4 Nisan 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2

4 Nisan 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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" e thie Couielt he pkpIore let Court, entitled Bow. ,.. Municipality No, 2, gyred to the. Committee hb to of the Treasurer was th balakne at lIst report to ao ieived sinee, $3,976 33; of Srent, $17,038 33; municipal G S '1,305 .13. .Expended, $15,. _ depilted: $2,010; potes pay- th te redeemed, 2,379; balance, 01 to fir.ta Lards &d Co. was referred to at elt Committee. . w eters, as Chairman of the Finance Com. el s introduced the !ollowing ordinances and n tirllwhib, the rules being dispensed with, ti ly taken p and adopted : 1 he, nuthorising the issue of 200,000 ads of this Municipality to the State link, in exchange for an equal amount 0 of the State 51 '. Belt Ordained, That the Mayor he and he t h .ly authorized to issue, contormably with 0 " i. of fthl Municipality to the State of P hain.a, to the amount of two hundred thousand . d6 IrOiwhlelt Bonds shall be delivered to the e'oeieer eofthe State in exchange for the same : .".nt of b onr of tire State, as is also provided l + ,.3 .ei . Ordained, That in order to pro, I ; for the. ual payment of the Bonds author, n a' to be ~mittol by this Ordinsner, a sinking ,t, slr. eli|-O established, and kept in the Union a n of nl , in which shall be annually de. by l s'sraorer four t!tousand'eight hund. St to be made in the month of jr "f..eaohrtyeur, until the.payment of said toJ . insure said annual payment r iltý nd, the revenue arising from thet e S . t l ':i+ .liereby opecially pledged, to the ailogt etaraiduem of feur thousand eight hundred J lan per annum, diuring twenty-five years. I lved, That the..sum of orie hundred and S4rt _dollara be paid to Dove and Cochane, on the at tofthe Meyor,'for lining an oil cistern with solved, That .'eil Campbell be accepted as I Srity for James Flood, in the sum of th ee pdi dllars on his contract for repairing par. l Ar the present year, instead of Duncan ," .' vlr. l , That the Treasurer pay to C. Lomai e p.qhratrentof the Mayor, two hundred dol. S-.lies,o.. lcting tax bills for the years 1836 and " 3-I7,..p onting to $4t024 40; said hill hev is ebeati returned by the attorney employed to Sore fully defining the duties of the ihe Municipality, and fixing his .:'omnpnset for collecting. , itrdained,that the Attorney of this Mu. alipulty shirll hereafter keep his office in some couqvnient. place within this Municipality. S'.He.shall keep a Register of all suits brought is'hehalf of the Municipality, and shall keep mi liutes of their progresso duly recorded in said Re. g'ster, which Register shall be open at all tinos to the inipection of the Mayer, the Recorder, any of thetl Aldermen- o"-this Municipality, and to tihe ilomptreller and Treasurer. 3. lie shall make a monthly report to the Comp. troDler, of tlie coidition of the business entrusted to-his oan. t s 4. N. suit ehall hereafter be insti uted by any *fiBer fof the Municipality, (except fe fines) with. .ot suohsuit shall be first sanctioned by the At ,umrneiy. ',5. Tihe compensation to the Attorney Itr reco. ý,vering and collecting monneys and notes, secured ; to the satisfaction of the Council, shall be two and a half per cent. commission on all sums so collect. !d, provided that in no case shall the compoea;tion for any one suit exceed one hundred dollars, with. out the previous consent of the Council. 6. The salary of the Attorney remains fixed at one thousand dollars per annum. 7. All renolutions and ordinances contrary to this, ar hereby repealed. be,. lved, That notes be issued to John Minturn, h-EinL not less than ninety days to run, for thirly.. thiee thousand and seventy.six dollars, 96.1010, in sneh sums as he may reqtlire, bar;ng the amount die hims tar piving, conformably with the acrtifi. eate of the Surveyor. .r. Gloyd, as Chairlman of the Ctommittee on 'ftreset and Loadings, introduced tihe fllowing Report; accompanied with tl. ahnr'nxed Resolution, whrichl.the rule. being dispensed with, was adopted. .On mnotion of tihe sa;mn gentlemran,, tire aoccnrm. P.ojying Jetter feotn tihe Attorney, was ordered to re peblished with the report. Tihe Committee of Street. and Lnndings, to whom was reterred the memorials of sundry per. I -ane, for anu- against opeaing the new street f.otr .oydras to itrod street, between Tehoupitoulna .and Magazine streets, respoectfilly report, that they hive attentively examined the albject, and have unanimously aerivedat the following conclusions : Tra.lt tile Council has proceeded strictly accord. -n.to the proviaions of tie law of third of April, ,;; i, la ing out said street, and lin condelning CirepeVate property necessary thoerfor; Tllat said astret" sdretele d inrpertant to the interests of a Sdkjorityof the owners of the property fronting oil tire aespg owners also of more than three.fourthe of tlhritagiln through which soaid street rotu:s--rrdl that said ownrers have given their rarsent tor saidl .'mprovement, either by petitions to this Council, by their silent acquitrsenooe to the decree of the C~uuhcil oraering saull street to he opened, of whichl Sp'blia notice was given areording to law, l order ,tltut O.piposi:ion might be mtade if any rearsos ex. ra'tedthiorefor. . Jtlothe grotud eondemned utnder said low ti n . pobli trretr, now belongs to the publia and that ti;e only q.,srtion lthat can arine, is with ratpect to the aseesrment of damlnge and blenfoit by the Com. mirinsners nappointtrd y tia Colrt. That a tie regnrd to the rights and interesto of tlie owners ol preoperty fronting on asnl street, who have plritioned for ttie sari,u, and who hi te re. mo*rl Iheir buildigse thereotiom, erected new build. ingtfroning therecon, &c., makes it the imperative dutyn oa)tihe Council to use all legal means to put atrin and the public in .possession of said street, Wtith tir least possible delay. "-'/Tlie extnordinary allegations in the memorial of Lcius C. D)uncan acting as agent of the estate .f D. Heerman, and others, which although on. founded in truth the undersigned deem it proper to notice; because if such misrepresentations of the actls of this Council are permitted to be uncon 'trldieted or disproved, the public may consider the imaprovement ill qulestion has been ordered arnd Iniade without a due regard to the rights and wishes ei of individuals cornejned, and in violation or the L" slw,. Said Memorial states, that the Council dircetcd .nopening of this street Hwithout consulting the owners .o fL property That no public notice wU Itvesq th intention of the Council to open said P t-! 'hat had the proprietors been con. unlied, r Ptice been given, that a large ma. ý4rty7 t~a would have opposed it !!! That snlp fv proprietors are in favor of said improve. fteen These facts are stated to from evidence on file in the C t. 1t so happens that in all these as. t.~sreis not one fact, The owners of not only consulted, but it was at the any of them that the street was or .u o eicse was given of the application, and miltebtj gpfthe Council-durnmg the period S wy hl;,in the Bulletin, and the True eP , French and English, and no oppo. made ; the evidence of this fact is also *he District Court, a also state it as their opin. 1a neitlher required by the con. ! jutility of the public; is in fact to the sqpares through which it runs; squares are only destined for largo. ware. for western produce &c. A refutation ~ h op ions the undersigned deem unoaces. S_,Memeril i ssgned y six propri etors on ,strt, or ,.heir. gents and attomies. Ouly t feprieteor tiginfir themselves and one of the U . on rlesdeUt--only thjes of the parties ui~lp,, and only one in the Seocnd afy. To.'Jij.i proprietors own'31 run. Ste n atesiet. oMri. i before the Committee pro. Stb right of the Council to rescind ee reisting rsaid atret, and prays that apnd .eucombranee within itsline., wthout delay; This Memotnjial P oeltwod.and seven otl , sll on rr id s ttreet, sven of. lisqu -Manicipality. The Memor. 7 foeet on said' street, t S. ,belogielg t-t'he scletyn tioe ha.vng w: ` tdsduIi the ipeaslsa a street. MMs.W ofp e feat are in -aa t prvplusvent, which S , tro ettoJulia hteer, tpthleee direat ael coninc. 3p thatp i lle p of lhis Ia!G.r4 pr4dveniten ................it Et l rti e h' they con er bu01 ALAI Luefobageapral UFe- HAy ate ta our own reel S sobtaied injunctionsagaint t . e.e l, . heih If not speedily' . i- d ato ".j Oo titouch aseebus loss and ineonvent. rds ies tio a great tajarity ofthose concerned. Yous a s, Committee therefore submit a resolution in rela. c,s tion to said injunotion, ind rejecting the prayer of I' L. C. Duncan, agent, and others, SPENCER GLOYD, Chairman. e, I B. WHITNEY, 8. J. PETERS. ere Resolved, thatthe Attorney of the Municilality due, be, and he is hereby authorised and required to take immediate steps to procure a dissolu:ion of the injunctions obtained by Messrs Dwyer, Morri. son, oynolds and Bowditch Saunton, against the B openingo-.f the new street between Poydras and Gird etreete. Resolved, th it this Council reject the prayer of the Memorial signed by L. C. Duncan, agent'and SP others, against the opening of said street, said Me. morial being unsustained by any good reason, and at variance with the truth-is in opposition to the P wishes of the public, and a majority of the owners C ef pr.perty on said street; and furthermore, could I not be granted without aviolation of the law, and Z the rights of a majority ofe said owners. I To Hon. Joshua Baldwin, Recorder of Second Municipality, Sir:-I have been requested by the Chairman 1 of the Conmmittee of streets and landings, to state whether in law the Municipality is authorized to enter upon private property and appropriate the same to public uses, until the owners have been Spaid the valueon of thie property thus taken. On examinining authorities upon this subject I find the law to be well settled-that a corporation - is fully authorized to enter upin and appropriate lands of private individuals to public useos--when a compensation for said property is provided for by law-and which can be recovered through the medium of the Courts of law. By lhe act of 1832, passed by the Legislature of our state, the corporation of this city is authorized under certain restrictions and upon certain formal. ities being complied with, to appropriate private pro;perty for opening and widening streets. P' In these cases tre corporation has an undoubted tio right to open and widen the street, before the own- ce ere of the property have been paid; and their right t, so to do, is justified by the law which provides a ,re justeompensation to the owners of the land, and lie gives them a remedy at law to enforce its payment tie if refused. e This whole question has been ably discussed in a ien late case in the Supreme Court of the state of New GI York, decided in 1837, and to be found in tlth vol. pe of Wendell's Reports-Bloodgood vs Mohawk the and IHudsen Rail Road Co. tri The Court in that c:se maintained the right of vie a the Corporation, under tile limitation above stated. Very Repectfully, Al Your very ohd't., we RICHARD M CARTER. St d Now Orleans, March 26th, 1839. ral -ie On notion of the same chairman, the rules be. rr ing dispensed with, the following report and reso lutions were adopted. pr e The Committee of streets and landings have ex. far amined tile applircation of J. B. Blache Auctioneer, St praying to be permitted to sull by auction Grocer. ti, ies and other heavy articles on the vacant ground i forming the centre of Canal a reet between Maga. it zine and Levee streets, and report in favor of granting the request with such conditions and re. Sstrictions as they have deemed expedient. sa SPENCER GLOYD, Ch'o f SAM'L J. PETERS, an BENJ. WHITNEY. la en Resolved That permission is hereby granted to fve J. B. Blache, Auctioneer, to expose for sale and tier sell by auction on tihe vacant ground withmn the limits of this Municipality, fortmitng part of tihe centre of Canal street between Magazine and Le. .be See streets, Groceries and otller heavy goods and imerchandise, provided that this permission may be rescinded at any time bly the Council, and that on said J. B Blache shall conform to tile police re.. rie d gulations requiring the side walks and streets not re to be encumbered to the inconveniocce of the pub. lie. Mr Lockett Chairmen of the Police Cuommittee introduced the following, which, tie rules being sr dispensrd with, was adopted. lit i I(eselved, That Arthur Thomson 'o and le is rhereby autihorised to erect a small fhrnaer and forge for the purpose of working brass and nothl. a leg else, in Girod street N is. 55 and 56, prorieed P' tOrt said Thomson or whoever may be tn tile oc. tie eupancy of sa d promises shall denmoliah anld re. N mnnoe snuch forge, furnace and other works eonnect. in ed therewith whenever the Council shall order tile samell, or when tile sale may be complained of by tihe neighborhood. t I Mr Yorko Chairmnan of the Fire Committee in. 1 lroduced the following, which, the rules being dis- er p nsed with was adopted. ee Thile Fire Committee report the following reso pe lulions: Resolvedl, That tihe Surveyor be authorised to deliver to Fire Co. No. 12, either tihe engine lately vi used ty Fire Co No 5, or thalt prlchasced of Fire Co NC o 2, as said Co No 12 may prefer, with tihe use of the hose belonging to fire oengine No 5. Reolved, ''That the Treasurer pay on the war-. I raiul of the Mayor to fire co. No 12 two hundreder do, I;re, to enable them to erect a building to con. Sain said apparatus. d.. Y RKE, Chin JAMES II. CALDWVFLL, JOlN IIAIL. S )o motio tie Council adjourned sine dce. J HIN GIBSON, A Sesretary. II n , Ie I, ·ml· I)IIIC·, U COMUERCIAL. ht rt"":.i .r ........... ?9 I \\.'nalon lxn., tlar. .... ':, I . , . d .. lo i (3:I ntlll l. lar .... 'hil llh Mar ... ..... , i I.lirvl. o ,Liv, r...... ....M o 2 l lll ll'rl' rv l M r .......... ...." .i,. l, ,ai+ Mlar.... .. . : B. Marri.· ra . t Or. loous,. lar ........ Ilu I,,1, ('I , ar... +.. r..... ^11 I'nirl .............. Ii i-O!{T OF NEW ORIEANS. CLEARANCES. April 3, 1839. Slhip I.reo ard Dolbe, Carpenotr. for .iverpnnl, I . CanliCck r co Slhip Tlloyrandl, W.bb, for Liverpool, i eorge Bedfotr & co Slop Rhode istlsd. Rogers, for Liverpool, A tlnlto - rig Gralldec, Gilchriot. for Itlltls, ole. G todford Rrig Washlltglol, Thompson, for 'Philadelphio, ..rig Irillialt. oggl.hall for Ho rtford, D -olstenr Brig J Fraklhn, Snith, for Sacnufious, A Capdevillo s co trig Iu esll, Mattllrl, for Botoun, J I Ashbridge & co Scllrs ary Jle, Caro, for Penosoola, Mrstoer Scbr Toarer. Giriolaw, for Havna, IM Porter Slbr Ior ry, oslley, for Borton, 3 Tsyer, & ao Srbr Plokoso, Boll.er,, br Booton, Kidder , Ilaod Steamer United States, Freeland, for St Lolli. Boltsler ARRIVALS. April 3,1839 Tow boat Pilot, Clarke. horing towed to sla ship Vir l lrg, llbarqle Rotor WVilliamo, aol brt pao, roturt ed to the city with obip Oooeolo, brig t.aurel, and .looo Water Wirhb. Iet thear on the o2nd isRotd It p mn. Reporto nothing ofI NothbiAon n te r ver. Tow Loat Tennseasan, Poul ing, fron. S V Paio, hatrrio towed to soa ships Hamiltsn and Barr. retursed to the city. witll chhers. Ilro ry,Stauel b. Jol, ls and Ann Mari; left the or on th lrt p m. Nothing ner. Ship OsEoolhl, Cbildl, t6 days freo New York, to the MS. rig Loaurel, Loot, Sidosafrom New York, bound to Grand Gokf. Sloop Water Witec, Ion, from Sabine, io batlsot, to s Steam packet Cob,, Carion, 48 hours from Golteston, to Boert o' IlHwthorn. Sehr Blenry,Clorke, from Attaknpo.. Selbr As ltriaAlfina., froms Tampiro23rd March, to T R Hydo & bIro. iSPbrhrJu.itl, Floodrr, from leasoo, 2th Mnrok, to Dn Storoton. Br Bcbr Hlenry, Towson, from Tampico 22nd Murch, to Mae Srhr S btaunch, Smith, from Alabam cilty, to M.toer. Flomonr J Dupre. Gordon. from Opelot.es. lSteamer tunlosrhe, McQtoiorn, from Williams' Londing., SleOor Osnrk. iozos., from Fort Gibson. Steamor Tomoshiohi, Hart. frolllo Attsrkapals. t Oloamr Madison, Scott. from St Louis. bSteamerPennsyltvania Baogh, front Floreonce nd Tornm. Ptoooer Wm Froenh, R.id, from Loniriltle. S trmoer W lhngtonlS, Smac.k, from Lofoureoh. EXPORTS. . LIVERPOOL..Fr .hip Leonord Doblbo..Coogo, t1818 ble y ..............Por ship Talleyrand..Corgo, 1810 bal cs ot ton. .............. Persbip Rhode Iand..Cargo, 1408 balehr of c sotton. d BALTIMORE. Per brig Grnndee..Car'o, 319 bit. pork, I69t keg. lard, 26 ba.t cotton 41l bhI tatlow, and 30 choldrons con., PHILADEILPHliA..Per brig Washington..Carso, 37 bales Scotton. 39 casks bbro. 615 skq and 34 blh A Inrd.20iiblI pork. 100 boa sherry brandy, 79 bihudles doer skis, 1i2h beef bies.. IIVRTFORD..Per brig Brilliant. Largo, 674 bales of cet Ir ton. SSACRAFICBOUSJ..Per bri J Frnokli..C.argo. 040 hl. lour 836 bti bread, 16 d vinegalr, 3 do snuo , 2 - ord mood. trod. "..............Per cF r Bs rry..Carlgo, 60 bit pork, 465 kegs, 4 1Lfd1o. lard. 650 bahg orn.o S..s.....k.o... b Par br Mee.n Carlo. 33.bt poLk, 10 kg tIrd..Oo bts oler. 5JrJ. ¢oon.oi. FPRNSACOL4..Perslhrllary Jaoo..Camo, l00 bap coe S. 90ltLht loky.aatll lot soqgrs, wine, brndy, mots.so, Itrd, flour, I60nr, 00 . I AYAfA..Psrash Toeor..Corgo, 1000 bLg. lrd, I00 blo T LdV 3.Por steomer United taluo..Oorb.rS o5ks trd. wooe, tO2avitV. " IPORTS BQW YORKE.P.r 'Pship O + rro--Corgo, 52 bki. hoy, to "'. .Nor - hJ L.s. ..Cpgo, 970'ro ire..o .A.. ... .b te ,wp raOotr Nlw.Cc,, ,% r battos to th. AVA NPA m.mr Hsry..Culg.o; l adoe isq., to A ,iI4 Yl .. ll-..6io. .. -ow.. TA• I - .P~JIm q ht, - • . 7 dohoee 3 do1.llaw. Pl4rrho1oo.& .hoo I0 hi tliow. HAVA sta..Prt. 70 irt . h tdi d o W3llchet n, m h rohice, 3 handlos oho'wli, I bole sth. nd I on or, Allon F As"er & Oa, 7 peglgl, 8 OF PRODUCEP OdO luhanan o&. e, 80 bhi poro. P Sh.nnou. P bro, I S ox hoka, SIscon * Aveo. Donne. I3,4 pigs Iecd. J S DoUght) . his porh. J Thynr & co, 1770abipehorn;Slkon &bro, 354 hi porok, 17 eosp lrdAA I, Wallase 4 so 50 his craobers. W H Summers am. 3 bic co, J & W Dwyer, 5.. socks corn. 4S bi ah d 6 blh bacoo. 2 dooment, owner on board. TRUE AMIRIC3AN OIFICE. In connection withl this Olhcl is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE FuR TIlE PRINTING OF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues. Bills of Ladinr Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices- Auction Bills, Bill Perms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulalr And every deacription ofJob Work that may be requgred. THE TRUE AMERICA N. EDITIED l5Y JOIRl OIDIBflN. FAITRUrL. AND BOLD. NELWV ORLEANS. TIIURSI)AY APRIL 4, 1I39. THE. SEAT OF ROVERNMENT OF LOUtISANA is pro perly fixed at New Orleans. The sources of informeu tion all point to this place, and initelligence is here con centrt ted, and from this point diffused throughout the State. The argument that there are so many induce ments here to abstract the attention of I.egislators from their duty, possesses no real weight; w.iatever may be the importance attached to it, by those who would have the seat oftransacting the general business of the State Government, sttck down in some remote corner, where, perhaps, not even two by ways intersect each lther. If nmen are disposed to neglect tile business of their con stituents, they can find pleasures, amusements, and vices enough in any of the small towns to draw them off. All the allurements, which are supposed to exist here. would be congregated in the meanest village in tile State, during the Legislative senpion, and the disadvan tages would be encountered, whilst the advantages here enjoyedt would be dmnied. It is idle to talk of moving the seat of Government. New Orleans is the proper location for it-at least whilst it enjoys all tie facilities it now possesses over any oiter point in the State, for nequiming and difflusing intelligence. lire the most of the important nusiness of the whole State, is transacted, and from this great commercial centre shlould the laws emanate. PcEN'sYv.VNIaA CANAL.-The Ilarrisburg Key Stone says: the water was let into the enal on the 21at ult. audl that business had commenced briskly, five boats having lwen dispa:ched with upwards of 141 tons of freight for Piltsburg The packets were to start on tihe 'd. The Girafle has arrived at Vicksburg, whllere it is being exahibited. Major General Macombn was to have left Washington on tile 21st ult., o take a Ol commad of tie army at Flo ridn. 'lhat will be the result of Ihis presace there, remnlllinla to lie seen. (Gen. 'aylor will remaini on duty in Florid't. THE CAMP.--To-nilght, for the liemefit of tie Tran sumer, a whole iont of thouetrical talent appears at tihe little Caml. The selections are chllice, and cannot fail to give pleasare. First, we ave lve Messrs. laron and s Scutt, .nd l te. Greene, in the f(mthl aet of Venice Preserved ;-tso much for the lover.cof gennline tragdy, that the act will be well done, every body will agre. Next cotes thle fourth act of tile Sclmol for Sctandli, in which is timhe celebrated screenl renee. T''lev whio love comedy, who love the pictures of real life, wiill be sure to erlljoy tile performancee, whlen such artisto as Jolln'on Barrett, Frederieks. and tile lovely Mrs. Iarrett are engaged inl the developeneat of the scene.--'Thbi plt nI the Sehool foir Scandal, has ever Ieen consimlered a perfect pl'y of itself. During tie evening, Mr. Archer will sing " Farewell to the ilMountatin," from ln Syl phide,-a sollnllg, which, when once heard, can never i ih elmeell frmlll tile Innelmor,.--It li a tmOreont, thimt, ill tme hndslll of Archer, .lme bhume to ilr imllo-t feelings. So fnlr, so good, na the 1 nyinlg goes. Now comties laRlughter-nlmovinl lihllnml na 'i'llhou,ln, in the Secret, ,r, a hltl in the 1Vall. Who can fhmget the ini nilalile workings of (;eorg's ' fce wllen engaged in the Otis. chief, pi ;tailin to the ptrt ofiThomnls ? Itllannd usedl, in tielll m', tm ' y, to igure upon t (i'nmp oardnls. 'l' :s is Ilit ftr-ti aparanc tmhere for Inny .yelars.-He will he rioled wilh enthulsins, by uunmeroua friemnds. Alter this. we are to have "Mn1y M isner lien," by lIr. iloIges, one of hisi best mg, and oile, which, ill our opinion, he silngs with great Il.e 'and Cmifli,.g. 'Tha'llt ex'cell.ntt e X.ldimU J. S. lmrowne cotlme imm ct.jmUt'ion with his fellom-inborer in thie some vineyard, J. At. Blrown, in ltisingm the Wind.-We present for thin rce mII mst lbrillnul "ugo of." Mr. Greene will per fmtlln the part of Dr. O'Toole, in the Irish' Tutor, as fi:almeo to tie enterlainments. Such a powerful and attractive bill haa not been pre ealmed during the whole season, if we look at tie talent Sassembled ou tile occasion, and take into consideration thei variety of tilhe selection. We hope to see a full MA. &. MRS. GCanLN's BENEFIT takes place to mor row evenoing, on which occasion Knowles's beautiful play of the Wrecker's Daughter, and various other en tertainments will be prolduced. Those who have wit nessed thle untiring efforts of Mrs. Greene and her general excellence, will not he backward in rewarding Sher exertions, now the opportunity is presented. Mir. Greene in one'of tihe very best representatives of Irish r characters on the American boards, as any one who hlas enjoyed his Irishinan in London can testify. Tl'he way a to iroduce a revolution in thea I)ram, and to elevate it, is to reward merit and respectability in actors. Son e feeling is manifested by a large nll respectable rportan of our mercbfats l acllunt of tile course of their New Orleans comlsitnees. If we underetand tile cause of conllaint, it is thlis:--A largeo o lnunt of gooads hve been sh ipped by tile New Orleans Com mission Housei fsor tbis cits and to save a few cents on the bhundred have shill n ed timl basts not in the regular trade, the age ol whicl renders it extreoely doubtfl whethmer any itsmraote will hold in the event of a lmos. This, besideos doing all in nese injuy to the regular boets and shipping interest of St. iLoais hants been productive of great and very vexatious delay, tllerev in many cases, producing more bIjury and da lage to tihe merchmant tlau the lifferemnc of freights between these old boats and the regular boats of he trade. 'I'here a one or two of these old boats now on the river, boudl for this ort, with large freights, which are several days behind their tinme, and abot whieh. on ac ount of tile delay oa d the unlcertainty whethler any insurance wilt hold on them, there is more deep interest dansilfeted than woe oare ever befire seen upoa hie llu s ohjemt. If either in lost, or tihe goods much intued, it will give gaomuds fur litigatitn with the New Orleans hlousen, for we are nure the In.uranee ofices here will resist paying on them.-- t. Loeis Republicas. Tie above is conlltmnded to the attention of nr conl meroial mes. If thm eomplaints are Ioundel injustice and trulth, a remeady is neesnsary, and the soomer it in applied, the better for our mereamtilo eotmunitv. In every exertion ashould me used ta strengthen and expand them. In all their dealing., he first priunciple which shoulid guide mrechante, i' ntralght-forward honesty and strict attention, not only to uon'a own interest, hut to that of a consignor, a if it were onae' own. Nothing . conduees more to tim business and taleter of plaoe, nf tian the reputation whichb may be annuired by its mer I chants for prompt attention nd literal views-fair deal' 're and puotmtiual ea. LATrlnrT rToo Tzals.-Wen ive Galveeton dates of the Sll unli., nod Houston of theS.lth. A Reading Room ceonetrtd with the sfcs of the '' Civilian, han beon eatabliahnd at Galveston. me The Civilian uays :--We neglenetd last week to d tneaian, tlht the apsiolnmel of Gan. Dunlap, as lii tmister te the Uloited Iitanes, bad made vecant lhe olSe atSnecreltra of she Treasury, and that the Prabident had filled the plo's, by the appoinhntea of Gan. Foote, We mmnmex the followisg itemo thest'he Teosgerpo:- Tlhe western e aneoss are onio lt, emohahly Inll 4 tdlimg eondiimn. Ileiween tin Galodlnnpaamesao ito. edt, now farts are opesnee in every direction, and hun. a I'redoof menerprillng eltgrtlmts ane constantly nrrivioe, ad omidmig teweonegsnce sad energy to the ntatleca tn that querter. Tbe eltlemmenaSdre now eatending news rel miles olHomn Gononle, .nd eneh in tim a'aoliddesae of tin people in tbet noeliOmn that tbey are making lone. tiasmhigh u.m on the St. larks; in a region tlmt ras etirelymfenretes only alew nnoetlnaainoe. soaeeount of the Indians. W leerm flront Ctips. Howrl. thae nel. Caldwtll ie npow rc,'tgio with a cp w pl as'. al"ca 1. sny mw t, tine rtt)l. Pietas ltedtr.his Goteriwt Wb'tlltml Csiua.t. J 'eoion e'of ithiaons 4s in uI& a blow'ier j ,oear . tab yyytPid'we_ denim tlupo'l i ..kteroa arlele ,l' of thenotirtern jouroaliits relative etl th eharater of ues our niiylna. rno" inTalrr Tn . s -.The Siddnm arrived at ti New York, ainih th, nit. bringing Liverpool dates of Bbit February 18. annd'Lndon datesof the 16th. We annex sign the mast Important items of intelligence,, edndensed. from the New York paperes Canadian affairs form a very primi.ent feature in the debates in the British Porliament. Lord Duroham's re prt of the state ofoffairo in the British Province has e born published ahd has excited much attention. Ne Thie princlipal re'cmmendatio is, that a legislative union sihovuld I oeffeted tetween the wholte of tihe pro-I Svinces in British North America. The powers of tihe er presentAssemblies, Lord Durham proposes to limitto uait mnnicipalurpones, the local institutions being made w i more appliein eto the wantns,manners and habits of the Fre 'rine Government masnre to refornm the Irish Corpo rations introduced into time Caomonsby I.ord Morpeth is tile some as that of last sesiot, giving the franchise E to8 hoseholdero, with onr great improvement 'vtz., that after three years very occupier shall possess the 'IT municipal franchise who shll have been rated for the three preceeding years under the sew poor law, what- It ever may he the value of his occupatioi. b In the House do Commons on the 12th Lord John p Russell explained the inteoded covernmoent measure on I tive subjectonfNational Education. It places thie nia or' of £20,000 at the disposal ot the President of Privy to Couneil, who with four Councillors is tO proceed in the 1 erection and establishment of Normal schools, in which call sclciolmasters are to be taugRt a uniform system of th eduetion, by which they will be enabled to ionpjrt to R their pupils a more extenhsive course of knowledge tin than the mere routine of reading, writing and arith- n amretic. i The Morning Chronicle intimates that there is not the leastchmclr that the subject of the repeal of the le C(orn Laws will be seriously enterta ined by the preset oft Parliatmnt. Rb The elections for the Chamber of Deputies engage Jan the cliefattention ofthe Palia Pres. Dit The Hritish Governmernt in Ildia are prosecuting the war for the extension of their territory there, with great vigor. No succesor had been appointed to Lord Normanby Int - in the Lieutenancy of Ireland, who had been appointed Ft o- to succeed Lord Glenelg, as Colonial Secretary. W Matters between Belgium and Holland look much a- more paeifie, and the latest papers state that Leopold he lad actually accepted thei ultimnatumof the -indodn -:Conference. Be A French vessel was fitting ount at Clherbourg for timhe m transportation ofa regiment to Mexico. 8 be ConMsls on the 14th were 92) +. Ja c The Brussels Independent of the 11th Ilt. staens that. tr anotherbanking ihou at i)ige, that of Messrs V. itas t0 re, stopped paynmemt; the assets will be far above the st If debts. a The lHandelshlad quotes a letter ftom Frankfirt, stat-. s ing that the Dit divrision of tle Federal ertoy, being the Pi continigent of Nassan, would positively marchi for Ial-.' fr ium in the name of the Germanic 'ilet; and confirm ing tnhe roport that if Belgiun should refuse to adhere Ite tohe treatyI of tie twenty four artieles, site ,ould 1 hi have to be blockaded by England, France, and Prus- be n- ia. th ra A Altter front Frankftrt states that Prince Fr'ederic, of Hesse i)alstoadi, at preent in cntmand ofa division of at Ktit'herg, is to ilt tile pot of n(igr. ofl.uxaemlotrg he vacant by the death of the Landgrave of Hesse Hoot he burg. he Tihe Liverpnnl cotion market at time latest dates, was m a very inanhnte stoe, eand illlsole instances o de- th w cline fltd per l, lnid leen.otltttbitted nto American. y, re, The grain markets were firm, without any mnterial change in pilres. hk Either the Marqtlis of T'viretck or tile Duke of S.- cu sea wits expecledl to rceed ,Lord Norctnnhty, the late ra Lnorl !.ieutenco t of Ireland.unow colonial secretary, in o e tilhe vice regal chuir, no I The I ri.h Secretary of l.od Morpeth, has been made ts one of te cabiaet. of Mir. Buller, it was believed, woold receiv e e np. on imitntmentment of Under Secretary to the colonies. LATSeT FRnOM n irCOo.-We itVC onlversed witl h ecaptaoilt tI the rcIr. Aco ,Maria. tle left'rltnpico is on the 21st lt. Gen. Maxia hlnd arrived at Tampico on tile day Ibeftre, lbt unattended. Gen. Urrea was ex- e pected on the lday Ile vessel salred. It w ia repolred at or. l'amico that ,rena lad ,been dcflatedt in tw, ihattlen n o- wit t ihe (:enlraliats, whose troops, 70,0 stronlg, were th alIout 15 lcagues frno the town. re, S e fears were ellerraoined folr thle saf.ty of T'non pit-'. Tie loncral ito s in tle plce are reckoned at 10011. Thie U. S. Cutterwito till inu Itt,, al Ac this vessel hal 1il 1d a passage of I Idtte, sncd a i a- ol'r was tlo Irollve ''allllpicll two days afte erIr wc may Ie look for I'ur:lter accounts to day or to-m'lrrow, th Tal'arlcn, Maerch 17. tot By anll express, whlielh arrived this iiiosnion , we Ila.e ' oil an aceollt ol a sigl.al ittorv obtained by tile Itderanl arnl ov,,r thle ho-l s lft ollr Iv;l. . , aI'rAs, .aurchll 15, 1889. l l, now sot 1 toclog lll I;,lleral armllV has Ilhlnlline I Iallloat fin cnompll ele iriumhlllllll IIVe tI"III diviil;o of the t flllonlldl ion oe thle cenlltrlll Ii.·oIIl,* i·)lll lllylln te Ii'V CoelE, . I bIate r. tee Inly tillll to ait tint atnler threer Ih.tls anl ,n hlltf of e n tihe hotlle I liring the itttilt totl o nl ltt- y a c npitt' i I tll I it n whichllili s beau tl.r.tiel them Ie whlWi eIi t rr IrllV of assailants shalll tnl ick s exi'o hy reorl oo in t marches. IIlring the ntc Im ttde iot ll11 . ri ooiis', ran l St w " joinitt.l ofoerw rts ly 1 of t tI t t n-t r ist ; all their I ali lerv, Ianie. otid h'tglgne., 3 t o imoskn "t-,, t i ii II othler urticles have inllen in n ot i11.' tle'1. I 1, 1 I I, h- I yl- . cer ild Ie slll iers killje . The ll ClIn I'o, IlIr Idnt'ied'I le IU tollnrno all Ifei a llilrlL,. tine J stJS, ANIONIO 11EXI.\ ------------------ý I T'liC. .11A lil h1I'S. lie reto Sr. l Loct I MAR'1 oT ' AKEI 'l 8 Al V ,l MnarrL 2. le The on lal I ,.1' unp lle lin -, ihl r irti w -i k, Iha -is I hI Ieln r om lrativecly light. I'ric.r . I lllll the 'lam"" ill dI I lltere oIot het o l o Rload Iett io t lto .e-o ton vitlh t F t ,l.t',,l v Iillern.lll. thllis mllmlk--htl lir int, tl eotlll. t' atll-· I to1t s-tore rooms, whlie, the low Ingle of untigalion tttf last ie fill and oi ter, uo-tl, has lnct lt lh,'t, ,,to nor ,onaket t Is. in sqtlnd ,andtflth great ntmlter of lrearv laden hi ts- - oneeOfI Ifhe Irnrgest clalss--o hin lave dotpaled for time e< frtti. otri, Iitpee ' l i.eisi.lppind Illinoia river-, plaioly ur ll"V 1ohenI tiir visit In our mrkentln has lo been rritless. i hlt We\ ntile a slight declitne in flour.-F-rom the mill weor inn ot, e the sane as last week, $i 75 a 7 00, and dull, ,A n l pcp blican. V. 1. LIVERPOOL MAcclr, Feb. t16. P lis COTTON.-Thics ,eek opened with tan extensive mr-. tosins ia ('oleoc. Sea eIsland i' in reqat tt o 0x trrlane rates. Fgyittiau iting offired mnore freely, in olllo instances, bulers have oihtailnd io aodvnice of id. I er lb. 'lThe pnles'of the week anmuot to 19,13'1 hales, nre- nluediog 80l Atlreri.an on epeaolatioll-3lutean Islandot n23 1-2 to36 30 tained do. 9 1-2 .O 13; 73111 l)ploi 7n to 9, 640 Mlaile 7 1-2 to 9; 7570 New Oiricatn 7 to 1.2 a on The sales, to-day, are 58(I bales io ihe trade. roll DIED, )n 2d t pril, 1839, HcI.N, youngest dauglhter of Ben jamis Whlitney, aged six mopths. t7The friends and acquoiataineel of Mr. CIIAS. LOUIS OARNIER, deceased In Arkansas last summer, are repeet fully invited to attend his funeral, whichb will take plce at 41 o'clock thisevening, from his residence, corner of Union and Baronne treelts. New Orleans, April 4th, 1839. FOR IIAVRE. The lA I and fat ailing ship CORIO SANUS, Captain Tennev, will have imme diaelede pste, having the greater partlof her cargoeaeaged. iorfrcight of 10ll bales cotton,or pas sage, apply to L H GALE,

a.prit 4 9OR B REA PORTERm.m sta FOR IVAVOANA. This Doy. tiny. Passengers will please be on woard this day, o Il o'clock,3 tiers below tie ferry. april 4 V. PORTER. FOR BORD. UX.. S The brig VERNON, Captain Perkins, woants201 btles cotton to fill up. For freight of wbiehl, or passage, apply ta aprl 4 L H GALE, 93 Common st FOR LIVERPOOI.. The superior A t ship ZOTOFF, Capt lMerrill, baving Ith graserpart of her cargo engaged, will tave itttnlialt depatchl. For frighto 300 bales cotton, or pass ge, apply to april 4 I. H GALE, t9 Comaon st NEW ORLEANS AND NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD COMPANY. SAPRIL 3, 1839. Extract from the Minutes of tlhe proceedings of the Board, held this day. Resolved, That the names of all the Stockholders, owning above one hundred shares, who refuse to distri bute their stock, pursuant toa resolution under date of the 28th day of March last, as well as the names of all those who content so to distribute their stock, be pub lished. JAMES H. CAI.I)WEIL, epr 4-3t President Drawing of tihe Grand State Lottery Class 41 71 I26 7 11 65 2I 37 23 60 59 8 THIS DAY. Capital Prize, 88,000 Ticketls only $2 00 GRAND STATE LOTTERY. C LASS No. 42. I.Autorised by the L-gislttere of the State. To be drawn April 4, 1119, at 6 o',:ltwk P. MI. at Bishop's IHotel. S DAVIS &CO, Managers. 75 Drawn numbers-12 Draws llallots. Splendid Scteme. 27,814 Prizes, anmounting to $96,858 Tickets 2 00-Halves I 0-Quarters 50c Packages of 25 rickets for $50 00 warrantedl to draw at least $24, FPackages of 5 Ilalf Tickets $25 0O, warranted Ito draw at least $12 011. Packages of 25 Quarter Tickets $12 50 warranted to draw at least $600. For packages of single tickets, apply at the MANAGERS' OFFICE, 16 Chartrea st, and atths corner of St Louis and Char rea ste. april 4 I . I)ORSEI' 0rrela in ftin thiptitt osfr, foe apl 444 New |.Pver. *C RACKFRS-Sa [hls abutter aol water s tcoers ist ,J ettre, for sale by Iitsllol.;, adril 4 44 new Ie rve ilttak L r a e taie r r.lpply at H I vsl i ,%RS,'t Snore, aprl 4 earuer Natclee aIolI T.lhlpithuulas 1. 4ANS0 t L0k.lase assI.r~t alu 1 latstlissf tot' ts. 07 soId llye caeial a*'yl"rkp . " " -- d ..s ..A5Ebl!, 0. apt . 4 " csscrqleaiaa mgi. Tontsl*4 k+, loJt' iEýTW lpl owieg cdst mark Dlbun Ajnested ( call at the ubcrlbenr' offic and a take their goods, v"a: Madame Cineesea; Jolly & Bettmre;L Rl ; F- Betr tram; Armand Dchemitr; Mallet; Charrin P ouel; lbhte; Manste Chauvier A Granslthe; A Michell; con. Me slgner of goods marke D W; colnmigre .n foodl maTred3J C. LEVI H GALE, aprtl 3,w_ 93Common 't THETRE. C AMP 'IIEATRE--The Troesorer of tha es rlh lihmoent respectfully announeea to the pdblic of New Orleans hat hie BNEFIT is fed for Thursday J April 4tb,on which occasion, in addition to the estab lishled favorites of the Camp, several emibet perform ers ofltbe t Chorlea have kindly volunteered their vel unale aid: lileasm J tR Scott, JH Barton, O Holland, J S Browne, J I Brown, Greene, G arrett, Johnon, Si Fredericka, Arcter, Hodges, Mrs G Bprrett, and Green will appear in eblraters well caleulated for tim dies- r play of their h peculiar powers. For partieulars see bills of the day. Ilox Book now open. apt 3 dp TRUTH IS MOGHTYH ANWItL PREVAIL. TI iT is a act that 1.50,000 of narsaparilla Blood Pills havs .1Tbeen sold durinagthe past six mouths. It Tlfat-.tht they are taken in innmerable instseean to 1 obviate and correct thle mischievous and lad affetv of quack pills and other quack medicines, by which many lives are endiangerd. I at s afact-Thnt all quack mellicinas contain minerals or J mercury, which quacks think "must kill or eure" and trust to ther effect to' hit or mis," - li s a lact--That numerous quacls ond foreign lpostore ctall themselvesdloctors,that they may more effectaslly impose F their Vila and danngerouas preparation on the public, caring a nothing for the coleqaences, so that they cal only pckeht D their unjasegnia. lIlao fact-That tie quackr and foreign impostors who now infest ourcountry know nothing of the nature of medi eines, muck less abdut diseases of the human system. t It is a fact-They are particunlarly elicaieoun in the follow sing diseues, all of which are more or lees caused ey impurities .l ottie blood and animal fluids, namoly- Rheumntieaffections; Ulcerous soresofthenee,throat Sarofula; Erysilmlas; and bodyi Jaundica; lHeartburn; Scaly eruptions and blotchee of Diseases of the liver, skio, the skin; bonesand glands; Dry and water pimples. and Pain oftbeside, along the psutule of the face and of Iback d spine, over tle tile bodly; p region of the heart and Ttterand ringworms; stormacn.h; Swelling land hardeninog of the Inward fevers, hod toaste in glands of the neck, in the the mouth, foul breath; groins, breast, dc Flatulcuy; Indigestion; Stomach e olpllt; Wantofapetite; I.iVercomplaint 8aour eruetion and acidities of tha stomach; Woterbrash,&c. d RECOIMMENDATORY FACTS: 2 S It is le fact-The only pprietir and mahnfaceurer of the I Sarsaparilla blood pills, a. regular physician as well a apolth. secary, attaned by the mtcelebrated physicians of te United State.. DoctorsPhysick, Chapman, Jahksol, Oihson, Dewees, llare, James, Ilorner Cole, Ac. s Ilis a fact-TIhat the Sarsaparilla bhned pils are e ployed s in t ll ractice of mnanypllyacians .: very strongly reeoau. mended by many throutlonhat tile U State. (SOe dtirectiona accompaaying eaci box of pills.) It is a .lact--They are oempored entirely of voegotables, . and they ae rwarranted locontain no mercury or animal pre In partionas. IIt iafa fet-Theymaybe t ket by tIl mnot Ilelicate, andat allages; withllt restraint of occupation or bhsinesa; without fearoftaking cold; without change of diaet or. retlait from Id temperateeng. It is lnas--fiThy will not by their operatiol. whiell may be milder active, u"ordig to the quantlity taken, weakenl the systenm so muechi as lost of the purgative mndieilles gener r, ally do. ,n It is a flet--Tblet they are tile maost effectual K PURIFI;RS OF THE; BLOOD. RENOVATOR OF THE SYSTEM s Ever dicoasered Aleo, constlitutliollnl diseases, prodaluce Ih ercury. or Sthe aul rals8 or tile rollsqlnonee of syplillis lue, venerial nI Itia fact-That never ill single ilst..e. have they .eell knowln to be used, that they dill noe prodIece a taad effe:- clrlllg thlousands, Ilay of lwhom wre before ,onridered inea Stable, i It is a factl-titnl on, box of rsnrapari li p llid acle bletlle of t1Il rCnp..l ll Syrup ofarsanpartlla. I utlalsaient to acere any "film nboe dleanse. Ia i n iu fcil--SIlloi Ibe olbverved,tllathle dlly place tIlhey can e nlobtained geaainle in N. Orleas, is at Custolhouse srelet. be I .'" - .. N'2..9o._ BLOOD! BLOOD!! BLOOD!!! I t. The vital principle (Life) is ctntaulned i,. the blood. 2. Itbld makes blool. "Wi. Every thinglln tihe bdl y i. derived Irolm bhlod. 41h. All enustlt uoiol are rpdlCdlly Ihe mil', 5th. All diseases arise frele imlpurity of the lhmod. or in mth er word.froma aerlnllohui hUln h ors b,,ded in the, body. ,th. All the.e hulnell rs are larried y lf, tile bloo. Illrify, and made hleathful by tile air.atartla th.at asltlltlatu. bh the blend. 7th. Vegntanbl purgatives alone assimilate with Ihr+ blood. IMPIIRI'TY ,f the blole is - 111 kuomvn to be o enfthe great ramls*an dlllremH. S+ItSAIPAI lI.I.A Ia well kuown to be the rIloost effmetul purifier of the hIIued ned IluIl. O.f Ithe hulns systemI it, talsitun.'t It I tin: prllclp.l , medial n.gent mf all Pslnx;lcas, Cathnlrcoua, .ad ,it hr prrparatioln. It i~ uxelol.% ther ble re ttmlllll Un ll .y Il ....vlltlla y; Ill. ytlre kn.,lltxd lo. . ylt one as retyr po ulp·lper en filled with ildtertisintellte ufprel. aratluln, of Sm lll perlll, e..trat Is, nyrup, &c. 1)1 ,*V IhS bun diiceletd a proreb , kt u n olly b o I i. l....df, .hereby It i oImlllbhi edl wh l ·,t lr well kllor l, nwinm di ll nlgllll tbyld. to i, lllg fi. i.ltr.ues of the stlrl ie. i r .ll l, l t;lrlll.d g Snnrapar~llu or Blood ',+ils. lth .h III saral) erll,l.e roan .tillet llnd. 4, ii. t.jll, p trgt.livn, wh1b by its elti p t g r.IUhll ly iutl pllinot hiperptlt..g y meriti, t otll' Vegrt biti. TIr.l. hIlS o,.~ptrulfrolU thd Meelot by tht..r.aard,.. byhim. pl.lh, lll.l..: n ,turgI I rl llllllly as. rolllst pill. do, whli inp .. table illnd reduce th ' +lyraell r," tler ing t nmore lia .hs Ito all, ent, wt aklltgb tile , yst,.l t llb , llbd l .,kl dlse.bl tot twk.: trollig r tittg,1 is llb lilg , eb h .t .dr)l t. llOll..ln li; ii ti h) t it l,1t1 i beJ..ll ntlll t po irgtng, 4.6 J t. i IIiy C .l it o. ttl,,: d tllat elrr lU ll llhlnr,:lna d bly i' .c' '., ild l.re.lg, llll.. ,lrl t Ur, art oIthll.ltlt irt lftl. r yidde iii1Pll. 'Th I lorculy o nd btthet Igod I"1,+IIU Iho lrln~um-tal'l·· o~f ll" #.r ..lp~illl I·I'RhtL¢ illtr,,ClllC ·Id StIll l yll.lIt ,d r II luki . ant, tb..t.,pI...,d I'lor (cytrry ,rd .t tlt is kete iir-r o t, a" ,Ilhlm; not h m " l I, I lreik,,gr Iti .yet tile dot bti ly yl tti g tllU t y11! hIII i.,. am r ptL ti ,lt ltdi.. ltltb ii.i. itrt r .tns I .Ibh, , it tayl, t s la,,. ot t.l I,, , , r p .r.l.nr of Aj"I Iditl. 1'tt· tittttate of Pitit s mtbi mg ..f 0, T..yl.. .ir :,l pi rihl,e, n i trw mbi oop o lrb .Io " h llt ;l'.r,.,+lr I, .to l,1illr l nllll.."io~l IPt IIIIIII omIS G l..ti...i.lV.. , .bt hisr.i. 1. ' atot h io..pt ,l.y.. h 1 11 1 s hbit. il-, FIt I t,: i i . idlt itc .,',l" t pr. t , t..- , r h , .ag ritel I.b i l.lnlllb , r+lllllP It+ P++a~ I I' yI P I'I tlI*II' l llll 41'III 1IIt~i lIII 111rt ever .11 h yi.p..i,,, P I td., t me lbtf ,,t, bll'tItb. ,,1,. ,, ,,yto.i fve,,,, h l ,d tail' of 1h1 Ureuth. I.ted lir+, th, Aa.Ieah'ey, hlad ,gestiolt tulldl " t tl.p e, it.. sr l lf, Itinly l toi.tdl of th ile lllmall , Mlcr..l. ,,rr,. o)f thIll..ose. throat ndi Ib .ly, ma.lly rl uptiotl, Git, l.h.,-of tle s itl dry and w.tey 1 i.p.ndety .,lt pud...l lft hte f.. i and Ifody, lntltr al.d r lngw .rlll wrllllndy d tlard n+. lg o1" the gland.~ of tliP llek', I~ thle ghlanS, breast, &c. TtOlar... ilingh, lt'er rott. d .int, waterra.h 'ilt, el.. p6e wInloe train of dl scad n reO·ltlllg front ml~l llrlty of tile bood, oo.titutioa.,i d..pt....rri- .p.uc by mercurt y or ot.... l... erll.. Ask any reolpetahle ihysietan tile question, Wllt is the Inuat ellienclous purifier of tie blood . his ailswer will liesar sa ar its. utfieio it to say then itabl physicians recommend it so uni *rmally, what better evidence can we have of its invaluable propertus ? Numerous eortifieate" have been received snd referencee can be .given to handreds of inataucem of the most remarkable cueranvcr performed by m<li lee SalI wllolelale und retail an No 96 Custom Ilousn street, Now Orleans. 0" Those afmicted wltbt rhaumatism, mrofula, eruption of the sklll, swelling of the gland., ,lercurial diseasla, &e: may (Jturs. many d dan higets u.d avmd impeitiun, ty applyingat abovei. 0J The attending Physician may Ie conailted Prom 8 to 10 A i, adlu fronl 2 to , P M tlud from 7 to 10 in the eveuing. april 4 DEAFNESS. G ITP TA VEGETABtII.IS, AN INFAI.LIBI.E REMEDY FOIR DEAFNESS.--'Pie great succes which heattnnd ed the application of tllis valuable rrnledv in mine hundred masesin the WVestminster Dispensary (for almeases of the eye alnd ear) lor which Ietters Patent have been obtsined by M. Taylor, M I), from tih Engisll Gotlerhment, and the aancionn it las r.ceive1I r rom te Itiye l Acdeyt ,Iun ' le.n".ine In Paris, as well an frm the following medical genltlemeln - M Abmr~s th~y, Sir Artlpy Cooper,. Ur, Bosion, Curtiss, Ulidk. and L Se galsig, Aurist, At.·. and otherr artists and burgeons, inferior to none iin medic'l uience, w... have ...d and recommended it. The fame ofthci (wll. Vegtmubilis, throughout France mad Germany, caused it. speedy iutroduct ou into almost every country in Europe, anid ahlren s were prelented to Dr Tay lor from all parts, eongratulatory to te nircuinlltnme. Th. certainty with whieh the Biutt, Vrgetabih, wae coplintully applied ean he attested by many thousands. Since therevo lutiun of 16.29, their majeslie. Louie Phillippe, King of the PFrnch, and Leopold King of hlh Belgians, conferred on Dr Taylor Ike title of honorary AurLst to their majesties, as a re-. ompea.e for the many restored to hearing or otherwise cured by the applieation of this long tried Gutta Vegetlbili.. Them proof. of Kuyal favor will he hopes be suffcient to encourage ull whoare maieled with dcafness, arising from any cause to apply tipl remedy. I. Loadoo, Pri. cod (Mussels the numberr cured by him is Inlcubo., as well as in the principal cities f thn thre. king doms. Iu the eityof Dublin 400 morn or lese deaf were restored to hearing by him, one of whom land bnen incurable for 30 years. to the city ofLyous, (France) 296 were rettered to hearing, one of whom was 99 yuono o age one81. Inthe astyea r, 1836, the euresperformed in the cities ill the south of France were astonithing for their nUulber and the length of time they were aflicted. For proof of its effcaey, we will submit the fellowing eases -The Rev John King, eurate of John's Church, Macheltor, had become o dleaf, from sold, that he could not hear a band ofmusi¢ fifteen yards distant. This affection had been grade lly growing ipbol him for •number of years, during which timehe applied to many celebrated Aurists and Physicians, who operated nud apphied every thing their nnited skill could uogge.t, without the least shadow of ralier. Dr Drake reeom mended aLd applied Taylor's Gutta Yeget hdis, land snllge to tel he had let uded a wood botll until he cclold hear u well u ever hn did. For partielars of this case, selLondon Mad Journal for Oct 1635. Dr Andrew. of Edinburg, lays of the Gotta Veetnl ilil-iu my practice, aswell u in the hoppitals-i find it to be a most valunble remedy in cam ofdeafnes arisig from nervoal f debhlity and relaxation of the ear, plodueed by cold, and well caleulated to do much'good, ud iherefore reeomm end it to geueraluse, beiugronfldent iu my opinion as well n tbat of others, no one will be disappointed who may have .eeltioll to use this vlhlable discovery. Dr James of Amthiil Bedfordshire, in a letter to Dr Taylor, coneludes by raying every elus of people will And inthe Gutta Vogetabilis a cheep and valuable remedy for Dealneaa arising from almost ally eause. I have generally found that one to two bottles produce a pnrfecteure-and in one instance a gentleman who came under my care, laboring under deafness for many yars, attended with a runinnn from the ears and a peculiar sound rosemhliug dislant thu deraccompnniad with he riulgingot bells; all theaesyaptomr wereremoved and the individual restored to hearing by the use of three bettln,. A judicious practltioner of Paris speaking of Dr Tayior's Gutta Vogetabilis ,ays-I bare employed all my skill aud tal anti to fuel out a useful preparation for the relief and cure of Demie., and I must solemnly affirm that I have never found any thing so good, so safe and so effeacious as Dr Tay 'or'" Gntl Vgetabllia. You may depend upon it, mays be, for I have often experienced it, that it po..esee every virtue that ean justly be aseribed to any medicine for that distressing af. glctih. Hene thn you have a medieiue of superlative e01ea. ey and ofiutlinsie value. MIiuS A Norton of MileEnd Road, was many year. afflleted with deafiess after trying every thing she could hbar of, and her physician "ould prescribe, one hbotlo of Dr Taylor's G utta Vegetabilis relieved her con, derably anld before she used sbe third bottle she was perfectly restored to the seln, of her hearing. Thes Hornby, 48 Farrington street, who was a lieutenant in the 442xlegilmenlt wel atruek deaf an the plain, of Waterloo and hrs remained ioever sinee. After the iis ofonn bottle cf Gutta Vegetabilia he wa. perfectly cured. Mlr Green of C.amberwell who he d been 14 years deprived •f the sense of hearing war quite eured by l~ing bil bottles. To the ..LgQ dWl U he most c gmru only aiestd with deafne., this preparation aill indeed prove a Wletiag, as it has ao fru qluently cured the woret ofcaes, when ne hope ufrervery had| been UnlrelPtled or derived from o tur me;lint. To thoLe aMwlee with deafrru·nling from noll, this prep aranlon must plryse invaluable and wrilleirore them' tohear i0,g in Nina easms out of ten. _ The Gotta I 'egetablll* is pIrepaeed is etnclt acrdlne with rierdiule p.ilclpla., apar- lr-f4.o.,l .pirilchn'ind it will he f,,.!d Oi trial .l.ateT 4It op· l6nlmlallldal .with .tin the bappy.fe etsLit .lDlear Ay rraorit tbue u Laynua u ho tlaoveen aulr untas.Y1:to be" deprived of tha. luln for t il i etail ao a, .... tNo. 96 C.....Jslnu. [ 'ý14I11'i.,. __,l i ý-4U, tU k x ja .t, a fit, a by "' In 3. . . IU 4YE. 1 .il,wvLol Zee Night but Mer of the iaeea ! unteered their valnable aid. THlls EVEA ING, APRIL 4, 13, Will be presented tle4th act of Mr ' VENICE PRESERVED. Jalier, Mr Barton. Pierre, Mr Scott. Or Belvidera, MrseGreeae. 'After which, the 4th Act of the I, SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL,. C. , Sir Pelter Tleazl, Mr Johnson. Chat Surface, Barrett N a Jo Surlace, Fredericks. Loady Teonale Mr Barrett. Mr Archer will sing "Farewell tothe Mountain." p After which the lauglhable petite comedy of THE SECRELT. Thomas, Mr Holland. M Dupulis, Mr Fredericks. Cecile, MrseGreene. Mr Hodlges will sing " My Sister Dear," A SAfler which, the Farce of RAISING THl E WIND. rr Jeremy Diddler, MIrl S Browne. Sam, J M Brown r at Fancy Dance by Mis Wrary c To conclude with the Farce of the Il IRISHi TUTOR. t DoctorO'Toole, Mr Greene I CAMP-STREET THEATRE. - a LAST NIGHT BIlT ONE OF THE SEASON. at R. and MRS GUREENF. resp.ctfully announce to ite public, that their Ilenefit will take placen on SFRIDAY) E VENING, April 5. ed Sheridan Knowles' plany of the ef Wh WREtKER'S DAUGHTER, With other entertainmenorts, (for which see rille,d have he keen selected fr Ite occasion, upl 3 R pdd he COMPTROLLER'S OFFICE,2d MUNICIPALITY. NEW ORLhane, April let, 1839. PUBLIC artiee is hereby given ihat on Mondny, the r.ar 8th inst. ct 12 o'elroO, 1 will adjudicate, nt my Sllce, to the highrst bidder, eparote leases, from tli e 21ith of April to Ihe 10lir of September next, of Ire fel. he lowing stanrds fIr the asiae of frut, rvi: th. No. Ir at tie flnt of Canal treet. led t, GroIwer , " Poydras " e 4, " Girod " ed ' " Jlim '6, I)lord . 7, I Itomgnnoe" 9, at tie earner of market Square & the I.evec. lee, 9, NUn's nnreet Pe- Prvmert to Ihe nmde in aoiefnetnrilv ernorsed noles cn atI. ,3 lld 4 monthR frof rhe lr ay ilo(rjadjr i irair. ut d4plds JOIN CALIIOUN, Corr.plroller. om LIItlEAU )DU CON'I'ItOI.EUI, ie La S Sconde Municipalitk. oy P l.a Nouvelle Orleans, 1 Avril, 1839. a VIA PUBII.Cest dloann qroe I.undi Ie hit ereurant, tor- a midii j'jrrgrerni A maor ulreau, du plnr brUt enchrisseer. e hlounge renol e!n tlril, du 20'Avril juaqrre Ie 10 Septembree prochrin, lea erlnlinno or place seli vnalll op vpor or V itelll t rl r I rirnollllne nilt No. I, an bout d+ In rue du Crnel. 2. tranvier. -, (iiidenle ea 6. l" elortle - r8. olr coin de la Place dlr MarcllS et I.evte 9 " Ie rle.rir' Nornrr tile Ie p ienent do.l i'le fait re i illetit eludosin(s r ntis for fnitiolm I, , 3:, et 4 mois,a daler d jo.r d N t lr'djr dirrtiror. "JOtIN CAIIIOlJN, at. a.I Colrrrolerr. ()F FFICEOF 'TIEi FilIEMIAN'S INS. Co. OF iNEW Oar lllEANS. Io illr'irsl ill.rnllt, thie follwilrr ng cerllellle were dily elected D)it, lrs of l ltis inltilllion : Ge.ree lledford, ItI II rrrret, rd Atillrry I'nrker, rah I. SprrIp genlr.rg JlnrreeI Ili-lr.,r I Knrelltle. S tlli-lhlr,. rl. J. A 11' l1 or-,,, I t I. ,nn C I IItomev, J N ilowthr.r rt 1) S l.wers, Sooror amuStel wrt. b AndI a m ePtillng oef he liretolrs held r'n trie Ever r i t Irritrer r IT',lfrd ie cel rewreftrr .en. P I. Tracy, . rernr. npril li Ii EU DE lI COtl'i'll' ii'NSiliiANrCt I rs P0OM4 'l lIter , SD)e in Notrv.ile Iihle-rr. t l- 1 .'.I.s-m ,Itf,+ "le St na rriplteTre eIP r,..r In ttlll lillo , tel ," Ir Ir+.mi'? e rrlta ellt, I , .lle.llllllllll-lmi i'trrrl r'irrr rrr)ilrIIrerLr4.-t rrfrr (olllep:llli : II Itl rtirrtr. An hioy I nrker I. IrIIune'fnlliterr, J r F r r(rk jr ".l n+ .I C ll.. n ri'hlllS h ,in, )sea t" I"hzv. J N iltlthie r , I ,r Itt, e, ,, S irrr.rnrt. S A 1,' 2 l e 1,, rr , fire t' tr, h.nte I ..it ,1 ne y N con, cer irrir r ;, n,, l, ,d A 0 it lnor1si . IPl.'sident rr lA 1Si l lo' l 'offll, Inr ,e. rrerdes mllIienI rr' , fit :1, l9T E rl. t"'rIATi i^ i rr r IScIou s n . r',I i, 1:7: .,r-,,,lIA.Y T'1'Trl': (F I-. 'I'1 INA-Ir'risi (Courr tfr rir Ir;,r Chirh.ie l l rrrrrirrr Jlrrri... April 3d, 111/9. I p r \aroh ( a1.ft ; t ri1'w tlPns. Prent thle l hIo. In, No. 117:11. (ierre,. 31. Posrwiek no his Creelinro. TI.lire rr-irr rrf ..l.er.. ir- lire erlitirr..er .i neeerted ,rr. lI'- I r cirtrrllrr O -tlrlll rrrrirl fhi ieredilorr. Ilinordri ce e, Tht said creditors irto oret irr ti r riTce of Wdiliamrr lire Chtisrr 5, Esq. Not. Ihrr,. on Tleoloe-i. tir 16th Inr of oid, April, 111311, then and there to !deliberale on the nrilirs oI r , arid innoihenl; and in the meantime nil proceedings the aga.ll his person and properly are estayed. ar Clerk's Ofce, New Crleano, April 3rI. 1839. i. nprl 4 3t J OL.IE,Cerk. n.ie I. COP1EI-ioi Ik l Colrlr.r fire rile ry 9 11 DEVIF:IEUX, et. O 'Lt. 0 r I qrr ir i tne 01 april 4 l~6 Thapi.ar atrrl et, O ap I t ll hVEIlI7nUXtiJCehlrnit,,or Ia t A riely olfkinds and qorliies, odnltrd Io her o.-treop, ra forMole by I 11II)f. (; . Co, april 4 131 Mlgozine at 10 G UNNY "AGS in rolen ond Irrrndle, frrrnle lry apl 4 I IIRIDGE & Co, 1341 Magazinest NAILS-150 kego Rtsonn Nails, for sale by apl 4 I BRIDGE & Co, 134I Magzine st mlY IIISKEY--I51t bbla Rectified IVhiskry, in store red.- Y fr tale ly G. DNOIISEY, td t 4 44 New .Lever Drawin of the I.noaiisatt ILotnryClane 15. 51 20 33 13 74 19 11 35 6 4 426 70 THIS DAY. g12,000 !!! Capital Prize. Tickets only $4 00. 75 Numbers-In brawn Ballots LOUISIANA LOTTERY. Authorized bh Act of Legielntutre. Chapter XLIII, pnorred March `6, 1828. Cluas 16. for 1839,to be drawn on Tuesda3, April 4, 18:9, at16 o'clock, P. M. at the Excllhne.a itr, St. Clnrles at. D. S. GItECORY & Co. Successonr to YATES & McINTYRE, Managers. RICH SCHEMlE. 27,814 Pr ies, amounting to $189,070 Tickets $4 00--Halves $2 O0-Qtuarters$1 Packages of 6 tickets for $100, warranted to draw at least $48. Shores in proportion. For Packages or single Ticker epaplv at Tie Manaeers Off.ee, april 3 35 Canal street, nmt to Campet. M It KELI.Y still contlnues tle I ivery husiness at the old stand of Fowler & Kelly, orn his own occont and ire will always keep on hand n fins lot of matrlwd and single oImrsea, alo IBarouchea, Buggien, &e, of the besl quality, for sale, hire, or exchange, to which the attention of the ptblhc in pnrticslarly nvti ted. WM I KELLY, april 1 I6t 18 & 184 ravier st M AYSS O I R LT l Y O F C O P A II TN E R SLIA I.l 'h o U Cpnrtarrahip Irertotore existing htRteron tthe subscribers in thl stvle of Fowler i Kelly is this day dinas.ied.ls muitual coasrent. All rersons haing de ,Inaltdagainst the old fin will present them t nWm H Kelly fr paytment, and all idebted to tle cotcern will pay tltso me to himi. lie alone will liquidate the afairs of the late firn. K F FOWI.K9X, aprilt I w WM II KELLY. _ IIOUCK' 1 PANAC A. 7I1IS 1 'redieine hag been highly successful il the cure of tie following dieasens: dyspepsia, liver disease, indigestion, loss ofappetit, nervous affections, cutaneous ertplios, secondary Syphilis, Mlercurial is rase,peeral debility, oand rll oler diseases arising from Impurity of Illte blood it in particularly rrctm mended as a spring lttd fall medicine, to renovate it, paired constitutioes. It is extremely ngroeable to take, resemblipg in taste a rich cordialo, ottd beig purely a vegtable composi tiot, tity It taken with perfect safety by the most deli cate persons. A supply of tlthe above received tnd for sale by SICKLES & Co, Druggists, april 1 hn 40 Canal s* MIAYORAL'TY OF NEW OILEANI. IlE prite otr Irtsh flour to-day is $7 0P perbaroel aeeordig to the tariff; the bakers shall etve dtt. ring the enating week (from Mondoy Isn itst.) 1t otn ees oflhred for a ltt, Bread of the second quality it required to weigh 95 percent. more. vii: 48 3.4 ounces. napril I C (ENOIaS.Mallvor. JEVJWE.RY, AT W'ItULESALE. W . I. IIEIl.. No Ill, IChartres et, Iho Ihi Inay re. ceivretd I nalltssortllllelt of WlVilltee, Jeweilry, Spoonst, Stecrtles anld (ils W1aie tilhey will he offer elot thp Itowest ttarket price. ai 1 NOTICE--Th c...,rtnurslip xistin+.gbe.-wee. the ,1 uhdocritert, under tile firm of Ynrke IIrothere, wa dlissnlved by ortllnal consent. on thle 7th Fenruorer 189:. The tnao of tae firt will Ite nsed hby Ecdlwa;j -Yorke, in ltqunidtioa of its oflfire " E- K VORKE. april I P I VORIKE. IJ eple dld lernrte of Ililliterd t.alos mal rh"osch. april Excleange lnorel, er "i tt',arlen &.u.mmtte p .t AIT-i5il e,,,eka P t',rks lI-nd t.lt, in-seei-t" :r' iasheIls qeal, tpr ule ti" LEVI II DOLE, s Ip lll " " .' n 3, a 'se.- ryi".,tr onit Ijy - I E II GAI. . S.Tl. CHARLES THEATRE. ,L 2 p ublic ore raapeasflly inForned t1 i, s . ingudehed Tologdian Mr. E FORREIT H aui . fa ' iteen nights, erpd will make 'hll fourth appeitan.c TIdJa Evening, ' , Thins. Eeetin, A.lJ, 4, Will be presented the eigd),, @of MIETAMORA, M etomor a, di • r t ftt NMt hna uked, I"aIf Overture by Oe:. )orm T'econeucldewith the Moteleal Fared ftti SWISS CObTAGE. Corporal Maxr M.iP. ga Nate Tleck, BCena Livette, . I De Bar ' SLAW BOOKS . SOliver on Conveya on l Tollr r e ExtentA V O (ow on DartnerahlpS. Ponblnqan an Egquity Chaneey's Marriage tiglt; Gouald's PMding' A nenyt supply aft the lovat dty teeited ly_ pd '2n- " ALIRiX iOWAKR, o f E OF D NEW ORIEAIlS TL E President and Diore orsef this Cnomtpay he. this day declared a divadend of 10 pereent s l capital paid in, payable t the stoeklPaldese or Sth legal replesentativea, on or alter the the nih Isns e apsi 2 E L. TRACY, Seateir. BUREAU DE Lt. COMPAGNIE ]'lU.s RANCE DES POMPIER S. . De Is Noures. CrIidS IL E President et Diroeteurio de at lhe lttillofe, nu doelards ne jour, un dividende de dlit sr rent du capital didj aouserit. Payable Fun Rlen. soriptepnrs on leur Reprema lltan. srueae spra I. huit eC r tant. ' E Avril 1, 138. a3 E, L. TRACY, ertair,. TO TIlE ARTIST'P AND IANCY PAINTER. SUST r eceived b the latent a rltal fros Han, s letndid collection ofArl.t's Brushes, pi$.pal. eta; inlet knives, cravon and pastels ; warlcot e conat. . water colors prel.ared with honey and variilh far ado Ntumps of every derrlptiea N splendid mahgany and wlalnt ensctls, for portrait palitere; postlcrsyons of every color, pencils ol every sile ; evarnh rlMal, lWeas and routd, ery large site canrasm, already pnstisd India ink, superfine ; ane henoe, fully meatlad wTih colors, Irauhis, elegantly itied lpa, Ae Ai. Splledid Albumsa, superbly bhued andgilt; esaream of every description, by cake; sign an[d oasnatlal tonlc rcd peecils; and a great quantity of rteicla of tanie wlhiel are too numerouas t detail. " The principnl nf Aeadmies, 'eachers of Danwlnl anl I'aotlatg, will do well to call at the sterne o the suberilcer wllilh wilt ieeommea date the nmitearp sad artitsl favorably. - ONDEIaml No 58 Camp stian Dealer in I'aint, Oil, Varnilshe nd Fancy Arniel . for pointers, wholesale and Retail. mar Im T O(iWO'D-3. tan, Campenehy Loegwed. la dinrg froe brig Asia, tair atle hIy "marngll S J P WrHITNEVY,3CPittip WASHINGiTON BA.LL ROO Dress & Masquerade Ball St. Pliilipeltreei Ietween Royal & LBourrbon. r tH I. nanaer of t te hove nt.med Bal Rnmngreal I'l l to his friends and the public ft the unpma I, lle lpalroiage bestowed on him lorerovel leoala. reapeclficly informs them thirl the estalnlhlnat has been ecaltgedl for the nmueemeat of. ishha, aId an dergone ieitetse repeire. 'The bar will be naSrpaned by n con in quailty of liqiars.and illac.luntrat ait he kt by ihe ablesit Ilertitnirneur an- tt t.ntteo Staltea. lihe r.:.e will re-olan ocI nrnrinitng, 3rd of Nuvremher etli, Iv ab GtRANt) DRELSS I MASQUIERADE BAI.L, nad will take nlice as usual evarv Monday, Wailes day an e ,tiureatv i.einicig, otirlny the seaHont.whih will and on thle ita of May, 1139.. N. It. lThe ere.telt nitration cill he paid ef kr.p. ing iper-ect oler thrbnglhict tie seaihl.lhmenauais wnt daa last ,sw aun. EXCHIIANi;E II:AI)IN(t ROOM. Ilt1-,. ireprirtor tina re-itedl lhis Reditg llminr Iile St. tClonths l rxchnnter. Cirer ol OGraslr nlld St. ltlrie street, c thet nepst eatiinnnr. Il icids all ithe iritaipal I spera of the Unitd LStates, of IvereY ies nind snita. the (.annda.'lexaa sad Maii .io a ellsula lollc , oils, rom ia regunars and exntlia. It ,:pllulid wicb the latenst KrIciopaan aperlas layd' l.i cusdtal P, icc's Price (nttrint. Ato wilth neahly -II the lt-trary Per ,diclin af tle day, and has lhere I iiecci cc l o ih I.'ndlcn Elddinhurg, WastminlMr I teilc',plitaui ieniemnwp ail Iliaiekwotel Magnaina. Theo Ncriel Aoricnuc Ieiaew;a tel. SnIthtn I-iteln, Knik Iclcker,Tihe Ateeit.i'a Juiirlti of i ctieiaer and Arts t ahill, t 1iiPtLthInoy ]temlf.rttil Rev' ew, elllemen'v I LnrtellenAleeielillnunlntll aenle tlv' ielny, the -Nexht-',,hrnrgicl IlReview, stit a variety ntflenna All Ithere aworkis ir rgalattrli ouaeeart c'd sai reni , fe. tb- mcw til)mu,! ela- Niles IaIoiaer.IeaetI C I c nmiart SI'll cr)lll it v icc lnlneillrentr cic1aseal..etnd Stariety i , Ifirkt fref, mace. ti te, - dgin. o u rlicit no a.Mnealtertatl aters ea Ipeae cilli cecccccecl' co remler thin Rtdint Roaam th 'int ala tuiile'l Sntrrs. 'itmope,itcmn.er rerpettfuy musaie'. ll I--It a ll eSIo1. c e S li Noena Ntice, irlSe ment elrc-nut . rninec, ir IBlatkn or Cb lte t, mnns, lst ERmel. led. 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II .Y nt'' SR-OGANS-- caseos lot quality kip ro-q i lg from shit Senator, for sale by 2d5 Bi IBRIDGE & Co,134 Mlea at L landing from ship Colunmbina. tlr le by m25 I BRIDGE & Co, lI lg at OTCE-T .he subscriber havinbaugh abo . nloUeia N tho pothecary rtoe owned formerly b Wila Evans--Tchapitoulml I, opposite the Voge. l~anaarki ofit Ih 2d lllicipality, oboee Delord It-beg_. pve t' itform pl.voicimac toil the pldie in Z4a l.trlat he hen put libs establlihment undoe the directiontof a ebleand most competontt ipotheeary, and that *e tw-o tmedieinet and cltemicatprepuratioau e an be fwtalcou. atantly these, &pbysicianspre eripieas ptiapoareal. cully 2.y and ttght. Nmar 2O8l llAUEL l wrlwill he paid kby the nubsecriber por nbch 4, formation a. will lead to the discovery ala.o delser. a dty nmmheored 1292 (suppoed to he a flm ntb who haul.d 2 eade said I bale idae A Pom a.hl. SteIlitz. L H (IAL -. TI Ut. -omnuel n. Ihis crdlitou, S rATE OF LOUI~IANA-flt Judlieal Dieltrict Court-'-Thu+Leda the,28th day of lMleh 593, No 17,259..- Present Ilee honorable 'A M Heals.i. JudgGi.--O, motio of Rendall Hunt, Eq. of eqg. | for tie peitioner,.and it apperri tt order calling a ueeing'.ofoail petilnecru' eoritoe , in .gt tt e ithe4th inltanl, l hs been iformally publi 1iti nor iered that the creditors of said pettlloMer, hesi to he and appear 'is oipen court ol Itl teqae, a l7th of Alpril next at tea o'cmok, In,' tRo lshoIa if ay they con, inl y said littiioller ithotold" qf the. en. efit of tfi lawn madel for the relil (oF ilhtsnt dhibon in intial cussoIv ; nod i ii I fnisby aOeh o e that E Knowl, Eeq. b" Optoinnt. to reperunlt ie iteneai of the ahsentcreditors ofnoid petltltanoeli Nha pr.mio,. (i:xtr.let fros tihe iissnutet,) opril l-3r : a v LEWIII, Clrt.' J. ImLtsoit o. .ea -.I.clR.. 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