14 Eylül 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 1

14 Eylül 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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PRICE 12; CENTS. NEW ORLEANS, SATURDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBI-E'R 14, 1839. V,.--\ 1 No.. 22.. Tenm. of tlbe .;Newpnper Pre.s of New Oreana unatnlnnutlv agreed tonat an uajnurned meeing of lItse r moprietore, hnld on the 13th of March, 18I7. SeaacMnrlons.-l'rwelpa IDollare for the inily pn r annilm, payable emeli-annunally in advance: ten dollars for ihe tri-weekly country paper, pvyable one earlt na.dvlece. where no city reference in given. Five ,llilars for the Weekly; pavable in a.lvante. No a tbs.iiuion will ie discontinued until arrnengen nre enttltl. In case on di cottinanve, one week'n ntice e srtiflng must on invnriahb:y given, previous to tl eplation of ulhascription. AivetRTSlnua.-Onn dtollr per annare for IIe first aecrtonn, and half tInt price for each auheeqnert no:e. an materinl altratlion fraen the original adverrtiement will ba ehrged aa new one. Ye*aLt Auvlatisael.--Merchants end 'ra 'ern, ory dollarE ftn nglish alone, andi sixty for both ln gatte. Beinks, Inurlentle ffilees, anl other eilmiar usblie. ostit.utions, fifta y dollar in Enlish only, and lghty for both langagesl; byhip and tlteinbolnl t Fee nrc, nr (.otmiseion merchant sixaty dollars in Euglish eo, and aighty uor both languages. MARnsAean, OnlTealAR NrOTICS, and artieles cull ing tIhe attention of the pullic to sales ,i property, catid of paaaengers, Ie.rleft, &e. &e. will In elmrnenl one dollar pet qutore for the bret inrcrtion in ea h Ion gauaga. COItat nsCAtIOtnI o d A'vertiCemontC, of any permn alnature, when alnitible. nhall be eiharged dulbe, -an in advance. A deduetion of twenty-five pserent. will be made to Auctne , annslrterlle, Iteginter of Wills, anld tMarshal on eatle of real estate. pntllil.led in eithll lngsatges, atd 50 per cent. in English alone: L0 perent. on salts -om otlit property. AVtaasnrlnrsan oant of the direet line of Ilusines of the advertiser, srich an legal, onettinn, nnd plants aln sales, runiway slaves, strny aninalo, &e. &c. will bt charged for aoenately, and at the ordinary irates. ADVRstTutnr:wi an not leeil ai on to tnile, will be .nblished otne month, ned chargedll neoeringly no edvertisements of Itankruplttcis will I puhlishe n any case, lllesa pnid ir previous to insertion, or panient guruanteed by a reapeorille person in towin. S'0eatted and other jilneen of amnemnant, ndvertisileg dtllp tr the saenn. to ie chargedl 100 for L eglish a elote, and $151 in btith langnuaes. All annltoeement . of cllllidatos for political onihee will it charged doulle the price of other odvertise .tewing.to the immen.r lualo e itealldl bly new.,Py.e prarpietorn, they have come l.nh cocls inl l th1e naaes of t enlop woell c ncenunta hkne not lron paid within ann month after prenentntin, shall ie Ildlle knawp (sI fer as practiablhe) to eeh otlhr--they olli saftng themnalves not to atdvertite or print fir ln:ch delinquente,unleaa in case ot adanee paumpa(ta. inigned) J.C. l . T. t01OMEd L. RAYON, P. P. REA, J. C. ptgNDEIW.ANT, JOIIN GIlSON, LUMSDEN. Veckb Preva.--VWe. to ttuiaerrigned,tgreet to abide by the albove ecnditina, s tar as thtey are aplplieable to waaltV paper'. (rigned) A. R. LAWRENCEI, 54$ No enuiacriptiona are taken for less then montlhs. L.etters maust.in nitH cases, bhe iont paid. antOtiery cttlllllttVi Alat THREE DAYS JouRNE Y FRO-II EIV ORLEANS. Irl|E proprietor of thin establishment has the plea t sre of fannouneing tt his frields tntl the pullic in gaeleal,tliat ihe will i,, in reladineebvy the firat day of Mav to receeive viiters. lie will olso nate for theI: aeft ofthcne at a divianee, that there tlve hen large imnrovaements nade, and others now goi y oyn ail in rapid prlgres fr completion, chi will enable the aubaeriher to a:etnilnntlndnt a uoelh Iirger otlolber than htnretofore, atld at the alnte tioe mach li .tter. lanltu ian Ie aleeonnodated nith igood oe.nne. or hoere Bwho preolr rolan Ihave large cehbio elelnclhed front the molt. hulhdig. It is Ideted unel eee.sryte nay enaythill in pnrctic" Inr of the elmroeter el these wnternl Il it ii geetorally betieved that tlhev are no infri, rto any in the Soltll ern State. All the nmsetnentn that are petit'all'" fiollodat Waterin 'laece. will ihe found at his. 'I e lbent muie that this uact -f tf counry staitiv olrd t t heea e ngedl, and waill he in entmllllit altteldil t1 ntta I Si'ring during the. dewhl n • I lie auictiber will .va I iillvetf of thin iil llrtltit i rettrning his imaf-ivned.llaks fot the wtrv liberal iiport tivietni him lant leaslo. anl at.pe.o h tihe erFr ion ltlha hve been oand io iad proio.in m g exlenttdli/ alte ncuianittelatituaSto merit a liberal mtru.tnfi the pseieot eoenti. JNi iu) RM. iIactrera. l:,t whle, le mlu trcr itn nodi:ll-r IIrnrlllllnl c ad to In. er il lr r st ck, lla xlcli el tn e Iti itlt e rt .ti v iie i oltheir ii", alltlt hnl,. i ar t: i Itreel V lll it li vi I:.: [. ti .'.' gIll il.1 . i ,tet ite t ic: i e sid( ,,!. i t.eu eIneite il .i.iyllitit dol, d~ d, 1 . ul,'x n ,dIi I Yto li d .Io ,$ t oole d I do, di, Crole do Aiie. Slnid ilY.ti llvee bridlh mniiteon, i ,c, do,, ,oati,,ltts, Hlc avted.hr, d is , llaedpi oedach lnireen, I . d, do do ,V an. io uelkd . dl do do Ulkru, I io e d ray, cart ando wngeon do Sid.lle lilae, Ioutille ands nvll velices; tiedleal adhllo bcatl, lI onel- al cate le tg; ltetilnlo btoae. leathr (it trulika, brhat tiitd t; leather iolit tlt, dot, nscsreditee aeand varioue style.; hnlsrr anlo d piaiOl hels; colchl gig, nulkey, twig aid ilnnellra etnp whilt ool, wovatid, etlti and lether gir'lha .id suoitlalen; etirroi veatlhes i ever h citrpa and worsten rein web; htchn and tooth banel; blind hridlas and line.; S olcii i ollate, and hkrne aind aule cellar4,-l anl olliti:; into. clct, hack, hinr.shecel and bllnflo skins; tlated bran cad ainel bridh bta of ev, ry dtucr ptiotn. plated, brans and steel clues ci every dcSripintitt; plated, uroes nuid'aiel sttrrupy of every d,.etrn,: Tn'rgtqer with a compyete asenrtmoat of every airiclniltheirclitrle bsinere--ll itt w chlthlhey oiler for sale an eoccoanniotditlg rters. 'They will ala.o coniane to r, ceive tiroogh the year, by ickete Iiio Now 'Yorkh Ireth sunipliea ti keep liir voiek arnpih , and til c m le'e. KOUt ', IJAVIDStiN & c, ti 15 C a uln s t. -. . O CUfE o P.AY It.JrlnlSO.)N Oillcr 11 Il ieuvitill tr'rt, cEn Sllnes i t piraclice to die treuatmenlt I' Venlrea Ir. John e,, firin i re..i.eojd of otit y vrs in im pitnie .i r lceel., dIavi.hld io Ilto tIreatc f lotf VnCrec:al t l ert i r nli1ar iorlcatail () thr e Ic o tI cc arc ti . ti a lae, speedl and elt;rci :tllr c to euI.h ,cICents as are toiuui le with any of the tuliowing diiseses, viz: (i;Ocrrhtlec, (llets, ir:etll, em Chcllcres, MltilOs, Seinal .aV iklle.s, AI[c.iiious of tlhe tlludd.r, Kidlhy., Loii, Urlethra, PrnIcrate tilatnl, Swelld I eatiies, IEruptios ol thle Ski, Sore Tihrrlnt, Pinnls ill tilhe Joiilt." Aon tie numeroeu s synmptoms whic a generally ollnow hid dliseae. Recent c.nes cutret in two or tllrle days witbnlt the a eof lerelry, iuteeraptiao nmll IacSillens, or altera tion.in the ctde of living. A tdicicino pr prevent Venereal Disease can lle aobl tamied uof lr.Jlhana. It is tfes time recipe of the Ilaron Lerry, a celebrated Creanich Surge, ancd wnas uted by him daring the rvreral encnpailna in which lie berved'u aurgeonOneral in the Frnchill Army. iald by tDr. JohtsHe at hin office. 'those persons haelsOin l ara rectiou of Vtearea. Diseases, anal bollt takig riea vanoge. or roitsVig to ltM i countaY, would do well by diviug Dr. Juoinsio a call, no proper mllsdi ciaes lor their cusr ill tle aihtrlest tillt can be iut up ith written directinna e t their use. Office upeuofrm 7 in the morning until 10 o'clock at igltt. ABEILNT:(Y'.JS DYPPL[ I.IX[t. lI)r. hearnetlry, tia .grr:tast of I.lOituiicl a rgrrill w opiincoa that lile-telnths ef the diseanes that aliec mankind originate hi the storncl. 'Tlia Elixir was used by him withthe moast utprecedented aucess in hie pricate and public practice fitr tipwarda of fonr years, for the ralavnal of he fo llwin dliseoses: Loss ofalnpetiteo Platulency, liteaetii oftihe Stoi archL Pail in the side, ileaviness of tihe Iead nd icli ntiion I leel, lrreghlarity of thice lowel., and in all cae enwhere Ladigestiul or a culsive babit is tIbnd to srist. 'thia medticine nlest not he numbeted among the lhst ofiunl k aeattrulnt InOW bifore tCie public, pa it is thel ,ttle invention of the ablest and most scientifie surgeon J,;lroi ever primlneed, aod tle secret of prelariu" it ,ws purectaaed by tile agent for ae vely large san. tIm i agreenole untl tleaant to thie ltate, acts c a aihlp aper ient.alwayn keeps tbhe bowels tree, ilaparts vigol and atrengt toi tile systlem, niiid cteerlctttlnSs to tile lind .iad a few bctclertinord tile ntrlst ctafierted cases Iof Ityalitpin or Ilidigesltioua, and preventnc returnI at an)y nuture heriod. Nnaw YoRu,l7tl Atugurst, 10i8. 3.5 Mt elian-tstreet. SIR:-ln eonuereuctoeoflealdieg Ic sedentarv life, I Lave been truhlnt<, moro or leas, with Ltaligoetiun for lit years; Ior the lan thiree years my tufferingu tvre teenisntpptnrtable. I have tried avreral iphyieilans, and aaunmllhrafqaeck idieiiies, withnltt deriving ally benefit. I delpaired of ever obtninig anly peremaniali elie, and resigned nmyself ito them at hopueless despair was persuaded by anny friends to try Aberlotay's D)yepepte Elilir. tlave nowfintishedthe foulth Ibt tIle. and know not haw to eue aee uilyav I eetintio of its wonderful virtan and the nmiracle itai is performedt in retorit Il "an to tat health which I: I nighlt lost fer ever. emal te half a dozen bottlhes n et ald exnept mv tILhanks ir ie blea+ings you lave a i erred CIy re. sciritlg le to prrtSell heallth. I rlnain veers, ICOI MONROE. AN AIlS'PIT \T if the originl title of record in tie ge.elt.l laod auffie. Prilted in accordance ith a reelutin o" f the ots i epreaentatiee, in-. oeldttlt May, 183. A fee cr1'icns hiat reerivid and ('orialeh .hcy, . OWAR, Jy 9 5Caip nt Il.MORRHOIJDS. ITAY'S LINIMENT--No Fiction.-This ea tL traordinary chemical eomposition, the result of science, and the invention ot a celebrated medlil cal nmuan, the introdull it n of which to tihe public weas invested with tihe solemnity of a deathbed hequesat, has since gained a reputation unparalleled, filly sustaining the correctness of the lamented Dr Gridley's last confession, that " hma dared not die withlout giving to posterity the beuefit of his knowledge on this subject," and heo thereflor bequeathed to his friend and attendant, Siuomon Itays, tile secret of his discovery. It is now used in the princip:l hospitals, and the private practice in our country, firot and most certainly for the oure of the Piles, and so exten eively and elh stually as to baffle credulity, unlone where its e(oee.s are witnessed Externally in the following complaints: For Dropsy--Cretimg extraordinary absorptimn at eense. All Swellings-lReducing thmcn in a few hIours Rhemnatism--Acute or Chroume, giving quick Sore Throat-fly Cancers, Uicers or Colds. Croup and Whooping Cough--Externally, and over the Cihest. All Bruises, Sprains, and B.urns--Curing in a few hours. Sores and Ulcers-Whether fres!l or long standing, and Inver sores. Its operations uepon adults asd children in redue ing rheumatic swellilng, and loosening coughs and tightness of the chest by relaxation of the parts, has been surprising beyond conceptioin. The commlon remark of those miwh bave used it in tile Piles, in " It acts like a charm." THE PI [ IES--'he price, .1 is rriumndad to any person who will use a bottle of Ilay's Laiiment for the Piles, and return the miipty bottle without being cured. 'lhose are tihe psitive orders of time opolrietor to the Agenta; and o)ut of many thou. sands sold, not one has been unmsecsfiml. W .might iisert ceriflc.tos to aim y lengt'th, bt prefer tihat illoe who sl ll tile ; rtii"! , slih uld cru hibit the eriginml to purchasecrs. CAU'TION-Nene can he gsniineo without , splendid engraveld wrapper, orn while.:l nI - i.. .. imd ,l'so thl ' I i ht A, ., .N 7 Co, NUv Y' , " :, towni in mhv ii ," ., For male l'.i',,;.. mineti Cmonen & cnT':t; l I . .." ii- th Ailpothecariesa goi ::ill.' " OR(llIr .t I:... N ". 313 n .;ha = s.*eic l, ,. , t N u rc Itvcio n! , .('um ng tlle ,ost 2 ., -lct.d. s. Ital tiial am id isi ll oit In l oiiic (. f iiiClot e fhr have ever cxhibited n ri imrllrik ', euc siesting It, 'art of the following nriti:lec: bhle, bllue blanck, el black, lnndon brown, citront, lilv, Inedon smok. and golden o!le frock and drees oants: beaver, stableoadl Iarricimton frock coals, elegantly lirnisa ed;: ancy and plain hark hiaiirn.re an' d cclo, pantaloons. enghiih and french Ifancy aHnd [lin silk and satin veste; real iew market ckomorts; englias anld french fnecy uand plain searf aind htdkfl; chamois, cilkh-web and uLrumelnniic .ita; pendetrs chalmni, murinlo, iainb's wool, welish flarn nIel, ilk and cnlton net sherts and drawers; fine lininl and cotton l .rits, with li lin hosroms, ) plainl mld rillled; ivorya ' petrl and plain mhandle ilk ntim. brellns ; (irnf a" prrliumlll (IOeVs-nis-l . beautiful urti'le of white kid, for weddini gs, halTn, &c.; Sprittlelield silk usild rantana ihdklcs; plain fiuared and embrldered Cailllic do.; silk, .iamb wools, mrin i eriuciarn llwn, anld lbrown illd While :citin hlml his,;: nilt of which they offer low Ior cneh.t to mi. tol ini riovlrnt ns l.IRal. 'Nov. I Iemdi a Liinepoun'id h noe Scup iv comrniicei bl lile ladie it ld m;Alidand Charles gigall tuc ul !a lllllce l l ct .; l.( minnallon i; rulogaerd it anld [luc d the i l liclw ley At ,lady I., glontaiii lue'i c. lplc e ld a llhitlwil li soul p beyond sus;iii p l l l tr f t er c ,ee o r -li, ri , trmi I l ln ) a O1 il h e mlu r e , sun burn, run, .t ; tlon, pri-l y hea, anld all+'c Ifse of i no skin, [ti e t b, ling qunlt.its of thin s "atl, will Ioi e (radicatil . It is rco nlll rll ed n Iln ,re llit, t it nll li soul p or 'c lpii ullO d i.r L ii Ii it 'ki fo r ull'il lll l , Iiiii . "lo lll 'it lls' ou r, l l.' ill (rll."ekiv , sllol d llurl rli Irr1Phllro e: alli illdo .I Iiyi i , the tourll. p . 't hi',Tllhss Or loc' .utt du nt ltol e oft ani d wrhtL l b rtlll , <s I lllll 1h it n s 11 i llt bJel of o sidr.bl. iterrr.. I~p+str el1 war it. si, . h iro iiii i Iuuiuuie I Tul+'u a iii'i o u i i I : l i-+i. eery ev i, dot crmii iiI, o u ven to i1s l'c ui rt S std ,hi , .I Ste , tl rctail nt N I,. 9 ( 'i m.i l __ cic'l'il rollt mobihl (ScIlth. te t) to Ater gusec, ;'.vJ i ET AV1' Moh.lu. iel) alotherdoi , illllrt.l:nel, Iltel Stihe arrival I lthe mnl.lt froll New t)rlesll, IeI It sibtontt IE.enOstn, Ito Itlkel, .otches to I'cii acol stseamboats (per. Pencolu Iley, St Itoasset11111 lllll li Chl ttutchiec ltiser and Iley) to C.t.ldr Lti;, cochest thena via Mal:rianna, (latltl.ocer, (tIornterl Mountiei V'. cil,) Ie aillhtidge, lilAlrone i I t.kinsville: and Illi. villne, to Augulls.a. A |lpasnlll.-rttltalkilnh Is lt. s lat M1. bile is in it, dangetr of bing thrown out or hosing hit ire.teretice by other conflititi', iltests, ut r "i e til I.)I A .INK is but o.tI concern,till d le cm I, througilhlt, alll lly rc ely wiTiei rrIetaNTT lloi his erriveIi AtigItotal inll tiiue steifie, lt giflldw 1 leath. lt tiepiO e slloelllld oec. 'h1w tGreat Ne.w Orleats Mait is carried by this i oue. T'h Agents for accounmne la. tiol,I ''elms, Coachllesllll I)i cre are inot surpasL l the oaterll collllry. the ahoorh, hardc . natural rindls, the sle till inter eatinl water taviatiol, the tlile and accommodationl aforl tihe traveler splead, cerltainlll, llfort, and ileas iog varietev colnected as it wcnc with tle Yfail IocIl Ciharl.ste. S. C. cd thde steen peckati i to New York. travelers call rea Sh New York 1ruom New Orleans LSat TsA I I lAtvo -\VWatingOtic city il 12. Frosm llattlahotchee, Florida, we wave a Ilrnte l.ne via illiney slid l'aIIllhssace, to St Marki, 4 hee lott coaches, also two Ilctclles front Hawkitstll ote to Mlilledgeville, aalo nlle to Mac., light two hier ocht·. STJOCK'l'ONS& ori. Aenestr, (t11 Jaln. 1835. 5 ()lliceat Mansion Ilouse Mobile *Distance, New Orleans to Moile, 15t mile Mobile to Augusta, 5.i0 " (Ch:tletql 1 VSo New t'lek, 50th- 1Iii .l ile. to Au gallll :32 'I ui u ct tlr. iilest, 1ou Charleston to New York, O6- 295 .Making I11 miles per di. or 7 liiles per hoiir, illchl site of allty ePilees.i nov t l N. It. I ,. a h'e toI inf.rm the public that tht Ibridges .ever tle C!lhntllttt eswamp alll ard l orht.L t ercek ha.e just beIlel completted the general govern meelt, (th i .l uobstalcls operatitllg ginslt this sfe an .sleedy route. ull tlsl halpiy relltot'; e Itt Itlave thl hplesur tls .. ý ', r lm ¥alr-elltr,.tilt . uonrhe t.hor. . .,e r iar ,l: : : e y .. il t 1 1. ;" i[, u"' , itl i....;:. J.ltlitaS'. Iem. II tl.I, iui iiher NIVeV':LTIII , Charles I'vrrell, ir the Hrllr Ithal, h, J.tumi . Uieveltev, r tioe Stn cI IIa tnort, hy I..id Ilulw l.adv tlhevley, or the Woe, ant of HIo.or, S:llecel,.y. l.orde Irlethaln. Sketches id Plrtlie C(:hlralter2 vols. Ii-ttric:l Skieth es of sti lltescn in tie time of (ieorge lie 'l'ilrdt ;le.1 Nicholas Nicklebly, No I to I. Jack Sdhelperd, No l I :1. Adem Iltifasd olther m e of iehaeb ter, hy Jerrold. Isobel of Sicil, hy 'I'ekeruacnc. tPual Mt Kock: 'ite Iarher of Paris. (lConceallmelt, a new Novel in 2 vos. rnitia'a Reign of Teruor in Paraguay s vole. Picciiolihv y ,ni:ine. Tie tliutgutiaot, (ai tain Kld, . I IRiehelieu, by Blwer. newsupplies. o E. JOHNS, & Co. july 30th1-3 w. cer of St Charles & Commone ste ONUCI.ENTS ao Washigtlon's Patriotism, with a S1 fe sitile of hita p lie Acetulltl dring the lIe. t voulutioaaryWar. I filit voluIme $3; to7 each, will lie is aold at te.t price the irocee.si of this plllieation are to Ile devot*eld for the ul.e of ile WuVsbiugln Mullllal Labour S9Schoal cll AIsle Orpimiu's Asyloe . ' ki.ulv Ilnational Work ouglht to be in the liand of every Almerican; and editors of the City anil ' country pilers wilt contribute to uhnl benevleunt object by giving tlis advertiseumeat a few .ertioe s. F. JOIINS & CO). Agent, I ng. Gth-ltm. Car St Charlees. Cotmmonst oNEW UllSIC-O, Native Musict The Convent Ba! I'm l a eting, rovina Illdle; Nevee Despair, ah de d uityoii reislnher the bealttif.l elade i. the Iramil SItuomante; The White HIlse of the l'epl era; Thou com e and O Love tibu art oner Ille.uleg ly hib. S eS ril in the grand itomanlteic Olers iilie; (;eed Nig I li 'c meeting ail partingl I ec: not for spring on i 't' fiekle wil,.by IIt Rtusell; Coeut. iomes, thut art in Soe Srsw; A Lliu on the Ocean wave, bv Ii Itussell; She in watched for him; o ne let fall a tear, Come to mn, at r rimrning;O'er til waters byhv tonlight;t lswre's In houmt pt like si iown, arreeped for Ue hbarp be I.F Lahare. Ryl .IValtzes, by A hFlehe; Qieaen Victoric'a Cours ualdrilles. Just received ald Iibr sate by d19 B CASEY, 19 Camp st 1NEW MEI)ICALICTIONARY.-laungsciB New Medieal It)itionarv, in one Super Royal vo in Vol.-LDngliason's Thuerpeusies asd Ituman Physi ce nnv.--lsavus oil IFetlales, 1 Volue.--Ebules Therr l- Iletierdt.cviiilmee. sd New i pptilie just received by Alex TOWAIAR, aug 3i J9Camep Strret. DEAFNESS. G UTTA VEET'rABIlS. , AN INFALLIBE REMEDY FUROR I)EAFNEA.--The grtan success which has attoel. od th. applicatio, of this valuable remedy in seos huundted seiasein the Westminster DimIpnsary (for diseases of the eye eald Oer) fot which/,etteal P'atent liavo I[men obtained h":,g Taylor, M DD,Iromti.,n Engli.l, (ioperhnlen. illd the sanctto it has reoived from the Royal Arndmny nlfMedienle in Pari|, as well as from the following medical glntlenlen Mr Alnrne. tly, Sir Astlhy Ctelper, Drs Roslos, C{nbrti, Drake and I. Se gslamg, Aurist, &E. nd olier t rli.t and t urgeo.t , interIor to none. ill aed iil attaene, whbo have ued and recommended it. Tht rumeo l the liatta Vsejtaibilit , througlht h lr llne atnd rmany, c allsed ilt ipndy iitrollu tlun into almtAt .very 'auntry ill b tt ro, o, llfl addresey s were prAesented to tI) - lor from all parts, cllefratuliuhlor to I l.e rireartnnce. .te certainly willh which ilia IguLL3 1','grll|liha waIL EonttinuY·l] applied can Im ttarted by aylly th,.lalld.. Snlllete ir ro*ve luthln d ifr o .t, thlir majesties I.tii Philippe, King l y the Yrorch, nnd I.opolh] Kilg of Isll Itclgiuis, CFioFErrid rItl Dr Tla.ylor Ihe lille ofilhlllllllry Allrlt Iheir inajr.ic,, b.Ib rec mlmlnse ro. Itl.. Imtny rtsllrlli , o h..t1gi oA olhttrtit cutlbt.d by Lll apll licn pi l'li tlhll lo titl itbdlll V.get'lilis.t Tte.. proolf ofrnlloll falor willhal hope, l[ demntlrll to e.¢onrnle e A1 wh ,r, atl'lltelL with d lifts, nri .titg from i.iiii. aU, to apply In. ronTdTy. Illr nnllollden, Paris and Bru Lilae numlber cure,] bIy him is illc.alculablc, an well .t in thu prillnlcpl c:itls of tIe h ree king ilea. ne to". Dufin 40 mnre or tes draflt= were restated It liS y ilhll, Oll oafwhol hedldh ct llnurrv.ble 0-lr:It tyears. ou t nf silt of.ytll. , (r;l..ce) A!t16 were rei rd. to ily.rillg. 1g41 o wm s w. 9ynoarofgonnll ll11 I. In I hlaal year, r tallnrss illrfolmmid in Ithe ,'.lis in tile isolh of ilad.se wet gBioilhing for tllhir nlulllller lnd iie a llgl!lh. lfti. ltey Irltend. For riyf of it. .mcaty, ,u ,ill ubllb ellltpe follllwing eallA --7'a Rev Jllll, KINg, 11llntl: ofl Johu'l Chllurch, Mnaohecsr, hid bec.rttmeit u.l . from yol td thi hl. tould, lit hter h.lld ofmusiie hrtnll yunlll" istat. l'hisn alrCtio llhad F.ll gralU ally grwrlllg ilponl hlln lot nUmIbr or yeatrs, dllrillg which timll he pllplied to mrllny tenlelrnbd Allrists sld Yhysician,, who opyerated andillrlil ' every thing their united skiQ could suggnxt, without tile* lna.lthls.doW of relief. ilr Dlake recom mleldl wll lil nlplliled TPylor'e Gatlla Vegemlhllli., alnd strange to tell h1 lhd11 nt Ul,.i1 ai t Lllal bottle Until he could hear aI well sea rvnr he dtid. For purncula rs of t hiZCittoP s London .lll., Jollrllal for Octl t. DrAndrews of Edllhlr.. ser- of the Cllt.l Vrl.ahailis--il my praletist aawell a. in ;t.lee hllllal.-- filnd it tolle a meelt valuable* remadel III i,-t· rilfwmoa rising from Ilrvnult debility pitn re.axmi, n of'th., ear, p,.rluced by id, and well eNleul.,tI tn do m uch Ropl,lltnlllt iherlimr reconmmnd it In genteelle rb.. illr . od.llhlll inll II pililll IL Well t. that of other.. nl oi cur will biIlltill)itd he Imay Iileae o,;easion to us, Ibis. ¥111lnubl idlrc.../ry. Dr J.ulllf iiffl llnllll1 It~lf l ·r-r i11 n In latUtr lD Dr Taylor, Inuclttlllr. V b a l.. vioc evrrl l IIsl lr ' r . pewll,: l lied -nll,, irieint from Illlll,, alt I-.llve. 1 hate gelr.rlly fIund Iht io11e. two Ilolll two b rlls l lre 'l frlTferlccurealnld ill IoIne illntaoee {eill . rlli, i r ': , r uie ! ,are, I Irhllr l lh l un .er iInlld 'l p,ý,. :;,,- t^"r; ,.1. 'ý , ,a1eo 1 rllnlll il r the. tar-ii d p:i rl ,,l tli i '.,A , I i , l rllllnll eir lllalll)Lo i.llllld with I rl ' i~ 1, , r i : 1 remo ed' a1111,1111. we re ilol n . 1 tll,, A 1,1 ' ,;I. r ii. I'rl".) pr )Pllh g e( Dil" r Tiyior'i tI ,llr . t .i., ;. -I : l rt l.,ln l all . d c ski lIll) l a tlll tell+ c t,. .. I t.l.,,J II ," Iiivr p ll:l. i llln flor Ih u. r.llef aid E c re tý Ili iur n~c b~l , slll , ,ol " ,;-1 i , .iiy alnr t I Il have. ariler Iil loa l .a, l, .¢1. .i m.. 1 I nilrl l let l ll . a .e r i lU'i or'l )Il11in ' 1 is illi dppri.hlll+ll ilsaTlyls h., I(1" Y havrt s exllpl ,,u r.l , ita nt lltt I1.. t ver' virlUe. thsl ei rll jnl. le a.Ji:lhll] ~iv, oed .11." i l i .lt ilislrex inl If 611rlion. Ilremtlii yit l eave.1. I it l ,:diills rf .upt~rlltiVr, clrc, cy and ofill insic Vllhl ,11- iS A 4 Nwiuetl of Mil, Elf.II Roadl, was r,tlny years af~le d with doe/ne.,.~e. aftllr tryinlg every thinlg ilorl,iuhi i."at ef, and her lph.sician cnld paeribnol ne hlwlle of Dr rrlT llyllos in Veffolahllisrelieved hrerenll~idorllhly IId befolrelhe uled the third bottle she wel perfectly restored to the mllls, of her hen,,i l. " h r.hos Jlornby, 48 F~airllg Ion . reel, who wasl ieueeasnallin tlIl 42d Regmlelll, was trllckdleaf Ontlltitplains of Waterloo iund hfrs ri.maind so ier i nr . Aftlr the use il one bottle of G:utty Vegelaltll li wus plrfv.;tly .ured., Mr Green of(auib*rwrlll. Wlbl had hrell i4 yeenr depriv d of this seIns of hearing wll ,uite cured by using six bottees. 'Tr te haged who ore Uast ste lmolr) nlieted with dieafll, flhi. preparation will inlllle prove a Id seaing, nl it has to fre. queenlly cured the wort elis:lsass, when ono hope of arecvery had brnUI ainlel ated or derlsrl from other notion.. TJ' thu,,o6l.alll~td with ilmtlft¢s. arising from cold, this prep arnolIn elliot provle invalnlale and will reorrs them to (tear ink, u ii alll, roses not of ten,. I'lle ( IlttL Veerlubil is ix prepared all strict taoordllal with scientific. prlncpl i., olpllrt Ironll l emlllricilll alld it will hl rlundou trial t, tarrry its own tlrl coulllnrlellliliol with it illhl hl'apy er6,rct l iti ,llurtn hoy restoring Ihnoel Itoielrlllg who haver hCll .en) uIIIorUItuI'etr R as t 1h dlelprivedl of thtl w.tlltQ or 11.111y ye...l olw sale and retail on lgency al No 96 ulnlem New Op- .nsax a rllydin TI'IUTHII IS IIUIITY ANI' WILL PRE , All , T iv a In-t that 50,IH) of ~8..ra.parilj a Blodl Pills have I brn . olad dallrln the putlll et l+ lllotth-, htl I ia fafat-illM tIhey arlle n te r = r+ lerl Ia+tnaUllOm tal Lbviatdilal .nde, l tho UaIIpa - i1ld IIyd all'.r.. of quack pIlls sand ,Jiy tr ack aleI , hy whih Ilg ny ive. aare l; It ia u felt--'lThat all qll'u k iii lie hre. contahl millerml or mercury, which ak Illr tlltllr k " wi iut kill or cure," an truIt ae ~ dir to y Ip1"r af a.t. tI. lat ii,, ." i h a Isl l a--'i'a, illlr,ui Itlth nl ri Impoitors t ll themsreln lven d.ll.,r .I ",, ltt Illiy I1llire ro of-tually impoae their Vlh. sad dIotrll ,roin , lrlltrsln,.nll Ila thle pu ic, vtr gi ' uotlbog fo1r 1 ,hn* ill-tllelrg .n I- taIt th..y ca onll l ly pocket ti rll.ait innll.t Il.a l,lct-'i',t the, . ack.i and Ioreitnu impoltors who 'ianw IaIa*yeI Lur :, ,iyail,, atur, of nedi .na.a, ani h .. alloll ,.,,,i-r, ii lth, hi lla , Weyal iinh. & It I.I,a fct--', hey art'11· lr*1 " ly .,di..lIHI, ,n thei fol ,low i S llt I llr rlll', Ilil i III I. ,era. noire or llae .iu. ed a. oy impua.r d ie illh hllanl xnd :t"lll.,; YItnl n t ltl - tit I alht!i, ntlan.llalai; 1i1, I ,,r.atl-.Orsl tillsi.agielthrya I dlrl' I, aa; Iaryl il la itoad (ldllliiy; a JIiU.hiua; IhIarihur; iaaly rli iyaf2!ntald blt LCs of NIral he. -'thl, .ll llkl, al the that bu llrni'J" ,, glllen.: for, a· I w I yl m wa pells, nlud f'.in l'lhPlll.,! Lo) tll, ,r aIb-hl ,h of the face and fl" ILarCk st-Id yu a liataa,,"r lhill a idy, i il l S regollr if tile lo:iIt l,.ll Ti.tlerltll I rlnngow r l.m ; Ii oaI tthtal tl; S lling almll hn tdUllkg of the wl Inw aird ti* ha " ia-l giiaiai , f a iil L re ,a.,;aia thea SIlaafihcl-aal~ l; ,iiis.aaIGeIlk~baag. lollei~ln at di a,.,ii ha ilaaid, l ail,,, aIIlaaidlh a, iraain i l krenal, & .c a i FTlstnhulru yy ithgl'.tlt.'; St!,iillhl l couttgh.; ' ally da. L aI.' l ala-Tihty; 1,, ""r c2ll ln sll .-.Oll+ urlllinnll 1 no", IIlan'i a.tllffi Wateibralh, lia. I .' la11':N OF i'l'It FBLOCT : i It if a fact--'l'h+. oIl,"l lp ri,t,.r sall inhufarttlrer of the ' yi a snlrnla llhh+i tll.. . nregular liy.lcian u well Ianpoth- I LiPVTO O TH(E SYSTEM I 4,cry. alttsal~b fytcb) ~ r" ihtp a,,ll l~ phy,, eiuu~aftha~llled !tli *iici, rahiia,nl ck,(' ii,. aa aiJqackaa n, G2ylsnileweei i are. , ri: Iiamie-, lrln auaa, at a l atia. hy ,a kIt i , faa l-That ta i ly.r-l,rla phlialt. apill are nmployed 2 n tile lprauaam -i ,,L a h ,ll alaalllllry .ruagly recoul, lended by Iollll thruslt , h boat he Stoaten, (Ste it ll sin.t Sl.layllyilv n la. lhlall; Iin, ll. Ii I~an ihdt-'They ire ,miaao+rl eitirely of igtabheay and they are warrauted to conItainl IIO mercury ornlit irel- p w iarati. i It is I fart-They iant e takea by taie aOt deliateL and at i h, illage; without remtrait of occupatl ll a. usiai; withoutai al. roftLklla g cld; wlthnutll .aillage of diet la restfriilit from tom trai. ii, L be mild or nctin.I accoirdlllg ,ta ie tth q lalnti taken, weaken the. ay Wstem o lsueh t;t inat of thle purgatie rlurdlelUr el. gene alla iio.i iaa.al ,,, iaa, a'ul.,aaln~li..Li,,ia l.anrl Idikalaa .aaan Lod.alu.i. it I ai falt-- Illatal Py thhLy e tm. IO effectuai .llll It. If a iUR.lFIal iiS OF TIlnaE BLOOD. i a eIlai RENOVATOR OF THlE SYSTEM :vr Tiaerea, Aln , cna Latai Innal diLea.s, produlei by mercnllry, or . 2n aa i~s·· aal. ···Iig i .li.aiAIiiI.. . aad I iiauiglnralntani tit.e lneralh, .ar kl ul.l ata Ilea of yphillis, laul, veueriul,a a h i Ia fat-,a-'hat nia ver ia U ingale instaince have they been knoWlt to h,. tlad, that rl tIt d anot produce ai goad effect- i.Lanur ithaua ,allll illl ailhalu Will Ui leflreinae.idiri d iiti-l Irpil II Ia ,lyalhl- a i aaic o lSarsaparill a pl . ad ayiiii hil tl , ait i e.alaill Itaiarup ofia.tarupailla a. nla uiaae llto cLry a iy aafrho .b , la da a at.ei '. S . aiis a fc-Shoald hlibserved, ithaitthi ola plaeL theycanai a 'lnitaalaa g-i,,,! a iaa N. laialeal ii aiiit Cutalahoue teaaet. bnllrlI . I " No. 96. BILOOD! I LOOD! I BLOtI Di ! at. Tiiae I it.d ,lallade (nlaa) ah aa uaital iUy lilegod.i e-, llhoe. l lake, h! . 1. Idl :h1. E ulry thlu .11 the hhlt is derived frOllg bhlod. 4t. Ala aa,.aatUtiallia a drc radlc dly thiysily u.a i l 5th. All a l.aaa e,' arsf lro ianird Laaty ofthe blooy, or ia ota , er wordh, trasn thir eoitllu mas hulodged au the body. 6th. All thi-o lrlllamar . crlried off, the blood purified .,.d i lial"... .. iu, iiby , y . dIIit that a..l.a.. a ia... ills blond, al blR i~ll t lrn~p.·rr 71,VtaegtalIe ad rgil aliSonel a imilataewiahtheblood.iith ii'!ai i i ,i L aif, h an a s ell kion tnato e otea flhle great .ta I.. al ., ...aaalslal, i, a Pl, paa lllI A ,a iiwll kallna tIo bI. hai ahe i ealla. i., allr.,,ar olthe hla od and iiad ofa the hLiaall aa rdun.itagiapaidi.) aa adalicr lulu· lk~2aireaYs ~laa ibctii al Sa. iiay .niaaplihlls piiaaiai ai lis qiiaiaa plalit I.re aiii ) btiI I, I il -i a . t '..I lrlllea .ln le i ia w l i noal Siiia ii tast tap ah,, falnllr l pi,yuiai. amanllue,a lll a ad.ll 1an ,aly,i il, a: a id tllan, preparatiLoL.. t I , htLl.., tb,he i*,lltr :, o ,',,*,atlit o~i as ¥a iet I t, hoy are knlowu soie.,ty ole agaa i aai"f ada i ainp rllhd with advertiellee ufpirenIL - arlllha i~s.I' at ,*I ,+rllI. (.xtrat l, syrupis, .c. It, W S IfIthal doal,aaed i pai .s, nlloLn oniLlaaa himelf, whereby It i. irolinel wii h lher well knIOWn tenuiiuii iLaged ailhuuTobaia idll thlt k lrue La oflhe .aitafilll, aniL lari Lg Sar.aparlalaiy, d i"l ad illlL. Wlth the saa.l paillariLi gm binled Itida iud .,gtlp.urg.iae, which by itsfraaSLa raual atly and luhnoal Il.Prrcobly enrries off the gross andtll mlorbid Alaani aeparted filal file b ooa by f he i rraLpnrill.. Thsea pi4lls du uu purge v11lally _ ias mt1 pill, do. which prow IIte alld eule lhe aystem re Ldering ia aiora libldae o diL-.. caw, wtraketillg Lthe tystelll. and makinlg diaelle tO tabu isrongaer hoi a ailad ililg n destroyi ai ihoUtindl; iL shortn it nlllll be oidet b htha pulrgillgs ai violellly at ihe pill. do that al e miadaal.lrtUd by ll iae L nd f g..j.Liiat oral are a mivicthunvoajtlhlelr +JOll4Bleqtlt.¢ as mercuryaotdethel lam aiy IVI) E.h . Juals2,i~rw~ Fromu the etrruntlaehlle or the sarsaparillit bring introduced in pills, binlg o lltoy le te nd cunyenie lath foarryilg in this locket or far Untaellilg; ni iIt elg liable to brenkag~e, .as re tke bottie, containling pre. aration* of the isarsaparilla Ihey must eventually take ihe place of all ether preparatiOn. of to sarsaparilia. I uth itholl firegol have elioited ntrll rult etlimonial S(rOl phyaiaclllnl nnd ,tiler, which uteol`nur y the directiomn, and are ennt111dlllv recommndeded in rlolelmiuott affectiolns ie rm'ulaPrys'as.'au dice, heartburh. diseases of the liver skin. haale.+d gl'adx, pain of Ihe de. aottng IhoI back and I pile, over the reug Ion l al hea t antd stunach, inwtrd fevers, had rtaste of the mouth, feo[ riruth, flatuleucy+ iuiges laio, wanrt olpetitll, .ur rucins and acidiy of the itonil h, ,tlc lorous .orea of the nose, throa+t anse body, scaly eruptions i d blotclll of [ Ih ,dry and walery pnilupdleid pinales ac telli ht ald body, letter aud riatwarl, swellitg &, hard vaing of tihe gtall of thte nek, ii the groat, breast, &e. atOallch, coughs, liver compdaint. waterbrusb, htold all the whole train ol'dl+an~earaaultlUg from impurity oll the blood, ftconstitutional dlie=.l+. plo~iuced by mercury or other mlns orals. al Ask a 3" respeetahle phvsnici~au the question, what I1 tko sunet ekt~cliouu purifier of'th~e blood t his alnswer wtill hounr aupardla, Suffiee it Io say then if all physicians recommelnd it so tlni veraally, . ut better evldeua~ecitn we have of ill invaluable topropeirte "d I 1 Numerous cer rlfieal. IheaVe been received eod referencesm e an ha givel it, kanudredeol ill-tauc-1 ilf the mast remarkable nocuraaever performed by il.Iliaiil, h oHd wholesale anld retail as N~o 96 CuIOm hnIlna. street, atNew Orlealll. fro rThone affleted with rheumatismh scrofula, erptiplo, of the skill swelhing of the glanlds, ,,eareurial dilmlmet, &e may secure realy advatttages and avoid imposition, by applying as+ j above. M- The att ai gPhyiia my be eoanulted fr 8a to I0 A M, aund from _ to .5 P` 1 anld from "7 to 10 in the evening'. April 4 ve , 111 HE A )I)RES.S of lthe Louisiana .Native Aarricae ei- A~sl'anini In t~Oth cilizelis oif Louieiane and fIshr r inlaithilard of tl r United Statee, just ppublished andt hur sale 1,y+ I)AVII) FELT 4. Co, Jf 1i 24 (Chartres ,t LUCINA CORDIAL. LE CORIDIAL I:11 lit'IN1 ,1l I.'E.IiXit DE I.' ,MOUlt.--The United ,rttes Agent for lite LuCila CordiI or I:lxir of Love, reae his Kratefui acknowh i lnrcients ficr tlh fl..ttrilt ulltronllatge whicl monieas rlwhich Iava bree sent himi tellhirs the tlhe al n mo'itliraielii lla w lctev of thit ii.sthitlde mdil i. warrants thie nuent in wv thdrawing his loopg Ilveitile ments; bIut lir thle brneflt of thlose perions who ni I 1n vet be ulwnwrtre , its ntllll.re, he wv,,,ll, oxf li.illv lhick ha mented -ut' a ronaelrin its France.-Thal it speedily rertrres tlh virile pferr., where they hnve btll eiaelll by diseasellt or tll i e.i,. atlld u .llunll tilullv renl aV et, l 1 nr o reat f otc ielt ; [flat it i h a11| ffculual care fir tile luor , d an' ;therIove all ithat it tis file unl remtndy evrdii-avlFr ed fr t e remollvllIr "f iFj not, 1+' illlll ees I nT l )1 1 01R'r1e 1 1 7 1 ill f tlll e . ) '. ill t tuso ld Vtlyi vionv1 tiau • ,,n IiF ,rti < a lrs higYhh . it i t, ln llnl, o.,li.r eli, i tl ihel t or illfin llit e ul lrt taill tini n in+' fll tillh t dl'll ie Ilrit, rI 1 iuw, h n r 111 in a rcr c lions o If the .hrgd ,f.tf in litt e: th l l ig l le ot hn upi.1 , if i V reit ive ti . vte loss of Dr.hs.,. h ii iiili I.cll tc u 2,l'tn pro' l ll.lle2 t e r.ll 1,r,, h1 r. r Iitor llan ec,.illt.lt tiro l lin l n vir,'l' .!anll t se ll i illle t of l y llsix , t: I'l. liah, It t etl r'. d, price of $: Wtil:h i le-ai tlet lillte hallithe prie c'harg lis for it 4 l bet i ' I\'It ttIro u., I 'fr-rI.I. . thi . di' nd 'ill- 'r riemr. The fioi il.:l h "1 Pil' i.ir l.ieit . i hle . ia lii itreviti. ait', N 1w fivii,. lt I h i r, alt r 'i. , ' ht tk' llt·t: RE oliT'TFI'.n head of hair is lIe' gran..t ..rr ltL i nlrt I tltl o iinl " t ., t hI i l lltll milf.l l',' + . s I: .rtil r Iv tll Ilos of iit han 11 ll lIti t el e,+l ll t trotlII, tlroelv t.rili on tile Iilpearane f, olt ae, 'hih e tl aes ImanyV I recoil t brire itur,1varer, uae nllldtrilelet. evel to sllllt srocilety to avoid tile, irpls anld sneers of t their nequnlhlnl lie: the, remaiader o' t'elr liven are rot Ionr of plropert. f tllln ( enlrOllr tllhnking vlylth with tint n eaw, ,inkio r.lolltt afs toei the llne rf h:is ha:ir. To a0Prt all trhe~r illel a e-nnt cirhelllstnnrPo , )dr ilee' halm of h(.l're in s.tip the lair Fnrol falline off n with' firstapplielticn, ul ilfew b tts re, r astores it Curr. It likewliseP ra e r.; ien throw , mn d wid h kerrs: plreennt t tile rees it frlwn scurf: \lIlltIrnlla eertlifhonte. 'l h lte irs r nsl.ctnhilitv in i..pllnrt -f till virtyes f Olf thdr. 'h' leRlll arti|to) ll Ilv the W Aropri N tr·y.. O 11.V t et d tile f heilliwini:- llts tertip % it ,naly hwr apeal rlow, to thie h Illllire rl terf he oill en. nud rtailh h eI ,r. rie'. n Fl-~ohraitr , t hl" r h r es ,tiln h:ll ol n Hint ll d los+l lhe I: P o f l5 .trllhi., di .eo .,vzr. h I .ttu pHr fogr ta'nd have luhlnd it h li·hry - 1rvh Ieahh li t Aliy Ill l t [IrPV PI '. ba.iinst Ihro fsil.Le b ,fl' lf hamir, e,.i alml.certai restsr Methodist Minioser in it (ngeorit elnr- f N,, tr N;orth *ifhll at. Ir7l'l\ P I\t;I.i'. . I A th srlet . I J(,IlN S'< Ft'RI' Y,1hi S lrue+ stree,. Ilo 'rill c lnhnIt U\'.. Itrtu'outh' n mt. JtrttlN m .\lc tielJr, 11e Arch i tyrel.c iIt is ktoru thint ihre Cofrti bove fth osiner re orl t I 'oolllnlllctllm n Iof P,.n.. vlvnnin t SI, lRobirt \Vharton. Nlfavr of said city of l'hihuh,'. phia, d.o hr,.hv crtllifv tll,,t I .no well ntcuainted wilhl M lessrs J 1' Ilnlis, J,,in S Fure i, and Ilutah 1 'Curdy, whose i m v slm nra -ienedll to thl lbhIove cel 'litlete.llnt ltnllrV iarier l .-Lerp.h ftl t ohr it.r nDu resplenllility, and ,is. IIIt x.itl 'lwhlrl otl' ll IVC ho r l ot m see ,as ll ol a h .d ralO goosd th Py. Iat biewty ",n ble Afixed. anis Clh d Itry of Ilhcemer, Ter. ftltstl+'+R VFI. slhteac~h hltle ofth- t,..unio." iRll hat il a ,splenlldid (el,.rrtnyed wrapper) lon whic'h is l. Irepro allf,, S.ol:' ht,1dah aft retail y th,- sole. aent,. fr dun I, rice. o'.? Fl'Ielte . street, lwlir hoil,.n Id ane , llone ,hoos hel , t' r l s ir .lrt,llltl by mlol st drllp girtasllnnl ilPrffnallrr : it t' Pug !h, e co nltlrv. J \{VI ý.I. ANI]IVIE~' .tu9 'lll)]e-lh Agents, few flrl,"an. I :q';I). ` Tlransiate.dfrf l the Frelnch ofJeon I)t i Lose ! Blarr'aqe Pliv\ioluogr nllv Ilise:led is the mont uaell", ¢~lltl d i..iedir the llltlu ilslert llle g wolrk lhatl e eyesr refill. It wllll;re'tk up) m lllm'. ratkes lfiiln ,pinsere, Hall fiakeiiirr llmlore far mrried eIIPII qn an lllFII Iheii lIlsy Th'lll is it treellt iiollk, lnd will he prollleti-e ol'.llrltl F'oo in stir Cf,, ullitV, It is IruIe it wantons much fIrtrllnec Illliunge, bithen he ullbj clr ie its excuse, an oulrll ht Pope had written i)1 it, he could not ihave - trtlllttll h llore cl.elienetey. \We eali:illy roeoillllriln, it,." Irlr-n.ctions ill t'-uriin!g," to the attelntion oi all Inll l htdh', aui .llll grn 11'e ' |l) ll I n1I b IV b hi quelln g o Irnlalrer+.--Lepetit ('ourrieri Des IDnelex. n F'or sfla Ilt ali:. t ylodrall at hf II·VLLec JIhlgtlille and 1" Cani1p +treet. Prie lTle. IEDUCATIl. N- El N C l l nl EG(LISH. rir Jnll ns, reCe, iity ari.t l hid tCitV, begs l.ave to itl rnls thie ,i , .. ol N .w ( th) lea s ltus Ii e will ."pen nt al d, n , an t F l,, iohd .,l . I4. J, tu;a r ,, rt N.l 19 ',;Tl 1,, s. r c.: tr , Ia r ti, i:,lrll o il a l v n tll h , l both ax.' . m Frenh anl Enal'h'. ' 'whi h ' will he It'! .-IV .ner tet l r ;! v .i es antrx l d 1r.. ,Alt l r, 'in " ,t k b h ., ''ea n t al s -, it a. ,1I vfn til at tfi . i antt l l ,~. l 1lr 2,J ·s wl.e, _iva. ' a~ I ,' tio . " the ,. o no h hcl 0 r.lll r . fl . , .. n brellhs, fIroi .J in .6 . ,..i A , i IA, . . a whirlr pia li" , kiy ba.+, v rio -zs, v, w . i'I.oI' n'I'I l)fENT' MAl %T UAL ST'odi's `ubbtni ic,,ul Teiseh.r A Ahhut'a t'orner Sitn'; Abiiua'a Flyla titi Ilate e Alhiot a Way to do lIaad; liane's llaiarodtatiua Ala.ta' laouag (hariatian Dick'a aaaaeate WaV, 0, 7va'lasen ] tl llana,, tte'l' ria'teL a ta vl ittia , for sale ai t a41 a1my i ALEX. TOWAII. ANITAS-50 ailes Jlackaon, Italdian head 4.4 1 . brown siheelinge,50l do Gleat Wesitern da, i0 do tI1 iu· usallo' ed Ir ill 7 I O 611i leel., :;l X u it:e trAtFula? le r I lell( h _('a 134 :alnaaiaa a S11', All . ualic ore l"t p l. t nlrlanled that ta1 ins nt ltia Ir erected al tn ,mt mproved plhlan, Sin an mirly and most ttairabie lltatiol,in the lllan h,u le Franklin, upon the riihold, une tille Irumt thie 1lissi Te @ile aihling is latrge i 1 n mosteonuimndiouily divided le into apartmeitt, Mlr keepin, separate ditr.lant cl.as.e and d.IIerelt diseases. The insttution is suppli 1 i ith tie mnst skillul an nriotlllh i Itla-es. 'altPrivate ml l .n ly be lend gentlemeIa n at five ado Ilrs per day, inlldi au E hattnElaa nt, . a n I'rerl in the orditltr wardls tai dolliars per de: Slnves also two dollar. p Small Pox in thie rdinat,a aiard , lie d llrlrll.,a S All t capital surgical operattionsextra.i n fThe resident pkicita is DIIr WeddemaLn, to who,. t applicatioln for adtineson tmutst be made. or to I1)r C1 A I.uzemberg, No a IRaunpart street. npl9t I v S CIIANGE on neeintti aulaight,ftI r d ale riy IEJ ,aiaian iatt aa 1' ranlll . a1Grlia G nvia'r U "' IE TRUE RICHES OF LIFE IS IIEALTII' \* I D I gt TE KNOW that health antd the ability to • labor, :oiast.itlltes the wealth of the great mntas of the la,1p o in this, ,ah in el at other c)unl ines. 'o'u prelerve, therefoe, that health by nalu rat liean, i a grnl.d, moral and p ,liiceal schelro, toI fltil whib., rueuirese nu utmlnOat attentin. I The runprecedeatel popularity and iit vreral up. ,opprohatin which this mllie nedl'i as achiR ved througholt the Ulitld St.ate. the Can:.lie, 'exas, Mhximi, and tie WetV, I dia-, fally jstilv Dir. Peters' in warmly a! coum: enltillmtty recommen di.e them to the ospeial .ot fne thle afflicted. Peters' Vigetnhal PI .are t .saf-st, I at.I rfic i tlal aitd cmIIIIIeIi relmedy Fir divCases of tihe htllUl eclnstlt n1, ithlf Iel e 'er bLon diseovlred. Dr. Peter.. lhe invetilor if tins ivaltlablh menl. eilte, 'from hi.i knowledge i' tlie ' 1 in yte+mln, derive+ from a itlong and Ixtenlsie practice, lasa arrived to lhi cnehlu .t+, tlith. ta iLe great anti pri. earcy cer.- eef et-.t h. c-ree is a de-rangetnent in alil; [nltlilonr 4t the lit er, or inll thier cwords an inl a c:re:ased or Il aiinihel l rcrletioi n of the bile. So well is 111l ItI:on erstoml , thrle it is eo ,immar . For p'rsin i to say whel: they fIel unwell, thet they tirc Iioul . ;illllo t eI .IIlthrey halV to II uctle blh on tile: n.tllnaI . Ot(i ila othe r hand, whenl th fll ow i of bile is dirnintshiai , tin prcess of diieas inn ii imnterlectly plrthrl a. trIe patiiellt hbec.Iei welk anild eltnaritdl , blellt U llla rielnment .el telnetl ni thl feood ltak,'n il.nt tie at muiCh is not proper y ex. tracted, and t i e Ce od lla ejeted in a erioh state. I)r. IPeters is :r.nfident that tile fameou IlHypean I'lih'ry, ro a:nll.d, that, "impurityof the blod i in llth cauIII of all dis.,ases," Is a great ahlsrdity. lit t r on.., It rflt"m . in the suhbjet a loent, li . ,; p ,'re r iv b hut urlnr ily oftlhe blol is a seon.. S n'.a- :IeI clmplillllnt-thle irfet ;and nut h ilIi . icr-a e.i It' en the lienatiion of the riere..ci , ,rang.d, :nd the flow of hile increactild it '" , ,; k" , i p y li e a1 ;i r lnt vessels and lc; ,',;, l " a tea, , i d bI oeslco e tling ed Svi i ce'. when to patient shlip ', l t.+ coi"' m n.hli cnc . No this implll rity at blhoil ,n c .uted by atll ircrmaaed t.hw of bile, and to re.1nly it, you astll eorruet the seerntioln I ol'f the live , tld re re it toa eallthy state. Dr. Peters has spenlt I1muchI ilme ini exlperiment ing with different vegetab e anedl, nea, for diseaes I uo tie hiver; and nie oiffers lii Vegetable Pi.l-, ;s the best, miiost cnel ment, and cheapest medi. eine that can he pearep d for general use. Dr. Peters flattera ilmslaltllthat his long exeri. Imentiug with YegetaIble tmedicines has enabled him to discover tlihe truie nI tily subetituteo answering Sall the purpoes o a eret.riiat without any of their atle,.dant evils. One great quality of his vegetable pills in that Ihey have t.,, alierattve princeiple cont. bitned with their ri"thaltie, or operative qoalbtie, so that they not citly cleane. the sttomach and bowels hv purging, but they regulate the liver, change tile iniumorbidi secretilll, ttrecnlgtlleus the dia.estive anrm s, I'.rIly thie bhlood, invigorate the ce'rellllttl, an I ivc tolne alld energy to till noer.. Thvy a+o m 'l and plensat in their operation, lanld c lvey hlllnnet ilnIUIediatie conviction of tlleir utility from tie lirest dose. They can a taken with sateil / by perseons of aly bg ; and the feeble, Sthe infir.i, the nervous, and thi delicate, a strengthelneli by theirucr er tie, hnbecaue they clear the esylein el ad hllulltrs, quiet nerv ius irrita bihly.. '.ld iv.ari ibly prodtee sound health. 'Th'li VegOethlle Pit re ar a sure remedy lot jIttl. dice, eiek and nervous headache, dys epsia, costive. si el-, ickness oft, i stomnach, hI.tarlmurn, all bilious cotnipeirts, lvetrs of all kinds, and if taken at Ih- e:tnlllncenlenl will iavariabhly check their pro ,grees,e and save lii e ilatient lfrom a protracted and daingei na i sicelnor. They areinvalu ble in nor i vous rad llyplocirical atlectionr, lons el appel tit,, and a I complahints to whii ii fliales .ol..ne a e Ii isuject. ''They op'rt1lt, a mild and d speed, purg and aro asafe and rt et all iclcdy for worms in I Simce I have introdiuen I my Vegetahilt Pils to the pu' he I have received iltmearoua certificates oft citr euperior llicacy in curig dslaelase, a so, cmanny letters 'irit respectale physcllallns, who have used them liI their practice with the best succCSs. I Iliht ipubisll a small volumie oil certificates but cosid, r c it inecee-ary, as the mredicin.i ccill recomenllllll isel. all who wi llmake trial of t. Thu above 1plls are ill boxes, eontaing i I u pill- each. Price, 50 en.. it r box, Dr.ggi-I-. iandIi eaal t r-reihnuts can ohe sip. plied, -t whhlesa e or rd.al, at Dr. etere' prieci . p ,l ict, no.6 5 IPydras strieet, between Milagazine i- sadr( st. New Orlcans A.,bn for sale by G. N. Morsiaon & Co, 11 C'analir seet: PP tteli, dIruigist 112 oild levuee, r between 5i two markets: MI. Breehilr, druggist, at th \tshingtolui market : CJ Trich..tti, drug. pint, corner of nIal & Iourbon .treets: Go A Reed & ('o, drueo lsts, correr of Tchoupitoulas & SGirod streete : J RIlssi, dru.gist, La.yette city. n, uilli l i+ ;lli11 |\F ALLIGAIII) LINE. Mobile to Augusta, via; Florida. aacves Mobil 'rTesdlys, Titure. days, aod Stturdays, per tile .' ea~ mpcpredid steasmer Chalmpion, (ex. cept il case oel t rsn.,) to Pe saaola ; thence per siteamel r Lo Roiny to La Grange, a.l aneo .o four horse post coach s via Mariana, Iilnobridge, Pill. derton, Berren, Outlaw's. a d P. rry, to Macon, Ga ; thencl via Millcdgeville, and Sparta, lo War. renton, the ce per rail road cars to Augusta. Tihe Champion s in spldalid order, with new I o.-pper boil rs, coppllered and a pper fastened. I The Ic Roy Ihs been thoroughly repaired, her :ccolnnlodtilns are as hlandsome as any hn. The leau ilol Santal Rost Sound, and Cuoeta. e~ atcihi BaIy tresvnt the litst interesting steln na. vigatiun ill the S.liuth-:oing at the aailet nel. tperfiectly land laiked. I h Tull are not sarpass d on any rlute in the country ; the diivers, Lu a n1an, careful and atlen i The bridges heretofore dangerous have b en anewly [uil[, s. Ithait high waters d not intter ere 'leill -tg houlses have been .aoastly clhanged, Ild are Is w to s gI as n alny ro.ld in the Sothl. It is g'(iIerally klown that the exlellnce and s i nardnels l io roads inabl thi tentias ut all sea aolls to aittke great esileed. Their sltoothn is se. cure- the travet tr ifrni tle ordinary atlagu of, stI.s travelling. Iih-, U1ie it now c rying its passeongers frotl i.asll.lt to Mubilo in fotlr days an.d twelve a:si.a:, or to N w Orleans in Lour days and twtenty hlurs, toinlg io Alugusta, the lineu s six days nId s1.ve0ut hours. T'h loe actually emaployed inl ttravilling is tie tran as i the othller dlrectiona, out tile difference oaf tlle on thle . tec, is earoed by a day being :oat in Pensacola, whlich, however, in .,ell repald by tile op ortulity it gives aosecing tile Navy Yard, tie old Slpanalll Frts, etc. T'Ie travel er also .l.eps at Macon, and again at 11 ar. I tentlon. This arrangtalent will etontinull tll tilhe travel urns lnorthward, when tha lioe will be the a itse fsrolt Mobile to Augnuta, as it Is naw in tlhe .4 other direction. 10 'his Adivertioeltaent contains a plain tstat."ment of fuets, the acteracy of which tIh, proprsetors gairaultete to eachl pansunger inl tile penalty of hia SstagLe fare. a Ml'ps of th Line may be seen at the Ex. hange Hotel, N.w uOrleans, and at tbsI Ma.taion Iouse, Mobilo. S Fare through fromt M.Iile to Augusta, 8~7 50 Thle line cxtends, It a branch to Tallahassee. it Chattaianohel , t,:e line ,ctonnects with the steaImboat carrying tile nail to Apa achicola and St. Josellh's. I Iliac at thle Moansion Houseo, Molb In. nil7 O IfOS'S'WICK, Agent, Mobile. IC n'22A 'l',e Ifit, 31 (;:r:vier et i E ri atIfr:oplKan -Jutc receveat d t supefr, article of life presurvrs al 1the aztar, Sa' Illictl ALLtN SLII I-0llll0a I'llk isatuntton L.iae, Inoudag frtta sip P'eruvi , fir sale HIv n1.19 S J P'HIT.NS' Y, 73 Clalp st £" EI'N I'-Il dItnulic and itoman fo sale by 1 eatr27 iFFAI)P& Bt5. t'r i.7 lllahk PInr* A LaLs't'rid b:liat1 ftir -ale I slat . I llltllfl-1 .0 t it14 1 ttoonszine Q 511fRtl t' ...l.ll-I o-t boxes, liatIlg -'ta. atll SVksabnbrg, l'rsale by A i nIL L,1 "u- I ia "9 (;r ; I.t .i .AKR.InsN'S SPECIFI; OINTMEr'T 'I .se great celebrity of this unrivalled (III. position, especially in the Nortlhrn Staten, leari . the proprietor but little need to say any thing in its favor; for it lha been esnorally conceded to it, that it is beyond all comparison the b at remedy for external complaiits tlnt lhas ever bwen dicoi . I vcred. Indleed t speP d and certainty of its ope. ruti nos lave thei appr.ara co of miracles ; noa crs, e w uds, cornsI , frveranrtn, childblains, white sweel. lineg, hblei, piles. spider ad snake bltes &,:. itntio . Li diately yiell to its apparently ,ltrhtum rt l intint . enore Thus if properly appl d it will remove an i invetetrate etorn, or Irelki uInd ral a til e in live days, wil nlllay and perfectly iure an nulcr in two weueks; and tite mostt Idesperte cases of white sw t eting hat eln lie im Iginod, halv h.ien dietrt.yId by it il less than two imothii I i the biters 1 poi " smonis reptiles its &ffeacy is truly aiTrprisilg , o n I evon in the bite I' f ruitid dog, fitr if ai11ped in i elle, its power nl'atlraction are ats wiIIIerTii: that they will at once errl.t the poison, .nd thus pre. ft vent it feot pervading the system. It is likcwte geioatly superior to any in.ehcine here.tfare dlceu. vered for the ehulltd backs and tIh.Ibs Il'fhortes, for tetters, rig worms, tlchappled litt.and n Ishorte fr I. .very external bodily evil thatt mlay fall to tue lot ol of man or beast. 'The proprl tor lhas receivect at le.ast o, thousand certiticates cand otli r documentsllit il r of his o " S.ceific Onltlnellt," upiiIwards oi a hunildIrutd of which were writtenu by respe;et.lble lnmmbrs of'the Medical Faculty, all bro:.thilng the auls e eulogy anld ultislfation. Pre d rliat 119 Liberty street, Now York, uand i for sale at i65 bI'ydras street, New Orleans. elr'C6 f011 i l llA i. (lINE. 7IIOItN'S Cnmptimdt Extract if Cjoillh a dy eterdi covered f i etlllure fit i anrlllt , ,;l ls ; Stricures, Whlites, I'nls in tllr back lall minu, scntell I, weaukess, affecttonl kidlllier, gravel, setllrlllit it Ie I lit iitlclld -tinll of a mellirii pe ossessin tlhe ui sefi t anid active irtue Ill the lle now otered to the pblic, ci te proprietor has blt tn refer to the iumerous recclm-iit lendatllullons received from Ie lmost rmlnentl of thle mie c.I Iheuclty in Euope, beIlieving that it will be duly lpptrteiatec wtlhll itis tt..ita arlr n'urIe tall, kuwole. "hlie Ub soit ol of ; ua il tu, se .tieoivtyl v .iltO,Ih s lost l much t'1 its credit trthi e distike wi hich pt.liiets lor erly I expres s; l rea;rdl.lllng its diati reeai l lastI , Ito al.lltl r h (l tio liced it i t li e ti lt s a- lt som ach, soil io-s twle totir c' ineitllicie t . whlen siet itn the inflltallmaletl t stagle. icr Thell proprietorl s tlled, an a f118ill isof le il t ll alsa , BIcn aIceiv i ,l lha ls teilti m e ea iv e oallties wo, l ti l .l" b be nlacll a nlmore col tllleln , lli lllmlrl iv lit tlly admiisterllt tIhall grudietts whiclh are ill the aigllhe+e ilrept mnsu il. ah most i sillt ic tor ll ntli har le d inl l lte pol" i llot . ech ; 1iftcg in the, oillsiit. Eion t of this o esitlitti l inlreases sitle Ielliecyv lof l e oilhlr, prodlic g an oI - t lle liaon " rlytl- I tishiig, and safparsing the most sa.I ..n lguti ee etati.cs; ri in Iflm a Ih li)Stl eei11 id l Itate lt institllutiollns i. till Ot r ele hWil the relebrtlntitrl te Ah.tt'ethu in all I veirteutclletcitils,o aii itl otnstieilectttetltitiitaltitutiss arisitpfltOln a .ieut- tlrr e t l thudi t eltt-ligttst fclis. Having been submitted to the testl and experience of the mlost eellerated among the liculty, iel have expresserd:l their satist lltioen If ill extraoilitty eftllce ie n eveiry ease der tld ei • al letgre, ly aloleting it Ittil in thcir i lllall e sand privt:le plralctl e. "Tlheil o ele vatioll will lie inseriel lheeler. Prepaured lby J It Temol, ChemistI London. Price t1 50 5l erlo It. TL'ESTNIONIALS. From A II Salmon,. Esq. R t, SrPgeon to the St Thmnans lospital, Ind Lee . n--i Alnatomy. The tritualtit, I lae matl:e oftvir irl',pca.llon in a ova.irt" tlcase., both illmle t iu ltll tetnle, in its ieslllts ItIue provee l o hiighly li-vtiralft e , that I do not hesitalte i Ipronouncingl it oIle of the mist vlluahle ntill ellicacious i I renleldieIs acr ofirell tll th t public, ail t one ill which, Ii'oln expe lieheet I canl lttlel, evelv rrel , 1 ! hilnl il ldot-s iotpurnetlie the saiue nItlleceartit etflcllts usually ex- I per'ie,,ced ion co ,aiba. From G II Il)o iwnl, MI Rt C S, Physician to ihe St Mllrylebone D)ispensary. Stake great Iple:usure in owhli.; my testimony to Ott aluable lroperties of vour iprep;ntiota, u ishilg you the stiueess tloel no filly delselrve, inl ali aniple rearit liiir the ;llabrallnd explense incurred in bringingllll it to s5111h1 coi. iteto pierftfi-eon. From eW U Coeoer, F It S, Surgeon to Gly's Ilel Pthe uniform success which lha atenlecld the admiinlit rinu t ouri, meiliicie among ti patienttsllietle] with thhte loet Ilinseasro, hasIie fidt t' sfiedl le tlhat it has olly to bhe kutwo l to be truly apretcite. ny tIhe lsucces Sou ne uwell deselve, amlnpi and speedily irp- y!u for -youltr valllblet irelpltslion. Flerot Sir A Cooper, FRS I P t CS, &e. ce. It:lvilllg elln inlhleedl II lr'y lo11 Ex tllltec ill sevletn l cases 1,1" violent ltIolnrrhca, which had hihrllrto battled every ll.prescriptionlo adlllinisltlered hv el Iil, iitil flund snu re ani spledy iuies eletedl by it, itll a fw ltays I le I tel slltlin dutly hotd to sate that I nlw i my lV pra tice botth pttublic nlld private recommlllendll ail use lteoll othler. t From G W Itlair, M 1), Ph.esician to Gin's IIo IThe strict test which I have given y'or merlicilne a t , ni c paItientst, cinll its invariable soi . "s thus to r, wiill ls Iinuc 1r. toperseverel in its Iuse, ai I derltll it Ii htt ain tu oftjustice land of dil y 11to 111ii ) I ' ieeble testi miiOnial in contendation of ilisoirties. IFraut L . Thompsonl , t D) F It S L. Iretrn' von ti sineere tthllks lir t e valuablse pire setlll o 1ou" ir .xtict for tre cure of Ginorrhilutal, k. I feel-lteliul that Io haive h liteat lastlbrought a nmedliine I hilntlluse whlleh will iove It esilrhrn.lnttm hll slloughlt or ill the inetdictoe o il--a sure, spetilt amtl elcllctlal tcure in eases. ,tli he shontn elltes. It nieltftol tt ptgrl-s t plcuslor i ipublishing to tIhl. worhl the vat nlubie ill llieie of) outr WVere it necesart, tnhe proprietor could here foritlsh I:1many mnlore leslitnlonialls eluallv as commlllenlldatoly as the ilue; ilt trllsts tlhalt its great sltltest hilherto the etre & expense at which it hl:s been p epareid, will proveirs grleateil.st recommendalllti lllon a eliscernilg lpublic. ()ne reconmmlldtion this Ipreparatioun enjoyls bove all others is its nett, porttal e tori-pjt iupt in pets-t-b ialle in wlich it Ima he taken, heing hoth easy andt pllen.: t--it Iasel nnture, with no restrietioniti diet or continement tiom abusiness. Travellers esaeiallh owouhl find this nlediine highly useful, aiit onght lnev tto le unprovidllrl with n pre,:latiton possessing thle ad ahllonpees which the1 present one etmbin tAcnomnlpying thel Medicine is Ipamphlet exllane tm of the diutiut.ent stages of the diiease, without ans Iext'a clarge, ollntainling lll and anple lireclions. SFor salei y SICKLES I rCO. r mr 1tattost it Canral street. -"ORTUK E ''FLLEIt' OWN IUOOK Comlv'a (rammar-Leslie's cookery Ilidn;lr's key to'l'eleml nque Pcirev'a French spellinm book Eneltsh lieader, thalf and fll bouond Vtnotrmcht'n French (Grm:lllalr 00eeti'' I ilahillogtoa anid MI. rian li mi cnht'' aritliteti,--l eil -n the nerv ie Lndv' l mle etal pocket look (Genlnlllemn' n.,licl Ilpaker hook Msull's fa rrier--r'n ke at's ni"g rbook litte'n atlitPd slatte.. A news and lar~oe ppy lof the hiove wnrlks just co, niv.d . opeue fr talte n, g.,ol iferm byn tl4 .A ' I'osal, 49 ('anmt it n I'PtlUL"rERIIY & AI'tIR liANi INI-. Tu±,-t ! Ilenr tlehrtchti,(iornmr"i. J. . I 'lekt wonl.! mrss reare otl ully InlO.n his fren , ti the fnh e l: n gl P.lnrnl,l Iht,! he has and is con . i I receiving a vnt.neral P tmrlln t i f upholster)' in I .nlof halnlnine. The I llini II emprlrIe a part , hl- stolk,s which he offers for sale nt whA,l -ie or retail n the mi t l aclcos odll tiil ternts, Fn n.h vettver t ni 'sati paper, late'i style :l d halt cmmlton and cllltllll, Pniladlluhia rlIn d andl lngin. .d do do, Freneh lndtcalet, fire loardi, hil nilt, kit. dI velvet and word tel do d,, mllllalllnze doClor+, silk fringe and galict n ; tall qtlnattle, atterno tind prices, tlls "d Ir , I s g s sorwd pttern, p'nin and colred 8w.e.tos nlnlin laltent stvle plain andi col tio ed, ittllr drapelr tlm len 1plnll alnd twilled, ns-lrred i et,IT new st.v, of neetle wirk for i..n ctslhions, 1nta., covers,, .ew I stolte of bell p!.lltars, rnad fienute Ind p Alin ll' lwindow nrnlan-its II all ipnlttrn nld rizes, g;l eiagles balld tltl t pears, fi athies, &c. glass knLhs, astlers, h.ir cl,"h. t igured and lh n lare.., nesortment of toysa I r ehtildJrrn; Inrle silI cord and tassels, wnrsted cord at vas,. oels,t gen·eral asnltment of ut;lh.ltero antd paller hlnhiing.plonstantly on sion l nyil fi, sille tt the I.,wtst prices at Nos 41 Rivynl anu l i4 Cu o ts n Ilou'e ate. N I-Persona in the ciii or fonl Ile rountry, are r.esnpe tull invited t, ,lall and 'xamtne tor ilmselt!vea. C.irpets sand turilutr nade t in thel test nmodern tvl, rooOms plreparted at thle s-rt et notice., and all kindt 'f uphoiIde lterd y i, tIn, wlth .entse.s and i, . r .t h. act :1 SACeON, I.AIln tand I'tti-K.-tt.-t- +-ittiua Scuredl Side anld Slhodttehlr :.010 kego lirAt qoualits l.t,t I00 brit :Ias Pork. ht, sale Ib apl 5 TETO )SN & AV ElI 1 nsd Orv, rat S. t- - t t., e t ili s', and liqt .ot , tdnt ,-- cn, I1 fneillP 'Trkey itI, arn.in,, 5 do h w,,:fi.e piea.., ad3 lake manalll, anld Ifor alnt b yl J.itkhI\. & ,NI)aEWl , al:l erner C.'smnC o &, TTrtchlon.itust l B I I.I.. ,RII 15ALLS. t. & 11 t 'K ,- -J u t rect . ed. 1l plendtd article of Milliard tiull and 'ht.it s. IItUI &. AI.I.N, april F.xl'hlnge inolrl, eIr `"t t'h.r, &. (l I ml CI'hlltie'ler l IRtrg inlloie nofj !tateL o atld tit, r tllll's neo ,l I k,andjot ink, anil tor otile It .'.!:. .l Tc 1 l I l rIt mp' Ili0; I IlN'hS ANI AN .A.. wn1,o By ('or. .f N.tlherz and TeIioupi'tonan Its. FOr tl errre ofrineirtiim, c,rofula orn kihng' rvlil, out, 'I. aoir.i, or in lu, i rcluinlc unrr, .ola i hrurin, svph.' htie aI nid c rl"nnd etdi -ore.d, partirulnri n lcrn. nolr peiiot I ff.c,',li, o; ..: hololnh uieerutlt[ hIront .s1d inot0il*, s/eoos of every dterpIlon fever .,irr anld ilternel .tcle , itnn - I.x. pllu, sr.lld Inn,i ourrny ilre' rhrnl use ,r y.tI, (.rP" I lashIloths. aild .oiry vurioty ofmur.eIouI IaffCtnrl on .r i"r nlarslh. Ier, t, 'i pr ,reil iog if.elony nrrl hOOour, ofnll. n h, .lrtach. Id Ji'1prpis iilr ,.e.l g iron[ ririlatioi o *fi, e, .. fh Ih·l.rver rhru.:c i,,lAuon. ion of illhy kidneys. iH Id geollor iy elilyo i- hyo- it d ,pi n oUIi ol it. re e onl Lilk.il s II Is nin Iul elh Idirel. t iron iIIr r liutlliF Ots I 111 mll.. al,,v, I,,o r in bro. In own y n jullrlnlrln.tn iitnno.t if jr. oi,nio ,riroipl 'i , iino eniqiri .icni' rileins S mewllleJllo Il ai1 Lth u. d,.e.*e, which It Hrlft f itp llltpTlu.itll li(iie bilood, nr itlllllo I o rr hU bloi ,r of what",, h lolne or ..lomo ,ff tP ab~ ro onlm looiitlniliy r ii~uiro .~PiriiOlkO. Itltllnot ilploc.[tZOns, Who, I, ti,, eir( aIrtnllC('+ ni' th* e:lae x.ll lilo atnl l: 11bat t n I 'i" ',I r ltt..lv or punlte-ln l tr removie lik Sorn ho. th1 INDIANA' IPANA.FEA .o digeo.iolly in otetd tof" Flw Io r TO T lir b tlD OtIC.Ir amition o cac hl to then pref u, e+lllu x;iore the rtlU lirll) 'Uleulce by tiII old of chelni.try nold rpir out n.ew re.odial lge tL, i. 'i' r , It s nrr e lo t )pu rl ..tr, in I h e p rrlcl i e II y lu s, ls o fna rt dlle,-entlrcly overhmolk aod neglect. albelcatb theirnutabe, stle rn:h and Ibl tesl- dthre. of medlo ,lur n hlcl tiae Alllllfhl hrir .tliio ne.. iie I lirt every ciim! And how nlllch elorI. i.il tha w,ileitiO AIoeri,:n ILPhyntclaI L.k t,,ollraly t g u g ntries fo r isuy of i m lust crn lnmll ai al aae m *erv 'rstale, pnrltu Iy;nlioy ghnnlri i trihu are it the hwdi :l i,f ill.lll or loll he. in , rroellld to i tlw coluultry itiIk an llellt Ii.irf io ll nlof lrdlr ll pliati , ,,o iot" t intilwerll ! IIsllh ,lll ll A 111 tll.,tl+ or t ru'e v a. a ury ' tabe rlf,"Jer and c.i hLi i llurrlll fthrir vrlorlrue..i anl thay are lulro irl to 'rwU trn. i heell.o o l iib thno deseirt oin., i'he ll.ii.o of -eg+t.llte unmlirci o in othe volrm .re ten p.r.oy--111,·e of tamerul.· Ia.tli. Tie t+srmm; exert hou' el •1:L. ;tllt + opf-tis ilef ltr.I , illerelrn in pwrl,cular, sactcs illll i tile inhll i.titlitio I ii a eIis .i.nlln i i d ,nlr i.riu o n. "l'hl .oiyli:tIIIi, el. iTory, ..id SA Ft:'t' of tr* 1tals te tlmrlib,- (nlvr llmille . ,lllyI Ie e-nril.Ati d lbY eiitrai Ill ii in ,rult p)rosnlrr %eith the ..,d,,r,, or. to hrlO[ it UlUI·1I,.eL l n . 0i]," llOr ur owii uiirviolll l, Ite Inllhuu prllrlocc wt thut or thie whirni Who, i i Amol, hi nlut kuowu or hmeard IIlI repatle iht lloon.s if in nin rilo tl"Cn lplo IlopriPelrdio lo Il,t'll Itll ldly Ib mleanr o her lnpitn ro lllwl' .lu, haw of linctlrlt oii i ,iio a.i ili.d nrh.l.iinhg cre. fn,eriile.,Mtnrit Mldici 'f tiIeI ri,mll.l potoline, lIhrentl i tiie rai I killldl nlllferillr ofllddd Aon wh. h is ,lit beeiuriiiriipd atihe oio, rlllirltlv .e l.d facllity with hich the lIrdia freei. hir iilffruoiaoyil.nt n lee, n.id at the mooi,, ti tol L.rbittiil a of ihrulhie d'endi mio.o,g lii'ioi Who hao ,innr nh:rd of ml Inl iiau with t a lctlItullhlll lnok ll t 'o ad iool Ii ly II ir tllllne t i .n% I ia dol,,hbt eXr .,tiirt thii happy ro.,ptin .of lhe oro oge froii ilnni.,f elli d ohr whic the r l' rii ,,arn in bir in. in , elltly "iw iit tohe i llnre genial iiollt .m r lcidirn which k lllllov , ; ' o'l. w.tllllihig dilRi,B n nlr I , ill .O eo r, is a tair u. S,, lll Iie.t i,,l , th Itrlllitr .Ir Prority r f the Ielm si . ai d UIle lllram nl' ~lore ,hl h tII o] Ira crI:at.d .lle lAe belnet U hi1 hilldren ,l ihc, w,1nlinh tiihe pride. lkd tie .rl t orwns iraie I'rom.lt hnl., r,-idsr ,e amopnt a plort iol iither tf,orii iiil ira lnb,,t[ttaI. Uo thl. i lcolunry, slad nnt[ et aeh"a:1, t il nesIhI+'rtl wnth* Ih ,mellhd.. , ruere ol'f ;oe ut Ih,'r . loot ~,," c,+fnll p,,olo uo llnlngPh l ihlor.lopn nl" f rile ht.d ,a.,' t'an+,'":n,' m',tuirrd e kllnn l el u f ..%,rul btt .- nurt pllwertul ill,) Inlsrl'l'ren:oJi¢ or inll "nei h' " ri Iroi .lnoo nl ,.:e IiinO io rO nlcuI anid ro . ,"prLa«, :"at., vsnuII ' ltirn lldite a oo toi"t t.' r niriinn p;IIi.ilol .irfn iii. h h,,miiI,, ,,drll lhl0. mlg iii o ',pLil onirre I~~llli ii -II,.II) oil oini iil~llr oo·n i,,ornh Irioinol Fop. U I.'nte ., li: ,s Dour i,, t ,i u~ n , i l ll siii hilo e ti urp e r or .f.. ( IPlil n'1hPiiPri ,.llo ~~iL .oiiiilir OiFC lo.nfd ,l , n ,. r i ,i ir i r i run[ u,, ,t. 'il',i ori,,,oo.o, li. le:" ii rln)rp atiii ti tIrI pin l 0 wil ts It tI fP eou.rrC ~,,,' tu.! ton Y ,ish p I t"r im l tplrr. 'r aio l h rl. IItclrnlo ,liIli .no r hl irhl onyl "r ,i"i rillir od nre iiio i brlp ` I h n n" iI r li rl: u:it .pr th . .,rllr nino rlh nrdl o :I n o i, llrln Pi11 bl i, ot ii, t lir. It i ir oplltr he. I"o luch it aril piii n if ohoil hrnll o~r~oolll nniiii fll 'ki role Ulhle ,ll ,iuri. Ith een ns iinOrndt iu il i ic tll n .h -'ay * I illp ~ riiliro n lh sno.-nh all rill otrl ,l rlroig them po-dn i llore t iilrt nd hpi: lirih li iihlr iri ,I Io F uert n o ed0-0 o i-ilrofnemiy, thitt may pir ig til bf o {ui.nllo ool l, ii Itlyiln.y theri iluo ih1 u rilniti uiioiwminirlio o-i c -p. mol" iiinll Ili inouyo isirro,o oa rrioir hic alrl the i rmcldnlhes fuorll. ''ll. i t biu oill. ipr (atdlr t hii o. h the elli rnr ,lr ut i it hakio nir - ainod wiileover ittil io hewodn introorduoet oi. nodn . ; is tm oil .- alout thIree years .de shll t lt prepaIh raton waIts per. ',llted no the ,ubhi : iut in lloiht hort lpnlt e of triio sneo I huadlreda of protoa, tmght Iho fm~tttt[ Is.l wonid domlyl~li tdo lIiare thiii iley behoved thtor their liveli were i.i nd hily itr ni Smo.t vmli .ao flr ti.yl.hri.l i'ii.d rni.n r, inl perhini i.il ther Slllo rnieoeth i rriril. wohireyer it mr knoorn mtil rapidny . l o ig to nni us ri, on p tll l atIld y the monotnrln dnotisl andnoao viino proof nfltomoooradi. Tile ~le, (Iftile PnaYcea is moitconrr pihUoI. in line ply ongi t.nmlrgr .1,hli.ic andcrnilf ntf , hro hnd , hnr defiei r liiIeri, ei, iiin, ad i i particoll rly ii n t rlnuo i caies where met.oii ,o.ry Iit hero.lol n dv. y unr nin, o I.rle htrsoi ng panir n. ' t'bonesll.S, nnlel ,lnuriglers, no Jrlle':rll of g lodi drrI t ie ,ig.,l ori. The.e itif hopletely onnlvu i, al iny lrbi-. it 0llttliln'erdleo.mtb,[ dbelases amd effecls irf mercury, Ilne. ew:. fIbre e+llll llmtunli aniindtl leave te itient oUlnd and will. SlIn rhlrrlucnislllm uniit t, ulcerated Fort thro',t, its happy effecll nol oe l,,,o l:.pporel n lt, gvilg almost itnedit e relief.i d i orod'in'I din rpeonno,.ilor i InPr Palnacea or,te rllae d n teratr, r nnJ dcterpent; a diaiphoretic,dtulrette, wied laxative; nn IIlln,~.ltntlit41l B and sanldyne ; nud in pro.per eases, as s ii1 non hIII 0; O T oT ln olgi rolih ioi,eloer0l.V olilro oi.e l ollo dinn l Ir ink. Ai h, i1oiloo i-i rrtl eretioln. niv s hiie lnoii the nimil h hiod ' lie. lot tt o ". it£ he ialld. h| In i articular lllmanlner. f'roml tlilarlenpI','Iltl.i, ,iratio.r may bi hllidrtliiol di. o I Tilt ..."ll silr1 been ho1 IbundJ highlliy ugef. llyr IIr maneyi ] luoninU in,' dinot bienri niied, unt[ it hla bee. used wiod cdrI ore J0.ltEUurdf IN?!.l.l.u* I, lderlUl .rliei a Srn g and a C Fnoll Nopr. lir, by thoe w:ll)h are blb.elor Tn intphltllal of tire chest, :tl d whose e os l Stuotlsll+ re,!lure.w vigor. Itich oe.onil wio do well to in Ion, rho go1bo sn l J ,, logo, n riikrn rni ' ill ne olld : iirl · murk ,,n -Prio .rnnh mio s i xii',t i nliue i; tfOtd illir llNre . illl.ae+ al cr, ,hole t he nil) die i drink. "'b.+n ld1, ir, p¢rtifiratrs. no :tn," hol rlri, onimlhr. who. mind Ihtf "re rinoedo l ,ogio of nini the lfci iro te IlupilaL. ,onrI aorrllo.dyn oh. erou ml," ilt, trlll lllln tirOnrla Intd Ioalo Io t,-nll nllloldi thr t l. Otln'lof o lliler, nt o ouperin ity mo NnlI roihllfnoooirnlfnnonol' fonn rrlio;~poio,oodtamnror kp. I ' l.P iooioi i1iri oooou ninry nlfirhoiioonv rll. lverW. Tthe sI'u, o l,.nho n, . CAhrO (ii SCES iiO'l.foo tI'CIS iS. CN Tleto, Norp. 15, 1830. |)l fleen .], ]n h t w hilt' arnd[ sprilg, I ~o.o ltlicted.+i~lt w th 't'vry eVI' , ai.ooioiln rfoii lih.liotronIfm, n.0sn[lun n d by elosiUron I ." nooll.thr. i nwtuko r,,l ak ,hh ofin ndere l o t orntg that *iL brtlir, oi'lhg rldntull' o lnPnLaCit nor ,.ilnc iird IIo ernct eailk it i +:O',nlll driIlti r vI'tllll mIE It t all .illtilnrlv nflicled. JtOHN F'iLIGCUS~N. Kinlg If on.,· Ifoohonr ilinoornr ofT O~r. Pliroin notd BorNb. tkn4oftn t mm oi 'hnInn fi tilrphntonMarch , ItoIn-n. In ooooi~ll.Ahioo~rlrrdniinkonir-lioritallrnofonoroinpon.u o Wal. unlllguile, i.f+ lhrn,'rCuho, vl iono,, lh v d nlnl, rhu-l mxn m, ntlt· p by ,b Itill f 4 s',. ere enli, while In itr the ibbu it o I nf gIircIl)ll r,1Ibh hi htIa, in h ltd lO te n roon b .si.ea I1olo' 1 mr ,v 1o ho rod. Iurie t ll perino I have been a patorn. in rle l ino'ln.p ho.l in ihr cr.ii upward of irnil ur moInth . ed iluli th rroio oed lo thry iof ol in tornori. tloren Ipital 1 ior;,oli ..lt o enir retfo 10 nuodyo w fitod rytne ,nieft. On nto o ,rnr uaryh Iupoo hat tl earrenuly :olrrn to move about Uplpn crulche.,icommu.eedJthe use lf ihe : 1a~'pmaeea+ IIn P" lmonth I onlorfrnyrl oonitirely ree tnro pain, and m nod hso. rnoloior-dr no i·lroninons mlunlirrIhinnronsmnl,orcndorlokk poiriinhund.di~r Ii in luniunrli of hono nlin~rn roffonio tad., 01. oiirp t hriltae that I noplulidrinyelfpnrir. if ly well. yko Wio. Toh CKERro , 1nro Market It. o~luontil~door luirlifooonncdhy thunaohonnrynon, t.SIS 1'" S(tFUi.t SW'I. C ILA{ n New York, ept. 10io 1830. IThis nilvolo. ltol l n te .Sll of 1nlro, I was seiplrn wito I crrdul llnitlt kd1 k lli ad irrkto which ifterwards hunoii, i4. btooe I.orno nl.nlyr Itr Indior' n oonk. Alter trying opone proyrn. m IIIOA t ET A toPhilT.hphil oad plan. 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