14 Eylül 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 3

14 Eylül 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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sid board, from death, resignation or otherwise. T s agent of said boat shall reside ill the aity of I New Or.eaus, and shall under the by-lawi of said be , collect the debts ldue to the association, and I it ey thrne should be in suit in the name of said ,and also in like manner disburse their I fedtn a fen esesry eJpenaes and claims, and un I der the like directions ieep just and true books of I the abosOnts, dealings and transactions of said as soeitina at Ite ofliee whicll shall be acelected by I the said beard in this city. 0. The directora of said associatinon shall continue I lpla.a during. th- terml of six months, from the of their election pad until the election of a .l hinel, and salh it w board shall, if possib'e, tl·Ulsd one week after intic as aforesaold, and Mlle r the eipir tine of the term of the older I 4neediog board. Theagent shall remain in office At the diacretlo i of the board, and tile hoard shall dittluine his compensation and the umanner of pay. ill tim uame.i 9. At the period therein before determined fur I the ezliration of thils co-payrtership, the affaim I edneof shall be settled, and the same liquidated dlil wOUhd up by the last beard of directere of mid oedllation, or tile aurvver orsrevivor of them. I 10. Thi persons so trusted with suoh liquidation I shill easie to be lude a full and ceomplete balance I sheet of the debts and credits of tie association, I and they ,hall well and truly dischargo and settle I out of the funds of tile asseoiastion, consisting of said hgat, her earnings or proweeds, the lawful debts I oefid uesoiation, and whe all tile debts and I salOms of and against said association shall have been fully paid and d scharged, they shall make a just nd equal partition aesong the stockhlolders I ofeaid .ietiotli or their lawlTl representatives, I pm ratsi af the itoek respectively le d by then, of I all the riocelilg funds of said partnership; and for the pIabplie of effecting the liquidation of said I cousern, the persons who shall be the liquidators of tire sarao shll lhave full power to sell esaid steam beat and her applrtenances at public auction, after I advertisemseot during once a week in the usual I manner, t msuch credits and on such termis and con. I ditions as to llhem shall appear adlvantageos, and I soall have also full power to cause to b discounted I without recourse, all notes, obligatlone and credits I whatever, belonging unto said association, who- I ther arising out of the sale of said boat, her earn inge, or etlierwise, provided such discount may not I be made at a rate exceeding teo per cellt per all. auln, or even to sell without recourse anid at public I anetion after the usual notice, all notes, claims and credits, belonging unto said association, on such Aerms as they may think fit. I1. The dlvid lids of profits, if ainy there shall be, made by said association, shall, after paying all I debts, c arges andazpenses, be d. clared at the end 4 of every six monthle sucseeding tile date thereof. I 12. 'Thin act of association is expressly based upon the aforesaid aet of the legislature of this State, approved tile thlirteenth of March. eighteen hundred and thirty s. ven, and tile aferenamed sneIhers of this limited co partnership hereby declare that it is their intention to avail themsuelves (in making this association) of all the privilegos I aend mmunities in the said act of tle legislature I contemplated, and specially of tile privilege of exemption freem responsibility for the debts and obligations of said association beyond the amount I of the par value of the stock by them aespectively held, as contemplated in the eighth ction of said I act,atnd all priviledges granted or responsibilities imposed by said act are to be taken and considered as elemodied hereisn. 13. Th' said co-partnership hereby elect thee ity of New Orleans as the place of domicil of aeid as. sociation, and determine that the master or clerk onesid boat lafor. the time being, or either of thems, shall'he4i.e agents of said association, so far us to sign bills .'indntg, to bild the said association for goods received on freight oil board said steamler. 14. The stocklolde s in said association shall have tie right to vote by prosy at all elections flr. r directors, and to appear by prosy at all lueetiegs I.e duly convenoled. Thus done and passed ill thcs ,ica, en the date a sbove, in tim presence of ilarthol lew Vails oand T.hedere F. Theinelsann, coelpetent witllesees, domiciled in thbicity, who Ilavig sigelld with thile plrties and me, tie notary, Original-signed John Sl:dell, Was. II. Avery, Hlery McCall. Johlln. Darld, C. Adams,jr , J. S Armaot. Aarola art, of the city of Pittshurg, county of Al eghaly, State of Peaosylvaceia, is to these pr| sent presented by his saes, Jsou IHart, of New Or teans, as pet Irocurati5u her unto neneed. AARON IIAIRT, Pier JESSlE HART. Duncan Ft. iennlller lhaving left thle city irevious to signing, is here replresented by Minor Kenner, as per lotter hereuneto anlneeed. IDUNCAN F. KENNEII, '.r MINOR KENNER Paul II bert having left tile city previous o siguing, i. lecre roreuroated by Barnard Laedumeiar, as ier lotter hereunto lanncexed. LD). LAUDUMIER. Pur PAUL IIElIR;R'T. J.)IIN S. PIRIIE"<''N, ly Iacl T. Preston I i. attorney in fact. '',eu weurds e fourteenth," and "of June, 1l139," interlinod. II Vals, Theodore F. Thlomumann, Iforatlo Itvles, antary pubele. I certily the (1regalog to be a true copy ''ruoc the originetldnc exeait tln iily currenet otuarll re. gliser, ito tI;th whlereOl I have hereunto sIgnecd lely laue al .?ficed tile icpresa of iy teal of oefLee. N w Orlseal, June l20th, 1839. Slgned. l IHORATIO DAVIs, ald.2w3¶ld Notary Puiblic. HtTAIS L'NIS D'AMIILIQIUE--Ett do Id EI l.oui.inue-V-'i. et ParomuO do Ia N.ouvelle Orleaas--Ce quartouismuo jour du uais de juin do l'in mlll butt cent trollte noufet le so.ant., truill eoo do I'luddpoldance des Etats-Uniu d'Amdrique. Pardevact Horatio Davil. notarie public, do miont comluissionn, et ossermlent6 dane at pour Is vill et. poartiae do Ia Noveolle-Ord.ana, it a 16I conveonu de I(arlr one socid:d limiLde, conformn4. msent sux dispo it.ous de Pfact de Ia Llzulature dolst Etat, pau,4 to 13th omare 1837, intltuld '"U r Acts poor outori~er len Soci6dtd limitdoa et anony- i anoost peur to guuvercueil d'icolls.." Usoe sio. tidt6 limilto eOt par lea prdeentda loredo, laquelle mela r6gide de Is manibre ad danes la forme luvan tot tavir: Io. Le nom at le tilts do I. dire Societd ars: *,L'Associatiou du Bateau I Vapeur Brillant do la Noctvelle 0 6Iass." Jo. Cette asaoai tion eat furmde dans to but do faire oa gust It be. nsan pour nom6 le Is Brd. lant, do lu Nouvolle.Orlenoe, colmme bateau de I a.ogeos, etde frot sur Ise eaun do Is Luuisiane ln trutes a trae canu dos EltateUnis ou our cotes pa1 Etas Unis. t , I.o tacitntant doL epital d- sette AN ciation t eat de lrcute deus Unil pinat'rs, dis I d' ei quaraote .5 ' ectlonhd ituit colll piasiea schaqle. La totalitt du euadit capital a 6 6 pload vi cUoptant par le ta lucmbroes do la dire Assoc.att II ci.apres nuom. daes, Ie dit ouoUtant 6tant tI Io m.r quo la prix primltift du asudit ateau irdiLlant et lea d4p sels peur ri- ' par'atioll o Dlll.iuration fa tea ns a adi hateau. 4u L.s loloi des assocido at oe ullntant i qu'il ollt res,,ectiveomnt Irte dian catte ecimid limitda eat commlll suit: 1. Duncan . '. Itee.r, de II parseso de I'Aloeesiou potlr trois actions c;aut mitlo quatre ant pisltre.. 12,400 2. lenry McCall doe Iasedite paireni, pour trois actions, douus mille qurtre cent ptlatree. 2,400 3. John Slidell, de la Nouvelle Ot16l ans, pour trois ectionsl, deu millse quartre centt piastrres, 2,400 I 4. Cliii topher Adams, fle. do Ia Nod. vollo Orlians, pour trotls otions, deucx lsit Ino quartre cent paintre. 2,400 .5. William llamtIon At ty, de la Nouvelle Ortluss, Iortrtibactiona, deux mnille quartre cent pisltr.a, 2.400 6. John S. Preston, do Is paroase de t'Ascension, pour trois actionl, deul mills quartrt cent piastreo, 2,400 7. Johulin Stephen David, de is paroiese St. Jamer, pour deux actions, mills sis cent pisatres. 1,600 8. John S. Armland, do la uadite ps roiose, pour deux Ietionst, mille iz asent piastree, 1,600 9. Paul .dltort, de lt pa·oiase d'Ilbr. v:lls, pour une action, hullt cent plastres, 800 10. Aaron Hart, de Pitaburg, pour dix sept ittiuns, tteli mtille six cent piastrea, 13,600 , $32,00 .o.t Cotte o;idtd4i emtigaeera let jour de I. J*.4 dea pre.etas at s1. rationa so termine. <oat sea affaireo et seO s. aeront halane6a ct ade, I I rpiiration des douse raoit qui auivrot.t la dale du dpreslt acoe. 6o. A uo rtlauion de cin b mnlbrel de 'Aa. pociptio., onvtoq'ade d'aprs on. agnonce publi.o pendau deu, joure d.cm ones dos giit.a. d stlel i jll', it aes nomnd tr.vla Dil9rU ti. prim parmi jes attiosaeaw. aqeianla Direoteua eomposroant Io bureau dPadtiniltratoiu. Do Is inlme manic. ji eoar oholta U aLat pour Is diire aoci 6. ;o. i. bucronl4 Diracteul do Is dite A-soci. ation aura ilain peovoir et autor:td-AI faire et Itablir des elcles on rdglomeno qui se aeron.4.ea contrairea au prdiseant se ots I loi prdeildo on yercu de Iqr etllse ctte aocite eat dtablie. ite au roent le droia speial do oigler Isa tanibre do fairs pavijgter I. uMad.t bates ddligner I cours do see voyages. ls taeg do ns ddpait st de sen re tour, d'dtab.ir lea prig, Ak L, dit brasau mre sua Il drain d*osamaer lea compte dou auadit bateau, unit pw la mnrige. aeit par on agent, at i..at.IaI._a t do ,urvaair. coat trbhlr et dirgar i'emploi , J'aduiamat.rkiam do so fonds, et t ce but illert a troid .tdonser lain. strpctiona qu'i juges.t *azlt, aus oscitrs suttree nploydo de Istdi rail. Ies diractelrs eaau t padeliepo int autori.4s t rer. plir lea vacanoe (pour mpr a eaoelopir4) qui pourront aurvenir daa lastr o.nimbr. oit p-r onsit, dumiuiotn ou aOtlasmnt L'geat d dit dglelroonl du LrudiLt bqlonq, collectrs let dlttlo duos I la soci6td, or poursuivra collts on lin ti au oum de Il dite socidtd, et pareillement rdglera les ddbourm de ses fonds pour toutes d6penses r.dcos meires pour faire face a loutes rdolanlations justoa; St on confomitd aun dits rdgletmeoi, seroet tenus des livresjurson i exacts des cotnptes, operations et transactions de Is dite Asoocitli n, danm Polase qui Sera choint dllosit cat vile par ie dj It ureau. 9o A I'6poque ddtermind.e iar te pr6 ont note pour lI durdo de cattoe ocid6t dorni8re ntenr 61u on par Ie melnboe ou elllloes abru. survivsnt du dit bureau. 10o, Les parsonnes a qnll .ora colrfi, Is sif die Ihquidation feronl un 6Lat cumplet des dottea et deo erddits de Is socidti, ot a rnIl tenu , d rdtler at de payer boon et t filllllmnt toutes les ijstelt dettes do la dire associationl, leaquelleo dot u. osronl paydsa dos fonds de la dite noci6te, .e composantl du d(it bateau, se0 gains e . odnficu. et quand lea diteadettea aur t did paydees, is rd partirout d'uno (nm nibre jue , t Equitable entr. les actionairee ou leurs repr6e.letns 16gauc, au prorate doe iur, actionll reipsec ives, Is balance des fonds appartenant & Ia dite association; et afre d'effectuer Ia date liquidation, I.s personnee qui seront chargdes do la dite I qnidatien auront plhin pouvoir do vend e Is suedit basou a vapour, see agrds at et Ipparaux & Peasan, up be on avoir donnsd avis prdalable pendant unt semaine, oe Is manibre usilde, a tels credits at a telles coalditions qui I ur parairoent convenablie, at auruot ausei plain pouvoir d fairo esenmpter sans recours tonu not I, obligatio a at Ec6ditt quelconques apparto. nant a In soc 66d, eoit qu'ili provionaon, de is vente do dit bateau do cos bdndfice on autriment, pourva qua le dit escomupte not soil pas tail un taux au-dessuade dix pour cent per an, it itome de vendre soals recours e & 'Penecat, aprbs les avis d'usage tonu bi!lets, rEel.ama ions at cr6di a eppartenant I Ia dite soc tdid su termes'qu'i I jugeronm convenable.. 12. Cat sete do soeidid oat expresn.inent awnd sur sle .sdit aets de In 16gislature do eaot atut, approu'd tole 13 Mars, 1837, et lee soeittaries ci desuo noitm. mds dse ctte soci6td6 linitid d6claront, per Iee pIrdentes, qu'il eel do lour intention [en faisant eltt socid6td) de oe prevaloir de toml lees privilbges at immanil6ea voulus dans tl dit mete a Ia 16,gi.la. lrtre, et particulitrement du privilege d'exm.tplion do touts responsabilitd pour lea dottes et obligations de Ia dite oneidid au.deli du monltant de la valeur (au pair) dles actions pwoedd6e par chaeun d'eux, conmmo it eat prdvu dmnsla o uitbetm section dudit sete, et tons privileges accoriddi on respi nsebilitSde imposdes par le dit acto doorant tire consmiddris co.nlme incorpos da dn to prdeentoe. 13. La dite cocetd dlit par lto prdsentee 'a illo de Ia Neuvo le Orleansl, pugr sont domicil, et de.. clare que Is capltaino ou commiit du dit I ateau, pendant qu'ts erolllt etipltoyda toel, on Il'tl den dlcs, ecrnllt oee agentls de la dite asnociation, on cc qlli nalereere la signature doa colllaisnwmens et obligeront la dine socid.6 pour leo marchllaldises trues . biord du sum.dit bateau. 14. Les actionnaires itde Ia dit soeidtd suront le droit de voter par procuration dans tnuter les 6lec. tions pour directeurs et de au faire reprdaenter par procuration dans omutes lea rdunions dimnent con. voqudes. Fail et pssed on l'6tude, & Ia Nouvelle Orleans lea mnauee jour, moi et art quo dems, so pr6denmce do Btrthelemti Valle at Thdodre Flaviuo Phiene. mann, tdmoinu dorni ilids on colte ville qui out eigr6 avec let parti e1t mioi le notaire. Original signld-Johtn Slidell, Win. II. Avery, Iltiry McCall, John S. David, C. Adamsa, jr., J. S. Aermant. Aaron lHart, de Is vi'le do Pittsburg, eomt6 des Allighany, dB6t de Pen.lt lvanie. eat dana I pre. eenteos rpreprent par son fil Joesoe Hart de Is Nuuvrlle Orldans, d'apreo Ia procuration ci annesdo AARON I ART pour JESSE IIART. Duncan F. Itennon syant quitt6 It ville avant do signer, eat dan leto prtdentee repr6uaet6 par Ran.. nun f.ls, par lettre ci anesdo. DUNCAN F. IIENNEN. pour MINO,: IIENNEN: Paul Ilelort ayant qu;tid Ia viloe avant do signer. eat reperdeeont lallu leIa prd6ellts par lertnard Lou. (dumtier par lettre ci anaexd. Bol L ,UDUMIER. pour tAUt. IItEIERLT, JOllN S. PRESTON, pour ISAAC J. PIlES TON, cno clhrgd de faire. It. VALLS. II:OD. F. t IIIENEMANN. IIORlATI I DAVIS, Not. Pub. Pour coped cntforame. Nouvelle Orleans, 20 juin 1839. Sign HORllATIO DAVIS, 17a-Sp-l-h. No Pub.. L ES At'TIONAIIlI ES suot nittlfim qlue tI oeuvib SIIc payillet ado lours actlioll rat due et paya l t nil , an bureaul d In eolllo gllig . 13joil at. E. L. TRACY secraeaire. STA'PE OF LOUISIANA, Comltltercial Court of N,.w-Orleans. No. 10tl3-Juotin C.lalnnie tin acituil euslody) vs. bhis r diers anmd the Creditors of J. Ca.ta. nio & Co. I\t11E Cre ltors of the pettitioner are notified to It and apletar ill olpenl olrt on Saturday,. thte 58th day of Nelptelober, 1839, at 10 o'clock A. M to allsow enune, lallny tley hlilVe, why t1h petitionr hIoul nlot have tile I eltefti of tills it.a lmad toi,e thlle relief of iolventl deitorl in actual clltodvy, alnd ill tle mIatilllno all judicial iproeeodings againsttt his Imron anld property are stovayed. 11. Kenclleott, Eeq. so appointed to ropresinit tthe ableut creditors. By order ,f tl the Court, N.Orleans, 7tlt Sept. 1839. EI). GARDERE, ulO--2.v Clerk ETAI DE LA LOUISIANE, Cour de Commerce, do Ia Nile Orleans. No. 1085.--Justio Caotanie (an stat d'arrestation contra see cranciera et los crdanciors do J' Casatie & ceo. LES Cr6anc;ers du petitionnaire sent notifid deparaitre oni ploine collr saaledi, 2ý eo.toml bre 1839, a Iti hearer du rnltini, pour montirr lea causes ' mle all ont, pourquivi Io petitionaire ne jiou rail pan dii bdnficiides loin faiteo enl aveur des debitotrs iunaulvable 'on dIat d'arreetattio et en oinme tetalps toutes poursuites jupiciara conttre as personne et see propritt6s demueromnt suspendues. II. Kenniectt eat nomnmd par la cour t.or reprw. ranter les erdanciers absents. Plar ordro do Is eonr, N.Orlens, le 7sept.1839. ED.GARDERE, sl0-2w Cler". William Shaw & Peter Trudeau vs.\tsheir (reditors. STATE OF LOUISIANA-FirstJudit il Dis trict Court. T'he esiaon of the insolvent'e property is aecep. do led for the benefit of their creditors: it is ordered Pt that a meeting of thet r said creditors do atc olce G at the oice of W. Y. Lewis, trotary I I blic, on 'ihurd.ly, the 19th inst., at 10 o'clock. i. m.. for i tie purlpose of deliberating on tihe of'tire of said ineolvents; and in tile rmenatim all j, dical prro. ecedings against thelr persons sad iroperty are S stayed. dei Witnesethe honorab. A M Buchanan. ijudge of all the eourt aforesaid, thin 6th September, 1839. s10-3t P. LE BLANC, Deputy Clerk. William Straw & Ptier Trudegn vs. Icurs Cradrnciers. ETAT DE LA LOUISIANF.-Courier du Pro- f mier Distr ct Judiciar. It I.a cession des bions par lee insolvrales syant t6 acespide par I a cour pour I o ndfice de tours cr6anciers, it eat ordonn qrl'un assermblde !asdits crdanciere sit ler on 'otffice de W. Y, Leowi., no. ' taire publique, Jeudi 19 do coirant, t 10 heures du ri' matin, I'effet do d6libdreur ur les ataireo des dits insolvables, et 'n mrein temps, toutes poursuites judiciare e lsure pereonnes at biens son sus. pendues. Tdmoin I'hItnorable A. M. Buchanan, juge de la dinte oar, co 6 septembre, 1839. 10s-3t P LE BLANC. ddp. greffilr. a 1 fA'E t)lO I.Oli+ISIANA-Pnrih ('sltlt of tihe I'ureth en ritv of New Orleanes.--I hereby crtidy that on Jine lath, 18.39, judglren; was entered in thli - court il tie suit iof Marie Lamnittes Latnimrt v. Capraiej Roquetti, her lieshanl, in tih word. and lgurems fol lowing, to wit: No. 1,781-.lario Lnmitle ro. Caprais ILoqartte, her husband-ADecree: ht is arered, djudg ed ald decreerd that a judgment of dlivoce, e entered hetawee tue pnrties; that the ronds of nat rimotr y here totrre existing hetween teem be and Icey are lereby dissolved, arid thia the defenodnt pa h tihe cote. Signed, CIIARI.ES MAURIAN. Judge. New Oleenns, Aug. 24, 1839. Judgment recorded Ill judgmsct dhoket D, pgge 59. In tertitlony whereoft Ilr he elrauntoet mly rland cd I. iafced the seal on" the said ounrt, at the city fI New I m(rleaelr, o this .8th tiy of Aueust. in the vter f ioul I Lord one tthoured eight hus dreId nd thirtrnine, and i. the usity-fouth v'r o of tire independenc m f be Unitedt I .Sttes. ' , J. OLI., Depity Clerk. aug 31 31 E TAT DE LA L.OUIon.SNI.-nt rt tie Paroil se pn U la poperise et ville de is Nouvelle Orlianoe. Jr ceiloe par re. prrsetet que Is 1 juin, 1539. jodg. entst a btL rndo dens elts t.our dens la eoune de Marie Ltmottes Ltbert vs. Cprtiai Roqur el , ho epons, dner IJe moas sethiffr rrirvae: Ni. T11,6.l-Mrie l.emitte laImbert vs. Caprair |ouqiaete sorn dpou--Decret. II eat ordoinn, adjudge ot d(crete qu'unjugemeotr de divorce etIre lto portin soil enregitrer sure lis liens de ilrorage ci-deornt eistaent entl'sCX eoient at its Mint dar co. presentes disaous it que In dfendenr pale lea fraid. Noiveile Orleans, 24 juin 189. dinrrn) IHIIARLE. MAURIAN, dge. Jugemnolt rnregistresu docket de jugrmens I), page En fot de qtloi j'ei oppose mts ignatlre or It oce.t de I die coaur. d lar villa de In Nouvello Orlean.. c 08 sme. jonr driul dPoct na da e notr r doeaa iremur ril bohut cent trate nseufet done Ia soixunte qustrteme nsote de t ['iodperdacc des Erate Unie. 31et 31 J. OLLIE. 0P, UrIeser. " EMENTS ol Civil Engi.eerinte bemg an aittempt U to oennolddat the prinetiplrn ofttbe arios opera tiomR oftth Civil Enginorer into one point of view, for th are oof studants and those.. wiho ly be rhout to e. terk it the profes.il. Illustrated hy copper plates. srfd intrperse'd with rvrionu oa il trahles by IJhn M dlington cirvil engineer iormerly Profesor of nt,.rhan Sca inein Roryal inteitutlnn of Great Britain, now Pro. p ocoirn(artu al Philoasophy and Chemistry in William k Mary Coiere uatr'. Foe sole h • Jo " rI'(T AR. itn Cae ort GRAYND RE.UL KSTATE. LOTTERY OF PROPERTY Situated In New OleCman, TO IBE DRAWN ON THER Il. Du; EMR LR, liO: IN JA CKSONVILLE, FYa. Under thaie supermtemlen.e ot tile CoUm,nismiuneto nli p Imtled by the Legislative Asmeably of Florila. mCllMIIYI' & IHAMII.TON, Muunagera. 1011,000 tikrets, at $15 schetllt priw.. $1,500.000. Selling prit Sl( pier ticket. all'I.VE'.'Ei& & C.. 15 I lronadway, NiEW YORK, Sole Agents. "P 'lhe receiptle .i the malne o1f th tickets will ie de puemied In thie Canal. Union, Currlion, 4"itizeitt Foil Lnugmlidulteld Iunks, in New tmhrlsl. in tihe a muttm Il Louis chllmidt jointll with J. It. IL rrault nculnlly (jtehier ol'tihr Ulintea's Ilnk, m.d A. Baudouin ae tunll, (ashier oflhe tCmmnmlimnled Ihlnk, .s I ruases, as per act mrmnned lt onr A. Muzureaus, uE.q. Notm . Pub. inn the 2d May 1839, and tie mru..erties tlruaererrd to le hallove mIntionedI gentltemen ol a sl. erC ed, a I'rmete.s, for the security of the furtunate prize Imul ders. In New York the mon ien will be deposited in the PhIntnis Ialk to tlelecredtt of te abuve nutd ib Ctv Iunku ul New t irlet,. T'le P''blic are referred to the actu pIsued belite A. Maolliue, I.q. Not. Pub. in reltitln to tie pro prries which enhreucm tihe respietite pIrizes in the llraer) . SII PIIZE, nit fuollhwE: Priae-liThat mgnificenl t three story brick humldiig, knuow as. the AII'AII , ill .ltailzhie treet., tInmluring 211,6 iferI5 llchel 4 lnes In MaUgaune It. 146 fteet 6 illheed ott (iitun jtrseil.m, altd l i feelu II inahmlitmm Nt ehet l li. 'tlhis bumilding prtlmces now a rent of$t37,0110 petr aulitm ,ull, liling ill tile mtonsut ourlthilm port im tile eoty, opp.-ite tilr illllnks, and in time ilmmtlll dile n.'illlormliad ulof tihe Mt. (.'beles imi thine tiiy llmtels. its relits will, il n very few venrt I intmensed d lu fty thmlanim s dollars tar lt eim ll lt 171 00,()0 Prie--'l'hat le'nlt filllr llvy bhrick huild iug klom.lt ao tihe ' I'1' IIltil'':I., limlkerlv lidilllils Ilolel, itni nt'llm t tfiemcotmer oflotnmpi mnmdmCoomnionlmtm ImIleaunrimng li'rtlet on i .ml l.ln.n.lit T'it Ibiilding refltlmnlw Lr $22,l01.0 nmd llming in the most cemntel pru ul lme cilty, col hlrllly be increased tlmthirty tllouutlld dullars per all. iiiii. IEalltlllnll at1 1500,00 Prize---'the three stolry Ibrick dlaelling Imuite, No. 30 mit Natchlez treet, adpillilg til Arcade, rnllled at I'L hlllllmmmd dnllim.m. Elilnstelmd t $.0,8m10 I Prie--'l'le thren ctlor brick dwellilg hollor, Nm. It, aijioiieg No. 20, t. + Natlhe i street, relltld t tIwlve hlmlmdrel doilllars. tllillmllmlml $at 20,0110 I I'rir-Tlme timrlee umorc Ilriek dwellimn hmmte, No, Ili, idjmining No.19, ott Nattcheezt. reltted ot tw clt hen. rhmred dollall. Ftstimnteed at $20,000 Prize-T''be dwelne houle No. 2:l ndrlh enal courner mf aritni andl Cuttllml hlouae mtretls, llmelsullrilg 410 elet rtlll Im l Ilauill sltrelt, 4I felt filmnl tn 'ranklin mtreet, by 127 feet mlepmim .mn i.u2ltmltihoulse sitreel relltei at fif. teen im anred d amlus. Eitimatedat $2U,i00 IPris--T'ie dwenllilmg Ioume No 24 outlll wemt cmmrumei "amm in it.eet. n.e urig 3 feIet 7'I illles o liuain it, r*l felt 7 itlele n oFr lklitll treet, my 1'7 eet 101 ilclihe detllli on Cue tlmllllllmmuse treet; rented ut ifteen hundredi dmlle. Estimated at $20,000 Prize--The two sorv brick dwellillg olloue No.339 mm IRlyul utreet, between Urmauline and Ilompitsl streettt, me mrilz 2i ieet I i nleileamtm ItlRyal aI, myl 127 feet II inhes Im In epth; rent cMl a 102I per anonem. 1sltmliated i t i15,000 Prier--27L0 imtres Canal Ilatlk tittokE at tl(nii) auc, $' 5,o000 Prize-.mtt sres Ct anm ermrisl ti Rank stuck $ Ii1 n.ach, $20,000 I Prize--151 llmares Meclmllmict nmml Tre-a. mimr.' lank stuck, alt llOt each, 15,000 3 Prizmes i 1f(10 shlmlreu macll, Uly Bllalk, 311,0101 2 Irinus olt 5 " 'm tErhoplne. 10,110) 1 I'cize+o 1: m lls I.igillt 5,000 S'ramicdrc 3',m000 2. Icrzc ," . mIl I.min n tatem li2el ,0l 0 10 I'riz e .. mm m m t. ight, 2,4m011 '.l Prize.- lr I ' "Imuml.k mht'orlaetm, 20,11m0 + Prizets .Il ." " I'aimmn ilmiiamk of Flurida, 115,1110 Ittshilliime at tlmme omimmimmmm mmthie 2iaosmc privet o0 Sbmk mmll.k·.,eimlemr m tlamL tle amtucl ilrlf or lthe pur v lurthereol ill curlh. i100tiiiimm tic.lmlt im1mm Im t tom llmlm, will he pllt in one w.hel, lil il)i pcriz.mu, wmiih tlne blakmkt, i almther; Im mvmm l mUimmum mi lmeme imr hlmilk will Ib dlmuIn. mlmtilal t.m , Ilmrium mmmtn mhtemmilhmJm Ihlmtillmm lmrd balince oft Iuln. I r m llm heI whelmi--lmmlmkl.. i tmlere ltmrllmtn moive tmttemy ill tie remved am the muir n.im. llller itme V.rntmllalltmlmcrn.lint emS. ChiarIlen nId , (%i.mmttm1 steemnntmm ami mt No. tll1 Clmhrtres trecet, New t r ieh+lll n.old ropllllllrwrd,.. I trthrq Ii+an lhte Imermml limlmtm rm'mtmmircmd. mimtmm.ett'l tmm 1:1181;11) ' Y. IIA lll.TiON, Nmw Orleans. 1, A .mltllllmmmm wmll i. flu mimlel Itmmke tu0 Flrijm mlt i/.+eu.m. a m y emm d m.ir, n to witaimt tite alml mmivmllm. it,. mpcilrm, 1239. mae I It AZA lR. Corner of nlt ( are r. .roamon street, UST' & 11.1.1 oa,,l roeo'efolly call le at a""mlrllll ll Ill ,:entlci u', nlcll e hial l " oirla. tll I't.lllbric, wvlll i nl ll ,llltr s. fuashll tll e linenl fr nli : II eU coIl oar': Ilsk, 'isnhllU and ulls rinl uIldet sirls anI, drawer.: caUllllril: ILd silk hllalklrlhiefl : lnark anl i fancy clra alts il greatll v "trln l: le,.ks III everV de+cri tiOli: ngum gtves: bients iokin glve: ., . brll" s and ca.s.r gold: Als,--plendl u lnlortellt of IndleS and .genat ri ulil.S dek:,dIe , d t o.1 l r olill, plmefUlll rv, cut ln vl I --UIl'l\' P'lN I'l l'I. -,lu InKoic ul O sul,Fri-r into. Silg I llr ill the fullwiil .,i d rod o4d-2la3-- I "-' el--.:-xl3--9sil. Also * toIt of Elosiilco. Nurl. woaore, lllll oI on Balml 'o ; illa Iap,r allh he very theit qoilis , I.oolislg fre l ruri l Jesiptsii Irainl Pili I dellhi:s t and nfr alhe. bIy ALEX. TtW AII t,'I Peer'!:G f49 o ,C Sireet 'fullEl. ' ldo lual e 05 l l.a steei cur I; r .o dy ,,5lo-iunstlie o luarn by 51 s ll'sNciterlN L li IIc ltilteINI:, ilInI iWN s&Co. i lls 9IN, I I',9T A L oVI ti & U . Nc. 9. I JN.DIAN'S s.d SIl'. iPANACEA, Putt.e'. I athloli+co , Bois or Coluishia, Pills of leve r tectipt li iitls isnleo, such s Tuonilu. lorandrelrths Peters', MoTllt's, Solt'a., Le'.s, Southerl, Dy'tol Gregory, &ec. cuunetiltly suu halld ly july 1I cur Natchez aud' Tchallitiuollah ate , L INENI IlurtPn, (.I.(IVitr & FUNPI'NI 1SFIS Jult n.rct,td Ih late rrivalr, an assuItuiPnt of 111hrts. ICrvnval~,o. ''or .I.U tLk, toe., and uod uo Sdier,o al IiHe lil.,u,, curtier ul St. Ichlarl.o asd Coclltoc, N. It. A rouiilec assrseoI t i of Writing leks," lIresinog cases, piruloie slhavllrg ,,es itl rlo wood a BcteitP. oyli lIU11l & A.LLAN., Iý E'ILt(IGEIA'I'ORS. l.andino Crum ShilpSt I.ouis a . otfew ire of thes uisel'! aiticlest which will lie t I. fierd tIw flr cash tl thb Louisiuna CFuritusre Ware ILouoso 50 Ilieuvllle strtet. aug. 2d. It. CARNES flUGSi-Juso.tltliug ,liesth supplly uf white w.l Giuava Jelly, Ilium Arhlic. 'Tuoasrinds, UCaencs 'Tartar, Sal Suda, pt 'Turipentine, Pearl Ash, Ta'en ric Acid, Chloride ouda, lalo. Clpiavi, &c. ir sale by II BONNAlIl.I, july 13 Cor Natchei and TNchlapii,tull a. WHIITE I.EAIl AGENC(Y. IIF. sellarcrinro haoviug rereived the agency of T Whtil L.ad, frotlllt l ooi flhe largest salti baItlUoio f ctorie, uffer it tio steslbuuls, cUUlltry andcitv delersl, at the lowest llal kiet rices, aid worrlat it to ItA at goul an article as cull be Itotsd in the city. JARVIS & ANDREWS, sept 3. I Ti N I & 'rJthoilositclat at -USSIA LEA l'iilP.--K eceived from 'ackel Slip It lissi.sippi a laror su ply of Russia Leather shich oill be tso!d low for clsh by S DAVID FEI.T & Co. july:? N. Y. Stationeres Hllal, 4 I:harre ant ,I'I i 'l'U1 S--IlIt Balt 's'uhv, asourled size, Iur, aule uti reducesd irices, by S. LOCKE lau. may .ll 8 Front Leeer B OOKS-CnltnglellS valuable bosukl illnhll , Elglilsh editllill o ll ehile rue, aid suluabl Iiouks eti Architectutt, Engie'ering aind Scieos'e, pus lishied 'r sale o lr imlplted Iv Moesor Corey & Hart stf I Philadelphiapli; lv be had at lour sin e, ndurdelr from rI tts lleiblt ,ersonos 0i ill bI 'ro I tily aottelded ls by its IItheir Ageots, E JOHNS l'to, J il 3w cur St ICharles & ('Ulmln sil. ITAI.UAItI.Ei FORl -WYIIS.-id vwol eletri I )ig.e t,--3tti Vul. Peter's itcpIIU . I o' Just receiveid all Ibr sale at r:. JlOINS & Cic. e aug 7, Ns' l Iltns tiottiiri II., -t' LA-.\IA 1IN1'S. ' I' ItlR IM liE " J Oliifurol lr & 3eri,-- hurlh's dictiliouary Kii.gley'" Social Chalir, 2 tolumes Keohliell Iohe IAbri liun velr -Leolios, cookery e Hulllne &" Smollellt's istory oil Engl",1. " A nlew supply with ainsy itllher very valuable worksl, is doy recctcd asd for sile by J22 A 'roWArt, 49 Claip ot WORKS ON SILK. A COMPLET'E assorllet of the best works on the . culture of the Mulberry and silk wourm. Iandoloo on ilk warms. i Ulomergues silk culturist'a maoual. ClIrke on the Mulberry. Colb'* masual of the Mulherry tree. Kndriak's silk growers guide. Whltemrsih on the Mulberry and silk worms. Rolerton silk c.s. EJOHNS & t o, it jlw elln eroft.. Cbarlea t& Culoiol St N Nosrthlser in aow EagllltdurAnteriut in ttsc Iti. C!~ i';et'ootmprativ- View ol Aurient Hiotssri. I.n oudess KEncltpasodisof 6arielsiuellllllUislu 1 .' Sir Wl, in ell lllsUill· iar, a sprlesidol.isu ow, u? S. kespeare v role rvoyal to. eleotl elih . K E. .tOHN I ', july 'sth--"u. cor St ClIsrleo & o'tslltat ats. bHIPPING. For . traope. 3.11 I I1IVitlOulL. The A I and very lilt tolii.g shiip .UIIPE I [Ill{I , 'p tin'1 'l ker,wih reave , unnedi ale ~eptlcht. For f eight af 1511 Ihdsatobacco lrji.age for 6 cabin pnaas.ers,a .splv m IIo • M JI II GAI.C' 93 (.'.mmo n  t FOIl II.ONI.ON, T{{ The hip TrF.UMAllII, Iililden, oas.rer hal a Ilrce polrtion f her cart eglla.gld. Fio frf.ihl ul' buluca.lipply to Ui : n CASMAI'K & 'o. . ...IK Ihk I Pls. The fast aililtr A I Ship lliiA, a'npt. Sflilll llhilv e Ia a h IIP ' bher eg.aReuga~g ed, will receive, d.-AlI( h,. nr pulsa,,e halving hliamiluue aIcnl~ntio.n aal)h II It1,1 II GAI.E. 1.1h !1 ,aIrL nlfl n f . FOIL I.IVE¥1t';( II.. T'rh firl i.lnl and fant lt ni:ilg Briti hn hbrq le IVel.ilS, I'nl apt I'rawhor :l I lake ) ,llles II' of llltso land will reelve iallllnlledi ale deapitclh. Flor tPrlll or pIa.l ars lllviI hnolndome alcoimadutionll, fur 4 cabill Inen nlllerr illy Ill I.EI' II (,AI.I, tso 119h 11: I.nlu nl strart. O, IL GO''iENBI1G. T'he A. I. and superio.r hiip Ill n. RfDI)GEIR, Capt rril.r will hiaed ii,-nifhi . ' paslit e laving hiiad.ine .t'iimi ,,alati aaplipllh' lii July 18th I,, iI. t;AI.E, .43l7...,o. ea FOIRl IIAVKE. Thllr nrtela..slind fear ilinre Iri FANE, Calpt. Madimln, will receive immnedlialt - - Iatlh, hiving.her lciret elaged. For pasI.lai, havill liand.lume tcaiinmosno.tiln., apiply' to .3 LEVI II (.Al.E. 13 C',ommon st Oemtwase. FOI n M.. . . ... . . - _ - Th rlse ts n stl sra€litg l riIialr, J fl I'I:I, (;.illt Ihirtii i, ill rtc'ive dies. alch, lor f rei ght or i passagi apl e ista o, 1.i II ijt l,'a: , Fu l N t N1 1 11 I lh . IIr. l h ' ihe new noi d vr rv fI:l n ol n hluta sahl in a fiw I.y IIn gial the i retler oi r t mif l!It c tri., el ngee F'lr l lak hllk 11,Of Imlrreln olr 1lllmlR (t Ilv [ il llpils r I rutlllllllOmdu lllt t pilI l oI a fi. Illluud u )o1m i aIIP Jclfvranlat or to I. II. I;AI.ý: July 18II 93 Coto llllllll rrPet. FOIL NOI Ftil K & Ilc:ICHMOND. I(Nh1 hbad it ilnllly.isle allplpclitlll I, mlalldp. F'or t, rllli or passge apply to I.F'V1 II lAE, salitl. 93 Common St. ell{ I. "9,1 (.1ln iln l A.f F*ll .S41. ., A SC lM INERII bhut 4 tears ill, 91 tol |lllrlIIit li and ill mnii lhFee ordltr . For purticulruppply t I.o I II (:el.F:, smut Cil' : i i . ( a...iU at. OIr)1 NEW Y(VltK--tle tllnr IP'clket. (rilenlls iil of r I :kel. Toi, ail Ihe dly alter tn.mlhrow. S''lte falt .ilina, rgull I.klear ship I.OI1 IAAJahuuon, ".a:ter, Ih n:me th Itreter limt nl her ..rgo rnenrul, will nail r sharie. For Sla freigth or pnnagneil, ehlag ll sitatlll lltl datioln, applt to ta ll. i (l lin ill liard oali, ite tie VeagetaibleMrket, or to A. (OIIE:N, aep i 9)0 CiommonlI street. For the Interior. FOIL RAYOU II ARA Regular Packet. The aplenlsi lnsPnagear stolnamlult SIIIIL I.IANT, Jeute Ilart ranIltr, awill lrve New Ollean every Wed-l umtday at Ill ;r'clck A. M1. Itr Ilsyuul 'Sar &every nlturday ast llu 'clck A. M1 akiniLg tae corna down on iandsy F'.or freight our assage apply to Calpt. inrlt oil latr.l Wr to fih,25 nI)AM & WtIITAI.L ..... - - ... --.--:---:: --w:_ ..-..~....... FOR NEW YORK - I! ai .su .... ++ .-ese lurk 4 yir Orlenican Lone A NEW LINE oif p:a ketl hasa beIn establi.hed to ren between Nriew rleanst alnd New Yurk, .I conu5 toffe1 n'L.v rst ratle siips, viz: 21.ip St Manre, It 1V Fat5er, naster, I" epstli| tin, J (1 Ruietll " Aurnll, Il P I)urfey, " ne building, TheI. shirs wei' bIilt i. New i ,rk ek.slr.nsl fr Ihi+ tuldject llletentioin at the Itar. Their aL(OIIIIIIIHionplie far Itaaenger ra ,o plrise all that ian be requ'ired fir lmfrt ald convrilence; s llnd their" conudt llll are1Nl enll p lriene. Until theI shlip). now huitildis arel o:'Il eted, two first tclea shipsa wll supply tlcir placn p'I .grealtet punctu.lity will be obsertvrd in the tit' of sailing, and every rtnsolable ulccsui oditll n es nded il shippers and luisltengrs. p t r Iurther pllrlln'tllll rs Illly t11 M.'mssrx. Jobllnlonl s J I.oden, dNo. U6 Wall Istreet, New o ark, or to i":! I'1'.TI" I.A I I1.. 1 .ira (7lalp .t FOR NEIW YORK. totl.MlES' lINE OF P'ACKETSi js( ll iil salcttallav-eery .lltdat "la tlioss ct-h port. i T 'lhih.il. ,1 Placketsllhave he; itcrte nria lo i, letI en rt ielsa- ship, talli.lilngfief b tihin, .\'alsei/e. ('ailln5 oioihn . Arklntaaa, 5'el5n1i K lS Dlwi. ,lhnbnmnt. t altIlnit i'Cllerry, Orhm.ans, Captain ll seaur, l'iklburg, Captain J Cunker, Ianthea, l+ aini5 hla iv. Nashrille. Cu lain ,' m·. lOauula. Cupt.in 'Irulan. (konre, (Caplillil onls. fdlkni e,. C(apaini l.ent ii. .vew .hip -- Captain Wloodhouse. new Ship - Captain Nicholl. The sthone ship. aTe all of the first elass, noplnreil, anal cpewr fartrened, til werre. built in New York ex-. pralesly tr thin trlle.-tlhey are of light 'Iraught of wa i.'r, and ainle.t invariably cross the bar without detena lion 'I ler packets are conSlnraleid hlv (lllnll.tii well ex ipenlierel in the trade,and will alwavaezertl teinselver every attention 1aid n ithe scomf'ta Iai d satislfaction tit' patlnngert The rice of the canhin i, lied at $Bi, without wine or liqlleor. F'ir tlnrtl'r particulars appily t 0 An COIIF.N, alli " 90 CIilln5iai s5ret t[J 'Te shipia are not ae(l-nsatahle for breakalge o.f clna, hollaow warn, ,acrble or granite, ctrtperrge. of tin I or rustl 'f iis or st.eel: .ir ret'Sinible tinr na. package ur parceptl 1111o1 hlubred, o1151et, u regullar bill ul'Ilndng be signed tiierefr. iat lte tleincI of the reants. FtOR NEW YORIK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packlets.] S IHE li e is at Ilhi 5:Omn ul clnmpls ed of th lidlliw in ships, bil i i t r ll, e I. un spte s will e Iput'on li a n , nly d ker t a k in g , t4 1 5 n u m b e r Itw e lv e in a ll, a thl ,'h h ig rill allo rf ose biilp idar llt.hed fr, 1 li arlt everte air Iraloirtatlaiso a1d at tlnm lwe rates nl'f eilllt. iip YVraon, ti'alitain Trask. ,r Miqsisrippi, '" Bepebe I w ieiti.le Allen. " laratesu.ia. tta inhiraa .. Ilunalsille, ' .:htlrilgee S.h.akelepear, Iah a e T'Ie ahIi e sldlip are all if Illt- fnlass ihai erur l -rale otipr iatei.ed, il ofa lilln drihtle I of intler, and tuil I N w Yorak eatlre.-y Isr the trailacwish eltegnt i aec i55mm loat ionst1 fasi .esigera atnsi t idellUs dLI n uhh andl; n ell'eri.hll Ii l ters 'hiLe .rice it' pluasinlis teined it $.'tl, wiihhlt win,'i. or inuitri, anitiht hlsen in evr the ny r art ieliir aill be providied, aid evar, autetitim.i giv5ie to Ip.sinti' the alhitt will 1iii al htile lie towtl tip nait down ta liiver, aiind he gretetlltl liUctso i yui el edl il t. i II lirn ll sailiing i Neither thIle niwra ne or ealltai of ilsit''e anel a ill lie retaoisiible iar jewlry, billini, ireitl.+ toin5es, iltt. ver i plated wnie, libr ikae oif glin," hllw YIn.r an lllarle, fir granite, coopilarae oni ni, l't e a in in r eterl, lsr flr sany eterl, plrel or ltaekalues eat by t,r I pit Oll .ard otf uthen.les sll retdslr billn u: lihii.tgar e takben fur ht riase, auni lhe vaue an ilitreotfeapre.ed.d " f hreigh oas ge, tlliy tr aid:2:11 y JAME+I ItIl[..IN.7\(, 7 +n1l, h i , _ FOR,'I1+Y,-.L'E ,,+ll.. i I'lTe I and fat nailing llip CAIIINE I' i'apt Li55i.11+ nill hive init i nted cale aIs.alth, '-ivii tipe rea.Pl art i)rlof hItr CaIgU enlgaged. Fur 21 a ,eithlt of1" btihtle.. ntlo fiilar ti . · .+P, sil'ily no ____ _ . IIaIi 23_.i, 9.sssi.llnll s.reei. [U' For .N I' t I if K InliK, I'se t-ket situi 5}1 1In%. , i ,....i st I es te ill li.lin lis'· S "+l'e l;e l this lll ' ., ',,Io Fur Ireigllt or ,,-,. - _," I-eithl l .N,. 9 1 ..... ...... t..iai h; iK,-~,,,f oli l t l 1 ii l et est ', asl sa 'llla.sll sat.l ss ,i sil llit n l l l '.1+" KSnd h li, ..,s a l+r, h., i.t ic p l ,, .:' tlr .l .l 5, .li sae.t will IsaiI a . I, ,el, I'' ." r,' ,tdidmlb.,sn, apily in liell i .t Is hordl . Vegetahle Hlark, t, or it A (lt It i':, sepial 8 9 M11'iii1 r It R FRIi .LRcTO1-t'l ia'h. . ,.. ald i .el .,e l i le ll'furntilre, ralpilly eolimilig tihlt tlne is ii r themn a well asi theri laiiitde.. It is te-igneI in keepss ol and i ealwel, sueta ditliet lt tcuinr i de. l aramesll are an.eeaarv tiltr h prOlecthll frUl t hent if lhie w5titter dluriag ihe amln(r sta-oi. I he Refrineratir is now enl.it.Sieretl it ' islll, us:.,11 , , 'leis ittiaeanecoun atfaevee gaad holit-iswh "IIs qst* 'it n f l is''t i s 'rot-'l nt1i1M.il l se' i,e , i - i t, l .i--.,',i, . -of -iff . 1 , e n fel . lI." i, ?- Teo. . .........e aheui .... 1.8 i W It+ .P-- '" W The DAILY Paper is neatly) rinted withll mall type on anl extra, double med.ut alieet, at 812 per ianum, pIayahle nle annually in advance. Thll Trl-WE.rK.L Paper, containing *,e reading matter of two dallies, $10. payable in advance, where no city reference isn iven. The Wei.rL TucE AMaRIcA., made ip from the daily papers, during the week, will be sent 'o sub. scribere who pay $5 per annum in advance, and to laole other, unlelss an acceptible city reterelce in given. ~ubacrilber respectlf'ully solicted. JOHN GIBSON. NEw ORLE.ANS, MAY 1839. • _! -- ,w ---· ~ ilil Thentrical Notier. , A 'ThI-, e I. adie.s ati (en tle nl ; eoegegd ithll J.ul s II. etv t'uldaell, New Orlenie, rn retspeelltly inttrltd . tl-n ihe ' Tue l.irniwll opeln for the se.on in tll 1I prmler ! 1N \ n ax t . - - ' e rr on # i n n lg o r i n t. L l ,r ", l l a p p l e t o ( i . 1 1 . I l a r - r-i, Esq. New York, "r Iy leter to thel I'oprie or, 1tw , t York I'vri ille l r, Iamtl mhe Spirit of I." 'uInIIII, will IIan, please publish Ih.., rve thre times evl,. It onbr r I', ' ofTlhe lirmiietor. Gle-..I tlll. 111), TIealburer Si I'harle. Thealse. N. Or le .., n 2,d Aug. I:1. II. TIlE LIBEL CAfE. i'n, UIII.IIIF.fIED '1'111 IAY, .d for .olI 1 , I com CQnatinl Room of th True Ameri.can, At Chirle uil. Iiutelaond at Ihe principal Io..lk S.lrs, a corret Reportl e te of the Isle IMntrting anlid imlipurt Inl uit of thle nlate of Ile .iinsll i ý, l l.p n Oil,,, Editor and Pulli.h r of IIth, True Am.nlricn, before fthile Crimirl Coeurtl f r i- i bep. july 21.1 nIFOI'I 4 '11 F' FIMittEN'S INS. U,. I brut - . - Inam , l.e'. , '." t -iti . k i" .'. . an .d tp,.le . ot , t ly i(, " I I, " th I :l i I t 1 Il el r ~ TAl..\7'11al, ill,, Irg tllorn . ulls e l i:-alullo I nlly \ll . q"1i:n .d width ,ltl- potheI it o l I it-. i , pea.l.- d nt V igS Frn llil I +m n .t Enli-h, .ind w nriti.g a linlr hlInIl. Ad. I" inss l.,x I :1, Pl I +lo i:.u. . iu 'y I. i rr - N NWJI:WI:I.Io e '7 ".'+. M IM ll. 1 ,1'1:1.1. i hlrlre-lree, I tll't.i" y l'ev y-l l mi' e.d p r lll .lll,, i .t ..ttt...goI li ll l lllx l l .t .tII t it Irei ii er thi ever l.Plire .ire i nrt i si h . . i. I - dole • E.1r nd itin, s, i .ol i.e. t. , ll in.l , &e. Tl'ht.e in wa..t ille . Ieh .,I, (fi .itinII tlie g . nl ". ,ltnllel ll. wlltt I . S. Ne. td iCot.,;,!.. ..t.i . A py.n i.1 , plree tLL\, , y\ IN I ''-: I.t I. lNIe . enet t J. I . RENEL- I.\N & ci .. N : :.. . I lig, i .e.....r pee EIre r ..'cei iel their nppllw .Is of FnI ll and nllli' er C illIi -tI ltnd wt il r, ntimtel tO ret i l. e tti. t l t s rIeg-, - i in'urly th llllholl t l l.e i' ,.. n he.ir ..lortmllt l ein larlge will eniahly rS inP to .pll at ruI hle Irma I.e cu,.lrv, of the .horMt ..uric,.t li e .. wholeale e a&retail, soil ee. lOm~iIng~ t nerli. I. 'i It: n'I', a t (ou ni.g I t.,. in ithe . l storyl, over the IstCor '1'e It Ilyde &l Iirother ni ri.er of Magazine and t'imoi , -ob. conist., - ill twoapar mentsu, in one " which Is R lire plecel and well adapted for atll Ofice, of nuly klind; pusat .siUo. riven imnediately. Fort erm app +, ld hIr . a • T. It. 1tII : oE & lrolh-r, a'. anglll t. Common colr M.lzin.e .. i Ti It.N'.I't-A dw,,elling hotme, with stableas a'Is e. at thecrnlrl Af Teapitoulasi and Jueph sil le and C.lonl lt-mtue itfeet.a An o Rt lle in Gm O ir TEAer e. eAlso. n iln rs NtVelll Ilnelllnet, ni two .nry ware Iouse, N 19 'omollo ,tieaLt. Apply oia Taiu n ajnlye an d n ot Io Cb A intA & CouT. Y O '0 CALOUN, on al da by irom nI. Nuertoin r b 1i tl i n the C3 ii rlmn uflI'it o li Circle oun Apply II N Ir JAlne , itllinol ,arler orm e urd n'nIkIA( biand FoulliEroIlunk, tIhle Capi. tareel nofd I'ivuli eir ul pa. I'll i n ENPa-The 'al r.nd will. lawk abee.-e. pply8 Sen. 4.-futin itnher enoted .1 That tbe tnirnl le Ie Yt U t .hang, nin., oditeS .lpn, wonktjhut re. muy I m u7 (t o rativtrste b Sc 6. i. i'I'm'eT lr e l' at' i Ith n id 'al ab11"'' be ."nn the follhowin, helnr n Italy, Y Onel. MI. ehAl par.o , nl llnh, .t.oltlno, I ria', sllookeis T t .etll e il'relen eihl, bl l ins t e. r otsl, r stl orut itnd olltsalll l b oa~-~ byd cunltensoaee and J Pialliy 0f al .uah delied inojntry na lo hucer toi Si)A t I t'he ill Af eari' nediu I nl, 'fli arfes.or VelhnCity of erl vouuson.b work will e u830. - IN pursuance ofrl ai rqirell e ofIi lIhew pised by 18 Conuprssl of thrillit Republic, ap.i'roved January. .It 1839, m laling it ile dutry wof tIe Treasury tol advertie and r cause to be sold te lot in te CITY JOF CALAOUN, on da mob Im ae. oiche Coilrc trivenothd t In tit e City of Caetaoun will be teieryd at Pub ie Sale, on aondim tNae 18gh day of Nodl'en fr e, etltween taie hours of Ten i Io'cloIIk, A M. KIANd Four oc ll,:, klat the Cai te brlher in Republi, upon tihl termllll set firth in lie follos int. ltract f. i7n tihe law above ii en- ot 5 in Sec 4.-e itilrhkir enacg dhat the . in 'said townesellI be offered and sold for no t.,her cur. rnocy than Gold, silver, audited paper, or ttie pro. I wil lly $51 for i lius delivery injaIl i lin cd t y of N. It Orlla notes of N 'i . oe . S KeRt. R. c.7 Sheriff f i the Pri~r enacteiof ast ie laid ian REiPUBLIC OF TL XAS. , all be notd rnt fotTRllilhoing terAmN, vioT One Ciourth part to be ailoon, 17d th Jly 1830. fI pursuanct to be iof a requirestalent of ai, tw lvepasnd by SCong'reh of thia Republic, approvd tee afor.saldr Ilts, 39,all makin it take dutyi of te Treasury toin jtallmentimab in peenoory is e Tniid Ao, hte or they touslye d to be olpaid, d th e otlotpurcas in the CITY Ot," CALe OUN, on a day by hige fixted. Notice s ereby givensr tiat the lot tle City of tCalhounbm will be lered at Pub i Sale, on Monday, the 18th pn day of Noveuer nea, ll between the houriil of Ten 'clock, A in M. and Fouldi r o'clock, P M, at the preident i. tel of i t Republict, upon the term s set oarth in l Sec. 4.- tnBe it rthal. entl I T ben the Iota in t The onle will contitny fion dal to dat.yuil all Co 'i ofd towts Ihall be offere disold for no thr cur Calioru is situa A.d on oe r net onl of Mgarr. It. Sec. Ila.le it further enacted, That the laid lolo Nohall Vle ,opd on the following termlF, via: Oneh fourth part to be paid down, ce ciy in other three. rth to Plan equll city alm be sof ix, twelve General Sec. 7.-e it her enacted, TLat if any. Itsell severalnpes in tlo l iselli ficthe oever.l in ital eullotin), Limt . itne and.tlreil Act, hen orf N. hll fOrleans, wit ll publih notice un til ele day aof. prei. s ualy paid d he Iot puSrehary ofuch def Tra . l AI new intrumllnt for the radicalcuret o Proo N Iter l ns Uteri, or r ailg of te Woee ,nf the Repb i,, alens pllicaltoed, suphall rediav tlhel privile ofpu tre h Ia r I juetioabl prealdry, i collanf. aend the Preinndentd i re to tlhend as to e ,leanst toa perfect ro urn tohe to lelt, it nevert ihll hav iled of prid. rmi" g a Ia The uale will neoiinue fromn dy to day, until all ii , of the Into under ti have beeniost gdilrloed f.cir d,. Itap, dt rechly on the 1ain 'e. inmo Matianor. d. Br y; Sir Jarllis Clark, yiiol n o lltun, wiellt; Io r. poitbal; r Rie. lec the rinci to St lrtluiercil cI;y in t Weriite, ' urer r o Wstner npitl: Dr A PFlan o1 thlecur, itymy be seon iit the Generalm the severl ,"opera in tlis I eel ali teslh ('ominer. cil Bullein h, Plicayune Ad True Anericn, of Ni I In or of leun, will p blih notie unil V he day of ilye. n New Y JArME Saulh. UAt, .ad ri, U S JARR, ,ItoI, preslid Cunv MnidSociety, Laurens Hry. ll r.i- tkous heantete-dirte T'inus Ioid, pelbert Smith, r- (tohnacth, t eerl, Ludhvioi failed VllerrchePwer, I to .irftnhll Va Receivaladcr h niid Ima r othter distin. o , guBrhed p; iciella rk inthys U States. A Gri t ull, OIftor 4 Vesey st. Astor lpouse N ID wi h In r Ilull'n lectu re d Trusstein in r ho rlllstln ; ell .Ir~~~il,.ai,> ~ ~ II · piq',l rl V ,, % -joi l, T W.OOLLEMS Unted Atm' n .... A plinled by £ith Feleral Court Iat New (!aMa,. OVI'ZE G No. 1319 C IMMOD SMIKE'E', fKu313l3uge |luteI oldi33h3g3 .) Al)II I.t,,,.in,, i.r lake ..lvi. Iln t3ler anl by v3n3rl3l, 3 flI Actll al3ressn 3 im.3 d ' th FYjn.ru ry, 181211; I3.al3 arh 1917; ,theJ dldiui.rh Act .nf;IPJ Ien , ..he r act3 o 3:opgr , i3 r w,: euan e, lld3 i sd Iprovled. Said Uommislioner h3t rir.Iernblle exp riseuer a.nd i re I rn III clapint 3 3n 3nd cerri3fm cle e h11) 33 ,3e1t GEOIiGE C. CIIILDS, Arroaws Ar ATW, I 11.1.stel3,dthe 1 .3l3rem, C rl. 'I331 Ih1 Ilitri33 * t'uturul,rf Ha(mrril.rg,ual 3d i 333t 3l 1ur 3 adja3en count lir--. Iie ti Ihe Cil of h Hlo. lll,. 3 .3r3 3ll3.3 orn1 the g3 vsl3r33 3 ,3 l either 3 or 3 hol333 I, I.(l3 or mlllle) will lb uidertnk, II alll 1p llr m I; llelrello d nu YAddLh.3. Ir3 n rle UIt.3 Til3l3r rld ý 3l3l3L 33l I 3I3st3 to the car3 3 o3 .. 1i3.3kr. jr. ( 33'e333 l'.3.3't'3r e )33 lw un3 %3w (1l.l33H3 , 1333,3 m3: JOHN V. CHI. I.S, 127331RAVER AN!) . I4'I'PE1IPI.ATI: I'IuiIrI':u e. 3. C1, (m #p . m. L'V I .1. engrve and 3 r3lr t3 d ord3, h kre3er. h33v 3 e. .3 l.. 3 u P33Ch3 ( bi3(3 ll. ll 3 3 ell, ll3 , i(3 ll3g. 3 lhll3333I3 l..3 ile allll irl:ln e caTrds. il i Tri eh, . 'llmlr ,,id a(. ,lllillg i3 3l 3 ovaIlso3 3hll3 r p3late3 sollver w3re., 3 3., I3I3w.,oU3 a... .............. . ilver p l at . m si bra e, door (------ IANK, ---- Ne33 3I3)rl33ll3 , n3 t,. :3 #839 I 114P f I35.3re1 3" Directo3r3 o3 lhi3 I33h33333 3 . b33 II3.3 y deecllaredla 3l33i-3 nnulll dlividend33 13 FouI r 3l33 c onl. uoll Ihe cpital toclk 1" the Iprur t of lle Iln-t lix IIIuIIhel paeo ble tu Ihe rlekh. ldler slll Itheir legal re 33r33eltalie3l, on ur a tr 3 uln ., llth 9Ih, Se(l.lell,3 r 3333. It Jr P,.LF vE 1 , "rpl 3 ('3.ier.' j 21 '(7 ' - Ju; 3 3 3ilan13.. . 3 3. ..3 : .o , 3 3P 1pr3-3 f S 3allllld, e l.,bil 3r 3 3w3l li3Lo riLe r3 ,l, illl . uice. elsanll:eli 'o rl+mllt, resrllesa IIr Irlt.lll jllo l, Ih p ( .llcalvar y Peed, l mA Innlla, finkiid rllel . , Ii.I Ihridrs, lrlllansl, el Iorane fio.f WA ler Ac, l; r wlelhsaple Un1 i F I l It S. 1.1: fire thlluul.el :af'n..+ f~,, ,ihNIII I.mP i i s % [), 11l , r. do. ' Juh,, l t i re,. eried antrd~ltI, lor w Ulld b ` I':II INL.'I ". .C1)1. pow e , (oglllals, .l. . 3333 tr3 v I re33 rro. sil, mv r 3 li5.' N ann-, (olhl h , ( lh hl , Btk I I, d nI 4e , New Il".3 lIla+ C ,,gh l sirr lli, Ldi. Ace. L Tlldii f alndl fur . ulr n . ale or retail hv II IIm INN. III , july 2II|I I)rlluggi! 'I'challinu as street'l II V. 0t h-'A )1 3 II.I,: PI I. r, ied 3 i3 llr.3 , a Itore 3 33 l 33l 333th3.3 ,were, 3 i 3 ery j33¥33 ,3 333.h 3ll 3, 33333333 mll eT i t op rati on and rI prlbrl II eof(eceI lh..a I llc m lreler verof health, a eile m ail nonlU ree ntn Iidi m3o ._ _ N,,.t333t ges rtill, malllll conu. cII , frallmll llt e n rdlll mu ri Uon TITRn -1te, lu kili - tilt. blI.nl and at P le l r o r he, W'1llIf l UV.l...lE· tt- \ ulr ll Hl- 4 IN ewi l er $1 13 1 l 3. '33. 3333r 313333', - , .3 3.-31 3l . i 33l3 3,, 33 33 33 33 3 1-3'3' I I.I 33..A 13 33.I1 ,3 o, 16, 7'h3 rt-i 3 . I oe ll , lie Il ll t :.llrr fl) article in b, lille t ah lalrlt'e, 1 11 '.. llowl .nmlerPe. re aLi F reel hIt lte llsl lq I I Iiul lll lllll 'l. F411l II lil III· elel d h ae nding Innsl ealml~ :o.a rlleel.3:I l3 o ill ill. of &3 b. Itlllill lolpe p l. 5111 sleets 1 to till u. ( duo. do. Juiit Ireti veil vil l3lr l813e bV 0. LOCIJt CE ("it. may l8 8 Frunt Levee I ,[ .AP lA IN G (C A I l) ..- J u s t re 'e* ivedl . - -fe .w -g ro s . oi very nulparior Frl.cllh cllar dllll, su very hil anlld tone, fie r r..i lieap by I1 FI+;I. A C ,11 - -N Y 3tti rs ),!4 'wie i, ESS REEF--lu half b1 Inor solh Irv IIa y (4 L I)iilIF¥Y'44 New I.eve A tlll--I;!10 hugglleu f lardl ill illo ! Isr lmlt bIy - I e15 I)(; 1,1-1' ," 41 +ew'Lepvpe { \ T'l"'IIAt . E:.t , , I.il ui, 3d 3ll3 3ul3 3I33.ir, 3 33. hby.3 3 . It. 3 .I33 ' . `iEBA 0O'"J'( OII.--F'or hlle reesolrtionll and gruwlh of. hlle HIalh, gihinlllhealllh, lelltv nlel plreventillg ils -llilig of, oldlll i W WM:. 1El.l.': mi31 Nl. 31 Chartre, I S" tI3 -'l -i3 \Vll3:':1..--40 set Hltitin. Wheel.3 , N f i:rilv,~d l,,llructli8n, ih tel#lli3 P leI e fur I llSlu Ifor Sale by J '1'11, l1Il u July 2el74 _Puydras S 03A3 SIA-- I ll3a33 Ca333133 I$33i .1i33333 3l 3 ale ib a2 29 J' ellHAEvi & .'i, 74 I'.r.yel,333 i AU'r2 F.lt' - iS0 k..Ib. .e n \o3 .3d3 -,ierl, inl . Ile, 1) for ale by 33)l.0 ', 2:1 44 New ILevee U S I ZEVELI.', orthe uMan of Honor, by Ia ly tut lt Richelieu, ur the('osnpiraev, a plat in r sets, it hnchl , P" are added Hisleorial (diae on tIle fatl d, , a of Ela I .1 alill ; (;rmwell'e liresn, " Tile IntetI If Neleot, hv thte autholr f the I.nlv of Lv t, Ielhan, the Ii", aed c &c, with all the june 12 ALEX .J'VAR,49Camp ut p. EW & VALL ABLE UOlIK$.-Liet.ry sketh5 I il t Il Stlltueli. wlllho l riheu d i. the Re Ilers lr I, G, o. tlue 31, to whLeh is rhled reulirk, (1 Party ,lnd a,. I apperadlia, ty Ilenrv Irl Ier.ulaul i 2 vaule Io Skel tatta of Publtlb. I niri , l iy~e liiitrnyt. Ii. l . i. - an i rays lt a hic t Ia dded n lisserllmt III the elte uI.I: "a' af th+ Atcientis ih leary Lord Illne i in C a vSu Ila. Jult receivell tidl lu .le lit AIL X ' tWAII, july 25,. h 49 ll' .I street NOUARI WOIt Ke :--Z,,eul,i at lettet. fte..." Probun, ir Lettert erom Roele Amelrican rcenerv. a splendij work, 21 NIa. Reeivetd a dl (tlr Wild Flowenr with heutilul Co lured Pleatl. 'The Chilsl Ireawiag IIl. h. i Io llQuiallte in 3 vul Ilml,. with Illullrntion. Ileaeived iad fur etle b Alea'l'IWAR. julm 151t 49 Chmp .trePat / \HE Art RIC II6 LOUNGER(by, ryr autlhor slt pl K Td. Tr e P Irate of the ulft , ie. &e. inll I one volum. . SLketlces in Le.adun by tile Autllor oa thre o" Great M tn.pulr." aBech atlid er Ste. the iil uollees. Naew locket I.aecn in 2 vtluntel. Also Ilomeward llule d laId tlhume hlt ful Just ILeaaived by Alan TOWArl, t au.-2l 49 Calmp At. .IiHE AMERICIAN ALIANAC and ltlelsitorn ol SU Ieful Knawldge, for tthe' an 1839, receinvd aNl flr salle by IDAVI) FEliT &l Co, mavy n . 4 Clnartretsa t Ni' IEIlY.R Na, Idl, uall the lit 6iulmbeha in iu Mlarrvattls iPhantum lllNip. for salle hy b "J A 'I'OWai it, t9 Camnp t , u n a iuvel l Jr PI Rlllilln. aulthllor of I.lette r I a nUl'araI , (mllnllilllltlll k of cthe Dur, of Ithe Times sn , ll Groige tle IV. erlited Iv bll .h Gnllt Etq. ill ` vil.--h New IliRgali1tlail IL)icti.tll.ty by Ile Ile. J I. lLu. , hb Vlltl vtriusllaltutrt , 1dut ilks. jlll rtceeiael anl fer I nale be Alan i'IIAI i a auaauaaa t 4Itt C taItat "_l tll t I, w r'1'1 IT Nolf '/Imir .Tlnr hary of in 'Tiumes ill+ i ( uci th. 411,, d ,ric e, J.Ci.rl, I.nlv Clurln li re ILurv, et. a l aI tee eauh, by J IaItu.be.ton.aecthor of Lettters the It.91. ceTUry. N II' ht N t Qi S elie ut, Courltll Co hme Ples ndhi C ro]. Nlb.:atluta N a15. J.cTtu. ,rtl u,,.t of the tIll Shor I hl. Lagnlulae' Aieia l Lotul.. err.a kehtet,.ul, u.lhl, h J. Gtrntt, autllor of Rlldullll tEt illathltiUia. It thl' IJes. "tte, I l ttat lti. hetlll IU ate), te nag a, I ow c, r it i'hu llltt C l.ut . ui i-l NI L .1. I, I,'II'N, 11i , N\L I'i-ttlt i ll to)'K Ci Irtach utks. t 'a..utpete W.lrks l Volet.te I ttin e "t,, tlt e liltet q.'ett ll l ls-icaa t i its hallrklf IhIll, hlhe,r I'tiat ll, Victl r tlu.,, utl r. litle tlid .ii-rat, I dlldll ilitU t l IIon i thl'eru tta ll hiatana, Lrvit tl llNttlelllIllte lle , H I ,llt It. ii nlt I , Iiie ,ll, artal' hlad. d'A uerll Ilita uu,ti, tarnm, Iw lElgih.ll-Il aounpleah uet i htet rheL , Medwl, I, ll Itan , t lichmt e, t ritmarsa, eltuul Ilaa.lu,, te.,,rd N',el llll li Ilu.a SLIatlnu- .a.uit'Prin S e I.aeie eliitt,t,.the lut ntllip - lutled llictharae.n, .;raun ,ni. allndIeIlellt uac t ooki. l eunilllh-Ilta0 (t iinlete,l.olllper de e taglne rltlt r ,xinrirlel anllt d |OnJuun arlllr-. tIetr,,ln.-l'he - " rke. uc Schillhr, ( .lthe, KotaPret L uidenr ehalt, tleluieata ..f ('UlsanUtl , Cliillal editt,,, nIetiitarte. dle d .r uua, a Aeni,thlii ,1 Ietaeut- . E.IlgiI Nuneln all natla wurk Ut'umerit retiuaria lec.ived. " JOHNS, & (C(. aug. 1t1, It ,n a EJchrSt hr ll~ CSl& u tI) ' * A.E' (AE t ;eillaelullLas latll-t ta.Itle ll,-o'e. I a --I'he gentle laa of lthe alid Silttul; Skecalles of Ilotudn, lt the untiort tl madu., RlecolleciLn ol the teIns ,.a a ItI.e. `ut;- Ingru.bt , --The Amera.n l4ltl) IEatertt.ti o the beet tlutitur.; C.ouler't Navlal bis. Iftre CIevele., Ilt luly Rltwa r (tnewt auppliet)h lPe. Iati, hi , er, anenlleW ditiou C'la aTarrell, t'alIt Kiyd. llln Huguat; E JllHitNS &. e. a nu 24th 2tw t in St Charle and Lommon rint 3NI.I i.H lERII REFPOUl'S nI'...f d-at;etnit t etLinathe Caurt af Quaatn's teneb. hteth e itail , Cnurt, Court oa Cna.olltt Plyant antd the Ct.,,nrl of E-. chenquer. Thn firsltNumhtr of the above wurk iu thin dna re acedivel hy ,lllaI 'alwltr 49 Cat.Itetalewhltre Ithe lll hee .f the Bar are resaethilly iviled to call and ex •lllil it. n 211 E%'W IlKS-"-the Cruntlt" nt nale by the 1)'Hn I 1 en faily; lltultre of neInlel'nrted Weauan bIe hi lt SJalenas a:e; t'.. qa-a•. l tan , the U ltles, te J 'ellilOru . r.,-.+.th.r a ,l'the Sttt oc. a. lielhe,I)altt and tl.rrit.eu'.IvILt.,tk bIEq. N\.2 hiack "h,'Lrlatntl, I.. a,.wnlth . I'.lreuhla iaa t.t h nla ,ka. JUat receivetn udu, .-,',"' SPECIdI l LU alt ' A 1.. *rh Fre Ilrili.uJ irom Iuab.I;TIlrAl. I)IRKASI' Such .U . CO'N'KKNIWH A, hIHEI:7Icl, s I'Kl.·1 UI' IRRIT.ATIOPN O" TL H KID E YL$, Y lU.Alt),RB, uIr' KA, I'INtTKA'IE I.ANI), .id .11 IIiEARIti uu tiie i KINARY I'AiSAGiEs. rAINs IN Tll., 1)1l5, GRAVEL. Lul. Iui,a Iur trul, tlltlnl iWe.ahuln., . a.'a l Dl.illty, T ulnurlld tI.I a thii iuldbli iiediilll t a 11it Lli ..uraaii perl*,-clly nrelIcutr., ilsbvo dtSelane-, tauh lL...r tlheany oithr, ald llIuuri llp ' Ilhpn . .i tllb iit. tillll( sd .tuiell hlrltj, n1ll relst,,rlt "o Ig lotto p(url ll lllte be.au injuf 0J by dI.·eJ u r mpropler treat lll, . i 'I .I uo 2l7llll, , I . Ii eoilnrei d to Id ll II .ai Ipoxultely iurh, mdpy tuw .I .l I ri .ll.l , afte. r a;ll olllth lurm dicinle, Il e falll.ed, and flatly .Yplyrrcli lll th u.." o tbo~e .n).lHII· 'tl J .Y·.·VU iiilh .It 'ol,·ive.'l'uriHrlltlll.c (1'uhllll. Meler -v. A ¥. In .,h it t. the n,...r,,.. te..t.,.... r u... ".,I t,. . ll IInlt- OF the worldllBu.llln l. the IEasIt Yuljd W.Igt I ulII I-Aal J. .4c, nll."lll wdrl( .urn il I Ihf hl, he-t *tUld"lt I. Ithe P" , filllle 11Curinr p isem...y to n.ll e upon. Ioullc'l~r fiv Ilundr.".l peundnlr ra and h.,~ Lve, evcral lllr. Illrod torn)" noer whuera prwlur. *Hy rrlllt·II eylu.n 1. YI,1·'. lpvrrle He'lltioll Alterlhla nlo further c.elnllhinllt abi.lll. ...lly' Ibut dlldiill g uW Irlo the e,"rtIllll.. "1 ha,.,prruribrt? d YIJIIwl ·pr-l, s, , , ,,, 1.-rcr p. irlelll In llrnt . u..dlr lUrahral I)"J-I Illgr., 111 I,, l.ily It(.llI b inut they Per. illc r.rd Illn IItnhl·l, rr tlllee |h1r·* ban l lre Ihf,,l llUlle·d, l.l Iblrbeu.erul health rep ilu.:h lnp'e' ed. II. I.I.Y,M. D. ''l.aeturer ion MIel, iTr. Ir l t nrhlhlolnrw" IllapiU1l." I)r (Clarke Ihap pr.crlr.J Y¥lulnd' rrirlru ticlluliolh Oluo i . r. i,.l It Iibtrlrl: Il(.o., u.VrPI l l al' ,· l irtle, U.,., Imvilli. lily IIlill h.- were. cured ,e .IIIU i1 III 11 i. Iaulll he balld p"r. lnuely ubll-nrvcll , 11 I*II iI.lllb Ill.I);irulr i. of I ('np. tr, -lid U of Ilne.llltU It 1.I r, . dy u.qUall~ l.d. and .,a tht he: mlle'udo .u future t", peer tbc u, h. p tl. t... I.oanun. I D.crnl) l 97, IPJ7. 11r 1; nI~ll hlrlhy .prof... Y r111111 l)·( ll Lk em . I IIlur l etc l~lcu. rrlle plly, .d111 one t'.ut r. l tll ,'lC Urlhl' . ah l i)ll rule: slll tar Ih-lu Al) p*r,-l) ,I mtU., of {'uit.i "II I- b.'r pre Icrltrd. Ti e ale,,, eau be rht,,.,;, Illy .t ." :nil u.t,, hrua€ It1 il uI Ne rlieal .. NIEDIIAI. CAR!) AND INIY'LLTANT lU TIfF. AFFLI..TFDl WITrH D1S Tit(*'I~ on \'rnl"rul l)-orr, Guuarrllae",tiierl. and blrlcturr, thilled Jr e Irutllrl uhs.rvulwur it.. Smill( (Is..y,·, xruulg tfun. early a ,Ih., l Irr.wws cj lotmt L..su. bnIt cure, wil tb.. .,. I.IInUbs s lhe , V.. *ILAI'alel·nchuLy lI,y, IhIrll,.lInbLLflLlL is fllet.l Iw~ o..,..e a the LI. k~.lsle.s ofII nr in whf.s,,) h..f.I,, of kthat, -iadll, uIslI., M r, ruid.II.he Lil pallll eosll. i delr ul,'nlll Wei ,wth us, Il it tilbe "...lf.c aI,. body, du lotl. to ,haryh.s,,s.,rs. nLI s Nj. ,FdkrS.,ol, ste p,, lu .i,, by, this .bls Itbl. t.pillshengt..L p a fit d1, b..el ,, a lit.) of file L.,. t fLIL sLIsdILf LIa, i lb. Id...u ly I ibu...... l , I ...hps,...r., .I1d.0 dg.n PERRI"S PUItiE'YIS(I rl'ECIIFL( I'llIls, A (.Rtraoh · lil, l d he'L sIIIet ..'.p"iiy -n'.,dIIsy l C itrae-I fa, she p )Iale tPat ultd 8'ettlial FrlrC of vCIIiIPUI disealr.I f111 le rheaP, CIRFk· Flr(P trFI. I u." end w *C.L -'plea, ail the lore.,· 11.5.5,4 ..1 .lidI the I*I .ry, lumbayg. ,u, .. s.,y, y, heel p"i.... of .Ibe hlb..s.,,r ,.b..,s'. .I.d.I herdi...,.. .If th,.ub tnry pu.FEE''o.,frcyw".ty t,"rr urnntlle preface runs in . he rhel shat. of there day.a~, bye ! F rslul pllitdr ",mien riti c amen '.y and ral'ely. ILIhr arlulo y wrahw hslLies) arc ,ytb PIly a.LLL.IiplIIt..,u.. *.t tell b.y is.) ' be,"pgld.da.'Lho .pPII aollrrUssoa SWIIOLLL J.IURF· IAN I1IIF.JL P)OllNk ~ I peit,.I 1,.,, Islasou givi'y, p,ull IL.l'L ,.,SAe,LI LIns, *yu'b.In fLygI III.heir .Lrlbrr.. thew h.ybl. s..,sf tbyoll. They not-s. ly relative t1~? 111·n1, bUt renoateitther at hireIC1, this dtiffer. rut Ihsisuu l o i1. busty, s,,sss o.1 the b ly arr humnh. lea thiebr ..n....Ly.. mild :east iI IP IIL . s, yi,.. io culls, ear.. else I'lalrp~a l y(LyILIIALIULL5LIlast ee *t...a.LiI........y.,i.g uruhll enlllell I1 Illarr her roilly other llrlurl I"1 ale. al my M 11,1. LCL'ul te IIII .pIIt'. ,,..., by They. .. yuirr tit rrrrII(II drrtIu ..,tIIIe dr h bdrrnru of bnL .b.,, by ISl...Itr ab.. ds,.tr IIy p. iii.,llt tIh Irj *LrBiIhL51a* th.e psf." ALb.. durd.-.i.IuI e s.pIL.Id. Nrl,.u.l, did IrILLII will .IIr, ll to hal rhL.sdilsd.., hL e ..iLuIyb., W ., wheni.15 e..SWrtIsI, thlie. i. Iias moII.,i itL, .'v.a.b,. ib.it LII.rt .w p yr.e.ll by rthaia.sly t ,,y LL IimC.RiI· .. y dead .rcretlg Heise Prrry', Purgrol.·, roralnue to direst their nwulire to those1 Jre'udful A~rlahllllF -sits, If.m use leo fre ·Ihd iadia "eunl. unl."r,,.. Irenui .e ttcrlll I1B;tnhlusl. alil rutdesluniml vutinr. is 11 if,.. rnits, 1,,,t .p 1-l !.1m r AL Lhlypt. flat..itLh. nuSll ist. .sII y IS,.IL I,,Lrs, Ia,,bauiu.gI ..i if lhibpin. ,rem.~ jlidgm....I tied ....wry, r inisdltfenr l it and at is .mu fur alllI sIdcnlluln. I hL idiaIL,,,t, r I.I' ,II nhwlip and d.MeL. wh~lrh either. Rani llnitllrrllly themm·ellr . s the rutbunh· t (:Ir . mERGVMA nn,1 slit nnrr,.it·l uat ," i a el b.. C Iig .ii.iyis,. oa It1,,ie tb.e d.1.,,ntlMO IdeIL. .1 lu.b., byo bhe ...,. u wayto (i..ill..,," sll I..liuturhu .LL ILityslldi. trc···nll .1M1 Ii' d··hllr? r drfclt icy lllrtllur thle minn .]liurc. d het i.l, botlleful ali, Ise . i'y.,,.., d.I..Iany. o .a. ii.drr ciI.i..I,. llhtI,,iI,,.la, Lb. o ibL., eonsLILd.t . r ssaijyai *LII5. fe'l; thley oiler a IYt., i''blL d pIied) ridl.,ytwu t, IJEALTII AND1 ILEAIJTYc.l~b LLIi ryL,LsasbiLIe gIill,....,..ell knownL ,el.t r ... tri.·le IrecllII55ISUOepLCIb.sL I..uniP55lly IIIyLLubtsLILL 1n l LruptiLsi Ii" ilibILyd W ,r s·. I, lrel uter or, th.rodt, diaret1en sm nIl 1,11, .0,..ll,, b rrul'ulb , d bl....,ig...a..sla,.c..r sM.na. I u,,,l tested tl. .lltY. i.a, al pane. In he hbe.d I ab allppnl..tale If ties. Island.lf TJI.,.n IIt. nee xorthy it plait, it, the rallbilet of mas~tn. add cnplI,,Im.dLI'..,,III.k s br..Ln-.1.she.i ill LkbipdiLd p .....g Is dew.c any l Irllsh of tunse. 'i..lye i'.d o.ly at Nu.'Jd Cartoo, hos.e it.are, New S.r..,. L lRO FESSOR SW..lI,, L, .a II, .E IA N IIERR P., .L. I nI tllheNC tiCL.L etirLp.at.onol, nvLerysLiern.. sru folo 11 tileC, pillls",,: dtnepr, and the money) disurlar· ·I Iisg fntm theIII Imý,nrsler a enimml~lll N'rtlo evehlu , Iu egireol n treat on vdcrodan nd "ypbtlilit d rrlaher, w, lh uLarrvuhenll ale ,ullilll - ,.knee., ¢c. kc., cos wiL.I Iilllrll Jiuhewnit kn llr by noe whO are or It ve bee, sum s... to lhu dreadful uteri 1 ...fa ling malady.IY Dr Unrieruu can unuc· to ,Brett ills attentionl to them di, orllcU srstate (row the too free and indumrinio·1· iudull g."uct" fvtli e pirli . whirls ou Itualyl ociious a aaamreya traina of nevi ode ntrecliulr. hill also Pumill oil it. Yulsriu W· lie euervauulg tmlleeilittil of old ae. In that diiltrealigemd It pehihty haud defil"iFIIy, whether thle eonleqaerlea of W,, fll limited excessive drinking, ~or ate) ulhtleren by aeb JI powers ofthe1I couslilrsilou become enfeebled, b e u~brs· im, .nfeami speedy restonration to soud east igatuua health. It 1. u mecuma holy fart, that thousand. full victims to the vO. .,real discern, timing to thle unllkilfulusu of itlitereteteptl who, by theuIIeFU that deadlyJ pillion, YIrcuty, rUillhceO· attuuuonl; tend when s he proms Dotter Swedour becamre Pre. fe~leor at Leydeln Universitly, he conferred an invaluabtle Ease fit up.. a-.kind bJ Iy thle discovery f his grrud Pr..l··, for the cirri(I thla dpplur~llle rolnpliallt. Neveor did llleoruy excite s greater srneT~ush; i as. .ought after witk ·Ydilm an usedl with undeviaiting utcc.Fl in like heads IIuIYUe sad inh Ls le cases of the dcliculr complaintl, for file cloth of which .1.e Lass. be!.. she IiII lltg reh'hal.,l.l'klt famle of it,,, Pill, three out Gerrnsny, csu,.J their speEdY tnirud sectionI intO alit..,., PrY CUelillY· Ties- certainly w ith which they we ir. LllltillUally sldn.lfljered, cull bIe hit',Irvl by Illay ihouU.Ulldl iu fct dur IIIF Ibh1 lung I III(I·I111IU . theyY were ter ill.paieblecom Jules un ulld .al'eguarIf ill it.., .uldirr, to .11 en.,. where the dtlitrat su ·pocnou n l lief seine wee nr cutrtsillll ) 'h·1 sell clllF cau he i nure lplly~pylll L(1, that wbieh he. go,.. stick genensl aai i.l'ectiue! The C IPgIIiin li(erh Pills Oroot out ver partil~le of Illridlrou, Imrsun, Ipunlfjilg in their prmgraw the. whole mop,. of H tl.dr; they not duly remuvu e ke dipee~se but roust stn by their stuour, the·I~ diet' rent fusrunnot oft he Bexly Isl'rlllay llh. pit..r lllsllOr., sld in n manner ll wild .ni inipelarctptif is n~tu aullrivilt Ile lorlt .,:neural of their·Il. mhJIIg heeld YInD((IUlIId power-; 1II) nrathrrsl:OIIIP111 IU*..U g r sly otheblr miilerall· d finny Retaken il u l1L11t t he slip Llele ·w. lanle her htnldrnncee of Lassoes,,; bill ,·ni'rl a calllpieele urr with out thle sal llsppa~ure to 1III· I)·.iiFIII t deity pcrud whehn lb.: ·Ilgllll~t au~lrlp l lus n cll·II, i wll lie w ell arias. re,"ouno, to elm : lygeouu lien lllllr, fur whlen taken befofre tae diiauO bps IlluI F l· rlprur.I.I., of acts a, a cettallt pr " ,alit,~, .emu eg elm rnmll~mllalll effectual y 'slid ietret ly. l'h. drpiory1. estate, In willl, 14 tn)' tier."". have hest, sha hh~ ri~itiug the prel prtmlur, fimu the livIle of Mercury. readers it imperatively as. I orar, to cantonll tike public f I-yavet that PU.agerY· mbar. erne t ,IjudlccitheM) udllsuisterepll ''l'hv. I pill' lIulll tunal a polrtioln of all medic{", ehlr~l anti ...I Innd, ..,it ought sever l.. he uni utIIIIId by a= 1L~r~ r disk, eflert on ilex IItII lotion.I Sold at \. 01i Cul.,lur house .t, New Orleans. TILE MIOST IMPORTANT4h' IIL'MAN DISCO VERY. A CLIERGYMAN, 1tr of tb, Camlbridgrl I'ivrndly~bl·. 11inc dlscui rrdll n Ilrlintl Ifreur gh hllolsl of i Nrrro ,r Mslltal Cuunplsrill, of lour.,., year.I' duration, and a shut yrnn · Ilvvlll h."1 nl..,, 2,01,0 patient., all of whl~ll he bst tar. ",I wit. litlluwdhsfr. rt hr Thlule pales. utcureolbhn. . Low spentt, itutalde I lg., grniutldllaa Inure lilttlrp oF lalrwory, incapaci tyl for bash ecs... oil s,, S, ., . rrUe..sll,, irnlrulution" rrslebsdesa, index clothes, Jrluriol. mrlsuholy, lhuuphtio hel (It· Ief Jnlruetjo·(i· lulllly, 4t., yr rurulrla by Ih1I imptruulLl discovery. Meat re Apply~ to u 'd ' l Cuwtol house at, N'E Orleasn~d )IEIALTII AND BIEAUTY,. CF'OIMAI'l PI I.Ly,.An pmlllcrl medicvl writer has remslI '~ nd: STOMACH ,tpertertr had stn rrd the fact,, that those who lea ·ltunalrs to kee1lluag the ,,,.meth and butt!. ir. proper elder, 'orrlerve hnnllll. pievs-n deemilr, nail! generally attract rubsL clrerfnl and healthy aid age; P Isle tllul ruble.. purpose the" pills are sdaplecd~berug prepapred wits the lullhhot of gsilii·, anal aperient dlrugs "It he Msten.a Mlddma. They It.,. I. anI anpis r upcrlor to s...,, ether mrddcine it, tits ass a ratimsch stdl Ilrer can. plotlll·, le.. ofappetite, Iilulilauur ssll~ulln f failures. nod~ u jlprerhlu l after larget, saoteie breath, seed an etcrlleul raulorytirel aft.. any ettug at the la bits as lilt) gorily p urg e died cleaiuc site bowels. ·msglb· the ,lmaeh. , and invigorate thle conatitutiau. Families. w ..hule goad henllll ·Lould covet he tithout thema, s they pail fv thle blood, rlenauvs obstructions, and give the pits a bW·U fell, clelar, hesllhy ..ild blulslllnn appearance. P. Ysoc» mg. plathonrerl IlrlIll. hnorrrlulj~e t to head Hbs. liddilmue dim lt"., of ate I lll*.ll. Ih·i.li r ollR have fw gret at ou r of Ie ) Ilse tovd.,hould tike thee., llTrregarufly. Children and patsy ofr I'll sire , rues, take. Ihllln lei nay lime, s they d. not .assnI · ·Ilnlil··rru her so) tagiedttns that Treulre·rolrliorlauIt 1 scoot rlloll of .firs. They .hllllll h, Lelt IU curry r·pilr Y le rl~lllnl II ran,. o' wddcdC i ia.; forsr by At.,, prompt ·da,, he riet ele, tioler laurkthe. tramp., .FS.... (teen sad slh·· Sulll at ?lu. 8I ru vur het-set, slew 0. OI .. SARSA.PARlLI.A PI.L OF HEALT1H; OL BIltOl PILL. I lliS exlt llelt famitly pill Is a medlinsl o nr Cloe d al Ir inry fiarclnlrecti all th.taer. 'f tll-l.tOmbs sdhow s.l·t the cElllollUII I) 1intitem+ of which Ire rutlltllnussr /Ltoup c.¥. mll'll,, loiS . appetite, .ies heinex. he, gsldttdie, .e.sss1 f :ulln. aft,.r ues',, dlszioae, uf the eyst, dowslneuss d )ItuL Inu tbirIll.tnl lim ud has ls, lldigr .tti toL s pr t ,sd.iuI t SItl slale i( the Iver. ind a colltequeot Iluttlvity, of the kr isl Cr.mslg . th0rot.tgIslsti.I, of .,e) fuIIcitn f the wfi , .dll IIi •ite Ima s exelllllet Ireplratolnt, by atullptless. lltPh o41 h efecLtualy reCidll, Two or three LoMse will ton. a bill l tle ilt.lcety...fsl ryT. Rect.. The stoisUl ils ",seedlly reeain itsb streulh, u healthy) ictionuJths lie, hsw els and hldleys sill rap dly take IIssI.; lnd .dsted of |Iissllk Il,S heal, alll slld jullndlcetd Ipelr'sIICl, Vrenlsh, 14.tll tlld ta.l.esd health will thek.q qslck rslt of tsaking this s. dihlllt% tCrlerdlllg to thed JlrLtlliln. ,CnoI p•II. ilg each lox. The..r tIllt..e artcsulariy emcsAiols fur lto.dsh ¢scqhs colds, ale,. s, h .rt- tt n s brelh, alsd ell.tlsh-ruselss* ish I.rlsy pa.ssge.; Ild If ist.kL sltr ti)free slt Udtllll.lg es table, tIhey qsckltly eltort the systemt lutlss4 lltlsls s Pe.on. o.f s fll hb,,t whore ...bjet ,o hIt .*.hs(tsbt .sll, drOWs·l. and stutiu ii the e5n, w#il5n from toe s. -r l Is. of blshd IO tile hi.ad.l, sh,uld seser Is Wlllttt thLs. many dslsgertt s lynptsums wll be eAtirely tsrrissed sUby th tmntediete war.· For femasslesshses IlI.l are most truly slleelen. reuosl sll oahtrutlous., lhe distrssl.illsg 1eslshsll ry .lss.l lth the sex: derllssison of Ispirits. Iulll s of eig.i, ah sisltistl, blotchs., lsmplt snd slloswssssofItshesL ssdi giv a hsasthy and juvs.ils Iloott to tshe estplltss. To mother thsey re collfideutly reemtmsllltsd u hs.t nllrie that c tsn hbe tlaken dul.Ig pregnsssy;sj tUld of all algo they air unrllurlied A a pIsselsn. esft, sasy pt.rtllnt, they ssie ts s.s ra daelmnllf • mild eperxli.n wIth the most ,uemuf)l Ren a re9Ur,- it. r.e.llltof diet.. ssollfinementdlurih s s s By rel.gulsttng the ds-e scordlnlt to ttshe age s ,s sg.ibf .b pal i.lsl, they bcolen s uitbhle for every cs ., i IsstLe SI.--_ ,As he rrqulird; and lir elderly peole Ithey wik hse f dt. Ae the mnltcttmrtaelI imelitine hitherltrtss resnsd Sold .t No. l6 (,ltoou house It, New Orlsl. in?,- COTTON CIRCULAR8 Rtt PRINTED triht the Crrut4l la'rpedii sanmd a lstyle wtss ,pssssed in Nzw Ot sln a,, or slg. whe~r. ()aRas lI7 at alCorre ss R,,ta i., S!. Chsla1C.s haet,, (C.ne.r of (raier ,1. ) or cIt R UV AME RICANPIINTI N OFFICE. crnr I'fvdrs litd St CIharles Sites , will bt prmplly. ,ttsnds Io. NTEAM UOAT BILL. O l E"m-. K (FL.N I',. (,:IPT lvawfsrrr Ag I: l 'Io l l $ a a lir ias urdasiQ b i aN sor mire (Plersd Inks as Plsin or ColusIsd Pspa,.er i d..p . e a + .-sd .s/ansaraI-a Ter-ms, Ij y ,s tEr:RIr C~ OFF1 suggef

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