10 Eylül 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 1

10 Eylül 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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P__ce 12, CENTS. NEIW ORLEANS, TUESDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 10, It:4,. VLi,-..-41. 2021. Teres of tle ;:Xeleapnlper Press of New Orlean unaintmuoly agreel toi at an adjourned arlPting of the Iroprielors, hild on the 13thI or March. 18:17. acalteorrtiOo.-'rwelro Doullars for tile daily pa or annuim, payable selmi-uaually in nadvanllce: tell diolars fLr the tri.weekly counlry paper, payable one yewr ii advaone, wbere no cite rtlerence is given. Vive dllllrs for Ithe Weekly; valble ir. nalvalee. No a bot.rilption will be dilentlinued until nrrenrnes nrer mttled. In ease of di eollntinale, e. llte week's lotice id eriftisg lnust o- ivvriab y given, previual to tll Apiration of subecription. Aw RTIeltNO.--{)ln dotllar per meruaen for thle fleet eoxnlebt, amd half thtlt price for each aaellled ter tone: BoI material atllteratn plr:i tle urigilaml alvcrtmmao lell will a charged asn new one. SYgutat.v Avignrlnoli.-.lerchantsi I and "rra ere, rete dollars ftm Inligih alone, ntil eixty for lalth Inn I talath Yanks, Illslrnlst Ol:BHo, and (tIimer si nic Plibhce lnsitlttilon, fifty ddelnr in In~ilih only, anl atghty for both languages; Shlip and teiellltll,;, Fae wer, neIomnlnmieOn nlerclhautl nlaty dollari iu ':nglish aw, a'eighty Ior both aIngnuges. MARRIAUIv, OiITUARY NOTICra, naid artlnirs oll ing the attention lf tle puldli to saleO n' Improperty, erds onf paoeegerr, benfit.t, &c. &r. will Ibe retorg a Bne dollar pet utar for tr t fi0rst inscrtiln ill each Inn CuO;tnaTiaotr, or Advertitemonto, of any person Il nature, whet adlitdible, shall be calrged double, and in adronce. A deduntium of twenty-five percent. will e madole to Auctlonvers, herITl, eeiotqersof Willt,nlld alarshals on gales of real ostate, puilished in laith Inngocareo, sed 0 peor cent. in lmnglish alone: li plet :ent. n1n oins et other property. AmvgRar eaena T o not o tilne direct line oa tinqiteee of the advertiser, snelh ns legal, auition, nld pllinm ion dleo, runanav slaves, nslrvy oniIInlt, &c. t c. will beehhargld for eeloa.atley, and ti t the airdnlilarv rnte. ADralgKTIm earNT no(taie:'ifct n Il, wtine, will Ibe pinlished oae nontht, aod charged laeaorlierly No advertisaemeti o'f bankrupltcio will bm puhlished n any case, onless paid for Irevonils fiin.ertioa, or payment guarnnieed by a rmvpanoible pervOn in tnw. Tl'tres and otiier placns ii, ntlllneUlel , ndvnertisiai" dail .J thle seaonl. toIn I el crged $1i11i for L~glis a lIoe, and $150 in Ib.t I angmauen. All annsauincemntn af cantlini:atý fi.r palitical amleen will be elmrged doulle the price f Olther udvertise Owing toultie ilneise lo nnetotuinncd in neowSnlar prorptietao r, the y have crn e to tlie t :,mt hi:' tha i lIe neand or piersn I t te mielane UttiCOIItletil tien ' nlit within one mnlnltmti alter I)rePntntilnl .tt lhall ! mdillle onw.a (ao f.r its practicablet to llach othr--tev o1li gutting thtiemtlrea not to it Iverti-e or Irint lit sieth del n.eunls unlos in cine Oa aildroece pinmyentra. iignnd) J. U. Iti ,r. S I AM :S iod) J. lAi)IN, .I'. IP. L.A, J. i:. I'ItI.:NIiEItiiAd'F, JtOIIN t;lliOtiN. I1;.1;I)sEN. Weekly Pres.s-We. till,m udersignid, ree. to ahide hby itie above conditions, as far to they are applicable to: wael*l Imperm. (idinned) A. B. LAWIENCE. N. Na sutscriptioo s are token fir tel . itlnl h fi tiontlt. Latter imUnt.ill Ilfate.r, 1Ite fll pid.ll 3trpOlG&TU SPRINGS en igofare tinlltV . A.l .l-.l IIi THREE DA YVS JOURNEY FRO.I NE IV OR.LEANS. I lNHE proprietor rf ths ee t hlishm ,rnt hts the plea l suHre lt'irt n l T IIcin his tlfrienld ltll Iii te lic ia geeall, ti,., he till Ie ill reIaldilI-e.ai thle .rI. dily II May tt receive viitert. lie will als , sate f;r t ie ! t".-e lefiI f u tIlh, .e at a li-lane .l lthat lhre lllari I hllall t arut itnltpretettis alldet, .lulnithlrn now lgoillng oi lllld ill rapid pirertoet ftl rin epletiili, Wicech will enbllith tihe l hIer Iher to accoLnmoate a muchll . rer i uiiilr than heretufil, aid at lihe nllte tinm muh le'ler.r r Fitnilie c n ale l lf iiiiiiilli U ti tl ill g)iiiii trlllil., or e Chore who prefer can have large ctubin enachlld frolll the manii uildiii g.i It i elie en I, nlernPscry Ito iay anytlhin inll rlicill Iar of the character ,I these wv rlsr, lI) it is poellrlrlll \ believed thlat they are not initior ito ilia inil tleMoithI I eundIt -t lt Wterilg Place, will h li f.n at til hil. I e hest til lec that tine plr of iih eiOmtilif'ill sth I. e knearngagell, nllad will be in cont""l.tlenldu ccat tan Lplriiie dnrrilnleii wholtet ll-Reuo. l he eiieeii inl wil ivnil hii lelf if this .pimnrtlllnlt n reullri g hit. alniigned hlla ks foir tih: v r liv r l , o upporlt given him laot ePuaonll.nd hopes hv ther lxer liona that have ieein ,iini in improvii u and exciailngu \ thle ccolllodllaltionst. to merit a leral pr.a. the I p preasnt tea.on. JN1) CILtMi AitLlERY Alttt.-'I lie atiiic is. .. actulera an.d whndesalle deilhr . it sthti r gri, to adehhti. io ,- et i lor.i:r l stok., ac .mieni - site aeorterent i ni i ri 1 their lini, amnig which are tae Ioloh.-,. \tz: ,ldies aso rm-sld e phein a,., quilted sidd! ', a. emtle Ii $;iiinnl 1 it) t,,m d .Io lpt.ania do dto lai A r. d dtit ti-i iigl.ici d c <d Criile do Am'er. and t Ei . rdlcs and bridle l ullirlnnge,llll Iliati d, tratu, and Illlp ined ciil c ll rnei , ' 'll d do d o -gu iel o 1 nikeun d j do do do rcomthe ido I iry,l clnrt and w-agn do "ad" llA blu s, doi b'c airlli nlle; valic.s; it. t" l addle ha t t, Broh lii carpet lh i ; hI. l Irl Iriii- c '. ls.the;r t llail llkt , hras d r lll l m ited; Ie allher inr l ti s I t do, ortuored .icttes and vtI- i)li-"; h.r'!eral n i pistul bel ; conclh, .I, su lke., I tt - i pl nter. rop whlipt watl, u orsi lld, c.t lunit t it , girti liend csurslails; t , r-: l estraps and n rtel r n wer,.; th rn and 'o I. i h n.les; bilad bridles and tliiiesi; Iirh c,,ll. , intent hucklnIr.sieep ull, id iuta l kiiti. ; ,i pm i , brass and trel bridt bits of ev ry dsritp.;r ihill plated, rute aind steel spurs it ovary dl-ac.lpiou;- it plated, brass uand steel stirrupis o every dera.iip lion Tiget.qer with a complete aaortntent iof evenr, a article ito thlc rlineof buiness-a-lliii of which liti, offer Ifor sale oni cclni inuLi tern., i They willl etl ecinrinnt io r ce.ive itrough Il th year, by p ckets Irtu New York, Ihrt-h supplha Is L, keep their stuck ampli and coumle e. KOUI;S, I)AVIDtlN & co, is 15 Canal at 1 NOi 'UtLE Ni. PA ' J R.JOIINSON, tlitie ili IIieivilclre , c P n fend ntiis h practiel' thIe trIlllr t Iof VllliF I Dis=lese, no fll il I lllarmnl lfir sl.l. Dr.l ells unt, Ifroiict idJ e unP oilltc yearsein lion itallls tn Euroll dtevotd to the treltlln io Venereal a) ieases, and from hii prlelsnt l)+ive pennie Ii t lhe HrUiu llru it'Chl of the proloe illll, gml l t ls t safe, steedV and ellicllual cure to such persons its are ttoubled wii stny of the liallowiug disenses, vi t: (Jtlllorrhloe 8. t;le. slilre t l' .l+'tlen, I+'II s rrs, 1 ul j ls, l Slemia.l rIakl nP, .aff'"t tliong-fib oflh d der, Kidneys. I Loina, Urethra, Proitrate siluad, ,welled I e lit ic. Erupt ion"i in the Ski, lrte Throut, ail sauinl in he II Aeid tile ituerousylllpto. it lich generally fdllw ittce ctse.es iture-l in awi on thle dis without tle uee of Memo.r ,r, inllrrruption foroet busuhl s, or ilterl lion in . tiieci -ad it it hm. A tIehiei Iitioeii trein tVen'retl Ditenase 'in he ilh tanedl of ilr.Jobus li it it i fi l te ii l i thel laron Larry, a ,elebrated Iireoch Iurgeon,IUnll we. lced fy hull Lrlli dulrn tte-I.rI caull pin, i n llch eli erved eaitiu rg.ln G erl inthe Fllucth irllla I thol by Dr. Jiohison at ills lice. 'I hote pergc s haling anry aiti tion o Vellucatll ieIlas*, l*, a ltll taking sea voyage-, or trentl viw Io lhe cel untyl, wtol, do well iy giving ilr. Johnson ia tll, as propetr mseh tiacea tr thteir l-re in the .e.trest timre can be put up witlh writtetn direction fi . thuini-e. ).uficeopen from 7 n the morning until t o'clock l at AiIBERNT iW'- DY.PPI01 . .IX['.. ir. bern-t y, thai gierticst of llii' t naremn as wc opinionll th tinin .tenths of the disel.esn thatl allec mankind originate in tihe etutettlh. Thid i-lixtr .os usedi h him with the totst unlree, lldnlte situccess in %ta prilate and public practice for .eiipardi s f ft ryi yancl, for the removal of htefollowhing dlseiltes: Loss ofappetite, FllullencV, Di-tIction of te .¢nh - aeh,Pninn the si ei Ile ivinesof the himit an iieli latiin tioi leel, iri gulnriieiyil el the lIi,.a nulu iull caes where Inttlignti'n our" cualive hbit it juend io Titis medicine nll t lnot ip tc n edi aongir the host of q·nnk nuotruitll now b1,hire the public, as it i tlhe xle invention of lte aildest and mnct scientific nurge-n Europe ver preleedl, acnd thIe secret f llprepling it wichs puicinhad by the a"eiall r it vley Il-pe sln. It is agreeunle atnlntittutni to i he ti-it , acts a, a mild capes ient.alwayn keeps ithe bowls free, imparts vig.l and tretlgt Iii tthe s.yle, Uanit uhe rltinitna) oll nll.ll and l ew hti.nlle riinitnve the censt i'nliruned e iti Il)yp.eapi· r lladigeslion, and piievenit la return at i)ny litle period. p New V. ioK,7th Algust, 1838. :15 ',hndisun.street. etxt:-Iinconteqttenceofleadiug a sedentary life, I have been troubled, it-r e or Imre, with lnligestiton for ten years; i r the lunt three years Invy nmerings have been ltauppl rtable. I have tried severdt iphyiciane, and a nuthberof qenlllck ,lii.ine, llitll tderiing any benefit. i depaiied of ever or- tinnicieully Iermatnec rellel, anI r.iged myself ti tih int c l helt tiiel ec deil,1ir was persuaded bt anilly fileldi in try Aierle atltlV's Dylteptic Elixir. -I have ow finisted the fou hll I.,I wonderflll virtues nnd the ettncle lt'ea pi erlrmedi in teaInriug m mo lihaet henltit eIeitch I. igth tIo-I fur aver. Send tn i h dull a dznen bttllee r a nd exce,, my hinkit er Cute blsesintg you have c n il red by re aitonring nw in pleti t henlth. Iremain vourn J3Col MONROE. S TEXt CNit) rET, - A N AIiR3TR l(T nfilhe uriginal itles of rectrd in It h de general land cflie. Pltr din aIccorace with a rtia on ofidit i the Ioise of tlepreeuntativue, tas. eadm th n ny, 1838. A fns cypies .jit receiv--d aId (or sle i;" AI. 49X 4 nW.%It, aic 49CN i ans ,, !1LMORRIIOIDS. [IAY'S LINIMlENT.--N Fiction.-Thin ex traordinary chemical composition, the result C of science, and the invention m) a celobrated sreditl cd Scal mian, the introdu.at, n of which to the public, ca. -wa nlve-ted witi tile solemrnty of a deathbed 'ia heqiuet, has since gained a reputation nnporalleled, it I oilly sustalinig tlhe eorrectneiss of the lamenoted "* Dr Gridllvy's hlat confvession, that " lie dared not y vdie withlut giving to posterity the btrelt of h;v .in knowledge on this suboject," and he therefli. v Sb equeathed to his fliiendl an attendant, eiaumvo. c.,I uHays, Lithe .oret of his discovery. ti It in now used in the prineilpal hospitals, nd ear tlie private practice in our couatry, first awl lmoS' ;I avrtainlv fi. the atren of the Pales, andl o exatl . I anvely and eh. tuailly as to bahll, credulity, unlessv Ta where its offec.s are witnessed Exterually in th 11y , lilowmeg covnplmints: For Dropsy-Creating extraordinary absorpt. till I- at olccr. aIl All Swellings-Rodecing tlhen in a few hours ias: Rhlernatisam-Acute or Chlrome, giving quilc ,I I- easene. Siar Tlmroot-By Cane-r.a Ulcers or Col is. nt C- roup and Whooping Congh-Extereally, anda " e over the Claest. en I All Bruisen, Sprains, and Blrns--Curing in a wc In few hours. , Sorae and Uleors--Whether fresh or lonvg - in standing, and felvr sores. hiv, Its operations uponp aduilts and childreon in redue 10 tin' rhe........ . .,llina.l'..... , ....il,. . . , ' ,, vv ing rlaoic ewvllings, and loosening coighs aval tin II lightness of tile chest vy oelaxatliaon of' the parts, wci hae, been turprising beyond conae.ptian. 'The 'U eovontroo remnlrk of those whla have uised it in tile Pilee, iv " It acts like a charm." we i TIl E IPI L ES--Tie price, $1 in reounded to any il'r yr person who will uve a bottle ofl Iliy's Linimieall m for the Piles, anld return the lempty bottle wilhou, ll b eing culred. These are tlve p)1ive olrders orf IaL a li oplrietor to the Agents; and vut of many thou. Ie SalnIs sold, inot onie has bveen Unllslluccesal oi W a .:night insertl erllver c r ti i y loengltl, but a ., prefer that hoe whvio sell the article, shol.d l. r lhilvt the erlgiv al tt parch v asvrs. S CAUT'ION-Noii: cail be genuine withlut a lri -aplevldid ular aved wrapper, ov walle!i Is toy v hia 1. [ i ad also that ovt'the Ageats. I I, 10 L110ON-lY r Ays. Sold whvlilesale and retail, by C1O l.'1'O( 'K & Co, Niw York, slid by one Dr-gUet a covery l "o town ill the L ullil. For salo lby !iE .hVl.loslao Avaenla, corner rf re (om eien , el'iioupitouvlav streetl alnd by lhe ' " Alotlecaries ge norilly. i tli v' tilI &CN t v e. N *. VI v, :li',iiave , . I i r, el vitvl l hllaa id l ,rlllin g l h" ltl Iosl ,vII -l l, 1, S ,- tii llll 1i I lnl nla hll ii, i l siock 1|f CI lothnl l i lit , ey i v1, e eV e r ex bl ted 1 n11 Ili s litarlt 1, Inu*ie nII lh I evart ev I' htlh l ldWl e arlil-s : lahill,. ,in, la,,k. l, 1 - l::e .1, 1 i, IIetn l hi.i.w,,, . iro Il a l ive . 11 I lllo enls o l. vI' ilid laIdln ol OVe Ir ck .lhd d S el 'Rte : hell.,'r. thi h..,il and hIrrltehI Irolla k eiIa'I e ltl . vn i li ni - v hi ,d; lhoisv and IHain bllk rnas+n ,re nd lh, , teh t" :,anii0 oIU . en I.hll n ln d fren hll hla,"y n-d l si 1 SI a ind main vid li; real nlew i nikev ,.r eoilfoi ,.; on Lis f frmi v, ' 5.1 ,ll viiiV .l 'ov s 4 l ll lhvi bdkll -; chlla nIe .. a ilk l.we ' nl d nlrln 'l c i i. ' p ndem. huis; rllh n ,i-, nerino, Im.'s ,11 w,,,, e . h fl .. Ollr i l, sv ilk an ti Iisua1 frl iii 0 il lvdiwiri : 1i. t 11111 ld a tel iln h . Ia , with ll n holi , illil 'l lld rll, H Sl; Ivlrv learl nnd i1,,11 in ll , . ik v111r, r Ihrllas ; "' (;v.iI' " - ril I1a i ' I (;,l u ..- ,""" "' t l av tia ul i rtii ,, of vihia i u ii a i1 v dini s, bolvi' lE.; S,rlrefi,,hi silk aad liltneii hIds!: Iniviina I i . .iIr· d I I r e.Ir d .Can. r . i. lit.: s, I, . r.. h, a" w ll , llarilll l.er nlllll ow , nd ll riwi 11111 i v whit"I t h il * elli I I . l. riii iii , . ell agnr a .. ,h ,pound r . , r,s r Ic ",i 11111 h11ied1,l, IhI IiIi I A11 l , . id; and ,lll ilh 1 il ,i., IIlesi I , alll ,, -- o il Iil. , res., , Cli I . i hI ,i .1 i~l d ly lh Ir.,, t ,I. 1":..1 ,',,. , I .~" , ", 1, , I r, . s m . ,iii° l I TI r ll ,. Ir , , 11,111 I ,]. I . e1v 1,,lh" 1 , i e' .i 1, i fo r i le a : .1 va, l I r ,v .,,, , d I ,, ,, " Ir . slKa l ,lll;kri l I _ ,i 11 1 0.- . ,, x 1 ,. l:1 a n ',ir .t i t r51111 r ,I . ,r , (,i " 111 l' . ("1f 11 i .r L , , ". ,I , 1.n r{ w I11',1 I1, tI 1y, I l h, III ,tl \ l 1 I)!,l,.51 l I,, iz, it * l "ll , su l X 1 I l par .i"n2 ,",t 1 . r nu 1 d '~ 1,, , 1 14 Ow x"111 i, 11re. 'l'ay aI' c )\\ els I. P h ie 1ii k I ..ee alnd bi. i d. t., t ,1, ll (n. ord ol r h a.r ,,, wih rt. >-ub+.se - l (it I hl l.r.l. htu+ ," hlo n s. lrt every inil nrlsel LI,, h1,1t eveyl it llru1m nltf J 5 11 ."P l e su . 0.1 tait l at N 1. 953 0C -,r1 . ." h ull s,. I riee '1. iJ 1 ' : .. . .... ..· . ()I~ .l .......` FIrom Mtobile (ltnbinllm) to Au.it ttil 'ti)..j IAw I EKAVI;. N Mobtleeveq uthller dn1lr, inane.~.iniclfel lre U thA rrvi.; ti'hi m. A l 'rollw l ire i )rleAi Sl i elr the scbIlolllllllal| .Kw Ltiv, to ItI:kely. Eolndll IIrs Peln c ·cl. . tWlhlAllllilliiallI I I'yii ), tr r II Itek . A! i iA.lAAA llllll c IIi lA- Ih vi. l :lriiull.S, CitrillAt : s1: eh (i.ii ill.'AeIrIi l oi ll hS .I. iii iii) Ililllln i Illll l'tolliC A IIh k nllli .llu :u t 1111 l ; . Iliiu .iilil, nilAu iisin. IA Witsle I e Atak I NTI h i lpiii t1 ib iiiiil 14 d h gllu e oi I h rII ' I(lll 1A11 i r lr si .4 he tl siri'iini* by r tIi r ii onlirtirlK inler.sl, as'e FIOI Ih l I oIIat Augus| lUhi, tim e I'l w'rll I'YHThrIo T IIa weit uI III JU IIII~ (Cllll ·(·ll (;I It l'lSO~ Il~Nt. lll I1|11% tl||)rlral:lr .11|1. U i nl iclli lh oclullr. The lrelt Newll ll OrUW (II'lllllts I\il i' Ir lllg A.lE La thilti ll1 . The Alell nt.e Ii cenll . ll lli Ii" CioAnl TeaA, SondiriiulrlritAerl 1le kintsui~erpitl' I' Otle ls iothser un.lllllry*L o Iai,'r lr . Isl .l d I. I 1 T'iti sIooth, Iritlltl, ntinllIk rom at, Ae A lind ilel Al ct.FiAgrrrterlttiatA-SSitheltiignl usuleacomoatol itllli ttrl iiileliro rhee , Ieriuilit, we1 I are l Aul e i-rI ingl ,variety connected als at er w~li. th the lRail lRoad be: C~haurhstoin, 5. I. ai,,d the aleu,, packets In New Viark. th I'OIiit l.lAt4lirovcrwIe, IoIHiehAtr, wIA SIIVe I Irll'Ii ILine . in Qi ainlc¥~ Tal l "l tensse.e, toi !t .11.,ks, 4 ho"r post coalchesl alsoil twoV lllanclhes 'Iolii llwi lnstill. l iAone tS lillhdlgeiille, ali oii to iracoA , li h wi hA •At oaches. STOCK I' O( 5 4 c,. & Al: rs, u h .I jar. ,1835." Olmcel t MAlnsioll IousAt robile _3k hl)itunAi, eiw Orle ns to Moi ile, Iill nilt w i .lheoile t AlgAstll, 54t I Ir I AIigiut to Cllrllestrol I:S.l Al S (hal'lestoll to iew YniioAk, 95JIl- ItI , Ti ne, Nw OUrlelAn to elnbhie, I hiiollret Sllhile to Ai.gutls , u 2 ur , A ulitta i Cl-h 'lr'inu, AChlhsletlon to Neiw Yok, ii- '58 liking iL iilei hler daly. or 7 milus lrer l.l , inchl sire of di ~ lelihtniiesi. ii ov Iie N. II. I lgl· h.l.ivc tl ihflrm the pliii hAll Ih Aiuilurug ,lllreI I reF (.llrll ll I Willll h 11 ti II:*l',l I "IIl) J enlh'Sill IliAC 'I'YIFIII;I.A. i riS l eii NI lSlt. It I Fl"~t' Aii re · Iht al, lll l Ihen ml ee ) lie ii I enI' i ll I illol. ll spe hly vrlol. l{ll !allv* .'h1'L Ily t e I-lel,; unil.t i I, itlle h Iesueetleiiiglfriri 1heeelete( Pene lli-e'ii'ce' A~ol h , riivers'deih aeofe thiir2- i. sesrla o . t ehr r illU fiom ni l llh . . (l, ll lit e Ih4. I ii llni l . i "tll l i I w uh ' Il 'p is I l l r h Iii s. I1, 11, sri . l i (Ioiliri hAIve1nig henrie' ird..I IiA II,2rile. IC. IiAINI & ....Lt·'i* ~ l..... ' II).... . . ..·......1.-. ~. \-.... . .. J I \11.:I '<,( li.T'l .I;LL andl ohllir NO)Vill.'I· E. ('llrle I rrl l t I er er Il hieleln J. riiei ii. ('ihavelh , rll" the In I t Honor.l h IvI i111 11+ S I tU •llevI el le i i or |he Wi.i ilA op i lijiulr, r h WE 1 v,. il "i II t I.,rlI ii lrlluhllllu iv lkf le i rie lrli* (: lr,r.tu i vr l , i I ii t ui c :.l klri llll r ii rl l S l le oll l le i ilne l of I ii"luurlu tIhe r hidui'i Arlile. iiiil~A Ii Iijill m Niuliheih . ' uIh i l l le. 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Itth, ef Ur TI y hi ' I lltl' Vr rll'lhlli- rIl It · , h ruu 1'lfll lyUrd itl'ore hlot ris11th t hirll ,,ttie she+ Wl.4 ],rfectly rett.o*ed to iteP. tlens+e Uf hel 'I'111,- lroll .u 41 r 11, rllgl.,ll + V .Ir Wll re'a . wo ilirufelhll in thI, 421 Ri. al . tI tI, W-~r "trul k dea[if ml11 fIl llle in- of l.Wterloo nlld h1 mrelllcIn n er·1 (1 1('. A1 'hr, ,'I use |o1o e I Dtlls of" l ( lts " t',e os111 1un h l W,1 o ,rf |y 11rurl. ..Irf~ of'nn i.ri .1".lll1.r x . I t,, ll a111 be~et, 14 veers depriv d o 1 hn -iri]+n It,)111 rilpZ W l., fissie l1ral.,l lby l+. g i n ...Noes. 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Smlall IPo in llte rdil,, a iinst, fite dgll.:r. All capital surgical poprationaestra. The '1rsidtenit pkaiial 8 i l Weddemrtlan, lo whl. 1 pplialtun ~our aillliaielusn Illml be alltl. rtt hr ( A L lllberg No I IRamipart street. apill Iv IP XC1ANGE nr r:cinnlti atrihl, hler saley I le n'.l A TA I Il,3 18 b *8.l "TilE TIIUE RICHES OF LIFE Is IfEAITI' \ 51 th ,VEETABLE e I, IVET KNuW tIt hat alth and tle abilily to labor, 1o1nstit11ltes ti welllh Iof t11 hs great llss ol Ith prlopl l0 lIo tol, 'Il in ll Lt other cun.- y l iricn. 'Io pI.e .rve. Iher,.ftihr,. flit health by ntloi I - rai non isa gg gi. nllllralO :nd p lille scheme ll v to; fulfil which, ruqlirel nn utll st attell iln- of 'rthl llumprecedentl plpulariltvlly l lversal Ip. • lplrolbsti n which this mrdiine as achievl c. throughout the Unlted StitI", tic 17nm:*i1|9, Txas, Ilxllel, Ilnd the IgVLW I kl.., lillv jotily Dlr.I P.tterg' in warrly and e.n,: ti,.nly reme. . t. it A*. them It the special -o,,lice st ,h- af;thtletd. I , Peters' Ver'gotll'le PI 0s.lre to larL-t, Il sIl free g t:ll nId lomllll lllll rellm dlly it' llils of llmn e hkIIIII Ill CIn.Iltutl , tllilt II i nver libeln discovered. ir. P'eter', the iinlvn t of ljis i Ivaluablg m inli. cigo, froIt. in konl l''1ge of gIge uman system,n N I i l11 k rll l ggigl gg i I kll01 i ,'0, . 'Ir gl ' tlg l1 oggodl o t ll. , derive! from I long , id extensive practiceg, hal arriveI Igl I i.s cmel3cl:, tILt tillm, great and ri. Iary cusells, ..I, . diealesl is a d rino1eriol inl o , the Iia tetis of the liver, or ii iloller words aln in. 1 : l cn:l .l or llallilini gl iil l r tion Iof the ile. Filonr. l gi 0h11,1- dentugig , t'Itt it isr.ynC . l fit gggr egi ..al tiI nll. t 1 0 h1111i 1 g ogl lr i,'' lnll rll i. glllllgr Inn S Ihe stoli. e s. O l thl , in ril h, dl, wc .e, IIh" l, i "w I , n ryI ectlle. p, rllo rll t. 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"n ing with diffurenrt v."gmtal a lledi l!, I;lit discuilses i. f ol' lle Ihver; and ilnw offers hlis Vegetable P I1 , " Ias the ll, Inost onvenoell otll and clll hel, es.t medi. cl.s thnt c ll hiiil prepareld ilr general usu. Dr. Peters Att er Ililmnsll'that his long ex eri. . mentigil with vOegetable Ildii:nei hIas n.o bled himl Sto discover I.sea truan d onlyulillillt anlswerinllg e it ,all the pirplose e' mercuriI s without ally of their 1 title d t ll!evils. One great qll lily f Ili vegetO..Il II pills is that they have tile alterative priiclpl con. L ' billed with lleir calialrlic, or operalivu qu1 l lies, L so Lth1 they not only0 claoillnse tIke lstolilC1a anld i bweln by pulrging, but they regulate the liter, chan e the molrbid secretions, ltreLgtheil the dlllustive orlians, IIlrfy Ihe b!lillo , invigoratel the erclllllatiln, an kive muu land energy to llo iler.. ulCa nlylllllll lO. I 'Ty.liy0 "" mlild and plrs:mat in their O3r01i'in iiiand c ovey llogtl imnediath.e cUniCliIioln ultheg,: Sutiilty fkrm Ihe filat rdone. '"'..:,v cII 0 Iake w1iL11 ..ti; ty ky persils fi ail y Lg" ; ailld tlhe Ie!'.,', the ilfir.nl, thk I.l rvou . .lid til. delicate, stlrogllll llllo I by tllir opl r tlion, b,': lseU tlhey clear thle systelI t Ild hullmtrs, lg 1I 0r IIet Ius 1rritl bhllhy, a,,1 l i0r1 blly prolluce lgs .,i .0e I th. I The Veglltlt,' PIi are a sure rlIg nlI:y bg Juin. dice, sack aoda l evoui leadache, dI epa ,-la, t vl. tls , eicklessI ol'l ~ I to icl h, he irilllll , ill lhI usl I , c mpl a, t illl o Ilver of all kI.lds, ii, if takeIln At II Scommneeulntl will llvlriably ,'.leck tlhle pro. gross, id sve the pat.elltlt fro tlll prolrlacted olld dangerollaslckneos. 'Illy ire iilvallhlbe ill ter 1 I vu Is and lIypocClCnriein aolecCoIg o a- of up;oo. . tit ,. nlld I Il o pla.lilIllo whlic;i femal esllls i ti 1 h subjec. ToIey opllerate ia nilld ulli llSped purg1 e I and liae sa110e i crd Cr.ll lelllmlly fir w0rms iI v llldren. n.o : ce I llove inlrodlce my Vegetabl. PI'll, to s Ithe l u Ile Il vo received lIlilumiolls certlfictlle i of t eir eupurir inlic.alc i hn crinCg dleases, a o., I i Iggmany lett1ers ,roin respctl iC physlcian., whillo lhave used them in tllelr prlctlice wibt the bekst tituc cess. S I llllmght publllliish a lsmall volllue a.f c!lifi;catlls bul coonid. r it o inen.sury. ie the mirdic1i,' . il. rCCollllnl lll ItIellto IIll whI wi I 1,ki o tri;i al of t. 1a1 'lhCe ai.ouve pils are Il bluxes , CUutaingli Ii( ,10 pill CL elch. Price, 511 cenil p r box, Druggiss and counltry lrerllints cano e sup. plird, at wholesa it or retail, fit Dr Peters' prula 5. II ,.;e, no. 65 I'vydIlra.trot, between iaga.i.rCe I- I lladl (LmI111 lnls. New Or~alIIa ALSO for sole by (h . N. Mor'ino &' Co II Ca(lalstruct: PP Illi, drnagivt I!1 old Lv,,,.., for hItweentI e le two IlilrketsI : Mr. It., ,".i re ,lruggit, at i ' Ihaohingtlo ilark.l, . CJ i F. 1d1ii1. dlu. gl.t, co.lrller l I' C iil & U.nIIrborf ,testCsr : G A oIa IIRe, d & (.o, drullgeIt. reIICr or f ICIIII IIoiIl.dn & .e G1lel t!rent 1 J Risln,, druglglt, LIityeiuncity. r, .1116 ALLIGAItIt1 LINE. M,itile it Aaigett, vi, FI~.ridci. c "-.* Leavas Mahih, I' uedayn . Tatur.-. , . ' days. and Stturdays, per t si ; = p edld staonmer I:haempto. , (ex. ccipt in coas of t i rlln,) tlo PI saeol ; thence per lmaamer Le Roy to Lia Grange, and the coIonr t .urie post coacirs viea Mariian.t, Bainbridlge, Pim.t lerion, Berrien, O(lataI's. a d Perry, to M;acon, G i; the,,ceu via lMilledgevilr, andl Sparta, in War rentni, Ihea ce per rail road ears to Augusta. Tile Chamltp.nl n in eplendid rtler, with tnew o pper bill rns, cilppred ac ppr fastened. The in Roy hal been thor,,ughly repaired, her Accornllllnationl are as lanldsonllit a ;ny be . "'the b in ieul Santa Rola nound, and Cancta. atchli" B.i prei.ent thie olst nierreatig ste.am nn . vigatia inl tiie Souta--,eng at tihe saaUnt aie paIrlhctly land Ilo.keld. . ' T. 'eaI are ni tairiani.s d nn any ',nt an tmhe e U;nIry ; tile dlivers, to a llian, cardUIl an Iattell The lridlges heretatlre dalnerous htave b emi newly tmit, co thiat high w ,niateis da not at ,ir ere a Theratin.tglihoies have inei , siily cntaingaad, and are now asc g,,,d as n any rto .da ilo aSeath.i It is generaliy klnoan thiatn lhe et ll.:anet and hardness ofl 1e ro dn d lli enabl thIe L, lllie t ialll eea- I aots ao natakn groat cpeeal latter satnahiia en ce. calre the l aveloter froan the urdall ry latlg oll f st cgn travelling. '' Line is now c rrying its p Isi.atngr frovi Augusta to MoJbll ta tnlar dtays iat twelv a hour , or io N w Orleas in Iour dl.l)ayi a twnIlty ahtars. (;lot g to Augus.h, It hle l s .ix dti-ae idicveatl I.all re. ''ai titn atuiilly remppliyed Itr.ilvIIelg as tlne c tea as i tile Ut:.r dir eltull , iat the ddiir|neit of in tuitn the tla t i, is .a tied bly a day tintlg lts in Peslidouila, w .:ll. how ver, is a ll repaid by thle op ortanity It give ,ina eell g tile N.avy Yard, ti ou:d Sp.ataiish rens, etc. T'leo tra.vel r alsoi t rImL at .l.acon, I anigalll at i\ ar tenton. Tnis arrangeament will ttw cinell. the travel turnas northw.ard, whe.n th inc will bae tle t Iae fromt Mobile to Augusta, as it is n rw iin thle Sother directlion. This Aivertliement eontins a plain n ite st ameln of 1'cte, lthe ncelraey ui whelct tih i propritoral gaura' tte e t each passulger in the penalty of his Ssalage far . Maps of'the Line may be seen at the Ex hang., Ii,.tel, N. wa irlcnus, and at thnt Maasioe Ieuee, Mobiln. S Iare tihrolgh from Mbl:ile to Aulntast, $47 50 T'a tlnto exltleni, Iaa.c atnrchrll tal 'Tili-asInen. 4L CUL.tallll-ouetini, t e lill elltllt with thell stieamboat carrying the lail to Ipa achiecola ain ,t. Juselh'is. ailines at tie Matnmn tba-an. Mln) li. m17? :Oi LNIt\ICl, Ageit, Motile. e aa In.il A t. i a31Grvier ist Siii PRli; ,Ivt';-It rer e. : cup it r Saric.e of lif inpiesevers at lhr it .za:,r, n_12 f i ai f AL I..t L 1E--tot nll-ask-P I'Ih - tiatl I.le, lanii eaig fro., "1 nt 1a 3a l' rViln.'a ( L: --.ItaNt 1t-tiii aacnam,,+ tinr.,abe bt . amar r7 tI +i 1aIt. it \ aIV' l\Z\a,7ahaik tlin ai ..Itl at , d.ti/..E ta-n, - t enl i taa.taattc. bq 1 .Solled brald,, fir taie ba ol c aI tata. ia r: -' 1:i1 t ,na.,iarr • IItaI i..'N--I.l.-Il.. b tan lint ciai nie ,,t Vn-itaksaurgfursale by .i IIt-It. j AltthIeIN' s s5'I'.IVI OINIMENT-' 'I T e gruct celh.rie nrf thit ullrlvt led (: un. potititt , espteciclly i tlhe Netorlter l Sitter. leav e the ptrtpattor ibut I title Iue l o tnay ally tliitt ill is I.vJsvr; Ier It hlt beet ener.ly cotncedttd to it, itha it iteyteieii c.etompaeietu tie st remtedy ip eo t ext trl et tomplainti thiet ht ever itt-tn litco. " vernd. 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