12 Eylül 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2

12 Eylül 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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*Urý i1. 4k n C ibce of Clmmerce. OFFICERS FOR THE TROR 1839. Preslient, S. J. Petere. Pirt Vice Presildet, W. I.. Hndgcn, ieoq. ecend e In. Jno. A. Mlte, EIeq. Ccmiwsiuec of Appeals Ic, J839. 'mes(,lick, Jells I. Leverieh, 11. C. 'nmmock, Abijeli Fisk, P.O. ?4crho Stnmell '(leen ps., Comeilfre of Arbitraion Jr the mInt of May. John Hedllostla, Jokhn C. II ,,rieOO, 54. WV. Huntingtone, 'Villiesn Hlopkine, Eoekh Ikyde..Jr. P. A. (lardy. Joachim Kohn. Malgl Regflatnom. The Great Ees.tra Mail is celat every t lay at 10 o'lCakck A. M. Is dAht ever).lay at ,I P'.M. LThe Lke Mail (via Covlnton, aI.n.) i. atlosed eery Monday, Wednesdynv nald Friday, at 1 o'clek, A. .,. Is due every T'uesdad , Thursday,. anld Saturday, at 51 P. it. The Ltailpille or Ricer Mail is cloaed every Man day, Wednesday, anl ,atardav, at 3 P. AM. I. sent andlrearnedl hy atramboata. Arrives irregularly three times a week. The Bapeu Sera or Coanst fail is closed ever, Tuesday aml Friday, at 8 P N. LIt set atal rturnaed Tb . Alean driea at Red River Mail is sent-tregu hrlv by stesalnmhoats twice a week. LOuasVILL ona RIVER MaIL. Monday, VWednteslay and Close at 8 o'clock,P. M. Maturday, CoasT MAtt.. turety, and CIaosest 8o'clock.P IM. CARROLLTON HOTEL. and the public lh general, that he htas taken the NoIrl at Caeult.lm, "where hae Instat l, will receive Ihe ealls of his aod frietnds and all Ilaver of ea, heeht r. Privtle .prtiirs. will he henndsot.ly provided far by •.iin'g a little notice befatehand. Ile is willing ta enter into arrp etments with families or individuals desasus etpaeiang the suanier at t.rolllatn. 1120 NIOTICE. J~re Arraagenent tio comence 1st Augirt 1839. NEW .ORLEANS & CARROLLTON RAILROAD umws Aaaalauoazaxs rea ytsa WEEK tAYs. Pram C eraollton. I FoNeon w Orleans. te Cett 4 o'clock, -A. M. oe Cai at o'clock, A.M 'ssles~5i ve 6 acomStative 7 a w O a 18. a1 " P.M : ' P.M 31'" " r 4 " t " 5 " " y 9 tRANEMENT FOR SUNDAYMO Y" hes arwill leae at the same hours ae in the week days Uetal I o'clock, e ,. M. wen a Locomotive will IeaveCnarrolltat e51ey hour.uatil8 o'clock, P. . and New Orleans every hour utllM9 O'elo|k, p. M. l*ertI0o'aelckatboreeanrcan heotaiatd byspayil.5dal. l5elkrthe Trip; ifesalled for after I o'clocek, P.t. t10 del tar will he charued. Pemosgoiaag by the Steam Car must provide themselves .tIth TLtket.s te onteu..tor has positice directtons notto reesive money in lieA thereaof. SFor the accoodaton of persons visiting Carrollton. in th D S o'teok rla, and who may not wiah to remarn there u I IS o'clocak the ear that hasa heretofore lea Carrollto. at 6 e. , Willretmaii until 61 o'eloek, thereby allowing them an hourtoealny the pleasalt walks ia onu ot the most toea*tEl Gardse, in sa United States. "uTHE JACKSON AND LACOUItSE S'TREETCAR. Leavefthe heand of Jaekson street at6 o'clock, A..I., Canal ntret at ft o'etk, nql ruat horly. At 8 o'elock tthe will ommenee to leae ease and every hall hour, until 8 oe cloak, P. M.,xeaeptig that insteadl o leavlna Canal streetat .j o' eloek, the ear will leave there at 9 ocieck P.M. g'It is partctelarly requested that gentlemnen will.not pat their feet upon the cushiona, or smoke n the cars, wlleu .Ladies are present. OdteeNew Orlealns and Carrollton Rail Read Companey, JOHIN IIAMPaON, Julay 26th 1839. Chief Eg. N. O C. R NEW ORLtANS CANAL AND IBANKING CO, IHE Iron rateamboat Rebecca will leave tihe lBasin lat the head of the New Canal, every day, (except Mondays) tfor te I.nlake, an follows: Depart at 5 A. S. Return at 0 A. Ml. I1) A. M. " 2 I P.M". 2"P.M . 4 P.M. " 51 .N1. 9 P. . And on SIONDAYS: Depart at 10 A. N1. Iturn nt'121 P.M. l 291I. M. 4 t I'.. 51 'p.M. 9i P.lM. may 28 Il. CIEWV, Caslh. Ane A rraageme.t. NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD. The Lmnoe tive will run to the Great Prairie; cul-,. mencing on the 95th insta. as follow:- wEIK DAYs. Departure, Iletaurn. 8 A.O. j 0 A. . 4 '.- . 1'. i. SUNDaY. an La Btraaehc' Blavou.. to-La Branclsra 6 A 1 9 A t 12 AM 2 2 P1M toLallranches -4 1' A 8 P AI JAMES 11. CALDWV EI.L, augtst 2Ith,1.39 Preecdent. Ilnlcsl Dales. Chu r, Prp j .. :5IWashington Sipt'....f ew Yeaor, do'o . 2..... Cin.oinnaati do .......... ThIIor.dtpl do . I Philedelpbf· d ............3 Louisville, Ino .......... 4(altimere to .......3ISt. Louie, to ......... "Savaoneh, do .......... 5 Liverlpoot July ...... U 1..., (Tex..) Jaly.:.. 31 Paris In .........; etat. PaSpt ...d..... 2 Lo.uI,, do ..........1 Nashville, Aug...........31 Iavre Ju..........2 PORI't OF NEW ORLEANS. CL.EAI1ANCES.f - Sept 10, (039 Ship Lo.intilh.,Allon, No.w ork, S, & J l' AA hitn chr Atraealtr, ~l.odG.at.vwOI,, Ms * chr L.ouisiana, .Ald: lMa.taor.d, Bryan, Auelin & C *;,he C.oeeo.A,,,a.., Hnmato, A Coplevil. `..leap oSay Jack.l'.)ol, t'lle,,00lo, Mlate ~~~oh, ~ ~ ~ Set II,. loll H.o. t.th. lchr Ilern Lnlnli-, Ma'nn' , Waste~l ARIIIIVALS. 0110t l. IctO. SlSrcanlrr (:ancFF·. IIh,, loop, f Vi. kslugl II~l1, '639 rIrllmrr Miliana It nosc. Sullrck. fm Bn nu al~.rr Spaes TeI e, CI..uuviu, fm 0 notolldcle exI'oO~t'o. SA YVNA. Porr tr Ilero..Corgt Olhterpoak; 5011 ,1, loot 4W dIn. On. J'ROVIIENCE..Ite ..hr Iao,,h..ttar, tIll h.loa co.ttw 340 hatlt. .tlao.fi4 ,Lsack eOarn .N a rirrttfom settao ad t.. tly,,qu ..,1an import. - I0ECEIIf't'I H' tIIOIIIUCO:. HRp... Sara-Ptetrar r,.r I.tato u0tlo. Cl..rgp, N I.'t rot. dilOn Fitdlay A. co,4 doA It.rdnux ,oro,CG do GA Lee, 6 dIlo Rounder, Micallnn a Wtiiht. it do A L.Edaux or co - Nnltohtobhe,-Proortlret, Tt.Io..ta:orn .18,0 hatre rot,,.. Lambrth S TIhotpaon, A I. to Blair & r.lorlel. 44,1.,. A 1.0 dol.aI e ,l douBurke., Woat o. 51 tlo J II'I,,ljhiu 4 co. PASISENGERS * Per ttoamerel' tn Rltage-I PaLd... C Me.., D S ontor. Aaalwl I. Reypoldt., ': r C Oio.n.8 W lonter. J F tremra. J Roes, Breton, Sloan. Lettou. J 4: Dollelhall?.A Y Cochn,nll H W * rulrl.G W Camb, JP Randolph, Priratly, C Vtll.t and lady. )lora. DROWN dOAP-3011 boteat blrown toap,fr eal.lby D 3 03 &J I' VHI'l'NE)',p3C..p at B13.ANK lHtKS-AC invoice of oat cire toal, Iol .U itu , dkmtm a,.d tap Ilank l.inks of superior uaality,joist roeeived ,tud oar taleb JIB A 'I'OWAVAO,,49 ,Comp at 0AVANA 3W1V1.l'3JEA'TA.-5F t.oes is store, frroar .ov A 'PIER, may I _ 34 (ravierst FN 4ESH OALA (IA RA1S1NS-j01ll.,aoe itt otore Par tale 1.3 A TIllER, Maiy 15 34 (.tauto r B ACON 4lIlJ1,S-IIlI taoks aoporiorCinocutaoi Co. red, in store for sole bly j6 G 1)ORSFE., 4dI Ne Lrere I HISKitY -7a4irldigOl I, toot Sol, io ly nty ad (. f)OIISE Y,41 New Lervee. GAU lRS-o56 1,IIo Clarioiedad tun l,,aft ra, forsatle by IlMOtltoENNE, B ROWN &Co, June 0-9 No9Conti ot (ARM-60 ar rostpetior qlnltry. landliag and f; F sale lb S2 &J ' WHIIIINEY, a25 73tC ,C.pet ESJ POR1K- 1f: hlo lalndig froam slaer, bunt .1% United Stare, l.r I.le n lv _7 A_ ThIOI1 l4(iraaior t }ýUTTEIC-Gsin, h 1.1.01 Wester0,, in a o, for foie by B j6 '. D)UItiI. 41 Nowa Iawto DIUtSblrI(l't-.t bores 14. L-,vell o,.tlltano,5 Fhales4-ltawill.d L.owaell cortl.on, 3 oroce buckskit Stripes, landinlg from phi t St Louisi, far wile by ttt9 I I( I G F &t I.1 131 Magiarne ot UOLRK.-425 Ill .ls raner, and do. prior, at lit. iaojpro ektrbohr oole y Joaft 21 G HORSEY,' 41 New Lever. HOtA OS-O* 0010, trot aah CIara, fot .le toy. j ,S & JPI' WHITNEY, 73 Coarp at UUANIDY o WINO. IE-3.If andl 6 air knprk tron. dly, 4 qr coh blr'. n Shearry Wineo 36 boxepoarsl dlodusuperllor eqou.ity for plrle r S & J 1' WHITNEY. maey 73t'aaplla t C"EGAR'TOiiCCO 'nllaxoo. Fr ol,. hr true 2 34 G~rnvier e W I b1) tIlL & Spiri,. 1. TnttyanlO0,0 t..upply Uof"I'ieord Oil it.pipro rod b~arrels-40 Ilirela Spirits ot I urpoatine, for ale Irh JARVIS B& ANDRlIWp, July Gilt Corner ,,f tmno.atott & Tlchopitoaalao ott (J'AITOIU tJ'l -Rorojood Fly thtt tafjat'ijf 6r .YItettotrelec a ter ilforaeIesI,. for ca.Ih By II IFONNAIEL, Drt it 1311. acoat, N,,rcha an I olrlait £I(ORN-lSllOlSrIaosrl1 molirfr.ttwn flattroatod loe r ole ly ,,t3 A TIlER 34 (:atoetr st V n~ trorotr~alotg,.oaa.nsroreniofo ma,,er sot~okr ofroatoat llllltttt Ljt,.'t lrll'~n oTt qlttlly.~r EIK~ " t Ofvariuus palt.lrms s linen Shirts of fine qualitiy. GlOSS~IP & e~, mIB F.111,otgo lnt~et.,St CIsroIot drles rret t, atflew ,dro fralo Catal so; paeererioa Rleaitna at'tatrlt. Apply... t0)YI.E 4. IAV L"I4 NNY It.1l:J-SIItN 2 and It 2011,1 : os1 b inePt 7th. 391 (',nltnum~n. car bluelzin. ors, ll A Poter mr-1, I. t. D~l("FY , tp - ,Ola J,,,o I ta , 'I.E 'I'RUE AMERICAN. FAlgTtRAl. AND BOLD,. Official Jatrcaal of thpe 2ki jRunifpalitp. PUBLISHED Daily, Trl-Weekly & WVeekly. S1EW ' OR LEAN .M THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1839. REPOkT OF CHARITY IIOSPITAI.-(Yesterday, Ilth Sept,)..15 andlmited; II of yellow fever; 4 deaths up lto o'clock, P. M. A great dinner has been given to Henry Clay at the , White Sulphur SpringS. Mr. Clny is so very unpopu larthat th Ie people in as tmn ut at every place v which he passes, ansd prevent lim journeying quietly homewards, until they sqlleeze hia hand, and fill hilm with gnood eating aln drinking. So suspicious re tlhe people of him, that when they hear ith lhe is going to arrive at their tons, tbhey flock in minr to escort him in, and when hel is albout dieprting, they again follow him in nmass to sec that I line stole nlothing. They generally find, Ihoaevir, ltht all le lhas taken, is their herart. Three northern umails arrived yesterday-dates from New Yorklto the 2d eplt, in the evening, inclusive. The papers are barren of interest. A sale of $100,00 N.. Y. and Erie Rail Road stock, was sold in New York, 2nd Sept., hearing interest at79, y 78J,78 and 77). Tihe tlek reidremaide ill 159;soldrl.3 cash, balance at 60 and 90 tlnys. Dr. Dyott, convicted of swindling, ihe been senten ced to three years inmplisolnmeit in the eastern penitei. tiary, Penn. CA tno, Moulh oI Ohio, Aug. 8th, 1839. Dear Gibson-H-ere we are at loat,-tho' not our ulti Sma thule-at least our Aialantie. The vexation of low water we experienced almost every five or ten miles, af ter wet left Memphis. Bit perhaps a series of such low stages of water in these rivers, as that experienced last year, will be for the ultimate good of the community. for it will be proved beyond a doubt, ino that case, that rail toads are theeinly dependanceon which this great country ought to rest, in its trade, intercourse&c. The Ohio lihs scarcely 25 inches on its innumerable bars, and the prospect is almost certain, that it will bhe totally un navigable for the next two months. The, Mississippi above lha mouth is nearly as bad, and it is doubtfil whether we can cony up 71 feet. While I write i heavy storm is blowing from the N. E. wIith a vigorous coolness, that is not very agreeable to my feelings, southernized as they are. SCairo is quite a place. It numbers some 30 or 40 houses: has a bank, and wa!l be, in time a perfect d hke town. I ahall drop you a line next from St. Louis. IMy inten tion is to go to Peoria, and thence to Terre Haute, In. I will write you all tile newt, interesling nmttein, 4'c. M.I Dt. 'The woollen pavements in New York appear to give entire, satisfaction. The cry now is, give os all wooden povelments. It is ploposed to pave Broadway from the lower part upwards in this manser. Qur importsfrom Ilayti last year atnotunted to $1,275, 762, exceeding any country except Russia, British West Indies and Col lathli. Or domestic exports exo needed either Russia, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Denmark Portugal, Prussia, Sicily, Greece, Columbia and China. The number of Rail Road Companienchartered in the stale of New York is 113, ofwhich 41 were chartered in 1836. The whole amount of capital authorized $54, 734,5C0. The eredit of the state inas been granted for $3,800,000. But few, however, have as yet gone into operation. Bretlher VWellington, editor of the Choarleston Courier, who has been for some years travelling in Europe, lte ly malrried one of his daugllhtrs to thle son of one of the Admirals of the British Navy. Wellington is a yankee. I he fate of theslaves caplltred on I onrd the piraRn schooner Armistead in exciting a great deal ointerest in the North; they have been taken and imprisoned as pirates.. There ree 38 of them now alive, besides tile leader. They ar, in c miserable condition with wol len feet, starved into skeletons. An indictmrent has been four l agalng t them and they are to be tried at tilhe next court t Hlrtlfrd. The question nrises whether they can or should be tried for piincy. The New York lHerald onys-" About the 141th of Mayv all these slaves, will, ev,.rl othlers, were stole, behvweer Niova Redonda andl old Beongoeln, on Ih coastr of Africa. They were lshippedl in a Itltimore tIilt clipper, eail to have bero furnished with Atleriean c r regiaters, througlh son, eonnivance.eo the part of the Americon CoInsulate at lHlwan. 'Tehey reached lHavana in alhot four weeks fronm the time of loeaving Africa; andl i nltor ten dos efter wards, 49 of then were prrllnced bvl Don Joe R.iz, at IHavanan, wllho intended to take the'" to his plantrtiha. mrsr GOansja, Puerto l'rinciepe, slanhd of Cuba, about 300 inille lfrnin lovnn," AIolt tile alnte time. Ih Pedro Montez bought four slaves (children, 3 girls an o a by) froot tilhe ooe lot. All thrse blacko witltheir owners, were lihipped on hoardl he L'Amii. tead, It Hlnvnn, ,n rtle dh oll t Jne last, to he tnake to pr.ojn. The only persons n Ilonard tne vessel, he. side tllese, were (i1apti. IRanon Flces. twio whie stilorr and two lmulaltoes, one a eook, (mardered.) one a ecabin lon; now in the schooner ol r sipeaks Afri cn and Spa lienh. Stclh were th paseroers the cargo was aolI mixed oatire, il.ciuding n la lerg stork ine niee previs ies. bOn lhielt v dlao nt,t wIoen IIIIotII oeven eloelois.r Illt itigrioe rnie is th s o lcapni na l n ido. iIadtI gt tin s siohn ,ril lihe ve-I.l: ilhv killeId l Ito ,lain oI hlis ,ook: I le on; on.hn was s. mn' vhe Iwo .ulito .aihon ocll in the n.lttholr's final the liven of In lic nll IMlllllte. the IWo ltai.tgllert e et mnteor iti i sr avt wlire nial, Pavedll: hbt illn the rcttlll tol litllr, tOlrilnr got two or 1T e oe lsevere lill. Thile blaeks then told Monter to steer for Ihe coee, of Africa. lie cootrived, Ihotever, to run lhe vessel on to this croast, and he slaves lrve tlllhr hee taken nlld illprillnedl. rure are tihe lacts of the whole lf-,ir, arin alnI simple andil upllot these their Inate is ih, le Ietenriuell." IotIneti tIUe goes on hn argue tlhr the slaves have not offet:ded against tle law o rfroll, alntl Illnl iflhey have been gnily orally offnee, it is againlt tlle laws that govern lhe islanuI ifCunlt. The trial of tlheir crine will be a most eriou. andil itnpirtant one; one in whlich itniny villl qlttionis oill ie sltartndl andl argIued. A large meeting liia leen Ihold in UBoston in rchlation to tile oendulct of(Conslll Trint. Celeste is plylvsyi a nlhrt eegegettnen at trie (Chib.ni t street T'lontre Phlilnadellphlia. Sie next goes to New York fir r cnple ,,f tweeks, after tite completion of which IengageIment te leaves Ior Europe in the Bri isll Qrueell. John Reod, ltelllthorof Congress froth C.lneolcitu in dangerously ill at Wisconsie. PFroni a eorredpoudeut of the New PYrk Star. S ln -ill TARNTNoPt.r., Jely 3; 1839. Sultan .loahmaoul is ul,,d.. • n eFlnr e lintI lie hall dleen pllitting Iblad-oe Silliey laet he died (JIne 30.) - His eomplenet i+ e.aid io have iioll delirium tremene. He ascelnded the Ihrone in 1808, anid would hive been 45 had he lived until el.i 21lth ul tllitI aIotlb. Hie latest act was to aiex li.a higliature to a letter recontllllnl1diti hio sona thile hrieudihil, ill te (Canr. He t(ht eit e for It ii I.meily anti IIteIadlnti of t.hliit, as weill a Ifllie counecil, hlie took leave. He piraed Ilia coeutncil it Io firsake his eoe er the ilnterests *f the Empire. 'l.ey ltook an oath of fidelity t thi, preetnt Sulian, in pre enete ofhlisdving Ifather. Abldul illedjfil,io Ilinew Sultan, will be 17 next April. e lie uets he il iw,.ld (etei, tand speake FrencI anti Greek at well as 'I arkies1, Arabic ane tierlnnu. His thealt i ls ralher delicate, Abute head ia saLid to lIreiear and his teitc r eecellet. lie i a refi lrere as his ian.. - tiler was; but a mrere cautious one. lie is well awara of the dificulties hle emust teet, and It pirovide ne lnst ibthem hea raised Klberew Paeia (who line teen finty years Vizier) to tlie laet al Priiee Minister. He hbas n rattged anmexcallcht Divan, or Council, and says that I a shall be guided by lherJ exclusively until he ie of age, by law. Ther firt itep hat been ti check the itirntd of Hafiz Paelh into Syria. I f.ar thie cutiIIItIdn ta suee pend hitiilitiea will arrive tooe late. Abdal Oledjid lIen ascended the throne withnut a ldrop ofiilotd haveing heen spill. How differrnt is thin (ruin tie scenes whichil useil take plece lere! The yaoung Sultai has tlake an infallible male ofTbe. ing pouenlar: ir Iean givei larige aline every da eclnee l accession. i ii f1ew days lie will be girt whitl lihe prophet's sword, a ceremony equal o o tl euratirotn oaflnnarchies ill e:risrtendtltl. Shltun iMehnlutad aied, I thiink, nt ldoineg for Trurkey bwhat'ter ihe Great hlnd done Ibr iliusia. Ilia irstt great illatilae wans to clheck the powetr iIe nllti and ulen)a. Hie nlanie tihei cast "idie tlheir clerical tur ban+. ad ualendinn Iheir cneluaive pnrivileges. Hle anal. gaeneted them ith the lilt le." S Ileeneotrageid sciei.'e-tlhtiough hi. fiilh receives it as IIp.eIiUleUe. A greatit iinlllvtian san li hivilng Ia bend ifijiatlrUiltc alill mici--greaner still was tn i etlit. koran eittiEg tinr his portrait (niw in tIb irienal,) aldn havingit lithngrnlheiiiand iehld in tne ,ity. lie actual-I ly stirted It newspuaper printed iiifur Ilngnages it is| still I)ltblihled.I A law to ecure atli liereditarv deeenlt of property was of hiiewn Ieroe e itig. It iiupirt.de thie cuatomn thut il tie deatlh el u ginverntuent offieer, hii wealtll i entle t thtie Sultan. To procure this legacy etcany n lile was taken. Mnllnudl'a grat de-irae wag tt retunl I iie arny andl nan). oth were leater, ut .Mlnathll.d i oui nIte help taiet. lie tee hbimelf drillaeie and nled to trill Itlia tIripie like old iSuwurrow. ilewans sirtmtitbe learning all Ihbe I urilti IInUlamnetllvre, emd at lite enuli pt n retiltlent Iltnhall till tits evndutliona as ell I I inn Ett reliten iulirtilt. tie wii an ercounrger of r.rallitec, tlre, and 1lIa barracks are superb. 'l hes arsenal the IN lit-in e oin ti ahtti n tlee nd t llt ii o "the ie lacen,l ( lt e UftlI tbern in ethllo aftPr thle E ulallr 1 fasllhon,) welt erect- f' ed loaallrltll an pl( ne.d hVth ie Idle Snltall. He started a cariage, and I have sean hint drive an Englieh phaeton, foureinahald; allt mnuch eme and dmroinesnr. He wab nonstructiig new rioand when lhe nd4b n had established a posting line upon the road IitYtnlkmld to ientari. He toleraed all creeds, and allnned the Americans a piece ofland on which to erect a ellrcll, that lan cost £36,01H). It was the unio, eiore hit, tmne, for Chris eions to be driven away alien the Turkish roops went to thair caim, (in tleir being present wan deeined an lucky,) and to be beaten if they aniled the nolfurling of the minner ; bIt Malhmul neehckml nil this, and even encouraned Chrislitns e tIne ireaentand eal lihecd the law wanielh gve to the bntinndo any- Cllristian wlho presumed et look in the brSnltall'e face. To the Earnte l.enll antlllbaud lt residet ut Prd h oe was couteausin the extre.te. When lthey vale to Iis paince, lie used to chlat witll tlhem, anl (n le coue d nlit eat wilhl tlhem) Sdlnrnk chullllleall nie wilh lhllla-lthe priesas politely de Selunrig th athls wine iers to bhe lounsierdl as sert of Shrik sherlert. ie lie aithi a knife ail fiwk, and the unse llf tile lin hl ecoilte irctty rcllnln in this citv. anlVuntad esn bil shed wo uln lere oachivulry. ie was fond lof rwarding ierit Ily ilseeila. A hUlllne ) an ws thle ltin Sultan, lie cicked the Sil.e-lnd-deatll pUwer fiit a aeictae, llnd wdida-y with IIa .lnsuli oefl pteig tihe Reins atd grIanslR ns of tile reinptiilg ionnareh in death. When ilhe Sultana lelhtir tai (tis dlniller) lately was tnmrricl,o ptnr i edri Ilr ltauhasnl that his childlen ihould be safe. ald that the Sual corloitn for the trir;-ns in t leave ile ,aIilttl after belielg three years emtrer , huld be dispeened withl. gle gave tie felnalee n' his harems nlure liberty tliaen w oanona have heretpTire ejvedl i Ta.rkev. lie wrH lilnranl in bis .re'3ent.. On esueffbox thaet y lie ent to lillianl thl e Faitrth ec i.tn, 061. IThea lauglter of tbn Janinelrier, in 1123, was a dread fillitiac e stale pollicy. But it war a necessanry ite. While tley had the plwer f rmaking and atrmaking Sultlnsa nn sovereign as a afe in Tuerkey. Upon the holel,the histoerian s illeans up Mahmornd'a chareltern eai man who ma inc well-- h was unfre Cullnte in his oarlike Inltalnlelt-u-anlt who was hbrn halfe renturv toa gamn fIr the menile wlnhom Ie endeu Irtred to imllltreve. CUpPPRse & BLereU:RS. E. Cnrli, No. 76, Canal treel--himselft or partner al ways to Ie fuund, luv yr night. Wiv. W. King, 34 Si. Charles etreet. L. Matlelinr, No.5 Camp street, near.Canal. M. I. Enrres, No. S Carp etreem, tear Canal. Payno.eCulpper ea lleader, at Madanue DewhurIt's., crer ofaGrnuvier laed iTholnitallllsia. J. A. llnielly, No. 199 Riyal street, near Orleansa, st M. Metge'aApothen.ury. LEacxtta -Sira Snerh Douglherty, No. 511 Conti st. upstairs. t Nrae...Clan O.endine, well practiced nurse, resides 166 llagazile etrert, near Girod. t Elizabeth, CaUnlt street, neat to JIudge Grivot'n. t Johaenna Mlrphy,52 Julia sreet. Widow Madame l'Anglade, 313 Dauphine street, next house corner Uremllee street. Mladame Vve. I'Anglade, run'Danaphin 313. I.eeches can be ohtnined at 6), 12j, nald warranted at 25, at the general diepot, 26 Barrack street. Doctor Kock is informed that the Cards we ptinted for him a have brn ready nny datys sclae. 40 - I0 vtotern ingtr of eountil. In SECOND MUNICIPALITY. TI'usody, 10th Septomber, 1839. The Council met pursuant to adjournment, pri. ve sent lien. Joshua Baldwin, Recorder, Aldermen en Caldwell, Freret, Hall, Peters, Rogers, and Whit the ny. 'I he two following weekly statements of the Treasurer were subhitted. SECOND MUNICIPALITY. . EEKLY REPORT OF THIE 'TREASURER. jab By Balance Inat Reportn, 6,293 41 ax Amiouot Receivcd since, 43,315 86 srk Da. ollars 49,609 27 Disbursed since 46,097 46 te Balance, Dollnars,. 3,511 81 New Orleans, 3d Sept. 1839. J. , for SECOND MUNICIPALITY. ato WEKI.LY REPORT OF THE iTREASURER. Balance last Report. 3,51 81 Amount received smoce, 27,654 03 er, its 31,165 84 Io Disbursed this Week, 58,597 71 ee. alanece on hand, 2,568 13 rna,. S1.OOJre. fr. ate New Orlealle, othi Sept. 1839 oat A letter was read from Mr. J. R. Butler, whar as finger, deposited in the archives. lie A petition of the N. O. and Carrollton Rail Road Co., was reterred to the Committee on Streets and Landings. Ino Petition of the Young Men's Howard A.socina he tion was referred to the Finance Committee. ir Do. of Fire Co. No. One, referred to Fare Com. m mitteo. Of C. J. P. De Fonteman, to the Committee of va Claims. a, OfFrancinSaragossa, and another from Manuel to I Garcia and others, referred to the Committee on Si Streets and Landings. in Mr. Peters, Chairman of the Committee on le Finance, reported the fol'owing rosolutions,which, the rules lining dispensed with, were respectively is, taken up and adopted. In, Resolved, That the Comptroller he and lie is uts hereby anuthorised to adjudicate the leases of the on oyster stands, eonumerated in a resolution of 27th rls Aegust, from the 15th instant to the 15th April, Ie 1840, to the highest bidder, on the usual terms, ancd in conformity with existing ordinances. a Resolved, That ttle Treasurer pay to V. Sheldon, irs on the warrant of the Mayor, Founr hundred and in sixty dollars and one cent, for making fences and c-repairing wharves, agreeably to the Survc)or's ai tortificere. Resolved, That the Treasurer pay to George Doane, on the warrant of the Mayor, Two hundred and filly donllrr, far making duplicate copies Pf i tlhetato lax oil and the tax bills for 1839. it ItResolved, That the sum of Three hundred doll lars he paid Ifugh Grant for namap of the naunici. "s pality, prepared for the Treasurer's ffice. Id Resolved, That from and after the pasage of he this re olutinn it shall not be lawful for any person re or persans to demolish, ar cause to be domolished. ariy flt hiatt or ether craft arriving within the lim. its of this munnicipality, without first obtaining the ve receipt of the collector of Levee dues, showing that Sthe wharfage on es Ih boots has been paid; and any vs person or persons contravening this ordinanee, shall, on conviction, he liah!n to a fine of from $25 to $100, recoverable before any Court atof compe d tent jurisdiction, for the benefit of this municipal. ill ity. On motion of Mr. Ca'dwell, Chairman of the Committee on Streets and Landings, the rules hav ing hiron dispensed with, the following resolution, from said Committee, was adopted: S RE'ORT OF 'I'IIE COMMITTEE On Streets and Landings. R Resolved, That the resolution of the 28th May, of 1839, relating to the extentions and improvements i- of wharves in front of this municipality, he so amended as to include wharves 19, 20 and 21, and that the contractor for the wharves be instruc-e ted by the Surveyor to conmplete the same in their order. JAMES II. CALDWELL, Chairman. SAML. J. PETERS, BENJ. WIIITNEY. i On motion oft Mr. Rodgers, the rules being dis. Spenned with, the following resolution was taken in. to consideration, and, after soma diseanseion, it was rmoved by Mr. Peters that the same he referred to the Committee on Streets and Landings, which, being put to vote, was carried. Resolved, That the Surveyor is hereby instruct co to have all the streets, between Canal street and Sthe Protestant hurying ground, and between Cir. cus, Claibornn and St Mareatreets, in the lIt & 2d wnalle, opened out and madte passable by the chain gang, immnediately, in order to afford an apportuni. I ty t, tthe owners of property in said district to drain sand fill the a, me. On motio, t:io Council a,:journed to Tues day next, the 17th Septlember, at 5 o'clock, 1'. M. at JOIIN GIBSON, Se..cretary. I- Secretary. h 7 NOTICEa.- ibhe Ietier alc f tlela flrt niling di brig als fiA r llevre, wiii L.e itakel a V brola the. cub s criber's a lie this afternoon, I Ibour .'lock, lt whichl timen piaengers are req uested to L on on id. O a12 "L II (iI.I .ccndigneii, 93collc,,i tleele COMI'TRiLLEII'S OFFI(CE, SECOND 5IUNICI lI'AI.ITP . cc New Orleans, Ith Sept, 1839. e A 8EEABIY ton iremolutioi of the I(ihI inlant. I On will adjudicate, t this ufle, on Saturday the 141h Seitenller ixt, at 12 o'clock. to thle highest bidder, nyseparate ieaeis il the fIllawing standc far the aile of Ot Oyste.s, Iroem the 15th September, 1839, toin the 15t rd April, 1111n, viz : r- ()t" ll Ila fatt of Cannl street. tll fine ("raier "' S One " li oydcraa it Onee" (eircd Onle '" Julia ii- iOna Itaitgnae id (ine nith il I~cve l.ens the St. lllrt's Mtar. d- ket. Talle-I, 2.:l, 1, ,6 ind 7 mon.sb cre.dit in up is preved endarrsedn i. J. CAI.IItU\, s_ I:1 _ Cltnptl oilcer. Oty fIC-EsI TIIit. FtiEMANIe I feRaSCE Co. In o Newa OIteIA.S. SrHlF I i ockhlfiir i of this 'opaay are Ilterhy en Itifhedil tai t to 1ll inlta lllet oi their taock in ldill ar i bie c bbheo the .5111co Octiber next, et the ollie. ii I h tie C lihtna . Ccti IS l;I, i'RIAIY. i are camw iecevilg per lthe I'alekle Shii ij "ll VNew York, their silpple iIFall nd W\inter Clothitnc, R and iill cUilluue IL receive regularly by the )aickePla thblhrllulU tle.o;tec,.ll. Theirkll catllllet being lhrge, will con iris- ery article il tlheir linlenl LinteiP ile t lhe 'o intry trtde,. nd Mill enable lion, to till ar ,rs S Iro l .Melrrbhaultl inll IIb inltrior iI A ilote it lOtl e. For ol"I w.i2 llch ale ia! lelllll a (ll nlllcoiu lda nig terms. in STATE OF LOUISIANA, ad Cominercial Court of New.Orleans. No. 1085-Justin Castanio (in actual custody) h aI & Co. v. his Cr ditors and the Ciaditors of J. Castanie & Co. ST HE Creditors of the petitioner are filed to S he and appear in open court on Salnrday, I na the 28th day of September, 1839, at 10 o'elock A. M n- to allow causeo, ifany they have, why the petitioner - '1 should not lave the benefit of the laws made for thle reliefof insolvent debtors in nactual ateody, and a in thae meantime all judicial 'proceedings against ia o. his person arnd property are stayed. in It. Kennicott, Esq. is appointed to represent the l albsent creditorn. n) By order orlthe Court, N.Orlonns,;ith Sopt. 1839. ED. GARDERE, SlO--2w Clerk. ETAT DE LA LOUISIANE, s Cour do Commerce, de la Nile Orleans. No. 1085.-Justin Castanio (on stat d'arrestation) ah cOntre sao erCaneieres t leo crdanciors de J. Cast-ie L.& co. r ES Crdnnceers du petitionnairo sent notifids or deparaitre en pleine cour samedi, 2e septem bre 1839, . IlI heoros clia matia, pour montrer len e enauses s'l e on at, pourquivi le petolitionaire no jion rai pan du Windlicides !c is faites on faveur des debitours insolvables on 6tat d'arresttaton et on I at m6me temps touten poarseuites jupiciares contre na personno et sea prprridtf demueront suspendues 1- 1. Koanirntt eat nommd par la cour pour repare e senter leos craneiers absents. 0g Par ordre de la coar, I's N.Orleann, lo 7 seopt. 1839. ED. GARDERE, sr. al0-2w Clerk. S William Shaw & Peter Trudeau vs. their creditors. - (1TATE OF LOUISIANA--First Judici.1 Di. 1 trict Court. The cession of the insolvent's property is aecep. ted for the benefit of their creditors: it is ordered that a meeting of their said creditors do take niece at the office of W. Y. Lewis, notary public, on Thursday, thle 19th inst., at 10 o'clock. a. ao., for the purpose of deliberating on the affairs of said or insolvents; and in the meantime all judical pro. coeedings against their persons and property are s, sltayed. WVitnos the lhonorabl- A M Buchann, jadge of - at. the court aforesaid, this 6th September, 1839. snl0--3t P. LE BLANC. Deputy Clerk. io William Shaw & Peter Trudeau vs. leurs Crdanciers. ETAT DE LA LOUISIANE-Courier du Pre l' mier District Judiciare. Lt cession des biens par leo insolvables ayant S6td accept6e parla cour pourla b6n6fice de leus er6anciers, it eat ordonn6 qu'unn assemblde dos dita cr6anciers sit leo an I'office de W. Y. Lewis, no. taire publique, Jeudi 19 du courant, i 10 heureedu at matin, 4t l'effet de ddlibdrer our les affaires den dits innolvables, et on mome temps, toutes pournuites a judiciares contre leurs personnes et biena son su-. in pendues. Tdmoin I'honorable A. M. Buchanan, jugs de la I dite coer, ee 6 septembre, 1839. 10s-3t P LE BLANC, ddp. greffior. MAYURlAl.TY OF NEW tORLEANS. T1 E price of flour to-dy being $6 7n per harrela YI aecolding to the tariff, the bakers willgve ,:12 ounceo of breal for ten cents, dauring the week begin- I ning i. Monday next, the 9th Sept. The Inaves ofsec- e ond qatlity, or of three for ten cents. shall weigh 25 per rr cent more, that is to say, 41) olnlles. on ueprT. C. GENOIS, Mayor. OFFICE OF THE FIREMEN'S INS. Co.g of INew Orleans. I T HE Stockholders ore hereby notified that the inmth Insl rNert on their stock is due and payable on the fifth of Augrlst t 1839, at the office of the Company. July 13 E I. TRACY, Sec'y. iANTED, inn Drug Store, an assitant fully nc 11 ý' ql niated with the Apotheanry buhiueisl speak. 6 ing French nnd English, and writinrg a lair hiatd. Ad Sdressl box 231, Post Office. june 12 fi 0'LPakert slhip Arkuanas, I),l.,io maetter, fora New York, is dlisclharging opposit, the stint. Corsignees will plea le attedr to the receipt rof thirgoods. s8 II3NOTICF.-'be brig Escot.ue, from iloton in dlialrrginr near tie Orleans Cttron 'ress. Consnign.. een are particrlrlv requested to attend to tle receipt oftleir goors on the Lovee. s5 I. H GALE, 93 Crommon street. iei'the Shi, C(abinet, u'alt I.innell, firont Ihtt n, is d3 dinsclrging oppoti thlt Orleast Cotton IPressr. Can siguees will pleaste attendI to lhe receipt of their goods. 4 1. 1. GALE, ne" 23 93 Common street. T 1'TheI Packet Shit Sr IARY, ot t Poster isj 3 dirsclhrging oittsoite St Jsosph 1 St 3ml 3hieipalitv (lrsignreess will pleo eattend Ito tie receipt f tlheir goar.d. I'ETER LAIIL.AW, 27 66 Co.e(anl r. = For NI,\ Vt Y)IK, tle Packetip I();ISA, Jlhllrson ,ta-ter, will leave the Leve, this evenirg. Fr ireight or roagk e aIl I t A COIiEN. rpet 7th No. 90 Corltcon st. FOR NiEW ' YOP.K--lRegulr Packet S Orl rs t I rinnl o rf Packets.I o S O '1u sa3il losbitivelv pa SntHllrlt , 1ow in ais rom` ''he eheganUt fSt sniling to clktr slhip OCO N IEE. Knight, nOaster, having iprt l Lor ectr lo e aenged will sail s above. IFor thle rr I sinder of fUiRi3ht or passaes, lhavineg rlecgeant flCorr. iltolrtitls, apply t G, the caPtair or loard, 1 Lmsite tile Vegentole Market, or rIn A CO(IIFN, Felj 8 L90Comunon , Pt F LOUR-E- L13 ,ill-, now0 whrIe Flour, larndisg F from strronlhrirt Wilthington, for sale by 110 G. I)ORSEY, 41- New Loiec. L\LOUR-3JO blls fresolh sUlerfir in tlorer, lir Ssale by G. DORSEY, 44I Levee. S(t P-1I01 hlxco yellow Soap, brandied Snger & llrighor, Ilostor, lrnlirrg from) brig Esetlhlstfor soloiry LE .. . ALE, sli) .. 913 Crlrlmon srt. C ANllESL--I I21 hrrxs sprern Cind.le, landig froin ship Elizalmt I llrce, and foLr rsale. lir all LEVI II. GALE, 93Clomilion Ft. E LIEIIANt 11RO1'I11 II '/IE-li /ise Benll, 16Cbnr Ires at., lrs thi day receRvelI a smaRll sosortar:nr lrrge ernlrelledl nid lltoaic lreastiis, set tip in rlthe r r 'ttnn. -i,..", I",..r... r...."-. .....°--'- -""_'."- - (lllnva ' I (lly, Inl Arhic Tlllllurinds, LClrnn S lartnar. SaI Soda,'lll I'etirpeine, Pearl Ash, Tortn oi Ic.,ciJ, tChlorihde ,)hi. ilc. (:Olcvia, &e. foroole by II I)NNA II I., july 13 Car nalclnue z and Tch'a pioi,, la.. of LOU ,-1000 hhla. lsuperine andG 58l) do fine, for ed lhy ft IbiIOK-IY, june 15 44 New Levee m1 0 ORK-590 'lrrell Icrlale Mcoottd M.). tlPork ia Lh tAre t Icr beJly J TIIA EER & (.o t ,Ily filna 7 T P EyleS W tlilalooY--l l'l..a Indinl~g fro le attaIm ioI o(,r e ah I, by )25 julne tc9 ( IR IRSEY, 41 New T.evee Po I1 .5 I.lbI.F it hull bbl, t t.ile inspection, 'lr l, l sole hy 0 IH)FI.Z., nata 31 44 Ne Ieee Lhe (( . -i.O)E -E 1- ce kit Cina..tali caert, fd, Iv- h ulby -Ii DI)RSEY, on, j 4I4 New l.ev e SOT1'TOl t 'AI'IItIIN(t I' AFI.--At invoice of Sthit nrli:le, of good qualiti, jlnl received ano for lei by < " "ALEX. TOWAI, II june 1No 4I! Collp FI it I F-9 conk Tlgoaonnmatsion iTdllgat, for cole o v S & J 1' WHIIITNIIY , _ n a 73 Cmtp at. 14" oIl l't) kI 'ElI-S bets, ianding 1. n I , f le by A T EllER, OURjtne 13 31 rrave.rr t FIs (A TRIER, june13 34 G(ravier e Is CO1.'1" IIt'LNII'T REPEA'I'IN(G FIRE ARMS. THtt : Pillblic lire rreleclfully jnlirt net Itle nhlove a rticl, canile oreoonlor e l for .le t GOSSIP bf to Co. Exchange Ilatel, St Chlirleo l. mlar 5 If oo IUII-5-IU 0 brl. sopefoline ino low t Vor tale by It, i al pt ; I)OIISEiy, 44 Necw Ltveoe AD -S1 keg leaf hrc in atore,lor cole .y t" e h (4 I8)OISbIY, 44 New0 I[.coee iB FEF--.i, l rls .r-imu e - h ndhO olf/u h rist tnieo I j inpei alitio oe h av I DORSEY, d juorne - 44 New dLeveei . tail by H IIONNABEL, in al7 'Tchlpillll a st. k1t( OItlII CAlI'-Jlt.t received ,.o clane of lttle a laid Ilecnrd y I'lltl l pltti and rled, a very fioe So rlicl,, oitblhle for notoriee, tor sile by DAVIND FELT,N Y Stlalioners' Hall, .jil E 12 24 Chlltre ,, i Onldiog fro,,ii iatcket tip ir All.ahttt. Aply to lte b(llptalin on hoard. one tier belto Ilte Vegetlble Mar kIt . may 28 S nglih oalone $I.( per copv. Frecch an, E.tglioh $11t per copy. 1- Civil (ode of I.toisial. French and Enlglt h $Il to 0 per copy Englih al olto $10 I E JOIINS $. Co. I jly t"l--ta. Corller orS' ChIrlete & Contntoun ol ,tI.U'1" II:'IRS'U 0 lIte tit+thre Itor ofAbr-Ttltl I)l) lid Jilcob, ly Ile Rev. Henry It11tt. A. MI .I ltor of LeteluresoO Ilot hittory ofieaus Clhriat and St. Just pu!tlilhed ohelet reanains of the lIe-. Willilm, Ne+vihr I). I). of Ialtinoor. willo a memoir.o Juli ri - ceived olod foroale by ALEX 'T'OWA, J8 49 ('smp ..t !I1)!cUI..O(CIIS ('()MMIERCIAL I)ICTIONARY 11 .noh ltllenlll, mopltl aoplllhottllmeit 0 nw ediliol bronllr dlow'n to Ile JanlUoryo 1 tli9. ( hlls mlnisna iilli ol ules. Enclll Iletcr of blihophy, WVilkinsons, Manner and Cllomt;n oif Ile Ancieints. Fg1ivtlill. 4110 llllreo. voluIlea.svo, . Malhnlus on i)poplIIiau·lL Y vlllliei, S\Viltit v alile llt ellt.lt of Ellplilt hoolk, Fe ceivetold focr.Iaale.y Alex TOWAII, oa,e. 49 C.,np 0. t1US'l' pEeIICEI) r poe ctlcotta o large ooosnrt ill clo. f Sleel Petls--iilltata Iorrell, ('onlmeeoial, Ingle & I'erryo Do Itl alleIln nd Fl t pritg PenIP Also Fverel "ralse rf rillalh ifte Ipnsi ill hinai. Sold Iby Ithe (Girt or longl C.el by I). Felt' & Cc. New York Sltjilr.ten Itell, " Plo Nnln Clllatm' Slreel. l IlIK E1I Y-IiiK itt { tr-; ;.i'fti'hed wl eo. to( t~lr.' "!' for alat hi IIlll1..Y, 1llu . II N. . 1.1ic.. M ICHAEL KIPPI.AN, an Irishman, killed his h bnoher in'this parish--was rononitted in jail, and She has since broken on.. Michael Kiippla n i ,nnt 5 feet lt1 inchsw high, bouollr greoy eve, large and steat bfluhed.nabontt3 years of age-a bhid ounltenanau, and in tihe habit of drinkidg. I will pay $50 for hi delivery injail in the city of N. Orleans. JN .C. WALKERI. s7 S!heriT of the Parish of IREast Feliceie. r TO RENT, n Contilng Rsloo in the ;d r story, over the store of 'P it Hyde & Brother Se-crnser of fMagszne and Ca mmn a ss . consistl igI twro'apnrtlnenst, in one of witet is i ire piace, and well anapted for an offie , ofu any kl Ind ; tsaa eion given i emlnmdaely. For termn apply I, T'. I. tI VY1)E &. Brotlher, nog 22d . 39 Comanlm co Mngar.ine St. 'l'V RENT'--A dwelling honse, With stales 4"e.at theacorner of Tehnpitoulan and Jnsepl,-h. inse atreets, story store on Levee street, between Bienville and Castotnhl)nse steets. An office in Graiter street. Possession nel he given itmmediately. Also. ront first November next, a two story ware Ilonse, No. 19 Commor n street. Appty to a joly th 1 It C CAMMACK & Co. S 'J'O ItR.N', Several ll Ten emen Sal rsn nts & i onisei in te nteigthht rhoed ntTirvli Circle s Aatply ti I)r Jolln Iollin.t corner of Dluard street at, I ivolietinre. 1 .O I;ENrT-''ah r tor, No. 7 tnk Place. Apply I nI ADAMS & WHI'I'AL!, july II t7? Greeier at I,AT'rft'LT LI'rTEIRAIY ! (O IOINTESS of llersington, Idler in hIale, 2 vtI e. Pascal Irueo ntd tihe Ahlnarent hba 'I' I(tok The Ameriean Joe Miller, with illultrnltions Little Frenchman and his witer lots, by Morr etchinigs by Johnson. Poetic Wreath, selecred poetry from Chaucer to WVordsworth. Nicklehy, No I; Iloz's Sketches, Nos 7 nod 8 E JOHNS & Co. may 31 2w Car St Charles & Commonls ae McCUL.LtOCtH'S COMMERCIAI. IDICTIOtNARY )A It' I of te new Americanleditiose by Professor I Veihke. Tl'is very anluable wtn k will ,be corn plete i atell parts end will he ftrnished in nsout 18 tmntehs. Subatrilpltio price $1 25 per mrl. d Wyst's Natnral litorary with Ilaoalilul colored lates. The Younag Merhtant, a eost useful work,just re rived soad for sale by f J22 A TOWAI, 49 Cump st SCIEN I'IFI( ' & MIdCEIIt. NEOUS WORKS I 1Ie.LING'rON'S Civil En.-ineering I Grier's Mechanic's Calcuiltor 'he Cuelnctlgit's First' Text BItak Colt's Btk Keepings Bennet's do do, Tytler's Universal Hitory ,2 vols. l vo I)Ilomaergue'a Silk Culturist's Manuea W Connt Dandola; the art of rearing Silk Worms Clarke; treatise on the Mulbelry Tree and Silk Worm, and all standard works on silk. E JOIINS & Co, - jne 13 Sw corner St Charles and Common rt tiE American Flower (Garden DIirectory, ctntain. I Ing practical directions for tile cnhutre fl'plants the flower garden, hot hoaase, green ,hose, rmo or in parlour winlows for every mionlth in thie year, with a des cription of the plants most desirable in eachl tile natura a of tie soil and the situation best adapted to tileir grnwth the proper season foIbr transplantig &c. lustructions fr erecting a hot house, green hotse and latying out a lower garden, also a tmable of nails most congenial to the plants contained in the work: tlhe whole adapted to either targe or small gardens, with instructions for preparing I the soil. propagting planting, producing, training aed 2 fruiting the grape vie, with descriptions oftlhe best sorts for cultivating in the open air. Jast received and lt aolcbve ALEX. TOWAR, r apt'26 I4i(:lmp street per api an lUtrmp RIrtiet r, YOUNG MEN'S HOWARD ASSOCIATION of N O. Sr HIE Men bers will nttend It itlnthiy sleeting oil rWednenday evening, 4th inst. at 7 .'clock, at LheirI hallin Becnk's Arcade. By order. ncd sept 3 J BREEDLOVE, Sec'y y. NEW ORLEANS Stesam and Patent Biscuit Bakery-Waters and Na ar Hillman. No. 8g, Moresu (near the 'oa tchartrat itail Bond.) Ad 'Pilot end Navy Bread, Soda and Wine Riscuit, 2 Sugar, Butter, Midford and Water Crackers. ew All the above articles are warranted to be of the Sfirst quality, and io keep in any climate, being 8 completely kiln dried. Also,-Kiln dried corn meal. Orders lef at t G W. Pritchard and T'lagait, Jr. Lpl corner Magazine and Poydras streets, will receive prompt attention. Small kegs put up expresely for t.amily usae. 15nov .IJT B I TERI. 5 kegs Goe lir(hutter , lati in olll.ar sq _n j S.. .an J at3 III fTl NE¥. 73 Ccfl, al t tds. F p~ iltlns and .l .(). in a s I ta il hall lrl att ihe . 9 J I)OI lSEl , I1 New i.eve I.ANGIEIR'S \WAISHINGT() ON. wir Csis o ti s I <iullthltI enl, vint , itIt J0 itw cor)ner St C(harls & ( s.1.t11 s r jip itr (1 1 1 1 r il da ci i, aad fir -cin tir the.t t I Ii 0e arnd fI r tl5l bI & J T a Y v ia l 111'a t 71 ,ai dr .111 __ A. t .iIF fiiAil--i ml i kls in Si tr n t ln e 7s4 iv I' t. ji nIuii i lJ3rt t li -t'F I ,t & .(1. a4 l'uiidri s l tl I I)MS-oIi dnz in store and fr sale y 3 l IL I GLaE, 1 naew the an ititta ra-1 ,l eAct, mod lh, brogs , Ity , a tha , Ill, fo Nl s iprah.atl a, t f ttor slllt by t al alt. ,I l (;tII tti h h & C .ot, 131 r: lim+sl I tll lutnr sahc hl A 'tah 'l la t le l1.g n!l:('1 CIIv i¢r( t uu-1-+ N 1t : ES--. - '--- cask-s,-.,, nnnti cur, in r llo 1e r; fa bv Tla)Italt , ' 5t nag prI 44 N1ew Lvee ). N inl7 a i .I I(a I.;, , i('alln atn s t Ifo r j ilAE s 11 /E sri ltr- . I1 c, h sale 1lt Cil s ,lour;l ll Bnen Sa us;irhiy ;Il nvasw :d I l O lnE.L aprl I TIIO*S t IICII.EN, 7. ramp s S AMES 1NoASTe NteL--Th Gent rm ehitnll' 1( cJ ICol. A kale ndi V\holumes, be1 Il Jnlllcs - Esqa I uhnr ofthe c lluue , Ic e R ublber &et &e•hia i SJust Received ad f or Cale by Alex IIII ,IL a I ,1 Carm3d!1ltlap Sleetl •l 4 ay 2 n il , 1 N-ewt levee. 17 V t 'eift N, I ilt-- -.-J T ;,; i " fi t .ll llE ethni l ii E lllanti d, or Att linc lin lllhe 11111 JI e' Symith, Con nr tive bVew f A illc eOliise my. for Slit. ke.lp ae7 vode, Loya l ., spleudl l, I I o Ih itiuo r July ]s th. .w. Cltr. of St Charlesvs (n .,i.n fitr . i t o ir a in lllll lloilnr, tr a lt .ile by anili, j Af r caSley f'ly S Al lIl lr&,a i ts s tlaefl o er7on ctao athe so r u ffl sanle wit (tie I II elie talltYata atg Illcu 4,1 NIed I.n've i 'ie <~ t C I-d , -- \% A I',.Wi-Ak t,,,ivar ,ll,, ree.iv(d i Idna direct Ta Che prinTO by II INNAIla., jnel ii 4g i 'riatelir s 1 niay 131--ccetce Sl1AMAItl+\ll- II-, NI,,I', ailid !EI \''1\AX- -buIII I Ill van at e tnItllhi t f II anefNa t I riEi. Ft J jLASS L taltin S Aie jare, vials, packing it t es, tl nclure jars, li hundlred afnd ten c. see of every description ; 500 bloxes for windows, I te for sadle by I t NNAtBEL, - july l1 cor Natclhez adl Tchnpitoulas st p fet the I gACa K pin, .iveg1 tail cedll on etlnl Shil f IIit I'atlrlnac - r tleaSiltcl A COtl IIEN, gl e a fl Oft. aIrc Culalllldll street ' AVANA c U(IAlf --37 Il.-txe lslertna wlhitesuaail 40 do do barowll dn hainliage,for ral Ia mU-T9 & J 1' WIII'rNITIE, :i Unnllp It PI CKL J- New Yolk Ipcr tihip Oen:lec fiir xal,. hy riy SIIAIL ,III)WN, & 6 MaCazine stl ei - at.s - - l o Q ct e k s 'lie rt m stat i n o 'ti -eni c It Sfor sle bIy i & J 1 1111NFY I73 (l'lrat tI lOliK--80 brie , O prime,. n, 1 -0n inlsp.cting It a il fnr saile lit the lowesI t arlt ptrices c yl JR I itaiIceltY, 14i New aei.tel e UNNY iAs'ne -3e00. in ...... n il,,clb-s, fur s ale llE ISAAC ItIII)0iK te Co, h ee n lo eg lStedt. fat ere anft d iii t h, a n rllltli , with uniform sulressw a or e eal ealll. fld nvilelil g Sthe leath, and preventling the toolBch e;ll IArt.s rvia le tile gums, pnril)ing lh; br(al'7, and rt, v nL motii disceses to li icb th ilemouth Is tIlse in illhetr Ihta Ideuleitt ifhanii --OIle tci spoonhll, W xed Ina Cl irne in nsual nlanne, with a brush, wiill eiictuall y pe- D! Ivent sc-rvy, and ward off"A paid xcru ating ipain, l h 'rtl:crid olnly b T. t . t rlievre lurnln ienr,. i list t In Jeeftlcron Cillrtt, and oillllt wholesale and Srctal by CAILI'FON & C,. 31 Clna at. fin eile agefnts for \Vaneer's Odrllnl{n L Conrt. the cession of the inslveants' propeyI r ixs neC J.t Ib n ihe court tar the l-ielitu ! his eenditors, it .s alrer d that a mleelieg of his credllnru ild of tiIhe creli +,re Sof L)hlnclak mrid Llnfllll , do take. ' ( li ,l · t ot ]i-c of A- Malzuresu, esq notary pq!b ,il , on Idralyv t Ib "0th day of Augii tS 1,839 it n"1, o'ch "k, .1 ,11, he1i1 amt (lhere hIodeliberute ein their Ifllairs adl III file Irrrnl li ttle Je a all judicial iproceedinlgs nagut tllei r persolnns ;ad plre ILPewis, evq. e nIpl)O lltPd tU represent the ultS.ilt Cledl furs in Ibis Lase. C 4t-nl,nSSAlS,ll .. II 111.INt ,dep. cbrk. FURNITURE! F URNITUI(E!-I "I[UST received at tiha Louif, jn, Furniture WVare S hnoue, n large. Snll ll, lil llli ,%'(w York ,tild il 111, on. J'eraona.ia thle wa i of raitnure wol, d Ilo d elI to catll,nud eelect tIheir arlieles fruon t ne l'tl l, I"le l llle a jn largest ctocknouw i; the city, W lt NE, ,6 ,6 - • 5:;ili 'nviiho sl I N l--i'arlieulnr e1I lion paid to packiltg Alnl ship, . )' ,\ -s u,,+ ln,,,, ul 11,,, y b lrx Nr, \ r - k C | Illy, lauding from pll igkI .hip i)rona, fr ole - Il - .\ ('t':N, t on nt" o ..... 1'+ . ... .. .. .... Cr O nDUTOsMn a t The DAILY Paper is neatly printed with small typi on an extra, double mIed.um sheet, at $12 I per annum, paynble saint annually in advance. Tihe T LIe.wi.cKL Paper, containing thie reading e matter of two dailies, 910, payable in advance, , whore no oity.roference is given. The WenKLY T'PUE Aneslac, made up from tihe or daily papere, during the week, will be sent to sub. neribers aleh pay $5 per annum in advance, and to none other, unless an acceptable c.ty reference is giiven. Subscribers respectfilly solicited. JOHN GIBSON. ie New OIRLEANS, MAY 1839. Thematrieni Notice. rThose Ladies and Gentlemes engaged with James II. Caldwell, New Orleans, nre respectfully infirmerd that m thie THEcTBnE will oape for rt! aroaam in cal Septemlnmer Ie next.-Persons in negorintio. will ipply to G. II. linr rl rett, Esq. New York, or by lettller to the Proprilor, New Orleans. 7ly l The Louisville Journal, Cimmcimnatti Whig, New et York Everi - m la ,eri,and mie Spirit of thc 'liness. will - please publish Ihe above three timles emlmlm. Ily order ofthe P'roprietor. (en. IIt)LLANI, Treasurer St Charlec Theatre. L. Orlenn, 22dml Aug.839. 3. f. TIHE LIBEL CASE. UIII.ISHEDI TIlldS DAY, ani for sale at tiI Comunting Room of the True Amoerican, St Charim e Untel,aed at the principal hok SIrs, a correct RIeport i of the late interesting anld impoallnt suit of the Stale oY of L.ouisiana vs. John Gibsoln, Editor and Publisher of or e True Amarieln, before the Criminal Court for Li 18 bel july 21st cl CITY AIINK, rTll IIE Iloard of Directors e iS hltilu I hive m his re- l. d(y¥ dcetlirelea '- ali- al dividenml ol Four per eenm. mn ihmi capiital mlmtokml maie pem l m thel im I ias sim lOlllh., payahle iom the stIcakhohlers, or their legal me re'eslllmlmines. Olm or mifter Imomlldlv, ilte th SIIepmnmmiwr eaxt it J I'AIFI.iE sept :hi- ..... Cm'hier. Ofice of t/mm ,'iremainslastmiannce Compay iS' A Orlctsoa CAPITAL, N 3lll. t.lm. By aen amelldlmeont Io lhe Chanrlter of lhml' s Cl.impa ilk groanted b the Legialaaure, lehy hmve tae privilege of taking Marine and River rnskon , l are now pmw I to receive llpplicatiOlln. m july 27 E L. TRACY, Sec'y in. BUREAU DES ASSURANCES DES POM PIERS DELA NOUVELLE-OIILEANS. or Rue do Camp, No 21l CCAPITAL, $300,000. ae Par une amonddment i la Charte do co Compa ims gne accord6e par na Legislature, ii eat permit d'as ta surer contre des risquae Martimesot du Fleuve, at ehe ils sent prtns In recovoir des applications. r E L TRACY. Sooeeretairo. G L 1 t[at, aooretaira. --- PR-AIRIE -cOT nAIlE e S 7.1 PIRO(IC 'OR presents his be st com n li nent + to his f frid, lte public of New Orelnen, nd to nil strangers who iny be pas.+ing n few a,)s in the oitly and informno tihlnithat tot will e ready it n few dnvs In receive them ant that pleasant retrent, ihet P It A I It I E 0 C UI'T A I, situated n, thle Lake slor. P'erons n travelling either front Springfield. I)onaldsonvll, or, SMadlisonville, or the city, call there mecet wilt goid chaeer--lnlle t.t omltnodtnttill ln l ndolit I ention--lnd all ttrties nly way oft tw Nlnihville Rairoie can Iit sen vei in a I1tiVateo Iollell tlllln rtoot l, I g.iving one ly'. noioce of tI.e nir itentlo lo COlle. t 'The ltrericetor doubtrls not ttat t inltti nent. fir at vi.it will be fitllt in the nidvntitges tine (.oltge pre. vents to fIle invalid, andl those ,.,earied w ill the briut, dunt,anll iiotlle of tihetily. 'The pure nlo del citun air connt llnll ntilln g eiilt her 'n tfr t Ihe nke thr ile great lie prairie--ll, le refreshing nlid otit er laded with f +rglluren., wi |ll ever give llnin glled t deligll It to e wult g deertr ill enlllch eilth'r oflPenlth tlr lllrne. F. Prletor naplenl Ill(fhoIefre with claletidincIe tn the pntruln te oi f tnIIe ViihoI k olloW hi tn etll oiiti'ervig hii r. fritendo, lnd illhto calt ItOhatmoot olranget tr vsiiting the e "itv will hionor hin witi a r il. I.. intendsl ntkinen ry I'ruirie c'lllllge one of tihe mtoo1 ongtealhi pe toe ,i sort i thle newi Il, -o(I o lo 'hl· r (city. The -ln iteIlr gunrunteP tha hia wi.o.in.s, le loors &e. l t` et. lalit Io oI ci otin choicie mirtlr : at tI h I s llr . t limel will tlevotrN hi.s altllnN t I l r.ll the eItr lo . fl i e it d eluli e c e,* a nlld ",h lm ds o f t h e s e a - ,ll f h r ]in Is t b le . 1l1II.,º I( It+ .1NI RHEAL KIA IE AN li L)r ennieg illN in (itilletite I, Ioil m oit ii It of " n. .\IItIl I.I. tOh\(I' & l'I{r' ' Alilt l'rw li ii r ;tilr l a n 7il ii tIE t l Thi-t- hn L ll he t ll lhss r iten n, uor lnl ov" for sidle III Nitonr aa 111a111. d Roal ei ; l 7l5',5 of+lo acit We lhlrtvn n Deem r s b':ll e; Nosl o I\'l ,In- 1"71l][ thaw , llot . a .l J c a I tI li k ti i o l ihe ltw o l il h l l t il t llh y . ty. (;R.1\ ') l,|rl " 'Ii V (' and :tId ,, n <,hl.n, ) ,, OF. 1-o6 ( lii11g| ' I ctl e 1. i I llllt L " ,' ! !, 0 I[,I· I)ze --hl l" I :. , n l.li . oin gt, n,. n M oor " i n'llll i' t iiti. +Xni" na . eh .w .lil " i f 1 .Ioirl i l l lh+bc n ' p rloe , +,li t pi'e' oI li, k ,1 1's f ,r vII ,". _ i Ire, alnd IIh(, .St (:llarb'- . < Irod bnild , !;e,+c &r.. Nat Nlni·i If k-I· inch\· to~· r·1·)1 itl.'ct (cllll~ I aI fIew Lu tii' tll ti ll litcit " b h I tIJ. :1Ii ln : i. " -oIl. 1 7, ci-- IVr+-. li.mt . ttI it, ii ll Iin Ni I tI t & (' t. h v e never trti,, tee , i Ie + I,+ i. io vetP . AtII inl e fr atioj e (. lvruic it tllh t I, no.ts SIrc wi ll be ;t HlIfuflly' recetivedl bV '" Il ' 1:· III C+l1~rl 1r~l n· ilirlllll (;l ]IA ( | ] II+ a I7 [i .in'1~ / J1lv' Inth 33 (;rulier St41. t I NFO(.RM ATIO N \VANTIElD. I 1llF; ih.d' Mr. 11" l+ . T'. \v e of Io tn s , Mons., L is. very ** irons o obtalllll nnll I nf ir tI i n res c ,. l ilt ig h lellInrt titlil whiItfIer tloiil l tr olher ti 11 h.lit i ti lid tn Itrle ot t in 1I.1 ir t ncoil .o rket t i lf Iit t i .g hl s ihe w iwo til e l haIrin y l.titi--ii then e ir)I. , llt nobenl hear f roml . Any iullfur u t ,ill Le iiothhlill? o'eeI'tHV I notltttnti~ llbI)Utlioootlani.oir thankul+lv received at 5'.1 IBearilie street. it t itt t ia t t ....... g. l it it. o t ac... t te l lir ' I Uitole oeti'elil'f er i 1ei e of It hit njuice, he I and 1 anr1 c lr edll llllll Imarom, 11nk,, ,1 smU ll, enulholn ride FinbrIhnltle, Iitrage It ooo. Biioer &r, for wholeItle tnd rn tail i. lllt toito i' e I+t i ttNArti I e1. eei iltont, l~vp l o ain' t| '.r atI eilet ' 'rlh n t l ilar s 4lt lonet) ":'I NtARGItO( ooeoto InFOIL SAI five thousn l d acres, or rfnlel ri l..LAlD) I` elir ,l i td 11 tilnhe P llPari1h of Olu m h e rt , - lilVlldtgeolr lI or lllli Fl lllv Jt june. <+ No. I1+) C .......... n ....q I aC'tN 51l Casks Sides- uu ý ul dr .i,,[I,. r. matte; )) l.1. I1;1 It1 )1 ,:,. jluly ,.l N. .II it oIt o v, e, t1lh no11nitnnIti tlarlg olt otil neae -i ld. rI - mittn oit l ti ,-ol d lt ho c teot It t If \'Il) FEIN' & Co.+. te1 lt it tii:7 i N hi. I.ttutio e us lh l,2, 1 t I rrieit ,t sti ti 'l O ,,, -I.l,, lholh tltcoc tgetrid I iJit ,-for ] li;lrhteittcttiit~el;'.'n& lt .i"iti eta' _e r . L: _: '" & Is o|)l<C --catulhgttes of ..,. bl boo ks; on nI -ui nglIt I il.l h sl1 Iof 'Io lrl, fr e, l F lVI 'u h bo k.. ll Art'hloetutltl e I'cl e r ar aIndiiot n , , Ilishedl 4r stale r hnmpor ted hvo +llea+ (',r in .for of lthtlaindooiltn may h ne had 0I utr s+I e . . rh l'rn ......ibs I perso.. it il i JOItNly enod.. it their Neget ' t )eitI titttlteco "t JioIlh ow lI r Scio. harle. & CanoCIt dilnllnll lDig- I,+t,-1th Vio. Pour'l., llelit It Jutt receivtd and fur sale hit t r F. JOI1NS' & Coll. Kehltt..ittit C-i.+- ouch .itl~ti~iee, an.....ey .1 m attilotili ttot ittei Orlcy Sno tioauiti t 'th •1 Snndilid~l & Me irtonCm-(hreh's tlicthionary • Kit.glen'd Seocial Chtl ir t vinoi ,,t Kohll{ ,Itllhe t'hri lialn vl·ilr-- I.·li e, coo kery lu Ilnnn v" SInIllet's |lietory (If E ngand. A new lIupp. Wlyln ih ll lothl.r vtry v aluale -,Jrks, lhis duo received [I fursutl by J"22 A jI'O\\A, I'9 COtiwllp at WORKS ON StILK. -.._. & COltil. I I nattcooiieatwthontlo t l CO+IPIE TI,~: alisorlllltlli of ie best wo rks orl I]o .1 1 eulture of thell)Pettrry and ilk orins.t a)tI m l inilk wonrtms. i lltl l ,t rgue't silk tLutlir-lot I It I tanual. I hlrke an the lollhery., i 'tllo l n iatt l o tihlll l i lber t ie. Iellrioi.k's eilk grqwer guhide. Iliitnlemarshl in Ihe Mtdliherry nll silk worlll. Ilohert o osilk &.. E JI)NS & ('to, Jti"w - loner ofrt. (Clharese &Co inloonlr.t i , it l KE: .I':. (. l ofCivil giieirioetteitgittottie1 pt 1 ittttttt lttlaoete lie n rinc ipe fihe vatie t pso a tiotontlie 'ivil Eigineer itttntttte tintl of r .e l i. ir th. el.teildtolltdonit hoei ,h Ill diaoc to cat. bark ill the Irofes.illn, Illui.otl ed ly olpler plltel, antil inltpeewrsrl| with ovarioun 1 I0 tahble hy JhIbl Millington uivil engleere fIlrnneriv tr'iohootr "fo eclan . ic in ithe lRoyial inltitllilln of GrIll Iliri , totw' I)r. feIr tI f itNotUI I hi h)loolplo yni i he av ii eitinry itl IXiilltott & .t.oary Culiege of VI. Far nole liev J.5 _ - A 't\I ,.1 RI, 4l Ciipll t t VALUABlIE ENGLISI EDITIOINS, ,'.IL'T ittllL \ Vonders of Genolgy. Jvý Collit,..!ý. r h works G;ilttt oh uItliotellOnant, ,vtirks Iltinollntt1 os orksl- vaetiv ( o.1 1, ,.rtit . Pa:lrry's lee l niteal.totti...ituw itettaon w lkInt L oo• :: v 'ct'- ol ,, vs tSir thr (Coeltanditu 0 ('oldsmth.l~ilnlaumlll,1 Ntnlro-S.oltido 12o antgrs tltvt n ult' lit.it terl n h all]tt dietil i tl t& , inu. Jont rIIoeivell nd for saule by A "'itWAto. Cu2otit 49Citoi .. .... . ..'I·:X 1.4111 \V O 40 (_ I i'l'. tniihl 'l'ir e J. •.ll"lhelner in Noiw Engifllll o, Alllleriou in Ilm.Ilidtha Celilllr., " bmtottstanlpnratlivo View .1.iloient Ititory, Ieioodeoa ttIueoclopncdioonif tardening, Laatgto F.iEt . LI Sir Win. (."·I )tll.peiant.1 htpletdid LondoI i.cpl . It Sltihksctir 7 vols otyal o. alegnot adiition, a S E. JOI NS&C.., lil ateh+. one St Chinrtoy & (&ltanttoou ste. p , "~14''. C.C, I R"l".F. N4jc t re....ivr. ,AlaNo.. Ih Ittteton Aiitoci t.ei c I ,.'r und Eclectic twlellille ttwk, ftlr onle Iy ," Ah.x'rtWA ItI, ___il_ 49__ !l (unt Ctt Sttntr in OI(LI5'I IIOOI+I s lii,,,+ itt. l, nLJ I Musei ~lr+'. Phill ++chv. parley's. Wahing a \\ tl l ;c ,,llln r ' f -l hr Shilll ell,. Hoo" j • l 'try • 011 ,,, . t....t.ort , ,l' ,., r"" t ota SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. A:.l Irnglui Ia th Police Prio III thie 2d Mu cIuirlllty n briglhl rIr latnt mIni. oranod ANDEII SON,lllll door Iii 2 or t dar If) rigo, h,~Rle in hoe., Tu)e roion will pleae all, prar. property. ry ieiroges and 12 tae ,rim a , s llel " '1 , ' " Coi1t in of lire Wa .lh. g ~pt Per "IlOn IhARPER. ./.]A. lr~qgt tolllcl'o.d the hd ,Aiaoililpnlily, ASlltn in 1 nrosnlw, IlelWPCiIileto and Girod lIe etoree, a dark Iay 8rud iolulIdE, holt 14r 1inbapdls b iigh, Iw hlld rd't whitei , wit IIr orror nt tin ince of tbel. Tle ownr of raid IilirSe Will I elo l t li. d poundiproirpet irty, pay lcknreo nud tlake ilo nBway th ontr beonre ntllrtindy tilre 14lh oinel. hln he will he ao acT oner byf P II (roillper~, pblile neilcrrinee. Snpri IIAItI'IER, tipl. oflbe Whieh. t nAS broght tr ilk pournd op the 3id-1a S V 3 Mnieiloli 7 A Eay Horse, rith a ilrok mrltoe snd toll, tnd bralndr! wilk 0 E o on Ile Jlhirir qirlrrr irir)ln 14lhacnds hsigh. T. rim owneorF raid property will ptme call at or tire pound of the 3rd werd nied l)unieiptlth7 altu ated tie eorner of elbin and Annanciaiodstreeote, proye prolmrty pay chargea and take him away on n or Imfore Siturdny the I 4th Septen.ber, 1839, wihn he will ire sold at auction by ' G OiudIotte, plb. lie auction, or. J L. WINTEIR, i New Orlneans, Septl. i5 h, 1839. let Lieutl. jUIr Elirt briglrt I li l'o the ud if h l 3d Warll, i or n 1Yi kiili l,. ik - IAsy hor.e wilb ilaek mce ami brid t wll ,1fel h et-k 4 lbraldetnil Iirlll' rolloiipor tnl Ii lits Ai on Ile klte iiindqo unatcr. lutlaei lii ru .el4l ands hiigh. - Alirran loror! lllrIrnwith frld r Rlird atrindedrll tie le ler anlll'l ed to lie |. 1' ' IIt in lie h-l khld quell'V Ii13 handsil righ'i Adork Ibrotin Mlre 4 feet hilrk and baldled wih rH lettca Y F on tlie righllt sholdr antld aholut 13 hanale r Il igh. to A dark Roron rlan colh bnown omou ameoil 12halndJ A hay Mor llnleswith a erupt Makc mcal, lioct tail- no blcill iripriacror lier hoirllnur.,.a atie arilhIv b lien r iuia , 4 Poel Illlek, willii tlnn l erppmead tro A D Itu tiln hanch alnlle, shiot t'tI hiaii3lsr high. TUr a lmr if roil, lra:,erlwill laeealal mlpae I':) tlnd lo It;? 311 wardl , wltualtl~l lil, I is rlier. of lohill lrio rA i ullllcintilo slpstlrnlvi p Pr.rl ndlay nhlrgsn ani lake i a nnyh-or bomireSatirdtio 7th SoEletmlar, 1p39 Swlecn Ireelle ot b tomrld n a ii cilr by F. si illrtuliUnb. lie a roite rer. J m. WINTIm New pt irlea jlltlir aietcli lo t q lueu. 1 NT i.l mbno m ruyre ti inr du 31m wrd 2e man - ieiicipahii in Rcs imiiuoX 6oVi U d Lutr lvrnoets Un choeal bay r a cnnitl E4 gnaue et piods itomre, in let tro qrp6 lhr lIupettrsO e Ion supl pse na tro A A i oa rhncie hgonclhe, on tasuroe at do 13 ou 1.4 Un ehlaovl roan, avoc froa blanclie, elamrp do lottrs qu l m pposeo trc die PP onit iur Ian Ianeio Sganleo--a teOsouro eat do 13 paomes. I Un jurmen, r onluor bruno, los quntre paotes naoires--elle eat otempe doe lettea Y. F. aur Ie'n Spaendle droito na mosur+ eat de 13 pa n..u. Uno petito jtmont colrueroan foned, quol, at Screnire brnn .t motsure at de 12 paumena. Uno mule colour bayo, erinicie noire i til,qaue t bruno, al noire suor loIs paulaes, rai blanoder. Aibre los oreillea, IIs 4 pte noi 8 etarsj d ,'UuO letlro qul Ion suppo mtre D, bur Ion dpanlo ganoko - --sa mose eostd o 14 unmes. s Le proprioloire voudront bon . a reelaonmer au ni depot idu ile district do In do nnnieipalitd ena y, coignuro rues iRob iet Anneeiation t t prouia l an lor propnriaidt, aorne pya lee ddpanmes n, ovalt io tlmodi 7 slltebro.l n 837, qand i cerat 0 ons o a ronani ar P. l. uillote e nioCanleor. S a. 29 J L WINTER, lee lieutoenn. ad IILk broughlm tin tini! PIolire I'risar of Ibl'l2d hint nieipolitv, the hillrnir g slave risn : Anr nr lint o mr noned JhkaollhE, iitl 81i years irage, rayt ire hbeligo itolr. Ilowrll. A mbill illonarlacat Jlhrll, hout tul y.rsn oflrage samsibehberinaJoto Or.Jnulne-. it nlrgroglrllloned Jalnie, nloutr I yollrr rof nigoeays rins lbelonlogsni3lo r. Velson. ii A nego girl nteied Marganlr, nbmonl l yearr of age, sII oysslhe Ihllrngs to r.h rairicoia . Il'lie Wlannro or inii ahnVCn ViJil please call ot ieIa prle i.n irf rlie idr r.tri.ei relite1 Iruv0 jiro irly. , py eharger lie Ilkl iihiiiirioaway. " I .0, l12l0 1, in 11l10 1221 (2oriUiri i*f Ihn, Wai h. Sl t lll lo' II" i+. orrVC' *tlloilll .nl i. 7llnl~r : UIS+· Illlll lllle i... elllllll{. iA~ ~Ll s'l i. g+" d .Inviton inl..q dia |+,tl lr t Sr. Olr. C tlliluir ( II jll{' t Ili, II(l A lNIIIION't, iie io liii alln a I Ile.i . lll I17 iItlot1 Mri',eirt, I.en ]rlrl"'llni l' Il,+ l*t l ]rrll rre l' .l'% lrel I)rii,. alP venir II. I. 1A1.PE I{ "rlrtnltlile arr Ill (lr' i O e J 1 5 1 i n 4 . la Garde trilt Ii-Wlr 'takean u y a Poli ce f lhe itn •Municipelity on he Ith l, , I : finand in the Ip ssen H fl Of a ru.ta. I ,)g..ll , I lne I tK iog o if 1 hWll.ta I ,,,t hlhn n" i go h arronlll .\ll l % ill I i Ti it ,,it ic t tIllldlt S u. n l'ul chrrei.tt No. 7511. La pIritrietlore vtl,.Ir t 70o0rt - protriott payer len lit'l, olt lle r1tit :e . I.. IIAIIIt'R.C, litbe hI alVot.ich. A EMMENE ar lotat . l tl' code .auome plkt. ci, l rn Cellheval brulv, 1cauIllu 1 ulaes doIuur nns llorqle.L proprietiolirt voaitro i eaI cn rorot II S IIAIII'PER, Cpl;tinol do Iatclh. U Lojgrand CParisl and city of New Orloaneu ls it knlowll y this ogroninet, Vmde and connhed. clamer ot fortolnth rty of Juno, 1839.. before mro, " d'ipubnli 1o 9 Aod , l lt n, l a nduly Io -llOamiiodo trol dour p.tr I'. a onillotte encautnr ur yoblique. Orjicyn, t25 in coformity to the law approved bat tNe egiTltoreD of this otato, on tAMe hirteIenh Sate oi isiana-Paudre h and tcirty ofevn, entitled an c t knto u yr li itagreemend t, manony nd prtner. edipa, and for rteenthul day of Junoe 183;" There mis loerty fo Davi, a nnitedry publirtn drsulp which miionll be rogntlutd in mtanner and fermn followieg, via: 1. Tho nanmo and etylo of Naidd partlerhip shall he--" 'ite otramtnr Brilliant Aesorianton of New O rleans, that in caionform i frro ter taw approved yof ou twie 1ne a Ifc itor otrlera of or on tho 3.the legislaur of thi stati on tho o t hitmho a Motelr. eigaioten ihundred nd thirtyuusevenoll, entitled aan at to authors o limoited and anolnymus parin Ter. ips, and for regulatn, oth lteratons, There to 4.hereby fnme of tilted pelrtneors in ih shall bei .cntregulated oin manner anild frtrm following, ovi :u low., vnz : 1. The nan . d stylennr, of leid prtneiship ofA rctteiot, for it te ntoatrea, two thouaid20 2. enry McCller, of ilant As phriaon, of Nw (three O rInsc, to thnUand t undr d 3 Juln Slidatol,of tisi ciltyfor thrce rpore o wr tioug tn ttt anle fr lundr h dll antrs 2,4 N00 oI. Cilthritophe r . Atilae, jr. ol tiles city for coast tireo , two tiouonld attd i. undrrd 3. Wit iam olauomiltn Avery, of tIis city, o for thron is thirty, tw tlthousnd ndollars, ut.v-d . dty ars ed eight hundred dollars each,40 G. Jony 8. id rtoo, of the pbritc of A- by finst, for tltre t, res, twao ltoueratiud nd e to 7. Johne Sapoat Dlvid,of tt.pa.risl of 14. Jnietr, for two rhareso, nix(een undred i 8. Jouncn . ArKand, of. the parish of At. Jmres, for two hare, haresixt o thundreddolusnd Ia. Paot Hnhnrt, on tte porial nlfIberrille, J2 and four hundred idolcl r dollar. 4,400 2., hron McCall, of ihe tsbuhe , foris, oof thren shargs, twoh thousnd and touhr bond rnd dollars., .p,400 two tliousand and four hundred dollars 2,40 dollars. 19,00 15,000 5. 'rhis partnrshlip'shall' comeno e on L te dpy ofl date Iereof, and the operations of the smanle shall terminate, and the colcorns etheroof a.hall he wounl til at the expiration of twelve monthlu from thie dato ol this actl. 7. T'here "hall be appointed by said aosocatamon uIpon the meeting of anly five of tie stolklfildors thereof c onveneod' in the city of New Orleals, tafter two days notice in one of t-oIw pablio goztteno tf aii city, a hoard which shall nonsist of thlrco iroctors, to be plhoaen from among tie stockholdera of said arsupiatioel, ld in like maionor hore shal. b a n agont appointod for thin same. '1 to berird d lof dlrters of this Istijuation, a hOlare thlla powor,al oa alithority to mak d such rules and by lawa s tmay not be ineonsistlnt with this act or with the olaw afore recited, upn whlc| thins paritnershp is fOinded and specially they ihill have powinr to direct tteo mode ofiinningosid boat, and ro.ulating Iho yoyagep or tripe, times of dP partire and return, rates of ehargeos, &G. The imid boarTd rhtil ales ayon thie power tL iovetigrts tho. accuntop oif snid eoat, up welt thro themsonlves, u tllrough the agent thereof and gecorally to aupaer vier, codntrol andi direct tthecourse of the emtploy; tmeat otd thine otthiiitration. of hoer funds, and.jq thtat esl they slatll.be"onthorisod to give ill fljish ald proper inotrpctinin to her agoet, ollcer inu others ii ther employ. "hodiht ieto .shall l.e, have the rowe'rs to 1i1t 1,1!, :,11 ,,: li .. (f , . .," ,.r.,1t i, i . o , .

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