23 Mart 1861 Tarihli The Washington Standard Gazetesi Sayfa 3

23 Mart 1861 tarihli The Washington Standard Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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Later from the Atlantic Side. ST. Lor IS Feb. 2<>th.—Mr. Lincoln Juts reached Washington. Jle was warmly reecivrd at every place he vis- \ plot is said to have hecn discovered ~t Washington, having tor its object the assassination of Mr. Lincoln. Mr. Lincoln has been waited on at l,i< residence by President Buchanan, General Scott,'and other distinguished liiisoniiiros. The Foreign Ministers also paid their j* sports The new Cabinet will be, Seward, Secretary of State: Bates, Attorney tiencrak Gilmer, of North Carolina, Secretary of Navy: C. Ji. Smith, Sec retary <>i' the Interior; Welles, Post master (ieiieral; and Cameron, Secre tary of the I rcasury. Gen. Twigs, of Texas, has proved a traitor, lie has delivered everything in Texas belonging to the l r . S., into the hands of the Secessionists. It is considered one of the most atrocious acts committed by the secessionists. The Peace Conference has not yet reported. . „ . „ Virginia seems striving for the I n ion. An attempt was making to get up a counter feeling, but so tar without success. Lincoln at Now York, speaking of tlio I'nion, said: " The ship was made to cam* the cargo, and the ship would never he abandoned so long as it could lie saved, without throwing the passen gers and cargo overboard." ~ .Ic'f. Davis, President of the South ern Confederacy, is calling together a Cabinet. The New Orleans secessionists have refused to give up any portion of the treasure stolen front the I . S. Fort Sumter was to have been at tacked on the 2<sth. The French (lovernment is reported to be encouraging the secessionists. Kxplanations have been asked by the I*. S. authorities. The Russian Minister. Stoeke!, is also said t» be in favor of the South. Agents from the South are at New York purchasing steamers. It is reported that England will not recognize the South. Congress has done nothing with the report of the Committee of Thirty three. The Tariff bill passed the Senate with a multitude of amendments, which will defeat it in the House, from want of time. It is understood that the warehousing system is left standing as at present. The Senate has refused to act upon the appointment of Black as~«f udge of the Supreme Court. Latham voted •• No." The California War Debt bill has passed the Senate. The work of the organization of the Southern (Joveruuient is progressing. Toombs has been appointed Secretary of State; Menimiugcr, Secretary of the Trc.isurv, ami Walker, Secretary of War. The tpiestion of the Tariff, and t!ie expediency of laying an export duty on cotton, are under consideration. The Virginia Convention has ad journed over the 22m1. The Missouri Convention ascer tained, and the Arkansas Convention supposed to be largely conditional I n iou in sentiment, though few additional returns are received. The following comes from Washing ton of (late of February 2<>th: The l'eaee Conference was in session until two o'eloek this morning. The spir ited debate previously commenced con tinued, during the night proceedings, many, if not all, the amendments were voted down, leaving, substantially, <iiithrie\s proposition, with modified verbiage. This was in Committee ot the Whole, but it will be voted on def initely to-day. Despatches to Government report a large expedition leaving Galveston for the Rio (trailtie, consisting of six com panies from Galveston and Houston and two from the interior. The object is declared to be protection to the fron tier, jn the event of United States troops being withdrawn. Col. Forner, an ohl ranger, commands the regiment. It is presumed in army circles that Col. R. V. Sumner will be promoted to the commission dishonored and aban doned by General Twiggs. Government seems to have made more than one effort, to get possession of the bullion fund in theXew Orleans -Mint. l'ostmastcr-Gcncral King, on the 17th, drew oil (iuriot, the Assistant Treasurer of Louisiana, for $300,000, hut iiis draft, like that of .Secretary J)ix, was dishonored. MOXTOOMERY, Ala., Feb. 25.—A res olution was adopted in Congress, in structing the Connnitteo to inquire into the present condition of the public funds. The Committee on Permanent Constitution will report on Wednesday. The following are the appointments: l'ostmaster-General, J. It. Benjamin; Commissioners to Washington, A. U. Koinan, M. «F. Crawford, John Forsvth. It is rumored that Mallory will he rotary of the Navy. Four SMITH, Ark., Feb. 2<>.—The difficulty to tho Overland Mail occurred :it Apache Pass, 850 miles south of El I'aso. A tribe of Indians fired on the uiiiil coach, killing the driver. They M'ized the stock, grain and mails, and broke up tho station. I he Charleston (S. C.) Courier says: 1" ort Sumter breathed forth its saucv salute of thirty-four guns ou Washing ton's birthday. The Senate concurred in House amendment to the Colorado Territory bill. The bill to organize the Territorial Government of Nevada was passed, also, the Daeotah Territory bill. THANKS —To James Lodge, Esq., Public Printer, for a copy of the Laws passed by the last session of the Legis lative Assembly. The work is well executed. Kk.mkmukk —When you visit an edi tor to let the exchonires alone. MAIIKI I: I >: On Thursday. Feb. 21, 1801. at the residence of the bride's' father, near Oregon City. Oregon, by Rev. .1. O. Rayner. Mr. WILLIAM 11. .MARSHALL to Miss li. J. WOrsham SIIAM. .4n Ordinance To restrain swine froui running at large. £ 1. tie it Urdaintii hi/ the Trimten of the Town of Oli/m/iiu. That ull persons owning hogs or swine are prohibited from allow ing the same to run at large within the following limits of the town of Olympia : All that portion of the town ol'Olyinpia aforesaid lying upon the east side of Htldd's Inlet, and north of Union street, continuing eastward to the cust boundary of said town. ij 2. The owner or owners of nny fiwino found running ut large within tin- said limits shall be lia ble for any ami all damage's caused by said swine, to be recovered before any court of competent juris diction. J 3. Any person may take possession of any swine found running at large within said limits, and give notice thereof to the Marshal of the town ofoiyinpia. who shall h n e power, and it shall be and is iicrcby made the duty of slid oUicer to sell such swine at public auction to thchighest bidder, forensh, upon giving three days notice of the time and place of sale, by posting in three of the most public places within the said limits, written notices thereof. ji 4. The proceeds of such sale, after payment of costs, charges, and expenses of keeping, shall be paid into the treasury of the town of Olympia. for the use of the town, unless and until legal proof of ownership be made to the committing magistrate, or the clerk of the town, by the per son or persons claiming the said swine. () 5. I pou the proof provided in the preceding section being made, it shall be the duty of the said town olhccrs to issue an order on the town treasurer for such sum or overplus in favor of the owner or owners of said swine so taken up and s.dd. I'ri'riifril. That the owner or owners of said swine may, before the sale thereof, pa* all costs and charges thus far made, stay the sal ", and on proof of ownership, the Marshal shall release the said swine to said owner or owners. i, t>. The fees of the Marshal for services under this ord'n nice shall be the same as that of Sheriff or Constable ill making sale of personal property levied upon execution. £ 7. This Ordinance to take effect and be in force, from and alter the Ist day of April, Anno llouiiui, 1 Si; I. i'as-cd Marih 21, lSi'.l, KbWOOD KVANS, President Hoard of Trustees Attest : Richard l.ane, Clerk. Just Received! PKU Clipper Ship 44 Xorwestcr." from Boston, and Hark "Architect," from San Francisco, :t Eagle i Improved > Reapers and Mowers. ut c. crosby jc co.s | i u v Steel and Ca-t Plows, at |t/vl C. CROSBY £ CO. S "T i v Justice Cooking Stoves, ) at C. CROSBY & CO.'S A large lot of Stove Pipe, at C. CROSBY U CO.'B Also constantly on hand— An Kxtensivc asst. Tin ware; (Iroceries; Boots and Shoes: Dry and Fancy Goods; Clothing: Crockery w are: Orchard (irass Seed. &e., Jke. All of which we are selling very cheap for cash or country produce. C. CROSBY A - CO. Tuniwater, February 0. IRtil. 1.l lirtNllOW BLINDS, Door*, Windows, *e., \Y at l\ CHOSBY ic CO.'S DRESSED FLOORING, llriek and l.ime. at C. CROSUY k CO.'S OILS and I'aints, at C. CHOSBY & CO.'S I7AST BOSTON SYRL'F, at C. CROSBY & CO.'S, Tutmvater. NOTICE! the undersigned, give notice to all per -1 \ sons indebted to us, either by note or ac count, to come forward and settle. All claims not settled by the lirst of April next, will be placed in the bauds of the proper officer for collection. BETTMAN BROS. Olynipin, February Oth, IHtil. l:i:ui2 CLOTHING EMPORIUM, 178 Clay St., and 107 Montgomery St., San Francisco, And US Broadway, New York. C CONSTANTLY on hand the best selected and j most extensive assortment of Cents' and Hoys' Clo lrng on the Pacific coast, which we can and will -ell lower than any other House. lloj*' and ftenfN' Clothing made to Order. LOCKWOOD, EWELL & CO. January lfttli, 1801. 10:ly University Zjands. rilllK undersigned, having boon appointed Pres £ ident of the Hoard ol' Commissioners, ap pointod to make solortion of tho lands reserved by Congress for I'niversiiy purposes, to make entry of their selections in the Luud Oilier, and to sell the same at u price not less than one dollar and fifty rents per arre, as per law passed Jan. Ilth, I HOl—is now prepared to receive proposals from all persons who may wish to purchase surveyed public lauds in Washington Territory, in quanti ties not exceeding six hundred and forty acres in one body. Tho titles to all lands sold will con form to "the laws of the t'nited States and this Ter ritory. All necessary information concerning fractions of sections, legal sub-divisions, and plats of townships, etc., can bo obtained upon applica tion to Mr. A. M. Poe, Locating Agenf, Olytnpiit, W. T. DAXIEL BAULKY, President of tho Board of Commissioners. Seattle, March lt>, ISiil. IH:w4 iVIUNical school. JM. JOXEN, Ent|,, would reapect # fully announce to tlie citi/.ens nt Olympin and vicinity, that ho is prepared to give instruc tion. either private lessons or to classes, on the Violin. Cornet, l'lnte, and Bass. Music arranged to order. Htser Enquire nt Kellctts Saddlery NK<toblish ment. Main Street. ' Olympin. -March 2. Ifrfil, |fi:tf Olj nipla Retail Prices Current," COKItKCTED MONTHLY BY T. M. KEKD, KHQ., Of 11. A. Judson k Co., Wholesale nnd Itetail Healers in l>ry Goods. Groceries. Clothing, Hoots and Shoes, Hardware, l'aints, Oils, k c &c he. PRODUCE. Flour "}9 bbl 00(«$5 30 Indian Meal "p lb 5T' Buckwheat lb tic lluttcr f* "> 40 C>*y 50c Leal* Lard ip IS («. 22c ltacon- hog round lb 15 (a, lHc Sides and hains lb 18 (n 22c Chickens "ftdoz !j;t 00 (a, 4 jo Ueuns lb r. (a Tc Apples green lb 10 Or. 12c do dried ip lb 18 (it) 20c lluel' on loot "p 1 lb 4Oi 5c do dressed (I 111 5 («'. He M iitton lb 10 (n, 15c I'ork "P lb 10 („, l.*»c Potatoes "f 1 bushel 40 (n 00c Turnips "j- 1 bushel .'lO (n, .">oc Onions I-* bushel Si 50 (>< 2 00 Cabbage "Jd head 5 («, 10c May ton $lO $lB Wheat "p bushel 75 80c Oats J* bushel 40 (u 50c Rye & barley none ill market GROCERIES. Sugar, l'owdered 18 (n 20c do Crushed 18 (». 20c do N. O 12(« 14c do S. F. (coffee) 14 (n 10c Syrup, K. It. and S. F. Gold'n 5 gal. $1 (« !?l J do K. H 8 gal *is (<> 1 loc Coflee. Rio 18 (n 20c do Java 25 («. 28c Caudles, Adamantine 30 (u, 37 jc Chili Peaches none. Soap 10 In, I Ic Table Salt 4 (" 5c Liverpool Salt 2 (a- :ie Salcratus 1H to 25c Sal Soda 10 to 15c Cream Tartar 50 to liOc Rice lo to 12Ac Tobacco 40 to 70c do Killikinick (smoking)... 40t050c DRY (JOOHS. Sheeting, brown 4-4, 10 to lie: do H-4. IS to "2c: do 12-4. .'lO to .'I7Jc —do bleached, !• to 20c. Drillings, brown and bleached. !• to I.V. Prints, French. 10 to 25c; do Merrimac, 12) to liSc: do American, fancv. II to 15c. Flannels. Kastcm.4o toific; Orrpon, 40toC#2je; do Orison JM, 1 40 to 1 f»0«*. Cassiincre, Oregon, 80 to 1 : to SI 50. Denims, ltf to 2.V. Carpets ami Prnggets (American) 40c to $1 00. \oriri:. 4 LL persons indebted to tiie Kendall Co. are respectfully requested to eall at tin* old *tnnd and settle up. either t>v easli, note, or produce. a< I'apt. (iove is about lo change liis business, and must eolleet what is due him. Plvmpia, March 10. 1801. 18:tt* SI'KCIAI, NO TICKS. Buy" We»would remind everybody desiring per fect likenesses of themselves or friends tli.it M. K. Si in 111 is, K.-i|., is soon to leave town, nud it may be well to '• secure the shadow" now. Samiuis finishes Atnhrotypcs, Photographs, Mclainotypes, and all kinds of pictures iu the •• highest style id' the art," and at moderate prices. Nmi FraiiclHcu iKciu j. TIIOS. UuYCK. K.st|.. X. K. corner of Montgom ery and Washington Sts.. and CIIAS. A. CRANK. Ksq., arc our authorized Agents in San Francisco, to receive and receipt for Subscriptions nud Ad vertising. I. O. O. P. Olvmpia Lodge No. I, I. O. t>. F. meets evtrv Saturday cveningiii Barnes' Building. on Main St. next door to "Standard' Office. All members of tlic Order in good standing are invited to attend. (i. C. DI.ANKINSIIIP, Secy. ItcllfflouN Kotlrri. Divine Service at St. John's ('lmpel every Sun diiv morning, nt II o'eloek, and evening at 7 o'- clock. Al-o, Itililc Class every Wednesday even ing. at 7 o'eloek. r. M. D. K1.1.1S Wii.t.Ks. Missionary Divine Serviee every Sabbutll at tlie >l. K. Clinreli in the morning and evening. Sabbath School at 'i P. M. Rev. R. .1. ICVANS will preach in the hall of the "(lid Land Olliee," on the llrst, seeond, and I'ourth Sundavs of eaeli month at 11 o'eloek \. M. - ItoAliliMAN S YKAST COWUTM. —This article of Yeast I'owder will render all articles of food made of tlonr or meal more nutritious, digestible, and wholesome, than any other yeast powder in the market. We quote their constantly increasing de mand as evidence of their merit. For sale by all the merchants. BETTER THIS IWTOS HERMITS AND .At XJOSS Prices! ROiRDMtX'f) CHALLENGE YEAST POWDER, FI LLY GIARAXTEEIt. IF NOT SATISFACTORY, The Money will be Returned t For sale by nil Jobbers, and bv J. C. WINANS. fit) California Street, Who will also net as commission agent for pur chasing all kinds of goods. Sau Francisco, February, 18(51. 14:m.1 J. B. PAINTER, (I.ATE o'tIKAIIA 4 l-AIXTKR.) DEALER in Type, Presses, I'rinting Material I'aper, Cards, and Printer's Stock generally 1:12 Clay street, near Sansome, San Francisco California. November 17, 18ti0. 1 :Ijr SAFXIB ! SAFBS ! I

F. TILMAN, OO BATTERY STREET, SAX FRANCISCO. St iI.K Agent for Tilton k McFnrland's celebrated Fire Proof and Burglar Proof MAKKM. This Safe is well known in the market for its unsur passed lire-proof quality, having withstood in Cal ifornia, us well as in the Kast, the hottest tiros known. We can refer to endless certificates from parlies in our mining towns, where those Sales have boon subjected to the most severe tests of its fire-proof qualities. These Safes are secured by our Combination Lock. This Lock is in every respect tho most se cure one in use: it requires the key and combina tion to open the Sale. If the key should be ab stracted from tho owner, it would bo perfectly use loss without his knowing the combination,or men tal key which the owner carries in his head. To those who want a reliable Safe we offer the above cheaper than any other in the market. *** A large assortment on hand and to arrive. K. TILMAN, 90 Battery Street. San Francisco, Cal. November IT. IHCJ9., l:tn<J KENDALL CO. OFFERS FOR SALE At the Old Stand, South-West Corner otMlain and Second St*. A NKW AND WELI.-3ELECTKD ASSOItTMKNT OF Family Groceries Of the best and most approved qualities. l">ry Goods, Clothinyr, Boots and Shoos, Hats and Caps, &<•.. &c., &c. All »l wliieh uhich will be sold nt reduced rules for CASH. Wheat. Oats, flutter, Eggs. mid Country Pro duce generally, accepted in exchange for Goods ut the going market rates. A. I!. GOVE. Olympin, W. T., Nov. 12th, 1800. l:tf "THE CAPITAL" MARKET IS NOT REMOVED!! M Ml HI T IS I.OCATED ON .MAIN STREET IJETW. :tl> AND 4TII, OIAMI'I A. milK legislature has jet left to the citizens of 1 Olvmpia and vicinity the privilege nf eating good victuals, iiml the undersigned is prepared to furnish at the lowest cash rates REEF, I'd it K, MUTTON, POrWRY, And all sorts nf Marketable Produce. Give us a eall—vou shall not go awav dissatisfied. .1. DI'NLAI' & SON. Olynipia. Jaunary 12, 18H0, t»:tf \olicr to Donation Claimant* OK WASHINGTON TEItIUTOUY. MO UK than Fourteen Hundred Donation I'a. pcrs. i Notifications nmi Final I'roofs.t arc now 1 vinjr in iln- pigeon-holes of tlie Register's Of fice. ii | >i>ll which certificates r:in lie issued us soon «- FILL anil COMPLETE COPIES AIIK MADE. To ilo the \» li■ »l«- of that work would require tti<■ constant labor of the Register from two to three years, provided that lie hail no other duties to per form. I'm when it is known tliat two-thirds of his time is occupied with cotiflictingdonntionsund |ire-eiii|itiuiieases, persons having lionution papers in the olliee may well look to the future for their certificates mid i'atents. Relieving that many would prel'i r having their donations eompleted now. r.iter th in wait for the indefinite ' course of human ev< uts," mid being w ell acquainted with the business. I mil prepared to make out papers and procure t'erlitieiites for claimants in all parts oft he Territory. I w ill also attend to the preparation and filing of declaratory statements mid limil proofs for pre-empt ions, and lira \viii|; maps of claims and Town ships. from the origiunitl survey *, for those desiring them. For preparing the papers and procuring a certificate for a donation claim, where there is no conllict. my charge is live dollars. For preparing andti line" declaratory statements and paving the government fee. three dollars. For Township maps, In c dollars, and claim maps one dollar each. In all cases the fee must come in advance. Persons having bought laud, acquired under the Donation Law. cannot be too enteful to sec Certifi cates are is-iic.l. A. M. I'OE. Nov. 2-1, I sc i. [:!:tf] Olympia. W. T. W. H. €*. CLUB HOUSE CIN, TIIK KNDERSKiNED. HKIN(i SOLE AOENTS of the above (• in. oiler ii to the public as the fine»t HOLLAND CIN. and the only (iKNI'INK CLI'U IIOKSK «iIN imported to this market. It i* put up in CRKEN CASKS, and branded W. S. C„ CLI It IIOI'SK. We shall continue to receive the above (tin regularly. —ALSO— Pure Ambrosial Whisky, »> flasks: Pure Nectar Whisky, >■« new style bottles Pure Bourbon Whisky. • The above l.iquors arc from the well known house of Wni. S. Corwin Co., New York, and are guaranteed line and pure. W. 11. (TMMINISS k CO. 1 :uit 50 California st., Suu Fran. ixwooo I;VA.\N, ATTORNEY AT LAW, OLYMPIA, W. T. Olliee in Wright's New Ituilding. first door east of Main Street. Nov. 14th, 1800. I :ly J. H. KELLETT, NIDDIJ:, HAKXIXK, . TRUNK MANUFACTURER, AND DEALER IN SADDLERY Hardware, Saddle Trees. Block and Rent Stirrups, etc. Shop on Main Street, Olympia. W. T. Prices to suit the times. Hides and Produce taken in exchange, and cash never refused. Olympia. Nov. 17, 18G0. TH£ LATEST lEVS FROM 10CK CREEI!! HY PONY EXPRESS!! C. W. IIII.ES J. W. WAI.II.WKN BILE* & WAIiRIVKH, HAVING formed ti c<>-|n>rtu<-rslii]i in thc a £a HOOTnml SHOE BUSINESS arepre-FMI pared to Manufacture Hoots nnd Shoos, cheaper tlinii the cheapest. Hides mid Produce taken in exchange lor « ork. Repairing done with neatness nnd dispntch. (live them a cull before purchasing elsewhere. Shop on Mound I'rnirie. near Ensign's. Olvmpiu, November 17, IHtio. I:ly llnir*Marftnpnrllla, Yellow Dock, and lodide of l'ofaN»—ls prepared from the finest Red Jamaica Sarsaparilla nnd English lodide of I'olass. Admirable as n restorative and purifier of the blood, it cleanses the system of nil morhid anil impure matter, removes pimples, boils and eruptions from the skin, cures rheumatism and pains of all kinds. All who can nflord. should use it. as it tends to give strength and prolong life. Sold by Druggists generally, at $1 per bottle. B. lIALL fc CO., Proprietors, Wholesale Druggists, l:ni6 1 l.'t and 145 Clay St., San l'ran. J. w. jniiisoi', ATTORNEY AT LAW, Solicitor in Chancery, and I'rnctor in Admiraltr. .-Seattle. March. 1861. lH:tf * v .*The purifier of the blood is Hall'* Sa:v sa|i:<rilla BUY THE BEST!! ROVER & BAKER, HAVE RECEIVED THE FIRST PREMIUM ON THEIR FAMILY SEWnti MACHINE —AND— MACHINE WORK, —AT THE — STATS FAIB.HEGIAIICS' IBSTiM FAIR. AND IN FACT Every Fair ofl8CO!! Over A\ heeler & AVilson and all others! Thus InqueNtlonably EntabllNhlng Tlioii* Superiority. These Machines are the most simple in use. They sew from two common *;iools. Have no troublesome bobbing or pod. Sew any and all fabrics. Make very little noise. Are quickly learned and operated. Are not liable to disarrangement. Me Kiiarontrr perfect and reliable Mac hliieN, ami lo (he thousands In line ran refer, as dally and hourly recording, In Iheir satisfactory op eration This Unequivocal Success. %* Explicit directions foruso accom pany each Machine from which a child can in a short time acquire a perfect converse and management of it. Send for a circular. R.«. BItOW.V, Agent, 91 Montgomery Street. San Francisco, Cnl November 17, lßtiO. I:ui0 WATT'S Nervous Antidote! And lMiysic-ul ISeMtoratiir!! THE MEIIIfAI MER OF THE ICE! The most powerful and \\ ondevl'ul medicine ever discovered, guaran teed to curccvcry nervous or fpu iuodic disease. It is a nerv ine of SIKII mii'iieulous power, that it is uuiniportant how long the disease has existed. If it arises directly or indi rectly from a nervous atTection, per severe in it at uliout the rate of one vial to everv year the disease has existed. It is guaranteed to the most vio lent and long standing. Xcuraltfia. Tic Moloreaux,Convul sions, Asthma, Cramps, Spasms. Ver tigo. Headache. Delirium Tremens, I.ow Spirits. Mental or Physical Decay, Whooping Cough, Ague, Loss of Appe tite, Stricture, Stone, Nervous Tw ich ings, l'alpitation, Phthysie, Lumbago, Absence of mind, Cholera, Dyspepsia, Epilepsy, (lout, Palsy, St. Vitus Dame, Hysterics, Hypochondria, Sup pressed Menses—and is so wonderful in rejuvenating premature old age. and correcting decrepitude brought on by exccssive indulgence, that nothing but a trial can convince the patient of its qualities ! fjtif" It is not an excitant, but n strengtlicner. purely vegetable and harmless ; like II ;killful ar chitect. it begins by laying a firm foundation, and gradually but incessantly adds strength and vigor until nothing is left unfinished. This miraculous Medicine is for sale, wholesale and retail, bv NAMI'EIJ ADANIi, Druggist, Clay Slrrrt. our door from Dupoul, Sou Fraueirco, ami hi/ all Druggif!' in California anil Ortyou —sl per bottle, ??!» per dozen. WNVI.MAI( ACJKNTS. —Rcdington k Co., O. W. Sncll, Langley k Co., ('has. Morrcll, Crowell k Crane; Win. 11. Ileith k Co. U:in3 Dr. (!. K. WILLARD. Olympia. COAL! COAL! COAL f S. 3XT- DOTY, HAVING purchased the celebrated Morrison Coal Claim on licllinghnm Hay. invites cap. iiulists, and the friends of the trade, to come up and help dig them out. These mines have been prospected, and the coal tested in San Francisco and found of superior quality. Seven thousand dollurs is all that is required to make them pay a thousand dollars per mouth. Sehouic, Dec. 20, IHGO. ?:m3 LOOK HERE! rpilE SHAfIXCiAXOIIiIR DRESS -1 ing Establishment on Main Street, near the Stage Office, is still in operation, where the under signed will be happy to utteud the wants of his patrons. SHAVING AND HAIR DRESSING done with neatness nnd dispntch, and in the latest fashion. ftaT Hot and cold baths at nil hour*. J. 11. BUSH. Olytnpia, Nov. .'lO, 1800. 3:ly riOREEB STORE AT CKEIALIS FOIIT. Gray'* Harbor, W. T. ALSO AT MONTEZANO, (THE COUNTY SEAT) ON CHKIIALIB RIVEH. ACcBLXIBp DEAI.ER iu General Merchandise is prepared to furnish supplies to .settlers in this section of country on reasonable terms. Chchali*, December 22, 1HI!I>. 6:tf CIIIRLGN F. KOIIUIXN, Importer and Dealer iu TYPE, PRESSES, PRINTING MATERIAL INKS, CARD STOCK, Ac. Hot. 11l and 114 C lay Street. S;in Franeitcn. -Inn wry .",th. 1861. 10:ly H. A. Judson Co., (At th« Late Store of W. M. Rutledge,) OLI'MPIA, W. T., MERCHANTS, AND DEALERS IN DRV GOODS, GROCERIES, CLOTHING, BOOTS and SHOES, HARDWARE, PAINTS, OILS, AC., AC., AC, T£IRMS CASH, COUNTRY PRODUCE. i\ \o €A§i: Will Credit be ftfven for longer than Thirty Days! Olympta, Nov. 23. 18U0. 2:tf WM. C. DBNLAP, IKPORTER AXD DKAI.ER IV GROCERIES, PROVISIONS. lIRV GOODS. CLOTHING, IiOOTSau J SHOES, 4c. AT THE OLD NTA\I>. Corner of llnlii and Third StrcrlN, Country Produce generally taken in cxclinngu for Goods. No pains spared to five satisfaction to customers Olympin, Nov. 2:!. 18»;n. 2:tf FRUIT TREES!! For the Million, at Eastern I'rlt-es! J. L. Ni\l OR!( & CO., Agents for the Principal Nur- sexues in Caliinpnin. HAVE now for sale, at Eastern I'rices, an ss3. immense Block if Fruit Tries, of all»2£ ages, suitable lor planting, embracing every kind ami variety grown in tlie State. Our long and intimate connection with the nur sery business and fruit-selling here, and in the older Stale-*. ha> enabled us tu umiripatc everv de mand. and we have therefore caused to be grown' and KUHMKD to suit the dill'ercnt localities, n portion of the Stock we ofl'er—comprising such varieties us are bc.-t adapted to our soil and cli mate, and their fruits most valuable in the Market. \\ e have also lor sale, in great abundance and variety, Plants of all the Small Fruits, Shade Trees. For Public Grounds, and Street Planting.- Ornamental Trees and Shrubs, (Deciduous and Evergreen,) Adapted to Avenue.', Lawns. Pleasure Grounds, and Cemeteries, besides an infinity of roses, Cur nations and picotoes, Dahlias, 1- uschias* Evergreen and other Climbing Vines. Geraniums, Violets, Pnnsics. I>.iisk-s. liulbous l'luwer Hoots, Green' House Plants. &c.. &c. \\ e are the Solo Agents lor this citv of A. I». MIUII, Ki( lltMi:V i'o, For the sale of his Foreign Grape Vines; Rare Evergreen' and Ornamental Trees; Fresh Pre mium Garden Seeds, and Pure Family Wines, iVe.. kr. lie has decidedly the largest, best and most re liable stock of \\ ine and Table Grapes to be found in the State.—He will sell under his guarantee ns to correctness <>f r;>;-!ied names.—Hi - Seeds hnv« tioi lost their vitality in '• doubling the Horn." They are warranted inferior to none, mid will be told by Uj in inutilities, t;nd at prices to suit. FARMEKS, GARDENERS AND DEALERS. Give us a cull, or S'.-nd for a Circular with pri ces, if anything is wanted in our line. .1, L. SANFORI), THOMAS B. Ll'DLl'M, EDWARD Ll'DLl'M. San Francis.-o, January sth, 1801. lo:ni3 C. CROSDY, } fr„ C. GRAY, z. CROSHV, V •' N. CROSIIY, Jr., J ( San Franco. Tumwater. C. ( ItOSUI & CO., WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN GENE KA LM E RCIIA XL)IS E, —AND— Proprietor* oHh«> Turn water Flour' 91111 M. Tumwater. December I.lth, 1850. r»:ly OLYMPIA WAGON MANUFACTORY. Stuni't & Hliiokrslicar, VVTOI'LI) inform the citizens of Olym \f pla and the hurrouiiiliug country - that they are now imiiitificturiug WAGONS,CAR RIAGES and lUGGIES of all descriptions, from tin best of imported material, by experienced work men, for which WHEAT will he taken in exchange, delivered at the Tumwater mills. Shop corner Ud and Chinook Streets. Olyiupiii. December 8, IftSt. 4:tf Great Excitement!!' AT THE FALLS!! MR. M. W. WITHERELL, TT7OFLD inform the citizens of f f Washington Territory that ho is jjy*\Ty uiauufacturiiig IfjY Saddles, Harness, and Trunks, Superior to any ever made on this Coast. He is ulso making the PATENT CAKE COLLARS Which cannot be excelled. He is making FINE BARNSIM, On (be Neir-Adjusting Tree, Which is considered the greatest Im provement of the Age. AND ALSO CARRIAGE TRIMMING f DONE ON REASONABLE TERMS. Side SaddleiiolTtirlouM DeNcrlptloiM REPAIRING DONE ON SHORT NOTICE. Please give friend Witlicrell a call. Shop ou Main Street, Tumwater. November 17, 18C><). l:tf WASHINGTON HOTEL,' 91 LAN UALLIIIER, l'ro. CORNER OF SECOND AND MAIN STREETS, Olvmpia, W. T. Roard per week s*• 00 Olympic. Nov. 23. I»r.n r'y