9 Mayıs 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2

9 Mayıs 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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ro nry emI tlaod iea'aotachieg .ertohi ac Ii matdialithei ..ithom tiepar.nm amon ao trhey hey 1e, eppoie a disitperested per tl iot ools I. ot sacrifced. otiM lr e .mOh Io atbfy de eam upe the elers fr anoy ha raypN. 1Noes fo the N aimr mount tilte dii hodbtencthel city. o., }c. For tiea the icalter will be urag. h eihe no Come upon the cot S reslt will be, a relief to otivi'fo .the heb. of the sea ate demand to day, the ne. from epae them, o thoy very i t ot, of 1.4d por pound, si a th"4miv I market. The stock or tt' ht ne over ae, tO hos, aid the iahL I . f the Nolte afir is .at.ed, ba J. meodwsd, and .iocewll go up. . ' es change haads to-day. w. The City Bano is renew. b . hoeet ten pr naL., until toiostl segos. If lil the othe yddo heomethigthmcom ed. They may he doing a for cat Ch segNhieg like pubhlcity Ia thee . . . .. ......6 . . ... 'Pg uiille, do...........27 . . . " ... IElS. Louis, do ..........I2 f14 L t.epdool. Mar........ .20 .: C7 orre ..............48 U * O'NEW OILEANS. NS C0EARANCES. Mray 8, 1889. a Roigr Wl8lamaa Albars. tar Hamn•.- MaUrnto a g aBiker, flor H Vane.. ;-, VW J Vlgars a.'no .Iramn, farf aenna. R Gionaig co Ca.'ora a p al aaco .cIa day daysAr for om Camda, , to far art'cla,. Q Galdaamith kt Mak,, Maa t r 6 w York. W C Thomrpi lw b Valaamo. Wmh Bryan . ; ARRIVALS. c0.,Leor. t - .: May 8, 1839 Ik baahirk..a Bark. tfrom Poverty Point, Larinl raid oe city miah .hip AustorltI, brig Alhano, and rr oVmb r. a nd Coraithian. Reports bIrig |l the l1ver. c oIo. ? daysdayl from Camdren, io, Ma t S 1re i.aa Pa.a. mfom Mo bila, to ma lta . a. a crntWdbay, faom Mobile, to Miater. b til' r+ldm,twoa d ahalfdays from MobileI ~Pl~a~bA Falitq, abrl. e, aom Shreveplort. evý t a 0` Eri 0,baw.faroaa Laouiavilia. 0 aatarwon. from Vermilllon. hrt; o roL . W" 0d. from St Louil. . EC PT O EX PORT O. w PQI..Par ship Hanlaville..CaI"8. 433 belts caitto,. 81 4dl. tbao, 8 7 br ratoalco, 9500 pig s lead, ' SItal poark. 50 kag lard, 8ids i ugadr, IotU ;+ '" : +k~nRl l .dad meraed'zo. 9S........a....;aaserOdion..Carlo. 100 hdl ugiar, 10(0 aaabai Iorn. I2alesIaoto, 6 his l8fr, I e . I I A IAX'3'i bar.ue Roger Williiaa..Caaaa. 2197 haga S" 0 laaaapcaaaaa cadllaaaad 15 bId oa pea a: hal,;..Pbrig Douglams..CagO, 560 kehg lard, 5h bi S.o A. Ao,9bai moa..s rmpty hahd. . Parlg Falca-Cargo, 810 hi. dour, 500 gsia S.Bhr. Robert nad Jma....Cargo, In bHat . . aaahaaaNMaao..CargA, 40 bi four, 550 *',ELA6I ..PaIrhr Moabil...r.go sundry mall loll mar. ad- rad, smail ,ots dry goods. ST-M.RK$..Perabr holiae..Cargo, lia coaol. fioer. pork *ilard, slgar, mali..e baacoa, rn. mercLBn o diaa al meckari:. O..Per iohr FPoa..Carlo, 560 bal corn, and lots of ame.haadise and hardware. I IMPORTS Pe Ship Aluerlitz..Ia ballallt, to muiter. . a..hPerlr Van Buren..Cargo, 35,00U feetl lum ....a.PerlhrCooltitutloo..Cargo, 30,00 feet luaa ar "" ,e. to sater. F aS.Pbr Albao..Carlgo, 1UO0 blie I,,, to a l P RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE 119.oP Paral pdarand ad. rgra o.a 306 haela co. lochla & coa.90.a Iayt & Amealunig, 49 da A Mou 9 hdlssaar aFollnla. Ballleq t Dagolea. 35 hd. n I'sidae leaaler, HaI.ll i , 60 hides Smith & hbI mlaseam, Hanlyl ' k Roagra. 'Per.een`ter SBy. ral..L.argo l9 bale cotton a,& o 43 do8 aS W Okey a cq, II do, Mrtin Pleas. S8do. owner on baard. 19 do. Ge,. DBrlgerot, 10 kala.60 do Lamb.tb Thomplou.a dq Hobsoa ao'Nk J Dirk. 13 do Glarer L Brnhaml. 3 do lug3 do Comsaock, Hyde an. I I do R Beck, JBaoll, 5 ldoA Fulton& ao, I do J C lar G-ardner, 0 do TO Stark. IS do Og. d , ldo Jamel Armouar. 3do G M La. 113do ty 0o,.40 pahkgae merchandiie, to Captain areamer uth Alakaa.. Cargo. 34 haloa GoIlh, 1a do, WI M eal 23 do, Allain 4 A Rirardi• o. 'amrm.mer Wm nnch..'aaga. 104 hIs pork,. hIkiw a W)6Io,. 9 Fleuag. far 8 R Comadoar, 94 dd-takah ad iaarDobal 9 hala cotton, Alia• Asber & ai u t 9a Wuhiinrot..Carl., 20 hil mo - li ar. h.tkh Ta10 n, 24 aahd., Ibbl su-. se.W Ropmt. 9 hda and a bls luaer, 9ah mo. tt. blohi o,J Matarr. 29 do to order. 13 hi1 S way.22halel coton. ABRirardie A co. 186 hi. S I augar, t sundry owners a board, I hd, 3 b1i Sser atemarne Wia L Ralneaon..Cargo, 500 pigsl. ,Laurae k Small, I hoa and I basket vah es, M. arm0, |ptllI lld ad I lard., I.Loyal Chaas 0 s r/h, p keg lard, S1l0 al acorn, 4 hds bacon. R I ba.op alon,. Armour. bakir, Walker, 7 do. Wood -l7Ad "' J Di;k 9lo M White k ,, I1 do Ar tWlkr do LaLurece 8 Chalurl. 4 do PA m a V: aarelhdi.. Conor & Gridley., 5 SD.ra.S3dJ H Adki.a, Sflayo •iSra..Mra Pool, Mrs Adam.. Mrs IfoIm. Srobsrtoa . Capt Allen, U 8 Army, NlaM . Chmheiaa. Gray, ROaler. Wllilm.on, ai-ia , (Gordoda . LaIdy P oy.l. aGldia, Leer. aat lheitiga, Coleman, McCormick, Gierald, Ma. I l!~Pra Balndly. Maina Bradley. Far Ialaat Sakaroza, Hardy, Doctor 'Tatman, Faalra&8Ollror rwoa mathAlab.ma..27 paaaaagaas ad 20 ne aeWm FPronah..R Laweara, J 8 Crultchell .J MWRraW Wilaor W N B.rrymore. A G Bar A T P Sheppad, J F Queen. EI Stall., F 8 ra,J.seph Hairel, Jo Roba, and Mrs Buck Wpmar Wbl.W .+r-a-Mmdlama Blair, Prietly, blui merod Og iaUIJ diwell, Gen P P Smith, Meis a ^ laoaaa. Aarcaa, Adam., Lar.... lnt. 3g-'I .hr+ral88kwIwy. teOoul iqi ursal of the 2d instant, speaking of ar ket4:ofteaity renmarks: .tlea. of fair MiMeia.i I cotton at 18 ct0. Sree. Ftr 6a 6 2 but little demand. ra goea.41.. In store 7 I-2 eentscould be i s good lot. $18 50 hab been offered for iat 4 mon, interest added, $18 50 SWhiskey, ales to day at 44 cta. *o ap, oe.oof hog round, agono, at 8 I-I. Saeco and in dowond. ing are tM Drawn Nuinbers of the Louisina Syt lttery. Class No.30, fio 1837. THI DAY, slze, 010,0001 Tickets only $3 0Q. Ntmbrs-I2 Drawn wo itllh.t,. SIANA LOTTERY [be:bot of Legiiature. Chapter XLIII, .p 1808. Clamq 30. for 1839., to be drawn on , , at 1.2 pant 6 o'clock, P. M. Ocinge Hotel, St Charit Iat. Y Co. Sticessore to 'A TES Managers. tingto $145,934 a3iel ii 5--Qonrtera 75c2a f .Ol Wioleiticketi for $44. Tl,5 oicketa for $-2 Pack. r tickets, aptlly at .' TheMannager O ice M e-atreet. o'at to Camp A S-e caste, eom. I rt1an oe0 y ri"n fashionabl. Wtu yo froilnsei by f m ele ea l: I .347 Oaga.sine t ath will be givn, to Ca5tiOt Hart on .~I ,0,pstler ... .,5 NW D MUN ICIP A LITY. ty S TUESDAY, 7th May, 1839. Thsr Choiicil assembled agrecaby to adjourn' th, inent: -present, lion. Joshua Baldwin, Recorder; his Aldermen Caldwell, Freret, Hall, Lockett, Peters, in Rodgers, Bewell, Whitney, and Yorke. pr The journal of the preceding meeting having m, been read and approved, a petition from Jabet Bar. by nay was referred to the comnritte on streets and da landings. of Mr. Peters, as Chairman of the Finance Com. mittee, presented t'e following Ordinance and re. solutions, which, the rules being dispensed with, or were severally taken up and adopted. co An Ordinance authorliing the issue of three hun. a dred tho0and dollars of Bonds of this Muniei. w pality to the State of Louisiana, in exchange for fe an equal amount of Bbnds of the State. B 1.--Be it ordained, That the Mayor be, and he ua is hereby authorized to issue, conformably with tm law, a bond or bones of this Municipality, for tI three hundred tnousand dollars; which bond or rn bonds shall be delivered to the Treasurer of the it State, in exwhange for the,,ame amount of bonds of the Stab;as is also provided by law. ti 2.-Be it further ordained, That in order to pro. fi vide for the punctual payment of the bond or bonds a I authorized to be issued by this Ordinance; in addi ti lion to the amount already annually pledged to the Sinking Fund to be established in the Union Bank, n there shall be annually deposited in said boak, from the same revenue, and at the time fixed by the Or. dinance of 2d of April last, the further sum of seven 1I thousand two hundred dollus, making in all an t s annual depopit to said Sinking Fund of twelve t r thousand dollars; and the revenue arising from the c r wharlkge tax is hereby specially pledged for that s object, until the payment of the bonds issued under v ttla Ordinance, and that of 2d of April, 1839. 3.-Be it further ordained, That the interest on a the bonds of the State received by this Munieipa. r lity, under the law of 18th March, 1839, shall be a paid by this Municipality, at the place fixed on for r b the paymentof the same by the endorsement of the 9 Municipality on said bonds; provided the interest Scoupons of the State bonds shall be received by the a Treasurer of the State in part payment of the in. Sterest on the bonds of the Municipalitygiven in exchange therefor; and provided further, that this t rpeolution shall only remsain in force until the pay. ner.t of the bonds of the Municipality. 4.-Be i further ordained, That twenty.fire thousand dollars of the revenue arising from the markets, is hereby specially pledged and appropri. sted to the payment of the interest on the bonds a of the State, said sum to be deposited in the month of January of each year, in such bank of this ci y n as will assume the payment of said interest in aI Europe. Resolved. That a note, payable in sixty days, be n issued in favor of the Merclhants' Bank of this city, for the sum of one Ihundred thousand dollars, said ao note to be discounted by said bank for account of the Treasury. Resolved, That until a Treasurer hbe elected and qualified to enter upon his duties, the Recorder is rd hereby authorized to sign all obligations requiring as the signature of the Treasurer. to Resolved, 1%t the Comeptroller be, and hie in hereby authorized to sign checks on the bankt as Treasurer pro. temn. until a Treasurer be elected ie and duly quaHfiod. Resolved, That the sum of fifteen hundred and four dollars and sixty-five one hundredths, be paid on the warrant of the Mayor to H. A. Sherburne, for bridge boelts and bars turnished on the order of the Surveyor. Mr. Peters also introduced the followig Rtoseo. lotion, which was read and made the order of tire n, day for the next meeting, S Resolved that the compensation of the Collec. '" tor, oftaxes on coffee houses, grog shops &e. be cc and is hereby fixed at five per cent oil all sums do collectediand paid by himn into the Treasury, pro vided said compensation shall in no one year ex. ea coed twenty five hundred dollars: the year to be comnputed from January to January. bh Mr. Caldwell, as chairman of the Committee on Is Streets and Landings, made the following report recompanied with the annexed Resolution, which, at. the rules being dispensed with, was adopted, REPORT of the Committee on Streets and Landings. Your Committee beg leave to report against the petition of Jabez Barney, to establish permanently a steam grist mill on board a flat boat within the Port of this Municipality, for grinding corn and wheat and for propelling a corn shelling and fan. ring machine. h'lie privilege asked is objectionable on tire fol. lowing grounds : First, because it is a violation of tire existing Ordinances, for steam mills to be erected within certain districts of this Municipality. 2d, Because it is againt tire existing Ordinances to allow the Port to :e occupied beyond a certain numbers of days by any craft whatever, and the petitioner Barney prays to be allowed permanently to loeate himself with a machline, dangerous in its tendency on account offiro. 3d, Because, if this petition is favorably received, the Council will have twenty applications annually for similar. privileges. 4th, Because, this steam engine is now in tire midst of the fiat boat landing and a fire oceasioned bythe'se ofthe present steam engine, miglrt en. danger the fiat boats, steam boats and shipping of tie whole port. Be it Therfore Rflved, That the petition of Jaben Barney is rejected and further that said Jabez Barney be noti fied by the Wharfinger to remove from before the Port of this Municipality, Ihis steam corn shllllng machine. J. H. CALDWELL, Chm. S. J. PETERS. B. WHITNEY, ORDER OF TIHE DAY. Tire Report of the Committee,h relation to tire N.O. &Nashville Rail Road Co., being in oreor, was on motion postponed. The following ordinance being next in order, was taken into consideration, and with tire addi tion of an additional section, was adopted, as follows. AN OIRDINANCE, Creating thle office of Assistant Surveyor, and de fining the duties of said officer. - 1. Beit ordained, That tblv Cu.ncil shtall an oneia.y apnoint, ovtheflfist Tuesday in May, a sui. table person as A<sistant Surveyor, who, before en tering on the duties of his ficee, shall give a band with one or more securities in the sum of five thou. sand dollars, to ensureetle faithful performance of his duties, and shall take an oith before tire May. or to faithfully and impartially perform all suchdu ties. His salary shall be one thousand dollars per annum. 2. Be it further ordained, That it shall be the duty of the assistant survcyor to furnish to all persons re. quiring it, the lines and levels of lota situated with il the limits of the Municipality, without any un. necessary delay, and also to furnish at the request of such persons the lines and levels for side walks about to be made by individuals conformably with the ordinances, and to givo certificates when such side walks are completed; and the certificate ofsaid assistant shall be deemed sufficient evidenes of the lines, levels and work described therein. The compensation to said assistant shall be the same as that fixed by tire 3rd seo tion of an Ordin ance, approved 14th May, 1836, fixing the duties of the .tnrve or. 3. Be it further ordained, That it shall be the exclusive duty of said assistant Surveyor to make exact and detailed re urns to the Treasurer and Comptoller, of all sumsdue by individuals for re. rnbursemert for paving, for fences, or othie. works nadoe by tire Municipality for account of individ. uals; and said return l be made by said assise. tant surveyor witlri s after the Surrey. or iras certified to such paving or other works have is made tirhe du. Ly of the Treasu ic writing of said assistant, such ret i ately on the presen tation to him of the i cato f the Sureyor. If any greater delay than thirty days front the reqri.. sition of the Treasurer to tire rendering of the accounts, shall occur, for all such excess of time the assistant Surveyor shallbe bound to pay to tire Treasurer an inStrest at the rate of eight per cent per annum on the amouneanot re urncd, provided no satisfactory rnsone are furnished to the Counn ail for such delay. 4. Be it further ordained, That the assistant Surveyor shall perform all other duties which may devolve on him by o:der ofthe Council, without be ing entitled to any other emolument than tire con pensation fixed by this ordinance. 5. Be it fnrther ordained, That the said assistant Surveyor shall keep Ihis office in tire Mluicirpal llall and shall tllereje, keep a co-rect record of all sur. vOys madeby hisiin hicL.:; , II capacity, and re shall keep a literal copy ci"ll ,, : ;ficates, gi him in said capecity--'ri ., :i pry plots,-surveys, linear,t· , n ,~ lts--whi.. cordand minutess air:( all t :ns open to thm inspection of the : r irUe City, and the Recor. der, Aldermen and Suraeyor of this Municipality, tdAbhall belong and appertain to the unicipal. ity. 6. Be it further ordained, What the Surveyor of the Mulicipality shall continue to perform all the duties now required of him by existing ordinan ces, provided they be not inconsistent with the pro. visions of this; and he may, willh the approbation of the Committee of Streets and Landings, employ, whenever in their opinion, the public ntbrest may requirs it, a suitable pbrson to assis t lim in the arforrmanoe of hi duties, (whieh appointment to be reported to th * ouneil,) with a salary not exceed. ii one hundred d~lars per month. :: it further ordained, That the first, second, tblejt stion, of r1ep qrdinanoe, eresatr the o depoptmýcvr s s.e jirseri leg hie du. yapproved Sa2 e c he sad they ace e rad a-d this t of the 4ay.foitb. - °'p the duties of the . rinter of the Muni ality and the Secretary oi :t the Council. Be it ordainedi ~Tht hereafter it shall be the du. *e' ty of the Printer of the Municipality, in addition aeI to other duties now required of him by law, to P publish a detailed statement of the proceedings of the Council; also to attend in person, or cause s himself to be represented at the Recorder's Court, lb. in order to make and publish a briefaccount of the tlh proceedings therein; also to publish all advertise- ate i monts eminating from officers or persona employed it t by thin Municipality, connected with their public tLe duties, such advertisements to be signed by such Co officer or person entmpled in their official capacity, itd published by said printer the number of times tod in the manner prescribed by law. Said print. er shall be hound to translate, at his own cost and expense, all that may be required tobe published in to a language different from that in which it may be In written ; and he shall furnish to the Council twenty full and complete copies of the Ordinances and ut Resolutions thereof, in pamplot form, without any unreasonable delay from their passage, in the same h manner and form as those heretofore furnished by b r the public Printer. He shall ajeo furnish all blanks r required by the different officers of the Municipal. " Sity. ci Is 2. le it further Ordained, That the compensa. p tion of said printer is hereby fixed at three thousand S five hundred dollars per annum, payable monthly, t Is and in no case shall the Printer claim or be ent.i i tld to receive for extra work or otherwise, a great. Ser compensation than that fixed by this Ordi. , nance. 0 3. Be it further Ordained, That it is hereby r. made the duty of the Secretary of the Council to n furnish the public Printer, on the day succeeding n that of the meeting of the Council, with a copy of G re the Journal, in which shall be inserted a correct oe copy of the proceedings thereof, in order that the fi at same may be by him published, and within one r week thereafter to furnish to said Printer the date t on which the Mayor may have approved the Ordi in nances and ..aolations, that the date may be an. a. nezed to the same when printed in pamphlet form, r be and also in cases when Ordinances or Resolutions r of the Council have been vetoed by the Mayor and a an persisted in by the Council, the date when the at Council persisted, in order also that the same may I le appear. 0. 4. Bo it further Ordained, That all Ordinances in and Resolutions, contr ry to and inconsistent with s the provisions of this, be and they are hereby re. y pealed. The Council then proceeded to the election of oe officers : iFor Secretary, John Gibson,was declared duly elected, S having received 7 votes; L. A. Nadoud 3. t Comptroller, J. Calhoui was uanimaoosly elected. Treasurer rht. Bei received 2 votes; t. Doane 2; Thao. y Sloo, jr. 6, who was declared duly elected. in Surveyor, Joseph PiliS, was duly electe ,he haviug re ceivred 9 votes; one hlank. be Assistaot Srveyoer, l gh Grant 9 votes and one blank. Attorney, R. AM.Carter receive 7 votes and was duly ty, elected; Hiunt one, and blank 2. id otary, J. B. lrke,-cnanimously elected. of Wlhartiger, J. RIt. Butler, do. Clerk of ie Recorder, E. Lafoartn, do. ed Collector of leve Dues, VWmi. Deacon. is o. Taxes on avers, S. ll. Turer. ' do. Hacks and Drays, Ilawkers and Pedlars, WV. H. Wheaton. Collector hrekiatg up of Fit Boats, W. O. Warnock. Sergeant at Arms, CGeo. It. Parker. c [Trhe election of printer, wl,on umotion, postpoemd.] CONeMISSRIKC i I) t WVnrd-A. Pickard lod 2 votes, W. R. Willis 8 and awti duly elected. id . 2,1. Werld-ll.. larry hlnd 9 vrote, one blank. ce, 3d Ward-on the first ballot, S. Kiboure had 2 vtes, Iof I. It. Skeels 3. and Henry Kelly 5; oi the sec ,ud ballot, Ilemnv Kelly 8 avte.i Skees, 2. c. Of St. Manr ' Malrket-- s1. Ai. Carter had 9 votes, I iOf OlPoedram ilarket-J. C. O. Grady lihad 9 votes, one blank. cc. Captain of the Watch-ll . L. Harper, unanimously. he First .ieutenant-H. (rane 6 votes and sas elected, us A. J.Failon 4. ro. Second Lieutenant-A. J. Fallon, unanimouslt£. ex. Sergeont-Winter, Gannon, X. Rosender and A1. C. be F,,llam, utieintously elected. bPhysician-T. 0. Osborne had 8 votes and c as elected, Dutton 1 and I blank. on On motion, the Council adjourned to Tuesday rt next, the 14th inei. at 5 o'clock, P. M. h, JOIIN GIBSON, Secretary. TIlE TRUE AMERICAN. ,BDI'TED BYV Joaae e(IRBSOfN. PAITSFUL AND BOLD. NEW ORLEANS: THURSDAY MAY 9, 1830. We have attentively examined the Mnayor's Message. and we are compelled to confess that it adds much to the mortification we have so long felt, and so often ex presoed,atthe want of correct knowledge and enlight ened views, of the ehief magislrate ofour city. It would seem that the aggregate annual revenue of the three Mutnicipalilies, say about $650,000, is insufli cleut, and that in order to increase it, commnrce must oe tnxed, and in a shape the most objectionable. by in creasing tie Port charges on ships, steam boats and otiher cera; at n time too when the capital, energies, and enterprise of thecitizens, of nearly lhalf the States of the Union, are directe I towards obtaining from as onur comnerce. A more suicidal recommendation could not have been made, and we are at a loss to account for the motives which induced it. We are compelled to believe that it was intended as a means of extricating the first Munilipality fro !the lowly position in which she finds herself fronl the total loss of her credit. Re course hIls already been had to the Real Estate of that Municipality,by increasing tile nax thereon 25 per cent. And as this is the only tax the local Council can aug ment, and as the owners of Real Estate will not qoietly submit to further inmpositions of the ktl-fe.,--s, , tivii commerce of the city must be okid, and the revenue of the Second Munioipality be increased by such impolitic and illegititmate peans, in opposition to the interests anll wishels 6its inhabitants to make amends for the S'jrefligate mnimanagement and ignoranee of those en. gaged with the affaire o tihe First MItuicil ality. The unsoundness of this reasoning of tile Mayor, will strike every intelligent person on the first blush. He assnumes that the anuual revenue from tie port is not equal to the tn ual expenditure, and therefore the wharfage tax chould be increaered. His position is chiefly sustained by the operations of the Second Mnu nicipality, which corporation has expanded since May, 1830, $270,000 is making its port, and has received within tie same time but $102,300. Monstrous! Does not the Mayor know that when thie law of di vision went intdoperation, that such was the neglected condition of theiport in front of the Second Municipal ity, that no ship or steamboat could land in front ? Is lie ignorant that that fact principally induced thie Lo gislatute to put tihe mtanagement of the oflhirs of the people of this Municipality in their own I ands, and to relieve them front the base oppression which ignorance, envy and jealousy had until then inflicted on themtl But let ee continae-in 1836, the total annual revenue fioltythe port in front of the Second Municipality was about $25,1100-this year it will exceed $60,000--show. ingan increase in three years of $35,t000 per annual. Tllis snul, voluing mney at 10 per cntoln per nnumt, represents a capital of $350,000, while the naking of 70,000, and when completed to the ap unicipmlity, will cost$300,0; but tlhe sse ill probably Ih $75,000 "'o, e rror the. Mayor has fIllen into is, that hliee l exctraordinary expenditure of mnhing or port tLhe most convenient in the Union--to be a current annual expenditure. The expense that will be necessary to keep in good repair the existing works in front of this Municipality, will not exceed $10,000 per anloun; and whe.t all tile works are completed, will mnl t to fronl 15 to $20,000 per annum; so that the revenue from the port will, after paying the .ojpensea, give a nett profit to the Treasury of at least $50,000 per annuml, more than 15 per cent on the capitol venbd in tilhe imtproements. Yet it is pretended by tile Mayor that thie tharfage taxs s insufficiant! and in an Editorial oil the French side of th Louisianian, yesterday mtorning, ittrsaid that the recoinmendation was doubt!esas afea by tile lMayor to favor the Second Mluntilality and to tmake tp the"deeicdd,"i its Tree.rvy. This is so good a joke, that we hope the-Editor will thvor the pubtlf1witl an Entli trantslatin It the spient writer of 'chat y obligatione of the Second Mold the Treasurer's office, he will ret orgold. And,if le will inform ank noes or Second Municipality Se o. r note. of the other Municipailites, we will im t liberal commission. " lie -whilives in glass houses, should not throw A ntte.. note of the Secoad Municipality for $1),0n, it Sill oe perceived by the Coucil, hao been discounted by one of our city Banks. The operations of the " Great Spoula. er," it seems, have no offect upon the re .it of the Bocond Mncaalriplity ! We have .nthenti Itsttllignoe from Tampa Bay s late at the 24tk'ult, Net-loe.oEmarthlar, a Seminole hilef, who, it now appearn, had come in with the avowed purpose of kit Itog Ilnotsche, eanqpigratang Seminolieand who had deo ceirvd eronamaddaM as to his objeers, had ullecta near Fort Bok me onU o drsdM warriors. They forced e.t 1 or O ledis .a swn pld near Fort Brook toenter with a Spanlard who had married a squaw. After some time they atet back to Con. Cummins. to ey-ehat the Bemlnolee err saver mettlneb e oahmb in Coeroll at Feeo,pa;. tirbe neeto make a treaty with psrebseat in s aod sewrd is o(t e ,1--that they would - t the waltobleeboheyow precifsely K, K T*bi . mrteheit bas put a new aspet poa i aleira. e ware under the imptaemion that the emlgratlng piy aver reached the west. until some time ack, when they were irrlmed that the launm prombed to Mieano. py had been given to him. They say, ife Creek, a Euchee, tint d da Seendole come back and tell them tt the Government u kept ts promise, built a houe for the chiefs, *c, that they will all leave Fl.da. But, when it is known that Ope the Yoholo and h party of Craeek hae ha tae poseesaio Io this very land, and that Mieanopy will go supo no other, the' it hau heat etarad ta him, the public will suily perceive that are the Govermemt hea t ket faich with the Indian. The only way is to buy oetOpothe.Yoholo. and to dosl the Seminole wish;..red a deputation to inform them of the situation of Mieanopy. If they are to be removed by treaty. S General Maomb was tobe at Fort King on the it of May' to meat General Taylor. His mision will be in vain if No. Sloco persist In his resolution, " The Floridi ae are highly dissatifiled witlthe course ofith Government, as they well might be. S Stolakes nd Meers were execute sterda. It is to be regretted, 'lat _the Governor did not yield to the wishes of the Recorder, ettd to tile general feeling of tihe community in relation to these two men. Had he post . poned their executiou. until the next meetingc.fthe d Senate, he would have acted more in accerdance with r Ithe spirit of the age, and carried out the humane inten tions of tih e:uthor of the Criminal Code. To have erred on the aide of mercy would have satisfied all partiesa. Advicee have been received from England, at New York, up to the 29th of March, per timhe packet ship )f George Washington. At The Liverpool steamer arrived out on the 25th after ao fifteen days of a most stormy pansage. A service oa to plate hlra been presented by the passengers on board to to Capt. Fayrer. The Cotton larket atLiverpool was quiet, and Ame-. a n, riean descriptions 1.4d. a pound lower than at lthe date as of previous advices. Thin news will dampen the ardor ad of our speculators. te American flour had fallen int price one shilling. New ty York Canal had bten foreed by auction at 35 to 36i I per barrel. The papers attached no importance to the move e menta of either Fairfield, Hiarvey, or the Congress. The"War Bill" was looked upon .a a precautionary of measure. The Tory journals are quite moderate in their tone. Ad, The Lords of the Admiralty have ordered five new engines for teealers of war.-The largest of the ves o. pele to he 1300 tons burthen, and to carry 26 gann. Thus England prepares for war in time of peace, whlile re the United States is employed in President making. k. Lord Palmerston's understanding of the arrangement iy between England and the IJaited States, relative to the jurisdiction of the diysputed Territory, is in oppositiao to that of our government, and anecords with the claim aet up by Mr. Fox. This was given by him in the House of Commons, on the 22d of March, merely as an opinion. Tile door is left open for explanations. IV. On the 2ftih of narch. Lord IBrougham, in adverting ,k. to the eruelty exercised towards the Canadian prison era who were treated as colmmon felone, said, he hoped .] that England ould esecape a rupture with the Ua.ited States, more especially nas England was in the rogea. ted His Lordship's hoitpe will be realized, its our opiliol. Plarliament was to adjourn o lithe 27th of Mlarcl, to la*, meet again on the Iltll of April, il order to keep the ec- En-ter Ihlidays. SI II M. lship Winchestter, 52 gunte, ihas been conltii sioned as Adlmairl Harvey's flag slhip on thie Nortih e American etation. The liunker's Circular is out with a long article to ed, prove that commerce and peace withl te United States will be continued. The interest of the clique repre C. sented by this journal, is father to their thloughts, wishes and arguments. led, The London Globe thinks that the Boundary question lay excitemant arises from thie cupidity of tile timber spe culators. The Timnes, as usual, lts fly a volly of arrows against try. us poor republicans, but for once tempers its attack by Saccording to us a determination to have tiCe disputed Territory either by negotiation or war. So far, so r true. The King of France had issued orders convoking the Chambers. lie had no ministry at the last dates, and it was believed that the novel spectncle of a king, unrepresented by a responsible ministry. standing face t to face with the Deputics of tie nation, would take place in Paris. The king agreed to all the detar a' of the Soult mlinistry, except that which would force - to interfere in the afflirs of Spain. It was believed , had pledged himselfso far to Russia, that he conld not retract. The 4ritish goveryment was anxiously waniing to to know wa lther the United Slates Government would send out on envoy extraordinary. The ministry decli ned acting on tle subject of the boundary, until satisfi d on this point. letters had been received front Bombay to the 19th February, announcing imameose preparattons for tile spring campaign throughout India. No news from tie Caboul Army. The Senate of Brussels, at tile last dates, it was be lieved would agree to tile 2lth article dismmcalbering IBelgium. Advlices frome Bayonne of the 21st of March, state that Don Carlos wna anxiously awaiting the result of the Frenclh Cabinet demands. Troubles have broken out afresh in Melnga. A quarrel had broken out between the 46th and 8ad regiments, stationed at Gihr r.gl . lttdjel .r.y.s n. in.tw.li nJi..- oi Col. Campbell, oi the 46th was killed. A house divided, &c. Tihe Liverpool steamer carried' oui very few orders for goods, but a great many countermands. Tle de mnand at Manchester for goods and yarn was limited. The working of the mills on short tSie continued at Mosley, but was at anend itt Stalybridge. British funds continue to maintain tleir regular pri ces. Tile funds at Paris had fallen materially, in con sequence of there being no Cabinet. Tihe King had given orders to put the barricadoes in preparation for military operations. loe may yet fall as theim King of the Iurricades. The London Herald is out in favor of England's get Ling all her cotton from India. We can have no objec. tion to this scheme, as tile course of policy neessaty to work such a change in the trade qf the world, will cnom pel tihe United States to manufacture all her own cot toll. The Herald is in falvor also of making Halifax the emporium of British commerce in North Amaerica. Fudge ! Tile London Chronicle has cut loose fiom tile Minis try, and goes fur household surralge, vote by ballot. making population the basis of representation, so as to nullify the venal borough system, and give tie large manufacturing towns a voice in tile Parliament. Really the people's canuse is looking up in England. The meeting of tim Chartists at Devizes had been broken up by tlla tnries. Violence will only increase tihe people's friends, the taries should remember. A Manchester paper rails heavily against the Bildldy nmnoply ofcotton, and announces tile queer spctacle of activity, with goods cheap and raw material dear. It avises thile short ime systemn to be abandoned as tie spinners cannot resist the monopolists. "Tile nature and stractaure of sleam enginea is nolsuc. | to redtr aLecideats of tik kiald inevitable." N. O. Bulletin. Well, steam engines so far as we have heard, have never been constructed for that purpose. Would tile sage whol presides over the Bulletin have them so con struread " as to render accidents of tihe kind inevita FORl LIVERPOOL. SThe A I and well known shipMARY. LAND. Capt. Iterry,oant take 150 bales and will rail on Suuday ilte 12th inst. or trmas of passa . for 4nulin passengers, apply to say PAPER A- F-E- sa. n n--at I WAREISO SE. A EI.XANDEIL TOWAN, IBookseller, 49 Camp st, havig paurchaned the stock of paper &c, of Metre. 'tl'tlg fGreee & Co, will keep constantly oil hae4 a good sapply of paper suitable for news, book and jb printing, of various sizes as qualities, super royal royal, medium, demy ald writing do. folio, cmnmercial and packet post, various colored pririntg papers, blank cards various sizes sand qualities, playing do, wrapping paper, printer's ink, type, prialnsg prasses, brass rule, eases &o &c all ofwhila Ito offers for sale on tle mos aecomnmodating terms. pid type purchased or taken in payment of new type or ather articles. me9 N yiAILEI) CARDI)S-Justrecaived an ainvas as es v4ry snperinrrglazed cards, asstrted sizes from no. I to 14 for sale at very aow pricas by DAVID FELT & Co, my9 New York Stationer's hail, 24 Chartres st A5 PAPERt-Just received n'oecases atperiue Id.ue wove cap very thin eastable for bank use, one do white wvae, for sale Ify D FELT & Co, my9 NY stationer's hall, i4 Chartres 'i' bo cnAa a smal k onosisit a mal aaount of money, andasundlry noi, wn payable to I)a vhld Gill i and likewi se everalleu s. A libtral reward will be paid for its recovery. T B LEE & Co, m9 St 8 New Levee NEW ORL ANN Press and Typp Agent, LAWRENCE HILL, 37 caM e as g. H AVE just received I assortment of cuts, Sscases, small p Ineii , breeri long primer, noepa•eilijobntSpe. stadisasd itrintiang .spre ad bi aatal aj os,,Wk eve.ra y isle, nqsti.e.itsp iina'g "4Imcr ]:P EI,& uperia r qse l*ty, is kese Camp St. "Theatre 17U lLL OPEN ON THURSDAY 11th May, under. S1 the Direction of Mr. George Holland, amud con tiuen open every evening until further notice. The Performance will consiot of TO DRAMATIC ENTERTAINMENTS, AND A GRAND EXHIBITION, Imported foot EnlinnJt at an itmensu exprenser. and never blefore equalled in tbia country in the extent and smagnifient developement ofits OPTICAL ILLUSIONN. I'For particulars see hills of the day. Doors open at half past seven-Performance to com. tenee at 8 o'clock. may8 6t Parquette seats $l-BIoxes 75 cts. TRUE AHIERICAN OWFICE. Lo Ca IlI connection with this OCtie is a l SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE del FOR TIIE PRINTING OF Ph Pamphlets Blank Checks Be I Catalogues Bills of Lading - Labels, Dray Receipts, A. Legal Notices Auction Bills, - BillFertms, Show Bill. Steam Bat till C Circulars And every decrlptiae of Job Walls ns nmay be required OFFICE, FIKEMEhN' INSURANCEI COMPANY, d New Orleanes, May 4,1839. TiINE Stockholdere are hereby notified that tie eighth Instalment on their tLck is due sd pay. able on Ithe sixth of June 1839. e y9 E L TRACY, See. ir BUREAU D'INSURANCE DES POMPIERS, l)e La Nouvenlle Orl6ans. LES Souscripteur sont prhveuaus ou le 86me in s1 absent sur lear nouserption esat du et payabl en le 611tne de jah, 1039. E L 'I'RACY, tny9 Seobtaire COOKING STOVES. S LOCKE & Co Ihve jast received a supply ef new and improvetl cooking cstovn, euitable for ctoan Sboas and bnording housee, of the following patterns in vie Iittsburgh slteet iron, 10 boilers each, suitable to cook fur 500 perseas. Coleman'a Loaiville patterns, said to be the best , v ever invented for steambote. Gleason's pa stet ra kitchens. Wilson's do ko for fantliep. le James' doA do Conical prentiam do, &c &c &e. tf m9 nt B RZIERSCOit'l'KR- et reveeived, inatnore 2 coass assorted from 7 to 0t sheet. 30 X60 inches 8 LOCKE & Co, S m9 f - 8 Front L.vee m XClIANGl ON lHI ADELA-HIA-Fo rn sale by li E tll E YOItKE,t Camp at on DEJSS t l OOO -40 blbla, for cale y m9 oO10 AMES, 48Camp st ng AlID-L200 kegs leaf lard, for nleby n. 9 H O AM FS, 48C tampst ed A CAltl). ed I(tlARGES amaaleing from the Treasury lDepa t. l rIacnl tile Unitel dStnt-., ngainslt its citizens of R every valk, in public or priv'e life, haove been so nan- 1 mota tlhat Itllalulersiglied vwouldcpbao uo ip wilt hin own wrovngl and injuriac willica an aiIrlur bIt for ais oathl of liltlilt Io tihe Ullion whu lieh becalie IlltiCaihly e one fellis agets ton disburse its tmoney and defen I its rights, (loanvinglono bIothi) lie ow altlds alone to pro i test himiself againsat tie cborge oftdeftllcttion male by toe iovernaa eat, before If e ntdy tribunal left him, Iis rli COUNTLtYMEN: United StatLe as Anthony Drante. to I defanden t, hla o divbursing olfider of tle oc ie verntmelt, left lie l ionte year ago. To his re urpri.e tand tmrtif, lre has Ieen summoned to eanswer the el:alpolf .. oaion ! hIs securities simul taneously withll l Iiaoll, sated. lie s indebted to the indullgence of tile Cuurt, having lime to send for books o i ant papers, to distnnl pare no the country necessary to tile refutation of thie charge. Annot neos hilrnmse -realdy to answer epecifically-thel ease is called--jury asu nnoned-allgatiit rendl--cause openedl by tile dis tot rictAlltornev,anl the ileadings bcgut--the prouena tor takes excoplion to Ihis answer thle Court overules bythe excepltion-Ibhey join issue-and what is tlhe re ultd al--a motion tlo discotitltlue oil tile parte of ilte Uni tled States. Now. what is tile eflet of thie l of Ithi m fotion so farc the defendant is concervedl i-thie an ewer ths : hTiedefendant has obeyed your manlate. ilg The LUnited States fitds ilaelfbalot to be cvighl in its o, own otlt,aod ratber Ithn auler thle disgrace ottendat uipn an expoptre, in an epael Collrltotd iIut Courttcoo l of its cwn miking, take reigte bgehuinl a law qlibbl, to; ne c ,lieal its nwai dishlnor, and banly ottelpl to scri Ikefi e one fior tile 14,000.1)00 represented t Is Courte! t 1 1 Invta only ao auld lict tltegounilet was rvwv- - i have .packed it uip, and 1 hlurl defiunceat lint wblo dare - klae itaIttie. SI eA DRANE, late Q. I. U. S. A. 11 For the iruthI o thiat is acre briefln soated I ot I rferv to tle r.ecords .a.a, CoIrt . .. 109 It FRANKLIN INFIRMARY T IiE public are respecltflly inftrmled that ats instll tutilltt ie erttcted o tile ittlt imlroved llnn, alld in all airy alu most nlhnliralbe situatlion in the faiubour Fratklin, upon tile railhtud, one mile from ,he 5lissit Tlhelbildig gisnlarge na1 morIu tnomldiunivl divided intoa artmptis, einr tk'pli t. eparateOdilrernt classes, andl rdffertnl disenase. The institution in suppli-l with toe most skilful and attentive alle lad fenalle ll tneand epeking tile va rilous molrnll lnngailes. Private ronla Iay be lald by gentlemen at 6ve dol lars l day, ineldi nt co e hteadane, d pc. Termr in the ordinoary wardalHtoo dollars per day. Slavar also two dollars. Small Pox il the ordinary wards, five dollara. All capitol surgical operations extra. 'le re.+ideott physician is Dr Weddeman, to whomn application fi ahdmisaioo must he made. or to Dr C A Lusezleherg, No 17 IRapart street. ap19 I i 1LOR ORINAIiENT'S --Rare ani beautiful I curiosities, for sale only by Res & D'langc.r, atnd Plo h'_23 M uIHau jn - all.m rnoamrn consist of the most aplene did d  s of orrhinology from Europe, Asi., Africt, r.our own country. Appr notes at 60 days will be taken a l ruHE Is Frenchman aedl his Water Ltrie wiah Ja. l ketches of the times ty George P. Morris Eq. wi tchiatgs by Jolhnson. Skit by lh t Nam . I to 8 incltsive, received and for sale ALEX. T'oWAR, ty7 49 ilCamp ast TJIC .EJ No. Id- Pascal Ileruto, a Sicilian story Shy l'heodore Hook, Esq. The poetic, wreath, selecti Irorma the British poets. The Chntclogist 1st bm)r. patreceived and for sale by -ty8 l A TO\WA I, 49Camp st dAP iik~ Cottortn sampling paper. Ju t received a k fin lcr of large browa paper, suitable for cotton brokeru,gf Waterman'a Moanfaclture ard for sale by amut , A 'TOWAII, 49 Cuatp at I3 IFi'TO--10W btrga pimento, prime quality, in astrland for sale low by t W J B IIUI.I.JN,74 Caamp es N. ot. & NASVIIV .I.E RAIl. RIOAD Cuo. SPRING ARRANGEMENT. Commeneint on a unday; 5111 lMay, 18'39. THtE Cars will leave for the GREA/ PRAIRIE,on Stheir oule s tir the Bayou Tigny lt, every day din th week--as follows IDelrt. Retunrn. 7P.M. 10A. M. Exeeyt Sundays, whsen tIe cars ili run as fallows 4 t 6 P. M. may3 JAMES !t. CAII).WVE.I., Pre ideNt. SMA.'JICAL' TY OF U NFV ORL.l:AN l. L' prie at lrosh flour tE .v is 5687T per bartel L . aooqerl glo-t s e 'tifkers lshall give do. ritr t te maiting week (frum Monday 61It ittst.) 39 oun ce of blread or a bit. Uread of Athe secoml qualitybs required to aweigh f per cent, . o ml : 48; ouncesa . naay 4 C Gf"NOIS., Mayor. N )ICI..-Marti II. Irevereur Mntltacturer o1 Tit, topper, and shleet irot .iovesr, &c. hSa, thi, day taken it to partnership JotStur r''veretx. Tl'breo. seas for the future will be tondarterdulaer the name of Martin Ii. & John Devrreux. Mt H DEVEREUX. J9HN DEVEREUX. I ' Persons indebted to M H' De)vereua will please call and settle ltheir fcaenuat, alhd those hlviug claims will present them fSr settlement,. may 4 R EFRIGERATOIR-'I'lhis is a new and oasefl ari cele offtrnitrtr, rapidly coming into use in .r them as well as souathern latitudes. It isldlesigned to keep ool antd sweet, sach dishes it the culitltry de arttment as lre necessary to t e proteeted Ifrom the heJ p.arfjLars'tlherdtring tihe stmmr searsn. T'the Refrig rator is now considered an itdisprtsable article in tim eoonamyofevery good housewil'e. The qtantity of food it protects frtmn Ilh weather, will more tiaan pay the cost of the article every year. 'The sultsriber is constantly receiving from the man facturer, Refrigera.ara ofdifferent prices. The Sabachnter isap pointed Agant for the manufnre. turer, Mir A Patten. Specimens ol the Refrigerators nav he seen at tay store 53 Blienville st. • mny8W I t WICARNES. t O ,ECHANIC-'3'lr'h Inechdnie'n ctltulaoor, can. o rehendig principles, tules and tatles in the vatts departent s of matlhelnatios aod mechanicsr sej Ito MSillwrights, tEngieers, and Artisans in gne m, William Green, civil engineer, let American, Sromtoe 5th Glasgow edition. Received this day and fitr sllsa y ALEX. TO\VA R, nlt )8 49 Cnmp at To rail oa Snturday ih., inalst. FOR LIVERIPOOL. The fine A I ship SIDNEY, Capt Cowen, will positively sail as above and can aceot, Inodate 4 or 5 calin pnaset.gers. Apply on hoard poce aposi No 1134 Mmdcilttlitv.oal to SL I GALE, 90iSmIona w t o il on Saturday the I Ith olst. \FOR LIVERPOOL. TIhe 1 and very fast sailing, sew barqur FAN , Cape. Caell, rquireas 150 brls to fill ap, a eon Sandsomsely aceommodate 4 Far freight tr pse 6 5 a 9p t a a O AKWI-loll a N I1,5151no 2 Rusiaia ioah, Sin alsro ad fy r e GRAND REAL EROTA OTTERY OF. PRO Bituated in New Orlene, ". TO BE DRAWN ON THE let DCEEMBER, 1839 i IN J4CKSONVILLE, Fie. Under ithe auperintendene of the CmnmssitnMra rup- RI pointed by the Legslative Assembly of Florida. MCHMIDT !& HAMILTON, Managers. 100,000 ticket., at $15 schrse price. $1,500 000. 1 eeling pries $20 per ticket. egs SYLVESTER & Co., 156 Broadway, NEW YOR is ch .ole Agents. usual, shallt s I. The receipts of the sate of the tickets will bed posited In the Cor.al Union, Carrolton, Citizen's a Conaolncted Banke, in New Orleans, in the numef Louis Schmidt jointly with J. B. Pcrrault cell y Corhier ofthe Citizen's Bank, nmd A. Bnudonin o. tunally Cashier ofthe Consolidated Bank, no lru oe as prsctpassed ereoA. Monureiu, Esq. Not b enti e 3d Mry 1839, and the tproperties truanfered to N e core meontioned o tentlimon ssn nmrd, as Trustees, Ibr the security of the fortunate pril hel- 1l ders. In New York the monies will be deposited in the, Phoenin Bank to the credit of the above named b City, gp Banks of Now Orleans. The Public are referred t to the ets passed befase elgM A. Masnranu, Esq. Not. Pub. in relation to the pro- led,' erties which embrace the respective prises in this Pric Lottery. FI t 00 PRIZES, as follows: F: I Prize-That magnificent thtre storytr brk js building, known as the ASICADFt o in Magazine street. mesaurinn u nd E8d feet 5 inclm 4 lines on MIganies st. 146 feet 6 inches on Oraver street, Of and 10t feet 1I insoas on Naeheu at. This hnilding produces now a rent of37,000 persnnum, and being in tie most lourishing part of the rity, opposite three inks, and in tlhi iommT diate noiehborhood of the St. Charles and the City Hlotels. Ho Its rents will, inn very few vres h increased to fifty ttiiusnnd dolltrs per atnum. Estimated at $.7;0,000 I 1 Prise-Tthnt elegant four tarmy brick btuild. - ice oug known as the CITY HOTEL, re formerly Binhop'r Hontel, situated at the cetier of Camp and dCmman sto, 're meaeuring 16t feet on (lomnrmon me drl S and 146 feel 1t inches on Caemp at, ria no This huilding rents now for 2,5,000, 0on ts and being in the most 'ceontraml part Cr of tim city, can neortl7 he irifreared cres o to to thirty thousand dolltro 'per an. C num. Etimated at 500,000 S0Prize--'rhe three story lorin:k1!dwellung lonuse, No. 30 on Natclhe street, E adjoinilng the Arcade, nouted at 12 frem hundlred dollars. Estimsted nt $0,000 I Prize--The three atti britek dwelling L S Ilounse, No. 18, ajit i N No. 20, orl Natchez sorer, rent d at twelveto S IAundred dtoltlis. Estimated at $20,000 o i SI'rizen-The three &ory rick dwelling pun b , honue, No. tI acd oing No. 19, on Natchez st, rem. at twelve trnd- tiei S red dollars. Estimated at 20,000 11 L Prize-The dwelli unes No. 23 north. - s uit east corner tin and Customs - S ouse tr mtnesuring 40 feet Iu L/ front o B treet, 40 feet front on Franklin by 1t2 feet depth on ort. Custolo atreet; rented lit fi. of tern hbni doallne. Estiminted at $211000 ,n. ! Prizn--The d g iooie No 24 south oi/ wesl r of tarioi streot, mees. hist 7lachesIc on tItuin at, ly; fel cli -I Franklin istreet, its toy tI t1t oia cldepth on Cns. io- , street; rentel at ifiltAeo toy to I dollars. Estiomoted at $20,0)00 i| I Prize-- start' briyrk dwelling house N on Royal rtreet, between Th S e and Ilospiitl ttreets,mea-. S i feet 0 itcies on Royal at, 127 feet 14 incheti, idepth; reant. Iis at $1020 per annumn. to Estimlted at $15,000 at- Price 250 shares Canal Bank stock, at .. hre $100scuci, $25,000 da I Pri 2010 Caeres Commer.io Benk stock m f $100 eachl, , $0,00 cy i Pr -150 shares Meclhaicr ' end Tra is- ders' Bank tock, nt $100 ech, 15,000 u-0I 3 ze of 100 ihare each, Cty Bank, 30,000 e i 2 zer of 511 ". Excrnrage, 10,100 ce- izes of 25 (;ila Ligtht, 5,000 ni- rizea of 15 " SMechnnics' andi lie Tradere' 3,000 - oi- Prizes of 10 " I.ouisiana State, 20,400 S rtn. Prizeso tic ig, 2,000 its Pries of I t Ittiink of Orleno, 20,1100 nt 00 Prizes of I Union Bank of too, Florida, 15,000 c It shall be at tllhe option ourlt.ti ,iir..r of prizes of bank Srtock, ellthr to take tile allco, k i..o.l or tile par nlue thoreol in cash, lore MnODE ov ,"D t\\vIX;.. 100.000 lickeit, fromo Ito i1 11f'00,l, coil I,. lo in nse wd t mtl, ando i tf1 prilzs, witr, o h. ol, olrke, io u l iher; to' It every numbetr a pro ior1,or',L ook tll I oooru'. w unntil all t'.e ,rizera are determrinted, Ilaoro Ilhe bulaloee of uiii, TI Ierr in thie lheel-blola,.. en Iall ,0 Orders fuertle abefoo io e'oo r i ill h,, receireo at the curtofllce uooder the ,' ;,r. I'.*., V ii. CUkrler ond siR CooI o IIPo storeets, I tll, L . + I, Il '! , ,,arrs stret, New tlrleaas, sano prob,llo' f,,,o,r,,lo irler from tte drol eom try. po al p'itie, t tiO ql ,, o irolololo, Ces fiur Ihia lnln nea, her ofticke q lir·,+ . Iir, 1 ,, h ,-,· , t, net,.hoc )'T' :O .f\0 "l T'N, New Orlsois. and on IC? A pou,,,lt I Iooll 0I, lJded to take to Florida soth1 peoane,..i, n. . 0,+ , b.~lesirooi to wileness tIe del drawing. Jaektovi,.lh. I n AI.,'!, Iltl). m- ay I toy. OI l ". It; \V 111. Ii. --40 'i Hfi.rting hVirla, otey 111 v oitlrtoo lrlJ.o .iooIr in fraIes cOlripiete, for salel, J cOTT, ma, :--iF,! T'ivoli Circle m V_ 1., I' 0.\(; :--:'oo,001 in lnlts anid houndleo, for S imanyl 131 3'1,,F tc ol PI'ERMtl CANDI.ES--60I hoxes sper. l.oo.lloc, N mnay 13. Mtalzinoeo,1 en frUOiIAUCO-- 1 hosoos, 8 s, 12 s,3. . 0000.n0 cd p Ol), 1 lumnp sof vnrious brands cnl qoalilrb., for sole hy 1.. o may I . BUlI)tE& Co, 114 Slagoi.oi sti. S AT. OF I.OU'UIIANA-First Judicial Diar Jean Baptiate Colla vs. His Creditors. Thecession at tile ioslvant's property hvi' beern accepted by the Caul for b thr Ientlt of Idis creditors. It is ordered tllat a meeting cf him said ereditors do take place at the office of Victor Foulon, Esq. notary public, on Monday, the 13th of May, iastant, at 10 o'clock, A . for tilhe piurose of deliberatinlg oi the affairs of said insolvent ; al in the meantime ll judicial proceedings against his person and properly are stayed. Witness the lon. A. II. Buchanan, Judge of the Court aforesaid, tlhis lt Mav, 1839. may I P LEBLANC, Deputy Clerk. E TAT DIE IoA LOUISIANE--.our do Premir District jodicisire- Jean lBaptiste Colla vs sea Crbanciers La cession de an proprht16 de I'insolvable ayant 0th acceptbe par Ina our potr le bnf lie de sea crbas ciers-il est irdnnub qt'une rasemblement des dits crbanciers, aura lieu lladi le 13 Mai courant, A din du ratin, at bIreao do Victor Foulon, Esq. nolaire public, uoin do dflibirer our lee alfaires da dit nsolvable et pendant ca tiemp toos proecc jtdiciairescontre an pereonert nt proppitli sont suaspendlues. Tbnoin, I'honorable A. ,. Buehanan, Juge de la dito Conur, ce ler lai. 1839. P. LE BLANC, t2 3It Dlput6 Grefier. $5A REWARD. A BSCONDEDon thle morning of tile 28th April, a A. uegro mtn named Aleanidor, commonto, called Ellic, aged aboat 45 yoirs, rather forbidding when epo ken to. lie isbout,5 feet8 iaces in eigllt, stout built with somel,,at Ibicdy legs. IIe, took with hli a vatu ie ty ofclothing ald will most prblally frequently cliange his drenss. it is s lupp isl lie lnmoarked on the day bove mnentionlled, oil ,ard of'aite steamlboat boundla up. The above reward will ie paid for lin ifsecttred iltany gial in Ite western country, or twenty dollars if in Lo. Iu saiana or Missirssippi. PE'I'Elt LAIDLAW, Neow Orleans, may 2 OP The NaicierI Daily Courier, the Daily Miissourl Republicno, the Louisville Journal, and the Ciacitmatli Daily Whig will please pobliolt the ol'oe'%udertioe- I meet thlree im. andti sendtlniir bhlla lir paytent to tile -Ia'eilto True American at Now Orleats. TWENTY DOLLARS REWARID. Sthe gro boy JIM, aged habout I l years. lie is ofldender make, perfectly black. with large eyes, long villsage and rather thick protruding lip. iee speaks both thie English and FrenchI languogee, and rae a very intelligent look. It is prolbobl be willendeavor to leavte h city, as he was friquently observed dirig the day e left, fining lis trutl. which he carried with i ima. Captainaofveseele anid steam bosts are Ilereby forwarnednot to harbor or carry off said nlave, under tli oreverat penalty of the law. Tle above reward will be given for hin appretension, or such information as will lead It his recovery. WM REA, nmay2--lw corner of leavia & Circos at . iGS-4 his louding from streaier Vaidalia, lfor s ale by BIBRAHAM 'I'IER, may2 84 GOrnovier at P ITCIH-30 bills. in good order, for iale hy SHAI.L & BROWN, may2 3. Magazine w ISKEI-3ISWilarrlt in stor, forr sale lby a124 G DORSEY, 44 New Larvea F LOUR--I6 bria landing fromto teamnhoat Chlacel or and for sale by G IORSEY, a24 44 New Leveo IXHAV-1-0 bates Northeru, latndi n fom brig Alie HL opposite post No I, secoad L nnicipolitW, and for sale by SHALL & BROWN, L ArD & FI.OUR--50I kegs superior leafl'rd and 151 bbls flour, landiig thit day frmt steamer Per sian, for sale by 'STETStIN & AVERY, a24 88 Gravier st Cards, for satle by dotla or grn.ee by DAVID FELT & Co, N Y Stationere' Hall, april 3 24 Chartres at ROtIANS & BOO)'S-E26 caes, tprime kip boo. ga ls; entra sines, landing from shps John Dun lop an Oio, for sale by aia 22 'I BRIDGE & Ca, 134 Msminest. USSIA 8HEETINrJ,--5 baltee, landing frnt. .ltlp Jointt DlnOlap. for sale Itoy u2?I I BRIDGE &Co, 134:Itagaainee - 0 giI'C$ Wbalas 4.4 Lowell ejttonades, 1 al.ee 4.l twilled Lowell oattoa 3 tases buksokihl p ,J.(ding frim sdpl HI Loui, fitr sale by - y9 l • RIDUO & Co, 134K M..gil ,., ormostt nAl - R GEN retrnml hki.' begs lea, toa asne them that all dele i hi charge hall he punctuall ttMded b l a unal, keep the offuc open during tea l shall l. always ready to strikeoff-merit U. sine and address cards funral not assieted h rtist superior to any o h lt in .the c, andl from loon ex.eriesn-'h "lo he If Ioprilinean, lie fee eottdent of g|ivin' entire N t Apm hecaries and druggistn' labels excutes; in Sgood style an copperplate engraving, and at on. Ird of rlea expense. h Jyn4 PRINTED a ad the sabc.s Notie it eteal t manac , in Blak or Colored In .e Hame,. lead, White olake, or Plain m traces d CaAOri and Pricesvryreasonable a TRUB AMERICAN; OP FIlE, corner ofPoydras li.St.Charles astes. i been added to t Esltalihment. Orders reeeived Ea Comptinl Room 8O. Chari'/ unkace, 3rd door tint Oraerioert.,or at te Printing Office orte o/Poydrara & St. Chirldes etret. oI HAMIE ItIN -l0r bpoxe itO steore ,r sale by iJ a22 A TRIER,,34 G.wlrerat TATE tOF LOUISIANA.-Parish Court for the Parish and City of New Oloana.--Pres nt the Honorable Charles Maurain, Judge. " April 2t7h, 1g19. No. 11,774. M. Dulmw se. v, ls Cteditees. SI'e ceesion of proprty by the petitioner lut hereby aeccepted by the Eolt for ae benlmit of his eredc lore and it is ordered iale a meeting ofaid raitoeres be hld at thea ofPy fn Phi. Ihooeo, notary public, on 'I'unetday the 20th day of May next, then nnd.there to' deliberate on the aloirn of the ptitioner.- Ad in the neanlime all proeeeding naganlst his proplehy alid per son am +tayed. It is furiher rdered, thai Chu. M. j arwievl, Esq. he appointed to represent the above mdilor,.. I.I order' f CortI. Clerk's Offce, New Orleans, April 27 1839. o0 m 1 3trw ARMANI D PTOT, Clerk. E TAT iDE LA LOth AN A -Cour da Porainee J pour Ia peroir m et villa de a Nouvele Orlanti Present I'hunorale dharlee Muurnaln, Jui. No. 11,774 M. Duboee ve Cr4 ncaier. Le raeiona de ln pnroibt per le petii.Omr , .a aeeptCe par I Cour, peoiA le bbnfics de Ceet orhonoee e a it el ordoCnn quoune rNaeemblement de dill erntao. pnbli, mnardi n 20 Mal procheln,. d dlibrer ur Safiredu dt petitlnnaie i t pendant oE temp rhetee pbayrites contra lf ropris sers eu ndbera t) II eat plus dornn qlm Charles M. .Crawerdir, q. teit nltEL oi pour rph Aener lea, dit e6anler a a. Par ordre dthe Is (:or. lbureou du hre fft n NothvelleOrtnn , AvrilI7,1839. ml 3t ARMAND PI'Th , Cmnferkr. I uoF SUA r ----i 5r ni i. 4t;ie I toare ornerot" y . may I SrHALL . Ro l iROWN'IaIe MagaIla J e 0I .AND--An invoice of Auperor Branld, 1830. of 1820, for sale by SHALL & BKOWN, may I 96 Magazine ota a -OAP--'cb d btox p1ph pm' e Iltand, for tle by e 7tny1 SIIALer C IIOWN, 96 Mde gazaince t NEWq The Cabinet teinirter. by Mrs Gore, auihoess of the "bHungarian Talel," a E JOIINI L Co, may p edo ar St Chorlos h Common sit IM-E--1000 bbls Trhomaton Lime, Ianding and f,.. I' saleby S &.J I'P WAITFEY, nay I 73 Camp at B ACON-It5( hhds ofl Ciinionati cured sides and nlmonldero, frtsale by a23 4'TE.tSi)N & AVERY 83 Grsee at tOLOGNE WA'EI -500 dozeu genumne in Store lfr olo by A TRIER, a2 24 'Jravier at -ADiES STOCKINGS-IO0 dozen ladies stock. Ia ingn, in store for sile by IER .24 A TIER, 34 Gravsle at ITEEL. PENS-A superior assortment reaeited by S the lnto arrivals uonslstiog in part of FELT'S I'EN, oo Cards, Non. 1, 2. 3, 44 Double Patent Perryin, on oCrde.l Great Western 'en,oon do Compeasating do do enoigiht dio do Queens, for Posting, do Congress do do Webster do do Skinner Io do (Gilloltt d2. Irrel todies Pen in btxes, lsd on etrihl Windell do do assorted qualilies Thise in want of the above by the grace, eard or boa, can find tn nmost extensive ,ssnrtntent it Orlean at .24 DAVID FELT r4 'co, 14 Cartries at. SER SKINS--t bles blnding from atealt boat Ho Inlouer, for sale biy A TRIER, a9 34 Grvader at P)EAS--10 bags Englisil green ieu, landing frun I b roe tlnttsicleer, lor oile by ol2 SIIALL & IBROWN, 96 Mganine It NEW PUIILILCA''IONS. IS DO11 uad Genius of Smhakpeare, by Reverend "i l1ott'ms Idrido Conversatiottl i Nature oid Art, with cutsll Sterling and Porrtddoek, or ite High Minded,by tih author of" Tremine,," etc The Spirit of the East, r I Urquhrt, .Es. elviro, thie Nabob's Wiflty Mlrs Monkian Sir Walter Scott's Works, with a Biography, by J G Ioekhart, TeiWnplete in 8 vole. JaUk StY.Ail 1rd. I-to lllll , a b-oennol yW Helr 1'-·", \t,].,ut,, aiwhh ntie teroUI |lluatretiena I\ -,,,l, i . I ootl, l, b rII F. .JOHN- & Co, np 17 . o. r it t'lirnel anl Conlmon eta r.7 O OiiiSlt. &1 ilIti: WN, 96M Oagaisle so I tME-t 0 boal ltitor. ia storend for bey J l22 I' LAII LAW,I 6 CaBpdat LLUSTIATED edilion of James on the Pasplts, It Eplrendid rottrs. . Envi Memnoirs of Charles Mathews, Commedian, by Ms. Mlthewr, in '2 vol. just received and for sale by ttor 21 ALEX "rOWAI, 49Camp at SUNNY BAGS-I00 bales 20 buhoseLgunny beg, v it store and forsre by all J THAYER & so, 7lPoydr mstreet O---NEW ITgIWELERY. . /M . BELL, 16 Cbortres treet, h this . roeiv S ed per ship Saratoga, 50 doen. enamelled BeaUst tino, which will be offeredto the trade ortd ine cheaip. erthan ever beforeoffered int thia city. Aiom 0 dosm htased Rings, of all patts, together with a great va riety of cheap Gilt Work, consisting of Broahels Ring. Ear Ornaments, I.ocketts, Chains, . Thoines m wearnt will do well to examine thia grent tsrortment. P. S. Old Gold and lilver wanted. apI 15 'rTACII and ALCOHOL-Colgate' laltarh, 30 Sboxes; Bach'a Alohol,30 boxes, for tby -oh JARVIS & ANDRWIB, apl 16 corner Common and Tcnpitoulas eta O dATS-2M O buhtls landig In aStemera n Homer 0 for sale by ABllAHAI TRIER( a9 b4 Ghr vierL.r " N ICHOLAS NICKLE.BY--Non. 7, 8 and 9: aI the first sin nos in ote part: with a- variety o[ very interesting books,Just received-for ale by ut17 A TOWAR, 49 Canp st CRLEANS' i.ITItOGRAPItU PKtINTINt (IF. VV FLCE, 53 Mogzineitetreet, opposite int:ka' Ar. W GREENE takes pInaeure in announcing to his Irielnda santi Ithe citizen of New Orients1 that ho ha at legtlh brought Littograph) ot a par i tth copper plato printing, ond from thie ocilities tie art ihas over copper p!ant engvln, i.he ean eearcte all orere esntruatd to lim.,at one hIalfthte xpnsem of englaring and nearly an cheop as type printitg. - . . Mtechante wa ,toge .Uirrutnrs retrt out in their own ihand writing, een Iave nny qutntitv at a few Mtuu totieei or they will be exnecuted for theorn in a twaulihml style, such ao Ias heretoftre given general satisfaction tmall the tost rsplmetnble cottisnton hounses in this city. Geutlemenm desiroua of having Vioitilg or Buli. tess Cards filnisLhed ill the best lttnnOr, will tio well by ealling at liet oIfficr nd see speimen. . Feb.1 18:19 r i N B--Bank notes neatly rexecuteld.nd ailrlars, printed at one hour'~ notice. B ACON, I.At I)and PURK--1t0 hhda Ciuoinmad cured Sides and Shoulders 2000 kegs first qnality Lard ' 00 brls MeN Pork. for sale b apl 5 STETSON & AVgitY, i Uravlerat _IAVANA SiUGAR-37 boxes Havana whitelularl i 40 do do brow, do landing for vale b m29 S& J P \VWHITNEY, 7.. atmp at SPI.ENDID LONDON BOOKS. l1ith Saperb BSteel'reatsu.gr - IILTON'S Paradism Losl, illuseitted by John Views of tbe HimalayaMountaitt, in India. Seleol illusoruto d Topography of London. Miniature clansi librar y, iht 3 vole. Eomance of nllature-Flor'a Gem. rIh book of Rvoltt.--Les datne de Byron Atldrew's lersnn in flower psinting. Byron Gallery-Tlm Diadem by Miea S.wria.1 Cyelopaedi of popular aongs T'he book of T'randes or crle ol usefuln atn. tad a variety of splendid annuils, albumts and weoku o1 art and literature. E JOHNS8 4 Co. m 2 cnor St Cimnrelsad Conmm.n O -a ateoamnboat PtTrian, flr els. by a22 o. DORSEY, d4Ne1wLaee piRLNTEI'S INK-Just resehd ftoR bownqat Chtntilcer a large invoioeofJo0n0 asl Du. rnlmt'a news, book, and job ink, and or oile h -, a22 A 'I'OWA R.4Camp t lYSIN*-4LU boxes in sore, forale bn :" Ri april2 ABRAHAM KRIErl. ,"fsvlr. OAP-Bsatin No I,--.00 boon o frm td)i o UL 0V1'IEK .m LARD-,.il0 kea kelg & Ohdoaupe tileor Western butter -ftt obh ray - d . oOltg Y, 44 New Mna AON 01 t-f caalks i .t I

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