17 Ekim 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2

17 Ekim 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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l n .,i l ChamaI er aof ealmerea. OarPICUs loft THu YTrAR 1839. Prcsidenr, S. J. Peters. Fire Vice Preaident, W. I.. Hodge, Ft1. Meoad do. Jn. A. Merle, EFq. Cmnurittee of Appenas for 1839. ti:mte Dick, Janites II. I.ecerich, O.C LCamllmack, AIijalI Fisk, P.O.S.orbe, Ianinnel Thmnpenn, ait IIegladeaa. i.r OGreat Eistern tMairis elloet every day at 10 eabwhk A. t. It dnea everyday at 4 P. M. The Lkta .lail (via Covina ton, La.) is losed edrerv Mond.ty, Wediestldva and Fridtv, at 6 ,o'clock, A. 1f. Ia due every Tuesday, Thursdady, taid Saturday, at 3 : rM. Thu Louiatle or Ricer iMail in closed ever, irilr day, Wednesday, and JSatrday, at 3 1'. t,. "I.s en ualdreturmlnd hrby ateanmaboats. Arriveo irregularly three times a week. The Beaiv Sara or Coasnt .all i elnosed every Taeeby end Friday, at 8 i' t 31 I ent an. re.t r.t .llaeumlwats. " The Alexandria en, Red Rioer .Vail is ant irrego latly by teamhoatts twice a wa'tlt. l.novlrlLL ona RIalR M.tIL. Mander, ) Wrdnettdtn tand } Close at 8 o'clock, P. M1. Srdtiuad and COAST MIAIL. Htesday ant jCloeeat 8 ao'clock. P M. Ft R NSCARROLLTON A A IIOTEL. 5 l VALUD ham te tnnor of informing he and thl public ia general, tett he lns taken the OeWl at Carrvilltt, w hee ho truats Ite will receive the ecllls o hia old friends and all Inover of aod clieer. Pialte partiea will be handaoiaely priviled for by l rintl little notice bmfotehand. lie ia wiling to enter ulte atragementt with ftmiliea or individuala detiinlu afpalaiag the eunime at 1Carrolltn. i1.0 NOT'ICE. .lt Aratagealent to commence lIt Aguai 1839. NEW ORLEANS & CARROI.I.TON RAIL ROAD tMlan a ARRA.NOEaNTna FO THE wEEg DAiSr. * rom CarrollIon. Flo Ln , ew Oereaas. DarneCarat u4 o'uek, A. M Hor Carat 5 oS'c,ek, A. latamtlive a t .toat'iae 7 , a r ,, L I a e " M a I u 10 i " it " M 1 " P.MP ARIIIRANGLILNT FOR VnDaYS: Thi carl will leave ot the vi.ac hovt at ii the week dayt aattlt I t'elolk, F. M. wha aLLocom,n,tie will I,atela, rolleon every hoa r. u llil 8 o'clock, P. N. and Now trlealls evely hour saul 9o'clork, P. A. Afa 10o, Itm.ka hnaorearvan he oltainad hy vpavina Iel larefor the Trp; iftalled for aint 1t u'clock, P. .I1. 10 dol. aarwill be hrltged. Pcr.rnlnoing Iy tle lCteanm Car mltt provide thetselves wh Ticke, as tiell otn.du.aor has ntoi va direetli..b nut to mive tillvaey in lila thereof. For the accomonlitaioll of ptroon v iitinl Carrollton. in the ,5 'etaok var. and wala Ilesyt dlt to mnuii titre ula tit 8 o'clock the iar that hals heretofore eft Carrolton at 6G aretacka. will remni ..util 6 o'ahick. tiicreiay allnni.ig them tn. hour teiovU th, pleaisant walks n vIt i of the most leattifi faerr.ens it the anited States. Til. JACKSaiN AND I.AC(tIIRylE ,TR iET CR4 I.ave tihe hvad of Jeksoall Strleet ut ti 'claek. A. t., Cainl Mtrrt atil nk'on:.lln. nv run hOlrly. A i'.nikik hny will aalmlnce toi leae each aitd every eail hoLr, Ilnil . i'le'ock,. P. mexreptiie that inateca of lenvita:clll ' atleet at ti o' linek. tlhe calr will leave the-e at o'civek P. 1. t t i na prtlealvrlv requec.toed tht vaeeen rill not pllt aheir feet tl ta. cus.iol., or . mokci in ithe r..a., wite ..ia Oec SNiw Orlenill nlld Carrovlta Rtail Itoad (Comp.aj. JOIIN IIAtI'S)ON. july'vGth 183a. Ci'ietf C. n. O . C NEW ORLEANS C(ANAL AND IANKING (:CO. VIHltE tIrln 8.eonahont Ieltelira nwill leave the aiol at the henld it ilia Now Coanl, every lnvy, (exclqt Eundady) fIr lie I.take,at ,illew " Delpart iat A. it. IRt rmn at II A. 5i. IA. 5. " 1i P. i 'a P. M. 4 P.M. St9 P.M. And oa MONDAYS: DIepart at 10 A. I Retrnat el P.M. a PP. l. " 4 P.M1. .51. j 9P.M. m . 28 B. CHEW, ('abh. NevP Aerrngemveent. NASIIVILI.E RAIL ROAD. T'le Locomotiveu will run to he. Great Prairie ; cum-at nmneing on the i'lPt inst. as folloiw:-t wEEK VlA.v :s. Deparur.e, lteta.h. ~8 A. M. I IA. I. a Ia . 9.1. 6 B e . M. SUNDAy. to L:t UlaliPoele'o Baonou. to t.a Branvlira 6 A AI j9 A M 12 M I M P31 to L Btracheas I4 tI1 I 6 |' 51 J AJME1S II. CALDWEI.I,, atntyvatlttih, 1839 President. ..- . -nt.l -kntra . ..,- ... .. ltd • ot_ i Ilohnr o. o :o .,)l t ... ..... 7 t ololb.lll llot Srpt . ' • R.Itlllrr ,In ... t : .'t. I.,ui . Oct . . . ,.c .-. ('1sr a.) Oct ....4 i' , n ..... ... 3 Rostuoi. Selp ....d o .... 41 Ii lhl dno... I t N bal llsle,Septi .......... 31 i IHai r Junei .... ..... 3 Nk II IF1oI'I' OF NEW IRI, F~INS. CLEAII ANCFk,. Oct 16th, I19. Prhr Ilnorllet, Hudgln ob, ' dla.+o. Jj I ok l tlooup oll.y Jotk, Utolot Ptooooolo, iluotto AROIVALS. . ot. 16th 839. Tow boat Ti'ger. Crnowell from t Se oalth West Po.ll.ho. Ilso elcllll tolo withl her tow, rturto ll to Ihe city wiith khip Tlello nl. p bLlt Ihoduo trin indl olip BeIteet. 1.6fl the btotonthe 15h. R,"pooIttooohiog I tight1. Rltg tuItdlHope ot oheIttoad ol' .. Tow Iotr Lluu, Riddle. from the South Wotl Pani, hbalng pt c~ll an e r lll h r tow, recur n d a ,. t e e cty with lhe ohltp' Frlllcis Ueptu, old Ealle. Left the bar ou ho th th, SlShip, Fro nllo eplut, Folbel. 10 diy. from New York, mo ltoton t Atery bEip Eagle, Adamsl.o3 o ayl from I(nton tno mltetr. Ship 'l'rm t,(irn y, 1I dayq fruit lntuo ll,to t, ter. ttp t ria duotria Maria .tyi Jdya frtolt lll. to J Rob eAli & Hul, o oi ctr I-o.It...ta, R o 5day.flom Maltnnolo, In anter tchrt P'actS, DaSto, '4 tdn). ftoo Wurrt, K. I. to the Iwater Stolot1er Tlllkirsa. Wood, tf t Virkor i TlTmer Ilert , 0 toltlult, fa roLt otit EXtOlRt'r. rope hardware, prot, tt.C tot O g,lrrg., mott lo..e .uagr o ed Ilterchlldi.e. Pglrscot aP-Pr logi saucy Jack..lgr llo p 00 ,ag corn, ond 3casks wine ,. IMPORTS. Woa11tP.P-r tehr Picltoc..C.rgo 390 tIt. pott,-o.. 50 do tnionol . smell lotmoerchndlilt, to sundro y conIt Natw Yolot..Por hill Frnnci. Itpaa,.C.oro lollortad mtr-o childlie 1o .rtnllry ,ool. lllO a t tlo roN.. I or lhip Eie....Cro 31 Iono ice J Toln ror. .. .... Per lNlp Tremont a.t' arguo t O rtorllud.le, to ioouolry -,i,,,ltteo.. " Robert. A o Ill o o8tttt.Pttlo% byotoo o f o f LIaxlLZA..Per cllrh lloeltI..Corgco, togars ind fruit to orllero RECEIPTS OP I'RODUCE. St I.oui t--err e ,,.ur e Ktllallre.. l.llO hl6 cOi'o rope. 5 p.tIl baoi,tI A It Whll.ct a o., 62 ,oil. colie, J Vaoe. & co. 3060 kto oplol M tosi &t hlrrit . I truIII O llh. I keg Dol bllo, I oo Loyt or Amelulg. 316bll loulr A Futtoll & to 49du ald,. plr I all, I& Ket II, 9I bale lolt . FIllloklin K Ilndersoo Viekiblorg--i'e .ltoaaer Tukllauk..l'Urlgo r1" hale I ootot No eAllntturp ln 9 VaIt. &72 Rorke, tltItt coo '842t Fr;alP o o llllllrnra,lIo19tl 0o4t, l Wottt a, Ioo M& rrilotld, Potr 'sn T "o, + Xet'l ioae0,. t .' Keylloldll, Hyrne k ao, :16 w 4 Pollard, 6 AIill tnlloot-._'7f Ir I P lo ,oot c., fiA 'Pu - I tt. Ito lrkr " Iodlley, A t. ralder. MoKollna d r ghrll t ,4 St L.oulo--l'etrloo Iloer Robe io,rr-.. C.algo 263 ck. corll iP0 do atla itllltr,ll A ;ilgrroot., :14 IoI coro o L, l o tlo dllloll 1llltt pkgdo1 I' 'otw llt, 4I6 tloor colt,,,i, Y a IoItooo A co, 6 1, i'res,tt-L.Jt, - Ir., e5 L0 t kht, ,,,o r tAi llLOni :(ll. .I I ock t.roa.O o key, I e.t 5l0iood of tile 8 al I',lrlllll 1 I': ds clhtcle, , tOUdo turOkeys od 1U lo.8 I utter i d trlg It, P.itlENERSo Io PFooot,,otr Toktion. Moo Rtooooo-; Alta Ilul1, Ilr L~in & .lod. Olleoroo loe ond N,,oIto o Por.teooott Ilot Sllotrrl. Mrt Keene. A oank, W0 iI V.,- hn miwllotar. I CuLtull,l JSrltl, I1 i oogrl. It Per octrPal i.o(t.tr . Ottoy i S . WltIaterman o tllul 41 itolo o t lt ot, EkE I. Ponry ll lllt.ter. lit Mho6 IIl.tANtOA o o Rrlh.,,el II.le l oitotvt olloo t ole . rlporet the Oho, river too 34 ftet wteo, t lll , Coitb d if. t oIdr. t9h Iim-1. ill rtexel II1 (llod ioll o tt t llolt.llnd No 11. 11I0 Io..t. pa-.otd Chlo,,.- A l at Olrmlphii; aile oo urlt U i to oolth olYoluo i od PdPI- 6,i n Hlo% II ,'( - -JOUt b.o ertti6od Wlhiokeyv , i otorn I aI lo r al-Ily ( lttlHol', et o5 440- Nw lavee F L U-L - -. lor to - do floou,, i t., o-to-I +, fi . .It oalo by 6 1, gilR.EY, 05 4 New l.eveo t UTrIEI-I F!0 - tt luk-go or Ito - turtto - I tale ho 05 4_ 4 44'e I Pvee, d Ii-Ktl -3 o - lk. rluoolov'o Borotu S.ooto Poototr, S Tr otolo tot Ii U tJAlMItAt K & to, s. E 3 oI~aktltoce t'(CIthIAN(0E to Now YrLk, jHlil ol New York 00 39 atnd 61u dayt, hotl sle I i o24 P LA III.AW W,66 Clmp otl-t Ith Uit.-. ItItUSE lJIA.. iS.-4-1StoI-n ttorottloot A li .""y JIJIIAYE l Vi & St 1 4 d4l'odlaso at Q (i.ARt--dhol., tl rltnartlicle ill sl re sId fo alf rdoe hvt ' It HI)l a IitI'HlIH 019 mner t :niion & tt At .zi.rteo oo / V OR '--·.'0 bag,, u h irt eri. rn, fr alle 1v J 19 ,t(i H NINPi'H- IAUI it, ;ravir sl H.ll 'I' HIV'dA SU(; \hi--w3k . bxed nowt V lx di. I eg tle. Co J I.o, tro d -tur ole t h I ml es l ,, titoots A; tItotioooo Kl(dllto kv Ilogito Ig; 390 coilt ile tol pit 7t p ,ilt o ;rli ito , ol ,,, `2p ho000 0 PiiioooI , oillortoo0 anto for 4le by ARIJ Ail FI-K,to S57 olmllltnloll ". fl sititl, Conotlttioon, friom toiir, tl,,,l, 6ootoletly Hl C" t:.0 ',.,LII,. & I',,, " ito' II +l 6k 'Lh ho ' u rIu'.e Ito( k l o:tY 44 \."w Iev1r c0u1llg0,01 ,p I, I'oII, bo.lil Ir lln brig (-. 0. IIan, n I bfr sale I t :J'1"11t F o Co 'u. t " 7 i Pu,Jt e-t TIHE TRUE AMERICAN. PAITr UeL AND BOLD. official JotUrnal of t- 28 -f-unl.cltalitp. PUBLINIIED Daily, Trl-Weekly & WVeekly. %Elt OR LEAN-: THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1839. The General Committee for the relief of the suffeere by the re.ent fires at Mobile have already collected $6,102 80, including $636 E0, the pruteeds of the ben elit given by Mr. Caldwell. To which mayn be added $2,500 uoted by the Council of Second.Mlnicipality on T6esday isal, tmaking the sun of $r,6 2 80. Ilefore the labornof the Commnittee cease, we fael peursuded that the amount will be swelled it $t0,0t00, besides a largequantity of proviiuots, necessaries,&c. INcnEultARts.-A Thomusonian Doctor and Nlathan Nicholls avre been arrested on the charge of Arson. Scott has been bound over to the Criminal Court. Nicholls Ihas nut yet undergone an examination. Mostll..-From t gentleman arrived yesterday from Mobile, we are led to believe that our sister city is in Ierfectstate of anarchy. The citizens have lntd public meetings, and, dissatisfied with the conduct of the pub. lie authotitiee, lad lesolved to take the manegement of the afftirs of the city into their own hands. The city was under martial law, hut liatle confidence was placed in the authorities. The following is, however, tie offile cial relort of the meeting, ill hlich we sea that the tulae ofithe Mayor figures houorably. FIRES IN NEW YORK AND PIIILADEI.HIIA. We had prepared a detailed account of no leass tha. fre conelIg atione, two of them of immense tmagnitude, which cellred in New York, Brooklyn and Philadel. phis on the 5th inst.. but were compelled to leave it out from, the press of other matter. \We learn, from the New York Herald, that property to the amoaunt nofro bhbly Five Mil:inns of duliars has been destroyed,annd many lives lost. Mrs. Stuart made her debut t the C(.am Street Then. tre on Tuesday night, Itn poor houLe, o.euioncd no doubt by Ihe benefit of theprenvion night. 't'his lady is a very great aeqli-ition to the New Otrlean.s Tlutee. Her figure is very gool, her feature, expressive, voice full, clear and sounrous, and she possesenc great rpo er. We coull 1ot well judge of I:er acting, for cel was badly supported in Therese. Mir. urm Cowell is a )y uth of great snartness cllld considerblel talent, but we very mulc fear that the noh will spoil him. He appears to play to, it rather than to tihe audieno e in goenorl, anl takes entirely too many lilbeties oni the stage. I.et thil antiroL this, and with hard nit tv and close alpplieatiol he Imo nod will rise into e..ivence, in his profemion. to)Ttteoday imorning tuilre wooden tenemeints were burned at the IBalsoi Bridge. "HONOR TO WHOM HONORt IS DE." (Froml Tuetday' Bulletin ) To the Editor ofthe True Amecrcan: Nir,--My attemion oas this evening called to an edi ltrial artitle in your weekly paper of this morniOg, hended thta, 'Honor to wrhom honor is due," illwhich you have misre laesented thie loocts in relntiltu to a coall ,lade on meby tle eotnoitece of relief, for the sutfferers by fin at l.atile, tietll.iit the aid of one of tv mall line boats t tratlnsort provisions to that Uoantt - lise city. Wtlout auny disposition on ty Ipart to witlhold honor romn any man to whom iltnw is doe bu " it lplv \pllll It iw to let tlel pt blic know te li t,~ in ths lattr, Ihat they many be atbl te tojuidgn e ethr or tt not satw ally disllositiuon to itt Itolley in h gorae0 o. Ibur carrying protvieiot to the ul lortlullate osffretr, it annexed celtlficate o ltirct huolllto l, Eeq , olle of 1tho cummirtte, itl! show Iho Illcts to ler oNrcllrloNd: "Il t rlle lhllat Ar. Joiln !)nvlS anud" nlvell wore air.. contactor In lodlti ll oniFidy lightl hlllsl In a, otIn front him wlather Ito tolllld .llow tric Mail Lille obunol t Io lake aoy provlticol fluto might be i.tffbtcd oas a o.la. Itoitln otIto lit suffr-er byv tI late fires in I att cit ot ieo If A m expentwe; lhat we tprure t ,- ll the rsidelnce otf r. It reerlol: .nd acqtaioei him wil, ut r t u inoes--u tlwhich Ar. BheeiloNe re lied, bat he Otoed to, d rn. tIngto i obiealt Itits tUttt; lh h; s mav l bt oil a ere runnini only to a l'ncagoula. t o, i could nllt troceed to totbile t it itholt UoIllg Itail ut i ttllth d of I P rf i lue-t via I b t 1lh ,tihe had eitspare bona llhe Ludy ofl e Lake, then Sat thet rtllroa d, whiot tI o ioilllllll,tte could lave to I lrll . corton tiny pterosiol they augilt wni-b to bhip, t coi t. ricn lter fllth inn tle explnlle at naUing tIle boat to Mtbile oad bokb: t1tr. Breedlov remarkinbg, tllt havin co S tllbuled t tile get elal flld flir tiw eiicttie l iobil it t no. could Ibeexlocted ihat oheould dwobu oe Ilur or fl ihuodred dotllura rotn his pritnve oluryr to cove te er peno of rulnnig tile bout to , oblle d nd btck. PItIJtE allANNiN. Sunday Omrning, 13ill Octobot. 18:39.' 'I concur in toie abolv. JOHeN DAVIS.' Ar you have ltgged illo r yor relllorks the. Fire Cm l I nlilteen nd ile Sall t ri .ltrin win e uall lilseo na ll aln.. dereaios lnller, I detla it proie tll elighten ytbL t iltle oll thl t sitl acitol. nlrll t n the ftire 'on alltCl o tl it Ille Inree, hor tile purpoFe o ri, tainlllg a Ipinsage, I i o,i e ta, hea lu had o0 Ihomt gong Io Mobilc, but that trhe I i was olne probability tcf tCoV snd.ng one in day or two prnwith pto visioll fr url sfrerso, cnod that If they woulll e call .ot y office t m I A. M., tile nexl day, I woulid in forn tilhnt what nrtant gtnwnt could be nilade for sreld-.I io goc them oer; what that areangen.ont was I runlr you to tie csrtificle of toy clerk, hiterewithl pubilirlled: +New Orleano, October 14, 153b. 1 etI eertiy that tn ame. W. Breedlove. U. S. ail oe n-t I sonl, r, n leavini Iliti cnit:e on r nturIany monoin,, directed tle to inlotr lte Fite Cotitithe, ifoPterti shnd i call before Iias reeturn orm the o ake, tht they ronlod bit ct I elveyed IoPlls capagolln , ill one nlf file llh line atootl going tile day ite wistn d to s l lll ot, free f tis-I l age. " T.W. W. BIANU, Cilerk U. .Malr Liine cffice.' I Now, stir. r the tlso ariti tnst. Wheno tietoat young gcc tlemtn tctled on meo to1 kuow what I wollult citorge I heln to taketc Iile to loile, they were told ltat I couid only t olleve thellr to 'occagolit; front there tley would have Io tbavelin Ilhe mail culinch, over which I had nul! e onlrolethat oiler anlodll til on mity bats tr hal b Pnien, slid thalt In wld give lhel a uote to tle stage contractor, requesting him to retend toie Fttlle orivitge ii its couchele. IThte S mtriltoun doperted, aftlr ex prereing tie ir tha llkl, nsttil I torently i eltli o Mtir.fte: Iherefolre, I seo no good retllon why ollue ithold te o n ditttoll d to hl dk ici ICPcecsr I lay the mattoer Ichea- o lfur the p tdie. hIlave to rcolllt' .tcu, oir,fotr tie ulttre, i uot to landt r intn in older tl hep honor oupon any othr w titan. J. W. I1I(tL.FoII.UVI.. new Orlean, (Sunday Itovlllog)Oct. 13, 1839. d We confest the corn. Wae have nosnlrep enl|d the b i raclt in relotion to the applieolion of the Cornittee to G Mr. Breedlovu, to carry oner rtnvistons, acc. to ithe osutlging rlobilins--notut, our misrepresenatlion was to favor oft he se.tive inoit contraector. Wo sttelld, go ulpt the authorly of a too·nol, r o tlhr (eneral Comlitt. it tee, that Ir. Ioreedlive, in reply to their appolication, l .oil itde hiad lot boats ruonnig to Mlbile, but tbil he ne would take whan tlte Ceonmtitee ligEhl ihave to tend IL I provided they would pay the ebtr exopese of runre.ing li boat fro Poseguo ao to ewhich point she. wa . obliged j to go, to carry theo mil, to Mobile. Nu lthis was tot a genesrous proposition, but it certainly was . le.ir w,1 an bltoect bolsinaes o roraclleha. ot tlerchalll olighl make U epen fcoirealten ltion, Io aothtr, e it pu.:nillt g his It .t dt frlnt I'aoIlralclolcl Ilo MAlfile, the pxtra expelrl-es It'inn hg e to., Ithe contratelor eottd loe notllhing by the operation, ePeO alould heo get nlo paosen.raet ilor freight lhere or dol back. lefoIre ..tendin our .IItmrnl lf r6t n w tn n lprfsf, I I I however, re called poll M r. Pi.rce han, alanh :ohd. o rl on precis.ln whal lioe .at ioll his celolilitlte. [t Ill, we tt Ilhoughalt lhere must be solne, listlulke, and , exllrsed o our Ienielt-ii is not looia.-itlat ital itr. Ioredlo.v e:ti oak irc ith Cotm,.titte Ito pay tIl ex;lonsas lo utthl boat Ironm ct A"ew Orleans tol Mlile tlll oback that wlould be ohlitaoco five hundred doiaro-- exorbiotant-or on the rate oftetl hould ellnd fiity barrele i hich wls tlhe llllntont c:lellt. ed tItpeot tbhe liln. WV \We were so persudted, in Ollr *,wn oinild, lat 3tr. S1mlbcto had ooisnndo rtimdc Ih very wtttllty n I col- byn tre lr, tul, tha tt, toot rlloico.d I t dict o t d ilil ai otthe y ' burrolw d IrhsPa wilh which hito ever eolrrect ,ienll oe li der, ar even Io do injtaslice t. lltle liberalioy of MIo. itl Ilreeldlha, we chotehc, as we tlhen bi lieved hI e intendtcd, bit GeccralColnlnitiee,-. h atssulle otr If . BIrecd'ovi, Io- do iesser lerlle of the dinlntnti hlt i.lhal lit e ollly rPlq irttt I ilbt his ioeal frontll nea-cg,tuln tt Mobltle shtlltid be1 paid, i Gi oay about wo hnollllrled hoIII!ro. IJon W. were wronlg ill niot politl-Icit tihe flptl o xne lt t iln( os given .to.. h Mr. b I..ibc...,o n..,on ofd It toob .... f, Par tile Commlitee otho a;tocl p,-t \Ie. Itlleltivo;-Olllt t p we were i oth to beltt , t tt h lt he it adt . Imtc ... tltt ...thi..i.t. tIio s demalld. 0:.r fulnllt i *a venlll one, snit we hope, iit i)U Ucooideraliiol o" ul r goo ilalltlllll*on S i ht lllatta he n.i Jh : tile nlail contraelor will horgive uis. owl1 hi rmla:i,,n to oar nh'lamleC lhat Ile hsd ehr -elT d tille rn FEiretten, n.lll,,olted logo otnen to tie ori.o of' i' theirb rethrenl of theiltrakecat leoile, all wn have t it v Ot i. tItl ... , e. , o ,(l ........ ,hie ly ...... of, he li,, d . I n: ittrtinelln, lnd we t -ei lik,.wise told tial hllaitelttt no t pc pr:rote ,lhe, prottjcl t ,s allmtdtcncd. Otr iorl,t ote taol tort publi, oioepttltillIcton forve tet Ito ltronl o beekillo for ithe nor lroolnf eonilln0 h ni of ollr t tflellcet-bitto itr Uwas a felll eo- otn telporl, oot d wt,.oi a et ohtototol Illcm. I' if 'e, Sic, foer t'le S+otottilett '--licu°r tatotcmc tt ,"f cc l re, t., In , ,ir \ , ^,, , .II-UIII IP u+ hC', ,...t It, d--' 1 r. 'parl B. lIst t tIartfd hi the I ..osecngrs {i tintilcttft f i tig Shlt triltnll a.t d t lh alt d Csi ttto ill es.' T ito r. ilretl I:t t t ItotbSw upollly the Samnritans, he told them, ' that they rhouald travel Oi his boats forhal'price.' In thlls not ehlargiag theml -hallf a loaf is better than aI bread. We will close, merely s.ggeating to the hinorable mail contractor, that when he pretexted to the Conlait lee, n a reasonl for asking to be paid the expenses to send a binI to Mohile, that lie had no boat running there. he was Ilerhaps lubouring unlder ia litle absence-of minidedteas; tilr, upon referring to the advertising col. nlnns rfhis thIorite paper, the Iullotin, we find the Iwo following advertisements, one cla out of that paper of thei 81, tihe other of thn 151h. FOR MOUILE. s s . "' EIn L and V the ailmi ng t.l S Mali CL Lile llllnelr IE I)oY OF THE IKIc, ttA-..s hC. Walkor, itt erer in toir reatyI to rrreeve Itightl far tsir ltoat port, and ilh leaveithe akit end tiO the IReilr.. on Sul rdav, the-2h int, oil tile arrival Iof the 12 12 uolook carl. Four freight or tlaeage, aitllpti t FOR MOiIOBILF. rhe ri S liril line rseamer LA JY OF 'I'TlEI.AKE will itsilively de orl for Mlobileuil WVednestday the tithiltatal-o'look. FPorlreigtt or latsage.,apply uo5 J W BREEDI.OVE, U S Mail Line Offic If we are richtly inlformed, tie Lady of the Lake was, sien the aplplirntion was male, in Mobile; or, te hler way thence to thin place. Charity, however, requires us to helieve, that this lact was overlooked by Me. Breedllnvl. SNorT--At the meeltllg of the Commlittee on Teasonr night the iSTH, sa melllier of the Commllitre lhanded itll $S aa a Donatlan from tile henevolet Mlel. nreeodlove.-The toom. mittee received their refus a from hil oil the lSaIOIAY pra. YIOL'a. offi. .i. the GRAPHIC DESCRIPTION. (Prirvate Correalonodlnuce.) . Great Grey Eagle (820,000) Stl tia.c Louisville Oakland Course, Sept. 33. rude, Louisiana Victorious!.--Thre Cheers I tdoel. Wagner I onoueror, contending against Grey Ea out gie, Queoen MarlLy and lawkeuo. l'Tim--sit ieat, e7 mll. 48 see.; 2d heat, 7 in. 41 s o. Dista ce, S4to los each heat. Purse, $20,000! Louisiana lire- forever ! ! and My DearGOibson-'rThe agony is over; Loutisiana hs lefi+ated Kentucky, and crried away the palm which 'he htoter has nro long andl so bhldy enjoiyed. hen. The day was clear and the weather bracing, withi a no the wind north west. TI're track was in perfiect order, though the proprietor thought it was not Indly quite ls firm as it would lhave been, lhad there been l 0e. more rain previouo to the meeting. mrice At an early hour, the road frol tIown to the wer. ground was covered ilth a cloud of dust that be. was tokened thoe hurried passing of vehicles and horses. Io avoid Lite annoyance of the dust, several fri.nds n l and myVself werled our way across thie fiilds, and SI rrived on the course about 11 o'cloe i. Kentuckly'. the bright eyed d.aughters had already began to fill h' idher plaes atssigte. t tothemr in the meIImbers' stanid. too Huoldredl of strangers on horseboh k were career. rill, lg hither and thither across the ground, wiile the uoo/ ralp/ly whirlig /iack wrtood along th/e road to wards tiloe tands. Coooe. OIliver, with ls uII UIl generosity, owelelllod ie to theticul anId conferreed opon ine thlle privileges ,f the outr c. I sooin foulnd ith te e myself oatotg tI o cruowd that are admitteiod wii i hexcluded. Iere, aleost thie first lean IIet'i wias Hlenry Clay. 'IThe salutations of thle iorning bet h itg exclago' d, lie cllqtired w;lmlllly of vyoursel ;i d mnLay of ils friunds whombleo lihst (ln:t In1 your city. Mr. Crittenden, Judge Rowan, Judgo Bhbb, Judge edi- Alexooander Porter, and many other of our prouid nto, 0nant men, were present upon the occasion. l'llroug/l the courote/y of the judges, we were Sadmitted(the corps edtoria) ini eoloij.uy wi:h the le above ditinguishd sragers, to tle uplpr story of an ti/e judges ta. d, uwhen c si we hIad an uniiter u_. rupted view oftlle fieldand the whole track. Theo I to coup d'oel theince was splendid and exhllarating. Ine, A mass of hulan beings oni foot oved lilther and lt you as if they were undetermined whllat to do.- - Hosts of hotrs s with their riders, and numlbers of carriages aid g:gs complete/d tthe movinlg scei.- th Now and uthen a horse, havingr br ken is Iastenlling would be seen prancing attit bowing Iis ieCk to t li.. /the groundt totu roe s ot iErs,,it assem/bled otlI/arouttn a litlh, Iuansioi Ol oit/icctlis in the midst / f hI ihon field, to ofifr thellr old tllson to the god. I ith - r / in the gates, nit of Mileos, but/o'the (tack, rode I itherwarld and tll herwari the four h tewards Sdressed is tre John BUoll /yle', wsln groups of -Inxious nnuioters allipeared to be enullvasilg tleo l itoreats of the haltiot ll. hIaill p sttwo lve, tile ere ladie's stand was literaliv tt ratollld w i thile bot-u. o0 tiful otne, and the horn s unded if, long otoe of t inmlediate /ireparation. Sealmope r, se:;.apr, aleent u tihe tisitors of the tr/ck withn ti/e gvues, and /y I oen o'clock, t Li citupetitors /'or the prize were tile upon thie nspot ith iidel rieOUltti d i - All, there'. 'G rey E.gle,--c: nan oanima look ;it l/iner?' elitlltt a gellluros hlearterd liKenotuckia.- o 1: AInd, idred, I/ : was right; I lever saw a . ore b e. spirlted louking harite. 'How dIioIll s W. gner to day! What can be theo matter w:th I/n? Al/, I pity the poor LouisiaianllLt who tave placed their l/th/ ino iimo" said a gentle m an wtilo had bt argely upoun tiGy Eagle. As o n Ii/le groom passed with intol to geIt his rider, he !e creep t/ his whtip too urry tlhie ar1itoio along, but ,ýthe latter uot/ld not stir a whi t h fi/i ten /r.. ,l e 'lo nst alarmed,' replited i young cgrelr, who I' t heard the above remarti-'-Wa.'ter s IIpl/egnttici n tils ilottrnig, but whe. rouseod, as he soen will be, /0 you will find t/hat his bh.okers know Itheir gail!' t i d- Qo'uen Miy's a sereatier,t-l'll go 20 u pon her 1 oagantat the ficed,' shouted a bystander. 'Ilow keen looks Ilhwl.eye,--I think he will give them a deal of trouble,' observed a country. 0 man. to . t.ile strangers all bet freely upon Wagneragi it d thoe fi.ld, but they did ot find backers very eager . be to snatch llelt up, be S 'CLear /tIe trdck,' for the last time i as heared- tot t' le grooms brough/t ip their charges to tile line- 1T tap went the drum, and away flew the racers. th Wagner, red und red--hi rider a well made and tu Sfinee looking mullatto boy--Ltoo tihe lead. 1he cars Id prieled up at tie so..nd of the drum, his eyes ed d seenied almost to leat from his head, while his It generous nostrils, wide distended, drank in thle/ breeze. II. had waked up from his lethargy.- 9 SIlatwkcy kept close to Ils leadel's heels, while Queen Mary carelos/ly followed. Grey Eagle eno. ga dt ved oir at a slow gaituntil he had passed the first to quarter, when he bid good.-by to Queen Mary in a most gugallant manner. A shoot went up in token I of approbation from ithe crovwd. Ere the halfmile/ te was Ceded a change eallo lver the course of the dreuam. Ilatwktye was seen holdly leadilg the way t te Sclose to the insdue, with Wagner jam upon his heols. Too mkters on III Vienl Inrllred applll'auseto l te Grey E.,gle still held his place. They turned the Sot 1e uoul at tile flurthl quarter tou ecome tooe, whlen s Queen Mary, at the invitation of her hltherto u' - 74 1, galllant compettLor can. up to Ils side, and the two tIbi . held a pleasantt chlt.ehat upon the prospects or tohe , contest. 'his noble trait in Grey Eagle, in thus waitoog fur the QQoeeon, cloiitd groat applausa.--o - HI er tllohy re--ltwkah.yo cu/adg Wagnotr a tow a paces and the ether ani,,asi graeelully daslnng along breast to breast. The mnulttude slou:ea for ot a olut QioiC in Mary, pridling herse'uln heo r / sex I o and ottlo.te, I ft hauoadsr err ubcrbehln ai.d :ent'. up close to Wagller, w ho at this oineno t w as eck toid neck wi!, itllliwkeye, wtitscering in his ear ihe datger ofs c'toitonog the point with a htorsoe of hisi strentgth dlll power.. Wihant inoltenc is this?' said Hawkeye, and he darted offT leaving Waunor to anuse over his ouffi ciousoes-. On ithey wenlt thus till the b.ck stretclh was guaied, whlleni Wagter stepped up by tile sice Pre ofl l.gwkeyo and entered inlto conversation, assur. me lg i b l l a | to e l " lo l bilhty o f ' i i nn g oven the g ea first toat. Grey Eagle and Queen Mary ug in CIIIe p together, when all explanatIuon ol MHary's clln conduct in passing her admirer was made, ieud the Art tiapology accepted. due f' ly sire,' said Hawkeyo twas dir Lrvell, and I Pul shlall not disgrace my familly.' t 1 care not whence yiou came' proudly exelaimo. : at Wagner, 'lor though I, too, anll hiast of as nobi I ru/i a sire as ever lived--Sir Charles-I do not depend / on illy ancestor's iurlts f'or renovon, bll will them l the by ry own eflbrts, mark how e sily I leavet you to nI your rcflectionl!' And, sure enough, Wigne, adj J leaped forward, as thlley roeard the goal, and left pI. . Ihs aldversary to brood over his ill-success and ill, alod Laeih buoas.ng. QesOn Mary, neenlg this, looked mlt back ul btd Grey El'agle another aduor oe r a tIw r 'i lolellls. Atl i/s bold -teop of Wigrer a trcemeo- Lt dolus sho i ut was stu ul,, lardly hd the runers ga.ined the oand ou tlhe tion first quart r, when Q ieotn Mary took her pl.ace Ilal /bs db o l.,lieoeyo aod began a tfltation with InI . altir Grey E.agle unt hklog talculdllct, anid b ,coinsg neg IJalous, r.to up and tokul his place beslde Ihlwkeys anlld toe Qleoull. '1 hey conitlluo d hus In coti- as s Ipany oo nearly tho wl/e UIOf t/tlOtellrd/qrtcr, 0i /leor, at the. turn to COme /ip ti/i reslC, Grey i u l o 0/ tok firt and brushae . o 00/00se .t0 W agnert et 'le,.vng liawk+'yo ald Qtueen Mary In colmpany Amo 1 I)on t he strtcht; thny uashiel, atnd whlel uth ltllrg /the goat, t1,ttko'jo took tie t/ttrd 00/coo. 'Itoo1i 'h 00wep/L by IIthe jio gem ut.o i Lto otetir u0ol til Oit rt/ Ii .rou d of the tirst Ih..t-W-Vagoer, Grey Iggl/c iab keyo and Quon uMary equ.t.ttaot ir' u.ot otl/tr by abouto tel or twulvu f et. Ihlnzzas were No a:lt up by tLou(nlltds, and the excilelnent was '' itetootro refet I inTus, /ith scarcelny any clhange, thO four cool- A I petIort pas.sId thoe half of' thoe last round, wltent otaa IGroy IEage maduo adesorate effort to puss Wagu J. M I er. llu was ftllo ,ed by Qoueen Mary In the at. wero jtel't , ioUor iIaw.i)Lcyo bellg /ell .nowhore.' Grey Lno "gio tire t0/d into /teer et /ogner, antd Quee A M/ary trol utpon /0Is royo/l Let.' Now ro/ tN , to tI i entul l asl of 1 I Oh t tultl el to Its h/Io g/t. 'liLt N I 0ortl 0 U 0lit ol tIle our0eru ioled r tow trdOte thirn. I trl tug potit of tlou last qualter, /hke at tlattste n o \a- soreking its barrier slitro Ioodies rore en Re moiri ae dhlIbed lther white kers i" for a i 'Grey Eagle has it !' br t from a thousannd ag cetes. 'No, no !-Wagner hao it,' reaponded a few here lie nid there, All wasn ilent fir an instant. it- Tramp, tramp o'er the glehe Their sounding hoofs came. to Grey Engle could no more Wagner leaped re lhigh in air when passing the distance poet, -and If- hlis antagonist yielded tie palm with a graeafttiat A. did hIim great honor. Queen Mary seemed not ve to notice the contest justthen deciding, and kept of on her way. lauzza for Louisiana !-a thousand cheene for Louisiana!' a led Wagnee'a friends, as he cleared nil the goal Iy more than twenty Fd t.head of Grey i Eagle. Time, 7 min. 48 rea. t, Hewkeye was distanced, alter making no bheld Ire an effort to win the first heat. His fate is well oe shadowed out by tile Roman Satirist or Sed eenale, pecua Corithe., pesteritnaet Ilirpinri You and your reoalrs doubtless think this sketch a rn al tioo long, but the interest of the cntrbrtl ffetreg tile credit of Louiinapp, demuands that I al;,rld chlronicle the affair minutely in le plain and not in sportsman's language. This was ,e a Deal contest between Kentucky and Louisiana. iy Virginia doos not claim Wagner, though in that state hr was foaled. They say that he has r opatri. ated Ihnself and Virginia is too national and proud to cknowledge any lhonor derived from either the as, man or animal that does not abide by lia house car hold god in that state. The glory, tht refore, of es this achievement is Luuisiana'a, acid so it must be fr. recorded. Alter the usual delay the courners were upon the ground ready to do battle to :he last--on y three an this time. Wagner took the advance, Grey Eagle i1o following and Q een Mary ace pyilng hl third . place. They stretched over the first quarter thlius, ic. when Croy Eagle bent forward and camle up along. side of lis antagonist. Furiousnehoucsofapplause r ntthe air. Tie Queei was close behind. Doubt now began to spread his dusky veil over tile eyes of tihat multitude there arsembled. 'Grey Eagle's aheacl,' shrieked a hundred throats. Sure enouglh at the second quarter Grey Eagle aollected all lli- power in one effort and sllot past hin adversary writh rihe rapidity of lightomrg, taking the inside. Queen Mry now closed tile a- run at a fair distance, arid was no more thought t, oet for all the attention of the people was turned e, to the foremost horses. They are coming home. ti Wagner gi ns uo,on Grey Eagle, he cones up to him--paseas hile-the.eflort is ueolma s. With one en bound Grey Eagle repays a Wagner; but Wag. m nor more bold and chagrined at his ill-success, ap. d. pro liches Grey Eagle a ar.ond tisle. Tlhey tlIune th der by. ahnost cnck and neck, but Grey Eagle in ot van. t 'Kentucky farever!' voeiforaed as one tlan, the n imlonense :tsetrnblage. The ladl s waved their ier. chiefs. OUi thiy fly, to Like the lightning's flash,-. r. Grey Eaglereslving to lead or die, and Wagner . strirvig to geil tlhe vantage. The half Iile is Slade Th'ere they go,-Greg Eagle and Wagner . --rek altd neck,-tla! Grey Eagle again alied. i |re ti 1 hey collle, O '(lid Kentuek and Grey Eagle,-beat 'em who can?' hllouted a oarse voice. r. They Iass tie stand,-Wagoer and Grey Eagle, beCnding tihe grornd beel'alll theme, and breast ane, 1 ronet. 'l he echo of their hoofs rise oll the air, *d to be drwneed by the bravoes of thie people. But Grey E;agle leads Wagner again. He must win the leatr,-was the general o!,riin. N,-Wag. i ter is up agaii. Hte p~.sses Grey Eagle,. Grey E.agle is irdignaut, to.ace Iligll his mate, iand dashes forward like tile muntain torrent. WagIer never e forgeils his power. Ile takes uip thIe trackretorey E.gle asid presses hiis nostrils a beyond the flak of nlls enemy. Again they pass the ,red line,' Grey Eagle half a lengtll ahead. Victory perched upon thie wings of Grey Eagle, And hosts their cry sent up e O eo.querinr joy,-- "Thle Lrst essery a makllg. W gller now sees hre late depleture befolre him. One effort, and he passes his adversary. Old hopes are once more destroyed, and r ow ones made. But, hold,-there goe" Grey Eagle again. And tile tclhnrgs of that great multitude were tossed to and fro, hko a trou. bled sea. A short distance remains for the battle to be decided on. The turning point is past; Wag noer is side by side with Grey Eagle. People huld their breath in uncertainty. Qurdrupedaete putreer senile qpatit sungula Scamppam. WVaguer bowls is head and ites by tlhe goal, a neck inl adlvanrce of Grey Eagle. 'T'ime, 7 11i . ..14 se onllds. Tu'ls, any dear Gibson, have I attempted roughly to give you ti faithful acerount of this great race, ea rice r that ils exat.d more atternion than anly ever rue inl Kentucky. I have avoided tihe se of techb 1i1cl terms on purpose, in the belief tat thllis letter fmay bey more aeclcptble to your general rea,ders. I may as well here give some particulars ofl the har.es that ranll fur tills stake. Y. N. Oliver and M \V. Dickey named grey colt Grey E.gle, 4 years old, by Woodpecker, dam, Optlrli., by Wild Medley. -\. Vley nameud oh. 1. Queen Mary, 4 yrs. old, by Bertrand dam by Bri , mier. J L. Bradley a,'d II. B. St, ol named cll. col Hawkeye, 4 yrs. old, by Sir Lovell, cut of Pres. su :'sa dale, by Joekilni's William. J. S. G.irrison named ch. horse Wagner, 5yr. I old, by Sir Charles, dam, Maria West, by Marlon. i 'lhecre were G tither Ieorse that run. T'ley were M try V,i-tghai, Occident. Billy Townes, Pseton, MuSled rl t. ail Trltoa, all well known coursers, Ipl .' u ary lP'eton. I itrarrl .ilne tf.w attempt to excuse the defeat or Grey Iagle,-that ha was not ridden well, &c., but ' this is all moonsline. Every body of spirit au ir liberality say, that it was a fair contest, and thati Wagner is the better horse of the two. Wtihl. this i. readily conceded, l agree with the opinion, that Grey Eagle is a horse ct great mettle and but tomr, sld is destined top ny a conspicuous part yet in tile annals ofel racing. It har been remarked, and is a fact worth remem. bering, that there never was a race of so mluch in tense interest, where so liltf a money elhangd ha;nds. This alone is a eonmnentaoy upon the turen, and the state of money affairs, worth a volumae eo lee. turineg. Campbell, the owner of Wagner, I hoar, offer ed $19,000 easl for Grey Eagle: not accepted. It is rumored that a match race, between Grey 0E'rie and Wagner is to come off this week, for $51100-bnt I doubt the truth of it. There were over b5000 taken to.day at the gates and the stands. M. D. SANOTIHIE R. I HUzza rorLouTstA'A.--AWana AoAAy.--A gen o tleman who arrived in this city yesterday, on board tile i steamboat Reliance, who got oil ioard at the mouth of the Ohio, one day in advance of the mail, repor:s that the banter of tihe friends of Grey Eagle had been taken, and the race run. Grey Eagle run the lirst heat in 7 51-Wagner in 7 42 and a fraction, called in Kentucky 7 43. On the third mile of the third heat, Grey Engle gave out,fell on lier haunches, and,oi course was distanced. Wag ner sook coutrul ofl his rider, and ran in with his weight ard ,,m the purse. This is a great triumph, and tle correctness of it in r dubted by many; tut tile source from which we guit, our infiomatrun is tndoulted. teiotiettnlgs of totuntid. SECOND MUNICIPALITY. Tl'u.sno, 15th Ontober, 1839. Tie Couencil ant, p,arsualtt to adjournaentt- Present liHan. Josllua lBt dwin, President, Alder. men Callwe t, Gloydl, tl ,l Lockett, Peters, Io gears, Sewell, and Wlitluy. The Seetetary la tl tclre the Cttouncil certain charg a again t( G. It earlcer, thie Sergeant at Arms, which, on IotuI, he was required to re duce to trititg, landt tihe sae was referred to the nolioe Co t ttt:itteo. A coilulnictation was read from thie Sergeant at Armst, when, on motion of Mr. Petere, the rules beng tli.pentsed with, it was Resonlved, That hereafter it shall be the du y of thle Secretary of the Caouncil to write up tthe Jour. nal of'lts procnedings within 24 hours aft-er the adje rnment of tbe Council; and the printer shall pl;i h a verbatim copy, oaken Iron the Journal; and it shell not be laiwlil ter the Secretary to per mit to be talken out of tihe Council Chamber any ra port efa comnlittee, or other paper be ouging to tIl archives ot tlet Council. Tihe yaou and nays being ealled for on the adop tion tat slid R.esolution, Movers Caldwell, G;oyd, Hall, Lockett, Peters and Whitney voted in thle atfirmtive,'and Menura Rtogard and Sewell in tlhe noegalive. lTite following weekly report of tihe Treoaurer as aubnlmtted. SECOND MUNICIPALITY. \VEt aKI.r I'PoItT 0. THE rnnASUItonR. ly Balanpe lr.t r.eport, $ s ,5741 43 ,lloullt recaited saece, 4:3, 73 4 I)hibureted thit weatk, 43, 4,, 11l Balance on hand, 3188, n3 TIO. SLOO,Jrr. Tr. New Orlenne, 15th Oct. 1311. The quarterly accounts of the samne m fier was referred to thle Finanle Committee. A comnltunicatntll from J. C. O'Grady, Conm missar3 of thle Poydras M.arket, and PetiLtios ftrom J. M. Cubherthlertn aod Evariste Blanc andi otlhers, ware referred to thie Committee on Stree.n and ic A PH-ition front F ro Company No. 1, referredl i to ttl,,tt Fre Commllnittee.e M3 Peiter., Chairmtan of the Fiannce ('oetmitee, a u trldntced the three following Resolutions, which, ol lotioln, were adopted Resolved, ThIl al al persons taking out a li ense foo a htuel, grog .ttt. boarding-t une, or eating house, who shall neglect or refuse to pay thle tax on tile saetle to the prop r cullector wilhin fiften day salter it becomes due by exi-timg ord namico, Ishiall be liablo to to floe often dillars, recoverable beloro any court ofcompetent jurisdiction, for tile benefit of this Municipality; and the Recorder i hereby authorized to cause said hotels, g og-slhope1 , &c. to be closed, whbon reported by the Collector, until sa d tax and fine shall to paid. Resolved, That all persons taking out a license for t dray, carriage or other vehicle, who sheall neglect or refuse to pay the tax on the same to the proper cellector, within fiftoen days after it becomes due according to existing ordinancos, shall be liable to .a fne of ten dollars, recoverable before any Court of competont jurisdection for the benefit of this Municipality; and said collector is hereby rc quimed to seize anld detain all vehicles, subject to said fine, until the tax be paid. Resolved, That the Treasurer he, and he is herm by instructed to bring suit against all persons now indebted to this Mullle polity in sumns over one hun dred dollrse, who shalt not have nmade payment on or before tlhe first Monday in November next; Ptmvideld ti. , iil all itcaes, sa id persons shall have horn i gatty niotified. Mr. C.mldwe i, Chairman ofthe Committee noi Str.ets and Landings, re mimited the two following Resolutions, which on meoion, were adopted. Rmeolved, Tihat thle ordimancmes of time 8th August 1837, granting permisasom to break op flat boats and ratls, ill fr nt of tie third ward of this Muns cipality, be and tihe salme is hereby repealed. lRecolved; That any person who shall, directly or indirectly, attemlpt to brook up any flat bot, witbin the limits of tlhe 2d Municipality, or to land a raft withmin tile same, shall pay a fine of from O10 mI $100, to be recovered beloro any court of com potetntt jurisdictio . Resolved, That tie assistant surveyor report to the Surveyer all lines and leyell whi. II hl imay give to individuals Iefo building lots end b:lanquettels. A Communication fromi tlhe Recorder was re ferred to tihe Police Cormmittee. Mr. Rogers, Cmhairman of thie Police Committee, reported tie titree following esolutions, whichll, on motion; were severally taken up and adopted. Resolved, That the Recorder be uand e, is hereby authorised to accept tlhe services of such a number of citizens as lie may, In hii discretion, thlilk fit, who may volunteer to act as a ptril mior tile pro. tection and safegeord elftiis Municipahlty, andlthat such citizens, so acting as patrol, shall have the same power and authority as is now conferred upon the Mlunicipal Watch, provided such citizns takte timhe usual ath, well and flithltlilly to Iperform ttim duties appertaininig to their office. Reseo:vel, That, in the opinioni of this Coleicil, it is expedient that citizens acting oil the volun. teer patrol should be in uniform, or wear any arms or other destinctivo budge or ma:rk, ildicatimi tihe duty lth.v are on. Resolvod, Tlhat tile sum of Tweaty Dollars be paid to Dubois & Keod!g, on the warrant of tile Mailyor, for the use of a horse in takieng up dr;ys in tiihe structs oi thle nights of the 24th and 25ith of July last. Mr. Rogers, clhairman of the Colnmmittee of tlei., mepmrt d the fuillo.mimg Resoluto s, which, was, ,it immltoia, adopted. I' Committemi upon HIealth would respectfully Riepor- iThat they have vi td thile Protestant Durying Ground, mn compliaince with the regqest of the Surveyor of this Mlumnicpality, and lfound ascres of ltnimbs being erected mi the Ianllner colmpllaiied of by Mr. Pl6de. Atier a careful examlinailon, we re o undlllter the itmpreslsion that, by placing a layer of bitllmen oml tlhe bed of tile tomllb, andoi rleqirmilng thlt the brick work slhould be ild In mortar iladl of hall shalirp eandm lil a linlf lleitli oe in, that th.ey would l relndered perfectiy imiperviolr to tuhe weathler, anl d not liahble to mejirtIa exililitlonis,. 'llhe tomllbs wlmch hve been erteed foir i llei yeaurs l e luch in want ol repllir, and betray a degree of ilegligence hiighly mreprlhensible in al erltabhiilsment of the kind. They lwould therelufre respectfully recommeood the ull owiieg resolutmion: DAVIDI JOliN ROGERS, It. LOCKE'.T, E. SEWELL. Resolved, That il future all toelmb erected at the Protertant Coeltery, oluut ie built of the beat brick or atonel, laid in imorltr made of equal paris of the best lime and sh.arp ~od, and covered with bitumen onl the ground floor of each Lomb, with at least one inch of bitumcen, and that all the tombs ie'said grcvo yard must be poiltod and kept in order, under a penalty of Twenty Dhillar. fir ieach negleet or re:l, cal on the part of tile di. leutlon of said grave yard. The l lrveyor is au. thorisecd to have said repairs mnade forthwiitih, and to instilute suit ill case of non paymenllt b!y satill directiou. iOn motion of Mlr. Peterr, the rulees being di. pel.ied wit, the followielng Preamb a anid ILesolu. tliuo were IImnanousmimnly adopted. iVIWiureas recent casmitos fires hlav occurred ie ihe ecity of .t ileio, by which ia lige piortion of •aid city ihas I hoon slaid li shII , alld ullllredsl. of its citmolls thereby reduced to over:ty illd dmitressi; andti : where theii. ('ounic I, rvepriem ,im lig it ciliz(en. of Lle Secolld Mllnliiimipliy io Niew Orleau, minnst deepl y e spm' aiiotIallso W ith te ft!ilow ectizIIen of lIMo hile i;it t iili c.c.asion, anid arei desironttoa in id in nii'. viailg tile s. tlu rlngs of the tfitomrtIltiuiat Iwii have been renderedl dmestiltute by tiese suldden anied caiaimn itoul visetatiolh; Be iti Resolved, fThat the Recorder h.o, aind he i. hereby uuthtrlievd to tranlSet Io ti he Mayor edll louncill of Mimlle sillli ofI Two 'ThIlltno:iid Five Ilidrei d Louilare, to ie applied bly sau l il y.or iand Cinueil, to tille relief of the indigenit sutli-rers by said Fires, it sulllh manner iis to said Mayor anid oiucd imilay m -iavim justhl ail proper. Oii mluotion, til ( . I .I mdjoll lel Ined to Tuesay li x , thle :ld Oc.,, .3'elek P. IM. JO)ilN cGlmi.ONm, Secretary. + IT7'trnolnri ly ihe gasret l hipTlRW11', f r '111. at which h lr sile will be token frolellrleveoeiroen a"by atuuboul. A. 017 Pi LAIDLAW,66CO.lp at Ia. Fill ST LOUIS. Id The ilsoamboat NORIlA, Captain1 a. IygalHldl, is now '0ceivi0010 hig4ht day next (tulslrw pit lh iln t, at . 'clock 11 11. F fr freight or P00O000le, applY n hIliild II d" 017 ADAMS & Will t'Ai'll, , 67 , ;mvier 07 f, FOR NEIV IRERIA AND FRtAiNKIN, (At.ll.) Gillrtt. tnioler, nill dl'prt all Si. ti urdiy thre 1ih inil. alt H ,'clinik, A ii. i',r ileighi or plaiiigle, ojiply , o It m or to P t.L:itA 11', 66 i'-op't1 'reigllt will bi tubelb fil l looluu 1"i r IMartns., oillr, ald foI'rwIardeId 11 light drihll obuns without let Illy~. Freight wrill alma ~lie taken for plantations uu the11 III to MrbnAislpl l'I,,r l Neor iirleaio. 117 Of I l I ENT-rire Iloure corer rTeio itllalpi allnd Si It Josrphi oirrire, yore roidloler 'r a i'oli'o. Illoollu or 0, irilrry. Possresion given IsL NOolIhIhar. Apply O H BON *Ai.ll., o17 corner Niohrez nod 'I' Owl cnolic At SSUP0PLI OF NAILS, ,ell irsortd, on Il d and £3 4or sale by ADAMS&WiV111'AI.I., 11 017 67 G~lnvierst .u aNILLA CORDAGE-A cmplllelptlO acsnnll ofli Ha ILsiOO'sA aid I(Otip, direit flioathe hnctory, war. ranted to h -io a qunlily equlal itl mayi in the 01, now0 11dbing and fri sale by Pn.TERt LAILL11IW, is If 16 ('iopst __ UINNE-ml.,o llingrum siron iilctiv in, 200 or n dlllphut of Quillaloe, inr6 oz ld I oz viails, lot wind-i~or retail bhy H IliiNN AINLI 017_________ 41 'fIloIilrularoit I'1 iia -Iloild exrejlr y fllr i oonioiurr& ladles'l drece6*re .. dust rCiicai l IIV * chip llJ) t I n, and fr ~rhlolera or ollal br It IlliNNA ItL., 713 I 0Il;'ait olulci s0 i,) S ii 'oi It AN o I r F1oi pl l ..ii,'otrli. l iii. lob l LellliclA' ilnlcl i101110, IllSrifi, nurs nu l.anerl, oreverl dleliolll ooltli and 1 3 J3oIl receio'i I~y ILli iNOryN 11i1.1,, a ll _ _ _ _ 13llR T(·PVP I 1I I'rlin.,,t u l I s l 1,111 JUIiE I 1116111 AD \hi 11'1'hI WA.X abolve tinnedrr arliullr fans I lavuln, and oboe Ihll~em for salroin rerytreasolnable o 'rim 1IIiOG1.Il01 NLLIitIt:oY. .11165I :-L1Ill:' "' nLt Low.las Scenic eF, videl~-r ~. ~l~ -h110rbe od uuts1 ia' TlM-l* in vl NuIlIiAlmerico; 2 01!S0 I.1011 FIrll e 11 of iiot INav arr 110,, 1',,0 .11e 1100111 Kin;,i Or ilte SOlmIugI r 0 nd the DIwarl; it0010 lI1Oiltlll Ilope; or, foto.,iorra of a PryIn;hll a new rondillYve 111ura10 Iralon RIokll, ill11lrated; splledid L oIdoln edli Minot11 tl~lollooiln and. Phyrilcgi', by Lb U 0011111 ul111'1 N.- e llll, l rlete ill 2 volmt 001, wit pl10111. II 101 00 OlditionI IIJOLINS &4a i,171-310 car St Chrlle r mallCl naillit 10 0 00 III ilrlIr 0 Illalllnl III 1( op111100 C ulec, lroui )'ti s .nHalls end Ilirllreoii,,o%. &c. F1m' s111 b0 MIAIT'INI( & J "I 'nl'lE l·E Ic 010 W''bptlcsr~_1a rIU ' IO l, ': n I ''l'l 'lll lll lllllltoelrl ..t es ate 'I l ofJin 11111 in Ileho, 11n0 reqil-o ol 11111 11011111011 0 Ni,.11)131 IOld v:, ll'lern tlll' firi o01, Noellll'1110; nodllelsd to) cull "ld pay tllhe same t lilhllrI l il 011 0.1010, 110 1110 I o5-t C lNKI 11 & R111'EhTS, i lOurltors ll ItIlINil FIIEI A~lltS-Ihe I . o~l J sr libels have lu1st rec000 Illorlhlilp :hville, a1 II Pistols. Iy11i M 11110 Ig" 1lnltllln lfl Llfir0'0 Ihlls, 1'.&r- 00 cU0ll (,allrl, &. o't1he freit qL0 1l Andilallill o 0111; 011,1te at GO1S1P k u's, 00XC 110lg Ilb 11 011 W cuh -rdlllr lllillo fni ilaootre f0lll Ctr- il s'5 sties float Nets, ,)liens', and IIII l %% r, ' h·1IlIhI cote,-ll'- I tiunl. A eo.,s n,f lriclil." house for l.1,; IF li l he lllll11n I eI ll thet crati+ anll file pieniinrs, in which ih."y, an conk L.~ a101 host01 ho 11ev11 1Ait' they che. Ao 1111011 0 ri i 6 c ilard wilibepidT. h'itytodl of 3D9 (.'amines., cmnlllr \I;Igvzi~itl r f R s15 J '1'l11Y~it & r',.,: I I', ,;r"" - CAII STREET TIEA'T'E. 97tis evening will be petltrnnel THIE UNFINI.IIEI GiEN'II.E3MAN. Blilly Downy·, Mr. : DII·(ADL.IFFr. After w ick, I'fI YOUI iiUIp . QUIEI`N; Or, Cfhriaetin, of. :feden. ('Inri-tin, (the youelhtu Queen,) Mir. 7l)TUuR. Ojl'O)Orq open n(t lpplt (-PerCrgna,,c.A to commence II nt u'clnck. p aj Sensou 'l'inkers Innv be lad At tlle BoI Oflce. Orpr lfrul '(1till39P.M. _ - rc- I I I.NGI. A PRICN ES. rto ST. LOUIS .'l'Jtll' 4 ..'0 1 T I, t I.AT, OPPOSITE Ore- itIIE ub11t riilter olth i tl.oo I rr oinform i I. roreto o aI fL i te pillie io toonl ' tflnt hr will oien, on tiPe now ]flh it srema esetlt e . , where h o ie sor il e edfr Ill'- l'orolidl I ro the hill of" are, *t r lro llpri es, v oz: tent FI'llv clt. ot fr Il(rrothnt, and ~oeetInI vt ' e ,o ti foit rxl; Dnlner. ' ol'lc trrkfFtt will crmiot otw'o a dishte tnt lo etupriott, o rop flr flemonf e ith ik, holfo lbottle of wite and Ibrad alo diA retli, O 'll r liotoer e ill consoit of ni tonee. fi+bro r l. tlio, a souop. halfa t l' of w ineud ring A gr ll ier FIpesn haeb t r ol n: l IIfo o lt.h g thltto o" fl' ip nct' verot el cen I ' 'i t+0,' h.4 le,4 gs tt-where th.y Irr oK.lige.) tt he it 00.h l , s lie oats ntshi.'rihe i ho t tile hi)t'. Ihilnlgn o'hvio le h' 1 t l ti.. - ns.- v oeni.'tt', in e.ttalishinghis Itresont rtl ot r, 'ollr prier, tltouI toererrons will tiNT s teNio.i tt(I t every our cily Ithe o t eloa ce ener ro te r ie an Ih It Its. 'alie suberri o'er hts n sio ele.aot rnllons for priveat a t, rngtier n wI will erecute city denolnds. l.,ad nlS- w" 5ICIIEI, I)OUAIS. $10 i t3l4O, stip Atrkntow,' m bo mt ketdN S l & lSt. A.ry tron hoving said toox gill plse, return it to No. 90 COe('mm stree.1. ]5 'to I- AYt)ItAI1TY OF NFEW Flit F,"N - filly II 0 11' prce o fflo.r ,rioto thisoti d $6:37tltpr harrel t I notolio I tie thri t Ikers will g 10- oOL' oof breodl tor t .o renat. dllri I se week tbg in oning oo 3Mondal next Ithe 14i h tthtIroo The I lloa 1sof tea, .conld qlllitv,olr llf in e lle r telo en lls. shi ll wetlt '2 on per ntt mor, • iz" 4 I oi ce(. un o r t C. EN(IS, htttsr. tIrt New I )rlnio, lO ct. Ihht. I39 fit c nRDER No. 2--Tle \Vlhingo ln ttblion o ll t O N HOtT-r J toodt ho l.au lr, too li Ottl "i a... . I ne ,. a y nn i in . nine lt O'cl, , c a. rt. I.r er lsvt, fr nreview A ins lection, Id at Adjou n . l.a. d In . l. r s. ~1 n. r . It' l ltilr r rIn Bv o de.'M or 1' F Ivt Oja EY p an " J.Sl II DAKIN, A l julont, lit 0 2a ol --llVnhinelnn t etttltou tle ~t t'I'O ) ofo. NI'--More No. i7 iNew levee .lo .il, gnj n1-."ie-ion eiv.' immedist Iv Ap y o TA I It YLI E OIIR fPIItEL , . loeorlr (win Iei oil l tdo L RMagizine lot an - t 1-tIt o :i I'- n iyig I.o,, in oh.t fi i " .7hr . story, l o eorie e oft 'F 2t Nye . 9roll. U"d eir. er of 14lgz,, q nllt nllCl illio Sm. f mrii r sh. be lecrf two an ll tlllenL , il ou f whilhti is a'fire ! re hnt a, n odi w ll Ilo m l ll w ll f or a ll l10 , e1 o f tlly k in d ; p + ta , +s iu l; o i . gtollo inl ttlia uely. Four t ler'o iioply to '1T. It. 11 1,101 & Brother, S alg4'd 3 , llt cr Mt lgntiihe Ss. ik, 1 o t -10bEN ."Ile n ith port o'' l nl tar- a i lIse. i sIL N I'-- s bjctfir,. I . o t'l' e p le a ,lt s o to . I 0 ~ I lill eI . A11 .1.\ . & lI'l . illy N .w trlen i h, SSt. Inifo's II'ar ,-, of 3 l C W en. 1V i.lltri. tel. ,hlrAo, t-4 't hr fowo illtin',lo.he P.nli i ltnre SI opNos t )U i 'hrp s ItioI.t" ,andll1 0,'t'lfl'0 4111 _ 1_ 'd . 'ts..' 1. 00 l..o ,, tl,o. .,tr : or to h FtII05 II C 1'A31 llA1 ·'o 0L 0 ci n d a iontr , o lilt 'If1,mpogno 4 j , Ie jourh' crtla,.d, utnlnoivllr ri,.nrolot ltni him ill' Skll'lW ll . llllll lltr t ll, al l l . I, r.loo s. i c lu nlt red l (1 o rlllli:l - r relr No I gl I, , , Ie. )ll', )r Io lI4>r l(" T ic Ill .iP, llt ir Erltlh -lcl t'rire o.l t S llloiN-y ' T 'MOUSE. ' r ItrliE iOr I l n u N ,ml.t ne , po,.ore sent 4 po'f.a Iw t k w e iti kl . Po'. lot, c l ell tlllllr'lll . Ih t. ll o .o se, ad tae Od o ,u-- l '' "111 o tIhe h s I; t -II· MAN.ION 11O .1" .l1)T4L, iea on'' -fr tl, . thirn i ietd. Nre lIO 1 s e rN r l |(I ',e hiai t do l'lla t clh e C i Cala perloun Nt l n h I11 ; ta'i o t ta lp e hlo ir d a hanllei r 't o tll|!l e ur tnllotra 's t ;MANSION ll )tO ' 1.-; I l|TI- II. IL n i t . .. I . .. i ·frasIrI ) 11141%01 pI)"'|U ir.<lri l . .dle b n S iO l I' llll'll I lll lnd ro lllo to fi ,, io (tlhral urnu. 119 ;an 10,,lirh, o u r ,I paner, o 1 eI plb ro mit.' ory.. tila Pa r lltlt .r oltr t llrl eIto ettai l v0.1 Ih fitP b I Fllo SIOtlr fOll to i t Os 'sill t , i or. ,rt , lo fille r i t o, ilh anltl ollatelrl t Pl r.1 r i ll lo t o rl.rl .n ht l .t.n lll" , 1n l )lt' wt llo. i aittt a, • l or o l at to , ols re ..l P ll .' . l.n e lll , lnro l S llhl• ahIS ve work7 it s f lu t enctr I P i, . ' tllhill nii f'' - o f l l iAU )lel niuct )ntlAN tlIey ile a ,e IIprA.er. n o dby I dr atin t doe llles ooo. p rrohlootysuct eful. tor s1.1lroiro to 'n lhe n; do lr y i Lr o ; to ,Hop d. or en n ot ,, c, 1y (hNPl '. &v h piv i II . ] . dryn don l rel a m n s0a, l o I n toider lt Ip" o r tien. (al l wI o t.ilal Ioin k .Io r le 'rol l ".[ , ai l o I x oflthe lottr shs oo ao e boeh dh'k oher r r e et ex. ] J P't oit.o og va .Fo iEi, toot I.Ethlo s.hovei o n i he not ar 00 ' o bM o r r. 1114N1w Or rlleans, OFp h 1 r TI:SS A dr leall,+ direclh o n'. t o P t Mltip gorye . lpv i a!, vd hrm l adv, nta ie,,n por et wr l' al 1 I. lRls ofi l I)iry lo he r l yo i n ti Iltl a . x 'i T nh pe r terlo t Ppll ' i ad R blolllolfi,) CI h er P S'Iall rer.-unoliPe s nne ai l r, n lT d ien,5 o fo 5 o y Ienrc l.l to h re re ,ilel to th e rofih a r tir I . t a. cjorit ll larF uo l divid0'. lo dt qtiotio p(l> l It cent..lr o e Illoto tr. het t'cO ital p.lot, hC r ,sai rUfit- : S fctioneaires ton leurtor repnol'entn1 i tleX lot iln optbyt t o courant, o t t5 poor cent r ecrdirt pour totlollrs actio lPs. 3l t ntl E. 0 l . TIo ACwn Se critirz . net..to 'Fett h io"i IIJF,.,or ItLt UIh.oI:o r t lo I.F OFItOt TtEWi o NlloASot orfl . Sl7 e OIlrIleni t lhi.r e o n b .-d Ir.rtLy nn-s l vdlieir. hIIiii olia re l lhdlllroh r yoill o (li fr ro pe k t oL I - o lo ltnaottto l s ito tti'o ot Itity t itt tipis t oft Itto tlstryi ot nYly fire 111 p er o tt y tilt l0 t o r ttorol .rki hy l m od, t eirfol P loo t ,in'll ot o ltoinn t o e I or pi pg.I'n CJo y oi Ihtua Iton, 11i o Jlo iny , 1830. of i .cn t,.rto s lt I li. r .il rt dllitol pad ro ,d Jhillls ty, Cw.Ii tt'ott i o ko n gito t hPs ety boo; cntl orrfa opay to iadv rio , tolrd e rtse to bo nltd o lg lulr ill pi o r wil i io oib fro, P1 rytto loth o [ olur on ofe. ih e Milo (ti'oneld , A t ,. an d I olr oýl,ko t. l 1, at tho e I :I, of .i ltl ltis ReapuhhAE. Iup, I I.h r1's Wilorthl ISt the f, jllowinl \xtr.L 1' fr'rol|thoe law rbovo Inny 1 " Se. 4.--EA it lrlll enaW ..- 'eIll~it'l l o s i 111 i missorry .t.+t. of th-is gSlVerllmenH. lilr~lh part to be ,a:id d rwn, It the other t .rc e ... .eL'rulzlir y u t~hn Trea,;llry. | v bHIPPING. For Europe. lIL IIAVItE. 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