8 Kasım 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2

8 Kasım 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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Ic, k··--Sir I 1etg-toK voro fii'h.f ýilhi'laslt',ý. .. Pi. H.eiv I' S ~ooihloo 1/ Appcini for 1839. '9N" A k jolui1t: Leph erich, AI'ijaliltllink, t ". tolmo am. h ioi4reaMýAila oefooed aivery ifoc attO 4tah.4 I Jsduofev.r),hay.t4a I4. M g A/at (vi Lainrton, L~r.)· i+ closed every y` t ltWJ ssg'nd Fad ly, of 6 o'clock, A. of. S.'M. aqeytrIoudayt Thlruroilay, and Saturdafy, 41 5 2'0g IdildiMWc e or RRier AMi is clord every Mon 4tm YWeJoi-Nw ay, anild $tnrdov, at.l3 P. Mf. t wecll .aata Ut~aodby iteawboato. Arrivye irregularly three tttitaM week. Sara fr Coolt ) 4 is loedlord t1 ridtlaf 8P. M. Is.eata trd retucnod " ortltaojte. ''i" ! .odrda or Red Rarer Mail is sotu irregu li hat' s to ice a wock. LOwavttLa Ot RItva MAtL. .-Moordayt, ) Wetaiday anti } Cloreoat 8 o'clock,P. M. Maluctrdy, .0 Coast MAIL. Tttreray and Claserst 0 o'clofLk. P. M. daturdlkY. NEW ORLEANS. CANAL AND 'I1ANII NG CO. ¶ ¶IE trotSteambont Rerecca will erae. tre cH.in T at the head.ofl tftNtw Canal, cvery dle, (eocept Monday.) for thIe-.ak, c fofllors: IDooefi at 5-A. M. Return at 8fA. SI. 10 A. M. I' Y PP. M .... P: .,."* 4 P.M. 54-PSI. 59 P. t. '4d -0 MONDAYS: Depart at tO A. M. Ifetor at 124P.M. 4 I'.M. nt r If 11'.31. my IS Ctff4¶A t'.,h. AAco Aireooeweul. NAsIIHVILI.E fl-AOL ROAD. rith Loroiotive w:ol racn to ihe Crcni Prairice co. 001110ag'un ..he 111c.r, 00 o folo . : DDepartiure, Return. ' S A: M. l0 A MM 4 P.M.t- I 6 1'. .M atilfry. to fa flesoraIn'o. f1vnu. w La rasoliva 6 AM 19 A M 12 AM I Y PM aLaiBranches. '4 PM '6 P M JAMES H. CAf.fWEIt1.. agaot2lthl lflt39 Prertdror. MF.W OR1EANS & CARIlI.LTON RAf1t. ROAD NOrtra'.-. weyeoa A o00.erv.a.r To canlmclle 0 on tIhe I.1tol Ncovem, IP:Il. IROM CARROLLTON~. FROM ··i ORL·IYI· Pare Car nl "', o-luei A.M. Hforet Cer t lii o'olek A.M I Leoootive, 0 - I.uoconmoo e, 9 - -. - I -P.M. - - 4 S - - - -- 7 ,rotto Car, at 9 HtomooCttc, I11; l Ro*lGEo.. T POtlLvrto.R t The cars will Ie~ave at thle selmtn hours an iii the week drive **trl I fo'clok P.M. orheo :l.cororlio ill coave Carrollton every tlou" ultil 7 o'look, P.Mf.,oodld Nt Orleons every hout 1old5 0o. l']. P.M1. An ealttotot oe nr an he oltteioed Ihrelrt 1ao'rlock P.M., y ecrping A odloloco fr th,0 Trip. Afer 12 o'0lockt P.M. 10 dollab,.ill be rhocred. Preai. going by the etotm Car mustr provide1 thlcerloei with Tick..., II tioe e.tdu.tor ha. looslirv dirtetonl not to resoive mtony in lieu thereof. THE JACKSON AND LACOURSE STREETCARS Loorettie heal of Jceiinkr stectcatfiirlnokA.Mt., Coriol ttst eat 7 lo'ellaik. At llillf-p·.t 7 l'rlclrk they mlllhlnrC to lerae bothorloo every alIllhorur,otrll PIt Niock IP M , xrrpt tootthat, inoleiorlfI eaving tirlol street at E o'loek, the car Swllioece there 1t 9 o'cieik P.f. 0,5- It is parilcu'orl rcqluesttd irnt gentlemen will ott pat their Coot uporo o lthe cshion, orc soke in the1 otu, eheu ludio. are presenot. Omffie oNOrlenno,,t& CorolIlol, 0 Roil Rood Ccoiprrrry, October 02d, IP10. tOIlSt IIAt1 SON. Chief cEginrar N.O. & C.R.C. C AltR f. 1. ''ON C LAVAUD hms the. . hnor olichioriog hi.fhierolo nd . ille pubrlic in, geerai-rl, Ithat lic has tohntIlhe Motel at Carrollton, irhero him, 0hr wii rec01n0 the colt ol hlio ehf Cro frie orid ll lovrre of gord crer.iICI Prirate fierIya roill he hadlllImlllly prvrilded forelv icing.o little riiiioe Iellrc,,il. lie isvilling It er atlo ano-grerniurs o ilh RIhriliec or individuals deCil -ere r af paooiogilrol urriiirol t rt L~olcr,-hrl. rn-MI CltprF..7~'' Oct~ ..... 777 I W,.6hi,.,7.. O7 7.... 26 N,.l,.,6. 17".......7 ' .6971?,,..T,,,,d...... 1h7754d77.6.. 4 ,...... '46 7.oa.. e,i7I,. o........ .1 kalI c k , o. . ..... 7,I St. 7.o,,,., De ...... 21 flO4.77i, I. ,66.77O7t7.... ISjI'..~. d........ 21 No.7"o.. 8 p... do... 241 ,.oIo, dn...74...1 FoU'1 (OF "NEIV lJRLE:4.\. C 7. EA ItANC 71. Novembe.. 36, 7839. E.3kr Americn6 Trad.., Ki86by, Ga7vesoo., 77 L,.,I. C17..175.16 nod. K1y West San..,. Oro.,.k.., 76....t7., 6f. M7nmphi. $is,.0, Ci,,der1., 7,, Irwi. 6,.out of.17 ..Ark..oa Miosmsr 17..geo..,7, W,767ht, 6.,l 67.k.6..rg Los'nron.. . P,, ohip 76,6.72..Catg. 1217bIlesooatwoo 74.k.o..7...7r pol..ooa A,,d..,,nd,..C'e.g. 194 b6,Ioct 0..onrxTN-P. .1., ' Americano Trade. Larog lot.ro h 7, chem. candles, pork,7 p667 4, ono.; h6.7 Iet, c,"ga,1 soap 5 t04, wine, sld 6.6d Nc,,.Yos..F.. .h71. Nep,.,.o..l, 6.17..,, to Jo,..s hea.d a e, IRECEI7'TS OIF 'R0ODUCE6. Nomphie...FO.7o716., O,.,o6n... C.,o 274 7.i. otton. IV II B&7,'( 10,0 Ash.. 6- co; 365 7.,..66o7 Fe..,. A 79,... Oneg; 472nt...6..& o; 8F AJ s.Iy,3357 AIIIco-6,7 Acu * 717.,," OA6..na7.y A 77onmo; 167) Co.....o tol7.dy; 3'. N a J Dick; 68 A.,mo... 7.67e &VW.Ike; 98 91 WhIte,; 7,7 W6 lard & A..d....n; 5U E J 7',o7..77l 42 H6owie & llaho 67 Bayou. 8.,...Pe .l'on..,. law~.. I1oug...C...g. 148 b.1,, cauta }'inlay A o6 87,,L67Ambeth .I4hoip6, 66 'u f,6or cd Stod.,.,; 53J A Ldol...; 377W F6.o,,,; 507a7 e W7,,,6 .676 27; *AIIah, A Treoou7,, 43.7 Arno,.,.; 366C.6dwe7l & 7166,,r: 7.7 ReynoId.I. Ily,.e; 296....7& Vores 0 oprAc 740G8WO=k..4..; 2737 667o6d; 28 Ad67na 6r W7,6,.: II7 D Motor;,..AF,776. 4...; IC..6., & G~id77.y;06 1V .,..771:;5 A Co.:; 7,71is..7.l,.7os It .,k.. 1.,, .cog..I ,7 C.,oack & Ri..gold; 717 IJ..6.,...... 74 8 1V' U.6..y 6 a c. 9.I F p'J Dick;67'orscot., Jon.,o 4'.; 66 Kirkma,,, ...7,Ad.7... 6 WIhitl,7; 96d, ...g..,I 77 .,..Io~o. J IV. Z77.6..,, 7.717'. t.6 Fock .te.',,..,, 7',6,7,9&. 1C.,6.. 7236ol.7..,. 787711 i16,i..o.14611 M What A0.;.3,717u.,k, %1'...7 & r:, 64 bo,.'d V,..k.6,og,..Fosw.,.mr t, 77og.tr..7.,. 1 bls t toO 77...;. lrt A 6o 174I~nr, 7..... M7.66,.... jIC, 7c, 73,, Fhokhon A 74..d...oe.;56:.U 6,7'Ok. 711 .o.766614''16..,., 67.36fferl2W .36 ug,;~6 4, do Ward. 17.416.,66 97,,.. l'..77,o7r; 3 GoodwAn. ,.6..7...a 64..;25 Key., & Roidr.;, 7176....g.6..;4t- 77o6k, 73?u, & 1,,, 17 31....o,,. Ao7,.o, 0,, Jan, ti.6..10,0, 7614 Il.y'.y. l.ekA ..,; 63 N 6 .7 D.7 6.J1 43.,,,, & V, 5ld.., 5 '7f71e At 777l..99., 6477.. ' P. ...ao, ~oe ll.7.g.......l.., 7 r..7o Ila..y Mr. F%,k 7517, W, 7,,6.. A lt ..ood,..tc.. ... Nllad('p rao a .wTo0k00,41..60,1,.M,, rs.6 Jun.6. gio 7,,,,.., 7Th ..,, T' W.n COLLUNEert sd in Appoi.h'd by 76. Fe..r..r7 ( 2;mal .1 Home, M0r,6DPc. Ott FIC72l N.:a,. 1719 CCIII .71' ,77 (7o1..og.17.!.!Il7l.9771. SYr All) UO,,...i...weo, Ia6ll oelk,. In i;.. ...,6. D.3,7,7 try.'a 774;77A.w 67 l.u.,nyA,.78 Tt 77667 1 W..g..., COLLENS666 664 66 (5xc7ng Hoe I747877id87Ie. .nd insno 6I.,.' [8.79,7 775 l:dg.78l6 o7paee, '..l 7,,.. cr. 1,478'2.38; 847lr 16377, ..ian'a Act7.76 L"o1o,:4 Crvied.rf BA A R sto n! &h ALL.3Ns scru ,9,y roptc7,Ie .3.339 6awe £'777877,i877.33W 16.467i,4i6.,7l ghaawrgns.77846777g,vlme.'47lne hir6es9,4 ~~d46 p694ie lamty, uud-c (-6lky gu..d.eeiG lc iefnyc fro;Spt rorld7aw,.u... ot'wu r'ai rent.ff.' Wrnnn.ok, de002. 1w777.., ar..li7, 4.,. -~er- 01 Gasy, P,$osu. alygood ...6.gI ';,buig. 4 II. ,7577.70. & ~ ' 6777. 7 .,7VEoR ,.., 'Asi.'on, 7a.'.d, 04"707, 08757.76. C oo7 Iopnwd son., 6A1t0 alu 41 !,~5oe, a un i 't E TRUE AMIRfUCAN. * "FAITNRtUL AND SOLD. effictat ,ournat at the ai l.tauncitpality. PUBLISHED Daily, Trl-Weekly & Weekly. NE'WV ORILEANS: FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 1839. No mail yesterday, which makes tile third suc cessive failure of the newspaper mail. On Wed. nesday, contractor Breedlove's boat arrived at a late hour in the evening, bringing a letter mail; yester. day it did not arrive at all. This affords editorsa most delectable opportunity of boring their readers with their own lucubrations; tortunataly for our sub. scribers our head is as empty of an idea to.dny as our pocket is of money. A very great ant sudden change occurred in the weather on Wednesday. Great coats out ofdonrs, and tires within, were as fashionable as comforta ble. The wind has been high, and it is possible Stht there was no frost; but there can be, there is no further danger for unacclimated citiztns to return to their abandoned homles, or for strangers to visit us. The city is full of life and activity, although, we believe, but little business is doing in the way of sales. Receiving and forwarding goods and sto. ring produce keeps our drays at work, and creates something ofths usual bustle of the winter season. Shops and stores are fitting up, and wre hope the proprietors may not find that they have laid out their money uselessly. REAlrt Rtoom.-We are about tenow ing our lease, and r, fitting our Reading Room. It is well known that no Reading Room in the Union lha a larger collection of papers and reviews, maps, charts, atlases and works ot commercial and gene ral rerce, than the St. Charles Exchange Read< inrg Rtoom. r'We have now engaged competent persons, intelligent. and active, to servu in the tRoom, and to report for ie maorion intelligence and the local occurrences of the day.-T-to room is t light and warm, cleanly kept and constantly fur. nisled with everything interesting to til Merch nt and general observer. It ie the Rending Room of . the Second Municipality, and as such, should be encouraged and euppotteil, and we pledge ourself 1. to attend to all proper suggestions from our subscri. bare, and to make it the best room of the kind in the world. Our arrangements will all be completed in the course of a fle days, when we shall take pleasure in inviting the public to visit it. In the mean. si while we request our friends in furthering our r., views. sn Lotteries. The present system of swindling, 0o (we can scarcely call it by any wilder term) of selling lottery tickets and drawing lotteries, is a eost abominable nuisance, that calls loudly for the interference of the authorities entrusted with the guardianship of the public rights and public mio. rales. Pretended lotteries are nightly drawn by dif. it ferent irresponsible persons, They issue a few Ihun. dreds ofdollars of tickets under a false echtmue, holding out to the poor and the ignorant the delu sive hope of gain, attract ther fr mn their business and industrious habits, leading them to frequi nt grog shops, where tie Ipretended lotteries are drawn, so that they may ba close to the liquid that they must resort to, to drown their disappointment. The nmall lotteries, as now conducted, are a swind'e; Sthey are ten times worse than thire roulette or itie tfro table, and should be put down. s The splendid steamship Neptune, Calpt. James Pennoyer, intended for the Texas trade, arrived 5 last evening in nine days from New York, via Charleston arind Key West. Slie i a most de i lightful vessel, fitted up in a neat aid splendid style-Iher state rooms, &e. are very conmmodious and inviting. It will be truly a treat to take a trip to the New Republic in her. She is tweldo ofeet longer than tile Natchez, and fir superior in every respect. Sules of Cotton.-About 3(00 bales wore dis. posed of yesterday, as nigh as we can learn, ot re. dueed pricces. One sale was of 1250 at 11 cents, good fair, tlrce lots, one of 600, one ol 300, and one of 785 bales, fair to good fair-prices not known, but appeared :o be at about frotm 10 to 10 5.8. Even at this rodl:ction Liverpool purchasers are unwilling to buy, and holders are anxious to meet the market prices, owing to the heavy re. coipts. The opinion is p etty generally enter. tained, that prices will still considerably recede. The prine pal purchases have been for the France, and a small quantity for the North. [Communicated.] d BEEF MARKET' -Frst Municipality. Wo raise our voice, among the rest, against the outrageouos ys)oem of monop aly which exists in the Beef Market of tihe First Municipulity. It seems that I.y soma mismanagement, which we tmust attribute either to the Commissary or tlae Farmer of the Markot, s tveral butchers have bol. come the possoessors of a largo number of stalls, from which, though they do not use thetm, they cannot ie ejected, to the exclusion of many othler who would like to htav a stand to sell thelr beef on. T're effect of this monopoly is. that beef is so!d at a higher price, for compvtition is prevenated, and the poor anid honest bultchet r is forced to lease a place from tihe monopolizers, at a v, ry htgh rate, to lcet IIe itlpayllnt of ahilch he is btlted to stll Ulait ait exolbitatl, pricrs,... SlThe naceestty lof provling a ratttdy tfor Itis abuse is sll.vidl:nt. The t'ttttaial of tle lFirst -1Mnitopaptlty tt.t ildo someartllg to remedy the evil, anlldo ltit tich t away as to prevent nill evi. tiio n f the ordinances by fltbe preta tct es and boa Srowerd names. 'lhysli., nomrical Q(atrty.-l6.v l t I tt t ( ee ,r tinthne,1ron rurthnablers morexHoren o i ai gula elltr or aI, s me nI e ' II I oIIII - IIt (ltat tono - ,aos ' of a re olas sit; tttan l It I, t atta c tanr lle a- a -a--tl o t I r thr e who I tre Itt hurral-te rf reeled n"e' diacol t on, o ll ere pht y t f,, e i ii my (-It welt 0tt ratt Itea fsl antd tltel ,itr )tll toena TI a 1aa it e llo ut I t tll,, Ill et "tlal ballll t ea-ctbllllti t b it. t·tt Ito taattttiacll 'll IttFP ia litt a, la Itig. ltla it d" a ll o s It, every d alar -tai b as tile we k It , wetarat , it. i- t il, t i'o al rt O tll ltry, i it, 'l m lil ia of the utlt nal t i odtcllt he ia o st. l h et r r extat-a ( ats tllo tat, llg,', t l ltltait.e' i rI,, o th e ' l isa ,, ' , l I,, t lle ml r, s tiey .PII d in II I - si( ad, I a dlll , m tu its - ass liaale. tvai ut i. allthbtinie- illrls t ;h it., l ttllllllty, iso t'llllll ,l"iolt'tiballll n ,Pt 't f o tr l , . ',:l ' al wht:h ll, o ti a (ll alao'e ll II '" ' t: il l (ttlryv . at - . ' iten ,bsnr d,, bl y de ex perie e oll- , tlg':lllyul. ufd gerate t po8 siot ravll e be n-U i pll Iledll by o)n11 1 ll lloderttoly halndl ollle , 1becomes-i Ih y irn llll lm. LaI qut rlies Ilur e es titmllle alld less mril han bcauh. a-laaly. la: tIIcfr-,-o -7ehara f t ,-rio arorli ts aI, re oor ovp ftrlof ine hln del ,hnit n1 tti r of F'eida. aif rae fite reader t I tt a l de rtlitand e xislain. l a, I t ll-e,.,, '.litna tlnU relative llai llndi ear d :i a rhe -o'etr eD ..iRsd coatl tIdlln/ ia 'bta Iit,, Ollou ew tn orkt, t l hl lllltt a in tt rte ca ia llllo a a e et llr, e Irtotrtfat ctau tt't, tmett datt..-. a urig clmnl tr. 'l l ie ll rns rtll·. Ills a tlod b -i .t- e n lan m to sullh g toi a ro'ircnll tt alurnll d iW a er ah o-l re l " f attlll he, ' Int . ll r : ca le of te gatas,: ld ri .oihlen cgg. Tiar. v'lr a bees panI e1 eolltttlloftllll, 3 to t i per tat'"l 'e, b llol h ie ;lt.i 4.t per oo urt a year ; wohe pttoy lert nrs, beleed Ist e ll lgaoide te l acurnlstll le, l nll n . el t I l dea l i l - ali tn, atr t tca: 'elle'd ton Iy atoes a noach haia ,r Spositions had en idel r (lte te dr y t rallu Ids r rin u lls o s.se l il a od. taallhlr oflar fttilre ailiatla e. curerd, thb oredslre waroesinohg wrneaed I nre vo the LFan k officers are deseritd u s !oukiog ontidi tene of daesroer and roiU ~ifh"ta taaetl aaucaoetnr owhile t tple or t Jawo public |orcit We bieed to a re tlat aogoans of British raoter than Amteriann itaesti , were exulting al thia curse on the pta-t aftlte '.kna aod obueisg Pl.i ueltlhiat ecaueehaearnooin o l' ,eeo planed ilt a atirlar pa-itm. Matry ofth a New Yorkers auvt, under ithe ettunttaaose, na wit o nderfu ldegee ,f aItirncr, aud hlug suffarig ; atd S.ah of ol etrraa uht as have, d,atttot il ha trte ture 'nt t r h rr t tou , e..t.s of..o.et. , ..oe.....d to . I... t thetiraticoa s, . te or a-trte v,trt highe.t degree na credit.le1, . .ett r I e, York hPad'n will i'txctlan oSa iar haviog avoided to e ttr' ot h' - a'a a aii jtaa il-' f aio" oI aaah ntell j ia reh'e rl tn d retllllt alirw. r-a to'.-hat) e aPilb''l "vi 0tterotii, atu-iatl pro neanr, laatnf-c thr Ie tbno-f star In'l so fS'taau'-t', slaht, alter -all ths ytate hIatsi, og. ofs l, reantsr it' taoiing, a that after a the .aeutnis s spae has ronked seome f tIh stroogest iuuses'to the eontre. Nay. tile opinion is allotet nitversal, oven it the Corno "meriil Enparluln, that if the' hanks of thotcity ttellrtipt tooltel out ltoCih looger, hlloa.rd.. of Ie bestea tors ito tl New York 1ill openly avow their determioation to dis regald tile ordinary regulsationsaol crmorerre-will, in sihrrt, strrlleld tat mrllts tosele voe, until the hbanks. rtnlohtwr more t iri st attnd " "human spirit. Ih such P an cevent, orr il the eelrr of t somprellaO by the insitu a tltiollsa of tor iriser civ, I'lhiladelphin will, we trust, ahow an rexamlple of deliqacy ans sagant ity, ahielh r *w:ll put to Il.. triroh the libelltre of her fame and here ittogrity Instead r f reprroaching std vililyirgbreihrtr' and nroghliurr ill rho ire tore of tdifftulto, hers will be the trutmnll to ansiat,sur-tain and relieve theom. VAUXI1ALL, LONDON. SrAnd we strollel now oalltr tie gay Italian wal-k, and admired tile i tahue, and anired th~ bay andi rov orf Naplesorpeta rntin the.dance,ttt , i rar ori itollll kiosk, atllon the hedges, with ref resllg ices 1and rtxilierlillng lle h sa nt spiur lail nll + froin all f e far. But what mork .rie rr sweetaa the whlirperilg of wollnall voile slier irithlight At lengrhr wal let Rinying tlrong a silerlt , i ltredll Iv tlle orsourila ,w atrotle where on few ray only ofltedistant ,Isaot, nast a dohblftr litot jrpn tihe itshrullery, dishevelled gentl ry tile hrPeoe. i \e ertlrreol littlan d roeotht, whieh r tu e lken illa torner that tile fairies r aoirt play tlltar glhltr r ll it lit tnoon. Htere was n ikhr, nu nlluon tr malltrin lay, lace dIanrid, inr the lu rllom - xe l.. Ilaerttrif Ircer irir ilrchrm-whrr ohrduoryo think 1 lltrr r Ilvte, rttired only ill her OWlI conliliete oerIc taIrtI, sqIaIt thi Ill tlre grass. We ware aWnittil o etiRnkee, rsille rou tiO tile lloer freqalllt ueol t alll of the garden. I obse'rved, oat the flckeing twilight, prtfeaefor- of Il'tlatdel lhi with to emire upon hti lipt ond no lady oepnl his tr. tlea I era e Inlelily Ioildolel ae tohih Io Lifr. \er sl(w pri(e I kets, and sat downl in tile tlleatre. .r-ent ex lki- n ll; i an d Ounlti allln, n Ieli toeta tile c tell n iilll Wl eI' Yi lllillr I llinonr 'llll g prasp ithe two orltl.I a ivels. kI a left hourft he i Cheiastt fIre,,t titllgnlllt .+klle riellr; rnd Ilere they werer tnt. - I lr o thl i l rnrhr rri rl r the rrnIlne, a ud nrt ntiltg tIhe s 'llllto rtpart alr nd eLatlll, Irf VaralXIIlI. A wimielful ptlil nmrllllte Iti h ot e hitter.n It wander it the s aull thtineari tw tre ile dI s le.illg oad ilr k tr ile olll lt oril intlit, Cr llrllltel tiI.rt iaew t i thn into lthe rriloont wh r,.l-e +,+'rre slpat.tead rolhl -llltl, ll n i ollf.l etiellriee, lnlld talt th+. Vhol· o-a o thl I lia hiae" gal \\'WanroIlk often rnlv, el, w rith ll .eir fel irlligd ettinn, re aii or twit ol bred, wtil i i er le l i ln i o fr ith t iith ; iloo thihirties t of i Irrwi th i rg orks, tess tri inatl re atil t d relinition of a 00 II i 11 111 i isalice otr bro-r-and-bhrttrrat Vauxholls' And latilg pni ' thle ordiarv three prices, nlld the tea . ttl llh e~nmtlla r Il l-. e r e i e h alllllte. 'There gi n stn se -olitgry walk coun tile books of tihe river, liver r ig Ihe hridlfge; nller II mile witou n h iittti. Ir wt- the diar kl orir lu |" tie h ionhl. A dil 'inla re. mldL' llllrlhe Pito 11 a tctI overhealld. We. hIr llt lll v brkm n vlies io tile Ili- tlllttu th l sp lael S.t) ill I n nf s e alld nol w i nl l h a ad l hniti coLh rolled hL I . Ii ollt i Ent m ti ! iitevery litoilig I,-ni st I t hilgled i Ihir heart nlid knlPPie, l lirr ici rer lmil r her . I tlnIve ILrned sih" ihart t1it t hhre tnlll.red here ias oie oif the tlmreitfl i i1t, alseidloe llleui. lh\liul I had Uii rlllo n tI i iin l erl h rllf r o Ihillle e, a d w lllt t alking and wanl kill C lh .ei olllrlli ullw o ilst, ln f silw. I ui r l ofr, ariron l i In ttkli t nll llh lr etl i e llto ir iL eal l ti t ofihe i 'urz., l'\l fllv ii Ia ai llr llunar ed! le had red whiskers mlnl I lhine el es. It ras r tliitr h rcn fe n fihitl eirl that h s evre i1c. .\lle i id r an e . d by pa llin g tr inftll l on hif l lon r it; n tleiilllr sillsu I a tii arll slll vl iheill fir u .e way. Van 'tll isol l a. n alm ritb place. mt ever I go olthe, agyain, I minll hen a i conch.h n r;ni i lrrs trl t in . t a l ntl t lne dlli tloerlll e rl lo ll, o ir e |)nke oIl tlBcch lr lnh' routll had tiled tp nth sire, t with' arria0100 IrIir lile lt ii t RIIIi Iler.Hre Igail Wi .l ilian pinit e lllh tilo frighten ' anoli r rl ar iord nlight.' The garh.en was lillinn. ith eOaI hsnIn lls h end he rivr Willl iro-Wtiolk, terlailiug t he eels oltl t trei r it o ithe 0ail. Litrle blone, wioh teria airampe rejPitl over I te rfitllrll'e i till e awialreo, int tie i eratard, the PetIrs i ats rcutt's gilrll called tirIrem, ere liopig llff ri iert te sales r, oulily feot, uNo Ittapei bllia exti.guishetd hiafrrells n thke west, Intro lllet Ih o [ro l wh lirve apenll rie nilgi t ill dissipallion le tranrntmblrng in or th lheeiltr WindtroWS. t it r utlllortro tud. ru.l tghitt--Kaiekeriboeker--Familo Lettera Rl.Par tRascatR Ptrooat.--Tih ttelfast (Ireland) ChrotFice givrc rhie filliiog acronllt of David Mi'Kev teaY, hw 1g irithe i'arish ofAugltpgallao countyof An tlic roar'. lirn rlilt hIit aIrls or IPg, htaving only Owmi r iturl stlulp ll i plr 1iftlllr ol iio , atilllll aS tri Ihi lelg R IOe a nmli ua irolie irha Ilitr, wih a dh niuti e sell Ales Ilu 11, 1 0 ilheut ny jloil I lterverlin so rI 1 It fora hglll hl o lll iit lg. lThii ,ll;er i ulllll S tt ia. rg a in a midl e sl.e i(iii, bnt gre tlny d frlfrtcld. It is eto rdnrlllr lr S iwhat thiP (llti rpi l IIin c nerllliPrtl .i tl.ereis. CPl env jabinht lfn rlidr ea I it Inie vi e ritlne n tiesh and ha+ alie , dui h ll s i l) Ilal wh ll ,lity, hefre a hired imlas I Iii' Ilhalll n j r -111s am ' lrlle a L ne Ilitr stlPan al hle oar pow hnte ll- ihr nti.1; tit up w olh titeiupo, ril(an lllnow en his irt rllll olr I rt bindl i rfcltver arnld grate 10i I a 'i l rr-ll " hi ca ha0 tlrill l ,e hIi duli rii i rtrnl izr inI dark coralls rs lllyinidrloe. hnll nl itrwl Rlln any asosistance dri llk iit 1 1 nilnt llld lity it 1 w ira 1.tt tle1 orn noisl a rer. lifig i t e kettle r l l.in iii 01 r wil l le tie and hals (lc'l'lsin lli' rele ed hitisell Io a cu nil oflh, cin us oe his oilttily actiuons, vhi h are -ia surpassed by his Ilelltl iawers. It was ni ii ttrulIle ftirei -elflhat Sait..r receivet alny e~dtuoiratito r, ba the porer )of Iuimi3' y hlane, thereitear.ola iiouritr nelical qaer ones, Inanle speeiu'elltiilrhriue h i coatdescrilbe; snd it Sin Irulely II ll IndI ondirnIr o r im-ar Imiln di onr, oitg I h l I1h t a n-ti nishrii stretch ,ailtite l ri reqilired ta uon roi . ! Ui e- lae ale ulorised to announce that, at the solici Intitn of t lure number of the citizens of thie three SMulnicipalities, AMr.WIL.Vl m Fat lo r aIbrs concented to lthe lpresentaition of his name Ihis feallow ei'iizens ti the rlt enctuing election, as a caudidate lor lithe ufice Iof Malr of the City of New Orleans. La' Nios isomlnall autorisas it annoncer qu'. la Sdcmande dl'ul grand nolubre dee citoyena des trois Mlunicipalitia , AMr. WILLIA. FIIERcT a conIenti B o se prdsenter comme cealddat &. la place do Maire a la p locha;hine lection. [La' 1.. C. Gcal.sstE, t! le soliitlalion o niany of his Sfrh ill,,f hs retsented to become a candidate for the ollice oif MIar of this city. NOTI'ICE. i ii- '" al'h a members of S. 'atrlrk's Congrepantio are lerrh r" "v , lpll'ullv notified, thalt th rsrvce will he pt. \foamd 4n IIo of Mir. E E. IParker' iew building ill leli n lIp , between MagllaziIne ad Fouchr satreels, u nilllll Itlllmd r IUotice~ nIt J J11111 I.ON, 'Pastor. .l ()Rt'ca 1UI.'IC,+.UI.IS-IAOllllf trees, 3 feere, 31 . ti,'lJverd Phifs fll. ersons wilhing to cpiLract S . at GOSSIP' & (C's, Exlangre Hortl tNTA'I')D-A white or black girl, to cook, walsh I ollte be preferred. Apply a thlee IV)Nll Ir " Itl hbin a nd Pi nCalniui streets, I ppaoite Ithe L u-' ysh, mat I a-c. a8--1t si IIIt ' r , Nll tI Ihre. tiial I N ria rid c omllllullr 'iall r l irla- sltitre s i, (till I i.eee str0 et., iew.eln ]ieil, vrl ll lt e 1II '·ll t ll'llllllll o rlen.P fronii i l.Ilo on lit n tlln lre'lh s ll"rin. every, ndvall lge to tIlhe conunllllllilsion tl l ln liWldil i bllu ll-es . Apllv to S\V OKfEY & Co, I- No.:1. Ol Lerve at SAh 114 II KS-A l k spply i the following .lmillla,, 's .uI.lonl oif the Laws of set8-off with tan Ken'll' I'intis, abridleed lhby Eiar1iman Johnsnll a i iha, to r a t'i i an 'I i tcof eclantion, 1' I\ha h llln-- l:n llll[ n d Pt'litti Ilnalll tAi hIe-,orrll ai'-anu:i of Alirilrei lacews, renalul g of t l ,tlr.a n -hi us, r freiid, nhd insranc tansln. Irl; Irlalll thr e lIt of Il{i cc , w il'l loal'4. )., right . f an Ale ritir allied,, wih a nounsn - l'a' ti n -la te riigi ts a nd on te Can-tlution nd Sti i i ii of hiae iui. ii.el toai .ern t a 'i l nll it lli| I a 1: JIl NS & Cl, N t Stntioniia' Ilall, I. . corner t Chllarles andl Colllin je i:i N v ii,,l I AKi-Jri ri-i ed net r s-l Iodiona, I h dh IhA D '#,Ilr.I .ili,.' n1ell tih Soiuvenir d'ail Enfa tr du Peuip r lriitls' whita e hair litagltifaic iii a e firt vohlrei Afilhe, worksc are reuliteda'l ill lir the above, E JOHN. & Co, N ( Stationears' I rll, Ii ,orlleir C. hllrls i tll Comlllllni ss rEill A A tV'EIIS--A naw supply of the foIlhaihg l ral, ilr 4, , a (' iiii l illllilll(a, I vol Itl l tlloI mm o,la.de dIlois lrain .aie, I1 vola 'l'r A 0ang, Veale l vyct a 'la'uillhr, Ihlia Ciail fral:clis,l10 vola I'aiiilh t, 1t4oh4 Civil, a le Noelll' ll ~Fortaull rr dilu Nicruairi, I cl 1: J)ll NoS Co, N O Stl lllllalS' flall, t, ruerllrl St hllea t ld Col4mon lis Ir Il' l IEI(hYI TlEElS--ulii l Morn A ailtialtlilisa firl. for .,ie. Aptplic 44 109 ('uillirl l at a7 t tAN II--Ti good Iiuiotoirh 1 al-taro grate Sinisherrhto whO good wlages and coutani ea. . ciiient, w hla ga.e..n . II A & 4 IW)1VEIIEUX, n t 128 Th'clla htnolas st CLAS.- No. 1. T L Il alf Alilliun or (.aul mSren 'I henlre Clear of fi, lcuicicna GRIANTD IEAl. ESTATE ANDI 0.I'O(K I OTIlLItY. will ilasaitierly be drawn on the :ilst I l)eIraller, New Yeara' Fve. CAI.lI)WLLI, (IAKEY & PRIITCiARD. of. .)_flie earer (:anal coil SI Chllarlas ais. F'' 1.lo t.3 brls lcrnling frai aitamcra Swacllow ainrtle bly ll6 o I)G)RSEY,41 New Levee 11r 11'SKEY--151Obls rei. ifiod, larealo by 16lt (i I)lltSY, 44 Nrew Leveeo IL-21 i asks thl.elll Odi, laeding ax lhlilp Jlio SIlc, elnd fur slle by i1 S G Ii iiLNCiiAiiD, 33 flaie.r at OAP--O00 boxesa ; A leaerhall'a yeliaw, lundiag S rex ship JahI Ile, anl or sale by ,a6 S IR ILANCHARHI, 3.3 (lravir at CANDLES-b0 boar rp, erlt of lhaw & Earlea' '4 aollalalturc, Iladiag ex ahip Johln aelcand fur sale by oh6 " SG iI.ANFHA . It,33 ire.ia.r at ICE--30 caskh ew ar i-e, in alore adfor aleh by C n6 8 G BILANCHA.RD, 3S@ilavier at CoennaiI, ieesot 1"IuietpaU)y. - ORDINANCES & ttESOLUrIONJ AD)PTED. TUESDAY, 15th October, 1839. Resolved, That hereafter it shall be the du y of the Seoretary 6f the Council to write up time Jour. nal of its proceediigs within 24 hours after the sdja .rnment of the Council; and the printer shall pub!i-h a verbatim copy, taken from tihe Journal; and it shall not be latwfi for the Secretary to per mit to betaken out of the Council Chamiber any report efa committee, or other paper be onging to tie archives of I he Council. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, October 16. Resolved, That all persons taking outa lip ense for a hotel, grog.shop, boarding-house, or eating house, who shall neglect or refuse to pay tile tax on the same to the prolper collector within fifteen days after it becomes due by eaitming ordinances, shall be liable to a fine often dollars, recoverable before any court of competent jurisdiction, for the benefit of this Municipality; and the Recorder is hereby authorized to cause said hotels, greg-shops, &e. to be closed, when reported by timhe Collector, until ensd tax and fine shall he paid. Resolved, That all persons taking out a licsse for a dray, carriage or other vehlicle, who slmall neglect or refuse to pay tile tax on the same to the proper collector, within fifteen days after it becomes due according to existing ordinances, shall be liable to a fine of ton dollars, recoverable before any Court of comnpet nt jurisdletion foIr the benefit of this Mauic pality; and said eollector is hereby re quired to semoe anld detoan all vehicles subject to said fioe, until the tax ie piad. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, October 16. Resolved, That the Treasurer be, and he is here by instructed to bring suit against all persons now ilndellted to this rMliute palltly in eu Iits over one hun dred doll.ars, who shall int have made payment on or before the first Monday itn November next; provided thai, in all cases, s.id persons shall have been legally notilied. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, October 16. Resolved, That the, ordinances of the 8th Augmllt !837, granting permission to break up flat boats and rails, in fr tt of the third wrd d of this Muni cipality be, anid tile solmme is hereby repealed. Resolved, That alny person who shall, directly or indirectly, attempt to break upil any flat boat, within the limlits of the 2.1 Municillality, or to land a rait within tme same, sllhall pay a fine of fron 10 to $100, to be recovcrsd bcloroe ay eolrt of cum potent jurisdictin . JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to timhe Mayor, October 16. Resolved, That time Assistant Surveyor report to the Survey)r all lines and levela whi Ith lie may g:ve to indilvduals ftl buildinig iots and bmmqunettes. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, October 16. Resolved, Thllat the Recorder be, and he is hereby authorised to accept the services of such a nulmber of citizens as lie may, in him, discretion, thlink fit, Swho nmay volunter to act oas a patrl for time pro. tection and sacgmolrd of this Municipultly; anld that such citizcns, so acting as patrol, shall have the same power and authority as is now conferred upon the Municipal Wate., preovided such citizens take the usual oathl, mwell and faithifully to perform the duties appertaining to their office. Resolved, That, in the opinion of this Council, it is insxpedient that citizens acting on the volun. teer patrol should be in uniform, or wear any arms or other distinctive badge or mark, indicating tihe duty thev are onil. JOSHUA BALDWVIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, October 16. Resolved, Thalt tme sum of Twenty Dollars be paid to Dubois & Kendig, on the warrant of the Mayor, fobr the use of a horse in taking up drays ill tihe streets ona tile nIlghts of the 24th and 25th of I July last. JOSHUA I'-ALDWIN, Recorder. Setnt to the Mayor, October 16. Resoved, That in fiture all tombs erected at t the Protestant (lmetery, must be built of the best brick or stoine, lih d in miortur made of equal prts of' the best lime and sharp sand, and covered with bitumen on thie ground floor of elachi toomh, with at least one incih of htlmen, and that all the Sltombs in said grave yard moust e pointed and b kept in ordelr, under a llpenally of Twenty D)ollas Sfor each neglllct or reflisal on tihe part of the dl. rection of said grave yard. The Surveyor is au. thorised to hIave sli relairs mIlade forthwith, and u to institute suit in cas of non payament by said di rction. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, October 16. Whereas receet canuInitous fireo leave occurred ' in the city of Mobiil, by lbhclo a large portion of said city has been laid in r oiles, and hundreds ol'its citizens tilreby reduced to poverty and dtstree-: and whereae tins Council, representing the ctiz lus ofthe Second Municipahlty of New Orleans, most deeply synIpatcliso with their fellow citizens of Meo bile on this occasion, and are desirous to and in alle. vlsating the sufferings of the unfiortunate who have tbeen rendered destitute by these sudden and calaln. Sitous visitations ; Be it Resolved, That tile Recorder be, and he is lhereby auollthoried to transmit to the Mayor and SCouncil of Molbd!o tin suom of Two Thanstand Five HIndred dollar-, to be applied by said Mayor and Coullcil, to tie relief of the indigent sufferers by said Fres, in such mannner as to said Mayor andCouncil may sooetm just and proper. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, October 16. TUESDAY, 23d October, 1839. 1st. Resiolvred. That the offer of Woo. Bell, to construct and complete the new vegetable market, I at the junction of Annunciation and ''cehapitoulao streets, by the 15th day of January next, for the Ssum of filiteen thousand five hundred dollars, be, and the same is hereby aecepted,-said Bell to pay to the Munic;pnli.y tilleen dollars per day for every day beyond ,aid uate, during whcth said market shall not be finishOd. 2ned. Resolved, That the securitita offered by said Wm. tIull bir the faithful performance of his contract,.-to wit Josepht Gioutz and Nicholas Mur. ray, he, and they are hereby ccepted. 3rd. Resolved, That tlhe Surveyor be, and he is hereby oautorzced to contract, on behal of othis Municipai lty, with said Wim. Bell, ecofornrbly with Ithse re olutions, and tihe spectfications made by said Surveyor. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, October 23. Riso vod, That the Mayor lie, ano hlie is hereby authorized to draw his warrant oi tle Treasurer I of this Municipality, in favor of Nathan Nichols, fir the sunt of ilve ihundred d d nineteen dollars, 86 3.4 cents, for 259 c bet 21 inches Gunwale.way, coimnlencing at she ilinemlent east liloe of (cdar street, thetnu ioward St. PaIl street, said Nichols giving re cipt in toll ltr sail work. JOSHiUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Moayor, October 23. Resolved, That the Petition ofJ. M. Caballero, asking permtlison to tmake a cross way of flag stone, opposito No. 32 oni St. Charles street, to the Exchange lHtel, be granted, provided said eross. way be donent Ilis own expense, and under tile superintendnceo of the Surveyor. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, October 23. Resolved, That John Gibson be, and he is hereby removed from tile ollice of Secretary to this Council, and said office is hereby declared va. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Sent to the Mayor, October 23. ANNt'AI.S FOit 1810. Sfll:E c'i rs of America, by Joli Reese; splendid CristuLm Kerokbe iir 1840, ly Rev. John A Clark; splendll m-rocco loounl lieli. ltlelriL g Inr 1.40, by Miss C It Waterman; The tieln for 1t0, a Christmas and New Years' pres senll; Splendid e mbrsswd alai, oven 'file Pearl or Alfferion's l;li for 18411 TSe Chiil's Gem htr 1840-Also, The Gifti, 110-T-'he Violet do, and L.iterary Suuvcnir, 1311i, fir scle by E JOIINtS & e, C latinse,' Hall n17 ettler St Chalrles and Common sto LATEST I''BLICATIO.S. eIlitE lDamoel of UDarei,2 vule, by the author of the ! i.oy IRiv ra, elc Nau Darr.l,I,a the Giisv Mllothr, by Ihe author of the Prince nlld thl- Pslr Adventures of an Attorney in eserch of practice, by the anitholiftbe Adventures i aol a Gentleman ill search otfa lIoeseOl' vele Nieholas Niotleby, N. 18--and all other new novels, for sale by E JOHNS o C,., Stationer'e Hall, a7 corner St Charles and Cemlmno. s U.GAKt-LO boxes White Hsavan, in store and ribe n6 by . S BI.ANCHARD, 33 Gravierr t SPEIt CANIiLE7-Il tI|,.ob'. ioo sore, f.re hr S J THA V'EIl & Co, 74! Pooysr st " nLtVlNG CAlit -A lot of Rogle, Iletrv8th, SDecntur, 'erry Alodreow and Iligblnde Pla ing Card. .lof inrtlttttc, C(reeolrr's soil F rltl't.lstllllnfeilnltr, oill ie sold very low no slooe coationmenle, if eppliel frs en. o3J A 'OWWA R. J9 Comp at BANKS' ARCADE, CITY HOTEL, &c . GRAND REAL ESTATE LOTTERY OF PR')PERTY SITUATED in N;W ORLEANS. SCHMIDT & HAMILTON, Mandgers. Offices under the Verandah,. Corner o. St. bCharles and Common Streets, and No. 101 chartres Street, between Conti and St. Louis Streets. W ITH a view if tneetingo It wishes of our friends,. we have lle ptleasure of announeing to the pobl lie ihat this Lottery ill lie drae n at the City Exnhai.ge, in St. .ouis street, in New Orlennnn. 'he drawing will, withllout faoil, begin on the l st I)e ceitler next. Onr agenlt thlroughnol thle union, will enntie le above to be inierted once in one of te newspallers of thlir respective residences, and charge the expenses in eni-tfLt SCHMIDT & IIAMILTON. GAS LIGHIT AND BANKING t'tiMP'ANV. (iGA DrPItRHIENT, O()tllber 21c., 11:9. (IOKE & ? '*Al.--The prie of C(oke has been fixed, l ftr tie encuing es:leon, clt fifty ente er te lrle, il clthe CiGalls Work yardl. nn, inkel ill qlletllilties of rite hlulldred Iurrels., ill le dlrlivered free ,,f c rtngv. 'The superiority of thle Coke rs fuel, bring easy of ignitio n rnll flien to ll e s it n annlll snlll tr nnohke ulittUn itlluinuce everv li tilu II, dt y t ltuse of it. Coanl will Inl fullrnieei d o Is ietl t cgsldrlll t r e. toner. S) dners received nal die (ins t.fi(e, Rllhuk Allhv. o04 E I W I.I.S. Secrenlrv. M AYUlt4VIi.T' OF NOIW tI Ell S 1lllE price of flour teiner this dnv $5 ili r barrel S lrct lrdlineg In the taillit; lt Ililke rs will give :,5 onllirre, of bread tir tin rnts. dllrinllr Ihl, week er+in Iing onl imdly inexl t.le t h in-tu nt. The Inc a..s ofl 'secondll nlity,l) rfsc tdier fen cents. shall weigh .5 per cent mlore, viz: :43 o es. C. cr S, Myor. n3 C. (lO;EilS, leccer. 4II TY itII.I.Alt i.RIVAR) will be nlid to any marked iulndio'l to T wItich ln were h elrid Irlt shipl AlnIt isan lty Idrae Nit. i17u , ehr i lr ith l recir of lse boet n(] two euc+ik nmarkted hI It I., htuled efu riy Nt. 1ln4--ison ofth lhi o hnaving thin t nor to Inl Apply I tl Non . 90 Clfr sutillller arlile rA N'TE'Tl' l' e r or o e lnt ilie i lwr ci oi 1i i l ns - aolin ll tn ile frllll tllt ril; tere err L.c i annl e1ommiodiouns IIln e+, til 1h i nl.'lllrndv c lliV1ttv ,d In cili Tlrn litir imi lu - ellr I oo. llll, is llt ateI Il unit untlur efy ti, iii ut7t lhh er Ih rivUileIgei ,f -titattiu it Itrce hipe I ii cronti i ftu n w n, wilhn r lii ulghe tuin t I tiuu , forirteiie slgreed uls. Felr ftlrler lTirtii' llir, ulipi ' t II III).N N IAIIt., n.5 e_ _r_-r Nr n tiihrz tltu 'I'rlhzqitulns stn n IlhMI'AiNE CI DEN ll- itu lle, lllliieuntr tifle ./. ty 31 o l d i ettlSl . %', 11tI 4 Niv levee L A'ti--33iti kegs lerilard iindhic sr t .rhe t J 4 lierokee, I b r I.le lv G lilI, :l o09 41 New !.ev,,r '1 'I'OV -i.- N uw e f' r nut shipuu ls fr Pit h ila r Pate t I olltr.d It tu t l titll s i t it i c ai r le i Cii e- tI t sl isr, (o kii, n rilu ~itk ic \Ae i. . IFr saleb Iv MA II & JI' I'IVI'tItlUEX, SUI'IPI ·I" OIF NAIl.", pll Inanelr ll, tin, hlandl aini o17_ 7 irn rlllr sl (-, U/INll'--I.nlmi:itllNt'fle. 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Sr o hti jot l l v will J. r . Iel'ra, il 0 11n. I ro.lerror 16811 ,'!rrrllrrorro oon lo Ooroelrhdooll I ordly /'a hier o1 l ' t ll'i e Io'l llro likhIIie I ink l, e llt+,, 1r Ilrrn acrl .Io I I , r h.i t llo . r. lr,rll'l 0 , 1 . iir rlrr llr tu lhe 2Tdtl aIyll :3I:o, 1 ,lll , rlllll llr'r ol l Fll"- r NIIor . III 1he lhutnl 1h hv genl.llthllllll ulnctUnlberedl, u 1 Trtstees, fur the security l i IoII, l' lltunlle pr Ill ho il r der.. I A s. York Ihlr n rro i :i l r ilnlrr lorrl-iilo Ihe Sllhtllrelx I kllllk IIo lhe I rt·dt iti the- lshlo p ii1111t/n 1 I" t lrllho o3 lrw Ierrlrulr r r The 1,4lls, itroo 'rir rro d Iio Ihro arts pail+ed Ilo A. l ll tl 1'+, ,l"y . ot.II Il'ir. i N oloi rol l Ihrll l perlies whicah rhrtcu he tes-iso w I€ rzcs it, the Lotter,. P rize-rT hat lIlllgtlik lllr I lrg e srr l r brick oitddriog,nwn sa i ho L lrrr ).rr it .1Ili.eaIz ie ,lllls. Ilt 1asurilng 0;l f e r 5 I , 4l + - l ho , , ,r o I 3 1 n . z sIIII 1L4 IIl I;e I I I ite. 1 ,1 I crlt ' I s1 hed1 ll, Arem f'$III137, 11110 pe I 1m U hnit, and heinpg I nlrr et r o or r l ii pr rlr if li km lrr lll uyr -ior ro rrnl' hnk,,oo rn IIts rent- will, io ua er, feo , lo r ,, in rlre ed to fifty rriNorsar. do llrt Ip-r all nll.ll C tll. ,ll ld t11 $711,,0110 Priz Ie- T1I rlet oiil uiir hl "rik bue h! $20,000 iNll k rnown a Ntrhe l' Y It T'I., ormll rlv II hlllp' t I teho l, r io lll d fllt the co111. ile'f llll|iii mul l ni Illll stsq i +.ll[n. 1 n; hI_ l l ,, DIHIII '1, u .1 Ill 1ll hllll 4 P, I in. l + m 1+elt ' I IIt. and h eil.e r I the imoI r rrrrtrd part S tothitll y inoul lnd d'UIar Nr r r Naitchngiz str, th a e, nt 16l e I r l - lll a= rl d:Iv l n hd aIIt $ 0,0010 SPrize--Thu t nre hore hI tik dueldi $20, buns, ;No It, arrioo-n'rr No ' 00 ron Irrrrllr.r rrt r s reetI, rill e lfhrr Ilrro 're r llls.l l s cIII1k Ir . n r l it $10iii I 1 0 I Prize-- l' l lo o-rlr lllhrr Iolrr N Ii L k , rrrllo-l rorronrrworr of llrr'rro nod'lrr'rortnl IrIr IIrPr s irP, T irrr t'll r Irr I40 l hlfrn llilro ,t tlhrr I'r ll l f i- ronr 0r 3 fret 7 in.el s 1, Flll Flllll iu sta,1I,, Iry 11lo oeir w0joolo deptr n arrlrr - O Ulrdrrhez.oh steel; remellt fie feciverla o ruden d dolr llar. IVrlrtrirnled rrt $..r,Ol ) Prize-Thl'lre twonrlolrv hrrk rlrllirg.l Irrlr Nr,.3339 oo IRooral greetbetwee eLrsulir aodllr r r mrnilil L Itr ls tlllrIe - bIy (27 IT I Ito ll.l; i llnr, NeI ntrl Ed II $11121 r n l. A lte blatll ll TC e I rol ri d o tiae rot $l15000 Prn-2 rfslharen Caonl m nkol dsorolk, rt $lil) vllnr l $ 5,11lre . Prize--Tl0 looroo Crommerrciariol Bln k s ,hck $I0ck rrl l I, $_sr, 8 . I Pri - 15olshi.r e ilror rrllorniol'c nllu .I olhr:'Bt Ilor ocklel n t $rllltr oli ri 150I SI'',i rf 11 rre o r I' rrr.tiu l o, 11,0110r OPrizes- h of ri r (r rni ligl, 5,001ni Piere uln l I ' Alechlo ricllls and 20 Pri irlne 10 Le i Illiin olrror :e 0,1I1 10 ' .rizre of 2 " 1 (os ieth, r ,1-00 2(011 Prze rrf1 0 I 1ak rIf Orle rO, I5,rIr i 200('Lri.e of 1 Uoior . l lll o rk l FlrolrilR , 15,(100 It ir rll o nor the optin o tr1rrrr llr riorlO of prino . Iin rbuik rr .lck, eillrlr to talre hie stuck 1tell' or n ar 'aluo th~leol ie cash, MO01(e 01h I1RAIING. 100,000 likielI , frot I rr lh 0,nio. , il Ire pro in one dhoe l, ar Ir rOllrizeo, twi m Ie blllahs, in jarr .llor; l never o rrieor iprliO e .aim elblank willb orri n, o ntr l r. thlooprizes rn - nrlerrio llooovno h Irho n IIrhlnro ro il baron ah rn wheel-blnnks. Ordeno for lln aobron Latlery will Iro reoivodl at lire affice under lion Vorndahll, nlrer 'of Si. ('loChrlen rond Comnmoon aner.l, anlr at NoJ 104 Chatrrn snrent, Now Ilrleae, anol promptlty forwardond. I(rdors fean lion noarley. P lrst (1010. olnllltainin g rlnitlaonlns fa teUr 1-, r onfrickerns required, nddiren1ed Ii, CINIIDl' & IIAIILTeON, Now Onl nnn . Itk A tlralnllat will he povidld ta take to Fl(onria sucl paslengers as may be dewirollus to witn the hJakarrille, Fio . April, 1839. oce 1 CAMP .STREET THEATRE. This evening, will-be pesrfirmed tie IUNCHIACK. . daster Wanlter, . Brton.. Jliull : Mrs,. l..rt. lsleen, : Mrs. De Bnr. Afler whirlh, TIlE SWISS COTTAGE; Or, Why don't she lMarry? Natz Tieck. : : S.C.owll.' Corporal Max, : Archer. Lietle, : : Mrs. De lr. IJ"D.' nrrs pl It n past 6--Pecrfrmnnnce to commence t7no'clnok..kE WASHINGTON BALL ROOM PT. '11ll.I1 STIRItEI+:T, BE'rWEEN ROYAL AND OUlRRON S+TRECTS. lE1 MANAGEt of tie: WVlslhingt.rn Ball R1rOm respeelflly inliurms hif friends ril ithe public, thlat iiha above mnmioned eitablishmnetl,, will op.u lor Iei senson,ll Mlondy erI.ning, Nove)mberI 41h, 1839, by i GRAND )DRESS AND) MIASQUIJEIAI)DEB ALL, land will colltlilllle Ihr ghlllltll Ithe sellson evcly Mllmndy, Wlledrnesdlly anld tntlurlay eveningf iellnl week. Adlilrnnr e fr Ier llellmnnll, $3 00 New Orleans, Oct. 4th1, 1839. SHIPPING. Coastwise. FOIt NIWV Y'lllt-K-lRegllrt Packet. Il .nes' I.ilne of l'.ckes. "t'hnl Te lt n ailing p, ket hripe VICKIIiURG, IOII ih8l or l t-s.lll, Ii .ing. lrgllnl e Clll llllOll' ti, . , nlqrly hm Ihe {' plhllell rnp rti, on o Ir o ls I.o hlnw tihe Ve. getllle illllkel., or Uto lil e A I:eAl)Ir l EN,91n ('onenlllllrnl :FOR NEWI:\. IVK--I'o, sil on Illthe ll1 Novembller. New Yo',rk lll d.ew (Orlalln- Lule. . I'.The hle~ pl cket shrelil ('11 . \I I' II A ;XI:, S 'I .lJckson, will atrryv bil l 0i()' Illes iolol O I I hii-f of w. i rsii is r ' In n llilllll. I mlcl r rill lh] ol' sf fI l or board. II oi lluhuc.' L.hitt) 1 oI it, k,w '' li u li . in tie 17111 isnItI n L II 9 i rl l"lll 84'(pp II (IX i ur I'lln 'n,( d 11 ill prmI L ply s il a s n Iv rti.' d.e. Il, r feigll N, .... , . ,,, I-' ri , .dl l Gen ,e i , ;rI;,, n ,, , Il'all' ci. en lrd, ltll,' ,H.lre..,,, o 1 1 7.1 rV V ('1t ) ~11.r , 1W;\\' YORK A.) NEW OLItI.,ANS IANE. l, 1t I ILINI wil l bh, c..o .+ut t .v ,, ,,., w Is'h I willf t l l.e ll II I lth r i Ih4 l.llo.wmg nrl r, viz: .}1111 'l'lr V, It. U'.ckidh 1n{; nmo1wr. limph Ie)lplh llln' l. J S \'iilll, IleIe ter. New ship F'ranki , J 1i l eel..l. i, N.e.. .. New shpI, Mar, Ivhil,..nhl ,, It 11.(l errelle-. New. ship I',mrllrli.d, \" I. 14I.,t 0 o tu - 'r. I'Ie,,, Shop. ore aI of i thc iicl , hi.1e', iisneoo duLtio.s fr i .l nen rs unn ,A-- ed cI1 (llllle Io I ne , ivr. n. . n d e h ('olatly r *m1 1,1d. Slibe tirellte, l p 'll i lvt will h' e oi .i vii d ilde. .lpatl h illng the n ull isi. e d.rl-lei, and tvIVY r.r ,,I,. h Il'tLI Inldllllllia n exlllterllllel to shl )r) trs mlu d p I-e-t'g+. l 1,1 ,r freight or pe n- aI g , ll. Iti i'il 'I.' eT I ' t..\,ll) l..' I .e,,,; i',e Ccl i . F(118 NE;W YOIRIK. '1 hiI I1\, n ,"" .ste :po.eId of 1s1t h .h,l, .. hi\p \ I t'h., ( 'dplil r' lln ke. N%, . 0..lh ihrl ,NS, - .en r-, le,. Mlh ,, A . A s. = - .I nns el 1i'1n ,. 1+I . , - lne,, FeI,"h. ,:Iq 'l'ihe ,sho Ih I re or f thle lir.t e.ne.., , pi,'re.l. nod ,1- -,' nv- i l i Ir lh,\ , n . l IuleIs, I- 1 l wnlet' :.,,,' ir al l .l athe,-t 1r " Id, in , l ire II., , diuos'· :inII , Id t.lie, m Fl ID,.,1 he ll, t l l ln t eon' ,, l n n lo.lll., he'll ~ I',, I, nn . eil i ,l ,' J',e u e l ts 1hl," Tr;lo . a1 d1 aii . i $so,. e.xe.rt l h r.- .Iv, - t,, ',,',',,,;,,hntl t.'--1h,, ++ ;,I " , ,,- - 1. t,,"" '. 1 'l'hr? hd w . llll lli l lllll~ l+ 1111 1 fl++ Phil4] mi')IV+ 'hn t+ (lll It ; I ,n o.-I~i, l).· h hlrl l, iiiii torn- d+ 1( 1 6,i.l ) 1 11, 111,, 0111 r,, ilt . + hll ', 1 %1 -I ,ii'I diiii m "le rh . . ,f tllhlll l I, it..l . he" ·1. , 1 ,tL . . ni , l, v , 't or ,, p lh oo Ir-r . I I lI "a w, nrlrl,le" nrtl+ ar le, ,I ltt " i1- 1e I i eil sl + ;e -iP,,I, tlri b,- i,,,ll - lhh I, ,," 1;,1 I 1( .n l,,' ,,l , / - For tho Interior. F il Ill1' II 1i 11.1 /.e", I rt '1 l~· 1~1·111 /'ire .. ( . ~ lfll)lil -, u IIIII I III II I k;(I. 1. \\.II + l·-r l =trnotbonl 1 511111 1111( 111 11.1· 1 \· \ " I'. J-.- art- 1 1 ", -;r"'". ýs.. , ill I.i I ," \, ,.I 111 ' - r , r. \ 1il~· IIII I~~ ~ II IIVII IIlll((r1 I nIII, .IIIIII I 'iI 1 11 11.II I, II. II 111111 III 11111 - III I I) I It I, . 1111k II IlII r lo 1111., liii Il~g l IN p iiap ISl, to Capt - lr S1': 1 1,5 11\ II III l \11,11'1'A I.II I " t l l tll L I ll I k Ill'-III VII IL~llp Il·()illlIlýllilJ li W111 \I~Illr. ,, 111111111 I, er. I·II Inui)·· ro ' ssI· L J I. I i IitllFilll r llllll~l..l If....... fr eUI 1. I.1IY 1 l ·u1·n· 1 ll·1 no on at 1 l 'v·ill k, I.- )IIII· For I-I" II"·I· r j 111'.11 11111 1 1.1111,. \1 ', 1 ::i 'n o0lo sl I 1 ll1"111 I tl , 'I II 1 ) A(lll.11II 1\11IMII·) N11 I11? 115.1I )I I'lill A)I. ____________ 15IX01111.1H 'I 'lNE I i psul t l Ir 1 IIe bar, ":1__11 11 i uII 1, 111 111 111111 :1 1,. I..r \."~ Ib, r, .....I i ll ,n, Irho. . 1uu 1 11 n , I 3 111 111 III l~ I)111\ IIINN lll XII r II F It I' o 1111 ly '11111e It 11' 1 Noc eI I' 1 11 1111.:I-i N\1 - Il Iiu . It. 01rc1 Nu~I'- V1 I lli w I'I Is doll uIll N 3 1111111Hays IS e itlllsIs iN . I I ul 111 1 ii, 15,"5_1:1 of cools iil ll l v ii ette, I 1111111 ,,1 I,,, A I,,,,:,,l"'1 1 L '- '11 bs eae aell nl .IUI, of Ilo -,- \o. '-I; Il(' eg~lml , morn. ,:: Ib'a kit ll ll Illrl, s's, .,i, till.use ,l i I, lhut l lur i 10 III·. l11? ~ Two rl,r Xý oa Ilt1" _iI ."oull flu r III·I e f rll IIIIII'I-IS'u N pl IIIl, II, 00Ii Illlllrl· ..\1o ,I I Ptnvel l; I the lFn illlle...v l1 11 ,nn- 1 NiI\·I .". T. I 1 I":\ 1 `Ior ,,, \. w I ,", re. "t - ar, 1'o. srsI tul, c,,. a nun cal, d,.. \lL' j0 c to 1111 I 1111 111'1101 , & AN III;I 013 co, a," I 1'on,:oo~ \ 1 L1ninv..nr .lit h., I'llulu Itl- N 3 CIItI' & CII, \ I IT I rlo lIIIrrsISInll XIII- 'Ilu ..ernr Ci 11111 L'rllrCt I11 !IIIIH1 & ir RN uci IIliyiII)-, &on.: Frot rruw 1nin, Il w,, th ull*l 15(lll lau iu I. .l pply lr !1:t atop sl 1110 I5v11111 I I l.I1 \, . C _ ýItII·: nlP, RD (I)1(.I'III II.( ( IMS) i'& l'li I uNclc,Atiop ilnry&Fh cIi r ,,,,l. i,rru . 11 111,1)'f H AEN-tli 'II 11lj.l1 1111 1rr1.11ll c1l'u, r.iII A IIl, 1111o11 II 1111, . Ir cp I /I i1111111I I lII lu lc iulInlvIff ,..f s Gr fIlndnlr &,, CII C stnlrd i o .rN itol given n~ hr 1,-t \'u r1~bur. I e.rnl, illic,~ & ~ Fc1,aimcblr. n 'Il l, cci l,, - 1131 l5XII"ll1 lIItuI. II Cllcrl ookr t RIa-SICI F',. flL.d, II' clso A lND II.q e I ui calv U ) IF lbl s \u. I While C lnsflo, ()if r* Ill~lr 031 E rases 1 r Illllrl, Sr lrep ln. *o - `111 rases Rownnd+'I n Inir nc1li cl alln! rp. Wara l,3li do ?- L inahitlahl ~~r.Illc tOO 1 r Co ,, ,", e '1'11 apra l's In SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. __ AS l.rought tr the poliee 'prison IT the 2d M nri . " 'eipnlly, It tegrc "man lnaned.HSAM, nlalout il years of ago, oaya II lelngs to a M.i Cnldoell liaing on ille Ra.) liRoad. The olnr.will p lease raill thie tian, prove propelrty, pity elorges l d ti~hoe hiit away.. " " I N AII I'P.Ii " . Ohpuin oftheWatclh. Nerw Orlteaeo, Nov. 6, 18i30. IL a did atnod In t geole de. In Secondo Mi fit litd on negro tinotite SAM;, ugl de 60 ans; to disant. ppartoenr i Mr; Caldwall, dcmaeurant star a route Bnvnu, I.e proprid.aire do dit esclavoe rt prid do vo - nir Io recuaner on prouvnlt so propridtd t eon Ipa yant les frais. I. 8. IIARPER, nG . COaitaine de nla Gade. La Nouvello Otblan, in 5 Noveniaro, 1839. - W AS riloo ,lgt o thle poondof lis i3d ard,`,d ou nLcip.lity,on the lot of Novaellber, tle follawion horses. A large white )IlRSE, with collar marks, othile ieeai utl toil--stnnde Ioi bolt. high.ll A,so. il dirk by I(O1)1, tare stf hit feet n'hite, right itret fmt soired t iak, very rsaiolt ortarh toleart bd, l. tile Ie ikt, 1ath theo e hUck bloek oth e anod tailn- . stondl 151 h.onds high. T'e owners ofsoid birsli s will roll ot the pounad ofthi :hl wanr, 2.1 tInti(nnii iolitV, olnt.d at the. corner of olls[in lnl Annllnc'iitilut street, prove lroplliror, tiny cl orger, ndit tikhelm otH ny. on or bilorP o tirdu. la the 161t iof Niovellohr, ilJPieslr theebev jll hi sold aU auction by P A Gailllloe,public nullelis,',r 5. J L WIN'It'I. l(i let I.il t iniglt watch ONT 6tdid si.ens t I'encloa du S3eme quartier do' s l.t Manicipalil6 no,. . sur le lur Novernlre, les chovaitx s iivants : Un cheval grand, tinrqucd Ipar to coIlel, criliter et qeloe blaces, nyano 16 minitin do hailterr, Un chlsval hai sombre, trois piedll Iintlts, le pied droit do devant tlouchets eln lis r, une petit .tollo osr In front, mnliqul par la selle, critlibreet qurue noire,, ayant 15 ainis et d, ni id hautueur. Los prop.idlaires dra di- il Isevnnx sent prido de or rundre i I'encies du 3Soie quarlier do In Muni ci,,nlite no. 9, siltd nu coin des rues Iohin et An noneintion, nfin do rle retirlr en payant les froil, sur on avunt Samedi le 1] Novemibre, ou iloseeront ovendus i l'consen par P. A. Guillotte. eSgantour public. J. L. WINTER, nlG ler Lieu. do Il garde. La Nouvelle Orl,,iss, le 5 Novmihbre, 18319. 18S rought tip ii",n.i ia prioln of the'dd un-icl v polity, Ih i . li lliti , icntes, i .it:. i A niseio o.nii rln.Ied tI[I' IA, inoit 45 years of . , lrgl, lr illrilll llolllP'ed 'J' l ll | ,+t.MI s ot . rt of nge-olys Io' beiliesh, to Mr. Ihrvrand, i he lwlieru if .nill ilr s l. aIll pleai e mail, prove prN.rl V. mv dicey.',' Itl d V irth away. 009 Capllin of Ithe W\Vat.l SN'l did. ainoenes. i l, geole dc lI secondo Mu iliclpatild, lta senaves& slivant . svoir : Uini tngreosoe notniid LI1! ICIA, og6 45 ans, so disant Ilpplrte.nir ih Mrt. Niraild. Un negro noiined l'I1IOMA, ag6 50 ans, ns disant appartvn;i ,n Mr. ilcitlrand. vlir los ReetIrer nt payullt II s ftral. La No l vlle )rio,.lt hl ii Octohre, li II S IIAIPER, lllE, IP tainnie la igard S ;1 .a.i.e s llt su, i t . l ,he i e , ll t ii , 1 ,hi , t, A Ih Itt)n v l et I . ller.k ,i iii, llitil an feelit P.aldh. i I hrkrd ten P t 1he /!1, rs --<ll nibi brallld ten tlie fen hind ili re ii itlllrlll ll r h t l,"11 tu-.rl+ I + I 11('ti, 'liIi cd thei' riglht eye hiite iripl, in he hiel.i'tecl-.-eii-cei 13 hlcaile high. 'I~ler i lll.r. I. ' t . il Id or-,.-, iill c ill at the tiloliell nf the l hl rll wirdl, "Jd )I 3h - lll'lilly+ -ilnallna.lle Ihe Ctorner ,11 I((Ii anidi I1 .\ I .' Il·hI I i'I.:I t., onl or before s tllr s dhol n st ,I lii a hby P' .\ IGl ilhlph, Ipl II t.1,ueer. ':!1 )-t I.iunt. Night OA ich, )N ire monintn s I l'rll ins dre oIn Ironde M-t nmeipnhld, Is hcvnux -iivants: lIn cheval bli, h crueuieTr, la queue it les plied noires, marill' e Ir lt ell, it nurll i stir 1t derrl ire gallclll re :pagl, avantl 14 i malins do haiuluar UII pellt ie aln mullllre i t l l ldre ito ave uglen I1o rayoJ Ib' a1 sttr le rrolt, tyan1t 1I mains de Los prolprlllairri Ir(li ditl chevaux cant primp si:, cnlllr n I' etl.ll.l II; 3Cila e qinrller de lIs Muni palie(' , tnd111 aul coin dt rlels Iolin et Annon ll v tllt ii, ur o tvaIt wll ted . ). 9 N(velbre, 1839, latiln Id Is re(d .llllrl eIt Ic rentrL ti pi yoti t lel rltis, o.n IIs uronlt ieri . isl'i i.I'an per 1P AGuil. tlte, en.rlgteur [pub el. J L. WINTERI, o. h-t ,ielnt. ii! la garde i'e nuil. (' ul ( l .\l r,-c I e ' h ni. ' , It lie. I l'y r ir nived l 1 l I Nil 1 1 i.ee I 'ei'r nnes do N . t )tf l · s a , 11 ,I r 1 III .Ill h tIoll e r fll e ( d IIp h i "i) Nl r 'l t 9l l J: i 1 ' lit tic, - Cal iisi ' o 1. .etu . ' lllltll- ' ii e Iptl h ll 11i n on avant lei1 T1'110$t . . Lr0, Jr, et29 hto ,.h..riso r t eu ,(,ic.pldr No. 28 . Let Noivhllu itIil, ,,,. 4 Orell re, 1839. I \1II: I'\ :1 >1'11.11.1- I 1.1i--\v ht'r h, t lIe hbIU r t, iiII ll, p li,', ha -.," t r, rl i'v ,l A tlricnt- a t.i -h , .. ;h it ni . lIain, nU- ilv .,lri<u t I, l he A.p In/lg S \l r ,", ,u t, ,. ll kii a r t,. e ihlrtill tl eI ploying ,llI rI II'II. llllhlllt: l. · ( th r,, " " - ..l dIh ~)ll 1 , V. ,K'ietnhlel 1 U"U""1c,, .tt, l,,itm ti Ihue dev lnd, al the fn i .+ing p r ' f tri, 'll l I yi.r I I I rilck lledgewan v , filled n il , v t ",i ,il w l-h ti I nrynII . $3 .d,. fltl , ndJ covered 1~S the tlllll-In , 1. filled U llUh a lll )llllnhl·1. l itn the hrw.ks are furni.hed and inid S ii. d ll l phisl - hl i n . i hitl St prn ia SIii. ,I i ,llnll rO - l I f ind i t ihe per-ll- l 1,i i l, l 1 ni ,ar, tlll , IIini mlalln nlli i lhlr i il u h h , Ihii , at r t i lJia o ih ola ball.l lIt a l hdui n, I bus rtAd - d I n ai dt idui l ra t idelli hiellr h. lI( IllUU Il lnl- l ' IIu t I e r l lle gi (t holding / hlllt Elll 5l fi b l al i nt a llN al Iv7 8 n liut r.wr U ,"~n" itnt l h I' ic, lhn I Ultt ten el, el I(' tlll ll ha. Inll neeI hr'11 Ilell1 ii Ihlln l :l p i g i llve I t -I Pt l,- , (1u tli mu - VldT.iTnt,,r (Si rls i ndm ) itlllr 4- r, thl ,, ll,,r ( 1' i ylllt tll Ibt, lt I ag int .i SI , " ,lIm i, .)lh,.1 I'nli h i t hlrh gtti l i niIn lip Iast I t' ii t lit ,iI lid it 1uu ni Int-ity by IIII , 11F .ii It is really hrl>i+.'h. IU -', 11 ttnPill- wih graniity, ihni l ih+ th" " PIh. ,hlllltll i_ l t I 110 the propetty fi ten. d ltr t plinth 1 1 1 1 , 1 , , l , iti t. it11 Itit tu t ii t i I nh h slti n lll - r" itt t.dldi II.. tln-'ih t- IIt)1, P iUnla?- l ledI rtt hlnyttut-at' " utun1 1 ttit- hhiUt tin ielltlun Yank, I t l,, ge, - ll t l-u, ( it ,,tl t-ll l ia httn 11thg Aait a I flil it. E I I u tti tt , . I(itti h lyi Itniy ' pn i sl rndia :\rn U1, ;,II i J~ l "TIi ,+lll ir. of . llcrlutl iltn, al uhlc l hl, h in, n id glt h lit, d + i It ,l . r It l Io ' ,""1. '111,.1" 1111 & U n nl i o'rT C ter r, , e ol v - f lllild atgh ,t i IIn 1 all llIt ttf reel lieutag I t h11n eit 42t ,,prrnt.-d -1111 l.+wllttn, . ·l '( id,,ill o..lly I)l,.. belng litut ll IItI iilldlttiil' t t- t i 1I.t '1, AI.LX F ti)lWtt 4tCNo. 178 I ' h I --1 1,-:t"I _t U I itIh-. l , 4r C an~l l rre i l lltlFllV lt'k . '-J-Ju rt Irl.,.llia r .td ailidialroln lna lilj d,;lai, , tih, Bt-at. ul hi,+ in angsh dn Tlt - . I,;ha i I Ut nn le, nll lll ra Ii hld. hy T'1 .&lU,, a n a 'ohltu" t I)t-t ,nl nlt'r, a I) r I l i tr- n I ) I Dolto I 't 11n hTI 1,i,-h,, C. n, 74 b, Mr I tlnaa ir I t I ,.I 11 - i ew it S It ve h lut t ll atlaliniIt . IIr aintl , or hall rp, a I If IlS 'hll a ll br-ii it bi t l .Ian; fit y M all ll ll lie li ..ll, o .llll i ll , Ji t lll kJ'1 e ." 'T'he 11llkiv'_ \ii r 1i ;lv Burli i, tIe fi" lldtdl a hl In i.tlia l I I;llllal l NlNthri h All E, TheI -ee 43i1n11u r,1, c can a1g i h it il t 1, in iu to nin b I+(ll I nIl// e,.-''r air4 3 re n' iIAgt Ia a nj Thei l+,-L Li H t Pt.r.abaig; Le P ntit 'rl'iinor. Ir'n/tzs.--lbind Adair, Oveint lte watr acidharlie i ll'l b Hlarl ,t, r, l ; |i t 1, d ef VIeV A L SI' I +l iiii Illl ll (d illr apcrl· Sp tinll' N 1ew rllll) ifllthe" tt b 1 i lls (iii llr i llr in ( -nti - k JOIlNi & Co, I/'401, t ':i I'ltlAYIN AI Ialu In ) I1'(11 .hipi Adeh e Iw 1 v, a ll ime ci ls Ietr wlhi h ill It ulll Il Ihr i tl late i r. "3 .... ..IX 4 IQ A )IVA49 Cr. . Ul;t tl DlbiRllE , 4 1N w Lotest sulle hy u: J ''IIAYER &. (",.,74 Poydran at l. " J "I'IIA Y: lR & , 74 C lPoydrall st i P, tl'l (ll)ItL.-du IrU . h hll frr l li t al r fora by S 11 '"' TI'l hInp loulai P .Q ' erhlrl I i article, l fr rnle by II s()NNA BI.I. - ei l r lid it l pt reived I IC, P4ri'oyIly Ipt :-lI by H H(IN.ARll, • 31 43 '1' " ito l iat

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