18 Mart 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2

18 Mart 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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:'ý" '' '' :,xli~tl l lf1G maim.19 ýMON)AY, MARCH 1S, 1S39.. t UP;I ^ frbURE...The Urfa` Rates ores this eou '.or ~e.l ethedq1V W naotion tbht there :ft Cour entries '*cdo chic dta jy's rare. dfl ofwhich are crack wage. Gccd sporc Nayh. exphccc:i. Thc knowing ccci crc ct alos which tc c'. c 'cc. We have noun soe, of Lthec crU, end expect Guar .*c t hinhs ic hccn cci .ycd aci pccclccnz day. .-PitP IAN~xa o.--The Ree. -Or neighbor asesia determined to eonfotdnd tie Michign' and t .e New York Bank Laws to suit his purpose, al 'hough In almost every parlicular they are dissimilar. If he wishes to establish the fet Ithat the former it una aCe,iois readily granted. But we do conlend,andhave 'iatiifsictorily elplaited, tlhat under tile New York s)s tewm, and the one here rcetnunlnded,lotnking emolpanies wae safe. fur unlike those of iMlichian, they hane prop eaty to a fill monunt pledged for the redemption rftheir entire circulation i case of falillure. This is a .ertaof the sulject on which it is unmneesanory to have many words, nor should we oltice it at all, only it may be projer to expo te Ie pertinacioos eflfrts of the Bee to create a false impres.ion by nssunling false premises and drawing deduetions tlhrefrom. Nor ned we go. arther to estohlish that fact than the first paragraph in Sitursday's Bee. It says: ."The explosion of the bnlking system ef AMichigan, It no doat very tanoyilg to tlhore who ldvcrtte the ree bankhin law. The Ibksr of that Stote si-ttbl err, lainly nealeld out iut til e whole lntiu .et itnelf ir retrioracely ievolved in the nriject. To avoid tile orgu. ment which rite disasters of the Michigot systrer nflbrd against free bnnking, we are told that under tih law of Ilchisnu beaks could issen notes without one oueni e ofa capitn. To Ihis aesertio we , pitose tie lsnhot tege or theeommisoioters' revrt, wlhiti saves:- T'tie lootn tf .panie frotmt eortlbliseI ollrIcirpain t beCnle n o rdinOa ry traffimenlte tno tre eoney et in motion on mrtte e -iirsta(ioes. Splreie ntrlifietl~al eeariied by onth xre eeerý rleere erhigited, &e. Now it nplo.als to s ex ceedingty unlike ihatir secie eertifitte veritit v y "ll woeld hlave bheert exhiitre, if the lnoko werrI alio'wed t issue auten wiltnut otle otllUrtn of, pital." Whart aer tie ftotnl We aynv.e rhron htnt the Free lRaLnking prinliple of Mlieipanr, is totally unlike hat of New York--ite former dtrowing open tie privilege of banking to ntl, but not cornsn liing thle who Wihoiwo ld use the privilege to secure io tie hands of tile State ao trsate.a suficient ountlot of real etate, or propertyItO liquidate the wlntr of their liabilties, in ease the Iawe uhould be infringed. But the Ilre says:- "To avoid tite ore.,ett wloih thice dlinstor (tf theI Michigann onsstran rlt l otin nt rie b king. wei are I told that unrter t!le law of tliarlien, bankcs l to rhlr iossto notes witboll one otnce t elliral. 'I'll this noSerliln wne opinne tite iagagetc of tB t Comirsioners' lemur, whiel sutys:--,,Trh, Irn n of s.rcie from r.tlitlld or. poratiou be an, on linarv trlrt c and the sr ott lo s in mo otint n numer/'iaetliltto on. Speie rer-l e.n· resfre by on, a ert e erry where ethibitel, Let lhe reader reutom er ts ta t alero ilPlics are of tire Bee's own emphasisirt,,tnd tt with eit a cunning whichl delerrecs noi ttle credit, the wroiter node th "&Se." coun a ry the centinustoe n of the seutenr , whiich to a thitrr judgnmet elight onfith our t stu t hat, ttut tetrte Mit ehigan Benks "had not ltt ounce of cnapital." L.et it aloo be ret errel, titotly tha t only t days before te w.tlo exntract frett Itle Ctnttnissioner's Report won published to surtitu the iee. whichl being explained, that paper hes resort tt garble SnhtenOes 1,t keep its bead oelove water. But here is ta he tho h f the i en. Oeane allnded to, of which tile ies gives only as muc as luits ito avIt purpose : " Speie certilktutte. veriloid by neat wer everrv whrle exhibited, aoltttelt tiher etrv eertif.Rets h.d been eancelld at tle rllleltltr If ti'r .,ti,, hbr a draft fora nPlulimiar am11rounlt, andl y'eL suchll $ulterfl ee rwera prrtiuaciiosly ill-isted tIttt, aso fairo Iooiness ran atiollnts, salletionld lly rstoLtt and Ilrecetlent. Strek notes were given, hlr asuttcriltilollsl Stoltk, ll t (, h Iol ad as specie, and thus not I rell Iof rrnll a:pll ileullyll exListed, beyond -tie eultlul cauln id in by- It, .llt and unsuspercting fiertllr nt d iiiro t it , wiose lilll savings and hlolnret itntule, wore ltnersary to give etlfi donee and credit."t Now, we would ark, dores not the Bee slntd convtricted ufaeattenlpt to iltpose a garbled exotltiler ron its ren dera, which if tihe wllle lhald been h , blioleld w hl, hare prteed tihe weaktlrs otf the position tin which tile writer reliedl 1 'ITe tt ruIh in, thlt Ipaper is oppotsd toi the sotern of Free Ilanking, ewven tlttttty it slioldi Ibe inconttrovertilyl provedr to Ite te best lnt, safest, and is content wilth the prsrllt alnking .wstel, "arllltb, nloetimes ret smtll loss tty be ir:eurred." \\' Ilope rtoi ate smeine erglh, tlctlbor tuove to tlake t Illt'it subject in carnest, yet ttlrig It is eon,'s,,. "DEMOCR.ACY -1i.ti.rlrt.0v':t."-.'l'th Ilouse sof Ise pree:ntatives refllsed ln Thursday last to o,srrt,*l on the Jourlnl, a long lld clrltlnte I Ier, flra, lhin It. C. Nicholas, givinig the renslss why lie could not comply with the request of tile legislalture of Louisiatna, il tihe s aupport of a National ltank. It hal Ieel it dc(trlll of the Whigs, that instrultzons were lnot it ncordance with die geniuss of our institutions--exept they l e such as may be given upon ia lIocl quelstion a uic has arisen during the absluce f the represeulrtive, nllll the erits of which it i.*l stpposed hie does hlit lth roughlly ulner. stand. nBut it has been a lending and chnrne:lrittic feature of the demlcratic party, accordiig to their own daily professsiuo., that the. right of instruction belongs to the people, snd is oou which th,'y should never be debarred fromu exercising, thronghts e silbborn refusal of a representative to obey. Their sotto is," obey or reesgn"--that is in theory, but reduce it to practire, and unlses the instructions tally eaxnfly with tie demo cratic repreaentattve's own peculinr tenets, lhe refises Sto oltey,and is equally unwilling to resizn. Thile resolutions conveying to Mr. Nicholas andt his colleague, Mr. .M.ioton, tiho seesr of th people of Lousi siana on the great nationutl suijets, which divide the: two parties, were passed by Inrge majorities in tbll Houses, and so fitr as w~ are able to judge, filly met theapprobationo f-the grenat Iod.v of theIpeople. 'They were thrown into the tlshape of request, Inor only be. cause tile Whligs do not altogether recognize the right of instruetion, but nlso ulit of respect to tile Senators. If it be neces-ory, Ile Whig Legislature of Louisiana i can, and will, instruct her Seloulors, how they are to act, to comply with the scnliments of the Sate. IfI they will nort nt frout a gentle aidmonitin of tie ncourse they are expected to pursue, such instrltrtions will lie given, as will force them, to oey or rerigs, or to ac lanowledge theus.hlves recreant to ule principles of tie soidisaut demsocracv. We do not neoider sIhut Col. Nichtolas and t rl. Mes ton have beer i.nstructed, as is in-ided on by tile Ierj.; but thle sentinent.a; of Itltuisiltt n hae heen, Ireetty plainly indlicated for tleir i special lets'f. , Ths are shiply requested oilr reatss explained aibove. We r heartily joini in te ,trprisose whith or 'ont'tnporary expesesan in the following prongph:- aTitelre in olr s ll'srio Ilttilltt in Cos. Ni'lllnls.' lettur- .tbe rrlsrt of its t'ons tellt. lie iIt'llltale it we ll j tl o l tinr Stha uh llbtppasry Its tSie oltur.tEr ctr rithenti . "n. . .u.chl be really the crant, how Plntwhc ted it thamt ' is ows was founl ca ll nstlofg i'e y rte oh t.itel fir tie ,lstrtion of Mr. enri ntdit Shill vsichie piosd thie e,'unte H.o-ft United States a few weeks sinice. 'i'lh t'oshnel Eaiholdreaa anti llb-tr, Ias r r itise is evident lr Ilia au durite g dbe tresit at or '38-19 bearotig rec tred gins aulshate of the Ibill, a hoile Ilisilenltblt Ieire tro sa ieolatne orh elruk sinetiol hhllv it hasvlr lf tile te Am. Kinee ti . i s'nlltiu(tli hiltve ail -tit u. nter I striking modiracteihnic. oPeteh1ne the eln upree Sc.utoh eand Wright han perler ughteg I)nlint to e rGe se'tnrvatisni. Wlletever lie tic e nuse, ti e eit .e is" in dubitab--loie voled fur tile adopnio f tie In msir -i-ed w hy w ith his vote r ,g i -t e l is irrefraenlrle tes ; assay of his ehnner of nlpiuln, ,he shld .sek tto it,-. . 's.sutxn the Legislature tlhe Rlict' Ih.-t lie is hl-tlle to the cub-treasnry, pstoms our loleellrenallsio. But ahould this, or any thing which "ithe dnloernrv cantdo, er t oseurptiset Is it a matter ofnstcnistmte.t L aay who can eall ihself a supporter i f tle aRdmie - Sitratinn ofVas Buren and tile advoea itr Ilioa measures, Ibaould pmeechone dMctrieto anil prnctit nsotler! in sa. thi Globe the di-tator of ti paerty tactics? Andt thi nat hat eenthecred o fttne whsts pull the wires of t-sU ine.sulant,. ever suilee lhliy Ihasa lssd politic.nl be I. has tbe eharaeteristie oof tihe Van Buren party, je d tah elements were brought t.sgether to ellnot (Ien. J leas'nt eleotidn, to adhipt oil the populare Sileries and phrarses, let lite prasticr be whait it maty. It otty bte aidy alid of Shot,, thehry csi rHonll the promise to Illa ear, e utibret it to the Ihos te,' r we do not scme~iotei a single princile av d, lt w-leth haa been violtted. WVe neither lok StorCol. Ie,., sal ad Mr. Mlouton ts s"ey:istlructtiss or to re '-.lgntatlaever eur imprrsionis ta y cosalict witih the aaiaa.aujnlel rhtitr et detnseratic eorlstituenlt, whot IpalseU hih It their duty to do one thing or the otitier. TIP ReetsoTIOt or Ml. BuwIn.--'T'le rejection by te E uaotf W.W. . nowee, Esq., a eo was sslsti meted by GorIthtan as ala onr f the ISuprene Judges,g -la'eacited a ldal tul astuninlsthrn anl sli t11si u little buditwtilon. We fully eutur with '.the Bee i tsit lol. lewing autlsee:fts "Aamolg the ttlllts rexellenlr nominatinse made by iovernor RoSell ilt tite eslsirnoation of the Beslate, there ntat berte tho hat has getl Ilse univer ea ar"-. .tisfastia than tlhat of-. hI 1. ,n O ,o h t r- 01 of tie .udges of tbc..uIreetl" t Sert. The nigh ehraoteir of' this (tinetlenltet. hi, ecpuestseledged legnisl anSt sintulle5, his un.erlsal spoltrrtiet' with the. hsr, Slid the ithli't iU5Oeelltslytttllted sLtiLients gulraItlies that lt i credit lae .reertiL n isrf Sh I;iro'era.tr e ll d havat uUte 7Ous tailt etIts Intte hun ble htuenatsre." Cnatrary h all j!hat exlu:t teiaislt,"t 'htt rj,.rct, &.a .,mauitatii ty a vote or I Iti' t. Wt I'itefrtrious intoigbi ofan in lieitdaalo, (lthe toirte It ;bet fhnt.'Opelousats Thomas II Itwis) a.wlie haod ,a I Iogingfr te othleo e himtlf, aiebvy a Senattr who is to qeldom in the right i'f le cen.ind s wrong eide-w wepl lutle'to the Senator fmain lliides-a--loihuted to tliis re.tilt, if ihdeed they didl not effeerit. We uudealstam that e-fully eonvinced wanithe futrier of the contemp tible pairt ita ebaJplayed in the gae, that at.l very next nmrniug.after he rehe'tion,'he was on his way ho ne noth.eig avilling.to encounter the looks of honest in- am dignation hat.waioad have mret him at every turn--if indeed lie did not shaink from a still greater reaponsibi. ti lity. " The. Bee justly remarks: -The fact that i. llBoen aaa a canali.,lite fior tlher distAnguished Inner th Goverlnor st prerev rl dewed hih wortlhy of--contribles a .111 t.11e de COn Vcti tiet Iby hit reectiot ithe Stlae ir deprived o th ser vice on thie suIpertir iheRitnh of line lf te t aastill t gnisl hed cm tter of the bar of Itoutisiana, ti tin e r i-ce versal feliei of reget nod liappointlmentt we have stea1tod xlsto ia thisa col tllauil y. tm A public dinllcr bas been teldered to Mr. ittnro. , which ikill be Ihloorable alike t, te dooters and thel guets'. r!n of aJl parties unite in regrets tha t ant I in orery respect soe wottTy o tThe station, and so c Itallel t of iling it with credit to himself aod advlantaege of the coilnlanity, sihoul, thertugh the hlind prejudice of Senators, goaded on by tlle nlaochitnaions of inter ested indiviltals, he excluded fltot the statihl. The injuries which ealnlliators contrive foir othere, frt. quently recoil and fill upon their own heanls. aoes not a cola trembtting cloea over *Thomas It. lewis alitd hisl instraloent Seanntlr \inn lest tohis rly, be tlhe case wilh tlhent? \h'len tile ntoans tile' used to Illroduce tle result,are exposed, they ,ill be glad enough to fildl tny o.scrity, deep alld dark enogh to hide thelmn fttll thlae searing retke, in verry honest eye, for their iniquitours and infait us proceedings. TIlE VE'TO..The llouse on Saturday re onsiderod the of I oOof the day before. and passed the followiolg bills, by the l cnnlstitutiooll majority: "An act to oxpedite the onsltruction of of t1o Clilton andl Port lludson Rail Rtod,,' nll '"A act to of expellito the contruction ,f. t ofh Atrhafalaya Rnil Rond, and the Barnatria nt d L.afuurche canall, and tile laton Rouge and SClinton Rail Road. tI. EXECUTION OF JIINSON..This obdutra wret.ho 11 to had le lived a day longer, woull have reached his 20th year, expiated Ihis crime on the scaffold, at I1 o'clok onll atrday, we otnr thoe prlon. of We are told that he w,, .lnot and indilferet, and even teol of the oficer who adjutoed the cord, to put in i Ithe right pnll e Id andi to tghten thle knot. lie asked for a lss of wine, which 0 w.ls given him. He confessed h. had murdered his onw brotl to r. had beel engaged n several Inmurders, and had Ibreen a par' tlcipaltnr in the murder of l whole crew at sea. li.nlre leaving the prison he wro1I a .tler to hio mother, Staltinlthat hb had the typhus ovoer, and no hopes were entertained of his rerov. he cry On bein. remonstrate I will on l00,1llltll of the lsellood" r"he Iconlly askel,"'Do you think I would tell her I mll going ton 0 h, e heun1'" no o lanifeatd inhld erelce to tile Inst, ann r, eloud hie briefoenrrer of , wil keodne, and illle in plursuaclre sundry n.oeeionn, but insistd that he 'las as guilltl.s of ot i, ,o:dddth th 1,'.,,,, fh. lm,, ' l,,,ll^ o o.hnllt of Mlrs hi Doyle, wlo o a srllntll ed to he exeuted for tile sa0 e offellcO has been comnllted to ilmprisomr1lt for life. THlE MIECIFANICS' FAIR is now h nog rrhibited al r Plouglhs .Millysen. I., like the objert..it is IllOst praisewor . thy-havIng for its in lirhe advannerment and pierfetiontf it mechanis, and onflri n-g inelutivrs to tlbe working clans, to i0 e provemelt, Il their various bl.lle h. I-We hope it may suc ed, but cannllllt ithhold our regrets that it is not under the manlagemllt of one less visionary than Dr. Plou0 h, rlnd one in whose stabllty the publie have more conidence. n THE PI.OT L.'1...Someth1ng may yet t1 done with :I this impo lnt mnealure. It is not too lolte, and the absolute nleces.ity of anuendmentl is evident. Thle duties of thie Ili rhor Master mullst le dlovide. Ile .ll t have regular assistanLo 0 or.the utility f tlo e ofoieo is entirely lost. If no other amend a meet tbe suggested, Pire the Second Ilunicipolity a hlarhour es Master of Itis own. We ihace herCetofore noticed tile illmpor n lalnce of this hill. more at lelngth. Its implllortaIce, enceh IIn-. S oher knows or shoulld know. We do ot desirle to see it lpork eted nain tllis session, or smotlhered il Commnitter. Lt Ssoole" finl action be agleed on, and let us see who wbll oppobe CEI.ESTIES Ill:Nli l:'I...Whoowll not Co willthe world d to-night ? As many as cal crowd thlle St. Chlrles, ill stlr l the.mselvr into sonme hole or corner, but they w1ll get a prep Id at Coleste, wl boohas chosllen a lloot thrilling dralma called '"Tle I Chlild of thle +W'reck." anl n GrnInd Spectacle, ill each of whic] o pieces tlle peelle.1 pa.ntouliist and nluniic nactress ap er. Sheil will Ialso o gthroulh lla luher of Opera I)Dances, i for oIbt graolCtiton of Ihose who like to see horprt "th, is t fanllllstic toe." It eenls molblst sIl perluos to retl l i f tle puPbl. Iatt lli i (.lel te' Ilig' ht --ller anlll elot felotls o and a(lllrors re over, oil tile qui CI'e to greet her oi n ai ene fI t aight. The P'ces to .oht posses ul inlterest, nll after a fair rot, Celeosteoil 10llhn in 'llll Iherglory. To tllo xrelllloIr rof a brillant a Id birnrouol artist le a ne llites tile virlues and leunlllshel l ellls of " mO st estllable and chl.rllm l Ilg wo10ma Cl we saly more in ll er Ile r ? O) r is there lllic'nte tllo aouituble phrotnage? S ItosplEtrs of rtlvElst TO '1Ex1As.-- e annex Ithe e fullwing paragraplh i'mn the Galvestun ( 'ivilian of the , th inst., y rllhit it will be seen that indlust-y alld frugality thrive in Texus: .1 fact state.d bv our frienlld the Fditor of th Te -le. gra yll, has wt ]u iI gin-iven it strol i . ] "ess n i ) tol iedllors ill the 'llitv, l 11 oIts, oIho , t 01111 ell l t Illeir hrealrs. Thll ' 1'ch'l up satedh tt 1 n01' 0 w ore Bi ar SI tlllldr f lls llns ll IutUr 1 oi t te or ' lla i lly turn 0011t 1( it se'ls tlo ohnteordth t , thet i rse of t•eir d0111 Jf fi, l ' is is n t ll e c0 s 111 re.110 1 0 I, 1 ' II 'l o h erI i t bre I , of 01eillhtl, 1o 1 1o 0 to fllln i ut I hocllwh e0 s r111ol 111t ialol.l o .th tolt ,101ent al11l "adl h'irh Wnt1s. N l1Io0 eOllo bd.orr-, nch/lt eoni' wagesll alre inci bI i hl.l-r alnokd lhe amy11T is open tit0ll"ul ( hl as 0are o0re lla (f SIlle pnll) Iof I lrc, suIIbes If lr, thlo n e o it Jofd T ptark. lpi lrtollmirunly o tlo lue iono J lllPIen who coen tio 1llthe coiulrv to get olle od enjod t lift of 'el, gnllt leisure, witout soI IIuc iloo iul nr, odh ha 1 o hun00 ter or a lm rtllhirt t, uon w 't'III t o l'the nee blill s SF antd tlese o re thle nncr n who sltier lilt do, wI ;r of un ECLIPSE" C~ tt doool,.T1mr D.v..Far b b.+ Ilas,. Ptas. Pto 00l---Oin T nryl there bwas a r ively ot 0 r0l0t to I wriltles tio eolliteg hwel. twe erncl ,llac , - Vngnser {o a, d Josf Bell. tolnly of the hells ,fr theu city :ld lhosl whou cam toe frol the .oze uortho to oljo. the caeoll, artively unlltonr-ueat hl r of a New Orle:ls intcr, were tere to gle gzest, by thlr bright eves an d J .hge plumues to tile day's sport. lThe talld It ere tllronged, ar d a degree of excit ]ecllal turf. 'u ag hor wis decideo dly tile favorite, al"hollgh Josh Ii a f nlelds aol ballkon really with "tla then t ell d thos wTre gor oll on .\a l'ne, o llle tf 3 to o, but Josh's f",iond were .o11o fIllet of 1th, lln hlist ] all ld so made !hir biet. oTIo , ' ,, h Iooktdo il. good triml; il`lrllth ntlIm t h hee ll e IL kLo0 d 0 :hre ans .slp lr Ithat the r0 me l. lt I rove tooo long for Josh Thellol ih ,id s iu t l, aod ollad il l.ie oll , luJosIi Ithe Ieand ocrIod lollny utihleor close,. the gap, nd rhe las wrel i roo lcrd i(io ou.test sIoaerat dun1h0, l hbuto Josh had huan all kept hill, therHe tip to Ithe staud. The f.lrell,t of Josh were llttlll re l, re u.1 i. Wi e sa ,1O.1 I en t l l beo backerso deir nololo ho . 'I heb V hllnW tointo bo ellll. They elre ever ready b o l ovrr ay t 1air, p'p. olllr. belie, trg t.,t Jos, w Iouhd show lhe whle ea ther Ibfodeo IIe exlt eight ilel wore, rU l The. tr0unl lll so0 d for tel. hor ,es to o e p o h e scn rth. They k on le, lr t dl ] Do look quite o fi ,h r it first. At the tp o1f" olhy wentr hagell r ill thae can., nlld Job ettiun a nd Start. It was as SoutNlful ru, Ihat .ortlle first llr. e miles. Jbohr in ' rientohl closing up on tho I'ack.stretell near tlle hllthd tulru,;dnd collling out a llourt dilllle a. head bt tohe statl a Oll Dl ti'ularlg hied aout a, leuglh, nh third ob. Thokey pmased the ctamd ot r for th tileP isll allllt , lIle, Iut Josh Iluukpd 0 ou,, the blOy still, as Ne taid :ll i.. tme t ohrlli Ie s Ie.ad filuea mOllm hI to, tile olir. :ulhrllow or other ou thio h.lck stretch where no hal iovarl;ly betor. let out, lie D alnl tLan 0 o;l "thll- -it wea.lay ~nth f came d or shoe d tdltl..NriaI s of le lloilng ay flrther cntebto . T''io e old horsoe b'llla r .,ll even oYOII d cai m .IIo out -l, oral Oolooto lberah, 0 Joso 0i flrl' fagged olt hIer lookedt cr. tlle0 alld it would have a.ell cruel to put hill uop to lnore Ithall o tllobt, ie was writhdran.uso dao Marn {'est by o aroion, h o ' 1b otloo 2nokt. ot. R. fo . I. rrow's cb . Jot h Bell, ers ol, be trollk. lnle d by h.0Ltl Jlllho, 1. 2. dro WOO ./b--': ili. 3llb an, 1111t a. dl'IIPSE COL Ro :..lIbtl, to ..,Iot ll. o I.Tis.,lET 3o, o Purse o n.lb..lb, o'elor ,lio Io lntlreoIolg rvce Ce oft t0ber lioog Ilhre entole, in two of lioh loit .gt reat Otltideoc a wts ell. The da wtbl fine, and the trao hliken Tlo ior. The Tollro tr lorlloned, arnd rllslder.lle bettlug goillg on. Telleo )uoe was tie oao llte. \'llleooverse hail rUll beOlre, I a o. ways Ptood opposite her Issae. 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N Ohiveer's. a Nareiro Parich, by gtQohol dervd den y imp Eaigei, .3 dr I.AFESI' PROMI THr 'EAST lire Maloine palwrs co11tinllll i to exIress ioitiofetien ct the I'esidleolt MCessage.. : Hey think it is not deci ied enouhi-thtt it isIt, itrela-cotid expreno nopinico that Gfovrnor Fnirfiefltill ut ccomply with the inti ntiin in tihe M gessage towitthdi is Ir cpaIns rom the disputed territory, Warnorco tes are erid ditly the paithear incoocrres in Maie. lteneral Senn arrrived ca Wedrlllrslnv afternoon a tt 4 rlclick at eorelland. and tree to address the citizen tuts the C bII erland itt ot e lieu evening. t1I.e otleitttttt ieocps a e' htct ntee,^s the way to Acccica, under the. ii tilold cf Ccl. J. I). Kinsman.~l (iencctl horsecit iteurl, is cencentoiatigitn strutg nriliia force in ~the IProvitee of Necw 1ltencick. 'I'lea trespnsscre arrese o la ir Riversl Ii~r~ by C'olonell thervi, ihare et n rcleased ece tinici cc mu in t o'ete Utneel of [heir eltwi g uciititett"'r Io INowetcectcfe r Brunswick. We ficd the followtiitg letter ic the licetcn Atlae of ye terdcy oernie,: MRt tr IAs, Snteeiinyeve ning, 9 o'clock,~ek te tive itlt receivettibeeti Ifrac l jihstp , iclh says, that it Ittitisl titof war tritiedil :t olaile Eastpl~ort, Y1eatedt'y atiercoon, withithcre hue. deedl regulalr nreanls on hoardrt, bloundl to St. Julla's--pe - otticees It he feoic Icliftm. Thtree tore vessels were t ttueiy expectedt. n ieno hedate e of Ni-w Iteceecich, hsec machedtfor tt,ieei~cl~unno h.!iptecerty It ad other ccc teitcttt,c A Ii 1 mu fter ud it 111emer1101. v1 nalil II [it two Ia(LInIIIred llmr me lllrtero1; in tcow to-titult, I cccl to (,ilctl. aWe ct let,, cro the Ettit, r egtt tetha icode r recently 1)"88- bt" lie ne,,iivel1m1n1 i e'Ncw ra, wicki, ditectitg C tir. Mcllnallli n t'" procied, with ance, nrrnell Vern~, to the d Ii-pale~ld 1·lilaty, rain drive th eI tres tno acta Ietont th ci, ],e iit t fii f. edia o i s fnttthe tittllyt itt ose ic t hinth, e tens ti. r' iccticati,,ce, and t re,-teehin Hiltt i itlt'llLn" in the mat eter. Mr. t.0,Lecltlhlic necco callly tadItIt interie, with it (zee. tlidsdarl, tit IlaaltaIn, l1ltI C ro1sllt of w·liiI, \\.n'llihat it Gat:. 1 1. inf trued Air. it. that11 111 I % there, byll 11~n:Il the Government of Maine foor r~r a rlecilia abject, nod im1111; Icil- iheret'vre, lie eilhulll saltier nit, interference~r in the 1a trritory, by any p ietyl?, ,toneld or it IPI.IIIO L I'll, drat ha9 tta awaititici ict lltt'. - rli-ns. On ctoaamnilnting tirely 6slisfuctory·V HOoUSE OF REPIIESEN SN 1'AT.1 ES * ousn or INprfsi,:ntT..yuu iardi y ll . lll lhe, h 15, Ic ,L: l'nli bl lt.d p eiid thle bill, r tl.iv' l Ill lhe e'nlaill (;Grove icIlid , -ll hilet c , i llc u l'liitrll:ll tCii tre S'gr. I'tl roll S ti , , t o A I I 111 r vole' lleliuil llf oeI ll, vcslrt(l+t v, 1lll lilt (ihr l, rnor'' .c L to Io Ir hill IIn.n jlng etetellCI 'll; l In tile t ehl'lllnltlvlYl f~lil Roa . l, the l 3ll, ratttrin C Lcllhurrhe l',nall ,. file ('linto It" Iit Itl..d i.1i. 1' ll id Ire malll dlll, the tno (tilol. llnllot Ib n elli le h in t lln i- t rlltle !ir thi. liiI ,.11 I. . } It illo tedd In vote iuIhr.+l I- ti ., nP. hrcill l , Ii "" pIt, iub s uevsio l; h t ledid not ,x h to+srvei,,th wi ollh t ecoln. ,i ie~ I i lllljori llr ilh ll llelit" h' l h it vei r snta'I ntjorlv. The other d:,, far IastnnII , filII/ oat e hy nlarl, c tl.jritc, wvihckd to" pestpo e ilia t junr, rural. mine i,,a-- t till, elmlnbers wTere il lit fi re, vent ill s, hIt volillK l;,lallhq III,, diplrnsntion ol'tle rluIIe --11r. P. w~as pp"-;,I, in poiiwipl t ... 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At ,el . , lIdI roa 11 , ed requiting secmrih lmtny fo tlr seitfu d tch rgc f" (e dties ole!e off ic'ue--it, lst. An a Irn·, byMelldit, lltehmi;,I, the Attr l ll ortl ny AIIoII( to mnllkr n '¢tlrly .trpurl, of I.)rlt'iled biondls and .c+ 1.'. l'etotverrd, wx nMl n hfit, ,1. i ..|'atthn 1 , '1 Ir l lt:I nn add'lio. al sec· lior ntion tnr - in tihe II of tile Adjutant e l elf tie aIte to 41111111, whirl" (hn tnuliou of Mr. l)Dvidsnn, was lixedl at $5Ol0); nlld tilen he bill was )lls 1:d, Dr. ht leIPnr nlltrordn :ed a bill llllhoIrihiltl + 1I e(; Bover. AIC I.;I, lr llr ' l'ilnIr illiitl ll'i i ,l ~ c liC , , Lo d oI till.. d ett shall he lhel+.hnho.c i~sstld to ,,rult- s ýin. i il Fllnd, rmo it tmIII , Jl, l l'll li L ip'l t nll + hre %eCll r fie:,re hlaltll'itylV iel rll]..s wer "o l ' re'r~ w ith, an the bill wilh nn .n;.,. '11. by," rilt',. lh ,,dl I b i, ltng tile sale (,f srtate bonlds ,l e 1i etr, wa ps tt't4 An.d the,~ thl . Ih. e :,,j__L, e f'm. ._.·i. an,_. _ t t ,'.I .r.I.. '- - rrodcr', (~.'.ee, SEC()ND 'MUN1CIL ALITY. Reports of lAty IPolice mil Nightl \VWatch, 11 1cr hll 15, I183. Jao. |ilz P'atrieck J frl.nghliu, n e'ter l fl t being fo n llllll[ .llll . Iu11 I Crls illhli hilu lhlll th1 are' smill V.IV relllr 1llbali a e C.ill 'hhll lItI· C Csi We II s I ri € g ii ll' CCiI4 I 111111111 :1011 il~ l ilIl'IIIII! lfl ccii l, lC 8 eolbarl tI bli th i l0c I:IIl e il l C I(I I I ny wb11 oi m r t11111i' I'l. 11111 nd111 11 d11 nl(l e IIe fely il l e rinting .otio11u 11 h .th hai 111, e v ' i e tl i 11 IIr I II;1x1bo h iI h It hl ih'l 1 , by the ;1 si , 1ath1 1 r.111 ic k 1111ed p I h 1 111h,1' br. l ,I I" a h 0.lr blbol had I~l )er., lboth. ,were l ,"o fie 'trill lthe 11, bo 1th w lar , I.CC1m i III ilt' [lh', 1lll o ily Cl hIC I ·I IIICI ~ 'III I C li·( IUI\ toItl,,rs, hullh I ded B nll t hieill' -l++ .l;l el bo]th) pac, jail I,',.', and b ti "+, . w r qe r l~e d t',l v e .1 t~ hn Inrl, i, tl, l I i h11t n 1 Ih ir-11 i i ,i . 'l'till' ee - tH.-t. 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Io ll oll(i lin . w',1 dil li1 l,. l ' i Irvl, hII tIlC hll llll la t lhtil llnl ll t :% i l'lh .k o ,) Ih r i ell, lnle r n iSi i i oi' 1irdcllln ', I ellC 'C I '1111 11 I I IIu1111 It se~ve~rl e, blr w I cm knot kin:. hil) m- ir" lt Int no111 f" IIl e t, tl oii. (' li ,lws fl y c1 n ilc~tC iCltll~r, IlCl~ll, CIII ('lild·i Cl' I)1I ill lil itll II'11111 tIlel tICICIli~lrC cl IllIP·ITP C (? 1111 Illillll io jnl 11 " ' - tl of ,'il t C of C I, t~i 11a e i l11t Cll ('t,: il, ,llll ,'D (uet,,Il an wer to IIhCe cCC IgeI il I t.S at1 C.I Ii Chllit·. Oc.,lll,',. ll;lt lp 1)r i wi s Irbilihl Ih,,, I )r feI .mIh r, rholl 1C, ll I lr P cccllr& dii tlz tPlh nC nI llll him ll II c .lty l r i lus lan IIll l'.r' 111111 4'1+1c mm1 it fh tlllher Ihl - -ll e m. l hint hen +her hlllll; I ipxIII · i niulll thil ' rrlll'l It lii o lt cc1ilfv Ih eli el rdl r "I t 1l)K I Il. 1 .,1+11; 11 iil Itpl' lih l.llll(' I) lll " 111 1( h11.· lira 1 llllt Ill Cll hitill W, t·Ivlc l lc IhIp I i ris o 1' 1 wane e lie ptaain hnblbiw:.iwen pased.~ Thqeyt 1 r, d i.c l irg-d.' A it ngielrae is I letilo[+. pae,-d illne r-id i Imath, lena it pol itincl I-I p lP 'rbllle Ithe delllnd fr waCtl tI ;11C hereelnll , il Ii.i o li.i, e. lrr.,f"- , t I -m • l hll l et lie w s and healltlllll'lli l I .l't ll I Ic, nd i , Ire i lsapple hei)iv ll . i I/- ri~nrll t'illlencm , -11,11 aih. J d e, sat : dit .111 t 1ro.iclll. r ! ii 1ar , it' Ikte , II.hilll, ". 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Il, I il h 1 1 : , ,' l~ , I IC ! lllll, ~ i n L t ir 1 tt111Ct, Cte rl and ct'e n iec,: lnt i "' . .. . , it e. to "no.. e .e0e . Lac !iii+ Jtlllll--,lra../i I~-+llrlltC tlr le] iIii.a ." Io llllgt 8l.:(X IllUIal er( n ,an ..ller ll u llrcll , 11 (Jlll t~ l I l l li. raln a 0151 -'y1 lll. Icelaell.c ccll l. cIet ci , IcellrC It hccC r d. ec Ce l. i! tic., lp I h l o od ICave ak ce I i"'PtU", i 1·llltl i11- l ·ulaller uII· h, 1 4 FI B. F+r on Clls wee Stclut"eri.Cge. ie h e Thlie retell: .Lio t net weee:.. Atnrl t, ill bb . Neiltr. ,Sinlt CI in t cetn, l.. A\\'r Illotc e It Clii el, tpl Peggocit I'rbemc aCCII C5.cpt'e it 1 t rniC , Il. wee ofte Iitl..'i a ICn CeC I, 1 .5b r c (t;ttk nlhand 3lll t. I l lil' ll " . ,I)ie .. I ,, urn, 0..l lln weke+. .of I, 1,254-k ,b, 9. 7111;N.+1 1 tlo on.0 riaed I t.07 P R i J{l .ud ,IJs.Ils IKuttrr.. A. excllrtltc telrit ,- ra uaga u ;3cL, Candlur, .Cpe' r lt i ave udlle-+1 r dllI,11 to I6e, 1t hls, at w 11ch rates CCtCu.cf Netteei it iijne. * C oi. lI e rs'bt n.Il f dcc land Its. io . CI 1rcl.. ACle, di i Coppi er.,l Stll roleh, snob,,, io he moder atII :IS.. 38 rens, 1r(it n +, ii ., i , t -Ii tl) . . i6 Not. i , ll$r i at it i5 Fleuru. \\'el l~n.lslh, s.l ,+ atu l'utl, I,'IO111 ,anl A 11, t ilhr ,11 G.It It Grin-\i..leut.ll~llut g Ith wea a~ltl cargoe ohf we.+,k, Ia,h 'u rci v~.. lion ntell t t. lrriv e ,.n. il olde ll$1 l.n cr uperir..~l'hl, iar,e Cure at; thean, t + Iýee seah. 11c,. ll fa..to. Matd lit ; til e. t. rifer, ,,$1. ,a"u . Loo. .~lt l l lad ll," ia :l:€Id t 1 pwar t1 I n e;:iiI . \Y.ll~ this week of N mew sas.-Il kdhhat of Leafl H4 bt anld -of STobco..sles ofrbhkdeat the high rate previonsiot re Exchne so and Money .Etttrn chks conatinue to be otd. .tt}premiseltm. The rite. uh Ne Orison is 1 per eatdi-. FOR NEW YORK. T.o sail tie day after To-Morrow, phsitively. Iolmes' Line of Packets. ill. T b rhe estlh rior reppared Ind capper fast Sened pocket lhip ALABAMA, llerryemaster, hnving been detained by the weather will pos itively leave th Levee the tiny after to-morrow. For pnas.-e only eleguot sccomnloddtint , napply to the Capain on hoard, o0e tier below tle Vegetabhe Mark ce, or to A COHEN, ilar 18 No90lCuroonl t FOR NEW YORK. S TIlE ,tiir and very flst saililag barqe nDUC I'OIIIEIANS, Cant WV IR. iend'as l.having thIvrearuner part lf her eargoengaged, will bo detl.atee] inmiedlialely. For balne of ireight or pnenage, apply on bhardl opl'lte the Mint orto 1 iiýi _ L H (AI.E,95 Civnon at r N~tl NtCE--T h0e ship FORlUM from RIeeln is dleabolging her cargo three tiers below the nil IRoad. Consignees will plean. attenld to the reciipt of their f gooIds. STET.ON 4. AVERY, lmar 18 118 ravier t RA CE S, Eclipse Course Menderl~l:' I~r 5ihnedlee s eilule Ilelmnell helen; tO c~iii ulcr-dlietutte 4110 '4 N Outver el~leec ch ttneritare Alren.3 3mees eld,by Cu~llier detlg I'll ~ltpl'r--llrorn r.ed C11 tell.· t'urglletteeleaic l,,Cre c te Ideriek Il~lnlde'l'rnr 'ri'h~u (V Cllijue ntlt,'ec Cit r Stltleollc', I er ldd~, I,y Otedule, itema hry IPnraue-ltrene blue'I end Ii &t tI r 1rlcrrrntreuoL c (n~y Iku,'4ru Joreedlcl y Olrllel', llulli Ucby Flleue'.tIY ·t~l'rtReed. leer Iii ,' I'N (etIVEgl. Vrepric,,,e Scretet Otunicipunlit,' 0174 Eti of intndrr~ Ile the repeire ci~'; Ni lnen ect,·l( illin eivcrlt ne llie Ilniice lini tite 77thI utlelP eudruroer ittlO ~FleetefreenPtt·,ill e cmll~lymec? llmcr, iltgutterd; tile coree en be glturuel. iidt 'llrllpl lp llcllirepeini tta l cl itlliccunlaretk in en '"f 141111ot~rr thorn ectd)E 11/lute etleenteld 71.Tlrjttlct it reitte, eta tiitcg re, allt Itte earg.' Ills~lik ll ~rR. e eltilecttreiiittgblcni ebtletlfellc no llllll. nl mll ll ri (,ll~lc, a d te peitlc in il 4lil1 llo l~tll'mcu le ill crre nit tile cretin illida~cnl I~l.ln 111111iII vitttyttco'te Clller nit til PJIieRP hlnt' (i i llciurllllutle alittlele an t tile illullectbyllile SIlti1ll~~ Ill A iledlentIIIIV Ill All ile llui, IIII~tLIC ill ille tite eCIlfet et'*tIill I' iii 0tll~llml'tllr OtI1I ilc'cCl'lllllrV 'i.l'eii11 oOIO 111'1 ~ ~ ~ lllei ten tITPI~F IdBC llldilleitleinli. etltl lirLl'1itrlllee'iirl Sillieeel t eeC dPlll~lr I~rlll~ TI·~ll~cr 41· 0~~a cnr. c~l~lclt tugllll jicrnlsrt? glnlbe hitic inleulicr t:lenienta It IC tiglili~ier~ cI fri Cll~ir ii t'illlil' deltna flec Crri llll P·,1111 ICi·nIli eCtltel,cl tritli rlrl. ieilli~iulrl.ct ii'III tIfle iltllrllyriljll ellilt I~llle ire Miller arC.t cm l~l'c e 111 rCll* Ic~ ltl~01 l'l'alleirlrr.·dll~ i tlua iliu qbselit illIli~ttl'niifl lll tli Iicn ld rr~ln l Ir·rllleeil..ejllelcri ulll'xtrnieiicnetellllii t211 'lllll~uc'lurI l~lC Ilul'u~lnon 1111111 ur de t. 'l" a'll c l' \·il clIlfllrlllllllullcelln ltrill tieSilO 111 leul~ller i~aCrllln nllll o lieol11enI oln .1 t'tt.tE~, ('one dC in Scelnlein0 ~lillicitleniltO Ill~le Ii JIrVE IIuuni)et) OOLIARS RE&AIID.; J't'Cit.E5\,nplllr~etilkrl lnlllllilililnallulmeel' tlbl City Ill ViI~kiilllg ll· tll )1' illIllll10 51710.n CI111111 tiiii nlll iII Fillllk ((lr.llellil'-ll tene c~l'tll, 4rr lii l~liiliij lllill~l ti llek irici llr ef t tlllCCC iln'11 &r (71 , 1I il e 1 1;rr lllll, I l y ld l Nr tin lill'C, " bll' O ;Iti c l tci~ 'i e *711' 111, hllrl nill,1 i '4 liucilllr'' tiC' lii 04411' iIIII 030 - ll·c IllI\\I ilce'lllie I\lllclVIkl IllClellle til, 1111' bCt· ~~l~ !ll-Illl. ~tlPI \il.~llll~ 1 li ii'1 iilll'ke'ilIili) 'llascl~r· 17 IF 51 l~llll d III(1· 11·~flP (I I R'1'I'EI. 13NlE,'.--:1 new artitle n. ed in New I fl ork, mr L. Im Itr irCll nrllli genl v,nd I l val hIe arii'" fIr a Inll mpting roam, for aalr by I)AVI\'I) FELT & Co, N Y IStationers' IHIll mInr 1 24 h1l)a t es at SIN"EEI)-011.--0 '+kc li0';ok (,il 0 atorm. -- I iasks. Sicilia I.in,., e Oil, landlig from brig \'illinglhv, ,from IPonltcrm, for ,ale by IARVIS 1 " ANDRIEWS, tnoa 1,I (Cor Conunn. and T"'chlptoulas lrs The following are th drawrn numbers of the tuo s. 21 63 37 35 15 71 .11 29 3:1 31 31 53 TO IIE DRAWN TO-MIORROW. At f;'olock, 4'10 100 !!! C tsiJ:,l Priz,,. Twenty I'rizes orf Five ilundrtll Dollars. 78 NuTlror--13 Drawn Inalltls. Tickets only $3. LOUISIANA LOTTERY. p l+eed Ma Sh 2I. 18"8,Cla, NI, 14, extra, fr 18'|9.l Io lrawn on "l['tesalio Mrt 1t. 1811. 1M39, at io'tlock, IP. II. aII l te 1Srcllangc Ion.lSI.Charles st. D..J. IlI .(iE OlY &I Co. Successors to Y'ATES .IlNTY''R 4E Co. IGRANI) SCHIEME. 39 Pie, amlliolnti to 159,759 "l'ikLetn 3 $--Iialve $1 5'i-(sIhaters ,a cts.I Packie,, of 21 tickelts for $73, warrante' to draw It blet $:39. I': I'knlgeo of 2G blt lit krls $,'9 Of ,war nln1rhd tol rsntl Ireait $1 50. I'nckngesolfi I (13iurto 'I ike.tk ..r $19 10O wonratiid to draw oat Iest $9 75. lr Packages. or s gle 'l'ickrlts. tt ly til Tlhe ln:n orrs Onint,. _ii 7- 3; (S11 l *II sr c, In..xI In (`,nlnlllll I y 1' aItt-b lINE 0-211 Iilles,ofo1 riorqua.oI iful 1-ln l lor iofis··r fiy ~lll I ilv, Inlldllcg from chip Foruml, for sole byv rloaii 7 ISAAC Itllf.IGE & io, 131 Slognzies at (( I ffI'ftI\(. fill limo Si iiime Clotiniig, lilopli l/ rota a good assortment, landing from shipl'llil Forum,1 forl fl" y Ii 86101 3 tnf; &i Ciioi, ki o l ot i, lning 11-0t ship Faroe, for sole by nIoi P 1. IRIDGE & CII, 134 Mageiot ROM- 1011toilc iii semr, our aife hi mnr-18 A 16oS l Onil FItlItltflCl:orlv1irft Sk EANS--ti If ilo landiog ront itoaiof) it St Louie mnr IIIfF.r\ C, 1:34 Magazine st b rl I AIIHI{AIAII 'I lItER. 1171(1(-4 thn tllild, from Warnll bnmiit l.nuit for L ofc by ABIIAIIAM TIRIER, 11-1rl 34 Grnvie~r st 4 ItoT1101C1 . Orglllii'h:ý- livi1-lli of Aohiec o\Ir Illllmm ( Ornnngtheropbp, in cyllootima~l tables, walll nutnero p, l. are, f i Ii Io of UilfigrsitieLisflallI t{.". nnyl Melba sPIIt rlmldir~ine and surgery, academies of pn lhia- and to o·IIIpturr(, ntl till ro~nl ecjltegep. I Ildi(·l1 s'tdl-: &r. IBy tlhlelCihlfler J Srlaulldirre I) Al l~ritrr fflat- i~vl oAr~fri'mc niniao-foriouohe oci. mire. 'I'riiifoitl from tire, Irelfll by S1' ClitRoito, ,11 1), membelllr o~f the, medical 'ociety of the111 city Andl i cllllll of New YorIk. Rc~rlmfo oeI inr 18 AL.EIX 'I OWAII 'I9Cuiuip at 'I'() (IOI3JN'l'6Y SIEIICHANI'S1 111f l ; C)I lohrtlluellt o~f irl'fioflu niod lncnl ilfflfiky. Alan i supply of Ilank Itoouki, writiiig anad d Icer Papmr, (uills, Ink, &c constatlfy oi, blnd 01111 liur ofa oii good tlrns, by ALEX 'lOWAII, mailr 18i 4S'oIi Inur 11 4 L'ltnp at Dram-ioo of tIh Gliroid Stole tLotter ClIas ;.ff 4ti 38 54 ;19 69 67 68 17 72 Ii 27 55 THIS DIAY, 15,0001 Caipitnl Prize, 1'lckrt inlf Q4400 GRANT) STATE LOTTERY. CLAS~S 27. Aut1risedll bly tlb I'gtititure of thC Sorts. 'I'f, h drawii March 18, Itl,at 6 bo'itlik P'. AI. of lliiofip'o Ilofof. S D8.AVIS &CO, Minagers. 75 Dran ici iiiiifii'i-12 Drawn Ballots. Splendid Sriente. d',814 Pucei. lllliuntinol, 192,433 'j'ickert $t -Il;oveo 2 fllf-Qoiiers $I1 PIockabgai of l. frickna fi$ $100 rroilnll to drwnm at fclrt $18, and io odraow te four hiighesti caiptals, 01lmllllOtin ,l,$,51111!" I'iiiigii ft 85 Il25 ttu 'icT . cis $50 f10f, orrnIIeid to afRu Idra etI $s4 11ff. Pialki Ages o111_5 fboirier Ticketa $25 Oh warrantled to draw 01 caiiit 98 $0(1 IFiir joachageos ofsiiigli tickeli, n ply at the MIANAG; ERS' OFFIoCE. Ill Cfinrtrea at, iiidiit the cantor ofit Loui ond Cfuor Ire a ate. - _ _ m rl? JARVISI & ANDIR'IS, - 1101.1";-ALE. D RUKU(G;s' s, colmer Common oiid I'tuflflitou autaree., oifr fir aatae- 5 uhls numiber I caitlr nil 6110 ounces French sot put.tt quinine 10 :anks inloraius Ot ho besru Englist mustard If tbillff olohoi; Sit hhbl whiting '131f cci inlfilthe-oiiries Klans wire 3:1 fillf flilurpantllie, ; 50 hbfi l onerr, oil 91 oiaks lpure fperi oil S tankh Ilatioti t'eed nil 51f calrlblionsil t iriat, wbhich tt-y ufifer lur sae on 4fr 11t- rasolinabile telni. iir 10. I ACOEN wIll)EtSI54Jr-on 1 ciintur (:inciiifii ri. 1) rel. in lithe anl Ior inaleh, G. lII It'EY, roar 11.41 Now oLi:vee B UTTE.-50 kegs auperipr Westernm ReereBntBt tr. lor sale by U . DlItRSEY, mar 18 44Now l.evr Art.lSJ -3a .3k aosrm , eO l o2utlsg a oterras 0.abl t- mnnt of rlnridt, landfing.frm ship Panthea, for Bsal by . . 'ISUAAC"BIIGE 1 Co.. war 13 l 13N Magazine at P n rC-ea-NDLE-l cmn,; es jest teeiva sc and .N for sale hy SAMUEL E BLANCIARLD. mar 18 33- (3ravier st la KERSEYS~-8' hbls ''annera' Oil 30 casks spermt Oil; i5 bales Netro Cloth, suitable fur t dle aea-on, LEVI H GAIaE, mar 18 2w - 93Commnn st SMOLASSES IIAILIEI.S--l300 emopty barrels, in superior order, fir sale by I, H ,AI.E, mtar 18 2 93 Common st FIRCAIAN';" INIJUllANi:E OI'FI,:E,oF N. 0. j ll1E Stockholders are Ikerebv lotified that the 7th SInstalment onl their stock is due ad payabl tl ol the i6th of April, t the Office of the Company, 21 Canmp street. mar 18 E L TRACY, See'ry. S BUREAU I)'INSUI-ANC.E" lIES I'OMt'iKtIS, l)e In Nouvelle t)rlcanc. A VIS eat dont Ottonx sootriptent qua le 7oe instal s Inne t sir leur sontcription, dolt i.tre po ot tovril S, alt bulreau de In colpugnie 21 Camp at. sl8 E t. T CRAY Secretnire. t LONDONbWTAV1ION VARY .FiTiC R LE:. tJust receivesd er Washniglnn, froln ILondon. PAPER-English I)rtwig,,ofall sizes fbr ArchAitects Siaperior blue laid, hltte sald yellow wove Letter Copying paper, large and extra lot ro Embossed 40 end sutper sstil 8t o giltedged note & mottol pt er.cltnoRd& SLgold & si ver ,ordred, S Etocloppec: whitt, tintedl, echased, etlossed, gld and silter lorder,.d lnniiold Writerse: \Vedg-ewtlgotl sad Aekerman'o Carbloaicas al Seeic Carlbonic lloks Londlon made folitt coptying mtehines I.london pocket books and wallet.s, real Rassia Ench .red and soul head tntwle slhll Penlwlders Illlitlated Inlollct:on t.velo cases S London preparsl ivories, fi)r llitialtres L.otltdlo water colorti Iaboxesatnd by tle titgl cake S Oxford to d miscelticrlloleas drlwinogl,,ks Aokerman'a dlonai gIpenelts, in cases of 6 and 8 Steel l'nn : Perry', extEra fine, tite, tcdiuott, brood aod Ltondoa bridge l.ondot portable onns, i blnoxs of2.i ealt Ink : Arhkerntt's liqt ill coritie, Stelphan's writing It ttid, Perry's luid, Storrisolt'o ond T'erry's copyin ink, permanent blue ant red fancy Eleonnt inktsttnls and tseritoirts l tado searlin wax tons wnafrs, andl a tl he arti cler, suitabloe for offitiea.d eountt rmtts, all of first d fuality. EJtIINS to Cio. mar l0 3w Cor ofSt ClturlResttntilCIoIdnntltts . .. LONWD ON OK(S.= - -. SuMOltS of Charles AInthena, the Connedian,2 l a vole; Slkeapeare, o litnd by ('nmpell, Il v ein IBen Jlohanson,,died by Cornwnall, I ol Seymoulr' Skt.lre. rica e r illlr llt, e Sir WV (Gell's PI'ompeinna, .2 vln 8 no, a Most 8 plendid work Rioenn'n Wnalea Itvron and \\ulter Scntt illustrate with Iltlntrllilna to the \nvlt.rl Ninele tI eudid Stin., he llIl I.nnd & Aln 91" n I plates A few ..pien othe l.ud,,n Annual,, lur 1839 with malperb JeeC enlln(rnvi . ,I'llI Rook .l I.t alit'; the Ilinden, (eats oef ilenutn ; Rtli and a ltsnuil 'I'ithi'n''l'a I'.einId.t Ieetlt' Itn.k jf litne', nt, otiter venlulel workof .Art, scielren and literaturel 31 J &IIINS& Ce lear 18 3w (Cnr of St CIe (I and nt lllllon n it DEPOT OF CELEIRIATEif) WINE.- (ON'rAII' N'l l a1 nd and regularly auppliedI w th no celebrated W'illt, walnotlled pure and imported, Cordials, London lteer, &c. IlIIENISII )WINES. Oldest Leiste d Sin ine Stei.rger Our I.ayv'a Milk; Jlollnisteranr. Rudesheimer Sparklinig thck; t)hen Ilchk, of 125: Iloelkhenir, IB:27; tnrenbrnnner; (;raeflnberger Niterenateiuat; Ihenilh wine glosses OltHIDE.t:ItX WINES. Clhltena Malrgnux tnd Chlautca Lafitte; Larose Leovitte; Palmer aeranaux Suprior St Julien and St Emnilinn St Enteiphe andl St Julien, excnllent ltable Ehinrt A few haul lhgslwndt fiSt Julie c Medoc 1VIII\'TE SV I N F:e. Ilernlitaee, Snutrane, Bl]aren end (raves IDESIEIT' WINES. Genuine Lini iPIlel 'nrlntignnc .tesntt CIIASMPAIi;NE W'INES. White and lied, Silhrv nn, Iil e rdrix ItRIIGUNDYi WINE'S. Romancnnee, Clullmbertin, Clue do 'olngeot Nuils, Sparkling Iluragtldy nnr 18 ST. CHARLES THEATRE.' Celeste's Benefit. BOX lBOOK .,NOlt- OPEN. C . ElES'I'E reseetllfll v iufirm s l eer fl elldu nll tile FE Public, t1 t her Is.a frt is tired aur IOND.n I", M1nlrch I18h, ilinn. (1 which il'elsiot ile Sll s Iuch plelsre. in aoit' cinn Ilte tlllowin7 variety nIII lty mid infraton Ti E llCr lll.f. ll OF fi lm in' Iiat L t itr ll I'8f1 ll \ lll I llll Sli, ci . II. I'iP Ili. t iii I I IIl atin, Ui-he Ilr ,thel chil i the w . ek, Sr ta , t TVrll 1 e I~IF.I v i IIIand ()l," d bli y hVl eI't'K te 1inn ' t It.I.e ia l I ,r ' , I,, r, l l n l h, 1he 'l ill g iV h ,mh w 1) ,1'h nicbt IItI s er-ink r i~Tll the lul, il: e 'I'tritr , tit" chil l ,I tIt+"c wrecku ·\Ind (.I\ I .I-" i diS lill S lll+ o llld el t. I, ' l l+ Ittlw , I e ofthe )rl mni , site ' n ill glee t lite lineati llin of A SF O tit ANI) SPi'CIE'r A'i "'111'h, .LE..h-SThe,, ,.oill ens,-', ";r+"-.t. e .C...... Ailiter w'hich a snIetl l l riet omfl 'rlT,,he whole to conch-udte wilnh I ' PI'ar- i ciu I ar i' in i ill·e m _e. Ihr, l)a, - ii 017 A l'TOlAIII) 9Cnlhp st I.rk theatre, and thi I hve open eJ v ay uentil lunghtfdInlo Prissor of th nlgv ; trn hlue, frn h I.r c Iriort l11 \'nlsin. Jers r aiv , ,I rind I r nnle , I l h 17 aeIk 71 F lknr . eins linkets ne ustill ll vni. , m17 A "'O'1\+'ARIt, .+9 Cnnp at c itm entllIshoii t b .e in dd in. flh a ll to 1 t 'cl .k. .ight fa II.oh Pri of . en ohne, tI price . P. A nn ri. r 5 N*S' mol IIkels, l 1* 3 F rlner senk will liketp are still g lno nd. fi lll5I.FI I.IIT &" 1.I N+< 'I'. New Orteala. 1i olnno Ia8:9. TIllS I t [iem wili lurhanse bim s of exchange m6l R J PAIF.F EY, Cashier - I -F r. JNO.-ANlIDERi, of KIentueky, i is in lhe cilh. e wiii er nf r a parti inIr favor by Palliaa at ill+u o(ite oI hllis Iaper. 2t I l i L ONDON P'Oili'EiinrFR, rtl' a -= _ i a ks L.ondon prter, 7 dozen each 3 ( a 'eela, braziera capper pail ieces Kentllllkv baggin; ;ll0 coils do bale role; 150 Ino Iallin rope 100 dio nortlern io 50 Ibaaskels Ileidsick chlan pgno . For sale by (IIARI.ES INCIIEmO, mG lw 59 G;ravier at IIINI'S--I15 nase various patterns. French and SAi nrican prita, fior satle by feb25 I lRIDI) : & Co, 131 Magazine at SACKERE., &c-15 bble No 1 muackerel, 12 bis 73 hIa Ni :Ie ; 46 half bbls No I do 318 kegs No I d; 15 kidsla Na I lo 29 ke'gs "l',ngies Sounds, 156 hibis Potatoes 17 bis l'unnera ' Oil, land ig ranI ship Iait MAor ris, far sale by S & J P WHITNEY, mar 9 73 Camp at LA I1D--Y.MIU kegr Cincnt.,ati, Iinrd, iorsnulo by Ata r 8 SIT Er ON & AVEItY,8 i8(; raierst H AVANA COFFEE-500 bags in store f /rimne quality, tar sale low to aIlose eimaiiaaments. mnar i l' TI'SON & AVERY, 8 (;ravier ast R INCINNA1I IA'SJN-30 hirtos sidea nd i0 uiahI . shoulaera , prime taalitmy, fir sftia e Ibv nar 8 S'I'fErI'SON & AVIERI, 88 Gravier rl 10 COFFER-3400 bags tio coil.e, beiaa tz e ear lA gnoi the bri ()i1Id Colony, li,r sale by Siiar 8 iaItElSON & AVEIY,5i8 Gravier V t [lRO ClGEatl'i-Jue amaaat oei aiiia Lootatuian IVWre mtonla , 53, ltielville streetl. 12 superior saa gIe nld doalle a fir proof iron e es a, froml te factorn flfJ IlBrown, New York, ior sale lay fell WM R iCARNES. ne7 N- Vb" ia Kid or mthe .aiard of iie N Sea, n Rmiaaner Iy taIe atlIor of "Tlhe South WVesl," Lfitle," Barton," &cL in 2 voaI jllust r.Cd aid l)r sale bay WM McKEAN. miar 9 cor Camp aiad Commonl ta _W IIISKEY--80II bhlsa rectified, ill sOrr for sale hy ll112 G; D(R.,EY.44 New Levee A ItAP-1lal boxea nial nap, ini saory talr ntole T7 "- t1a CHAMPLIN& t I)OIER,79Julio tm SOAP-jO boxs- Mra-clhmnlsexia, for Sal. , SHAll. & BROWYN rlebl 196 Magazine st GY URNEY 31ARRIEID,I ED as e qil iln Ohiar GI-r. " ne,." by thie aulhor of n Sayi ga aUId Dotings," °Jack mv " &c tc involt, . Illustlrated Edition ofOlrver Twlr,, naomplate i one I vonlauo,8 vo. Also, No,.9,'l.f Nihonla Nicklebv. jlst rearrivedl and InrsaleJty . "VM. McKEAN, "marl . . trCmp alttalIaII ilmotl oam". Tieafe. !lane nfiaAiAIA;d. "THIS EVENiNG, MARCH 18, 1836, Will be presented the IRENT DAY. Martin Heywood, Mrlredericks Itarhael Heywood, M.rs Greeea Afler which M&ORISCO DANCES, By the Arabs. To be followed Siy the laughahle Fnrce of the IRISH TUTOR. Terry O'Rourke,- Mr Greene To conclude witha grand exhi,bition of GYMNASTIC EXERCISES. By the Arabs. NEW ORLEANS JOCKEY CLUB RACES!! ECLIPSE COURSE. SPRING I"FTINC-, 1831R , I "lmmrna.ca on n'ed nesday, 13th o1. l.I# '"l , 1839i, n conline 5 daya Faraih Day. Pranrintor's Purse $717(l; 2 InieR (h.InH. recoidiRace-Baone Day. Swi'eiahken far 2 vr olds; susri ipi.n $500. aMlf forfeli, ( ie hue ls;n close Ist of A arch. .iflk Dny. elU Y1'. N. (Ill.IVElI, Proprietor METARIE JOCKEY CLUB RACES. t tIE lprilg eer B ,i, fll , 11:19, over n iih Me r T , Cllr#eb will bymJ,.ee the hliT ala vwný, Nlit AFIrch. unl oalta,,iI lt sixnltv aaa. irI I dii.ila.in' 1r.lak'l J2. y.I Tar. ilo r er. s aI i a ii lll i l,'n:l : r, . Ei, n 1), ura i lt, su;.,ria nkbe, hy A r; d n C.herr gl. s o l nllrla R B errw u ll·. V Pieh (.ln hr\ l M i dolle· 3. J1) 1 s lhn( n, (1 CI(Tu),lll, by Jedvial l, dam by 4 vII I. Iart ..a. In. l - almitih, riaa llDke, Iby .cIi 'a; dain Ci(erry Elliolt, by aSUm ptera 7. J S'(.nrrnio, ai h Alt-rh, by Fy1l5, aia b'y Vir giniaa. 9. Jntm's Shy, e f ' Ca li , ib- 3Ia.laiJC, li( t by. Ulnlllilia 1nn11 dnv n imath bhetwecn the noted Irotting hlro es Bird aid Confidence, two nmile hets, in b.rnei s for acoInd Inay-JInCkey Club iPurse, $00, n two mile I a-an Illav-S ..iee'ini' for yehiili: ri. d. ,, Iia nmile henta, ; launtini' $211, the liroirn elr to i ldin ii silver cup of ln' vanlue of t:15 Shird I)na, -Ja:key Club pura e $91510, II..ee ni!] aliourth Ian-Jnakey Club, purae $911110, bar 3 Fifth thy-Jockey ('lb purse $1;11, tile bents, best 3l ins. Snine Idy-- Sw el.l kes lll ilr 9l yn s odI , mile l e ,rll, I enlllrlce $ )00, lOllrli Il $13,11, seven 1 " Mtl. I inoer-: lsll' - I)nl-rl %oV,'II, iV J hlin r . Il A I. l lli. a hi, l l or ll .e r )l, ni (l ' S Fu ro , lar - I I l rw S I ln--ilra n i rl ' 'lrn. , 0.1,llll tll '1. 1 ' i' a heali. . . 'lllll I' I- . In aihlllltl el fhI fee 1 llLa iII. - Io- i rlin. )IIr I. Ill anllldl· lll\ I i II I iIh l, h l..i : l l ii i :, .. h ll. I m o ' tir ll $101. ' ll. lr' N. i -''li~l iLrl.i c: l·>r r.lra a n, T [P,'ST rl l'li"lll I r.. (h¢hlh'-n0",I alllr. hI. lhlvl)r H el ,; l ii, Kl ,n ' i i l H ai n I III·l i i l l, l alSt, ll F I LIIl I 'lwlnllr loo , 1Ip rld wh i th hl n ) llrl. t rn1.I) 1'.t : , llll ll ll" i i l diii rllii I *iiii'n .l '*1n,'* Iil', '1(1 lll ii I E nll il 'pa o i .1i " eI lr I ,,'ii I iiihi'r l' ii 1-11 i'1 ' ii' , ) Inro llv l illr I)nllor ()I, of /.i.'v llyl l.,. ; l) I.)lll% .n Ill.. I, , i ludic ill kllk. No IpeI lll : Ii Ih tI f1ll i) o.ill .1 t i1 'a len didi a lhl . 11i' ". i 1 ,'l il' lll,n I iim t x111 : , 1Iiii lot llli) l inllll i·1, by l lv l ll )'; Iill" : llot . onn oI' ; tl ,hi). re to .. (., , nil, i1it I1 a 19I1 Tii li-T it111)7 . .. . % ) ' :1I fltl 'lml'l. J()11JN V. 'llil.)S, ENGIRAVEIt AN) (t'P94 n E4R-I'1.ATE i'I44 IN'EII, 1o. :1, ('amfi ,tit. 4-4jl.l rn ýni~e 4 l Ii4.4.-., l h, or,'.' , I,44444 4 4..I 4 "i4 IW I tx . llIo , : bIl:l:k llll-44' E ip4.4:'; c, 444 , '44 - t Pllr m l -I: i , . lri.l Il.u a ,dl. I'e,, IIIII C hand, an 1l'i lllllllol.llf lit orlryT I plahll tull brh ss [l+ -i " I ('. Cnts protr ed from pl[sI t l l0 abnsoly egra.,.l. NI (V ORLEAN AND) 1 vi.llll,l: 11. 1 1l 1().11) ('(.111' 1N'. NEIW4 AI I I4 I'1 " I':NT. l iI i:H L conoti v, , ,will [enve the i lpot nui4h frit ,I Ci M. l et r r n( .l . 1. n. d relturl at " I'. M 4. e 4crpt 4lll tlli 4W' . ~In she ,ill 8 Ai. 4. I" I'. . ' 1 k " '" , ,1. 4 .. .. 1 1414 I rll ' liNII 1f ,, rt, ' l rv4 ,, I liltk Ili 44444ei 1i4' 4 ,44li , N I4 II4 4 J I4 4r'4 \I.I\ 1VI, , I l'-h iir. S00T 4) 4RIVA 4 II II a I i wa ]le efr.t ll,,r, .o. uhe a draf At cr 1 of 1the li, t'n t le n.M k of the ."tat'.lI i ,f .\ liliP l+ itlahlr,- of!'h1us. RnlLh-, on fIlI, N, n h oI l an ' arr. nd I rank. I,,'Oll i lnr \ i9 w f Iork, ihl, I4, ll4 Il'E m o 11i' l llllly in o dHe ll lll iowt . ahh Iso I . T.. e )... I l i+,,de ,rhr i"T \ 4illia44l. , 4 'r,4 . (I4 ll,' o Iher 4 , 'llklll hnll - ,1 1 I4I. N. A T. \ It o r' pnn li r li!P III,.- o c IR 1ls ($!),0)lll .) lln alle h e l,,lhr of 'I'll. T. \V'ilhnu -un , PiP c. Al: so a u nil tr o1 iutrdll . l tl ld ile, ,illh,.aIlh ", ith dlthes I1.1 am t, il no l riOl r -, ,l -a -Mali it : ul 11. in t'rah. T1'he c..h l ad one hunlldreI olhlars iI b " i F' , t ile retulrl lf the ,lll book oa t o i na o,'+ - lice of" lt--. Ii. Lee e Co. or foir ns v ian r lltialn by wiiich tih oliwel r l illbe Irg i s;ension of the llil" p44e. , H&c. (llr 51Ir I'IA BI.\°l I F l ti(. L.Jt N M g.ain " A( M5Y4)AIit , sa. Nl E o 4414, i 4 , O. oflthel Cou cile of l sI. , mo!.te n i 're lily, oll ti cl. is gV il th t in Cll teil , tier Ai L o, il Illf tiel said Mu nicillliltly. will hink hica l lin uI ,dav I>t \pril eixt, fomi' 9 hcln,"k A. 11. ii I ili ','lr.k 1; il'. 0. it Ib p ilcnllsandu r the -n r iu. r u ,oo elide . ' te • erson a I.s li rlar, a It the Jxt' iuu~ll , olal. In\lieetr JoIJli Ilwlewht lntd William Moll run. GlClerk Johin In al. 'd)i ward, , l he M + is i ,ulbau lli. I,.perors Thom, I "o'aiind illiau F'rrrei. i'I' rk It K,' ,,. 3d +nrd, nl Ianiel McAule'ls. Insp, l wora William T. Hopp niid Jale+s W. ]lt lll. Cherk It. V. |lurdy. ! New Orleaii, 12hll Marlcrh 18:19 " ,.1 1 _(. (:I":\ ,.Is, lln.V r. (deltX, uv 444 4- 44lli(4 , 4 ille 4i4'eeti I e s A l(r4 lll l i lu dit t ul ficil litil aura lie Iun dI .let A .r i- r eh hiu ll, l eiS i )iheillir, du ul I ielu i n e ,res drl44 In 4le li4Eu eit s .d4O4In L dir'etiolln 4ie i4 dl ilri4l4 a I'4E44 44 , ,gtel4 4 4. Inl- e 4 4 r4, JohnI Ite. lettand Wil4 4IiIn Mtlia. G4rel 1rJohn 14i4.444 44a dis4rict, 44 s 1 4ia4l 44 4onici pal. I.44444 pect44r4 I'll.1ns14 I bt44 d W4i4 ll in4 l.r144 t. (:44lek 4ier4 (enjlu h i .4lil4.. 141-A4413 I'.T'. tlpp nid Jla llmen . Bla iul. Gr fller George V , ol11 lCE il. NOI,, Mllloih, C ISNOUI4 1111(7Ic t4Y4--A arge4 si. h,p.j t ie4 cI ceivedalld for ildby theogrons or 1bochr i',or il. 1le, by A 'r'o IV. A , II 44i4 9 4 4 C'l l at 0 s tlriinelld inse Oil, fitr sale by Just. 4 9 i I.l4i4 )G4'4 4 44 4 . 13 1 4 4 i'4 4 .1h e44 BSCO NDE at few days sline, tie i egro boy ; G e.orge, soe4 hii4 4 c(l4 4 hi4i 1sel4 Ji m lilr '.-, ; The 4 bove rewabrd j w Will4 be pai 4 for hi4 dlivery at #1 i 1 8 4J4 lin4s4 , 4 4t .14. 4 o I.1 IIAI44adJ.. & COO4. R. (ilo. IV (444, I' A IN K l -- t ept uhtK id or 4I dl e 'A i '1( W I4 h 44mar 44 w4r SI Chiarle4 9 3iedl ( 4o4n sts rilod 0 N E I 1J 4 Il P .E', 44 N4w Le44 ", 44OA.'-4 l 0 ibu4e4 4 eorge 44'' 4 t ' n'.,4 ln, t I lp- e 144 by 914 4 4 44ll \'NlE, 2 SI. Clha rles . aeilre. . BENEFIT OF CELESTE. Thishr nida,Lngvrcw Is1 Will bhOre PU lhd the hie'hlvy romieltlr d inUO (of l i CHILD 01? THI1 WRECK' Mniariee, Ccldent Nillnr1iuarg , Ci.Fsrte Sophie, eMrs e l ar ·In tlvae oitrRI uilli pirra ,· CUiunte will give Imm; ixnimeml delieohlle s .i m Bormmm dmd bhipwremeim Ahftr mielte a grat inrielyl o1 OPERA EIANCES 1UY CELRSTIE. LA 1IAYADERE, TIlE MAiD OF.CASIIMI~mR. Tihe Ummkm.wm,, Air. Pemgm' Olifeutr, Ace 51,111iP) , Aln Ilm'mme mm' ZELIICA, A~mI'lle CFI,.;1'7: T (G)(O\Vol)--3; t|oi Coonmpetttcly Logwood, lat d I i~l jocromi fotig Atin,fttrtl Fah (h tr I H & JP W\VII' TNICY, 7,3 Cmp j, I ';· i.:.;,iO, .n, -I" .lfiii./ rir,.., Ilulrs 11 P.,}.+ *_bg Ilo InrUl'Irf. t ol l .' ( I)ltin |helwC enI i e S111u3lri( 'tor inh stoice of Forltttoot I': YotRe &. Co i dI ...lved by manuttil conIsen' l. 1" I' oe ne n! Will lij quidate th o tnlira of th o l l o le e lM' Voin. , i.I2AN(I;B E' YUSI:., oinr I V P ItIlltY. From 5 to 1001 0 thaems Stocke in Cili tc lnaok. r 11ifiC tjWoishitg tt tell will do well to lllt a(nd le lw tll'ir iltllllto itill t1t111tt t ott ftoikk, tlitfo ltoonot itf Itgil tll o Slvc(leroo opos its tilt Arctdoi. (roolllllrot slock olohe iO(cited. - S IC CAMP. LADIIC&ENjLIMENSist uiiIN 11./I1,.1 AM IlEII, hn. Ihlir day rpeeiw~~ld pagmid np. • la~llllnl w leh iilkd e toollre rtotttrktttty ehlenp. No 18 Chtlite tt N II Ohl gotl nul o ilver ttktn in o .xcllut ge. 0I0II A ItIII(K litIIlN. WA NVNTI'. A iy tot iW Wt itC,'KAN, " n lllr e a Cll 1ll (n o hnlnln t 1"bI/CK--I toloI'ooo totomi. nn iglootttmoooo' llottlk,(t'tod' n11a11 3j 73 CIIImI a: L hFiro-iioett.lne y S1h , & dlbinIII' IrNIIt, (N.Or'I'ii t-otor. fott' ttlotttt6 a .ziltttIr 43 stoIenndt for Isle hy 8IiAlI. & fIROWN, ottr 0 . .. . i lagninoe ot 0101PIIII OI~tOrPI I fly 511A. do IItft)WN moon ____ Ytintotgtonilomr l WA1S II I NTON IIA IL ROOr j)rena & MIasquaerade Ball S.i hiilptreetl, heltworn Ioovtl & Itolloriot. Ilnhll,"tiototr t ttliflh ttatome l lollee Iiotoogrre. .I0l|t 0hi ''ell. 1111 otlto +ulootl ilo foo hfe ooojoorsl lh llle rong llre s edlllO+. ell on hli forevernI senllon:;, repllcltftl'tiv lltltfLrlm o h!l tit lhtot ltoo e estloali thnlett haot ocoll e laltogoe fotr the RllllllclllPI t Iof viiriltulrl llld Iit derone iotte.te reittoiro. The loolr ,iill o te iltrpjtt eo |v,' iiiiii ill a lllln l ilV It lique~lr)T.ian thir IHe.+llt rlnt a ill he k'i by the able it Oe.+t oert, r t iito lso. U iteo t.fii o. Tho rttot ill re -open oll il ntllrdnv everno g, 3ld ouf Novor lllo or iltt l. Itv a'0 0010 will tlke tIoce oo usual evercY.o Mondatr., WrteIneo (tvo 01 Ooit1urtIrtlt orvcoonog,. t Htrito tihe sem sono tlicn woillo.otton tooth In+Iooilo' .n, Ii;1. N. II. The ert o LEc ct ooloein'i will he t id ' i kt t p iogip. ir,,, t roilt r th roooghoo. .t thot t't...flilh..t...t., s. oi rilel last cceasonl .. \ NEW otlitr1 ' "-- Icfbrt, oro "5, 1139,. i ollt, tottt oo li,,e.tto'oo t3l b ' litt y. i" N" oT toI(' ' t o wnrlr of hiOck drmott oy', & oe.--Thl e l f l o ftwin e o cncllct.to ' toill l te st, iet, e itlOrc''et :- t Reolt e dh, , thtI whenl.ver Ihe M vor" .,h11 all Five a li Plllll'Gd 111' illll)F (|I+II.'.'NI IIIIP+ Ir oot 1it.· l lool(k ot te e Su-lne1 wnh his. wreipr. aI.nnl ,.+.ry p,,rPson nrg sir'i grt~ o (obttio' ai o e hol ' r 1snel tn l r c '(ilt cn the fltk ot hio' li+'lwl,,l~~ *lnll 1"1\' a lille' |1eI exPS 'I nlz 1. lll l mlr rIIII.d ,lhl lr itthtlffur 11, ilt,, l0 lhl h, (o r o lllo fo r Ifi u ii - former. A (Irco l I'd r'lhl r .+l . ot otllot' I o , iog ot ooif" i e tIllo, lln of toI(000 10ot fi a Olll te t ut'llllli . title o'. tit( 1 tot h twi tt gooo m i: li· i l~r dlil, ·ll. th til sll t1 II e' t hi lhle ei z 1 pb ter 000 I0 l lll0 lllll II t i ok , 1(. Ir r 00e nr , itllll 14to / ('l~lllll· ~ 111111!1)1ir 11 h 1l·y. +siI lli~i111 Il~ lls~ill. ( Jrviu4+ oi·+U ltolld Ito (i'tot ' olhor1, r 1t Lon tho hlo r r ollli.o t oi y Ihrlll ,i , l~ ·l hi,111l\ l 11 lu l rl. 1 1I (e 1111111 Tl|] ll l'++p rllly-lt+ ,llar.,,lll~ l r '~lllll( + CI hlll 111 11( I1)· h 1 I· PI71111rd lhI )yf t<.hl rc v.,Id hw hr,. I li "t olt tot tof , iot. n tr oodri P ih( lh it I 81111v hi 1 d l(11 (00 o ( il t t. i t.o too Slr It'+ lnll' w llh l I+ ( t"1111/11 iI IllIeI dtl li nul e I 1111111 lhc 6nn 1iOl Ilr lto (lll '111 1 I hi . , o ,'t 1n tohe ( tluti.) r 0000h e l i1t IIII( 11· NIII( l~~i;· riCII·ri lIIle 111 tonn pri'.o1111to t ttfo.n l.+·i.., +lI.II llll \· CI I '+Al I· .I rl I\V I., 1 1.e '111r(h1r ft~fI)I (1,11111`~ Il·l l 1I 1 1.\111 · 0000 11· 111 'I I I \ lie c1o./I I otto I ' leoo r'jI ' t' l . llr lA1 elnu r oa llW f I1hll juri l (r- ll.;I u re P )i q ull , /T m .l +I '1 (ire a le co ,l .re ride ++ xes ' , 1 ar \',141 ·1nr+: 11 t,, .nl' . ~·i,..· ,,.· Iil Ii I- 1I, · Ir, II Il., & - I ,,M ire d ,+ny , Io,- Jia p m hn . \ht ni d o in, a p nl . r i i i.1 . i - i i ir . tl l nde +i s 1; u it pa 11,,. I ),e. ,]',11,,111. ],, ,11 ,,1i(·II iid (-.+. (l~lll-i ,]+r''ll .llr (' n t+..+ 1 l,, t. 4 11I I , )l l .i lli+ Ji. l h ,I 1i111 1 ' Il'-1 ,e R cr11 ' 1ll( ile I ll111" I ill I'I I £1111 t IIII I j A I"t 1,1111r b iac · .Id a i ol r--p o l1t',,1 1. . 1·11111 l i,..mh +, 111 ;1( ll. S1 I(· iii.:.iiii+· 1(11+stll (lll .ll lll. "l, +ii Ri 11(lll l )I di| 41iI 111 .,I *('0 III ii , , (1,,11 1+' 'o'1ooo',t1" o(11 ll ., t'll r " 0 h l rr i I,1 . \lqlll1'1 iii1111.0 tlll 'll o ll' II l ( 1110,llbll0 l 00l0 Un' hu 110 ,11, . ) ltlP 1. l llel l 0 0 .. 0000 Ot tv (lo ' , iivm ., h + ottoot to (o h OII rlt lo r+lo(. 01.111 l (0(0 (oeo'oro llto , (I : I (o\tllo'O ll~ t lllt II3I.II(0 0 VI0,1 0l0l00( r .oool|o\.Ittoto' , ro l h~tlm ,,Ol l loll tilll~lq .0' l ftco .o' [I-T" PRI'Hil II a! Hw. sholrwl-r No-ric',, inl the moslt q/v.an winneur, in [Il,'k or tCol,,,,d hius,a , l Inamn l led, \Virile I lk,, o" IPlan ..h hl d S'b. , and Ib'rier ver!., sn' a ldeah/ TillI" \i '.11sIcL .N O[F FINl!1:, corner ./I P ydens and St. ( hlmes v1.. , r'retl(I Iltow ,tl |:lllltifl'l I1itntlll of 'Is to. habre just beel ad, hll 'o /he Io tiblidhl, t. O'nlers 'rrriert i at (ofillllt ilnt t )g i Ioom, Si1. fhcrli. Ex.rchaet , :rdl I l)lll too ;llVit.r vI.,.o at the I)rinting Olilte EotrT of Poydnti & Sl. CIharl.s streetIs. ntI if ___,_____"_ At t.. 33 nlrt, ou ' slr to,, orer it. ID'ry's AnCtio Ioom,appolt slf, antk'e Areanle. il.EiR 1I.I .IL J, . e. alhyh llnhrlum, tie public that W hi c 17 hQqer lit ht 1 r .f o t11'h1.1 Tll. siloeen of lEgpt, th ,i m vi r.,ha- arh..d int[ his cily, an,. is now heililexh he II rn i+ +hort lime i( n1Y Iram ll ) o'clock [[ Ait mli titla c 1 iomti; I enson tickets, $1. fiql -t, . (OITION (IICOULAR S ILRINTI'EI) l riii lht ,Greal..,t ?p.,edititoaoand in t stle i nic lttro set,el it NEW (IttI.EAN.s, or else li ovOs l.1 al Comrr., lm ins '. Charles Es chann te, ( Corner ,:f (irt:irr St. ) or at T R U ft AMERIICAN IPRIINTING( OFFICE, corner of IPldras anld St Clharles Stlett, will be promptlly at le .ir, d to. itct . I- t: LOWFII, CO:T)'[a'()S--,10 hules 7-8 nnd 4-4 aed • TwilAld lit ll - Iliihlitle, hr s7lt by 1Th soic It.A' - Ill t lie . i'4o,34 algtazinesl .L lll\I'.' iitctttI. lo./lft~ l.vio lllt.t~e-ue-.l J i Irt iUA 7n Il l lu3 invitI'.lli leto, hittent Pl' t frnl Ilalhitl'e, tul erilir it Oilty e 'verilihrtl in ti city. tlvi 30' 10CAILNE. 1TO IERCIIANTS. [I'AiMEIRIIANTS eai hatre la ElIUTIvU-. CIsco. I.AK struck tf'lttfour' hour, NOIcrlc, by eatlltog at the uCompitig RIII.mu oiij TRUL E AAlEiRIIICAN I'Itnirsae ; O)vrict, St. Charle Exchltgt,. o!ittoniag ithe REoIt oING I.ooM at Crttlerof Glitvir srtreet, rol thet I'esn ig Oliihe, c'rtertf Py),Ydras enld Si. Chtirlel streelts. JFEAtI'llF-IeI-ot747i7"tititit Tiegotit este nit-ttorl' ditiif''t·ltjI thohe,,l pIIitee, ,et -cilrrel oid oes outI, ihy tiiSSili & 3ot, Lxehlttige liolel, fe5 SIClt huries st -TEAM' BOAT BY.J7 OWNIltbAllNT ot C IA'TAINIS qfSTE4 IOA'1T's can ho.e their Bills struck qof, in o.e or mtoo Ctlored Inku, on Plint or Coluoresl Paper, with delsptnlrB, aad o0 ftavorabo l 'Ictes, by leaeing their Oouiirs oatT'l'lllE AMIEIIIC.AN OFFICE, corner of Poydratl and St. Clharlces ireets. NRv9--if VALUABLE ENGLISII WORKS, BE OIIIi I Elllt l Jr.ll lt ,r~aiillo( t\ y~ A lhllt6ir~l S l'tt,lll tel,lfn tfleo l,'retelh, witht Iotesoltd ilt lh - II'lllll if t ill o V I|IIII l t l o h Alellior , o Phi .ll i fl e sieilt lot n i e lis titoi fsgiillul vhetIit rliho ie, hembi r helliolod with Fhle I neamero, i l t im Ilt hly Dueainment, olf BcnC r-i ilI utdilug ihe h rilourStd noillrele tr. nlted frem Ietllo ItI llt tot nlivttllto Wre r lsel retinrke olln the t,, tt t ili ill ¥ .flietor n l'l.tvssi o r ile s mI Otto, ilev n ltieto t'A, onu Coturie & Conbelodtt wste It 0.lil0+; lll l tlrl g i i lllittl b io hi lure oe lielAllt &eltt entc O Ie , l e nil____ tilt - ..-,,'aIa - I ' itrliy i- , 'tr ie T roale

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