2 Mayıs 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 3

2 Mayıs 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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FURNITURE! FURNITURE!t SUST received at tie,. Louisiana Furniture Ware Shouse, a large supply from New York and Bol on. Pereo in tbs want of furniture wolld do well So call,and selactt heir'entciles r.om one of the beet aed I argealt tke note in the city. W It CARNES, d " 5I Biaiville a N B--Particular attention paid to packing and ship i Fg Itriture freepofexpense, d6-2w 'O COUNTIP EILICHAN I'S. 4 (lOOD aloortment of school and misce dllaneoas 2 Brteoks. Also a uppl o llank Books, writiig an. letter PapIer, Quills, I, rO&c Cestatly on hand and for tals an good teris, by ALEX TOWA it, mar 1u 49 Cmp ,st _.__.:+__..+ rgl[H BIENCH & BAIL OF EN I.AND-By the 1 autlior of Random recollections of the Lords and Clltcinonisalad the Groeat lMetropolias, ito l vote. Neal Malone aid other tales of Irelsad by W tl COrllteautllhor of trais and stories of Ihe Irish peat -antetyplo elei. Just raeived an for rale by .m2 2 A TOWVARI, 49 Camp st u) A I .OYE--2U cails, oa superfi-e, ,ityifoe 1 sale by ISAAC Il1tII)UE & Co, april 2 1:3 Mlagazine at ACO"- casks h.oam a |ideeli, ,r sale by ptI 20 I t lRlDlGlE, 3 ltgcairje at -BCON - SI9)ES--150 asks Cincinnati cured io o store, ,for lle Iy G l(II(SEV, apeil l2 4 N'ew I.eve l by ShllM,. & BROWN, april 2 96 Magazine st ohip Gsti anad for ile Iby april 2 IILI & BILOW\N, 96 Miaaine sat ' AI..OW t ANDI.ES9--1101 boxes Ilohle tallow I Cnndles, ofiraale by I BIII)IE &. Ca, mar 21 13,1 Mngszine st O ,eral. Vtihs, an..l Viadow (tho*e, at a hwhletele od retatl, at II II. NNAIIEI., titer 2I Cot of Natchez lllld ',:llltllilIalesR as "II.)Atii 9. 113j0 tolacassea hase lc i lo sars a d . lr .Ul eao. by . It AI.E, april2 3w I'I (:Clomon st lot. spiry: tItIIIA I AM'I'I i lI5 34 (IroBee st V.11'-ltaat,; Nn 1,=.f30 boxest i o t0, fur, orle AIIItAII, TII l'IttER, aprit ' I - I I rnvi er at ful worlat hit.i, sent aet t trial to tii market, Io sale by ABIl.\II hM 'l'ItlI, april 2 3" ttravier ot tc ar12 A "iI'Ii El .:I Grlvier st 1 (.omly's Grlan lr-I.illio'o cookerly l|olhuoir' key to'l'Ih, ni u.t..t oortv's Fredlh soOlline Ib.k lo<k E1tnglihl Iendloero., hlflnd full houtnd s W\mostorochl's French tiramolo r Io bt'n.io'Wa\lthobington and t ,rion Ewv ll's medical cl)nuiol J)uboll's arilI tetic- elltin the nerves I.Lly'a ldtno l pocketl bolok (irtletro', todicol poo rloet lon k A" l l'es filrrer-UrllckE llt's rng bookI_ lll Ilh le's I'nited Altes. A now fat iarge suplply ofthel above works juto re ceivdo ond tootlo lotr sale rt god iIroty by J eA Tlowt, 49 l'Coprt Pt --" I'lL O.F T'l'II FItlRIMAN'S INS. C-, t'0 i (IF N w ORIII.EANS. ) A ttiog fi" te iStock lilers of this in stilltionl Stl- I he firs lr in.-# t, the foilowing gentlemelllnl were duly eo t cel ltirel .o'rs oft in ailin:, i;,'lrge Iloliord,l It II Ilruel, AntRloly l'aker, aco I Sponge nerg, Jiolet F is , lit ontS ttillngtns . A. V Ilnio, II 1t llliuetl C F lhorty, J N I ltrtlhor I) S liew o, e l elllel s.lwln rt. | Anudt a eoltilug of the Directors Iohl or tIhe Ere- Ito i liil of t ie f is olantl, (Georgl: I ll d vin s ellcted I'Pr.sident. I).Vr flnrob iltlo, orotortoflmioss. lames tlo(skou, Inslletor ifll Vesels, Boat, &c. andllll E I. l'racy, Secretary. pelt4 fiUil.IYO li8 l. COf IA(iN i'i'st SUlitANC NIl I)ES POi ItI'tES, e Die la Nouvtlle Orlean,. OIl A . As mll o e le .OrtlScrillerrtt lie clole h0t1l- _-ý Sthlu, tfooda lf premier courlrllt, lea sotlsnollllnml. (Citietllri l cl oirct rll do : lb CIIII C t Ig : Atlho, l Parker. r I, Slmnugeuberg, J F Ili. mo s ire J K tillt , S (;illlloIBomlt ot A 1V Ilninet, II I. ilenno I (C 1 Ilozev, J N Ilawihor, tt lttNeoello,, `S Stwito A I. ArPetIlilu dee Directeurs ronoe le oir iI se ¢o de colurlnt, d,` con eorge Bledford .ihui nullnint Ptihident ti J Stckton,n lulnplTeur toa vrPaeaux, etc. - Avril 3, 11169 E. I. 'J'ItAI'Y, , ,nl iocrro1iret vACOoN Alirnd PI--15,ttthto o nesi t Onlltti l) clred Sides Int1d SIouldert r 1 A I A I l h ir 61,0l I',. k . f C, s l. ( O ib y t - 4 0,10I5 e '1' 1r I, N c op t tsitelt r;I Arr t i I' ido do r own gii hol, fr -le by S AP WSlll I'FlllnoO 7 pt t.l\.TNVil) LONDON BOOKS. t 1191h , ptrb S,,l Etorrtuo. I I, ' i 'N ' ara isl I. t, illustrated by Joth l i \'iews o thie II malnyn Mlountsin in Indil, lee.t lllurtrted Torrllaphy of I.,Ldon. tolinirtlotr clt ast lihr.r), Ittt vol=. Ihumoulnc of :litllre-- frllr': (;ells:; I'he ronk "fr I ,tttt- s de Byrorn Andrew's I 'tos i i H o wer ln ,f I ,, , yrm n WildncbyMis Se "'ri Cun. " (Cv looI a Ia el popular sngs 'Ir it oiok of' 'I'l rl 1 or lf P iu ol lo lef l fi 1 (" , corfSrple ttaou*ltotd Iot dXottolworkso . . l ="co St Charles .nd Cn0n0o1 7a-. ItICHIOIIoLAb Nii I BIIY -Nots. 7, t and 9: alsot Sthe eit.tt ix l os it ot e p ort: tol;Il r vatriely of very ilterorttllg bouks,Ju-t rettlltrtt ,;it .tle blo in 17 A Trill A II, 49 ( oamp at ibI1 I"-\N0 ;IihlITtiltAilc i;l.hlTt.i. "U - J t'ICI, 53 Magazine street, oppositel lolbnks' Ar IV I1EV 5Ff rotkos iotetoro iit Il.li(illlliohtl Io hit W ,rll ,t, \hlo tisott ,CNew, (rlaltr , tiha t e hat lt or lergtl b roughlt l.itlhnrb ill oti lipar wIIh coppero plaot pritin g, oIn d to trmi II Iot{ ilit rite htr ar l hal u tver copper into e vi , lie catn execue, all itrderl , ltrust.o d to Stint, tit 1o10 hal(fthe expeans ll engraving and nearly as iipll fi tll yp llllpriti llteg. uctha ru's wishg Ci retlars - ent out in thr-ir own cllo ig wrtin c ll have lly Iqul tilty IIt fw hourst notice' oN Iltov will e ot e r lted for letu l i at l IrPulll tl" ILILST.l.s Iadt ilion of a ivel gcnrl satlie acion I It.rr aLrdL lillithd ill o Io thlelol mlil, (owill ot, bwell by eallinlg ti hc iolice ald see slecimlelns. priutltl attlltc hour't t oitot ao 1 -1. 1 AjI s T I A 'r E Dl ) e d i l i o n o f J a m ess o n U he p' a t .i o n .=, 1 6 le nlmnir of C har les M athewe , C olulmle ian, by M1rs , Mutllews, in. t" old just recei'cd and fir sll- by ...tno AEX 'I'U\i'AI!, _C! ulllp al 1 UNN- Y BAGit-1-I0 loales 00 bushel gunny bags, iu ,'uqre arndll Sr b.p d nln J '1'l11A Elt & co, 7.ll oydrs street NEW JI.WEIItY. ll ,/11BEt. I .,16Clurtresstltet lto, a i toi y treceiv Sed lier hlip Saratogt, 50 dozn. enalleltd Brett |ius, whicm rll |beoflere I the trade or p'dlarscheatr f i 5 - H orthor iho er hefor |rr i p lie). AI-o 51f doztnt bawd*E$ I nil "s, if all pat~l4 , s ogetier w ith a grleal va rietlv of crdlhp igilt \\'uolrk conoi-ti onltotr'h t Oin Ertl Olnuteltltt I.ockebtt lt:o;aito ,:. l'O hot i lltotltt will ro well O xtttte thits ten rs l l ret. P. S. Olhi Guld alid Btriltr atet, apl t5 ov tt. a AK 154n.1- 0 "Coe la'dttell, 30 i ILtnOah', blooho oi rogxo,, l;.to o! b o. JaI |.J >f:.t .;,.JI)LhWS, '."-a o. tt .. e()nen .ll n,1'I'oTepitlolsst . J1liotr tale Ity AlotAblAA 11.1.li, on!) 3Ittraver at JIl liooer, for' sale by A TRIER, 9 3.4 Gruvier st EbU a )L d 0 bags Englit gleenl pas loadinig front J. Io rqule Chanticleer, for ealo bv al. IIAL.L & 0I(O\\' N, 91; 3lagozino at NEW PUIIIICA'LIONS. [SIT)O., and o Genius ol,"Shak esenre, hy Rlverend No e helnu Pridte ICtovcrrsntilmn rn Nature anl Art, with cols ey'ling noid IerrToddock, or IO, lligh 1lieded, by 1tt autheor el " Treriun," eic The Spilit of thle East, lly ) I lrquharil, q. "i lgila., the Nabolb's \Vithi,y i.Mrs yolkland Sir Walter Scott's VWorks, with a Biography, by J G Lockhart, compltle in 8 vols. Jack Sheppnard, lst number, a ronnce, by W IIar, rihsen Ainkswlt with nurmerous Illustrations Nicholas Nickleby, number II E JOIINS ACo, ap 17 cor St Charles unl Common sis 1,. t I - n.N-i-.sblit.re Steel, fur sale by op O0 IIALL & BROWN, 96 Magazinse st I 'l1 1500 bbis lime. iu steo tel d tfor sale by .J a2 1' LIDLA\ V,id6 Camp at . holdersc,fr sale by a,'3 uS'.L'flO &YJAVERY BTfirtyer et;g -th.otiNE WATwi' -SI' 1en g r.nuee Iietrs I.i forsaleby , .. ., rARIES STOCKiNGSal U dooan btitio stock LA ingsa, io store for sale byT a24 A TRIER, 34 Grasier st `'EEL PENS-A superior assortment reeei ed by tih i ltat arrivalas ; consisting in pnrt of FEL'"S P'EN, on Cards, Noe. I, 2, 3, 4. Double Patent 'erryian, on Cards.2 Great Western Pen, on do Cnmopeastiug do do venigtt dos do Queens, for Pohting, do ('olgrc1s do do VWebster do do Skinner do do CGilloltt do barrel' SLadies Pen in boxes, and on eards Wiadell do. do aasorted qslities Thnose in want of theobove by thesgroce, crd or bo., caznfiud ;lO paost ertensirs sortmentil Orleatma at ,* s4 4VID FELT 4r'co, '24.Cartres st. bHIPPING. For Europe. FOR LIVERPOOL. STle At and very fast sailing, new barque FANNY, Capt. Cowell, will receive i one Sdiate despatch, having the greater I art of her roroo nrgogord. For freight or passage apply to ol7 L H (i AI.E, 93 Comnon rt FORil IIVEIt'Ot)L. The fine A l ship SIlDNEY. COpt Cowen, will meet with immedilate desatch. For Ireight of 150 oales cotton or passage, •pply to i. II GALE, alel7 9: C,,mlnlllr t t FOll LIVEItI'OUIL, . The A In. T fA t ansiling ship, IIIIION, Calpt. Broardnan, will receive iinoeldiant derpntcrh. For Ireiglt of 2011 lllcr cotton or possage, apply to o27 I. H GALE.,1, C93 Conlon It FOR LIVERPOOl' . - The first rat, A I slhip CONGItRSls, 2 Capt. Ewton, will ireet with imnlmdiate der For FIreight of 150 btlrest cottnr or pssage, apply tr l27 , II (lAI.,L, 93 l oanoa o t FOIL LIVFRII' UI.J IPros=ao only. Thre nAow fnt s niling ship o )IIl, Caihrt Clocker , will hver ifinnerr dirr eeolt th, . w Ir e paelm geto , hlrvillg lll I ,ccOrlllr odtionsro. apply to & J P IIlII'NEY, .opt. . . ",oK ifAV . l. ..t - The A I Vand faat ailln, ship NEBTOIR, Cnpt b p oseo , will rcetivC in'ol diote de|,erlr.It For balance of lieigl nr passgl3,npply tIo a(ril2 I, II nAI.E,9. C(onunloan at '.The A I and fet sailing ship, ALI.IANCE, Ca tin nanlI.o, will receive inledirahI its oi pIonth, For forighl tof 110 b0les of coton, of aup I uaply to L A GAlEn,o slpi 2 -" - 93 CoInmln t IFOR IOVRK. Prsnlge only. he "lltr hpo CRES I',NT Cnrpt oai Ihllt, Sill h llv i edin rci a re deIp nteh , l pesuilge laving good aiccom Iodrotions, ae ply to le . I, II (GAIE, 9l.torrrr(] ....o l"lNll IVI'. l ll,)l _ I.The A I new fistn ailint shrip CIIAII19ES, to.lt. Croffl, will meet whithl imnedionr d.r tlctI,. For freight of 100 bales colloll, or passlers uoppy to Io II GAlE, apri 3 93 Co'unollln ot . 'iThe A I and fr.t r-ilitig ship C()1i() tIANU.IJ C lrrain 'Penney, will Ihce ilno rditte t rtnotelrth hainog tIh grpllter parl of tier car-goernraged. For frcight ll 101 ,Irrler rarn, 5r IOa-' nrge, npipy to I. II f iAI :. I upri , 91 Co',lm onn et wono2tl)ll b Ides rcotton to fill t: r. For frcilht el eh lich, or pasl a ge , i pplyVIIt to npr 14 1, 1;t,\Al, t3 Comrmo .rrt I . .. . I. I I.IV I 'I l - t 'f"The superio+r A 1 shi ZOTIeII"F, Capt. ", e+ gang,,d, wil haw I·u illllllin ," e'I n + h. FIor frtighi o1"3011 halo corton or prrllZorc,ipply Ito It l it t.A ,o . "EIIIN III!It1l1, nl "l' ll d, will lnv' c n i tot rtil Ir. I apply t .o r ly I inAoI' l, FUR IIAVItIE. Ti_ e Tiro roilti (I. UAI)IUS , (Cai Srorbit', having tll her eargo en,,gert, will soill ..,l .ill rten dIot1s For pnlna .c only, IplylY. o,1 or o ppoi e olse i, t l7,tl IMuirllrlllnl or It I" tltI I I0111I.rS'I' I\. - l '_ T e lhie sclloellller , EMI',I' RE. (Capt. f" dll.lld will IIr'r wiltlr derr l l .111 1 o lieightor Iiasrsag, tlcdiy to te,,! Captilni n in land, ol, ore Tirianulr bll hlgs oi r tlo -I- ý I' il· I.InVtI;RtIt i ilt 11". 'l' ie A I rit fuI l srnilln s I,irn b e IAl'. lIENS, CooDI ill Melrrill. will hlve iiiimen' Ireetr rt oll f e ir g egr, gd or ihln r II lwri fireig h it l lr rir.r, pirply to 1 Ir;AIt I , all r 9'irgc'trrlttn I 11 liR IIAVI.Il - 'I'ro T I ,nrrl frant nnilillr -hip, IIANI)VF It, Colil llrrte IiiIl r,, rI im ll theor i lhlle icelr arr r rlrli dlirloroIt. or fricightl r f 1l,1brlin1 cottm, or ir s,'rger , a il to i. II II I'.01 ": np 14 1 'J {3, C llonl S l.. . I V RIVEIOI.OOL. "lhr A I at,,l hast siltiling hlip I1101.,1A i.P 1'1 n, i'nl! \,'illi,,on, .,tll r,.t.'ivl: hn£11edl eta I- I . ', I riig t o f I nlo , l el tr p , "I 1 IIE,,1 11. ,,', ly . . .. . . t lt'' '''e "M fi 1-IP it ChL..t111 1 tI I -:,llldthv,,1,1 h .l.ll na' ) ll " ~"' l ii T.l'1 1 (tl'l t, )r O ~ i.:gi: l w ill r. ,iv h un t d, p llt, 1' . Imhu lnc of t-ghl or i-e ( ,i lb lb o ,: ' I'le e"tlI l!lnllelanr W '\lIlIVICI( , t'aphisln I' e l', y to I & . J I' VII'r3 ' ,n , t AI .. .. . 9t. C IM OtE. 4 . . 'Sl ' hr Ils Xl)lI Il h,[. t'Il( , --,l ' , , debt , t ,or fr h' I Ct L 01, I w p: '-O t y I r' , 1hha lf a 'lly ' - en..ged, d rill Imes h deiaeh For ha I r h. gelix t i"ssgi, a n t v Io aiUl I 1i J 0 10 lcIIT .73 C tpii t 0l p The A c and ot sailg shim ISAAI n tl ll' I' l I nl. 'e 0 w nerlL c wI ll a i li lrrr.'K Carlerjr a Ifee l' OILe" rwet oj 700 iiate desl Lh l'r 1}sight nbalesI aomsre . . T i'.(n O0lg l ,1 iX.+='tet llil ILEPIJU I.I ,' .I X\'iA ' I r I reigii t of 50I1) 1 l e lnln ":0r, havil lng ilan filr ni01h1d accu i l..l ..-, i laptlail W Illo lo board,u o 1i . 'll" . . : upPPon : , ' , l.i I \`.. ` 6'i Comp strleet. A I0 i FL; "dU, : , " 'I ron r i 7 ) It Ij eI'. o p . 1 es ch ro p or I a,.-.l 1 l r paes l trII Angle st III IE , i d L I41 I II 1 eI CI le Ne Ial, rlIi ril, 1in r L c IrlA lc . Ired o..ei. :d R ,, " , +' rd p l ' p lJ n ea v..... and fo . .. e t Il.'' l l lil. 7oit RcL. W-oocrso G oo R r llh h r.n I ',c A (10r.e 00 Tllul,,11 1 .IO lil ll I i lis h I, st ie Extra M oilr 4 lnr0 ie B ck "o.iw 1t sil l .' l w T h 1110eo- e .F e ( . f ."oo U<j/1 t lda 1... , I ; vs , I wth . ii L a e .; ,Iho n t " ldeli .rorr w ..o.e ri ' eljaliz e n i l. e.°L' a t erl'o b t. . . li t c le !'pI- I h.pidre , ofiooo ylo llcl' 1 ' hi1 L F$nle ornr p11110Th i hlitarc - o iI ,Lco, , rr l ic diL l nIcI nr1111L11010 et C1p, FluIhndrcn'a I ce urbanlir 1" "cr lh. 'L Frchco pattclnr. e - Stockl' -SIll ilkrall ndrlr o 111':i0)1 1 d 1 Ir olll ndll r'r cil ' r 1eott 01111 c rilitanry P n, oiGlery6d silk. S rik I Lh l lonssr iels-lwlsr n sad Vrilllr e s for h tt ile 111, o"i I'y l i 1 I 4,, sy Th aboll rhe gools ionl endid- 1b' 'I m , " ·. l l .' to Jf theliateI paIer. , Neo al ce il5 , , 0 'w "o li a A- vnWlLoewit n de rs on c nor f r ,Geolol.r I' h its ,3.lfretnr ol.; Ne Irflor al '11 -1. , Ir+ + rtxsb notice. Gerlman and French )'.. i +,hi. et Nana, iilitary, and w ks ! t - o 4'' I tol II u.' . t" od iLORA 'S Itile, l- -.,rI ihrl eIll .i pI Gdl2snihh Anh all -nol n S Viewstonlire of t [ Just reived and for sale by bri V IAX VALUABlE ENGLISH h IoN AII'ELL'LS Woonder of Geology. I Collin worth works . ilbon'o rrriscellr .roure works llai Rreoor's works-Wa ..Valell trlo' ;Ar Prry's Legendry chinet-Cowrr te".er'1e eeI ro 1' I-I 'a taleo 8 volse-ir CharleroI4eorwdlto r? Gddold ith Animated Naturooe o iwllmocr .t ,.lar ' Kelx history ethbe rleformtiono )eplOr'S biographical l ditiott v t . box, a27 O'Je rrL , E' H GE Ol 13; 7 mar 1 FOR NEW YORK. NE IN A NEW· LINE of ncnrketI bus liven esltlblirliel to Iil run belwa*rn 411 Orleans ullrl New Turk, to l' canalst offivu first art ;hips, riz: (ni hip St. Nl.rv, It V r t Itepublieuan, j G Illa-nll " ~ AuI'u', II I' Dnud,'i, u " hilding, tot Theaeahipl, weir. built it, New 1 urk'eoprear,,ly f,r tllia it'] a rr t ta draught o 1!111, II1will oat1' II. I lubjecta ndlii, Ni . fi l Ia'a, ar'ahir Vu.COnllllnttune aill flr aplr qaha' cIyariie al thatIi i,/i'ai required fiL ]]tell rl'l r sp ric]]ce llc. Until thrt sl rip l now building, are 11)1 caro·plc eced, twvo first liesu rllipe w~ll uullpiy t11cir Itli r.S funr iaai'It'' 1I'Itigrrni t panclttalily (ill he ob~rryed in thie iaii Al limn of i.,iliag, anid every r,·asollllrllt a ollu llllollntilul ex, nded to ahipperllrr and l JllZ-tweP·TP· ri or furthelr plarrli clllrr lI'lly to el'l".R· r 1. Johnson a J I..,,,deu, No. ill! Wall streect, Now baYrk, or toPTR1:I1l:W ft op i I NW [I.oui...iaua and :view Murk Line of O 01 1uUkel'l.i J \ Nu 14 4"'il regularly as a41'rtirr·l %ruor melt /'ol. Stl II'If E linei t tlhis ,, otnul ctllpo,;ed ofNil'; flillow- VOl iII)! shiI, lit lI m NI" 01' I'e I'I{ i''I'ptnua 'I j will ull;,n of fine? hying displrnt;·)I,,Ii, Ia,, pat,,e, y Jai weepk dulring, thy year, that nl tirlrllill I)I.(IIIII I lil 11lili II Ship Yazoo, CI 'ii, l,.,,, IIiivide, rill,4 "', " all. SLaratogla, I IIIl1)II-1y. pal I I''-sili ''y ,44'i14'' 4,4,, Nh kearu.', I'ulal ai I'' '1'het Illlve a :hips ale ill ocf the fart 'An- II(·(loppl··II 1II and mpe,1'"I4,tl'444 liellt 414t44,ttI 4 wa'a'nd Ih W l a i hic mmil (·jtllll hi for p(· r Oll and to-,,,,,,,o, ,,, alit,, 10 lC tit a iId experienced lot-hers. ' I,1111 lrll ii II1 ll '· ·III The price of [antes s fixed~ I t !ki~.II l'" ll!, will l at 'in',. or liqur,,npl no n vry thrpatco r d 1 protlidd, told 1vee, nit clantit ci, r, ll to I- - wil naln lat Ilt vet- or plutr d w att-,II Illel·kn I. of ,la,,, h oI llow wa re, cui put oll h au',I of then,, aol""s,, )11'· lll ar il l ' III1..L. aI are ,,,ell r a kn1", hr ,al- o1 Ih"",,nne meo('xp( 1 -,t jll FOR N -:1V ()IIK .1/110 ali u lul ' l l o, y lol a r, c '' i I.in"" rs't',,:illrt: Il ·1 rlll ll lst -,. l o ]l t- i ArknI~ilrthsrrll~·--l Clionl-l I:tli~ Illll'ill 1I VC lrlr rr Ul rlll ý , 1':, l IY (·oli II ` "nr-, t l, lll:e l It, \nxrilr Iu, ll \'0 ,1 Il Orl ll ~ilr. 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Intl i± not .O ro Bu ego, a r ,tie I.A 1 .1 : i '111 | l .$,110 - .hiN l r t'W d a i, sl llllh ll r lcl a ,f a~ h h ,\" IIrhni to. l l a- ( 'll ts+ 1 1 bll: .\I lt:\(Iltlh'], to rl tll+u e ailo [ m u- IVa . . ýA tioi+'i{it' \. c. ili 'i,.. -- :rt h, b"; -Juil. i iit.pe ae unl~ i f r .- ake n ,y nAl. cIu ooiO-a, N nl\11'I 9C .\Nla o,,zhe t 4 I) l( a lm -- 1 ith t Iqiocii,6 ( 'i'eurs. in ile loxlt.. s .+} I.lr~t~t! J'¢ I A.\C111{ " 1 ) I';&t'N, \t pe I':x'+ le 110 ,1 1 :I'n Ie & Ct' nZl h+oi It I ,.I " I , t _ _ ,h1h.-t1, Lote h ,'t e I l, e hviug p " b t i.,t l-im,ilivl Il' Ne w Markti e t lby -.slu ,.1.11 h~ tt1: r .\|Iv,. UY.;. A II, fy to~ nin~ for ,17 by IL t:I,A \ N 131)11'N , L AlI l; 11 5, ,rieI St.' "',II II V II SI1TAI' ()i I()I!I lANA--Cry of New Or. SIons -- l it Ikn wccn, that this day bolbro ome, Joseph Lienzlaken Marks,a i notary public, in and Jhr the city io Nrew Orleaon, Stoite of Luuisiana, tifrrrsaid, dtu l lllly c lE iiol and wrorn, P)crsorn'ly ctlrre and appeaored ' hessrs. Ch-arles Diamond, Mon)roe pb:bstaille, Solomon hIigh,.lames Sholey, Martin I)Ave, \Wiliaco Eldmunds Turntert James Pateon, Adltdson Thom,:s Plekrcll, Robert. lare, Ashton .latbr (Cox, 'l'hIrio Darling, jr Robert Breackey, Alexai.nder ibson, Josepi Chaine, Auusi'rs WiVtzil, ,Robert hyv, Charl(tes JarrqIes eermeatnl FanternIan, Lit Adolph oGuns, William Morris ('ater, Daniel ('lark tt eorne, John Shy rock, Edwin t'rl,oer h1ooel, and Josleplh SeLtt Sl.noe, iall rerident, of tthis c ty, who declared : Thlilt in confornity with an act of the I'l gi la. turn of thi- Stale, approvIed it in 1t : t of Mlarch, leighteen hundred n.ld thirty svolen, entld Ian sot ,'I'to aulthorize limlned or anoll)llmoI palrtlnrr ships, ad eto regLI tee tle oalltm.. And also ill conl f'rnoity tri h an odinionce ofo tis Council of u'ui cipality number Iwo, of this city, passeld on itih second day of ,, rootarc, nighteno hutldrodt and thirty-nine, for the purpose of! starliohirg ia ferry nnar St. Mary's Market and connected with thei city of Ia, i ette. They thlsaid nlppearers have engaged, tcndh do -v these prerellts-agree to eter iu a the following Ilnllne or allonymui s partnrbii', unlder the claus Cs rtl nolculitolns flli.'o:!ng to ii : Art. 1. That the teri, title, and style, uinder whichsaid pa.rtuor.ltil is to Io conducted rltall bu, Tlie St. M3lary' Market Steam Ferry Comprnoy; and thati the plane where t.he said company is to e lucated, shall bR in the city of'New Orl'ana. Art, l That t(h des:riptiu., or kind o( ulsi. Ao . irv to be carried on unrter Eal, i style , , o". all no " to establish and cntin. tio to re l lternt ferry boats, inl con iefority 'tc , ' re nrlC-.o of id munieipality -oriti - t "od o r " osset i umb--r t\\o, a u , , ,:, .., "'r "'", e . .. ve ss ls or tire toiracntirti ,oe n . IIO. 'tit . te iher up or TI .« i or tcro~s the Li t tr." ,t , company shall p.,,i." t y th sant ni rt. .",, rioe rivilegeC orot tcraio g Ityione°I.coi a t forI . atid,) dtvri d i'o to dre! , rot harc ' oo t hun. dred Idllrs each, payable as follows ; Th'irty dollars per share in ecalh, and the 1, - icat the following periods, from the date of thes 'ten thollr ptir share at O0 days. Tweoty dollars Ipr lhare at one hundred and twenty rbays. Trwety duollars per share at six months, and Twenty dollars per share at o une monlth. Art. 4. That the naimes of the partners, and the a- a ount each partner has contributed, is ai 1l1 lows - f.aod Crharlces ltiamond, ten shares; said Munro, Robitaille, ninetcen stiarel said ,'rlomon High thirty starres; said Jaons Shchy, ten shales ; sail Maithr lIoyile, tel shares : said Wlitham Edtnmlnd 'l'urner, toll shares i said Jamnlo Patton, ten shareo said Addison Thomas Plecrell, ton sihare ; sai tRobert Hale, toen slltrs,; card A. B. Cox,ten share, said T. Darling. Jr. ton shares ; said Robert Brer y key, five shares ;sued Alex. Gibson, floe shares said Joseph (hanrc, five t!lares; said Auguste Witzol, ear shares; said Robert Hloey, one share; said Charles Jacques Perroau Fonterman, ten shares; said Luis Adolph Gunst, one share; said William Morris Carter, two shares ; said Daniel Clarke Osborne, two shares; said John Shryock, five shares; said Edward Cooper Sloane, five shares ; said Joseph Suett Sloane, five shlares. Art. 5 That this partnership shall commence from tihe date hereof and the same shall terminate its operatton and wind up its concerns ona the 27th day of February, 1841. Art. 6, That tiere shall I.e three directors op. pointed to transact the business of sa d company and administer its concerns. Art. 7. That Ithe powers with which said dirre. tor shall be vested, shall be to elect fron among themaselves their own President and fill all vacan. ices, and a majority of whom shall have and are hereby inverted with fill power to receive and pay all maonies, and to do, or cause to be done, all that is requisite to the conducting of the business of said company; and the President, by and with tlhe consent of a meajoity of the Directors, is empow. ered to issue the Iote or notes of the callpany, for ill demanods, purchases, or contracts oni bhalf0 of said company, (countersigned by at least one of i t the Directors) to accept all rights, privileges and soforth, which may be cntracted for by e. majority of said Board of Directors, and to convay in like anller tile sRame. Art. 8. T'hat the time of duration of the service of aid Dlirectors shall be lor one year. ArtS. That when the raid company shall have a i arrivil at thie periud, lwhen it is to aoxpire, all the concerlls and affairs f tile suamo shall Ib wound up and liquidated by three ccalcucissioners chosen by the Stockholders, and selected from thaeir oa n bhody. Art. 10. That the powers to be exercised bly tlhe Cocmmissioners entrusted with said liquidation shall be as follows, to wil:--To receive and pay such sum or Sums,L as mily due to or by tile complllany, and give and obtain acquittance or acquittances therefor, and to sell tie property of said company, either at private sale or by public auction on such terms and conditions as to thelll my eemn fit and advisable. Art, 11. That the dividends of thIe clear profit, after paying all charges ancd expenes iaf the cocn. pany, shall be declared and paid to the Sltcklold-h ! ,rs, asmvi.anuually. First reserving 10 per cent. of the profito of contingencies. Art. 12. That a general meeting of the Stock. holders all rules and regulations, as regards the time of elections o f officers antl the number of votes each stockholder shall give; and any other matter relative to thle welfare of tile compalny, not contrary to the faoregoing compact, shall hab etered into, arod the rules tand relgulations aotresaid, shall be denominated the Ile.oLawas of tlie St. .lary's Market Slteam Ferry Compv.ny; and the oamno shall be binding on the said stuChllders, and their ores. pective heirs or assignr. )Dne and passed itn iy oflice, at the city of Newe Orleans, aloresaid, this 27th day of IFeblrry, 1h39 in provecee of Daniel J. Ricardo and Jollhn twcns, I witnesses of lawful age, and dolicilated mc tils city, \lwh Icrceuntto signr their names, together with said parties and ule said notary. Original signed--Jlhn Slyrock, i. C. Sloan, .us. Si, Slon, Charles Diamond, S. lith, Robert loer, A BI Cox, James Sheehy, Aumet \Vetzel, C. J P. Fl.uterman, Alex. Githc.n, G Chaine. l. RIbitille, D C tOsborne, I, A Guest, Robert 11ltre, \V 'Turner, Wm IM Carter, James Patton, Thos. Darling, jr. A T Pickrell, Robert Brealey, Martin Doyle, D. J. Ricardo, John O(wens, Joa. t` notary public. I certify the foregoing to be a true copy of thei original act extant in my current register. In faith whereof, I grant these presents urder my signature and seal of oflfce, at New Orleans, aibae S.gh day of February, 1839. [Signed] JOS. B. MARKlS, p- 'rG Notary 'ubllic. I`TAT'' DE LA LOUISIANE-- Ville do la Il rh, Ill Nouvelln Orl, ins, aujourd'lhui devant toi, l.i Joseph Beinztaken Marks, notairo public, lanas et :dtle/ pour la villo et paroisso do ]a Noullvoo Orlans t IEtt de la Louisiane duenlent appointsd et jurd. Ont porsonnellntont co.pardeo aessieuti rs , C., rloes Di.tend, Monoo . Robltallt . o L mnlo.. mo . 'mo High, Janes mSitchy, Martin Doyle, William IEd. Th mrunds Turner, James Patton, Addiso"n T'homtas t Pckroll, Robert Hfare, Ashton Baber Cox, 'l'Itoas I,.J ):rling Jr. Augustos Witzcl, Robert loey, t Charleo Jauques P}trrenn Fonterlnan, Louis Ad-olphtlt (tGuns, Willtham Morris Cartes, Daniel Clark ( O. born, Jlohn Shryocik, Edwin Cooper Sloiai, et el Joseph Snett Sloane, toos rdaidoant n cotto ville qui drl. diclarant. Quo t..onfbrm.t en.t t t .n act de o la Legislature t Lt,5, de cut I':ltat, alpllroutv6 le tr'lze inar mllil huit cent al at tronte sept. itillluid n acte o ptlr outoristor es s ur "er ociations lintiti.s ot ;n an tn r ct tIs r.gler." Et aussi confortlinnllltntIt 11 titordtre Ldu conotilL do la to. no con MunicRiptilad dt co te vllie, pased It donuo de s', FLrry prea du t March Sainte, cottuniuanot avet sount "; n.o.eltd dearirrsnnVoos prtnitso ho se.ttt acro5 ,t et 1ttmoignant par ceoi qu'ils o'atcordent it forter I a,. tun association anonytle on Initsttos oloo clauo oes etr t t conditions rui olvlnttL. Art. lo. (Quo I to ot sos leqnel ct.e corm. , pognto sera conduite, stra-La Colopngnio du Ferry t V.tpeur du Mtarah6i Sto Mario-et In place t do lotto Coompgnie scra dans la villa do la Nou . ' vclle t)rleans. l,.V n Art. to0. Quo ll, tiro ct lo but de oetto Comt I pagnie secont d'dtablir et ntettre en iouvernen. un o0n plusieurs Ferris 0i Vapoelr confornl.tt,-nt a r"I I'ordro ce la so:conde Mutnicipa ltd et pour ittciliLter la transportation des o .rchandi..s .t r.ntarques t les navlres dans touto les directions du tloutve. o :1 Art. 30o. Qu)e Lu montant dit capital doe ete rtIP Ctomllagntr sera do vingt tiilo piastres, consur- t urn vant 1o privilege 'do l'augremnter jusq lo quatran'e It ".t millo liiastres. (iviiSL: on dux . c..ts . tlotts do sLu, tcent pioastres thacune payablo comm i it suit. ms T'rento piastres omplltant par action, ct le reste to au temps ci dessus nomun.a do la date du frog- pr. anant, icr, Ilit piastres par action t soixante jours. Vingt ,iastres par action it etot vingt jouros' Volngt Ipiastrrs par action tsiz biotis. et SVnIgt prlastres par aotion t ncuf nlois. Art. QI. Quo ler toms des aOtiotnnai o, et le t"l t montunt do lours actions sont, savoir : aut dlt Cts I Diimond, dix actions; a Monroe Robitaille, dix nouf actions;t it Soloman tlhgi, trente actions; i nil Jattmes Shocht, dix actions; i Martin D)oyle, oix al I action; it Williat Edmtund Turner, dix actions. e a James Patton, di. actions; i Add sonll Thonla . Pioktrell, dix actions; It Robert Ilare, diz actions; Is Ashton Baber Cox, dix setiontt; it Thotmas Dar. ling, jr. dix actions; i Alexanrdre Gibson, cinq an. G t liona: t Jooepi Chainu, cinq noations; t Augustus od Witzcl, cinr actions; ai Robert Ilooy, une action; t a Charles Jacques Pdrreau Fantorlnan, dix actions, in t Louts Adouph Gurst, une action; it \W'lli ui ,' n I Morris Curter, deux actions; a Daniel Clarke Os , borno, deux acnotions it John Shyrock cinq action; t t I I Ed'win Ceoper .loano, cinq actions; a Joseph l a Cooper Sloane, cinqactions. Art. 5. Quo cot te association commeoncera ddo t;. eotto date ot otrminora los operato titon e ving t It ,'oevritr, tId4, Art. v i. t,1 'il y aura troios d;rectcur;pour tdiri. t , es geor t roelor Ios atu.ares du coutto CoImpagnir. ro sI Art. 7 Qu. o Io potuvtr donstlt directeurs so- 1 ,renrt veto, bora d'dllre paron cux un Prtosldet et t dIo ront ir toutes l.s ptlaces vacantes et dout la mit-a. t . jorit6 t t veto ldu t,,ouvoir do rrco.oir at do ..a.'tr tt tout gent or de titlru tout co qni est req it. a tin 1 i, tl condtuiro et d'o tiniistrcr iu alttirea de la. dire Li1 Compagnie, et le Prtidllnt ..voC It .o.s ..n uemnt , vo de la .td .ajoriti dus dr .e.tooura, sera otl dt ptoLu ott voir dolutettre los bllets dto la collmagnie pour Ioutes dultandit.l on cotirats ol favotutr de la dtta a. ('uolpagnie onur tout tts fo denantcs oou contrato ot en laou(r dt~ la dito Cot.nlagnie, c)ntrto igrill par au l loit n, l l dtcs directeurs, d'a, eOlier tuos lis droits, r. ritileges de (lie po rrratt contracter I.t mnajorilt d~ Olu c .,tli dL s tlIrodtol rs, ot d'ex1 ,idl': r lu 1,t e. ri Art. 8 Qtuo lt d sur a du service de chtltauto di he reEteur scra u an. Ind Art 9 Q e quand cEtte Cotpagnio sera arrivt:o t tL a tcrltn do soOt exOpiratioll, toUttles s0es utltalrre st. - ti rtnt lit Ultdts pt r trois Cullllllisatres8 lue paor Ise actionnllaires ct parnli cux. do Art. 10. Qu. lt puttvoir dont aeront votuo Irs 5.Coltnutssatres a qt on cotnera la dlte Iqouidation era conullo suit, savoir, :-do recuuir et de payer lto t sOlllL qlue duro a la ompagnic on qui .u sera tlr due, de dolei ct do reoevoir quittacll pour cola, aIlI et do vendro la prprid66 do cettllo co pugnie en I; vernto privdo on ptlthqut:L slons8 loB ternles at con.a So dBltion qu'ibl.tugerontlplu avantaguax a lt Coto. usi. Art 11 Quo 1' , pairal tons leos ix mois deux yl actionaalro lea divltndeo s des protitnels spres tin. ' on cs dOensles do la Cootpagnslo resoeurant ton .' to dix pour csnt des profits pouLr lea caoui lily ti . I. sts Art. 1? Qmtr une assombldo gi-dralo doe ac p o tiLonnairo touttrs let regles rLt gulations a I'dgard da te ompst deos eletiono plour I't otliciers et le nomr - b" s dees votes au coha, tioonni:'d devra dolner .ouut+ o n.. ." , :. o sre d( lo i tillo- ,p ,. ..l.... ' . . su' quis, d6nteulan , a aptpus fo -, n agd t tu on cut-eo avec le ,s pots .> . rot ond Iegnttuort dit note ro no Snhryock, U C Bloant, Joseph Original a t0 )trnond, Augustus wetze., C. S Sloane, ('t: A Grbson, G Ctaine,Monro Ro. I the J P FontermaOtfborno, L A Guost Robert Hare, 1- b 'ttattie, DC _n Carter, James Patton, Thomas W E Turntor, I p Plnekrol. Robert Breaky, Mar. o IO Darltfgton Jr, A u', dltn OwD ns, Joseph B igl, tinu Doylo. D J, snid B Dtusks, Notas' o de `oigi. unds Je cetttfie quo ars;nal nr dons me: said En cot foi j'ace are.nature et le sncoa de i a ir o o ss du Fevratn :ustu o, \T;`Llerl Ioul lnyMr THE INDIAN'S PANACEA. SOLL/) 33 A. IHH ('or. of NOtoChOz and TCIooupitonlas tS. Rti L~ull 'J7': Iltn 1-1,1-1, of rll, im I. risIou C nGp 1,t . IHlt 'lleu3,1. ,olphl- pri , of3 03"yJ~srp~nIe , ..,dto"..,.'."'.t3 n.'3.o'o, i.ypb. 531.3 lle ;IIIIlelll: I Illl 'ol·. oo.lt.3llnly ,333"003 3ld 33030303l tOh Ins. p'psi.. rc·IJ In1..1, .cur~y, ilesr. chruol51 orr rye., 1 rvnil,- cann al... 03'.3', .', o..3 ..'-.'y oo,'..t3'. o3' ,.3 .o . air.33"330" 42.-0- 0n.l ca uvrrll,, i 1)(· II - 11114 prIn1( I 1( d iI1 . LI1I )R y ( II iI1 III· kld r, J· I pý, n u tin:.n1LIIllitl? (1II, 1,5, (1 1 y I)TII III ilCn~ut 1' -1,,5 LIIC ,t II· I, 1111-1 eUIJllllll of n H1l lell ll r\0 I) l1- 1 Il.nntnltu n ~t 115, ) IIJtlllrll ,. Ir.l 5nJ grnrr 1,ll J,"oil, Iy r .,,1 Illliy a turpiJ I Lctrul nl' l iili ,1 -,: 421, (/111 CIIIIIII C IlII. , 11 1111 1 15 n 11· I,.-1-u 111r 1 1 ,l l.l by in I1III llrrn,5 liIsr 3I3'333 333-1-1 u1-33 t llc I l33 " I. 111 1113ý- II, v, ,ll'3,1-33, II333 1 -r -, ki3l,3 I 3 3 3 3 ' of Ike 5,11,~" .......p1,555: is , 1., )I ý r r"Ioir. :1, :I1 III trltllIta n"" ..I Jrl:,tr: Lu I r5 :, 1lllil. 1,I r r' purrlli, l lr , 1,.1- [ ~ 5vu,1 , 111 1 111·11 r, tlill· II1I IIA Ni e I'.·1NI L"' .·~l ~r 51 P'll-ally L1-r. I u .1,1-1II 1 ,,1ir, fir,,`n t. 1-J. TO THE PUBLIC. II~,n· Irrir it r, SASS 551,,111-5 phy-n 55., 1-n 51~"5,:,,,5! Minn I' ! hII I 33c,,. 3,115 ,335. 31, ,.--133 tt,, ,.ipl"1,,3.. .,.,-t tl-1. .1I :. Ian, ,. I 3,' `' t11," a (I( 1,f Ili(L lll·11)· ·)) , "I, 1,11-1 1, 1~" ,f ,11.1-l LIC(·(-, , I ,Iv 0 nll, 3333333331 333 ' ',',1, t133I3, 1,333.33o333 .' 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INDl 1i IPtiT''.\u'" r r'f TilE Atl'LcrED wriT; 9.'w 1i 'i'll 'AI'Iht otlnVepal Di)l-tus, CGonorrhiIreI, Oiets anl _ _ tutlt:r', iIIcludIIIg ]Iriutit' ou.unrvuitlo on Semitel Vl'I' illt. ,lnllltg frm 0 ly imlue, u thi t all PriSOl " u-uJr ,: :,II c r llllit ll.l r+/crey wadi ll feL y. It I, 1, . .r:l 1,,i l.,:t, hait thiiltunlu a llt uictlitl tO the alu ,+.lcal Dl.PU,... uVnup flilt itt ilflulnii s of |llitesate Asuet, w h b. I ll." IIu. Ill" I' f dc;:t iedly I),nun, ituletruruy, rin ithe co :tllllillltl, u illtl IAIIIo Ihl.rlu ltl t i.i t lt WOtche iuu the , dIIu , f.oe . I1,ll? h a 1.,,.+- 1 Iht. D jl e intlt. ears, desfulmm,oho tI l, . h1,11h t% g .,,l l n i'-o tlh nIIlinl te.01, till at lenlth gch" ,.I h y , ! ,f )..... dl'cny oit tllr e lllstiltltien mo wer.f 114 i1r i -,i,, 1 ,1v~1" I 11I pm .. • 'r, 01 t II r Illdrea dIlnIdlrhlll . 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I',:ll I. \ i,.hlhtv1 pill- +r, we ll hnnow for thoe ertain and Stlhll 110I 11 ?· I llyv Ist .P llldll) /+"VII nllCI veG I e rOe l ers plullpli h10 tLl InIulolt' uIllCprut. r ti. hrnit, distaNed itlic, elLLo il t t Ill n lilllln tcr ttl i it , eto ullel uInd syphtll itionsl h id a rllll 0ll l d~ll . l hlllhll , uiii UIty tuunullnll ut u in us he t liund hlllnl. ,l,", r-,,-l ,1i iii piltt ,IIit , Utt i a i lidei ti iuraisUii f uo t illlpllt.tnt littilt nutniuluits ''l'le· Pilll+. are " 'll0ll) p l0e ill lhe i:lbilet of miltriS sol oI;,l olllll. ot illfp t, to m tliie iit i i they will kLueipl ood if llb ullll,; a;ll bs Is l ll l lh o . TI I " I.id ulit 11 tio. iu g Caittt olisn uItru ht NiW Orhnlthe Slinl: .mlttl i F\\ I t:D iiutit'S n IIT gUi n t IIERB PILL -, Iolr llr ·ie , tutu.A1 eztlr utillltll of . n.n. speciesltd thls, t 1,,ll1 ll,. % plhdltle hi tl tli-I nI l fu litu mil y dioriOuIs uisi g 11It till . 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In Ith11at di Itellit· l t I ,,,hlyll .,, fi dc lllen lleli t ir lihe co luequence of bei - ýf i td hlhul ,le"O .cI".\'d i i.lg, r y)'o Ot reausel ywhichthe" .'o.(rr- ,f th," 0,, i l, I0,o , l'7III niu sr, e bled, he o/rern. s ih , . -al~un •p .dyrv.1,, Itn .und uund viiurous hea ush. iti i, i-. ini n l ll ', l tly, I i ilt Hsial i| u f uul vctlim slo theue. iI"PI tI dl a.PI, 0 in[11 to the UllokilfuloUF I of illiter a otlls.,. ey lm l tli lll. of' Il't dedly ioii.yl, iuorcgti, luiputheson ltutlllli ni:d t.hnl i nhe grtit uIuls)( us ttwetdour Itass.sH f,,-..i .It l.ryhdn i ~,lr t·r~ily, hie conferred anl invaluable belle tit L i, ,imt ulin. I,) tlh difcuveryof is gr lututPalluaeulyf Ih, lli, gin-nti Ihl.l t 'p ulr ishl . p Oll uslt. Never did a disovmts ".\0< 0 errl.ln'I n'n:,tiuin t it .- souight aoner with avidluP h ,u ,1"dx i~h uad.. ltum ',,,rl r itlihtittlit:tsinuislund lustitt ,·1· 1,,,,-of th, 'h.a: ~, illluplolnt, f'or the cure of whllieh th( . flu tii , n,in .miii u tl.olllll'd. 'i'he t ane ou thelse PillI thrs -ilnnr~,0 10uT.u d ytnt 00,0siinutssistsfitl'ur.up Iii, tIhi Iiigititlnllnl nfituir they were tlto numpsaroblsllethm , ti-t' it,-i inigtlrt oi lihet soldier, iL all ulysl whnre th I 'll1 l ln"t ' t ' i Ii Il'iu thulli was ellitrltlithod What muedi . tn1,, n:," 1,. i n tl- it: L tpnl, r tehllui tIhat whiith hu hgle d usct .0. ig.- r.,I .a fblla 0llln! '| he l)'pill ll Herb Pilll root outesrer it- u1iiut uto'',, imus'yiu.I in tiheir progrnu is uts e 1rh..l . l,. uof flu.ds; they. Ilot I,11| remove the di .e bult Ii. , ;1y I,,t ,llo ictions, the differlnt fulTetion ofTh titly I'- nnlnuitt TihI gronser hulnotu lin i)ui mIineruutsldstuu ,, ,, 0"o.it.,. a1.1", :.l. l men the most scep.tieal of Ihetriio1. ilnlto ;tl -n lilnihln l ower- ; pley tLeillerl-Onllt munritsni ei , llmlh,, Ii111r..:1, llad it li ufihell withoul bh sl.yplhusg i11"' i .iii e of .-<,o ely-rIlE y reqllil'e 1o rellrli )t of d l lope of in tIlllP ll Il I. ! t o oft,,, O ,llllclll o, , bui op+tic tcomplehltlllg i th. 0;I nos i,,a. t h e.u.tur t to the p ,tient. At lanyptiuds w l hUe utl tn . nndiM 0 nu11 1 li ' m xiit, it will ie well Luhsi irnuosruh 1i'1 l h0 Iu l i I IIn ' r hlu dl t In i hi P I tn aken i efUot the dlilse Ill iiilll; a llS . enlpllrante, ItlIUts a1 a certlin preelntive, rMatO 0t" ra Ithe cnllplallllt 0flecttul y riid s.cretly. Th ldepllorable t .tlt +, ii t" IIo i ill many IProlls hIlavl: le ln, Whu viitng the p,,, al p, ,o., fl=out lip oar oI f Jtrncury, render, it hnlperatively ne S, o.... r\+ Io c0ttiolt the public a.aindst pltm dangerous imludil o i l,,. i t0,i ' uu Il ad in ut.red. '" 11'|;Iw· 111l-.hlul ls lrd n a portioni or ail medicine chelst by .. i, l - .u , ! .l-lltlt o I.ever to, be omlitled by ll peraon E.. 1,- tIaIp , 10, vllj'age or jourIley; their propertistlea Yieh, that i11 hlarl ilur cold w i1in nrc: Iheir quality, or prevent Ihel ol b b I ' iIf)'i( .t< t}us the, t lllltitlluti . 1 I Sid at N.t.1.'tl tunl house St, New, Orleans. r[11 IOST IMPORTANT IIUMAN DISCO VERY. A ( I.E:RGYM1 N' late Ior fhr Camlridgg ol'ivart#y.hýl - . inc i.tuvrred ,I ilel hod onellrlllb· g hlnOlf of i. 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'ro k ,tt.'h,, -1 . ... , d o, t it , prnlp r order, rot .o-'gtnerully ttin roioltro. ch , " l l t, ''t,,riA.oIt . ,lhrble pl orpo iethoo l x0.00 ,,o ..,. n.r.lr wi hosnlpthuo e of quinine, u,"t l', ,..t"te .,wer o, ood tihe moslO olloietltoma htei n, 1.1i0 ,, ..0 ef 0 th 1 0tt..tr t Modloo. tlhe hole in ll ., r.. r... ýr oprrl to Prv'r ether meodicine t! the CUeroof -" ý ,IIt nld h~vur rurl )laiot0t loots, of oppotte, Ilidigottuon, . .... of foie.nBo,,I .pPtoliuO fteoooirle, hltorturt of lo'·, .t h , o",d u~ xcn t re .tornti . otltril,.y eXtoS, nt tile ta i Idr, - ," I tu1· rl t eI nm, e l cad clrnl i therhuae , strengtheu ti l ..It,,t t lh, : ut iu x rrtu-ll1. ti" lotltitllt Ouh FCuInlll] ihl. S ,· , he, t 1c",bh .t,"u1,oI t, obr he without thtm, at they purti i,·' thehh,,, n,", o.iE .o , ooI.,l-l{Tr0 .Il'tl.> ."ivn tIho kipa boo l -ti I •r, .101' I A;d hlotol.iug oof lora nco. Peotous of ; ,hIt hrl?,'r lh I i Ir oth,.oub 0 t l,,ilý t tt l gatlache t t.iddlnau , diom .... ,f .iý,h ri, nn llne-+,, ohborn too groat a flow of blood to lo, I...'l,; i tobo .h.,lt, Or101Ittly. Clhildron end peroson + 4 +.l a:" i, iov k i ,V thaIi .0 n l nytia C, t thIeydonot contLain •",y ~ ,, " u , .r r av ~,g, a ', hat 'requrtlr .eonguoetomeut O ' 'l ,,, l+ e l . ' dilrt. y 7'h l l + t1l k pt in every fimily it a r Io, r.,[ of 1.;l >Fr l t" rlltlll ll rlllesli Cr, hy their prompt adnlin i i+tro,t,., th+nlrr::mntz u, ro, p + r; ,llpl feverL" n a d othera 'Inr; I.' ",, ,h.h ,, :x. n ral.)e l )E*'<ty ctlrrdor wevented. ,I ,I t ·.,t \ u. !u, l u m I+. u ly.tti New oll rtcu tl t S..\i:S.\PLIt,I A PILL OF HEALTH; OR, IOOD P.ILL. 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