22 Şubat 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4

22 Şubat 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

A ..& A A RND TA ! uDR . P emapyan, s 2 yet t. I er.-tPhthivete a ed lale.o g dloa Jnarinrtde' e on Insanity n fevem-Prtahr. on Inusanity '. sSITl~qry--Listen's surgery .-+ ,.+.t,.itrv+ +llusttated--o.aets popular Medicinn, n a ti.afol Chemistry, " h li Chemii.ry COUMe tRIAC. AND tAtlrCta1. I Amltnan and Ite sitory, fm 1939 a.. . coanieo l mm Ilictionary, Lndon aie Al*nn el .13 , " ~ 1~~I . . dal viption Alta' ADc F lEc anD mcNtMANIi.. do le r . f Architetuee, Leno. 2 v I. eW. tcit ure, . vole, London ,a a xa Talceepdia; London sAkan Rii~g w.'.r yole dial Misealegititm tle t oi4 •u l l aynnd , olan t Lord Ba + Jolly an .i aeln tIf.,°' .Work b, 2 yolt tda I ldj Urtio.itiea ofsListwatre,at1, - ":.klllCODomy. by may do Vethlke t Lii of 2aha Cucutl is NnadandU loabrliea Preeeton.3 Weis _ An.. Iad , dr dition. 7 ruv e,SpRmo l Mi. oal rt me ft Law, M.edlicol' sain't"ic a Miaa~l~eons· Hoo,, Nan e- i.Ge ,.eramar. English and --. Latin- sad Greek. +.v 1: JOHS &, Co. -lt anr. Charles andCommone te. o~r n AN '.. TONIC IXil1ilii·'UMH, wil r a lod care of le F eer sadc .Ae.d its Par lily dmmovered Ahgo-inthe'lu Mix tohe i le I to tie a ordill Incd of tereting A" il d . In the Irsat ipae, hong aVege tbl ar , and free frotm any dee teriouts and poieon. tIirenhditheit mtay lie taken with the amost earT ye b the neer infatt, oraged invalid. it pre 'eneapseofth,, dieease, coeequently the conmtito tie eraoon regainise wonted telo and eactivity. It eatIb the dtegoc pennadane t appetite, by invigorating sinoteehand gveos a relilh to the jnjymente of tste. lu avin a purgntive quality, It remains n hei bowela Ince this diorder, or to create eebhe dienem,- bt theorooghly lesnnee the eeveral or f digeStin, nlll thus benelte the systet whatever othe alflectio,, it may he oppressed. rideale aeler tie n. ofthe T'onic Mlixture, have seen enpaoeed te all the usual caues of tile dieasce, end bhaveeepedl ao y svmptonems of retlr.; whereas b.y t efthe camton remedie., there is always cren - d an increaned liability to rrrurente. The danger ieqaientl nlaile of rithe AgeC, is vary evidtnl, for . srete m wilt loon Ieeoin too nmuch prortlale to , Iabl teonet with tmedicine, and slmedily fall a vie Dlre suh iaceneot viotlence The Toadic A.inture i ,O ed at sucha reasonablo price, as to plaea it nilhin h raceh f~erv one:--o that tlln poor and destitnle t·ar herebyrurnishod with au istance, without soliciting , aid'and attledance wdhichis frequently denied to 'emtorose very reluetantly bestowed. Tle publi eatio peotlf clotiotted oguileot tie spe Aee imieatl. s oflhl Inedieine, that are daily oloered ft isprepaied nl v by Dr. John R. Rowmnli, at hie ....rorry. .,,erkelatre, Philadolplia The sllecrilom ,ra tie nielewh le ar.glls for the oth Weetern slate, accd will sell bv the ermen, at t Philadelphia rices. Tt lie had a retail ato, at roiast he ApotlecLri~ i.n the city. JAIUVlI & ANDREAVO, ,c Whoieeale I)ttgciele, toer Cmmll ado 1'hoptoln aOansaNlppi aned Losujsiana iotel, -- tIETON. .rt MRS. MARY KIlRKLANDI) respeetfully an. 'lounces to her frieonds and the public gone. ally that alo is prepared to accommodate them at he haboe, estahiii ooct, and hopos fr-tl her 'axertions to fender visitors comfortable, to receive a continuance of fortr.arfnvwre, Sits fonls eong. dent that persons. visiting Covinpgtn during the atnmer months, cannot find batter accommodations than she can afford them, on more liberal termos. iler house is pleusantly sitluated, and well supplied with every convenience; the bar is firelrited with I the most choice liqrturs, &c. in short, sin promises "Sat nothii'g shall bho wanting o ior paIrt to give titare saiistiitct to all whb tmay pulroiizo the ..lississilppi nd Louisiana (intel. je3 'O- IlE PUBLIC. The i r-,i .n.red havimg "a studied under l)r. Scl.nidt of Charleston, South Carolina, and for somne yoears is assistant il ebs practice of medicine and surgery, has the ihonor to offer his prolessioual services in this city. He assures the ladies and getlemes n that the most prompt attention will be paid to the calls which may be made; and also offers his services to tie holders of slaves, being well acquainted with the diraases common to them, having attended them in bhe sugar house in Charleston. The famous antibilious pills alter thecomposition of Prefaseer Smollette, with directions, can be had of the undersigned. The effect which they have preduced in this and other cities, has been attended with the greatest necess, to which the best of rferences can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. sine street. JNO. M'LORING. IRONS, &c. THE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Beekman street, New York, have received tile past season, and are conettuntly receiving large and exlensive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of the ollowing assortment, suitable for the southern and Western markets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of hbout 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 2S different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, akepans tor Ovens, 7 differento ioes, Toe Kettles, 6 do 8killets, . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oriddles, . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 de Wagon boxes frome 1 to. 4 3.4 inchies. Curt do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20,0004ross, iron aend brass, from :8 incll, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality-and finish, and less than Jame's imported piees. Bad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for soetailing. ' Tailor's and better's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to -01bi. lells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &c. -ade to order. Also steamboats and ether machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods Is particularly recommended to the attention of Southern and W.iternmerehants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms; it is be. livd to be the largest and best assortment ever felred for sale by any one establishment in the UIsted States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can i have a printed circular, with description of goods, pries and terms, from which no deviation is ver made, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate ittention. New York. 1838. js3 -NO NURomU NO ooAI. a sew Orleans, tov. ld :7,t. ABOUT si monoths ago I.dal the misfortune toget Sa secret disease, for whlich I have applied to sve-e eeld doctafors a sure, sad they did not cure mte. so now on the above date i put myself unsder tlm cae of Doctor Hat, and I eapect him to cure e. Since that time the disease got worse, so a to break out in large ulcers to tile numler of sis or eight on esah leg, and all ovaer 'cy ace, ndil sure thlroat, and not able to work at it a preseat ithen a aeceount of the disease; large oteer on a the right aide of the throat. l am now putting myself a s aently under the care of Dr. Hue, of Paris, a s beoperfeetlly cured JOHN DEAN. fa, 14 ly I DO CERTIFY tlhat the abmas e oeord dlisease is , quite well cured t my owu satisfaction, for whihil 1 thank Ilr. Huet; and moreover I assure that the ledi- i cle I have ltaken tmakes te fat, and did not injure ily I, =aslth u at ll ; therefore I advise my f low sufferers to I lose no titme al apply to D)r A. lilnet, 124 Canal I ateet, betwesen Dauphie anid Bourbon satrets. Dr. -set is at hate from 9 'clhok, A M, until4 P AM. They will fnd a trite dator for this complraitlr. d JOlliN I)gAN.4i Grnsier street. E If ally one wants to see me,call at No.u la iGra.., JOHN DEAN, i. New Orleans. Feb I, 1830. felt 14 In i4t enmiue Indian lialsntnmof Iivren ,rt and Ht. J onld, i ptot up in bonttlna at the lowr prie of. 51. dmes*o pmho, containig the ntrength of tchre ounces of Upeeloiro , hbel le thi ciortunes ol tnly other roets and hrb knewn ntong th Inditnl n efficacious in curing pulmoonary complunts. The ntarivnlled sucoeso whlih has attended the 'ms of ibi inbtimable Blltmo whereaer it inn been intro uretd, hies obttined the confidence and rerotmmenda. lions of respectnt'e plytieiians, for the care of .oghsi., deldo, paJn In the side, want of rest, apitting e blood, lier complaint, &c. To whom it may councern. This in to corirv thtt we -. hmrinouurpraetice freetenitly prescriled Sirs (ardl alm's Indian Baione of I.iverw'rt a d lloarhound, with rid good effect: we cot therOlbrr, fro the know 1t ortho materiula it in made front, sudl -bserveatlno atfiu r onco, reCUU.ndlllI it as u.ittterin- prraltrathio nill lbar aflelions of tie lbnis fiar which, it is re tmmOLde. AI.BERI' VtIILIAMSo , &i.D S AL.VIN ELIAS Al. D " embea e ofr the e Battnt Medical Assocatilni. iostm t October 25. a" +++ Jqleby J ' .\NI)RE\VS, - il geelit It noitol I l'c!t'itoallee air g-ir.....n.oh...........y............ oI.BE.'R iene of Penmanship receivendd In for sae at their pennanent Writm; eaadeli,.: / s GlCtnra , 'rmet, ,Now tgrlesos, 18J lltoadwav - Iglaoe len York, ntnathit at., Mubilr. w i panriculaflydea.' for prvale Lne r.es, and i n'n' ael lStl\mton ar invited to etlh aid tb l.ui i , give at s -eh houses stl+may sit th Softll, autd to eafaser firtmed in nov PIMP. (bsr it ean receire laswmau their own rte `I i y writs, , en as thev w,-b. ,,.N 1B 1ii & 8ROl. t,.. !IUI2d.?tRfl&T'r & Oann, ,eeolv,9em o OEgeoudd h ladanr sober ltry Andrewt, i BtAMh l nd revi play eardas; Back gammon Boaotq Cltsneno, 21-4 and 23-8 Inch Bil atd B.lls; 8,9 10 and 12 ineh blade Bowsie Knives; Leather end other travelling Drondlng Casms; Belt, Pocket, Horseman's's, a Duolling Pistols; doable and single barrelled GaUlc; GaOne Blpg; Shot Belts; Powder and Pistol Flanks; Dram Bottles and Drinking Cups; Pee.tlion Caps and Cap Holdles; Cloth, Hair, Tooth; and Nail Brusher Orri nod Cloreio Tooth WYash: Tooth Powders Toilet and Sharing Soaps, in great vs nelt; long Hfair Braids, Ringlets and Frzetetee; Pearl and Toilet Powder; Emory Bags; Ivory Tub Cushions: Patent Sloes or Garters; GOut Elastic Sospondfrs; Powder Pous and o nen Gilt Chains, Seals and Kens; Ear-tlrops; Waist Bocktl Braenelet:; Bead Necklaces and Chains; Gil0td Silvsered Beads; Indian Beads, Bells and Plumes Shell Twist; Side and Dressing Colbs;wlTieh,ln addition to tleir former stock on hand, makes their askertment very eomplete, and will be sold ow and on lbereal terms, at the sign of the Golden v Cotb. i5-tf 70 Chartres street. Ft rbleritr, Agents for the etransire bouse of S& S. Butclher, Sheffield, Enland, have just eeelred a very extensive aot of po' atr, etnsistinE of Table and Deseart Knives of - da' eiatriptoe, Pen, Pocket, Dirk, and Spear poilt halvea; Razors, Sces soe, Edge Tools, &. &re. &e. which they are prepared o exhiit to thebs rnds or orders. Terms and conditions will be made known at the time. m16 J. I).BEIN a A COHEN.O0 Common .t. NE..V GOODS. ~IfMMONS, HARTT & CO-Arenow reeeivisg .-perr"ip Hnntsville, Eagle, Merry Andrew. ligh. lader, Freneh and German double head plaing eapls: ie tettbelt anl pocket pistolat plain, lribbed and split oeaaing eapst ca hetlders; elilare, orauts', pen. vest TLllat' commercail and tlher ateel pens; Vio ;in Violin strinps; then, ivory and halm etaoh oafers'; k, hecad and leather pures; hair braids, frent and ask ringletst negro puff;s German otdl Fteneh cologne water, Rowlanads masecaser oil, imitlation dot; atbique std henraoil; portcobe leik and t tessltg F res:t pst, - blekDig; statilaan toilet glsses; coonvex mrorrn; ol, sal glassesand vie's; Inldian ,l s,t bellsancd dnmes; tog cotleon; whit-twine; toilet aud slavlng steps; toilet no- owder, cametie wdrl halls; scented salin aeslnions; a- Poo Slandts; serew cushions; fancy head elins and re- klces; billiard balla; pocket books and wallett,; it- German hones; razor trapsI fine and common gum ab- olastto rsuspendes, goarlerado; Bells lucifer matches; sil ing er pcncilst; Creyon., &e. &e. itl. The sabovelnatrdition to our former stock of fancy ine rtioles, Emakesor e:lasstment very empslts. For sale te wholsale or retail; as the aign of ihe Golde Comb, 70 or- Cbrtre street. mR8. ON TICE--.The partnership of Kdllev, Moron &Co led. of New Orleon-; Atlson, Harris &Co., of Natchez; e nd Harris, Kelley &Co., of Rodnev, was dissolverl on ac he 2lst of May last, by tcie death of Samuel A lasion, by e eof the pcrtlera ol the firTs. oa- Thie undersianed, suroviing partners, will be ebaryed otr with tlhe Nettling anti closing sard bTsiness as fellows: for Levi C Harris will attend to the settling of tit business t of lso,,Horris& Co..lat Natchez; and Ilrris, Kel eo & Co.,at Rodney; and Henry K.llay will attend to h e i seottling of thoe bhsiness ofKelloy, h Mason & Co., at bi New Orlean. Thenalnes of the several firm will be dte usend in liqgidntion only. ring hose indebted to sid firms are earoestly roqtneted Ito cenme forward and ake early settlenents; and tlhose having claitom will please pement them without dclhd. red ILEVI C I(ARRIS, HENRY KELLEY. his ew (orleana, Jdlr e 27,1837. E--if 1Ai-ti- FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER the eases mnro of this suptrier Cologse wratel, just Sreceived anld fr sale nv tle dozen or edinple bottl.. ,ut Also American and ,':neh toilet Itwdirn, powder rIllo and doxo sbin atin td toilet saps, eoslnect waol, hlallv, lilk If rose, erotnetir eolll erve n, extr te o muska , el iltr,, Wosnd'o vegetbloe heir oil, polteruln, 0 r eoltse do pros . Florida.l tvendar, rose aud Ieav walers, Sttretto,;y salts, Illrscillex peel'ttee its trestl,. tegeta clotlticoir, ttothytoil anld fcleslhbrutolt; totgrlthr with 0. oel a lliti.enal stlpt)It of flhionble orn and shell itte. cobs and jecrv,aornole low at ,hnlolrte or retail r ot by SIMMONS, IIAR'ri 3Cu, h ter tlty f 70 Chltrtrer trreet. livo CJAL -Th sblsorober s 'move onstantcettly n nfi nil. d a large supplyee it' Clt ott"o,,aldLiocPIc;,t ole:,, Ssale ill l's to su ot plrChn a.rs. N Alen exprtedrl Ibv the lirst nrrivn l feorn F.ty icd a; enld he North, Can u-I, Lchipei a iand Pte itlI la t moain Coln, hro-en ard e.reraeedl,- the p int serot - ticheadc exprln lvl flr ismily usol--ll of wof ;ct iv eth will ,lsplosea f on tr s llnat mo'lr, el.ter s. Lto rders IrhItt their tic,oe., NN,. 53 s ienville st 3 up tainrs. will hie p komptly ataendod O. fig o 3I. & A IZOnIF. . t.%olI-o: obo ;nr, 'ltl'i:lUicty, & I.-An, |. lo anrticleof calorlne, put oP e txprssly feor tol retail trade; also the pIurest F-eelh PIelrutery, tmbra ost inry every variety lur tile toilet, for slie by act 2 as ReS &e D'LANG. ilte '10o Countrh y Melhealsn anid Pl lnettOrs the Negro cloths, blankets, dlannels, ihnseyc, lowell tin stirtiuegs, checks, lines. calicoer, handkerchiel-, &e &creceived and for sale low by the subscri. on be:e. ROTT"1'A & Co. ndoct. eorner'Calnnl and Chiltre rol dad L GlenIt;n's Perfumreries. of Indian Dye, for colortg tin l Hair ; Beort's Oil, g. Ruttssinns lear'e ereene, pomatum, Miehaw's Fre, ole Wash, sluprior pearl powder, tip white, cream , if roses, vegelable rouge, otto of roe, lip saloe, kreosote toolth wash, clahonie dentrifiee, orange o. flwer water, powder pufl' and bhxer, Ar, con icharcoal, neatly put u;p ill tour once vials, l'res. ,tn sualte, coluna, kreosute tooth achei drops, Itair tly brushes, Endlish dressing conmbs, Indian hair oil, ol t ill a variety of other perlumtries, &3e. tor sale t'e b C.J. 'I'RINCHARD, "cd oLt3 corner ol Canual and Bourlbon ets S IRON IHOOFS--Tlhe sebecribers Ihave procured , at n great expntlle, Ito righlt of pnltig il ronll roolto this cliy. They tare adapted to publio buildings, warehouse. and private dwellitngs,,ne eomblne at once cheaplnes and durability, unitd are peerfctll tilro and water proof. termns may be Untcwll, and a model seen at tur establilshment, opposite St. llary'; morkelt, Tkehpitoelnon st. oett E B COGS\\ EIl,.& Co UPtiOLSTERY & PAPER HANGING STORE. Hdenry Siiebrecht, (lormerly J. C. Wicks & Co,.) wrould meet respeetflully inlorm hiis friends oand o the public its general, that he has and is eonstat, ior ly reeelving u general aeorlotent lf upholstery .d t paper hanging. The followitg comprises a part of his stotk, whichl he olffers fr sale at whole, or male or retail on tie most accootmudutinl terlts, vin : French velvet aind satin paper, latest style ; do to halfeomnon and .oomme, Pniladclphia glazed and untglazed do do, F~rench landscapes, lire boards, blinds, &c. Id, velvet and worsted do do,, , nereanxo do ctlorts, sllk frillge and gallneons ol all qualities, patterns anst priers, worsted Irioges as to ,rted pattern. plaitn and eolor,d. Swiss uslii, aIntet style plain and oioltuaed, cottos drapery Ill ,muslins plain and twille.d, ns-ortod colors, nee d styleof needle work for sofn cushions, footstool 'w covers, &e tew style of bell ,eullers, raised figures - nnd plain, gilt window ornnt.t.ents of all patternst tC and rizes, gilt eagles batal a.td spears, lfeather, Ite (o, glass knobs, cssters, Ihair cloth, figured and plailn, a largo ssortllntt of t.'sy fer chiliren; 5, large silk eord and tasselst woreta'd cord sud tins. lo, eels, a general sarettlnetto of upholsletro nn;d paper hC elthgitngr, constantly ott latattdnd afe,, sale at the ltowest prices at Nos 41 Royal aue 6li C,,otet fltuse aoe. N B--persnne in the city er froth tho country, are respectfully invited to sail lnd rxamtne ior iltemsalves. Carpets 0nnd curtains Itoad- io thet 5; latert mosdern slyle, reootms prepare-I ot thit s;qort aceat notice, asd all itilds of opho:destery wntk U dote with netatansa and deapatch, 0Ct03 L- SEO-U-R, No 54 Condc stre--t'between ,, Domeain and St Plhilip, keebs cunstanttlp on habdu u i at.n s ntsnaioenslectent of boots and hrogans, and nshtoer,of New York manfnesturen for ntc;;. weot:en if ald children of all uses, whtch Ito will dtspose of at very ,Itoderele prie.. will tve tlheir t heltns attended to iS dSEsi()UtI DEAFNESS. A NEW article for persons troubled with dealoe, i Jk(called th&Earrt'rumnpetl) has just Iaeut received, by the use of which, the sligteast arte ulalion of the hu. ilien voice is diestic v conveyed to the car. Any oil awho has ever tietn obligotr to onverse with a very dcI nrson, must be fuliy Sen.ile of Ithe dificulty and l brlssa.ucut reptrieneed bollh It ttletnselvtes and ithe in. dtividuals snunfrtunntetl allicted. By the use of thu Ear Trnumpet. thin objection is entirely obviated. The moat sceptical iave ulways a, ondhued their doubt, alnel having used thu T'lrumpet. For sale at T F GUION'S, Fancy atom. earler of C...inon and St Ck.alloa ,oIts ndlcr:hI Erlltcan lIHotel. Iet, I, SPEIRM t011t-1tt gnliooa pure winter d Z Sperm (il, ill caskh nld blie, fur ane Iby JAItVIS & ANIiI'EWS. Wluhesale Drugg nsta; corner V Ianinon and Tlchap Ins streets. ir l:1 40 kegs, 10l " ,11iit o :IS English io--2 1-I4 bhsr. "p ,, 1 ltrlaiut Bruulse various aize Soa.-e Verimillia; Shibls Copal Varnish; 2 "L Japan I " Coach 20 packs Gold Leaf; 50 do Silver do; 140n do Dutch IMetal. WINDOW GI.AS, Amerriscan Et Plis and French t104 bonaes, artails sire and qualities,; lu.Ilooa Ltrown do..-50U boxes, conaigtment, will be Also. a .enseral ausortlaet ur arlists' calmae aslid t oi% Oq r-le oy A .W VSC.A' ., No 16 C(unl C tn:et. N I ..labamr nate itaken at p ri and mnliaissiIu i tolea will be receivrd at 1( per :cent discoalt for gooud, or ii_ pyent of deiItIi ji I w rI.OUR-3?U anding fr .n ealtrtlndcpend. nce, -lA .I DORSEY. ,..1 " 44 N.w I.ds,.t E:ter ,n's ItRa ur trnisa-'lThree cae of tlih genuine article, jllst re(enrived h eIt 3 RES' & D'LANG, 18 Ca( p st Miranur KRup-50 Coils hliaselurI tels rope. lade ll ,,hemp, it satinrs and for sale by i3 Lot';L.I' & IIAWTIIORN, 63 Grano BOOK BINDERY. r Under the Psoayune Offcee, 7 GCtapnt. DRONSEl\A '&flOWSON be IhOv to infortm i .D rheir customeran and the public gonejally,utna t. heyhave'removed their establishment toNo..72 SComp streets inmmediately under the ofice of the r 'ittoyune--where they are prepared to execute all 9; ord.rsin theirline. H iring received from the North a supply of p. per and materials of a superior .alltty, for the ' manufacture of Blank Books, they offer their cerw vises to mercharnts and other', who may wis work of that kind ; and having the advagrage of Sseveral years's experience in that line, they are s confident of riving satisfaction td thoed who mcay I, fver them with their custom. .. For notaries, arehitects and others, maps and d, plans will e pasted on linen, varalshed and mounted in the neatest menner, &. at the shortest notlice. Plain and fancy binding, in all its varieties. nt. l CHIINA (ILASS & EAR I't1EN WAL . S.'lOUt of 36 Charres street, Ne1w Orleans. , MI SERGEANT & Co. importers of French t and o:nulish China and Earthen ware. are now opening new and rich patterns of breakfast, dining and tea services, toilet sets, pitchers, tea en.I coffre rups, teapots, sugarst creams, howler, plates, dishes, tureens, wash basins and ewre, fopot baths, etc. etc. h Rich cut and plain French and American glass. Is waroe-goblets, etampaignes, lenionades, jellies, t clares, a mer, cordials, aontra howles, doceiter,. . Itumblers,preserve drshes, celeries, pitchers, lanmps, . Inmp shade and glasses, candleo hados, salt eel r le , etc. d Silver plated, bronzed and britania wares-casl oe tri, liquor stands, cake baskets, candlesticke, e branches, spoons, ladies, coffea and teapots,sugars, 0 creams. lamps, japanned trays, a1trel stands, and p- hanging. lanp, tine cutlery, German silver spoons and lorkr, togcether wtth a grest variety of articles ot lr family use. Merchantts, planters, hotels, and a steamboats, furnished wj.h goods at the most rea e sonable prices, and packed so as to be conveyed SWittll safety to any part of the country. it A lin, anll hecnries' glassware. norve C THE FLORIDA LINE e FrIrnom Mobile to Augstal, Ge'. '0 leaves Mobtle every day at three - o'rlork, p m per U S mail boat ofor iall's Lndting, above Blkely.--tlence four pt st craches to Penoseola-theno steramboats to on gr tree, where the land route is resumed-thenes n, vna Marianna and Brownsvilles., Fla. BIainbridge, Pindertown, Ilawkinsville. Saundersville& Louis. ed nille ti Augusta, Got connecting regularly with tllt rail road cars to Charleston, andl the steam. j packels to Now York, Norfolk, Plindelphia, etc. o The ateatiboots are tlhe best for the service, and at the nnavigation presents more advapttaea than can be he found upon any steamboat route in the soutb. ern region.. ed Thre grent improvements in tire route have been ie produced by lrheconstruction of fifty miles of noew "e. road, by the proprietrre, viz : from LaGrange on Lnfaovetre Bayou, an arm of Santa Rosa Bay, to Brynnt's Ferry, on the Cnhatshrucllhee river, tet nimiles above the Cowlord, or 14 above Cedar bluff, Oit whereby thle navigation ol the river, and the eon satquant dotentions, and morer recently tile incon ver venient crossing at the Cowfri'. are entirely ith avoided, and a line riad from Marianna direct o to Bitinbrirge, instead of the roundabout rvo.dvia in, Chnltahiurhre, lessening the dislance about forty tlilcs, alld increasing the facilities mlore titan to- olle a day. yl, Also, a branch line of two horse etager every tbl other day fiem llwkinswili., via P. rry to Macot, oil G. connecrting with tihe Ine to Savannah and A Iuna steamboat plies regularly lie wern B iinbridge and Apulachicoln.1. 'l'ravellrrs wishing to reach any point onll ChatIbooche lor Apaia:hl lcole, raft take Pteolimoat t tBrownrville. tr lbile to Pensucla--Lod IRotoe--During the time occupied by. the repairs of bioas, the proprie. tors of the Florida line will run a line ol four el thire rlt coriches every other day between Mu. in rllculnd Pelnsacola. Pidss l engrs vwil lene Mobile at 3 o'tlnlck. p m, Sin the 1.' S mail banl, and proceed to Hall's Lind at ineL, where a lour horse coeah will te In wralting to convey lheii to thIe excellent house of Mr. Charles flall, I I mile distant, where they will find pleasant acucommodat ions for the nightl-leaving nil extI morning, they will alrive in Penscoltlo early St lhe evening, thus avoiding thie discomfort of Ilithl travelling. Office tit rithe Mansion House, ,Mobile, and Col. linll' Flitll, Pensaeola, where sease must be seau red. STOCKTON & Co. nov I Piorue Forte Instruction. W. illieam Smlith tenders his services to the viii, zeis of New Orleans as a teacher of lhe piano et lorte. Mr S having been employed several years asa teicher of music in private families in B,ston, and also at several of the female seminaries in its , vicinity, cannot but hope to merit their confidence. ta, He is permitted to refer to Rev Dr Cl.pp. Merers r Stetsono & Avery, Henderson & Gaires. i, For terms., e please apply at the bookstore of ge Alexander T,,wer,49 Camp st ict 2 as. Drugs andl .ledir.ner. ir J B Prevosthas blaonled himself in this city lor il, the purpose of transacting a general Wholesale le Drug business. lie is now receiving a full supp ly ol Iresh and genuine articles, which he will seil on liberal lrnel 'T'o eiyr druggirls, and those of tihe interior, to physicians, merchants nnd plantrite, he will oifi:r inducemenlts such ns have never he, fore been drieired in this city. llis intr.ntion is to la do strictly legitmlate business. lls stock will Ssoon be cnmplete, and in a few weeks will be rea. it dy for business. All orders Irum the country, and iefront mlerchants of lt is city, receiving such orders Swill be promptly attended to. oat 2 No 39Camp st PROSPECTUS. THIE sbseriber p-oposes to publish. in the be. ginning of the ensueng winter, a Condensation, rf the twenty volumes of the Old and New Series of Ma-rtin, Louisiana Reports, to be comprised in four t volumes, nvo., according to the model of-Peters' r Conreosed Reports. This work is now in preparation by J. Burton SI Harrison, Esq, of this city. assisted by William F. ' Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by a o distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Court, ad and by one of the sitting Judges, to expect from e their personal supervision all the advantage which may naturally be reaped fromnt their experience. il Such a work is becoming every day more ne . cossary, as the original is voluminous, expensive, and scarce. An increasing curiosity too is mani. fest, in thre other States of the Union, in reference to the peculiar jurisprudence of Louisiana; and the ol circumstanee of the numerous principles here den sided in the adjustment of conflints of laws, makes the knowledge of our adjudged cases of prime uti. lity to the jurints of the whole Union. Moreover, d the rising republic of Texas has adopted our codes, and thus there isa great demand for tihe Louisiana decisions from a fresh quarter. r Convenient notes, indicating the parallel cases decided In Louisiana, and occasesoinally those in tile II more authltoritativoe loruml of the other States, will ono added to each case. , Thll work will form four volumes, royal octaveo. Sand will be delivered, bound, to subser.bre at 36 per vol.; in ease it should be found preoticable to compreos it into three volumes, the p'ice to suo. scribers will be 37 per vnol. Subscriptions received by 5 r WM McKEAN, jai nor Camp mand Common ees. 1 .TIIOLESALE AND RETAILCOMU AND VA V RIETY STORE-at the sign of tile golden comb, MoT0 Charten steretr. T.h suhsaribers have ra. reived, in addition to thoirprevioun stock nn hand, a fill ned complete nassortmnent of articles in their line; viz: rmlmbe, perfnmcry, Jewellry, brushes, Iocking glasses, UI'nfV nitilelsn,& .censietingin part as follows: CtltS--tortoise shell, wrought and plain tuek,twist qnilled iaek, long round, dressing, tide puff, curland I neck, rnilian romhe of every description amongst which arc sonte Mexican patters, Ivory combs of every dasceri tion, hot.n, dressing ant packet, togerher with a gI jgernln nsrerl.tn ofcFrenanl Anenriecan. PERFUJMERYI CoCogne, Lavender, Florido, honey, "b a, roce, and omrange litwer wafers ofeverry sire and deas criptoin,, camnplmrated Cologne, extract of Bsreamoe, ltaoy soaps of al hinds, elaving do in cakes an pots, craom soanp do, Ward's vegetIalei hair oil, bears anId an-. tirluedo. I rton' smelnaling saIlt. pailn and porfumed toilet powder, pearl powder, po tterpull and oxcf po nntn ini pots ad rolls,onrrt and ehlorinse oth wash and cowdears, with a general assortment of JE-WELLRY-some cfthe latest tlind most fashiona ble ette, colasinting of white and redl cornelitno, toper n jet enardrlps, set in tilagree, breant pine ofa grean , w t" of patttrns, watch trlmmings, git and silvre .eklas, tlver thimbles, silver and gold pa wile and guard lchaine BIRUSIIES--Cloth, heir, dust tgerulb,herarth flmr tat, lesh, tooth( plate, cbmb, Nail, shaving, shoe and whitewashl bruahes. I.OOKINGi GLASSl--Germatn statia and toilet " labns, magnifying ald French dlressing glasses, honon ido, with II vannriv of otllher kinitls not cnnnmerated. IFANCY AND) VARIETY ARTICLNS--French and American portable dlcks and dressing cases, soene very rich nod finely finished ladies work boxeeaani dres sing cases with arid witlhout music, musical hoxes, Ac cordiass o |variotte kinds, violins sliad guitars, silver and plated pencils and leade,wood pencils for carpenters and crnyons,mantle elockegtteiand pistols with and without eaen, porcnUsion cUps, prceusion cap echargers, topple as:crew drivers, shot beltn,gnse balgs, paste hlacking, toy Ira setts, ldlin oieads Ot'every kind, bells and p noesa, lirieanud cosmosn I litivee razors snld scissors, thimbles, neltes, pins, silver plated, steel and conmmon aopecte. olea, pocket books and walletn of variots kindsl, visiting carlantd ncard cases, playing cants of French, Gterman ald Am.ricen muaoufatetre, dells. imitotion fruit, ano boxeos, prnts t f various kinds, Saunders' Ponteroy's, Etmteraen'c, Ilillman's andI Hawkin's razor straips and inetallic honoe,dirks, fancy bead ieeklaces, do with t-ar ldrps,toy watches, pearl bttons, powder flasks, cut and Ilum seed beads, gilt ,anld silver do, gualn elastic uspen. dlersn, and garters, plain and sword Lanes, bhackgaaLon boards, dice, optical vemnas, jewsharpe, locnfoco match esnadr drinking rnps, witi a great variety of other arti clr, all afwhe h will he old for sah'eor city acceptan cesa n. 1 moenth credit. B 11 BIMMCN$,, & co. 14 70 Lihmntrst. 0 ISOl' Medical B*,ks-l.ouie an Phhisin; do. cn LI bloodletting, a new supply, ree'd by GI t. FOWAR, 4 Camn l. IDIAwN'S I'ANAMKA. -lOi bhbeeriee.oeaetvemoifsrls, o kingsevllgot, n ias or hlip t, tinsipiet emlneel maltlheIm, inhiiti amt liseasee, psiiculerly ulcers ant paickhlallidons of the bones, ulcerated throat co trll, sI.e ofe., d rn.rplm, fever af e,,ond intereli Sbsesse, fisulas, piles, cald howl, scurvy, biles, chro nleor eyes, eryipelis,blotla, andl every varietyofel- 1 taus aiectio,, Chroie Ctareh, head ache proceed iogfeeany ad humn r, pain inthe stomacl and dye pepLa procelingfromvariation, affc'eionsofthe liver, ehronic infaemmation of the kidneys, and general debili ty mused by a torpid aetin of the vesselsof the skin. It is singanrlyeffclto ioues n renovatino those conatitutions whlii have been broken down by ino.udieinus treatment, j--iUit tllates. In general terms, it is relone mended i a thmea diseuese which arise from impmrities ofthdeblod, or initiation of the humors, of wastever aure er kind. ame of the above complent meay require some tri flingai anipt plietions which the ireumrsn nes of the ease will dlic;h but for ageneral remedy or Pmrileatora loreaimmethemase, the INDuIAN% PANAiCEA will h.lly b fould suffisient. STO THE PUBUC. Splowttae it is, that meder Pbysitcise, in their am hi.re toeal in their p rennonn expl re the vst fields of.sin. be the aid ofehemist.y, and seek tc new hre Lmedisl siil in ort, to arrive at perfection ti the priso n1sesc of arti amlee,--cntirely overlook and eaqter, as beeaththernuice, therch and boeunteou atfast ofihin ee, which the Almighaly hui amued to apriageaoftheearth inyeveryelime Andhowmneh llmrte isitthat while the Americn Physicians loeks to foe.ig cesotries for many of his moat coummon and neessary articlees perpetutlly ehenging as they Lie at thedicttes offalhon orolly, he is mrltw el in his own coentry withon endlessprfisaeon of medicle plainls ilientto awereny indiatia in disease or to cure ias eemhle disorders dyet he i ignormt of their vlr tues, and they are siffeied to 'w.teheirherling on the desert ai.' The cflieotof veaketlble edlcinela s the system sre tensor -those of minerals hlsing. The tbrmer bx oel ireffecaamt pass of-the latter, mesenry in pr tiucnlr, act ehemioclly upoe hian solids, ddndmpoung the hones and undermiling the eonetitutiaen by slow and sre destruction. Thce aorgenialltyt efficiney and SAFETFY of vegeta ble remedie aver m rnlevl, m ay be etimated by contradt iegthe a ent practice with the modern; or, to bring it more immednitely under our own observatieln, th- Indi an practice with that of the whites. Who, i, Anerima, anot hownorsheard of repsted Insltancme wherein some deecrepid, unleretedingfemlei india, by meals no her slmple remedioe alone, hn ifted the meat rapid andaatenishic cares, iafterthe Mlateir Mediol of the mcmn p titeitell n dieted the molt skilful maner, has fo iem Andl who has not been surpried at tie eom pnrtlveesse al faeility with which the nesdii frees hin self rreanydisease, and at the almost tios abhainenee fehloneldis aseamong thesm Who has evl s heard olse Indian witha conltitution brokmen anl rtinecl by illteltelet! And ma a meoubtelait that this happy ex aemi sion of the sevage from mo s of the ila wlics tlhe hessofeenia heirto, is chiefly owing to more genie and safe remedies whiel he employs. 'Tist aatonils inlgdifferese in uiseen, is a fair exenldifioeatioo of the infinite superiorit yof the smpl and sfe mesus of aree which God has mctled for thie belefit of Ihis children, over those which thepride and the art of man love in vented. Frm along reisilae nm algs • rtion oftheaboriain aliahallntlsof thisoanLlry, amlal iltlimate equanin. sane with the, methods of cure of some of their moet mnceufl pIratitieoners, tie proprietor ol 'The lnliaoss P cances,a'1io l ahe knowlhiege of somne of lice moot powerfit and favoritereneslies. From theerheseleeced ucT.s as were ant eliaeinousnd al ilprprLates, ind afteL various eperisseltS to leest leir silrheilesssl at Sreisbgth, ihe Ias eonllined tilem in tile fors heie prlsetedt, as tile most Ier fce nodcs beneiicial tor thie impose frO whitchi it isretcommelnde. T'he proprietor otlrectis prielrstion to the puleic, withile conscisss that e isallaeidsg wllhinlhehr sei, a remedy capable o i'relieving mcaly of his a liled fel low beings, who ar sulffering udte.l tile va'ious clronic ai obstilllae complanits to whichl i il aplilicaile,. l ssh it will prove of illcnlualrle vallle, as tile meane , and icl nlsaly calre tile olely nels c n fomlievinLg sheir ulf ringslalll ansi trinLg them osce more to helllo atd Ipll pilles. This is notoltered soa cttsiltncci oll'eley, that many ler' clalce be ectl!nily goodI wilh m.tny others now in ise bill as sone whhll is ilclllcle f sF at icg life ill IIII)0 exlreme cases wh itol l stoil tirot lloscc lies':il. Tlisici has olle repeatedly; id tihls is ishe retlilatiotl it hasob. taiied lwhelover it ialhess intrcluced. It Is osnlivalt I ithLee yearssicce this ilretliariiool as Ipreenledi so tlhe 1scciliet lcci i tioot nhllct slilace of tISce, somei hulndres of ersoncs mighti hIe fitd, who wouhl solemnlly ilclcahe that tihey believed that theli lives weire sanveid by it,a oI in i0sotcusalcel. they hacd tried Itllly sand llerhpls all ohe common remnliei in vain. WVle' ever it is known it islrllclly coiniig into or, alnl this afforlslthemoslt slobatiLtLallncl ollvcincng pn'o of it t meLits. 'The value of tihe Pnalcea i most eonoIIpcsIIIc il ttos I long cl'liscilt cincd syiphilitice illsi. sofulouls f ioctn bllc n wlhieh Iste le liedclci a ilc e' reoneiesi and plarticl I • v ill those cases whelte llreltlry hais been sis lvteit !y iisedl as to casle listlresianlg Inlis in thie filles, nolets, nilcc l rill uiers, lerleticgeloellt of lhe clioestiv- c cgaccco, _de. These it conmeitely rotlenc , anil i all casei it entire ly eranlielea ile lliseaies acd efiects of lerctLr, reo. voleatheeolslitutinllc, aIIt leaCthllle il:liellc cccncd cllliI well. In ritcoeuattisli l in lctnl.rttel sore sIccth " its hallpy escits ae tnot Jilos citllllrellc ginig ilntlost ino555 diate relief ITanken in proIsl does, thilellititl', P:clnear opetcales sssn allrrnativio cl clietrgenlt a loish irecie, lics teio, snd laxatlves, an noti-silo llcolio tilll csiincllyne; accc in

p.oler lcacS, as saOmichi antdi ensocnsagollste. aelecr. lally epinceasle, it ilclcses ail thie soerct.tiOisc Inicl el retionn, givs toioe to tile stoancli and sicit esnet ion il tle glsllts icn ii cclirsltlr ltuanler. Fro i tiese Ilriloi. pies itsoliesltiois maoy lie tnldcrssenol. Thismedlcicine Ihas been found higihly sefncl i llmccny aamhigio..s dlseases noot here isecilie, ccsi it scs btres used wilth wostlerfll snressa aasit Spcllngiin ac Faill iL'. rifler, by thlos whobo re suijettoeomltlainlls of lti.le cies, and WIhose Ocasittliulllot os1cire ltew vigor. utteh Icr sonst will do well to s.e t o or tlo'.e botles in slmlll lio ser. WVienever a siet tclink is eoseiiercl oaescs-y, tchis I'nlcacea cakes ilc a soil idole; will alswer all its irliposes, in mucih less tice, t less exllelse, ccc ic u a cIc more areeasble nnloler than thell cmonl et tihsrllk. LThe followiltg ceiticcotes, out of hIlndceds simlillr, whlichl might be iocurecd, are given to show ithe eiect ol the liltiao's Panacea, in ithe various eomplait.st ncron menltionedi; atl s lso n exhibit in the most salisiclctory malnner ilssuleriority over ihe syrPlsl in IeoOOloll s ec . CASES OF RHEIUMAfI'ISM. C.RniLETONr , Nov. 15, I 85:. During the last willter nldcl sering, I I as aftiicteI witi Svery severe and iistletSi.velits illlttlliisnm, occnsiooell iy I eposure in bacd weilther. t now iakiegrleati iieasure inI seating, that six botles of she l ndiact's PtueeaO, restoredi me to perfect heallh, and I confidently reuolniemil it to all similarly afflited. JOHN FERGUSON, King st. C.saLtsans , .Marclh 27, 189. I was seized about threeyeanr since, wit a dist resslg rlheumatism, caused by taking a severe cold, while undee Stohe influenceof meeary, andl whieh has disabled re from blsinues nearl ever sine. l)uring tlihis period nIove habn a patientai the Marine Hloqital, in this ciel u pwaIdsol four months, and netrly tle same leangth time in the Baltimore Hospital aln tried almost ever remedly, with little benefi. (. thel 16th of Fcbruam j IIt, atthat time ..arely ableto move about upon ruteh es, I comnlenoed the use of enditaI's Planacie. In on. month I fourd myself entirely freed fhem pain, sal an now happy to state tlrat lcolsder myself perfectly well. SW M . "iUC( KEII, t3 M arket nt. CAFES OF SCROPULOUS ULCEIRS. New Yoas, Sept. II, 1830. This may certify thatin the fall of 18'2.5, l was seize with a swellingpin my neckand iace, which alerwat" olcerated and became large ghastly ulcers in my neeb. Aftere tying nreeral physieians to no advantage, I wen' to Philadellhia, and placed myself under tthe cares Dn. Phise and Beanll, when, alter repoteld slivartlot to no effect, Iwas pronounicd utterly incurable. After. eards Itook twenty hottlesol'Swaim'nPanaeea and eighl bottles of Pottes's Catholieno, with iM mater.al benefit Der lring ofl li, which had now become a burtlen U me.lneturned to my parents in New York, ill 829, an' gave myselfupto a Isgerong deathl. Hearing of tei great sccss ofThe Indiai's PansemIn howeler, io caw smilar to my owl, I was persuaded to try it, as a last s . sort. To my great urprise, as well as satisl'otion,. smoonll foal myself rnpildly recorerlug, and upon itakio seven bottles, the ulcersheledl lul beeamse perfectl) well in the course orfwo molutls, anid have remained so ever inea I makethis statemem and wash it ilpblshedl forthe benefitofthose winOre sr oRring mllter similar searfaunsoer sy Iddlils afiecttils, thit they miy knlow what he ueredole lwhi hasn ailferd every thing hut pdeatl, ted nho uonsiders his life saved by the above Vy. op. WVM. IIINHA. COnranteua. July l2, 3Il. I was aflidte', fory)ear wilth lno ulcer I the leg, on.. as cionally accoualniedl with erysipelatens infitanatil t aml excessive .aio in the Jeg svi nd cle juoiit. Sevetrll eminent phynliians exested tleirskill Upmi it, but with out lperaanentbncefit. In tsiseas five blottle liliianls Pianlaeea uamle a lrlrect cure. MAIIGAIIIRT A WE'ST, 121 Market F'ormleby HENRY UONNAIIEL, drnuggist, agen w'r the bprprietors, Teloupitulas sUret 16 NEW ORLEANS * NASHVILLE RAIL LOAD) COMPANY. IFlIE stockholders of this company are hereby on J tilled thati by a resolution of tie beard of direr. Lion passed on the 19th inset. theeall moadle on let e on tb'l13th Februarv last, for the payment of five dollars a share, woe retindad, anid the said atuckhbldera are further notified that WIIIIEAS, by a resolution oftltisboard passed on the 19th Jast. call has been liade on tlhe stockholdare of the New Orleans ned Nalshville Rail IRoad Co imdpay for the followingpuynmstls on the tihe stock held respee. lively by them, viz:-two doiiars per slhare, payable on the first day of Sptember next; two dollars per smare payable on thie first dey of December next; nli two dollarle shareo payable on the i:nt day of March aext. Now therefore be it resoaulved, that tihe secretary of thineomopany shall notify the share holders therein, through the public printa or the city, that in eonfornity with tile sixth srction of the charier, they are permitted to postpaon any paymeut ealled in an the stock nf auid eumpanv for tile termol sixty days, front cnd after the inay on rhich it is made payable, with the exples con. t dilion however, tlhat if not regularly paid witlhini tle said proluncatiomn of sixty dayes, frou and anftr th day on whichl it should have bee paild, tllhat then the stocl on whie.l saidpaymetsa should Iave beenmade, io and i remia e. !rrfeited to the company, tie elicharter oe that It point Ibing imperative. In comformity hmerefare, tosaid dill, all utmk of the stoekholders in said eompany, an ml think propetr to pat offl tile paymets on their stoek to l tile and of i addlitional sixtydays, uahicy the charier allows trmeare umtifiedtllmat the paymet of two dul-t I lere per ehare coiled tbrand due on the first of Set- bt teobertext. may he postplned under te siaxth sectionet of said charter, until the 31et day of October next, thatlu the payment o: two dollars per sihare culled fr, sad hi due on the lirst day b' December nest, may Ie post- be pound retil tle 30th day of January nexat; and thee pS meuat of two doll.os per share called for end die on thu firsetday of Mtareb nast, may be poslponed until the 3110th in day of April neaxt. Exrtrncta of the minrte of the board. riu june 21 A It MCNAIR. Sec'r. r. ET(lh1·. (lAT. mm b cueu-RS oeaae whfe el t pi u Iuate, for ale JOIIN II (iRAllAM. ap 16 Ro al College of Physleans, London. oa n tal bele Hrgelan Univernal Medi &L ne, prelparef by W Miskin, EI. Mlemsier of l ollege of Surgeons, Licentiate of Aputhe y t a m ofny, Fellow of Bolt Court Society, Surgeon Ste oya Union Pension Aociation, Ln naster Plane, Waterloo Bridge,'and Perpetual Pupil of Guy' mand St Thomans's lospitals, Loolon. This valuable medicine, the result of twenty years' ex crie e and unparalleled msucess inl the extensive ad highly respectable prnetlee of the proltriely, iwro t fited by'the faolty and nobility, and is now introducedl to thie notice of tie American Ipubli, at the earnest so licitatioa *f a number ofgeontlemen of long and high slanding in the profession. It is hopedl, as a prelimi nary step, to check tile evils and fatal cousequences arising from the riuse of the nomerous sod deleterious norsrums toisted ulpon the publie by the aid of fabriected proofs of miraeulous euron, and other frouds, by a set of n ereenary, nnprinoipled pretenders. so totally ignoraot e medinal selenee, that it impossible the monstrous delsion emn any longer go down with bl intelligent peon:de ofthisountry. "lrnee pills, mliliamlnag~eaLle in their nature, should be kept tn every family in eases Sofudaien ilsles, for, by their prompt ( lmionitration, s Ahtolera nraml, spamns, fever, aml ether alarming Nomplaintsl which too ofIen prove Fatl, tN hae q~redi yv eatedl or InPrevented. In faot, all thple whr valoe gmol d heolth, hould never be without them. They are soil in aketnr at Sl enEos, s1 od $ each, by even respre table druggist, hoakdller, and vendorof melicine in tin h nie at t nnI: e C la' s, with onpioun donietios,, :s o.ogeler with: estuonians of professional ability frol d tie following emient gentlemen: Sir Asle Cooper, J SAbernety, James Blundell, n. D., W. Back, M. D., is J. on Key, A. mmpton, M. D., and numeroas ha otmsi. Theuoriisea msn yan oenen nrnmeruionofthe u General Agent, by whom the mndlnei is inrtedl into Sthis country, and to whom all aqplleationus Ioragelalea t mustbe mole. JNO. lHOLBEIN, 123 Wneerly Plae, N. York, m Sole General Agent for the United State , Uo. Fi or ale b pontmnt of the siginal proietor. h SWAIN nd B uItOTllic, dolastai No II Can l streetr g .-ene,. Agentucora Stanes uitl uoaisla. j.lvs ElntliY It LEE U co, No 0 Magazine street, aret r- rnow reeiviog from ship Nash;ll Inisville, luiill, - Kentohir , eagle, aid other late arrivals tram :tw it : -tloern alti.n, a large a new seieetel nasortament i u1 ia, Boots, Shoes and Brogans, eonsitalig ofgentlerml's fine nalf nod Morocco enoots n do ..d quality; do buff'i, and stoat wax peggedl bootns no it nsrioasqnnlitiest men's finn ao t seal and Morocac d s l pInops and brogans, bno kskin sioes, brlogans am sre slnp s men's nee alf and kipped pegged sshoesand I rogens; lo boots; do stout kip anti wax pegged shoen a il brogans gentlemen's best quality alfrowedi sllos, togn a anid Jack Dlownings; do calf and Morocco Sib aMele siles and brogans; io cal, st eaol Mirocno. SLri llra shorut slilppo., do cal, buffl ao neat wnigs, Sody artile; do fine calf, inet and moreo(n qgartel rots; Ilys'y, misses' and elildreo pegged and sewei 0 bogsno, ndi shoes of every quality sa d kinol. A Also general aaaortiellt of men's stout wax and . er t brogans antd shoes, together with 10,000 pair e ugro bat quality, russett brogans, nailed in tih oir tnetll o i melus i stout hip russett bhrg1ns, w artile, alill a urge quantity of n inlorior quality r, sept nili wax broglas. S Indlin fine calf, seal, moroecon ald graii welts, endl pOianp soe eslneloes, fine Frellhb Mlrcoa andi kid rel s n'.md sliplers; dto roan shoes, with and withlmlt theels a i clf, sealm an out nlentherbootecs; do I'ru ela shoe, SI all kinds and qualities; do lasting breogns; Ino goiter S'alt obxed fboteese. lises' 3.nlastigp-log nlresmn, an igens. Chihlren's colored Mortieo mld lasting tIo , l -lsand boots ,le. Sc tle mtlretn'sinloin.slyonble black .ilk hats; tIo lackuk nit o Ildrab beanrero n ol a nattnrio nqtality l do ii itatliOn t iram do; blnotu d , lnarronw brim nle'sl tile d.ri b t s bh, haI k Itsia slorit ioaplenl hats, a new article. Yotllsa. SI ;e size lia t of dillepct ql allities id childee'sl .l-..n'itod b c's Ilblek al dlnbwool hltts of Volition s alpels, with general oasloltoent of be . a' lnd IIsIrus M-,w raps, 't is asnaoitnolrot wil be repleoisnlvd II the rr oival of ro h Ieketalotm ltml aennioe naoned cites, cIl of lwhilch Ti e sbo l i r on acorlel .tliteg ti s-nn. soe, I--If i It..q LlA FOILt rT-11 t 'E ETII. it lrHEestmbtlialed repliltatiol ad eoenol.lyl erenan;l S deilSd d for tIis itelier tIlll reiedl of plllr, d .r snervnie of vhie thatlb, hbo indolcdiblc sul.clier as offer it hito the Altn-riao oltlic. Arrangciens han , beein nolle to slpl eV ai.slt in all the Urincipa c1icl aid towns io the United Solner, no ae to plnal it isb re thea rach ol those sufnriag and likly to suffer this tuoe I Ilnrossing of all clheie, T'oil-'o lre. ' r\dlinn aiplied l orioli, Io directinoes gi.en iia in bottle, it has never inion ilerl i ied dinl( antI NIloUtlOt reli,.f. It sn, arresto Itle lt:nam I loetiv eeiyll, and relieves tlhat su'rlleness y, ) b'.Ihei, fntillO rtlra nu og n t n tootllh Illo: ic 'lle oapldi(,ti: UII ;I m rrllldV ore siolanl , illoerPnt d il io o IrIIe rb ,and i. Ir .i collurn s i, it I ll ae l tirdy ex n i'iie 111d 11r 11 l l i ihlln to bear nlor the publi c oei l tilitii tostniclio , t,: il; u - r'alled contIilcer edyIti :,io [ o lde, r," i,,, oInilnr,, singtularl i an:l lUtne IP tlivn and llo a I, , +"u. ll. ' lit the eif ili.cl- world cs the d.al raiuablu tlit rev l' ttio~lal of the nI,.tl , .il .IIS &. AMNIlIl;\li, mr 5 (l,I'.o ClIll n o ll lo ''n'I--OI'" l,,, l ".. i-u r i iffACA 'il0 o ii,,,d,,-i Ss rumLor ol the ulIderid coed haCylilng e old Iout, o. or distoil.lud hli oll nd longrl Ps.llishllcd S GARDEN SEED 81F1t11, in I;u. -. (0 ,o i, 5 101 owl .Stral, i- Illaving been moust ildltrvoioly eiroul ttrI by selfi. illnroteroncl tirlice, tihe ulbscrlihr belos to nsure hin y friends geerrlly,I and the pluhlic ait Irg, tlatl' l il still nclti:iUUnR withini two dloors of bll Il at, or tlurmer stallnd, to be orolislhed with t fill andt cx. lonsive slpply of li tilhe vltndrdl liinlds of kitlchen oor vegnetablo ardor S'cd,', lof thle growth cnd in. port of tie piresot seUason, 137. SSine thle early par1L o, Spllolb,,lr, he hab re ceived conyli ruppyilH , by tlh pacoket I:dips Vicky. k. burg, Koonleby, and Arcb,inov, all a; ir'i-ed in shIort .,pasitges, dircct fromn New York. Iv tilo Misain. siplnii and another packet, lie is il dlil expcepo a. i .n lion of n supply of Fruit ITrers anid .\lsparagn ry Itoo.s, ilaving tdready rccivcd i:lauicea thercu' by mail. 'ilho silhocrihrerhbgs further to ino-ire tln, puilio i at large, that ho is at pre.rnt oa well nibled to ,neet nd execute ordtrrs for uall tile ki. of Gardeo sSeonds, eilbr wlholcsael or reLal, as ho ever wils s ines hlia first establishn t in Jalnlltltary, 1822. to Cauntry Dealers and Markc.t Gardinraa' orders filled at the lowest and niast reaon.loblo ratnes. by the pouatd weight, and gallon or boshlo meac.re. Catalogues, nithlr in French or Itnglish, mav I always be obtaiued on porsonall ippliation ao e usual, to WM. SMITH, S Garden Seed Store, 85 Custonlmhousea stretl. NOTE.-A conttant supply of tlird Seed, eitl or minred or plain; pulverized soup; herbs, and Shlakers' dried iherbs,-with a sUpltly of peas and beans. 3 Fancy Pocket Books-Under this head will be found a splendid variety of ladies' and gentlemen's pobket books, note, cord, needle and thread cases. Fancy Stocks, Suspenders, &c.--Of the latest pattern and of superior quality, consisting ofplain and figured satin, bolmbazne, velvet and cloth stocks, linen bosoms, plain, and fancy with and without ruffle,, shirt collars, suspenders called Washington suspendurs, also, gauin elastic worst. ed and cottonett do, with and without rollers, pantaloon straps with wire springs; and a great va. riety of gentlemen's weer, made expressly for the retail trade, by A. L. Vanhorn and Son of Phila. delphia. Combs-A general and complete nasortmen of cotes froml their manuact ory.Also, English and French dressing coebs, etc. dec27 RUSIITON & ASPINALL'S (t "OMPOUND TONIC MIXTURItE:.--A speedy Sand certain curo Ibr the Fever and Ague, remittent and interuittent fevers, prepared from the original recipe. Used with ominett and uni cereal success in 183"m, by peroilns of the highest g respectability ilr this city, an stated in the atlnexo certificates. " e This medicine is highly reneomenided, adid has been extensively used in the above diseases with soch ditingauislodd success, that thle proprietor of theo recipe has been iuduted to offer it to the pub. lie in its present form in the hioln Ihat it inay be the means of rulieving many of those who are suffering under the scourge of our r eouitry. It in a medicine piosessing great virtue, and when used according to the directions has never failed of effecting a eure, even in the moat obstinate stage of tihe disorder. It is not t all dissgreeable, and persona of the weakest stomach, and chtildren may take it with inmpunity. It strengthens tihe digestive organs, croeate an appetite, and seldom requires Smore than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor arsenic in the mteditine, or any tlilng injurious to the human constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its eflhacy, the(t Ihey egree to refund the price of every bottle which lai been taken in accordanec with the direct;ons and ihas - not effeeted a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug and tnedlcineo store, an eorner of Bienvillo aud Chartres streets. gi For Distriet Agencies apply to ai je5 T. W. Sh'ITI, 48 Connti st. T HARROWGATU SPRGINS d onrgoniarry countv, Ala,ta.i fin TIIREE DAYS JOURNEY FROM NEIV SE ORLEANS.P rTE proprietor nf tlla establishmeunt has the ples.'o aJLuraotu'anouncing ito his frtids anl thne public re in geneial,tl.at he will ibe iu readioe..uby tile first lay of 'e 31ev to receive viajiersa. iHe will also slate for the be. In nell ofthoose ata ditance, that there hIove beien lare Ie improvements plode, and olters now ain- on end mn ie rapid progress for eomnldletion, iwhich- will enhl, the an sabuer br to el:elslunnodate a luch larger lltlllber than an lertofore, and at tle notne time nlurhll b.ter. Fatnilie can be aecelnstinmd ted ith good roias. or Fl tlhoe whepnrelr :an have large cabi,,, cinclhed tenet an Ihe nainl building. e It is deemed unacceene.ry ei snv any liig in .oricit i Inr of the .Ilhuraetr ie Ihere wbleern, Ibo itis gllteiellyoh n believeil that tlIy are not ilerio r t amy in ih' Hootli. ni, ers Slates. All tie. nn;lili i I+uIt llitu vi, gien rtly ct Itnd at tatering Pclaces, will he frd, ul at ihs. T'ee ,ei best niosic that this in-t oI i. i"-rinimrvtai hI e ir 'bu i, beeo engagedml id Iill beii u oam nt. 1 itenii tie at th t'iihi lpriues during Ibthe wslc imou !. noi, 'I hemnbeelihre willa sd tn biatselfo" his oilta I I in retnetlring hi intefieenil thanks hr tb'.- iere li ise- I Ii aurlgivn hI, im hirt hti, ti, n .... nd h,..l. I,.. .nthe ev .e tion aIi i here i imlltl in iml,s i i m toilren i 'iir cnhI pres th .el , c\t elL ' 1 . 1113 ter JUSTPUBLISHEDFI OM STEREOTPHP PLJ TEE, The 1Fih Edition of iROW.ETT'S TABLES OF IN'ltRFEST: 1TO which is now adedt an Average Time Cateeln S1 tor, or easy methods for finlting the average time on storage, notes of hand or hills oflomls, when uor I chased at different dates, en different credits,ntod for variomla amomts; Iesilesnuseful atl coloplete lianking TIlime Ta'le, the best that can be contrived. or that f ' ren can pr nuce within the same eondesend compasa, e aid size oft) pe. An advertisement in the book is in nearly the follow in words: TThehigh .i0stinecton this work has reerived through I the e le-gslative acts prefixed to tie title page, is a re commesdation itselfl so nuncpmmon,, ant o eonelu s ive, th t nothing is necessary more than by way of otl ' vertisement, to give condeensed view of some of its pe nI teliarities: as fe' instanee, the Intelest has been eotnlp t I e sl ont and campared wilth, what is eqoivalelt to fumr u tern sets ef eolenulatise, examined it the press thitty s five tit, att nd printed trom .treo ype plates tented ai thirtyty-one times, from e l wtieh it mnst he evident l even to he skelteo (epsceially on tim pe.soal lof the die Stail of rofin the ree) tn t that the waruk must te nritu o, meticlly infealibe, anud in eonfiraltion oaf tis belihfa g iremim of two Imndred anti fifty dollarts, is now offer u- ed for the detetionu of an error ofea eet it i the present l or fifth edition, as epiressed in the prefane, uakling fie It largepreemims ofltered frt" the same error since ite first aphlcection in the year 10e2. One of the most eonspicoes feantures of the tattles is s, inthe arrangement of the Tite ntud Anallonts, which Sfor enpediti.ns, reference omlporspiewity, wih the hetlp j oldie alide and ilex, eannot he exeelled; and the suly -ty nml ease with which the in:eltestl ea tbe fnlatotthe l entent of gneral buhsines, wiholat dtnuling of sinms Sis esides a eonveience so eential, tia in dlir estimna Stan of some the most eompetente ad prati co l busi rk nes men and poblie ofluers who lavae ratnle gleat use of the wart, it tha been distinpuishl l li-tho thndablte appellation efofa "master pte's. And eonslidering the infallibility of the method originally adopted in r. compoynlg the work, and tie etraordinary tnumber an, o va riet o the examinations, and tests o' every edition it tanpassedin ithe less, eotwithestanding the whole is i -- tereotype, eonsideorg, in sthtiu't, e leliive aseneracy securetl by the unpreeetled meants emplo od, the vo Slumehas een held aip and emthatierally ityled o the most wodstorf l hook in the whslk;" most certainlyu on man ean names figore work ofthe same extent, wtliel since the brginning ot ereatilnt, ln had the same eam her anti variety of tests in tre same number of edtitors; no, noarone ihaIfthe ittber, as is clearly showt int tbe prelfee. Besides, astenst and standrd, it a t ren trd tal S peeed in nearly ill the bank sand pdlic lficate ins the es nited Slate and by the public genterlly, dcurinlg the , long pleriod ofthirtv-fie rears, yet no errtor of ihe nl o culatiml has ever been I'ound in linti although mcntino a aally ehallerged by the ofir of very large premiumas. , The book.is is faet expressly adapted hy all the onltra si ofTilaw severalI ofthe States its te " rate atof cleulatlio ot foralatte interest," as also by law for batnk itlerest, aecordiug si tie bank is tsetd, anut s tlay bIe seRe in t part, by .e names of he subscribers, alid a few ft llt rr subsequent pIcihtsers, illthe lit attheenll oftllu lork, e lain poosesseio efrveory ellss ofiliciti in evorye' nitr . te of tle United States. ' a It ismoreover well known that, by its rearly eheek, ty it ran so ote detretedl Inlge errors, lomg after tlhey were tadte, even by tie most errll' ftt stn most aaenlratent I arithteticnis, ftat kits s refulness, and tueoso ehee to tenity for its uistl n live been xtensiyclr insisted it ttn, at so evidtent, ie, ee hae bCel is avath tn~egr Iou its e savings, t yatseerr yisagu, v l illst tile nist edlition - was aree, dald out of iit, great i.ntbere of a·eond ehadml copies were seoght for, sttne to a gle t distanee. - auld ilunrsed ant vatiouts priees, as nley eouhl Ieasmon oaly Ib' pilkedti li at frmst $11 to $:5 r l, and nk Anoe perlolln hie ireel..lv decll e al iuanl Ces enu c tid be quoted thal thlaly wo uld ta, $;l, .1 0(It, atlntl $511 uu for a etiu, ututllue i e had t.et t e, atul ian Unt ti al hin tle tatter itheel nic tuluaty rleeiig a t the saa Sseali thit to hii r it tt:e really wurllh Ilt:t uofuy atd SVgtitllungh thue setitig of liae L.tav ailte lta tluet; bf eill a vo'ry rtich iiiein aull i pnhlionuice. io jtlikewiel tt.ntllt nl ' ; lttt tt'au iuit edu• rllut . t 'yt r iy : imln'e ar, nIlit slch is till iu:lhli e ifur wll ek Wl vialh; PasIton altclill t hllt. 1e t Kia ' l tuch at i tI oce i Irli'se a IIrns, dniIhwI ah, l I eyk oli itI tlie r, PI I;er 'ed mn ibe usual innthos, hin lte u ms Fcrlul tcuny eulralnll hin titr ul a tducl t u afilrellu a .,s ir, luc u trout c:nlaoul), Ulclr ison oll cnlrection of B u"ion seetsl it wonh!, Ill i.t to, it ei taigtu bate Iteutt nnlu lt . •ou (h fclrenc, shl dear it :iny price, Ia, l.In prefae. : d:nlden rlarp explains.tc t Il k s e perf, at tam u ht lte thr stelu etyt tu late of this wuu rt lheeut nut e tint t~ sectr"e dledirlf nirlil) coii-tcltl tlullt i l tu IItu i s p l l" . l lal Iet hs i x'ce t wl ill.\" I its tutllln i. AIc uediucrtt lns t c iel both bit nks ucuuIndhutche iu-'cr e('st\ whth uln fl n cst Itolhl w ltu Iu1ttt , ace, ulhitl, it sil nle t fll,: inlh lthe Il'tI llillce -Ii(jl ,ll , cl'lm dl I i ul - f t llll/ililmll t tIII'lnlll llltl e lh,' Iw'o la\s "I i ,a r,d fc 1o a t ll 1IIgl lltl· ,, L t ee ((t.( d.ly :,t gelnle.I.~ lie. fIIt I.t..t tulu. out Il b it':, k ilra, 1. t illl.l,,+il f y tlh s n" iltlel.r st talle.r wI.I illll.r l lt l.d ill ,hdlia+ : ate! l" 1 I. -i Sctt uld :iti:lhi'tut u it i n h t~tl h ,1 I. :..1t o t liut rt)!ht tl e hP 'aty l .'. ,I :,:,: c I,, . tl. o.: I, 11 ,II:,1 , , I, .. , t. cdlhI, , ,, t u I ('tt t . t"ut, rl ,,u lu au i'-tm ;t i eut l u : rt':l ll llin, a ll :o: il.n l e) hI i , \ tutul .tu tu " l w ttt:,l t fIr. i e ,tal.. hle it lllil.lllu t tutu , iut.IlIuhtia . IL diterl.,..i HSill gel,'r, ally'.r fy fihe Ip hliv 1'",v Ir + c,, fnu Imc llt i,l" i tt t l' :sid p.l I lOl I'.. ",r .,II byi Iht. its u cllcinut.t or ' le ou iiu'ru la Ilo,k, i IIuImtm l , o*wmll Ir(li otis und dn,,tlelqi, dIuties. i ut I ullns of thklln ilah rl lullalth, otft etl 0r; bile, whilt;'l ite vrom an iamtpurel'tcc of ite at d; scaly eru., tos; p ns a n uath balcn; clro e s io i lling; sypliilitie diaueetl , a. l-i ll disourdera arising Irotil an illlurllutelta of tihe blnodl, by a long t rei.iueue ilt , ha, t:lilulata, ur the injoiliciou urie or1' Inereury. t AIs.-Cavo & Suhacfttr' Worm Syrcup, or hi. Lo falt ltreervatie: tlhe b.:st pr.luiuratliiu uo atcxtant. Atunog which aral tule fullttw'.'t:u-ltdi.tn u Iye, 'or col eriug Ctle lair; Bil<ecr's O,; lIltcia'u [ll'uear'c Greiaol; I'calialiecu; ihltuc'a Flaee Io .Ithuala. Sla. 05 perior Pearl Polwder Lily IVi!tt,; Ceatlllm te I"f lleIu; Y Vegctlble IRougc; tutu of Blot'; Lip Sev.; Ir. oaite Tooth Walsh Carhtonuie iuiutrllicar; Oira.lge Iv Fla'er Water; Powder Putlosa I ilu .; Al:iaeur. a rs Chalircoal, neatly put ulp iu t'ur encu vi;tal P:coton Sells; Coltgne; Krocutlo l'outlui.ache ut. Drops; lair Broellloa; Eugliahl ure ug (Coub.h r Iuliaon Ilair Oil;--with a variety of ,ther Perfu ' meries, &e. For sale by L WV GLENN'S PERFUM RIES. Cn J C TRIN( ..ARD, Corner of Canal and Bolrbon streets P OYLE k MAY, lonse, Sign, anl (Jr3anlvta L Painters, No 3 Carondele street, tno doors from alnal street. imitations of tbe following woods :lld marsbles, ex ecauted is a masterly msalter. woons I n asLEs. Mahiogany, Elltian black and gold, Oak, i GsalhlI aoI Autico, Pollani dos, Oriental or ver anttiqte, Curled do, Jaspelr, Curled Maple, iBlotd Stone, Birds lye do, I Dl by Grntite, Satin Wood, Pototnac, lHair WVoml, i). Blvee lrdello Yew Tree, ittioa Wilte, Coronoandle or Black Sitmtll anti Ireontella, Rose Wood, AMeeri :an Grey, AsolV WVite Oak, he. i hoe. Curlest Elt, Sprlcimlals to '.e seen at the shop. lt'alis, oils, glss, n e l e e: r v ntist, i 'e.e okhastl ti!ler sale. ml IPiN,.i.'t:I. & II EAVY - ittUt -l.l5 , -lt re anil ollOelle itto well assortead. )loop, slroll otl rod iront, ail rodls anl pIloull motlllls CoSt, (Getrne, shear, blisteadl sprl, i, sheet nid Crowley stert ITllow ware, cut antd wrougbs coils ead spikes Zito, block till, ,ill aoodgrmd tone .,ol t kettles Cain cablsoe, antlcors, hIoee On, log a:d aacet cbiis, core mills Anvils, vioes, l.ttmrllr ad bellows Wire, slheet pig iatid toe lead; olsot Ctnal, and not.k"og stoees 'Ames, Ilowlold's altd other spadles and s olnvtlI Hook and Itle ir ihges, door aid witldow Iook, Collins, tollsh, S io ,lld other apes I'ar'd and M la nilla cordage, liaes anIdl twlue Bolt attl slhealthislg n.oiptlet Navtl llores Pasillts linseed antis Ipeeiltl eil A full assnresnell ol hasrdwaoe sld l sitl inhladlery, alwaysm oinlsad, ldl whleil are offeredl fer sale at wllle ale or retail, ot tile mosl favolable ter.ms, by n4 LAYTON it Co. 53 Old Levee. NEW GOODS-Simmons l Ilarlnt & en am now'i'e oL eting fromn ono boeard lsipa Yuxaoot, and Saeratog; I ndbrig Coeenordelin fiom New Yorkn a great variey cf goodls S tlheir linte, whicl, togotber with their iotnsel stauk onl h.ndl, tslakea i their conrtt rat veryp, pleto. The ollowvittg rt.tlposea part,iviz: ell twlit, ..tr ;de lck and dresinog emchs, tlons do ofoll dnesriptmls, In dia rubber, silk andi worsted elastic garters, tomtmon & fise elastic isuspender* , loro fe tl I.o eiLietr nelset, Seieltitlpowdcers, eotderlStffo antld boxes, toilet ltlowder, pocket books nsdn wallets, nedlo Iooko, shell, pearl, maory oad storocco erd elases, ltead ornuoaentst piai co ral beads, aecklaeas aont negligees, bead eluo, llbad oseeklaces, cut els.s and plain,oeed,oilver nd niltbeads, indisn beads, bell nad plunmes; pistol nsd arge pow le flnaskshet belts, htrse, belt. peeket ud daniling sistols; ldouble and siogl barrelled guns, Bowie knives, and dirks. scissors, shears, pocket ktives, guard chains, nd ritbbs, waist bucklOOs, elotlh, haitr, tooth, nailcomh, crumbh. ahoe, plate, floor and duasting br nshe, Cologne, Florida, e tvesler, rose alnd bo y Water,assorted eseneso and exlraets,.9luecassalr, bear, usltihie, cll Wuard's ve getltle tair oils, oshtiitg ald toilet soaps of all dea eripsions, ladi.:' sand gentlemones ' des .s nd dessing arsi., hair riegh·lHlri.#oltes land Ibraids, plain, tlssyv il m tsitc:l work hitt, plain and itit itigarel, cut" ano r.-.lit I,1111,310, tr'nul nioid iVOry shirt do, shirt Sttdsi , g l h oad l ilner eItrttlit reatl, toOlthstl td ieezereo, laottd ted gill Ioeket, tlt'nistittre do, til.er, Itao anst. oti risiinbles, hon~ks anld eves, hair pilt s, ] 'iiatinnulit I 11i tl id rendink,ei,,n bl.hking, voins etel guitla reibbed end elsist lpertoisios ape, iseI twi s see ettsl enua ltens,gl l t l l at i l litr l n e tea pttttd r ;ni'e bs-s, ridioc t'up:, w~tektlls,.. ttteu-' tt t t, thits oo id, tl t, a tl nttt il.,ljl a llt S-,& tlsee Ihoveo: te.elter with a tretlt sr.lt v ot other erti lot't nlre l . s llett tst oltele sle s I t il t lli i, lt'ilt. SIi StArl tonl', r.elaired MIAl., ARRANGENMENT . . ...e i M a 'fl oup E very D spy at 12 llM . Nr M qCloses Evertdy at 0 A. Wew a f Duoe every ..nday, Wednesda y W estn Me., Fpridev, by .,P.M. ,Ay onaly Closes ever Mnnray, Wednesde Coast, and Saturday, by 9, P. 51. The Lke Doe devery usdy.Thursday, a via loses every ModmlayWednesday TIMES OF ARRIVALEDR1'ARTURE DISTANCE t &c. of the Exprress aoli. haew-e. So,, ia oand New York--lcanviaj obile daily at S P. M. Nortbwar New York daily at 5 P'. .uathward. N- Arrives Arrive Northward. Diennce.- Time. Itturn'g - Montgomery.,Ala. 2 pmo. 198 m'i 23 1v 12m. 1g COlutuol, Gau. 114 8, 9I Sa.m bMilledgcville. Ga. 2 133 144 p.m Ceoimbita .. C. 7 am. 1. 11} l Itnleign N C. 514 215 2 let at Warreamon, Va. 12 m. 55 in l- etersbur i V i. 10 pm. a,3 20 9a. m r- tlinnmlVa . 1 am. d21 81p , n. ra lreirrienehkuri,, 0 67 ;T i SWashington cit oly, 2 na. t61 4, al tallinore, 61 3 T8 , - I'lciladelphia, 61 am. 10 II '0 rat New Yorkh 2 pm. 90 9i iSNrtw 1305 143 h. or 5d2 23 h rthward. Coina Southward, the time is l hour rIca; being5 days anal7 hor. l 'y TEN IDOII.AHS REWARD. ie ANAWAY from 169 Curacdelet corner of Alevis ma it a reetson lt night of 31-'h of August, and wae aseen the nex morning in Pe vru streetr, a negro bay II- named CHARI.ES, about "7 veara of age, anti 5 AS' e or thereabouts in heiglt, very block, and lms an ioltdl aie ictent in his speech, one of Iia loges is more, eoasoneord Iby a recent hurt; lie had on when i went away a whita Scotton or linen slirt atd white cotton ,aontloans. SSmater of vressel and htem lcats are eatibord Srineat reeiviang or harborig asaild negro, an welal as al tt othrer psons, a the tmost rigour of tie law will be to enforced gainst them. T'he ave reward will bIe iftia Y fcrdeliveeing him into any of tie jailo of either ath nmunieipalites, or at 169' Curolderlt, corner of Hervk b teet. "Ipt a l Ni00'1, E-h culoteNttehip rl, Iercoitre eaaig Sunder the fin of Ilubois & Garretoon, Io. see O dissolved. 'The suecriler will liquidate tie affairn o '' leonoern in this city, and requires all peCrsons ideb - Sed t tonni tin only, and all thoeltovita clil.e, to precsten t l hle frorettleaiett. cil ug 8--7t_ H IARIIETSON he W.W. SWAIN.. .. nl A N lo. 11Cmtl inret AtP-a Orlanns it AS alwayes on lhad ea.;tantly or rerseimin, ltra I yea, s lthemiale,and l'ac:os,aotta; thet- ur., :l alowui I fn UGS. I)DES, At Anlitttn, crude, Aergnls, red, tlo nregulos, Aclnatto, SI are te Areltlo, ertlde, Atoi, ido piowdlered. roazillctte woos* itBcaaeaoovhal, Coehineal, lBrnx, crude, Coptprras, Americcn, o relfined, C i lear, , Itt Irillltatone, crt, omlatic, Tampin, do ro, o Cl d io flower. tI Maine, ltirmiith, French .errlies, its Cmtoroil, cciigc, ie ogil, Cream trtnrar, do Aiallilla, n tll hadi'hes, do it laerarra, e m iarloe, do tm-haoal. - do Aabc, Lwm t Canctwaehy a cd aaml'tida, St Siletigo V1 wit lmoniua, nto Jandie, a tn benzoin, anlmwood. t t ooln tlt, rotlg., r, a i , ne ol scralpeNd, ieaouit.guo, .lta.rc, _ tn do S Aneeic,., do Carot, ld 1 mnllphor, rler le, lo tit lo lcnib, i.- do i ro r t, l ifi i, u H scie. t t-kh c, Avteta, iton, i1€ o o lptlle, dl itll lwuit t, to lellaiec. Blue vitriol, i Ost t c, s hit-c , or iv loulmi.eli icl`lo So NJ..aen , .'hlorideof limpe, _ Gashogs. Pplom sils,, d,,. o itn" Foireig. , lIed precipilatae, ,re Mugnrsla, English, IRIchelle wll, ,1 I_ o A lneriF -,i ·ied e hl ro uattc c Ictct SManna flak e, S uptAi'tp Soh, .. dto s orts , S uip pit t . I.iq";'.ice ball, Su.i;r lean, ,,,_ t)il cloves, Suiip tine , Igilltol" emptier do c)it . ,c k ido tic t hic lhtic , I, It-c It'tc oi !,- , Il i. tn 111,ec , , 'it t . c i, itt-ItO, t tti~ ttlth , ctI o.T ttc logitaic c, Ilric shirodh'nglid,. h th, NIer'I' ' NliI P IEtei ,noi t lo l Iit l1it t tia lac c" 'ti l' I tsctpitert o dt. e,.i: nder, Span ltci lau , t ,ittt '.oa F.I'.I a ~ lot-tilac/et tt io diogi"oco torhre i ll Idu' c lc,- .tc', I - c ei ct i it :Ifc l. 0 octic . , ci .1iI , cOl'i l : / ,. red I"., fli roh nth l 11o fi m..\hrtlit, i hJ Ati h ri iar," a,:tal e.ttt c o'd geifortt ei tie 'li- tic ,lo telic f E iii lllcrc - ,)o do, lll li... ... do g ,.neh ctd lel Rtcct, tVh P .llio'oc iceolal, Deli eotr?, tc i Atoot, la Ato C a - A cea1m ci a g y t ati, l., ilipor ael.all c l s .1 t h Cd l'21- N· N i-60.l, ! .at'/i the /tcrjir by tholtulor o Peter Simmple, lP its to '.I VlII ji. ti o Cu -enciri.r a Wincter at Srlcloy s 11ni.el. n I .tr ca"ll DENJ' i ' - E -Y. 'l.ord / ,/,, ,' ," rlll l ll.. Iv (;.lll C uni im I av at. "hh Iv rrd I/,.", t RIit t, v H inlts If, ii t vol.. ' ,r I Cm./,r.u,./, Ilis, ,.or ne ;t/ry, trusnnlnted fron t li Ir., clrlný l Ittnhun, bt" Nnllhn rPl Nc l e[t' l in I vol. flo ,i inG No. 79; of'llitrptr'a s Ea d I .tary... r' fo r l of the n.ew cmIlete eniad unifurin editi of I-iaxhi..tam luring',e (orks. 1131 BIE3NJ. I.EVY. JENJ. tEV'Y. RPI'AIN REVISITE).,&e. &c SPAIN IREVISITEID. &re, by the author o Ayeas ill Spatin,' ill uo ls. Trais of If dta rhnrttetr, as generally applicable t jthe Aorigiuie of North Antericr, by G( Tuoer, Eaq IThe Poliicsl Omrnar, of time United States, or a tcomplete view of the theory and practice of the genre. oil stelte govermentens, with the relatious Ietwecn them --dediceted anid udpted to tihe young tien of the United Statcs, by E lta.3nslield, Euq. Nimrod' Iuentingt Toer oterspersed with charscter istie anecdotes, sayito ind doilgs of sporting melt, in ciudihg notices of tlte prine ln crack rnlera ofangland with aalyticn l contents, aid general index of names,2 volumes. wOe THE CURo or ,trofuho or Kiag' Evil, Chronic Rheumnatism, Chronic Cutaneoous Die- Pains in tile Bones, by frn eases, lit of Melrcury the loed being in vitiated state. This vervey collcttrttel Svrutl it Iprpred with tIh greatest i.wurmn<eOllt ilul uare nucýslelelli*cy, tlllllrnlii tie a:tiver tetltipieof Sartuprilhtiitt the Iot I t roncen trated degree, comnbined with other cvigeable substance of klowrn eflcaacv. The great ieoideretnlt with physieians in Ieinl abl to exhibit e large qtuantitty of Sareanporilla hin s shi dose, has been thtained in thit.pregomratienthey, being hflly cotvinced oifa tntmrt, confoiTently udiliulstet the course of their practice. Prise $1 50 per hottle. Saold only at SWAI.N BRO''I It'I S dirug store, No. I ]Canal strert, wres mae ie hid, fresh and gunnine, dire tfromt the prr trie torn, Swaiin's Poancea and Vermifuge Potter'a C.taoll con, Carpenter's Preoarotians, ond u large and genera aensortmoent of fresh drugs, nit PINNOCK'S ROME, &€. TItNNOCK'S IMPROVEIt EDITION OF DR SGoCldsmith's Ahridglent of the History of Rtta to which is prefixed aO Itroduttion to the !Study o IRoman Iltitory, and a gireat variety of valuabhle iifte lotion added thronugtout the work on the Mannen Ittutittitns a n Antaquitino of tile Rotans; with ni merous bhigraphicol and hiatorical Notes; and qutes tions for exuaomtatiun at the end of each Ieetion. II. luhtreted with hlrt, y earavings on wood, by Atherton ocKaauc u'a Ims roved Ediun of Dr Goldwntlth's History of Englnal, trenm the Inveaion of Juliu Ceaar to th deoath of trorge 2d, with a onltiuatiutll to the yea 1832. With i uestioin for examtination at the enid a neci aectiot. Besides o variety of vaolable informsn tion added tlthroughut tile work. Consisting of table of contelnltprusa Sovereigtie atd emineat peenonu Copiousa explatttory nuote. Retharks on the pobl tics, manners autd iterrtt.e of tite . An outliner !le Cott.titutiot, &c. &c. tllustratedhy maoty eng.a Ints. GUS' EtIrEMErrs or ARTRONOaty and an Aoridgtoer of Kuitil' New Treatise on tite tie of Globes. Naw American edition, with additionas and iulproemeotu into a expiatioun of the atrentonical part of tit As riean Almanac. Just received anti for sale hby VI M'KEAN une' 24 cortrrelo Camtp and Common ea IIARPEIWS CLASSICAL LIBRARY. E1O hACE,trylulatod byPhillil Francis, D D, with I1 an aoppendtix, ettntainiing trnslatunon of vorionu otico, &c. by ieu Jetons, UCwlroy, Milto, Dryden Pope Addison, Swift Cuhattesrtoti (.ihVkokeld, Porrna l.ryu., &c. .lid sotme of the more emoitent peeta of th day--and PIItEI)RUS, with th|e appenmldix of I: din tmusllr ted itv Clhristltitegr Stlttl't, in d vto fotratint vtdluted and iJ tttlt"trhtre's Cluao iettl I.irtarv Th'lhe I.xperdottl of IIlJ.lt'Itg CCLINKER, hy SIntttlett, it I t with a memoir tl the .%lothnr, hy T'fhet s Itoaoote, F.tI., nowe edttiont, irtttillitrditious, hy Oa I' tiklttnk '1'TIlE iPfY; e 'oril, by the tttthor of "Ritnateta Mary til' erguudy," .c., Itw oditio.n, d .ra tietfpl It slue. I't1I,. LIFFORit);by the aeuler n "Plhutt tie ti-t '. t ,ith., titu rvlehe IV oltlit ti. as' It l"lI , r 4 tCollpliet lirko. Jultrresli.l le WMt MoK,- " I..Al't)' SIOFSe--:ti cosokt Citcisnati anloe 1 .) " tll: I IIItu I i ttH l I lAll a l blt 4 a "a 1 1 ) + k l ll I h slr l e lU;ER.'L" . IIAWI'

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