23 Aralık 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 3

23 Aralık 1839 tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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LEGA.L1 OTCICE. S1'AT. of Lou.laintt-Paris Conrt, of the Parish Send ity of New Orlelans, Present, the Honorable O.arles Maorion, Judge, No.12,'.l-IHenry Caseaue; o+. his creditorsi Tlhe cedlon oýltprlierty by the ll goelr is botch.' accepted lIy the dfurt for the. It.enel of .hlecreditor, and it w ordered that a miting oflial er.di tr be held at the eflie nfllAromlle T.r.eaou, F.sq. no. ry puhlic, on Friday the 2411 day ofJosutry neat. ten oid then to doelibheraled on the naffirn of the pettins t, and in the metntimn oal proctediesiinglo ginst hi lt.on uot prpertyart ertayed. It is lrthler orderedl ait. . Igoalx, Esq. he uppointed to reaersnt tie. t creditores. ly order f the ouTn , + "n ARMANDI PI'PO'P. terk. Clerk's Offiee, New Orleans, I)ecember 20th, 1830. d21-3te&f TAT DE LA. LOUtSIANE-Cioutr d. Pr roisse, pout nl paroisne ot villa do Is Noureolle SPresent PIon. Charles Mealrian, loge. 129,60. Hen;y CCseatx onntre sea Crdanciers. cession derpropriatds, par I Pdtitionaire eo t ptde par itsCeur, pour l bd5idfioo de nso cr noiers, et iet etrdontid qgu'uone asemblid deadtt tr.inolet, ali lies,, u la reos de Larq toe Turgenu, 'otalte publi, Vendaldi le 24 d Jlanvier prochain, poury ddlirer r les aftires dndit patithonnare, at qu'en attendant, toutes pourronoes cntre as per. monne it ee propridtd sent arretds. II est de plus ordennd quo L. Legasu smit noumm6 pour repro. osnter Ie crdancienr absenl. Par ordre do laCour. Neoetale Orldano 20 Deo. 1839. ARMAND PITOT, d1 St Grelrfir. "UATS,-The osublcrihrs have received and are re R. .a.ling by aseey pnoket,n lorg sapply of Iteoner, Rua.oia, aur ipd Mokblosn silk fblatt., of It lts foolt, ion asd e. manufalcture, whoicb thleyv ofr lbr inopec tiso to athe ireuiel.. nd publio e georll. a (,u sale by NaTael Milliner do Funhiomable lltters, under oil Exarchnti Hotel., St 'harles at SAILLA I)AOImA--A -enlrlt acTanioen t of SHawser's smldRope, direct ftvoll tihe lcotlry, war nta to be i n fiddy a q.tlal to any in tile aitly, enow iso-diga ud for sole by I S TEIt LAII)LA W; Sl7 Y6 tllnopst TRON-The undermigntl ofer fair sole on atccn o. S datinLg terlll is Itt to nit lnarehotro ILt ecarou of Iro jistn received tmmtcEmkho in, per brig Polemin, noeprising a full sod complete somtlirneil t oII sizes. LAY'ION & m'o. d6-tf 53 Old Lovce at r - ORRti.'8r.)TII PASTE. f Pr rekrain,. beaotifyisg and prnerdeing the Teetl. ArHIs lreptartion oha cqEuired great elebHrit) by - ilt pobetoling'tlie e.st Iuvuluoble pr.llrtie- Cfir giring thnTeeth a polih, sowerlin tile Irellth, andti en tirely eradic.itng Ithe ourvy. It is frlr.d Cf i.gredli ets spleas.nt to th Inlt, nlln hihlly bellefci, to tle healtih aod preservttiun of tile Teetlh o.d toit.i; nor dus it lyse eass dstm dol's corrosive oiture, the ennmel of thae Teeh, inltead of hein ibmpaired (am it ievilalby a tie case in tnst other comnpsitionr) will be. treserved ond rendered beautiful in theest e,,e. For aI a ot the BAZAAR, orner of alo. (harlen aod Comton at. 44 IIU-lit & ALlAN. RiEi MEDICI E4--.57l pn beoes frrtml.a edli rises reeoivet per recelln arrivals friln tie Nnr'l. -n eities. Li.erpool and Hevre, making itheir tochk ,of medicineas asfll au ayiin the Sdlternm country. Their fiae modical preplraroi.sa are 1olws the celbrllrted lntlu. fsclory of M.der, W..oer t . Co. frollll Lutey will '-bs. ooeolotdy uiadied. Plnnters, d0ere and l'hyti 0iassrill he supplied on the no,.nt [ivlrtnll tertos. . - .iAVI ' ANI)ItiE\ VS, 7 coa Comlnolo aind 'T'liniioulln st NEW GOODS. B USH & AL.LEN are nolw openintg a complete aR . s ortllnt of linen shiirts; do cambric, with line. fronts; linen colltra; cili, cotton nsd irinn, ilnler shirt and drawers: cambrin antd silk hindkercli. lv; blaek and ifancy eravots, in great variety; I.libni scarf-; Steeks of every descriptiontl; gai elaotic and rotton st.. evaders; milk, cotuon a.d llreadl Give.; gentlenuerv'o Also-a saplendidassortmenl ofldlise' and gentle.men's writing deskb, dreoning csoo, cuo.ieal bhoe., work booes, Port Folios, Perfumoery nal etbery, tit theIIA i Z.ARA. cearef 4t. Charles and ('oillnon t lto - ,IU Lt .l-y.-3411 exican and Patriot Douob i loos, for sale by d4 AtRYOII FleK. ). OL'"'S PATENT' PIRlE AIRMS-Jti reerived Sper sit. Misoieaippi, froll Netw 'ork, a lar.e as. nornnollt of Patent Rifles ardl belt Ioilos, for l nlt 1. (011. SIP & (Cn. St Chlirlin Htnotel A'l'LAMl 11OAT' PAPER-Ntow lindling I'rmn hip Liuisvlla froItl Nw York, i00 realll.fin coloi++d mediumt auitable for Ilteasbont tills, &e. &(,. for oole by JOHN J HASWELI. & Co., SS Slueessors to A Tollor. 49 t'lilp a t Att.S..1000 kegs cut noils, well aetortril, frim 3 Mll inch, for aote ny LAYT'ON & Co. dl-tf 53 ildl I.eree es -iTHISKEY--25 bilte resified, landing lroni tmeant h bat Panels, four sale by dl3 t litDllS.EY,41 New Levee I.AMPS &d LUStR'I'IE CANDEI.b1ILttAN. A SPLENIDID alsrttnmeit if talile, mantel aiil Ionnainr Ilsnmll, ind canidlrlhmranclr rit lily intolt nd with ilasi tsbioe jljtl r.oeived. il r bole Ihy t o7-I2t II .;IttIItL & ico. 17 (ottip "t Hlenry (Clay,fromn Iremen, 300 IamnIri l.~ laldeir wine, for tile low from the Ib aves, in qelnities i sllnit plln.haserLa. JAIVI & ANIIIPEW., d7 . nr Common and 'T.Ihapi. ul aI It 1 town, for Hale bd rVA , AIIAMS & WlllT rl.I.,67 Gravier t ARIIJlB3 k;"g lIt. r laId, ladi.ig from .tem.boait SFuirply, fr -ale b IIA: dl3 t i DOILSEY, 44 New Levee (a )RANDY CIIEII I.S-50 boxes in store and I) for sale by J dl3 I' (i IOItSEY. , 44 Noe- Levee A'ITEALS-2- first rate PIildilellhin tallde Bat-. eaus, for sale. N F ClIIl , F, e 0i5 97 Camp "t E.ATHEI--12 roll leather, a good article, for .4 sale by AI)AMSIS & .WIIITAI.I.. d dl.l 67Gr6vierot 4 TS-301i Tacks at the lanuing, per f rns bnat, f.r n13 44 \ew I ,ee t All. --l0b kegs nails, lnaorld sizs, now lading A N from blrqne Jaoeldnie, for ale by n28- ADAM. &WHITAI.., 67 Graierat C Cat ElAYilI (alct prime Nw Yank . Hay, ladmag ata Ifrasn lsip Vickaburg, anil fr ale ,iv l ar, n3l A COhEN No.901 Common ir 1DIlAY S. Carts atnd whlelbarrownm. laaling frn. snip l1 Charles. from Philadelplhia. and far .nlo loma the "II Leve. by N. F. CII'l.YV, ,, d3-lw ('nanp at ]AY & SALT--410 bale hbay aid 150 lng Liver- Ke I pool salt, landing frm, -iil, Pi.whatlan, an forE aaleby PETEII LAIDLAW, usa 51 ('amp at Co ERFUMERIES-A'large a-asnrment or French ot hPeifaum.ies, 'received by ship LNfavette, for wholesale onraoail, by " 111tI'iNAhIItI., 29 43 Tekapitulns st. Oli 1-IUPiJTD L.-s, Ia balaes litil-o indigo hliom Idrills, landing from ship Churleston,flr enls by al0 I 111(10lG Cn So OAP--210 boxes KRbbina' $ I S.ap, in aore., four L sale by no JTHAVER& Co.74 Paydrasot 1 AILS-7300 kept inslurs to n-alrtd cNo. Nails, 'Brda lad Spiblkesa, fr sale by NbCIIII.Y. '1 n25 97 itnnmp C H EIIBS & SEi ta--Iaec.ived fri,, France, for whulaala cr ratail by Hi IIiNNABIKI.. gd 43 l'hllapitonalilt TI lAINTED IBUCKETs--200 drme, in scre, fur Psale by J TIIAYER & :. Co. 4A 74 Poydras at TI OR SALE-100 bales Hay, landing frnm ship L J Panthsa, and for a'le by d8 A. COIIEN, 9l Common at WT IIh E L.EAD--l,800 keec fromn Y5 .l 5110 II. pre - extra No. I and No. , whiHe Ielend olndg io n oil, formale by JARVIS & ANDREWS. 47 car Commin & 'l calitnulp lnst P RINTIN( IMATERI.I.S--Jalm J IHanwell & al Pr o, 49 Caip street, have Ithia day received a gene ral supply aftnyp, canrre, irossee. brast rule, colmn - galley, Malo't, pnlainersn, qalnin, cn.lnosing sickb, shintang atiebn.flrniiren, from ti cclOI,atol fiuailrv, I of Jolbnson & Sitili, Pltiladeldn, whlil, i ollrdl Ito ithi stade on aaccmolnodeline terns. dllI u IxINE-75 doarna n.Ierny nine, godal quality, in, 47 d N F COMI.. 97 Camp at tiF RRY WINE-O28 doze,, (Ldai brandl Pale Sbharry,* very fine arriole, f ,r sale by Ai17 N FU II'l.1', .?('otnlp lp KOAG.NF IA--,.oxaa'a & llilers' llane'sam, lust iYl received per shil Keanuckv, and ir wnladalule orr letail by 1 II NNABLE, dl4 45 Tchba.itulna at liANIFOtI) W ll'ERS-Wdatoia i.ipro.ved naa II niLfld writer- f.r ,orlepVing lettere, ilvies. draw legs, lane, d&.j at rneeivl at the BA ZAAR, corner sf St. Clarle ansl Common at. d4 BITSH & A.I.AN. p 1() HlllE-'I w i girls.nn,,a cou wn-hl r nd Jr..er Sadlseutlsergndnuokanl dehildl'scnae. Apply Io It BONN IIIEL, d5 43 'I'clhapitoulan nt SASTOR Oii-0 l.Lls first quality Virginia caslo "J oil,lobbla Wesriiancr oil, N.,. 1, far sale ie JAIRVIS & ANDI)IEWS, a29 corner Coin & Tebapitlmnas st -UI) NCH RAISINS-800 bonesa lantlig and for Ssale by N FCOHI.Y, Al 97 Calmp t ARD--800 kegs superior leaf ardi, in .nne and for nrale by 1 DOISt:Y,. di1 44 New Levee W HINK.KY--10i bril rectified at the laidi,., per fla botI, fir tale by ill (at DOlrS'.V, 41 New I .,in D ICKI.E, MUSTARD, &e.--40 boxes gallon iar; P 40 hoaes gullhnjar: qanrtjnr piickles; oa ti blxes Tomato ketcbnlp, 90 nlies iun. lard, in 4 Ib laitlea and SIb cannisterc, m a tre and .ir sale by dA J' Ti LYI:R &Co. 4 Pnadra ett STEEL PENS. IIIIE Damascus iwn; Vietoria pet,; double hanrel Pe nleagll peoj Perauian pen;eroilation peaIi lia mnnal peu,wilh a vrairlt onf llners ilnenunaloredbl, Gillot and Perry, ellresaly fir thie atlillneri store of d414 JIilN JHAdWEIL..,49 am, ne INDIA RUBIBER ti)D:-4-fGold lIrdre aiasle rovere eirculardi dii; Ihd prolannlrr and crib ra f. r invalidr; walar pro . Elllt earrine lnwisll h..rse oav, e-Ian etl beltsllo be Ild at GOSeIP.1i'.a. dl9 , Excghange Hotel.St (harles at S AI.T-IQ n ankbs One l.idirpnnl Sail, per iarquet .iliena, for rale by IAMl In & WIitI'A.L. P Gecaby a 30018 &M 7S'ZO. ~ JNN'S DpOIEiT.A'I'c MIDItINE.--Mur than ~ arven eavenr have elapsed aine this valuable feau ily medical 'work was written by a gentleman of Tan nesaen. Since which time, nmore hain nil huIndr'd thousand copies anve been lld in tile weetern and soullbensatlres,and lhe demiandf Fr it.in tihoe elates in ilcreeseng. The pu0blitera tlare Iltely revised, en larged and ,terienvped it, ant executled it it superior staie, and now off"r it to thi citis 'a of louitiana. Snllcitlors are now ready to wail ion tile lu!l: for their patrtn tr, which will be gratefully receive I 'b'Te of lice of laemn & Co. is nltw open at No. 164, Camp et, opposite Lafivette squere,wh re the punlit ate a e re pct fully invited tetoll altd examnllit the work tcr themtselves Seia voesel nolld steamers will filln it extremely usetil, en well a fa.milie,. Gl V ItAYIOND.General Acent. A liberal discount will Ibe allowed to whotleeale dealers, tli;-6t FIal<-.SA-'.H. '' lItL.l;-John J.lua-wemd & ('n., 49i Cltp, trelt, iIeavv jlt received by the tlip Fairfiell, a fimlbter stpple ,f Froistnrtl' Ch1rnmlemlle e if Enghalnd, Iranlce, Spa'n,and tih adjoittlig eOllultrie'; twt splenaiil volumte. The Vttteic ultd Trnrdlle i.f "mi Jthl lltnuileville, Kt. witl 10ttes, gloaenar, Ac. by JO alnlliwjell, Enq. Blurltn's t naltony otf lelanchlol); thile sixteenth Len~ doneditmt. The m Clllete Aneler; r,l'ontemptlaive Man's Reere nliin,nb ice a tlatltllrc etllt riveers, fille-polds lael, anell 8lei.c; by I.ak \hWulio ad td'llerltt (:cotto,. Pompeinna: The 'Tilerapv, i'difi.ees ald ornll. ent of Patlleii, the remul' oferxelvulillg silnce 1819, ty Sir Williaim (ell, in two votlumes. 'NI tI.t-l.l ANNUAl.S. T IIR BOOK lOF' lig+1 I'Y, edited by the Conan Slessa I' BlHesingtolu, wlth beautifily fimelhicd en gtravitge. 'Itl Keepsake ftr 1840,editied by the Lady E. Stuart Wortlevwit twelve enleraving Ileatitl' Picttlreeque Annual conttllinag history and de.cription of Wm\Vllllelr Ca'tle a ,id its enlvirons, edited by LeleIrh tittchio, Keq.--1 illutalrntiant. Alet a lurther eullit l nof iIt plendlllid work the Shllk.peare ia.lery wilth lcr er ew d valuable Eng' Jst reeivecd and fitr smle by 1:3 ALI'X. 'r)WVAR. 49 Ctemp at PAUL J INES. IRAM 1 it five atule, fromll the French aIt Alex. SDiumt sbttt, y 'Vt. It 'ruer, al Niew irleuanl. Thill plan, very r aVmlllli rerivred in ilie North, in more lntro ly recltlmtllelllllllt t tile eItttti ltf Net ,v(r ientn as tle tir. tr ttllletiliOl' lifn till kniottW eittleltllln af thas city. For satle at the lprinleiptl Iltok terra, and at E Ji)IINS & CI. 17 car St. Chlalfe tlal ('onlmon st YEl..1,W IKYKII. I. ANATOMICAl., P'atholeicnl a tI Ttherapllntic re isearchels n the Yell'w Fever oft iiibralar, of 18218, by P. Cb. A. Lewis, lHuth, i.(' Lewis io Fever. IBhood Leling. &,e. ti. jl.t rneved an,I fr sale hlyJ..l. HASWEILL & Co, auccenssur to ALEX. TO)WIIaI, 49 CatSinl it. em. LFRtil Il) I(EOSSANN, or the Adventures of a SFrel'b gor'leat.n-a new nlvel ba ' ' M itey olla.ultd ifraule by J J 14ASWibI.l. I Co. n25 49 Catap t I)U\IA'S MEOIfIIIS. SEMOIIRS of Ii on lilane, incluading the Revelao. E tionl, the Enpllire and tile RIestorattione, Iy l.iear. Calmtl Mtnltihew l)tamns. jtat rte,.ived ttd titr -lCe bv J. I. H S'.K'ELL C.u, succensars to ALI.X. "rVOW IK, 49 (Camil st. d5 i1 l'F'iHlEl.l.' MAPIi-Juht J llnswell .l Co. 49 I Canmp street, lhave just received, Irao. Philadelphia a geIneral Iupply lf tlit'chelll'ea ' l fotr tIr thie et, viz: cr Texa-, I.ottitina, AIhbattn, Missiilippi, Tentee-see, Keuttlttky, liehica.l 'Viecln.h. &Ac. &c. totetller wc h a freabtaupnly .f itcheitll' gter llltie cttti mtin. tll LAW 110 tKS. TORY'S Conmmeln.ry t nyi Ith th w of t gecey; Wien r tll'nii New Y lrk Iteptrte; Cawna'o Ne, York iteporia; Jlhinolln'm New Yanrk Ilellorts; Ranll and Mooda(y'. Crown [t'uses; (:lhilly otn Iills, new edit. The aboe witI a general laseortlllent f Law Itooks, just received and for sale I ELL & C J)IIN J IIASW.'ELI . &+Co. Succeamrne to t'7 'IcI)W R. 49 qaRIp stree SA'T''i'I' NiO VE I I'IKe-Shakl.peare & ht- ftendt, , or theI. gdell nn'g" ol Nerlvy Icnlelad, :. vtls. Father Bntler atl mllit Ltttchdeth''tts Ii'ltriln. hy W. Hi. Carlet.n author uf 'meal lItthtlte, cc. 2 vlc-. Thbe nClnamt oft, il It l etite, irt ittl liatilook of the Man cf Fa'hion; by the cu.lce . fe 'l.nans of KIti q4 uilete." E JOIINS & Cto, N tl Sttilllo r's Illu l, 12 ellr c St Ctllrle a.ltli ttlllltnt't, t US I'. r CI:,VEI+ I II)- I elle olt .i enllO l ola lllr li, , Ip tI tei COtuteen uf Ill ainttgto, illu-traele, Londtton edition e The ShilknpeiR re linilerv, tt.chlilning tlhe pri'nipal lto mlle chlarters in the plauya to the great Poet, Lon don edhlion. SForerst \Ite Nt. it chri-tlllna nli Inew year's present, by FrPle erick ,ic.thl'i'll. , t.altllln eltiltion . Frielndshipt (i ha ri'n llnl t i t\ii ter'c I relth, ai chlristnel S K JttNS \.''Nm, +.ti tlitmern lhil d4 ctct Si C'hunr, , l 'ttt ln'1 eta i , , , .I -OK-4- - it I1. o ri ll343 A - lilr 1. u3i., 3 .11r ixv·,' fxIlH l illlllllilnt d e, grplB ingli; Iuball3lrd by A,b k, rllirln Cu 3 I.llln1.3. ''Thle le...d i 3rd C I....ni..,, r33m1 i.ni.g the113 lw, of.ihe N3 3 ga ., vll all, r naiin powei r iof te. Iecesll rellmarks tio .. the be133t m3.3 3th3 3 . I Wei Inog the1 g3nue, \c k1 . by IV Lewis, l ll :ndon . Cut 3hls. lor h giller1, in i riod f piogreiv'. le.sonl, ilhll rltl.l31 3 u3i nmrl3 lllr l d3airlllll3 Irlt3P, r d inllc .mrs; ry 9d allli i, xrvwed aRInd 3 I r31333 rtl, \ \V 1 i .33, l.33) %V33 d Ii 'h l lll3 I IIuyoI 3ron , L.ld lln"lt 1 , o h ll JlU a ..rc.. i ,,l a wIllill, e I t... . EJ 11s . itio. dIon d f ti(1 3 lEr i r'-: 1i 1 i3.3x, , o I' nII yI-C'in.o .3 ora.' 1, ,I I,.3 y d 1 u3.. ,:umr , pia Freem soallr iihi, iir l elll ivl I iAS W iE LLsle. b& T. IIA. V II.I. " & C, .,'sucwr,.c 3 I . h'3x. ' t1\V\.i'T1.11 4 l J(?: p . r 3 3 I'.re3 d:f3 333 of 3 I3 LL3,3, Ill l r l3r1 r13 1 iAll , d l WlEll s .i I"0l3.l 3l3lls O tf hI ll e Ie.i E,1 m "Ii'd hisl lllrllre oif mx rnd url uids aR ill ar o m irve no tle origin , wellry p ai d lapurplt if JOINJ JIAS\ELL& Co. C LAW OOHJ-A\ IIAner iir llof the su~lown he 7' A 'ToWI It, 49 'mp sreet 1i - IN0Il1.t; A\I)' tl I. L\aR. e work A STILL . ,t reci3etful lly 3f3 l3s hcriler. ob "II aL 's e Snol s g|l ih , lrllll y s t..olI h as hetur: e ith ll a tol tire. city L..l lllll n lnin d hi'+ llk ll ,Io i If uIlSl: lltillll . A3lliuli,, wi. rll J3 I, r.Ired 3.3133 33 lre3 333 3 i ls3111 3,. I..Io.ns & 3o. C .. S 3. Ch 3r3e . s 3reet ; r3t M.33 . (. 333e3, IC 3p31 str. l ; Ir iof Mr1. 3l S.33 Iadail PIge'3 i3r.l3 r o i Cokl3 a1lll.lC3 ell I.nl. . l 1lll tq(ll3 l abridged b' 3 JhIl' lll n A1 h 33 3313e33 lalnud l f 3 l ar3te 3 3,3 le Paw,3 ons33s1ting fl o t eiller of Ihe ltlt nl lRca s, wi tll siie I l n Ie. r 3.erdi3 . :i 11 t l Work. S nl laa .t reeiedl Sytihune hcriber. all, 'I3'33ll3 3 3 33',k 3 i: .l :3 vol. 1 KT.eli3 ~3's ,aoIs, 3l iiri, 331h1y J eeE..tan J£3ll3ndid I'.33 3li3e333 , 13ntri3,3.3 i3 d 3 W rits Clk.e'rs tl3 l reen 1 3ok 1f Irl r, abridged byJ n A Clhn k; Dlunlo b isCIWarm Tiee . 833 e c r sh1i113 n, freight.i and 3 IIell Ye1a;rs presa 3Phe *ll fro3,l, e 3 3 3f I33us3i ul3, .ith II i1-. Iiiryý on lite rightc r e nd oil rile Conelioumion snd i1d'i V of Ill.' U. S. Sern7 . ' l. llls 'lnztil lt|o«I iLaw E JOINIE OE C of HneSAUto llY. Sw11 en rll trl i ~llt erle tll Coh n tess tl fallil1. Pa 33ty of America, by Juhn Reese; splendid / II l nlrll o11n ,a illustrated with twelvelar g aCh3ll3i3.ly li3e3 l d e'o .ll1gr v ,10, by rle. Johl A u ll3 r I The 3.e.l Inll, ,1 lC a Hd ll 3 ,, w Y I I.ei,,.1331 11 33 r-l. 11133 1,33 y33 13 3 l n V e r1"4 rThe I'e3r1 1331r1 3 .3l, 3 fo. R : 1.rI 41l rhe Child'I (ni ior .840e--Also, h o l 'T he ;i "r ,1 10 - -1 r he3 V io letl d ., an Literdn3ry S,3 ve3ir 18. 111. 3.r s3H333. r JOl1NS& C., 333 3e3n.3tl3nr'. Hall 11 7 TrhEi ,t I Lr lle lt u .; rl nles a C,1 ea11 1111 1 T1 3. ll K1,1 IIOF IIF;AU'I'Y. I'l tleS ple.didr Amn, ual, edite1 3 . lle t inCu less 3 lI l1fe33si3.3ltn, .3 1 31 illu lrt113 1d w h.t1133welve harge S Tlll,.r ,r s i a'odles r i ln , lll lI elo l hr ,0.i mriV t. e 3 oii f1rll 1 , bY v. h n v .l r.'r lBld ., Vmii r u t ro T ullier, li) t ir ivil , a C rim, n 10 vole r P It ii £ 331 3 , Civil om vle, 1 t ii, rlI ,* ade WrlColmmr llerce, I volt Ti N uvelu 1'ore ulnjre d . Notar gi, I he l II I w El JONS t CN. ON 0 Stat ontar' hall, Sdurig the 3333r 11139. C.I.hhheI 3in d11ly at $71 per ra u rum. SIu bshripiilyu r ix.ieved by a l JOHI.3 iN lt33 3i.J 33 ASW IAE.LL Co.0 eed7 A 'lOWVIi1R, 430 Caup at ANNUAL.S F13R 1841. te UST reeivd ler .hip ECI1 IO, t; IJlo.lse 1w ie 13: .Ien" plb. diA i.tr33 ll3 3 E3.ditions.1 33: .3313 Th e Amxrxllllllll a I.Rnuell y ofrigielll ilrolse and verse, i 33,edited by I T. K. ile133rvev. 1 33 1 I le (G33e ll l "L.e3.ll 3 .tsphlyed i it series ,If wele high x1 flliiPshed lle ravings iife Ivriul stl i illdjcl by th i.11 Fi4h3.r's I Ilwi r oiI om Scrap Book, 1 840, with ! melial I3u1t1a1i3m b. L. F.. I.. 33d M31 ry ilowil . fr IleatifI1ho k obf 33Ileetr.d 11t40, wtil helll3il elll39ra.3 - r 3es3 .,l't.I l.y the. 03333.1 l f -11 Bl333i33gl3.3 Tit l .e Kee3l33ke fr 1841, edited by l.d3 1. Huar, and Worh. Kealbh' 1PicIureque. Annal 1o3 1840; Winder Ct1C le 33 3 it: En,3vro3t3, by l.. F1iteh''. The Pwxt.s of A33'33a, Iby John I.ee3e, spIlndid mot3.3o0 C 1ilri-3 K 3eepsake for 1840, by 13ev. J£3 A. Clark, r B. s 3 4.1h 3 ii3.f3 o11 r3 (33r 1890, by Ils W ... .l, em. - adThe Geur for 310, 3a Ch3ri.33m3 adl New VYear's Pr3e Tb.. I'Th fr3l 3.r A401i.33n 3 : fi for 1840. Z The l'3il13'a em31 Ihor. 1840. 3133 T 'e if f.,r 1840. lit- The Il.l of t1le 1 eaean, a poem, by bhe C0 ,.te3 s of ,if S h a llll el rex; G a lle ry . e O la llill r th e p rin 'ip l fr xl ale e 3113 ha33 rl r in 3 he3 pl3y3 11f the great tlel . 83a1a.3Ihlw3 s (3e1i3.33 a3d Wt id3 '.-, \Vr33 lh, a33 . hri( ,3 - The Tt.eai. A33,I tla.I tieS S3 uvenir,iaChristi3a1 and New Yeer's Preselt, editetd by 8. GGoodrich. qut EJOHNS & Co3. N. Orletas Slationer'. Hall, a;t 4y or1r SI. Ceariea sd Comlmun I HZIPPINl LISBT. Ooastwise. FOR NEW YORK. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKET'S. (To Sail every other Monday.) Thi. l.ie sarn mso.ed uofte talwv te -hips. vis : Ship AZ) , Caltt. Tra k -bIuSSsIPPIt, _ P Ilillurd " LOUISVII.L.E, Allen N 11K.It.LAtE. E, " BritOln " U 'I'VII.LE, , Eldridge " SAtA'I'OiA, l" inth way 'Thel obve ltllts are nll f thle first lune, c ppered ntd eopp.t rutelte I, f n Ii iht drught tft wt r, nid built iu sew i ork texpresele feir lthe Ir.d,' witlh eleganl accnntndni oUn- l;nr sesenllger, anid cointl.dedl by able IIId xperirnlll.i ed iln.wrs. The price do AsIue age 1 fixe{ at$ll81, whlhllout linasor lilnor s m illallple itore- in etry titter i;tlnltlnr wi I ,ipnrowided, eltd eily at tIPetlOll givento I trnu t he II1R lllllfU tl oIf ld s Ipilx ill et el ICrip in tIte line. 'lie th~lm will it all ti le be towle up anId downe the ive. s.icl tile greatest plunle elily bred it ite Ithir dl v ,f ailitnr. N.illier I. ownersr or culptais n of lice rleips will be respl"nibie fll jewelry. Ibullion, psrelions .tunla , silver or pIlell ware, lrnakuge olf ite, hollow WMe, marble itr grnite, coloerage of tin, rntl of iron Io, srel, or fr axv lettero, p'reul or acr.kige sen Iy lr y ut o hoard etnhelll, na ers regular tills o llillng are taken fir the ueIIte,and t.he vlu tllerelfexpres.ed. For Ireighl il inepnll ge apply It n27 W R FOUSDhl K 1& 1AINES,70Cu mp at FIRt LIVERPI)OL.. Fe'Pin Fit s.iiing, lVtl-'tedllani Copp. r I lst rPed nleIt ship IPAN 111- I. A.lhhy. nslea re. Ilpw Indiig tl d will Iiypet with quick td.r irlllh. llr lig ht .r lam lge,l htvin a elea. tl IIcIInt ildtollllln y tIthe iUo nt llllln IIIt l or t l did A COHAI')N, 90ltTamlm,O t FOR lI IIVIH;Ir' Pk)I.. T 'Te A I tf-i oniling hlllt PIuNIHATTAmuN. . einaei ( V McC l arre.,k will ltnil o Stllll-r lly slet. For pnassge, agllplv llV lat d, p .lo u l.e betno U Preie or Io P LAI'DI.AW, d17 51 Cmllll) t FO R lI-EIGIIT O'H C(li I'-ltA t. IlThe I)ati-l llilj 'PI'LI'IS i. now ready to ree ive freilght .r sany poe t in Enrola. A .. .. lrtgltt for Iliburg -r Ah.twerpl i mst .de prel. Altlvo dl0 A1IIJAII /F;iSK ror the Interior. CONVENT 1 ACIetIl il cifT. S nI ec+equnre ith I. die lair taking lIle e aon wthe 1 l., tlhe Sllll n 1hce I PEKIIN, Cral ttin Freirk, wll lavc St Illtitel tln tIe 171h ilslltnl ill old r ta rev ela+ the ptpils destllnd for New Orleans. it d14 FiiBAOLI SARA. IRe.lnr Packilet. I it. l The fine, fast mitiang rte-n'HIt in will leave .Nw, e rlealt evtery t'.rhrst dn trnng t I0 a'che k, asd Btyo. tra ev ery 7un sage aIlll n.t j I Il rlor ull8 I' ,\I.it..AWV, 51 Camp eI FOll ItAYltI "iAIIA Reguhdr Packet. - . lTh slendid ti.neeger eteaniltial w.-T- will ...uve New OrI.... e.ery WHed teedac It t'l t'clock A. Ml.lbr lnyyll ltrra &cevery Salurnv r a 1 Il itl,+ek \. Mh I.I.M tal e P., te ttWll Oio hiteder F++r ic nglit or patnege app.ly to Copt, lurt nO1DAM & WIIrTAII.I RICI JEWELRY. AT Nt. I6 CHArlTxEx SI'RErrc. SFUI.l. Asorlltment. iat1 receiveldeonieting of .ear rinea. laokels. Ibrlalclles, uhl.er ,i Isn, gl ImIIble' d) Ienll:il . g ,II filI t neil mifr chain., .all eltl kPea. w tirrllllle t rtltorm, scisors mIli a kiv's, walhis • lntrt l.af lllgk . ri I tnnlll.ntiekrk l f In f 1 bu.kets, e ral tn.,klrcee mI Iened. i all the etnve articles will be N1. It. Ilare fr,.,t glats winelow. Site nslelv,'n einlishow can.r , fr sale. Please call at 16 Clhartres stlete. ILOUSE FLRNISHING STORE, II A Nil. 55 CAMP STREET, NEW ORLEANS. ,I IIH UBSCRIB .IS. htavig now opiened their stick I Gouods. con,llltng oif 'able A Cutlcty; io ivoiry tnadlh,-i K;Ivus .nl ,t Frks; Ivn ry tal,: unit dIesert Ktaves and Forks, is a..tris Ivory alnd bck hal Ileef anid gone c.arv.rs; A oystir tild icollk's knllVUe; (GratIan, Englidh and domestlic rlinutfatit rod Ilnalt sawsn anld cltivra; A .gex, ha ch* t., laOk saw.s, &lre ; ipatt./tt packetL ledA plain otirk screw; Ghirm n silver, ten lland tale spolons, turks, butter and fish kntveo; I:agljshja. A paned tea trys, wailters, in sets aid singll!e; brod .and kllll tr.la ; :ntIimmtI and platin top plate wirrti ers ; tea caddIe, wIlt and witouta tita; tea Ctins lets; chat,;ler canrdlestick-; llmps; nurcn lalpJ.; A footbathtl wash kettLcs and chantalllr palls; &. alot.. Isnla~dand d lok till wa.re; cumnlon titi wat; tea and A clff."n lrnsa, wnl llt an1i without lamps and.id hi,:er.; clltf' bliggllgs land tilltrs; Lta and nillofE pota; I tttl lnpllurlal dish covers, in sets; dish anid pl ti heaters; 'g Itolers; egg slice, wl,., ladles, &..; A sauce aln stew pan-; opppt and dredglmg boxes; ihakei, puddillg, patty nlld mIlk palns; reflecting ba- 0 les.; tin roUsters. &o &c A gnll ral assortllnt of pot ietal snd iron ware; kdlletsa, bake pans, spid, s, clay and iron furnacer al.lva furnaces, with pile suiltabl Ior small rnonm; A shlovls, Lonigs, illdiroll, Ibtnders, braoets, c. Wood and willow waore; chinr, cordage, brooms, A als, &c., comprising a genearal assortinnt of hoIue and kitchen irniture, wiielt we now offer on renas.onl u tlrus, nad hope, Iy our long aC qutaintanco with the businoess, and unremittisg at tiention, to merit a share of p ilihe lpatronaLe. d19 CAMPBELL & BEEBE. U ElICI'NES,; .c.--L.u ling rnti slips Sr. Louis, SClhernke. I.tLoUsille, Josephlline and Ohlio Polo. rlmbulr in :caes Sicily bIriastu ne do .r Itlgit ill ceroan. Madder i caskn, barrelb and kegs S'd Ipetre in kegs Flour Sulphur in barrels d Gronlld goiger in do KRace gitger in bags :l1 ibln caIaittr til Sal i da il casks alheratuo ill do Sedhtll i an llddo powders S Castolr ,il lt!laes Potent lledline vioal, a,-sortd vials Paoinlll nd vnlllill brllhllet I idhh a genersll Ias-I l "uial l mledicines for plantations andia dleis. For sule byv JAIVIS J* ANI)IIEWS, n29 corlner IoItn. . Thacitniallan st ANNUALS FOR 1840. J US'' reaeive fi,- , New York the fullowingjplllen did I.donl Editions: The Anloratt 1, iI llncllany of original prose 0un yere edited tlvn ' K. larvn.y. Gen s iof Ihstaly, ilidlayed i it sea-ies of tw.ilve hiihtly At finisled enlravitigs of various oubjects by the niutlllano of Ilelusigton. if i-ihken' l Itrawilg Ilno Srican Blnk, 1840. with poeti cal lllanitni.nls tby L. E. I.. alt Mary Hltwlt. liteut's tllok of Bleauty, 18i1, wni I bealtifull engrave i go, edited i b Ithimn its i lasaiiitgit.. The i,'o-.nat fi 1i10, aedited by Lady uL. Iluart \Vorthlv. 8g I atbi'a Pcinresqnt anonal fir 1810; Winds r castle .i,,d its c tilnictit by I.. Iltilmtr, The '- of Aton by JhuIt I stia, spl.ndiJ lorocco bhnlld. Chriitiant Keepsake ifr 1840, by Rev. Jouh A. C lurk IIIIIOccl h nedllll.ld Be gia.i'a Off-rnlg lir 1310, by Miiss Watn-tnan, ea. The G. ;lllor 1840. a Christmas and New Ycars PI.e speaI enlbt)-sell and ml rctlrco. The Se aIl or AftnCti.n's Gift far 1840. ia The Child's Gien ihr IN10. SThe Violet for 18411. lThe t (;I fir 1840. per Tie IHell of tle Seasone, a poem by tllI Countess of Ille.inglt tt Shluk-leae'rs Giallery, containing the princiipal hfemnle cltirai. en. iii tnlt a11 io tihe gretat i t. Forgelt iei NI, a Chri-tmnls aid New Yevrs' prosent, ' by Flle. SJhok rtl. en- Fti:ilshild'S, -ferinerg and Wildaw's Wrath, a t'hlial nins nod New Yner'ta Present, edited by Frederi.k Pr e Ti khet nod Atlatit S.,uvenir, Chlrinitn( andl hlv Nw' ear's P)reselt, editsle by S. Gi. (;olri, l. ,n The Irisif Prtse, Puetry and Art, tor ldil, ilhe t a bn nainl egraviigsl y ,\.t-W. I E:. aFilra, .1oot i ral Ioitig. Ilb J. ritnlwea. Icdiltey ,lies nItfitd. 'lt icie Ik he ll atoir. or i (h u Curt If (leeI rat- V tlrin,t witih eplhnd.d enoelnviugs elaeat.a d otili r In1 nlp -tintsnllle.nf "'-. & W. E. Fiadoe, wtllh oiulcll art illusaruintinst, fr sle bv JliliN J IIASV'ELI. & Ci, nlitle 19 Sauccessors ti . Towir 49 .inlip ait enw a ceived nddfir E ale by J IAS WELL & -ao. ds 49 Camp at lark, 't Ei)ii3 LI WOtKS--ttit J. ilowill, & Ci n- '1 No. 49 Comp oterPee, hbva, jnst reeoived frit Phil. Pre.- lik-,l o1f ik lI teI t ediititls; atlnig oh i-i are lbind o itia nellov f(er. The s ert Mledinl liltreart, 18 atic. Illalton'e Cyclopedia of prIcienl rtiegery' cololei plates, ftiio. S i-k-s oin dtlsea al nf the chest. is nf ledicalaain surgienil i- tnogratph'. by Andrael.inlaio iard. &. o c. iri.,i,ile -lf the ikeiery and tioe ice a nisl mPdliiaro h. ' arhall :t I.. .D. I 4 '2 L.AK CARI.S- aninsnace ofAlstaii s oly' ret eaneotlelld, ivory eurface, plnia aFindold ahbehlono et cards eol iae vOnrioUs slze, jlost re'eived and bor sal I, Or- JOHN J H4S\V'EVI.L S. 1211, e, ick n29 Suie..ores.nt A Tow. , 49 Cam Iliot New LANKEIit'S CASES and Poeait Itnke, limoe l I eits, Wcllete sad Meruloanlndtn--A aInrge in lchoice asorlment, jusl received sald for els by I JOHN J HASWELI., SIs I 0t Succestors to A Towar, 49 Camp It .LOUISANA GRAND REAL ESTATE AND STOCK SSdJ lutteorits of tte State of flouotfana. CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRITCHARD, 1MANAGERS AND PIROPRIETORS. 1. The First, or Half Million Lettlry, and the Second, or Two Million Lottery, are respectfally presenltd to the Public. The HALF MILLION LO I TERY will be drawn in December, and finished at one drawing, The T'WO MILLION LOI'TERY will be dra.eon on the old plan of Blanks and Prizes--Numbers in one whoel, and Bianks and Priz d in another wheel. Both Lotterics. under the superviason of two Judges of Courts, WILL BE DRAWN IN NEW ORLEANS. The HALF MILLION LOTTERY offers chaneces to 1,291 Prizes, olfwh:ich 33 are Proz s of Real Estate and 335 of Stock, bsi.tos many Prizes coot posed ofTick a in the Grand 'Iwo Million Lottery, affording a p:erlociption of canc,,a al,, to thu holder of a Ticket for Prizes in The GRAND LO I I'ERY of Two Millions of Dollars-1l,000 Prizeo!!-to the full almotunt of $2,000,000, of which 1I7 are Prises of Real Estate. Only 9 Blahks to a Praze!!!-Simple Nos I to 100,0tl0. 100,000 Trlkets at $20-2,1000,000. Schelme and selling price the same. Amoer the Prizes in these two luttrries are many public and private buildings which adorn the city of New Orleans, and are th,, pride of its inhab. itants-the Veramndh, St. CharIes street Theatre, American Camp atree Theatre, St. Charles Arcado Buildings. with Illtl t, Dwelling Houses, Stores, Building Lots, and many erlrlre squares of Ground-bosidus Stocks I ItBnks and otlher institutions of the.State of Louisiana, amounting in the whole to TWO MILLIONS FIVE IIUNDRED TIIOUSAND DOLLAItS. All the Rea Estate and Stocks ofetrod m Prizes are ownred by t enm and in their possession:--the acts of sale, with clear titles, are vested in their Oesm, and recordad ia the ofllce of Adolphe Muzureau, Notary Publ u, and ofiIce of conveyances, rcadly to transfer to tlhe holders of Prize l'ickets, ezomlpt from irtnlbrane: 'lte prolerty a snot apart unalterably to that solo and o ly purplose, and can, in no erveot whatever, be contveyed otherwise by the firm than to tIhe Ioldersu of Ihe Prie Teckuta. AMERICAN CAMP STREET THEATRE LOTTERY, CAPITAL $540,000, IN 1,291 PaaziIsl Will bedrawn in DECEMBER NI:XT; and ill order to gratify, at an early period, the purhelusra oftickets, t a combination is adopted for this Lot. tory only, of I to 75, whereby the drawing will be completed in a few minutes by the drawing of 12 Numbers from the wheel. 67,525 Tickets, at $10 each--675,250. 1,291 PRIZES!!' SCIIEME. CAMP ST. THEATRE AND GROUND, Will be prize toI tIe holder ol the o1t, 2d and 31 dawootrnh.rs . . . . . $130,000 TIiot eebsnlatr r sory brick buildiog called Arinstrtn 's elcl. i)rimlnig tile curner ol'rIua |i arld \atchez streets . . . 4(1,000 Przi.r to 41h, 5th itud lth. That valiub lire estory bhick store on Old I.e vre street. o.coupied by Alecars II &o W IIo.p kin .. 33,00tt Prize Im loh 7th, 8lth no 9th. Faelint rlrdnitlohllcg Irause ual lot, Ni 74 IhoveI otrtert, 'tto,tied try lC OW iiodritrit 25,(100 Irizn Itt thre 11h, I ith aotl Ilii. T'ait nto story dahlrle dwel!lig and doable lot in 2d .11. tcotpiedl by J .11 Ilall . . 18,000 I'riz. to tie, Ist, 2d and 4th. All entire qluarte iirfgrnrtl rill allhboorg Anllnuo. O llill0. d r .. II, UIrtoldel bV Liberty, Ilettoo, Metl rplntutie anrd 'rertrsichore st . . 14,11011 tririr to Ist, td and 5tIh. Thllt orle tory stollre atll lot corner Catmrtr a 1d Julil atrrret,occupicd ry lMr. A1. Lauthier fur dry goods. . a . 1,000 I'rize to lst, 24 andirthb.

''hlrl onte srlry icorte and lut correrof iSI Mary nirdr Jrlia ste.. . . . . . 10,1(00 trie to tst, SrIltrn7th. .t certilieute oIr 5O0 tickets in the two million I ttlery, at $:.) e h . . . 10,l000 Thie lOr'turte irlder of this prize nins realize th lIst ptr11 i, stiny toartlroti) posnsessionl.through rter ieditn, of the priinciple prirtior of tile various splendlid prizes in the twuo iiltlitn lattler,, will lie a Prize to a1t, 2d and 8th. 'I'llat It I lrtil,litrg nI €aextensive lot ill the city ,t'.tlrf tyetle , it.rIo rrC aiurll i.ir t aias,t eror Woanilttrt ard t rr:htrwrrI rIs. 1UO by 2UU teot.. 9,0011 Prize er Ict, 2,1 and 9th. A certifi,r oi, f 425 tickets in the two million luttery, $101 each . . 5,001 'I'hat tne strv dwelling house ntil Ilt, 211 1. NaoYhlle st. next ti dlebl. lot corner of Mel. e- ci I p i dtlthe 7,501)1f A terti(itIe foI r :3, k tiets ill the two million littereely $30ci ch, , 6,500 al Prie to Itl,2d nl 12th. i A dI ellin hutei l uod 1.1 Victorye st. 3d 1. fe I be.ig " l from lot firming corneir of L'lEn- n , l hinll St. 6,2011 io her A eri'icilte flr :lit Iicklet in the two million ;lleervI lt $L' l 'ch . 6,000 et third tit f'r e 1i I tlletll t. i e. 5,50. 4,)0 Prizel to Ilt, Id tid th. ilt. A eltilete fri270 tickets ill die two illiltn t 'elit Autirvm l$t o111 e.lih; 5,46. s411 I'rize to Iste,ld and 7th. A cerlifiate 'o,r A25 ticeela ill the twe million Iollry e Iit $ I EcCI 4,500 strcei Prize to let, lt cr ll- a . A two etilrv Iuild icl house and ilIt, 3d on oI AD'inghieu st. ext Il cee rnr let ef Victlry st . 4,00 0 el i'rlz le Ist, 3dia 9th.eCli A dlsi ahlt l il Te 'eroiecltehr st.Od 1. adjiini . Ing Ihle clner ot ille Navldc. b t. . 3,500 C Prize Io i t,3dh and Itllr. At, elhgiily .itanled huilling lot or, Rrelieicm a. Sit.. d it. 5nilt Itll f lll tll iou eoerlr ll l t. siecn Jiuioc titt. .3,1100 ilt i I' ize I llst, 3d and tl li s. 1d l - A priz' cineistlng ,if a certificate for 150 tick eti iIt ibe ito nilllion itei , I ai $211 ellchl 3,00011 re Pri ze Ill 1s1, at, I3IIIl| 00. Ollt enlire iqecre oieitlulld in fillllourg Acn il htrslion, Oud II ehu ,dled by Cherry,'tha-- Ie lict. Chetce anl Errto i lst 2,500 Ecie Prize to Iet, tlt and 5th. l. A dleiirable buildilg lot, 3d, h 5e corner of i Mc ietee reea and llrontitlut .t.. 1,901) houl Prize tn lot. 41h11 ant 6. 1 A ditral l e Ibuilding liti 2: leat on lnonteget sth st. 3,1 1., Itth fr et tlelec st. 1,8110 lcl O Prize to it, r4thl d 71h. An etulire squatre f gr. ulld, Otl N. bounded by i;lii, P,, Ii:rcu cund \Vall eit. 16110 bolt Pr ze I let, t. 4 ctn r ld . 14 A pu tion lfa equree ofgroend i) d M. houend. C3ci edh by Errcata and Eagle it. . :00 nIio Pricz to I st, 41l11 111c11i 9 th,. A qucrc oifrtnd in d M. h bounded by MaIs 15 pc, fine and Clia s. • ; ,0tlll rize to l4 a4hd 7 10th. sire An eligihle huildinc itt, futultlre Licvneutis, It civ i, f Il.afet;e, 9 lteet ni Washington streett id 3di let fre,ll Chli,lnwu street . 751i l, P'rze Io Is, tllh and I lh. A hiilli't loit ltgrellind, city of Infty eIr, 3 A2d fei, i un hceatlilll it strelt, ndt Ittllhltfronl (Clhilpawc etret, 750 th, Priz " to, 4th nlld Ith.." Feoer biildic liifcgcei), it ot LnfltytIte, scre 39 to 411 feetcculi oIurh lictrect, teI tt' tlh Lii frmi nttIoriter Jer e V c t eel, et $,00 each 2,400 PriLe to. Ist, 51h stllaj 6ith-Is. 511i llad 7l1I-- 2d, lst, 5lth aud UIII--itst, 5th al 9111O, $1;IIU0 Sic htild ng etlel o c roll, eicitned I lt it 16th ton l*ln let corner WV.bllugtIo setrel, $3l10 ciii achcli.. . 1,81)10 A Phpue it let, 5th and 1Ilth-1- t, 5th nIiIth tit 0 l -lot, 5Iol IlI I2t.1--Ir,6tllth aid 7t11-la~lilh Jil ad llth-.Illil cIh nd 9Oh. A Fiotr prztie, .t1',1 a ertifiG tet in the two aillionttl i lotery 310t1 k tice I 'lc, t $• c l i 6,0111) llII Prize tIll et, ilt ih -.lth-I ", 7lh cand tht-lt. l.lth and 911-1st, 7th cit) llthh. Twoi prizice, ccih c certtileiute hit 125 ticce.lc I, in ith two million lclte.y, 2511 lickete, ci $420 s en5,010 etc Prier to lot 6 h'and l h0--is1t51,6111 and 1h-- 5 ll. Five prizey, eaIcIIh i shlalret f elouek ill It11 Pillt, 'lltctlill trileroad cIIIpthty, 40 coreee, 4,01 at $11111 achl,, 4,000 c S Prizc, t. let, 7lt a'id lth-let, - 711, in llt-lt, l t--l-lt, 8 thd I ant--ll ud 9cth- 2 It·l Bth rd 1II0Ih. I~ F,'ive prizes es ch Illlxrl·r oIf Piilllartruinl Srailroid cliek, 30 llarsc I.i $11111 . 3,000 J Price t, , let, ih and l2tht-..t i , Iltth andti 11t t-I ct,0 9 liid lth--let, 91h cncl IlIIt--lt, 9th aIt ti ` ei" gl':ig l iz ci, ech. e certificate f.50 llLcket in the a1 Ptwo m dlio me l Pllry, 30i) t i -rke l, t it $2 eachu 8,0110 Prize t. It, 1llh1 lll 19th--l l2 Ih 8 lh Itll| Jn 12lh--Ol, 3d anit 411--lhl,:lsanl 51h--21,3du ll acG Git--2.1l, 3d and7lt--All, 3dl ond 8t11 2d,3d acid 9h. ''en pr.zce, euch 3 Shares tc ctock in ithe bak 1 d l I,.l lui- li i . S ) ;11 sllter s. Ut I$ 0 ), . 3,1100 l Prize ic 2d. ld acd 0)th -tlc 1 ud 1'- 2,' Od, 3.1 ad 1.1--1,41h, and 5th .i, 1i), h1 and . 6,1h--d,4l 4(1ad 71h--'1d, 41hl and 8111-2.1, 41t1 lti 9lh--'d, 41O aud I10tll--:d, 4111h a di "rwentv prizee, sell a neertifrlei flr 25 ticketi ci in the two inillion lttlerv,51i) tihketse, it $1) 10,0110 01 Pilaze tl licOil, 4th iod 1P2th-O21, 5.th nd ° i 1ii-2id, 51h cacl7lh-A2,,5 h an. 8lt -1d, 51it aud 9O111--it . 51:u alllll )--G d 5tcu t Iiiih III- Ii Itteu 2dI, .ih IoI 1till--d lth iiid 7lth--cd, 2.h and 81h--2d, 71hi ml n9h--'2d, 7111h mi111111 cl 921,71h 11,rod Ilh-,-2d, 71ha ld 12ll --aed 2J, c 8111 atal 9th. I Sixlvtythree prizes, each one share in tile iUcc u rl eteluralcce celillltiIi -hares, t 5 3,1511 Prizei to tick. Iltavilng 11th atnd 1211,. eo. Oiit hlunred and tIwInc sic priaze', clth a eeltiflatee fir , li kic in the Itee illiln i 25 it litc, 1'1 kel, tit0 $ 25,20(11I l rizes tickhte heving any three driwn n11 tuhersl. 0N 10c liccilrrd aid IIefc-sil prizes. eaeh Ihree a sare: in the New itlcii11 ggs liolt idll cbakin ehi.lpanc :1.ic78 3 l0 -a i t $3.1 11,3111 Pric1 ' te ut the l t Id tt add, oir 34 d I 4 th. c ic l .t hull ad twenti -slx pri zesi , ei clilei two Ihare New tOrlec.i ga- liiht itnd bhckiig eO cclic y.2.02 ahree, it $3i', 5,3Gt) s Prizes to 1h" 9lh arul I~th, or l.Ot I andhh11. eTilres Thehudred and fileell prizes. ee.l, s eer. 4 Ii co:a' ifcter tiekhts i t I i two ilillicn hlt' leier, 12t0 ekiolt, at ..6t-0 2.,2011 cnd 7th--71h and fie and a1t end !)tit. lifilate foretticketa, iiI lie Iwo millin i lt. liii terc, 1:15 tickeic Ii $70, . N0,1170 ice Priiee to let a, 8 31d -2d iwlt5h--3d cnd S6th--4thi ed 71lt-5th ead OH1k--1i i and 91h ir el h cad 11111h.. Fireg ldrelaimd fort 9y jaaoed deMars. $0100110) ORLATI" LOTTER', TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLAIIS, 10,000 PRILU ! AMOUNTING TO TWO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, DRAWN ON TIHE OLD PLAN OF BLANKS AND PI'IZES,-NO UC(MIIINATION NU0I1BERti. 100,000 Tickct~, at $20, - - - $9,000,000. SIMPLY NUMBERED, 1 To 100,000. The scheme and selling prices are thei same, as no additions or reservations are made for expenses in this lottery: those countlgent expenses will operate as a larse deduction iruin tihe valuation set on the property. MODE OtF DRAWING.-The Numnbrs 1 to 100,000 will be placed in one wheel, and the anme numbebr of Blanks and Prizes in. anlother wheel. To every number drawn from one wheel, a tinket from the Blank and Prize wheel will be drawn, until the whole are drawn. THE FIRST DAY'S DRAWING OF THE TWO 11l.." .lION LOTTERtY, MONDAY, JANUARY 6th, 1840. J- Each day'a dr.,wiag under the superwision of two Jdge of Clu,los i. New Urleaus, and tile wiltlhlt upuned ald sealed bj tlem. 10,000 PRIZES. I. The VERANI)\ III ad gslwdl, lelll .t $500,001 ihl, and presacn it Iron s ui 14., f, t iln mintl Charles street, anll 0a feet onl mClnl.ll .istrel. The Iprincipal portin of tile frolllt Imf he asLe melt stollry cmrises u Itlge Illr ir colff e hlOe and rlglt marr , eald wll gralll elries tou tli hlltel, l+r which the remlninde· r ol'Itlh , ntlrndid edficu is deoigmltllld , daaich is nowt Cllli ed by Sb,,re. Kilg . leeko, ill u sthle whica renders it 1Ith t ltila haigllblo ho.el o tie south; 31111 lperson: cll at ll tie lillme le colven ielltly Icconllallltedll ilh drowiu rooll., par lrs andl bed roml. The preellt rent alrea-s g.as :10,t111) Iperllllnlllln, an becomes m(wll leasd by prnlvsilons a IIt leases tII $31,500. The stores 1 thle blaslllt rendero it susceptible of ollgllelltntlalln to $45,000 to tile finllante holder ftllbi prior. 2. 'li: S'I'. CIIHRI.ES TIIiEAT'IE AND GIUNI), with thile scelery, machinery, wardrobeI, mllluic, &c. cllllllete 500,00 This lnglnitciet lliructuere haus frolntof 1311 ifet on S(I .Chol. s street, wilsh a depth t. front of 1711 feet oni St Charles Arcld. 'I he cap.ci tv anld acclllllllllidtis witin corre.lond witl tile Ill tlltllI od its tleerl or. Tlh1 grand dialooll is b5 y I1. feet. 'Tle wlour lilra of bxes r. suollrutllted wit extnllsive gallle ries; 47 of tle xes hlave hUlldlloirs olr rellrlng ruOill. Ih lltle eelatte of tie dllle is su-pag 31 ll cirlillollerlll lort , n 0 la ,S Illg 4, , ilulld willth 176 gn. lighlts, al1d clst $111,731). Ilh ellllhlel l ,lll lnd tile w aldrirlla + is magnflllnicelli. '['Fh( wllhllee~sltibliiiltltllt n luns rlIW hie leaLsed Ifr 3 ,eurs at $311,t111itier annllUiml. 3. a t" . I S CII C RLES iI A I.IS IIUlI. DINSiGS lA I'llS, ,NI) GIOUUND, vuli aud atl 150,0110 A heatmifll Ilck of, the Corinthiatorder, 54 150,0, 0 feet llrulotl tin Cot p street, bly 1.ti drli'l, hntl in tll.e SCl rla l .rcade, 4 stali, high. a The lower ar!t is O)Ctcuplied by bar rm11 sllll s'hs,,11 basiths a 10 stres; on the 3SI lahm asre lhe l1r gea0st billlrd rlomn- ill the Unlred Staltes. The n1pper sirles ar'e. lhvloded i.tl, 42 luadgl' rtonte a llllllourl . Thle awllle rellts lr $i15,100 per 4. I'he entlire square of ground, lltlllc ality, iOs' ihte.lltor I i ldi kg , l lt . ir lldr s are'ita,1our led biy eiltlllle mlla, Il Ceraul,, and 1'erluch re streets.. . 37,11011 5. 'T'h eenthie sl nreo of grutdtl on dryades street, 2 llId m ic i jlll yo ll tlllilil In blldhlly lots, llallllltly lieqrw, IlIerI'1 LIeIaad 'Torl. aichllrle tr. ..et. 32,000. 6. Thle fnlIr -larv Irock olore, NI,. l()I1 Lev stree t t, d su lllt l ,iili of y irumto hg also onde Clinr1 -Trlr,. . . . . . 30,0011 7. Thre it Ir staory nlw brick denligrI1mse i$,l C mnlsllelet l ar. ye', S211 lno Cillht.i I llolilg tile c1Orler ati (0r1vi0r staret., 30,01111 0. 'hbe "1tie 1squlare of ground a ll I)rBylet street, 2d l it ion linty , 'o tniu tl l : ilts, Iuun leld by -.uterle alld lerlO scl streets, laid tile lile of thile tallIg g. . . . . 23,001 0. Ih'llellireil reif grniiid on I[rehdlrs 1l arert,2d I llllaicipali , cI of hll llsI bUlloed by .l lllelllle st rel,, &. . . . . 23,0011 111. 'l'h, e re slllLre nf gru tlllitl illert llles street, 2t Illauliailell 1yI Ill lot, S. t led by 0 E1ler 10, Tery.ieh role. 1 rl0,1 a.D0 1 251,000 II. l'he elltir sqallllre all grollnd o Croviser street, 211 1lt llicilla liy 1 1 lllltl gllllI 18 lot1 , 0 loutnlIed y - . . . . 20,0110Ot lre2t , 1d imilitllO hty, 1 n11lllall h I hll -, buoals 0 1101 by Eluter1pe 0 lld 'r1er0si,1re slreets. . 10,01111) I:1. lthe elll0re sqlllr f 10 r1llll1 a elpo ill ll slreet,'S l lalllllti hv,1uylllallulllm g I, lots, 0 bOlllldedl by Ilatulaul IoCl "erllolc iilrestre1a,. 13,1000 14. Tho' enlire squ1arte f grinld ail lellltun Irtrese. .d iIii1i ul qllvli cmuiati all Ill ,'to 0 Iboadledl by 'l'er-IltaIllOe, Liberty ,dad Eautorps streete 141,000 I5. hI'le to s1t 0111use I .and lul t lo Nw I I.eve street 'ds l ,laiiillitdily, 0lrlilr of lilubi btreet,: tt by 10 I11 . . 12,000 16. Thle lle qua .ltlglrlillio I I cutles street, 3d e.mlleipality, 0f 9 hts, bOltmded by Ilercu lea,a Euerle al1 Feliity stlreets . . 12.01101 17. 'The qtrtairtitgrdllnd on ellntmn slrePl, Ilill ll ) li Liiberty stroeetl,nd tIll'e liie of tll 50 lter , ro ler.ly .,11,00( 8. 'I'.e .. . .ne ,of e,,! ! ,,+,, Mel* , i,,, 1'. The .quale uf grounlI n Melm .n.e ' lul eel, ,l tut iciptlil yof Iti lote, . uu ded by free berry 'I, er d.hl.r Iod I lowarsleroela 1,100 82. l9. The square lrf gunu o T0haia strete, l muniueih.lti, oIll d't,b ,uelltl by y lul po- 83.2 en lo.ur nd .lre . tret . ,11O l o~ 211. I e'l Irelti..nle r ., llre I tll II , ilton tol- 84. it l treel'l ' . oll . heio . . llutllllll.d Iry lel\t , 2 . Ike uetu ...y uittliug ,ul ,.oulul en 85. illa .)ree.l, iii. ;lllu toltoe coulutr uf " lp bout ree, of 25 byI.e 78 lt . 9, l0 $. 22. T.'rhr sqteut, o tl J " SIut. of Ie ,b dd b loddy Ith'lplt.Une, JiuOb , 87. d tlow:,lltd reei, . . t 9,01)0 b,0 23. Tl'h.u dI allotv uildiln on Julin rol, xtii. h to t he curier of l ihry steyt, 3utto tg boI, bkery, tiltnl huvig 5 y lg ot 9•,001 l : od Jlt.o -tu o'ru, d J I. . .9,000 t 25. Teegqth e l' groutuln .libuert .to'tet, 9e Iltl. 1"tI3 h tllUt lltlt 1t b Lrlt + Ae1 iut ller llw- b nl l ,l:,\ t tre . 9,1)110 0" 20. 'I'le . ioire .1 f ero d oto n . ter ule reet, ,r e l, in. 4 1i lute, loullded bI \White ulld ll eljpu 0 21. 'lt,'t.P u l.y tuilio ., , n.nd groed un t)4 fil 2 ,heel, 2 lo. billh I d lot ulet, A.ttli bl,,ul Seell 5 11 let 8,000 uut iee!,2d i. u ll.f 'tbletnIJulotled by Jac.b olit ihe l er-chor:,b sute,. 8,000 chin 2'9". T ie uei tr boitd eril.nI c rut enon 91 uliuendIrel, ttb illt, g 12, loet fee lll op iiio tree, h gi, 5 by 7, hel , 8,000 of 3:01 th .. . . .tueeofg .t...u. .. n Attl ... ..., 51t S:d I..ot ,t IIls. t.utded by Jlul,, tolir md butt Alelpoutt ettentela 7,500) nt. 31. The .u(qolllU lf grOtlll on Thali, slrert., 9 tlel1ullolehe etroetl 6,00)1) 22t eel, ,1 : eIl. Ii.yulldldts ed ndby eenl.b, tP . tlrrPI ?1( II etellt0ll,0 illtlC . • .,00 I 3 l. The lluttt lt t f l tolllll l II \ l.llo t1ttt.e e Je i u curlier of $IlluleOlleu stlrue , 31 by 1J7 t ,, :t5. 'hluNlr te ld nll tInlltlllt gO I 1ntreetl, 2 .ll 9 m ,1-111 , b oUU lIed bly l u dJn. iJt: ; lulbwed Fl'h.uity lt' I . . . 5500 .,erl , 0 36. AtI tt l(.utl ucl \',veL IeetreeuI, 1 ,i m. ulelit Ito turlleuo tr f Klbil srel, 30 by II. 37. Tinhe entur. to group I eIII "l'n il Iree, 'tlJnn. f 1 Il\to, tueoled lby Clora, .\ohwoeet, by ulll Slelllllee e lree l . . 5. 5.S0 l :u. thhlult ,of uontlntl on Ntw'1,; I .L4. ,. , ..3t 15f .o. . . 5, ,t0 be I9. I'the sare of erouml nle ett.ulteo si., 2411 . l'h18 I.n, l, bo td, 2iii byi i .lV ll, at tlli c 40l. Tl n he b -t ofItk I 1It 3llllot "loll l''(rp1nEl +l T 0 tiev llvi,,g il1 hI I :7 ;. t . 5,0noI el !I. '19Till." sore+ fgr,,und on1 Hlerculws rIr.et 2d In.l 5 t lell,fl ollndel I,b whie ald Clello- I: tIneiln.e I .el . . • 5,000 42. . . 5.1 1........ , t..u l I . . o bi te oid 1e to.. f ° I'erpotlelart u lnel, luid betgvig 315 by 1.7 ert .5,000 43. The tq.sare oferonlad in T'htlia steotr, f "4 it. of 17 Itl, bundledl by Clara, .lIMellt.tn nn miil Mtrlin siree ", 5,000 F 41. IThe ol ul greundtd, cornier of Vict,,r and .I', hlli.ell lttll.l. :1:2 t. Ill. ty 1023 toot t" 'ahie ll alsrecl , :IJ II'.. by 100: 1lee 110 T'womewlu e a )'u.ru .,wu'u,q CALDWELL, OAKEY & PRI'ITCHARD, ALYeN O.l.ll. Aug. 30th, 1pi3 '4w Orleaee. Aug. 30th, 1839 45. Thepw poion oot it toure of gound od 1.hulie droo 2,1 to. to I6l lots, Iounded Iby ueI anod O.,ino stewels,,adohr o pertty 6,04)(1 Apoll~o od lanpootlooenotroet, d 24n. ol3 by 60 S5,1000 48. h n llslooy ,,vjbrik oosoodIlot on feet Ooo,,, 5, ltitonw trv awl ha, Ing 40 Stet friho, byo 20l1 loci ,dpth, 5, . Soo 49. 'II"m lot rs 01n gnlo tt ill Ito'ai treto,, d lio. of Illlon, bouoded by EIoobnron ofd lrto, mono0re00 nod Entgte avnueo, 5,5110 511. 'tto otne worybuIildlignm dlotoolf ground no Noyodeoostoot, boiog orloI ot from 1'oer. nIroreotroOeet, haing 1t by 1.7 foot 5,000 51. The 1,1r of~Oo ogrtotund in Eorutoonooet, 2d of. 0 I,3ots, hloundeI by Allnolo nod ' hloolin ton fte In an n .angle lll nae . 5,0(110 52, The loolttlof gtouoon ApotIoosreoet, 2d t. (oppooite tie ooreoi,,e o.lE 101 l(Fel sl q loto th d o on,, TI'orptihoref street,anod Inning 3ibly 127 loot 4,0110 51. 't'ho.qunr oolgrond on Altn o o reet, lo2d m.ol i Ill kIl,,notid by Eaoglnnnoonu,'l Thlia nod Wolnut meets 4,0110 54. A loto gootttton Apollo nto,'o, 2d on. lieittg llo3dItl l,,lloo enrjtniottotnnlroot,lhavniog Sl y 127 nee t . 4000 55.Alto ofgrouodon oolllu n .boonreet, 2d in. boine, tlIe 41th 0 tnom'erll-icltron snreot, blnriot53 by 12700o . .et 4,000 515. A lot ntnrnoonrul of Victoroy stroo, 21 in. having '_16 by 0112 oot, odjo~i,,ig the lot foootig thoe ottofor ufoiI":ftgh'lo street 4,000 57. A Iotnl gnouod 32 to 127 lioo, bting lthn 101, 1,1 tfooo ill, Inl jolo l troons fmnhe stoor of l'rrEohllui o0let . 4,001 5. A fil l of ground on11 Apollo street, 32 byII 127 loot. bLtein;; t ttd,,, le i I loo1t 1111 1,1 whihfolom oil cornoer Iool El, 11 1 sroeel, 2d ,,,. 4,001) 59. A lot ontouuo lfoilo Apollto, stct, 32 Iby 127 ftal, ldjt,0,otg tIho loll tolining lfe corner of Alelu,,,oe strell 4,000 6il. 01 o(ininot grou,,d lftl ooniinootoo, 2,1 n. contoItittOElg IIn lir, Ioodnd by SOlis anod SMo,,,,nolel rOo 4,000 5 61. A lot of groonlOI on Melolmeneo,,o, street, next lt) the Iot too,,,,oio e olooner of Apollo olro.l.3Sllo by 27 feet, Zi ott. . 3.500 l62. Ai,,O1,,f ,'o,,,od to Terosic0,ole 00000t, tooi. 32 by,, 27 fit, bein~g lhe 240 from tho which th ornroolNo nor 3,500 6i3. A olt u' gruod tIot,,Mellpooonoootret, 2, it.. 2d fro , m 111n'll h tohto tlh co000er 00 Aplollo ltre tl, Itoing :2 bly 107 ooet 3,500 tit. A oqtlr of olo,,td f1in Toort.ioiloro wott,t onto,otg .1llto,1obuuottcd by Jaclob oond Solis streets 3,01)0 65 A lot fl go1 ,nd on Itell~e1,l, -I0n 00, aiti,,g 11I tll 5111 Silfrom btt hii, h 0 Hio mio ti e ooono r t o St J,,,,,oootreet, olid IRooitn 32 Ity 127 foo 3,000 6iIn..0 squa oftgttound ctttioiting 10 ,ots, Itttttt0d 2by Cherry, lootlto, Clotdootl Can 2,C00 to ceete2,500 67. A tqaeofgrotondt eouiototitg 17 tona 10 i Elinlio sotretto . ,500 0.1. A otjt'oenfgroutooot, eontotltonittg 1E lotn, ..Ii'.I I·I( v 00 el,,., T1)11oe1 l , ll t r UIII C noel · 1,0 feet oil CIlillll,"a s frrt, - feet on Fuurlh f r t a01111 711.A squr.r of ground, conaining 13 lots ('h 1uomlad by 1% lulot, Clherry a..d iThli s(rrets mono ) "eg 71. A squareofrucoting1lo, l, boundellrd toy W\'o, Erratano, d /.'berry street. 2,000 0u 73. A squarof ground, c inng 4 , bololl,, b 'I'lluliu, Siolidll Jacob stro,, Iwam 73. A areolf grouni, eontoiomllO 10 lit,9 houuntnd by Clara, MeloSI moe and Mlarti strets1,000 74. Arq osre lggonnd, cunooaining 18 lut, lou.lcel I. Chenut, 'Imula, $jt ao dd Erra. p to steet.J 1,500 75. A 1,·arao1groond onlaiing 22 Iot, 11 huuludd by C;heun,, Eol,,, Slluoc and Cioa s~er"[ý1,000 A nqouoe,.fground, coabmiulng 08lo2 s I I) oimdldIly Spruce, Errbat, Pechl and (11n of strets 1,500 ' 1 71. A.nqnr oef groo.nd conain 1 In g 16 lo ' I, bounded by Sprucerll~ Had Peach ICIILI1· 1,00 tob 79. A square of ground ontalining 22 lots Iblnded by I'PecIc, ..rrra,, f'r and Cli, a streets 1.500 79. Ao1,qunreof ground co,1doining 18 lot bmltldecl byI WUIIl, 0aII e and (3,,' streets 1,500 V. 80. 'l'ion tqionInlgr squdre of gr 01nd bound. Do el .1y Ilaqro..fls sand ,lloe streets 1,500 i0I (I 25. A ogome oIf I ron ,o,,,,,,iol 22 lots boomllleJ by Maple, Clio, time anld C ulioptt sheeris 1,41111 .11. A ro100re 1o grounld cotainingl,. 8 lolo lbul.d1.qdl by II ,,,ld Ihlaliltrieets 1,000 I 83. A square oI grOund *,.t00it,0 10 lots bmloled by ill ' C;ele, lI··Iuto nod Ii clout 0)0009~·1 1,.;00 B4.:\ ,genre oE fkruoud con clllilllng 24 Jul. ) Ib',d by , ll ale nod I codl,.loAe, innod by 121 185. .qco ol.r l groud eo,,I ,ing 19 lots 9ooudb 29. ea0,lloq,, (i lo od ,,ileZci Iroo ,3 1 t8ti. \ ."(pur e m elalamll cullnlilllg 10 lute bounded byl )I Peach nod E~rluto soevtsl 890 87.:r\ sgllml of glould( el·Itlilllll 0 lots 11,to.I'l~iynl~btoI. nb' 1101 or, olJby,,,,,l,,, Fl'I'1l,, otrel, rt 100 0 82. At iq,,'eIor qroun e1 ould bao,,.llot I I,,a, Mal bo feard Clioind Wall -[.rels . 00 II 8:. At,,, ,lublrn ,,a e of ground lUooudod d I I, I Stalaln Ibl,"iy an'd o,, c andek 800 2 Ci1~.oa ',miIm 41161111 rlllnl 19511, 750I L h O. O 91in.g I,.11o,1 lo in sllt oeIinl, Coo thecur b 0, t~od'nu lv SIjboIr E sl~ oyret I'001dVo 91. A it. olllg uonr 0ootre o ,f goud bounded by I erpsi"'elllle uud *ohs s afr~eli 800' I, Irn, c,,, I·r·I 'IIo1io tqelo ,Cnu,'1 .rlll 401 0 . 11 A ,,rio,,nooqgr ',o grloo d blmudd ad 20r~ 'i~ ulll. t~a~ll *Igoll fa,,i, tir, C b)I. 11.1 uoicon D M I totin rlr . 0 3 104. A lole ofga,..,Jd orotioao.,In.io7 0 S n t, LIe , 7,1, he 800 9r. A rut olf ground on 1ssnlhiiegtll I1t-ec tile Il,, lio dcIm l Itah Jeli 21 corter of 0It IIh.?, 1,n i,'.i b1i1 alm by zho5 en oLa 50l 9h. .\ lot of Bound oft Wo'lrllllR(on street hero; Ihe:nb lino If ail which f orms th Ile call.e 10 ai l'llillllelrn illecl~b brill Ill by 125f et 750 !1,. i\ culr il l' pounlld curla nineIIE 12 lute bmnlldod boy Jlnple,1· EuIFIITO.)nI , auli s lid n. 500 . A Iriaugu'o, sqare o gaolund bounded b, thn 11 ornll nod eila ,,e tr e 4011 NI0 0.i.9 A t inugolo1 araqloole ground boulded DO bye ,n-l-l anId ErcTo1tL . .ee. 4111 Jrlot'y null N u hmgoo soeln SI Its, Ilnog 1 5 fret an file ll.rfn'",, o lml 115 on the latterP 3511 *000101. A brto,,g~lrluqaat loog tm orIe lofn 010rsey, nldl our, Iio eels intlrhe same atr1nr 80 by. Ai 1j,,,OfIt oll he f lrmer alid 2115lduf dall Ito 00 { lattr 350 10. S tcolmI of roud o Jea, vseet, . i . 20 011 :71 . f at ic 0 il,aDoo deaoh (ouiaag 1(h1. cur, 103. A ati ofL;oo c, at Jer0 .tee 2 01,10 0115 i 110, Imiog 110h, Ie eac 2ill ' fo e crrof a 00 ,lo ree. 500 104. A triungulur square of ·n uglnaod lbound ed 50 b 7 Clio, a t[ aploe anll ch 3cean Iote inn ' 10.. A p trob olnr .qunre ofgromd boun 05ed .moaovfr nodtb.arrnIo str .ts011) 1110. A tri*,latinr equare Pof artra houndI 010d 1119 Ion l'Inbopa yllP lld a lblr $00u . re 3, 001 107..A ti o,,8Iar reall, gWrutllda 7.t'iaad by \11111l· 811J V, noln streets 200 Dl111 '9,3711) prit.,"c I share cool, Gad Light andl 000 Fir, I nrotpaoinaatock, atk $: 0 81,100 110 Two .aillwo abor dlt $crchnlha'a E"i 0111 cbaoee.,nrll~tit$75 13,00 177 prizesI shore uach Ocean Insgrunce11,0 Icornlrnsv stuclk of $50 . 885 ,0011 (91 Irres,I s hare e ch Meetcha·&'a Insurance cIII.I'.I I stock. at $30 1,800 46 prizels, ( share'oucfh, Exchange· Banrk cow. ploy stark, 'al t )50 2,`10( ,000 30 prizes, I nlor1· each, Ponnchartrain Roil Road l aropuoy stoc~ok, at $100 3,001 10 P'rize, I rbre esJ;I, \\ertlrn Marius· aidd 1011 0 Fire 1 usuruu e cuntpan) stock, 1 t $50 501 110 Thu mniltiaur ofdlkr· s$1,000,040 BVBII TSB CALXDý' . The DULT Paper i neatly prinnted Wtlil .4UI typo on an extra, double ned.um aheam I #11, per annum, payable semi annually in udyseebl. ' The TeulWaegLr Paper. cnninint lbe iedidnfl metter ot f1t dailieu, 510, payable e ae·druvaueu wtere no city reference ie given. JOHN GIBBO4.. New ORLEANS. MAY 1839. _º JOB PRINTING etc sVary DEOCRItMVON, ,PEEDII.Y. IIANDnOMELY AND CHEAPLY F.XMIIITSU AT TEE OFVldR OF -rHu. True JImertuw., % d'P. CHA4ILRIS MT1EFT. NEAR PO'DRA3,' mA3 ______________ COTTON CIRCULA - . Q? I'RIN'T'EU witlh tIrrlret FPrnedulimeiaiE en atyle unturpiassed in Naw (t a, a(.0s wh. re. t)ntF.f left at Coterrtrn Rodt + Se' '.es Ft ttuno.. (Coenr of (hm'ier,,nl. of fl (~ A11EatCAN PR1.N4I'1NU 9.' I: E, . cenrter of l'Poy.lm tand di Clmnrlic :t10et, aill be" q -niiyah-i~il~ ~ n (fV l F NFA AUENT or 1PTAIN! oft, ISOA'I'S can hcsel~eirriUvs~rvrk af',iedane or mot Culurrd Inkt ott lain or Conlorad r(er,tio' aieaptdeh, sad o faeor~d Tarea.. by aeinm Owtaa~tEAMlI I1AN UkHI6 r CE A". Pavdrar andl St. Chlarlve @3".AWS LIITNOG NIMC puzIIidt EsrPA HILISHiMENT, No. 53, Magbziee Streut.u (Uppoaite IldtkO' Areade. WILLIA.Mi Gi kE.LN, PROPRiE1OR n1 r I JARVIS &dANDREWS.1'... WHlOLESALE AND IRETAIl. D)rEAL.E&RS IN MEDIarNU6,~J'jNTS 0ILS a LFE S'I'LI'm b jg .W'i~DOW' GLJJS, $jnruernl otCummt.nn and Td0hnupittu'oe nLuete. nCw Ot)'A nrts Ni'IIAN J RVIMS, JOLHN W. ANDREi~f3. A large npIv u aGarden Sreet . wnan art d he trunatl _f ltt3,Z C lAMPlIN &a`.COC)E1I GIRCEI6L ANID DEAL.ERR IN ItOVI~lONS ANI) IEED, No. 79 and 133 Julia street,NeAr Orlicna. I1CT hip, ad Fl aly store pun up. 1PABJIIOUADLU CLC`-`b 1 i T'aYLO)I & HAl) ;·?~ N.. 1. 1~ 9, . aarsi IIAEI. a no.,..tataapply.fe Irerv anana y, to al aaaa auull dnre.1.af then latest et prices 1·.r 211 fO¶I .LE i AA! D)EALECRS IN. AMERICAN & ENGLISH1 C `C.R ' :;. No. 3 CAnonaFLaT ST,'.."1 BAZAAR. No. I, EXLIIA.. _ , "t L o'arner ojSf A CA .rkesaud C,. o I 5'OIITEITRN end Inenra daler in Frn . I Praaaun.ry; I)heaiagCa Caeres Vid Cutlery, HIlaajy. Gloves Shirts, S9 a,. V I. . I" , CallPaa'anal Flaaan Article.. SAalUEL T'OBy .Merehanndie Broker 4" Commis. ". a t, i. 113 ltliae, 36., laap at.-Fnohrte e. I. P. FREEMAN iý Inl< hfesrf CI·UI*I Bseoi ý, . ">c Na 3.1 .alnraaar aIra. I' AVEccnstanaaa anhaaalargo - .I. ien, nalrulaald for hliacontr - r aartaentll aiaag large. meraabaaaaa free. a.e be supl:lied ut bie aartesar notice. FhRI~'aI EN'S INSt RAN°E C#IY?` ". a' OF NE\\ ORLEAr - Thlin Coanapana anraa n n enar,. RISKS AGAINST Pt Na. .21 .auaa'a Bauilding, Ca E. Nraw Oleans. Slan 15.1838. ItIIIIERI' CIANNI)' . HOUSE AND SIGN PA 11 .:. No. 1d Camp treetr, Whoalceale h)ealer n faintra, Oil, Var , ruu reaa aL130 Windown ana Picaure (Grls FASHIONABLE CLC , ROJB1XJ OWAO GO a ' N.. (85, ter 68, one ourl~l bt ". II '.VF constantly oan heald evcrv jVCniap a IIYIIIIIl~ Jrad CC YIW O~r and meat lar Ihrhlnnblle style, nhe.- :. "u; eae.l, al red need Ilyrimmr naa t-rlae31 BANK NOTE ENG~R. - - R WDON WRIGHT IIATCtc' b .s .-: H AVR E opened a oflice N in Nwat O. I1I equal aIdvantnges ih their hi r filr Ille Illrlla le offengraving all plil ,. , I)lltlal, lll a)f I:xCalllge, LCerafid: . . Chllelks I other implortanll paper, , . agailnt Ilorgelies; andl have maele h Ihe safe keeping of all plaes a il in, ell til tieircare; their Pl)e ait+ .s eItl t ,. II over fie haundrerle iakin ilastitutioll na will he exreiued with r.ptitulde.l , I-liae. (lire uIirner ofl ..yal anil .4 New Orlealia. Nivl rlirliler2, 1839-.. I(GIJII.ARi PRIC ST. LOUIS STIREET EIRS'I'AUR. '. . )" 'I'IH EXCHANGE 1THE Subs riler ha thle honor to Sand lhe apublic in eedrral, thiatr h, 1;Ith inialt, a Itestaurat, whlere pae r acc ri, liig to tile hlill of fare,. ,. regal . . .. : Filifty cer t frl Breakfas. aid Sevr i ' I)Duer. T'he breakfal will consist alaircni' at di. retion. 'ill e ar ilmlc tllrl Jillsie lt opliol a sloup, hailfal i bleend alt tIi..retioh. Agrealt iumelr ofl persoins have Ite aI lng lillle f the inconvell ienEe Iel where Ihey are obrliged to be at re, ialhiscribear i r thie ihope If having o1" vrelieuce ill establishing his Restaur I anld wher lsolln will re attenldedl ' tle ill i" at i chpi Pr rate thailn at Ithe T'lhe aslscrih,'r has a lso elerant r - partlis, andll will execute city del an TO HOUSEKEEPERS, HOT BOATS, and COUNTRY .F:H aulscibers aremn',w reri i I ll sn rllllil linr , large sul.l ies a r i:.IeiiWaae,e I nluki.g ,laraea, PI.tll' unllama tll'lrhiielieiPa, Jiipaii. I K..K li'ia a. iiirlalihiii" claia geii'allly, insa Ially t* pricer at No. 17Ca-" ., , M NSION HOUSE I i IHAVANNA. 0 r lI , mlir eri ignr l, presen proea t l rn - l irtl e nla '.llislllell , Ce llll ed l I , . r, 0 l 1 1 ii tle lr tla, Il+ac ltlir gr .. .. )' tultltoll will beI) de giatedi to) rcltlR , " iwho Iui f- r ill hem wsith their peA )10 vaitger plossesed lby the l e ll liti In lolalitcneniecrlae.c'c. are so e , u0 lll .iea ls to eulll erlte theln . aerru '-li CU . M ANSION HIOUSE H d la Habanna. 0 i OS infrascritoe nuevos prop . S conia eido establcimiento i ,". SION HOUSE, a turdo an la ca' 50 Num. 119; tienen el Ihonor de am qrle sus llayores efluerzos y ateni .. e0 eadam It conplecor . lIa persona. ican con su patrueillio. Las ernt cha casa para los viagerui, tanto 1r0 comodidad, etc, eta. son tan cone , . til enumerurlas. lol 21 aet-ly CUNT cr 100 MANSION HOUSE --,.' .:,. a In Havlane. 35011 LES sussignds, nouveaux pr Sltab iasetelnt situ6 dons Il r' No. 149, connu aous lI nom a .i S .-a"Ir II)USE, ant I'llonnour d'inforam , c. , : 150 lerolnttou I ura effortipour oaa e .,. aiux peraonnes qui voudront bie ' 300 leur coanflance. Loscommoditfs a a , ti mon aux voyageuras lllst alena ..pi. .. Iur ia point juger ndcosaaire d'en faire r a .t 500 21 p--n.-y CUNTI .a I l'.. i. ,30AI CARI o LL-T' 201 c HOTEL. tI LAVAUI) has ti honoree fe~t lath , 1l;*W, 2030 .J rlll th. pu li in gme -elel. ' i.a'. i n.I Iletel nt Carnrollriam whneee Iaa atr , 200 ilre cnlls l his old fearns and all lo - e d a. Private parties wlI he bandSnauell ,:i. i fri, .i 100 givegalirlae liia l.fl eblanl. Hi + ,u; into urirnguementi ilr fmilia or e a .! l'. dieailr A x0oo0 i'rras-ina Ihr nirair ni ta1rollloaa 1,030 IAZAAI. i g Corner of Si. Charles 4 . ml ye s ear I! USI & ALLAoN woald meapet tvsIe ,:00 iCeninhro'eillemnaa Cenlamteau.eallretrc le', vanualaret uaiintlemaaleint' linern bira ' cr ra 3,000 a-ira hbaru ereotm. fashenr.lae lien. a L ..... Ianr: silk, elri a1n and mi ndm lb. rt.. er ,I .- . 500 :anilrir. anl daillk hIadmmeln , n u&Wc , ii -- , val. in grnea Variety: etmaoaLem r i aeren. ),0.II | +,ns ; olin eutln ll : enct( it . +.y r gl r hve: geti lroaakin gloaln aaa eta hrg y al eeled . .t-e-a- er- 'l '" .,

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