15 Haziran 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4

15 Haziran 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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- t2hk & d altinore Packets NEW UORLEIANS AND IhAL'I'I IORE LINE OF PACK t;'1'8. Thin llno will enna.t of the. illowing v-.leot, whielh lisve beeon b.tt or urprilaitd expreouly fit the trit,, viz: Ship, .eaman, Cnpt. Miner, DArk Mary, * Nickierson, " Irad Firry, new *i Stevens, ti Slomin haltus, " lathaim, Brig Architoct, " Gr. The vene'is are of tfie first clas., have hand. ome firni.leod " icolodaitllun, , and are tf i light draft ef watoer, ao as Ltu admit ofltieir rnceivilg and diehtargigy tleir eargi,,At in Daitlmnit net the city. Freiglit will be taken for piorers o thn, Ch.iapeuke or James' Rivcer, and firwn',rdud by ti, agcnts, Ale ars. CLARKRE & E.LI. GGE at B altimore: rxlmnoena u gnuud shipiped will b adva-eid wient required. Tue itrice of paaacge a filed At *tli0, apple store nftilhe Ib t qnnlhty will he provide:d. Steasm up and dow ti te licaieippi will beI taken on all uccasiots. Fe' freight or pasunage, epply nto GEO. BKEDFORD, aov27 22 ,lenvil'e at. FOR NEW YORK. [Iouiiona and a New York Line of Packets ] '1'T : Shipe ceompo.ing this line wilsail from New Orlcauu and Now York on every oeLtr Mon dasy-rleomuannuing on the 20th November-and to insure the punctuality in the time ofsailing, the line will ihereater uonsint of five ships, viz: Ship Yazon, Captain ''resk, to Icave on the 20th November. Ship Louia v!le, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th Decemnber. Ship Iluntavilie, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 18th December. Ship Vicksburg. Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the let Janotry. Ship li ppi, Captain Davi, to leave oa the 15th of January. ,The above are all new, of the first clads, copper do and copper fantened, and upewarIds of 5010 tons hurthen, tire of light draught of wtler, being hbuilt in New York expressly ftr the trado. Tio prico of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are fitted up inll tile Ioat iL ,proved d dconvenientI plan, and finished in a neat anld eegant style - Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, nld every regard paid to the cmlirt uand entire satisfactiun of pasnngeJrs, who will dpleae take no. tice that no tberth cal be secured until paid ibir at the ofWeo ,f thle ceeierieun. Those vessols are colanaanded by enptains well reperieuced in the trade, t. ho will give everyv t tention as d 'xerttheml lves to acun l adte. 'It'h.e will at all titles be towed up anrd down the Tisis-. eippi by steamboats, arld the strictcst puncluality abrrved in tile title of sailnlg. The owners of these oini, a will net be reaolntsi. ble for any letter, lretel or package,. sent by or puta e toard of them, unless a regultar bill oe lading he sigeted theretor, at the countting hIuse olf tle i gett or owera. e~r "rther p Ortic .. .I nov27 ., 00 | t ! otilrOieee 'hn, [ ,,a e ,oa , t il tsi1'UN u e [t' .lt ,i tci, firsel 'is , lstopp 'rwd a d llap. r rU il. enel, end it l ah im 20; ic"n burle.ei., with handse o di nac. ollltllOditl.ns he r pT sseIlO n ers. Three vesals ,r enrUwllllnd.d hy cpinioa oiel experienterd in the: tarole, w to, will Uive ivery at tention, and exert thrtle lver s to nea llll dact., the . ehiprer.. 'Ither. wil b, ito ed tiup e. d,.wn ithe Miseesiarpi, and ir.,ve Nrw Orlranos n or helor the 10th and 15lh of every meenith. The followtely vesserl col he I lilt, tvi :z Bri. A".ii..,,CCh:,rl.s G rJcn, nmaster. Bria C oape,.n.J.B. a'Iumpsoneite [,tater. Brig Ai..ertn,, J. D,,oe, mtnsteer. Bark R(Ige r 11 illiais. J. A.iiherl, mreser. Fer ir..i. it .lr .pa.sae, iapl t J. A. DARTlLL C,8il C ,i uioeio so . New Olreans, or 1. C 1t ,,i"r".. icCic..cc. eelI SOMBAkhL o CU'S lIonon Urd New Lrileas i o of Packet Ships.-'Thlls new line ol ships has been expressly built to run betwoen tile above ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: asoommiodatiuns for passengers, anld every effort will be mauo to give geoeral satei action, '1l n hno is composed of the lo lowing hlips: Cherokee, 415 tons Capt. J Hlarding, Carolina, 400 do S Lmisjt, Cli lestun, 374 do I) Eldridge, Coluomb.ano, i625 do G Barker, Senman, 240 do J lluwes, Bombay, 625 do D oumphrey. The abole ships are all now, of the tirht las,, sopper fkstenendand coppernd, commlanded by men efgreat experience, have largo accrnmmodatinor , with a separate ladies cabin; every attention will be paid to pa-onngera, and the very est of stores po ided for thou. The packets will be towed up anld down the ASli oissippi, and the strlctoelst punctuali y io served in F the tilme of sailing, and should the reorlar vesselo be detained in arriving, olter ships equally as good wIll itl all cases he subsltituted. A shiare of patronl ago is solicitod, oll(] ill t agentsl pledge tlwmselves to accomlludate as mluclh its practicable, to receive and forward goods by s id line at the most moder- I ato eharges, and to advalnce all expen-)es on good i shippLd, if reqaired. Tbtlaobpo will leavoe te lIt and ]Gth of every oonth. For freight or prs.ger. aopply to the agento. J-A M1FRRITT, 62 Coimonoi s0t. N. B. Advllelro ents limde oll consigaoot..ts to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. IE1-H F: Olllln rl ldlrl Iotlollllo of lvrrorrt allulld Hore houltld, is put II1n bottles a telo low price of 50u rents eachl, oueraoilnig the strlnoctit f three ounnes tif Liverwort, lr-ii Io Ill,, o irtns oI many obtr r rom ta and herbs knlown ramcn the Indians as rlic.acioua in curilng plmnlaroy complaints. Tire u liraled success wlich bas atrended the rtee of this illnesturnlle Ifallamlo herreir it Ilhs been intro duced. hlas lbt:linerd the collidenlle lad reconmulo ndo lions of respectable phrysicians, for ihe cure of couetns, oolds, pain in the side, want lof rest, spitting or bloud, liver complaint, Mc. To whom it may eoncerr. This is to cerotiry bnat we have in our prarIieie freoqently prescribed Mirs Gaorl ner's Indian lBalsIa of Liverw.oro ad r lnnrbound, wlth a decidcd god rrect: we can therelrl, talrll the klnow ledge of thle materislo it is made frol;. nd , lr, betllllo ends xplerie, reeonllenl ait ,ýi orSr g crio pir l lrlat,-, o}r t lhese nl ectons of tile )lling-ý,r which It i Ire amllondei. A t.I.. I' tVII.LI 0f , (1. .D. C.\LVIN El 1.1f M. O). stolMembe,l ofir Boston Medical Association. Boston. Octobekr oS. salo by J.ItVIS & ANt)I1E\'S, i''ý1117.1-' 'I .Ai" blls Coanll, .... re..ivdd uý,J for 1 ro, by IIEI tUJIfE\E, IIa\VWN & t:rr. may 3 No 9 ('amnt alt. RIUGSo--JuaS laudneg rn,.r hies-in., a oell ih rif lalm iedl, bter and sweet lilquorice ra n, lirei Juiee, esoenoe olfok rfnmomoo ll0 ore I r nlll jouriilv, heopf sod cenary rers, Iilnoo, flake, ald sia culll llriders lrimeao,e, lllngtr flaWlr water r&elo,r li lhNlrole aded fI0 un tO II lBO \NAfI-:l , rll9 v r Nurltche &. 'lcrlunloitroltr tf SI)IffAtiI.ICCEl,;\N'l'--,,;.laorodiogho frrrotslI, G(o ('atllst, and i tr si.r e h.I mlc 3 73 Cmainf rt '1313o-NfS- AIfT~r' -& COr nn-o.nw rncivoneroge. on board ship Orleans. Engle, Ilitr lurerr, I'oker i Ilirv Andlrew. rFrench aod o ern.o , o ,l. cillr; [toack grmtoe Bloards; (llessmen o 1-o mll " 3-3: ifll-ch Iil Lafher od othier trarellino Droesiog Cae" irt. Pociet IlJon1rnn and ltilling l'itutrsadul b l and tnd Pi, ol Flulkn ; l.rlm l iatl s ,nlld 1)ri s kiu Cb p; Pert hooie d ICp.rand roto Itohl-r-; flolh, l ir, ororeoh: od Nail hsh io.e; Orrin olr ('io urif e Iro to Wahll Tl'oth l'wdler; Tonilet allnl S.h.tVilag eolps, iln gna!:lt van+ Phor Ilog froir Bnrid:.. Iutoletsr nd .'riettfaie Pear, sool'1oiflit oeao er, O+erro oa-;ior larry lTb Ctohioobo PainlIa hdes I+r Garveri-: utm .:rig Slr.tspeoder,-; Pew der l'll ed l' net (;Box il. ; Itier Sc-tls sold 1ýev Eobnr-dnope; o 'ai l alcel f:ra.:,l; lrlt UCl.c and Cllaioo; (lilt andr il rit.rrOu lod s; 13i0na lI:sdi . enlle and Plltmle; Sheltl I n-t; Sdo oled D)r..sinr Cormo-a; a bin,, o adlitiono tl leir oroner otock unr head, alkes their ailll.rlllllt very Eomplete, loin woll Ian t ldl uw nrd of lileral terms, at tlo or ot lf tle rGo li Cuob. i2.i-tf 70 Chartres street, Uoid k\ 5s1ilErTI\t.ll -,5 balos, liandilg fr ur hip Jn , dm I)uldants r,1 scal i n'., n intl .L dh','--, 1i.3 e .,ngaet, 'holln f Ir'e--5 h.lor 4.1 I - ll notroad-s. 5i srihale. 4, 1 iolle I.ro o I e rl Nrrl. 3 caUes bukskin or;9 . I_.ll ,r0 t. & Co. f31 1.gozieo so IRON tOO6FS--'l'he 2 ,,,crieS h0v.o pbore re at a gr A cxp, n. , ,." rI hlial ilI p ll iie l irn o,,,,os in ,hl, mi-o. They ,ro radoptrd h, pol!" h llhhn,,, -. row s 0rd,, io,u-', aril pr, v,- Io di lllh.0 nl0 , rooltn. br onl ,,n.e lheoln.rea .sld door' ,lio, i:e, are pl fro:ho fre noid .ellrr tl 'lof I',r nin lrt Le knwn 4lad a nud. I erlnOl , t e-t'lhllllhln l upp*ooi, So. oMs.'. mooa' W 0 ,,o".~ 'a1,,, so. rlY 1' B CUi.0,W'E0I.t. Cn Cir 01- o lie olhrorlholod ,riVe elolloloollly i-a hsnid larbLr sllpplVlf OfC e.o sol soo LorverpoI 00000. in balk, -o r-ielrnr .oahtio,, anith tie0) ritr lfol slti' Ilo ul ,I u Io1 tctlrhaoloo . Alro trlaportl IOr Ion fsot orroeosf-friom Fill, n.I aci rho, Noroh, Croni-l, Lleh:gh oand Perch lllorlllllillC .I, hroken nod r.rnt-of, ll U or0 ii hI.g..foo P rl't-orroloo far itorloi US--oiloif wh;o tho . will 'Ilillaljoorl' rof r t .. dlh non Orlr, trilrl.o flOrder it:l ar iboir ,0 ifir. N" - :1 3 lior llolc so up 000i'r. tril br iltollIpil a'lrnrirtld or Oo- - I. & A SOi,'l.Of. DAPWiK--rl riirerl anl "0I'0r0, . . flrf I00 3 taL oit -Ll. & BtOW, Oil flag o.-i S- v t beeiob gs ond 'f5 rolet J,'oo<on on :-4 n ,r-A ea y -_ ings lalndiog fn'rm. ship Charrl'OnI. foir -Ale by I BRI:;ER A- Co, -- ,,. + _ .. NEW GOOODS-Simmons Hartt & co ro now 're I Scesving from on beard hips Yahbo, anld laratogl +nd brig Concordia, free New York, a grat variety ol goods in their line, which together with theic forCnet otto'k on Il.nd, loaken their asortoentverya . plete. rhe ollowing cmposel trt, vir: I al ltwist,.,,r.,;r uck and dressitgconlbs, horn do ofnll descriptions, In lia rnbber, silk aid worsted elntie ealters, olanon & fie elastic saspendterst Ioc foeo old Lucittr matchres, Seidlilz powdnwdro, poder pull' and boxes, toilcet powder, pocket IlUoks sld .allets, needle books, shell, pearl, sery and rano ws-cocard cases, head nrnalnents,plaioeo 'el bead., necklaoces ntl negligees, bead chanos, bhod ecrkcee, curot gtlss and plain,seed,silver nd rilt beads, Indian beands, bells sod plumes' pistol nod large pew aer flosks, slt belts, horsen, bet. pocketr ko dudeling iostols; double and tlsingle barrelled guns, Bewie knives, and dirks. scissors, shears, pocket knives, guard chains, and ribbons, waist bnrklos, celgth, hair, tooth, nail,comb, cruoh. shoe, plate, ltoor nod dusting brushls, Cologne, Floeidn, laven.cr, rose and bay water,asonrted essences, and exiactsR . Uaceasre, bear, antiqnr, anrl Ward's ve getable hair oils, sheaing nod toilet seaps ofall des criptions, ladier' and gcntlemens' desk: and dr.seing enaes, hair rieglete,frizettes and braids, plain, fancy and musical work boxes, plain and gilt, ioread,cont ad, vest buttnaa* pearl and-ivory siirt do, shirt satdds, gold and silver pretril cases, toothpicks and tweezerstlated and gilt lhaketa, iiniature dou, silver, braess and steel 'timbles, hooks nmu eyes, lair plins, imitntiol frithblk and redink, elun blacking, violints snd guitors, ribbed nod plain percussion caps, loann twine, scented cush tens,gold and silter lace anid fr.nge, latter paper, game boag;riding ws'ip, walking eaaues,playmugealds, line god, pIlated d gd ill jnwellry &c. ° le above, together with a great variety ofother arti les are offered at wlholesale or retail on acconmodating N B Shell combs repsir.d OYLE ht MAY, Iluse, big., nuail (lrIllllinata a L'aintters, No S Caroasdele stnrct, two doors from '.-ell ai i'e.. cIm ationsl of ithe fottllowig woods andl marle.ne. ecuted isl a mastnlely Sanlet. Wltlas t tasnntg: S Mleuahgauy, EaEgypltian black alll gold, Oak, Gialin sal Antito, S ollhrd do, a Orieteal or vecrd anliou, Curled in , deeper, Curled Meale, liold Mlate', Birds Eye do, Ib)arby tItnate, Satin W.u'ul, Potomac, tHair Wood, I)oe or Iluordello, Yewa lree, Italian While. a C:oroatlltlle or lIlack Silanll ainl Bctella, Hslie Wooid, Amcri :an Grey, Anii hhCie (takh, ke. hn h.. S Curled 'h Im, tiif pitens to be seen at the shop. Paints. oils, g ess, copli s tluii sh, ke. on knald tmiord sale. rip IItON, ST'EI. & HEAVY GOODlS-llet, square S and bualdle iron, well assorted. d Hoop, slroll and rod iron, tail rods hnd plough re moulds SC:Ls, Gelmasn, shear, blistered, spring, sheet and SCr'owelt steel Hiollow %ma1e, cut and wrought nlstil and spikes Zic, blhank tin, miill ad grind atones, alr kettles Chain cable, sICIIOIr, h lea Attia , Sit es,t'a Hatiui:rsta.dbellows W\ire, shierc,pig aInd bar sIclle lhot .t C .I , a' d e ,kiiing s a ties t Ani-.3, Io0 hluml's nld rother sotI·V ' l ,i shove.s . lookii anal phate hian.esltbor nta" ' widuw hooks r (:Coliins. Ib~ltems, ý!a. l , 10,1 'bl lh " H Xi, r I'ar, l a';;t M _ 'adlla ctd:,gC , Ih ll and a. twine .. a . ai s.alnlOlaahiig copiper: Nat. d stires - o A hill osortlHtml1nt ni hlaise aln ship chandlery, alwwas s on Mmlo, end wh.iihre ltli"lvll f:r sle alt whlic tsale s or ret.al, io the Cast aloliale itenls, hy ,- , L.kLttXN ha Cn. 53 OIldl Iataar DEAFNESS N A E\W article for persons troubled with diealess, S(called the Rar Trumpet.) hac just been received, 1' tile t Ihse lt ~n hierl l. sh!ight art)Ittculation of the ihu annl viae e is ialacllt[loii ct ie \ edt an ile Var. Aay olin Iho I os ever caaciat iaiageilll a ueera with a very aa I I -,en niltat ie fulily anihle ofi the dificalttv -id eina. s' I arrnaenalt experienc'ed both nv titentselves anli the in. d alividalatnl o a nliiartuIiatel otilictedl. By the lse of the oEar 'l'ruma aet Ittia aajeitaoo is eatirely oiviated. The most se plienal hao ale av l s e. ndoed thleir doubts after having used tct Tarumparai. For sale at Tr F GUION'S, Fallevstore. corner of -ltrTlonn and St Charles street altr hl- aitch.utta Hotcl. ftah I:t (tll{N 3llal..$- at-terth ret- eivad ita corn mills, by 1np1 t 7 SHAL.t. & IBRII()\VN, 96 Mlgtzine I t.1F tl'UG ll--nrarius qnali ire, aronstantlc in S-tr taniad t..r sale by ShaIkLL L& titltWNE, Smarn 9 96ti llgar.ille st tiMt)HlT (1l, A NNON. HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER N'. 14 t'amp streel. Whileeale Dealer i2n Paint4. Oil, 'arnishe, Brushes, m:iO 11i,.w and Oie. are (;4,- &e. ne. FASIIONABLE CLOTHING. ROBI"SOA. .' GCOODI UIAJ INo. ON, ('hartrea ~ lrcel, IA ': reonstllnltly nn band e very arlile + appertlln.; neor find m t ti-h i l, "r. II , r .i; they ulo"fr t44 r cashdt ,edne i'r e s. der I-I i:38 B.1. 141 1FOR H't11HE TEETH. /er.live of ill,- ie,"lh, Ibl. induced the sh b criber I oliir i 1io tlne Alnnllicanll public. Arranlgenents hav a ll 4I 2 4l, 4 I l 4lll 4.l U nI .1 I14 p4c4 4 "4 tril4 4 thel lench f thosle snt'i'rin anllli hikely to suIler this mieu \41'hpn Iaplied Ao codinl4 to directionset ien on bottle, it nIb never lailet I. ;llrd lnnlediate inid an'nuelt ri i,,f. It ulla.l arie t thile eral.ll f deli:el iv teeth, nalh relievev Ihial snr iesa hicll'No frequently hullers a stroni tooth Iusenens The npplieatiun and l remledyv are silllle, innlllo.enl, an lnot unpleasant; and tie large lnlber4 of perslons in different sec:tionls of Ih counlllt , that hlllve air, ady experienced sulh delightlu nd .dailuarv elietls frlom the use of rtlile Bln, are ready to) hear Ior the public nlod) their teslilinv to its toI rivalled qnlities. It i ln Indian remedy, obtained ingulhrly ald unelllxpretdly, and( IlI, be regar h Iby the :it ilie.d worlld Iasl thile noit valuable discovery re d nl t n o 1 t i e b J I,1"s." ltice li1 ter btto. Sld hv/ JA!L\'lVIS C. ANlIlLF!. trr 5 (l'r Comllllon, l nnll notlTcblitllolhl u ta. 1.42U( :. 1 "4\444, it, 444444 444sesd 4 . whirl W V .nte,fur sale JOIHN Ii GltAIIAHM . 1 1tl1'TE LEAD--5 bbl. 1ils ra(i llsc; I .Il) kegs, 1110 " l011 do _5 " " English do--5 1-4 bbll. 4004 " " LU lalllal Ilrushels. arious izes; 5i b)i*Cn"al VSanish; pn. rlaei, Gold L.af; - 1)11t ill Dutch Metal. IINlll\" GLL .8:!, .nerican, Erglish lnd Frenchl 101t1 boxes, .arolu 4ies and quallllitie. Bol 4n 4luowll d.--SUU boxeI, colnsignmenlllt will be Also. a general assortment of artists' cOlotr anlld cole, Ifr sale Iy A W SCA'I ES, No Iti Canal street. S N II. Aleh ton notel aken at pi r, anlld Missiaippi notes l ' received at 10U per .entll discount for goods, or illn I , t l f deh t,. it I I w JARVIS & ANi),IE, S, \VIIOI.ESAI,E AND IET'.1I. I)t-.iLERts IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DI'IE STUF'FC S ..ND WINIVDOIW GL~ASS' t;ur.er olf ItCUlllnmllll l ''.houitolulaw streets. xLW\I' oi:1.c.t S 1 large apply o Gard n ve ? allen v trrrloted tl.e gr;lr thi SlNI)IEV '-MITIl &. CO.. respe.lfully intfrm I their Iriends itnd the puhlie it cenerl, that tLhey occupy thle new brick shllop, 219 'ehoullilotlllan s i street, wherel they keep constantly on haIlnlld Copper, S['inll and Sletol Irnl \War,, of every descrilptlloll, a, eci as cplpnr sli's, kettles, and pumpsll, till bath. I nug Lto t, ,and nil I.:nsi, of all urtst and olzc, and all I othl:r br.ts , c ,tr inl lone il sllorte t notice.l .i Grat4, hblrs of eve.ry du4 cr44liun, Baech 4 steal-4. hotel st4lrui4s, log . .:.iltall, c4irew bull-4 , an I ot4hel rIkilnt oftl'tualllltlh worlk, such as cllillllrnys, b,'h,. e' , ateamlll 11)pilV. 'T'hey 0ll ,iso do all kilnds of out door work, h t'uch if tirc. ecopper and lIlt rinfing and guttering, &,.. TMy ,lloh and all other killnds of work in their li;"n of buslnl.e, they will execute alt the shotte4 nut iie. d,44d27 i - HAmDOWGATE SPRINGS "THREE DA . J r) lAr'EY Fl N0.M1 NEW I o tRLE . .\. ..14rc 4r . 4 JlllllllNlllillC it his lill illd tAl IllllliA in gelealt I t * e will ill reudie.-sly ihe Inst day of n lin wo pree,,iee vi-icnr-, lie will lo ulato er tficm "lelit ofih t," at ia dl-itn thatll, Illhcie bItv¢ Ibeen htrtrl. ilfl OveIla b t Mln de, lnird moliPr.. hNllll" o in fiid 1'i 1 'arld lr)oI.ef fr . 1 lrnLtL etiul, 4 he1 h .i llt ll5 I1,i belier Ire tO auL not Iead i II ull lrar er lll dI.' f s- tha hern tlltne, llllll fit e s.miler [lillie I uirlh gen' ea. EIna4.li 4a4 4lce, i i ll, an i 4.0 th0 d "ill i liO olll, or allte .uho r, l ur canll rlave lfglar oeblltrl leach td Ifmo thb IengagldI d a ingd. 11 ir deemllll tllll. 1trHL Y I I' la y o thihpll r ll n im t ye iar ,f tine chi un l thesle tvnterh N for it i r Ibral'llY bolhn.. that thve en . aenot iniir to aur v itnilt l ern teal.. All thle nlt , Utoemis illh lterl ure lnl'atllr I hleals( Illllcii tIhat this p11 ofil h- ountrli Blosr sI I," hesen-g d.u d will be in eo JlllMlll at lld llnce ai he S 0lrilS1 dring the n Ihohr a44uonll. 'I i ull Ibhlh ci wiln Ill .vail htlis lllro Iis .p rlttIrhiity Ii in retuaiti lai Pullie .i akee o nstahr Ihll very liibral .U xo.t given hin lart feu hun, and rp, ga In the e,, I ions that hiar been llde im n lirovirtram) waletndh Iat ucryunnludutiulý, u .lBit liberal Ipl..lIe Ih: ipreellnt eaer n. Jt , L, t.tM. : - I Ld-.-k.,l' I{ N' , N o" Co,,de . ... Ianent, +w uee Dullllnin and I1 Pl llllll li,, voll n c 'alll y fId hillln R In " xtrnolve na olll mttil+t b ir I,arunt lp. Wlil and lItId Ctllldr·Ll lft ifll fie-,i wllci, Ii .roill dnnl,,ae ul I at very ll un.'ron e ph'I,", r | alnlll ll ultlll ; tI q'lillnlallocll+ e Io I ,!:lF u in1 ."r +rr will I, ,wr ,lheir trah . t nnlridvd 0n I, S Sg . I.H I( j BUSINESS CARDS. 1 JOB PRINTING. O. EVERY DESClIrPTION, W4'EEDII.Y, IIAND) ME.Y AND CIIEAPLY EXEU:T.It) 1. AT THE OFPICE OF THE oa Trute ,Jtserictrau, Nd'. CIA LIESsl STRIEET, NEAR I'OYI)RAS. at In23 n A CARD. ;i E & SINNOTTT, 17tolesale Groters and Commisson, lerchanto, i No. 27 Comn.on Street,N• ' Orlean n. I-TParticlnarattention paid to th ulting tip of p t, ool boat and Ship stures. nov2 SAMUEL TOBY, '.llercrhandise Broker " Comnmissioo rNerchrlnl, '11: tilce, 6t Caomp nt.-For the present. dJ. P. FREEMAN & CO.. i hIetlesle Clolnhing JZstB. ltshkest Il k No. 3, 'lagazne street, Ti AVEconstantly on hand a large sopply of Cloth I S11 illn, .alculated for tho country trade. Their as. t te sortment einig large, m.erchaltts from the country can be supplied at thle shortet notice. oct4 t BAZAAR. BVSH & ALJEUN, NO. 1, EXCHIANGE HOTEL, m :'orner of St. A.,rles and Conmonr its,. .EIW OILLFANS. a MIIPOR'I'ERS and Dealers in Preneh t ao d Engli-h Ptrfutttr;V I)restiotCaoenoaod Portable Itcsk., Cotlerv, Ini";iv, Ghlves S.hirts Stocks Uabrellas, Caneteand Fautcv Artiele,. d5 "~ N cI( n li, oiis anlI lndiant ltatk Notea, my : 74 ( rov ier ot JEVtELIRY, AT WVIlUI.E'ALE. 1T. IELIL, No 16, Chartres ot, hut this day ro crive d Ia fttl assortment of Watttthet, Jewelry, lpo.ol, .ictt.les adll (;laold Ware, they wiltl le otlir. elat oile lowest Itarket prier. api I IDEA.LERS IN AM wERICAN & ISNGLISII CROWN GLASS, l, tT.". 3 t..'ro LVt.E'r TrEEVT. t FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLORlI & HAI)D)EN, re No. 64 Charlres direes IIAVI": a rullStatlt Sllll ly i f evert- .ltlie' Pertl' igllg il to grlltlettutll's dess, ol the ltatest tyle, at NewIi Yorki ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ES'r'AILISIIMENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite lutanks' Arcade. Il/'.I.ItA.1 I OJEI.:.VI. P!a iiO(I.FTOR BANK NOTE ENGRAVING RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON t i t_.1 i A V E t p e .d a n o ff ic e intll N i, w O r ht a n s . p o stt . n.I t ! 1 equal aldhtages "Iithll their hl,.se in New Yo. k, fir Ilse pnrplllOe" colf gravinfl plaininig Both Nots, B sn(l Rliljls of Excht:tge, CerltifttUes of Ileposite, ('helks al d Lother illporlantl papr, reqluirin. arsecuritv u neninsi ln sel ic; and have latlle ample phuvision for h Ili,..fl i e piii. of all plates and Uin lesiaon, enltnl t- I ed to theirci or ; their speci, ens embrucethe notes of I over lte hulnd-ed kire institutions, and all ordersI wI ill be executed with protptitude, and on tihe usual , tearm. Ollice, corner of Royval & Conal streo;. ,,I, In:-tf u CHAMRPLIN & COOPER, GRO(tEItS ANI) DEAI.ERS IN PIILOVISIONS AND IEElD, o" No. 79 and 82 Julia street, New Orleans. I. . [llShip and FVanily stores lput ulp. mar 5 he LOtI IAN A Ier FURNITURE WARDROOMS No,. 53, Bienville struet. to W ILI IAJA R. CARLNES, would respectfully in I f~rm his Iaori,.srl t (d the public that he ia eo. stattlyv receiving from Now York and Bloston a good 6vassortltt't tofFllrniture, such t so tttlhoginlY ehattrs, t slflsI ed-ead ttltllallte d pointed chaoirs, ll'tple and ° cherry bldllstead-, mahogany anlld cherry tables ,ofall descriplh tio turenall, i|lerot, secretaryt, wriltig ditsks wardrtes of Itotatllv ttld ncherry, washL oat ndttt, lotking glasses, frtttteto bedding, &c. &c. S Nit. ItoFuriture t oked for transportatioo with great enrt., hov 13 INlllSURA COMiPANY OF NEW ORLEANS. Thib Compranev are nwe preparedlo to tke RISKS AGAINST FIRNK. u, FIot:, Nit. 24 eMusson'.lrs Bhlding, Canl s.eer. E 1. TRACY, Slew O()lenas, 11a lb.1Rt8. Secrrelrv. ( COll t-l) t':ii'l'l:l' i Caorper l. r baat' tey (l_. al II IsEVi'1itEUX, RlUSiliON & ASPINALL'S t'COM1POUNI 1TONIC MIX'T'URE.-A speedy v and ceiteiu cure for the Fever and Ague, remittent and interlrittent fevers; prepared from tile original recipe. Used with eminent and uni versal success in 1832, by persons of the highlest respectability in this city, as stated iin the aunexed certificates. Tlris Imedicine is highly recrommended, and ias been extensively used inl the above diseases with suchi distinguished success, that tihe proprietor of the recipe has been induced to offer it to the pub lic in its present forln, in tire hope that it may be tihe Ieans of relheving many of those who are suleiring under tire scourge of our country. It is a lmedicine possessing great virtue, and wheln used according to the directions has never failed of effecting a emre, oven in the most obstinate stage of tire disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, and persons of tile weaokest stomach, and children may take it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive organs, creates an appetite, and scldom requires acore thoa one, or ill obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor arsenic in tile medicine, nor any thing injurious to tire Iruolan constitution. The proprietors are so well convinlced of its efficacy, that they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in accordance with the directions and has not effrcted a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleans, at his whorelale and retail drug and medicine store, corner of Ilinevlllo and Cihartresa treets. For District Agencies apply to je5 T. W. SMI'I'l, 48 Conti st. AMt PENSACOLA MANSION HOUSE NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. T ll fE subscriber havig purchased thie lease and for I litureof' this well knhown asoablilshireartl, from llr Sl'aylor, thI late proprietor, will be ready to rereive vi. tera by the let M1" pril next. Nuneroas ald osly illprovelelllnt will be foiund in the arrangenents of the Mlalsiun Houose. New and ', f more colnlldious bthlling lhouses will le built, rld warnm II hm will be provided at ail hours. A stable will be aaliaihed to title buse, with gued aceolnooda tiu:s fa r horses and carriages. e'iart rate horses and carnatges will also be kept frr hire at moiderate prices, sand reil rorelw bull,., witi iertlle trl llrnnlige I rreI for lie use of vi.llrs. Billiards cld atre, allldlllelll; Ir oralully liield at itleririg places, will alsolrc ftnished, I tll tlccldurlleltrctedi lsrol to interlire wilr the I orr lihrt and quietll'thle boarders. Th'le winreand liquors will be of the Ilet qlllily, and to ellureC a ull iupply ofl ic irr arer ieii already br.ea ordered, hillit will arrir iblllll the I't ofl hllly." - l'l Frederick Ilaruardl, who formerly keit so Ilerillrr rir hotell at Wrhiele'olt city, aiill corllde lthiror el for it j ie iprnerrr, .m eor, with roell iitd,olrlldertl, are sures i the it r elrr if etoe )er, u hin friunds geteeriully, tllat tithey wi ill ce'iv cr'erov otibe r.ltntio; n uill d thernby tx .o.l '.:' it g oe r ive g neral ulislactil ar. Sle'ne ll Iloer llrvl ietuaerle fs a ls ti rnhe erl too Well k own It llr accId it le rt. oilled dcrr eriiliitrl lere. 'ile I ter tat l' oerrt.Uele i ie tire lerg.'et navri e ta tin t of tire (iovrrtttt itPllie gellneral rendcvl to tflore Gille s tserd. ir, in; Ite :dallritiry ot i climaote relrcaIehd enllaltltly dtt Stilg t"Ie '. 1InItIr' IllOl by the eoo est I ret e frlllll thoe tul;l tihe be-oitto of tire buoe ernd tie ieigehburririg S Ii. lllld iiV re ithe aIoind iace tll d dielicon y of the 'i-h is w hll c l tlrte IllltrT , rund utll rU is pN. x rity 't' Irt ee'h ioeoather'l acrketc give l'eaaola thle ipre i telll oer all oither ,places in tlere liati lirs, as i It llllllh all delir liliill .urnui n r rretaiml. S I".rt ilatle botars till ru beltrera IPeolelta rsld MI Slil lr d ill l illlet .es i ll to take tlhe plrai llrgors fI'rrbll tll Nev Or.eu buloras. N II AItNOI.I. Pmleneetrel, Feb 1niti, l1838. [.P wiretlmeIP v wiahillg to engage rtclnes fo their fi r lllllle, o, ..lc ress thir ir lrille r, ar t leldlllco t or Sl r Sewdl 'l' Taylor, t le irro1r prprulrie tor, at Ne.v Or [7 leans. of; Rfltrences.rv. " $ ,ford, I" .q 3r c Cillnui It ileAl tir, Eeq., I. 'Kirby, i Mi o Sle; lS '1' 'h"ylhir, 'l' d Res, Eeit1 in Nel. (rleallns• I' ' --A letter bea_, to rreeir eeeitirleaicaiev ftr lr.iloer ie tie htve ltel, ir ,hacal at e Whitalu a I Ir I'1 tl.IIt slt(l;'rl'E Itl NEW 1ORK. ,i 'lraveillre tesirius of taking cthe Flnridc rorite, ,s iPeascola,to the Ne.rtheocb inf,m'd thiat irst rate 31boits sill rostaocilc ruvi froll. Moile te l'eo'eteolet, lea r M obilr' aie l 'er i ll ier li lcr ry eeittle ll y al i .r tIher Ile oil ata . (leri t.rcers will IIalays le h Yrroles ey the .str'herl lee re, it ess te ithe' liiak elergerrfroa ialbile tria cime ref the fIeilate itl ,clat. T rhe t'ea ihlllal hampion leaves Mllobile ir fellees c-ll a nes mireof tiiills slrerihr Colognlt water, just er'esed i11 ter seale tby ihe edozrleo or singhle leotie. Also American am tllee.l t:ihet pwlwerlo, powlder r ,atll' ixi and lrole'llar iag iltiletsouapls,clolcllletwoalr, ha lle milk of roest, c'esnmtic reld craant, erate to oirik, k airltuhe, Mdsa cegetable hbir odl, pareteet, • rn, de prer,+, Fharida. lavI edar, rose and bal¥ waters, S r ' - ' b '1in l trr i ' r lltr lr'r i tr t e .v Siittlfier ehte rr 'dti l eerl cieflehi trusheaie. tigether wihhl ,uit, iie i il-lp re of f.liioualme lierc and shell c nd jee i r se lw at rhleale tail I) . I MIO US, IA.It'.. &CO, e l , l i 7y1 Chartr,'s rtreet. I Royal Colirge of Physieans, London. SflHE origa.al Vegetable l3 gelon Universal Medi Sclue, prelpared by W MlisIn, Esq. Memner of the Reval College of lStLr ons, Licentiste of Apothe- a ra"y'a(olpany, Fellow of olt Court Society, Surgeon l no the Royal Union Pension Anocintion, Lmocaster Place, Waterloo IBridge, and Perpetual Pupil of Gu)' and St. Thonms's Holpitnls, London. This valuable mnedicine, the resullt of twenty years' experience and tinturadleled sucess in the extensive and highly respectoale practice of the propriety, patro niled y ithe iaculty and nolility, and is lnoW intrtloced tothe notice of the American public, at the earnest so licitation af a number ofgentlemen of long and high stanlding in the profession. It is hoped, as a prelimi nary step, to check Ithe evils and fatal consequences arising fronm the use of the nuloerous anod deloelerious nostrums loisted upon the jpuliec by the aid of fabricated of proo o f milsoulous cures, and other frauds, by a set of nmerenary, unprinclpted pretendlers. so totally ignotnnt of medical nsiette, that it impossible the monstrous delusion can ay longer go down with the intelligent peole ofthlisa contry. Tlhese dpills, mild and agreeable inl teir nature, shodd he kept on every family in eases ofasudde illness, for, by tlheir prompt administration, cholera, cramps, spasms, fer.rs and other alarming complaints, which too often prove fatal, may be spedli Iv euret or prevented. In fact, all thlose who value gtltl ;ealth, slhouldl never Ie without them,. They are tout' th in packets at 5 cent, $t sad $2 each, hy every reape as. table drunggist Iohkseller, and venieorof metleicio n tin an United Statesl e CanI tl.adas, wilth coplious dlrections, together with: etn*noninls of professional ability fram the follwning emitent gentlemetn: Sir Astloy Cooper, J -Aberlelthyv, ,alle Ithlldsll, M1. I., W. Black, 1. 1)., . Aston Key, A. 'Franptonl, M. It., ald num.erus other. T'he originals omay be seen n possession of the General Agent, by whom tld: medicitne is imported into this rountltry, and to whom all appllications for agencies must he made. I JNO. H1OI.IIEN, 129 Wnrerl PIlace, N. York, hr, Sole GeneL al Agent for the United States, ,e. For sale t y allointmett of the original prol'trietr. hy ( wy SWA lNtltrrltOa, l)ruggita, No II Canall street, I-erte Agent alfr Satltllee o" Louisaa. jlab vS I'a, EIY It LE i . o e, No c I tgacfzins saeel.ale at . w reeeiving from sldips Nashville, l.ouisville, kenlky, Eagle, and othler late arrivals from :he ro- :elerl cities, a large and ile selected assolnrtlment ry, lnias , Bloofl, Shoes nal Brogans, iler- oonsieting ofgl-ltletcnv' lfte clalf alnd Mor.ocEo hoots Io 2d quality; dlo bhttPd, andtl stout wax pegged boots o enriolnsqualties; mel's foin calf seanlandl Morott rhlli poufops anlll brlgO.ns, buckskill shOes, brogans nt ,ishpe as; men's fine calf anl kipped pegged shlocsanl I rogans; do boots; do stout kip and wax pegged shoes - a l brens; genttlemenll's best quality callfseed hlloes, tgant s lad Jack I)ownlits; do calf and Morocco t Ickle shoaes Rnl hreog"'na; To calf, seal aDI MoNrocao: I alian shoes ntl slill.C-s, do cnlf, bllt 1an1u seal wItres a .ew ariclel; do finle allf, sea.I aodl nlmoro:etquarte e tso; hoys', mlisses' andl chilrenll' peggedl atit saweed ik bogons, cll slhoesof every O'ality nld kill. Also a general !! etttSt~nt of isn'n stolt wax lanll mi."Lmt hl'besib" ainl bnroe, (tgclller with 10,0(Ko) air egro fist qality, rulssetlt Itrognts, nailrd inl the h, lnks, lade exlpressly for platltatinll use; a gaoll ai I rlelnell of mel's llle andt stout kip rtussett blroglans, Sw allice, anl a arge quantllity of all ilnerior quallllity r set tlllll iwax bl ns... Lallles' fine calf, sl, st orocco and graitl wells, :IInd p'lmp sole shoes; do fine icl.ll lMorula o and kill rut cntmd lipperstla do rt'al shoes, wi it llOld iltottl hels IN calf, satlc and sttolt leather hoottctc; do l'lltetlla iltm.t ie I loll kinlls a:lld qlualities: dolalsting t brogansg ; ,no gaiter ik, eand tfoxed bootees. 3Mises' lasting spcring shlosa:u. Ctes, t ,gtns. Cliilr.c's coluored Mor'coco and lasting I.bro btr gl anad boolt, h.c. itv Gentlemnc'snititefashionable black silk hats; do Ilnckl for on Idr a beaver tdo i n a superior quality; do imitation itt ram do; broad alnd narrow brim men's fite ldrhti alcd f bl:.ak Rassia short naIpped hatt, a tnewe article. Youtlls' '00 hule size hats of dillercnt qualities; do children'.,. al ,n'. antl bcy's black alld drlab wool hats of val'tious slt pes, with geleral assortment of boys' and mIlnc's a- t capls. 'tuis talssoltment will Il repltenished yl thle arrival of S e, Ia paketslrom the aooae iamed cities, all of which Sili be soldl oil aceonlmmodalti terets. akg 1-cf NO MERCURY NOR CO1AIVA -Ncw, Uclc:'us, Naev. 14, 1837. A BOOLT i monthst ago I hadl lthe amisfitrtoile to getl a secret dises.., for a hich I have applied to seIe ralt droal'torl cure,tnldtlheV did nIotrte ate. to tlow on the above date IUt evself under todc ecae of I)olctor olHlieetlue, l Itexpect bim to cure i.el. Since that time od the disease got worse, so as to break out ill large ulcers to thLie ntluter eo six or eight on ea h leg, antllt l over d y yfce, and mlcre throat, cn1 l nt able to work at he ( ll present tlis oil eacout of tihe dihsear; large 'lcer on the riaht Hide of the tbroat. I m low o putling myself' I cotftlently under thl cure of Dr. Ilutt,," Pa ies, to be perletly cured JOHIIN DEAN. efeit 14 ly ST DO CERTIFY hl.t tl Ae m toe lle;orell disetae is ti i quite well cured to Iny own satis ction, lor whi"h I , thanlk I)r. lo.et; and moreolvetr asure that thei di- i cine I have taken hakes mloe fih, and dil not injure my n nlnlth at Ill; lherefilre I advise n' f fo.oIw si )r s t lose o ilme anld apply to 1)r A. Iluet, 1?8 Canal strer, ett weenll Dauin anlld lllhurhou lleI . 1r. i lhuet is t Imlue fron lI ' lock, A 31, unllil 4 Pi 31. t rhey will fillnd a trr eltrl or r lir this clr mpluim. n JOI l Nl .\N. ,( In rnil, er stret. I If ytll On t ow'..ts too e tle, iall ath Nit.ldt.rtim '-Nron' h nfl. Feon!h- 1. r,', III Il IUa/'1'UIItI.I. I.'-F-I tl arIt;tTL :I'I, ,. Ps.Jlt., Ro o 'I.'TT'te TA.II:l.S n ITI'- : 'I T. ton storage, ntll s of :lord or Iill" of goods, l wi Io' chased alt diffrent late, ddl'lerent credalits, lndl t" i various lamountli; Iesil"n a letill tint complete hankiog t Time 'l'ale, tihe best thait can he contrived. or thait fi d gureB s cll pr ' lloe withinl the slale Clollnldsld ClaDIIIss, ati size ol tt pe. An ." 'rtisrelmrnt illn Ihel k is in nearly the frllow. it n, wordols: if 'lhel. ig distinction this work Ihas received throutgh I. the tell lgislativte acts prefixed to tihe title page, is a re o commnlelttionli itself; so uncotollllnl. d so Conclu Ssive, th t ntllhilug is lecessary mlore thanlll by naI of ald tvetttisement, to givea eoc;m.ensd view of some of its pe lll tihrities:asforinstanele, the Inlterest has been comlpis f etl from,nld compalred with, what is elquivalent to folr teen setslfen:lllltioell, exomin;edl ill tile press thiriv five tiles, anld rilnted trom ,terlrotype plates testol. l thirlytv-tne times, froln all which it most sle evident ly eve to the skeptic (esroeilly ot lto Itep.snol oftlth dte W tall of ploofin tile Ipreloee) th.t tile wtenk mlUtIltt Iltil . ea metically infallible, and in eonfirmation of tlthis beliefs on premi ollllll two hunttdred a. d itlfty dollars, is now oflir or ed fot the detaetionl of anl error ofta cent in the preselnt an or fifth edition, as exprtssed in toe preface, mIking five S large letmitls lertrell for the same error silnaete first a plllicatio, ii the year 1302. One of tile most eonlstitlouns features of the the tables is tinthe arrin;gellntil of the Tilnme antld Attmounts, which for expeditihns, reference oral perspieuiy, with the help tO. ofthe tide anld itndex, catntot be excelled ; atl the salty t ty aln ease with wlhih tle in:eresl can be ffoud,tolhe , exteRtof general bousiness, wilhomtt doubling of ]ms is besides ait convenience slo essential, that in ihe estlna tiont of some oi the mIoIt compete t Il- d practlcal busi ness meln allll publie oftliers stho I,, e imode glr'llt use - of t work, it has beel disitiguiolshcl b lto htotoltnle appellation efofl '"tllmster piece". Antid considering the infallibility of the metlhod originally adotlned ill Oomttosilnr tlte work, and the extra.orllillry uutinIber :l varelty of he eXllmnittioDs, ltad tests of every edition it has passed in the press, eotwitlhstadi.g the whole is in or stereoltype, consiterstg. in sh6rt, hI.e positive ecouroey lr serll-rd hy the llpreeellellntlILealns emlploy oil, tle ,o -lumehios heeoo hlldup and empihatically styledl "tite .most wOllllnderful book nll tihe waslk;" most certaihllv oi n manean namesa figullre work ofthe seln extent, wHtilch d sillnce tihe begilning ot reation, has had the same Inuul hoher itn variety of tests ill the orle inumber of editors; eno, .nor onte Ilalfthe nIumber, as is eleatly dio\l i tile pne-l l s tesides, astest tand standardt, it has blee tr, itl ld c roteed in nearly :l the bnkltkt i:ill lic fliices in the I n SUnitellates,I bho tIthe lpublic getonerally, durilng the ed, long perit.d of thlirst-f.ie ielrs, y)t no error of il ocal rt I coluins has ever beer) Ioull 1 it print, althongh coltinu vill ally challenged by the oler of very lalge prlmitls. of The book.is iti fact exp isly adoptllled y all Ilheourts he ofllaw cl several oftle States s te h ate of calcllatlon Sitrstaltte interest," aslsoe by law Ibr bank interest, l itar according as the Ibook is usedtl, as att .o he sel in for partlllll, bly .,e ulles of thie subsclribers, and a few of the re subsequenlt purchasers, inl the lals I tile enld of litu book, ,at is in IflessiUi ef eve,-s class ol cilizlles in evey 'luar by to of Ike Unlitel Statles. -eII It is moreover well known that, Ib)y its irearly cheek, I'Pe it has sollcu ildetected large errors, l I tgalfer they were the nlade, even by Ihe most careflill d most competenlt iad . aitlhneici ns, tihI at its elsefiltnes, tlol the absohte ltie do- celsityl or its s he, have beet extensiveely insisted lit, mi so evilellnt, iceed, have b:en its ad.Iant:Igels, a its ing saving, that, setelrrl yent'cagi, whilst the first edition thte wias ttsare, anl out of pinlt, t gre.t .umllher of serollln ity h:lalll copies were soughllt for., s1ltle to a gre t dlistance. Ire- :"al pur'ernrsd a.t vlr.iOlS plrices, as they coul oULceasion 0a ally be picked ip at friom $10 to $25 lre eo Y, cyan Ieile persons have reelr..y declaredl, andl instanc o- could hle qlutoed tha theyd wcuttl Ilay $511, $100, ain $50t1 s for a copyII, tfotto Ibe had foir less, andll in individual in the laittler instlance Illuticovoirly, having at th e samlle iilt.e rxhibited satiotelnory ltro;., to severil persons plre i sent tha to him it wals re:llnv worth that money cnd molr eI tnlllough the sving of Iis sery valuable time, ihe por beig al very rich man mdil iln lnblie ollice. S It I likewise worthi of nloite, nldlI indeed proper to insl te.t., that such is ltIe nature of figue work generally Lt. "to aS lp c hdfly w hes io " tih extellnt ald i poll rl a clle e of ,. thIalse a Innl, Ih:oit had thitl rk otll hts likre hooteeplp ell iln fhe lusual nma r vloe, o hi the most compe tent fir calculator inl the wortll, atitd tlfelrottrls pritltetldI ost n n eultiluly tllldter lhisb o00 correction of proiof sheets, it woulld, almbst to a CC tainit-, have boen unsafe foI r e I'rellenallnl dear it any prirc, as the prleflee dariiclu lalp explains. lult stl peleclt andil vaitableIhave thav e te, stereotyple pintes o' this w'orklheetn tll.e, thait LoseClt'e alre thellm, a ittllheir nllmercus asill eXlaordiarly examillna il, ti.is,agaitist lire, fitr Ilt gtetoel benefit, they are (bye tie dl.ertiselnt) consittanitly kit in a pllace of slpeeil o ,1 .li), o xc.li, itiolo w l l li hn tpol, i n. i t tt i or on Attple directions to ind bolo b acks and statute itntra ret wil ulsetil notes, follow t Ile prftteo, w hich, in this fith as i thel tto lpreceelling edlitiolns, cOtaiit much ill Sferlation colncerig Ithe two lawful modtles of lollput illg ier sts, tee d.lvs ofg Ice, &Ue. R It runitt. only Ito remaltk that, notwithstalling this ust ueomttO oln y cotlly work, which wtis publisheld orlle' Silterest, tables were iltlro.luc.l in dollars an.I celnts he. er yeid alnlmanalc, has letnl soextlesively and soliberally t IttroniseitI it hils niot et so mulhl as paid with interest. o tee le:a)y Ilns of twarly fImur thousalll dIoliirs, besidesl o lix s ears of thile from 1 i J'9to 18)5, sustained oil the first 1"s, edition ofl i7) opies,:arii.ng chiefly filonl its pulblica to- im tat int t lttte, at n lllcer prine,) to sity tnlihg ofll ii, nttlitenaitiol or ltpofit for almost t Iiie-titoe of care, tlil, illt iiiil neriilce. ll htrore tr e utleItor still relies ol the oII il iernntoll and generoosil of the public for a olilnl: ail alnce of prlel.leoee nlld alti"or.e. F'r sole by the P-ierici al lookselleis it. Uke Uniled States. THE FLORIDA LINE FronrMobile to August, eGe. leaves Mobile every day at three ;olobck. p m per U S mtoil boat for Iflal'. l..ndtne, above Blakely,--tiene 'lor no~t icaches to Penoaeolao-tbtnih oit onmhmts In Ligr ne, whiere tihe land tlte isresumed-thence tl via taRrianna nnd il rllwnville, Flu. Baitnbtidge, lnderr tot,, fII liaosville. Snundereville & Lnuis. e villetoi AigusIta, (Gu, connecting retularly with a iihe r.,il roid cars toi Charleslion. andl the steam ,aiketsa i Now York, Norfolk, Pnilt.delpihia, etc. T'lthetraeinbnate are ilie best lor the service, aIIn th Ie nIvicntion presentse tiare advanltnles thlin call he lll.nd upon any staotioat route ill the south. ero region.. lThe great improvements in til rou te have been f produced by tihe con truction of flify mtiles of new t road, by the lruprietor, viz : from L(aGraonge oil . LaFlayte Bayoyu, an arm of Santa Rost BIay, io SNBryanl's Ferry, on the Chaiahuoochee river, ten mi lee nbove the Cowiard, or 14 above Cedar Illuff, I whetchy the navigation of the river, and the con-r Sequent detentilns, and more recently the ineon venient crossing at tile Cowford, iare entirlty avoid'd, and a fine road from Marianne direct to Buainbridge, instead lt the roundabout road via Chattahoochee, lessening thodistance about forty miles, and inreasaing the facilities more than ionce adoy Al.. a uianch line of two horse stnges every J ulher d,.y tIan H .akiosville, via P,:rry to Macon., , (, connecting aitll tihe line to Savlnnao and SDarien,l Geu. e A otoil steamlboat tlies rPeglnrlv between 0 Bainbridge and Apalachiioln. TIiravell rn wishiing I to reach anIy point nI ChaitnOloochee olr A)ulatil POlae call tke sP.teamboat at Brownsvlle. Mlubile to Pensaeola--i nd Routo--l)rini tihe tittle oecpie)I by the rep:airs ot uont, the propre. ltre of tihe Florida Ino will tun it line o f l for io' rse post coaches every other day bIltwc in Mou tilei aid Pensacolt. I'na.netnera will leave Mobile at 3 ' Ilck., p In, I in Ihe U P mail boun, and proceed to i lllo's Liad Sine, where a lour hor+e coIh will I e I1 wailiillg in i: nlv y thll lto the excelllnt houte f Mr. Cha.l rle halll, I I 4 mile dtiaiat, where they will lind ,pleiatat tacor milorlaons for ithe iahit-leaving next morning, they will arrive in Petacohil earli I ithe eve ill g, titus avoiding thio duicutnlloil o m ii ht tr.,ovellino . If Oito at Ihoe Mansion Ilhuse, M,,hilt, anChl- i SliltS' Ilolel, Pensalola, whller ila tllaust bie se Sred,. lBl Ci''TN & rc>. ,nv Willinm Smith tenders his services to the ehill re zens ut New Orleans as a teacher of ihe pianoi I forte. MIrr S having been employed severIl senls s a teaciher of music ill private ftnlles il B slionl t virintsl, cannol but hope to merit their confidencee t Il is petr itted to refer to lRev Dr Cltpp, Mesosr 1 S toetson & Avery, r Ilendcrson & uiaLte. I-'r tert s, & ilease apply at the boulstore tof I AlexanderT 'lwell. 4! C.IIpt o-l e I Drags and .ilydirincs. tJ , vos t ho ats loced hit selu t hi this city ttor ie eh ells p llose of trtns acti.ng a golIlrl h. hsole tI i- oI ; buiashilass. Itl is now rtec ivinit n I1i l l s uppl I i t Iresth andc genui'e articles, which Ithe ill sell the ilnter-or, toi pihys~icians, Iiercha all llllnd plh it, r-, hlie will of r indcelelll such as tve nIever libe, fore been dileled tit this city. Ilis IInteniont in i[ l do a strictly legliltilre business. I s stock ill soon tle colmplete, and in a IPew weeksl will be reo. dtitor business. All orders from the coutitry,anid from tnercrhants otl t is city, receivig suchi orders will bh promptly attended to. If oet 2 No 39 Camp st WI t HO. UiS Ai.IS REI.YAII.COI. I ANDI VA KIET'Y S'TORE--at the sign of the golden comhlllto '1ChartreR steret. The subscribers hve rei ceived, inla i.lition to their prtvill t stock on haItnd, ta fill and {otnpIlt ort, irwstneIta of articles in their hlle; viz: tcoioha, teerfoit.nrv Jewetlle, brushes, lIok i lgse, i l fini.i erticcleteoAa.u..sistia in 1arIt nt.I fitlowstt: i quilled back, long round, dressinl, side pultt curl and nectk, llrazilioan cls of every descriptilon Iiogst which are somt e t lexietm patters, Ivory olllllls of everyv I dnseription, Iorn, dressing todI pockett tgether witho I if PI?.Iepral arlntVln ofstril Iotat tII tdlt t trilllh I II' a rIntol+I'.;, h--Cingnue, In.seder,Fiorido, honey,r buy, Post, ted oranle Hlower watlrs of every sizeund lidl. cription. cltni hratad Colo iie, ex trt of :lrgotor, Ia (' soiatis ImIn l kids, sh aving d ihl icikes and rots, terani sontil do, M'aritli' v,,iett hair oil, hears nd tll . iouItdo. lPreston' snlellitng siits, Illlin lnd )pertilned i toilct owdehr, pearl iowtder, pl letr pullls nd boxes p Smntuin in Iots and roll.,orris unto chlorine tooth washt , nd nwdelas, with n general as-ortment of J LEd \VsELitV--sttnioai the latest nit t mut ftot - , fle Betts, c istin t of whl te ald t red Irnqitttit, fto . I jet eardrops, set in lilt rt.es, t braeast iiuns of aI glesa' ie s Iiler thimhfs, seilaertI oatahl pt roils tid o IrI it'chlu I 1 111;; il'ES--: loth, hair,dust idu ltrlllll. l •,[i 'tliloo ,tl , ihlt, lesh , hla th, plate, co lb, N'ail, h, in,, !:u, in'd w ? fit7.ls irtl. etitl .1 I l t sl. Nit I iS teEt-( ier'tIl stlut an1 toilt[ n' ý , n l mat c II f nilLo stli d ilrclllh re isnl a h mne ido tl - n i\ t.fo r a kid n0 l00 n0 AI-nCntY AI Nli V.ATll I t'1a'I'l. iti":,-l',,' I ,,- i e sl : leii. I tn lr e I de-i ,aoa t l ,iil es, i hi - a , :.:' r les111s it v ur rich its siarlt ,i iiti-d Ihstos- i t k h, t niat't t sI ,. tcil. hlhad<wu d Iiues d.tt ,s t llo flaCi, "l.+ andllu at-I ierels titit ititil it-i-its , luit it hl i-fiiis iii Is i ,'iit itliilt i it hunevt pitt-inefs eatittts hiluttaterstul uuae tic us e ts, Ct eriIslli c.p:, asln r lls.hIr tnp h:nte'"+, tpu onl t'" illnellnl t'lnnl l knlli~ s, rltlors tntl S,"i-~.,o'P, Illlill,,+ earedl s, lins, Si her le . 1t. , , tew a + l inol" 1l n t .o sn tc.t-h t e nle - ket I sl llltal tllett a a ou a llriat oills tlillari ict r s llas it'l l' , pla tyine ekdt c I)1u sl'foIeh, t iellll ltn a- and A a elri n llllltllltltlla i tt ul ils llii h-litiasnll htI_ b xes, plltts ofI Vlllaill kiands, ailtlllsltiesl I)Illluo 't .e' , ls Ennrerson h. Ililgan's nid Iolakine s razor stnlps tltn I' laI n seat l Wbeald, i lt and il.er " do, g. erl E:lastic l11s[ell ta, s, u and garters, ilai nill slrdworn (.i ne, la ckgnIUlnon t board, lice, oplicne, ipt up epsjc lIp I llllbe retail tiles, all fwhir Ih will he sol Ftnr cafh o rciln y taenahn cfa ees oil 1'd nmonths credit. It II il IMMC"idS, & e.. 4d 71t ;wrre,.".t. rut I`t EIIM OII.-- 1500 gaililt pure winter d t erll Oilry , ir cnasks and s hI ls, for sle by r JAItVIS .& ANDS E\'I)IAN ala- CAoNISeW-s-iter she iriiery, inning lsat Insets y \lainet a oarst-l ....an.tftt in . ew a treleitt as ale artiele of colognet Iput up xprers-ly lot ihe retall i tlrlld; also the purest ot"eneh at.trlllnl erna rtlbri i cilln rvtery variety lurh the ulll, lli r t*s ley So all at e N ti:l &. D'LANit at- sltlliprSIl-'Tnte awnihrla a ir s vig at ota y verti ae aholly ti d ai vitorrih. minilfltor iSn teyw . re.an, ir iln ready to suopl 11 h Iluanters andl Ihe . lllhe in reilr.l, rng bv .hnhle-la or retil. iii. prices are mloderate, an", lt tle quality of his p"'l.dcls suplerior io ally t, e IoverluLh oad this place. T nhe genIllelouar l e etaIh'. h Iu ltllurot. is it it e ll-.I c I nlats been tit the i . of nt .xto tI s ilIt eablis.henllt o'flhis kind in Eurots. ''lhrse die s.d e they il-l wish to try.llltnt.set ile vaNrslles aret h. SiEantesh N s. , warrted til tio it Inge evease il thili riclh wtter. The black v:lrnish fiur lores uiud sleallms lot Suhinies. The transparent varnish whthoult iinll, & thIe lLOUi--300 elnding frs tit iteanunr Inde leiid [ i.cr, lie. i IItIR " , ol ":{ I-I New I.eee,. e genuilne arlicle, jesl received ty lc- 3. REESIE & D'LAN(;, 11i Camp s tasl-sonra ltopit-50UU ctlls .lisnso a hale ri p. cts iaslder all of ithep, in stole, and for sol-, hy lo 3 iOliERT & IIAI THIORN, 6:3 ;itelr fls t n i[rESH RDN G E EED-Tue rscr 'lbegs toIi express his grateful ithanks ro the puint o lie, for the liberal suaport he las i etived sillc re , calllmmeniced businesa i this city. Il in, tre l. pro nk, prietrol tlhe seed store, 17 Cnineon lro l el. Iihe. re nior land never was agent bllr allry s northern seed tei vender; neilther is ite cunnecied alih Inv thouI ill te this eiontry--but he nstries the public blat his n, nectllin Ina every deplrlllln- l of the sied lt .an I is tess, in the dfllerent counrresoftl Europe are equ lon to that of ay liouse ill thie UIIe.Ited Sales, lI i.t. d r prns a eda, plants, Ac. firoll the nIto t eltensive te. and respectable inureresll a see Jllln in I 'tllllCe, lt- Iolland, England, Scotlalnd, ind tht, no t lit-rt anl states--and it will at all dlil.s bolle Iliu I.Irest, al. iI ite hs tie study, to receive, iI addiln to ils present 50 ock. large arrivals of every description, really the a ero h tof lal3ti; alsoo, engrafted hluat ire se, I al one kinld. lhopublie maty rely om findling a lull as. nd sortmlent oL every artllen in tle cerd liit, lof geslnu ei as quality, and imnported direct by Win. IDINN. rti - -Tl '1il1E PUIILIC.-Tihi uiedersined. hiavisag illy studied under Dr. Scl.midt of. Charleston, o l ounth Carolina, and for some years his assistant in tor- the practice of tnedicino and surgery, has Litne honor ent to offer his protessional services in this city. ost lie assures the ladies and gentlemenila tht ie most Sit prompt attention will be paid to the calls which sasny be mlade; and also offaers his services to the late holders of laves, being well acquainted with the dte iiseases colllmon to Ilom, having attended tlhlll in ah- le sugar holuse in Charleston. (bv 'ThI fous anti.bilious pills aft5,er the composition sil of Professor Slmolletto, with directions, can be had of the undersigned. The effect which they have m"" produced in this and other cities, has been attended na with tie greatest success, to which the best of i"' refrences can be given. Apply at No. 16iG Maga. mt- zine street. JNO. M'LORING. tn IITICE---Tlhe partnershaip lf Kelley, Mosun &Cs l of New Orlellan ; .isosn Ilurris &Cll.ul' Natc iez; st Thel undecrsiged, saurvivig partneors, will be charged wis, itla sid sseliuag and nlosisg said business uasilllows il LenviC iatiias will asiosd t slhe seitang ofatfh bthsiniena aof Moason,HscrriskCo..a NnInlhe;aid Isad -ri% Ke eof 6 Co,,at KRodey sand lenry Kelley will aisslled an il, eseilling of tho bhsti s ofKelley, Mulasoil & CO., at tai New Orleans. T'he aunles of the several irms will bce esu: ud in liquidationonly. Thlaoase ideubded to naid rnla sar e ara-tly rslyasted I vn1 clllefora rd wnll ldkt ae rsly n stdlelasens islj li , I IsVlng chlialas will 15e55s5 Jatertaehlsraaaeilttlittln.l Io ________ ,,•rs m m| mmmam --. 3OLBEAR'S Science of Penmanship received,and U for sale at their Iermanent \Vriti. Academies No. 8 Chatres a.rest, New Orleans, 183 Broadway New York, Dauphino et., lMobile. - It is p lariclnrly desigied ile private learners, and schools, and is calculated Ifor perrsoa of all ages. Lcedies and gentlemen are invited to call and examine the system (ir themselves. ILes.sons are given at oueh houses as oiav sait the convenience l'ofall, and to classes formed ii cy part of the city. Ladies who prefer itcan receive lessons at their own ref sideicee. l'ersuls pshin;r e o tree of lessont are desired o natterl. -'"" . er\ ell stheyr Wlsh. S.Etý- BIltOTiItR. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, S For FEVER ANT AGU1E. riEN years have notyet elapsed since it was Sfirst regularly submitted to the public; but it Ias aittained the highest reputation; and has sup. plnanted every other miedicine for the Ague, wherev. cr it has been known and appreciated. Already hae it besen carried in every direction throuighoiut the United States, and still realizes more than could have been anticipated by its most sanguine frienids. Thousands of persons have not only been relieved, to but restored to health and vigor through its agen. cy; and they now eleerfully testify, at every op Sporunity, to its decided and supreme efficacy. It is composed of such medicinal principles as are ry calculated to renew the healthy action of tihe stoni ach, liver, and other important digestive orgians, thle loos of which harmony is tihe immediate cause of tihe disease. It is apparent also, that it prudu. Secs an entire change in tihe condition of the systcin, and certainly destroys the native liability to relap ses of the afflection. Whelin the Ague is attended e with any other complaint, thie employuient of the 'I'onic Mlixture will not interfere with the treat. , Usmeant of the other diease, but wil even afford as. Ssistan.e by fureiihiing strenigth and vigor to tie body during the course of treatment. These who llake use of this nmedicine may be assured that there is no Arsenic, Barks, Merrury, or any other article in its euoItosition unfriendly to the huiann ,sconstitution; beilng entirely a vegetable extract; id and they may have additional confidence in the iue thereof, whuln they perceive that it hsn the ef feet of a genleti laxative abollt t!:i t:ige half a bot. lI tli filll haIsbie!; tcreen--in consalquencet of which, t.ier is no part of the miedicine lft to linger iin . the bowels to eause osltrtuctlios, anid other evils, a arising from the use of maniy of the remedies now ollttred for the cure of this affhection. It has been used also as it preventive, by miany who were sub i eI jesttoa peridical recurrence of tlhe Chills, and it l, Iin Invariably owarded off the apprehendod attack. s Ohseren ! The L'rolprietor, fully satisfied with the in, alrarallled anld unliversal success which has can. ts tatntly attended a pulnctual and regular unn of the e Toni Mixture, in all eases of Fever and Ague, mI vtels warranted in engaging to refund tile price to all those who have tlaken thile edicine il strict se. Iof cordane with the prescribed directions, without having l en pe'rfectly and lastingly cured. The subieribrs are, the wholesaie agenlts for tihe Snlth \Veset'a States, and halve now on -hanid six ,r ty vast s of this mieicine, whlich is warranted fresh I,., Land g'ouine. For sale at thie eniuall'celurld prices I !J.llt%\ IS .o... tl;Wsl , I \\'holesale Ie)r.girss, I e'nIv_7 o ( ro'n( n T;1(I k Te. olllli lll nt 1rri sT. 'v,7 roeh t-ono nnrI o "' iToollllo liht+iii ' i rr . ;clnis'rsi+ ippi inid Liuelrinnllcioa Ilotel, ) . MARY KII(LANI) resceetfally an. I nolnces to her friends and the public geone. ally Illtht seo is prepallred to ccommodate themo at ho above establishmllent, and llopes lroln her x;ertions to render visitors comfortablle, to receive Sconlltinuance of former ftvor,. She fitels confi. lent Ilhat persons visiting Covigtn cdulring tlhe unlllmer months, caniot lid better accommnodatlons thaIln shie can aillord theim, on mlcore liberal terms. Iler lioutle is Iplasantly situated, and well supplied iwith every cenvoiirencc; tile bar is fi'urnished with thie moat choicie liqners, &e. in hllort,sIhe promises , '.tat nothinilig sall ibe wanlling on lier part to give otire satisfactioin to all whli may patronizeo the liasissiippi and Incisiain lHotel. je3 lil.tiLt\l\' - AAlliE, WOOD SCREWS, SADl) II(RONS, &c. rile IIIOWVEi.L,, WORKS COMPANY, No. Si38 Water, neaolr lcekliman street, Now York, halve rlcllved tlhe past easonll, aillll re constantly r.ecelvmg, large and extensive additions to to the stock of thle above gools,, which now consists ofl the ollowieg asg<otltient, suitalb!e for t!le souithern illd w'e strni Illarlk ts. HIollow ware if superior qmliily, consisting of IaLbout 15110 tLns, vLz, Pots o "22 dill;,runt sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, IItth s, 1 l zscI, fromn 3:8 to I t30 gallius, Iet'tl -, 1 s oes, Ifrom .:R to I g.tilis, I1 d~t pins or tivOle, 7 dtltermlt izes, Te'a 'ttls, 6 d lr, cl' I., - rci5 d I l.t Siyle rs . li do Sov red Splill, .i doi Flmn, lis ,, . ; l lo , ii .. f'rt rI' l. I I 'to . : ,i .lnches. 'c- iV Si rw i-., io i0 'c r os, fmiron ill rasC rrU h, No 3 to 3.":c ci , NI, 21 o. f a superior r ilt's ant I ilcattcl', Icons, asticrteI. c Stel ,e.ilcngit, 10i1 tlns, acslorteid fro I 4.4 to 21 Ills for Pilllntations, steamboats, chusrches, &c. Ac i iide to order, ccl ll s i ll i i e asl.rdnr '-r ait ave assortmcirnt o .g.ocis is pirticularly nd rec.ommiiendid to tir aittention of Southern and c in Western miierichantsi , aindi ae otBYored ifor sale at low n pricres, anid upo thle imiost lilberal terms ; it is ie. Slieved to bie the largest and best assiortment ever otlcred for sale by any one ostabliennenlt in the United SLates. IMerclants, by torwarding a reqnest by mail, 'can have I prine'l circulr, with description ollgonods, pricesanll terms, frion which 1no deviation is ever ad i e, irniseld by retnrn of nmil. SAll orders will roceive iiiiediate attention. New York, 1838. . je3 1 f. (I c licnc's atr/wucrls. . S Indi an DIye. for ci loring the ain r ; Bear's O)l, Rs+:'oI s ea,' eeesc, po. l llnrn, lhichanll' Fret cle WVs i, su fior pearl powderl, il white, creamn i ros',s, v ,i ,,table rcouge, llaio o r '", lip s' alve, a" o krta ,oe loot, c wash, hii bihe denlrilice. orange i.' ',w..e a itr, powder put's and b.oxes, A nlican Sr a! l' put up in Iour ounce viaen, Pres. o u,io r In'tem, kreisceo tooth ache drops, heir ...r a variety of other pernmeries, &o,. Foer sale •ad 1'v C. J. c'IcINCAtIII D, t. ot"r 3 I orr c of anal a td Iccurg oni c I e IT1 .%'P--cilncase tlah Runcicl halt, various qunilities I b 'oa eI rint iand liow irowi S lilldig ficas o jhip j-I ldd,'cic I md; " l .eam:,,,ll ,; ' ( s d. 1- R1 g, tln dal lie iDO Y 02 , ara 7 41 New l.eve l, \0 cS+ 0000u1tclhir,ecel cllield, tvn,'land, havtee jUSl ireived : , very Iextensiive set of In 'l, i .i , consistin' of luhhl and I recssirt Kies of a iI discription, PIenI P'ck, I, Dirk, and Spelar l pintll |xivea; nllzors, Sr. s o exhibit o thIe trIade lr ol'rders. Trnis Waad condl ions "Iill le lll de k lo n Iat nhe1 lintll. co INIl1cS, IIAtN"lll' d ( o.-Arnnw reeeivioog ise ýtcship llscilhi, Eagle, g lucrrv Andice,. lligh cndler, French awnd I ermn diouble Ilued paving cards: Stelr,hell aud pocket pistols; plain, rilhted anul split cllssi nl I ccaps; c i hbolder.; sCiss rs, :iazuIr.L , pUln. ted s; ill ttl' cllllommrcial ai other steel pes; ViOl it. io,s; 1'ci' c cc'tri ci; shell, iloccy slic iici't o.cii w Yin'.l•. s k rinllll; III ro putIs; IGernima l ad I.'rch ologne . katr, Incrcowlatds tnacicsser oi!, himlation do; antl'ie a-. tail lwarsoil; rtalble desks andl dresllng eases: past, v 1Blackihg; staliaol:ln toilet ghCseIs.;i cInaex Inllls; op e, c;ll tglasses l:iad view,'s; Ilni anlll blntld, lellsand plumesl ; r eiordton, whit- Itwine; toilet and shavi' g soaps; toilel ll owdlrt, esmetie washl balls; sclltedl satin nllshions; it pool staudls; scirew cushiols; ficy bead challlin and ce necklcen billiard blalls; picket books anm wallCetts el iermanio Ihones ri azlor. strpsi litlC ocll common gouni I olastic st19l.Ienul'n, goal'teS 1oi1; Bells lucifcr matches; sil oner Plleils; c Creltel', e. &e. u The ulhov in ldlition to our former stock of fale, articles, nlakesotr assortll enlt ve.r ico lete. For sal whoilesalu or retail; as lice ign ofi the (Golden Col, 7a I lag CI lrrel.street. mils.' tI, (alia ;Lta .aitlt'T'lI+N inAlNt+:.URE, in 36 Clrerres street, New Orleans. :or f lT S\ " IcIANT & Co. imporers of French y. I alnd Eanelish China ii nd I'cirthen ware'. are slt I cci ti iopenlilny new alld rich patlerns of breiklfist, ch lllilning Ita tservices, Iilet sets, pitchllers, ct lh inI ceil''e ccipse, Itill ll, . esugar, cralms, Ia owler, ie aii ies, di-Iesn, lureecs, iiwash basins alnu! CWIels, in lerc hatin h, ec. (ct. lichl eur and iuilai F'rench andli Anmrican glass. on war,-- oblels, chllmpllai.gne, leonllade', jellies, ad claretl , t rincrs cordcalc', celllrle bowi es. dieoc ll ers, vo ramblerspreservedrseelerrespiiehee, lamps, edhilp sh ade and glasses, candle o hailo, salt cel cf iers, ert. pa. Sl:vrr plaed, I, ronard and britania wares--t"n torn, a uer stands, cakle buskes, hcdlestielcks, i branches, smosas, ladlercusli'eelnd teapltn,sugaras, ;c creaiin. lamps, jiapanned traes, astril silnds,cnd ion a I c ging lanps,lint cullery, Geirman siver cspoons Il, and iorks, together with a grual variety ifaroicits ] or fcoolly' lisP. ltlelchacsts, iplanter,, iottle, and le enmsio.as, fIurnishd c wili gocda it the most rea si, vLie prices, snol ia ked so as to be conveyed with sahiy ta anypart ,fthe couen'ry , sAs" , ptor'heorgiwglasswcre. no 2 bIct'cuirliecy Meceiancie cod Plnttero. N.ei ro' i. ithsiblan.kets, ialiniel, Inso)s,I Iwell cl hrli.e-, tci ieks. linensc. 'alicoee, handknrchiefls, icn &'c rnc ' "n td cid hcc r 1ca le by cylic s nbscri. eil.'"o A .C, t'n MAIL AR1RANO11ENNT Northen ll, Ue Every Day at . Cluara Every day at101 A.tO Vestra A i, DuF eaera'y iSiiday, AVedL. dat Ilaye Iiy P I Friay y. 1. by mea, CltiitaMeverv Mlonday, 6Vened.da Laat 4,aa*\a d Satiirdinv;, 9, P'. 1. d r bIr ke * k e I) ,, ti e r y T'u r sei v y , T'rltsd a y , a Snlunht} , by5 }'. M,. via ( Closes vIery luIday, \Vedneuday SEXPRESS nlA1I.. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, lF.I'AIvRTU DISTANCE ( &o. atthe Exproaes ail, beiwi.,, Manile and Naw Yiork-tleavin Mlobile dcil' at 3 P. 91. Nanhrwa New York daily at 5 P. A l aaihward. Ares,,, Arrive Northwardl. Isaetiae, lTime Retura'g I MiiNontgmery,Ala. 2 pa. 1 ll9ait 231 12,,,. Columihua,ajta. 111 il 39 34a.m a Milledevitls. Gao. 2 10 144 2p.u Cotamn~lin. S. C. 71 stn. (13 71 II tlliigii ,NC. 54 215 5 I d a WNarrenton.Va. 12 at. 55 At y eiiraebuegVa. 1Iii p. 03 19 v. taM t ltiinii(LVa. LIiii. 21 3t 64 di Fr.dktickihiF, 8 67 7 It p m. ViiiVniigiiOnacitiy, 21lim. 61 i 4 Rllikiaei, 64 38 4 04 Phildelpain, 64 am. ti0 II New York 2 pm: 90 92 1305 141 i. it 2,1 33 Northardl. Coaring Sltlihwardl,time tiny ii ala aaur irat; bciii5 cdays and 17 hours. NAWAYN 11t ,I.? t Aiti IE.\V ill). -- 0, I eANAlVAY atl,, f iin 19aroldlieatital I ,*f h eel 'iii.rertrron the night of 31ia w af-I"ll i nllvl od wIe iien -iac next, oring itnaoydros si iijai, al rigibiy ovoi l ('1111111A Rll , about 17 years of age, nn I S fee ne ilo oatnideleg isan,,, o,:^eiolledI 1. . aum or111 liven shlirt and whlile cottonn l~.lnl;dee.ms. 8·i 115(·r1 of vessels nod steam bents are calirul. d a ;; : "iet receiving o Ir Illlrllorilg said negro, no el a111 s all t~n~dri- n hIgim l Wit y oif illt he Jili of ruie ailai ath ,r uoiclliiie or lo ii,, idondee n ill . cor-tao levii n !-r t"_ lopel 1O li flr n i itelo I0' alvbia id Gatrrlgatelm,'lae I. In,'rumlerr i l this ci- , nod reqire, ill IJKr.Rntn itif roN e4i ·1 to make int vment to him ; likely, an nld all thaeehavoin0 mfg li, t I ('AILIRE'rSON w COPtI' IN MA bll5sA'l'i"S NEW:SV NOVELS t Rlllti lIe Reefr I- the iailla ci Peter Siaple, Si it Cainain',p a, a Winner oI SchsIa Ilafirfied Ii ,La.o C. Strna, by (C;'Inin ULicIlall, Riiyal Nay, F.L . tLord ,Ic,del,, a rinlinnne.. Iy Ail,, Cuaanigliaa, I ia Shparl In wi ittnue by, lij.iurll',l in al"a. 'a At (amprentian lieirsjaj Staly, translatad ream th,. a rgn taian, bIWNilhntiel Greenea, i 1vl. tato In mitt.'S No.· 79 of 11;irp(31 ' s Enmily library.Y a. Voles. 3 & 4 lo I111· new eutnplllr t I and uniformlI edition it lf llatlninyrt,, Irrianv's larks. Rn",-r's I'relne/, l I(g/iah dDiliaintt'y.in I vol, lea ' ir aI's Frenrh irad aIf~lial, Dictionia,. Al o--.t few imore ecupief CalnrI'aPhrnology K. ulitiruvi." 'Intl' y inryr'vor'' C'omnonoinaf·. YrlpelPiorT 00 111 ire, with elnellill , lilliaid IJl1 llfeo·. J III mid 2 1 2 lithe. es (illottls impr red ,IeI·IYJIIIIIIrd ly pareTwrighl. Sc. lCr. \r.. Juswt reeeited, ulled for JIIIV by t. m~tl BEJ. LEVYY. I a Il'N.,. LEVY. PI'INNOCK' RIOME, &c. INO 1K' IMI'ItOVI.:l)T1ION OF DR I (;Al I n,ýlnilh1' ( Ahr I' l i )ll fIho IOi stry of Ito hllich is pirlixdc an I ntrol , ltion to tfe JInllt ROlalllll Ilistry, atllll itIrt rictt ly of valuabl e infor r latil addhd "thr oht tllh wortkon the i l ann er l as itllillns l 11aId Antlq iti of tlhe 113133 ." w lh ro h lnrsllS lIiocrltphiell Tif1d 3l 3 hish 3icnl3 N lotes;nod nllle j i tines fio reXllllllll ill l tIh nd II ea'c lh 'iectin. ILt 3Ir33lII I 'hI Iwih w llit 3 r' '33gi 'i'3s l.n wood, lly A Iherltoa I''o '''Is lj' l u .roved Edition of r (u ohlsn3 illl's Ii, story' 1to f If glnld, h t) the Lt : w3i1 of J pli h Casar o ths l ldel l nth I " l,;r r' e "d, w ith aT 'lutill alioll IU the y ea r1t1i . Wilh u,,st ions r l II vnunat1 1 I33 t the e ,ll ev eIch s331i33f3l h .'.id s ni vJrio.dt y v 3lhahbly iholor lionll llddl hrll lt ln, lllho te rk. 'I1IIuIntiii of lablo o1' nlllhlltelllllller y s aovereill Iar d [ llillulln erso. o (C ,tillllo derxla o tllelr wlllllc n llllllk e Iia pole ll I S, ulul i ' lllll1Pr. ftlll llbl h g l It' ll . Al ouLlilln, lh) ' (rh ll ltll'lolllto , aSc &. , llattrlltd bly nllilly elgr'I Glus' I' .." :rs r Atlrno ut31. and , n Aorilgmen of K IthI's New 'IlPl sltl r, l I thl ls TUt( ' Glolbes, Nl. lCariel -,titin, 'with add tiofl. and ie provarll aeoe y nllllll ipxli.t ll h .I.llltll lil.lu part u lthe A sm [ r1N111 3\IIII3IIIHo3 Jll:1 lrr l'.d nI d f or Hsal lu I' tI+ hAN Igd nlc , c o loo lt'r ~f {;atwh po wuf,[ aond bel est 311.'1 ' 8 L.M II\ . 4l,. II IItARY.. I [ RAri'l.,Irant lmr h v l'nhili' p lrtuis, ) D), wails La ailller l, callll', i:lill. llllllllt l Olls os IaritUUn i !, 1 n1 ' l l .'lt' 3'31:i', ( it n .liMel el, ,)rvdoll oil, o ng, e fl. 1 )I+ , ' t te, ll v ll (r an" lUk lrid| wal r s hpIe'- 1 S - IT3 333 t tu3bI , 'ak'3il, n v a on l edre a I'Irivt. pltl r :filn , w oll l, i. t;l tr.,ll ,ll ' cll ilnia ew, oll l c :l 1 l o f - h la) , lN E'lS. . ',dl.l ' Ib rI T . 1 ' 31 8., ,,,N . 'l" I I oi ' ' .l, S 11 -14' a nly, . r' IJ h lll: . ollr h o' lI' s oll I, , I ,. pl'r c Te 11'11u , l .at rt(1',allk oa 7 1 ..I+1 o '11.1 . lrtl ,"- . iie\ · e. lkls L or se.ot ', . s )r Pu or; I It I .4. 1 RW.l l , le s t, , + nhous1 t. 3 a. os I i n V t,.13 I lei T e . , 1 u er .lr r 1 . -- ,.,, ,,.iv , r m ter fT.,vo p M 33 3ll3ll383 li" , ' : 3.II3\V3 r 33 io ,.l, qlI' 1t 'i r.t ++" l ', rr ct lh"1 l l :,,l S s rl h eo 1 f t i pr tlhl ' I',ll l l, , :5 "lllh, I r p t,.,% l el I aI lli f, e..t py hI e ) It+ ,r r c,', ,:o lx rts. TI ',l'll stlrea st k el atc aone lull" ., wu 'rp sl. 'l' i c, l: l,'d lilly al e parn madeIof 10iZ in er l Ahen o .arl, lh'z anal 3nu[3s Pomlwdes rand rh Y, lGr t Slowesl hoold, I! aI wll h 1 illl and lentel8 ' stl u f. ogr, uol s iii r3bl dr l tuad e, luckwheat a1l, F ~ 'ir,,'ý ltor1, r., w I.t h1 31,..oiun Ao.pler Ientl-a i3 1 I!slmo.,I and n ' 11. I ,1le i l y, e I ll . sl, a ot indl. esl, hl n 31 ' 3,llr, ul . ' '13i 1 3 , '3 .s.rl lo 3ll- 5ead .cl . a islll y +of I ilh,+ stoln lli, • h t'"t cudl ounrtv. t.., cola., '133tU. 12rt3l333l15 3p &c3.iI + u ra tesfth:'e Flunlw d ml' osr t , rf edal ap trilln . nd +,ill ring r onaIl ,in b,; a ted m, n e and ll , l o c I1.3331,331-t., Ol,,3 1hl'h., &c,3 mil 1 eli 1d 'q, 3nr.33, j'ljbu a,"d Gua ,auvo p5ste 33, 1333h13 13 133, , i 3l' 3l ' 'l 3Bl1.'3 enr 3oni3e3dtr 3t nli es, hli ll n lt3 1 3T33h1, h wfillr3 rate r. and obee., !an Prentl~ l,' carllolcl, olllr lils rlhhllolrn teoth washl , owder bull'iii II '333d 13 e I, l'renlie.'s scentled and a i ' 11 .i t i ',e'3 I333l3111333lt 33333 lede o P re sa. Ol a non fl ) L,3 e, r,iVs,, WI,3,' 1r and I'hridRK.a waters,. 3 t3 33 3ie llbst uy.'PT I'3.v TLom1,i' " lA er, ar Oi, Old. rd,t3'3 headlof3 C eItl vlla . 's .,i, x varie' y oli S l u s 3llr 1an 1 thet O l l lr sl l, 3m null3d, 1b il oal3 ll ink. 1p A A l slt'-11 1.-3Illl ll[ 3 13 I'h1 rh rn'3 3 3' 1A(3 ir31el S le . tc'" 2 R(; l;I.: J(iNES -- " I 01331 t(l)' ."'(O I (' 1. 'IITI' 211I4, -.... t Ju 1 'ret111 ive andl f1 ree of tIy eer 3 a3 I d.,'.3uE., of tut i0gl, d3iS, iet By h 1 3 hke n P3., t3 : th e dior s ea , eell3 en 31h3 li33e' le1rh3 333313 3333"ed3331al3. It pro 3 v. ll. s re331 J l pl3 1 l , I l' 3333 3, 0111Ui3t3e o ltitu 3i 33 tlr's ll.n3i s i3s w tl3 ll tu e al a"vity. It estlab h11s .5a ""2P33 31. . ]r z.e3 3 p 3iti., Ibv inigorating 1[ n I " "l'3llrIll i ll n I3 333 33'3rl I3 " 33 u3lit,'itylremai _ 1i 3 i 3t.1, i3+ il3 l,3 ' 313hi3 1isor1er, 3r 3o Creat. oll +mer lhse(e. l~ 3hor 113' L 3 ''3 1i te s 3ever0l3 or. 33333 c 1o " 3 d ' 3esliou, ath,1 1ths 1en3333s I3h3 sysrem 1 with 'halV3er 3o3hes 3 ll' 331,3I3 it I33 e o3 ppressed. h3s 33ldividual3,l3 fter tI e .I o'f T3 'rlcl Mixtun13 re, have hco lven xpOSt to th nI r th13 ul3 c .s iI"I 133e diseass3 ll nd 133rlll3 el ' l"p lV,, t 3i i 'If,, 3inn o" retlulrn; wsIereas by 33 1te etl 3333 e] ,' re3h333 l3t3 h 3 e , hri1e 3 i 3 3alIways rera "t he rll 133 '2 3 33 le34 3.13 to 3 ' li3'33r3 ' Thel danger "d fre h lr, rfllll'lied Al gu, ti t Very siol|r i nt o le''e '3h3333 Sm ,pillpsoon Lacuna loo cinch ll prA3 ssrt ge3 133ble 11o133l l l3'3I1,,,h,1 and 33 p13ed.Iily fenll avic 333,33it '33"o333'3'3,3131,3wl,3v3o 3 ]'n33Th' 33333 1si5itre.5e o 3 lipe t 3l31 suc it e :r 1e 1irih3, nr , t 31 33th it. xitd I3 is; I 33Iii, o3l3d 3-3nd3 '' - lell l p h iot.3 llp "drniea dt :1 33ill3h 33331 r e "ye,11." '' 1i,' nc 13's3 13')3331'133d t0w r "33 h 3' hll " Ill, '1 re.p. ctl) 3 r3u3 i.' ed ag nl 3 3l33 h spit fn3- ' 3y" ,it i,,;:. u 313 3333d33'3lse, tllat ore daily silered m Ii f I 3ne,, onhyh Drl . Jh RI . Rowmd, 3t 13) TI.cl, Ltnl, rny, 1lllrkel'Sltr.o ,'lhiludtlp in. The sulbll.l.lriersre i tlls whole.-ale ae: t for tie 7a te ns sta le333, alndiU, ill'ell I the or3Ie, al J.I(.VIs & ANI)ILEWI. , VlC1. ll 13333331335, ar3 iEIAIIILE (C11,M1NEY PIECE W.ARE3ou38, le t C33n1t3house treet o fppsito the post-office. TeIa suIhe sibcrr3 are now receiving from their fa13 a3, tories is New York, and will keep constantly on hand a general assortnet .If Manrblo Mantle Pisees ofanperior workman.33sh3ip, and of the latest patlerns, tmade of It,, bhoot Egyptian, Italian, Irish and ' American nmarbl, Also, Monuments, Tombs and Grave Stones, moulded and plain sills and lintels, S marble iacingOs, hearths and boundary stone, plaster of Paris, R1man & Ilydraulie Cement and Plaster i g ilair, together with a oplendid aesortmont e1 kob ass 0 lounted and pl'in Grates and Russia Iron rates of th3 n0wost and most approved patterns. o.I Lelterilg done in the nealest manner and at the 1strat natice. They hav1 first rate workmon to 1 3 Ia.- ' worlc. oid 'ANK' ' AIN & STROUD. ed L)C1L'S N$EW WORK)I,&3.-The Americeaa i S noglal, by ihea authorof"A Year in Spain," in Nodde l)en.oIaf lWomen, ini volse 'Ti)3 Yousg Wil'ru Boaok, u 3333u3l o m0ral reMl 33ll3 and donne lic duties. o just reesivel)od '3for33le by WI.5 'KEIAN, 3i DIlS' lhrdical Boo,,k--I.,31 on Phlliai; do. o1s"'

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