3 Ocak 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 1

3 Ocak 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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Pauic, 12; CENTS. V. NEW OILEANS THURSDAY OJNIN;, J \NUAItY 3 I 9 /'nr.,ee ql/' 4 .de s? pr 'l ese of SVe It )1' if .a,,.,·, ltlr n o-It nalIII1 1111) rl" I1..ti+, Ir ·1 thle I'rlllprizlur Id in iii. lIih of Man Ia llifl lair tIN P a, a.. l'lle -I I alit iir it ha a tar parlars lit .ile ,t nvrealvtitaaav pat'tea t; o , " a aulltra ilny rabr ii, Icev itla PS year in aýIvattce, viwra J ,I· city r.tferas~wa 14 ive I,~ iin v ~tbt.ri~ltie~il~l be dlive gailniac toil erreavevafia3yi( .lelttl. In ecaee a Ia intahliaalanrt, iia'weik'e a l4 dia writiiae inlet o"'invrnrib y givta, pravious tilt s ,iraiun of sulsacriptioin. Ayemrm,4oa- )ie dullic pair aql.re Inar ahSf fit usorlioln, andcall'all tic(iefr eacteiliau . eCIr!Jtli a) mnateriel elteration relit the origieel adverti-enir: E wiiiheclagleldlaIni naceoe. VSit me A latmeT I nea.- l erliniland 'rit t ortv dolitart fm English alone, eel sixtiv ilr ebot ta guam/.e (lmnks, Ii iaralee O)lirraP,ummd other iia ublaic aeaeituieoe, fifty dllata ini Englislhioly, lit night, for both leneineeo Shipi lord Airitei, 1.41,a. lore, or (Iemlenl4iS.+ Ineitrltixt y lgy delrini i t ol, no, smed eighty ler lhimi la lm lIest. lkoaianoce, iiirtn'. Neorelra, cad arirlii.rail, ikdii heattntieonieaif the lielic to a cie, pf prnirt ea'dhi6f pasee~rnl, heu~ieii.i, One. ittc. ciii i.eP rci oris dollarl par sellare for thle first inertion inl each II1!1 Caeei.'aitATaeua, aor Alvetlieltfriiia, nliv lilt lltI ml viatie. wle, ell eieijibl, iatll be charged illr ll'le and in aclrnlae A dalaIition of twiliv1fitt percelii. will hle ,inil- i1 AuctionoersStier hiT*. eeiei rrcoe 9illa..lud lift illll Aeeislesi o real etrae,. Iteiieiticlh d ldl, hu lngl' 19i, anld 5U partceat. in 1i",liaclucale: ll1 per ect. o. calk ea othet preiilrlv AuoaCrter.i'Tt eIKV mt ofil lt irtilimeu of hr: ilee cc aw e.idettiser, tiehic as banal, nnetion, aji l e ll t nilnolene, raIllllrway elineei, allay1tliai-0l+, Je Ic. wei he crharee for eejal.eatly, ad aii thle ailieery rair AiaDsoTtettMxT ii Nlen-ivie e4 to ait, c ""tl ae' liehed one nlthll, anlid chalrgltdilatir liitly No naterlinrll lit iii ill'ehnklerttia will lil pa6 in any evee, ,tailec 1aldLet pntlmiic itI ineertii , f riaeeireeu gil calairby iaerlnueie le erall in town. 'Plhsutre u and ther 1,lnecn of nnlnla~mirll, dlvcrlaii dcaily it athea eaeit. to ble chured $1i. citr fIa'gi'. nei$l *irt it lioh.ii ian·reeii ta All Iaouilcelll1iieIe cll 1rat l a for poilII col 4 r wilt bh eharied doubleithe pticeilbo ther stidl it .e ulcutafi iinin h to the itliuan 104i antaiiie, by ne ha,101.1 crrprarn ithe hie toic otlcii lao n i althlel{irile, ean at ounts halvf out ie Wil with,,. a,,,- I1nn):1t 411"n l,1 -111411, litl nnl i'sil I . , in R 1':x , oFpYloolve': nut'ýo" a( PerC4i1 ",Pr.,.' 1JF deliyllenta, , id olw ill' ,' , FZY` u"'' '· .. I'l t%.PubIEG j l'IIN iIeEN ll I'umS~IIEN.. Weekly Presa.-We, tiii iicleretiitliPi ge t I 1liii toy iiii ehunce con lililivi cc lcinstheuy att op~iiiiiii y4 Nu Nu Illnc are taken for ll-ethlan i a ttail. NOTICE TO TIIE PUBLIC.--UcfI :","d II onr c urs of tIlO Ilndersiglud lhavIg sel. .t, t uL n or disolostll ned Ii rId ai Olltni esl nhlis.llll hiell GARDI)EN SfIED sTORIiP, ts~i iij .,rrr o,,r ko rr co )el, .tit olnving boca tonLo illndurtriolusly chrel tetd I. crlF. lutrersrid parties, tie sillbscribr r begs to osr n hs i ill i friends generrally, and tile public at large, I . t le still contiuler s within two toorts trf ihl I i.r i. torlme r srtll.d, to ire tilrlrialul withll a fll s ri x I"l tenetsosupiply of all tio stoandird kinds of it.e" r: or veegotlbl. ..,rder Hrrrd, of tlhe growth a J r. art port of the prrseU t seasoe, 1837. ri Sllice tlre .arly Itrt it SrpIrro.ler, lie r t -OR " e il ceived ample lupp itr e, by tho packet ehip, - burg, Kenittckly, and Ark llana, ill arrived .i . pass.rgus, direct from New York BY tihe: - oippi and another p.rck.t, lre in in dally o 1, o. aek tion of a suppr of l'rait Tl'r s anod A.I I, I>. Roots, aving aireody received ihvoices tie I I 'n The subscriber begs further to ssurlre thI , '. . at large, that ie in ast pret.l it s well rr i tI In - meet and exrcertaorrders le or oi the kinds ft t a Jr Suods, eithler wholesale or retail, as i r e ' siner hiio first estiibht*hlI tinl ill J iiiiry, r it . i t Cu illtry Diu.slers ald ....,tkret G lrdllrer 'a vrll I I fillud at thie ltweet .and lmolst reaoson .ble ' i thllwsoulld weollth, i gaihod t ir bohol 1 or : Gr , h Ciltio otli, eirher rr rootrir or i'rgl ,.' 0 d l r. e ry Ire o irrtrsd sir pero n , Itr'I i uoual, to V,'.1 S It II tie G rlel n Seed Store, 85 Cui t bily t a.t . IIlUII NO IL.-.\ ,:closatlt supply ull hird t Sh i -'r I mjix.,d or insn; pulverized soung; herbs, aned i it r; , r i S dried lrus,-- a sih Is supply of peal ualld I .,il ,Ill! it . ( tt 1. 10 .r 'r drsir.irlba ,or lllirs 1iti ti itr ,'i r " e t .rl.i, ' .J aw:. it,, I' te 1.",' t in: r', t isa t ft ' . , hit u |r Jr tt, I .rfll ioi r rIfit 1 f,,s,.o f)r. Jilsrrr ,, ri i . l li i" e of sls "et . Irrr r S ,e pl l. : i 1J i l ,,i ln ,tGt, o Ilu ti" te ill onlll t r:: I,.usr s "d1, I o l 0 ,1 . i t 1-11 'II I i ul. · nl i ul r nre lh S it ri rlul i cr or I lirr..ii,.'i h.rrile ti r Itsh l i to,, r It dll i t-e \ Jrent I Se r. .sisa n thatae .lElfn , of he ..1 a7 r { it; r ie toplm.ru lr IoIlrIIn t .elr " ' r I, l . fu le llet d. N t,, t liI in l .llr i nlnr luurryllli~u IrOll licB'til'P g - ' '. iIt es I tcltll Ic a ct r e I o n Iwo l' Ih. nst ey ' t t hiti it.s' con , Irrloc orrp litnir.. i. ta it {n l l. u l~u l I to . 1 r ti , . I nl, llll. ti e lell 'Veared lr ll e r ri or ri rl III I lrrr t rit lrllrr i s r t tri l .o . I I t ,i has n, d-r, r t sdr ei r ed nl 1 e t, si , e n ' sur e I t.Idh. oreIi ro 11 lr rn tll rs Ill sto ld I a 's, *, i rI s A Ni'r tb.- i n lr ' i t! rr t I, it ei. r personst n . Ini t' t hi r s p '-ne i h a, ndq n ·ey natu llrai uin n, Vs r al Itulg tlever d ,y s ,n t eor rki ri g e tfoirl c at 1 g ri osit. it tin i. o i. i ,t *ll ib y , 11r U r. ,-all , .t n: . iell, I' 'Je s, i M e n nt e it;i, rri a -Itiri ' Itell rd,"ti rsi 'it' s t tnli, cd rlr., l le . i I n n r' it e u ie' to r c Lir..eh,lr n I .tr re l ,'irrL r i Df l ru t. l l. t uc ' Ire de Ar IE ·r tii'oii' DLII l'l' . o rst ire I rt / ' *o. Li'io e itesn trlise illa t t u I. te'E lia I , icc i. u Ilfoott o jUii sic ih' h, rtti l ei+. n Ii, n l e IlCe fo .: '¢ t i" hsan Ihr sonsre wr e t h eIIi'i meal ttlrti i t d '. e i"t s c ve s , n . . hie "n 1 .v , r. I f.doc.. . . . i I ;" n h I toeir o nt li' Fltto ir , ton o l u o e lli . an. ill ce Io a ifr i r a v rif . l ie' iIt lgrc.n t! e t'ill t h t. tiri r o r i I II pit e 1 xle. lit dui i' idOln ilid n.i1 truLe etf Ilb i t it -e I ct j I'ro .. .....l od i ' if .... l .. . .. ... " .t r e I ofre hc i. ortl i e. I l Cll ill:y b li-d ., "I .. . ': , her srrr I r s t ,d t Isrtt 'ro llhllt titttt n r o see, ., Ie • r g . o It ,lr s i. s ei eo lJIll. 1 tl l - I n sh ' ro th firi t o t' UOtt i d ' p It 5 Ivs, ' t r jptol .o"' s" Iu. 'r~ l ,nins'r-a r i . hi, ll ..e- till il' . 'tl b efltel N'(iI t wie'tllt o. t t th l. c ors o fi r t e ' e rt s liv I, 1 -TIt E uhroe ri'. t -, , ,r i s'' w I t de . no tIer -' I ", " aof, iYP. 7lid sued ". W :1 Or).u o 'tith e . , r he 00 " rpltou v .. .. b i t f t.. lItrrin'. se.a in ' h t i o S ootll t rello i o'rt, Col,.lol'sd Iky ls f rt " -' oil. rnri tr$. obo their pe r ,o'tip o i et.. ... tp. rae,.. J I'n lloys 11e . 1n i l" _ it ;i'. Tir e th,'er o n", , ei. I t , be. foot, he ri 't r, n 0r. tit cli'n t too tweir ty voled o trjir ds haoso tWittritws lrtie. tor theny P ' • ella it. "s ' lo Isr cl L t{, M:l lllf de r ttn or itt robe say rto Lei o I ii.alr r . .. l s € t setlr . 4i z sraTe, rau wlls es ge t - h S npi e ue G aurt lnd b ono o i t 61 o a ( Ui t i d · .u1 lth lity tnatu rl ict - Iee ' i r rit r us.oi. s, ae risint e p lului 'i r "f'o n"d folr e ''rl :lw 111 l.si srt tlutr tlre ilL I t L l . dand s fre sfttt .lt d teottig the, 0itP h 1 e17 roo .s •ht, n li ' be ih le d too it, - . ill'r I r"o 0lU. t is s1+ bl jside rit itl te tn d II P1 the r in eCl r sp i t ',r,, d tll I' m ! " oai foe p a 3a. tn and Patent Bi'"cat Ba..ery--lW.rO.._ HIlleanm,. W NatN. a, DMoreaai (near tihe ..a.nlrtrnin Rail lionaad.) i"...la and Nvy roaudl, Sd.1r urd Wine Itiacit,i a41,j.r, Butter. Midl.rd and Water Crackers. .ll the ,b ae rtic~loue ar warrante.l to) be f tlhe pIa. quality, und oa kuop in any climate, being j c' "pletelv kiln dried. ULts o.--It drIimI crn meal. )rdlor. lall at . W. Pri chlard and Taga t, Jr. a. r M ,g:tzino and Paydras streets, wll receive talrlt uattu.tion. Small kea putu up uxpresely li"r lhmaly us. 15 tiv 'I.OUIlt--100 barrels laming ia sati,, anld CI.r sale bly * Ii. IlaltI-.Y, ,ni 44 Npw Irv· 1rAIL'-7Tl) kegn Naila, aeaseel sites, liar rwar by d A1 A1Il1 .- WfIII'i'ALL, S7 (drnvirr sc TU"!'3 - ii ipi lund, take a..t 7u 1 i ,." .- t .vra, liar :ra :crier . 15 i El .Y,-71 bas Kerrrye, t iaa0,1.- Lrrel'lanl'a cer, Uil, 3., cask" wimia (til, 40 canks rall straine d do, 'ANI)LES--J0 ii brs dperm o.ndlls . for saI, by I. HI (iAi.E, di7 !ti C,.aaaaaa. irLM P:l K.& IIII:F'--2i bls ine.s, and 4llii,L. lteilaa PIark; 20 bbls priae aln Ie. ihr nale Ilv G 1)tl lrll:Y, d6a 4 ,vl.ovte I. H' ;IN atl. aa, f.ior uf singiaig. Ie iGnii na a ll,| Plan-lt-,ill. Ille ta .I uallllllln t e I erll arrival iroll.t a ; a w irsa d earf I entaa paanras i cr i lia lanchad 11 alla hao. sit nl ea. e ia errel thlaa hr r . tral uf illl"rllltilal a il aiva daa iai Uetiitl n 1 I' pllsitl. " ,silni a a in rl Iatoea plll l ai ly. i . ,"..n Io .lrndi O1 -sna.i a taiahaea n -ll asn. lillurd's, I lRoyal stirert aifl--I . rOX C I tlt -Irit) di -e fli, C2hairs, lent r.a - S a ciivnd, anil sllitnll, lir sh plling fir stpale a hh I.cail i iin i F lrllltur u Iul ar .l ) iii l . J: inlrai liaoit a a-,,r-:q l., n:i, l ra-iYn Ilq in ,i i, 'Te., irldtv, e r " rmc r 4al r I al. i;i. , Ct. i I" , lar .r IT tcuLn''4ZA.M :7lm'i.G, + , I h " v - ; a " , 1n da,0 coriaer ia 1. a LOUISIANA INSTI'I'U t1. e . .HI ,. a ill aaaa inta ilal ittlaiiulaa iatr tnrn' lga r la - iir. in the i nsetnllei -tarva .tf Ill.at h llea h ,la P ;t a lalllr fclrutr of llrnCmrmt lele |lln Polsdh/ial, n dIr toe direction of the hlolrrsi, a iid wha l tar ; e il+lr t,tr i Itlll llll:- .i vrclc n l 'oIll- I llll l'lh lll, | who) ire c ll uur li a Ih alla I a ie; allr ilad Uivetm .-ar y ai lana all a ta aaI.r a a al i F hia larIaaItti aatl atlll lI Irttitg liaat .lltc lia a lhaa a ntl la.iryl r 1 lie Itonao reh ;ll , In i a lht in , - d c i on+ a te: -, The a i tata . dIia , ttaacl atrtll+ tl tiaattgtii . IIa ta h ' unil lrre+ oul' lltu orta l lg ll tl i ace laill l sil l;llaeli- t. a i.d li arn a ac. Thr clans iena dlpnrtlnellt, loprla hndlnlgld lla e atie I lirilail I-Gretk. iiaa llllatlRattra T'hi der aata u l o .itai lt a. ta ga :tae, a in aahiih Sill ." toitIIR lhe0lrenlch, SJelii and I hr.,a hm j A I .f '4 .elhe ,mntl re ni' dI old ph ilolea li al rirpnrt. en, Si irehemlllli r .l griI i ometllrlr lh l v 'l'rl ll O 1lll ' iat + wi lh be Ir a lr iton tplOll.lntn IllcnaIlV,"atini , LLv lill tll (hICIIV tI : llm.,IIl I ,Imeilgill ail Ii i liii lN n.lll 9) lirlltd u t ll " ll did Itala ho.., I!IP t..t t l r I I J l Ir 1)II'lMAN+%, A M. { ait.Ia EItnlc IaS: J ;I11tHON ,:se, arev l're.it.a tl tl.AN ON, I. Louiiiana Cul:agaa la r ta1 tZtltGt I. t I ;m :,N a l t J ,1:15It It.S()l :nq. t, N.w Orlerns. sep25-- r1.3oa11. Ame... ' _ ni_ .I_ l aitttaiiuat ltl;"iaa l tatat alita *tte I t s I a Id ,.P'1'. nl-rlll l l+ 14I)III I l ll i.Pl .llll de +'I l'l11u eell S Illella illla I l l' t ):-ltn f a " illht ll t ( a-a-ad ll ' it1a Illrllill a l tal I ;t/al¶ alt t. ' l It- it-. t Is 'i i ... .llr.. i,,t l, i 1'r.. - I--l l, turd III d 1 n-i1 1 lilt-': lat ad tI tt; l'.1 i l n(n+ a lati-+l. ; ll I a ottlaieat n t a, tn' ah-t "in at' , attan, Penci. .; Ilroa.n a11111 11ate w mulai. t i( ,ta Itea, n i t l.na , L'lr l. lnrat II l1'dI. - l I . I.I1 n attitr n'h laa-iln llll* ,Ia- ha--n" Ira si,a tttll .hl. a 'l 'tll al allrath; P (alonaa 1 l , t I.Ier a;i ll h 'I' VI I' F t'i llI oa1.11 \ A. First tuli Iea Iiit , a- Sl t si¢ ('Durt. 'l'I t lora i. the fit ll ides evIin w f'.rai'tI, itni -l'tll A it l cii:nc hn i, Jl nce. NIo. -i ,tn ,b u ,tb I -I yt l'. s h Credit..... , nII 'aa 11 , IiI. a ton-a 'it q. .f Coon-el aa l il.fargne,aynod. oflifi ered. ,il it .. iall, in-l "I.. n id flt .:l.te 1t the t. o otf li-t I tiLtu i • I-I I t t : It i ru"redihy thie c at that ithe crodi - its o f gaolihs.%ernt id ".al ol hers later: led. net - cnue r hill, tell dnye iroll the II ub Iutnnea ,ll 11i" CIh e firi atl icnirui a lot and ti t nlil dis- tillld inll L. rIll uln-dall-e I alireu. Iitll det?--ltd ll ltlIIA0(, Ch rk. i e D "triio JI.oci-lire. Jeoa I lie ec,.mhre : PYr llt :o I noo tblu A .Il Itehin ,nn, jitge. Ju.all Mitl vs. wsert I.iers-No 16,3l i-- t Illntiilll , a . lln llsllel, el I'F.eI .vucIllaint dIe ,II 'I r llrf 1, Tt c di ",i ereaulen l I.r do aI , Iui oll e n c Fe 'O i eit ai li d aoin oyl l'aollll2e a ie blnti l deci oreanooe - ae ' ontite t i r r .u- r i - o .- n i rdel ili .1 LaI ll. C, fi. li6 r iT.1TE .Ir LOUISIA.VA-Fao, t Joudii.u ue-- oI I -trall:t C( r. Jolb i l y .a Iln er y t lI asi t redl rs I " a.'d t1h '. editorI oI iteVea' r uze. Tillhlle cIlal-. ors aol J Ilo lia F.ster noldof IhVelau & IFo-ter, oe, or lherelt iotl fi ,II i nlll'u 1 ; 11 Iplla ,-nmd ln l t n l-at. L Ih hen -fait of blile n ta-a. fa'ir trilae reliel it it solvoen1t Idebtur ill cit o l cu*tody; Cl.awel l ' I- Biao lio d It T r. are appointed to ripresein tho- abocnt , roditor. it 1 SO l1v order~ f the court lhis 3d Decenmllr.18:,. 8 a Ide.-3o flllrl . eil tite.d D I . " -k. u ' I) . L. L iUlS,l.t. ..u du Prler I lid',r.rl Jllic aire, J hlln, %IeY F' luI· CLllllre >L; ll C' allmci r, ( leu CrliLucier de DIleve:ax c Fos,>ter. Len ec reanciers da Juilta ily Iaoster ea de l)Deveu . as. Gl dll - t ar le pre . .lrl d l',les S . yi r I u1 ptli ne it Iir, alaeldir '.J do ecoourt ,- , it IId I ht'oie it Ic.a ,eiIn a-or, ou aa:ootrir tIe,,lIan o1 on nri~l. II,,ulllll l .-w ,t t a, I t ha - ' 'a nt J x o i t, i i o r 5 a-la i. at c-airr) ( . !,. . i, l+I r I let°-ls' lqt , ll i- l .r.. e , lily h dr n cellr it8 ,h 11 • lud c. '17 he 'l ii ' ` . . , I thil, ~ilt Ill,-r nul eIi h-i creili- r- - - olii loi l it ia+ teieril tha-e slid crea.itloe do meet in ,live II d LB olonl,F` lr ae. alulot Icllll i,Oil Frily ,'4 ! , ,, l a,1,18 , i I Ihennllll elh h, IO ilelibuiyo .Illl- iI { it lll' . f i ' "a lin Ill olventl .andi thle omell e all- ocee.dinga llgllat Ki "g lie d oindlltll to rotll It1 ri;l .Iaent crediourt in n this alease. liy ordnr ',,e B i,,q. ie. Calerk's Olie, Del rib , I ,. a- - I dec --311ea Ill/ tl'A'r DE 1.: LO)U \NEt-- uur do plUatellse a:'1 . 1iioi r lala rarao n iibctn o ite tail. 'io, - al' tl--i'e. / lnl I'Ho,:; aeli ('list leI titin, juge-.-dleeudlra I S1838-N-t. I I oll8-- .wtso 1I na: i,. e i clalnciert a. elta crrean icre tie JIhll i I 4l & Co. .La ceui n "ol des aiaana du petitiuna re t, CliPa our hla, tor, anl i t relletic o eF crvllaLcier ' I'llnclered Jollh!l eu Iullya; il ePt trdnlle lill'1u "+ ,"u0hlc 0l ' cr allcier. the M t leu .i I' .ipdedo t II .l t in, ,el. puhlie IvI(reIi, SI'lier 1818 peour dlir e u ire d - kea. solhaale, . mlenati ti on t l ac' .wio Inl ve ti mIlNlo at leIs lIlBeusd,1iil . Ne .oa iL an r ,. gont uaraeo.I m- c--cIr. Elaiar Lilia truoll o ls crel n :i lcs ub Ia, sdens--l'ar ordo' da Ii oil lq .all dua m rIater, lotr ieel, Ie 1838. c 1eca.oi , oa Incie.erlijr. non ailt Im aa naa ipc -ilonda ,lrl.rillllr the beans Pret leiro .IuIa l, irle Ne . . I' ir iJohll H. '(, l., il, actool ca-u - ae hit Crndilor-t Upaon 0' e , li'iiln le pp. tl d ShaedulI , in idis e. '1 ilo ldo ieli iv ihe nl t iii e meletli, APi he I.. hlil ,1dI the In-.lven, am6 m e.a i opn (:C I rl a in la !' nt- il 11' l v uo the bear n oxt, then ad.llurti l" i all a len -lteniat. ru nfatid inloatlunialt i. -l' ni-.aoaonl ocaeed Ia ell in Crel)oeeaI' 1e ih..Il s.ltei- i ar ClSelke' Unia, New l leet -.'a. v a a. - 1833. n. i a a A 1IGU'a nL,-a l II rr-..+" C \rc. SIEAUTI FII Ilrend flnirn I, erq.hr ,r Lt "ment helnneing I.r e iranme ullin low etr eo t Irv Iobrt i tenit rene tIII elllltl(!.,l er nd p Jln ei. Inlrelvy trineson hea lppernrnreereofl e wr.ehl see minny Itn recoil tl Ieii.b Ilhirereer. ln( einlll uneeiicfo even to hliev ,ciet to avoide tit. etas aeil streer of tlheir Hx uah.tnnrr: tlhe r mt nieller o, ' tl'r ir I' ven stre i. neqinenlle ep'"t ie rtime' renrrt. 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Methodist Mlil;cter ill St (;Irge cr',nrte. i No lii Ncirlth Fifrh at. be JOHIN P Il(;l.le,3r1 ArIh lreet. P JOHN )It "lrll r ,'i Il, , r .,: I c leinerst o JOi-IN 8 F III'Y, 11,1 rrrrirr.eitrert. S lUh IIt Ale IIIIt Y. Iad dri llihi st. JOlIIN i;ARli,Jr, I:1 Arch siretr.vt. It is knrown Iint tIlree of tlie he uel. nernuam rv i thin er lyeare of ra l.riad hII it!resrrr It lee thiee 30. . n l. r i t in, Meyr.J CF w.rr rrclr.crii re ,lit'uht A h well r L ' Ib r ' r a;" hnAae nue o p led1,e', m . l le I t iaicre n e dI'ter I:,r er' e,, t s' I c icl.', 11re1i i ' er.,ri rwereJ rlr' r urr r o ir e rr atr trhe ,rrt| ilner.! r r. n e lI t' .eriri r lelrr r sroldil rrw lchrrir il riv . And e In witfo, toqui red. I have hereunto oet nIV hand an' rrll Ihr ire eel ufthe city tlire erexee, thie O ilClIliR Ire te h hlrr iv nre iiu rritr' Ialeir line a Tslendid ririviler elraper rIt whrr ricd I ofeIri.vtrery thie Iull ,I\ineera, &e S.eh' hAeille anmd retil hv tile leeenellr fitr Anle rien. o 2 Fletche, streer, in'itr ttrlrir Ivee, our hol lbe , eirarl streell,u lld by mlr t drll.dlggie ltllnd ert yrre t cough lt: counllry. JAIlVI: & ANItII.RWS, 1119 Wlolerile Aenl, 'iew Orlran. I 3MBARi) & CO'S RI.voin and New Orleent SLi col' Packet Sllips.l-Thie new litne of li)s itn been expresrly built to run between thre Above ports, und will bhe fud of nuitule dran of waler: Ierln rllo 'ions e for piluenoger, and every effort will be IIIIn tO .iVU .geOer.,l1 eite l.me et, 'l I rlte irn cmlposed r I'imi! r n, lowi in. suips Ci ,rok:e . 415 tm n CaptL. J II rleing, Carroliru 41111 do S Leu'rrei. Cht.lrlelton, 374 do 1) Klrlrridge, Cril c) Iilri 62"5 do ra Ilrker, Soe, . r .11 in J IIrwrer, I:o eriry. 6li25 h 1) uphrey. The ibov sripnre iea ar ll now, of l irlent laens copper fir lerll nd uiriic rll redd, orrllllll.lllderd by tllten ol'g lrlt I , mer ele , have l a, l acr me leelllllllldnlodaion1, t il with a sel,+rae ladleo s chIII ll evlery attenltnl w)ll wi bl i paid to i.'eein.erc, aid the vtry . esut .ur stores pro- t : Svided fr lithrr . 'I'hn Ti' Lklec will boo towe.,I up anld down llte Il'a S irn rielr, ' o rlll t ll rtrr:tut pllal:IU;ll i y r eclrv.ds i lat'le tlle of ealllllng, aolld Rh,+U hl the tell I,+r vssmul e dcol'ltlllll ill rrli ilnr, oiller ir ips eqr t illrt y er g.o d w, ie ll rrII(I rer,' e hie allritti ed. A cirip re c lq pi l rc e dl a" I i e ain e r[id, rtl I I i v Iag '). pAtled e th, illruv,. toii 'rerelrrdrtrrlt en ir ueh 'i. prlihrlhhrr, i to receive ealfrwr) r ri er l h y Idi lice at rlrriarmre rerd'e. ;it .llnrgl.e,, anrli..d '....c.e all c\purr e. oil goods i 'ppl,) if n'iqiried. 'l'ielohip will he:lve t let eand .irrh of every rllmIeIII keiur lreiiht reIrl e ige. aler tr ) ll l+rll' .r IJ A ATtliIIlll r'T, 83 1;llml at, N B. Me ire ecurict ~eir' rel erII ver', te Ilu tlesrne. A. C. Lemb .lrd & Cu. FRANKLIN INFPIRMAR ,1 1 :II+, i llu h .o, i iI, n ,- hlll hu y illh 1 rl tl I . rl sLL t ell a ill S i 1,1+,, i- l, t,. h1d 1l1 i lltd IIm Is jlll+ lll uul,, 1 11IIII +a ,h 1 II 1+ RI Y n d Iul,-i t1111 '1.;, .r sIIn"lllltillll i Ih,"- illlhl~ ur I I o.ll llll hlt I) e rUi[l d, onlllle lller h1 111 ;, L/I t ile tl l • ...;! ,tlerea, li{eelaer. . : 1 h'l'et i1t ,,.:::".. ' .I.*Ill I with late I11,,-1 -kill:O and rlauu lt 'I l' i lie'. "mu c iirrlr h Iri llto ,r II)eIIIr a I llr hcy d I yve g r lmPIIP ell' ll lir . dr l hure pv, d '. inelu,li., lltt n ed,lieb, & l . '1'erln ill ite (r illnan Wlll')ds ee o thdeMnra per duy. S All teell ccI s ergic:al oller nitlo l e extra. reihlcrnerr.pcit irr r i+r Iir rVed iilree, do ihollre d ,I111l'tllliull 1apr gtllll ntlllll i bIItI e uiii do. o tol Ir: V A IUcIl I'ON & ASPINALL'S ; 5 ('OIPOU UN) 'IO N I IX'I'U I4.-A speedy - n ul ctrriln eure. Ifor the Frver and Agu, t remittent tand inter.ritlrnt fevers; prepared laro -m the origl.al recipe. U.ed w:th eminenlt and uani Versal success in 1832, by peoepns of the ihighest reslectability iit liis city, as stated in the unuased eortificates. cc. 'line ii is highily ererolnendrd, alnd has bn.li rtelsrnve lya used in the abtove cliea.aes walhit ertrcli lltigltrglrcld i nccIre, thal the proprietor of tihe rmecps lan heer inducedl It ole-r itto e t pub. lie rs its present form in the hop e lat it ray ie tire m enll o reitrvillg alny of those who are euit ering undetr the scourgel oeti country. It is a inolihciae possessing gruatviittre, and wlhen aued according to tis direution r has nevnr failed of tnfcretig a care, rvnar in the most obstinate stage of the disorder. It rs not ct all diaigreeable, and oisons of the wUkest stomachi, iand cIlildren ray take it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive organs, ereatea all appetite, and scldrll requires inre tihan one, Or i ubsinutiUte ases, two ubodles Lto effct a cure. There is roirrer rierccry nor rrse ic in the mrediie, nor arny thing injurousa Lto the lhuman crnstitution. Tire prlprieor* Ure ar well canviaced of its eeffnacy, tlet they agree to rrfund the price of avery brttlu whiicih has to takar in aclcrdanesc with the directions and has not eitreted aa perfrc eture of the fev.r & ague. A. OLIVER, tole genit lfor New Orleansi, t his whoaleaie and retail drug and medionle leore, crnier of Ili'tilvle anid Chartres streets. For District Agencies apply to j:5 T. W .. S11'11ll, 48 Conti et. KIkltlt O tit ll l?'A&.'r..o-.inelegant +lnI igi.y 'n. . , to dr, th - I crtrid tdd i ,rupr tIt ir ,i'[ . Io' thi.r athil, iv a. it:.t, r ,t ir O,..++e, dt++ n, r. . . Ith til., d 'd i .i:!. r , .e4.' 1r i ialie e. , T'llieatt In lesired rentll, sy will it.s .. ,ViWlh err treen s 'lll A iri cir earieteitrn ireve. Thre Orriti ''ooer Paste, while it leralirt.'a the teeth, e.Irnelyingallrl ndirenectic eer allplnllllc, of larlar, a.r dgivi g tol lhltlna clear lad li.arly jiW'rleuC, inl rs l]oes the color ul'the hp .andII Ln .., land .ies adll-. iti nt bueaty t the tent urnarmble of lr I ncotlt-by itl ini c ,+ree triirc peitte it gre.,tta tendt it .reserve Ilit. Iretlh frol ele ,\ llll it itls illlinlr. thlat elllllla alll ra rallm rtCwelllte-t Io lle hIrenli, elr whllth nlla Uritn 1rs o, ij r juslle and exri'anvel celclinteld. J Last received by B110tI &.t. e ot.A-N'& S Fancy eStorle, I..Iange iHotel, di l cdalUimlr SClarle. d Clllllllll to silrntiNc.l Ot IIIl'tler l'ri-4,aar'. ader.. tire. ell ri.iiNCtlittIw.. duI I ii legeirillre 61 - A NrIITR CITE aund (t)rl Co'al in caske htle and iln lots to sInit purchblrn. Orderrsletatett lnra cl yard in 'anal street, letween. 1 Carordelet and laronne, or at ihe counitt lieu -o of le IIbi.·ESa A8ll- 15, a aoyd2 9 Bank t'lure. l: COOPE It'S LAST r T OME AS IO)(ilNl)--b Coopaer; sequel to' llole ji, wcarnd ollund.' .- The tlirhly; a Iew novel. ini r vols. Nr Nalolren lMreeirs, or the EVellnllgs at Caambacbre - a in volnerae. b. Slin e litfori'a Csuntry Stoai s. r I'elr l'ilcrim, by '. lird, in ii vle. Yaakeo notitllia a I vol. WeOIut anit slhe shonuld he, hr the Rev.l[ Wttairlrew. Phln cician'a alManal, Iy ILcubert hi ni,; an olth r ruoveltiei. 'It Jt lsN n & C'ot, in. lnvl' r cinr e t Chad" r, co nnm' o'/ irlý lulbscrib r Irhving r, ,,,ve.l a c.up "siou nn i " I)eiraty dSurveyor t '' Ullired t t.,tn+ Lard. lti thir 'tatitl, of.rir hbi services Ito lce p-blie to survey and el Land Irnls in any pelI 41r I o m. at. A herertofre all opirerationa, silirer of Snrver ill or 'd `tivil Eigineering, scue', r atig alenole, ull vev , llitlin dra.w r-g, leveli gi,profiles,calcuatiaiio, e oiL cavatio, i- mtelriatmeet, c'la e l:t of. tr sll-, at'. either io i~ wn i rio iiryr i will Int promptllv ad fitilhl'ully atterled it. Cit-:,.er rerstullble anld I reas cmall. OUice a5 Ulla tina etreat. in haLjl' arcms. e ý gV 11-.4w- ILLED. WILKINSON.. rtIIE.IUIlItIIOID$. IJ AY'S LlPNIMENT.--Nu Fiction.-This ex. S trtordlnary chellllical comp,,rlaron, the resullt of sceience, and the inventilon l a celebrated nmdi cal man, the introdlo'l a n of which to the publ.e ws invested wiul Ilte solemnLty uo a deathbed q iequest, has since gained a reputation unparalleled, billy sustaining thl courrectnans of the lamented si Dr Grrdley'snlast confession that i, he dared not b :lie without giving to posterity the beuefit of his knowledge on thies lajec.," and Iho therelbt.t I b'queathed to his fliiend and attendant, Sulumolun I .,ys, the secset of hii discovery. II is now used in tihe principal hospitals, and & the private practice in our country, first and anus ertainlvy for the cure of tile Piles, and so exteun nively and enlectually as to bfftle credulity, unlear ilheri its effects are witnessed Externally in thi olrrw iav" c.onplainta; s: FIr ePropsy-Creating extraordinary absorption 't asss. :l Siwrelli,.a- educing them in a few hours Rhouu,nan --Acute or. Cllrounc, giving quickt case. Sore Thlront--ly Canrrrsa Ulcers or Colds. Croupl auri Wt,.ciIug,re ougerh--Externally, and over tile Cliest. All Bruames, Sprains, and Burn---Curing in a In few hours. w Sores and Ulcers-Wihetier irersh or long IP standulg, and fever saree. , Its operations upon adults and children in rr.' In ilng rleuinulin swelnugs, and loosenling ougtr.r anlid tightness of the chest ey relaxation o, la I.parts, is. beno surplrling beyond conceptiot.. '.' oeonll remark of tuse while hrve used it in ,o.i a Ples, is i It acts hlke a clarnar." 'ITHE IILES--lThe price, ~l in reiunded to any person who will use a buntle uot Hiay's Liniment tibr the Pile, and return the Ulipty Ibottlu without ti b'ing currd. iThose are trhe positive orders o'f thel pruieltor to tthe Agents; and out of many thou. u nanrd iold, not one uhas b on unsnccestll. i Ii W migiht inaert cerlililctn tn any lengt', but II Ireper tiat titanu who sell tile article, should an I' Ilrtt thie rigirinal t) prrchusitrI. (A.U'I'I)N--NNre acall be genuine wilthout a epl!nvad aingravud wrapper, on whlch is ily inale, I ,id al. i of the Agrntets. Jii110N I hjia an*, ktieoe r.irnit by CrviiTOCK &LL & C., New' York, and , ,se iro i-,t,-Utun ir i t irrtvoh . U)|lmon. - , For sale ir ise Wholeenin ..rets , corner of Cotn.nll & T 'choluitoulaa .street, and by the ApUlthecaries generally. ju3U Cli-, st'I'N iT.Ifitill' N1 ,ICE. SHE Itnder il'ted have Ihit liar orlTned a co-part. Ci t- a'r lt I r'zlltSil lil'lPN lll 1C18 +.;llllltllb· nits n p fir (ihe irnsteitii..r of a cur al Ci nnt s lion sad l'leurrrillg hieina , ilr ein La Ity, under the irell a raI.r. r r ittwa ILrrA htr.r raken ,riitrtii (rick stun', NO . 96, .hae.le .itt e-e (, lttal 't'ytirivr nI-) ir liii'. kolAl e .,Jo. tefernares.: JAMI"S G iltU\VWN. Str a i5Anery \vhilhlrgR. - lark, 1Irutirt . cn." \V llgarlr, Ii gllt .t Ilwtlsrt'in. J 'li'lavyr Y, C'. \V re rt, . .hull. " N:w r )atzasa. Crocket Shlar lehigh. John l"atufield ' Co.' \Vallktr rI 1.11--ream1 4 cu., (;linsea thii.eiirirg, ilusoce. ihg, Iei, r:. aorrit S-na , 5llarih-n, O. a Jbhr ig ', a., tLdc , ii.-q. Chil l it'a, 0 . Jn l.. I' V. . co. l. n vile" ' nn. iIrT D': Lt InOUI i\Nt-or de PasI I -lr 'Illn lute u. tlirmts ,ntluriut, lug.a--.e,I2 ln er ita:- ,yr rec l IIr e earer lr eu.t dd " hi, etia r ln •I tI ualI n" e aeltl.tl" irr, itl eat urdnlllr+ Iqu'tn- u.+ e _ tliee d aFI( vrt ,' nl , ' ill.,lluL.ol kl Plli. 'm R II | a IollLc co LIt aIr ii m JTATiE.r lii , i ti x hiiur h ill llltllll thl re d ,:: a" tr s lt i I - u . i.n r e s l III l -.ob la p ip i ea ll Un s i ,r e l e t' tu ate I r.tll '-i iri+ tel. et +rsOll rl( so.it arlaiiriicre n L o I, lvle-t lrltll ire llL' ora el.,tta r lIo . + lci rd . ceit Plar uldie It c iuur, is uee 13 t

ri. .l h tFr .lil t.i- %NA. I'iith ti 'url fir thle . ý l'atl'i unl t iey' of Ne'w ,, o:illl t' ll'Uli, Ihe uIlan haths Mll.nr anl Jundgr,Dh.'. il.t, Ill .\. i i t e -2,I I n kt'r t t.rs. i.vtrr lrllrs. U:re re gll t i.t I e Ie~ithm c l idaic mthis cn te. itis ord-,'d Iu t ke ihl'le hi upnrltl t Ie , ou lea Iht h day ul'Jntl ll v t i .,",, IW u'.1 ,.r t 11 r thli .l ta I,leetlier r h rr llilate .'ii: to u hw all I in tile mt eulhe ell It ' ctrediins a ti rn t rah- ,t'rneo a d prtiviriv are staytd. It i+ i 't ' il. crt l tI th.ti 1. yl' .awy ', i . osq irira1 l i uted Ir reprc.-e rt iI' ubeat. credi lurs by Uld.r ua tllc t lnll.r A. 1'1 1',I ', i Clohk . ti,-'lc ti,<im e l1,"c. 15th, ICt' ti. S ai t~ui P'ed oi,. I..iv niioBla loot'l yioventetl it. .N i soitl \ nKt. :) feiw hi:rTlr of this enl t wisp ll on llrd 1, T 1iI I 1:, c"",i \1 A .1 m o i -l I.it tli ,; be el o er ,L" es that l Im. ),woult 1l't i l" l r nlatl in i -d hli That 11111 h IlI,. o1 l ,It rl a tlo l. l I hs. 1 Co a thit inll enls l os 'brt th.c i. ti. ault*4 in e drl 'llng olr kfelinid g, 0 : w.'il,,I Il" 'lt. l ttli, luel is diillensi ble. The tdi ,ctoors tli the Breal 'e-lern .dle,i tIhe purchase it the .l) bris flr1 the lo 11' Iie skitp, which wa pllt uo buurd arti under llufst denllure. coal For u trHl,,up;+!' to S LOCK & Co. c _ r__' Frt Irevee et N 11-Iut 2 bhils at it tine can uonly- 1 itibrred to ollne s olle bllt, until we get a furth.r cul i * will , I it lteo d.yts. y& . d·.,K.C - SI.&(r-N 5, 401 halt, lIcndilng frolll bark iultell i n, SLLI.'IL I nov2"9 93! Cmomneon E, JOIINS & CO. ' t'loi '.~t l' .I., f orlneril Slt. Charles ii, l velo s dll no rw ill oI rle ihei . m elltllll (of o old It r 11 1; i0htooll d, la illl' lsd ,loe iuelli, u. ; ..r for ul thl e ful fo A gleishi clnwiug llnlpers orlall sizes, e do, wliling dno s,.l),or r ivona, royal etilllll il.dllO y, fOeilet;l ,I.tl er I laert c , ex. Ilrge tB il le lnII; besloun Ie laid; do io oops-ngp pCpe, rt all ,izes, Lo ln nild iitlri ouarl; do f.cy liter cllld nol 1Ier, ilain, elolbitad aod Uoo.tl bo So Americlns cop, Ioler aiod iwirng poaiper f' oui t alto Cooio ot. 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TFr ineSva than two yPers st liet, the ileu. pice of thie work hian bee frote ilirt I e ni to fifty dollers. { r It is c le.clnt f written rlten wnieh n imnmedinte lv be oe llrlat ul n eeV intdieidlit of the stt interleted om' either ii ng.ieulture io clitnree .llled wllieh oerle re i!e , ieniili n of t o io prl perty .oneiog t ti e rlihe .g r .lelr trleaehut-nith ke aelee.e, a v cttelltlntn.e uiie 1 1I1 'ote r.-.; I e lrc theb it-l b Iohe cIIIH uII l (11 l . iI 9+" "l?!?nt·. rA,, ." y-I/Il ltr, fsl r'lT 'o t1:6';TP1nT 'dýr. t,'; hlt"s ulttal d thl" M.es eltl;i ahllvuc tr. h . t..'d vry o,, r . ,,m estes, and in factof ere" Ier) istn , h ,, bt tkl hown anlld apip i asi . Aii, evetrdl Ie l idi, n+r ble "r he It. r " Pries; slid in ti te the mercha nt's el tio t , , - r ,'ll lie dtek r t •the ild'', ertlie taiiei ith i tt and nr niji nluy. in lthireflre that tie firtv a hddieti t, ' it' , ;e - ck ly di. e.t.d inlf :ad ylsigh a ,., l abl, i , d r , u ii sll ll. theu telr lletln oen Iht;Ul: e A ,,. . t it Il w-tuld lie I thler ect nil un ti hteat r. em:pt, , k. . o . p ith ilefee es to tikiie tepotire ac d in d: , il to ll :: rn L o t,*e nmtlrloll. , anlelllhtlilt* whIich I ,. , , h'" l y.1" ht e Ilrig t i r[, h J trl e jtet ",. c i ... ,h ite ,erol the ni- ti--iy, r Iar. "d ' lu.-Icth,, thevre isno A e" rernic, rkr e ercury, or ay.oter nlU cre ct .r i..c ci,.r n lie-d e y (ie he iihuma hnve eih kindly itkedt i nr c.'on t .,itlthe ou whcle ,lles which they b ns il te ii the lefl e o lthieir atllllilt' lltr l i)e ,;lie ;mc aMit1e II N It .lenl in, tlhe nirt 1ril %i l Iii lllt o,ii who is Ilidi n ei ng d it llte i worktt. I e Strawihnl. rils E le. us prelll ened tilhe ret m dWsoIII lel Wlii rly,,ou been venve by him don.ing th wholee priod l hi ,lim:t ui ed lrolpeciool luhorfi 'Thlle pullipsh erL olll y t r!el'ftirlP wlll w ru It loU t I' aPllnllOlLli nd of thet iO 'trk ,ill tbe rll thu;t i ull ab tur, msi-ted i yi Ielarlilz Il ed(I ax) ori I rce, ullll irclhlarsn. Ii pttilln faot d tis pr lnct llu anil raoelir llg gere !Inn wLaerI rlat Itnothe e grkl ing tI lllil t.s kle rihle ine i i lllla, th t ne f Ivei lk ilolr u t lseniclns ain lllrlrn ccil tet wl miithmi the iiesecri enibit oiitimerenm, hoet hI tllht coinfii .len e iell h. abilie of ti e t )l'e lil,:,ul' and eicihm a hichtiee i luci eI iv. wh,.hl,,lliv ,iiU i ciie lild. i in m pit ic ,retml n d wih lear ti, ln e will ilir v Iprtll e ct u entir e s e mllleel l I tlt e i tilt! iw m tl Cl ie exetucii llll e nit iu'irret cl t wi h, il t.rg en, i lllrhal.t re It ill pil,lVn el rlal fri thlivurv inl Ithe moii th i ce tin " ne ;P1111 ith, ".rice will b, i o .ii n riiT-r.lit s, fiItlmrn clullel ti-fi e llulhr i to be -aid 1ItI t, i' i ei i LIl'J The sublscrilti l lists once closed, Ilhe Dtore price ROWvAND S 'I'ONIC MIXT'URE, SrIEN ,raar have not yet elapsed since it wea U mefirt'r.egtherly Iub,,ihtecl to the puilie; hot iti hals utlaited thle Igihllest repul:ltillm; and has "p. pltltl.t cnecry olther ilcmuheine lur tle Ailll-e, wetemorv. i er iti hasv ,.enkli ll alld i pel)r,'ciited. Already lIr il benan carriid in eietnury direetiloi throtgmhouti, thle Unitei d Iitltti , and i till ri lizie e tiluree tht coli i uld ha tve I~ ll u llni i llilpted by nnitis m t singellin i 'rlelds. t ' usll iiths o t persolls I;o iluieot ollly ' iitii reiieimd, but ru-tured t he hhlt ad vigir tlhrogh its aiig,. Y ey; iad Iiiy inw cheKriully d teitif, at i very nii! tll,rltl01ily 1i it : aletltlid tn d r t'llrlll , tlme icy. I. is eolllplo.dd of .nch illedeilcal prlllels IIs are c cillllted to rlenllew tIh |leallthy iclillll n'l'tlls stooil aol, Liver. ia ll nthert important digestlie organs, the homs tt' which hir nhmey in tfilmh ihlite eauste of' Ithu diseae. It is IIpparell s nl*o, Lthat It Iprod,. eeu l n illtireldolllcr Illm n h hect nditionofle ' y, l i, iemd certminly el;rly tile native lihtbiliy to rilap I ariM of th -ee f illllilet i l led -ie A- ile ifd a lltedyL ,lh a llt any othur colnpll lillt, LhU euIllhmt lllll tllhe SI cthere ii no Asenic, Balnrks, le.',t ry. or aiy olIher rd article in its compositio u, ullirellld y to the htlmlill ' ctlnustlitiutih; )illg entirdly a iegeteble etraic l;I ten tllertller', whn lllth;ey peuremite that in Mlle i1 .Ct of i gent en ltatiLre about the tige hallf tg but. Ti.m L.ti bee n taken--in cermuqMlente, of whicht ~are is i c"i'mtr e it. le hetini left to linger n im i e buwc ci tme ct . i e,' u. Jim Anld itlet e viilmi rc si,, ,ra' i ho u.e of ,-iiiiii ti, l c, ui i ria'ii o ,1inmred limr ti.ml curiec thifli uti,:cti hl d i ai int i ee y ai pr ve .,lli vcg itu y uenlin W dcle) wI'erect Fh i ;nely to Itierimuglieei rneurrilei Me-m1Iec tl. 'illmi hlen itc ,m" Invs rlilbly warded olf the apprechedud ýutt,ela , Oberice! The Priilitinr, fully eanti lied n ihll tiie +.tl|.rllaleled l idtlll lVer. t eu cees. which has cill. I'onie illxrtuoe, in -ll cl .aea on Fver anid Aget, elin warrainted iin tctging to refund tin e price mu ,I . l oitutie l whu liave takell tit Ii p lice Ill e' it, strl ;t ae eel eordilco with the re eribed ldieetioes, wl thout do v inuvtg buen peretetly and lastingly cured. In Tie stu.ebure s are the wllu.vale agenlts ftur ith a Souelh WetBernl StateC , Icnh hafLh i ckmtit'uhndi-. ty e-ae uf thiis iiettlile, whlichi i cwarranted Ircesh on and gelnuine. or iale at tile Inlllclitured perices \Vhlesal e I)r.g6tst., -d nov97 eiti ticTlmli on rn Imjch cvuulieCillo, ctlue t. ORDERS ItI'CI\ hI') Ft"R JUNES' 1'd 1TE V'' GOTTO.7'V' G(i', IHytle PItontee, No. 5.) l;o.oazill shrect, Nt'w )orln. \I1: TOIBE IAN, FIACTUi,:i) IN NI\' YORK iBY' iv 1RU!iKLT' 110 & CU. SCALE O' PRICEl'S--D)oule (tins. er, For a doibleGill uof No sau s or molse oIII ealc I c) il.uli, aliilng I60 aW.ttsl I I tim tle staul , with u udclir., bal Ids, .c. at 6 per saw, or $)'JGU iil5 For ia hlial Gil , t' 610 s vs .i) a t ) linruer, or 1tL0 tawl il Ith silll, leeders, to. a $6 pel soaw, so' 720 0tl I',rdo..ol 40 sawsos n . do.r I saws il a i staol, at $0 501) per saw, oI; s 0 1fr do. tlt si..ws oi do. or 40 saws in a s .tad, ae. $6.50 per o,., ortt I:, 0l SINGLE GINF' . T ....e sct gL'fscolors, ..,, o,.. olt.6 leir i !! Fu Iu . of 60 sAw'. willh eet ers, &r .t$ i) 5 o oper saw, :io su,. |o' fior Ito. of 41) saws, with fid ..ls,' Le. Ao o'lrdu ' i v I w , with f.ede.r1s, &E . uat .;" tl m ot "i 10 r0 0i, oi li snu .t th h e p ct s . te a ts i.l t. wille IWettlll t e. , w .i;: . ni oI po t h ' . o io.; L do 'ir.d he cm i' s i]1 wl'll scrurir will b e xu-,.. , b"to m I 'UiIlIig . s ting rc (li a llls e (.olrerd whee (de.ired. s i3 Slo at e, Itt he. o lant ' es t he U rh es f lr is poer, 5 o l tl t dot 5sa .it tion' Ne " tork, rt oh i , o rk i Il ui l they di h" · ti oIi n. Some d · s I r saws 0 s ir.ditultertile ott'ro. TIle ot ton ton shiz, i ll h I|ll il chsl tII tomi I wil them 1l in clsil. eme wioh 5 -r Iitot . ashes ol alriad whilr olthrs d, oira cth to the inc , b hut w iloe otr want I o r I t. I mr.'. lofh) I ,ltll illll s. i call b t riler ot il lii, i ler is Sit.tioall stoaollollO t tilltl as bIiIol.uIII t1 t dtr S isle slar b .te uc i plnt' lers oct otul l o t herm in o na. lr'. tehtul. tao h o) t I i wi, t Ir tilll' t, r t oiti l, O . a akto e Iltr t iano ie most mnlern ati brlslc d p&L n. S~ od llr sthi li xc'too d, fro, o tlhi timt. l isi retr iirtl , s t s ali t lllCs) ilhlt orito wnowk., i hti thSo E, , aio ,l i1t Ido5 or hi lid It ,lottes oil all aletr. wTo ho is , nl dt llr wttIl. IItI ao l)ll4rit y I Lth . h lost or mi .Ill of siaw' ioll oxt Stl i to t. e lll tn t h I ll lc t, i.wile oo.r f ttiLol I tg . oikV i t'EI WsItt li lud o , prefr tha ,nllll-t ld, ,I alld ti a r no lli. o l lel ft o arll ir l ills cll , eithll ell n r l ll ts!ti 10al lll e l.lla ll l | p ellal i .N:" ;inos. (LINt-. PfIIOIIN'S Caompnid i Extcrc el'Cofoiiha nrd S.ran l pe'illa -A ceirt:,in, suli, crl illst eeiic ltal ein la - I verlldiMscovelr thl tile cllu e of +Goliniihel.lr, (,ileI s, Siietaea , W iies, ':litns inll Ithe back aiii oini , sitillllt4 wekiiei, aiftiiajon of tic kidiiie, gpriIeI, ciorbulic cl'ptitmiia, bau. In thiv iniriductiol of medicini .oissesing thbe ueafu aIr nctive vin tie uf th i ,lle ,lw illleed t t t he i ubllic, the proprietor hai lit tinio eli*r to tihe ituitous reo Inell uclllu~l I'uclti~ t'l Il'O io le Illeflls| ell~netit of' the Ihue ieieatiei,'+u}inneizeiioaeiiii~e~hl *iiiit eiiit~it slit htinl Hl~l"ri a ledi i he~lin ite ii.iii ii ri Inll '- t'lllia + klltinl . [I'lie ' its cl'edit Irolr tilhe dlilikeu li: patietlits tllialeli' Cae ec.'a I ieg.llliii, its iil' eugi l'e tickte, clilnliiilli-n " llllhill ill tile bhondta t ili, eltlnlllahI, aIInI it+ htl l uOI ++r ilivtiieieitui h llllsa aniiii illetlllllatinlt r stinge. all, Ipro l'ieltormIlil e mllral'. i allah'i l "ia tin ialllnlll con etit a ingi (iii thle itlmoe aLetiv a.nlllnliii woa ll rJii i nLi ulllell i ll iOllie itell nll ,.tl.l ul t illie lanlil y llhliliiti.L-Ii tii i a il ll lielliinit sitte. it'lle boi neill mi .lct cullhilles Ii- a I gralieit which aire in tht himhest rpi ute sni o the m nst Baifiili an I ,lllemened iatle l'lipiO , IuiiCai IIliltia illi tiae i oioaLhillimo m tlliiprcla eng inl i ltllsell lS cii.iici i l the oilthen , i Irti llU n tii lln an ipn a tin it ieril. i tg -e lllshilln , 0,lid sur'nesin g tl e nl ost r nagtu el lll p t ltti ll+ I.'.+'"silr ll't H"+e prcm ll u u %l) iiI i isJYli! iii thi i bire ,isetii i 'h moI t et, niinet pysuitious i I sulrgeon., oIf tlh, prs t d.al~l lly eLx|pr'ess tlhehr sht'riv"e up- i pr'o ai lll in 1Hinr f .arsipnili, wIlil t ih ule ill tile ] r"iaipiial h aspitlaa itl public mdhal insittdiola+ lie i, aid still niiiiiitina, aei etent sit e. It i as n ll nalte i'lltr ed i ith thi e mi ieiln l tll i1)i Aiii i rillntlm " i ail vEnr'lll A ll| tio1ns, at nl o ti I ai ln llanioi le ti i n ii l rii Oihgq fril Ii m l u drei n im til lte iiioihiidniisi i'itiii itiois I I'ieiig biie iithniittrd to, tie ieat nd e'ap riri i t tie teli cella e s l oiia ,thicil l c I ltl , ith hii~lgln ti iillnl 'tii tlir sainiai cih ii f its extiiiit m mdiinyeii,., in " etrm Icase ilner i wthi' rhage, b ado .tin I t hoi h h+ ihe ir ! alim mul ioi p ctiiicitiie. "ihiir ih erni tini i ill hI I miintiner Piltemiat. yJHTe, ~ms L~ondon. Price.' $1 ,51 pe' putl.. "110STI I(.ION\IAL.. i.in A II I Suliiiiin, Ea , IF it ii, Sit.ritn, t oi i u t St Tlhamusi Ihospital, a|ld Ierl uirerl usl A lm'olln-% The t , ial hiuh I hav, a.. . a, o 1 . r tit itl a li l'i ca'in' u ies, hoi h l iiii llnn ii iii Al, ile i ll I ed ..o highly l ble, ita it I do i i iitu It i pinioiiiiiiiiaie it oei of the miit m iiiilmll' an.iln.ii t' merd~tie r o l iirel to tih anniii aii e i hie .he i iii, ··u· ·l~- i e h+lll eeX l'Il)tl. *I nl.+r l nCliTUl' i.'i~it, l'lb/'.llte xhh O I I.UL Ir ' r ,.l eemib i IV ti Cooper,NI It c,gen to Gui)i s tihi - i 'o )i e o • t. e .i l - a .¶ iat ."t. *- "- " . I ,lin l!ii e iimer n i lllacvill ito ii t iinI a l t .,l. le soir.oli J ii imoir, , i i''dle t t f = lliii nAiniIL '~I, The Ir~ lslial~l ll ;1( S l1ePll lI lll:lililt+ l Iill 1I) ltl| I.' +Illnin+ t liue botillh i ndpnen ii re t i:t l nd iii t i li ii nni I. iS i t ste 31I, Pug ician in Gunit iii I T tIll lri stl t ii.i.c I h si gi tour huliiiivi Jrrlu .h i il ll. r i" lil II j . 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I~ II'·l +.. ...1·l / kI ,,,~! u imllnll 111 pllting Itsi )i its illnlli hie i>Illsuis h tni l i i i ht i i i iuiie·iei : ll e i l"cr tlt, ik tiito iil l.ile iriiii-i I 1 inii-1 iIii pii 11 in.miamll i nTE " umii iionenll l ll u-l ,,. nit elant i i tiiei ' ullllniC i n i, 1 iii b i, 1. i-i inIrltlrli-i i' ; ii, shrtll, I l le hiieuiit ii iiiii1 'rt h , li i-,- i ii, i i iiltuei f. i i . lrl ," tia e lti'iaii " i + ll mitit , nin ni' I -' e in .l'l'l' ttln i llu + Id(l ulrlt el+ isll+ I ItI II lle t'ils l Icur il, I V i~lltRi~\ll ll.Il ll i. el'h I hI. l \lt I)IL DIll)ifi~l~ltdtl* I ll b it (I IS cI ii int \+ r it nuiit' .ilI i iti ro Iih toi Iubu h ere i r li . tihaol't. but t i..ts i at its gr'eot success. hthhrrto thie cul< I& ,xilt se i'r whiiili h~~ itl h..l lliiein ip eplsredl Il i~lhl pro.i S OII eeu me n. ii l ameiI' ths i el r atli*;li'l tlgguys abo11%( a~ ,:ll otherl, is its not,:s polum e hbrili--put up i a ~o -t h made• I ill w cl it may" h+ takeel, herg bt+ h east .1. plel unt :+l--- i stl. naturei~llll. with Ilfl r'estrictionl inl diet I-, or conllheimteit fr'Lalin buine-htss. Tlra~vellter is eseriadll w- o\n, i tha t hi mei t' hi 4 I.hIly I~uJf ul lall oughl nit'w re wan.lllt..e Ilhich 11 i present'.'~ one cos~it'.h I- Ac: om anyingii ,',it 1\|t ilie , is I :m hlet tcrpinluet tltl' ol the diferlt+.v stagt's of the dlttilsease willilthout ext. li1e, cot tihnng. f.ul tl a nd s Fw. l in~l~til o |"n P~ll,' It+ .,I Q ual"+ tret) . 'fnit .m Nob I(N lViE ANOI A Alitl O lt'I. i Front Mobile (.Alia lpnii) to Ai USta 1i) I : i i A I :i A Fl"S lllll i I. . liIhel I ...I: .. I..l..i. .. li el .l* I " SIItie arrival o illit ,.,il iim New :il i . . Is, i t sile:linian r,1 MLI .o., to 1l0hkely. -:1 11; II t o i l e ' I .P sIta bu;I I:,s ( pIr lellc: R ah Ilay St Io.a: sollnul d u :sII( . Choc. :ahanlm lther' a ol llas 1 to (C.ed,' 1et, u; woaches ih. e - via .\ar'iaour., Chlat .chve, (lm"ernh Mont V,:r con ~noon,) liani Ie, Pi ertonn: ~ll li p llt: tilt ' ville, t Augusta. A passeogeertaki~ |h, seat : ll . wI l IIle is in o I 1a ge , ,II ein 1g th ' w ,n out o " oi I::. ` I11. 1 pr.e elc . le'e otner conflictilng illterests, m 'hle 1. 1, Oldl. S I I)A LINE is hot one concern, t. d o.. er m,' . o.. t o, throughouill, ll may rlty wlor ur.'r i upol h Ie 'UrivalatII Allolo, st in timue s eetiecal l l, i |lhogh all aell th- i" er and al :u, season, i.lesc sel.o most wnitoreseen guilr Irophlle sllouhl uccur. Th": (IIreat Ne.w lIrlallns MIi S.ii is cPrriel this ltlsoi e The iAgentii for, acluo d tin,nlyn's, Coich:es, al i I rhi..l.s are not surpassed iithn iott hekrn co.0 Irv. ig .unml.:); connected n1 i were wiiiti, il. e hl Iii:,dl I I Chilttrlo.o, S. C. tid the ste:,m packetstin New, York, I tlr.aelelr ePoll real ,I New York ir1nn \ew Orlacll the its THAN It i " -'-W\Va'i hingosiit t l in Ii:. 'I~ IriE' l tl Ehollll ochaIc Fli, llEl o Lwe h1ove a IhaIe Lititz vii Q.ncy and "'allluhlasse', toS t ..% 4 hr t.i plost idlit l twlilt Blt ches from liaiwtiais.ilI note .. Milllgeill lle, and o..e t.o ...c.n, light two bu. I... 1e etIcEis STOCK '()\K & c., A 1crIILT, llth Jan.m 135. aoll *LDist.me, New Oillrlli to Mo~ile, 151i nil t ..hbile to A.Iguii, 5.l)o II A lglllt to Chal.tslon, i 1 ti , h; (:Ihalrlistn to New Yorlk, 9O- ISO ,0 Time, Now (·lienl to Mobile, l28 lhours u Mobile to AUp-tli, J, l 2 tit t Augslta to Cllnlhttunn, 1 l " Charleston to New York, k4- ,it - lthet ti1t muiles per . alll or 7 l illes p hotl ini: 1 . I. I beg leave to" inforlm the pullielhxl i , ridilgpeove 'lie lllnholllvhr sw:lapll Ilio Ltbo n. relek hav Jlust Itelen c pleted ) lhe genll'rl grl. ll'l I1IIIt, (th Ill stIclies opel i.t in gainl this sld n speoesl. rout: aletllhu.shai ,ply re.oved; tt I l*uve thi pleas):re ol'le, : Ing l5', l,, o ortrveile, sthwl the coaches,hoi I I': ss, Atitver nl d tols a gyre of the Si,, o, leir;.aul s, IOi l et wIlter 1)ti1e toirn i llllle la to Cedar (illuiN , i is lldllli iltb :h i stl who uid iitlspI.: d iro Al i i t t II I tl.p I icorgla Ito.c also bc lllrlrpail, It J i l' b ...o I ra 1 'u1tonRt,t ull Ait re pe ai :ntit l li " N ctl IT h, - , i. "'ýl ,' " " .,,tl Itcir I.c. ,r.ic. U Nt Y , h r ,,,tt.. ....-l St n a 7 1,, ' I r., "mo' 'itl , I id E tltinan , Italilan, Ea ronl f p1 le. .',o lu rt iiJ, Aldvo, t)|ltt olNu oli, olht N an ld ty t.,rtVe So.:.II.., Ivuld"'uhL- IsIIol phlinl sills llsutl hnls, 0011 nil;rlu tacitl,; , h lli,hs r lud uni ulI oudry lolll, plaster ,i u olfPars,a. RnoIa & lly'dr:ulie C·eUlVlt unid l'laster. l iu.n (Oilir, tuprllhr with a qplendht asaor'menl ot Ih ilr.ia llilllve adllt atIIotle aietes Ind iRus ii:. 1o lates of Il newest and mot t approved pateeirs. ey ("riln donllO in the neatrest manlllor and lL tho -.i t , lP . 'lloy have first rato orklluer t tol i l -s.a t ., o ", t ' ; ,it &. STROUI) ,, i OURNA olbit .., .,: .til".t t L i:ky M. ountlt i , uni . . .. A B C .M, portl'xwild i1 the yelln. ' I. 1; cloaiillllgI Idescription of, thie lgograplny SIIlogy, clinato atld lirductllonlls and tilr nmlll e., it annnirs and utllins of tihe native'; with i Mo, It to of Orep.o Tiurl, ory, by I ,1v. Sm ei Parker, A .M. I hll. l Rliver anlld Lit sLeti rl; oLr It coll.T lllom ,I " the Rhonl alln t ll. "hartrru.e; by Miss Pardo., Sauthllllor otl'ltho I ity of . SI tan, &c. in 2ll vols. Th '['toe Robber, 'IT.o, tllh author o Ihtel.,ie'l, iTiT lypis, iAttila; hin2 ' l i I 1 hli Tw\o flirtlv; or Ad. .,ure in I Country dI HIloluse, and othr '',oles, by Lady l icFsington. E L it HBlwr, Mrt Nrtonn, Barry ornwll, Mrore, It. CApltn 1odwin, and oth.rs; in 2 'ols. it Tue LitB anJ Advunlture. o oNicihol iso Nioeby, .i cluted Iby Bls, with nllultratiions by Pl.la, No. 1. r1 Just tre eived -lld ro s a.l by f atlll -- llENJ L------ .. . . i mIIt W.m. iMcKhtn io rlier of C p allll Common street|, Id / It ge eral lalll ,¢U Illt loll Wlllllttll VeltU p lil. o ,Il Q 1 llg Divldndltrlg Bi' a'rs, Ige ry Pro. InIun Ivoryll slr, Inter's Sale,. "Gh1 n ,lTrinilast t Parailll I tl -rs ., )h ro cope,. In+l I Ut., eg " s, ('taues(,aolurea, rv ey' <Ckin', t Ip a.5T apes, 4,. of N. Work & Balttmore Packetý. jJACNETS FOR NEW YOcK-Now Lrnoo ta -Tin sri· punctually everry aqnd'*ondayV uUring lth waor., till or out t.t -llu ' "hip il(eans, 599 luoita .lC!. SoarreJs, Ship Alnhema, 474 do C. C. Berry, Ship Arkaos.s, 627 do ES Dennim.ei - Ship S r toga, 5S do W Htbhawoay ''. hihip N.slhvdlle, 541) do D Jacknoleit Ship Klntucky, 629 do J Bunksr 'IThe above rhips are of the first cless, coppers and copper atltered, at d having been built in No York ex,rossly f;r thil tralrr, they are of li drollt of' wlur and honoet invariably cross the without anly del-tluol Thie coullanduori are me of greLat eIxlrience, and the shliap writ always lowed up riad idown the Mi.cinrippi by steamboats They ihave lhandsonme li.rished ncorn+odatio andl btorso of the best description will always furoisrh d. Thu cabin passage is $99 withou winl or lihquor, and there is rio iquur fournishad to the orricers or crew. For tirigbt or pasauge apply o01 board, or to I C AMES, 48 Coump at. 'Tiio shrs ar nriot accountahlec for breaktage of glons, hollow ware, marble or gra ite, cuoperage of" tin, or rust of iron or ctel, nr reoponlsible fr any packuge or pirrlcl, unlers a regular hillof lading ia exeicuted l.erciur c t the t.it(ec of" thi it"týL'O " . u. NE' UORLI:EANS..au IIALlrli UI ORELINE OV'. Ti his line will . . . , . SlIir, roramn, iUpt. 1 lrer., Biark Mary, " Nickeison, c Trid cFrry, new SLIeveuls " .~olhonli .bltuc, LuthlaI, iligi Aruli e:t, c Gry. I he,, va-+. ie are of the firsl. cls.., have tl r cniie Itlrllhd coul:llllations, and re of ailb fa . dlalt olf water, bo aC Ito ahdmlt ro theirt reeiVlog a;io.4 '-tcl:alging their carge. ii LIaHltin .re. ,,t ihe ciry.r '" Flri ,t Lw ill bh ik' flr tirt o the Cicpupeako 0Jr J.li e.' Rivre , rid tl'ir l i. d y igirth Lgo, Mrebr.. CLARIKE & ' +:LLI 0G, at liaulhortn x ay e e n t tg ',l - li . L ed L ii b e i VLi G i iJo wi wcrhc n a tor tl i. r v L l.:iby ai wi I, h I .L,.ku. g.' 1 d1 0ci icici. pi Wit bd a.t... o.. ( "+.4 A si... . [l.nu;sinna an i ;,.w Y u,, " , I Skis Ic o- e t th Iy - - ot iueltl ll: ll on l tri e 20 thl L N U V i, b sL, A"l . ", l :P rte this pIn. to.,dty t in tith-bue ofn sa .. . " Ito will c i rv i r c (.oo d t i l fi i+ , No i, z: zSl e Y cci,. o, C. L,.n o k, tc cOce oij the 9I1, N.ovembt . Ship Lociv,!le Il:, ita , Plmer to leave onr tb ,lh! D)ciiiih'r. in 'il Dccc Sh.i IluintoymnI . Clat.in E:dadge, to leave on the 16 ! 1), rt..d,, r. Ship Vwkhbug, C,:ltaiu Wuodhuuse, to leavo on I the it . a r 't<.hip 11me ,.sippI, C;' tain Davis, to leave on the Tr h. ,$. -,w, of the flirt c.,el, copper. c Ncw Yek ,'el,-.re t tr i c,,i;o. T.ie price w ,I p oicate is .tid it lilt) diailtc; itc l II cabihi, are ictll.: utip i til lt Ilin.t I prIoved and oivnlllientU ae- phl, 1d iai-hled ion . aCi.t ald hlegcit styli nII Ample i re ofi tlhe lirct quallty will be rIrovided, cll cciry rccgcilt pbid iti tho t inort d csitire ,elatur . l+l l potle pl llll . h) will * eIIw I o! cr.oe take 1no. fit.ti tt tco hilth cc 'ie i, . cutet! iili ipaiu ui atL `" the li' of tc e c on e 'i'l , e .raes arc eioncahc d bhy rtiptaine wall Ic"xr'l:led in lb tita , wih wcIl give ,very at. teniturr son d , xerl thrletlves it neOallndate, They will a all tLle lie tuwtd i li iit i ldown thi e Mirria. vt sppi by Isttanb;totr, end the strictest puirctLUe9y I1, ,w.rved in the litle ucl'csalg. < Toe owner, ol these s. , s will not ie respionl. h l, :or an , , . . ,. oui by or put oi ih . . , . i nvl 7 iiu r u'u si. [I.uuisi~au Lino e I. ork t I. l' of P cket.,] sh. l i p. ..u,.l , .{~ Illy )fn /... ,,, ~ ll nail 4",l l, , " U Ic..u lull ,N,_ 1 Iar k Liu Cry M,,.rr o ' lldav cummenci,. el th, '111 h iloven b aer, ,alld t insullI the ,1 {IIie l lllilV iull ie Ir tille~ Ut o tuillag, tIh line \-l11 I rlou, (i allph Traa k to leknvl, In the t 0tlli nov. 11 1 a an/itle, Captnin t'nlner, to leave oi tha 4 ia jta',trrl CaL.sti,,,a Lid, i'y.:r to leacv oan El/l' icbl.aur, Captaqill \Vu huliu,ous, tu leave un the Ship ,Jiv 'dappi, C l'tut In avis, to leave on fie 15tH a 'i ar ~ I,,, Bl e hi al a l nra e l w a .av. ,of Ille flat clasa Eatrth ,n,"l l or f lilht hluu.htih of WaUer, being hunt in aic 1eiu .edl lp d wi hl . Ir the n 0 a h iant -h-ln sI ill m e rm l s-raI', h ir tilre 01 01 Ih n 1 f b nrutl llld aIlldli ll ite .l Ue ir hi '"I inli top t lh, , a l li'+ In.l l Liu t'elll .l 1 I. nlallQUI It UIIv & tAe iIE\ '1'h,0,! 1 01:`x1. Ill'P nre lllii ldtIt bv (:dllliitnin well ex li exert hIS~ albvl i(N N culllllOu(h tC. 'Ilu will t - Iil time, be 1.M e,l allt j' (, d doun tle iil h... i.l . lnH,,l.. ha nd I ll .ti ale t I" Ietnlily 411. (lt - tile lltllt+r belitn. . 'I t,, u", 1~ ;ý Lt tiu ts Iipe e hil n tE l i , r 4 t a1: Irt tr, i ,celu"r .i'"'' ha. l r t l nt i ai +ht-lll. lm lh' i I ll ls r hill i.1u ies. hi ei r . tl '.Trl , It thtl llll"ill bIo mpll " t f o . lhr lt . U1 tI er+.o 1t ue . ii liIgl & Ai CO, i S;tu nur II 9ar a ill acpllc .f 1'ithWh tataatirt rd aIiat 'l': vlCr,I t ilt lut pIl'ri'. . l++ tati , th. ti,+ I tellc ad a a the 1ialt.q ad N. n " tie al ,".' -. " l a1! l.le~ antly dl - • , .1 t)l.rLe,. e .a . rai n n I; . .51 , l tLin1 wiia aeit Ih r I ieh l . e lavl i Ia t al . A A hbla '"% ,am d to 'It haoot, 00l g.e Rlt'teulllnin S:11 a;1( ,- will ul+t 111. 1, 1" tl : im" 11 11' t ll .iUtl + I 1,"t . _ill ,nUll :h llt ii ll.. , '. I,+ 010 I tiC llt rI d bI untilt ,I-.ll'l? tllli l . Il o ll .l'n ll iq i ll 0I t 111 I1 ofe ttill Ib t 01 u11,1, n. I l ia a.alll tl. tI ll tpalV .f i i It *'. ait Il ,l 01 h I i lla urdt'.r lina l tiat a1 will a ait I utl a (Itt. a I I ofl 111h'e l..E " All, Il-rdllri ak lhlllll O, w l l formerly le it so opular li ~ l iit \ I aiiu t u I aalarr, Pll c bt ilil' I he ,i el flr ' h r)lr lthe p rle~ul', who, illh t+uch11 md;ouh l , lh l,ll our' ul rhi+te 1+11"10 oflaot y a)r, .!,1 hi+s frira'iu geilenerally, hlot I W..e li to Aae Rertll IIa 1%ill lltc.iu . "i It I al . [er dlldlra a t al t Mia. til aei wir d too c-l a..,l0 ll I'e,nertd ta l, :gl, I to td de i al'til n Ire. il Thea icat, g tlU.lt andl llcr, a ata aIr, t I, , l.l 0l1i *Un/ of th 'Illy tat itaa. Gloat IatI IlalaitiaLa.Li the Gufimquad. ttll he l1,0,rr.1rt tatI a,1h1. t I olest reetes frui 110 T-Ulf; tata !,ianat illtaej' bvt ta e nea gh a b ouri*in • t i ' cllel alel' tude. ;" t, %1 n,, crn1a t avr , i, al o f., t li I icak lt r Ite.I " al I.. 111 N .... > . . '', ' ac ia " ,. 'elt 1,,, . l pi*| t ·l, lilllI I. -lM. Alpli arel .t. - l IfilhI-. eu iltol, 1.: tTl'oe y?-lor, P ' lxe, Enasull , oriu ' t h" _.k S i I" :;--,\ ! ittr !,a, t l r v can lilihe, plnsO ant 1i0l I,,e lel, i.ni,lack,. lai i 110\Ies, 51 ýt ('1h0 i firB aI.lu age. ,n: Toi'p s,.,.,,,ltu{ ('l,,o.IetI t..u" lMllo4Hil PQ+!l : ;"11'011." 11, " r ok It

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