21 Eylül 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 1

21 Eylül 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 1
Metin içeriği (otomatik olarak oluşturulmuştur)

-iuci 12 CENT S. - NEW ORLEANS, SATURD'AY \1 rNt' , SEPTEMBER 21, I I 2!I. Terms Jo the Xheoespuper I'rloo s. NCe t )"leon lIlltlnliot l l ogrenl lIu et n .jlr ll mll eelj-,.I the 1'rullioituro, h-Id on 111. 1311h lo Ilardit, 111:7. .9unnclutreonn. - rlw.lve VIlle)1ro f,r ithe lily Ill or nuonoo, payablle, 110, i-11110010 in Idvanlel:l toll r for the tri-we;iaiy coullntl' fopte, lnyahle 0110 er rinadvlllance, where lIn city referonene i giv,", 'ivro I llr l'ot t lia WeYekly; tooahle ir. oInIoI6e. N.. * tbo'rijutiotorill hi diconoitllond until lrrelacproI're artliol. In 1e eta lti~nlOtil le, 1110 nu eek'i IloIjl' tn .eritnt mnoat Ii i IIII0I1y giiven, previ10 tllo alt * pirntiu lll I of lila tii llo. AIoVoRRonrqlI.-I' lIlIt lilnl 'opr 01'Ire for 1he ftirt asorltirn, nlid htlrIlI l thtri nefolr eachl nnl~ luerr l Ilnle eel malasrial alteratioln'on priors Ot arilinl adventl-enlentl will b1e chalrgell as P. 0w1 0ine. VotalIr ,trfOrt 00110s.-Metr.ll riott 11sl TrIe'r1 arty dn~llnrs tin Engi;ish alone, and ?islV for both Ian-I pubhlic inliutionnl, ity dlllOrs in Inlel1iinoinlly,. 11 tie, 11al 1 Iellgh lot Ior l t bth lnll.. Atl ltolso el, Outre rov NoTriCr, olnd ortirlenca ll cardn of puaneneere, l brnalitn, &ce. &~c. will be rlnlrL·;l cue tillar per square Ir the brte at ins1r0o in each Into .411 ;1, Col olalot l crton,, or Adverotinem~ltl olt ny If rson GtIl llure, when oldiui!itlel. ohall Ito eltlrgell ltulilt*, loll n advance. 1 llldlUitilul of Illenty-fre ptercent. will hIeI mnde to Auyti~out.ero, itlerlt"+, Iligiulerso f hVitio, loll Ilnrohllst '011 Men i tf reall notate. pmtlirled in hunt1I Imtgnnecla, mad :all per celt. ill I'ogl;i.otoloone: IllII per erlll. 0tn all ml othrr prlperty. AIVRERTISoEMT. S out of thll lioct libe of tlnlllsi 0f the averrtiser,slluch a legol, alcllton, no1l plliltI1 itl snlros, ruInalay olooo, stra unnl &Ic. L e.&I. nill he ebargol for !epaoItrly, and rat the ordinary r1t11. AIIVO0TISUMEO000lOI t pecifiel 11 to tilme, will!he ,puhlihlled 0ne m0nth, atd l allrgedl reorlrillgiy No advertloements of Ilankottllcros will lie p0llinlled r toy cule, 11000 paIlld foI prh ion toinsertion, or poaylmlt guranteeld b a relolnplloellleersoll i Itwn. Theatres aoll oulter plaoes of lmusmlnol, o Ilvrtiillg aily orlr the 10000. oII fll charged $1011 for EnIlglishl a lo0e, and $150 in 11ll IbIothlangager. All IItlll etel lolts of coortidotos for poiltical office0 will IIn ollcnriell dooble thle price of othler olIvertioe mlenta. tii1lwol Ill tlhe immense01 loot rOutaiOeld by nowspaper prorpilUre, tiler 110h10 c00 to the CIonuion thatI tI e nnnerves o plers()n whose accounts bate not born paidlnil ithloin e no f haftlllno elt r too nlntll llo, slllll l Iemllnl1 11o1. (on far p prcti1ablc) to eaeltollller-tlhey 11,li goitin thllllsal1r0 11t to advertise or print lfr 011011 IttltlhtItln uIlsls11 in c110 01 ndvance payments. (Signed) J. C. OE S'r. ROUES1·: J. IRAYON, P. P. ltA, J. C:. 1'IENIJIERGASTYT JOIN GhIRSON tVit'loy Prets.-We. tIl udllersfgeltedl pel to 1111111 1y thi 011110e cOlllllitiono, 0s f1r 10 ltlhy 1re nlpllic1t llc to loohcripoltteoore.a far lelslsll.at f mamba. Lettes musin el cranes, be Post nail. HARROWGATE SPRINGS Mlonrgon ery r.olom , A lnltt'..a. T'IHREE vD..'s JOulN Y Fr10.11 NECIV nORLBA. N. r\IIE t roprie•tor ot (it ,tiat,litthlntlnt tll Ilt plio i stroem .inns oi e Ih k o hio Iri al ll rI lublic 1thv to re r.i ,e e iit rr . ;Ie will lio acutt' r ,riot .I.. oelt ofi hoi al t t rli-ltner, that there I r. lin aI rgI itlr o vrle tuS ntoir it d tllth es t ort , toitnO ilt. ) r i fi hernltln , i d nt tIhe sr e ime r l thi t elll ntter i t nt att haoe iat. hlo orltle ' ithi good ro' i or there wlto+ p lrehr easttl have large '"' bi"' e 8, h frombiligI It i+, tlilolltol m rPt I tt tnv tttlt"io y ii itrtic o lll iar tlf tI ... .t..r.. o I thlte t ,:,,trs frt it'ito g t'.t 'lltY toli .'ei that (itie arelt n ,il .rioh tot all. ill th llo Iout eIrn SMiatra.I All tlhe elntruts(Y I neB ( h e rrntlllllll, lost d it tVitltri og P tlltet, will t 'rhe lll t ay lltt + .T bIIrIt m sllllir that this lpart oi" Ih colntlry nlrfds. herl 'nI t,,r , anld will be In cos-tl, Int al teu uce( at thI+. pr in gs Ilduring the whole sRPIoi0. "1 h. a ,1 w .til t l tn i i.lfof this oppmrtuniy n rmlr ilna his fnlein I h ak ' ftor 'Ithe very iihterll rlop- mt "!"e. him.. la-t ,rn++ o I, nWol hops Irv flip rxer Ithel , mlllll ull.blltiunstl I n I0 , t a lilbI rnI I, lllltrll. . e thl t' p . J) 1R.\$1. SAIIlllt \t V \ ..-- o,.-e cr '. t o illtrt'r + a i tvh alh dh lerh, 111 1i 1 s d 1 aods, 'r, , r" r t v ,,l, 6," lit,,' rrr dnl- r ,,, trt., o, , Io, t, ,.,t I t.,i, , ,,, r tt ,k' 1111 a. 11 11111 ...~ · ';""' m. I ' ",. ' S, 0y, I 00t 0 n ! wt o n d .i. 1, It o 1 ile ,r, d tou , and., Al v & .cs ll , I Ctt,, lt 1, l r , , , r, u s t d ; tll lI.,t r b, tt lop It d.' :ttleelrl otd . tiestaid 1."tII o,1i ' ; I I,t ',' , and p d0tal ,bel-;coh, c0~ , suyI.,r, heig nd pln£ ter i crop whao+I wtoo t, P "t0:"tj , ctioott, nd lettho r I EIr tis, and surOtt, C it e s o Ir'kit Itn I a r,-: Itroto i ,,trapa tal, or0,,,, I ,, + ,;_,h ,Ii- nod Id,,It s ;.id ri blind bridle.. is linel ; " . lh t Croll ,:i and t he a t,'l i nt to t t tll ar. , i I. II ll go l l li , s; ot t, O1t,,-r l l ,,ook, 'lr.l eei ' t rltnt th too s tac its; tPin,1 't e d ro, nll..l o lteer l o tltll loti'o o rta t sct'ption I s.,lr-d Its,-lid, lrtlll1l ,.l -,,Ir- ~e')r [+'h,+r: ltetll pimeo tll ledt r I' o llll -i t ittl t ..iI rciog.ti o,, Aolted, eoras and rttl l a1o1 , t0 1 0 ~t d l0se ntr hot ,Jo a o nl o ite loo. Or i t~ fot lllr i r .i .tf s. r T hey will ai le, . ar h ,d 0 0 i'''' +,h r et1 y,- p.ro l , 'e, t lear, Lory , I ,lots I lro t ILY .r teio h lItogoots p'o uitl oottlhl-ll hio oi agttP .,I 'iOtll'olllllt'- Illo i &oia ll' oi',h t li Canal St. l ht .Jro'l)'no t'~i ,l l di . r oh I Or lll. olr, t . c / (ilove Ih practire i mr e tmn totheo, Ven e re t al Ii I o .sseo o Illtio ot ito ,,lioc. 'i .,o 't.ootOr hDr. ~Jol o , frotll a r,'ideceY of mrnv 00r0r in ll s phitog alo tlurope, devoted oo the tnotautol Venerealoh aestll ltel etv and.1ti lua l .re t la t us ore ootda d twitd e u ,tin of lie f ,llowing . ii u i.\ " 1 onlr. I el o. ll 1vSets, I cldir t g es, UO r,.o, i iooo rt o Sem ill o- aik.IH'lasil lrthti o D ,t IEllim'Bll ler, Kidncrs, L .ins, oreigira, Pro trate aBrc. o ld, welled l esi l ois rtptions oi o the Skin. , Sore t 'hrunt, uton in theto Aio thep ' nmet foll y.tl ltoms l hic, iv generally fC llow tse of tlercurot, riootoiorn ar0o buittorioss or ltertoo" toen i t, I tia. l.o. , o. toloii o h,.tin rh Olototr ttid cr 1.atiltOtriotltrO, orthtoittirtIt of rlie lloovolhi .,ot iti oil too odwlret o digreoi tt r a rten rir e toahil ie tttnod oc otalined o l r.J. hnsll on It is oor thrn or.ipe of the Itaron Larry, a celebrated French Surgeonohnd whs Aned the hit aring theerotts e, nnql h n weia h he taking se t aong'e a or removing to the icoun.tllito do well by giving Dr.Jouhst o oa call, as proio r lo cali o roe for their ,re in the shortecat tirets can be Iput . owith written directions fur their ro o. ooc Ou iced pen hi rom in til e morning untlil 10 o'clock at LDr.l hyier .Ihy, t hlligrat.I t of e .ng!i h, rtBo aoso w opinion tll t y in.-tnths of the diaeraes hatt Illec moankt-dri"inotein ofptoaaioach.g ohrilory lixirfe, wis need him with the l slot unprecedented sil ueoi in r tist privat and publi c l tttr ar e to r un o, rds o f furylhig.ll o' do artotortt rieitoor ita.J oh ll.O itg,. prot ttito 'i oiollo.l Oachain i otohe fraoide I nvineh of orli lead nd inO li hcjrrir. I dt'cptdrod (Io hrotiat , ioioln. oo Irlorrotot ontion Itol leep, Irregularity or te I0 towels, and in atlle anes where Indligestion r o o i.r toie habiti ilhl r to D is medicine nisir ( 0 t e numieisleld tmng f the hoit lof qahck n.truIs now eo ore the public, a oi ioo inth arond ever piroduced, ant he llhSiecret ofh preparlug it Tretois nlellnllt letintalo atollielal,: attnIr lllo lrtltr alord ifew bottles rnth eos ho moot confirmoedh ceo tysrpsig a orIndigestion, and prevh ntt h return at hay c35 MadisonOO-street. :i N Ao:ISo r e luenofhl riin a iredent oary ifrd I ihave been troubled e or less withc. ri i diellntin far enyears; for the Inst three years, my suferings hoan wtlll a Irol rtion oale t I lla tried of ve lntr , Io ieians, ead know not hw y, to expres yino tllt rationoi'od o ts storing me n t hat he ld.uwin : o th: -|nerl l .nde te .d in) aed ientarye. with a resolution of the donhe of ,Ieprlentativle, pasn. edef4th May,1i83. A few copuieh lt rean*, atn wornorlhey ALEX 'IoWAbrm 35soigin i hthllt hei! ilit2C lotfir H IMOlM RRIIOI I)S. I AY'S LINIMENT.-No Fiction.-This ex tr.orodinary chemical compensition, the result of science, and the inventlo " a celebrahted mdi, catl lin, the introd' i oft 'wllich to the pubhiec was irnve.ted wit' :he solemnUity of a deathbed Irequestt, lieas ince gained R reputation ullnparnellrld, fully sustaining the correctnesr of thie lallnlted Dr Gridliy's last confession, that " lie dared oot dio without givilg to posterity tihe ieellit of hi't klnrrrlcdgeo on t ohion unjeot," and ho thlrefor; blucatlhed to his frienrd and atteodaut, N.rornoa llays, the ecret of his discovery. It is now used in the principal hospitalo, and tihe private praelic in our country, lirst anal Ions! certainlvy .ib tile csre of tlhe PIls, and so ocxten eively ardt oh, e.tually as to ba111'n credurlity, uonlers where its allhes ara witnessed Externally in the,: following complaints: For Dripray-Creating exlraordillnary absorptisr at nllcee. All 8wellings--Rrducing tlheml in a f"w holars liRhcumatismn-Acute or Chroicl, givilg qluick ase. Sore Thlroat-|ly Cancers, Ulers or C(ols. Croup and Whlooipig Coaugi-Extrrnally, and over the Cihet. All Bruises, Sprains, and Burnsr-Curlng in a few hours. Soros and Ulaers-Whether freso or lonlg istanding, and fever mores. Its operations ulpon adults cnd chilreon in redui r ilg rhleumatic swellingrr ad lis!lloinrr coilgl h ani lightrness of tihe chest tly reloxation of tire partr, has been surplri erg bIeyonid concrption. The comlllmon remark of' tLosel \rilr have uased it Ia tile Piles, is " it acts il;e a chare ." TIlE PILES-The priee, j1 is reeinded to any person who will ouse a buttle of Ilay's Liimenllt for the Piles, and return the empty bottle withru, being cured. 'Tllos are the positive orders of the i opeprietor to the Agents; and out of many thou. sands sold, not one has been urnnecrssfill. We might insert cerlilltcate to ally length, but prefer that those who sell the article, should ca r hlhit thire original to pirchasars. CAUTION--None can Ie genuine without a splendid engraved wrapper, no which is rely name, and also that of tire Agents. SOLOMON IIAYS. Sold wholesale and retail, by Ct)MSrTOCK & Co, New York, anld by one Druggist in every town in thed Union. For sale by the Wholesale Agents, corner of Conn.men & 'l'aritoupitoulas strole, and bIy the ApotIheariei generealyi. :1 Cii.RRIS & N.".a: r(ho .1. r. i r, ivni, s, ell nr ;,oiII.r i hii , Ieir .I,1, t 11 , r or-. iir Iontal neoll laslhilona' P 'tar i k I (: llnr ehl.\, hiiave pvcr ir rrllord ginih' mll lllrkl,s ir , isIl Ir , ;,art Iof II follwing arlierir : lir Ilire, ha , ln je t Isl e , W, P ts rO1l+ ,,bY,, h,'ulll(o lly,,· 11 ",n,'Took. ai d lll llid n ol ive trick ,id drea i II. ,tll; h avlrn I t iailr nrilr harrirtin frock na.%oe, ' L nrtiv irrr s - i- ; tnallCi antI d ,in h1i "1 ,s , .k mIo 1-rP ald cla h at p-minlIeah) . I 'nTIlqh nnii If".. .'h lal 1y nd plait]nn | ai o l a irand a r r,,sS; raJl netw markiit comfort; 'C rg I a dI ir o i'h finlr ai ri al, i li ' ar a e iri l iI hdl l-i; chii antll iik, ir s lks- ueh ln 11. rl. I ,l ' si . cindrl n;c hril i-, ri e-rinn. laiii i's r ul, e'sh 11 n i,, silk pi el (i i lh, n Intt ,h erll nl r dr'n we, r ; fine Jllli:l und ,. tnlsl h rt''. wn ' llllain i.,nn h ll illl, 'lII1 rtll l -,l; Iv ,iv n i;I1/rl i ,ii plain hil ,Itk sik ll t. r, >lla ; " (;,.itl.'" pr."rrIrIn a G l-ovrs- 'a.lso a j ha l tl I hitli l I, tle t , fol r w ',ddln s, halls. .tr.: S,"riitlvhi, l 1 ,lk nail rllandan1 t hd1i ;: pinin t iiT r and ll ,,.itrl, er'd ' T I T { . I k, l ,a i n, t , lh l h l e , v ff r I, i e I. ll Nn ,1 1 1 ih ll , 1-- 'I nI , ,. In IT l id fll i, i: t , . :i d i1 . Te'l~ t' ' tl : ""i n,, !,t r ' , i , , 1 I. 'p:,'i I I,. r tIrl\ .r 1,, r',.2 . ir ,, i11 .I1 ~I I ., i , i h, orn I', n11l,,Ii, II,., " l ,'I i _ . n , ,~, .~1* 1. i I i rll t,, ' Tel; <,L1, nt .11., . Il C /) ,,, I;- II , I I ,r ., ,,'% + I , In 1-,l, t' ar, ,|li ,11 Y"l 111" "'ll ... tin... 111 ,"4 .11 , ¢ ' i If+ vo0i,. - I ,, , ald i t, ' . : l, , I ",.r h 11 ,It 11t \ 1 11 . ,ll, I. \e.: I I tl", . tiiL e arri il.tii o 1i I fr1,ll- ' l x l 1 - h l,, 1~ i , IIuluat Emaliv :e, to ilIihuk l, o h:I , I 1 1 I r:ttiemeo:s ( per I':.h:ec IlitSL I(te soml i.lll (;'1 i ilhlcuhih Ii" er :and I :ay) to GCder lunC. cC .h Ies Ill.h-c via .lasriauln , (;Chudlah.cher, (tlirnlerliv .1%.ant V\'.. non,) ]taliihl ldge, |'1lder.toll ; Ilal kinsll e and I.uni- , vilh., to Aulgust:. A pasci egi ertalin,; hl, s.:t ht t1i. ile i is In Io danier of Il ngi * lc o\ ll t III i gi. i hii1 pj"er e .re c I other nlllficlinll illl.r lts, :i 'he FI.(')1(. I)A LINE is lbut oneL contcern, alllll ILder L lne COl It, therlgllut, i 1 and l lllly rely wlrntl l':iittti upon his Ir'ivlat Augustal l il time se il l ificvl, thrI gh :ll 3 wel I e1 and at ail lllly xwaso1, . nles m.et most orIII ee Illl catasl irophe shouhl occur. The .riiile New 'rleans .i i is carrhed I1 this roem,-. The Agents fur accounman i. tio Tem, i.u.ch i ivii ae' Irn saicrvt "'11,h n lool iao, iinatural irods, the d.qi . ull inter cnling ltllr naig.ltien,.the time ali acconnlmlltion, iet variety; connect( ir as it were gith the Rail itRo Cill llstn, S. Ci . : .l lle ste:ll .lckeit i tiot I t l or. ' I travelers kanl tea .ii Newt York liiill . New M l1.1 ,s I.brlsnUA It ilearl*--\IsIhnagton il, in I1. Fom i Chatihoelce, tFhoriihe, we have a Ilrli i v I.iue via Q itnmll lllTl ] ''alla. lelss., lo S .i lrkn, 4 huIIi lue St coilhels, alslo tIw IoIl'xIelnt Iah sL frl llom I kinll. lone Cit i llledgt t.il l,, t s lllot lo . c tligI I r l lt hll c):eCll e. S'I')(IC I ' A l . Ai'tiir v 'Nilirhe, ihn. 1 t., . l()Iu l ic nt iin II IlliSV lobile i 'Ilisi.ilne, Neow ()ori'rllis In 111'i'ir, I i i. Mobile . to Ag tla, Aji..ta to C.hlrr 'leo ., t I.r ; (:h:l'rleson to New ~ \n'k, 9Sln- I11 Time, NTw O)iI'cain toi Mo Ptile, .t huiilrr pMohile lIe AIugusta, .i. ii l Charlestou n to New Yirk, itie.- risi Making 1it miles per dayi . or 7 tiales per. hl'u, iic, h siNe oef 1l slol1llg A ,ges. noii I1 N. II. I IK le ave to inllform the Ulllit Ithlll bridges over the C ia.llihoikte swrlp lln lard Ir llt, creek halvejust been comp11leteldl I y the general gerlll menlt, (the ily oblsltacles olelaillng :Igaillnr this sT lil [ll,' speedy'routa arethusllhalply removed; ioItlh 1 eve l plealre fle ling fromi travellersthial Itr cic.Ie or. isls, ll.velll .ll n- s a.e ol the first orider'; a1n itr I1u tohe watler route from I'ens:lcoetit Cedlar Ihiu it is atltnil. i inovelties lbeaitv hadl salfety. The hridges hrsoll, Geolrgia h.lave alon been irelir. ,l .1 C I1AKI-II. SJA`.IES'.e, Chus. T'YRRIIFLL l olther NiOVFLTtI'Ie.i allellci I'yrrll, .r tlor Iltier Illllrd, hv Jimtiiue.. r li.itii.cal a ktI. II. t I Silr l. ca ii tie. tl hi if Geollrge Ihe ThiJd, 2 Soa. anlllllll ult ll lltcar Io.1 lf t clarireo r, , C,'o .nrr 1. IalMEl Tf Sicilv, hv'l'uckerintrnn. iPaul M [ck i Thiou ihr.rer ouft Poris e I.oneanlnlellt, u new Novel ill 1? VOiL. ter ieiuny Reign nf Tcrru r io Pir rlesth o i I'iceilhla, by Sai tine. tutu'(,".l ol r C tlli cptrinu itol i't, r ne u l j"o Rihelieu, bv IhAri'wer. ( w "iteri". july 30Jh--m. w. cur of St Charles & Commont.l diOll 11.II TS o1 VnlhhIilm'i Plirlolillliu witih Nr l c Mimile Ni f dt tico Ml ic u e Stlu onir Ret Illi. a sell .Dellgl pri'e,tho pri' celot of tihle tlllicutilln rr. to Ie dlevtl,.d fur eI IIce of |he IbCiWcnhinlgon Manual I,abuur Schal'lalll o'.cle Orplrlllil' AsyTelli.. Ty is rkil tly Irationll work oullt 1 o be iu tlirlanllld of every TierWill ; te d editors of th Cilr no i1 NElW rni , roving, I lle' Never Y i.9 ir m It dolit yoiu leuunh.r the allulilugla lle i Ihe Ihraiul noiiuiince'_Tho \hite atnliseoflhle Pleppere; Thou Come and ') Lup e lton rt eillr ml y Alex I i TOs' A agriI iu he grand iomlntic Oe 4A oailine; tIl iet. 1 'rFl ineeting ut ll rlting; I r-.e nol Iblr spring in e fickle wing, by Ii Runsell; Come, onte)lll, Ilulihllar ill Ron row; A Liic onl the Ocelu wave, b- II Ilussxll; Slie watllled for hin; F o me Ie fall a tar; tollme to ml at nmrnlllg O'er [ihe Wnltere he inooniighit- 'rhtr,,',. ino hom e I like my lown, urranged for Ihe harp by 'r I.abnrre. I(oyal iWVltz,,-t by" A Flecie; QtUeell Vicloria's Coulllt Quadlrille.. J u.i recei'ed alnd for stile by d19 B CASEY, 19 C lmp Ft Vol.--Dulnliaon' Thuaerpenuics alld Ilumf.ll "Phl"i ol nigy.--!).vis ou Femiiales, I \'lumn.--Ebule Theri. IeuLlies 2 vo·linlmes Nllaw lnppliec just received by Alex TO\VAR, cug 71 " '9 Cui)Iti StreelI I)EAFN E~SS. G U'rI'A VhClS':'Allll.A .. AN IfNFv"AI.iI.llti RI:MIDY FUR D1: t '. Nl .--'hTIe great seucchsr whb h ha"l.Lt d edl 1het aphlInatinl o' Ihi+ valomhle ronllellv i bll t~ hIllldred en"lle. i II,, Drl sptllllllrlar Dis ) l.ll.arY (olrllr iieinl., or the, I,)ey a'ed ncar) hor Xhlicl Inll Itins PaJtent ave lea tilin} hr " "y'lyl.r ,I 31) frlllm the I':nghlh (l;overlllalelP . ,lndl if,, nallxclom thlll iry ill h CIoope, DIr.l dllortP, wearet- pria, kk no , r T.e Jore 11llllrlloR r -ul lCC1 whoIhnave IhIe .aln rntu ini:nlel it. SIb.. ifullV ill" L I l: (o11 a lt t Ve PIt"uilix, llr t wrllu o t. IFlrallnc lllan (:.·i" d'lna· , a.l-l i t, Ipr t iy thi,us311lln . lour i€- + t~ re . rtnilly whlt 1,whc tl lille (iutl:l VAu rl. Ihel' I ij l -t ,. rce ap111i11 .:no l.. nnejlled by 1'. any thllliu I·d.. Smr. 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I havle grel, r ,,l I ll a I th olllr tn tWo Ibottlet ")rodluea perfelet,.11re-an-D ld n oInIo illbtanCr :t gl'rLh1allI i n ,holtllln. unller Inyt mre hlhnrla ng uInJdr deafllPln 1 for mil:le ye.ars, et edll d with-a rnlanillng l onthe earsn ld. x i ule lmr Onlluli re lllr hallp di alla t itillllllIr l at EOmpllnlld U Ith e lr rill ll n o t )+Ell: nPe re+(.+ 111'.411 , removprl nd thi hh ividuallrel trt,',o ,llaehillg by the ml- of three ...f l.... A JllIilnl, , r~ltltloll+r of lParis )epahinA of Dr Tllytor'. iulit. .' getnbllllh says--I have employed all'my ,kilJ an, lul ell(. to 1111I out 11 xefl'l preparation far the rellrf utl curr. 1 'D,,al+tti., and I lmu' xolenlllty alirlll that I have never l lllll nayr thlng so good, ,o safe mILIII n . erlicrinll+ n, I r l'.1" Sr' s I;lltu Vegrtathdll. You IlluIn' dl ll'peod IIa'It xI1i] lv h,, rl)r lýIltVe nften rxex rl-"lltel it,. that It t{)sxehsP. eve.ry virtnu+ liha can1 Iu.tllybr abed any med nl atell ll leier tmlt dim resmng af u'I( nI I|or II", Yh -1 Y ll have a ilned i" uE of supl, rlatll e i lra rf+ :Illet " 111111 il)·l(. Pil~ll. Ah-+ S A Nllrton (f1,,I ""el'ld Itna,!, wa nr'llV y,.ars am ire(d will ll nftlfllP., t+lr Ir)lltrying e ,ry thilng hll, ..;.hl I,+ar olannd h*r llv.illlrll enubl prr.(:rllr .ll, oar hattl ~ri,' Dr ''+i) tel'.. (tIt111 \-'gFlPtIl.,, r1,[iPyevw heP rll h lIrlTRI',k nl, Iamfrf she olp iied Ihe third nettle hill! was Pcrfetctly rent nred to th. musell of he, r he;Ilrllll.. TIl., Ilnrnhy, 4IP F, rington stret, whn wall a 1 ielannant in hIh 1 I2,1 i gllllrsl w:lan rtruck l,.a 1,11 ~ Il' plailn, n l alerltn .n1 hr. reqnle~l l d oPrler nnlllc. Af* l ill,+ uaa ut'uole bottle uof Cult. V,.ethllllli, h wan I rfefrlly PlroPre . M11rr;,ec fiT(:alnlln,,rrwl who had blee, 14 yearlitrpriy I o till "rnl l+' (Il,.arit1 w W ya. ite cared l y glIl h1e heitile+. 'I'n I]1. :1..."",I vwhoar 11e.1 nn mm..? ni I il llhCted wallh dl:e 'nr I tht. prelnrnitlonl wLll ,lll,,l tl p{}ra r o hl) ·llel.,o, |I It h:is o fee- t qIlntly rcr+.d tllar nrntofrri% whn alnlo ho i*olrlrco+ r,. bad bt, , IItt ,tllll lll. (Id airdelnrl¥d from l ot r ml-inms, thu'" tll a61 lrld wlth ,Ieafll , ing from rhl, thi. prep nrittlon mllt ilrovP invnluallrl nold will rc"srore, thell to, he~llr +ii.g llt llll PaPrs out oft'en. 1'Jh," (I, tm|; Vp+Pliblllt J. prepard| +in starlt arx~nrdlllte . ith ! scirltlGr rrlu -itpa . .h at nrt fioln all elnplrllll :li l ii I It Wlll' e fould1 ( ( 111 Irltr l o carry Ity IWI. ronreca)llln l d Oll(1 1 Wltlh It ila tit. i lll')ap~ +.IT+rlr II Ilrl) llrpn m hy rPlrtortllr tht,.. tn )·ll.al ll , mhoII 1p , i. f tPIII + si II.I"r, t url , b ho. t n It) b llldprl'ed of that hen., or ,lw .Iho and Irluil onl y g lency a N, 96 Cu'rtqm _,-r n rIT* io:, ; 'IRUY[ 1. MGI'Y A\N; WIILL PI I' All, 11' i" Inrl ,l. , I:nf)1llI )lh 0 SiI ayuri /lu I arl Pills ,,av1 ,I: , f, t- Ihr)- , . 1 : 11 €,11 1 ,1 ,ali.... I ;n . ]', al e: i , ': .i 1J to t i ll d r ,rr c. l i +h , I'l e, h . . ,-,- " olfillo c, 1 Ipia, nu I h. ( , i,,,cit 1hh-ll e+1 il(· Iw' o, W ail, ,I I lvrI.P+ are 1''1111 t · 11 i+ ,t fr1-'r' .t L.dll i 11. .· Ip IIII. 1 lp. r(II ·LT~ l l r1itl.J: 1 r I, ,l :,llr , -,t r : . i i n11 ,k. l , I ,, inu~tarn t al ai or !l u r ." . l ,I l, I " r l, . I, ta ,Ir i llloui..I mu' t 4111 ,, re," trill 1 . - tart-'lll ; i I - l uhllull n ,It m no( d f11 d , Pi .,l I tnpn - ,r, ' , I 1ii , I. - ". l h r-tllatlth , , ,ll ,i h or e ll',nll , Ill ate1 itnl r le Ir Vale n : I.,n ;11,, .t1 rot . e 1(,p ni onah l fl I l·(h·l II r',III trh ..,thlt,'2 1~ ,1, . I., ~-('q llll, , - ha th y .tll- 11 t++ lC."1 " , oi ken h ,- , f1 cc--'l'h t tl.ý goer 6. n ll f .regn i) Int, -+-- nln+ tit o 1l n11wi'+I l,£ 11t1t' nnilW :.(th g,) h,' 11the a.,tue. ai' nIII a I -'l+o4, irr ltllr l f.IrlC,, ,n llow -' c,- ., .l ,'.. . ,.... , al ol h+ h.h , r .,,rl. ,, I.",'- f lu-,l u} m l,,,,a ll,, I, 1,ll a l,,nn ,+i :.",r , n , . ; I h f ', n.-.1hrlar ' irlia :h,.: II+. tltlý l,: ýcayll tr,1 1 . n,,+I III i l lt , of : i l.+. r.le, iii, :Ii .llll, .o r , o: , hl n, ,l a'; n), it.,nl (lan*d.; Dry n~ am. t e:lr 1119+i+I.. and Ir., l 1 ~ru le- h-.:Inul' , ,r dhe tit, 1. + ll, il..* a.,n1 rcl..ll tit" lt(. he'rt and "T,'n r; aId rr~I. ¢,rkl, h .+ l<rla'h; .,,'llillgll ar l adrntu ,n of Ihr tnwn,., I'ce l+,o had nta.+ ,;I gL.nd. of't, ,,',IIl ( th.". anonlh. I,,111 hr,".I h, croI11 L a .l. I ; |"l llh" ,l t+ : |m11.+P ltt()t ; I ll'+, Ud ....mark e l ';1,: ltl). lllL 1- --0+ tJ' Ilr,,; - Iz ,,r ,, l iiii Sour r 1cC(- IIP ilrC rl or it,, rnui alh f vrr.till Cc. oor +r cl {,glle r+lrlllt.l (;l,'Lt l{r+O{ thq mrtorn'loll; \'(,ttcr ra+h .c i III ~iI I--Thr? Iln I':NL\ .Irkn11tl II.Ar1IIl',<IP : n i4 :. . q.ull h l hhm· t 1(,1111 . ik'1~ll OJUCUI l n i r p.11;i ih ..l(ll l r a. . + Ji n ,. + ll III, rlllli r. llln t'o , , 1o. ]' I "1 It is ., frt--'l'h1 aly the S-rua rdab,,,Id rmltt. atrvP o em.ed n.car, i.ud I. ,+,y r nu,u. ,rt dl • L' .la~te+- la, I th+ e : n~eC l ). J.,m,,, I t,,,,. lint,', Sc Ilt ,+ l.,talt-'l l t thell b o d bloudlpolyplll ramp I'' I men IeI by sunny th rnuh boatL tit" U Stan-. (Sae dnn. sraliel It i. atl.ct-Tr]hey ure c,,ml~o~d entirely or vepetadde.+, and they e11.o wat rulnltd tcontain iuo mrcury or ull11neI ])re tt I"al fl. t--They nya he laken y the. lol dleicte, .nd at fr1. Ill :. 1 hiti tdreI, Permlll| :nro|'oI.ctloll Or bllIn.lars; witliout nrftnr+lklit codd; ~lthout change of diet or restraint from |thl.] i"" rltle·* 1 (~ 11 he 1 hl -r active, according to the quanllty taken, weaken th tlll-n Ia lluh +. nost of the Purgative mIndmLcnt+. gene. .v , d.. It t~ a fart--'l'hat they rln ithe, roo efl'eluml I'UR IFI/:;RS OF THEt BLOOD. RIENOVATOR (4)' TIME .51fTESM V+ver ,llscu, ,:re, ,t11n, ,'n1-1 HtI t.Oti nl l ,ll,,lac.rh, pr",Id I llc., l rr. 1' n ,,r t (e I T l lllrra , .lor l l l roInn lln.,pam t of + | ll .Ineh, ve , '1"iln vil. Sc &,'. hnown1 n h, .- . l , inlet d o d , l a l . a t p , . , In, c . , gnn.IItert Iii 1fl'-~a n.~i h2e1. ,:tnee hai IIhev) h .P~!! ht llX oll O h4 · tlP I, tha llll. dll.,lrlle. ~ ( .f~t r' urlgI to11. IIIp; IIIIIa,-v n o y t humllloa rrr ehi r co Idell d It i. nhe -- I bh toal" nn. b o f;,ir·rplrlse hn I lat l po 11 onle l),+tt I. tf t ll;.'l+, u l,,+.ll tl l 'nisraapa ol.l': all+., stI ,: t to+ c..r." city ,lithe, nib~l ý~. dIH'-l's. II i t+ a lll l-- l.ln rl ho ,,t,.orve , |hl l thle only lane tllr ' can POhllllll'l grnlUlllP Ii N. Orleall., il .t Conu.lon huls,lP hl+rel t. ban:rtll. " No. 96. IBLOOD! t LOOD P VLO01.! !! l . Tlll + ill lltha ucillh (I,.f.) oLi CU'al. ll ols Ial th !o d. ^. ItInoI mire~,,.o h d. VI,. ].Elm-y lhing iii lhr Ira.l it, deriveJ frolnt Bhhd, 4t1h. At{ tcaallEll iOll. Btra rx la~llcly lh.allll.. 5 1h.i All ll~. ,sarlse frnl, nllnpllrlt ol'the blonod, n,, nl, ,r word,, frllll lllrmllllllUUl hlolorl l+;d e,l, In kel body. n 61h. All Lhl.-r. hllmtr.. Bra cllrlietl off, the hlrlom "purified I. ntel moon,,l hIlrlthutl hy it.i, .RI.D,.oII II tllmt llhli~lllltel wlth 1 \IPUItIT~ IIthe blond I. well Mrontt to It one tithe grat .1 ".ears ,i. rlisome.P SARSAPARIL~lA n well known tlo Ibn Lhe nurotI)llllUe l purifer oI.lrl prtlnpal tleldlTW ag, ntlllall ['an....Ttuitholieoa. .,-ld ,the:r prep)aration.. It is u.rh,.i, tllorlerlU'II: l tenalelnlrllt onIt Oiltal v; thel!y re kLLowii Ioeye y ,nie us svoery i pl l per i, liled with ndverlllolnlll e ulprel.. sratlnoi. f ,l'.n. halr llll eltr;llasyrups. Ace. It) w Y II lilt dilcuveied n pruce.., knuwn only to himself, whlrchy it :s comlnlhed wlilt .tiler well klnwn realldlal aelnllt witliolltrol ih l tlie irlus ll'the sa·rraparilla, and rorming Sarsopar/!n a nl" Blood Plil.¢. Wi'th tile earulep.rills iseom llllid ; to nlt nd merlel pnrglatit'e, which by it, ell'€el g.radual l il ald OlllllItl Iltll'rcepllllJV curries illf IOt he gross and inorhld humlols .eparatod fromlllb. Ihhlood Ib the taranparllp . These pills do nllt pulrge "0 viaD latly )I is mt Isill do. whiCh pro. Stiur ntl telTid~ue. tie systeml, renderillg it more ilnli.hi t, dll naee. wl. ahlllll thle tytlril. nld mnakiig disease to take tlrollngr holus, nnd kiilhqtg o oeur Iin g thotlalnldl ; inll lort tt imlut hol evdent jhut puringcl h, violrntly aox the pill. do that nrlll ,of tured by quacl aamd nitrelgn lmpostors are as illchlviout ill tlilr consequucelx as mercury nid uther Iniu mrale. romll tlhe clrcumltallce oftllhe s.'lFllaptlll bring illtr(lldlled lin pillshoeng ea.y to lake and cnnvullient for celrrcilg Ill tile pocknr Aar it avellinl ; not heing liaIlh to breaiklge. as are the bottil entauinig preparations of the sarsaparllla they nlust eventually take the place of all other preparations of earsaparilla. Both ith foregoing have elicited numerous testimonials Irom phwviciana nl ntloers, whiich neumpauy thle dlrections, xld are Celfidently reils nllded in rheumatic affredioslc rerofhirry.lpe'asjau ,dice.hoartbur,, diaasesof the liver skin. bonsts lmd gl aud., pain of tile Xldlrs alogg tile hack and sme, |liver tile region of ilOn heat tand stonlmach, inward fevelrs, bad tmate of tile ilouthll, fool hrceath, flalllency, inlligestinu, wa.It ol apetliLe sour eruCtionl and acidity of tile stomnich llcernul sres of th lout'. tIll'oat and body, scaly eru ptiolls n hlotch, of tlh. .hin, dry and w.lery pi mplesand pustules "'Fll fae .e d body. Utthe. and rillgWorlnt, swelling I hard inlllog of thre glands of the nleek, in tie grolns, breast, &e. smntcllh coughs, liver complaint, waterbrlhL, ahd all the wlhula trlil ofdiea.es raulutlng from impurity nf the hblod, eoustitug owd diseases produced by mercury or ether min eralx. Ask ally retpnelalall phylielan the questioln, whit i tile mint flr0iacioua purifier of tile blood l lia answer w il be sar iqparlln. Sutlice it to say then if nl physicians recommend it so'nni vrrsaliy, whatbottor evidence can we have of its invaluable properties Nuinearo certificates llhw been received nnd references can be lll.ll to hundredl. ol olsla see of tile most remarkalble clrtelser ier rmed hy .ll":llcllie, SolI whlolesale and retail as No 96 Cutolll Ilouie street, no. Or arlls. .L."]'hose , llieted wltl rkeulmntim., scrofula. eruption of tlhe Oii, swelllng of the gla.d. ,.ercurinl dlseuse, A-e may " mr n.._,y . dan.tges a,,d avoid i,,,po.iaunby .. plyin.g as 01" The attending Physician may he consnlted frons t o 10 A i, alid from 2 toi 3 Pi aid fron 7 to 10 in the eveuing. april4 rll tlF Ail)REino ,: tilfthe 10iirlail Sutive No llitio at'r i Ansocilaionl i thre chlzenr oif Iouisiana rlid the inllhlaitllltslof ilT. 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I tlt\e i!l ¶r ,iIT L* 11i 11 v ain.r ll ( ·r+*Pc +- 1 1, i I~ I'," ,- Ilf+t ) P o.+.,, i lll t i+ 11't Th. ash -.b_,o1,d ,h, h,'r-her ,''tify that ;eh1nve luse, t (he .+. ,¢1 l~ll rl ri ,fi 1I I 1 ,,v lr~ l hv .t )hllri:1,lrl" +u,,| V i Xhii-i r e iii Sr O iieoai hj lR P |';t lh i zI' ,. ivuIT l.Ipno wnl"· ,1|v(iv n nprnl.t l ti e I .~ n l th, f Oi lih1 a l'. lfUnr, hut also l I-ertnill rs.lt+r 11w, + il.lI. 1 'I TiH \'IITCHER..%.nior, M!,thodist \The-ter in .t Geiorge 'u p IIt" P N, ifi Nuorfi , f31 ifth iet. So)il' Ii '!'IliIfAMA . ft fD. liii|{ee .OIIHN ,I 1 .Ii l , If l A S. r1ii l 1ret. JI·lT|" ;l l I),Jr,123 Arch str,.et. It i . +n tahth breed tf" lhe ablv..Eiene lrTrnl'P or : rs~ll:, of lg ai, 0,lU mul~ the .rher+, ot l |s. th|an ,0. fi r i ItilirFI t\l t, ir. ut ) ':). iZl~llrlnl t) t~ad hr1 ,,fC F~lP l ,.,] .rJ.;Pl 1 I· ('iiv uf nuhilaui.fi, S1, Inhert i shartla. \iaor of'uifrua ir', o Ifiu ,u , S.h o1,li,.r+i .T. rlthufiu'iuf ,,rf.usfriruufi i, fuflhtt+u., lift t ! itbiei ifi u i'iiff ii ed, i . " , , aI'u .i r' r II 11 r otPh tlld ,ur i f 1i' ff er I -h ali hb tl oibn i tll in a, , .+ n n | t + ++1 h ,+ -+ al r d 'her , eotn.w t ,c h e 1re p r ,l h i Io I ,. h(le ln . malr hv thf" rioie uieiit' fur rnuuI , ri is f. u ueh.hot . I'-ee, ii.i r t.niden IllIn , IIIn tI(( I iei.rl ullll'' Iiiir fii bIi rmost dru g.guu iaiiif rli 'erfuull rll C i gt o h h.eln r, .111IV[. & ANImI IWS, m9 11holePsale. A\ rmt, lew )rlenn.. - Ili A I lI{| .ii\ PIIV ,I(lfl.lII I+I+Y 1 0i( t.',{" . 1 0 1 ,:1). "Jra+/in lll,.d| from the [Freii'n h of+Jean Itu. I boi,,, 3. D). hy \1ill.iam e h|.tlebl Part Ir., i10 the rlnc + s, ity tal ltnrring',. * L l'rt d. Intrl, ti n u ti' oll rit Ai , ri ith ulr e furi Part i ii. i i * * i u IPar ith " " " Shrr~are Phwsio)lvically lDiscsed+., is the moo!! Ul lful, l d 'lll idle iiii the lualii ntieretmting work rl rha we ,ver rl, 'I well br ,k ulp illor l rlken anl l, pinsters, lit ,i h Iiik ulff ( t1111i'r l ir ri IIId men Ikn wo llpn lhanll aiy 1 i cl"illll tlIt h rI'i el heniii santionei hii tih i R lur Iii if)P Ifs Ii.-- I.ir l1 1Ea, e. T'hl is a Kra uiik, and will be produr tie i f muuth gontl~iru th e+'lti1Zlrl'l, ht ill irtll is elln t m ec I guuuuuf +:iiH i)ufi i H Iuui h "·iii L l . I, ujIII Ii i . i.,+ ex i., ".-uiuufhii. I' uquu h i u+iiiiui iii if. hei nuiutold iit htir, a- IIi ifqIi it i- I ii' , iis I- iaii i, h' ..+u," IWnt inhul 1I rher---ue p n rir Ila t).mur. ('ampl s~ltre t. I'riw, a e. I DltiUATiIN-I' Fir'Nfhl auu In n G!.f-sl. tr Jan. 8, ren'a!i y if "!v i' A1 i It , i i i r h v'I , tO iII ,,ri l e i i i'ni iI N ,'w if rllu . lihhi hu .'l Ilo)Pan tn i id m n , li i, r . 14.JJiiiiiuir' iii N., 19 tiilu iusi .tri, ir fil., ih'rultu io o yourholI bfiht .s.x in F"iiih aniu ,ii Ilufh in u i.hleust. will he ;:!i as-ii ed i h Mrs Ji 'mes a i Mr,. . . 1 thu.h r, u,,,, , ip,.ak h,, thii ih,, iliniui a.,e ,vth g.reul flull,1(+y :a1n, pIre1, and wh,, wi|l~l ~tak charge, of the tlepmr'teriet+ o' t'se "ou'f lall. ihes, v irio)u_ bran1c1heq ,,I l.i nttC~l alld Jf lltersl hlolmell Iriiuth,+ w'ill ,,le et' Pl re saltistlIlionl ito thoset whoq ify bo sl i Iiii 0l b h ieir onfiden ier. n v I ii . fIr l. ii il."' mI'ii iii's i ahuil ui uI P nu .i ,hia r ,u l a iii,1 biu.ii ',I. , ii uuuiuil.ur ,ii uudllutr.I! irfiii.i iili Ii ,t i T I iiiiiii Iu r a nu el i a h ii.g s itfo iliufrabunul fii- a tir. hi,: Um, .n. " r N. a. A fw d , , ,Hranrt i ,rn haf ndr t br'ff sm .fr, fmm . 6m nuhes. Ai., fIurnuu I,,. whheI~m - pa"kiH.. ,.x <%a nl.'l 'ilf-m.li,.l +tf+ u-i-i-u- la 'I l))DlS n I)FllNT'l 1 ANUAL 1 Todd's 0b.aibh a:enal Tenei,.r Abbot'I t'o rtler o1 , u; A ,ot'. Follilyv t IIIt'. Abbloto' o i du f iood; iollma's |lroduorito Abbot's Yoeun Christian lick'- c. lnlrlte 11, kI, 7 voluti es I1 unnh .12oe's i'rcj iue iclevtions, for isale at I' mlllv I .ALEX. TO\WAII, ii.ANTAS--:n hales Jlkon+u, Indliht head 4.4 i.hroeltn hietin g,:- do (toeat \Weptr do, 50 de (reat all i du, ,hlr s4tP byi cases asaorlted Ir in 7 It, i6l sheets, 30 X fit) inches S LOCCK : & lo, mi itf 8 Fronl Leven ')X.i'A Nuf UNln2'II2L IELPIIA-FIorsale li St!) 11 U II Y IKEi,65Camlp t FRANKLIN INFIRMARY '1, ll pubtl ir are re" let1flll v Il ',orlllmed thatl tni ini Stutio i erected "t!l ile inomt improved plan, i o an airyv u dll oll st slll IrabiHle stlllal on, in lle Ianilblu F.raklliu, upoln lle r.alld td, ule nlle lfrom tle dlnasi i'hie lillling is large. a i ci molscomnmodioulv divide, into o ual iltmlts. for kpii't sepaorate. dillitereu classn,: and ll ,erelll t diseli e, s. The intlltolll i is Sppi tI ilth ile munt sKilll nlll ttllrltite Imle nd fen nbllll u sIIIIu llld sleualilng the v. riouls mlode ii luglgnee. Privalte Iools nlla n l he d hl v rgenltlelmenl it ive di. lurs pea day, incluldin, otltenld:llac, &Si. 'I'ern isl Elie or iroarv wards, two dollarn per ito Slais alo two dollu,,. Small Pius in the ordid.,, wards, live dollrs. All caplital surgical operatrons cletra. The resicllt pkiinicnt.I is ie)r Weddean, to whnt, appllicationu fr adtollissull lllulst be made. or to A)r C .1 I.uzemberg, No 17 Rampart street. apll) IV LI XCIIANG7 I on ncirnati atight, for sanl h II X CIM .I"A1 IIl:i,31it, G r tit/ IVEGETABLE rLL s ,,. KNOW that aeahth a-tl abilita ta mas of thle pI op e ll Ihis, :l in tll tll o er c ull llI tri 'a. to pra-serva, ther*'oro, i ha ,t lWtllit by Iailll i t i a l r atll . l nll ra l tal . Iii ,l ir' sub ll: t tO J f uhil Cw hiCIh, r ,T'llt res a111 tllllla l t lllla tntlllln T talaitiedeto toulsa,"r ityand ,,ert aaii'a. ip p ro lb a it i , n w h icl h th is n dl hirr I 1 nc h ie ,ve. d | i thirlaa phlaa t tha Uaited -tatal'a, 11 . 1,' : d.I, IeIxiI, M txac., anld th i ,eat I adi ta, fully ju, li lr. Ple"tar' illVa-trlll a'y tri a cI te ei'tall' l rlllll 'hI . lhan t, the lhP .sa ci ll . d air, o l ltil lleldli ! .P rtar t ' V a'aaaabe 's l a ra t, o, " , r , ..1 fee twllrd ulnd , l ..,ni +'l r.emedy l' 1 h ,' o1 ,+r o. l hni hrll·l III i Phl''ll tillI lh+ t h 1iv'ier h l diI overed. I Dr. Petera, te Ia v'e'a i'IIr th'a. i vhib* a t '' ll' ' , f mllrli'+ ] tll it4 klnowl ,dl , o r ti l ll ln Io . te1n : deri",e f.,).m ai lonl. ant extrusve pr,,ence, ihas SaII'v lit ti. i ltla i ti I.t t t I tlmit i it r it 1 t n ii llhlry l mises olll +i1n11 .t dII se:<,,' is at d l rll I1.l':l l' i1n11 the Indlllt linlls l theill. Lvrr ,r 1n ) tI the r we l))(·l II11I ds to e :I =,d or (hlso lisheld er, vrtlrlln oif ti lh le ll'. + , tt l taell (nli i t i u ln - er tto d , tha - it , is t I, lllln tor Iers n to say whenill tlly111 ul l lli that th yL) i.Ll, ; i· rsll: eii.. ,PI; il~~r"x Il rr~·l alr il· i hlh n-, ml anl l lh.el they IItIve tol 11111:I ill onl)l titt toltmaih. On te i her h'nd, whe th, ,low of hil tt i dit a llitu h , t ,' pra cex so"diges nis iL erfy tlI att r nl rrl tt talle pl tinj"al lte re wa n k tad ltall ial'ltll , p ecuity cnll lrishmIa.-J'lt (c tllll ti le od tkln lu lllla a t 'tlal I llllt prl per y l x t ci I trted,a' ilaxt at iod inej .,naed in n r *de, tatite. .Dr. Pel trs is conidenltll'l l!lll 111t1ha h ;1111 tlou liVenaLnl itry,.-o called, r aan t. -imlurt . f the bhood ia tila cai se f all diby aslt ," s at r 1a"ti f l lrt ily. i Evry tiate wl t realecs a iat tI t arllajet t llnt , wa ll iiterei aelh lld l urid ~ r II t ll(ol d lt a ia.tl'yll dI ly ot I'a prat- ry coma i ,iLt--the l ett illl d n-ait'l IctuII I.IU II ld e. ia oni t h, o ll'aphai t e (I -l l l h liver arL t d ttraai d, .ilt, he t it'a o hia + t' arised, it ii t lltti ll tt'a i up br a a a it'Iaa lt vetl els a d i trr l t lra tthe tI ral a ati d th lcot i na It in1 ell, wi L tl e bhlaa ta I nIt jtttllllrlt w en r t, pt entt ahttwn it il ,'i cO tntengr .a . a oa this impi rl1ytb 'P i o taillaty tl , 'oi tmL l st alirrect lte ia e' retlnll ofIthe litv , tllad r storei l iat tl a e lltll slte S Dr. Pcler,: hlts spolt m1u.'h .imle ill experimllnI- ing w hll~l ti ' are ti i at h a Nia1 I lll( . llh'r I" a llitl'. LIr.i hlr; an id n m of+rs ill Veglal: b i I' Ia a , it.+ t0 Illst, ml t cohveiel ti tatd I 0.0 ta iat Lm it. inlell thal( illln Il pr ap latr 'ale d r a.tl e irl tit' 'itttii ilr. Peteirs il. tters hilslt l l thl t his loax ex cri. i lllllll, with vIgl ttl)e mtnediacinea a a a s enaLa led tilm arIrll,',' I lrlao, at et la' reaurata witai-e-at l iy of', th ar atte d a, t el vilt. Oai greaa qn, ity tarhis vt getnb, plillj ~ at ha L ya ' t yhaveill ara i llalala it ri L a pl. eon. binlad wit al their Pt arti', or olara tivat a, qa a l tieha tso a .t th'ln y ' a ot ol-.' y ia la,:lat t'iaLit, l tt atllio a,,, bowels hby purglng, butl the~y r '.ubI:IL thel I wr, ahainaae the ia'aarbid a ea ret Itiatt', taal thtlala at io h ,• v tr u, + pe11-1.' the b on I, llinv .ig rte thle l;IVI i i ' ivte0 I t nix ral a aIi| t anrky tlaaLhe ler.t I tI. aii(t)llll a:i nd pl ;a t inl their oparaatiota ll , 111 .l lll y 'ai not tlllt i n d t Itat' lo vili t11 e thair i 1'a rel lllla - IIt t ist a ' l' o . tthit y ca l ta t1 at takrp'l n lln' by pf~earLs oftant, ., ald lha avrax an h al i -r. a, , IarvIIU. aaa la ' -'aia t.a t'a s int'i l I by tat' r a' r tilal n, aae' 'lala th't , cleaatr t pl$! yt llalrlel itli anl&Srs, quLI lt niory sLl irrill alt , 1 e1111t i ly prodtle sW 1 h .t th. lhle Vegl tablr % Pe rli e . l surl'e r llull:' tIo pln. dier.,+ sick unld nlervou+ h,.adache, dy.. tel-In,c .t,.tV. S ellu -, s lcknllssroft at:e ''i a h' r ut i.ii ll )litius' phannp:1ts, l,'vers of all kinds, a11d i|"tken et ,tl nearIeII' rn'PIInIt \\Ill inva'riably ec1eck the~ir |iro wnrt : tel S. tIv tha pat tiaae frtlm a protracted andl b SanGe~sonsDacknesa aInEi awl najlualle' il nor \' tus aaaa h -oadairtl a alat ini a, at,'-, oi t p; - atatit ta 'aal atIl' i t aa hl t Io at- I altaa- s La' ,nia at ublj~ec. They opersion a. m.iihld and speed pturg.e ii ir." sth td cert 'ia leadax abr waaris in iN t, i :a , ta h',duce an V " ,tbhs Pis to lh e l o In v,. revolvel%+d non~lelloj, cl-ilfie icsll) t r r, atr ,' pe ty It anil d,. , a ro. 11111% hqtters Iornl respreal,() m t, I sw:<.Id1++ wi haive. ll ed th011n ia the1r p~ralctce witl a he best I pitalht ataltaish a ma,'.llii votti,,a <'r cI-' aificis but1 eonlmid, r it . ll ceosstry, ak. 11' w Inet endsel* will pa lunt,',i 1In t"o a ll wt o wa I a t a tl rt i a a-at l Of` ta tlhe tbyve p0ll-. n N. Mt aiaa t'a, 1i atilt eea ai. P'rice, 50I cents p r hox, rpar.a't 'rnd a oat try 1a1ratat&sI tan n be supt plt(ed ait w. lhst n or ret. l I, at r )r. n ' et''ri.ixa ri & .apr atree,, n'. J3 lnaydrapp trict, ,wa hyen MagalZte ALtO or sah6 by G. N. 6lar+iton &T, 11 Caell~lstreet : P P [Derlit., druegist lIIS ohl L.vte. rbet ween'~r th~e two mla~rkets : Mr'. Ilroehu,,r, drttgi t, at the Wa~slhingtool mllrkel : CJ .Trilhchlant, dhug. gs-t, corner of () llal &l liourhou stret.*t.: (G A Jheud & ('o, druggists, corner of" 'T.ehouitoutre & SGarod streets : J Roasi, druggist, Lhathyette cit~y. ALLIGAI'TuR LINE:. tMobile to Aiguta, via Floridea. ." °i.' Leaves Mdobil' 'Tiedany, 'Ilhrs. S-'l day.s, ýn , Sturdaeys, per ethe - speudid esteraer C ll,;pi'o, (x. eopt ih c. st of st rm.,) tI P' t'tco!. ; th' enc pe , r - e;ll;llr Lo Ray to L'I Grangenlll l lh.lec flllir : "rs e I"p l coaiel,-S via Mariii alt, ,tlbridgo, h ig .- i der.oii, Ilerric, OuItw'. it d Pe rry, to Alaron,i G ; Inlece Via Mhllelidgrvillr, aid .r ertL, to eWa'r. rntolo , ll TI* c(: Ipr ra llll red crs t, Augusta.I Teo C1 .u.I, on is in splnnid.I or , r, with new e pplr boll re. c"ppered' and c ppcr I itsiined. 'lnto I. IRoy ih... lee:n thorougihly ( ipaired, her eeonllllllodationsl are as handeise ally i h ne TI'e bWau i ll Santa ite So'nd. nod Comca. .alehije Iay piresent twe most iierti'i.g ct.ea ni. vigatieon in tll Sc lh-'ll .ng at tihe slllt. iise perfectly land locked. 'I hl Tenlims are not I tslrpasi d on any rl'l!" in hleh colltry ; tLi e drivers, to ia e ni c.Trefll and atttll Live. 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'This arracngeoent will . uti lun ill le , travel turnii niorthwirdi, the'n l Ii- ii \;iii bin ti ' Sne from Mobile, Lu, Augusta, ns it is n sw in th, other dirction. 'this Advertisemeent ontain i a plain siat ien t of flIcts, the accuracy ofi whih Wih prl or(tor. gauracntcto eci ilpassiIlger te ll i pheleity Il his stage farle. Maps of the Tone miy he s-an at thie x, hange. IIalNc iw N r icas,eand at th i M1 io Hlouse,+ Mobile. lVare throeghl from M bile to Anurta. $47 50 i TheI l(ie extends, ;i alranch ito ltaile. e. It Cliattehincho, t . hine ceoicets wlta the steainboat carrying (ti0 mail to Apa achiconi andi St. .losepth's. i)tlie at ithe Alaesion Ion.se, Mob In. 17ml? 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