15 Mayıs 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2

15 Mayıs 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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CtT'YlegettsDAi, May 14. SI th g Te gliAl 1U0e wr a felt very 'jr o i a otr e rton were rm in their oneirt We heard of no tranc 'Il Irt itnth eicy market jartook of Si illlnt, end capitalimto fell lick upon iii g o rig- t. Tihe Banks rontinued to adhere Stll e N i o pi 'N y N hancge.was observed in the i lnreat iloeyi . IIn producer materon, tings lwerte: hah uote·t.d-l few stle Ihaving been effected f for po.i. tpurtoes asrd home useat. In rates we heard fo Sno ni.ral change. Pt Vri.oti are i the opinlons relating to the late intelli rc I. Aome think that the retrogrlad movement in J the Londont money market is nothina more tlin the ie- 0 ginning of a ronihined action on th paert ,f the Basik of"anglanr' and the Manchester spinners to force the cotton art of the Iands of the American interest inr SEngahnd at'hetlep d pr ie c. Tlley who ad ance this A Sointi r, assert that the movement is sitmilar to the at " tscin the American trade by the Blank of Engilald in 1t3Mand 18 7. It isa well known fact that the Eng ceir agents in this country have not nuccerdled in ob itaitg soaJerge amiunt o't cottron at prices within the t S limits ih tl lr iuitrections. And it is an established fact, despite the contradictiuw of it, that thie spinners in England have no supply on hand to keep their mills t goTin, and th t Irhy are compelled to buy cotton in min lots of rte Aimerican specilllatrs, at e orouas prices. The manufacturers believe, it is nitl, that the I atona short crop is I more ruse de guerre to force them to pay enorbitlnttly, and that tile plun ers in this f country are interested in thie scleme. Hence ile de- 1 sigoto break up this plot to fleece them. Timi e alione will show whedter there he any truth in these opiniorts. The rodlitiun of tile money iarket in England is alarming. whether thre be any designs on tihe pat of thiBlnk a.nin t tie Amlerican interest or not. Thre ,tNorthern joint stock banks, and the bank of Englad had beroun to contract their operluions to suach a degree that the inecreasing scarcity of money had caused the I premiu. on Frehequer.Bills to lull fronm 61 to :9, at which latter rate large amiountt had been sold for cash. r o I tihe course of 12 days, thire ondon and Birminglhaml Rail Way Pi res had lfallent 17. per sihre, so great was the necessity to get nmoney lir mercantile pItrposes. .The bust informed persons had estiimated the bullion in the Bank of Eigi ind to be 5,500,4)1H). The Batik was busily engaged in adovacing the pirice of bar gold, and inocontractiln her dimcolntl line, ill order to turn.thei continental exchanges in her fivor. A sale nl 12,I000 dollar of Inlilana Bonds taid goine at95, while U.S. II. shares were hfee at *4l. 7d. 6l1. It was hoped that the risein the duty on corn would have tile etfect ofstop lping tht, exportation of gohI. BUt if the exchanges did not return very rapidly in favor of London, the opliniont prevailted in that capital orn the 8:h uI April, that prices a oll articlee must go down, with till the distressiang consequences Io the cotr.ietrcial world. Tile dtinia ooflthe 6;l May at New York were of no molstois. Cototn diorn. Corie of tih _cA4#_ - rI (BTr ROBINSON & cO.. I CIIANGsE BROKERS,) i No. 45 Camp St. opt. New Orleans, JMay 14th IsONDO, $4.77O.4,e1i fn 1 mtrling. PARIS, 5f. 05( .V 27 fo, I U. S. Dollar. 1EW YORK.Et sll0tl , jiI p. c. premium NEW Yi l, K, al 6 day, 14C 2 p. c. dis oun U. . BANK NOTE., i.1l per cent. pren". .U.8.TREASURY NOITE., par .I per ct prsm. & it ' GOLD a SILVER. -.Persigs.. : : : : $1 F0( a 45 4I 4 psnish Duusl,ns : : : 16 .'i 6 I7 75 V lxici. : : : 15 ( 15 75 Amerlcn Gold, : : p.c. prem. Frikces f rUcmrrelt aink Bills. (Thil Day, May 14th.) Naltecs ........................... 4 @ 5 p. c.dis. o lrall i . ............... ... 5 ,¶ do c S .6 11o1 '..l.t Noln ...........1l iCi) I do Do 12 do s d. ........... It 15 do RIser, (.psci. payin lIi,)ks....... . ®R t do s .lioallnlk... .p.blll Bt Au'........ 6 qj7 do * do 12 1sl't NotNs. ...... .I .01) dA OIrnl(GulI ............. ............ I. (,_ O d s ,lakI W.liln~ilo, .................... 5 (&:0 do f Corn nId K It .nk of Vicksrslnr ....... J5i :M0 do IDo do. do Ip'osti olss.... . (35 Al ank uiVi'khlIrg .................... 40 0511 Ia Vicksllure Wntsr oV.rks .............. 0 C( 35 do 'Tonsbighy ............................ 40 (D 45 do = Cltiel'tanlk, Mndisron co ........... M5 p((O do 'Clomnerriil Itulk, Colusislls ..........0 0 15 do ---AnsdosRlik ........................ 0 (.65 do S"«»as5 'or d... ..... 3.·... 3(5 0 do llilolll.ioi., MsLdi., .. lcy, I , 2 d As -rLsai., 86 10 do PTre«urNotl5........s... 5 35060 is1 -s9 I'orlsusdIoIl.............. . 15 ®S10 a4 HIN i'RUE AMIERICIJAN. Id141"" .41d 1AITILUL AND BOLD. NEW OR1LEANS, WEDNESDAY, MAY 15, 1839 Time Editor oftihi paper was, I at aete, ing, re-elected Printer to lite aseondt mll acicipity y a vote. oa to one; for tLlc renewed innrk ot cortilence, lie tetakeslj.6 ej) porunai:y of returning his thlaks, aidi the piconic ol' doing allthlnt a Primcr, and theConductor of a Public Jaceant ahould do to moctiatythe Council andt Oticers of this Mlutinipality. pe Next week we shall publish a hiitory of ths rise, progress and establitslnent of the British and po American Steat Nnvigltion Company,which was con- 81s ceived ad d t on foot by -ur own countrymaln Jutlill, h Sithl. This valunble article it from the pen of a lia friend of ours vhll has had access to all theducutlentsa relating to tile subject. It was oriainally prepared for the press at tile suggestiol of NMtessrs. Watdotrthl and ty Smlith of New York, aod eing intended to appear in as pamphlet form, was accolnpanied by many inte.resting papers too volumiaooll for tile columns of a newspaper. pl The whole lhas been abridged flit our joournal. At this moment, the article in question will be pecu- Io liarly interesting. The British Queen is daily expect- Ier ed at New York, and every incidlent conected with tie w fafolndation and completion of this olIe vassel will be I w sought after with great avidity. The example of a Mr. ed SSmith, will, we hope, urge frsaard solne one of our it own enterprising men to accomplish a similar tank fbr ct s New Orleans. We have a Peters, a Caldwell, a Banks, to fa Forstall, and a whole bost of men capable of uccoml s Slielshing so important an enterprize, if they would only a I go to work with a willing hand. To' tile manl who e would move in this matter with a determineion to go ft forward at all risks, there is reserved a glory and a t fame imperishable. Lowk at the zeal of Junius Smithl. c 'ro him, to an Americn, a native of Conectlicnt, he- c longs the mterit of having first conceived a line ofsteam It Spackets from Grett Britain to the United States, an I . of first aceompli4ing so hazardnos a voyage by means ir a of tilhe black little Sirius. His namra will be blessed o a by thousands -et unbotrn, for eonferring so great a d good upon mankind. I.et one of our prilncipal amen as e imitate his example, antt sn Il over to hEnglandt for the 0 purpose of chartering the Sirius. Let this admirable d . sea holt have the honor of the first steam voyage from a e London ttt Netw Orleans. She cal lie got for £1000, a - ani will make tho trip i 2011 or 2-2 days, stopping at it SHIlavana. Then, with the aid prtferred by the act of a March last, the company can easily go on to build s their boats. They call easily join their ftrces aith those tl' Mr. Smlitll'a conceiltad ill a short titte a line to this place fromt London can ie formed, with two IBr;tish and two American shipl. The author of the histoty of tilhe Queen, asures us ltht t he British and American Steanm Navigation C'omtpsny would gladly run two of their vessels, ntw biilding, to New Orleans, if they tmeet with encouratlement il oi our side. Why not Iee up and duing then ? The profits of a direct trade between Londmtn and this cit~, will ftr exeted tholo of tile Ne York route. S\hlen it is once klttwn in Europe that an elltigralt can m scend ,our Coble river into the heart of thoe We tern Scountry fbr one poundll stloling, ill live or six da y, Itt Swill invariably ship for New Orleant.-Ile can reach thisq phlace by at 'oam over et, (or t1flie stthe price that lie can go to New York for. W\hen at New York, it till ct.st him six piouds sterling to go to Cincinnati Who will then not save live pounds by cooling this route ! Tie profits froln this soorec alone to a steam ship will be iltense. Again, ifhe merclhnts of the West, knew that they could come to New Orleans and procure suchnell goods as they do now in New York, they would invariably fre quent this wtart. Their interest lice here, for this is tile great market for produce. The merchant ofthe interior would there accumulate a nsmass of produce il exchange for his goods, ship it to New Orleans, and take back in exchange nlerehandize requirled for his section of coun try. All our tIrerchants lhre have to do, Is to Import their fine goods by steam, and they would effectually break off all dependence oni New York. The relations of the Wet would hlie transferred hither as a necessary onsequence. The truoth is, New York is and has been thie luroeuleiAptotlum of commerce in this Unitln. New Orleans is the nattral out-going oand in-eoming mnrt of tile West and South West. NWe pass t", ".- ...1.*t'- I goasto .J.-.,1 nou tilo e stteamers ttouching at Ilavai hna. New Orle ont will ii Ihoat event be the great depot of tile specie of Mexico and 4otlllsh A-,'.;-o Itldeed IMPORTANT DECISION to STEAM BOAT OWNERS.- C Sapreme Cour.-In the case of leroman Briggs& Co. goo vs. the Westeln Marill and Fire Insurance Company, Las the Court decided: ofa That where steadboatls, running on the Mississippi beg river, take ships in tow, and loss or injury ensuea to tile gra boat, the insurers or underwriters are. not liable re when there is no clause to tibs efrect in the policy ofin- ant surance. tle Eustis J. delivered the opinion ofthe Court. This is dri an action on a policy of insuranee on the steam boat luc Fort Adaons.. The insurance was for six months from vot Ihe date of the policy and lie loss happened within that till time. The case was tlied by the court below %itlhout Ca the intervention of a jury. There was judgment for fas the plaintifla us for a total loss, and the defendants ap- us pealed. fir Tihe adventures enrod perils insured against by the set policy, are "of thoaeY er and fire, and all that have or Aim shall conic me tile d~iment or damage of the said steamn be hoar, engine, or uny part thereof. The insurers are not for liable for ditm es to the bouat's nebhinely, unles by internal causes, or by fire." By the memorandum, " said boat is to have the liber- IN ty to navigate the Minsissiippi river and such tributaries has as are suitable to her class." an The lmaoner in which tile los is occurred, is best ex- na plained il the words of the witnesses: [The testimony thows that the steam boat Fort Adams took aheavily hluden brig in tow at Natchez, anti was proceeding with her, la.shtd alongside, on her down- ai ward trip, or voyaget, to New Orleans. The weather was hoisteros and stormy ; the bolt heaved and strnin- L ed very much, and on coming near Port Hudson shool, tn it was ascertaitned sithe wts !filing ith water. She was r cut loome front tbebrimg, run oil shlor and sunk ill shal low water. It was also shown that her thinhers were sound ad thehout generully inl a gotold conditi when I ihe was raliseIad brought It New Orleans ] TIle qua'istiou submited to ius, is whetlter unmder these It iTie question submilted to us, is whether under these Iow fiCts thu insured caln recnver It must be observvd that there is nothing in the p ii' cre ey whlich renders the insmed liable fbr the nett of the to I captain or uncrlers of the seambonat. Their lilbility ot the subject depends entirely on the law. "I When the stearmboat was at Natchez,the captain took in tow a brig, and when the los occurred tilhe brig was me lanled alongside of the ste'mboat. The witnesses, all bei of whom are or have been engaged in the nnvieation of .au steambatnn on tlhe river, state, that it is usun! frr steam . hoata to take vessels in tow in their voyages up and t10 down the river; but we have noevidene as to the u ,age ofninrurance in that aene; and we are not informed whether such a privilee is or not stipulated in the pol Ln icies. T'le business of rowing hipr is entirily separate ph and distinct from nl things connected with or incidental W to tile nanvi"nion of the river by steamboants, or the trans. portation of freight and assrnngers; an usage which would tihrow this additional risk on insurers, at lenst e ourhit to beproved to haveheen acquiesced in by those icr most afieted by it. Louisiana Code, artircle 3. If the Ic owners of st'amnhoats wish to have the privileee of tow- U. ing vessels, let acltiue bt inserted to that efelitC in the policies of insurance. The towltinz heavily laden ship or steamrhont, with her tiers o Elctoi oil deck, necessn rilv impedes her progreýs, and it is idle to say does not i. inerPnse the risk of thle boat. re 'Thie meaningof tlhet contrat of ine.lranen for the vovt in anec is"tllt the voynae rhanl hr peerfnrened with all safe' ti, rconvenient a rd prarticable expedition ; and in tle riei- . lar and culstomarr track." Thile slhortiness of tie time,. erf the distance uofa deiation, makes no dtlfference as to its effect on the contract. S3 Ket's Commentaries, pp. 31. On this principle tihe rule relates to an insurance on time. The insuredcannot subjectl the insurer to risks not nAunoled iv his contract. We must have other ev idences as to such nan nsage,belore we can permit it to t, 'Y change tile terms of a written contract and to subvert Is what we consider aln clementary principle of the law of1 h - insurance. d tn The loss in thils case was caused by the ronduct of r thie captain in proceeding on his voyage, eiithl te brig a e lashed alongside of their steamboat. The condition of e in tite weather was such as to have put any prudent man C on his guard against attempting to navigate the mi""'' rt lomt letld eith cotton, with ihis d clui'...'. rnou'n Sbrauce. t'llnrt coul have unst ..t,.r flall to have cast Is iff the brig, thus saving the proprtyc and lives entrust. ry ed to his charge, from this unnecessary danger, for it is en in vain to contend that tie additional weight of the M vessel did not contribute to,if not directly produce the of disaster. Hlid the boat been perfectlyv free, there is no iu- evidence wiih sautisfies us that s ie might not have ra- proceeded on il 1 n' nuet, h . i . rtl, jrJLry was done ot t the brig, and none to ie nlOnnnboat hb the foree of edll the winds nod waves, other than that which was caused connected together ita one unwieldly ilusion is forced upon us by the facts rable fir tits conduct of thle rcapt pricip re ntary of the ~ an i h seeen that by the polich the take uipo themselves anly responrbhi of the captain. The mas er is for the igttion lte agent of the oiner lo the ers, and Int the inlsurers ill this c llse uosnquentlces of his lleglet, unless the llnrlct have inkeln upolln lllem elves to Valil book 3, title 6, lart. l3.--Eer Insurance, chapter 12, section 4,§ of the Distrlit Court is thrrefore re etant is emered for tihe defendants,with irts. T'lRUE AIERICAN --This nowe, xpe acioula brorter editor cane out this ciaellen o)f t)ypographiil hnletnes Ielt all(] inlteresting nIiltter, t t is not , print in ile Sloil l. w ,Ae bid mI r f Oll hread," and rlin l".e heor leek back rI.-N. 0. Daily Times. i. Timnets-You, uit least, have dared to 1 ns, unin flueced by the pety fe ling ,dousy. lMay your own little bark meven of your ambition Fnfely and in *lanant , aclsed of miurder, co:niencttled tialteld a lady yesterday morning, with in -, by throwing a piece of beef in her ! her with violence. s been nominated as candidate fir Go akapas Gazette. We shall look into 1peared in the Courier of lst evening, lion Capt. Jesse Hart, of the sletaner McGehee. Will Capt, Hart furnish for puilication ? SIpeed.--The steamer Edward Shio i morning in Four IDays alnd Eight ville. having performed the trip from i in eleven days and thirteen hours! it, him for the Louisville Journal of d nothing of interest int it. TEx.is-We received late last night fromnt te 7th to dite 11h in. We n is ofesprcial interest. . '-r and natieae if Now York, iltet. nited etorein 8th. to mneet ico, and pro te steant hlip as, wret .. itercour" as. vihiiers. ' hie been trwn off cas the dleat. o. "t, Connecticut, ilnrttl nroiisn tis city are lurTl. The stock of. Ir w.'a iniid . Speculators haid 7,450 1ibl. hales ita l000 bbls. Hichlunrnd flour was held at and Baltinoreat 1911000. t scarely 3001 bags of Coffee on sale of ty. Superiors were going at 4111i00. Su es, dull. Exchange 29 3-4 at:d falling. Ill II O. -Mr l)umgherty has been appointed by ghts' Convention, now in session at M3il :udidlate fbr the Governorship of Georgia. E.--Evey thing looks bright for the Whigs SPaolk will be forced to stay at homne. jaws will ne'er Imore grace the Speaker's tshingtoo, nor will lie be allowed to thrust aside. , tof the New Yorak Gazle, propoesl o toake a ,t conceln. He is one of the first writers in the last of sound judgment and plisemsd of that tich make. himn the enteemed ofall who knw him bment of llhe G;ictte is a iloney ataking con CARnoLTON HousE.-The lovers ofgood eating and capt good cheer will not be disappointed to know that, Mr. devr Lavnud, that prince of caterers, thit chef de Cuisine Pit of old Epicurns, has taken the Canrrolon House. He n begins his reign on the 15 h instant. There is to be a *rdi grand galaond a grand feast too.l the occasin. Al- dev ready seatlt at hls excellent table have been Recured, ent and it is believed that the proceedings will be contined tihe ensving day to affolrd his friends an opportunity to drink to his health and prospnrily. We Ihve been lucky in getting a oeat on thie r'ght, where our endea vour will be not only djutir ceo to hisl viands, hill to re niscuss nost warmly tile trerisr of hi Clos de Vogeol. 'or Cnrrolhl, this summnier, will be tie resort of all the rail fashion ofthe city. I.avaud, for ever, said a fried to din us the other day. We say, Lavaud for good eating, and pli fir good wine this summer, and let postiritv enjoy his seerviceifit can. Give him to us when the suns of Aitguat pour their rays upon our Iewids. and we shall be cntent. It is whispered that Carrolton will be a feoridable rival to lPar Christian- de do That lin who deals in fair words and pretty rhetoric, John N. Malit, continues to h ombug the good people of the west. Ifthey did but know his real character, he would soon shrink back into the shell of hi. own rinsinificance. If ever he comes among us again, we sholl take an opportunity of strippig the do sheep' lctlling fron his back. lie is worse than Jedidiah lnurchird or nlattlhius the impostor. Tie N. York Courier & Ellquter ays that thile Whig cause in thitstiate is tle ceusn. not only public morality and virtue - is tile coelof plogless-lhe canuse of ltiprovenent-ithe cc causoe ofivilization. And we inight add,-it is tile eaus of Liberty,-the calie of th preservation of the Union and the di nllstitntio nt. NAT WILLIS. This writer is abiuniui Paulding with a fury quite ihsnliceivablc exceptC ttie in itiateid. l1 has given a re. view nofPauldinl's work sin the Coranir,-suh a review! It * iscut,cutli, sh, slash,-like Doll Quixotte's fihl with tilhe ind-mill. Wily did Pnulding neglect to provide for hie fel. e low authllor 'lie dilronec between the two authors is sim ply tIhi. Tihe trncklilg of Paulding carried him to the Se. cretaryship of Ihe Navy.-the ambition of Willis brought him e to the desk of the Corsair! They are going on with Caldwell's plan of praving the ear ringe ways with square blocks ofstone. That which has been I madehes not given way thile least tittle. An experiment i n beine madeon a small portion of the work between Gravler and Common, on Levee, in thi wise. They lay the stones Msout one inch apart, with the intention offilling up tile inter stice, with the bitumen now in use in making the pavement n n d ourbon street. d Mr. Forrest is going tlnough his range of characters atSt Louis. Mr.C. MIeon, well known here, refused to ellinh the ie play on the night of his benefit, because tile house was thin. Whnt next? hCutomn ouse Fraud-A German importer, in New York, S itherto ofrecparnhble stlnding, waq deterred oa May 4th, at tempting to pass some goodsat the Custom louse, to the en. I try of which, tire name of Air. George Davis, am Deputy Col ie lector. was forged. He was arrested in consequence, by the U. S. Marshall. and itomlnitted to prison. ip DIED, - At ira. Wooster's on tile 14th inst.,att I M., iMrs. MIRIAM o RBOYD. The friende of the dcceased and of Col. Iloyd., era reaspectfully requested to attend her funeral from Airs. Worne. S tnrs, Canalstreet. at 0 o'clock, A ., wil out furer invita. fe, tien. mty 15. it. C - -sod AFFAIRES DU CONSEIL. r' SECONIDE MUNICIPALITE. Fr"; MARDI, 30 Avril, 1839. F' Sdance du 30 Avril 1839. m Rdsolu qu'il soil pormis li J. A. Beard, encan' r-t tour, de vendre dos marclhandises f l'encan public, sur le terrain vacant Inte rue dos Macazias et los rues do aI Lorde ot du Canal, Ie Mardi et Vell dredi de chaque semaino, pourvu quo crtie rýasolu tion puisso 6tre abrogbo on tous temips par c'r'1r' I sail; ot pourvu que lo dit J. A Bca l a -"ro"toi rs aux reglomens do poliee, i mbrds au ddtriment do Ia ..- a- p,' .. ublic. signd to JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. R1solu que lI Comptrbleur est et dcmollur auloto- i ris6d & ignor los checks au noin du Tr.eorior, pen. dant la Inaladia c do co dernier. - Sign6 JOSHUA BALDWIN, ,ecordr. tRdsolu qpo a risoltin i a ii rl .,, , u n 'n ; torisant le Tdoliorier, on certain co, ir, F.I r des bille o on ipanienut do dottes di Ies a itto lMlu nicialitil, pour ctroe ppliuds auloinu. t aux dtto s dues on imemo temps qu'elkes. Siged 6 JOSHUA Bi. . IN, Recorder. Rdsolu quIe haque fois qu'il doviendra ndeessaire d'ontrar une action pour It palemcni d delottos dues acottet Mucipalibt, Io priviloge actntllneent ac. T cord1 par certailos ordonnances, d'effectuor lo pai. rmcnt ll an billets, sora reflu:d et lc ceuptant nsoul sera recu. Siged JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Attandu qu' application a 6td faite a ce Consoil L par John 11. Ilton, James Rtaincy, W. II. Avery, W. Bogart, Jamo L, Bogart, ut treize autres, pro. t,, pridlaircn doi blens Ibnciers, dans lI voisinage, pour Tt faire ouvrir et continuer la rue S . Thomas on tur ligno droite depuis la rue Suzetto jusqu' f la rue D. de l'Annonciation. I1 est on cons6quenco rdsolu qu'n avis do la dite demando suit douni ela Anglas oat el Fraccais 7, dans le Vrai Amerienin, ot le Bulletin, confortn6e mint t li lo; eoi; et qe i opposition ii'st ioint fhit. SPlam6!ioration proposi, io coInseil ordonncra il'ouu verturet i ]a continuatioln do in dito rue, aiinsi que le domandedt los petit onnairoe, confeoridmeent anx Sprovisions do l'acto du 3 Avril 1832, regularisaut l'ouvert.lro de rues lans les limites do la villo do la Nouvellc Orleaas. it Signed I JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. pr I Rdolu que la condaito du Wharfinger cn enrev. ( ant les obstructions tde wharfs, lesquelcs ohlstruc. tion. y sijournaient in violation de ordonunces I exist-altes et particulibrcment d bhois tie Depouilly, loin do 16dgtimer une plainto contre cot affaire r morite I'approbation do ce Conseil. Sigu6 JOSHUA BALDWIWN, Recorder. I6dolu qu'i nolie convict pas d'accdler a la do. mando do Benito Davilla y Tuledo, pour driger un Spavilon h la ito du whalfdu IFrry. Sig, 6 h JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. ORDONNANCE, Crdant la place d'Assistant Voyer, en d6finnis. It sant lee devoirs du dit Voyor : m Art. 1 II est ordonnd que I Consoil nommera i! annuellemnnt, le premier Mardi du mois de Ma,, Df une personne capable commo Aassistant Voyer, qui, avant d'entrer on fInction, fournira un bon ave uno ou plusieurs caution de la sonmme do cinq i 'nIet piastres, pour assurer la fidelo exdcution do see dotvoirs, et pretera sgrvic.s devant to M ire ; d'cxdcutir ses devoirs avoc fii61it6 et impartialiti. Son salaire .era do mille piastres par an. i 2. " --ii i . l r4 orion qd.-lA a.r edi dotve. do IPAsistant Voyer do fournitr t. toutC s lea per. Ssoifes qui Io denanderont ole lignes et niveaux do terrain situd da.s la Municipaliti, osaue aucun ddiai ndeoesaire, et do fournir on ouitr a ]a do m' an;ndo des ditde personnos d o lignes ot niveaun o pour lto banqueotte, quo los individus feront exo - cuter confordiindmnt aux ordolnnances, et do dd. p eirer des certificats, quand les diles banquettes sent ter minos; et ol certifieat dudit Assistant Voyer i sera recue une evidence sufisanto des lignos, niv. "coau eo tnrva un meitionn6s. La compesallui ,e dodit Asoltantsera la mAme qua cells fiixoe par sla troisibmo section d'uno ordonnaneo approuvd to 14 Mai 1836, fxant len devoirs du Voyer. oi 3. 11 oat dt plus ordonnd qu'il sera exelusive. menoo du devoir dudit Assistant voyer, do fair anu TrIresor at na Co(tptrolour dea retours detaill6s . ommes dues par des individus pour rom. Sba mouoiemits de parag.a, d'eutourages, on autres re urravres faits par In s uniepalitd pour compte d'in. Sdvodu, et los dits retours devront Oire faits par to dit Assistant Voyer dans l'oa s aeo do trente jeur r ,lr quo I Voyer aura eertifi6 au Tld.;uie, at que leo dis pavage id au uitres ravaux out dt1 exd cutds; et it est du devoir du Tresorier de demander of par 6crit audit Assistant Voyer do tels rotour im. Sm6:diteinent aprbs It pr6sentation l. lui faite du certificat du Voyer. Si un ddtli plus graud que ce trente jours a pariir do la rdquisition du T'rd6sorir de livrer les comptes, arrivail, pour tel surcruit de temps, ]'Assistant Voyer sera coutraint a payer a au Trdsorior un intr6t do buit your cent par an sur le iontant dent le retour n'aura pas 6t6 fait, pourvu qu' aucune r.ison suatisfaisanto no soil fourni au Conseil, excusant un tel dslai. 4. It est do plus ortlorml quoe 'Assistant Voyer devra executor tous autrea devoirs quo Pordre du Is Conseil ini intimera, sans avoir droit & auuns au. tros 6molumens que la compensation f nide par Sette ordonnance. 5. 11 est do plus ordonnd quo le Voyer de lI Municipalilnt devra continuor a romplir touas le devoirs & lui actuellement iimpouds par leo ordon.. nances existantes, pourvu qu,il no soient point in. t compati les avec les stipulations do Ia prossnt ; 01 et qu'il pourra, asen Papprotation do Comi6 dea rues at qu:is, emnployer ohaquo feis quo duns son opinion, t'inttrt public l'ouigcra, uno personllon capable pour 'aider dans Paccomplissement de see n devoirs, aveo on salaire qui n'excodera pas cent piEasres par mois. 6. II eat do plus ordonnd quo I n premieor, re. ennde at troisibmo sections t d'une ordonnano ordant la place do - 6dput Voyer et ddorivunt sea deveirs. approuvs le 23 Mai 1836, osnt et deneur. 1 ent rappele. J Sign6 JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. R.solu qu', partir do et apres co jonr, tout Corn. missniro, Coll c eur des differentes brnncees do I, revenue, ou officicr do crtte Municipalit6 no pourra r s'ongager dann aueun genro d'afufires qui absorbe. F reoont uno partic de son temps, do manibro A diminuer P'attention qu'il d it au dovoirs do sa place. Signe JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. 1 Rdsolu quo tout flicier trouvd an contraveution de cette ordonnance sera immlodiatement d6duls do sa place. Signd JOSHUABALDWIN, Recorder. RIsolu quo to Commissaire est at demenre rcquis do donner avis an proprietaires de terrains non er tour6s, ainsi que de cooz non renmbloay6, entro leg rues de Sto. Marie, do la Levee, ot Robertson, dans le proumrordistrict d nla Secondo Municipalite; d'avoir u loos aire cntourer d'ici aou premier de Juin prochain et leos faire remnlayer d'ici an premier Octobre prochain, sous peino d'utne amende do cent pistres, et dans le cas 0e non execution, Ie Voyer est ot deunoure nu'oril 6 h fire rxecuter lea dits travanx dans Po'space do trente jours epros le tems limite, ao frais desdits proprietairon SSignd. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. JVZ13tIF IDALL)WIIN, necoI(Icr. ' No. Came p St. Theatre OPEN FVERI'Y EVENING, Cale Under tlhe Munageonoto of 51r. OFEORo IIoLlAND. diter oFAI ThoelPrforninre will consist of olt y DRAMATIC ENLrLRrAINMIENTS, " t I AND de.o A GRANO) EXFIIIITION, ubli buoported IlonaEnglarnd t all imme000nse expense. and O 6 gt never before equlalledl in this country in thie extlent andd mtagnifent develovenrtl ofits Cl OPTICAL ILLUSIONS. In g7aFor p"ririoilrq see hio rf tlb doy. It Doors open at haledfpiatb cven-P'erlormnno e to com. UA rnenfoo t8 o'clock. Parquette sents $1-11oxes 75 50a. maoy14 5t E S--------- --- -- - dlon, Fol LR ONIDON.plot Thel A I foot oiliop slip ST. JARIES. dit ] Dovid IlI00,010'ter, hla0vi0 paort oflher Car- pill ~guelgogobred, or hoor l(Fspotrilt. For 10(1(0 pr0 oPffriglhor passage, apply to 'I7 1 m. & J 1 WIIITNrY.7lCCrip t ... FOR N-IM' RIC1K. Po'o'ge only. 1b 'rile full s oiinai IlIlAII . lop (*ipt. E Ilfni dl, will sail aIoo Sowordaoyrn, will takere 'ioa ..1 steenlraer passenge'rs, lort"Te F' good acommoodoldoot, pIns, Ott onbod o fall [olIo 53, 3d Munoiloodity. & J P WITI1'N. V, celo itoo 14a 73 ('Crop.1 1 A CARID). lIe I) OI1INS(IN & GOOD11W IN, (F8 Chato tore streert.) TI .u. rrpr'rt!'iliv infoFr -,00 irhiroolos ard (te pIublic orlotoll .lth it (Eood vin, ofr lteows fitri, will leave, P for NewYoI',,rk oio,,,t the, Isrofllloe. 'l'lheyv iooitlothrs I w!].O InnyJ wisdl gartnems tol~e it) flit-ir roelitiure to call thIe at (I 'oave 1hoir orders previous to Ilaol fillie. .1i mnay 15 ' I , b 111,,are rooporelu d to retooi receipts fo gooodos (iken j front ship Dean". A dc-c)llrN, rally 90 Common stt o,,,y 15 rlopao-,oo' T~' NOI'-1ll bo B jouo' eoroll for (0 AI'IR AND) 1'!fi mo II 61 IIkWN, 9F6 Ma000tirO(0n st ,,,n'1-l I--- E -11d reams Ha0000 rdware Ilot t ARI)IV4g' ,ad 'FF rorlle I,, (boo H.f 3 TIM Elt & Co,74 fI'loydra s st ·I A( 'TONE --(;Oil vnrI d flngIin, laondingIr frl F'sh 41, 'St LO0),e"eFOl oroole Il loroliogl, Cboo n(a00 M S & . J P11 WHITNEYI 73 Camp~o t 1 II 10 cosks Thulnmooro Litte, lotiny, fso tl. by sV'A, jI f IIl, wuF1 I,,,', 4 (to,, ro I "II 1 15 73I~ 1' ' C am01 F t FF )'(0 (( HAVANA 'SWEETMEAT:3-511 box"ll~rn it, store,2 3 lr stle by IER,1' it ain v 15) 34 Gravierit sit,~ MALAGA RAISI!INS-WOO\JI~--10 1 I oxem· in store tol, fa/ Cr sale big ila lII('(00000 F"'llr -.,v 15 ,oo orbi Glva 11111 111000 It i AF ho,, R,3, '000 haliI (;,i R-50 liometi whil t I lavitioi Stumr, it) store I S & J 1 WllIIN F' , Al '1' IF &;iiF, leaf Lard, hoaiF FjaO (10)11l. 1to I11l"I'1 l 4 I',Nee I o',,',' al8 l. 10R.,:V. 44 Ne'o I oroove 8 call . boiaI t lo t Iolfr sale , by o P ,o)Utcoo0 obtir,,,; itII,- I wlln, fir rb 1115 i. D'1101101'. 14 N The (bllowitiL, ru0 e ,,o trnwn N'oulersor I te Louiria. ar Loitery~, (Aus No. '3, for 18:37. 17 76 51 o 39 :11 :15 ;3 I 53 12 5 65 b $3,000 Highest Priz, Tickets oo,, $3 75 Nutnboers-12O brownBallot i LOUI SIANA LOTTELR'Y Anhk dIby Act oblevoiniooto1bjr0hy Ot iT r1100,' las, 10. IM139,lot I-2panst 6 o'clock, P. 31. to r "I I l:,,1 17 at llý E~ellar IIHotel, St Uharle., 0t. (RI" V & Coo. Sti-onror t IA TAES' I (l lcs, tINTYfRj 3loonrogoorn. SCHEMIE. "7011 Prizes a * Ifouting or- $115,934 e,,,1(P -Quarters 75 cis Iookogesir .' or 2ý 'o.r $11. Shares in proupor I,,r packaoges or single iicon, altply or ina,14 3 -1 Coital stwet.Cw-litt fit Canip1 a ho s'i who108 (li is not orc llp o'll , would be 0:111 ilo l ooo recivelo. ' evob 0' it roervantilo or wotler Ihouse ior villeetiou, ,nIoivll i, his present o0r.ioprtti. 'Te list oloobbrroooo'o ooo Ic[r cnn 4 on appliention to h Illis offic. inay 141 G IUNNV RMlAl;S- 8,011 G1uany flag' slr irnole by "ay 14 S & 3 lo P WIHITNEYVI I' 75'Ci'o st I I)II E-9b00 caskos Irboulnusio ii 'oiloIoo for sable is 11 boy' S &JI WHlITNEY', r, inov 1. 7:1 Colop st. ij7f0NI RI Sb&b0 1 I NIvoI INE ,7o rops So WII:;"""~r4"~lNOY 7? (ooooopn W TIIISIh2Y.2b00 blarrels rectinfied t! isloe irt sior' forr sale by G; D()lt-,LY, 111110 41 New Leree IN II) 150 ca-k1 Ct,,,noonti rurt",!, for bl y (A DoRSEY,"'p, innyl11 Id New rno. ,jESBýIfIrrF--I Inii t8bl, for Rule!,' III G__ (IDORISBEY,41 Now Ievee. INK! INK !! INK''ý ýJnoR received twelve egroe (of i I o Inenrknppo-i,,,rnlotkootred in oneodonen bones, I for Iy tIleo!rnot gror r l'y ý' DAVID FELTh N-Ynro Stationers' HFnal, onyl 21 Chartres nt. W[LLAM RL, CARNES, 0l ' 0r j oil 1) SIANA WARE ROOM, Ina0 1I No. 63, IIEoNtILLE-ST. NEW ORLEANS. In G 3SH1 N BUTfER-Joust received otot for Iale n,,yll 41 Neo Loovee til fejoa01 loon .)r In S J P WVHITNEY, 73 Coop rt ) ng bog Enlgliobo green peas, lndling froon n; barolue Chooonlcleer, for Rule by . 1 - HIALL & 111021, N, 96 Mlaganine at In toOSi.i~i l~r ltoloiTttjo. lon nonre t! 00400u oo aju~~!!4:, .I ii bV r '.3 STE'I`'SO i& AVERY 83i6raviernl U( UNNY Ilt,-o2ifi-lol) (illntny Ilogo itfi lot ott G 3 bushel bo zel, i banloe sostl haondles, for sale by )r lnur_ 2 I BI018ib2 & Cot, 131 I1gonine I . I tons EEI.-n5gloo I shogioo bliitorerd Sel, tor ont toy all -)a MALL & IItIMWN, 9l6b Mlagonine nt or A _Af JiIALF% (II' 7oIF NEW IJ.RLEANon. o FJ7HE prii o frrsiall floor to-day is $7 poo riel t ucro0,0,, to [i2e IoariaI,,ofle.t inkers Sh0all give (tt. It) rin" "'13 9ustlil ' i weak (11rot u lcluday l31th inet.) 39 oun 0 oce. ootol for aIfnnto. Blreadno' thoe seonotd qlualityill t, roqtiredt 1o weigh Q5 per eoal. bore, vim: 4f ounces. it 100ly04 U GENOIS, illnyor. B) U!'.I''It1& LAIII I-100 bieg lard &50 do nops or nor Woesteornbufferr. bo1rle Ly u in)6 Ii. I1o11sEY, 44 Neo Levee 0* I) A N I)ES-0ll0casks it store lioromaln by LB t IrOIRSEY, 44 New Levee PREnSSbLo-Cnvip unit Nnolonelrnouses, n ohn Sa fe o Rtcie' alu lever ollivingZ presse~s; to dowiobth screwaIlso a olarge amnroy ol uunnriel preenbro, all wanrrantold Oirst rate articlen inol for oale by DIAVIDt PELT r CAtn N V Sitooioo,.eroball %t4 Charnres of )rI RN'EK'S INK-4ufn received, front hbroilie r. Cbontttotror n Inr vo ilconne oflouhnson unit Inu oooooo utawa,buotk,oodjolb ink, *oall for noia biy IV 11122 A TOWA It, 49 Cilot? 00 R hANDY-An invoice of maperoir Brand vi, tinge Sof 182M, lor sale by SHALL & BftOWN, [ may I 96 Alagazine t n SOAI'-'00 boxes m hahni's brand, lor male by - .. .my 1 SHALL & Btl\OWN,96 Magazinet Ist Il IE--1000 bbl iThimistomin Lime, lauding and for i J sale by S & J P WAiT'E, ~ T nIlly 1 73 Camp a , InLLI.ANS' ;.IT'HOGRAPI'llIJ PRINTING OF S 'ICE, 53 Malgazin street, opposite Banks' Ar W REF.ENE take pileasure in announcing to hi SIriends and the citizens of New Orleans, that lie has at t lcgth brought Litliiorailih) ol a n r n ilbl copper plate '"u Sprinlting, nod nroin tif nlitilieis the art hos ovroier c orer lt enngavng, he can execute all orderi enlruited to iaot one hntf the expense of engoraving and nearly as nclhp as type printing. Merchantn wishing Circulars sent olt in their own hand writing can have any qurntlitv At n few htours Fi notice; or they w till he exctnted for tier in a eimauiil lt stvle, such alh has leretoflre give pcneral sntifraction fr to'all tile most respenable connimission houses in this n citY. Getulentmen dt.nirtnuof hmviniigVisitinngor luni Sniee Cards iliiitled inl the belt nluinlnir, will io well by eallila il lihe lffie nlld see specilmens. SO N B--link notes nently executed, And circulars, prNited at Peln l n I ntico. SISDO1 and Geniusl of Shaklwsparte, by Reverend br la lock Slheptuntlrd, fit ounuminden, nrnnmnnnce, ty W Hlrn nchr i ,i vnesati(t u rre an Art, with cutsrion F. JOHilNS & Co, t 1er7ling and ' rrlddokl, or thnrle d Cigh Mdel by ta I neael i i acual ciiistho) rn. iTrenaii e Elvird ' the Nto inA'se 'inAf ointy Mrs omeiprtklan the Il J Gen tilrditi nl inarl, tNiele pnii n ll r . l li ntJack Stl e lari c Ist n i nd r lioert, a r nl eer y W liar Jo orinlii Ain l ith, with n n io il lulsPtratt i ons lo Nicholas NieOkleby, nemubcr I I ai 17 Aorst Ca i r lea ind Conmtn Mst i l A-' nAi T, i IOl ISIny lANeA ANid on r hinnnuil.le rti. n IS rish And City ofiNew Orans--irenlit the oenll orahhbl harle.: AlarianJt is Judgr, No 1191. Isac ,eEmnnmel (rin a.itua l. lsto i ,rnie. i imr.oimtcidtinon, itCte il t lt nmenlinl. n il nnd mmiedlilon p ae, it lis ordered that na nh piony ar etiiony nrd. cre td tni c rn c nflln eSt otro. ql diCors tau ieae, Nie Oolin counrt, n Mm day 18 te 7th ther have ir ca , why the said Isaac Edloii el shoniT 1l n1" h discharged a rdig to law. ir is flirther orA, t iared that Inni Hle Eiq. n lie tA pointed lit rentro ut ie A brsent creditors, ian n intine ninne, all procce ltdgs A dont ptrn-ceiull one pr persnnrty tire osryed. it r ity order of tie i nourl. eu CIrk's ufiele, New Orleals, Mayrll i ,139. . sy6 td ARMAND PITOT,'LCrk.l rlli, peir Nla Paroerse lt Villa 'e i lna onvelle Orleans' pren otr lionntnalne tninem Mtnut M rion, Juge. t 'i. 11791. Insae Eninnuel (ibtenta) tP. se1i eri-nneers. En it ant eu posnot lno pclitnioi it eiti e Ie schedule antlers stirs lea, en2 pleine cklir, Iobnd l . 7 Mid can. rn ntu pour d 8lster le c raisons, hvi i Wll , 1101rqtttii 10 l it rsane Einangl aino s-ofat lima lihrfe aon In , et i r- pins orTlonn quoe It. a . l Frat lli. snit noniit-0 pour re- m ne0 prtnenttr let erbancners nbxiceni, et pendant n e tilntN a tll il prFcc duro coitre no peorsonne onl prophriht-1 sora t suspelldlue. Par oerdre it i l Crienr. iienao dii greflA nla Nouvelle Orl nl c, li .I i inn 1839 .m tay td A. IITrTn, relfier. ..i ... N F.7-PUL. A ON....... fili llIE fltl Ie renhrlmnn soai Ilim Witter lte, withi S11 nother sken ches of l ih tlinues bv G P Mrri with e .1 chings fly Jelllson, IPaicnl Mrl, a Sicillli story, edited by Thedore t inonk to which is .uppedtd ihiitoro inlnent a tlery byii T e) IIodore IHook.i tir Niuiner I2, Nicholns Niekllhy. nr Nulnhiers7 inll 8, skeltches In linoz. InClarke in tile Mllbery Tl'rete anld Silk ll'irmn, Alld onl , q the i ro allitinni i a nd Iinnneiiin ntai ii f ilk, eniueilli tw l inih aonproinriate nieeravings--Jist ,tee( iil a , sle inY6 eor tlnlli & c.ll l.-l, hin - Ut rir of dintrir stockni I ýknI UST received u large. .f fire quality i nf Ov iniiott Inntterulnn tatlin , n lt Exnchangm.t, l -tIait s t I o. e. it r o cOTTOiel n.:- ,-lnei restortiloni nanid grwiti of t. i t 1he ln i glVlllig healthl , betIIII lind i intreenting il falling ofn sll at WlM. I E.I m1"3 No. I G Chartres at -ILIIED-al Anitr I neAtI'I Ili--Jniat rtc,,invd '4110 rellliia ruled I.elter lwatller, boltbll u hhe! IA hll ile. schools, lI))r sale ny tit It.I iniinT &I. Coi rna l in t ri . "N n Y Nlainh er' IIall, n Chartres 0. Alin· efr blh liy j T I) t 1t : i t o, i Nle Ian3 71 Itonrnn or _ulI M_ _ 71 . Vot'dires sl SPLENI)ID I IIANCIE 11 T I) IE NOLI by publico yuton ,,, .on 3e'.oia h ", Irli iniRlnoot I, I Wchiclir 3hetvll3known Cy'oo i r in lionse ,..orian FIRIEMElNS MIA31, i St ChalesI streenl, doing al l mxcellont and ý P~~ll ill prove an fi, lid,-aningeou, opportunist, lo II a peCTrson - lls a, ·InaI ('all ia,it bin. cono.loyi .,'3,3. d otstr,y.,oSt,,lo'oole ll sir illd ill th by.,ll3 oll 'I ., o I I i yyye Dob, yars er week 'T'he oiywl'o., fr inrliag with3 it i a y.'yly. In1 enter' , 30."lll wr boI n-4.l. o . mayv 15 IM UT 4 12 l;-3.2 hlby landing tets mba na 3~iti ID M II . it .13iWt3.3yo(yI eo 41' nt 3N i w II 131i ON tIAN.-31 b.0 for -1,1 y111 DON3 JSll. 431 INen .n oIl loI"5 Ioy3 )It 0 hg primer 0o-1 L'. edO (711 ; I I I II llll- 33 in S33 t 0.N a J o33-3'3 Ui olAE~ &33,y,,,, 1,yt1 191.yyooyil 3yolollo A )FIII IIIII UIII5( 713 [ P31an fo .3- JT-IAY Itg & eo0y 71 1I IIIi t.IIO W LAIIIN 11Iyotto200Mseams [,.b~le Rod 500 by,3 o,. II H AVANA SECARSj-fi6110lr00111 liflfiff-e t qnalitiill. ta13 :1. &m ie 2 3I'l' Al0l NAflags* borst oro ob. br "a 1171l93(Y 1,br 1 11 tl .1:1~i CIIE-:51 l)'O,'r 'o 133r lljel SHALL & BROW All 9 N 01 Bostongsl llt do.siz es. f 'rylosd 11,13 f61 nrizi nek st NI 33'I.--O I'utl'l rol.l iCATI3. 1 al y S)ICI 'rAN ASAI , y 33.ltynale S.yy I M by EIy 103,, l1ho,,3.1,s by o.ho Poyry., boldyye, oflIo L brig ludwig, and '1,r -al,- b, nd13 S &r·J I' W\II!TNM*,73VanipI 'rln, t LOI yyrS0C3brrllRo&Co..,.o.,o 03 F as I1 0)1 41 Ný P03 yv0, II Y 19br I sfrin bi IV n'I3 G D( MSEYi', 4 li, IoC1 New Leve cl S(ln )folrrosaie byl A AD -1 IESln STOMi; INGSL-101) dozen Inadies sloA.k a~f A Apil E b, 34 Gr1339rs. No W 1177 1. 'I b,,oIt - o 1 A IiON _3yI~oo I-ERIICL.ES AND ASPASAIA, by Xilaltr Savngi _t The Cirrooo of l oister by M ohrs. oioor oGorerba re Hulngariann'Iales."' assay I cor St Ch isles &k (,oil in nl oIf orrrtAl EF b OoJBIAooA.-fr lisr Coulit of r - ite S, Parishrand City ofl New Otleaus-,i.torreditothe Honlulorable Chalrles An'aurain, Judge.r! No. 11,774. Mi. Dulanat vs. his Citaclitora.. e. Thes cession of property by the petitioner l lrh of accepted~ by the court for thle blenefit of Iis clads a, tors, an(] it is ordetredl that 9 aectinge ofinuid creditors be h0d at e.r offiRc (if Phi. Laosole, notary pylolr, on 'I'Tody tile 2O0h (layof Maly nlexr, then aood tlore 00 .t. dclitherlr ono the affair. of Ilthe peiti~oor, .I03 in 'he rmeanotimre ail rprestdinrg against his property anod per sea aore sloye.. It is frlrther orderred, th.at Chm10. tI. Corwiori, Eiq. Ile pI.3..ilil3. to reperaroel th0e abovre credito.rs. fly order r. (lots, I. Clerk's Office, Now Orleans,,. 1 pril 27, 2:.9. mair I 31 ,v ARMAND P1131, Clrk. IA1'ATDLLA 1.0135 kNE-CouoIy do 0,,yuisor IFoIor In = -iaoLr ei ille de In Nonvelle Orliý,o, Present I'I on 'l t Cileoaro Aloornro,, J.g-. Avrilý.17, 11137.I No. 11,7715 I. Iboviiye or, 0.se t'o,,aeier,. La cessiuj,, olo I,, li ro ii'3i, I'ar le 3 Oi .. ...... 0 .. a 130330,c peril, Cour, pour Ile bo~fiver ltit m reo,,oierr c. if es, or . "' 6 litiU)Bllnera enib~leas~ent de dila iluil) cie3,. sreo t0nu0300 horu ,IgPlohi. L.aostle, nIoire imblil, m 1,3i In 20 Mloi rychoin, ofm d otliblibi'rer our on affair". do dit pleti330..300ire ;t pend1antdo cc tremps It ottes poursiolts ,conlreo In pr,.1ribrc sera suspenoolor. II 3st plus ondoooh quor CIoyl, M. Carwyivji, Eoq !ojfloumn pooh1.ur rfl.r~nre lcr ls sits y.,borincrre. Par ordre dr In (',or. Bureau du Greffe,Io l oayyovelllr!booo, Avril 27. 1239. til 3t ARLMtAND 'ITOT, Goreffier. r0. N. 0. & NASIIVILLE1311MI. ROAD (5.. Spitioo nAoooooNoGEor. Ni Commencoyi.n g~O el (Iloy, Sund1a , 3M , 1232. IE Cars will leavo fo IIhe GREAT PRAIRIE, oil J-e ~their roouteo to tlhe .Byou Tigooyue, every day in te week-as follows: st D~epart. Retur mt 7P.M. 10A.M'A. 4" 0" - Exceft Snooloys, orlor,, tlte cars sill r,,,oas rollowo ld Veport. Ryeturn. A. 51. 9A.MIl. 12 M1. 2 P. M1. 4 61'. 1!. aoy 3 JAM1ES II. (CAL.D WELL, PresiIdent. s DFIrCiE.-Mortio, II. I)roerro, Manufaycturer of 1,y 1 Tin, Copper, anldl see iron Stoves,&c. Ino thio at day aktnintohrs 0 rtorsl Jovll rolyo'ro,. I'I, botlai. - nes0 for tile funtore will he ,',,notled under the 000003 rI ofjilortino I1.& John DeoeDreox. r- I DEVEREUX. U. JOHN DEVEIRIEIX. 1' 17 Persons indoloted to 5I1 1l1ryoryotoill phase 00 roll and settlle their aerootlo, aold those Ihai clg ing woill -peoroot tlhem for settleasernt. 00my 4 - P A RLOL ORNAMIENTS -Ro re sod aoeautlul .3. curiosities, for sole only by Rees & D'lager, anoti a Plouglo's Museumo. All olese30rnamnis consist 00 the most apleloo did oprcintoos of orohinology broon rutope, Asis, d Africn, aood our 03w0 country. el Approved noletrt 6t days will he taken al HAMBERTIN-IttO boxes in a C a22 A TRIER, 34 Cirayier at IMENTo-io) bags; pimento, prime quality, in 0. store and fornsalelow bIy toll J 1i HULLIN, 74 Campj 30 u CAP PAPER-Judt receiyed Iwo cqloms sulperfur b lue wo0e cap very thin uitloble for bank usn, one dh white wove, for sole By 1) FELT& Cut ooyll N Yirsatiooer't i fuf, 24 Closrlrem LOllR--00 Itle Iaulding Iruocstealm Loat McFnr lane, in store, for rule. v mll 0 IaO R'SEY, 44 New Levee M ESS IBEEF-2-5 half bria at ille insleoklon in i l. tefor sale liy 0G D(lOSE. 1ni0 44 New Loeo ' E A--50 hbues anoeholtg anil Poncling, for esale tby amil A THlRI,33(irnvierta SAISINti-4ll boxs in aloteifor nioe by t april' 2 ABRAHAM RI'R IEII,V4 Gratier Ht h r igANS iO, 00TAN , &cD- ) mase, eon.epriine an extenive assortilient u ien' andil boyn I.sa russt Uron I alf, kip'*nd emrocco Boats; gentle ien'a and "anlire SLucle lm»mp tld ,i)lpoira ; cilsltlns ihoes,brogans and ankle ti;, for sale by apl 21 2 I BRIDfJK & C 134 Mlagazine at fiHE Litlnl Frenchman anl hia Water L.(B willi J o her sketcles of the limes by George P. Mlorrio zEq. with etchinba by Johnanr. S Sktches by Buz Nea. I tO 8 inclu;ven, received aun i sreile by ALEX. TOWAR, a Umy7 4 Coloanp st *[TTICKI.IEBY No. Is- Pascal llrn),, oSiiliamstory 1 liyv Theodre look, Esq. T''lmnoetie wrealh, rt selectioe Irl thie British t oet . Te Clho Cstolgilt leI bollk. Justreceived and fo saFle by c nys A TOWA, 49Cnaep t - P1APil -Cltonn ainpling pnlptlir. Jii;l rceiceild i 1 filt ltr f lge broine palec, nsiiille for cotion d brokers, of \VWanternan's Manuelctur and for sale by nlyv A T'FO\VWA ,4 Camp at TlI'STiOM SAl.''S-- bnriels Inlltimlore Epsoml salts, 21 barnl.ls lIuler ahll, finsla· Iby JAiVIS & ANDI)RIVWS, e cornr Commolnll & Te'.houltitioulatt st SpOir PFI110 IS..A lplnci ell e norlnoir ceii ViT - I tig Desks, nrio izesa nnil i iera. cfr a.leo y SDAVII O'll.Tald co, Sj8 New York Rtationere' llt. 4l Charltre aat TANNER UOIL--16 blnrel6 hretwn, ill attre %id T for aleb} SIIltL, I& tlllt)WN, in all 96('l agaziile st I ERRIES-- boxes cherries ini brandy, fo;'-rslle i- Mby ' L SIIALL, & I&lliBiWN, HIt 9fir Maeigine st is PAPER WAREIIOUSE. A IEXANI)I1I TOWA It, oolkseller, 49 Cnept st, having purchased tll stalck ofl lnpa c,lof Nielare. '"- olling (Iieen & Cuto,will kppp cocnslntlly tln hnld a iII gnnodl s ly of paper italtaken t ofor news, hook ldjo no. Val v d twrilig do. Iblin eevery c n ial Ior litll pc , r colored ril tig papeir, blank i enlards varioie un i quailitie, plnying dorwra iping ge paper, l"rinte's irkllln, rinli. to pisecesr , brusa rle, eaes o&c &e all rVlicoi ie offIer fi)or wale on ilce no. t acoelodai 4tic int llecno.m Old t iy urchased or taken in payment of new lype or othenr arlicles. nla9 NE *1 C)lr V Aiy -J tit received an invtici o-f i ve' r superior i glazed cal erd, i asietrd sizes faom no. I lt I feIr slI atl very lwT prica byI e. I I) Ar NAVI E LT & Ca, li' nlv New Yrlk Stanillinor's hall, 24 ClhatrN et pIcc risic g al gllel aci Panorlalc, oe Mn lnuiet Ginb . iyle, laaiditng frol brig W\V. llenry, finlr ral by e. ilty l 111I1 BlRIDGE & Co, 131 Magezintte it eta 1( 0 l.ol'ihiN ca15t ccenae aenat bnl liti&.7g Jifronl ship tl. I.oui. , fir sale by iy6 I BItIIDGE & Ce, 134 MAngitine st r, Aco iys SHAlL & 11RoIWN, noi,.ii l9geagzine at il -9lI:,LPEN Si--J.us reoe. aiv, ri gr.e. (lillcts SIEngF lllcl+n Perry's double patlent ileIl piCns, for snlebvli I N LY5 li r N Y li sticf hllc l 11c-1cc,1 nio lr ingi l_. I ) i.1. ('oolllln 1a .t l l Tc hoo- lnlllin" Ils le ' III,"'pO(IMENE, IBI oWN & C() - Vi1y NoI ! Connti st R E' thu+ ,. Il. It tilt; li~cii ia ,; ci ottnftt anti ,ck li l: le ffi'' ;,1 " r .e f .licel cll ea Ly it.. . lcepcol and sweeitl mluch diclllns t rtclciccry tic at pi, tilet i tS tire nevessartY to ie p tIlLcerihlel rom Ibo Isof el iltfhe werdi hertlring file ii1cntci 1 r l ticsoel t e Rllefrigeralor is IoIW cccscidlercld aiI icldisPnapnblol r cicl in i ociOIIccyV ICofetery good hItsewici . Tice tha p '! tle cost slc ltoaerlicle every i cear. T] e 't'll c allh lcr ir is cooilat nlly rrec ivill frotlll Ihe Itnal cli f, cclllcrer Rc-ric.ratociccs cflifferetlt price-. f Ie licclccs 'oilcer i nelpict cd Acell fur Ili ithe inaurfac larer, Mir A Pallea. SilocIieiCn ti ice ltefrigeratorsI full beih seen fit.. iy .o...r. 53 lliectill i Ft. c .. . . . ictdl. if W It C I% NE.S. F110 ME(AIANIC4!-·rl. Thc toe.r lmie' . calculator,~r I .iijroli oig p.rio-u.1.., rIle-s nodl tailsto ill tlik fillfo! Mii 8t cllnna i IE gital-it aotti Art isan Il Raffle. inl, 11Y Williaim G rn, 66oill lninait-r slit ,i% v an, !lo the51 Galtigutt edito Ition t tce le thi. (Inv n tor -b Iby ALLX TWAIlb O dnU It49 ih 'tp st oh M ,II-I 1 ll No I '- 110, no 2 omlkt II !,1fon tll lr liale pv, ,in s Itore go loti I tl t olin t -f A II r--100 - k-rp 1-.r-iiaie fh11a latd,- iio *.1m-e- nnd -fur 7-1. Poi' I IIA t Pt-ott oI'l Ir Agri-ngy, 1.A NAWItl NI C!E & I 11.1.,I N17 CIMP NTIMEET cn,;eýlr~i , small pica, m~l~ill, llr imi, hie% it r. long pritnel ofic. A!,, I'IAoSll lu ItIs otri-,ip tluoy. in k-gis (if 60 11,t. 11 11110 A iLIEII, 316 ntt3 .0 o 1Iola .l ii) i)ii A 'Io I .i t 1-: It,31 t , iiiit Coatii f,1l iavila- o it y ifi l i No. i1 / l171110ON opv hfll.1tilt in lil t- t. 117HERFASl apllirlit ititha-,be"lntd loa tito 1 11 tves, .Brat, Ja e LotI. Btogart ou i ftd Slitc E nitvUol at, i ill. olt Iit-l ' JL33led1and 11 Aliou'.1 - . Thoui e stt itNIt straight I-le, it tIl bet ey P it li"of e ft, that no tic i 1o11f 0 otlrpdica no 8aliFumltt N.o siw Itn o 1 to saidjlilt Mo tieo i Ilun, ,alent, that th is (jolle~ cl ,iJI Proetied lal o s Irvet toheI oirni d dht liitotllt a is rIln A oo1nuio C. (lENOI8.lnoyoo. oil9 ftlod Iii f1839. AIdYi(L-31Ir LE DRi A Nl.g. IiRIRANS. in oosni do In lto it ilhjllYll l No. dci . .ndnoio do 30 tegoiI 13q39n. A TT" ENIiU that it is 1 0 nle ltion foltheca Coio n ~ lil pist muttl II Ilill~ti, Joino ritiot,W IV fulikioliooit% No. Tw.t1ottoten and orntion t. o, Ao.-t-y W' Iooonrr ito-nl I. liiotllo-iosttrc~lrlnttt pro a, tivig street in i t straight line froi n Suzeite tc, tinn cia 110010 11 totlll: 00 dcoloa~ ligiio In rtao So. 'ltloaoas 10 IliitoiniJ qittoo uet-~lIju ql~'alnr i'oiAtltlnlliaaap tton sloeet. Cclliit on seil) do to Alunivnilinl it iI, No. dem. l Vrioi Atilooiicatl ot bi Boloain, ooolormiotteakl In loi, cl 910 ti ~,ltPtitoiuo A sttisiro n'od3 poilla f1it339 . atI iliAitlttt prrpotlt, le Lonacil irdvionot itoperture C t s( tlltitiniltio tlplar atJihenI oat a Ic d Jamesnn liv i13 11.H AItlori tWBogartorloatotet1aaBar ert riza uletio pdo 10 3 BAnail~l1133,rk~olIoritalll 'nuneasoaloaaoosaNoi doa to liloitos do lo till., de uIs doaavolea O porant. in Ojigoa IOSDJ BA~L~ LDWIN, IPaeoolr. nuvIr ent outinutor en doIll o li pInrate8.Iomaet Il.i OO llllitliltel Slttt lteiojti Oti a llIId In lis 3 lAt icilit t0I~utdtun,do Ltiteroiroit-l~ Fallrur I it oolStt'itat l11 enlitll - criuen oi t r os olu q £o lavis o in roe Vic I'Alionsoiotirit. .1 i. AlEtilS is don. ulll Lo LlO~lo,1839. '0 ~ UINYT BA(Jt-190~ llJ~ utal on i~anblroy itago -r ioototue ott tortn·atlo nIl A lItBAulER &o no, ?itmyenA litnoet ----uFi WjEWViZEi gyT - ____- at `,' r - Iii.LL. CilorIreaaaaCs , d too do am allay 0re et ontdiPationie lit oogo, TUB tscio n. Is tsooanIlal.llen ta I Pills, ohit 11it c oLfori al as ha, sodxor ovislorn ,94atp t'ler aiaoaaano, iiotorelffaoooa italaloltaiy. Aloiilllaleae 3AlvnidlLillg3o, ifollpulioatnaoeture diehsagrusaniles Inlmity of In1001 0ille We, oiao a of Nouoelle e ,,lioga ) ill Jlnotoll oSIkott, Casita, &. Tlaoto iN nReodlr r- En accordance over in aroul tion littiteidente, avi re.N. deOlliu.ldealllSilr ae contiaal. I 1eIS 3 dl "AnoCII ataiAl.CO O iNColoea S.faob1 ir soft 10solllal'l ioaol 39laosoo, in satiatby JAILVIS & ANI)RLtW, aplt Iii ooraaooColloiao. aol Ttaoapiattstoaolx , Cei)L o foICKLIIY-oNn. 7, bu an20 90 a Ltiiotfioot aio aao ill 01100001 toat: lt aa vsarioapo oitstorealtl in frgsbokajoatoooitodtll ,1l1 it all J A TO&ABu 49Cor tare IlAls), N.Alii i e lwl PbIord K-.-iat a bde wnljaachaapi cr5100l Sidaortllrd llonaliern 311119 kegs ursa t il nllt ohLta i ITll BO t ilean Gil t % i tak, c l i By P p8 e STETSON &r AVmEILY a 11& tirarior 0 I wi 0- 3iili bd o nel N o 1o e x a mi it i o o a tsor t m ae n it y 0.3 5 &J P WHITN EY t~LS 73 Cvaap a IIq Y.I LSU. l CIGo Id E T-I ltc ilarralallsast. i 5 It. l oeo;l u hrlg Enilotold, blia xes tot state. ttt 11113 5& J P WH lT1NltfY,73 Ctaoy a ala NOTICIE. al- a ll 1 enl co r0 n o Flor mo r 1510 l Tlartimpajouol atroina 0C NI' 710111, l o a1es anal pitttotlot, frt six0 snail lie part: wi thai v-ill e uy l vleryinte esti ngl boingaaa tilo atoblo at I H Kby lya 80 1)0 1 a4 drirareelN, biCds CincSa n N. Bl. Also. at able ooltte slob!e poerl n oT ntoalbed Horn.., at alli~rrot noaciiltlisn. ~Aloo, sad ul dit anal bony Itotasltadt n-illdbe rs ld lt p11oos alat wi 10 kion..gsaoao Irstlab in llua san.ea 0, ant-It - W Ii KELLY. 6 JL. BROW.s Pa4ot I a(iarkn, foal by Gruotara oaaftind aa 5lBietanlllaoa atre, Paalc 'PlatiLtrm Bai50ttOa asularisr o In no eooroibrad La Iais ni)y. lcllitF WY 16 ARN~iS. BPI 5ANGE ON LSIiNON-l&ao oolebn -f S&J P WHITNAL, will 73oCanipr at an AiL EME-1116 agas 09110 rretlilauding It - PHsaolalpsia pb t brig L'endiaFtnror alle by aii ? ORsaLL of IrOWN, 15i nbagjutaa atrv pan- I I 4tatinons, tawll l iie toon -loieth l a r b uplift i at tilestal , of W e Quit 184 Gruvier'strect N, v10. m~UJ ~ J~· ~1!JACOB JONES.I)F na . .Aso tda ntu tal evrl aroffn

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