3 Mayıs 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 1

3 Mayıs 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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PRICE 12' CENTS. NEW ORLEANS FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 3, 1839. VoL.--VI I~o 1944 . _' - _- . _.. .- -~-- - ,,,,m- -- -- ------ "'. -. ...... .= -----... . ... •- ,, ":.- ,... .--"---- ....~ -- .:..,,-.-;--~ ~~-.-i.--- -;-- -- ... -,- ........ . , -,-,, - ...... . - -- ..;- --- ·---~-- ·--~~ 2'emrma ofe :carpnrer Preen of New Orlcan oI rnanlnmouweale agree at an adjourned moee't- of ct I'rorilorr , hild on the 13ti of Marchrehl7. -Fr tcr~UonrTlons.- rweleO Dollars for the daily pa h+.5,kr anl ti, payablo semi-atnually in advance: tee :dhollnro fIr tlae ai-weekly country paper, poynlde one 'lonuetr in advanne, wimere no cite reference io glvce. No h tbocriptioa will be dicoatinneld until nrrearnvore f;:iettled. ht eae of di'eoualithmancn, one week's notice f"Ib aridmag must no invariably given, previono to th n tpntlanon of euiscription. S naenottrlil.,-- Ottlo dollar per sauare trr tie first :ltartinn, nod talf that price for each sub.neqvutt vun: ann muterial altoertion Iroe tie origitol adrvetieoeut ,iatllkar ged ns a new one. 'a'rS nv AIvcnltsG i tbt .--M ereblnl t andc 'Pra'e re. noty oliare fat Enlbish nlnone, and sixty for both Iln dg.taroa tnks, tnoorntice O~ltes,and otltor aiminr .btekf institutiona, fifty dollaca in Engliah only, and tltlgty foer ioth languagesn; lhii and tcteahbont Fae oar, or Cnomibtiaion mectinuto talaty dollars io English cIs, and oighty for both langangem. ftnlotantars, OsiTrei&R NOTICat, end ertielce eull .,ng La I teatlaionu f the public to saleo ci property, 5arad of pasecngers, benefits, &e. wc. ndlt hharged :lnae dollar qnr s fua For tile hrst insertion iui each tat ,BQ tiqe. ln Ueze.tcatalons, or Advernicmvnto, of any peran-. l- nalurae, white adltisaible, shall be cliarged dauble, \ andinadvance. A dailaloat of tweitynfive percent. will Ie made en Aactioni ,Jo, S herile, l..giariee of W ills, a dl loaralta ls oni olca of renl ostatle. piulilaed in tnoth languages, and .ai per cent. Ito Enllglash alone: 10 por vent. on salna otl oiver pioerty. AtvERvrasaMNTaS out of tile direct lhne or business of the advertiser, sauch a. legal, auctiou, nai plnoes ion soule, runaway slavas, stray intnnal, e&. .& c.will ha charged Ior sepu.otely, and at imte ordlitary rates. ADVIaatTI'MENTar not apecified atn to time, will he jubllshed otie otnali atnd charged aeorditgly No ndeertsieoueiito of inakrupteiss will te published at ally case, tlllots paid Flr prevula tii itnsertion, or pavoteat gili rnntecd by la resposiible person it town. 1lb ilets and otker places of unnmneewnt, ndverrtioin" doib arltla eason. to he clinrged tLhl for h..glla a buln , and $i50 inl botll longruaic.s. • OIl+'4"-v+'*lIsI OF CauI(idnt.s for plliltieal t~c~es will' tie eibarged double t ue ppo. ~u laavh1 advcrtiae ten~nis -- snl t.~1~11. ....;:c il I ¢ ovw ap r tiwinglut the iitontiaceiozlaneltoiic tuyaeee .lpnpv ptriieliot:u, tilee hnve ctoane to the viacluuicmn fist thec eno us of p e rsnto n w h o se a c oa n tn lia r o o t tive en p a id within auto tonthl ater preacntatiotn, shall Ihe Inc knuwt (so Far ti prut vcablle to cuict atheir--ihty obli -oti igl it iolv eo n ot to a nlv ertin e or prii n t ir a uir n dvlilltvailntS ,uloIno it iene of ndeantic piyalcaia. (ligndll) J.C. ti Sr, laOMEs J. BAYON, p. p. REA, J. C. pIlENI)EILGAST, JOHN GBlSOJN, LUJMSI)EN. tV+-r:'iV I's-,W.--Vei th, uadoersigead, egret to ahlide luy tlta nove cdndlitialtn, as lar as they are almlmlivablo to tuutlev tnpelee. ciiul ed A. II. l~AWRF.tCF., I urtN.o ihrttlitni are ll canferless i l16 onanthso. I Ittrslust, il m~II cass, Ibe ooat psld, _. .. lHEMORRIIOIDS. q AY'S LINIMENT.-No Fiction.-This ex truordinary chemical composition, the resultp of s icnce, and the invention of a celebrated medi cal unit, tile introductien of which to tile public was invested with the lsolemnity of a deathbed bequest, has since gained a reputation unparalleled, a fully sustaining the correctness of the lamented Dr Gridley's last confession, that " he dared not ii die without giving to posterity the benefit of his knowledge on this subjeet" and he therefore b baqueatled to his friend and attendant, Solomon A lays, the secret of his discovery. It in new used ill the principal hospitals, and tile private practice in our country, first and mjnt certainly for the core of the Pilues, and no euton nively and effectually as to baffle credulity, unless where its offects are witnessed Eaternally il the i following comnplaints: 'I For Dropsy--Cratling extraordinary absorpltion iI at once. All Swellings-Reducing them in a few hours tlRhoatatism-Acute or Chronime, giving quick Stsr. II Sore 'l'Thront-By Cancers, Ulcers or Colls. Croup and Whooping Cougla-Externally, aind ever the Client. [ All tBruise, Sprains, and Burns-Curing in at few bours. Somre and Ulcers-Whether fresl or long Ltandiig, and fevor sores. Its operatione upon adults and children in rodu ing rltenuatic swelliags, ond loosnoiing cinighla otid a. tighitnese of the cheat by oinlasation of tile parts, iha been strrprieing beyond conception. Tliu co.llnue remlork of those wIb hi he used it ill tIe Plte, is " It acta like achtarm." b 'itg I'ILES-Th e ,rice, $1 is recuided to ally person who will use a bottle of tly's Liiiuintllt for the Piles, anil return the tempty bottle withouto a being curtd. Those are the positive orders of the e proprtitor to the Ageots; ead tout of manty thlouo sands sold, not one oae been unlllceesful. Wa iighlt isort t certificates It aiy lengtil, but t prefer that those wvlho sll the articla, should e- l Itibit the e riginal to parchunere. CAUTIO. -None can be genuine without a splundid ongraved wrapper, on which is tily Italme, I a d also that of the Ageats AYS. OLOMON1 flAYS. ( Sold with ieani and retail, by CQbS1'.; ;i Co, New York, add by one i)roggi in every towni it tUlllUion. Fo' rdn by the Wholesale Agents, corner of Com:nen & Tchoupitoitlas street, and by tile Apotlecuries generallyv. in3 NO CUr.E .O PA DR.JOIINSON,Oflce 11 lltieuville crreel, con fines his practice to the tleittmoent of Velereul Disease, in tall its dilfersnt fcrma. Ihr. Johnso, friom a resideihce tf mai y years i llHs pilale in Eurole, devoted to tile treotolntt of Venereal ltiseabres, ad front fis weeeut eatetsive ipractice in that particolar vrunch of the professioi, guarnteIes a safe, speedy and eifretatl cure to sueh persons as are tlpubled with any of tile following diseases, viz: (ioitorrreao, Gleets Stricttes, Clatccresa, Iublts, emelo.al \haukeoss, Alt'etiolo of lllto tladder, Kid reye, I.niits, Urethra, Prostrate (iland, Swelled 'I etslicle., Erupitons nit tile Skit, Sore Truoat, Pains ii Ihe t Joints And the numerouasymptolms whilch generally follow fis dlisease. tieent eases curerd itt two or thire, days without tile ,tie of Ifereiry, intarreption frotll Ibusiless, or ultero lion inl III ode oflivin eg. A medicie to prevent Veleretl Disease can be ohb taeind of Ilr.Johnaot. It is fruom tile recipe of tile huerin Larry, t celebrated French Surgeoe, and was used by hiit during thesvreral catpaites in which lie served`as Surgeon General in the Freenh Aritny. Sold.- y Dr. Johnson, at his office. Those persontn having any affeitiou of Venereal Disease, unild bout tnklig aee voyages, or renoviug to tile country, woull do w.ll by giving Dr. Johnson a call, a0 proitel ttedi :inca lor ttheir cure ithlte sortest tile can be patt up with written direc tios f, their ose. Office openg Iun 7 il the rnitnig ll ttil t0 o'clock at . ABEItNTIIY'S Dl YPPIIC I.IXIIl. Dr bruetllty, l t grtos t ii a .eli+ lt CarrEnol Wt otpitoi thl ittioe-tenths of the diseases thit ntlsee ttOlkihtd originate ill the tatolTacl. l'llis Ilixir was used by him witdrh e tntst unprecedented aosacce ill hin privait and public practiuc fir uopwards of foirty years, lir tile removal of tie following dieeases: Leoss ifpptite, Flatuletecy, Distetiui of tTie Stne nch,,Palnia tbiusilei, Ieaviteseoof the Ilead and itcli. inai e to saeel, Ireegularity of thile Bowel, and it all cases where lindigrest otr a tpstive hltiit is found to exist. 'TIts luedicittltltt not be nnombcedl nnog tle bust oftasivik nostrunts now before the ,public, as it is the eolS invention of tle ablest and most vcientilie surgeml Europi ever lrrlducod, alt tile secret ilf pIteariotg it was purchahed by tile agent for very laroge sui. It is agreeoole and ileaalll to the taste, acts as a iild tper ictit.atwoys keeps the bowels free, iltoarts vigor ald e e -"eta to tle aystemn, and eceerllnesse to tae mitd u hrda feI betUles remlovea lthe most entiroled cases of I)yaPepsia or Iligeustion, and prevertLit a returi at auy f utuore period. N YO ,7t Agt, 31. 35 dsdison.eltreet. Sin:-Il.ncotwiquenceofleading a sedentary life, I Iave beel troubledl, more or leas, with lidigetiun for tet years; ht the last three years iny eulferitug Iiave hereiusnpportable. I lave tried several pilysi.itos, ad a nuolbaerofqoaek medicines, withat deriving any benefit.. I despaired of ever obtaining any Ipermattct trelief, alnd resigned myself to the slutat hopelessa despair I was persuaded by many frienods to try Aherrelhy'o Dyspeptic Elixir. I have now fininhed the fouoltt bot tlv. tnd oknow not how to express ny t I eiration of its wonderful virtues and the miranele it htt perforedl it restoring me to that health which 1: t aught lost for ever. aend me half a dozen bottles on s ' * t ir sy thank lir tre blessinga you have a aniiltdby re atoring ma to perect health. I remain yoren JCOIR MONEOE. rbe agent hIlt in his possession aeeve bundred lee timouial simnilar to the above, of the extraordinary vir teos of tide medicine. Sold by appointoieot, at Dr. Jobuson's. 1401 lienville satense. nov. 5 S -TEEL plENS-Fellt's No. 3 1.34 4 pens SDaniel Web.ter Ies, Fel's large kbrrel pen Congress large d oe Perry's flat spr:ng do do sal do do 3 slit do WViudel'n ladies do do double patent tdo imperial IDouble ptent do tillot'se barrelt do do National do And Gllot's Coammercal for male at DAVID FELT & Co, 2Chartren st, fe6 - N Stationers IHall dOMIPASSES, TtIEItMlMEI ERa, MICROS. S COPES, &e.-Joust received and for sale by Wm. MeKean, coerner ofCamp and Common streets, general asstnmnt of Sunrveyor's Cotttpanses, Mathelaticul In.rsirnents, Drawing Pene, Spring Divldeads, Spring BuD Pens, Ivory Pro trocturs, leeIvory Scales, t.unter' Scales, Glsen Triangls, Parallel tuleeMeieroteope, Thermometore, CataraObmsuru,Survey Clrhint, . 'u 'Tapes, 4w NUlKIk & Co, No..381 Chartres at.eet, are re. e:iving daily from their house in Pliladelphia, an elegant and conplete assortment of eubstonntial and fashiounable clothing. They invite the atten tion of the public, ns they are warranted in saying thul strangers and citizene cannot furnish thbelm selves more advantageously in any city in the Union. N. B. A few di.an elegant ivory handle um brellae, fromn 32 to 36 inches. Also, a large lot whitefpine packing boxes, various sizen, very low T O TH. LADIES-Atkinson's t epillatury, fur re- I I oving superfluous hair from the face, neck und I arlllm willth eqrlO af'ty acd cert.lnty leaving the skin flour utl wvliter Itu t bltbrc tile oppliaation. A Iresh supply just received at tle BIasnr. nlt BUSH & ALLEN, I, Exchange Hotel, car St Charles o& Common st E LEGAiNT ejicRI tl.ES-;Viiam Bel, 1L6Chlar Ires at., iha thli day received a snlkl aorlteu onl oi nulrge g ltlnelled nd mosaic brelotpons, set up ibn te ern style. I ANCY MAT'CIIE.--With beailul paiutinRa Ilundi.g fruoan ship Alexaunder frnt rnemnlO, fur snle by A TIlI, IIe, GAf I)EPAntf'IIT "l'; Gnas Liht Booaing Conp't',JVauarp 30, 1839. IFIIE St'.k ol' COke being ulch reduced telis Co). PL ny will fuourisll Pittsburg Cosal, in stiutl quan. c tisn, to tlhclr u th emars. Orders received nt the Gan Office, Rankl Alley. j r:ll w F W W oEI.I.E, Sac'y, t RlUNIIA. t'' I)DR()P.--'lhis medlicine was c discovered by the Itroprietor and ias been sub a jetled to his careful observatisn for many yearn a in severy variety oI piactiec, and all tlhe d;iseue, i of the diversified American climate; and it is eto givet to the plublic with tie utlo.t confidenve and ' believe that it is, as inusat clearly set firtl in Ihe paiplltrl nccrnip ln'eing tlie amne, the beat nludi. d tcite ever thrown wsiin tis the reacb of all claioee of pcriel)y. It is nwith Iia reatest propriey g, iven i L all tilso hasldiea whiceh fflict the huns n rae, front is the thfaTl lhed laset thant, when taken ito the to. mnc,: :, acet aecoordilnt to tle state of the stotn . i l sod Ithe I.taur a o; .he diseaser,tier l as antr i'lltlie, diurltic,s udtrific,* eisnt.urlnt, sr erperiet ml.dicllp ' l'stttti. really wh: , ,rl rtss to lie, tedlni oicly a trial to satislyh te ti 41.i.i; : ediiloua. The lact sdioilY ceningti r the knuos.- cof ili v prepri:e or of its bheelicial lend saving it's1t inll cases i tlee sgue nld fever, billi' ut s, t ) s cI l " vlUia ald salelt i ra, tr. fluclnz, vMier seonr, i dyes.t urry ir hflux, dy.lesia (or mp eau i i 'i . ,t i/- O it them t haI t lly are ,it on, y waorrante d i .u''u.,nt' l li rcctnloll tlldltu i, hili tieys ale cniled eiun leosi ic tl saeoe Ofduty i'iluoh tlheo owe to llis lulinii furtily ito Say to all, Ir i, slitd you wiil i D,, r fl eU est l- It oni to all wie h aue .ild on tllu yulijet. Iv The lcholera Itelf, thie worst icurge whlic lie ever viaitd our eoalhy, has been eacceesluly con- It umePed tlre iproprietor inii lirlent ca es with tile ie ia ol nlls medtcino only, nithout the loss bf a single ci pulient. fhe miedicine is peurepred only by docturs lIINI.I M & sDAVIS S, I. oiuis Missouri; and in piuL p in ilphial each accumpallied with slpalin p aind UoIsiiiCs drIUCiunI lo d cuntailing about ilxlt } dl.eca, to be had nllur seventy five sents, whlich ti emaies it miueh Ithe hl apenit it dicine ever offered Tlhe ',, ti! rledisin so rold wvholenne and retoil by our '. ti, IItnry Bunahebl, Druggist tid h \p othlc y . o"'ctoupctut'aa strecet. New Orleann. 01 N.IW l I ' .C-'t N.tlive liMii-; The Ci v, at B al!i LI l ri'm iltmt, IVlntg |Bluo.h*; NCetar elsdp r, alh doit ypo ve tuter ;lc heetiftt glade iu ,Ihi 'Icouln tllllllce; ''lloe Whoc treeitlof Pep Itp re: !'boll is (oiili ili'tI b. shoue art ml'e eienutllg yenbc S e ri I i t iht gine. I t ittll lltsct ert Ael ihe: C It NiN,, The il ,ei itll I tia. teot c'+r , ri" i on'c oru; A I.iiy' n , ''i'n .,ll y Ip I, +:l; She t Wl lehel for ,' ,n " J let I it te:tr; ', ,lt'i.j t , " h S ellllrl r 't " by lill l 'liee,2 ,i o e ]iklve my li' -d v ,,, ' li:r Otr harp I v ''., arre. U IRoyul Ws itlto i . I-let''ti , ftý ," 'icett .'. L Itorl h It - -i , I calnn,' tin culti, j y t u t dIIw IIt l.tot-:y, 1 e mp st ,, F'ronta Mobi * (,ºIxb.ti t t.j · so 'terau-o. (tar ' NA\ I ES ,.lreo al t.oar do,. ooa., , itei 1 the arrival olt the nm..dl from \.-w to .Jrat ,r tIlt sIe:llamboal tEcItIIt,o to lI.brkely, ' is(.c lensaoEolI stemboats (tier I'.ns+molli ayt I t. a t...:, uaollll Cbhot toadlachic li, elr a I tiay) to (oedor 'htlo -oaaches Ihi', a . rim larianat. , ta t.e(. . i out V(, o . \ SnIs) lahinbthlaigbe, ".:l..ortaln; Flutao , 1,.Ort tI I. L Iu; u ville, to Angusa. ApI teoclyo. r, k . oat :tt \I,..' tile is in no dane ,r ' i or~i. . t olr losing ih. r'e.lb:le y other " ol.olitilo In-tr..,ot lr I,,he 111t. t 1) LINE is butonus, concel b·, I 1 i ,: Llllue cot io i throughout, ald n .yr r l "w.o ".;.. r ulllo ho I oarrialat A,1gusta ii -,. os toito,-d .till Icnth etr allot allyl soeO' . ..al s oin 0 S l , . .. tee. e eItm- . trophe should occut "t'h.! r i'c:s 1 Mai Is carri.,ol Ly this to re. 'The .L he, ..o.c.a I. :1 two, Coacht amo) Drivel, I. v a inel the ngtothern o005try. The smooth, bard, uivalo:isI , Ih, .( and inter a Ctlni ell r auiaer liu i .. th.e .it ll- a . a .,.lll.llllatlliY a le q ,h.. unveler slpe:l inelUl :,l o Elol.t. sod1 l ,, 1 1 " .. I Chareoh. etoo,. r. w.o e oI) l, to New Yrk. i travelerst ca:n realh N w . ew Olns y Frol Chattanllhelee Florida, ! ai a ll aO I olfin % is Q.uincy nId 'l':tlalmee, , St Mlsr!, t, 4 tor post coaches, llso two hllnehes I "r laktkill villr Sone to .Milledgetille, and one to M.. t. light two bore o.Atcr. - S'OLK'tO- co. AvoUSTA, , ioth Jan. tLa ; . Officeat Manli'on |leo: ,!,ili 5 1 Clharlastno oa "-.o. yo'-. . h10r Distance, New Orleas t , MleI,: i Timc, Now Orlean ' Mobile, '58 iours Mobile bouu, 132 Charleston t N.-. Yes 86-t 98 Making IG8 tniles per day. t" : miles ter h-our, is1clu liv'e of all stol)pages. eO.v I) N. B. I g leave to ihtrt tile puhlio that the blridges olrthe Chalahoosho t.aanl and Il.d L").bil creek havejust been completo:' i. te go l govern. mert, (tile t.oly. obstacles open'.i. agalns t lis ,oo Iatd cspeedy route, ste thushapllily , .,eved; . la' :o'e the lpleasure of Le. g from travelll thattle 'o~ h-shor. sra, drivers aild eeids aPe of tshe it order anlid .sIto t t water route from I'ensaculatoon C dar Illluoift is allmit. e ted by all who have passed tl.ro . it to be it"'su ltas" e i tuo velties. beauoty and safety. The bri deo t -,roun SGeorgia have also beenrepaire.d. J M C 1.A.Ih'R ALLIGATOR LI,' Id Mobile to Augusta, vi FloridT. .i b Cl/ Loeaves Mobil, 1 mi:day, T urs. p days, and Sa: r.dye, per\ the +;. .letdid sate.am.. 't . amprtr 4" It copt in cose of at-,rlns,) to Ponsa :.a ; the'oaeo5jr streamer Lo Roy to La Graong, aol tlhean o tr horse post coacites via Mariana, ldinobridge, derton, Blerrlen, Outlaw's, an d P :ry, to M t SGa I tIlonce via Milledgeville, anct Sparta, i, s reanto, thence per rail road cars to 41gusta. ' in The Champion is in splendid ,. -r, with , ly oopper boil, rs, coppered and oa ppar ..tened. 'I The le Roy has been thoroughih repaued, accommoodations are as handsome as any bot. Thl ie mauyiful Santa iRosa Sound, ..d C t.(o .. to watchio ay preslot tile moatinterei tilng atam. na. vigation i thl South-being at Ve va u.t e0 At )erfeotly lantd lokedo. at The Teams are not sutrpased on at, roeute in tote mo country ; the drivers, to a tmatn, caretil ad uttteLl it tive. S Tie Ibridges herelotore dangerous - e b a ti ad newly built, so that high waters do not .rNero. d ''The eating houses lhave beea mosto ,' onged., Sand are now as good as on any road in t1, Senth. ry It is geCerally known that the exellher.e am, hardness of the roads enable the teams ut .. I sea. sons to make great speed. Their smoo meoes- ad. cures the travoiler from the ordinary fatigue ol or stage travelling. tn The Line is now carrying its passen:e. frorm; 0a, Augusta to Mobile in four days ani twelve ny hours, or to New Orleans in four days and twenty, at hours. Going to Augusta, the line is six day. r ia d seven hours. The time actually employed an l v travelling is the same as in the other direction, but it the difference of time on the route, is cauerd by a n day being lost in Pensaeola, which, however, is I Swll repaid by the op.-ortunity it gives ofooeicng tihe N , y Yard, the old Spanish Frta, etc. TI., - trave..'r aloleon al t Mucon, aod agaiS at . tenton. This arrangement will ..,.nti'nu ti- hoe travel turns northward, when the line will bt tie ,s. osnme from Mobile to Augusta, as it is now it k., ir other direction. tr. This Advertisement contains a plain stat t :n t of facts, the accuracy of which the proprie 0r0 gaurantee to each passenger in the penalty of 's n stage fare. Maps of the Line may be seen at the Excha a Hotel, N.w Orleans, and at the Malnsion lisotl, Mobile. Fare through from Mobile to Augusta, $41nt The line eatends, by a branch to Tallahaeaso. tZ.t Chattahoooh, the line connects with tly al steanmboat carrying the mail to Apa'achicola an, SSt. Joseph's. Offi.e at the Mansion House, Mobile. ts, m17 O BOSTWICK, Agent, Mobile.11 UGA R & MIOLSS0IS--150 hhds Sugar, , on 10..00 galls IUolaso--m plntnatio ..above te ar sale by ADAMS &. WIIITrALL, ei-2 w 67 Gravierat SLSS-100 boaes in Itorefor sale by fa 6 ISHALL tA BROWN 9Magalinae t (VTATE OF LOUISIANA,-City of New Or. I leane.-Be it known that this day before me, Joseph Bonzaken Marks, a nortry public, in and for the city and parish of New Orleans, State of Louisiana, aforesail duly commissioned and sworn, Personally came and appeared Messrs. John Stevenson Walton--John Hall and Archibald Brown Bein, Carpenters, transacting business un. der the style and firm ofJ Halul & A B Bein-Ban. jamin Hatrrod & John Hughes, Carpenters, trans. acting business under the style and firm of Harred & Ilughas--John Thomas Osborne, Mark T'iomns. Freeman Annable, Joseprh Wilder Davis, Samuel Morrison, and Danie Babcock Clarke, all residents ofthis city, who declared That in conformity with an act of the Legisla. ture of this State, approved on the thirteenth of March, eighteen hundred and thirty.seven, entitled " An Act to authorize lunited or anonymous part. nerships, and to regulate the same," they, tihe said appearers, have agreed, and do by these presents agree to enter tihe following limited or anonymous partnership, under tlhe clause and conditions- fol. lowing, to wit : Art. 1. That the name, and style, under which said partnership is to be conducted, shall be, a The Phoenix Tow Boat Company," and that the plaee where said company is to be located, shall be in the city of New Orleans. Art. 2. That the description or kind of business or industry, to be carried on under said style, by the directors shall be to establish and continue to run one or more Tow Boats, for tlhe towing of vess sels, rendering asseistance, carrying freight and pas. stngers, and any other business whjch may be law ful for tow boats to perform. Art. 3. That the amount of the capital of said company, shall be one hundred thousand dollars, divided into one thousanrd shares, of one hundred dollars enoci, and payarol in cash. Art. 4. That the names of the partners, and the amount each partner has c ntlributed, is as follows : Said John Stephenson Walton, eight hundred and thirty.five shares; said J Hall and A B BIin, sixty one shares ; said Iarrml & Ilughos, forty. one shares; said John Thomas Osborne, thirteen shares; said Mark T'llhomas, ten shares; said Free. man Annable, ton shiarsa; said John Wlder Du. via, ten shores ; said Samuel Morrison, tell shares; and Daniel Babcock Clarke, ten shares. Art. 5. 'hat this partnership shall commence from the date hereof, arnd the same shall terminate its operations and wind up its concerns onl the thirtue..h of June, eighteen ihundred and forty. three. Art. 6. Thait there sahall he three directors to trarsact the business of saidcumpany, and admin. ter is concerns. Art. 7. That tihe powers with which said direO. tors shall be vested, shall be to clect from amongst themselves, their own president, and fill all vacan ciaes, and a majority of whom shall rave and are hereby inverstd with full power on receive and pay nil n tices, and to do and cause to be done all that is 'e-c rite to the conducting of tihe business of said company-and the President by and witll the consent of a majority of tile directors, is em. powered to issue tire note or notes of said comps. ny, for all demands, purchases or contracts on be. half ofsaid complrany, countersigned by at least one of tie rirectorts. Art. 8. That the tine ofduration of the service ofsard directors shall be for one year; and that an olection for thre same shall be held on the first Mlon. day of July, of each and every year during the ex. iatenice of this partnership. Art. 9. lThat whenc said company sheliI have ar. rived at tie period when It so to expire, all tie con. cerns and afaliros of the same, shalrl be wound up and liquidated by suchi directursous may be in olice at tihe tino. Art. 10. Tiihat the powers to be exercised by tlhe Directors intrusted with said liqiidaion, shall ie as follows, to wit:--e1o ruecive such sau or susri, ias tmay be due to the company, and give acqulittance or acquittances tllherefir, and to sell the properily of said ctmpany, either at private sale on public uue. lieo , on retl I trerit and rnernll ilnr ins to ihelrl iiray entll fit and advisable, and to pay the debts of said company. colomany. A t. i1l.'That the dividenods of the clear profits, Sulter paying all charges and oxpendiltures of thel Scompany, salll buedcl.lrud and iaid to ie satoak lholders, on tth first lMolnday in July of each l nd every year ldring the exictelihe of this partnership, fi llru servinlg ten per cunt. oflthe prtits for cou.. tingeoici's. Art. That at a general meting of lthe stock. holders, all rules aid rig atclis us regards the inumber of no es each Slt kihulder shall give, and any other mitter relative io the wellitre of the com. i parny, not contrary tI totle "orgn.' compact, shall oi entered into, ind the rnoIU and rr gulations aDtUo. S-., It,.id the ,, ty-Lws i of the 1', o3a T -r lot,. . anp,t:, ' ,,od the shtil! he hing on f1,. a: ;d stockiolders and lthli respec. t ac " i ,iterrp Done andt plr,..d, in my p :iice, in the City of New Orleans, aforesaid, is preseneu of Dnioel i. Riicardo and W. Haasselrd, witnesses of lawful age and dOluisiiliated in this city, who hereunto sign their lsesles, together swih I raid appfarrra and rle, tire said notary, this let day of April, 1d39. Original signed, Johsir S Waillon, Joaoph IV Davis, B larrod,D Clarke, S Iorriso, F An. nable, A B Bein, John Hll ghes, Johln T Osborn, Mark Thomas, John ila11, J IV Ilasard, ) J Ri cardo, J. B. Marks, not. pub. I certify the foregoing to be a true copy of the origital act extant sir in y current register i ill faith I rhereof, I grant those presents under Ily ysignature and seal of office, at Now Orleanhs, this 'ldd of April, 1839. JOS. . B. MARKS, not. pub. apt 29. 9t E AT D7IEA- LOUISIlANA-Vils o su Nouvello Orldnse, devnnt moi Joseph Benza. ken Marks, notairi public, dans ot pour lat ville et paro;sse de la Nouvelle Orldans, Etat do la Louisi. one, duemorent appointd et juif. i Ot personnollemieut comparu Messieurs John Stephenson Walton, John Hall et Archibald . Brown Bieu, collogues nOgoeiant lCurs affairos aouu to titruret ltrtie do J. Hall et A. B. Boin Benjamin lHarrod aet John Hughes coltegues liege. ciant Icura atiriros sous Is titre et forim do lHarrod et llughes-John Thomas Osborne, Mark Thoalas, Freeman Arnablo, Joseph Wilder Davis, Samuel Morrison, et Daniel Babcock Clark tous residents on cetto villo qui diclarant. I Quo confurnasment i isn acts do la Ldgislature do cat E at, approuvr lo treizo Mars mil auit cent trente topt, intitnil un a ctU e poor autoriser le. as. ,seoiations limitdes on anonymne at les rdgler," coux lea ditstr.iiuoins oit oonvotlu st fiiunt pil cos prd. tPers conviant unitrer la sulvante associatioi, lllas itte au anouyn e sous les cla urss e. csonditions qu sauvent savoir. Art. 1 Qun eI nomr, titro et style soua lequol cotta cotnpagnie sees conduite, sera " ILa Coin. pagnio de rentorqso Phoenix," ot la place do cotta CUampagniu, sora dans la Vllo do la Nouvello Or. Art. . Qi la o descripltion n I'iep6co dos of. isiros on induotrie, 6tre condu s6 sous ladite style Si par los ditectuurs, sort d'd8ablir et continuer courir o ou deux bateaux du Romorque pour 1a remor. toant dos Vaisanaux, auldat, portant fret ou pussa q taers et quelquo autro affaire qui serait just* pour lea SI ',.teaux do remuorquo a executor. 5 rt. 3. Quoo le sontant du capital do cette com. i .iuse sera cnLt msiles piastres, divisd na une mills 'a. n de cant piastros chaque et payable coolp. • . uo lea noms des actiounaires st to man. saue chaque actionnaire I eontrhbud oat commn tih John Stephonson Wa'lon, hr.rt cant trento S ns; b JJ.Hall et A. Il. Bein, soizante et un at as; Harrod at Hughes, quaranto un actions; m.rast Osborn, treizo actions; a Mark Tlhomas i; ftions; ,Joseph Wilder Davis, dix actions; S iol -Babcock Clarke, dix actions. S . sl colnpaguls coinmencers do1 -i, rt terminora los operations le tronte Juin ' at it ent quarraste trois. I h I.. r. Qu'il yaura trois directeurs pour con. is tr f'aires du la dits compagnlie oL adn:;ais. I o 'i r6iots. 7 Qlo los pouvoirs dont sera v6tla. les S r, " ra d'dliro parsli eux un Prdaident, et o I'.. utes places vacontes, et doent a snajo. re ra t vrtu avee pouvoir do recovoir ot do S oo'-- , nties, ol fairoe causer a itro fait S..st. ,aisI a o csnduisant leo asftaires, do ta at dI `)gi,,;e et lo Prdaident par et avec le con. s ao 1Is la : .itdo des directoars, eat autorsiasl do do .lla pris so do la dito compagnie, pour las hasa domnn let, aehats, ou contrats, ur sto part ad l, 00t' on m goio controsignu par au moins uu A' t Quo lt dur6 du service des dits diroc. tour a an,, oi-t qu'unao electioUn our Io maonti Isra I e proemier Lundi de Juillet do ehaqu nd t "ont P'axOstenoe do cotto cqpipagnie, Art. Que quand cotto comnpagai samra or. r-oynt s o do Un expiration Lotus let affaires i tBront " :os pat los directcurs on offices on out Artt as to pouvoir dont soront v"tus les ,~direateL t. isaveo Is dite liquldation sera coos. hl.e'sa . , ,va : de rscesoir touts soanmne que dura t u, a lOer quittance pour le lsamo, et l ro rtnt6 de Il d;te colspagnie on -- i .usono. , .,.t .. .... vai.st popro. ot It s - 'S ', ewr5 at do paysr tsloesls es d. .t lsteo e Art. I1. (uo lea dividendes do profits apr.e avoir pavd toutes charges et ddpeonso do la corm Spagni e eront declardes at payees a Ies actionnairea Ile premier Lundi do Juillotde d haque annedo pen dant l'exitence do cette compsgnio prcmi6remcot reservant dix pour cent des profitL pour Ies casual itds. Art, 12. Qu't lne election gd6.rale des action noires toutes loa rdgle eat regulatlons ta 'Idgard du nombres des votes quo claquo actiounaires deers donner, at quclque autre chose relative 3 le hisen ftre do la compagnio seront cootsid6red t leo rigles at rdgul tions ava·dit sera denontintes lea . Par. loti do la compagnto do remorquo Phoenix," ot la rntdlo osra obligatoiro sur lesditsactionnaires ct leers htritiers. Fail et passd en mon dt ude dana I villo do tl Nouvelle orldans, an le pr6acence de Daniel J. Ricardo, et J. W. Hansard, tnmoins d'ago requis et demenrant dall detto villa qui apposent laurs sign"attres ensembles, nvac lea dit t6moins at moi, Ie dit notaire, ee premiere Avril mil huit cCnt trento huit. Original signd, John S. Walton, Joseph W. Do. via, 1I Harrod, D. i. Clarks, S. Morrison, Anna bile, A. II. Beins, John Hulghes, Jolhn T. Osborn, Mark Thomas, John Hall, J. hitssard, D. J. Ricar do, Joseph B. Marks, not. pull. J. oertific quo ceci eat uno vraio coiie de l'origi nal acts extant en mnll r6gistre; On cette aoi j'accorde cos presents sons mna the slgnature ct hr scosu do nton oaeiao C la nouvelle Orl6 ins, le 22 avril. a29 9t JOS. B. MARKS, Not. Pub. S1''ATE. tOF LU)!ldlANA-lParie Court Iur tile T prish and ciy v ofNew Oorleans-to all whom these pile leti shall colie, gleetitel: VlWhereas Jaotes C eltdi lt'rker, of this city, having purchased it ta sle noideby le'wlett & Ceoas, public auctioneers if this city, tlie Iproperly hercialter descri ledi,lhii iiplied t to tile clerk iftlli, courtl Ior a molnitil olr odverllseltleutlll eol~f~isiuitiiiy to all ai t of thile I.e; laur e s tate of ile sate o L tuital t ellliled "AiCt t for tile iurtlher astereince' of titles to pulclteinere at judicial court, who call et ally right, title tr cl ie ill and to the iui[i. rnlll iity it tiioiler tler dect'ec r jtiidgi. n io tile cuirt lunder w.h clthe sale as ,lmde, or any irlegularity or illegalIty in tllhe apriseIImelU tid adver tisements, i tile or Oi l elllilIr efrsale, oir fihr lnlly otiler defect wbit, l - ever to show cause w tlthin thirty days from leti day lih. Monil)u i- liPrit iulrted hi0 ,1 l pu11 il: 1 )ll-I L hi' tIe ..al e Iolnllt + should ilnl lieC cul'llur L. und it( all b - logah 1. ''hr eiJl Ipl'.operly welll sdld Ibs the noe ioueer* ntlfll old tai t li e C:lt1 let of Ditte liir, A. I). lxI lI, by ylti, of I decree of this coullrt, rendereld tonn the 32:1l dlay of July. A. I) 1.38, in suit entitled WVn VVaIce t s Il; creditors olnd tile creditors of ValCee & Miller, Nro Ill 1i ofi lfe docket of this court, at which sale the said J C I'larkeol Ilet rlihseri, fr tile p lice o $e11,;0i,l pay able in Ille maelltlr b tllo tewi ti, vii: 1. UI thel proelnslry noteoft J C Parker, dlted the 28ili Dellelmlnl,er I103LL to tile oltldr of nllld ellndorsed by Julti i aihchell, at lix e iioiitlis ufter date, far six uiln lit drilel tllid lilly dullr-. i. elln tile iollisonrv note of t ,the ame, dated eln tle coltie tilv, to tie order frt alid endorsed Iy ile m;alll t owtI l IIIIe I it after dite, fotr iile a nlUe alnollt. 3. In ihe Iroliriilol.ory litoe of the moe. dated on the ie tlny, io tile oirder of ild endorlsed i y the emlle. l ateigllbt en llotllbi l ulater dite, fior l le t it- t uiillt.i 4. In til lrortisorat note of tile amellle , I l o n Ill scmte dvy, tu Ihe order of niti endorsed by leit ine, i it six oiltilhs after date, lur six ihunlrid alld c ifty dl lars. 5. Itn the Iromllsory note fl' thIe same, dated oilntthe same da-y, o telth order elfmld elnlorsed by thle smllle, at twrelve n ma111d aeter dleule, flrlte uati e m llilell. 6. I the proltnis l ry ilile iof thie ellll, dated onil the sme aVyV to rhe olrder i e endrter bytIr ie i .I a I i iI eighteeli mIIo t-llii f lr dote,f tt e .r th mane olt)Cs t. 7'. lIt 'tll pr'lie.airy noitei f til'the t , doled n he atolne} liltay, to th e o "deIr of altO eli dll rvetl .',, lhe *atlone tit t i tttluhis after date, ftr ix hututIrd ttlltul' ,; del ii1. In lthe Iltroln eorv OttIl " f tite etolli , idlte d td o l tlie sot, t11, lliio thie or li , fr cflmd uitrl-eld by lte all at 10. I:t thfe perotiien'i n te ,fi i ,t e ihtil nu the tItilP dot' io lthu ou r l' f1,,1u 1, l, r ,,r d ,b tle I l o, 1it i i I Ili etttt s i t r di t il flr siX iillhll ttll lld liil", d li II. hn tle I+ -t i-l ory nilne o," the sntll, dael d oif the siIlllell la to the rder ,,I cdI imtil e etr. bye l I le so mle, tlt t te ,, ant o olfr er d tie. for the c Lee atlotrllot[. I2 Ire the p utr i ,e m Ilr n "t e f tie e datei'd au e th SU,,e tiny, to tile t f andrhr" en ,rso, by the a e, tit slllllt+ tnly,' Io the or elr +l' IIire I ref toe l ,dor b lar ! thte t it rix I t-lalll fateur tlle, fm'l" oi hundrt'd ;iand lilfth du| aur . , .14. I Ih t rtp . is r . u eyil the t,'e, r,'te .,t he tneel e rnto utlie rder t nI t" I de e d, r di.y iri.s i twetlvei tl hs ftter Jte,I fol h sr t th e amount. l ct pi thue IT tie property io te givet it the jttdichal I 3 A t I lln , I)tr ll-lrg ll, t nut e ei ht, ait et I I t i egr ate ...aur. i t , , ,urt . utnded tly Slt. l t o e, I Itn thetrt rI mit, a ,otw of thtgro st dt olte r lev .tlllle a.t Itu lurlle l f i tne d eit l l rs the S me, ille w.i ellt 'UUti alt r date, for six htldred and rifle dtl 17. ine tte lrotidr c st lIot fthe S.o, n ate dt r th e Sli.e Jlllty. tt the Old er ti d ItItserd lye the e t bett, it itwele t n e ts aIfterda t tiar the satul, o udltint. i 1 r. i lth Ir i . r rv II tt, g ledt, t i ilgl e ts l.l r thatt, s Ih tle ulder < iittle , ll tIln d ed b dy the ame t at eighteen lll after daLte fdi th e tstt iea l o ttllall nlki tle aet Desitllpt o of the I, roperty as givee, in the jdtilt cll I. A u er it iit llt oftt rou nut b er eright, e ituate bi tue auburb etlertl, it t qutre t out ed It y Stt Thtxhse ilCe ltlleit, i 'l'cht.. Olslland s. I e R t ilth , t11 tlr Stb le haundred Paet deep between ralrael- li es, all ruglishilleo eureI tlgether with all the iihnlo. rt vel Ien rightl;, wltys Slid privileges r itrllt lt y b aha rtguig. e 1d, Otte outer eertai lt inl Wgrl ttd, u er ins. s Alate in vame utrer, ilqe bullded by tie t ae lll streetst , atll. lring Itoelly-si x feett et e illt he fltlle t II it cSt 'holeaea sltre , by ttie inldred fet t el betweel parallel lites; till E li h Plreaitr el tlogetlt, r wit, Ill Illrove lltents, ri.t.a , w.a a n d privileget s thircllun to be longiug, 3d1. OU e other ertain lot ogr lel, , ltutttber t te, situ-. roate ill attle asuburb, ia ll sqre lounded by th il,,ll le rt. il'ttn:a. ;ttect .t, e h Indred feet l deep th wee prt te ll i e as rlighttl s aete, h Fill rtt iltge, dtherht e -ic 4ta . Oule otlaer ertaie lot of gr mitl, ntllmer sieve, situate in llte satte suburb, ill qlll tire httord by tiet Caine slreels Oleasr NeOl c twe ry-sxl fiet, ete.ll ltlte ai t il t O t " lli streetl i tb le ilndred l tipl t l ep u abetweelln alheel lites, Iar g t nIlh retllIr, tgeir e with tlI tale impro einets rights, ways ad ritd IiCs leas thereut r &beloaging, . 5. Alre oil ILer ierl ta t f grnaon, nmber we.e situate Ihe a 1 rbtle s sGc rt i ar l re ot ad be theI t atllnla street, and Iorl u= th'e corn er fl St htllnma? s alrid j enj uil , mieatr le t n -sevo e talbe tr Eitgliell eba.l isr, ; Itgethr with a ll Tlltla ltel I, s rirhas, ways. lln d privtl ,, ter unll. bll l i I. , ar lil+ ethel e ie rtla t tu till e till, tlllbr hireea i, Seirlutel athe aCite i uet t illn the at clI b nte d li, ve 's n itri Illliiws I'outf Ilc, njuin. abiet, ,uy ante IaI u red and lhtv.t ree Ieel seven illlOles ahd ful' iies. Idee, be itel le Itrallel n es all an i errici t nrea e l atg I l tllercuutil.E ni l ott cia ACiJhe i wol isO Lr Il beerlaw Atct l. ilkitt am,de att 1y sureor Geral of ts StatOL , Ite 6llhd1 o V., rileeer, _ 1___ annexed to_ _ i act of \{nnrl n" ge e.iW-I is, dJate the twtentyite Ie day of JtIlar, lalt aing _iviuts of lots nuIlrstlree, ur and pi t rtf fIctc , s per pla drawn bK Ciartles Ft inpeilt, deaultcittayi str-t Seveor, dated the f trti ta f t lruar, 11iee and trt SInexed to an act i be tis n'e, of Wlla olnitews, oi a ry public, dated ihe te day shi U arttreh, of tar same apd 10 ---.J OL.LIE, Iey ('lark. a ISteas andLPate1t Biscuit B akery-i-atirs andu rPilot and RNavIy Broad, Sod and ie iscuit Sugar, Butter, Midlrd and Water Cracukers. r All the above arLicle are, warranted te o be of the orlders t d .gati n.d P-ydras at, 'a, 'vili receive ,rompt att1ntitr 5maI kegs put Sp ..pru-, iy fin r sully uno. ".5ntuv i C 11FRIIEl-, ,- .. ,--rh, -.,In --.h-v7-tor MIu SaltSri lagralno s J AVA COFFIFF--71 bag++ lauding h ,, hip Lu uis villa and for saul by 1AnlL & IBROIN. L l rk, per strp Emporium and fiur sale hv IL SHAI. & B ROWN, 96 AI agaeine st I ANNEIL,"4 OIL-16 barrels brown, lin store. sd for sale by SHIIALL &. BROWVN all Jf) Aagnur st in ,store and fir talle pr sale by J 'I'IIAVEt & Co, t 3 clothing, landing fl,,m ,hip C¢harleston, Er sale by i" all 1 BRIDGE & Co, p 1. AINT'S,OILS, GLASS, IBRIUSIIES, &e.--. Iotldin tfrotm ship Coustitulion, alnd for sule--s. I.s000fevt oglase, best qualityv, f'll, DXII to, 23Xe 100 kegs whiie lend, pure; 350 d, greetl lolt, in 25 liblb keb;a 12 doe Jlpauedtinat forsigaf.00l0 i.lhr It of, doa spledlid 00000 gruooel ,elsle., alto ofOt10O lolo - 000 do; 2cases crome green ill powder; superir article do dlo a call; a lorge iaortlllllt of ash tools of every size and oqulity: sable Ipencils ire artist:e; flt Illrkilhl brushes flr r mrrfhanllt; urtisl's colors il oil readul pre pared.iln boxes, ftted :p w ith all neeesso.ary brusheo; Flake and, beonlity white; 60 acks gold a r f; white and yellow wax; gu; :orabie; .l a large udl tchoice as tor pttatt oflpainle, dror colr, oilt tllrpenltie, arnish, &o.,fo Ibr sale,wlholriuend retail,o atllll the Ioaret plricer, I by MONI)EI.LI, ORDERIS RIECEIIViE) F'Ol JONES' PA TENT CO7%'O\ GIN, B'ylIe Pateltee, No. 53 Magazise street, New Orle:ls 'O BE I31ANLUFACTUREI) IN NEW YORK IBY RODERT IIUE & CO. SCALE OF PRIGIES--DooIdu (Ges. For doable Gin of 50 saws or mole on each eylinder, making 100 saws in the stand, with I`eders, bands, &c. alt perSaw, or $901 In) For a Iuoublae Gil Of 6 seisvi.a v t s lileTr, or 1011 saws il6.'. stand, rilders, a r. a $6 per saw, or- ' 70 00 Fordo. ot'41)wsondo.or i saws ins staold, at $6.25 per saw, or 5(00 0 For do. of ' sawu s oi do. 40 saws in a sta.d, at l(i.50 per saw, or 2611 I)1 SIN(;GLE (:INS. For a single gKil of SU tws or Imrer, wilth one set of oeedtrs, aeulds, &e. at $11 per %its, $.1011 110 eForlo. of 0f saws, withlleeders,&r at $0 3o Ior saue, 3910 l In For do. of 40 saws, with feeders, &e. .f 75 ler slaw, ;1U 01 I'or do. of .t' saws, with leelers, L&c. t s$7 50 per Saw, I l 0 Extra tell, whelre desired, for ftlders, sulp lioed a ill cents evll; the rolluber orfteeth hell alilllt o 1iao Sthle oollber of sals, .) nll st of Iaeedters, it is cof sidlered however, will weal' outi two or three sets of sow s. xllra saws st pplied at tl celrts le.d. Thie Gilns ordered, will be delivered to thle agents 1 plantersiin n.' of the ll e port owllIlS of l e ~ )llot"' 1 tlhog Slates, ll the allots riees, thlleragl phlIn t.l' fi'-it eo tile sllae rlioll New Ylork, all, lctolioilhg I' - sp ...miblel r the amout of 'the Gin. A (Gill hlll ;I willbe seintith theGinto)pt thenup wh e l siedll; ll cllhal"res lor whose terlioes will be extra.l. . I'ro nn'llil gio'eatn alsohe ordered where o esired, oll r.asouOllli le tlril ,ll , but will be Ihglll*.'dl ro ll. liar piow er,''o lad escriptilon, can be l'rnisheld oI. like telrms. Seull steal eallgiles ca also be ordered if de It is d.Cilolble, lhel pllilllers gireC olrdes for (ills, they llholl a.collpany themo with thel i views in regard to Illitarllgementllll saws, lbreasts, brushes, &c. It is frultnd they dliftl i opillionl. Soner desie saws of larger dilurele lill! oth0ers. Te nsostl comlonl iz is 9 or 10 inchesl; b . some wish thele' 12 inches. Solme wish 5 olr li 'owsl Ilbrushes onn llaxle, while tlllerls Id illt walet molrle tAtl 4 t most. Somell wish saws with s or9 teeth to the inch, while others wantle 11 . VW icll discrepancy, we prefer they shoulrld, at the time of giig ordelrs furnish ta statens..llt of their wislles, and1 te nIluolllelturers can lll'1 tlhemn ill eer altieculr. Wlhere it is left to oullriscretiol, we shall mnlke thllel ol te Imoit modern antd a)proved )lan. An order caln be excruted, from tle time it is received, il the slio.e of eight oer nioe weeks, and tie (il ie that I ilc pIlceliln the hanlds of the faetor. To be ill tIlne for the lext tlot, all orders ught to be ill tile hands of It IInllalllltOlllrerl'Ry thle first or middlle of 311ay; exeptl or llanltations where they are late in eomntulling to pick or gin cottlon. N. II. The I'tent light, flr any onle of the cettoll gE v 2i dStaes, will be sold oln riesoable telrs. LUCINA CORDIAL. [ : CltlORDIAL tiE I.Vt icE ti) I 'EIl.IX\lt Ili: l I.'AMOUrt.-T the United ctate ate.t tir the l.ucina ('oidult t or :lxir of Looe, rturnll s his gratLi ionials wich have been sent hi i touchig h, tile ,l tmostaur I tulu, ? l ie n tt v ol this iu,,ttitulele ta'llalct. The wIl fitnldei l reltnlttiill of( Ith ucia tordial iwutrants the agent in , hdra ing Ili long ; ia,!- tise Illets ; bill for th benelllit o tiio be personb s whit Iaity tit bet Le .ttle a its vlt tle, ria worl exlelicitlv cluts that tt Is tt'. M gti s celebraed dril.- v. , h licth Ihas e:lated such a selsation illn Frane.-'lllllt aedil restores tithe virile powers, whlere they Ialv Ilher chll.nteld b disnease or otllerwi+e, and snlbstan-ll ' ainlly renovates tile prot realt fll-etiolls that it is ailt Srllcetutul ure forttlhe Itle Btoralblhs; nal, ahou,-e all that it is the only reue+dv ever liscovered ibr t le removal of illl) tllav ill ieales anld lbarrenless in lllte les. Oi ing toils vastly ittvileratlin a qualil ies, it is ilslo hligly Iuse fl:l in gl,,,ir , obslerlted, difficllt or Inilful lutolustruli tio, ileontinence of'he irine, or invo untarv discharge hIlerelB chronic leruptions l tihe skin, drotisical offec. ttiuus uf lo gedl lc Ita ordel ttht all classes of society lntv receive time Ibcnelhi of It)r. Mtalltiln's ditcoverv, fho .lrrictn .ereo lurietor las eonsented thlat tle Cordial shall be sold in bolttlesl'six ounLesa rech, at tile reduced ;rice el' t whliih is less than one hal'f the price charged fIr it in JOHIN WINTERS HOII).ERWEI.I., M. 1). , United States Proprietlor. The above medicinle ia for aule at a IhlePae e le nd retail at No. i53 tlvdlaas street, between 11giazi.te luld Cln 1l eta, New Orlealtst, aiit AAItIfAGFE IPlYSIOIOGICALLY DlISGCS S SED). 'ITranslated troi the Frec.li of Jean HIu bols, M. 1. by William Greenfield. Part Ist. Oit the necessity of Alarriilng Iart ld. Ilstluet:ins in cturtiing, withla iice for Iore i P'art . * Part 4th * Marra.g Phvilologieallv I)isaelassedl is the saust usefil, sl i de:.ithedlv tile tillt illerestilg wtrek thaiIt we eter tled, It will break uti ll lOre rakes alllnd spiIlsters, oUl akllll tl e pore married lllnu ain women than nIIII upblticatilo iat lat a ter beenl santctiol.ed by the court f liv.cti .-La .IIoeatte-itr. Tllas is a Fet book, tiali will he lirhodte t lflllh c good in the conmmnity, It i tIrue it elllmltns uit h mlult+ge lanllu·luee, buttIlwu tlhe suhject is its ex,.liu, utld it flhe lope laid wriltli oill it, hlr couhl not hat! tr'attd it mllore d lieatetl. Wie espeacially recsIuid its " Inlstructions ill C, lting," to the ltteitellt ll . o f pturlttti.--Le .tit t'ouriet a Des l)ataey.t For *ale nt no tI P ha bo 'odat etw.'n 3lsgo linle oil Camllp street. 'lce $1. ARRISON'3 SPECIFI3 OINTMEN'T ''ec groat eietlbrity of tltis urivalled (C.i lposition, especially in tle Northetrn Staitu,. leavets the proprietor but I ttle need to say any thlllg i " its favor; for it lha beenl generally cuunceded to It, that it is. beyond all compalrisonl tlheu Ib tt relledy I lor exterllnal compnlllaints that a ever boeen disco. vered. Indeed thu tspeed and certaitnty of its ltoe. rati ns have the appearanlcoe of iracle ; as ii c rs, w. Illlids, corns, fever sores, childbluins, white sti,,.. lings, bilel, piles, spider aod snake bites &a. intu., tdiataly yield to its apporently unperhnmn infln. oncet Thus if properly applied it will remove atn inveterate corn, or break andt heal a bio inl five days, will allay and perfectly cure ani ulcer in two weeks; and thie most desperate e ases of white swelling that can be inmagintd, have been destroyed by it in.less than two imonths. i tilhe bites of poi sonous rel tiles its ffieaey is truly surpriaing , at Lee.-tt-lh+e bite tf ua rabid dotg, tfur if alpplied it t: it L er C',atlraction are so wtnderthil that they will at ouce arrest tille tl tio , and thul pri. vent it f om pervading tIle syatem. I1 is likewii. e greatly superior to aiy lediciine heretofore disco. vered Ibr the ,tbi;ttd backs and litbs of orses, lor Letters, crt g w, ,oi, e'tnrtl lips, and in shlort for every cxternal 1. .ty evil '. -ay fall to the Jut oeiouan r boast. Tl`nit.al"riltr Ihas receive,, . t i, **and aertific imhte Otl.r ..'o cts, t. "vr f i-ti a Specific Oittletil,"i Iltui:al. o a . - , I i :,I vhirh werre ",t byrel 'table mambers et a Meltir .1 + brteatlh;ii tile o same eulogy and satist-..... ".a Pro.ared at 1 ,l - v ictre, Nw Yrk, alrl for sale at 65 l'uydras a .c. r.as. EDUf.V"MFN,; -FlgI:NCli and FL. LI Mr. Jam, , recetitty arritd I this tit'y, begas leave to inform the ciaizeus of NI~a iletas that lh will ope ano academly on Monltday, 1, January, at No. 19 TI'oulouse street for tile instlrueiion of youth of bothti stx, in Frel dit and lI+ngllhs, in which lhe will be ably eusie~t by Mrs. Jamles sid Mrs. Mletcher, wllo speak bott thosIl e laiuages with great lluency slid purity, and who will taLe charge of the deparltment of the eoung ladieb. 9tr.J ,ame will give ira whlole attlention: tio tle various branches ou educattllo, and flatteta blusell that hi will give entire .etisfactio-to thlose wbho mayt honor hn w-ith their confideoca, nov 1 VAtaNEt'g LIQtID) aOtDN3'I.A.--I AHr I~ueX A ,Nle ured. i,th llere ald Ir he .norh Swith uniform suuces.. ior cleansing/ +.d whitenu)n I hle ualbh, aJ preverlotn the taotoachl,; ireiaerving ihe gumns purl'ing th· (hr al', allnd rehbing ms! a dlserseso Itl which Ito mo Uth is hulble In etaher Itr ) adfn ar inaont --(ato spta otal, mixed it o wa e g]laseful ui pulre Water,r and 8) aplll ied Ito Ihe Ile t'l in Ileu:tl mllalnlliP, ,ills a b , w ihl I.1l"ictllyl ? pr,. oenr aa.taray, d wor) Ioar thda a xorraaaaaatata pua1. a1,. t o t ch. . ,prarOl <ody by h'i. T. Wo)agr.rat.ra.)o 1),n. til, tlr J+ all';rsao,,n C.,ay a'. o.tl whoda.l.o ale and r,.taIal by CA .t' rUN & C.., 31 C.aal a). (II Olp RP nf l ltr \\'aaaaP rIr ()l'l· i,'a S AD0)41 ,IX IV VU; E.--'l'hr+ ..bran a:r-, reIm,. tlacourtras lad ahaieaaleo dealers ian ad'lr) god)s, ore noa. retceiving by) late arrlvaols frm the orth, Ian oddit, n Ito lauir tormler sock, a1n e ven lv asurtmlnea t ua artrlicles ill lher aI.,, ulllorla talie ar o lerhe hJtlloai.ag, viz: Ladiles aHd mise pI.aa aartd qrouilled anddlas, I ldu rponovoh do do do .,lxicn do d, do Creole do do do Amer. do d, do REgrlith do Yout'so Spanothat, .'III11 |i)8(. 81"LllBllh " J) 3 1 do do Cireole d) A .'r.a nrd E:rg. Itrd)as sand bridla 30ountangdt, g do do ma,,inyale, PI.'ad.b roro, ao i japoaaaeda oaaa harnes i do do do g 'g an. lake, d d, do do Harouche do Dray, ear arntl wtnagol do Sudldle br, doll~c onado lag); valieso; me. diaal sad :It) baoo, taa a.I carapat bags; bert taon Ira.. )ath. e(r f'-elol lo tarraaa twrtaoaa .at d; )lea .atr baoo ,p do, as~orted £zs ald varlo + st' le, ; ha lsaa d s aI LIa p[) toll belth ; cu a.cli, gag, *ulk·) , twi allnd plintllt r, crl) whl-:. n~ol, wolalaad, aottIL.'a anaad hlaher Iirilbs and.. sa'.i, ala.; s iara a ua lea I lilr.; t i str;a n wartllrcllia) III a lob; Ialahaa llld 4lt.k al. llll-s: allal Ilrlalalle i aaa lIIa I ; a a I Cai'l , a aIld a ar.e o nd aua .1 a .olla rm,a t al q,,ol.. i ) ; n,. raca,, butak, betar.r.aaaa oaad allat.aab oaa.raea; laradl bra. ad a) ba.art bloto i ev' ry d..a rith .1 ate, hrxe a ndra rarra a[ r a ra a.) On. sipio o'eltl' r with a cnala trll aala Oartllllala.a ''l )a a .aa r '|',)L.Ch ,r1 ;',ill . llllli)IrPl.,r~llll I1II(.+)/ I1( I~l I'vI.) I+: I r lned busalll lll , l l f whlll the'J '.la raaI allatl Ia'.aII lilat'h I' ta rat* IIaa tal a t).h * al lr) !) , .) C a I aaaall a ".'. s\. a·'l., alr,.' ott 0ll1th L h h tl pi taod ",+a, Ia a'. ta{b.}U;," DL.b tDstaN &+ ao, \, .I Il(. I , a ,, iil a . NJ i 'W- MEDIC:IN%. I)r. I. R. I'I's ('umoouoad 'U.AI.t TO PILLS, illltiarlt l 'eglllgtlaa.] .1 near n.d iaralatble Mla,cie fo'r .ll o itntesei , a.r o oa sabaltatrjr Car/INliu ',a'a attaa'tica a re 1FSI'UI ""SE l) )llrlllla Ilul111+ :llill~llilllUtlI l ,)( r. ;ew~ dlr ,JL r atrlo . ro doll e dul .+lll l l u 1. e iI e l 'u lllrlo l'l~at i itlll llthl~r \ egl'tl~lIle rubl~alrlrP~. ++ II+lI) leie bpcil lRtslllll a la a a'illl , a .arhah i aill l ll, at a ub Illlel l ta ai,. e alltaa ealr - t ood+'t Caiii a aaata.~l~i Otuoda,'oaa acr ,libaal~eaaali. taaaa) hol.. llall alltllallallllg ll ' ..lld U.a a-aroUay o lito , IaI' ll a lea , roaaa laed Color I, a a aal.lli lra'ear A .cltl rll)a.Llaaal) (illl l SId tr oar.) tlllaa ofoll kllladr Co raII at'aOe ic, IIa.tlll.oda , ia 0dll Aalllarollo, CrIar ostll r lland TLehaa$ll dlonsa tu P. + aaa I fa arlallllU ofla, I 1i' al ll or I og . lalllaaa a I(rla a aai+' r ala +I++LI+ .c. ill lhtl..r arlcrllJ:lilt I1I houl dL .II L+), u·lld low nlJ rotaaao e.lara'¢y. aolld 't'raaaaat5l] .r.e IIo I o Lll t, lhl iIi IJ-l L~u l.ullll[.[; lct the ~l~ll.Pygf, uf cl.lltllllll. III ullhl~laldlyg ell prl)l[rr. a. ·r~ l ll ll a, oaela.taa) aaa S'I'leh+ p(,c tllhl. r FIlUr DuIol lh(+ rlclllllll# l'L,,it,1 Ii.+,) nur . i·!, t.IIII lltlrltle~l Llle .lt~l~llillll iI"III llele~ ItllllllHl.~l~l.]l) Ylld thl. Sl'llu , ierlra reataaalre haaa balalllllaa. cl. la) lr , laoou.ad - ul N a;dl orlrll l II II. lllllllll lLara. l.ee Wht' a rp lh II ll~l'l'y ili Iieiii. Ilu lO.l Id lu prfil/llO --;i[r...tlt hll'F1 pl· 11 1o thec imlbltl:, wllhI thl fl ll Cllllll l ofII~CIL tht111lr blllg LIUhu Nu.I ssi'; 4/I'| \.LP 'IIIbI: PJ';MKD*, ETI(H UIm.OLUI. FD, NII.IlrlU II. 0 Jno, crnr T mi~Cirt.af e a .iaro Waa alaa ,kl Dr~c~i 1 1 a a a a a 'et "- ad e lA L .a' -e al a'aa'I l aaaaaall a e).IV .av aalllll . .d o naIl.'.. billl aal.ala oa'L tlll~llhy llld .rI iiiiii t .l~lll iql r..l]r llllalrr~ly Jr(lHCItd UIIIioi1 iiIII I aII) r 'a a ,o. a 'l a oull r-a le I .aararalhc aa III. llaoa oIIO hl p' ll 1 sl ll"tll. Lrtlh I . thll , )uhlcII IIII.I II )r ) .ll111 I)111 ;lll llull.,: t I1'u~ll Ii. hlllC lhe Li iIi,I~IIIi., i. ,.rC ll wll. iii Ul~Y h er·11 ])ro ~l~e ll.' uf l ,L+ llvur ,ll 1rJi· I+.u hltk ., iii r+,-t \.Illl. ll r I' ftrll LIts( .OlII,, II a a.,ah Ioa..a. oia('ll, a a .+ ad 'a a lala, . , a . , o l .dlo, oooa a, adaol ourl aaa are.lh . lUr. A Jl~rl.qlall, C~lrllr Yt SJAlc III.I .1111 "l.hlllll.ldll. I1t. I a aaalaaa, I I.. , arato at i ala. ' . Julloa, t.orlle r Ti, ·ldl Cir.l' a' llo 'aa i lrao oaoll d. oaaaaar-jIIaoIa.aallaha aaoldl.a ' i a, ndorala 000II` raaauara,,roea,,a I'r IaaI)a AýýIf 1:, , ull , ear y .\g "1 ,l er J I) " "!, , 1,, ,,,,,,,, ' ca'la f JII ,I I B 1 A TDNE .S. A It.AUTI F 'L hend of hair is tIh, (r3n tol tifne ment Ielmtlin i to the human k.ane. !low strlange 1')ti 3 Io 0 s3 ii ch ) 3haels3 . the. ('llll3t3llllll33'0, ,3d pr3 nlt. lnre'v brines 33n th3e 3 'pear333 e 3 f'oh; 3 ise, 3 .hl3 h e. ) 1 ses IIIny to recoil at 3 h3oml 3'n3O'lre3d, and o, letime¶ even to sh ll society to avoid Illthe l ets stilld sneers of their acqutha.'nnee:the renm ilnder 3 otf their lives are con1 seqlentiv lsplt in rethelnenlt. I shollllrt, Inot evn tihe los of 'Ilro3'ertv fills tilhe 33r0n333s tl)nki3 3 33 3o1 h w30 11 13tat neaw. si3 king 3 l.3m33 3 0n I Th3 Io3 s 3 o f oi' 1I33r,3 '1'o avert all thesl0e ttlllle1 -ll- t ci03 1u3 ' st33 nl'l'3 -,() Ohl3*l .|e' 13313n3 of Cu3o3 hla3 stoIp the3 ile h) ir from flin33 3f3' 333 the3 I 1rst application, anud 3 1ew hottles rel rr3nr i3t3 u3 il. It likewstn pr, es evehlows nod whiskers; pre, ernts thell I nltlr trolll tllrlling3 roRv, in'3kels ir it3r3l'3P33tinll3 l, ono 3 frees it flrll 'loIsc rf. NIIIetFHI. c tifiru,' u II ll t tllt fir l respeetability in e p) )o''rL 3o 3 till3' t irtllusl ' ( df O TriJdge0 lalm, are -h1wn3 l II he pr) prid tor3 . S- R.end rho Ib~l,,wing: Robert h131rton, Esq. Into 1 lavor or 3 'Ii3 t.inbl llas certil3 e' n- 3i3iv Ile eell h)l313I3 , to) thl 3 high c11111ti tterot'lhe f l whoe i P(emill'll:P * i t the a..Il f (of 1'n. bia di-rho rel t by J. OhlriJle. nod W11,11. 11 TIll ATI'lllWlR, Senior, Mehollhdiat Milister in t le G g l lll' -,i '333333333 13o3N'1 3 oi11 North Fifth 33 . 11IN P INGLI.,321 ,11h uir tt. Jit)f It T'llOM l AS, M II, lill icrt n IIN ' 1'IIl',313) 3pr3)3333 t , 1)tI;)II 3h3'('tII)V'.3113 33333h ) I st) LJOt)I i13AlllJr, 1J 3 Arch gree, . Y It is klnow n lra r tlhre I~hef utf.e h ,i -. r iee Irlre mnO than FU ycars of uce, and ftle othles not le6s titun u I. [From, tile Mlyor.l) 3 w Cui .3 s I h ,.f Io h Lr'lll'n l)h0t0ll3a , I I , Ilhll \l'l l fl. Itmll. |lNlno r ',I d c ity o h111 hld: .. , !llhia, do rlo~in thr iy m at 1 1i eill imqto lilledl w.hi If wi. ,,"e , l 'le _ .,re - io Il s ,, ,L," v.is',:t e .'crt .i n they tre I Illide o1 .hmarm er on.I rw pchl ili.', a111nd eu. ti il l s credh -bI o eihl h, _. ivle tho tole si ce ilr LanTe. In wiil.'l33 ir3 31 1)3 I ha-3 hfr'f il.n3 ) e'le3 II33,3 13l3 l I al ll e' dailrl l sthe r aet no'r 6lia n Il.nel ,lline,, tIol ite l an'i r of !).,uonll el-l , rn 4 1.,])" N 3303 R 01T3 ', \Vl l)l)'rN,3) 'yor. 3 thle full .f NiaS l.AN.I l S '3 0 .3l'3 o,'3 3 3 t3 l r il 3 thl e s3le w.It3 f'r3l' am riT ORai, &Fl C Nc . 3tre Cilt lll- ltl.i lit Ioeo, oe Io 633 3g)3l ' c l trv. '9I *..:)hl) Lll hAge T, in3eW 1lrh3llJe3.. I l -e, "i t black,' ehyl ad.tn h lt - lib. l | ii ll I .r '1 c% , il h %1 r . , 1 . . 1.' ". h v,, I. tlnt normk' nod goldenl .. 3 ' . )i3 - . - -"asir; hIeavl r, m. and bt. ll bvl • c oos,,, . Ic s 6l h 3- 3 3.9 ,. 'I W d, o ., ol ':iotAºll lo l 303 d1 . Tini al," CoNtto n .hirt s,' ,a ,, .. 3333333 )d ufled; Ivo3ry pe3 rl a.d 1 ' 3 n3,3t3ii, 0 ' , ]beaUllfUl ticle uf white kid, for *t'iddiis e f.red an[d e brod erded C 3i c do. silk atl, ki wool d, I . 'riT1O 3ri t 3uw 0 a b 3w) a ii l S n ottonl half hosd; all of which tlhe"y ofer I. Voel t333r3 d to 33333333 3 3 mbr3 d3n3,. , ,t3 Soashor to putetul eust'.paer.is .mnulG . . 33I SAt TAJUNED BY IF FAULL'a tUr L CINE. FI1IOtIN'S Compound Extract ofCopaiba and Sa. p|luilla -A certain, safe, atd mOat affcl.ul I.da' I) eveir discveed Icr tn:Ie cure of iunotrlee-, artadsl Strictlues, Whites. Pains in tile back uad aila, mastM. weakncess, alfectiols kiduies, gravIel, Issa-hi erulptionlls, "e. In tle jintlduction ol a medicine possessing tite usefu aul atoive virtue ut tile one now olfered to tie p.sicas tile proprietor lhas blt to refer to tile mamerous rte' lueldatlons received liromlll the most eminent of the me. cle- flculty in Emope, believing thatel wlt Ie duly iplereciated when its mnrits are iorn'e fully ktown. 'Tl Lu;thle ol ;opitrea, co eoxtensively aued, hal lout much ,f' its creedit Itrati. e thioslike whicel patiet cormerlsa xlnlep stllc rcc:ci ig its dismget-aeble Ltaste, dsla.trbao Ipr olucetd i ho w l le s and c tonll c slet d its eretlton +a incliiaete whnc , inused int tihe inflemmutaoy stags. Ti riinrie r a nltscmde ae oalvsisa of the Bdlcsal, actsone. Uig tot bhe umore actiteu.elitie t wotld tereby he much Inl0ce eeoeceotolratd oad Icore usaetily administea thal ill tilte llteCellt ailet. Tlie above tetd cite caoaltcelas r'dients whiclh are in tilhe iigllest Crepte aitlaoc tihes most siectifie cod leudete i the profellion. esed dtru- ill tile cotllJoslliOlc of histrelplrartionlller inealem d iecuch y ol tile Illicrt, pihollein.gy a operition trlly .ta nlishilg, onl rirpassing the most sangule aaj* PoiLcsriilgat thle sameltline the adnvatage or its t-ag admnisiterd wtillt perfrect suees in the diffrstenstatelp! of the abovr Iliesec. the most emiaent pttyis t lattacr ai lurgeons el the perelst day expres liheir decidedn sip prlo 'tilte i fctvor Ieln SSapllll, wVldlst its ua ilstl ilI ptinriri*a ho.pitals aeil uicblil eed id iotnstitaliols lia be II, nd still eccticiO e, very eotelsive. It wal a r5w onlo rceoellr with thie elleun etin le 1)r AbeAlethy in aII Sclcercal :d-ctinccs, ald in obstinaite utltleourserptiot. ariitblg plrot a disordered statr ofthtediogetivefuntctotls. lerving bees su tled to ted tlest and eolperierlei of th ost .clebraedlne nll oced lic bineIiy, they lave e cmressed their solirAictliocl cf its lXcetrecrdiilUcy effieay its evoay 1car' 0 ld1r their tc,..e, by ctlcctiolla it both i their pil i llatll d p ric ct. "pleilcc 'lIttleil ob crlvntio l s will i Inecl, herd lcefLre. IP'rpc:lredl by J IB l'hornl Clemist Loeedii. 1e'icel ct (. eri pit. iL'E.hTL "IJNIALS. Firnl .n I t1 S colwn, Eq. IL IS , So rgeon to the dt 'liccmcce II lahiici, i.nec'c-c-. oc Anatomcy. Ticc ti-i chicbh I hece wa111) of cour irepthrationt lia Sai'fivly of ca0es, lrotll illne ndlld fenmler, in its rellultl hae Io Ie d Iso hibie lyI ,c rholeI that lI tol t heaitate in crcliOlctlciegi it cle of the osot aleable nild elfloaciurs celdlies ecver ofitnred to ilte pblie, amid one in which, rol.l exlpedic e, I ci ill aet evel'y tre inllce, whilt it i ,l' s inu c, "b lite soail Uio celsacit eifottaainalfy sa t mi'nict'hll fl'onl ollpki r,.a SFroms GI II lird, 31 I C S, Physician to the St ihahl pripi ;l es it nc r Ir.pate wiv shing yoUii l.cr.. a e a o fui lliy dcI te, il an amile ruwl e u for the laorll exprnisu lll.cul oeed ill bringing it to such om piete pertcIllonL. Ilc-ei IV tI ic-Olr, F Ilt S, SrLgeoll to GOy'sI Ilns Thle ulifil siless nlich halis Ir tendetl the admlnis eril t v ecur lleictine ilong mI platieilt afflicted with tihe abms e listcis, hon IfllyV salisfiecd me that it has tliy to bee klow toi betruly ;,iLreenctcd. My the sil oece yell So weil dcacolv, em1tin " and spdiceysrelmyy ou lfo ounr vthitble trelnara tio h o Fronl Sir A Ceooler, F" It S TP l C S, .c. k ie. Ilaoilro beeirie ih icecl t tiry your taoscC in seeIla easeso leiolelt cltlcrlellet, which had hltherto bctf-se lectl inrescrilptiol i adlcniotelred by t', hliing fulst Iecic lud sLcerd, CiIres itocted by it in it few days I eel ccIclflct"'ic Ic o cntd i to tale thnt t now in sly pne, ine iotil public ild plitate reculeineud sand use ao otlmer. Flrol ( \V Ulair, M D), 'Phisieian to Guy's ilo_ T'he strici test whicih I Ihae given your medicine Pllllolin, i paliclle.ts, ll its iltvalichble satcesa tius f -r, will i[ntops lie to Itec'sevecr in its oue, and I deem ii iut. cil cc oi'jucliice allcd of ciltiy to iLdd iu) fceble teti inoi;d hill culmelctliocne of ilsvirtues. Fro, L b C c "'hoipson, M D F R S L. letur3ll11 llt nloev hallk-elsthko ior t e vsluable pse Sclullt lt y etc. xtincl;bL e cIle l tie sf tonorrhlclwi le. I If.I gr.ltfa.fual ll ou lee llict brolghtl at nedtiin. i'o uc se hIlich will prove a desideratum hoeg sought lor in the mecllc: i Idhl--a iusre, snteedy anti elfeetual lu-e ill cases tc ' c ich aboee cl0s. It atfiotrl see great pleasura i,, iblioshi g to cllc- woIld (IIe vcliable qoalitieaofyclir F:ý ticl. VW'lcrc it lIccrSeIo-, tle prepreicteI r could Ihere furnhssi nlall. iln)IWe trslilmnnitd cclal l) as contnendacltlory s tihe dicl 'lt, but t;llitt lIlt ilbct otgc -tclCastlithtrtlo the .sat c Clieipco ai whlic it llcs been i ejlu'etl, will Itpmiti (llle ceCOillllcclcRitcoc thi Ilsreparatcion ellays ibce all othcls is its ne:lot, leic I terorn--pot stp in pots-t illlie ib which it oilly be takel,I beicg both easy aad p)lea;ll--;ilut-s tlst elcatilei with no restrition ill dlet or clilelllocect fioul buioiness. Trcvellers espeielly c ould tfcc iicdis ccciviic higihly tisel.l, cand oicght ears )ll? tiiiio eleoicil wilt i ilccele-ctioi tl eoessinegi the ad valcagcu brlchiel thilelcl.eelcl one comhill Ad-colcinicillcg the Mledlicnir i p pampllet expsa-nr ticy of thle cIhlticlcloct Sticges Of tlile disense, without say e\tlco eichar1s, collliloillr full ncd nmple dlirectlonls. For sale by SICKLES ik CO. filic t4al 4lt Canal Istreeit. 40 Canal street. "THE TRUE ltICHE. OF LIFE IS HEALTH. VE KNOW that health and the ability to labor, constitutes the wealth of the great moam. of the peoople in this, as in n sat other conun. tries. To preserve, therefore, that health by natu rul mean- is a grand, mtoral and political scheme to I filfil which, requires our utmost attention The unprecedentel popularity and universal ap. approbation which this medicine has achieved. throughout the United States, the Canadas, Texas, Mexico, and the Wcest tidies, fully justify Dr. Peters' in warmly and coscenitiously recomnean. ding them to the special rotice of the aflicted. Peters' Vegetable Pi:lsaro the safest, moat.eiee.. tual and eunltmicp al romedy for diseases of thl hulnoll conlltitutioln, that h .i ever beeoon discovered. Dr. Peters, the inventor of this invaluable nedl. cine, from his knowledge of the human system, derive from a long and extensive practice, has arrived to t'is conclusion, that tihe great and pri. mary causes of rmost diseases is a derangenmnt ! - tihe functiotins of the liver, or in other wo creased or dimunished secretion of the bitl So well is this understood, that it is common sIO iprsons to say when they feel unwell, that they are bilbou=, meaning that they have too much bile on tihe sltoitehl. On the other hand, when the flow of bile is dimianhed, tile process of di-eauion is imperftictly perfoirm d, the patient becomes weak anld eutalcated, because aourishment contained in i the Ihad taken into tlh st.inach is not properly ex. tractid, and the foed in ejected in a crude state. Dr. Peters is confident that thei famous Hygean Theory, sn collhd, that, " impurity of thie blood i thel cause ot all disoasra,"is a great absurdity. Every oInet t r. c ( t.IJcs onl tie suljtet a aIoment, will p.r.rceivol t inputrity of the bloodis aseoa. da y rot a ilr:ary oemltlaint-the affect and not the e:ause ufl.'s- 1o. Yen s o h htie tutonsofthe liver.re dcr.anged, and the flow of bile increased, it is often taken up by the absert ent vessels tand Sa. riod into the circulattom, and becomes mig ad1 wt It the hllrtd, us in jiundice, when the patient Ishws ii in his cutorolnaac. Nout this impurity at blood is cru-rd by an increased flow of blte. anll Ito relie y it, you mllust courrect the secretioan Sthe inve t, atld restoreit to a i ualthy state. Dr. Peters haI spent much lime in expeoriment. ing wilth dffrreUnt vegetab ae medi,.iaes, for diseases of tihe Ilver; and now offern his Vegetable Pill*, as the beat, mlost eonlvenlicllt, and chlapist medi cine tihat an be prepared for general use. Dr. Paler. titters himseil'that his long expeti tenititg with vEgrntable medicinee has enabled him tu discover the true ·.nd only substituto answerinp all the liurpom et meorcuria a without any of thaL atle doter evils. Oar great quality ofhin vegetable 1ill is tSlt tltey have tue altertivea principle coos. billed with their natkhrtic, or operative qualities. is that they not only cleanse the stomach and Sb,.oXls Iby purg;ig, but they regulate the liver, rchang.t tihe irbid secretiono, atr then s the dllestive urtean, purify the blood, invigorate the c ltcul.otiot, ait+ give tone and energy to thi# er. Tl'hey ale mild and pleasant, in their Operation,' i nld c nvey almonst immedilate conviction ofttheir I utility frot the tirst done. They can be taken with iraety by persons ofany age ; and the feeble, thI itfiri.., the nervous, and the deli.ate, are strengthenoet by their oper.rtion, beca.oe.tel.eh1. n the syatetu of had huonturs, quiet n*oDitu Otitne bilty, and invariably produce sound health. - 'file Vugettbli Pil a are a rsure r dihe, sick and nervous hladacle, dyst epL Iles, sickness of the stomnach, hearthurn, - complaints, lovers of all kinds, andalf taALthe ommoencement will invariably cheok t~,i ' grass, antd save the patient from a prot,.nd etx' dangerous sickness. They areinlstta i ue: vous and Ilypocondrical al.entioan, oleei;.i.' -pi~ tite, and a I complaint ts to which f subject. They operate as r ild and a: ired a tfe 4d eurtain amedy- te lie a ,t t ns e orL l Thsqnnera dee 6 - ipills eah .-Q i Pa D rug jri ,.nd . l oi plied, at w hola-- or ii2 aud itimF (Ii.,resa OWe, 2 ,t

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