21 Şubat 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 3

21 Şubat 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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I 09a0PiANiH- 1il1 "larefor .rt-, .t.. .1000L I A. ' , tl GItEO1RY'S. , jaw6 Eachange Office, 73 Canal s NORTHEIN EXCHANG--Bills of Exchange on New York, at shabort sight, ad at 30 and 60 days. Apply to ANDREWS & BiRO'ts, Sj26--2t 50 CaLop rn . OAF UOAR-1t00 bbl in store, slld for sale by •Li jy " J THAYEI I( & Ca, 714 Poydlra st AGGING and Bale olips for sak y -by ja26 READ & oIA R I'OW, 7 Bank Place' O OI.I'IE-15 cases sweet Chocolate, landing from ship Conslanti.efor sale by ja26 ISAAC BRaIDE 8lL . r O, 134 Magiazine at ETW ATElt BOOT- IO- cases thick water l ootlfor V sale by ISAAC BUItIGE & Co, itoS 131 Magazine rt H AVANA SEGARS--35 M. Principe Ilaaona Set ars, in quarterh bonxes, tor asle by • 29 ISAAC BRIRIDIIE & Co,134 t.agnzine R OMAN cEMIEN', landing from ship Elizabeth from London, foa sale by jan26 READ & BARSTOW,7 Bank Place. UGAR on plentoion above tho city, for rtile by, dU26 ILEAD & IARST'OW, 7 Boank l'lac BOSTON SOAP-A200 hous in store Ibor sale by 1 RI II, 34 (ivier t ` PERM CAN I)LES-. . boxes in store, forohle by Sjal6 ABRAHAM 'ItlRER. '14 3rver ·t TTArOES-2-.0 hampr-1 larrels Ilrllc . t1 toes, of a superior quality, landiog for sale by a16 L hi (.AI.E, 93 Cotoson at SORDAGE-An invoice of tarred Rope, areorted esizas, aor sale by REAL) & BIlds I'lW, it. "7 allnk locP e L INDSEYS-50 bales Iowell Ilindroyc, landing for sale by SI'I'I'SON & A VIRY, ja7 88 (ravier ot KADIES' Velvet Ridise lists, of the lalest )lcea * sale by GOSSIP & Co, .1 Cliarles at, t1 Excnange lotel OitK--osae & Prime, atLthl issectioln, for sale by jag ( IlOlts ,;Y, Noew l.ev,; UNNY BAGS-35 bales is slre, tar alec by G DUOIIEY, jalb 44 New leven F ASHIONABLE PARIS 311.1iil.lEIl V. / HE subscriber has the Ihonor of informinsig the Ia. 1 dies, tihat Irhe has receivsl per ships I.afosyetle and IMarengo a supply of fall and winter Aill;nery, ol the latsat asd riahest materials in Paris, ,hidh SI.r. beanlan eapscts to have opened and ready for exam. bnation oModay and Tuesday neAt. D ' .CANI.AN, 'hoe3 25 Chrt.,r t B ALE RcVE-- 8 coilal Kentucky bale rope, to oreo aslid for sale by J TIIAYIER & t:O, jat4 74I l'svdrstl s BAZAAR. Corner of St. Charles * Common street, ExcnAHNGE HOTEL. B USH & ALLAN would respectfully call the at tention of citins and strangtr to ithelir manplete asortmentl o Gentlemen's linla whirts, do cnubric, withll linen fronts. faashionable linen frauls: linen col lars: silk, cotton and ilarinlle ui er shlirts and drawers: sal canbric and silk handkerchiefs: black and fancy cra- It vats in groat variety: sartks oifeviry dsrc ripton: galiti elastic an dcotton susalenders: silk, cattii aidll thread glovescents lahoskin gloves: umbrellas and canes gold Alsm,-Splendid assortment of ladies and gents wri tingdeslts, dsmasitg cases, ptrt folioii, perfumery, cut lery, and rich flutay goods. j n Flt SA1: ed ATtaoe elustlaturry aof the ublsclier, iloieting Wheels, I,,nd Pipe, faall ier; alu, 1Ilas I 1. air, &c. Turaing, awing and Grinding Isde as sual by Jt ti. I LAW NOTICE. T AMESS. MAYFIELD., Colunsellor and Attorney a n at Law, of Texas, hais laude a nrrangremut witt li Jlseplh . While Esq., nlate I)leges i Congrerss, !E (-an Flori d, and Counsellor at ILaw t the Suprenir Court of the United States, to give his advice, legal opinions ad instructicns ia ll causes in which he is i retained in Texas. Colt. Wlhite will it, all ar. gir I written instrectiuns, and in caces of great iarlu a .rta , I will attend i person tile Satremte Court ,ti'Texn. Itt e is in posesaion of all the Stanieslanlld Mexicn at)rliu ance,and has st Nrew Orleas, the largest civil lai librnry in Amtisrica. in Aera. Land Titles, In all cases in which James 8. Mayfiehl is retained as an attorney and and Agent in Texas, hIe will receive my assistance, and adviceoa as counsell r. ja7 Jsis 31 V IE. CYCLOPA.DIAS! DICTIONAI1ES!! et EE' Cy cloaedia, 47 vols., Eldinburg EIncyclo paedint, 1 i adt., Penny Cyclopaedia, vol IlIth. Elcyclophdia Amer" icana, :3 yula.. P ennty Maug.isia. fair t; 17; I (krtos I igas llii I ictillonary, 3 vs; Walker' Diuctioary, I vol. luiycr'u Dictionary, I I Vol, SWeblter's do t1 al. Johucouu a. \V alker's I)ictimaarv I vol; Newlla .A. lllrtl' i )it ,nlrv.o'ns vIdeV Vl Johnslll l 's . )iction rvy, Ivotlnltu.\"l +ll',c l)ikctn'l l laovr' Ln tietinar"o ilwl! v iI by 11 11 SScl..l;.\ N, a (t ,1 ' , .,ls i ,t lV ita tt nillal ,I +I CARD 10 i ll A lA .. - ITfII.IAlM 1 N ll: l.l, N - Ito :cnu ,s -Ireet, cnlti - FT tes to lpa lrhasl" u hI i b."I' Joweltrv, o ld , t or silver t any flunsa .ualiier, ad pay ti hbi t'io be tnI Fllrllll lll l m sill ilttlle, t. , AMLade M I-4 ma y h d g ring S o i hta ny rul+ of tL , lu0 , hil an i I, g I a ni uo ll , I t aood cdi , all Pimenu , landiitsg rm stil N B--\Vta r J a lr ald S t.ue Cuor! i the best uti'titer--clarges tadcralte. O - , • s. y,.......... .e r, ,,,, u. s u riouda Y nd he S citi:en F-w Ohalltbls. fnlu ilh Ih hs h eand rtllgcading ral sateam boat alleh, urll fr stse hy jantll J 'ill'lAY.& Ca., 74 li ldrisa t t aliUleK ISLAND SArLT-500 co busll helst in st ri tl a3l 7l Cutup IF :.lid a. ny .J PWrIN ac, ha el c)IiENT -200 sacks Pimentoa, landitig lroi ship N B-- anlt otes n y eued, nd circulur, jnpi d I.lon .LE, h s Cnoicn st tLI:ANsE' IITItOGIAPIt I1tI..3 IV-ING-OF. SFICE, 53 Magazine siteet, aps13t Bla:kzi' at cade. W IGREENE takes lesure in annaineing to his riends an d the citienss otNew OrleaasI at e Levehas t length R-ought Litbsogra l it p iaer n tndit olrl att pritting, and from tite is ilities le art lilts over copi er lante engtaving, ieI can execlut tilt irdrs enlrnstetý to lit at nle shalte exne tinll grving and nearly as cheap at tyte printing. Mr11nrelta tshlioa ietuldsar et ioutt in tlhir ow, and writing, ca have aiy iutitV at l a few illl s notice; ir they will beeasitull for seute inn easuitiiul style, such an has hIoretifsre given general sutinfictiou toallthe most reetiertablu coulitsiasialt t Ilisis in this city. Goutenltes decsirous l s aitg V'isitiu. or llusi traSS Cards finishoul in the hest itlltmuir, will I'u well by calling at he iitsce and see slmens. Feb. 1, 1839 N B-Bank notes eratly executed, sad circulars, printed at ene hour'a notise. HI ANDKERICIIIEFS--3 cases pongee handker Sshiefs, for sale by ISAAC liRIDGLiE p Ca, etl __I131 Slagaioie al EEF--55 bbls pri're Beef latnling fromt steaits boat Nonnel, or sale by G. l~tl!tSElS, jan 30 41 Nerw Levse F-LOUR-200 bblO auperline Ititr, hlading and for salenby J rIlAYER & tO, tIL & SALT-tot0 bbls Tnner oil,it e rime orders O 30 bblt suamier straiaed spere oil, 121110 sacks Turk's Isltnd salt, in store for aale by jnLB L 1I G3.1ItE, J3 Ci nni AI][VANA COFFREE-400 bnag prine quality ii in atome, and for sale by P jal7 ABRAHAM TRIIER, 341 Gravier s AVANASEiGARS-30 )1 princape Iluvun n sganrs i for t lebbv ISAAC tI$ iKl)GE& Co, tell 134 Magagzine a OS 70barrale in tre arnodfor sinale by j jo30 J THAYEI &JL CU, 7 Ioy:ras st U -BEIR, &c.-30 thda feat clear lumber, L 80 sprtp e spar, 150 balls hany, 150 tlds iteamn sawed aheite pine Inlthe, landing From ahip 'latina, and for alte by jao I.EVI II GALE, 9:1 C a....n at STEAM SAW MILL. SITIJATEID at the bay of Biloxi, in the stale of SMissaisip jiat bse onllluence of the Chutekabuffo, Itnchetbolu and Pine Plant Rivers. "iThc mill hot en is large and substantially built of the best materials--the engine first rae, and in good or der with all naeesaary sppendagea for anwaing, planisa and grovinp, and to waileb is attahedli a grist lill, blacksmith shop and tooltl, and houses fiu tlo acol aodation ofworkmen; all the noeessary tools for puttlag the mill in operation. Four yoke of axen. 15 acres of iant, traing the point on which the.maill is built, an entry of'tl acres ofa wtd andl in dllfrrentlt sections on 'le adjoining rifers. The natural conveniences of ncaess for f essetr that n tvitatr the luai e iarn unrivilal, oprn at all seasonsaot the yrar to the mtaill naid tLhe reer at rivers fromn 5ai tn 100 mtilte up. Immediately in front of the nill, and within 50 feet to the Rump, is a natull basin athat will conataii 200,00l) loga, which can easily be secured againat all kinds of weather. The facilities of precuriatg timber, are not surpassed .iny where. Tha shores of tie bay anld water 'onures hling covered with Ipine. oak, ash and hickory, andeasy of ncase. This valuable lrotporL, eao cntig atoune t thecityol New Orleans, offera artvantages to tbe enterprising, arely to be met with. It is not deem ed itn.essnary to enualeratne them. In the immediate vicinity of the aforesarid prilperty, is also toffred a plantator. oft 7011 acres of valiible iad, 200 cf which as cleared ana under fe.nce.with it comfort aine dQelling houe, inra tiin utensils, i0 laonl of saheep, 50 of orn cattle, and a quantity of hogs. This tract fronts on tIh bay about a Illlet, uad is a maost deaaubie ietuation for rcountry seats, the lands being elevated high bluffs wltha atltieiaet depth of water for anty of the ake craft to approaclh its balks. About 500 carns of this tract is covered with a thick growtlh of ina, nak,ash aid hickory, andil catll be tranporlted with great facility and little eatpetne, to a matket offeritng ad vantages tor a.profitable investment. 't'hese two proIertin+ will be sold togetheoror atan. ratee at low prire, nlld ot accainttl dlatitgternll. or farther partiaul.rs, apply ito It I V EL alA N, fell -71 Exchanze Place .Tj" . ; -!F~T :.ttIET iS--' Lales of anu.erir qul blb :.tfr alg by .A.tC BIIIt zini & Ca tab I o 131 Slagaziiw it SCHUYLER'd COUNTERFE l' DEUTECTOR AND PRILCE CUIIRENT.. TrHIE delay ocauoedl y t,'he ercity of tol descr.ip rt ton ol'typ reqtied Irtoh Paspr, coltttleo tIhe altaorihr to Itostpoll thr poitliotlito t r sfor uc dy to the very rreot disaoppointltt nt of tbe tlblic. Ie io , orwever ,haply Io inoornl Ite an r n ntlo ltl ti!tt ho hno reltvo!d by tllte ltso l'ooket from Nmw too.rlt a IIli assortmenl of tile kin of tiypt neCer' loro y for himi to ille in oh P l etelr ii1{t Cl ulln'elllJIllly tlle rt nul'Sl illlll ber will be pubitlaitd oit I'lrtlity tootl. This Paper till CotttIUtt it liot off all Iht tOllnlotrtlt Iluok noler ill tnirculotiot, lllrltt·lo llt t titt whole U S. ndl Caradl , ll o lecurately t el'sorilttI thiat persont ot occuslltomed to hoodling hIllk ntoito, clar eraily detect a colenterlb it. A list oIf i thet l brokt l ballk anlld froudulent itenkeh . trtittiltllr , witi allso be foullt l it the tltrecr or, tog1tier otith the ratre of ttiocott ts on ail kinde of lMissoisiplji, Alah ornn, 'Ten'ssee, lI'hrd, Ohliouod eustern mnoney generally. Texu.ol'lururo niotes will also be carenflly quotetd. 'Th]l']ric~o (lllrr~llt will lbe got up ut relnit e~xpe1nse,. anrl Iray he reliedon as thie col t relrtoes ot 'the Illl'klt. Sale ofetock in Wall sirectt Neo York ad ot III) Cvery ldescriplion ofinforn ation l usoli Io the o iier'ot.l r. tIltntic, trder, oteotti boat or ship :aptatio, woill be fttottd in the Ilt'orctor. It will be publioled t!ver Hionday mtrnitg, at 5 centst ftr asitgle ullt btrt or l per anrlllu, *l tole hlr yearly Inndvl ncre . I'Prso: t rti'o ling ut of tto citv ettn Ilove rttet ttenllo eti clyt so in t ro lllrs, ilml I,' totlrethed ty tito rtoailt't Sottoloy. - T'o tttottilt.ro in thitt ton and Uloveotton ('l'etin ) ihey will Ibe Iorwar tdeI by te regular elAll rtott ketto r. o AN'I'IIN'NY It t('IttlfIR, IExchange Broker, 10 Ctamp at., N I); I T'hrl st.,Cln citnati;ontltd I0t runtdway, Ntew Yttrk. t N lzlltfr t oIl U lAcllllhS iptor i lot uot ytilt ' lltl.itti Iwrs: ul Iic l, fto n the crtbruu d uled lnhctory l Plng j Co .,tf i'ot. Ut'lPE.1' INia tlrtnttt s arL toerilrlo wt tevt initoed nt ire tori l, wloot leo ale r oo tit laoil bsy tl M y uol~~t. F JO~tlN'& o DII tt-Illu o . islrrt Ihl iL.il - ' zll fI)A t lll I1Io ilti- rlll tlli Ittollll lll fJula ilo, ro ar ll l o l chtl tt' d ' ii;tt 1I o itt l Vica.hr to . (; dl il t yd hy f e r fo h Njrt o Er e, jIlt & Iciv td , 1 f1. I iot, I al i o opat lbr sl % whl ,hL r ret ic,\' by ·D nIi) - Ei- tal'treoef, oiofo to o t fotr o toe b lbIT ItEI BONA t Lw foll IoxNALrnottito tto )Re 01 .-0brrl N o.hznn l ifultlu 0In a II r-iAVPL I.c, ihe thrt o grte' o ir. f s .\u Vho o. F | tfttitothithll tI ottt tttt ir of totllr |'oot I1 ftlI 1 'Its IAlll9 C t\t, oettel odfrttaoo e y Tty AIlo\VAlt, LUE N ItF. D & ip Ai if ''It hiV, fnI)IP nerl Hall, 111) brunew 8 F T CUNT 7blECH NT , 7 ITakIHuERS "I tleoti.o, o'lle oothogi-to ost t toot m t, .)in illlull boxesi lunl]llll (il~llll JI~llr( Ihlsl;,i~ljl+ J etlo byt I I Dlil tt t u fIh 4 1:1 if it ia; NI'I'AsOII stllit- or itlr Noi. I ito il l J pilllo lliCh ill oflt I 0 1 tI Olr Oait' Ir l J tI ~ 0.,(- t ar ; IiI\i I Rll , fold t orO (.llnoo li V l|tfotthlli .+ LU INKI--JIt o alttl o noBitti o u S ct0h Jointotttt 00*F 0 toi tiu t tl lr hi ilt.t t u rrt.i ed ur a Cl ar d . . A" ti,,l n h e ,v a I A II I: KI CATN:: , r Id o t t~titollolotr Ilal', it ('hlil i t Tif I J O .lll ll:ril ll'Ir i il llw le'-it i ll I I fhl "'il.l otftititror fottoiup an,:.hofnnns | i'tl; A lllRICl INIlll I c rulillll, Slflit ·l( llhr ulwhich hiey tr1111+ Tn1 s illl l w, oi Iht 1 III Islllrlt llslllllllltl/): il7 I rlll. llhole rale (lr retluil. ('(,llllt llgl ihrl~hlll~l lllll ()lltlr nII·CO~llid Iillll Ill Iheir IlIIVIllllllZt. (IlCallUII lndilxiiIlilll.I llrevillll+Y Io itii' ulillghl t'li wller t. .. Iillll"rl,·'S oI Iblo Ilhlllt! WIliro. 17 Clu(: I, 'lllllp P:111 ll,1111)1 N 0.. Altll I w S, lr Itlll I kll\dc wi th +lver hallllle. 11ttn, Vi H t o r ltr i ah.t iot od i r f I llt ( t ill l l ji] a l n alI iA .--.lr nl in 1 rl r , Hank Piv ee fI:IliC ottIt toed.~rl C: clj 6 ' f I)tf )It' :Y, oI'N w ,,vt e " tIooNY tilt l--olloil o I thoea uld Iulrdle. as liii' Vt 'i o 'l ·i<:N. .....l ,i ...... r I. ( 11 11 ..... h:IIIII I ;,:i iZ R II(t IS ·\,\ II111]1]':& (..13 3I(·l/ire i - t IPl ll I'ltlll 1 ft) I i 'lt l /llt': Iiew Tll lio/i--i1f IliI 2 1 ll ~n~l l . ll'l(, ) I,nI..iana c.,ni ll |Ji (IIllle8 of1 11ro it 3 i t IN N ,IIII,, j ofil:~i, 'o::l;."~lr itd oio' Ž'' I'.'thtt'o""oh Hily Il'eh llll IUI; ·I, orie ) i(·11/ nlll) unll ((lrll LlIOII PII1t I/~l~l Il;illl~lll Iiii i il| o ir.;+lll~ ll·li ll .· ill'!ltllllln rI lI \llvln I+ fle lI4l'l.htllll ille I.:l" .'.',,rf.ll. I )ill~llllllFl+. iibt., a olll i-llllli ··1 ..... .' . ..l i l I IU I .(I· 1 hvII Itzl\+ [ l'l:. lT ,',( :,,, I I1111111 |.+ i; ii Ir: ji. 2ll i( 1 1· ' ( +hlll~ :r~lllP. ti mihe :,ll y.l i Itzht,,r . 01 ',hll'' ' t l.olt . ),b tl,. aulh >r trj j, Ih It S IS ¼' itt l/ tot.t ·" .to' ti . l.llV |:%Il i 1·il +lhll ., lt r Tah'. hv 3 1r. I t i (or, allhol' il'ht, Ih'I r tll"NIlli l , !·11· 1 (11- Ih . l /tih(, id" ".lltll· d I+.iq 'lh h I' ll~h l,'t ll II,'nlb'll i | lll~l -lll, ll I IIiI· il.I llll I'ln',tt 'I l ll: \ l.t 'c li' , ltrl l|l L I(Jd ·1' 11 "P 1.,'i Hk 'HirI lillll 'lll( iiCII( I'lt '|'lllll ;lll h'lrll t, i!1|[ l l·i .\ 1,1 . 1,1 | ' 11 1 .. i l I)1·1 *NDIAN'S uitea-, S s ' IId. Ingether wit llrily llae +rl ll.t of1 :1l1ll lllwdlt:ill.H. I(,,(+t iiit(i i Inhlly aud for ta:lie by 41 IItINNA IEI;.L. , j".1 car Natchez & Te'lclay ti ula,, is B14 I'anI.; o IfI'+ lineI I nI'- ,it n lt: p r,:0 by r+-, t ittrodId IX'th P lirI iI -I it iceId a t iimI . 3II b 15 icl ., L II1 . i, 4i inl: .; a Ii ll'ii r li, atticle'. Alsu, ;:7r5 l , g ,ove ' X Al , 1 i pl ,-t- I it nh for sle dy D.\VIDFL :Ii'fit & , lCh l .utIr.;t.l fe4i NY .ttilners Hall I Yl 4IAUI.CE\IiEN'', a sallv. IT janll 1Ib:A4g: IiAiisTOii W,714itike fiti 1i ll.-A ln invoice fall "Id wilntel" .<lrl, wutnn, l, for sale liG 96 Mlug.ziue st `ALT -1I0,l0 i bushels Cadiz Snit atl t, i ii.ulk; SI; , f i00 r icksi do do fr -ilt by t fc8 W1ilfl)ll iuM & Ct, 7l; Mlagazine st i A-'+ O - " 91-- 1. sh- c.n.sii -t i lf tun', shilleh,] ll uii d sides, for sle bI y Cl G IS It. l ,;' lIll 41 New i Ievo I TLOUIL.- -3 I) I blls inl stuo id Ir i alMo Itv- .. . 1 lli vi ; DtiRlSEY. , lI . N;ew I.vee O W7' HISK1' Y-3:0011 bLarely Irectified, i store for saley oby 1G L)ISEY, 4I New Levee ' l OFFEE-1'l0 b'ag Sun I)ollinllI ('ltllte for sale by Willl'l'4I l :t & e 1 1e'.t 71: I1.X1 izi .1i , rjAll.+IAV 'ANI4tI":y--1-0 tiLxe, brand ofut-k 1 S 'son &i ''rowbridg i, f ir .lale _112 14 .\0A l )litl f &. C , 114 Magazine l t .lJlN7T,.--. cafes F,'renlcliald AeleU IItilY, I t v nrious qunutitias, II sarle ' v Sfebl 7 I"1.Ai. iIlIUDGE & Co, 131 Mainaz "+ OAP -5110ooIl) s )Ici tlnu'I-t nand leourgt, R{ulins r i brai d, foi r sale by lAI iL ) , I4it'>W -. feb 7 !i) ,ln ein, st AC( N-.0 Cuks canvnssrd hus ai 1I1, , fat ilI sile by ISAAC BLRliDGlE. & Co I I AI.E I RI'l)-- :.l coils lile Rape, of vupllior cy j1929 S'172S iAl11GI, & Co, 13:1 aolgauine ot - New ()rleaillu , 5th Pbriu.i rNt', l:Ii 1 ii I / e SX ' U X AN oni Englandi Ilt siulr;ot Pt \Il nt lIta lJ tuotliiu. RIiol' J iAL4I'iIY, otlr o ('atiirr I1t -TA'I'oi"i-:.olSiA-fw i uudi rd bo-Xsj i cit l.l ,oII il I S toes itgood U Sordur, f ol, fleorv febl 6i))III;E, 4. New Levee - f4 LOUR-- 1 brie 4 luding lfront io Iet onu i bibor4' sale by stea o alti h',a, io d ater g rufckero , andbri g Ei 1bol, irdyuli, oid1 STribuntO, fs le by S 4)NISEiY, ._X.. . .. .._ & 44 Cu,,,p s_ _r fll U DOlEIY, 44 New Levee TI ud I tA b fEPORTS ot I0 Y'I'E I. S' II, i''Al '"Eir, 12 4vl i; Peters i co,lens-i T ed,i6 lb Englh oie equer, 6 vol; clondensed of Eglish LbhlIeerv, 9 volt; Cronch's, 9 volS; roliktIk b1, brough'a U Sht.t+, '2 vuls; 4larrow'e, 2 vol.,; ilassu r chuselis, 16 wols; P'iukeriogs, 17 vaes; I)urulbrd &L Ens' a, 8 vole itls 4 Elglish tlComleioll L.+w, :I2 vols; Eii- u o lis i Eccluhiiiiutoal, 5 vole; Alkiusln's, 3 viii ; Hulllr )(1 luprior uurti , 2 vOil; JoIlnsOa's common ll w, 211 voeI of Johnsonl'- (' hncery,7 vels; (;TUellleal's lahine, 9 vol.s lIt l'etcrsderf , 15 vole; leun IViiuis, 3 vols5 v 7 ; S r,3li' Washington'a U .l'ut·sJ, 4 vols, for sid e Ib' }' ALEX. 'I'OWAR. feb 6 2J ta Inapi st "` 7'1'--IO1 wicks oats, in w:tre for sall bv is j26 CUIIA,\II'I.IN & _ tOI'l{,'8+' Jolla PERM 011-1-0 rusks anll 51 htarrels willner oil !p Isndill\ frOl brig Elizabeth, Picayune '' ier, asnd 'p for soae lIy Will l'lORTE R, el fell 5 t.tlllo ll btrct of rlA'--`20 kegs Tor. in firtI rate order, for a tie b9 nu, F IOUR. Lard -ln4I httr--II8 bbls Hlour, :k;6 Skegs Lardl; 23 kegs of Rtllter, l s Id re`0 U 1)OBtSE,]',41N1e.+4+ee 1 ilSKEY' allld Flour--lof thbls of' rctified whir. key; 5941 bhihs flour auld 32 bbls vhiegar, hu d ing 1 ileshuipping order, allol, f'+r snlh h a t'.0 G DOR.>E'i I i ?sa'1,.,. bHIPING. For Europe. FOR IIAVRE.-Regular Pucket. The .11 nod fast sailing ship RICH MONI), Capt Winship, will receive nime dim dal.patch for Iht above port, fnlving the grtl pt t h' her crg en~llgeod ait; going oa board. l' o'rbalauce t I:elht or pao sgs, t having superior ac c tot flll ottllnls, aItly on loard olpposit the h lilt, or to It , I HI (AI.., !): Co__n _n sl FOR LIVERPOOL. The Al and fast sailing ship GANGES, C.ptiJlnes, reniros 31(0 oales clotton to lill I' tj. Appli to .ROGItJ ILS, (tlRA &Co, fll or, ILEVI II G:AL.E, 9: Cnitoonst o FOl- GLASGOW. - T.eiAT i CyIovde built and very fistsall- t, toag itrtjooe MAI IAIt'A, Capt Juoatp, has A- ottrioi lit r he rctrto engaged n i t will have '1 tititt s l IlTe- cohios beintig very snperlor, p. ison ieIcan b eOt lofirtablv acolnllllattdtd, ror frc.ghlt or po-ogo ,apply on bohnod l to p 1:012 I..MES & MILLS, Bannk Plaoe IFOR LIVERPOOL. 'l. 'i (.t oat tsailing shipJ)t1IIN HALE, Co'it Croowell,will retiv0e titnmedlioat dsspatchi fr _ tll t abo pfttt. For figei-t of 200 oales cuotl tlo complete hercargo, app Ao I mn fN(i 1. II IlAL[, 93 Colmmo stoo FOR LIVERPOOL. h'Ito A 1 ilst sailing shi Fi EUROPE, - Cap( t Ir)nat otod, will receive ii.mcdiatedes pilrtl r the alo ve purl. l'For Irlgllt of 2011 btlos cotton to conplete lher cargo, or posage, apply to LEVI 1i GAIR,t lt'9 . .. _ _ .9 ,_,Ittton _t FOR lIVERI'POO[,. 'lhe Al coppered ship EQUATOR, t J Islon, 0master, will thave despatch. For c ft'reiohlt o 12U bales, or Issll00r, plllv to o S & J 'I' WiII'T,'E 517:}3 '(mil ot LV 00k FOR LIVIERPOOL . The now and fast sailing ship tiOW her carA o enagel, will Ihave doispitc. For bulneoftl frightt or r asfttge, a I 1)Iv to 1e5 S & J P W tlilN El', 73 Cootiat t '1The A1l ond fast saiiling ship MASS.1 ''.,til (I apt Iartlet, hlnvilg tfile ireatt r tort .. of t.r cargto en gig,d, will meet with despaotch. I loIr Ialallce ol freigll or pr saort te, apply ito li!:' L I1 .IALEI,93 COllotoon st FoIl LIVElt'OOL. The AI fast sailing ship SAXON, Capt t,.4 ,g~ttitlcd, will n-e wittllhe ,tOt'ohI. For Iei!tl of 21t1 bales cotton, if itunwdiate upaI licltiot be made,arpassageo, apply L II GAL.E1, FOI LIV :I;'OOL. - The Al Iat silinn ship UNITED Ti.\.Vl'.;s. , oCapt. liarr, huvin_ o osto of her . _ cargo enr . ed, will have dlenpr. lltch. For lieiLt t1 t ro haltdrtd h ,t f r pitot l tottt tppty to FOIL IIAVitE-tlle lat r Trdr. , t S rhe Al splendid ship VItILI: Di "l PAR IS, i aptt Tl' roll, mtant81', will rcl(ive hn .- lu,,il o dle.pn'rh. or freight uf 0lill bahl s t tOttit , O illo p~t ge,a p ly toI 1.t I I al:, i*1 ' 93 .o!m11i oln I t FO"FOR NEW YORRI-,,f S'l.ee. ITh'le foIrl tat, ftla t sailing iplaet lOihrT l . I, hAl) l itt'illr.ie: e C p,on tt Itk , will oII0 itvtoh ' itri rti I totI r tt1: VINING. For 't.toight oo :.tall ht1rt t s, h tt it t t f egtf y t (ocotunoitnltaonts, apply o l branlilI Pi ) i ier, \VM P'.11'1r'l'tl t 111t ft tt ont tot 3 C m on tt Coastwise. FOR NEW YORK 'I'lte superior t Ni t paeil l t hip ARKANSAS, Dnllnli, 0incit, will sil a Moor, w ave. l,'or freight pr p ssage, h vine cloegallt tizl Iebelow the \'egetale tol ket, or [11 1i:0 A(9:0 e 11 EN, 9 3 C ompne St FOIR NEW YORK. SiThe A I ad fast suilig shit Ip )BART napt Sldel, will re leve ldalntch, llaving the reltter par of lher cargo engaged. For reight or assage, bapply t n I A ,AlE, ti.21:!1 9 13 C m:lolo atR OR NEW 'llT! s r 31A IlI ')N, (ntant Torrty, will elitc despoiclh. For ftireirht Ilr ltt .n, ap -itly to & 31 1' VIIII'N\', FOR IFt)iRB fON. .tor, w il hav t dooslttch. Fur ft eight tif I J iXX'llNf t I FitlL NORFtLI.K ANhI BALTIMORIE. S t.'tc ool ll Ir h,1. ll(JN, A Iornhttittoton - "Ir. ll, hitng ... .. " ..... c g .. . oard, will t to oi l t totilh i llntll'l , dispa1tl c ft It t tllol ne o , 0rt g r h 1 ,I ti'Ulge. .appily to o & J 1' I I'ITNLE1', hib 7 7:3 Pmo'1 ls 1-~ . 'rh.,. A I falM . - II hi n F 'I 'AN, f iet - " h iii i, h1%i i1s aNm of htbrrt7rgo I' lqta ., l, l t 'Ii h l i -mollfale tths f. 'gor HI Illi Ior p... ,1·,,, Ihi'li.lg 'rlhll .l.l..l.l.ln./. ll111c applly It ,',- 7 7.t3, t'alp s' I o s' l o otiot O ' c l l l ll't l l ilt 1 ' i Vi - 'I,. I(tot stol tt ontefltello l)o rit AS Fot .. .. t. ..ig", i t. t i ; o'tt-t.ftf ..y to ,. ,T \Vo, tllr'I.', l ,.........lit h .lt .. ill]Coottoit I nl ! - - 11 O) A111",4_,,3 Cinmp stI 1tOl N I*\\ YOItK-Pasago Only. ..- ta'.se . Ia.l . ta ilil r ship ilAIILOT'I'E, .,, t'in. ie, wtill ece6o io hntiediate des- r , . " ,t slh . 1',, r u s so an ti d ly , l In ia g s u p e r io r e ucc ýiýurrd~iUI1 , te u i' ll I to fityta l al)tain o board, or to to S: - L II (;tA1.1',:l Irttt'ounat int FORI NEW YORK. - I' ast aoiling cot:tred brit I1AR - 4 IllT, latt Iishertill hlle despatch. For Geigt o tf 1 WINY, 72 Camap at FOR SALE, FREtL II T ORt CHARI'LER. The Al sholiir CL kI'LON, Thao 1' Itulatu, master, 79 tons and 15 moUths old; fur tlerl, apply to Caupt Delano, above tl e tr.Iteato t Cit)ltatt aIeS, or -O 0 14i t RE.I & IIAlSTl'OW, 7 Bank Platuce FOR SALE, FREIGHT OR CllARTER. lt-a oeti fitt isiliIng c ter flasttl, and 71r. . coppered brig 8I al* L.LAIIETIIH 1711' , .. tons, builtaextrtssly ltra lnpcketl aottgany ctbil, state 1"ooaulll li"r tltr atcituiodattin ot"a5 passela- at gr'rs. ;, r terms, apply to CaLt Ilauve, a bonrdt, 1'iea u'lITer,' or tu O t tf I' allt , )o .9.5 Commo..n t , O O Ill'o RNT-l',.sesiout can be, gven tadirI' t Thut desirable, and wel l doliri* d dwlling" t uLse, now in c pll lele order, ait the u,,rner of Camp and - Julia streti, A pI' t ol Itolh i t i,. or to (: 1\ I'ItllCIIAltD & Itl' TAGI,'I T Jr. SI'ydrlns i M agazine at - SUL'..: x I 1A . e 0 . No. -op. I g -up, latl-l,-fromth c,,i W Ats, and fur g.lat by ja S and J 1 WIIITNEY, 71 Camp at 1. ELW IA W and \ledical looka: finalt"' I igcst oltn'ca adjudliead ia courts of Allitlta t o1f tlth U. S. and Englnld; uleand nvaohlooa bar bh' urk" PriS' Digest ofrenson in the Sopilllt, Circuit and Dltriet Coui ts, a law supp ly, 1 vol, Ilialar' Anatolv, a lct edltion, received by Pan cost, The ,-wlit'tat Oll, dical Almanac r-r 1839, a new a00 ,iselul lediul pock t aook t r i ical o L gettltletn, Alttl an notruanient ol toi In1t applroved Law and edical oo'ka. IE JOIINS & Co, jal7 cr Commonli Srt Charles sta SINE-An inlvict of Sicily Madeira, in pipes, '11 aa ip; Ia lot lul llr casksl luii l 21ilt o oitt es fniitol tt deloietire, brliro l It Iigriit t olli & lizo a ilerishl by j-.i ISAAC IIth.I)GE & CO, fiI.ITTlUMlINA.'I'ITl) PEET--tll barrels for tale by S. Lucke t Co, No. 8 Front Levee. Mlstera ol'steanm boas are partncularly retuested to Iake trial ef Ils ,new Uand very *aluable article of fIuel, so much t tle ed by enginleers in every part of thae colntry whler, it hato bleoa used. fo8 l OIL CIIAINS-20 casks coil chailln just reeivet iL. ,d for sale ly S LOCICE & Co I __ _. 8 ,ronll I.evee S(1 UNNY IIAliS--lill bilesa anny IlBa, al closaae ttalud prim texture, saitnablta far llSnit, by jai5 I ltID1GE, 134 Magazine st 120WLET'1"aS- InterostauIbles-Foster's Bookkeep Ib gilg; unett's do. Ilarrls' do. Expeditionus Melanslur, und Edward'a Illookkeepr's Atlas, received and lor saole by A TtiWVAl, - 49 Catop at A I.L ILl. IIEEN MAOIA )IEOI 'a Trllkioh Dye, j lor clanginggrey or red hair on the eld: oro whisk0er0, or eye brows, by a single applicatiol, to a permanent brown, varying to a complete black, wlh out slaiilg itllher the hands or linen, just received al ti l Biluar,arller t. Charlcs &Ca lllon streets. BUSH & ALlAN, - fTl Exchanlge Hoterl I O'lTONS-90 bales 7-3th and 4-4Ils twilled Low i ll Cottons, for sale y ' fe3ll ISAAC IlII.iiE & Co,131 Mlogazine st C S TEI1 CANDiL1)S--Iti I lNxes New liedfordl, Boa at ton and Namuklret Sllerm Candles, for =le by Ito ISAAC 1IlIIUDGE & Co, 134 Maignazie at C' 1111 tAlta lro otd Aalaaor-biwa tlatia oalalcaes t/ `tt-J nl:d huatho, landing froot brig Maiy Elizabeth, 8 I'iravune Tier, iid for sale tby iM PO)RTER, / il " 95 otmiio. at j AY-:11 Laes northern liny. n s r S fell CIIAMU'I,IN 4-COOPER, lJuilla Jt Il G-i Sa (errntlN ItPea inl -a-arfir ral I ly I LI,, II lIIAIII'LIN & CIJOPER 8f Jella at inl ItlI\'il"t"Sc 5 box-s . rlyro-) tianufacluer d To I1, tCaMo i t otle lforRle ,rby 41 .llW.8I.ILZ. tt'-IUUl'ti:i;" Julia ati FOR NEW YORK. IIO.IIFS' LIINE OF PACKETS. fO1 sail punctually as alcvertieid, for ench p.rt-The S line will consist of the following ships--it: i S;hip Nirsllr(e, Caplain \VWood. hi! Arkansas, Captln E S I)Rnni, ex Alarbama, Captain C C IHary), it) urleollS, CUptain S soeurs, Ul I'irkbulrb, Catptain J Iunker, Fanthea, Captain Ashbly. bw The' uote shills ame all of the first class, roppered, and ucppl er fssleeed, and wore I:nilt ill New fork ex ltr, and almost invariabl- cross the bar without detca- r tuhese packets are commtantlded IIe Captains well ex ipen!reed in the trade,und will ulwelsexert thlmleelven flr to acorrnllmodte. f'ller will alttas he towed up aid Flu ldown the rive.r, and will It)lt)tly sail as dvOortised. CI T'hey lhanr hndsolOely furnlshd accntndotioeo,,d n sttres nf tile first quality will always he fitrniohPtd, tn Id every attention paid o the comfort antid sactfaction of ed InsYsPogers. Ovl The price of the cabin is fixed at $811, without wine wil or liquor. orFor Iurter particulars apply to A COII EN, Jn8 90 Cotmton street - lUTI'lle ships are not eccountable fir breaknge a ehins, hollow ware, marble or granite, cooperage. of tin or rust ,f iron or steel: nor resaponible fr any psrkuee tdl or lparcel pat oa board, ulletl a regular bill ofladittg be signed therefor, at the oflice of the agents. FOR NEW YORK. NMiew York 4 mewt Orlimns Line. A NEW LINE of packets has been catablinhed to run berween Now Orleans and New York, to consottl fitve frst rate ships,t iI Republiostn, J Ui i tllsrcll of Acbtrn, IIP Durfey, be eo new tibuilding, - sullject to detention at the liar. T'lheir at.cottmudations flrpasosengers cuoprase all that omiy be required for cutnfirt and convenence; and tlhir eonmmnandes are t ten ofexptlientt. Until tite lships t ito Itildhlt areo t cotetp leted, two first cluess sip till upply treir pr places. 'le grantent punctaltity will be obterved in the tilne of sailing, and every reasollable accolnmmodation extendled to shippers and passengers. For further particulars apply to Mnters. Johnsonu and I.,owdcn, No. U WVall street, Nate York, or to ja ' PETER LAII)DLW, liti Camp st 5'or the Interior. EFOR 5M101111 E. ITole r.atiter Ilcket low pressur uti{ emocr GIIRAI.FI, ('upIt. Swiler, - willleae th~~,te lae end of tite Rail boa every 'I'lURSDA\'S & SUNDAYS', after thentarrival of tdlh It 'cllucl cars, and on ther ree turn, leave MobilTe, ry a ida Fur passage ajply io bourlo to CAlT. S\V I.ER. P' S-Wht n iver a sufficient nullbelltlr Lofpitassoegr ofsifr the Giratih will touch ll alny of the intermetlate ladiitlgs, upun previous Inotice beiig given to (Iapt 63,Ir.. nv7--f MRS. ANDERSON'S PRIVATE BOARDING HOUSE, I lIemaoed from 17 Cosalotliouse St. T'O N EXT DOOR TorST. G lIARIIES T'IIEATRE, CORNER OF PO oDRAs & SoT. CIIoARoES STREET. - nu-9-1838. TO RENT. A I.ARGE ulnd commodious Room over Ievy's auction store, 5d3 Maguaine street. Applly to WV GREENE, Lithiyrapller, on tlhe premnises. N Il-The above would tiake a good drill rean. JIEFERISON ACADEMY. I)REPARA'T'ORY to Jefferson Colieo and to oth ers condctttd bi y It. Graattt,. I. L). Exchange Alley, between Conli anil Ilienville. Thi; tituation was the most eligible that could be found being entirely free from thle cise of the streets and the - rattling f tdrays andl cariioges. T'e Jeffersn Academy is divilded into two depart ments. Tibc Julaior or elaementary department tir tie variuoa branches oflcolnolo a educatiion in French land il Etglih-Thle Senitor department tir iLatin, Greek, lMathematics, &c. P'unctuality, order at i discipline are strictly enjoined attd observed. ''ulnls, Jual)a ;iparlinentper mouth; $10 Selltor do 15 Spanish fi Inst. Ies, slalies, paper, A&e. chutred sretrately C ad. A month oitce begun, to be paid in tull; :3rd. Ni, deductiot for absence nor tor holildays:t 4111, I'Paylt-ts to be ilttde regularlv ecetryintontt. cllool hotrs Irol 8 1-2 to 3 o clock, excolt T thuro dlays. ed --e II27 iKCIIANGE READING 1ROO1M. T/llF 1 proprietor ti re-fitted his IReoding Roomin it tie St. Chaltroe Foxcelottie, Corller it Gravier and St. Charles street, n to lt'e mattet nltluer. Residesh 1ti tihe rincipal I )aers of thte Iuitod StUites, ol every cityt and stat e. the iianlldas ,Texas and Mexi Se Nlth Dtttoentallt'cview; tiSe Siotltiern I.itor arn nick teu mtd Iht,' llll fA icoati lotttt r I1g y ciett. daii Atol, it a guied ,A tilltnhe IItles llt Ul'Iti' Ipicell, .y, td' leiltc Cirurgicl' Ie'iew, aCti a ,Arlety o til near Atl tlhae wortary erdiculorl lthe duascrieyd lsr td rete-c pt lbtiottis ofrlft llc ldon, ldientr., lVesli evarie.t tetpe ittost activiews ittellietkwj.es colletrs aneiTh 1.r otH urieal Review; tihe lis rn, a ni Iinr aR nisk Iebtckeri'a'ht:Aitorie li Joartd otf tScieoctttide Arta , Clime to li.cft.lv lh~rut, e Review, (eat eme's It g'oine, Anll be wanl thlo , Itetder ttl eitdiutc Iloy, the htcoid t irr e , a variety Uit tther t these works eritta e rerularly suotcriued Ce r e d ree. 1vc. The rooimll is tlsl slppied Fwetth lane Sprnielt S tlts l .d tlss, Niles I ngister, Lev's Preit, lce Co I e tllttrdonl i tl t'l teltlceiot,1i onll tolitrttiand, nvart yti The elest active & inmellig.ent news collectors are Sol tploed, to give the eoarliest tlo rivals, aod no painls or ex ase will b spared to reder tis eading na the firer tte United States. t it 1--tl d7: 1838 LINSEEDOII--Coepewra and led Beans, in store G DORSEY, e ja30 44 New Levee AGS--5,r 000 Gunny Bags, of superior quality and for sale low by fe60 SlIAI.L& BROWN, 96 Magazine st MZACKEIEL.-2-l00 barrels, 100 allfbarrels, and 50 l_ r barrels, Nus. 1, '. and 3, Mackerel. in stare for sale by jo24 J ''IA.\1ERl & Co, 74 Poydras st MIULI(I'RlY & Silk Wornms-A 'rrellis on the IMulberry and Silk Worms, translated firom the Chbiose, I vol, 8vo, just received snd Ibr ale at thaI Bookstore of A TcS\VALt, lel 49ll .oopst 1 IIICEY-'-25 barrels rectified, for sole by j&25 G. OlS)'EV, 44i New Levee LONIt)+N ntaoard library edtiouso. of r-enae and valuable works, tir sales byv he subscriber: c.ssisrtNo OF THE Works of Williml Cngre.ve,in l vole, do Shirley, rtunltit: and poetical, 6 volt, do Slaftsbolry. ill : vls, do Ieaumonolt & Fletcher, 14 oals, do (twnay, in 2 vol. do llomite, 3 voIs, with uno account of birs life, by Ilenyv Mckenzie; do Sir t'illiam Tetle, in 4 vois, do Entpero.r J lioa,., v.ls, do Fielding, ItI vole, do loeoo, Leo Xthl, 4. vold do BoroeKl de leodi cie,:1 volBe, do IRielards ot Cleari.sC Ihirlow, 6 vroli, do Sir C tse 1 rs (t radliuon, 7 vl a r IAn additi, to tlS e abvo, . tolarge tollclil of iLll don eldition scnrce workb. VMl M'KI'AN, ju'l1 cr Cop sliad Coonii O `,I CIIO BOOLS-A supply u' Etnersont' Beaks, svia Netional ispelling ltuek, FirLst, seced, third and fiEurth ClassolReatrs, Also, first, seoeload and Itirtd iartsi Aritkbetric, And u eneral ot a orntoist of ahlnol land cbssical books, for sale by ALESX TOWAR, feb1l6 49 Cillp e tOPI 'Et I)lORSS anil Kesntledge I16 tons coupper drooo, 60 totts keltledge, iipein to fel 1 A COIIEN, ilt Cosollnoe at it HANCOLY RI I'EORTS--A new edition of Ball S. tBlty's Cnhallev leorte, iust reeivosd, for sale by fell; A IEX'I'OWAR, 44 Cnanlp et LOC KS & TI EI'IIECES-Just opaeid at 16 Chartres xt.,6 dolraln warranted 8 d·tv T[illlme )iecesL sunrIior article, Plnease.:tall and examoiootlle same., SN.B. Cluck, Tioeieieeos, \Vatclers. lMusic Boes, Sand Jewelry cortfully repairsd, and warrantled; clhargs onderate. f62:51 _IOl LAND GIN--Ill pipe,,Crawnctt Woeli Gin, a 1 t yesrore article, in etere and for sa'e by Osll I THAVEII & I:o, 74 P'oydras at 1 AINTELD IUCKI'ETS-251t dozn. poitteod bckOets, I la..dino from ship Ne.onoetee, and tor sae by S foall JTI IIAYI:..eo Co, 74Poydrse t SCI001OI. BOOKS--Blank boobs, paper of all kind, S, nk quillo and a gfeneral assortmIOent tl' baenks stitble lfor collntry nlcrchanltes es ll It t te o urood terns at A TIoll'.lR'S .Ilookstolre, 49 ('sa n 50() BAGS IIAVANA COIFEI.E, S300 thlousal:d do. segfre, 101t boxes Virgilin hetwing tobacco, I ttI dto. fre I MalSga g isiniees, 1' 1) do do teno,,', t17 froeiln do amondssl, ' 3510 boxes p1ermtnalllttndles, 4il0 do loBstn etap,, i 41) barrels slerm are d dowhale oil, S 11 tiertes Caroilln I'ice,, y 175 btllds to of llar, ill store for ole bh at jot; ABRAHIAM l'tl.IER, 34tGresiere .t (05-'I;S-I ,Iteeo .uot ,talf se,'wed Booele, lndline B tei toberk Iltlinaw,feetr toalet a it ,5 ISAAC BKIGE & Ciu, i I MigaEzineIs BUSINESS CARDS, FRED WILKINSON. DEPUTY SURVEYOR GENcPAL 'Jr LOUISIANA, SFF.i RILS his servies to the public is, thr depart l siF matsl Saurvening and Civil EnSsineeringhboirh an tow all eotrv. l/rbll onsiderable cxperience in his prsOfesion. uaidlv prl.e a'opns and fidelils in ithe exceutin of ullLlsines entrusted to him, he hlope to merit aarti o:eive a share, of public liatron-e. Ile Iil' also measPure llid calh'ult tihe Conltents of a'nll·ll excav'alioltn. Odici No 8 C(hartes street, seUond 4ly buck. je7 BANK NO'I'IT ENGLAVING. RAWDON WRIGHT. HATCH & EDSON LI AlE opened ' a, ofltice in Now Orleasu. possea-ing 1 equal aodsl,tages saitl their lhusue in New Yolk, fire then pin' io+,e ofngrnviog anwl pristing Biak Nstssh, j, Bentr,, Blils of I sxchasges, Cerlilicsles II Iflh)'osiite, Che(iks anlld iother illlports t pal r I ,' req, il'rg securi ty agalillrt la"gelers; aol Ihasvo masalc ' lie pl isior lor tloilo keeillgS'i til lates s1o iir mprslessiwsls' entrust ell to their care" thei' spec, i ens cllmbrealel e otlls of NFIor selohun led IIlla s ill'tlPillt , ll' I, till orders wnill s lbe executed whlh prossptil'. t] ll thes l tilall. llnce, oller afoaiol & Cslial slu;. )et.--tf SAM LEL 'I'OBlY, rMeerchandise lroker 4. C,ontsliossrfo .uerotal, 1 l1e esiioe, 16, ihe rstssssp a osie. O. II. lLISS. L TIIIPBROKER & COMMISSION ME RECHIANT, No. 63, l'adras strest, J. 7P. FRIEEMAN & CO., 8hNoloesle Clotling l olblihrsreent No. 3, Magazine street, T AVE castanll, on hand a Iarge supplt of Clthi inLs, cal.ulatl d 'lr tle ucolntly trGadet. Thlr us. nornllellnt eilg ilarge, inerehalins i'rnil itih canolicr call be sippliod at the siholrtal lnotile. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAY'LOR & HAI)DEN, No. 14 CIharlres IlTl'S iAVE I o eostuin alnply f eioerv Ilrtleus pertulsills to igcnillsi' es dades, oil tile latllest ste, at New lork J. D. Raos SURGEON .DENTIST rob No.33, Royal ltreet. ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTA IIBLISI I MEN', No. 53, Magazine Street, Opplisite Banks' Arnade. IVILLI..II GRFEE.1V PIiOPRI'ETOR it rl S H. PARKER Commission aud Forwlsadilsg Merchllan, No. 6, FRONT I.:VEE, E'P LTAIRS. Nesw Orieanso, Feb. o1. JARVIS & ANNNIEWS, WIIOLESA-.LE AND RETAIl, !)si1I15RS IN MEDICIINES PAINTS OILS 1I)'; ,STUIb'S .,VID IVIJJO0 ' C;lA,1 SS, .inaesr ot Colaniooll ald T'lhoalsituuao treetis, NA'IIAN JA RVIS. JOIlN W. ANIsRI-'WS. A large apply a GOrden Seeds, Varranted ihe growthl of 1837. IDOYLES: ill.t, I)EALERIES IN AMERICAN & ENGL[SIS CROWN GLASS, C N. 3 CAaoanuLse'r SuliET. or FIR(IU;NEN'S INSUIRANVE COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS. This Company arte now preiared to take RISKIS AGAINST FPIRE. No. 24 Musson'r Building, Canal sreeit. 1E L T'I'ACY, New Orleas, lMay 15.1538. Se'riaetury. - ROBERT CLANNON, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER: No. 12 ' Camp street. Wholesale Dealer inl ainats, Oil, Varsishes, lirushes, ni1:i \\illdow sad l'ituci oeTa Slc.C T. W.C OLLINS , TE1 &O r .C t;OU.VSEJLOR ,17' L, .T. OshV rnctiiiass in tlhe Stai and City Coiisrt. Cli Is lls sill ind hioiiit the Clerk's oilico, U S (ir.uit Couort, is the Custom hlose bIuilinc. jte rillE sulheribcr, Ihavinai reclu ed aeonlussion ts I Deputy Surveyor of Uaictd States Laud7s, Ir this State, olers his servicles to the public to surey alnd het I.nllds ill iv ll'ant oiI Lisorinlln. As sretofore all olperations, either of Srveie ino or Civil Eiss-eisg, uissLlian tlllllll'ss lrs\es l pllla draswiaigs, levnlilg ,profiles, ciellcltNltius os excvatiun, ellllssllklsiess, casateset of walls, k,. eCitLer ill tlewi so e sulrv,will bh plarol ptly aNd fitsilfoly attPledl o. Chalgsa rasosoale ano terms caish OllH:e 53 Mis n zilll: stret, ill Il3ani '-Arcrtc. scll-2asw-3m laFs 11I WIA KINSON, lc I1 I3 Iralv I i l ala :ipst sowders: Shad, Bot, plicklel 'Il'ngues, Pan'aats, CitrUn sdin is n f Ilcm s sears , direct li'u Im i'hiladlhla, '21 s1alfbcrsrels I use cc li s t Imul, ' 1 Ir ) u rtner Ibarrels Bt1t'h1ie tI ieanl, 25 halfbar'lcsi Nss. I hasd, 2hi "al resinrlsssmilc Beef, 10 hbill'barBeJs pickled Tongues, by lssliha ss'l a ssrklsslld T ianteon, 1 bihd nstsllllllr nce Cullsri n -, I groass )loer's 'east IIlow'sT,ricfir aa'l Iv ) d8 t \1 I'I(?IIAI) & Jt)'TA1I.TR I'. -,-''' e ,, 'lai 1 T |'hiA- (,.k Ii.f" 'last iih j3 I.AI I)I.AW', 66 CampL}" e! TIVI-ILPUOI. S.\I:I--7511 ccks il:e, naid 7511 oi'sks oaIrs.) Liverpjul Solt, r,.seived sor shi ps (ssueen Adelaide and Dullllnress, Snn Liveroaold, ad iner sise y t!3 I1t)L.I~i S & MILL S, Bl< Iill he iTI. j ih(: ti)i.i)l) --l:.i tereiss blaclhed 'alll- D landing rom shlip St. Mary. 1:2'! IOxs sperl CanldlPs, ,eN" Bedfulord lrnlls hIlanding f'onl shr Malria, iar stclz by' Slj'i l J C)ES!lOI I'NC. 25 (1retirrist -" half boxes, for sale by AIIR1AIIAM 'T'(Illi, oil s Ti-aiC Il-lA -I.--8 i Ishls lBrandy-irst ail e ifosrth ptual binding trcn ship I s uroe,ss, for solt by 1..lI\VIENCE &. LE(;ENI)iIt , i jan3 23 and 2 New Levee. T''lif Suclcriers ullir c t whole le s o tle i foll"iwinlg gouds. HA'TrS--l10 cases mole"kin silka, as Su sorted size, and brians. to 1110 do besNdN di do 10ll do do No ! do do 100 cases Ibest No 3, assorted sizes and brimt . 20 do !Itaovl, , s perior lrticle; 50 do Film Nutria; 50 di Extra do NI ¶00 do Iflack and 'hii: Russia; 5o do Ex:a Black uoe llio; 100 do tMuiskrl t & cunov ylurhbroad and narrow brlns, for Leveen lld counltry tradc; IN " do All rukls ofililitary ,i ni vI Chi'It tl'oto; I S dot Childrens silk aid It.au ia n ts, all sizes. Caps-o-Fur. Otter, fur Neal, Nutra, Jlitskrua, iand haIr &.al, ill tlo dozen cases. Cloth Ciiics-Picklwick, lPolieh Avril's hla Flrpat, I.oIl'oiooc, ililitary uondresi , h tIc Lleather ticucgng. hillreoi's Fanuy'uI rbaa, Plaid and o Vlvct Cups, Fleuclc patteros. Stocltck-SancSil- k nd tlosdbuzine, of tlh leuterasti Umnb -llu.ilk and Cotto 1. Militaro Plumte, cijied bilk. Silk Handkerctie l--'ooage and S italficlds. alaldloxes for Ihltters, ool doubll le fuhr dry golods. lth idaove giodycomrisep ii lar, stock, oud all nf the latest pctttlne. tta,| will hI- sold at a. alnmlll ad. vance, with cast ilnd chargca ilt New York Il'riCtld. The subscribers will take orders for southern, weslarn alld Tiexs Illcarkoet, fr the Iht licie otAI IH looaip & i, C l., IH ' Mlanuftleclrers, New York, tod lt hei shlorclit puscibcle l notice. (;crlman ad relclih ilusihes tought. Naval, Military, and Fnshionable Ilioters, e,/icantd Itt utel, h He v1I4 Set 1Chocrlei s Mr. GEORGE MILIRRICK lhaving resig'id the of fice ofehiefEngineer of tile New Orlenls and Carroll ton Rail Road, Mr. John Ila:opsio, has been alppoint ed in his Iplace, to whtul all persons having bllusiless with, or wishing information roegarding said Rail luoad " will apily at tile Iail Road Otice, Poydraos street, t y order of the Bcloard. l(Sigtic.d) JOHN NICIIOLOON, novl7-ti Cashier COKIE:. 111E urice ofcloke foc illd foer tie Io lilay o S(lctober, will he illy tcs1 c p oer brretl ii tile Gls J .ork's yard, ndal if taken ill quilllltitis ll Onel hU. dred barrels, u ill Ie.lclieeud f'ce, of drayage. The advantap e that this article tof fuel "poslesuesao ier tie Ilnt lllle Illdotd Illi;lll lla teui, , ignit Ig sitore readily than tile forlllel atlld fret, from thle uIplelasllnt saoeke of the latter,should induce every lueaily to miake use ofit. Orders rcccived at the G;as Ollice iin Bank Alley. E O \ I ELLS, eepi9 Se'y (`/ V. PlIfIfCiA RI) & JO. TAIliFRT Jr., cOmeer - T. I. u oydrs and Mlagazinll ste., hatiejust ieceiied and oiir filcoeorth t11 hu reils nicrican balnldy, 15 lirklhlnsbiter, 1 biarrels N E linn, 10 boxes stareh. I chest, 4t6 casl, SI lholl+g, ilpelial & glnpoWtder te 30 Illf barrel.l No. 1, Mackerel, 5On0 do d do. 10 doc Shad, ha iarhls almenod:, 50 barrhel Maodeilawine, 5 qr. cLsks I'rt wine,. Si qrd. 'ITetcucriff Ido. 5 Ilhds pr spirits, 'xl a In'onf, hd ohl tiicl I.tolo D ela CLogiliac, at i lr. Icaks sweet winee. C fi c i -AG INSI and Rope- 00 piecs bhagging, I) .1q oilsr cie., for alOs by f loll IIES.MOGENE BROWN & C, i ccntlen BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. oF EVERs hc sHI.TI'RN sll:EDII.Y, IIANDSOMEi.Y AND (il"AI'I.Y EXEII:TiM Si AT THE OFFICE OP THE rr True ./Iinerica , S'l'. CIIARLES STREEI'T, NEAR I'OYiSlAS. \ .11 IMIcCOLLU II &A DO, NNSI, iultors & 'e.Uneral ('unmmis.iision ]loeriantr,' , t 51,S ti1tS . hi Reference in Ne. ()O ' Kir/,,n,, Abie-i-aidy & Hlinn, Caldw'hel & Ili.ky, , Pope, Pois & o. BUSH & ALLEN, i No. , ExcII.ANGiE IiO'TEL, - .' "'..or.er of Il. h; A Ws and n... ..s oI,.S . ti T -i l l 'O I , rEI T S n od 1 )e :sle r . in I"'r a h ns, ,- E1" :u 'i - h ' flrfunllll ; rlmesshl C';-e- : iNl Iortle hI I, k . h' (Suller,-, S k-ie.y, (dlot ', Stnh.i, Stocks, I mSub ll s, - 1_nes,nid. Innmv Arivhel. d2 FAS l-IONABLE I CLOTHlING. N aRODLlVSO "A' GOODIP' ,'L No. 6MY, ('Dhurill' ,Mlrl ni l (.- Do,- ie i cl'i-nvi',le,-, lA'I, constantlv on I usul and ,", rtide v apperl ll - -1 ing tr genlll llmPen'; th , i,;ade in tio I., t l;airs FURNITURE WAREROOMIS N, . 5i , 5 ,l., c r e os W I 1.1. 1AlIA , R. CAIINIS;. , woi hl rI opc iful i ly frm hiIa fried and i he public thsli ie i s tu sllantly receivingi Nifrom If- liork uil l tnn L rl)ll csiortiil iiut ofF riii iiieii stch 1. li nad ,t II h:lh'. c-f.S, I Pd-ltudstiul i hc u, II g -iitlltl C hicii llc nlld 'pe d eiIirrv Ihedsteu ds, ImuhueaP l fill| :S,,ii Ich ldry le S ifall dose riptioi u- ci, u lt i "lic s, - tsiy t tr, c trhislS c'lUI,, lookingc glaio, h-at , I nthg, Isi -i .,li , &( . NSi. 'ulrnitur packed tlir triin.lortailoaUn withgrela rarte. t,,, vl JOHN ST''EW VARBT. .1A . 5, P -ail N I.,reli .V'vw St-k, CiOi)lISS-.IO(N MER5II5 5 A NT, ll2 l11TPrR and d,,lr in laier.s S'l,'lhe, -id tIirnhing-. Alnmph' hl I.niii, bud on nmid hi - ati--o i-i' ,icd evs ly sictllls: l paid to is ,-t..s -irw-td lI !eterP. <es: 1 S.rs. Lrnei-& PcrovoSi, (). i i isip iS (u. ACA. I)D. CIHRISTIE & SIfNOTT, 1h7ohl'sae (;rotcrs ande Corninisio ..lrrr t at,,, No. '7 i-non Stwlti '-.N-e 5Jil s, [fl I'altinlh railf lnti.ln paid its pti lin, S ait bout id u il lp S o0llei-. ORLEANS LITHOGLRAPHIC OFFICE INo. u3 Auicwni.I i treet-, *op-ositi .ilnks' Ateude, SSTABL.iSHI ll for lhe execiution of ii , iplus. tli d drawillgs, Iercha:llll ' cilclllsur , bulsiliness i lldla;S ci lrdS l ofilwei r deeliptiioll, fuIeII .al c it i deep iotlrllillng I 1.i IIlhl.llel; '+tly a lllnd tild g... lý'IE: l s: honIk clhuclks, dosil r~eceipt|s, tic. lrlilltm'd ll .l I'M'grll d ill acheapaunl d 'oditiouss lM1 1c, I e PS llA i erlll '. NB. Bank Nolts l nttly executed:ll. 4 Ul' receiied.oti iiae Luuisi:; Al cFu-rniu \-\ue liedi tei nd; l first rAite rti cle. lso, a od l aii- )Il - e ilit of Maple, V sulult, nli lP intd Chairsq l will he sold for the luowest c.shll Il ,~8. A It CA ISNI.S jy7 51 i:n., ._le street I Cird. ORIEIA'NS LIT'Oll(R.I IlC ESpl 1 LII-I 1ME T, 53 AS (1S1.IZIN" ' .REI'T, V GREENI'' returns hILis sinere thanks tS o his . frie ids anid tIll` lulhic oIf New !)r~us.ilbr iIt pailr, tsne bestowed ,,n ,i , Ibr th, last t- o yes rsi tld Ih ls le t~av to ssulte L l't r titl s'It all l t s co nllllllillt to his cliharge shall i b pu-it ully Itt end I Lo; le lill Is usutal, l e i the olti, o n lri . uj the sum r, ul shi al iS uwc r i-iidy to .rl,,icii, s iS 'h,'u lars, business and uddIre, cardls fIu'nnot i0es, nuops, plianl and drawings, u, -ivery d cl'lslrptillo , aul tl shiortest notice, land on the most reI'I a.I :L I I I einh assisted ly artistssu periorto an her ublsh , netl in the nih", nld f mrll lone experienl' in the itlio riphi h lie, i toils conid,-it ui giin entire Ni .A iacti cn. N I Apustheearies and i lrung.i.st' labi ls pexl usd inl i sSliId styrle irs copp'rbislte ti grlling, ailj t lton - I lhird oif i llit esixplll-l. - IA-- I A 1 U\I o- ýi'c.i tin .lscri,.rs IbIv, just ulnled usise i `I al caseul i IC clnbus. lll+ 'ia"r Tmiro l . r'o TLt'1i. Qutill lTuruis 'l'uck, dC du '1ti it, do do Side. I- s all the Rlbovsi Variety ul' I h:lg[i , I,'rench: uld Amenlrictmn nllhtuifact ure. A vlryi flue tuoth Cu .ls, ii All the v rsilty f size und qunlilv . IPock , Ilack, llorse, course and fi u, aud all ulher Coonbifor sa8le byl n l J {]: tilllll a ,t S I/i.s)\V (II.AlS. I.IN.EI.l)1L.-700 bur v es of .\i Ilhlw tI;la s, I'.1111 gallons IJil; 11 Ismr rilts ofIVu rlllnihe; (;1 doz . ll I'uilll lrusllslls,i rclei\ved i per ship St Louis nd nI l quo! Vlloin , l nd ti sll e by' 1101T'. CI.ANI niN, _ 1"2( 1 _('amp,, "Nn 1":11' ,I - ot I - LPo o',it 'le-I ith,' n'Out to tehllot ta you her Imtutt let--To |hou 'l lo s It o u ( h otto love Alot' r Sher Il ottrotw' Ir lindt's |.lt.oo it t They have gi'n o Thee to Another; L.la'cl2, l.ady Mline; T'l'he Brid:d, ''he Broken HllIl e MY letnrt i all al Aloe,; Oh! Mlen w hat lilly things you anr; Oh I coul I t il love hn; O( h! PIatrick, I from mll;t' That thou art love Iv thu'll deny; Think Sly Love, Oh! Think if a1e; ti tlik I havne a Merry lhit; The Vid.age Song' The ship is ready; Tle. Silver lioo N..i ,re eter l gl'itev0es Ine; NIt fill"r Meh; I' ' i t l ~t','l hi r 1it'if 1-h Il'll ter' are SpIrlnynlll g; 1 dtnlly love T'hlee free; \\-LIOllllllll Wo idLa L' tI at 'rree; ; Th.e \\'i1 1 A:lbaltros s; lie Faciir u, Iti.'; ad litseo l'Je;.s ; The 12libustrel tttn'I a b iot e( l' aid o The Boues(l were bidden; Mly thllher .Land; h1' ii ud l ll olfthe Mountain; MI1 nitive Love; My hea.t'. hbest trea streM \Wltoodlan rlelid; tti it be a sileu't Teni; l ly l.hlbdhood'lso h dl ro I we' 'lll; The lreetwood Tree; Soiomonl Lob, a comllic sollug; She wt'ore a eatlla of - Rloses; 5l plrettt Janeo , Juot ieceive! i ld for sale tt B CASEY'S t lino Forte at d Mu (i, stole, novl? 1!1 2lltillI u L NEW ORILEANS & CI' R(RLTON 0RAIL ROAD ttI ).1 011. o ot o tot An oN otsk ru0 t oa t' I t tots AI'rst tt r o t 4 o'clo ttk, A.ho' ttllt Cur ' t 5y it, l i I l I I L tA ' o A at'. r] . b e olll d ty tl y'n g tt d o lats Na:or tile Triopl torto.ot I1 ·Ieo.ulomi B tC .1a 6,,jl+,<k. IA.M. nu,I .. i.,horl). At i.,lfu _iou ll il t uh tln r tll culltce rull illht lt l l illI lhin ,l th,, r t h o , I dr y s t ..- h d ohJlck. l streest. 1 Sin.glb 'T'ickh etsla ih' we tI. ko . t hl' pe huL'hId. P oploed dtrue l if. i c I I Is I Iluri o 1 l'.'. l uN. Lll & 0 " -t9 car t i hhar'l:e . N. C p 14c It. tR l. U ' rec.i v a 'te I.. .~i l Ian ll(. i \ttt e i r Io, , 1h38ou, utila ullthr n tceIii Ei t Xi'N a e.(h (':t 1l- willF heave the car ho tle , l'ivllra: (tc('t, it half l t :I I o'elu stuck s '. . fo in- llyette i d iolerm t h15 s. hin F I'icketlt 37 1-S ca t t Z pll , 15 p r h au Ied. ,, . AN t,- . . &._e. Iet. H. ppr ed denti ce; the or' N aral iunui I l ue o . o e or St Chalr lsl lls il& rill tli t ., Ix tri o e i T recoived at' toe to' t io o Inial I tr ltut sr . \ar toll. 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Itlln ur,'V,,e"1% \vah, I1".-t e tt,i~ e lJ. pperri, 'Th L u.tn,," n d') I. .,ltovy, * llt u arlt r Ine, .n. .g by ns . llw l l Is I il e Ih aI g |i l .no ltir 0 pela Anilhe; cloud Nig i 'I h, Il;ll.l, L el ,,i l ,iaw s ; I ca re no t fn'sr .ll a' t lickh l, v jll . i, . II I oo,,rll; (1 0mP, conlt.', Ibtl, art nu two lox<; 1 I.ih.ll f , 111," ll :u, w~. Ih II u!,telli; +ah, wv ,lu j'llt. 1,111- Fl l( i l' t I"t fllt l It tir e; ''uOI u to In all 1555,11l , (1'rlth,' .u1. by ,+ no i ight ' Ti'rr,'le' s olli 1 v"il ,wu. aria,.- d fraIlll. r1 16 hlarp Isly 3' L olurre. 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ANDRIEWS t l lr.. t nL .sr i is l niur .rtiraied .p e m t !.r , enawid .Lnd Inr aei byRea1a,1Y u l a ' at' na - in n l t. ne l r llite f .; Ni7 ank Pisse. ¢I ), L uE d lX-l'l'R-dan rceired ae t i24 Chuetreens tu , 1i niiSi Ilia -diia -mi-x Prpper- , blue & white Id ' - )j ) Amehbo r da doh ti e uc a ttl a adcl dann'n, iu " i I da de " S a har &ainril'aa'. nap R 'IaI & whit.. 1'nr, f cthe "le p haiii and lsel .odet, tecetiwe nln t a .i --it) iini.t iui"anu g ll t. a i tal timi l-jap5sr i ind nfi- ar s e o I nra iO lIIvian tirn al I n l-1' ot t (. iner-Iii ici onn Aen hleitoiur ea n ;t 1 wa d nsil tia i- sal e I'm 9ILAI. I III1WPI d11,1 | __,- -I-I-I 9E O.il Ms et . u U1)I' 'tilttIii u aa a iniane2 stheilS fir nale hy J tl ti.XD h"t-,74 Py.tt\ ,e f ci I ' NoN I - t' lES.- il 7m Benk Pla.., etcI' oletll bic. lf ililild utvto +t~

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