22 Kasım 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4

22 Kasım 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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+ IC by rte; a tl ponnsb~it that eistos u L yC ann thto a gaol TRACY, t i I \ --H. Cugoper Car Vale by +, ..' = " 9'4hogayituui " at ] n1 c gtyno. ma t ,N t' ýId'4 wciullllmpeclfulI - in Ri q, I ptbC that lie it con -a uai lnstun a good .ao lid C1 r: **l~ean aa4 d e yy tables of alt ka' - `{ ; ma tilrti d bie rvwnrll C e!rat.17eddi u ,&y. &Co. louf.'~kkd fur nynto.1tsj atjw0 wihm groat " ;' nav13 PBINTIIV 1AJLISIFI lENT, " fthIagauae EStrect, etank' Ayreyadm. "dam , Nt) '. I"XCIANGC fuTBL NfGE1V ORL.EANS. 1)1frit' R' 1d ett- ed Emmolil:  , Ynru:,. p.D.'tRnngFin lan Pudnlle. I',NII.. b aemmalt v Arel -W~ Ct do mmylo bo ilha & Yn ar, - SAM-RICAN4 1 RN.I-UsItltwif GLASiS, r' TCtntmtr EET. at S=OFFIC OF THD }F TILi1'r NEAR PO l)RAS. mi23 L 4 fO'S Bosto'n and New Orleans I . . .I*1 tShiP-Th.. now line of ships I s ilt to rein between the aborv i d of suitable draft of water: a passengers, and every effort aw w ilel dilt$t:give general satie:action, lThe sa loips me omposd of the fo lowing ships: fhe.rk@e 4t trSs 'Capt. J Hording, 9nsosl `00 do S Lernist, :Cl n,374 do' D Eldridge, Cole. esnh i..25 do G Barker, Soli1rN,' a' 940 do 11flower, A Blob +ay; 6.5 do D ium phrey. 'lahn anbo .shipa are al, now, of the first ,lass, by Sopperfa 0aned'and eoppered, commanded by men mao ofgr.t expoerience, have largo accommoodations, wh With a sepjrate ladiescabin; every attention will be hid to passengers, and the eore Lest of stores pro vided for theis. The packets will be towed up and down the Misb m rissippi, and the strictest punctuality observed in hav the time of sailing, and should the regular vessels lie detained in arriving, other ships equally as good Fat will in all cases he substituted. A share of patroan- Un ago is solicited, and the agents pledge themselves to accommodate as much as pratlc. to receive A and forward goods by slid line a. ('.a "rodar. te ate charges, and to dvance ao' r n. a, , goods te shipped, if required. The ships will leave the let and I. : dvery I month. Fourferight or passage, apply to the agents. J A MFRRITT, 82 Common st. ot N.. B. .Advancements inado on coitsignmre.:ts to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. o nov7 1 -N- tOOFS-T-hr sun.c c- bse s Ihvw i.'ucure.I r, at a great cxpertse, tie right of ,u:iting on iron roofs in tits city. They are odapted to purll su buildings, warelausee, and private dwellines,and & Ses.irmbine at Ione cheapiness and dlurbiti.y, and r h are 'rerftecly fire and wnltr irotf TIres ni sh Ie known, nd a modtl seen at our establlshmliett, opposite "t. Mary's mart, :,'chilo ha ilri,'. s. oacit E I COSWEI.L L& Co LSSEgtOUjR, No 54 Cotlde street, boeeren Dumain and St Philllip, kee.e constantly on handl an r xtlenive alsortamrrnt of boots suant I,rogann, ard shoeel.fNew York imalatlfat re,,lor nlen. e Oii etrtln and ecjldren of ni aogne, whll he will dispose ofl at vary' roderale pri.'rM-., S Farnilies ofhi ao quritdoanon ou seodine an ordr erl will hav. their wishes attrentdd to L t SE'OUIR COAL-i'lte suIlsucrera Inevo ron-tanritly oI in hand a Isrze supply of Canel and Liverpesl coal, sI Lulk, .f 'superior quahrty, a hlih they offer for sale in lols to suit purchaells. Also expected by the first arrivals from Eng leod and the Northr, Cunnet, Lehigh and Peach Mouniein Coal; brokrn and screened., put up ite h,"ghleads expressaly for lamily use-1 ofl which ro thei will dispose of M'o.tli most io lerate terms. Orders left at theirpflice, N... 53 tienville st. ti i' at.qirs. Will'be promptly attended to. vei'L "R. & A SOULIE. t. CHAMPLIN & COOPER, p OROCEltS AND DEA.LERS IN PROVISIONS AFIN PEEI, No, 79 and 8 Julia street, New Orleans. It SETShip and a1'mily stores put up. mar 5 p FAUHIONAdLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 (Lhra res street ' HAVE aeoeantatsoplply f erervarticle perttr.uing .o gettlemen's dresh of the latest 'style, at New York S te ter dee 20 WILLIAM R. CARNES, "ý 1I'D iil " ]FURNITURE WARnEIOiiS , No. BInarNVILL STREE'ts JARyIS &.ANiDREWS, AIIOOLE$AIrE AND RETAI.l, DEALEILS IN MWIRJN 8S, PAINT ; Q.IJs, LI' E STUhP'F'S .danL IVNDOWO' (L.ASS, roraar,ol Ceonntnannd Tohoupitoulas streets, Ntw onL.es.s. 0o ' 'NATHAN J.IRVIS. JOHIN \y. ANDRlEWS. lar..' apupdy o Gardee 8eeid d erranted t. gruowtl of 1837. FASHIONABL, CLO'LT'ILNG. '-:: . "F UotarLre WLoreelU, ("ni tuoy below Bi.nvi'le. S AVf estaotly on.hndevead artnicl alepettin '"ier i lje2et)oletnin's dress, toads in the feet t.nst S r nd sionble styler s hicht they offer, l'o i`_' a t priets. ' c lANai .r. U1olttT..L'i'uN RAIL ituaD. ' 'NOlcJ'IE..W.lrme A rotaeorstr, Vsoopnea no tir tat at of artatuber, ter0 ene C. t phridesli a tham coonem taw t b A k, thtrare it j n nai tiay a . l.tla i Lomtive.Y. l- l Iaoer ise r :·fice~b WAM., ClanP.M. L-nI -a loc th r "' t e4-: "p. tlon r UN ,npuA 'rist a atn tesupoihro srt in tbrvaek drys becs orrla' vii Iaws Carrolvats sl.e '.ynd New . o.rls aerey heour se`ibeortelapd . fofrA.tec'rbr ki'¢k P.M., p.i ar the rip.. AIner nt q'coibk P. at. tY--.4se bre rtc Ifd, Iv etofe , Rthe a Y[ .rt "a titltai.iN 44 'iyp.Lol..p " " ei t~kfer 6tmina H Y.wOe.eA •t ..t( +n • - " E ia eein , Icar t e a plan dTe lgilt bads, 0i ali.elln, birse, belt pocket end deing8 rrenringleierll ns, Bone knivce, enln nc, are pko6 a univee? iutadn chnin, edribnCo waniel bnulecis, clotnh baire toodl, nail,comb ab. dne te, i or and duating brushes, Cologne ~'4lieida laveiidr'e rose anid bay nateiu,naortied eseenl'le, elstle butiy eril, sn aing oid tnilert caps ot all deo - and ilver lunil cases, tooilcpa dks and e eezeres,,laed id gilt inekent, rliniiture do, aildec, brass and steel and plam peranelon capse , linen miend, t ciened csledll tens, gold and gilder lace and fringe, latter Iaer, gname bags, ;idiug wlips, walking ckres,plnaylgcards, lins goal, plated Vadl gill j cwllr &ic. Te above, togelther witl a great vanrinety oflother aCli lee are oallredlat wiholiileala a reil on aaooimmodatiog N It shell e omba repair cl -i·-IOYLE Pk MAX', llos.e, Sign, andl Otniainiti Sal'aintlrs, No 3 Caroinaela strect, two doors fraom lniatons of t.iea fidlowineg noods andi marbles,eg eented in a miate.rl) manner. Msil wnk, is pan tialln blaok aml gold, Oak, (;iall anlu, Altieo, l'ellonid do, Orinnlal or erd athlillle, Curlell o, .los ier, aiidnid'lt aplne, b ionlu daore, Birds Eyn d, I)arby (;Ianitel, Sadin pVood, Potonnac, Ilair Wndil, liee d r Iinrdella , Ybe: Tree, Iltalian lyingta, Coroimlndlc or illack Siildia ltd Brenlelel,. Inr.e b oodv , Am tvri ol t (rtyc·, Asli 'ihili Oak, kn. k e. iurild Ehm, laecimeiens to be seen llat tili sho s.'aioln. il, glNIass, pal ornish ke. n hai d lor sal. rl- )N,STEEL&, i. E,%VY iuS(;iOl).--llat, aqenre 0aid b nrll N dl i rion, ell n isotr tl o. d llonol) scrull ala rod irou. lail rods aulld iough I Cirowlr steel Ilollow I a re, cla t anl wrough tnodll uit mr 5pikes I Zile, block till, mill alid grid, etoa , scilt kelittles C(llih cablen, ilchIO'IL, hotl Ox, log a d trice i hains,.corn mirls Ailils, nices, Hlloiime.ranillhbellown Vire, slietl,i anld bar lend; sbot Ceal, alid COOking stoves Amnes, Ilowlmd'sail oithler rpaolce aniil sllovels Ilook and plate liigee, dloor ind windoi w looks 'ollins, Ilnits, Shbrps, an ili a niuxs 'arl'd aodil 'mlnoiilla eoldage, liies aoii Itioe Iuolel aed shebiog aoelperi; Naval tloes LCPril ilinseed aIId0llrm oiil A fullassolnient o t hardware and shlip chndlery *Ialwayscon Ianl, and wlieli re ofdercd fir salen t whole hale or retail, on the mosnt faivorlhI terms, by min LAYT'ON i Co. 53{111,1 evee. I OAF SUGAR--vnarioua qoali:ice e . nlldnllv i. A NEW article for personals troubled withll deafne (naiclled tie Ear Trulamp, ) ao joel be aien rcived, be tieil lie l . limlic litie lighmtesi arlirlnliitiu o ol' the ho lanll voice is dilstinciv ia:oei ed i t ar. Any o.le clirione uet noe nblliy mnlgldo of Ill dillilultV stll - most sceptical handve als a. anldouln d their doubts atd r having usedt!liaTiumpi . For ral at T F G UION'S, Undsr li Enxclaas lltel. l 13 a NDREW ,IMITII & CO., respeetriily inletrm their frioalds and thie pusllic in nnecral, that they occupy the new brickl shop, 219 Tlloulpitoula street, where rlley keip llstantly on lhand Copper, Tin and iSheet ron Ware, of every d"cseritliom, sechl as copper stills, kettlre, and p lmps, ti bath. ingtu a, and oil cans, of all sorts andi izes, and all other brass castinig done at shhorteat nolica. La Grato lars of every de-crilption, siclh as steamn . boat alstirrups, hog clailli, sreiw bo!ts, mIli ooleor kinid ofstauamiboat orkl, sueh as cliimieys, broechl Se,, steam pipns. n It'ly will also do all kinds of out door work, suchll as zine, copper and tin roofing and guttering, ii &ew. They above and all olther kirads ol work in id tleir line of business, they will xcentle al the Sshlortest notice. , itcde7? JUST PUBLISIIEDFROM STEREOT'5iPfN ,JTES, )Pte /Y'it/ IEdi/ion. f ROWILE"TT' TABLEPS OF INS'iR.SI o TO which is n .w added an Avcrsage Time C,.e.ula- P tor, or easy methods tir illltinlg the average time Ii on storage, notes of hlad ur bills of goods, wihen .u- o chased at different dates, sn different credits, and tor t various amounts; bheses aa.seflill and complete fanking I Time 'I'tde, the beet lhat can he eontrived. or that fi- a gares call pr duce within the same cmelcsend compass, 1 and size of t pIe. An advertisement in thelbook is in nearly the follow- . in, words: t'hehigh distinetion this work has received through t the ten legislative acts prefixed to tihe title page, is a re commendation in itself, so alcommonl,, and so oncu sive, th it nothing is necessary more than by way of ad vertisement, to givea condonsed view of some of its pe euliarities:s for instance, the Interest las beean compts ed from,and compared with, what is equivalent to four teen setseftealeullatione, examined in the lpress thirt five times, and printed trom stereotype plates tesi thirtyty-one times, from all which it most he evident even to thle skcpti (esoecially on thu pe.sonal ofethe de tail of pIroofin the treface) that tihe werk must he oith metically infallible, and in eonfirmation olf this beliefa preminm of two hundred and tilti dollars, is now ofier ed for the detection of an error ofa cent in tha prtesent or fifth edition, as expressed in tsie preface, making five larte premionls eiered fTo the same error since: he first pnhllictioi in the year 180(. One of tho most consplicuoas features of the tables is inthe artangement of tlhe 'ie Time Amounts, wlich for expeditinas, rofereance ondllterpieilty, with the Ihllp ofthte side and index, eanlot be excelled ; ani tlhe salty tv and ease with whllich the interesl can be fountl,to the extent of general business, ilthout doubling oflsumlcns is besides a convenience sc, essential, that ill tle estimta tion of some oi thile most com i ltent as d prascstlcd busi. ienss nlen and publlc oRnel, er wlho hale nlade gr-Hat ulis of the woak, it has heet distinguished btie honl able appellation efofa s master ipice". And considering the intfllliliiliy of the nrethod originally IadoptI in eomllltlsitg tihe work, tnll the e.xtraliuarl u mll l r alld variety of tihe exstmilltltinis, andl tests ol'f teterv tilton it has passed in the press, etwithstaing the s hole is it sterects e,Il ctsiclercig., inl shl 1, hte positive tcc.lure.ic sec~rel lay tilte oIo precetdclntet mLeains enllo. ol, the oU luIcel has tt entcld up anl r etc!bhictictll sty leI lthe most w ondteldil book i the walk;" imot certainly ni t manltean itma figure work of the salt extent, t tichll aitice tihe tgimtingllll creatio, halis had the same inu Icl atdi arl.ity fl tests in the aelle iunIatr of edlitoIrs; no, inot one half lhie Lnumber, as is cle:r.. shio\ i ii tile ielhee. IBcsides, astest nlll stanal:ld,ithas hbeenl tried lnd irced ei cearly ic l slie banik mtnd llicttll ecles in the nitett States, and bIv the pt'l'c gonerally, dturing the long period of thirtt-five treos, vet no error iof ihe ral cllttionsl has ee'r been fo(nd in Iwiat, almonghl continu ally challenged by the offrci ofery cl .ge prelllsuns. 'The ook.ias ict fliet expressly adopcted by a:ill the ourts ofliaw cl sevtral ofshle States as the "itlte of calcltiloI forstatute interest," asalsn by law for hook interest, aoeoridintgs the book is ilused, a as t.aay Ie se, ill part, by ,tie names of the substlribe.rs, arld l few of the subttquentt ipurchasers, in lthe list atthieccl of thi Ihook, I is ill Is".*srielt eleven l ulals olcitilzens itl every qua.c - te ofthie Uncited Sta. ." It is motreoner well kntow that, by its reiarly check, iti>cs so oftttudettected large errors, Icig after tiey watre t masdle, eeen by tle i tnot e:trefttd iasld mott tccpetenti aritlmnetici ans, tiat its csefilness, and til h absolutce ice - essity for its us., hact ien extensively insisted upon, I so evident, icceedt, hiavc bCe' its aIlvat:i ges, 'and its Ssavings, that, sevrrl yetcsagut, whilst the firt edition a was searce, and out of tcrilt, a great s.umber of second Ilhand coplies were soI ;l f)l., samle to a lgrE t d1istlntce. and ipu"casetd at rat ionts pices, as they coul oltccasionl ally Io picked up it fiotll $.10 to $5 per copy, ald Ssome persons have reecen. y declared, acd inst:ancer coculdlbe qutotecd that tlhy wroul pay I Stt, .tlit, actl $0lO fora ecop, tllnotto be had for lesa, attcl ai individual in the latter instance partiecl:ily, having at the stlne I. ime txlibited stAistsCo)ry lpraf, to seeclrd prsonls pre sent that to hin itit was reall l worth that c oney and more thtoungh the s:ving of ihs tcrv valakl. e Lile, ihe bein h . ei and il public office. 1. istlivnwisc worthsl of notcte, mlc indeed priclpr to imlre a, that suel !i the IntaUlre of fig.e work genrclly ainI aspecially when of tile extent adil importance lo these ta los, Itht tad thlis loc; or its like bciilt prer ed in the usual maltnnner vlonle, bi the most ecompetlent calulatlorin the w ltorld, sid aitier arls priniticcd most cautiluly under hisowni cocrretcction of prollof sheets, it would, almost to a elrtaiwlly, have been nlsaf. foir rIe s ferncureand der at alcmy price, as tl.e jpreface datiieu is hlrlij explasis. But l c pertCet and vaiablttiave hav e r stereotype plates of this worklbeen mad, lthat to tseentr tlliem, witlltheir tumereus and extraordiniar exalntilas ti ons,against lire, for the general benefit, they are (by advertisement) constantly kept in a place of speeial ctfsaclt), exetet whileosae i hi tll1iiisg. s Atmble diretonas to find both baaks and statute illtr est with useful aoaes, follow the Lpreface, hich, in thlis flth as ill tle two preedling editions, conutailln much icn fermitiuon conaeerlnig Ihe two Iawful modes of eutlput at sug inter ts, tee day's if gl ace, ,ke. t - it rem.iilis only to remark that, notwithstanding this a useomnatonly stly work, which was lpubliahell before interest tlbles wiRniatrodue.d is dollars ind cents be t yed e tsnalmanae, has been so extensively sad so liberally a it lu not.yet ao much as paid with interest. olessylcs of urarly four thonland dolliare, besidlec i ea time fram 1799.to 18U5, sisatainted oil thefirst .edtio sa.tht tosples,t|rising chiefly from its publica -, " I ttit all unlderr prile,) to say nutling of o ttir almost tihedi-tiiCtofnarreaoi5, nId e 5e0ef5rea the tiutlihior still relies oi ta lispaersmeit and gla eroilty of-the public fur a contitt afe f.prehlef s ia, kpasal iorge. ,I.rr slc by the ton. l ,tsrtsaAcokuillcre ts th Utaled 5ales, *dth & £ ore 1acketsL 'W 1LIANS an I liMO L1NE u: . RI A~CRETS'. mid T. Tiso.line will con.i..t of.ti following vesmels, ivli have ,h en built o r purclparlid expresoly l.i' e lie teado, vio: SShlip ,~uman, Capt. Miner, iS fark Mary, ., Nickerson, o L Irad li rry, new s Stevens, In " Solomon aialtus, " Lathan, Brig AreChitect, . Gray. ri These ve.sels are of the first class, have hand. not some furnished iaccomnmodnations, and are of a light IIi draft of watelr, so as to admit of tleir receiving and iie dischiarging thleir cargoes in Baltimoreo, ol he city, o Freielht will bhe takn for plris on thol Chensahihvipclel or Janes' River, and forwarded by tin agents, ivi Mecssrs. CLARKE A. KELLiiGG, at Balttuoro; expense. oo goods shipiped will be advanced whlen of reqiiirod. The irier of pasange is fxied at $fiO, anle oiiiple Istres iitfLe b st luahlty vill he provided. oitena up and downv the Mississippi wll be takeon e oil nil voeeasioans. For freight or passage, apply nto i GEO. LEDFORD, novSl7 22 uienville et. l'iiR NEW iYORK. [Louisiona and Naw York Line of Packetse I 'l'll: Siiips coniponinig this line irill oill 'rile v New Onleanus ind Nonw York ovi every oilier Mlon I lay-c:oainunecing on tive 20th Novnemler--nd to in..urelhe i iiuteiiality in thie time ofsailing, LIe lini will iereatter consist of fi i ships. viz: Ship Yazooa Ciptain 'rrask, to leave oi thie 20th Novritlir. Ship Luuisvl!hl, Captain Palier, to leave on the 4tli Decemeiiier. Ship ll1tivi i, Cataini Eldridge, toi loave oi the Ship Viekliburg, Captain Wondlouse, to leave oni Ship i ii Captain Davis, to leave on the Ii ]St ojllf Jai tv Thlle abcve are all new, of ti e first classl, coppelr dr andil copllr fantenled, anld pwardl s of 50 toins bIrthele, are of liarLt ilrauglht of watrr, beilg bil g in New York exressly ,ir the trade. The irie i i passage is fixed at 100 dollarn: their cnaiins are fitnttl nini ilihe ilmost ieioi, lr ndid coi eeniinierl plain, aiid iniihed iii a iieit anld eIgaiit sIyI h A Aiplie stores oftoie firirtqnality wl l be iy rovidr , Sand every rerard ipaid to tie comfort and er ' :satisJfacln ot paunigers, wi will please take io. lice tehat no lertli il[ bh iecured uaitill paid for at thie ,,eee of thie ecsinnieei. ThIese vresels are conniialded bly eptains well Ixp,'rieeedll ini the trade, \ hlo w il give evev al j tenltioll aid ,.xirteln i yiciies to ieOn ilntaiiidw t 'f.il(l11 will at all timles be toweod up, anti d'own t le Missip , sippi by steamtboats, ;Ind thle strictest punctuality I observed it; tile tinml of sa lng. T'he owners of Lthiose slhis will ot be responsi. blo lbr any ltier, evrel or package, soet by or Sput on oard of lthem, unless a regular bill or lading obe sigad thiereor, at tile counting louse of tle ageiit or wliers. For ilrllhar partlaellrs aliply to JD BIEIN& A COHEN, I novn7 90 Cuenmon sci T.hits IhrecoIIAsts. of ourveEse ,aCII T I(i i the lirst class, coippir an d La oliIper fast. nen i , anti i lo a bt lt l 2l) tons biriei wnbbh ands ,ln./eCsl~emodultito.s for [plSSen-ors. lThesa vnssuls aere cllliiinl add I)y oniliins .el Ixprlt l iencl' l in lte Irade, w',l ,o wi dl ltve ever, at , d exert lheimnselves to i ('ciii hi daiv. lilt. ishlip;lpr. 'ih wilv 1i I t, toai el l n nd diwn tih e ,li.issle+pin, ,an lave New Orleann ,n or before Ihe 101 i tia 15th of e.ery mniieh. T.he ollowill v e Is com llliii e l a vnlt h nie, viz : IBrig :\rabian.(?harh, s (I rLhon, nmaster. ]ITI" 1 tlInpua )J. B. Traomp son, mlaster. I Ba] l me. nl ll ,J l~ttane$ rnaster. +I li.r iRogir C l.alosn . . Alli erz+ mns'Ir E",r Irelighlt r pr asaI e+te,nply to J.. A. DAIE.I, .I i&C.I, 61 alni()i] S nt. New Otltens, or ,I. C IRUSIITON & ASPINALL'S iOM POUND TONIC MIXTURE.-A speedy and coittii cur, tblr tbeI Fever and Ague, remittel t and intilrittei t L nl bvers; prepared froml i tl oiriginal recipe. Used wlith oineiet and iini. Ii versal sucess ii 1832, Iy lpersons ol the higlihCt reslcetabilitv i:l tins city, as stated in tile annexed . cortificales,. r 'This iedicine is highly reiomanouded, anil hal Sbeeni extensively used i thOle above disea.ses it lh suclh distinguislhed suncces, that thie plroirietor of i, t ee recip hans been ilnduced t.o oilIar It to thle pob. lic in its preseet forei in the Olin . it nay Ie i thle nleans of rchievii p e in . l0 tlhose wlo lre iel suflring unddr lthe cln ige of ou counLtry. It is Sa medicine pssessin i ig gru.tvirtuea, and i hn used Saccording to thile directions has never failed of Sefleating a cure, oven in the most olLstinate stage of tie disorder. It is not at I1 dinsagreeabl., and lipersons of tile weakest stoliaCh, and ehildrell miay Sltake it with impunL ity. It strengtliens the digest(o Sorgans, ereatusl in jai:Petii, and seldomi requires vr nor tLua one, or in obstinate cases, two bLottles g to e.ect a cure. There is nithelr mierury or - arseio in th me idicine, nor any thing injurious Sto thie hiiiman constitlution. The proprietorsa are so well convinced of its elieacy. thit Lthey igree I to reliand the price of every bottle which Ihas been o Stakni iin accohlndd e witLl the direltions nid ha.l Inot efftected a a perfect cure of thel fever &g aei. uli- A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleans, at o- his wholesale and retail drug and medicineo store, e- corner of Bienvile and Chlartres streets. .. Folr Disltrict Agencies apply to r- j,5 T. WV. SMITII., 48 Contli st. W AGNEiHB S LIQUIDU )ENT'l'l -4 i eel blon used. Iboth here and il t oi with IunllifurI l'cess.f or cleainsilla :and whit * lire te lh, and pireveirtinig the tooliache; preas, Ihe gam1s, plri ullt tle breat'I, and reliving diceses it wie 1i re mo th is liable in either the aidult or infant --ODe teCa sptIonlul, mined in a w lte igluosful of pure water. anld s upiiedl to tihe. rtct'l in usual mnii.u, with a brisb, will ef'fectually pr e vnt sacirvy, and wolrd off ltha txerutiaotig pain. ihe looth nihe. ".TATE IOFLOUISIANA-Pariash of Orleans Court of F'riiroie. 'lTo all w ioi thIese presents may eoncernl- nI iowv y, thIal o wheresslVilliamn lMackey, re lthe Rel is. er,, i Wil, ,i l and .for the pan sa', & ct ol Nrw Orlhae, anod x (Ildcic Clerk of the Court i I'r. baens, in and f, r 'hlie Privh a.nd ci v c, New. Or!.an-. 0, aIa, d. i, a 10\;INI ION or .: lIDVEI'R I 1-4!'\11"N'T'. in ..of,,rmnity to Ih At of ti, Le 1irslatue l thi, .:ate tn:Iled 't An act for ih, fur ,r li .nsrFri n, e 1 ,ii'.lie t,, plu .e ,e rs :i t Jliiec, S I,'d " a pi'-ed Ih iof luarnh, 111:14, I novice il hetrch Ca n , to a l l w om I illy 'oo, 1th.1I tby Li-ue l, an. d nl ohcui oe ino tn old, r of sale Irol rod,,, o lrt i irobu rleir i in i nnd for t o p:.llh a1 Ii'y of lN.w OI1le ns,it Inir t date ilh ti . ird d ,i 0 Api', one tho, r irned eiiht hundre l nd thi i ,iih' , la d re deired i i e ii L t rr of the loi Nathan,-l i', n the Petitionof . 'hrisiop ht r A . uInl o d e I.l.Stu odi Illa'crol t irclh ors el t I aI d L ur'ces smin o Naiana l. C x, deceased, when order o ,,ale wnenls o ganitedp tc ursua nt o thie d I iv eraiion of a met:ng of the crethrors of the dleeae . duly i eld and conveed oi li I he lard diay of 'del - r alr, , ei-ht, n hliundred ll l i d: llry bel cloe II. . D C .X Esq. No, r, Iln',,',h , andt also u'. er tho Ire-i randi ustns polll.c( tsl ni hiid lIe, i I llalle, the I rllgi .mSr ",; WX IIm did.xp,,' . or ei· ty pubihc na tioni oni the ni iIth i ei of Al.,, onre Iih u ians e.lit him iried n o I l, irty.i 1. e , ,r . ccount I th, aburesid c. ..,ri-,,ln of the h ite lalham el-I inx, doe-..- ', t'ie lanlded pi pel y her. inatl, r d. cr ccii.'doog 10ijuirnr said Fod rsIon, wX i i pH , rc . p, rt i wasindjudrc, I . d io si. \1Y./ 1 rin Iacy ,ce a tile laat ild highest iddl r ther'breon, I ir the tu:na l p,, e anti 11m of of son 'erll t ousanld d, ll,,l. uear- ptiun ci Ie priopeifly ans ,u e in tihe Jodlicine c. nveyaice: A'l cid aiiu n ir iwo sinun r ooi of ground hlrther vwith tlie building. aond iuprotli euts th, ereon, erm all hon rigeils, prvileg.ls, st, ir o l wh on. servitindl andif odvoinCl es tller' 1ii I o in , 1 In anyIul iyi e appert mling; i 1it i t su.lu h Pr. \taru, ,f thiii t i th e lu, re ,.lt d, ed Iey u'. idr*n, \l tloazine, Lnfavet,e. cl I Cll l e'reerl lr d desiunaterd b lhe b lls l u ier s ieven II I et.lh*,on it certain pla drt,.n by Frewrrck \\:I,, I ain,ri . DI"Ap y Su" ever Gentrnl, l.rd r date i the seventh d v , Apin', one thosnd c lrl b oill , [11 (', nni, eq. no.ry p, he Ior r, erecire wh' ih two ,.!s n,-~n rrh ,lihr, anod measnre each Itwentsoonl Iet tIhre 1itIn h s and 'ix line front o1 id la'ydras oir-e,, u'y ixat.thrcie feet eloven i,- le , d ix lines i depth, i L w-cc:n put. aihrl line, Ie ii m-uca r, iear.u e.] ler.na-u.e and three yecar ecredi, fir ap:ro ved elndoti .d ouiti e , ascured by) 1oclil ii .rgig.' ant,) linalp.a)mnr:;t. ' hvrtorr , all persons who can set ui any right, litle, or crai.n, in rd 0,1 to e lohI a of (l'r ,nd and :lid buidingi hii reein described, in conequence iel iniormahtyli in tihe c.der, drecee, or jcudgmeni bcrore rceuied, nod anlder which he sale was aIde, or any irreg lultritpy or liegaliy in the apprisments or advertisements, in time and man: r o eilte, ,r for any olter o use or delret, whatsoever, are here. by cited and aodmonialihed to show 'witlhln thirtl days from the-pualication lelel whiy he Ganle, n.o madeo as aforesaid, sliold not lie colfirled Ucd homolog.ted in accordance with the apipl 'catoin of sa-id purehaacer. Wfviesa my hand and the seal of seaild currt ,f ,Probates, ,trh second dayal May, A. 0. 1839. [L. S I IVw. F. C. DULESSIS, ma)' 1041 in le,.tier.roe \': 1¼ ROBERT CLAN1NON, . HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTfl No. 12 Camrp ptreer, WVlholerale sealer in Pists, Oil, Varuishea, Brushes, l30 Wiodo.w sDd Ialetra Glqea &e. &e. 055d Sthlsjasn's, PItotfoitos, ouitSa u Stoeo.. s ' This valuable medicine, the result of twenty years eopelri{ene amt unt rlkleled success ist the extcosiv't and highly reslstehable prcetiee of the propc'ietyp Ior5' - rised by the 'aultv ni hobility, andn istor illtiroiutee to the nuotiie of lthe American psublic, at the easneast so licihationo f a tuber o geentlemen of lon and tid g standirg in the irofession. It is eoiped, as a prelimi nary step, to cheek tie evils aml fatal consequences arisngfrlion the use of the numerous and deleterioui e otstruinls ilisted spsit the public by ithe aid of fabricatled profuofs nli mlreulousuesa, and other frauds, bya set of p er.cat'uryt unrintcs I pretenldlers so totally ignoranllt ol medical stietee, that it impossible thie lmonstrous c delusion ant any longer go down with the intulligent tlople ol'this country . iThes npilhs, mllll and agreeaile u thieir Ilatllre, siotld ihe ke1t in every fanilly in eases of sudden il!lnss, for, by their promapt administration cholera, cramp ss, slass, fte rS alnd other alar:ing coaplaints, which too often pIove fatal, may e espeledi ly cured or prevented. lI fatt, all those whot val:ue god health, should seTer be without them. T'lhey are sol' in pasckets at 5. cents, $1 aUd $S2 aell, by every rescapec alelsdruggistlli, haokseller, sati vendtrsof meedlicis in Itli LUnited Statest st I W, CaIIttIas, witih copious trectionse , edgs'l.er with: estunonials of professional abiility 'rosa tile osllaeis relssinenst Rgentlemesn: Sir AstleY Cott)tIer, J AliernettLy',itaste l!lute li, M. ., \. flack, MI. I., J. Aston 'Key, A. Frampton, M. ID., and tumeroas others. The originals may te seen in possession of the (;cneral Agent, by holn the medicine is imported into tits rounttry, and to whom all apiplications foragencie m tll Le made. JNO. liOi1,EIN, 129 Waverly Pelace, N. York, hlle (;Genecal Agent Ior the Ulited States, .Ue. For sale by appointmllellt oaf tie original proprl.elltr by .swalN s UiluFatel, 1)rluggts, 0t o Ii Clll nal street, estslta'm Agelnt stlr Staithtee tteal.tliatts. jl \ H Ti(OLESAIE ANDI RlI'r'AI5,5CNatl AND VA 1(ET''Y S'I'ORFE-at thie :Agn of the golden conmb,hlo ' Chaltrts steer. ThIe sbseribers hlve ire eeived, inl:.lition to theirpretviowu stack on hand, a full alll cloanldet, a.sortnlrrlt of nrti( Is ill their lilln ; viz: col s t, Iltrl'llll ' rv J.cwells'ry, tlsise, lockinF glasses, fancy articles, -t'.coueiting in plart aea folowse ('!)iltS--ttohe si all tssrouttet and lain tuck,twist, quilleid back, ion round, dressing, side pulfT, curl and ntck, Braezilin cmrsots of every description amongst whichllre sole M 'lexicanu ptters, Ivolry tOllb of every dlseriýtht, hms'n, dlt'esii ttand tickete , ttgtcer wsttith grsleelsl ti-ortseellt ofl'Frenth and Ae'eric'. i'PEFtI. El'liY-tCologue, imesericr, Ilorido, honey, bay rose, and oraneellnwster wafers ofevery size and des criftioen, caiphoraeted Cololce, extract of Iesrgutnot, t latt' tauSe sttf i kihtt shaving tit ir ctkes and ss tt , rea1 s ost , sit, Vrd%'.a vegertable air ito i irs ann tituedtt. l'reastn ots llitg sale, tplain aneld prfitunled toilet powrlr , persl in llr, nus . tti , or tlllltsa abxes po nIIllattlll itll pIot. and rollsotrrie allad chla rine t'uuth a n i a il l C'dCI, with a tniral astsort unltlls ofa IJ l,:\V.l:l.l.ltl--sonme of the latest had ]]lost fitshicma ie tsets' conssatinl" ofi(hite and red eoernclitl, ta1ta t t}' of p1 t l' uS, watc h I tnllllilree, gilllll a ilFv- aclckl e. lsilv hhei l ver and +u neie tnd gtsId 1esllls and gnrd rhl iat, flesh, tooth, plate, comb, Nail, shaving, shoet and whitewash brushes. LOOKING GiLASSES--German statia and toilet . glasse, allgifaillg atd Frelncl dreesing glsesa, hlolea r tlo, wih n varilcv lfothler kinds not ellllllllrated. FANCTYANi VAIIE'Y A'rliCLiES--Freneh and American portable deslks and dressing cases, some very rich alld finely inished ladiae work bxeCsand dres sinou cases with alid without music, musical boxes, Ae cordians o tvarious kinds, violins and guitanrs silver and 5 plated pencils and lends,wood pencils for carpenters and crayons,ltla ltle locl.;,gunsutIad telll ia with aslld willlltht , euses, IeCrcussio) n eal i, pera(..;son rCip chalrgers, llllile screnw drlivers, sholt bettllltate hags, t)laststtt cItill toy Ira setts, [lsdian heastS t wtyvt. h ells and sessitsess lilcanlld commonls knives, razors usdl srissu.Rs1 Iiles, ntedles, pins, silver plated, asteel nd comnmon specta cles, pcket bIaoks and snlsits of various kinds, visjiting cards alld card cases, playin, carads of Frnchl , l Getro a nlld Amllericat l inaltleCtirPdIls, imitsltioi tlitlll nll boxes, prllltS of variotela killnde, dalltlt]P's' 1'Olltrov'e', EIdnuners tu's, lilltan'sl andl lhwkin's razor straits and metallic hones,dirks, tanv bead necklaces, do with ae d al-l 8tov watrhess , isPs' I Ir l)ls a , owder lhtskset e't. nd htlll seed belide, gilt and silver tlo, gaI n rlal iC ,tS fell= ders,. lt garters, pilanin td sword cante;, ack;au ton boards die opticalvienms,jewsharps, hlocooco snatch esand drilakiat cueps with a "reat vaItlly of ther a'ti dies, all fwh l Ih will be sold fir c ash or rity acieptan ees on 1:2 months credit. B 11 SIi r1."s, & ro. d 7110 Llartree3l. 001 ooo. Wo 0,, to rooooooooo doe.-A Aelr c::g over)l v~imir* 0 r li to:0 le . !or s. lr by tO~bi & iA I :i tOY 111' LF.d & c, V; 3 logafor, oletoo ert o Io rcoo w ol cetill crn slip, Nash;ile, 1.n 0isill0, Kenlock, l~ugo, ore othr lae .000' s ~~n:I ':"lheleln ilirc :, iurgl r- I~l new 5elrvicd assortment.l l 1J:r , 10ootb, Shrooe ntld Iltoteon ioosiroi to 1,I g oIloro'o to,,. i i, e d ll H,1d Moro co hams do '?.d eemlito ; C oO 1 o1HY, and stout ax p. I, o I h1O I ' booon osliitas olooos ho1, ooIt seladAorjoo'olroo ttlppe s: men's llnc c; ll" ,ml kipped p."r;; S ,eri shoes ala:II .i.lll Iro0:mlr; do hoofsil; ldo slam kilt and coxl III1$RCl slaw l'C i pridbroogan;oo :conohs q iywt-'dsos 1 r'ogaI's aul Jak Ii I-' o ' ll do I ol tad F'ooo rot Ior shock, iand olroo o i-11 ro es odil . I ll) I dianlll sloes Cosl5pprl"s, to call, lollt , rorci go root r n) 9 (O)', muliSeS'seal d PI;Idien's fro fedI :unl sewedC.: t". n rlyr.ns, IlId shoos Of otoo evtr o reoli rkLd Also H tcer-t~ld naslll nmcll r (.f men's stoalt Wnx mAd .eat I.Oga'!: :,oil shoe,, tlf(heiCairbl 1ooool) 0 eo01 Lroiooor to e ror~if, r, rn5l r orrooro ot.as na~ile 0. th I, inks, Intdu e L-pruasaly fur Illaltltiiol now;; a polrul :Is_ rtnunl f In's inostil soaoo ip rolo seloo bangms kio w rril'" -nd age ,1urll oof all oteorqalty iooitrroiin otrx brogals. I ok linie orolf, s01n, molro cco I rh 0 h grain wets, go p.:mP sole shoesr; ran linle I', cool \lrlotcu :IInd kid run1I n"nlsipp o oio.)ljroes,r toi ad 'igtooroooels b' edlf, seall :old s hout leather. JIootecs:S do Il·ruI1llls shoe, )fall kinds Hnd q ullalities; It. lasting : rogrlls; tlo gaiter li s en1 Ibinel llooees. Mlisses' lasting slrprilrg bharrssl,; .t galrs. Ctoildollorro' ol Ot d \lorO colort lusting bhro wl Ina stol boots, lac. ,otottlrnlelroo iioo tsiiioonl blacok silk hlatsi;o In Mock io ioo ab boaver de oft a superiorqualoity; do ioriloioio Ittorooto, bon Mootdo an naow brl~ioo moar's ieda 0.1 ok Itorojo slorot too ot I l l0, Itooea article. \'oorllls' i;e size hlts ofditt nt o qalitie tit o chir ildren'.. .13 n'r oooo h Ioo'r btooko rndodrb wrool hbats of ariou tit lpoe, oilb getneal assorment rof bo1.' uni neelo Ills a Hsoilcmlc n Will he rellrlerlisllrrl b the arrivall of 1oclllaeketsirolo rornare n ooorol o;oies, al, Ott o ill 1, il l bo sold on aomodoroioig tems. corg I-It 1 V1t. HATS, in caers-°iS Biorenu whoite \Wof' tV il afr ble JOHN II (;itAIIA M. sn Ini P'INNOCK'S RtOSI, _&c. .[ INNOCK'IS IMIPROVEI EDI'1'ION OF . O idroitdomior'o Abridgmaono of the 111 ory at to~or hic j is prerixed alllnooooduloo n to thetr dody Rootn dr teor,, randt 0 grat voriety of valuor 1, ibor oooriion uddcd Ouro lroot tie orok, or tiwe .11nouer nttotlotions rnd Anotiquities of tile Rto alae; will) nu torrous bioernpioiol and hiotoricul Nooter; ind oor tI tun foe rooxronatloon a the rd of tir h rod ltinn. iosutrtoirwithbitottoiomriooogo ol worooe,byhtv .0,0000 1trooroc ri Ioootroood ,Iiiioo o01' llr 1odrni' 1,1 1 ,0ijoottn of tl:1:lald, Hour ti o-boovi'iln of Juius Co.sar to lit rbnth of ooeedge W orll a coutin.Ot aiu to rare yolo W2:'.~ ith questioni~ls tilt examinalltion at0 tila cud o, each orcloon lbor orn 00100 0 il of ,:mb ioiuroodo tie', added Ill n ugl boo the wari. Corouautin oogouitle of Clooooooorras Sorcreigoo and elllut itloiroe (loonu xpltt roy 1000. Reoarks~ ron the root ticR, orunites o od liitooutoorr of tihe age. An otaliko t the Coo tittooi, n &rc. &. olnt'iooetr by uoooooy ergo-r DCovs' Eloot'' rc 'or AtrroxIOo toouodo Anridtgotoo ofotboitlh Neroooatooe ool othe Userof fitohes,. No Ameriran uritioo, rith addioi,.ionsr ad ii to aoevomeu' me ni a cxplcuorOf t1e a.otrollo.rrica part rof tae Aa, [lean .llalmanc. Just relrceived and for sale by \V31 N`KEAN.\ rnoorlt centerrrtComp nod Coin time an r '1T110 LADIIES. 210 HULl 'Se Ut'l'tO A li~i)tttN.AL SLI'P'IlltttTt o115 Intw instroO mot ir tire radocal cure ofl' Pro r1 10110110 U rro1, or lol tnog Of trn Wrool by to It rnri ollicoition, ojorolitog too t usr of lie c.b el jauouabhie prreo.ory, is conftolltllly rcommoenowded _ to oll, afiloriooios th I: ol 0s o a potrfOr otror trot _'toheoiIth, it never (ravino g o giled of poroit ollogo a oureevo' undfer the 0001 oggrTorotud oirrUoiorlto .Iiecs. It has receivevd the d ouclrhod app~robation~ of' Si Atiooooroper oef ILoldonolo; opior abrlooo Irodrlor Sor Jour's Clork, Phytsician to Ille rccrr; Dr Arboeoll. Loctr- cr on obotwotiry to (ioy' lIloa. pitol ; DrRogoy, loctoorer too St Barloth(Ilotowr;Wr SGriffioih, leoturoer to \Vooootoojler Hlospiota; Dr Itoororbothoor, lorturer to t.or;loow Ioopital ; Robert - erguson, ,loetroerto orWesrtmtrarlyoting-in horpitr ri; lbe Sweoolotooor, larlcruer to Jldiiooacx hoapilol. and oiorrcoouhlour to Qolotor Chrorlotte's Ivirog; Sinr.torlritl oirHi" by hlcoocy Doovire, Conoquost uo ilulndelli, Lee, Merrimao, oU~rgOao If(carot, &a. by lDr florrreooo, pro..-Neat i hoot Arooriroro Itroyrlo i le, iflredirirlr, laribo, and Aobooolloerr to th0, Ldooooo or 1.D'tiotouoo ; proofotroos Vrlirooo, ?rlorjoloto I ol it Duboir,So roro uondt Oothers-atnd ion Nero Yuorki by prrlborruorJ \V Franroir, US lloloriro, NI It Ilo!L ror of airioioroiry io t'oeroooriivonity of t!le oily of Now Yorl, roo.Dololi"0, orod Fironocis, LU Joolon. 0l sloe, prreroddln Coouoty old Socioty, Larrenr hIalol rrproeoidaout eocd rrciotey tlo of Nrl Yoolro, p.o! 1 s MoNatuuglot ofa A.tboo, 0ro:0, Marchl, Cyros Per. kotor, Ide oo lre-r 'looor Itoy of, orlloort Sih liosacr, botoolro, Ludloro, IoO00000, Vricllc, loerr, (erarrorti \'4u orinrororior 00000 toorau rther diotir. I, gulsoool 101000000000 i0ll ti U Sltels. 0 A I flail, titOa 4 Voaooy rt, Astor [loore N 'l York. 113' A corat ootoupply of telo above itortroroooarbr, 0, with Dr atull't improveld TIrrourot tiur II rerroor, to ill to be ke~pt be SI(CKLES & Co, N Orlellze, A Corpiroot Naotchioz; Stonre&M orriWo Woor. voirlle oolrr a:dMloiot, itlrborririr; oo \1'1 Wo;or son, S omrviale; 11ull 0e0 Worlitig' NorloeVi'rt Mc id Nl ry lo o Hailtono; R L Blijo, Florence J JC 14ptloW'enil Athens.· . I t hitOLl. TON act IlOrEL. ltd I IA ..VAUD hIas the honelr of iaf rrmin , hie Rir,.oj lndrille- pohlio iO gcoral, t:oort orfrns take tihe Ho11c at Cairrollton, W wllro ho rruJI, lit will receiver the ca·ll,, of hi old tehl~n Is had all feversr of go.,d c l;rrsr. Prieate ptrtirs will hrit foiodrroooriy proorloortd terroy giving a littie rootice efororoola. lir irrrifortng to ertor Srot nroogolrrreoo o witO. troilies or ind;irdutJs teeforora nrit pap: ing the.ounoro at Cru"olioitu. orlO - "f4.ro LOafDA LINE' Pror: i t.ile to tgueF a ,\. are, ", , . lrolo rr vnery diay 't Lare ", 1o Vlcpt Anustnt, Iti o h a nn !jelal t dtluenri .i," Ici h rcoches tO Pensuor harI-ltn airer mL nitslll tOit t, o Potatt" a e sPararlre.rtrn ea r r , i'gtranol tewere thotland route isresuntedrIhentlc thes vn Marriannt an'd c.,twnsvillr,-Flnr . B.ibttaridt, t Ptrodertno , I t wainosville. Suotderavillr & Lunit.o cian vtllert Attusu., Gar, cotnnectitg taecularly will he ril re' cears to Charlesion, and the. snt an i aid hac - 'a, Now York, Nrtatlik, Pailadrlphiao, etc. ' ooa e n o naet aore rite best for ithe servicer , tand tr Itoe tevitrIlion presentse mare adlvantnagesttnn caru the ftrnd utpon any sternlatat route t l thie atn uth. 'iThe l'rat imlprovements in the routto rae ve ern prt it ned by the construction of fifty mtilles of new road, by thie proprietors, viz : front LaGronre on Lanav tie lIavyou, an arm of Santa Rosa Uiy, to all Blryant's Ferry, onI the Chattahou cltee ltier, tell i'. ',ie tabnve' C the Catwlerd, or 14 abotvo Cedar itiulf, xat whereb v the navialnion o Ithe river, and rthe cro.* L . neqent' deterationl, and tlore re'cently ihe irttlnlon let veintl t creiasin at the C'awaird, are erntrlvy us avoided, and a fine road from ilariarann dirt" Ltin Ito Binbridgte, inla eo dl o I the t r,oln dabo, ut rr.,;l vina ie Chlttahnucl re, Ireseniui thedistance about I.rt, wi tileo, and it':raasing rhe faclit;es more tihan tht once a dv "' Aluo . o ' 'rath line of two horse sats evera lth," d..y tant II iwki nvlle, viUa P rry toS I tcI , 1 Go; uolnnctil,, wilth the line to Savanl nah and li a) trie ,t G " €'. A o '.tl attanmboar lis r'gularrly between,' Btitbtlid ae onaI Aaollthi' an. ''rravlh rs w islhinae to reach .ainy tpointoatt Con .htatitoochee or Apaitthi- - coinl, ca ini i t sttoe..Ioal at tBrowll svtle, ,,bile to P, aacola-i rand Ruou' e--i)urin. he r' , of tim e ocupatct h tie r .alrs of btata, the pro ,rtt. tors of ihe F'ri,la Ita te rtill rtun a linle at fIur a hr..re pte'to e cllrs every other day between Mea - I tll. a,.d P ,nsacola. in!, where a lour horse c ach will I In wnil0l r to co',vey rhem ho tle excellnnt houlseof f ir. Charlns all, 1 1 4 ta le tldcta ant, wht ere triet will find pltnsat t aaanecomnodoaatts fr the at itt t--leavting ,, at,,t rrn:tt g, 'biy w ill nI rive in i'e saeoc l It eali Irly i 'he , tvmo at, thus a tlding tata discomfort ulat Stiht Ir avallan v );iiil at thei ."ansion I!ouas., ,il,i , nnd Col. litts' iB ne!, e'nsa.troln, t here ta's ttusal be s'.u rI, t 'K'I'tI)N & (',. nov I ta ata no -l il'tc lastr.c.ron. \1Villa linnl uh tendtltrs his ervotPs to the il ei i, ,znla at New a rl'heal s as na teacher tf the pant n lor'e. lrS haltiaot been ' Ieplyy) d several \,aiRa 'I ,,t lencher I mutic in privalt' lunialir's i ln aston, p aind ,l l sll n tv artl o the t hale st inailllr tO it I 11 I 1 1.111a.ll , l b i t hole to inarit till'il co lnl ,l nt ' T I 11, i Pl ,al tad ''o , for I l.rv ) C Ia 'I. Massas Oteas.nt & Aar', II a.dersonu :.nai ls. ',.'r t 'i- s. a at. 'a' yy applny a: t tte a too Lstre of Dr-ui- gs eatd .Mledpicies. A f3 t .,vn ast Iha hlcnted hImlelTll it( Il+ city fI r i tt the -lllllls Iof trnllCIIII I ~(glotrgl Wholesale' ea t * I.i t' -ss. e is na w red l o vin at full sup r l r ul Ir sh , - anld eaitt t toariit loe, tw r cb II w ill sellt f an literal toet a 'to ltalt y dra'aisat , and tllosePt i thetlt I ,rr,ti ,t 1 sticianr , rc h nt'r ts Itl ant r ,. r i I lie will ofr''r ti l rt' tte t such a tt have nIevet r he it e-,r,- b ses , Iiered in this city. His ,otnnti i, to tdo strtctl leti int atito busla ss. ihs tck ' ill S sootn .e conaltei, a,,rind inn a few weeks w.iV l t e rea. e i <Iy t' r btlan ierats. All order rota' I thOue ctnatttry, nlltat rae m aI rrhiantlll strttaIt. of t i ctily, recetiving tsuch ord rs s will he I prop ptly alittral ed to. ort 2 N", 3 torymp t I In ItNISlHI':S -ThI, cohc iir, havi,-g Ia 010a t ati-hoed a n I ,Ith tn olllll'at ro ill ei rlctll i Is read,, su pply the aitllers 1 a lthe p it c 1,ta ge'ral,t by ta leto le to r reanil. i Ii l.trits arte modatr l, anl the Tquia it) tf ist products osuperiorto a rv ert' bra eb , t 1 11 h: ;t t cI ,e . T h , a e n e ,al l e m p h.la 11 lt t s L e rl in l ,: d id the ta nutt ctor' iat be 'en at t' It 'ad of a nlL txl siv t ablii.em ftatrat o trl' i:o ki~d ia I a nrt pn. h e i t-;, ,nml to ', t, the ott ttrrrafNtata'tah'ota ,lr,'I'a lh .atp latattta t I- hall hr. p "lsenthl wilh a fair sample of n I vsroish l t l tt is t triy. . lll st itl l 1 vrn shes arel l lth 1 '_,+.eh Nn. o 1, w ,rrat I-d inot , ll ,n L'e evei in hbu iit' w1tar. The bhtek v tarnish ty r ' t Lrl+ nlnl tram l itltnies Tho r ttrl .tt relnt tart ish wn tt sell, -I ti aa. t re i r t ta at l i 11t I tNN.'aItt,,I. it I t-- tll Boduling fr It w"un,7 Ind-co-I .I . , 1,, lil,, - SE10 )- Tue I .:1 em ', . b a iT s ,o , a i h ,rs s h i s v rJ I t{ '. I t all ., s t , rl h o pIl l . re . I t he I 'alit aot aliti, l h',i a , e t.,l tttm , l lc, - ,l t art col{ : l-d hi ~ P,,e '. ,l I,,. ri . IIlf n,,. a. {e l l) 0 I1 "1 I of the ....st . ....7 C . .... . t. .h : '" 3 lltn d 0ll ,' r tt its. a a ta nt' fo r attfity ht 1 l' t rit to a v tnd , al t I na '''ta h t ,t zt;d +th as ,tut lt ol a t '' ,l h, 'ot a i t--llat he It- ir a e s h'lI ' ,u li: I1.', t ta Ia 'Joaaa'othat It a~ io aae I,0 Htta' i, l el I ltt t la ,sf o r, d , . .,;.lh il3 ,.lhl d ; l,,l 1,.' ,,o , r,, ia t ls htt sttll a, re .'t, v,"r, I , ,e ta 'I , a' ' . I rtud, i el un der t r. Scli t'Vt r r l o; ':u, ll, . I, nde tr, iprac ic o3f m, dicisu, ti,;,d trgr:. o at te h, ;oI a .1 to of-dr, hie iot,l,c ,oi,\ t, i r vic ilg t . Lr s. I n ia, I. a'u, it t l~diesr ' anr t g'lt tl n 't t I , g lll I t e,- .ILy t mlde ndd ad lso olrs e isit of rhalce to ,t S Satoldert otar lav, bin fogr ouoll yetaCUi hltd waillt il tl 'tl1, ractie of u alntiiio ue pillad a ter ty, ha c tmloltuio ol t Profasr his llotte, aio ll, direu s, in this lbe Ity e, a lie assurderilt led. ieT llrd g btle llltic thly tlha vt o prtroducpt itentios and otillr iet ic Itos bten lall i terot- ittty lit mttat; tral4 ttltau o crs his rauratoontoa ilti o bita tldrie groat aes, ccess, to icll uaitd it be tol or- iroeases calln Lou g:ven. a plllvlg atto.dd them itg Ie a T Ttaor T ahousr in Chtarleon. on :c 'T ' Nianmus lan ti. biliou Iluls ater thCoe ,maloatic,;o ou , Prot'esar Sutltatte, to itr directlon , tae bhaids. Sal the undersigned. ' nl rtefetr whilhl btha hariVte a it prodoted tin t ll id otlier t1 id Ihsin b atteilndd t LeviCth tt gri atill aue toe, to .tlie o trh buest of onts urataeoe can bo goacn. Apply at No. 16 Maoa. zint stret.t JaNO. it' LORING. t oe TtT'li'Cg of thle bpariner tiilp of, Kelley, & ll-ono., at. aic d .r of New Orean t ; 3tles ot, Ila vera .Co., io Nathezill f ad Iarris Kelldey &Co., of Rodney, cacstly rediusved el li- tatts t t'31ar Last, by tile aeatth ul Samuel A Mason, 0'o tat, ta e trla d a lr l tr a kerl y s. tlemr t t. 'Ita unttersigued, ourviving portnero, till be charged wtith the tetttitg and closintg ,taid r usit ar asft.th' v : Levin i cllia s will lattet s to the setthgt f tlf rite busdila. at i:ot , l~arris&t Co., tt Nttthez; anti tltrri<, Kel e't Co.,at trotae; antd llte'yl elley t ill attend to i roe tsetling of tIa bnainess uf'K (lluot, ,lta'tl &. Cao., tat artla New Otrl'uo . The uaaoes aof alt '0uoa1 litrma will Oe t tt'uose rttabtetl to said rirfno are carnratly requested 7t- o tttttt ttrattarid untt tntke ertra'y sttlntaotst and tbratat' tn.o'l li.1Y IEILEY. tiht C w O(, Ihnuns, ,1 2, 1;0; 7, IO\VAND . TSIONIC M3lXT''UI'RE, 'rTEN years Iave nt yt elafld rd ninen it was AL firmt regltiarly subfitted to the putlicf ; but it has atltaillnd the highest r.pulatirir; and hlas slup. flalntd every other medicine for the Agle, wherev. er it has been ki.nown ad afpr.ciated. Altoady ias it bton carried in every direction throughlout the United States, ad still realirzes ,rei than could have )Obeen aticipated by iat IIt r. sigurite friends. 'l'ourlisad ioft persons have nIt olly been rclievcd, but rctorcd t. he Ih anld vigor thrrough its agen. ey? and they now clrheerlruly testiy, at overy op SpourtLuity, to ils db^.id.:d anud supreme olliclcy. It is comlpord of such mcdrcial lprillciles af s are catlcuhtted to r fncf the healthy lctfion of the stolr ach, hlver, and other imlportal.t digestive organs, the loss of wluich harnuuy is thie imintediate cause of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. cos an entirn changes in tlhe corndition of the system, tlnd certainly desroys tlhe native liability to reinp. sei of the affection. W.nc the Ague is attended Sith any other coimplaint, theu olmphynlcit rof the Ti Mrli~f ixtu-c will not interthro withi the treat. irent of the other di-eari,f but wi 1 evenr aflofrd us. ,et.ntcoe by f Wishing strength and vigor to the lbody durinlg fthl courte of tratlllealt. T'oose who Smake use of this miodieine may be ausured that r there is no Arsenic, Barks, Meor, ury, or any other article'io its comlpsition unfrieild to uthe humlan cmstitutioln; being entirely a vegeltile extract; and they iiy may have additional confidnce in the .ue thereof, whel the:y Ipererive that it has Ltl ef feet of a gent i laxative about itho time hall a beut titf full has boen taKell--in laf.lrquelic of which, thcre is no part o the nledrciinv lofti tfo linger ig n thie bowulsr to causie obstructionsUe and other evilS, ris 'ing eroril thee ousf mIany of the rrrmcdres now SIlibried for thef cure of thls aefliction. It has bseen ursid also as a pIreveitivfl, bly lillny who wfere sub fjilct tlo a periodical recurrence of l'he Chilli, ancd it ilas Ilroltrlab!y warded ofi the a:ppreuhllelted att.cK. Observe! ''iue Proprietar, filly saltia;ied 'i Ith the ulli.rar.lloled alld lniiversai . su'ucleas vifch has CoLrn. lt ltly attended a punctual and regular use of the Tuien Mixture, in all cases of Fever and Aguc, itrels warranted ill engaging to Le ihr.r! tre price to( all those whfofrave ttrri t dhe IIddicIur ilt) trict ael curdance with the prescribed directions, without having Iree-n"erfectly amnd laltingly lnredl. Tile sulbrcrbur are the whoe frosalr agcnts for the South We(stern States, and hayv now oil hallnd six i ty rats of this medicino, which is warranted frafsh and genuinel. or sale at ill Iranlicfe:uredi i rices JARYfVIS 5 A\i itFftiW, hifol fesale UIr.cgrsei, S o7. colr Cnlnor & I 'clloupitalus street. BANK NOTE EN( RA VING RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON iI1 l' olerlae aroicei isl Nfrl illasl Ifurn.usilln i El.' equaladvantages ithf their hlflri r ill SNaw Yif k. i ,"- C fand otrm i mpor.nt all;i crc, req ring securityii ,gellilrui Io geei ire; irll Iuaver ilrerf lr; llr e h l.l\ ifet fiifir ierl tio Iheir arne; their erci ers enlfil;:relLlle tctes of wvrir 1ehtlltledled bunlkill inetltti leltll slid all t,rdors r will be execirted with rnrompilude, a f a onthe usual ; terms. Ofiuo, soresr if Royal & t;..al street. Jae .If uJ~iifllS~~fYSrilese stJ'eatoatenhip.- tiesettra,ot l.eI, reties 't'ihei..metursnnelit Writirg AnteadtaiiB' ' o. ti (lsAhtans etreo -tNow Orleans, 1501 Itlsadwiy .'sl sew Yorlk DimiphisaS' t. obblle' '"" . SIt isipsrt iordarseugld fat privaite larneres, asnt i acisls, snd is calaulated for pjrronaa otll ages. lv i Ladies aal getideoeter are invaied to itll and thmiineliit Ih system for thelselves. , Irviaste tre givent: at:sich hlusress s may tititlta -oavenialea o'atll, and to clusari formed inayuy part d f' the cite. Iudies wht, prefer it ca ireceive !esasos'at their own ref t .ideaeee. • "' ' ,+ ,+ l'ctrasn pavis" en 'oirse oflhess aoirdesired Ti o altten, -'"' i .L" r , t r ellasbthey wtSba. . i •.3$JiK BILOTI i IR. tar Misasissippi cad Louisiana liotel, I1RS. MARY KIRKLAND respectfally an. '. nounces to ltr friends oand rthe public gene. ally that she is prtptarad to accommuodate tlhee at e asbove astablisimcnt, and hlopes fr'7m her txertionsto rendir visitors comfortablc, to receive ra contiiuance of firIlor favurs. Stie fels cotfi. Ient that personras visiting Covi'tgtun during tlhe uln mer Imontlla, callllIat .id bIettr accoallllodatiOlls than sha can nfiford themi, on morer liberal terLms.ir lier house is pleasantlly situated, and wall supplied a withl every convenirt ce;l the balr is furtished with o Ithe mo iat chloice liquors, &c. iin short,she proamises ti 'tat t, thing shall bh wanting oi her part to give na lirve vaiacition to all wit minay patroaizo tthe 1i lirsistippi uit L',uais i aitn Ilot el. j e3 ie iiOLLT~i~ih-v --~iVilK. WO d SCRWS, SAD IRONS, &c. II /fIlE IIHOWELL WORKS COMPANY,' No. 238 Water, near B.ckman street, New York, re thave recOivtd tthe prast eason, ntd are Coastanitly t reaceving large iand exltensive addlitions t to the stll, II of tlhe albove gootdsl, which now consists of thle ollowitg neassl tant, suitable for thie southlern and t ,rostersr markets. llollow ware if asuperior quality, coasisting of i abltti 1500 tors, viz, II Pots of'22 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, Keltics, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 galllont, Kettles, 15 jizes, fromt 3:8 to 18 galluon. iJ tlepalrs or Ovaus, 7 difcllrentl sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Sklillcts, . 5 lo Illt Spiderc . do Covered Spidors, 2 do Ortddlies, . 4 do Fire Digs, . G deo W:gin boxaes friom 1.4 to 43.4 ilches. , C(rt do. 5 t l 7 inelhes. I Wood Scrtwa, 20.,001) gross, iron andi brass, frim t:8 inch, No. 3 to 3:0 inchl, No, 24 of a superior ,.quality and fitidh, Iand less tlihan Jamei's itporttted p,'ines. S.ad Irons, assorttd, in casks of abiout 500 ls for tiretailing. i Tailor's and hattir's Ironr, assorted. Slsh weoights, 100 tons, aesorted lfroil 1 4-4 to i if ' S 01li.. I lella fir Pl 'tatl ions, steamiboatr, clurates, h&e. ladet to oirder, Also steambieats aiud other tmahitery Ienado to iardor. T'i'l e above assIortImeni t of goods is torticularly I rrcolllma nded to t!l attenution of Soutllorlt antli I Western merchanIts, and are Ioflibrd br satle at low Sprices, and upst tile Imost libleral terms; it is be. lisovd to be thelo laIrgest and best iassortmenti ever . offtred for satlo by any olt eotablishmtntt in tI m SUntled States. Mi ercltnts,. by forwarding a request by miail, can have tta prined circular. with dcescripttion ifl' golirs, prices ald terms, fotl which no doviatioti is ever made, farnished by return of mail. All orders will rmcivs initnmediate attrntion. New York, 1838. jo3 S i i, l If G'll 's lt fui' rits. l, itdttn Dye. tar n'li'iin t,'. lIttr lier's 'lil, i R:ss;ann ear'sa re se,, pmn utll m, ,.1ltmhatx's I,'ler Scle 1,i4 stperior phi rl I 1wd rI l1 wiht c Ir k ,P I ,,olhsllr Wllgh,1 I'[llh'tz 1·111111111 I'lli lllllt fte tli rt ll ,w,,r waVnr, I,iowder puff, nnd boxe* A u, rl, lID tcharlal, lt.illy Iu tlit , r IIIUn e li llla I re . I,,U 1"1 ·l I[.l ¢.ljll).lll! ,k ld~( IA P I. I II ill.l[ lt]l· dl,,psl 111111r i itniil e s tr tt t , ru h lts, E ,l-i, dr1 1 I ,, liut ss Iin tian hatir i ,lt . h a avallt tyihI e rt rl,.& . Ire,, liB C.iJ. 'I l 'RINClIIAR'I l Ile AT a-- ca t- d tab Rusi, hats, ;t riiis quti'tit iI t i broad in htiII- aud low cl eni s [tll sitg tetislll ' nl - St. liui slo .. rleby I l. lllli; . ,\uo I rest " l131 lingazine t 'I t II Itubt rniberiill ientsi ti r the frioistetn-ive fimtt af ti'ia it I . &. is . Butcl' r, sli hetll 'ld, I Etn'' ttl d, have JU ti l a'll iv,'' a erv exti ve.l l· I elt< I pa l +.l , ' m i sti i ls a la e illtl Desse.rt Knlivs niVCS . 0 sd . , riptliln, ,I'l% I ot.LItt. D1 1k, nu,] Sp'ar poinI t ]\hives; al:i ra S,'i+ , l or.1,lJ'+d.• 'T l',lo] &c. .\c. &c. whihtll lh,- re1 p irepare l : . o exhhl b the trade lor orden. 'TurmC sd t:ol blihltaX. Ilu cill EI lOtS! KIIO ll \ it3 tilt"li:L) Illme. tliill ~llll5 1I INI+V i ( IIIS .0 tl It '<1\11\! ISX If IART T (t) t--lre unw recsing pcr shi p II'mtsivilhb, IEl.eh 7erry .\.hew, Ilgh anate r, Fr.Jnch and I'looman double Ibeau. p~lainrrtnd: stte, rhtlh anld poitket pistols; phrl·n rIhbted and spill cusH CtS.iol+ ctl iups :t e h bldT s; acsl s rs, |;lhz rs, h res; G;ilhRlot col l rllt'r : nd all other stetlpen C+, s; . o an; Vioi; , h strh+. .; sl+,lisorI aid hone i ,'L k, le:el uaml leatlhcr p treso hair brai~ls, fl'olnt l a.ck rinletst.,; be t put, 4 "h(erm' ai Frld '. ch~l cob guel. .+g uste,, Ito,,lmu~ls n,,cswr oil, buil:0ion A ; a,,llt i, nd ea .s oil; portahh. dedsk+ ,.nd dlresshly cas,5: |lutl inl ,fhakhng; stal and toihqt ginlase; t'.vex+ IirTrots; op lor .'1 te 1 gas~ses l nw iew,;' Inii an:1 Iii ulll , btell iaid ph111n1: ty. cordkeoniwhir- twilnttoilht ald shadiug shtrp, Iit out OWderq, a ,slmltic wa~sht balls; se'emed ,ailt~hl~ll. ich porl statnds: scretw e,,.hio;,s; t'nlley head chalns aid Use teklinces; hilliardl halls; paoclket books andl walhlets; Lh erma21 nlll |htole,; i.azor str"a411 filn elld collmlonl g.Um the astic sus ptender's, gartersdo; liclls lucilke imatche+s; sil il erc1 peucils; CreIvouIs il, klc~. c 'The above in :ubllitiol tto our tOI'merI st.ek of flnle, ion erticles, imikesourl asotmel'll(nt veryv c .Itlehte. For sal had whohle, le or retail ; as thle sign o th'~e Gobldtnt Comlh, T.a ,+vte Chart reT oileet. met~t.* "IlIN.t tiL-SS &, E hI'tI'N hAtIC; 'TOIt E 36 Clarres slroe., New O(rleants. I ,W11 SEIt;GE]AN'T' & Co, ,mo1lrrtrs of French IV ,i Eno luh China and Eartheio ware r, n,+V O}ingI t new n od rich pnitero of hreakfth'i liliig and tea c.erv s, t toilet ue., opitiheia, It atd cotree -- 'lpis, lh ptrllts , tl cilr. , I rllntll , jbowile, plates, di hesi, turees, waslh bhsins, anlt ewelt, t to t b ia,hs etc. etc. RIh cut land plain French and Atun rican rlas. wari-- obdtte, cham ie ht.s., e titmade-, jllieh, slaerls, ~wine eordalat, c ellt howll , ettollllolls. Li it el t1do aod glasses, nca le sha los, salt ce! 8,l vrplalted, OrlLnzdl and ol ritania w-are.--lar hUr', Ilqur tlandr , cake bs ke , c natlt'tl ck, hbrait a, oeus, t er dlrs, tot' enols tsapt ,ugar-, ell. inllllg) j Iapanlld itral s, aotr.I l . and lndl Ilha ,.t , oo e,tiPelit:'tt, ; C; nrv, (,lllllan a l el r 9',li an tt loh, : o ritn w til lia e t. rIet ,fi tro lor f.L y lu t .. , r, anti l:a ts, ,lt r., l t Is, am .. tin pv ie, r s, an. I pa k. d , as ti h. I c .uL. se. w inl.e s.l.) t, any pa.rt .I I I co 'n ry. A so, apotheeartrs'rl ssta le, not N tre rl ,the, hhlnb kot +, H unelu , Iml+e ls, 1ewell -hirllU ,_+ (l1.oe lt h It"Ib on, catlcler, handkrchiefs, t, &' ft recessed and for s, e low hy Ihr subecri. SROTT"lA & Co. ro , rr, r( Cnal IIIi Ch l trl,. ot REPUBLIC OF TIEXAS. 'I'RTca:s a I)lEA)TMEL T. Qity of ltonston, 17th July 1830. IN ptursunc of it requirintelelll blt law pasted by L Cuntoroe of thiis Ipuliptice, aplproved January 21st, 1839, tmaking it the duly of thle ''reaesry to advertise aid cause to be sold the lots in tile C1 Y OF CALHOUN, on a day by hinm fixed. Notice in I:troly rivotn that the lots ill the City of Calhuoo will be oilbr.ld alt Pub ic Sale, on lMolay, tile 18th dday uf Niovom r next, hItween thie hours of ITen ('clock, A M. and Four o'clock, P M, at the Calpi to. iof this Republic, upon Ihl t tiei ll set forth in thie followng t lxtracts froml the law aborve mn- tioned - Sec. 4.--Ba it furlthr enahd.a , 'That the lots ifn said tow.t shall be, offLred and sold iar no other cur. rnlly than gold. silver, audited paper, or thu pro. ;lisotury lote, of .lthis gVeroielt. Soit 6.--Ba it fiuthr enacted, That the 'aid: ots shall be so d on the folluwing toeuls, viz: One lilrthl part to be uid tlown, andl thn othr thrllo forth to be in equal itutaluoenta of yix, twelvo t Il oighteen mIonthe. - lSo:. 7.--ie it tlirther enacted, TIhatiF any personll wlo shall pircellasl ay iof these alolreld hota, ,hall I i. to Lake pay,,nat of the rev, ;al in, stanItts in eoutilurnosity winth this Act, he or they l!atll torioll all luch oul ta thety may hllv previ. iuoly paid, and the ltut purchasedil by -uch deftlul ter sthal reeort to the governloutle of the iRepub lie. Sec. 8.--Be it fuither enactetd, 'lThat all persons, aliellt out excepted, shall have the privilege of pur ehalraig holding the slame, aind tlhe Presid:lut i ;utit Il ton to isnoeutrts to tlheti ns UoonI as tile last isn, staoent shall have been Ipid." iThe salo trill coutinuo f'rott day to day, until all of the Ilat sha I have been tdisposed of. Caoltoun is situated on the Iloot end of Matagor. da lalotd, directly on tie Main Pass ilto Matagor. da Bay, and fromt its advantagenous position, will probablylcoenmo the principal comnmercial city in V'Wertern Texas. A Platn of the city may be seen in tlte Goeneral Land Offtie. 'Ie several iopeta'in this Rtelpulic,tho Coulter. ciol Bulletin, Pit:yulne and Truo Atmelican, of N. Orleans, will publish notice until the day of sale. JAMES II. STARR Sereitaly of the Treasury, :o AeGti.OG .'" BALE IiOPl--:'50 iriees cotion i hbagiag-:365 coil .utue, al oflienttiti ml.t: It .e tad lor sale on acolllllodaltnie trlna bv 014 , h IHl.ANt'lAIt. l 3:l(;iavie st 6 L.US aLDILLS-IU boles itawiltoa ndigo blait D drills, landig frbem ship Charlsaston, tfoi sale hv ale - tItBl.iE & C; Wtall lamaIs - sT'elok A tern. St i i t.dree. ib i,.etJ day at 4 I 0 The Lake "Mai (vla Lbeidgtana t1) is lOsaedo eyvy Alamy, WVe c.icsy, atI icaid oyr at I e'altak,,A. M. =I da.ac.Py I 'uOa.dc, 'Llp.ti+e.ai ad Saturday, ci 5.' The LnatcntrorI i~fe~r Ahil ispleardeury Macr, di nrdlegdy oast a'ittqrtey+,. hI 3 ..1 5, Iient and rotminhd iv iteaiarliaeti Arciree ireagulcrlt titrie times a wcek. Tll. flare ,aou'qt'. aor"o aned lh dii ai'-lena,l.' cre Tocldey iol Fridac, siy t jO, M. Ia" cent ltl itauliitde tby eteiiaboatn. The Alexacndrir oa Red River Mail is sent irrecu lariy by rteunaboata tcicoe a week. InoUIaILIs ot Rivin huAIL." Mondruia', ' CI. .c lalek it) nWedaedey aad 0lose at 8 p'clock, P. M. "e turdey, CosT Mat." haiiituduy, tes a nond C~iloseeint,'lock, P. M lItONTAGUE'S BAJL.J1 FOR THE£ TFETH. r '.lltesttablui rapaa tioui ani ehntartly increasin Ji demanld for tills e'ffm·tuolI remed~y of pain, aald pro seivalivO of thI teeh, has induced itic ldbucibar offer it to the American ptblic. Arraaigmencst har ieenade to ouplygrents ia all tIh. prioeipalt cilt clld Iou lca io the Uclited Slatcs, eii as to plotie it ithi tih re cb. c those uferlinrg and likely to autcr t!tie ee hlcccarscg tolll atlca,. 't'oatlh-ocbr. \WIcecI applied accictiag to direrfimec le Ot am ltlle io bns ueer ftoiled In cl'cd imriedinte a nd ccllcnuue reliet. It also arreets tile lecac in delaturt teeh, anl relieves tilr soreness v hic afr~nl, ci1aqecely riulder a irnlg tootlh ustieless The ap plicatien dad emdy ar c iicer Cinnoaentc anc ct unpleaptnsant; and the liege Icon',toe o' eriune in diffierent ecailac abf tit C tcniu'ytI iliaclunar alrelady exllapeielcd Ecat dligliltfu cIccdcaluitriy alletetr iee ule a ctlle Bela,, ace riwdn, II lrae tliir thle publiec g)t) their elitnonv toin tse' n ricnlledt quclities. I na todila iremedyt blaibedl eitglgctrlva nndcoxpirei'dly, unaid acne ti regar,l.d I.b hlo riviiaed rlild as thie noat valuable CdisaamrI a t'pice $r Ler bottle. Sold hliy JAILVoIS & ANIRIIEWS, cagr'2 Fre cccand Eccih ic actctaiioarycineeoe.U llr 5 (Fehr a Ilnl Enul nDcnpicti o sy l.. CATAII-N AItIorYA'rTiS NESW NOVELS actlic te lReefer, by tie aultoir olet 'oer Siltplt, o. Cnmiais, ore a \Violet at Schsi lea uifieihl ic t I.acn Strno, Icy Captiain tonil lell, R~oyal Navy, F. lord Iadiru, aeRcnlaucPa by Allant Cunnlghinaml re lhepnprd I.. ritre n b'ii I resyeill, o vltsa D Ceptecdiinc lliasoref.lonly, Iracslnted frs oni ce ieinltil hIha, Icy Nkatnniel rlenaat, I vol. for lictug N 79 oficrttCe. Eaolilyt ibrnry p Vole. :lt . 4 cfi tew cir a etete and unifarcm edlith Rc'e's FrPecet nod rreixeh iliconmy. ila I vole, 3r u.'s e rench F rea d o Englisht o IJ)icliuncrey. Al.u--A t o i e cvpiesra lnoibe'ian Apphreoglo "llieai." Iar., i urveepwir'isi lefinra nyperitor iqua iti, winc cnlicP, yillhil IuallrOctl1-4 and 2 -2 inachr 'iil' iliproeed ietloic Pteeijalauicl cojiere, hrmnui . &eu. rc. & es. '. J t rce'ivoedl, a;.ld ir esob by v I,1l BDENJ. LEVY. FJI IN 3IAIt.IE IrAIIINAcS COLOGNE WATI'EIL pcoans tenr o ihis saiperior ClGuiin wante, juast it receuivacl'ad ocfi sale ty tie doien or singlc bottle. Alo Aerlian id l'ceach toilet pcedcrhl panowderT ll, IIurI ioesi aero oi inlii il itit clips,osuetltre wash hIull, ioilk o' rocic, cismelic coldi erecm, eatrne o r1k, k.ihall' cIards vegretable Ilnir oil, poutur. ,nl'ie ctie perse, Iloridn. lavicar, rose and bay waters, Pios' c:c'c saoli, .tcrseillec perclmirey ia trunki.vegela ie I I llaitcl clcuie, Clorilne end Orrin taoth wmshl. tal, har,' tiCcill cll nd tlesh iciruhlec, together with cc. p adlipiontd sqly of faslcioibllles crccr anai ahelt coIbe ond jeacI'yicr ecale lamw at whOlceae Or retaiil y SIIMONS, HA' IARTT' dCO, ijuly a ' ua ra l hartrsu street. '1Sir nl l'orrlr~i.11td hiavlng recnlnin21 nevd busl~elljl I as a I)riiUi-'i cad Apoituac ca, iu the iaran c'acl hi yi. J Oci O,,, i tl'a corner Tf "inolh i' t nd i"l'r atrio clke reisp rilully ieilidics share ,ue e ,tlt, 11e idllr F le dR,, anA d I I reutwat ela the lavern ill 111 I~ rlls f rtnr ttlol nP~llll. Th~le t~ntir l sle()ki el ' i)rl. tiiclic and ciiio erai' and iericlis ai resh ani IsI, ;ias c. ,, I, rs, i ,.iewnt tli otln e Sneaectavy i clganbt oily asoon 'cI arId I. u 't'te o tlidti y acenpIratr ihu t, I'h FAT, r'hSCInes I n elellilzne njI A erent --fi nte oreri set+ta e, but .e thorp u ghlvt cll nJspela tesea l oria . .rl on, Iles t olylc t nd S c~ dllle-nis hetadashe t11,1r I aI'll' raaci, llt l1 IUal cenAttc cf chUr ase cini vateuue 'a cy symct' iia of ircetern; wheea b upteueotcaca-nedemicicey, galicrei bdalascrea-. ICa ne toc' r [ac l .ith mar.icine atd sorapariltlla vi rthi Ito .ac 'a Inlc roti. v ,i T Ih a Tlub i ixh reas a ,'It a-,I IHI 'II' iO' c ai; l t' c ;I "Hld \' rrlll' Poerth. ' I.' l.I,', ,11 -, T. r Ol .t de ldt~t.. Bt 'o l~ ~1 II IH Hr~ n ffi'rd cit Iqh arca, jis"e IIccid I a taliae e inshe ,i * ii' h ' lenN , S l t.[,.s ar-l , l le netrolr S .,m. ,,rl, hv, rluc t Ie s aw l ecad bein ,I i 'la d o' i y -wr, ticnlit cr.e ciind achei a * L . _ I er r ,t~ d es. T.hn (er n a'h, ntl ",olr ,lI ,'I.'Iql i' a'si+'' I rcI'iiii,'cetceacrt end. Ii t Fbr 'cci c,,lc ,r r -eh cc 'cc I-ir, tincl cauec. S lr I l' .i p rici li. cii a IIat n Ic etiOld Ap ;nhiicil teyll o h ,i. i 'L. nR E W e 1I ~ll·I~lnr a7 l ~:·Ii01 ll o1f~ri"lll iiaItiepi'ia Ai' r, lilCiic c. ,ltd cut-li ir l*, cle UIl arlec cc, I - Il.liW', i tl E Ill ',t[ LIX'I I-i't-E I'. Farerrliieacnleod eei c artelhcriire" orandC c +IFsc. u | 'L'Ol O dii l~l r+.,td hani ,,voRe . herihlho l'.n s .I x :it I o i. sllu s uIIrrl llt t,,c Ih 'te 'Ior n llrv 11112 re , h41 avelrg tl" I'ui.n'c , lA-.. Iatien the lcoiylni'be.igoVeg.e alh" It':xr iaie aull i lyi ccicici lllaceclieico aiipnapoison Ip- ,tl. illlzredienl ls i llx, b tk'ntil h I lha ul lllc · I'e noat r' i-c' cc-c-i, Ic' itci'i eclc(' Icl-ull, ccii cIt invrcuaalid. It pie ,clc Ieiciiai'1111 tiilla il' it ii lltc Aol alci i lc iii,' Vilihac s b cia tti ccntio It so.Ic il'l icciricile aedr clcl'i i byticLabin. Sie II v .tlllllt rl 'bll ilt' 11lico ilcg p ar alcceeqloc ll a y icat ti' ll- Int hlcll'll inri~llll bhlrntt 'trgcl'loelltiit lilrlura io '' "i-rurc d lite buII:II i a illrclc ibi'r, lcic r deeco ariaeata ot,erctiai'ae., bld itlirectlllcgclty eeccelloe Ib seeralcat o Clls ol .nd ueslnllca nilthica beanefl itsic iysalm ,mlc i iit1i lleVeoelleCIIice it lacy be ppcraetd. , hiciiidiuailc, auler tcl ctlon fudtie 'T'ii Miituie, keys Ci.. lellcc Iceaitiocdll all Ihiualaceleen fat cbe dinnca,. Itt-:t Ice oneO fte c~iiitilum re'occ'iie', tlheeo in n. ewyn crec ted IOic't~e'ocd lualililv ao reaurcer. 'Ihe danger cae Ia iclllela i,'lnl ,es ca fielAgne in very eaiclna, tar r hl cl ccitalni becolca Rno matclb precotcie in "' Ice ehle iocc rat cid ciedlic-ine, ocd epecud|It tnlt a cia 'Itlic c -och ilcaaeaciautivitolncae TIca Slince ixre im tfi r ilc'd ilca rieo cliolJ e piccI at a tplacai .alhin alof aer' ice.-ic il tk'pccic nad dastitne cIa, lcherbe y fnrnibeilnwitliceelinalan,miitcoicanliiciicng ihr ab -aed aerednacce abiain ch fequenthy denied'tio qsic thilnac alst e' rac ebiclcoc iy braiawed. .ic 'l 'cdhIto oreeeccly aautioead agnsitn the cpn cr0. ric us iciinliocns at bit. icedicioc, that rec daily offered ilco 'e1: alpleilied aide by TDr. Johic R. Remand, sakia talc desert c rhice,'cniie ,'t' Ilcilccdullitia. 'frha snuiacrliceus IIIk tile a litoeanta ageeuti far thea i> ernicce,-i. eaid witallksl y Iha grass, at. abc, pluhie priles. To lic had ac reacit nluoca. t-cc, Apoithcacinricc ha h city. . ccni JAILYIS & ANDREW21, •iaa W tocesale Itrnggiala.n c-.I cor CcIoccccccc &: Tt'rltOnaiIIlace .ARBIJ,, CHI1MNINY PIIECE WAnEHowsz, S un"uilinhouee street, apposite the post-office. The .oll ribers are now receiving from their fas] Cories iu New York, and will keep constantly on hand a general assortment.nif Marble Mantle Pieces. ofcupc ior worklnanship, and of the latest patterns,. made of the best Egyptian, Italian, Irish and. Americanl marble. Also, Monuments, Tuabs ands Grave Stones, mpuldod acid plain sills and lintels,, marble tecings, hearths and boundary stone, plaster of Paris, Roman & Ilydraulie Comont and PlViter, g thiir, together withiaesplendid assortnien1'of. I ass mounted and plain Grates.and Rueia Iron: ltles oflthe nIwest and most approved ppltrnes -, Let tCrinu dole in the neatest manner and at the rtest notice. They have first rate wotkmen t, " v. mc work. . rA]s' AIN & STROUD NO MERCLIRY NOR COPAIVA' iNiw Orleans, Nonv. 4, I8:3. 13OlT' six metaohi . go I had the misfortune to get. a secret diseasei , for teich I have applied to scre-. ridl dctors fulir a core, ulald they did not icure me, s.o now ol ile Above date I put imyo'el undler thlee e of Doctor l uelont, ld I exlp.:t hill to cure tiie. Since that time thle dise.e got wore, so as to break ou11t ill large ulcers. to the nuiber of six or eight uorea I leg, and all over. oil Inca, nod sre throat, ulld not able to work at he passereI tit il atni'iont o tihe disease; lanrge nicer on tie right silde if thie thrlat. I am now pclting myself, utfiulentl uiderlnhe c:an e of Dr. aHuet, , Paurise, to be ipertitly tared JOIN DEAN,. Ii., II ty I D)0 CF.RTI F that the above metnentond disease is. quiite well cired to ily own satisactiion, for which It thank IIr. I ler; and moireover I assure that thie medi-_ cine I hnave tak ni laes tile flat, and did not injure lily no. lt illt l; thierefore I advise nry f Ilow sflerers to. huse too leile IId IplV to c)r A . Itter, 128 Canali -Iteetl, le\ iein iiiulncl iieklld Bourbonl etlitl Dr:. Ietel is at Ihonmc fron y o'clock, A M, until 4 P MC" Th y will find a rllt doc:tor ur this conlillahill. JOIIN I)DEN,-Il Gravier street. If any onr wants to see tme, call at No. 4U Gravier JOIIN DEAN. New Olleaisi. lhb I, 1t38. feb 14 ly IlICH JEWELRY, AT No. 16 CHARTRES STRtarT, A FUI., Assorletiii, just riceivedcnnnistlrg of ear rines, lockets, arioiehel, fiiger tinge, g.ld thihnlen, do penlcils, glIl 6.h and guard chais, seals and keis. wo.muciid roeoie,scisorea andlknise, wallets lllid iu*et liukS, hair, :pill nootlt aud labl. be ua.lee, plted casors and candIleatickse an fruit baskets, coral n.ecklaces aonl beads; all the above articles will be olred Ioni the most rsulonable terls. N. H. I lanrn fron t- glass wienlow. Side shelves nld ehow cafes, for sale. Please call at 16 Chartres. 1If l' lit--lt1 kege wietero bhuner, In .tore and lfor aiiby G I)CORSItY, nl2 44 New Levee ( l UIN. \ t--5 aouncrn I'r.cncb ct oliha' of quinine,. Q4 inc sets by JARVIS & ANIlltEhr, S, l' cou.er Coulntai i & Tellapiitluoa sta. -1 AiTOt tl L--I0 barrels Ie*t Vir:i ie cstor nil; C .iieh tadi cilerfor rerieling, al.s. 5 llij Trultes n:,,u t a t r , il, id qlality, i It saile bYi nl 2 ereir e.Cnm n iii \ Thlilopit. In-it. J ,,6 I0 DOlitauLY, It' v Levees

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