6 Temmuz 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4

6 Temmuz 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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Sd Baltimore Packets IN.W' ORLEANS nnD IIALTIMORE LINE OF PACE ETS. This line will cnlset of ife fiallowing vesselse, iiehae b.entr built or purchased expressly for theltrade, via: '-hil, aeMnarl Cupt: Miner, arkb Mrty, Nickerson, " Irad lferry. New '. Stevens, S'oloilon aiastus, , Lnlntha, Rrig ArI:hltcti ' Gray. Thes vesneols are of the first clns, have hand. enme feurni.elme :econinodatlio,., anld are ol'a light draft of water, anto a me inhai ni their rrieeeivig tnd dieherging tlheir cargoea in lnltjiaeie, at Ihe city. Freight will be iakell for pores n the Chelalwake oFr Jeame' River, ad orwardelrd by loe egclls, Meastre. CLARKSI & RELLIGG, at Balltimore; _lpenesn on geoda lhaipped will be adlvanaed when required. The price of pa..age is finad ,t $iO, ecpie stonres oltiln h at qalily will ibe provided. "Stea,, up and eown the hMiasaisipji will be taken on all occasnions. For freight or passacge, apply to ov73 - GEO UEDFORD, 7 22 Ilienvil:e t. FOR NEW YORK. [Laoisiana and Now York Line of Packets ] rll.E :Ships composing this linle will sail tfro New Orleans and New York ol every ether Mon- t. day--eomneneing on ,the 11llh November--and to I inaert the panetnality it thie of sailing, the e line will lleroalter enonsisit of ive shlips, viz: shlip Yazoo, Captain Trask, to clave on the 20th Novenlmber. Ship Louisville, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4thl Deeober. Ship tlunloville. Captain Eldridgeeto leave on the ]th1 December. Ship Vickhelrg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on tihe lat Janoary. Ship Misasisippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15tLh of January. The above are all new, of the first clans, copper do and copper fillenedl, and upivarda of 51(I lton I urtlhon, are of ligit drauglht of watrll berig built in New York expre.sely 6ie the trade. The price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their eabias are Stited up in lothe most iproved and convenient plan, alid tliihed in a neat and elegpant style Ampie' storeo of the firac qillity wi'll be previdecd, neslid every rgard ipaid' too the lttlrt aend eitire aotislootitan of tfeavevgore, , ,eli rill ploae taka tio. tiflctatl no behrtl; c. b e :curealed until paid for at lheI offco of tIle rli, irnelas. Thoce esrcsel arc e nmlvaned 'v ea )ctavl well experioenced it the tralde, clll wiil give every at tention anld ixert tllellnelvsc to aocimidatt. 'li'htv i till at all Iiici hei tiwi id p aInd down tihl: MaeiaS eippi by etoalnboats, tid tlie cieticest potiiLuallty obstrvrd ih the tilr of oailing. The ownerrs of thlse sicl a will lint le responsi. boin for any leller, iparcel ir iackage. seiit ly or put, on ionei of lhiii, ulelss a regitlar till of laditlg re iiged ti leorelor, at the caetllieng hoIeo of the agoreat or owners. Far lirtheri prtlicvlarc apply to J D BEIN & A COHEN, nnv27 90 Common st .awi l)ORIi: -;oi. h 'Il I-.SE'I'uN PACIE'hT -. Ilo i,+ l lu co, voperIed a i l'er lasi . ri ,e- .,nd o :,Ea r, l 200. s F. t Ilrthenc. willb n h l"d r ar.m m re.'* d:, ;,l , s for lpapenger . ThVise vtrssnl ;.re a tamanrhd I, cOaprtana.wel petrlene.Pd ivll te tlirnle, w:-, illvive every a tentiomn, an exert thIor, !,Ps :o aonel, eiodlt Ilhe i lhlpuFer. 'I hlrv il h-" u I l loendIIyctn do.wn liir 1llia lea piv :I -lave Sti, Olirevan ovn or beforeP lhe 10111 i .h Ili of evlrv minh. T'e If:ilowilg Ih :^C .atoall. J1. to ·opI) .on, masterr. & riCollm. '.i . ',,aeii ito egr. k L.E trAltt, I i[i'rn , Il[lpl t.a J...AILI11 Meirnl, ipn,. ialei-iii. Ill"ea I TLi otl Iaci:e t Sip p -r'j'hll ,atw o ine of ships hon been explressly ,te ll In ru.e iet wea tlhe aboe pIorts, and "r lte Laond o' suith;!vr draft of watelr: sccoclnodatiiois ber pta'sr .: crs, id every effort ill be macetin l ire general s tiloaction, The li Las it toipsiced fIcf e th I inrill h e p Cherokeetie . 41 s tCap.it J ilr init Car tolina, 41111 do S Leniet, Charletirv 371 do ) Edridge, Oualbanatto 625 do o Barker, Seainnn, 240 do J Riwe, ifombiy, 125 do I) 'll'tphrety. The haove iripi are ioll nw, of thie firet lasa, enpper i.. loned iand! eopl teed, eimnao srd by omn of grot expericmtel, hin\e airg ilrg lnOteivdatiOs ia itn a scepuaate laiso e chi.u,; every atticnticol will be -paid to pa-o.egvrs, ilad tle very , .et o.f storea p'o vided forr l ytheih. 't'lh packets weil ln lowed ip alid dei on ol o ilis ciosippt,. ;.I the strictest pnctali y ' ily erved ice thmetime of tilillgn, ad tshuh ldh 1orag tar vesselr: be detained in rreving, oilrer ships equally as good will in all c:ss be sulstlItuTed. A share of' patron ago is tolieited, annd ll o agetls pledge thltlnsielvies to aoeottlllotlte s toutlllcth u practicahllo, to receive aind forwnard .uida ly s id liole at tile mo ict Inder. etoal ergles, oiind t, advatlce all c.pellofa on goods shippUd, i1' rtquired. Tle dipe will leave the tlet and 16th of every month. For freight or pnutc ane, apply to the ogeont. J A 01 Ffa1R ITT, l82 oitin on sat. N'. MI. AdvancOeitleoLs er ldT on econigltmlnm:tt to Meara A. C. Lvombard & Co. i humled, is paillIp iln boles at ili ow t rice of 50i icents euuh, collfil' lg tile ll:l h oi f l three oI lU etI , I.ivelo nl. , r esi I s, till(:, hirl us .d , ni ntllh r ro oth + and herbs ktellll a-ecnieih.e Ihlldit.nlt ficiolu in i ia ii mpullllmarv ry 1Tmlaints. hal i The u rivalled sucl-stwhticlil honttoeled the 'ive of ll,isiliestttlulll itivit i i'.n liviever il hIta been iiltro clhled. has ohtilled tile velllitllatleO oiid reeoiiieendla-i lions aireapsecltahlr llyvciltrs, for Io are e o f coltilgt, oelde, pain il the viidewail it rest, opituiog oa blood, liver eotllplviint, .e. To whenl iititlv l.nv'elli. 'This i to verticv that woe iav oa in our t pracice fre oluc lly pletecriled fors (ard iuer's Idial ct la lll ti." I. iverwiv r ia ,,iarllound, wIt I a dr.cided gold ell:et: ae vae thilrelfur.l, rh1t hie kllow le dga e o f t h e ll alltl- in ls i is nm a d u f l' ,lll. .lid , b.r l 'v a t lo ll Ihilei ril'le, recoelnlldli l it is c 1vai ril lop I 'll litr oral thooc nlhictiius of tile lns Iilr wtvlh i t is re cmaoeudec. At.ltlIt I' \VIL.ll ,kIl, A-. D. IC.ALVIN I.I.IS hI, It, .tenltes of l. EiiJtliton MIelieal .tstotiivlolh Boaton, l leoluer 'i. sale by JAIlVIS k t.\I)EWS, ii t . i s I I,: li t i iii. etc I--\1,-. N 1'Y=] hh1'I r IIl. C..S I; ualt received ood Ioir ý sal,,Ihy 1FII ;I,+NI, I.::ItWtVN & it.I. may 3 No 9 itiifli "; l1 l'ti0--J:l lalillllv.I 11111 .t,",l-ltl, i e.l;illV of . ahic,,,t, hvltl.'r t ald ouvt., liq'loio' rio, v iln,. Ic hmllet allolr srd o oall:l. I t ,ll',,a ltd'tll .r eall r l.,, rtelil itn stle 01 It tIi\NAt ItIl l.i 'nor Naiihv.vlei 'chonlpitoilhaa st II ) G ra C :~EI ·but. and liar l ljln li1I(·li) S & J I' 0V'iiiI'ýFY, aann): 7:1 Camnnp a *' I~ldiP ilAiiI'I' 6.. CO, are anw receiving Ian " CCC inninid lip O'in-nnni. Enple, llicilanain r, I'nkn' : A Iletry Ainnrew,iFnrnh idii;'Gen playnn'ri; Inck- Ia 6fiC Ioardn;nC'ni. n, 2ia 1-" InnaI i 3-l in:3 in liil d h arid f};llyii; !1,. t() nal I'. innnih ib e llnwi, KCnivnc; at Ieather nannl otner tranniing Itin'ni-n Canrrn'n' l ll, Ti Pcnkec, Ii rsunln , nanl nliia p I'i'ngiso ls; dtbli annd single nrIlin'led (.ain' n'nnll' kin"'. 'int'i Bl; PI w and I'iitnl I"!nnnnn'; n'ntra Il innnie' anni i)rinkinC" (: ; ( I'n'arC'sCinsCC'pn tinnt (ap Ilalniii'; (Ich C (lairn, i; CC tit TalChi Pcinn'nn'r,iaad hvn 'ana, in gea v it r inni long Iinair iin ',nnni" iinnnI.a1Y'C' and I' n· 11 ; 1'rlv ll anni I'nniin'i I nii ',n' Emey Mi'lcn' ''CCv mma nI- in'.' Paten nShads or (;aiinin (;nnn -ni-inaie SnnninJC- I and CiIain; I'nn t mf-nn il nni Ild,; ItinlianiBnad,,nnni 1 Belle and !'Isncnn' 'h-ll lan -I- ',nde and, in'nnine (Ii Cninab.;whiiidiinn raiinnnnmilnn'nfnnCCCrnnno'k nn bndiin'i nnkes thir njn'nrCtnn'innnn' Cci PCnnninini, nndnwi nli inn 'ni ow and an libral term,n at tinC gn onif IGiniuldCn Unink. EI''11'-Sbam !miingennirn" L shipil Jlll1ll 11111l1p, f ar .air ba i 429 I I i iiiii.i[; & ('xi.A nignzi'nnni Vii IMRSi F(;;;lie I-.nnnnI inIi'n. .'ini'0 n oinkninn J b Iale. 4-1 iw'ill,, I.i-II -loon, 3 m lnia boecbl~ ll I strip.,,lanniing Ii's Cnhip' OJ.ai ''(far a'n'' IbIy :n'n9 1IiiitIiii ,nn Cm,, i1319ingn~ineia tit i IROiN iiO1)iin'$-i'hnn I''~cn'niaiC hnav pnr'ni C ata (;C'nt iC1Crin' , AInn rizhl fI- in o ra 'CC's iiIn Cha cnit' Te inei sC b 'CC eC'd inn Inn'r bnaiidnnann vnCnnhnnnen, aCid Cainner n1'"Ilnn 'san in Conaninn CC'n'ine a nnIt r 'p ann'! 'na 'nl lr a inc, nnd : anre rrfnc'l(n'i" ain' dd irr ii'n f nC iCC-f o I.n knownnn, and a n CnnnI ten-n nC ou'r eynthlinillnn-innn, I *Cppnnnnn SI. \lnria-nnnnr', n 'I',innipaaapatan' 'CI uit v E R C(l'190S\' F,1.1, Cnn COO i-i1nn, Asianrnn-'Cn'C hCCs Ca'nn~nnnnnnni 'i hinJ a '.sin'!n.suppln'n.f C'.Cnil anidnn Licrpnl nalI in til. ''Ik n sa 'n'n'ni onnnlnn , which n l ni y ulia- tir I anin aC lit ain inn Tnr chaaa. mdi C i in' ''C-n' I'aal, h nn Lein LA /) Iryn.pot . InC{ninennlanC inininIC I~a In' nn'nn aga-n'I1 nnf winill 'jii~a. ni~ian nn C'C n~tiOrrrtr (rdersC Is'1 aC (hair ,sitar L:i iiinninln at. t~i PmICS.nihinnArnn'nCLnCn' C. ).P Th-ýn ri'ii'In CC"n"i' inCtiC innr, T all "H Ion a i i Ii C Yiri11 h'l-'i nnin Onr :r, uh 4-1 rin~nni Bar ti,. nal.:aI~ntryJa, 'Caa .n 4-1 ar w aaastinigs a ndiC fr"'Ci .ln! n forni la (n-n, all 'i~f~ ' C I 1itliAC .. NEW GOODS--Sirmmons llartt & co ar', now 're aeilitg from on heard ships Yazoo, aund aratogas -nd brigCoanriin froml Ne,' York, a great variety oat goods in their lile, which together with their foerule stock on hllnd, nmakes their asonrtl nt verve plcte. 'he ollu, ifg cunnlnec a anrt, viz: i ell teint (,,r. . de, tulk nld rrlllnX.hll ,,, I tall 'nJI offalt dencrilpltion, 1a din nr ber, silk nllld n.,)rsted el tii gartere, icomntotl & fiv elastic s tUneaThrs l inf, a co knid Lr nil:r , ntle s, reidliz powders p o, Ioder panh ad binxes, uoilet plowder, (ocket bookr aind e anllel, il eedle I k, os atll pearln Ivory rl ian rton card canep, enli or une lntt, Iplan eo rrl bends, neckrnts annl neligee.s, Irad clnainna bd necklaees, cut laa sael alai. n reed ,silrr alud gilthands, Indian bead, bells nl l aluces; pistol and large pLow Nerflsks, shot belts hors,, belt. pocket tad dueiliia nistole; double and cicgle Irrreledr eenr, Bow ie knives, and dirks sinsuanlr'nlcaers, ioclket knive, .unad eloias, and ribbnsre, waist bar.kles, cloth tire tnoh ,l nal,comb, Florida, lnt.nlr, ros T e anild bL n at.,aornrR d esarl.l es, and extrates t)n nanenr, rar, rn, aullr \nard't v a getable ir ooil.n shaa inr n i toilet oapu oat all des eriaptiut , ltdi,' unit gerrtlce mn'l c deskl lnd dressing Cas n, ha'ir rirnglt'r,r'aiz rttas an bLrnaid, rlain, fancy and musical work hboss, lain rnnd gilt figared coa, and vest uttr, .o, p'ar! and ivory slhertdl , oRhir tttddegold and silrer ptn'il crses, toartbprhks ald tweezaC r,p nted uad lckts, nn 'rene, Iuo, ier, brass and ateel artimle oo, , onok a n m cr hair ane, rmaiation lieuit,blk ad rerdnkln, e blntrkinng, violians andul gitrr,ritbed Cad taiun On' cnpe, iianlll taillne nrcllred ntalr Itns eild ard ar,'r la, ' A nu l. trtnr ltullr plrler, eamlre bit r, ridingwr"ns o alkng eranas,pplayarg cands, lina goldi,tpatnd altd gilrt ji nell v .· sc. i he above, tloe.ler with a great variety of llr arti Ile tsr ol'credr l l tr llnrsalr or retail on aerlltnrtlU tirgl N It Mrrll runrr~i ropairad JutYLE, & mIA., hnroa, blsgn, mrinl Ornl·ns rai nsi nnter, N 3 unralec sareet, sto daoons inr Iee ll i n l ll oun glll ur e l lannlelrl.r WolrrIr8 AII II dEII.aiR. SM:drangiy, E ;rtirr bllachk mald gold, Oul, (iilran and ArtrcI, Poll in, no, Oplae : h l or ecl'd aonique, Clatled dor, hI taper, SatinWo oihPn"" 'ltd e adhi h Alo, Qi,rr rl, ta ri h, (h Ash \\ hir e Oak, r t.lo.lr k I r lCrrro rtrii l , rt n r r'rrtn ait rrrrgtr I pncei ( s iato he sare r ,t th trsh rr ms.ta oils, glZsn, Cllll l nTrus., e r. lra rrl trnalei tlar tlt. Ilrap, s'roll :,nd rod irou, tral rod, sod plough alll'll, s an:st, Gtlrnaln, spe,-r Idiflerml d, Sprgll, c shreet mod ColO eyOt steel hillow wI r, coit r or wnlrghr t nn l mrlrad spike Zin;, black til ll I HII sdl grindl mololll l, l keltles I ,liob t clb'v, :'nt,, :or,', I, n s S Ix , I lnl'a I 0 r , lltlIlail, g 'I nmlllr, lar S it r , rti c , olll, , lni o a llro t s t ares' Vire, shlmt, pi;; : I hat' h iri 'hot I Aml' tls, rll: iin s O'lll o i Stdisll 6r shovels a .l1vr k mlull pl, witt l liy o l lst ~ ,lll +ic, l c :r a lle t id bo k5 ':e ,l i nr, ll't . r, llrl I rad p u a IiSd rll, a l ,d m.(rnll n.o.lla eul d.'c, lhr1rtal twinra H'lt, :ncn ltn hin crltn T rr.;rinnlrr s''l'o i elrrn vc' oi ild, alr,, which ar, , li'n d rr giLlt , rll II' n hnl' nale nor I len r " r r If Ir i l' t l , ah c ill F Irro a1,111e 11 tin olll,',' (llr,,n a,,e' In nrr r lnr ilr+ . r 4 n A 1r' rt( N t (r.ll 53rrd , e atn',. A NEg +ar ticleflan eros t roaldbler with denLirts I bar the rolsl ,rr h ni, ntl rn" ' ,n rse t't fltl " l lnt ' Irin Slnvo iii ris,,rlc ,,;r to the e'. Any oira who hIs ever I sen hi~ito l i't'll,1+rrrn nith :' , eI ; dea hnrra tIlcrlllxeieae hn l h art il -elrni rrnd lhr i mort scelpticaln hve Alit lays \i anrlNoerllll ta' i otbte+ utte T1' F (U;Ill(, '. ne tn'r rel torlier i. C raelnnn Ian ait CI;rnlci streetr l nater the Ercn, an,, tarnel, lI'- h 13 " i F i17 I .II\A.1.I B ,6i HlnTgnzineC "ar _'! r, li asguszhilt sr' t I{OUSE AND SIGN PAINTER h'o. 1P (t'+tl'en streIrP. rnlrle raln ea I 'er in mai at', Oil, Iarnisrine," rushes, FAdr-I!ONABEI CIOTIIING. -O . WS, l.l,. oren sweet , , i].A.r, n.el.t l'V r lllld , ilu^.Ir illlt,- b sti )mIaIhn. oer nn ,i t I lh-hlo,lalie style, wi, hch tlhy ohflr I'on caish<,;,c 1-- 8;:7t... y. . . .. . . . .... . .. . .. . . . . . . . . . .. RB 9!LM FOIt T111: TEETH. CO 71lHko o ll: :-!oerdi ptoottoo dali co Stt.lhvIorerol-4 o i , 6 doll lllll ll l I 0II " l.i(, toll"ll ledV of u +lj l hJ u I 'll and 1 ,,aril +seer l.'iv of lo ,' t it hit, 0 10001 t Il nt 0l0lr0,oher hie of ote.r it to the A eri-tt plubhl . Arrlgtntlllls hav vo e a, l boee llr mu! to I pll c"ilL.. I S i ll thi e )l'r ipul cielh ad , o i ke 1 tl o it- d Staters, so as to ttplace it ithi t the ren,'lh t oIolle su -erio and lihkIly to sulll l his llo '' ,tieton o if. It ai urrests theIh d t l defctiv the r otelltlh. and .r lu s that -rreII sA ll l' l l )+ielll llll Ue hi l e inl re tl, . ot-orelg ntoh seltos The ntolieooott an he it remledy are n : el; ill centl , lln I unpleasant; and ufi r the large i ualt I tI ; l- I).l t o llll i n.ills if relllt sel:ctions of th ieo111[[·, I tlhal Ilo e h lr , eX .erc ollcted mall'h dtlihlfu t itndscifultal t elcl fone thl e uo-o i hllol Itollll airet, ady r to hear (bli the put lc go od) thl ir testliltonv to its eon ffect rivalled q.ulattes. It it s au ludino rte n.lt, oIto i ie. d of ti ingolotrl lto - ottox' eol.xc Itllvdl ll and t lo Ie rto ,loot tdt byt- t the ei tiii otzed dor't us I tle I tollt v ulla ble diooot''erv to iredteoll e t l l't.ooolo Price $1 tie bul. old yorg J.1\I.IVS & AN)DRItW'S. Mor aIr 5 (or Coooton and "i'lnitoutlO st+ to ci p IR o w" ,1 7I ITE' LEA D)--5 bbls, 15:11 lib < ; tkh .40 kegs, l100u '" iot 20ll do 11 A oEnelish do--! 1-4 bhlls. 4o110 " tootl 10 ll rt o vI rio s size," t I (\ (ll I..\ o..A liein nl 1 lih aild F ureOlh I 1 :ll; Illxe., vanous i icks F e td qtl;ldi iLea BoI otti I o-xo do.--otl0 bLxhIEsC onll ignll nrl, till be d Alo i tl otwlnt o0 t att tiit t ot o o ttnd F l'o h Old low. f N It. Al hCon' n , " ' ,.1 at p I. nre:, 1l .-:issip{ui the l It,, e, ,II Q o d Ill Ill 'pot ni lisoult for goods, inor or i lt p I :v II t db.tI, .i0T t Iw 'wan .IARlis a \', - .it - !o.o-. i ., t II.I" I:.4 \i +[+; \1 Ii· 'I' \1i , lrl+LiIt1S IN oa: rl Wi %I.'j d'/U " .' I V I) II.'I,. )Ii t ,, Ii C I SN fir p Goner of Co......n .. 1't', hToupitou|ls streets, • . ~ HI.\\ .1 1IIVI. l .t1 lI IN\V i. \ ttt ,, ' -h e r Ntlitlt 1 Mf111l &. CO., r0.-l'etlt iy ,nfirtn th - a their tfrihnds old teIo public in ell lneral, that i the Tin ant d Sert IV, o of evo desription , tx ci , ! ' l ia s ' i oPJ )I 1lsti ti, k el ttle V, a n d p l oll p , tit bIlath . ] . .. cio to s, and oil c..s, of all .ort . and sze;s, and all ! . Sother brl s t 1 s10 ,g dothne at sholrtl it Hot tet. I i h: (,trao hars of e'vlrv d e"rplpt-o, such as stetai rin It b roa stlrtups, 1 chatovtl , t o lt -i blt, , an0 I other tte o s .tito n. .l. t ,i litio ot l ,idt all olho llo l t ui it w or st r l l i h lt1ir lco h h t" l lt't.h s, thy woill exeeoutI ait lte I 01, t horte s nt: o, , . d,':" 7 bl .n i IIARIOWGATE SPRINGS ,- m TIlREElI -S ,101 I:."'E 1"' NlEl - 0()1(.E. N :. .d I h e11 rol, i at-r ,,l h l~ c.abn i l trlcit h lhed pll ea ; n , j urn oe tI ti na,,ut to his I ritnd, an l I lth iole letl i n e rt" , le , g I, h ' w oi l b " in 't, an d. -a i h e fb y t h e m orf ' .l.t t r .rotl i t, ' - . tItll- O .t 011, t,tI; f trtl e ,i It o voet tt ti P il ot h erto 1 I,+ 00t00 on t and i ,oi ll irelt- t i.r-t, oo t ,0ll lllnlta i n ll edh b .fo r, 01m 1 i1 m110ll toti-t too,, t,'t'hhttd t ith good ,00000 Of id Ih -r wh0 o Ill. : I000 htalo e t urte .iIo ii s i ed lott i h ', I oI imit. i ddp s f ! l iY nr of f lll, e l,21tr .P the...l" !+ ,l0l~, lit it is ll llgl )v b, Li ttlleo l thato' o', ll"rot t illntrior toot l t tiin it,, 1 i t I,0 Ilrl ooa .i IA IliIolI U.I t o . '11 ielnl i *isnto lt llC ' Ih It-i I t\\ ! wIsI 'iltt oo t hl ''t- t-i ' o tI o l oti t o\a li ll L it i 'I ..IIIIIt it+ Ill .o tlrllh.¢',, I1 toollll, oolli d iloltltuh'i I lt hO OIt lli'cnl til 1r ttIi t h t it i 000c00hatthu rt Itote itotl ool.l o aI t l.o 1 o hli l ilo . lo t.lo ,IItit il 100 l l'of ltu it = opl o rule tlylllt y I ,r l in ,m orose,, 1,0, uu nk",otwo shook, jr o ho .tort li ll . i i prr·srutt IraoJ\ C I . -t. 3'It ' l- ; I, N .+4 C nde r t, letw-lve Dul.nil an~d SI Phlillp, kc-tts o n+loilluoole i1hii d l ot , il roIto reiv.n noa- 0,': v 'If. Ietooo ol II I o 'n I 1' own j tdlchlldro, of i.l s . w, whltcnhe al!! d'-p,.'se ll cl i,,,: lt veiy iO l i' o Cttl'o i , i. i'i l , ]"l iot'r( ol is ,ltOtq lniit, neo oi' eendtnl , i t r i to l t: el-to--i -'0lri(.. .- ,i dd ! -i1.i t Jo -n - tll.t nlile i.t I t(lI0M I- ; &' (n o BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. OF EVERY DESClRkrlON, c SP'L:EDIILY, 11ANDSOtMi1.Y AND CIIEAPLY EXECTrrEDi AT THE OPFFICE OF THE ao Trie aJronerican, SL'. CIIAIU.8lC STREET, NEAR POYDIIAS. st 11123ni A CARD. E & SINNOTT, at Wholesale Grocers and Commisron 4lerchantsa , No. 27 C.mtnon Street,Ne t Orleans. on t Pnarticlanratteotion paid to th oitling up of pI Straci boat and Ship stonres. not'2 o di SAMUEL TOBY, . 'errhandi.e Broker . Commission .Mlerchant, ta dl3 Office, 36. Camp st.--For the present. o J. P. FREEMAN & CO., P.oelesale CIIothiag EsOasdshehenft Na. 3, Ivlainazne street, 1 AVE constantly n hand a large suatpply of Cloth in [ in, calcutlatlidthr the country trade. Their as. to ortmetlht biog Tlar,., tleronhait from tIle countrv can U be supFlied at tite shortst inotice. tn BAZAAR. BUSH &r ALLEN, NO. 1, EXCHANGE IIOTOL, G uorner of St. CA.rles and Common iai,. RNEWI t)OIti.EANS. MPORTERS and Dealers in Frenchll aid Englikt Perftnn..rv; |)Dr·PsiUg Cases and Porteble Iesk", ('utler, Illfi;y, (iloves Shirts, Stocks, Umnbrellas, Clnneo,nead Failcy Articles. 15 5 S12" 5INTUCIY, , Illi, eni l Indiana Bank (Note, fir al, by A TI RIEll , Il.sl y 74 (lovier at JIO'Bl.Ltl, AT WIIuLECOALE I o. .T 1. I4I5 ,1., No 1i , t'oartmr ot, Lh s ftbir day ro S av' teiaeia full assttrititetr of Watches, Jewelry, Sl+oonsl, O plcetvlrhs roai W s Wlaret, they will Ih ofLr- a e n till oer arkst l llltk e price.. t t p I o I) EAI.E":K.S IN r AMEtIRICA N.\N & ENGtlSII CIROWN GLASS, t IFASHIONABLE CLOTHING I A'\lL,(IR & HAI)D EN, I ,\V E t CtLlllp1 it till( , ll a ' e er article perta lhlr l tloiie,'s di.;s, tf the latest ttylo, at Newt Yorko ORLE ANS LITHOGRiAPHIC PRINTING E Al'I:ISIIM ENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, (opposite 14lttlis' Arnudh. fIfL...1 '1 iJL'E..Vl, I'lROP'RIE1TOf Ii:ANK NOT C E ENG RAVING - I ZnAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON pp AVE ,:' at "w no111 i. ,Nr.w Orieas.I, I 1 "sessiag i I ct equal alvititeqen teith their Ihntse i Noew Ymk, i nr the purpose of' legraving ane prinlting Bank Notts o Sit'I, I Bills ofi .R'eihatge, Coertificates ofa Depslitei Checks and other ilporlant papera, requiring security I-inst forlgeries; Ifil Ia i omaide tinple ptnvision for Il sotefI keeilg oll it tilOs anid itnlesosma entrust- It edo I t!leir cre; thetir neeito iellc embrace ftae notes of f I oer li|hu hnndredl blnin g institutions, and all ordersl will he revllnted with nruptllttud, iand on the usual I: iteti. inicte, cornllr of Royal & Canal sttret. _ joT--t t CI\IAMPLIN & COOPEIR, GCaillEIlS AN)i It1EA.II:ItS IN 'ROVIdlONS e NIt IEIE , n DitIIIOIANA FURNITURE WAREROOMS N 3,. 53, lJienvlle street. ai f , ,hi frilv landthe itih blij that le is con. , 1tiitl.IoA i:. CAINNSrin N oen ni M rtlpfctitllyinl alt ,hcrrv t:dsteri-, ulaogenv and chetry tablesi oll description. l, t i.e il.ts, ccil etarvt s writing t dkl;u, wnrtiioi s of IlllIiigeny and cllelry, tnlah Ct N Iit. " urnture packed Ihr tr.nsporniatio with great V-ne. uinvl:i INSURANI1E COMIPANY OF NEW ORLEANS. This Company ntr ilnow preared to take I RISES AGAINST FIRE. rt Ice,11 No.2. Musson'. luilding,Cannal t.treet. EL. 'TRACY, New Oliais,cMay lin . ,,a 1 . 0,eerttrv. ( LDi CI'tPfEl--li010 lbs oil Cju lier to sa by fM If DEVIlItI"UX," ipr' l '1 21 .clmpit tIUSfIt'ON & ASf'INALL'8 _O3 POUND fTONIC MIXTURE.-A speedy F and eelt.in curo Ibr the Faver and Ague, I IIIll il and intermiLtent foyers; preplared liom e he noriginal recilp. Used t;th eminent aind uni vc.i.l ,.otess in 1832, by persons of tile hiighost retrIpcl nulty i:i tills city, as stated inl the annexed ccrtlticates. at fIThis medicine is highly roeonnmended, end has bncl extensively used in the above diseases with i sulh distinguished success, that the proprietor of the recipe asos been induced to offer it to the pub. II lie in its present form, in the hope that it may e c Lhe means of reievint g many of those who are sufltring under the scourge of our country. It is a medicine possessing great virtue, and when used acecoding ti tho directilons has never failed of Ieihctiug a cnre, even in the mnost obstinate stage if ofthe disorder. It is not t all disagreeable, aind persons of tile weakest stomach, and children may take it with impuntity. Itstrengthens the digestive t organs, creates an appeti.e, and seldom requires a more than onte, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a core. There is neither mercury nor 4 arsenic in the medicine, nor any thing injurious to tie human constitittion. The proprietors ar o so well convinced of lt efnlency, that they agree I to relfind the price of every bottle which has beetn taken inll ccordanc" with theo directions and has not efrlcted a a perfect cure of tle fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agcnt for New Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug and medicine slore, corner of Itienville and Chartrcn streots. For District Agencies apply to ie5 '. W. SMI'I., 48 Conti at. ot P:! -Sa-l+.l MANSION HOUSE: 2. 1I i cI'rY, PENS.\COI,A. ha this well.. eubsribi lr. i l,, pt rt+ased the lease and fur /Il ni ri, r itch a 'emr r o•iri ma i It lilma t men i iaylr, IIe ute I,r pir ibe ready t re t ere e v i..- Ilu tots t Ic the It .\ A tl- l e iPext. iim Inc err rd it ii,- l ter ., itt wit l ge lan ior- i a , i te i : , o~ t~I cri of I t he frld. t et'N er o,1 m it b l h i- wi , a ' t all lll Io r. .1 ta. Ity ri i e utln bed t r Ilh. hplae., w i th good la ud "ea. t- aJ t nil" rI 11i at ,ill .rr .esi . It sl rato Iite i ier .i r l,rgc s il nltl· Ile e lpit f er hiren at rto m ler1t orlc.i irI tlIll 1lnl an f ainb a- wi th Lar ee d to inll lllll ienroine Mrbiii srn Ie rsllitlrranei other aielll +eIt I r , S....." y v I it :,l.,a."rin pl 11cs.1 ill l, her l urnie hed, t ie Str,, it;,, rtr. e :,s nt to ie trere with the rond rt e trpd qriet r f tile bun rdcr-. I'l': winsl tr d lic tOrs will ia " be of tlwe et ua ty, t id n ore a l Ui O pply to ll n., t 'nl ".. has ,h','nd, hL. u ordered, shier, will arri~ e 1rlter'rrirri• Ilrrtir r, who frirerly kei t slt o oular a n iIt, t b t.h I n . , cit y, will adut is his eil Ir the pr++prirtor, wu:11, with Hch aid,conlideatly ownelllrs i, f v+: ii.l'itt, ofl pls t r , )Ur i ll i la fr l I g utrally, that i ! k Io n tin l anl' eng 1 h u allt oi edtil pi, i e. Tne t tat .tl . fle a- iiVl tall of tle 1 i in,"'t, •)n11· ; th I( t, au aicit rtel llde of the Gul 'squad- s run; I" t sllllelnl ID Illllc l o t t rll l m~Oetni TtrrLhe ir tly drig - l t e lno o u n r l taur t li ll· tllh h I e.' ti le a Ib'st f re ea F lm " i n 't ih. ( i a " | !,,r irrll. lil nllf.eb ysd tie i lsihouring s it n 1 i rinierr; ercir.rl g nh trnd o ge Cernitd deli ry l " teic fi-h I ith l ht 'h tit,. w a . ,ti bour d; '1rt it s pr xim ity t-e le er ,,rill ih other Illrl'lc inllc ee ltrC titude, as it , ir iiirrtrillthl lllll l etl i rlErr1., It il. ii el l t I tI s ill rll: 1 ltei eo, I I 'e la4 c tdo lllia d t-et I bile, lltla ~ill .t ilt ll'lr.l e llmle I,, Ittak thelt plhl(tlgr ,`,na,,,,'l", Flt l .:h,1555. Wi .t ,r, l i rr irei, to rnin re l rtgrrooleh for their illt tli e. ,i ndh, "s the i rrpriiilo r, atr I'lor ttin l t, ur r' w T 'l"ttylor, the forlmer pruptilrur, at tif r n O lealln. ,I' -- 1 ltter I t ] to receive c. mmunicntion1 far a erso: s ti rift hove hintel, is placed at Gee Whllitllmllan' . ,li%, 51 St Ch+,rlea Ex ; h.luge. FI.oR1 Is\ Rot-1'F: FR NI"\V YORK. I- "e raIerrtir.le sirieus of takinrg tihe FIloriat roote, vin lIrrns citoi Ille Northi tre ltrn;1rerrr thlac firlt ritee - hom.rrt e o' r .i i' v run lfra)l. e hilr Ii r'llrhriti n cllola, lerrvinr;r A eirrii n ir i ri tite vleve telther e a ofter hlle lI ~lrf 1 r tv. d tlo cattwill alwayys ie lrrOvidrd e, . tiler lllnrell'er to hr in rrealinei s Illo tkt pictue ngtoh trol i t io hile , i t tint t( tiit lit l tre " i lu e 1 Ire e o N It AI+NOl.D. Tihe Itnt:llll.Ilntl Chailniion le sves Moblile Itr Penrst mio trne, ra wek Ielch 211 Iv t.AN AlMAIli FAILNA'S COLOGNE WATER 3 11 coare rie of tros superioret Colirgrtn cter, justn rceiver l n allll bl itl, t l by Ilet. s doze, or niggll: bottle.- hallsI iIk l' ro"r", cos nilmt 'old crteam, extr eae .....tst k] php.'n , Wr". .l' vegetable hair oil, . .t lltn, ,nu m., , ,, , Fa, ,u id. I vend( r, roe and hay w er.n, d 'retrc r"srri rrs., nrrc ll i . .prrloet O etriir r.vde , in hit rid ligni" I 'tL- e e ('hrlll e i and rria tooth washi Siclutrhuir hiI ltl II' l alrr d fleht bruhei ; togeether wollr ~n .,linticuiA suelyt of fashtoituie Itro and nll srerat and it- AoIeertir in- a ir e t &o k ,e teeg il ' i 7i i ll 'hrrtoc h-roet. ' -iocrl'l rerie,+r hip' e I r elrr-tnn, fr sale eyt s i. -Il" ......o'I iHrrDiF r Co. Royal Coliege of Physilana, Loudon. HtlE original Vegetable iygeia Uniersal Medi Eione, prelatreal by 1V Miskin, Eq. temoer of the Royal College of Surgeons, Licentite of Apothe eary'ss ioolapy, Fellow ol Bolt nourt Society, Surgeon t, to the Hoval Union Peslion Asociatien, Laanlsnter Place, WVlterloo Bridge, and Perpetual Pupil of Guy' P and St. hthoans's Iospitals, London. This valuable Inedicine, the result of twenty years' v exllerilree anad un ltlralleled success in the extensive tid highlly respertainle praetioe of thle Iprolpirety, patto-v nised by tie falolty anai nobilil, all is now intrlodned tothle notion of the Amerilon public, at the earnest so- p lieitltion *F a ntumber of gentlemen of long and high standing in the profession. It is hoped, as a preliml- 11 nary telp, to elheck the evils and fatal couseounenees arising from the aus of the numerous and deleterious nostrums Iointed t.plm the public by the aid of fabricated proofs of miralculouse res, and other frlals, by a set of p mecenary, ntlrincipiled pretendlers. so totally igsorslt ol msedinl olienee, that it impossible the moollstrons I delusion can any longer go down with the intelligent people ofthilounotry. These pills, milld olndgreeable in their nature, shobdd he kept in every family in eases ofsuddlen illness, for, by their promopt administration, cholera, eraops, samsans, fees snd other alarming oolaplaittt, wllich too elten prove fatal, eny be speedli-a ly careld or lrevented. In fact, all thae whl o value gond lihealth, should never be withoit them. They are seo' in plakets at a secent, l1 ald $2 each, by every riespee table rlrngislt, lnt.ksellr, and venldorof mealieine in tla United Sateat 1 Ie Caonadas, with eolliots dtnectioms, atgetler with: estnllnoials of professional ability frlmU the follti in emtinent gentlemen: Sir Antlev Co1per, J Abernethy,.mtnes Blooldell, .l. ., AV. Baak, .1. I)., f J. Aston Key, A. Frampton, M. 1., and numerouas I odters. l'lhe originals may seen n popuession of the General Agent, by whoml tie nmliocitn. is importel hito I this eounltry, and to whotm all iapplications forbagencela must he malde. JNO. IIOlIIEIN, 129 Waverly Ploce, N. Yolk, Sole Gletelnel Agent for the United States, &ae. For sale byv ppointtment of the nrigitllo protraietor. b} SWAIN 0j IltnteTtnt, )lruggiats, Nto II Canol street, I Senerr AgeIlnt br Sllllhe of aLouisiana. jul v8 SK'litY Ii LEf & co, No J nlaug:lzae street, lre 'raw reeeiving frontm ships Nashvlle, Larritnille, entarekl, gle, andlll other late arrivals rola :dei ': lter cEitles, lo.-gnel and new seleted assortmenttt It;,is, Boots, Shoes alld irogstas, onsitleing of gen.lemota's fate calf tol llMorocco boots do 201 quality; dao uli llP, and sltot wax pegged boots o earious tqualities; men'ls tine calf' sel lSta l d Morona vl)"O ptmpsttlI lo-bognl., buokskhinaHeos, I'ogatas amt Ihppeitla : met's flae ellf alnd kipped llaeggedl sioealal I rogans; do loots; do stout kip and was pegged shoes I aIl roeganlls; g lelemen' best quality calf sewed shoes, ag'ona tall alck )owlninlgs; tin calf antil Moroeeo i tekle ihors and hroglts; do alf, seal and MJmaera alianl slaoes Iuld lipp. , ilo calf, blruff ata seat Wttigs, Sniew ri ieil; dllo flie callf serl and morocco quarter, lots; oys', missesa'anlldl ehlildren's pegged and sawed n 'nOganl, andl shoes of eery quality old kilal. Also a general assortment of men's stlot wax and l r/"at l roonos and shoes, together with 10,0ta) pallirs ogreo ltat quality, rtussett blrogons, nailed ill tI I Links, maIle expressly for ploantatiotn use; a gotod as m .tnm of meni's flae andl stout kiltp russett brogans, aa Sw article, n atl a rgoe qunlllity of all inifeior q1aliat) r, salt- or l wo llalm.li i. Lalies' filoe Ecall, sal, Ita.rocen agl grain welt,, and pamp sole shloesi; ail lill F-rrdi.h lturneco anlll kid iriua ',.mtlil slppl'rs; do arnil slhoea, with n;dl witlhout heels It calf, sea l stntul lear telrbootreesL Io Prulella shles 11 Slall kinds asi qualllities; do lastling brlogans; ldo gatiter s'aol foxed boottees. Mines' latnilngspring sIlaesaoi o o.-gnas. Clhihhllea'saolored Mor.eco atd lastingbro- a rolS nnd boots, l.ae. tientleomeo'slinefaslhioablh: bla:ck silk Iatsl; do black h aI I dlrab be.uerl ol a stllierior qualiy; io iailatioll f tL ram do blrodlll naid narrow laim Ieon's line drelaal ld -la.k Russia sholrt tualtlled halts, a new article. Yotsll' d I:lnl e size hats ot dlillerent i ualitiesa dot ehilllrey's. ,llaim'and all e:y's lack anlld ldrab wool hats of vitlious slu ps, with generlal asllsulelt of boys' and lel n's :,.'I Calms. a iSa .So tment will be rlplenisd bllll the arrival of All ,packetstroln tile snore naslled cities, all of which nilob.ola at an teaoann.nlati.g terms. aug I-tf NO MERCIIURY NOR COPAIVA a New Orlee:lan, Niv. 14, 1837. cm A fOL'T six inotllls ago I had tle illsftintlnre lc g at Sa" diere il . lialw r which ll I Iave appllietad arto oer ial tlaaeore .ur ta cll, all tlar dil not a.llle ile. o Iaw fa onil tde :lbtov (!:I pit mlset undlerllt eals of DoIso, r Iuet, alle Ir exlr tl imtot eaure te. iuoee Ilta tithle q thae liseast glt woranr, s r 1as ta brk out ia lulgte ulcersr to the ber o ix oreil on It lg, all roe a my laco, ant stlre talroal, a ilnt t able to wrt k at lie ad preseylt lilll, oIil atccut ofr the disease large loeer oil tlthe iglaht aide f lnthalre.t. I n l taa o,e lleailg iaty.el " eoullefielll mldelerthe. care al I)r. Ilert,iofl'lria , N to Ia peri eltlvy cred JtON IlElAN. felt 1 ly In S1 CIr,''IF ala Ietuhe ulhre . l.nt'enlll disease ie t' quilr tell ,:stad tO rlla own satioliftion, fIar whli:hl I to oIltllt lr. Ilaet, ; n atlnd iaiorue l I a lla e to f lint latrli - ai citne I toeo takel e aitki's me Il, andI id not itre aVy at health t itll; l lnrefiroe I advils iit- f Ilatw stlleptrs tat iAoseno altime ol t ipl to or e t. Ilhetar, 1,he aol.li atr'et, .letco, t ll a)lu hi,,la old Ilouurlht Sh'reel%. I)r. ii mluent is tio bioi t.m, o' nel.nlk, A M, aitil 4 l' dl. t l'tecy will l d a t.lt' i lar teiar a in eente in'alto. J)IN i.i.\N. lal fronVier strcert. ItO aoev naaavo o teat iieP, calr al N(,. 4te CabrliorI J.tllN lI,:AN. Near Orlratila. Fel, ., .838'.l lila 1 I 1 aint'earratoi:lat tojattaf t kTEItmkoat tic .s, ic l the ,c'lh Fdiionllrf lt1VI.E'l"1"Sl' TAlI.ES elf INfTERLfqT: -(0 l hieh i Ilt aw atlded lls :a Av'ctge Tlime Csleola - toe, oy r eas v miteitlho fir finding .rthe avaoage tittle m sts.niuCe, i.,I:.t (a hlband or bill, ,f goodl,. stl etea or cll.neal at alilll'ten ll aalinese, o11 alihl'lornt l-relilt , :tilld f m1 ~riounllr 1 bslllllllll. I tthfleala d aul uld caonl e rclat t la ki,,0 I Tione l'la l, ithe .rot Ila can bl e caamrivord acl. tiale tli gores can ,r lluce withcin tile t lla e ct,llallcrosda o 1ua a, and size of tt, x n Atll allvedlloee in the bonok ias in nearly the follow-. i ing words:a Tile iglr dlistrintion thIbis waork h s reeired thrlohll the ten legislntiore acts lrefixel to tohe title plge, is a re rommendo.tion aititself, so ieonluoaol, sead no eonclo sire,al tt notllhig is necessary tolre alla by woa ol- h vertisemet, ton Givena rollelasel view of some nito ris pe ealiariliesaas fei irstaltee, the Interest Ilas been eotlais. ed froom, ad eoplared with, what irs eqivdeo tItfober terr sel'nsetaaoh:ulaaione, exnamiued io thie lrtes u'stlr. - fare tines, ansd lrieal npted tr ey pa l enor lns test'oi a thlatyty-onie itties, from nil whichl it st Lb, evident e al to the kpalio (enso~eiolly on to Ite.non.l tofahe ale

tail of proofill tlhe lreftiee) that thie w ork rast lIe arll metially ilnfallible, otal i eontflarmlltioo ol ia s f liein a Irellt ll oftwIl hlunleml anad fte ilollars, ls new oelr "cd for lmle detcihll o1f an error ofoa Cett in the preseltl or fifthl ellitioll, a exlpresledl ill thle pleface, atina. five larte reli'tilrtils otfiell,; frt llte sae err or tite lte first pnhliealilon in tioe yetl ln8'2. One of tlho Iaost eouaolialaou featllres of the tables is intthe ielrnglrnelato of tile lTill le a i Amolnts, whleh for ellierlii.n. reiofeirene oailll laierispalaeily, vill Ite help ofthe silde sI Ihxa a elnel lie excelled Intal the alify Sty iail ease willh whiu ale in:ternsl con befoloil to the extent of guLterl Ileailaress, wilthoat totlLlillg ofslrns is hlrsiltas a conelnlirelle isa e erllltil, allt in Ila esllll tion of s le ni rli ort emlarr t slad proa ticll blSi nss men ana d iubllie oi rlltea alo mi oe aolre gr'ea t se of thle wank, it lhas lee, dlistinguislhlcd tr tite iolioahle nppellatioo el'fofa "master p1l0e". Atinl considlerlig the iafolllhilhy fta thle nethloal riginally-t taatte it comlomsing Ihle wor-k, and ihe claaoaal-liUlnV lloatler ltitl valiety 01 lte xlattraiatieonas, ulateats of ealeryelelilion it Ihasfasaterlinat Io rats na eolwilhst-tling ithe ,vhatlu is ir stereotype, etoiderllltag in altli-, -lae positiae:ecl: ltav) a nte hits healat hI l dta ipi alII enol'l.ia:ll;'lta t Iar ll h.l " tlai Smost wn.u~tb srd b1 k in the wa- lk;" mofa t lte l, ti , i m i rlt ll lll a I. ll ell r o a ain 'k It t alli te stime altatill tl It t f Sin cllce he htLgiT.hu of el',;ll tinl, I.;" hailsthe sI n nnol-tl n - loetrooil. vatiet o lt tolltl l Iat bt lla iert cell- I 11 c a Itoo '1,,r,,a'e n Slt.., and yl thr pumlic genlll lly, during he Inc, ptn.. qirtý. wa o.rs, yet oon errior off iHev rd-. I •ly hal ".l d ) en fmount in 'o ot, althongh contini ,fhoal br,., t.t u,..ltra rof t toltottprofmitaml S ' tlb o o "' i lat I I . . . "I I i l• l l b y aly t e Se oll Ill isin p, torosio o'toetrvtlolfcitzctls " l I teof tlle Unit r lt Statis. veor oa It is tnorhove.t wltll klown lsdt, hit its reart p. it loa ,o oftu .l tecll ed I:.IgC.o el o, ongr . a.ftel i:ct i. rlleut evenl yl, trll o slilt calt l Ol foaofat ' olet.a.t , itii it :llb e~s, al the aboate e. cessi.y for itts usý , an toy ben exeistiyly iloitteo d tt ,on, so iste\-t, inre' cd, hkiovl bccn its aPhIdI rgea, aIn its m, inlS, thato, iersl w.o usgouO, whilst the firsl edition i wasaCcl'e, nl outo of printa reat lo.nher of lsecond hldl copties were oht for, oane il a gre t dlistaheo . and put erased at vwrios prices, ss thev couhl occussiol ally hno ickeld toat f rof i u oirto $t5lper copy, hald sole prsonls hate trecn.ov declared, til intllners i I.cto.l he uotedl thllt Iy woul i:ipay $.io, "lfl, and $501) for t eoltl, I notthoto had f'hl less, tad, ao imoividual n the ale.'r instalce Iparlievliorhv., hl.vinog at the satme ime rlxhibit,'d .:tiall:ctor" prcmf, to serold personsplr snittha to him it was really ~olflh thto noney and I orethllouh the siainl of ho. terv valioable timeI, he beillg a vroy riclh ml anadt in hJlhic oflie, It is like.wise worthV of nlOlce, lod indeed plroer to iml ile ý, that sulllch is thIe untIure Iof filllge work gl lly ano aypecially when of the extent and importance of thesela tlos, tl:~it ha this look or its like hvon prear' ed in the usual .atmer clone, ho the most competend c:dOulftor ill the wof.rd, mul alftlerllards printeld most tcatio ly uil kr his own t corraction of proof st, it would, tllonst to a crtanll y, have bellen unsafe fol r re felurc.ue, allnd dear t any price, as tl:e preleee dnriiellu hlrlp explhints. But so perf.ot and vainbhle have the stelreityll ptltes of this worklheen mial:., that to seclire lhem, wilhlheir nuelrlcus anll exllaolrdinlr exaliln tiont, nagiust fire, for the gIeneral hel.fit, they are (fy advelrtisemneoll) constaitly kepft ill a pflce of sleeial An,.tle diectio to flnd lollt lank s and statute inltoro e-t witl usefll iotes, follow the prreco, which, in this filh as inl tle thwo preceding teditionls, cntain much in fermation eoncerning the two lawful ooldes of . omput iug inlter ts, tee dyss Is f g ace, kr. fIt remoins only to remark tltt, tnotwitlhsfooding this t Ilncommonlly cootly work, Fhilh waspublished before interlest tables wl.le inth.duc.d in dollars andl cellnts be Syelltd l tllmillleo, hs lteel so eltttlnsivtelyo d soliberally patronisedl, it ha e ot t Io mnotll is paidl with interest. te heavy loss of lar:ult our tholsotmd dollars, hesides six yearsl ol tnie fromn 1f99 to I1805, sostined on i.e firsat edition of 7ftl aopiics,"riitog chiefly fronl its lpulica .tion at tlht timell, t an ulnler price,) to any notlilg of owmpoenrtion o o plrofit for lmos ut li o-time of clr e toil nId acoritfice. It htcelroro tie alllltor still . alies oll the i erfolranenlt and generosity of the pulic ftor acolltillU: o ance oIf pretl.lvr and palraonlge. F.or stal by the Pranri; al Bookstllcrs in. the United States. lit e tt il At tAf lpi, f,,n A.t lY'ork, O t large.oaeo lrlttnt raf Poatlla RiiflRa ond belt I!t1oa0o, for .:l. ar oatl : (l f.ol.o Il v a. 'i Itlirlaf Ilotr' THE FLORIDA LINE From Mobile to Augusta, Gee. leaves Mobile every day at three o'clock. pm per U S mail beoat for ilall's Landine, above Bllakely,-shence four post coaches to Pen.saola-thrnce steamboatls in I.lgri ie, where lie land roete is resumed-thence te via Marianna and Urowneville, Fla. Bainbridge, I'lndertoi nII, Iltwkinsville. Saundereville &Louie. a villa tI Auguasa, Ga, cnnectingi regularly with Ihe ril road carn to Charleston, anti the steam Spacelrs to Niow York, Norfolk, Philadelphin, etc. h The eatranhetso are thle best for the service, and the navigntion presents more advantiges than can i he found spon any steamboat route in the south. Sern regiit. d The great improvements in the routhae been tf produced by the construction of fifty miles of new it road, by thie proprietors, via : from LaGranre on is La.arvette Raovu, an arm of Santa Rosa Bay, to ti BryItras Ferry, on the Chatanhnochee river, ten tmilenabove the Cowlhard, or 14 above Cedar Blufl ws vhereby the navigation oi the river, and the con a' quent deteantione,and more recently the incri. venient crossing at the Cowelrd, are entirely Savoided, and a fino road from Marianna direct i to Bainbridgr, instead of the roundalhnut road via Clthatlahnoelice, lessening thedistance about forty itiiles, and in.reasitig the frailities more than , once dayd S Ale, r. uranch line of two horse stages every nr ther day rln lliwkineville, via Perry to Macon, G~ connecin g with the line to Savannah and SDarien, Gen. to A mail steamhnoat rlies regularly belween to UBinbridge snd Apllaehiieola. 'I'ravellrs wiahiing to reachl ny point oln Clhantahoochee or Apalachl cols, cenltaikestrotnhoat at Brownto ville. Mobile to Pensacoln-Land Roule-D-)oring the time iccpled by the repairs oit ,lats, the proprie. rire iof the Florida line will run a line of ifur ' horse iper eaIches every other day between Mo. bile aild Pensacola. i Plaseneers will leave Mobcile at 3 o'clock.p m, e, in lihe U S nail hors, and proceed ii Ilal's Lanid ie inae, wshere Ia r horse coach will I. In wailing to convey thern to the er.ixlellent houseof Mhr. Charles Hall, 1 4 mile distant, where liey will find pleasanlt accolmodinnsa for ith niglht-leaving next oIllllll g, they will arrive ill Pensacola early Sin he eveninlttig, thus aviidtng Ith disclmflort of | llltl Itr.velllan . SOlfice at the Mansion Ilouse, Mobile, and Col. s line' lotel, Pensacola, whlere seals maust be secu vredi. SiTOC"l'ON & Co. nov I ,. . , . .. • , Is1-. ..++ I, I iN.Mot. one .- 'art trte Iastructliron. ui William Smntti tienderst his services to the citi. Jec zens of New Orleans as a teacher of tie pian-- bts forte. Mtr S having! been empli-vld severnal years sain teacher ,f music in private families in Bs-lon, " an4 allo R several tl the femile Iseminaries in its sta vicinllt, cannolt ut hpe, to merit theireeonfidence. To lie is Ijertmilted In refer to Rev Dr Clhpp, Messrs tee Stelmon &A Avery, Hlenderslon &. ;is all F'.er terms. &e pliese apply at tile bookstore of eco AIcxander Twer, 49 Campe t lct bilt Drugs and Jlftdiriner. So J f ..,avati hla- Inncled himselt lt this city for t the purpoase of transacting a general Wholesale as alll business. lie is now reccving a full supply of Irreh Anid genuine articles, which llh will sell on liberal teral To city druggists, and ihose of -, tie interior, to pllhysicnns, merchants and planter' , he will el;er inducements such as have never be. fore been offered in this city. His intention is tn dos strictly legitiimate beainess. Ilis sltock will soon he enmplete, and ill a fIew weeks will be rea. at dly fr business. All orders Iron the eountlry,and he fromln erchanlts oft tisi city, receiving such orders at will bei proimptly attended to. 5c oct 2 N 39lCamp at let W H.i LESAIE AND RlETAI.COM AN A VA I(II'TY STORE-at the sign of tite golden the conlb,Mo 'IChartres street. T'Phesubscribers havere cei',ed ila .litionto tostheirprevinnt stitk rut Ilandd, a full wit and cinl llne. tanrllllrt t oif artiles in their lire; viz: tta combsll, perflllrrv, Jewellry, brushes, lockinga glasses, " foncv irtnirle-r,\-. ie.risisting it part as follows: n C(IrlS-turli shalll, ren gltltanl plrai ltuck,twist, i qiilled hack, lonhls; rond, dressing, sidle pell curland neck, lsnruilinnt rsnlbs of eav ilescription nssstgnt lit which are sate Mexican patters, Irvory comllb of every tittepr rnor, dreiring and packelt, tngethcer with a t 1 gierral stirtret ofl:reunah l lind Amnthrican. I'ErIt ;tM HlRY--Cologne, I.avender, Florida, honey, ha hny, rose, and ranasele Ilowevr wafers of every size and Ies cri+ rion, calltrorlatd Cltligre, extract of IlsrgcenIrt, slC tariny rn ap lltIal kinds, sheLVing do ill cakes rad oIIr of toilet ip.der, pearl powder, lpowler pulle anti boxes po ltum inl pots and rolls,orris anld chlorine tooth wash ab and irowdels, with a sgeneral assortment of JIE.\VELIltY-some n fthe latest ind most fhshiona tle setts, consisting iof white and red corneliar, toper, h. iet ear!lrops, lt ill filugree, brelast iins of a grene rtse y U llfptterns, watleh l'ilnlninsis,, gill and silv" tleanrkles, silver thimrbles, silver anind geuld Il aeilo aid hrtdl lchains IIltUSl1ES--Clothir, last .Ie,cruilt,heartll,ooer, iht, flesl, lrothi, iatee,comb, Nail, shaving, shoe aint w i tewash br1ushes,+.. L.lKING GI.ASSES-German static and toilet +Ieals. ralangls ifclt Esnd French dressing glsgnca,lRolle ido, wilt a ef.ricriv of Irlter kitlrd nIot ernutrlntrll . ItI-NCY ANI) VAIRII'T'Y AIt'tCLl.S-Frenehlr and Alneriearn lrtable iesks salld dresing caee, oenn very riin at inreliy linlsh liie.e Iede nork boxunn ddres- i siln caes witIh lid w ithout music, Imusical boxtes, Ac eordians o i ioi kindsllll, violinll an l giil ltrs, silver lnd- d pllted ipencilsti Iiii iendswd plrllils for CapI-itllers and w Hern:\, drivers.vhot belt.. +anlc hlangP, Ipe blate ill:nt, re' iinl cla olnnon knivesi ralzorI s asid scissors, ti lllblrs, nel"lc, insr, sititer p,l.trd, steel ant tIurioI npect,- 2 e elses pa:ket buoks and walleto of various kinll'd, visiling curds aned caurd eases Illnyitig cards of French, ternlan land American ialnultc.ture, doills.imlitlation truit,snu boxesn nrlllt ninf vrious killds Salnrs' I'onlerly'r, ESlnlunerall's, Hillnlan's and lawkiu's ralzor rstrat.s nd O nmlpallie houns,llirks, fancy bead necklaces, do with t-or droels, roy wtch esi, searl Iblttons, powder lhsk, eutarnd rei land seed beads, gilt and silver rk gun elastic aunpen ders,alnd garters, Itpai and sword x rnes, lr beikgn oriai boards, dire, op tieal viullls jewsharps, locrfier eiutchie esctlll drinakil cups, witth a y ret variety of owther arti eles all ufwbil h will nle sold hr cash or city ucceplan. hes on 12 nronths cre st. B SLIMGNS4, & ca:o. U 4d 711 Chtarnesst. , PEttItM OtL.--I;ttl gplries tires witrtac di nl ~ Sp'LIerl Oil, inl casks and i ul, foer vale by .IAILVI & .ANRII.EWIS, I Wltorle-alt I)rugg ate, corner C minrnra and le'chap ans streait,. tirr is Colhlle \VWuri te I-erltonlety, .Lc.-A- are.llltU nrllcle l crlitne s put up expres itany nar the rtail trade; nhlso Iho puer a resnc Perfnsrery, mbra- R ciel every varieety or thie islei, ior sale ly crt . E 1ID' , OD'LANG. cI 7AtN -'d ' tf1 h -kisTe dbictsnber, having al,.lye rel. Sili-led a vtrtih Ula irlllrre r lrs in ew I)r i ann, isi redy te sllatilv rti slailltrrs and tile public in general. c by w holesa c or retail. Il r. R ril are Il Odermle annd tie qulilv of Irn eprcls it s tsuleriur to ally ever ibrotil Itis ' tcei. rThe .gnalesn aoi elnploe tco suprinter.d tthe inIInuf.iC-riV r Ilts Iicb inl tilha h od ati exlelasive cntmblisenrent if mtis kin hiiin itaurot . tbinse distled It ti celll oi the corner of Natfcrhez and C'I'lcn itrlurrs is, .illet nbeateenrid withi a fair scantle u f any evrouslt -n scsi lin, ih to ry d tmo nt ifit t eneed !Its. he4. faIt d -s- t, alnr . tos tthoi lago even in lld l I. wl-,,r. The H hd vnrni llfr Inreds anod s elllll la r, •inic t•". h Ice Jrllnparel varnic h wilholt ,lunll, L ,i. I.. il ,; e&LL A Ih lt ,Cain l.ps . tcase arr.I iI-' - Wnding t a ,itn te Ind epren - a elite, timet ittpart ie It t a iinrarsor'a d l-lriC i lv hioa-cite.c cIale.D sits genulllln article, j et1 rec,.ivrd bIy tu, :. rl;isne & D'Lr.Nm. 18 Colmp in o ~ lCrlllli n, ai,--n)t folh o li N ,s ir hiaapsiI ron. Inade all pc Ihe , mdiocinpe, and for sle e hby S3 IoOGfeIr ,T p. IA i TIInsRN. vc 3 Uthis ci.r li ost go ! ur th\ll A-DEN S and -The hat h.remer I ,-ksud en eipre a ils lrefIle Ibhinks to tile puh d hli, str thi- liral lo lie ealr aredceived sihncae e inllelll le d c lllm ollns, in ills city. Iaen i t.sle nro ptien.raoi the, seed storeiu 17 pCln anr tree, lpit I ntr Piod i5uruer aans letit t ih any northero.n Ls s d vender; leither is ire & eonlled writh ant Ihise ill n I witi se ntret--btlt he sutrcese tillo ullic the ;t it sd;al+ e ns c cn Ory den artln.nl lf the reed ulrlrle. lvs trid e drfftrent cluntries df e:lropa art Ie ll Nteo he s. ,a ih i a s o , pd rns sr,. ouse n th. e neeiral tgts. - ill h. on reqaenly- en , a rprd d ie m s t g ves Catr- ll Jln, i 1iid 7ri nds eJennFnh. a il t-: did wcJ Srolland ld tile no tlierm at) -- oli. pracie rrivals ii' in ardsriin Ie ht Ires ill sat1 a ih snf rite• tloo eiry gdtrsrillalt, really the ' a kihd., st es and' slav chars . si ..e. . Ia La, i llrtnelldr of avery nitgcle in ca iaai rtrdl alk t. be au quality, and imported direct .d rtt",u1 gen' teo die-a-.Eive-i lv ttLra.-Ta5 heviag-rattsai _ a i tr Ily studied under Dr. Sehmidt of Clthhaving ol Sota i Caroina, atd for soms years hia aiisris en, ri'- tlle practice of medicine and surgery, has the tehil! cal to offer his prnleasional services in thin city. I Ir lbu easures tihe ladles and gentlemen thats the Islac it ptProm attention will be paid to thie calls whlich ea dady be m tde; and also oliers hics Lrvieest tadhe .le hldwra of grlavs, being vwell lcquainted with the re e diease eonl nun lo them, rhaving at1ended thm in a- ihe ar s hue in har J . leston. ;y Theatimous n-ti.bilious pills a iter tile anpoition al e ProfLcssr Si, olltte. ita dirfetiola, o can be had of thel uldersigned. The efhedt which they have ori produced iei this and otherloi cities, iae been attended it with the greatest success, to whlich the bist of tulhrernces can be given. Apply at No. 166 Maga. inf lle itrect. JNO. cd'LORING. ais ROTICEa--Te pIartnership of Keilley, Mesan &Co re if New Orlen-; Maecn, flarris &Co.,n f Natcaheza nd Harris, Kelley &Co., of Rodney, was dissolved on lle-1 sI of Mae flnal,le bvthe deathl n of S ela AMlason, ilny el', tese alrcr ..l iathe fi..a.. tI. Tige lidiet rared.aurviving piartlners, will e thared rea d .viC ilrrh. will tiensd c th;e svatliln tf thie autve ila:: used in Iioniletionunlyl ra- HENRY KE!.IIRY. [_' Orllcnn+, Jiinll i.at 1, il;7. utr DIOLBEAR'S Science of Penmanship received,nd i for sale at their permanent Writing Academies N No. 8 Chattes slreut, New Orleans, 189 Brlloadway New York, Dauphine et., Mobile. IV It is particularly designed for private learners. and sahools, and is calculated for peronu of all ages. Ladies nad gentlemen are invited to call and examine the system for themsealves. I.essons are given at such hloaes as sta sulit the convenience of all, and to lasses forlmed i' nny part of the city. I Ladies wleo prefer it aan receive 'essons at their own ref sidenees. T Peronan pfainr ea a rse of lessons are desired o attewn qt ' lse sa ell esther w1s1. .X.J1AK BllbOTItIfR. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, F.IR FEVER APND AOUE. F EN years have not yet elapsed since it was -first regularly submitted to the public; but it %. has attained the highest reputation; and has sup. It planted every other medicine for the Ague, wherev. i or it has been known and appreciated. Already 1 linehas it been carried in every direction throughout It the United States, and still realizes more than could have been anticipated by its most sanguine friends. Thousands of persons have not only eoon relieved, but restored to health and vigor through its agen. N cy; and they now cheerfully testify, at every op portunity, to its desided and supreme eflicacy. It is composed of such medicinal principles as are N calculated to renew the healthy action of the stetm-t aclt, liver, and other important digestive organs, the loss of which harmony is the ilmmediate cause of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. ees an cntire change in the condition of the system, and certainly destroys tihe native liability to relap-. see of the aofection. When the Ague is attended it with any otlher complaint, the employment of the I Tonie Mixture will not interfere with the treat. ca ment of the other di-ease, but will even afford as. - asetnece by larnishing strength and vigor to the 0 body dating the course of treatment. Theose who 1 make use of this medicine may be assured that there is no Arsenic, Barks, Mernry, or ally other a article in its composition unfriendly to the human a countitution; being entirely a cegetable extract; and they mlay have additional confidence in tile use thereof, whela they perceive that it has thle eo feot of a gentis lazative about the time half a bnt. t tie full has been taken-in consequence of which, ri thereis no part of thile medicine left to linger in c the bowels to cause obstructions, anad other evils, arising fromn tle use of many of tie remedies now otfured for tihe cure of this a.fection. It has becar used also iant preventive, Iy m:any who were sub ie ject to a periodical recurrence of the Chills, and it C ilas Invariably warded offtha apprehended attaca. Obserc! 'The Propricetr, filly natislied witll tie unparalleled tald universal success which has con. stattly attended a punctual anid regulnr man of tthe Tonio Mixture, in all cases of Fever and Ague, feels warranted in engaging to refund the price to all those who have takeu the lmedicine in strict ac. V eordance with the prescribed directions, without having Ieen Ierfectly and litatingly cured. h The subllscrtburs are the wholesala agents for tile South Wester States, aslid have now on hanld six ty cases of this medicine, which is warranted r I'ra i and genuine. For sale at the manufaitured prices (c JAIlRVIS & ANIltlW', A 'ahoalrnale I)rt.gists, nov27 coe C(aommon to Tehollpitollllte street. tlisassii i allnd o Lu aisiuna Iteilth 11RS. MARY KIlRKLAND respectfully an. neI eecs to her friends and the public gene. ally that ishe is prepared to accommodate them at he above establishment, and holpes frila her axertieusto reader visitors colfortabic, to receive I continuaoce of for avors. She feels conf. lent that persons witing Covi-agt-on during tile uIinmer mlonths, cannot find better aICCt daIIIIIIthtaI lla l than she Calln afford theana, on mlorn lberal termls. Iler house aI pleasantly situated, anid well supplied with every convenience; the bar is furnished with the most choice liquors, &c. in bhort,slle promises "tat nothing shall be wanting oi her part to give Itire santilactien to all who may pantronize tile alieissaippi ani Lltisiana Ilotel. je3 HIOLLtSW\ WAIRE, WOOD) SCRIEW\VS, SAD IRONS, &c. T'IIE II..WF. L WORKS COMPANY, No. 23,8 Water, near Bektllal street, New Yortk, have received the past season, and are constantly receiving large and exlensivr additions to the sltck of tle above goods, whicll now econsstllla of the allowiang asottmtent, suitable for tile soutlltern and westerll mllarketls. Ilollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 150110 teas. viz, Pots 2'2 diffllrent sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, K 1 (eatlea, 15i sta, frota I:S to 30 gatliaa, I Kettles, 15iazes, from 3:i8 to 18 gallons, I Baketpans or Ovoens, 7 dallfrent sze.s, Tea IKettles, G tdo Skillets, . - 5 do Flatt Spiders . 6 do Catvelred Spliders, 2 do lOrtilles, . 4 do Fire Dogs, t.i de \Vaguo- Iaoxes fremn 1 1. to 1 3-4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 i-ches. i WVd S:rtws, 20l,01110 gruso, iron natd l brtls, fraattt :' inch, Nn. 3 1t 3:l tech, N, dl of at auperior qu1htly asnd aitlt.h, antd letis than Jai' imttported S.,d Iroats, assorted, in casks of about 5"ll tbs for rtre ailiin . . , 'latlhr's andl hatter's Ironse, asa ored.l Sansh w:ights, 1il tos, ass orted llittn I 4.4 to 201hs. Bells for Plauttatioins, stcamboats, churches, &ac. made to order, Also stuatlbeats and other maeoinery made to sorder. Thi ablore nasortment of goods is particularly d recommended to t!sl attention of Southern andtol - Wstern mrerchants, adnd are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most lheral terms ; it is ea lieved to be the largest and best assortment ever otflered for sale by any one estaillishllent in tihe Untled States. Merclhats, hy forwarding a request by mail, can have a prn'aed circular, with dcscription of gooda,. prices and terns, FIoan which no deviatiuon is ever made, fonrished by return of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. J-3 l. II ('leaca's Ieh.ferlecs, . pur Indian Dye, Hor coloreni 'g sitt r : a ie:lr's (li, 1 Rstacn.ae becr'c areesen, potnttM tIchaw't FIe' i lI! cle \Vash, stperior p,'ard itwaler, i'p ,whtlt', 're4t' , lt re-sl ve'a tabl', r e 'c lto of rI' I ,t lp lie lv'. krecasteII l.to swah , IAl!+1 calbtonil d|enllrllatic oranlff I lpte lttwer water, powder pullti lad ballx'*, A I rllill Pr chl rcoal, neatly put u lto t to r onllllcu \It i , l'res. Ip n satlesn, tltitlret, trote eoatlh ahlt dti p, hiia r l brushes, E i411sh drea+Irl. collmb<, lInldlian hIn r IIl c)n wIi s a vniie1y ul olher perltllrlll'rie .. o . F"or halltil l I by . .J. 'IiRINCIAIlI), ..... 3 n r .. .. . , a ............i t tt .[A'r'--1:;ca ,.. drab R~us-in hat%~Vaili am +qlhb..itie I lrf '- bie tlt.id li (lttt 't i l llll l 'c IC' hip ''.tll i I'''IL , b 1 ,l'l li i .&. ol,, 'ilt' i 131 ht ''t it t 'jllt hi' Agdit' I..l.;lt;ii+:+:)+l hI·II11 h~~,l r,,ml--., Illil,,;+i['-l~llt.+ll i I{ ,g<, l, N s Kll ' I t li l -l ¥ i U,]?,7 . .. "IlNS .... ...i . .t't I.,,t't · t _ "'t~l, , tb.c ier t~itZ(cklettlrti t txtl k' h l.,1 I aft+igX ta'. atttt |tue.he Itheiiatttai,h tlaflc~f hl..Pjlt eeived aa vietl iext e tllate setor l , I t, t. a I, llmield l (" u: T'a(ble+ anlid l)e:..1.rt lniveis OI o ... th+<I'l'ilptlil , l Pel I ,I I Ifaket, Di"t , and n eat" point tat can d; atttzortc 6i" - oaeli tit to tie ra, Ir ourgti t'. 'i',ul l la;|d c, i d iot s hsl te ill l·C l1I l pock klo\V I t als; p i, i tin + l e. h;i ,.It) .I- I, nl- 11': N &".4 :cH I i:N. gf Cllllll ........ t. I It IeiitOea, a Ic AII''lta a l Ctt .--lttt t't cit c+. Pa. aitd )-I'.l... hlip' Illlt ....ill%! I+.;+.h', .I1 ',',' AiiI ....... Iligl,- i~i. ·Ildrl..l F'rt..lch rllll (;rl.l'~lllll'tl~le J'Ic:.l Ill;+Vill"C tlmlb: I rtel',lle~ hch I l ticket aihllla lielitell Gti tt Ihc titit, sit iIlt clteles cus; atee pl hel, rs; tcis , li' ton, pen. yes; (illa t's Eulill llle itI aitl (hll r sH" teel i'llnlS ti th ... Vi lt' e e . enti s; s aLeell , ISoy tat ili, l o riet, t.... iclk rs eti k, bl.ndl amit lealher pullses; hair blnls, t'l'itt anld o ack iinlAlNtt; ' nr l &l' 1m; n t'. ccc" cllI le Ie1 -.atr, Rl.owentis mallcl( a icw r olliHI nil, im itIltionl do; lallln 'l tle h llClti stit:ll l t tt[, i l'tet' i t t e itl .re tl: 'S t l atid; tb l di t lk iluct i t'll "n t itt', h acti us t i eit winectcn ilect atn d shaeit, ntrots; 'l' aI aw Iti'idnl)t' aeaptttbls; attyate, ""atee. ftttlaitatlt,cscrew Ctltti. attac kititata' atl' ' ettatli jl ; l ith, wlatie-ut'i'ell~el, t.ita'ctit ccli ae+I~ Auiu lttct-elen giac heic arv, il li l to tt r folttlIr ttnHk of ficl'n. LIe i tnitllt.!i lalcrlllku ·O t ;lslrlml~l ll~ t vt~ly , HM o I ljlt I.. ror O l Si whlolcmil c on" rot~i|; as thle silli t~l'tll Gohl~tql folilhll 70 Chlal~frtre street. " mM!. + bl i at. i, tecte"e dt aiten4l eell'..N x<:L+,ziil. Clla1l·.E t1·(·160 Id ` bihf 36 Cctrres gitrleet, Ntiw Ocrlea311. xl,M. SI+RG!lICANT & co. ImporterS Iol French . nStIcd Icled, sh China and I:,rler warla are alll inL qailI Ietc inlld ri ekh ic.t ,ers etti Ir al kflla, 1 a t s;' te setvan ilCeS ,n IUit n sets, pri.!Clhrl, TI.,. T cwetai tisiite napa nc tandte, ia gas le ti tta.. ,i . dia[s, eteaj', leantdtt , Ia , 'li'e' ' AI e umnble'rs ,re+Cerve dlslehes el' ,o.. .. 3 dc.,ers Gt t iap ed a,, glia H... 'e"''Po, s n"' ,. Slert aic, elc. ec , of Slvtr pltaited, brnzed a britania wati--n. tot-, hqu,,r stands, cake hunkelts canidhut wktl.s a rnhlldlel, spoonladiesd coflfec Aold ttienp s. tlyr. I d elre is. Inlmps, jl pnil ned tras1, strI n . tni[ hlllll.Ps lnd hn+Illla la np t ine cutaletl.er a''tt Ittbealt elt te I a In i ,lrsi iolpthl er wi th lrt.at varieaLy cf ,rtI h s I" t'ttttt. Nltiaaacd ia it fl lly lse. Merlthe s, a lhle r.ac , ha , lsn andl sleenlhoa1ts, fuirnllshed wlh goff ods at the mllolt* I tln-i ICn, i le pr'e' an'tii padkied ael s Ito be coInv dI wi h saltl y t, ly ay part of tlhe cnulntry. ' Aiatl, apothec riea' lasewatr. nie. 2~ ' T,, t+ountry Metchan.+ .nd P,: nrrre. N tero cl,,Hs, htlan'sets, fnlnllP ,! Im h eelts, 1 · d shirtiru:>. c rre:lk , linens. |:licoe., handkelrrchil s i i 'e Sc AP rceC'.ed an.d for sale low by- Ithe u!,-rr l . -.-F. Rt)TA & Co. o, crner C'ctac l t n I 'htt rtt' s i s MAIL ARItANI2O1IjILN'F rNetern 1rt1, Due Evart' Day at t9 it J Clotes ECery127v at Ii 31. Mestern Mail, Del ver 242fld 1y ndu l tby aby te1. hi1 b9 eap t C lones e very M uIl ,, , iV rduesda anld Saturdayv, by 9, 1p. 1l. T'he eke Mail IDui every Taesdnviy, Iiurnv,, via 8 l auredaiby Li P. AI. Closes every Moudnv, 11' edueadayrd EX li-~-~. TIlES OF ARRIVAL, IEPARTUIF 'JINT'ANCE &c. alke Exapreea Mail, betwnna, Aluoile nun] New Yolk-bleaving Mobile dailI at 31'. SAl I rtwa New York daily at 5 P. IA outhward. Arrives Arrive Northward. Diltance. ''in,, IL.' rara'g iloalgoary,,Ala. 2pin 1l8 al's 231I 1111,. Coloulbu, a. II 81 14 l.ai Miilledgeviill. Ga. 2 133 14 21,. as iannioaia, S. C. 71 ,at. 163 174 In Jtaleiga, N C. 5 215 29 12 "Warrearon, Va. 12 m. 55 01 pra.burgg, Va. 10Pm. 83. in 122clia,oioVa.' I anm. 21 3 04 I Feredeninkalba,, 8 67 7 11 p in. Wiialiiagtoa ut,y ipia. 61 64 a, 64cm. 10 8 2 New Yaok. 2 pm. 90 1 1305 143 1, er 5nd 23 Northiward. Coining Northward, ile time,, ia,+ ixlhou less; being5 day. cand 17 Iiaain. IEN IiOI.I.ARj IIEIVA 1217 RI TANA VAYfe,,m 169 Ciarond,'el re,,,r of, leai kireela,on le nighl of 31'9,l of AIt,;P. nnd "ad si'eenlrea net morning to Povydro, arant, ' na,, blny named (CIIAIII.It.:, about 17 years of age, en , fey or tllcr,,,oulo i h l 'erv block, and in, er irnfed intentl in hIis speech, one of hisa loge, is aller, e, ··ll.,ioulE by urecent hurt', 1w ad oil Iatanobe went vary n r in coadon ur linen woat lnd ehile cIo an ,1 iIa laseai ofC ieaaelaad nen stem ona are ,,,,?i"',na a gnioat receiving or harboringsaid aegtu, is ,nel us n14 oilier priailii, as lid utmaltl rigouer ,,f IIhr I~", will li tenfkmred against them. Thu Hlhove wi n \·llill he paidI Inc ieliin'-,Og lhia fat.,cyfI,~nhItl lir u anein li nc y of the o~ils ofeli li, 11,1 orat 6ItO Carnidolei, rlunne of lovin udllltcld et frm ofi D ubw & (eaalreq,,,e nre nn b dirR( lv Jd · The su~bscriber will lillllill~tl It,, lliilirl(O Ihr concern·rl in thin city, and ere ,1I suin!i. nnl to nueoi vmeaoll i , il 12121 I nnlN cli l~o erasert them fmrrsltllela lll. att 8-it1110OI 'lS) CAPTAIN MA OLYATT'y NEIW 'V 'oltkI.9 Rirttin the Reefer, by tilh althnr el frier Siulllll d L Cn,notiaga, or a Winter at Scl~'n., Ilnirll Ii, ln. Stisn, by C(opinia Iiail Ilnll, 11,, I a... v, F. L Lord IlohI,,, a romnnee, ly Allot ('lanr:in,;lll, I 0o 2heenpriedILee, witeineby hiO.elf, in "r. Claompendioust lhaatoiyo.1ioi/ rrunvnln; onrigicl Iianla. by Nctli,,iiiel in hera in I nl. f,,r rig Nio. 739ao11arper'e Innmlit, Litre:, v. Vo.0ls3hi&'l o 'rlae n ow comple/e mint u u:,,"r edition of 1V Itnr iagron briar'. 1 1''e/.e. Roger's French and English t)ilirn,,-rr·n nVtoqral'a French,,,,,d !og7,.h llie/orn ,,,, AiOAlAl Ill1i 'ore tcoOi (on,1,,.lu·'n Ilun,,,lngy Inicezi." I.,,rg., el,,r vnr q I,y woill] chliie, lulianrd Ilallciof 2l'Im I !1' ,, a GIIlloIt'Y improveu d mcllulic 1ens,jnpooelr i IIIII' in noitl; &t. &t,. &c. noit received, a.d for nale by m,31"_llNl EY ItINNOCK 9h ROnl; 1 IINNOCK'e IMIPIROVEDI'Il'l'll N OF' DR G (oldsmithsl' Abridgmlent of theI Ill··llllv of. Iowhichll is lrcliaed an Inarldlcrie io~ to 11 5111 ( Itlntaalliinery andla grrnoariety ,i,,,l,,,l,,,,fo, ,nliton added dhro",i,,,, the wok, inn it~, Jh aer Iantiitnli,,iia aod Aeiojun.ii' ofliI, ,,,,u1o, avild, n a I'I'n,. aol ,,,,elllirol alnd hirOl,,l N Iu, t Itlagney buns for examination ni the o d 1,1d, w,,h h a , vt. in. t utof e w ,,tt'1,,rnaa n'naineg,,enwo,,,l I tr u III "you x'a ImprovedcIi Edition of IDr (n.bl~u,,,l,'s I k 41tu of nntngl ntll,,nafrom rile va&, of .iolat,,,,,I· ,,n a (.nth of a., ne o2d, wilnn a rnn nu~ ,u, t~ ,nln ,,te 1113'1. W\ith qsle*ions bur the end11)1 i II~·; II alc isectione Irsalll Ii,, arO nt Now o.fottl'4nlp"nla Sunoearall ,,llot , ,I,1,,,"l I,, alts 111 .,,,n llln~tll)l'l U11itlll~( rII·i~ I lllj C AmIlneo dtllsliegllndn, AvC 1 o,,ew v ,noel,,,,,,, n at"' :In rx New uu mlnthe clit Iloe I;I II tine .1r Na 1 l rianlc'l ~lanac. J Lt. recived and for sale by 01"11 'l' E I, d I nuv 2 eorilor rof lll' ;11 n ,~! 1111111( *, SIIAILPELLR'S CI..ASSICAA I I. LI II!:Y r 1 rliWt·:, lmrlsl lated by Phlill,,. ,~l~ ., I, 11, with ý, udr, ,%u', by lien Janson, Co" lll rrrl1 I(li 1,:; " 0. Ihn n rdI ,,, in. ''l' ne 1:v ·rllll~r ll 11 111.)1'( ' l '1 I\':;'!;, n., 1((1·crll( 1:*( ., new eYe~liUII , ,v,11, III , , , our, h. U u·llkrllillk Story all! ulrg uudld ," & ., ·, w orb,,,,", .' ')ll , .,c111 tit The II,., )r",1;' .o' , tr~i g vuhlllll t I ,,, ,:, .:, .v ,+ ~u "I, a"raC',,11,d rr ..Ic . ,e ta e }01.1 1,i-l M O IES:i ' f IIF tlund crignd hv r, Ire .,, i us n )u- tvl.t and Apir'll, + :h," kti'O '..,ldrl by M r. J rI , l (Ir, at , belea1' arndi m " ill \1alk ep, clI+, n ,, sh rll III lrihc pairmedge and a r, n . " s,, , r,,I ,1 hii . l, rlll r cull tl .er . 'I b I 1)ruiu , I edi cine I and loll,, lTt'1, ll-+. nI . ei'rrit.ily selected. The fllwl., . e 'pr twta ,z,I, viz : |Pre c Iils, SHedli'z and S rahnst~ , }P ,.,. 1' I St Powders, Li II C w l.li, - , lie.tan n1'+atll ut ory unat, It ra ltaing bre,,,', u. Ikt+heat eak rý, i.rý lille.'s Effrveacentl hllnrneslo.: ,, ,rirnr--a 'leanFi l and geni e purlenllve In ,. ,, li. iesilOlnl, ner . u. deblllry, gaut . i i .ini, ch-l, lacdlry o I the linnelal, IalbItiU ] l i e , b- c ula. Ileous cerupilIII', ec.o Canrpeaer'. Fillid Ei xIrle t of l;.: F purlI Inc lhe lnlooI, c IIo do d i" r, ,+,. bc. 1 wnlls + i'anarl.l and i.+erllilt. ; :llllh an ire. hchrinetauieh wu lh, plowler i. I- l 1,, bexce, Prentlce', enrbnilc dentllfier, ,hlr I, I ",lrh wash powder pul. and bLuxe., |'rtnll~'. e. d and lI in tilet powder, pannllllln t r. l ,Ip a i 'ne,e I nI1, c (lower, re . bveFne er .F ,,l I i c .1 l the iut qiiuli ies , In.isul' +,, , Ol rld.'a hballll o ' C, 'l o ehlb i, r. ' i. ,r.i , ,y ,of I aetterr nd hlllr uIlebr., agllr { ++ , . i, I nIllk ir I ack i , k, Fe, , 1't, al , rr lis, ,l t hal e a lII. ri I ,., .nl A I; ail u.a s rtinetl l 191 n ! , - i' , ', ,'1 i c c 1+ 'li. Fl u l., Ii, ll l .P I` "I " F I: i 'wll lce irei llC .ti ,.,ere r h i T f rllr, ll, in I ,:n 1 x tlnlp r is' lll piu .ill ii 1r ,:,ends, ~ .'lll Il, fleu rant ld Alt. n h lide t hm ', ,i \ ap, , llt+ II.redI eni t, it IIyll y Ii. ll i i li.' Ith, i ,i Rills Iieve H + th. teSnder llf w~ antin Sll s5 l ; ., 1 'hl nl It e p vend .- apt iul f lhl dise sl+cl.si 1prlPe l. l ] ' r InIH'l -ir l lln siOnll rg llls its wr ,. luTo e. '-l ; I . ; l.t ,sa b. Ah prh,,s. H ,III alld il r l++nt np ''I+I , i,, lninri , h++Il c 'llalil d, i vt . slr.. eli,,h t.- Ile. rn,, %"I, r. •ut FlI)I lvi iglli p .hui alr lltll,,inlug r.ns rIt e • elslnci I - l) I au el Ii I . F 'lee 1 , IF+ , i tlla o ,lrllleur r , but hollrm o ll y n l ,,l,, ll r t rl ers .anti oftl die sti , ni i ilFls I , ,, i1I ri Far wich hhic, er O.Fu lt, Itlc c ii , it Ii ~ L," u i. iclrcps iid i cals a l ,i ec. A. oi ' "i n 1'| T'.I' i , nidlll ll ini Grave to'ieucie .uid e ii n lli , e.i ' nre.-. tel n i lef c ri , i rilihy to en. ll,,,i ar. l ', , dani l er of llrrenl lel ican of lAgulie ,i' e ul , faiier the r,se lo wiv anhe lwcoi e tun s ,lnd ,i ) -ru,,n.en t o n nouitd ane clrcet, rpptsiiic cF F I I r.il~iiiFe on. The. b rce mc with ,e1i,,ic , :;eec'eeiiu :ll y it, II Ir It ice tiein ic t iec ,.fYm orl, cld will bc-I I'ilT i tlcly Uin , lrdt si gnne reas nll e pb lrl,' it "1n". i "l"s tiu rage eelevery tii et "i l'e I ' M ti, P'+,icu te ah ne wes n mrc e llaii e whtuip nd I,' hFI!." it ptl'ierd . citd e i a lo n be ite yp et e,l tdn,ln,. alitl h ted rtin s n iii ti on ttis huvedlci rs,+ , t rae dork altered c teei I i lg t , nilleidrtld bo i lldt d.ol i Wi F a" trli Ip Perl rces. Ruu H he halie Cclcll ci i 'llicic. IIlAlRBL + CIIMNE.Y PIlECEl." \\',I 1'll1l..bB C ute u sticOeew reet, peiflltp ciil p Fi .tilce. T h nust riberd a re ro n re b W m I '+ E lr la, h ind Lai eonore ir i teil lcact ci M llll ir P ,ul Pi the ililado of" the bestl Egyptian, lttllh., Irish ond Illi I' Am r an a le. Aso, Mo num .nh-, T .i .l, and Gra lle Stoil ll olted arplin n ih l,,,, i l, lintels of l DPr edir n We c & yd eulle c tali. t Plastr. I u ll i' d toget lher w ith ia splendtii l ' ,ir'i iccF eli o o. nt ed a ind p llain G rat ts a d I .ussia Ir on e lo reeettie d eweltb most appr' ved A titErn,. 11 ,s nu ona in the ne.test ll ,itr anlll d at theu rs " ve. tl Te. her y have first r ,t l workm on t F F 'rk. I i F %1," AiN FI SI'IrUiD. b.g1Df ccL'S NEW rOipKp c.-''ic American i .. A I l lt.+ \ < '

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