14 Mart 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2

14 Mart 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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.M '. arch to, IBM.· rdý t' LHale re 1.11 lot >S .^At59Ahro. 82 Blrgeono ,for Lverrpool, It Gale1 !, P1 oYork, 1.1H Gale s, Br Riltim.re, Goo Iolfourd i . pa for Hosauso F De Lizurdis A rr.I i vl t pw ~eorgenwn, J Baile al 5 .. C PDIeloo ll.Aro J a Ihdrp a! , fe , ' It -4oo.19 Oo 'pto, Fooodro & Kiofge #11100Wel 1 30. d~y~tp+Nhfo 1bin1rir, J llulGa 0 ' tA WAVr.5 for Galverst.. Bogeo~rt 4" Hawthorn r S^R'ato k Roppf.. Cutto.. s a J P WhitneyI h', ARRIVALS. 9a~ .89 Muach 13. 1830. " . ' IPoflhartmool, 1.ra., fro,, 0 W p... I,htinq too t.oo'eloahlar. IAbold, returord to the city with Orr Sohon Oo',4,.d oohr C orh Lao ithe-bronthe lJ i1 *.4ANgropd o0.tol 00.1 T io an0. hiving. owieoodono ia tk llmAlimes on hnl ill the river. bwh toLLeo.Rthrd1.. floonNtrprn, havling towd to ma ,4ooOh~poaIladrig.o Pondora, roluromd to the coit Ti fo ond Carolina. Loft the potoson tho 13th TM. fothfog 08 I. oieor, .*6l pTohaol, e VtroWr, I8 Jab. froo Liverpool to II, R Ceoli mroiet, lP C,. ItoBlos. 6S11ljo Bram o, florka10 0Joan. fromoLiverpool ( E j! Cor Raelilord, nd last from T...pi..o, to A M de I Uto..dr IrloFro11lgh, froo CFt ooui,. 04. -Poster. Dor.se; from At Looup. . KI tu analTufta,.ruto Louivilleo. Dtm hoa hull of Black WValntl,,os tow EXIPORTS l lWRRPOOL..P shlip Riga..L,,go. 447 balm. oll,,, 3000 big Moior. ... ... ...sr bargqo Nimrod..Corgo., 9071 barrel.oor, 417 bale. ototo,. lAVORP..Ps ship Plrle0tno. .Cargo, 1747 brooeattoan. ............. .Par hip John MartIll...Carg,, 7110 bale. cot 040W TORK.Petr horqu. flohoml...C,1o, 3037 h. door. I.,P hotqoo Iradforry..Cargn, 799 hI. pork, 1311A. load 3795 0.,. lard, 1311 hbIs haoo, 001 . .4th 01ha, 0' bo castor oil, 463 holrs cotton, has toloaecnn U1IVANA. 10001g Aombmelno. .Cogo, 959 hoalcotton. SR4ORIEfOWP1..Peo hbrig 47oaoio..CCrgo, 1947 sucks of turn. 4AU1PLOCHY..Porsohr Nirfo..Colgo. 2:0 hs lflour, 10 same paper., 0 hasotobacco, hIirates E ware, 8.e..e blimotone. JIOWLE-Per oehrEorlport..f0rp 97011 Ills bulk pork. 19 hd.otp.r, 601 ,1hi. m.011,.. 100 II. floor :13 Ills ohlikey. 145 h. floor. 44 bhoxelemoons and or-' at"gr. 339 pieces plerei bugilng, 15 beoam can *s dles, 5 ralks ish MAINE RIVER.. Par :hrh Davidl Ridtoo..Coloon, 0mnll lot,, hdlooar,. clothinl, tolOccOo. Llme, oIlt, caondleo. r.apoi'. flour, choose, blrandyI, wine, starch, butter, coflf, poppOr, loardl, p.rk baron, " GALVESTONl..pr otoam pacet Noo Yoh...ounolry small lot. auger. t,,olo..o,. oI..hoy. brandy. i..t, wines. flour, oi, hardwaro, furliture: rise, bu,1t I.a, oheee., clothlng,..alt union,,. p0tato0, An. CASTINE..per .ok, Corloro..252 hrl0 floor, 131 do park, ,77 hog bird' 155 bides, 5 khd utlogo,, 4 do- me. IMPORTS. UVERI'OOL..rr .hip Robert Buce.. Cargo, 5000 sck. of .. . t, to bater. ..............Perobip Timolonn.. Cargo, 1500,orks, 0al,159 (tampers poootoslo t tas .iTo.nio malter. BOSTON.. Pr olbip Cooolinn..Corgo, Asorlod merolhan1dise .10 ltBaldwin, Adams 0 IHarlwell, P Sha1no n & bhroi A M9orrob.bR RSpo.ncer, 91,,llord do * ipor.o,. Ogden 4 Souhlhgte, Wilo,,,,.1 4 Liodly, AP Uray & oo, E I.ombard, Godfry, Laurie A Small, Hiler & Wateorma, , Car, on 10Ma ,oahoo, JA Barrett Ao, Slooo& bro,9 .V ANPICO..P., rha Cora..Coolo, 3009 dollars It spcioo, to order. RECEIPTS OP PRODUCE. tILooIa..Per 1teamer Prairio..Cargo. 2 bads tobacco and S hI. ho.n., E Hoghe.. 15 lid tobaroo. N & J Dick, film ourck f0rn, hI b. whIhkey. 12o burs, Sloan & bro 7 hd., 2191 hi. oan. Ohfdeporh. Loyot 4- Ameloog, I chelt merchaodieo RJoICy ha. h boah.b.wo andtdo, venison, Bo.Iogrta l & - ha. 28hekoa dedr kij,,. 1 H Chaoa.n, 2 bals .aottn., 8 W Oaki" Odo. Lorerce A CIaolmers,. 1IlDO hilgour, 112 do .., oh3O0o lard, b59.aooh Corn, and 1448 pigs of load, to the " " Bt Louio..Pr ulsteamr Alro Porter. Cargo, 32 bales cotton Pollol,, Bellorq Dotolr,. 6 bxo. peoi, Ii t Bo, 4- co, 141 hI. dow. Gi Blanchard, 06h1,r cracerh, 2.ad consignee. 241 sacks o28011M.. } Harri., I0 kehs bho lead, Whitiog 4 S1ark1, lot pj$ 34,4, IA IMerre. o do lids tobacco, Slodio, Pollardl A co odo41d d,.sd 315 srhc corn, Prescott. Jone..& oe, 2 hd0 0o boo Boweo,..Crenaw. 20hoales deer r-in.. W. ltoo co Uh boles anlr. and 4 ooak root, 50 bale-cotton, 8 W Oakry r ee,141 hI. porh. 310 hog. lord, owner aboard. Iedisrille...l..ror Saulan..Car-o, 300 hi. floor, Coo,. 0000, Hyde 4.ro, h1 ldd tohocr, btorh do WIhitlinogho, 52 hola.arr boef,ots Bell, 38 hda tolbaoo. Rogers. Gray & on, 3C430o oats, E C oltldgr 10 c0, 7 hd0 tobacco. A II Wal. loosA o, 1O0doCarman &0 Ma.hoo,00 do, Aloo Prieor, 33 bh. ottloOG M Lo, 4do. Allao A4hrr er co00, d, Connor and -ridly, 0 dIno. Lortoor* 4 Cholmor., 64 do, Lockhart, FIrn &- Doo.gan, 1 8do,Armooor, Lake 4 Walker, 1 do, S W Oakey. Per hull Black WaIllno.. .o tn1..045 tll, pork, 004 reg. ford, 24 bdsjowl.. J A Alrroll, 1418 Ills pork, 1057 kogo lord, 18 halfh' 110, 8 Hoohoarr. MIJEMIORANDA " oPairle loll St Louieol othr6h in t. TI, opper buoi..ip. pkud-blroke up. ice rooing veroy otoavy and rlror rising ih8ýo. AtI SLousl thero rir we oalaot ten fost. Weaother gootdoeol. &onmer. St onult, Louisville, (:oo Collier, Aloo Potrer and United Stalte in that port, and bound for Noo 0..oo.. IEAS-65 saneks (Gerrnny p.ns, hl store fir rtale by Z --.r'2 CIAMtPLIN n COOPEIR, 79 Jnlil rst -&eAISN --300 boxes Nt Raisins, Loring's brand, ml2 CHAMPILIN & COOPER, 11 Julin st itAK--2'2 bils north Carolinu tar, in store for ms by CHAMPLIN & COOPER, 79 Julia at -TORAG4:E--500 bls will be taken on storage in the Sfif proof store no.79 Julia st, by t1ll CHAMPI.IN & COOPER OIKEARS-20,000 'Spanish segars, in store, Ior )J .tsle by m12 . CHAMFLIN & COOPER,79 Julio st 65 REWARD. W7ILL hepaid for Ite delivery onf t smannll x of . bookorromn Mlobile per steamner Girfife, about . ui.'oeh, addressed to A lower New Orleans, said Ibb.l ia rpoed to.lnavo been taken from tire rail rooad carsby.nirtake, A TOWAR, alis 49 Cmnp at NUACQSN SIDES-I0{ cask,, in store tor sale. by -I mll G DORSEY, 44 New Levee P EP"1>Ilt-3t00 bogs a suprier articlte, or sale by • J nl 'HAW. & I|ROWN.96 Magazine st ASTE BI.ACKING-12 caerns Dnlop's paste S blacking, landing front ship Orlenns, lor sole tby rot8 1 Bit IDG1 Co, 131 Magazine st -, ALE ROPE-1511 coils iale rope of superior qua . lily for sale by - im 3 I BRIDGIE & Co, 134 lMageine st S ADEIRA WINE-S.eily Madeira wine, half mL puns, rqrrteraaaksrand ctawo., brands of Ing. lom.L P. Zizza, and COlli, (or rale by 4013 1 llll)(;J &. Ce, 134 Mngazine, st .1LOUR--Sti bbl ftllorr, allto toer sale by ' ml. G DORSEY, 41 New Levee S --ARIl-- 00 kogs Leet Lord, in store for nale by l-. mil" G Do01SEY, 41 New Ievee 91 UNNY BAGS-30 bale. in store f rnle l,y -,- om13- G DORSEY, 44 New L.evee ,'B . AN,- .tOI'i, &c ,lftl) ceres boot, sthoes U'. bogan,, tlilpes. &,c for sale by ll'' I BRIDGE & co, 134M. tM mzine at tUft-180 boxes ouanufactured tobacco, oa. ZS3 I BR1DGI & Co.134 Magazine ot qNjtIAfbY BAGS--tnriall, mnedilot, and large oize, Ino balee aod boodles, for sole by S.tl ISAAC IplIDGG & Co. 134 Magonlte at IArITHINfl--4t cases Clolting, compriirrg ,t ex. '." vDro.hortnent. of reeasonable articler, Ior sole - '.:1 3 IBRII)GE & Co, 131 Msgazine at i iRBiNG- Friar harque Boahaw, fron Boston, . of bale.domrestiesmarked F I Cincinnati, any vthgleriog oted thle samo will confer a favor by r1 STETSON a AVERY.88 Grnvier st :ived a plrtdid assotnent ol all Mfbrand te very first quanlity, for rale wIle lrsniteswllrby " D FELT .~ Co, N Y 8ta rionors hall, 24 Charlres at - LASSES-50 tmaso.eads., sugar T . d-X tt1-giloes molnsats, on plnttati on above tie 0.glo80 togalnades ugar ol plantation below the _"' '1 ( . ADAMS& WHITALL, UIERIE-29 boe in s toe and for -noeh'r SIAL.It IIROWN, 96 Alnguzine tor EATS-la qr and eights bbo, s stor i3 StnA.L & ROWI, 91 Magazine a, A 1 T 3-ilbola nd hf bter, constnanly on 'J . ilso and for rale by S SHALd & BROWN, 9ii Ingo iae et - r Amp & ormm on a of b't.l ta, can ravc their bills erucko Amepr oolored ino. on pltin or colored ! arltentaomes anId dtajraeth, ann on favorable lwy kg thehr ordegr- t NoREA WS, one Camo & Commono. _ ; } w-jioV.AWS, nor Vamp & Common at AA ; ,[? 09RAPHIV PRINTING OF ' FV 4 uiana street, opposite lanks' Ar W GRE i thtaº psearnre in Onanuncing to his - iaawaamltbsnitiaobaofNa ew Orleann, ;ist h hbaa at rpnortt Oo · apar ith copper plate ra~tu ndm iie r eart has oear copper * a cao inauta all oateer estrusntd to ? k l 1t a enpeas ifaqfgravinog-and nearlya ~~Wbti ~la~a'v a hoaaoa In t ypen winlata inkpIqs laeiarapt Voiltia.i e U int Ti d dteýa O l iy natneyy at a kw hlbr k , f' ti1l bgaen~ i(hm n brwio tiaal "#° ohbq~ jonqctijdoel 8nk6iaPt.r neatly .naenute , smlt nieaeranru a Or' olka:' or t a xYiuc of " ii, nr alt Wm.wticair ý OIuNS tCt'a *atý't . ' an, ;M~aagka*ad L'annpon asn 'ptha is ad C'k U %TENITEAS SRTMENT 1l TYPE nt Steam .eat Bills CIirculars ti --- - - - -- -' o felalin g 6 Lablocipto, ~ Aod every desription ofJob Work that til tony bregiretrd. i It~The rolprietor respectfully calls the attention of Je the publi to the, above Card, and assunrea them that all work intrusted to his care shall he done at the short eat notice, in a ttylh unsulr Gssed il this city, and d at the lowest ratrs. TIlE 'IRUE _AMI,',RI*. N. SiITIES'I) Hl J ll) Sll t1.lnN. e FAITRLFUL AND BOLD. NI'1WV 01 LEANS" I THURSI)AY MARCH 14, I,39. . LATEs. FRnoM Mealco-Thel Courier of last ev nine s.iyi'.-" We learn, that lettersreceived by thle schlooner I Corn artived thii morning from Taatpico,that Gneial SUrreann ldhis federal htoops had been d feuted, near San Luis de IPota:, by the government troops, in a pitched battle,and had retreated to the Vailn del Mnis. General Romlero commlanded tlhe victors. General Mexia was closely heseiged in Taspan, by General Ito commanding the government troops." q Dvuc..'s IEA*THt,-It wa reported thatlI. Dr.uncan was shot in Pennsylvania Avenue. The correspondent t" of the Banlimore Clhrnicle says he was only haf s hot! The Louisville City Gazette of the 6tt, says:-" Our river is now in excellent honting order, and is still , rising. Our whrf now presents an active business naspect." ANOTHcili DISASTIROUS STEAM 130AT EXPLtIOSIO..- Th 'rir Cincinnati Whig of the 4th inst. says: t "We lament toh barn Ithat thle connecting pipe of the i Isteaml.oat tepnortrxtioded rstierday tmorninn, nhobtt wI uty miles elow otli , citv, (whilre rhb noat was on ear wny fronl Ioui·ville to Cireinnntil) enueilc tih irntr '" eathi of nleof ti stowanrdsof toie iibdat, and so bradly rnwonodine t gentleman by the naie of Flig, fromn it, tlHoery cioty, Ky. rit e died inr short i ime irer. w'arel. A boy titched to the bouatwas also dreadfully ;, wounded--reto.Iry dau',tlt.- , During the last year, twenty nine persons died at Newport. R1.. whose united ages amount to 2477 years. They were all over sevenry, and one reached the age of one hundred and ten years. NEw Bnooa-Oliver Trrist.-W-\ have receivedt through the politeness of Messrs. Johns & Co., the vo lumce complete of the Parish Boy's I'rogreas. Box is a charming writer. lie possesses the power of a faith ful linmer. lie thron a his picture on the canvass, and it lives there. Oliver Twist is one of his very best sketches-ominging the grave and guy, and full of sprightlinless and pathos. Gurney JfMarried.--We have received through the same source "Gurney MarieLd," inl two volumes, a se quel to Gilbert Gurney. We do not like to speak with Put having read the book, but from the few chapters we have glanced over, we believe it is not only agreeable but possesses very considerable interest. Doings of the Mississippi Legislature, e,. by N. Greene North.-This is an anti tippling pamphlet, and gives sotne account of the passage of the late "one gallon law" of Missi-sippi, and the incidents connected therewith. We have only had an opportuilty of look ing over it. It will be interesting to those who are anxious to save the tsouls and bodies of their neighbors' and think it can be achlieved by legislative enaetments against drinking. We question the utility of the law, and are opposed to any thing of the kind. It is a r strictiot to which we have fundamental objections. EeCI.PSE COURas-I.s Day-For the N. Orleans Plate, nalued al $700-- The day wan lowering and look edlike rain, which prevenlted many wnh otherwise would have visited the course from ewinlaeaing one of the most interesting races ever run on the Eclipse track. Occa. sionally the sun ctame ut and things looked more promi sing, but tile heavy c:louds from the south elast camne up, & a few minutes Iefr re one o'cloek, the hour of starting, there was a slight shower. It blew over, however, and the horses were started, Arbaces in tie lead, followed by Richard of York, who passed in front on the first turn, and ainlintied his position throughout. On tlhe third tlrn ol the first mile, Roderick I)hllu left Arbacea in the rear, Glorvina followiog, and Funny Wright tuniliig,with theerideott inttntion of seizing an oppor. tunity of a run in cowling houme. In thie 2d mile the horses preserved their positions, untitilh e 3d turn,when Glorvina tiade a brush, to pass Rhoderick I)hu, in which site did not soneceed; Glorvina however gave Arbkcee the go-by, and took the third place. In coming out, ichardl of York, was nearly three lengths ahead, but Roderick pressing, and in turn closely pursued by G(lorvinn; Fauny Wright allowing Arbaces to be hind. most i i the heat. Thoe running was very ftir--ech one determined to comlrer. At first the light crust of imud occasio;led by thie shower, was somewhat annoy ing to thle horses and riders prCssing at the heelsoftheir leaders, but it was soon broki ip, and rendered birmr-. less. Richard felt the necessity of using his topmost speed, for he had to encounter not only the odds of the knowing ones, but good wind and somo bottom. The horses cooled off well, and those whol habd backed Fanny 1Wright and Glorvina, and a few oni Rod erick still retained fill confidence in their ftvorites. Although he had won a hent, Richard of York, ans by no nleans sure of the race, and such wis the general impression. I'he trumpet ,ootlndd for the seclond tent, The iri, ders are up, and the Iorses advance to the ftarting place, looking as sprightly as ever. Some thought they saw game in Fanny's eye, and olfhred to back her en the tamotnt f tlheir whole kit, and Glorvina looked in racing trim--her opponents thoulght they could perceive danger in her. RIdddtick, was spry, but he had to carry over weight andi was rathter liall in condition. AfCer f lsnesteat, an l a return to tit1o pet, thi word is given,and they are onit Richard lending, Areaces anrh. illg, Funny pressiing in, Roderick and t ilorvin behinld. On the firset turn, Rodrick is in the rear. On the 3d, cithy rau in the following orde:r, Rlihard, Fancy, Glurh villa, loderiek and Arbaces, and there was not more than a length between them-- annly thaing brushed up pretty' near to Richard as if determined to compete with hiit for the ieat. It was AI beautifli run, but Arboaes lost his hIeels. IHi fills, It, falls behind ti it ism ipossible for him toger within distance. 'IThe last str.cli it now te ltheatre--" Ilarralt sly Fanny !" but it is no go. Richard romnes in a length ahead--i is his rade, and Mr. Kenntr is congratulated upon the success of his horso. We annex the respective posti tion of the horseo: I. hMinor Keniotr's Ir h Richard of York, b years old, by Star, dam by Shl? lock, II 2. Col. A. L. lingamunt's sa i Fanny Wright, 6 years old, by L'crtrand, dame by Sir Alt fred, 4 2 3. J. S. Garrion'seht m (Glrvinlo , 6 years old, by Industry, datm by BoUny Richmond, 3 3 4. F. Duplantier's gr c Doderick DhIn, 4 years old, by Merlin, dam by llngdad, 2 4 4. Thomas W. C(hinln's b It Arbaces, 5 yters old, by Bertrand,dam by Rosicrociam, 5 dis TIM E, Ist heat,3 mt. 49 s.-2d do.3 wo. 4f a. 'therewasesome little conflicting of opinion as to the lime. Some mo:le it 3 48anld 3 45. We give the time decided by the Judges. Tile rie came off at a most opiportunelitme; for it had been detcrmined only a few minutue, when there was an execedligly heavy shower. It rained pretty h"trd last evenm and thie track which was in excellent order will be a liltle heavy. IloaILE Racvs.--l'heiMobile Advertiser of toe 10th says:-- The great maeth race between Melzaire, arid .Poney,ffour mile heats, for ten thonsand dollars aside came oaysterday; and wa w won in line style by Puoeey' he winningulathl heats. Time, first tent 7 m. 48 s. Second 7 m. 44 e. STile track was heavy. The race was ihandsontely contested In the first lat Po evy took the start, and kept it titrougliut, thie eat with apparent ease; but in the second Ieat Mes!zaire took the tend until the last uanrtnr of ohe first mile, wheni PUoey camen up. Sahd won the race. The day was pleasant and a large 1, oeunurse of people among whom many ladies were `wre presear. [For the True American.) . oIT uo1.I perceive in the Iulletin of thil moin 4nagi a ng, and to hi writer, perhaps, a ccoclsive no Sthi. ot Ihab jeaim t of the prmsac politilcal etocl of Mai.in Und the thlireatcted war. Sel, a piece ofatrnnt nlanseae aed otliidity, I belive w ti never before cn-. Settfiesed in the brain ofan editor, whbte duty it sheIuld be tc u'iveistatsethnl fuid infoematioa on i.npurtaunt aub. ac'a e.cUer thaen to fii columnus sitl.crile, une aided i.- . .. i orloinhl. - u ntic4 oa < a I innlth r. l i re ha i tioh.ltore ttnhal faeentry. He thiilke inlne sih al ent, rdot ddclare wa--nor htm she done so, b he only Waolss Cal her rights, anil she wold ralrther ieirttlihe fromn Con- tor. gres thuan'in other way. He says 6,0l00 tares of land Is not if onsequoanece nough to plunge a nation intol e wie. Nor does Maine go to war for aind, but tar the bo. only dowry of a free lana, "l snacread righlsa." And with all tllese Mr. Clay joslifie. Iho present mnanifeat- rol . tion of fe.litg on her part, and hen wit Daniel Web: ter, pal and I doubt not . ocry man in Congresrs begils to feel tia ihltltlMioeloian cluse to nompliin, nlt oily of Britnin.a olflh enlbject,even from his oracle; tilt unfi tunately is either ignorant of imuch tht is ihnmiiritutl titn thbe sob. fe jel, or else fear lrest the mlids oflti rectlders sholtId be oerltasked in diesling tha whoile at l ornal. Hear hIil in "' PhI conduct of the gave nor of N. II. Sir Jno Inerver, has no doubt been an ontruage on tiL rights and jttrit hditilln lflhtille. He hnasarresiedl aind iiprisollnil nI t.ficer f tlnit Stane, .ac ;" he has clui i ned exclutive i- o rilliction, c. IRellly Ihest things wonhl raemn su·li h clett to any a mani It) merit the nlne of oItrIges; but then hle wielv conmludes that as they tire only conenllit- w Red (y Sir lJou plureey, governor of i peitl; )ravines, Mlainii iiiit tanndl tv illld wait for Ileriiles to ueilllt uln drive nit thllese robbters, and lesther ia ine ilprison- h ed, her riihts taken awany, iand her property destroyed in the mnci thile. Bult nus ein tuaginine ii allaine ls at lhkein up almil I dectliare wnar with ireanl Uritaill? Does t toe Inlik tlIe wia hmn for ior ? If so 110 in mistaken. Flr froi it; tlaine has inole i ea, n to aovoid ila nr thn ig hliy ofther single rtate. For though nl frontier, siteis in lIsa fortlifd thlln aniy other. )ler principl le pendlenee a is nt her coinlnrce, r which would be entirelt destroyetd. She is tit wenalthy, and twould lie neetfmSlinv much i]n i wverilhed hav it, nalre, so I:lnn tilhe 1011 ares of iled if ; ll ine ednldI restore In liar. hlit while she Ihns taken I il inrams to lreftend ler own cnnue aIlt un Il a uert her own rigliS, it must nut Ie fUIorgotiitt Ith it is only ill ltr ex Streinitly,ain every ,iuaitllut e'lli her iiini'-r, will bitae ly dust tlefore mre ieldls that privilgcr which flei ient always hiave, of Iring ill itilla t a defend tine soil. It tlnist llt lie Ibrgotiern ihti .Milie ihas rent ditnlniiuntlile er ie deputilnn to \Vonhiigtolli, iln urge thelle oitlnellt iof ohl her cloiin and l tei iroictio l of llr f.nliteei , Ii itnhe theny allve ,oell ri e wledly denti a neglected wlle ile Ih Senergies 'if our egilens aen i e beealne risted in i etty I disputep vnnd ianilcv eniug to han e plurcised tiltewie o it province l NRew liruunswlik, wasted Ihrolingh peetali ilint nitiUuranil viner I nlunml piitrouioge. Itli iold nott ie forgnolti Iohur not onhv oce,; but, three saccessiavo tielas her acsientn stli on io ii terAritiy iilacinlly stnld Without anly ile ilenlrlt , hatvo e he i hzlls.ise(r (oute)e 4 nTla nyVi h n mllril ned n cld tialtieateit . It p hou ld not be p ill 'figltirrl,t hat lie, eiilujecta ot l lier llijela;t, not on ly hsve tlien ini tile oltiltllt ipractice of tnlaki: aw tnl a eher floln, altu ol entliltiin oilitr dUtiiPurll iillntit tile lerritolry iu di0pl , bitill Chit they have, goine in haids. utiuon t e, land of lil t. rilnu t eitik, B liin ic lIs i lieen illlwas in midi- ualnd poss ession of Mimne and tinachtise i.,, o miuch so that frar kers Ibuv hav lbeenshelline it and e- thius lmairt rol tile IIaIionet anml loel Ioiesrntirs Oif itl Aulerican oil. It huiUl tielld bt 0lo rclleuILeriem, that r tnder tile nblie unl elicient dnlinisiitr.iutie of trvelnor It Kel, thie very biundary desribed i the T''reily ofi ly 170:3, und tie mre Juu naut lifmwtichtenpitmcaed t GIllu eatt in lriluilh ind alnlouI d llV tile ilnipnorniiing lpirlt ofl he - elneral (iuallerllRnnt , lias mo.. ailnied tilch it ruOlllu-c - hatl lls ie aetlul fiMeai to iaii sei e in aiiilCaiu bsidnet ail tIlls, our anlvoiloernne f le t insor ShrIIntCleine ioret even thlifI that oi l uihglual, io na kinlg lhenl i Ii iehl to n rat netirnllnise, or in otlherorilt, wo gihdie Iip orneh]1il, lor tihe pirivilege if hIolling tihe ret. I.et tle wricir oit the"W aV r QOCneion, think of these of thingr, ild si i liei will not, with the t iai rest Panili catorin" ftrgivu the tlhnbitnns of luine for the feeillng they hiale inoaiasiled in taking iui urus in dleece oft cil their iosuseionue nol if their iauee. Thre is an lltoer wise rdsicotrv Illay riend has made, thlt tile. aggretssions So' tihe Pc'roviuaila ie i ore tilaoe l It just retalistion in tlr the. nssistance a$"ldled biy the Amuericlals to tile (Cu I. nadillnla parils. Duoes le forget Ita Selmloicer noturg In Id)oesi I mikre nlloinane the i apossibilht oTf re Vi'niiiaig somti en fc Icillng il ndanwy iiy syiilclrthy for 't Iltos wClu hld roaiedl tile ry of tl'er.etul-- ail raPiei of anllv I!ing lhleir very neighbeors, wleo illtcrest were tile $1111e. lil lie irg~olten iou thle mllleaatres tallen by our ovene lt o Jregivent ienn I] t prsintrve otur ilean t llef thae tconicrte of lour c olstry, thie inncs extensive of nny inl tlit world, and ial, or learlv all the prropelty le rl the North --h e r e lcts of v-essltc tilled wil her elb - tle ierprisilng .a.men, cUovering at ory niIl finti the icy ohlores of Gre'lllitBas to the -ralletrt ~wvve of thei Seouti erll ocean--'tiThir white wings Ilvllg" wltere'er ithe i ill iia ne flinw i Wlni t liiilkIbe if ille cnllonllituin l tin of hIlle Norlt inih (Great t lritii, illueitu i l'g ini a nl Ihnlnsnlldehninel the whole colmmercial ch1e, enI tiniiulg nilnv o thie bnst su d inlst hllhntial men of I tlie land Alid of le \eti--iier proiiduce mig uit it. k- ded lind at ready in;trker bnt how long conldn they p'ttt re and culivilae tlncir lanrmd i peace, wheau tle cry oIf war shoulld rsg tihe llood of thlieralty bint ilever thu erpiai en' nvafge! Our eittoi pianters niligit inldePd Icl icliyviy' Its liewelgcht of wiir yeu t I1uust o atlnlm.s f c tnlnot stae tihe illnlmnullu o differcncu wtich tie talbs of t hIulidly, inlh I dewill venlure tn sty, thlat neither prouleriiy,wnchiltl, nor ie- Ili b'ulesiuns of ipeane, woull weigh o:te i llllllllt wil tile sonl of Maine nanlleint Ihe iutegriiy fill her soil. I ii not, sir, and l hoe never rvill Ie tile mere :onasi ti deritin of dlltars nnd ceilts, loar iof atres of and, SthoElrth hant lhnd c uilnhid atll le ric t as GolconmhC'i, tlhli wlouhl calllae hiliue to rise one nIIIniiiiitr agaiit Stihe gelleral voitn e ei - ieuce, or a ihrenateing arm, with. not aiaconiisuling tile iltcrests fll her sister Sateue: (in n"itIlhi contrary, ain Ile been le s "blusteringui'ad sang. g'riig'' Is hii a cloiasies to oxp tess himnsel) II'hl 'iinV i- tllr oi tihe Conuenclderaita npulicu . SIl.it iia illeI fIlrne lronEn Inglandi, mnd e oven lin the (telrnl (elily rallleanli, tlln ilnv illlhernitte wouid haive I orne. Sout!l t1" lnon nd DIixnm'. lium, conmpere Ier iroiivoitln wd oit. it at t ih Ii ulllltiers of South (nroliia. Ask Imit oil )al.nmirialiasni, uuppoiig Texs tcs it ''ni ovinie in (n Tent llritamn, and Ithe ituhmbitalts hadn openly nnal w.antmonlv conmmittled thee d,' pra+lhltiona oil Iteir Ierri he ln i', tiiw Itllmi tile llle wnuil Ith vl Frllll ill silence. ;hn 'ltmihn' Ilinea ithini, and ihetn liiv if lilhic in not ;li jltailillbiu i cilln ;ahing ria ll eh.'iio' aklc-anl wa, linm Ii ah ploircilnm lll hl'r soll alid lh' exe.lctioli of ile Trea' l e of 1711'. hae ir. I.ldilol :--I klmow rot, lltll itois f-eble ilenimpt to a iici ni mn vindi' ai ton tllle l-irol th ll inSter. mc(m ,ll ig. Illlranlel or ectionll lfeeling w iollI culit ilio ii IPer, Inlly ll he deeled lorwiarl iu m nirollger, untn I mpay hlve, rllee no too iilfu., IIbutI l it ill olelii' linc iimC by givilng ag plice ill ym1Iau cut iliiis Ito Ihe naove, or soniliiini g fromlil your own ilmore able pleli in lthe amollS illrpone. Ad, ItOWNEASTER. by ud- a Colnc.CTIo.N.--li tie Rpllolrt of tihe Day Police niiind Nighlt Wntch of thie e!tconill1 Mnnicipality, yester. of dy, thie ilne el1' Joselil Weanver wa prinlted "\\'VlllnS." ay We toke this correctionl lest soIiie inioient individual ier a mi..t.. suityr inll tihe sliumtil ,iof Ilis friends." HIOUSE OF REPRiESESENTATIVYES Wednesday Matrch' 13, 1839. The Speaker relled tile loause to order at 9 i'clock, A.M. ''here wns lnlv 9 ntemblers Iresent, whereeupon, ofn motion Ihe Iouse ti djouroed lill 111o'clock. A\t tell o''l, k IllI House was called to order. Mlr. Theomas Ioved to leconsider tie vote tikent yesterday cu thle till nppoinling Joln Mcllecr', EsqI. to make a I igcet of.the Laws e lite Sllte, and tihe cotlibh hcingcarrie,, tihe lill was laid on the table, subject to tie call lof Ih Ilonsc. 1lr. IDavidl' on on behalf of the Speaker, called ulp a Bill t. torc a I.iht Ifilt try liutallio, in fie legion l e f Louisiana--rid litanilion to htt e lirtd Jly tIhe Yagers, the AOntttgOlileav U-nnceds, and tile Greys. The eallte, pre ents thetlllith a Flag which is to ecot $ll)l00. 'I'!to till was I.lured. ..l'r. I'hed rj cletlecad d nTlhe llllnlnte oftthe Saclllnte th111e I clcj ap rlaltting $1'0,0tl11 tar tile rutll from liear Iit'lhb lce toh Vidtllia. Tl'lhe lit.t IIIeII'nIttIc lI l nctt 11. ri lilg IIIlll l io iic Cetfttl folml b he P vdi'tas pllantatintl to Bayou i'hilli ict, ia the l'arinth of St. lltnardt wtl, e d, hucated by 1ar. Gaittellie, tutewc cpiP.ted by h everal *etbntst am aa rejected. The second amuendatt t napitnp pleillng '$l' o0 I thei silenitng tt Ctlti Aluritr inl tite Icttteelt of ewe ll1tauc, ,,t thl right Ion the i river wat ..lo e'jectdl. 'lThe third atnecdtutadI att ipproptIIatg $t 1,ii11 fr Illllkitllt g e illllltant Leca eaet irunel C arre, nits suptltrted by e MJrar. Watlaswolth, rst, (;uill, I Colrad, L'rel,' Winchesterrl Morse. sn t tleorleol bers, Hed war rtiedc. 'IThe Iill passed. 'l'ill taIult elllamdr;ellt net tiat a trtt' Fuig c tile ittttlllvelnent cf tile read irolll Munro to Vick-htlhur was rejetedl. Tlhe Bill cas tia setut tt o Il le Sellale Ir its ontur rellc. Mr. Davidsan snggesting tile grent hnll lOf fee co. Itred perrso ie ilo tit. iSte, i ll, eroem' tce thllte law latcel asldta. thile l.ofgislatilro if cAlhu.ancl, remindedr tp., Judiciay ConUrittcce that a Bill ere.ntet t ,t hi' SllctceenItctt e. plt"lti Itf clOtt er III CO rait g itlllt l this iS tte, Ihed laen, rt lirred t- srl d t'taclllllllr. le . It). rel Intcd thenll ll report to-draly or l-ll. row. TII ttl bad HeEt..ni.e.tB rtt tl u ti ttet init, it its ',' b nIr. Itlt.alhtr sttell tllnt tee JItl'inrv LI, tlllllllltlle t a ll llh tile Bill tllller coneiltralion, butllt'id 111 outpprve l it it,ilts Ire.ult shlape; Ihe wOlltd eml.tetltar Ii get thte C.ommaittre t'ogeclher fur thul ptrpose ofa drafiiag a 111i OIl Ilea ullbject. IMr. W\\'ichrter moved to take cip the iesolet'o poetll.tltilr tit adjaarealllctll sicte die, tot Ile °dlht. Mr. llrtslt.ar urrled thie tec:seity oft pasring a Iil oil the eubject tf' free ,eeceoes of color emigretin Ito this atale, is an alditional reaso for a prolaongatitc tf thle raesiull:--le een 'eahfl Ofevil rresults fiao tile dlidden itcrecase of thin kie l .cf tcpnation. 'l'ea vote co this metion bhing taken. 2L7 voted fir it, adIl 9 against but f ur-lilts bl ic.g rrequired dlr dli-F1,rsatiut of tls rules, Ice )Ioit il Waea Ilott. lThe Bill fi'rm thle enatle conlaiting tbe Clarter tt tile City of l.ayetlet , wte. takeal up, iad on IllOliie Ilf IMr. l'resatn, tIre rlles wete dispensedl wthe, tnd the bill On meltion f' lMr. Beillie, the bill frt Ilia Sellatoe tO facilitate Itle rilt of suits i whlichl judges are rcsited,, twas taken ul etull c assed. iTeo ti Cfroet the C+ente clatirg ttie otliCae o naditor of auction salet it Ihil'itty walas taker utlald paIstl. 'IThe uli ticr take, tile aaccullts ofall tise au io Olll the dlircit Spucuuolllltner.s, · e Itc lta ax tite, t c. lie rceirees a lllt.ry Of l'iO0. i l'he bhilt f l te slte to prevrent betlalg Ol eleclionl wlae taheep aanstlaJ dcitpaaed. I'Padeass lhlletg on elec latlre eefalCde Ucid tle finllee thus acosveJ.d are eaid lto tilea IThe till froll, tile Starts reating llcetlio precillcts il tllc Ptaih oftatlaulthoullla other p:arielltl, aa taken p,ae nlecd nl ulllt ulpsrell. Tile bill flrlatllle t ellate, sitigs a erw appltrietetlt of tihe police jury oa I'the arlah of Natehi!clle, was treica up and 'hcelill relative to roads alnd levee. and the police jury of St Ierelmer was takea. up. mended and lpassed. Ae nda dltiousl r.tleli proposed by ltr r'artte autlorising tle police july of the arrihes of Carral tnld Mltdlou to esect their own prrrsidelt, al tl.eaoted. Alld then the Iluse adjourned. tSr. 'ellrae...Celete plays ill the Flellecll Spy thil Ere niug..oe of her moet attractive and beautiful plecos;..The announcement of ehit charmillg areiate never fails to draw a ood btlem. IAll.EY'S le e 'hnd Itetkr aof listury, Just I receied tn ladditional sepplev o the llove very popular school books, by A TOWA.R , b 'h 49 Uanp as P -ORK--100 bble mess pritae P. 0., for tebul --y 1 b6 (i , U 4ORSEI', 41 New Leie TUESDAY, 12th March,. 1839. The Council met pursuant to adljournment: pros. I ent, IHon.-Joshua Baldwin, Record r; Aluertmon, 'Caltwell; GI .yd, Ilall, Lockett, Menx, Nixon, Pe.. tero, Sew. I, Whitney and Yorke. The Jourmnal of tile preceding meeting having been read and approved, Ma A M snago from the Mayor woe received, re- Tel Sreturning, with Iis objections, the resolution (ir passed at the last si ting, repealing a remolu tion, of the 25th Sept. last, in rel tion to A!de men and office s being appointed to offine, or being en gagedin any contract with he Municipality. Sbh On motion, the vo o ofthe Mayor was unani- Ali mously c.meurred in. Ho t On the second part of the Mayor'sletter, ask. He I ing the Council to remit a fine imposed upon Mr. Jacques Leon, on motion of Mr. Yorko, it was Resolved, That a line of twenty.five dollars, for peddling in this Municipality without a licence, li. be and the same is hereby remitted. it The Recorder made the following report, which it- woas dopted. Tihe Recorder Reports agaiust the application of eMr Cabouret fiora remission of ine imposed upon to binm for having No. 493 on hie dray, when thIt iht ns number belongs eo, and was paid for, by Mr. Mitch. be el al: M.. Th Recorder hel eves that neither hisi pl as of alt ignorance of our laws, nor that of poverty should is prevail-as suelh a remission would offer oncour. agemeont for others to commnit similar offences. J BALDWIN, Recorder. if Communication from the Cocmptroller, submit.. ei ing Mr Duncan Campbell, a. tile security ofJanmes n te Flood, for repairing the streets, was accepted. x- The Weekly Statement of the Treasurer was ito submitted, showing tih t the balance ae the last re. e portt wts $1.741 95; re cipt since $9,232 33; City f mank, $13,:13 32; exp,,ndod $12.470 17; notes I1 tef redeemed $6,521 88; deposited in the City Bank, 1 hat $.,500, balatnce this date $3,295 55. the Petitions-ofthe City Bank, whercupon on mo. tlv tion of Mr. Whitney, the rules being dispensed le with, it wa len Resolved, That thirty of tile Bonds for one thou. let sand dollars ealh, autlhorized to be issued to the icl City Bank of New Orleans, by the ordinance of dl 4th December last bo issued in favor of, and made p be payable to Thomas Mellon, conf:rmably wiih the J ely request of said institution as per letter of this date. Petition from ce rtain inhabitents of thie third ads ward in rnlotien to certain incutmbrnceas on theli vs levts, was referred to the coemmlittee on streetsand hi., landings. mnd A petition fiom lleendersona & Gaines, asking Eon permission it deposit building mealeri ls during of the constructi.on of their buldding on a space up n posite in the centre o Calnal street, was on mo t ino n ranted. eat Petitlin of Ilenry Lawrence, was referred to thie con emitee on claims. e- Of D.avid Clements, asking for reliel: laid oen tide the tale. re Of Mr. Itrend, easkirg remuneraion for inje. o ries sustained durilng the mob last year; referred for to the police commilttece. ese Oi Arthur Thomls n, praing permission to e - ili. rect a certain large; referred to the land cormnit litng ee. a of A .econd report from thie Recorder was read: her 'Te Recorder reports upon the application of 1 r ene Prendergast, Editor of tile Louisiana Advertiser, iee asking eomnpensaton for publishing the police re eporeS of tle Keeordermscoure. sihe Mr. Prenderenst always had operson in eaten. er dance at theellicc, and printed these reports for ae. a lbout live lmonths, and although il law ie is not ere entitled touny compensation, still in justice the Iy Recorder berleves Ihe should have something al e- lowed hime : WheaIatthat su will be, [tic CouncilI sth alone is competent to dec do ; but the Itecorder miCe believes abohet $150 00 would he sulccient. l e J.I. BAiLDWIN, Recorder. e.- When on motion, the rules being dispensed with; icy it was tili Resolved, That the 'rceasurer pay on the war tie rant of the Mecay-r co J. C. I'rendergast for publish. ic- ine Police iReprta, tile smof of one hundred and a ifty dclllars. 1Mir Peters as chairman of the Finance Commit. t-. ee, mnade tile t,,cllowing report,necompanied with ant tihe eicht annexed resolutions, whicts the rmles war being despens, d with, were severally taken nal and mint adopted. ily Time Finance Coenrnittee report, for tile consild lie cration ol'the Councll the filluwing resolutions 1. To pay to Robert Aiken an anount of mo. cilne y due hen Ior curb and gutter stones according to tihe contract. asi- 2. 'o facilitate tile colleelonll of salse due this ecde mucicipality, by giving timeato notes at 4, 8, or 12 Ia*, months, retaining all rights, and privileges which i may exist in favor of Ihe municipality. t3. 'o increase tle salary of II. Deuis tihe clerk g of the Surveyor's department. agy 4. To authorise a commission to be paid to o 4, persons nunployed il collecting such revenlues as iev. are not already provided for. oUth 5. To authorisec tile issue of Ibnds ill payment in of curb land gutter stone, , to Samuel Arnold in can. tt formtity with the existing contract with said Ar aced nold. erre- 6. To nuthlnrise the payment ofeuundry expenses nee. incurred by tile wharfinger in tie performanc: of not his duties. lte 7. To authorise tile payment of $200 an elra eammy compensation for serving as Commissioner of tile t to Poydras Market to A. Pickard. lg- To authorisoe an application for temporary open meecy credit in oneo or more banks of this city. e SAMUEL J. PETERS, Caairman. ing THIIOMIAS O. MEUX. fromen E. W. SElWELL. R. Resolved, That the Treasurer pay to Robert Aeien, on the warrant of tile Mayor, tie sum of olice sixteen hundred and thirdt-nine forty-five hmn. ster. dredths dollars, flr curh, gutter and bridge stone, delivered under his contract agreeably to a reso. 1.s. lution of this council, dated 27th March, 1838. idecal Rsolved, 'lThat In order to laciiilate lte collie. tiona of debts due it this munieipality, thle Trens eurer be, and lie is hereby authorizedl to. receive 3 proeeissory notes satisfactortly endorsed, at four, eight and twelve emonths, in payment of ill debts except ground renlts and taxeson real estate and leck, slaves ; interest/being added to said notes at the poen, rame of eight per cent. per annum; Provided that vwhen notes are taken under this authorization, no securnly or lien possessed by this coorporation on the iprnpcrly of ihel debtor, shall he deemed fl'l' to bo afleeted or diminished until the payment ofit e1" _.j n'lote. Resolved, 'l'hat thile salary of II. Denis, clerk of il nparveyoi's department, be increased to onrhii..ndrrd dollars per monali, io le ceroputed froIm the It January inst. Reioslved, That thle Tasurer be, ani lie a hciaby oulhornez d to lmploy such plerIsos alh lmay deemrl ilrper t co'ilect thile axes in real es tal nlld slaves, sums due Ior pvring and bau. qu. ttics ground rents, and all ooners and noite Idue 0 t!lis corporiaiou Iroml any source, the cI' lettion (f whihh is oit Ipoorv led I.r by existing rdinlonor; it tring undes:nod tllhat t eT'reasertr mnay deman d such secuntlies Iran lns,d person.san lie may to .ins er iecessanry, and lhat he shall be re sp,.o i ,ce for Ile Iaithiul I eriorniance of tle duties of all p, runls no enmplo)ed by hbl. Thle compn saton f(r the orllectton of taxes on real estate and slaves is hereby fixed at two and one half per ceat., and on renmhursemenl of paving and all ut ter collections not provided for by xItlting or, dihrancoc one per cent , exc, pt oil Suns due for the opening of s r, eta, the compensation for whieh shall be lnxed by til commissioners of estimate and asses neat, and shall be charged to tIhe street or other public place filed oi r Ilulproved. Resolved, 'tlat thn Mayorbo and tin is hreby authoriscd to issue to Sainluel Arnold fourteen bonds of $1,000 each, bearing an annual interest of six per cent, payable semi.annually at tile Un ion Hank, New York, being on account of the contract with said Arnold, made in conformity with an ordinanen of this Council of 17 April 1833. Said bonds to be made in the uunal form with interest warrants annexed. Itesoved, That the Treasurer pay to John R. Butler, on the warrant of tle Mayor, the sum of forty three 92.100 dollars for expenses incurred in reunoving from the Levee the wreck of the steam boat Michigan. Resolved, That the sum of two hundred dollars be paid to Alexander Packard, tile L ommiseary of the first ward, as extra compenseation for serving as Commissary of the Poydras Market during six months. Resolved, That tile Finance Committee be au. thoriscd to apply to any bank or banks for an open credit for such amounts as may be necessary to ncert tile current payments of tie Treasury, pond. ing tile collections of the sums due tile Munici. pality, for paving, taxes, &c; all notes issued on such credits to be signed by the Treasurer and Comptroller and countersigned bly the Chairman of the Committee of Finance, and to be reported to the Council by the Lomuptroller: provided thatthe amounts so borrowed shall at no one tlime exceed one hundred thousand dollars. Any sum borrow. ed under this resolution to be .paid to the bank or banks lending on sixty days notice to the Louncl. Mr. Gloyd as Chairman of the Commlittee on streets and landings reported the following, which was adopted. Resolved, That the Surveyor be and lie is here by required without delay to cause to be made at the intersections of all toe streets crossing Tchap. itoulas streets Irom Delord street to Common street bridges and crossings in the same manner as is made at the intersection of Ilovia arnd Caron delet streets. On motion of Mr. Lonkett, the rules being dis. ponsed with, it was R solved, That the Recorder be and ihe is he e by authorised to purchase such a boat as to him may appear suitable for the Police on tile River; tire same to be paid for by the warrant of the Maya on the Tresnereer. On motion timhe Council adjourned to y ac: i aef h1th °arch 1 ntnt, at 5 do'el k P M. JOHN GiBSON, Secretory. -,' Cl nap St. TIeaestre. 4th night or the wonderful Arabs !! Tills EVENING, MARCH 14,-1830, Will be prese;ted . TilE RENT DAY. Martin Heywoda, Mr Fredericks Toby Heywool, Fielding (srautlev, Keppell Inclhael Ileywood, Mrs Greene Toconclude with the play of the SHEIK OF THE DESERT. Sheik, Mr Fielding Ali, ) Hazzans, BEDOUIN ARABS Hozzan, Julia, Miss Cowell Anne Twitter, Mrs Greene To morrow, the Giant and )wrrf will appear FOR MOtBI.E, The fine, low procur. tea .le.r 01G. f RA FE, Captnin Swiler, will leave the I.ak enl of ther r oail ,d, a So. ttrdo$ tti .t March, imleladietely after the arrivnl of i Ilia 4 o'clock care. For freightt or passage apply nt IMard or to REYNOIDS, BYRNE & Co, e,14 89 annl tt ,i N. BI. Bills lading will te signed at tile agent's d office, 89 Canal et 3t St. Charles Theatre. 7h l is Everitng, March II, T Wi II b hetroonld the it) on ufttho FRENCHI SPY. Maratrol ionlrmont, Alr Bnrkoe Col de Cotrey. Harrison Ly Tony, S Cowell Mtit tildtn to Marie, k, Henri St Alme, CEI.ESTE Hierret Carnoanly, ) In tc coorse of4htt eweeait n Newr Grand Opera Danco by Mad'llo Celeste. u. Tie whole to conclnde, with the DIrama of ho ROBERT MlACAIRE of or IhlTwo Murdetlrs. to Rohort Macnire, Mr J S Btrowoe o Jancqes Strop, Cowunell M. Marie, Mrs Farrenll rd To morrow A Grand IBallet lwhich hao been some nai time in peparation. RACES, Eclipse Course 2d Day Thursday, March, 14th, Joeror CLUB PUuSE-3 Mile Ileats. I To onne il' tit one o'clock. Ist. Fergua I)up!antier enters ei, ,en Morgaun. y c IPacific, dn Angelina Snilith, 4 years old-dress Itie and white. 2d. Y. N. (liver enters c, i, Csrvino by Brltrand, dam by D)ir.etr, r4 years old-dress blne a ud red. ml4 V N OLIVER, Proprietor 3 '5 REWARD. A BICONDED i Iw days sinece, the negro hey eorgre, sometimes calls bnnellt Jil Itrown, shoat 19or 2I o years ofagnee , Ilat.n , thick lips, i aspposedto Is. Ihorbtlued somewbere oin (,wl orivrt. TPhe laove reward will be paid for Ili delivery n o. 118 Jola to. li"t °n24Co S ek, per shipOrleans. for sale It ty ml4 814AL.1. & IIROWN, 96 Magazine t Cl ANI r i- It t~xeu st rnt candleot j nst receiied uCper ship on Orleans, flr sale hy mIl SilAl.. & tIJUt)WN. 9I Mltgazine At SXESI-1s adoe, just received per ship Orleans tln o sIzAI.!. & ,IION 9t;51vgsnoi v & It'PEo-It tons blistered steel, lUSt rcecired per ship Orlcans, for s:lile bv mtl4 SIIAI.I. & BilOWN, 9t; iMlt a'n stt Drawing of tihe Granld Sltte lIoterv Cialss 24 l 26 65 il 1256 5121 32 571 316 1 Tills DAY, 8,000! Capital Prize, TickI etsnly i$2009 GRAND STATE LOTTERY. I I.ASS "25. ex. Anthlrise,l by tie Itrgislalntre iof ItheStnte. ITol' Idrawn Marcl I1, l,Ii.lI,alttint'.:leko P. 31. at Bishop's li Hel. S IDAVISt &(TO, 1t onagers. 75 Drewn eunibero-i2 n rlwn inallts. Splendid Srhrime. 27,811 Prizes. nltounlt i to$ t$o0,8 'rickets $9 -Ililve I --.llerlelo il0,. Pnetagas of '2i 'I'i'keto ftn $511 f warrnrlel to draw at lenas $:3l, I', P eknae, of ".:5 flil' 'l'iekel. p . warranted to draw at lnast $1' (Itt. Packegee of "5 (Quarterl Tickets $12 511 warr;antl d to drulm at leat $ti For pokoock c of tinglo ti'kelkt, o;o at II s 16 Charllr rst, and at thile corn, r of -I Louis . nail (nrll ant l.ottery, ('lss I2, otra, for It I: '12.573 :l ;3'!61l I .1117, 5 1 ,:1 1 ;0 T O l D I \R\VN '\'\lls DAY. I'At ti' loc k, $12.501 !!! clild.I P v*. 75 Numbers-13 Drawn Itllots. lT'ickets only $1. LOUISIANA LOTTIERlY. Authorized by Act of Legislnture. CImpter XI.llI, pasted MSalit 21, 188. Clasu No. 13extra, fcor I 81!. tot be drawn on Thursday, March 14th, 1839, at fio'chlok, i hI. at the Exchange Ilhtel, St. Charles st. D. S. (illGREGORY & Co. Successors to }'ATES McINTYRE 4 Co. (IRANID SCIIESIE. 29 705 Piizes, amnentintt to $189,070 Ticketns $4--llale $2--(Iuarters$1 Packages of 25 tickets fior $100, warranted to draw at least $52. P, ekages of 25 half tickets $51) war ranted to drawat least $56. Iackees of 35 (llunrtor lTikebts or $52 110, wnrranted to draw at least $13 For Packages'or single Tl'icketp. tptii nt The 1tnnaoers Office, old 35, (Canlll street. usxt to C(anllst ~ACON SIDl)ES-75 casks Innditlg from stleamer e ('orlu busm for sale by kl m4 G. IORSEY, 44 New .Levee. W /IIISKEiY--ItH bbls hmading fron st,+noerllat n a wien, for sale by I;. I)oRSEY, r 2 l. ,41 New I.evce nl4 II FELT & Co, 21 Chartres At 4 W lIISKEY-211 is. ludting frt. ste.am beot u larlion for sale bIv u 4 ' A TRIIEIt,II (iravier st AVANrA o)FFhIM:b:--l bogs I a .-,g ntoni brig, H brig Otranuto. fo ssle by ml4 A TRIER, 31 (lravierst q l2W ftIle ; by , ltlnnrtttt"ve Ileste, Ieittunrlne, SIlaste" Ibtreoolle-- ornls by lioss .sltill, leill esredlto Ileylltry Ilrrel, Esq teoposel by G. I'. Mae iouvrler of New Orlents, receivedl cith the gleatest ol Slsaasu atlhoh New lork eoncerlo, S0JOIINS Co, n- cll eornrer St Clhrle. & Conmwn sts I - I1 sALE--Ftourteen htndred ewre offltndlyitg or L' in tb pnariblh of Iervile.. tn It.h sides of Ilayou vnlarngein, Idjoiintn tie Iplantalios Iately established by (icv. Jeohisen andi I)r Itaev-s-aud, to Nine hundre nacres lying in tile prish of Pointe h Ctep, onil the west sid of bayonn Ilolrdclb, adjacent n to tie routeeofthc Ato'ufoleya raoil roado andotdjoiiog nnlands no ownlled l'y Gno. Jolnson. These lands extren, from the bayou on which they fromn,back Ito te depth of 4i lacres. !thRev art covered w wi thwil alenn and tile ngrowth to firout t;ei is amp ly stl u ciieet oIn nrnish nll tlue tilnmer needed fior Ilanlt - itioon, it ie not suelicientlybeavy t) req'uiro'uetoh labor to Igt bthem ready fir cultlvation. Excierieeo non hu tinds e llotlarly silletndein tIll sant e ro ighbnlhed, has lshown that ir body of ands laccd oel e al V potie on r hellm, is abl. to clear land cnllgPll to put inea ,rop the first year, ofrn nntieoll larger Ie n IllwteV on Pa. Inher. It Inty be safely assertld thnt rilan Ird in the Stnte rffer greeter ilduLceteento to the Ottlltl phlttIer. . Porlinls idesirosn, of prchasirill.g, Ily litsre. thelnt of selvee of the quality nd charaecter of Ithose lands, ly freferuce te thlle m lien. tleory Johnson, Ii 'I' Williami, nurveyorgenenrnl oftlho U. S. for I.otisionn, S hloa. TJ Culeov,of TOillt Coopeeo, of I)rJ lntlry, f'errer onlte.sc ig Apply to myself il lhls city, or ito MLsors lnmhecl Ix and I hoilllpol Natel n st, N'ew Orleans. New Orlearns, i9th March, 1939, trll II C ilIIIOIIEbAItX. tin N0OS'I'"S IeIo''14 I'OE'l'S--lleing select works t if ti lloisli b tsh Penl ill n ebrtooiecul eries,froite Falconer io Sir Walter Scott, with bigraplical and Scritical niaes design-d Mas a .outinualiea of Dr. At. kirn' nBriishI Poets, just received and tl r o sle ti v feb 21 AIIE X. 'IOWA It, 49l Cutp Ti. t MAYJR.AL'rY oF NEW Ot)!l ."AS. t FIIP price ol ti-h flour tolday is $7 25 per brnel accrding to the tariff the bakers shall give do.ll o hing ti cooning weak (fnon Moieday o llt it.lt) 38 ounit Sees of breadl for Itht. lread ouuf ihu second qluality i . requiredI to weigh 95 per cent. niore. vi: 471 ounces. nmnr9 C, ( NOISM(avor. ENiLISI I FAN tY in'A'ItINAItY, in Iriect |merportvteoh I T ANDING fromn 'tip Washielton frle Itondlo 1.4 anld for aeo b the Subscrbers, IIt cases, 5 casks English Stationary; tc wit : 0 40 reams thick laid Post, hot pressed B 34 du yellow wove, hlt preedeI p- 10 dio extra snpersatin, tined 8vo tn 5 do tohussedl post, 41o while ; 5 do dodo tintled e lildgoowood and Ackermnet's Maifoldl Wrilters ndo Carbonic h,eLks for do; do cupyingsdo DTnlwin Paper uof all coelors Water oltors, aneurted, iii cnke iDrawing Boeks and Modele suirltb'e for setoamiecs Popnred miniature Iyorje fitncySl4ahoders e Poerian l'eitsnrn fine, rinM nilcht&e &tu tIopjtet.OPti chilt ; Aekerman's anld tlookctei "PTli sndqtitarto patens copyinlg minhineo Inbaks copying fluid. p.nlnoltnt blue nod red Berit!,a a varilyoiy tqlernartseles in Ihe otolivnnrv ~Il ne. ' E. JOHNS &. Ccc, vient Blalisnoe' tlall S NEW ORLEANS, JOCkEUY CLUB RACES! ! ECLIPSE COURSE,. ) hubs quid SPRING MEETING, 1839, commenced on Wed acsdoy, 3th of Mnrel,, 139,oad coaiolne 5 days LA Seroed Day. Jockey Club Purse $1gdlll; three anile louts. Third Day. e pe Jockey Club Purse, $d20(H, 4 mile beats. FourthI Day. Proprietor's Purse $710l; 2 mile hoots. Second Rote--Same la. Sw.eepSakees for 9 yr eides; sulser rlption $500, hl f forfeit, (mile heats;) close Ist of lnrch. Fifth Day. .L Proprietor's Put'oe o; raile hats, hest' in 5. n afel Y. N. OIIVER, Proprietor METARIE JOCKEY CLUB RACES. IHE S.prin g letial, For 1839, over Illa ot e 1r Caorse, will eallaraa Cea e.ilo 1ia, laa1 ' e'ucedayv,' ists alt etaa ch, afaldea llta six lolvo. lilal dloy, sweoa pc takes e for 3 v ersr ld'e, two inilall sot : Ilteaaea.o $10111) foer- t fait, $250, nine sulbcribers: le I. Mounafert Wells unaites chI f lcanwing, by Lei- by 2. C i S Farrar. 1 3. I) teplnaseo, G C Dublin, by ILevalthan, doaml y N lorrv. 4. 11 A Tnvloe. o 0 5. Minor Kenaer,g a Greydoo, b)y Medlhc, doen Gray all trooV, lay loertaanl. s 6. Ira Smait. Maria Dul)llke, by Medac; dam Cherry Elliott, lv Salaatter. in 00 7. J S(Gaiurisone b ce Altorf, by FIyldle, dam by Vir- ab giniua. ,. U. W\VlR Barrow, ala f i'icaPleyo. Icy altdo. It. Jalles blhy, e f Cuniulio, lIy tedeuc, dam ly S mCalptr. Sum+" diy. matluhl irween the noted tretting horses C Ilirdl llanld lonflidencllc, two mlile he it in Irness for Selrod Itasy--Joakey Club Purse, $110l, two mile Salll l)ia-Swelepsalllk for genrlll:ln riders, too Ia mile hlaeats, I.ltrm r l i, tile prlprietlor to add Il a ilvrr oa ly caa of alala valaae aaa" a 'l lip S hird liay--Jaackev Clihl purse $12110, thrcee tlle aI t, 'oularthl I)ay--J.key Club, purseo $20(10, fhillr mils hed beats. Ie'illth Iay-J-ockey Clulllurse t !0, laile Ileatl, hlaest 3illJ. . S3nae lab-Sweerilpstaka for 2 years ol, mile bent, al Soalrime-a $,ll, flrfeit $151., sceve subhscriberu : a oy I MoUlill W'ell 1, , WV J Minor, sl 9 A A I nlltiainaio Minor IKnlonr, is C C "S Farrar, I arrw w SIame Ianv-A emaalch aetween .. . elr.. ed trot- , tltg Ilravet Pktn L Ci a1d IRlla, h ult ; :1 in 5. i tIr arnes fr 0lllll. I'. CI+NAS, a -, /ur coors .......... Scr,,tnr,. 'a'll I AItt 1 tIST' AIN I)'ANCV I AIN'I'Ilt. wi,: ni in f aalaear dalta ilarioai, splendid l llgllllllly ul walnut ,, ,falar portrait painternc; plarnl al a- ons of every rolor, pindils of 'verv size ; vnir Iru l'.-hes, f8.t and round, very Inr,.t size ? nvas., nh'elndy preparet lndia ik, .iiperire ; late llles, filll maaoaaaln l with w lrr -, Il rll a ll l la ga tlh'I lia el n u , aa .c Ia. a Salll re'aLiil .llltaI , ia aa;li laer ly la)aua aI al d I ila; calaIIa , a efca ear daocltaaeao, by cakba; -ieen eald aorleal a The pnuripni l+ of A a s aieaaraaaaaers of ralawain IC Itie IIe a i h alo•alll.all a IIIIII eaa ata ahct le •oe l c and 'ninnI i, ~i11l do well i aa llaa t ha so ref thI.a t e I a-ta a I caac l-. lt wtlllT.t, I i.o 53 saaa e dAa a Ial ltr l a fallin,'l , ()il o la llt i' l I aaa' m llll t t ir let Il lr'Waern re :ll I' III I l h loth5 , a liai ha'r n, I-t i n ed i ef Ila Iala I lal'V a, a Ai a L a r i ll a ila a a-, ahaa.laa n : n l lll aail, l a . 1 I lllc "' "1 I l l I o t I l I rtN 0l ria llil 5 l s IiaIt IF aa~l. e Niat i Et 1 lI p aar aa a1 a,\ a'. a I , i .la.cail a I aa1' - aI alaaa lN . " al/ Il a ",-r I, air llar-ir i -i.--k a.laaea, palht Inaals "ao aIe lAaa I 11rll -all t I l,- llaaaaI a I 1111 1,1T i 1 l.f , tINT ill a l e Iea.ca ,, e,1,lO .. . 0 1 ¢lt , r ii l l aa+r 'aaraa araaacala-claa.ari t a( 1ll I I' h, al I i ll flIlan '1Ilg, alil al ai 7 . a h r, a la h , l !ia . .... ... ,I(J IIN V . (Jilil,l)., " .... i ill, house aunts, .lo..r Isle r'.,-.I v,"r v.nIr, ý"c.-nisa y s on h alaldI 0,a as laalcut of ilvc r daal -c an nac lI s do-r ll INEW II L alNll A lNill l h lrli t I tI . i: . I.111, llr a il- i e illl:l ta u sn lllal, l a laoan he ilol n e l li $13 i A 11. PSi. .2 1 1' \ 4aa'. ia . aa. af clla anllhlyae'aa alaa ho a wa aill a I)ll rt 3II lart il - i 2 ,_ldl _JAS 11 C',X ]l)W Eli.., I.>','ehh',r. $1100 REWVARlD. A L'.UI l Moroccon i'ocket Ilook, with steel clasp, I a li lost vPsterdlll Onlltaln i t a oalnf the oIeal l1tels. Ialltk oft t I Itto of Arkltlll, inll fitr ofCklns. litarh, ro the N. ho orican Tront :.tid arnking (.Coll lyl. N"ew flork, for lle Ioiiii of lie dlllldr nnoli lho0a nl8 six ihundred nod ixtlynix iltolurs, ($tl01,tfiiI,) Idue, t Ir h row. II hnow pyle to ti ordeIr of TIh. .. Wilftioollison r, Ir. o, uthir dafnt, itom Ibonk on thle N. A.T. . It. ,nyf , fr l.ifl tohol unda dollrs, $51111111.) pnoile to Ileho .der of '1'I. T'. \Wilitmion, Plea. Also it, Inn notl lll t mllf l ot llll(I "oher I glll atiolnlls, Slnr fill, rl'lllb~ll re tn' t h of lbe Io:i l aIn:i[ n11d p;pleprs I to ie ofi liele III boy. It. II. &: C('o. or foi l ylll illrlnrllllltillll byV I)INT)S-15 rnas' e varitUs ptlllerns. French alnd Ai merific print-, for a.eii by ob2- 1 I tlll l li lo . i Co, 1:1 Magatzie otl I.S.I SHIIIE,'ING--40 bales RuIsia sheatiig, _ ob or sale h, fel.?5 "I lRIG.lGE ." Co,1:31 llungzinest lG llmIl:Y MA11111iEl), saequelto. ; I" rillr (mur. l" Jack lr.lv tlla ,l'oo o, neyings aond Dnoiings," Il lustrateld ditiol otfOlivr Twist, cllompllee in one vohlule II re. rAlso, No.9, of Nicolao Nicklebv, just receivel nntd floldp Il- k . McKI A N, h Atrot-20od0 k tbootlio m ato , lnird, totrtalot y L i mar i S'IC'ITSo)N & AV'EIRY, b t;iravieor st Iar I ,'I'T'KTSON & AVERIY, il I rvie at ' 11NCINN.TI'I IIHAC IN--30 hhds eider and it"0 bids , \ hrouldlers, prilne qualitv, filr ale býy o Itr Oi S'I'L 1n.'SON & AVERIL, c1 Gviieor nt )It) CC, Ii' l,.E--ii1l baigs Riho cott..o, being the clr Li gi oIl the brigfp (ol Cotllony, Ioir iate by forit 1'I.lTNON & AVIEIIY,_8f Grnvier st h IllE .ILK RIAl ,EIRS MANUAI-Or tile art of . ini llin nd :elliln ilkworls llnd of clivalting tile intilbeiry tree, by .I alorin, , titllllor ofneviral lernl tol sllýielile, trlttlSited lfroml tile 'r!ielf. Jlult rereired . d lifr tole by A TO)WAR, I1l?! 49 Calnlp ot I.-E tIF CAIAINAl . NAI, CIEVI1US, Areibikhop 1 It oflI.el x, by the . Je llntti Ilontboare, e ortfns.or if thlttdogv ; tritstitool[ frnt tile t retlch by Iobetrt M Walsh. Just receiv.ed and forilok by l . lA TOWAR,49 Camllp at IACK.Etlt:, &.&-15 bbkl No I mackerel, 4 bis NY2No do 73 ls No d; 4 lf No dIt; Ia bIllo Ni I do 31t ko'gs No I dol; 118 kids No I do Sii2 oes Tliongues Sitld, 156 bbls PI'tnllors 17 bls I1Innero' l i, latding triirni ll si IRlot Moi ris, fiar n.oe by N & J P WhI 'NI:TNY tour) 7:3Copllt I lRINV (ISTI-Jut ro..it i.at thei- Louisittna W\Vitrr Iloonl 5:3 Ilievill o treet, r 12ullerillr si gtit I lllllole tairn o erol tdlt i tfio.er o i , froIII tih fa(Itory tolf J I lrolwnl Newv Ytrk, or stle iby ttll " WM RCAIL NES. l ceived and for rule by tile gross or lozen, or sin gle, by A l'oIWAIR, mair 9 49 Cmplliat 11,0 cnks winller ntralillRl and l30 ceaks sullnlluer F lrtrillt.d snitrll Oil, fitr tle bv Imar t . I III00DGE & co. 131 Magnzinert 1lACKING--50 gross Goling. paste blocking, I fourrldeby SIALI. & BIIROWN, m-! 96 Allgaznte at I I.CUI1f-2501i blis superfine, and 400 do Atoe,in Nl "hippling order, for .J Newy L e tt ' ?. G MIR:E, 4 New Le toe S (jo0 s oen ia brand for t ltt bS i fb LL t BRlloWNE febh* 16 "~ . 9. otine at T L oWool-3. '~ln Cawpeenchy' Legwcd, lald. in ,f'.J o:rbrig Al ,l'ir sate by mr _l" t..'_ J pw:\VHiTEl , 7, Camp e t "b' s'iOrlfierl p'e' ]teectqnlre wxftfl hcetwen mIn itibtrlriors,, o lstyl'ef Fraucis' Voie . Co la dleuIlved bymrttuial eunim,' 'F. V use brin will I| quidald the minrs'dr te I on eto oernl', - . , - - : ' .FR-ANCI*;.1;VIJSE.. : Itmor9'. i -- BERRY. AV N1'ED Feoew 500 to 1000 SFrseoi S.ock in Ctixeni Bolks 'IiHUlilE wishllnlg toell, will do well to call :nJ Sleave their namei and aullnlt oltock, iA the satore of Engltih & Silvoster,oplpoeite tho Arcude. Conntry niock alone is doilod. S " CAI.OI mar 9 .0w IAD)IES' & Gt ' ME tJ CAN Il l.IAM BENl. hab ihiedcy receired n good ,sk cortineot, which will lbe olrted remorkably chlep. ,"tl8ll Churlleat N It Old gold and silver taken in esncEsnge. moar r - WM ocKEAI, mar 8 s ee Cdmp cnd Cowmaun cm "UC- -140 psbnauV ailld ht "'il '. Do' lsnd. Sing ad for solo by d d&'J i' WIri'NEY, nllr ' "e73CmnP . T.iji.l-ThING--e ca.r oe ne tnod coitnI striped S. shirts, for sale by IIALL &. BRIOWN Inar '960 lMaganaie'. `IAIPO00 licxes Mhenlaliotl lItobhlno"hranda in Sstore, and or ..ole ly SIIALI, & BROWN, lotr 8 96 Magrittia s.l "'O'I3liE-The Ba1r leaaeo on tie Eclipse lonae 1l Cairse are flr rent, .lr the eltsuing Racoe, erm cetnehg on Wednesdue y the ltlh of March, Apply to INoar r Y N 1 E A VER. WVASIIINGTON BALL LIOO" Dress & Masquerade Ball St. lPhilip stroh between Royal & IBoirbon. 1 ltlo Manawcer of lthe bovonnnled tall Rtwm,grntl i. lol to hill frieeds anil thile pblic for the inpnrl i, 1lled pntroenge bestobod on him flr.several etelalle, respectfly ilnforms thlelno that thlu eotablililnotl ho r Ien eohlloged for tie thallemnTh of visitors, anild uil dergane i tlloe se repairs. The hnr till heo elrlesaa ed ir ay iu qulle liy 1 liyquorssnd tlh IlesotioN Rw ill Io keit by the lloest ItesTnuratrir in thl Unitcd Ststce. thi!. rollciill re-oerl on Saturday eveniag,l 3d of NoVNPIleier next, li a l GRAND I ItRES & MASQUERADI HAlI,. nld will take place ns usual every Monday, Welldnn ,y doy ill Stulcrdainv evening, during the elesoitwich vill act oni thle not oflt My, R139. ring erfect order lthreouliut the Meanblilhonant, s wle , w I rlllo l nc n a. ["is .ea .... .P.-NiW -".R.EANS,'"- o Febrtory 25, 1839. Colleeto in Ijlie,2nd Mulnlicirllity. e.N O(TI'IC(t ti ocwors of lckhe, idrays,, &Ac.--Tbeo ftl St lIwiloc" orlinn'ee iiill bie rticily eolltrerd : Ieo1lledr, that wlhecver the Mtor oshall irve a Ii Iler cre fir drays, crte or otiher erriiagre, oaid licence Ihtd Ib iit lieditlely endo)rae.l on tite beck tly ib iroBne'r wilh Iis recipl, nlt everiy person neglectitg IO Irir olin soil ecdoellelintl rarelelt tall the iack ol i Pl oui c shinll pa a olne nlit .sceedliong ne ha c hdred ie dollrs, hll fr eli oil) a h lloy, id loer hall' fir tlhea i-., flrlilir. Aplroel Ilrlee,'nill'2. 1821. e AlsI Ihe iNll Tiig ordi niliteo if tich , Cuncll cf Ito Il rtlled ni'iolit, i, thi for ll uloire wordS 1 Ionl it lle iti ordlaied, Ihitl froi nUiofler Ilia date; oani pil on who rll ll riean n b hlk, dlry, r eart, i ihtil IlA cl, cl'ol Illu:ranipihlty without hnving previterlly ob tlied ii Iiewne ilierefor, ftoi the Sayor of lThis cilyy slllll be ljt iin fioe ofl nct lres ilian lwelloy-fiv i ollllrs nor more tohrn one hldred diolllrito he rheco v'rcll rflre aIIIy iiii rtlof onmlotent jursdeiction; PIrovidlelhat iicnly ek, drny,. or clro iio rin wilhlta lie lirr'anhea, urid lldhll be r enlije l, blie sl oed by thI collon r l o tilno of I lanek, lcrnvc, cartl , &c, i- or by lly 'flf'er of p)lice, ocl delain'd until the fire lll lirrsnhl sitlie paid. Seiit to tle Mayor ilie 14th dnlv of'Jini, I:17, Siglned, rn. Sigied JOSIIUA llAI.lDWIN, Rhoorder. \- V II \VIIeriTON collector ilf iacka .reygs, ndc Illwkrrs nidl plllori. llt fe2 Ia .e la ierclnde \t unhiiipllit(l. La;In Nirtelle Orleoan, iererier 25,1839. jll 'ln flci c rinif)airbhiirecilestsenlies, drays, &c.- l .f' rnL' s 'UI. snitmieiiniiIi', cIrunt IIislricileen lil I'leclu--cqi Illtll lo is ftfilquiae le Mllire dntnersl ina "ii 'Pi l .url des b'laittjb i, iliibsr",d & I dlicte licenen dlcroti P're iiiioelcialediieiit eilinsto', ticr hel dedparlo u"'', rulle'-wor oe i s 'i, el vi lgil'iilqui en negligeant dllble'olroi ue dht e' o ciOe l lihi tre'ui0 r le oes tie o 111 liel llrnc cr ll o ils A I'nllrlOllllP( 1111 l0i:lsres 111, e tine itilh our la Iitl,, et I'enulre ithi6l pour It d.lloirir.-Ap. : ins rI"lllli., IeL I)bcei ire, 1ll8 1. mil Ile lmio I'olnlOlllll e eniVante du Canseil do In 2do h1111 lii ,uti , en hts o(ie s s t.rnovir : (l.ril'ill ril uill q'ni'a bcthe dale, lolie per= . l~llllll l Irr'ronrllr des cbnrints.dr ans hr la &c, ll In t le u Vle 51niriiali, an ncir II-uIi c ll'lebnl, on Illiell ,irell Mdn Uir' ell vIuI1'.illy, seraneoel It I l'lltli it hII lilt'i i tll.cc ,, ileii e fell vl llll e t Ill ],,i r. re11, ror tip jmdlie jlllu r olisali,,n Hlllissnnlc. olollsall ti ue plyi \t Il \\ lllfi lnt ' o € l al. re l slols In iile lirrncle sIrll I I I A rl .i i ,or le c,,Ihri ur t hl . luxel ri A i fe Its1 i ll iallmi- d , i-i loll lar i tlllllll i'r id' h In i ct,'rn ,,I l t'ei,ni i ilfiC Ii c.u-lite n,,eile i iu p )lic. In.i , Jpl dlli I t I LItWnI , tlrci'irler / lii Ite ciiii ........lert tn i- l~i t 'l't l % ' ,111 ai th e l i'i lu eu l Nle t it e in to e s: lir l li it '.l l r lu,te , Ine Ioel ollredlsc , o m erll ' I ', , t ,I, luIu, u i i li , .Pll ltc S (an , en d ill" I,.rhoikii i i',l dllol r fromiili vije i.,cr aeitthe Plrilliiil . t, 0luitn +re. e ifl'irii "i.n St. Clainle streeto. "u Ir o If " - -- -. 1"i - ' itt Ti . .t.o At \n. :I J.1lgonne th et, resr S. Ler.y's Aaetioe /t,.n, opposite tIluk'e Arcade. l .ý R (ilt,:j .Et rnspecttlully informs tile public thal Jil the cehlebr tel ,tatne of ('IIOPA TRA, Queen f Egypt, VtVhiyh cos h, nl texlhiite it Inset of the principal' s·hieis of'i f. Ihin it Ihe lively admtrnetin of mtny Illultnndl nieitllel:t. arrived in Ilis oily, and is now cinG e-xhibihed fr ,i short lime only, froe it o'clock A lit. In 9i cllClk, P 1 '. [FtAdnittance, 50 cents; eason t+licket, $1. fesb;-tf. COTTON CIRCULARS - [I. I I N " 1'1:l twil/ Ithe Greatest Expedition, and in a style unsurpassed itn NEw OntLens, or else where. Onones left at Con1wnets RooM inl 8. Charles Ex change, (Corner of (G'raner S. ) or at T R-U E AMERICAN PRINTING OFFICE, corner of Plondras and St. Charles Streels, will b promptly nIle nd.d to. Dnec. I-if. L il WESLCO[TT1 ONS--0 Tnle 7-8 aad 4.4 ad Twilled Lon ell IsC , firt sOnto by M - IIIi t Ii .tA ltillli (iE & r,1134 Miglttinst i 1.. BROWN'S I'Pte-t PlatforinJ Ba es- - sT" corn tn Iiad t t3 ltienville street, Patent Platl iorimn Illhnces, npllrior to iiy eveel ffeeld in Iit citys litll W R CAM.I.. TO MIERCHANT¶S. I .J'11IERCHAN'IT can have a Blnaurlln . Claso La t struc offaltfonuurhours No'rtln,bJnsnlaaget te Coillptlihg lRooml of T'IULE AMERICAl'.Plllalse; O(actFC, St.ChlTrles Ealchnge, adjolsaig' L RleD INt RoomL at Corner ofGrasierstreer, ora.t.k Paint int Oflle, c rneri f Itoydral aned iSt. Charle.s alIeeI. \EA'ttiiEitS-ty hltitt Atuburn aaeI·gsant asw mteattnf di/teI Bent ale rd pluitton. tneelyd eod for ntolt by (i'~cll' & Cou, Elchaalgaoel l, fi"'5 it tChrtes at - TEAll BOAT BILLS. O IVNEIIS, AGtEN'TS,or CAtPTAINS efSTEAM CBOA'I'.S can hare their Billeitrack of, i one or tnmore Colored Inks, on Plain or Colored Paper, esi despatch, and on favoralde Terms, by leasing heir ORaotsatlaTRUE AMERICAN OFFICE, corner of I'oydras and St. Charles"etreetp, Neiv9-tf SlI;N \tt ..Aft- IiEWAIW--.My erviatt wallts C- tnttnlhetteld hterself about tet days uinee alnd is tno dout lkinlg aboutl it the Second Music¢ poliyi. Th' aove r ar, willt ,, paid for Iu bhering Ieir 8, 4 t Iat ht REEDLOV. , Il.t-UR--I lrlsa I.sanding frla leaaunraoovaeroe. SShelby, Ibr sale y DORISEY, lmtir 8 44 Newlerve iU''l"It- 4 kei western reasere, Iut r.et'd d Sfor rtile by (I 1ORSP.Y, mtar 8 4J4 New I.or VALUABLE ENGLISH WORKS. 1 E10I tR lf Cout eGramouilll, by A istmillon, . trasllated Irmut thle Frenchl, with uoeteeatd iiht trations, itl 3 volumesI Memloirs of Philil t)e Commnes: ololtnilnlg the his tory of Ltuuia e Il It tt and alhales the lth of IFrntee, antdofClharles the Ildid, Duke of Bur guady, to which Prinesa Ite wee seq¢pereiy e a also tIe htilory lf Edward the 4th, and ilecry 7th o'.ingland, in r2 vala. Mlmoirs of Lady Hamtilton, with illustrationa, eaec dotes of I.y of her mllst particular friends and distllguishd edoutetllpoarner, sltbellieh.ed with a tine pttlrtlit aner Rutllny. The Delremerrot, or e day elartatetin tntl of Boealcica including tlhe suppretsed eurela Iroplated from ltt ltuliian, to tlth are prelblnil reltarkl on Il o It lit l'l and wrililnga of R.leaoahla, it volea. toltrails by V MIcKEAN. eorUCalIp & Utlta01otan1t jýJI W N, iLT-0i tain Kid aw the tord of the 1I Sea, a Romaanec by the author of a 'The Basoti West," " Leilte," " lartmn," tl in i vole., ustt rac'd and for sale by WM bi ·tKE AN. luar9 eco Camp e adCommon ae W . IISK EY--800 hble 4 eo tifi d , in 4 orise , fog elte F nl G DtiaIErt.4)ew Lely lO0 gR-1500 ttlta i atenlesapitaa oadaeafoe. 'chill 9 9k - ..'II trll_. HAI N ;)O 79 lua ,JAP~50s ·exel, i i , j 'lebias S' . Snag

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