14 Mayıs 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2

14 Mayıs 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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SA" .otBALTIIORE LINE Of Itconsist of tie following vemoels, 1n" built or purchaled olprcssly fot SLeman, Capt. Miner, '4º , " Niekcrson, * IrsifFerry, now NeSeroven Solomon Hltte., Latham, riglArchtec Gry. 6 Moelf reM ofthe frat claes, ihavo hand. 0 itnilnad' eco'mmodationa, and are of a light Cwater, so as to ednit oftheir receiving and re.g their Cargos in Balltmole at the city. wille taken for ports n the Chespeke o1'; ee River, and lKrwtded by the agents, dIooea. CLAIRKE &KELLi)GG at Baltimore; Y no.saon goeal. silpped will bo advan^.ed when S. The price of pasage is fixed at *0l, O dome of the b st qnality will be provided. Lteani up and down the Mississippi will be thken 00 o l Oeeeoiono, • Forroight or poanugo, apply to l GEO. BEDFORD, `L'e i22 Bonvile et x I e viile at. b A OR NKW YORKt eboiuimaen and Now York Line of Packetso -lT0 Ships composing this line will seil rtom 'day.-=eommencingon the 20th November--and to 4 _. .on -v- to w C optain P eamer, to leave on the uip te puntuality in Eldridhe time oleave ailing, the line will hereafter consist of five ships, vie: Skhip Yo.n Captain Woodra ousk, to leav leav o e onth N November. Ship aLo pivdle, Captain Paviser, to leave on the 4th Dcombier. Ship Huntsvlle, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the S-18th December. o lth of J Cinuaryp The above e are all new, of the first class, copper de oa copper fastened, and upwards of 500 tons Iurlhon, ore of light drauglt of water beingl built in- NewYorkt expressly fitr the trade. Tihe price of pessage is fixed at 100 dollars: their eabine are fitted up in the most improved and coovenieilt plan, and finished in a neat and elegant stylu - Anmple stores of the first quality wll be provided, and every regard paid to thi cndfort and entire: atisfotion o r passengers, whio will please take teo. tioe that no bcrtho co be secured uetil paid Ir at the ofee of the tonsignecs. I Those vessels are eommainded by cEpldins well 'lperisened in the trade, vho will give every at -ention and asert tbelaelnes to acorn ordt, Tr.e roI will at all times be towed up and downi the Missis- I -ippi by steotambote, and thle strictest pu ctualiy -bserved in thie time of sailitg. The owners of those sdliian will not be responsi. blo for any letuer, parcel or ipackaeo, sent ly or put on board of the, une rul bill orlain e signed tlleor, at the ountning house of' the agent or Owners. For furiar parliecular apply to nov7 J A D EIN &d A COIIEN, 90 C.lmon .tt9 AECV OIL N UCllAtlt.ES'lU'OSP.\C xEb'iS 'h e'onsie stifl hr e tei scl iIll fI the first clear, e lererr d and opi r r fast. reed, and of nl,:t 200 otls bluriail , willt hlile"',e accommodatiions ,r pl ip.csn.'ers a, 'Th,.e ve ssels;.re iemlstidd Ih, ca ices , el experiunced ia ite trdlle Who woil ri.' eri.ry atI oedltie, e and vsirt litrsrl vpsr to e col,i , it!,ul IlII .Misllsil pi, and leae New Ore ians e" or before the l0.ti and 16tih of every monti. 'Tle .efllaiici-0 veasels comipune ie line, viz : Brig Arahinn,Clicrlrs G r.lo, mastrr. Brig C ;anpman,J. Ii. "iiioiien, iaster. ]lrii Altiena, J. Done, mlhetr. Barik Riger W iliams, J. Allihers, mesaer. FIlr Irdght or pcacse, iapply It J. A. A AItIALI l - Ci,, 61 C.ntnon St . N.w Oieansc, or 51. G 141,,rderni. C Elsl. ,n, Ot l i L OMBARDlCass Boaton and Now Orleans has been epreaosly guilt to run betlcen the abvevi ports, and wil be foInund of nuit.le draft of wateri accommodationsa for passengers, and every effort will be made to give general satisr'kction, 'lhin linhe is oomposed oftlho fo'lowing ships: Cherokee, 415 tons Capt. J Harding, Carolina, 400 do S Lenist, Chsaleeton, 374 do D Eldridge, Columbiaona, 65 do G Barker, eam.ni, 240 do J Itowre, Bombay, 625 do D lumplhrey. The above ships are all new, of the tit , lass, coppor fastened and aoppercd, commanded by meni of-reat experience, have largo uciurnmodlatiion, ith a seplarate ladles cabii; every attention will be f to patsengore and the very tost of stores pro The, packets will be towed up and down the Mis sissipp, and the strictest punetualiy observed in the timeof sailing, and should the regulir vessels he detained in arriving, otlor ships equally aos good will in all cases be substitutedi. A share of patro-l age is solicited, ano the agents pledge tbemselves to I -esemmoalats us much as practicable, to receive and'fborwlrd goods by said line at thie muoat ieodver. ate chllarge, aud to advance all expensesC on goods shipped, if' required. The shipswvill leave the lot and 16t1 of every monlh. Fur freight or pasnage, apply to the agents. J A MFRInITT, 82 CaiinOi nt. N. B. Advancements mi:de on consignuiolts to Maetrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov27 i.--- .-. - --.. . ..-.. . . HE Genuine Indiun Blulolo ivrnii fiio , eF.c Llnua, is put op in boiels, at ih low price of 51) €ents cool, eurail.ug the tlrenglh of thre ounces tlI' Liverwort, heal lIe t ihenirturs il imany otIIer ro, tand berba known among lhe ndiuinsa as enfcaionts in curing pulmonary connmplaints. The u irlhalled sucess whilch hoas nattendlceld Ithle e of clls iiestmaobl IBaulann wliereer it his beel i.lo dlnced, has otlined the eonnfidnce and rseomtloend tihns of .I'paetale lphyaiciuns, fur the cure of coughos, eolds, pain in tie aide, want of rest, spitting of blood, liar cnmmplaint, &ec. To w"ti'M ii toay concern. Tills is to certify tint we hbveon iourprlence frepiheotis Ipreseribedl ra Gardl er'a Iandian Balsam of l.tverwnrt a d IloarhondI, en i th a dcidcilgdod effeRct: .e can therefore, finm tio know. Ide of lthe nnateriala it is made fiom. nld cbiervt.,ui an axlperielce, recoummenll it n a sueieroe. prepmarioa oral those oflettions of the lungs fir which It it r uuuooulod. A.lBl:l. I' IWII.LI 4815, M. D. - CALYINEI.I.IS At. ). Meltabee of ds IiBoston Medical Assuociation. Boston,. October 25. saleby JARVIS & ANI)REWS, NI 9 t=1N I o uaili oitt' l,. eta ii lY'rt l t hl+.tLioanti,.u,ii OOeieoiutlu,, , eal,' by HEIt.lIO( ESE, B.I. VN & CO. oy S Na 9C iCti ta. .U Ilionode,hibjtr atid uweet liqujorie root, Sloae juiceese n e o eo &gnmull, es-once o (Colon joie-. krmpll ad canary eed, nl n, ae, eand maIll, canli aridre broololan orlla flan'l nater &e, fr wholels. e tonlld reaoil in "tor of It BONNAEI.:I, io9 enr Ntethez & "'cbhoopit alU s st YDIDRA UIIIC CEAI E-N ----bls land ,-- fr,,"''-hip G . J Cabot, and for sale by ( 3 S & J P WIIIT'I'NEY may 3 731 Colmp st S IMMONS IIARTT & CO, ae now receivinglro:t o board shinp Orleanns. Eangle, Ilihlanier, I'oker •/try Andrew French andnGermion IIo)y ,Iirl.. IiBck. gmnon lBoarda; Clheosmen, 2 1-4 ondl 23-8 inh hil aedFalls; 8,910 nod td iinchtllilte Bowie Kloyono. Leather antl otlaer troavlling Iro'aeijo Coee; etltI, ocket, Hor-eman',, and uro line Pidiool doln fand -ingle barrelled Go.al; (t;ae B.,"i. Sh,,t Ilclt+- I'Powder andPistol Flasks. I)Dam Bnt. , ldrinkhng <"ales" Pertwaion Cpa nl Ctp Hohhr,; Cloth, ljio, Tool:h and Nail Llltrah, Orrins e tl Cl itotile 'it,18, \Wash: Toooth bpwtlert'nici anlli Snaving sops,. in great va.i. ei.. long ltair Braid, llin, etilo n id Ftizeltri a; r. and Pullet Pi,wtod, Poery Ielig.; Irlorv- Tub Cu.,lio'-, Patent Sliles er Gartero; (lIIlt Eali ti Io;oIIoIP '-; Powder Puiffa and laoxua; Gilt clhait., deleo andl Kiw-; Ear-dropsl; Waist Buckloes; ItBereleta; iBead Necklae :, aid Chaine; Gilt and Silverel Bc't IIo do n tod , i Bllls and Plumesi Shell Inlet; Side 'nd lireioin. amnb.,,wbiclh, in rdition in theirformer stock oil hnd.I bakes their asasolrtldnt very cooplel utl dwill to nll ow and an libertl terms, at tha sign of thle Gllolln Cob. i2.f 70 Cilnartres street. oifs- iNFFI-- sts--S Iba .:, .uu,,,+ ,,,,, slipJobi lnhintal. b r ale hIn ati I BRIDGiE & o, I:Cu 81claszio, .t (.-- bntes 4I .4u~ lsllwrl] ;.tll d i rs ale- 1 twilled L.nu-ll cturio. 3 cases bhuckskin ottupn, luoniing from stair St Iiouia, fir arle bv my9D I BRII)Gl ., 13t3 Mgnoziire et IRON ROOFST'l't sanc; N era hnve p'o-ite, it 0 glren apniee, 'he righi ol. n'its ot ir ronfs in Ihis o;y. ''La oore adopted to upl.lt: builJ Is, warrehou e, aneil private do rlisoit atnrl eunml;ina , cg olicroposns nad durbhdiliy, and are-:pii.,o, ire and water pronof. l'rns mai La know,, and a imodel seen na ,ur erte.blisahmelt, I oppsitrei,. Mary'a mnrioor, Tohnpitnionea t. Onet ER rf'ttt itittpttfof J-,ALi -lto rollO.lm-ni ! iVo l mii inioity i.n !LrJd a large sopplyl if Caoru l and Liverpnool col, in bulk., of suprrior, quioty, whirhb they oLfr Iot isle in toa In onit Prohauears. Ales expeoted by the.fislt arrivals from Eu2 -lj.n and the J.urlh, CUamtil, Lehigh and Penrl, - ~ann inUoal, brnken and screneId, put noiijt, l-. besalndaprreeh. for family us,--all of wlt:es Ikblwtll dispiosen, on it . moii no'i ats e termor. O es left at thir olfice, No. 53 Binuvila si. - penirn, will be proniptly attenul'l In. +,al B. & A sonll P. ý .. :_, U --m't ity, ,tae. r - w nl, "1lll.l. &+ Re+OWN, 96i Iter~s;n, - S._,to ou i, nu,,+ mt,€. lr. . itu l r oo o04-6 ollrw N lw'U am25 balen Is Junka.o b1 4.4 lhruIwn nhtiiiSotSiodig. onl salip Churlntltoe for ale i,v af! I BRIItGE & Co, +%-' €.lklaflg fi,m s5i1p f,'hnrlewn, f srl e by 1 B--I DG~ltE h Cu,y T---- o---re I-- EW WOOD-immons Hartt & co are now 're I _deiving from on beard ship, Yazoo, aml M"Saratog. nadbrlg Coaeordia, from New York a great variety ol gtds in their line, which together with their Ibrme| stock on htnd, Ilakes their assort cot very: Ilete. The following compose a oprt,ciz: t ell twitt, r.,r:, :tinr, tuck anddressitgcotb.o, beor do of'll doecriptionr, Ito- gSIl dia ribber, silk nod worsted elastic aerter, eolnlo &| line elastic solspedero, loco flo anod L.eifer nmatches, Seidlitz epowder, powdep ri.fs and llxs, toilet wder, pocket Biooks alt wallets, needle Ibr oks, slhell, pearl, ieorv odtl Ioroceo cord rc.es BerlRe o lldllellt, tlino ral rbealsnoeklaes aiona. egligees betd chiunstbead :iaeekltce, colt glaroand plaiiced, ilv er al caill bendsI Indialo eds,, bell andl llullree pistol anId Inrae pow ler flosks, alot bellt, oir belt, I I. 1oekt and duerling istols; double and silngle barrelled guns, Bowie kniv, I andt dirks. eisolos, staiier, pocket knives, gt lrd calhln, ani ribboitas, wist bukles, cloth, lir, tooil, nai'.eoii, erauik. shoe, plate, floor and duoting Ilrnlrh, Cologne, Florilda, larvenlcr, rose ,and hbay woa r,nsorlnd eelees, lt and exltrct, ccoaesar hr , beotr aniq lle Atlli o rl'o va getable hair oils, nhelving lud toilet oarlps o anil lea criptioons, ladire' and geitleaios' desks and driesinig coles, hair rieolets,frizoaieo sod liraild, plainn. fic aoid musitcal work boxa, ploin a dl ilt, hfigrea, cdtri .r I 'l irvest h.tnno pearl al ilirylhirl do, D. irt e ,itddr,ghti1 gl and silver peneail eases toothlp IIen ll tweezrslt I rod gelt Ircket, o-iilr ne do, silver, Il'c nul stri el tiaiolrled, hanoks ald cee, hair lcpia, irlri frionf iilllk and recdink,ele bhlaiag, violalr nrod goitrs, ribld slid plail percussion eph , io n ill ne,rerCtiLedrI-. I 1 tens,gohl d ule iloe ace anod fringe, ldt.ir paper, game bagaridiag w'rips, w:alking ,aines,pldiin lacdr, fiha a golrd, plated and gilt jirowelilr L. Tie above, togetller with r great variety n other a ri leo are offered at watoledale r retail ioa atcummudatig-i tern s. N It Shell crmbs repairto d U O'i. tt O I nAY, ltouseo s, Sigritl t)atlnrira n U faiotelelns, No3Uartodllo irit, two doors fiom (anal street. O mittions of thce following woods irod .oriBleo, x A ecuted il a nmasler!) nrlane, ioot ndl ietat. C Il Mlhogary, Ey ptirli andk anti gold, i C Oak, Gall ai d ral Antco, I ollrl do, Or . . tad rdirue, Curled doale, l1r ale c Ir Eye So, in ar dnil to ,.e, . SflairV Woord, Dilotve moy lO Yew TIree. I toliau, • t(:orormarodle or lhtak .inndan...l e Rlose nood. j.Amt Or'.ui AhA l, Wl ,i te O ak ;'r g " ,.io - 1 8 - s CJalled Fim, r S ST l.'cins to t h sho. lii s. rni, oil glass,ollal (ro,, &,a . ti ,d fo. e ,.. It ON, 'TI,,'l.& III;.\'Y f;O01)S--Ilat, sn:r. i- loop, sl'oll and rodl i. lnalil rode tllfd plogh tl r i:st, (erman , sle:ll blisl-.Fd, Spri,,,;I seet nd ' Crtrowlt) rrelg holhrw lialrir'0 ii,, cl tri ll wrottlr tnliltnoir d spriPr Ciicr, blIIk tilr milld, 1' aglrid slwaugs sal kettle I a IIi Ca li rlul, llitgIIO Ipis, t i- r Ox, I<, ',+ I rtre t haull, con, mills SAarvilsirieiis, Ilitio.irr hulrlr Ii Y Ccol, and e,,k'ing shncs AICollls, trontiiit, Sti.ll ririrIrIr dIRrac qirIi lis r::' , d .\idIariih I i clrge, lins :rird tr .ilie i 'i ute, lin.;.cd :1 pn ic,, r. oil i al . t..u i.. i.. a nd wli hi c , ar . r I r ,atllc ioif.hoe Iti tsole or rail, onr the i l Sl t l ale tF rin, by SNEM ar,'ti cle fir te iiirsons iriuihi' o it Illt i .''InecII A ,-aill e ted l in' r lrlnnl~ t,) lb s lpllat hena r1 .,ivrd, hby. the n , ,,f" . nl'e u h , i lcl,-I' h .rlh re irilll ti ou 'b h,' -I-' hi I i e t.i tier r i r. Aciiiir lie Wlt Las evdr 'I Oio Ti covr ith v'l drni tp .-on, nlslthe 'l:i- ta,i lje ,, the i I errn y iiierll icirl,.i nriirr 11" 1 h irml ,rl ltlht iri - unitar tlrmpet rhir obje,'tir it enlirely rhrinted. rhe ml'a' e*.oticNl h ive atac i n t. and.. lhrir t. nlttq a Inar .t, J; 1,' lte t HIOUSE AND SIGN FAINTZR No. IS (: u1opol··lI Wao: oool 10illl,03, 3.,l I'oi00o, l((; I)), Sod'So. 1 3 FASIIIONAJSLp: C LoT'I'III(. 0)330,i 7 3~ 00)1 303' cl13 llll! · 101 TIlE TClC i .3,,., EO I:'lil( I ollilll. 033! I 0') ltlll~l 33 ll(i 3 03003333 313311',, I)) 00030333i~ 111 .,33, ,)'11.,ooO(I~l odo.,,oI1I /*o p 3l~ '0 0) 43 I)a ))0l~i~i l '''''''00 . 30W30 I·i·'300·I·1 33 fl 3,,,: ,oonl ~ o 38),, ln ~ '33,3TllL jIII1III ,,t 3).i~ li;tlri 15.ooIj~lR· $1 ;?l I lIl i tiei' 0~i~t,Zuhd 13111 IIl oIIII llllllj HI FEllil IA, (1 I D .. 31300 WINII.I U1A0, ".3,... fl.lll~l rIII -~lJilE.ll l 0 ·,) I· 1$,) lox.',', o"'o'o. .o '30.130~ ))0,3 ii l ~ ..J','ro)~ 3SF1 13,1 2 lo IN TUo IltiND IV.VL03V I NOIE cIir iill:L & Co.,I· .io 'ood 3. Jo, In nt · ,li l I (II iit lli 11ov00 'opy' Icrv a p elte fl)3'03'03)3,$i33'3',33)33'I', ,)roo),P C ·I tto)3.,31y · II~ cc < opoRoB lb k.3Jo 0~N,,.) '') I~BDI~IES PBIdo )) Ur'~S'?'I~~'.Y~U IC%'003" I 100,0IS (,olle o ),olno3'00.53 0)))) ''0l~u,0033,l flt~i to,) 3, op' 3,. otoo, , 1)0' 'o.ho 3, "lt b a )), ,o, ) I'[ .o,'jo 3,,,V1.. i oolatg p~l ~-·~oo.r~lltd11· rul Ih anoyoiloloodoo in~,c~rllhi,,dyootl ,.onoo'oo,·I.)I,' Klllr~... Fwyrtooo to.lo1o1,oI,,.3, ,,) ',,',3,,,,l~liC i lanel F nfbul,,non, t3oyto) olot a 1 cl.,r~oslto l~lsof vlyd'L(l~l)elhl~ln;s~;~ Hoi LItOWGAII1 llL11SI·:rIFJ301.L1 1:1' TI IrEVl ~,'t:u1310'')·rl Joujlv 1's p'jIIoflj yj II'1CI 0l)LE.I2,S.Ilp(li 'l'llog~ ~ ~ ~~'''' ''00 po)o JonllilslTclldn o' 30udrt'a'igI'lo.'oo,~l, "33lltY ),o 3,00,3~i 30 '' aoo o oolrr ll·.'go.', Ito', too Co~ ~ 3, !·' III" taa'no$o,oll oior $ to ta.~ ·ll o ti,'e t 13,,oo ,,)~l 1111[(· llll LSJ'30~l, .'54C,odr: ooilS":lyI !Iota·niad andll 3,,.v P),),p toiill,''3r 0) , hi ,~ t,3)3 ll Iul t 00'300in 009a.ot.., '3),oo1 o' ,')l U ~i·.i( ofe Newklrl~r l Vo',I~ .oo u~s~·.. too.~ l lrl~ on' I Su-il Sci.Ah(11,loning fra' otop Ohiol sr~~, obd J:.:;d , ml. bey IIu~r l 111)1013 &, (¾ BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. OF EaVERY Dtl'RII'TtON. SPEEDII.Y, IAND.(oIILY AND CHIIEPLY EXECITED AT THE OFPICE OP THE Tresue nmlerlecan, 'L. CIIARtLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. A CARD. E & SINNOTT, fll7olesale Grocers and Contmmisslon :erhants, No. 27 Coun,,on Street.Ne t Orlans. . Pl'nrtiecnl, altentic n paid to th n tlitng up of Stneam bt aanud Ship stores. no", HSAMUl'IL TORY, .lterchand.ine Broker 4" Conmnission Merchant, ,113 i li'c, it,. 4$ anp t.-F"or the present. . . . FRYEEMAN & CO., IPholesaIe ElotlinKg Eat&bliahwmctI TZ .VI ccnstinlll . ll handu a Inre': stipply of Cloth . in_, calmlutdl I ber Ih colllntrv trlde. Tll ir ns. so llalent It ing hlure n'rc'tu s ftroinl the .ountry can I he SlpI iedl at thile ebort t noti:e. BA ZAAR. BRUSH di ALLEN, No. 1, EXCIIANGF. IIOTEL, t'orner of St. Cktrlcs nard Colaltn si,. NE£W OlRIEANS. 1PO'RTERS and D)ealcrs in IFrench and Eigli-h Cutllov, Ih iry, Glve S ir, t U brl Can:e, and lFannv.\rticle,. 15 I IENTU'l; , Illi oni, na Indiula Ilnk aot.a, Iincts.,Fi by A 'tItEFR, an,'v : 74 ;r;uvier at "- - JIF.\1,!I.It , r , V hltti.nIF:,S i . . . . - n ll. tans.,i ,ttl et of W'larn ellr, tJewel v, to m.<.1 ln..e,, , \vre,., they , t l l, et i, Y.r. LE L H RAP IN .,ME.IHVCAN & RXNTiAISl1 CROWN GLASS, No. :3 Ma azne Stlt , .ll r i t:rT, _ I FASHIONABLE CLOTHING 'I'AYLII)T & HAlTl)EN, NIo. I 14 n I a inrl an*nlree l lMA\VI: n1vnlll~lmlllllly t f' ever.y R llC Io Ir'ltllaliný to ntlt iI's ti .l t lathe ~ ates t st) le, atl Nw ant t ODE OLENS 1-'L'1HOIGRAPHIC PRINTING IJ.'T n LISi AMiEN I, No. 53, Magazine Street, t ýl,,i te In'nlk n' ,kr t al,. ItIl). nd tJt jlaVIC, It iJ'nIrIeT'OR A ')''NOTE ENGRAVING AWtDON WIIG!T HATCH & EDSON . :,l ! t \ ,l u t an' a l it litll tIl eri Il'i S n in O.. hlll It. Ill,, in illn tntmrno iI hilt It (hninin a hin N ilt l, I t , , I , , . i lo<,ll : rl i.. f1 ti'' I p , h ( lill L' -PIh plo .ilr _,i 'L il ell Il.- i It.I n .l liln r, uiill h. :'C of liee Inutiii lot, lib wli-t I.t l,:r i ,u 1' I ! lulte+ hlvo ii ll i)iu tunl.b ri.. I orl e. d Ill !h ,'h r-., r u El,,'i then t llrln, mbr"..tl Iht, r l" c t lin , I l lllihanit'l,, iml!, inlln itntnli ltl= u d ilolder. twill he t'Xlrl'lltt'+l W htl ;ll'I, ptllllell , till I ,illt th," ulatll :rent,, O 1te :: ·urnur i' I &tl (')& CU l· CII..\M5IPLI N & COOP'EGl :Iit) CI:Iti kNI t In: k1 l:F S IN h tltlllllJ'IN n.nI 7 2t Itlli .ll it nA. ,', NeW t)rlCun.' Si in n'hi aln fei ly storE l int III. al+r 5 . I ) h 'I ,N .A No. 53, ii tanvilh. ' str-et. 1 f~u, - n i fri.:lNl,, nn'thc nntn ie Io h' ii "aonl ýnflh , I od-Icn~ ooi ticn' n or!, l n mlnnn ci , tl, 'i ii ) d Ni t.[ a n.ni" ...... .. . l i t'i. ll+t11 °1tl wit h l real IHLSURAENt' E COMIPANIY 01[ +NC\\ ORLEl.\1.\ . lint C omtn v 1 tn t an prIia rle d n tn take is RESKS AGAINST FnR.. Na l a1 -u-on'e huitling, lrnCanal ohrt. I I," I lAY, ".. 11 11 1)E:V .RI{ .I'X " 1 C :1 1 C li Ti el nn iltltt lilla I .. ...UM'ITON - A.IINALL' - OlM IO UN TONlIC Mll XTUlII.-A speedy i nhd I:eltiia culro for the Foever and Agut, renttLnat and inerneni'nctt tfvern; proiearnd from he oerig na l recipe. Ur:d witll sntnetll alnld ui versnl ?ennenes nt b132, by perstnrs of the highest reslnnectablht it this city, eas tatud itt the .allexed tcerti: cat es. l'his nIl dicilne is highly reonmended, and haes beon -xtLen-ively ttsnd ill tle above discasns wilh l i su:ll distinguiltlhd slceess, tiat te Iproerietoar el' tile recipe has bIntl ildlicedl o otn r it to the pub- I In Its preeint ftrne in the hti e lt tbinat itmay be A the Illeani ll reIeving Illany ol theose who are sutlring undlur the scourge oa oll tsountry. It is i IldliCie pn.aesahrig glreat viltuer, and when us acconldingt to lte directions has never lCil,.d of ot:ctting a ettre, even ill llho etiot t oStinalite stagy af the i orueie ItirltrCt ttnel diisarennble, arnl prcans of the weaken t i tomach, andl chlildren ml ray toake It with hin patlity. it Stretglhlens lsto digestine norgine, enat:sa all eCtlltlte, and sehld)m req uires llore than or, lr i ni obstinate cas, two bottlesl I to erft-L a cere. There is oleither Itereury nor arsenic in tChe ntldi.iet, tor en-y thiag ijtttionus Io the lr lh ttman cnestitllti n. 'Tihe proprittors are sl well convinced of itsefltiaecy, thst they agree to refilnd thie lrtce of vcry bottll which has beens taklan i:t anterdstice~ wnith the directions and hIas not clt.eted a it eurflcit cure of the Cever & ague. A. OLIVR11, ole lagellt tar N.ne Orloans, at his wholesle alsd retaiil dni.ri anlld In ien n store, curner or IienvlC uaandi Cit trrlraa sluat. For )isn'ient Agencis a lp!y to je5 . . IV. LV I(1iil.48 (:anti at. P%, 4,SA4 , MANSION lOUSI: N'F5 tITY, PENseNACOiA. tNiln ntll, i it 1Its s- ll htit, t tII es*lt w ill be | tts-t len itt . io nIlOrl liltlland t.,,.t Ilally ven wi llt '.viii be founl d nll llltra in llltinC llr bh t wnt i ll l ar sn.e Crm l I1 th IllnIe )rC i I t n Inn S nt- ss U InCs +)ill rll· lh 'e~ l lu trllt. lllnls wilh lelllb I suse use to l lledll. Cr'n Ctttnlt. C O n it CC C tttripi As nisire. ICnin ftnlt wl1nrs n - rtiln C h nlasntt. e . il al t a torl ne of ethe 1111 1)ll 1·tiil ?llllI 1 :IO' 15 tl. i~lh 14bl. i ll,. Io e nl ell .llll;r for lt,' l~e elVi~lh l+. u llillard, a ~lldehliiII wile are .. i ·'1- ·ll ·I'+ h 1ll I:.l;ll ,r . )1 n llr . + ll.lrl ,+hl~ l e +ullrn s d C'h ttrte tent I ost e i ert nre witt sta.ntit r In Clll f - s11 ' ollht tltl- ) to u t nlrtine ll n I il o I rIl i I;11~e Tlll+ lilt: he. t qll C -inl>' filial io· .llnstn nl tlli qtatll I ll i,*+)I ell.O lt+' td heuothr d, whileh e o th~ e tint i - il r tC I h l " +.] I"I'+ 1· I\ 'I i: I¢. I Ittl llr~ l, ~ ll| r4lll;.l :1II k IIJl·I S (I I |) tllPll it ell' .I-en-itt Ce1n , nrnnnltth itrl r stnllll ; Ih PIIin Itttnlnllnt )l 11 [)t. ,Ft),.(i ,' +.d4',l~ll I+i(thI~i. , h l\i(· ()-oll·1.t~li e+P1?lll'l, t, .a l ll, ItrCi " LII I r I I t nh tsti inttit l -e • Cen r ii -,t-r , In , , t , t it l e , ti t , C o t . Ce r' i. ' u.l . , tPi r.. i to en nC - rtsmin r tCwllei T + ir ,lt, et t t tni lll, -C trti CliPt i l, arN.,n T lt. '++I' II i ,i ~ . Cit 1 ttt ttI tt-1c1 hr. : tt l eVll i s ~ith Sibi~~· inole ll~l; 8T Tyl'orlt, P rea, Eq, inlNI·. i 1ilw,,r I , +, Chal ies .l'lch, nlged .) l . ht Gu tul d. tla)lc t, . 5lll, C t in i tilttl ttl c . F'.ol:II)L ROUlTE FOrcl N[il YolRK. IIi _'nt li~lt LIlii]+I4V r t r lllt. li+') lll 111, .l t Ir ell s't'l't~llnl I fly Irlt;l; 1,1111+, !),+1 lllt\ ()i"l 11,I·." (I),i. ll tfdt 111o lli.lhurl+ 17 Taznersdesrousofin inerp dene Flirie shuie, - l S iaanC litt ; te Norihth]an e apntnitd thatliN ea rthe at s w l i+,ll ll i on t, nll l rul tn r io l , l'tbi l l to P -a c lh i,= Th t enanh l an,+ hampion+ i l aeli n.w t 3101810t for, ens . 1 Rn- -rn r-rn I 1 11AIF FINA'S COLOGN WA.. TERL) i fC, itni,,,i ,lt,,Initithsi.. 1.s. --" i ts toie.ie n lll r , i T t enderna r r t-se h es l - h ,)mull ,,llll ,1· -',v ii II.Fr,-+ lho rlri(·I ).7, CTVItI eI dlel|trr . 1 4 Alsr A;++er'ini T nd J'aylr he iler powdeursehn", tower. tnn -ntCie nn- Ctnel, a nntren at (ieItints' otter le Ms n hatrinnhnh ano oUrt n oup bcou er wanh "0r,, i.+rtl, bli ) ..h {J rll 1 i DG el & ,hr E I. Lt. (i Ci.'- ]elii'i . hil-CE rejlt frll) N 1;itlliK .'lli for +,.,..-r JI~i~atl tttra it t hm d attc Ct Fintrtelo rslsrla r HIn Ce ll tt- -ntl ,Ctlntll hl anstir tt1 l thelltltil dl.) r ra s trl Is Clchni, net a-nnt sins. nlal i lVn l IL ll.+1,+ l i)( tnai n tl( t -rl{'+ + (sn1nnntn-ss-nir-,j'$ s fr tolhl . tiktn mnu~ nfh-i ltl' ~ i++)t roerthititneen,,,t in nihs eglsi jvil tnt\ \AII e\ItltNetntttt CTIsOtN i. I R ntttt.i.ts 1 .-o th i ts t e n-it o-- (. l agslizt rael. n-Isis ' an1- ataerhl neCI (strlenoahlt s ft .w situ sowerls h ntllsitntlt 'alt" m,-st i'Oll'ittt a orldd siram etsra rt sla • .n~£)e ` l+: iP., F~rillu | ins cl nttr i~ersll I rt lers. an$ .sln- jit,, i tol L .-t t ,.nire t11.t1tls(}i+t.t itt i It r - 4 I) adCli~hhladn Era inn", tlij fitan,-sennbli ,+ne catdhyi a_.id A~YT.-.-.3. (IDIALt;dt, & (ij- -I,, Royal College of Phyaicans, London. .HE origmDal Vegeable Hlgesian Universal Mcdi cine, pee.lre by W aiskin, iEsulemraer (f tIlh Rval Co lll of Strgeomu , Licntiate of Aipthe csry'slonl lpny, Fellow iof Illt Colut Society, SuIgLOIto so ithe lloyHI Usion Pension Asioatilsa, LILlsstO.r P'lace, Wltaerluoo Bridge, uod Pltepiousl Pupil of Guy' and St. Tl'homas's lospitals, Londlon. L This volulile medicine, the result of Iwenty venrs' exllerieue llal una rnlleled success in the cuiiensive P ali highly resllectiable morltiee of ite preolptci, plalor pacil hay ithe ulclhy aod tnshilhit, auml is iOw introhluou. 1 to the iotice of the American publlic, at the earnestl o licilatio lf a number ol'gentlemen of long sall high standling in the llrufession. It i holed, as a prelihni nary step, to oleek tihe evils alIl fital Iousll.ae,1 la rising friom tile use of the nlumerous and telullerilu e nOstllirus ISited upoli the piblic hy the oid of fabricated proofs of miraculous cures, amIl sther fraeuts, by a set of f MieerIuly, unprinclillll l spreteulerss so toally ignloStant r ol metlical soellce, that it impossible the molnstrll I delusiona can any longer go downl itll the ilntlligcnt people oflthisolllt.. IThese pills, mlhl anl agllllealble ill hIir llture, shold be lt i ever' fomily ill seos ol'suilden illlles, for, by Ileir ipromnprt allmnistrationi, lolera, crsips, ispuss. ,f"'.r auii other alarlmi.g eompluinets, which to to oto improve hstl, lay hbe peeli ly cured or llrevented. In fact, a hll thosew vwilotolglod health, should neser be without llhem. They are: li' in ipakchs at 5s eeolte, $1 ullt $ lellch, by every .alsec t labtle (itlrggist, lo,killrrel,o asl vesior oiu"iielliun ih. til A United States aIh Ie Cannuatis, witlh coious dloections, togel.er with: estlnonials of prDfessionall ability' firo tile lihllo ill eineitell gntlemenli: Sir, Aailey- CJiHpell J Ab-ilethylanies Ilulllstl, MI. I)., WV. Hook, M. I., J. Aston Key, A. Frallmpton, nI. D., andl numerous others. The originalls nlay te seen n lposession of ithe ilGenerl Agent, hy whollo tice nilitil.ile is ismportel ilnto llis country, aldlto whom sall applicaliolla forageolies must be smIde. h JNO. HOLIIEIN, 129 Waverly Place, N. York, Sole Geneo:li Ageni t ir tie Unitied States, &Le. For sale le appointment of the original hpsrlietll ar. by SWAIN & lhsornstn, Ihlruggiis, No II aonal slreet, l.eneru Aglltet or Sluslllte (1f Louisian.ll jul vS II tSILY It Rth. Li co, Nc agaotoe I'Cilart,ar. t Itnw Ireceivig fromn ships Nashville, I.mliville, Kientucko, Fagle, and olther late arrnivals tra :the A. :.herol ities, a IRge as oew Heleltelld OsMtm211iut y, IMit, SBoots, Slloes alld iroganas, r anniistiing of gelelmn's eile cllf landt Morocco boots do '2 qlality; do buH'I, and tlout wan pegged oosla o cariousnqldities; menl's fill call' seal amoi ,losract .Ir-l. 1aiips inl d brognls, buckskin shoes, losggIs tialt sIltl|Is : a eooats u.ela calf ssill kippet pil ggoid sltlouaslt Irogalll; ito boots ilo slollt hi, c ll uuit- eggedashoe s SaIt btroeas; gelltlemlen's best Siilluily eallt'sen sloet l Iu.gn i l Jllt Itc owiluois's; Ito caltf ainl Mlorocco s iskte alllos mil hrigaus; Io eIn cl seall old rlnoroc. I dianl shoes ai slipsi s, i o c:lf, btsll anci seat sWigs, aew artirLcle, do fin eillf, sci.l andl molrocco ql.rlet k pts; boys', minsses' nod childhln's pegged old sulcd bogancs, and shoes of every qualit niit ki ul. Also i geaoneral assortment of men's stoll was so S t.'I ltbrollgls alit shows, together withk 10, Ol) ipair I .gro losst Iullllityo, russeit brlogans, Ililetl ihn tIia I hks, lSoalt xcprusly fur dlsssitio ulll so ; s gosot as n r'lllcnl of i'nen's Ile aols stout kiip rlusi.tt t·'igsiaS is Sarticlt, s it sar.ge quantity of all interior qualit) r" sacL nllil wal blainliS. Laditesi' lie calf, sal, moIllrocco adll grain wells, aulla plnp sol sslhoes; dol fie Ftireh lurloco :alst kist rlll .. a slipprs sdo roan sthous, with and whlaut rtos; nl celleF, n s tli olnout Ironabootcks; do l'khtsn dlio ske. r I isall ki s a t id ali ; sties i ltiasl; bogaIsisit; o g.ilter. i. sn toot filt btlauesa. Milses' sitiisghsltriag shoaus:Ms I t gaos. Cthilllsen's coloredll lurcooi and hinhg br-o n, it u lllll ]) ,lots, kc. V ientlemen'ss ellfoshlionoble Mlack iilk bIasi do bIhleak t ' in Idlasatsbadivr do ol a sustpe'iial illail'ly; ills imhadioi I I'" at roo d.; n broadodoi sobim m 's t ia e ,.ilo aaci' t.bI.:Ik .sioltishort ntpped hats, a i asai'cle. Yoats i' I:l ;e size hills uol lillerent qualities; do chillhe! 's. Al't,!'olls.lN bs 's blacksasII II'o(H a ts o( Ito I'iO ll sa1 pes, With generbal assortment of boy ' aul lmen's f i ecaups. 'I ts sissin.sient Hillt be replenished by t he t arrivtl of eali nckebrtlroal thIe anoe named cities, all of whlic n ilTl b sold oail aeconoodating tellls. aui s-f NO MERCURY I NOR C0 4183 lew O'cUlllcna, N I.J, 1 :17. A BOL'T six lIIIIliIhe LaLi h I i the liloioifllli Ill If t i ga il dnelilo fur it cllrr, mud thi e did ilJ :t ae eo vnow c Iluet, aI I expertllilll him Ito Cre m. .inee Ithat tim e hIe Ilie ae got w. e, st an to break out in large ulcersl to the mlmber of six oir cight eiU Ih leg Nir l c ll n1vI r , n Ialy hIsco, alnd o re t ssritls l lnlnt lals s si i i' work sat Its , Cllss. sllosy nd sler she uo a iuol' |)r. IsesftarstisPiae, " to rie ocuogatly cured JOai DEAN. syse.iaolol sil" ___tsaisssssao~sss cias h l i it hrue fut ll it)ilyita It l. e m at, 3 1 tlil n i 1

I'llahy will ealld a ntr v "~Inllt r 1111. I ) i ( 111 ili t lll. If cay one IwtcJ In m C ote ,lcill. 0 .r t iat r el ae l b ee, b erla n . I 'h . I o t. I it . I r I J ,iti Ji mIioti n. .ad- oc.T Toe;Re I , ti 'I.- 111 II fill tl Illebond il- inc eiia te JIe. i iTt " T.iNl.E AN. INII.I nT: I u· t eie wis hin thltl e s AIll e c esclllli\ ll lll)ila , l'me 'ina n c, thndie Ilukn e 0r u ht I lt for i ie fticttic etoos tin it tie tor o-e lte in thett p te Anta ferailinltct, Hii ies in seisein nealy the folalowe I infa w orts: * omf', high liti ntio, hi. wtork tiaor .ec set tmIe gt le ttl gtln tgislatlte ei s a lc s oix tiit i lt ite it ,l e ig lsititei enanlll lI;n ilm l tsl f, sok lT o pt ~ as nd e tent l hl Roive In t iithitlg is t'o iesrs misl tile il iy siliuio , it ierllt le nI i es t oe ite l s s ,iie , i lew of sme w of it I e e eli t'n aiis: l fcl. instane e, ithell ltristllh e ias! l le I I.I tik ird itronlt : ,tl co et tre wittl, what ie s Ilt in e it t t Is t I reel selate:s cl w i oalr oe, exInlrem i ti l n'e t tdis ta fire. l tin , td prtl e ,trom tilte t t pdl aei ies lestlls l l le)ty-ole li lnles , romn all letl itill II nstol tvidien evet to the skeptii (en s pei obi tc sth e Iiesim It olthe il I nf it.i l nf it tl s rlere i stik lseeht stt i to i d ia s m letiscllg tiuFelibe, sadi sin o nlei .mail l of this hIt liPit' lentill ok'll ihilhlored sld iftf ti ar e, il iiow tol - ell th le u eoll l to ll elo ll etrel of c ie lie he e :itertlly r ftifth eeirtit n, ex tllre- sed in c tile I If pri oe, mkig eetit lal reill nntl S ate lll tttil e sale i rror Rioes ; fle olisto wIouiell oion in the t er e u181f 2. ie It, ll,) i .lla lt e t. l il aei s l.ea t res oflhe table i tlhe, rth let t ar " ne tme il "s ta l e' io'n isi A itet.et ll t hosex diliei nas, refrll w tene en espileic . w tishh,,n llt l i iof the tl e d taitcedi . iitns, ct itai.t il , I tIsn lll v anat e ~oiteh whit s the tin l nstcatl, If iou, tlh x.i ei t-iof gt e 'e alse I ie e i ll ill illt t llllit g olli is ebirl.e-o ll e nl ti le en Olln eset ial, that i nl ttit estlii -ll t tio m (o lnoe i ll work e cl omplenlet all a11s lvisI ra Id lls olutrea l m len wiublinte oft te.s i io ale nal d el c tnlt ells e o the i 'ik, i has h hheenst lest , ivelt i iitohii h ioll .lel ·lstimn clefa "maiter Uiin ee".i ill rno ts n lderic r i the I t tllihil s of l e lnel s l ort , tially ao h e, ii ieom t os i g he worsit lg ofiti, i t blti o il lmit uie arie y o fthe esalnitltins, aoi tests oi r slu e di te 1i l P tllIsetCllil the ories eootlilhtliti Ilhe ithil Sio eIs stere I eonsIh iter e. i c It6 I he ptosi tive iisotce I sec lle, b lit"he unl p ireedlilllent l mlallln emlllr (at, the v . hllluie has "heeli helhl t it eml,lmp tically sit led "1 the lIIti wnni t lfl book o Ii tie w slk;" Iisots ocyll t toofiteleillhIi atatll ti , llll e t l etlf itgue w ,ork of the sote extentt, , bie l since tthle ttlo. t I 00 lictioni has had tf e tilijo ttei hetr atd vtli- l oti e if tests ill title R eitII oIll, Ilorf etit o rs; '" no .nor one half the number, as is cleat Iv siohos f in the Reside, , astt est abs stand ilr uit -o lit een trieot ind tlong ieriod ofl i'tIfttllltt .e k ,li i e a ell ro lt' ihv l eall - tlit c0llen.ed by thel ot tiS+ c lervo ve lrge II',, soi. oltati l ti etsol, l's the l el s itSlia i i rtes i ol cl, iculalOl ft illr c t lilit rctt , :isig lso hO ) law |tli " baotiol ll tllt r.el, laet0.l0 sigs tlhe tl,,k is usedlgl, dll s Ii ce. he soeni iii e a lllt, balctn tel'lthtiioil sllllei trhn.llsot If few of it Icelltrltlt t llcoy lt lhistli-l ,lh h lt tillhtsetlll: oftIt oIeok iS Ill soll itfitj Il' ties 1. t liss O eeitt tth in is t) i itte lti - Sleo ll se Unllllt ed Siin 's. tl is inmi'oe ll, w ell k llnow ilthat, it is rearly chleck, lie, lilt n byit i lt.- e lc l.i t il IHilac u t t t o ttnillli t essit oi r · its tlie sti ave b iten -xllt.i c insisei l I., tIt lsous ill ltcile fhoave tblen ite ut iltt ll ei lsi stllitsi sl yittgi thais tt , aso l eteie lip iy lsltn g" otilstt the tirlbed itt wilsscalp efee,,ol nootl of']t, tatto ". er os f tt oe d i illPlrerl.{d a ritll 't prl l les aIs tiey c)ut I ; edslille - li llly MiCkei l sip al fi. cm 1l(i t 2 li.e r cos I tllloI somlle |IperoI' no s have teeeI i~ ll. . declilaretlll "dll imt t sl e. e ,ehlde fl qllled Ihal thly walllal )$·l5,l - li(RO, Hll e $5 4 oIl i lsle it, tlhilol se' olls cIt lu ss I aillt f le ls i di lal aIb. latter instanOL e ollu'th,+lml. t(Icl c s t|ogis - Tlihe e l a l ,il t hii hlull this book or its like bI.e n ple lr.· e l in ri e U a n.l m n m . yio n e , b \l ihe n Io iI lom p e l e ,stif 122 GUOS,-NIp S: Co. 8t V°l~elrli Med T'E FLORIDA LINE From Mobile to Augusta,Go n -sleaves Mobile every day at three o'clock. p m per U 8 mail boaNt for Iltllte .lntdine, above ihnkely.,-thence fourt post eroaches to Penoanoln--tlhentoo atremlbolata -o L'gr nue, where the land rurtle istesumed-,hence et vin Mnrianna and Brownsvill, Fln. Ilathtbtidge, Pinlertlo n, II ,wklnsville. d undersville , Louie. et villettoAugueet On, co"nnecting regularly will of the roil rad cara to Chai etsrot,. and the streum 1 aclketsa to Now York, Noortlk, P.tiladelphia. etc. 'I'he steaotthnnts are the best tor tihe service, anld the Itovigationl presents mlore advantnces than ran be folld upon ally eteanboat route in the south. ern region. The great improvements in the route Iave been produced by the construction oul fifty miles of ntewo reand, by the proprietore, viz : fron LGrateon oea Lafoavtle Ilato, aOn arus of Santa Roan B y, Ito Iryant's Fert, ton the Chat'ulnbholre rlver, len ,tlles albhov the (Cowltard. or 14 above Cellar islulf, wheoley the anoviaolton ot the river, and the eot. uqtent deenslilts, and slore recently the ineo 1 venlietlt crossina at the Cowflrd, lire entirely avoideltd, and a fine road froum Mnrianna dtirect I, Iilinbridl ,. instead us the rtt llndla thu road vin Chalttlttab.che, i.ee lnittn tlhedisaance abolt ao.r umiles, and ie.reasitg the facilities more ltha once a day Alm.. r oumanh line of two bhore stages every other dt.y tntooI toehkintarole, vi P rry to Macon, G., coanlcetring with the line to Savanonaih and SDarien, Geo. A mall steamotoar tlieu regularlv between SUninbidde and Apulaohiioln. 'Iruventll rs wishilng to reach anly point on Clattnhooehee or Apulachl cola, ran tolte si.otlnboat t Brownstvlle. Mobile to Penisaeola--1 und R lote--Durine the tise toccupied by the retpairs of toorct, the proprie. t,,ra of =h Florida t i e in ill un a line of iour hlorse pItl rolches every other day betweenl M-c til end PenLsauole. Passenpers well leave RMtlile at 3 o'clocke, p m, in tile U S mlalllt II ndtt, Rd itroeid t.o llLe Ltttsd inL, where a lour orlle roalh will c e in wlliingt toI conver thet l to te oextellenlt loue tof Pr. Charlo. IIall, I 14 mile distant, where they will find .leaant t ecotrnlttdations I-tr the nighlt-lcavtn. next morning, tihey, will utre in Pensaotlael erl in she evening, Ilhus avoiding the discomfort ul night travellina,. Otlice at the Mansion lrause, Molilt, and Col. line' luoiel, Pensatuoll, wlhere seats otaut be sevt redl. ST( KTrN & ('. inov I Piano btrce Instrncln. Willinim Smith tI entld s Ilis services to the citli, zells of New (lrlTneas as ita ea llchr if tIIe pin81, 1 lorle. Mr S Ihaving been eiploy 'd g-Vveral yeart iasn a enler ,of Imusic in privnlr Ilr miliesl in li ston and ahle Il n everal ofi the fenmle allllem rl t in Iius vicinity, cannot but hove to mneri r *hricconlidnce. I fie i iermitted t re.ier tc vIev 1)1 I. lpia Tla.h ts f Stetsonl & Avry, II nlldrtroll &. aiesi . , I'o-r erlnl. Sic llTs.e appl'y atl te bookstorme of C Alexa5n5er Twe., 49C ,not .1t 2 ' Drugs and .4I-dihines. 11 | ".v, st 1,a+ l h .: et h.l:ld ll 11I this city tar the purlt.o e of transacting l + enerntll W holsle t 3|l1 businessl . le is nowi rleririinll a t lll 5slT) lT 1l Irlsih and gT nui a silo, Ir,e, which hr wI. sell oil liherdT Ictnm ·''1 E city drt11 giisn nlld 1thosioi tie interior, lto phyl) sicians, lert IhaI s and pl 111.t r+, he will fn:lr inducemrrI ents sucl h n1s have never lbet. Iore, ben , fTered i tIhlis city. lhs iT1, inT i s dT un stitly leitimate u sTlll ss. Il, sthuck , ill se fin b ol ll rle oan in I e. weekl. wll le roll iv Ilr ilTsino es. All orders Irll the coullnlry, from m erchants oft i" i 1y, rec .iv lig such orders m will ,be lromptly altcnddl to. t ol 3a N 3 ' CiTlid IS ceivelI, ina :.litio llo t hirprvJ i Is sto lk on hand, a f11I a 1ulll e let. lssortl nent ouf e n tr es in lhir lin.; ie : cndllllt, Ier'n 'rv , . llr brhi +, I t kiT gts Te, it fc 1 . e l rtic le s ".\l -. a nW i u ;: inle m t r h its o ill a r s: i nillT ed I,,ck, I lo rs llt a , I . '. rF . dir,.k, llrt zilit T T,,ll'hs of eV are Iher. r ,li .I ' i wiTIITI..; IIT which l o lan: lo n ri . n rlt ll l I aI t eler vr r, . p .+ lr^r ada mri ioii horn, ei llsonl lll I, c lor .le l '.%h.Ti i w g lIrall 1n n nTrll T nTllTll illl h Il t \ ltri t tittl l' ul ' ,'l'311+.Ii:ItV-- C',loco., Il,. dh're, F rI-dn n. , 1 huleI, r.s,,:i ,l ido- it I .Il V w Tli T of t Pi IeryI e i iTT T Ti 0 'ri ptiolll, |trill lhll.lhted C )l'llua , s'tra,'It fIIk l T, rn I rl,'v Rs up s , i ",ib' shln illbr d] ill en , r, IHI I mitlhlr, rl h, m r,.TI , l,,x h rlTTT .be ,,,l.) 'lea I, lsuI n Il o.:I.1.TIsTI- TIT- I o I TT ilTT 1i:, , I loT ot TTtTTIT ITTr T stT TT Vnliae T pain, t uT'i T I nd t1.'of Ia l r ITo iT T TITIT I llilt tlt in ', u I and nrn ol'o 1 i, n mTl le h th W lsi andl noI+'v, I+ ? with n el'r lc llu ent uIlp 1i ll O l ' E\'l"01I.l V -olt ---l.e bai" 11. s tls t ol to iItt lh hhnn I'lI. seli, consII n -I Il n ill n rTill r ril'TiTlT , t ,.I " let eardr o s, l sin fl;I r'e, brpl rnt l + of a ;:, -" .i,, . site e " Thimll s, il, or aun kin, p' i ls ld n-nl _m l'd hap", Iltl. l Slll.l': -- l. h ' lo l Er,,hlu 1 TI lT , h N ''I li ll.TTTlTilllt ha rlt , ihh ,, ooth a, a ulle , io , llal , ot, lU~,, isiih m ,l1h- h llh r l Aih, -n. TTi":"+ I OIliT IITTlInITI' l ,Iln:d , I I ,1,Tc I ITy nIT- IIriT ITTTTII Ill, \.-ll .. . t/ I l,.| I.'.\NC, A1 n V+Itl I.,T \" 'IU I • I:\.111I i T-TTlill li t't i p To i t i -iTT d l l hI I .1 n i ,es so111 ler ri h aI n liTlT iT ll ii , T EmII nll e, or d l ur I - ne,; t wlllll s whi e 1 1h i na "p1.h', sIn llmo i r ti i l, .\ - c rdiatll ,.o I V" l'ioln kill-, titdlms ..,lI ":ll lTT I IvtIT 11IndIT pilo1te llll l cil slll =lllh* llll el u iill'ilf., hf ".l l h 'I. r-;ll i. n... . .. I "i I.. i I .... ... .. r n . .il.. . . .. ITIITrT-. .... IIT T I V, i rewdivnr i,-hitll I Ih+,' ld ITne b , _ I g.t, +Illl, ll I, tcea l Ittl llTll hin' u Id, ll ' i 111 ,1 I IIII.T b ll. lpl ll+lt l Slpa -I o oIIi a nilns, ITTrT nl ii, T -TiT . ble nreed s, tpins, + Aily r M t.e , i tel an I ..l) ,i l e, tr "d and ruedr cle ,,l. I lil put r," , m It's o l'iren:, n 'frt,'n I c¢ lllll .+ Tllli l lli lho 'tIwltd If 11,k ill'. lil l I'IIIII ,t IrIa t cit In'T nl h'l l rT , T ll'4 Tal- T IT il" L ri t I al l lll l be p esni d b etil kllc , do wll' .rIaT TiTiTI I Tl i-TA E . atllldset rl ,'o1 ol .h.r, sl l o i ----t.ll -h n e.+, all hUnfI, h1 'l hIe sol d IT r cTT h oioTy T cT T -l tI ce l I LOilltlscredit. II II i Nti3; . d:' ru. 41 %711 ( ,o tr~ 11 I tl r I 1'1",1,ile th l l aee h tld t 17ii, p rTI e ie I'h r TJapiIN T.ltl n t, ii T.t k s T uTT Ii I , ei' s it b hi hallt.le- .+ lrugg. S .t, e ori er t' 1in td l, t a nld l. C1 1 l i1 I ,i. nnt 01,0,. 1'l.. elan. I,-.\e-A , : 0 :r!,tr -10 n c. wllPi put tl' .,sle r h ' Iorere .l' fs iI trasl ; n lII toI e pureist IV enl l 1'. in in , rlllltrl I i aT V ilrlly t lUy Lor [OIIO'o llIr u I A. I Tb I ctI ' I t l &. 'Ia t A , (. n e lt it. e1 r1 --nrli" , n TIn i hur i h i ,- rias ler,,, i I. , Vll lh.allh o ,nrl.l l l I Ilil- llmii .ll-. i ll, l t the lrltlle . Ie i,o llric*| a.III.ln " IIIIsu rer y a Ia, s r brth l ,ht 1to I Oi 'le . 'I&'I, +e lltl .n erlllll 'I II cllol'lilt'·TII h le slU.lo v In, ben tl ,h " h .d o ainTil w tive dsi llsl, llle I h'l'lhis kiTITTd toT I. m . 1I hoen - dtl- i l ti ecalI, ,t ',th IT ir ,' 'I t\l e TII ITT ll nia, tu Tlu I, -ill be pr See tl lth n V ta r ~rlll e tilf anv ve ll+h rily no, wishd io try. -TIe ,Ie ftlhe w ricbh t ohre t1," eTocTh ii,.iTwi rraT d onT r letoi, Tas bonii ar TiiTb iTn n venler. The bllactk arir s~h lnr lnr'.I indii I sleuiT o I iIhities, rye inT I TT ipresl t torl ish ~ It ,iellT rec. a n II nI-nihe .A1 ,. tirLOUR-iOt lhdi'npVTTTTIVTIr InNn4T leane, ,l el:'e, `lit eI I nl)Iil'rI,, llIi.:4 Ne| Sew I·Vrr. n nlersin i d , R orIlar .trI r n -Tr~ii esus c fr i. .inei llnu ar n lea. is i rcan i.l .l 'y 1 s t..l 3. RlhiEl.. & 1'lA',Gi;. it Camp s: iJl-lhI tr l{,h,,-- oUI) (.- I mU l . I+ l l:··I I hlie Lp. ' s to xprrs .s ,lut hnks the p evml O en ,c d InllTfe t , ITT I ,a ie7 l y. InInoi pyle p r not nlld n eve lr was agen folr a rll.. I lll r1. se, d lhis r l.llcllomry--bu he 1+5'fn thed pull aallit iV reg 'sellts ioIauI lad y ulap,ulud afl ,h sete i b-l , rcers in the dll lnrel. T - ylnlnrles -I l sirupe oi i ri i .lr o tillelt aii IIIay a'hIdS i iui ti d IJnlied ltal s. ilh 'i,.r plsrt seed+. ptlatlll, &e. Irorm tihe illut t. lSIrns ly.. 11 ral pe.r: 1.'i llllninIll? - e . IclllUla in iil a nl.. e IlulnT sl,a England, S laltlnd, h li l Ia u IIs nl therml saytUn- ld; will all alllllrns il hs rrannnw nas lu is hi sa lldy, to rie:cive, it, addelq, i I i, Lhi. l I stock. larg ar ivwls of e:Ivery drecri) Iioni really li,0l ne d n "! ' iL+i " i 'i ' :aiI relyni lindina a lull I. err' ,t .. i vir? .c 11le in tio tead :ii Co gemsllU - o h, i li~, nan llT Iliiponted pire ni byI It %\m. DINN. I 110 aP l' Pea'-n C',,ciiaIc underainii,. ihahviad S sludied under i I:. Scl.midt oal"Un h:iiilrl,isna Setrtl Carolina, and bror one yaias Ibri asist dnt in tlle prnctice f ln:dii inn atc d s urgery, Ilas tile I lunllr to of har hi i p nrone a pollly: aeriets in thi eilgy.: .Ia ossures Lhe ladhes and gelltlwluen than. the loat prI mpt attlention will be ]iaid to t c.lll .,hllicl In7 d, Ine:tdc; alt also offers his & ervicoe to n the Inladial oi' laves, being trell acCauaf ntod winh tihe diseses .galln- ill to t uelll, hIling aTtteildud them ill i htu b.gar lloluse inl Cnl;tr.eItell. 'i'ha- llntons allni.blli-us pills i t-er thile cnmpo-it ion I o I Pr.lss,,r Simllultte, tii d i dhtrel ion i, c in be I.ed ha lilnldgferined. 'lilo elna t wllici h the:y hveIi produedt in:l l i t !I anld o'!ivr elties, Ihas borln tllltl td I wills the greatest sllucess, to wh.ilch tlln best orl. Ntellrenlles ca.ll be given. Apply at No. ri:6 Rlaga sill,; street. JNOI. "l'LUitsNi. ' e- inw thtin,,l a \l.s :ln, i- l l -ins n an ., if N' CTlloeii nd Ilnr i , Kelley &C1U., of tndlo y, w.,as dijh*l veI Oni hell at of r liofnh" hidJ;0 , le ,i l death ul enmu clilAll l Moan,, d 'e oll lleP - Iaari ela.o Ie thlell in n "CI Dcelin I'uK.L Lt hIlliit ily Kelley wi utP D -a 0'I kaa . Jr cn' 311i1 2 171 1 '37. -OIBEARP Seci.n.e .fP..et. hip reeeivednad .L for molest their poetanset Writte" Acnllemlies N No. 8 ChItres a eret, .ew Orlehos, t189 Ilioadway New York, Itsttphilrc. t., Mahile. It icp nrticllir doiSiged fr ieprivlate learners, and scilo o1, an iaei eulntelt nI w nr.u saf mIon 'eY. i.litle. ald gentlkemenic aninvrteo itotll see.d 'x uni thie ovsltenl tftr tlesitelvar. I.e'Eons are given at tahlt Itonces a stat' cl Sit Iht rsolvesliellce el'all, asud la cla eas fitra ed ill altty palrt o|' Is". cite. l. dies wr v i prefer itentll reeive 'estto n at tlleir own re| RJ! eleaes. i(t r alt mingn a fI lelfa.tti are dlesired o altentlOO' ''''s't51 e eli vas rll eye writ. - .. .. .. .. t: lslrsl'y ll.lt.. ROWANDS 'ITONIC MIIXTIURE, . FP.r FLVEII ANdI) ANDi' . PIrTEN years trve not yet lolsIdirinces it srasi Sfirst regularly rliblrittel to Io isublir; but it htis rittatred tite Itigitesi rrptttitittit; ,ni lisa l si . i Irlated every other illetlheillr e ftr lite Aile, whrllerv tr it hlas been tknotl aitltid atipprel:,ted. Allendy I Iler it been earrid in every illrrt:loll tlhroagillltlll tile Ulitetd States., anl still reullist i!iorl th cllIuld t hIave benll altticipated by its aliist ilgllll iesI'trnds. T'lnoasallld of perasons Ia nltl oslly liarn rllieviet, but retsored l leIhh iii vil'iir tihrllllgh its ngt-en.j cy; ualcd they now e.lcrlilly trtilry, it eveery op porllllllt tyto ils desl ded itntl p rillieelllo Ifliclcy. I! in eotnposeld ol ruc.ls Ilsadleillil prilelh's as are cletlluateil to renoiw tLt!' heialtlhy 'llalll fII tLIhe stallts acht, Iver, and otiier illportannt digrative orgaills, tile los tof willtll horllitioy is tilh islllllr dinto eluso of tilue liseaso. It is alpnparent nbln, Ilhlla it proddt. -ee an elltire clnll.n ill ti c iOl tti'' rl the il ysrtelll, irtndcortaiinly dessroya tile nrtivs lilbsilitr ti reilp sec of tite attieiti:I. Wlell the Aello is ittntihlded ewith alt other eotitliiaitth, iter ettilit iiyti'itt si trie l'Toic s lxluio will liot iltertire will tine Irrat ment of the lother di-else, luta i I t.oen atord s.d sIstitce by suriishtiting itrelti th sand vifnrir ti lth' bIdy durillg Illt e our I' treatllmt. 'lTho'a whr l I iaikel ls oi trrllias ediicinr iilay ise nsilfrtlt h. It there is no Arsisee, alrtks, AlerIll. or ailly other article in its co tiiaitiiinit ti frlllll'll. t In h hIllllill i elilisltitltiol; beling elntireliy it Iprefemble extlraet; a ind rtiey lairy h atte lyolitl aret'ite ir el I use athereif, wliu' l tetiey lereivel that it tilus ti! e- I rserts' gpr.i tat-tiesve sit aliet lilalr l but te i ftlll iamol iol tlanell---in ea.rpil:ce i i ielllch, I there ias io pert aft'+te n iut et illl it itIll hii ier iin rl bhavtertl ta raisani'l obetretIItisi, il1d tlle vi, i srisinig iro1a the uas of latsisy it the r die' s Io ilibred litr hli cure ofi this otll'r.ti or. It h.s lell toed invrisbly awarde ult the appitheidtd i ttait, Obser.e! T'he Proeiriter, lullytis:ied ,ith the anparulllhted itd aatt'ver tie ans. o,.it 'hs c,. stantillly tltlendl ia punctual llad regulllllr tli iI thII lottie Mxttitre, in all erales of i v-" ris d III A-vt' Itsiis wrrarnted ii ean ii giii 1o rSfeefl tre, v'tcth t iii all ltioon who irvs tias'tluautii'tedliiu ir , cordaanse with tllt le-libed t lutti 'Iontt , wailortat tvarry been perilatly aind itatitgly tiate. 'Bite ctltlacriber ,' tie air titileit igilt< tie lith South W'steeri til.,toe, atii lt low t 1 hi l ix ty cesie ol' thic IItLCiie, which ir i it rlralllli Ifrloh land gesuinhu For alr ett tsle laiittiit.*l''rrl itr)icet.L f lJ.ill .t 'lii' . it 1 ' . \ hf h,',ir ai i . . 1i il lltJV ..+ rllif C·( llol lln 4· "I1. n 1'1'.Ii+)i ii,,, )- - I, ,i, II tRS. M .t1 RY K ilfif XN1 ) retp'ciilly ,n. otllllce to hIIter Ill, Il iilli th p bIllh ' g.e'r. ally that iot e is prplrd to 'troer r ,, .Ih iill le ihore estahbl -ishm nt, nod Ihop., Ifr nI Iirr ,xertion to rendeili r vt.illor- ' iomli rt. , totii. ei Iv' I contilllsalell of hirrl l +l + 1t.l'ilh 4 v l. S li, fIs lIonl. Irlll that ipr:oions vl gll (ovi ,it, il I, d i li ) ll illrillor nmonth+, c nllolllo in I ftin b r a , CC( I i, 11 cin thian rite call a iord them, on man: hb. rl Iran,,. Ilor Ihnnso sI p :lhlalIntly SltC.old, am ,ll )pplil with otvery .llvenil nll,, \lthe a ,,r .a ! brih'd wi IIt tie lliu t cp t ici loolrs, t&c. iln .ho rtl e , iproeni e liat notllllhing sha llllll wantn on hr plt i n ive II.Ni~S, .I,, I1E IIIVWELL WR\\'lll)KS (''I.1 ANY. No.I l 23 Water, nct , 1i t k ,ai u ,,l, 'ic w Lry'1,n k, I ive rel vll d tlh pailll t le,tl . , il td are l.i,l ,ntl rl'ecli.n.g large l nd elloh iii aidi.httrons t-o t oII l ' l, oflit the above goalst , which now tol s Ill, ollowing iolitillllll , stulltli li-i the I lllh rln uId .estrll nl.lrkets. l rollow warn of sperioi r qu.Lhly, c ii tit.. o lllllt 150011 Ins. Vlz. P o ts t i ' '. . d i flle r -tnit a ? .. fr m, ,, .ill a l ,o . Kettll, 15 1 z. , fromn 3: It in ; -II, ,, It eh'3 ,3, 15 siz.,es , lr 3:, Ii I'" KI hii , Ilklwrpns t m vens, 7 hI f'S. z. 'l'ea Kct'tl's, ti -u Skill""t, d, olvered Sidrs, 'S i" li ' tcr1 l li'lt .nl box. ' i.o 'l I 1 1 4 to 13 1 incht+ ,, (.rI do 3 I Ii \ t, o i ll 0 . -,, 21 t l' jI r ., ii . i i l r, i , fri o :' I f Ni, NI : to :11 L l l. Ni , 'lri ii ofi ,1 iilll , .llie ltIy andhti and liess ttle ,n 0. ne's impol. I l r Iroln assorted, i n o l iS Of abliIt 5011 !, for Trot c io. , oull tn illllll lliil't i ricllbr i tilictI ci'i| S +b IIIII , 0I 0 t ,oit , it I ll"d l t l I I I I ftiord i cr, o',r I sta Inh alti , and other it n el1 llin rlly iad ,-stl ei Irrer llhn s, n ~ ' re il'rre d tr l ir rL i .price ls, a upon III,, roo t b11t lld() 11'r l l y I ,l i tO ieved to Ibe the larti et and bt'l a ,,l i ,rt ll v r tIllred for c ,lo by at y ..+ c.tabi i, i lc oI lled S iIates. havo a prm'-d circnul.r, nilt d' cr.l 1.,n of .ga i:., AQ l lrdlrtN will m rive tAic dlOlteattention. Now York, 1038. . : I;(,OK iIN 'ie'RIY. l'nlI r Ile Pw',.,) iu , O.lb.,I 72! C ,lo il ?R. h I ,h- c sx o .r. ,r. n + ll v I 1h III I. t,' _ ll('' ,1!;, I,, Gu t. have r v iot , r ...i kor ubtlin.'u' to l ce nIt tlp s r elr , Itl rdilll u '! r hIe ,lli i," . 'ialr on ll-wilo e they are pIi piri d II t .ii te all rlT rsI cI lheit I, . 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I i u i lOf.- le : r c i.. ..i SIie 33,13,· I IIII· ·t ITTll. \ It ,- t :0'e , l , Ir, li", ,_ r nhler, F.r.ench n·iw I i .li In. I.. ".,I 1,1".. h c, in' !,,: s-ter, h.ll, s illded , u te pis": pl:hin., th. I ll l d split cu4l ine en; ; cap tl h-,1 '. 's ie ¢ r', .. iw . T , : (;illott's w henn trei , aiu)l o r te'l peis: \is Il I i nli, ri'ls: sh,'ll. 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