21 Şubat 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4

21 Şubat 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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S ALUARL3,AN1D STANDA1)R!! ?ALODABD AtED >CADCtt. WiW udr1'ds Pooapeyaon, vnol 8mo M'o a o4,wth Import. ctolr"s·· pin te h Lan lohiotophilo da I s Noture I{tLIO CivilaotkoorIa 1791 scarce NelopetIe du Jotn et Eahart )o 'I 'to NEW MEDICAL WDRmtS '1 ..e tu?-P thhisn~ hItII Log Rhv a Nidicg JurOprolernc on Itoatity 'HarORF~vei-PPltclrd on Itunnity ft "," luteV-L.tona nrgero lYltdwierr IIIUrtrate -^ooto popular Medicine Ure'a Dierioonry oa: tomistrt Moos's Ao.lytical t txoai try . COotoEtIAULtr AND NAUTICAL. Ant Am onsn e ott Iletostorv, W, 13133 foClhotb, no aniroiat fictionarya).ondoo 'to Alxnnooc .tr 1839 nditca' t rigtion Measurer noxrearls * I. CroITur nopa AND MtECHANIdC. d o ' Aoeh an ic ' E n Ac .Itclope d i , L ou d on Shw0 fh~mitmttontO,3 reot. London, EO~iaor~ MC I'ra old's Corp~0Olry Ehast'oe Moat1ama;0'0 Tobles ' u MI_. A DSCELILANEOUS. sa~dj en Biog~ar'lr. 9 vole C lliscellaniee from thle t BJufoygand t. Conntan lord B~adb Wok. rome alto I~ N'leraed Cnrimr ties oFl.itemture,ýl,, Lft hut , r. 6r i,2dtoa coy b , ,y dp Yethako lIioooand oond iabeltat y Preocart. 3 rota AkedepOre, rpteodtd edition, 7 vota,tt11o lassortment of Law, Modical Sriton tio Dl 8rOl NMiovsllneoua Hooka, Nov aictionarieo, tlraottnar, English and n etan, Latin and Greek. 2EFJOIINt3 & co. rno . Chnrtso and Comon o sttr. cr. Charles and Common a p. A ONIC ' NjMIjU RE, For treatment a d crte of ile Fever nd Atie. I:T will ! e reudil diascveied wherein the Tonic ix I ture ie upsrio to the ordinary mnde of tratting h. Fever aed Artl In the first dlace bieaga Vege .table Extraet, and free frote ann deleteriouoas and poilon uau ingredients, it tntv Ibe tatni with the itmost nafl tyoven hb tie tender illfant, or aged invnlid. It .e-I vents relapse of the die st',conseqaentlv the csnetitu tiohe soon regainn its wanted Illor asld onel vit. It estab ishts a bIml and permanent appetite, by invigoratilng the etoateeh,'"nd gis i relish to the enjoymnts eitoa-te. Being peecliar in I cinng a tirgative qtonlitr, it retmains nt in the bowels it in!grenser thi lins.oder, or to create ther tdisnense, ilit th )roughly clrOnses the several 'or. gent of digestion, ntad this tI-nefits the nysem with whatever olthr ailctroti s it n.o he opprCmerd. Individuals, ofier, theone olthie Toui: nlixtire, oIlnv been exposed tI iell tihe uarnl cases if the dietIne,. and have escaped ally syltlltlols ofretirn:, whereas iiby the use ofthe coninmn rtneetio. lthere i nlwnr crea ted an increased liability it ri.lrretce. 'e'lt dangert offrequent relpsesin e ille Age, is verryv ei it, fe" the sthrem will atno PcOar L too lcc l prmoltate to be alble to reict with l eimenh, and lurtily fetl vict tinm to nnch icessanut vi,lenwce The fij, toix rle offered atsnell a IPsf!lsnlle priee as to pl.s it 0llin the reach tt every nol!-so that t1n poor ani duerti tie tarn herelby enrni d ifr litttle, n m tlorlt orl itihne the aid'anod atlldtenc. vbicb is fr'enrlitl;' dlenied to them.or rele vevrel relantly beste ,d. Tile ubli ri.o ol.ctlv n tr ut:er |r.d igett tihe e.e alous imitations of this loadicine, nhert are totly ufifred ar gale, U .T -fev It isprepnted nlde hr Dr. lhi R. Rovw:md, st oli Lolmrattorv, elnarksatr;y,, Pltlildn i aliia. Pl ssu.res the l td h ire andt gntlemen tnac theif the Sontl erante rtnt. n.tllel, ll sill t the erllo, at the Pbladrl holein illriCes. l'. be hiid tuei : Tesllfttlls AIputileari..s ii i thr city. IAIiVIs &, dANtDRE\\'S, e l e \\'lt nileenlo , t1rincinb , at ,o COarlltin i 'tlribitieelaee Ihiu ,aS. MARY KInTIKLAND respeitfally an. '·ournces to 4ier friends and tile prublic gene. ally thli eat is prepared to accommodate the a at henllovr establishimctte nild hopes frnt liher teertion$ to render visitor.e ncofertalle, to receive I contintance of fiirnrr afes.n Slat frila confil. dent thaint per..ons vistiltg (olivi.tgia lldtrili. the tummer tnon thl, claitntl tild better eeetllutud, iotiln thatn sie cau nafforil the, lllt In nearral tera l. elor holse Ir pl,:lenntly illmned, aNwll Yor11 e io li,d with every elionvnincl,; the lier i- liertiulid wiiit: thie most eoice lipllrs, o, & il l ort, sli llllise r'cit nothing shaoll b: ivxn add Il her pio rt to glvec tire aioaletiot, tl i all who lay patronite the adisatssippi ndl Lilisuinnn lilte. ju3 .1• O TIlE PrUtLC.-'rTe aIlldrsi~fld. e-gIavg stlliedil lnder IDr. Scl.midt of (liatrlat!stol. Sloth Carolina, otitand Ir sOme yeatrs Ilis aistant in tie pr0otice af nodioietl anid rlitgry, as thie tinelro to offer iis professional servieso in tlis city. lie assures tie ladies and gentlemen thlla the iost prompt attention will be llal to tile callo whticht may be mnde; and also offars ins soiviee to thile holders of elaves, being nwell aiquaillted witLli tile disasee colnmon to theltt, having attended tlhen in the sugar house in Clharlestoin. The famous anti.bilious pills a Iter tile composition I of Professor Smolletto, w il directions, call be had of the undersigned. Tioe effeot which they have produced in tlis aui othee r cities, has been atenlded with the greatest success, to which the hOist of' references can be given. Apply at No. 166 Madta. asine street. JNO. M'LORING. fWhOnL w ocARi -,---mI1a O t bi -3t-n SAD, IRONS, &e. T IIE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near B3ebkmon street, New York, have reclived the past season, and are onsotantly receiving largo and extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, wliahl now consists of the allowing assortment, suitable for theo out lorn and western niarkets. Iollow ware of suptt rior quality, consistig of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 22 diffelrent stiezs, from 2:8 to, 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallonsn, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, lakepans or Ovens, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillots, . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6i do Covored Spiders, 2 do Orliddles, . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6i do Wagon boxes roin 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 iancles. Cart do. 5 to 7 inctaes. Vood Scree s, 20,000 gross, iron and brass, from :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inchl, No, 24 of a siperior quality and finist, anrd less than Jame's imported prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hittor's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted fromt 1 4.4 to 2011h. Dells for Plantations, steamboats, chorchts, &c. made to order, Also steanlbnats and otllher machincry iande to erder. The above assortment of goods in partituhtrly recommended to lt tttitstiun of Soatlttrt ald WVoeterln merchants, and tire offered for sale at low prices, and upo i tle toost liberal terms ; it is be. iievtd to be the largest and best assortmtent ever offered for sale by any one o.a-blishlctnt in the United States. Merchants, by lorwardling a request by mail, can have a printed circular, with dercription ofgoods, priaes and terms, from wltlh no doeviation is ever anode, frnishbed y return of malnil. All orders will receives immtdiate attention. New York, 1838. j"3 NO IIMRCURY NOR OOPA4 VA ,cw Urloloae, Nov.14, 1817. A BO .T six mouths ago I khad the ulisfir'tune to get a secret disease, for which I have alplihd to sere eal doctars 'or a cure, and theo did uot cure lae, re now on the above date I put myself under tile care of IDocutol Iluet, and I expect hli to cure oa. dino that time the disease gut worse, so as to break out in large ulcers t to the number of six or eight on ea I leg, and all over my taec, anl sore throat, and not able to work at hII pre0en tio o, U accoauOt of thIl dietse;Oi lirge Iluer no the right side or lei throat. I a nto.v ualting myself confilently ttlderlthr core of Dr. hluet,, fPario, to be perfectly cured JOHIN DEAN. feot4 ty" DO CE R'TIFY that the lho me i: rd -1i Poen ce I quite well erred to my own eultiilctit, tr which II thank IDr. Iluetl; and moronver I ssere, that th r r:di vine I Itav tken intutl ilt fit, aud did uvir intllro lott o henlth at all;t hetofore I advise illto f llw rllllrt.rso Io lose no time nd alpply to Dr A. litrt, 121 C tll straer, between Dauponhe sad BIourbon Pror'n.re:. I)r. Huet is at htone frln 9 o'clock, A 1M, until 4 P .1i. Trhy will fiad a true doctor r this e omplairo. Jt)IIt ItEAN. lt (reavietr treret. If any one wants to see aoe, call at N,,. ,l traiviyl JOIIN I)E:tN. NetsW Orletaas. Fer I, 1838. fil I.I li 1 bound, is pult up ia bottles t tie low price of 54t ontas each, contaieir l the strength of three ounces itOF Lierawort, beal lea thIe r iratee (o many oiier roots Uttlld hIebL k t nw amog te Indians arl iecaoeus in curing .ptlmenre. n tumilainta. la a Iriialltd surtess which lhas attended tie .tee of thll latsmable Balsam wherever it heas been int'o dueed has olbtiined the confidence and reeommrenda tiona ofaaeecetahle phlyoioians, for thie cure of coughs, ealdse pain ra the eide, want of rust, spittitg or blood, Uerf complaint, & c. io whomr it mry concern. This is to c.rtiev that we hfa a nler prectibe frequenutly leurtbed p lrr ecil M. tian Blalea of l.iveruit'r al d Iloarhoud, with a decidedggond effect: we can therefore, from the know leolge otthe materials it is made fr.en, oI brhttatuttn a.ellt5eraea reeo raent it asf u turerr*o prepralrtbn ortl teitae edletioner of tle lunea for which at is re eftasTuded. AIIERI' NVII.t4-, ,t.1. CALVIN ELI.s1M4t. I. Mulembe.s of the ostont Medieul Association. FOetOn. Octebei, st. ielhe ' J.AtlS & A.NIDRE.'h, t)I 19 2 .Unttueaal l'ftrnoitrrlal .ts REARt'S Se. uce ofPernmanshliI received,nud sale at ' Lertnnaneotr Witing Acad trlies 8 test Naw t)rleaau, 1ItJ Brtotdway is inedl fir private learners. and l5. 4t- farepereataefarl .agio. LIulgk. aqI a are invited tecall end examine are r-on at ts .cih hturs as maey ntr tl, teau e ofall, and to rr laineo Lirmed ie anll patrl . s, rfrer it ara r:eneie 'e o.ons at their own ref S f"rar i t. ,re , Irl-.eon- ara desired w, t D iJ.2 :. & 1"tO'I'IcIo. lMMONS 1 lARTT L& 0, a oow receivmng Irm on board ship Orleanslgle, h lighlaitder,rnoker lelry Andrew, Preneh and German play cards; Back gnmmou Boards; Crleonmen, 21-4 and 2 3-8 ielc Bil ard Balls; 8, 9,-10 and 12 inch blade Bowie Knives Leater nnd other travelling Dressing aoss; Bel:t, t Pcket, Horseman's, and Duelling Pistols; double and rine harrelled Guns: Game Bags; Shot Belts; Powder P and Pistol Flasls; Dram Bottles and Drinking Cops; ao Perc'rsnion Cept and Cap Holders; Cloth, Hair, Tooth; and Nail lrushan; Orrin and Chlorine Tooth Wash Tooth Porwde; Toilet and Shaving Sonaps in rentva-t iesty Ing Hair Braidis, Ringlets and Frizettes; Pearl nd Toilet Powder; Emery lg.no; Ivory Tub Cuslionrs: Patent Slides or Garters; Gom Elastic Suspenders; i Powder Pufla and Boxes; Gilt Chains, Seals and Keys; 8 Ear-drops; Weait Bucklec: Breeltine Bead Necklaces a and Chains; Gilt and Silvered Beads; Indian Beads, f Bells and laes; Slhell Twist; Side and Dreemin Caetbs;wl-ieh,in addition to theirtormer stack on hand. p makes their assirtment very complete, and will he sold ow and on liberal terms, at the sign of the Golden alnob. iN5-tf 70 Chartres street. T HE SubcriberN , Agents for the extensive bnouse of W. & S. ButcherShefield, En hand, have just C rerived a very extensive setof . p r, ce ensistingof Table end Dessert Knives of e-" - daerription, Pl, Pocket, Dirk, and Spear point nives; Raznors, Sels sora, Edee Tinls,&oe. &c. &e. whichkthey are prepared o exhibit to she trade r orn ders. Terms and conditions will be nmae known at the time. mli J. I. BEIN &A COHEN.90 Common at. NEW GCOPS. I NMMONS, HARTT & CO.-Are now receiving Sper shlip Hultlsville, Eagle, Blery Andew, High asnder, French nd German doable liead ttovingoards: sterbelt and pocket pistols; plain, ribbed and split cusio apse; cap) hollders; seissoirs Razors. pen. vest (iiUotli s eommer iah nod other steel pens; Vio n; Violin strings; shell, ivory and hone combs; wafers; k, bead and leather purses; hair breids, front ndl nob ringlets; negr puffs; German nlld French cologne valter, Rowlands msnacr see oil, imitation dot antique h anal bearsnoil; portable dlesks and dressing eases: pnat, blacking; siutins nd toilet glasses; onvex mni rs; op cal glsseas andl views; Indian heads, bellsand plromrea R eardlcon; whit-trwile; toilet and shavlog soaps; toilet owler, cnsmelie wash balls; scanted satin onshions; pool standa; screw cushions; fancy bead chains arel necklaces; billiard allr ; pocket books and wallett;in Sermaon Iones; razor srnllp; fle and common gum b lanstic earpeslete, gcmterlsdo; Bellalocifor matchles; sil gver peneils; Creym&s, &e. &e. lThe sove in addition to our former stock of fancy io articles, mokes olar nssnotmcnt verv elnl det. Porsale te lolesrnle or retail; as the sign of the Golden Comh, 70, SClaoitrye street. moRr . N 'rtC.E---TIhe pnrnrership of Kelley, lsoen &LCo of Now Orleal-: Masonr, hrris &Co., of Natchez; od illrris, Kelley &C-n., of Rondey, was dissolved on kheklt of Mre last, by theo deal of Satuel A Mauson, oy pie of ithe prionere of the firms. - Thie adierrsiguer, pnrviviog partncrs, will be ehorged o iith thr weiling Iodlrsin anid b;sinoess an fllover: 'or Levi C larris will nttend It ithe settlint" of the botsires Sof 3l;tsn,, 1Horrioc Co.. it Natchero; an Itrrie, Kel ic o & C(oi.t liodne'; and Hlenrv Kolley w'ill attend to hestellin ol'thye botsiness of rfillev, Maao- & Co., at tinNew fOr.rtnt. lihoo names of the neveral firmsn ill , ti used in ligqideortioon, h S 'l'hosne indeited to s id firmy are earnestly reqteosted o comaebne trlrd and manleearly seftlements nl thosen halving clials ttill praset arrerea them witiout delav. o IIENIY KCELLEY. New Or-levne, ,lono 27,18237. u t I I:AN IP11: FA RINA'S COLOGNE WVAT ER hs eaf ases Inqnreof this llperioer Colongneo atee. joot t received adilll r rfr 1,h tilhe doze or single bottle.- at A-Io Americao and Frlellh toilet ptowdoro, powder ir n2nnt. o boxsecihaciog nd toilet soaps, Eosoetoi caLh I -ht.lls, lmk of rsPeI, cotietit enll errean extr tie o utsk, kI;phnlllt, WoVatd'l vergetalhle haiir oil, ponfnlttin,, irllle;r ersoe, Florida.l tvendar, rose and oltty watercl I orest :;'a salts, llnorseilles Ierfr ery it trtukn.vcretn file r d li.uidl rio -ei ChIrine and Orris tootlh wasoolh, eloth, lair. tInoth, n:il and feel, Irohetr together withi in :ln additionl .upplvy of farlshionabole hirai nid at ell .or.,nich and jeweclry,frosle low at wholesale or retail at by SIMIiONS, IIARTT &CO, er _ jolefi70 Clhrtrer street. .rc Cibl. -lthe rlllrthnerrI t ove tly ."n rfi. i omo; a hr Ire sp . eiv f C'nn.nl noo l i.il--vrr l coal, l ie n balk, ,.f l e p) ri'or qtnly, which they, offer for *S Sti, ill o I, sllit purvhao sr. os. AI.,, e-loet rrd Ii, tite 1irs1 orrivals fromn Fla ti i ,,1- n,,ot 1ti : , l, trin U an ot scr.eot'd, p tll UIn ll e otth t ode I-c I,, tut -ito -ll of whiclh Or ,hy.oill tthspts.tt oI thl moot it,,, I(meote trerto. (rtelrl-to hlIef athli' tflii-,, N- 53 ieollvlle tI up enir. sill Le protIpllyc atolnded to. ,rg ,e, 3 I. & A 43UlE I. .' OInBIu tc tvnt, l, l'.lallrtey, &e.--A otl,.-. orti,,e If eulner, un t up expressly for the retnil S tiade; also the pureri F each Ptrfamorv, rmbra t cinoo er eryvy ri t Ior the tloe,, for slie ty t ,cl 2 R~ES & D'LANG. le '',, ;totue1' A*leteltehaoi o'd Planters. le NerO etlthst olianketc, fllloneleI, Ihnseyc, lowell in Alirliteso checks, linens, calicocc, Ihodlkerchiefs, Se ee receivtd ald or sale low by the subsoeori. on be s. ROfTTA & Co. e Oct. eornrr'Can' tletd Chiartrea t ed .1 IV Glenn's Peqaoternies, of Indelian Dye, lor colornog tio llatr ; oear's (OI, n. orioussins I,enoil'ereese, ponlainn, Mltohaw' Freti tie Washs superior pearl powder, hllp whiite, croen, I. rust(-,s vegrtl hle rouge, otto of" tt.Cse tipi salve, krctstnto omath watoa, eatlltbltit delllrilice, oaltal Jo. IIfvr water, poywder puffs and hoxsr, Acrict chrtorrenl, neratly tpitt it it lour ouInce tials, Pres. 1t,,J salts, rogne , Itreosote tooth lthe drops, hair fl rabshs, E relish dr.ssin.g conleb, Iodion heir oil, Sitih a olrieiy of othler peromrriesr, &e. For sale the by C. J. TIIINC/IAR.D cd Ot 3 cornrer ol Caoal Ind Bourta on sin ItRON ROOFI)IS--'The enhscrieri s htsvr pocred noat n grot-r cxpill-e, fthc right ul Ipltlltirg on iron root!s io'lhis city. They r adaptepd to ;uilI ttuilditigs, 'a.rechttvr,, and private dwelline, and coollnell It ioce chrnetllss anod dmcrbility, otid rs perlrectly fire and watler prlof. feromsm na iLe knownc, ald a model seen at our establiehoment p,,--ositc St. lMaD's morlkrr, Tclpitolaos asi. net 2E If COGSWELL & Co UPHOLSTERY & PAPER IIANGING STORE. Hlenry Siebreclit, (lurmerly J. C. Wicks & Co.) would meet respectfully inlorm his friends and the public in general, tint lie has and is constant, r y reeiving a general assortment of upholstery and paper langing. 'Tihe Iollowing comprice. a prt of his stock, which lie offers for sale at wlhole, sole or retail co tle most accommodatin8 termns, French velvet and satin paper, latest style; do ilif common and commnn, Pnilndelpthia glazed and unglazed do do, French landscapes, lire blards, blinds, ke. Ido velvet and worsted do do, morennze do utelrs, silk flnge and galloons of all q sritdies, pIutlis and prices, worsted fringes as surtrd pttern. plaiin and colored. Swissomulin, lairst style plain and coluunod, cottol drapery omuslins plain and twilled, as-orted colors, new styleof needle work for rufa cushions, footstool covers, &c new style ol hell pullers, raised figures and plain, gilt aindwit ornaments of all patterns and rizes, gill eogles batal and spears, feathers, &e, glass knobs, USters, bhair cloth, figured and plain, a large assortment of toys f-r children; Inrce silk cold and snasels, worsted cord and las. sele, a general as-ortmlent of upholstero and paper halhginge, constantly on hand and fou sale at the lowest prices at Nos 41 Royal and 64 Cuatonm House its. N --Persons ill the city or fiom tie country, are respectfully invited to anil and examtne for Ithemselves. Cuarpels and curtains made in tile latest modern style, rooms prepared at the st nr est noote, and all kinds of upholdeatery work done witll neatsess and despatch. oct 3 L S EGOUIf, No 54 Conde street, between Domain and St Philip, keerpe constantly on hand an o xtensive aisirtInent of boots sod brogane, and .lo.eo,of New York manufacture, for mesn, women n and children of all nrrm, which lie will dispose of at very modelave prie,.L Itn dli cllt his niq tintance on sendincgn orler will have their wtshes atlended in I S SE(CURiO IA NEW ati,.le for )msonas troubled nil drenes, I (calletd lh, I ur 'l'runltt,) his just bekn rereivel, n0:ln voice is llnoticitv couveyed to rile oer. AIny oe who has eve" neer nitlgen to eoavursnr with a verty t. Ilrtrroasslinet irex irileIted bottllty liemselves and th is-n titdltld ntl nlltirtlUlaotelv oflieted. Ily tlhne use of t < Ear Trumpet thi objetiut is enairely obviated. 'cite imst sceptical hlave ald ys as. ndoled'teir doubts y ater having ulsed ilo 'I 'lumper. For sale at I' F GIION'S, Panty ntornr,colruer otf i( an and St Ci uelClrles striet.s inlor ha Exncltuza lHoutel. fel 13 ts PEILM OIIh-1500 panlions pure wilster d Slternlo Oil, it cask, and ok bls, for sale by JARVIS & AND REWS, \Whilesl: DI)rugg asi, corner C umsnan nod Teltop Ins streets, mr I:3 IIITo e irrAe t I hi,, atles e 3ch a; . 4V kegho hg 0 " o 2010l do 15 English. do--5 1-4 bble. 4110 " 111t Paint BrusheI vaTrious sizes, 1 ease Vermiliirn; 5 bhls Copul Varnis; 2 J" ,apan S20 packs Gold Leaf; 50 to Silver don 1011 do D)ntch; Jlt+1l. WINI)OiV G(IAS, Animerican, Elteldt and Frenc t10 Lonxurs, varous sites and qualitiea. ,,.o,,on t.rown du.--U0 boxe.sonsignment, will be Also, a general assortment of orlists' clolrsr and rsoln, fir sale be A \V SCA' ES, No s6 Cnal street. N .' Alabama notes taken at p r, and Minsissippi notes will be received at 10 per eent'discount for good, or inl ptsrment of dehte. jv I I w PILOUL--00t-il auding ft v sateamer Independ aece, tie I)l()KSEY. me:'[ 44 New I.ev e. Eu I.r, nlls R tr ,ilrtps--'l'ite caose of thb .rlustn arntlal j.st received Iby nort 3 REi S': & D'LANG, 18 Caep rt l't-e ur I. 1.t-hOld coils Missourt tale ripe, inmad, all ot, hel,li LUre, a.d Ior sale bv o 3 O ; .;RIlT & IIA\VWTltN, G3 i l avtsetr BOQK BINDERY. Under the Pieayune Ofice, 72 Crop at. BRONSEMA'& HOWSON be, leave to inform sq their enstomnrs and the public generally, tne Sley have removed their establilhment to No. 72 t I COmp street, immediately under thle office of the ah r Piraytne-where they are prepared to execute all ordelrs in theirline. t H rling received from the Norlh n supply of p. i per and materials of a superi,,r qatty.. for the manufacture of Blink Books, they offer their ser vices to merchants and otller. who many wishti work of that kind ; and having the advagtege of ml several yalro's experibnee in that line, they tire jo Sconlidentof aivirin satisfaetton to those who may i t, Fivr them with their custom. oi e For notaries, architects and ethers, maps and to I. plans will he pasted on linen, varnished and d mounted in the neatost manner, & at the shortest llu Snetiee. Plain and fancy binding, in all its varieties. nl. t it CHINA (iGLA d& EARI1EN WAKE. 'IUklt if 36.Charres street, New Orleans. y M. SERGEANT & Co. importers of Frenei h W i"nd Eneish China and Earthen ware. are a now opening new and rich patterns of breakfast, n a dinint and ten services, toilet sets, pitchers, tea P anti coffee cups, teapots, sugars, creams, bowles, plates, dishes, tureens, wash basins and ewere, loot baths, etc. etc. Rich cut and plain French and American glais. ware-goblets, champaignee, lemonades, jellies, i clarets, wines, cordials, centre howles, doeniters. i ,. tumblers, preserve dtshes, celeries, pitchers, lanlps, c r. lamp shade and glasses, candle shades, salt cel- s at lers, etc. d Silver plated, bronzed and britania wares--con t e tors, liquor stands, cake hsekete, candlestickse e branches, spaons, ladles, coffee and teapots, sugars, bL creatne, lamps, jspanned trays, nastrl stands,anti hnaging lamps, line cutlery, German silver sputnn nl and forks, together with a great variety of articles et Ifr fjmtly use. Merchants, planters, hkntle, and asteambets, furnished wih goods at the most rea a sonable prices, and packed eo as to be conveyed with safely t, any part of the corn ry. y Alan, npttheecries' elnnspware. no 2 THE FLORIDA LINE lFrom Mobile to Augusta, Ge.. leaves Mobile every day nt three o'elnek. p m per U S mail boat t for Hall's L'indtln., above Blakely,-thence four z; pest coaches to Pensacola-thene stetamboats to on Lngrtnee, where the land route is resumed-thence rn, via Marianne and Brlwnsville, Fin. Bainbtidge, Ptndertown, Hawkinaville. Sotndereville & Louis. el viellno Augusta, Ga, conneeting regularly with ie: hle rail troad cars to Charleston, ant the steam packets to Now York, Norlilk, Phliladelphia, etc. to 'he steamnboats are the best for the service, and it ithe navigalion plscsentos mor advantages than can he be found upon any stcamnboat route ill till. :,uth. ern regior.. red The t reat improvements in tlhe route have been lse produced by lhectonstruction o lifte nliles of new Y. road, by the pr,.prietors, viz : from LaGrange on Lal'avtte Ravou, an arm of Santa Rosa BEy, to Bryant's Fatry, on the Cllatn+hoeclheo river, ten I ,ilts abiove tlhe Coivlhrd,or 14 above Cedar leltff, R t;cheteby ithe naviiation ol tile river, and tile con ust I .,qa1 t detentions, and mare retcently the incon er venient crossing at the Cowfolrd, trel entiretly lih avoided, and a line road frotl iMarinatnn direct o to Bainbridge, instead of the roundabout roid via i, i Chattahoochee, lerssenin the distance aliut Ilirty Cra, lmiles, and icriasing the facilities tore than SAli, n branch line of two h'rsee stagl'e every tltother day flaim II iwkinsvilli, via Ptrry itI Mattio, al t a. connecting with lie line to t~avannah and Durien, Gen. A maiil steamboa'r lire regularlv be ween Blinhridge and ApalaclehiitlaT. ''ruvli. re wishing '" to reach any point oni Clatnlhoochee or A.e achi til; cola, enn take steonatbo at t Driownsville. fr llobile lto Pensecula--Lund Route--Ournathe I titme Oeccupied bIy the repairs of bln:s, the pr. iuric. tors of ith Flnrida lune will tun a line o t lour ith hI 're po.t cilchlas eery ether day bletwecin Ilu 'i a n id P tiesacule, i+' Passetn ers will Icurave M Iile at 3 o'd'l, .. p [i, S in tlthe US mi ail ht at, and ipurceed toi i ali's Lat t. at in,,, where a lour hrT se coacth IlIl to . n wai g aI LL . o coii'ey theml to tle excellent hIouse of Mr. Chari e lail, I 14 mile distant, where they twill find pleasant accomnlmodations for the night-leaving tail next morning, they will arrive itn Pensatol, earlr r I the evcening, thus avoiding tie discomfort of nihebt travelling. Office at the Mansion lHouse, Mobile, and Co!. lins' Hotel, Pensacola, where senms mtust be sevu red. S'T'OCKTl'ON & Co. nv I Piano a rte Inlrulctiou. W illiam Stlth ttenders his services to Ibe ciii, zens of New Orleans as a teacher of the piaeii orie. Mr S huaving been employed several years as n teacher of music in private fantilies in B stion, and also at several of the female seeninanrls in is Svicinity, cannlt but hup.e to merit their confidence. ret Hie is permitted to refer In RLev Dr ila)pp, Messrs ant Stetson & Avery, IIenderson & Gaites. ve, For terms, aie please apply at tile bookstore of ge Alcxander T'Iwer,49 Cilmp at eat 2 Ds. Drus and .llMdieiinee. vir J 11 PIrevoset has liaed himisell In tias city for oil, the purpose of transactingt a general WVholesale ale Dr buasiness. lie is now receiving a full situly o fresoh and genuine nrticles, which hi will sell Sont liberal terlm To city druggiset, and thosei of the interior, to physicians, mertchants and plantlern, re li e will offer inducements such Ia have never be. run l ire been (ffered in this city. Ils intentilon is it le ' 1c o strictly leInitirnio busines. lhs stock will n od oon bte complete, ,and in a few weeks will he ran. Id dftr business. All orders fronl tre coultry, nnd ay from merchants of tl is einy, receiving such orders at will be promptly attended to. oct 2 No 39 Camp st PROSPECTUS. THE sbscribeor p-oposes to publish, in the be. ginning of the ensuing winter, a Condensation c f the twenty volumes of the Old and New Series of Martsin Louisiana Reports, to be comprised in four volumes, bro., according to the model of Peters' Condensed Reports. This work is now in preparation by J. Burton Harrison, Esq, of this city, assisted by William F. Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by a distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Court, and by one of the sitting Judges, to expect from their personal supervision all the advantage which smay naturally be reaped from their experience. Such a work is becoming every day more ne cossary, as the original is voluminous, expensive, and scarce. An increasing curiosity too is mani fest, in tire other States of tihe Union, in reference to the peculiarjurispiudenco of Louisiana; and the circumstanee of the numoerous principles here do. tided in the adjustment of confltcts of laws, nmakes the knowledge of our adjudged canoes of prime uti. lity to the jurists of the whole Union. Moreovol, the rising republic of Texas has adopted our codes, and thus there isa great demand for the Louisiana decisions from a fresh quarter. Convenient notes, indicating the parallel cases decided in Louisiana, and occasionally those en tihe more authoritative forums of the other States, wic, on added to each case. The work will form four volumes, royal octavo. and will be delivered, bound, to subsc.lhers at 86 per vol.; in case it shourl be found practicable to compress it into tlhree volumes, tihe price to sun. wcribers will be $7 per vol. subscriptions received by WM McKEAN, 0o5 cor Camp and Common sts. W IIOLESALE AND RETAILCOMB AND VA • RIETY STORE-act the sign of the gulden comh,lMo70 Chartres steret. The subscrilbers have ro ceived, in addition to tiheirprevinus stock onl hand, a full and complete naeoritlent of nrticles in their line; vie: conmbs, perfluncrry, Jewellry, blruashes, lockihg glassrs, f.nv .'tiihles,&i..c ' ,tt ln in porl as follows: (O(iSl --t 'totlise shell, vroughlt and plain tuck,twntvl, quiled hback, lolng ernuc, dressing, side l.l.; curl anti n,, ik, Brazilian combs of every description amongst which Rv, oe mMexic p, atter Ivory combs of every dasri;iionl here, dro=sing and pocket, tongcther with a gen eras orlwt enteFreaoinl td Amenriin. PlERFIMrELRY-Cogl one, Lavender, Fioridmo, honey, layt rse, ond oranse nower wafers ofevery sizeiand dase tcription, csemphirted Cologne, extract of lIargamnot, tangy hoaps olall kids, shaving doi in cakes and pots, ercple soaide Ward's vegetdable hair oil, I,aars nndanIt tijiuedo. PretLou's smelling nsalt, plain oand ieorfinle toletp wder,pearl powder, pow~ernpu llh abeuS spo. neatllu in pots ald rolls,orris and chlourie tooth wvasLI alla Ioleds, wilth a genral assortmentr of .1 E\VELRY--soma ofthe latest tend most ficuhiona. hle sevts, consisting of white and red corneliant, tlopnl a jet eardrops, set in filsgreer, breast pints ofa gree" ~ce tv ofltlcrns, watch tritmniugs, gilt and silva n ickles, silver thimbles, silver ancd guhl pi rcils and gtard chains IIIIUS tES--Clothi, hIair, dust g, crumlheartl,fluae, lint, flesh, tooth, plate, onb, Nail, shaving, shoe ail whlitewash brushes. L.OOKING GLASSES-Geroton eatia and toilel elnsss, emagnifying and Frenlch dressing glasses, home do, with a vanr.iv of ather kinis not enumeranted. lFANCY AND VAIRIETY AIt'ICIES--Frenvh and American porathle desks and dressing cases, somen very rich atoI finely ledshed ldites work loxesand drcs sihn cases with and withoult mousic, mnusical bohxes, Ae eoenians e Ivarious kinds, violins and guitars, silver ail plated pencils and leads,wied pencils for carpenters iand cnyons,omantle clonesau,gus anid pivti.ls with aInd : iithoat eases, perctussmln caps, ilrcnsiiollal chargers, nlpple screw driver, slll belt,, ctai ln iog, paste blacking, tly rtea sets,lunldilheads lofevery kindl, bells ilnd llluntnes lireaad coUncaio knives, rtaaar atld scissors, taiables,' neel, s, pins, silver plh.td, steel amd covaoun st etin elre, pocket hooks and w'allet o neiialns kinds, viitini, curars and curd caves, laying cards of Freueh, Goenoau end Amnericno manufacture, dlls. ilmitation fruil, sno boxes, pncs ef various kinds, Sauudern' I'oer ov'e, Emmerson'e, Hillmana' and Ilawkin's rczor strops acd metallic hones,dirks, fancy lead necklaces, do with -.or drops, tov watches, earl billittns, powder flasks, eut and liaia seed beads, gill and silver doe, gum elasitic suno.ce ders,and garters, plain and sword cottas, bachkgatmuon boards;dice, optical vieneas,jewalarpep, lcnniaeo netncl es sand Idrinkiu.g cups, witl a grat variety ol othler arti I clee, all ofwltn.h will be sold tfor cash er city ocoptun coen n 12 mnths credit. B II SlAllliMM., & :u. i4 70 tjtlstrnsah. e0111ý' Medical tf.ake-I.-ln iFn en f itltisilo.; ia I hkcalleltiag, a tsee anpply. e'd haby ill A"'OWAf, 1l l' T'lE INIIIAN'S PANAUEA, OR Itheere ofrleumlism, errfd or kin gnevil,gout, iatiiea or hip gout, inei;'ient cancers, saltyrheum, ihilitie al mercurial diseases, particularly Slcers and painfulaffections ofthe hones, uleerated throat ei enos t trils,ulaers of eve desription, fever sores, ami internal A abseees, IStula, piles scald head, scurvy, hbles, chro- to ale soe eyes, cryipelishlotlhe, anl eveiy variety of ee-. tacoals affeetion, chronic Catarrh, head ache proceedl- a ing from any acrid humor, pain in the stomach ani dys pepsin proceeding from variation, aflections of the liver, c chronic infl^mmatinl ofthe kidtevs, and rgeerl: dvbili- n ty caused by n torpid acetion tof thevessels of the skin. It is sing:tlnrly eticacious i renovaltig those co:nstitution, I whi.b have been broken down Ihv ijudieionns treatment, al juvenile irregularities. In general terms, it is resom- at mended in all those diseases which arise from impurities n of the blood, or initiationu of thle humors, of whatever NI name or kind. Some of the nhabove eomrplaintsmay require some tr.- P flingasistant applications, which theeiremstances of the n case will dictat.ilbut for a general remedy or Purifeator a to remove theeause, the INDIAN'S PANACEA will d geaea ll e found suffielent. TO THE PUBLIC. How true it is, tht modlern Physicians, In their am- . hition toaexel in their profession explore the vast fields a of set nce by the aid ofchemistry, and seekaiot new re medial agents; in short, to arrive at perfection in the practice by means of art alone,--entirely overlook andi neglect, as beneath their nouice, the rich and bounteous stores of medicine, which the Almightly has caused to t spring out of the earth in every clime! And how mnuch more true isit that while the American Physician looks t to foreign countriesfor many of his most common and t neessary articles, perpetually changing as they are at the dictates offashion orfolly, he is surrtundecl in his own countey withan endless profusion of medical plants, suficient to answer any indication in disease or to cure any curable dlisrder; and yet he is ignorant of their vlrn- t tues, and they are sufered to waste their healing on the n desert air. Theefects ofvegetable medicineslupon the system are temporary--those of minerals lasting. The former ex rttheireffectsand pass off-the latter, mereury in par ticulur, act chemically upon the solids, decomposing the bones and undermining the constitution by a slow ad alsurn destruction. The eongeniallity, effieiency anmid AFETY of vegeta ble remedies over mineral, may be estimated bycontrast- I ingthe ancient Iraetice with the modern; or, to bring ii moreimmediately un;ler ur owu observatioatn, th- IeU ac pracntice with thatof the whites. WVho, it America, nos not known or heard of repeated Instances wherein some decrepid, iunpretending femalenllndia, by meansof her simpleremediesalone, hasatfeeted the most rapid Saudastonishing cures, after the ibatpira Median of the i -emmon practice, directed in the most skilfd manner, es foiledn Andl who has not been su aprised atthecom parativeenseasftiillitywith which the lndinnfrceshim self from any disease,'and at the almost tota abstinence ofhrolnie disease among them? Who has cvc hmeard of an Ilndian with a constitution broken and reined by h illtreatment? And can e doubtexist thai tthis happy ex n emaltion of the savage from most of the ills which the .flenlofmaun i heir to, is cliefly owilng to mie genia d atl safe remedies which he employs? T'his anstoaisll ing diftieret.ce in success, is a falir exemlliftectian of the . infinite superiority of the simple tlld safe mean of cure which God has created for the benefit of his chiliren, over those hlich theprie nd t and rt of niman ave in vented. From a long residence among a portion oftheleabrigin in alnhlbitantsof thileonntry, alitcan intimate aclnailn O tance with the methods of cure of some of their most successllt practitioners, the proprietor ol 'The Ineiann's Is tanacea'raleel ed na knowledgeaf some of tile nmost p- oeef""illil' favoriteraemelies. Bromtheseheselcted nsuch as were nost eflicacious anld hinpreprites, nad alter ' varioas experiments to test their pritneiles antd shellgth, c lihe has eolbined them in the tflrn hehe iipresented, a:t the in most perf, et atd beneficial for the purpose lir whilch it y isrecommended. n T11ie proprietor ohersthlis preparation to the public, with the consciousness that lie islptillig wiithiletir iec, a remedy capable of relieving ainy of his afflicted fel low belgs, whlio ate sill'er ing under the various Ehronic t all hstinateteoinlplaints to which tl is appicabli le. To I ad etll it will ilre of icaleculable vabt., as the means, and in mni y cayea's, the onll"y mietansofl elietingtheiirsul' n lerings alad rtestiring theim tace tmote to healtht :Imi h s ap fIiness. 't'hls is tinotloel 'ed as a common rtaI ey, thtt - may ptr chance ie eyeliilygoieod cith tn.eir others now ian use, hut as one .1e11i i easialible of si\ ig ilte. inll mnl Sextccrele casesui ll ill.the ullltnuualllelalemedisitlul. I'isit ie. hs done relatedly; andil this is the rielutatioti itthasol r tained wheelver it hIas beer introtduced. It is ollyaboollt thr ie yearssinet this replltiioa was I lresete lo tlle it lie: bltitlat shorte II.t tree, I some lutitdreill of et'rsons ltilght be indl, lho wotldh Ssolemnly declare tlat they believed tat ty eir lives were saved by it, nid iin iostaiaes alier they bad tried tny Sanl pierhalps ill thle cone ou ' remedies il vain. W.her I ever it is kcniowiii iis rapidly clling itoa tie( , tSdl this d Iaffordsthetihost sultalntalelat co)tatiieig proof of it i merits. ly 'he valuee1fe therPan e i most conspicuous in those o long .stadllllillnR nd yphilitic :and acrofuloums ltfi..tills w "io i r e dil.ied all other re.nledies, andi Ip: lticulhl . in those cses whre mercury ha s Ileen an Invisl !y usell as to callue,listressintg pailnsin the hoes, nodes, mllel rial ulcers, d.rangeealet of the digestive orgaans, tle. 'lThese it coanl ' etely Irenr.es, itd inll e1a: it elltie ly erialicates i.e n iiases i .ne I elieCls nof mertirein-i i, votes tli eco astiti i,a , nlih mlO 'nite len th tier sn anlcd :e e well. Illri lll ni ttinil %ui l iillIlltcil;ll Iit sut e ill):d, its a titiy el lFets are not leass applarlt, giving almost inlllne a, atevtelief. Ta akeni ni I tlen dotses, herltldian's Palit oii. rantci al s it a atlellactiv'e llll iletel.Rgei; a dlipll)llletlic, dill'rtic, S an~d laxativestil a ntllli-si asmic tla.dl anud i ianody nlll ili Iwopelrcases, asnslemaecleiei undel . o:ecig..Iue. tlner'. r ally explaesac, il inlclenses Ill tdie sn,',retati.Its iHli ex eieieills, givcs tolee to icle lc e ,li nCeI ,'s'itacilt lt in tie gltt it n1 a p ii.atiuleItiLir ie 1'. alo these prllli plea itsonelrialicis il lie IntidiL'IrstoIiid. "T'hi tec.lieic scitle Ias een fount d highll ut1.. ', ia1" m i anl tlligluoi .sdillseass io heIlc e sp.u iclel , a11l it h,'ti I) n e used with woinlell stiEees as a Slpring ad If -litl P1tt y riler, by those whtlo tire sllllert toln lompillls ol' the ellct, II nd whosie costiiulitiollleqluire new igoer. Such p,'r C solls will do well io lse t vo or thllee Ibottlesie sltll dto r ses. Whteever a diet theink is eonsidlared neresi.av , this Plaltlcel, taken in a snall dosetI; will answer all its e lu'plloses, ill Imuch less time, at less expense, alnl ill I 'Il iii more agrelable nI llllllneir Illthan thle col)lllllll diet drlillk. ill 'The lilowing ceutitic:tec, otut o if c hti reds simila., - whidl nmight e proeured, are given to show ite eliele ofl Id the tllldaiiti '[aillea, i llihecarliOUS ceomilil, l itlnereil ienienitioaed;ialaulaetoaexhlibit in the most astislcfelory manner i issptoririly over the srllllsi eoumnolt use. CASES OF RHtELUSMALISM. CAtInLESTON, Nov. 15, 13:ii. During the ilast wilnter aml sring, I was utllicted itli . very severe and distlesislrelIn ti~ u tisnl, oceasonledll I i texposurea i had weather, 1 low e ake greaa Ipleasurn it of satig, thalt si bottles ofthe leItai's P'titceea, restoIred r me to perfect health, and I conlidetly recommendl it to int all similarly afflieted. JOHN FI|ERUSON, Kingst. CecaLauSTON, i.larlh "7, 182. n I was seized about thre years since, with adisteslsing F. rheumatism, caused by taking a severe cohli, while trnder n theinfluenicef mereury, a. l which has dlsablled rr tfrnt n business nearly ever since. )llrii.g this ceriod m leave be i n patient in ithe Mlarille Ilospital, in this nit" clh upwardsol foullr onths, and Ilealy the same legllth" Lime in the llaltimore lehspital, and tried almost ever i. remedy, witl littlebetier. On thel Gth of I'ebruart Slast, at that time scarcely able to moue about upon crutcnl. i- es, colenlelreed thle use of lndiall's Pallcecto. 1n olt ce mohll I llmnd myselfentirly' freled fronut pail, ali an e now haplpy to state that I consder mself pelfectly well. liM. TUCKEr, 13 Market St. ° CAPES OF SCIROFULOUS ULCERSS es Naw YonK, Sept. I, 1830. S 'I'This m certify that in the fall of 1025, 1 was seize , with a swellingn my neck and tfacee, which alfterward a, ulcerated acid became large ghastly ulcers in my necL. a Alier tying scveral physelulas to ne advaitage, I nwe' to l'lhiladlelilhaa, and placed lt)ysellf utdler the cares Drs. Physte and lBenad ch when, efter repeated salivatloin t onaeffci, I was IrOneieted tuLtterly ineurble. Afer. bottles of Potter's Catholicoa, with no maaterial benesi lslniriuigeoflile, which hatl tnow become a burthen ti S le,l retrult to aly paratcla ini New orek, ini 181, an 16 gce myselfupto a lingeriiig death i Hcarig of tlh i rett success of The lnilainla Pautcnra, lawcaer, in eas - sinlilar to my own, I was persuaded tlo tr. it, csaluat n. sort. To my great sullrise, as well as sntisfaltion, ouoifuntd ityealfrapily ceareiOver , al d uion tkin1 sevni bottles, the ulcersliele ancd F beanie perfeatlt well iu the course oftwo months, and have remariled so eversilece. I tikethis statemet anid wesdtlpublished her the betirhit ol'ch nItwo are nUi:l'illg Utiiar similar senalvtlous n" sylphilitic tllrctilltS, il:,t they nelty kiow c what el niretlolte who IhaIs sulaf.L every taldg bUt death, llld emo coiUlslidelr lis life sried b the a~ibove v. i ru VWM. IIINIIA) CH*n.eTrr. July 12, I 31. t, I wtas aflicter', four vety s with ae ulcer I| the leg, oe= Sceasticntlly aeeeomp:icil wite h lliat elatous ihllluathi n at ad excessive i la ill the leg aid aclnlejoilt. Sev~el y emnilet physicians exerted tihel skill p1n it, but withll a ouperiiet r benefit. In this ca; e fiae bottle Indlani's Paneea madle aperlect ellure. , MAIiGAILEf A WESTI', 121 tMarket a- 4Forsalcby HNItY UIONNADEL. druggist, agen :t, tt n'c op lietor"iiC sal'Iiethllltilnllas street NEWF ORLEANS & NASHIIVILLE AiL lROAll COIIP'ANY. rlIt.H, stockhlhders of. this company Ire ereb tin tifild tlilat by a rIsolntin lol the" a boarda of direc lion llassed oil 1 it the 19t inst. theall nlad it thlem on the 13th FLebrnaIrv last, flr tha piymen t of live dollars a share, wnas rescinded, and tin Said stocktalders are furtlhernotified that WH..lEAS, blI a resolution ofthlin board pannsed on the 19th tast a ctinll Ila been -nade on the stcekholders of tle New Orleans n a nd Ntsllvillo Itail Itoaa Compnny tar tile folliving ptnytmneta on tile tile stack aid respec tively by thtanr vi:--two doaiars pea share, aable on thie lirsat day of Septnbcr next; tw dotlla I per share puaubl ontilte first day of lDecenmber inext; ati tao doallarsare shlare pYabtle eni tihe ii at diay of ilaerch nlt. Now telrelfore be it resolved, tlint tie sereteary of this coulpy shllall notifyl the salre hoddrs therein, tibreouagh the public Ir.nts of the cilty, tiat in :ononreity with thie sixtlh asntion of tie chanrter, lithe are pernmittd to Instponieaaytaytinentealled in nit ai st a k n Fiiaid 'lnapany ftor tihe tet of sixty das, fitnn aid after tte ay on i whiceh i is niide pnvntle, wthi the exiaesa can diiili 1iwevana, th.lilt ift not iattlllhaltt iitiin hithia tie said trdolneatii n of sixty diavt , tfrt',lna Ilaft tt . aftt. on which it shoutld Iinal aeel iaidtlhia tlt' ai.e iltesto k on whic:l said plymentrsbouh] Ihave lit'll ben:(de?, is Uand rcmia - !ri,ilald o the ompntnit thiti bhauiritr onta 11ot point itaillt inlierntive. lII ctlalrllnly tlnerrefre, ti ali: call, all shck of tile stockholdersa in "said oilanit', as think proper to put off tlathe paynreita on ttiri stack to theandI of ti additiinal sixlyddays, thiclt, t chanrter allowsa tha, are notified that ilth .aynmaent of t Vi) tiI. lans per share' called forand ttitle in the first o ".,, lemterlnexa, nIay Ie pontpoe, n under tl sixh laion of said charter, unlil tlhe: 3.t dey of October next, ttLhat the paiyment o: two dollarn per share called firi, talt due .i lalit. lrst day of Iecemntaer nexta, Inay le astt- . iponed unti til tle3)ih day oflanuarv ae\at; a.ud lat p tva meat of two dollar.a p-r share cnlbthl fair and,l.lai a, tiF I firstday lf Mlareh next, nnyv be peitltuud utnil Ihe 3Ulb i nday of April next. i Extral'ts of tlae minutes of tile beard. jan .ll A It lcNAIR, aee'ry.. jtOt It, in {iii." in as.--5 doni, wlite Artt _ II. .at Isln JOtHIN II GtIRIIAta . alt It, Royal College of Physicann, London. VflHE origicul Vegetable Ihnelal Unihver'd Merit . ine, pEeparedtqy W Misk s. rtemnerr crro tie lloal Colege ot"Siurgeons, Liretiale of Aplllthe caty'stompsny, Fellow of Bolt Court Soielty, Sargrorr /0. to she Royal Union Petisis Asoeirtian, L.neatoer eta Place, Waterloo Bridge, and Peretuoal Pupil of Guy' trr ant St. Thomas's Iosipitsa, LoIrione. Ti Ttis valtaile medicine, the result of tweity years' go, exerienlee and uon.rallelred succrsrs it thie ext+lecnsive a otilghlrtv rspetaitnle e of tie tproricrr, potrr i Iriisl r y tire faetlllty ald oliitnitrrrr Alili islso irrirtociedag to ithe nteice of Ithe Almeriera ijrrulice, at tihe earnest so liciatiosa of a rltmber ofgellrtlemelr of tolln aln rigi the starnling in tile professiot. It is ltoplell, as i prelimi- o nary step, to check tie evils antil fatal corseqoeleres ti arislngfrom thie use of thie numerous ad dceleteriorl ve nestlrums listed upon the pablie by the aid of fabricated ct Sproofs of miraculous cures, and otier frauds, bya set of ed tnleleasry, tnprilroiplerl pretenlder, so totally igloralllt et ela mdaieal slenee, that it impossible tiry monstrous Tio dalisirson an y laonger go down with tihe intolligenlt i peoyle oftflltlmountry. Thes sills, mihl sod agrtealhIa en, In their stuort, should he oept in eteooy family in oases ai ofsaudtleo illnen, for, by their prompt adminristration, n Iseholera, lumps, spasms, fevers, snd other alarming p somplaiits, wlich too often prove fatal, may be speedi- d ly curetalor prevented. It fact, all hose who value gosod d lirlth, shoald never be wlitholut them. They are lsoh' l a inapaeketstt5tentir,$t asdl tetalc,byeveryresiree pa :0 table diarggistt botkseller, and veltntrof medricine is tin SUnitedl Slates rt Ite C salos, witll Eopious drsetiols, in Stngsler witb: esastnoatals of proifessiolial ability from o d e foloin e iet getlenen: Sir Antley Ceooer, J at Ahot'trerhyJamts rloa~tel, M1. D., WV. Bask, M. D., ty is J. Aston ley, A. ramtrton, M. D., and numerus en others. 'he orRigias may ire seell n posossio ol'tlie is mGaenersl Aget, hby mlom tire nmedloit is imported into ti Sthis osnttry, tanto whom all appllicatiots foragencies n so mustbehmade. - ao JNO. IIOLBEIN, 1599 Waeerl Place, N. York, r Sole General Agent for the United States, LS,. For sale by appointment of tbe origirla Itrla'ietolir. o Sby Swlmr £3 B-awrlnai, I)ioggilts, No Ittnal ree, s lg Uene Acenit slfbr Stlithee o Louisiair. jtl v hi to -______ ----- _ ___ --- '~---'------------~ a t EMNiY RI LEE & co, No I Magrtzlne street, are i row reeeiviag firom shipt Nasllville, Ltouisville, a retekl, Eangle, aelid other late arrivals tem, the a it :irthern cities, a large and new seleeted assortment Hi- das, Bloots, Shoes nlll Berogln so, i a, onsilting ofgaltlemon's fine calf and Mourcco ioots b it do ldqualitnr do bu'rd, anti stoat oswax peggerd Iboots n no o larimortlsqa q ties; melr's ilto c eaf seal and MorEos It id slil. poiiriros cIn birogons, blekski shoest, broglns ai Ihe llpeas: Inselnl'loe eltf ntll kippe' ptWggeId sllioesanld i ,I roglrgsi ado bootts do stolrt kip anti wax pegged sltoe 0. ibrrogaasl gentlemen's best quality calf sewedi shoes, I t5 irotgans and Jack Iowaiongs; do eclf anl Moroeo e i ekle sbotes and hrogans; do calf, seal anllr Morocco. a I adia shoes nat slitrst..t, do elfT, buff lna se near wigs, by aewats.icle; do lille calfl, sea.I and ioI oeCeco quartet - lots; heys', misses'nl ehihllren's ie.gell and sacrwed Ii Ie Lorags,, ard shoes of every qrll'ty aIl knlllll. a Also a generll arss'ttt, lll of lell's sto'll wax nod i I- pnst hlogei a ld shors, togoItollel wlith 10,tK) poilr oe 5glo tiot qlllity, trsttor ItOgals, raili in tll i 0e Ilaks, inatlue expressly for pilntatioort e; a good is t t r etnmel of melt's fine anil stoout kip 1rsetti' blr.'gatis a - w artile and Ii arge qtrtlllty or an inflirior qulllit it I rset ltid was brtogai.s - Ltadies' fine cll; senl, monloneeo andi grain wellts, atd Spup sole slloes; do fine eorebh Murtceo lllll kidl rort tt di sliliperes; do ran slores, willts and withol lieeloi l , call e If, seat an salotll Ictllher hlootetl..o; u tl 'lrt.tio:hn t slltle a t )hillt kiult s tit tliualitiles; do lastillt o brogals; ino gttilth . .r1 o'a foted boornit. \lMisss'nlIsttiogl)'i shlgl.m, I Lr ognS. Cbilihreol'c coloered Mtrcocot:odti 'rilllIgrtl"o- a It it uo nrdirutols, ksitoe. o dellnlemin'i lineUshiolnble blahck silk hals; slo blIlrk its ha drnb rheivert o fo tt ttoti qtl'io' ,' ilit y; dirih htihro ts rarl do; hload ailid IrrITow brimn men's lihle dim, al.dI ei t t tlk 0hl e s rlaotl ul:in t'C'I hats, a tew article. Yoltihr " i 'al sine size Uas ti diette ent tttrolities; t 1t chiloreni'r.t 41 n'i anal be)'s bllakulnlld drab wold hIlls of lllrioll, ihl es, w Iith genllid I issoritmeint of" olu. s' anlil inlcli's 1 his acsortl 0lill ill be rolt letst,1n d t i the ll rrivi i it tt l htctkeslrn tttrmte ,oole tero me' chi, i ol l ichh i at ill b1e h jll t lnneEuiodat hilC h rn Fuilir I-i so~ ~ ~ ~1t tjilfcTdtclc ottttortt 'tto ldTl LM I,'OR TIIE T'i.'FTII. I'11"r elllislisnhed roto latio <Is on-i tr t ly itr.te i •* I hmnldllil thr hifts elti'l ha l Oa'lle ir ll"lmll. ll: n, nd lre . t ervac'i e of th oe-llis haIt- ih ic ItI" ite ,btcritlor' Oat o - it to t At rrr an hoi' lie. o rrilirieonti l hny 1 t rrten n rhI ll it 'rly I' tenrtt i t l l t Ilt ' inl. l clltr i nll llcr lld toot, ro e .sairr b l l Io u hc to l I I 'ry he rl'o lh Io t hor e si'ii 'o i t ll Ilhl ll yL( hr o :t i l llrli l mos: jli1yrI harnesIng of al acher I ~ ~ l~i I ho' ooit. tldon1 " 11''1 r tII t ohrltl' ot'li o'h n" 'rr tori t V ll lied rcr ti io l'ittr'l.iw t oo olI i otilt , it hitt let ' er o t i o tll tt' t til r'l i:ioll t.ho thU illld OtIt I i llt l lt r io lro . Ii t nlt aritio' - iht iooti ilvo r i.Cd iv teeth, and relheves ilmt ..ulenesf. which .-, frqua~lls 01trrud iOt a troirg toro t't The o a plirnn, am' n trmtd''e ' si ot:e, hnno ent, tnot r U tl ea"'n'to aid thie o itr i hc r ot o i wi n< ilo o o illIrelt tto oiot ,f t' e O tior , ds tin e lilt ali - r lrt,,tt.lt h -iil odor oo'ot ex GADNS l)Mal, Sin tooi- Havilto rot . rst iroot noolotoOly c000 t't ! 0 hyt roilf. inds. td pli arvtcIles, thl *il isubi i, ·," blh Ihhn , asure n h' It o f ,ri. rltl ' ( entrllyt ll Ia r tt ih e ' ii orotl oniue irtoh to t two oo o hir lot c to tornthrI etr ttlli~d, tto ci oloiuid ,'i'rettoll ' io d 00a0 oti, ltell r stptlhtrt yo olll n ttlato kll o ll stol r rt OritCho - or regettbioiro Illl artt' llot'o Iottl the gII owto oI d ist loe- j iort o" tihe i'reslrll roolson. ti. lo'icogvc'ialot tnl'c.tt, bo tlo ortckt otirir Vtcks.o , bulrg, I "la r |tcky. , dll A lk Inusl , lllll ' iillrn "lhort A" p a tioo'dict l'roo Noro YV.rk. P o olt- o l..i.S oll ripilll ci d .teor iihckot.r ll, toe Ioo'ly c'xphotn I In liont of a ai. i' u t l t.f Froit 'lrl lreell AlAili. ul 's I toy iT.ooos, buing oCoeety et'eti'ed'O'cVicet 'ttreoI'byt Sirlle sulcribaer 7rvg, ;i lloroer irco tot o Ir, thit tie atll luroltel tlo is at . .orect ats wllo t'lioblEd .to rl elt and cxcerute orlor saiore lll thl kinds o iitordel 4 Seeds, eitthei wolelle or ·e'atari, 00 it ever 000ea cd since trio first s;tabli'.'lrso: i' JanLuary, 1822. to Country Dluaias osld a . var et Uoitreour' orders f'illed at tei lotr't and irt lle asl ranOabla raei hby riea pouad rr eigrh, ,nd gaion or rrrirl enasure. Catieoguar, either l F.rrelrc or L'ngtins, moi always be obtaiced oas porsonal al.'O'atican 03 orusual, to WM. SMir"fi r Grd. n Seed Store, 85 Cuo tcmtoua slrait l. N OTE.-A econst' lt , tlrhy of [ird SeiS, tra,'Ot Soixed or plail; pulverozred soluolt;orbs, cod Shakeocs T, dried uerbsc,-ritr a eu.pty oa ieas ard bior .n. t t o t s I. 1 t l Fancy Packet Books--Under th a head will Ie found a splendid variety of ladiae' and gentlemen's ipo eit books, note, lard, needle and thread cases. Fancy Mtoeks, nuspenderse, &c.-Of the latest pattern and of superior quality. consisting ofplain and figured satin, boltbatz:na, velvet and cloth stocks, linen bosoms. pl.in, and fihcy with and without rufleos, shirt collars, suspenders called Washlington rsuspenders, lso, gum elastic worst. ed arid cottonett do, with and wiltout rollers, pantaloon straps with wire springs;and a great no. rioty of gentlemen's wear, made expressly for the retail trade, by A. L. Vanliorn and Son of Phila. delphin. Combs-A general nod complete as'ortmen of combs from their manufactory.Aiso, English and French dressing combbs, etc. dec27 RUSHTON & ASPINALL'S ( 7OM POUND TONIC MIXTURE.-A speedy and certain curo for the Fever and Ague, remittent andi intermilttent fevers; prepared from the original recipe. Used wth einminot and uni versal success tn 183d, by pcrsnls of the highest respectability it this city, as stated in the annexed certificates. This medicine is hilghly roeanmended, and has ieen axteisivoly used mi thle above diseaces with such distinguished success, that the proprietor of the recipe lhas been induced to offer it to the pub. lien n its precent form, in the hope Ihlat it may ie the nmeanis of rehlevinlg many of those who ara suffering under thie scourge of our cou;try. It is a medicine possessitg great virtue, and when usle according to the dlirections has neaver failed of effecting a cure, even in the most ollbtinate stage of the disorder. It is not at all dioagrevable, and persons of the weakest stomach, and children may take it with impaulty. It strengthens the digestive organs, creates all appetite, and seldomt requires more than onie, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to eflect a cure. There is neither mercury nor araenmc in the medicine, nor nay thing injurious to the human constitution. To'l proprietors are so well convinced of its effiaency, that they agree to refund the price ofrevery bottle which has been taken in acEordaince with tihe directions and has not effr:cted a a perfect cure of thoe fver & ague. A. OLIVER, sole aigent fur INew Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug and moedito e store, corner of Bienvillo and Chartres strcets. For District Agencies apply to je5 1'. . SMI'IT. 48 Conti rt. HIARROWGATE SPRINGS 7'IIREE D.1'E JOUL AEY FRO.V IE1V ORLEANS. IlE proprietr of this estoblishment has the pleoa halre IlallOulncinl to his friendm all tmile public in genemal, lat lie will ie in reaodiie.s I tlhe firt laos of dhyv Its re e ive jriaitr. lie willarl e in el sa e. tille file' neht oflmlihse at l ,.i.tole, thi ta rt ti lle ee im , large illlmprovut'uI Il;made, mlid lae.rs I.maw pit,, a Iid in subsclr Ier to anratmmllmudlte it Umm ler l ) il)eP thani erretirmde, amlrati tieL im n titlll m eialbattCltr Iein iar n IAbtime aaemomldaid i mi d g md r mella or thaine iat iater casnll have larg a t bin led trle aih main uildinig. ft is deritied uommoeresary to ama nuitbi;lm in gm artieit. tar of the,, chiaraterc ilictr the .tiere in it iegaimetltamI I:iemdL thLaim[[kle are oat infriir ter ntnv inittie otl; ero Staten. Alt tIhm, ngeacmllpl's tint Il peaally teid at Wartriimg I'Inee, Will tie find t mtire lfime blelst music hIlla fhis part Iom tti- rOlmrv affarhtmiehos bees engmceml, and will he ii run)!,> um atant'e ui te Slriueam duriui rihe a ip:lc sa.vii. 'J h. sthtaemi biab will avail a lia a ,lfe f tihi- u) )IrtmUII i is returiiec hIi. nmimicmd titemks t'Imr l+ .-ery lieiral itnipnrt givell hld In-t Paell) slll IIo|.s Iy ther ..x r lionl. thbat ho e lcwn i led i n ilallroilleammf al c( .etel lii e lothe a ionldatiOam ma .Itiel lilt: ti,,;illi,.e t'i it I ll JU-ST PUBLISH IFROM STREOTI0 PE PLJTES, The Filh Fditionof I ROWLETT'S TABLES OF IN'TEIREST: TiO which is now addle an Average lTite Caleuls 1 tor or easy methods for finding the nverage lime nn storage, notes of hool or bills of goods, wheeroio by chased at different dates, an 'lifierent credits, andt for various amounts; besidleea useful and complete Banking T Tine To' le, the bect that can be contrived. or that fi gores can pr dluce within the same condesend compass, and size'oltpe. - An advet'iisement in thebook la in nearly the follow ing words: The high distinction this work has received through the ten legislative acts prefixed to the title lage, is a re commecndtion in itelf, so uncommon,, and so conolu sive, th I nothing is necessary more than by way of ad vertisement, to give condensed viewof some of its le enliarities:as ferinstance, the Interest lhas been comps.- C f ed from,and l ompared with, what is equivalent to four i teen setse renleulatione, examined in the press thirty.- , Sfie timies, and printed from .tereotype plates tested it, It tiytty-one times, from all which it mnst he evident 1 aevn to the sketi (erpeially on te tpe.sonol of the de- P. s tail of proof in the preftce) that the wcrk mus he arith- K , metically infallible, ald in confirmation of this aeliefsa g premium of two hundred and fifty dollars, is now offer- N d for the detection of an error eof a cent in the present i a or fifth edition, as exiressed ill tile preface, nsmkngfive P A' largeptemionts offered for the some error since the first N pnhlicatlon in the year 1102. One of the most eonspicoous features of the tales is t inthe arrangement of tiie Time and Amounts, which o Sfor expedlitit.ns, rolfetrenee al lperltieulty, with the ihelp j ofthe side ild index, cannot e excelled ; and the tily ty and ease with which the intercesl can he foundto the J as extent of genelal busines, withlont doubling f lsums o is hesids a convenience sa essential, that in the estllpa- n to tion of some oi tle most competentl and practi eal bsi- n oiss men andl pblio ofiers' wlho have made great tise of the work, it las been ditingaisheal hy tbo honorable ht appellation efofa "naster pinee". And considering et the infnllibility of the method a'igitolly nadlopted in r. composing tle work, and the exlaoldiloary number andl va, sliety oftlle examinations, anl tests of every edition it has passed in the Pess, cotwillhstanding the whole is in el sterentylpe, eonsiiderntg, in sl6rt, Ie positive accuracy ft re seteed by the tltipeeedcttei means employlal, tmhe vo e, lumne as Ieen ld p ni emni ltically styled " tilet n most wonderfll book n the wmaslk;" ost certainly not mancan namen figure work of the same oxtent, wllh I since the beginning ot creation, hans hall the same nom- o a ber and variety olf ests in the same number of editors; I no, nor one half tle number, as is clearly shbown in the e t prelate. Resides, as test and standard, ithas been tried and Spreeed in nearly anl the hbak and publi offices ill the SUtitect Slates, and by the public gonerally, during Ilthe , long periodl of thirty-five tears, yet no error of ihe cal comtlations has ever teen flnnd in print, altllongh eonlinu onIll)' chtlleged by the Otfec of vcty lhege premiutsdl. ;, he book.is ill fact extresaly ntlopitet by all theanorts oflolw cl sevurlll oftie States as the "rLte of alculatto A ell liobrtnate interest," ns also ly otw foir hnk inllterest, accontliltges the book is used, ansI as say lie seet in ll prt, by .,le names of the subscribers, and a few of the it lsequlnent puctlllaeers, inltle list attlleetnd otf lt book, o is in possessina cl'evrclltrtos ofeitizels in every qulari - S-te of Ilte Unit ed States. i It is mnrover well known that, by its rearly eleck, iI it has so otel detected large errors, long after they were nmadeL even v the most carefulo and most comletent al'hitllnltiecln~, t-at its intfultness, and the absollte ne- p at cessity for its use, iave been extensively inslsted upon, no esltent intceed, lhave been its allvantiges, anti its sagvingl, that, severrl yenrsagl, whilst the first edition - wasscare, andl t of pr'int,a great I.mber of second n hand copies were songtlt Ior, some It, a re t disancee. - aid plurcrteilld t rioullts prices, as they could ocension lly bIo pIicked lp at fumn $0ltlo $5 peir ' opy, lanl Isolie lpersons lhave reccn..y declared, and instances I, could hlle gIoted that they wonal pl)ay $51), $100, oanl $501} I for a enll, 1 llotto be hald for teas, aot an ilntliiiltdu It ithe lctter itnstane partlictlrly, havling t tile same '. iine exhibited atisltacltory prolll'li to severai llpersons lpre ' sent that tolttm it was rellly worth that money and i' more thllough the stnI illg of his tere tsinable time, he rlleilt veke rich manineud ill p olfic mice. S lo it llk th.i til of ItInott cI, inl indeed proper to iell pre ,, that uchlllll is et ofi n i ligne work glneraillt ani a9ll(l 6 chll3 when of the eltent laid imporaIIntIe if I t ,.e!t i, thle, had this book or its like tbon prepar ed in the usual ,.nnter stloe, bI the most eomiip ill clcutlrllu in the -wod, nl oilerarilrs pritett l most Sctoitv tat rt hin o tw correction of proof shlreetds, it Swould, almnos to a certlaili, VLoe liten onsafde ior re I reI;ilct, al dearit aty price, as atle prlefiee dariice Sllan, cxpllllains. liti1 so pert'cl land vailable alltse tile At;lly itillet o p ot, tI d Iis -lkletin l etlice, that to secure iht, i, hidlwhirnwnrcus tld extraodinrll.s exaniion Stiot 1 tllSo. titell llt I'i t ga tI bg I+ll t fl , lthey are (to "'Ismli.uucl stll t t t.tul tl tt It t in a tlc 1 of specialt ntll , ixc lt Miiln t i I in priotli, n . il esttil usefoil otnc , follow t the ot f it e, which, ii this ll fith illl he l 11 IIlpre tlillg ediliolll , contall n ml uch ill ,ill riei'nation cnce'rning the two litll mindes of cltUipt If lug luler stc, ter don s ol pace, rA. fo It rrncr.:s olds' to rCmrk that, notwilhchtlinhg this dl lllnl licom oly Costly wolrk, w1Uichl wa,1 hlihedll I. et IL re i,-t illtCrest iMbles w rell: ilimati(.. c... i dollus . a It .o l ts. I.. n.id eula ii l n , ha I col ' t l e x, tt nsiivtil' Ind ililtti ply b .: l itl, I, t I e i i i h let o m iuch as paid w itlh ilte tl. 1'iby hitill I"ws of tii nii ioi'r thosrian dollars, hSn idtLS s ix s ars ,'i' t i, tnI Iio. I jl17tll l 15, siu t ,ino il on h,0 t, st neti ,otltlii ieliti \0 li+..il l I.llr hI ctl1 i' l il at il1Ir,'% dt o, 7 0iLilit )lll l it l ieii" l' rieole , Ii 1t1i In'tilieg l c ol til:liu ot pl. it ,r a1I ln os l to li -tll t foIttid e , I a l , I1 toiol Iact ritice \\l hl fore the t ell, r still riTicl tlo itt li, Al'lan.ot' n t. mild tliter ily of tlnt p -lic iir a cItline: ;ilne c ' i, .t p (le r (,e I.- : Iti t linur, . 0 P, l e.:, l) the eif- i f f !. o l ctl , by aIte lnt lrof nea " eA I ll o ,o tis I " l ta Iby Vg.lc uIIl g Da-f ollf' voLlllnil ;n ip.e an "FI r Ti ot elL ; \Vilit'n. l , P olllln o llll B an ll nl Itrli t cI l ll illlY Illmlli· dihllliels. I o- Ji recviv ln.I tIlIbrsule by W¥31. 1I'K(I\ N., -1a v V IAt Al I; I coI, aI Sllill{t po1u. Fluitd Ex tract ,f Saraparilla, for he c ure of oiastinlate re I ltions of althe kin; pi ples or pistuls of tlcihe ts. ,; blles. wIhi bi itrise from an inltpurn sate of" the ort o d; scaly .ii lionsl; p ill in Ie bonI.s; chronic i+m- iUan:ltlllm; to t I; cnrof uis, or killg'S evil; will|, to- .I w lling; lsyphiliic dlis ses£1, a d aitll IlAif rdelrs s Itarising troim lan ilptiure state of the blood, by ea long by rcsidcl:ec in ll io l elnate, or the ilnjliciuts use of mercury. licr Also,-Cav, & Schaff r's Worm Syrup, or In to int Preservative: tihe blst.plrepllaration now extant. oll Among whic are the fallowig:- lndiayn Dye "as for col ring tlhe hair; Boar's Oil; Rus1sian HBear' Grnasce; Pomatulm; ichoaw'a Frecle Wash: su. ers perior Pearl Powder; Lily White; Cream of RlE ose; by Vegetable Rouge; Otto of Romo; Lip Sale'; Kre. - osite Tooth Wash; Carbonic Dontrifice; Orange av Flaver Water; Polwder Pufa and Bou ; Alnmerl. a3 can Clharcoal, neatly put up in four nee vials; P eston Salts; Cologne; Kreosoet Toothl.ahelO -i. Drops; Itair Broushe ; English Dro ng Combs. r InItlan lHair Oil;-with a variety of ,hehr Perfu ,rs meries, &c. For sale by L W GLENN'S PE:IFUM RIES. In J C T''RINC..ARD, 's Corner of Canal anti Bourbon street(s s. nOyIYO &e MAY, House, Sign, and Orossenca Painlters, No ' alrodml cle street, two doors3 from aal street. hnitatinls of thie foll:.wing woods and nast'bles,,e ecuted in a masterly maann.t, Koonos msantes. M:ahogany, Egiclino black nuld gold, ao , I G;:.,?l amd Antico, Pollard Ida, Oriential .r verd ntlique, Curled do, Jasper, Curled Maple, Blood Sto,0e, Birds Pyea o, Dtrby Gunite, Sati1n Dtood, Potoate, Hair Wood, Dove or Burdello, Yew T'ree, halian White, Cormoaldle or Black Sinnl anod Brsctell, Rose Wood, I Ameri sn Grey, AsI Wh ite Oak, ke. k., yke. U.cled Ei,c Specimens to be seen at the shop. Paints, ails, glass, sepal varnish, ie. oni hand ndlor sale. et lRtt,il'.EI. IIRAVY h;OO -S--lein, square cnd bundllce i'Od , nall uassolld. lloop, sroll anid rod iron, mail rods iand plough Coat, ('iccaman, cshear, blistlerd, spring, sheet and Crowiaey Mtel hIllow ware, cut ncd wrought nacils ald spikes Zice, blockti till, mill and grind stlcc, salt kettles Chllai cables, ceatchors, hoes Ox, log ad tr.ce chains, corna mills Aneils, vices, liammersand bellows Wire, helt, pigi :ll lbar lead; shot Coj:lr, and eodkl eag stoves Ames, Itowhlnl's and other salatesa c slhovels . Hook sta plate Iinges, door sdl wilndow lhooks Collies, Ihcts, Sltl: p , and other axes I'ar'd d n H Manlilla curdage, lines all twine i)ht and sitteathini copllprc Naval stores A ftil assortclelt oft liarltwae acl sip. eleanllery, always oc hand, ancd wlhilchare oairet. ftrsale at wl ee sale or retail, on the most favorable termns, by m4 LAYTON k Co. 53 OI Levee. 1 TEW GOODS-Simunons Hartt & el are now 'en d ceivi. fromn on beard sila Yazoo, anel 8arulo;ri tadhrig Cncordelifoi e s York,,n a greas t nrigelity goods in their line, whiec together wit th leir lclrmes .tcck on lledl, nllckes thleir ascnrttcntvery" c tIate. Tile folloawing r.llelos part, vilt ell twi.t, a , r', :dr , tuck aml dreasiong eonll,.,horn do ofanll desrilction, Ina die rcibber, silk and aorsted elastic gactra, racnaion & line elratie ouspcenders, laso foso and Lucifer ntotitee, Sidliz ipowderd , powder puffsl and Ioxec , toilaet cLder, peokae i boaks and wallets, needle books, sellell, pcarl, i orx and ilmret o card eases, lead ornaments, plain re ral beads, necklaces unl negligees, Ibead chaions, bead dreklaiee c .lt ills and plain,seed,ailverand gilt biads, Indian beads, ibllc and plumes; pistol eand large pew cer fllcks, sliet ielts, horse,' beh. pc:keC and cuoiliug istcols; dolle llundcsileio e barralled cas. Ilowie knaivre, and dirks. sisamors, alaars, oaket knives, ecaltrd ehaies, alnd ribbons, wistI buckles, eloth, hlair, tlotlh nailcoalc rnml. shoe, p1,, ifloor land dusting brtaias, Cologne, loridna, lavender, rose sad bay water assorted essenrec, aodi exlmet.,lucnassanr, bear, anti:tlne and Walrd's ve getabla hair oils, shaving and toilet soaps ofeall des erptioue, Indite' and geintlemen' eks dek and dreeci a eaae,, lair riegletil frizeltas and e raiil, laini, faty anI hllccal workI Ioxars, plain and gilt,tgllmdc, (cilt sad vest blltctas, pole! and ivory shlirt doi, slirt Sttldd, gold aid silver penlailcases, tootblckaas cld tweea ea,l inted and gilt laokets, n'iniature do, aihrer, Ibrass and steel :imlciaes, iooks and ci,e, hIair tins, ilcitatio f'ruit, elk acd rcdilk, al'lc" illce'king, violicns inct gc itars, ritlbec anod plain l-rslln clpsliuoe teinc,e.. cirde ueh i.'ae,etohl ald eladcr lace nd fring, latter arit ,r "olnr r Ill.,, -i iion w'cIcs, walking eolecplcltingca, so It act. plad co nda aire eilrn&. ' oscdolcSr Tie biaol, tcrh;bcIrtn, ci leaaccoeir' core,rc a Ib s e,"-.' ,d Iearl .t,1 lo lr·.I C l . .rl. ,il .... n.;' . .........hlil.. .'n 1; cc' 1 reclc 'e rn ide eolerc MAIL ARRANGIEMEN'r N oiM.i, I Due Every Day at '2 M. Northern Clse Every day at A. Ml Western'Mail, FDe evere O Pt.d, Wcdtnesdiy -- mr of . jthe F rlday, by ., P . Al. by . ea of Closea every \llonday, Waednesda CoaS, oand Saturday, bly 9, P.. '. I TheL el ( Dae every Te evv ay, Tthursday, a T via/.e Mna Satnrdny, d y 5 P. Al. Closes every Monday, Wednesday r .---EXPRESS MAIL. .- . TIMES OF ARRIVAL,I)EPART'I'UII DISTANCE I 1, &e. of the Express Manil, Itetr.l Meaile trll New York--leavig Mobile ldeaily at 3l P. M. Northwar SNew York dily t 5P. P outhward. 1- Arrives Arrive Nortlward. Distance. Time. Retum'g Montgomery, Ala.2 p2la. 198 m's 2311 12n. Coluobun, Go. 11 81 94 311 a. to I'- Milledgeville. Ga. 133 144 2 p. to a iuin.ti S. C. 7a am. 12S 174 1 eli Raleigh, NC. 5 215 22 12 nt Warrenton, Va. 12 m. 55 a1 a - Petersburg, Va. 10 pm. 3 10 9a. o h- Richmna, Vs. 1 am. 11 3 64 fa Feedoierkahurp, 8 67 7 Ip m. r- Washlinglsn ty, 2 pm. 61 6 5 it Il alltimrea 6 38 4 I0 ie Philadelphia, o 64 am. 100 11 c ra New York, 2 pm.e90 8 is 1305 14k h. or 5d 23 , Northwaerd. Coaming Sotlward, tle .kle is six hour ip ea; Ireing5 days anl 17 hours. fly TEN IOLJI.AItS IREWARD. e ANAWAY frm 169 C erondelol comner of levis F1 Ilreols, on Ilo night oe f r 30e h of Augleat, oad s'asn ar seen te nrext vilnig in ai'drat atres, a nnegro btay named CIIARI.ES, about 17 years of ane, anr 5 fee eortheremhosto in height, very blsck, andh lase aimped Sient in hris speeholl, ono of hi legs is sore, ueeaiooe. by a recent hrt; lie had on when lie went away a whita teg ollan or linen m hirt and white ertorn plntnlols. at Mstersa of vessels and sleam Iloats are cnoatioed a la gunst receiving or harboring said negro, as well as all 1 otler persols, as the utmost rigour of tie law will bn in enforced gainst theum. Thie lave reward will be lrtia 0 fordelive"iag him inta any of lkhe jails of either oat Iht u- manicipolities, or at 1691 Carn deleo, comrner of tlevi rIte teaset. oape, oT do I l:-T-'he cAm urtreriieriretoire Eu-tting tnnder ctm firm of L)uboia & Garrelurn, tru eanor diassoalved. 'I're subscriaer wilt liquidto ta e ie afftls r; ithe concern in Ilis city, and requrires alt perslaonindohb. r ed to Inake taymrnt to litn oly, A d allt tose aving elaimls, to Ireuelt tiluu fo eettleauter. lntt Cng- 8-7t li (iARIETSON t W. W. S\VWAIN. ait- No. IlJCanal ,reel Arei, Orletnn - AS alwas ohand con ratly reitirceivi I)rt. D)yes, uheticasand Prnltsnlarg tlte nre rol, Antimrny, crude, Agols, redl, Ite Arelnie, ellde, Alunt, ok o Iwwdnt'ed, Iraz illette woo,, ar Balmh aotvia. Coehineatl, lloreaa,rulde, Coalperas, Ameta:re, k do refined, Copkbear, iere 'mstone, orde, Fstic, Tamleo, ro( do icall, do Culs, Ido flower, Io aluni', itsantmukh, Farelch l erries, ts Caaoreil, Ildigo, Bengal. ion Crream tartar, ido Manaila, e Coathtledosa do (. irarces, (te lim sloes, o (lartnmelo,. alt do Aurieto, Ifoswand, (.unral+arhy w111111 dt .lctia tu St l)onrirgo sera 611) n olllnial', 1o J m:laicrta 50 tio uuInZil, CoAl'suoodu lutr do tie coal, troug.h, laler, omhin, t n o e la aattri, d Niua.rugrtlu, Ilrtttltl o t do .r Arcc l a rt Ilrtt, do gaineas, CIIESI\IIAI.S. to i :kilo, Acl, oirn dlly do mnlllie, lo mm-lnwilli, tr- shel, litte oltriutl, le 1, eg, o(;l.vl, eIt tost to uaceta:e. r.onaosive rnitdisulii; ad it to tagtawt htk, ilitie aI lt, (erGemboge, Ztotrm salts, r Juliper kelrlires, Amerihatt,l.anor rcotIio, tie tio do Foreign, Itld precipihitr, re lugtai, Eglish, Iltocee a, et- CtO Ametri'ieaI Rled tiumtutc t .rn t ,ir SIrona floke, Suit CarS, Stt I ,il'.micr t ball, Srgr lean, o- till cvesr, Sult zioc, t i lt I easr inStrlp 1 rrillill er. i , hti l +tlbgamot, THItar t.Olletie, di d 'mon, wIAINa'SI lilacs, tl. el llInill|, B lu:e, Ihl turliaau Ckcrnuic yllow, t rt , i hre Ie ipecact, Io duo ill d I "li rrrrr rre ril rIuutirurto . It, tirluk Breen y re h ,t~ sum-lca, a ,, ii",1,m:.o+.w: rg of . du hd 'l'. .ictr,, I'l' i" e Il'h lisf,. l tit httiRd, l',tt,. I: i t t rttrl'tieht'lllllr 1, r ( ti tatll,:I t 1 , t' lSlrit ,r t ,ilal ltIo ,r rite. a Its t rorrir', , d to . ,I, n, r ., do) IO. ,ztg;,':k, Io gl'llio i, ,>it tlu , t lt illrer di, dh AI l'.c: , ., Ii de o AI ,z, Inln,, ir E" nglil,. Hole doI) (:natilhs, n g) gl'o1111u d Ill lbc( l) ( ,ho r1er, / lt iwll'rrlntl.! p1-,. O ,,e . . . . . . .. . . . . . " ('AlT AIN 3iAIrAXYATT'" NE.'W NiPl:., I oll /i Die ierefer, by lhu atIho I l l'r i acrSnop1,b. I. Ctlminrs, or a Winter et S ehloen lfni",fiehl in Lo., tyrita, by Captai lBasil IHall, loyal NIvy, F.I. Iord I(cldtn, i romanca. tb Allit Cualniaghm, I r" Iherpoerd Lee. written .' I;alby elf, ill 2 vel. A C.npeedim, o llistorqtcf ltaly, Irensletl teno fr. orig.aiel lthaon, Iby Nathnniel G(reeoe, iu ] eel, Ibr aing No. 79 of llnrper's Eailtily Library. Vols. 3 & 4 ,t tie nerrw complete and inifrrm edition of Itrashingtn Ir'ing's W'arks. Iogrr's I'.recih and Euglith Dirlio anry.in I vol, 3re Ynr'eeat's 'ivrewh adt Ienglcah Dietionary. ALSa--A Slow more coil enUf Combe's Phreneology "Riezi." I.arge Suvemor'l- ('rmnmnaases ofs per or qtl it,, with chein., Bil[io; llinnl21'91.4 nnd 2 1-2 inrlce (iillot' i lproved mnetalic P'ens,japalned papers, weighs &e. &e. &e. Jrt received, a.ld for sale by RIIENJ. I.EVY. SAINA INEVISITE:),&ac. & . W 'AIN RIEISI'I'D. &r, by he atllelr o A eaer º ill HSpnil,' in `.vole. 'rails of ilaniran rhariteeren, erernir s pplienlle t thie t neorigi ens l' Ncirth Arlrien,.ly d Tur rir, Eaq The P'oliliclanl (Rcnritnar, of ite alUted States, or a (teopllte viewC of tlii theory and prlelticr of the. tgrc a and rtsle goveralents, willi the relationns iatnein the. -dedicalted nd idnid pto ie ) t ta g Ia n of trhe Unrited blantel, Iv E I t.lllsfitelld, Elq. N'ierodl's llnutinlg to'ar. iitrsptI. n ith a erneter istric lnecdolesn rsay rig and orings lf spretig tine, in eluditlr notices of tile prieipal erIek rders oet nglaen uith analytical coeteanit, and general ilde A of nanmes, volumes. FOR Tnee cnE on Scrofula or King's Evil, CIronic Rhsbalatisln, Chronic Cutaneous Did- Paira in the Nones, by free eases, use ofMlercury the blood being in vitiated state. I'flin very eoncentrated Syrup is prepared with Iha greetes tlPlrimnicutiiularlo'te Inttaeiurtey, tdletotiain thilletive pnille e" Seaelatrillh in the oos r tatda cr. trated dae rtee, rolebhioed with other vegetable eubshatit of knowh n el':.ecy. T'he gr.e' de'delratum wilth physicians in Ieain nill to nxlhibit " Ia.-a ·'il ititr of Saireajt riil in ia lta - dlose, iar I.ree ll latt.ill; iln tl l ptpr'ep la tti tllte , heinga ully clnvinced fiits h,:rl:t cooll doetlyr adminiater hie eatorse u "hteir Irat tie"L' IPrice ti 50 ier p Itie. bt ld only at SWAIN '1(13l'll,1.I'"; drug s(tUoe, NO. Io Cantl etrelt, n'lie iluy be hllad, fresh aand genllllila, direi. Ifri the ltr'Erie litlr, Swrilll'a Paiouea iid Venrifuge, i.etter'Cs Ci.t.tatl cill, C'.rieitr'ali Prellllrntialt, Itd a largi arid oernee nassortoel Uttiesh drugsb 'll PINNOC(K'S ROME, &c. -'INNOCI4'S ItMPtOVED I"IiITION OF Dlt S(oldhltlan's Atrdnllutett if lh Hlistore of IRoa to whicht is prefixed an Introdu:tion to thie Ntliv o ltinil I Ittiory, illl grelt vlriety of valtitble iilfro Intion addedi llrode llt tll e work, oi tlCe Manlerl Institutilna alid Alltlliqties of thle Itsltltis; with lnu Ireroains biirrinatieol ail historical Notea"; andl qine tions for exllnlinatien at ilia end atof' eRh .ectlin. II l istrateld wth lirty etipraviiga Ol, wood, fi Alhecrton liexx I'm ha I iirovaef Edition of ltr Goldsuiltti' Ilistory ofELglithid, Iftnt the ItioVlIen of Juliua Caesrr II tita dlatil ul' litorge Sl,i with a ciltiulltiion to the yea 1832. Withllt questioas for exr annhition at tilhe lid a c)'ch settict. Besides a variety of valurble inforuml tion rddedl tlriaghotilltt.e work. Consisting of table of eonttetllerosy Sovereigntr nd eminent perston Copios explannatory notes. lteitarka o thie prili tics, manllalr and Iiteratue of thl ago. Al outlires the Cortlitution, te. Oc; Illnstrated by maly ellgri i GuYs' EtaEIar n OP Ant'lnonnoand ani n Aorihlonee of Keith's New Ireatise on the Use of (ilobea. Nor Ameriean tdlitiuo, witllh dldditios and itiprevoieeat anil ll expatiaton ilf the trollOatiil part ftlihe At rien Alimanae. Just received and for snle by WMI M'KIEAN riev 24 earlier of Cmnp and Comnnin at, HARIPEI('tI CIASSICAL LIIIIRARY. _[ OACE,translatod by P'hillip Francil, . I), with arl appendix, cntaliniai; tranalatalrii oe valrit i oler, &c. aby Ben Jlrna, Cowley, Mlilti, I y rdt tnpe Addietra, Swift Ci,itertan, U WVikehial, Parset lrynat, &e. elt sl one of the Inol'e telmiatet puats of nIt day-.aId hI'IItI)l1U., with thie a.t,elidix Jf c ;udit trlltt a ied by3 CliritloIher Sllart, i t vills tilir vululrtll and 19 of"llarlrr', Claesicur I. }rare l'Tht Eedelitio of IIUPIlt 'Y CI.(NKER, yv Noiollatt, I1 D, wit a ueinairof ti., Atltthor, It 'ItItno in RantoC, Iseq., IiaV edltion, wlithl illaitrataios" by (iG Ut1 akolnia k "PTth: t'i'PcY a Title, he the, aiutholr of +'Picthtl . Malry ollt trgutlnli " &it., tlw bditiui, 2 rulaoe t-ollli u one. PAI;. 1 F11I'"lOR; ly itl itllIor at "P.iI-e' T ce i-ii. r.I ..[," \e,+ hamip veliulmt hI ofl no Itta ! a titt1'" i rOi e.tonplet I ,lik. rJllstn'e.iesl ale WVAI MIcKI;,-" a A t'tt VN 0 1 E.lt -1- ,l l k tA . .tiltti ' nni ta t i ' Itc i tl.i": t , l tt\V i c

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