20 Kasım 1838 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 3

20 Kasım 1838 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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JOB PRINTING. oF EVERY DESCRIPTION, I SI'i:i:)I.VY,II tNatlH(itI,Y ANt) CIIt i"PI.,Y EXECU TED° AT 'HE OFFICE OF THE Sc True JAmerican, ST. CII.\lRI.ES STi'E ET, NEAR POYDRAS. A, N0181 W \tANT1 il--,\ mnniinle aged omann Tl won1111 hi e pIli'red; Liad one who hasll no ojee ttn I nn t avi t IV lilb nal. Nnlln nnd 8nn p ln wnitillltln a rnnd d i eli:rennac. Aip'ply i Mrs Ilawhy's plivntotr bardilt.- lo Jluull-,r-e r,w av~ f igaid iue an d nn Onnn O sreetl' . Iv. A conlveftient two story Idwelling o Iluse, II C on corner pof t. Jin alnd Perdido streets. Forn S partculrs lr apply on the lrenises. 1 T O Ilire or il "rrh ase i oa, d C ok ain l W "'lasher-wn - anltr. Apply Ill thie citn!r of C'ump and dl liatcer ae str. cts. novll0--tIf i ITliO.E FURIt NISiti.ni A "LTRE. .nlltninnl & Co. heve comllnnltly on hnnd at thrir eA xllT+.iive estlnblislh ent, N . 17, C.mpl St. and 1 Tuonumls street, verIy large lsIortharnll ol house 7ncepig anrliees, cnniatint of enarnthlenuarer China and ilnss; Blrass .nd lSteel Fire Setts sad erend.rs; Kilhcben Utensils; Iron, Tin, lVaeonlnre and Baskets; silver plaledblrittannia andjnrpnned goodsl; f. la pts rand chandeliers; knives and in nkrs, aandoltmose furntsrinb garnods tn general, wnicl tiey are Irepared t ntupply at reduend pIrcen i t private dwellings,i boarding -inous t, hne a i, sinipst, teu ntsro. New Otirleanst, Nov l li3 . MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, 'J Iennsaed fnum 17 Cnslonnahouse St TO NEXT DOOUI T Trn I. uI Au pLES TIIEATIfRE, CORNER OF POYDRAS &. ST. CItAR.ES STREET. ann4/--1831. pRItVA'IEI BOA.l)DINGL kIn/USE, No it1, Tni nnlune rn,-iy lrao loirniitnr ,n. Ir fi ar tninnnnf ane n tinrs irhane Levee anria New Elxchannc. nl n t mln. n will ie well suppliea nd an ttendcn to, Aind Thelta thre morerate. Jlar.rs w alnill i tO hiaven nIinnl l an I .I n cionn ei o dlated 1 Itell'rrul ir.ices, Wiltl eo llllrOdilins furnllished ru ronl,, lh rdcrs will Ihuvu Ill sa isfal, Boll to mlleet h /ran, nrnnan slnLking tih, Fnah!ll ,l Englinsh nnd Spalnn alln , la.ng ...g . a.. nn gkll in ll PIE' NSI-) Nl I IOUItE2-LSE, laen f,,nionse. n. 13. tnaur par .Wlin Vnt. I1Iffnnnan IrE' t tanllnllaet.tntlnetjamr·lnnOX, t sr tronve sittnn peeIlnrn d Ina Lanrt nde in Nurvelle Bourse, 'east tdirea an nllntre des aniliire. L.rlale sert bica fournie, proprelnent tenue et a an prix nnndark.. i'n.a. ti t r ne nt Iwallr lll inle ol eeraient y Io ger at rm t des ulartei. ns r e di iilre us prix, Iien garnis et I,,,s tlls uo l-n aier ellanll t l'agtl'nl unt dry trnuver l/rs ier' nnlle e iall aant lesitangnueis irnuncis, nan laisei '1't RElIT. rflE fla r n tory fire proolf brick store in Canmp .st'rmet nt lprevent occupied by Messrs. An I Walalce nai nn.. The lhree alora Inrick sare int tnle cnrner of lannk Al ev uua d Nui:hvz street, at Iresen.llt o aluiid by Slnaenrs. IlHatith & CI.; ie third st-nay being rioted banit bIed Alnso, the 3rl slntry of the ltl;nnk maore in Bank Ally, Ith dialr nrnlll tnn last Itnanlle--the .iud Lnlnd 3d storines n;nnm well intied up, inn giana on the InI Nonaa net' Ia ...5-- ti CHAlA. A A d.n. 11S. CI ). '1'T L 1 .I . I'S 1; iU 1FF-,' f+'it 1:-S1",. :t)-:a+ i ; M N1.]].1 tnt/I wtnIln.E Iftvitrhl ..)llI I WJlM'l.3. AIRll . 1,311 .!t-Ili' to It rtil aI~alf 1the CtItmill; liti' I i .l b 75 11 "J,11.h, l,· |183.; sealed1'tl , ,ropo,)salls will hJ, efa vrdl1 .Iit olli Nnillnlie tin irtnYnnn int tillll day oI Ill laelllriletllfor I hr,-, Illl lr.d ':'h ,ll lllle hlrs. 11 d . fii 'iliis )l t .i ni:i;l , llan ii n ti. m hinr1 r H'a in.Inn ntt riun n ix p r cnan tn r tnaiin n ia iit'r't. n 'r'lln il h'res+l J ddll s~eli-alll aIliy in raio a nloA, N -w Tairkn ar N n -w nIn-nutnl Us Ian V hn e a inn e[ in. nlU' ii nll h Unit · 1 Stanit ti te. i ad !nn in, in inn sn . n'nn , I1' IheI inten lth[e l l h Ini.in i iln, dn The pnai'll lllt.t hilln I .*lllIO I I o ' i l 4/l l-toIt I, ,lisin.' i -,i -o~" .1 . i n l ~ l. i f11nit 1 N 13 l, .INnn ' n n in in ,i 'l ' h l ui c i'it- ll -n li- nnn Inlln;nn i. 1 .: , o. J I ,. I~ hl lahl,- i n i-- ,dtn ilnn i . i.l ll 5 s ' in N i. oi p ii~", 1, .1 c I." nl 1t,4tP t ntn - II, ii <. ,, ip 11 l~ l':ill ,. ' I," p(1.' ill l 1 1' ·1. I 1r lle allllý' nl Inntnt -t-a ii . IIII+ I ' -n - I tlilll I ll I Ittll 1 il ,1 " ll . l Ah "l I . 1: , I, . `i Ih .. .I;)l lre% Iill ,I' s t , Ip o i I tI , 1 J,, r , .1i- I n t I - ti ' V ,ll l - tI\ \ -n1 t -n - A -i: i n -nt, -t,, , nsanII t II tt nIt , h lu ; Ili ,lt I n ,hIInn1 i aa Iy a -. Itn - i. I.t11n I -ll l, 1 t :, o , 1 il \1l i l , m!1 . . ', 1 1 .1 I 1 1'i il . lil Ir ll ; l .....l 1'il . ,l inn tn \isi. Ia , I. llD ll nr ,n " -n ,,Ii i aitnl ad ea'n;n d.. . . . e. 'i. O/ o nnhiro, tut m" O t St . e 00) nuno , Ii e r' roIt nil non;5oo lJoJ O,. 0nnnnfe inr of the subscribrr Il'i,,rro r 11 llmr &o ) lmug Sawing and l~l.ri ludii g F lolll s rrooolr hv J. DITI'. - `'1 i:\ 1 I' Or INI -ii') Iboxes in r.ot, finr onle ly C AB Il 0)) 'iii Tiiit 11,,,1400 i'nndrln'rs i'Ooorrrr I nil I ii, i o a" o' l nnvli 40 Irtrnnt Aboc Onionrr and oNote)irlir Mdoil R0,1d u/ior 1 'rorrd r IT rErro'I or N.m ofio ' uniti 1rrro 211111 hi, . rorrr 'thel lnrr lt l'um) r: 4 101)0 ) 1 l,, v inP orII CypreS Ii.. 210 oof I llngr' , ad i 0,0,110 tbonsand IIII .et of n IItlsilll , Il.ltlcenr d n olo -l es square, clcuT (r of Hul; nlltll JIC:I CII\P Ted nt such pointl f I on thle shore·1 ol" i~uuie I'oaclharttra in lw 911 Ill b e driigla ted. 1) OADil) na4-- I NIiE thoe cromrrrrrlr' or, I' lull r 'guaroino Irerro, over the' stor 1, of t. A C S. ' 0r1,rgirr &Con nov4 _____ _ j AY, I'm moos~rnr inon,' ºIIhr 1)0) otnl iast'rr 7.. lIlo, in Iilrne order-:01i iarrelnrPotnatoes- 35,100) ft. Northrern Pine Borards, fom,, nhirp Lvro Iorrdinrg and Ior ,.,lo by LEVI It (:OLl, "0I\Io!) 43 C~uon sl IJ r.:ceite per ship lrenlec Inle Ilr vrr Ilrl, a orsulll bly IIUIIdS to & )111.1.4, (!) I IOonk Oiner, I -Ii,\IN''.1 'ron rri, d Voenrir nand LL ling Wll 4 nrnnnlll.l I)ilr IllllIing front H rhoooor Da-I)(L vid (,obi., and fit sale by Il IS1AC (1(11)0 1 & CO, root)l 131 Mentine at " Lr)uli I 0O.NIr) r' troet oni'by REl) & BIAilS'PO)W, nov!5 7i),Ilr 'llrrrr IR IfAD-0) IIARS'1'OxV, - l l 'rhrl- r 7 Lrnrk 1 'lore OIn n-lt n 7 ooni,'ni nko, Plnilr, 000- - ''ll Io, eb +rr i r' aI t wholesa dor 1:\1'5 10 or,, m Nntno i , s I, eilnoi r onllIow ing o lid . In) ronlled i rrr Iaw l brim. Ino d)~okreot N ldo 1111yrIn di lorrido d ; NOrt (lbes rtiko t No3 nlt-d izes Iaondni rimsn. o0rrd, o- 10eve, i u eir0lct :,11, Ao i)in Nutri 511 da xtra d `ill)) d Black mll WilkeR slsia 5) do Extra Block ltn~sil; till) d .oskat& Cne lubrnd ndnarow bri1 , fo erednnr tae r' JooAll or-.nk olili, nnol Chaort e', o; dol , (:ildrenn II tn i i, Ilni s, nil sizes. Caps-Far, 00,0-), L'OrI r Real, rtdri , MJr.at, nd GniriroiI Ornt rin Ornnfo.caes 1'loth ('n ---Pir! ; .nick, Poi In Ncl Yl A (ril's tinth~ (l'lliidre· ('H II'nae v'I urbane, Plaid and Vl'·ri I·· Caps, or*oreo.ooloI i polr sof~rio'r Oro-O.O UnN,'orO'r-ork -mrr'r ')olt. .ikInoorror tr,lo' n . I'o ,ee u f no) ~ in 13aulbnx"+to lott:".. .rod ns,, mo l f~rodrgrt. ds '1'b ubo. e eumt 0i)00t )u1' slu I', al " o te atet .t te n- ,"TI i tbesob f i sm ll,, r~~~~~nrr, ~ ~ 1.r~r, . lcn:,11ene nN wYork p~ries.,h fzo Ct.oo :.t FASHIONAIIRE PARIS MILLINERY. TiHI1E 'ub.criber has the honor I f infilrming the Ia dles, that he has received per ships I.lfayetlt and Marengo, a spply of fall and winter rMillincry, of tIe lte.t and rithe-t materials in iaris. which Mlrs. Sactn! expects to have opened and reatly for exaim aintatl on M inlday and tl Tedayv tet. I) l PSC¶NINAN, nov3 '25 Chnrret st TE\V MltSI3C-Poor ILonAlie-I don't mean t tl ls 1' yo t her ena--'l'loau Itlw learnt tto love Anotlhear Swtriet Atoll hVilter; The Knghlt's Farewell; Heposta en her in orrow; Iliad's I.Lanent; They lhave given tl'hee to Anothert; Lovely I.ady Mine; llThe Bridal, The lBroken Heart; Miy lHeart is all Alonc; Ol! Men what silly things yon are; Oh I conld love him; Ol! Platrick, ly fro me; l'il tihatu art lovr Iv a lt'l de'; Thlink t ly Love, Oh! Thiak of lae; Vttet think I liner a merry Hliert; The Vintage Song; T'he shi is readv; The Silver Mlons; No care ever grieves ite; Notr or Me; I've been he frefresh Flowers irc S1ringing; deerly lva Thee fret; Wtol nana spare Ihat I treer'.he Will Altalrosr; litre Ftriert Risere Rose of .le iary; The, Minstrel woo'd a beauteous Mnid Tl'he Iestas were bidden; My Iather la.nl; The Maid if die Mountain; My native Love; My heart's bet trea sure; lIv Woodland Bride; Mine nmst bie a silent Tea; My chilldhood's hours Farewell; Thle ( reeawood 'ree; Sol;omon lol, a comic sonlg; lShe wore a wreath of Rlser; tt Irrettv Jane, Jurst recveir and for sale at B -CASEY'S a Piano Forte and Music store, P nol'2 10 Camp st NOTICE. ti Elle Oflice of the New Orleansrand Mobile Mail I Line is removed, frort tander thle Exchange Hotel tl. No. 78 Poydrus street, at which plance a letter bag will Ibe k.t open atil I-I to 12 A M. Fr- woyletter it &c. Thlaose litr Moluil nld frther East, will he ptt il the Post Office at Mo' ile. nr1l GEO. WIIITMAN, - -RltESlH MEIDICINESI-Ntw landing from ships Illlambtler tnd Coltltthns; 123 packages of Medi cines, selected under our personal obiervationtepress ly for thlis aarket. Four casto Calanrel, Tthree o powdered leBrk, 4001 ounces Stullhate llQuinine, Two cases pulv. Epcae, 'ten Iarrels pure Alcohol, Teno hIrrtIs Altnl, Three cave Liriorbe trate, 'Twenty slakys oiil Vitriol, s.n.p51 aud Glanber Still,, 't'wenty hoxes ILowandl's Tonic Mixture. IPure (Girond CGinger, Jalap, (Opium, Apoegte, Oil Peppertntl Oil t.emon, Tartaric Acid, Soda, Seidliti Po ders, Soda Powders; &c, for sraleby JAIVIS & ANI)REWS, Wholesale Druggists, nol Car Comalortn& l'chopiltaloa eta "i .. AC .ItII, anit Clod Fishi--5t0t kil. of No. I, n andt3 Iaekerel, in whole and half barrel- 1200 beX of Cf.d Fish, in store and for sale by ED. SPRAGUE. o t133i 22 Custom IHotse s ililIN SIiiUP i tboxea olt dora. erh (a Ssale bt y READ & tAIIRSTOW, M AGI NESIA-A supply of Henry'aCalcined Mag nesin, and Butler's Magnesian Aperient, war roated genuine--just received by the sbsclribert. SICKLES & COl, oct27 40 Canal at AIlNISIIES-A large anid extensive stock from Sthe maonufactory of PiII Smith & Co. comprtling it I t lthefl tllwig: eartn polishing no l do no 2; furnittare to tt d no 2, do 3; coach varnish no l, do ni 2;varnilsh no I, 2 and 3 ftr ordlimry usa; black and brown jaaan, far stle by stl R. CLANfNON, 1I Ctamp at NI)TIC E. frif111 FIREMlN'S INSURANCE OFFICE has I pteoen teln rareil removed Removed to 45 Canal .it.., -txt to tile Mlerrhet's and Tl'raders r ank. SVtII I S- rea l u,,utl d'Ae-itrutttdels Potlpi tst ttIlllporailtPetaCo Irttlsporte au no 45, rue duI canal jotign:n;ot In l.anque t d Artuians. novl 111E" prite tffaote f.m antid after tie lIati da of ta()ctlllr, will Ie fif cents per bnrrel in tile Gas iork's yard, atlnd if taken itn utantities el oinue hun ired h ieit, will te de hvw.rttd free tf drayage. "1']0 aldvantatt thtat ttis article of f lel posseseaaso Serr lie anthnarto nnld bituminous coals, igniting more reatuitl than tite fitrnner, and frer. frot tihe ni leaaat ol, of ithe lattr,slloul ilduce every Iolanily to make tn rr ae, ceived at the Gas Office in Bank Alley. l I' WWELL.S, stp9t Se.ey. F': ,I. d A W IN'I'I: It iLf|I INo. I 3 1. F IllIII3,M ,N A. C i., N o 3, M ntgt i e ttreet, • . are recrl'bi, ih their pypl t'ies if hFall and \Vilter lelhinr, and ) 1 ll ulinl. ii to r,, iv shipments regu- ail l hv if .,thoul ihe s1 r lh aso. S Their assortmlnlt bteing b h r - v 1II eull tihp ll itO te ltl iiirg hnny s frml ' e lI rim t;, . l Ne. O ei 1th No. 1 1 3, Wi i . 1). tlIe, ,tllt net' ,ll e ih{' rl tl, hllelll.t l IArt ' li ii w nelb en f it Nitt 0 Ias finthat 1t metin ir of said ,r lil l -i. h . hllli l liou tt, N try Public, onlrtl f' lrlle III, I"'wIto l ll!f t ! Il r 8ill llle tthenarL '. t lh rell e.1 , toite , thel i r.+I( ,lb, ji em INo II,113 IWi .th ID. m , no o al. + . h 2 nr.airr srs The l-isiin peri d-reo prop.reiy Si . ,h r: it cit·lr ilt el Ii.hat of i e i.r,,ltu ,I hiII I'l ll C rc . Ili re piil G l lier -Nlh' - etI l.li i 1:o, re ...1.er J c l i r iii' ,Iy , 1)" . 1 - e p at. ' 1 t v l, l!, Idl ii i, tlii, A I reprcl d tt: ie tft I'l -lo Ie = I ,i, flilioot tir e Iyut bti" tweep e Imr Ini lho-, lo~iir'iitltfi she ttitsi tit : ,blr thu pourI""" Frnhonli n ery, mbrac itlMittiitg every variety fir h ren , ,ilf, ).i ()lr. lt linE, l ( RE j ll r D IANGEI1 a her 1 & 1 1 xI l lorein u1( domestic U liac e Japan, r an r su. O Ac· ilTirs o,- · p("tt( i 0 kega C irn, in o5 altbssuch, rundc fin Rctli.J MtiUni le Aei nt C' thed ertice tthepl y til tr y Ctltoint iN it , oreirs lh It n Cr-e irreiu i u . Grm l er-n lla tick if t. i 18ri' N Ii.- V RNS i , - aii ,t c n&t iri hit cn e e.I t . letenlvp. Greimti ir. i N 'ietlIi ynl IAiic ltlc SI pi i. o ,S i l--h.er n i casae t t t1 ie BI n un e (le. teolle , it ueti e liled ly i i 4i i.ionin.t.rie Sih ki, i rt litA itr t ilro it Pa s in te it e + e ,fi u iIIt i n o the rtriile r ende: atu thg uIllr f It ellh herll Icreb allll nllg every variety tir til- tolle, rcr te r Sti ttr i tu e, stle blit toA vill niti13t i 18 Calle anr Iei t tonELECT adreJnshn. I isply (of tery Color of hev el h esri oet n,e for Scenoe personlsn (oil and Wa ar coil,; Blrut es and artr ts ools, ean ed an etnsiveas oc rr l' pller ior frnE fil tnnSrketor , of S rtP It l'eittit C a compi slitp is r N Aot, I & S', luriterr; Nos.tI of .eo.ish Varnish, ae n alio,, i ti kriegiter in tgreil, int 51wchs. ethil golud ita il, M 151 iE I with ti emll t iuTFrecll s g treen, cles in w. hriiitit r nie s tirr ne. d F Rin st tiv h tt, llo d s andt 4)oixes Frenche Lmuke for b ale Ut tmhe Pait Store of the sllcil trui e tnt tONii i ,litLI - lrte ut t18 Cailt l it ol R .Jl i INve ti on x . tf 1th ) le nr tail le s ent 1fc, ue.n i lil IIro l pltirtice tiII thie reaiee t of Venereal t ieist tt r lchl ib tics aidrent frt ave l AGEtuIt i Dr. JohnoLn, fio reshidllynce of many yoars in Hoe itbag t in acr grl rlevt to tetti tentie Atts t of Venereal - e rit ti , ll t ni Ior .Ji rtt stall, it tiitdt Wriitei ith .rsvu s keeps , nd bowols h ro, indan extensiveice in csuitc tltiortu (tue re tihe prtiesiaii guarkntees a sote, speC ey alnd Rellmesl cre to suth penrson as are imt. led -ituh sllev of t Ie cnllowing d i seiear lsi: , i i1Nirrh. itilhirnitl , St' rictl i. s Cthhiirce sltr s, iRe kiI teianritt , Aoii th eslt B tthie 'ladder, idnea. eIilli-n, lUr iih iilrP i trint i nat ', Swelled 'Iit erled i e llllilid tlhe Skin, t ore reru lsi r, t Painsi in the J ten es ; r An 1 i rt u ero u synll rtons wie tie nseeral ly followi Rece~nt I ro red i tbiwo or thrieedylnte wiethoitt ir I ri LItt ie hre g, iiltetrrdttil urolmenrigi oritlltein atic- itbe nlotle tlbylirvu eii'e. t tv ant inedt.i lt prteut tt nere ie c an ooil t tin t l i-- ilu'ti't. Ii ih rio it.itihe t 'e oe p o it SI r. Jrn mLu , t i cI nbrNtled Irtethlle urgoe t, and 1 ac8 ' tyhiIts lir iltee b Inele aIu a ted s iont rhy Vl i refl Deases inrgin eei l i itth i rinch Ar iy.. SoD I, r. Jons, nl ato heien oficy. i yhoae peirsnst phigis ill nFilt tin t h of Venereal Diserale and red t tirt i ulr tieul voyari h or rte l tvieiollte gui r ntery, old ate sell yv nividle 1)r. Johlten a scll, S proper Ms edi i nih fot ilth ailr in t he lorte, tt v i le cias be pat i i wit.lurirten directios Ii e tIl ineir be. eS eni ilice \pelnrllk n 7 Ain tihe Olinlg uutil 10 o'lock ates Jligllt. 1)r. Ahern,"t h, the gresytn t of Enghi sh uergeollos wa t i. Opinion thin nule "-lenlhs of tilen, dise.se thal.t OfC t uki nd el'M rrtrilln terrll the rtom ach. This. lixir ahr hlil IIlinihe nl o1lle public L0rIg for . iIlp tI ls of fort" ne: rs, elo n the renenVal Iof he foll iseases: C ue i o t los f Iufnllptlit', Pla ta lo s, I)itro ntll i of tile oflhet mch .lcar u i1( e leed f nplifh leao r d wtc it i sils i e T. linhdigeslt, u) o t'il .i haVtie i is foun d tot r ol',lpt to llv gi har .l n iw Ib·fon thlle llhii, as it iiei- t sal" inrethion r ure i b the lest an iumst eno betifiC rgePIoI ,v le eler o7phean priuduced, and the secret ofil preailg it A EIn; pur lEIhas , by th1e a '1 If'r t v IYr a eI moX n.IIt il m" ioni ++ll\\· ys tltl l lh the owels llree, ilparis vigohall n llld nscd bye n h th, t im intl sll l tnld rheerfulneds to Cflt mind 1 sio'i n - l1(r illdtl i iie, ie ind p frevelt w llrturn at ally et ft l r ewre lerio Sl.:- l.'n soli11qtcl,'claat i ich g l it edentory lhet, I Iho v le b uen tritbled, uw,, 1(1lV l+..r lrflife, fleah alll ii(; f Ibnle inn to sitn. I r's lh'ilv d of h ll welsr n ll o ilvnay p lmlle tIll~i'. s It lmindid bg ll mny fri end r t ove habit Abnils i fo nd Thprisotir li xir lll I tio bve nowll inis P Bte l n totailth bits ec clI ii i 1,isri i. iawl b r l llha l r iteit nbl erfo, a.it ih ' uf t~el e I-en ne t htLit dol e n R bl tll es 1(150re l nll5 rxIcl Sllreliv i l lle iflor tar lett slnlt h - you hve Iellls1 lde d Iliy re ' lst.:ololl L( k ris. 18th le o lsi Thellt n., ut Iiat " i:l iis ;t): ts "ll 1n +Severl l blllr nl d d tisl - l` ' l J.'elos~re-, idor 1 o "1+" l sll eet r nov.r5-nth i.l.WING. For Europe. FOR LIVERPOOL. The A I ship ACTRIRSP, Tool, Mlster, a regular trader and very fast -aller, hlvlg the . ,rincipal partof hercargo ready alnd ullgoi n I lr, will hi,,ve ,ljik despato h. For freiglht o pIt sage, Ihtvitg onI lortohle flrnlshed acoonloatli'os, ap ply to the aplotin on board, or to LEVI II. 6AI.E, nov 16 93 Commno st. F1IL LIb ItItt'UI.,-(l ssaeoe eoly.) A-lie fine A 1 ship I DNEY, Capt. Cow .. n, mill h tve im l1ediate deslteh. Apply to LEVI H GAIE, novll9l '3 C.,o l FoUR HAVI(I:. 'To sail on the25th inrst. ,ý The A 1 and very fast aniling packet ship ROCHESTEILR, Chas Owen, will sail as shove. For passge, having very handsome occonmtleations, apply to lhe naster . it trdl, or to LEVI H GlAI.E novt9 93 Co.mlIon at FU lL HAVIE. The A 1 and fast sailine ship MATTA KEESEr. Copt. ,tprfu,, reqtires 3110 ,blet " eottnnt to fill For freilght lt lwhichl, or ins oage, Iaving very handsome accolntodations; alp ply to I, GAL.E, tnoel4 03 Common o t OtOL HAVItIE 'lhe A I superior fast vailing ship, A REA . laTUS,Coptaiu Snow. will neot with ionedi . ate despatch. For pasnageonly, having very hand.eome accommodations, oapply to LEVI II. GAlE, n,'v 16 93 OCotnmll at. FIEK HA VIE. , A superior Al ',ip ean take 300 hales cotton if lmntledtiialt .tiiaion he made to I.o.LiI II ALE, Agent, 93 tCommon Ct. FUR HII .... The fine fast sailing At ship ZOTOFF; Jacob Merrill, master, will have immediate desatlch, and wants 80 bales cotton to com plete her cargo; for freight or passage, apply to ;.EVI H G'ALE, oct_ _ 93 Cotooon st. FOR HAVRE The Al ship ALLIANCE; Ferwnld master: having allnir cargo lniuel, e py ept 5110 Ioles cotton, for Iroiglbtof which, ap ply on board, or to j P W ITIN, otl OConti street Ooastwlse. NEW ORLEANS AND BAlT'IMtORE LINE OF PACKE Te. T HIS line will censhit of the following veerla whieh have been built, or purchased exprecal) for the trade, viz: Ship SEAMAN, Captain Miner, Harque MARY, Nickerson, IRAI) FERRY, (new) Stevgns, " SOLOMON SAL'rIJ, Latham, Brig ARtI:ITECT, (ray. These vessel ane of tile first class-have hant ome furnished aneeommodati ns, and are of c light draft ol water, so nas to admit of their receiving and dierharging their eargoes in Baltimoreat the City. Freight will be taken for ports in the Chesalpeake tr o James' River, and forwrded by tile agents, lMessrs. Clerk & Kellogg, at Iallimnore; Eexpenes on goods shipped will be ad vancerd when requtired. A The Irce of passagee is fixed at $60--ample stores of tile beat qality will be provided. Steanl up and down the Mis.iesirppi will be taken on all occaP onR Fcr freight or passage apl I EDFORD, octlc--lo t 2( Biunville st STihe fine ship 0111(), Crtter, matster, hnv ag mnost of ber eargR engaged, will lave dir Setcuh. Furbalaneou fifeightor pass:tge, ap ply on board, or to STETSON & AVERY, nov 16 8 Giraver it., FOR NEW YORK. Packet of the "2nd November. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE. TI. very nast sailing regular pack et shirp IIUNTSIVIII.E, Eldri e, maseter, Ihavin beren rdenined v thie weatler will sil trs rllrlae fr the frebght of Y5r' bale.- elltton, or pas s age, having elegant acrroundations, apply on Iord opposite thle Vegrtuhble MNlrkt, or tr J ) BEIN & A COHIEN, novl9 9r ) Comlllrnn A t FtltN NFW yORK. The fait sailin" new brig J EFIFERSON Capt. \Watts, will sail in a few days; for pas sage only, apply to rrMR PO)RTER, The frst sailing A I co IpCer frIrte bri SNONW, 'aptain' Tl'rudike, will sail id a law days, hlvin. moslll t of iler cargo ergn gl l; Il"i . et y freight i 51ll hbeI- e t (ton, or pallllage, having balhsonle tlte.nlldatlon, apll Il \Vurn r d t. r IRI'IrR, FOR lit)e )N. Tihe fine tarque ITIENIlY, Dean, mrster, is now ready to receire cargo, and will hve despatch; lor freightor p;slage apply on hlard, ,r to STiR'TSON & AVERY, nov7 81 t rlvir" st FOR Nli i YORK. (First e..sel.) The A I pncket abip REPIIIIICAN, lRussell, master Ihavinr the greater part rf her carge on board will sail the beginning to ttle" week; for freirht or pnasnge, Illvllru elegrtlly flrllillred nclrolnlluodalios, apply on board oppolsite the Vgetable Marketr, or to PETER L.A)IA\W, novl ii C ramp s FO RI Bt)+ l'crN. The first class ship HAROI.ID Hlowe tcotere havinrg rlitt rof ther cargo elugaged, tllmirart with despaltch. For reuainder ofi Ifteight,elr paslnge.apply on ioardtl, or to S'T'ETSON & AVERY, octl1 88 Gravrier st S t FOtNEW YORK. S The Al fast aniline ship iHILAII, Capt. Harmollnd. inrnw roedy to reaeire cargo. eand rwill meet depatch. Fo freiglht or ipas ange sapplivo tothe Capt. on oarid, oppoite pster55, 3rd Mun it S & J P W IIITNEY, netl7 8 Contiei 1e NAN TED. Two Brighof te capneity of 2 to 300 beales cotton, to load for a Northern iort; ap ply to LEVI Hii (IAL.E, oct.22 93: Comnmlon at ir FOUI FREIUIHT Oit CIIARTEII. Tn The new schooner OBERON, Calt. I. Melvin, 140 tonsburthen. Alrly et, d s & 8J P W ITrNEY. of ll ,{ 1 8 C ollti st For the Interior. FFOlR MANCHESTtER, (YAzoo) (Water permitting,) Fort Adams, Natchez. Rodney, Grnnd Gulf, W$ar Teulon and Vicksburg. i The superior atre. aer CASPI A N, James raldish masler, havi,, ul ' dergone most Ihorouglh and complete tepair, iwt m ready to receive freight on Tlhursday, t he 1515tinat ;and will hlave quick despatlch. For freight or passage appl to the master on boardl, or to TURNER . WOODRUFF, nov13 2 New Levee N It-The accommodation for passengers, are excel" I lent and superior. FOR ALEXANDRIA. The steamer )DENMARK. will L Hran as a regulNr paleket dlringt low at water, from tont l of ired ILrer to Ale ariasi. or particulars o Aply to ýep22 .cJNO H GRAIIAM. FOR MOBII.I. 'The regulolr packrt low pressn re attainr UIILAFFE, taopt. Swiler, owillleave the lake end of the rtail itoan,very 'l'HURSDVl S & o IJN)A'd., after the arrival of the tt o'clock cre, and on er re tturn, iteae Malila, everny 7'auedays and F.iday:. For passage apply oil boar tlo CA "PI. SWII.PER. P S-Wlhenever a su ficiet olnbeer of p lassenger offer tile (;irafl ill tolcb atultn of tile iterOtedite laoldngs, iponi previona notice bhcig given to ('apt. Swhlr. nv7--tl Sltt)(i.t\S, &c-ib6 casen, conlniiug Men'n anl S y's fionle kip Beracons; Men's extra sir Ilusset rogrns, IMeni Kiip, Calf and water lprof Bounte, ld il.efrall aihip Norman, for saleO by ISAAC BRID13;E & Co, nov9 1:14 Maugazine a bAIt.INS.-I bllkxes Nit tatsn,; L 2,l hula btoxe do do I(1 qluarter do do do, 100 drun . Figs, landint, for sale bv UHAI1PLIN &. COu.tI'tII tnov9 12 Jo lin CIIAMI'tIN & Ct)OPIIl, nov9 82lJuliua t tOFFF, .-I I a ,o-ld WluWu Coi ', .w lndi and for sale by T R IIYlDE & IRO, nov7 cnr Conllltin .l Magazine st Or E(;IlO C )TI'ONS-lO0O balts No. I and 2 l.o. ell Clottons, for sale by .'L'EI'SON & AVEIt, novl0 88G atire --IIEEET'IN(; S &-Shlrting+--1 Ills Ruls itl shllet . i, gs, an h 5 bales low, l IL.itds.vs, Itle. ug ilio'll lahipl Nornln, filr sale Iy ISAAC It DlQtI &, c&o, nov9 134 M anazii)., IUc' ' O)R .at '., a It A O'rtl, drawn by DaviS & {i,"bhaldsor IoI.Ral A I'ra,vence, la., ill faror ,f Felix Ilswortlt, ald olnor e,I iitiv h i teld tlcharitah Dol-se h.r a.vel hnr. dIleld andt exty dl~lltt e dale and tiitmle t{ank. Am it, ao hbe if io use to the tinder, he willcoiiier a f var. lld rceniv i r, wtird, ifrequired, by lua'ing it witoli t.EO . It hllIftI'S N. no) W cir Canlp - C iu,,n. sl BUSINESS CARDS. J. P. FREEMAN & CO., Iholeanlnk ClothiRng Esltbllizmten t No. 3, MN uazlne street, TL AVE ronotnatl on hInd a larre topplY of Cloth 1. Iln, caol ouited lir ie countryv trade. 'htir lie. sortinent begillg Irge, merclonts fron thile Ountry can be supplied it the silortoet notice. oct4 FASHIONA BLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HAI)DEN, No. 14 Chartret 1ircese IIAVF or ltaontspp ly I f every nrlltcle I'perrnlninz to glltlullle'o dlress, of thle latest style, at 'cow York prier,. doe 20 J. B. Ross! SURGEON DENTIST, nov 8 No. 33, Royal street. 8 A. PEI~IOS2IIR, MERCHANT TAILOR b7 (Commron strtet, talld, optposite Biotrl,'os Hote., wherte he hnoes to merit ishare otithir rttroanee. Ite hts madle arrongeoientc at tle North to e, rn tpied moot.lty with the Iarest and moat fashionablehgouda tro 14 CLAY & CLARK, HOUSE AND SHIP PLUMBERS, No. 102 i'oydras street New Orleans, MANUFACTLRERS OF Lead Pipe, Water Closets and Pumps 1Of all description 4. IVARM, COLD, AND SIIOWER BATHS Fixed on the most o 'proved principles. IMILL'D LEAD, PIPES, &c 70r.Oders executed in any part of the Southetn States. Dr, Ilobert F. Liedoe. OFFICE ExoHatoNe ITOt.T,. in - 'I.AY &.- tIARK, Plumbers and Lead Pipe Mlanufacturere, No. 102 P',.vdr; . tlreet, oEroP on lIt o.orot .......ppiv of Leod Pipe, fr rom2 in. diameter duwi to l-O int. diatoeter. fitt sale. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTA lLISIIMENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Banks' Arcade. WILLIIMI GREENE, PROPRIET'OR nr1 J H. PAKER il Commission aud Forwarding Merchant, t No. 6, FRONT LEVEE, bI UP STAIts. p. New 0 :lrans, Feb. 2 .a JARVIS & ANDREWS, a WHIIOLE.AI.E AND RETAIl. DEALERS IN I MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DYE STUFFS ANID WINDOW GLASS, a' Corner ot Cuonnon and Tchoupitoulas atreetr , n NEW O ILEANS. S NAT'IIAN JARVIS. si JOHN W. ANIRE\VS. A large apply o Garden Seeds, warranted the growth of 1837. LI AT MOBILE, Ala. S. I. & I. I. JONES, " AUCTIONEERS, Neo. 61 and (3 \VATEISt .'r.EET. TIIF undersigned, having Retli-hed lhernltso in d I Moile ilr ile Irplosea of trasloting thle All:lion anl Cotllmni.sion busines in its various )branchel, beg leave to illorln their frienlts anld the pollie, that they are now prepared to receiver olllgo'nl ts nl matkd ae liberal advances or the nsea, eitherr l1,rprivate or tbllio - Hae.SItLOt1AN I. JNlS, ISR.Afit. I. J(NI':S. Refer to Walker. Knight & Co. New Orleanir . MNonle, F00h I,183. f8. 1 .. A CARD. SAMUEL SLATER. ABRAHAn TRIER. SLATER & TRIER Forwnrding A commiiisiioI Mere)ltnts, No. 411 Poyilrus Street, N E W ORLI EANS. Thev will devote their prticular atrtention to tile sale of \Vestorn Iraa olc. Referce.k, S 1; I+lnachard, iart I lShi Fa, New Orleans. A Mt Nathan, Mtara, Kihn. l)nroln & Co. J It & I itVtlotas, ) trigga, 8ihl ' Co. Rostot, 'Thou \Vsros Irq. tlt.lbrt+ trotlera, & Cr.

leveret &T'thlotao. New York. Va lI, Idd 0, Mt ilitl. Simtalor & )eavis. St Louis. GIn.at',, rhaw & S Tatmu. S Rider & Co. lla1l'a, Page & Duntlap. Alt,n. A It Skijttroh ELsq. A M Ir~hll & to.-Lonisvi . rLI STONE. . T. STONE. E & It. T. STONE. Forwnrdlinh naud Conunilsioun iflerchnnlt, FIJII.NISIIERS OF SIl1' AND BOAT STORES, No. 114 TCHOUPIr rOULtoAS STEET. Nw-.Orleans. Reference:s : Re .ro Boston A. BI ltACH & Co. ,New York. R. PrUTNAM, J. & PI. Iot ..tat, Cinelunsti, O. WaiHT SMITrH It)Vort STONE. l)tavtot 0 II.COMnTOCK & (. Co. lCra¢ls . N. AI.IItCH, t &Co.. Iouisvlle, Ky WIL.tIS,STEVENS & (.LtTIt, St Lollis iMa A. It. tlorF, Alt,t, III. WV, F.. WITHROtow, llshville, Ill. J. &' P. P. 'AWttrw.tl, lyonvu Sara, La. 2 SoL.onIon Huin. New Oliraos. jan 22 DOYIN B & SIA1, I)IEALEItS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, No. 3 CARoNotLEr STarErT. ot FItl,,EtN'S INSURANCE COMP t O' NEW t)RLEANs . This Company are now prepared to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. Orlu,} ro., S N.24 Musson'.s Butlding, Canal stpret. E L 'I'RIACY. New Orleans, Mav 15,1838. Secretary. WILLIAM[ IRWIN Commission anti Forwarding Merchant, CINCINNATI, 01110. Refer to Inyet & AtmeltIn New Orleans. Jt. Landis &, Co. S , ROBERTS ' CIANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER, No, In Camp street, ec Wholesale Dealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishesi, Brushes, , 1t301 Window and Picture Glsrr, ac. Ac. T. W. COLLINS ATTORNEY & CLOUSEI.LOR AT LA IIV NUW Yraetyi.i- in the Stalt'. ard (CitOv f C tr. 0ii Court, in tle Cuttolll Iloste buihillilg. je A CARD. fIlIE undernigneed havl * ol, ed at Itluns ill thi city, for Ihte ipt rplt e of Irnu cliug a GENERAL COiMlls.lIION I:USINIESS. Irrnor, Nol. It itu J STR1ETr, 7Pe STAIRS. Il I LE:VY. The hol.e at Granm Gulf, Mlis, will be contttitted ill the above naite . l:uleyrrnee. GoEltre 1 ~rle& Swell l New Orlinnel i. pets t i ' 1 ja d, IIIt [lill & Co, L.uiaville, Ky. .Jole, Nl iinlmoe, Vyicksbtrg, lits. u i r, ( Arpet u V C (.,, & l ta .d GulfI Mie. Spiltllb. rill, N t :hez , lh l j. l A tCAliD N ATIIANIEL I"tl\yN II ) h 'o s ll cated hint-lll 1 elf in New Orlenl for the purple fI l trall. et ilng n Ge eritt Agetty nt d ''Olnti.ittt hitt x+, would re .peettl.ily soitcit hit tite public a shait of their pa irolli n houlll e i 'l'et . l' i te ill ilyttedt t irns Si lng ol f oyll Ila rx t lt m - I11. lI le r, II| Ith (t Itr, .lid'will . an 1Et clllrclt-x 1tt Illll ill llILil|lll tIt;U1i w all biUel e i ellt elr~iileed in( ishtl a rge, and a t ittthf tt pplieh tina (i avcur'dalte wt ith hinhlruti )0 ul all eu de that IuvY come into hie hllad. RJeferees. M.cer HIlillyer, Ilush t Co. New York. FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY O!r F NEl.,lt )ni ANS, L 1 1r. 's at nt . n i e .oncal o ki .eih rtune a ,t pkr ale v y O t, 1 4 111 S SOCKittt N A ,C"MPA .' - `~te N'Oe. ad , I on's iu in. ny pngt .r ey . ,| d"h h-.ar ,",,u l ewlalr~l-a~ BUSINESS CARDS. II. Ki. & I. D. Newco nib, (7A VF m d a house for rthe transactig ol' a aen j l rea'l t...o unlis.S stl,,lia.aa at Nat.h' e, i .d , ev Ilnilnea, cilfided I e tleem shall be flilhitlly attndead References: l lCtiimmci & Ca., ) fIlaia' ., lilt t. Cto.. New Orleans. CleInle & licky, A CARl). CHRISTIE & S.INNOTT, lhdotleslce Grocers anld o.m.ui ,oi .rl.iT/ats, 1 No..27 i(aolrln a Se.t,New Orl' (etan. [[.7i' rtincllhl lltelttilon plidto thte ulttling up of l t Iean i ul t and SU : ip. t es. 'e ORLEANS LITHOGRAPIC OFFICE I. A and dlrawillgs, Imercbanll.' :llcuhlalr,busines nlld I llladdress eards ol every descrilptionl llnnerlal circular oil fi a k checks, drav rleceipts.c.&c. print.d al a .XdeeuL d is, acheap anld exlpeditiouns style, lby tlil pINprieor. f W'I.!.IA.Il 6jltl'uR..",. N.. IBank Notes n Iv exeltltI mll 4 e, NENV OAT STullu. USTi received puer late arrivais from New Yolk, s fres.b inl lsitah he u+a ortlbe I tfit'. iAt The sabstl iber wunol prrtieularly ll the allention t of the Ito ,lic to a ty.le I Cltea r -lt i at i selln rimt finish, ie itextre, rie I an ueautiful d ul re; also It a a ine pl:in Russia hat of a superior quality and also a ht sPtledtid article ofdlk ha, togetl er witlh a general ai al sor t at llnlll icatlted by allnslll, expressly for thi ti ilarkelt wholesale lld retai a J W 08.3ORN, 31 Camp stretl. N. B Cit) and country dealers are invated t ra11. feb 8 N m R. I'AKE tieadpe igctltlly thavige pulic t,hat L he will relmailn r. short ti'no u New Urhe fIIII.J for ,he purpnur ( I e aintien ortl'raits. R(lIlI.u lnrllla r ol (Ca;ln|al anld St Chnrl,-s, hi thie hnlne ncoujir.d by lI raly . . I.vol, lDenti.t,+, pibe! a ,tleleileell Sf bis IpRis iF. i.I lnIe "n een. Entrtance in : t cllarlee OTICE-- To-TIlHE pURLC.-Ulutmvuded rumor, oft tle ulndersigned hviellg sold out, or discoatinued 1Iis old an.d lan estahlished GARDIEN SEED ST(ORE, ANt IS, teust.o.i Iue',. Street, :Having been most industriously circulaited by self. ilterested parties, tIhe subscrlher begs to assure fil friends generally, and t.he pubtlic at large, that he still continues within two t dours of hi* late, or forter stand, t be I'urnisheld with a fiul and epx. lensine supply of all lthe standard kiInds of kitchen, or vegetables nrden SNe'eds, of the growth and im. port of the present season, 1837. Since the early pirt at September, lie has re ceived ample supplies, by the packet ships Vicks. burg, Kentu`cky, and Arkansas, all arrived in lhort passagea, direct from New York. lyl the Mtesie. sippi andl another packet, ie is in daily expecta. tion of a supply of Fruit 'rees and Asparagus Roots, having already rdceived invoices thereof by mail. The snbscriber begs further to assture the public at laire, thaIt he l at present as well enabl.led to meet and execute ordaers for all the kinds of Garden Seeds, either wholesale or retail, as lie ever was since hIis first establishment in Jaanutry, 1822. Country Dealers and Marke!t Gardenera' orders filled at the lowest and most reasonable rates.l by tie pound weight, and gallon or b.ushel teasurae. Catalogues, either in French or English, may always be obtained on Irsonal applilation as usual, to WM SMI 1'11, Garden Seed Store, 85 CIustolnhollue stre't. NOTE.--A constant supply of Bird Sued, till or mixed or plain; pulverized soup; herbs, and Shakers' Sdried herlbs,-with a supply of peas and beano. a I.()LTI IN;--i a enatts saetiia-'tle clothing, lanling fi rtm Nbt. N'orman, for RI'G I, 1eUIIA - IlII)CiE & 'o, Coat ,.' BrIazil, two sht., ; 51aditenIrnenn; f ast .f hor sale by l.tV 1) t. I, & Co, (0 ill X U do "I do WV do 51) do lheavy Ravens Duck; 51) do I.i,-"h t lenla 1 do; Land1ug from ablp Nornml , adfullll U -l erT b nv10 Coa . ti I:st i Ij l EW Clti)' Ultli.R-Ilntl it l pnome ont- sileon 11. 1 p\l~uatihun-bove tle city, by ILI2A i .l. |o E'rOW, k no 0l: 7 illonk 'lane' i jl.(. ol'. il Neuw I ork and 'lhiladelpllhin, tfr sale Iby AN\,li)\i & 11tO'SS., n totill--:t itp ( t undr S iih', willllllit. yII V1(llvacnt l tshin the in 2Tnld iald .n .3 lt M in.ipaltes.. :Ap1 d to I tr ch , iO In ie, NII. 11 (;n l £vhr treet, or In I i getlt Mr. li . 1 11, N1. ,fili It a etli t, fit. 1)11.\----- ? 'II i md fP/r & Trier is Idi cd hetl from th "l J .The ail.kir. iel r'A I o n li i X liq daed . y "'llea elltlirduallyr Ih Ii lfiA . Ih S lldtl :,LATER, l AItInAIIAMI Teo lIEol. I shall continue the gen For tarding and Coin. misslinh bh is r my lowA a nlllt l'.L ti ll IPop n drttn n.l' . AtIIL tIA i tI i tEASvl it-- i l ir llt lA iii*tV NU'l'';,-- I:.r Bui i illy, 1111, u1II i l, 1 1.$ I uIll 're' sl. r mots ai t . ' i111111 I. 'l'l t ex chleck on the lilnk of Almeritn, tlNew I ork itlil fr- 11 ent s nlns. Apply tat he ofttie of . p_ t4 . . Exchange ItloatI, $r. t_ I l SPERM CA.LliE,' Oil, (l 'e. ll)0 IoxtesNe. w lllrird trm Cllde.' ; re 51 nrt Il- liolie,', t alt o il; thi L3 'J tal kh NeW Ih'edf 1 'd \I'lll!r Oil; t 710t hoxes m hould L;mtle, JatlCksill's brand;llll 100 boIxes No. I d.p; otiheo Cper haul o 21t to 1'!0 ttt; Fine otcholtong 'roea, in half teosts I otlg i lysotn'1 n, inl 13lh bxls; 15 Ia.ktis first Iquality Clhmtpaitt net2 w l siie; Black lead Pot In tctasks, o 7.1 tllr tlle ize , ti 5I0 bIlnxe's hite lnavaun a Sugarll, ulnprlor o al-n lia ily, in store and for sa.e lby LC JOSISEPII COCKAI'NENE, nnv15 24 - drai5or o t AIl IAIiAMI " IR I, tlwvl5 411 Po)'dr s lt 01 IN lON tS-- ' '5 fril for - ille h v iov15 4O1 PBo.drat t 81 I frr sale bhv IIOL.11ES ;.. , .L , al I i'v 1 Iilnik Plj ce it MIRS. TIIOLIOPE'S NEW\ WOIRK. I OMANCI II' VI' IN.%AA, by Francl 'Trllopt , L author o 'lflonestic +i lmo r.o of thei .\inlteri ou', '.lonnthan JelrI rsto lllittaw,' 'The Vicar of\lhexl ihill,' .Purls and the Palriil I-,' l ,.. i' n 2 . v is. Justl. received alld Ibr sale by nlnvl cor of( C.llp al C ollllln t - TO 1.1;']'. A I)w.nlli Ih hllu e, l 1i bllllle fi at smpall Iý~ fomilv, hilnatid ai \., otu es I retl Irnn'iani ll i Tivoi l rcllc. . At,, ih,' tlltlsle ti salll l v•erv low- rltll , tll will 1.' .otd l hl t a l. g 1t . IF,'o r ioto - her prtli rstn re if AVID ~ El IT Co, IN w t iork o ts1 t 1 l lll r' lll, 0I i 11 li .it - t 011 1 iatl or-Me v hoooALAtl1 Wi RI s tan- itoal'ille ooi ; i 'll11,L 10'L i l aes t It L -t Illocollt', ----li bottlles liar e wine; '11) ."xes elwning ho ld ' c a1 1 I-l.i e, F e-It 11 'ssIed 'Infal ' 50 b(' skF N 0tis l rior AmN'- n. N 3 l 1lo ll lllvl:l I I I i t-it O11 I.'l N' 111 El. .. N.19- Irv . lh "i. It < : B i i an e 1' i lll 1 di""I 11 7111 th i p I at, 111 I. loo I f adCun1l slreet.for limb mI tte. t 1'-' t I rt) . l. i ll l.- . -It i, m- . I S Il lll Nli t i il IC 1 r .- bv nw le, l /A . .r.\tw r " I) i' in . ii a 1Fhy 11 J : l I Lh .i1lii ()Q .j':'.l mC'el :: l L Il·(-(IIY ,.l Illlll b r II, ll hl" i y (; ppI 11 3rI I\Aruid i J 1' ·ig,.rl" , jr: I(}() 7 li+;.1 h bir e H xCm LN. III I 1h. h' 'h in Ico , l 1t. e i r, , 1. lol .ilI 1 .l 1 .ll till. 1 1 i 50 ,.; l:I I rl le : h:, , . I II I,.I 0) 11. i.\ .II 'II I 'tO- i .1. l ' --1 1, [Ij E y"'l' hll7- ," .1.l··1 1 11 1, 1."tlil-r , 1 - 1 11 • 1 n1 . i" !' , "1, ,- ;1 11 1... f ill ll, ' . i, hiv . ' 131 , "11 :t . ... ... .... ... I... . Frn nat riot Inrn lA t,DNESS. I BEAUTIFUL hend of hair is thi-' rndelt ornsr : ment helnncire t.) the human frame. How ar yanc' vl the lots ol it ihanges the t .olnt.nTlleandc, protn Lt lrelyv rino s on file Ippenarnoe of otri age whiotch on tes Imnon to recoil at heint ntorven*d. and somntimes Ne e lttn If tlllv tstlielv to avodll thl t I.0(L and snoers o thFir apiaillation thde mnie ider oft' reor lves are ain. It In*;,:f tlr t'" fill. tIe enerois thnking vonl; h with Ihat neavv sinkingz glo.m as does the Ilnns of I:it hair. first applianti,:n. od a few Ilottlee restores it atain. It likewise prod area e eeroaw. and wlliskers; prevents the tnir trom t trnin .rv, mukrns it.t nrl Irnatifull, and frees it from s.rof. ,hotrontp s Pertifinates int the firt rt·earnhitity in support of the virntt' of Oldridory Baln, are shown hy the Propretors. o' rr Rend the fllowing:- nit Robert Wharton, Esq. late Mayor of Philadeflh dt has verttide asn maov h- see. Ibelow, to tile Itglrltrsn ttr of lte fL,towinoe pntllei.to. o t'h'h bnderied dL A hereblIy cetibf that ltlve u*sed the B.dtl of ('ottml:a di covered by J.thlridie and hate f and it high.lv ervitenhalr not nly ao a preventive asin.tl the foiling ;.Iff hair, but also " certam restor tite. WI1LIT.I M THATCUER, Senior, Moethodist Minister in St George tr'nrre. No 86 North Fifth t. JOHN P INGLIS,3JI Atth tlrer. JOHN D) t!'HO)MAR , M , 16.1 Itebt'st JOtIN S FIHEYV,161 Sprurre trevt. 111 11 McCUll{l)Y.D213 uthot.t at. JOHIIN G.iilt,Jr, 123 Arch otret. It is known that three of the bve silt lner are mnet than 50 years of age, end the othters not lesa than 311. [From the Mavnr.) C ll oninonfellh ;of Penfvlvanin City of I'hiladellthit.'l I, Robert Whnrton, Mavor of nid tiltv of I'hilode. phin, do herlhv certify thlt I not ell aHt quainted with Messrs J I' Inglis, John SIt Fre t, and Iluto M t Curdtty, w hose tnansg aore si~led to the bove certifisane,thatn they Sornsch fell credil hllmd he t lC:iVan tn te said certifiete. In wiltn, wh retoof 1 lavre herelnto set imy hand and c.l.sed thn senl of the city to be affied, this (6th d tv of Itecemher, &n. r [L. S.E R.)ERT WIIARTON, Mayaor. OISSER{E lnt achll bottle of the G=nuline Ilnm lha a splendid engralved wrapper, o)d which is reprsentder thile Full iNinsrat, & Sol't .honlyal aind retail by tIlhet le nentt for Anme ria. )n Flettche' street, notnr Mhaitln I.ane, noe dl.n het Ia P'earlsreet,ao d by must druggioisand perfutnlts t ughhe country. JARVIS & ANiREWS, m9 Wholesale Agents, Now Orleans. PROSP"ECTl'US. TIHE subscriber p-oposes to publish. in the be. Sginning of thle enattln winter, a Condensoatinn .f the twenty volumes of the Old and New Series of SMartin's Louisiana Reports, to be comprised In four o volumes, Son., according to thol model of Peters' Condensed Reports. This work is now in preparation by J. Burton lHarrison, Esq . of this city. assisted by William F. s Brand, Esq. Tl'l Editor is also permitted by a SI distinguishel d retired Judge of the Supreme Coturt, and by one tthe itting Judgens, to ekpect fromt Stheir poermonnl supervision all the advantage which i may naturanlly be rneaped from their experience. Such a work in becoming overy day more ne t" cessary, as the original is voluminous, expensive, ir and scarea. An incrnasing curiosily too is mani e' tfet, in the other States of the Union, in referone to the peculiar jtrisprodeneo of Louisiann; and the Scirotumstance of the nnmnernous principles here den cided in the adjaustmnt of conflicts of laws, mankes the knowledge of our adjudged cocos of prime nti. - lity to the jurists of the whole Union. Moreover, the rising republic of Texas has adopted our codes, and thus ither isa greantdemand for the Louisiana ,,decisions from a fresh quarter, S Convenient notes, indicating tllhe parallel casae c decided in Louisinna, and occasionally those i fl t more authoritative fortoms of the other States, will be added to each case. The work will form four volumes, royal octavo, and will be deovered, bound, to subset.hers at $6 per vol.; in ease it should Ih found practicable to compress it into throe volumes, the p-ice to sub. scrihers will he $7 lpr vol. Subscriptions received by W1M MneKEAN, i je5 ear Camp and Co(:ontm its. NaVYW UItLI;AN'S CU 1 .1 i ti\R L iN :T1' TUTE. Peace streetb,b lrren .lmoreau and Casacalo, sub'b. J.lcr--tny. P IECIA.. Conrae of Book Iteepinr.-l'Il collrse C" of fooak RKeqpitg opnted cincer iaet.t moaths, Io wil closin a .li.w dvar. flMany g'ood n rolnlttallllnl at, a g tllwhom aer gertle- p en ofhigh stalndlllng in bllsiinetP .w l Ine relerell ces iired' tilte lpublic patromuge. A A new evnllillt ,cl will hie oetedI IIIe acaan n ,f - ft'iellt lll:"t)er of nLbacribers w. ill h vee l e lle obltal ud; it will ,ltse in Novt, iter tl' nexat. Fur geottemen rIesiding in thle ttrt py prt tf thecity, anl eveninl clilts. ree Ir , t aa weltk, ill 'te opelled at thl c:rnIer (f i-t. I.Olis anlld Exchcrlmtgc PIlale, IIf sub- I sCI iptllrllq e re re,,i.nt to. FRED. WILKINSON . . DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENEPAL ur LOUISIANA, , O I'FF-RS his s-i.rvlc'.s to the Iphlir i:; tI depart- I maettt Sr ,n,re ,1in anld Civil 1Enclbrcine, both at hris lIo.isiIon, ndt by lpro1 olspines and lidelitt' in1 ,.he exectlioln of business en1r~hited to Iin, hie hoies to I l iert ld eceive ita share. oif pIhIlic patronttge. llewit' also me-sure and calculate the tcotititS of walls altel C e'atlntliton. Oiiice No i'Nartre reilrlct,aeceotd story riUiII''ON & A$IPINALL'S 1 COMPOUNI) TONIC MIXTURE.-A speaedy and cectain cure lir the F.ver and Agu., c remittent and intertnittent feees; proparud froa t the original recipe. Used with emlinent and ulni versal succees I 1832, by personr of tile highest rescnictability in this city, as stated in the anmmed N tcertificates. This medicine is highly rea'cmmendod, and lhas t been extenuivoly used in the above diseases with ai such distingisahed saucess, that the proprietor of e the recipe ha bn induced to offer it to the pub. lic in its preaent form, in the hope that it may Ibe the means of relieving many of those who are asutfring under thie scourge of our ountry. It is a medicine poasessing great vriita, anrd when used according to to the directions ha . never failed of effecting a cere, even in the moat obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at all diliagrcaable, and ipersons of the weakest sitoilacht and children may take it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive organs, crectes an appetite, and seldom requires more than one, or in olbtinate cases, two bottie to efect a cure. There is neither mrercury nor arsenie in tIle medicine, nor any thing injurious to the human consatitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of it eifiacy, that they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in accurdanei with the directi;os and lhas not elit.cted rIa perfi't cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for Now Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug arnd nedlclne store, corner of Ilienvelle andil Chartres streets. For District Agerncieo apply tor je5 T. W. SMII'I'll, 48 Conti st. " NOTICE. r llti inlderlimerr d hiavillng bvrn I lly .llohiuled hby li tiie I tittitgl l u it , lit J" 'Itliciatriel Lui of the Sttte of' I llsil i, Contlllllliiionll to estimate and uai itsihe d -agt ild cmxpt'ttn of opt'ic. ac new ut l Pollll olllll t r t; o dicd, bhle twee'n .lagall ile land Ie, hlopil asl Irtat,, e made their tl toate, irod alt x illl the' planl r I tilt' o} l till lhe. L),rk ,,f said 1l,, a Im , ht ll' U Ills l l I c'a 'll s Ii it Il ilt y concern' rI A,\d itlllic notlte ii hIt'Iiy Ie, that Raid esti N tltlllttl t sllll liN "'e ll{, Il tw lll lie Il'+.4tlel l to1 said! toulllrl for 'lll.nl l ttilll, on .tIIL l· . heI ll _.11 1 tI nt of4t ll if el t'nPel - Iwr , 18tn8; and ill ,terot s t e i l llcted Ilt lil e ciimIat n ll' aille.s elt ro, hereby notil.l It ltl ke thei ttr ih|l Jeltins, if t eyillr it nilid ttim lp aInd , la - molll lll: or ¢ c1 lIIll.- 2nllidld . i lny of N11' Ih1Il 1 ert lI." tit rte ,ll bllbennug ti l days lfiml ihe Tl nt p bli. ethnlmi ol thi . trloan. l i.hh Otoei 'r 1738. SJOHN .1 1{.\4111, (Comauni.ioIIner" JAIEi It I1". MA ,, - --t,,I ?. 1 liirbli a iiii r ri-il l lll .ri( t jarud atalll , pil I'-all ilh h l i ·t Io, +lll lll I o i un irn rI:"ponr ' I yI tas tiol il ,Il.ollleu ine dli ,,g,",tl fir:ai. r ouirir pour Powe.r i r l'tm ,. l, nh ,., d,, h" r . I'eoy, sll, a h rilse ti S le nlir ,li\.ns,,.i. vt I'l'oh ol,,,i , u t lerlmine l lur it bao: diaI c, VI J l plan, I I ~et depi. al lete du grlltalt'r de Itndte co'tr, po llr'ap i1cci !- do tins cux ,1," cet pent ctncefrnr. A vis pbllt e stp:lr h" mr,+Pri o idonne, quo e,-lit ntblhe n d'cvtlhl ir aon tat tu',tu & i+t'irice, r1. r trment' n hidih. it I_ t ,,lfill ,I++,% ., llli 'I' I4c- lI Er do Nv, 111 t0 1 1178 t , Iill - ns ldit tablanr d'ev-et 1,o1tlio~l t de. ravte, + t ral- i' del . tile, lilru tlbjr, tiols I'l n exll I , In on av:att In. 2 dh livt h i a nelll t il, ii dtnoual , dlt. iltut tl\ jouut ni 's !a pu,. he tiut d," .TI1)\L\ N, JOIIN11 ~ll t t I1 a I 0.1t1' I tiI, rNile t le t,, l, t ra 18 it. 11.\\' !'U ltU i ICA ' l . - ... I r . I I Illow "h i lorerIp n toah lice inl vol, I ichi'.l IlhoraIh '; -r, the :Awneli!,"r of Il,0,,l. "A Tair of nib . ,, Just rcce o me i i , .l c b[V ,'1I7 car O'n II, m ,an sh sat iljll& l I"\ pi Ca. tv u l ", in Ime. "d TI' t& II!'l'l: & I 'lll'RO T. h, :113 nor 'o~.on .'c Mu_ l e a t t +t 1'.\\t , F,-l-1.i,-l.II hug - i-lýsio-, "ud for SLATER & THIR R, ,,|lit 40 Pa.,,dlnF street. -ý I'Fl. l t':,i, I I .,.(('ho - N: ..v+I',jP I ,I Can -1.A1 t 5 - bows Ira vn hp r e " . ,.o i, . :,.i" , v lJAiK.tH.\.It'l"1 li, TIHj publici are resrprtlly tllrlurned that tateOi T tuten s eer.eted on the moeet improved plan, attt in an airv nrld tt imotrlinblre lstuatintii the laulciaUf Fronkli;, upon Ithe erilrlpcd, one mile from Ihe Missis a tre hrildinr is farre. andr enor 4mmetn dieamly dilidde inlto lOprttfltwts, for keeping separate diBlerent classer asid d fieret dliseases. 'Tle intrrtrtuot is nspplie.d' witL tt m.rI . skilulr ant arttiive Illrri .ad lerr.elr leUlle., merrpenleoiilg tie va' riruu rrrnrertr Ialtugtiets. Priou e eror Ilng te hc br y ; nl emn liv rtl t five dol Irs perT IVy, i ntdlrlinb i ften :rlsre.e r. 'drnrr in thoe o inrrMy wa6rr..lo orlnrll lRr 't rl.ve alo two dllrlurs. malnl. 'otiu- t rlle outJt.tV wNrds, fie dll:ars. SAll capitl srturrgial opeterttas etrao . The rr..ienr pie ei .ria iis I W lt'ed drem t'a r' w ti.rm ruprrlirntrleo fror rlrismoern mns lie rarli. rt. Ir. eI C A L.uellerrg, No Ii Ilarlrni .t.eelt. tlei New OrtW'ii6 nnrf Cnrrall-tenKnilhend Arrcngse ea fLr I rllig tile er nt IlE 11e dttllri. FROuM CAI nln.LroN FRoMs \.E (nlr·PA.Na. Tihe lirtheer at d4 o'l'k AM oStenllr elr at 7. A A9 steam caer If do dt d ) do 9' do dro R d r do , d lti itll do il to din do I sttnetl vr 12 do do steerlr eve at 3 der' teatrrrttr 2 do s iI do rr, t tlt don do 4 do do do dt 7 to' dt do 8 dt .tl' do ti 9 d' d. do 8 dr db' The Jnacksnn street ears and 1.tflvntto. hrlltftat o'slmk, A ha. Canal l treet at G ro'ellO k M,urmu run nlirlrtrrly ot 7 ' clock, trhtee cor. will Cnlulena'" rellring wver t uidl oier Rlrd Ceoiritore trnogot the rio at 1l 7 roteloi.e, p' M;. 'I'hr erroarerprrlet r fite [',' a.tours street ·ane the o,,!'he NI Nor JFecktir street, i1 rorlrigS tar, iirm orer fr sale Ir r mt', 41o Poydrts strteut. MIE? T, ,8 MAGAZINE ii7'i'kdii1l , Sorrd wi neRa's aItCR. ea b ,RI etfuenh siee fie s ine Y tle' tti anid the prr e lie A Drrtrinne lostrwed o it rni te tht hd loon lcoe tn asrie th.lu tbat all uriuay, khee tle o llrs oenlrndryin ihali ire slnIRs rilv to strife onf ,ars, ibn-iree ned ri tee ra'sea;'sfuno " Slart'n, and idrwigrer of eivhe descriptioni at' re eorll rter eiFen anda on the mriel reaeitul.t, tetunli s Ihpu n tire itry a nd ferom Ilne exlertrlllr IhI the litlhowraeri lice", I linels :olfideltt .,f girirrg titir+ ati*r aclion. N irN r ApTlhenree n nd Cc0piera' la~els oxe olutl in e roou style as copmserglate elgrlltg, lIndll st tilns third of the Cret ll. 24 l[I A'S LINIMENT.--N Fictirn.--Trhi el. 1. toedinahry chemical, eomnposition, tile result of Srienee, and the inutethio of a eelebratld, mredia cal nman, tlhe itlrodtier,.in of wlhith to the pitilri Sans invested Wihth re rolemnity of a deorltbed beq test, has since gained a reputation unpisrallele, fully sustaining the correctness of thie lamerotd Dr tritlley's last aonfeesion,, that r he daredi noa die withlout giting to posterity the berseft4 f his r' Fknoleldge on this ubjieet," ond le tllercfi. of irq9eatled to hkiL fftTed and attondrant, Bnottol, , Ilays, tile secret of his discovery. .6 It is now used in the principal Ihospitals, and the private practice in our country, first and most ra certainly for the cure of the Piles, tnd no aemon F. i'tly and effeetfly as to he b ne lity, ni.ileunr where its effrc witneed airextlly t t AT folNoiwing complinints r For Dropy--Creating extraordinary slmorpet -' at ortoe. All StelelnlgeRedoeing" them in a few ihnArr a. Ilheutnatinm Acute no Chromne, giving qrrbes ,e" case. ,i Sore TIhroeata y Cancers, bUlero or Collta, e Croup aod Wllooprig Cougi--Ext.rnlly, anrit ie ortile ClietI. le. All Bruisei , Spainls and Burne-Caring in a e few Ihour. ti. Sorers ad UleorsoWlhellter freel or long 1sltudrngr, and fever sorces. e Itr operatinrs poe adults nd children in reduie n ing rheumatic swellings, ant Ioosenrng eouths rlid tightness of tile chest by lelxot ion of' the parrs, tnhas been surprirsing bohnrd cotnception. 'EIl le comlmon remark of those whoI have used it Inl tle' il Piles, is r" It acts lile a charm." 'I'IE PILES'4''ie price, $1 is rhonrleli to eany persour who will use a Imttle of Hly's Litinttentr $ 1lir the Pilesl,'and return thie enpty ltltl tiltllltltt ti being ured. Thlose are tile ploitive orders of tlle ib. proprietor to the Agents; and out of nilnny thloutu. slids sold. not one taie bh on unsueeeeslsl. W migolg ins errt rleatlcoes i nttly ttlngtLI, rut prefer that tlite wlho sell tile article, sinlnld ult hlbiI ile o1rigin0l to perchaeros. I CAUTIO)N-No; e can be gennine wilthonet a sprlendil aigraned raropep, Oil whrmeir is my unite, and alin tiat of thle Ageints. 'S hOLOMON HAYS. Sold wltoleaale and retail, by COMS'TO( Ii & ere Co, New York, slid by one Druggist to every Ito, torwn i tlie Ulrion, IFor ale by the Wholesale Agents. ceroer of tIe- Coltnrno L & 'cthoupitouas sl.retl, nrd Illyr the SAplitlhec alrie s ger er all y. Jr-l t STAEI' OF LUUtI..1).4 F F r Jn iris) DistrchrtCount. TIIIIIIIac H. .Irn kilo*, no. Has Creditoad the elie 4,elliluls ul :Strn'04; & Cu. The CessioCn of4 she 1n .4.144444444 p4l..,04ly in acceplted byr the.. Court Air thle bra. fit of It is ( reds furt, told it iso. eI 441 fih t n'le44)4g 44' his saide 4ri4e 44,r and the cred4itor of stems44 . (.a.ko c h airie, of J. II. slark, Esq.,.\Notry Publc, ,,,A 1k, do,, f 1e·'lit h ,.f Norelmll er Ile*1, t Il Il:Ei k,: . Al , fur 11; I""Ip'xL' of delitberrin g on lire all-airs o sell JI.·kirrsu; usIt Sterns14 S 42o., and in tIre menu time all jc',,, ti procrediulprs ugaitll01 tile: o,'0,-o n and prup"'rll u1 aidi( J~enins are' etcycd. Al. AI. Cohen, Esq. is cppliirr d to represent i te ah4.444 44reditors. Wituehtlte Hon. A. M. 14',h.nnn, Jdgej 001o tie Ctolr direteid, this 24th 44tctber, 1liil. P LElll.AN(' ,,et2i-3 bit&n D'v. ('ii'. lý~ ~ ~ ~ ~~I 111 r.LAIOI1N -,lcduivetuvitcer Si4' 14re4t44J44444e444e141c-e44441441)Jenkin conies sei4a4 erknncierr et Iees cro.uierc iets Slot it & Cic-).a ece 4444 ci.. hicns de I'i,,solr obee CyC,. (4.' t4'C441ellr I ur Ibenfice die siex ccrencie ;iit esCl4 ur4ne q,4'C4i i m blrr doR I:TOIIII0ero et de eels de Sterns 1ii,, nit lienl ol I'e44de dell Mlarks. Cutalte pablic, lunidi. 24 jouC4 4i'4 Nuveere,4,c h stAif IReses do 1 in4 4444444 lI er 1)4,~ r s I.c.,41'.,esn 4slit1 Jlenkins et Sterns \, tie; en .0 nll; 4e440 sautes tp4Ci)ledrIct judicinires coltrc lit eO nul et l44t IetCmte duliI Jeonins Print uteiCt'e-9 M ,hacta cat c4u444e CC4'04'epresenr let 4444l4 ie4r s alapll* Ill4llloi l hoe A M. tlteh,,nl, jugs de lit n urci" vidtc.,ton. e 24 4.ltchre, 1838 27,,,t P A I.11141.ANC, D',Gielier. I98I,\4 Irani ei.ip 44.r.44v .4eea nee Tnruk, nre'l Jjie notice oftI 410 c.a1me . D IIEIN 4 A COTIr'N Oct26i 90 I;,,rlc,.. At NOTICE:. ( YRAS Ne. 488, 1I90,919 611114,1,181,316, 12(l" ift 1) 1317, 6448, 197, 16156, 1552, 68!, Dud,4.6al llanuihnl, or thl eyeillhet prosecate d 4,eore444e 10 lat.. LI.VI II .AI.E,. oct23 93a'e llnam I NEW ROOK. - NIAPOI..ON and his 'IinCes,iy Cotlinpeurt, I)Dui $ of Vicent , in 1 volc. 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