14 Eylül 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2

14 Eylül 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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Vwe .4.a. fOemb.r 0t Camswc.a O#SICP.K FOR. TWOP. Tr4a 1I. r 're siden,, S. J. .Peler, First Vice Pveid,,,t, W. I.. I1'"Ito" Isq. I~aaaad In. Ja,,. A. Merle, Elq. tto ltdre of .Ippenafor 1f0e1. )unea Ilie'. JneeI.Loeih h. 1. am.a,.1k, Abijah Ptak, PA. Olaehe. `illet '11.nmpann, Can.ooe. of A4rbiledieoffr l# mnt.le of "*y. IaaHe-leoa.lI i., Jatha C NItIno,at (.W.lIfuatiagtse, . Wjlliam Il,,k,,e, Rtanch Ildad. Jr. P. A. Ilardy. oarJhito Klohl,. Mal 3Ranlatlouo. Dle Great Eatea NAoil ia ctaa.,l errav day at 10 htJaehcA 1I. InSade ,Trrd a at J azP. N. .S'r . Ioi (vin Coaaart,,, 1.) a ,,losed eer Mw lamut .o av anl Fridayat l6l oak, A. Ai. Itfd eveq I aadlt, lThuredny, and JSlnnl·a, t x;. LouisUille or River Moail is et,"'d eaery Mon lay, Wadnaadav, told natardla, at 3 1'..1. eI t *Odrcturnad at steam ltlw . Arrivej irregttlarly three ala,. a waata. Tre Rayoa ,Ser or Carrot Atoll It eon-rd every Tuesday andl Friday, atll ' 1I. ls orendl a tInerford lapyOleamhoaaa ?'le Akrwamriol m Red Ricer JlOil in a""nt inegn iatIj by latnealnnta I,, ne. a week. Monday,~r oR IllnLn 11tlL. M .onday, Ll,0 ItttoMA Wedar.Jay andI )Cl Cor, 3 tehC!ek, I'. 91. fC AT MoatL. Tel ed Cittenot tit 'el,',. .P A1. C . IL IL I1. I.'1' ON 1 VAS O Itas the on~otr tt jtt?,toinz h~i- ftendln andtbh. pthljtt in Renoeal, t'- lt hr 1i ., tehn file Bas· UI ( arrtllnlto, adere ht, trutst h' aill nrciit %ha calls of hen old friend, needI all Iovorl wf enll sheer. Prilate partite will he hlandomelny pltotlwtl fI lit, giving a Itttl. antiet eaefotaahland. i. willit i i.. toter asa a0anso mert, ea itl, fatilicr tor individluals dlea into a'fPaooing the suammer of a arrllltta. tin NOTICE. . w AreetArlaeotu romarorn lot IAault 1839. NEW ORLEANS & CARROLLTON RAIL ROAD WOOE aRR ~aaamoao FOP. TOO WEEK IATO. Fro, Canet.llaa. Ftam sew Olelan.. .IfaO CLarat {o'elorh, "A.N.II.t e Ca at 5 o'clck, A. M L 8ooOUr t 0 a II 10 11 .. 4 .. ~ .,t Tb. erarn ill hat at tOhe slam hlo.traaa ilathe wenk lay. wal)I o'clocka, F. 1. attat-a aIaeautntta will leaaatjarrolltlt leaey haor.alttl 6na'cloao, P. a. and Now olrans every hour tntttlO allrk, P. M. Alter 10 sOlae, k ahttt rar tea he aOa~iatnl hq ltytai 5 tnl. Iarartlohe Trip; iftltled furetar 12 u'tlutk, P.M. In tint. IaesmaO ha rh·t9ttl ftubma goag by the Strn Cor mtto, Inotvidle tlhaatto .aablloho., tho eoantne hsalle ti tetdiretiont ltt t r'osta,. tOOay in hieu thettaf. Pa tlh a *ealaption of latronoa vritint Carronltln. itt the 5 a'etahltcar. nod wba may nat wiat to remaia there.,,o, sl o'olnrh the ear that ta, hatetntne trf Cheattollat ato tiu'aboLa. .e 1 remain tlalil 6l 'lonok. tttereby att,,.ng llhemt Ohas ahnertjay ta pIleaoastt walk it, one o the mft, '0'00.1.W lGarde.s da tO Uniied Stole.. T01H JACKSON AND I.ACOUKR3 STREET CARO t.eaIatte head fJ aeksnctt steet at 6 o'lock, A. M.. Canal rsrst at in'ltok nlad run hoarly. A, t,'otterk they will oeolatCe to leaeaortch and every hall hour, untntl 04,.'lock, P. M.,earapliae that aslentl afleaviuoCatnal statetaat l u'. otlakthe ear till teate there at t o'cionl P' t. l ixparutlo u'naly rteqt e.ll that gtatleoan will not d ut 'th 'i feet tltalhe Cuehiona, oertmoke to the :aea, whe, Ladie. rc prIreeta. OitIM Nea Orleaaa oad Caeeollt otil Road Cotmpaly, JROIIN HAMI'50\, Juty 6th11h 39. Chief tI:ug. N. 04 C. NEW ORlA NN ('ANAL. ANt) IIANKING C3O. P1¶HE l1on rtleaatntt Relocea will leave the 110011 1 at the headlflh Newa (ttantl'l eerytkay, (eaxclel IlAnodad) for the a..ke,u. iidlows epItart at 5 A. A1. HeIlera at II A. A0. A.I. 1. 1 o P.M . P4.91. "il.1 4 I', 1. And on MONDAYn : Ileplart at 10 A. 91. Rettirn at 1211'.11. 2 '.Al " 4 all. 2.I 191.~I 28 11P.11. it P.91. anay 28 I. CHEW, Coal,. Ner Arronfrtnenat NASIIblLI.F RAIL ROAD. TTtorI.ocnmtteiv will run to, the Glret Prairi'e; ono tercillg on lthe5tlln o, as (Sttlt llnoaTO. Depsn~un'. Retulrn. '8 1at A. A1. .11. Ii In A. AI. aoCnAT. to La ,lt~attele'o lnvott. 'to La lrateea ni A l I 9 A 91 1_I AM 2 I'l tota ralallcas 4 P9 I. 3 J 0.M1 ' I I ALIWVEI.I., aatgut 21thl tl ]resident. Ign4r.. Iululi. 8'hl.l.lrlp . d t .. ... 4 I tt'··ltnlrnn lI ps'.. ..t N. e lu., du . . Citteottao, lu . ..... 1 Il'hil· Jllph.· Ju .......... ... I.ouli~villo, 1II ·· ..4.. -2hill'!' ... N KW OII ANS. 8nannah. Rde ... ... .v u. 1loeafun (Iota.) July .. .3 1- Parr. d-, t.. ......... S.d o 7...ll I.'ar ... 1 MECLIIIIiu pPi,,lp, '1 &aubvii., A ..... I t wall """"""l.l,,. w IlaldZ,,, re 2 FORT O (F NE\V ORLE,[iANS. U:LEAIIANCA:J. Brpl 1ý, IF3I.Y Dtll., r, U diw revs.,d ar.. Ia AAltlt .{I.S. '1'~r f,,rua I.ean A TIIIEtr. IIII tio 1.1 11 , l __________ 14(d 1 .,,,,,, -Ulredtinat,,retrauI.. I,, ý'~« I nu, Ph nn. ( llnllr, fit 1,· < . .. Iln t 1:1, 1.11.ll~l UInarjf.e .auI Itlh . Nnth1.1 e ll u* 1r. I lrl,, ,l,,e t, Iznu I-., a Ierr 111 111 J~rt.029 ra ________. _ NrmIant lv, o .I ~ i. Itbrl athnl rlllIo 1'Ie. 1 1I. ______r.V ____t, Pat ".,.mr. tin 11 c. 1,., ,. :: It \ .?A . t. Par Ii&I ( .ur 1..C 3ru Otis'; ,I(11n g.i,'ow a1 S&JLII"1'1 uF' 1'i1I WIII1'hFh ~~·P(IJI(: ~ ~ A IIIIJII (II1PIC· St Iraw.-1'rr* t oini1I.ij. r,, I· . larnn lb rl k.'. II ar ll. idea. Ust cl·, l Data. M Putue.. merda,, ron sr. ra~:,r a'noiI r )da, Farg auu. tved. L Uuhbin. Alln Is. Aelr I AA aR, 34 p47w... re B 1e1h441P 14,1.4 -, C Inw,..", .....Iiin,,4,fr Il.1* 5111* hwrnl,,,,, 'd m·Ir C4.I0414dSfll I~r. \VII' 4"1 I B 4 '(A'.l If, cony. i,,fggln f e d rapt, p rltllk L and .1nn. to lcrior ea.. u naravirs tit haul.-Per .r Camrr A 1. 1hShp. I ,Caron .Iv~ . t no-go "' 1t111: L1t 1'nr-t.nlar. M~bllip...Mt.. ?lai,.,;, I rori·;c I;nnh ~II andtoi.. le ntr o.w.J tro n og,., u lr t, /un dent, Datcna, 7h oifon. Fultntl. Fo~ter. Phiip.lof S I. nn 6t. ppr MiUai.ipp ery I o,Te (Mly2 fret to Fint lal nd M a NK It I)K -~tivtr o ll pr r roy a al, mx- ' din , it an td cp blank A E oil'superio ,uaiti c 1) KJEY ·I and Irrde y J)8 - A T (A1., 49 Coop st fur~bll(. e by A TRIERlrctlmal~T Ittl'a y 15 3 11 irinav aur.T * rssIl F KVS II M 1tl,.1.ý'It.11v1. p-1W0 LnoC.Ilt alor Only 1 34 1;1., lu red, i stor for ule b 4." G iI10*R F:Y, II Ne Le". NI.MY-)rbrl. He ilii fo xl b roiy 2nd S. 10"LY, 1"Nw 1eva jutle 2.9 No 9 C oati at at!I u.111.·:I AR9-G0 Da auprin gnalty IdiugxadI 1. by S & J P 14NIIPSNEV . United Starr., for 0.1 e rlllllI c n~11~ i 1.7y 'TER-i rlh r a·0 %Valed inPtorefur le b j6 1l (llc~l~~n ~ k'i~llll~. 11 )SE "1 ewLe f DOMES It1l'Y2 ba ea -0.1 I+. l eII.4 rm rr dI .I ttak 4. ,wiledIerwll dto, 9 caPr uck 'k ' ORK,- 5D 11.1, IIIltl rod d1 (.l~r rl ilmItlar v jonrtuu (21 nn li fW)R9liru 41 New Lotto.· t 44 Dora, fo~l r I .arl.t P by t. . i2I at i NE-:1 a-u~r do du hlerfnr qalify fo sale b S6GAltA1OBACC(128 1arre,.'1'orEmir l tol A ''IF lt t TIlk I'IRUE AMERICN. . rFAITrFUL AND BOLD. Offidcal Jaournal of te 20fi }luanlepliti. PUBLISHED Daily, Tri-Weekliy & W1eekly SE~' O It iE LEAN W SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 1839. REPORT OF CHIARlITY' IIOSPTI'Al.-(Ye.lteday. Ith pept.)..le admitted; 13 of yellow fever; 4 deain uop tp. p o' loek, P. M. The weather r tn the t la three dayl has been very fine, rd.d wilth n eaRtl wind. The sickness has much a'l,ated, whether owing to ia change in ihe wen her. or for ant ofubjects we arve InaIIle to ay. Y'et niu,. withlbs+Iillng this furt, we sltill have hope. that thle lever "ill Ieave tllis t its t entirly before a frost; and alhtuld 'Iany tr n gers arrive, it is nost prolable ithat it will ngaill lrel'k ei t i u it ,Is tllch i llelnity as eter. W"Ie hIa l n leliteu flllllroT Milobile. The Mail lnte, w e believe, tdo t g urther dllrilg the airklltre, than SI'.engnuln, andithe netwpnper. have all suepen'led Spublishinlg enetisly for the present. The latest ac 'n tiu .UIon A tIIIiril aIl Charleston give no eltifacoll irv neiut I f ilty improvement in the health of their The cotutry tu theII Con.t and ill th ilnterior part of the elate n, reported to be sickly, but we cannot learn to what extent. The rhip dllward, arrived in our tutlrl in Thlrsday, frm I.iverpool,bleides a valuable cargo of dry gind+, haIldaresand crockely, hiasnl board for the N. O. Ca. nml and lunkinlg Comnany, ni iroln .tena bhant, we be. lieveon l th Eicson principle, intended as llnw boat for the Canal. FATE OF THE HORNET. The Galvestom paper statee that the following an' nouncentlent came ashore in a battle: On board U. Sq.Sloop alornse Se ae nill.ost-a tremendotlun e gale ha foundered tlhe vraloffveso Glvestun Inlann, and about iatxy or aeventy milet distance. The above paragraph has been published and repub lished in almost every paper in the Union, yet nithing cnn be inmre erroneous. A gentleman now at our elbow, who war a resident nl Tr''anicjlc :t the tilme of lhe loss of the Horner,assurer us posilively, that that vessel was luls ou the very tdy that Barradas the Coin imanderofthe Spanish forces, elrrendered to St. Anne; and that day was thie I lth onfSeptleber, 18Q9. The day previous to the battle.St. Anna had informed Ihe then acting American Consul, that he conld not be answer-. Ile for tile rnfety of Americans ir their Iroprtl; in consequence. of lwhich, the acting Consull shipped him. self, hiselects land the connular ipaper on board ofthe H.rtlcl; the came night the gale came on, aid thle vessel was never hearl of afterwarda. Nrw Booasn -We have receis ed from E. Johne , co. No. 10 of the aketcheaby Inoz, and No. 16of Nicholas Nicklehy. Also, that nlrready too mIch noticed coIn poulnd of iunpudet ignorum e, twanddle and fgtitsli "Marryat's Diairy of America." No. 9 ofThe American T'lurf Register has come to hand. 'l'nhil number is far less inleresting than anly of thel late preceding numbers. It contains, however, two excellent purlriits; oneof Bhlolambury, winner of the Derby, in 1839, and another of cerption, nirtner uf the Oaks, ill 1839. MASSACHUISIET1'* The l!nstunCourier Ite a 'oag article en the n rea. ter".y, onucludlig with the flltwieng decuaratit,: "Of otnat thitg we fleelcufetle, atd, owever tnw. c ne t le d tclara ntna'I be, we uhave no e ,sitain in runkillng it--thurt. ifillNty CLAIY should not reeve ithe nomtinantio uf hle \\'hig National ('unvenrtin , tha elsIe'ral vote ul .taasuclhulueut will be obtaintd Ifr Matrin Van Buren." Ed.-Th-'l'l sac taony be aid of New York, Loouisi. n n , \l ia ias ip p i ama l K e n t tle k y. Mr. Inerrircn uoc cnvtcr get te vtue of .Louisiana--lle lin- a not fifty pnrtitur in the state. I.ttAo tia rauov.-On t rliteny tighlt the scencry in Ith Ileaenctll ,s tie, nmoit e"Wend lid we ever sa.t' Ahbut tleclhne ul twilight a dark lurkv clnuud ceenmt ed to gather in ithe vetr. nt the mtioe ropepseierin Athreughr the lighoi lfteey cltud, giviug lieltt a titlee uf 1 that siler lrilliauev whie forbilds dencripritr tull tttnnthte nllil e shu'Iefnnrtnandir tedi onetl ofit. mtti leutiiful ruilhoa itragilnlde till rte hlrtk clouds in tlo WVest. lThe colors were ess vivii tai a nsolar rainboiu,but rihey pitamlrti that rich meltlw cast ,) Sthelaerk ibodv oflhe culod, hdihic e eredrd the ecee lstrikingly sublimle.-t:anojoharie IRadii. Tile I.oke Erie oulratre.-A legal cirelprndiao l of . Ithe New York tartatl ptaoint Apllelv will Ihe dio Scilnargedt ler ant oafjuriodiclini in tire stlat or Uniled Statet ceiorts that hie cuotrir litried lin (tiri beaauae rtilte ofce was nolt cunllIrtiedl within atv of tile collr tiesauftltsta.ll', but o lilet I waroerofrl.keErie lie savy, thet act of congres tIo punihl outfoces of Ithi kiid is liited tlr casesupon t re higLh eas, atnd ithi tile admiraltv antl maritime jutisdtion c ,~fhll, United Stater Noe W tit e courts if tit Uniletl ntfers told halt tIhe have us jurisdictioti o nffeneea tiy w'h re w tn tle pnauoge ",fan act ofcongress in bsnio.j riad.itiurlm Not iutlt: an tt huti let n ipanse l by congrenss relalI le to the .nvigle livers nutt fres ral'wt e lakes if lie United Stater." i\fll a n rutFn und Intwyer! e Tt e arit il e jtri diCitii, Iftlhe U l, t h:oeIs, ex tensCll i all tunvielble watetr tltroli li w tich h'y are accessible .ske r rie is a ntti tutu Witer b wet, h'eno eit ro reoi, ti , n l ort alind son., ellllqu ly their cnIr + I. at thnny juriIl "in Heteri,l Ilie aan,nll. haw' le, e. ,, rih . w Plo~t pro t~etiun, I.i no wrllnr wilJlllllt redr, , I .1 J]ni enriv,, . Wyon !/nier irhnran it is dormst to prolec,,iot p+tl ,ash" n t.ut Ins nUool Iii ound tto protect tel peritlt f our c'itzell-, ill mtil' Wuoa tlnder nor fl i Ando we tll. a til. H tII wali u i le tc, ann itneltat ii vingt o I.nk E'rit, icner Ito it [titet i rie I lrnge it it io' \Aesllnil' i lr IthIlr ou u u olt ur Ioi eI nut ttle Jtout and raluefjlte tubre L iud.-- I Ipreiu' H irtlneie wc hulVr. Puirin Jd tt ic d itht Ill+ ufe ur meno elh e 1 , :IoI r;,, lil % n I plo, Illild it f tile au i "tliatattut itt uc Si i t1 plla o ie ad nit that lthey are huhi il tlte geter tIl "governltntin /ust1tnr thon oa o trr m, ,l 'prty o f ty h lluuI., ia tIh lapoo oll li i'o golfll in r ute rou noou I 'tb, neht( of tilt culte, and ri~ toil)er u" or Pi uri ome uwhai.'aer. The chmacter of tills trtei reou ius ouuuh t 'e '!t.lv.ry piIlenF t'otrngo., Irr. ctde t to tl ea- ; ltI)ll, 41l1 frailn nlhe " oires, l hr e ln- i - I"a ,ie 'lli+ lh . neltet, itt thfilninlt olfItbit trust, wt.r eaiei ll tI e tle lelentat 'ittlini.tratio ui rpntllleo riei Jtuce aittl get lou It e price of' tl, ultlic urllio, to withdldaw n li o aud mic llienr llof tilhe ge "i.oil Ruro llaet uani firllh. wvi th to ahimthle as tio sr n onltes io whlcth they1 lie. o)f thie utll r llalld it is "rled tiheat lchl a lollrse ir a uuotiltiian, adei nut fullillUellt t if tIt truot; ftlet ti reduce thle prc;re io it gru itijloliCmue u wrug uo lla d Itoe ltnede ofainlivilUll Iliiteulator,til tIto ll lltill lltOt tr, actual seller, at thc ririn orites. i"urlller lhaoll tlls, tit i ellllnteidid ltr, for te ier eel aoeotnr l hu-llt i t Ile tlirtrlut, it is nactsda.ry tIrt ihI• net proceeds of lhe Indeou rhoold btetdlarlued a n tlelattes, oo, Iba i. Itlied iv theoir re;louciire Ienitlaturee to purioprt.t oU edeutln and illlternal illprl ellle l. 'The queutilnl tlhela cou l ll al , lether lr tot lile itod arm twt'rh the elft let.eioery tIt ipreevte tlhell Are they of n luch e atlet td raillui, lthat hey I dlay bt i laude It. rendetr sit ul annual resountrces a tre wurlet loouing after? II tle.. Iroprty 's of'sannl tattle Ra, cxtello, it lay lt beter rto llhlllmt tt oti to i) ujJlltue i hant to agillate the cuuntry lir te etItthLte -it Oe rint.tt hir preuinciple s ritse eanto, to be oure. ahetoer i pt ed 1 to a ImuIliottlltt arPs, ter a tIuand ruiillion• blurt in. e atse it night be, tpdiett nt autudin e.ett , nl i tic ntlne ItnduOlllelntll a li lteed lndividlt mllllnletill,,8 to aallndon jtlat clahlla Icat.e they are tist worlml lhe ejtense alld Iroublt of litaigution. l.an Mr. Clav Illln hi rellourl to tile enlate frool th.li e un itreuo.oufutitee, nin Aprt . 2.. Ile tt.' oorteod an entiateburased on aolicial reportoerandtatot ueutn, bl whicChI il eltftart rhath I aI Inold and onop ittrltnuteltedntditinirg wiltlll he lilllmti of m h,it urnti ntlttes and lerrnitories wa then 31411,781,7,3 a'nrs ald lhe qtnrttity Itoyund titoe limitit, 7?UdttUU,i0riuptr- ur, at Ing an an ggregalte .I' i,iil11,871,7l3 tureo. Piacung its allue mrl IlUllilltllil innice Ut etie dtllar slind Iwellt, wl fir eent ln eeotle it prearnt e the enrttlnrt en ru .Ul III $ 1363,l58,l691.--Since tllat tittle a tlllall Ittrlit ,utif tht, taerrtor Ira, . t .u...cun. riad ty :utu, ,I ttietra of A lehll lrger iprlton ihas pnsed Into the haunld o h lp'eculllttrs; ongovrnmeult Ilgelltr like ioYu t lIrItus and tit enrdiainointhed defaulter.; atd onl tutttn(Itl plt hlad assm'itiol like the American land company, co gut uip to enrich Burt.rl. KsiitniL, BL.lr, oltIr It WRnI nT, CRnalWaLL and l tie Vio Irlono ps ay t ret biuali.r of .nerullllrlllr infl cane and ollti i. f r lli. b• rIat, witth the efinrt anti uc ivity ul ilvilual. T'Ihe ;altaoUUt iliu abohrbed, hltntevnern it itncit-itlruble, oelnetuunttarrd wuihthe ilnttllblne territor.y sli I renlIt itg agihelln Cotaliton propertyly llollfhe lt.t tr lnke, il' tlte odl tiar-tithree mllomm ietdo'llr, ef) ou I neas, r lilvalue of tie pr,,perrty thous etr.eltd, at d we, hlyve l:nt n thea O iniaulto value uflhte natiuc,, dui ,, $1. T'lhin is the reteridtlrv rilln e ettlln vaf t a erritorn eretd I t Iby the thilteen orlgllll n la l tate, t 'Orongrsst a-. tilt . i ri i tnle irljety, to Ittaniuino+en ulflo lth euoolInt, bllelltit lit uflile eatha., ithi:l tire adlniniotralolr pr inee tI selnl jut at Irice iautrhir'at to r over ithe itre erpPlleres o'f sale, I or l surreuder aas granlt t he new n tates Anid ilte saime Atlllllllrrittiollwhilh tlroloea i, hianlltdoll tlli+ i terriltorv objeclred tn the.tra groullt Of Ij p r Uenait. l Ithe ntn statefro titrn ptheprucet. f tlat siatlen ithin tteir ilnilt, rll ile ground thao it wx aa graa niolitu of I:e I i',tllls rte iii ite org.intl deed nsceni;olt! It 'am na relork or' Narolena, wticll Ilnrdlv requlire mitrl hgh aolloritv toi eomtllead its obviou'trallo, that trou tu ototluu ou undlllhe Itll time rnb i le pnlleerlht fad persuade thnl m ynu are their fritds." 'IThe trse'telt Felderal aduaiaiolreitin, hawever, nruuls to have alurd nit tdlffernt helief I|t " tllte thi eatrhqnrcr" it flling 5 pulllte tIner taW hI ptnalh UrdWt., alld clian till lie it li eperiul eIirtadi rlrte tprlnt. It e .asic ttor ualiinnI ru- No relt tureent,, rn II0bOrig yar tao n$ditOtl.I O, 8 .itt' Ot, daily .Iep,.rouiilu- fir ithe me-t rnine ,h itct.ii an uo il,. lIrauds utid otill il io thie eilteCial frie-d of Ie le o d ,. It aotld ottauat r tthtbpluhlicu,l, ,ai, nr e)I,,n it h it t ilie the tno sulrat ti, it tie inirlr, irrilltrul o. ral ihe inlh- nro tttatn.tu-illlthentstl"tiale,r ttt taY I.tlatht I tite grtIt ooll tio, n lir ill.ir,, std 'till wutittlitl I lerirlril, thh ' -- rs 4oan 1whom itI pus pl.odelrsanowlop1.ro ,. tll) if i4,eir only lruefr.4,...44 1. ihe mooos alrcady rece'ived groin the Subtle I anso hlad b~ten dieteibuta.l : eclldil, g to the proe'lialoltln of :11r. Clay'. Loo IBill, fia- ling the '.i .ro.ceed Io the 480h .6 oro*nmbee, 1831, .u. IoIwIinog tfaIo two 4.111.40.e Iwe. nen44.l 40a r4,ult;4 4444. table e cpare 4 I414 o,,~rdury lie 40444rl44le444, 4 th.e call ,4 theSenate of Lb44. Looled Stales: Netproeeds re.eiv',l hd by .,b -t,4.. Oh .. .. ........ . . . 4, I1IdIan............. ..................10.1,4;x.1.4 Illillai ....................... ......... 1,1170 y:F Nliteari............: .................111 s' A ................................965,1.14 M i..i.ip.. .... ........·. ............1,679.2.4~ I...l. ifie. ........,................... 92.1,i Mich...o ............................ 44:1.194 Ark,,, .......... ... ............ 134,905 Nio, ......... .................... .4 ..1,5,446 Noew Sloo h ire ............ .........1,154.7144 Meurrrhuuelta .................~.......9,0 .71 111 1. l: endl ........................ 414 69 1''1,.x, Bole,........................1::79 ·I·nUeC V erennn 1 ........... .................. 1.19tl.Ua Nm, York ............................6 442).1 t4e.44 Jer.' y ........ ......... . .....1;15 691 4440,, o ..d.... ................... l )e1...u.e . ..... ................ 3:2,1193 M ar lud ......... ...........,....... 17 9,4752 If lili..... ........................ 4. '110,111 Notrb 1'a ol ................................ 31,117 116.,1;" III1 I ....~........... ....... .....1.: 11,794~ '1'rone..e ...........................2.669.146;L K,"utu.ley ...................... 6:.4.SW_~~~?bml~ $56,24.4,5611 4'4i4hils rtn 4.144444or 4ppe.ardi4t New Yrk would hav4e lread4 recei1,','4 ore0 111111i $34,060,0004-or more 44444ures I0u, pll prgoote44,r the d4to.':.qnmei . ror 4il444, are carried4 throug, . l4444er4 i44 ill doubt 44 h444 ne'w ,Slates In that evet ,44,lud lung Fot..,1a. to Iraw (ruff) he~r intPerest it. illi* e~ll~lllll p)lpll(;l!. bout onesle seventh oFl' Ile whole a LLIIII d II rIII(Cd$. O tfnis estimat.e, )derr 'tlale iiIcrr t in the 1 an(1111J I proprly may I.. lint 444.44.444 0j4, capable1 .f44igills 4444. 14 i.4.14.4'r4 44y .vaila 44 I444 a44.1.4,4 ..fat 4,eot,444jillion 4444 dollar; 4I,44ual14r 'hot "ha is now ea; led I1(polI I sell at 1Ietllilal prihF. to 4444ulu441.4'nd44l .4 40eri4404 8.444u4d Compani44o.jo. 4444444444444. ".it without itdull.r o4 o..4sideantiout 2114' lt' Western States! X. 5', cane. r. Eq. Health of the citp-V. are d4eepy pilted to 84. cotupelied t'11 annu'iteinlhat Ilsie Wiekllell still contilillle; 444.44e in 0444ill fantd city, with u.bated malignit.y. loom .eoooo.4, pub4i444d in4 4444440 ploo, it will 1'e nee,, th4t404nce t4 e firt 44f Sept44m44r,4 ti lla,,t night, 149 per44ooa 40ave be4,44 '.usigned 44 tie tob. 4uch, a num4ber in the brie 4f alpaceo ulet'o4d4l with our presen sp44e populat4on4, is 444444rallalled i44 t4,s city, 444 well calculated 44 6fi 4ll4e 0tutet hleaots wih 40error and alanm). W'ho. weat4her dluring 4440 404 three dais lia been 4o4444ide0,ed avorable, 4b44 44 seem04 to b.are lid no, p0er4ptibl4 e4.4 ct44 n tile h4.444th 4 the city. All Ibu'i. n086 in a44444404ded; th4 4,sn.ko are keptl 44en onl4 tlwo 44our in t4444 d4 4-t444 s4Otore 4440 closed-, e - tr4eet do' 4rrted4, 4404 4d4all, li'.e ill.44.4a ,1 loo,... perva'desthe city.-Mlobile Mercntnile 10th Spepmber. Aneedl. of Weobster.-.l corres;0440,'4 o44644 1\a" tiomlls Intedigem'er gr iven tile, Inllowwi.C: 4 will c14ose t, is lter wi44 all ao4.o..1 , whiclh ',400 0nliven i4, 44ll444444,'o0 pile it 4ill t 4 e44,lIil'y 44h general lst~ition, 1 hIlls I mtiuililled, atilt prole t· .bt, ill Ills hours of rela4tionD, l Mr. Welsner is nlit at wor. It in pro per to premise that he to a de votedel and skillful n.lgle,- a v044,444tl4 wi ich i4 fo.,'.4 by Iile..' 444,440 and boys aroun4d h44s r4044de404e of40 ur44fi0444. 441 4444 .ae.4io44 l 4e wi0 4 ill t bout fi444log444g r cod, or 0 4hateer else Nep4tune m4444ht4 se..d 4to 4hi0 4,84. I4in, wa lowe davit pr444,444444 44444e0 I4,. 4 ur41 4i4 ; and i440wou44d 000c4 'e4,t, l44e ill han44d, h4e 4.444lgie4.4 hlim4441444 th4at acrmd "pol4, wii Iiis au4li444044 be44 ore ,441.1 4 . . 4444co444444o re...ork. tint hit,1 lip4s mo4ved., olhile thle jerk4'i io4i line indc4e4 n i bble, it not ob'41444444it,', tit the hoo. 1'4 For4tuna4te man!" 44id Mo. Wcebsler, 444 a4 de4','4 m44d Ir4.4lhl41g 44444. A glit istant the 44444tt4as r01lle0, and., I.o pulleIe a large u l 444l 4ut 4 4044444,t r. lit th44' 4444444i4 e 4 cont44444inu 44is 1444.444, upp444re.44y un444on440iou of 44hat4 ha 4i44 dUine-' " FUroltulale, UrrllllHtC 111 mi11 l~ll said he, "throug y4.4 4440 1444.'4o, spurk of 44i44444 4,o4. 4heel on..duc.4ed 1414 .Il44 444.w w4d 4o444e o..' "' A few du. 04400er 'h4,, Dlr. Wcibc4,or mode, Il4 aoldoo.s at Bu4ker Ilili,44d thIe4soe word4,, w44icl4 f44s' salute44 e4se 44.uggliug cod, ocre app4lied tothe venerable Lr.Aor'rjT.. AFFAIRES DU CONSEIL. SECONDE MUNICIPALITE. S6ands du 20 out, 1839. r R6solu quo to corit6 des rues ct quuis suit us til o rt.sd t Ie otrouve neEessaire, a oruuntcr au coyer s ans ddri, do rdparor Is u i Girod entre lee rues duIs Levee ot 'l'choulptou l su et 'il toreetlion der ia rues P'oydru:; Perdido tl Baroeno duns Ie voi-i. nago du ularhd6 Peydrus. l I iolu qu toe l'rdrostir paiera M. A. Shtirbe i re, our I'ordre duo IlUoire, la ounuue de trui canot quaraoto piastres ot quatro viogt quutru cents pour olnvrage es uot our ur ns whars. v IRdsolu qu tr6siorior paior a Frderlrick Juhler, sur I'urdredu oluire, trcalo.u pi,,stres et cinqualn. t cetntst pour deo planohes tuarnloues pur x paorvr Isl curps do gardo dulls Ic truisibtfo district. I(solou quo de lnualre et ot doResur eutolrist d '6 o ettrye ItO urauei Arnold, vingt.sopt bono do 'anq ooits plantres oeoqur; a Tlngt cinqal oun; paotir hIe du presoor Julut 1839 ; Ilorloet Iultrt i raison o de tix pouur ceot payable Irfdolllostro, i It BasoquO de I'Unlou a Now-York ; I our louroure dt r lper. res pjates, &,., n vrtu de don 0 ltral du 19 ovril of Ilsonlu quoe to Mlore rt et dlnleure autoriilo ti il l ttru p i obert Aikel, qurq bolas i vingt ctnq s, sitn pr ir du ler. Jllie 1839, de mills piastres Scleaqguc, purtantlllllr6t ane taUx dal six pour Celli o eaur al ottu yabla si 6 nl.rtrel a lsttBiqudOe o 'U it lon, Now York ; pour esolpte de ivnrres prItIs dill &c.,o IUrlC oeI IrU de so l otr du 6 alril. ed Ildsoiu quo onnuoes r.ulottio .alutrist I'rutploi i do lout utro quo I'vocst de la n iseipalite, dolls ta porsnutl e d'aelslou o rcuu reue.ut d'asillldcs S ont et dcluturnt rappcidesa, ot 1I eccvrai pour sa 1le Unlpllnaution, pour lo re ouvr oerit des dlles a. .l.eldes quiz Iour citoot. d 1R6olu quu ilcourdor cot el dotcnure eulorisd et rqluor lealdes do li a dcu I)l Il Cairit elll Chaqu ':dl~trlet tpourIOltnlr doe I tou(heallllS .tuoo a{{l(o0.l 11 nd ligns, ux oiral do cllcu Muoilipaolitd our P'ur S ru du aliro de dla vile, ou du Iecorder cl doe as drru. l cucltu Mu Nitto titullt+ 'u do Lelr garunts uo 1 l rle t :6.gt ru Ir. C lotI6te d: u.,llL6. e af ur.uI PId lda lucul 6 a In .i6decni de celts wile. se UllslderU coIIIU IoUL ot, IIdotool. O d d ololcir I 0000u.0 11o6ddcs p,:rtlcwu iore.ol, ftp,our vtot, r let' i ntadl'ais ioligcots, ruyoltt qu'll .so; do lvtir tuoei i bton quo d tolet ddu br e Inir do ce, t pro. Sr fnssion lo,erldl autaln quil Fusible, r eurs suinols Sgratulst aux indigo s. ,.solu u luo vloyr 0.t et dcluure aulori a dd ol signer au c,tol.retour do Iavactg, Ito fu le rodruibs o1 ur a diotturc ; 0u I doavr lpr:tldre de la terra pour i d 1tulu ql"' fit uo pirso oos cruot n,.;odo, gUar.j ,- dondlun e ,.lt'tro ; loerduo,,o sera de vdclllor ar o quo .u. lto" ordulonotlC nu 1u d-olutlons y re a1ives t ' solll trietollcat obervi do., Ule prsuone pour Sola batt,r tll s o dux ti. ct oenl. dtrnlscle, cL Un O Fte le do roouloIb.t,, dLsrict. I.our allre ucloa de V6`50 par ntule l 0cur tc lps e d r svlce e pirera to lur d6cCullro iprouhltil. I1dAOolu qlio ctlqu'o Aurlda o r i ura Is pouvoir II d'unlloylr lou tualdev a I'llrltaI do Ubarito , e quo Ioeu lunlalon onoluy6..o l'lup iul par ordio d'etUeUo Uds oldctrltl..n, y r.3 p(llc. .lr to tU.i pied, qusnt 00 al;lpc1meut, qvoe o.ux eIl oydu par It Rcoerder rtl quo loa cooplto d oello lttu u t eo I :rolutt entvoydr u rd1lds tiou0 I 3,s Inois. aIAYO L .tl f '" NEW- IRLEAN. c bIlL pac" ,i duoebing this a ,U per *i rre '" utl 'ee ofhreadl iilr I-it ,-,'Ill, darillg l di . ' .Ito hogitt ding o0 ,.OodoNy n'xt, 'w 16IIh , C-ota. SIteu. Ttvof 'I l ll.llld llllly, u r IfI Il-ltlt Ir tell ot llla. sihsll weriglh 2i per ce t illur'-, viz: 4'I uI IIIce. 0I A 0 0 ' ,Y ,I" " l Ih a ry it A00 000. 1 0, o ls.1 b Bi'z's ak'stlcl;iesuI 0, III sil hl. 'T'll Moleoh .uok, uor l',es ond Skkltelte of Ihlse The I sl i lle lit forl t'lirll. Jolho (oiincy Idots' Joltloe of lbs (loolSit'lion, and fll Illt eovelile, let fIl- Ihln. i , N k - u, 1 It4 cornet r i I harlra .. J U IIIIII ItO l. , Y il, Ithe ltllualt, dlrtyv alillll , viz. I I)ark lovinsu lovro, ojlte hi.o, blitd ot UhC rye. 1 star n Ier ftorto, t1 hotenls Ioght. I Dlark oorrol II rse, nlollel,lud.hdlsce o hinld frllPloksI tooirioe, [,tters J b tto.-st.lboritood t g hiith. 1 Litht sorrel hotroo.tlu sind 0o.iptos his laote, c ork of ol lounllld ouills back lullod htp, tIOte Io 14 It 1. ''The tIlles o f sauil prlltrlo, will plerase tll at the Spoundl ol'he tll ward. 9I , 'Muolripalitly, r nltlt or the i corloer of tobio and Aootoitnutoil Stleet,-prove pro. IPrlty, p rhsro.. otl t lake hIrt lllluwa'v, ot or eIfre Glt Oopt.oitIPrir l t, to h,. tltoiev ,t it bs sold os auction by I' A 1uioll1e 1 wlluh uubcillePr.' s 14 J I. \IVNTI:I1oI ILieul. BUIREAU DII CO TIgOgLEUR. SECONUE MUNICIVArILIE. Nouvllh.-Orl6tens, 12 Seopt. 1839. CONFORMEMIEN'T a utu r6soloutim du 10 Csoorntl, j'adjugorai Ita e bureau, salnedi lo 14 Si couran, t (Utll 005 plus offtros etdoernioevencmle I rlnsseur., tos b.lux t0610r(0 pour I'etlplacesllselt de oI lt vonto dcs tultres, dopuis to 1 Sreopteltbre 1839 juoqu'su 15 uvric 14,I--suvoir: U pusto auo blot de i.t rue Canal. U.f dn do travicr. " Ua do du Poydras. i I Un d, do (Girod. Uu do dt Julio. Uo doI do Roffignnc. O Uu sur ]a Leood preos Io marehd St.-Mary, ,Xl tiodtlll-- s'.2, 3, 4, 5,. G 7 niluisdo er6dit I ci billets eonduoesd A sutifalction. 13sep J(OIN ('ALHOUN, Colltr6leur. Ti erL ti ow +#,Viiuý pir two Ito t'aotkel -iups i(00 Nero ori, btih soqltol. ', t Fihoiund .. itntr CltlbiI,,0 slid "iil uoonlinteoo I, r.tPive regollhlry by toe upackets o Il "h,,u lI.' C Itun ". ' toheirnsorltoIien I! bing larg e, wtl .,,,,pri-,- even' a~llt.' out t air Ihln i lcula d eld o fil. 'outir, y triidl l sll ~d Ill enlable I;,ui lu fill -rdh-i 'o tItrlll Mc,,al l a l to ..n itotilturiortet,,hrtet, lneo . Fo, outh, wh.lte mildt Oeluit on urcoototult lhoig 55rn(5. 12 Fr LOUISIANA GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCK Pt oritt at tt Mtatt of r lsIfanu. CALDWELL, OAk-Y & PRITCHARD, MANAGERS AND PROPRIETORS. First, or Hell Miltiom .lwtfe.t mld lte eewoed, 4r " Millio lostery, are respcctfully presented to the Public. 'e a HALI' . LION LO TER.Iw)ll be d&irW in December, and finished at one drawing. Th e'TWO MLLION LO TERY ll th draw on the ohl plan of Blanks and Prlaoa,-Nnher. in one wheel, and 'Banks and Prinra in nother wheel. Bothl Lotloerie. ulde the supekvlaion of two Judges of Couart, -WILL BE DRAWN IN NEW ORLEANS. The HALF MILLIO LO I I ERY l a bhncea to 1,91 Prizes, of which 33 are Prico of Real E.tate and 335 of Stock, besides many Prizes comn posed of Tick " ii th, Graoal Two Million LttIi, affording a p.rnlicipation of'l chances l. to the holder of Ticket for Pri"ze in The GRAN D LO t TERY of Two M.II~ of Dol`ra-1 ,000 Prizea!!,-o the fIll mount f r000,000, of w Ticket fo r Prizes ofin Real tate. On1', 9 Blantks to a Prize!!!-Simpl .m h. I to 100,000. 100,000 Tekltse at *20-2,000,000. &Bheme amid selling price the same. Amorn the Pla es ir these two iotteresiar many pahlio and private buildings which adorn the cit of New Orans, and are the pride of its inhab. itdnlo-the Verandah, St. Charla street Theatre, .serican t~amp atreer Theatre, St. Charles Arcade Buildings, with ilctls, Dwelling hlouses, Store, Building Lots, and many entire equares of Groia-bail.o Stocks in Banks and other inatittieone of the State of Louisiana, amounting in the whole to TWO h IILLIRONR Wl it HUNDRED ThIOUSAND DOLLARS. All the Rest theln e an d Stohks ofered u Prieas , atdr bhy tem and in their pomesmioo:- he acts of sale, with clear titles, are vented in their firmn. ood recordai in the oiee of Adolp ile Maurno., otarj " Plai, and nee of conveyances, ready to transfer to th)e holders of Prize Tickets, eainpt from i tea anhoer: of plroe iyri ntet raper unalterably to that' sole and only purpoe, and tan, in no event whatevere conveyed otherwis by the firm than AMERICAN It l A M mrler AMEJICAN a cAr STREfIT Tl.ATlE , l LOT ER Y, bl CAPITAL 8540,000, IN 1,291 Pizeoi! ae Will hedrewn i DECEMBER NEIT; and ii rn order to gratify, at an ealy period, htJ purehuers oftieklet, t 0 ecolhbitonlion is adopted faethid Lot. tery tIr ly. of to 7, wh6rteby the .iig will m he e ompleted. it a 9fw minutal by .l dr.aing of ity. 1S Numbeslfrohm th wheel. ; 1;291 PRIZE!!! well and sctMg. CAMP ST. THEATRE AInn GnOOnS,! Sill he prize to the holder of thi let, d and 3d de dl , nu Iethr .au aI0 T hhe That rubaetnitial for tory britk hiildia - called Annatron 'r hotel. Ifrming tie corlr of Camp cld 'athets rreets . . . 4t,0t1o Prize tI 4th, 5111 uldl 6lth. That vathmble five story brick ltore onl OldI Le. ve streetn.cmpied bJy Me arn H k W Hop. Pisri.e th t 7th, 8thi at,, 9th. cre That elega.t dw lll g hloll and tot, No 741 Pu- lov l ureet oeuipied l ty ' W (onodrieb 203,410,0 Prize tthe I10t,1 llt h fnn .. STn at tlo eitery dotblie dnwellict tad double lli e in'2d M1. iecopiad by J .1 lail . 18,1101 Prize to tl.e 141 ad 4111.adt. An entire aqua, .lfgrtui,c ii fnllrohirig ALn1un. c cialiu.d , M. o gundied by I.itlcy, Rsatot, trot Melpomenf n idl'erpsiillre at. . . 14,r10 ma Prize to Ist, 2d and nd hb. ni Tha t one story stre d ld .Iul cller Camp And dry Juli curvtocu pied by :Mr. M. Latthier for S dry goods. l12,000 Prize to Ist, nd snt , tit r. alin '['teto ry oc o rtore ard lot corner uf St Mary acd JuliaA. .t,+0'.0 ritd A Prriie to let,' ld andt711. e A crlifieite fir 50i0 tickets in the trio 0tillin 0 an lottery, It $lu each . . . 10,40 'r, h ort, unate holder of thi price na, nalice th er hiapy icduitic tli,. tnint po.eosion*, through ie their neJiueiti, of tle prmicite plWtim of the vnriuica eplendlid prizes in the two millil.n loUttrV, Uill he a Prize to tat, 2.1 and 8th. S That larer building And esteneive lot ii t he city tlf.afayetle, iluictmrg I.ivltuddi, earulr Wubhington und r 'hiltpiws ta. 100 tby 200 feet . 9,0qM J. Priet It tet l an.lhd li. " a A ril ficalte of 425 ticlets in tril two tnillioh tr lery, l$1.4 eaich . ,h ,0010 Prize to hlt. fa, and fitbh. O n Thent .re Suter dwelling I. use c.lo. h..ll M. dol llNayd e 1 I Int t dtlabllet o orer if Mel.l ii. pi; iot ne . r 7 ,5100 P'ia to lc , i dad 11th. K r A certificate fur 3)i.oe i tie t two 7illno tout lottert.an $501 eanch, . 6,504 Prize to Int,. .S ausn 15th. ir A -tolliog lhtoe soad hlt en Victory at. 3.1 Mi. ier, hing 21 from lot farttuig toreI of It,*r. C tlier At. 6,5ft l sti. Pritla. let, Id and 1t.1h cer 1n elclictlt ftit l f1tl cktl iu tle tw lliln Lottery, t ofr ,. $ ich •,. ,00 d Prize to It', t1 and l5tSlt. :A r lcthAfct asf d gN lle, NIIav atn.d ii.h o gli nthe thoi fri ,, IIto lt eM, e ,"t ti. 5..1(" Prize ftt. Int, :i1 ~ltd .lh. cot, A ecitifoea t ll rIel0'licr t lathe twou milli,.n q ii lo ttry;'as t $20 abl; .', i, ir. Prirze In toIt..Sl ith. rel . erlifie rcailletr t.ciltetll in 1h tw lieio lotery, llat $ each . 4,501 Si Prih e tlo ti. li nd led Ih. A +I a Irtlor lWelliolh etmul loi, 3,id M. till tq IfbEaghi-it at. neat the ottier lot of Vietor i e st . 4,000 ot Prime ta ., td t d t 1oo .tth. U. A 1 ldirahie lt t t n "o'er ett.ith ,e at. htt M. adjtini ie ll ll e rner lot ,it NIr nhat. r. 3,500 1Prize to. eIt,:I and 1611, lio Si eligikly situated bhildiu g lo or, lRelieito ct I. '1 Itttt.. 5th l outilha onr cornier if ltl SJon a.lle I . . t 3,100 SIt hl'ize to lat,l 3nd cai Ith. Sai' A lprits ectiltineg of a cerlieficate fr ISO ticek a. te willn the ton illit lotter, at $211 each 3,000 Prize to It,, :li.t eal 2,h. Icd i O .letoire ailqo aree or gu a i n fherg al, tlultointion, ld I hisutided It Cherry, Tha lit, Cie,,It lazd Errata ea. "20,500 reet. . 3,1 M. 4th frIm llunn alt. .o,d0m1 t Prize to I.-, 4th and I7thb. lee n a irer I.et, lar cr tllUliti M. i.eUlltel by lh.-, Peh n,' ernh and Wall ec. . 1-61)0 Wi n Prize ie, l.1. c 4t, .,i r n nth. leg it~mll lj in 'fu+l gllnr,, "U',. lllllll illd' iI . iill ld I tt llt, l Frrest anatl agle . .2,01, Pro. tri, ti. lo., 41, .., h rb. ',io A strennotl er-lcd i iid M. bf.hoatdtd bt ,a. I1 .i"y, [the n dl, t'h.a ,, Ii. " I,01k++ I'ri z ito le. 411 ald 1 ath. ,tto ,it ft ,n .t.e,,l ,t W bihni, sctrtet. oar :hi lot froll .,'hitpnae streo t 751 Prizeu, i, 4th, anid ft.1 h. A btildi g t,, ofgru. city of i,,i fticct..' tdee ( . .hiIr, Strhet. old l1thll f, m tee t'hippouw slreet, -". 750 t Prize Ik Is . 41 , and h1'lh. Pou t F htail-line tsar ~lfttitl, , i't iof l.nfaelet, on 9 to 411 fi-el citeaht lonacurlt sreer, lot t 4th i , fro lot eatrlier Jer rt. teelat$1'O0 earoi 2,400 lo Price tc .1t,5th oati Oi-Wl5 to nitt Itb tIa, 5th todl Bth--,t, .,ti, a.l snit, th 0 o er "'ll J Six bhuldhing lie of t "IIod, sIttuuttdllotl to to1h from lot tor,' Washinloton, emrlt, 1300 ut Pize o fat, .atsdlbn, - l. `5th aad 11b et -I-.I, 5tho.lI 12a let, fil a1,l itl,-tat, .lk aId 81h,-- 1tl, tl h nlld 9 h. Fear prin A, Prot', n rertiic:llt ill to two millilou lietter,. 310 tickeet. , 1 -.1 eth 6,000 fi t ,o ltot, 6Ih netli 2th-ti- 7,l, and lIf,-Iot. 7h amd 91.h--l, 71h1..I B llhb. ccl Tot, prizes, toItII a terlifiotr. ir Itt tirklta L i: Ine tht. million tilre, v.911 libkrtl, at 120 in- eehl. .,000 I fi Price an i, to hItt c ltOth--n ,,,hnul 11th 2i Fivle pirime, esueh , hltie, ,f Iock in tha P'nh'llac rain r!,t.on:• compahv, 40 ihareo, oI$l00 each, 4,010 Prie t,. lot, 71h, " I 1tlh-tlt, 7th and 1ht--let. 811i ad 11th-Jl, 81th ond 9th- lea, ilh r, d 1171,. be lice pruzes, each f, Iltrer oft p'ottharblrrin srilr ,ad allwk, :1) lhltro. n lat $16 . 3,1)000 Prize ao ot, 0I, a hnd 12llt--Itt, 111,11 cnd ,n Ilth-- lt, 91, Ind t1h--I et, 9htuud 1111h-- t, 911t ".,d 1.11h. gEiti n, ice,, cutlib r crllfoalt of5tl tihbrt in the twi. illi-in otiterr, :01 rihekac, a $20 iech. be,ntn "' lPrie ci tt, I ith and 12th-let. tllh nd J I !lh--2, 3, an'dl 4tlh-2d,3d el 51tt--d,:hl a nal 6th--l, 3d nnl 7lth-2d, 3d end 8i, J, :2 d ntd 9thb. 't'en aPr:., eaech 3 ltares of eroek in the aank cI '" l.t,,i.ian., 341 hse. at $100. 3,000 Prize Iso Rd.:i Aod 10h---2l 31 stla l lth- 2 ku : t, 311 all 12--.1,4th atid 51b-t,1.+,h tnd fitl--"il. 4il, acd TIlb-2I, 4th und 8th--id, 4th and 91th-3d, 4111 aud tlh-ld, 4th111 aid i 'rwenlv priue., each n ecrritalte .t 2 liickt ci Ia tlhe to mitliittl lotter vc, 1 ticket.s, i L20 111t.000 to Prizei o theO ,1 4t11a l.t4 1. O-il. 5th and at Gth--'d. 5ih c, 1i7h--d,5 h an8e1t-Od.O1 fr snd 9th--i:d,51,, and Itlth--Od1. 5b tnhd 11h-- f Sd. ,1, usad If-,d-- 11th udh d trh--id. N1h - nd thI--Otl, Otl atl nih-lid--, 6h and IltI-- ci 9,1. 0th a,.d fIt. -Rd. Ct'. tnal l!lh--Rd, 71h '" end 81h-t1t , Sit .t~l 9th--OI. Tth cuid I2th- ,thtlt au-l Iltit--Od, 71T tIati I2th-cnd d, 2. 11 Othbalhh. It Siuty-threm priura each one hore in Ihte tjeaaar11urullau eouni c.O3 olllrrhce st$S 3.150 Prinma tu aiebt. Ihaving IthII aed It.ch. . eu lne |inollored cnd wolllat tia price*, each a 9 eritifle at luet tiheku,. isl the te oti'lioa PFiee It. lieheta lhueillg aney Iret drertr Ofle hulllret und twoenecsiz Iieea.olt hrllhres t, titar1-. iu the New i t,l lt iklr tue irht Ulld ba,*ikg oum',nny,3:718r ,n '.u aout:1'h • 11 34.., Priaeu Is ihe lot altti 2.t,, 3 1 cnal 4th. One iotmnid cnd twenty-sci prignu each Ito uhelre New Orleanu gu tight lend blabing Od Prio to tb-O.l. rtod llth, cr 1th lllah nIth. Iticatlf ,Iflo tlklr i.l .ltt two nillioi loi· IS terofI' ttI:.'.t. 'O0n, SitMI fet N'rier I. 4th and Slb--Silt al Olh--th .nd 7,l---7th madlnib and 1h sail 1h. Peclsr h-IcIredl ttii *fIulylotc prilo .,une uattet- r S liflecte fur ih:ket,, in tIto two -nitiit ItIt tfr0. it-"5 lickeht It $'00, . 6160 d' Prlan· i Ilet cad 8. ttl nal i 5th.-3 autl 41.h-4th eml 7111-t,5111 atiJ li-.lt cad hth ,r 71th md tOh.. Pire Aeedeedeer~ d.bfp leas-one t.elm, $.SI1n,.t TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. AMOUNTING TO TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, DRAWN ON TIlE OLD PLAN OF IILANKS AND PRIZES,-NO COMIlINATHIN NUMBERS. !00,000 Tickets, at $S., - - - 8,000,000. SIMPLY NUMBERED, I Tr 100,000. TI*eehme med ellinL pricer are the name, am no additions or reervntlnu are neda for eipenaee in thi. Iotery : thuee continlgent etpenles will operate a lIar.e deduetiom from the valuation set on the propnrerty. MODE r IF DRAWING.--The Numbern I to 100,000 will be placed in one wheel, and the samn nuomber of Blanks and Prizes i another wheel. To every number drawn from one wheel, a ticket rfrom the Blank and Prize wheel will he drawn. until the whole are drawn. Ill ....n. .a. . .m~~~ l ... . TME FlST DAY'S DRAWING OF TIHE TWO NIL. I LION LOTTERY,. 00 M* AT, ,AMJIar ao, 30.t OEach day's dr.'wing under tle slpereiiou of two Jadge o oft Caurt. ic New Orleans, and tbeebheels opeatd sd sealed by them. (I 10,000 PRIZES. I. ...he VERA.'nI:. I and gracad. ralueid at *00,00, iT.a ralaide and eplecd.l edifice 1i 6 e tlOiel 1I Iighb, and preellm trent of 145 fe, e on Saint C(hllarl,, sltreet, anid 10U feet en LC.ltantIn street. The principal portion of te front fat tlm bae. l0 t me e atl an.CalritesaiagLe ITHEAroa r hanDe and eight teorsi, and two grand entries ta the otael, I..r whichl the reainader uof tihi sl endi edlaie t.i deaiclleli, elld al sue in now eccupi. 00 ed by Meaern. King& Mleeks, in a tlyle which rsenerl i it in iant lfahinauble Ilunel of ll llouth; 3II1 pern cUanll at oue Ill tie llaLnen iertly on elll ld..e ith drin.cid racirg rmns, Mr. 00 lurn and bed rTnm. The irentelll rnnt ver ea 30,n(IIo Inr nlpllnatl., aIId benles itcealr3ed ily pru tllie Itl tihe flerse u tn I.,500 Trle tI alre ll t, eher IsnetInt selldr it acreptlblle ol aclglettinm tu $s45,00U to thle ftunete holder ofthin prize. n '2. 'rll: ST. CII tRLES TIIEATIIE ANND KOUNlI, with tbe scenery, aellchinerv, wardrobe, tllmsic, d c. eiiplete 4010,000 'Thie niegniliierll tnrelcure lines fLnt of 139 Irel on 'e Chrlr lstreet, l well, udi a&iirlentt l f 711 feents ro t Chlurrle Areoarou. Tilh e lest ty and eilntcllldtilillen witlhin locrrellepnd wilh the ntnaitiude ol its etlerior. 'Tlte grand 8awaooni a .5 by 159 feet. The ftlr tiler o1 bonee are r. nrlllled with etenlrive galle. 0n ries; 47 o thIe h les ilave bcudcir ori retirinug rooms. I thie stente of Ihe dulte ias u.penn. tleda .mgnlliicicanl enlldeher, 2f aet ilo hecght, (O 30 leei ii cirlle lierence, weiglting 4',Idl.b.e..e illnelld willb 176 gat light,. slid coit $1I,7:iI. 'l"be aee. ve id iii Inller . lore un-quelld II, the e ntiltel, and tile wrdill,.b. is It aniceitll. t0 The wlbnlelleblihcs ecll .ould nowiu haleaed for 3 .eare at e3U0,IUl Iar anin .li. 3. 'lINE St'. C.IIlALtES AItCADI)I: IUIL. 0(0 D GS BA IllS'I, . NI) GIJUUnD, val tied i. . . . . 150,0110 A la utilll bt ack if the it riliniau order, 54 feel hlnmn Cllll stretl Ite d, 5e0 It,nl m i Inthe St Cllrlec Arcde, ,4'ntriiee high. Ilie lower ulllrt iaerllid brl bi r rod llloi aco , blto ll lrdM unedlre on ls'td nil are tihle tr 0 gect billurd ronla, ill hle Ulted"sllate. ''he uppner tlinis air l tllded ito 42 hcde g.l Ing lla , lin.ll,tre. 'I'et walie reuit fitrr I4SJN0 Ipu d 4. . 'be ensiiure lof r o, grcou.uld iniri puO'il- i,'I "ll ic leii o niihliig li.e .I. D.Jrn l ItII five', bwlii id b,. Aii'lhuiiieai' lierinvl , tlld erie ihorel m..ie'n''. ... 7,11,l 5 Tllh hleile sllllri irf gcnuhlln rinLedn l Mi t orel t d ulllcllIllielhtyV ('lc, I ini h I I'' huld. ._ futs,eb uted Iy Il.ultrpe, liecrulas l.od T''t.p eiciorree t . . ,0011 6. The flcr sor brtik'slhreN.. . Old 10 Levrer.street . lI llliuunl(.IIIp LIll, Ironltll l itog also il iei tlneitetl. . . . . 311cc01n(I 7. I'e,, lutlr Itru l.i iirk dlellling blltle 10 ancCrellid er.., "rl n'ciislclc., inciig t le rlllr of (inier st nreet. . . 30.U0 8. The llile ltuare ief grould on trvedes ser et, .d mnrlenlit,i tolltlill 13 iitsbeuun. bll d by n.u'erine clI liercubc.c ilreets, acd the line of ile lauenirg. . . . . -8uII 9. 'eer rIIIII.q ug lre ilt grounI d on Iereclle. 0 streti, id lllucleipclithv, lth 16 hIcs, cUcdied by Meoll o .rne tr,see, &c . 25,1101 10. ''hb enitre qua.re ofgroucdec Ileiclele efeet, 2d ciuniriltlitcv. "f Ii ote, bacuned by 10 Eaterpe, Terp-ihcuae treit,&e. 2,0,. II. T'be entire crqare ct gniod on (reavier irlreel, 2.1 mulieicuilily, uletaimnag It lean, t beuecie by-- . . . ,0110O IS. 'I be enIe quare of groundll ili'Bnll aiteet,2d iicliitucpdty, anticta.t ItI ilt h h, teUn 0 tced by Eate llie cud 'l'erplsichre streete. 18,1010 eIas.o, , 2T b n l. na rci ricia ,at ttic N I, 14i. 'I llslre tlll sqare olf llllllU I o :L, 1nan eire,.,, h i tIl i ti , c,; ixog I t s, 1d iiicnf.l. ','tl.,i kha ie, Liberty aen d nl..,ile rtI . niil, i•tl0 'd •r "lio .1 14/' II U,. *he elgtllre ifrldfund ,, IIc.' lli,..drC r " 2d lniiaitpllh t, a c t lolt, blulnde by llncu eI, C .l r . Ireliund lFelic~l, etre,.l- . 2,t011 17. TIlbe ,qtr rl Ionfg lo d oil l!l'lIhlll Itrieet a ll.lltlllndlry, of 14 ol-t', bolol *d by .hl-,1 0 cider ,,,.rn,, . . 11,1100 8. '1'1t ngcn e it' guind cm .ite,,.. .e treet,=dtllcnenic1nli. ,. ',6 cus blci,,d c y Liberct,iTerpnmiai,,recandinin,% m •,lc 11,40 S ISi, lbThe quare iglllU iticcit ei Tlil..les1 I '2 ilucieiltllt., f II ,, , l Int 111tdi by Mella. el.ale. ll.ard sad iL.iherti cll*ure 11,1100 211. 'Ii trilngalcr tlare lot grtu i.en ite. liu ieIre,:d a. 'io'S lo., boullded be WL.te ulld Ilnle,|e eter.ll 10ao,00 S i1. l'he tlle saiy blildicg Iand grelnd an Jlulia steel, "':d ai.cent ltn Ihe erUrller of Catlp streelt, &25 bt 781 it . 9,101 2Th. 'heqtrte el trramnd ,n 'Ih bia atreet. ad • . 1Il lhi~ a, bauuded ty tlelpicei.e, Jacob SId nlltetd "ei *rl . 9,000 ,t3. '1 bhe ,uii Niy building on Jcli slrrtel. Dust I", Ile icur, r al :,1 Aat , to evert, coctaiiiing a Ilmnber, lbll.aving 2.. by 1 Ifrel 9,000 -W.,'Jhe equtle 1.1 grotI.II , it Meplpollep e 0 lreeul otiiaclu ,bldel by leuwnrd,'l'erpslcluore and l.(abire, ,n, d in. 9,1000 55. The quareell greuind oni iileri Pitreet, i II. oat 13 Inli, leaLdt by 'I'erpticilire lflow., acdrand elieI..4 streets . . 9,101 26. T'It .luceare it around o llentcn ereet, 2d ii. f 7 lote, boulded ity White anlld Melllu. Ille est.ellel . . . . 1 "7. 'The ul.e stora l huildil and gronlld o I Julia lreel"t,'t cin: being 3J ltul Irclle C .p drerll z5 Ib, 78 fitel . 8,100 20. 'l'qne cuurer ol" gronnd on Mlellmiene ct see,2d in. of 16 I to, bLasced by Jacob, Soie aeM I'er-iche.elrele . . . 8,0000 L29. t beI one stry huilding and grelnd un Julia reect, ,L. bicing 4th lot from Caci.a etrect, hat ing Sby 7 t fee . 8,000 311. 'life eqli.fi of ground Ii 'lhiolia tretI, o'd n,. 11'16 l , Lnunded by Jcob, dmolis and lel]oell Sll ees . , . 75 7 t0II 31. 'Thre squrceuf grollnd on Trhalia street 2d lc. oftI, .los, bounctled by .lanuel, Soli and b i, ilpciehre sircets 6 .,000 32. Tme o... etry building and lot on Nanna de slrteelt ,1 ii., tlurllPier f'I'erlicorei .Irestc 6,1110 83. Tl'ie eq,'cre l greound cll ''rlepicllllre 3 del. ;d nt. 18 Il s, boullded by S.ldis., Mullrcl unid Ieollnttee tIreeltc 6foo0 34. T'b lot ofgound ,n Olplls aretn, 2'l In. aorner of ilclllucree slreet, 31 Iby 127 I tret . . . . . ,00 It :i5. 'I he : qucre of gr,.ud uil l eI ..lnene slreet, 2. roc. ou 9 l.t I nunnded br . :.,.[d. Ja' I cube and felicity eirel.t 5.500 36. ilhe Ila dfgotun d .n 'ew Lo.ete of.lUt, , 2,1 in. aeltIo it. eoreru:l'Atbii n reel, 30 b, NJ 1115 I.et .5,5tY i 37. 'IThe qure oft grund "oi 't'Inlila ltreel, 2l in. "tf I8 iute, bcciellt by l+ire, t3auuetl. bj at nl ,mencccrrei s te 5 ,.1001 38. '.h llett 1' "ruunnd c New . evve slreet b, 2d i.. be.c :hle :d let fr,m n Rolii street, lice. ing 3i, b 105 et . . 5,500 b) 3,. 'I beesqure f a.roudllin Erntlla sires, Id ,,if III Io , th.it.dd bI ty Clcrn,'lTIalin and hi Melolltl re .treetl .5,00 1_0. I. I, o rlld oil r, eylldee atreel, 21l B, at. teinig Ihe 411h IIt flola T'erpaictore trer , llcaillg 31 Ioy 1'7 I;s I 5.. 011 el• 41. The square mTgoand en lHercle. creet .d m.o. o5 l .n n bounded by white ind Melp.n- a ene altreetl . . 5,000 2. i be''.irt,,: i itmu.i, n1hetaden ltreal.d ed h. leig :.ccr. ill tI e :4 1 ,lllnlnglle lnrlle l ot. I'erlcml'hrc.. lirl'c, i.nd elnulfl L. by 127 I~e . .5,10 00 I. l'ile.tn ..OInitllllll Ir.tcrllt · Vtehrt n ld d'mlc'tircnicai.,, itt. J1t Ils 8et" 5,0410 AOALDPW ,. SC4SOlC,., Ang. 'f"e, 10133 45. The Iortoin of n equlre of grnutd on Thalia treel, 2d na. of 1l lutre, bounded by lausnnel and Clara streets, and other pro per . . 000 a46. The lot of ground forming te corner of na Apoll d''erp.u hore streets, 2d . ofa b ad 127 6,rd1fe. . 47. The Iquare of ground on Thalia street, - 2d . oll5 IotI, bounded by Mneuuel,Clsr asnd Selicity arneus 5,000 48. T'be two ettey brick bouar sad Ino on 00 Washinlogn street, city of l'sl.yetle, being tit feet frel Chlippewa srreet, and baring 40 leet front, by 200 leet in depl . . 5,000 I49. 'be equare ol'efgroua'l in Thalia steer, 2d mn. of t0 lot, bounded by Martin rud Mellol. non strelets and EalI, avenue 5,008 50. Tile onsalory building and lot of ground en Nyndees utreel, beiga tle 3d lot from Terp. eichure street, hving 32 by 12 I'eet 5000 51. Tile aqure of ground in Errato psreet, 2d a.of 13 lola, bounded by Marlin and Thalis lie elsras, end Eugle renae . 5.00 52. The lot ofpround on Apollo alreet,2d t. (oppbeite tile resldence of J Field Eetq. being tle 2d louferel Terpsichre t reelt snd Irvieg '2by 127 tel . . 4,000 53. Te quare of lrould on Errau street, 2d In. of 2U crc allouded by Eangle avenue, T'lalin sIod Walnut streetsa 4,0 54. A iot ofgroand e rn Aprllo b net, t d In. lbeing th 3d lout fruon 'I'erpsichate treelr, baring 00 y 13 y 7 feet . . ,000 55. A lot of ground oa Apollo treetr 2d no. being the 4l, eriaue l'rp.icubore lrrut, boring 3d by 1'7 c .et . 000 56. A lot ufground one Victory street, 2d m. bviug 26 by 10r 2 lea, adjoialng the lot formiing tile corner tfd'lck gltl* stete 4,100 57. oA elt ground 32 by 7 fee.t, bming the 411h Iot farnm Il;t walicb tornal Ihe etnlier of l'erlceicee at reet .,000 5U. A los uofgruod on Apollo reetl. 32 by o27 lit ler.e Ilse ld ul trulitnt wihtrelitn furnta tIcacrer ,tl rpe Iu oetreesdtnAl I. 4,I00 12i teat, Idjlltll g t he leot aetninlg hrlloeresr of Twlalttoel .tre tls . 4. 4,0 521. t e Apert ie utcll ir etrot l 61. .a It of ;rtnttn to il lelt)ttanue uIteet, lt t it ll tli, lot ltorlltti tite cuurer ol Apollo lsttret,3 Ib 12, feet, 7d li. . 3.500 612. A lot of grotud tl 'lerlticlhore etut,, 2d o. 321by t'7 fete , lug thoe 2d prostha wltch iurlal', t eIe LourNer uf nyal.l s rtl 3,'l 63. .ht rill tgetrutdct Melipolnene lrer t,2d Ul,.2 itoll l lh,+L whih lulusth e I co nuelllr ol Alt.flu t rPttet, belltg :2 iy 127 feet 3,1 tI. .0A lure otf glocold ll' T'erp.ihIlore tstreeI, coltnticil .. g ut. Wl buuldrld It. Jcb mod .ul.ole trela :1.0nn 6.5. A ltul gerlUllt d llo tlltgio . Iar., elltbeitg I ts li lrotut tit.,it o ltc it lnttiu ltgs tlttctier tit Si Juttiltestrteet, sttll ,tIl ,u i 3 h It, 137 feot 3,100 tI,. .l atlllrt ul gruuccd cutnaicicg I'J ltl,t IeuudCd by Clhersc, errtatl, Ibllesntt coId CIot ill atta.ts . 2,50 cl. A stlurl o grotlell, cllllliciog 17 hi.a bltuetded Ity IEgle, 9leiruot'ete, W.alt.o ard I) 'ltalh rtel500 . bS. A sqtllre ofgrtitlld, cUtnllinieg 18 lote, boutltlc t by ltltul, 'ItIhallut, ChIerty nd Errtnta 1 utt.et.l . ,500 69. A small d elitg houste nd holuf geraltd AlI feet ou LC'ippieWac x cet...- . i..t.. buntutih satroet, orner lot 7,13 T 70. A tuure il ggtoult, olttaining 13 loin buullded by 0% lnlu, C'ielry cad TbnllL streelts .20 01 71. A sqt.are ofgtoulld, coeuliling 14 lois, bounded soy b\lalt, Erruolu atd 'Itrery streets , ,00 !0 72. A square f ground, cuutaining 4 lot, iloulded bt) ''lltlil, Soli anid Janctl alretel 1,100 73. A aqullare, ol ground cllooicing 10 lals. 10 bontc.ad Iby Clara, Mrlltolee ntd Mlartel Ilrrels I100 74. o rqalle oil'gtonl., couasniig 18 100, 0 hllunled by CheslUl, 'l'hall, slruce ind L rrs lu illeels " 55. Astj.ttre.f groutd taoflcitni9 's2 lhtce 10 ltladed by C:lelltt, Enrltl, pltluce sld IClie streets,10 .7t. Ait lilettlufgrllnd, ceauIicig ,22 Itsa bnolltde.t Iy 'pisce, Eirrato, ieachl and (:liu 27. tA sqtre aIf cetllgto Itttttli;llon 16 lotl bun)ttiied by pttc Iatllld i urob ehlrel 1 7'. A equatreil ground cotulicitg 2lito bollcded by Perill, t.rrtalo, letr aendJ blo 0 79. A quaiel irull nogil acininn 1 1 tr, Imttltied yv Wall. Mai.h ad ml et..restte 20. '.li ,ri.....ltltr t m,.te t gr ,,tltJ bound. etd i Iltelllel ultl .%Aell ntttle rl st.ile t ;I. A .totut' rof ulltjd llrlolltiig %.N blls IItttedt'd ty Ileile, tie, l inl' e atd Cullai, 1 airceis 1,400 0 8. A tqu;lre of grounld cotaining 8 loll tlulldId by Chelrry .Ild 'I'llnlia sulrdll 1i 0 13. A square of gruund containing 10 Iblte 0 ibounded by Eagl,, Ir.ltrait nd \1 alllut alreet 1,200 814. A eqlure ofgruuund CUi slisting 24 bit hbuuct.t by Olxplr slid I)lenit lreelt, and fy 0 the Aewc rletItitn lll 1,200 85. squatre,'fgruunad enaotiniag 19 "lIt botuuted by 0 nll, l'lCoand Maplte llrests 1,00 0 1,6, A equaruo l graced containig 10 leta loultded iy Peach sad Erratlo slrees 1000 17. A squtef ufgreund eltanisiag 10 luts 0 bunided by Cli .Pener .d Pea lerelral 800 l,8. A ateure of grunl d ceontininig.t5 lota tti)lllded by Pear, (io and Wall treets 800 S ICfJ. A Irllnenlar quaret of gronnd auunded by lBentun, Feliciy rlod Ltlerpe treeet 00 90. A trictnlnrieqr que ufcrnouuda Iat e car' Sieer ofr Jacob and'Tklia elreesall 1:00 91. A tria.gular Oqlttre of ground Itonded byI 'l'erpuielre andt nuli streels 800 D 9.. trinigular t quare ofgruund bounded by Melpomens and Mlaurtin streetl COO 93. A tria.lngir square of ground Itounded Sbfy Clio aid Puach aeere 0la0 91. A qtturr of grtund conltising 10 lol Iboulndsl by Mlapll, Vcnue and Pine streete 1 td .IP canul •o . 001 9'. A lul of grolud en Wshin gtellen reet tshe4t1 from tlatl tItihel hrlts the corbmr of I Cllhippt w slerel, being 40 by I.25 fet 750 9. A lot ol grtllnmd on \V.hinrgtln rlre.t ibole tlhe 51,1 'att lina which forma Iit e crbIer t 1of Claippewa srtelr, brilg 41 .y 12.5 fee 750 97. A squere of ground eolotsnilg lbta11 buunded by Maple, Eualttotyne, Pmne and Ve. Iull strets . . . '0 9.1 A Iriangu'er sqcuare of ground bounded by ChesnUl atd Tl'lia streets 40111 99. A trineulnrrgetso tfgr•und .undedl by Mauneel and Ereato itreel . 400 100. A lot ofgroild rfnticg tbhe cornenr of Jetrey llJ n Wnsallngtoin .s;..., barving ,sSeel en thie .i rrldlltd 115 on lhe ttller 350 O01. A lulot f ground furlindg bse corner of Jrrsey lid 'urtlll sitlelt in sfl alll t qllre. bhsiifE 5 feetol U he frtner ad II.5 feet on the falle3r 3 102. A Itt ngruundlonJeray teetr, 2 by a 115 Iees, the 7lt fromt ilia lot lormlilg thle corner 's" n.biigeus street .300 tIl. A lot If ground on Jersey streel 25 by 115 feelt, beint the,81) from Ile corner af Wasl. itagenstreet , 500 O 104. A Iriun(ulur qmre ufgrounad bounded by Cliu altd 'pro'e streel , 3 0 a 10.. A Irianeular eqltte fglround bounded by Peer aH rraErsto stree . t 00 106. A Irinegularunaere of geonod touneds o by Calliope, Pine and IEuphrosyne trlluel o00 107. A tltanglelarsqunreuogrouads ,t 4 *d by Mple •and Venu esreest , 00 9,370 prizce I hllnre ealh (ins Light antd a lieking cnmplane sltck, at 30 . 281,100 n 208 prisee, 1 hure erch Mergllenl' Es. e ehasge stiotk, at 15, 95,00 177 prizes, I altere sncl OcMn il5ln 00ce tI sompnlu sttnk,bat $20 , 8,, h 60 prizes, I ebare each Maruhellas'l luranllca o ollllatny etock, at 130 1,800 P 40 pszes, I aItar. each, Enchbnpe atik csne-t; pIoneey tek, nt950 . 2,3000 30 prizes, I eflare e lb, Pslattrlrrin Rull IRoad 'otpaYssebm ,at $9.I0 . . . , t0 lreiarzo 1 share eash, Weerre Haris usl Y Firau~lit.ueilace cei~lltlt) atneb, at 990 500 I To. s#lliOtses ltfrshre 92,000,0)00 Ri~l, OAKEY & PRITCHARD,' Ili++tnleg un It l5illETsero SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. AS )Iruogklt to th0 Puiicc eiemi III I.' 3d Mau I oipaltly a bright l u lln nom. aumtead AnlI,:Rl SItN) ulIte 211 ore 1 y, bratmago, may l m bee. Tu " owner will please * ll, prove propeo,, pnt iIhugemlud takemlim away. u S liJ'lItl, Clld ii trl' lie Wilh Ih. slept I Per 1i I AhdiilcPI:lt. o A Irulhl hI tie It nP au n r I o, d . t e d a il ad i ll earlille, Ilulteelel eviae ai el; ltreelt, a iJlk bayv Stud IlUad 2:, tloui 14 Ir 15 mlhan hligh, Iwo wimlr en wieie, willi a arr'i.r on mianm.me of tlem, The Low nero iel'id liorei will pleater call at t ler poural, prove rplmpiirl, piu) elnraes pid tauke liln away un or belime .allrdaly Ihe 4111 illa. o. : lihe wirl bo wld at uctioun b Iy Ili iiiilo ilo, ipulie uctineer. i an IIAlIt'liml, Ul.ofllllie V'tl.h. erpt 5 Per ''1l4114 IIARPEII. iElt( b krmigkl tim lbi Poliice 'itiw it ime: mJl li nieipulit w ti r dlWinpg aiven, vi r A nemremmma'lalotawedJaka, iMlamul 81 yearn ofago, ytav I belulag* Iom Mr. Imowell. A lullalmbiniamJlwllJnIaIIo uiilt tlea yemra of ige Sie lie r belane o Mr.Jemnle'. A ogeroglrl nl.ed dJ.ne, al~ iamt 18Illro neil reaye lht i.Alronga I l Aier. dVensin. A aneg girl Ierlied uargll l tl, lmudal 18 yearitf uage, Unui qu'e k emligeI lto Mr. r 3 rn1uis. 'rile awlieraf said elaven willa plel call ii lle iris. ul fi the l Mlta.eipaliltv, rave pro.verly. liy ahlmrrea uudl lake lhemlaway. II ,1 IAIt lI:I , aug 2.) A lapitaii dlie Wtimi.mI. l I raline Jle encl1ve. gumivleu I euv oir e Unae ilulmalee.e ro pimen AiEIL. nagi bd'enllilrll nimt e ilum aptlalIenir e Air. .llr..l mmlimmimm. iam miLre an anlll ANTIII)N', age deo Ieta Ic lie. i ilappgrleuir i Mr Mertii. Uric iteresae lneImI AllII.IZ1I.tlll,lageL d'ei virUa 4tl dit oe di ant apaGllrt iir r Mr Morris. UI jillle II ali ilUlI AI MICIIEI, ugogb d'ev irlal 12 aite e die lihtJ. I.e prmrioltaine mles flits cllvelle t lil prIleae d venir eIrl retller tma p.it lea freia. £1F iulumii. S. I ci latl lle iou''ICi-i4V- . Imkmmn u1imy llar Tioltem I Ill .e'nle /I Munallpamlilyon Im lh I sI :l foiundminatlleImime. liall of a runawmyv Negro, Irii li.aij cin gc f fieal II., aieiipulit, .4 light limy Ih.'se ittiu liut'eim lanid IiSh, la, hIhilnd leg. wlileYal Idlinmd ula'mi ive amod ele a fartl No 71e. 'l'heowner ia reqnaelell lit COlle ftrawrdiproim r prler. iv, pa clmargel, *.IIl Iitke tllnItmway. m " we t lerlam,Jaly 27Th 4311,. II.I . IIAr'12cEl, C:amtioin if the WaIt II. A rVI. Arrete par la Pali,. de a;4 S'eend rlaMe I i. ci cipalit 9 acoreale trouvo elitrea lea itaili dll ngre Ilmarronl, qui . fai de.i Iarcat lilmuiit AM. iieipaht ti n lhoeval baye c!airo qilmzmi ilunmem de inaut, let deut j blllnem de derrie.e Ilail, et llorlle, ansi qu'un charrette No. 731. La proprietaire vaudraie pruuver sIt propriate payer !ee rair et lon r atiaer. 11 8 IIARPER, Capitaii;.l dm Wloim. MRlMBiNi.'7 s dir mla Ia 24 oemia Mlenicilmali.' . en grand Chlevoal bruni, 14 pauies de hauleur iee marquee. La preprivtare ivoudralis bion lire. elamer au depot rue areronne,eimtre Ilevia &Girod d'ici I Seinmedi Is 2 Aout, autr:lmenl ii tra vendua Is dit goUr par P. a Guillette encoaetuur publiqmme. jy 252 II IARPIEiL, Culitainm de WiVl.th COMPTILLE.IR'2. O FIPI:, .I"I:,IlIm, AIIMNICI PAi.ITV1. Nec llrlenlmn, ilhl Sep.t II839. A , MellIdAiaLem, al maIkltil)i mim e I iil, nl. Ato2 will udjudicllltue, Ihin tul]...r( ll ~ ilu 1 Satt rd 't I ,| 14th Slelllend'rv unea, It 1" bmm 4aik. ti hie I,i .e . bie i er, ~naparalr ieuees td t w f thilluwing aIIUlsI A.,p Il lllrs o)f S(lyeler, frionl tile ..li p tl-lhlllle~ r, I8 3.9:, al the Il5a April., 1840, viz : hie alit theml ifotf Caitl eltreme lilO e Itt' ll • lhive l ;lli. - I tOne IM tllee I.PYrIe Imtie theSil Italrs', Ir )raUOd mailiraedlluaim. J. C.lII t143.41. deI, 1:3 ' alndl'"yahobl he.on Ile -Ia, of e)tlV*.l rIi 0I th atics l' S jip I l ,' I. ''. 00 I inllle &tCo. hasaeter r.lt.h+, 111,,il,l t ilt a . du llll in. Amy Illlo i C io pow g th~l Ihe," o,, kuo" w ill b Ih o bklull v rreivedbI y " iW e . .' " , IiII IN('IVl4I',. LuUL ianasPari and ,ity of Now Orle.nS 00 j i iith.,r. lhw.,j, by jb \\,Te lle . ,,i ',, ,,,. nlu. " i., varvl deli grlln noelld i, o inln: ll 1ii 1l . L 0 I hld r llllllllllld wll ,r i . lll et ,,r theI, ti Nl.. li wl it i. hi lr eat t , i., os ,i r 0xlbic dh l it ,a Io"Th io d .10. vl he wbat an ,em t ite iawappcr,,ored b,. i eg ilatTrle i t mh Ins toi, s. i r m t + w hitaie, arli l S thi L nkis. t rll ,i d t.ii d I ll. i ty arIl et rttl ld I hct to o amloric ...li.laid ..neiyen otter shIT. nod iRe negulst. the ssnd " 'the rpe as 11 VALUAIII.I.: ' I"-G1LIH I :lTll'ti,. I.,11Al I'I'P+I.I + N': n ,. d,.+,,I hel . / icb fe rneaml r ened ne riswi shal he rle , titd it mumn., r a,, d .r..... bL a , in a t ihe on., .os, ot e rterabip shall i. T renus'a sork lhesllit. rlo aliul. t, if ti e. cit Prrrr': lir.t eait, .sid Io. I llr.I, 0 . It. Reo (eI dd. lr n rth A nhilllll-lf . . d seI t l IIl, ladi ,h ir, Jio "llb. .Jl8l l4rl+ .\l ,I , i Istil, a II . ,,a o.f he 'eoil e. co.. . t,. "?er,, .. . us,, . 3.. . . .mo. t a ls c l thyiv r spr t 2tsy iar 4's Inilsl..tlltho Id d lllllli ' ul. Ii iAN AWitd o iml.llI,v loart. ti Iirlle ill rt O te ry D old sh Kinnat sg tIe.tt pro i ts I. the oriontdhr est, xor, nod altahou.,s ale r Irllell 1 i l. ii ? ý, ,l ,,r ira , IIII,.\ 4. 'He .e ha ill,, of the telt'll It, h .d hu ro.r 1 r1. allb eliu I rcia, .{ II Ino o I Illr in th er f ' oAs i. wlls ill foh i. tlre ll ha i t, l t ,l o tflhe Tho e as . D0 rnu ard aoill hln drel Idrs He,' ner . dl ,i oll rn in 42400 o threne ihue,, two ttioupsanat anl flor Insre.. u r ll M lII IEYEREI',. to NITI'D A'rs oF iAMER-I.CA, tate o Louiriitnn--Peri. &iand ctLy of Now Orleans lle it kowin by iltis alNoenl, nhe aisl conclud. Wo ed this fosrteesth day ou Jaldn, ei3, bdTuoe l e,0 . nd sworn, in and fw the parish t d oily of New 1 Orlere, that hi conf ormi ith a ant d a, e prored b the WilSlast ltotohn h.ti .. of the thirteeuth Morei eighteen hmuidrid and thirty.seven, nltitled ,nea Oct to autllorie to lisild and onnaruy parlner. lJipa, nd o S. 'rmlalg, f the alllp "ot'her1 is chiereby formles Ito ited pshares, otersiipwhh sall s e rege isred in lltsale.nd 2oru0 Illoawli, vi :. 0 . Trle nellie Inl tyle ofi atidtr lrllrship shfll e --a're thrteelnr Blllhlnt sr a ciatu io dilNe Orlelanl. 1 NI 2 Thls alOncialiin is fnnenr!-ier flip i -rI t eref ll , ln i . Artn,,r hled the In sllie of S .,ll ow Jamrlns, fsr Ipa sha ger stend tslit r od hireo ,uond thte elxllIe-t, f ilnilio a o. ttwe tlv " or ft atL clart of the e ict . . Thre alllaount of ib.e ealatl ailk laslli .ls o n c i it hel t n etrl ty ow nl h iee alId d oll rs, d l r d ld illto s ory sihare, of eight Ihuidred doillIro iaIhll. T t, wleole ' . which rt ilol la ndreila la n r ady monsey said aonleunt lb the pily rcu pdl Ily the hTerein ater nlied lllemn lr of ld ablioniattlOlll'ur the originf l crn , repaird , and allrcltionis, ofade to 0said s eatmboat lrilhant. oieorn, and te i hout romio thioy.liv reot'CieiValy. onributed to this iiaiteid.l artnwrloli, are as fog ow de bof dl- o u 1. Duntiin F. Kienner, thtle piri-t h of Ai meion, f three astiresn, two thineuand . a0 nd four hlundred dollars. it2.00 t . Ilnry McCrill, th the lau.r rparie h, for adthre slhrea, two irhuosllod and lolur lollsd red dollar,. 2.400 3 Jtohn lit llop this city.fur three .ihaies WOw tllousanin arld four hinldted dollars .o.lOI 4. Christophler Adamn, jr. of lltlir city for D three hree es two tlhousasl and four thudrced do llars. d,40 t5 Wil am hlnmitton Avery, of this city, for three shares two thousanendand four hIlltn dred dollrs. 2.i01 6. John S. Preston, of the pIarislh of A.s censidn, for three shalres, two thorsantd land iifour hundred dullars., ,40I 7. John Stephen David, of Lltlheprlish of St. Jlam0s. fur two ,here., sixteen hundred S.ollarc. |,6vo 8. John S. Armand. of the pnrihl, of SI, James, for Iwo shares, sixteen htundred dol. lots. 1,60Q 9. Paul lebert, o1 the parish oflbcrvillo, for one share, eight huodred dollars 800 10. Aoron Ilbrl, of Pittsburgh, for seven. teen sllhree, thirteen toubaulld six hunldred dollars. 13,t00 5. Thilh partnellhip lhall commtence on the day of date hereif, and the operIations of' thle unto shall terlinaitte, and the eoneeroa teoreof shall be wound up at the expiration of twelve monthls frolil the date of this net. 7. Thorn shill lie apponted by said aieiltotlon upon the meeting of 011y live of the etu0kholders thereof convened in .the city of Noew Oileans, olter two daye nutice in one of the public geliettea of said city, a board which sua ll consist of three directors, to be ohoeen frolm among the stockholdeas of said ass-ci,,tion, lnd i |lke nlmlnner ihere chii[ be In agent appointed for [lie same. ' lie board d7ior dillrto of this llltlUitio0 •hlnhave fu Io power,al cc euthority to maLk e och rules and by lawS als n1iy llot .o inconsistout witL this act or with the'law afore recited, upon witih thia partnership is filtllded ialnld peeially they ehall havo power to direst the mode ofrultlinh said Lest, and regulating ha, voyages or trips, thlei of 4po board.|lel also have the power to investigate the agclpthls of paid blat, as wall thro' tllanluetles, as throUght~lj agenlt theraol and gentllo l to rupra. vise, pItnilrall l' dirept the Enlll-,- of the employ, Iment and' thte adnhistraLioa of her fm , end to that end they sltal be oalhori~ed to g:vo all ilinl aitd pauper inltrutiaLnone to her getllI, ,lar and otlirein Olhle elpllol. Thle dlr,,ll silheil atai Ihnve tho plowersi Io nil up, a 1ll .,la e'ell l~ olur it it X ,:.,..t 11t o,-, e"1,,! l "i1

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