9 Mart 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4

9 Mart 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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ýýpW;. T'naetmq i t il f t t Fft- 1 Ldon U r Mf K brai IV?. tayi Landa 2 v @13n ý - i l dhare. s n1patr a. tt? fa a Eaaks claaadia flad ~irý I s nin J~lnf'r ,k Il, Con..tau ,'^ I V a 2 valp LaHII·,o GttP U""tip~`iiiaý;n'iinratret, ` ±paiE. np 61 8q; o Vethalko A 0 1 0Q, Jliatar11r t, ' vola dl e ylla , Ptraa,3 vole A I ifLtt ta, Iion 7 voltoat a Arid 'e.t'IadIn Lnns Wt 7t alf ani oi, edicl Scint if 'Y R ~iýnlt~~ I katit, Nov ~:aaan letla adGc k JOHNS & co. ca~9 ~ r. r`1..·l,. .... . . n_... _. _ ' i ouncsdtoa i r 4d ianre of nde Peter nid Agoe. LIT nwdifiy di tnvered w'herein treiTic loix t h rosit b Ii t ji toe o urv tctmode of treating StirandAgdC'. inh fhitinst plino, hung it Vega -t tmOrt, and free froeuny tlrlitnrionica nd poisiii .tub in.iedieaut, it lnty lie taken, with the Illot sali enf ty evn byh tte tenderia'fiil , arnvl invalid. It pie veest telapshofhf dliosene, cots.iqntl ty It ceneotit (io a soln anegouus s m wonted Inlu hIl nacvi, Ih easlstab lihes eirt blnj i md pcn anet appet itM ey ivilorating . ate nc gl res lli to tieenjoymellts of ti-te. tifntpetula , ch vowel inegsa puain stivieqeaif, itr cmin.ii "t b e e tlso n Iern: er lise lis order, rto tcrelte oher dioseeaeblt tlhngorglyl lqeenses the evterhl or senas of dipeesieoi, an lthes baoents the system -"with whatleer oter afosto sit eugV bue oppressrl. ledirldealr, .nar ithe the ftil 'TIoic lixtIei. have onun hexposedt all the Usuael causes of the disease, end tnave ftepod ai i sv Y mtltits of retitrn: whereas byr the usceetheeoa~an eot nemedties, there is atlwvye'ea Ite tc e itreaotd liebi!ity to re.e re lce. 'lh ." d osge erofreet t l. e of ie Ague, is very eNil. nt, for the system will Me, n becoen too each prostinto en *1ne b atlreetroat witJh edleine, andzeeiily fMllOvNc et.e to l tli iaeedtanr violetnce T 'l'olnic lise slaii thffered atch oae n reanable prce, as to ploac it iorkth tv mrech eiwrv onmh e-o that ts e ,o an d (resd tltue arc irel~y i' pitted holicti 'ih in't'. olfate, alnte wlith Is freitnlt tie denid to .i V.n' elde very rilucteotly hsto.teed. 'The iditi ,o e .p rtl caw t to nd ig onct th. opt ines tlntaon ot, his mitedicire, that ae daily ofutred " It iptepotedr onlv h. Dr. John Il. Row...d, at hic Liene ,.lteor-tntrieit ltlcnelphia. SThe suhenbers ee tle .ltlesle sen:ets for tle :Suthe\Vsteru atese,' af d will sell by mihe roes, at the Philodelplta inroie. 'aT he had at retail ulso, at motofl he Apotlsuecrios in thq city. JARVIS &ANDREWVS, K,"'le Wholesfsl l)rlugslils, noett i eno rConmou3 t Tellopitntls s Missetasippi atnd Loelsiar na hotel, elvllNiTON. rL SIRS. IMARY KIIRKLAND reepectfully an. t iounoces to her friends and the publie gene. ally that she is prepared to accommodate them at he above establishment, and hopes frm her tetion otie rnder visitors comforthblc, to receive a contlnuanoe of foreoi favors.. She feels conli. rent. that persons visitino Covington during the umlor months, cannot find better accommod;tlions thian she can afford them, on more liberal terms. Her house is plosaontly siucted, and well supplied with every convenienlce the her is furnished with 'ts most chtoie liquors, &c. in ashort shie promlises e'rat nothing shall he wanting on her part to give tlire satain sction to all who may patronize the Missisippi and Lntisiuna Hotel. jc3 HiE PU-i-IC=-.io undersigned. having .. rtudied under Dr. Sel.midt of Charleston, Bo'tth:Coarlina, and for some years his assistant in lhe practice ofmedicine and surgery, tos the lonoe tbe offer his -professionalol services in this city. Ie atures the ladies and geotlemen lnthat. the mosta prompt attontion will be paid to thie calls wlticb may be made; and also offers his services to ithe boldera ofcloves, being well aoquainctd with the diseales common to them, ohavin attended them in theogar Inusoe in Clharlcston. The faunots nnti.bilious pills a ter the composition ol Profcssor Smollette, wit directions, can be ihad of the undersigned. The effect which they lhave produced in this and other cities, has been attended with the greatest sucess, to which the best of tetlrenres can be given. Apply at No. 166 Mogs. tine strlet. JNO. M'LORING. RIOLLOW IVAI sy V ]Ivs, SAD IRONS, &c. (THE IIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. S23& Water, near Beckman stroeet, New York, have received the past season, end are corstantly receiving large and exhensive additions to tio stole of tlhe above goods, whlichl now conslsts of the sIlOving atsonltinnt, suiitablo for the southern and western tnirltets. ' Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 etoi, viz, Pate of 2 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallone, Kettles, 15 siles, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, •Kettlos, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bn.eptian or Ovenos, 7 different sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spidlers, 2 do Oriddles, . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 de Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 incithes. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. ..Wood Screw, 210,1100 gross, iron aid brass, fromt . hjclih, N. 3 t1 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superiori 'quality and finishl, and lees titan Joaie's implorted prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibs for retailing, Tailor's anti hattoer's Irons, assorted, Salh weightsI, 100tons, asorted from 1 4.4 to 01bhe. Hells for Plantations, steambonts, lurchtes, &c. made to order, Also stoamb ats and other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly recomunendd to that attention of Southern and Western merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms ; it is be. lieved to be the largest and best assortment ever fie red for stlo by any one establishment in the ° ted States. Zo"irchants, by forwarding a request by n)ail, cao have a prined circular, with duscription of goods, prices and terms, f'om wlich no deviation is ever made, Ifurnishelld by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. NOMERRv.AD NOR COPAIVA lNew Urleans, Nev.14, fi37. A O Bo r si mohntls ago I had the misfartune A, get a seret diueasse, ftr whic I lrave aIl,ple to sane rs dactors for a cure, and they did lot rN'o me. ) nrowa oelthe above date I pumeysslf naser tiret cote of I)oect a. s li.d I expe:Ctl bh to cure rne. .bce tlat time the dipea. got worse, s as th break out ir large uleero Sto tlh numselr of six or eight ou ea it leg, sod all over Smy'lese and solre thrat, and out able to work bt Ilv `prensset toe oil aoccOallt of the disease; large l]cer oil theolelh side of the tlrat. I slot s0.v utlinog oynelf e RsfiSdeutly under th ci e of Dr. tluet, , l'Saris, to be perfectly cured JOHN DEAN. fe, L4 t y I DO CER'PIFY that the obae mtentilned disease is L quite weIll csreId to mv snn satlisfatio, for whi.b I tqank fir. I uel; nsid tealo ver I soo.re that the andi riue havle takes Ioueal tie fat, onddd Iat injure mIly nealth'at eI; therefore I advise my f 1,)w Ollcrelrs to lose no time ant l aply, to Dir A. ialet, 124 Canal strset, betwoeen Daunll-la allll tollrtllat areeas. IDr. HS.i is athaoms from 9 ohloek, A 1., unlil 4 1P 11. Thseywill fiad a truedoetor for this comtplaint. JOlHN IJEAN,ll Grovier street. If any one watts to ae ate, call at No. 40 Gtaviot • +-- .PJOHN DIEaN. • r.,o+.l,,)obh I, 183. teil 1 IV TIItGenuinse nI s isalsmof I.icerw suttad thous Iht.tisdis ptt tp in bottdle at tio low price f 50 cents snah.elsato lasg tils atrteutgt of tihree onuces of i- ivwiprtbesi lea tbe si'taastof smany other rots old Il.stlolt among tile Indianus s elesaoius in elring sslsni ryotn oplaints. ' The -r ivalled success wlicl is sattetdsd th ue e ofr lhds _sststmsbl Ialslesn swherever i as beea iatroe ls. has oBlttol the confidence and tconsaetda s of alspee." tlQ physieiuns;for the cure of coughs, "pa__ is sidsn=mt of resa,slaisg at blood, I *cnoplbis, g.... , .sfhosp it may coneern. This is to csrtiry shot se blart prtraic e freqqettly promscriled Mirs Gerd Gatt o(..d..rwert a d lloarhouad, sith Sts j~sgoad n ti, *., therefor, from the ktlow IS os i Itn , and cbtetsaste ri3bsfHli ungJ f r wie h it is re CALVIN EtIAS M. D ''igt ' b~tp thn hto lUeJiosl Asuseiation. •, Nu, Oteem . ý, ;,. a f3 f .. :.i,..+ sae ys p'riss lciripsq t e m Fs ile." rs " ,.e " ad - l1's ; s a t uit o hr --(iae wl. p I .... * r. o r o rttkhIrftr, r t, i ;to situ 4t Iy Walh. ' a , lgIONl I rktT o , occ acc relcltp_ cc 00 bcizh;,c ~leans . Cagle, fltlundier tiaker lOOPY ndre cad (eein tit carl; Beck. iitliimtm B C an, O1-4 alid 2 3.l inch Bit cia lBnlle; -9 inch blude IBowia Kaivnes: netallii Dci Cases : Belt, tHo Dn..llinPistols; doohle and eiinile liarcol n atcee Bngci Sliot IBelts; Piiowder and Pintol Fht.sali IDranim Iottlol and DI)rinlkiag Cis; Recaidion Cape acd Cai Holdecr; Cloth, Hir, 'rooith: cad Nail hrdshes; Orris and Cllorina 'Toith WVash l'olth, Powder, Toiet and Shaving Snoips, in great va. reth; longa Hair Braids, Ringlets andl rizettes; 'ear; and'r Tilti PowderEery IlaEgs; Ivory 'Pua Cushionsa: Paten Slales nr ortcrin; GCmn Elaic Sl .oapnders; Powdier PllfE .nd Boxes; .ilt Chains, Scale and Kew,; Eaf-drops; \onint lacklan; Iracelnts; Bead Necklanrec and Chains; Gilt ana Siiveredc Beada; Indilan Bearls. Ilells and PFlames;Shell Toiast; Side a:id Dressina Ci.nbs; which,in addition tio the ir finrnr stork on a i n, iVkesn their nassrtcent very complete, an will hr sold ecv and an liliril lterms, .t the nige of tile Golden noiib. i25-tf 70 Chartres street. º111L1 SIAevrihers, Agents fur the extruive house of. 1 V. & .. Butcher, Sheffield, England, nhave just eeeivell a very exteciisve net of pne It.c, onositlity of Table aid Dessert Knive' f o o i de riptioli, len, PockitI, )ik, noal Slpear point Ihives: lRazors, S.il. mor. Eder Tols,&er. &ce. &c. wicil they are paepered Jebiibiti, the trade or orders. Termc cad condition, will hi made, known t the time. cl1i J.I)D.IBEIN& A COHI:.N.9Coia, a . 'I 1MTONS, HIAItTT & CO.-.1Are now reeivi g e . ~ier stllp HuX.vile, Eagle, Merry Ar w, I igllh 6n1er, Flrenclt al German double liecl 3plvinoca;3s: ,ter, belt auni pItket pistols; plin, ribblad as. split ensing caps; erp lsldlers; clts ars, Iltazon, lict. vea; (Uillou' sonomercial and oiller sltel pens; Vin-I ll; Violin stlings; shell, ivory 'd holl n . .mlsorn wara: I It, bealsd m leather lurses; hair Ilnials, front andl sne ringlets; nrgro purfs; German and: French cologne water, Rolands. mneeasuer oil, imiltatiot, don; ontilae I sl brmersoil; portllel deskt and dresulog ecsess past, blacklg;, statilnn , toilet glasses; convex mirrors; ot cal glasses s'd viewl ; lndian la.oals, helad to-; I t iaaa ceordeol; whltrltwine; toilet anld shaving snaps; toilet owder, eoam'tid wasth halls; scented ratin cushions; pool salnld; sreew csdlionst;t fantcy LRead chlis l necklaocs; billard tallts; pkl;et looiks and w:olletts (FernelOl iLOesc; Ir:zor Stl.raps-; ft aIn Eommon 1 gum olaste ts lepderal , tasrtersldo; Bells luceifr matchles; sil ver teeins; reayons, &Le. &c. The above in aslditios to our former stock of faney rtihles mnkesoiet , r assontme t very c wnml ete. For sale h olelale oe retlil; as tlc sii of Kelle aldle (oot&CI, t0, Chluotre.e street. m2R. od Moecito, Keller &Co. of Rn.evw s, on lisalved on elst oPilr alst la; by t h deatal rlu aluol A Maso , one of'Ihbn 3arieers of tihe fir, s The n lllelsn sllel, ~lvivi partler, woillle o el, erge SitA llr oertling nsdl closig eonid til Soirs Pas f;llow:' Levi C Hrrios will ntotle rItre sPetlliog of stoe bi .inws of Mator, llourris Co.. it Natchez; and IHrrin, hcl e ClC.,nt lllllcr; and 3llerv Kllley ill attreal to leo seAtling of i 1ll, Iitcsess of K(eller, lhsuo &tct Cn., at New Orleall. 'l'The nmlc les ofllae oeverl fimros wil hle o.sl ill lht tiol itlono av. lThose ilellCed to Said fills are colnca tlr y re;iromete Oc nllle a.rwnrl i Nor le keaerlv etle ; and aYe havi ;;ll Cins hcill I lense Pr.'atilen hhaI WIfoU tsla.i hey w p VI C o m AlRlMSr, r IIENRIY KELL.E Y. New Orlrnle, Jlllae : 1oc7,137. p T iN r lil 1 I'A FAlINA'S~--lOaINE TT W T IER t cases o mcore of tlhis superior Cologn wisate, just received ahl fl i lco.ari the dozen or ingCle botdti; Alcs A;erieno slid l'enehl toilet iwders, powter r l o'Snolld boxs ls, ea gsan toilets ainpscosnlente wnsl alles, milk of ihoses, nsnletie eohl runne, oxtrne o lusk, bkrlsloln, Vrd's vegetabelo li oil, plntmn' mror its, perek, IFlolidal ven r rcoese, ld bay waeters, arelat :'s snlt, alrse ill per aril lotv trllnkr.vegeta ble r I ldliqrill ssoe, Chlonrilne se-1 Orris tooth wasa, clts,hair,tootlloil and fles c ; anlle toe haer wc iat illl additional soippl of foelsiolnlllc Ilr;e nall sell nicboas ald jeweslr,l lFr ale low at wrllesnrle or retail I by SIMMONS, IIAII''T &,C;O, R uy (e 7c 0 tCl;artsrs street. COAL--The subsertilers Iave eaisaunoly, ie hand a larse stppl f of Coanel nnd Livers osl eoal, ein Illa, of euperilr quoliy, which thley offer for salP in lots to suih plrchl.ers, Altl expected by the first nrrivnlos from EIIsa eand sand the Nsrth, Canntl, Lehligh and Peach Mlloultai n Cllclarooland screened, piut up i ln.slcdsd exlpresly for fnamrily usr--all of wshich Ihy will llasplse of on thi ruioslt mlollerste ternls. Orders Irlt ti thueir ",i.ce, No. 53 Bienville st up stairs, will be procmptly tiiendel to. F e 3 'I. & A Sf0l1F.e. -'. oh \lV ales, Pcrcousery, &c.-A Solru.aio1 nrIfclal rI olignr, put up exprtesly, hr hlia retail tiode; alsto lao eures Foeih Pelt fuelryin cinbra eing every sariely lor the toiloe, fr sildo li actn a. l. es i D' iLANG. 'I lII {Itlay IrlleaI cliaoe aod Planters. 1Ne.ro clitl s, lsolakets, I.lnnelo, l.nseys, lowell slhirtul," clhecks, linens, cnlirics, handialclaielsi &e &crnceived ald m or sale n law by lthe rbscrl. be e IU IOTIA & Co. oct. corner Cnalla ali Chlnrtres tt L I6' Glenn's Ji'erfcoerier . Idion Dye, lor olorig lthe llair ; IlBecar's Oil, Rushaiob; brcl s.l ccse, porllltlltal, ilaicale'a Fl",r dle IVnshl, suilerior pearl p;airlur, lp ai halir, ereaon isf rasc, vegetablell rouge, otto ul cius, lip salve, kreosnle tooth wnsh., ;ilhnnil: d,,ntritiee, o range alwerawater, powdel r luffs anld ,sixei', Alllcri n charconls, nuily Ipnt u;' ia luur oIIni' viale, Pres. tll a Sahli, ollo1i'ei lcreosuolt tth t iache dropa oair bruslfs, Elglllsh dressing colllbS Idlian lair oil, witali vdricty of oaler per lf eol riesn, &r. F or salebI by C. J. ''IIthNCIIARI), Oca:1 earlier ol Calcll sld Blnurioll asis IRON III)'OFS--T'he sulseribers have procuredl at a Fire'I rxI(nse, thle righ;t of plltia; n g ro isa rols in Ilhis city. 'Thliey re adnpled to pu lhe buildilia, a'lrehoose., and privae dwellince,sndal e ic lllcine n o ell b helepnees ond dol'abllily, lnd Se p, rfa tly fire and selr prllof. 'I','rms nma se knb nallana nl, model sern at our cstablisllnbten, loppoisite St. Ioary'sc m ark% Tchapi:oaolns at. o1l 1 E II COoSi\\ Eli, a Co UPL'OL.TEIYifY &PAPER[i HANGING( STORE. Ilenty SiebLecht, (Iormerly J. C C. Wicks & Co.) would mest resleclieh, inlurm his friends and m the public in t entral, tihti he has anid is cuestant, or ly receivin. a Ieneral a.soriment of upholstery nd atli per itantite. '!'lhe Ptitloaing cattlpces a pad of his slack, which he off ers fr saile at whltlce sale or retail ,n the loust acotLnlodltilm n terlms, vlz : French velvet and Estin paper, latest style ; do hall coltmutn and comnmtnn, Patladelphia glazed and unglazed do do, French landscapes, fire boards, binde, &e. do velvet and worsted do do, C' muratze do colors, silk fringe and calloons eof'al ia'lilies, patterns anrd priete, worasteld ringes os o sorted ptter. pnlain and eolortd. Swis tUstalin, latest style Ilait and coltuard, cottct drapery Ymuslinsplaio andt twilled, ts-orted eolrt, ne d syleot needle wtrli for sFa cuathitns, fa.tstotl S scover',&c new st\le o hel I plilets, ratsed liaure. iand plalin, gilt window ornaments of all patrlrns r and zes, gdt rugles bhaetl and spears, fathers, S&c, glaesn knl, cattere, Ihair chlth, figlled and plain, a larie tssortmn t t otf t'ys f r chi.lren; a tlate silla eid and insls, worsted cord ant tis. s sesle,a general oasortllint of u sphletero and pap'er hr hehing-, custanely on hand and fato sale at sile lowest Iracts at NAs 41 lRoyal and 64 CuI'I a ount stae. N l--p,rsons in the city or fEm the countr.y, aren repectfully invited oi nail and rxlantare for tleiasuelves. Carpe:s and curtains lamde iln the latest mIlodl rn astl,', rooms plopared at the selrlt 'est ttte, and i"ll kinds ofl upholdeaterly w.lk duloe with neUtsess and despltch. uct 3 L iI2-tEtIi, No 54 Conde sireet1,taelt ect Dumnin and St Phillp, keeb nstaeaIntly on hand n , xtensive neIrsrmlne sIt of lbols an11d lruo, anl, a, d s.rl.e,afNeNw York manuaftctrre, Iar mn, ttmen and eulildren of lil aoge, which he Gill dispuoe of at very i'odslerate prir e. Families io his neq lintance on Fendine an oraler will htve their wishes attended toL I E S :E()UR I)EAFNESS. A NEW ertile fiur ereosns tr nlel wIlt lealNee, A (called iheaitt r'irtsJraelt) ais just a. reeived si the le t i'. hi,:lt, tlth' sig~itt t articulatri ti tahe .itt' stlen sice iistst'etteiv ecareyei toetittayet . Ans rita lwho hIs ever l blell obliged to. onversa with a;ery del peorsn, rausi sle alty sets.i'le if tih dilliiculty tid P-. larreasslet tiltxpel ieted I ttItl tihe ls'evs atl tie in dividialah rtu llitrtllatritee atilted. sBy tile use et ths Eur l'trumplett thin elje'tisr he, ii ea i sallv ,liatted. T I [IL. seeptica have s" itsys a. mtdat. their douht alt ter having used hI I lu:raieti. Fer sale at 'I' F 0GUION' ' ian:ey ..ore, areate IfCte.rat.. ad t kl..lrlea stat, nlr hs I'. chltach lotel. 'i . lSptrm Uil, si ·ickss an dil en, for Wholealssa Drttgg ss., corner (' esim and 'ichllap tae stre : _., eliar I: "40 kegs, 100 - I t a a rll o o t aCialih - -105 1-4 blille. l tU " 1liI Pinlt Ilredie vari. . .ize,;% I etae Verutilli', S"sl a R IItsII 1 rioll; 1 " Osrch " i0 ltapkoi old Leaf; 50 do Silver do; 100 do Dlstch Slehi.l WINDOW Ol.A., Ameriaens Et glisll eald Frenchl I ItQ bharss, saenios siese and qualiis. s. B islll Liea n du.- ,.i) boxOsI, ccislgnhllel, will Ire Al!so, a paseseal alosetslUelll oe Iatisls cnlctlrs and too'sa for sale by A SV SC'i Es, No illa Ceanl street.' N II. Al.iama ltelles tnakel at i r, aed Aliosisiliti i not :s will e received at i per cOae discollllt for sgers, orsi I l'sleye!l ol'debts, je I Iw E--tUIlI-ii ' a ulisdg iergf steoamer Iderpend. p e..cr, DORSEYS' ^'' 414 Nsw sI.a*r. b E~aersst'a Iltsqs 1S3teoas-'l'hte cas s of the tso' sslies, cier received by at ur,." REWS, N& )'LANG, Is Camp ssl Alis.sot ,il es-lOS- rao 5in-issso]tisssll-e spa. mtole all sI, rhlan, illt ore, aid for el, hby e 3 OL;GER'I & lh! TiORN, 03 Gr:eviel .I . -BDOOK UINPERIW. S 'Under.the P vavyune Oifesi, 7. C.~ap at. IONSM A '& HOW80N bee leave tonfor J their clistomers and the poblic goneralily that ,tI iy have removed their establehment tu mY .73 1 imp street, immediately under the offie. of lhe r Pilsvitn--where they are prepared to execute all. or4 n rla in their line. S r ing received from the North n eupply of pa. per and nimeliale of a superior quality, fur the mannancture of Blannk Books, they offer their serr vices hi merchants and ether', who omay wisll work of that kind ; and htving the advogiage of Iseveral yonre'' experience inl that line, they are v confident otf ivine stlisfcltion to those who may s. fvr thenm with their custom. e For nornalee, narhitects and others, rasps and plinas 'ill he .nasled on linen. vainished and I mounteu d in the nealost IOmnner, & aLt itu shortest a nrtice. Plain anti fancy hindin_, in all its varir tiee nl. t CINA (GI, -; e . L.sK Irtl..t v . it.e ,v t C 36 Ctharrre street, New Orleans. 1, 1M, SI"IIGEANT & Co. irmporters oltFrencht Hy and ]:n.l.sli China and E:arthen ware, are d o.v op ernin new a id rich patterls of breakfast, Sd'ning nld ten services, toiler so t, I.ithers, tea -nd- cvffire cups, aeupnss, sugars, vreanns, howler, plate,. dishes, tureetns, wash businc ano ewere, foot baths, etc. etc. Rich cut end Plain French and Anlrrican glas.e war--- .hlets, .hompaignes, letinnodes, jellies, it c'l rel , 1 c rdiale , centre bltwles, dovatllters. . tumbliers, preserve disJleh s,celeries, itchters,Inips, Imrp shadue ad glasses, candle ehlados, salt col ler, eto. d Se:vr plated, kronzed and britnoia wares--ear e ttr, liquor stands, cake baskets, candlesticks, Sbralnhes, s;o one, ladles, e-tff- and tecpots,sugors, creanmsl, himp, jepjnlrnoed trave, astral stando , and - Ilreinev..lape, fine ertlerv, Get;rlon srlver spootns ai ond lorlck, iorelther witha ;.rltor variety of articles t r fImllly use. Mlerchantls, pIlantern, hotls, and slCeaolnts, lrllnishead w:lh gods aot tile most teac esonble prions, tand I aked soi ns to be conveyed with salety tt ty pat tI tIhe cttonu ry. A r.. niontI releet.e enr. cart 'l-1` E FIDt t)t A LINE1 F'v'ntlml il its Auigursts, Geis uves e ,1ilbde nvere day at iire n',li.ttb pin per U'S itenil bon for 'Hall's Lindclite. bovl I;likely,.--then e (ou tpost c huebU s to Pe:is lnOL-- h e S' n lt eambisin li ts La nr e, wh lieretlhe lInnd loult isrestl ed-thenci vi Marianna and Ilri nevillel, Fli. aiilnriddge Pandiertiin it, fI ,tt'kinsville. Siut.dereviile,& [.uis vitlelto Auguslnt , (i, connecting revularly ,will the roil rond cars to Charlh.ton , nd Ithe steeam I ckels ta ,Now York, Nirlilik, P.il.delvl ia, etc The steant blats are the Ites: for ithe service i, ml thile nalll.ntini pr'esents t l re advantages tlha cat be foud ulpllln ay sctreboat route in tile south urn regi,. 'T'he rout improvemnents in the rute have beer prloduced by the It strueii l oe ifSt nmilts eof Ine road, by the lprp, itilrs, viz : frlo rl L'1(;Irange of L'a v're li'Niv,n no ar: I Sn Mai Rosle Iy, i In.yanr', li:r', on thIe Chint hoochi c tiver, te mils .tbve the Cwtt:ord, or 14 abotve Cedar elulli I whereby the navigation of the river, and the cot, 'equent detllluion, and m:ore recently the incon venient crossing at the Cowevlird, tire entiretl avoided, and a llne road from ilarianna direj to lIdinbrid e, itnstead of the roundabout road vii Chattahooullee, lessening thedistance about fiorti miles, and increasing the faeilitica niore hiai once a day. Alt, n brnntb line tof two hInrse staees ever' otier day flbin Iaf, kinstilhi, vie P. rry t' Macoiv Ga. connecting twilth the line to Savannah ant Darieti, Get. A mail steamrioai t ilies regiulrlv bevweFc Biainblitige and Aptlaehiceila. Ti'ravll rs wishlii to reach any point on CLhatilttlhchelle or Apalaclh: cole, can talte stoitnloat at Ilrowne svillc. Moetbie t le l'nslcla -Lahi nd util et--I)urin L h .tille occlitl ed by the repairs of bon-s, the prop.r urs of the Fltlorcdh liae w\ill unn a line of[ 1I flire , esl coaches every other daty bctweenl t\lu i eanlld Pulnsaeola. Pias't n-ters will leave Mobile at 3 o'.clock p mi in .ie U S mail boat, anrld proceed to hall's l.nd Ino where a oar horse coach will t e tin waiting t convey thel to Ithe excellent house of 11h. Charle Ila! I I 41 mile distanl, where they wll t fin pleasalt occvirnldoi;tlliis lor the linitigt-lcavinl next illorning, tlhey will arrive ill Penslacu la tarlt in t1o tvevcnln, llthus avoiding the discilmfort u night trvellin,,. O.lieu at hle iMansiot lliouse, ltMobile, and Cu! lis' llo;el, PI'ns:atolc, i, there sea's mlliust be Sec STOCKTON & C.. niv I PianLo te lnstI.uelionl. Wiilliam Smith tenders his sirvItes to the citi zens of New Orleans as a teacher of the plan torte. ir S havinl beenl einploycd slevtl veral r ain teacher t, music in private Ilntllies in B ston and a io t several of the fumt le St iharles in it vi nl t, canollllll but hope to m erit lthleir c nllfidCenC e 1it is permittl d to refer to Rev Dr CI, pp, Mes Stetson a Avery, Ilenmderson &. Gaiee. A ,r terms, 4e please ayt tilec bookstore o Altvcs;tdtter T,,ev, e r 49 Ctlli st , ctt Druges and lledicines. J Prevost hao lecnted titnsell ii, this city In thl ite pul e of transacti.i a genvral \lhoilesnht IDrrl blusillness. lie is nlow" receilvilln a full suppll ho Iresh lind genluine armles, wimllh ie ill set cn liberal lertote '1'o city druggisis, an.d those the interior, t l physicians, t nerht antl s i nd plantl ers ole ill It tir itldcements such as liav e never be fore been ,lbered in his city. Ili imtention is t, di a siticily leoititmate busitness. fIts stock vil soon be cnllieI and inl a few d .'eesaks wvill be rea dy Ilr business. All orders from thle countrty, ant Irol mierchants of t i cilty, receivinlg sueh ordron will be pIroptly alttnded ao. oct 2 No 39Camp st PROSPEC'TUS. TIlE subscriber p-oposes to publish, in tihe be ginning of the onstmng winter, a Condennatiotn the iwnenty volumes of the Old and New Series o Martit'i Louisiana Reports, to be comprised in foul volumes, bo., according to it'e model of Peters Conacesetd Reports. ThIs work is now in preparation by J. Iurton HIarrison, Esq , or this city, aesisted by W\illiam F Brand, Esq. The Editor is also permitted by a distinguished retired Judge of the Supreme Courti and by ono of the sitting Judges, to expect from their Ierstnal supervision all tie advantage which may naturally be reaped front their experience. Such a work is becoming every day more ne. cessary, as the original is voluminous, expensive, and searco. An increasing curiosity too is mani. fbst, in the other States of the Union, in referencei to the penr ija jurisprudence o Loulsiana; and thbe cirealll.tancet of tlhe numllerous prirciples here des eidel in the adjustment of conflicts of law s, makiei the kntowledge of our adjudged cases of primae uti. lily to the jurists of tel whole Union. MIorovet, Ithe rising republic of Texants has adoptlo our codes, and thus thlere is a great dnama:id for the Louisiana decisions frm ta fresh quarter. Convenient notes, indicating the parallel eases decided in Lteuisiona, and occasionally those in the moro authoritativeo foruls of the other States, win oe added to each case. The work will ferm four volumes, royal octavo. and will he delivered, bound, to subser.bers at $6 per vol.; in case it shoul.l be found practicable to compress it into three volumes, the p-ice to sue. ,vribrs w i'ill be $7 per vol. Subscriptions received by WM McKIAN, Ie5 " cer Camp and Commoin aln. Hi.I(tL'l:.AI.E A.ND RETAI.COMIB ANI) VA IIt 't'1t" STOnt" t the sign of bh gole conill, aitu (lttltre - st.evtr. Tle tilllcserilnrs have rec sived in,:,hlition to tl etirprev'itts stt'o k ,i l tnd, a fitll snid crtpilete assoDrltmlent ofnllrtcles ill their line; vi: combl, iprlmt-'rv, Jwellry, brushes, ieking glasses, lievev nrt'les, &i'. '. isiittin" it part as oillowi l (.it1 1-S-ti'toic', shlll, "we.nrought tn, phai tackmtvwse qnilled back, Iolt rollned, dressing, Hide pIill; curl anld iet'nh, tl'tazilinr tltllilts sri every deecr i lititii amn gllgl whllhrl i r e s nlll bexic ll paitters, Ivorty mIe .t i f every & litlplst, hlIrne, i ea.si, nd.i t esl illttie tngethier 'i air rnel'l ne aorllll nt o "b'rtIPIIIIJt(lll I Allllerillla . liI'F [I'U1 ERY-Cloaene, lanveoir, Flordo, honey, ttatv, rose,a:nd orantge lower wd'ers ofeverevizeaid des cripttiuo, cl it elontetd Citologinetl, er 'a't'of l _r l ' u ts s oa si'ol kind+s , sf w tvi g d o in c eles an d !rta , r enulttIt, \Vitl's nlreenlirat de Itit o earset ld I1.i riedoti. l'le tlll S Eii salts, n tla an d teirflet rt lwxdcr, panel it'dterle, io.e' leptptllhuiii tattxes toi nuttlll i lonets iald rollsni'eis and nlllorlle vtoti wvtlsh cud tinmtv'rtv, withn u ginicelasservvtv oef I1 :\\VI.lt l Y--.tii tIt'rthtIet tmiiP mot n oiistltisvna= I1e ....... iuslls . O--..., f htbrn led ........liu ............ I elrdrl'l '+, rtn it t ri'e .bei, r tLs ili ras gee"i' ve--I • ill" ltnll, wa. tch trilnnbinoe, cilt t It eite cm' ckble, i''r hhlh uh , crd siler vnl Id pI ye ils nit e u r hais 11' tSI I "RS:-Cloth Iair, dutit. "ricvetth,Ieart h,slit t, flesh, tooth, plate, comnb, Nail, saeaing, she: aand h it-wasr brushesl. I.IOtISN(; (GlI.ASSES---German .latia end toilet Itlns., ,lngin ile11g aidl Frellecll dilens.r fig glo ae, le le, with I t esttiv oether kiitds t ettitcee.a 'ttd. I' ANCY A¶D'l) VARIte''Y AIIr'ICLES--French l nd Alrerlican tlrtable i lla n.lt lne.ssihtng cases, Blieo cry rich nnr filnwy Gtiaihed laeInd work Ilxesanh dres I 'g r ites with aill without mlsic, triti'l boxes, Ae ,dn1ttii o ritttis kinds, violinset anld git's silver and ti,. niltle icilecks gus acel pistolsv wits umsd eithout it Aeirrt"e, l plialms Iul'eeve dlry ki.iiitell.a cirtnts, npes si,ll en, sils, .ilver p bblte, steel lid eomn siesta "-uncin't slea and alletski' alca" clnics visiti ng ridite rnncnittrbe, IRtney baingnls efelervllab s l iebainc ani Alesrirae' piicauett renscjdcl, ilaita ior e icfrau sta ieneril'esh lillan'e a, l hiIwaig's razor straps rr d 2failie hnmacbeirks, fciiy befill dekl ,irsi di weth e.,r .m aed beadl , gilt rd silver ( gum el:dliuiclressa, Srita, d''e, optical ietmis,-jaris', hvim btate' mathin i 'tink tnii, au r,.wita ai t aruti yel ree erl ti i:t" \;e, ie )ks--,+ oi- ( n lhlids; do. on e T-+ +, rit'TOW-t: ftD4 'Ja u THE INltAN'S IPANACIA. R tn rieho'eumltismserofulneorkingseetl,gnik, ' ll e rti m( or hip S oit, itcii;. ntent ner s, smlt ilior , tphhiltit a td mItn alise ei, irtenlsrly ulcers an Ihiftidalffiietions nfthe bones, iloerated thnron t ad neoa trisuioeas oevery description, lever sores, tcli internlI abtles, fatulas, piles, sealhlbheadl scurvy, blles, chro oinaoseyes, crysipelis,blothas, sulit eveiyt, variety cli tsaeeos."tffption, chronic Catarrl, head Eachle proeedl ing freomauny rid humor, pain in the stoinmch tanl dys pepsi p'oeeeding fromvariltion, anlectionsof the liver, ebronic inllammation of the kidneys, and getnern l dIbili ty caused by a torpid action of the vessels of tle skin. It is singtlnrlyeffcaciouasinrenovting those constitutions which have been broken down by injudicious treatment, juvenile irregularities. In gecneral terms, it is reom mendted in all thosetilinses whiceharian fromn inr-llSties of the blood, or initiation of the humors, of whatever name or kiIl. Some of the above eomplainta mny require some tri. fling nasistnt applications, which th eeircumstances of the case will dilet-; but for a general remedy orltPricantor to removethecause, the IX l)AN'S PANACEA will generally be found sufficient. TO THE PUIILIC. low true it is, that modern Physicians, in their am hition to excel ill their profession; explor ile e vst fields ofl'seiencee by the aid of lclicsty, and seek out new re` medial algellt; inshort, to arrive at perficiion in the practice by meons of ret alone,-entirely overlook and neglect, as Kneath thelr nItllce, the rich andli bIolnteous stores olimedicine, which the Almightly ihas eaused to spring out of lith earthl i every climne! Alld how mci more true isitthat while the Americanl Phiyvsiai looks to foreign countries for many of his most Ecommon aml lneceslary articles, peicotually clhanging as they rne at the dictates oftilshion orfolly, lie is sIIr-mai.cl in his own country with all mnldlessanprofsion of medical phuts, saiicient to anaswerlaly indielntioa il dlisenae or to calr any eumabla disorder; and yet he is igimrant of their vir tues,-atl'they are sul'Ired to 'waste their healing oil the desert air.' The elfectsof vegetable medicines upon the system are tenemnorary--thoser of minierals laatiog. T'he orsmer ex ert their ellheetail teepass cff-tbe latter, mercury in par. ticulnr, act chemically peon thiI solids, dIecomposiug the bones alnd undlermining the otstiutioni by a slow and sure destruction. 'Ile coingeiallity, ecielncy iid SlAFEI.IYl'vegeta ble remelies over mineial, imiay tie estimated hIveonlt.st ingthe ancient p.lctice with tIe modern; or, to bring it more immediately uiI.I crour Iown observation, Itl li an practice with that of the llwhites. Who,l inl Anmeiea, nas not knownoerbearl of lepcited insbtces wherein some dcirepidi, unprletenilingt female Iitlian, by meansof her simple remedies alone, haslialliated thle imost iapid I and astonishing cures, a'ter the M.Itcira le ice iof thie nmmmon practice, directed in tile most skilfl mlallner, has foiled.i Ai m who has not been surprised Iat the com. pnlativecasemul tcielity with which thie hIndin f(cshis self lomn any disense, :tlt at the almst mota abstinlence of ch I ronic "isease among theme Who has rteo heard oi al Ihndian with n constitutionl brokenll aold rlinelr by ill treatlment ? A:d c:m a hdoht exist that this happy ex emiition of tie siaagre frolm lnmat f 'th ills which the flesh oian is heiir to, is chielly owing to more genit andi saifer t'rimlIVs wich lie elmlllnlys? 'This astonish lng Ilirenc in ce, i ccess, n tfair exempliliflcation of the iilt.lllte sitreiority of tile siaple iaal s:are means of uire lomn oi long residenle amolngl a portion of lhehanrigin al illhabitalitsol f thi colinlry, unlltatn illtilmate Aqunail. lance with ile Int.tllods of ilnuef omf eOL of Itheir mnlost successltll Iiencitiomnrs, the proprietor of v'The liants's t;lalllelt*,'"ellal nirtl 'Id a knlOwedge of sonme of tile most pow"erill ad falitorite 'emedias. IFronl these lie selected such ias wele mnost effientiious anlld appropriates, and after variols experiments tolest test their prineillles and strength, he haseombihned tihem in tile forml here presented, as the most perf.rt and lbeneicial or the purplose for which it isrecolmmnnei1ded. The proprietor ioflestllis preparation to tlhe pblic, with the consciousness that lihe is plaicilg wiitiniheir so, a remedy le hle of relieving many of his afilicted fel low Ilclgs, aI al. suiho irlrinI t. tile Bvariois chronic naal olstiiaoe nilvaiitc s to china ait is applicable. To sulch it will prove o illncalcllable vale, as the leans, ani ill maly cases, tile ollly meain sofelievilngtheir suf lilillngs andl restolring thle once more to healthl alnl hap pilness. T'Is is nolltolfelreld as a common rlmoll ell y, that may icr cllalic lie chlrnatty good with mly other's Io-l ini us, aItaies ioe which is capaible of sat ing life illnlmny extremne rlses Iicti all the iulOlsuali rmeiesfail. iThis has done tedly; l this is e re iuateion ithasob raie iet ih.Ievr i hsc beaCenhil iatarmhII e.d - It is oailltcialil hir-e yearois .inei this iireparainl was i presen c llh t n ublie: btit l Ii shori sspace icof tle, solemlnod dtclare that iev bealived thal t tlher lives wer saveds by it, loni int t isoan lsawter lhe had triul maly ai anl. Il ris malsl the common lrlltei.i in vaill. A"lle, - ever it is kllllli it is raplly cnlliug into il, stil tills affords the most sobstlanalmu lOllilcing proof of it merits. 'l'eh valle c' he Palriisci nois eionsiivCoes in tlosei I long stasllig a i sl ilitic m. d sclmtiiii e ul a11 .c ons a lcb Hate Be d lild ll other rii te s I ll lles (I nd ]i:allic la ill those cases ahilvti nir ry lotsll ibiIc so la.isl !. uiiId ats c llseldistlessi llm pllills il the I(i , oeIs, land es, h lcltn rial lc.IIII' l]ul':IRI le·I t tiL 'the d eCli si e m .g ls, c'c. Thesed ith cwompctlety sces is,1 and" inilll a n it enllir c i ller illi llts the liseilo s luiill Ievi tlc oi ilits of Itllie ii. Ioles a heeltiictrl iitiiii lilal iatli al lShi e nicnte i si illll .ai Iswell. tno rhanti.m and in uldw. a ill sae thrat. its shaiy eltin s mise vnot ilc , aroli . e, gin ilng alost eiate I a i a- i'sulav fat o T'akel in prl'opl.. dloscs, tllclllnlintl'. rilalmcel I iC .o. Inwas m I aie abuli". ta1mt delarelll i dh.ih " ' disrelic Id lixl tivlsm , ni l nI i-si lvl<illi ioilt :llleali i lid ill eally i.cai ca.. ia 'euiC t.lii. a hll ihi sevi is tie r rl'siogivei irtor to ithi al ,d ach c id ieil sa.ctn ii slallist, at t im, scarclt e v o mol aolut upilirriF aiaii rit hliiulillliale i arliciiltito iteia hcii.. , l'aghil Ihcl " ea ilr Ales IconnceIO telstllS 11ay li e uIndsiItsd a. Io mThislnedii.nu e entirely fouud hi..hlm efu.l in ty' anhis.lm+ disacest t here sp ecified,'1] t ht hews sald witlilierilSa ri ii ucite:I al1 orll t dl ii ll l1i ralio w-hl Ii lntlintir lloi-cveliaeipneliw silgoa t SunheiIl bt. ale I e terl a Il.ca in llvnil is cnuSiiu.t l e-eliin-sav this llnlllam ae in mnali isl. willa alla i acliltasii Ilpurposes , img l nh less time, ItI tr ollest, anii i v Iesll in te iacvaau wikillc Iailo: l the co a i nll ink. cThe flliouhii certificates, that of Ibtl.e s s how. whici Inight ie procued n eo , are gie a o to llw , epia . ollt Ithle llan's Panace, in tihe varitls e umdaihtat neelo entill oelli and alhso to exhibit iini the most satisletor. ainnIllr its sauperioriy oner the slaiups Io ll c li ue. CASES 0' IliIElUMA'ITISIl. Daring llievlsl winter alld slog ce was aflictedllaei.ih t i very severn olistressing rla-aiiniaiii occaisioned lay oexosl ill lall w .hir . tore vkegvrcat.pleasuire i stlatilg, thait ix biottles ofi'llt liatile taiin 'caa , restor.al lco ie litor llf rcctoltanh til oiril ciilly rvvote m.oii tato aol nimiilarly aitlil.tvd. .1Oln FEIfiGUSOIn, KE:aig st. CHiAmcESTON, Marech t7,t y .t_. o was seizedt lahutthrecvot-arsince, wiitc a isircssing rhichiiiaisin, e donal b iktigak o- seva-a- cold, whie ainler tiiili tiioeeol nimrctry,m ill .m iwhi ll ons dalanled rrs froni htsiiiiets nmaooly ever since.il v During ais he'ro have linl a patient i i Marine I hitcai la alh t mier la i nliie nigt to ~llwai'dllll~l"a iollthin ianllairln ilnl saitie ralachi" liicinta Iiraae . hic lolitiirellosp aiilo l tried alIaat Vier reiedy, .itli little letealie. Oit tih Itlt of Ichbtoar' Iani, atihltt ime storccl-y iiletl lionvrablo o neltoi crutch en, 1c omonllled theboe l f indialon'S Pltliea. Itonl., Itiiiaulllht e iy lfeni lcl o ir ed fnr- lal, arlln sr. riow tali to nstate that I celaniatera mselif il.rrectll- vell. " '\I.. "iUC!O.RrI, 13 l.l'.ict ot. CAi-ES OF SCItOFULvsUS UIUC+ERS. No:nv faac, Setit. lil, 1110. Tlil snlo ertify lbeat in the lll ol til5, 1 wasrcsz willh a swe~lhnin try lleck arnd filee, athich terwa.t. uilcerated ail became (lage .listlyv ulccrs i cci rofe, Alie-r Iiryiig nvici'nl iliaosiiians Itin aial iovg, `I aiea' to lthiladeal ,il a, l I placed ntal el l underi tie rei rit. P iannc anaI Ileacla, wh, ultaia' repeatd salieioh aaitls ltackih-t-c-r lietllesol'sfw-io |i icve d onig cKh grrcanio cvcIsn l'lle natiO s il.Slllnlell ahai aicvor 'lat c c ln ny es, o ccii, wai e lcase ;ris wiinteala hri it e tita.. itali WM'3. ,II\IIA? aHrIoLI:STO". Jadr 1y2, 13131. I I'as nflliftera, fom.e es wihll t leI, i the lcg, o caslt lolly reccorn' uded ttwith crj 'sipchIn hill. it idl excessive tmatr in the leg ai onelo joint. S9ver:] uelntillCt physicians exerted theirskill ulon it, but wial out p)e lrltanent henlfit. |It this case fire buttle 1 u lls's I'l lc.a mnal t a er fit IlCt cu re . s ARGARET A , 1l 11sairket 41or sale by IIINIlY IIONNAIIL, dIgg.ist aren I p." r o tv I ; aietors, lehrllliloal sslre.c l0 N LW OIILLEANS- 4 NAIIVILLE RAIL 1O-.fl COIIPAN '. 'l lll> slockholtairs i of thi t cOlptvare"e hrthv no StiiOl tllltl by a resolttion oft the board l aid rnc the Ml It 'lll l tIll lW it itt. r t Ithe 1 tootlel f fre o Itr lt as o t lte, a-ls 'tti l l td, t aslto tile sthi stockhotldel s are 11t1ll, Illttli tll ttht a t thie l!t!tl h u.t , tist l3 llet r i tlef Ill t th , ,'okltholderen I i reil Illtt .t s a l tl ftl on the t 111itt r liot 1 I resl c ite]- lr ,thtýl, %iz: wollhiiar* per xhllre Ille ott the lirtdy tt N1eiptnlor teart; two dohllars per saare IarLbl. Olatie firt lay. of l)etpol, cr ntex; alnt tI dllurasler .l re inyutes oi tihe Ii Pt dlyIt- . lTrc nt N 'l thraa h'tyeP Iit reslllcr., I:ta t!ie secrletar of this atoln tty " Ihll Itlify l thile alat lllt ddr t ir erlii, throg ihll l llh i t r alralllo of tile cilrI tlt i "iat orantit 'itlthe titr I icttt tiOll of Ite charttrl , ti evare lertulitrlr til II.atI l ic ally p nt l claYllen ld illn oi tlir sl ock n tl ll d onttltital fir tihe lenr llll " sixtl da , ts from and afltr itle day ton 4!t,!i!it it I,, tm de a uoblo, t itrr thle x tass con11 t=a 1id ol ,,,tiction f ixiy da y., f t l ,old ter Ill.-rIda olii t lltrllltr h llo if 1111h llatie ,illht etll ll Ilptt s l-t lrta " ollrfhttearllod Ioiryd ltett llt tie ttt r olthEla. ptlo t rllcxn imperale ily t I1 ufurt u ty O.in re t. . adllillll therlliyltiit :f two ltoll ttaea lrire i tialtlr foro at., thir olltll riltatit of rtcepiamelr tslit Ihiiy tI raokt th ud o tlhlil Il d otilh dliv of Jia lltl hit le Itt It h crit e tlret of lt rr lrt. i'di alre r eallr-l ar r d .lle fo, i dueoorito frrrs t day rvlhlrayarlatr eoit, ay Iti oal-t trettd anttil to Illih day of Jatarsars roar; autti he po dr of Ai ertln xt. ttrli );rl ir a tI o f tI hr m ialloton t f ltte bna r dt1l . I 3100021 A It IoeNA III,. S yl 6 tiinI tlIoyonlOotlege of Phlysicnan, 1tosndl' . r'illE original Vegetable Ilygeian Uiverl MAedtl 1 tine, iprelnri' by W Sliikin,o Eq. lMetior on tliE neval Collelge of Sorgenlts, .iceatiatr of Allolhe eary'st;omlany, Fellow of llit Court Soelety, Surieon to tile loyal Union Pension Asoeiatohm, Lunmter Plano, Watirloo Bridge, and Perpetual Pupil of Guy' and St. 'llomas's tospitals, London. This valuable medicine, the result of twenty years' experience and un. nralleled success in tile extenslive and highly trlspevtable preltice of the propriety, patlo nised by tle faculty ant nobility, ansi is now introduced to tile notice of the American public, at the ennliest so licitation of a number ofgentlemen of lont and o igh stanling in the profession. It is hoped, as a preln i onty step, to cbeck tihe evils and fatal cousequenees arising froln the use of the numerous andi deleterious nostrlms toisted upon the mpublic by the aid of fabricated proofs of miraculous enres, and other frauds, by a set of ulnernar.t , nillrie loed.t prateldelrs. o totally ignorant lo medietl scienee, that it impossible the monstrous delusion can any longer go down with the intelligent people oftlis counntr. Tl'hese ills, mild and agrte:lble In teir nature, should he kept in every lanni ian cases ot'fsudden illness, for, by their prompt admiistatilon, hollelra, cllls, spasms, fevers, and oilier alarming oomplaintss, whlich too ollen prove hital, may Ie speedi Iv curnd or prevented. In faet, all those whlo .nitte gelon liealth, sioutl neverl be without them. Th'iey are solt' in pitkets at 5 ceitntes .l ad $'2 each, by every respee tnable dhliggist, bookseller, and vendeorof medicinie in ito United Statest I I Ie Cnttlnas, with encopitos tdieclioao, toget,her with. s stnoatia of proftessional abiility Iram tihe ftnlla ,ing emnlieltt gelltlenlcnt: Sir Astlev ller, e, J Abelnaettbv, lunes IBhianlcl, M. 1I)., WV. Ihick, N. I)., .. Aston 'Key, A. Flamon1to.n, A1. 1)., and numerous ,tlhers. T'lIe originals may be seen I possession of the Genlell Agent, by whmlni thille mlincl is impart i to tis etuinlry, aiid to whomn all applieations fioragnnselia must Ibe nade. JNO. IIt.iUiEIN, 1.t t.tnerly Phlace, N. York, Sole Generlal Agenlt lifr the United States, &.. For tlle by appointment of the original pItrietnior. by SwAIN & lunorullon, IDruggisn, N.o 1 Ca ll street, retlr ' Agentl sfr Statlute tofl Louisitna. jul.8 EIlEiltY It LEE & co, No 3aMlngto; e street, art inw receiving frosm ships Nash'ille, .ouisville, Kcnltcks, Eatgle, awo other late arrivnls tram :he S:; liern cities, a lgarge and new selested assortlsmelt I!;,is, Boots, Shoes and Brogans, nlsitting ol'gesrleomen'sfine calf and Morocco lmeols tdo It quslhi ; do bnilli, and stout wax pegged hools o alrioles qltllties; men's lin e.llf seal asl Mlomntte. rlle Imie brolln bsln ttganls, iokekski shoes, tr'tllntsla Illlpe st: men's filoe calf lad kippeli pegged slms n I rognls; do boots; do stoeu kip aid wax pegged slioes P il broglls; gentlemnien's best quality eoall'fwed shoes, I'lsleS and Jack Downings; do enalf and elorecce I lekle shoes lad llblro s; To calf, seal slld Jnltl.loratl I a sliat shoes and sliona.es, ido calf, ilnil uit seast watlgs a new article; do line catlf, setl. and nionocco llual oats; olys', misses' snd childrlen's pegged ai soetl L't ognss, and slhoes of everys a slity ants kild. Also a gen nd assor'tmeot of men's stolln wax sat r.let Irlganos and skocs, together with 10,0o0 paire egtn beut quality, eussett brogans, nailed is te hLik,tetllnadeexlressly for is alatt'ls l stt IIse; gReel ;ts * rilnent of"mnca's tie anid sullu kill ruSEtt hl")gmls, u r arelliedau i te g ls lant"ilty of an inferiolr lulii r saset ,d iWx llI'ognles. Ladies' line cal', sell, emno eeo and gatlin welts, and tunp sol slshoesi do finll' renih Mroeeo anld kisl 'enu lllmd slippers; dol reoar shoes, with lani withollt hcels; t cli"f, sol and stoul leather hooitels; do Prunella shoe StlIll killsn 4d qtuliti ots i d lasting brogas it gailter. 'taltil loxesi beltcees. Miasses' laltilgslllsing sll.tsg lil iat p.uts. Cbhildiren's colored iMorcoo inlld lasting bh'o e iasedih boots, ke. aientlenent'sfinel ashionable bltck silk hats; do black sn I dslb beilver do eof a suplerior uality; do imitation lts ram doI; hload and nIttr'e blri' men's line dr:I a'ld tilt ak Russiil esho't su:ltped Ihalts, a nell article. Yl.etlls' l:as;e size hits of dillcerent qualities; do chilhren'n . ,lln'.l ad he)'s black ad dlrab wool Iats of vii.iols sltpeas, waith geierll t assortnent of boys' and llllne's !sad cals. 'tlis assolinlent will be relileelshd by thle arrival of eaIlloeketslromi tie auooe llalned cities, all of which s ille soll ons necon lodatilnge erns aut g 1-tf il)N;'IA( Il' It'S B..L.1)I FOR TillE TEETI . rt II esetldliled trep thtionl tnd ntasht.lly IlCre ; tIn detonn fubr Ihls ellatl 4, 1 n oudv if niinal adirt servalive of the teeth, lots induc d tlhe sil io e" sllict it It tilte Auleric'at publlic, ArriIgsllcnlelts hay been nmlode tto splyll toenlts ill all tihle l,:iln l titia end towns is thle United lt esdnt, so ll I, ltaces it illi slie renia chl Iltose sill'eriig and likely to stlloer tis lttua llnrit la eig tifall u et Ts l le's, The. 1 \Visest a1lie tl atcYlinhi 1) dirllllS c ien 0 Iuttllie 1 it h .a .iever fai3 i to +dtld hllnteltr dl, . and nIsnent rlbco . It also arrests thie dclat In' d eltli tteeth, astend rlieves tho aiirCs s ist ol, ', f re ilit i~laderLs a is .olon Iilil isl.ul·esis Th'fi lll I t li u tiu alnd rei dytr sre n eilrll ,P ilnlll tlle l i c tll Iuolu ulrI.i Ioll pt h 'iv that bove r .l l v e aienda d ' Ic tclihei ot llilv ebl r Garinter hLir Iheuse of the hob oti aire r.llll, o lllnt (ho tlhe pllll lic al nItttl ir I hlit l V ll4 , i , - N cl.I'e 'itlvs iti1s 1u hliio[ h1tenled, Ib.lhelr ilhcoet'l I It' I p oe tpcIo, oIIe. an'd ti c i e i tC Vi rI , uthe tilit.cd tl.t n the t ',,, val tuattl ditovetry l1 tretollntll f he wlllod . I'tte ill er outtle. t;tld I tV Ir egest (i llrt "' llllll Tll N i l Y l.it llttlls t -lit rumors ofl i ltIe Ie li[.'r- t.!·1 h /IIlvlng sold uoll sir diat).iton!eI ear h tckel, lohetr, in.lhliShptd .\.,:A·I· t ·U ·I)I: ," l ,'lir, oiot ol aal.ll su lof ei,'t I'r;seond As., ragu;s lots, ig been goalready received inrelces tle reoyf Iy 'tere s ubscriber begs furttlthero n sore tla pbtlr hic trladge, tg:rt .l is at iIeohE i at largel abled to etill anld e:cle ordwith fi r all hl irs ot 1itl laenl or Seodr, leiter wtlo sale or retail, as ll e and .as since hit first establiul;;shmet its Jntntuary, 1822. CltaSun y Dealers and Market Galrderd' orlcder orllud vgat bhlo est and '., tlr lia growth'bl rates. y porte l' weigho pr nt or busea el e sur7. Cataloguon, eitisar ia Fnc or Ete liesg, Itb say always be early ld a i p lersonal oer, lieatin re. usual, o V . S hips Vi . burg l K en Seed Store, 8k Custo lloue in stret. NOpassage -A constant fro aiy of lird Sed, eits-er smied anplainoter p kulverized sou i rb, and Sharxp s. dried rbs,-wt a supply of Fruit pes and Asparagus FanRootscy havinget already rec-Ueived invoices thead will be atound a ple, did variey atof lrediesnt' and gellabled to's meoet anbooks, ot, o ord, for all the kid read ases. Fancy steobs, ouspend'rs, sc.-Of ls latest Seeds, eitAher Wllea ale or rltalil, as ling ever iai fianlld at nlia lowest and mn st reasonac. e ratese by the iound weight do, an d gallon or bushl eaure. i atal uotess eith3r in Fre rsii or End a gr t nav arelways b obtained llor, telonralte nltly tion re tnusuilrade, to b L. Valor and, S M I'I'llis t -Gard gen Seraled Store, 85 Custoe ase stre NOscaisgA constant suciely of Imalrd SoeAod, Etgi er mte d or plain; pulverized soup; herbs, and S ake rs' drind lherbs,--wt fm a supply to peas and iteay s. Fancy Pocket hooks--Under ths head will be foud a splesdid variety of ladies' and genledO' o dket books, note, i ar, needs le ver d ilhrd ases. tbeso origftsal wekisc. Us nd e htsio;eootld n mday Fancy .ei s, uspn by ders, ecinte tihe iigaeste anespe reabilite in tisi bitz, as stated and clothre 'l'it itseodieine is oitigtinaey rcesssersdsd, aswd oles steno sc linen bsedie, nploi, andi ean es wi th aid tltish diligtloo suia.sers, also gtie elroiet wor st ied ad coittone do, woi Lhe la I wlthaut role rs, Ssal'reittgand te Cite teorgeof earr mo a tl ry. t ist aeitading to straps wiec ties t pri I ado a rilntl o roly ci llge a eraec, t ca i , ( de en xbressiy for itog reoftil Itrade, sr. It Vas arnsl d; Iitisa l'i and reDni s-A gtodiener aslee anyo bingo snjn'ln f so blIeollnbs e1 their ma sll .l rlyj.Ai yg sElli tae i Frnc dresda witn te diret. dec27 RUSRTON & ASPINALL'S ant efiteeand a a rtsi cur for te sFaver and Ague, eA. itt E, ater ent r Nver Oreansd from, at lis woriginarle . a Uend r witilhdra anl iulindie a ure, vcrsae success li t 1832, by son es strlhe t ige Fcer ifitaiet Agecnc a eon xt .sivoly used i t'I abow di sees with Tuh distinguished soUess, ti it t : proprietor of the recipe i hs bnIl iedlled to ofl'ur it to tlhe pub. lie in its present fora. in thle holse that it eay bo the means of hevieg any i ti i thosi who polie I suffering und,.r the scourge of our oeontry. It is la enedien tniissessing great vi tul , and ws el usedir i elft etinge a slitre en, tius tiers osto stitto srtage of tilnt dsorders. It is nIOtrt ltew dfittgra aot el ind rtae it withge impur itly. It str ngthens the digestive organssfs, acrtates ante appetite, and seldom requires nuore than one, or iobsll tinate cases, two bottle iaiito effect a cure. tnlhe d is neilh geercury no, or F arltiendri in tho medicrrine nor sany thing io us ltoal tle eltuan constr uteion. Th proprietors ro Swelled thai t ey .ti h cy agreeo to refuld t price ofevary bottloe whh ias ben ftakon in cordanc wili o directons ad ha esA. OLIVERt solo agent for Now Orleans, at Swho ale and reail drug s and e edicin slore 'corner tbivlle alled Chartres strts. Fnr District Agonciesi aptllylf toI lrs i t Man s el stlqj4, ateit a lihodi i'ntrtsst,'s'sh" !;rstw1 isa. y ciaoll C, A Rl1 31, TIIREE /..1"fi _Vnr, v ' VUR. Y M . JUtTPUTfLISHEDlnFROM STTEESOTTLY PL TES, The Fithl Editionof S ROWI.ETT'S TABLESOF INTI.REST.: o which is now added n Aveirage ime alenla, 1I. tor, or easy methods for findingl the iverage lime Mn atlotge, notes of hatl or bills of goodmb when mino. chased tt different dates, n different credits, andt for various atounts; besille a usefl attlnd onamplee iaankilg l'ltne Tatle, tihe hiet Ihat msan be caitrivedd; r that fi gate esn rjaduae witliti the same ettndelend aompams, anti slie ol type. SA advertisement in the book is in nearly the follow itgworils: theltigl dtisttnction this work lmi received thlroglh Imhe tcr legislative aets prefied lto the title rage, is a re commendation in itself, so uncommon, and so eonelum Savev cth ntfidng is necesary- more than by wayof al 's vertisement, to given eolnlenalel view of some of its pe l euliaritles:as ferinstance, the Interest Ihas been osampa. If edl from,and compared with, what is equivalent to fuir It teen selsefealulatione, examined in the pressthirty mi Ave times, and printed Ireom tercolype plates tested I thirtyty-otne times, fiom all which it mast be evident a even to the skertici (especially ott the pe.sinal ofthe de s til lm roolf in Ile preface) tt tile lwerk most he nrith , eetiealeI itl'hilible, and ln conflirmationl olfthin heliref ig premiltm te Iwo mhundred and fift dollars, is now oler i- e lIr the detection oft an ctor oft, centt in the mresent Il or fifth editinn,as expn.essed in Ule prellce, nmakingfive It' h'tieptraics flrerd fc the nle terror sincethie he st Pnllieatiol in tie year l8,12. Oille of the moast conlliceeous fealtins of the tables is a, i the arrangement of tile l'ime aill AmlSovnts, whichi ma f'r enjmrdltitl, s, roflerelce enda ierslieity, with thel help Softle sild aId inidex, cann" t bIe exeellud ;:id the salty t ty and eise with mwhilet the ihleresl can bie faound to tiae a extent of general bulsiness, wilotht doullbling of nilum Sis besils es n ctveniri ee so essential, that ill Ithe estnla l lon of.come oi Ilse ilt eomplletent nild practical buslli olcas men all pullllc ofli elra wlio liate Ideglllst ue of ihe werk, it tins meet distiiguished Ilythlo honoltalle Illrll'atlli erufofa mtelvtr line-o". And lconsidering the inlilllmilimy of lie mllellnll origintlly aloptell ill e' composin thell work, ald Ithe .etrmrdllttlliry nulmber and ,variety of the alllin:tions, and tlests of every edition it iltasedin ihe llP roe-ss, eotwithtmllmll dimlg the whole in is i stereotyipe, eollnsierlitg, in shltt. lle ipositive neculaay "seenredl lml"e Iir-ecreitdmetadc Inrans emtloe oil, tile va hlame has "lleniiiri lup mnd clltmjimtically styled '" tlhe -lmost wolnderflll oki book ll the waslk;"' lliost erltaily lsm m:ut en unimrn figure work of the soae extent, which silnce tile bergitnning tel elatiot, lies ha l tile onle oll b her illt varlety of lests in the solle cmlnlhlrer of editorst no, nor onlle halfltie unlumber, as is clea:ly sllhown itn tile i: rllile. llcsiles, astest and slanldardi i,itns been irieduntld Il roed in uieily all the Lank and piill lllilc dines in tihe nllled Stets,alides lms b) Illelillc elm g ielill, during tlhe m r lon otg mi ofliitmy-fima i-tears, 1.ytimimit' v of lme 'l :o clltiolls lls eet'r hecln fiound hI illl dh, ll : llllllh eo ti - .all challenged by tile oailr ofl' tv ,large pre ims. l'he bhmk.ii iml.ete e1mtsslt mmittrlem b all l.ovllnurl tllim itw cril mevur ltlte Sltesm tia " i;le o ctm elllmltlell il tllsttllllte interest," its also by law for banllk itrst, anecordlilgeas tie boolk is itsell, allll asnwav Ie seen it ia ubselquellet l nlulll, t-ia: , in tle hll latl he eln of hIl book, i oil ilycmeson itrs tl es Gloess of cillizl-t in estycl sut a S It is mvleover well known thatl , br its rearly check, h it has so i.iei dtelected Ins r eirors, ltamg oiler they were .temd, leGn by the most -arcl, i at most compe:ent i ilhm tciii-i tis, iatl its Imei lim , . il tlhe abso l l de me i cessity lr ite usme, Ilave bieenl xtelnsvl insisted II ll ; so evileml itir e, i talv lhlemr i s isl llmliiag l, an it ile Igin, tlat,l setrrl \ri tsi g lltim lIs the first iedition wits stellt, iand out of print,1 1.r itae Iier of second Shand copies were sought for, some to a ire. tdistance. la- illtarered at vnlericn it p ties, n Ihev could occasiont ialy ha picked iip at frtan $10 to $25 pei evimy, ancd Ssm e am ,ersots have recen.iy declared, mid im.atmeeo EI coll e quoted that they wlnhl paiy $5tl, $100, lod $5101 sl lt it emop, ,Iiotto h ihad litr lies, a, mno l, individulal ill tihe hatllr itnstallte latile ll hirl, havillnig at the sn me li me rxhiit~d satlilaetoriy pllalll, lia seiverl lipersons p1.e s sent that to him it was really worth that moneay ud ' more tlinoughl the siting of his ver calm v mlable tilie, lie hilng i vr r icih cana l d in pub i c Ie )i e. ? It is likewise worlthy of noe-il , nl indeed proper to i imlpree,, that such is time ilnature of filge wtll k generally a llli o ilh, Ill i f whet fit' .l l It- ixllt a in iufi .i e (e el tileisell tlo iLlin, aIt od ithis n Look m1' is i ike Il.Omil-lre Iar ed it hl e ilusual uin:ller isolie, h) thi e most comslpient aIlculatlor n the worhld, and iIfiertinrds iCtprII e n st Ieaouhtily under his own correction of p 'oof sheet, it would, almost to Ii erttlilllt, have beeni I smtif for re Iftrnct:,a1d dear i t anlly prie, is ite .preface i. riic i llrlll explains. But sol pI-rl'ct mil vaiatblle have Ite astael'lpte pluten of this wIorklb c meilae, that irl tismni tihem, \i thihir m clllllrcus :l iexrordiart exninn tiions, lagainst irie, lri the generaitil iai fit, they nae (by dIs 'I.mi-ivt) a'onntmiily kept ii i place of special etl id),v Iex 1 ll. illm - I in pri iTinl;, Amimplet iriectlionis to find botil Iiniks iand latille iotrtn trst with osrls ul olhltte, ' I iow it pri .lieo, welich, iii it s l i ish as in the two preceding ditioh , col i . i iich iit - Sfcrilietoil eonctrnihgll Ih,: I.o tlawil mimes of coa lut a1 intir atsll, ti, is illo glace, I e. II rlt ns el y to rtanemok that, itcv ilths-tllithgthisl iiecoticnno v costly- work, cvil h was linl ished berlal inlciral tables wercit liliieorid i dollas - llad cents be llendal, ii: aalllc, :ha v ] lle s r t l'silch l nl : d librill ipahitriied, i hias n|l \c slell ml l paid "ilh ilil. . tr liae'Il. ] s) o ii ly ourl l hil-tim al d-1141: , s rmthles Ix)o st ril'e lrna itm itorl li.3,osthla I.'o ln theilrs ihmmion f 7t.i mv imm-, irim Ig ihbuil tirm its mpbl ia LiO, al Ihat lio :, :t !. miler,* prir',t o f , .) it mdaing . f I, . I ml, . , I i, mLFm a ii-l mi - , i l a r i-i,-1 t, ''ll , lrct IIre. . p rllart~ilrt, Il or th , ;'ll r ai ts n o lin II ,l t. i" tit 'k riti f iii t,. i ", f Lrt ls coa lt /'ri ii 1,1 ;,',-,'w. . all pal ,,N n.;r. N1r, de. ts 1," I .~ l s:llw.i. NEi V i \ .i ' III ' ...-r- iA er i fa Io:i,; ]:ly e b, Iol '; ' , rins prain,," in e iIsoatr Itol r;or , l in ; a to l l cy lll m i tekllt.' I i mk, a mual ll m o ammm rcli 1s alnd l"mhitic d itels. 'iiJ I re ci iii ash tim mc by 11" . . 1' Ki tAN, -I " E i \tC.F'ElItIS l c.,mimouim Fiild-lt tracllt ,,1'.;,.rs,, rille , imtlihe i -tim c ulr tie itntv s" timmmis oim thim aki,; pImimmm or pustuhes of the 3" 1; hiies wthi,ch lirie roma omit iipLre aitet of millhe mhemlviiiiiii- le t, ri scrofiul, or khium ' evil; whit, t- siwilig; syphiilitie dis-ases, aed all disorder. arisig from ani im lpure stulte ofel the blood, by a long Y ' residemc in a Ito: climacte, or lime injmdicius use of mercury. Alao,-Cave & Schal'.r's Worm Syr.p, or In. fait Preservative: tlhe best preparation now extianit. S Almonig which are the followmig:-Ildian iDye, Sfor eil ,ring time halir; lenr' (Oil; Russian iBear's Grevee; Poinatium; ichawe a Fhe-ole W.sl: su. perior Pearl l'Powcder; Lily W'ieti; Cream of Rloes; Vmgetalle tRouge; Otto of Re.s; Lip Slvo ; Kre. osite Tooth Wash; Cmrl onil Dentrltice; OrUainge SFlower \VWater; l.wther 'ulls anlI Bolx i; Ammer. caml Ciiharcoal, noutly pult p in four .-co vials; PlctOmt Sail (-; ologie Ie; reosLto rootl.aelhe fDrops; Ilair Brushes; EIgllish lDro ng Cotibh Imitmian flair Oil;-owitl a variety of 'ther Perfe mernes, &e. For sais by L IV GLENN'S PERFUM RIES. J C TRINC ..ARD), Cornor of Canal and Bourbon streets tlt l cI al o IAY, llvose, Si.bi and t)mrml.esmta emmin street. tiahngtay, IEgyptian hhlck cid gold, - t k, i (illi iandl Anlico, Illard do, i Orlental or verd atiue, furled Ipl e ihle-i e CI i-t e Ple Imie. icit I S.r 'limme AcimIm, tic~k, - lee. & .ea, Slieeimlis to he seen at time shtop Patnts. ills, iiss, cpal vmnish, m .e. m m heb tilithr sale. iJ , r ... . . . . . .. . ... - ItIN,s'i'i1-L:t.& IIFIlVY ( i)i)IS- t, sytej a tInd bol h dle iron, wel asso"eid. [olip s' roll mul rot iron, tail tiols land plough imioulds ast, (itmanl, shear, ilisterTd,t spring, sheet and tCrowlev stelt lllii wet ciit'II rotl.i lrit iails ki iit s ikesn 'lesn, block tll, mill ald glntillet sites, silt kttles hltil s.elellcs, alel lal-los, flaok antd plate hinlges, door nlid window hooks (lllins, I lueti, .tll ba Irod OatlicI' axes I'r1', i.t aSlt.illU sri.ge, iile .I teiU e iellt(s, lillneecll anid ail.. i' oil t A lIll tissolealliitgltliuta. o ata l hi chan eiy, eIclil)s oi haid, 010, wllcl Ire ollts-lt fr Filie it wole-s lie ol. I'retila oil thle Ilst Iioll dtitle tlrttts, Ity 11t LAXYTISN k Co. 53 011 I,evee. N G(OOtSt-SimnmaIs iHlrtit & co are Iow 're -- caving frona on barlrd ,hips Ytaoo, olttt S.atlog: nliolhrir Colcorilia, fila Nrew Vork, a t rellti etyiel ot golls it their lie, twhich together with their friieil, toack oni hlnllll, makes their Iasorta el t ver " pI lete. 'he llwi o se a i l, i: I dll Iit I. ,rt,: ell huhk iitiilttt-eaisg dr ,ietih st horn Io oftll d. seriptlio,, InI dli riber, silk and vaor-tedl elastic lartera, I:clllon & Slae elastic ispeqinderc, toco tl'to IIIId Lleilhr ItastCies, Se1i dli tI powdI =r%,powlder l l i tl n iitx es, toilet tct lder, rocket hooks ai nd ilatle, ,aelle hooks, shlll, pearl, rarv nled itmrco a urell rteahnt, Ill oiralllst plain o-. rll beuads, eeecklneces nl i.egligee, heald rlisllsld eetlneces, sllt glsst and altilseeitilsrert nlli gilt hlells, Itdiani benlla, hell. a nd pllulnes; pi.tol tllll Igrre pow ier lhises,slhot helltr, htrse, btet. plteket and ducilltg tisiaolis double tnldtingte barrelled allss. lowie knivesa sltll dirks. sriessor, slhars, ptcket klives, giasd chains, alll rilltols, waist buicklu, elllllt, air, ltuthl, nail,erllat rraalb. slioe, ltate, alosr una diatinlg tIrasai, Colt)gPs, Florida, lavellder, rose aid bay lsalce,nsaorted esa.iaas, anl exltras, ltitICassanr, Iear, ittisi te, itd WtI.r 'sw geiiatle hair tils, slhavilg sail ttilet uaata of ill des stiltiaiia, lalieo,' iand geitlei.iis' olks am adi rleseinse cas is, sier eglesriaattss itati biratia, plain, fsscy tImin sixaictil wrk Istxre, tllin lnd gill, lared,l clit and ":es Iillltii,. iparl alld ivory shir i it o ,, shittstiddsgol - ilsli ir penti cases, tiiiithieks llaid tweeTers eluhteiti -d It ,lteket::, asialilelre slhl silver, li.lis-saI lsts l sat edis o blaikic, sitianIs esil Iait rsTihbe) Ileaias wtitl tine idsliprsiti, I.e aseebr , I tt wsi tour retail cii aeno ed:uisati niA.i--ARRANUEMEN1T Norern ail Due Every l at 12 I. Northern Mail, rDlunes Every day at 101 A, 1 a ever ain D ao v may, Wedrto~ay ,byer a alt , riday, by .,, i'. A1. b tone, o " Clnaen every Monday, WVeaed , nnd Satllnnly, by 9, P. 61. The Le ....ail Due every. 9'uerly, 'r'hordnay, a. TheLakealnil 8 aturda ,by5 ThP.It. . via (loaes every Monday, Wednesday IES EXI'I-ES-- MAIL..-.. . TIMES OF AIRRIVAL I)EPARTURE DISTANCE &e. of the Express. Mail, betw.a, MAnile and New York--leavin g obile daily at 3 P. M. NortLhwa New York daily at 5 P. M outhwavrd. Arrives Arrive Nortlhward. Distance. lTime. Return'g Mfontgmery, Ala. 21,,,. 192 ti's 2 12 In. Columbuls, G. 114 81 9 3.m lletrgeriile. o.pa. 133 14 2 e.m t;onriaC., ,, . 2I 171 1 R aleigh, N C. 51 215 22 12 l'eternburgý V. V n pin. 83 10 9n. i Itilcho.., Vau. 1I a. 1 3 61 SFredericksburg, 8 6 7 II p . V.- l hinglon criy, 2t pm. 61 li m ,a Illinore, 64 :41 4 0t hbilhdelphiin, 61 am. 100 II ;t New York. 2 pun. 90 6i N 305w u 143 I. o 5d 23 Northward. Cominn Sonutl ward, thi lillne i alx hour SItre; b(ing; dove aIo l7 holars. hel o1 o; ul longlOn)' aid 17 tenure,. t'n"i, l T N 1101I.I. 15 IR VARI). _--s oslhe l ANAWAY frIi 1ti9 (mllcmdlel eosor rof lrevi ulna lreProl onlb, f the niglh of 30:11 of Aglllso, nlld was l se- ie:ollo next moeoing in i'olvdrne street. anegro iby ,lsn- ohed ChIIA lI I'S, aboul 17 veors of age, nod 5 fee on r Illherelbolls ill eillI, verv Il.ck, nodl Iloan iopled obin "le l in hit speeh "e o of his logo is sore, orosrillned. r ying v a recent heurt; hle had 1 ,11 then lie wentl awav a wthile illc oon or litnen shirl alld whie lo t ron pllwtsoovsm. in lnsers of v n.dels nc rlloons Ioanlts re collOioned a 0 gninst receiving or Iorlrillg so0 e1lgroo, oas w llno oil tolher Ieres, n Cho 1z.1 rigolr oI f sIe law will I is roenlirr Tlagniolns Illr rw. '[ho Ibovn reword n-ill he 1eh0 ry frdelivo:inghlninioill nllv f te jails of eitler Iells SIlloluni: i liies, or at 101 CUrlend/e,, corner of oevok Sllte stoIl, ap LiClt I - r llil ril rre existing L inlderlt fir0m of I)llllbl oi Gnrretoln, Iln belor l diF.Y Olved. The suhcrlll ei r wi llell ro i e aillir o to; lte 1 lcoaeri n l i in thlis ilrl , l Ind reo iires nil prl'linl.li i le -. he oil Iliine o eylllellooo in faiho nolr, enid 1 I tlorellnving eiatn,:i, t lrosentlihena fnretlllolnell. .... 0110 --i If OAIIIIjTSON llle --------W -.'V l . - Wsle W. W. SWAIN. rnn. So|Canal S,reet Aew Orlan.o i -ll ' A alwn,,s Oill1011 ell.llboll y &ok , ,l i iia [rlo ý . Ilvrle, (ihrminlscnl und I'lun.;,mo n- 2 I • ,nn )UI'(I ullow lli": ifle li1UGi.1VFS 1111r1 Alll:l U(;l., Argl ES, 1, Alldilll!. ElllV,¢11e. l(is c 1 1, 1 dli 1 " eglllh , IJ AIII , SI ne - the '.N qiemhie eroie, A toni onke do I f ll, l 'ln lld, Ilorillelle w'-an , le - Ilalsa1. C1 0 .1: s, C.ooltnenl, Ilol':ix, rule, !Copleres, A ne c , I do ielined Co. l cityr, wer 1ril nl, cr e, :ic, l'1 plco,, .0do r1ll, do Cor1 , I do flowor, no irl'nnth, Pamenh belrilen ý, Ilil r llo Il Ml gi , I leo gall 000 I'lalllln-l'lltr-, s M . lill , co als iltltuiee. de I ll. l·a t enlas oes, um aloes, do ' finlh'lmnn, 011 dlo nslorfetidls, - t St Dolngo fes d011 0loei:e00, do Jamaic., 11o )X llo nil, Cmnlwoodl, al do cola, rough, ldder, omblo, 010 do do cnroaed, Niolilagon, Ilonalnre, pre- d0 A110 er iiS l la Ito _ aC ories, dlo onmlbo' ronlo,~r mail In oa m llor cru nle % dIo Al ulalr li i Iin do rfia. do Illhe. Ido goia 11, 'IIK".IICALS. oIh do ko1o, Arol, nitrous, do1) mII 1ati1, do masta ic,i Io do ,1nm,1 do ulphulri, p1, 1 $l10e11 Blie 01ih1ol0 :tn i. Senegal, lfulnlel, 1P, Ieas do R0c0110I . llorrliv sahlin:lio t ., i r lln Iiilrlllnniil tli h rhhlo d of, litnle, i. :e:om ge, Y'0.e50111 50lls5 J..Oelullloobl0r1oo:bo:ol . O10" lS11 tll- Jllllil O Lrlries, Allnell, lllnllle eloi c, dlle do Io Forelgn, lied I recei ill t e, Sa lesh, Englisnl, Ilelellehr lle alt, lion do AtelISaI ollid coleuc 'l, s (Ilv. M ,i: flakb, S0i10001 . op.ir e ., deial iio $ol0 s, Solll1ol5s Li1o:mrice hal8, Sulgloor ln, r- O il slo w es, s ul k l zin.c th i doriles, S ll q liilnro, dot hinlen, PAINTIS Ill·r. oIls qonine llde p pl eroinll Blue, dohire do'r'ccose, ' o io n l10 Ie I.hr.l gln e en, try. I~i I~.;I III l i Jo in'oil, rl h, d el-,iii, ri cr,Olil d; do'e l, i i. 111. do t 1u1:11L, E. 1, I1,,mblaek F nehsb ' I I l a l II:, 111 411111CI~In nltOli ·i 11h1 i'h1 llh l I ~l 0hhn 11 ,h fd do s no,-ca - d , lMo,,l t. "f s; Il.l strirlt vi,'e~ I~illulrl~r,' unglsll. ,l, l im d . , S /' i lnilixlt. sl':l dfI A lrne i'i est ~t ,1o '1 ;"" iic liiPar is 01 1 F,1 1 lh ,', ti ,1,, A,,,,,frl111 thll, I"110i 11I, I: l l cT 1111 inn: ,o calron 'iao d doi 51i:,"1i'"lin.ii1. l lIi 1 10,,h lill 01011 " lli 1 11 t1t01, 101111d tideo duI,:0 d1o do'0 r ni: do Ic c lulood d0lol l glo uaLi SpoovI. IIPt ni .11 s1 \'1. rid n I . , ,i i in 0o ti', h .o0 41, lll',1 .1l,1010,l SoiWf o:l , i ,o :- hl,, gri'oo l h:,'o l, Nido ', 001i0 e, 10d 1lllihi, 11C ilo'e' r s"t I ,. ,rllllll rea i'ilei At r dI Il'ig i r il, , 'v, S'a' Mmei sl,<A, l,,, , 11. .. . 1 (1.',, , ." I 'ill s SIlin ltnl, Iirld.e.'i ldlt l llh.V l N IIV i- . 0114 l100101100.O 010 'lS':I1'1ll'r ol Sobloon Iloi'ie;;l~l eio loo Osixi,, noIl A 1, 1 ( oo.I i , Nl:i-A111, i' i 1do 1 ( l1ile1 0 o 1 II ign' on I oe ilg l 01:1 olqspn d ll'ori IiiO of gIn on 1on 1 . llficksll o Ir, Ailer nl' 8 ullwl I0 ur flllt t:r. note l -- "~ bit, CAI'APTAIN M NYA'i'T'. N' :\V NI- 'I'ls do0 0al1ilo thle .lO rIo , by I ho ulloiulor oliPeer t i,o h. rolf 1:00: No. 70, h~.:flre.lo,5 ~h Volo.01 &dol dl'1, or a ' W inter at ,%li0 s IhlIif',;0!: I I.lios cil Styrul , by a eti ni. ut Ilaln, Roal Na. v, V. L S., i nod D n I-ves. Lor 1,,01*1h1, a rol/lce.A DiAdi(ooo .e g-llnn I i t. :rfoPard Lee, written by odHimelf, in v.o.. >y t d ('nnpen.lwnd s ilistory t bnty Irunsl atl fron te riiiei:e! l ." lloo , by Nn!t hnnlleriell e reelle, in1 voI frl I. ( ' in; No. 79l ofil Ill rper' jlly Library. ig Vul,% :} &., 4 o1 li' nw riil lnpile ,ai llul if]'r cll ed ilton r oof aohivdngoton fre f s IbJor '. . fr.Rogfer's #''"cr'nh and English Dirtionary. in I vol, 3ro a -e tnr.n'ts F.ach and Englis0h Dictionary . enl" i-s-A few moore coi georf oroll opsIlnlheog tt;"l..ienzi," Inr~e . rveyor'n .,€ lpnie ufse$o pl er or q a bob 7H. C rl I:rIo1by 11'lrors l1o/, willh chains, Blillid loeo, ol21-4 eni-d t ince , ll oll i lo vell leollli l'eln i, saeo ln o : w Ihll-l ,e. a&we ppe, wei JnAcl e.lofloJ1I received, nils for seo . by iue31 BENJ. LEVY. SSPAIN REVISI'TI.E,&c. &c C1AIN REVISiTrED, &c, by thle aUt orb Aya lt -el Spain, in vole: .A Ili vr o hlclt J'o elle.01r 0011is lrep lloll i~hl,.t •'erails o/'dl u 1nd 0 lIin are o, l llgnrls Ih1r01nr l e is lhe Ali ,inies of North A eric.ie byf; '.rth Areric by ra ohe Political sroimar iof ohe Unileo States, or t 'll:o Ilehimviw of0 t thllllteory lld ritdie of i le 1ge11 r1c SI-oIlo 00II Ki::g'onlll f Wi L I~isnollo l iollcooinp o, I nl rolll .te eralsnn' lllllo. hi e reliolns e lo e he b I' -- ll ollirale d and adapterdI l epli ll,,,i tarn of .11 U ld Sl n I'., b1 , E o1 :a0 stilleld 11', 0. 1'id t od's uutino g 'olrs'o re in. e Ir ll wiel tI ral the fsli l rll0l Ote of sanvigs f n don illO s in'src "n lle in ehiding r iolics ofohce pr wcsal ollf rt l lte iers o lliEgland wll n .l'fticnl cll' t l lle, 0 nd gn -i rl index to ' i nl ein ORll THE. ml~n£ orn - Srrofnln or Kiing's Evil, Ch ronc Rheanlisin, Chronic Cn neouiIs Di- PO ins in jrle Il by frrill es 1100 e.,f 00110 of1 Mel O iury the blood being in vitineed state. This very c1n0entr0tell Syrup is prepSred with the greellltsfi' rlneet i colocre, o. I Iin o rorv,a , contlln 0o1 eClie proiln olpli nof srsapnrilnl lio sloo i0Oelllceln ooled iiogroe, elhined with ohete vcgetabltneubsliliIe itsNoK known efliOEv. 'll(ocldlol ihlder A idgllm tll f l itos iior b on be lng lll lo xhibi n l alr le q nallnitoynf oslp A snroll oin a 1 nl lsthe : iosnrse 0f their praA i l tIce. l Ils; ills le'rie $1 50 per bl tle, Sold ollry ato l sMlAIn . Io 'iti:lnIl'i1o dlrug:lo ore, No. 11Ctdo ol. lilre, o, w Ie sliie ma lie had, fresh nnd geuliile, direr t front the lirl [rhi loralw lo:i's Pwnlnlil:r llsld0i eri llonwole, Ater's ,. dlon can, Cal l pentl er's Prepo raoions, aof a lar,,e (ool 11ner1 tissortlilenl of fresh drugs, 104Iln PIiNNOCK'S ROME, &c. PINNOs K'S IMPROVE.D E1'.TION OF DR. GL oldsih's Abr d, wig ent of ine Ilisioro of Ro yla 1ih32i. ill, prelixed n Inr nllnolioll no t11e i0 lll r onnlls ncislor. den alon g t variety of v alul le ilnienO n lion ollldded "lla rouglao tohe wo rk, on Iai n ail n o ers ofhoonltcilnlrroand SAnort:1 nodn f t0 0l1o0 ills W n ntleronl logrhnlllinoady 0010 Ito1a Notesob and qn:oo liao, 0l. 0ll0t el1nr0 nati In se oi f ean go. e Ion. I. I nstrated with l hirtyv.ne Atr. llAlnnl oot y A erton 1) . OCPls he1Irovel Ed io Iof Ir. d Lt itr if . - rll ueltonoos lo r Ineloft io s t orh n A Aociseno ll dliol. , bll ,d disionlet ofvdil ins itrlono ?ee I :r o hllt sd thlroon Ih o ioroI p.stg of tsloe ,r, .olrooioed epandafory soloe bo inrk SY tl:eApo lies da~i~nneners lto d ltrt'e~j of t ldls e t. nollel. IielConsmlhnlnn lhd by PIi nlli llly fn1gslilk of a e C lllnis'g fol osre i l oil o e e of nh'sne A Ilnell&n 517dion with aC olimon nll's1d il r odoene 00, ' EIRl J txriln tilln 5Ir ollLlo~dlo nI 1ollilho uls el li C'\Ienoto S-::::rs is 3 m f,,lunr :a Ir:o;r ran bhrnilIilIn.nl t ,Iq~f. _l liOi..3(l oiam.o'rlhl: eo 'idnnnnonaets IIRPI' S CLA,,,II.A W hLIBRA~y f'bil.L V, lb'h'olalod by hitli '1011rani D5 D, 1wit - D)AiJON - n rnsionissfi ofs 4ariu I3esnn.bny:io f onnn 00owey nonin , Drfd P Ado ihtrW id, _ryil&.lllllon fh U·(Innfc enillien llOL~t f day--and . ""'

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