16 Aralık 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4

16 Aralık 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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WOOD SCREWS1, SAD IRONS, &c. T TIE HOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Buckman street, New York, have received the past season, and are cotostoitty seceiving large and oxtensive additions to the stc'k of the above goods, which now cicicts of tih: allowing assortment, suitablo for the southern and western markets. Hollow were of superior quality consciting of about 1500 toos, viz, Pots of 22 different sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, "Kottles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Nettles, 15aioec, from 30S to 18 gallons, Bakepans or Ovoen, 7 different izes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . - 5 do Flat Spiders . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 do Oreddles, - . 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 dt Wagon boxes from 1 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inches. SWeod Sorsew, 20,000i greet, iron ond brett, frtom W:8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior 'quality and finish, and less than Jame's imported prices. Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. Tailor's and hattor's Irens, assorted. Sash weights, 100 tone, assorted from 1 4.4 to 301bk. Bells for Plintationa, steamboats, churches, &c. stade to order, Also steamnbcats and other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods it particularly recommmttddeJ to the attention of Southern an( Westerte merchants, and are offered fcr sale at low prices, and upon tine most liberal term'e; it i t e lieved to be the largest and bhut assortment ever offered for sale by any one eotablislontent in trh United States. Merchints, by forwarding a request by mail, con bave a printed circular. with dlco rqptin of c'ood, prices and tertus, f'om which no doviation is Deer 'nade, fthrtiaed fty return of mail. All orders will receive itmtediato attention. Now York, 1838. p 3 Pianote IFe irstrurtton. William Smiti tenders his servicts to the ciii, sons of New Orilans as a teacher if the pir o fore. Mr S.hoving been emplyid severai vrs aso iroaher of mnusi in private families ioo i v olt and alotat several dl Its fret, 5e emOiiiiieo to tie viciety; cannoat but hoon to merit thceteit Pc, cofic. He ist permitted to refrr to It, v Dr Cl pp, Meet' Mtewan & Avery, fleictreon R.: ece re. For terint, & piese oappyi at too bookstoe el Alexn derTower,49tC0.mp it - l 2 t ESU tARDEN SEED-lice roiten r begs tt ojpress his eratoluo thanksito tohe p 1"cfor the liberel support he has tee eiced since r stcmoiseared buhites is ete tcicy. titn_ soe pti prtet"'rvkthle seed store, 17 Commecn stre t, ,e not and~pever was agent for any norhern seed vendert neither is ie conneeced with any beet in thi.rcotnrrh-bet fie tesure fthe public tic lie sosne'ntonein every department of thei teed Ihc neps, ti the different coucnries of E ope arcc it cci to thatof qany hause in the United Slates. l1 i~e jae'ttstaceds. plcnts, &ec. from the most tensivr ha.d rgepecstoble nursertre and see tesoe in Fc a ce, cl4 elhse, ~England, Scotland and tics no ther -.smt wut it silst all ittoes be his intrerest, as cl s study, tee reteive, in addiisn to Itc presento * tteckrge s ar iste of every descripcion, reollu t' c 'ioesh l 1838; also, engrafted fruit ire t, of ail rtdfTitrt ppblic may rely on findig a toil in. n o ever7arerte in the seed tnee, o gencs lass gqttly4and5ml teported direct by * Win. fINN. v. T d. CO., respectfully inform t i i c c aneld the public in ,enerl, that '~_, {y eepy eneew brick shop, 219 Tleuipiteulac ~eotre i;'wl(ttheykeep constantly on handc ucppr, Siq h',e: et .oe Ware, of every detoription, hsie s aceppsretiltebottlee. and pn n ^ ý 05,rIasaseat ne l 4erc fdtic .' . b"O h8a ntev caa4e,tt,. ci ' kinpd pfslueal~atei ore , atk, ,sci ~s flaet ll else.de@'.lLhiit'a of into dcir mehoees nirio, popper dd ti n e'tic Pt g irer ,,i , Aq They atbote and all at "c dit ! .we aut _Uoftr 'lot ..a tlsipess , they waill exncute at tie * ". j, QA 1st Sthftitde street, between . ýase :oý4ob' lie k#fos eonstsntly on hatn xtOiiItwbtla.fotist enbfbo'leensteed brogene, sad Oietehiwhp etw.Yitr manufacstfrei'raraen, aree tate i tee will op.op of, it !{ "t etfC7 Vat cee menles. hI idet nsecoe seceding eatt order eec 1 vee eiheas ettraded n to 8 6E W$ OUR Swohunoln A,,l Id i 'le j Allo In Ile Is,'&n~i,vitvp ryt l~ ''OK til h 'i, &. ("cain1"1 n to va,'lln aypanti s 'lalooht fr :lil'iiliiit o ll il Ijinsao liiI. W o An ."ti e r II II I cat' Ink I l a 3n on'.Ie Iill '. toh r a II or~ I"~ nIr' II N 'i1:t juniI L Irilrh Ir l I'"','1 i . '10 K ',\ 'o 'I Iv II N4, r l.:II b tu b k l1=, o ne , se. - °, . I hiir line , en el se, lioe< ,r l o~, a .k cte &c &c reelvedJ uud 111 We." o lln ohti h.N", I IZ I' ct s 1 II W :i1 G~)lS-;;nrinal Ml li .\r n co re now re d viia , fnh r om ilku l h, rJ nd l wrie 1'1,11 , ol Srnia on & line . in tin so lin les, 1 lob t It1,_ tilro iutb la thei matohee, Seirllitz ponders, {ow derpoli:" anor boxes,ti(I . IIIe Locket ho k al -.I ," lt, needle 1,1ok1, -D ll, pearl, rt bed, neckines; unot ne_11011;, I ,ld t Len I In rlet'boo re m SIc itt)e ,-ll e 0lt rtle usr totn:l o r -il' oeady, e l o I rel lepoi lr eo t l toltI Tt, ril el l)EI 'eeol ', LL and l .t .1111 le _.11, to Il:. ir I ffillitnll. In pe ri, r v t t e ' , ~I brB-li nt l ii re ,t jetil'e h pree sri o ibetty rc 1 t red e l at e a s t Be i t 11 1 :.1,d ' . t'i p I -cvlig C;d.i , tt o p Ir elitll tip ur z den us le h e r ' ,: ' n u eor I.vi-1" cor. IIt .il er .' t h; IIcohut pl oo l - r Pl stotly C"ope. n or odor , ; , d dr c 'rodI( ; j .Ito g , Hn e ot, s i . rl( .' I: 11, ,Oioi" A hook, Lecto-ore 115 m ~idwe-r to aIlny' 1,1, .11 n,,flutI r Itrtorr Il Iturer tore t I I:.t '' Ir - j i'oogie Ieturtro oo Ito-I m-it-IergHsia:O 11; Do So toert , lp.,itu 1,o I' Aldieex eo . ido ,51ald :to ,eat lo' -lo It ryt.t , Mtt0 tonl"" h ner l, ro Lný w'ep,, , n, 1_ cttt ")' t ie r le, &, ti Do Nr 'olrr o, pr iod ell nt of tlh, .tt'dti t to Medicab e, e ea t' ,to l ad iAt ele, lre rtvoth e lm i I 'Olea li ; phi redttolbou 1 rn V elpeal Oil rU101,11 5P1nul New 1 Y Ior I Ir.h D 1.ild \ n i)1 ci E . I'l tonpirS itioten C tt'o&. l e ,lie, S ue u'tt l.o t proiiSeoJ 'ee el., ty St Itio N i r, It ot to iNew u meton, o A ed or o , l .reb , t.etI'la! let i o iro , ko II.o \l-ale-Urby 1. e Hoothplie Dnd Mallory, Mornp; hes II IVI ie. t jetro'attetl a~r.nd,ý M ierool It reiiit0 1 Weo eod,, te aon, atiorrervitle, Dolt ad ,.'IieI~t t or, N to ll Moe lirey (ed oHramiltoo do; Si Lr It, iltorene, 1 [Ilkol o'aioi',A itr too te s l1k bs eaio ofieqi-o o; s ptl; rIV ,Yo y I-thor, r te1eIi Elrrtol, oo neO I), lotte aitt, lioourer Ktiat\e~t e5i1.10 iI"OOpitiii, Ile t~nilotal, am, unit Stere tree 'e~lnnbsite ,, icre, nner ooo.Iddg o- 'l'oeu,"1toi . i1'nn.Oo.110 1 ijit, 5 Isp dn seiodri iailtouer io (,role. ('trpe oidco's inioe i te matd ; abI le A IIIENy ttCe)tom toe. - .IVry, P b. 3 v av j 2 i ,iii i ia re t ini ýuiic Ito, i' tll i teriei A. ol r - thi e of iii ht hini r ht l il n oninvnritbly cross i i i ar ii thout envi I bevene iioiigvi eflnaodedtby $2iniist'i iperii ene il he bde, ani miil ni'ts ixi1eirt 'htl+.."Ives u necnuuom o te-ther i ill afs be. lao ri It. sr".I t n down the river, anul will penoiptiy eail a; ol-' They have ha Iom . finweinhedl twrouarmba.;tiýons, !t undsht lesf the fthnlipt dilty ill "!,(I" he tuulhrml s id e ivi tiention paIi tleolurl ohnds at lionic Thes~nýt o price of wnhin pnaceap it fxe,] ft 4') , uiih,:lt et w-,e or It lil'r.ve u'! imr rtclrA C01 N, 90 Common st The .bils r not ncrounita l f ir brronkaeo f ill nse, hoillowt til, nahe or crunote.ric togprag of tiu, rust t f iron or swol, nor le94 unsi'"10leil ant packa_" or p F lillS L.1I'NE ill boe oompo=e at~l s~vrn whios, which I lw e It n 1illo ing tiher, viz: , It \\+i i tsiri0 [ "I11,ii oi.iv . I~l N.i 1, 1l, 1 iii i 'oiiti Nvdii viblienn.J N WilsoH v inte ir ship laub rni, I ,,(,,,nll, fimi-grr. Nett. hi Gr.irtJ IRutstll. n~aslr. Tihie iSi are il of thr ohat el tnq thr - seneri 1 ns>rp1set ILl civot vtio end 4etirh tud chly clov itmo led. I lis ,irat ,I ol (uniity wii ilvi ,sered ito dlae :1, Io Stus livert,, d, ad eyes resemble nout tie'n extende to I p s .sul vna-eligtos. ii freight or lea" ii9 t 1y, to leee vii tl siiii vi, I't.i'I ieoe 111,viittotvvv,vv(1Ciiuiv ,avit Ug tiloagii.'liiai-" iii p iiiii FiiR NNii i ivliioK. [Lotiisinnt and Now York Linn of Packtis I; Ships coi poiiat q thiii linai wiit- sail ciri \o,% Oil an, anti Nuw York on every oltlwr 1otn day-ciiininctii oi the tiv Nemiii er-ii t to insure the puitherhly in it's tieo ifssiitiin~ the Iln will b reatfter consihtoftit :.hips, viz: Ship Y~tzoo, Captain Tlrun.k, to lovte on the 2111,h Novemberr. Ship L~oubiv,!h*, Captain P'alter, to leavn on the 4lth D)ecetminr Ship Illnnivtilet, Captain Elridg, to leave on the 1811h I).cember. Ship VickiburI i, -oinin Woodhouse, to leave on f Ie l tt lotu Shil 1 issinippi, v',plain Davie , to leave oi the 15th1 of .Ianwoy. TCho abov art fiall new, of te. first claps, copper of I nil copper C!,tenel, tol it w~now r of 5!+1 Ions t of ght drrngotofwater, Aring Miil ýin New Yotlk .xprres Ir Ir trade. TCoe price of p [omen is fied at 100 timer their cciv s are linet~d Ip in the, ltivst itipr-vit i and convenirt .1 ti s ll ilti d in 10.1 ti aini elgt,, i tyll AIple strius ol yhe firi guailihy "iIa be prevaled, and every !'tela pnUt to the e lnirt and (1 tir, sattifA~ction of pasel "rs, who will please inks oo. Lice th:at no berth c.11n ku st'cuiud unit) paid for at the of'ee of Ithe cmisigne"s. ThIese vessels err cointatldedf by c'tptainn well expetri."nced in Ihu trade, %,b(, will g vo evoty 1l tentionat i w1 ot'rt thrtmsel ves Co ocuommotdae. I'uTh will .11 ail loges the tos iln ndd vtIu lliosi sippl by steamtboats, :,nd the .trichest punctuahly oo r'"I it. the limo o!' -0111g. The tenes of (best. she s will not be responsi. In1 foir any letter, parcel or packngr, ,sent by or poi oil uwIId of them, mil.. :I tegular i'll of ladhrty be tig,- wri hrelor, at Ibo co~nuing bion of flt getor ow tern. I or fa lll s ntet apply to J 0 DMN N.A COHIEN, nov?1 90 Commn NEW UlLEANS -N %ID.LTfI11ORE LINE OF 1':\Ch l I S. 'T'is liar, will coon[.[ of the fullowing~ vok~s is wh lichl huve beln built or purchtasedl expre:s'y lot S the Iradc, viz: Ithrk Mary, a Nickerrnon, ", Ira,! merry, now 't 1tvrrt, ii Sth!titan Natus~t, La Lu1thn, 111-ig, Ar iltfect, (:r., y. These vet'elo arc of the first class, hanve handi tls tlo i ..r 1rn she :cn s t dot tit "Av, m .rii e ; of b 1 ht' 'eir "' er to tin ! i Ia Unol, iilliti rely. 1'rei,_ht will be taken 1'ur ports ,it the ('heoap 'l" fi , oel' River, nd f rtvt ed by the ag Phtl 311 "rs. CL.AIRKl C IiI5,LO.GG, if Banltnuuo tex j-svson "'ono slhipped % Iwi he adlvan "d we reilarod. Timeu price of inn goi is fixed Il shff" fit bpt.e t fiot sot~l quthty will too prtovident. Sl't p and down thec 1lissialpipi willi be talken ni :I occasiols. F"or iii'lit or passage, naply to nov91 .? lilenvil e St. ni-itt t1 i i Ni - lt Cii \ili, 0,i- fl: . I i i i litn tI ,- i ,,,,, ,n, fo li ttf 'nu "I i -it'' tit.itit - it' it '. n1 . lI~ e p il s \r ve r:"'e ' I. a I, ., w ' il'. e e r v a nr.l ot 1ml \ri ll, . h r l vs tor v ..n, n oi latr . i, Iri' At ritti )ti n i' ,, I-"l r it II it t ol d I p A 'iit--lm r F11-rsir:,ght .1. I," va," :\e~ 11 1. nn" .n 1 ,ARet.I Al - lt C0 i tItii.n i mi . I ew le tor l . C TA ELL icll ti'It, AN A-P-rit h 17 rlnin Iri. A t t -th itt 'rs nts, ml y i n- er - Ii... 1:'", r ha lt where s,.1. ia AI aIrer , n. n' r. Fit Itt.. p1- ii~o l 1, I.A AR :' l (1 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ie .r' n, .,Isl," e II i it it C r--n heptra & e t lit!fi~ o i) it, I E \Alt1IT it rf ":\'I"'. 111' iI 'I tit \ : - aith of iti n s ii t If i itn it it,viu iti ~itv resent s It n it i'dt clt. ,,11 tit II., .o' ot III . 55,--it ti.~ i t;i'td ... -s !or ', -- - I t 1 I I th- it t n I." !o 1 . .1. '. ituli - it 'it,. iii' a t it h 1~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ 1 1o:ill 555 55 5555n .1, v ~ iV.' , ý'. ." 'r:ui ~ro~ t~e . I an t.r t it 10ar I 1 1. tll i t i'' t w ". ne ..rl 1 tw " it - tll -i t f .1 it III tt ., iit pit rJ 11 nt - ilexti t o u t \a: n b f it N" itt) I-ie . A I. lnilt 1am lsn . i". Di 'o 11. 01 1," rv'... .1er l, u dr a e o 1,.n.1 \ D . .u1 C. .%,o 1 . 1 r"'" .5r .' wub h ich er n e tnh -iUt-lt va pin oit Ishir, an n't n '. itc r w "l' mI n- a! 1''1 c tint e .1 , ande 1 e ,5" I il t _ d n 'r . \t1. re~s I' '.' ) p1 h "ý lev ,'. 'I'".,! n o l hxt es , r mtofo I-c ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ m.r at1 n f±,e w i ~~.' ! "s. )tc, .. ' ol !It t, plo y.rd 1y 1,w ivsr. teJe'w in.1 . r v 'r h ad . o" >a w~ w~n hav.n th ts [I, tr n, tt 11 . u i-n , tevlcc"s and on WomiP a inr handc i d i t he advnlalr of aside our Luu t S I, \ n v \ \. F.P c" l I ) U " . 1 ". yPE!, . 1 1 ' ~ . m l S e1, .. 1 0 n o 10neln! L .:o,1 1 ,11 v1 ~1 It '' ntIo n ,.. nt . tier, an toe. o, c ant .,'eN" ow Ve tIh IvIte i e W'i? 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IcH 11' iiicn tat t ee l,ccll at ýNi.411 (i-acjer Nett O7 es 1I'r I0H15 DIEAN. liii ' I,1538. fib 14 ly ItilIT lil.IN.hir ( ecviereei'et. 4i hu iluhlAIit & Co's Iotaln and New Orleans areu ifPckt ipe..c few line oo shipe abeen iiien ly nln It to run bttween the above licits,iil '1i he bfouid ofeNuihiile draflt o eaater: liii~otllo" 'o pa acntgers, aiid overy effort til-l bciiic e~l to gini general satifaleoios, Tlii lino in Ciiiipiiei ofi ilie Ifc liiwing ships, Co seihli. 415 teas Capt. J Harding, Coroina, 41111 do S Lemisi, ('lii eid, 374 do D Elidridge, (o'iiic:i iniii, 6215 do 0 Ialerbe, Seaauc, 2411 do J Hower, l'cii* (25 do D Ihaniphircy. Thi iiie able us1i1o lre all new, of Life fieeelss ciiiliicarii,.lciiilnd topp~ered, tiioeicindcd byaton if greait Exlieriince, beoo large tiecmoniodatians, w1lii a dlnricicr lcidiescabjin; eviry atienticit will be aii liia ceiigarn, cand the very lost of toares pro 'fleei ackli ii, cr1le toiwer[ op Cud dIowa this Mb ls1pj idi t ie st ictes lie ricll-y ac sarord (Pa the liiiii of eeilciig, and shiouldiliel rogular veosnel he cltaiiceid ini eeiviiig, oilier ships equally as gocod coalli aill raven b shi, itaiileul. A share at patran ageu isoal iriteunilii tioe agents pliedgo thlemselvoo to ire ii~tuiiiiciii ins iirch as practhicabile, to receive - and iriirdlgciodlacy aid ltasatt ha ostocanode'.. i cars aiii toi advoicee all ecpanvea an gaods shprii required. '1'ooswl lev the ~ ¶ Ilt :ind 16th of everye Ni l J A --F'~T,82Cmo t ii a27 CIi I hIIN tltlt PiAff'l'S NEW, NOVELS Pielbinic t1cr ftfi~r, by tile iccihor of Peter Soimple, &e Lan'iiiciil', ori a Wiiiter ct S'aliese Jtai',field !ii Lawer St) aii bi eCt~eiBuciaild H~al, Hoitc Naty, F. ue Icrd Ilcidueci, ctroteuncce, Icr Allico Cunicigbam,1 vol. dlct picid Let-ossi cii ieii Icy Idilelt, Iiii 4 al d Cccipiidico diciep l ~a~, racolcied frain i,iigiiil lid ian, by Aciiciiic hirrel ,on, il vol. for. icScrg ,\ac 79 oflacieir'a IEcitiy lihceary. l'elc. .i & 4,4 lthe fcire acitplete cand Ocillera edition 11f itteaslicglccc bcleping Itorbe. kifgr'ee 1 ivrieliciiid Jfagiaht Dicdtionairy in ISeal, 'des. Abi.c-.1. iew "'rer Coutie of Cottbe's P'hsonologirsl iihtic~ri," b~ierge, 3 icrvycure iccccticcane afasperior quis.-~ tOy, e iii chaiac, Icilliceil hellso d2i-4 anod ;11.2 inch~e. U iiiiiic iii (i tind ealic die'oni,jhapaued pnaiers, weights. Jutcivediaei.a~cl foraaln by cdli1 BENJ. LEVY. l .1L: JUICE, IiiulisY AD \DhqlITEII.4X * 'lice snisicribrr (icc rcceiai-l] ini inivoice afi'tie abval : el]cl~c'r em iiil tcooi,, anei tcffdrnltcs far seircconvrcy ersuarcicllteirccis, - el? IfI llcihtit\,I:143 'Iclt.apetmllas IRlON liii iii (.Icc ec'.ciri Irs beve preoured ru",! lit'hise lii cicv are iiiijiigto ii -oll It oe a ~ne e. ic d cueu,d Clia~) 0b arc-p l'eoItii fire noii win,r Il~,cf leemaslyc ibe bcccai,,i,olo cicd,nIi ser iii .if, caihulilsoten oppcsinirS,. Ii CT 2 i' airii TrOGt Lcce ice C

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