25 Haziran 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2

25 Haziran 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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Chamberl of Cemmoerce. orrlctRu FOR TME tLAR 1839. Preaimeaa, S. J. PeAcer. First V.n Prelda ng, V. I,. tlhdg,, .:q. kSecond do. Jn,,. A. Melle, ).rq. Cno..ftiee of Appeals for 1839. ees lick,, Janmes I . Levrrich, ; C. t'anmmack, Ahljoh Fisk, P.O. Sorbs, Samtl Tllnhompsn, amm. e. of Arkitrarto.f-n aer Ib month of May. John H ddlealon. John C Harrison, Ui. W. Hundtloun, William llnpkin., i.lh Hlyde. Jr. P. A. Ilardy. Joeahim Kohn. Mall M.laltieas. I* rlOa eaasterrnail is clnoed every day at 10 e lack A. M. Ia due everyday t 4 P. Si. Al _.ISr Mail is slued evere dr y sat harle pa 0 A. lt. Is doe with clte Great Inocteloc Mil, every danr. Nda.itLrda (via Cyninatla La.) iF closed ervna Mlo.y, Wldesd.. and Friday, at 6 noetk, A. 3f. P. due every ' d'ueday, ThursdaY, and Saturday, at5 Tie loaiseille or Riawer Mal i closedevery, Mn day, NVdneedav, sand itntnrday, at 3 P. ,1. Is sent snd relturned ya'traamboat. Arrives irregularly three timn, a week. .AII4. 3 , .tra or Coenln Mil it c!ni.l everv Teedv aTnd Frildav, ate 8 P. . Is sent and retur.ed by atemhonae. TA, .Akzamdria oa Red River Mail is sent irrego. 1rly0v ateanmlt la twier a week. I.OUISrILLE Om IItIo D MAIL. Wedteaday sndl CIloe at D o'clock, 1. M. allurdMy, , . . COAST 3lTtL. __datlntnray, Cloaesaot 8u'cluLk. P . Rgw ORLEANS Jt LARK(tO1.1orON rAIL rOAD fl oarnql.l·ec.olumerous npplications forsa change in the limlo Fdepnrtnr for the afternaon carp, the comlpmny have ··laioded to Idnpt the followi.n Crri. gements for the sumn. 'eeremrmeeuin oa the 17th Inst. nNN|A ARRANoEMNSTd FOR TIIE WEER t)VANS. Prom Carrollton. Floe New Orlell.. .Borne Carat 4 o'¢luk.k .A. M.lomoe Car at 5 o'llok. A. M l ILxOemelve it " I.ocomotive 7 , 10 1 1O - " ". I " ,, I' ', M ' " r. Y P.M " " " 5 . ,, ,, ; , ,, 1 ++ t *~l - "JI " 9 '. ,, taAANDEES~Nl onsres UNAYS: NTe Cara.wll leave at the same hours nr in the week day. acei I o'clock, P. M. when a Locouniva will Jeave Carro tlltn rear, hnr.g Uil18 o'clock, p. 1i. and New Orleens evivly hour antil 9o'ctebk, p, M. c After IU o,, I..k a hors eCareen heohtailled hy naying 5 ,Inl. II lamfor the Trip; ifcalled for dios 12 'clock, P. M. 10 dol lat will ie rharled. Peemeneoilg by the Ftenm Car must prayide themselves with Tickeut, as the conldlltor hu posilive directioni Int Ito receive nines, in lieu thereof. The alteration in the time ofdepart re, as ahe.,ln 'nveam. eo Ine..l with thle herrtofoe 3 .o'clock eca'e, whicll will new a leern New OrIlens:sat1 o'clock, nod will re mllll in Carl Iton until 5 o'Lloek, they leave the cily .,_,nu et o'6l occk, and ltay Ill 4+rrottloll untl 8 (,'ell.kthtereby sl nwlrlg viritolr, iJll¢ li Crlltilalour tO eljny the pteasant walks anI pallake of rlfrehmenltt il sae of the .o.t 6eautiful Oardens in the b United Stolc#.V THE JACKSON A'ND LACOURFE STREET CARS ti ,enve the head of Jackoen street at6 njeleek, A. A., Carrl sIteet a olt.o k slid lunll ho~lrlv. A In e'clork Io lv cln · ro llm~ n e l to l e a· a r.ch n l id e v er y h a ll h o u r, u nll i Il o 'e lo k , P. M ,exceptilg that inatead of ienvi . (:Canal Seet at o'- 0. 41111, the enr will leave I(here at 9 o'ci,,ek I'. 5, a"h i, pnrtnelerly requertnl thait gentlemnell will not Vin Ct t,' ir fa et el~ o l thle C n 'l nI s, or sm oke in tihe r.are, w helu L ujdic, are plnlt.O o wOres Ml0 111, Orl5.39 anad (Crrullocn Rail Road Cenip:,,y, May lot, I1139. JOItN ItAMI'OON, ,I Jlia .5 f?, .f l'.n, N . o c RIt. N. O. a NA.SIIVI.I.L RAIl. ROAD Co. UIIMi:R A R n r'M.i.'r. COnlmollcllllg ctn °iduly,Jlllln 2. 10:19, II T IIE Cnra will leave for tho GilREA'I' I'l( lRI. o . their retll t eIn Itle BavOU T ," y io every Joy ii the week--nis ellows . " |)alert. Reliar.. $ 71'. M. ll A. 1. s. S" li , Eaeeft u ndave. when tile cars will run ns I~llowa: $pr. "elnrll. un 6A.1. 4 A. 1, . h l P.5 . 3 .' . M. 7 7P p. 51. J3 JAM ES I. CAI.DWEIL, Prenidcet CARROLLTON IIO'l'EL. Ia tie VAUD han the honor of informing hi. ite e ha n I h + p u b l i c h t g e n e'r al , t, n t h e fi t It a k e l t h e v H o tel at : orroll top, w here h a trusts he will receive fit tie enllo l hie old fri,,nd- and all lovers of n lld corer. Private panrles will he Ibann..ro +y provided furby c11 flying alittle n:olice hefinehnnd. l, e is willing : o enr in to nvrngement n with fnmilies or individ ual s desirous Ile ofpesinC tie sunnmer nt Carrollton. m20 iii NEW ORLEANS CANAL, AND IIANKING; CO. IH E Iron Steamboat Ilela'eca will leave the Rnrin fa 1 at the head of tlh Nelw Cennn, every day, (except cif Mondavy) falr tie ake, a. follow.: "Depart at 5 A. 11. Return at S A. A'. " li .. !. 1" - P. Ni-. by 2 P. Al. 4 P. M. S 51 .3. t " 9 P. N. fil Aa~l on MON'DAYS: Depart at 10 A. M. Retn at 124 P.M. 2 P. \I. 4 1I.1. ;5 1'. 1. 1 " J9I'. . stay 20B R. CHEWY V s. innll 51AYORAL.?Y (j F NEII' ( ,nl.lsANe - d r|.HEprleeo flnur today Iein.e $5 375 per hnrre!, Ile ar eolding It, thle tariff, tile bakern will give :,6 if ounces ofhrcnd fair ten entre, during ill, week begin- t- e iny oln Maoctndy pot.exth 24th ie et. The leuvns of rc. ai quality, or of thtree tcr ten cents, shlall weigh 25 per eent mare, that is to 1ay, 45 o,,nces. p June 4 C. (; ENOlrS,a 51aer. Riv IVt RI TI I+ IA KE--I'A ':1 ItN ',. I I 'LF'-'. " n l New Cn,,.l S. ell |and. N Omnibus will leave Banlk,'n Acred every °f "Sundnyt I I o'elnock A.. &S 2 and 4 o'clock p. Du M. plaing by Riih. ,'n Haltl, Verandah and St. net Charl++e. Fare erih way 50 cenat. ALSo Daring the week an Onallahls will lears fank's Ar'ode tot p ecing by the City Hotel, Vern.,dnh and St. Cllhrles hehallgs every sftrrn,,n at ,5 n'Ulock. Relnrnigll will lease Luke at 8 o'clock, P. M. F.re +tsell way 50 Mien.. KIP & REED, lp' ?2 3t Proprieturs. pal SI.dell allies. n ~hcllfl~nor Jlno i .... ..... 4 1 as hinllnnJuue ......15 ewlmok. Julln ........... I |INif" u il, de............. 1.5 Philadelpl, h Jena.......... 14 I Louisvlll, do ..........17 Hrlmlt lra do ............14. t L Iuied., d ......... .1: 1 et Ielane.h, do ......... ....13 i Illorlpnol May....... 7 t tlon. ('t .X%) June.... 14 r My........ 1 Hool, . .............4 I llendll.,.. y......... l17 Neshvil'+ do ............17 1lavre ..... ... 17 I_ II ~ __ Il + :i FORTT OF NEW ORLA I NS. CLEARANCES. June 24th, 18V:1 ShAp st inhn, Iltchcock. New York, J B IullIn *thr BIna n. Gomes, Sleal AM d. Alinda Bchr Fater Amer. MaIllnd; Purtlmouth, T C Je.k.,. chr l'hililpplue ttme, Brown, Maanzea, J nllow ARRIVALS. June 24,1839 Tow boat ,ratmpus, Morrial, fim the pnua~e, hlvin, tnwed i to .ha bhp Bnruntte, hbarque Lilola, Atle. tchr Alrnl,,. dand Sbri., letunell to the ci.ty wnth echr. Hero and Dta, Rotlnrs.. ,1 t the lr oat the t.d at I A ht. Report, tow bont Pa poiset h..illg Iightened nnd tow d Lolbarq e Geo redford. Sev a ·hnere inlar the ar., a lsp EdmlHnal torkinds. atr n be'qt' n rd Ferrt and Clarion, brig ID.n. .t, and sht hr ('erPt I reurned to the city eith s.hrd WI a Mary. old Sbhin,. Left i N Rt bte nn A3d.nt p m. Reporltiothing an ligh itel e o.r A.,or n the riv., :tbr SabLen., Mht, from Me.tanzs 5llh inst1., In R G.ouln I 8Rehr W~V f Mary, Padorani, 9 days from Talarco, to &hr Ihero, Delru.e, 8 dys front Havann. to Carrierj, Daroe O E co nchar D Racers, Morgan. fm JAplnhiola, to matuer 8team.sr b rln., arter.,, fm ,Lo..vil, RlGramer odnt.n, DPl, onfm NtcLltonhe 8lttmer n ilhltnt, IIar , fmB lBy., SAr. Elesmer Alll blador. ,.Jlaes. ,fi Lorllll AI..ner PiI JOlern. col. fm Pield'. h1,11 Shta mAr Pekin.Spk, . Fm'Per,p a , ln ~tmsr (idn les. WVillon fm Y.AonA City SLeatAer V.lker, Yaught. Dom ilen aert EXPI'ORTs. -NEW YORK..Parlhbip St John..Cnrgo 9l hdd thbleco, 76 i.tll n rotn. 2.5 do hen, p..379 itack. corln, nut dry lteclothi., a ma.,h'ta SIBAL--Per cnrt, S, Juan. Car.o, 22.0 11. 41 ht d lourn I PORTB SOUTn..I'..h Fbar an. ..C agn2IlI bn.lel. cor ORII.E. .Per etr U.'t.n..Cnrnn 461 prtn hging. 516 coil ropt.. hlalel twini :4lls. pork. I1 nekt be NATANAAS.. Pr cr.l PIltitL np.. Crn lhrs rlil ouete n .n.. 25 e r. ' AIIPORTS. IIATANZA .. Per Pchr 8a.billa..Crgo .2 bag. enoet. 107 b5. TABASCO..P.r Bchr Wm & ilery..CarWo-AO0 quintal. lug RECEIPTS OF PItRODUCE I dBngy e t H Pltk erlltlan, tl l ctti 0eAt llr oe,. l hbo. lrll :n h ,,ar L.lmbeth IA Tthonap.nn. 40 blelsecoott., A Rivlle, , *t Ct. ihis molat.,l C.rpt ou ,,nrd, euedria' to onllnrtt on Terr ttnn,.. Sr tlrlelmer Pen iin--a.rlonhd.i lllnrs Llm. beth & Tlui.lwte l, ILdo 6e bhi lolaSse. ..1,l)t . Ferriday Tazoo City..Petr -m- G,·nn Clnir..er.o nn3 bal. rmtnnln ...·'. F, r.ul., .a en.' ,,, He,,,,'..+.+.,: ++- do h¢.nr,,. Turplnrt& W nett.tAlo t., Iolgrt. .IA beef, Fraltklll n Ilen n tin.nut&drtln I.. lldrie. nn Ihrlp moA . t . 1.Per1 e lln r t alker.. no Cargo CONSIGNEEa , Groain ke ,o hohln, Daron & Co. J Ptt h PASSENGERS , PedsleamerS n Per, r ,.a VE t.. *nd sA 't l.e., nI.oR0 nel~d DI tTnnnkerctlb .IE flu, qu,.r. Ausltei. Er(le. fl.'.Sns'mrd,.E Lattnf, A Len...n, En ....en... Ubed., Ard . IA .ta steler P.kit-W Witherspoon. MEMORANDA Pekhi townd dawa from Ntchee, In Neow Yok. t hlp Ateh...eb,,bed $|8 44 New I.t t"o. I. - i TIIE ''RUE AMERICAN. 12T JOTRN GEBSON. rAIToIUL AND BOLD. *fftical .ournal of tie 21 ftnunlclpalttp. PUBLISHED Daily, Tri-Weekly & Weekly. NEll' OR IEANS, TUESDAY, JUNE 25, 1839. -- t Thelote erisis-The supendedforms-their course y ofeoaduct-Alississippi- .h'nt ought to be done. Up to 1837,New ( rleans was the centre of trade for the Sgreat asourth west. The crisis ename and swept away all the attracting power oFa trade that was rapidly making us Ihe London of thia section of the Union. Our buyilng merchants were all frtstrated by the suspeninon ofpape. tie payments, and immtediately schemes were formed by ourneighlure to prevent the commerce ferever from ret turning to ns and to redlce our onef: flourishing city to the level ofa tmere shipping port, with a few agents to do the business of trade. 1The ten or fifteen Rothschilds of New Orleans, and the houses in their train, could have averted tile blow cth uaimed at our future greatnesa, by retiring froat the held of operation and giving the task of trade to new hands. tied a bankrupt law existed, the nalmbo of 1836 hatd disappeared inthe twinkling ofan eyefterrthe disastrous storm of 1837; and New Orelea s would have been more poweiafl than ever. But no,--thle suspend ed houses occupied the ground with a tenacity that no power could break. They pretended to wind up tile of fairs, and pan offtheir creditors. How? By continuing to do husinpet wlhn all confidence in, then, was lost, and thus preventing the influx of new men and tnhincumber. edr capital. The act of the millirnaire merchante of 1837,did more to finish the blow given our prosperity by suspension, than any other movement that could hate heren dervied. fy their injudicious course of conduct towards tile f Mississippions, to whom they had in the plenitude of their power, but not in the mighl of their wisdom advan ced millions upon the growine crop of 1337, and also that of 1l38,-planrera to act on the defensive, anti the consequence even now is, that thesa very hbuens have rnot been ablle to collect their claims of their Mis.nsisaippi debtors. lMorethan two years have elnpsed since the surppension, and it is estimated that near ten millions of dollas are duei us fromn lssiaipipi alone. In the men time, we have lest the trade oftlhis Hate, and thecourse of these suspended firms has driven hcr almost to ruin, by her attempting to make a New Orleans of Natchez, I Vicklburg, '&c-and to engage the whole cotton tradee through the acency other banks. W see see e in what a t ruinotl condition her currency is, and we see tile tnil lions e have lot by the embhtrgo laid upon thle tndle of Mis.isilppi by tthe quondam mlerchants of our own city. ''Turning from these facts, we nalnrally ask,--are...l sllspended htnls inll a Ibe llr condition to Iay up their d blts than cIhen they tailed? Will one exception or I two. thle answer must be,--n. After the suspreasion no c retrenc hlleni w.ao dlle by hlnt ofthelir prtfune ne d i lord.y exlpenlditures. Indeed in many insiances Itnn m th were incren, ed. c 'e iknow of one suepndedc firm tha tt nent.Pd a clelk to winld upll itS cncerns, at a salary of $1 2,00, per annumi, w hile that clerk was enjoying a high salaryn as public iflicer. Nor is this said clerk dis c tinguished so far at we can learn, for any extraordinary jt ability as a financier. The rule pursued by the broken ti housles Ihas Ien, and is-tickle me and I'll tickle you. ft We ha te heard oI but little ifany restriction of pleasuree c and exlpenditures bnay one of these merchants that iadivnte a mural determination to d, justice to their cre- I tors at any and every sacrifice, and the prospect now is, that evely one of them will be forced to suspend again, a when will come seizures, and sheriffs sales with all a thel at tcelerana. Before things shall come to such a pitch as thinst oeght uot somethig nto be done? The public voice r demands that something ought to be done immediately. tn cMississippi Ihna found to her sorrow that she can do no. thing against New O leans.', She longs to enjoy the fccilities of trede with us again. The healthy commer cial community of New Orleans sees itselfcut off from It trading with AMin.issippi and all through the stand taken of Iy the Iroken houses of 1837. jWe know, we speak 8 thesentiments of all our commercial men when we say, that the suspended firms of 1337, ougth to convene a ol meeting, and upas resolutions assuring the planters andi to mert'hacnta of Missineippi, I.ouisiana, Alahama and 'Pennessee than they can vi.it New orleana without hi incurring the being thrown into prison for their old dt dehinr; and inviting all debtors to them to coma forward tIc bollly ,and withou fanr and arrange for tie settle e nt of their clui:ns against them. Such a course of con. dlct.v on.tl upercte like magic upon the feelings and oanionu fl otur neilbhounrs, nor is this all. Let the sus pended firmns withldraw in too fromn trade. Let them give thier businenss to new houase ready and eager to take their places. Tie planters of Mississippi are hard at work delterneld to pry to tihe last farthing. Let our broken firms take example of thenm, and iy their ct acts show that Iie prosperity of New Orleans which tley have so long retarded is paramount to private icciecean "les - - - wj Dlr. Peters and his enemies.-Tlhe insidious nttack opon MSr. Petein in yeaterday's Louisianian ie only a part of Ihe poliey of the enemies of the 2id unicipality to- ldiver I public attention of the arbitary onduct ofnthe elyor in relation to the Stale bondl. That print pom 15 ponls y cllls on a corresponlent to give up his name, 17 bef-e it canll inert his INottr necuoing Mr. Peter. of t hlavoiln ohbtined a loan of $45,000 forl tim City Bank, It7 hus givine publility to the very aectnation intended. STl'lhe editor enys Iiat iae had beard of thli loan for some .17 dao pest, and had not experienced the least surpriseY!! slid to show Ilis simpliciry on the orecanion, actually I nplan. tix notes of admiratiun at the end of this inde. peendent sentence! Now in reply to this attack of the Loniisanian,all we ae tosy i toyiht r.e bn e mo de enquiriena of . fonn Of Stlle Directors of tho City IBank, and we finl thle trot, to n be this. SIn May aInst, a nmortgage was made by the coner cial heins of whichll tfi President of the City Bank is a niember, to the City Bank for $4,G100. On the same ed datly, n previous mrtg. ge to nsid hoank of $30,000 was reivalland ilier nldlimm ofllo Ilouus were paid the I sI bank 'o flli eextent of $!5,000. Done this lok like t- i ' king $5s00 out o fthle I.nk, tI be reri'-ursed in 1,2, t 3,4 and l 5 ears, an -sserted by this erracinou print ? Instead of taking moneyC oat of the Ilonk, the reverno o was the coae. Tile pripern mortgnged nans one worth if" $o00,00o, n ih a reantl of $20,000 per nnui, and unins ng can:bereI. STie nmliciou. design of the nuirinnian and its wire pullers, in dr gging tile private niffair of 1Mr. Peters he fn foreIhel plhlie, in area ty every Ionorable mhla int ith coninllnity. It wouldl ie too ontrempilble tl notice, i.l Il ;tie iiobeit iitft Colluil Ni ro dot.t.tel t inllnl ne sere rhe ilnmes of our other councillors lf-urin- away in the conliim of thi print, hl ll he public bee through , the thin veil that covers tll dllothe n these ,vn, Ittm hI notI oni tntl with beinll inl the depths of bankrulptry ainhd <aorrluplim IhelOselves, seek o lmake otllerls o by stabs ii illoPdark. ()foleh t thing the 'ire pullers imay be an tred. They cannollll tll our prosperous cnlule. e Iallly lhave is ProveI..te Si r. Peters fromn going to unrope.hl, tlli . y i InC at home will insure lthe popl t of ile econd Muni a- t ipality,together with the skill lind induntry ofhis fL is lIw Intemberst of the Couneil, tile prenrrvation of their of h ligh ledit at loom, and hlaonad, rind een, it nlmy he, a prosecution of many of the public works. I In ronclusion, it appears to as, that an the hlouse in iqeslion is Ole of the largest stcLkhollders in itl, City - Hllnk,anr its aclltnt one o f the f e st prolnale to it, ha s.th President if the Bank Ias devoted Ihun.elf to ith iterets oftllhe mine ever ,ince its reallton, and his service hiwe contributed irs largely to its high antd do. : served prosperily and Ilhegnernl ood of the conmmu, It, even if tr. Peters, about to be absent frot the city, had wanted the sunm Oenti•ned, there would have heen on impropiety in his asking fur it, nor in the Bank for Ilenodilg it. The tapyor and the Boads.--Th printer to the let MOnot.parley continues his uoiereprcelntalinens on this aulject in tie Frenchpart tof his paper only tasing by hIi vain attempt I, show that it was our editorial ncotunent upon the report of thit td Municipality finance l contnittei , and not tih report itelf, that led him to per .aiwreit was Ihe object of tile Council to throw the re Sponihilily of the slpenesion of our public woks upon the ahounirn nf the Mayor, we oname t onen t0 his de- lot ifet- of the Mayor's courne In this matter, fir his con fension tlhat lie Mayor tias refused to delirer to the Council ihs etxchange bonds, relieves in o rnln any dou!al ntpi tie olject. It i asuelned by tlhe .laynr'a defender that it is the duty of the cllhief mlainslrale to t sign lhe bonds in question, and to see that they be no iold fior less than par. Now we deny thtis bold astne tin of theset premiena. It cannot be llhown that the Mayor tao even a right to sign the bonds--at leasnt, his e saignature is tinot requisite to theiir legality, foir the issue fat of the Stale bonds is to " achl of the Municipalidte of the city of New Orleans,'" no the deliverhg t the cot Trrasuretr f th Ome "t e i il ta, otiunt erf the bond 3M .1 ----aA" , I R if m or bonds of the Municipality demanding the mtme." Again, the law ordains that it shall be the Counnils ot the Mlnicipaliltes respectively to "authorien the islene at the Itnds to he given to the State." The Mayor in only mentioned once in thi law, and that is in section 9, where his duty is thus defined:-" and it shall he the - duty of the Mayor of New Orleans to examine and cer. tify such statements (vin, of the condition of the sinking fund established under this act) previous to transmit ting them,"-to the Legislature. From the whole ten.. orof the law, it is obvious the intention of the Legisla ture was, for the Couneils ot the several Municipalities, to give in exchange for tie bonds of the State, their bonds, issued by their orders, and signed by their of. fieecs. But it is pretended that the Mayvor alone can see ett forced the condition of selling the State bonds for their par value. To our mind, the Goveruor of the State would he the proper oflecer to enforce this condition. lBut is it to be presumed that the Councils receiving the State bonds under this aet could dare to silt themn ferless than par? II they were todo so they would vi y olate the low, and Itlacs themselves in catagory not verydeniroble for honoroblo men to occupy. If the State intended the Mayor to be its guardian in this re osect, the Legislature would undoubtedly hlve said so. The absence ofeuch a proviso is surely a proof that the Legislature had every confidence in the Councils and their own officers. Even admitting the power claimed fir the Mlevor in this matter by his friend, has he acnoted as a chief Img istrate having at heart the interests of the '2d iMulici pnlity? Decidedly not. He has taken fr granted that tile boods of the State (5 per cents) cannot he sold in the present state of the money market, fit par, (so osays tile lotiiaainnl) and benause the Council his not eo.tdesoended to infunor them to the econtrary or that it g does not intend to eiolatethelaomby selling thel below par, he will voluntarily asmnte the responsibility of arresting our public works and by consequence, retard ing our prsserily. Is this tie oenurse of a public spih y riled man? But we deny that tile Mayor has any Sight to act in the matter and that all the consequences of his refusal to give Is the bonds are his and none hbut thi. The responsibility is upon him. if leaccnsatnito ufthe Louisianianl, that we are undea vouring to excite the people of tile ld mnlnicipality oagainst those of the first, is a bh"e fabrieationut It is dust kickebi up ioy hint, in the cloud of which he hopes toescape the conseqentes of Ilis interterence in our iiofintiro. But it will not do. This act of the Mayor and his friends will produce an entire sepnration of the Mu nicipailhies. The nmalicious nttck of the I.ooisinlian, aguihst our public men in so indicative of tile omlce whe.ce it cotnten, that we calnot forbear translotiug it.--" We or opposed toand we shall constantly moakewar upon thll r system ofintrigne to which reelurse hals been hd for the pturpose of abusing our fellow citizens above (unalol street. We do not m i tha tthe finances of ttat ('orpo ration hould lie given tp to tile rapalt:ity ofnwlo who, ttultder tihe mask of patriotism concea .hnl the liaes of im pudent speculators, of men wlho nmake tIo scruple of choesing hetween theirdutiesnnd their lpersonal inte rests." This istne language ofa set of mlte who seek to pull ,!towe thi Mlunicipnlity to thel hnkrnpt andl crutltpt level of their owl, who eonsttioltt of their own guilt, assail the honest and incorruptible and accuse th l of the acts which have become secolld nmture to It i, posrible that the unusual . llTir of these bonds will to night or shortly be laid before the public toid the citizens f athis Municipality will tlhen be better aole to judge if the Mayor lis acted in this matter as an intpar sial chief magistrate, or as the instrument alnd head ofa faction jealous of tihe prosperity oftlhe upper part of the city. The case of Doctor Harral vo. Belr. Van Osterin, before the Commnercial Court,reported in tile I.ouisianian offSaturday, is not properly explained. Dr. Ilarral, as woe are informed,maode no charge for medical ser ices, ren dered on tihe day of the parade, when tile accident hap pened, but for the attendance snubsequently, and at the request of the defendant, which we believe is the com. mnon practice. D)r. Luzenberg, we uuderrtaud, owas not a witness in theonse. The reporter mistook the name ofLanodreaux for Lzellberg. I Cnrroll/on.-.'l'is place in daily growing into favor'" It would he well fir thie ars to leave th, entv on Sundays at 5, 6, 7 and 8 o'clock, and rerurl at 0, 7 8 and 9 o'clock, P. M. Such a course would nor fil to pay. Last Sunday, upwards of 1300 people traversed ilia road. l.ava.nd is just the man wanted for Carroll. ton. tis dinners, his refreshmlents and his mnners are all large ingredients in the pleasures tlhat a ttip tI t his house in sure to produce. Then there are the gar dens, the baths, the promenaden, &c. &c. to a ila away the time. io, go, reader, whenever you can to tini' delightful retreat, and you will not ftil to ennjvy your. I Looking np-We learn that from the 17th to tile 3d i instant, utpwald of 4110 dollars were collected in fuIrs imposed by the Recorder of the I Ist Muiielpality. lRe ally, our neighbors aom looking tup in the world. A perseverance in this wholesome practice will soton pay their debt. Arrest -Yesterdry two men, by the names of O\Vl. son and Dickerson were arrested on the charge of sell ing eounterfoit military drafts on the Tievsurv of'Tex. as. Th'le amount charged against Ihm is about 70110. T'ieecase comes up to-day fir exrmination before lre. corder Buldoin.r SECOND MUNICIPALITY. t PottICe REPou r. Recorder's Court, O3dJone-liobertnon drnk, d ]e. charged; Nrlson do. do.; Itnnrothy, vagrant, 31 daen, comtnitled ; Ioe, Stoadd, and Wulker, sopiious ebhr otters, dieheharged Atwtll and I'hlnkelt, strtkig wanlethmn. discharged; Chitlle, vegrant, discltorged Bulterwrthn , vogrant,6 Inolttistoeotitted. I From our Edition of SL'NDA '. J T'te New York nail, bringin dates from that city to the 141h, inclesive, tois in. The slave ships have excited public curiosity it a great degree. Facts are leaking ourt not favorable to the character of our Northern brethrcn. It is asner tained that there are more than twenty Aamerican ves elns eneaged ill the stlnave troade, arrying recirsra, hnich have all emanated from the American consulate at Havana. Tihe correspondence betwoen Capt. Fitza gerald and the Spanish owners ofthe two captured v-s. Sle, will developn a system of opelrations i atlvinio the ncharacter of many high Northern mtrclhant. :noae Abo/itionisis are concerned. The thermometer has stoad in thle haloe at 81 in New York, and apprehensions were felt of fever front the fi thy condition of the city. Bly the Great Western went outot leonrs. Felix Efnt, I J. WVilberton, T. C. tlngolftn, Judge Fustoia, It. Iloeath T. \V. Schmidt, 31. Clheuverant, I. P'tereron, R. F. Knechl, all *fNew Orleans. 1. . allatk of tlce Na tinnal theatre, and the Iledouin Aro, were Iu a ngers i also. Thl wheat harverstsin Vitgiia antl 31.la.,n were about to begin. ''Iher promised to be chtdn.ut.t Adviceac from the lterblhnat Ileliopolh.,,tii l miles upo theo Missouri, have been leceined at \\'.alillton. St*amers now run the river thus far in the night with olnt danger. T''he two new steatterr of war in le bh it are to 1650 ton., to ,ave t:0 feet Ilenth, 39 feet aln IIIn L3j feet delpt of hold. One of thmt in to have twto illined engines oftl an f Eet troke, and te other, too verriels eogilea of seven feet stroke. Thle manufactlre of jewelr was ran idly , dvancE g in Salem, l easr. The nscne of Grn. ftontt for the Prleid.l.ny, is still bruited abrostl at h North. Some of the Vitig jour.I nals favor tile idea. The loco-focoa have backed out of their del.ign of making the fire department of New Yolk a Ipoliritt The Great Western took out $.ttl0,000 in specie. Sales of600 bals of rotton were madet at New York at tplr ctsll prices'. Envery thing rontinutt, to he glomly. It was believed that 31r. Itarton would oust Shr. Int ean, and as the latter was a high minded anon, bhat heo would yield to the exposition of false votes dillay made. Mr. P'eyton Gay, our Consul t larntill'qur, has been found guilty of the very worst conlduct to our semen. Ilo and Mr. Trina are now in the saole cutegolry. Their trsc are leforfo the nuovernnl00 t. C The Legislature of Pemnnylvania at to e.djnour on k the .,th, Thle steamboat John Bull pltiug betweren Sorrell and Slontreal has been destroyed by ireo,--vale h ,. She was under way whenr tile faises hrokh out, and I many passengers were drowned. leef was about to be supplied in Baltimore at 12 cents for heat pieces. Ontt tile 18th tile Planter's Hotel at Augustna. tin, was burnt down. All the buildinags onthesquare shared Le same farte. The propelry consumed belonged to S. cr lale Eat. It was valued at 25o,000 and itntr,led for Ba The young I)yotae of Philadelphlia have tIrd. Tltry Sre about to he arrested as accomilices in their athe a swindling sohem,. a The Exchange Savings Bank in Philadrlphia has ame out with a staeement. Ass.nt $920-- i tilities dai SI .5)0. Thus departe anotherdyolttcr. One third of the Mrus Munltinulus trees banr been killed in Pennsylvania by the winter. Prices are ad* vancing. Mr Forsyth bha gone to the Maine border to settle all ill feelings on the boundary qnestion and make sonle political capital if possible. Ar. Van auran will visit Old Berks, Pa. and thengo to Albany, cutting tihe city of Gotham. The meanness of Caradori in paying her pianist has excited the public against her in Philadelphia. Advance of dedical serence. Some time since, a certain member of theFudeicoMendico Society seduced a pretty Scotch chnmbermaid,at one ofour large Hotels and carried heroff, that she might more privately become a mother. Hle has lived with her since, but the times being hard, our Mlendico called upon the quondam nme tcrsa f the frail fair for a certain amount of back wages alleged to be due. Payment being refustd, the Fudgi co Mendico had reeourme to Ian, and the trial came oni before his lion. Judge Morgan-but previous to or during the progre.s ofthe case, adispute arose between Fundgico and Boniface, the first applying a slap in the chops, for which the latter administered a plentiful, and repeated cose of fiat pills to the other, that operated powerfidlly upon poor Fdgico, who to his further vex ation, was adjudged to pay all the costs ol thle whole frolic, and (Iake p his loss ill love potions, served by the chlamber nymps. Will the society give tule HIero of this tale a medal for this very moral ond,elct. We hine datea from Cincinnati to the 15th. Celeste is there. The river was rapidly rising. Prospect of crops very fine. 'I'ATE OF TRADE. CtTe, Satnrday Ev'ning, Junne 22. There Ihavelecs received lioan the 15 Ito e t lm 1st, 23:30 Ire iofcottmn. Exports 11,385. Stock on hand, per Revoal, 54,8',9 ales. Sales of the week shout 3000 Iegs, fromn Ill ta Ii2, beine chitfly middling to fair. I"xtreme Irices o! Louli~ian an d Mis., 101--15. Ditto. let. isd Ala. 101 to 13. Sa!ea of augar ,u plaotatiin:-350 hda 6-100 at 61. usinres ie tihe city moleracn fro. 4 to 7. C'd. last neek 9,3 i7ds. IIodehrs oftobiaiiccoare firm. stoek on sale 3060 hds. Sies about 340 lids. at 8 to 14n ees.t. St.ckion hand 9li7, pe!r Reeal. Stocknffluur very Inre. Super. .it51ito '-15,-market very dull. CSdi. 12408 bi. In provisiene, n noehalge Worthy of note. Stock o pork land larl is Iargre. For bagging end bale rope, a fair demand hnn exist. ed tills week, at steady price-cay 24--25 nil 81-9. Ai iCrnensn. qirtanity of eshelled corn is in minrklet. Salelas nir 5 t 5ti cents, and in large iotS a less price wouhl In taken. F.rieigs exchlanre searer. Rate on L.ondon 486 to 190-,.a Franice, 510. Rule oan N. York, sight, 3-4I t I premiuls. Freithit. a little inore brisk. Rule 7-11d to h-tl. Rayvnal' Priore Current cives the receipt nid stocks .rufcuitii ill tte U. States has a- RE.CErTS, "Irn date. thll vener, 1.3'12,9S9 oP date, lasi year, 1.692,24i Decreeae. 359,827 SeTOCKe ON HANDi To datt, tis year. 206,t69 Tlo I te, leet year, 218,715 Decreaae, t.,54i Im l11m l o and . own FORI NEW t ORK.--Rregular Packet. citte llhrst Llne ol' Ilcketn. rTo s'il lositieely on ite 1L1 of Jily. re' t 1.... The superior fist railinea reguhlr p°achee liopto pli VICKSIBURG, Bunkter, master, will hlood ,..Q.u0i as above. For friglt nr passage, having Id tie elgant Iteomnlndtions, apply to he cantain on hoad, opposite Ilospital street, or to A COtL EN, I • t, tolu --- No 90 Common st. mparoc- ATE OF LOUISIANA-Commercial Court of Sof . New Orleans. Present, the honorable C. Walto, uflhe Judge. th Charles Mloteli, in actual custody, vs. hi (Creditors, and tile creditora of McKinatry 4' Monell. Number 92P. ter It is ordrret, that the credtora of the petitioner be icoa notilid accotding to law to be end atpear in open court 0w0 on the lifteeutl day ofJnly next, at 10 o'elock, A. 01. to a, re lQit of the laws imade for tle relief of insolvent tlebtors thIt Itll. tucnl lustody, tthe Ad it is furth;.rordered that A. E. Brafurd behep. poillted to repreont tile abuve credtl ore. o'tt Clerk's ulfiee, this li-l day ofJum, 18319. s not JOHN E IIOLLAND, I). Clerk. name june 94 ese It'Al DiE Lte LcUI NE-L.L0 tjour nito t E moerce de la Nouvelle Orlbane. Charlres t onell mnoiurenat detenu vc sea CrcanIclvrsa tvo er leo creancitrs tie S cKin--trv et MOtell. cttt No. 91.--Prorenl tl e lion, C. W\Vatts,jnge. 0, 7 11 est ordonni, qte lea crlantiers tlt itiottnire ailt Itttifie selon !oi. d seta presenter et plile C( r til tt stir l I e Jute .tprocn i d 10 e tll re atin asio dt tte yor ouroi le peItion aire n' ari ntte s 1t t Rroell- I -eliedes lea lu l o it . filotes r t r t o sotllnantlt deste itlvub!e, acturllemt e t (etet -et ilt at plus or. ner donuit: cluip A. F. lBradlfo rd suit ulmllll.i pour rt rase t I'-ay ttI t tal b cottet. The npn tet I s fitmt illt Ketlt --0l Cnidemonylwurr l ic wl tI 1 te Nd.i ObyI CANAip Ato wNKINi Ccount. 2J3d I;OIIllGE MUlRA Y, fines ji o 1,31i3--3t JAMES CAS EDY. pnIi l,,,,ticlr it·.70. Nrtn pIte e , li', 'ale by G )0OILStEY, _121 "41 New l.,v+ee. I- I lo aor s tae by 3c I)OrSEt Y -ell- J2. . 44 New Leve o.CA; t N. 0. ANI, Ro Ao I tiuD u. R)100 Jrne 24. 1839 , S11 w1 r IE Prleident and Directors ol this Insttion, heae I. hllis cdty declard a dividend of hree per at. on Ihr capital stotk,pnayble tt the stncktlders or their legol re'prcG Otai'dve o,"annd nlltr MloLdaC the latJtlVY. tle osttlir holks willbe cloerd till th date. IBy oorder, t junete 24 31 EV. CHEW, C-,hier, dis. L._ Oil ofVitriol tL' Carhoya ioR, Itowand's Tonnic Mixture 0 ca , es toar Ctrpetteitr' Chemicals '20 eases killt Sulphate of Quininet 301 ounces. ged Englith Mtutard 50 boxes 'fntouriida 15 kegs Fttaot .alts 20 Iarrela--Aluln 10 barrels A potheenrie violsa 90 bnote Whitel Iad pure 500 kegs--do B 3110 kegs to Colored aints 200 kegs S Spirits of 'urpentinoe 50 barrels do do 25 Ceonieters it ;i Colgatse's Starch 20 boxes Wh it general assortmtet of mnedicineas, for sale oil the u to m10t reasonable terms byy , IS vca" Wbe,,lcssle Druggists, corner Comlnon & I ehoupitou.. of ate TM' LAMAIRTINE'S PILGRIMEAGE "I -nllort rnd S . Merton--Church'n dictionary rc- Kingley's Social Choir, 2 volu esr th, Kuh on tins Christian vear-L.eslies, cookery o Ilumer & Smolett'a Iliotory of England. sae A new supply with many other very vauuable works, ttlliday received atd for sale by w 2 A TOWAI, 49 Camp stn fib /lead Quarterrs, Wisahigto hlallnlion. in tNew Orleans 2Otll June, 1839. PI ORDERS, No. I. r WY, tIIE \VWlingtn Batlnllion will parade on Lasfa.. tic e L vtlts Square ontite 4tIt of Jly naxtal hinfpat i five otclt A. A,. for the purpnose 'of tlthettin, tle Bllirtlllh )- otfour Nalioual Freedor nd Indtlildrtldce c a- t wht it iseCXltcted tLt every man will bie at hi pitost. ore ' ( mamlauiants ornColnpses will need no appal o th eir Sp ieriotlisl for their beatexertio, in carnryng tIli s onjtt tel, effelct. Tile riglht oftto Artilleryil reast t, St. err Chlarley btreet, tIle Cavalry oIn the N. E, rs o of the eqtitret frottitt St. Ctharit street, and lite ilnattry otl P Ca ,lain C. I.. T'race of tte WaOl'in-tion Artillery it j) - clharged with firinrgn tlbnNational So utc. ii Ilty ordert f iht Mh, or. C.I F. t,')SEV, Wa.hitt,:on "tott.llion.. he - . I. Dae ll, '+Adjutlan. " J 2 :er •3cClt.1.I.CI1'e COt IiERCI' . i iL to itAI "31 )A It I I of tIe new American edition it Profesnur ed Vethlake. 't 'li very valuabtomwth wkill hecot rll plet in ttl parts and will he furtilhel in about 18 mtt tluhs. Stltro.ripittnerce $1 25 per par. I O\Vyttl'o ,'turul I(itory with beautiful colored li' he 'otttg Merchnt, a most usefi work, jst re till.,tttttdf, s or,,y t A TOWAlt, 19 Cttmp st ,r., º 01li-if 1. Ii-ONEY, and BE*S\VAX-lr llot Ilavanl, for udale by l1 IlNNABIIt, tt _of Cuyll (:atir Natctletz and Tthnpittohe a 01 til j ;'It rtcett Sluluga wtne in qr caeks, in sttre, yd, Sfitr+ah: by READ & BtARSTOO e lAr li IA1u i' ftiiS- taintu, ion -l'lt fJre s5) le.t ltreduced prices, by S. LOCKE & 1t. oUi 8b iattd tg fro etet cn nt Rudlph. Itt - r. sol by A. TRIEII, mrey 8o 34 Gtl ravietr Pet l j6 I:01RSEV, 41 New Levto - l'tt i( L g fro,, Packer alhip Alatama. Ajply t1u the - Captatt ott hoard ota tier belot imIo Vegetable .tar rea.N d otiw o ay L ae b d etoionza for sap i by A 'aRIE| - ATRIER, 34 Gravier at SIINeN ýIIIR-S .ovea.&Souspenuers-Just re Tie Sriat I Iy lJnte arrivals, an arootlent of saittoi ernvatct, tUtmmer itocka, gloves, atild supenders, or tlita l iotaur, corter of St. Charlee atd Cnnmoo atr.ete. je a_'2 BUSIH & ALLAN. 1t RLOR ORNA MENTS -Rare and beautifu curotettiee, Ior sale oaly by Rees & fi''ange, J ott nl PItugh's IIu stum. All thes1borna.tents eooist of rIte mostt pialntto cO did apecrtttme0 of orthinaiogy from Eurpet, Asta, lorga Africa, anti our own country. A pprtvd n,.t ast 60 dayn w.ill hisnaken ,I N tai TRITE AMERICAnI @PICF. a 4 ai_0 amewung In conneetion with this Office is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE 7nR Tilt PRINTING Of Pamphlets Blank Checks CaOlalo es Bislls of Lading Labcls, Dray Roceipts, Legal Notices Auction Dills, Bill Porms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulars And every deariptsil eflJob Waor that may be required. COUNCIL OF MIUNICIPAI.ITY, No. Two. CSin ity of New Orleans. Sitting of Joutub 11oh 39. iaion A JaIe. l)Avnrit, Eraoad u elrits, Al. ' . Cont., A. Lohe, Win. A. natlrin, Jolht D. Finti, J.J i i. T. Hopkin,, Colvin & lonms, . W. Sliri.:v, Jhan Poole', Anl. KIr, oand G. A. Ilise, pro pieters of ort in St. John street from (iirwld reet to tihe .ii oftse New Canon, have petition e t Ctl oil to dell to be opened f. Jo ret from lirod entitreled to the, New ontosl. "ie it resolvedl, Thlt ten dye noticee i ien of thin iFrench and Keglisht loilgage, anld that in 00e0 itsot, fAppotory oppJuniion be tallh. toIthe oie3oin of oaid teet, holt this Couooil will proceed to c iai.ito be opened said t. John treet fro Girvd street to Ii e New Ilosin, the roprentee, dligooe ond broethi thereof to lon sessred ottd ettitotrd conliirihlrib.iIut ,withl on tire the prnvisionsee ofe n sot ofte legislnture enttl 1 An net toi regulore the ofotnin, lIayinig out, eoad iuto trnoiigoftnrerte cd poblitc ilinere in lie cite ol New Orlea.s &c.." oppnred 3d April, 1 J32. Signed r JOS9UA Ill.i IN, letrder. Approveil Jone 1 it 1839 PUZIIUIC npoTSes O eTCE ll 0 eroti'n, io Ilnwn i ls o ln Po tov toippositioni be tostl, it io theml. ] ntin, i. f ther Caoniunt of Puenicieli a NoI. '. Iw, io caoat, be openedrlit. John ontreefroimlirodrir,. to thoilei ishin, sgrcb ly to thle tabove dL tao i r La Cied delie Nore lle b eioo. i . anoe lin II Jull, 1113B.. I'ENDU quo Jmne SIravi , s frontt e . ley,Jioltt l ioe, t. Ilea, oi . A. li n ,'l ie itire. tdelrte i fans in roe St JeotIdeiiica iie. Giroit jloloqlle'nt aen ido Ct anl olra, onim deln dls A or ,tn.eil do foire opirir In re sNt. Jeaun leptl o I rite aiteon, colte onplioarlio, los In he Vni Aleorle li iet le lulletin, d lcot Ingrog Frolrti, lt Anghilo, et done Iv ens tw l'ipttodsiti.it iinn A eir tie soilt p otnieronofr I'mtverlure do Is ieov etitleopir i ee Coansil ordonnl.rn I'overtlre tiren dite rit e Sl ' AJrri i ei i' s riu G;irod jusri ' ano Bassin near'! fee d(.lpens .s, sl. onolellagen, of Ie bkn{.ine ll'vrant elltlr asses.l(sl rte est n eolesr n;6u utt .v,'e rl e s e In PR el{ vln lee p aov isl d'uin acte de Ill I.begislaluro t lilnt t ImIIn A ,P A rel ,llltriaf r I'onveiulre, nligllent et amellllrn elmraliorat,.ndes roies et plt cen s p' liniqies hi:ls hi Ville de Ili NouIIelle I Tiliani dCo." ullironvo le 3 Avril, 1831. Siguit J()hHI:,A I.tI.I)VIN, Ien'rdier. Atlprouvoi le15 J;aill, 1838. AVI pu'lic cit dlovn gite ohi l'io iitiou A o -i. t. nair lie soil ito Sfits, i'st l'iiuin'i iiit t d t: l, ,.ej i lit llunoicipaliif No. 2i, ite foire inivrlr In rlue St Jh . ni , tepuiuc in ru (;irod jinsqu'au IBass.ilitul oelfurn itehl A In R~al utii lu nolteoslis. ". GIENOIS Moire. .122 Lti li. Nonvelle OrlirHn,, J itno , l18:11. i j 1 H 1";tanheon ifthea ritiirns M ' New u ie tiCsll of il e ot'o ln nni tv, hIR e fir i this nI ot0ic inay rxtend, is respectfullv inviedl to the l ninvlutr nl , tat those affortiled by (hronio deova,, nloalonlv dlennlni,.lel dys pepsiaodl leer disease, omo wh hoerv foiled in ie elablilshling ihealthll y Iei ise of ile 'nrioio Selucilia s, prtofutsely ofelold to and even inlrltlled n theii o.'ee- ance, will pritbablv ilany of Ilhle tinly, Ibie o iln, nid to firiti heoflth y fvaiinilg ilueoi-ei~e. of trhe polho. logtcaltreatment ellhieuly ,ro by tho tnd,+r.ig eil illo aoex1erienoe of itiitolnrxi tIi lliilt'ret Cuonn. Iries, and asI he believes, wih tlnnsunl ncet-Pis I'hvscinnlpossess ildeeided ciriainv if kot ledilne thoat the varii s ehlrouii, n, in od e ie, nrisii 0 irrn' minin an varioos as to r.dlereicienev ioposib n sI - eilic treatmenl nltmad l retnr 1; to nhelth orn •.ri o s to nihoe who hate suii ithed't Ilemslves to sch inade quote, dirten pelniioi s, ieans The "experillentt 4if Uflnl I xlextn' ienti' onet llhove, iitlnideo a periodl of iore thal n , liltS a v ltorv, II having comnenced in Great Britai ii h7",O Io retuirn insto C llrit ino1799 fron n n isjour "t'a"ralvyars intlie West Indie ., his prfissenml anteo Unsowerto chielty diretrlid n l the trl atnue,, idt'hronloe ii.i 'tls greilt prtlntiu on ofianses lbi,,i. of a0 vullur'tr in o t i., ErSut aind 1 hdie, retumr.ll If o it,. sr .Illn m 111 i a'Sarh fl' rteL'( from Ir'e 'is irl aci..l.tos, iimau of tIhlt ,xperi ll, - hl tl " eliln tii I Ths r len e tll lfth en (lll i ... . . . v.« .. ..... t N u i t ...i . .o..i+, (i il ' .... ill.[tlule )o1 l v l 11 1i t e Etanall.llll ".1..(.ir- -') will " rah'il "flet Iim , wilhI iel, r rwlvhn, Iv tlOvl_ r 1 "J ,illli I' ti II t. k o Ai]iilod, IB, j it '?2 fIt N I: t r .m r !'ii,, tI-oI i :nlrts el Lt Fif, \ .I F ., No.II FiIA l f..nfewone. in slro,,d E1 nle.....n.i xe,,si .. ........ . n,,l ...o . ..n a low by onlneeodale. etnav in "FP'I". 'P RIi -kegs 'luitng 'ima .n .-t hat i. rairin , hura rhie A l111EI , i 'frnt ier sI lJ4 A i l'o iVilt, .!. (ampst. ý(1'1.1) IINFC, 'ho. 1 h' in, in,'l. fi rml l Iso in bar ( ilt ln'( l',rryatl's 'Ithanto shit . Por sale ly A 4 'OI(OhN-65, b Iioiisous Ianedl id p -i tl l u Ilr :' j one21 po o IOReiin ", .I Nevluiteii i - J~_'....... (1 DItSE\":' '.I New I ee.,1 dalionus apply on) board olrpsitr the Veoetehnhlea rkeL or t,) 1+EVI!t H l.I ^. r . . . FOI L I VI":I303 113 '0 - Ile T A I and a ipv nip Sij1\I.1,. Cepie;n hussey will )nil me abvi vr. passage Navin: lrncnlllr~l lln~r, l mudtun(. appl ni" i bord opposite the Orlececs peelieeor t J20 __ I. I 31AI.3 93 iiiiiiiioii Thle A I anld very fist Failing ship SUIT.. v RIORC1pt4in 'I'iit erwill in. ;imed,. - ate iespttcih. For e eigittf 350 hliidninbe, ii ir peeiage fv0r cahin pnasoi.rr.,aiiplvio JJ1, I GA I.1".l93 Co1m31 n e' egitel Cilinacr of valuable'hooky, iviciitri E~nglish~ editions of choir.,l~ rare, anlld valuuhle 1 illooks nni Ara iitel iciEiiniciilene .It'l Sci. or,', pille II limped r Flr sale or imp~orted lie rlessis Colrry & hart ofu I Philelviphin ; m ire lied Iat ear )iiile, elnorilldir himrn e~cponeibe peelerso, ill bei plrliiilyilvlllid 'lii by it 1iiteAgen, Ii JiNlluS i& t',, t Jildi c3. tur if rlleil 'tai ii . I joll-ncc0eclvi o' frnnety1 III) I~iSI: Y Juno 19 44 \1,Sw Levee: "t z ":E-llcs nicl \I.)"ii blvt ind haifin iir tth t.Jillnlivction fir elea leb 11 _ (i D0I(SI :)', 11 No,, I~rvoo CAN, :llI3, WAHl)3IN O 313 Frji Fw Collie) of thii iiiii6, nilrd venici., 1' A lengtlh ponriain, iegit flcievI fo .lII e 'I F:.11 11Nn&Cn, \ J lalll =w ear ll~l~lier St C llr)( &. ('o o ,on .,o ( 3ii3ii '30- T 313N3 :- - -- - - \ li- i'req 'ntin linn wlics lu rilti- it r rgirei llc' i Jilrs lii' 0 iindy ADAMS &iee cii, eec flee lIe to eclli dmee file prii n'rplee a thiii xllii~operl liells he - oflw ive C Ii Enginr f sudnt nd hnrwne ll belt r 1u su it k inl the prol Il rt i '.r ie Imiineprsdwith 011041,18a nr.?lll table, b y JohnII dlldlisnttln civil eoginerr funtelrly Troll')=or of lrrllhlll Sisi Ii,'. l U iiegticfl, Ice n'ri. lit fe.Fer of Natural I'lbilonopllv mid ('lllllihrl in t~illiont 1,, - Vary Collego of Va. For roftA"193iip t l Ifl BRI'I;e novel Bitlr-----· ua.x~r·d Ill non or F'a-lionable Rl~raoc.Avc to youang gentllcltlel on ente~ring e P ..il . .It il( F: .315'S L(a i J4 15·Lw corner St Charles &I Couvu~no sts1 I u ACON I) ,llS-IO10 I:isks wup"'i·'rCilrianunell all redi, in . iire ior ecal i Ii Gl fiInLgI3:', INI' ev" de 011 s v by A Till ll: x 11fne i4 :3e & ru I r ei liA P% RK--BUO brie FI O primer, & l' (1 now inallectiliC tor I nd for sale atthe lowest market price) by A t I)l3LOSElY, 44 NCw Lerve !'111 EV 3LYe or elea of limier, bIy LaIdy Lyitci l Ricililieu, iir itle Coinseiricy, n piev iii 5als, to hichi Ii 3 ile ndded Hixlicet cal Odee on the last dien oeEliz aiteih; Ctiniell'e Iteuc e ci The l)eeith ofNelsitn, b the eihor of cute Iuikv of Lv 105 on, Pelittt, tie Ilieleieid, &c' d&, till all the lic new works kf he dey, for tide byi ueALEX T)i1l3, 19C lifarte FURNITURE! FURNITUIlIIt (fix JUST riceivei aillie leouieicna F'leviiiee Wcee Pee ha a Iawes e upply licii Neiw )'ork ead Ili -n cc. IPerlos in eihe want of fueiiltrl"imlild do Cif 12,3 to call, and setecitheir ariclecs from onI tlithi heslad dtJi L 14rt,01 a'uickcnea in tiie Citi. tV it CARNE'S, IN ~ Si Ritv~ii ii a N B-13 Fsicuiu attention laid to piaCling ad ship lied tag Fureirucen, e6w f ec, ad 0O CONT'ILAC'IORS FOR PI.VING. 6 , EALEI) proposalal nldreaead to 'he Recorder and S('nnlttil of tie Third Municipalivty, marked " Pro pcartni'nave,' wil be rectivCed cllti teC 10th July, |83lt. for lruihjing all Ihen ta ernrl, and aloking ihe E nide..walkl reqtiled ly the colracil, acerdtling to the fill. luowing rpecifi:ationt t and Ilyabhl in thie tonls af Imh e lluni.ipllnlit at ten years, henarg ittertaltat Ihe rate of Rix per rentll, per uIlllmlt ,vi.: IThue alu atnllnes Ic at eClllovrd nall ntt he lean Itan tIhree nd a half teet in lenlgth;fotnr inches thick, and of a tIhe widhh vhlch ,'hll le ,le-amd aecesary according /to Ihe Ilvtl reqlllred, and whe, nt hhall he Ietermind byt the msIvpretr ll' )uhli: wilkl los, and shel lie dressed at /the cnll, aln till. it xteior am ,rndtinerior nidle, ard on tlt redgei thtetrt oIIIett C Sial I t nlelen. tlhan thrpee fel it lentgtlll, tlllriltlPR ichaak al rafde foat .ile 1tl nlhall bh drc.ld t lho tceads n lea tle side lwhich lta agailstl tlhe cllrb alne. 'lc trte curb stlt,,l be laidtt it Ihle lersst, six inches tlow hI C I vl o Ithc gutter, nnd t llengatrtaentalrnhall illlnr na lnrtinu avemntm,,u flur p feta widetl ; al tlhe tidel.walks shaIllI laid witlh brickn ]froam nle Ilke of n good qa•lit, or withb biluan en of m e inch ellir.k I.an ant of grytr i .hite natIl,r ofshlls; Sill fronal O each lot or Irarlerly, hlaiag n mrne Ihan 35 i fptfree ,t lnyther lu llh reado a gullr Wtit breck, not lers Ihtltn 8 inrches wide, covee wilth n caylrat hoard Sawo iniches thick, in alcrdr to Ilet tlhuwaer an Oit, the / pareticy of which gutterlrahll be Ihlve wih the pnve I Olillt of ethe side walks. I lie roantlrclor ll fll p tIo ris expen e with river ,'ald aPll thelmnnquneleswhich shall not hle high enougl..h ced s.hall fiarnish til the ia erhials. Ile eshtullulsr alcrilhregt.eltlr witl ca or nmore per. onsaauptroved of by the aotncai,u cruarily of fi t intn- a Rated do Illlars, for 1114 l',ilifa~il executioinn ofIhia contract. c d l panvirr ci eaid nlilanctlhn ma begin in Elytian eltllds stretet,.oilg tip nrflalt dowl nid thle eIctiR rla n n1t1g peaptmlicut.lr aron: ttlh river, lt'ginniig by the ritl lsin FieldsstreIr. ul, ad lls,. J'htl, colllllilct or sh lllsll l plavll nt Iat e h cror of each streel, t nl athof bllr Icct w'idu, witllh iutm eeaof n less lIhnn |'!srit ll t~hos i hik. CotOracts may lie plellrl . o r one or ile re streets, pro. tie i le quantality of ynl cunsructed lir ea roe t lesi I l l rtl a r ollth al ttrd Ir Cyr lte tatt. J. II. j. ST., AMAND. J17 Secretary.._ Fl i)Ui--lill thalc ar+pacgh. in iSt' far .rle by b JAS i. I)ORSI+:Y, 44 Newa lae.in NEW PIANOS FROMl PA-lIS,. TIii111a: tlhmrilt hatut.ve jtelr rrivctl Ie .lhi ihlltarles I'oI liartdtlyr anid lP'r all"lllr a uhtnulillfll nsarrlt llPet o ,II' 1itlll tea l. rtllltiatillg ill ;-PiatillOtn, l'icalo. of lolnwt l alllutatlltlt: trhd t,.; taattywlll ood. II,.rizuntal PIdl~~us .fthtlie nhrst auswettal and ao gmly. I' l.ei upriIt tllle&o.(:lf th alo. ra I.T"1hes,, ilLU'irn ll , are t i, ll i lifoetae d byP the I" celehrtaetd noakers TI I°1.1,": '1:1..4& Co. of I'.ri., al on ,. k tio lltlm tljttult, tr.t ofn It I tII m 1uerior ililh notd meC l Iravd Ix irt.s ir ltli Ih. Mtearst ll' yel. KaIatlllra rnr whltich ltlt unt ll"havnt l tnlltit to Iesiru ilr regllrd It) thlc IItltiy atl' ihei' one, P, IThe nniuursta Ial, ia raor ti f tuiy arIC re.pcnt. fullv invitel .. . r al .n . ttirt . the aR....i la iptihlt pitrluta +lticl ua, urtrly a erlY nrticle. : JilliNS & Cr., al. Chaorle se, t J4 'rIpotil ther Vtraai Lt&I,in:t.ltianmger ht.elI FI IIHREE' srculd haod glass n;,.i11\V IFt .AES. our elcnhols, Ir tile c Ianw by II IiROWElJE &k Co, mIaI" 29L No li (C.intp el I.' s -1'A a-(',a,,a. a, Il,- ,.,ioer.rr ,aItlil, su,4rifb r, ..4to tr..lig'..m firol the New Illhi , knowuI a M u. s te i'hih's Lllrlalalt.ll tThItrlca rllni,rllil Nrlltll the n1hl ai itls aat, r+ I rlltk , botlll IttaslswtdI rtftcialn rLrked on I t hIIe I it oill:itr I " or F I' shi cilv, I ah l tile cin lil rtile oiwners ++ill tuldl, eiar exlpenies nlid Itake her liflllcl hi il )'l d NICOAS Ci MIiIN I a till lip II.'+--I1) , r itr,+ fr al l, b1 I jniliii I : I I rllS' 4It 4li New Ia+1 ee. 3 to l.I.VItoonll, h , i ,, INi-af r en Ia €- . 1 ~atone~ii~ d w.it th"i "i'. heotlyl h !.in s" .li Ik tg" |ri , mleh ill I ii1. i. i lind wrl iig it fair linae. at h-lm :!:ll' Ji , t t h,> Ielllcl. .ion , It. _ _ Intr 1:) - YOtlG Marri ill Ir, wttl o , lia a h eall' c'.hild, hnt !lie months OlIt,+ i lesirou of "eltinj n Sinia linn as.1 n1,1' N CitytI t g, i n ii reeplahle frt I . F lle ca l givhe lnexcetiro, rle rClIymet 'lith, ifa.rl . qnired. Aplpi!, to 31ts.'I'AYLI0(I, No. 165 Plovdras sirl nt. . a I6 XCIlAN(:L: ON li.s'ii)N--fl r -ri e.v . . an I nflttar-f,,,latl .I"t ttt Itl I 1n 1 MIt It, l'·ata IrA-- t,.: ,1'NDI)1C' . SI'.1 il" llAI'll & ('A .II( IlN. 1I1., lie soldua11rn \ eI ..is , July :1, 1839, at 11, , I':lucl'k i llit,. it'Iy E IVx 't ng, in St nritsI. ilbetwerl lh ovn I d ' tll r,+ lrllet Iby . rld r if 4n + ley 11+^,.11, "l.sql.. S , li.' of lhe rr,"dhars of Miessrll L'+T. 'rt' . , %Vhn , or Ilh, -w.e int ,ell atl tie risk of Me!s-r. il '],h ald Vi'irk, ti;og 'ii' 1. . ( lg~l~ and SI l ;O{ de, wvho h}llv T.+ih'd I..tltplv w llh ihe, wllrts fit sa * letI pn'-p("ly hcrti,tr, de,r, . ri .Ii , nmad to het ,I h "-fil .l,ulterv,, I83I.I - l '.h'le~ tuts of :ro,, n,. , i, ".l mI Fnlb".,,rg Sn ors 2d 1 I ,"alil'i l (iIv ~ If Ntew i( e fIt oa s q rl e I it., ... I ,,, ', ltpas, ,,, , v '. d Na ........ '. s,, o rrel=,;: as" "p; ,lan w l,,,,: , ,',,, , ' ,, , , r,,+ el + ,, i , ,,,,,, ,,,, (' Lotl Na. 1. IV '";,el'!,al 291 icv' , " ill, 'he. rue P +' l tr Illlntn -trt' l t, Itr ,. t.,I ..et fiI lhd p hll , el id l fui t U ll l t l l * , Lls, No :t, "1, , , 1,- ^; : 1, 9 anl d In, n m Re IrP l Jt f' iP, Ir.omt ,oi 1', p iull, yA., bi,. y i I .(f pet, ~ dt.ep. i :;+':.st l \u.1 h I~ u 1 ..... ... . ing ; l', I~ t le t r1,. lelt ,,aiI "alt,,.,. ( T ~l,t r , +I, .+l+ -+i 1i ,. I +i'h ,, , lur+ wil hrilll+ s'~, "i a I.,i;,I ii. ll i++ .t~ .r o ,f rII It n ir ~ u.I" 5 " r" ..... , I .... l, r .......... ......... no......, a tilt , or,,TI gr ji o 1+,, , . .11 : _ ._111, jo~' I '11 '1 i 3j S PAR 1 t Ill-& 'ALIIOUN. 'II.l'UA V Ni I!I. Moerertft t -Joilet pro Otc'sr.. rt.aroll it hIV'lary pollr to ronlt ttit rtlx g, and .C. ()gdeu qni 1nt In nqutp auX i ra toas Irescrit l;ir It aitte pout f tao praIftr ctir led tirs-tt113 detroigiotf a ite alogdiiio it 2.1I vvt-cr, tnd 1839. ONZE ILOTS DE TERRE situts hdt tio latitiilrg Satllet, 2to 3 nteipalpnitf di Ie t tu ()rlitids hn I'tilet Slioi ent-e Iro rune Clio, Prytanti, Cal tpeo, it Nayt.o, d,'prOs Ini p iin it d ao6 lxpod illa mtttoto not de la vento, S IL Lot No. I. ruesiurant 2)9 pi'ds 4 poetoa do e ttce a hl run Prytnna pear 1101 paIds do profoldeur SIca aIt la rue C lio. Los lots Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 3 &10 mcsu rnt chamn 2:) piueds do lhee a la rue Prytanolu par 120 poluo dit proftulidlur. I'.L lot No. 11. tntesurant '29 plods 4 pouces do face a a rue Prytun+,o par 120 pieds do profondeur e . or lc e I a 1 ur Calll opo. Lesa tusdils lots soront veiItdu sdpardment avo r le privilege d'uoo ali de d 15 poieds do largelr. Los Iternts do vento ro.t ,18)a0 comptant pour chiaqu. lot, et halantea it 6, 12, It18 t 24 mois de crtdtit en billets endoasss It satisfaction, avec hypo thiq la Ji sqi' parthit paiment. n Ir, eo sohld n \ o'd v :,l Jwic , 1m39, at 12 1 'c.ock,at Ihe (Cily l+,t'itaIig In iStl.ouias ri, F i'nIo Squares of ro.tit, Deriglatid on i Ilin drawn Iy luis ItriierotL-r. n a I vr l gpN llt l , 1t Slaur-,i i atid (. Slu arn I.: tiunlons Nos1t tI, t, 5, ,7,8, 9, l--f0lots menasr rin fReac too fti .r ] it i tll rl rtii lrer-aby t5 f rtl t i t delp r. I; atN I lNtrttllItc tlhlutr of' 3Il" lMli In Adla tf I11'e1+. in ih I N 11 Il;tlrlillii ite coruer ofaj. acartt i a d i rli .r IN 1I 1, I ., 16 , 9 2 3-- onto, . m , i Iu, l 31 It, f IIi roIt II. 'I'll l ri n ih 30 feet, fiiro ntl I fi i i. l eit.i h ; N to I il Il the orlll r f nlllr e ltea mi tout Iliai.N i and joti anin g the oruner of P eti io b ,lt e N Ol a1 l t ii. or.r i C til rroui Nsi t 11 , r , - i kiroi , d g n r ,, dl'r g a i p0 fat fro an .lr lou'is B glllill Ari nt u g dr e ,l e d s a eth.s tas Ir Cl lllnlll, t E t Cntini num rtrorr iPo0ott6 ahtId o aara rnl tym fra0ti taru0..t r. anatmm, dbsre y fiftad epttit " rdetpth IlnaN I SE rl) IV F Mlrll ar d ll Jtrtfil l 1uallllllilll l I teireet, an t N a In hur 1ina tho .I.roonr. foe no . L n Nos II 1', 3--3 lot', mrnllrilng ech 30.rt t rout on i, lin emh :lC31 Ctor,t daniaa d'atlt.et an n pla rden al te Lta;i I .rn idtgir,,Aptteringte rntl and dVnhI ve Ill o streets, C n No iat U joa ni m e corner ed Pearl d6 lel 1 otrule2tt streets. aart a Nos 2.1, 253,6-3 4, masurig each 30 , et front vi It Iiret streeton, by 150 feet in depfht al American rll alsuolr e. Int l june 1 3t t jls &3 air I'AIt BACr & CALHOUN ta . N L SE14A VENDU Mercredi o 1 Juillet, 1839, a Init, ia la Notvella Bourpse rue St l. Lous pal EI)UX LOTS DE TERRE cir stitus a Carrolloto dai signgt d'apra s un pCan trr I'rt ipar Louis 2 ringr, Arpoateur gtn6rale o loes dito loits E et C. L'ilat E contient 26 lots nald d rola 2 s do 1 a t6 leslots ourt les maosuront ouivants : &' Nra. 1,2 3, 3 1, 5, 6, 7, 8. 9, 10, mesurant in rhltona 30 pieod do farce It rue Mtacarty sur 105 Ito 1pieds do prolotndeur, to lot, formaont l'onrcoig nure des rues 3laearty ct Adama, at le lot no. 10 :. far daut I'anewour do s rues MaoWsarty et lurdet. No. 11, 12, 13, trois r ots uiestrant chacun 300 d pCids do fc a t rue o urdtt str 150 de prooen.r No,. 14,. 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 92, 23, eI: ldix lots mtesurant chaeun: 30 pelods do Ca Ia la ruoe c.o doa CorlOcr e sur 103 do profondetd r, to no. 14 - IIrl-ant I'oncoignuro des ruts do Comm rce 1t Adatn. le Nos. 24, 25, 26, mesurlnt ehacun 30 plods do 30 ihed a St rua Adoanl sur 150 de probndepuro I rB Lt'ilet C contteant 6 lots nuemerut6J s d1 .6, Iso ]esquels out lee luesnres suivantss . NNos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 &. 1 msurant c05 de prolbondur, te lot no. 1 formant l'encoig. 1i sure dos raue do Commereo et Washington. |J Nos. 11, 12, 13 mesurant chapun 30 piods do | n; face a la ruc W a.shington sur 150 d o pr ofTondour. | r Nos, 14. 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 99, (lix lots meaurant chacun 31 pieds do facle .. l rue iln " Pearl our 115 do prolfo deur, le no, 14 form ent 1 I'ncoignure des rnns Pear et Washington, at lo no, I 1.'2 jtgn16 tn I'oocutgnure des rues Pearl st Bur. jun Noe. 21, 25, 26, 3 Iots nmumrsnt chacun 30 - plods do face & la rue Burdet out 150 do prefon. B deur at l, tout mecur- Americiio., J1 I M SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. F:lEG brougI,, to Ils polies prison of tlap Second ,V ,aouicip lit, site I ,t looje gIoves, vi,: A nooro by .Iameo IIANIIOI.PII about eigtoeen years of agoe,nays he beloapo. to Mr. CIlemonlo. A ntoono bov noaod I)II1N, dbout 18 years of age, 0oya Ihr holoogo to hi.. Hooks.. A ma onll , 111 ,or I nomJ 8IARY, about 24 gYne. of r nee, cue "beheofufgso ot.r. hiogor. TI,, owner' ofoiI luveo, v ill plon., oall and provo property, poy chorges and tknlo them notty. H 8 IIHARPER, Jo00 21 Capta a o'tho eWot h 1 NI' C 1 Etc tall peals de In Sceulld· iilnicipn1 (ji1 l 2a lopnolave auiv ISoo, odQ odir Ito nogrnIooO, b(ANI)tIf.P11.0ge do 18 oar, so Co nt~ alpl-nrta:ir A Mr. Clement.. U,,tnegrt nonlo JtOHIN, agde I8 fe on, te di-ant op pattmtll lMr. IlIanko IUr. ntgIoore0,e Imtooo, nomnIaIfItt1', Y gl Je 24aono or dasa,, t por i r,,llO A Mrs titIt I.eo I""oplotnireoIraIfi d ttoacveo Oallotpritn deo otai .120 I1it 'I1 IIIPGRl, Ca;,itoio Ife In. (ooals ` 1k ,II I'rn1aglat0o 1mhe ond orf ItI' a1i 8 o,d, 241 Aluticilnliy, rile following, rslry animlals, A bnv manr w ith IIett rsI ( oan Itrnole f hIni, I Iot qua iroe al ms u whitle elar n her f me.P A wn·rrel cult withl baldJ face anti two hint) legs white. 'I b e .owneroealf maid nlillllll will plerl..1· ta ll rond of t lhIe ifl Io oothe Second fl,,nicipafoty, i,,,I,,,.,t iOu rraerof ltoiiulil hadAmm ntittrvn poe rp rilpay lhargon,'u,, tolke them,, 01000, en or1110 ntfllll , forII If ,tI fJ,,,,o IFf j, f.,, f:bIIIIIte cold It notI,,o lyt A ,8fillIIllte , pIoII Iat 1 0,,,oo tr. INiRNY (CRAIN, ol','1 0de ' I ttmlde atIlptt, Pea nnini,.ri sovsfiooo nIJtl braFIInl mnlt q 1,f . 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