12 Eylül 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 3

12 Eylül 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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aitd board, front death, -resignation or otherwiseo. Th a ent of said boat shall reside in ti.city of hileamns, iand shall under the by-lnaw of said benrd, collect the debts doe to the association, and if any there should he in suit in the name of said safociation, and also in like mannoer disbureo their find-, for noecacoary cxpenses and claims, and un, dot the like directions keep just and troue books of the secounst, dealings and transactione ofRaid as saoeihtln at the oflice whicll hall he seclcoteod by the said hoard in this city. 8.''he directors of said association shall continue Il offiee during thi term of six months, from the ay of their election and until the election of n hew board, and snuch n w board shall, if pnasib'e, ie elected ono week after notice as aforounid, and prior to the expir tion lof the term of the older preceding board. Tie olgont shall remain in oflco at the discretio t of tih board, and the board shall determine his compansntion and the manner of pay. ing the same. . _ ing the same. 9. At the period therein before determined for the expiratlon of this co-partnership, tIe affairs thereof shall he settled, and the same liquidated and wound up by the last b,rrd of directors of maid kmsoeiation, or the eurv.vor or survivors of threm. 10. The persons so trusted with such liquidation Ihall cause to be made a full and completo balance sheet ofthe debts and credits of the nssociation, and they hall well and truly discharge and settle out of the funds of the a.rsociation, consisting of a l bsat, her earnings or Iroeeeds, the lawfIl debts f saM aeeociatiori, and when all the debts arhl claims of and against said aessoeiatin shall have been fully paid and secharged, they shall make a jurt and equal r. partition among tel stockhohlers ofsaid association or their lawful reprosentatives, pro rata, of tlhe stock respectively he'd by them, of all the remaining funds .of said partnership; and for the purpose of effecting the liquidation of said concern, thoe ersons who ihall be the liquidators of the same shall.liave full power to soil said steam beat and her appurtenances at public auction, after adveatiaseent during once a week in the usual manner, at such credits andl on such terms and con. ditions as to them shall apprear advantageous, and shall have also full power to eause to b discounted witlhout recourse, all notes, obligations and creditl whatever, belonging unto said association, whe thor arising out of the sale of said boat, her earn ings, or otherwise, provided such discount may nout be made st a rate exeoeding tell per cent per an. mum, or oven to sell without reourse ail an t public alctios after thie sual notice, all notes, olaims and eredits, belonging unto said association, on such terms as they mnay-think fit. 11. The divid nids of profits, if any there shall be, made by said association, shall, after paying all dlate, e rarges arnd expenses, he drelaredl at the and ,of eovery six mnonths succeeeding the date thereof. 12. This act of association is expressly based lapon the aforesaid act of the legislature of this tState, approved the thirteoonth of March. eighteen ihundred and thirty sven, and tile aforenamed uaembers of this limited co partnership hereby declare thatit is their intention to avail tlhemselves (in making this association) of all tie privileges and immunities in the said nact of the legislature Coatemplated, and specially of the privilege of exemption from responsibility fir the debts and oublligano of said association beyond the amount of the pr value of the stock by them aaspectively hald, as contemplated in tire eighth section of said act, and all privilodges granted or responsibilition impesnd by said act are to be taken andl eonsidered as embodied herein. 13. Thelsaidr o.partnershlip hereby elect the city of New Orleans as the place of domicil of said as. maciation, and determine that the master or clerk on said boeat or the time being, or either of them, shall be the agents of said association, so far ae to rign bills of lading, to hind the said anesenation for goods received oil freight on board said steamer. 14. The atockholdo a in said associatio ha11ll lave the right to vote by proxy at all elections for directors, and to a4ppoer by proxy at all meetings duly convened. 'jius done and passed in this office. on the date s.aabeve, in the presence of lBartholomew Valls anl Theadoere F. Theinelnannl, compeotet wilnersses, domiciled in this city, who having signed with tir gparties and rme, the n1otary, Origiral--sigand John lllidoll, Wim. II. A.rry, tenry McCall, Jolln S. David, C. Adams, jr , J. S. aArmant. Aaron Erir, of the city on' tittlherg,, county of Aliseghay, State of uPennsylvania, is to these plre. ment presented by his son, Jessr Ilart, t New O)r loeau, lsper praouratwla her. unto annexedl. AAION IIARlI, E'er JESSE IhIR'. 1 Dunean F. Kenner having tell Ihe eiy orevtous assigning, is here reprcsenLed by Minor Kenncr, as per letter horeant annoeoed. K N - DUNCAN F. KENNEIR, I'.r MINOR KENNER. I Paul Ilibert having left the city previous ou .signing, i& Ihert rre rre ted by IBernard Laudumier, N as peler lttr hereunto annexed. ,, Il1. IAUDUMIER, P'our PAUL IIElER'r. It JOIIN S. PITRETOiN, ' ly Isaac T. l'rcton hi, attorney in fact. I T'I'he rds ' lburteceth," anul I oi.lunu, i 183," I., i nterlined. t It Valls, Tlheoore 1-. Thecutemaun, 11 ora:o i tveis, notnry ptJhe. I coe ty t , t :r..tn to ,e a to . .. . py frot the ortglntil cnIt .toetll tx Illy orrent notaritl re. gliser, so theh whIt lrellt e Il.have herul 1 signed ily t1l asse an.d :~tied the inrpss ie t miy seal ot lici . I.il ";gn:,d, Hll)lATIO A IDAVIS, th al ``cw30,1 Notary Publi. t tj_ L tuisiane--cill of Paru.se J,- lx N.uIv1lle2. .rlean.-C. . quartozin.e jlour do mot.s do join ,Ie .. I' at mi hncit cot troute neuf rt tle tcne nt, trois in emoe do I'Indfpendance dei. Etate-It , d'Atntrigor. In Paredevant Hloratno I) vis, notarirc putli, du tment coommissionnt ct .usermuont dunes at pour la vill cet prteiste t, lit Nouvelle-UrlMans, li a di convenu d te ltcrnr uene socdt:6 limlitiL., i lcnforunll. fnont nue dchpotitoans do act' dl lt 1d t.,ltu .i,, de cet Etat, tad-6 le 13th mars 1837, littb"c "UnJ Ate petour autoriter los Sciitds limitites et nonttty inlosnet o,,ur le gouvcerlluotle d'icallo-." Uno s ci6td limitil estcpar lest prdentdis Iortitle, laquelle . sera ri6gle de In naoni6r, oid darns la uorine sulvun to, savoar: In. Le nom i t c titreo de na dite Socit sera: n'L'Association du lateau a Vapour Brillant de ia I lit Nouvll O,16ans." I 2o. Cette associ lion rAt form6c dans Ic but doe faire nav guer It b canr a vitcctr noa.mn le Ilral ' lent, de la NouvelleO)rle.ans, comull bateau doi IassttgeOt, etde fret eur les caux do In Louisiane , at on toutes altres ean. des EtutscUnis ou stur cortes i pes Etas Unis. . lm 3) lt. lmentatnt du etpital do ectto Ars ei:dilt ve est de trlte t oueix nlllt' plastree, di, i, otn quarsuttc actionsle hct cent pi.treiaClatnllc. Lt Iotatlit du lnlcodt hapital tu patllt. I. cn(ltallt par kt t inembre i.tl la dli lue lAssoci.i citapls notmllnllli:l s, lo d.t niotatot tanot Icn m noI que Itn prix pittntif . dut susdi batieau n Brdlaulect los d6p news p0,ur tc- il parntions n amiliorations faites no a ads (bateau 4n Ls Inmsl dea nssocis ei6 t a mIontlant qu'ils out resiietivmlient pond dans cette socIltJ 1.mihtiC est oommla suit: 1. Duncan F. IIouner, de la parowse de l'Asconsion pour trois actions, idux t nille quatre cent piastres, $2,400 2. Henry McCall do la susdito paroisse, pour trois actions, deux millo qtartro w cent pinttres, 2,4011 3. John Slidell, tie la Nouvelle Orid ans, pour trois Pctions, doux millo quertro ll cet piastro, 2,400 ct 4. Chhi tplher Adams, file, do la Noe. ,400 volt Orld6ans, pourctroi actions, deux mtil- Io In quartro cnat plastreso 1,400 5. Wdlitam lHamilto Av ry, doe la ]Nouvello Orlans, I our trois actions, deuxt mille quartre ocent pilstre, 9.'100 6. Joln S, Pres.ton, do la paroe:se de l'Ascension, potr trois lctions, doux mtillo qualrtr cent oi:l ires, 2,100 7. Johu Step hen David, de la paroisos St. James; pour dotux notions, lillo six cent piastrl.s. 1,60 li 8. Joht S. Arman'rd, te Ina usdite pa roisne, pour deux eltions, millo six sent r pina tres, l,00 9. Paul Idibe;t, de la paroisse d'l.er v.le, poor une action, lhut cent plastres, 800 1 S10. A;tron Hart, do Pitsburg, pour dix sept ncctionl, trcizju etlle six cent plastres, 13,600 132,00 O 5j.' Cotte soc:Ctd cnmmencera le jour do la do e des prceentes it csc opdrcations so teormino ant it .s at taires et ses comptes seront halanods et elos, I. texpirs.tion des douzo mois qui suivront IL date du 7edsontt ;tote. C6. A one Scuntibn do cinq moemtibres do 'An sociation, conlvttotlJim d'aprbs une annonoa publido. pend nt dcux jourc dacna ot des gastittes do cotto .rite, ii eeo nomtaod trois Diretneurs, pris pnrmi Jon actionuaices, losquuls Dirocteurn comIposront lo bureau oPodminintratin, Dc a nlome moaniore it sore e hle si on agent po nr In dire aoci66 . • lo. Le burnau do Directeurs da In dite Assec. I ation aura ptlein.pouvoir et ateort do faire et 6tablir doe r6iles ou rdglonmons qul no seront pas nottrairos uon prdaont aeto on It l ol pr6dit6e en vertu de laIt alle sette eneidte eat 6tablie. IIe au rent le droil spdiial do rdgler la maniore do fairo navigner lo cmdut bateau, d6signor lp tours do sea voyages, Ia tnmpn de son d4part at do son re tour, d'dtab ir loe prig, &E Lo dit bureau hrrn iaursi to droit d'examincr leo comptes du suodit bnteau, suit par lei mo6me, soit par son agent, et gddralement do snrveiller, onto trOler t dariger l'emploi et l'administration do ses fonds, otf ee but i lore, autreia6 . donner leo in. struclion r qc'il juogro l'agoint, aux "offrtioir nutrec tiployi)ieo d susdit boateau. Los diroteunrs serent poreillemont autoris6s ic romn plir los vacances (po.tr Il tomps non-expird) qui pourroent .urvonir dans Ieur nmnbre, suit Io r onrtl, dtiiscicn -neu autromont L'ogent dudit hnatou rtitora nh in Nouvelln Orlda6 s et euivant Lis l tCromein I suI dit huareCa, eollecttra c ie dottes dues a la oci6dt, at pdursuivra.oelles on litige au nom de Ina dite socidt6, et pareillement rdglera les d6bonte de so fonds pour toutes d6penses odoees saires pour faire face a loutes r6clamations juates; it on c.nformit4 aux dits rdglemens, saront tenue des livresjusloa et exacts des comptes, ophrations ot transactions do la dite Associati ,n, dans I'office qui sera chooisi dans cotte villa par In dit Iuroatu. 9o A P'dpoque ditermindo par In prI ett ante pour la durdo do eatto soci6ti dernibresonla 6lu on par le membro ou les membroe survivants du dit bureau, 10o, Lee porsonnes tI qui scra confidJa la s diue liquidation foront on Etat complet des Iottes It des Crddits dle Ia roclit', et a ront tenon de rdgler at le payer bron et flilintolent toutes les juste( doties de Ia di:e osocitt ton, lesquellea dot as seruon payda.s don oinds dIn I dite aoctid6, so composannt du lit tIatetu, Ses gains Ot I dndfice; oe quand tle dlites dettes aurJ tEto Ipaydon, is rd partiront d'tnot in niior. jut a .t tquiitable entrs . lea antionairos ot leurs reprdedntant Idganx, nu prorata ode lours nt tions rspcc iven, lt balanc. tdes lullds apiartvrlant a l dite, association; It ;olin Itd'tLfmoter na dite liquidation, I ,s persnones qaui seront nharg6os du lt dit 1 qlnidatian auront phl.in pouvoir do vet l tl aul l It dlL't caU h valpettr s0a ngrds at t applaraux A l'encan, apl-b nO avtir dlonn navis pr6,llahlo pIondant tute scainano, tce la tmaniore usildo, h l tl crtidits it I telles otauditions qui 1, ur puairrart1et convelnables, et alront astt si plain ponvoir d]. hairo einotolptetr sant recouurs tons 1 not a, obligatio a aot criddits qtulconqut.s a pprte. saot la saoto dt,, quit qu'ils provienn.nI dt la vonta du dlit bltce;lt do ocs hindlices nil nulto ment , pourva qu Ito d(it esoutptle nto aIj pas lait a un taux au-doessulls dix pour cent por anl, it t .iaeo r do vendru sanil reouoors t0t a t'encan, aprbe lns avis d'usngt tons li'etts, rinl Ioa inn et crtili s I npprntenantt a la dtet sac 6ti nux tourles qu'i s r jugeront convenableo. 12. Cot anto deso eo doIat exprCsomoentl. ano stur r e ,a adit ante do la ldgitlature do cot Etat, approuve le 13 Mars, 1837, at lea sociitarios ci-deostus nom mnds d1 cottn oncida I ntit6e dteolarent, par let p1 rdsentes, qu'il eat do toleur intentoion [Ont :t teanl coitto socidtd] de sa prmauloir do tous les privileges at inlmuniledo voulus dians In lit uet e l a 16gi-la. Tnr, et uparticulioreonnt du privilgo dI'exentption Sdo toute responsabilitf pour ioa dottus at obligatiotns Sdo In (tite oncidot nu.delo du mltant.de lia valour (au pair) deo actions po:.sd6.dts par chacun 'teux, Soliln 11 '.st Iprdyu tlns a Illlltlblorn nlCtino dudit n acte, at tonls prrilbges acoordls oil ro.slp nsubS itd.s itmiostodes par te dit atotdvront estr, constiddt. co Itime incorpords datn le prdentoos. I 13. La dite sou-6t6 1tit par t .Le prI d.'tne to tlo Sdeo I Nouv to Orl.tllns, p1,r still domicl i.1 I. I clare qua lo capitinoe n cor.umnlist du ,4t itt.aux, pendanut qu'ls weront mplloyos olis, on I'ul t ie I deux, scrent lee agents de la dite ssoceiation, en a e qui c ntcorne la signature des conllnaiSseeol et obligeront la dito soct6i pour leo marchandises I reques a bord du su:l-dit bateant. 14. Los actionnaires do In (lite socini6 auront I. a droit do roter par procuration dons tourtes los 61e tions pour directors at do st flire reprdsenter par jprocuration doana ouate lea r6ullionl dounlelt col. f voqudes. I Fait t passed on I'tudoe, tI la Nouvelle Orldans SIons mslmes jour, tnoi ot an quo derasu on pronence Sde lartheletoi Valls et Th6odred Fluvius PIlinon I mann, t6mtoins domi, ilida en cotto villa qui ont eige6 avec lea partis et moi It notaire. I Original sign--John Slidell, Wtn. 11. Avery, Henry McCall, John S. l),vid, C. Adams, jr., J. S. SArtmant. Aaron Hlart, de la vilt do Piltnburg, conti dtes Alligihany, dtat do Plenatvlvanie, eat dase I a prd. selltton reprl:seontt' par uso fit Josse Hart do la .Nouvellec Itrldano, d':area ta procuration ci annext'c AARON LIA II' pour JESSE HART. no eESSE' IIARIT. )unean F. liennen nant quit6 It ville anatt do signer, eust dlms hI.t prfIcntes reprdTsentl par ilen teon dlt , puare Itlre c anll.nx.. S J)UNCAN F. IIENNEN. .u1 pour lMINORI IENNEN: onh Paul lielhrt avant yui.tl ln villo avant da siganer, lil est reprctrlle: dtns lee prsentda par BIernard Lau. us llller par laete ci t :..lcxa e. It I, .\ )I' I)1MIER, JOHN S. IPRESTON, pour ISAAC J. PII' - TON, sore clarogd deo faire. It. VALEI, ilI eO). 1F. 'F1THI ENEMANN,N A IIIORA'l'l ) AVIS,Not. I 'lu Pour coa leo colnta rile. Nouvrhll, Jrlean,a , 0 luil 1834. Sign6 IiO 1ATJI A1 IN, 17a-2- s-1. Vo Plub.. L ES AClIINAlIES.nntlinqo le .e..t Ila Se paytmet do lours actions est due u t paya- 'r 13 jail et. E. . 'I'TRACY eecretalre. fi'l ' lPmlik h tnI (tilt of New ( rhlllsns.-- 1 ,lb"II certify ao:" ll t o llA.nl l llh "I;:, 1i7N , ldg en; wall en thrlell ill (Il- ph0 otlrt i, hP'n tI l \1 lrle I.ullllitlh( li.al bPrT vr. Cnllllrllt- ? ai tXh A t''F' lI'INI Cute ate act to.prett,, hf i ,r h , i h ,*old. rind fiIurI.. ato - file lowilll lo w il': \o+ I l,;::l--+htrla l.nmitte Is. t'. ,rail ea rd,, .nd , h" , ,'I da lloll I jnldl~ll ,.ollt i t , di'.rcv I,,e , ellntICI P Io h, l lnr I telll : p eetha t ttl, ' t1 I Illltlnilllll !d t t . 1'.Ig'rv aTT oLT "; hI , 1~'"'"s' f",, hr :11.1 1e I '-one aIe a''l y 1-'hclt, that lh n a t' , I h,. lt',e, ci Ite 1 1, . ,' t'e Ice ll.tleeut it 11 .I 1,.111t \ , J' ,_a t J odel It 'l l < t'' ,1 ' oC,, l,[ ill ll .I' eL ll' . I1, pe s m., -. .l leatccc, tce,e'. \ c I l, , I ' :e t lle ll , lit o o lt 111." t lbl rill-2h lt e .r t-11, \.t l n' n II ttet lh' ' t ri l ite lytted eaord .. .lh,,l 1(1 ,, Deplohy llllll,]: ant Ilhlr -ill l., "'l +,ll + : c, N . I a I e :r is It .n ta-r t: t. i ,lt d t . e I Iet n 'h tt . " J. - e I n. I.v I u h.l r I S frit j ' l!! leme '., lI [I . r 1: 11 11 l , ' (.;t :l 1\.ll . -t50 + <h. dolln .de1 -r, ! i i NIrl t h t Xllll l l I t..,' r t s.r" , t ui.' A l " P+O laeIh, .' ) t i t ,' dtit. e n o pe. lr," it , - it e frI o Lon, 1 N c. t do- . m, o tt, c enl e ntlllb I r.+! ticll e M ait l ollrt- n. , Iieh o"" ,lllen id ..' e I h ry. t1e1n1l t iv ll lit ,s d ill ·mn En ln o. .I ; - le i. lyt ollli l " 1'aml ll*rt v+ . o ( n+i ' 1 o1 o I" th, Ii, Il - ,l --lnr poiso : .trit. :it ' I atvo ' II Nlll i t. t I ll tllr i t i l.e Ia e t I : 3.~ cr N h and ee tI, +ts' Lasindr, g d ' tt e ls l .i r et t.a ,oir . st le CollJt .,ll iltc D2 I ltll . tr* r. cci vI''A cAn l illI Elcati.PI lad iuma Ur i ATLY received from Bordeaux and Paris, * r t complete assortment of French pewter Syrin oI 0 ' lawnd injection epattus, i . direct from Londonl n ai ulivery extensively used i El nland, ft r sale ll y or to .jt'cteaet elit t'ito ueie 11 atONN ' , Ina llt , a ti lllll ll ,'ly 1 ,1 . car 1 h nll) le ('(da c I r 1' I ln .+ L~Ter, e I. . ll arll tr lll a irru,. o , v Irml l -- I l ltlo,, i l' af luh . IItIe ta ie'ic i blan kd ta Up lele inea ttcl, \ alt o. 'a lX a paaetar t o , ieeat licleat wLatuu "o e altldiuo tll.s a tdl ati, tl, a o eit a.n a N aed a at. t i.ae n tee A Nya O . 3ia t iet r, It jelltty 11 h ce n )ra itei a litl'' lto l ts p t I tr 4 V . \N 'S l A .tl O r·: 1· t ) llS l, , 1i+ 1 , h lT tll'll lte f . pu ts Sexllu t I tt flt nta very lhch .tl ,1l' lonoe rllllnee, trifrIls t ll blu d, 1d lst l',Vet p llllt• e l he. 0 whole .ttle al. SJ.tloothAN'S w : ;l)? .il uid.aldc It powde r a hr the I llatlui h.ir; Rllawhud'ml' Kulnlur fo.r retovilng pi,.pl ds, it0 end 1M taell l tr Oil, t.lel a t ll ire fronl e e oe e i lt oLgne atr.Ml e ee al r Fa ritla. a c. Nttai JeIc rct i(et and 1It· eetw ,tlotleto e Ileeclsefa. Ierttt's leieellit t e. i.it ou I ate ol tcico c de t o olafi a, e Plutcat oaeh, r00 e dttt riputit a h mitutt he tt i aelicait oma a te l rnre ta ater Ie, I ate cot, o \V I . C iRNIo. I 00 FAII, & \VIN'I' { 0 ,O'TIIINI;. 00 - ept - 3Iattatteaat 0n I l Chlthi , a1 d l r N at c to lceihiv Pitllo. b ua rtgiu ho arly trl l h, h Ia heasc e t leto tlh i lt as th dlle hi ltrglc will t enaale teelt ,. t is l, a tlla r re i ' eorm lon e ' o te I t uo ry, I lt t r li for eaete wholen le 1 T01 & retail, I n ooI N& tillet e 3 eg uerlee a en I N eil lt, a eeLOVFee 't Uia ettt 10 J 'u iet reeiv n b ny c late erri ls , a tit t te ete det Lie paeie erollthe folliiein sizes. a eut x.12-tl. txlt 100 'fbi N N--o..l'.-1 Klt . A,.e t baIt if Enhvehoe, liar w relOitdnl m and leemall sor.till aed a. rti'tr lth very i00 beat inalil e, ilndin fiom Bar ee Jitephic.lrot Pl lat ,ateelrusi lan or sale bfy ALEX. 'ltX A n,e/- "~ e TALE-e llt bh algtr A -i ota StI_ fn •s l 311 d ,I u ltcttr llol e a olaac u ot t.5 do learifiedsugar An- PI10 coils rape . deo • lIe iIIIlhItMIt1ENI:, IllOWN &Co. lto Ii July I, Il:.: Coloti at. Ne 9. rmiI INDlAN'S altt Sw's PANACEA, PatterT' ant I Catloatiaon. Balm of Columbi, Pilla of every tre d tosripti.c and me, suehnl at Tomatot, Blrandreth's Peters', Moeel,'s, Scott's, Let't, Southern, ty'totI aoL Gregory, &o. constantly on hand yi etl H BONNABEL. pas july 11 oar NatLchez and 'tiapalatouhs sts cat l per ohip Saratoga, ttdtoan. enuateelhld Breas tat Pins, whien will be ofiere'l to the irade or pedlara clieale en or thai ever before offered' ini ihia city. Aso 510 dozen tichased Itinga, ofall paterus, together wite a great ct lts riety f elhenp (-ilt Work, eonaisting tl llracu hes, Itiego airt Ear Ornanentse l.ocke91, Cltioni, &e. Ttose ile Wat tc will do well to examine ihit greet ttasortient. °tt P. (. Old Gold and Silver wanted. opt 15 "n, F rINEN SUiiRTs, iLOVES & SUsPFNInlirS jt | 1,J Jan! receiveed by late o..rrials, an aaautamana of elhec, at lhe lttzaat, ctteer of Si. (Uharle. totn CatOttlota qui N. II. A c oX alce' tsortac eat of Writineg l,-kit, Ilc I Dressing, r"tasei, tortale oihatvil casesu in rose vecl & i din wulhier. ut, BUSH &I :1 AI.I.N: ,tte,"I rl i :) l J'I;TEI "lJAl , \ W, ;le Coae l.tt SHIPPING. For surope. 10 UK LIVERPOOL. The A I and very Ilt antlling altip SIUPE". K111,4t1nptain 'I aekerIwill have iamtmdi nuato d Ivapaut Ptnarf ightt15fI0 Iblda lain"ccu 'nn· xua-agr ar I cablin ruasegae 3 ,aP ply I at .10I. If GAIT;, 9.3 C. inlon at FO)R LONiON, T~ia~ 1' tI4 iI UAIIIA·II IY dIe arala a a latte parion o Iaaaaaer nuo engagad. Fato II C( ,AMIIAC(K & (Ca. 444 11144.. I.5Y1 tiAI.I:. a'iZ2Ith I i( k 11Ince - t"' V4 I 4l":.Iir\'"4. 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J PIIII1 Calt IIlerI h, will rcllive sIn s. ipaltCll, I' r fre ight or pls l ge il I pl ll OI S -1:111 1 (1A1I ,, fq. h itN 15t hl l 9 linn Ol l stllreet, J ^ |The n ewIw IIII very f it* iling &"1 hoon1e Cl O E T,1)' I ,. 1'a1,1.9 I t., rk, will hr, ready n v o still I in a few ,Iat, fhaving the ,reater 'ret of her ur,, nrr" l.P ed. tohelh btulk of 4011 harrels or passage - Il J,.4.-o I ll lr t . . L E, a f " Ih :, - , - " 1 I sailing, chlonn rI 11111' 11T\Ill ý" I'T " (llimhcl-1 he lr 11 1r8 ti~ll Tcailll hit, 1.k ld -,frnit Ii 0 hu '1 11.1 h, l It ll, ast iline, II r lf P ack l hr ll r OU 'i P 'lll llifv Ill I , I. V I l l . /, olfher fcon A lo .IlI nllnail a lll u io .o Vegetabloe aIrkel, Ir to A. LCOV N, l t2 90 CO Olll llllII ste 'or the Interior. FOR ISA'IOU SAIL( Tsd at llh I y c allock Ilo elr a &everyr l I Saturday 'r I I o .lo ik A. I take lg tei cot, down onI 10lA~ll~l11Ill SI l ihO llli ll A rM lko llol t'hI . lll aIIo slunrS o r 'll r elght or ipllla lge fIllylll to Cal . Il11art on d rt5 %ADANS & WI1TAL1. FOI NEW YORK. AAA? E ' I E p ket li lhs Il etaI lia i ed to 20 di 1"il, Nett II h C lhinl mosn 011 Noi York, th See iihh; JStlkl Isor I it . 1sOIIlN, b: Te l r ilt in Ne for this wIl m m.ade; at o r ligh e dru nght W tf erI,and will Fth e olpgt t .imraa e tihn ba th.e Intir. Tlhle-,ir +alonindoations t, ;:A'.,l e 5e. suw:'IT.? lll t9h1 fll c i lhe r iequ1 r 11 r e - I lfiA aIII( Jl , ve re w Orold t lean.om an1der t aee AA A 1-R AIR Y'.IIIH ii l'Il o ill O f s MIIl o . bo l ar u pl (er " is o 9 '/h - A.. 1 HI I:ll d ( r ll T.l i , r inetr pih er1 hlt wlll O I'"" Io :' ed In aierl' , l l te fIp a i 1 1hl v( I" .i.IrrIiaO I aIII.II l y o 1 ....Jh. -Il " J cop r lnl t. e I5n .0 'l Iere ilt lin, New York to A.si .- l r 9 , 91,' -.;hp oiI I I . ll ' hI t 1.i tM1ary |r1'ai n bio . 1-i trlI. l lll i, l "r In. lh n ri e (anl| w ill sa l erl l ve " uG At£1,+ l l, If |'* Se ito l-t!, I Sii" . . .s...ly ,ur IIII nild ...I I fCII o11) - I111 1 i 'Fill 'Ier o t' af h io.lln Jied a n $11, wilhoi wI0ne o e f. ter ilalit lbe IIr Toi r il.( 0 lll d O llN I lc.l1T.e si'),, arr ot aIIII otIAIIIIIl frl blIreaui rge ofIa 1,, \n2, I c 1'rl i - lll, I.i A Alne W i raa t l'uleR lrat . f tinI s lT e io l h in t,, 'lll ofihe h li, InIh h ll.. re A :lt o tllls.i e lrl'il rllijal a llld ' l, lrl. i u ilo i lsh P r ,t. e i I fIoii I r 1 4 hy lef1 0 i c ofll llt lw llllll ll -h roll - Ip / ,ell alar -, Iuv.- vi ll cony sh r1 e h ,I i11n5! tleeti .e11 l I in s L itll ,llo 111. 1 ,L|I l llil 1. 111 ollns ,t pilll g I t, l Thi Ii,11 I 5lce 0i ,fO v Ooled hyCaptai n I waI i l llk 1C0 1- a 1 - fuirlt in .thew Ir elil, rau wllyl .1 t ll t l r a ' ,i h r Is ecolna od t . he ' nllle f' e I onueldint b al . i Il o lwln th ier ',e and nib 1l nlpflnt s1 l, ta. adIf te 1 h I1 al The lll rlla st ln ul, liyllO ltserllll iIatlir tin - I ter ntion A o odr , 'alciltll io o li t AINace , I ver SoloolO 1111r 0A'0l-l war, 111111 ofbbre A 001f 11cl1 01 . F 5, hI fllE0II 4l 0i E 1, a l - treet. 9 L l IA Ol' .1 shllHOTr not Eiout'lle o raae. of S fl USHI . & I Oa S 1l slllll i fllIL il l theo Itr' las lo, 11o , f la , 1i 1111a l r o gan e, 11111oher C. lon'ltl ort el1111 l nfail1a t L , nly.llo l it01 e01 0 kl l lAii l ble. i i si ne m .S fleni "oTi en- of tlahe i ant h ns. i r',igdeoks,hi eo- l os a o, t 5111 lir11t tl1s1, 11un1e r .Ou [Losrrioc a sai fy ax h lj' t al E, Iatl ...'fo"llr ay eo llllO. L o +. t"l lIllk . e d a r l' EI s Ir, itA. t t-- -TIifi A II Ii i n1 ea All 1ill. lh oif wP - , Ill il l ilns llr ln ' C I: lyd IIF illies l igne i-Ill t f u lpo i n at ter o rietu th , rer,- ro A cketh. Shn u 1 atma o he weoi1i roll s e Ill l0l1t t rigea r InII AtOr s-Bievll. '1 IsdTli penrll l 111 1r flilr0 ilA iit 111001 1 o oolleilllol 1011LI IIrIIAAIfe tl P n 00 1 0o, n1 l 'If llil 5l', Hatthlw1 y n l.l e A lil i ln I' 1n111 oi I 1 -lll ofI, II i -Il ia 111-1 10 ol r f tflllrclher ],it-flil a e ll ldv thfdifo All 510 EN. I Io Shakesp r " 9 allneg e eIAlr e Thaoe, "h i ts are alt fcloltle fts e riketitceigceof 1n 1 " 0 o. Nlaossto nylr of r o rn eh oo .Ili i eo a. er n 1": + <..! _d r lrt rilld , , |t c _ _ . . [ iia0 'l d pat iof g it l Cx l tInel w.] , I1 - ---- . -.- --- gas : Ne iheh,. i, two sor|L..of. i, 1.. o te.c el v esell e n onati n' lag h re .:i o ll. ;n lfor j i i ii ii,, I l'tl l l p allion' "mallel, 'l . 011 awir Illated . wf e, I e... .l.i ll, thaifrn lil, ha llo( nllr - fil n lrl- , rll g ranile ,lll diuo herglle l e lt fll, ill ofl lli. 1. se l, iorfor rally I/In e p l t ahg T uit byk- r taken"for the I ttle, n oa d th e via Aru fIxp resnd. i For llfrei ght I hs g hawly. erv " --:hle llke Rs OOl llllr TInil. he Alan fstill fhiiul ;hil , CA INErTd 1l, Cillr L ilP llh ,i "I w i h have i e w ani el dlles riiiii hout irum. the ,,renterwpurl oh her eatg i e lgnagedFu (eightp Onll 4ll I htn t, luclt n, rll lp a in tb, aplln d y If let si 1. HdL. A ,E ll), lers. ala Wert Cornl e i! il . Challenl is xeI Cot o sl. l reewiroi T4hie, t U. S..I And+ would rspectfuill - h a, ll I theat set' llri flrl thnrfIit JPPel.,and nt angl elrhigcrmtu F~r Ireigt orllttBti.P ii Ny t ORANI) REAL ESTATE LOTTERY, OF PROPERTY "Sitated in New Orleans, 'TO I0 DRAWN O) THEI It DIeCEIIIJII, 1839 IN JAC~KSONVILILE, FI.. L'nlnr Ilbe eulplenell.ee .9 ile (I:l,le t; .i n.,nvr arn 5 ilUntndIO' tybe I.egielelivne AnnleleI I I'I..ridn., 1Cit|I11, 1 & liAMNILTON, MAlangere. t 10(1,000 tickrbt, a: $15 rnI'hn e ple,.. $1,5)0.010. 1 $elliI.g I.i e $2 1 . ,r liebk P F. 9Y1VES"ER & Uo., 156 wlroadway, NEW YORK, E Nml Agnt.: ' Tih,. reeilijs 1f iie eale of Ihe tickets will be de e0nedia~ rcbe(R I ,,,,,l.Ua,,n.U,,e,l,.ia,Iliinett'e..l pollsli d i the t.nnlIrll. IUlliolll, Currllhtln, Citizen's nnd i1 (tUelllhiJed I.i lke, in New (lelull., i.. Ihe iIm.n of It I+Llin Sehahh joilyniv w.uh J.. II. .Planlt Iullv I ebeee .f I. Unitaena'. lInk, a.d .. Isn,,.,,,innc ( Ilh eA. lth 1 l'e i~lllk . l .N .l I'l. Itllyll v ('ashier te'Ill+ Conlml idnli d l..tIlnk, it+ 'I FrqI*trel, Ua peUr nllt IIlIP* edl bl,+Ole A., tlhilllrla ,il. I`+l1. NoIF. |+lih. I thlll 'Il May 11139, ..d th. lrepelh' ltnlielItrreedl' tiu Ile allblve llalentioled Cgetf.llccc. alnieumTnbered, lls 1re tI..Fem, focr Fie seculy of thci Ic Irluate plize lul Ide lrl Ne" Yolrk 11the sno '.. +will in hel.,llitml I tie i. Plhoelxllll lillltk 1n) the 1o 1i ,t .I ti(t, abtove lvallll'll , f 'isty Hunlksllll fill .,.w I Frl nll l .. 'I hi. lPblic re i, reherred tol thle nel's Imss ,ed b,,fine A. lAlanllr,.nn, E's.I. lNov. lPll. in einlti,,n to IIhe ,roq ple.rtie whichl etiIriace tlhle .l n talte Iriz.s in tle La.lltrt . r.. 000 'I'..K$, ' follow-: C Prize--'T'hatll t lln44t4 ll l ;I , . 4,qly b4'. k I4.4.hh4ng, In.4l4 , as d,.' .4Ii4'1. h, ar, it, l1no',zi.ae Itl. 44 r , .l u lll ,. : 2Ni H fIeet ) I nch, .s 4 'N .4 ( olll ll l 'll ' . 4', mu; l Illl leet I intches o' aN alhel St. '1hi buihlilg prodIl4 u4 d , ow Itw sn rent oll4 37.17ll l m t ,llllllll nl IdI+4 g in lh, lnol t Ilnrnishing lot , f ,"' cu f o p -il lllPoele l, l :., til 4 1 t I IIIIIII 4 Il4lo t le 4 4 l44 l ol'lllll I of the ill.olsed tol lilly thllll-o ollllrs Iwr Iiannum. M*liilonledl $7 0,10. Priie--'Ih • I eet tith fn toll nl hri:k hUil,! 4Ug k nown its th (4 I4I4Y 4 I4l'4I. ti orller of fir l llmpl ncll lllnll a n stsII Imeisll 7ring 1162 eil ol ( oll' l lnO' I sr, dlll 141i fietl III inh4 ,' ll (f ' lp) Sl. This building ,eels s,.v ifr $95,01:0, nuldbeinlg it the Ilmo.tl IrnInll part of tlhe city, ca;I ll . le im+ncren:ued to thirlty tlotia. ,l d80lnrst , r'r ti 0. 44 4uA. re tit44 4 4 ed 04 $500,00 IPrize.-l l, three Flory brick dwe ling eldjlln lht Ar cade, rellt ted tll I hf n wd hdoltars. I:olitnttd Il $I.0.01 0 I Prize--'lh 1 three storv brick dwe,4ll 4 h",IPr, No. 111, mllliiin tg .. N ..40,.I ,itl44 he, z street, ,"l tell d 44 t 4 w14 l, 4 I dred I do llars* . I o nt ft $lllal l ('4144 I 4r4z4-.-T'I'e three4 4,r,,,4, ' l wel'ýn I_' h44u,4e, N4,44 , 44. dj-initc N\ .14. 444. Note hezalh rellled nlt 4,,,91i Ih llm Fell ilolllllS. I. >tl4444'444 114 it44 ' 444 100 Prize--'4h, dwi,4llnl house.ll 4. "3 nort4)4h ePal cornt erlr of IH ill alnd r 1 1,1111 ,se m. e l...R s, 4444easr4in4 1- 0 f: t front o, Bl sin streetl , 1 fr i front on ranlklin street, bVy 17 4Irr 444 l l4. on Priz.--I he (]whlline house No ,4 ,mfln Pr i rir- .' fret 7 inlothor on w Iltlln stn :32 1elin he-nd 7in ralnl sFrnti rl,me - 1 hIv 197 feet 101 invhei depth on , re'nt hundrel dol r1011 r. .stited It $'10,1000 Prize--Ti0 tw lsorv brick dwllian llk t t .k, t r IN..33c., o I l r', w n 1 ri r-1i -'1 feet 11 Fiites' no,,, 'Iroal by 1"%417 fee I l in4 'hbe" in depth;4 rent 4 4I4 4l a t $11111 per ,tia 4 4l.44444 Ekt.ma1nited nft $15,001(1 SPrize- 0f t har.es Canl t lak stucnk, it I l' Il - a4 b, $'!45,f(k 110 4 Prizes.1o .hur, t"n e niol ink stok $101herdh, ,,000 I Priz 44-150 ,lours4 44e4b44i4 ' find Tr'' der, ' link 4oe 4 , stockt $14 0 u, 15,40 :1 Prizes of 100 ahr,8 each, Cit.11G. Bunk, :31,01 w h rizes n of ..: i (...... Liht, 4 5,40114i4tn 4r- . u . 4 riz4 4 4 4l4l'h4C lla' k w4 ll4 dra4 4 nti4 (4 4n 4 Prizes 4r4f 1o 5 4li4n th tnt, u4L l r111 Prizrhs f I Alb iuk ank of r ,tlorid r 5iv ,nh b look rtlck ,. tro h b taki t Ihe ltack It ell tor t4 I4 par wl, 1a11 ind I (N IRizl+s, with tie bl·llho llf, inanlloltlher ; lt everry l ultiter Ii prize4. ir blank will e drllawn, u till ll 1i , 4 A r. Pr1iIze ar 4I ill , ,II rn, vil.l4 Ie llto tlk to Fl ri4n r hers in the w h4eel--luwke. r ,,flier ,nder the Vra'rnda , corns .... " '4444 r4 . .. ol ito1 n 7, lre ,, 4 lllll Ill .\ . I lll('hl tre reet, N"4i4 w .ra llnvilly , Fin. April, 1 t39. mIoy I IIREPUBLIC 1 OF TlIXAS. 'rnsAlt nv i)40 44A44TNIT, City of louton, 17,h July IH431L. I , IN purIsuance ,f a requiremenet oIIlaw pI4as4.'ed by I (:,a:es., ofl thlla Republic, approved January 21st, 1839, mnkie. it the dutly ff the Treasury to advertl ,s ;A e:oi.n to he so4l I4e lotI in the CITY OF ('ALIIrtN, , 4n 4 a day , by hi, fixed. Notic,4 I is hereb.y given that the ltis ir. thie City ,'l ('oalh' will be ,llur d a1t full4 ic Saleh, oin 1onday, the 18th day of N.vcem:,'r next, betwveen the Ihoulrs of Ten o'clock, A M.I and Four o'clock, P M', alt the Cali. to1 of'this Rpubhe, upon the torne set forth in the following extracts frlm thie law above men innedl -1. " Sec.4.-- e it firthler onaot.. , Tlhutt th lots in r said town shall 1, offered an:d sold fir no other cur. renley than goll, silver, auditedl paiper, or ithe pro. missory t of, thls govlernmenlt. Soce. ;. -he it rthier onacted,'That the :aid iots Sshall be .so'd on the bfollowing terms, viz: One I,1 1fourth part to Ie paird down, 4and the other three4 - .forth to Ie iln 'quil instalments of six, twelve and oighteen mlmb.hs .ul e 1c. 7.--1u: it thrther onacted, Tlat if' any of person who shall purchaso any ol thcose afbresaid lots, 'ALll f1 i to make p4yma'nt 4 1 the eve.'Nl in le stallnenls in conformity with this Act, he or they shall forfeit all such siums ias they smay havey previ at ously paid(, andll the lots purchased by such delfaul of ter shall revert to the government of the Repub. in lie. ni Sce. 8.--e. it further enacted, That all persons, e aliens not exceplted, shall have the privilege of pur chasing and ho.lding the name,. i4nd the President is ath,,ized to isorepultents to them so soon as the last in, sallhnent shall have been paid." The salf will continu4 frion day to day, until all of the lots shall ha4ve be~,n disposed of. C;alhoun is situated on thle st end of Matagor. I da Island, directly on the Main Pars into Matagor. '-d Bay, and frolll its adv'1tageous positron, will 4 probably ibecome the principal commnereial city in WI estera Texas. iv A Plan of hll, city may be seen Ac the General Lind Otie,". The several papl)es in tlhi. Repldlhc.the t 'omlnmer. eial Rulloitn, Pll'lyune and True .l4,le 4 a4,, of N. Orleaos, will publ0sh notice until t4he4 day of seae. JAMES II. STARK Secretary of tam Treasury. dl 5 - I1)I..LAl IS 1E\ AIlh( d RAN AWVA\',ou( $tnh'v" Inet, the Ith inllst. Int lllll t Ihe subscriberl, a illlllll[n o[ r 4 4rille boy, ede kunwn hbv tlhe- nae of 4\RCII4Y, aged al4u4 1 eiaohwtr 1'yars,liv(' feet f otar or FIh, inlches high. - i r hi d 4ark d 4444424tli4r. Vh2llh f h I04 4 . 4 44,4 he re idet 4whle rIl a 1 |1111 '.t Ulld ianltodlll" ;) 1 butit ha- othelr Cluhingl ', wilh hi4m4, htih h 4 r 0 may Ilt 4tll f it44n-ire. The 4l4 e 4e rew4rd will he paid to4,4 ayorsioln. odging in ht i4i lo r I or br4ilnl4 hi 4 it4 thlle toni eTllT4 'n I 444 s04 ', pe . l. ,f ý Iaa>' lt lill II 1)I' \Ei t'pEU . a oilt IhIIe Lu'S uI 4ttlo1 AI14 IM111N,411. SU4I''4p4t'EI 4r, (IllS new i4nstr.men tie, r 0 rend otgeureo f Pro or lapsus Uteri, or r altihg of the Woml) by ex or L tornal ap plication, supelrseding ithle use of the hb re jectlunablc pressary, is confidently recollnended to the afflleted Is the ieloul of a petrfect restor. tion P [ to health, it never having tiled of perfrmning4 a 441 eeve4l4 under he i4ost l1ggrava4ed ir44ul4,stan ce.. It has re(ceived the lecided approhation ofi Sir astey Coopler of Londong; Sir Benljitmin ( lr Hlrodm ; ir James Clark, Phy" ian to tse Queen; D r Alhwrcll1, lrecur on mideid.ry to Guy's llo-A Grifthh, lecturer to Westitnin-ter llospital: Dr Forgulson,hketurer to Westmlinlslor lyingN hosp )ite ldo in.hospital; a4o by H4o'ury Davie , C 4onqueit n l lundell, L.ee, MerInlanu surgeon Keattes, &e by ed Dr Morreitu, presadent of the AcademniColyale .rto Medicine, Pmri, and Accomhr to the Duches. um D'Orleans | pr ,+t ;sors Vellou. M arjolin, Paul l professor J W Franuis GS, GS Bdo, M 1) profijs . or of undi. thl. lry in the u 4'versty of te ci4 y of " New York, prolk. Doyfihl, and Francia, U John. ut tot presidt t 4 ou'ty M444ad ro4e4ty, Laurens lhl. ll president red sociy State S N Yor, orofs Jan. 44, kins, Doae--Drs 4 'i'.1s B44d4 Glbert Smith, Hosack, Stearns, Ludlow, K tssas , Vach, V Pw ,er, ,t Grayson, Van Runssalaer, aed miIlny other distin A44 G iull, Oliceo 4 Vesey st, Astor Houe4 1 N son4 S4 mr 'i4 '[llal and Washgn, Nashville: GEORGE C. CI ILDS, A\TTojiNEY AT LA'W, , ILI, att(11991th9 Suupreln. Court, adnw 1w 1119(trict (9'9n9t, 9r Iarri9buuga.(li 9999999 (1w the dj99999. (:Ill1lIS ou the jovemolllnt, either folr Bounllty l.nn.) (r 1999999$ ill (99999.999,999999.99 itan I( 1(999999(y .t99nded A,Idrwu' 9,,n1..'il (99it99'9 $1 8999'-9'199 ,, II 9999(99. rrw 1/,·11.10. ". :ho 11 r 1nrP-(i~ I! IIIIPO JUJtN V. CHI111.D £NIRA VI-It AN\'(( a'(,'F:H'A-l'I.A'I'I": I'IIINTiI'1 No.:I, Camp St. I e.'n w .e 1nd 91ri99t 9. to or99', bank9 99999. 1111.+ 99.9!... 9999999, 1,illy 99919(999i9g, 1999ll .999999(9r (9il99999 vi' i:lne 91999 . i ol99 ri -I, r999(r(99 or .999 d .j9 . '9 o iN 9(PIYI vls dolor 1.1(31 1ilve1 we, Ire. (91 (19v ni .11(ll999 - 1:111'11 111· -Ai 1 .{11{(lll Iil)~i I , \~ Ili, ( 'loot I, r 1ý rood toe, lip lI loofoo-tI,. oily I,. it, l," N.1·11~~ It. 1IIIl" I Jewery, ;II o t-" ii e,, Sll.-tue:," ()ep. 1'l i io Il le lou 1, il f11 toll onIl r Old 1 o.1 ;I'I 9 tý,1 . - r . 1: T. W. COLLENS 011''ll( III 1 i'I" o. Itit t11( 'lllrl11 SI.W 0111·11 , (I:x999 9 1 199 b '9 19.91·1 I(i9lldin9', ) All) 9(991llll~ilnýl· hiker I9 II9,9. (l999'9l9999 nd try, 99999. I 99 .9 "111M-h 11A7; the 91,1i,9;, Act1 1 ':1 199l slid n1 9111 9999999t. 9999C ,ll: r99999t99999 991999.99 9 I . 9' 101 I'.. AN AI.' 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IJL1n rc for l II,% l tl v h,0 - III I"II-h Oa s - - - - " - - i ')LAING CA3 S-Just 1 er-i.ed at fw tirose ol f very sulwrior French cards, saoe veorvylhill a li tineir sillecheap bv It :IF LT &, Co, un Ill(I N Y S tin3ll3rs h3ll.'1 , h (hnrtrl3 s 'I II may (; II(iR EVY II 4New 1...n 3 al 5 li 1)] I.0SEY. 1 New evle 11 AT'i"'ItAM 01. 5-,' Iullaramt nltas, lls.tr, I Fenil- to n r il th r alnd .1 c- Pillowsu and Iols,.ter, , warrtllit I o"f I ' hest ninteint s cud lor stle at h l estca hIs en I %N 33 \'3n. I".. 3'AI2 Ni"' 3 i I 1'{ .- 6- I.l04libs. C:im inllti cl red, ,on inthg o i m ost sie i nh, shoulders, ,ft i u. Dilla lt,'r p e rl 2ay :. .2I 2New ILevee Il1 1 ithe 333 i, N..ing nl , I 3333333" .3 preventig it , 3 m31 No. 3 . 333 ('hlnrlls' t 'at3 H ,)I. T I' \ tG \\' I ,EEL .S - 1- i se t Il ,,i'tin \\ hee is, n.o ltl of improved) constructioin, i amin es eoi l.it.', for nary '-4ti d Tivoli t:ircle I )303 lt s and'40 (2s 433 pri3 el ba' ."r. in' t ltor lior S l hv J I'll\ 1 F & Co lJuly .d "4 2 3 13I dr3 3 3333 '"! I .A'r 4 2312332,3 'I' 12.3 I. 3 1'odr UI T lt--1- 0 k(,1 s - Goshe3 and , \\.3tl3 V el . i st-rn, a i lr saile by C. 1I) ItiI": , 2244 Nrw L2)e3 pa ( IIEVILY, o1 r th, Man of hlhat. r, 1 oy L.a ly I.yt23 e3', B] lwer, in " vols. 1lt h li','2,'' r , lhe . 3 n. 3 ir3'3 , J 3 i3 , iu 5 n'3 , t3 33 3 ,h h ~I3. rel h I tlId Ilisll ril ll Iddrs on [lo " I,'m t ,(sx f E.l;l.- rr iiheih ; t'rolllnwvll's Dr,::,lo, " !.' Thle I 31,i ,2f N1l3' . .. ,t Ii . ....of the LmIh,' of L till un-, I'elham, ltw I)is w,vnod, , &r: &c, wif, tiIl I . 1. I`,1 n wi3. wi3 rk3,3 3.N 't333. ,33I3, for .nlh,3 332 ,,- 3 ju 33 1"2 " AI.EX T "3'3.3, 19 Cun3p .t ,.2 Il l V . VAulI.IJAIII. 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Also limewvrd Bliund an3 t llom a+ f oul. 3ist Ilec vedhv Alex1'I'In AId , i l Useli Kn.wledge, lor ithe' wr 1839, ,,ecefivled and tfr sale Iby IDAVII FEIAT & Co / ii3 2 18 "24 33 3 lllCtr3 3 st 81332 " 3A IO33'A3 3, 413 C'l3i2 p s i3 .tNl"ky 1'2c- 1.-o'il : :I.a T hI n bl' .l l sawI ; a n .Iivl by, I' ibinson, ll thi r of Il t ers on PIra n.I Con'linuli.hn of tine ,ar,, of the Time f 2ieorg 2 the IV.eliled by Jlohn (it Eq. i 2 i iiV I. New Iihgraphilc Ilieionnav by the Rlev. , 1. Islakr. W ith vllarious Standalird bI ks. jist;l reIeivd nll I Jr lnllehIi Al, .xTO WA R I . ll 22g17lh 49 . Camp I. Solllon Se-nw, by JP ' ,Roberton,nuthnor of Ltltra iiii P33 l3lgll.3 V. "E r. ( ('Ialei N'.n 32t, or the Two Cl(erks. a c lllu. erc ial r t 2 Ia '3 1'2333333333 32 3 1 2 .l r vic is itdes olAoth h misphleres, Ta hl le o4 f N. i.leh1yv No 15. N libr'sk slel.he, NoR 9 (James' 3,23ntle,, 3n 3 .I" the '1h.1 h Iool.h Sollcll nham's \ll llic, l lluo rl r. NI3 kt ll( If .. odU 2(3 J. 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Ibok , Spanish.--[) (n ixottLo per tie Vegs, n tii."s, )ic perauln.-The 'rk of Schilhler, Go3li 3, K2 2er2er. Sanuir der V i , Mea. ire2 of 3'stnla3t3 , ofic,,nnl edisoI Dictionaries and Ir Lnmla rs. r An alll.rtm ntll of F' ltch & Enlgisli Novei tl l i,,w wkI r ul'lmeril regularly received. i, S( I-J)l lN. 32. , ('O. r ug, 13 3h, 3. ncor St 3harl 3 b' ('oul3. -tis S lllion, h i, the nahor of li l l:nd I3eoNllret n 1, theI If ou.se i of Comnmns;--I.ngruh(n(l ---The .32merie3.3 Kv1 , , ll, Ti 23i i312 3 3ll3l33 23 J ,)l 3N, 3, C 3 ' ".ug 2J4th 3wi 32 S3 (r l . 'hrle-i and ('omi'on so N(I3 l N I13 TI' 't3M Rf'EPiitT3"S of (..3,3s3 dteriniir_ 3 3 in the, Court o3 f 3 in,3 n'< l3i(c1,. in 1 he 3.il 3,Com3 t, Court of Common 1lh 3 an-md the, ,,ll of Ex r 'J't first i l1m crof the hnbsework is this dao re .3 amh0 it. .1 3 11 F ra Iln ,1 33ll3 oir3 3 2 f t'el3 3 ,l \'3 V ,33 3 ,3 (2 It P Jame': Es,; the Naval Ilist ,", of the If Slltores, by J Fei(nior( 1 op1eraulhor of t)e3,3,,A3' ". 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