26 Kasım 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2

26 Kasım 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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1V A' AbD IAANK1NG CO.' iv. f n~hoI lieewa `ill lave te Beatal k Cn v dev, (except 141 A 1.21P, Av 9 @P.M.· 41 ofi r I4t)tltnI'a . -May, 6 .'. B CFIFIY t'dh. * . ,:1 N'EW' ORLE6NA:` AND iNAMHVILLE RAIl. YR1ii'ri AtRfANGEIIFNT. "VspututiRautr». :vV i AK. I I A.M. 31y, ''.M I A. M. t" au . 1 i A.M. ct'CM. ft~ulI:% P. M. J%.w:Othr orcsa~s4Z r Y., 18x9. JAMES H..CALDWEII.. "'I MWAJtkLAN £CARRuI.L7'IN MAIL ROAD. Nel'lrE.. W ur Aa.SMnENT. To ttiress e oi lIb 1.1 of N.vssI,-r,1870. ..` s 55 0 .AY. Isell Csr at ti} o'clck AN.M -ier Y Ls esi.at , 4 M. 1 -.P.M. -`-'. i i·,l - 7ll - - (ra Cy, t s 1ll, Car,, I,,s} -_ ds, *lI-s'l. I' Al ..hee~. I \ ý. .. il141,"EMYCLI OIL SUNDAY.: Tb can il Lcvnnbhe nur h".ur1 a. I., the weak d:.,. " ý aal.l o'glrt k P.. when a Loculrlltire will (rave tI:rrmllrne every holi·,ll'l o'clock P.M., and Now Orleans etely'hour NOW1, ta.as."k P.M. AA titreH nye~r``a ca be aoltaieed I nfure 12 a'. Wrt P.M., Abppayss ..d Sti sl',s ful bt Trip. After 12 oc',.k P. MI. W~Ylleln will borhlrged. PPradus-going by-th Ocenm Car moot provide themse~lves - wiLt Tis80lr. I, the undwl.,r bI. ,slpone dfirict5 5 Is t t receivera moneI in lieu thleof. Till, JACKSON AND LACOUISE STREETCARS t.00he th heeof Jacls,,l treet ,.la tit,'clok A..51.. C,,,,sI Olivelt t f57s,. Al h..lpf-pst 7 l, -lark they coenl o to - leant loath ends.,.-,' hall houlr, untll Si n'e'ock P 1 , except lot that, innce*A of Ion vier gamed street at C r o'clock, the car wlsl.l lsh I.e hs t t b.-,s ,Ik P.M. P Q-ll i. ps ,:u'ursIy r.qsstlwlb Itt.5,rnt' ,, .Issl not puts Their fre el alms lbs cashioj., or.otoke iu the curs, eu l .dic, -lr p1555515. 0,5,, N,.iOrl,,e..& Cssallis,, * dl Road Clmpln),rssd,7. JOhN IIA1IC. ~o sr dU, I I.~g . . r- C Chief opins.r N.0. A C.R.C -A CARROLLTON S1 LA VAUD NIa the hssr ofinforminsg hi. frietis / "id the pub~lic in ge.eral, lbt I lhss soksn ite 11ot011 aI t srrllt,,, wlsre Ihs trusts he sill reeei tIhe clls of hiissld frie.n~i and all Ioves., of ,nrd cheer. Prisate jlsrlhrsssil he hIsdedsosely psovided forb rivnlg a little setice fteforehl,,,. le is silling 1~-ender Iblls arelgslesle pitlh fes,,iies.,r isfhividuals des'iells *f passurin we Nmus,' 511 2t Carrolltro,,. 0l1 OFFICE OF THE sIREMAS'S ItsURssAs Co. OF S'E, ORliLEASt. 7LIHE 1rssekhsArclel. of Isis Cosslalv sre Ihereby c '1 tilirl tlhat tes 10th insl,,sensIt os theirsztseak is duI and payable on ts;er All, f Octoblie Inext, ss tlhe edce b' the C pnlsant. srpi 12 El. 'lIIAIAY· .OUYNG MEN'S HOWVAIRD A OC'IATION. A .(;1 ro Meeting of al ','tsesvembe wiln place· on to, morrowa evening, Wedndsrllv the ,17th isstan; ;at 9'clock,1'. MI. Puncst,,sllltenlnneeisre- I *;queered. I)J ILCA IIO, 1126 Seerrfirv. 1136 icr l~ W AN'I'I)-A wosmane Io c ok sad eslob for n sIsal) fsoil3 Ooeewhbo can come well recom mended, se gee a psemioniu situntioo, by spplyioe at corner olf it. lisomn and FEdwaid Ftreels-A ,]flile wiiman isuldlbepreferrld. W26 S$2II IREWA ABA)lRl iienowe oo the 1l, NiI. reenmbnr, the 'negro tiEf)l(il, speauking EIng lih.o d Freieoh, agd boi1ot1 or 19 yIiooo3 feel 4 or 5 inthio hihlllsgero nilliilnknoi small eyes, iiruiilfel oreeoi. n opl ano d irte got hasisS on Ir liof t e Front tee in li, u1p1pe jaw llolk.II. heed un,weit hie wnlotowinv. a pair ofi cllllalipeaIn'i . lawts wilth sledll hue ;tripiel, inld n iiglhahIi irt, midsacsi s'lirh'klda liiig wile with Al,. I.Vnii. stoli, Iricklaysrs's aund. FEI.NANUI) I. lJ.IO. n9-sF No 3:13 Dulohsiiiii at lAYO511A1.'EV OF NKVEW (l)R( FNS. fI\IIE price of floor thring tis duy $5 y7lllr larrel nrcolldilg tol thle tariff, on bakers w* ill give :"3· millmoll flefIrexd tie l iliis. mllll iing III i lt o -k gio. siilg oi Mlonday next. lii 25th iin-lioi. Thi. lioooe of aesliiidqifolityiil of ths,'. for ten cm s. shiall we1ig"h 25 per centiaorel, viz: 430 ioiooe'. l"4 C'. (iE NOtS, 1u, r. EIRVANT lOft SAI.E-A lloo likely ilatlu gi.l. iigiarll i Ildy, 19 iou. ris snmy Pool mli.fik,. Mrainsr wshlir, iroi; nod timlle 1osiiiio'o .ld h" Ilre Iwivant. aober, nhbrdie lll and good tempered.le~ The abatlrIe 0errvalt would I c in nIl(·olliitinnl in anyV fml , land is odld Iblasle hler lil' rr ii diii iro I' paying his debts. Apply to the Edilnr of the 't'rue Pio)R S lyE. ]too and I. i1010//0ll lni . -o1c lilds inv le and 530 lack. fet~e salt, ll Lonrd the ship F, rank- fort. lying fiat St. Joseph s, are a w hot 1 apply to Captainl !tassel tin hoardt orto all P I.A:D-.AR, 51 C'lssp t NOTICF. ID' The members or St. Pairick's Congregation tm lilery relelrlrdolly uolifild. lith tlhe lee-o.1lc will Ice Ipe.. f.,lssrd in one of .Mr. E. E. Piarker's Ii.-, hllildig iosi Julio street, bsiwees Magoszine asod Fauiliher stre1es, unil furthesr noelioe. no 11(JMIIII1ONP IPassor. ýT11F. SUIIISCRIIIE. rrepellfllly informs hisi EQ fiiund1 and uislloers amnd thue piiiic, flist bet~ obliged F' lutire fross busijests ,on Oeclolliit liI ill l. be hat sold his seock iu tlosers Hooovell, Plouilieum avd Hlsoell of Pbhilsde'iliio. who will hereafter euný ducr thlie bsiess iii thin city .tudor Sr name0 olJiis .. N wsll &.Cs. lie lobe. llilsire iii reolmmedslng 'h1t1 In thlle patronage st ofhij f-om euu'oooprro . A 'IrOVAKI -19 tospo il JOHIN J HAS WEI.L. & CO. S UCCESOI)RS to Alexanler 're-ar 49 Camp stieet, take llessoure is imlloonio1 th0e c00 tui, ro if Ihbslets bIlliers ad bhe pobli gel'n lly,lthot haini porlaroesd fill Mr. 'l's-ove bire tire 11 atac fit boioki, fisi'er &ii; Ohs, hbaou. 11511 1 oiilh llllisitiil oo sill Ill ers ]leirseellnollslllrneh rvslllmlete. Thleyo oil) l ily' oyo isI4to F seilppI Prin~tersouoilh 011.0, 11110 lfor 11011'ill pees, bsob said job suob if l'lel-olllslihplilli 001I10; were heb5 tenls. Ciiyondo. c.oilii-sIo-liol wiollfid h loluu'll-lks of -oery Lulivid, lhul,,, adpier ~l ie witl 11h00k ool ,01,i I hboiL', ('loilt 1.i,0 ilol an kI.l.i * bills hidini, oslill loal'rt ellitoi~tililere-li-hlmlly kept1 ill olok .tisos. Colpllinlg l(0lo. earn ills wok. gar see's befit lflid d. k d Illlr nolld ll1.Il k o.ril linileill? IbrsIisln e'nooss aeo, pollckee n, k1l . c ,,Ifo, th151i'i' f . ·rIo) 510551mt15i' l Iflullsisa IOIl',ilii nal l iterlall,-. with thelobo avieoi xlrnl-od I. ono pleas ila-iie1ot 1d.50101511 l Lhon l crrr fl;lotl- ds Ne I bOrxn YV 101)"tad dOairs 5t 1 0fro(lltllloe lesel) a ie1. lliov 2d W l'osI f.Tlrrrl or Altor familep to li ' II( o ll r 1° satioln oililes fr00m th00:it,; lhlere ite Cinsa lpriilreg l If0 c ollt f alii lnril p0 irl'llhillloleiOd for trials ter of yens. vIIc of cilo a11 1o1, ve0 IIII er x: hIv ieuitdup.on Folr flurlhrlool5lilelr(.forai-ply. t n5 tame~r Notrl:*a nail Tel·lallitol;lns r~s s41 ril1~r -11i'N.l, shnrel-uo'. Nso ........... 15 5 1)10 lost Noe. 1 N.er 1or, d. .........II oo Isormtun1 do mu ..... 17 Rkalallnl(Ih .0 Ior.......... 2 I llouFls. 110..........14 eimsessb. do...... i... 19 I.oeollul Ol.le .. II llnullu 'I eaa- Ote.... 31 I'sen do.... If Maslon. Nsov....... ..... 9 llllllo. do .. ....... 10 '·aahvil'a, do . .........I1 I1anro du.............2c:: lau'e W 11111 NEW OI lr,.,50 d . ' CLEARANCES Nsrelsllee Sil. 19,03. 5bilpCongstaiill. Wided5. L.ivepool, 0 A.1 P WIl11e0 !tsass slop See York. :lolelle··e. I05.le Ia ealler,, lOb s('yte. ,I alesle Isasan. W IF I. Voue ARRIVALS Nolselllllr 3I1. 1::19 PRl.ler Plsefs.P'lsssldpan.fu !t I oute ' - }eseI'olsal.strce, r ill.k11,n Meijplo. .e l" agar 55511..........fls (,-bile !taasr N tkar.Utyay far Mohlnbl IMPORTS It55lal hel.r.stuser Wial s..Curegll l i-so e is. IFECEIPTS OF PRODUCE I tools ..Peer esessr Vsts..Ca'si 2 LS piges load J II PsW ld; Is leesll to d;i t pimis lesd JOr \i' Iwyse : ,'i,. eadststudnei 4ai rll lslespsli C Dlosni I bs tri.'e ill nl' (15 try bhes I clts Ios..s Gioulferv, L.uriselbS ll:lll 1,1 ,01na seed pirLesJaeelorslis I bss--4rses.sonl's A &. J II Wi1 llI4g 5.1Nosl5mIatss hKiainhll& 5lilNk; 'I keLg lds.IA Mleds -TV144 rleebs-ased b6os6ps Iseheys, oweses. of whsich "Mswrdlblso he steseel Cssposree. ('.05 I0 bales ololio. yrrFer Is,' n%·; 16 Armgr; 1.akpits W'nikar , trail&peEemllls 5. I lei Si N r lLJ i0lk'i I.alsste 51 Ws iiue 21&'4Aus A'f eldsyOb i sIftJl .oo; 0d M PR Lesools Ar.1 ºiW# s 1 IM7PA dlaoo.d·llJ Amour, 43 fIildll1 Ws " `.All55O155jl5..ri J Osahen. io I ll )lcg, dOl 511115.011 fi ,5.*es.ilo7 eeoiru Issgesa t . 95f35 sflo, 00 ' OO , a_ x,130\SIG36k:Ro "..e' s'Wslb.Ot.sAlltklal& II 1,5, SIm ste, l n l1 -65 Ilolt . $5' r a; N -" ,. ý 5~li055d, 5ou ý.ilde &iiss1 1,51004 v tt s',$-ra aýýlý S' lue OCrleoss 1.10.0{tRr. ,te. w, de( sdr vltsa ll'sirtt:e.o 0o '4 I·; ) 5ldo 0 ~ SWpI ot `i sesui.5.sleuoalsoue1rree/ossft el rArTRsI&Vl AND nBOLD. PUBLISHED Dally: Tri-Weekly & Wceekly. TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 26,1839. MaNaochusett.--T'be Bay State is about being delicred over to the evil one for a short season, to atolne for her sin in enacting tile fifteen gOllon lawn ! The comhincd forces of ethe abolitionists and locoeocoismn availing tthemsei.us of the local d'vi iions in thIs state, orising out of the odious fifteen gallon law, Ian:e probably eriumphed in I re ceent elections for etUto ofnIOern, which took place tihe scalnd Monday of this mnonth. It is an even chance that te notorious sbolttionist, Ju Ige lor cus Morton and thelocofoco candidate, is e!ected governor by a small maejority over Gnv. Everett thle prasen tinculnnhent. T!i result, if it proves to be the case, has been produced by a atrange state of things. During Giov. Everett's administration,a law was posned limiling tie sale sod purchase oft spiritous liqeors to not less thon fiateen gallons; in order to prerent tippling and dram drinking we slppoee. Tile spirited yankees of the ancient . commonvewlth of Massachusetts haver becoaile grsat. y exasperatedl at thIis restriction on their privileges in measitring oot their hqnuor, and bave resolved to right tlhenlslves st all hazurd . The locofonus seoing this, proclaimed in fi.vr ofa repeal ,f the fifteen ual;on lawn. Judge Morton, their staending ncadIdate for Governor Ibr the last ten or fifteen years, dlclared himinself last year, warmly in favor of thie abolitionist*, and thllis year flar tIe repeal of L tIis odious law, and id now probably GUvocror. Let the locofocos no longer chaerg e the e hig party Switlh aopporting abolitinninmn. elly onever fil to i jtin the albultionistn on all occanions where it ub. i secrvcs tlheir interest and advances theLir success in I tIne elect otns. T/ns Banfking Systern.--Great excitmeont exists I i ill St. I.otlo. ill conselquellene tttie Bank of Mis soLrt retlising to recave tnhe notesl of te Hnks ill Illinois, lindihnn, t.. in nyieneset or on deposit. SThe ilank persi.ts in reclivilng nuthitig in paet nlelnt fronm llerchants, plarlnters aRld others who owIe it, but gold ndl silver or the notes oe specie paying a lcBanks. ThIe neighboring fBanks in Illinois and other states bave suspeollded specie paymoentns but their lnote pass currently and constitute a principal part of the cireulation io St. Louis and Mirsouri. It is furthler stated that the Ianks of Missouri aided in giving tlee baok Iluoels crreney and all xtenosivo cir. ulation, ullad nlow rufuoes to take 'The people of St. Louis have resolved thek tnhey will c-i t shubmit to the dctatiotn and arbitrary de. cree of the Bank, but t!emad that it shall receive the current Inotea of non-apcio payillg banks, whichl it was instrumental in circulatin_ but ashort time sinlce. A.t te latest dlls therte was a tre niltndous eceitelentt aga:nst thle BUlnk. The Presideollt of the lBank, in the true gassona. ding, lantonalln style, bhl defiance to tlne allno- I nlvursal voice of tle people in demanding redrcos .A hnevy ren woneahkingols the Bachk hy ,deepoe, tIrn ld hoUldera ofits iaoters, whiech reqired Iall its ieanl to nwithstand ; and even VIOOllCe wasn terseaenneed. '1Thiis is anothelrr exnpliCt fiation o a elxclusive state bsanking ystelii, anilld is Iti teli bhoglilc g ofI troublesa I is imlnlt ible ft r so inlat ny local instio l niets tee harntonizttao d ne act in conCerte eto ann to giver unilormnity and stability to the currollcny. IAM A AC! IIUSET FI'TS LECTl.E "Ir)N. I Tli· C IIt, lletIi -tote. elt-eti n eHlt i et i Itnn-ttnItnennentn,,ne tdac '111 t .liidii+V, ant111. Ilf tileXII :LId ills~ l.ll willl htI·lt~ll h' 5 nllnee eie vI n ven onped it llt by Ihen ski 1nl the ir ie teeth. Til lnenoet-e-eve Il tne tlyltnll entnt- l hi eIr te I l nell irr-in. lit hlt teenIll, teeew l etan e ennieynirve lmtoinler tnn eee. I lntlh, iton tie T l ncll r lpt t lT'eleentday ie iell Ig TIlI IIP 11! I~ lE'~P I.. I: *I' I( iN.l' I I:IIIC~I Thel Irrp w+hich flh Ih,. ir s Iadl r ilia Wlhigs I a enet ne in"tetehnnnte le er in t ,, tea n i y n 'o-en.1 hie n we leamuert, t int lta nt poendeet Ientii feetleetlie.tu, h I nss or+,t I ntItI, ee. tine a i 1 ene I ee ll, l aw tee eeio tlet int th t ieln L. tent tre tel t , lll ien ' t nee:i anll e n eioltei llr n ir , rete lo te n l, fa elr t l et- tleei n-li l Ivtn lell'\ II S hl l la ,th''I-+ lllllc, tl S·~. 11 1) {,11111 siren+ 1· dill S: ' Ioll l lu* t II,I·I· ItS H v ill X slll~m tl l '. cllI1 II llt' ,' lhlri,,n,1 6'I5 Ialt n lea tr it as -e2ntetaenhi nt n M I. The e ll,:, -iV en ti k tt tr t.neors a etn re n.ne netatve i ne lct, . rf . I lnoe is s lt t i tongness by a mljonity ne e WIb n .ntnane heard fl'om , ar d e orten leads Evertt •All Nosiifll,ntil E'smix, nil Pllynothill, butrt wo o n I ,+i all .liddh ex, evut h our ogevn , lee1 nWoretejity, C lIn own,.e tne-a be'len h card fnent. The ottas lot,.te couit ~,,ilesi m e mati iotto, neltieneeIn.r leeme(0 tn s nOill~e ' If r .i ,,, n i teen lenter tetetenet,, ten DI) i . ,'|llnnt ,t t,, present l jlit . 'he r neti te nig .tentles nnttod en , last ye -l:-e 100nslir 104(5 -b II 111,11' Iile I iP f'1IIIIi, so ~ c·c 111 .11 olooooo 01 1110112rl~ 1111101 \ r1111 1. Ill Illlb( lilnll e C (101,0111h I 11111,lrie ' IIII n lli l l i nir al l i I \ l hinL Iljl 111.t~lB14 .·lll~l~ .'lilI .lS 10 ' I 111, l[: ll11 11 Il1L~. l~OlP '~I( \r I11~ Ilil ·1111(11'1(1.-) LI 11II II) I 1 11i~ Il·~I I "l 1~1 il~.11k I )il 1 111 I0U ID Il~l~l 141 'UI 'llrln.. ~', II~ ll i1,Il ci I llll(litl . 111· rl( FIIIllr col~li~ilr·1.rr~r·llod llgitldo l~l' 110111 1111111 1·) fil' Cr( lill Fllllr I1IIII 1,111111110 II1Iill llil IIIII '111 I ;llcs 1111111111 1 1111.11 1·FI Ol'Illlt t 41111(1 ' ·lrI~ $ i II1I II ( (ill I' 1111 IIllil II 11 111 11 tolitflioSr, ;lIk ml- *~~. Kol\111.o 11·1)·~ lr 1I 0110 All.II 0111111 1:11111~1 ·10 Ill IIIi1(10 111011 llb 6 C JoItI Ito15 1111.frm i'l 101(II 1mo iyo (10i,`vI~mi'il'SI·LIIICJ1 l I~-ligolllyi 11121 1111020l·· 1. Mosl l~l il'..C.11111'li IItO1 11111 l 1,1( a 1· 1111 ( 0110.' 1011~l III, 11111r .101j1 l Iyil aIll·. I n %Yuyl w C I tollF(1IOlillIr 111 $1 11114. lltll lly. O\ Ilt (llllor111o I~ril lLe\ir1lelsoth' Cl oIli I iLArlthL-a 1110~ 1t11100n·I' 110' 1111· 111th01111 p11111 lI P ll 0oir-clllr Itl0llll~lO Sho l'ltD1111 (ott 0001111001~ 11 111d [I I ltl~ll~~fr tieso 11111111 1ltilftn . hollollbtuIle~;lout· 'tr tlc P fhtltlll Ill W~ 1111101101 blyol qll·ellt hllatu 31 11(111 11lon.10(IA11111gO [(/ll ·10191( j1111Y Iiyu310 whl31oojtfixsl0; Ejul0 14011010li a AVll 11!l111(01Ill ol~ll~l ,o 1111 31lot Ittllll IItli~ 011011ll(0 td'lger 111111111 sotfala·. Wlkgelll0 ho lfloutil l~.' BY TiHE MAIL ltLO'T LINE. an BV aome nl. tltka we received nta letter trtm New len, York lali night. Wetnke front thre evening ilapers lf bet yecterdoy thefellrwintg :+ rill IA'SSACHUSE'ITS ELECTION. gal The'ojnnnercial.tAdvetimer ofyet'eredny, afleroivira hal returnn (roan a dumibe urf counties, Iran tiae lbaluwinag rth paragraph: del We thave Iatli politely fariri-hed ty Mr. Griwhld, rel onro iflie editors if the Evening Sieral, with farther to. intellieence. Mlr. (;. Irao jlls returloed flro ln tulr tt tlrouel.gh tlre Stite of raltlarullrrertt . lIe left Hottnrt ae olter the papers of last evening laid leell piblihied, eil ito uftler Ie r elair ifo' irnew. flaruo. o tle f'rty three itr fn llr o towns rliol. Bont litleh donut no id etectailled 11f' tire ll detar o cl'the able anld aoecoailhshled Everett, and thle ar election of Judre Morlulo--now , inn nger to he called ot tire cvrlatlingly orucceso'ul c ndilluter. r Fro tile New Ynrk CoCmmercial Advertiser. its TttIIl.E D)A V LATInI FIliOM LIVElIPOOL. i The! p'cket ship (xford, C:puthin l.athhone, arrivel( help I cl Ilaornillg iorut t.iverlJa, illow celr . lle shiiltd :a ain tile 2:i t I)chlc r, lrilloing rivicee fro llt t port its Ihreu du o slaer Iltnll ,erle rereiced hv th e (irltat \Vas tern.ne t'iite I)xfordhus been only fifty-three days ablaent r Claout thl port. 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IT mber of the c(:lizvlns of he! three i \ iripa il ire, Ir.t\tILL.IAM FtirErET hI.s CIon-eled to the preseothliion of hi unmi e to hi, fellow eiizeni no ti he next ensuing lll ctlinll, as a candidate for the utliee of htMyor f tile Ciiy of New OIrleans. 0I' Notu somlnoe aut(lrisoJd o nnolcer qu' Ia ldemattdo dunll grand nUmbro des citoyens des trois Municipalit.s, 'Mr. 1WILLIAM FItERET a consenli . io presenter conmllo clAldldit a la lace do Muire a la piochaine iecltion. ..j L.. U. (.Ila'lir.nl, t th olitrlation ofriany of hio friend=, has ,'onented to becoome a cantdidate for Ii. orliTce of 1 ayor of thisi city. rr Yestiierlt elnt poiorcr litare, wto wistIed It VanIn hi. s. 'I...l . +l hom], hi nt ,luled, b)I dared nott fere. Ii'uerled iI forged lllverli.e cent ill Ihe Illlllil copied bIlow, It is 'l rta. ill Omean and dir Itrick i Ih-t any f ol h-ig-ht phty-lef an gentlermneI woull le :uii]tv of-Iininll bhrlh hick of sense and lack of SI 1nci II:\Wl \11it . I' \IEl aboveh ,ew:.d will b+ pa id for informotion. that I will led to the canvirt. i,n o' it h personu or per Nios who Itollue il nivrt I-eerot to he inserted in the of Faret, Hrenl & Co.. for the tIurpose ofcrrylig Ii Ilelw () +. , . tl tio ( ' 11) ]lillorl it"rn, ufilll t!lh illrtIl'l ICi IrPrlYl 2 00 lh t fipi t' l tl , ibi .r h,.llrhe. ltill .,l ,ll - ITIIl· (tooIlh h4 hlp .llohoton, I·Ier..h hot .h.io 11 oli IIllinCl b. .I"..,f p I ,ngI-no such rolllreion having I' I Aer YI t 1trl 1ld N. 13.- T''he undrr-ien",, r ' es Itiis. pportnniyl of in .lr ill l tih i ,I l lilh tlli i t OIl e I edll in buIit ess S,,f am kind, eixe wtll 1 ilith hi. rother. n ." U 1.t:1, I,. '.)Ill \Y, 59 Nae azine t II SIN flnol hip AliAut ,,, Three Trunks mer. " 12a0tidtiz., marklk ld J II . IYrln & C, lParis: P & 1. iAny peron Imhing he amnne in their plosses: Winn, will please givei fll Italon t eo lo. 90 Common Ssretl. Ct. o I o."her .,h .h, , n h o, wage. and const', ( .ant ou.-. plot:n ut l h l t'ni l II & Ji it orV 00IE UX, ,l 97C12 m 'C, i lrr,,,,plat .l :'--100 tr.r'i i, in e r le by N l IIAZAAR. Corner of.S. CJCrleo S Con7on s rk el, TI)USI1 & lilt rit rhepttlllhil mnde hint n, il , re . .e liu li'll f lel lin ft 1111it ll C '!5 "97 l mpt £1 Ur t U. l'AlRD)--Fngii.h Mu t lonel, ilnr aller an I lo1 I A ' A A.R. lCorner of N ,di Charles t Indlos aod gntr e ri, 1V US I & AL orL r ,\o sOL pelirfll u st cll teu at tI o It llllllt ll A lih Glrll .lr, e llt 'ihde.n, r t inri t nil ilk hiiri,'e krlhiei-:" . nIni i +o tr faI : l.)E cI. PNAIIIn. 5 ro-7ti1on kgspitlllr: silktor C ottin 000. threni Slritohode , l b isidves,: Ulo rleiy NIl' IrlneIY.l oa te lsold very loow ttt cl'o cotn'ignmonts,i iolietid .Ise I,-e. t1di f so.r)t?, nth oflIndiemi end genit wril lige doskl sll ll I tcitf .telt r O eli ne' sti'tadollr,( cLooiotl'. JoW tIditglol.ftold.-tthtnt 0rint10 dI. hlto unt+e ltghy Srad, atd Si. lika.Jr -Flle hy in to me+11.t utlf 7".":""" A'B[J&I-[,F1$1 ,9?•{.tmen's BANKS' ARCADE, CITY -HOTEL, &hi. GRAND IREAL ESTATE LOTTERY. 1Pi OF 'PROPE'ItTY S'ITUATEDn INEW ORLEANS. S:IIMIDT& HAMILTON, Ianangers. 1 Ofices under the Verandah, Corner of St. Charles th and Conwnor Streets, and No. 11l chartsres Street, sare between Conti and St. Louis Strecti. T.ndI nI view of nleite wishes of o tr friand . 7'o we have ile phatusre uof alnnuncing to thle lpubl lir tht this Lo.ltery by b nuthriy of lthe State o Louii iama, u ill I, dran atur the City Exchage, in St. Louis r i Neow Orleans. IThe dawing will, without fil, begin on t'e lst lie cehber next. Oor agents throughout the union, ,villeute thi nahove Io to lh ins.rted Ilee in onelof th newsllaper of tlheir Y1 respectie residences, nlld charge the rxpenses in rtis bdl SCHIIriDT & IIAMILTON. l r CHRISTMAS AND NEIV YEA. S' GIFTS Veorandsll, St. Charles Theatre, Camlpt Street lrhealro, CaldIvell's St. Charles Areade, l-u. teli, Stores, Dwellings, &c. &c. r CAI'PAL PRIZE- ! ! Louisianos Grand Real Estate and.Stock Lo'teries. Ily authority of law ot'the State of Louisiana, 6tl Marech 1828. CALDWELzL, OAIEY &PRII'CHA::D, 3l Marnagerrs and IrIoprieeasto la Te ptizer o tte many t b ttlir onctl private builtitlntes Ich dorlon ite ,.ty ti t tf w N ra-ielr , -a no d nt l n h: t ri de t " tr ilttiu abi na lllS- i lt Verntall Ii, .it. ti- its rlr, 'it-e iltn lre, Allieinn C ~a ul rlelt ThelleI alw.l'+ I St. ChrlrI.r Artndte. wllH l iotcls, IJ lli, HItlrei I /r t,,r.n, Itllildill. ., ,ts. many enti -eullnras ,l G o(nt , ti O &LI ke., are endoy r transnfr to the holdelr u' lpiize it sAl- 3111.1 ION, I loR AMERICAN (' Ill sI ETll' T'I AII 11'. CaPITAL $ ,i40,0t ll IN 1,'91 Ilizes. !! Wtill be drlvawn :tlrt I 'iuIreehr, New i arV 11 I F', il Neaw Olltlro nlllll ill a ,dItr to -'ali, p rh r f tickrlt , tile tttll iioillti li illl in alltdl ll'd I.., tlls, antl-er - 67, r,5 ti t-kt Int I d,,IInr= $t75,230 - 1,291 PRIZES::: Si I' I":I E. Corlltt ra, r ErI, ' rrtllr n lin (;*tnrnd--rd izn t .n tline lom,,? d reed :ld rhI.r n nlll boret, 1510,000 IlThu silu >tA ntt lln lr --turf b'it:k l ni'dit n l I Id led Arll-n trnig+a lntel, lralin,'l lI. t r 4 Io Cua'l nnllo Natchez stlerls--ine Ill to +u ' to 4th 5h . 0th.10' Ol 0 ) T"'ht talnatl, lie -turv bt ick starero re I . ve stree, ,rcu lie I lt e .1 8 II & V Ittp- tI 0 kin.-t- the i -th. rlr, rd rth, t 35,oor,1 I SThlll he llllnt dwI'llilu honll.,andl lot NoI 71, 13 1R ul leel mouled h" C \I to. ll i tprize rto Ih. 1lih . tlth andl i.h, 25,000 2'MI Iurtictipilh., crnoliriedl by J MI I ll- sd prize to theI I t2I nld 4th, 12000 r \\ith 28 other iriz s at l ial Estate, rIlllkin' Xi nt i Renal 1':tl e, 11il1 ,3 of 5tlll k, nond inin, prizes t o Tli 'Ticketsa in lhe Two, lillioin I oittery. re TILE GRAND Ti:WO IIL.I)NS LOT'IFIEY. nt O.ly 9 Blanks to u Prize. lt 1 ,0mi Pl'IZI:i--f" Two, Miltl s of Dollars. t l)rawnlin theOol d pllann of Itlanlks nud sinr ztlls.l NO COMBINAT7ION NUMBEIRS. l- 1 i0,0111) T'ielkelt, at ,+0 dollar, 52"1100,010 The saclltr ineld slln ig r l- ie tie setlm . 'I'lle rXpeIto Ir o " ILle t s te rer lltlln from aIltle ali-ttluol Si or n the properly I rted i. prize,,. rnl 31) IrE n, DIRAWtINtI. r. 'the Nol. 1 t 11)0,00.1 will ibe pla, d in noe wheel. n I a Ird ltt oillllr ilrt l i trr ri !lihlllkort oId Iri,.tr- ill N Iatohinl It whe i illr drawntlr t rnrltll eI l r-it (drh.ll llII. in 1 7 Thet first latv's i+ ngltol ill JaI( ut It'y next, uluh r at I the snlpervi~ion of two Jnoudrs of('ourt-i.1 S..htlrlan. H),t 111i110 s r II ES!!a t,. r rr lllll rrrrrr t Vt-. Ir l ill 11110 t 1, 1t. The Veranishl nod mii l nUd. vah,,d at $3:00,01)O U0 i t d. The St. Clharle ' l'heatrn.r ,gr ouual, sen ir m , oe hi e el-, i,, ro dnll , a" n 410 )0,0 ire otlnet. 150,1::0 lr 0 trilr th or, Ilralli gn, entire sqirar- of " 10.0r 0 |,riz,,s .on... tinh,.. ,0 .u ,,t--0 S; 'll,.ket, hlr ur e at the e r. rd e] iiinal and S . [ hir I,. i r.vs rts. Ii 1 r * (i lN ) '1 \t.I :T' TIl -LOTI"I:TERY OF' PROPI'Il'TY, ell Sn.L tl 111 \ .dvci, cri N a .i, cc I 'it B l I -\WlN (IN T ili': I..I I)E I'I"\li I t:I , It1tl 8 j , I ,- I Ji . CKL,0n0 Ol'1IIIt 1g 1,.1Fl. I' rehr ilt ri rtn-rre irnt r- e , i. . I rlot,,, --ll, . l - |hu, ll ll rd h, rthtle" I.gi+lt lv :\cl·, l.lt h t I I 1 ýr llln • 10 00 tri itt I-a llr llt -nII it> II .11 )l N, t11l,000 rl k.Is, t t $. ti ii -'h ir,,' n p l Ie , ll,-hl l00U. l :eltl tr' I itil I . U I .pen I-I , t r Y , LIVENTI, l( a" Co., lA; linatlwa,, N W +X Yt)lily, I i-I I he rt ,cilt i t lt -, , d " tof ,i t tri n- i I I i " 'I tl elltd ,oI th I l;t·,I. lli;. I o , 1';,h~ ,,l ,, e, , lZt,"u'-. ~ol1t I i an8. heh , e1 jmr lh atth J. 1t, r 'o,', " z . a ih I - e-l t r i llltf I 'nI o I -'ll - Iin oil i t I r r t 't , usir r i i . I t r:r k, . + i i , tml n ori the it n ic will e tte t S hul,+ t , t ii it nel . t lin ti-ne ' c The 'r c ll c l e r ,'lrre.d i the litn pt . te l lti e r e , IA. I ezrlrerat, r-t. .i ot i. P r-. - i i h Io ernies which el-brace the itspll lire uit zs it, it+ la ! .ottcrr. ... -- - .. O I'Itt--I i ua t , o - t Prize--''That "in u.di, ,t "t t.o'r srm s brick building, I.,now n, II h , t'Al -', in (ll . all1I -tI~-t. i l - t 11ntt t 2t A 140 |.*ti* lil nc llte o ll ;r,.ll , ' - II,-rI1 and It1 l ,,l II in, Ih - Ii Nna . y(. St. 'T'his huihlhn prod,: t. n++,. a et.$.i7,10Operno ad t $ r I . ,l O Ir illll n a l ll lln [ l'lt II ei Ih Ill ~, II) i I Ih i 1 Ihook, ll Inl Its rentt will, ta n ate v iv ', t - h.a in.essed to filly 11 114-it .u "a ld tls pItr atnnl" a.,im a t $7t 0,000 Pri te-'I'h t -l. lta"nt fotur itoi brlall lulld. it u rl n Lh-hop a IIo il,-t Ill i, L rir lel l llrhlrl ill, l-l :1111 Itthe e nserof l'al 1 Ileas: t r I li lljt tt iii tat Andlll..l11 lkel III mei l llli Cu . .1. and bel e lln the Inos ycrevltal ,1arI of th, cliv, cia sha ll, he . et..t.d tolllhir.y l tl ld do "It" r - Um. E-aini.h ai t o $500,00 Prize--l e thrft e t ntti Itullk datill, . IouP, 'No. 311) o nllel naIh. lI e, Illl ealltltl t $;.lla dN TIiI111ul- a 11000 I Prize-- 'le thtle., ..ory l liu k dwebliog hi adIed dll s l:ill $'20,0000 l s'ri.e,--'r l three ,l.r'." hriek dCvellio_ hIIoII.,i No IC), I, 1 1 I, li nd f'i ( ,l o .t9, u11 ilctallihll l stret I lll i ,el l t ht ld t-r. lliualre t l. Isin0atited ait $911000 Prize-ThI dettllng h Faal. Nl . L -arll1 Past corner ,f I.I-in a1, Ci-inil hlous .al lerlt,1 Ilc ")ll ef .11 ( t-t rloull In C I , II ..ie -ll', 1 c o I t 1h 1i on I1 I llllllhu e tllll e" t s rn e ; allllls ll| 1 I li endIPP hunre .l Oih l,.s . IL' t ed lltl $2lll, I 1 '00 P'rize- i The d.rligl hbl,.e.k \ .24 -hlll-h N.,.. a i in, I( ,v-l ltr 'l-l. II iA. at..:" ii fp 5lt 7 il' je I |ltt m t t 01tllll.P streel; rented It filth-P', h e lt t d toll tr. it Eliae d at $N 15,00 N Prize--Tdhare s Csnal Ianlk s,,lh hou, t P N o.:ri on Ita ,,a l .I~et , lb tl e. 1,i t :r1,0t t tllit l dtItht litliliI l, l tItnila. duri-O I1feet I 0 ar ti l tiy.k.. , tI{v St t a It r 19 Ito 1 it L he.4 in dep h r nl Tl'iialed at l15,00 r arit iotfu shares Canal Milak ta.a k tattut I P Uzt-.50 si imre M .echa tict' an tI ' tua. n kI'r at of I'11 I'rr.e s of 2.- " ;aIlpt, v i:10{0)I 5 ahie iore in cLiIh J iv ui"iz e r n 111 o r ` |l,,ulk S,,f ,r'a., 121t ' O I .J I |'ll "d of ii,' Li ght, 2; 111, I iz a 0r t i' k itn th balrnc, I0 uniu I, n shrll he a n dfe at , u,1, f lhl . "'i o... of p eies \ ow i lIkIg vlllk. PIh i to lake til e :,toll e l . IIill" l. Ior the p[r t ,luehril ..,o l in com l r sh.r r I 11()1)1. 0 IA I%.TO NG.ewOrlans 101 A 0 Iekvm, fro m wil- o11,"(,wll O il ppt ;,I+ roid e is, r Rasinii geri i a i my or dlt si rel to id 1 es1 tei I S ck follnrotlrllfah . iApiS- [l, 9 "i b y e C: ounn,111 steil,.r l , it o. l (1. ntl {lflutll d·rrs .. i aldrll s. llnding Ir. a ol pni J t','ll1kh . sllyu ol"I Ill-h - al i t. BlIDI. Co ~~ 2 4_+ "m 1" O aJ r I,-.and a a / l-Two ro,,bnt oi 'thse ae.'nrd fluor suilnhlllo tr .° fhiers;napply 11'i he Iprelnisaes, No 21 (Cnamp Ltreet, at lhe Vire nI ' iallsaurUllea -.lice. o C e I -lie three story brick ltuoa No. 87 New N ,lePrs rl; t r/1a.n-agi,, a gai co awa.lraitiaiy.' Ajqayto a. 118 '1' V iHYli L i1it'I'yl'i is C. /.aTO lE lwNT. w "1eTwo i};nd land well Initshd o nuuvS , for 1 clrr'Ia. apply t1 Iha corner of 1)eIard a 11c- and The Verandah--St. Charl/t .Th'eare-Cnamp /t. Thtautre-aaaldwell' St. Ch, rlesArcade--Htelus --Storens-Sqar.va of aGr una ge- CAPI'l'.I. .111Z, 5 !! [ OU SI\1NA a.\aND l1II:A,,\I Ed'PAPTE AND) ILA 'I'ti)cK )'I'TI .hY1, oalce corner of ('iaa and at. (:hl.,rl e . sltr l's, autholized by. a law ul the baate, 6hi/ i.c I I82. 'rilE IIA.F MIILLION, or Caplpal street Theatre , Illotrl . 1891 P ;zrs! rI'lw s O1 l 31st l)e8embe r , N\ew it 1ear', :ve, and fi aalei in oIr drawing. nI T1I2IE iL\aNl TI'li lI.iitaN LIOTTERiY. 1ll,000 P a zz's ! ! ! I Ai'l aianlmt .. lre rawling sson a-.a 1s Ipraclicnble anft 1a the Fil loa try. T -n ,\n es ,of any bnnka in the UI niaon, a hla h a i l· . i!ll Iliellv ll l ,l/ly k l il th is C188 they l h, i ,ndl1. , w ill I Pre r=¢i'ived il tle Inl niei' .lr'l' kf ,ls, 1hiicl l n the llalf I iihiWELL, O AKEC Y & PRITiCILAIID. I! 2 __ 'Irla'riethrS .l" M on,/t' cr. ( -1.At- 4 N,. i. -- Tj ll IlHalf ltillion or ('8lllla Street lI heatre Class of t1, Ih .oI i<inna ( I )ANIJ 11AI.. I ES'TATE ,NI) I'Oi'K iOrl'I.ItYY, will ioitively le draan on the 31st I l.elllbl.r,1t, w 7 a' .llrl ' IE:vI. CAi, 1)W' I.,, 1.\0KIV- & PII ITC'IIAR llI. S n10 (illir. corner I ",annI and St I 'ht. h ss. H,,K NOTE ENIIAVINI. A RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON a I 1 .1' olen,,d n1 . llice in N.,,, 11,hans8. i o sse ine ll p i l equal nIdvll..tures wlith their hmlliSe in New Yolk, I ar a IIhe 1 . , a.,1 of lra'.hl, an l )t. ini g Ia-k -oi,, ('llks and other ilnsllll t pap.- , trI.i . rill s.Cr ril nul:illt I", l rr el l; 8 h111;u l ha lIe niJe amphIle plnviilson fort ih I"'f kee>P1 in 1' i ll ! 1.P. and, ' 1 h , in plssion ll e ll l ed to htlleir ca ; lh.ai.a .I ta11 lla llarpllacrt h 11qta u of 'v ri e I nnn'81 ti l,k.e Imildll b hkler llln l Lthm , and 11 ~1 ,L ,is wil l e -x,,.eul td th ,r , on plitu.de, (n t n l a8 e u1- I 11880. 1 1, orn..r of Raoaal & anal 1r rin N l all/aaao-l, niS v ime r I. 11113.-t LO i )NiO 'ilTllllll OllI , I N1 ia ti. Al ' t' ilizeoi llll si r hy ,.IAMS & \1 1l1 'AI I,. i ON-.\ 1)e' IP I'lTER O AOR ER \I) I':fIi-'SIiU II<I I Ali 1 I .Ina t Irdl . ex tL --hil p iialia . Irast1. II.I d" ln i i30 asla I ndl..lon Il . a tnt, ....c i of 1i I1,r ,,, i1i . ,, /,r articalea. an f r ta. l . S AS' )I( II L-A low bl 111 the l 111 Illn.i / C6,1.8l88r Oil, rct'81e1 +.lId for v hoh,.il+ or retnil 0 00 wh lrs * I r 1,"888) 11by it It IN N.1111'1." Pd fir, . 1 " ,.- o b . II 1 1 I lit. I I I i., ra vir l00 ,Ita 10 I H:1'Y - ll.a.-1 i rcitltorele by s T V nid Ii / SEY, IN' -i I.eviea A I(i )-alaIi . keg 11( -1.1. ,, t, , I i r ( e ex Iit- Jlo, . ta o, ldr a-a-l . by i , I h1 . 1 \ C , , , al l . l a .r , 1,' h_ ( Nl i < - 'tur .rin g. a ex la-ap John ia lea and r aa ONI il ll) JJ1111.33Graaairat ' I 1- ; hoxes White IIn)I v , i. store and for [ 11 Ia n l b Ipian. la Iat n .h w Idi per I a I hi/lilllll a Iy r .'lr -nlal ey I l ' 1)10'012 l47 L-eIr la-/Ih.--- ) -Il 1 " 111)I.I:--01 1 - o10 ,s - r .11 itni, 1 ],il S-I I a " Ia a aAt/r, 1I l0 rn . I 00 1113 Oa l1 1 lIa '. 1', - :- a ' ..-.. . . I r SI H i ao rl ; I .l ,n l 4 1 - i ri I/ .. ... a N III a,,, ; a , l,,,l., I... 1:0·1 l'- 8 i " I ',+I )l ' ',i f .,l 1 nl1·: ,lll 1 '1 . k, ,t i I rll ,- It+ 1 III.5 I: (i ,l I t f . 1 \'11 8 ) 8 1,i, " r -i h, '%" 0, 1. \ \'\58 .!) I st \I. ..... a - + ly h, .l + I ; ";II ' ~e. ,)e," 11·; .18 d.. 11, 11 ;,,1111,1 1'I 'l \ 'I 1 .. 1 I',,I n Sj !I 1 \1 -- 1 1 ·11 ",1"'. 1 . \.., l,,, . I' 1.,..1.." I'i ."," L 1. 1,. . 1"11:, I t. I r , I,~~lll m ~ RI, - .1 1. I, I1 "1 ll :k, 1. 11..' ,..I. a, t1," 111..1- , , .,..il I ll. II ' a \ Si 1 ;, i ·· ' ~ .\ 01 . 11. I.I." I· . s'. , , 11 a~lrr t:, 1(11 1' 1 1:{1, ,,'x' 1111\,11.1;I.1~n'x I'l I II u , I,.I,-. 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Will Watch, Mr Do Bar I 'i lyu., Th Huntlsly illgh 1ltjlliuii' •, Mutto e tublilriddrnlay, a deliff DuDry, Mrs Sumbe ITJ lDors ,. Ieat --PierlurallaUes to c.mmsete t 7. o'clc k.,0 TA C11D. CAMP STREET THEATRE. l.uas Night Nht Three. .' r..IES St'IUAII'P lioull mull reel ertfully Innounc" Jl Iohe te citnu lo m New It irleans, undltmlogern ge.urelly, Ith.t the Alunaugr hia heel leased to le WEO)NEMo SI)AY, llke 29111 November fi Ilec FIIIST ItrlEFI'I' it thide ety, and trll thl sleltilel. fur ftlnt oe'.siin, whi will lie duly an. It'enl itl t c l of the dny, will -lkee with perrl lewae i irlee. rll llhlclice ouh en ,wd c ien. a' 2t WASHINQTON BALL ROOM ST. IltIII TII STEE'T, nETWEE R OYAL oAN 0sSouNlon aTa • r'll.1: WINA(lI. tlf hie Wuahliltigtan Bell RIoem '" rethallfelly irlct, his fri nid, aie.d the public, aie Ithe ahi,, ticnlciiedr eulhbliRhmInlt will apen for heo i.e It, hy uruing, N 'ivember 4th, 109, by a GItANI Ifl;t1 AN .I) MASQUEIIADE BALL, od , c ill eucti ir, ihrcighaii the ceuluu every Monday i lethleusdiy uand ynhtrcliy even.ing feteh week. Admlilulce For (ietlemeil, .$2 0 ire r li.u.rh , ),rt. lll, 1139. IIE Mnaer ofhe I. 1,I.i o lall Room, r.. l eietlllly ilifirle, bI hifreld. ad .Ihe, a•ller.r ietI rg'1rllv , lliul ie hc h eIlrll idu' ce l( given ae I 'I+I.I. DllllSS IIALLS, e.l lhat hle lirkt ctcI. rill take ilace or "lhurday''Eve. , lill - elSixl, cllh itthngll. Iha.mm'r elil hl ilc.l',eedi i lhe ltil oouuum with. his hia Fur Getlemen $12 00 i \NSlION IOUSE IIOTEIl,, UIAVANNIo rlllll~ iiu~hr, icr,odct ti~.tentopcrhrtrircnr ibis well T~ki*II -,I gto dtlmnof IccenMe '_ kn~lwli (·*Iilldi.huII'nl . (:1nlh( 11?d10he i0 illaIai R~ll ailllaltr l Ilis upia s NtlPoI1 . Ie. 119, hwvole c holior ic' :,lihlllli . IO? bhe 'iC, IhII IlPir genie-I eit and I I I a ict oli l cthiwr 1111111 ih i wir Ipltrnettle, 1 ad v;allt'' ges. aslllet'vtl t by th c ho u re ior crellcer . fr its I Ilcuhl,vot, ilvioritol, . l¾.nre & r' o well known thati it is 1111n1., 1'*.11r), 11o el)UII eralel them.I S1l-lv ' itNYdiFULT? ON. d la Ilubanna. SOeS infraceritos nuevos prptrietaris del bles Sc,.'ihld (..Ietablelcinicnto nombrando MAN jION ttOU-t, a tocdo on la calle de l Obirapis, Nici. 119; tiiclct el lonlor do anollicir al publieo 'tie itcs clll.yortl CillrlOo y Itoncioones moran dedi ! rcad++ ii comllhllcer it lc piroona que le e favoree Sc11 011 piu iltrocillio. I(a Vlrliljann que psoe diE n cld Io,.a Icc ar, ic lagi'rl't tUin, to pOr no localidad, c indulid, tc tcet o00 tElt conccllods, qite cc iin 1 "let-ly CUNY & FULTON. A N 'Ic-tSION IIIIUSEi HOTEL, -i il Ilctcinne. I ] o S .vllix illr.Ililt li. ilpridtniron d I'-- liih i1 •1l nd1, .11110 dolts hi riu e do hI Obrapi a, ' No 1.1), c-cll 2ois 1c nocn d. MANSION I1 iUI., U l,,i 1ant 0honnll r d'ml'brmer le 'mI liC. qu'ile c uI ir, iin. leerIc I·t.lr ,lcr so lurhoi nogreablel SillX I r-l)l(i( s I I i ve l ttln r ,nl l b i on Favo ri ,er do . SI.ith e I .· : i:'llllllli i litii r uIflrol e tle nc li. ton *oto va.I t cocsI'L CoUctioca •pour no, S!1t1n Jtrr 1_ n1kC Lt lAl' , ir, l i (i l detail. S, i,--ly ('UNY&FULT'ION. 101 HIO!S ci NlI:"JI Rs IIOTiLS, STEAMth i AT'c'.c, a Id 'OUNTIlY DEALERS. F tin j l. I-ti : - nH nw 1 i inI di Cl r'neiri the r h, u-,+ t ,, w w·+, - l i.n_ u , p lie . , ly 01ih o l, hilcn n.cl es lb iiiilc't ierc ire, lil.I1 t l~ lix ,++ l~ l lr'-, ill ,%+ 1Y. 17 t II++ ti nll l''l o.8_ (·I,,11 ,,(1 I,, l .t'. I+ l,.l_.ly I., III,(1W I.l & CO - X7J A3O-WOAO J-+ I jql+,l ii c. ..;?' e i c "I tif Tii I.mit IPapr is c t,,-tlo prioted with acill i typc ci i" p.i.i t d-eijlt ciIIcd onii oleelt, at $1 per inCnLi, pilayaibl rio o ollcnnlotly in advnnce. The ItRIr c:IKL" PiPFrc, Contliining Ite reoding lcattler f two llilhu, $10, Inpayable in adesnce, i icwhcrotociiy rellcfrl1e ic given. 'T'lie .VE ceKLy 'tRuE AMeIRICAN, made up from the icaiylr Iprsc duricng the eek, will beo ent io nil. scribcors who p:Iy $5 pir tncUo ill advance, and to norl ot!Itor, itllllets an accptable city reference g i c givwn. oubscribtcr repectfiolly solicited. JOHN GIBSON. , New ORI.ANsi. IMAY 1839, *TEIAM BOAT BILLS. Si\Nt' 11 , . N.X'.Tc., o Ir tI'TnAIN fSTEAM 1llF 11 'I IS #rnhteoer.Iillncllenlctrh in cc c core (cee r, d Ilici oc I'lihl or Colored lnper,cwit~ dodespatct, aii on fneorable 'erm, by leaing their u(l'c.toT- ncl'lUI AMItILICAN OFIICE rene** le 'oylrl alr d Ii . liorhI s otr7ect COTTON CIRIICULAR tE 'I'I.IX' 1'1:1 l)EI irth thte Greatest F.xleditiont and, no s/tl' cnosurlcJ'ed in NEW (ILELcANS, or eila 1)c.II ccS Ircf al(i.epcrcliP Ro ih Si. ClhIee En Ilcllic,, (Coe nrc cf cUrarir SI. ) oe I TRI Ie I .llRItCAN.PtIINTING Or'ICi(a I orlr ,,1 liiroci alr d nlSi Charles rllette, uilbe ci . ' oit lt/Ic d dli." lrICri JEWELRY, ac No. 16 cHolEo.c oiiETr, & FUIl. Ac.ccrie,'l, i,, t receivedcanoistirg of 4n eec ,ihc' h.eket.,lacrcbclr..h, hoper -illg, geld dIhillbh'% ir 'lIc./ilrl fl, oW i rd choicer neale lUilt Loc., wiciiillleri llc.ccrctcnrlltl itodli neil, allltlt 1u., Ill cc:i tcoiert cIllni;,tllt oolh cnd tatblo bloibop, IIIIt cil.ld r llIlr a CoIectIPlrksotl fi Uilt biketn, curtl SI..i hr.ne iaId hicold, all tlhe chovreaolliic will be -'ol irnd rio the rii'itioltible tcetlc'. N. II 'l.i llrl fot gLini o willlowr. Sideahelves nlid -how can.e, ILr iole. Plle.ae call at I Charres o At I'ON & i, No. dl Olt cope illret, in addi r li-ln ito ltlilii loii eCr Rick.hove t rellceied'lrom Elg laud, eiir hi ·I Ch1I'hcsor, Edwihl,, udl tllonulnum, andby recttlll ntrivcls frIc lll i ht ' nlorlicrl Lities, ito fotUllo ig - c-cit tiOIl oi IlilrdwlretIrln, StIeol, lNail, Anareoh . ir (hiiu tl c toa cat L.cch, h IaIII &c. ittchi lhe; orer ll ri oale oit itcolcllicil iiti' toltt- - IItAt1li\WARt. rec.ict ioturo col llic, lil.en d asr t/,ln ceudllkeund lu,.k;.tehlan d' ; ,,1. I xt. I m i $ xws ;c a uttersel hiaen. If aut's ....... ari aixes,'s.u*. l'l' paten ... H|unt'1 biroadl n. It cdultxi, h iictn cssc iotLlle of con dielooln Cin iai x u·i tll d I dozenll clrl l e l haxs Ideb ollell r ' licicirt llrll i t Lt, •LIti c, .Oclbteg town; bl. ek lltoN,.S ,TREFIo. &c. . 100 t o s. filo , Iooqu t iti ount I 1onic' Balg km nre boiler li oc itoocllll dh clla one l ,noted, 1i;Itso oie l kruind i ict llc'o Iitltc; iCice, cycico, n.,. rted kicwie tcItI t I P Inrln ii'l c rr .) lill l i"teret o tee; Baencl Ilin; phl Le 1ine ; 1,lelllie .n l pig, illi: olum cll o a d lal.e. ictc let/ic .c tii •io noolnla* S' bci' c Ic nionil; cckciin Uec -ocrle'ko nilloUGk erbih AIi H; cic l t Ao:lINc It.cc.ro. ie. IAnl c lrho'r IIor t ll-it e r i r l i iz I bet0n " It a . r e ci goccct I nll c cIll. ,ioothcill i ohtesa lirte cd ellr giclloE. 5 t ti cooctsl~lr 8rich Oceciec too'I~ rnrrrccn;ttcei'c benad nlIl 0 L lllltl i l llo lllrc e" ttictt rlli Iii' I t o l. goiti iiccr ud llbt Il ht-l Itl Is, i on. tilt ccc filt,+ullk .tloc ii cili iccoil toctit Bot~timoen,$ bel! e '",ii hi/ci iiit- iiolivi h ti,; cl r ice; 'lte nlo hcrir tzn rel~illn rIpv+, fillll'ih'lrl? I;I kiiOld+ll ld .ollll imr ilbol~lrile - ahulhil I btll d t-i11;111+, iTLII ll ti itrh ! lO; I(Bi n J1('l ll flne i -~l iiiitiihctoiiictcih +t'gr chi !titiilod itti hatocra1,! Still keI'cOct i tld, li c ll -cccttl feoti lre 6 leeks "// occ- ctiric ~lit i -j+''iec ciictilie ' llilkep a • *Qcs+ Mill-ti/tI",' 0l~~lei ActIN 8hlS dcc. 0 hl cc .'.1 lrhi et c. 'Icl'iliert tt.ciloltl..cIcnI Icc hted et doe El( pi; I llSlt lli I, I b Irt lt Ari l ththllltr m Tl." .e nl il oit" tcitii + la r ite iccct h titt c:ud,, I. .. . tic o cc .lboc. eic.cc,.io itlr tlliittitt'ttc B loiouinalt ii ii li . ciodlocoY itoc; erIn.IIrce ci tie'dloioitcict/i1krllriti 11 lll~toicc O'licceet(l II(UICti(oI iiliti''ittiiiituuicoi c1I 5 c:~·i tic.itori Scole' 5 do eMS~i· Il1! lirc~ra~ ictrl 3Ito, ilil;r, o pnolteft l 5*1 hra llt sct*tlltel'critN, d. e "24 C

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