1 Mart 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2

1 Mart 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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b.i\S rt. li, L yp. J. IJ.UDy e; A2a Ala-in'. .IVOA-° . 1, 1&70. he Mau laving Prama 1n 'hr, returned to t I n goi.a o t too. floy u I8 ToP~o~xl; {r front l ..13avro to 00 .. .t Im .0 .O ne ro (elaron. to AI.Lt· . Slo, K . G b, 00fIom Olv, , rpo rt. 2 Io J ' ir . .ou o ,llie b, 30.".. f'ooo.'o.14bda..ooogo Qtirt 'rty, hrvaort. . ooLC.'f:oo' ood)doo oo. y~s ,fr Vmin~.,0F'Ruaon, fro,. Wdlliamrosa Loading oh, 01 '. oh Alt booboo co.o. KW~tE OPh Uo.lp ...IG'hho loa ... odn. T13 rlua lin'ea ..o.hi lo. o.h. or .,b.7 0Ao. y .la 0100, :al0 lnd Ihoodooo do io. .Oo..30h b it r ." 14Yokh.a.ltb, 3 Me00n0t, -' 9'(t 'hrlt Woe l Ilyl;, 41 bd· s rrr, 3:1 brl. .pllirkr3) amply c..ka~u, 'bd'Lm, 7bae ai a.Vc rbr Eliayi~e:L..6 bhbl~ aggnrSU k.?. lour, >a.! y do IorI Ial'n POT1 14 bl)·BI IYIrs,4 ' , P U ti Ito- e nad 4 do rout, 'PUyv "tr ~hr 41"nak..3"n i budhei, earn. Kox0 rhr'U I Una..Y.4 k It :Irk and barrels A7OJ; :a rr E-uuiim...llnldrg -mall ioll of ·dk· lidpnlr. wear ny ·pyiral, sugar; wtoo, ha~rdware, ' .1ý'11:, pr $to... p Irknl N. loli..rul ry ma~l ,- -? ,"ý.a, 1551.: ahiske,.brauy,,w o rum,. gin .a,;·r and Parh ,rio.. kg .poodo, 3 bit -.i".e lr oi 4bse.k...to o, der. '1· CONdIGNEISB. SL.foyaoor. Vkdoo end o.n4rt.l ,ocohoo. c &U.'lotoboli. Altojo & 1'ooooolort. `01. 1 n {it p4 va. TD tzi0O. V Ilstrc,oo. 'E Poro..II. S{di) oosoo o, AOullso, I'I kowA; ott. r 4 oooR H Co 6ýunYco. J Several. R Ifpnuean; 11 G ttaw ý,ooo Eroaioo. LT Caiv., A leol, D Doo)llo, A DI "Hlu g, +1 rier, 'I Lewes· 4' Merto, Rogers 4 ° 30ECEIIPTS.OP 0110)1RCLE o41 o k ..porwoor 0.1 IOies cotto o,.d 2, be o 1toraooo0 do Retral,1i.. Byrne &mo; 43tJo o o';t130 do (Doill, Dering. 4 no; 25 do C NOg,30H 1,1,4,oo - 1 d10Cdooowuor & Gridloy; 180 It WOaik00. 3 do A II loultoce mod co; 33 *.F sol';; ad ot 40) do Glooor an,,. N,' om; r 26 N. NoSk, 5ac!u otto oo odL'aickr, laio!y,Doy lid to 0. 00.. s .po'oooomoo Be..1.o nogoug..e114 boale cotton `bP 'lo do Iiodt Iaudomuioy; 11 4 A Lodouood o; 25 ! o ; eonI4 do W Oikey; 16 do II 31 . blo t, ot dod o In Gylo J" Sotewrt; II dGoiordln I Dno10,; O ono0 4 1 &~o n& d VoS ooio; Odo Connor a l 0do1E' 4trict; 5 do J NPlooi 4 hi 00, Sdo; 5 No G do II II PooloolFl. , A .....40 olI io ooo in'o.Lodio..n-p Comootm. .l141 btloo -ii.1 a oAo 4. u -do Rtiokoad Neek; Ido PFo.yoth w . yrg~k) 0il Ifria714 d 0rS Pootllar; 11 olo Toytor . od. __ Q*I oN di DiJ k & co; 64 doG A Lee; 19 do 3 ot'. ,Pooodoy & oo; 95o oYooImono .0,0) IN do G B,. Lowoooou. CbkoP o; s5do nook, Wa & co; " ,.; ~ r Ike-I r ,reamertVithi10O-4l7 bh!e ooloo W N OW.0.ttOiOl 00 Jl olo. NIllo 1're.stt. 1.JonsOr cut 18do I.o. t rido158od. Lpkitob~0. P.. .o Donegan, 31 do pA.okr oot.O0doJ M Cbdotoist' 1:i do Armour. Lake " elks; 8do Coonor & oid6N 24 do P A J Curdy; 8 do a.et'o8 dt 84. 112'oo.or & eo; 2 do FN'OieronobD4.ot o; '1o2olnT rphl.& Wootk 72 do FrP41k)lin a Ito,,,) ooo. 1'do J DunJaon co; 82 do Reoo.Ptoiderrkoy , r l 44 hhd. ,r bo.) A L Ad,))0)144.0)t 13 do T R Iowland; 24 do A H 4. cqeýa;O eo; 16do Co.,mon 0 Mlcaohen; I do I).,,o sod Veisio O.h8 do odIgeOOy & o; 23 do Irt.11011 411d 'a;, ),5 . eooo 18 do Ri1, Joh2,Otoo * 00) 41 oipoopo Foryyh :F- )1wood.p o .p oroeomor D1oool.. Oh b.,! cot0on A Le jdill) 40m 146)4do o It'louchis'o0& co; 7doA Aivnrdio & eo. 4 10 ioo.Oml;eth & TIomppon; 59 do AllaitoS"To..mnuoot; 54 dl.ti 1t I 0sni 2 .FIoe..itoo.Nllocbqh Wloot.; II do 'Taylo.r 0 ooior-& co; tSdo J Armoor, 5 do IRork, WV.1t & 1; 5 do tit ' ; Ape,,Aokoo 4 oo; 9)) hideors 00d 9 ro)l [101110the.r, ownol herd. 00'.hrropptt, par et.0 Coonpto..5ll) bublesonoon 3 boles oir .kIh4 Idd, b dotottr ooiu,. J R Lou i" ro; 101 boles . " ii0N 0J";DTok .on; 2 do JAoddllooloo; 4 doNoot. -nI.. Mtat ight; 54 do 01000t1 4 Cobb; 44 dooordo; 15 do ol; l3do Lombuti. & TIhompson; 212 do A No. no 0, lfl do Alao 4.Tooooo.Nat; 03 do. 022 beef hides _ er O.s 114 hales cotton. J 11 Loooriok &oco; 4 do '"`.Y;.Mllooom& "i two°.lot futll)u.e 0J rirodo, PAS4ESENERS. ''90'"a a 1 ý r00 N.nm .r Raton Roug..P Hooors, ULa. 9 Cooooo (Go.o, lot., toaoh 8 # .q Mbu Tod oW Nor St.vail Our, Lob'oca, N goroo. J k O Pip8e?.s, J lisd. N T)o ln, 8 C:ork.,PoeIll, Alx sý.}itisoº: " : WiIWoono.' LoI1..o-par t'ooo rr Comonrhe..3 Elintoso. .t , .ý, W'e!, Dr 14/1m. W Smithr. 'I' Moore, T W Tomupkins,, 1)0, oobsonno. Jooo At foily. Cro,,ridgo. ol,.oo.pO.110001m p~lk0k Col1o..C1 C E0D1ner. P Pit ad o AFooAri. C iGravesT (Oairoy, W Croosly. .00.011001. N r IFerO. D0 V.0000, can Brneyand 15 att~dmek As Is:,pr steame~r knlhurg..,Dickson id lady oooloo lady 4. 1rv0', IMisr Glooer, Ioo Bn.lo1, lb pI NItsl lordin. Miss liok, NIr Novolooolll family, Cop tIori'rrk iol. No,,),, Ilorsool. Trigo, Nijokall. Bro10r Rsokho.N..oono. S0e10t0&,10o. sooorr, Whilo k. Cookh. I.oy, (ordneo, Nurroe0, Hay, Keneoy Powoll, Iloper. loropto. paUOO.I..goe.000ostm Levnlt..)D PaNrton, J npon. o ,..poo.W iimor, J wRowooJW 8ytnY aold. II Coei. C B ollI..o.,8W Mm.,orso.ET To,. t aoo I'uo,. J Oodon, lady nod too'lA 1014is0,, PI..Alado, l 00rriok, JS' Fold, ..per 4.001110 CnOw1L'.. 0 OboNoil 4 lot.a 1 )M dy bbooJ,,tlr, NIoo'ma on,ooHtdy & lody, IHopkins Io.Vd W~tlomoond trdy; J GOouuoooad lady, Iroin. JC oloor k Isl; o),On. l;.lror, D0O.e FiPoh 00opoCod S U Willlamooe. C) NIDa, Cohodritl. a.Edwoodq. Kolly. I 1 Woo,, HW lI. n.. A Nkiol C ,ldoell , lKy o.Nkoy, uo. Nrirp. Ihato d. 8010110 Neill,.'. o 0000e.m Oooro..G T'roy., JS mith., OdoJs,ýlIt00ono01I.J Poro, kkobt W.righO 0 G Royomod, NEJIORAFDUMI. SIor.Coioo.aoilOo emot po iopy kioh wheltMry, IJoapr and .t ,boa poohot..tko latter had arrived 00 8 W Pao wohe the a- l FOR CHiARLESTON, 18.C. TliilooNt eoiliis A 1 cl.ppor faotened bri 4.1-fl' ELIZABETI, Birow m.ster, will hito.quick doopoock, a portion of her caojo 4)105200. For raoiordor of feighit or pssa0g., hovioloeoo0aforoiskuol nroooo,;odotiuos for 25 pas .,applyoNe 3oard 00 Pico.,,,, li0r or to * Y POILT)R,9'tCouotoo at ý "ý FG NSW V-'Q~iiii '--- "' r q'ol 0)1 roo fat ailing balrque 1OHE. ,Co, C. )ania)lNooco. will Sracoj. io * 0. dpatchi. For loilnce of Ioeirhl or ap 00 0.030 No.40 on bo.rd, port 5, 201 #9f11) 1 . NI GALE, 93 Conoun o t 'Co4lo will 1. alovanoe0d fur ohargo. No all 00 blky till vessel if required. The nt. nhiling copper htrned brjg ok. CWIEEjIYSAN, d Sonrt. mtooer, I oRitg loot @f htei t ro ptygogod. tuil! mert .0)1,hl epaltch .r S r oe. hboo no haldrtmo funamirhedie o..oppyoon hlo rl ohitowkl limo moarket, r 8 d&J P 1 WHITNEY, p4 .3 Camolp Ft lM0PN 11'A4 IE, t 01140a a0;.". The 1 and foot railn, hlip PALES. NE-eat I.itltefielJ, will hovo im010edi0 deop40, Fotr pa10ag0 only, having su ooltiooo, a ply to ______F,4OAI. 113 Common at mutt LNAVA0 A. o ,. >. ·ý 3'acket Brig. Tha A l fast sailingl coppered and sop Hr~ lnatetwd pcket ling GANNICLI$ITC: 20DL oN , irh n J ele sdo m astr, w ill hooo im oe - S dpatch. For treight or passage hvoinl, very .vi *r 1ooulom2daýco Coour 9a boooo.ogers, alolty to W P$t!' ENC, PS U t or °'. 'tfitt' V POK''E~n, 95 oin-1t00 et FUN NEW YORtK. 7 Rcke ?tof6tJ ofManrch.. Itono and A'en' York It"a. 'ht logoottc~pl~r ·asteteit rneket rubi Y (tNIIIa, Lyoro minnser, kacingn teo third. tr o4argo rnad, t11 sail ah abro. Fur _fm i !a oue, Ii zitg el'gognr acein. °l tip u to he cn u u v bJ.rd, opporiM the Al ihet, or to A COHEY,, Comont at aitoA' I fa-taoiliog'hPiCALUMTETcapt. S73 Comp st lyla0 R ' EUI CINNATlrr~II stnmnurr att'1'ALAN-r I.1. I-git miteetor, wilt trava fr ttn abover nd .Itpntu r-Itrntebry, Mtaroh .. For 0 app y~u board at Conooo,,t Utt LEWI FAG d JA,,tA, Nam" Bores ~#WL:, aPI cd~Jrna u rej TOO noh and oltstaotsot ettorer 14 3 Corrj marto, i for the otiovr ad haterolo ý' tcloct 3' :11. 4th of M rarch. a A co t(oard or to It ao noW INeoed .ragt attIner 0t* #*t thw4 Mouelt, o"W n lyj oth tord. For (Ukait or ttti. 5 & Co lg Caana NA puns to.5., lot t ocitnititik 'if11i pato ttard t.. tier O~rcp theta "?4 ) K3JN & A ELgY, t lma;l .il{y .. I.--L mrk ~ Mr.-r k ~tti IItIt do".-g, eIS I _ rrhratO t" no .Itii l~ti -: 3iik-Mor nJot s ". CLAY'S all .S gjecch on Abol ion. o Recently delivered in the Senate of the h hnited States. For sale at the Counting " Room of the True American Office, St. Charles'Exchange, by the dozen or single N copy. The A4raeled Sr Woodlryp.-T-'lhe letter bag of this vessel will not be taken fromn ite Counting Hdore of tf M+o s. Harrison & Clegg, No. 79 Royal street, until 4 o'lock this aft.rnoon. CADnoon or THE Sr.CocD MOustClIPALt.-This is p the healing of as' article in yesteod.ly's Louisinana, whi h lane served as a text for that indiscreet friend of a the Mayer of out city to pour out t's denunciatians against tihe councsilof the Second Muonicipality. Upon I the least reflection, every sensible citizen will pereive that there is net the least ground for the arecations c made agnista the Council of want ofcandour. A les. sageis receivedlfrmm the Mayor,etating his objections toan o rdinance passed on the 19th instant, appropria ting o.ertin sumnt of money to the uniform compo.lirs attached t to thie 4th regimentt of Louisiana militia, The Council considered this message, and we think properly, a veto. True, the Mayor expresnee an opinion of the propriety of the appropriation to these uniform crompa uies, but h olbjects to the reducttions of the amounnt of a previous approplietion made by tile Council to the legion. He approves of one part bf Olt Ordinance and .onbjeets to anothel;-now it is a well known parlia. mmetary rola, in relation to toh pr ivilega ofveto, that all the parts of a: ordinance mustt e pproved of, or none. the Mayor objected to a part, therefore the whole ordli nonce wes vetoed. The Council is aeeune.I of Itving " perverted, mis represented and falsified the plain w.ords of the message of the Mayor, with a view no donbt to render him odi ous a lhhl til officers & privates of thle fourth regiment." Thl's is a fale charg : for the Coouncll had only to per sist io this ordinance, notwithsoandilng the objections the Mayor. There is no preamblto to the resolution the law in suchl eas permnits of none ; could a pre.amble have been introduced, it would no doubt have explain ed wherein the Council difftred from the Mayor: but thio could not he (.ese the 6th section of the law of 17th Feb. 1805.) The question on lhe obeelion to an ordinance by the Mayor, is simply, will the Council or not persist in this resolution; yea or nay. Besides, so far from the resolution having been worded with diion. genuoueness,or with any sinister view to the Mayor's dise. advantage, it is precisely and almost word for word the same as all resolutions of the Council persisting in an ordinance, notwithstmding the objections of the Mayor. As Secretary of the Couneil, we can, moreover, in a form tIe editor ef the Louisianian, that wlhent the mes - Sa:ge was under diseussion, the question Jwas, w ether or not it was intended a a veto; the eouncil were unan mously of opinion that it was; one member only dis senting so far, as to judge it a veto ofa part, and not of I the whole of the ordinance. But this of course could not be, for as we have before shown, that objecting to a s part of an ordinanee, was virtually vetoing time whole; for the whole ordintance was again brought up for their 2-3ds approval,er for sustaining the Mayor; it could not Ie altered or amended. If the Council agreed in opinion with the Mayor in his objections, then they would not persist in the ordinante, but would pass anotherconnonantl with the views ofboth parties. The Mayor says in his message tliat he does not agree with thl Council, in its resolOtion, diminishing the appropriation to the Legion to $10100, and recom mends its repeal. Now wte canot understand how the Council ean'repeal alaw which does not exist; and it certainly was no law until it was approved by tlia May or, or passed by two tlirds of tim Council, notwithetan dinghir objections; in fact the curse of the Council wao ° precisely suuh as was necessary to enable it to act uo no the suggestion of the Mayor to repealthat part which he objected to. We should not har. taken the trouble to have soid no much unpon this subject, but that we are desirous of do ing away with any unfair imlpresieono that the I.uilia. nian mny have created by his remarks, as to tny bad mo'ive on the part of the Council of the Secontd Muoni eopality, ortf a.t. ill feeling entertinad by that body towards the Mayor. SWe are ready, as were tile Council. to do justice to the Mayor's objections, believing them correct. But the Council differed in opinion with the Mayor, only, as to the expediency of the amounl to be appropriated. We hope the Louisianin for thle future will be moore eau tioe in hlis renasks, least they tend to ereole a breaeh between two departmenos ofour Municipal governmentt whlee none now actually exist. Tan NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD. received A terrible esoler in the Legirlntureyester ay, fromt those too, who should be warmert in its support. Some, who pretend ed great friendship to the oodertaking, have turned trai tors. What does the Legislature intend to do for its ad vancement? Anything? or will the road be permitted to go to pt. One million has been already expeoded;tIhe road is now constructed eighteen miles; there are twenty four miles of the finest rails on Ihand, beides materials for a very large amount,and the judicious aid of the state would carry tihe road in a few months, far into the in:erior of the state, by which it would be made to produce a rev. enue. Once completed to tile state line, the road would nlml.t make its.if. Will lithe Legislature then stop in the good work, while other elates are striving to snatch from as our commerce sand Ir.td.? nou5 cer. robes. tersans Cover .. W'e ae happy to have it in our power to annouae that the Gorersor yesterday Iomilated to the Senate as Judges of the Supreme Court Mses. George Eus. tits and P. A. Rost, who were couormled. nud Mr. Wm. W. Bowen, ane of he worthiest and aist learned lawyh s of tile Louitnnoa ier. It is a very gearit opinion tLhat G.oerllr Romen never made three better nominlaiols. They live general atllsfee tinn and will inspire psferst cou(endllce il the court. Some of the leading lank men, we Ir glad to see, hasve e. ome warem converts to the Free Ranking Systm. Lt. the Leagidature ait with promptitude and pus the law they will oosouly please. but enerally lmnatl their eonstltuesa. We lhntl'btiuue to explain the ystiem, and show its maney ad vallnage in future uumhers. Recorder's Court, SECOND MUNICIPALITY. Reports of Day Police and Night Watch, February 26, 1839. Francis Wrigght and Js Snowden, arrested for being. drunk, diachurgol. John Cohen and John Wealsh, arrested for disturhing tim pet at, no poraen appearing angin.ut them, dis churgetd. J. id. Iloao , arrested as a dangerous esd suspicious character,cemmitted for nine mothslll. las. , T'l'homlse,arrested se dang erous and suspicious character, committed fir thirty days. Wen. Philips, arrested as an ineorrigible vagabond, euolnoi:ted for 13 Ilotllhs. Fn. F 2, 18:'9. Geo. W. Cruder, tihas Geo. Goodwin, arreated old geruus and auspiciue , person: oetmitehlf ildr ty dlnyl nr. Lake, arlested for disturbling the peace. No one appearing to proeort-e, discharged. Peter Miller, arrested under auspicious circumstances anl being vouched for, diseletrged. Thit e.WI. 1it a'd, arrested ftr Leing drunk: die. L th .rged. SIAVE1t. Kipty, oMire.-tnbu. .tan . LATEST rnom T i el-We have Hleouton datesero ih Qth. ' hey heave b a Temperance meeting in Ilntllldsto Presildet lioanstn took a prominesnt part in the proceediags. .e in. said to har.ve advocated the caiseu of tnptsl.pItr an t*Be Uand eloquent address, in which be.lbua that he uaderebed the afeeie in all its r.ripg. _Mele. %lF . iHarry, w.*ufJohn i. Hnrry, san fir. .-.rl.y a ·eident f ol inuelmot, NP C. died on the 13th. The RdEsgh papr sare rlequesaed to notice the obit. sary. Serarpi of the Dilanl'urd have just arrived from the Fal.of the DBran, ana report that all is quiet in that se.best. li nd i a hot Auonltine, or theo 1t; instant, ithe lon. ihelby toRi.e Judg of tbe Disteit C'ourt embra.ing the easerv Diltriet of Tear, and has Alled etveral im porta at·~iions in the coantry. He has left a fadnily Wind stimoue iecds to dpploreehis lorss. The Toelqhsaras: Ce(oI. Ie er elattedl.t . a 0w done sher., a.d oti $aiut'.uy last -nt-olt stdhi rtuon to rosr. i hit. i ""-. 4uamer ntie eruliorof bi bn, but the a1 tll ar RE ,tEE.-.ey ca Idcan etbu ets, t l Ca ntd r hav e tr e ta wn ltuthe iat I turbanol, wel . the in eriorofliet thee and the Fretcll blockats have p irot to this I thde a the kiandn an i mIlin that thle froc with thle M'lexican settlers ohe Rhio been at nny previous peoiod. Until within a fe,.waenks this trade han been enhtried on as it w ere by stealth i wut a mere sastnm wi.nmugsling by barttesr; ba l so tlae trdhre camet inr openly, prelectedby paslr e s frome the comtandr. the federal m ra ep , anl pay specie fir the atjElea they purchaseO Several lthoamnd dtllnsla i Ss p-ie have been bronght into thaa city waithl, e ill u 1 two weeks. Itlxext.. REsorgsR.--Several Mlexlcan oht' zne of the Central arly hve rece'uitv tlaken efoiet nt Beaxr, nbl otlier Iinces on oUr wretrn frontier. "'lhey prcler Wthe trnniaie ity tjyed even among entlees t the hoer Srae of a ciil tar. thut ae ew ton thsa tice, lhaese sanne relfugee were oeingevery mellnl within thielr,-on tml, to danlrov tile gvernlllcit tiae nilw exte.ds to them its prntertaoe. We trust thet indi ae ahtd syo-k apathv wilh whbich teply will he every where greste hiy our ceiliz.', will iTrdule Viabin nto ru a, flruai eeltate ofle Charc oter of enlightened f remen. u Muasoa ..A Frncbhmnn named Pepin was murdernd nar his ritv o yeterday fternoon byn ali an d Fran ci lheig'jlue. They ratled it asdrl; ba t the.dayl ha llgons iy Lywhen a distlietton all allowel between a trtdelr ty dael, and Wy uaeenina tion. Both pnrtie werare litragen iu the Scountry, onsequentse y athere a s torat eteue o lltheir l oeO We ae ex the follwnlag paralv rph from the raei s paper. IharisO t.ae Ti a oa uI ao M iaeatl...A Iea , nnmber of indlvidule baare ealled upon rits withi a week pot to procure S implment. We bealeas within the limits ol t athi il there are not lell than aoe ercns waiting for ln o lportunity to tseaee in bupiaete. It i csoe pr.eable thit one-tweratieth plrt r tlheeat ber will be .. haled to fid the employ et cohey tetAs c he han to plny the charaetrs again, we asoll not %e abject hin to tile necesslty of making forty new ones, e aadhypulrishing themaall. lere isr a n tplle, however. ill Why ca e ta e c.ptnin' lw h t tile owelis ateceo ze like CLawnera? Becaus e thtey t r eot. antly prac:isiug at - tle Bar. Why iS s the 1. Charles s heatrsa to-.ig.. leke an har rlofdiled pta h at oes? t eeansie it is full of spee. c tators. st;lWhy is tuhe audWent e at the Cthep lkesa n at of Inel ancholyh atchelorT Ireeanu flow thle F'orrest ha er. Pone, aut a single Tree relaainy. no Wiht are you (to O,'p]thughetylt , Mre Archer) a; a smarter fellow than me? Because I an anl arch I manl, hut you r a . her. StWhy shaould tih Nashvclle Rail Road be conducted Utby Missionaries?/ Becaee there is a good deal of prai a ie about it. and they go Bon trrks. at Why is M panic in tht e or i y a markeat like carpenter's o toolsa Benlanse it augrs that there will bhl a good o deal of ehiti elling .l l bloring among thle ougerv nd n crew drivers. S Why is the npd MuOicipality like a gambling holusel SBecause it creaes leyee to talke infrate in Why is the Presiadent of the United States like the hind foot ofa horsed Because ht followsein the fa*ot steps of his prdceet tasor. - There ae'll let yc havle tile resat for Billy's second Is' uttharanearthis evesing. CHARLESTON RIlCs-2nd Day-rThe colt purse, two mile hoats, was taken on the 18hl, by Col. Fitz simmons' filly, Queen, which galloped around the track and repeated withou t rcompelitor. After the award of the Club had been made, a sweepstake. mile heats was tull. Mr. King's Humnpback, 3 yrs. old, by Trumpntor,dam by Whip. 1 I .lMr. Nicholas' e. g. Cadmus, 5 yrs old, by Kosciusko, dam by Bertrand Jr., 2 2 ,tr. Simmons' g.g. Possonnm Gray, 4 yres old by Rob Roy, dam Kate Kearrey, by Dandy, 2 3 No TIxu Gierm. ,an Dar--2 mnire henat-We gather only the follow ing results fron the Courier of the V0th. Miss Clink. er was the favorite of the Jockeys-there were some, however, willing with odds to back Zorida. The latler nag won both heats. Time let heat, 4m. Is No nime, givean Ifihl list heat. Zorida coming in at lit'le better speed than a gallop. 4ten DAY-The result has already been given. Ma. StaroN, the Acting Manager of the St. Charles. t kes s Beneft this evening, and if real merit ill prvato life r is his proelssien deserves encouragoeenet, he will have a fudl house. Ilia bill of fare, besides, is very attraeltie. Those wonderful leapers. the Dedonin Arabs, Finn with a new set of onauondrum, the luughter-mnoving lolland, and Browne as Romhatus Furies,, all all appear, and we are satisftd will give satisfalcniona. *..° (:amp:..'l he performe ur.- - Ihi TI,h.tr , .1.. . nin. are a neow piece by t.over, the nuthor of Rory O'Otore, elltilel " The White llorse of the Pepper."..luora B!under than One," and " The Irilh Anbnassdor," all for tnle benefit of Master Burke, a very meritorious youncng tor. We with him a full house. There was so much mystery thrown around the fol t lowing article by the prilter, that we have concluded to insert it again, so correeted as to be intelligible. We do not know but we might be considered quile as mys terions as our eighbors, were we to let it pass an it was insurted yesterday. For tlheirspecial benefit) (for we see that their organ of perception in quite dull, we correct Itle inocruracies alluded to. Fan:z B.x.renwo-the 1ee. Some timmesince weno tired that our new cotemporaries seemed contented to permit the subljectofFrcee Banking to be discussed and the syslem adopted or rejected, without any agency of theirs. We tlhought it somenahat singular that they should suffer aught ,f such vital importance, to strug gle on alne, wilhout lending tlheir herculean aid; but when we reflented thia the Bee is not frea to gathelr heo nay from every lnwer, but must confine its wing to cenr ain parterres, it ceased to hbe a wonder. 'I'Th filet is, if ee have out been greatly misinfuorledl, a mnecyed nl flotunc ont uncnalnected with snlmn of the old lBanking Institutions and eawying their destinioe, has a word to say in the guidanc of the lie. Not that we would in sintale, even fur a nm nnent, that our neighbors, who are eponsore for whatever it hearsoa its boad wings, are not govcrned by free a ill or are suljected to i snolute dictation, but we might from the premises, infer that they listen to counsnel, soinetlims, enmnating frnom ith asource just alluded to: At length, mont tremuait. The Bee hasheen dhliver. ed. With euomnendable modesty, its obhjections to the Free Banking sytrem, are delicntely stated, hbut amongst such a neats of irrelevant mnterr, that they are completely shrnuded in mystery.' We gather from it, however, tha the Bee would have as oait nntil the 1 ytem has been tried elsenwher-or nt least had a lon ger trial than tit t to which it bha yet been suhieteed, hefore we adopt it. It is only to be understoood fronm time and experience! These two great inqeiaitnrs alone, en discover evils which may flow from it! This in the Bee'a reaeoning sad it declares with admnlirable non-commniliallism, that it is "neither tile enthusiastic partizan onr uncanditinal adversary of the new sys. trm." We understand the mnnouonre of the Bee, per. fecnly. Its kindness is nf the laeu school. lWhilst Sit is ecmingly doing a disinterested,if not a friendlypart, I . it is endeavoring to new th nEseds which are to ri'e up armed colnlatants against thle inanserer. i What n d e the ire mnea by this? "If, as inl New York $100,000 be tit.: smallest sum upop wlicI hanking is privileges nmany bI enjolyed, the sytent will be olnoxious tq thie nharge of henefirting alone the aristoi.ratic nn] , opulent portions oft society,linasmuch as it wolild give all individual possessing $~it0,0)00 shy advantage of drawing aot interest upon two capitals, and excludl all re are nont so favored by fortune frdm each adventa gee. To illustrate. .Suppose an intiveidual passeses $100,0n0i in state stock; he deposits his esril with tihei state conlptranllr, and l allowed to issue noles to the amolut ol'suct deposit, it is clear that he ree, ives tile riegular interest upln lim iscrip, n hlst at the same time he eaj r e the rvenruevnarising out of the paper issued upon that deposit-coas-q ently tlme revenue ancraing froa his c.npir.al isn dublrd. I.et it not le said, thatl individuannls posessieig smller fortunes, could ma:ke up thle ount by forming companies, each puttning inl a given proliartion of stock, for it is evident that time nlare hnk f ere would eo able to mlalnage tiheir allkira more econom i ically, and at a diminution of profit upon the hbtvst n maea that would exclude comlpetiion, and crush salnl a lercapitalists. It therefore appears to uo that such an arrangement would La an odious privilege." W~ e adr.e the writer of that paragralph to read it over and to thick ngnl. Hlow can $0Ld,OOI he more croa nomically banked tiepnl, as the propnrty of a rinngip in dividual, than if ten persons ltod enited to raise the a1.onl H1 o could ithe dividends be greater on the onPe than on the other? Ilow could tile one cnpilulia nwith n $1011,01i0 invested, he able to stanl a diiminatinn of pro fin lon the invertooent wlich tilhe en could not abide. T'iis is wbra than snphhitry. It is hertaisly a veryrerious obieetion: urged by the flee, that an itltividual whal holds state seril, drawing interest may hypothecate that back to tlha .iatn, and byl rereivieg nat.e fir the comptroiler, upson which to bank draw u doble re'venrw " Sach au arrante --ast wul" be as dsioua privi lege." Ilow is it, wistout adolting the law, aut as it ni'u!, it pr.on.' MsIanea.aa individual balding , ltii ut, eat'to tin his, a dnin; 1oatl-tnp ..tllat irhit aeercues oal thle scrip, a.d ithoap'ea o~es pruptof titou liaenuujhil fur the use 'ofihe cFpitil adt. votneuordl e o un gino soortnoieempor oslieid thatt n iei.. lderstand. ,lout thes are nut objectkins;4eiym le trifle.A-Ight as air," and though altteptteito be poude, '"To the jal"usnofirmatiou strong," reed only a moment's reflection to satisfy any one, of their utter frivolousness. NEWsPAPER CORRSPONDENTra. Araong the many i trials to which an editor is subjected, and the many .an n.yances which beset him, none perhaps, are more per. plexing than the thousand and one eommunic.hations that accumulate upon his table. If he be an industrious and faithful enterer, he will at least glance over the chaotic mass, lest perchance some interesting and implrtant ariicle may perish amongst tihe rubbish, which would nout be less annoyin. How tiany secret blessings are levelled at him, when he disappoints a correspondent, The familiar excuse ofhaving lost or milaid the iN8. . will not o go dow now. By smao subtle process, wri. ters have ascertained that!thlis is but the coinage ofcon. venienee, nand it is"uo go." 'rho plain blunt answer! that it is not suitable for ouhlication, to the immineont I danger if not certainty of making an ilnplacable enemy I or its ready publiration, sauit ble or not, ia the only eat lfaction that can be rendered to the irritable genos. Bllt ifall this is annoying, how mluch more so is it, when a "friendly tan" insaists on filling your paler with bi. trash, because hle, fo'rsooth, is convinced of its excellence end aptness. The editor generally is a good, kind, beneralent souo, however he nmay be deemed churlish and ill-natured by the world, and i tendler nf thie feelings othis friendly correspondent. Oif times to gratify the latter, the former subjects himinelf o the areastic animndversiois ofl the critical, end .challengt ed for want of taste and discrimination, rather than mortify is correspondent's feelinga,hy a refusal. Then comes adonble troulhl. Il he is nut chary of his labor* he is frequently compelled to correct and smnmld the communication so an to render it, in some measure, fit for the publie eye, and not altogetlher incensitent with thle rules ofurtae. We were led to reflections somewhat similar to the above, wihen glancing over one of our city contempora-n ries ct week,and fnding therein the following crippled tmeasureless lines on "WVAou'as ConTrancy. Ask him if he is happy in that D)itant land, where now he wanders- And if there, amid those flowery hii ha Andl myrtle groves, he finds a quiet Dreamless of the past. Anti when lie listens to the songs of sylvan birds Within whose vine-clad bowers, where Chryntal streanlete murnur sweetly by; Ask him if there his spirit finds Repose. Ask him if he is happy, In that land-ho pictured to my mind So beautiful-if there he feel. no Vacuum il hislnjoys--s memory turns To scenes or earlier years. Ask him All thlis-but ask no mre-and if a Shade of gloom should mark his air young brew;--Say to him gently Mary forgises thee all! And this were woi tl's I. t And as sie spoke, a tcalr stood ill Hler eye, which was tie. index of a Iheart That had been wrong'd-of fiithllful love Thllt time could never sou: de."' We folboar criticism, because we have not a doubt thlat the good nature oftihe editor ofthe \dvertisr, got tile htter of his iidge Went, when hle gave place to ncit blank verse. If he realy intendled to befriend a corres ponlent, or "lay a lit'le fatlering unction" to hli vanity, he should have ordlvred rie printer to divide tile noes son'newhat after tlie faollowing fashion; and if tile nri er is ontgratefill to us for sewing hlim how really hIlefqusion, (for doubtlesi it was in outpouring of lhe spirit,)coulld be iimproved, we elall not take as inmch t'onble again to mtke hlin a exal nplle to illcetrate tIIe pooiiion ianumed it tile first oftlei altiile. Ilere'e the way we h )itld have trcated leuch a correspoild It, if we hdtlinot committed his atilin ilt to tile lloers. Ask him if hle in happy in that lani,, W\hlere. diitant, now te wanlllors, id if there, A. id tiloe flowrly ItI and myrtle ,reen+, lie find- aquiet, driea nles of ithe tIl And wheLn hie lite'Oa It thIe saons of bI.ds \Vithin their vine-cll,ii iv .In ibowers, w re strelta Of crysiat waerr c imnur nwetly by, Ask himi ifthere hi spirit fin:dI rlijo. Ask him if lhe is happy in that land lie piietured to liy mind no henwnhfl tritler hie hltle no pe ioI to hi ienys, Ans ilonry tlurn to neoles Iof earlier yearsn Ask him all thi, butl ask cof him no more And if a chade ofgloo:n sclec'd mark hiis brow Sie fair, where youth slhnoul,l live, say ti, hinm th-nm Th it Mary loves hiim atill, frg;ves himi all. Ald this too oft, is wrn'an'ecruel leh! E'en while she spoke, a t'ar ctoud in her eOe, Ilar eye, which was thelinlhx of a heart That had been wrong'dl-of filithful constant love Nor time nor coldness ever curld subdue. The Exploring Iinpedition.-Arecident.--A letter to tihe Secretlnry of the iavve, fronl I..ieotutnaeo Clintls \\'ilkes, conmnandole al l UtOlitrl Steln Experiig Inx pedi ion, dated on bha d the tflg ship V'icennes, Rio de Joneiro, Nov. 30, 1831, says "Sir-- e rgret to ilformn vyou of he dealth of James Smnit thirdl, it man otof tntlib ship on the iAtll oest. by dleweaeig in thia bharor, wlli! e:gagied in the boat tow-. ili folli tle shore a tnook of waver. "I cannot onsit iringi .g to your notice theubold and prainewcrllly conduct of Pansed *lidshiponman Willilat M.ay, who w iall charge, and ilmnedilteil leaped overbanrd to nave Smlit, liet did not succed in saving him, as Ite sank sllll te ice lnoedinie , owin to ilia nav lr;o ac cklentaly r-"eived abluw ifromll an oar wshile pass illp thle tow rolcp." Atantie Steam navigation.-- A meeting of the chi l'olct 'hilndelphia. N. Iilddle, h:esq. in the Chair, hos beri Ilell to adllt nlastres for thie connertltion of I an Aolerican steambo t for tlnvialneeg the Atlantic. I r. Alsoe, Chllalrutano f i corn llittee appointed at a Iro. i viou etiln, read a report recenmulendin tile orgfali zati m era o ln cmany, and that *.50,1til0 bhe rAied to ca I ry nit tlis ne:leri· . VWe ame Icigchly Iliaed tllht the Icuildi of thle lona, &c. is to be eoveno i Anmerican Illeehllele, who , re not trlllnssed Idy lthat f ienyn otller eolntrv. Pi Te National Ga.ette navs: '" ive I'hiladel. Iphlie steanmship linle with Enerlnnl, and the ralpid and a ire exlensiln of hlr oomlUlreial and gencrcal prupoeri i nallV Ie confildently looked for. S\V wish lsucce to tile enterprise, while, nl thle arnl tihmle, wo ho en tailar measures will be carried out in Souar own i ty.--Bolt. Ant. COMPEIO'ItOLI.I.RS OFFICE, Seconld .luncipaliy. NewL Orlenns, Jltark 1, 1039. PIUBLIC NOTICE is her.cly given tlhatn 1 vl M dite lthe 11Ilt :reh 1839, at 1t o'ciock, I till aidljldirei at my offlice, to the lowest bidder, the reatoiln g fir ne year,of lltl itepavred rtrr is nnd vide walks hordering o the souCe, idhin Ih t litetits if itois muieli al tit iltchliag all ihe aide walks in bricks bordered mith curb .tonet, gett'r stolcs, and pavled support, water. tver eehll tde,"elksh iay exist ettb i the :.corporatedd iits. The roid ret fro lltlll Eoslont it s br augdiatg t their fnorrr lie end level, any parit orsaid streete and eidewalmt, whlnc uay he founld at of order, and ihall he cxecned in snuch annter as to ourd, at all tiuO', an esv and convvnirit ,omrleunieation. ravinelrnt to be ltlde rtontaly, il csh,nn the clifi entesic f the Iurveyor, that the lcorkl b been reI ed according lo colltrapct. The person to e hole the elotract !all he adjudicaled, I give boiid we illi oneu eor Iel urirties in the atine 3800U lor the t nitll til irlrtnnlle oi hlih duntie onrltv i.ig uieon him. The ililnls o' it.e ceeiiities must be hlatlllld in itll thile biii llele, wheni iftlmy irnoet n r .at Inclry, thit coulrirct will be ntllamdiitey re-adjudi ~caid. JOHN CA;.llOUN, nail tOll Contttroller, BUIIEAU DU C) NlI'I'oLEKUII, lie In Seond' tlunt iipalit, tL, .ourel M t Orl . l M l sr , 1, . ,. "A 3'S est donn,, que LtmndlIi1 mari. 1519, d midi, J. ailt burean, le nI.ttrli$ 1'Udju hilla i, In cUntrol ptlur le rlepnrl oln ntceriare pendllnt till an de Itlen l m rues Ipeane et leet tmlrin d tl.enoe, den lens nit a de eoelr lunieiiatlitl-eonnprenont toi. r e Iritoals en briquea enitouites ivt llnenul tir pia.er, ql i es truvei·lti dale liltile.b ilieorl,,rhn. Lee ctits revt. ralions detreat tcomprnrdahe travlil nneeet.ire poui nlettre en ort ai c t.ir t elnlliniqner tente lit.tn Oit il te dji Ira, l, ainqiat !i'e ll paut le epllpitnlhr dine tivllna raision et aver. IvilitO. l.a ipieuent sera fait tar nels de I'ouvrage nseomeli, ur Ihi certi:eatdet 'ins e l Rei ir. I.'etlrereneur sera tititn tin onrnr clntilon tian Is itnimme ie trin imle piietre pICl gnlinliir do euntrot, t-qttl tlui tiro pirselite Idn ti.tulllie. JulHlN, CAI.IIOUN, tn ar:ti It Colitroleur. I t I irrtels biiltiitnnled tHnt, alt excellent erticle to ltt:n on iloenre ojfteolhnatvlta en geiil iraiod is lot Ie he oblnied. ('eplanitis o s'ena.trs wtill do welt Iy puarktnilng a fil barrelse as thev will find| it Il be the lut tb)iAie e'etiftll e ll e tr ell, tFlir rle tlv 2 lt V `0 I".(tfr t; ··lt, Nul "', i& bulk, ml will ' : III')E & C'. 711 nlnei,,..e 96,"l iUK--ti1i m- liinl o g troit tet ltier i titillt lIa Sfur tale, by (1 DiOIISEY, tl 4. New tvIAvee tJllt.--(tl bola Intdi.g trtt eieatiar P irees, entl foronle l-y mi O DOR.: Y, 41 New I rips sI •for sale iby m1 SHIALL & BROYWN, 96 .lagnzlitl et Utt j} IKIRSlFY. 44 h\e' IP Itii 1.I 4°4 'P 1 R Ld Ilia heune to i',hnfm e l friendal. d lth p.ihi.lhhel letr Ienelit will take plie .tt ll, lstreet 'l.lidlree ol Saturdoy, Maldle .ibe lw.ler lat aI p eeom.e in New o drlanel on fhich ocsasln, will' be pireenlcedl tleaomedy of tba. IROVOKED IIUSDAND. Ladyt Tii.yVibi, Miies Ellet Tree. Lord Towtilyf. ' ' 1-mios.r Who hemkittlly) 'olamte4rtld hie eSs a.. "And the petite Cmtlev of it IIMIPSi)N AND CO. Tl'The lilox-looflsmow apen. nmlt 2t 4i, ANTEI)-A nrlt acstive white boy to di the t wi(rkof Bar nd mstake hliis.elfI eenrlly use fill. Enqtire at the Pireman's lall, St Charles at ml l2- H HUNT H A'C ETS- O doz e. a. shi.glig hatchets, and for sale by mal HAI.L & DROWN, 9 Mlagesine at -UNNY BAG S-In e anti hinilies, ir-ale by Sml ISAAC BRIDGE & Co.134 Maglazine at B I.AKING-310 soxse paste hlceking, tor nale bI tl I IIRtIDG &Cso, 114 Mnagzine at P l AYING CAtIDS-At 24 Chartres s,a very ltnreanseortmentajust reeived frol the ismane uefthry lor iale in any quantity at Iheir regilenrprie.s b S DAVID FEI.I'&Co, nml Now York ntationere hall, 24 Chartrr s at UiN-l;'AR--AnTextensive numrtmenlt o tin warer, 3 fimr ewll n nlttelfttllel eqtal if not lperier toI Snov isnportld ront tlhe Norlh, and tInllu lower in price, for Sale by S LOCKE & Co, tl 8 Front Levaee S1I IlM CANI)I.ES-3110 boxae, tir .s . nl Sml II tllI..e,. 5. f'a. a It.- I0,00rigalhiis willter trses.al rnes oil, alld r fs eale by W.IITlIfIIh' & t Co, aml 74 lgnnz:ne at I, H AUMý) N,81Iil -lp0 casks landingfriom strainer Oronoko and for atle hv ml [ DO' IlI.Y, 44 New Ieve' "~I}lE STI(C (i;1O I)Sn."-- -al,. dolwne tie gool I vie: l.oarenee 'IOI (CO 4-4 IloNti relltirg,. Jeasenn nd eo 30 inch d.ll.ehltiri.te ; Treitnnt anl en, :.4thtu dttit I,; owssll 7.1 andl 4.4 cottonrs, al tido linseva acd bedtiekine, fir ales h, il STETSOIN.& AVER', 8I Btrsvier t C 1OFF'E--IOI bnha grern In.vamt co.ffee, Innding ' )from brigTlhonsa. for le t by ml J iCOCKAYNP,,25 rnvier pt it L. Olill-- 50, b!i sulerfinl, and 400 do fie, in i1, Lfine whippingorder, tfrsale hlv tel V D')tIeItY, 44 Nete teese UDncit lr utn ti iTri Clos 9765 14 18 753340 58 34 2 8 TIlls DAY. 12,000! Capital Prize, Tickete only .3 00 GRAND STATE LOTTERY. -LASS N, Anlthrisel hv thel I. n.i.lntare of the i S4ate. To Ie drawn 'PThis I, Mlnrch I,tl, 183 at 6 o'clock, P. M. at ilishoal'. tlt'l. S DAVIS- & CO, Managers. 75 Drawn nmbersa--l12 Drawn Ilallots. A Splendid Scheme. 27814 Prizel. mnuantinee to $145,798 Tickete $3 01--tHnlvcn 1 50--Quortren $0 75. Packgnos of 25 Tickets, ftr $75, warrantedl tidrnw at leant $3:13, naln may draw lie hkdent eopiltl, a mountliag tin $15,000 1 Pankeero olf 5 alf 'T'ickelt, $37,50 warronted to draw at Ileast $116 50. Package. of S Quarter Tickets $18 75 warranted to draw at Ilnrt $i. For paekages of ingla ticketl, spnl, at the MANAGERS' OFFICE,. 16 Chartres at, and at the corner of tr Louis and Cher. treo ate. marl 'ite following are the drawn numbers of the Louis aIl Lottery, Clles 9. tfr 18393 5941 2486171 13 2012352 57 TO IlE DRIWN'I'O-MORROW. HIGIIEST PRIZE $18.000 In Frizs of $1,2 30 each. Tickets only Five Dollars. LOUI SIANA LOTTERY. Athorilzed by Act or .eilaiture. Chpnllter XII11I, panted M htick 21, 182. Ilaon No. 9, for 1383. t heli drawn on Saturday, Mlrath 2d. 18t9, nt 6 o'clock, P1 M. oatthe E'rP'liape ltIttel, St. Charles et. I). S. GRIE(GOlY & Co. Succeseore to YATES ,MilNTYRE . Co. 75 Nullibers--12 Ilrwn. Iallots. GIANIO SCIIEME. 219,316 Prizes amouontin tol $l9,'2'19 Tickets $5(0-Hallres $2 5. -(u rtoerR 1 25 Palckagen of i.3 tckets lir $1 3. I 'k ges ofa'5 tra31,'t5. ,'or lPacks.es or tilc.l ' iir ,". ".ol.o, at i, It st)e, Illn ' 1 Iptr l TO IRIENT. Iat d asinb'e di ellin t b , a- l, the e tor, undernlath now in compaele ord-r. i ol tr itlur I dei:A l llr IP li ' isll ll - t, iproi .s u iir l t i\ ' P I ilt lllt; I ( ilk J'r'.\ !,'.'"l', Jr CLAY ON AXIOIITI1N. -0 ' 1Uiill i':IllED Tlls" D.I a1, ) i t10 | ) 11 !..' rat iI,-' l'illaililclh. c l lln it I:UI'l: A dEt;I'II . , Ie Irr l t"rl., i b e l ' thi Ihq., ýInrh. Ilrn l '.it' ln . rLl lhi, vhilh i I, la tlot ,ab tlr mIt ilil " Iati i c lla , , v im e nN i ra 1 : ain r ijn lit. I.u111 I a ;.;. : . Itr lr t. '1 Y , i ii ll.. al l l lt IllI.ll .l'll o inle ail rlll Ithlll yI Ilirdlh .ho nll I t l l'agze It c1 l ,liN il.l- mil'o mi a.nceI tll' i tia i iillt i - St il ll al t s.1+ lilll tc t 14r- I Ibl W8 ;111: Il t,'B n e, I u' r le Cral ll l l llla, St l llon I 1 1 1 ': N -C - i \ - t' r I:' , 'l t I , ' fd t ,, ]17 i, ' +.. , l , -ti r ll . , tof a l indt ea or t oar ,laiJ o lit, i fi .e l , Iv rliri rllyl l ilo btl l trl. ll ca ll. oit ila I rS d i ne, iyluleli crop of eocU ind fbdeitor tier ItI iin Ii d IrSiiqiulRgser fror dnscri p Cnlnll a lil fo d IIc8aiaii. h. I chiOWN, ! olg., elzie y It.aa t8Lte ot.cia, dt cnd, ca I,.r.tie giral nditie, eer, first rate, co er fl t t aed coa re ' tll. I AylCa but, ocket II.i iilea to:I ShII,I.FFT, ote0 tut' nvhlv eh' gilitlv iui P.Pe lice ,iilidlltiir.iT fur 2:' I .." lngerec. Ifsnd tat private ,2le in or behel Tue. d tcigtlitoii lta., i re atii i on tylt dal, lo e .-h ati rtid itte IlewIalctt &Ctei.i the Itrymh Excluiner, St I.o .. elint, lA Wt llli o'clhick. F Ior x Innli IIn eld ivlle - J Robert 6r. Co.,,r tll W3I I'OlrI'EIL very npc.nor. Sfe..27 A T~i!AI, 19 CniiIn "t . A UDIISONd 9V OItK1a i t d'th inrellectual n teletn,2 ols-.-ib,. tBr din llr nunrl tiers., srtiftr-nly and inle nntly I, nsnnd, 'olnm e its ' 7l vls atcls epartely linnI clnth ljnd.ln (lclrter'n operclm iin 2 cols-It itcll', Julannson Fielrlin,'s sorb,,s 2 vcoI..-SmoLltin'. workn , so!. VCIhttrt'stnclliiinctdnnttr, v 1 vol. Atnew rrply of ihe laove vev valubssle novn, just rnl eiveru Rotd lor sttle hiy f L7 A 't' At.49 Co it Phillip's clemenfurv inlrodur tino to Ini ornlogy Jno'mtm ineruz·y, ncsrodiolg to Ithe unatur hiatory misltt,. 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Bitius's nansictl alannacs for 183) & 29; cnait pilot, and Bowditch', naaigntor, for snae at II tnELt' & Co, Nsw Yolk stationert,,r ll, 1426 St t'hnrireF~r t V131iE SUBSCRItBE.; has just roeivedn, pier skip i Atbtucn front Ntsew York, tihe fll itting nritilis which he olis,, fnr rnie: 2(1 bones N B spiri enrollee. 3ticases pickles, nasorsrd 5 do Tmalto nat-up 11!11 wholec not t alf hlois no I soup 122 bones imperial antl gsinpowder tea 2 bees ofbtlck pepper 10 Itsnnrszpaistent mold iooilei 20 tioaes sns I PIolsnd taircls in sppaps 2 pross pnalst bckiing 5 cnsas'srousrnt IioppIr in pd sad hf pd paesrs '18 Il,·usund seguesr 115 firtins gashedngn ttre :tt ' stins Lossdsn lsntardid 3ti boxes gorhen tshscse 8 ohxss pints. atple to-And' is store a gunerul aasnrtissat of grtcerics f b28i J C11211tT19, e7 ComntrsoR it (ttI OD)FtSII.2htt hoxes Coodlisht, fo- alsb Ity ISAAC BtIOttiE& Co, folD 13___ Inl.gale nt NE1VbWOlRlS=-'alla illuetrutioý the I'axriloa., kn .di Y hI R James, Bulik r IofUarIay th ypsey, &c., er. 'l'ravels in tlte Thsro e(-st Empires rf Asssris, Rul~rin, and Turksv by C B Ehio~tt, authonr of 'l..iirrr front the. North ofEurope; iu " yule, just received andl fir salt by W121 Mt'KKAN; (029 cst err if C(ampan d ttnnnrsstts it DPINO PI)ITE.t-2 sssrs op lenaid insstrumtetls, I r e'r a solired cassjtjsl nsessd and ftttale. b18 A I'OVA 2, 41 Campast (IG L ..o -ts e,5 tisicturs and salt snstlts Jars, A isnlld andttsqtlse white batitlsr or every esit, vtss frosm 1-2 ttracm to 8 os., lw wholtenale amt retail byv it IW)NMABELl fetti anoranrr Nilcheo d&.7 aomt rut ti 3AL. IIONNAJIEI.'8 UM v Ycnrr . Le far wale whPebtpilur and! I-A 'I t 1118 temearNatelesisa & rclsrpptsnlls ts (I ANLEtI-Y tlninioe OsNew Betfordt, issstoss aini Ji Nat4IoeLSa~steu 1.nissdtes, arfssub is fSi Ivi sCESl tlpt.LV (a. (I', 1 LInn .i TIII EYENINC, MAlCII 1,.1 , Will tie perlormed the popular Play of THE WHITE .H- RSE OF PEPPERS Gerald Pepper, Young Burke S Aifir_ whicih A Grand Concerti Bn ihe Violin, bty Sphor To be followed by tile laughable farce of MOREBLUNDEIS THIAN ONE. Larry Mr Burke loniia, Mlis Cowell To conclude with trh admired Comedy of the IRISH AMBASSADOR. Sir Patrick O'Plenipo' Young Burke Saturday, BENEFIT "i MISS ELLEN TRIEE ---7---*-:ý .....Si WASIIlNGTON BALL ROOF Dress & Masquerade Ball St. Philiprlsreel, between Royal & Ifourbon. r HElH anauner ofhe rbovea named Bll Iuomgrntri . ful to Ihn friends and the public Ibk the uonprul. lulled patrorinage Iegalroed on im lorneveral rrelson. respleeflrlly informrrs thR flint the ealablishmet lihas been enlarged for the aolluscmncrr t of visitlor, and un dergone irinae.lre repairs. The bar will be nurpnsrrrd by nulon in quality of liqor, anld tlie flestnurnt r. ill lie kept by tho ables li.errturruarr in the United Satnes. The room will rolprpe on Satuerday evcn lg, 3rd of Norembler nexl. iv a GRAND) DllESS & AMARIQUERADE BALIL, and will take lucn an sual revr lr Monday, Wedlnes day and .alrrdaev ovenillg, dlrinl;r the eoraon, Licih will and on thre fet if' Rav, 1139. N. I. The earnattrnl ention will he paid to krerl ing perfect order throughout the es anllislalln, as c al a done last season. w1 i'21 SSuirda Mousicnlla. It ir neectmllf .lnloyr lrced tlo the Analeurn of rmueic inhabitants ol New )rlronr, thati MADAM. (CAIRAlDORI ALLAN'S FItRr SulhEE u M U K.LE,. Will tak plucu nt ther St. I.nis Ilotel, oni Saturday it eveningr, g arcl 92l, iinilid of (Tr.,Ilnrmdy as prrvi -nily niinounced,-in the iourau of wlh;ch lte rwill sing lhe frllowing pieces: ,cea lrd Aria" (nata dira," Normna--rllini. Careliln " Urna oce poco fa." Ii lirblre-lltorsimn Arin ' Ioludia." in. 'l'A Douiteli. lolero francain " Outrr: e'est nousr." Iht.-aur. Scottish beY ad.-'nm O'er youar to marry yet.--lluis To conLtnIInce at 7 o'clock. * Ticketr $1 50, for sale at Ihi. St Loais and other ka lnrel ; and at ,lsrcers Johna,' IMr Canyt'su, aIld lMersrs i lrncard's Mrsicren tori s8 (liRE AT ATTll.CTIION!! At No. 53 Ragazrtne sitreel, oter S. Levr's Auction Roam, oppositerr Bank'e Arcade. i R GII. L ,I respectf'ully inflrmi lae public that Statue of CLEOPA TRA, Queen of Egypt, 'Which ira lirten axhililed oI1 ll iia tile t rincipal cities oflthe Ilnion, c ther lively urlnii arinin of rrroy Itrlrand viriirrk,hnr nrcivid e ii ci.ty, earl is now eLIring exhiblited for n short itile mnli, ranm 9 o'clock at A M, to 9 o'clocrk. , RI. lUlAdnnittlianc,50 cents; Secaon ticlr., $1. feltl6-if. NEW ORLEANS JOCKEY CLUB RACES!! ECLIPSE COURSE. S PRING ,1 WrIN G', I "39,will c.m wence on1d nesd.aJ,13thol',M ch, lTI:,auleominne~day'. Thr New BOrl.na I'lt , a aelvice of tiher, vhllI S7 0,to IW mil.t hblls. lit Ihi* ratn e 5 ir hislll and up I anls carry 1011 iLb. I \ r old* ,Ian undejr.I 1teir appro ,tSeolo Irrn-illf llln ' ) . A sw:lotlkL f rtn f r o.ld-; subse ,ri,,. inn 0:; hisf f, fe1 t , mile hIea ) to nlam : o Iclkha the t I Unit h, , 1,39. ' 6erd D yy. Juckey CIIhlh I'uL . u $e II; thi essi.e ll· uI r. Jockry Cluh Purll 'se, gatII lI, I Iile heals, Fou th Day. t" rll~t' ]·| I~i'.lllllltlh ((riN hirc (uN 0 ltt,,i SFrifth Day. f 1.il a ,.'ll.ioii. I0,1 uo.i I,, r . I Ni huhI !. 1 I, l~~r TI:II~ ., r1 r111 -ti,~ helllN(l ll Jo lll y Ii !ld i'h .* I(e11A ' all ' xanll. l oll ¾(l 1. oIt! ill t, lltl h , 't Ill l iolrl.l ,,lll II Ih ' l ,rlll ' o 11 .I r', th& i' 'n Ill rt,,hn . r\ I rlrt. I ,ir i~l" ll .\ .it Ill; lll ./ alp r l II. \l.IIIII C· ofr the sol Ielib~er 14.l Te·ll~i ~llI. -)p I IAX P (I .I"TI II:Y% R I, il ascens 161ion ll~l on 111 IudnyMrh 11 at VIf pa 4 or T(II.1?1P~kklNo--'Iilsckelu...oojiaif otle ('.0'- -~-~ f i"-lO I n ~ r'nm'' nv; t i, . IV , co l l r I (;m vieir nITCIi ,ll[ .& J.nID TI.'.'., .a ,t , ,r,(t, Iitrt'nri ot.uftarl Iia~rvr. 1an niertt as - r tr l If , bt t ci idi a t ,i i n, l ,tia . If N ot 1 ,1oil rniit,) n f..iteiin. &oiA T LL' B.\ T III , lfll,;I'lBl,.fr t 1 ri h-r( .li' t I1I i ,-FII II ll,-iC )I II!\ Hll r (11 ter, aiht aign aitglal(@iO'lttnl tt- it h001, fn ir ,, uli l TI:lll l .\'hb~l v'f iio.111 (-{ i~i ell q 'il'h,,,. i-hl ( II 111 I n, I' "I'Ia o t It cUll lr r., o |derl..e call and t.. lllit .1 ll) l'll.( . ll, iY · lll ,.|1 l,14 p(.ll i Onr tleSl I.CIi[)tin l" ,] bn,1 J'illllr; nll~ll Inl~cll. ai* I'I'N.I ,.IN \V IITN \' S'c.7 BNe torRal hitr. FebraLdtry 7. sLe ies arellrln p ae., n w ehch iptive ntm eo.r ~rto f r i.e mo IIvtlrll r flls iuItI llld S 'I.L' bv - Vll liB.t~l, pnl · rIlZ'TEI.L( L' I, I)NIIT 'l e,vilO Z. 1 ,'hi..,'.¢l ooll rx ui. ti nu guge"(; llI O t 1C III-IVI ·I.. tl. rlT llIIIO I ll - 'N Av OItLE ý. - o " I'r br vrv 2u5, 112 18 . roll.jnls r tf "e. id 'lltneCirpalfti. .hTli'i(:'E to nnone, of hock., ltesa, l&.--Tho rfll .l lowinig ordinalance w., 1 bi .e ic "ly G llit 'd: Reonlv.o, ihatl wen,,veLr the 3itM or shall citR II. cnce Ito drayt, carta tr otler onarragon, naid llce r phnllrd Ir i montledley nl.rrred on t herkac Ik tll. foirmer wdin his tecript, and every p..arson ie°'roe inq in chrilit said eTtdoeelne ot :-la rei, lpt oi ila hack ttf his lienne, lha aOHy a fine iLt eceedino nen ihndred d roll rr, hall fitr tI citly, a I t oli .r hall for thlo in. fuLor. A Niorrve t Ihoire nsh , 2r 18.`11i Alon tih lIl wiong ondilnaneo tof Ithl Cnncil o f Ilie srenn l Iriluici:pai ,i, i'" tlhl n t!O ,illn g woi rlt w:it: lie it ord:in"il, Ihal 'loo al.d nfle, ltlislhaleI aInt, Pr len wi ee nll rlur tlat k. itdrtl, or anrt, rithit tie sotrnd noltelipphtt, witlllot lttinlg previolu. v ob tained a l.lotoo llthrehlr, fruo thie t !iyor oflttl city, hoIll . aelojeot to, a floe of tlot lel tIIan ItwI:l-sfite dollars, notr mnore IthanI onI hunllrd du:lr , to he Icc, rnred beflro mtov rolt of cotetnct jturisdictioinl- Provided Ihat any teck, idrty. or cart do ron witlout ao licneanaflremid, ohtl'to nlt!sutjet ti toi t eized by tl. collelror of I.tXe, tIn ltc'.n dtirt , tart, &c., orivniycyll ocer orf ollice, said tiittoiod o lIItti tihe it, foreid nhl tall he Itaid. Slcl to Itoe l ayor tl Ihe 14i day ofJtole, 18l7. Signed, JOSHi-ll \ IIALDW'i, Rie-ordtr. Iiged, W H W cIro ruollc lectlr of latokr .ornya, and ohawktrh and pedlar.. • '2t ft26 1113IIAU A DES COLJ.ECTFI URS, lIe lIn Seconlls, 'oittitio'tith. La Nourlle o'lreans, I'eerier 25, 1|39. 4 VIS anll l ropiifl'tna:e. lies voitlon t dlrays, &c. I.es ordlulnllnllce, sive .ten, ctnolt .tlrt lotttl l aerotas. IRso!uo-qlte tnes ion f,,o qua toe inir dtnltra i ne Ii ertecrt' ionur de. cl-iltorito d.s, &e, In tit, liettlet doer treo inmmtiiateloent eotiool O ttur l idos oarl i colleioteur evon pon recll, el qttictntoqnt eO nItglg.nnt d'tlenir I diit eidoserlllot t nla retru tllr lto d iH de In licencs earna tis t I'alueoul e 10l0 Iiiattes, ilto, toiiih iour la cihii, et It'autre tnoitil pour lI 'lalteur.-Ap. prov.o, le2l I)elltoc.tbre, Il, lie tllelB I'ordotttuoto.nae etiVoutie dt C'onseil di Ia de Ihlliuilcnl ,lio, on l 0. inms o tivant. oavoir : -ql'i[. l ii oirdttill. qllepr.t coet datlae, tout0 ier aloc qui terarourir les . tariotl,do y-, &c, datt in Btde hlenicipnlitd, ealt, aoir ohtolit pl-al.ellneto. Ito linoite poour relt ill Illaire de ctllo vili, .anorlujeo IollietmIe le 25 ju.aqnnlitl. d'etr.. dololat.le levot noi-., Uol ooltr de jirittijlitln Soflisrunteo. Potlllttvn qt t.oute,.oittro.dooo, &e qui crtt" t nelts l aaan liln di licente seroelt eojel ie tr.t rnisi par le collectotir d in laes flr In voiltilre drays, , oitl Itar otlellot tlicir dein pllille, at dlttrnnjunquo , Octlit. nttrttle h00. leiyi. Lae ottS,6 n Maitne le 11 join 1:17. ' JUIS-U UI 1 \,LDW %I, lineordeir W I! \Woro.l ..ollclltrn de haicks, drove, collnr U Ir 2 IR --i'lyitto . lhtn (' tniro ilt r" I) ni.od.onIn. ioi a!o tir -tinti. ti' s O;, rao " t i, 13 · - St i xiraeTs Theatre._ FOR THE,; BNEFIT ' OF.srli.t TroN u" Acting Manager. The celebrated real Bedouin Aribe will perform. Mr II .FINN will appear as Billy Blacl .with ten coanundruman Mr J S Browne as General Boblmaltes. S lint as Thl.rnaua in the Secret. hids Feeo , ilarwk I, Will be presented the Farce of THE 100 POUND NOrE I Billy Black, - Air if J Finn The Real Itedouin Arabs will appear in Twco Pedrlrmanee. After whichll the freorte Comea'y or ihe SECRET 4 Thomar Mr Holland Mr Dupuis, Alr Barton A Drannm ont I d RERMOVING THE DEPOSITS Mr Paul Prog Mr J II Fnn After which the Extravncanza ealled BOMIIASTES FUItlOSO! General lloinrlatel, Mr J S Browne To concilude with the Bedouin Arabs. [Te Tomorrow, lst night ofthe Bedllir. Arabs. tI(FFEE--SU Imog Hnrona. 150 Idol Rio, fir atle by bTETSON & AVERY, fý2B 88 Gravier at SRýON C I'ET'r-Jist re eired at tih Louisiaia -iVire isionire,53 Ilienvitle street. 12 tiirinlr lin gle nod dorrlle fire rnoftiron cltiets, from, tIhe factory of J ei Brown, New York, t ar sale by fell WI l R CARNeS. SL.i BIRO\VN' Pateln- Pier farm Dlanrea.--uro. cJner r cai rrI etl 53 Bienville street, Patent Plat tOrLn lalalnee, superior to n ly ever nf eorrd in this aity. rell W I CARNE.. JOHN V. CHILDS, ENGRAVER AND COI'PER-PI.ATE PRINTER, Mo. 1, Camp SY. ll.l.t r engravre and Print to order hrnnk rnote. tills V tf eatrlrlnnge, bills of lndig l eir d tplool, ueran tile. eanrl vi.i:ine cal.. nrtnri'l, ctisulrlrl erotnling honrne nals, dorl in :is, silvcr were, 4.. -slawyaon Ialld, on aesnrllerrrut tf rilrer ilated and bracs door I 0 (Canrtldr prrtedl from latesa alreadly engraved. I lllN'I' -15 easesr vlrlu patterins, Frenchl and 1 nAmeriran prirnts, fir ale by fel5 .. I I_ I I)G Il, & Co, 1.4 Magzaine at U"3 " U3i- SIIEETING--40 balen Retussia sheoirg, I for sole by t feb?5 I tBRIGE &" 'o,l34 ilagaeinest taken low in ,he fire lIronf store 79 Julia st. by feb ..3 (:IAIIAMIV 1 COOPIR. i.A)I lN) l tImx rs el It rnirino, Lrrieg's brami. tkri IdurhIlf do ald 150 quarter do, in store and flour' Iby CIIAMPLIN & COtIPER. f'1iI215 79 Julia It - ltIuUll- 209 bbi flutr, lnaling train lteamer AI I unuitqirii, .ir sale by f.i5 G DORSEY, 44 New Levee 1 IiISCli'Y--100 bnrreln reelifid, in store for sle b h U DOIRSEY, 44 New Levee I1 I I''II-In autid nald kage. aisetern reserve land R in; froni aleacecr AIganq ain ftr arler by fe.! G ). 1) ,(lsEY, 41 New l.erv t.1.1 bltF':-l'i'isnvelenl hibtiaik n will cloe aon ,od iv 31 \1nr, Ih. Thloandeairo iiire-thai e'iaastPr wilonder il Il" allninal kineldln., intllc Onw nn.ail llah nlelve+ ,f a hil list Itlpllon sitalad elas tsl pre einit hn been I te (l rl, slle nIny perti.u l ble lr l.t, lhe citizensI oIf Nv (rlenl mnly Pse for linnyat yearn--o Ipernrill ius the exislenl1 of 6llli' lehllcate a hnal. 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