5 Ocak 1861 Tarihli The Washington Standard Gazetesi Sayfa 3

5 Ocak 1861 tarihli The Washington Standard Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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of settlers may avail themselves ol tlic benefits of tin? act, ami the condition on which thcdonation would lie granted, viz: four years residence ami cultiva tion. That is the only requirement made in that section. The class of settlers, who couM, by compliance with the conditions, acquire ii title to <! lo acres of land, was described follows, viz: white settlers or occu pants, .American half breed Indians Included, above the nee of < ightcen years, citizens of the I'ldted States, or having declared their intentions to be come citizens before the first day ot |>ceeinber IS.OI. resident in the Terri torv at the passage of the act. or before Ikvember l>t ]*•"><>, and married before |>cc. Ist l*ol. Kach settler coining within the above description could ac quire, by settlement, an inchoate right t,.(!4<l acres ot land, to be perfected bv four vears residence and cultivation, sifter which the errant is made not to the wife, but to the settler, one half to himself and one half to the wife by virtue of marriage with him, before the Ist of I>ec. IS~»1 : he was enabled _to claim as a married man. Xo action beinsr required on the part ot the wife, her death would not prevent the per fection of the title by the husband, and hence, neither in the act of IS.">O, or its amendments, is it considered necessary 11> provide for cases where the wife miirht die after settlement and before the expiration ot the tour years resi dence required by law. It is, therefore, decided that Emily A. Khev, has no claim under the Do nation act, to any portion of the land claim of her late deceased husband Isaac X. Khev. DIVISION OF LAND CI.AIM. Tn tin* matter of Emily A. Ebey,dow rcss and widow of I. X. Khev, deceased, ts. the heirs at law of 1. X. Khey and Rebecca W., his wife, both deceased. 1. In making a division of land claim between husband and wife, the Reg ister and Receiver will be guided by lines ami boundaries, agreed upon by both parties. 2. Such agreement between parties will not be set aside on r.r /xirlc applica tion, of one of claimants. 8. A husband and wife dining life hav ing agreed upon division, and the settlement perfected, with such un derstanding, it cannot be subsequent ly altered by the surviving purtv. DECISION. Tt has been decided that the title lo the claim in question, vests in the three children of Isaac X. Kbev and his tirst wile. Kntily A. second wife claims a right of dower, in tin* portion enuring to the late husband, and asks tiiat the South East half of the claim, including the homestead and improve ments may be assigned to him. We agree with the Counsel for the plaintitf, that where no conflictinginter ests are involved, the Register ami Re ceiver in making a division, should be guided by such lines and boundaries, as may have been agreed upon by the parties, either verbally or in writing, but it necessarily follows, that such agreement, should not beset aside sit the request of one party, without the concurrence of the other. It is proven by the evidence submit ted in the case, that until, and alter the (loath of his first wife, it was thointen tio< of I. N. Kbev, that the improved JH r.ion of his claim .should he assigned to lIOP. So far as wo are al>lo to ascertain, the title was perfected under this under standing, and the rights of the deceased wife descended to her heirs. The heirs of hoth hushand and wife still desire that the claim may he di vided iu accordance with that under standing. An Unexecuted will has heen tiled, as evidence of a change of intention on the part of the husband. This will was made after his second marriage, and it has not heen shown that he intended to sign it. It is decided that the claim ot Isaac X. Khcy, he divided into two equal por tions by a line running North thirty Rcven and a half degrees East, and par allel with the North West and South East boundaries, the North West por tion of tho laud so divided to be as signed to the heirs of the husband, and the South Eastern portion to the heirs of his wife Rebecca \V. Ebey. Legislative Proceeding—Eighth Session. THURSDAY, Jul). •').—ln tlio HOUSJ, tlio only interesting proceeding,wasthepas sage of a Mill supplemental to and ex planatory of tln3 recent Hill, locating the Scat of Government at Vancouver. It submits the question to the people lit the next general election; and pro vides that the Capital Fund shall not he expended until the location is made in accordance with the provisions of the Hill. It passed the House by a vote-of lij to 5 (all from Clark Cotfty,) 4inein bers present not voting. The House then adjourned until Monday. The Council were in session a short time, present, Messrs. Hiles, Hut-hank, Caples, Millerand Woodard. Mr. Hur hank was selected President pro (cm. No h;nincss was translated. On hear ing that the Cipitnl w.is again m<>r- Mr. Caples retired from the cham ber, leaving the Council without a Quo rum. Then adjourned. Wo learn from those who par ticipated in the ball at Steilacoom, 011 Xew Year's Eve, that it was a verv pleasant ailair. Notices ot'Books. Idnlette Stanley, or the Reality of Discipline, by M. M. It. I'iiii<i. \V. S. k Alfred Martien. l'hil mlelphin, lHtjt). For sale by 11. L. Hancroft & Co.. iSan Francisco. A well writen moral tale, and the best review of which, is found in its ti tle " beauty of discipline." Our young readers will find this a very readable and interesting story, and its tone and spirit will commend it to heads of families, or those having children in charge, for the valuuble moral lesson it aims to teach. The Higher Christian l.ife, by Rev. W. E.- Hoard nian. 12moof .'t:tn pp. llenry lloyt, Hoston. For sale bv 11. 1.. Hancroft it Co., >San Francisco. The author adopts the historical and inductive method of treating his sub jcbf, dividing it into three parts; 'What it is," 'JTow attained,' and its progress and power. Jle enlivens the text by introducing sketches of persons illustra ting remarkable religious experience and c mve:siot,s. We take pleasure commending this work toMovers ot sa cred literature. DAILY PORTLAND TIMES. —We have received the first number of the above paper, and are much pleased with it, typographically and editorially. li. J). Austin & Co. are the publisher*, and our old friend Alonzo Lcland, Esq., ed itor. We wish it every success. JBSR"The District, School and Insti tute will both commence again on Monday morning. A week's vacation has been had to allow the children to participate in the holiday festivities. jpQ-The New Year's Eve Hall at Tiunwator was well attended and passed off very pleasantly. A marriage added interest, to the oeeasion. MARRIED On the :ilst ultimo, liv Hcv. It. C. Lippincott. NL Tuiuw.iter. Mr. Charles Eagan. ' hid I lerk of I lie House of Representatives of \V. T., to Miss Catherine Wood., youngest daughter ol Isaac Wood. [Compliments of the hippy couple received.] At I Iy.npin. Dec. 21*, lHilO.liy Hon. O. 11, Mcl'inl d 'li. Mr. J. D. Laman to Mis-s Agnes Woolery, all of fierce County, W. T. M r/n :< >n< >i .< ><; KAi.. OI.YMHA, Washington Territory. I Lat. -1 a' N.. l,on. IJJ° .WW. i Tli" following are the meteorological changes for the week ending Thursday -lan. ■'i■ 1. The ob servalioiis are taken at 7 AM., I e. M. and II e. M. I 7 : 1 ' <• m. ; ky.| weather. Friday J*| .'in :i.*» | :tl :32 ! dr. frost S iliinlay2:' I .111 : HI I XI var '• •Sunday :ti"' 111 '. II 4'2 !to elo rain Monday.... .11 1- -I'! It -II do Tuesday ... I I') | 4."> 11 t'J ido " Wednes'y.. '. rt.'t < -Ii; IIS .'ln var fair Thursday .. M lis , HI ; IK> 40 I var Anniversary Ball! AT W;nIII\«TO\ 11% lili. \(!I!ANI> It A 1.1. will be given at the Wash ington llall. on Tuesday evening, .lauu-iry S. .No ticket-* of invitation will be issued. All are cordially invited to attend. Tickets !*:!, refresh ments incl'ided. .Music—Messrs. .1. M. Jones, 1.. M. lluson, J. \V. Walravcn and J. 11. kcllctt. Olympia, January ft, I Ml. 8:wl Ordimncss of the Town of Olympia. Ordinance So. 19. An Ordinance to levy a Municipal Tax for the year IHljl). gl. Ite it ordained by the Trusteed of the town of Olympia, that a tax of live mills be levied upon every dollar's worth of real and personal property, within the limits of the town of Olympia aforesaid, as exhibited upon the assessment roll for the year 1(41)0. <s 'J. That the Clerk of the Hoard, as noon ns said assessment roll shall be placed in the hands of the County Auditor of the county of Thurston, shall proceed to prepare a tax roll of said taxable persons ami .mid taxable property, and cause it to lie tiled in his olliee, and a duplicate thereof shall be made by linn and delivered to the Town Mar shal, who is hereby directed forthwith to collect an I receipt for said municipal tax. \ .'l. When til'' said Town Marshal shall ascer tain that any land or other property lots been omitted in the assessment, he shall assess and es. liuiatc the tax thereupon, and enter tlx 1 same upon his duplicate assessment roll, and proceed to col lect Mail] tax so assessed by him, as till! lax em braced in said assessment roll. H I. That the fees of the town Clerk, for ser vices under this ordinance, be the same as Is al lowed by law to County Auditors for like services under the Territorial and County revenue law. g ft. That the fees of lite Town Marshal for col lecting said taxes be live per centum upon all taxes collected and paid over by hiiu to the Treasurer of said town of Olympia. 'i C. The Town Marshal shall demand of each iiml every taxable inhabitant, within one mouth nfter receiving such duplicate tax roll, the tux as sessed utr iitist said tiix:ilile inhabitant uml prop erly, IIIIJ if not paid by or hefore tile first day of September. ISIIII. shall levy the same oil tlie goods or chattels of sueh persons, anil give fourteen (lays notice of tile time anil place of such sulci ami the property to be sold by posting advertisements in four public place* in the raid town, and sell the same at public auction, and if such property sh »ll sell fotf ntore than the tax aitd costs, the surplus shall In' paid to the owner thereof, and said Mar shal shall receive leu per rent, added to the tux by the town clerk, fir fees of collection, and in ( a<e of sale, the feci of n Sheriff for sales upon ex ecution; provided, that any person, before Sale of his properly, may pay all taxes, per-eent.ij»e and costs, and stop SIK 'I sale. £7. That all taxes not paid on the said first day ol September shall lie deemed deliin |nent, and shall draw interest at the rate of twenty-live per cent per annum from and iiller that ditto itntil paid; mid all delinquent tixe- on real estate are hereby niide a perpetual lien thereupon against all per son*. except the I'nited States and the Territory of Washington. ii s. The Town Marshal shall m ike a return to the Town Clerk of the said tax roll and his fill proceedings thereupon by or before the first Mon day ol' October—niid on the receipt thereof the Town Clerk .-!i ;ll forthwith mal.c- out two list* of such dc I n I'l 'iit taxable inhabitants, town lots itml real c*t-.itwith the amount of taxes due thereon, certify one of lln- same, and file it in the office of the County Auditor of Thurston county for record, an 1 tli- other one as cei lilied to be delivered to the Tow n Marshal, who shall advertise ihe same in a nowsjiap'-r printed in said town for *ix \\e"k* sne ■■••v ' b'fir: ill •Mr ' M>-|dn i-i1» —it-ic-: :> :i 1 Un til it day proceed to sell nt public auction, nt the Town Clerk's office, nit delinquent lands and rent estate, the unpaid tax on which, anil accruing interest and costs, shall not have liecn paid before such time. And said Marshal shall receive live per cent, on all such sales as his fees therefor. j! If said real estate will not bring the amount of taxes interest and charges due thereon, the Town Clerk shall buy said property for the amount due thereon as town property. $ 10. The Town Clerk shall, on the certificate of the Town Marshal that the amount bid on any land, town lot. or parcel of a lot, has been paid within forty-eight hours after the term of sale, ex ecute a certificate of purchase, which shall also be officially signed by the President of the Hoard of Trustees, to said purchaser, which certificate shall lie held to convey all right, title and interest of the person in whose name such land, town lot, or part of lot, shall have been taxed except as here inafter provided, and when such payment shall not be made within forty-eight hours after said sale, such land, lot. or part of lot shall be considered as sold to the town. The clerk of the Hoard shall be entitled to a fee of one dollar for every such cer tificate of purchase, and any number of lots or part of lots may be included in said certificate if required by the purchaser or purchasers, he or they paying ten cents for each additional lot or part of lot so included, to (lie said Town Clerk. 11. The clerk of the Hoard shall, within ten days after the said sale, make out a list of ntl lands, town lots, or parts of lots so sold to the town of Olynipia, and officially certify the same, and a duplicate thereof shall be lilcd'bv him in the office of the County Auditor of Thurston county for record, to be entered as lands denominated (Mvmpia bands, and to be treated in all respects in accordance w it h the laws of the Territory of Wash ington, regulating the assessing and collecting of Territorial and County revenues. % 12. All lands, town lots, or parts of lots sold to actual purchasers shall be subject to redemp tion by the formvr owner thereof within two years thereafter, on the payment of the delinquent taxes, with fifty per cent interest, cost and charges, and the accruing tax to said purchaser, who shall re ceipt therefor, or to the Town Marshal, for the use of said purchaser, and if no receipt of such pur chaser shall be tiled with the town clerk, or no such payment be made to the said marshal, the holder of such certificate of purchase shall be enti tled to receive a deed from the I'icsidetit of the Hoard of Trustees, countersigned by said Clerk of the Hoard for such land, town lots, or parts of lots described in such certificate of purchase, running in t'le name of the Territory of Washington, and shall be presumptive evidence of the regularity of all former proceeding" ; ami the town clerk shall be entitled to a fee of two dollars for every such deed. $ 1.1. Lands, town lots, or parts jif lots sold to the town. m:iv In* redeemed hy the former "WHIT thereof. liy mi ll owner obtaining from tile County A iiilitor of the s;ii<t comity of Thurston a certified statement of all tuxes', interest ami costs accrued, charged to such land, lots or parts of lots, and paying such amount to the Town Marshal, who shall lile with the town clerk such receipt, and thereupon such clerk shall (five to such owner a certificate of redemption, signed by him in his olll cial capacity, and attested by the President of the Hoard, and the tiling of certificate of redemption with the County Auditor of said county shall lie a full release of the claim of s lid town ofOlympia lo such lands, lots, nrpirecls of lots. 't 11. Any person whose lis on personal pro perty shall have l>een returned as dcliui|iicnt. may pay tln- same at any time, by taking from the tuuu clerk a eerlitied statement of the amount of sin h taxes, interest and costs, and paying such amount t.i the Town Miir-hul, who shall give two receipts therefor, one of which he shall lile with the town clerk as a discharge of said delini|lieut taxes, lint it such laves, interest and costs, shall not lie paid lii Tore the lime of making out the assessment roll, the town clerk shall add to the taxes assessed and charged njfiiinst such person on sm h roll, the allium ti f sunh dclini|ii"iit tax. iliti r -.-t and costs, ID lie collected as oilier taxes. jj I.". The Tow n Marshal, on the receipt of any taxes in accordance with the provisions of this or dinance. shall pay the same ol el" to the Treasurer of lite Hoard of Trustees, £ lii. The town marshal shall enter into lion J lo the said Hoard of Trustees in the sum of one thousand dollars (S>looii.) with securities to lie up proved liy said Hoard, well ami faithfully to dis charge the duties imposed li\ this ordinance, and to account tor all money* collected under this or dinance to the said Treasurer of the Hoard of Trus tees. Passed May 24th, l*<;o. KLWttOI) EVANS. President of the Hoard of Trustees, Attest: Hichard Lane, Clerk. Ordlnnnre \o. IT. An Ordinance in relation to Streets nnd Highways. &I. Ik' It ordained by I IK- Hoard of Trustees nl'(lie town of Olympia, That ll« person shall de posit, |IIIH'C, or |iut, nor sutler to lie deposited, placed, or put. In any person or persons in his oi lier employ any goods, wares, lire wood. coal, lum ber, chattels or merchandise of any description whatsoever, in any ol' the streets, highways, al leys. or other public places of said town, except while landing or shipping the same, or actually reiueviug the same into or out of some building or inclosure, or loading the same into, or unloading the same out of some vehicle. g 'i. That no person shall Midcr, or permit any wood, lumber, merchandize or other thing what ever, to liiui belonging, or under his care or con trol, to lie and remain iu ajiy street, highway; alley, or other public laud leading to or adjoining that part ol' the waters of lludd's lulet. situate within the corporate limits of .-aid town, any longer time than is necessary to land the same from or put the same on hoard of any boat or vessel ; and iu no case shall such time exceed twenty-four hours. t That no person shall throw or deposit, or cause to be thrown or deposited, in any street, highway, or public place iu said town, any coal dust, soot, ashes, cinders, shavings, hair, shreds, manure, or anynniinal or vegetable matter, or sub stancy w hatevcr. (S 4. That no person, for the purpose of erecting or repairing any building, shall erect or cause to be erected any staging, nor deposit any building materials, or rubbish, or remains of any old build ing, in such manner as to obstruct the passage

over more than one-third part of the street or high way in which such staging is erected, or such building materials, rubbish or remains of any old building lire deposited, nor for any longer period than may be necessary from time to time for the prosecution of the work which may be going nn< $ ft. Kvery person who shall violate any of the provisions of this ordinance shall forfeit anil pay a sum not less than live nor more than twenty dollars, which shall be recovered for the use of the town, iu the same 'manner us other lines and penalties are collected, l'assed May l'Jtli, lKiiO. KI.WOOH KVAXfI, President of the Hoard of Trustees. Attest : Hit-hard I.ane, Clerk. Hull'* NiirNupurlllu, Yellow Dork, null lodide ol' I'ofUNN —ls prepared from the finest lied Jamaica Sarsnparilla nnd Knglish lodide of I'otass. Admirable as a restorative and purilierofthehlood.it cleanses the system of all morbid nml impure matter, removes pimples, boils and eruptions front the skin, cures rheumatism and pains of all kinds. All who can allbrd, should use it, as it tends to give strength and prolong life. Sold by Druggists generally, per bottle. 11. IIAI.L Si CO., Proprietors, Wholesale Druggists, I:mis 143 nnd 14ft Clay St., San Fran. COAL! COAL! COAL! S. nr. DOTY, H A VINO purchased the celebrated Morrison Coal I'laim on Hellingham Hay, invites cap. itnlists, nnd the friends of the trade, to come up and help dig them out. Those mines have been prospected, and the coal tested in .S in Francisco and found of superior quality. Seven thousand dollars is all that is required to make theui pay a thousand dollars per month. S din:ii.'. I' -e.'J'i. lsiin. 7:..f! NEW GOODS! C. CROSBY & CO., HAVE RECEIVED BY RECENT ARRIVALS AO Rbls Rest S. I. Sugars, 25 lllf-llhls do. lO Hl'ls 8.1. Syrup, (extra) «» Tons Liverpool .Salt, X. O. Sugars, East lioston Syrup. Rio Coffee, &<•., AT. A larjre and well-assorted Stock of— Lhnc Hardware, Itrick, Dry Goods, Dressed Flooring, Roots & Shoes, Hollowware, Doors, Windows, & Window Rlinds, Oils and I'aints, Tinware, Crockerywaro, Clothing and Fancy C»oods. ALSO ON HAND CONSTANTLY Flour, Bran, Short h, Jiuelc ■\vlieat and Chopped Feed, By Retail and Wholesale* And every needful article that is usually kept in a general store, which we are selling at reduced rates for CASH mid COUNTRY PRODUCE. BUY" Give us a call, and try for yourselves. Tuimvnter, December 15, 1800. , s:tf A LIST OF PRICES —AT— QUINCY HALL, THE row EIMIG ESTAfLIiIT OF Man Franci*co. COATS. S|il<'mliil Illiick Frock Coats 00 ADo, Fine Hlack l'rock fonts lo 00 S|ilrniliil Hlack ami Itlue Sack Coats W oil Also, (iooil lliisiness Sacks •> 00 Fine Heaver Overcoats, late style I' 2 oo (iooil Husiness Overcoats H no (iooil l<ijfht Summer Overcoats. 0 00 PANTS. Fine Hlnck Doe.kln Pants $5 00 Al-o. Fine Dl.n k Cassimere I'ants H fio Heavy Cassimere linsitiess I'ants 4 50 Also, (iooil Cassimere Itusiness I'ants 4 f>o Also, (iooil Heavy Ilnsiness I'vnts 2 50 VKSTS. Fine Quality Silk Velvet Vests $5 OP Fine Quality Silk Vests. .t •'* f»0 Also, Fine Silk Vests 2 f»0 (iooil Mark hoc-kin Vests 2 f»o Also, flioori Cassimere Vests 'J 00 (Soori Quality Working Vests 1 50 I l'lfMSI llNti (H)ODH. Fine Quality Dnvis ft Jones' Shirts $1 .10' Also, (iooil White Shirts 75 Fine Quality Colored Shirts 75 (looil Check Shirts ; 50 (iooil Hickory Shirts 50 llcst Quality (irey Over Shirts 1 00 (iooil Hlue Over Shirts 1 t'«o Fine Quality l.nmhs' Wool I'niler Shirts 75 (i a iiii 1 Merino Cutler Shirts 50 (iooil l.ambs' Wool Drawers "5 Coo,l Merino Drawers 5o (iooil (irey I'ndcr Shirts anil Drawers 50 VI.HO — FURNISHING GOODS OF EVERT DESCRIPTION. Hats, Caps, Trunk**, Valises, and Carpet BagN, Will l»e sold at proportionately Low Hates. —at — QtTINCY TTAT.Ii, 1 IT, I I!) & 151 HuwhinKlon Street, no is X ROWERS. Nov. 17, IHiiO. I:3m KENDALL CO. OFFERS FOll SAI.K At flir Old Ktnml, Sontli-l¥c«t Corner olMlain and Second St*. A NKW ANI» WELL-MKI.CCTRD AHHOHTHKNT (If Family Groceries Of the best anil most approved qualities. J>ry floods. Clothing* Hoot I s * »nd SI LOCH, J I als and Cups, &0., Ac*., &<■"> All of which Which will be sold at reduced rates for CASH. Wheat, Oitts, Butter. Eggs, and Country Pro duce generally, accepted in exchange for Goods at the going market rates. A. n, GOVS. Olympia, W. T., Nov. 12th, 1B0c». l:tf Great Excitement!! AT THE FALLS!! MR. M. W. WITHERELL, WOULD inform the citizens of Washington Territory that he is jß® manufacturing VI" Saddle**, Harness, and Trunks, Superior to any ever made on this ('oast. He is also making the PATENT CASE COLLARS, Which cannot be excelled. He is making FINE SAXIWSISB, On the Self-AdJustlntt Tree, Which is considered tho greatest Ini- the Ago. AND ALSO CWimiAOK TRIMMING! DONE OS REASONABLE TERMS. MdeSnddlcNorVarlouiDeNcrlptlonft RKI'AIRINU DONE ON SHORT NOTICE, firgf- Please give friend Witliercll a call. Shop on M.iin Street. Tinnwatcr. November 17. 1 1 :t T BUY TIIE BEST!! GROVER& BAKER, HAVE RECEIVED THE FIRST PHBMIUM OX TIIEIR FAMILY SEWIXft MACHIHE —AND— MACHINE WORK, —AT THE — STATE FAIR.MECH4IICS" USTiTUTE FAIB, AND IN FACT Every Fair of 1860!! Over "Wheeler & Wilson and'all others! Thus Unquestionably Establishing Their Superiority. Those Machines arc the most simple in use. They sew from two common spools. Have no troublesome bobbing or pod/ Sew nnv and all fabrics. Make very little noise. Are quickly learned and operated. Are not liable to disarrangement. We guarantee perfect and reliable Machine*, and to the thouNandN In use can rerer, an dally and hourly recording, In their HatlHlbctory op eration This Unequivocal Success. Explicit directions for use accom pany each Machine from which achihl can in a short time acquire a perfect converse and management of it. Send for a circular. R.«. IIROW*, Agent, 01 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, Cul. November 17, 1800. l:iuG Ho! For the Mines! riOftEKR CHAIB mil CM Kim!!! rpilK undersigned would respectfully in-fjk 1 I'orin the public generally that titer located nt Tumwater, and lire manufacturing Pfl anil huve constantly on hand BUREAUS, BEDSTEADS, Table?, Toilet Tables, &c., And nil Artlcln appertaining to their I.lne of lluHlnesH. ALSO PLAIN AND FANCY TURNING, ALSO KAMI, DOORS, AM) BLINDS, MADE TO OKDKK. All kinds or marketable PRODUCE taken in ex change. Cash never refused. Shop on Main Street, near Waril & Hays's Mills. WII,I,I.VMS & JORDAN. Tnmwntcr, Nov. 17, IKM). l:tf S. I). Williams, * Territory of vs. > Washington, George W. Crum. J County of Thurston. In the District Court of the 2d Judieial District. To GEORGE W. CRUM i Vou are hereby notified that S. D. Williams has filed a complaint against you in said court*, which will conic on to beltcnrd at the first term of the court, which shall com mcucc more than three months from and after the 21th day of November, IHGO, and unless you up' pear at said term and answer, the sanif will he tnken for confessed and the prayer thereof grant* ed. The object and pratef of said complaint is to re cover the sum of live hundred dollars damages for taking away and converting to your own use four beef cattle, the property of plaintiff in IHS9. H. D. WlLLlAMS,Plaintiff. Olympia, Xov. 23, IHfiO. 2:m3 CHARLEH A. ADVERTISING AGENCY, NO 172 MONTGOMERY STREET, Between Washington and Jackson, up stairs, op* posite Lyceum Theatre. San Francisco, caiirornla. A(JKNT FOR Washington Standard, Olympia, W. T.; Daily Bee, Sacramento, Cal.; Nevada National, Grass Valley ; Butte Demorrat, Orovillc; Mountain Messenger. La l'orte; Placer Courier. Forest Itlll,' Northern Coloma Times, Coloma ; Mdoney's Express, Folsom; Plumas Standard, Quiney; Daily Heruld, San Francisco; Daily Appeal, Marvsville; Daily Argus, Stockton; Columbia News, Columbia; Nflpn Co. Times, Napa; San .lose Telegraph, San Jose; Alameda Herald, Oakland; Contra Costn Gazette, Martinez; Santa Cruz News, Santa Cruz j Petalnma Argus, Petalnma; Dailv Le Phere, San Francisco, CaL; Police Gazette, " I.e Mineur, Ilntcliin's Magazine, California Cnlturist, " Territorial Enterprise, Carson Valley; Daily Oregon Advertiser; Oregoniun, Portland: Oregon Farmer, Portland. Oregon; Dalies Journal, Dalles, Oregon. November 17, 1800. WASHINGTON HOTEL, HI EiAS U ALLIIIER, Pro. CORNER OK SECOND AND MAIN STREETS, Olympin, W. T. Honnl per week s.*> 00 it|_vni|>i.i, Xjr. 2::, I3C-V 2:1) H. A. Judson & Co., (At the Late Store of W. X. Eutledge,) OLYMPIA, W. T., COIiKSION lERCHAKTB, AND DEALERS IX DRY GOODS, • GROCERIES, CLOTHING, * BOOTS mid SHOES, HARDWARE, PAINTS, OILS, AC., AC., AC. TBRMS CASH, COUNTRY PRODUCE. I H MO CASE Will Credit be given fbr longer than Thirty Days! Olympin, Nwv. 23, 1860. 2:tf WMTfi. DUNLAP, IMPORTER A\D DEALER IX GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, DRV GOODS. CLOTHING, ROOTS and SHOES, Ac. AT TUE OLD STA2VD, Corner or Main and Third Streets, Country Produce generally taken in exchange for Goods. No |inins spared to give satisfaction 'to customer*. Olympin, Nov. 23, 1800. 2:tf SAFES I SAFES ! Z F. TILMAN, 00 BATTERY STREET, SAX FRANCISCO. SOLE Agent for Tilton k McFarlnnd's celebrated . F ire I'rnof and Burglar Proof SAFPS. This Sate in well known in the market for its unsur passed fire-proof quality, having withstood in Cal ifornia. ns well as in the East, the hottest fires known. We cm refer to endless certificates from parties in our mining towns, where these Safes have been subjected to the most severe tests of its fire-proof qualities. These Safes are secured by our Combination Lock. This Lock is in every "respect the most se cure one in use: it requires the key and combina tion to open the Safe. If the key should be ab stracted from the owner, it would be perfectly use less without his knowing the combination,or men tal key which the owner carries in his head. To those who u.int a reliable Safe we offer the above cheaper than any other in the market. *** A large assortment on hand and to arrive. F. TILMAN, 00 flattery Street. San Francisco, Cal. November 17. IMO. I:m0 THE LATEST MVSJHDKIOCK CAKEKi UY PONY EXPRESS it 0. W. BILES J. w. WALBAVt*. BILES & IVALRAYEN, HAVING formed a co-partnership in the H .d>« MOOT and SIIOE lUSINESS are pre-VBf pared to Manufacture Hoots and Shoes, cheaper than tlie cheapest. Hides and l'rodncn taken iu exchange for work. Repairing done with neatness and dispatch. Give them n call beforo purchasing elsewhere. Shop on Fourth Street, between Mainand Wash ington. Olympia, Novembers 7, 1800. l:Iy OLYUFIA WAGON MANUFACTOBY. Stuart & Ulackslicar, WOI'I, I)inform the citizens of Olyrn- tißfcfr pia nnd the surrounding country . thnt they nrc now manufacturing WAGONS,CAR RIAGES and Hl'GtjlES of nil descriptions, from thi best of ini|iortcil material, by experienced work* men, for which WIIKAT will lie taken in exchange, delivered at the Tumwatcr mills. Shop corner 3d nnd Chinook Streets. Olympia, December 8, 18G0. 4:tf LOOK HERE! THE SHAVING AND HAIR DRESS* injr Establishment on Main Street, near the Stage Office, is still in operation, where the under signed will be linppy to attend the wants of his patrons. SHAVING AND HAIR DRESSING done with neatness and dispatch, and in the latest fashion. fta>'"llot and cold lwlhs at all hours. J. 11. BUSK. Olvmpin, Nov. 30, 1860, . 3:ly Territory of Washington, 1 In the Dist. Court of County of Thurston. J the 2d District. To ANDREW WILLIAMS: You are hereby no tified that William L. Smith has filed a complaint against you, Geo. Drew nnd Carolino R. R. Drew, in said court, which will come on to be heard at the first term of said court, which shall commence more than threo months alter the .10th day of No vember, 18K0, nnd unless you nppcnr at said term and nnswer, the same will be takeu as confessed, nnd the prayer thereof granted. The object and prayer of said complaint is to foreelosea mortgage in favor of plaintiff on the land claim of Geo. Drew nnd Caroline R. R. Drew. IS. F. KENDALL, Atty. for Pl'ff. November 30, 18t!0. 3:iu3 NOTICE! " WE hereby give notice to all persons Indebt ed to us HV AccorxT on NOTE, to call nnd settle. We will take Wheat or Oats In payment of accounts at current rates. All ac counts not settled br the 15th dny of December next, will be left with the proper officer for collec tion. WARD * HAYS. Tumtvater, Nov. 14, 18fi0. l:tf C. CROSBY, 1 FL.C. 0 BAY, . Z; CBOSBY, > < N. CROSBY, Jr., j ( SanFranc'o. Tumwater. C. CROSBY A CO., WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN GENERAL MERCHANDISE, —AND— Proprietor* of the Tumwatcr Flour Mills* Tumwater, December 15th, 1850. s:ly J. n. PAINTEM, (LATK O'MEARA 4 PAINTKR,) DEALER in Type, Presses, Printing Mnterinl Paper, Curds, and Printer's Stock generally 132 Clay street, near Snnsouie, Sun Francisco California. November IT. lr(.;o. l:lv