2 Nisan 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4

2 Nisan 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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e Ww, VALihla),t AND, iNrAIVIAtlu'!t t 'LttlVb.:B AND SCARCC. bý W ··MlU?1. Pmeyaanti .ah fain le l'Iara'a frme~aittA,,pnrt crnlnrrrdllntlp a P a rhla.nph;cdi, la Nitua' a, Ir A ij,(iilen, Pari. 1741 tcra puerlol le di Juln eat glarea S 1'0 eaWn mcnaaii. waartq mii Ka'alhdicul Juri pridince on Insaainit Pa iiHlmWe ti Fiav.r- Pritcbnd u"1 In aity aam Qih~a~r Yr~ary-Lisorl'tie an, I Midwifem. Ihpathiuald-Caoi; m piimimir ?dadiauuar tie U'n'4J#Jetti rtviil oluhemiiiry ata CONMtRCiAc, AND iiirraiCAa. l't ma~lil~lr ~ Rtptailaar, lTD K ;ptaausc nu~l Rnpolilnrv, f n 1 :'1 Er. :diol(O 4 i hothmemial bk tin?,lry. I~ondlln an taa Armiiuac fir 18311 is wdlritta Nnavigtion CI DRtttBTR AND iarMCaaAcii n' mlii rchitecltit f varl I.niodnr l.aadi ' r. C H" r y'h tu rat. laiai e try 'itt 'a b i ititu uii iii Lai ra a iae , I n. : f tlto aut, Faciima l ele` MrF.LT.Nol . J ap a laeric .n Chariot tal a a. Fsrfae iereallanier~ \llx tl1lw tle It , mend "OV nd Ht. Con;tan lod ic's, era 2 wnR .~dl l ' ret C iayioditi lr of L 1rr an i - malitimsl It hr ha ta ii aa d io ha nk a (.ockhart's i"n i of 'altei"'cott, 2roruai `'eem aiirand utaat1in, ry yirecjntar3 vatg hsel peardeme, p numiiieaiiilalution .e tha eaaenal ~ee at dicauaniortaemlt huh1, bcatladiRea Seit"'itla wlaith irwhem, cubit t4 Iterain' it y pe t)ietwa. ii lr amlmllr, Rngliea raii Ihe m.. mih atai n reak. ted.,. JOHcS b i ro. Far aTtv ra lm cetap e r e o/ 'l e Aga er aian Aii 1 th ile hien rm dlt diae lt ,vea u d a a ret n the h n mi x the Per·r and Ape? t In tie(jlt t lrhe nt a a Vantneec ablel Emtractaind friiiirimiany deleteriouan rai ap isi also ine redients, It~laeaam taken wmi h the riic 'J t lir . tyhen ea the tenertnf iiiant, oeraed invaid. tilt pri Beata herebil ftieb diseas ..onsiiuui lly the i nnstiiiiti the iiaed regains itiraitr nited iric ianaiihtliit'. It iidb tlahete el seterl mrcl iiarisnentaprltiv, by inbeariitiut tM ·caaach~aad gives at relish to thle eninymentk of to-to. B~eing Fcs inhr in having n purcarnr. quality, it rainaiill lot im the luoellta inarcnao this diecorneeriaalr to rit euamr aimeioaliaa, butlthrougIiily ala mors the levtral or itu dpci ipaera ta, l nd tlh a bi nea i ts tI e u i ,s:rt wLthumhater ndi r id acru, r it miayi nll ia lprrr Th iierhalleytua l ae bilthe 'a,,1ie hanpir hla betn lexpoed mmeaii te auil al caiie oa the dtrcen',a and have e~aped any aynmpnnns of return; wllelrsa by the 1h uithaellmla on remedici (haml in ialays clr n led an increased liability to retrace.cr The 'danger ofmfequent relnpaefimc Agia i s eiry Gridita i,'for the system will anon h eoe too mruch pAlroh tI'h be aeto react thliau'liii mdicneandlendily ful I ic" tin, to tuh incaaaant voec 'le' ilMxue offere at eachb a reasonable prie' at to llama it r% ithiu that reach ofeverv nice:-at) tlltt 1 ,b i,,,ml soil Ilr·riitutt era hereby furnishd with o~niatnuee, withoult solicitingfi the aid'and ottendaneec which in froqr dcntly denied to them, er else very reluctanntly berltwed. The pub~lic era re..pectlv riot one(I agiloat then apeo rrons imitation of Chia medicine,, that are dullyv offered It ia pmppetod only lit Dr. Johna It, Rnwanil, at his Lebratrrco -. lsrkrrt trre;,PltilndcllIbin. 'T1' lýee etI arrars no thle whnenlr, nu RSts for. thee atroth Wr stern .,ate, and w~ill toll by tilt) crone, a the Philadelphia, prices. '1',; he hall t retail also, rat nlataotbfth Aputltecari~a inl tht ciiv. ricero, (,amnion· n k, ' 'I 'I' rbr ll ;;·r -9 c" vr.a rn.. r.t i RS. MARY KIRKLAND respectfaiiy an t ronncps to her friends andl tihe public gene. ally that she is prepared to necommodate them at he above establishment, and hopes frnn ler Ixertiensto render visitors coonfertable, to receive : eoantinuanc of former fivors. She feels conti. dent that persons visiting Covi'sgton during the ammer months, cannot find better accomnlodations than she can afford them, on more liberal termt. Her house is pleasantly situated, and well supplied with every convenience; the bar is furnished with the meet choice liquors, &c. in short,she promises t'oat nothing shall be wanting on her part to give a stire satisfaction to all who may patronizo the Mieissippi and Loisiana IHotel. je3 . studiod unloer Dr. Sclmidt of Charlesto, South Carolina, and for some years his assistant in the practice of medicine and surgery, has the honor to offer his professional services in this city. He assures the ladies and gentlemen that the most prompt attention will be paid to to the calls which may be made; and also offers his services to the holders of laves, being well acquainted with the diease common to them, having attended them in the sagar house in Charleston. Thefamous anti.bilious pills atter tie composition of Professor Smollette, with directions, can be had of the undersigned. The eff~et which they have produced in tllis and other cities, has been attended with the greatest success, to which tihe best of references can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. mins street. JNO. M'LORING. 11 LLOW WAR V 1O-ff CREWS, SAU IRONS, &c. T HE IHOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near l.1ekmanu street, Now Y'ork, have received tihe past season, and are ero staltly receiving large and extensive additions to the alock of the above goods, which now conaists of the allowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. eIollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Peots of 22 different sizes, fronl 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, fromnt 3:8 to 30 gallone, Kettles, 15 sizes, froe. 3:8 to 18 gallons, Bakepans or Ovens, 7 ditftrestt sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Ortddles. . . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 de Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. Wood Screws, 20.000 gross, iron and brass, from : inch, No. 3 to 3:1 inch, No, 24 of a superior quality and finish, and less than Jalne's imported psices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irons, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to 901th. Bells for Plantations, steamboats, churches, &e. made to order, Also steambeats and other maelhinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly reemomended to the attention of Southernl and WVestern r mrclmnts, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms; it is be. lieved to be tho largest and best assortment ever ofered for sale by any one establishment in tihe Omnted States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a printed circular, with description of goods, prieesand terms, from which no deviation is ever madei furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. Jr3 NO MZROURY NOR COPAIVA New Orlooeanso, Nov. la, 17. A BI'T six months ago I had Ie mislirtune tto got s seret direas, for which I have alplirtd to sere. rl d.etori wo a cure, and thev dlidl notr ece ae. snow an the Aboe date I1pt ttvserf nnll. r tih"r eeane sf I.IOIet Ust, aswllt eptsuims in to, cure tito. Siece Itat tittle the dioeaso gut worse, no ats i hreak out in larts ulcers So the snmber of six or eight on ea Ih leg, antt .i over ny laeo, anti sore thruat, and not able to work ut Ite pere.let ies oil aeeotnt of the disease; large tlcer on ee rilht sidle of, the thlrt. I am noee lletlsinie iyc.tl eestdently ulderthe care of tIr. Ilutte, r.f plnria, to be p.rertly cured Jt)IIN DEAN. fb 14 lv I 10 CERTIFY that the an:e : Dinco;ned ,]ivena. it I quite well cnrd to my awn sotli tclitron, for whihl 1 tchan Ir. flr ~nt; and mnloreover i assre. lhat the inudi ism I have taken inalea r me o ltt, and lidl ot illnlle liyl esa1th at all; Iherefore I avire ni- f Ihw ro.rr"s to I iet no time atm apply to Dr A. lnct, ]hi Can'l ntrpet betweenr Dauphine andt Itoltlrho rIrees. Ir. Iltl is at homlne front 9 o'coekL A I, until .1 1' l. They will find a trlla'dotor fir thi rompln inr. JOI.IN I 'E.N,.I(I Gr.,, her street. If any one wants to see nln, Clil ot No. 411 (tinrvi, SJOIIHN DI'.N. New Or._a 41.,l,t183). f+h I iy P lIE Gecnutii Indian Iiinltttrt i.i~rrorooutal Ho: .' . hound, is put up in bottlls at the low price o1f 5) tItst aitch, Cnlltniuing ithe ltrent;g OF tire nrf iceml m , Livelwort, hesl lea the . irtlue . I inanv othle+r rlts+ '.nl herbs known amok;x the Indianas o laciousin curing ptllmosary c implaint. The noritlrned stecese which I nettrended the ne nof his inestimablei Bralam wherever it hia been intro dueed. h. s bhtained the confidence and retommcndd - shaim onf retnble physicians, for the cre of 1courns, eaols, pain m the side, want of rest, -l1iling of bloond, EIar cotplaint, &e. To whom it may concern. Thli in to, crri'y tioht we Lhae is oar pta'tiee frequently prescrihedl 3rs (an-io meas Indis Bdent of lvrerwort ad it lonrl-onuld, wit)h adecid4d.rMtd elrct: n can threfort, fi'nt th. koot llll1 ofr i. ncteri it is marnd frm, nI t brelvntln ·Idexiler nen 'ecommend it as Illl eai f , pr lialretio. eJl thmoe slltctions of tre lunots trf oh ir re. mtlesded. AI.BtRP WII.LI 31, I1. ). Members ofina JBoutoin Dedical Assoneiatin. elwsont Ortoser 15. abby J.LARVIS ANI)REWS, rlb 19 (, rt 1rr- a: I ':r r itoll.a sts e oI"EEAR'S Sentce of Percmanehiip reeiveredn Sf.O sale at their pennanent WVritla AcOTcalemir o. 8 .horeso ot, New Orlantr, I18) Itrndy aw Y'k, Dauphire st.,Mobil.. It'iaprtilnirlv designetl fr" prirtrh Iearnerr, nnd I mcb.m , and in erltulated forpersons ofell ae.. Ladmeted gentiemen are invited to eail n,ld eaminer tibsymsinrfor.eterr alves. LesseOs are gives at 3ich houre, s r mav ouit tit eaveotrene of all, nrd to clnas a formed in nny Fpar f ls cthy. Idk~ iwho prefer itrtt r reit 'meona. . tI,,ir nw- r., Fey-awn payin r orce ofieeeo* o 0era iiy..l on,,-."'' -"",5 ot ....,on r Onv wrl. na .3hlM BROtIr..i; r rImmOrNS HIIARTT & CO, are ew re' ifrucro I, an boald ship Orlens. Eagle. lighlaacer. teokr llry Andwrew.drench and German orlay arrld; Barck ammal Boards; Clhressmen. 1- andl 2 3.1luh Bil - is anr Bolls; I89. 10 and 12 oinh bladoe lo.i Knives; Pocket, Horeman's, land ilt alling Pistols: diunble and s aindle barrelled GOna; Gain' Bafl s Shott Bh'lt; Focder I'h nd Pistol Fla.ks; . llras Bottlea nnll alrinkg Cops; ,t PandreCalon Caps and Cell, Ilol-lera; Clloth, llair ' Isad and lNal Brushes; Orrs tolld (wltoino Tt lt[ltSh'si pe T'anla Powhder; Toilet and Shavig or Setoalt, in gaA , n Ia" nate; lang- lair Braid-, Rinclets and Frilettes Pear i, ant 'Poilet Porder; Efnery llit'i; Ihors Tuh (t.loihnn: v Potent Slides or Glater:: (fin ' te taic -suoapeders; n Powder I('ffs iand Boare; (a:;t Chasls, t'nl anrd lies; a e'. Ear-drols; Wialst oBu'kl: mrIal i ntsa Br ited NeNeliens a rio anod Chains; ilt antid Soerrd Berni lodi a acodsa, tf, ella and Plumeanc; Shell Twista S ir Wuit, resat n Ctebsl;achieh,iin additios to the rsirfolr rtoca ,n itratl, pin mkes tr sseortment verr comn plree, ani wll hn sil me Inw nd en liberal ermes at tiet riel of tile (;oilen I' Combh. ib5-tf 70 Charitrtes tret. oFf1e1 S mth'asihee, Ahneta shr flseestedanorin eoseita oeeivea n very extensive so of ill' rs, ,leacishi", of I 'hl antd l)eausr rtlrade ' . donnd r sl lerilt. lt P-e- i Pockent, irk, nsad Spear polit aoivc. s Raisre, Sri, nors, Edor l'Tols, le. Fr. &s. which ,threy e prsearcl a. arexhicbt tolthes olr asorn ders ' Terms; ld :olln diitia Swill e otnd tknown at the litnot. m J. I. B11EIN A COllEN.t.N i",mmt sCr. >n IMMtNS, IIART''nr & CO.-hAre nw i c K p Tership Flln .svillP i E aglet.n }err An diw, ilhBh aoder, Fenanh anId IeCraio dit altc Ihct' ndylin arrC:I: Ster, h'.l at lu it t stnolsr pain, ri hel d i a d split I eosinani cps; rae hIlderss ; ot el rse,, It:tu n, & an., a. Sae (;illott'ha ommrtcis and othi r t teelt ilso Vtitt-I n os; Vootla strier tmashel, ivtor ily .tn e aenits; td'ra k, blea and leather plar.b; hair br'aid., front llld tkl rinaglslr; ngra plll flGermntl ait Ftrtshll o elolsg to - inter, fcwlamanls iaeoesll r oil, imitllion dlt anti'lse hi t hearso it imritable drlehks aalt irstln, altets: pn:t, c blan.klnglc; .atia llnd oitl glxeas. oles etvos leailorls; op- I, aI a glaRt.sis l anl ews; Inlian.ll atld, hsllnl a les Seadeodt; lwhittltwiie toilet lad h labilir Sasa;ti toilet Ua- twder, esrtie wash hallll; sreled rs Fallin hon; . pool lllsllto a scr'iew elhilils; flllCY head ehains lll _ necklhes; Ibillilard bhalll,; potet bolks nsal walletts; r- masn t holoes; ratle st;p- finn aend leroilan Gnt o astleresendel·t, gon tresit; Ball s lucif, r uala hes; sil n vet pencils; Cl'evsl, &e. &c. e h The ahlare iat alition to oir I ',me.s k s ,f it'ac is ' articles, makesonr o - ssorhttenit set' - ,- lqlI ,. Ior sa0 Swlaolltaear - rreltill;a tIe s sign otlf e (otmldeu li nih m, i7 'a- Chartre street, moil. h ION'IC -'lthe pirttheirship or ricles, `ntlo 'n ft d of NewOrlean n l..on n fI'rrr& C!.o n'Na rl rez I' V" tlid ilarii, Kelley &Co., of lIndelcv. tns ien ..rel oni I 1. '" hels of lisn blat, by the dlth uf S.tetit iA asol, v oi rIe of i i'rinters ,i lthe ft-itns. I' a- The lildersiyll al ,ity rvivin, :lrtes ,ilhr ll n 'harp. , ith Ii.settllii ndil cl sin s aid I lRiere an fill riws: brLe C arwileei will attend to lle ettling of the buninss of TMano, lltarris& C., Nat ihe. and liatrri.r.l - ' e & Ceo.,t Isodlnes I l(enrf a ltstll, will aisnll no Is She setling of the hsIiesl sa of eclte.', taron1 CI., it i Naews lrleint. 'he nl oraf theo aseveral a i artswill' t a ''hos indbted i;oitl firm h are i'.tne;i t run satedt Soee lai man rd aild luekn early setle lrlwr; tlrl hse l ha ving clailis ill pleaie prel-lrei t Ie sn , fiti lh ultl l . I ll II:VI C ill.RIltl , " isaew iteshniic l0ine 1J24 X .17 s•tI 3 b:AN -AIIt I I-: ll Ii -s\'1 CIi 1ft it W;'ri-t!I h i. os e2 s tasre of thlianai saper Caolofge twnhl. ' l~at at received ni d fier sal l s- thie dIoell asr hinl.l , b .. at. I lroe Aeriaand Fow ach toilet paw!era, pA weri titlhr and lhsnx s, a rlshalnst l o ilet eO elilree l nal . t Ir It sallsa, of rae, rsa oili ra llld wlrlt brii s hl , kl E llltl .i rdr ve tchl h air l t nil ,r'nad iraner' Florida. F avts'di r r, ani !,:i,'i v waeer.. I're ," tll's valit.t e tile I.' perintl i trI l .., .,'l t I t Il i liqu1)id I¢llit', h r ll " ()rtIi' ; l Or l loah l'tt , i t. cotn, andi jPi,.IrvtOale how at wshol - e or rtnalil at I by SIsIO.A NS IIA1"I' &CO, ter e ' i!v_ 70. (8 hurli' ti rct. ire COAL[-'l'ile nllhn'rrl ivTe ihave* eonel:llll y Iln Iihnnd a laroe upplh o:f Cnsanl anld ovir lbol coal tloe In bllk, of stlperior qoolity, whitch shti ofler for In O s:ile in Iots o su it surceanePr. 1. 0I Alan expented bh the first arrivanl from Eiig tcd Iand nl tohi Nirtl. Cnnnl , n liehIigI ain Pench ills I lonintain Coal, hrpken and screened, put ia p ill Sae h.eg'hetds expreasly for lalroily us--lll If 'hie'l vo they will dtaptnao if on the Inat moderan ite trna. ho Orlders tlet at their mfiet, Ns. 5:1 lienville at. 1 a oUp atairs. will be promptly atlended io. ing cti 3 I A.& A SOUflit. tr artisle of cologne, put sIl axirrrs!e , for IIh, teail t'ade; nlas 1he purest Fa eanh Prl'sfmle-rs\, 'anltbe sat tna ever, vaoriet lfor thie Iitoe,, lie elo- bIv ich at 2 REFS & D'IAN'I. h I 'io CtItntrt t pIliu1 ta ' a ti Pl l tt.I-.nlci - the' Negron ciths, hlannets, flinn"r, line, hllnerlell it' shirlia se, cheal.,, lisiito.s, Clieo-.", lnh lk-'rchiefs, &e &Serecaitd an(s Itsr sale lot by list, 'bscrit inll be-e. IIt)'l'TA & i'. na e ! ot. coritcr Cratll lael (:'l' ltrca at Jed ,I' Glena's I"'sfumerisi.c of ladinn Fy- at ia, hor-ria the Hlar ; bat's Oil, ga. i Rntalana bat's IleeP',, pollllillllll, llhao' s Frrt etc Vi sal otetin,, pcal psrwder, uyIhih:cc, eesat lD "f re st s , v rg r tasl:a I s, ' I iut', o n e 11 li a l'vei k-li oit e e oot h wnsl,' c'I'ihl'iid: d l'-'ariC ll . `o" Iower wa Ir wnwd,,r p-,i}' alnld A nl'¢i rimsn i. Ce roal, eatly. t i t o, Ii ho t tr nnce aial, l'ree . Ir brushes,. i.lll.lh dres~ t'lg (, e , f cl bt I , aIttttvit n att os ii hur Otl mat p tste, 'Fe. Itr salle tad et ac corstsrr sl Caalan tililroai a IRON ,I tl-'hes a'tsst lsi haae fee 55rea p tat ah gre.at exp'n'e, the rig t of lllillt, en irl, Srn~l in this ciy. They 'ro a lspted in pupe l w buildinge, warehtalese, eIld privats dwotliil.ti nl ull, s in a- oi srncie aPhPJ'5 noid rlurtaltill l iad are perfietl)y fire ald esiner p.ree, litirs Insa ,.e kn''at, ittd a nsolc seo at otl, e 'st it llM nen opposite St. tars'laethelk rt,'llchapstlm 5,, as's 2 Id B C t\ll3 F:IL , a Co UPIIHOLISTERIY &PAPER ElANGINt; S'TORE. I.Hery Stebrechth (,tu.nerly J. C. Wicks & CI'.) would ttest respecthlt v inlorm his frl ndsi atd the pulthc tt ge.neral, Ihat hle htas and is ct u rlnt, ly reccelvln as Ea neral asortrc sst I l uholstery ,lnd paplr ihangin. The 1. Ilan Ing cmpnrce a pats of his soack, which he otftrs for snle at ...li sale or retail on the mostu aucommludt ltinU tein, v enrah vt.ver and s.autin paper, ltst I.le; ,o hIali comlllo Oll nd connllltoll , Unilatll lphtl i ginzrd anld lnnglnzed do dt, lFrench lldseapes, tiro anrI-t, brndr, &o. d velvet. and wor.t-ed do d,, mtorrnnze do eolors,silk Itange and onllons ofa!l qualitile, p ttn erns and pritu, iworsled lIrags as saorltyd pattern. plain n d color, d. Soi'urmu lio, latest style plain and coluoned, cottl, n llolld y munlinsplain and twilled, ns-orted cohr, new slyleot needle work fur .ofa cushions, |,olstool coverr , &c new stytle of bell pullers, raised fitures and plain, gill witidiw ornaments of all patterns and rizer, gilt eagles batal and spears, feathers, &c, glass knobs, easters, hair clT , lfigured anO d plain, a large nasortment of ioyt ft r cuhllulren; lrie silk cllrd and tassels, worsted cord and las. sers, a general asorttlent of uphtlstero and paper hahting., constantly on hand and fo sale at lie lounest prices at Nos 41 R.y)ul and 64 Cu(tom N D--Persons in the city or f tnm the country, are re.pectlully invrted t sanll n ollIl xmlnr er tor theimselvea. Corpeta and cur nti ad itll ht Iltestl mlodern ettyle, rom sn prepared at Ihn srl II Il t d. tt ! t l kiu . s \ . he h' , v o IDlmntin ind Stl, Nhp, cod tllnit a all t x Ot.,ive asrtmt ,lIt ,f , ts n.b a hroo n aI st : tIshero-,-I aNew i Yirk l iotcliea, oor :.- . o , naod eni Jrtll of i n n rt , whl lch he diI diro i,,su i at very ,todhr e p et,., s. Firnn ltes of his i q =tolra ice on renmll i, n,i ortler will hIw thelir wishes attended it . S SJFlhOUl; I) I-A I"N) ilt . - NEW art-lehfor t"rsut tr-holltrl wit t+ nnos ! t-caelld al ar T'urtmpetr) hbo jaus. teon o ccaU ,' lbythe nst iii al'aiehl. thls shylte..tartlcula i i u" h" hueI mIlln oice is uIstlsinc I CiiverP:i ( . in dn sur. AlIy oe ] whIo ilas evet tees oi e lgd ir o eonv rsr t ir It o u i i dta pe,-on, inm st bie fuliv senible of the dilliculity ,,l ,I - klivirhunl s eo tllfirtu llunlell llicled. yli lh t, if( "I 'I Ihn Eur Trunmpet this objlection is elntirely mainted. The hlavig used l 'I'TuIOlllperi. Four sale at T1 F GCTION's,' rE'a y store, erncr of I lo:n n St CLarles slrec s bWheoleat f)rulgg stn, colllrr (' nniion iand t 'Il ,IInv re-els. n I i Ill E LEAi- -ktd,lt I1 ht act , 001 keIt, lO0 o , "r Enl.lish do-`2-5 1-4 bhla. 40u0 " Itl IPult IlBrus her various sizes; bhlas opal Varnish; 2 Jn ott 1 " Cm. " tlt packs Gold Leaf; C5 Id Silver do; Intl do DUotch l etul. WINIIOW GLAnS, Auecr;icnu. Er lilsh and Frech 1010 btoxes, varlllus sizes nlld qualliira. ,..ton t.rowi do.-50U boxes, onsignigllellr, will lie A\tro ai eneral assortmtent of aritoi' oltrt afndt troas, tfor sal by A \V .CA , No 1i (ottoal .it'lc. NIo . Allabaml rteir s krat lt r, nlll o tlsistorl ,i norrtes,.vill he rePivred at l10 per ceitt tllscnoi for omds or in payment olldebht. je. I w P rLOU .--I' .lnrmi;I n |r i titrn . - orlep ld. ,;1 .''t i a ' I(rt I uri, r t t .,I I- l ol t ,'io 3. R E l''r: a: I'1,."'i , !:i l' ' , ;iteal Rap'-a o, e iI t sei, le r BOOK BINpERY. U'nder the Picayune Ofico, 72 Ctmp sr. B)RONSE.MA'& HOWSON beg. leave toinform i il Sthair custonerr annl the poilic ernerally, In' o pa lioy have removed their establshillient to Ni72 til Clmp elre0t, i niledintely undier tIIe oftire of the abs 'icoavine-- where they are prepared tou xecute all Ie Illing reeived from he Nortlh a suply of pa. 'n fer and materill s of a superior Itua t'Il , for tlhe mannnlnctutre of Blank hlooks, they offer their eerty v:ces i mnerchanls and Iother, who maly wish ist iwork of that kind : anml nviilll Ithe dvltrlnno of , eeoveal yeare's experience ill tlhat liin, they are jtm ,.nfidentof ivin, a: ti sfi eonii to those who ml iay s f vo'r them wilh their cusroml of For .ntarios, architects and otlher., mnnps and nal plans will be pa. d oi linenr . varnoihed and monrtted in tile nIeatost manner, & at the ltorlrest fi n0 ice. 00 PIlain and fancy bhidindin, in nl il it varrirs nl. to 36i (:harrs slrent. New Orlanns. l AI', SEtRGE ANT' & Co. importers of fIrench I .I n;ml 1-Flsh China anid Florthen ware. are of il.v o ,llein Ine and rich patterris of Ireabkfai', 'n dnint and tII .er rvices, t.il 0t .cts, pitIhbert, te i ni c. Ieer ipll,1, :e , oiti , sugatl , creoomto s c bowle t plte*, diolhes, lrmeu, wash basins an!n e leoP, sl wnr--unbilets, chainp aineIr , lemonlads,s jclCier n Ic'll'li 1, I.IT' , cordial, caenre I)lev , doe1 ntersh'll S, it lambl2rs, preserve d shzeseeleries, ptche.reslhnipe, I I ip shllade alld gllss , candle shados, salt cel- st lers, itc, st Sll.0 r pinlted, brnnzed nnd br;tania w.arie--p-i t tors, liquor stand%, cake buskelo, canrlt stlrls, d brill'hllt i, a I' PI 0 1 Jhtl ct ,e r ,of Itn d telpi le, sugari , clearns, (lmps, j1lpa od tr'ays, astlal sti nds, and ti iha'lin laI i!S, fin.' .ultery, German ali ver spoons and Iorks, thoiether with a.l rle variety flarticles i Ior fin0 ly puse , j'orcehaIrs, p onl1ero, h t.1le, nd 'i r llllllllli , Irni.i hed wlt goods aI t tIle llnt Iea sun ible prit.c., ant pa, kitd so at rto be couhv'ey'd with soei y t' an part l ofl the counll Iry. I .\i. nle, ,.r,,n,,ot,'io .,oonr .._hooo eo 1 Io'1hek. p .O per f. S ho il hi fotr fll.ll' I1 L.ndin-, nbov fi;laktlv,-- t.' nc e, four 1t eiachI to Pzo.iiooIa--tlolo s-roe0t10 to 1,grn el, . !.er te !ilanal en1Le is rslt.umedl- uhence e vm .\lanonn l 'nd l'r-,wnsvi le, Fla. Bifblridge, plir lenr llll sI Is iiwk vile, ,un r .1vii0e1 i ol.ir. v i111A let A iusin, Ga0, c0 Inll tllg re u'arlv wilh t ' r 'll- il rain r cnt ('li;ll'olto n, d io ," l l. in 1 neuer s to Niow York, Norillk, r Plil ,de lplhi., etc. f 'Tie st II1na b1. n are thI llest for the110 rvice, mii d the n,0vig 0lin pelesO' i111 lotre advana0 e l itlenan cani' ern t oe r h.. '[The grent improvemlents in the rtnte hare hern produced by the con-l IcIool of lift' IlliIes of new * road, br" the plr,,pt rt , vie : from I,(atralge, on I,.1 'av, f lhtB. t\ r: ili lO.l"lllllo liflI 1 toiE " t010 I[it I t'rifison, an ar0 of 8.n01 Rion [ho, 0o I3 yan '+ Felrt, on the Chat, och,, ,, iver, ten i, sa l. lve the, Cwllvrdl, or 14 ab' ove Cellar lt, 1ll i I ch t.'- i l a''i , ai ll , o t e nivl.r, nod the c1 1. S.,Ilunt dcle, tliamnls, and more rl'relloiI tl o inr Iv , "l 1 and n 11 i r0a0] froil l \l rialnn l dr tto 1 ail')ri . , imn a,11 11, I tI he roli d11 '1n1 u ro1 , via I, Ch^Itahl `..h r", Ie'il' ds T ,lle d a'n abn oult frv 0nt11 , nod i:,n101aing 0 :1 l facltes itore thtl Ill,,, i t1rau£0 l-oiobool¼-,ii-i jO rno llL'eq r' ', ! :air.(, n enti l h la ofa I t i1 bv i try III! l cry , Igl , r dhy f, , 11 I cI, by M I'e,'.i i' l" rrv n, M ',e,.: S t;a. 0coe t in,g ,it the lirnh to Savannah and Drien,oo o. A mail str'nr e n orll lie regl.nrl be' wen Rainbridge alo Apilahi,'nao. 'Irvovel rs lishi o reach a. 01t1110 C 11lh .hee or A'alah cola, calln .a e strol.,hoat at Brow'rtville. clobile to Pensacola--Lanid Riou0e--D arlnl the time eccup1cd by the retalrs of baitsr, thle proprie. i tors of the Florida in18 will 0un o lieo of four I I hors post caches every other day between lo bileoand Pensacola. Passengors 'will have Moile at 3 o'cloek, p om, in the U S mail hoa, and proceed to lhdall's ,and- I Sing, where a four hors coach will i In w0aiting to conve lhem to the excellent Ihouse of Mr. Chlarle nlli, I I 4 mile distnt, where they' will O1l1 pleasant aceoinmlodllions fur ill nighit-leavling I next morning, they will strive in Pe'onsacol etly it ie evening, III Is avoiding ihel discomfort ofl nih1t I r ovellin ,. I Oice at the Manosion [fouqe, ,Mobile, nndC-ol. lins' ilol,o Piensauoou , where sears must be etonr ed STOCKTON & Ci,. 1nv I W1ilianl Smoth tendoos his services to the citi, z00- ol New (orleoan as o teacher of ih plan,, loe. 31r S havingl been mployelyd 01veral yea1t _n t oa t ha er of music in private famIla is in ,ston, and ,dso tit stveral of Ihe female semionrles il i's' tvi,-Mint, cannot bnt hope to merit oheir confidence. I it, 1. p0ermitted to refer ito Rev 1 r,0s-l, I 'C srs Ste0son0 &Aver,, II odcrson &. a1l,.0 1.r lrns, &c li 1 l v apply at te bookstorn of e i Aloxasdoer',, oigCoo ,,-ii a, - n'D,'uo cood .lledie cor, J II Pr,'otIo he'tied himself in ohis city hir the lrpos I rnJ " rl rn.l e alll) nn t ernlt i .i hl' ,nl2, l I)r.tu b11sinrsv. Hle is ntow.v receivingrn full suppliy i IlI IreShl nllld nPllui n re O trt les, WhIIC leI--hl' will sell o liberal rtt To coyito o druogistr , and hoot eo l.t* it.oror, to ph0 s ianll·, irr h'n, s an Pilt .ni t r ie will nto ·Ir inducemennls such as have Inever be, If.'e bern efloeod in hlis city. lic i|tent ion is to d n oi trictly 1 'I iiomoia bu0sierst . IIt a lii ck wiill lin be chloplete, nd in a few weeks rvill bte rta. Iy hor usirtess. All orders nrom the counlryand 'rom merclhanrs o~a i i, cit, receiving such orders wll e promptly atitended i. oct N 39Camop ct PROS PEC'I'US. TIlE setsi.rihor PI)-oposes to piblish, in thie he. ginneit g "of the constolng winter, ai Condonsatio.n rl thot wentv votluos of thie Old and Necw Series of M1,rtli'i Louisialna Reports, to bo coimcriseod in tfur volumcli. .v., nccording to th.r rnodol of Peters' Conaloslto I Repotrtis. This work is noov in preparatinn by J. nlrtoc tHarricnn, Esti, of thin cityc. iosirtd by \Villia:o F. 1lraoln, Esq. 'The Editor is also pormiitodo by a distingnishld retired Judge of the Supreime Court, and by one of the sitting Judges, to oxpect from their persooalt SUpervisionll th, advantago which imay atrallyitt bie r,'c1odi from their experionce. Such a work is bicominig every day msori no esrsary, as the origioal i volulitinous, expontive, anld scarco. At iiCrcasinig curiosity too is nlini ftOst, iin the other Staitc of the Uion, in referenc to the pectliarnjurisprudcenc of Lnuisiana; and tih circumstance of thie nltterous principles here de. cided in thie adjustmient of conflicts of las, mnkesn thie knowledge of our adjudged enoses of prime uti. lity to tohe jrists of the whole Union. Moreovne, the rising republic of Texaos ihas adoptod our codes, andl thus there is a great demand for the Louisiana decisions from a frosh quurter. Conveiont notes, indicatieg the parallel cases decided in Louisianao, and occasionally those in the more authoritativc lorums of the othlir States, wini no addeld to euch case. 'The worck will form four volumes, royal octavo. and will be dolivered, hound, to subsc.hters at o (6 per vol.; int caco it lshould bt foundl pranticablo to cOmpress it ilto three 'volunmesr, thie p-ice to inU. 'co.rt o , wtill bI t 7 p,:r vol. Subscriiptoioa received by IV I McllKEAN, ledi cor Calnmp and Comonllll dtS. 110rl T"SA. E N) RETAIld r CO3Ill AND) VA V IlI':TY STOIC-at rto sipgn of the gollen conlh lIs '1 C, hartres stca... Thle subscribers have re ceittSl it 'it'1ooiou to their tirevi ios st k on o ilte i frll to aurt'oioie t lit' tt ucikttt,tiiistt OttotJ o'i-tltttph- tt orootllototl if tiot.niooS ill their tillr. liiZ orl, Irtlr\ Jlr, broshonetr, loekig gtlsen, fclo. t'uu' t'oo,'rJ.e`"i'ini in hi pooltt.. ftittllos 01.)'30 lOS-tttoro,oc hl ''llh t.( ~ll uktlt qiaEt;llrtl tIa it, tit o 't i iar l t, L iclto oro, n.i r ld. n' , nerosk, nrlozilhnul fvlllowe rf evaery of cyc:rilzeian dtello13sl whnih nll' Srtlle ,xitt iitneeilar ooil'altiomoto er cJhltoooedY-oiotoh of nire ltccoitinh ostocaioogit ochiotitot Isct r n, dreist iing poitenckel, toecphr oithrio g¢i'llrlill 114-oF|IDPll t ol'iT,'rellhltnlll Am .i ean.lT~l I t Ft" 31 t t-- 'ohogfe ocaveohrn, logoiirhl.ih'tev h I:,y, ro..e,adl( Or~illeCC anro'wr wafer.,. lf everry rie andl de.f ri titnrr, cStll il ilolac o~ge, etract'iof a gt .rt nnt ot. L onOlKIv sttlltos1tf:,11 ki toil n alsn nd Itoits, iictot'ccotsowt't an ihoototcmtooitdci metital eso,n Acii creosn o con cVrbl l ceoetl c hldc' hoi ilrho bcer anI, s t 10eda 100:a~l' ocotthtlig rotntdo hlin coill perfocied itntootittn in plot nielt rootlori atind olctori, tooet nsie l tll IitO~IIitoi cnilh a enrit sit rtonolntio of Ioe setts, cociolin OF hitr and reol colnl i ornlca to ... telalic rhnp, pe in ilagrte, bron s o lt hsi ofa gro ,, r - tv of ,al rns, w\elc hel Iimmki-ls n P ad csivar .ickles, *lrer lfiml'', silter a h it gourchain I~tl;.IES--Ct~h h~l, du~trg 13l~erund htortl,for tar, lesh, ltti,, plto, cocb, Noili lacving, sho and Svhllte'f/l l 1 roll.". I i.OjOKItN (n'.AiSSXSti'O--tlGeoccrtatit anod toilet j flnal..% 13/.gllir.`.ing slidj Frellell dlressing- ghlneaQ, haole to, oitlt o ".nr'cvt'o ofoitohr kiitno nool e3oiiilcr;ltsd. i I.'ANGY ANt) V.\110T'Y Alt'l'151.FS--Fiench rillloltoitac oltlrlaolt de,,ka ohod dricino caces, sooeo Svery rictl R1311d fnelv[\ .-litLII d alitilY wVork I1OISilllll drea-· .1r'onittii' o ilfrio'1to kinidoi' olino nni]titrt,t t r.o' ihrci'itc. ph:ttt goui ioitls tiltlortiowoud pontil, iotr ioei'lhntooi -'rto :roytont, o;'l'lll tte',o-'clg llt Itolto illoot t ot.ilo' tod ,,'iitlouti c eetio'ps. iooereio0n0 cti.r ltoeooioi cop toCirgete, lToptote srtw(|retr, 'o hot bh'tc, lcIlcoca'., poInts bLhtokilo-, iti' te~ll sells, |allilln beadsl~ of rvcl'y k "d~, ellls unt ] inllllO..2 fleetill l elnl~lhllln tllilt raznrs 111hII s tisso ut 1111 b!13s: nci'.lrs, ioot,..ilvEr d.,tcd steel u nd omls .Peeta Ole.% .oeket booio o ltl waclletc hoo t ll'iol- kinsclee vi'otil. to.,'11a:113d cIted rLLols Itli lli eri oidd 13fo,'re lll tta ooollitl nttiloicoofitiolaotidoy lli, iooclllioll fdirniih,,.r boto prlo, Ot oto hi"',a kion, p ltorho ei ,i-'ol Ellll'flnEr. n , llilhnlall'S and( III\ hllawk aZIn nrat r l' btrt .;m tlleud[lic tt~uae4,dirr s, Ilnt.ry ['¢.ad nlecklac t., {o ri.ltl -trr drJI(Ps,|o',, wltthes, ,Pa·r[ hulhl I1% pov.'der Ilnlask. eai arlc pliiio'"'o' ilrlltit't '"iii cotli ·~l t'oot gI11 tutu'jl t IHIot l thl ''-'er't ,.rill IaIn, .oIotort i'-llsl -,oo ' oI ititicn cort l ft'et,.ll tlalIor'dgi'o n'coll ira kga,iio n r b.'.ard, II:,'e, o .ieasl .` Iellllt,..C\ je .hal ..lB · [(on aO Ce IitCh1 iill tal ~ill'.' oi o'll t., h o- o1 1 cir.: v~ie o I t l r at| I" ~ ] t.',,, ltt;i ,,.- ai ht',' -i.,( i~i), rrt:',] tlv TIlIE INDIAN'o I AN\oIACFA. OR1 thle cure or-heumali r ascrnlila orkia evil ,go u , Roy S ciatica.or hip louttl , l wi; i entamcet :dt , saltreum, Hiil philitic tml meretrial elise'ses, particularly ulcers and itftlulnfections of the bot,, eerteil thrlent i l sins- the Ito ils, uleers of every dlescription, lever soe eso , no inteornal esses, fistols, piles, ell head, scurvy, biles, hol- to the ie sore eyes, oevsipelit,ltlotlit, a'nd everi .) ietOtyftCit- Place, moeus altfection, elrolie (:,;itrvht, head ache pooceetl- .ItSt g from any acild humor, p.in in the stomach oli dys- [ii epsii proceeding fronmvariation, aflflctiosofthe live, expert roonie inflammation of the kidteyst, and genlerl delili. iland hi caused hv atorphii etion lofthe vesselstofthe skits. It oised I s.ing:ltelyefliccoiousin renot ating those eolstitutions to the hioh h.ve beeln broke ditown by injudicious tei atmentt litittli ivetaile irretul-arities. In genetal terms, it is o .t, m- slanlh, ended in all those diseases whichllariseP fiom inmplurities t at f the blood, or initiation of the hlumors, of wlhatever at'siol lime or kindl. Ioslii Some of the abore eomllnaits may require some trl. peoof ingansstant pplientions, whichthuccircumstmees of thle menet tose will diett" ;lhut for a general remedy or lPurifclolo ot m remove thee ause, the INIIAN'S PANACEA wcill d1h1 eetrally he mootl sfllloient. peolU 'VTO THE l'UIII. to" the Itow trlo it is, tlhat mlern Physicians, tn their lm- to sii ition to excel in their profession; explore the vast liclds CIottle olscienoe hv tle aid ofl'tioisty, iand seekl ok t new rci comop0 edil a lgelita; il short, to :arive at perfection in the IV ell rtcetice by means of art nlone,-entireily overlook and heall eglect, as hcleath tlhei nltreer, thle rich ald hollltullrous In p: l tores ofimedicine, is hicll the Almilghtly haIs caused to table pring ott of Ike earth in iitrit clime! 'And iow nuitel Unit' nlore true isitth:d while the American iPhystloiiul looks logeF to foreign countries olr llnll of hIl. mlst Ionmlln ai.l the Ii iecestmry airticles, perltetuallly elhanging as thei are nt I er the dictates otf:tishioiil r' lly, lie is suoitroideoill in his .1. A swn coulllntry withal eandlessprofusitin of medical pl.ullS, otel suticite t to answerlany illllictia il disease or to cure Gent anly Ctableb disordee; a.: I vet he is ignorant of their vih- this toes, and tlhey ae s.lfetioto 'wastetheir healilng on the iust lesert air.' I TheI'ellfectsof ovegetable medicinel upon the system ore em oto'ay-those of minerals lasting. The lifrmer exr ert ei etfectsanid pass off--the lattcr, mercurv in it,- i by I tieultr, act chemically upon the solids, dcltmposinlllg I o the bones ind undcrmlting tile constlolotitl iy a sllowv I ial sure ilestruction. The eongeoiallity, licieny andl S.\ FI' of vegeta ble remedies over mineral'l, nmrY no eslilated hY olltrast ingthe ancient practice ithe modete to bing it nloreimmeldiately unlerourvll Oobserva'l:tio, Ith hi tau pralctice with liat of ithe whiltes. Who, in Ameria ns ias not knlown ol leard of Irt etled llIstnceos whltei 110 some deeleo idl, inleottethl"nitfe itilhli:tian, II .leansa yi herl Simlllie iemenldLlicslllnn l has adi'.lltlel rIh ,ollSt Irapill I r sotil astishtlitg .tors, alotfl the 'llioioo Iatolica of lthe I -emmnll pratcticce, directed in the most skilfll itnaneI I rt ofllhrolicdiseleamo ltm? ill .Who ha, e hellrd Iuti ofan ndianll withll constltition brllokt n and rhtited bIty ia9ie illreatmnent? A:+d can a dohitexis thll this happ)" ex- Iot elllptiol of the savage from most of the ills which ti e L br ficsh ofoman is heir to, is ehietlvy owig to more genia A andi sfe remedies which het cnploys- 'i'his asi itosh- A, ing dliftitr tce in succti s, is a fli eon'tilifolitit) of thie , 't llillte supllleliority oif te silie andllll sli: means of cureltl i which God -ihas ealted for the beonfi(t, o his vlhihl'enl over those which the pride and tile at't of tlol hale ill FIrom i lvnl g rosidenle among a portion oi the f holrig-in a, llhabitali tsof thiscountrly, alnll tl intimate uain- llyil - tance with the methads (f care of snode oe' theirmost suecessl'l pa.ltilioners, tile p ,rictr of 'Th( , lndin n 's 1 S'll tl,'ea llllt lllt It k oll\ll lgel' i s lome of Ithe mo ist iowe''I l t ti itiveiteloli s Io. ollt i t er tl t iesi oilictdl suLh Iux \ erle mllal t elo i'll ciL" :1 ' lll rll ' pit'n tst'llS, : d 'ller l t 'illllts c rpen ri s It+let e ht o ru. ciplesat. h 1 rllyl , ~L. th he le asco ibn i .d tlhem i I it le tllllem hb:. e plesnlted, :iS thie. ,oat pertf eci d to l lei cial hfor thn purposll l 'll- which it 1 thpUpr;etr oflurs;hi: preppsi.on to .... publie, e.i. with the crnsci.'im 111s1 I h. . he i . nlahl u, withinthei, s, ' 1 0 Feuur ofh ltitt ilFitF itF tO ilitiilbled T slit such nlit will pruov of inealdculable valie, as the mleans, 1 anld ilt nimy i.u s, the ugly ntausoli clicitit gheii irsilt el, liriogs anid ,tsltoing Ithem once nml e til healtt i and l Ip- 1 it pinesls.. Thisls lnotalll'rt d r ls a o ltllitlt 'enm l til , JIth I lmay pter eoll lllte he eqtual good wilh tllnlyi liters inow in use, but ils one w hich is capallble of st ig lit in many 1 extreme cases) hi it Alll'll t l t enltdiesl. This it r has dove efleatletdly; aid thistl is the reputtio it hats ob tained wlherever it has been introducedi sir It Is onlyabout three yoerstitce hitspreparation was lilt. presenled to the publie:ltt i In that short space it ll I- i Let some hindreeIs of persons might he found, ,ho wouhl nn solemnly declare that they helieied that their lives were i lsaved b it, alndll its mostlaseslilr they buhid Ltried Imany l ull it1d ll ll s all the co1mmo remedies in lain. il ti- lt evee it is k ow n k it isa llldk- I 1ui g111 into t l. ii, and this i merits. ti ' 0 The value oft!lePanueea i mLost consplicul sil ithose roc long stadinlg ilnoL svphilitic and secot'ildouos at ,elolnls ^ which havl e doied lle ail olietr r el.i s, uld pariticuiliarly the inll those cases where.ll Illl eltr hlis ied, ll slais ill ` .used L as to cllh e lt istre ol aillo it iI l t u lil ti, t ,l l e .l ote O i a' ulcers, de'r .r nct1nlt of the digestive o (t g:t s, ¢_ . t IThese it comp letely" renoi esl. , ;ol it all cases itetir'e yIv cndiel ,s th. direa,. :.or l fi ', t; o m qe',. , ru - . tole the coustit , l I e l lllilnd a well. i1 illto ltt it oo ItI 1lt1-'t:. ,l Otto tse iltotI I iti hl i y e oiets are 11o lts pp:l t e . gi ; l i l Jas k lt'nu ilnvl pr tl e i. tle: , a !: !l.! o :l, : lnv.' i ll t o l'l:". , inld ls tils I:lt ti-:P:. lt lt li i . I Ii prl "lier cls s, s l ll I1IE ' ll l sl lslhllll tý I o , i r i .ll l . + t ally c l .,.tr ss".I, it itls. 1 'l. , nlt II- sr d'" ;eel latn" l:.s : ,I t. ereti-nIs,1.g' srto r .-I",lh,,:1 : antc n t ., a al '.I :,cm - hl M II i., [ll t F h lolooultuil it tiht-itv.l v'tII t'tl'. ', 1'ii"tt tlt. h ivc i tif Ales n0,0' etl.ioi, nllett h," 1, ll.. l l,,1 1. I li al igltlo,, isto istus tio ht re sAltito llt', :",I i it hi s ht ,ili lilm ll Ii lte ll iltlt.r Illt i .i ;, ,,llo ll : Ii al 'll- ,i l iter o t by oohl i 'oousthIool tco eopla.n tt fti hecll,., souns will do we I to use tlla llU O cs in sm .lll d- r ceo. \Vhhetever a diht d,.inlk is onsidr.vv c,-ee; ps this Illanacea, ltakn hioe a small d ol .; till auI trtt ale its purposes, in lltiuch iess time, lit less exptleece, 1. i ot co t" ilmore grl.e:lhle itsallner than the cin.e de. ik hl - The ldtIillooting et'ilietesggit ofally Iooho s siloilio', ptl lhih .l ight bt 'oeptloc Iltl, alrl given to sii w o ll . ibr totlt it to hidtoleIton's 1:ltutu, iittei mlln o ittltee nl 00001ef ( tDet lIltlll out ttul llevloll, th ll h 'iOi q te eotlp l eot l ll tu te lmeltionoetlcloo lsotoxhit l ill po theoliot , sei islov'ob ) Iv . an'uuter sslltie'y'ity overIhe b lt.l los litol eounit use. ti CilauIttSTo', Nov. 15, I;"1. l)uringt helast wliter alllllds rili g, [ Il li letiliect. willv i t avery severe nIl- distressll lhg t 1i-lo Ontaibn o. n.lt ed by In eoilt. Iolf h ll ll hel'. Ii o t l ak Igf iat ilisure lti l ie t te tp e lo e h 1o o s ul I c oioiot 'tly r c olll n c it to :all shnihialy alllitotd. Iji JOIlN Fel g'o ''lSON, Kilt tgst. i th C IAlts ttoi , 1:och '27l , liltl i'. [ was sv:eol ahat ithree ye ullSsincel vilth adish'esig al rhenlatism, ou lted by takiaseverl cold, li hlht ooder li theinflue.ce of mreutcry, .ild which has disabled r fiO l bulsiness nlearlly evellri sincle. I)liug Ihls p rlldild have heli a pllatient in the l a1rine liospittl, in this coit uwalvds l four inlllills, and ileairly the same leugth, si time in tIe lialimnore Ilospitd, :tll Iiiel Ahlost eve- d' remedy, with little benresi. O(l the Ith of Februhlrl list, at that time searcely atle hn meo' allolP upol crutch - p es, I conunlenced the use of Il;in's Pa nat.ae. In oil, month I found myself entir'el}' Iteed fro'm pain, And or l. now happy to statlk that I cousul ermyself pelrfectly well, W,\'. TI'UCKE"IR, i3 \arket st. 10 CAFES of SCI{OI"ULIOUS UI.C'ItS. Now \'(ORK, Sept 1i), 1820. a, l T'his may certify that in the fill of 18.1, I was seize n with a swelling in my neck amt lhce, which l :allie'wart 15 ulcerated and became lage g.lastly ulcers in ny nett. ell Alier'ry itvei'alplh asiaiislOl) advaiagpe, I wen' pa to Philadelphia, and placed mue..lf under the caret rii deathia :. n ..... 1,I o.. .. iders his life_ ..... ... ......1 0 h abtue :1o a v. su WIM 1111111 I wtotilioet lot'3 t enth lnltil n il, I ce, no-l andl excessive I rtio in the keg mi :lll :uIICIP joilll· SeV·I el oult pernanent benefit. li t i Iliscalsu lieu battle 'IAHCt i' I' A l~1'MI'I, I1S Mb'o For salet II IIENRY J1UNNA Ilt;., drugist, .-, tn;, hit di'olnll mrs, ' 'chrnpifaba late street If NEW ORLLE AN8if ' AI1VILLE RA1IL OlI) 1 COMIPA\Nr. FjIE stocklhnla'cee of tihis company ire hereby no t tiliad thai by it eresutiaan of tihe hoardt otftire Ctaon pnwawa oil tihe 11tIt htat. the call illold on thew au the 13th F aettatr last, hart the Ie taoeitta oat aie lari;t N slime, win~ ret-rinduel, unit Ihcs.ld tl )El\elholder 1 ar fharther notified tihattat fatethetEa ataliti itt oaieo iehar avda the I1tll' bst, ha e al tatt b at filt 1 haer tat1 tat nlrOil rtorlliel ldetl of tiar ate (Nlirw O a s adl Naijhilaeli ail IHoatd a plloll lfor the folloawing ptaaavnw r d file the stoctita ld ha spec tivtly itt th a' i two tiaitar, e Stea l,, paatbla on the int dally of ' Sep):laiteahaeai; tao daal.ld per shar parblfe ta tihe frattdoe f Iitt cber nela ; nlad alta a dhllarar s'et'la ha paythic an the ii at day ta lit ari uitnx. , orv thllerefor he it resolvedll than t 1II1 secrreturF of thish companly stlall uIntil}- for share hold.'t Ixct~n through tilip t aliC praaltsoii lthe a1 ltet ill teiaaaeaaaa witha the sixth antala oaf tae aja' th _v ae atted to i'outl'""e tut. p avent called it: ia ii : satikr taril 'ctupuny forU the term of s ixtyv days, t,-oet a t of i et a dottttptawhichait irimaade aatahloaeadwit thie '011,011 n dlItt howevetrtii that ifno aatyltaiah pat ithi tihet said Iirolnll~rral~o s of sixty day,, trimm afatra Ila al an aataiel it shoulld have tee pat d, that tllro the stuck oil aaa:aa -aidll Iavaaaataa tatealaaid eloat ee , iia t aents -,*rtliiteal totlte companyte tha harter o1 eltea Int aaitatimperative In ett foattat a'1·, s alnlsic ftheateoktlet aaahaiaiaaaaaaidt pa, s tftr to path oat' the pa a meths on heir tauck to the endl of thle nel~liriilll sixty dl:lrs, which the, ellrlrir aalla''ttltaaaa,n ateataiialtieatait epaaaatrnti'toltr e hr cle aran u fte is fSp tat tierllext, matl ht, iatatal atinder the tixth siacta olf saidll chartler, mtil Ill, t dry ciatar r Itrr, tat tata flip [lurnlnut n: It two ,tense,,; per shorn rltaor, tat daanalat til,- ist 0111hlre til tt amir '0,ml r ot tuetat of two l latla ttajttia hte oil ll·,l tilr nmi "ltlr ou t111 tdat Ilatta a at t1, mata t be hjtaaaal" tatai l. tit.:3ti tlhy of April u0t.t, Ettatta tat tatr jatattata~ al rita haalred j tnn iii A It IttekAlit. a'ry,. JtttIN It t;Ii 1A11A. Roynl College of Physicn-s, Loal|4n.ia. i[HE o-iginal Vegetable Il'geiall Utitersitl Iadi jiooe, t-eced by W Naiskio, Esq. Mlueor af r the Ioaaal Collge of Slagcons, Licentliat of Aplthe eo'y'ntnonalpny, Follow of 1olt Conoet Sooleay, Soaftoa ioeta oo the Roy,,i Union Pol.nAio lnhs4citina, L.... a .. a- a . Plnace, Waterloo lrilge, mt ierul Pl eal l of Guy' -i nod St. Thons's Hllospitanlst, Loondon. i T'his v'alu:oale medieline, the result of twentoi aer.ns Rgn exllrit,:cc 311ce and unparldlelu,] sucecess in tile e.xtlsive atrd :at halll lespealtlhblc oractice of the propiriel, I:eito- A tlanad lay ithe iooaIalta-a all notility- otal inl awo ihlitotlata '! htag to the notice of the American itubllc, at the e:atilIeSt ot- - licitatliont l a aaumbern ol'gentlemen of Ilo,ngm hl t it h the sltanltt a in ttle pnoi esslont it is holaena, ots a ntrtelhti- non Ini a " step, to chleck tle evilsc naltl i.tnl tcllseltlences I in oeri aillafon t tIle att of attn iattte-nan tlls tai ala litlarhatat II 'sIILrIos hflistedI Ijop l thle puhllb e by thle tsid oi'lftillf e l ·11ted l p loofs of mitneulouos tllce, Ilnn otlther iLiO nls, Ityn set ofl me tceoelea , tlalltilcllet o pretcemlers, so totatin- l ignlorti te ot mntdical seieice, thnt it impoussihle lthe a nonstroa s fO neluion c ot any hnaagee gat ilointi n e ijtil lit en th people oflthlisctoutre . "TIhesop ills, m diltl atIn -tigeta ln I ae-a in theh" t ata re, shotult be k m i- a ta iaasaaa a, ofsul e ill ,tEss, ftto., f their n i aomal t tlaIl nistrlalatih Ic cholier, erlanlpi, s ttoaa ol: , fevers, ialll ott r llalllla lla t mt lali ntllls, whh l itc fenl pove lthinkl mll;y bel sp e'tdi- e Iti aoelle oi' -aeienttelted. I atlit, tall hose wht o vitl-t at od Iacl-lh, should aleirt be nithout taem. lThey o re tta tat in p:lckatsoh t at lt lett S1 tt d i 't , eaana t lh haly overy snat-'t tabl!le dru· lF, i slf J)rl.ksrllelr, llml Ye h 'ell"~l·l IILtiedill Ci ' i,.th United Salten l 1 I e (:anall:a ts, ith a oli lo, s lllrecti olls, logeolhee with. esntantialas of paolaaasitnut abilit- fir ta I tthe ltll, iatta emillent ,,nti lalmcn: ln h A .a lle A ltattn aa., tn. f Ahaoettoaelhy. Jonieta Iltaittlo-I, N1. I)., WV. lno{k, M. I)., 1. Aaton Key, A. Il'r:tt tonor, . M. ., atId a llllllelrOi ollthetrs. The otigitiils maty be aett it iSSa-ttsioI o ath i s Geoni:ld Agent, hy atlho the maid:ioie is imaorted itoa tic .this .ctllllr., and to wirlo all a11pllplit.atiolls fIlnloci o Inustlhe made. ol JNO. IHOIlEIN, 12 Wav,aerly Phlce, N, ¥rk, Sole (;,nel:!l Agent- for the Uaited SIates, Ic. i SFor isale hy oplointment of the aligin:al tpriltuiatttr. ca Ithy ,wia & llontrtnh, lh-aggat-s, Noo It ( 1eml ee a atteto Aatiet aftn ttlaa-oee ol Latiatan . jta l t ] ,Y' 11 LE-t t co, No --.ot:ltzloe street, ae so - K rw - recetiit n firo mn shiif s Nl :sh;lle, l.,lisvic l - lat-atal-oi, Itagleat -I ott latt aoh itals II'nto .ta-it S': tilern eilt es, , g i algro:an t niw sleteall assrtlltllte nt l I I!;is, ulots, Shoes attlll|ll lioaans, i a, Onnsiti l ~t t ti-.- t-' nll-atna'S fille cli a: tilld tatataItCO I h t tat on t li do anlllf'l iln sllolt 0 :x po g eo Ioit I al'hli. s qtuta iti es; n-latigts fhlte ta ll"h sntolt la tha .In IIloroa rhv, plips :ul b gll s, ulck akin s -aoe -, b'ogtanal tat - I roeta ; iln bootI ; a da o slollt kit ntI I a WIaX n-tlntt shoe. I i ia l ralogl sa geintt letn's best ttt at liilty c al-saeta shoes- I n1--og-ans :t - a, ckI I )tntt nltt st itaa f ral .toro ao-tl c i' wkelh shles lied brlo,.,:ls; ihi culf, se:d andl .11tioroc,, i. I alialn riioes nlllll sli ,p+.es, do ellf, hli.' illlnl se., Wnllg, a- a ,lfw laUtlta l do itlle ca ll, setl. n lna niaralccau ,l, a a Iasei; IIV.t"', I stlsies'ollad children's peo ted atl-d svuaela I - Lngt ls, tanld shIts t of eetl'V Iqu.t lit o : eld ki l nd. Also a genlall a l ssolttlloeto t aa ' lnlll'a stOi t wr n, lll d ,- r.Au blttst a oo ld holt, LIo toataet ,ittil o, 0tI ta illit" a a' .: l-o Itst -allaliiY, i ' t l l:tllilro la sa lll ilted hia it tttaeLilnoo-a-t-ol y-aa1ttaaatt nnaioa-natalan'-l a tiatia ni, us oeextIrtoessly ta or la ln Intati uh eI1 a oa i l I1:t.a o at 'ine o i-an a os li qne t:ai stout ki t i i tilsstllht lla at , tt - I w ,llticl,, 'ndlilll a urge qmielllttl y of . inlhfeliohr qllahli t Itheualn'ao- iroa-tloni-tttntg tin latlt iIIatIIIal lnlonollll , 1 L a.ai a s'l tt : ", elt , l i acl t la. ta rl Icc n.dia ga llrn itt , a i i- p ~Umpl sole shoes; d ii fle lFrenh .\1uloco uilil khl v't: a1 --a ll.I . lilbl1el -- tthtla-t-a llih . wth-n - - illaaaalaaa ( +cli "r 'I I~lsl' :lutll llllid nilll e Ic 1ttl.Ifljl~l~li dUI I to :Iitl~llt.:ll .litu at at laaI t lOl k a as aa ti-llllies do hiIst i al.l rl s I :i s'l ti hwi ht t''. .1ai atsea'ti al.lh i n .h T aia, "I U! ('l8ilI. ~ih!- I'i ~ ble .it l | 'll .' I· II (1·);1 ( l',lhl. h ', 0, aI--I a-a:,, a aai a l,- al o s; ilh p li 1.w rit t gcu lll. It , a lt u ata t ita h o, .a ,- n1. it a altops t Illipah-t. - tei latao at ,llI ItIaIItil: nl -IS, alll ,Il ni 1.111t lO nT l Ji.tl i " r I ve -r e IIl llt~- tlta, aniaLa aalaltn adlt Iat hela a tut liib.e tltll a i , I llitn ta t tila atpell. a i. -ltll tatallt tlh ihaa n Itla l lcaltif 1I0 an t h s ies (¢111 nii i- i tatdae-', sa n tlt 'itt i t t' lla ta tiah r C ellt1a h'nIe itaa-l ilun al t,, l rih· allilla lrthi , m - i- h anen i a o-I t a t 'l aita n Tl ottil - t I i . I a ta taii it tat,' I f. IWiihe ap.ptllished n I in itil lied Ioli.I/li. h l g.iI i-' 1 tiidIll |"| i il.til. 11 11111 lrl· 1· 111 il .liil (l'p ll'n lui : Irl - Irllt -al atait'-'lh hI l at hldu .('h m b trl ts il , lr it in t ianlevn r . at a- I l ll litatlt i y OT III I CFl :1 11.14 to:1~~ iir abs a ai at tee n - at -n. ot a tti e a l,- t a rt t ,- ha Itat e O uI rit l -a at oa t it el tI a l--a- r - t hia it n -at naI t ao tltaataalll h. t t a-aot ta a 1-tt' . t I i tas -It e li, h tt at- ith tatle r I t f . l li Itr . lr, h et lhll . hthI al tt, livt' Ii ta t'ntlar p hlc '-t iie tallatttalIl rtalth~ laaaa rllian la 1g atalh ult'an '1"t,-taaa -la-ah-Ih, - I a1 )' f 1 ,1'. a s plhyFl Onf Ft lit aaI a n - L a I ',llli i The ,ll ' werli ber btl. e g ul. is thrthe lit'l ,lit re'in ,,i thl t ·lurllt , tSll at ht e C i~ aI t" pir t wtll l nt i b atito tIllfllt l -illl - l elelt h'!ke Illsu t l hl INd, t - llG uhe i t ee , ur ither tl w i nll alh. olr) rtalolr llli, a lls e ell r I 1i Io i lntry I -lr a i ai,-lila I I n IIi l ti i ,tr r .h, r il.l.i ,, 1 It1IlI i'"Ii lri:iB' \ o il~l. ( 'l~~ll 1I~l' 1(:L1. ouiui-, Ia as I ' a ,,t, - Il, alt t.,1i: y r' Gar: (,den ,e,11Sor e, 85j C sI tOI l l I-. - an ta, 1t,,--,a'a-,L ta', l )+T lu i-LtN h -t,,;u+TT] i tNO el -A con t ant ,- ytat '- BitatNa , U'lI tt m itnd r," pul ver In - a otin t.alri and S', ke rs' e , air -ta Natathla, flotanli oa tt-i a llt ati t .\Iata ta n, .ta lt llnt ta l't t l-ala-l], it lana t. heI tat a . Itntlyi no-a:litto-a ',. ll itt t ,t-an I . ni'-ni , llahtrta.t,' ni ttnn,.' Lp hog- Onine tat. oat'ta- a::lt-n itait n.ta' aattl-nnt-ataa fl-ld .i~~l'' lllI ,nitiil lllaaa iaa ln l.a, l ctl'1 aii- o Inn1,u ltt :1( ia--a a 'llrl,ibaannnt i Int aniyi fl'l& + ' a- r, n-natty "o-n , ', an lol t (ig .tati n l a-a [~i ala,-" -t at- l't atatl t tat-t a nti atontaala-' ta. .. m ala-a ta-aill" at-h a- e rlt --at-I Cat . ttaiati, a-ta--at-at--e. aloe n-na .,nu, ,11711fol mvYo. SNlv it \h~s r NO feel.: havn alretantady r tetytdiuoc IliotreoI.'ha ia-anallatn'ito, tlatti a, -ait rtiarlt liart wean 4natal itt-at rFancy Pockal t ia,.oks.-Under thla hea willh b found aI splendid variety of ladlis' and gentleman's poaklt t booksir, t, no, arl, nrtad:o and Rielal cals. Fancy alcks, spatap rs. a c.--Of the lactest patter'n snLd of lsuprior qalily, CaoSlailtg ofplain and liLgured satin, bonb.zr:n, vtelvet and cloth slocstk, linenll bosuca, plain, sad lirncy with aild without ruflles, shirt coltars, ulpelders etlled Washingtun suspe11lder, also, gain elastic worst. ed and cottoultt do, with and without rollers, pantaloua straps with wire springs;aud a great va. nrity of gentimaon's wear, iado expressly for tile rotailtriade, by A. L. Vanhorn and on of 'Phlitl. delphia, Combs--A general and completo nasortmnon ofcomribu flsom their Ianutfaetnry.Aiso, English ail French dressing combs, tc. dec27 RUSIITON & ASPINALI.'S (1031'MLPUN 1D TONMl .ItXTUR IE.-A spat'idy and cor.itn clra fir tIhe Fever and Agut, remittent anird inlermittent IevelS; prelpared s ioi the ori'onll recip.. Usa:d I th eitnunt and uni versal success in 1833, by personsr of tho hirghest reIpn'taility in, this cily, as stated in tihe arnnexed certifictes. " Tl'is titdicilnr is highly rerlnrended, andt h:as brllnl eraxteni,aivaly usre in the above dal iseases witlh isuch distinguis(id saIICCea, that theii propricetor (if! the, recipes hat been induced to oflfr it to the pubt. Iic in its presenit furori' in the hop that it [Iay he thlie laus lo rethoving many of talhos whol arlt. ualferin.t under the scourge of our oalltry. It is a ImedriaiLln pllarsssing gratlviltnl, and whni used tcoarding to Iho directions has never failed of .lffectinll a ellre, cVtll ill tiao most obstinate stalge of tlh disorder. It is not at all lisareeaiblh, atrn persons of aho wlaket stonaeCll, lanld calldren may lake it with inpunity. It Etrengtliheus thera digestive organs, creatusa an lppotite, anld asldoin requir.s mntora thanit on, or ill obslilate cases, two Irolltat to .ffect a curi. lhero is neither mercury rnor arslicte i the medlicine, nor any thing injurious to the hIllntuan cons.titution. Tile prloprietors are ao well convinced oIf its efClicacy, tit Ithey lgree, to refiand tihe price of r veary boittl which Ihas boen tallan in aecordancl wtllh the directions aild halla not Iell'aoted it a ierfc cure of till fv:ner & agae. A. OLIVE'II, sole agent for Now Orleans, at his whioesaiu and retail drlug anld liladthin stlore, corner oif r'ti'nvrll' and Chalrtres streets. Fior Dishrirt Agcner's apply to jo5 T. W.IV. 1'I'I, 48 Conti 4 t. HARROWGATE SPRINGS .re trlacl erv cautr, v laRull t. 'THREE D.L I JOURIEY F.IRO.I .VEI' Tr IE Irprotrietor f tIhis esaltabliashlent has the plea .llrt, of al li£la tii hio I "i'cial: ar atnd tire tull in; eli lt. tli t tie Iillihe a ralirelasby l ihe firest ay ofI oav I' receive visilers. lis. will alao intt tia r tir e he-'b nefit oflthose at a dibtauolW, that the "e hive been lnu'ge in vllllliul int tdll o nu d ot urs a going amll ail innll lru i ll n " L rapid proires l ir completio nir, icwill elalu le Ir Si.r.ler to :Iell.lore It nr aUio lartonyl in illier thian hest uio, and t tlis psa of tihrcu much bettr ar enu a diliu ateand wcilll e idnllontod it goldanccml tore iho retuni| his u.rnltr call h l large cb bis i ched frfiri Ft is deemed nier a rs aon.t n I say anyrhisl i plr aicr !I ir silla ehnrarter oI theser wat'i rs, fr'a it is gearrrlls teli.ned that hey are nli iinlerior ill ally in the oulh rn SaCtuhs. All the annit iiemra rliearae galmn th eni msiet s aini brtl'tae, will be fotud at tlIri . Trsi lest muminsc that this part ief s Cosilaitr. a-lmii, has a In" sriirc duinhel a whole tat rsii IJnirt I JUST PUIIIfIEI)FROf STEREOT.I-T'f PL TES", r"Iie P ti It: diioi fo 1n1091,1 rTJ' T l 'lxA: I'.t:'OF INlTfLtEtT: iii If0 snlih l tlld lit o is c ntelln-Avclage 'L'inln (nlcln . tor, it. rasm methods r lthtinsig the verage time \\e oil strage, tinola of h.a.ld or bills o goodls, he:ln ,ciu. by hascedl at dilrent datis. an11 di.felnrenlt cred'tits, anil tIr 'inous anmoult; blesidsia usefuil comiicplete fatikiig' Thi .ime 'I' le, the best that run he contrived. o . that fi gtirs canl pi iluc withinl ti e isami e colltdectill cnlolllss, tiid size ul ts pe. 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Ii sllnl illn l phrt, by' ch a mliles of t h" •ub 'cibet -, nw d :a t' ' of thile h sl'la i nl't puIl' Iii'rh e s, iel' the e .ltt t ltllh r l l t he i l ,l i ftIviolpu t h el.l sc.i. s a 1 citizh ns in evil) qua,. Itr is IV,, nv't r lwell klhow itcl ht0, trits rei 'ly cllheck, I iit bll it'oll llllt ,l'o t e bllo. r - ' I rirh ' it' I :I .th ,!i~l 1 tl'y hoo h ""O', |ev i thm ceul l mml omnp 1 cord n'ith hrlil , nil iti 'a"Tledfu ess, anoe IIh,:-absoltate n. o c si ty fIrs its ,Ii +O s-, ha, c1: bi.^ t'rr,,r h' oen :,iosi- iln1ise i l l *. I so ,vtdlh, t'., h lor 'e I1- Clt ' bee i *ts :\la n ta g I ad',I .t ilit' t hL %uil t II it V IO -+ |:l ll pl lilo 't h fi rm i li| i 'l1" in vllcs ' h' a d t II io, atel ti ' : :tl alt lL p in ) , u.I I'" dt ' ,i :n 11 h por' li. 't ot owe prirtl , l ,%, ,, t h .1 ,u" I I. , il et i ll to. 11 1 im ll ii 1 1 im , I t.ii ' p " 'o l h +.ylit m an d ttll |+i, l l ,t tl o te1,t.tm,: 11'. t 1 .. tt , l, ,t.:i · l " E lli l the's i.l:, " i hol 'lat p h:,,. I, T ll .. Ill ' , h. t p'.-i. , l Ci l th ,h i in, l.l h. tie , 1wrll) d a fl.l lte, h. , , p'-e : l ,: itu,,, n cu t t to. I ri oit i n wa, i'':, Ilw ih Ih:,t o i. , ro y :lol | n, :a 1a1 v .l i I l t fi l , i "' n .ll i .l· hd i s lik' invo.c IU"tIh ., " o optte, o:i ali a"l. l b ip ',lllel' th i sm: l ,, tlhll 'o' Ihts iti l ( c oll' i , ,, I th:t1 t ro Sa cuk;, i hamd pbli.eth" ir Iian eolt the xtr,\ i, ;cord hi, , xar mim Ih+se tll Il',, i e :,lt Poo tli1 hook oJr h*. It'.' h, II pr'par 'ld h. ihe lliimel l oll l low h;w m id, h o ' Ih, m s ll l liT I s ca tiiotn h . f iodh Ills o ii\1ii: Ilil o lll i rl" lill." h ,l it Ia Wo lhl h lll tl . to n tqri lilt'}' ll l- I"'i I1o ':' Id i" l '- I( ft+te'.t',a rl :h.,,r ,t allis ,Wl',' N, t ," ,rdl' t:lriitu- '1 m5 thi~ lllh Ih,',' finr ti' lia, l ,. ' I . I t, I1r')llih) Ia'( hv' :!d t'ii'lfl 'i iIil) ccrn( tili:lly,. k ,lt Ii ;1 iptl e i f spe',i:.l -:lad.1 ,' i i.' I I Il ' "'i Ii IIn liI m int. It ' t tt i' | l .', ··, i, I',1 'r1 1 I. 11 lo ho I. C io cI ,i hit his thh d ; t c i ht' two +1 t11.1 c , ho' ii , dh .lil , i ·:r li. h i-', ah': .w . .. . I . ... ....I :, i~ . ...114 1, ' · I.. . I ... L... .., s i ot v It ,' .\ ,' t.ItII .. i 'Ir" . . 1, lo.1. tr t, I' - , ,:, I r I! ," tl . , , at: - . ; at , , ti, , r , th , h ; I l, , :. r 1, t,:., .. u " 1 t c h1 1 "; h i ll I, 2 ivt t, aint 11i 1. "' .. .+,, o l1las V --'; ti: l- i i ; I ' ,, , s , ' ' " vlr ; " l -ilit '+.l[+ Il.-; sy h Ihr Ih ,,d,+.st r, a ,I +li! ([ ude.rh nrItt , fl,,lll ill i tll;rrTi.t I-1'ittr t. t, I ,tb') t ' illnlLs I t . I tI , th ' li l -t r t' pl-ilt. ll ; At whih rt rlt t tlt' In t r Itt io h i ,IaI' Inir co rl,~l HIhl halr; by. r'- (:; I u , i I., 1' (huls~ ; ]'" ,ll umtc lll; i," LW 't: ]" r. .h , \',,,1: it. prir r 'arl F' raal,.a; 1tt!y \Vhtt, ( .,` of I( ..c,; m.+ite 'lltnnth \V,.[t; (1 -c, l ii o "itrl i,'l" Orle .', Fo, I le in oI . Alt H, C; rnon of Ctl'aao, and Hi arl rt . strvialt-t D lroplE 1 Alir , h h to , T i', tart ,Ora (m Coa - ian l ll n i r (,h;--,vatth a vartat y of art, ta dr Per, c riie, &i . a l tr lymt l t 1, W GLE, OiNN'S l' tll Uor ver 'ati. J C I T tn,(.tAIID, Ird Corner o Caual ranil i brtte, retst liOYl'., . M AY,, J' Sia'r,' , t- eel ' n i Iilil tera , tNo 3 a t.ou ni t otlr , tw s Yoiew Tl tree'it. .irulionln o ltyptann hhLdt ai d gold, 11Oak, ( lhl alid AL: reI hollard 1, Orenl or verd - antiq Curled lr i, Jas er, ~ llhtss Maplue h., Bo naod a.t',ll Irldlsn, IEiy O ll II y iul r Nnliite , I Sltin, aood, aitotom ttc aila , \ i'ooe, DIII l oi |llhrdello, 'ew' T're.., I+ a II ni W hlc. Ilrni aih, int llack f : l orll ailn d wi I lthrl lit ,a 1%'1 , App i'ti it (rey, Sp i'hlcl I Ill r sen St ll "+It tit Mho . !,lint- oi1 g la ss ao t a t icedart mu sip hl. .i. t eltil ir, hon I ll .st t d. Ohl nm rtt c :o ls in t.i sli hun . heitr, shticg tct hr tll tiri hla t (lol h rbber, sil co .l an Ed Cwrlllh icg l + tei,+ :d cik. Zin c lati , t!oa ek ftt , lltW I at itIt ol(n i'.snit ke sle E.ter i ful ll"Colesi, t chltts, I h atsrI n kiIxt', Ia :r tI trace t hais, cre l. ill. Al i lli i(t'tt:, I ioale rs . and ii & tt h at'llw s t ' >istol,; obl11en ingple omlthulrd olens. B wie knives, lian, a ro llle, llalt, o inell l allln brWil aow look l n(:olhlr , InMi, D entshi Ih uia ntlit , nIIr Wadx's '"ar 'l tlii +| il lh, h iingu II ll landld tsoi I Idee s rilO and sa ie;aira ng ntit p Natt sto'res.f' O I' a ra i faih,, liHstcdl an d nd S r uil Au.i o ll ll osnr ,mllt of hp wl'l lll. d sllli p h red a leryal rOts ll l, iar .d ivhre ', i ..ct 'd f shirt l t whole sal. r lealil, til. t e lslh 11,h0 k adh• ttellnl E, lb ted l loWeOtODS-Si ni mon-r Mhrta r & ell ara no' a 're Sr eiviutrtt lrt hltr ii ,' ihlp Y otttot uall r, riutob ngoo as i at r ri , which to e tler ith their frE The olhwitrll trr nl so i I lrtvir : t t It t wis t,,,,r,:l tIL:k ttrli-r rt'tttr i , h tt ort tt o a "' t It -erI ptaona, In din rttbbr, silah - a nd wirt d t tn.tit r l't'rt t comr-mh art fiot elastic sar ,' udt'a r ]c, t'r otart nill, Lutilttr t latlo-s, Sgridlitt towders, po, der puff:. and I ,lt ilt powdar, awra lipit(, tortt'o ' lro d gas,'+slad Otrrhnmculla tia co ral " :too, nt, reckhnt's lnl negli.etrt t' ad chainst beat) l.rk~lluee ;tat , rts l piaran -tirntcedt,saltr nrt, titt gretdis 1ita l d oubleantsingle aarrclcd anht, tawie ktaivei ne.,ii~t. I v h h i'ie~h~le , !'rizellts and lit'it s, ph tin, 1it l'v at 111 ,tr~r-li ' i l ,. ,!:r. ,. !' MAIL ARI.RAl N :M ENT' NAorthern Mail, oue E (va Day at LI2 A. Clusoa Eerl y day , at !' A. ns by "tlanDue everoyr ulnday, Wedacr dsy \ ., ,ail. I rrnyy, i .), '. ytM. by Cray of/r .I (,C Rseeevery Monday, Wedneadl Cuel:, Ibond aturday, b n 9,1'. Al. The u'tus),y 5 1'. ?.. Closes every Monday, \ednouday EXI'ItES .MA IL.. TIMES OF' ARRIVAL, IEPARTUI' ? DIS°I'ANCK c. of the Express 1Mail, betw,-n Maaile satll New York--leaov ilpboile dail" at 3 P. 1. Northwar New Yoark daily at 51'. 1 Southward. Arrives Arrivers Northward. Distance. Time. Itetum'g Mlentaenry, Ala. 2 pm. 19l m'nt 'l 12 m. Calal.a ud Go. llj il 31 pjm Mlilledgr ile. i. 2 133 1413 p.m taoauaaaaa,'. S.C. 7j ata. 103 171 10 l.,tladn N C(t. l'j 215 22 12 \ arrenton, Va. 12 m. 55 al I - l'etcraa e-o , t'.. Ie l pmi . it l 0 . oI . Iilaaeod, lVia. I uan. 21 3 I6 I Ikredaerikslarg 8 67 7 I p m. : \V5asliacngtc, pa. 61 61 a i Iaaaahim i 1, 61 438 l4" l'hialoalala hin l at. 100 It O i New York, 2 p il. 90 " 1105 14:1 l. or 5d23 Northward. Coming Southward, the tieln is six bour ,leas; Ihing. ba!ys ant 17 holurs. era; N Iati.l.AIIS RIIWAAIil}. I ANAVAY from 169 aolCarndeleti arter of Ilevin I~a t slteets, nthe night of 3S!h of Augeust, and was seen ihe next tnortlg a in I'oydre streety a ngro boy amenmd AlltAt.it', alboul 17 years oflge, senI fee or thereilubotsin Ileilt, eery blaek, nrd has aln imped Sintenta itl his apeell, one of hlls logs is sre, oeeaioned Ibv t rc'elt htlrt; l. hell all. m lien ]o wen saony a white g alloea o lialen shirt nad llwile ealton ilaatalanl.l 't Intasurrs ot vessels and stleamnl boats re cautioned a glnst receivlg or lharblorig salid negra, ns wllastls anlt tkother personeo, na tlhe oIlaat rigour of the law will be l enfied negait Ithem. iThe abiroLve reward will be pali fafardelvtteing him iltI eav of the jaile of either of tll - mnicipalitiesa,or at IGl9 Caorndelet, corner of llevir eoet. sept ea.aleataieriili hlaretofore exisaliag 'in'lt\ 1r tl n f1iro oft I)lboli GiarrelltEOn, hna boee Sdissilved. The sulseriler will liquidate the allkirso I the aoneera ia thiar city, ned reqires nall peasons indseb. 1'e l tO mattke pule€niti ta him ollv, and all ttosehaving al chai or to raacutheln forsettleicalTt. w. W. SWAIN. Noa. lls('anal S.reet Acr Orleans l- ita As ulaays on hauld canta tlly k reiring Dr. II lies, LChemieals,and lPal:H.,lmnlllg thelyL ar, ,Is o nllu 13 : ~ I)liUf;C. DYES, .\la liny, crude, Argols, red, l regalui, Anlltltto, Spars . Arsenice crue, Al,, i a powdered, Itrazillette woos, li alsaa coaalpsin, Ctocliaeaal, ulr ,crde, pers,a rns, American, Laatianaitaredl Cnpftlotd reLihnstone, crde, c-Fultic, Tampleo. dl lo toll, do (Cuba, In flower, aIn Maine, liilnlltlllh, F'rench l.ellris, isCast oi, 1ia , lengal, e'nll talrtli, do eMamilla, -i I C~oo alo,"o , II ala! a ado .i mi , .og I L, ('m 11 a ,i . :atic , do Jaral i ca, ::,! 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L I.,rrl Itohblrr, a rllnl'to,,elv Aloitn ('Ultnilgitnm,lI | Sh.'/tnr ·',l l.r il, tetl t by tiimll'FI I, to -! ' .'.1 -1 ('t'pelions llisttort.f;laly, trelsletnl fro tIhe ltri-il It ta n, Ilhv No. o iel (irtetnt n j el. fer tin;; No. 7 ." I lltry, 's o:amily Librarv. V.olt'. 3{ &. 1, It . I'th, n w t'ld lepbu ilndl ulll].rn edinion .,f II-thio'tou, hTriot"'s II'otak. linr," I.'rentchttd I:lt'ish I)i'tioteury. i I eel, tvo . etot I','s I'u tth ad c letlisja c iritoatr,;. At'--A ew motre ..pietuf Conlbet'n'hrenology "l..iezi." l.trg, :,trrcynr'.t'ueec.efoclperror quo he. with clains, M~ills.ad !lulolllfO 21.,1 an 2 1-12 ine s ( illotl's imptoved tuetali l'entuapnned papersi ,'eight. Ne. &c. N... .lt teeCived, nttd for mile by ~l lIIENJ. LEV{Y. SPIAIN IlVISITE),&c. &c. PUI'IN IEVISI1'E .I), &, by the author o A veae in Spain,' in 9vols. Traits oflndtnt harater, ats generall naplicable to SIhe. Ab.rc."t ties of North America, by (t Turner Eoq T'he Political ,ram eotn r, of thI United States, or ompllcte viewr of tthe tlhory nod Irnetice oftlta geanr r lnd sotle goetvernlentos, wi the relatious bet.uen thatn -ttdediatted and aldapted to the yeung ulen of the United tntte.o, by E I) ansfliRld, Esq. A'ijroed's flunlinf 'I'otta intersperoed with character aetin nunedotes, sayings nnd doings of spurttng met, in eludrling notices of the princilpal crnck riders ufEngland wrilh analytical contents, and general index of namen,2 volumes. FOu THE (tURE OF Sereftln or King's Evil, Chronic Rheumantiam, Chronic Cutaneoua Dii- Pains ill tie ounes, by Iree Cn oes us of lMercury the blo)dl being i vitiated slate. 'l'his very concontrttocd Syrup is prepared with tit gretrost bltrntatoo'icutictI ctre rt [{ee"ny, mt dcontaio.._ cthe u tie prileiple i'o Snrooj orill in the tnoat colos'5en trntcd d;nroe, combin~ed wuith other vegetable ab.'lnnca of kIll.'nt e eliea v.' Tlo.,F reat t.'idoratn witt physicinns in bptlc anbl o exshlbrtit it llrge qtlllitylV( a Sarspirii in a IIait tli.c, t.Oan ten.i [tined Il'titsl pre outotiid -tc .ey, fillv eonvinced of it8 mnerits,- roofiden t ad iuater the a.tono of their praetice. ' ic l 5 I ar Ibottle. Soldl lly ut SWAIN. Itotil'lllt'."S drug 'tore, No. I lCnni ottrettt, wn tmay ie t'ad, freih and gctninet tdireet['rout tlh prtrrie turs, :[wai['.,. Pannlc~teand Vernlifitg, Potter's Ut.ttot con, k:lrlenter's Preltaretions, and ad large and genera asseortlcnt ol' freish dr ga, tmel I'INNO(IK(' R8OtEt, &e. j)INNOCI'S IMIA'OVEIi EDlITrlON OF DR ldsm it t tbridgment of tihe llistorr of Rtmt to "hikb is prellxed an latrnduc.tion to the Sitly o umatnt Icttiors', anIt t ret tut. t ely of re itable infor Imatillon addtel d "tlronont tlltt worklb on thIe .lalinera Institnthts ltnd Antntitltti"n of tie litoeutts with nuI mcrols biog 'thip co and hitorieal N tes"; and qutel , tietito fl uerge "dton at th eclld of oeach setioln. II. luslntte:d with tllirtv(.ncrai gs on wood it l,, lbyerta| I'lxNorc'a Imphroved" Editiol of Dr Gob anst' Hi'tory" of Englaud, fi'.m th,: Inv Sion of Julius Ceaa(r to t h death of Gecorge °d, with • conltionutionl to Ite yea 18,1. \Wilh, yuestiol f·tr examinatioi n at tboe etil o tellt etotio nt l.itdett a variety of nvlaltale itfnnua lion aitdedl tltrougthon, tile work. Consistitng of table of eolntcnl;eirnsy Sovereign.s and emin nent lerOoll ('opittt expeltaatory notesr. eltcarks on th poeli ies, ilnnel alld litert.re otf tile age. An onllitne the Constmittion, Ne. ,e. ,lllntrated by many vngrl"t o Etot~utyre o' Attrttot0, ttt1ldan Aeridgtoee of IKith's New Tl'reatise o , Ilthe C of (Globes. Now A ter';cn editio, witth addlititos a td ip'ortvemeae an t tInn exllution e 'tth tronttnieoal pat of tle Ant ricu "Atttllttnte. Juet received ttd for stle byi WM M'KEAN no 2 cornerte of Ctltp aind Coemmon art IIA AtR'ER'S CL.ASSIChI. 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