21 Aralık 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2

21 Aralık 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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i. tli +ins ritr*ten topitero n al Iht, but tubld them Se.i. The batrivalstodry Si i wbeing acti tn. ~ohell d in ot. Iuyers 0 ready patially made, have irtel ada of aetdl, b. ut we h m. rn oedhe,,noteh to day, will be tro"lth lotf, ofthin shtding for improved tIael e gl budhe buyer our of the omar" . Thene I re r to ,pe fur a i;. m advance e and iMobile, where the stock in mode. . ' ,s l of IhefLiverpriol's news threw up cotton S ftin;diji i. On the 9th, at New York, I n; .weeetlwar in the lower bay. The bos.i weimtber lively than otherwise, but prices were S ipelaO down i conrseqtenee oftie heavy stp S ,,erhno miills were w orking full tile.. I1 1bntothighi exterltveily lhere, as yet. C p Witlastlaeeriin, their purchases hare fallen ' aoiaventyper cent, up to this date. The con. uitim btb A!merilanu mills, i is estimuaed, will be 201,1 ale rthe . e T~h uius tiwn New York, iring dates of the 10th, Seel: & -lefair bulinels wan doge in stocks. U. S. Biiklhare.t triied at 75, an advance of two dollars. ' of Exochange are quolted, on 'bilindaiphi.aot 92 cents. ' ..+ ilPItpl do 97 do Augl.ta de 93 do nbil ..l do t , do New Oradnsna to i, 93i do. Tlhepaf.etiilip hd o oad en boari fR r Siotiiiolml 80,000 ipeci.e , L on ll 1116,510 do i aort 50,000 dio. Eathange pn ERgland P9 to ut. On FPrcne 5:92 2- :1. Flomr, salse of 121i0 barrels or 6 dollars. The Erie Citalwas olrllpen along the whole line. TheI.b lhae been failuresof four Stoate lBanks in #taite. Etsoy day is -nppinlg the fouundtiorn of the Jaekonn eorporationra. Thle Legisholur if Virginia. hoa iposed oi tihe banks of that state G per nent interest on all bills pre. aentedforspecie and not redeemed. rhe tGeorgia Le. gislatare thas refued to lay on the table the bill to create a gIrand central State Ralnk wilth a capital of .10 tiillions. it this Vani Bureoilm I it is .taled that Indiana has transniltted 920,11C00 in specie to'thq Fund Coltminioneor in New York, to pay the ntsi;etalnaeaai interest of itr great debt. Inarticles of prnd.ce, except coton, we were dull to day. Tile arrival of boats from Louisville to the 10Ith si tli the news of the openingof navigation has throw. ,flourdowr to G6, at which 200 barrels were sold this morning. Sugar is quoted on tie cnast at 4I for prime. It began to storm this evening with thie wind from the South. Tilhe rai is pourinrg down at tie hour we writ a~~aw plluied. with heavy peal of thundelr. lmete.i Daite. FCisetene. De ......... 15 Wsuhineilu noe ........9 New 1orkn de .......... 9 Cirroircrili, do .......... hril.rllklprl do............ I l.uioileo .......... trutrmrrm r do ...t...r...IU 4l. tLrris, do .......... 5 Cvare.ac , do..........to I l.iverlmeol Nov ........ tOril.rot ' eun s) do ..... r ludol, do ..........1 Roital. do . t..... ..... e d..........31 Nonhrile, do .......... 13 PIril d ............ t FOtIT OF NEW ORI1, . INS. CLEARANCES ' Doc1 l..,r 211, 1839. Fiesta padkot Montano,* P.'moyeer, Galveston j Rend Ph)), Hlulrlt.. Rulhinl~nl. Host",, J A Alsrrott 441.4. I tTll,4...c... Alle.n, Appalaohicula 41.,,r rich floury Clay, i'atterron, If.hI*IF , MI·.lu ARRIVALS Dece.,l,21, 1839 Feb Davidl r'omle Lwis, froml New Bedord ,h A,i4Aido.OrC., fr, Ila.... Pei, Alex) Ilaolno .,d; Herman. fromn Appalalchlcola Simmerr Emperorr Antler. frolm Cofualli. Steamer Lsmnllirltnr, Currie, An Cinlcinnatii Sleoaner Campln, Carroll fl, Zhrerajlort Steamer Edw, 8hipp'e" Jnhlllo..ns Lnlliavi!19 ateaasr Gen Brownl. Dun~ham, fmn Louisville EXPORTS .44.111441.... Pr steam pocket Neptune.... rrp o as. "..,,,. sorted oolech·IIdbr 41rro .;..C rship Blrunett....Cargo cotton and el5 114, ,,l...'41..4)444 Ii..9415 plea ad Apr~lnmopLA,...Pnr "tannter Tallah..re.. !largo 20 bla. ,;J1 do iyork; oln coil. opes Tomas...4.P.Pesch H.,, Cl.y....Cargo 8 pip,. wine SLhUf3AM~wa6 lglbba ratsog 9 pieoo. marble RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE (hbetnat..P.r steamer I..14p .111h1,r. .C411 119 hairy. of 414.l41s,1, 4 11),30 1.rmb'l. & Tholmpso,. 14 Itlyn.ld.. *OPONO*0 Y3 llA R I,4..o,.,nun, 351 W . ai les Or rt.4,918t Ad...oC Wh;1,.4, 04 ,ldwelI .e Ilickoy. _391 White. 22 to TQ4orh q.,rd14.. 144411.17.5 lao,,,nur oil L..yet & AdleI0o .1...da c.hiken. to the owne Loh414..112.r steamer Ge1n 41rrn11...;.1r05 2I.trap. 25 i ballereCoisar) I hale ,Cmrnui91y, 6.R rolls rope 11.5 handles oft twine Vsrlrour, I tluntaand 2 has and I aey Goodwyn & Nyes I boa Forsyth &I im.erick, 10 Lx. do en24 s. p , ic, r at t4,oe 9haspfrkll* to soma;4 casksbacu J Eruiil. rarringeso Lor. tid 4114.Poa· way nseight; lot Ioo baotlesiad toni LS8eoty Bh-v leart..Per .1samer Clnmpts..Corrln II holes cottonl to Taybr A Gardesr, 5 Nuelnt.Turpin a Walal; 5 I.oc; 5: Klrk. soot AhI.1114.14 H. ,; 14& N J 1&JiDk; 55 Bl4ir A- N11.r Aild.3400..hI.: 41AI41 di.; 113 Alln Q Tre,,oul4, onI doles to Sundries L.41av411..P., stleame Edw 1Iippo...C..g4 5I 1o1.' or 14,1$44J1Wa, a au;W 4119 M WLilt, 12 W F1.o.,r 44 Ward A llo8'atli 10 N At J Dink~ia 31,1. tbacco o m ama;r I bole cot &M.Ell.ode,4. McK0a;31e41 W 4i..1,ee4 41 da..1,; I A bmoIr, Lo14 * WalI.a, 444.4 lob,..o 440 liroui 0g b ca I do; 40U I.d 11pple owner R hoar Colul.,..P,,..ihoe 441wp111ror..Ca.g1 291W M911.;: 54 W 3449111. 84 Broaded. McKenna 0 IvWrigh; :15 .ucknk. g1ame es s 1en; 20 N J Djeh.3441C Folli,,,,114A PFulln , ,,1, 1740bm r np 4 l pakaa: 3 A Hsinl·y; 511 Ilolh-th & Thomp.) ,,,fdA8..d..osOLym4·...Iri.ki,.; I1!L Liverh wre: 63 Nuwl.a 41 Pdlgr,1. 2d Whi,. 4r Co. 144 04144At ceo, 7 Rev olds. Byron & to.83''alur t Garrdner. 266 Wards & MWumtl 18 yires bagiog Conyers; 93 Frnklio 4, iledudono CONSIGNEES 12o atof eo6'9os e handed in from an. PASSENGERS Permneamnr RIlw Phlnprn..07,,.rr Swift; Pltlarran: Rare. Nnch; Itmhlrdooo; Hell; Landry; ;Cloyrlauu; dr. il·.arllll 1I1 Jacota in' I FIIrII( Par at lllerlIel nm* I,. Mi-s Pie' nit; )to""r 1.:die; I.illrv (41i14 1h .41.,144; PIn..4 1s1;i 014u.14.; (1.11; ' craw . , J,.41 .141lll, 9I.Wlteo,. IPe.,,,., (Ie..uo..; A.h,; Ololy, 411ar141; Idlckei1 L.ar; 144 4,. J.41 ' 41EMORANDA ILSRn/MI) says that thes river 1. rising "riteofaar Gnu Brown law ateamr d·IYalllllh coolk below N..r.tb... 4141oin1. NEW OR1IsAN0.4o CA It Hil T ON IItAII I9oLAI, NI9I'UF..W1N'rr~a AR6ANG6.nEnT, To 11.,l,4.149l4*.4Oa Li at of NuvE9e,,.4., 1939. }molt On~cH0tT.4 ra ts Nraw nar.6Art. L..1mwii e d4- Lo.aomoie, 9 - - In - - .419 Y I -P.M1. - 8 7 -. N.11NVCr, 4148 C0,, IlC - Tlfewreill four. a the slim hour. a. n it., wee day.a toad o'alck .M.-whim ·Lamnluti~s ldl leave Carrollton ever y 4,1r path 7i4 o71'lc , P.M., bud NUw 1rl.41 uv141 2h4ur An eaten Ilo..1 Car 1cn be otallined 4,14,1 14o'lor Ik P.M1., ilJO41E. ,4.llars 14a ithe Trip. Alcer 42 ,'14olo P..k 1. Pe9111,114411 by 49 tbylb·'Bcsne,1l, most pr41id l.h'd1 with Til14414, th1e 144.414414r ha pus441.1 da:;olo.;. O, 41 114.4141111 oaey L..Imi.ulhneaoE. 11WWJACKII8O1NAADLACOUI149E STR EETP A It I1.o. Le 414, be a 14d 114a91.41 tw1eet at 411 04 t k.4 A.9.. 01111,nl .4'r 4.48.' .,Q41114*14.41474'ell..ok 441117 1111474 1 it. have h hly 14d41 4r,144114, until 14'cl1k P M1, ,xceplt i ·i 3 EI ,)r44.444 l l 414ea4 04 &f' .'luck, thie 011 P. . . ..illle.vl1141lP.M go3 1444144411141414141141 th41 g to4ll.. ll not tot the\kir fast apu .had a6,osmo. i the non, when Irdial ar 4 IIco.4rt4s :ppjI, Rail Rea apt, Spr~ 0,tobe4144,. *11, JlOHN JIHA9PSON, C41 Eia(E184ine1 0.1. & C.I.C '. CITY 41094. 3 '' lw (1,9,,99 la48n Il4444. 4839. PI1UIJ8 ANH K will bdh losed on Wedos-d.,, 11 4444 -U MI&flOal lt anud 1444 Janl4fy next. Noi,, 4.4d 3Pladiirs4pa4· 47 .day's, ill 7 be I44·11.4 u14 1411 da11 fur diagonal 6biiconc sluuld be made an thell do l.01444144 4l91 RiPAlFRIEY, Cashier. P1oW ' SAN. CANAL AN!) IIANKING CU, hmB*44.4a will l1ea 4e4l4 Rusin 84. l414.04 day, (except. wildlgws+ , t .A.. tlcI,. a s A M. 124 P'. 9.. 9t. Ieturn at 124 P.M. P.U 4P.M.. a·T " B. CHEW. Cool,. 41F Q., ` FKliZiYlN'S io3UR.1N(: 4" rLp Orleans IDecemober 41, 4:139. oF[p a ia4 iu4 ti m are h111414 4 11 . y44344 divienJ of' 5 p1r c4ul, d... h lor, wl a110 pa4id4 tIlhem or rap an 4,4191ri4r 444s date. "I .ke the Retard. E L Tl. 1CY, 24reoltrr. , Y{1 I *VRANCE DE LACOS4PA JNIE 15 Pth4PPIEISs. 46.,. 444 Uceoebrv, 1833. rledli inllitutlou rnt l 1,dvuum t ¢` I116d 5 911109t, s el alcla,b lawns. 04 0 lour 444444 dJ'* _n`4e.:dw 1 eDircateu, , EL' '441101 2041494414044l~i lie [RUE'MIRIU...N 'I', I i SBYT 6HII'I GB~t~3BOI . ii FPAITIUaUL AND BOLD. PUBLISHED Ibaily, Trn-Weekly & Weekly. ii NfEV ORLEAN: . 9 SATURDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1839. Preaidhtii| COndalddate. Tihe following ia the roe Inll Hlnry Cary, road iu the Harrislurg Cunvention, ol iel Saturdty af the meeting ofthet body. Floery Clay hie reen ouri favorite catddidati for the I Preridency fIr tile lalu eighteeon year*. \We Ihve everr tholght hin a patri.t. a man not ouly psseassed of I transeendelntl talersa, but one w ho bacr elotinuully er d upon all oeeasioore eacrficed selfto hris country's elood, hie patty advanceellntlt, and tile Itrcification of tile broils of serrtioul foeeling. lle las ever stoold fremlost, in thle font runllk olil the pricipres hle profes*ed, hearing thle bruntof thel bitle,t l adll thie odium tf prurty feel irg. Hie hias frerquntly, althought more than any olier moee entitled to the greatest distlnctitne of the Whigs, magnrtilmoalsly fllern back and left the ield to less clpable ardl less worthy men. It 8"24, lenry C(lay was itrigued oat of tha otle of Louisiana, by a bargain iaede, Itrreen thee sulrppalrs of John Qtuincy Adams and Grneral Jackson. In1836, he wans intrigued out of the eandidrlturle,by thIe wily chempions of Jrtdlge White. In 1839, his friends coun tiug upon his g erd nturee and great rIagntnimity, ave thrown him alde fr General William enlili lry lnrri son. Again; we fid(:ley fir years lid rears, tihe very aentinel on a ho extrertne Oltposts of thle eilalrl of our party, and the Itulwark t f noer liellties, who Ilae brultedthe baltie storm, arind nvIly breaette tile a.t'n ofthe ropposilion, giving way to an illerior. Tie CtOlll rinicsioier at Ghleni, re hii preserved fir ui tire inviolate reeaofiurgreat rivrt; lre atulhr nf th Ie ilndepedence. of lrexic,; tel pac;liurator of 'e 3.1iisritlri qltetivl; the anviur if tlhe Uionl, thIe friend ofi uivlserntl liberty, tihe nccrrnpli hed oirtor, the finlshtied sltatetrrcn, tlre india putable athrt, hlin again givet way for Ithe Pake of the corse Inr hI so arbly a id narbly supplortedl, in faver cf an iltferinr, wloie servicee are ermepanttively few nud srmall. Well,we are WVhig,grd and ltrue \VWhig; ee shall adh. re to ur party; we shall vit! ftlr llarriun, it is i.ur duty, it is our inclination; but with wnat different feel ings would we have hoisted at our tnsit head, nailed it. thee. the name of Hlenry Clay. We hsve been his supporters, his voluntary, unpaid, nlost Ileartfelt sup porter; weirlay, Iherefore, be excused, ill drlppirg lioae bitter tears ofregret, that he Ihas bean intrigued away from ur. HenryClay, more than aeny oeter matn, must enjoy the pleasetr, tie delight arinite frome thie ftirrl eoscioes ness ofhavilig pelfirmed his dutyt fuithlfully Into Iis party, panlriotically to hii country. We shnll itow sujport Ilurrison wilh tle he beat grace AesJcrLA,Nnvrmaher 210 1839. CGentlemen:-Tile tiillic u lt' wiell ta heert mnads ofnyv tRel.ri, ii (l irtitiniouI Winh tIre ffler if Iresildenr eflhte UitelPd ntetrt, fil.ltilehti tile titl, ire, I Irer it will form rlh upalrl, fir Ihis note.f I address itie t yu, beiacuce I)UriecuI ,trittirtteidenCev it tile eerie States 1.. peara Ic ile nip rilltler you tile invll a ip opr al rI *si toly and organ ol wlnat wIihl e eay. 'lit., C(ioieriuhirir at Iilrieeiliii'g "Irl rire.teirtlf ceedi. dtrsitn nl tire rc ,,ittrnr it tio+ lt thres t nentdr,iAdito lt-. Itn tm, lirtltime, Iiineral irec ilent and Vice Prelid,.hn oilh uleid ielhSlnles, lin s lnef l reetClrUrt·nltrild, sid tIre tiririiety ofit its ienn gt·ielernlly ecniriirrerl i by all, ewho amre u se tile necesitry tift criitige in te (ent ral dt lrrris ieitrituaendirdo uifeo be itingiieile a ,t lhreoul eirl nuiiuabll illelhlg d it lctienltli llg p led ullir ee Stht-e H] o( eldoteil llg ill thne n ellern l plill e l ti , e e.lr cainl Ilifrirent view e u IIo Ihe flortrS rilelb tenllelidutes fir tlloiee liglih nibres ai Ii clanvn:v orodil.ly feqthiIIIy bxlrererl, nd Iinn r lec.lil tile eaiteserill el n1 rie s tiie of tile earerli-ney f an entir e inllcrii ae i ssmce ill t e recrillnnl erluri r e it f tliel (InVrelltrill. In lile iierlithnie, erlenli ilireetye an d ilntdir ltlv harve beell iurlnd to nIr, biv I lilldy It eterlltbi e ru ue iih On h nlrlied Ii lersylarriui, ild Ire privan lnlivilenui .Po declillu givinC inyrlnrrn+ht tIr thi niriiiF Ifiv nirrlle, Ulrlt tIre gecriund thatci wihtieigitishediei ut tre iti et (thio ia tire Iiiirs lhiner itf itet Opirrieirirr iii ,' a ln d, alia ntllelliino l tliothat nmelltiui i W iitl frien n likely Iir cli ale'il -e r ,rl su, l ririt thean 1 seli rthd. I Imve'se ennl olldrcloIre er nritte CLeerJrei tl e n d iltelligerl citiz s ,retI e YOlirk . Ilirer lly Irr rllt irreel, t lV reeonure enddi r l e r loe lnriia tilie cleinilst rillfeltflrt G r illt ril r e -iait el icvr we t o t is il ii'n dr ifihtgu i ee iii bolh Ilh ioili rv hiderivil astrvice of iile Uuited ial-. rr i e RI ib r irinet i iak ird iurlli rear.u a amretc d, U hlll hrnu. priV ae , il ze s tl d ,ydo il. inCur l . To, l ,onv Ttisoniis Ierirrire rinen sif rithe Uinted Stirtee i-ie rofth fromiKentuiky l the IVrvnrlennriil iterlt) hlare duiu llre tile h1IItIr II, eelirnPiLs ieir; vniifi. donee ia iii, n1 it Ii iri*iireihii +i e wiisea thlll I Ilie + tlie cvain liihtie'urf tie Olnlioritiun, f.,r tire riuiir ut C'iert nlMugislrrlc t It ie peifrrr.lv :nanilfetl ilia F eannei clon e v g rrinh all tires e ir,'ulicninti ,lii ens n ll nu indue , rIcr, I rlirire.diri d, w rhi~lv ifrerl~erci tirlhoucr ~deiiiir Iti, ,Ii iore. Uiider llrhse alnhalraiie circnmtatnacs I I :v, o -i 2 it mort nrlvisalrle , leave ci, the Ciinvr;iiln .it Iialrlr buhg thi firo nilrltrio of uta lrliriler e s Iaticeing thi . rlibly tIiliirrli:l, lytiuiinriiirl ~irir,,tl, ntrict rilriritnirtl rirty ; lrrile-r refyi~rnl. Ille~iteneniniig,ne it rierlreely ilie rtlirgnnrrl eiriv oi aul.n el conviirlrer lO rI1rtrigli ing the lnolll illiruliitiiont whliirh it will dlrirefrrrlnr crie.r I-prti ,1e, it i rill nerjrnl i c lllp et+,lq to Inrke t nr ninntite r n,'elpt~lllde tn 1Ihu rclll llldjorilv of i18 co;ristilue'nl%- Tnit iti will bh. niltfld to thil Iliici tvIrlt entfti ed cr ite jtldulginenl rlnii ilnllcrtisinlr il i irct e doubted; nud live irg'ir filll viewy tihlte whiole grnlae it will I,,l re,re Ikeli lyito nrlkcIi errtlcctioue nerireldle io ltle greart hrlyn of h rle o (isii iilreirrI ally urn plrlli. t I re.pu Iefl] o iii), y,,lOrrii ulliia r iiei'ItIlitio li. hinhIhdlir striiiilul he rinht ini nrll.,iorinr thlet tIre rlieeitgirli n .ed Citi.rri wroln it prefers wonllh be ulore lihkly e ire er'tir e ftt tlunn any rtun-, hraugu ouglie hIO I ionoinated lv tin- lta.r risbuvr r Ollitellt Uihtnid it elltrartniulhr snine ollilin. W\ithl ujust nuld [)lproper sops of lhe h Iighhlle010 r ( e iegi vohntcrily cnlladton to the nfilee oPresident of the Utlited Stnes hlv a reant, froe, nna eanlghiened Peo IdeC nnd i tofiit ndly grulely to Illnlu of try feollt vilizeuravtwit are d~rieeiro t, see Iire ipled eiu ilthit eX. irhed cnd reslra taile aclleiti,, I Innear ileverlrheles, eay. in ettire trthle aenl circeriv. ,hint if rite delilbertirons of lie Coeielrti;on haaull lead it-mrete 1n he 1chice of aiiothere sentre vtildidliraite ifle optiieieiune fer ftrm Feeling saty dinenntert the oolnrinsitior willhuv t my bhsat wtseea, i L rip turevolve rOedivl feePP IIer Andegrr lllelellrlvr e hIIrIt , hat cr i.i e rely s anl Ineihl.rP, wi I exellne Ih,, liherty t itekiu ieirclrt-siig I ciiye rnv cinent.',. ,lecire thtl, ri lrreiiiiia gal etnierh I11(ellt 11.r lnrli~ il h, iP, ami z,,i~ h'd .,,lv ivi iill ,l- iv, llf IPf it lill lt ie llllltrvrr IIer fi,,,l lt l lll;ri l er he i h rl i irr I e nl-llll ,•r it, iri riil hi .,llli r llhi(," ill thl" t lie . tlirll frllr ifittllv c itllhrilr|t it elinnlhl icr lie rue. hmu lt:It' h, lear tr' Iir. n~lt).t: l ike ', I llv h Is t[ lillll, It, IIIIIIC ,1e1-i. t ei ii./4liti gi iritiii t ;1niliRriieiitnl if lii Gel~rlelal I~llrllo...ir -i ........ ~ 1-- gt' l lll: ,, II1 .....llirll W~f..l1t, I be lll'l:dI IIII, ith-I l. 1 iII- i :. rli ft l, • b uti~d bollJt+.j o[" Tl'be lh~lllllltillll.. itiromilrcrlitlii-t of iiiiiiiiiirleurip+ fiirtary iur hernnr'r thatl ll,o ale ll utlhC l,+I'l h,,rty hll l/l~in Utoll tl~5 oflt aS )Ftlr dri-ere-ieri iII' . cI1i, icr veiere l u 11r1a nult ll-lci reIn-trt, yi reIre rclint1li I iii~tr iiliilrtcjii " Irii vIni,;'IV fI. re (1oe. T'hinl c Metaell, henpii. Letlie (helnihr, andl tire inthrer I)olegatrs ltaOil Kerirchy t tIre llarrisburg Cirionvlliu;;. I THEATHICiLt -Theselm who pretatn want oft amue nlatt fr aba uting tII.'.alves from the St. Charles, are decidedly w.on.g; and ., aasset wilitont fear of con.tra dition that, in this city, the Theatre hai never been better tmanaged, hlia it no.v is hy lMr. lBrrett; the coIn pat wi too, nitthe exeption of a fir.t ohld ni and old woan, i not only good. buthill very good. Pieres in various lilt,n, hire been pr.duced thllis .seat, more par ticulm, ly ill elomudy, willth more 'ivembl ithan we have bean accu<t al l d to. Ind '.d several of tht ai tors and utlre=sae, would ho:d a higih rank il thil estillation f allny audlite ill Lulloplc. P.aaming by Ililrrnit ad Bnrton, so well known, we think lMr. Field, an actor, Isarnsing int t .fof a vert, sup,.rior orlder. Sutle eailics have reproachea d him with co'dnasa. whdlt in certain partli h ui Ibat teen accused of ranting. 'That Mr. Field mlly tie occansinal y obnoxi ,us to cliticinsm, nwe admit; blt in so;nd trnatly,in light, anmedy, in ftop, in plaltt requiring deep and intenlse feeling w i:bholt too much polwer, Field a.ianni j ustl. very high. llr. Brown i ain aclor tpsa<e.silg more of the vi ctomnico, than oe'iit falls it the lot tof onleediatt. He is an aIciofer if o ld lschool, generally perfeeI in his part, his dress and conlcpl:ua, nld neverlraiained nor ovnr lugg-i'll. Of Mlr. Stuiar it is a pleasure to speak, for shil i ad mnirable in almost every thing she appears ill. Pir fet in her author, correct in her conceptioan, shoe i alnayt seell Ito please. Mlrs. F.eld bi been amonlligst a. ut a Iaort tie. but hasnlrntady wnl her way to the favor of the uidienle. Shell is luady-lke, t.aste in her style, and Uriginal in her conceptions. Mii Melltnia too well klnown to ureld ut r praise. She is alwa a buolantl wilh lifl and gaie'y; and in un surpnased il her bhr maidt, clamr.ntaid. hoydeai.nh girls &'c., ad occasionally gives a spice ofthr iuulity in ladies ofl highlr rank; aie is a charnilng actraes. We Iave not tiale to go tirough tile catalogue, but we will Iention onr. more. It is Miss erity; a hent did he ever fail in any thing site undeitrok; when dld shi fail to please. In young missea , in parnnts requirinlg il plicity or naisel uor aecelntricity, sh is al ays received with favor. We repear,the companity at the St Cha.-les is gootd, and doe, not meet wih iall., epport it d savea. lDuring th ellgagemeu of lMr. alls, several of the sterling olt. Engli lrconmedies and sateveral Ceautiful new pieters have been brought out. with powerful cast of characters, and have beenas well petf.trmnd as they have been done on anyetage furthe last Iborty years. We a y this with out fa a ofoturradictioul, froan those capable ofjudging. Now, shall we epekn of the orchettala Ia it coanlon to find one sufull,ant so cmlposeda. We will tanealy mnastion a few of the name.. Jonas, as leader, iandom parably thnebt" ever known isn llb city. Keetger. et Irt vlulin;the List ate, sedo ant reoltct his dame, ai is frst tute; tlia there in young Hlolland's tehor, HoFpt, Roda, Cluarltnls, Citdl, Gardinghi, Brmiler, the bht a' base, violoneello, clarinet, tromboul, born, &e. in this o country. It is acknowllged that most of these are first t rate concerto pitvnrs; and it is indisputablle that over. turens are better performed at the St. Charles. wi'h more eclat and ensetble, thtan in any other theatre in the Uion.. I To-night. That ad'niratle comedy of \V'in her andt wear her," i- to he pert rued, together with the "Buekle I of lBrilliants." In the trtt piece, we have Mr. Balls as Col. Feignwell, nd sivdother characters. Field, tad- a clill., a very good actor; Brown and Sam Cowell, Mise t Melton and Alis. Field. The Buckle of Brilliante i., w'thout excep.ion, the most beauoiful baluetlwe haveever seen; the incidents are e. q!tiik, and the plot so well interwoven, it keeap thle audience in one continual state of expecttion, whilet it is fll of fun and good morals. Will the house he full to-nighti Weshall see. SPAnesn Dtes.-We lake the follo ittg particulars of the Spnneth debts from the Paris Conittittionnel, and yet thesie rthe kind ofeecuritie whihIt are proclaimed by the loldon' limes to be better than American iState Stocks:' Interior debt w ith interest to 1834, 228 250,600 francs. do without interoet to do 960,75),t100 do Tot.l, . 1.189,000,000 do Foreign d.bt, . . 6356,000,000 do Ltttn of the Cortesn, 415,000,000 do Toeal, . . 1,051,000,°0 do f 'The arrears of interest tdue on the Conter leans, front November 1823 to 1834, were 350 tmillions! During t thet aate timte, the annual interest upon the other Spa - nish d-bts was 05 millions, while the expensee of the - vernment excecdd "225 lillioas. Aftlr 1.34. new loans and arrangemonots were mady in e London and Paris. The coneolidted Spanish finds bearing 5per rent interest, and etlled tihe Spanith Actives:-In 1024 the Sgoevernment contretted for e loan of 100 millions at (0 for 100, and at the samte time recognized tile Cal ter'lo na Sfromn 18t1 to 1023. Two-thiade of the latter were con verted into an active debt, ard the otheor thlid consoli I dated in the new lon Nout oe ccut of interest hu been r paid since 1U24!! There is the deferred debt : In 1834, the interest due on the conversion of the Cortes bonds, amnounted to 55 in tle 1011. These coupous or clipped acknowledg ments were taken up by giving to the hearers bonds of Sthe deferred debt which were to be changed into the Y active debt front 1838 to 1849hy lot. N'ol one cent of dividend has been paid upon these! ! Y Next we have the passive debt: This debt was form. ed in 1831 when one third of the Cortes loans was r+ thrown out of the nativearrangement. It was decided then that this debt should be brought up under ther a active head frolt 1i?6, ao soon as the treasury was able to meet the demands upon it. No step has yet been taken in its conversion ! ! 'Three per cents: In 1831, the government having Saceceprtd 1110 millions of the Cortes bonds, they were t changed into a three per cent debt. The pIayments have been very irregular. English Indemnitius: t per cents: In 1828, the gov ernment acknowledged the indemnities due to the. Eng. lish,but reserved the right of redeeming 15 millions of tile monnt by pnvien. 610 in tlhe 1110 cashll. Since 1837, Inot a cent of snterest hase been paid! With these furts before us, we hear no complaint in London and Paris ofaIthebadfaithlof the Spanish Gov. ernmltett, but when one ol our States e lffred in 1837, to pay the interest on its debt in paper at 96 for tile 100, no abusn wta rtll bad fr American raneality. The whole secret lies i tlhe opponsition of the Tory capitalints to Republica. TEnltN lIae.-Judge Overton, the Ctommissio er on the' part f rhle U. Stutes, is at the mIncth of the Sabine, waiting fer Ithe engineers. %laj.J.!). J. l. rhame an Lieut. T. J. Lee iofthe U. S. Engineer Corps, have arrived in twn on their way. They hare with them all the nppa ratus necessary to the tracing of the line, bat as the instruments are of a most delicate nature, they are only waiting a conl,eniant oppo:rtunity fir thelir trunaportalion. The 'l'exiancommisaionere and officers are at the Sa bine also, aniting tIle arrival of these gentlemen. A rulmr is allant t1at the U. S. Surveyor, Col. Conway, lihas Ieel ccildentlly shut.bv the dischargeoRlls rifle, but we holpeit irlutfounded. The Engineers oil our part are gentlemen at the top oftheir profeecion, and great credit i de n hltel for the care iwhieh tlhy mInnllifat of the vulunble instruementc of the Department entrusted to them. 'I here are instruments for the dcision ofthe 35t.d degreeorilatitude. N.o Ilousr YE.T--Ot thue Inth iltetant, the day was lpent itll iueless debates and uaelesa decisions. 5Mr. Adamsl ' deciion, appealed Irom by Mr. Vanderpoel was notleatnined, 114 toI 10. lie refised plomptly tolput the quecition on Mr. McKay's motion, to pass by the New Jersey delegation, saying th't it was agaistat the clnatitutiont. Great sensation. Poor Duncan was drne out ifhlis i peech hty cmliag to thle hall tai late. The motion iof Mr. Rhett to lay Mr. Wiae's million on the uable, It ell the names of the legally comamissioned tembera fromt New Jersey, was laot, 115 to 115. On motion to adjourn-carried, 116 to 113-three legal and three claiming lmemblers voting. In the Senate, a Committee was sent to the President to say, that body was organited, and was ready to re ceive his message. It was thought it would be seat. If so, to day's mail will bring it. H ra E EBURGca WIAR.--'Trnly the tenants on the Renalalaer Manor are pnenaciolte! They have twice defeated the Slheriff and his posse. The people of Al hany county fitvor them atld throw every impediment in the way of the Sherilf. The Governor of New York hau' called on the city of New York ftor'C00 troops, to na-iet in enforcing the laws. Brigadier General Morris had nl !ered them io the 9th, to Ie Inready a a man eat's va tI;ne. lie will hlid, perhaips, the nlhir rather mtore dlich.ult to lanagie than the Slirror. This .efl:ir promisrce a fine chance for the devclope. ment of Agrtrinnism. Alritdy, the Tatmany filka halve caled a nu a.ng tol Ink melsullre to prcvent what rey call " shaolilng dIwan American citieniie." These gentry forget that there i nich a thing as law. Hlow we ldemocratic rp;: lns swim.! NEW ORLEANS JOCKEY CLUB RACES. I.OUISIANA COURSE. Wedlneelday, Dec. 18,h. 1839-Creole Puree, $500 entrance $50, free fir all ages, $ 10f to the winner, and $100 to the I best horse, if maore than two .tart; if but one, $300. Alile heats-2 y'rs. 70 !bs., 3 yrs. 96, I yrs. 100, 5 yrs. I110,6 yr. IS1, aged, 124 lbs.-allowancu oa3 lbs. to mare. ntd geldings. John L. Lawii g. c. Lord of the Isles, by Pa rifi., dam hy Jerry, 4 yeara. 1 1 F. luplnutiuer's ch. f. Fantasia, by La.der dale, d am by Liuhtning, 2 yearu. 2 2 Time, I 55-1 56. 2d Race--Pu.prieitoc Puree, $250. entrance $13, conditions a.bahove. Mile heats. John F. Miller's ch. I. Fairly Fair. by Imp. Luzborough, duan by Sir Peter Teez'o,'3 year.. I I A. L. Bingam,.'s gr. . Band Box, by O'Kelly,o:t of Lncy Brooke, hy Bertrand, 3years. 4 2 Fergus Duptlantier'e, ch. . PRnere, imp. by Tiamp, da t Vetuscn, 4 years. 2 8 P. F. Kenner's (4. C. Antil'a) ch. g. Speed, by Granby, dam Geo go Elliott'a dain, 3 years. 3 4 Time 1 53-1 50. Thiursday, Dec. 19-Jockey Club Purse. $1200, en.. trance $1ll. C(ondition· as before. Two milse bets. J.C. Branch'a (B. Smith'.) ch. m. Eloi<r, by imp. ltUzburongh, out of lMary Wasp, by D-.n Quixote, 5 yrs. 3 1 Johlu GU ding'u (Jihan Can phell's) b. colt Altorf, by imp. Fl Id,, dlm by Virginian, 4 yeias. I 5 2 James L. Garrison'a ch. f Lurc Fuller. by Eclilpe, dam hy Rockingha:m, i6 yer. 5 3 4 John F. Miller's ch. f. Curaulia, by .leduc, duor by Sumpter, 4 years. 2 3 4 R. II. Lontg's g. e. Cotton Plant, by Bertrandl, data by Pacolet. 4 years. 4 5 5 D. F. Kenrnet's (A. C. Antil'a) hl e. Black Kniight, by imp. Sarpedon, da!l by Tiger, 3 yuars. dis. I 0 'line 3 49-3 471-3 491. Friday, Dec. 0ll-Jockey Club Puree, $150, condi ion, as before. Three mile heats. . Duncan F. KeInter's gr. c. Gray Meduc, by Mldoce, out of Gray Fanny, by Bertrand, 4 years. 1I I Jan. S. Garrisoe's (John C. Beaeley') b. b. Billy Towns, by itmp. Fylde, dam by Vir ginian, 3 years. 2 dr. Tisme 5 50J-2. WHKIa:LIaG.-iltes from Wheeling to the 7th, by way of llaltilnore, state that the river was risine steadily, and theleade brisk. Boats running regularly. lessn Purrnaava.-hubjtao'd is note ackhowl edging the receipts of monies, goods, &e. lfor the Mobile .trrers. In all about $lO,WlO have been eontributed for the relief of our silter city, in the hour of her dv.r. i aity. Could the amtont have been $1a0,000, the hearts of utr citirens had rejoiced more in their ability to aid the distressed,but we did what ire could. blostLE. Decemlber 161h,1839. leai Sir :-Your fat or enctosing t e tain of $1108,48 wa- duly received anti report made to the (Culmmiln,: of HeliPf. We also receiled the invoice of goods at a former period, which was likewise handed ouer. Since the relief Committee lha been orranized, I have handed over to them a report of the n·veral remir tnncea made ti tilee, anod suoadtled tt the Secretory lad ekn.evlstdgeld the roame-otll receipts have been ptb. litnhed by ,dtter of the Coulntittee in the Advertiserl and Clronic'e or thic place. I must plead this aR an lxcuste far not having ntten did to watur oalanicattllt before.-li.et me repeat my titoths to tl.t citizens of Newv trlenne. fir the kind news thtey have sihows to the aofierers almnrig us. blost reaeltf.ally, ]ouroltrdtet servant, H. CIIAMIBEIRLAIN. James H. Caldwell, Eq. Tie MRtsOn o, are cuttiug up high slines in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Theo have baptized 40 inta thie faith. Ol,--the a:tributet of ignorance! SLAVl TRADI.-IR. W. Allen, of Baltimore, aercesed ofbeing engaged i the slave trade, has ben tried by the proper authority, but the jury not agreeing, they were di ttitsed. What fatly! It ir s palpable as noon day. that slavers are fitted out in Baltimore, and that Mre Allen is one of the persons cone .ned. IOTTreay Mtas.-They have begul tile system of ar rest of lottery delalers iaPlhiladelphia. How mawkish tlhia atteomapt to atop people from riaking their.Juoney when they are determined todua it!*. ' THE TaRIFF.-The people have begun to agitate this quelsion in lPhilalelphia. Philadelphia mnechanics are resolved to start tile ball and keep it rolling until we can e throw offour dependnace on English manufactures. n FtATHERY.-Two attmpts have been made in New Yoak, to set fire to Mr. 1lellen.' Feather store. What it gese te aint ndialies tre! S 1lEAR, O IsttL!-Istral, thle defaulting Cashier of ithe Pliltadelphia Batnk, who shot himself a few days Ssince, is dead. It would have been good for the nation, iai f Swurtwoutl and Price had found the tsune end. VILt.L Dr. L.yo (supposed to be lost) is in believed, a from .tlat lhe Captain of the Liverpaoul says, put into Dutbllin in stress of weather. The lady and daughter of Robert Wa'sh are on board. UNITED STATES COURT. TheCirenul out of the United States, f.rtheEns tern District. fLtouisiana. comnm.nced its senti annual session on Monday last; Jndge Lawrence, District presiding. o Yesterdav, Dae. 21th, Jud-e MlleKinly, snsociateju-s d tice of the Supreme Court of tie United SOtttsa tr loa . seat with the District Judge. Bnusness of court s prt O gresiaga eanusual, with a thic dacke. We have heardl In ofoaitimportant coanes pending, unless it ie thle caso of 't Cpt. lTlompson of tie ship Queen Victaria, that is likely to cattne up this terma far rial. intat of tite imt orteant civil blnsiueaes i in our state courts. SHaRRIlUROn CanoetCUs.-Ot Itlt first Iballot of the e delegations. Ar. Clay received the vote f IR. Islad, Connecticut, Delaware, lMaryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Snssissippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, and Missoari-98-On tile second, the saone, with the i exception of Connecticut. FROM LOUItvILLE.--WC are indetkted to Cpltain Russell, of the lEmpress, for a loan of the Louisville Journal of the. I0th instant. Tlile it'.mpress brought thr a U. S. lail, hbut we only gat the Louisville Ga.ette. of t the 9th by it. The river was slowly swelling and tlhe a weather mild. TiTh Pett was to leave for New Orleans on the Ilth. No lews of interest. TILE REVIVAL AT KILSYTII. Froee the filesgow (hllroicl hif W\ednesdav. Most xtraorrlinary scernes have been enaeltl at Kil. ylllh illce Sullnlliy monnllpg lasl. It npeals o h bleell unellrmtntl, tlg tIcl leitcliettii ITiniglhllIIt It whole of nllllland, that there I as to e on S.ndav "a grPeat lllalnlifst11hlonI f the pllower olf the l.od" at Kierileth,alll, ill c'lleq ltllt'te Iiter tiewr- LI"-tetlled ill tlhe iillt ge oilllllt i ltl l l pee-le fItlll he to I lltd ller qltrteiers-from lie f irthest nouth I ti e Enelish hir derle. I.ied Ihiid 'ell be-plie.i ftlr veei.tlt i etlle. wei Ilave hearl le fllt eiel rlV Itef i'itiV illei fril Greu-i ocek lhatving engelled ilude at latiis n finitigiht It fore. Biut the aceriilin dtin h to ie ailbied in .ld h ai plil.e ast Kilevlh was qulllite illtdilquIte fn lhr teu ltititlllel that polured ill, and thllll h norellll , ll :ld Ill bivoi ac in Ithe ipetn tiE tto r! i-r.,l to lit lceig ilt-lg -illet. if Ki.rk iulilb.h Evely 'kind of c.,vei nce (r unl Glasgeow was soon t iken up,tan I fare were. inorliuellly raised. 'rTir ge.itirllt ll,tu er oftlle clre'lryllell Ir~ eltlt lel,.,lnedl oi - tire e-tehli- lt c rlch- , i t bt Iet -r-Iwtr. ils i-waner. of iliff renl detllti li lrtii i -- t llitiiet, lellll)dine &cl . The t ervices hbgan in tle. palril charch iit III c'ltck in the norling, land in anll o en lild slrl l aler, l .whetsr they were Iers.erPed in till tix l'iluc k on i .t lldilv mllrilu . 'heyv wme restlllled ,1i M n,nd l at Ilen, ianlld were collntinudl tllhrough the whole day and P ing night. A third time e vast colregllttion asse.,nled yesterlday afilernlllln ni we unlerstand the proceeding are InotI I vet at close. pluckl excitementlll hla= prevaild, nllll d se~nes {f ia ielosl deploable niltllurie eltibiPteil. I ll e lll n elll it Ito be seenii tihe iatiel rite cladministeIreid to rett umelllllers, by illltlltersiit it Ite till dlle, anel on Inaolhtr, WOmP tiri.iingthiselvet or tohell ciltltd atld crying out ite iere.v, itor was tie iceell ge iof the preacherse milet lated to eatii the storm. Ole reverel ertllleman tIo lll a

poetiol if lis alelience rtlic' i' now Ihe devil olking iut of their yerec" Oni wllihel I lnlll fell down i;lenll sible, ll.ri tere taknll to the easil hliL.e. At ettothler time llrt plelllchr, iint elnrkih of Jiacb'.r ladder, as a trpe lf the Sauvilur. called on hie hIarlrrs t coln to it, and to llhak use tf it ; but lid nug the imlnressien lie preldced tot tis teon ro li.e wished, lh clell oi thalt there was ,tllt lleiis at aihe fil,toi they tmiten ClTle quickly i and, euitin the a tite to tile wrd, lie silorng on in Ilia pulpit as if to catch riold of ith ltdder ty ih spar, are it was enatchedi away fnlm him. Tlhere wet ano'd Frenlch minister alnong Ihl, preacihers. Altoge ther, tlre cene ha tbeen oni of e IIOt Imelau holy anod humiiliatring nature. We think less ,f the rflects pro duted ont hysteric !lnale tha ll o tile condllct of the clergy. We :all scarcely believe thele getrlllleonl lir mad ; but if they are in a t eal,oh lt iit) be thoaeht TIf the lll Oti tllino on previlou ocasionns h ctieef nc tor in the sleie were tile clergy llnd the womeno The maoleo inreritv of le roearers opetar-ed to a hliefv on onkter, it' for.to It l.en in , Ithal hlioui h eltlC t le reglar tie e diu-.rteetd alite n of tsLe re trd's oaSi per ini rilhtlllo tehis iora tenl was . he lipne eil o lln rit. nlll llllt was thl del llad for tokels for andmiaeion to the lable ill the Ilmiosh ctml not sluely tiem., adl n iormeg thald III bi sut ito w Kierlitilloeh foen i adllitionalt octlistly 'hlle p oth-erl iectnso if rte asembiled u"ioo sanldse ore eno Ites d all the villagers, oa ton Suitday eveing cartIelly a ioaf twa to be had for lovu or IAtLWA 1':. Maethasetr cand dirminghmn Roil Roed -The Ctingle.ti vindeiti the t tlast ittl en.ii work o Otit lite, will be ce'llleleed Ihit week, when Ile Cereelln oflaring llhe t flirtl ec will bhe or*lletrad witll due bonlt;r, y Ilte dircotors nd iltheir fiielltlm. l'lTe coot of this viaduct is e-titulted at £115,00O. Berlin and Potsdam Rail Rond.--The board of di rear oltf iis rllil road, rIl.entlye si itnite'd ion it lOare holdrtr, it a genllieral lltprtil, a erolp l Il PTlet a new loan of41111,0nll l lollars, at 4j per cenl , it - ibi solt tihce itiry prled lt 'd r a it;ed tei t f t i ll' rue eiy aci ,ie. Getoin Rail Rueads.w-Thte olietning tofhe section ofttte ril roaed itieel Uthlgnle to Am ungersolorf hot buee elti lllltd wilh lhe allot tolllllele l.cr-esn ; lsld we ire i .fltmed tIal htet work tle oireiutiil tith iltiat greittest aclivit nhl all I I olther tee iltll.s ollI tllh like succec; diiit it( ;iltlltie ai nerI ltie tried id i hih nr "oe not fore. e li, ito t ic a intel to oe, it. Railfway Vluroity.--I. Ptlanour be llt ated te lhe Artnlenv Uo ' Sirelinue, , ll otl the tllhin of AtusOt leit, be had ltruvlled wilth Ite "EreKiTg dlcr" engi.;Pl tio ille wit iti only the hnder ald eigll persons lt lie le at oflitty fIter ad a talC milen per lour, ti tite (;it,-t e aslerl ieailwav; and IIt, d lhe licedidtg orlnpbeell lar;ier, be ill ught Ithey tigiltt lhave gonei still fEater. (ouiaor.--Tlte inotvel igb of oa eninre arme of 8,000 tenoerrivulg by a railrway, waois oitnaned inl erlin ool Ithe 25h ultIntno. The Kinug w.o ations to spareo i ItMnls theif tiguetof iwalkigi bick to the :ilt, a fer thtir Iettrntl ertlil, at the tale reviiew, oand hle necordelgly bired Iell l'les, tume the ptrlo.i ofconvnyillg ltitllllltlmo, at ao eipels: ,f iCt111e ) det larlo . The paes.ionate Iave .f gold eaill and bretal spec:ier fiorw t wttllh dtliihotirllid llel.in, Iho ebembrallt attor, flr:ielld, ad ti l et acdtlloe in lis day. lie aor Invited tIldicet wtlll a dlulhe.s wllc elighyed in the cllloll of lien of talel. 'I'o lhe greul r.lelrltu if(Iet, shle holped rllsel to Ihe l leallel pflt t ,I a iitllllhtt h l l fZOll o tn tficll wall i efore her. " tII ttl,"-.iid ui.t, -a.n I dues yoergrue ut ar lulilutfi " lllit F-i v uill, sir. " Nie ver, iy Illdt tihcheooeflt" " Nevt., I lteie -e yIou The IelrPi UIr, ItU uhlallt -cted Ito re train Ilii gecU'le seao.. lil cllm l, txc liltled,l I like til di " wltll suchl foul.'' CANTDIDATES. lthV We ale atloliSrltII-d aitI noulleU ial, at the alioci talien of a llrge notlller if the cilio zl t i of lhe i llree Muicipalioies, .tr.eILLIote FPrI.nT Ie+Iu eCtn-etIoId to the pleo llintitUil l llis nllale ti Iia c filltt w iliztt at lhe text enauillg electiltn, ac a candidate lor tile cufice cf Stytur II tile Clity uof Ne.w rlelano. tt Nous suotllltc autoriss h arnnoncir qo'b to doirallde d'ull grand nonbro del citoyent des trolai Munioipalitil, Mr. WILLIAM FaeR"or a consenti I se pr6se.llenter cone canddat la & plac do Maies & Ia proehainoe lteolian. i7 L. U. al.ela,c the rhu liilcitill ,ofmaniy nof bil oirdoll, has consented It btcn:lle a candidate for the offce of Mayor of thils city, ST. CHARLES THEATRE. MR. BALIS Respecifully announces his BHNrFit and last appear- C ance, will take place on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 24, On which occasinhm, MR. MAl ItBLE,the lebraterd delinentur of Native Characters, will give his in powerful assiotance. Tihe atrling Comedy of THE RIVALS! Thus powerfully cast! Sir Anthony Absolute, first tinle oil this occasi.n, Mlr Geo Barrett Miss blSot proa, first time on the oeansion, lMis Melton (They having kindly consoented in order to give every possihie effect to the ploy.) Acres, firat title, ilr Ialls. DaId, air Hollnnd, Copt Absolute, Field, Faulkland, lorton Sir Lucius O''l'rigeor, Radcliffe; Tag, S oam Cowell. Ivdia Langrish, slr J AI Field Julia, MrE Stuart; Luttcy, Aliss Verity After woieh, TPllE VERMONTER! In which Mr Marble will appear and relate several Yankee Stories. To conclude with a new Farce,called S'l'A'I. SECIRETS-Or, acall Ibr Specie. Gregery 'hirlh.ewell, Mr Halls GENTILLY COURSE RACES, GREAT ATTRACTION FOR SUNDAY!! 5th DAY, DEC. 2tntd. I Prmpretor's Purse $600. Mile lhets--tn,.t 3 in 5. SRcea nac.e day.l.ouisiana Plate, valued at $1000 2 lile heats. 3 Race same day, Prorrtetors Purse $*100-ntrance noney addd--oile hente. HENRY A TAYLOE, JULIUS C lIt %NCHI THIUS. M WVADSWOItTH, dl1l Proprietora ITATEC rIntuisito-ltarish (Coart, of the I'arlll ) and lCity ,ofNewr Orleansa. Present, the lonorulrle Charles taieianr, Judge. No. 12,i(ill-Henry Cazeaau vs. isa creditors. Tlleceaesiln o prorperty tby the peti tionerr is helrhv arcepted ov tile coulrt ftr tIhe benefit of hi. rreditors; iand it as ,rdererd tilst a ,neuting rfeaed credi. tors be held at tle .flice cl.trtlie 'frtroea, e eaq.q, tl Ittrv auiJi, tI t on Friday tire i4th lillry ofJrotlcry leat, Sthere lrl Ihea to elollloterate tIt, tihe ottais of tihe petritio er, an in tite moeantime all proceediings against his I person at property ore stayed. It is further ordered that I.. Sfegaax, Esq. hIe appointed to represent the absent creditors. By order otlhe court, ARIIMANII 'l'O'r, Clerk. Clerk's Office, New Orleans, December 20th, 18130. d2l--3te f 1TAT' DE LA LOUISIANE--Cur de Pa d rouise, pour In paroiase at villo do la Nouvelllo O 16dans Present I'llon. Charles Maurian, Jugo. is No. 12,260. IHely Cazeaux contre sea Crdanciers. La cossaun des propridtus, par le Pdtitionoiro eat d acceplde par IaCour, pour le b61tufioo do see crd. Sanciers, at il est ordonn6 qu'une assernblde desdots is crdanciers, nit lieu, au bureau de Lartoq-e Turgeanu, notaire publte. Vend edi le 24 do Juarnvor prochain, pour y ddlihOrerr r l aftf aires dtidit patittrnnaire, et qu'en attendant, toutes pouraantes contre per. sonne at ses propridtbs sent arretds. II et de plus d, ordonn qua L. Legar x soit noamm6 pour rdpro it senter les erdanciers absens. Par ordre do laCour. to Nouvelle Orldana20 Dec. 1839. ARMAND PITOT, di2 13 Greffier. NEW ORtLEANS ANi) NASHVILLE ItAIL ROA t). ~GREP;+BI. to a+ctiono 8 & 9 of tihe Charter of IllathN Orhllan onrl No-hrviii Rrril rood Crorrr Ir rrn, a rnerer mPelirrg of thro Ior.kihorioirr is oalledr roll l3d .OF rlrtrd illJooau ary, 1810,hr thio, pnrpuoe or elecling Ten Direc~tr. to. serve eir l o resdelnar t J II CAI.lIWEL:., Presoilent. 1Office, No. 14 lInronne st. Decr. Ittr. dii NolICIE--ire firorrof TI it. II DE &jrrcr.riO i3t, !M hsdory doroorJiotr. T. Ii, I1111K, rerrroinoo chirge, wirlh rhi liqnidriuori tlrerl.of and rir which ior poet r the nlfloa ofrh tie plerorol will roloi r orre ried hereafter. T It IIYI)EF For himself nd t.r herit. of t13 J II P' IIY+D,e. rn l rr-o r, r rA orline ', ho r ovrr e chi nurr s r r r n-I a slh~r++! !--AII V*'. 11I1I InPII IliE ( u Ik= Ii.P-tlll CIP - Ilill,. 1it 1\·1. :14 d'l "t'IIrl.' .Lt*Pt(l lipid pa re. el'+ l eI hlltndSllllllP 11111 1 w ls i l htllll iiI P 1 3II rlh.l(. D Lil~i~ linl-ir.i tllr all I""or AhIl ltlle ul wh. lll lI· (I'*' ]l~r~lltlre· lll1l k l ,ltA li,r vOIIII+ll: (1· n~ll',nI lll 11 ',)[t'l++r91· \\·IYI+.·l i.t+CI'+ h(I Ml~ it, , ; II ,+lII~ letriO C tnll;". .,I" 11'fh'1r nod1~ Il~l,,lllhed,~ ito yrlllr g mastersr Call all ro wrlt ledr klnwlIUdgd d211 (PA Or nrO rrrno Irfor tdo or ak l thlir ariT Irolrwn d I.l cl rk ,III Irrirrorr E~lrr~ir S rh irro.rlrralp *Lc~l re E[ NO ) I'i lCE-I - Neillrr r (o aptiin. o lners, or Con? .igoe fIhe thunish ship 'll, i , will payV I v t ebt cons irted v ile crew of oarid rhi r dl2 At+ J.H FISt. t'Li''i l 'iir ' Cr Sia i .1r\ i:I's of 23 irrroxo grr~s, orod I Ilr.odlH Iro rrrrlOrrliioe. rrlrked 3 2±3--2 Ihllx;a /hrkedo Jiro. Colir~lirnr, rdil irr rlrskerr mrrlkrdrIj.r Clark Jr.i re. ieived per ship Sllhakpeare, rrlllo New Yrk, r , tcd o cll, iaV freight arl Krir.reo r Iimohako th iar "orror W K FIr)DIE;Ir K & Cr, P113 "IV Cuorp art, I PoILLcket oipr FAiRFIFLI), frroru erw York, awilidisoairrgerthii oorrrrr, opprroitr st Joseph Erre., Crlroialllra lroro arroerrrrd Eorrrrerr Ioo tlre leveotro thie reo tilp r offterx goods. il1, P LAIDLAWn , t 51Carop aE IPloifrrrrrlrrroorfflea IT irooo rrrorhroriC C an adre. iSatndersh, anlOled c OWa1 Sr jro jU r t rI rei vedor Jrr si LrUIJSVIL uirr, fro m New York,rr e r equester d r tor ay freigi allnd cairege, or lake r ale rWra n). \Vlf 1; FO'.JD)IClK C~,, d5 70 tslllp st d-[S'i 'S oflt. boes flarurr, mirkad C(roI a dinlnlrI--ll haIrr grlolrrorro olrrrkred Jrmre Snoaldrro; arlr 4 eooe. roa~ors, ISSlrkgirh J l, rrrCri rd peEr paehet oirir LUUoroille, irmrr Newro York, are rrquer rd call, iray Ireidhi irrd rxoreuores, ohrd Ikerrnero owoy, WV It F'id)SIlCK & Co, iL-'onognsctrrfgrrrarrr ldrkrd rh.dr V 10 It o iP .g Fon boirord olri rdr 3|atrr ferror Niw York are tr. qrirr ted to riaku thrrserlrrtver nlrown to tec. cirri rr trri eve)PARTNEeIeII ' I. IIt, irror o. . I-i) aied e . 3W.LV iO.f ith i ptnerl r rori iI i ia w ill €'onlhiue llht. htn ine l llt.lh te C~'le l hv'1. + andIcanb ~ilSringfirinterne111 IInd:I thnlilyl will haver~ :e mnay wans, wilhllr G \.,o p tib,,, agiirE u&lin ri I frrrr pairho r v r dC . a 10 l I Is , I larII it n Eli- lorr, , roe, iror Orr,-ro or, or7- ., rrro or • • Iotli. Ul +=it m~llea ., .+ u lllbrc t~nlil. l (eo sife . ,( N i E o tiorr lrlr . tr etllreti It llt lh i r-ioaltr ll la rr rilllrriurr Irr ich toll e her fiirre privilege(i c~lliltiatu a~~ nrg,+~l ·IPrC1· of ~lllfr i D~necember I~th, 183~9, rillrl i i R er iof br s lelt oo tot ior llhim thr fuorero I thaI i ,lln l hrde l r Mll lo n n titl the othllrlh of dl ogr'oed or lor. Frrr irtherrr eri or art il . t, I" larea on fsbia. That ht*s cucl Ii~srl lll~rlll~jrl lllecin have' n "t IIen all I lliTPI t 1 IIp ibril f l h NA ji L, a. rorn oer NorohEaoat ore l Trhpiror houlas are ronlld, hlaveheen pult offwVith incesat·ntl excussc. Tbtl:· Sli. S r .I.e, airote cr00 iriirret Crrr. arppiy 00 Dner. lq 0. i\\' NitlirlEI,. -x - N rt IA N ff tIrih i iliic r, ro yeiwill r t eo ir rIrt Ser of h i m laker lhe hosil a onl ta witrlheu t wd Illc) lllu teI Itii illr I trhl I'rroi lry of then htoici rfl e rcrr lrha wrell uo tohe tfiire roand o9 yrish tarEs, ld9i r h .sICux.-sr IrIE'Jlrr'l."s ilIrlI(E. rolrpooiire. CFrk i3i9, -IiIE Shreriihb'gs are tfr e - riArro; iorrto rihit rrrll ' ,a li rir 'rIrleonk on do enIlle rldl t hirclllh Thr at j h ,IVrille, tr hirrols, mrrkel r oul nyped o haveen uofwitgh e a ei il heeir l px.u o.+. eTi:, dion, will leror givo e in'form t*o u o t tu. o I r oIrIi t 1i GREAT SALE ATr AUCT'ION OF B JOgS. rTAir IOrNEor ir' Loer t nlr I uol i, r w rilr aP, ir riak i f ih .ro , ie ue flhrnary ldiroollrs w i thdornd iWl .s, EN~GI.18H AhisAMIEKICAIA NNNUAL.,ALISUMSJ ic., iseoRkiwer r theF riror r1 lnre coaaeh ilai d coEh rir s i lll trio roorll orl Ira, oRderiirorl'ii fnl rrl rrdlliiie orrot dhs il Io 0tho 'I'roasroor of ire Poiloorririr lheoPrroh,rrr trade salee, an r l io il i o rdld n irfor o EARir F KoC IGZ, ,1,11 IStl fharloehip Airrharbora lirree 'Trn erh lYor hAodliao, 0rorko dJ t .. Clrgi r . rir Co,n Prir: Ilo~lUi rd I'1rrr rr hiitr orirrhlt, thr,,e irrrrrrrelr, rrr Irllrei F r.& i, and yturooa ehrenihgho olcOierboer 19teh dIto10, owilltlr reo gine at GI lo'rlollo r.ck o O CorrIrr arr ent. na~u s orrulr. wl Ers~l.· ! GRE,'AT SALE AT AUCTION OF BO)OKS. STAe, inErRt , lrlged dverararr iu 1 li rarll. Biln ENGII.SlI ANIE AMiEEFrAN ANNUALr', ALliU31S A'c., rrrhhori£g nhogrother.5'i onrge roar'.+ oodroolnrrrloirrg olli d at elowll it is ce'rtainly a Im}an}*(d II irty tri e . norot r anr ,rrrl ro igr t o ilrr -rrir al nii i rih nlrrrron woulo. re uilty oer-vi r cirr i , Ner o lack od henso aod iik ofl rtoraioe .oaritrrld orriorirhly BEARD & K VAR DIG, Tll PrhlE Aoeton, r Nor .l i pCid o rr ih dirmstine. that oHp ill le.d to het cirohenvictiolllrroe elrIor Thr or r Fonr. wollu cased an avenirrierem be inserhd inr th.e r'aaarrrro'i'lllllilog or 1 ao'hrck, dlil Nw rleras iy, aonmer ol rulleein, ore loh wil.. tro, Varil hi.. l J ~~uUlln l~le whartllrlhelltll(.ds bDIldIr.d lJIlF1Y f orace, Ilaner l e a Co.. ialr tier lurruni i lie irL.rr.in- .ied Doi ,e Irdor isriertahiLyes olis oortrdirry orr . in trot rsr' ih aprlighit h s'noi oEnnellteld in bEinawor ho ut aorniof-eohLriuo" hrIh ioakGofo on oad tarktof rr :outg.--Icirtriilllhinistror. I Fil'E ohahae .oord wrII . paid 'or ieoirrtoEi09. thOE teh iwr~riedt. h'e~rroirtirre haEir pear~ or' ire oonawtriooorriausdnriaerriotrrrerrrtohbeiraerredt irrriroe Near (irrorlea iorrrloaerrrr loriteii, rofriro lItoh ;1rr+181r1r rrrrri)€rrirrgioalhttiherr+ih-cirCi~ra|~d crrrered iare ootleE. ofloion't,rgvlaletnrr& Co.. irr~erootal, ttraie ail'lrrareirg 001 tror bt~inO+ro oif jrnoirg--uo ooohiroooooeoioo ihooihrg ii. 1n.-rio rolderigoord rnhea rhiri rrpirooarou of a-+ arorrolg tire prrdirio thot he ic not rroloroaord hn hobadaao fatykidoaerr witir hirrhrothar. ngJ bA31UEI'oL . FOEtGAY, 99 llngrrrroa 0t LOTTE .IES. 'LH I: Following Inetitutionl, Citizn's Bnnk ofLou iianels; Union Biank bf 1.noisiaus; New Orlenis Coaal and inalkng Crompany II roottve Irvecial de ro'its again-t rcertilictes o.f awI hundred doliare and upowardi, ItI remain to the credit of tile I)epositrnrs, tl wlich certifictes, the eborihoers will deliver 'lTickets i Il (hrandl Real Estate Lottery-Banks' Arcade, Ilishopra Ilultl, &c. SCHSMIDI' & HAMILTON, under the Verandah, upusnite E Johns & Co, dl Stationers hall BANKS' ARCADE, CITY HOTEL, &c. GRAND HEAL ESTATE LOTTERY OF PROPEIRTY il'I'UATEI ) Ino NEW tRLFEANS. ( SCIINIlD'' & IIAMIL'I'ON, Managers. Ofices under the Verandah, Corner of St. harles and Common Streets, and No. 101 chartres Street, between Conti and St. Louis Streets. T 7ITI'H n view of meetio tihe wishesof of r friend-. we have the pleasure of announcing to the publ tic that this Lottery, by authorily of the State of Louis otne, will be drawn at the City Exchange, in Sit. Louis in New Orleans. ,. The drawing will, without fail, begin on the let lmnr cember neat. Our agents throughout the unionl, w illcnuse timhe aoe to be ineritetl once in one of the newspapers of their respectite residences, and charge -the expenses in n16--tdl S(IIMIIIT & HAMILT'ON. The Verandah--L. Clharles Theatre-Camp et. Thletre-Galdswell's 81. CGhrlesArcade-Hotele. -Stores-Squares of Ground 4-e CAPITAL, PltIZ IS!!! LOUISIANA tUIAND) RE:AL ESdATE AND ST ICK LO'ITI'LbY, oflice corner of I'roal and St. Chirle atrPrtr , autllorized by a law al the State, 6thi March I128. TIE IIAI.F MILLION, or (:Camp street Theatre I.lter,. 12091 Prizes! draws on list IDecemehber, New Year's Eve, and fin ihed in onie drawing. TIlE 1 GAND TIV1't MII.I.ION LOTTERY. 10,000 Petas! i ! Will conmmence drawing as soon an practicable after the Fit·t Lolttery. [.Notres f lrny hanks in tile Union, whielh are gen orual hnukable in the 'tole they are issued, will be received in pouvent for 'ickets, which are in the Hall tlilliotr $Il--Two Miilliont $20 CAI.I)WELL, OAKEY & PRIT''CIARD, 111 ProI'lriletor & Mantngerv. CLASS No. I. TiE Ittlf Million or Camp, Slreet ' heelre Class of Ltle I.oeuisiann GRANT) REAl. ES'I'A'I'TE AND S 'OCK I.'l'FLItY. will positively be drlawn on tihe 31st I)rcernlor, New Yeanrs' Ive. CAI.I)WII.I., OIAKEY' & PRItTCIIAIRl). nt6 llice corner (Cnnnl ndll St Charles is. -$11tt REW.litD. 50 dIollarswill he Iaid to whnever will lodger, in ally of tihe city prisons, illtier l tIle follhwirg slnaves, belonging t) tile New (Orleans anid Nasitville Rail Rouud ELI.ICK, bluek, ohlot 28 years old, 5 feet 10 inches in height. Ithas and impediment ill his speech, short hair sand dwn Or't lnk whellr sploken to. lIPIEY, -iffe, anout 25 )yearn old, 5 feet 6 inches in height, rather ia serly lok anil iettlligert euntcn Snlce. J I CALI)\VELL, I'residelt N. I. Any person or p~e ons ftaulld lnrhoring or emitplovig sid negrues, will be punished with th greaer.-t rverity of the law. 2,w t1114 l ttUIll.()tlN-340 lMexican and Paltiot Doub IJ loon,, for oal, by *1 d4 ADYOII FISK. StCLr'S PA'I'lCNT FIRE Al S--Just received oJ tershii Mis.issippi, frrm New Vcrk, a inrge as. aorlltrellrt l'ntent Rifl.s rirll rhlt listlr, f.,rs he at 15 in GSt'1t IP & CI,. St (ihrlrs Iotel _Ivl_ AM BOAT PAPEII-f-iw irnding treor chip I.ntisville from New Y.rk, 1(0 reams finer colorel rmedium, suitable for strealba( t hills, c&. r. fror sale by JOHIN J IIANOWELI. & Co, n8 _ Sccesrserre to A Town r. 49 C:anp st NAILSS-1000 kegs cut nails, well asaurtrld, from. 3 N D,6 inch, for sale by LAYTON &OI r Co. d6G-If 53 Old Leeve Ata ' 'T191KE -15 '. a rlecifiedli d, lddg flromr atam bult Papule, (Sr a sae by d13_ 1, I till'iEY, 41 Now lee I .II'-, 1. LIe'1')f11 CAN9)EI. 111. -l lPII":NIII D u-.,atmol t .f talr, manel.,rl t Ilnciile Iulllllu, nod currI"..l.luaal a, rich-bly moult e l with SIoss Irrianes~jlll zee. ive~l. itr sale by ,17-1S t t(11Etl'.7`v1' j):L Alli1tl 1 1 INF. 110~1 1'I.I":,ý-LnllliilCglrrrn Ssl, wowl, f1r sale is. fins 11..l I evFer, in q..nnhties to snitli l I.ARI. & tNllI\ 1(1'- SA I) 111 & \ llrll ' & . W aI~IITrll. 7 Li t I A I1111-183 ku.-g lef 1,.,l, aud~i g fol tea lu Fsirplu9, 1'r ruhle by 4131 (1 O(lllY, 14 Nwav leir, j1}RANDY9 C ILIEIb;L'S-51) I.....a lii. iii 1 for mule by rI.,". III ~ _ ________I llNI' d H :'9'': CL' .. aira( I'ial a.Ir.lidelii. awl.nlr hRub aufus, fr aulo Iby N I .l 142.5 97 ('mo11p st *I" 1111~t12- rall, llithr, at grid irliale, far 4 sol by1 Ii. 211.1 & \1III1111.11.1., dl l 6 Li ru ier att ee, I 1'S-3O0 .a t th il .1 . ijl, per Ilii haut, fur ullb In)llPll', all 3 i~r41N.wirru pIiumladiiig Ndll.S-20llr ke'., rails, .a.,oriel xiz.. l, now laodiilg J. from lmtgn,"I JII'PIIhlnll , li)T lllt' by aI28 AI)a.Il 9&WVIIl'Al,(,96711irierul 1Y_''1 a asriia Nrw litob Iay, lading I ll -rom st I, la ll'. C,r6.r 1 Irh 131 AC'OIIIIN N,91) Cumm,, a I) 1121'. Cm rim n ml.atbnrramw, n ud li..gfrom siht. L liChar Irai Plilladelpllia. aadll for stle ada in th L.1 b N. F. COlNlIY, _13-_ _ _ 97('ampat H (I & SAITI'- 40aledb a alnl sd 50 liung. Liver. pool malt, landing tmm 4hit' Italian, all tor ral.. by 'ETEId LAIIDLAW, 1.29 51 Lamp at 1131F11.111EKIE --A large e-aarblIueul ol Farenb l Pr.funwisu, rreaived by r.sip I.albyulrlfor arolesale slrr·til, by l1 1M1 NA 1111., 21 43 Tcbanpimiulua mI. "drills, I lag fra.o ship Cbarlerutu,Lfr eala by Ill I 121111114. L 0L.11'-2ll0 buoxea Kubbina' $ I Soap, ini uamat, fur S solto by 1,2 J THb A EI I & Co, 74 PrIyrua. A 911.$-700 kegs i tlarm if aleii.lrd No. Naild, I Brads uald auuI,,farnuraslu by N N(' 10Ill.Y, 1125 97 (1111)p 17 L I S &llllS a. uE1111-la'irad faons Irancr, for olesallei, icr Cretel by 11 I1IINNAII: II j)AP.'1MJ :1 IlUCKPTh -awill nl aiiire, i Ul d7 79 I'lirna t I)tSL'10blars lluy, liniidiug lie.ibiiali ll A. lIIIIIEN, 9)(ll.'uuaos a COi. 49 Coft sirenm, have trhi. diay reeivrd a gene tot supply oftypn, rase.+, p e tin's,2 been runle, colonel galleys, Aa.ll1a, pisalrrs, .9auins, 'marl csing slick., slhoiing ·iLl, lalruliure, lifroi the. rulebI(IIIl Iouadry alfIliiina.un &i Nliihlli, I'hiladellpla, whijaic is allhrdl to Iit, 1/INE-75 dlozen Siierny ainu, giud qu(aily, in Sclhore, awld or uale by d117 N F CO7III.Y. 97 C:aop At S IMEILY WINE -28 dozen (L.lu. liauidI) Pale S herry, a vary fine arlili, OIr ulu bl.y dll C'91l1.1' 97 Campul i11AGNf171'11A-\llu'u . I(utlersR' flueiraiu.,lal lerl lrd peir siuhip, Kllnii'iik, .IIIIl f.r aiIlausu.n ia ruluil by 11 I' NNARILII, d1116 45T.di luleuCI '7ý ANI FOLD Wtil'I'ha6tS-\llr l111'. illlpn~vp e tuu I' .allu.l ailur .mi9,svisC lillnrr( ia, I ici dau. it~ga.plilia, &ac. jult rerniud at lth BIAZAAIR, corer of Il. Clarca. a ad Coaa,,in at. d4 1111191 &. AllAN. 731(1 1iILE--I au girls.n oai. gcul wisier iiii irer a ad lhaoileu gaud Uokas.nd .bilif'r nauae. Aphply to II IIONNAIIEL, d549 'rue' iiiaauulam C (1TI9RT 019. ll bLla fral qaalily Virgiaia caato oil, I Lblh Westernacanilr oil, Ni, . for aale by JAIIVIS &r ANDIIEWS, 1129 corarr Col..i& 1u'lrribiIilr~a ae B i UNI' RAISlNS-lll 0 baum landing aad far - dSlu by N FC1i1ii.Y, .11' 97 Camp li, j 11l-1;110 kera aasuierio Ireaf lard, iii aluar and L lar ada ly yi IIiIEY, 1112 44 Nrv Lmvee 14~ SKEN 10 lua rVl llIr reuaiiedA a1 the lauidiii0, pinr % lValt boa, for saleby .113 Ii DO1iNPA', 44 No' I·evra I)l(lK111S, 91USTl'AII), &uc.-41 0lsxer gallon, jrr; P 411 ouisir ~gallojair: g.Int jar pickle5; 11111bxs 'lIsala biluialp, ,OIl Iaoe.Cs III lard, inl "lb Loallei and It a caaialu, in saarne ad flr sale nly d7 .1 'T'lIAY:L& C,. 71 I',vlrer at STEEL I'ENS I11E 191m1. Iln.a au; Victo.ria pet.; double blarrl 1 pre1'b·' I i'nra,, pem; coru.iiiiia (len Iiha .rl IIp, wCillhi aamieltyl .h11... IIu.amliactruiy iil'.l anI'ifrry,a -rnaly for inllr aalioia'ry store af .114 JI(IN J HASIVIILI., 419 .amul at J liA ILUBIIIIER lill)l5-Gld bclaadured taIlil .(..aa;ii.cu.laril o dil; led prI.rlitorlCIand irilb do f. invaulidl-; witer lrn"4 rap-;laurri.,eOun. I.,.aorireuoav, erm ao Cy belts; I be hadl at liliJI' .0. Cil, d19 Earlisun Hllotel. SIt Charlei at Ull CAP'S-JuIs received, at hundsrrn., asslltlle a . of ,.tter. fir aril. air Fual.ads everyiolthr da. euripliuln naera, of lbhnrrestmanufalture and quaalitr: for uulu .allhlrealaad retail ilt UlSiIP & s'C.i. (119 aIExanaer Iiiinl. SI Chbrles at S HI411, &Ic-Juat rnlraud cud for sale, a great varliet ofeblirtne,nllanr, al-nbae, laurad, buaumaa all af ii.a lirsl qua-ily anad ,Canufacure, tit GOSSIP & Cii'., Eaclihage IlHltl, d)9 St Clii.,aa `1 'i2 sacke Lne LiadrDpmi Ssl1leIr earque Citizen, for sale by AIIAMS & IVHII'ALL. nOD 67 Gevierat A.YZseMENTS. ST. CHARLES THEATRE. Sraor MANAGERe. : : . BARRETT. 11 th appearance lile two tsrs uT the highly popular I omedinn, MIt. BALLS, Wlho it engaged for Twelve ilight only. First time this season of the Comedy oentled WIN HER AND WEAR HER. In which Mr. BALLS will sustain six characters. This Evening, Dec. 2st, will be performed the comedy entitled, WIN HER AND WEAR HER. Coi. Feignwell, Mr oalls Obaliah P'riao, Baown Sir Philip Modelove, J M Field Freemon, De BII Anne Lovely, Mrs J M Field Betty. MiullsMelton After which, the BUCKLE OF BRILLIANTS; OR,-Tltl CROWN Paglcs. Prederick Storks, Mr BIllC Prince Albert, Field Kath nine, Miss Melton ToeMorrow, Mr. MAnIatl and Mr. IiALLa will appear [7 Doors open at 6-Perfurmances to commence at 7 o'c lock.. I0 Seaorn "tickets nito be had at tlh Box Ofece. Opes from 10 until 3 o'clock. WASHINGTON BW ALL OOM ST. PIIItIP STIEET', SETWEEN ROYAL AND aOURaON lTREXTs. TIHE MANAGERI of the Washington Ball Room respectfully informs [his friends ald the public, that the above mentioned estoblishment will open for that season,an Monday evening, November 4th, 1839, by a GIRAND DRESS ANDI MASQUERADE BALI., and will conltilue tilroughlut the esenon every Monday Wedoesday and .nturday evenig ofseltch week. Admittance for Gentlemen, $2 00 New Orleans, Oct. 24th, 1839. TIlE NEW OOLEA. JOLCKY CLUB RACE. OVER TIll ECLIPSE COURSE. W ILL cummence on TUESDAY, the 24th De. cin mber, 1139, istead lthen first receday dl2 Y N OLIVER, Preprletor TO RENT. A Dwelling Ilouse 139 Julia street itI H C CAMMACK l Co. TO RENT. Dwelling House No. 139 Julia street,in the m, .rhbuilding Company row. Apply on the pre mises, ir to H C CAMIMACK &GUo. d TO ILET. rTwo romll on ithe second floor sUitable to ioftices;npiply on the premises. No. 21 Camp ret, at the FIirelllen Insurance Office. 022 TO REN'r1. 'The three story brick store No. 87 New lL I.roLeae lt; poresoriill Diven immediately. AI'pipi to o1 T R HYDE& BROTHER.g A 11 du large sizeit, lith paper 100 d hurdwiare paper IO111 di criwn u tlenp weppieg 500 Ido shoe palor'p eioret d colors For sale by JOelN J IIASWgELI & Co. ni-:l Sllccerssore to A 'wrowr 49 fCan, "'t) Will I'1: LEAI) DEAI.ER.I. ( Cf (AStr pur.r trot, S hes euch, " L ..5 costs No. I Lead " 1I " lure " 250 Ibt each, 1510 k1brs 1 .0d, 25 Iba eath, For auie by the Agelts. JARVIS &. ANDREWIS, ,d 9 corner Con & Teihapitoulas at t- 'Il1 I\VN (iLASS luldinc from shlipi Cherokee--I0 Ix t' 1 14,2 i, i ' New Eglaod crowul lans. i 'iub clivs was iptr.llased at reduced prices at the w rilldlig p ofl Ith l Iiioiullitu(lllrie c.itIane,nd is now i .lcirlI uey luw. JA.IVI & ANDISEWS, 11 .)9 t;rlltc(r Cim 'I&Tchnphtoulaa at U) .A\K C:\ltttl)i--,i ivelle. ofAtbboin slt Fly's ) einmil.ltl, ivoiry elrwe, pi, Itnin sd coltoed blank icurds o tliit various sele., jlust re.eived alld tir sue by tJt)HN J iIASWEI.L ir. CO, 1.9 S crce~ilre I, A TIwir, 49 Camp st , lANKIIt'S 1.' lit mdl o'eehet ltoks,hlmoney )) .lioVWIIIlletI uiod 1lremorandumi--A large and choice iIsoIitimint, just received ild for tlle by 'ln Sicili JorIIr N J IIASTw e EI4I.a ul ^') 5nessora to A 'Ever". 01Gt . all ... --r.ý orlizes fr~mn 2! &:1 t. '29 & 421 ust Inntdel ftna, shlip Unrt,, flm Il ton anid the OIu froml Philadel. p tls, aIna fur sale by' JOHN J IISWEI. &.CI o, 1.28 Ssucessors os Alex. 'l'Towr, 49 Caml, at - )AIPlEl-5--U0 renn;, dohle, 1000 reantis tingle, aiel " 10U10 rountm lsnlrdwnra papeir, is store and Iur sale by 17 J 'lIlAYER & Co. 74 Poydraal L I id ll. i-I6.0 tblse, the landine, for al by NIh 1'S ACKA-Jut reied & whle tll H BONNABEL ' I Ai:. A fcvary ddcrilliun,C such s aglobes bottles. >1 vials, froltl I drnchlnl to 8 c, gridualing. tinnlnnlni lnelrl vials &e,, fr hb Ioeat. or retail hy IIl H B iNNUABIE.L. 43 Tchpitoulla alt 1 II INA POT1'S expressly our aultecarl., far aile by II RONNABEL, il I 43 Tehapiloulaa UiAlt-5(0 hlhds sugar it plDnlateia , fsor Le y S ADAMI & WHITALL, Ill 67 GraO.er at AC.'2S O til-10 barrele beat Virginia castor oal, ,white and cleartr fuetiIing,allo 5 bbl. Treatua see astar oil, 2d quality, frsRale I ZJARVIM 6 ANDREWS, n12 ncoerCromnmon & r'TchpitooIlassa L~ LOUR-300 brs at the landing in fAe alippig i' deIor lurie by dil G DORSEY, 44 New Leve. tLOUII-300 bril landing fromn steamer Swallow fur rale by nG 0G l)ORSEY,44 New Laves EI ElFU41EI Y--Latest French Fashion a futt an Srlllnt Ilt pomaitni (Cologne watleroappowder Iseuhci &c, wlioleaile or lreotd by , r a H BONNABEL., dill earner Nnal:ie & 'i'chupitnoutlesi Il(:iC--l i i'.uk ptrt,' t'irlinia Rie', in atore olr l;J nl. hy [,a'.')] J I'll YlI lt I Cn,74 PIydrna eat 'LOUIL--IIUUbtle at the Ilanding, for ille by sI 9 G DO1)I:SE. 44 New Levee % ll, ,IIl -100 risl rectiied. in .tto. roralahby 115 ; I)OItEY, 44 ,ew Lavee Pi ti 1-3u0 ciuiis fr sale by N F CON LY, ___,s5 97 Camp at I L.S i--.ir bits supelior lnit , irasi byt n9112 N F ('OMALY, 97 Camp at [ -I.UR-- l09 b rlt, Iett lakber' brands, at the 1.lauding, lier ati bitt lir t!le by l3 1G DOIRSEY,44 New Leves I INDEIl' BIIOARDI)S, &c.-50l buidles bitdir'a boaitrd; 50 iso do. de straw; 100 do bonnetl blrnnld, Jilut hndmld froitlhip Ohio, from PhiladIlphda. anti or ssie by JOHN J Ii AWELI. & Co. d2 lnucetsort tn,"A l'owar,49 Camp at VI 1l PACKEIIt-A gooud packer of glan and arth. Seawnre, iswanted by UBROWN & Co. di--Tt 17 Camp at UOAL-53cuasks Lehigh coal, broken and creemeal - exrensly t r.tlu-, Ily use, now landing roe aip Ningnti, iois I'tiiadelltiia, und fLr aule in loM to luit purcloiert; alply on board or to N F COMLY, d12_ - 79 Canmp t 'iJutOFA',eieS PILLS--PHEuNIX B ITTER_,b dl6J 14 BINNAIIE1I,4 Tchnpitou laa SPIRI'I'S of lTrpenltine- bharrela N Yor Spinit b ul'iurpeutelle, lading frln stillip Fairtld, for mil byd r JAlVI.&ANDREWS, - dlB orner Coemon tnd 'chapitnul a A U I'i'LY tIF NAIL, well aoted o. hand l. fur alle by ADAMS&\ WHIT'ALL1 017 67 Grat.er at t-T I 'TOlt IIL-A few blt oel the heat 111hi b/ I aster Oil, received and for Nholehle or retail - by II IIONNABEL, d2 43 Tcllhpitoutaa a %TIll+tl"'ty-50 brlt teocillid, in gahre, for /aie by ýV 1,1 Q lIORie'~Y, 44Naw Leve' ,RlIULI;IIIiY TI8EE--9l( " 0 nt Mrta Mlulta i I'Jloes hler tile.t Apply at 100 Cummon at a7 IlhIAMOdNINS-- Glu zir'e itonda, Jeiuod 4 tlcai dli6 HI ONNAiIEI,, 43Tl'elplapilauat 1 AIr WIIELsC-UI vario iant ltes, in stote and tlfor taie by iN F COMLY, 1i "e m 97 nCam p at I I AY' Litimss Itid Btstlf Cflutbith-- grele h oImsl. ls lele.litlpl tall ediet, warrouted edInrel joi't reueived frto te ;s Imnnulictiurer. and fort sl tO the trade, t his pracss. J A LVIS d ANI)r mWS, Alli ee.rnr Cruslon annd ''chaplto liu atll FANCY CHIINA TAIBLE SE[i8Vp. , TIih Suhserilerslhuvejua il reeilod frolnt d rome, albtw lisi pitlrciluiu dinins disert and lea te.ices, ol styles Ilstirely new, pldl very hPieluifl 116 1w - B BloNN L r.a I7lCamp It C LOO. S1.AtE- laut / ecpivd from PMiAde 1 dsiu, on itvoicle of very supsriurelates, Enlish niid Amerisi6. 6 hv 9,7 biy 11, 9 y 13,19 by1, &e, Fot stile by JOHN J IIAdWEIL & (o, dl 49 Cailp pi ScAP \Nl I.ETERI PAI'ER- 100. r eams fine ruledepppper 2l51 do do do ,iu low prcp -5l0 do do do letter Pa.per 100 itI ds plain do do 50 do |lllnn's packetl pillt, tiled etl 3 alde., jut reuciveld ad fur utleby John J IIASWIVEI.L & Ca, ,4 sceiieesa to A T'tonr, 49 tC.mn at (Iti1tW ROO'-'-PLAS'Rit-KIt-l00 Ilb. Arew A- roe flesih cnhlretd asi Ielack pluter, liliaul from hip Kentuck, and far wholetale tr retail by 16 IIiONNAIIEL, 43 1"pioult c frMc Omwj;~, i

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