6 Ağustos 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2

6 Ağustos 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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*n51u A *E3UAN @WIOcE. r In cgunnc'ion frith this Qrice in a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE .NuN PRINTING OP ~m blots Blank ahecks COa 1.guo DBills of Lading r ..aws, DRayfceipt., Logal 3bioo Auctiou ills, Bill Forms show BflIU Itetsm Bot Dill. Circulars Wevr oricrptdoa of~ab Work that mar bricquir News rleaw Chamber ef Comiecrce. OFFICRRS FOR THE YEAR 18.3. President, S. J. Pelern. sirl Vica President, W. I.. Hodge, Rsq. Second An. Jno. A. Me~re. Esq. Con .nittee of Appeals for 1039, Jamen Dicke James H. Leverich, H. C. C nimteck, Abijai Fisk, P.O. SQorhh% Saue'n l T'lonpson, Caomittee of Arbitration far the month of May. John Hedtleston, John C II nrroins, .(. W. Hslntingtsn, Villiam lopkioe, Enoelh Hyde; J. P. A. Ilardy. Joachim Kohn. * Mail R E Illaqione. The Great Eastern Mail is clsose every day at 10 o'cl5ek.A. M. In dnue vs,dav at 4 P. M. The Epreie Mail is elonsed eoer d.y at half pnrt 10 A. M. Io dec with I1e Great Enasten Mnil, every day. 'ho La.e Mail (svis o in'ton, Ls.) io nlosled every Mondsly, Wedeest av and Friday, at 6 o'cl.k, A. AI. is due every "l'uesdu, 'IJloursday and Soturday,'at 5 P. 41. Thi Losisnile or Riser Moil i clored everey Mn-. day, Wedaeilav, and .lsnrdav, at 3 P. 31. Is nclu and returned hvbyetenbuats. rrXives irregnlarlv three tieoa n week.' The Bayo San ra or e coast Mail is clousd rery Piesdeslay u Friday, st P. 31 n sll setall rctArned ye tenmhoati. The Alezaarlrin oar Red River Mail is asea irrego .trlyMy $teabsoat h twice a wtek. IOuISVILLE on RIVns MAIL. Monday, K Wednosody and Cide ael 8 o'cloek, P. M. Coasr MAIL. Sattday,. Cloaeasat FJo'aclk. P M. rARROLLTON I, HOTEL. sir LA loAU s e th lonor ofinfloming his fiiends and the pnlbic i genersal t'.at hrs hao taken Ihe lHotel nt Carrollls, whriso ho trusts Iwiw receive tile calls of his slld frienldo as all lovers of lfod cheesr. Private parties will he hn.Isosololy proviled fur oy giving n little tiie Ietliobtehnnd. lie i. willing to, ener into ars,'ngalelllo with famoilies or individnall desaiolu lfpanissg tslie solllnls .it Caroitllt. nll NOri'I:E. - K er rtageirtseng to eommtnoee Ia AtAugst 1839. NE W ORLEANS & CARROI.LiON RAIL ROAD SUMME • RRA NGEMKNTS FOR THn Wos.soK DAYS. ro Carroll torh FPosn.sew ODelnlls. HotonCrt 4 o'clck ..A. M.i. tHnem Car at 5 o'cinlek, A. . Locomotive . .. n .Lsmnoliso 7 ' ,. , . : . '" ,'., , i P.1 if.0i I , .. .. a.. . AIRANGP.EKNT FOR SUNDAYS: Th Carss itll eavse at the same ouras oa in Ith owek dass nlltl I o'ojclk, p. Pt. wtan a Loolllative wnll Pave Carrolltosn over olr. Ilsll.u lo,'clokl P. . o.nals Newa Orle.os oevy hoots " UsltllS 9o'llrk, p'. M. Alter 10 o'. Infok ao hlrs. sren be totasies by paysiu 5 ool. Inarsifr tile Trip ifcalIta for afier . o'c ock, P. s . IU dol ls will lI shesred. Penolona oing by the Steam Car must provide thenlscivos with Tikets , as tle condetor haSll pote directions not to receive uo.oy in lire thereof. For the nosslllsasloon of loersolla visitihg Canrrollon. in Ihe 5 I'seok char. Sllm who tih a Inot wish to resain there ulln Ia 8 o'clock lhs 'ar thant aho keretofore left Carrollto at 6 ,'lock, will rolhlaio ulntll na. o'eilek, thlereby anlowaig tlhem one Iolor to eleny tle plea+Slt s ulks is O Of tbhe most ioautsfrl Oarneaa in the (oited Slutse. TilEl JA:KS(ON AND LACOIURSE STREETCARS I.,s:le thhesd of Jlcklson street at 6 o'clock, A. t.. CLoals Iteett a503 o'ctosk and eum hoarly. AI s o'clock they will oonnellsac to tloa each end every loull hour. untl P o'clock,. P o ,exceptin thatl isteads of le.vius Cllsnl street at 8s o' Ilnhk, Ihe cr will leoave thaoe at 9 o'ciok P.M. > It Ia pantocuhols requeooes that geolt!enloa ill t not p tiher fort sloan he cusolsi.a, or snmokl. ishe scar, ...o Ludsto OOio.News Orlealus and Carrolltonl Rail Road Compony, JOHtN IIAMPSON, juty Mth 1I39. Chief Eng. N. O 4 C. Rn Jury curs een. Lhttleug. n. i 1 IL CSC NEW ORLEANS CANA[L AND BANKING CO. I IE Irmn Stei.lsatt Releela will leav tIle Basin Rat the homd 'rf Itl New Clnal, every tlav, lexceit Illonday.) ftor the I.atke, aL ollows: Dtepart at 5 A;.. I Return at 8 A. XI. " P. I " \ 4 P. M. 59 P.M. 9" P. M. Andr on MONIDAYS: Depart at 10 A. M. Retcrit at 124 P.M. 2 P.M. I 4 PM. SI PHM. " 9P.M. Snmay 28 B. CMtW, Ineh. MAYORALTY OF NEW ORLEANS. ' HIlE price of flour ro dnv beini $6 fi8 pear hrrel usernling to the trl0; tih kh kers will giap e 1 ounlcers of reud lihr ter centt, during tlhe wet et in nig o Mondavy next lithe 4th iunt. le lonves nfae. nel quility, or of llree for ten cents. saull weigg 25 pier cenlt mor, that is to say, 4U ouncen. Auly f. C. (iE S, NA.SHVII.I.E RItll ROAD) L I't haviig leel suggeted that if lthe ars were to start ni Rtli il tlhe runl.lng and iIUon in the nftruoonl. .ot he IIllltruiigii.unrs w.eld Ie matre lIItielutIcl nIu .(llllll of tlictlielig at TIIE. PR.IIIiE ('OT. eAG.E BA SH:, ulld tillelfe ihlltlr'st rt Inrter thee i ireenPt.l ne i.e wuhldc llow visitors meIt CUneonEreI e dnliet; tietII(ore, ultiel urtherl Nptice, the ILllo iug rranlig.lentcs will contiue: SEEK DAYS. DeparIure, Return. 2 1'. S. M 7 A.M. 41 P. 1.. . lDeparture. Return, S A.M. S A. M. II hi. 1; F. 91. 41 P.M. I an geet 3d, 1839. Ptrrlednt. Ialeenne hlnte. Clnrleltu,. July ..........al iW ateellll. ault ..... . 7 N,,w la.k, dh ............1116 Cirrnl aati, iio........... ". PNei t c do i ......... , I n ill .......... Chi .te . oirk. Rll.eer, Gr - . ellltre l. ....r ....d . olt. nt. l I C e e t ue.tian i d e.. . . . . . . . u ltneI I . le· r pa t J i l t. : . . . . . . . . 5 eltll. Ae ..do .... I tnd.fle o ... ..... PORT OF NFW ORLEAN. CLEARANACE.A hip i lRErlcer, nricenee. Ier4. J & I F. inimac Sehilp t iuO..Penat, ie, yieum, Int ar c., &r - i meurh, rlnll uorlir . s Vere ·.e1 e. r eWbe AdReu.r P.t h Anilan. rew Yf.Ck Nou. s nr A IOII.T1A LS. SIteenmer utiae Chiel-n. Jirllo. 9h, trdm B lu nnau e Augsti 5, i I. 0 retarneattere.; llndell ciro Fuemt nuieeu t ietntcr Ceehiena. Deuct hieu I.teetfel EXPORTNSA .............. ilr .hip Itl chnonlt..Car;;o 1420 biles ellon, TE IOth tP11 1 .n.m VEI.lAtCO..Ph.ri b ro ll inwt Cago dry Ilta hafrdware. Alr ln Rlirllluceti n, prienit acd .iteI ecr chE d-in ~b. e at t t. ee t NEW YtiRK.. Pccttr Adventure..Curlo 14 Iel tel uie st0I RWCEIIPTS OF I'ROLIDCE PA e I qlli..Per tlealltr Enmpre h. curln w ir ert nheel. 5 nIXll.ce , i\m I .I-er. L hl. fure . (I tio e kte btaet uti,, r., be. nltel.uidlteJ A itleds& ur ai dr y "uirc lI: Erle.e.r 4Itkeeka ke.et 69 tets. l7 do eorn•. 1 l1e. teif'r A lerir 15 tldtandple. AlMlton, mu l he SOeur CV . Flerelll. 432 hi. pe tlame.. ei rtn.tl dikclickeres ownullr la olrl. Ioule nlr-Paer setemer Ai lelbir... :lO, ie 5 his apple. o nlielnr n bailrd. "- o blers ."m Juies i 't'errir. 5 du . ,rllghtllld uu1tdlea, Ornllerson boa,d, iMPOKRTS. No earivalc from sea,iad colequemt. ly no imetene. MEeMORANDA Ohio veny tlow-no expectation of atie.. 33LASeTER (iF PARIS--100 hlles la uding frollm iip L it loht, t ill be sold low if tlkel iRl tle leveer. J HI HULI.hN, 74 C.iep st LOU3--P50 hIrle. t nerlrne in store for sale hy J'20 " G. DORSF;Y, 44 New Levee ESS BiEF.i hatll bhll. a the inspeeltion, fi ale by G DORISlEY, mav 31 44 New I.evee L IE JUICE, lande lieg frmu Huvean in clesk, tinr rel antl eleittjcht., for alel nlv i BOiNNABEI., may 18 Ct Natcriez & lrch.t lilolluI sie WORKS ON SILK. A COMIPIETErE nsrblnnt ol the besl tworks e Ithe culture fl' te Mulberry and silk we:in. I)alldolu on silk wrlnns. Dt.lunierglle'e sllk culturiel'e mainual. Clrke an the Mlilherry. Cobhit's ntnalel the. Milltrrry tree. Kenthrit kn' eilk grower, guide. WI iccmsealt en the Mulberry nd silk wl4rll.. llohetnoll*ilk &c. EJoIIN8 a t'n, 162w 'rller uf.ne. Chnalee & Ctlnlil Pt fl1C iea.is pim. Car,liil. Rite, landiig romn SLthr D Reiuscy ad for sale by 3. THAYER, & CO. Satg 74 PeyVlre street. T OAt SituAt--ll b in hc lr et ,e r fe ale by L1 aug3 JTHA YE R.& CO. 74 Poi dra at. SUGAR HOUSEj Mtti. I.Y'e..--Illt Bairts in S. erno fi. rl. Iy J "IIAYER & CO. uig 3 71 Po.dree nt TIlE TRUE AMERICAN. VAITHIPUL AND BOLD. Official journal of tor 211 lfunnicrpality. PUBLISIIED Daily, Tri-WVeekly T Weekly. TU ESl)AY. AUGUST 6, 1839. MIlt. IBOWEN & ilit. LEWIS. VWe fully econcur with our heighltolrs f the Bee in their estimate l lthe i'amtphlet of Mr. BIowen, recenlly published in this city, nod iftile subject to which it re lates were one of nelle persoall concerru to ill Iparti engaged in tlhe controversy, we hnllld entotell urelves with passing Illlice, and conumleld the Ipublilcation to all those whol delight in sound argumnent, digifified re bukd,tlnnaicl wit, and nnlloc"nional lurst of eloqullent invective. lIut in trlth Ilhe s bllijet in ol'glae e interes to the people uflhis t'tte. A 11n wiho neer soughlt otffee, wlha, o, thletllllartyn with alltlte l,nlt.morall nld intellectn.ul qulliali .ftion, For the highest Jldieial sla lion, connllllitinted l t lie lxecutive, thrl' a lri.n l, his,wish not itbl Iminnlllei ednaln,,n cation whi,:lh we Sare athorizedll o say was madellll Illthe GverInr, is yet nt oindted nudthrough the ngency of nir. Lewisn-hinm selF an open iland lvonl d candidate for tIlloallle Oltice hy fl-l Inloring, give arltifi ninlly fly tilln IiI ten a ilc. lion which the whllcl Blr on Llltirillnt hiuvn piollnllncell wholly inrlneent onl the Ilart of Mr. Bownv , tho nollin. tien Yns rejected by nn equall divi-ir of hliSe ýell. The tenstlion prolu.red iithis cit el)by that eLtranordiln ry retsul, will nt be soon fnrgotten. So fir ferm being aiin excitemenl golten upI by a focv perlonil friends ol'11tM SHrownl, it pervaded all classes oaf sciety-was reqully spontanleonu d niveranl. That gentIleman, nlwnnv I ioldest and reling, yet klnown o e n gntllllelllln and a scholar; as well as ai dslainguished nlemllber of his [li.,a essini; without'n relative or any family alliance in ie rane, i ettlddelfy fbiend entnghtlfii thle eralshes of a ilul'iltrigue, and a generots Ipublic, dhen lie nas bht little knlown ienrsoenully, ruslled iorwardto hIis rcacle, 'iese delllOtnltrltins ofi popuilar feeling were seln fl lowedl n by a cool lilld dispnelioniatl investignnion ofthe, matlter eo far a- it conIcerned Mr. Bowen, hy the Jiar of N. Orlenns--we say, no far as it cll.nmieed Mr. Bnloen, a because litle lr cantiouely avoided solilng or doing nny thiing that might anlect thle stanlding ofhis. acciser. Str. Lewis tanids convileld of having been tl volhnlnrem Sinterest, ed afcu.er-The glimpses which ie hineselfhas ogiveu us of hllis previous corrlespondellnce wi h ia senator from the castern District, eclearlv show this-Th-e pusi tinaoftht senator in pretty well understood in relatinnIn to these paries-Like the eolllll d ulllb n Itgl blt, l een the unusolleetigl, pen lnd manly Caio,nld nlt hot persevering fild Rcleerigo, %hnever fell lade his gain. -One or both mighlt ie sweptt flone the track i' his amhitiot.nt-accorditn ly lr. Ltewl it is urged on by that entnlor by a ncation not to beconu "lecrlollt t.o Il d anies as a public tnman." 'This nlketed coJ aess, on the Iprt of Mr. lewit, loly prowvs thaIt ie orginllyl intended thlt the blow should he in the dlirk-in the inquisitoianl recesses oflthe Senlae. It is equally prmoed tlhat hlle cnerg de made y r. Lewis wns, for 1ile first time, made to the senate, and tlhat neither he nor his brother, on any oc, usion, ever pretended that Mtr. Bowen had violated anlly prlessionllal dlty, much less thant lie lad been, occused of' it in opn court--t is impossible for negative testinlny tIn go fur ther in disproving any such insinuations or charges. We must eonclude ly recommenndinn the ierusal of this pamphlet to all who take an inlerest in the ques ion-notl merely the per.mnnl tlatter at issue between tile accuser and the accused, lout one of great public momenat, becase it relates to the chnarcter of persons who aspire to higlh places in the administration of the laws-F'ortunately the triumphlls uf coluny are ephemI aral. But the reward of real worth and modesl merit will cole at lust i, Ithe people are true, tolthemselaes, nndsternly refue to yield uap all to clunderers and denagog aes. delnagugues. We have roaom for only one extracet. It shows the aouosing anlicipnon lof dignity by all uspirant to high judicial station, who did not scruple to heg fer r comi. nendatione frolt til who were willlillg to give he inll any shape or with anly llodilicatilons or iteelvation:l S"WInilst tta.e iltItllrtep were pr.nioig ill te city we ignorant coltontr people were nl o ti soe- earlv tile sllnidoto wiich Ithe onitot tvele tet bhebeo itoelf and lto lhok with tollldlllihtig expeoetalon fior lit i p proaching judicial ap.theolsi. lWe were totl thtt no Iloidn htil outn entloturaging epropUlelt tns Alr. ILeWIs; t allt ohe nmination It ,r. l.ewie wl n certain; that .,r. Leweis onhld iomtediately hbet c ntirllon tlne t prlsect oftlr. Letowish in lertontanllt nIomitliolo tllld ilnevilta blle lni tl l l hllt WelO t llc it w rlld t rolin t d, to urr.ow i enllloneriou fllll te O)f Jhw.A4to :igwoltrt.i'6 L Charno terl as Pnckwhtd'll Hazenr t.tno . p'hen foill. wed diolnifd anod enig.ntot oollllllllai to Iia elitrea. of ti)te npprtonieht evrntl wiee llh ut Witldrlll a hir rne thae chargre of their illnrs..t, rem t de vote Ila xlhiely Ito the duitieso ofIl ik -' nite ln which hi rnotrvl noh abot.t IK cl h; presn Po o f fon t tor e th e lootvlttlof hin lamilt i to tt lres it, k ni fole esignon Itg Ion :' of hio lrot oer, his hoitinint tie crnoery- o in short, hno nas ellntdu', i mr a mti' ni it judge--oyi ! every i:oteh O julldn-e o 1h haId " an i+r gre.anen"-- o ale, lank, tpoke, i hot h hi. indced, did he |+or do judieialh ? "odtteor de to ne' s enotanI id I, rond;" hIli very wrhan h e htll llll he illnfie dlll t llflli d d of th r llli.ra s A Itno Ctlgeval th on tin itii thtoo ae of reiedk ,e to New ()rlllllrlm II thl lilead fied 11nd1 cerlllilh annmuchltler thellh e ,llrlllillldillo m otn ljoerliy amtIII the clU rse llf r. Le i ~o hie r in iltlllli on tolll ll at eitniltlr IL to llill oe; I.rI'I It t l. e nteve i n no.r lintP Iland f'ns ever tfloing thlll n- c A glR.nel 1 Iollt nhetlh. Sint ws oer in eolllelyplntiofn Ito nomlilnle hi h render 'rn dnetenilla e nwleolrn he ins lrtvtultrly jndli Tihlus i tll rihll n ll n l iun ato i lljr to , or tl Cm. lie oeeerb wilh rer0--rel'e it. il, llt mlly expellnse. Ilen trl of tl Cio/y.-'lhie oCae loII he lllnlltler tehe - rll a hot an1 it r ilh Irg-llelt heavy -ricwers ,l lnllll la S use ln.ve hrn in the Ihlit often 11l.iderlg hallhv. 'et 'el Slow faver i- amonlg ,f ,their acv es tle bt few nd so In, with bur onile or two , llgneolltiledto tho llplotlolon n posed. Tlh early molrnings are quite Coll, and thereT j lure, peilts conloiltlte the dalnllger. Oj lIWe t1toolet'f fllll nt:::ll on intlrille s rnn fllo to remove It oe Post (flie to the vicinity Itlho St l.oni Exchnege tred procure thI relooval of Capl. Kel tie lnreont PooI lne ater. Of Cupt loer we cnoo l, lent o. toeoor knownle Ilg extd o i s I et ive gell tery rlote isofction ill thie di. ellroe of I is tltli[., and hits inlrodlltoeld iproveoeelntoo hltl hir: officr, eonvenient Int otkr llerla:l:tin aunl Edoi torn. ilWe hall Iheald Inltt iiot the ilnvntoion of Calot. Ker to re.ignll : aid wVm cI nt in ill te re asot why h,0 ohmfld Ire eil nove e1. Ai toa nh olnli t ifltlnolil of ire Piont oni.p,, let Sc ennot nolieve htill- I[ e ,o no, n mere Ivlto r eltity n ftew npe ulanturo. It a:nttlo nl tso be otlote i td Ihanl it is ll rpre-eOt; nxPt doolr t III I ll l,' lll.ul :xcllmlllr, having hrCollud i r an d llwi ill Iwo or Il .llb lae -( Ioa slht- t l..ris use, on tin int -o ie s o :.ntd in- t C haritl. IThol, the Veraelttth, oity lIo'l anol IBlntik Alr.n :1, noot the hankh, and int ho ern e lsioo r oif COfllolrrten. flp.fyosandahnror i.'t/ The noil tr;,od aonmn-v ef ter a 5 o'clock outll 'llllor d Dte,. nTh Ittitiolh Qotueen Ihd1 not etrrinnl o1, Ilh. t:l7h. The trrlsncliolo. in 'fock. In he .air h illne, t,0 a: tir ren1. Io p ;S. onk hill:4.t 113l. 'iThe pOnpo iionnt of notosliot.not epeint to Foglinod. onyth ie aNew York o'l'l lae ins orim,0y poken of. A nlotorllllthe hnn, IleIn.inppoin oll Itonn1luc. u Ihe Ne.. Yo. r Btsnok I h p e l lo " their eill, aln to llt amountlllO of 4 or n milli.on. I hen goernenl wa,4I rrninn wioehout i In nonolinu, nfeo tllll dl( l bialeoS (oe f coo1t 10 tollte sordd ot tito-711 t lit de.. elille ofn I j onetlnn. Thie Noew iceorreepnndeut of tllo Na i.nol lloetlli gel.el" Il) Ihea flit +·hllohlwi paragraph. ersllllt on i lrke li4y ioa n 1V thle holllk net i ri.. ni .t.no Wnno I nhita. exlOlt.t a ln i lm.nti llll t t orilt nontethting. The begging from the anllonk it Wail slreet $t1,0l0nO(i0 of tin e slllal iltes no hleerilng i r lotot ill ..redil,iodteed paltitulailywulhen it if rr.naelnhP re! Ithe Te.ontll agreed Ii Ilisburse lhemi io diJlyllllo pnrt oif Ite coulntry. Then Courier and Ellq:nrierof N. on'. giv oo somellrsr ous fuel ill relatin lito lthe Rr.ecll nAlillln. Tile toree Ilnn lfi ~l lche lion wti infoo orato i 81. lThe necssury edlifices -nll illehinery eot tnhe .oeuntry oll ihlmense cmoOalt1 ill 1 38, $82,O010 exlpene of officers &e the re. eeiwetof bullhoni onn deltlost $549,40f; and coinedl Eagles a td omll llenllaee bllion $217,323. Dnring the naolm period the aother olinl luodeoined oeaoly 4,1(1I0,0110 at ton entoenne of $66,000. The Branch eliollt of Ithit ily. duringthe ypel It1E, o'll fiOr Salaries $l1.9011, laitorers o2,l000, enpetnes mnto tRsllgge$17,100, total 52,00l. lTheo whole amoust of tile eoinnge, wano $40,2431 in dinme. In tlle iollanullfltue o' tlhi, cuinge, we find g 2,0011f for labor lhal eould not IaVe. leen po rnfonid,n nod $17,100 attage tlant oulhl iot Tecve been icurreld. The clinaogeof !0 cent piece eost nuo elting like 14 or 15 rent,. Tile llnol.rt eofepelih ill the vnollhl of tile Int! ollf nlaltoe in JUllne, eas 400IMiOntl.t00l frnnoo. Tie Siret business seaaon of the Supreme Court o 'I Iowa 'T'erritory ns held thei first week td July last. The coutrtdecided that Slavery was contrary to lite laws of the l'erritory, and that tt alave taken there to work in the mitten ad permitted m him his own time gained tllertby his own freedoUm. A heavy busineas it diotein the Land Office, Berling ton, Iowa; a day seldom escapes on which less than $1000 is taken at private entry; the receipts of one day amounled to $600t. The oldl Trinity Church in Iroadway is to be taken down, and a magnificent Cathodral erected in its place. 'I he work of demnulitiun is already coltutCoeCd. It is said that 'icea the establlihmtett of tihe old church in 1702, 16t0,l0(I persons have been buried in its . aed. The eteambour Casket sunk lately in the Ohio near Mlount Veol lt no particulars. The iteam . l al t Sultan rnk in the Mississippi at the fout of island No8 ill 0 feet water: boat and cargo Suppoedt to be total llos. Jel, Cottan.--ix Ibides of tht New Crop of C.tttnt was receited here yesterday Iby the Arabianr from Nat chez. It was sold vercrdratv lmorlling for 15tents. The quality wusa vrey god. The n Itle numbter f steamn vessels in Grtet lri,.ain. jand Irellid, inmtlillg 8.1t notI regCistered, is 7(in, witll n nggregace ttontnge ott 140,718 (lnd 52i,49(0 hlorse power, rand iltmiling the depleldenties olf :ng:lnd lt teranat tro, 157,"40 tonsr, and 6i3,50 horse power--Tis I.ets" the United tatelwchi.rh aetrneoably to the t lst report of the S'.rttary on tile rl'lansry amountl to 80l et'out, 160, 000 ttons and 57,019 horse power. Witllhil the lUst 10 yeIll enr le'o tlhant t11m) l ers have nlet with ilisitesl, aRtendted with the. lhns oIf I031 live', of which 40 were o rekeditl, foutndlered or in il tlnitPItr peril; 23 solfsred Iy explosiones rof bieilers; 17 by file; anlld I by collitsint. 'Tlte grtelte-t sicertutin d onl hller if lives lo.t it ont titlte avne L19, by tohe wreck .f the lothlalty Castle; by ctllitio: (m , by explosirtn 24 by fire 2. Ily Mr. Wtiolbilry'ns eport, the mllttibr ofdienrters in the L'. S. i 20?8:--to wit-93 by nexplosions, collop. RPS,&c. °i3 by helilpwreck, i bry fire; 5t by snoge or sawersI, aIId 4 enureIn iullnikno . VWhole anumbetr of lost 21I(0. ' h.le entest llrosr o oeoccasion, wias that of the lthmouth, in 1I837,1ausing tthe leatlt f300, chlief Iv inldin s Frolll whit,,h flctt-, rnyo tlia Juurnul of CorIninrcre, we are contllrinred itl the belief that tile numbel r efdisat.o e.rs in Itlo American Atlantic i' not greater thaut in Fg ltad. On the rrestern waters, it i quite otllerwise. lArrirhnl. A young 00man unmedl Jam:es, of lbis city met wih the fillowin g ,netident, on Ihonrd ofsteamrer Al zI ppa n nIiny. I ie Iel.rong to tne of t boa nt clubs, thatl haIll nrcitnt l tl, at lalllisouville on tht day,and otlO arrlving, wert upon tie pilot's deck to puit on his Lout clolahes,nnld ,rnltl to dress, tllhrew hiis lighted egurn.way, rwhiich nrtinUlUrttlly fell intol i kel, contllillnng a (oint tily of powder. lie Ithughtless 'y run to take it, when the powder explodled, and bIrt tis face in a ll.cking manner. No olher peronll was hIllrt, nor damage exile. dienced. A mmlg the Cadlets lf VWent Poin't, ie, tit tile late ex atnmlition distinguilhed themselves, we see the unme of a youeng creole of Iouisiana, Paul O. Whbert. The Ilichmon, Whig gves anl aceoutt of a em Ader feir a loeag time kept secret, but lately discovered. Ja:mes Cartadcu,of(lCarles City coenty, mysteriously disap. peaed, and for some tlitle wa supposed to have blee r drowned. Circumstanllce, however,re-ter time created suspicitn, the couseqtnence of which was tile arret of I ienbkin Hlopkin, son by a formeer marricage of Corra ldua' wife, together with several servants belonging to the a.feilyt. Out examlination Ith proEul were no strong that Hopkins was bound over for trial, but failed to make his appearlance at tlte proper tilme. One of his eaccomplice., a negro man, John, was however tried and colnvietel and condemned to Ie hulg, but his puntlih mnlt wasl comlllllted to transpeortation. Alter his cnn denllation he mnade a full confession, trom which it ap appeais Ihat Hopkins deliberately hlot down his victim while e was unrtspelteti cly engaged in domestic pur. nluits-llt tile body anld clnlm were drag.ged to an adija cent marh, and there bulled ill tle llll. A lnuber ifreetlmclln of New York are setting up a Comaplimentary Ball to Capt. IRoberts, of the tIilish Queenl, Ii lalk of theijr sense of his tlents and en terprize in brliging over the irst Staetier fItot Europe to America. A vase, which cost. $1e0 is alo tuobe presented to Capt. Roberts. Jacob S. WVaerer, aetachled to tlhe Street (eeelmi-eint er's Olitc, ol Nel York,'haen Swa.attoled. 'iheexalct mtount for whicl hlte is deleitaler, will prIobabl never be asveltlineld, al lhe lllllller illn which he kept his accounllllts was calculatd to keep hist rllberie hleeli. The Crohton Aqeduct-By lle last report it appears that thlte total amtount expendted or, this. great wealk, ftor iupplyiug tie city of New York with drinkahbl water, is$@0,b7T,ri12 fiel.-rhe legtlh of the aqueduct alrealy areliled, is 77,3 7 If.et, or ner lfilteen Ilil'e. The IIcl her of tmet epllllllUtel tlc thii we ak' is 30115.-ile sides the pat tnlished,a va.t amoul nt of prtared work ha+bleen duce-Blut, like ite dtraining company the C.m Illsielce have beenll very muIIch elbarrasId il their opeltatis l by the condllluctl of Latend owalert, who, inltetadl of fCcillltatitlg the wurk, ask ilore tIllha, four times the value of lthem. Ta e progeesse f e Henry ela is a complete TIriumph Inarch. At every ph,,e thrullgh whih:l Ihr pases hle is receited with thew rel II .t Iltdem tr lillons of allllilil il lll The e'yes Cf ell the op pesition ore now ie . m p hin ui the nt who i to deliver thie country fromlll its p.reselt thraldltu. At ltlt'al e h tesponteded to cn address aIde to him b thie Reorder of c ttllt city inl maIIner toellcvince all itttet his grctat.est ilttitet was the w.elfare and prolperity teof his cotryl . Althoeh dteironls of reli. ring to the q'iel t of private life, let he is willing to ac tclpt ofthe P'retidenly, but only in ccaea it should eeC ne cessary to ,nlile the oppositiilh tnoctcer Englishc /loei'.-Capt. lutryete' "Travels in Amlllrica," is inow il tihe pres of (arey L IHla t, ot f Phi!ehitllpltt, nud will be sthot ly published. The worek, ofcoure. siaotld not Iprejdiceld, yet from the feltcP1 ipe exttlet fil ht tI,givilg all ilhl.tration Uo tihe American passion:l fr swOlepincg, which he would ip ert:adle his ren el.ls, islharrd ill by tile fi'lll le ol orln coutntryl arlnd cI t Ietll|! IIt eit I.Iprove hat the two eIrOilloc of his t le'. te 111oho bellller order, we cannoI t expect 1ore o:ur bet tar tha a srel:llllnd edition of 1hi . "l'rllllope. Ale'r oIe hinnin tchnt he InPt with iwo ym.)g Indies, both o dll looking Ilhl IIIlectI s allgerC tl euch other, Swlelln tlnellng i a stagecol I h, lie s iayt: "I) i haI l ,d t pratt pinlk silk |)bolll't Ve·ry fine for tra vPlllore; the .tll,'r all'Il<dltlcoirllt -ll1il onle,+. The yotll.+ Ind v/ ill Ilh, 1 ire-h yed I~' I eth. lu cek t. h t fi.r Sl.nc 1 llll(. uel! Il hil ,111-h r vll( ill /i t111r1d n a l l. llil+ilhlltli r. c111 wsl? ,--' l'hurlll' rInthlr c Iretllr I nce of '1 lr's n ii. --\Vh: tna, I :.,tlco1e at re thre mn rt, replied Iink" --A rer a Illll-nd cloel r suac ve -\I i I .t-lhreIII' .let ue I I y l ietcion n, paLt ,III , L it i- /" \'lell I don't know, ibu Il ml eht; I hl ane e ie. I t boil 3 day- . I reckon."-I lh. terrV I should have see lk' eel that von r-arned rt blo, er pl i c.r it rou ted the, . tece ,ha t s l-lt'e a ntion i' did'dtr nil, I ' r oeei . It's n, et hli o ly honowt I have, e ii-,.-- l(Vll n.w, I -Llllu 'llnllll in ii PXo.n llll'1e and ttaitg yau : ihe Il ttcc'c';-- lhI t'e: a e, fefti tihte thai you hl r ' on li.s. I rallher hie k not, but thatl'h n the ll'.e +lltav he. Colllle i-n, whellt will Iyou takt:-\VWhy I de,.' I knt w w.ail t ill c II : n reI ko vowel. llll III / k llnlw lt hII1(I Vw e )l Il rV me Illll y ti .' '\II tCl I the. I t thouhitlie ,leehiea'.lte irtltdllar,, .' 'F'IveI doill's ni my11111 onII. et ! I rleckon tl llewoil be ielllcr' tthe eihk, bhlll i'~s ea l consiceaqece. 'None in ihe le! c, mti-e, oily I klowb the v.alec of ryv II r. W .011 :;v llu·, do ra m ;l rel'. -' sllllt I t+'- ull~r l i .'.,, A iilll.e tati al.liele t ito , :ll tt.1 rc l r, a etnt: I tI e Ifl h lookh c iP errelshe window, ncreletaye, u- it talking to eltrt elft I bak itn Iaer .ca;when (tie Pink putt r hee d out ofthe window, "1d . -i,,. I should en't re'.te fou1r dollar.. ifer kll,if it wna of llredI;' Id tlnd f s ll ble k1 Illci to hlo for. mIer positiol.--lid yIon Illilk Iof tl.hingl llour d;olhlr mi n 1--",I do'01t1 I Arl.. Isele pltlil oif bol lllllt tR IhomIICe." --'W Ii, repl'i,.d I'lu-hc, euki.g ouit her pur,+e ned udt;'r ing her Ihe monyv.-'-Vhist hunk i. thia, arise'-'-'Oh, y.s right. theree ',lotlI FElllll., I calculatet . Tile two hleeexu.' hulge bonnets, .\iIl.es Plllk paockels the al • ,IIW e n knt"leell ge th1e r. . ..ilpl of p'Ji l el. .h . Iliwll. ed by Mr John i ihI1+o11 Elditllr of Ishe 't le Ailmerllcan cohtllin I rleporr of the late trial lir libeI, befi. e tile 'r ptinal teenat ae the fir t Judicial , t of te tolhe o, f nloui-illln. \Ve have lnot el had lie to give I it a thllrolgh peru+ald,cnsegelly e tlncnt pulek of Itt vIlhcot e Ile llurt, nallb cope.that it eh ill not obtan ill this 'utry. [Ilattot Illeoge Gnzere.] [From ourt SPcday Edition.] The Merechtls and 'T'raders of our city, Iave been, inece, and during the hand t ienP of the last two years uIlllch abused by tthe Missie.eippicna, for wachlling the arrival here olf hose lulndebed to them, llaresingll Itheml anld getting their ctillla secured, or thron ing their debt. ors into jail. We do not pretend be' deny !hnt Ihi+ prne. tice has beell rrsortld to |v our citizens, but it murit he acknwledged, lthal the tResa oefr.ew and exlemell. Far instance when ino dipaitRioI was evibCred Iowardst an almicall seltler lr llrt. 1'Ite Miesissippiaue IhemealvCe,htowever,Icve fh'r sOme time bee.n playing a game in this eity , that redounds very little'e tiheir honr. They wntcih at hrnme, thle ide .ep.'rhlre ,f t~llr ow ut e'llo e'ilcZe lttt'e lotit c eltec dotean ' hre, arrest' thenm, and thus place their debtors in a strange place iu a deicante and fteatitmes in a very urit t ieal situatihn. I A case of this kind occurred yesterday, a gentlemanll who staonds high as a planter, was followed to thi, I nty one of his fellow citizens, and arrested oneo , I Snnmstrespectahldcomnmerciant hausertepped fire ta i igned a bail houd for him,and his NewO, leans ere ot amnog the test ourself, allowed hi tin proceed on his trip to Texas withiau let or hmdraeen. The Malrket. The city is even uncumnonly dull lir the season. 'The money market is still tighter than it was, and Ioney cannot he obtained for the bert paper n The wether has been very warm, and we i ve had dai ly, hard showers of rain. Tl'h city remaine healthy enough;; it cannot he denied that a few sporadic caone of yellow fever have occurred. It is most probable that we shall have an epidemic, so noin as the rains cease, anore particularly if the wind should be for.a fbw days a fron the North. 'The Coltoln manrkLr is nominal. The stock on hand is about 18,010) tales; but very little is doing in this art;. cle,atd the news ly the (;rcal Ve:er a has had tle ef . fct olalm ot, entirely nst'opping all transaclionS. )Ol'westorn cnuntry produce, large supplies are oa tuld an.dsalnes fir all dlesc'iptiuns very Jull. The U' S Ship Natchlnz, B Pltge Es1L Cmmander.rn trived at New Yol k on nie fu4h. Sihe carried to Nenw r York a nunlber of oflicers, seamenn and maninne ,for tile tnnpurpose nof ullndrgoing examination and promotion. n There were li7 deaths in New York during the week endinng n 0tl jltnly, i"'hc a itr Gil Blau, frmn Boston fior tatmnoras (IMex ico) carried out a number of Ni Etgla:nl machinists, with ntlchinery, &e. fbr tihe entnlishlnict ofa cattao mill il I lex co. llackntone's ch pteron Equity, was 'writt' n by Lord lunstleld-sao says the Not uolll Ineacon. d An errollneou rticlenlnppearp d in our daily of yester k day, Io adtd "Query," which was inserted hy inedver. i nll e, and connrlry t t the inllentints of tile Editor. Whein we have any flcts, in which thi public anr in a terested, io colnltuni:ale, we shall give tilln openly, with a nanm l n dates. ' The Fineman of Brooklyn, not being able to extill Sguish It file oni board the ship Groton, of. Bostln, frtom I this pol, turned ill and had a regular row, which the . Mayor fir soanr time founld great ditliaulty in quelling. 'lThe Aills Hlo tt authLnities of New York, had Capt. IlDennli, ofnship Arkansas, up before Justice Merritt, for taking cerlain lilbetiesa wiih a pre ty little Stewardess of his ship. The( C'apt. was hel to inil-n A trick thits, no dotlht, to extort mIny from tlle Capt. Doctor Southey, tile Poet Lauleatn, has been married lately. Thoa.W. \Villiants, of N. .ondon, Conn., memher elect of next Cnngoess, has given $100UI toa toe eColniza til onancase. t A bed of zin ore, yieldingt 0 per oeut., has been dis Scovered near Adrian, M ichigan. S Finre. At Salvn, Mass., thie foundry of Jua. Water, o neartie North tBrideo. In Hlartford, Conn., the store of C. II. Nortlnam.-Theo ship Groton, of Moston, which arrived fron N. Orleans an thell at New York, was entirely destroyed by filn, at Inrookly a it harf, July '23d. The lchool Ihouise at WV.llellleet, Mlas., as n struck I by lightning nn the l8th. Thlt're were in the schoo e room 40t ci;ldren, who with their teacher, were al1 pros trated iy Ille Itrc". ofithe shock, but none were Bserous ly injured. One had ian eebrow scorcled, two others Sihad their .hoes sarched, and one other, who lhad onn Sshores,but no stockings had her i et burnt. Thile tech l ers feet were lenanbed, und somewhat disoUlaoed, and Swere witllhoul telig for twon days. 'l The (lilrnfle at the Zoological iard.ens, lldonll It,Ie

n ly gave irl to no a lltne mallle imal. The first of thiia species ever born in Europe. It died in about a week, supposed toub, from leing fted on owsa milk. o the crnlps of grain t lruellnlt the whole countrv a re, floet n ill t uon nt, mon t n lundant. S Thie time of starling of'the Na'htiilln iil Road canrs has been altered to 5 o'clock in the mornlll , and i past 4 in the afilernoon. thus allot ing those who wish to I In make tie delightful trip ti to e lake shore, or I to tie llowered Pre rie, limle enltn gh In lithll their dinners. Thl' Noirlht and lt:nstntrl mail arnited esternl. af-i ternoun, ringing New Yulk ndilen ti the '511h. The i British tuee5 n han i tno n t t l arrived, u.lhn' she is dvr- i Ssed to +sail on the ile t IAug st. illportallce or inlllerst. Th'e whole llllnlmber loft qmlid voters of the Glr de. purtmllenlt, inl New Yuor, is lItll; -fortV iteiljonpiil, il Io Ilne for (hhief Enginrer, gave lhe fidlowing wlertf : For Audlitonl, 592- vt et; uitr,-lt 15; IIoltlll . .A gooud oneu.--'e tir iln 1u1 d tuh.l tI goutiy brother editr lutely ile n lii- urion to 1nt I chuCIIA(I , I ilhl file view of llliiin l and r-.bbing-.n\llllg the icol I.i varied tackh,, a frlind of oursodicov,,r, It hid .steel laIp upon t- hieh he had coulnted I cir .lt , ai durllyion .si--h of crabls. Cralb ihg ,lllt l editing are ItL a tie a.alne ,llI alI r l l rict. ite I 1toilitti ,II t iy tt Report of trhe Day Io(A co and Night Va' ch. JAl:v 31.-john Ihll, P-I tri.I I)i tl'tht.tr,Johl ItrigIht on, i(aurg (ClItrke. rrlted, t liund , ti tll k, dlert u~i ed. .lIaem s Miller, alis 'I tl mla I ln, I h ., .I1. 1). OI Li ver, arro. ted, tho rllll rlluk, c.to o nltPl hor tni Ilby . A .l.- -J,+hli lll, a -lrv-I,+,l f,r w+l:,llll i,+g'~t dhoves illn PoPl n - l ln-,? dr. nuIiI. lotItl+'l| I t 11 l s , 1'at Iall lhut, llrretlid inr b el,,i l ll. ~i r e, dIll schnIlg. ,l. icllerv (l l hqr-- iCre ttd finl bJi. I" tllld sleeping ill SNtlreet, direhlirg.d. FOR NIW V Yitro. New Yfok ind Ntew lletns Line of Pcrltts. 'ar·ket of the IO h. The A[. !es tiant Ship PCWIIATTAN.Capt. 118 C' 1'nen having non ..lderable tart of her a. g . h cargo on lrd, o l il is nobv re. or ueIlyht ior palt.age aplliy oi I r to il, 5t(1 6,1 ('isnuop Street. FOR NIW 'ti.K .. To sail on lTl'edsdatly 7tll ist. Ii ptr li t uVla- :,III'I ilitIitg lt·Ihe, Fi ')rlo ., I Id .ll oo/ 'Ih, Ag-tt, ill Ao ilivel sElil -( hto lane ti y (.1Ott llake tio ylk, l fl8 ;lll h, ,l (o l lotll it' illdlll'in: a lrlirnttioll he rllder Fc or hrols o r pa.-r age hi iend an md Ole iul :lllR]u Ol l ud ll t I I tle ifrw t 'lhl S e~ t rge I 'nlr n -gers apply oni bo rd pr iloi t Lhr a Vhe Tnhle mullet or Io L CArE, & Co. orlI. II AI0,1. oIl ( t b .. . h !)t'' PILllrlota ,nni e.l ht t tii"t s{ol o Tuesdtltan ttilh . IThe i i"t t class and Iist iill Ship I('p l it i : 1N11, 4111 t.t c T3 t Vii hio -iill hoo otititvely sIt l.ri rtb1o, ,titcal III tcll dyle 1l' h:sa t li t., l tl pl - wal l ltiut h to tihL t h hnk.le l t rio le lo d ir t Itlh- g h(tl Vill l d o nl nllllllll - al o L VI II G ILE, au gi-t I :4 Vl lit illlil l stI e . Sar t e new rI nd i very i i ll t ilig ( , hoeron COg3, N, C't. So l-tk, dl he rtt yIo S(il Ci ltin o I \ r . l Ih i l btV ll lavi the 2 ellr lllgt rlt of hat I: r & V .~LeUA. o the bllk lOOKl .11Iltrre. or piis-rds 1 tvCig -lll 'iot.r tI I JCOiil lOdiiO linaplll' dII tlo t liglp it slit- ' 0ahil- bit h l' to i h It ..t I, 1.,aClE, Juily lbih 9:t Co+millll l ll ,rar .. t h. o F-it ,-x i - p. Titt1 -. I littti to.It-t-... F tredoeri! I w t iich lr r, l -lrlr ti l nll d t h e lo u blic tto- h i ht t l t it l Ihi hAilt oir,tiot i le will O itt It (Grit(/'tslittl Dit n r, ati Lt! Itatgln tii t ilSt " u rlstlN. 1 llb t i ,l:I d, 21 tt IIIs Irll tihe e'll ,b el o ll till' plllhu ,la ,ni of \I I.slei 1 l+,hranrh,. "rheC g·rou l +elel ij aly ,. I &. cov tp with Al X f in t' h Ira's. 'I , e F--- --- _________ tl AIre will hNe ShIe -,,t i-t iarkel ,lt i'r ithP I ~o iito rd. ' 1'i "t Itobhrll at o P ' o . Arc ode l .Il-iRO i . : Ilolt. , ttie VetiInln t, A lI, tlreet oll tl, and St L,,i+ Ilxch ung., rl i wlrh )e 1 ,. )l <IN tI iE+)'l'S ,,f Wlngtun's-l),-,'urtid hir (tr llt sille of l his p l iti Ih c ,'ite ]~ring the 1[l. volutillIaryli r h. 1 11,11 vti hn11 le +',1+ to each, I wlll l e h+ dihevoeid fuir tihl nsm of CIh l t3 t .ltllal DLabouu oflle y A llllrilllll ni d editors of te City ndi 'in ','"I -,iporl will c "nirihlte o rhwt henevuhi l'oh ojeot by givglgll Ilt vert-ument ii f'w in-.rtuin. " E ItlllN & C ). 1Agelt, nog.tll -ll, h lm. (I.'o t Sthr l u& t' lnionst "sole at ":." 1 11NS &t'O. in Stre oIr srdb by " J 'l'IIA 'T,1 t it, CO. atll,4 ,r i3 74 I'-d es .tl- .e Cilci_;i.[Nt f i il i, r (71 Lili; .IOYlar it ,i,. l 8vuht with imips and ..llpfle elrd , a yiew edldlu broughlt dwn to I-! Ja aluo y 183C1. I thello P ni sll tI n in l ,i I*.,hituIe l . Elih, li Hl Ilm, ,r of Philosophy. %\'ilkviilol +lu'm er e Cdr( tl il if the .+\ c 11li11 . to,149 Calil 8o. i)ifest,--Ith Vol. +'et,.r'a R leporsl. Just received aell for sale at k ,mal. y 8.'8 It joinP ' " 11 NewLv eeIPw II.I I - TIhomnstn lime lnnding, and SSto & J P IVIIIITNIY. 73 ('namp ,t I or lth re storatio nod glrowth of a ealth, be r ., aslt preventing its r1,.t No. 16 ChnrtrP[ tit RI9N'I'ING PAPI' ItAsn Isnvoie ol ,l4oerilr prSlt.. is tg plpepr of lhn followi r sio. e. o7x42--x36'- 21x36--r'2 --1 9I1. AIto R lot of Envelols, IR rd. wnre, ,Iediutm s nd nsoall Wrs ppin Poper, all tihe very bt qlitV, lnuting frotl r Barque Josehino tr mn Phil. r ad:pohio nd for sale by ALEX. TOW tY, july 23d 49 Camp Street. r OltW :SALE-D11 bbWs oaS.-·R mr 30 do sunr honw e E molaroses 95 do o:lariefdtsugar y 51 fond* deciteroe tOf I0 roils ros t y IILRMOOGENl, B&ROWN &Co. e, hirtsKKY 75 Itrtss fd sto, ttlov and bt Jdly 9, I n18.. Charlsti a. No. 9. S tr uly 'ld (c . 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T ll )r e NI II RO IVN 5 I t'., i ol inkyI I .. qo ..I '' 1 III F I :l',7 Ii o r ., l ! ue hIo . e lll i kl ll t the ulnl" . ha i t is itidl lre e tn rv o it i ho r tl nii l tlhtj. i l l dt , n oi f ir ll Iv l d usei. T Iheu ltll h nell ar le il hw o nill lul c n ile an o .e in e lll i 'l laiiui Ihl du .I nr lias p lilt tr l uli, lll ll I. o place cu lid r l ce in hI l - Ir: II]luttiu l .. "r n Iht l,- I llno i hn Wlllt of JI ly I ,111,837. .1 ox; lot. lxI c ri li erx.--'t'he isil Jl i ",liial i.¢ill 1 3IIn:lll n, lhhl lllll In U il e illr lhi Ii , 11 t lhll , I" to Ih, hit I(I· . ,SIIII 1 itlL, .I r I hl, Iyofooi t 'tri o nros , and nt'r- -,i- I],, ato t l n llll liei n s1-. o t I1i iiiro li a1, I 1+ hll i ill. ,e. ind ehl d e - ort e"n c1111t l'h, , ul r II ' h .i -lllI I .r t i11t 111 or1 of ,or i nlr t o I Ih . I ,llr lllr I i- I IIa i 6 ,lll , l , l iit" l , I ri tiato n l lak s )Itr n l l. , , ild 'r r i , i..i hf I , ' I r e lo. II. iIItri)' 1, hll rrlat , o -i llr lr I3 ,oi l , hok .i thei hillr i r llmnr t llolo, ii l Il- t il l - i t'lhlt toi i. donlibert . sot e t'l e", u,'lll I' . 1 I.:T'1 Ilt I"1 II))0 II HI , II ill' (G al*r.l" r The h0O'r,h i to Iotrt,'i l ,q r IIIi,-,r , ti r. l,, I,,,r f I TI -l l al.'ll . i, hl J ul 1 n il. L Ii w mIkll , Ih - I. rililI(, li i,, 1 t1(J -I II Ikn,7. I Mr.ll ,lll I- i:I i trIh oI u . t 11i hi I I In, oIrn -dr no , i1,,ia k aul,-o; lo to,-o i r- h .ic'i, r Ie( .' ' n. e, 11ns I sn illll 1nt, ,ll' " l\l l,., i11 1, 11f ul IIi l ll %n t l.t i rou sll . el a.1 trill, I ti ln l h Ilo " I; . t. ,I I.ll. I ,.llrkollo ri.rr -,,rlnr- re , i . - .n.rr , ..I- ih, ili. . I lll illl...r i a d( Itnull l Ih':- +lllt l rt..y ' l I ,". htlllil' I iill S % t e i V h'l d 0 ysi t r InIt.raI t .lir o orie tio i.,'t,, t I Ill g,,,i,, r Pr Ow Ins" e t.r, I h ykg, lon , tll a .n d fromal luxt . S)oull r" I ul . l 'lll,,.s," adi las lltlun einll mru e lllI. ht I'.II fI ,II, ,ll 'Ih ER I-'lo nllll +' ir-.g l Io I Iollo ro I W irl, ll - i lFor tl i h is i t the R Itr i l ti 'i • I a nll. , ll , A i. on heard s ioip t arh.an r,,,al 0 i r I lir ik, lelrv Andrew, "ren.r andH hrn lia"' l .' vr ; I Ih;k Tuo1111 I oh , ard; the,. ,lIn, 2 Ir-I iol, 'I3-3 i.l lr, I r li, l ,r le Itrr a in. Iollrn Illrs,. ISt , Im and Plte n lll i llin II 'i-ll l k ; duy-1 llter si hg l r ,hl l barr lld ; i la I.ll Iil Iil e I' , n .llOell lhll rl lllloraOrIoo, ,tlo rrrrir IIl'nkil 'll 1oI ri r dl; h l o Ile l ol Il ali. li. lel, i ll o I,[r I 'r.to ,, Ilo airl ..l 'T , t l'".wder; I''a.ry ltgs; port h .Tilh u-hionl. Sthn"r, loll' r, MiHlurri " toni W "atr Cro c er.o h Ea ll .ire aboo 'i o ll o.rkhle n Wre erh t ild Ntho of lui, ion' qtroilt nod ' koout in noydiiate, bring Ordrrnlsn Io'iio n W. Porltlrod and Tagsnnt,br rlls I I t ll' -il ' it inulh n |front iri (Slii. whio h, ini dio L t ittld their Ito er so k)l 1 hili, ! altkol theh+ ssollrt lle I''e olii ru |leil. Iand will Ir sohld ow T lll oil liberal terms, la the .ai11 (of the I ll lo " rllb. 1%5l-I f 76C tn sr(h ur olll. i U T T E-'I EII --15 0 keg4d .I shen A, ll Vl CiiePll-n, i illyt r _ or sole by IOOI ISI', AIUKl "+iEric h . 11, x a $ 7 ,: /.I 1,55 I'TOlRk--I. s loht, " lean"da,, po...... . . "1 B ... ll'l'l -.- lt "1 .l l rllan ld l(' .ter l, i .t' h""e " c ).lltl iIEag'Ii-.-5 ba'es -1, . L l.'+,,' s, will It+, ii rti'p,,, hlaluding lenss Nhi i .St fu, , ,le h, ull,9 I\111() ": & t'o. 131 M,,g .eile ,.I I A)CKF: I .I. C, I., No.i i '1" 11 I.lr , lilln,- 1n soire - hoat Prllaiie i lol salellb .14 "A "ri;1 El, "1 (;ra. i r-I ImII; 4 1,ew Lelee NO. 59), '.eol'eui (sleelr ; the I'untcRlail. Ra ln ) Uiliy3 73C allli lt TVýRF V'1'--Aý (ioriiig h' miis l Ii, ' iie r4. ¢t rIi* ,'er .f rwoupitouItu, JospJ I.u Sfour atot y .lsrr e Inrore etreei, ietIweI, linvillri and C,,rrnhoooo ýr'rrt An oflr e I t iir ier s.teet. ('njsrsw lcl, can ha givenI immelldiately. Ato. from first No ro rext, tw 1100. ry .,are hlousr, No. 19 iommoo sotet. Apply to joiy'Alii H C CfAMOIACK&Co 1 op01111K WUIJKr:--Zilioo, or 'ero(root I Prolx, or Lotters from Rimone Atinericr n kmrenery. a plirodiimwork,2t.Nor. RIecrivd ur W/ild Flowert with bea0tiful Cuoiootd Plate. Fir ChuilmlR Itrawing Book. I)on Qinixotte in 3 voli 8mon. with Illstrutions. II roivrel iand for tIal b'y Aire "III)WAR. july35hlt 49 Comtap strere. (1 IIEVELY, or the. Moon of Hlorrr, by Laxly I.ytloo IRtl lieorlithe C~oonpijrcRy, n play in j5 .ts, tooBich areoadded lijoooricol (od otn tlle lort doys of Err ohleit; Cr,,oooell's I)rooo Tlle Uooli f Nelson, Iby the aultor oftthe ody of by ant, 9'rlhnot, tir I tirooroet, &c&e, Orn A sui o i, new woo Rk oftti day, for role by jorne I. ALEX T' l1ARdIbCnmp at \VWAIKIStO CANES. '%TM BEf.L, No. 16 Chartrrs street, loe this doy receivod n variety of CANES, roitotile for Fen. tlenl'l helettltry will hl oofrorl vo orow 00 par e llu~ers t he DAlLV Paper is neatly prited willth amall type oel an extra, double ined.ula shcct, at $12 Sper annum, payable sain annually in advance. T'le TtRI.wKsaLtr Paper, contaiining te reading i. mtter of' two dailies, $10, payable in advancei , v where no city reference is given.. ri Te WaKLy l'nuE Annaina, made up from tlhe duaily papers, durine r tie week, will be sent to cub. scribare who pay $5 per annum in advance, and to none other, unless an neceptublo city reference is given. Subscriboers respeetlitlly solicited. I JOHN GIBSON. NEw ORLEANS. MlAY 1839. S TAT DE L\ LOUISIANBE-Ceur de Pa. roisae pucr lan Piaro see et Vlle de la Nouvelle le ans-L'Etalt do la Louisina : -a toues cuux ces prcaenltes cnllcerete :--SahInt. t(londou Iu William Rlegaoi de celia ville, ayant t a6 n ulnc vunte fato pi ltuwlctt & (IIenais, en. curn publics do cotto villa, la propridt6 ci-uprsc ire, e'ust addresiad au Grettfe do cute Cour, pour U avis conl'articinn t a an acto do Ia Ld.6gisla h' tro do I'etatl de ina I.ouisianc, intitul a Acte pounr I cmnfirler l Is titrte deas equreur,'anox venten judi. . cuircs ;" approuvd I 10 Mnr 1831, Qu'il suit con - nu, ct tautues iersunuces intdrcsdes sontpar cea Spri'.aenties sau6t s a nitm.do I'ctnat de nla Louisian - et do lan Cour de P.roiei se, qi porraient avoir dlroitl ln a la proprid:6 ci-aprus decrite, en coneaqenoce d'un d6illat de fornlcru daun l'ordre, lu dcret ou I juge. Iinet dc la cour, c vertu duqIuel c vento a dI 0aite, a & 6 de totle irrgularitid ou ill6galit6 dens I'eatinma lion !'lvis o In Iutal ct la otdn do la volenta, one potr uni attre caels qualconque,do tcnifre voir dean tretlu jours b la dter de In lIa publicatiiin de cttno avia, l- pourqui In vcnte ainsi faiti tie acrait pus conlc.i n dii net lino ulog6do. bly l.a dite propridtd fuill vendue par los ncantrur, sus dnts Ic O28ne jouer de Doceltbrede I'unedc 18:8, a . eni vcrtu d'lun ddrelt sIn celt Cour, roudu in lu31o i Julllct, de I'alnet 1838, dainla I'llffire In William Vance coitre nes ocranmars et les Crdannciera d I - Vance & Miller, No 10961, du daockt de cette o Cour, a Iiquecllu vente Ia dit Wilhan Regan i'rest -- renduo eiqucreaur piour le prix do $,290,i, payable :-mille piistres comnptut, ct lt balance a un credit el dc six, ],,ezo tdulex itul mati. Deusci-pitionii do Ia arnaiitd ld'aprol la transfer Juldciaire : SUn cuertain I t.l terre, ddsign painrle No uan, sit(I Sdans l clcuboarg Lacnurse, daus l'ilet turmd part lea rles des Nayudcs, Eratoi, erytund6e t l'llalie, et lormant I'lencoignure des rues les Nayiles et Era to, ailcurallnt treitle el u pids, one potlIu s ilct ae.pt I hgnes, pils on anoins, d l;hecu a la ru, des Nayadis, nld sur quaIrC vingt onz piIls e nept lhgnes Ido Irolbndluar, ut hle a nla ry Erato, to tout nItsuroi Ii A~iglaise; le dit lot M.ant nll coa non avec les I , lihts No:en dcultx ItrOes l'uage d'une all dLns i Itilnd, di cinu Iulads deI larger, ensemible ntit lea s ba tisnes, taLtles droit pirivileges et qutiv ;iappartlien ont,. Alnslgortrle tout apptrt do plilll drilti'n parI ilJohn Sclrciier, iCIgdnitiIur civil, dtii In ler Juit, 1836, an1lltx a un acro au Grefli de Wm i . . Low.I *'is, data le 5 Fevrrer, 139, 10 dit lot atnt* one slb is diilete l',- lot ncee,1r1 d tit. Ilureau du (rettler, Nouvelle Orleaens, 3 Joillelt, 1839. J. (1 LI , Il lite t' trcllier, i july 9 3t--9t jy 23 do 3 ilug. AlTA'TI OF LOtISIANA-PParish Court fort n the Parish and City of New Or leans.-The State of I.oulsiana : l to all to iltunl thee )treseICIts Sshall eme--greeting :e nI rWhereas William Regan of this city, haning l;urane'sei at a sale mait by Ilawlitt & CtteI i.lublic auctioneers of thisi city, the priperty here. i ' nailer descrihed, ha. s elaplped so the Clerk ut the Court lIor a nlution or adverisemulent, ill conltlbr i sity to an act a' the Legislalure II" the State of N Louisiana, entitleld ' ai act fcr Ian fltrther aesa- I lance of titls to purclhasers at j uidicial nals ;" au. p ived tin 10th d.,y of Marchl, 1834: S Now, tlhereilroe, nllow yn, and all plersous ihiter. es'ed herein, are luercby cited and admonished ill ihi namiei the Stetn o lou' iana, at iiu tie Parish cortr, wht can set up any right, till, ort clt r illn lld to tile prullcf eti rlni eriy ie a lr r esribed, ulU eOn colllq I0ce liif anilly s rly iin the lrdpr, d;. Ia iucrl.i or jutlentof the c l.rt under wthihil he .alai c,,was mi!deJ, rt ailly irre~galtrily or lle'gablty inl tiheI I ap|pratliseynetslt arid advlertisemtents, inl llltrn or runn., nolr or salt., or th~r a ny othetr d eaet w ratson~er ; to .,how eause, within thirty days fromn tll* iIy this s TI Ill~lf;IO (.LI4'4 'Ihe hI pri 'rlt' wii l, it ll ty nct on.r i a nlrls: i, ol n lii tlli d y li f 'I litiemh.r tA, I ) I S.' , ! v i'lrlltu o hl ,et "ef th, iriiit, rn, iiirii ioL th e '.I J 'iei y l f'i 'Ily, AeI . 1 ') 1h3-e )jo'l.e Il . - A ti .lilii ll lo t 'I , hIg e I crleit r a .d thiii ' , F ?i l { e" AI1u 11.\ I , lh iir, No 1'.lii1 oI thII IItki t i . illlL r cou (' Irt I. at Ich s l 'l the sI LII l \V harn R. g rt I},. i 'N c'i<ii' eii i eo $ ,0 ) ni ei l-h I'rn t lil'y ''f l m , 1 1 "O l n ' cin h 0 tuaci l -ca the .'. tlD li','l l it. 'I'. I I I' d., bl ed rtie l' diy . w 'IvmI. tllylllr t wl{r~lCll 1 tla lll~lll~l~l, ll~lT~~b V1 1 I)O.CFI|,:II'Jl I )I IHI,.P . ,II . .il rIVIII T i hl} Jlllh Ci~l t'tl 14rat , ( iryl ll.n e o{" Trll tllld. tr nleetal n I . illngl 1 elih ..lllrc. L1.3lr, lieii nllll lidivincllel let lllr. l { I'iii~i of N lyalic id |,:rtll. o t..Ir 1et . ll U rl II rimnir, .. i n N ril i-cnn, id7 l, 18 3 i ue, hlavlrn the use tU c.onfusel~i w tt~lh~ Ints M hr . ·tw, ad tllj of an alhy i. t.lE , Irl ive (etrk. 6 dlh.h'gether with all -bi li.nh i, r Iiht., wa),i I a ld privilil! s th1 rlIt" "ieihlil . T e w ollle e af ' 1 i " la rw it y l i oh it hr .r, I 'iv'' e rl, dalted the tirt~, day o Jlu{n , A 3I , ancxed olc l icti id the omim' e of IV ly y '. ' le wil l ld le flilh day ul of" 19eruary, 1831), bein a s ubdsy sionl of lo t ut su bar Piglet. S CIlerl,.' ofli(ce, New O-r|l:.ns, July 3, 183!}. SJ. OlllE, D 'I I t 111hrk. I july ( "t--th jy 23 ,, 3d aug .I. I)'III;I:-A I ii 1,,+,Iii. id h,. ;% tlil r % 11+)+; i .\ . Hhl ., P 'N'I '' Jul? 'l h,.e,', .;l y. A of U nii ll-PlI I il ill n lipe' n llllll n llr Ul -- I lllltl+.. C p.-. lit- oI" Tur (ntml lletlr lll by JAlVIt & ANI)IIiWS, Jll r i)" h (illll lof I.IIn n TchapltLUdil sI:; .i ii ; .ilm m ' I' ViiiImiii , Tal i. n 5 & JP iIllTNI'1, 7: ny 'Im e X \e It' NI Tr'im .l . h l lllh i ',ltyr 'elll,r d\ \iltr IIm'rt(l JI )l.,i l i l ftc ti ''I hll"' Iimmel 'l' () ' . •ci ,ii lft.. ie ci I(ltigllluih ' 'l'rllu'mr 'IIIlmnu"l'ht,,r ll'lmtlei'.lmhl''' (h lelemr mhe lin. of Inrh ll. i lultr I ac lul h l , or tn e e ,ln e ui ' l r ce I 'r, r',illI B Ii leu t by lrdiN c itto 1r ar I l ll th llllls er-e 1r . l r Intererw by Je 'rh . (lllllllilr III ''ne iii I 14 In., ,I gu11)1\1( lIIih tue lll rTi''.tef~lv l hide . ~ iiiil t. I, Jlle u,·rrl, .elhr , iN.,1"111 1 I r:'iil luII tie ll. It dmmU mllliiei iCr·uluml e 'ulh m~r I mgl'llt iiiiiiehi.r.l,. Itw in n2 ol . l'i jnli 1(hi' i.i ie 1r, ii'tlmlT lt'ir Sull lll l mll' i I l l i ii.it i III .,tr . " t i Ill d t I re lol' l lwelll l Rur dl Ireo i nl l the I .,o ar do Inca.np 'heceeur h rle efu e.' y nnl ie i'ir . 'i I f liiircti'umin l'i(. 1 ''', i l'lm. m r I I t I c lll l inll 'p, Iii nin il i 'n l ll r. fele . n lte .r Illlerr "I.u iilli'Nt i r. i ' t illem itreil Arindrs te n kenf eer i Iitte r Aum 10ei'iiiiei" i ba rrlei e Ic ce etcycce3' lit eciBilen kt g c pit t of TuVeItnef i ba NrS. DVI i l AN' S & 011.8 II C,]l)':{ lll--. | u cl \V. (1 I' ff 'l (h'r h. ,*ll+l ; 11.+l i~ffItlrcl ~tlm i~ll v C ,,rlhyn t.e r Ii c ll l I llJn l mcii ' ,I chicldl+. I ii'in res dllr lC - 't l~e+l .:),l re nlnalll +wlerl, .It LVd (l-ll : illllt+I'llF IIIT. d S hlet l e Dru'gist*, corlel r co mo ll&lll 1chtL oII nl)lllhe. TIA )U R 1h 000Kll .rt 4rielc"ic 0 l ir *9 . f jTne .15 i Nt LnId.aihvee 'll£1 II kh egI. IIILI {IV+' ll, ol(w . iORK-5n c e Alt lrrel.Pe 11Mr 1 a l u e .Prr in Julllylr ' rll e 71 W P ydr. a l A tle, 7 r " ',' ie'n.'ii...., ......... ff etc Ieilll l:ullrl. ' '11 11 kei-Illlmd Pell l Bo 'J l lt k RTg ttr+.l Aci l r A l ,ll letl. ru u, nlap.l (lllel l..lo he. till. +.,++lZt ttl jully 13 Ca+r Nl rl 5 el arlHO Nal ir l+ a a (eliredtcenn iC..I{Nr.mn IUII LEr irp.-lR cii edIfr m ICcryhi Carl.~iecl,'" d herlmiuflimentJ cl.n I li itille i d al ar .i n.iini. of I usifn Lerun. r - Sl. i &ll ( 2AV I I Il.h U i 5 l. i S. Y. ketIaionl rs " lla , 4 _ arr_ s LII 111111 10%1111 bie enlicar nhq-Aiinnni ]011 .1rr. In h AI' ni le by r (I' tlf]A9llShI.'Y p Tol ,,i e 51111 l~ un-rn, ke~ " '3..In in ,riutifer ccii 'ltr~~Icy , 1 'I',l 'Iil& J I) Itthm tn Jcclntlilingnfecrm lete umi',, tmlm'a .cctr'l 0I'crtxie'.i Pc r /n.''r .ie eelllhA Piii~lltl.m<rumieeednltno led(le. Cn "nie,&m.t'entl mv)1 I IIo t retl nb tner[) nmii' t n m "nLeile J-dlri[l ANDEW8 cI 1'.lne iuyr G lnt 2 14 ;I ('lnr " SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. EREts Iroulht to ithe mound of the 3d Ward 2nd M on icipsliy o thi , lowltaing alay uhiil,lccn,iz A ..orel ,\hire ,r ilh s iii ih cut,1 c lllr, iron I, I hlC I, nd 2 hinfld hIlhcka alite 15 handl high. A ..lJa ctIloured lare IlBr.ded, tiuppo.ed I. behJ.R. o thet right hilnd quarter lnd J. I. and pn.lish Mnr;as on ihe lb ht qa(lUrter witl salddle lmarks,.nlli ubout 13 or 14 Itandl higli. A nork browll hlrt iollole will a noellingol lli0 3 ihi t olloldor t1u ,tler mnrk visible nod about 15 or il ohndas high. 1A dark brown hIlrse Mole, with Soddle nmarks, a white star to h ; li oe .i1 0l)3ed to hlnIded with lellers J 1E thll soo i nll InlShk on th lft hind qurtler about I14 or 'I'Ie lowrlr of sanil pmp.irty w.ill plese11 ell round at tl' pound of the 311 woarl '1d 2ltun2ll plily .toouted at Ihre nerer lof RIbin lnd Allunllintio llSi. Iprov pro p-rrit, I)a ol.trac kno tultIk lll o Wl (It or Illcl.nr S"atltrhlyh the 1711Aog. 1839 whlce thy ;vill bhe sold a t bnuOlln by J'U Uiuillulte publlic nlct3l3r3er. J I. \VINTE'I'RI, IlLieut. New O)rlenfs, A gllnl6lt 18.th!l. Ttli.C -tW ,ikhken up by lle I'ulle ll Ithe "nd ill o llloa lUlrunawy N(.egro, rin hii gangllll of said llJI lu ui('l I, A Ihlhl 13 . IIr(lc II Ihsabout lidten hlond hIli . hwil i leg w1h ll", old blid ol olloe eye, and also Tle owrer is lequleolo o come forwardhpv1,o propr I IIh. cII1I.rC , nlld baIIk tl ltl, a II.ay. 53w It ho .,Jolv 7,1. 10I2;1. I1.,8 IIAIl'IdIt, Captin oo ,f h'btyh, VIA . Arrto l r la I 'ulio. de In Secodoo Hlu i. oipll6 l 9 couranilt, trouve enlrel les lloine Sd'ln 0gre Ilarron, (lti t fui des foruta ldudit Mu. 0nicipnahb1 un.chcvaol bye ct!ire quinnz paumea do tout, Ito l·adll Jlltbean lo derriore bllae, t tnorln, ansi qu'un charreito No. 731. I.u proprictniro voudrais pronver so propriol6 payer lee Iraits t lea retirer. II S IIARItPER, Capitait. de Watch. SrElt1 brought to the Pouttod of the d .1aurd,.dd A ldrgei brown 1lrse, lbot l ohanlds olhlh-ono onark 'IThe fin5er .f saidl prnierty ill piotase cll ro.und ut ltie I'ullnd ltupleld in Ilurountlle, betwelo lilev llll( t;irod I i V, n rev tort3ai3iay 01 rgas allld Ilkl himl liWlv, iot II3r0 `lUrdot.d tl 3d Ad ogot tll31i. wli he will be sold 3t uutiiion biy 1' It (lilltfte; ptib lic illllne.r. J. l.IIA I'ti.It, N (tarlbo, jry 2,1 Itilnai i .IIo the Watclh 1 M11 IEN I: ain dept do e ,l conilt Munlicipaiel S1I1 granlld Chcvul brin, 14 panimes dIo hautleUr, sans mlarques. Inl proprieulalro vludrais binn lore. ellhraoo u depot run litrronno,ontre levia & Girod r 'iei o Slnaoed= ln 2 Aont, autrmenet it sra venduo lo dit dlour pa:r . 3a (;tillolte enllcutour publihue. jy 25 11 S IIAIIPR:I, Coplitaino di Wltclh. - U I1:II'.t brniii oI.I I t Pollie, I',n il.,.Iltlao I 1 lT wis, i h, V hI e l . wing sxil a . , s1 z: A l' ll r In3lll3 3 l ) t.rl. tIhg 1 lthir t four yet R ,Jf a--Is .tut+ he} b lr sluuga 3032. I.oI3 3 ,. SI,.I Il3 I I l e] sIh1 l llalll ye*rs of geg , 3 A IIIA nl II31 m3 d su3I nell dll, Jo1in nIl.i twI t yil) o oi r yenar of ng,, tas Ie hbelongs to Mir tic 3,d nrid nk, 3 h1'3l3 u. "0,3a II lAIl'811til, j w.+ r .f .nis " l.... ill p e f iall. \nI h t h . pr July 19 i oo Ile O~ot. I. \' ,N ( li inwi :1 h Iii geole du in Set''ic Mlunici I puber les re0luv03, s9 t 8novlnedn,foi ,o: Lo , .ih 3ol 03, 333i3r33h I M ir. i r. a 3ls l 333rl 3.. I3 lj333 l3 3 ir,3i3 1 1. IAIu. a. du 40 ant, n, e 11mh1ire, 1 3,33m3" JI111, ug de I arl. s t disnant appaIenir 11,ih. liihli%,ol I. 1rooii.lo,. eols dis .wat lnve, t,3nt pr;.s de venir h.a l '. r e0 33 a l le3 Irnis. II. . IIA 11 ' iIt, s J (5 apitine di e loll ad I flrrer/the 'iretr,,i. n rrul c Co- -,p y o/ . r-lans +'IiiNot. 'llp Stl. C"A lri" 'N 11., $+ itr S (rl. It nn uneInIICII t in the (hllirter of tlils 1'111pnun ' grAn rell l ll L . I all llflr. I v lsner th iA ri lrge l ,it rkrIrr . rtrine krrrr r Iitr tnsr., lril utr now ripntrl 1t 1 r t:lT l lii All h!l u lle ti + Jl- .'7 !: iTiti 11 ' , ,,ee BUISAU 1)I':,S ASSiURANt'E, DES 'Ioll. IPIERS DE I.A NUIVI-;ELLl-rrII.,LEANS. SRintde ('.rlnr. N+ "ai (A PITAL. IA :1ir ril. Par na al trond r rin. l t hlt ( ;harl dot ge - O lpa lli accordl , pr it l! l.egl.gilaturel , li !st( p , rrll .s d nas Purer i o tepTI: I d ripq' e 1artitn e rt do 1"'leuve,", at lt llelt pr1ts X relc- volr ldrr ipphllldit lll EL .''ItAC\', S.nerotaire. 'l:l'i frl.l OF(iT'lEX\AS. ')'rnd.' BY i)EI'IIt 'Itru er: . 'ity If lIn tn, ]lrith J)i ly 183In I purs l er; lll lt treltrrrl t h i ll., L a, t pas\ d by ' o ei ,lr, of this ReprI ' hll , alpprov, d Jai nI ryII Ii t, l t l et, errilk , - it I rI e rri r ,I filte T w .l ry I r r I , e lr i rerSo (di IS to ( h n l l rr i re li, is r I " ' I',\|lllilt; N, n a hlay bly hli li\Al N-h ei r i" l:Yr,,v ri gvels that lilthe Wrl Ii. fh l (']tV o, t',dh+lo S i i b oI .rl.r ar i',r l, wr r lehr ton t ,ronr v, h e 1irlth day foll lrr rl r n'r: i tI hI , t , i 1, h I l* t. ol f '1',Ir o e r ruk, .1 11. ariL l ',r r r'l r -h.I, 's.i ,l11 it,,- 'e i it ol' i h bIJll .i R i 1,1, ) l 1 ! )pu' lllt term Pr (,I 111 thr J hJ\%lawslg xlt. l ts h'rom the )vao. ab,5,. s.aI1d tuw shall hr. tIlii·red illlld *-,,l for n1,, ,11wH'r ouIlr. llli-kr.ecrrr, rt tr' r [!,is v, r.cIr nucr r I rh t r' r I -r Ir t rl ir e ` rr h r Si rrrtt G.-Iirrrr rrdr rlrrrrr, dirri I)II rrrri t Shall -e 'o · it ots h r 1to!I Il r g 1, T a : t I, I I llrth al,,rl tl hi , th" lld du)nI Ill ila d fl,-- OT1h r Ii er forti to s. In ii i.4[il ilnltall its of sI , + tw , l ve ills) S"e' .7 - u --l it I slllherir e lnarlred, ThIllr R at porsou wh oI il.lh p tryhaso a 'y of these, l rl itlr t l o t s +, S h a l l f i i t t i ma p l yl i a li t o d t h e e,'v - i n I t o - {s.alllln r itn ll lll t-rrllllrt withn thi lls r :o , iho ,r they rrrr ly pald, and the 1irr purcrht-ired by oruchi t dItefaul ter shall ruetrt to the governr utlltll of thie Ilrlpuli ]bc. inSee. 8.--i it trthell r ene t(ed, That all persn ,I rll ien o nt exe ted, iiiii have the plci lriv g l l" pur ciau ing r larll holdling thI e sran, and r hlr e President ist u th, llz d | I - Ir 'r tjr ,lr r II tr trrltllt Pit nrrt tU itr" lIa..tn,) i rrrlllrrrnl r.hall have Iroiri rid.'' The Pii will c l iti Ut rOlle r day io day, iuntil ill t"l lhi'O ts aII I !lih vt beelr deslu,red of. r(',tlhotn is slliated on iile iast end of Mrlata ir dla I urd, directtly rnt thio AlaitIn r ' Pr t itr) Matgofr. da Buay, ulland froml ils adllntageus poslrllutr, will I robaldnl bl en our Ue, pi rincipal , onulerciai city t A 0lma oi the city may be seenu it the IG(erllral lrtri O fltrr.. T'l several uapers i thii iepuhir ictho C('ouner., etul Hullotn,,Pri-ayunr Ii'd c True Aren,ie:at, of N. Orleans, will pubtish notre' until the diay of eait. JAMES II. STARRI Secretary of the 'Treasury. . . E GDIE (;E I. (I.0lll)i S, ArTTOnntey AT LAw, ' . attrhtd tII .B rrylettr Cour, ti ed tihe Distrier r'rurltrrilhlrrrrunltg run u rrnn. rttlrnh ndljertnl rrtrrirul~-, Ien .tr atitmrr r'i ,i llrrll trn r Lq e i. UliitNAl lit u l a t llid I"e le'ervSr 11 reo i ayllewllt do Iurleait n n pulos tn dllt uet paya cArs oa Diutrndock &'p Ltafunta. 'A' ie Sc In Louulrtntr'--Cutr dli Pretmier Dig I trct Juthcrire--I La esrsiun dSu bient de I'rstelvable yarrt di1d c epell, par la cour, pnur ta blrliru do ie cr e llltr. il eut orbllu it qu'r uo a-. sturnblo .lr der ditu cerdtllciers t deu craelll:i.ers dtr i I),truckt & nli utlti al. litm en I'dtud- de Mr. A, Mazureaur, otalru public, le Veditredli 30 D\AuU roehain, a 10 lieuro-s it rnatin, uait de d dbbdre, sir sici anaircs: t c en tatttendap t, tout plour, pultl .tnt iSuutiruledur. Me. Edwin [. lucwis n t nut.l S tue eor repltterntour cua c ticancier r abants dan cuite ufl'uirr. Per ordre de la cour, re s6 Juinet 139. PI. LE IILANC, dS6p. grelt Ia --lti--l 8 15 22 wnur I.trrntctl cI. (tiln* ne riP rr l ralllli iE ctrli.nU s TTII -t'l L()UISIAN. \-lirp t Judicial Dlsrri.c ud c y.orll fp Ihit trlv o elariemtcr ab Sent ca v h, . A iWilInulrr eurt . rirtlel Itox Antie or caleiS Itob I Jln hi ti A r A li E1139, u ttr Y'cr , .A ,5, ttren nd ter i (t ire tt r trel t tle it ruir- lr olreer i tll t i dwil rire thaiut, ,e -q. 1 n i~ his eldw du t h n e deieerl r lnet e tfre u r s tirrauc ,' lr11:dyillnnteethe, PE t E Ii, o'Nt'o Arp.eleera j ' It.7liRS.i-sA, 4I. New L.ecee Al IjI)--U 0II kep s leli ¶5l ill t 4i 4 pe I or dle b rt Iii eut cr te "ted. PeIt ri.s lt Iht rrle(n'e litnt erctirI, Ele & I'erryq e )uio Ahle Ito'rr I.arn Lp ther eia Ic'r-' Attn ouevral renr, f (;illlltlfe p t or Ine- ui New 'ornh Sluliurnri II, - ult LEICllrlrrdrt p. reler. S)lltI) (; ' IN-G I Ug pipae HollrllS T eII , fino uler t :t 74 Pruvilnur t EJ -or-jtiel( y cG i)lltSlIN jlull In I 1 "I u I.eErect

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