty, at thie cilntr ti' l Irtee an Nans street; there foriingi' a right angle, alnd (cxteiling cight) -five feet and three itlilet deet alog tie bo (n ndaryt line of said Mlillanldon's prope"rltV pn:ra let to (Celeste street; there frminglll a right anglr, :Id extltuliglgSi t - tee11r Iet eleven inches aind three teigl,this of aH ilnh le the hooleilrm lr i n.e of Lo is 1)idel' f ei,. ,ily, in alle to Oi Le ier s' ret n there irtnittg ithtiig tt atinlnatnd ext .tlil. nf tilt two l'l steo ell i .lblesl a;Id live eighths of a linch .It the I ) olt1e. lill, fof s.id D.dute'n properltV, Iaral lel to Ct eleste stge lt; thlr't. fi lll n I lg a:lltllllr right alngl. , anod extenunllg ole hnl drrd Iand twetslt semen leer ten inhets atd folur eighithi of a.t inlit I on tie hoietthry lihle of sai ]))ede's prllopert Itrillolle to t e public roall atil N.mw I.ve stre eti,,l .i.se vntty sit tet'ilmr ilnches awl f:l n teighth fin tmh ant tI N.I'ni tnlteeI :iesird i., ton phmby J. Pilie, ('it. Stirve.or, nmle 23,1 Jai. arlo, 183".2, annexed to itt act :passerd before oI.uis T Calne, Nita.) i'ulic, on the Sth Janrmra, I S,.. iWi.itees ti tllion A. t. iucantian,.litige oif the Ci. alirestailthium Ilth A ~lipil, 18.i8. alr2:3,n. il3 PI. LI: II.ANC. h-p. (ltrk. SANCI'tIONEI-D liY ITHE FAI.CUIL f Or o IMED rjtJIOtlN'S Compom ll Exttet of Copnibn and Swars " paIIlla -A certain, sate, stlt test , llntual neme d- ever disenveld for the rare of Go 1 ' ,1o n, Glets, Strictures, Whites, Plio, in the hack ami leits, seninul weakness, alictints t)1 LitU kidlies, gratel, scorbhtio eruptions, tc. In the introduction of a medicine possessing the usefu Iand active virtue ol tlhe one lnow oltrcl in the l publlic, oloe prolpiettort Is lbut to rciro to the numerous Ireco1ln nilendi ions iceitedl from the rolst emillnent of the me dleal L'thell,-y it. I'Emope, Ielie.ing nist it will ]e duly alp'l"eiated when its merite are mIIre l' Ily kllowll The ,nlam olf Copaia, soexrtllnsively seld,l has hlet mltch of its credit irol tihe lislike whirhl patients formnerly express d reg). 'lligl its disagret.able taste, disturbance plulclled in the bowels amll stman:lcl, an..ts ilT elUtfore ilnef-icienct 'when tlscd ill the ilntlmlltol t slage. The Proprietorhas malde an a:Rlysis of the ilnsam, conceiv lpng that the imore active rlrl:tlitites world thrcl.y. libe much i)more Ioncen·lrated atil mllore us~ellly alui si teetl thlan in tIle present statt. 'The1tt abe Iltod tinlle ClliteS ill gredients which are in the highest rep-tenIi' 1Lno 9! the amost st.ietific and learned in the illo .asion. IEnclh dr ill the tcompositiou ot thistprelparati.: inllreases the elliacy of tie othler, proteillg an opelrtio, tlrul asto nisllillng, llld sut rpsll si'g ile most sangII nliDe t exp ,"i tions; lnsEssilnglttlhe Cattle elitle the adltantige of t its being admlenhistetred with l tper:itEt suLtcess. it ilia te it Tent stages or the above disease. The IttI eminenlt pl0ysiciansand surgeons of the plre.llt day exiess their livteined ap Fproation in IvIor of Saret rilta, whilst its use it the principal hospitals and public medical inlsitllliol has veneral. atolttI sIt ta inobsnll tt le at ltee nttlllA)ltl tolnll arising !scotm a dlisortdelet:l stat, oflthetlig.stiielintclions. Having been subnittled to tll,- test mlld -ex lpeitnt e of the most celebratlled amongla the ieallt, tlhe hlave expressed their satist:ction ,of its extlrordittiy etltrtioy in every case under their harge, by llladoptinlg it , th in their public and prittel practice. Their oi erlitions will be insered hereafter. IPepared by J i1 Thorn, Chemist londol. I)lie. 1 5t0 per pot. T'ESTIMONIALS. From A It Shllon, Esy, F I~ Stl.llgeon to the St takrolmas lohspital, and Le'urer on AnaetoImy. Tlie trial whicl Il ave made of vymr Iret.lmr"'ion in a varie:ty ot'cases, both lale anll fenmale, ill its results have pr'ovedt so highly p avourable, that I do not hesitate in IproouI cing it one of the most valuable and teticacious remedies ever ofli'red to the Opublic, andt one in which from experie,,e, I can place every relianee, whilst it does notlprothe the ainle unpleasanti efflo ts usually ex perienced from coplaiba. From G H HlaywCnd, ,1 II C S, physician to tihe St Marlebone Displensary. I take great pieastuo e in adding my testimony to the valuable properties of your preparationl, wishing you the success yo. so fully deserve, in an anple rewaonl for the labor atd expenell itlcullctd ill bringing it to such coU pletv perfectrilOn. From W O Cooper, R S, Surgeon to Guy's IlKs pital The uniform scces which has a 'tended thile adminis terig your nmedicine among my ]ustients afilicted wit h the aboe diseases, has teily astlit ed I te that it has only to l knownl to be truly appreciated. Mat t he succesa you so well deser ve, alldy and speedily repay you for your tallable plparniou. From Sir A Cooper, F 1S P It C S, &c. e. Hlaving been iiulhced to try youo" Extr.et illn seYellal casesof violenlt GiotorhiDa, which lha hitherto lbafed every presllcription adlllilistred by ll Ie, hayvinllg tand sure stod sole edy ores etflected by It, in a tow days I feel myf.l il duty lIbound to state lit I now ill Iny praIc tine bolh pllublic and private reclllommenld ald use nonw other. Frotom G rW Blair, M D, Physician to Guy's Hio pital. The strict test which I have given your medicine amollg III) Ipaliets,h a its inltariable success thus lin, will ilttlll - ti tels.ere in its ole., andi I deem it bult an act of justice andt of dtty to antl iot- Iheble teti inonlial in c..noenll tiot of its viItue. From 1. C Thompson .. lj F 11 S L.. Iturn. you my sincere thaks ftor t e valuable pret' set. of toar E:xtlt for the cure of i(;O,.rtchta, oe. I fet. grateflt tlhat you have at last brought a medicine into use whichl will prove a dledideratum Ittg natght lot in the medllical wlt--a sure, aspeedy anti effectual urea int eases , thlle almve class. It aflords me gneat pleasure in publishing to the otrld the valuahle qtalitics of)your Extract. Were it necessary, the proprietor couhl here furnish ma.ty more testimonials eqogelly as commentlatory as the above; but tausts that itsgreat success hitherto the care & expense at which it has been p resared, will proerits greatest recommlendation amongo a dltscrninlg publie. Olle recommendation this pirlparalliln ll jys abhove all others is its neat, piortal e thrsm--pI. up in pots-th node in which it Iay he takenll, beilng ,tlh easy and Splt-a:lt--il tsttl il naturie, with no restrlitiont i diert t or continement firom busi.ass. Travellers especially would lf111 this medleine highly II.lll, and ought neve - to he iprooviletl with a prtlaeutiloln pasessiog the ad vllltales which the present toone collnlltllet. AP.onmlanying tlhe Medici,'- is a pamnphlet explana tol otflthe ItIofertllt stoages at tle tisetta, witlttl any extva chare, eontaining ftll til ample dtirectiots. For ole Iby SIICKLES k CO. anu- I iawJm it) (Canal street. B ACON--,5 hhd. Shies, 15 hhds Jaoles,and 1i It S a) Sholdern, Cont inlatti cured, landing fromstea er Backeye. andl fr sale Ie T STETSON & AVERY -n ta1 E r;,vier tmreet SBO'TV ANI) INCI.INA'I'1I): novel, edited bh l iat It.*1. atlh r If "The Ihp.protvisatrice, T tOMPt 1 'llS' ' LIFE 1OF IIANNAIl M-OORE IlA~ItlY AUSTIN; or, Aventures in lthe r tish Arm;" vols. 't tAr E 'S I. IBRARY OF AMERICAN BIOGRA I'tY, 1'Vto st,78an 9. Ti HE V( lINt; 11OUSR KEEPER and Thoughts I ,i oi It, rrh,e y \Vt Alelt. ;r Ii I itt tt' Ad , ta uarea of NIC'IIOLAS NICKLE t r I, No. (i. ,lhl :l'Tt"ll'. RY BOZ, No,. 4 & 5. OLIVEIL TWISTpt.,, the Parish Ilov'a Pittraas; 1part1 No 3 Jouttlvne mud alor sale Ih b " haIl IeKEAN, Is,-etaactttaotat~ta&

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