8 Kasım 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4

8 Kasım 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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9;!R ;S. CARDS, %_s Y "Oonhtni~ton ,*[It$?iz 4 t-ohpoe..mt. Iycfi & CO:., *ti v l nl giu lr uip.pily of Cloth nyild Fiji irfeaUyntry, tnrde 'Theair. av. 'Ilctir no ;' r lSiothmrto fr~ionte ilaouiiirv Lani 'E C(l:C)MPA Y' >. ýa NEW ORLEbANS, TL t onn ari'e noiw precured to take UKU *GAINST 1'13. SIm. 14 Mollumb Dlildiog,Conol oserct 6dhahoE 1. TRACY. 1 he .rliby~ n 15.1838. seemlarv, OPP.Rt lb.1 nbt a>(i "r oi i r raleoby S Al if VI":;iUX, PU~lN & COOPER, ANII IJRAI.RER IN 1'IWOV;SIONS 79 Ilmai 8:r Julia utreet, New Orlean.. Ž hloanil 41iiiily stureo Put up. iiir S s.. LOU~ISIANA WI.TURE WAR3ROLImS NIS. N :13, dieneihle oeret. " y1LAýD1Aala. AIINR', would riipectfhlly in (4ihil(64111an h pltc ta ie cand xr', y. eeceiving front N w'Van andi Illnsto i tRood t AntoFiuruiturr, ouch as muohogny icair,. . te dteadn' .aapd and painted chairs, maple nud Y bednto iodý, h ocojny and chlerry i tabl faIl +4Netptwams bureue, Tiilets, scicetirvc, oriiiut wialrubeo of tmnlogoov and cherry, wasm '-I N7. siltniture paekd li,r'trunspor~urtatu~ ith Krent -"re. I&,. * I0a1roNADLU CLOTHING TAYI;OR , R 1{ADDEN, Mt.. 14 C brwaoe. str*ee a V UK )O1o tlllnVi supyF ever,' ntta it I)L'I,·l !'lil, tsgoolIornou'odress, ,, ifhe Latentstyle, at i \el - Park helnza. utir ute 4q Sl OUIUh2I3 LZTH8 nAPuPIzIC OPINTING " RSTA IIlISIu1EN'r, No. 53, Magazite Street, Oppuoite llunk' Arvndla. RWILLI. 41 GBRAdN, PROP1'RJ:'0oR ur.' BANK NOTE1 ENG HAVING RAWaE WRIG13T HATCH & EDSON LU'PAVEOpenedl an oilicC in, New hii'an. Ircr.*.ilcg IL equaluidvuugte e ciih their liiicer iii New Y', k, tnthe poieaneeofeogritring uil pmimicg Ranl Nat,,, flhodt, . illo of Eneliocge, Ceeiiil,,rn es e I1."p1 8 h", Cheeks fiod other iiolciailt Ipnlirre, re,,,.ring recur itv Love korgeries; nud haIlve Illli ample gn at aria~ lll )lr ho pto keeping ai oil .litau and imiiprrtcur au -*d id their rall; their opem"i -im, ile ei,:,, tliiiie mitre of o'er fue llatlhell bIikiuilm inatinoitici, ucdl all nild will ie. ecicutedr wieiil iimeiitiiliii, allI. cI, nl mciI woo,.. Uh.ic, uoiier oi tloyul & camll alre ,1 Jcr if BAZAAR. SBVGS d& AULLZN NO. 1, EXCHANGE IaTI L, .,o Ter of 3t. ('h rtie and (cniu,, ,,,,. NEW tItt.l·:ANS. TMrOR'rEgS and DMulers in Frenchl n,m, Eiili~h SPorfiterenr; 1)reeeniilg Cusen otiml l'iirtulite tiE;kn. ,fiHoolerylt Glovtl Slirtee, Stockus, Viiibrlle TI ,i ion.oliid Fnncy Article,. d KENYTUCKY, Illi, il n niaalnk\'a AI - onnLby ,t 'I'ltll":It, d74(irovierni "r'`' ~WKLRY, AT WI-IULEýALI - jý M:.11ELL, No 16, 'hurtres et, hlas tli, dIni ic WV cb2eed i fitll ornirimt uf Wairlum-e, Jeuw-lry, pCoon., Aperturlee and ('Inas Ware, Itcy will ma lfcrd Uadat ith liwettiterket price. upi I I® tLt & lrIAlA. I)EAI.EItS IN AMERICAN & ENCILISII CROWN GLASS, No. 3 CuaonELE.r STREET. i e JOB PRINTING. OF EVERY DB*iirPTION. ?ILEDILY, HANDOO1IELY AND ChL;API.y EXEICtTLTEI AT THE OFFICE OF THE True oLmiericrat, UT. CHARLES STREET, NEAR lPOY.iRAS, .,23 dACONIIO N Cokoks llamme. Illdm.Siubv,, n,,d 15 dui. ShIhderr, in Ster. Slr sole by Jul y d. J. 'ilHA I RE & Cc. 74 Piivileu St. L OMARD & CO'S Boston and Now Orlean SLie of Packet Ships.--Tis snw line ofsh ip hasmbeen expressly built to run between the abov, ports, and will be found of nuitablo draft of vl.r: accomnmodations for passengers, and every ellirt will be mnde to give general atisj..etion, ' I.e hoe is composed of the fo owing lhips. Cherokee, 415 tones Capt. J Harding, Carolina, 400 do S Letnisl, Charleston, 374 do D Eldridge, Columbiana, 625 do G Barker, Seaman, 240 do J Iewes, Bombay, 625 do D Ilnumplhrey. The above ships are all new, of the first ,i ass, copper fastened and oppered, commanded by men ofgreat experience, have large ccomnmodations, with a separate ladies cable; every attention will be a paid to paengers, and the very test of stores pro vided for them. STie packets will be towed up and down the Mis Simipp, and the strictest pinctuaonlily observed in the time of sailing, and should the regular vessels be detained in arriving, other ships equally as good will in.all cases be subsitulted. A share of patIron age is solicited, nod time agents pledge themselves to accommodate as much its peracticable, to receive and forward goods by said line at the mostoa modr. tet ohargeo, and to advance all expenlles on goods shipped, if required. The ships will leave the let and 16th of every month. For freight or passage, apply to the agenta. J A MllRRI'If'r, o82 COmonu lt. N. B. Advancements made on consignme::tit to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov27 at a great expense, the right of putting. iroe n reoofs in this city. 'they are ndplted ito public buildings, warelhotnsev, od private dwelllnae,and sioblnine at once cheapeuss and darblhitt, and eIreperfectly fire and water proof 't'erns mIj, be knbtn,'and a nmodel seen at our cstablishment, opposite St. lsry's mnrkrt, T'lhnpitlllan st. oet2 E 1I COGSWIIEIL ,, Co 4 -XCIIANG 0. ON P'ltttXli.i Iitilt-ir , by ADAilS & .V HI'ITALoL, L S SifELJUR, Ni 4d Conde street, Ibetween Dumain and St Philip, kteps aconstntlty on hld an extensive aesrtm,lnt of boots ond trogans, a,;d she-*,nf New Yi.rk Illntlfacure. ftormnf, iotlii m aned ctiildren of a ,l , t il, tlco 1itt ill dep-,teeu to at very umodera:treprtcs. lamilies o i his n i q inaneco, iend nl_ I'r.er w h ,OL- ..f,, I.-'e,'.;I,,li hand a large supily f I !t .nel nocd L , vr-I p - coal, in bulko , .I s peritr qu.,lity,: hih they fi, r ii al'e in l'sl tilt pe r e s.it Ala expected Ity the lirel arrivanle frull eitL ladlondd the North, Cncn tI, t, hipgh ntd il't+h Mountail Cionl, broken and sre,, ~lled, pel t, i hleglheads ixpressly lor tnctly us--a ' of wll cl they will ltsp,,os ,f n tihe tit ut aoderailtler:l,. Orders left c t their ollies, Nt. 53 luieivthu t t. up stairse will be promptly attended to. SlSliglE Genuine Indita Iulalnin of l.iveretw.'uiul I.uit.e hlimlid,i luu iill bitillts atl ettle leaI' cic. af 5 ente eeach, conlltiiticg lthe strclugth of threeo enle lt Livelwort. heai.les thl i irtces , i at y utlt.t r ro,,, at , herbs known among tle ludila ais elicacious ill curilig publmoary cwpluialrts. The uamivalled osucens which has attoended thie nree a this inestnlialble alulem wherever it Ih et, iat' dueed, lias Ilotailed tle confidence olltl recotltmoldu tiens ofrepeetable hv sicive nst for thec cure o n colds, pailtl tli aide,'waut of rest, apitting ot blood, liver complaint, . r o. To nhom it may. cncern. This is to ertiry tInt we have in ouEpratliee lreaenitly prescribed r , lir at aur's Indians l a.smlr ll Ieroaor, nid ll, a rl sholl h, i i II a deeided god effect: w can tlh'rcer, oli;, tet khw. ledge oftlhe laterials it is loeads irtn, otId ( vl.se,.t ml xpelriensereci ll, ee dit as a oi lllcnt riii prc t-ll I or those silectioos of the lltote firl weli,: It is ree -emended, Ah,1tllt I' OtI.L IA.I iAI I. CAI.VIN E I.S Al. ll. oletibe.a of lhe Lstoo Meidical .Lscilti,n, t.oRme,Octobr r 25. saleby J.t lit' & ANlltl'IW, :el.,9 Inn, t ,, . ,itt t Ot i' F suele.ibers Icoe jet eeitred ioerl Ire,,ii, C re from Havre and oftrr fr le -t htttt titUiii t *t merit of Pinefortes consistiong in ;-Pitanti', l'i..op,e of Rosewood, Crseoma and reels mahogaoy saodl. Hoirtiental Pit ios of theriehest rosewood ald rtnal e any., Sem:li plriahti Pinfnles t ,r d o. Pl'lIee illetrorents am all nIaltil,ttt ,tred t ,e tile celebraterd mulIee'I' l 'Ell. &. t'. ',f l'ariet,si tuai,1ilinuvcmee ro of a tm.at tulperilor ftlellh ,I et,,.. hteemd eai ms.ly for us by Ailesrstia l ) el & Kalt ient, r, whieh feeat cart lease aothi to desire in ngard to Ithe ben umy otitheir teen. The"r amateurs and prtllfeore of ilelic are respaet. fully hielled to call end ellotlciltn thi, retsi ttpnltl piaumo which are etirely I new article. E-JOIINS & Co, Wt. Clarle e1t. J4 oplemime tIa Verlllalh v Exlalt,., Ihotml C 01ILN MIllSf -Ord~ara~;~;eeceived iirmoren, l, alm r S1HALl. & BROWNe, io |alm'.,he a Rnulelp.; Fur sale by A. I'lilEIt m Jii8 14 , I avti r st 1I') F.-- In lf ,lle esa nt-d-t "iii t it,, U. lld II e.t., lr sale ty ti IilOI-'v " s'leemi,g., lat i, fero !;e..t , ' . -' to. ler' i sil I LtIeG' & C, .].W 9OOD$ms- nhnm e Heartt & .o am now ire 1 n eiving from on beard lhias .anzoo, nrd Iarntog Ondbri Cenerilia hrbs New York, a reatCvnriety ti pIat. in thir line, whicll together wit th irr formaes ctoek0n hind, ihakee their asmort, at very *r plete. I'lte lolloswitg eumpoie a Mart, virt tell Itwit, .,lr,,rdle, turk and Ilreos.ingollos, hori doofoll d..eriptiou II tlia rubber, silk anti worsted eltiia" tarters, ncouamn &. ftto 'clstle saspelders, leeoo Coco nemd Lucifer nmatches, deidlita ,uowdore, powderptRs ald boxesn toilet .uowder, pfket '.hos ad wallels, needle books, stelr pearl, Cary d loereeo card eases, Ilreal ornulnets, Iotlin e roal Tbeds, necklaces iatl anegligees, bad chaLinobehd uehklaces, cut gles ano pluin, ecd,siiver ano ilt butuIs, ndila beolds, bells aod tluroes; pi.tul tool lorge pow lerunake,shot belts, horse, belt. Iueket and dacilin" Asntols doilel undsinigle barrelled n . lls, wie kbiveo, smd dirks, msoisore, shrs ,pcketikniv, gourd choiae, ald ribbonl, waist bobklon, eloth, Loir, took, n il,coub, orunlb, shoe, pilate, fiolur od lldutilg Iruollcb, Colotgeitt Florida, lavender, rose ul balv wu:ttr,uni.nrtd estriorco, and extt.ro, M osIur, ble, ttid to :ettld \Vaurd' ve etable hlair oils, bavc hiltr tliolrt oti i si of all deso scritions, latie ltd n iti.tltll rlls' dIk:1 d tresng i cases, hair rh lanetdi'izalt( s Io I braidu s I, llhi l, Maley aln Hmsical work burhis, lali and goiltli gored, clt Ind rvet butl s peatn rl aid seor shlirtl rid irtt Sttidd,gohil and lilver pencil cas,.n , tulo d i a',nl I pl two. zch., sated slld gilt Iohkett , Itaiillutlre r fit, jiler, irars tll srteel t-,ia slest, hlook- oIo I eyesb sir piat I ittiio fortit, blk ald redi ,eioo blhingtt, itiolits al gaitro, ribbed nd plain lercussion cop, , lin:n 1 toI fot-tr'ated C s - eens, gohl ultl siler dt ci arL lrt age, latter paper, ~al bggs, ritlitg w'tipea wlnikitto ealues, 1itiytg ca utdo ito golid plulactul ld C NiltjNwellrv &r. otTe ahove, t ohýetber with treat vnarietvofoct er arti lens are offered t wholesale or retail unll nucolnnmndating ferule. N It Shell orul, ropeir.dl InOYLE k MIAS, Ilouse, biga, nod still)Urnctst i !'ainters, No S Ctsltesdale stleet, two loors from NoId srtreet. Ioitations of dle foiltwillts g tds ,id tit rblrs,ex mcuted int w nli anetel l.nllnirl. WOIBtODS MAI At ODS. , Mltdtogtm)o, Itplim hlack 0:ai11 gld, O(.k, tbi:lult Nlld Aotieo, Ilinrs ITu et d ii etirl Io trole, Sti, Wood, , 'otc, hair uVooidi to itc "ort t le d lo, Yew 'T'ree, louse \Vhite. h.olrnl knlolllt or lltak A:I i toot' 'tocta lls, ow WoodI \llmlri im (; "1) ') Ash 1, bi'lle (Ok, 1c. S &c. 1i 'l eld Lih it ghans, cial estotni' , fac. tll iatd lit itorenic. tII lN, l :1"TII ii& It.IVY (itOl)ti)S--.ln s.,lnut mllil hlrlmlt' iro,, wlcl assortetdN . Ihoopl, scroll NIId red trill|Iiilil rols t 1id- toli lough Cool, (iermn,s soi ring, sheet lI Crawlcy ,tet. I llollw 00'I, ct ail tI rg, lht luils aiid spikes Zlist, block tin, ttlli atl grintid tontr, snit kbttlis .hali cabLcs, uocehm's, ItI,,, N ing .t d wael thcohs, CO Irn mills AItils, ites, Llumtcsnodielhws Wliesileet,ig a llloailtt t i lt diet o t.a: iail coskitg g oltes A sttte illtit plvll:t hintg.t o IaLin wil ltw looks (`il hiit t, 1 ,st i:'lt :oi 1tt clllii c" X,. r"':llld r .d lMNilh colUlg, liies still haLina alt anlad Shrathittt coi tttet; oN'll sitiolr'elt oollsls, linsccdll tai l sicrIlln oil A .ulll ssrlmtnlcoLt of halbtdwtlro n Sll ndshilp llshllclry, always oIl hLnd, allnld whielivhe ofterell fir sale at whole' sale or retaiL, oil the Wietl ravaolhle t11lee-, bly soS LAY TlON & Co. 53O)1d Levree. II.IlEItII' CI,A NNSi N, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 (L'ati street. Wholenl e aho Ieealer itttittt, thil, Vatotitlto, Ilrusheo, ItLt W!tilldcnw adti fir ilre(c MIns & o.c. J -OAF te l' (i\i--v.ri- tIIjs qolli;ies, ,(loltctsIV ilo L t~tore tld li.r sied by S11ALI. ' IItI)\WNI'E FASHIONAI II CLOT1 ING. ROfBI tS O(.7 A" GO OOD H$'IA7, [No. %, (Casnrtre. Streel, J-AVE constan.lnlly a Illlyod averut artcic:l ,t ilelttiii. LT ingutto g ollihollll ,rll t ,lhlti e in tt e . lat lin t . 1er and lneat liltthitablt stiva, wlirl, tthey s l'o e lil cttlt, it lesllbetl pritoes. del--lN313 s N EiV lrti le forilnslnsoo Ittbled with dtalolok , I Iy the I ISe li eh, t ttthlttiglut .t arl1 Nhtion of the htt. IIII I] voice is t ijtlltll.i v e ;il :m et'¢:! In ltl` a'. A lit' r111 ivllo olas ever Denloi llttbl Ie o olnverso o ith :n vcrioca rl-10rll, lMols ibe fullyv Jil,ihle fl" Ithe dilli h 0 1 a lt rlll` iurres lllll ex peairte' etl Iilb h ty tilelliclve nd flal n in, - t ivhhlal.l so 11111 l'iu a nto alllicel l. 130 lh1 e i 0l (1 , Ear Trunlpt lt ii. oh eliuu is enltireyV onvinoi' I vie II citt 81.)leail hter tttL I. e . i nIihittItnn1 I l I11 t Idtt l` .r tir illg tl.sed tio t'rttntll tlc, For sale at Faley storeti rnt r oIf (:tt-i . ii lind St Chit rlc : itrtei t Ibnidr ntIo 1 I aX o atltote Ihlt eoo. ------I Ci it)N r ý I 11i est:d.lihcliS re tobitC on a l eon· tnr.ty I :tIrrmld rL de'ccdieied cehi ccs c1c:icci reledy illc pi, o 'ce re servativi it' fIlthe teeth, h: illlll n u edl the sul,-riber offer it to the A llmericac public. tArrI enc. nts hiI lv been mlllal de to II upplY neents ill tlle lIrallliai cili Id oIIII il il. the Unit( c S itate.s,o is to il.CLe it hii hle re ach ll hnl se su llilr ll. nFd likely tio slter this. ic o cci ac.ing of all achei, Tohlh-aee 1,'llll l u lhh Idlln tordintll. to dlirecl ionsrlie i on IlI bolth, i [ i I' , llaevert fc c c ilcl' lle ic l lllll cllc- lldc, manent relief. It also arrests the dr'cav t dl;letiv h'etlh, l n d r.l"ieves thaI t N rl nes+ii hih'l. , I' ll ellllle iouders sci r g c ur l ll s ciell Thle iaplictio'n cI relimedy are implie, if'i cet, an1 rl t Iicpleatl-fc ; aiml t lhe lullarge ll " of'IFIIII. ill di)T,:lenl .,.nails of flh umd Nalhtury nthle loo the le-u of the Ilahln, ume reald to hear (tir the public t ood) their testillu y to ith m, 'ricvlled (8I cIlti . It i ii II io , ob ai d singad ,lrly u la uux ' llrdly, and lou be r..ar r d I.,v the i ili d r the va bl ve lcicc $1 l." bcttle. Sohl lcc JAI IST &S ANDI)RIWS, 1 UI.LEI) I.ET''I'I.c P I'API'El- Just ccec ived c fe. Scases of bll and while wove ruled Ltter apr i WVIt) fELl' & Co. N '" Stlioniier' I.' ,l, inee 15 .rd Ch( rtre i t JARVIS & AN1)REWVS, WIIOI.ES.AIE IANIl IIE'T.hIl. IDEAI.ERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS DIE) ST''UI'S .'1.V1) II'I'I)Oli' (; I..'iSs, Sl:orner Cotllnon lind Tcelupitulns struccets, N.\IIIAN JARVIS. JOHiiN IV. ANI)IIEWS. A large ulply o Garden "rgeds, +. rrancted the gro+ the of 18:17. A NDKEW eMI5TH & CO., respcltfally icforim their friends and the public in coneril, that they occupy the now brick shop, 219 Tehouplitolua Strect, whore they ikeep constatly on ihandi Cppe,' Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, of every description, such as copper stills, hellles, and puimps, tin bath. I ing tut e, and oil cans, of all sorts adl sizes, and all I oti :r brass casting done lit abllrtest ilotice. Gr;at hebars of every description, sch us stieamc. I bout stirrups, hg challlll, screw Lolce, and other 1 kind oflste'L:lalba ci, worl., c ucll as chlill'mney , brel'el. ce, ;:tcm*l pipes. They will also Ido all kinds of out door wcork, lc' ac. iccc coi pper and tit, roufi llllnd glttcring, &e. They abeFo al all other kinds ofl work in their line of ll'buil;ss, they will execlte ::I d l? e r shortest noii|.. d. .-7 N l,\" ' l l:li, ll'l' T )'1 1,, " --f l I'.a<, c':mwls-rawý, p ss. rF 111. I I w Ie ll i w,':ahrig place is cow olpen -.r lhe L ea>'u, 11111h'r iho! illlmltlcdli rllll. ,a·l .tH , I cvrl, cLr , ldenra ly imlac er, d by .n hlnt'ccc Icd'l'ac.ci- li cin rini ,, bell lllc r rro , l l llcc ll ll 11 c a pin i : 1 , .tu I cci, n ccilud ''r l lcc lii ccciii c xcicic- Incavo bi im de tol eu ll e c1' c 'er c' i t lc. ce . lcri rlllh 'Iiii e c iii'i c(c I relort. II'I r, are tlitl. iIlool . l lin I -c ll, i ll : I oll'l at hOcli ll e (ltL- 'Irrn",eeed bart - il,' i, ll llluw . I.ll sail, d Ii-Iu: . It 'i i.ci' c h1,a : le,.i hi,, 1 usi ic t b ir Ic i i .cec, .!i hi, Icucicli , cc i t, , , rc , c i lTha; p r it uf chl ccl eii i, i 'lcn-dhel v ii i ;: l hur ciý, ot-I i.c i e1 l h ul isl, , a c ~'ithih ll IIa f~ ? ,i1, .. io.,. wll l, aie ('ll IC,.rI, f thp IhlaLd,I I I( h lL.ln.nl lilt ihmLld.'., cA l in pl at II w Iir of ili I:xclhanc i cc, ic iccclii r IcciciccclT aiclucI c ii cjcc ll N c Iixcili e Iih tel. EHilGEA.-i )Ut 'if1tt - \:T'l'i t J ITS-I_ m," Wlllrir rL r iii i) " ,r ' Ih , dol. , b ti' ll gui" 6;,diw r l, t 1-e. i. i -n l'" by il s Il kll Il iii' lc, l) i' luint Irili rii cv ri.. sLis i, ca-eI a.,l rmvlilli,,; i ' Japan . 'c I " C., "I* 40 paeks (iohl Lenf; l0 IId SlIvr do; ItU I1, Dutch lhirl iINill()I Ii-i S. i,.cii 0 i Amer icand [r'c:lih llilnl bcixi.c , ' ar' on tcic u ni i' g shii.e, ioi<hl Lccric du.--,i) buxc -,cni .lie .chat, si li be oi ll (c'. i ctret.. N Ii. cAl, nc anIIIe tkie atiP c u iie iic i colcni'i½' received clc 10 per cent dc i ceao fir goods, Al iioca c t cof dcebs. hl I Iw API-c:R-\ riticic aid lei ht er-, lecre icicllZ-y-- 1 Sl llAi.l. & It(()l ','rli \l..ccin c A ¶OV'EI, in Y 8Ol. b larriet itcciehnii cog tLe . eecul cl..ru. icr..e . of lbc Nic cc :(,w", it Inc iiaci, fhest ceies; Indian "'l'ioe tel I.,ln l n ileury Rowe Silcoiolccnfct alihcu of[riito Iiif i'cciu cis et the Micscsiippi, &c: cc. Alho, o ncw 'upply of ec-eces' 'ca'+lre in idc ' . ' .'r, r cknl 'o jr ccli7- c i!ic. i iiii Jo ' TlorflC & Baltimore P4.ckets EW ORL NS A NS D BALTIMORE LINE OF PACKETS. This line will c0nseSt of the following vessels. which hava been built or-purchased explrcssly Sir the trade, viz: Ship Seaman, Capt. Miner, Bark Mary, " Nickerson, " Irad Ferry, new ii Stevens, " Solomon Saltus, i Lathain, Brig Architect, Gray. These versels are of the first class, have hand. some furnished acconmodateiols, and are of a light draft of water, so as to adrmit ot'their receiving and discharging tlhir cargoes in ialtiinoie, at the city. Freight will be Salten ftr ports oe tile Ccesapeaske or James' River, and forwarded by tie agents, Mesrus. CLARK K & IK ElL I(iS;, at aletisnuren expenses on goods shipped will be advanlt ed when required. Tile price oft passage is fixed at 0i0, ample stres if thel b at quality will be previdCd. aSsalal I and d tlown ithu Mississippi will be tiken oio aI1 oecasiolls . For freight or pusange, apply to GEO. LIEDFORD, noa27 22 Iliouvil'e et. FORll NEVW YORtK. [Ltousiana and New York Line of Packets] 'lhu tihips entposinug, thin liea will seil fromi Necw Orleans and New Yoark on every o leer Mon dlny-re-siiiiciag on clti 20thi NovCemiber.rad to insure the fititiutlily in the ti e ofsailitg, the se lIt illaeras ,ler coasist ofativc s' ipt, viz:e Ship Yazro, Cacptain 'lTrashi, to leave on the 20thi Neovcashr. Ship Lmi.evi!lr, Captain Paihser, to leae on the 'its I)Deceber. Ship Iliitsvilln, Captain Eldrisgr, to leave on the JSiti1 1) ecsibir. Ship Victicsnry, 'aptluia W.a.dhllusc, to leave on ttie Lit .ii.i ry. Ship l1lta;ichppi, staltaiy Davis, to teave oi tire The ablve are all new, of the first class, copper 1 d: andcopperi icairteanrl, ,. uwards of 500 t' ns tthest, are of light diruaght of water, bring boilt ins Nuw Yort expressily iir tilO trade. The price S psIt:tesant is lisedt at Oslu llarS;l s: their cabins are Sfitted in il th .ieast inu'prved util coset ie at atlan, and hersd c ittrell tlrld e tlubat nllt. Axple stre i 11 trhe fi'.t qharnity will be rovre atd rand vry regarItd p;iid to r te eria rt pla (!lietlre actseetifasc l of tsi.gers, whio will lenoe tiake to. tic tliab niii bertl call hiu et cure uetil pasd "or at ilse olFc e of ia: consig aesitg. II nie vscels ar cn isaislned byl captains well exp'rienred ir tIW trade, \Jhe will give every at tonliun a dil t rolt theslllleaess ton llllldlte ',he will at nil tats lbe towed rep and down file Missis ieippi bcy Nsibs, irrl d tire striclest punctuality ,o bl-r ved i i ll ti e o iling. / The owners of IJL'sU shlliewill W ot be respnosi. i L t o n b ri ft;l ,i r r'll ol . . g r b ill o f " la d i g he signed therefor, at the connting house of the agout or owners. F'or flrlther particulars apply to J ) IEIN & A COIIEN, ntnv27 90 Common st 'i l Olb Ut' ', Cit-hiA t.'l\'iN I5ACKT:.'; . 'l'Uh liree, consN sts. oITurve.seA , i o hej , h is ti, IIsta re, r toppered it :d e at,'ppr s ast. iee td lld it siho t 20 Oti ns I isls, n, wilnh ti h ds cue ' oti c e l da Iti ls for I Als ears. ithtetre va sls aire irent ellllsnd;d h' eUpill Sare i'Xl rt' llctcd ill tIe trade who will give evtry t tell ion, alnd xa It i s t I e sIVCs tot otniit deia Ises shipperc. Thiyn will hi \v rsed up aond dawn the t.nlls.lssitp, anst leave Nise Otea csa or bel re th lc 0 n11i.p 1t o.f ,'every mnth. The followipg vCeSISelII oIII·al t he e' fe iz : rn rit Arabean,tf harm rs n ,rhenp hiaster. It i, o ,np iu hJin. . r' lllse aster. a I ll'I A p sllsle in, .1e. ,l) van tuI Mastel . l Irka 1,- ri, itt anthse J S Alloiler .in s'ir I ,r Iresght or 'a sear asppst I, J. A. tARtLI.I S-esC,,t io Cl nIs tn s.. N w t l dea c, or .le a Ir onlrd, oai. Chel I st on. il m I.tTFSTf I.II':ItAtY ls CIItOOI.Cit Aill' Int ar Talers t I.e ,and sivs -r e t an otine, Irin o abt.\ ltli l . Ice netel , it n `..tels 'Tllic arcsrep ati- ahe ask ine'ilr rr ' rs1n .ue t, mII le I lsi ri' r it l' 1 ' i i To the h'uma ,, c estito. T) e pliars g.'clor r r. Ill vi of t iss ti • arel I -iretw till , ric of ers oTlll'; he I ipr i IIn. rD!K JistIN s Co.' Srt , terr S It l, t 4st Contsi t si _. - ,4 nl:*r '2: I III ID(; l:, 1 1 u\l g a z in e -t RtlUSlii'ON .& ASPINALL'S 'Ot)MI'OUN DTON li'I' IXTUIi-A. vnpori I and ceert-io eare far the Fever and Agut., remittent ind itlrrsiiltent fcvers; prepaIred trai the original reciel. U.s'd wss;th 'osncetat ad i verresl scce c i 1 p32, b acy per tnsn o1 tihe boighest r;esl'petahii s ii sli tis iety estatred in tile anUinexed cs rt ificates. Thics sesltiinp, is se ilhly reeronic ended, and bae een extensively sead in ' he a, ovv diseasei s wt i sirth istii guished succss, illlat the preoroslr oritf itoc recitie Isai seeri undiliesut ho uttr itto the pub. ie In its rleerit f'irmsil in e hope tlhat it pcay .ue the means of relvinsg many of those w eho are rafsurlilg unher thie seur'titl c i noisisutry. It is ia lltlidiaine pislssing rea vileurll and wtehn cistd a eecordhg to Ihc directaiss has never faittd of rtltieting a cure, raes is the most obstinate stage oa the disorder. It is nit cct all disagreeable, ust icrsnns of ths weakte st slnlacllr and i lst idrels y take it with imsniitc. It saretrgties te digestive organs, createscuss acpetsite, and seldoas requires iorlr tha Ol e, or i obtstinate cases, two bottlis to e'ict a cure. 'there is neither mercury nr arseice in sii medivier, nor any tlsing injerious to the siosais c.'nstiiutioas. 'l'ise prls.rictors are cs well convinced oa' its efuiacy, thr.t they agrec ts reftnd the price of every bottle which has [)can taken in icLuodasce with e ldireet;ons and has not etti'eted a a prf'-ct cure at' Ihe fever & ague. A. OtCIVhR, sole agent for New Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug and medtoio store, corner of [Bienvilte and Chartres stroets. icr tlistriet Agencies alpp!c ao + 5 ,'. . W . S... 1 i''l l, 48 C o n ti et. i'i'1CIT, PENISlIN Ll. I1n lu" hi' lit, proprietor will. b cd orce i. tar Ill the 1st of April next. U~i NioIw oltl surl costly i o oui~nleot$will e lo IId nll Ii lii utllIa 1,1 thliii , k lv t l lllocse. New nod tu t ion, thin" hr us· wliilIi 'JI ll L uiltnd illrt lii i w ll illLPX itill houI . A I tIIli ion lll.;liL'r' lll,' l l n 1 C , l nurllrjls l Ii st rate h :rv a nod IIII.ell, willr II ~ ibI ,cll lir It~rIiILeilI I LrisL, no-I ,e el ::orl to 1u:1:, \\ ills lL III, d Io t ln log I IIli,- a, I: f E:.ldil I;i111 Iad othe tau ,c 111 Ilir II,. · I ; ': olrd - it l \, I I i", i la I i ll Iii'LI I'il lll=I' c ,::,I >o 1(1l1111l :1 I) n ot to i wrljil·(l( ) wi th Ilse ·UI·IIadIiII ;lad " liliCIlI L th e boarders. T he ineill(d I1I I IlIII(I. )ill oI rf Ihlibe-t (1-1111y, old to e1?.)ro i t 111s11 o1 i o uI utth I ,1 i '1 Iv n hotelll [it \\1'nllitilolill LitYV, ill rclldll:( t this It,, ci fir the III r~In I., I. whoI, with "url li ni, llcuu 11i 1 l nI i I)o. thac. \tal i I, of In-1 , , a.,, hi., Ile I(Is grllllll i iil Ij;ir·l l i 1hcý Hill "w',-l:~ lili~l~ I ihle:: Iilvu ll ; and itl Df. II1I '1'lle iucal nill ,Iv)- l,·mýI Is of itII s time tire too ·illllll dl( Iill" I to Ia,.l a i Ic !"t. tII nc iii iiC lII(I II I ; "r,". I·(I:I Ioll!( 11'111 1I·!neneolu is the l irý,v t to u";d taliCII ,I' theI tun; thel 1:,lulIIii y of it i~ilf ililtll lll liU IIIiI Ll' ic i;:lo 111 1 11 ,I 'll G!11; 'iiili iI f t n te lll . ' -L M1111 \ l lll"I · I I ,.h1 t 1; ,Intl ,.s !l 1IIi 11(' 1 Ience lr ) oer a11ll outr places in these laItitudesl~, us it I 'I-i Iii 'I. aj ;li~ l'I wliil LII Ii~iII~i~ie I'~ll fil l' Ii ' uli dli i' u ( 'iIIi : I fu u tt ie I'o i ,ate oa t. ll i ii , bet11111ween I e I ::jo LII IIL L bileua-. ". i~~u:l tunes L," aclc to take the irInlilII- · r.l P olliro·, Felt M:13. . N It ARN01 .1).C 13' (:Tu w~lle ten w tlll~. hiug to en ragll~ie ao, fur liIlleild flnil lr l dd· LII I o l L I ' IA·nr ('·l:)( li Fl~li: ~IiIINE11 ~lel· 11111I i~F ~I~i~ll ILI ·II(I·I'lI I'illL IL~II 'HdlLLI LIPI Mr 1' '['tit loll- r , the ~limner prol n to, a eicr n r, ih i, ud l l'aILqiIL MLL C' IL I~ cli p;., LLLIII II t ILL iLLIIi L; LS LLLL ilr P P Lie 1:g, i, N itt tutor,, ruhu v~rll liIc, : .il LUII Iiid's rLOli LIL. i lriLLI, !"'I:'ii ll '. LLL 1 1L 1" I :LLi eR:lL lTvIIIIIL.IIIII I ll i JL " L LL (I'.-ii-, r sl IIl, LLI Ill' l tLILe FlorLi lario e LiLaLL LILLLIILL iLIIIII ih .f IILii,ILLsItt I'LLuie tairLLLni h Its wil ietr-nd rnl I on.LILImoLLigle t. LLu.iLLLIa Lv u l ntPIIMJONS, -IAtIL'"e' & Ii( 711 r~iF~er ha- I Bii 'iel'p, I MoieilAieo t, JDii iisV 0 d111- LILLILL The tentlbol C~i~e!tiu le~es ll nll l fr Peii-n 1 e Hawl tr ,asi JOHN Ii (IhllIIAo . ApidSe Royal CoI e of Plhysioans, Lodon. rllE origit egetble tl g.Iinn Universal Mnedi line, prepared by W MAsktil, Eiq. Alelaet' of 'It Royal College of Sutrgeons, Licetitea of Apothe-c .csy'sUomlupsny, Fellow uof ol Ct ow Society, Surgeon so the IloyalI Uiton Pielnion AiAaiotian, Ldnoascer Ploci, WVtlrloo li:dge, and P'erptual P'uil of Guy' ald St B.-'t'hntIas's Ilostpitds, oiondon. This valanile medicine, the result of twenty years' eaxlierienee and ulttmotleled success in the etelnsive and highly iesllaetoble prmatice of tie propriety, paito led by) the facutlty and nolilitt, snde is now nti'noduacd tothe notice of the American imhldic, at the earlnst so licilntiont .f a Ianloner ot'geotlemen of log anit higeli ulalitog in the prontfesson. I is Ihoped, a. n prelil narly atelp, to cteck ile evtil t d fataol t eontornanes atrisiing foin thne as of tile Intlielnolls .cllI ditetiiols oIl altllirns loistled at.l thei pbiic by tile aitd of fnibricatie rnoofs of ntineio aasau, nlpas, ni other frnads, by a set of tleCetary, i tipricpled prIinters sll o tot.al o ly igton ol mtntlicl sciene, that it impossilt the mo strolns delnsiin cat ait n I lne go dwn l ith the intlrllgeb t eoltte ftlhis Ecomnlty. These pillts, ild ait l tr.tetI. o their.satnre, shount li be .sti in every flsit ih cases ofnillcnu illness, inol, i tyhir te prit ndministrttitn, hlolera, rt ps, spl m , n elret, itn otter alt'r..itg coplhailnsts which too l ll' ll prove Itld, milg g e spIeedl Iy cllaell or In .'c et... ito fan t, ill thosa wla o -an e s,,esu lIeaIolt, slltll IiitHlee i bteiltlt thelti. 'llt iel: so ill ackets at 5c ellle n al s$ a$di a', to, bi cctey i'tusp it ll reogitiit, hisbsellu I, satt vrttdtc eof iteicill i t nt lUnites, e Ieat.ntl Io e ... ta .it enloat li irecnti ons.,, tiltgc tt writh. cisisnotintt of p noiss simit b'ol itht Ine a o eilge t t titIrnI : Sttt il Si ey CtItc )pur, J Attretcitn 'o, alers littt ettllt, N. I)I., . il:ick, . 1i., .I. Aaaii oKey, A. trapttinti, M. 1). u an o ult us nathcre. tic arigim lant tin syti oipusseso hof' tii (ias'ttalhAgert, s)lot, tnitttetaen ista ipellen i tthis rii y, lsti to noiiio allo apptliatiotn Ita ltogatutti ntausthe ittadte. JNO. IlO1.I.'lN, IN, rl- Waverly Place, N. York, tole (Gant alt Ag.lli icr Inhe UitlIu Sltes, o .c. l'ar sale by :nItintielsttieat of tetl RIilland propietrnn . 'av Swetlo Inotirttan, I)rta.gi-ts No I1 Ca.alll st'ct t.'t' i l : s 'atitf Stlthmm e of a .itn tisillta. jiu 1 r i, w reet.ivii,. foin sh!i , tshniile, I',,,nis ti c, etitck,, lit': 1, 't! othei l e arrivals t ie "h, .:thern eitt e :t lgl'ge 'ttr it.w selaiteI hIsei'tniel 'In £dtaantii; ndirmuts, Snott ItinttaS toaing s n laitct itl'ntt'o iteun'S title cblt ti ld t f|r'ii' o Loo.' do Si quttlit ; n o hin.ld tt. Stlo lil \ iipe i I .i hto' ti tCi rs Il littes tt'itnt'i'tnt cl steat d Mi rlee rlxo nlollls and a blou s, btlllckki si oes, iuh lls Ipitelslt, laa atil call"' alll kliptn t id pui.-LI siOrs I k "li l ihI s ol i l lf, lili1 ch seat tili l 7 l3ll iI. I diai shoes aniil 1ifit "4, to cill, ball' :fnil sea, a ew . antile; dio linii clla sl.l :llld illrIOco tl/.I ,Gt; Iloys', i tscsns'at It' id lil ltl's p ell a i o Sair: , ms-11 5 lltl ld hoe otIr t li le , aii litt :f.I I kid.I Al' o i ag , tn eallttIlni lt'nllun 'iil l " i nli ' stl olltt w l t tl .,tt Ilno lisa -ani st o etoali etul he1111 r 'ill, Illtilt p i' attro ,.st ,lutti hittoa- .a tar l ttaLut nata Ianl iti Ift I,ilik4, I ssliiilt expr'+in Iltr nI tatiiml tire; a g'lint el i. Illliln ot iIf e l ll.t ill siothitt kispt l at 1 i lll ,ll S aC -ti , mn l n llli, t t y lro ,ltll mit ss it nl tt x lll':,n4 . 'l ies' fits-ll ' cal, l ll :seal, nmroc lll , 4re' Wil, lls, ao pltai) solt o 'a ileic lint ll tnt llc ,h m lbti o it t.an' l I 't •hnll.lip r ets; t Io ipoi . 5ILs sII 'S tmdl wil othlllt 1) ,.t . i call;t seauo ci i al nd t'io ttlll tl'aht i h tail s do Iir 1 ,, , .s I fall ki nIs 5 LIIP I t 11ar liiIc; dol Illslite i, , i1+( ll) , .() . oM .,t tillll tth t ittlll'colored n.itlot. o lllit] Ifta liy 'o+ sttn tidiut a nooas na, tt a. 'Il e litleu, I11.sf PIIII tili, ..ls l [ilebliack sl ll l ht lllsl; to cl, n Idal.'b b e r ilt'lo el' a u su e )rlor llua lll til;d nilaiiln its llran, do;l d onll.t narIlllTow b I oI lU nl.'l |itl ti'rl ) : (, eia t k ItIaIt short io plied haits, a. i lium' a.'ttlrl. 1'ot s :tl' le isie sllls el (ll 'n ll:l i s l o ll f'ill l d([ ih l' " t h11p llclket. ,h.i e atil t 111i1 lnamedil cith ':s all of It liclh NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA t t r Newt It ll' itt : i , N. v.t I.I' 1t.j i . alI i "-iPt i.e ,s l t ' f lIi i . it I ilhvt pllt lil d It -e - Ial lwtor.t llyt it trea i an d th,' ,I out illr iP+ It Ow l tn'ltilt I exg llct lit tt o a r l'l :it i ii ,. Sinc Illt Sh,,, o the nutihtr of sx or hti a h h , t al' l alt r ,ttlV ueit , atil( sotre throat, a' d na t ahh, to i W illit t ,r tnc lto ]t'i'ealaUtd JttOHN )i'.%N. T IO ( '; 'ra: llltttaI tn i ft i ar aiovr miIl;1 t T iS 1 6 --It clay d to l ott i ,itt itt . "ti.ll, li,r whit l i ., tint i.+ ii , i ,t ii t. .i It tl±t! I or i i i o , r . . . , i 1 hli y will li tt id t' tl '. ',, r rIt 1:' iii- llit' il. 1.iti i I . I ) i N .i N. w Orb nile..I"'l 1, I^:1,'lI't III\ wleh w w:ul. r .,,A,,rnee I'.. ;;dla o, storage, Doles lrr ,f h1:a,! or L Iill, ,1 Rllolcs, a h ,. ,r-III· thased w illliffi~lrCI talks, ."~ I IllleI· of l ~l(·its, «IIIl 1",-. 1':0'io s;,, llrIS FIt"- , le// l "{,. s. f~I : NI r1oI/IA'." 1:lki,. 1.it'sca , t "'//',/oo Ai.i ', , est ~dsl r",.A 'o1/o .oo and siz Ei'V III... A~ .. t, isna il lC hnl i i or kIth lrlow the I- I, g ,sn Ite x ly ln rfix,,"1 t..the till." p Ec, ks a rt" emilm.I'.ri ~ , isei, o t,:I.,: ,:. , an s/' n,. , A//tOI/01l.1III Cl/IA'~)~II il·(I~l j(lli·:ll~ 0Jll· Il Ii h l..Il...` ,,., sire, ill 1 notldII g is n, ce Ir:,n ~ot e ,l)(?/~ I~v ,, :,t ,t ,d , I ,'IlII A ,t l . ..t i of . ,"." ~1 it. I, s~nolilwiier usl'cr- I instance, ,,,e hIII IcriF t ha; he. k, IIol rl,,rs lh I" Ag.. Ii li : :iit st..'l even to (ll er skeptic (r-l-,rr,«ll ll \' ,,, thu 1eTso Ill of 'lie d," .1l I.,L'o"ton l 'S V talll ro i~ 1."p el"c )I.I1 he : 0.0 11n A.,..,, Allith ntetiaally i lli lihle, awl in eo, firinntm of this helirf I treIIIII iu:1 A u ot I,' ,,. awlllty d llt t, (s uow nfl ."r ed lnr lie ECelcI·tio a I kll error of :lll, lent in .1 : l I or lifth ed itio,, as axln'btse~l~' sl io tike prelates, waking lill~e p~lIintioni the~ea 1s' . ' l 1o.it./of.l1i IO, otl,,I~.l ."'1~ISof' l l,, , ol f the.11 i ioon tlhea :ero o' ,'I'l> 111t o If I t lhoool ]l,,llt,, wlAAIa SIto,. ..t6 lwol how,~li itl.. J I 0/,) 0 ooU n..,I/PI·.a."t IC for txl/.o..oItoorlofihtoroean t~rsoolit.',,o0tl.,0 Athehi ooh r sidepz I'a Booex, trno Isd ers ellan t it UIed thstos is an will, ti c!. t '.,i , ',s,!, 1. 'A t, o I to th exrtmnd of0oto gnt~ralo *os,'Is t t/~l P/Ido, (li~e olootn i fsl bssi s J5l a cunte,'.nce s SI esse Iiidt!i.e in loe n sll,) lionof soml'lle ofIlc ,nose ,otlllT) :11~l t and ·\e\- dicall busi nrss men and p blic olli, t ·s v. ho hate ade great ,:s I appilal on ef fa "m ster "oee" ,A~I cunlsidjl ri Il cutntusin t he a nrklllll( I nod the ,.5,, ~',6 litnl rt blll;hc r aUI v" · 'i'' y ti like I1I: am llr.llkon :,, d tests ut be, v editi n it ha ase n ie rs, ooill~ ·slarmli ng the a1 (( 11· 1, i sh·5II( I i n·l l:1 I slrlrenivp e cn11 siti·1\ ..~ . in shit. I. he I I posli tr nest...... III see,.rr~l I._, l Ie 111.1 'eedc 1e1l msn ls e Ipo, o~l, ih," to host woml,"If~l hook in I s. w,..sl ;" ,.lisp ce'lai,.l, n sinel~l llbls tht" beginni i g of rre:,ion, has l.:ul the :,,ke ,ui no, m,'" "lie Im Cl the ,m d"I-, ; Is is cle io t% s Uu,.., in the. lqe i s, , e t :;n~l slr lllr, III~ -ilh..s h.",", tried lkil l,'n':le, i' n :,nod111 I·I c p~Il,: l e gm,",:ally. d1.1· riog talk.I lone; peril.-I ot~ltl irl,-lik ,'." rs, let oo. "'r ~" l ...... l :dlt cl:::plcclil~el l I. like u1 r' o le's rg" p rwl:ls The bII i k(I~.is i~ fuel r x~l'esilt a ll'.llell ht ,,Ii ,he rout is :tccol'thig k; s te hrl ,l i, ,,.,el1 l, ;m 1l as i -av 11c s: ".... ilk1 ............... o LICII ":. IIV ., io 1h· 1,,., :.ltd...eo li kith, P: ok, is in pus essi' I. ; ei I rt:1 r, clS l ut cilia nsl i u eery yu1 11·111r_ Itl is wore l vex hell h s l"'i,, tl,:,t, h its marls cheekall it lllal, :, oitltt( letrrlt",l I:,'l, ,", rots, loo_, :fl.:I' ,iu· 11 ~"e ,,:.!e, :v, Lr the m, I .II t e:,. lil/ I\l-i 'i~lllil. li~ :r t r." i eo lpl-o «I iiim.,ieians, t plilt it. , 'I,,Im sv, ;,.d' h," al sohLle ~e ces it 1orits ,s+, bo e h .n ~ ..syk1ý i i s ed ty e, su et idrwi~lna, iw pp e Il, i, .t CS; h, ,'~ its :, I, «,.l:,des, all its l,,, eý,pi , ,ter.: s's Ilt I";', ,ollae t, a gr." t ,lists:,et"r :,,i pet el ks r l ,.l ruriuo". 1,rierv, n. .1,:"v cocdd , ecII1sifik ;k!1}' h, lf ick:U ,p :.l li..h,.t i:., 1s S " p r r Ipy, :mi l ernl' B ile.Itntrd likattl wulddl pa, ,.i. k, tit, ,, awl :.,, 1'm" :, epý, tl.ot o he pol 1.'t' !l·l·stllI~lesv, ,.d:. iliu i: in ple l.,t el il leoem lr.,rncti .r!,, having at the srlm: (tole 1X w~trd .vm lisidc:ýry plolle It,',,"",I elSm1Sklr beI' ,triucl. . Lkn:,,,lur i, ý,ile uflict ".ls. Ih,"sr to Il nls, III:ll, Ita.1 this h~k ,I- its I k lnron re ed in Idle ,sued Iw.. nc r1l., ,, ht the ,nos! em,. I e il cn c l to"i ik o lr,:, ai url s ". I m s * e:· Til PFLORIDA LINW . Frtom Mobile in Augtit, Ge . Ioaves Mobile every day at lire, io''lock. pin per U S manil bint lier ilIl'. LInditnte, above Blakely,-thetonc four ,at coached to Pensacr.ia-lhllttleii siernotils in L.,grne,, where iIh.land oute isresumed-tlhetler vin Mallilte and ol lwnlviile, Fl. Uleidtildpe, Piederti..t n,l I I wt: insville. S iuderaville & Louis. vllet A igusltr, Go, tcnnecting regulaily wil, the r:il retd! cnrs to Charleston, and Ihie steam .o!kiet- Id. :aow York, Norfolk, Philldelphin, etc. T t'e stelmbooats are the beast for thile service, nd thile Ilavilltion preCsents moreb dvontages thln cnll he flnd upun anly teainbuot route in the southl. ern regiot. The greait imnprovemetts in thI route have been prduclcd Iby) Itc ttcnlructlinn of iftyv miles of nw rand, by Ithe prl, iel rsl viz : frcte la] runv e oin cliii"u cllte llllal, an arm o 'Saont R.tsall i, t llytilll'o FeIrry, on tile Clintl;o;uchre river, ten Itli above thlt Cowlrd, or 14 bove Cedb r Icllll"', whereby the nIvigani n of the river, sitd thie coi seqitent dotllllions, innd more recently he incurn venient cresilng tit the 'towliord, are entirely voidedl and n lin,' rond from Mariannal direlct 10 ainnhbridge, instrad of the r,,undalout r,:,d vin I.ihtlourcIhr, le.elnin llt'dil nll ce about forty iiles, anid i, :reasllg i v flacilities mIlore thll oiiic. i day Altai', t. or inclh line of two hlnr.e sln.le every othi r dy In l Ili.'kinevlle, via Perry te ,ilale , (i. c illtecti:in with thie lino to Savlnnli ah Ull Darienli, it'. A mail stenatlnrt lice reguiarlv beitwuen illblnhid.e Iandi Allpnichic:oln. '1 ravellers wishiilg io reaCll ally lpoint oil Chatnlhoochee or Apalahll ola, en ltake strocllo al l it it rownsvlle. Mlubilu Iti ll',nsilciehia-l und R ullIte--t)IItrig tlh, limtle n cup'p ed by lle r,.pairs lt U' t!, eise propr.vll.. othrs Iof hIll Filri, ial hlnI will I im n I lne i t ll lr hor-e potrl otlch! s every other da.y Ihtwt'ln i ' l Ihll llnd Ptins ca' i l: . I'tsvllnver wtoilt hleatttlt l il at 3 o' lolck , p ill, in the U Si iallllui , and prceed hto titII I1' L111i ie, where n four hlorne (eii atch will ie iIn venll ,lii ito ttl.ver lh tle to the exelletii hoeue il iMr. Chnli e Hall, I 1 4 Itill dislant, where they will trit itha Nt r iiilindi'tio n for h olit l ht- letv' ng ntit imornlt , itey will acrrive it Pe.sacld e rl' , I;i Ihe ceV llint , thus avoiding thie dlisc'ollmrltl , id ht r vI r,ýellon." Ollice at fhe Ma sion l,~it se, .1,t ,it " , and ti olt lin c' ol, e', l'ell:,i,,hln, whrlut el t i llle s i lll it i ltl, ,it e, , 1' )" l l'v tt1"TtN && (',l . In,, W illillamt t . IIellidrs his ,crvies to ii ce chil I Z oll I New I)rleas as Ia iclcher , ,l che pidno lir te. I tr t llvti [ cvvicl ,llllotyt d sIvtr yenVal s, Itnucher no Iilull.e 'II Irin te ln' iti ii ii I 8st tat to vvral of the femitle st mi t s ' ' i l, c a n m o t llh Iu h o p e II) I lo ril ,ttl r r U l lit I h 'P , 11" IS ' i tlled t~ r, tI'Tr d l I, It . It ' c .C ipil h sis r.-t., . . & Are r ' ', 1 d s 1 Ld rs & .i.,,. "',r erit ..e pla''. apply oiei t II' lbl)o L ilnr o1r .h'A xa ndel'1 r T. e . 43 (C rnps .t l, tI .rnis curl .1r1r.lirn"nar. l lit t, v stt hA l.Ei(i d h c ltyl i, this city for Il', ý L inos+. t1,' ' ''s now receitin t i u Il p pii of In I and g, mil. I am, Itruls, which bll e c ll gull ' mu liberil Icrma+ o city drugt riss, anrd those- o i.lt IloItri r, i .l)' tslician , merchantsll and l lnt, rs, te .,ill ofi'ltr idt tueiceuntv such ne s have never be, Iorl bll leltird it itit c ity. It , nt' IL id a~ "t'll ile h~y cl imll e hll sin s.. i lt s stocI k clll .ll,,n h.l v ni l ,h ,,le id in a ,few w+reeks will be rul . ,i hr businessI . All or ders Irln the c lllntry, ani tu i mcr,.hai hs of I i clty, rectvin'g vucth 'di s w ii1 I," pro , ll iyst tic ld . it ' ,o t ? + N, 39 Camp st llJ iil-t. % 1i-.I \N1, ) HII 'T IIC l(() I illt AN ) 1-.1 l 7 i . I i . . Si'it i . : . ith Sign of ,,' ".-den em( i ) , I t11 I ('allit.ts .h ic'' . ThP.he.htt rit erhl', eiu ,' r.. S'ei',',d, in I . hIti+t to l ,ir1 'lr:,'viml stor.k l hIIdIII full ll' ,r i p l' it n - iso ltm 'lln t o f irti l s in th eir hnie ; ,· : ci- mhistt ,I i "iir' , i l , hI e htil i o-it , I .ki lt n s , I u rti' h s, ,,,. .e.,+, .usi cgt in part acs Idlow : 'i. ) rI Ir.-- t+rl a+i.. >h hll .c r u~nll.l'ht lhl ain u1 ek,t.is tl ,t I, ,Iurul lii I,, u, i .dressing, t -u i t piv1, ,rl asi acei k, til'·"'i' illl c l',u l., of e jr lll ll re l,' d t i tll l ll*l. t ahh I sIr o,.' 1Mexi i patterl,' illll h' ., h as m nilt' of I1 +lery e rn I n , h orn , t'etint tnti t 'tt, uetr iith gel(rI; . llli. irll l lll I IIl|'r, l;, I ,l el l l ii rirll l l. V'LE:til t.1 : :l I '\-- holouern, ILa . ,.he1 r, I'lorido, rlholl), [)a , ro,.,I nid lll'ellll flower ii wall P oif il rv.ri an( lllll diel' ·niI- "v.l- p. of lllii"1 kinu ;,l, Ih:vhY." . "I,:,vii '.d ll n sakr mit h n tu n " 11 ,elr . c n a Hia rsml, ,'li h Id: p r· ila , t h .nTr d It o, iltp1ow. ,I.lp, i ii neh di e p. w -1., rllll et1111' of & no " .I l'` \\+l'.I.I.ltY '11 --<1 ,"1 ,o lill helat..; iiid i (t. r tl 1' i .o - 1 1,. , 1 cI ' lillco -i~tir,_ f cl ,i"( h : :ti ,I , l"cl corn,'lial , tops-. ` Itl e h.lt l .I l l lli:li r, . ml-o. o .' '.co" .,-1 . lIl k-1(.'1111,]:.-' h h rill r,' ,h i e I . ,.ll h .hrl n Illl h ,1rt h ',I '-h I, , t .. I'hto h, p li,,, r.m, ilh, 1c . , -h , 1. h m1 1 ,1 I ;IIe"ll ll iv .Ifo herl,' i l 11111 11t e ICI ~I ruehdll. "ih' l CII ý l. .l l rl t, i \.i l i h ill . i, - I1-1'-, . llll*, 'l,,'. dbr! Ipen ili-iln dii ad' I i i I ,I - f(ll l I'h'il c 1 lr lt', 1 1 nod Ie -,,t Ih,!iou Leud- o,1 ,.c,.1 r kllhd, h ll" andIit dlP l.l, ..I 7111 .st ll - . S t1' k:ll 11 011,.- 9I:,Ie t l ,llow Ibrr ,t m .-"Ir Jr 1.7 'peen il, il casks onod Ibls, fto osie Iv 8tolti tloo !)ngg stn, corner tl t no .t owl up Cologne I Water, I',rluu ), o.\.-A A cil n cv, Il va tlvy lur the tolle,. Ilr I~ Ih Iv ,ct R't 'InA\: V hli<heId a , ti-llll ll tno11· ( rl : \}I " W )I, rl , ", l's rerl yv ) poI , bll , paih" a ltersand thel(l . t i lr+ ,C. t rtt. " h n' by nI 1ti , -le T Ih 'r emi arlein l 'rnts wl4,e IIIaH ( . . I4 II,+ qulltlllIl, ,.fI" Ji., prlhe + .up rt II 1r t l ll 11 eve II .Ir i t , b e ]io utlh l 1 - t ht a , b e en' .. I o t I t , fi t " l osultli:+.'nelr t ol' his kill, itl I':nrop .c. 'I'hl(,;, +a . ,,> t h tul ai ' t rs Ii t i nlltt' t e. t,1 l 'Irltb l ~ltl ll , Is, Atll el t+ l'.e +lll' I'+I ll ,t litelr s& lAI J,+. 1.f allya ,.prt l il : 3 llllll.ieh. lt ......... .. . ..s ltl . I A TIA N S 1. .ittt "1 It, , 1i, 1:y, . '1 3tlIu It i' t t, i'i'tttil irt ..1.t . tl\,,, ... \. , r IIi ,,, mlat);de' all ,I ll, tn imtsi l hr ... a' ty ,'l;.i+I ti'\Ii d , tN- I.I:U --Th, -tttty , r I. U i , xlrl ,lEE i I, 11t h J th nk h. ftl \ Is. fort lib..h eral Pt t llC i.- I:y otIIIts oo tgt Ie ". c'" c (-,lothod. d Lutlt., r t. o t. t o i t iof C ,J, t .l uo t i t. nof o ieive .cl i o tn1 ot t I , tto uut II nh llt (r wa i+ l t fl II llOrlllrd ll 1 t. ll v.. nder; u erir lo i o In n IIoIIo inn\ t riof ltoti t 1 it ;io otio, tro . lin' jll, r t s s h o s the phu.t, ,iroi l n i, ,:~n£1, c'tl ,118 ill s e e y L l), £ . . . I. L . 11. ...( . !rI. . . tecslI t IIc o11, dIJcI ne l ande I 1 , r rt O I o "IIIU eI :rT,"~ . I rtt h o otdo; 1 .to oI i , i llerl his Iottnt tI , l i, . p Itom t S. a o ot, p l lho .. l."la torh e Mllo s itc.t, ayd lrepill+eltbllel + l oll ,s r, il'ld u h isllll Ill n ltlo , i t .it, c o o to t, l tIu , S, (llollt aill tod e tlu lhiirr n ur oone it Chorlestot,. tai. th.- ,,ol t n ti ilio a .tll t e lt rb llsitor, posl io is ltIiots o r ttolletteo, oit di rnitittn, Iat o re hn t.ni H tho ndVrIgod. Tho rifoot whirl, tIny lf,. itm tonuck. lo rge a, otd of v ry t binrrrlt le r ,tt d Lltod njillt tio 1 gi e .:.;t suo ell, to whi tto( he o ofI L Injentel ' lt ollton gin. IlApply o Nti ''i a r1 ..ll ou quaI llldty a llnld l urlbt .,ect ly i tnet-t - Oi ll. .ii.N N. • e.0 TIE PU3bLIC.--T h , |ierluin llrd d h",l itlt l studiod nlldr r. t el.llid ol yo (larlenLto , u.t l Caroliia, a.d Ibr soloo years hit. aistan.t i thoe ratie ons ntLdiino und illgery, hLs the houlo Stolio ,,r h ls proilet o t ot l services ia this city.t n moiry bi mo.tl; ano allin otlfr ttili Ierte" to the of lerso, 'laves, bCouit Ng tell at ainted with, Kte I e ugar h iou (shndretK. II o o d NTe Orlrots antibiliou is of itle ter tle Iomos wiltion irodued ai Lhils ald other eitien, Ia h in ut etdelq.d wioi th e grdateso succ es, to whicLh to bEst o1. tulbrnclee cua be given. Apply at N,, "'.l ,la,. Ito tre.t. Jool ' -, . . N .)T D'IC'l-:---Thle iartn crshi + f ell , .al , &(o of New' ll,; Manua, Ilan is . of 1,-lhcez; he21..t oiflov 1 l bv l t, e t by te l dent!, o Aamuol .h1ltsoa onle l.'the parItllcrs tor he tilr'lls. The unleroi,.,'ed, survivinlg partners, will be cr,-od Siththe wclling aed closing caid Iusiusss so Billows: LeviU allrris will attendto t he settling of the |usiucss of Mason, llarris+ Co., at Natchez; and lhtrris, Kel. e &+ Cu.,at ltduev; andl Hlenry Kellhey will tttte d t, thc cttlling of Ithe business of Kelley, Mlasoni & C,., it N'ew Orleans. The M lunes of the severa l rms wil hbe used in liguidatioaoniy. 'T'hose iludebt·'d.mo soid firms are Lrare.tlv reo-u ylted o come forward and ea.lke early settlemnoet; unld t'lose having claims will please present them without delav .luVI C IHARMSIt, ('to. ()MleJul'. June 97, 1337. nIOLBEAIR'S Saietee of Penatanlshii received,and 1 for sale at their penrmanent Writing Acddemies. No. 8 Chatres asreet, New Orleans, 11U8 BIoadway New York, Ceuphine-it., Mobile. It is particularly denigned fint private learners, and sc.lolas, and is calculated fr peraons fall nages. btldies aid gentlemen are invited toeall natd examine thle system for themsearlves. Iessons a re i iven at sacll hlouses as mtay sit the nlovelieace ofa'll, and to classes formed in any part o Ihe city. Lndites wh pefrer it cn receive :essons at their own ref sidences. Petrsons pnvinl e n rse of lesseaonre desired o nttelt' .. .,, ty is ell nasithe wish. IOWAND'S 'ITONIC MIXTURE, Fit:l FEWIt ANDe AGulE. TIhEN years have not yet clapsed since it wvas - first regularly submitted to tle public; but it has attained the highest reputation; and has sop. planted every other iedicine for the Ague, wherev. cr it has been known and appreciated. Already tihas it bona carried in every direction throughout c the United States, and still realizes mare thaI could have been acuticipated by its nmort sanguine friends. Thousaalnd of persons have not ollly beell relivved, but restored ti health and vigor through its ages. cy: and they now cheerfully testify, at every opI portutity, to its devtidsd cnd supreme elHieaey. It is comapouele oa such mtadicinal principles as are calculated to renew the healthy action of the stonl aeh, liver, and other important digestive organs, tihe les of which Iharmony is the immediate cause of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. cos an enlire chaItge in the condition of the systetm, and certainly destroys the inative liabiilty to rchlit seas of the alfection. When the Ague is attended with anty other complaint, the iiiemployment el the 'Toni a lixtie will not interfere with the trent. ment of the other di'csse, but will cven aeltrd an. sistnllc:e by lulnishing strength and vigor tit tile body durilg the coulrse of treatmlent. Those who maketi usi of tthii medicine may be asiured Ihat there ia no Arsenic, Iarks, dlercurry, or any otier article in its eompesitiot uunriendI'v i the Itihutiman censtitlttion; being entirely a vegetable extract; and they iay have additional coatelidtmee in tihe ruse thlereo;, whll thy rereuive that it has tile ef lict o fa genlt laxative nbout the time half a but. ite filll has lbeen tatinll--in couseqiuenti of' which, there is no patrt of the Imdici'n left to linger in tile bowls t c e eauleo llbroections, and tither evils, ilisini troui the itte o it IIany eof tie reUlmetdws nown ilbrted firr the cure of thin afi.etion. It has been used alsocs a. pirevenltivt, by many who wtre sub j:It tn a peritdi-il recurence of ithe Chills, and it has i.variably warded o-'tthe apprtehended attaea. Ob.srve! T'Iti Prltpicetor, fully satislied '.silt the anpar illhid a,,d un iver+.al runces .vhlch has cl. laitly titelll id ia ptiu: tual anld re ular t isiI of the ''tii MitixLture, in all iases of Fever ii ltd Agaie, lb:ets warranlted in engrigig to reflind l th; Irce to aill tholse wo have Loetilln tihe lteeI n in sItrictL ie. ordance witlhl tle prescribed directions, t ltLout having letn pertietly and lastingtv cured. T'Ihe l bseroir's anie the wvlltJlsle ageilts foir the Slutl Welterit S.ates, ald leave nu til haUd 1x ly eats l this mIedicine, which is warranted rll ,sh and geinuit. For salo at lth manulbetured pries Vl lh.is . t , hli, tl.hl t, Inet"7 ao,- taiso a 't'(.Il-llli, t rt. --31as.,sasppi iand Lonisa li litiotei, 1IS. MARY KIItRLANlI respectfully an. rounces to her friends and the public gene. ally Ithat she is prepaired to accolmmolilate themlll at hlit bov estabc i hmelt, anid irhopes fI her .exrtions to render visitors eomfoirtable, to receive a continuance of' flrimr ltvort . Site fesls confi. Jm nt Ihnt persons visiting Covington during the unmlor mollnths, cannot lilld batter atcclllOodatils than site can allurd th(mn, tin more liberal terms. Iler house is pl:tsantly situated, and well supplied with every convenience; the bar is fllrnished with the mot choice hqllurs, &c. In short, she iprolnises ''at Inothnlllg shallll b wanting onll her part to give Idire isaislitinC1 to all who maiy pateriti o the .Iisissippi and L, isiata hlitel. Je3 IO)L-LOLV WAR:e,. WOOtl) SCRE,'S, SAD IRONS, &e. /'1I.lI IIt)WEI,I. WORKtIIS COMIPANY, No. S 2i38 \Witer, Ilner Beclkman street, New York, have recelived the past seasn, anid are cosla~intly receiving large anItt exnsiRve additionstto tt ite stctk of the tablove goodls, nwhich now ctsists or hel ollowulg tt tltill(enit, suita'h: for the souhlurrn and Hollow ware of vuperi ar q iahty, consisting of a ull t ]11500 ntlsl, vie, 'P ts " i t tl r di ll;n i sizes, frou 2:a to 5)0 gallons, hieilles, 13 saaes, frot :1 38 to 11 gallttsl , I tlh .Ii siz s. li-tiUt 3: to I galllu . Itllt plr ns i r t(Iven- , i I i bl'iit Zci , T'lt Kiettle, i d Skillhs,, .I Flat Sptidr- i do vr.d Spiers, 2 t, fliru e tI--i it .,i itrl d,., I ll el, i- -i i 3. I: tirl11 , N s- ittltitcg , 11,i it, i ol d b esiiI iotllU T 't Ieluh, N. . :1 i t 3:!i iulh, N.u, i21 o" i niptif . .itlly ia d tliIsh, anid Iless tia Jl-lc'' imnp,,tei ash wiil'r i, tIll till"n , ,'u:l ltl ifrot I -I4.1 iL Ihdll s fcr 'i ituati.se. steatiilit-, ebirches, ac. :o- d e t,. r, r, Also ltliltl nten tither ciartiery iastia i, ..ic.li.c Tiu u' ave as'ortmyent of Lan(ds is particularly rr IounmuImmt ,d mo t min.' utmniult lguinm ujui lm mirn nul d W :i.el ern r"111rhatis, anl d are offier.l d for -.111 at liw pricell , ln lld u ll In mi it Iberl tein ; it I be. hlt, d m] l th0 ia . g- t allan be1t asortlineIt ever ottlrd Ifor sale by any 0on eC ct!ab hmelit in the M|orchants, by Iorwarldlng a r'quest by mail, cilia have, a prinmed tirmtu:lr. with detcrlptim, of g.oos, price,;;-d llt l erms, Ill which nll o de'vaI llo is everI Imane, lturni hed by rettu:n of inll. All orders will receive I tuledtate attention. New York, 1N3d. Je3 iltn I)ye, Imur ilor, Iu t le B'ti ', ( R[:is. l tal ' )c. r 's , -0 ; re , 1111t, h f '$,111 b s Il 11' Jsii, Il rIer It'm ,,rl 1,wd r, hl tt Ilh,, .Igr am ", rtn, s, to rung . m lo ,, ru-'w, hIsalvly, It-I t Il tuu ll It : j, llll rII r -. &\..·· lice, r urnn i r m, l u i I A T-a e itt la : nll h ,l -i n d -llh at l s ut , flrlills I.h l I l,'I t1 i uu ll tnll0 -Im ini tn llm. lnliutu. IvlIr I r cr "lll ! ln ,r . h n run , i I. l Iii- r i rInd ni l liNp Iui'll lit -N " I. I I . .lim .ll11 Au -I , .,-il hs 'ltt tt t ll ellln l i I hr+land I I)ri t butes . l . twi h rii kbrek ll , I ilclll illN , I f bv c ' I ;i Ilk : ii ) i umu, m i in him,' d il ,, In ri, k n- t zmi ,I s, Ili+, |. s ,l?:lll ; '+ tIl, .:. \,";t . , 1 51 (11 | lll I t n p,,;y, vd nlbl mum I In . l mminm.n1 1 mi n IAI..m i loi E - l a I .lt t JS l hI 't A .ll ti "'i1n -1 t "111 *,. ,i es hII I ll ,;e l \V. & 'll . [h 't 'ah, r" h Lh li' ,l ' , I t'iv '.l i e, r si p Im ..'i , a lt lli, ' ellr y , wle: I , I)llillllgs) ni-.'lirI Iimii-hm uld i1 -or h.i Jl ti ', Ii z i, rs: b ru h ahlt and nIll isetr - aln. e To" le , s ll s i SInel lus I lsl l ril l ll l, n ulusess "iifr Irii It;,,m mli m J. lllll'm 1 c a i uiI \ iile,l m ,iuflst lue.tll les; \ i ; VIII,1 in " l 1, fn t c rter , G mtmho n memii imumiu sm , lt', ll t .ll.dll m Call iro llml ili mIatiel h 1,em i , ld ,rtd -rso(ll ; Ir 1 or I·l h hrBth=. di + ,, Illlj(: ·8' a II.1 u 'tf;lli: tt'+ ,+dt lll l i; t ill", it rl.r stc." l p..'ll s;io liprm lm lll t II' , hll milli IeLil, ,, sn +s ini.e h c..s,, hurn I hn d |F+ilt.r U sl;g d h air , ie 'm t eaI o nahder 'cIm; s lnt ll ,; s ;i ued 'alto c lo'vhy Al'sm mqilei . staveI, ;l., l. lolll+lly , ; 11c .tilan 1 l lm im haeil nu ol NroceklesJ ; I:,tiI l VI hnlle,; 115, hfanlku s ( nl ll e,lls, hcinl' f ho eswit . Irz.r s(lr,";n . :old h l ,'er, ,+ln tri ,, S-tie sunned 'n.. d al'rsdu; Iells bucil'. • *s.h ; sd- nl'llvi , ylllla u lll• l :.sc .lll l vel." + .oldhtl. |"or sill ',ol h c 'ae I- retaill; as, thel si;. o l'h Il luTd C(,l , 711 ('il:,r'h , h+ III,:1't ,iii- i i ., r, TT, h Tl i , i, o([,t c. lll ph llarne nh an d A tii.u n gt , r . Wal --IT l elqs j 1iiLil ~na ~ nm m iixnY di,:n l~ ll. mluL r r+f t iii % , im i uhm l , U vi v rn + h, -lu I m diln- l i I 'l'ml m -m, m m lI: mmrt ' In n .m + rl s , Vil ( N h e I'i lun sm timp lih m d u l Id ,l-snu can ld e l. s, silt iel lvlr ple( r, n , liimld ihr ut1 nun nni i .'nrrl-,am m.u briIht as, 5,mimi.. 11, I dmi t, a ofl-le mud tlap Its, sil n r.i, c urmam . p+tnlts lanalum id bais, astrn i Itlnnd=, and Pm ii1a ai n I i'll, t ln mmll r', G-ern an sllvu r its ,,n. anhd Iwl~, r rl l r with ad tti',is varitiy 'iiii lt h nc | ll nli. m. h: r(illh +, p- .lmieri |ii l, ini it, 'I', mi, mIr lll ' mlml'll i mi m p-l'I.m,,m n. N 'i.Iri m.Iiih1,,imlm m1i h oiIs, I lii i Im, iIm n), In, mu-i-f mirli.,. ,.ii., iimnimim. mtliihioi, [iel''i'k, Vmmlii,, &. etri,:,.m-,.Id amd har sl e lom i )n l he m ut,i ,.u Iit)'riIA .. m',,. i Imuiicie i i~umlnmmml iI trl, t MAIL AI~ttAUId9IRLV A'erllereln ila I)4 lc ry . )ny 8t121 Close E~ve~ry dlay at 101 A. MI WetrnMll(De rverýy Sltndayl \Vadhnnday· WeIlrI Mafall, P ariday, by o, P1. M. by Closes every Mondy, Wediaeda Langa, land Saturdayh b9. Ir.M TOIne lyark rarlthlr, 'PI'urwl,, a ia .Clowan every olMoay, WYednesday EXP , W~i7 TIIIES OF ARRIVAI.,I)LPA R'III1V IOIDSTANCE &c. of the. Eaprert Mail, brim".., Manailfwll New York-tlcarintg Mhila flail" at 3 P. l1. lntiarwa, New York daly itI 5 P.M iot(lhrward. Art'ite Arriea Northward, Distanie. lTime ltaturn'g lfanntrgmrry, Ale,2a., 2m 1998 m'1 22 12 Mlilledgecville. C.R. ' fa" 141 2 p. U 193 14 P~jfba .C. 711em1. 1i61 171 0 Warrentan, Va. 12 in. 55 r,1 a I'rebuterrg. Va. 10 pai: Il 11 9A. to iaicamnaeVa. Im. 21 3 (d l'rerderiieka+a,,l II 6f 7 lip M. lVethiagiaaecita, 21ppi. 6,1 a Rnllilore, 6 1 Phiadlpia 8 ae.18110 11 :I New Yark 2ppa. 90 80 1305 143 h. at Mdb Northwrard. Cowlnn Sinlltlwnrd, the t1191 i1 itt heot Irsa; Ibeings dava wld 17 maurt. TEN IOI,AIioi IIE'WAKD. 1TANA WAY frro 1Il9 Cttrnttdlel rwmer or Ifelve li errri,otlte ,tiglhl or 181, "9' Auagut, mid waA aemo the extal raieritg in Potlraa alstr,, llrgealmy sowed ('IIAIII.1:p, nbelel 17 yrarn of'aga and S fee or tllherrtntl Is in, brialt, very Iblaek, and Ino art iamed i( in his speech,, one! of his loge is more,oectlrniron, ly areert hrtl;brelaldle owelhrnhe wentll way iwhilt COtMi linenri hilrlt ndthit e cntl,n p,.. uls tall Mastersr of vessels and suer,, knots a m cnulilinnnd e otlher lpetrsons, as ilia ntleaetra er ,l h11o law will its e',rrreld gaeaintltt'lnw. 'I'llt 11aeey remwad will he paid f acdrlitc'itF hg lintoainay oftile jilt, ofeitherr of b. Ilnicilalities, orr at 111 Cureatletl, cerner oa hlied street. Selig 1' nIN'I F-l' ealttattrrehltii brertatt~ey aisiotg l ndller~ l firm olelwl & Idarnrmo.tnn nonsleer di.+solved. '('liRe 'altoi:jhrr will litittlate the e,'ilar o lthere ,onrtre it, tllhinrcita ndlreqttireR all pert'ensjindeb. edta, hrnk lttttteratlaitehtteoly,attdAldl ltekelvint, clausetltarIltle'a 1b faraellemeat I. atte 8-7t IIf lAItll2TS1 o7 CAPA'I'IN M.AIIOVYAT'T'II NEW NOVELS Raltlia the Kerefr, Iby the atlathelo Petar YSimple, &r kit 2 Jttateiaafo,r er Wlintrr at Sabitta Ianiaeiell 1, I.,,.w Stytilt, Iy (elCtatin aRuil (loll, Royal Nay, F. /.-td RIohl a, a rauerr, Ic, All,,n, Cattaninlgllw,,1 r *'elrppard .tl re taritrten ly lhiael,rl' itt `_ il A (.'autrttltt. lialaoryu ,,/el, lraaly ,l,, tl frtra eeoeoltl Iteenn, by Naeltuiel (itrone, ill rl. far mittla No all -'I tIe'tiartuaelrtt a:nti Iteilcaetllgo Sl'r.: llji's 1 ai'rite. c'nlllre Anil uniform edition of 11 "nitiao'1, a /mina',, Il'nrk8. h'tftr'. lrr"yhtanld Eeglish llirleiaeary. in I tatl : A'taunl'a l"a'te' ant l Rtnd 'lele fl/irlinaery. A ao-A Sty mrea tlttlait f Ctl' tealtr't'lthrr tg "llatieoi." [.ttr."al, -ertttt'tt l"'wnttaeataofnfper'rq e~tq jar, wllill) drains, Ilillintrtl lllllafal-l a I-m l `11=? (I jllotll'm it'lpluv,"d~s I ll is 1i: 'colu. nplnel~l papers, weights11 &y~. At. At·. ~ '~"~ ~'" actt a 'el u ,' n.d Aur saotte by nt1l IIN.I. 1.EVY. I'INNOCI('S ROME, Ae. jINNOCIa('S ISPIMPROVEI EDIT'I'ION OF P Itt lldttlltb' Abridglmentltar teI lltiierral to abot Ist retiat an I ttirttll.liona t,, tele dy Renall l tov, nd t gea vllrlv of rnrlluble 1,, r uteourjliddetl'tlttltltrttt t tIeI, wrk, on Ilia ;Irnonm, tnetjtetetotctnd Aotiteitiae of tlhe Ittttoaaa; willh u, ttt'rtttteltittgpttJtltic"tl tanld iticttajeel Notes; and tlnes' liUIIP f 'llllllllntioln at the end1 of rich section. lustaritr ,,. l tt tll e te ,tv e jt', on woelttly Athlrtln 1'Irlxm m', lmprove1.1 I~litlIn of l Ir Ioldstnlilh's hIistory lit Elllcalld, front the Iuvamdiln of Jullius ('inane to the Iet , ioe2,wthe ita. - ttaIaiantioe a1o the rev 1832I1. 11'illh qIICstiimlX ti)T ex llllnlnin at file end,. rnrh srrC(lioll. 14eejjllrs t "oriel,' ,If valuablel infurtmo ,knit nldlr· I IIImIII$mI( mite lf I\ll.li Collliinlinl or tableb o~f runt,"ntp," att St,'re','gt ,attd etttiaent'ee pernam ltoyiaaa etIrx11u1i).o ( utttt t'ttte. llreteth tt o Il e per irm·*, 'andl'Mlt-mt0th'c! U Ate ' tttlilea t'Ethe l'ustituter, Illtt.le a trtr d b, y ,,,,ttt &.rilt ofKta~a't,'e Ni',l'tat, ttte ont!l,"ltteat teul' eiInesttr. aet amt nn r rlpliuu " IIat tttttuttetan palrt tleleAt, Jatot'r,."trtl ndl lttr mtttley W3t 8 'IKEAN a"' 2l curare (l Camp anl nld (',pains m41.( It 1li1'l:11 ,II ·1 141SSI 11'. Ii,111111 111,9'. I rl n It slate,, I,, l lr 'lI) ilI. i, )Y1 nuI; iv, f) 1), with1· It'", \le . hI, II ''t .I eo, IftwlI,', 'I Io , Iltatla lit.n I, au' It, a t soe III' the moee17 n .II INIII ul, o .111 ll'" ,1 ,i ll i' aullll' r ., (li i ts t ,,t si trytI' 'Jt "at ' e loete(!,p,.IL r I'I1I I h111 of 1 11,11 1 U l .t I I, I1 , lel et. . '1111;1 l \I.H Jle Ria oe ll r f 'u um c " S r ,1. w ,b iu ,t r teu~t -) n+it ,, l .'.i l aaa, l .ll, a.,l ,t*it "'a:,i r n n ta r a it I. It T1 ' I I IA W a an , lru'i;'i.t li'atn A ratiti atti. ta m ler, S(,1"" 11 ley lir. .I ,"IoI () . tat ,11.1 wl Ier ofl TIvoli i 'lr d T musnl'r it ll 'W rl spect hlly sao mi'sa sharke i h n l.r e.r lstol ,rs. 'h. r ste k i ),: ", e,11 r ,+hcr) . ot1 hl ,m aunnht s ix+ hIn-h an. -,l lo h ll y': 110, . ,Lt . '1'he 101u\ nwslnul otly are par' lIe' l,; , ,lath'z lld ts i.tl t u tPowder, 1 ki.I ,( s, a w s c d ele.gant 1t 1 ' L r , 1 r _ ad, but eals Iteat h 1, ' at ta. p lr, e inAia plenlraa.rn. gpe ii'an , Ilrv.,UI aa al l ar\ ' , tn 'a i -t ahrndachle. ni 'if anllsIpllahIg fUI,· ti, [' nai.at 't rta la fan rIlut n' · 1119, j 1ilit if ra a n npasts ' noea i d-lltat, y p o intl. hir 11 tty a11 1 In I' , dll tnl cuanI *ena, cute. inn,' nn' antarate as 'a iiri S la't a laannn anI a a paa ll, i I f rll s ntdi nrl Is 0 o nt. i n nartl lintl s PI t c ers lthe iai ltI o lille a and alail i ld l an\ lt anlt , Hair." I, togurethe c.r wt . spl endid a o rme o Lniianged nniwnt ad mjitia~ ndapprovI tant ens. i ' o i lush , : 1 s S i eosRllcm s e rarllnc nPla ir vh nlre , chlor.. . ltoe w.... now d ..... fer in d b ., .. Iut atlre ce iv I tI e d l tal e L c lriil.le tooth wa h p,,dtrapua-t ill hxi ,% a ,"i |ri llnth c 0 scenled a ld, 'it n 11ill d lana .t i pi . llUla ia i n lc aerlei d aoa P l. SII , r,, te, , l r iaa n i i wal a re, g t rt nIn11 lhe- tn.It fid ,,a. l plaaa.nd's Ma sar Oiaag Olds . , l_,'s I,.h1111 f .~ lony't, bIar'u oail, at varneataly o an/njt1,lafir ha' a i la, uaa . a-, S A hi al 1~ .+,Irtl nnul na'horh-rn',(ianll Soo - , out;t:El1I|1; J()NP.. A " :1\':, 1.X )l)'v '" . If' ,11\' 1' 11 1"tI,: - 'l:r h e.,l.'n,,.l S.lid r ' "e /hr Fer'et rd • lm,. T w dl le re'alt'hi ,h,,.vired tihtran the 'ua ic A ii n f,,oe i.. stlll ii,' , l, h, theo,' II nu Crt.i ry eC. I ,d' treatl ng S"' " Il lo l ' lil( '. 1 In III- i filst plm , t el eugn Vega ,IlM, I':atra l , ll fr. ill'ee s I deleter • u sI+ am] 10151 Slo nun mall r i) it ( ( nteaa il ou.a a an at tian1 t'iltll . It rlh. l,,he++ a tlll Soon li( nod I l'll .I ll tlr h by In vgoratting h+-.to l...'h,,dJ eav 's arelith aa Ie aaaa ..au t a has, titl|' l ana1;ia " Ii I p.'U V'" IqaaIa a a I tde a mins, atic a tat,,., eatnat.' ih t l hi isr 'I te dsargae Sll dt.t'r.oll 1lld11 shits+ e l8 tile system ,, ihaiti' t, at ttahtatlliur , ,r at mo by u p. 'reed. Ilal a- L t idt tat II t at1 It-an, til atI ialanc Mitat illae have ,adl hm'ta.'1'ljtll y"-np t'11 )' (L IIn;. of to lr whereas by le . + , ,,lirr . , r ,','mrll inbi'ily to re1o ' , The d .ger of li,- .eol llil of i ,ll , \ s . erv ev nid i, r, the .,.lnol Dijjll soon l iD., II 1" tau rostrtes tae at :ala t 'ni.arti w ll I It ,u. h :i.+ ::.l I edil f all a via. i It o -" : 'llhl lr Mlrll " . ic l x re i +ll;'rrd tat '"u.h t a r al+ attnhl 'rile, a 'i ii t i t taia aia ,he i 11r ' w idati am'1c whll· h i.. fi e, tllt deued tk, ti lll rllw, vtry relmcl tl bt oe . lhill ll tautit , at 'aeplaetty;lly vt i agalatat nliaipg ti atatiuatan a itt tlll iralld:la , tlt ale dt ily offred h .pie!nr,,Plp y h Iial r. Joalan R. Rowu it, at his l It lu ta int, il trwtrn ht' 'lt aitt.lt |'- l . I ne stalnntinars al ale t nile leanle aSatats fia Ihe a aora . , atotatl( l a tll b , y n Ia la l nt , at Ilhia1aitei . n a tl a allant fi.h ht tl le 'ill as :\plu tn rl aana iara l : t ia t , ' J.\I' .. Al l laTnDREwS, AW'holes.le llruq '-iels 6ldiR C HIi MNl EY laECEllc EV lst-nnaarss, t, n.ant ,lnousu strent, lanspseo the potsofafisee 11 nourlbnai!airs arn aunw recetvintg leaor their faer tnrnin in Naw York, atd wilt keep constantly oas hland a gtunttal nasaerlnaoa.flflarblo Mlastle Pieceas uio'fupenror aeorkmtu.sllt1, nd uft I latest patLLern. na(tda u of' t|e blnt lEgypiiae, Italian, Irish and Amtrtean marble. Alan, Monuontasr Tmbha and Gravi Stones, nanculdn said aplain sills and lintels, i g flair, together witlh a splendid assortment of b ass mounted aund laini Grates and lu ssia Iron tauts oftiht anwct and most approved patterns. aelnteriag datiu in thie ettatnt ulatler and at t.h nenst nutiae. 'iteYi have irstL rati workmean ti '*"-nu tolnlat AW' " AIN & STROUD. aIll)a.l',IS NEW WVORlK,la.~l'lhe America5 S E.]glatal, lay alan r utlnOtagA Year in Spaill," is vlllllnes. Nuabhn I)t'adanf \\'aIltean ill: vole.i 'Th Y''uniag Wifi't Book, a u aalual a aaaural Cl utu and dmeala ticl dtties. Just runninne l an lursale by \\'31i. I'I(IE t. Ia uO l .' iliain l If,,l .,,- .',,i- a1.. t'li i du, 4 ludlenlitur aal ne l,., a1',Ai ba h +l \ "lttlAVt 19 "

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