14 Haziran 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2

14 Haziran 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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MONEY MARKET, Crr.,Thursday Evn'g, June 10th. We are in the midst ofdullness. Arrivals from sea fw, and frete up the river we have but a eehrt n. - t to give. Everyday'is manking ourwhaerves lolk ste, end the L.eeie pr-reets a itrr sanimated tp- - aenice. 'II kind of produce drag hervily-ae- the rket. Most of the vessels for Li.verplol are taken lan I grsdaall filling with cotto n on facto s' a crnt. streets ere taking on very rapidly Ilheir summer ppmreeae, nd ashop keeper tre seen uimraging oe tIe tansers. In two weeks nram we shall be i the inidst oUr summer holidays. Nat morn than 20)) iags o! middlin-. changed hands 4dy,a) 1 1.2 oeant. Tl'he utertr dearesraln p'e ils emang hlden. Nor ote knows wliat to oit, what' spect. We think that every hody could come to a sat cs.rry conclusion upon tihe ctran it" it would be re *..beree that prices onannt go uai, while tihe Bank of I eglsnd maintains her preoset policy. Had we a Na tioeal Bank now, we slould rt be at the mercy of a foreign inlsitution. In money matters no change. Unealrrenrt neon y is as hard asever, while exchange tends upward. New-Orrlel Chamuber of Commerce. OFFICERS FOR THE YFAR 1839. P'residentr. S. 3. Prtrr. First Vice Presidret,.V. t.. Ittdgl , IEq. Hecond do. Jn,.. A. Me, , E q. Commnittee of Appeals for 1839. Jamres Dick, Jamesr H. I.everlch, It. C. . m'acnoek, Arijuah Fisk, P.O. Sorhrr. ,nlrrrrli Thlompsnn, Committee of Arbitration fr the month of May. John tled ileston. John C Iarrriro, ti. ; . Huntrington, \Viiim H.i ins, KEnoltt Hyde. Jr. P. A. Hardy. Joachim Kohn. I.lai IRegulatioas. TAe Great Eastern Mail is cloed every day at 10 cleck A. 31. It dui .vr.arrl, at 4 1'. "t. The Express Mail is cl;rer;l every day at half past . A. M. 1. due with thle Great Eaasten lMail, every Irhe Lake Mail (vria ovinaton, La..) i, cios evreryn Mondny, WorVedrdov and Fridr., at 6 o'clrck, A. it. Ia due every TI'uesda%, Thursday, and Saturday, at 5 p. 1i. The Louisville or River Mail icloserdevery Mon day, Wednesday, and a url rdna, at 3 P. M. Is sent and returnted by steamobuat. Arrives irregularly three times a week. The Bayou Sara or Coast latIil is closed every Tuesday unll Fridary, at8 . '1. Is sn it aid returned by steanhoa t. The Alexndria or Red River Mail is secut irregn larl by by steamhots twice a awek. I.OUIlsILLE Ot tIVER MAIL. Monday, ) Wednesday and ŽClose at 8 ,'cluck, P. M. natutday, ) CoasT MAIL. Tuesdlay and ( Raesv aind CClaoscat o'8 clock. P 51. AIAVUlAI.'TY OF NEW tIRI.EI.lS. iCHE price of flaur to rarv heine $5 ro pn r Iartrel, accerding . thle turtarff e bt kers will give :.1 oatnre of bread her tt rentsr. rllrtllg tie week bogin. sing uct Monday next, tle 1(,th loert. The Inaves re'rc end gqlality,or of three for ten certs, shiall weigh 25 pcr cent more, that is to say, 42 1-2 onltles. June 8 C. (;ENOIS, Mayor. N. O. & NASIIVII.l.E RAIl. ROAD Co. S.um, ER-"A aRAc.eM.FI Commteici.e to Sunday, Jure e 1. 189R9. tiII . CarR e i!i leave Ihr ie GREAT I'R lIlE, o, It l their r-,,llec l the Bayou Tiguyue, every day ill the wlek-- ls Iulluw "" Ielumr. Return. c 7P. . 1IA. 1 1. 5 *- 7 " Excel t ntnlday, , whet the clrs will tun ns flows;: I R epot. I onludre . 6 A.31. 9 A. A,. I P.31. 31'.31. 5 71 P.31. 33 JAMES H.CALD)WELI., 'rnsident CARROLLTON HOTEL.TEL. LVAUD bas the honor ofinforming hie fliend and ,b" pbllic in gencial, tihathae henha takcn iche Hotel at Carrollivic, where ho truate lie will reneive the calla of his oldfi.nds i nd all lIver. of ertd cheer. Private parties will be handsomely provided for by living a little nctice beforehand. He is willing te enter Into aritlguents cith families or individuals dcsirous i ofpaecing ilte sullner at Carrollton. nO20 NE ORLEANS CANAL AND ANKING Cthe Bsi I""E olc Secambieti KRebeca ccil leae ihe Baa 1 at the headl i tlhe New Canal, every day, (except Mondays) for lie I.ake, s follows: Deparl at 5 A. \. ' Return at 8 A.M. " tm A. M.I " 12 P. M' o P. JS. 4 P.M. 54 P.M. " 9 P.11. And on MONDAYS: Depart at 10 A. M. Return at 11 P.M. " P. M. 4 P.M. 2 P.M1. 9 P.M. may 28 B. CI1EW, c'ash. NEW ORLEANS .& ICAII tlILTUN RAIL ROAD Ct\ll PA NY. stIUMn AlRRn ..iMENTS FOR TIrE WitEE DIYS. From Carlull'on. Fom Raew Orleans. lHa.s ar at 4 o'cluck. -A M. Ilose Car at 5 o'clock, A. I Loit.c tivena l" .e"ocomotivei 7 2- 8 Ch n 0 C- I 10 , " II " " " 4 PM " " PM " - 3M Afer lO0o'4lock Car Ecan be obtained by paying 5 dol. Ieal for the Trip. itaRANGEMr.T FOR .DUNOVS: Tbhe eacrwl leavi .t tiht alaes hours as It tIIe week day. alltll I alelck, P.M.M when a LoL.utllutive a Il leaveCaerroellion every hour, Ulltll o'clock, P. 51. For tih accomelodilton of personi viitit ig Cenrr,dlont.I the 5 o'clock ear, aid wh, nliy ilint wlI to remain thIere uintdo i 'cltm:k, lthe ca thats h Iheietofore left ('nr llhti ut6 o'clovk, will remale until ;. ,,'clotk, timehy alhnlllg Ilthem one Ilour to enjoy theb peasalt wallks o f ice tof he mot ibeautifl Oae. dent i ede United States. Peeoesegoitg by the Locotcie mult plrovide themielvee I withbTicket, as tIh ceoiduti.iehnarh tositve ditec.iona ot to receive mon i.yi lcI thereof TIE JAI('KSON AND LACOUIRE STREETCARS Letle Ithe Ilhad of J.cketi street at 6 ujclohk, A. M., Cult street at 6i o'cliok nd ren hmo.rly. At It 'c ok thevy will commenaiIce to leate each ld cvery hlull hout, unti PI l'clock., P. It fbolln Jnek-o ettet, und i o'cl.ck Atin(tacl streict, exceptiizei atie. I'. ic1. i.tfro. t'na' treet. jlt i, paetlcu'nrli r.quested tit it gent men will not put their feet utl tile a celmhiuts, or roke iu tlhe aers. whae Ladies are present. Ofee Nie Orlelans aad Carrollton Itill Rend Company, IMay stt. Ie 9. JOIIN 15A1I1ON.8 muy 18 ChtefEng, N. C R .It P| imo i I).l i, ii bharlcaloel Jolle ........... 5I \V'aehinetnnJu. e ...... 5 INework. Jun, ............ 4 I Cilnmeist, do........... 5 Plnladalph June........... 5 I I.uuilslde, do ........... P Ilaltimlre die .............., I St. I.o s. , dr) .......... 4 s lnn , iidi ...i.... i.... I.4 verl--dn May ........17 Ilousto it'lcause Jule .... 31 I' ,rc MayI ............ 17 f.in ol, do ..... . .. 3 . .t IItltIemo , say........ I. Nahville do .......... e I Ilre. ............ 17 i n - -IC PON'l' OF N\ VW oitL[Kl\X. CLEAR ANCES. lMay 13th, 1839 lhip Duhlin. Sco'fi ld, I.i erpool, L II Gulo Ship Ohio. (uter, Coweo .in Brig lnmmn. Dsggelt, PorlemOllth 51 R V nr I Sloop lary Elabeth, Hrri., Pensacola, M ,ailer ARRIVALS. Nay 131h, 1839 T.w hoat Shark, Thnmu, from N E P ..s. hrotp toweot I,. .as shlp I.llprne atnd Ad.am Lodge aod nr plo.cr. P,.rq.e. returlttod.t the city with i.tque Coo sack hd . dI.r tlar. Ad. elm. Letft htr ar o rtioe lath i.t t o .1 I, Nit. tthol1g Inr Sllht end lothil i n river. Blrque Cooaok, Freeman, from Mta.rllle. 9th April to ith, miller. ihr Mrv dllalll,.. I'mklam. 16 dayo |.n.at 'l'ba..ol to J WV 7 "korl e c co SItla nr t.. ot,y llt..r.rt. fraom I`o krn 3oa, ItsOmer woo h., Speak.. sn,s |totyu 'to. ro lton. Sea.tder .r.oehlo, Crdwt.ll.fih , .in ll, ltelmer Edwl Shsp JI ,. Birch, .,.r.m I nlbV1lSlr. StllotmorCl.lomruoo ttrretlt.fin t ,'tko.hu., Sottluer Velecipedo, hlltoll,. fn, .od lt er...l....ar . EXPORTST LL.VP. I 001.. .Por hp Dultr.,..C., o .' 21 algot codto ali 8 l1do Itot, to COW'ES..er P., hp Ohi..l',rp* 3!14 hd In' Itrro ?I0I'SMOUTII..Prr oott Elullto. .o ill 917a.l7ko(torl 305 I,! nlou. 1 I,.,.: a,.n IOWPOII T..Per ttti t ,,on--Co. gloSi?: Ihoso ern i huk. I'ON8ACOI.A-toer ..l...p Ntry Il zlleth..Cl.go Ill oock(,h 5 11. porkttldo lot.r :t 11 . p.r. I MPlOlRT 'S. 1(.4.SE.LE'--P.,r bnrl. t'ov.aek..Csrge wnu, . oi, .n0p hillJla lme t ld Itlt')loltdi ,O. tto .-ldr)y ttin TOBR1Ocr-Peo rothr ollry Adams. Cargo 4tX) ou1tabllog RECIIPTS ()i I'RODULCE Byou Sure..'t.opo B4tn!eocntton J It PIo.trht. & rn, 9,1. M.HbltA co. F$,dl A l.edour - r,.,. d ot Ftt taol, Romian &. So.ll.. d`.o W O..eoy &, c,. 5 4to ltyrlllx Aorrlll. n" bts.poolt Ioveroy 'iltoo, *lUdly tl.s adllll b,Lo!. owerlOtl board Fuaton..Pes stelmooer st nl A b.-(i,oI o 4 b.a dry tood.s si IN Weotl e to Teos Roons. - P er It.mer Petll. (a.eo, i3 h-lup.r l. neL. Ferriday S roe., 30l ooro o 1.xr ,l,lliho . Titlonolt-, l.oiovlllo-Per steemP r It:t' rhllppprt..Otrtt I flirrr.a0 720corl01p0 4 holeb Itwtt Tbyro. , God,loer. cu. 379 coils lop. Popo, Poowto t o,. Viekosht--Per oteso.ll,,r olnhor, .l.arop , II, hetlto.toonl Uurck. W tllt r,, 6tta olorll. o*rllly, 'o 44 do L. .llb.Turpiu & W.itt At d.o r J WpL l.t,. 1 dto A II Walle & ro 16 do (iso Ilttrot + dli u 'lUstock. Lyde ldr s o flblbultJloo Ioot41llo, 8oloo tat'l.t Alto.. Aoter & e,,. S do Nerriilsd. Puo,.0, t c, Id dot tt..- 9 do .oAdant 8- Whit I. l llh.. merchanslloe Poles t Mill rd 3;1 tort iltll Rich _ .lso, W rronolo o Woomd ttos h b!ool.d. lollt l.erchan dInJ S Dill & to., I I Cl eoheome A I' G(y & ., 81 kelgs o. a. J rPPhiltp. CONSwIGNESEE ir spuo Cowoek--undory oonJ.t le.e I ?l orhatsry Adaol..J W Zoahkorto roo PAS'ENGERS PhlrmIU r _dw'd ,i pc..43 pa..oogso MEMORANDA Ohio tllin. rapidly tiet report OBERK-800 hrls M O ll.lt, & P (I oow tinslectihg L aoId il oalah at the wloo'al ttllortiotjriCoe Itv * di " J 1(t.':I .44 . N.w Loeve, L(lUKL--J0.6 brld. lunding fr4,,,.4 m,.er lha mm. For alos by G. U~l0i$Vy, LdJm elby lK--lut ~t-trej't5Ivjd hul,-bur" hL..tslrer a Ianto ilnoice ofJuhltunl und I.,l lpsat' sow,bsoOaodjohb In.. Otllt, or bsle hy ck .1A 1'OWAII. l.9 ('op at is peir TIE r'RUE AMIEM AN. '"' rir BYýýý yMO 7.N GEE ý 57ISON. DIt* ijurite PAITRILUL AND SOLD. majo Otticial ,ournal of thc 211 thunicloalitl. Glob PUBLISHED thlt' Daily, Tri-Weekly & WVeekly. 1r; %V 4) It _____________"_ _ gfee' FRIDAY, JTUNE 14, 1839. ell S "Prodigious!" as Dominie Oumpson would ayt. We oc have stirred p ithe ire of our ueighbor, the Advertiser, Ali with a vengeance. No leas than eight barbed and pois- Indi onous arrows were shot at our unuflfending head yester. Ken is day morning by that print and its co adjutorse. We saw Ma thetm coming, and fiuding it impoasible to ,void them by lis stepping out of the way, we resolved to stand sili and Nor receive thea l oniur buckler. Where are thet, Lo! ilhc they have all fallen at our fiet and there they are quiv-. et ering in the earthti for very rage at not piercing the body oftheir intended object. Well-if these archere have not Alr strength to ,end their weapons home, it is none of our fault. Perhaps it is thii injustice of their course thlat unnerves the arms of thole caliant Blobodils. But trifling apart;-the Advertser of yesterday really Sp astounded us. What!--we could not help exclaiming, is this the mild and uuastoming prin thnat we na loys l Stake upfirst in the iorninig, by teason of is excellent J compound of mail news and its w ant of li.ng editorials? 10 What a chane! liere is a knight armed cap-a-pie. G. st Vell,-there is nn telling sw hat a ght may bring fierth, y thought we,-andthen we red thle paper anil through again, till we canie to Paddy RIlhake's effusion, when we 4 had to laugh for full lhalfan lh.r. Oh, the ricihness 5 and good humorof thatarticle! But the editor's own IV answer to our iemarks,-aye, that's the rub. There's nmor venom in tihat than we thumght Mr. Prendergaest ee capable of. 'Thie anceeof as personally, we heed as lit- ie tle as we do the wind. WIhecever we do any thing, no Ja matter what, we are osure to he abused, speeled at, vili Pied, nay persecuted. For more than teat years have weW I- horne t is evil fiortune, and we nec able to benr it ten more. Buto to the feelintg displayed by the newly armed Advertiter. It will bie perceived by the attentive readtler, hut tihe whole current ofat the Adveitiser's feeling, is changed. IThe heinous offence of Bailia Peyton and Mortimer Wiginton is forgotton, and the zest of the eight articles in this paper. is to disprove that the movers in this mat rel, tkr had any design to ahradge the libelty ofs reech,-i.. 1Vale our inttitutio.s, or set the ciomlnUcity by the ears. ec. 'e most earnestly hope that the Advertiser will sue per cedin creating such an impression on the public mind, ti anti it wiii have fiull taOentent rot its late outrage upon the right efall good citizens It is curious enough that the Advertiser does not see , cnithrouih the designa of the t.ouisuaniin. The hitter Sprint has made a cats paw of the firmter, to take thie a chestnuts ait of tii fire, all the while laghing at the i c uelreaious fily of tIhe Advertiser in safurig itiself to he no ueed. The .making f Mr. I'eyto's all god 'hflnee a as: party af'fair,oly shobws the tact f the Ltoui-isnian, and i l theatlemipt in the part of tihe Advertiser to arraigun . M3escrs. lPeyton and Wiginton befiore thie bar ofsetion' al opinion, only provas how imprudently and tunjutly a ent has been his course in this matter. There "rehundedas of hioneset Irish whigs in this city, who aee and feel the 'd Sdisgraceful position to which a professedly whig print adslias reduced them, and to find themselves classed with the the Van lnrenit, Iencause the latter claim to side with i give the Advertiser against Messrs. Peyton and WVigginton, t .mustt be a source of great noaaeo e. Rut two couarses remaina for thile Advertiser, and they are either sto quiet ms all this hubub, (and it can be done by a nod of the S head,) or to huais the loco-face flag and desert its old friends. tmai :ept 'Pis unnecessary to say more in the dlefesive; behing well awarn that Rilly Pytou reesivedo a remuneration for talking at tie expense of potacrisy-Gilsso, very probably, for writing, and poor P'-b-c blamed, for nit killing te snake, whein he haid him in Ittia power. AN ENGiLISIIAN, 'ehluiitoulas at. Louis. Adv. Thus writes a correspondeat of the Advertiser, and yet that paper disclaims all intention of setting the com a mnhnity by the ears. This is a direct appeal to the ipas. S aionsof ceritin men to murder us. If any iman, ormen, tAD make thse attemplt, we shall be found ready, as we, were in tih, case of Mr.'l obin. An Englishman is wrong mi anying that Tobin had us in his poer. We had him A 31I in our power, andspared his life, but poor fellow, ihe wast entrapped and murdered afterwards, not by a na. P tie Amirican, bur by one of hi own countrymen. lieI Sisgone-requiescat ir pace. A ft'ew da- ine Mt. T. I. Smith, a steam hat foe. dot. tor, residing in this city, publishled E. Correll, the Cap. tuio of lthe steamer Wililan Woallace, as a swindler, owing tlo some dilfitcult between the two in a business days trauncetion. Yesterday uornini aon Mr. Smith was re. tliou trning from his breakiait at thei City hstel, Correll tie met him aud struck lum over thie head it wih it eune in ock, which wahe a short sword fit-teo.ned by a spring. Oni tilhei hour momenat of tihe blow, the spring flew op, and dis Gar engaged the swcrd, oherrupon Coriell plunged the .eles weapon instantly into Ile teltl brunt otf Mr. Smith.I, ut to At the time of writing this 9 o'clock P. M. Mr. Smith in still livine, buit it is believedi that ie cannot survive. :;tl tCorrell disappeared after exeluting his iendish pur lsI prpie and walked up to Currlon bIr the river road tc When therehe met a bar keeper, whom lhe know. and rtstaring that he had had a fight in to~wn, requested per pt pu missioln to reinini a few days, autil the affaiir blew over. I SHe was shown a room abov, emairs aecordiagly. Hie any reqnested hiis acquaintance to let him know whenever SI.R the acticcrs hould make their appearance. - l By the aone o clack cars, several officers went toi Car-. rolton in pursuit of Correll, who was warned by the bar . . g keeper ofthir appi oach according t . requet, Im .. mediately he descentde, the back stairsoi the Carrolton ,' a house, and made his way to the river, pursued by the ..17 officers. HIe rtn to a rffan othe river side, and w hen oane . of the oflcers was w ithin towety feet of hilu, he plunged into ythe stellam, anid swatn valiantlly. 'I here was nt, boat nigh except a ricketty cae which was of no * avail. After floatig abheat 20110 yards down the river he was mnking hfor the shoe,., when the wind prang up ind biew him off lie -ied miut lu-tily for a hout, but before one could he got, hie saank to rise ano more. Hlia GlOe hat wapickmdtip. A neuroat workon the wharf at unId Carrciltor, saays. hes.aw Correll in tihe morning counting I l a irge n of mouey appareantly, while sitting on the Theo ltt v inGeneIral lhas just waked up Ifrlls aI qsk dos.iwn. Iine ill i dnlnhe iia . n e n ervice, if hei isn mkan tiesm tan hi, OWIIi'IIdicinsv. Wouild in could lcatlh l1r. n, lreth i e i We have belohe l.s a brltcllhre, detailing hliat was dlone last March at the first fiir of the mechanis' anHl artistn'sn.sciniion hleld in this city. lipwards of 70 speries weell.. pre ,rnted. A m:ong the.m ItheiII am cloth made by .Mr. \Wiiting ,an the anst tion.ipiUns, anld deaerv.ilg if all praise. This i. buit a begimlivig. Go onlgentlerlien Get ready thr the next exhibi'ion, and let your skill and industly mlke it wolrth lublic nt Irisi Cn. \We aern, fur dlays ago, five dllara direct to Mr. A. M. inrber, the edil.r af the Ourte..o Rephlicn,, as our c.LonLtribulllon t tIll Cooper(lr libel uard. T'o th, I'iha ullne ald all o.r brelhren, we say. en andI do likewise. Cooper's at elnpl to Illlzle the pres hlloul II not suff.rud to fhll ,in one man's ltui,lders. If hIe shon'd throw Col. lWebb for lii sllrching rrhuke olf lhe mann's vanity, we'll give tenP dollaurs towards this fnld. Gen. GtiellPs, C(pt, Boggs, Uarived yestl ilay inll he short trip of live dys-se are. indebted to the polite nes of Cuplt. ioges foir La:lisville palpers of ithe 8th, and the re, tlni l theith iday I mlile ira ie. 'I iP ea.slteln V. nlret j) rntial re allking a gni tl fls aboult 1ir. W\\elbrter'. ls sliend lloling hinm a sum mlloliey betIoIe he nelt to Enlglllld. anld thley all lhis I,,an, lhe Webster reat ine it ,a. W\e can very eablly pllve that Dr. Van IBuren i ll[ iImost of his prom aillt frlelnd are inl otice inll l elljoyrn tl os f lI ns i Imoney( i (ln ithe public purse without te coentl of the leader. 'T'heseloa.n may Le very aplpropriately mtyled rhe i VId I'allsen rent. Now which is the iuri) huIuoraI ble,-to be indebted to soe's friends for Ihe luon of a auil ul money, or to be indebted to the piuluic purse for loans of money w ithout authority s Willthe Globe and Even lg Pols answeCr tiP? Unle.sue milstake lth igaCl I fl the tilmles, tile glri. n. ahlomnatall den-,rac Virg .... i.l apeak .or.. wlit a vtice po teh ial.-Boa+/art 1oat. Aye, thau rhley will, when the i name k f lery I'lay is echoed rmlll hill to vale, from vullcy to nllltalu i .A \Vestern Editor wrishes to know si kelther the laws secntli runacted againles tile ic cTisini- of deadly wevn1 pans, apply to doctorel wlho c rry pills in their pl.kelrs? Joan. of Cont. I)Decidedly ot, but we think they apply to duoctors who catty bills in their pocket., these land titles. i Ivrleter's R. p,.rlcr ulsl (Callllatelf ii (Dlet:h, hait gnelllthrugrlhtel tollnmes. II ia a olerlillng phpI, and isprinted in New York. Every dealer and merchant - should have it. Mr. Van Buren will enter on the second Congreesion- V) at term in his Presidency with a heavy opposition me. j"rity among the people's representatives. What !-a nmajority against him ? Yes, conceding all that the (;lob claimns up to the present hoinur, ill eighteen Stateis, the St te of parties will bie thus: Cal Whigs. Van Buren. Lal 91 90 Lei being a gain tohe 11 higsof 34 votes over the last Con " il grees. Allowing that the representstion front the Staten Ste yet tube heard fioll will ie the satne as at the lust election, we shall have the following result: \\'higs. V. Bulen. AAinama, 2 3 Indians, 6 1 Kenturky I I Maryland, 5 3 SMlieissippi. 2 0 strl INorth Carolina, 8 6 and ! hlodeIsland, 2 II CO Tennessee, 10 3 ran - - Mea 47 17 Coh 0 Already eletted, 91 90 alti i - - ved 138 1117 inoi' _________________- '1' Louisville Jockey Club Roces.-Oakland Course* vilil ly Sprin't teoetito-, 1039. Third Days lunning.-Tlhursday, June 6th -Pro- Iie prietor's purve, $5i0 ; l3 tile hentt-6 -hteroel, 5 start- air 0 d ; 3 blets. prt or J. Burnbridge'r (L. Iliederson's) Redhead, fr le 5 yearn old, by Woodpecker, dam by dEti Willter. 4 1 F 0. G. W. Tarlet,c's t I 4 vears old, b Col- ee I, liPr,dan tit Dutblelheal. 2 5 2 fri I J hn A. hhIli'l It. 3 yvest old, bly Moduc, ci l bt I to uckhold . 5 2 3 r e W. \l.vy'e(P. M1.,bt') tob e uv of Wur- Wni as wiilt y Fruankl. ;sloov Hnllltoinn. 3 4 4 Vn W. V. ltnoo't (Joht ltewidl) oh c by Inat. t t ee ,'ir, - 3 dist. lire 's Time-5 n. 58 see: 5 I. 541 sec : f tn. sec. ie e oourth Dny--Jockey Club Purse $1000:4 mile o Jaoues Stty'os e it Knvnaulh, 5 years old, O . hi- tv lorttrtltl, dattt ltyc)iretlor, 0 but. \'. Viley's (It. Motlsb'y) h c Mercer, 4 te ears old, by Woodyecker, dam by ltam re iltonian, 0 O td . Burltidgle's It Tarlrton, 5years ld;d, y iv Wo\odipetker, dthri Ib Robin Gray i 0 die Dr. L..tanders' hi c e I'Dudile, 4 yetar old, gi ie by BIertrand,datn Lady ray, by RIobin od. Grny, 5 ,r 4 W.-\V. iron's Ill f lussitort, 4 years old, iby .Sledoc, dtoo by Bo eshko, I Ii tk ie Time 7 i50: 7 58. tl- Trek vely dusty and heavy; weatllher eory hot. [Cre.COMUICATED. T'1O iMR. VINCENT oNL'TE. it- Sir--In yotll coltlll oicatiol i to te edltur of tthe Bee il, of the 111th inst.. hltic t ap eired tle other day, r1. ttlts thatIl eriltas' is lIot Junllns. Vou lre nlistakeov, otn i .l--, us-tiona llt stot. Veritas is eithtr Julits re. dirivus our his olfrtisitg, ttr hic ap'. In his etti-tie to ' the tt toe t, the I on isianiml Of tit Le 10111 ilt ,,t., Ihlle take re his liavc of you in tle followvitg beautiful and dignlified lungllnar: ttr ".You will probblv never know ;r I asin quile cer- I tile tuill, l h(ast, that a bgt period ntuot elhpse, lbelbre we othe t t bal t t tlt tlt tltl y otptcpi u l unittt, tio d.'' td i" <w, .r, i oJuuiu letter xx., t, Sir W illilto Ita . e i , Kn' dt D'1 t , dtottI ,Sti d ie', lher; 17ti0, lIe say,. e ai ", beliert , tir, yo ill oi oVItr kInow me. A PIesider ti l nhile ntl nest crt c liuily relalht befure we are personally i e nlilst11netI." tign I tl wouhl have thloght that a descendent of Junius on- sthoulld have olite to New Orleans and set hinltril up tly as ortcle inll Ctton otatistic' ? leware, Sir, ho" , 'u edo module with the iMancllester agellts. You maoy stonlble I t evert oteo upto soono faitily eonnexion tw dent 1. thle d lot of Burke, Addilson and other eninellt writers, brilm riot full of quolations from ithe works of their illustrious al ith raStr',oand Il'obly oit dreaonm that whilst th.y are dta'intg the sttiple, they enjoy the hlapply pti ilege of to with totatitg aio1 uton tiher inlagination for ifaie, antd u ton oo, theI'ir ieltlotryV I t it,ns bSheridan says. '\ eritia' isi J. - ses ni, and he has Inroe strings than one to his bow. lie e is all orator, daily. nolewhere ulhut tile corners of r. hlet notr and Cnrdelat streeta. lie is a sholr titr ihe he quotes atin!! lIe is a distitnguinsed writer, whose old knotledg of the eI:nFolil lnguago onc..ds any thiinc P, IotatJttooIoI and Walker prt'nrded to know about it, boeinll le to filod out lie diflfeence bietween ftldledtlll * td hiddletdeo; and is onManchOeetet Coito hbter inrto iig tl:e bargain. STINlO. Lt June 13llth, 18.9. rory n _ _ _ n rm AFFAIRES L U CONSEIL. I Flat SECONDE MUNICIPAITE. MARDI, 4 Juin, 1839. Ii S6anco du 4 Join, 1839. RIdolu quoel to Trdsoier paiera I Peter Cloury, sur l'ordre du Maoire, In somene de cinq cooent et ein q.ianto six I i:ntrea et vingt quatre sous avec cinq pour caut d'tlldrtl de la dite aoonuo, dopuis to 10 m Mai, 1839, formant la montant d'uo jugement - rondus en sa favour contre corte Municipali I!, duns tola Cour de Commerce. t Siged JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. anlld RLsolu quoe l Trdsorior paiera sur I'ordro du Moire a&John R. Grymeos, lasonmme do deux nillo cinq cents plastres, formant lo montant des hcno raires qu'on eat convenu do lui payor, pour oav.ir ldfendu l'afltaire inteot6o par lea Etat Unis pour I'ilet do terro situ6 entre lno rues de la Colmune, f't des Tehoupitoul s, du Canal et des Magazmn, et mi quo le T'rdurier paiora do plus, sor l'urdro du Moire, i I a Etionon Mazureau, la sommle do quinze cen' piastres, formant la balance des honoruirso qu' on Lete oat convonu de lIi payer pour lo dite affaireo. Sign dI JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rdsolu quo le Tredorior paiera, nur I'ordro du E Moire, a In Compagnio d'Incendio du Miosisaippi aio, No. 2, la ommen do $395, 42 (troi cento et quatreo I I vitagt quinze piastres 4'd100) poear quatre cents bark plrod do tuyaux imper;ds pour I'usagu do letto anil Compagnie. ill Signd6 iRoi JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. & R6solu que l Treaori, r paiera a Newton Rich. ards, nur l'ordro du Maire. Ia sornme d o deux mille piastres, pour des blocs do granit lumrnis pour Jo to Y SMarcl6 aux Idgumes. Sig6d JOSHUA BA LDUWIN, Recorder. N Rdsolu quou l Trdsorier paiora Helonry Wieland an sur I'ordre du Maire, la soomeo do quatre vingt trois thei piastres et vingt sous pour fournituro du bois aI j I mployer dlaos la coontruction du March6 aux 16g u ign6 g JOSHUA BAIDWIN, Recorder. Rdsolu quo lo Ti6sorioer paera a Robert McCul. s lock, nor l'ordro du Moire, nto omme do six coet t a cinquaute deux plastres et vingt deux sous pour erl oveo, fuurnis et poisds des pierres au e6td nord du tO Mtoarcho I'Iydraa Sigu6 JOSHUA BALDWIN , Recorder. P Rdsolu qne le services de Mark Cox, Commir saire do nl Batture, sonot deldCemurent uopelduoes, ji'etant plus doesorairoe. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. j Rcasoll quo L. It. Gaicnoio cat et doemouro auto riod a 6rtger ule forge dans lI roe Tehouptttlouls i a proc la rue Gatennio, pourvu cle lau dice forg: oait r plo., dal uneoo batisse ea I'prouve do feo, et pour vu quo lui oil qoicoiquo occupora la date forge on ladite la sonl sra lteu de i'aolcver ou de lua d6. on olir, lltot qu'd en Lora iequis par l'ordre do co Cuonell. Signd JOSHUA BALI)WIN, Recorder.,, Rdsolu quo lo Voyer ret et domcuro autorin6 a vendroe ot iBanque dos Moarhclnds telle quanta I I do ptlrtos dl rebut app:ortnant c t la Municipalit, ct nnll .dc6dsaires p0ur las travaux publics, que la tlile IBnqo dcltandoraoit pour lour nouvello neal son do blanoqu battl actuellmont dtas la ru do i Camp. Siglnd JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. FOR NEW YORK.--Itegtlar Packet. Illtns' Line of Packerts. To silt on the LOth in.st . 1The Superioi tist naoling recular ipacker .osoip ALaIAMA, oBerly, nmaster, will oml as iabove. For freight or paeaagc, lrving l-. I . guilt uCIIIcU}t'·IIIe i} , apply to tVIiY rleB eautiOI bo ard, u ioite Ihe V'egelale Ilrkeloorlo AC ,'lIEN, June 14 91 c 1ollnon at. lIElThe A. call comlrtablly accommllodate ten or fite re steerae orog lpanenlert s it illloed..a applica i ,l ie tmade.a PERMI CAINI)I.ES-Il. buses, lan.llng otl b 61111 VdIksburtg, forsale by A I' IER, Junoe 15 31 Giravir i I- AVA.\A SWiTIT'IEA'I'S1-25 boxes landiong n ia roo. brig Clarion, for anle by A .ri(IElt, Fn I1AVANI itib., lt-loll bogeof prtie qoality, 31 U for irely l rI Lft, june 1t 31 (ilvler l [ I IIL EVEI.c, im tihe Nt olo ouer, by ea v Lyton It.i olUt+I o, r tIe d. lltltire cy, at plan ill 5 oels, to Idoldb t e add li.ocrl I io lo es iOla the lrst doan of Elz The D, l1t ol Nellon, I thie author of the Lads of Ly otba Pelhl, thle litawonled, &c d.e, wirln all the i'W works lhe ia, dfr sale It Il Ii j - jtn 1 " ALEX T ntvAR,49 Comp ml F .:ieitn CAI'-Jhot receivod toou acas ci blce j I o Iid teoord Cap, lttli plain ad rtCued, a very finn artleooitilablit for twlh.ll ont, lor asle by l DAVID Fnl'lN lStrtioners' Hall, june 12 24 (Chalires at TRUE AMERICAN OFICR. TIo3VYQ a JVo ifxrj¶I I Ill comiection with this Offee is a . SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE b te FORV TIL PRINTING OF Lgrrt Pamphlets Blank hecks lsr Catalogues Bills of Lading r Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices Auction Bills, lie Bill Forms, Show Bills 2d MU Steam Boat Bills Circulars pin h And every desription ofJob Work thsat t may be required. Lot feet fr PRAIRIE COTTAGE Lotee F PROCTOR presentsbio best compliments to hitt s1re1 frismeds, the poblic ol New Orleans, and to all Ti stralgoers wiho f1tv be passing a few days in thne .,aty, and ilforos themlthat lo will eI redy Irl to a fw days to receive Iherol lt dol et snl t Iretrea l, Ithe P It A I It I E CO' TTA G E, sitol un ld the L.ke o thro. 'eron wll travellilg either from Splrigfierl. Deloldsonvio le, o , O ju Madisonville, or the city. call I e mre Ieet with gollldt cleer--fill al( oullldlll tltlitat and pli.e tlltentiun-alnd ell ltirie Iov way of the Naoovill. Raviload acon Ie fer* etl in a Irivale sud (learolo t roouu , Ly giving one day's lotiOee of tleir intetlo n tI o com e. L T'l'e proprielor dolbtr not that i nllel1e 1 rlte flt afo o vi.t will be Ibund in the aivantgenP the Cotte apre. Lor: se It l to the ilnvalild, and tllhose a lied witll tIe hell,rt e 0 d- ai 0t,an1 1 11le of tIlleity. 1 The pue ure nd deliiuuh dos s I- air c0l1t.0llll1 NOCftII It illetr frlOllm the I.ukeo or t 11e great praire -te y, on e hsh lah ng and the other hou den with r ave rsgrue, ill ever give tminged delig to the wscm o able.a IO darer i nll sr h eilthr i tltlt 0or f ueh rl urel. t0or F. Proctor 0Ippenls0 thelefore with confidence to the doe patroflle Iof hnOe w'*ho klLvow him method lof servingl 1 1839 friendteand doubl a Inlt that noot siren[ere visitilg tile cily will lonnor hia with a call. I0 e l tllend0 making 11 Prairil..Vlltageo oll of tIle nollo etreeable placesuof re' sio tort ill tile nelhbblrhoodl oftl city. il . TIhe lprop r oie lor guurnltels itst hi0 winlkliqlurs &e. Clio, A& . shall oe Irf le tllO I .olire naullr;: t t th0 l som1e plan1 . tittle ha will devorte hb attentrlt o iroull: all the e ro SUVo liet dlnlicacis and vio1da of 1t l eason for hi taoble. Lt loo-3ac B ANK Not I PAPER-iJ e1 recied ln i0nvoie do It of hubk nlote pp1 .Uf AlliPt m1uf1eture, ulld for Li swle ii ALtAIX '' tWEl, rotI'I 1XCIIANG E ollllI.i-at i ltoiglt, Loir su:Iy L I jA mIIIEII,34r Grraviero t face rf I IN.I'- cNlllOlrlIl ollelling house in Cu ron. saf, Ai tt sotreet, a few dorlll Iromn ('anal l ol; pnsor siol L gie0 ilmllediately. Apply to lIO1I.I &. 4MAV ij1 1 t :3V P CI rondelet t P F L Oa :R-t U ; b ets Itso l in g (ro a tint b o a t, fo r u le b y s0 i ( IOltRSEY, 44 New I.ever SCI N I'II &. ICEI..A NEOUS WORKIKS. 0 1 m l "I INLTON'S Civil ehule EAring -l Gbrr'is elallonic'a C'alculntor 1n 1e Cu oIIloloist' First lText BIook (.alllt' lhik K epingll * 110enn t' l do l ee Tvtler' . Inlersel Ilitorvi vo, s. 8 vl ta y 10u I)'llIl.oerg c e' Silk Cuhruri' , ilosonmloI ,et, Count Do Ithe l f raring Silk \Vorman l V rei ('lRaike treaiel. [l thne oulbeir ' o.ree anod Silk "l lo lorml and'all sotadard lorka on silk. N ira i JOItNR & Co, 30i ld e 14 0w corner St t'iarles add Commni at "r 1 E-It -'1 ,I'TrEll--- k.... lendi,,g fronn lea---- . n Ie0 1 bo lit RIlou n f1 , l0sl bhy TArl e from HIrIt, 1 juie 13 :31 Grovo t ot It j{U~l0 -lIll ALL t0ll. -10110 gn~llot., lirsale. N tro tA T1r1iIH LE, 00 jIl nl3 34 Gravierst foel "I.IINOIS MIONEY-- 3300 11 fo0r oole b1n . jue 13 A TRIIER, 34 Gnavi..r et up FOIL NEW YORK-. All To soil ý tllltlrr , 15tlnl insot. Ch1 Lnoistiao and ne Yeork Line of PolAketin. o l ho 'Illh Pslmling hliip S'1'. JOIIN, Capt. f w Hitiloek, wind smail ns above. For freight or 30 10 assngeNo havig good reoollolla lion tl , apIplv lot ar ... Ithe . ..l ... o. board., 000r tim Vegr taIble Marke1.1 r t 1 s, 1to JAMIES B. IIlII.l.IN, Wi 1 jhn 11- 74 Coamp st l .e F1O0 lt.lfIII-O1I. -- - - C.. ho T A I aood m'iporior shit NI1 V IIAIIP lIt SIIIRE, Coit ila lding, ha 'oing t11e greetero a tl ,110 -prt of her1errlF o ll eIli Ilaged, will receive des- !10 F01g patc0ee. For lfeillgt ofa00 hobloe 0ou10 or pi)OILIe, op tr It, ply0o LEVI II AI.E, 00e ll r l I)oE J 93.Con 7CII-Aloogo1110e ju.lt 0e leve e. ood forI, BeI n! I. SH IALL t IRKI( I N *rr 9;Ih nlgnziol St nt " ACON-OB0fO Iobs. Cinc0li inat.m'0d, on14ioltlig ol ))iltOOO, oidoo a0n0d oulder ,ate Blodion, pfool PFlattboa. F ,or lot G10/01. Po Itray 2. 44 Nol I.vee SAC)N .$1110EI' 140 -I-'o superilr Cincillnaioi il Sfreord inl blr, (010001 D by G li. lt1SEY 1 m27 41 Now -It'hlto ,-O . .1 I 51 00-5 t ou EgIIoi hinll Il S101 ,ll 1. rolt:, by do e-riot hn sl1r 10iller. olr 010e by 10 ly ll. N..h ' I,r 110 t %tfI~oiV loY-t l 1111 rl1 1 0'udm ro t 0 m1i3 boF- I. hl.l l l. 0ii 0 In ll I I I Aev Etl t Ji13 t J1. () I R '.tC B.d I .I.E\, sIr. Us l Coo 11111 t10 lodgo, 1f01r t oo' r 18:19 01101i1. rllA 0r so-lo by 104 ID' PLI I C \ Il di d may 18 C-- -- -- -- - l 'hn t . di nOb 1311E J 311l;, Iol.cn iIg 101, Il oo'a, . i0 caook+, bor to l R and il I ,eni ij: 118, oer 8 ,ell Ir i no0- it IIIONN A t SIin ietesSh ' R lEF- l hall nre l l t ab ie ci 1'r M l0,1. flr s ly G 0,1 ti.n n f l (i ' i t sihil roo l illl be mol. l lo wll if]rta ln, (0 ho on Lrooe. A1ppiy Ito JA31MES II. 11N1.1-EY , 11 oe o T 'lll lalt'lot, I lhl hv n y omiy 28 7-f Vii.1l et. ae.m rJ5IIIAIIINI- HONE), oA. TOV1 $9 IXap rI 101. BvIRD'S Ir 1 n001 ,, 0 Itn INN 111k INN ' 1.,i 'P ' silyl o rhe Civil IeriOlNto oneII wNO ol.viw fr A i ttdo yhl.e tief lNTIeindIllEo ind t lletheing a be oout to - 2e stets brilk alo oft oll t l ro olIllltr:uod bIo I o ppr pblate, d1 olos amt1 itlllollloro d wi1h vorl~i.lt n101 l l le h by John0 Ntill gton oivil OnfillOrr fnloterll I'rol,0.lnlr of IllllllllO tier, foocoof NaIoll .1 lhilIophllo rod Cheoliolry i10 1illi1001 * Mary College if Vo. For oole bh 35 A 'I'OAV 1A, 49 Comop ot 1b01. . lRRI'SI loort el ItallbhINy Iloluuttro Ve 1ill0 ono1, or Po-Iionnlllr I.ib·,n r.001 .Noo ol Ad1ie I rIo in to yoogoI ge onIII 00n0ering01F 000e10 EJOIINS & Co, J1 "w orneor St Ciarleo & Conllno)ll s der. ,ljIi -- Mr. -has len.ll, ('oasllti neo e er ship I.a m N1 renter, fro0ll0 l1vre, milld llosor,. J000 Cloirllall andel A. Pelilt, ounoinee peor ship CiolIro, 00fro 0 Ilvre, dare requeseO d to cllo at the stbscriberl'a office and .ke I troo tlloirgooos. I. II GAlIE, uisa juo t 3w 93l Collllio r et 12g- . IV NIY;Dilll n01r1g0 0ur0,, no n- ism ully n.N D wi litlhl e w loe Allollhelor Iliilr-- si.ak ing Foorenhnd Iololi-h, od wrilting a fair hndll. Ad. dder. dam boox 231. PoostRl e, jnbe 1o 1'0 Ito IT-Itv the sh or leTr. 1 to Col ' l'h Iw 0 1l0rv IIOIIl'llo oilullled oL Ih11 0or0 ner olf Suzelte andl St.' hometa streett, [ all fin lt i ishedo in ithe l ol tlanner, wilh fldin IdoI o Ir poo w l 1sci tlrn1Is, an1d 11111 000001e ro10 t inl. Ill .'rlllt 1i1 4 do 10 ACFi'loN, )Ofll .-2-k 00 bbls llpss and 500 1o, prime, fir ale - I-.,,U IO1{.'E:\', joe1'2 "14 New Levee. I TI'EI-ti kegs lGioshenii d II -lt-e;1 in-store june 1' _ _ _ 44 New Levee 2 lF~l"-201rla pri. r ainisd _I) halfl!rla iiiv,,le the I lune I 44 I. t OIlN --(t);li - =00 rin in tr,, or uite byh 2 jun 12 G li)t)lSI 11 I New Lev.e, f XCIIANGE ON IOST'ION-tor Isle by - . nmur3 _ I Il(ll)GE,131 M _gazine. t W.llrl'liN1; i'AI{'i{--A Ilnrnr" .d gr'neeal alsnort iatel f wevtliting palir, relleid ,1d Idluin. fr sale oil asntageouisternn s ALE\X TOWAI(, AlXai 31 419 (+Iii ai 1 k:V 1'171'tJnill receive lniine auri lr the city aUd iif tIIh? %o.Ip''n, andlietir sah hV to t, :311 AI.EX 'I'(T\Ait, 493 ('amp s SAIiTIN'S R i ,,i a few cipii only left, in 19 Al ln; i.ouisiana l { llrts, It vyi dl Cird Ciole of lI.ai iana, * E Juana . ('o'a ('ard ofl Prct:ice do f new edition Seagncat & L,,wt,,r'a R portsl ofcases ill tile l-ng linh courts, 3.2 alds. Williams' Massinhutetts Ieportsp I'eter' Iliepllrlt. 12 vu' o.r l0 uin c nl ed do hllhbot nn Shi qen_; Bailey on Beils Fleck', \lediaul Jurisprudeuce Iell & Ileltiy's Chanceryv Reports Chitty o Ilills; doi an Contraict Cllittv's llh kstliou ; I', uiie's Digestl (urti,' Admniralty Digest; ilielist iLaws nl U S iP:en' Ci a ilc y leporlsv; FIOIblainque's Equity iorst Iiioi k i Gould's PIleliugn Gow iiu PIartnershlip; IlHiIlnan's Leiali Studdied Kent's Cuen)ll tarllPlltres; Leigh'a Nili 'Prius 'olihier an Oblications Pelers' l)igc.i, i-t vlUlllne, II new wlork Roscoe niu Evideiiee; 1Ruasell nin Criiies Saullldv' Ilemaillgs; Siit Ii Chauiery Practice Sunrkie on Evidence; Stoiry oi the CMiolitulltion ,teveins &Ileuecl i ' liniurallinc l'olleln lawii f Executioi s 'I'ounli.l· Law Dictionary; Vuttell's Law ,of Nations illnd genlleral usuorllllent of all ntullallrdi Eezlish slid FrInch law Ibk, iamongst the lattler, lMerlit, 'l'oullir. lPithier, Trnoplog. Duranton, &Jc. 0 JOH1NS & Co, 30 mIav 3w Cor St Charles & Covillnon st I iAF SUCASS-V) Iuabker ,.4, in lire fli'r sule bv I..J mauy 1 SIIAI1. & IWIIlIs N, 9ii M,)gaine nI III.Y.-i -204 I I.urr lhn ec Iciiied hlliike, is, store •w for pale by G DORtSEY, miul0 44 New I.vei ILAVANA SE(ARi -3U1ih tiU,dfIlereiit qili iiiTnv. lu HI sale by A 'lFIEi, jine 14 :_31 Gravier t 1 AISIl.S-4IT buoaxs. .tiovox l-gs lJ.isiuvUn if, for sale by A T'1IIi, June 14 34 Gruvier at tNJIUlC's SALE, BY UAOU& CALHOUL - N T IL. be soldon nesday, Jum I , at 12 Are a W o'clock ,at the City -xhbng,'- ls it. letween Ituyal and Chartres streets, ftby s Xllts Chdle r ny lts.oll, osq. Syndic of the erstotisr il . eas. r Lose Lg"rtol & \Ytbry, tafr tlhed a,"toult end at the risk of Mesrs Edwssd York, George B. Ogden sand i COgdes, who hove floiledtocottply wtill the terns efa sale of Iropttsy le'reinaltter described, made to Isems oi tile 24th tosteary, 1839. Eleveno lots ul ground, sittatetd so FPnubarg Saulet, 2d Munlicpulity of New Orirenr, ill the square bounded by Ctlio, 'sytasre, Calliope n'sd Navalea streets, as per At plan which will be exllibited at the timse of sale, viz : payt Lot No.l, meoasuring 29 lost, 4 inches front on Prv tanoe stieet, by 120 leet in deptll; and frollt on Clio street. Le Lots No. , 3,4,5, , 5 6 , , 8, 9 and I, esre each 29 jour froet frtont e Prytanee street by 120 feet deep. tttoi Lot No. II, neasuring 9 feet 4 inlches front on Pry- 8 h lnlee street, by 120 feet in depth, and front on Calliope he street. lThe above lots will be sld separatrly with tile priv- rtllt leqe ofon alley ill thie rear of te widtl of15 feet. deos 'ermts ol uale-$18l0 cnash on each lot; balance 6, vurn 12,land 24 months credit fur approved endorsed notes, pn withll mortgage until fioul payment. obi jone I 3lj17j 3j L 1 Voat do Syuodeer.-. PAR BACH & CALHOUN. bills IL SERA VENDU Io Mereredi le 3 Juillet pro cllaisn a midi, a la Nouvello Iourse ruo S3, c Louis entro los rues Royale et Charero, par I'ordro A. dIe Mr. Anthony R.asel, Sindic des cr6dancirs do ect' t lesers. Egerton at Wibray poor le compto ut aoux le 1 riaques do Messieurs Edouard Yoltk, George B. Jac Ogden and J. C. Ogden qui ont nlanquds aux vE tormos prescrits par la ventu pour Ics proprl6tds ci dodesos doesgndsa leur adjug6es In 23Janvior, dto 1839. 1 ONZE LOTS DE TERRE roll situds dsna l ftoublurg Saulet, 2do Municipalit6 de la Nile Orlttduns dclansa 'ilet nit cntro les rues n Clio, Prytande, Calliope, es Nayale, d'apret un e Ilus gut a did expos6 au moment do la vents, ouvoir :'n Le Lot No. 1. mesurant 29 pieds 4 pouces do rI face a la ruo Prytanoa par 120 piods do prolosndeur ' de facea t li rue Clio. r Les lots Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 3 &10 mesu rant chanun 29 plods do face a la rue Prytun6o par 1- 20 prods de profoudeur. Lo lot No. 11. mesurant 29 piede 4 poeces do face a In rue Prytande par 120 pieds do proltondeur ioe eL face a sa rue Calliope. L Les susdits lots sront Vonldlls ssplarmleOnt avec Is privilege d'uoso alde de 15 pieds do largour. , Les terlnes do vento rout S1800 cotpllant pour ' cllaque lot, et ls balance a 6, 12, 1 out 24 sssois do - crldit on billet 'ondosets a satisfaction, avoec ypo th e jutlUq ' a parftlit paisole .t. . Y ItYII AI soCALIIOUN . 7 II.. .e sold on\ Wedersdav, 3d July, 1839, at 12 o'c:ock,ot the City Is;xl;ntger Is St Louis street. Two Obonles o.'GlOtro l, Designated orn a plal drawn by IIouse Itrtlieir, sur veyllr greneltl, as rqart.cs E stoiC. S are IE calllrill tlk 20 ItIs, outlbcred fsoo I toIwici osto so icJlttIn l ul Nos 1.2, 3,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10-10 lots matr, ritng each st 30 lost flt s on s ls alo l y streo t,, b 105 fi et in delisth ; lot No I Irllllotn l coilner of th1l o.oo" cUd Atlllll reets l s t asltlt 'NoI till rsitg tiSo corner (o.l' ALcartL and lilr. dIt s 'ctoe:lm. r Ns I 1, 1'2, l.--3 l-o, ltasllltlioge.ch 300 feet froolt ou Ilurdol sllss tt, t I's lss l ts in dvlrlh. l .oe sNo 14, I:, 16, 17, i', 19,210 1, 22, 23-10 lt, ttmeas elng eacll3 ties ftI'rOl on (Comlercial street, by 105I t feelt In dieth; No 14 ttrollong Ihn corner of Coulnotercral Ctnld llorthl msteets, anld Nto 23 formlgtle corer of - atssoooreastnl nodtAdoolns stesets. Nos 2.1, 5, 2 -3 lot, omesuriog elach 30 feet front on Adams slreel ty 151) ill' diIh. SquareC cornIins '( lute, numlberedl frolt I to6, wllichl measure ao f,tlllsws: pt Nos 1,, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10--1ll ots, nreasuring each t or 30 feet firont u Comlnlsctiul street,l by 105 feet in depthl; ply 1t No I forming the corner r,f (m,,lllteriaol id lituuet or tt'tes, adi No l) forming the curuor of Cuotnrl:ial & Woushilo"gton streets. Noi N l, 1,1-3 tots, Inensul.g eth 130 feel ro)nt on \aesJingso st eer, by ilSt feet sio l . h IP. Nos 14. 15, 1b, I, 10, 19, 20, 21,3., 23-10 nls te, ans ter tintlg each 301 feet fronlt on, Pearl slreet by 1115 feelt in ts- dlepthl; lot No 1 l. rllmitng herlrner of lr'eul and Wash: sl a illngIo streelsti, and No :: joining the cot'nor of Pearll and I surllel streets. - SNos 4, 5, ,ti--3 o1ts, Illnalerinlg each 311 fret frost for on Ilurdet street, by 150 fuet int d'epth; allt .A\lericau " t jute 1 it l j7A:jy t PAR BACII & CALIIOUN. uI I L SERA VENDU M.ercredi Iv 3 Juillet, 1839, i;t a midi, a la Nouvello Bourer, rue St. Louts' " DEUX LOTS 1): ''ERItRE lL situor a Carrollton, d6sign6, d' pre u0, plan tir6 fi par Louis Bringier, Arponteur ged6rale, Ils dlts I1. lots E rt C. L'ilet E contient 2i lots nutrradrd1s doe I t 6 Iclaels olt les irnlllrr t ouivoants : i Nos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 9, 10, itnural t rhaello 3(0 pitds d face. a la rue Macarty sur 105 pl rds de pr trrll adcur, to lot, I f rrlant I'nelroig" ure duo rrues 31 acarty rt Adam,, rt le alt n). 10 far , anit 1'en:r rLure does ruae Ma.arty et Ilurdrt. No. 11i 12, 13, tro.l lots muaulrant chlun 300 11 pruds du lio a la rue olld t r ur i50 dol profrtru Nos. 14. 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 211, 21, 22, 23, dix I,,ts mtresuraut claoeun 0 itids da ta, t la irrtu do CrorIrrtrco sour 105 drll roliatdrrr, Il Io), 14 formant I'rritOlagnuro dos rutlh do COa mI crtca t IA Arlarn. ri Non. 24, 25, 0, s, n raslutrlt chacn 30 piods do aI lthe la rure Adamu srur 150 do rrroflondrurr L'ilet C cortenant 26 lots inunerotsr dro a 126, Iesquels out tea meiPure. aervallnts: Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 Imsurant chacun 30 pIl:dde Ilco a la run de Counlerere our 105 rdo prolludraur, ta lot no. I lirrrorlat I'encuig. nure des rues de Comrlnero et Washlington. Nos. 11, 12, 13 Imesuraut cllractt .0 prads do fart a la rue Wrlrhingto.r tur 150 d. prorfrndour. Nos, 14. 15, 16, 17, 1 1, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, dix lots mnesurant cthacun 31 piods do face a Ia rue o Pearl sur 115 do profondour, Ia no, 1.4 fbrnoant I'encoignlor di rues I'Par at Washington, at le t o. 22 joignaut l'o1coignuro des rues Pearl ot Bur. Nos. 24, 25, 26, 3 lots mosurant chaloun 30 Irieds do face a la rue lurdet sur 150 do profon. dear etlt toout ineure Ameoricaine. Jl 1FAT'I' DE: LA IOUISI 1N1.-Cout dr" Itlaroirr E p^ our In paroisse et ville de In Nuellutc Orliaus- Pretselt I'tunuarablo Cilr lea 3t lrall. Jugr. tiai 14th 1839. NO. 11.774 M1. Dubosl vno ses Coo ancirs. En mOltionl de G. W. ]Bltrls, E.q. ravrcat poutr I'inl v) bleet l lontrn~t line, errorl qui as trouvat dans I'loln elll dernicr poullr uselIIller Ie Crcllnciers, et en Crotllirrtrnllrc de cat crrrelr I'aosoomlile o' u pis ollo liru-- I ,.l olrdonli pIer it ,C ur, lqu'llle aselmbll(er nouvelle uru lieuu au bureau de Philhppi IIcoseP, Elq. tllOire, Ill Sa led t 5lb Jnin, B13', quaudl e or liin ll dehbbrier sulr Ies allutares i, pelimntinunie et prendre tli consideratlio lee l utiienctelann uea does lI ipetition. Extrail du ro irlllrllrretrt, IB reuu dI Girasr, lrC NorITPII OllrPans, MRai It 18 11. ml I AM ) Pit'T', irettier. -T'AT1E OF L- ISI:1.A NA -Panh Court rfor I.5 I.Parih laid City of Nr t (I)eut.-l'reerlt tloe Ilrrurrble Chitrlrtsa 3iaurrin, erdger. Maa liIth, 1839. No. 11i,774. .1. Ita Pone vs. Iris ('.edilrs. ( lt rrriaolr l of t;iro. '. rIrrllo, Elrs(I r,f sRa oill t Irr itt rarmrrer, i, llrnd lpirn r rllrilrr ,w ll.rrrt t l-, 1 hat O lr eroro h IseCelH in it. aotict r.dlirr Iror a it, liug ol'a rrdrrr in tlli caea, and that rrn-equenlly aual retrraug rrrot I iukr platra. It ir ordlrrdrll Brirr -mtrt thatrrrupst 1 cl irrgrrrke plaoe r Ito i riife to rrf b II mr e, I:to tot r.n rad take into corrideration the mattersar t flrth ier Ertract nom tbr minutles--Clelk's ()f0ie, Nrew Or it !) 1 I0 t ' =. il-- T e + d x L ,lll i e l tl tl f Ih ea Ih roe -sl orV brlic:k hlo7 e No. I.I'charuploIo Tl, ltrel. )LI. session given aon the 9!hi Jtlun. Aplply I I I. LOKET', ( gllll ri-sea l, lInru; Jtllil.--- r m rv rR i tr . 13 Ex Clilllhe liell. Trl--lr I troINr i- Irloti t ,r i t ktril' oT'. . . II : well known splendlid hrse IRocket is oulined forr arlIP , ih It to l rrl eir ll r r aiirr old, orlillll su " ih* bll, e h It llu e Ihors ill lhe UnitlcI .l ,ll l s i p 4 I s+P '" j :o werll n, ln that 11 reqlluirs lu Ino oll oIt-w rrated lperlrct h' ounllnd ..ll.t. hr r,, Ater S a.r'lwith r h rir, tIr op1I,, ..rldlrr. r Irlr.rr I &.0. The ailbovu lrieles wele Prlude loodel r nId re ID Ihe very .es latoria ls. lThey a m to !,e sold t in oc Iorl al tohe No. , tarrdritl ty JI Iw I.\II)OtW GIASS--i boxestr Engtill, crowu i\\'ihdor glass,leceivinr iulld frr soler ho, .lv.1. It CI.ANe.N I 2 'llp at lrrd Jaclh Iy the Roo. ilelrv IhuiA. Ar . r l trlll t If tLreo ori the11 history ofJesius Christ ald St. Paul Ji.t pubtrrihrrd selectr remains of the Revo, 11illiam Ne vin, I.D). of ilba llnore willA I t oir. Jllst r!e. .t1o I4l faimp ta u0,. 9 roIlVILL ., lur $trol pay, LJ ablt aJuly 7 ,for sale v JS A FISK T\AI1-S-4010 Hluloturatoorlell iro.fi.r ttIle by SSilAI.L & l1l1OWN, 2l 96 lMagazineai t IES 1 BEEF-I hlrtifbls, for srloe Iv I -lly 14 I)ORSEY,'41 New I.evee. ACON SIDES-15B ceaks Cillr.ilai cured, for y ale by ItIt{-Y, I:nay29 4 New Levee R1(10 N SOAP--3l0 Ixesr Irown rsajl, Iir rlelo Ily &l; J jt Wl'I'NEIY,3 InmRpst L.lter Illlier ido r r lrair Packer, comtercial and ltIrh, Polt I llllul rrld l.per ro Il carlriidge paIler on lllo nger1' dll S('oll,, sampling dll Prittitg l'apter, of all sizes, surilable fIr tily and Ala., dulre .arldiumn, i.perial rnd raut r ropal I'rirtih.o I'trraet, fur alelt by ALEX TOWA It, joai. I I 49. ('an"rl IAC' I)NNI 1)S--7cllsksa ullrrlor I llrilllla.i uur eld , jilln t..r lio ltr, I hll ji;nt 41 NeW Levee -- me-* j --- r - ni.u.,,1 CHAIMIN D.E FE SEC Ill LI NOUVELLE ORLEANS E'T CARROL.LTON. A eo ogono de i'&a, pour Itojourye do it semaine. De Carrolvtn. Dol/a Nile Orleans Chlat Icheval, A 4 is. A M11 Char A chevul, tA hls A M Lueolnutve, Bi 6 . ~ etnti,., b tilt( Aun unir npu obe i t u aessao It S8 ' [ " A9 " " d PSI A : d 0- I " A ~ A, Sne "I 0" Sv ttd" 8 ,eures Iit tooira doi a hovetlle 00 lovu, at ao "i ait 8" ,' ] " ii Apl9 l r t!s du soir, oi peut hbeereir ell ullr, eli psytyntciolq Ioa atroes puur ne v uoyag e. Arp rrangea enr poauro let Dian heoa s.hre Lex CaIn t ourvs artOt at o ie t alnav l ietru ue d eUOp s t re jears de ln ao tnineoj ls ~.o' I ]loere P SI. u ae lt:o otative parlirua de arrolot l I lt le s Ivta llratok t u ltht o 8 teures da soir, et de Ita Nolvelle tarlvasoi;loatu'i . 9 he.are dou a toi r.i t j I'uorti'aglalglet lot too aesoan o qaui se readent Ai Car- ooloo toltt po rle hoaur e.d 5 I lae ures, etq is adi rlirtent 0' vt del u r ju s Jimi t h s llless e Folt r qln i lt tir lllrb - d no daaoioaeoojoaqoot.I ion t t i htaa ,totresataaoilq' Jtoatoa reat paourtotlner te le t i tdla t a l o stoir alltlet rtj qeltIate p ttt ao oble d ells altt uel I ita etto oX jart iaS t It llll ot. liA S boa i~tlOoaoooooqui toartieoooa toor In a olot~jdv tollt sa oel at'rtlrdvo billets, atottltlu qu'il eolt tlotttoloeo ooe o ontlcurs ote icavoir d I'tattgeltt not i oll ae hillutit. Choirs des Rnit Javoosha ea d/l a LorILe wa nCesaoioro I trt ollr, tode to i ills T.ttk-uo lit I ollanrt s A. S.ut de lahtr.u d (lit o o Io Ildlnre s i lat l d stio r luri lAct·lc hll i ltoto. Itr Itle. , ils t ao rli nrilt o t-l l taleodto i tbolt i es jootti ' itll hou ret t itjsoito a t l' lal t / oat I~ttiootttttoeot tJUT Iool. ~ i ac-el ju,,". 't t+! onl aooot C l a r tl vtll . C tooi 1 e 00 d e tlt'o h n r Oobin 1, J dnol. i nge llsi l ' Slla ckt lline; llinl ll n llll t pfii) l It+ lie [lln r mehll Ife h III lItIde +.lll IIJ4 tlIllI l1II*y l't de ~li ptsfll·++ ( Itil a ot ooto tool t ] ql ta laoI0 tatitool o'y taotototolott nlll'€+llailll+ I1 Cl)Ill }zi.+llil· du t~lhlllill 1|I li+.r de CarI nInylU 3Ll r1 4\IYV1 U( non II roailto t ttol Iot o rtaaaoott toaltrsi. tic l aottatoa .0drto otto ottl tjettootto.byT oo JUtiN IlAt'St)ON, illz:l n ,. J~llgietlr. ell i:hc1r. Th:eUt'--J lmerit an bJ aill i h f C i lll. tl- Etl' ilo , w IX, i h ilvo dreoh llo m nI n r t t athio , ''ltllrillot l, tot r, II dI Cottagshb Aohnson', rtottoi r Aaotcitt t to tIoor, Itoo to l thrt ,lt t o . r Ij a ,t nby tt C"",;"W iao Ntottt a v a Itttto.V t tototot, e a aL too a t~tlAo ulototo 7titltrj ototta dM1' t It N toY! l|+(~'irI-'.' :] 1 .. . *I . 'ai ._" tll I llr Illll ....... .. rl *=' (lI tlattI oootthlty y .otloltt1.+. o| lOht 00 nt un,2 os i- Annyr3e. , MiIl &lle ulh la.VllNll h li a eels J looAdoe o ltAto toot ioto) to ooto toI t totl o tttt d·III I`.LILI1II otto 1 it 1 il itot, 00 8 ly nora, II tohty W o not 3 dtliolooolioo hlot . i. l I nne - 0U007 C111Itotot e tw o ototo too troo i, f tr sat too Ai.1oX.a Tt\ V t , oInliy t t I M {g'zl e l t cre .. . ..el? · I.\"'I I' l . I rl 'l'; S k IFIAW fly ? ... ..... Ilfl 11 T5 : b f prl himTders' Oill el y . I #l'aocakto {liOt Not i ti; t itt tol~tloototo'la, bN'T"~ooot ll tt h e 1 ca k s nn r Sp\t~n lca J e r , l ill+ ill.-.t)1tions oottyttel'llll~oa il iii Ca'otal oaotostel1lb Moo rria ,/ ,'I I t\I. h( N·-ln... Iy vl~lsk~ l II*lm. r lrqIIII I1 l aito ott Otn t oo talel ii Iltlitf I&Itil o a',\V t 1ri 0 %\ Illl: l ll+'+lhSl to T iettie bord s Ske rmli b antol I ,,f., • ~ I'. .I)IS.C) Th( mln31 4 e ee 1 M t 1 t1 o 0ii0 tItl t tohl the o .t I to t 1000001 I ,t . tII\tv & tI.I. BI IItIi t1Igti tt ai Illiy 31 l. H. Minxl l I'Il.-0Vt llAT-I..0 0 ill .I-fI' oo l m it so1 i ell know1 tI\Iu th l{()hi N, that ithns brly~ a r('I conidnc inhsp pItos I hIrf nn.'s r P .l blls an II l\t.1Th t t t ooaoV Iao o "-1t l it t t tot i n 0 ts- ert r 0 f t.o- s 0 i,00 tr u r I o.ttt oy Aot I It o ttltt t is Xe, tfO t? ni bOrt voow eo, ua0 oolartosa otdlt l i h icknt ,1 m n oo lit Itt . tot1oo t lo 1 -t 1 I -rl ne o t'alt r Ito t i+ -.in h m n i -.. , ar e i n y land ing f uin-hu sim..... hr da' ir ll •F II b ly t I)LF rd ii ta it it 0 e t lO 11Nt tet, th / te ioooe hlo to od tog 0,000 tooth il o ,l tt " ,1 trhors i w t ttotet. TL* Iel 1. I++' ,i. -'l*IlFI,1·(l il; llr bI . - l~ l - 1 [.-7 ,lll .,.c 'II,. 1177·( jI/ 0 0 ii ttt1t11 i i IT IntlIe b Ito ttI a is irItli i t IEt.l.o ath l 'ltotoiltio tool l iIo l w Iat l tl R. MI Fre Il V Ili( -' 1,1 Il,r Jl.I P +;11 p1a.n. rc.1 h ane Iw k it Ootrtttter tO loon . cott toott t etto 0001. tt Ieot b ,oh.ta t it oo t ittoogo iaty to Imdlt - I ohfsf tv Pt-i .' la etaied tt I lotot fiitoe 3' se.ll ))1'1.l. Ilh. h·(llsll li~lll· ·I·i * , i tully cun t llm , .v ,I d t· ! tot totot to to o 000000 0u0it Ih 'ltO u Ihttt ,'tt Ii IoI1 0 I ll 1 pub lc t t oo " los, tno o ti too oin c tot at o lo rofo i.lh0i+. I toI to to ttItto Tlo itlooet Itupnor-utr R o nlttIo 0 I0 s 0IoUnladt n ho of Jt 1a, 1111t.at tat [I lo. +,' Pi ll . ...llli ......·( : II. . "llil'h, lL(·-I J ......... I li .... I;'I ia l it llot l l hlt I0 llllt t le lllllt IIt1 I o toro, l lio t o llo i O tnoo ool uts o tolll to tollo.t o. tIoo , bl ine 00 0 0ltll 1 0ill lr f 00l 0 rlttlo Ied Iii ~llll~l~llrltt++ tIile( Tt l IC.. 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J i nl Sh ' i l l(ie, hr sale by rll lll 34 A ___ "A T itllI1, :4 (Ira ie t . I: .I' ) I. 1 '1'I, It PAla': Ial'- A tiw ca. I ~il(da1 ' a'a le a y'er gapl l ol l'll qCalNiES, jlmah uceivt a ngl for sl e a a O c laO1lin a al' II i by a a ,14 4 T.T)WAI{,.19 C('lnp at .13 SAIIA1.1. & ON IIILKOWN. l tinEzne it AI 1S I't li--I'l b,(l huling liruLn sicaan b(ha Uliiled S.ire,, Ifor all e by ,7 _ _ __ A_. I El : Gravier t NV M IIEII., No. 16 (Chlnrtre. street, hals lhis day S reeived l uariety of CANES, liillaa lolr gell t 6n use Ithevy, ill be o'red very low In" r WORKS ON SILK. A COMPI.ETI'E naalillllelll if lthep best works onl Iha culll'e of Ith Mulberry lad i ilk wUrllla. I 1ahll onh ilk worln lsn. I)'Iloalm argne'a silk cllursl''a Iallu( a l, Coblb's manual | ihe iulbe.rry tire. le(aiar-laak'a ailk a l llp.ll r ala ade. \\'hih'ni Krsh oll Ihe .l berl. ry i1od sill wornl,. lrattertlan'a.ilk a.-l. EJOIISS ' d ( , Jh 3w corner IifSt. (Chiil,'P,& R iCIIiI t i0 El • i bLW.l':'d IUC11I.II",U, .tih eeleblt,'d hlay, brated atltng plays. . J0I1 S &C, Jt6 Iw cornaor . Churlad & Caaatia(onalt . 1iiliSKl---t buarrels laadlag liuaa aleia boa BWlridgewa(ter ufr sIJe ly J7 o ( I)ORI0 I r'Y, 41 N+ l.evee (' OIRN (1Ioo0031-d-00 doz in store, lar tale by 1 J7 (C I)()(SEY, 41 New Levee KIRANIY \WINE-3 half lad ,l'grenksa bru ) dy, 4 gr lasks brown Sherry Wiue; 36 boxes aal. dIo du superior quality foar aln Ib%" S &'J I' WIRl'I'NEY. ,av 3 73 ('anp at I+i --l'-wervt Mainga winl iu qr cU'a,r i.tslore, IN'r al t b Rv REAID d UIt .I'I)OW, ntS 7 Ialak I'hlac SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTriS. W EltE I "oghlll tii Ihr, Pmna d f tihr 3d WVrd, 2d .T .luuicilrhln , the Iallur ilg, ti y atinlartlo, A buy arr ie ith lettarna I' r ui her left hl ild quarter; also a whitle - r I1lheia " aihlr. A s:rel llt willI hail fiaue nlr twa hiad leg.I whito. Th,. oa wu ,rs"of asit nIUll iIi s will pleanw.ra all round tat thlarr1111111na111 ll l t S e s co d all i icipulIry, sillratd at the clrnerl"c hli "alllld AnaItaa intllll alr.'lr ts, prove a rop atlllCla cli!'raarja aa d [llae ChIaem na ay, ItI Or bte rar Satllla ,t lha-l d tl iiI I it, C C113 Cl lerll rlay will be rold at aticid.al by ' A iuailllotle, . tl l lllll.n er.l 1leNItY C;ILAIV jlne 1:1 Fir IC ita.of trh Nieat Watch. o l C COih aaaaia 'at I'"clCiaa d 'thai, Distraiat- al S ec. dll e .ullicipulile, lC uiaannux eapuvesr, sui ",lll, llllslr : alln J.iillient hrun llarqIll 1. 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J lll a ll a' . 11. li rl .1 tlll l h lla I ha; eei vRyV causihdelublv Il 'I I ll h 'li lL mll l bl h iolc - Iliinh moon bull ll r1Ioo . hdtllh: rl ro some IIII I ul irysI . iinildl ol d l i 4 llhli- l rI t, ,iaJl a ( ni.) rl II.,llh . Clallll ' glll hbral rI n I. Ir ,r r a i lilt lioait o I bo 1"m ilie l, lll aa lcon "I , nIII air hou-i lIIr.I. lii d aIi -i.cl,' li ntlle ru 111'. F hila IIII", n II 1 i h l at- n , i , Iia , a iirrlg nll ant andlllll l f ia~"hllut r jI11 1 1b f r; .ii, ~ala"n is i lhah lrlle Cat i ulIn Ship istn b, hl an 1-1h II , l i IC nClC . I a a iil. 1C is IC Cl l ll 1 , il a, i C1 1 C i 1 il, h ( C u l"la n i ll I nll, I ; , .a \' I j1"h:I . h 11ANl . l jun n 11 i i 9r un e a"ot l. E1': '1": 11N · 1111 1 11 \\ \- Poiiirrilhll Sinst the r el Cl Ca ish aail'l lllll al Ia l ll llll jN ,'u. 112 il,.: . . "i r 's l o ri . hn, vI h. i ll , AI I ,r"dia n- I Iarraa' i l . I ala aia" a-" I ., Ch , lia liar , Iho r Il l in lnding antn lls t1,v p 1rit roil 1 che o l.e th in this 1 11 11 t1 aa lloai w a I hl. ll, ih , iat,. I"t , hI a hi cla i r . tt i . I I :r a1a, .I n 1 1 i Ial h 1r : .1 "n",h hn a a l"+ltt ll ll 1i 1 , ifh l, lilli I'i I II" ah ia" Il . a llz 1 , a aaaa 1111 | "IPll llldll a.1 llll III aI a al il aaatl l i aIII a arah ak il n Im ll-e , t eI r.""=" f yv r hlall" 1 ew1 I1, l v tI III h ;t sai d 1.. AIa . 1a r.a C hial, 1ai b , l a a"r i laa ,pa r ll ilar , n laaa Ca I l n rll lr l raI i 1 iii ll l 11 1 4 il a , a lll a l no o r ll llll a l II l, i a . Ia .t1ala111a l 1 , , l, ll Or Ilr , , . : - , ', itir " '.w, be Sl l| l 'ol.h 1 t,1,1 r. .- u . llh rl,- n t ,11(11,,, h i+ s. r C I i u CCiso CoC 1'0 1 Cr. l Car C t a ala" e I (, poI.r d atol,, . ,. I hlr,+ ~r , .|+ n, . nt. t r1 eI. -i m.-+11. · 1· \I{\ 11 \. 11 I'It' ' I ' ', 'lrl hk. Viar I1u·l V l11 1., I . 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''''++. \ I , t-h . a, I ii lo- t re , i,' , s I o i ,: l a , in th t. , \ p . in, on BI' r o i , "t I i .I do so 1 l a +" a' ll -J. I iCa by 1'"," l n,,'- Can.'ou SI n ,r l- , f lhe le ,r " F I III,:\I \" IIC'KEI IEC', nr]. lit." 11u C'IC-iCC ,,ClC , iCit I C\CCr ra t Ci 1 o1 e "al t " t "l ,I ýn ll , IirnCa i iW hlr i nlr, t by I i " q . ' i"li . a I aa i. aa11" all aC aounal a ir. ii a af cl, ala-a a I tlC 1 I: C11 : ,; . .I \1.., Jr. U CIC N ''ai a aal' a ira" tai a ac n'll ir a i I at +1 a1' a'I' l,.a ,ia ,.,i at I + I .o-.., tI lra atnraaah , t tara ala, en. a'ar . a"as tilh1 ih ae I1 aawaa 1 1 1 ,,,1a aI ,.a1l Ipi.' t, elllan "rllll . , ,l h+,i" [l sit:IOli ,a ,I f S h, hI1t I nJr lC i 11,t iL i n t r ,t1i.I . \\ I . ( ' \IIH I ",C , ii" :at aI ' a a a ilha : h ( , irng,'i.Caa . Iaa "i"r ,.I."" aI a a-,. d". -CiN w 'l: TIlI l I :lIT - L ,.Mf Icr ('ll 1\ 1Tr- ir /.," it Ii \i iI 1t' ('ut' 11"N I.4',fI . /t \ 1 8111. 1 ir ,,I(I h , I/ Mu t tO F, +li... 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' luh le Mar- i+ J AVA (p't "rI'I" l':- 71 il l fill' bag i toll )'ll 'i i i | , villal ,l rsrl, l , in Ia 11.11.1. , (I 'll ll'\ N, malllll .r1 1, lh ,' l l l llall uuib'. . . I Io IIo4 ne lh lalth or bale, I h+. I l I I(' . 1i &J o :l:,1-60 h llrrll llllur o llllt I1. IIU II.ch III I lI.udin f il|, hll r Sld dill dll Irlllll . llhl I,,i 4 lil ~l , I,' CI+lIP f 'ltld li .I ''P~' ~lt''. [aS 1ll

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