23 Mayıs 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2

23 Mayıs 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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-e" sy. About 900 tat Ihat the acual das will| tht ce a ls notes lahrgely be o ;nasw York Ct the lsat datre , iess s felt least the rate t le f Pwinet. SLocks cere the ltatemeant of the S i t ibted ttate, aid from aeto iel it yf iht urmetictn on other t o ble tb arrtiv at th fallo. ng de r ie bo6ier`d, time will in a great mea rdtsf to 17e.th M 5ai 3,.o Sl0ti jle to 17th May 044.01 ) 73,700 , ti he . S. por.l 43,0110 Sa atleat.n n20,00 tal crop at e183 and 1839 1,817,20 eststn •e 3l0,rO1 " U tat a ot. 310,1110 it'sV t ent at f EurOpe do. 80,000 --7 -705,100 Supplh. . G4 oi rita in (or 1839 622,200 We xlUt66k f tiiAiear Catron It 0. a I4e4 1attry, 1939. 2l1t,0l1 ht_ '_ (O. Blrtain fort 1839, 011,200 i ins. pi-nl American Cottons Britain lest year, 964,400 ' etlat taed ereoe this year 12 per tý, . 10t,*, 115,700 848,500 ll' it netSis butpply Lor 1839 1 ,40n Irdto thls e n.shr ctlinr ca prevent tlse rise of cot. ?ttotn.' Re, aoet astspatsieg thetlecree int ctesamlttioe lthivterlt Screar Itritnia to la 20 per cn.the aook on bld,olnt, e 3of Denleber, wrillonls be 610,60h bee. , nd lflt0r rnlapotr d hc~ be erediac to trhe ratio tf the ofl l teb st nitan i tfe aWeeks of this y.ar in ,reast •io i, eta. ?T1 thelii kck on hahdll ill hbe 81,8910 itles. Ru ely ojehistnck tempredtl with tilat on the It ,Manar, 1839-'2,110OO, Will ,not have e dctressing ef. ,ts upon the markdt. VTitoLrauk is Csoa sor st rise. ,r ,. trt.Eih.. e. My, O4e1e,1d3fa If d. *4240 .@ 5. 2 Air 1 U. B. D0f1146 Spiih O1Ile~i. 16 56 n06 16 75 6 A1~tT..iii; a sihd; 13011p.c. preium . r ike. of KteBANK NOTE°', t ak tid . prom. C. II:I)R1 ASCRJ N.1TFTa, par 44 per ct preml. 8 int. .Mý GLD k ILVER* Bpaia D. iloou i I650 4416 7 Amardoe Gold; I @ 4 P, . prem. Prioio of iasemrrniI Alwas nal'. '+(ThieDy, May itd) ' il. ...................... ....... 4 4 5 p. .die, Hnnlnhnr .... .............5 r~ 6 d d.9h W 6 md' Post Note, ..N........ I.. 11 do Do1.6 do do .......6.. &16 Id do ri N-d(.phl *M payii banks.)i.....1..5 10}6 di Unioh n lIh,...pireb l .. ... 6 44 7 do .d I,. dl.'ri Ma lNtes.......... 2id512 do e i ::........ ..... ..I (0120 do W.kllige.to .......... ... 5 5 44 di mildl WK Bee k fi Vical...hi.,..0. L5 do w1 D 3. iii ., Post Nioi...." 6(1 5 do IuBikifVI'4IaH .............. ..... a5 45.11 to 2066bh gour i W iter worLk.............31) 035 do shy.. h y.....................4 5 15O do U It' Baib Mdlediso............ 1 11 303 do Wli I Coir.ne ............16 10015 do sl"I: Bane .......... ·r ~ j d .a6 i1Elplma'l yn7..5.. .(7 do to Bark 11................... ....... 6 010 do . 3 @ 5 di Ljrigapi 8lu ®610 do Tosp T ~Wloes.......... ...55 160 d (,fine end ran Hudwe .............. 15 442. do S lakoe. Doe... Che.tI..in. My ...........41 Wl.hi,,on,. Mp ... 7 NIofkdo . ..........10 Cin;iopati, May .........11 Philadelphia do ...........4 I Louisill.. ,d ........... ' Bhliari do ............. S. oui, do , ...... . 10 Siiiiiib.'db......... .. 10 1111erpool. r .. .....21) Eouilin I ue.) MIy .....I10 Pjri. April.......... 17 ....b :.. ,....0..1d I u.M .......6... 1 Nuttvd'al du .......... 1 ý II .......~~....... 1 IOIT'I' OF NEW ORLEANS. CLEAILANc S. MIy 22, 1831 Blilqe.Midli Rltchie.bfor Ni, York. TCJOkok. I P..rqia FPpn. Crowell. for Liverpool, L H Gol, Blirque .iiiliilii.Firrest, fo Live.pol,, I8 He.h 1 ro M ar Me'y, Avrl; Hniouo , fr Roton, G RHdfrd B 117.11. (iilleferill, for Bo·ton, G Ilydord Beckr ts. . Bay. for Talmpa lay, gfa·tar -ARRIVALS. Maty 22, 1639 Se..qI. Miporimeab, C.,rliu, from Loel.vill.j r1.4aer Hed'teys, Thompson.l fromt CjllICIt0lti. It 1iemii8.di,,i. Tufts. from Lisoivilje. 8Luemar~ Commerce, IBrisl s. f or ('I cis t.,i. LI1eemor Algonquin, Hearin, Dustin. Froml Pittsburg. 8tonmer Gen "moment Mounaell. frondl Loulivlli.. steamr Washington. Ptrrclt, from Lufoul h.. dlsoii, At" Upde., fom Opilouele.. EXPOCTO. NEW YOtKK..Fwhirlqy ordlui. Crgo. 7400 Iu.h.I. t662 ~bli flrn. 26 kdt corn, mil1, 460 oa hid,., 17;b.. uine, 46 bdi tubacco, 20 bile. dier skin 8 th...s him. LIVERPOOL.: Par barque Funny..Cargo, 2155 bales of cot. ............Pubirqu. fteoluhlon..Ciorg 1367 biles if DOdTON..Pcr hnl1 t .ry..C.ri. 513 bhli. bump, 2105 hi. SouiS do elor ail, 1165 saks Dora, 50, s.ab. corn mal. - ......... ...big uiod. .Cegi, 1650 IIfe dor. 16 hi TAMPA DAY..Pe.oh Ftuieyp. .Cigo, 12181 .uke oats, 50 bili. lisp. RECAIPT S OP PIRODUCE Lord~vill*..0'or eaamar Mrrim·Elk..Carlo, 725 deck corn, B bdi olhcco IV CO D Vneuebt1 12.bls. cator oil Durrivj a IeIbh.ae 5-1 h. iihiskey, 11O 32 ii oi,, l'0l oonno 4 br,.12 bled. h ion Comunro, Hydi t ci, 356 ack. Corn iJW LavilI,' bole., Itbi Alse he'... J lldwiin. Ciniunllnl..fiweriui11er Rooluk0..Careu .1IO bI. pork, J3 Vi..nn a Co, 30 bllhugh IV;2Iui1100e ige.li,7 32 k.,g. l;ad,G eltork i) . United States Mail on hoard. Iiuiyjilli..P.r ,ue.em, Salen.e.. Cerio. 22 hi t11i1ro, A Prier. 15 do Slirbipy k Wb.1utihimi. 126o H A WoInlow, 3 do Cnuei rNM Ihii;l4 do A I Wallae*6 ai; 18 o A L dddition, 9 hmg 8 Bill. 174 pieces ag hging 4 ruih. 1bon rn G ew 1e'3; pp hnin,115 l roils mile. H Iiroon Mkil.. dal. Tuipiu i Wall,38 Counor i &PGdley 4do S.6lth s V.0db... Cdlriiuull..Pir Niieu s Commirce. ..C.,,u. bI i i'ze DPI)uuirby,l bok.Wi6M Co11ri.... 20 iid. lilli W Gi b lipi. A e& , CO ld. bbipka A Fultn & co. 10 hdi hbeon. Boe.& Howl bills, 3 6, b..li. Adl.,. 4 Hartwell. iii Iis. itp.C~iblaid i, 16 bbAud 51 kehg. rid A D iov.. 411 LI 0I... 48 do wihiibyp Dorusi y1 him bi. s and I do Ihams I Diipler; 3,ilhiJ Be.; )51h u biuklp.40 doizii hiohiisiun. i'e 2b,,ird. PkLbpi...Fitlim, AIgenquiih..Cueao. 5 hi. sliw were I P buSh i ln In,.I Iie ib6.k..yJ I Bhk.S3 bl do sid 4 di 11wiibi. *Ie.j 3. hpbiible . 4l.4bIfbe. ge.. I 1,1 1ne1. 'heiadJ .ilId,d4-.2Lh whiskey A Prior.; 415 bhi l,, UfI & fiddi.dori. 0608Id. 6o,,G Deur..y, 3Od A Fiul- I Pii,50d 6 lordb 5 bld.pork,s giuerw lueo.i. Maid I ed 81gawou, C", ie. m *eGen Brown.CorIs 14 bdlhoburi COWli 'Uie.dri.24ii6. ropei. Is bile. twie, 127 410 ark lxn. seiebadieeA Grut; Cbriltti I i..P .iuuIner Wiiuiseo..i. .Ceri. 50 hi imol.. iiulM.,WM6,ld * . ..hbd . 9 bili. ii. P I I9 M w tartn E Yorke; 25 bitter catio Ion brtb s 14 bdw mwre Gandy 4, la.··rpplltr. 25 hdo eu..r W *ilWi siliei F P II;F5 bl hi5 him mol.·11 0I Rbf;u dry bhls ad biketsi t thi owiers or a hikh on 'O ri.. P.F ditm.r Alix Giidi..Ci.;i, fg halot if s PASSENGERS4 Fo,.itnir dllui.2..W II Peoui, irrett, Ii in, Lwiie L Sib.., iHutkih.. Fiu..0,, A Li~ly. J.,,uNu F..uuIIuimAlie.qb..MNleead Itidy, Dr H,ib'ied. Nsld MUiba..Idditpiu.E0 Forsyth. Ri.sk; Mo,,; Ji2;eun I i P. iI.im.rCiomwr...S C Hllaplto; WR Carnei ; E Wi it 1 IA"1 *egIp, Wb rudi W,,8t.; We~l; N W gioi.; PF4i i d Mon.. P.or oh,., Pi.pw.Me. Miorri6 * 'hild. Me. E ItpCip DIwiii; C.d Fuller. More. DdAtkllsoo. E V.,Iouia, R H ulietiood.V I.Ja.o..Thos M;Dne.ld. J D.,. J l.i.. A Honuy. CCI' C. ok A Wooilfoe; A O...,; S otl)oIi. J 126. berm; JS Mc~onnell, J Henry H Palmer. N1 Powall. Per iiiiwr Gl DIirown-hindip; 31LCUII; Rfto2,6 and MIEMORLANDA Ohio P4 pt woir tid felling. I`CORN DROO9-250dIoa i, torom end for aote by o22 G Dt LSOEY, 44 New Levee F. f1ACit-2~26t landing from cea,, boat Verdian, wandur ealeb7 by IGOIRSEY, t44 NewleLoe con -10 cacki Citojocotai cored, for B in by ( ADORSEY, *ey2J 44 New t.eore S1. E-100U camk. Theumtton lime tncdtoe, and (o by 1 & J .WHITNEY, no ' 73 Camp at Than fullatiua ame t Drnwaw Numbers o the Louisioa an Lottery, Cloeate No. Ioe 1839. 61 J31* US 49 43 12 4 10 21 THRIE CAPITAL- OF $5,CO each. LOUI SI44OTTERY Aa9torimr199'b7 eror. Chapter XLIII prad M m' 51* ,prrt188to ha drawn oo malaytd a clock.?. 1. D. s. (IW(eORY 1 ueso to YA3'E4 c McJtA!?YRE, 9*qinolere. SCHEIME. 7,1,, P31904 pa 1bngto~ I $145,934 I $n..Ie -l-Qoontere 73ctn 4 4 l~tk,.. for $14.- Shaeee in prep #eI" tacke,, apply at the Was as Ctimi peant to Came a 6"vmaaweae in so t of $ teher. r otUn'tI d & ALLAN. "^- t nn s( Sit harln Cain Cluacun - A smplr'i ýorwtcpet a "N ridug -lie-ke leathr. a. 6 i 'dUCI & AL.LAN.; ?AIWt 'UL AND BOLD. tffical j.ournal at ti)e aS flunicpalltl. I PUBLISIIED t Dalty Tnr-Weekly & Weekly. nE V OR 1 EANM.: -- -- trol THURSDAY, MAY 23, 1839. rest I oo " ABouT HALF A COL..N" is enough to write at o one i ting, this warm weather, and is us much, we are ceO certain, aa say ottoe ill read. In the house, the tihes het about ono'a ei's, and are continually tickling ore'sa Rol hands and face; and then a streamt of heated air comes pourilg through the ope windows, from the sua-burnty I bunqteot. Through the day,save in the morning, when 1 there is very pleasant sleeping, if thre is a leaf in the neighblrhood, there is not a breath of air to stir it. And I at night, when the delicious hieeze canes up from the Gulf, it h.ings with it a swarm of blood thirsty mosclt - toeo, whose bills are realy sharpened fir an " awfoul plunge" into Ith vory first tender part tlhey can find. The levee is no place for a promenade, fi.r the oyster "oabaets have n "ancient and fish.like samll,' and where t find an agreeable lounge, would puzzle one withthalantern of Diogeaes. Lafayette square looks green froo a :listance, and the broad leafed sycamores By do keep off alittle sun. But tile only beInch we found there the other morning, whet, sauntering through with afriend, unoccupied by loafers, had been the recent breakfast-tab!e of one of t ht"respectable gentry," for a rusty unk of falet bacon lay there perfectly unecncern ed, and brir ing away in the sun, apparently enjoying it Am like an " old Virginia" willage nago,, soring off a Sun day aftertoon on a cellar do.r. Chartrep street may do at some hours for the gay batchelor, who has a heart' for thl beau year of the gentle sex, who make thelir y shoppiog rounde, but thllt is nti ely out of our linel and it is a rare circumstance, that we ever find ourselves Ie nrth of Canal street, unless. it he to visit the Orleans P0o Theatre, which we didl occasionally, for we are fond of the delightful music and good acting, ho:h of which we s0? have there,lut r.ow we are too easily wroughtt to the " m.l!ting mood" to let dulcet aounds or any other at traction induce us to unldtrgo tile suffo altin of a du crowded theatre. At night, when tie myriad stars are up out inlheaven, and the queenly oloon presides with tine Victotia digllity, it is a pastime to know that the hun reds are recreating themselves who pass us, is wie while r away the firt lhours, in front of our counlilg toom, and I r eInjy the deli.htful is and the social converse of our Jo friends. Thie stars are larger and brightt r, and we have more of them hbre, than we have soen elsewhere, and Vi oor skies present as wide and nhoutiful a field for couoltamlritn, fuor the dreamer and visionary s any ot bi of Italy or in t. Ae popular a lounge as we know in kl the city, is tile front of .St Charles l tel, after tile allh diw hasal.en throawn there by tlhe west travelling son. ye Especially at nigrit-full is the whole area occupied. The eccentric editor of the iosloan Post says." you mayv always know a Yankee by his blhiiitg i p a door, ifhr O cal possibly get near rullgh to ine to do it. It inakes no matter owhat door it is,or how many peop's want to m pass in and out," and adds, that he would bo " able to tell in an instant whether he was in New England or to not from the mere fact, that tilhe men did or did not block up the doors." Were he by tsome possibility to he set ka down at tie front of the St. Charles, " where men most do mongrega*e," duriog the evening of one of there sultry days, he might well fancy himselfat home, altho' St he woual fin I m ny nf our Yankees, speaking. French pt and Spanish, with all the fluency ofnetivesof Pati and hi Madid. Ifwe have not wailten habout halfacol omn," we have about something else. thd the heat is enough to compel us to seek some cooler atmosphere than our 0o oonotoo, The Barnes famoily Ilnve returned to New I rk, to I enjoy tbe oliuti curt dignilatc, upon the fruits of their c Texas labor.. We are itltelbed to ir. Edward, ofthe Naotrcl Cou rier, for that paper of the 21st, one liay lier than receiv ed by tmail. Tile Cc tiercotains several intereiting articles whlich we would tralsfer to our columns to-doy, but for want of room. The P;cayune of yesterday lall. pll tlo hloaxl which lying R.olor imtyosed on ,o, in regurd to tlheflo delse of Baontnaoo, lwho, ofter all, has left Ilis fate to the Itthung. ltaa. tWe had determined to corect llhe error, ourself, bhut though it as well to leave it to " snapper up of ifcansidlered trillet." t Wthen Pernnytacker tlppllesI h's freh.acl. Ilin hearers always I okel olt for somnPethin ooCl nod trong to fol ow and wore neer r Ie diapp, inted.--Boston Post. Tap any plluncheol of rutn in tle head,tand tllto result will be precisely the somue. George II. Prolfit in a etlitidtau for Congress in Rnlliff Bonn's District in Indioan. We hope he wril proflt by tile Universal feel ng of dislike to his prede cessor in Colgrers anil eondut, Illonself to os to Imeit the ayprtbltion of golld npo, if he is elected! i Dr. Mayo is kicking up a great dust t aWooltington in his attempts at expo-ing Ihe corruption of the ruling dynasty. lThe )octror was once so good it Jackson lltan, that his sltementlot ltle looked ilpon with great sullpiciol. Apoclotet from any party are rarely be litrevi ThIl tht tetu t eff.rsolliao n doclrine, which te have shun d.o,,t s'itolloo to prove Was tesar to ths ttloroolotleoospolit. eans of th whlleo coatlo y ftllty years ago.--New Eas. What,to steal the people money witllout rmoors of conll. science and speculate in the pultlic lands at tile expense of lthe inotio Iflo, Ihis troe Jntfroonians doetrlna hlas proved doer lnot only to tle monocral, abut to the people. The following note frot tIhe Post Mllator at Coltumbuls, Ga., under dato of the 15th, came endorsed on the Express way 'The oteamer Sirsn, arrived this *eaing from Apalachicols: brings ioformation eofa horrible nltal.sre committed by a par- 0 ty of lndiains,oo Friday liIht last, On the Apptalchico!a river, about fity miles below the julnction of the Chattahoocllie and Flint. Seven or eightindividuals f both sexi s were murder. ed and their bidtea Iorned. 'The Siren ,topped at thle splt on sld. yalid ithe crew and passengers interred the relnalns of I the murdlated.' Recorder's Coturt, SECOND MUNICIPALITY. Reports of Diy Police and Night Watch, Mlay 22, 1839. l'xF.rN s' N1tGHr \DiTCH.o George ,tL.grell, ftound drultk nld asoaottllg tIhe -satlh Jilts s Cearroll Ivin drolli oi i thlo wllrf; Jui. Bsenan, and Jllna.s lidlle, nlhlsing Istaol atrtempt. in Io etrike the si attch; Jlleo Hiughes, olu-oito I lld eatlint Tehto. Wilalia tnl ot t ntfa e l ig tf tl tllealtre ; Jiatsa lurray, druok a, d lyiln oc sel walk ;I antni Janes Ilill, oleeping on a cotton hole, wre ll dig Wot. m.tlttyre andl Jtolla Smitlh, tsl+en on nardl the brig flian.llhrr n clr.-ed wilh heailng nnw d abuing tble to rte. tvrt e boitnd t'cr to thilt, eritaittl Court ill tiio ut e oa $1 Ot Olo TArLn tB roe l).to Y 1'LICE. Wia. Wotinton, rltar-Ie with itealiie a '.at •- JIt Flamtegae., filr sth.uling an nxo, and Williloton Is. Mo' ea, f. t c. for sling clothng, were bound over to the eri.uial cotlo. FOIL N.\V YORIK. S Ti last sailitg packgt bal CHIElF, hov ina pInt o" her caruo etgage d, will have des ,-.g. patel,. Frtalonoe lf frelghtl or Iai.snge, havLille fnet oin otdotioao,oatptly Lt V & 1V J iI'i'NEV, ta 51.73 8Calp att Tlhes A to-t ni:in0 shit NOILA' IA, CallI,. r aig Ere applyl toe. m or I. pltl GAo(I.E, 93 Ctttato sto FOL BOS(TON. - n The A 1 and supeior chip LAGR.NGE, I Capt. Marallr, w ail s dil do u 6 w dtahs . FIor halance of fnreht l or pnssnge, 'aplly to rr';P t 1. I. t A I93 Ctam It Capt. ko fiel, w iditee-.r , ,neu , dyn. I t at h te, b ifrg ta. mef ier,, .ngner,,. S fin"r e t tIlllA, ri tAVA'aAS, Cltt. Bieow, BaviE ,Inrt f lar cargo ells L t , a ill hlo 1 et; 'I 0,s Ioa- ol I 4wll or lmvgetLuly to v m2T v M .I P WflHI'I'NI Y,93 Campp a st bn vnfbhy refriteraors, 2 painted do, 6 14 gallo water fare; " 9 lo gallon du in taoru,'fur sale by m23 It &JsI A WIITOI'Y,73Canp ,t j'Tlse oaeers alppoinoed uader the Cotuncil of \lu licipplity No. I'wo, anI wholrse eecuritieo have o eelh soetepll by aaid (ouaicil, ars hereby nuotifiod tlist their P (oll'dor prerlared ftr aglatl ure, they will therelort call at toe fitice of the uodetlsioted ilomediatel, willth tlhiraouaitiea, uld complete the sanes. SJ08. B. MARKS, a Notary to Ith Cliopratiom tf .lunaipality No. T'wo. o s1 - ottlf:ie. 12 Ilanik' Arude, b :I E83 BEEF--Ia hull barrerla it Ilte i Japectiou, to1 for .ali.b (G DOREv. 1p me3 4 41NswLesee U S"UrI 'e- keg;o s aot ano Weslem, in ltoe, jt by G g lo (I Y, D V 23 44 Ns Lsevee Otojote ·T ' h t.tt' i~~:* -. *iocaemug'- of Conacrt. E COND MUIICIPALITY. a TUESDAY, 21st May, 18395 ( The Coancil met pursuant to a journm. at: pres. o eat HilsjioorJoshua Baldwin, teco.der, and all a the Alddrman. The Journal of the preceding meeooting was read and approved. A Communication was received from tihe Comp- t Irolle; inolbrming the Council, that agreeably to a resolution of the,l1th March last, a note aftho Mui. nicipulity for 8100,000, at 60 days, had been di. counted by tile Merchant's Ba, k. The following statement oftthe Treasurer was re. coir er1. SECOND MUNICIPALITY. Report of thle Treasurer, froem 8th to 21 May, 3 in. d clusite. ly rlasnce, co.,poesd orrtrr following ireruso- "' : DUe hllllsndrawer, 8:0o5 en Ditto. in hand o eAtlorley, 400 0i Uartorrant hok Iuiet. 7 I4 Inll ok, ther thrau City, i355 4 SCMsh inll chlenti. T19:35 3,056 77 Amcount rreeirod ince wast reoprt, 1o13 31r 0 Anloullt froma City ratik, 8 39 05 Dollars il :4733 08 t To .tIOUo waefoiesleded. 17,86+ 5R Muri iprl norte. edeear'r ta. e t0r a DeLelsitl ir, ilt y Ithnk, 1 tI.3.R6 27 Balanrce tLid iay, 3.027 03 -145,318 68 Bly Bsalaee hro't dollr, 3,0717 t1 Amo'llt eal- in (itv Bark, 28,097 00 lau i ilrl Irrers erredcrrcd, 2,(0 00 i Asd't. bnlldcd . Cuwlli.er to raderes lotesr, ,oo on 1110. IOOe Jr., Te. New Orleans, list May, i839. Amount of Miliripn flotas ilrrat ill pretheae t4,75 e6 lrthle Flr. a ce( ll llrisrtee, or e 17th luo t., I Ou thi e tllt inrr., 105,05i 03 :09.(HI05 49 oin nl Ihras huldred s rd ailne thounnd, five dollnr and for ry-uirrsCsset. TTiO. oLOO Jr., l'r. A cormmication was received from tioe 'shar finger, lloereupoll, on m0otito, tile rules beir.g dis pencned, it was. Resolved. Tl.at tie Treasurer pay. oa thie w. r. ront of the Mayor, to Joln It. Btlleer, Wharfinger, seventy dollaro r for the repairs of a flrt boat to be used as a Cuoy ecuw. - A ltter Frlom Mr. Deacon, Collector iof Incoo Irdues, askieg leave ol' at ece e was, on motion, laid upon the tible. Tlro following securlioes were accepted. Fur Joun it. Butler, Wlsarfiager-Jercritiah ler ryand F. Ii, PulitllNn. For WF O. \Varnock, Collector of taxes oil For J. L. \intcr, Lieuntenaot of toe Watclh, Virrcemt IRoblait.. Fir M. C Fullatn, Sergeant do.--lrneis Schu. For J C. O'Gridy, Comurnisary, Porydres aSar ket-Joell B.uleyri and Williosre Turrnoer. For Wlr. M. Cs toer, do. St. Mary do.-P. La ynt aed r1. RIlobailla. SI. S. i.irper, Craptain of thre Watchl, oinlrecl I easrgs, Thraolbi. aIlrper oand Goorcg Merriek; non matioun Captain Harper is rcquired to furnish aoditiooel securitry. Wro . R. Wllrs, sert Ilis resignation am Com. missary of the 1st Ward, wlicll was accepted. Ori mrotion tile Coasocil preceded to the election r to fill the vacaney. On couoniineg the votes it appearced thet A. Pie b ard had received 8 votes, ansd A. N. Willis 3 votes; Mlr. Prckard was consequently declered duly elected. 5The Council tiren proceeded to tile election of a Sergeant of tIe \Voatell in place of J L Winter, is prolontad. S. L. leilina received 10 votes, no d blanks. Beilna was declared duly elcrted. A cooroullicatioo from Hlugh Grant, secistalt I Surveyor, was reod, anti referred to the Colmittee oe Streets and Landings. A Pctitior from A. L. Frothingham, in reihtion to paring with cubical granite blocks. One lfruom coudry pcraons praying to I o permrit torI to occupy a crrtaiu sotion Iobr tile breaking up of flat boato. Olle turom F. Sanlt optposirng tile straighltening of St T'lon a strecet, nrrd one from tho Surveyor, wore also referredr to ths. sle:ro Corrmmittee. Petition froom liiehard Ilrgan, in relation to tire property porch slad bly himi of thio Municipality, vas reerrced to trhe toinaoce Committee. One from E. C. C. Rogers, rTquestling permit. ,ion to erect a forgr on Camp street, betwelrn Julia and St. Joseph theerts. Reoferred to the Po. tiee. On motion of Mr. Peters, Chairman of the Fin. anlce Cotumittee, the ruos being dispensed with, it was, Resolved, That Thomas Sloo, Jr. Treasurer, be and he is hereby nautorised to sign that portion of tihe three hudred bonds to be issued to the City Bank, ender a Resoluiol ofthedth Doeomber, 1838, which was left unsigned by the late tneasurer, viz, one hundred and fifty three bonds of one thousand dollars each. Mr. Caldwell, Chleirtmn of the Committee on Streets and Ltndings, tmade tihe following Report, necnmpanied with the anonexd Rosolutions, all of whlich, tile rules having been dispensed with, were severally taken up stid adoptod. REPORT of the Committee on Streets and Lte.lings. Your Committee to whom was referred sundry Petitions, bog leave to report on tihe following, their due consideration. 1. Petition of Jose Candbal for compensation, for damage done to his oyster stand. 2. Pe'titlon of J. Minturn relative to paving. 3. Petition of sundry owners of property on Bank's Alley to abandont the same to tihe public on cortanlll conditions. 4. Petition of R. Tlrrell for compensation for curb and gutter stone ; and beg to offer thereon the folowing Rest.lutions. Rouslved, That the stmn of Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars be paid to Jose Canobal as lull com pensation for damages sustained by him in conse. queoce of batturo earth being deposited near his Oyster stand, to his inconvenience and injury. Rosaov.d, That i the Resolution of 9ith October last in relat:on to paving be so modified as not to require of the Contractor, J. Minturn, to cO,tinuo the pa ving smnultaneously in the upper and lower wards, it being understood that the Streets direeted to be paved by said Resolution shall ibe paved by the Ist day of April 184t0, by said Contractor. Resolved. That Blank Alley-a Street between Gravner and Natchez Streets and Magazine and Camp Streets, be accepted and received as a pub lie Street, and that said Street and side wallaks bor doring thereon, be hereafter considered on the same footing as other public streets within tile lnmits of this Municipality. Resolved, That the Petition of R. Terrill for compensation for a quantity of Curb Stones which ahe states was illegally taken from him-be stll the same is hereby rejected. Your Committee beg leave further to offer the following Preamble and Resolution upon the opoe ning of St. 'Thomas Street. Wherotn, The aplplication of sundry individuals to have St. lThooma street opened and continued in a straight line frot Suzetto to Aununsialion street, l has been advertised during ten days in French and English inl the True American and Bulletin news. papers ilu confirnity witl law; and whereas no satieoaclory objection ihas been made to the opening and continuing of said str et, Be It.hlirefore Resolved, That St. Thomas street Sbe opened and continucd in a straight lille from Su z, tt, to Annunciatlon stroat; and in order to carry this resolution into effet, thfe Maiyor is hereby noti theorized to conllo appleation to be made to the I I.onorable the Pa.ish Court in and f r the City and Parish of New Otants to appoint three discreet saod disii.teresed personls, competenlt to serve as' jurors I said Court, to act as commUllssioners of csO tianato and asse.oeent inl conformity to oat act en. titled ,, An Act to regulate tea opening, laying out and ionProving of streets &.." approved April 3J, 132. JAMES II. CALDWELL, Chairman. SAM'L. J. PNTEI'EI.RS, BENJAMIN WHIITNEY. ORDER OF TIlE DAY. The three following Rosolitions being in order, were cverally takon up anil adopted. Resolved, That the compensation of the Collec. tor of Taxes on Coflfe le,.oes, Grog Shops &e. be and is hereby fixed atfive per cent otn all Ilms col. lee ed and paid by him into the T'reasury, proveided said compensation shall in no one year exceed twenty.five hundred JCl are : the year to be compu ted from 1 Januar/ to 1 January. .estolved, Tllat the salary of John Calhoun, 5tmptrollor, be and it is hereby fixed at four thoue handtivo Ihundred dollars per annum, from and af. ter tile lt day of June next. Resolved, That tile salary of the Treasurer be and it is hereby fixed at three the osand dollars per s sannum, from and after ino let day of Junel next. On motion of Mr. Peters, the rules being d:s. pelised with, it was following Preamble and Rea. nol(tion was adopted : Whereas by Resolutions of this Conncil, adopt. ed 24Cth April, 1838, and 13th May, 1638, and by sundry Re.olutions, anterior to said dttes, the sale ofthC square of ground situated between Canal, Magazinte, Common atid T'cliapitoalas ste, clainmel by the United States, has been authorised--the proceeds of said sale to be deposited, subject to the fiudl decision of the rights of parties--aod where as the sale did nout take place on the day fixed by sai. Resolution of 24th ofApril : and whoreas also an agreemlent wsn entCred into between the Mutli cipalhty No.l and this Municipality in May, 1838, by which tile proceeds of sale are to remain sub. jeut to tihe decision of the claims of said Munici. pality .\o. 1 thereto: said Municipality being thereby bound to confirm the sale of said ground: Be it therefore Resolved, T~Rat the Attorney of this Munioipality be and hees hereby authorised and instrutt d to obir'InIrom silid Circuit Court an order for the immediate ale ofsaid square of ground -to be sold altuoh tidie or place am said Court shall direct-and in conformity with Ordinances and Resolutions heretofore adopted by the Council .in relation to the same. Mr. Lockett offared his gratuitous services to tihe Municipality in the suit in relation to the sqareO of groind bounded by Canal, Magaline, Counoo and Tohnpitoulns streets. On motion of Mr. Caldwel, the rules being dis. pensed with, it was Resolved, That the services of H. Lockett, Esq. to defend the rights and interests of this Muniei. polity in the square of ground, hounded by Canal, Maguzine, Common anl Tehapitoalas stracts be and they are hereby accepted. On motion of Mar. Rogers, the rules being dis. pensed with, it was Resolved, That Commissary Barry shall be paid tihe salary of the Commrisoary of tile first Ward during the time that loe has meon acting in that ca. pocity, owing to the resignation of Mr. Willis, the late Commissary. Mr. Peters inatroduced the fillowing, which, the rules being dispensed with, was adopted: Resolved, That the Attornies employed by this Municipality todefond its interests. or those of the Mayor, Aldermen "and inhabitants of New Orleans, in the square of ground, bounded by Canal, Coma mon, Magazian and Tchapitoulas streets, anld the triangular lot in front of said square, between Tchapitnulas and New Levooee streets, be and they are herebydirected to have the case tried at this terrm of the Circuit Court. On mo*ion, the Council adjourned to Tuesday next, the 2811l in stant, at 5 o'clock, P. M. JOIIN GIBSON, Secretary. (amp SI. TIheatre OIPEN EVERY EVENING, Under tihe Manalagemlent of Mr. GOroasE IloL.AoD. Thi Perfrrmannce will consist of DIRAiA TIC ENTERTAINMENTS, AND A G(ILRND EXIllIITION, Imported from Eanalaed as an imlmensuexpense, and never iefare eqradlud in tlli country inl the extent and alagnificert develoaemert of itsr OPTICAL ILLUSIONS. .7 Fior pariceulars see hills af the day. )Doors ain at half past seven-Performance to coma. anes n at na'clock. Parquctte seats $1-SBoxes 75 eta. may 14 Sr I R EFRII(iERAT''O-Thisl is a new and usefil arii- 1 clc of frniture, rapidly cominig into use iu n r there as iell as solthern ltitude'. It islenignoed to kaeep cool and sweet, such dishes in the culinary d0e turtnenlt as arle neceasory to be protected fro thoe heat of the watiherdurig thie sumter seansn. The'Ill Iefrigerlatoris now considered an indiaensanble article inl tie connly fevery good hIouln wile. The q on.ltit of foil it nprotls friont ti. welther, will more t1111111 )i tile ncot of the article every rear. Thi .uoscrib.r is coltShialy receiving from the aan. faclnurr, Refrigratolui ..fdlilfront price.t T I'eiubadcelr i dsppointe Ageil for the monufae- i turer., r A Patlen. Specnmens of the Refrigerators m a e ..en . at my .t..e v3: Bienvill st. avl if W It CIRNES. MlA1O1ttnil lY OF' 'n7EW ORLEANS-, Cuaii of Moniaiilvity No. T'wo. 'ittling cfthe 30ht of April. 1839. " 7 HF REAE8F npplicrilo Ihas been Made to thisa T C ,!Id byh Joh11 It. Hil,-n, James Iniey. WV. L H. Avery, W. gBryant, Jmnes L. Rogart and thirteen ethere, ow.cnrs of prover'ty in the vicinity, to cause t be epened and con.tinl St. 'Ihouana street, in a straight tline froamIuett'Ie sattirIeo tAnnuiatiotin street. Ble it Iherefne Rlensolve,', thlat notice of said applicna linen bhe given in French ned in English, in tho True American & Bulletin, in conformity with law,and that ii no sa liefactor o apositin be mlde in said proonod im ptoveent, thatul this Council will proceed to eanue said street to e o ulled ennd contiaednsia nprated for lby aln mrenrinalists, a.enoling to the pnrvieoAun of tia actlft:d April 1831, reguiallng ihe opnigl of street a witllit itae limitn of lthe city of New Orleas Ec. Signed JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. AtIREEABLN'Y to the foregolten Reelution notice is Munic:ipality No. Two, to ope Band continue St. lThe iat. street ill au raight linle o1in Souzeoie to Anoaucia lhin street. r C. ENOIS. Mayor. 1o110 PNay Ill 1839. it Cihilh l''t t t-: lea.A I.lE. ORIuEANS. Consuil de n t llltiipalitii No. deinc. F.acte du 30 Atril. 1839. AFIOENI)U qM e I'ppllin op Soo t 1161r raiteo Ace C7ont sll par John II Ililth,,, James dtloiey, W\V ii a tery, \\' Boeort, Jnin L ligeart citreilze utcein Pro ri6thliis d hitcc, elocira duns le voisinai e polar loirc uvrir ontiulr n druite ligoe A A a ite. Thomasii I depuis la Ilh thiZIICU.tti' al iA rue de I'Arnnciie, II rat en cn Cll-s'tc n 1or hl qu' u 'nvis de la dired al-. nlic rlhnr, sit 1!10ll16 on ulla ,ll i et fruIn oi I t. ai a le ran A lmr ricl vtl n ci I aIIntllh c int frL ndmeiot ltield qua sp iiloeitiiu ci ea.titlfire iier'.'c p.ol roiie a l The. li, lr tiion H' , i t. I ('oI' eill r,111 i sru l'ooveritln et e clnltinolatiO ll .l. din ruera c l n l IIln'lllltll e I!dca peal' f lill.liliot ri ofirluliiuecilt cUX p.oi.inn. c0 la'ncl du I 3 Apri, 1832, r'gulhrinmot I',ert'lue' da rues dune.l lea. limites doe I vill de It, Noucelle Ori6an-. Sign6 JOSlUA TtIlD\VDWIN, tgortder. :o iceordnlanc. aunre s rloullllntr pltehCt.t, leavist ait initit de l'iiieitioli ihttu.svil de lalciunceiptit ho. dt'llc d r lile Ill ciri el COntiiiutier la ru Sic. IhO - ntls on hmn, diOhe dl hlc roe .Iih ej lljnI11' Ai In ruc f I lite C (iFXC,-)I.n C alt.. ell It Ill \lii. 1139. 11:\V JICWI;LFIY,. . " M. IIELI , i(hnLrltre street, has this day rcei- ! ed pe'r Olit Snll~uge, 50doze. enolmllnelled Rrl j I'is, w ric 11dll Ie nflired h allte tradeor idlor cleap- I r thaun iter bi- r Ito i ofer-d l thin city: A Alon 5.0 daren I I l'alr {tlllllltelll:. lueketlts, Chlain s@ " io, ln wall w i do w i ' e llRiie uhis gre uCaoorae Aht. - P. '. f)llGchl l.uld Siler w tedutl. -'. apl 15

7't Itt11hv I A'efrc 0fla FEL.Tn jloteea- I a "i-rslcalll find ilt 53 Blnnelle street, Patent t'laltrlm allh.' suplneriour to any ever oll-lcell in tlhi. city. f-t if Wit (',CRNE. y1'.11 'la: nlF lrUI.-i.NA .arish f.rot, of the a arl.h sl d S( Ilv of New Oriculla-- ' uresellie holt mhelatc l/: lJhnuriao, Judge, No 1i191 uistuc La iutic litn actoal custody) rv . lh . (editurs. SIlpoul la ioig an e filg thlle prtiaion andalleol letir thi rune, it is huor ,.. (?har 11s11 a MnasUiang Jo s t e. petitioer's c di.e al take pltce in upn court on Motandy he 711th cnltu-v i itiiil, Iihe'n acidt heie to allow coonse, if any Nhuy ml9.e o.r hon, hy la e s id Isanoc E.aunaelsroud clci dhltucharugetl acctding in law. It in flrcher or rlierdt thi It. Iltuit, 'asq. he appointed to renprenc o the cbs n ilditoh, val in the nionklime all proceeliaga dgniant hics ir-oiiant propety anne stayed. i mI'Ase' )L" LA n LOUI IAmN rf-- I do Paioinni, r pout l Pure sllat Villea de I NouPelte Olerleans' prrlt I'/utalluno Chrtlenr laiauran, Jig. No. 1179!. Inasc EimUnanul (Ni6lene) no. nn mtanit8e. En Iotr oat psoa Co Ia pitition In petition at ecbndlle r dane n cas-tl , eot ardonnhqn'uoan aasm lbeX doa car6 ancirs anto lieu,an pleine near. t.Undi In 27 Alai ena toot. pokrdsclate leas aino.n a'ilo an ontponarquui I lir knr Emnanuel d ned nit pasalihbrh salon I. ltha, st i pla. tdonnz qlnd R. Igunt. Esq. sailnso nlo pour re. pienantyr lea c nnanciens abeanie, et puendan tointrms, austes procedure ana anrist penrsnne an propriti earn aist leds d, Is Cour naeau dod gre.t, it- N vteclla Orlkannld leani 1839 w t Imiy 1lh A. PI'(OT, ltoloier. d Iandineg l om a ho Coiaarauiona, alrnd fotal-e-v o16.000 feet aIfgans, bet quaolity, fronl, t Xci tan 23X2 300 kegs white load, purei; 33 do greet paint, mn 25 lidr. kose; 2-lilac )ola edtina utasigan,;6010Iha lithrage, 216 .n aletwidiid 91 11 groand Irutahe, also ofwlatO aend 01111 do; 2 coaco itcuone green ini powder, auperior anticle do dlo ictvaneolarge a-sortnau aolfh tools of every aicL and iulityi-: sucatle Ienvil for noiiset; aoi mtrking hraalmaa ttc' nuccl.utici; rtist's colors in oil reldy ppe t rcc.-ii'h..e-b , liifd :- Ie t-h oil nec-tc- o ' bruha".,cr a Flake and, oe~ wllt white; Phinthksa gold Icaf; wlite ia and yellow wax; gent rohic; and a .lrge ald choice no. uacnrnnnaaofapints, di y colors, oil, turpvntine, varnhli - Sc~for jals,i hoevuhal and rcatil, at the lowestpricea aby IONIELLI. ý AIIO-21ii kegs Iteficord, flot acllhy LA to It O ACIES6dlCamp at I J sou rccrirl nd for sale by n'7 A TOCCAR. 49 Camp nr N .\ll.-9liu kgsa tsorted siesa rocenavg Iju PlhiladrtIphti itr bri9 L'Orieta, for sale by noy7 SIIALI. & B1ROWN, 96 Magazine at 1 1 411 do do brown do In .lnng, fr sale byV m'i: '9 J P WIHITNEY, 7 Camp at jJI-'KLEN20 kg antl d40 Fanco, reaeiving from . Norw ¥ok per hhip O.:neeaf.r sale by lily SIIAH L L BROWN., 9I6 Macanzine st l-lHS-- 0110 lec atili (Ila., any I I & J &J WHITNEY, 73 Canlp st ' ! NCUAW IBAi.--'1d,i00 itituy bacs, for sale by T way 14 S J P WIIll'rNEY, i5 Camp el Ill I l IN --15 caens oeaooinuhi clolhag, nding l.. froit alip StI. Ltis, fur saale by Illyi I IItltlGE & Co. 134 Magazine st Il"TAi illl":ý2,1 large inxnaca sett received and for Lý snle by SlhALL & iROWN, mor 90 96 Mlaga.inte o 'IEll, I'l S-Jast raceivted a ofew gronas (Gillots S1 EogFl, ald Perry's douhle p.ateotl atel paes, ot .alehb I11AVID FELT' & Coa. a25 - N Y stationers hal 114 Chartres at ý )AI.aUlo aitilii~IltERLLAS9-56 cacao, auIIIt i. prising n qeral atortmenlot of lantca and Gig I nam CUhrcllas cnd P.trat-,l, new and fIshlionable a -tylen, lauding flua brig Wln. Henry, furanal by iimy6i I IiIIGE & Co, 134_ Mgaznine st N E. W PUBLICATI'IONS. I r1. th titilo Frenchman aind his Water Lot, withl Siloher cehtchia of the times by G P Morris with etchings by Johnim. It'utal 'Ilrtnu. a Sicilian story, edited hby Tihendoe :fiook to which ia aplmeidd tehe Atuaaenian stary by Th'liodlore iloik. Nulhar 12, .\ichliolna Niklehthy. IhanlhteraZ cod S, alantllean Ij len. Clarke in aIhe Flulbery Trene alid Silk iVtnrm. and en th*' prodiction uonid oianiiaaetnr of silk, enaliellihaid a-ithnnpropriaia aargainga-Joaa tetrinid oad for a. le I by - W McKIKAN. mtp car Cantap Aa inmono sts CARROLL'ON' HOTEL. . VYAUD has the lonerefitding hi-ten'n e D Il, haM public in general, t't th has taken the Ilol,,l ni Carrollton, where ho tnusls hn wilI receive rthe s.,lr ,l his old friends and all lovers of'oood chler. I'r" I,'rtins rill be hanndotlml, perrled forhy rgvirr a hItte notice beforehand, le in willing to enter I ieto rrngcrmentnwlth families or individuals deeirorls nfpanaing the sumaler at 0 ,1 rolltOn. me20 OFFIC.l P THE MISSISSIPPI MARINE AND FIRE INSURANCE COMIPANY. New Orleans, May 20, 1839. 'IIHE Stockholders of tla IJlrtitutien are hereby IL notified,and required to pay in, an inetalnent ,f Ihirty dollrars oa Pch shore, on or belore Ihe 'st ofi Ju.e next, at ile Company'a office. lBy order of the Borned. I HENRY IOCKETT, n20O Itn President, pro teal D R . MOFFAT'S VEGETABLE LIFPE PILLS are t eso well known tithe public that it is hardly ne ressarv to give a detailed st.tenelt of their value end one. Flhe follwiaeig articles will fully co rnvice any oneI of the ela ima Ihedaclorha up .n the public Ie I lac I confidence in his prepararions. From the Iampden Whig of July 12, 1837. Iojflt'a' Pills and fitlter.-ThIe lest Jlornl renn tain0 additinnal tetilmonnv in favnoroftlib highly import. tant invention. " The press of the Journal was alhost stopped" to anneonre tihe testirrony. Sollen ane, in l.ie name oft r. Mf.nrt thranks on for irsarting thle rertifi onle ofoor nPigllbor Bowle, and offers tin a qna ritrrt w the articleas noeepeanmtion. TIir.ie very kind. end rwe promise the moneent we laor rntrder lihe oflsetinr with oar neilhbor of rhe Journal, to call on tile agent. In the ean ltim, are any laboring tnder similer dift iclrries to Ihose which have eno severely bhlrne unpon Mr Bowlee. tlev linve his esrlimony to the "perilior adaptediresa" of tie remedy to ihe dilie.ue. Tihe miedin oihm is undoubtedly a overeaign remedy. IETTER FROM SAMUEL BOWLES. The iollowing letter ins ront Mr. Ilowle., Editor of Ihe Republicant and Journnl, Springfield, Mosn. SPRINtoIIEI.D, June 1, 18:7. lMr. Moffat-Sir: It in now thirteen years thaot I have arffened from an infirmity oi the bhwels--the rouse qlenrerr ss aipoppose, t +e evere illness of inflrnmnlarnry rhermrniom. The natiral aelnon of thile bowels is lot freqrnet al d severe nin occur, wil rat u'll weaknes a nd deprrearon : Callnties beig onecessaryey few rdays toueonnteraet coliveenea. hIlve cnoesltrei good physiciann, aol hlave tried alnost all kildse ,f rills ad. vertised, rlwhich reermaed suited to mnv e se, ilnn ean. Do ring tthe latyear, I hoe baughat el tined several nexes oftyoar" Lifa Pills," alellnaeve founnd more Ibenefit fromn tlhem, nore teliefanl adnplelnersn to mily rne fnr a length of tittre, lima frolr aiy rendicine I havne vrt tried. Yours, SAMI ELBO\VLES. For onalein this city, st the rcorer of Comrno andl Tchrepiltuloea nre. n.nl I3 Three rerrnlin.rnarle dwelling olnusr eo, eN Il otnrate yrrnls, with cislerns, &re., nilunrd Nm Si.. ! 69 and l171 St Jn epl street, nrd No 14 l'ritan street, Iaser the Circle. AppIly to10 JO.1ii. ... m_ p d -I h A e arI e four Rstory brick house., jnet olii a ad ai tie raorner nf(ravier end Caorindelet h. r .Its contigulity t the Exclhange Ilotnl MIuse, it daieablo ihr a ioarding Ineou. II will he let til ei l-Innl Norer rer nt Irw re eriwtn Ihn privilege elie ease trps| terlnlr to bkangneed nleoo. Itiiy to Iw JAMI.S Ii CALDWEI.I. l (JEiRLEANnS & CARtltt'IL'tUN RAIL ItUAD COM1IPA N Y'. SUMMEtR aRRANtlaeOUTa a FOR T11LE OIEKL I)IKO. i lttlo Carrulllos. I Floeil Nw Orlies.l llorae Car at 4 o'c ok, .A. M+ loran Car at 5 o'clock, A. M Locomotive s I.oeoloolivo 7 10 - 11 " i 1"J ill t I"t. ll "r 4 " S r . ... aI t . Ater Oo'r.lork saCr can be obtained by paying 5 dol lare fur the Trip. S The earlawill learn al the a oi, urs Is in the week day'i a nltll I o'clolk, P. l. wh. ILomnOlltltivao will lev.e Carrolluni • very hour, ullntl of'clock, P..l1. For ti: nceomnmudaonn of Ileoons viriting Crrltnllon inro 5 oclock car, anll wh, many lnot wsh o remalll there usul tN u'cnock, tho cat Ilha has eretofore loft Carrllton u 6 rn'clreok, i will relaill until Il ,,'cluck, theleby alluw iig Iheml uuol our to enjoy the pleallt warlks of onran heoL mt beautiu liar. f den Inror t United ltatie. I'ersllgoinllg Iry thie Loeomotrvemusrt pron ido telnse.rvno urnin Tickets,. ras ile uin duer hreo iosiltve dlraecinllr Inut to receie oneay in lieu thereof. TIlE JACKSON AND LACOUItnE Si'ItOEET CAIr Lo.,v lrhe hnad of Jcksoln seaotar t a uojeluck, A. Al. n Cnnli llretulrarit l'lor.ok, lnd roonllnorly. At n o'crni lIthey wirl colnlllllence o leve,, oich and orery Ball hunr, unttlr 'c lnEock . .11 , rnlll Jnck-ona treatr, llts 9 'clhnk from Crnaul trct I. excelpni nl n o'r i clckr , I. A. frumlll l.llal treeti . i lIt is Patiernoly reque.sted ab gent nniran, ro ll rio ptr ntheir foet idol, thro cuarh.ns, or s.tnokrnn Irlo cars, whlnem Irlnntn Onllice New Orle n . and Carrulllu, RoIIc Rllod Cmlmly,, I nay Iet, 1"39n. JoI.iI it.I3O ' IN, Inury 1d Chirnhlng. N. U 0 c I.L i PEr LA NOUVELLE ORII.EA.i I.' h'AI.IItO.LTN. Arragen.llrnr de '.,6 pUur I s iours iv hIt seurllne. oe C-arrol lot. De la iie Orle,/ans. Char A dieval, a 4 lIt. A l Chlr c.,n lh, A A ." s Locomootvu, A.ut Llr ni t hivu, .7 " 10 a " " 8j I " " a 5 " 8 , " " 9 An o ~ in heur~a du aoir, o paut obtenir au tchai e tnn)iut etn, piartren puur le voyage. Arrangemens pour les Dimanches. L rll uhamlr l u lt ut llienans imlsres qle tans ra jou utr die ist r olllalnejllsln d I ' 3 n l Ioe - illotive paltlra de Carrulhoo IInll' ls hen Bt. es q iiAtl UI 8 l aeutes dtu sir, e de la dJ I unuvlle Illaniuus lour iu'a 9 heules diu soir. ouuran'aglmellt de. pAersnne qui se renneint Catr n Mllon par le c ina de 5 etiocs, et qll n dsirelnt pau y deoneuer jnsq' 8 Iheul sI len cll.r qli put ll it lpuar rant dae UC rruollult. A lpurt n , rea t, r ju a ' tjj ' lq i tiuet, pourdunnLr leteupsa do jouir Id'no pIllounode aglB able dane uan ( le pl lu eaux jardiis tlea Ltult Ull/. Les prrrnunura qt i partirn I IttI na Inulnnuotive, dnv rout an iproctler dei billets, atlludu qut'il natrlil.endu atx condaucteurs t recevoir de l'uglt al leu dle Ch/rs des RaeU Jackson el de la Coarse. Ces atlla. partinrnat de il ru Nck-o a i helnren. A. Al. el de rIue da Canl Adil leua al umati et courant chuque hnure. A It heures, ilu sn ,roi/ut utes lenadeli henes, juqu' I henrlas n di aor, de In rue Jacklal, le uaqu' ab 9 hurlea d la rue du Caual, Ex cnaIti.i 8 de l rue du .allal. Len Sra deur sollt iprttlculiireulelt iries de no pus monttre rla pieda atir lea cunIeains el n lae pas fuloer duns Icea chain lorquee eladtulloan 'y touvlen I. Bureau d lan Cnnapognie du chemiu de ler da Car romltm Gt d In Noanuvlle Orlblano. JIHilN IIAIIPSrirtN, mnaill8 Ingeieur en cief. - lIE NWEBSTPER VAnlE-Nertly eagnaved on a small card, accompanied widmolrt Meloir of err. Webalter and a brief ellract forla his celebrated sleech of 1830, with Ia e tternfra thio Vuse, for sale, wholletle aid retail, No I6 Chlarres at. Alon, a miniature Lieinesa of Mr. Webter; also a Declaration of Ildependence, witlh fuan similes of lie name7n. mlay 18 " TAT DE LA LOUISI..NE-Caur dn lraroe. . pour anl parisi eto vitle idn ln Noualle Orlhana- Preennt I'huuunrabla Charlea n luurnaa, Jug-. Mani 1411 1839. Nat. 11,774 M. Dubose nos ea Ch anciers. En mntion de ;. WV. Blora, q. uv t our I'in.. aolvablle, at ell montralt nsa erreur qui re In rouvt dadta I'anmnnce dernir pour aellahler leI cr.alnilenr, et en cnimaquelnan de erreur I'nuaenaulblhen' a inas nei lieu--l nat ordonmb liar In Clur, qU'tune ansembltn ouanvelle nura lieu an bureau dae Philipl.n L.eoale, Erq. notaire, an dalnedt ln 15 Join, 1831) quandl eai oh Van dClieltar 1ir lea iffLirea du I)elil tila ire ea prendre on coaidiraliun lee mItibnr s eontenuet oans la I;etiton. Exmtrai du regitretneulr, Ilureau du Grntfe, In Ntouvelln Orlnans Maal 14. 1639. A11tl. :t AII ANI D 'I'l'0ro T, Greffier. 'I'ATE oF F tlhIIIANA .--'ariash Coulrt Ior he Parial antI Cilv if New Otlealle.--'resent t HItiorable Clharls Slaurnao, auedge. Mate 14t111, 1/39. No. 11,774. M. Du laost va. hit Cletditrs. On motiotn of (ea.W. I.oItln Eaq itfeonntel far ithe inailveltr, arid npelt.howing tta tle rcourt that an crrr ilnn crept in the notitce calilig fir u trleting of ersditito in this c.se, and thlai eonsequetly rioaul metuing callot take place. h ila ordered by the clal t that a new merl ing rake place ot the olfina of lhlilippe I.ancole, Es.1. titary public, In Saturday tn e 15ail day of Juea. 1839, tlhen and therre to deliberate on Ihe all/nirn ollf the ptitin er, and take into eonrideration tile iatten set rll fat in his petition. Extract fro,, te minutes--Clerk'n Offirce, New Or leans, May 14,1839. mayn 17 3t AIMANID PITlOT, Clerk. SltnESah -Ciopyitng aiml Notantel ere.se, on ioand Sa few ol Ritehic ' patent leverCtnpyin punar.ea; do with screw also a large artely olt notarial presseas all warranted fiirat rata articles and for sale It DAVID FEI.'I' F (7. Cu, ull N Y Stalnio,,er hall "14 ('it t Ires at )RIN'I'EK'1 1NK--Just receivedl irom bti'tnr I Clhantileher large inroice ofJohnon anuti IDu rntu'a news, book nadjab ink, anI fir sal hby a2l A TOWAI, 49 Cnmar at Su MAECIIANIC 1-rlhe itelhan s'a t'lcu tr ennmprebending principles, nles naun tatlea il Ith naritita dltparlltntllt of nlutherlnatlca ad imetnulniesn, aoeful to Millowrighta, Eninteers, and Artisasa is gen. nil. by Wiilinam reen, anti renginuer. lat Amerienan Irml the 51th Glasgow edition. ireceiverd Ihin tiny anl fr salo by ALEX. 'TOWVAI, al)8 49 Cump i tnlt S-I1AR-80/1 bun N Carolita tar, Ior sale by S10 A TIllER, 34Gravirrat H ELINGOS-00 bo/an for anle Ly. lnto0 A TIIIEll, 34 ;ravier at l iHE AMEI(ICAN ALIIANAC and iBepoaitoryof Useful Knfwlndge, for the'year 1839, receivld anti for sale by DAVID FELT & Co, riay 18 24 CLartlo sta L IE JUICE, landing frot IHivana in casksn bar rrely and ldeuijche, lur saln by 1i BONNASBEI., may 18 Car Natchez & rl'thailtiltnlaa atn HIiavann, fa esaleby H PiONNAIIEI,, may 18 Ir Natchez and T''chapittulaa ala SAHRBI.e DU for mahkitg eoar water aind oil rll u ely vro I and for sale hy H BIONNABEL, Iia'8 - . Nraheth Id Tahapilrulaa tr.t W .11KLY landing from areaI, bh.at n/ J DOlmI/F.Y, 41Newervee h sTATS OF LOUISIAN1A.-City of New Or.. J ians.-Ba it known that this day1bfore ine, Joseph Bensakin Marks, a notary public, in and k for the city and pa'idh of Now Orloann, State of p Louiaiun, aforesaid duty commilisoied and sworn, a Personally came and appeared Mesars John Sie. venson Walton--John flal and Archibald Brown, 1 Biein, Carpenters, trannaoting huslnes under the stylo asnid firm of J Hall & A II Beln--Bonjamnin llarrod and John Hughes, Carpenters, transacting r business under the style and firm of Harrod & u lughes-John Thomas Osborne, Mark Thomas, - Freeman Annable, Joseph Wilder Davis, S.tmuel Morrison, and Daniel Babcock Clarke, all residents e of this esty, who declared. d That in conformtnity with ant act of the Legisla. ture of this State, approved on" the thirteenth of i March,eighteen hundred and thirty.seven, enoutitled t " An act to authorise limited or anonynmus part. nerships, and to regulate the same," Ltay, the said I appearers, have agre6d, and do by these pesuots a agree to eater the following hIited or anonymous i partnoereip, under tihe clause and conditions fol- o lowing to wit: Art. 1. That the name, and style, under which c said partnership is to be conducted, shall be, "'T'lte Phoenix Tow Boat Company," and that the place where said comnpetny is to be located, shall be in the 1 city of Now Orleans. Art. 2. That thie description hr kind of business I or industry, to be carried on under said style, by the dirt ctors shall be to establish and continue to run one or more tow boats, for th, towing of vos. rels, rendering assistance, carrying freight and pao. sengers, and any other business witich may be I lowful for tow tnats to perform. Art. 3. Thatthe amount of the capital of said company, shall oe one hundred tihousand dollars each, and payable in cash. Art. 4. That the names of the partners, and the amount each partner has contributed, is as fat. lows: Saoi John Stephoenson Walton, eighteen hundred e and thirty five shares; said J Hall and A B BBein, sixty one shares; said Harred & Hughes, forty one Y shares; said John Thomas Osborne, thiiteen shares; said Mark Tlhotmas, ten shares ; said Freeman An. nable, ten shaores; said John Wilder Davis, ten a siare ; said Samuel Morrison, ten shares; and IDatniel Babcockl Clarke, teC shares. Art. 5. That this partnership shall commence a froat ithe dlate Ioher, of, and the sanon shall terminate its operations and wind up its concerns on tihe h tirtecuth of June, eighteen hundred and forty. ithre. Art. 6. That there shall be thrcee directors to transact the business of said companyy. and admin. ster its conlcerns. Art. 7. That the powers with which said directert shall be vested, shall be to eIect ftom atenlgst tI easelvos, th ir own presldent, and fill a t vascat. ues, and a tmnjority of whom shall have and are herchy invested with ftll power to recetive and pay all monies, and to do and cause to be done all that is requisito to the conducting of tithe business of said company-and tile president by anti with the consent of a lmjority os the directors, is empower. ed to issue the note or notes of said company, fir all demllands, purechases or contracts oil behalf of sata company, countt.rsigued by at least one of til Sdirectors. Art. 8. That the time of duration of the service of said directors shall I.e ftr one year ; arnd tithat an election for the samen shall be held on the first Mon. N day of July, of eelh and every year during the ex. istencef this partnership. Art. 9. That when said company shall have ar. t rived at the period when it is to expire, all the con cerns and affairs of the same, shall be wound up and liqu dated iy such directors as may be in oice at the time. C' Art. 10. That the powers to be exoraised by the Directors intrusted withl said liquidatLon, shall be as followa , to wit :-'To receive su h sum or Snes, as a may im due to the company, and give acquittance or acquittancee thleretir, and to sell the prperlty of said comipanty, either at private sale or pubh o auction, on such terllltm and colditionns as to them t may see fit and advisable, and to pay tithe debt of at aid company. Art. 11. That the dividends of the clear protis,, n aftetr paying all chargoe and exptnditures of thet t complany, shall bed,'elared and paId t the stock.L holder, on the first Monday in July of each tlid every year during the existouce ou this parttlersltp at first r.nesrvilng tln per cent. of the profits for cot. l tnoc ne iic. Art. 12. 'I'IlThatatt aenerl meeting ofthIe stockl hulderF, all rUlus and- regulations as regairds the number of iots icurh elockholders shall glve, and any 1oth1er mattr rflativo to tlle wlllorl.e o l the colo. pally, not runtrary n tho l foregoing co urt Hic , sh .ill be elntrred eto,nil the ruls.u nd regulalroonslorsle. slid, thall.b,: dlr nnillateld Ilhi " y)' "Laws l . ie I'Plllnx Tow Ile,llt Iomp any," ld they shall b1 btlg on thle said Itockhuldurs and Ilhc.r re:spoe. tliv heirs. I)ne and p:assed, in my Ific, in 1the city of Nl, I Ialln, al'r'orl. el, in lprosee e ot' Dametl J lahdoI ) and W I I.,aoard, w.I ,...r.. *,t I.·,liill ego a i l dltll , eilialed ill this city, who iwrrru toll slgll their Ilnameslu Ir,nglhr with lsuch Lparern11 IIIoe, tihu said notary, this lit day 0a Apr I, 1839. Original signed, Jolln S taltoll, Joseph W1' Davis, I Ilarrod, D 11 Clarkr, S Morrison, F. An nighb1, A I B il .,1111 J Hlughes, John 'T Osborn, Mark 'iTh 1oms,John 1all, J IV Ilasoard, D J Ri calrd',, J II Marlos, not. pub. I courly ith foregoing to be a true copy of thi original act extnt iito my erlnrrent register; in faith lwhlrefl, I grant them e presents tlldor lIly si0na turn and soul, olf llile, at Now Orleans, tins 22d of April, lb39. JOS. U. MARKS, not. pub. apl29 St I .l.It--'200I-rls Ionding fhom dtean. . Lont Tiber, it, st11l, IN'r sole b1r ~Ilhlioll S; r all I)lISEY, i4 New L.evee a, IIISKl+\-- 1 r 1l,,l. Vhiskey, hnding fr.om ,.( 1.1t 1) I1:t1EY, II New Lever i -(I'LUI:--- I lie co allniiu r.chip) hcreiuilre existhv, ill ilm wi ll t+ il. I1 t li+ idi tll 'lln oll', w0icll 1 1tt 1 r I I, . % lll, Ite id, tl whlll tll ac cUIIIts are to be presntcd hr' tltlil 00'ay lI3 1l 39 WII.I.Il0I A REAID. In I lIA.1\At31IN IA11S1''lItW. DI - .1 1 N11101 BOtOKS.- - 1t -OOI'il R'S Ithawne" hook of Avnuals Arrt fFhlower I'lli n lr colors Ilardm'l ly ljlaly IrOrain lo Iok IFalando ' Juvenile Arli.t Till's Elelleltr lOrawiilog Book AIltrew's Iretluol ill Flolwr I'int1ing IThe I.ille Skreh l'k Boo, lot nd o2I serie 'The UCnited Slttes Drawino Bonk. jut' reorived and for roale by ALEX. TOIWAIl, may i 49 Camplll t A CA IRD). SOIOINS(IN & G00011 IN, (68 Chartret olreet,) * L reslpoet'ill 1 infeor I their Iietlll unld thile pulbli1 geherallvrtll.t i Gold viln, of Iik atolk . fill wI leaveo for New York abou0 tIle l't ofJuno. They invite Illtho who may wish ganrlent made to their leasure to call and leave their orders previous to that time. tnay 15 tl j ESS BEEF--ln half blI, for anle by m latY, 14 G DORtSEY, 44 Now Levee. NK! INK !! INK ! ! !--.lustl rteeiored twelve rlr of fvery uperiop r or n111,, ilpked inl one dozen boxes, IDAVID FELT, N York Stationers' Iloll, may 14 21 Charlrts sl. WILLIAM R. CARNIES, LOUISIANA WARE GROOM, Illy II No. 53, BIEN0ILLE-ST. NE:w t)1OI.h1NS.. ''lIE.--) tons English bli,.terd 'oterl, lirraoule by op A11 SIA LI. & BOWN, 196 klagazine st B U'I TI'E & LA ID--I 10 kegs lard &50 do supe rior W\estern butter, iTr sole by mo6 G. DURtSEY, 44 New Levee IAC N SlI)ES-1011 clasks il'lo re hor sale by 01nyG G l)I0tEYl41 New Levee pIEESERVESR-40 bluxea receiving lioam New York i per ship Oeouee, for sile by 0yr s Ill&AIjl. Il.tl.t N,96 3agazine at IONE "at' iNaral Philanphy-Kl.tkhu'llu IraInmaur 4"onmhe' Phrenuolgy,; Spurztnlli's Phrenology; Ai.stollrth's DI)iilllllct ; caIlog el of Devils; Li brIry ofillstetruction adil oalusment, vols. A Iltrther supply j 1t1 received by A T'IO'WAI. ICIIlLAt ,ICKLELEIY-Nes. 7, 0 0n.1: -lso I the first six nos in one pour: with a variety of velV interestglll buoolk,juct recenled;for ,ale by .17 m A 'rl'tWAl, 49 Ca.11, st UiAP-3Ill boxe 0n No uI O it stor Ioe ,legy &J 1'P WIIITNIEY _:1 ..73 Caump st [ YI1 tAUI It.1 CEIlENT-o111- brlbel* lunlding 11 fr1 1b1rig lEmnlerld, nn1d f1r ole blr 11i13 S & J I VIII'TI'N:., 73 lllny1yt ji1OLASSES--I bblsjust re'eive' d and lot salo bo' HEILtMOILNE, BRUOWN & C may 3 No 9 Conti lt OFFICl- i)Y' i Elit 'R.4 .1 1, to.\l NRew Orlonnso,8d Mor', 1838. OJOTICE--Hy a Reasultiod of te lmoard odirecrlor ll olthis (Compaay, passed no t le " st , the price olf ick0els on Ihe ruad bus be(a roedlc1d to to , wtllly five cents. J B LEIFI, t oim2 .,v1 Srretarhrov. W Ip)I)W GI.ASS-621d boxen ElgI~h crown W • Viudsor glnes reLeivin- and fur salet by t92 r R CIAN'IN, 12 Coamp st I ttKAPPING PAPEI:I--Ot reamls doble and 51. I do Lsugole wrnpping pIper, in r oro aud or saleI by o J TIIAYER KL c. o .l . 74 Po'dro t ITAT DP L'A ItoVI.8i.AE-VilId.'do Ia k er t$lln OrlDantn dblevit mol Jonoph B (ie'a.' ken Mik., enot0ire publiedao nst-lbdr'o lir ville et paroise 4de Iw nouvelle Orldah, . .nt outna . J anie; duortent app.nld otjor. . Ont paraonnellomont on.porn - l 8lsplphenson Walton, John C Hal tAr. dB' lien, collog.e'endgociant ]ourre #lA iOU oe tl" ot benre do J. Iflll etA. B. Being.aoJ itna £1&1 rod et Joan flughes calleguoo 'oogitolent ,ll fftlires sous lo tilre at formo dolHdrrnod at (~fla0'+ --JJohn Tomas Osborne, Mark Thomas, Froemana j Arnablr, Joseph Wilder Davis, Sanuel Mortleoh i' at Daniel Babcock Clark roaidobts on cotta villa qui : deoloront, Quo cenformoment o. noact0 do I Lg~i~loturo do eet Etat, approuvd lo treize Mars mil hulnt coaentl tranle sept, intituld un acto " pour 'urorinor les aa.,i sociations limild on anonymo ct les rdglor," coux . lce dirt t6moins ont convonus cot foitls par cas pre. enus convionl it ontrer Ia suivanto association, lim- : itdo ou anonvmo sous lea clauses et conlditions qui suivent lnavoir. Art. 1. Quo lu nom, tlitre etsylo soUaleaquel celts conllpognio scra conduite, serlt "t)a Cam.' ? pagnic do remorque Phoenix." 1t Ia plio do cotle Compagani, soera dans la Vallo do lia Nourolle Or 6Idans. Art. 2. Quo In description on l'capbco des af. faires ot industrie, b6tr conduisd uoun ia dite stylo par los disectours, scra d'6tablir i l uctlinuor courir un nu deur batoaux do Itemorquq ponr lo rmeor. quant dces Vuissaaux, aidant, t portan f-t f ot n pas. sagers el qulquo auolro raltiro qui serait juste pour lee batenux do remorquo a execulter. Art. 3. Qu e I monntnt dr ncapital do cetto com. pagnlin sera cont millo pinstres, divis6 li non mille actionis do cont plastres chuquo at payable comp. tont. Art. 4. Quoles noms dos actionairn at to mann.. tant quo chaque acttonnairo . contribud et commao suit: A dit John Stephaonnon Walson, hiult cenntltrnto actions ; a J. flail at A. B. Baii, soixmto0 ct un actions ; If larrod eL Iluglhe, quaranto at u auc. tion ; a Tllomas Osburae trlizo rctriorn ; Ia Murk Thlloas, dix aclionsl; - Joseph WVilder Davis, diql actionlas;, a Dauiel Babcock Clarko, dix ac Liollrn Art. 5. Qua etllo compagnin coammencors do contt date, 0t terminern leo opcrations lou trent Join mail buit cent qluarrnalo trois. Art. I. Quil y aura troias direcloor pour con, tractor lee naltinro do Ia diro aoopaugaio 1 admlin. iltrr sen inlldr6ts. Art. 7. Qu Ih's pouvoirn duial sera v6tu les di. recteurs, enra d'aliro parmi oux un i'*uillont, ot de rumplir toulte placus vasantue, ot lout l ialnnjo. ritl6 aurla t 00t volu anvo pouvoir d,o recovoir et de pay r toutes monloice, et lfiiro a causer a .tro fait tout qui cat requi a1 le condusaant leo nffaires, do la Sditoe compagnie ; ct to Priidult par et avec lc con. sent do la majorit dits dirocleur-, eat autoried de dolnor la promouis do l adile coUmptigrni, pour toutes 0 ls dmoraldn.s, lclhatn, ou contrala, oir to part do l dite coumpn llig .iotil0116dsigd par nu mains i n does lirccteure. Art. .. Quo lo durd du service deoa lilo direc. tcurm sera alln, t lqu'ullo olctiol pour lo mInnl sera tulnc to prlemier lundi do Juillet do olhaque annl6e plendantll 'exitenceO do ctte compagulio. Art. 9. Qe q and e tt ct1 Oolmpagie sera or. li vt au toerm do son expiratiio tlloutea Ir all'aire. nerolnt I quid6es par Ios dirctourse ol otlieo on caet Art. 10. Quo t pouvoir dont serontr v6tus les directeurs eonfids avo lIa dtue liquidation sora comn. me suit eaLvir : do recevoir toulto omial queodura la colmpagnio elt donner quittlnae ponr lu in6mo, Ct do vndroe i larolpridtl de Is dite clrmpagnio en vo0lto privdo iu puhlqiua coml0u r1iul r oprpres et avisablo les directeurs ct do payer toutes Ice do. penes do la colptigoic. Arl. 11. Qua les dividends do prolilts nprO avoir pay6 loutes elharged et ddpenlers do la coi pagnI c srenal.t d6clat. s et pay.l s It I,' ctlilhuoni aire; lu premier Linidl do JuillUt deo (:li.lll! anilludo pen. dtllat I'exiatrco du Cots comtt .on*lit ] pruonm erhaetttL rsorvallt dix tour ceut it0 pluli. pour es casu1ll. i6o.. Art. 12. Q.;t' unc loclion gla6ralo de, action. Inires touaie len rgleas et crgulatilolla I'gl rdi du nonlbre( les voict qlrl chlq.o natminnair, devra dollner, et qu lqu. lare clolie rclatiA: I Io bien. ILrO do, la colnp. goiu srolnt consi.!d.e et rle rrgles ict rogll atills avanlt h ill a denolt i ,s Ie " a par, loin di la Icolllpagnio dIe rolnorquc Pallonlix," t la iiomale birn ohlllgatoiru blur loe dll acltionUairesl o Icurs h6ritiers. Falit et i:l. c Ol mnl iItIO ld.n la vil!o de la Nouvella ()Dlllas, elln i piidtaoen ~ Daniel J. it trdu, t .I. IV. 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W\ll h I', cnit GI SCananina lIROCTOIC Ilienslbllin iet ciliiplialents to hi afrlinds, tihe pullic no New Orlcati, unil to all 8trtaigrle wllo ill v le passing a few day' in the oity. aind inflra tlla, hanl'lil e iiilie rceadv i an few.dv In loeeiva lltls tllat illeasalnl tericnic, , I IIt 4 I 11: ICOTlTl O A c ( I, silu.lid o lat l.iih .chr.. tellcrsaon tiavelling either ii.,i .ingh ieht.it, D i. idao nvilla, or Madisonville, or thle cit,.c c ,here meet. Iw' good cliosr--fnlune iltcllnaiiicnlind iplii nc - ga -".iiidl all piariia tn wnay of clh Naihvillh Ilaiiolrual can Lae t-.. vel ti u rivnte aai pulla It rolno, Ly giving one day's notice otheir iultenllllUll tcoUrte. 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Tle rlariclor Egllritillitlnat Ith S Iii wia'e i liqluors &e. o.C. hnllli ic if t ie i' ellel illllctllrl l ll Il: at Ulalle liln t he wilt ileYvi iici hl atleallillll In) le'eClle all Iln, ear liesl ideliaec;es aud vlanids uf t ii .eao .il r liit table. tuil-Au FAREI WELL CONCERT, Prior to his dipariure Jbv r Europe, W k11 tak e 'lililn -NIATUII.AY lcext, M.ay Itic 21ili, cc Ihe St I.louil Exlhuigc. For llrther partiiuluaicius e b'H iila . llli S-ANKN('i'ITA P;It-ni--otriveined all invoaie of ilank ula I p r, ;uf Aiias iinliitiL.iclle, ind for cii - y ALILX 'To\WEI, nail 49 n'ap streit 1,21 tA Tl lli, 31 ecravielat f `10 Ltl'.i 'l'--A coalllfrltabl aelli hltiousle in Caron 1 dele. streer., aufew dlors Irol (nn.'llal s possession given iilunediieely. Apply to I11'I. t'. . MAV mull 1 Ctirnlldlet at 9LOUR- - 8(t brWiln lilllli Iranii ilu l iii, fir i lliS by IIc11 (11 I)1OR11E', 44 New Lcveo SIu iSKEVY-30ll brle ri'cilleirlibr i lio lby 5 c1v1 ( ItI)ultsIEY.1I Nalal.,eve Alt-8alii k- gs neaf bard, fir saile h. Ii DI)lI.lY,.i.l New Levee ,a - t.--";-,kr ke. , ital .rc f or l Icy o\ay 1 SH.11.2 A ,J R(Al', , i, v6l ,,cineaaul Iv. llIKEIY-200 ihrrils revtifieid whlihrv in lart W for Hile by It ItlgY, iiil0 44 No, levis R)ANIIY & WINI-S-3 hnl sii Ii er csllks hlllc dyd 4 4ir casks in ian iherry \Vine; 36 buxkespale do au superl r quality ficr sale Iv 8 & JP WliTITNEY. Inny 373 aanl nat OFFICE, FIREMEN'S INISULRANCjE OUhOMPANY, New Orlenia, May 4, 1839. rrlIE tc s khokclers it herebky n.ctified ikt Ile eighth Ikilln l tl Illeir stock is Laua iad pay able ino tie ixlth of J lle 1839. icy 9 E I. TRA.y, Ste,. /INtT-smtns that aulcnac the tana.i ith cIf Macl Iala,, ILl habe: ofcsotto", citn;kiftlC F N cr FI at.8, (the latteý~beiiaih ai tatnemarke) siiie esa taken Vain zie Atchafalays Lancing. Angy piersn tin' uiclie omane il their pmasiapat, will plesea notifi Nenali. Ilirkman, Abknmatity & Hnans, where it can he tin , mae.

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