6 Nisan 1861 Tarihli The Washington Standard Gazetesi Sayfa 4

6 Nisan 1861 tarihli The Washington Standard Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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The Effects of Secession. The & F. Bulletin says" As an in stance of the suirit which prevails, it is related that a f loridian, within the last month, entered a store of a Northern man and stabbed him four times with out any provocation whatever. Rush ing ouf into the street with the drip ping weapon in his hand, lie shouted, ' This is the blood of aG—d d—n Yan kee ; let us serve them all so!' For this brutal murder the perpetrator was elected to the Florida Convention. Our informant, though himself an owner of negroes, and an advocate of the institution of slavery, was twice tired at for wearing a Union cockade. A man in Florida who openly professes loyalty to the CJnion, is called an Abo litionist, nix! is lucky if he escapes be ing lynched. The legitimate effects of secession have already made their ap pearance in Florida. * Poor people are beginning to feel hungry. I'ork is a barrel, flour sl3, corn 81 75, and •oats sl. Establishments which, a few weeks ago, had eight clerks, have now onlv one. Small towns which were thriving have been suddenly checked in their growth, and have a dessolate appearance. All who can arc making preparations to go North. Of course no Northern-born people will willingly remain at the South after secession, for loyalty is still to them a moral obli gation and a word of some meaning. JJut there is nothing singular in the fact that every one, with any property to save, should be eager to reach some jilace where life and property can be secured to them. In Florida, proprie tors have been taxed sl4 per head for their negro property; and negroes which sold for 01,100 each, six months ago, would not now fetch SSOO. \\ hen our informant left there was nothing in the State Treasury; and there is every probability that secession will utterly throw Florida back into a wil derness, and make the State a suitable domain tor SeminolesandCainanches." SIDNEY SMITH OX DISUNION. —After the death of the reverend humorist, Sidney Smith, the following uurevised fragment was found among his papers, on the question ot Anglo-Irish dis union : After acknowledging that Ireland had many causes for complaint, Sidney Smith pertinently inquired if they were worth the horrors of an insurrection and civil war, especially when nil, or most of them, could he remedied in a peaceful manner. Mr. O'Conm-11, said Smith, was either in earnest about the repeal of the Unioi)f-or he was not. If he was in earnest, lie continued, 1 en tirely agree with Lord Grey and Lord Spencer, that civil war is preferable to disunion. Much as I hate wounds, dangers, privations atid explosions; much as I love regular hours for din ner; much as I detest all follies and ferocities, 1 would rather turn soldier myself than acquiesce quietly in a dis ruption of the Union. It is such a piece of nonsense, that no man can have any reverence for himself who, would stop to discuss such a question. A SOUTH CAROLINA MAJOR. —The Washington correspondent of the Bul letin savs: Some wags will have their jokes, no matter what impends. A pompous and conceited fellow arrived at one of our hotels the other day, and appended, to hisnatne on the register "S. C. A.," to indicate that he belonged to the South Carolina Army ; but somebody, by adding the double S to the end of the title, exhibited him to the admiring public as a " South Carolina Ass/' lie did not discover the sell until it had been the subject of general rejoicing for full half a day. The fellow paid his bill, and when last seen was strid ing towards the railroad depot, with his coat tails standing at right anglea to a perpendicular line. CARROTS FOR HORSES. —The carrot is the most esteemed of all roota for its feeding qualities. When analyzed, it gives hut little more solid matter than any other root, 95 per cent, being wa ter, but its influence in the stomach upon other articles ot food ia most fa vorable, conducing to the most perfect digestion and assimilation. This reault, long known to practical men, is ex plained by chemists as resulcing from a substance calledpectine, which operates to coagulate or gelatiue vegetable solu tions, and favors this digestion in all cattle. Horses are especially benefitted by the use of carrots. They should be fed to them frequently with their other food. ggyOn hearing of Maj. Anderson's removing to Fort Sumter, Floyd, the traitor, then Secretary of War, without consultation with the Cnbiuet, sent an immediate order to liim to return to Fort Moultrie, even if he were to die in the last ditch, to which An derson, with Spartan brevity, immedi ately replied that he preferred to die at Sumter. The South Carolinians took Fort Moultrie and Castle Pinckney im medictely after the evacuation of them by Maj." Anderson. And how why don't they take Fort Sumter. Are they waiting for anything in particular? —Prentice. DEMOCRATIC MEASURE REPEALED.— The Republican Legislature of Rhoda Maud has repealed the personal liberty law, which was passed by Democrats /-•b r*T» y»;irn ago. A LIST OF PRICES —AT— QUINCY HALL, THE POPULAR CLOTHING ESTABLISHMENT OF San Francisco. COATS. Splendid Black Frock Coot* sl2 00 Also. Fine Black Frock Coats 10 00 Splendid Black and Blue Sack Coats 8 00 Also, tiood Business Sacks 0 00 Fine Beaver Overcoats, late style 12 00 Good Business Overcoats 8 00 Good Light Summer Overcoats t» 00 PANTS. Fine Black Doeskin Pants ?•> 00 Also. Fine Black Cassimere I'ants 3 T'o Heavy Cassimere Business I'ants 4 f>o Also,"tiood Cassimere Business I'ants 4 50 Also, Uood Heavy Business I'ants 2 50 VKSTS. Fine Quality Silk Velvet Vests s•"' 00 Fine Quality Silk Vests 1 -'O Also, Fine Silk Vests 2 .<0 Good Black Doeskin Vests 2 .>0 Also, (iood Cassimere Vests 2 no tiood Quality Working Vests I 50 FURNISHINO GOODS. Fine Quality Davis >V Jones' Shirts Si 50 Also, tiood'White Shirts 'j* Fine Quality Colored Shirts (jood Cheek Sliirts <sood Hickory Shirts ~n Best Quality tSrey Over Shirts 1 •>•> (iood lllue Over Shirts ' Fine Quality l.amhs' Wool I'mler Shirts 7.> Good Merino I'nder Shirts (iood Lambs' Wool Drawers »•> Good Merino Drawers (iood Grey I'nder Shirts and Drawers »> —ALSO— FURNISHING GOODS OF EVERT DESCRIPTION. Hat*, Cap*, Trunk*, ValixeK, and Carpet Bags, Will he sold at proportionately I.ow Hates. —AT— QUIXOT HALL, 1 IT, 149 & 151 Waßhlnßlon Street. DAVIS & BOWERS. Nov. 17. ISW. > 4:,f Seed Warehouse! EMtabllNlied lu ISSO. S. W. MOOHEI, No. 110 California Street, between Montgomery and Sansomc, Sun Francisco, Cal. Has for sale the most extensive variety of GAM THEE. AGRICHLTDBAL ANI> FRUIT SEEDS, In California, including •20,000 lbs. Pure AMi (U or Chill Clo ver Seed, of'tbe Sew Crop. lungarinn Grass, Rod Clover, Timothy, •WW t % *Tk* 1 (-1 7 _ - - - 7 Kentucky Hlne (Jrass, Canary Biru Seed, White Dutch Clover, &c. Also, Chuliis or Earth Al monds, Hyacinths, Tulips, Lilies, And other Bulbous Root*. Assortments of Na tivc California Flower and Evergreen Seeds, col lected l»y a well-known Botanist, always on hand. The undersigned, from his long experience in the business, and his extensive facilities for pro curing his Seeds from the best Seed-growers ami Nurserymen, is enabled to offer unusual induce ments to the Trade and large Itanch-owners. Tiie Agents of Wells, Fargo k Co.'s Express, and all other Express Companies connecting there with, arc hereby authorized to net nr. Agents for the undersigned, in taking orders for Seeds, and receipting for the same. Orders by mail also promptly attended to. A liberal discount will be made to the Trade. Par ticular attention given to the careful packing of Seeds for shipment. Your early orders are solicit ed, which shall have immediate and faithful at tention. Boxes of Seeds, containing 100 papers, for retailing, in such assortments as desired, furnished. s. w. MOORE, Seed Warehouse, 110 California St., S. F., Cal. January 19th, 1861 10:m6 Notice to Donation Claimants OF WASHINGTON TERRITORY. MORE than Fourteen Hundred Donation Pa. pcrs, (Notifications and Final Proofs,) nre now lying in the pigeon-holes of the Register's Of fice. upon which certificates can be issued as soon as FILL and COMPLETE COPIES ARE MADE. To do the whole of that work would raquirc the constant labor of the Register from two to three years, provided that he had no other duties toper form. But when it is known that two-thirds of his time is occupied with conflictingdonationsand pre-emption cases, persons having donation papers in the office may well look to the future for their certificates and Patents. Believing that many would prefer having their donations completed now, rater than wait for the Indefinite "course of human events," and being well acquainted with the business, I am prepared to make out papers and procure Certificates for claimants in all parts of the Territory. I will also attend to the preparation and filing of declaratory statements and final proofs for pre-emptions, and drawing maps ofclaimsand Town ships, from the originnal surveys, for those desiring them. For preparing the papers and procuring a certificate for a donation claim, where there is no conflict, my charge is five dollars. For preparing andfi ling" declaratory statements and paying the government fee, three dollars. For Township maps, five dollars, and claim maps one dollar each. In all cases the fee must come in advance. Persons having bought land, acquired under the Donation Law, cannot be too careful to sec Certifi cates are issued. A. M. POE, Nov. 24, 1860. [3:tf] Olympia, W. T. OJ(ELLETT7 SADDLE, HARNESS, AND TRUNK MANUFACTURER, AND DEALER IN CI ADDLERY Hardware, Saddle Treeg, Block and Bent Stirrups, etc. Shop on Main Street, Olympia, W. T. Prices to suit the times. Hides and Produce taken i:i exchange, and cash nev;r rrt'uMd. Olympia, Nov. 17. 1860. T§ ALL VII IT HIT mi! KNOW YE that at tbc Old Post Office, l'ortlaud, all Descriptions of Stationery. Blank Books, Ac., All Hovels by the following Authors, vie: Mrs. Southworth, Sam Slick, Miss Bremer, James, Mrs. IlenU. Mrs. Gore, Ann L. Stephens, Mrs. Holland, Charles Dickens, Wm. Howitt, Bulwer, Lagetchiuikoff, Miss Pardoe, Spindler, Reynolds, Ward, Emerson Bennett, C. A. Murray, Charles Lever, Pierce Kgan, Alexander Dumas, De Beau lord, Capt. Marivatt, Anderson, Smith, Charles Rowcroft, Arthur, M". Mabcrly, Ainsworth, Knowlca, Maitliind. I>e Vign.v, Eugene Sue, Mrs. S. C. Hall, D'lsraeli, Currer Bell, K. J. Peterson, D. Hennay, Leigh Hunt, Wharton, Carlih\ Miss 8. Ferric, Kllen Pickering, Henry Fielding, Lippard, Mrs. Inchbald, Frank Farleigh, H. 11. Milmnn, Mrs. Gray, (} - "• Lewii > Dr. Ilollicut, Mrs. Oaskell, (!eo. Sand, Collins, Tobias Smollett, Mrs. Trollope, Thackeray, and of all other authors, copies of Which will be sent by mail or express to any part of Oregon, or Washington Territory, on receipt of fifty cents per volume in postage stamps or cash. N. B.—Liberal allowance to the Trade. ALSO Tales of the Sea, Highwaymen, Adventures, Revolutionary Tales, Travels Cook Books, &e., &e, Also the following new Novels: Royalists and Republicans, Fallen Stars, Gucl latin," or the Death of Morgan, Dickens' Short Stories, Against Wind and Tide, The Haunted Homestead, The Old Stone Mansion. The Mill on the Floss, Anecdotes of Love, Adam Boell, Minis ter's Wooing, t tut of the Depths, Lucy Crofion, Self Help, Wild Sports of the South, Adventures of Jonathan Homebred, Lizzy Glenn, Love me lit tle, love me long. Love—by Michelct, from the French, Woman—by Michelct, from the French, The Virginians. All the above works arc by tho most noted au thors in the world. Also, Newspapers, Periodicals, Ac. Agent fur the San Francisco Bulletin. Altn California, and Washington Standard, the best papers oil the Pa cific const. A subscription list, with scale of prices, will lie sent to any part, if desired. Also dealer in Apples, Pears, Plums. kc., and all kinds of green and dried Fruits, Candies, Fish Sauces, S.vrups, Powder and Shot. txff~ All of the above will be carefully packed and sent to any portion of the country desired. CIIARLKS BAKItKTT, Pro., At the Old Post Oflicc, Portland, Oregon, November 17, 1800. l:tf Anti-Rheumatic Cordial and IIKALTII RESTORATIVE— IS TIIK MOST VA I. liable and unsurpassed remedy for Uheumatism nud (Sout to lie found in the world and knowu at present. The discoverer of the above medicine does claim its infallibility in all cases of Bhcuma tism and Uout—when used according to direction —and docs offer a reward of live thousand dollars to any medicine that will supersede it, and is en tirely vegetable. The Doctor is ennbled to offer the above reward on account of liis having used the above for ten years in his practice, nnd has never known it to fail in the cure of the most pro tracted cases of Rheumatism and tiout. Dr. Adol plius is known and highly celebrated all over the State, for his cures in Rheumatism, (.iout and Chronic Diseases. In secondary and tertiary Sypliillis, Scrofula, enlargement oi' the (ilamls, Dropsy, and all ner vous and Cutaneous Diseases and the whole train of Chronic Discuses, whose very name is a terror as well to the Physician ns to the patient, this medicine has proved to be superior to any in exist ence, and has cured them in so short a time that they appeared like being abolished by magic influ ence ; in fact a few more such discoveries, and druggists will not need to keep n lot of useless medicines on hand, whenever they are prescribed once in a ten score, they have lost by time their properties, in which their value did reside, if there was actually any in tliem. Take this medicine when your digestive organs are disordered and your blood is impure, and it will surely net on yonr bowels. Take this mediciue when your hnve a cold, and it will make you perspire freely. Take this mcdicinr when your urinary and ab sorbing organs arc disordered and it will act on yotir kidneys, it penetrntes every part of the body searches even the most remote and secret recesses of your system, and removes the diseases located there—it restores healthy action and give tone to every orgau in the hiimau body—therefore it has righteously deserved the name it bears HEALTH ItKSTOR ATI V R. The Doctor, who is averse to all patent medi cines, wishes to be understood that the above medi cine is no such thing, but that he has through the introduction of this medicine with its treatise and direction for use, made every sufferer to be hi* owu physician in the above named diseases. Thinking it under my dignity to follow the mode of quacks by appending the certificates of physi cians or private persons which it is too well known can be had for certain remunerations, applications of friends, or by the mode of boring a man half to death, for even the most worthless trash, I will therefore leave to those in want of medicine to en quire personally of men who have been cured by my medicines of the above diseases, and who can he found in almost every city and villiage through out the Stnte. 1 consider such personal convic tion far more superior to certificates of persons that are far from being known to them in want of medi cal aid. ltut should any one care for written testimonials or certificates regarding the cures performed by this medicine they call at my office and I will show them certificates of true merit, which have been sent to me voluntarily, without applying for them, or by boring individuals to get them. For sale by ADOLPHUB * JCNGERMAN, 46 Montgomery street, three doors from Bush, and by all the Duggists in the city. Aoints—Oowell It Crane, corner of Clay and Front streets—Redington k Co., Clay street—Mor* 'rill, corner of Washington and Battery its., San Francisco. I:6m BETTER THAU PRESTON k MIL'S AND Jk.t Lieaa Frloeat ROARDMAN'S CHALLENGE YEAST POWDER, FULLY GUARANTEED. IF NOT SATISFACTORY, The Money will be Returned I For sale by all Jobbers, and by J. C. WINANS, 50 California Street, Who will also act as commission agent for pur chasing alt kinds of goods. San Francisco, February, 1861. 14:m3 J. W. JOHNSON, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Solicitor in Chancery, and Proctor in Admiralty. Seattle, Mureh, 1861. I»:tf GEORGE H. BELL, 132 Montgomery Street, corner Mer chant, San Francisco. IMPORTER AND DEALER IN STATIONARY OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. Legal Cap, Writing, Letter and Note Paper and en velopes ill great variety, Gold Pens of the best manufacture, Blauk ACCOUNT BOOKS of the best material and workman- Ship, Blank Cards, Law Books, Law Blanks, Notes, Drafts Bills of Lading, Order Books, Shipping Receipts, and a large assortment of Custom House Blanks. SCHOOL BOOKS. A complete assortment alwuyson hand. Orders from teachers will receive prompt attention. ATLANTIC PAPERS AND MAGAZINES, AND ALL THE NEW BOOKS. Subscriptions received for magazines, newspa pers, and other periodicals, at publisher's prices. A circular will be sent to any person on request, giving an extended list of periodicals and the prices annexed. The following are among the most popular: -per annum. Harper's Magazine $ 3 00 Godey's Lady's Book 3 00 Leslie's Magazine 3 00 Peterson's Magazine 2 00 Ballou's Magazine 1 SO Hall's Journal of Health 1 SO Atlantic Monthly 3 00 Eclectic Magazine 5 00 Knit kerbocker Magazine 3 00 All the Year Round (Dickens') 3 00 Once n Week 4 00

Comhill Magazine (Thackcry) 5 00 Blackwood 3 00 The four Foreign Reviews and Blackwood.. 12 00 The Chess Monthly 3 00 Le Bon Ton of Fashion B 00 The World of Fashion . r > 00 The Ilorticulturalißt, plain 2 00 The Ilorticulturalist, colored B 00 The Gardener's Monthly 1 B0 The Country Gentleman 2 00 Harper's Weekly 2 B0 Leslie's Illustrated Paper 3 00 Illustrated London News 12 00 Illustrated News of the World 12 00 Bell's Life in London 12 00 New York Illustrated News 3 on New York Weekly Ledger 2 00 Wilkes' Spirit of the Times 8 00 Banner of Light 2 00 Wavcrly Magazine 3 00 New York Mercury 2 BO New York Weekly Clipper 2 BO Scientific American 2 00 The Century 2 SO Yankee Notions 1 BO Nick-Nax 1 BO Vanity Fair (Weekly) 2 BO N. Y. Herald, Tribune, or Times, for Cal'a 300 December 2'.', 18(10. 7:III3 Leonard Ncolt & CO.'N RKPRINT OF TIIK HItITISII REVIEWS AND BLACK WOOD'S lUIZIII. rEOXARI) St'OTT k CO.. New York, continue j to re-publish the following llritish Periodi cals, vis : 1. The LONDON QCARTKRLY, (Conservative.) 2. The EDINBI'ROH ItKVIKW. (Whig.) .1. The NORTH BRITISH REVlEW,(FrecChurch) 4. The WKSTMINSTER ItKVIKW, (Liberal.) 5. BLACKWOOD'S KDINBI'RUII MAGAZINE, (Tory.) These Periodicals ably represent the great poli tical parties of Clrcat Britain—Whig, Tory, nnd Itadical ; but politics form only one feature of their character. As organs of the most profound writers on Science, Literature, Morality, and Religion, they stand as they have ever stood, unrivaled in the world of letters, being considered indispensa ble to the scholar and the professional man, while to the intelligent reader of every class, they fur nish a more correct and satisfactory record of the current literature of the day, throughout the world than can possibly be obtained from any other source. The receipt of Advance Sheets from the British publishers gives additional value to these reprints, inasmuch as they can now be placed in the hands of subscribers about as soon ns the original edi tions. To i* ms: For any one of the four Reviews, per annum..s3 00 For any two of the four Reviews, " " .. 500 For any three of the four Iteviews, " " .. 700 For all four of the Reviews, " •' .. ROO For Blackwood's Magazine, " " .. 300 For Blackwood and one Review, " " .. 500 For Blackwood and two Reviews, " " .. 700 For Blackwood and three Reviews, " " .. !» 00 For Blackwood and the four Reviews, •' ..10 00 tddT Money current in the State where issued will be received at par. C 1 ii l» b in g. A discount of twenty-live per cent from the above price will be allowed to clubs ordering four or more copies of any one or more of the above works. Thus four copies of Blackwood, or of one Review, will be sent to one address for s!>; four copies of the four Reviews and Blackwood for S3O; and so on. PoHtttgO. »ST In all the principal cities and towns, these Works will be delivered FRISK OF POSTAGE. When sent by mail, the Postage to any part of the Tnited States will he but 34 cents a year for " Blackwood," and but 14 cents a year for each of the Reviews. N. B.—The price in Great Britain of the five Pe riodicals above named is 931 per annum. fegr Remittances should always be addressed, post paid, to the Publishers, LKONARD SCOTT & CO., No. 54 Gold street, New York. January 9th, 1801. No. 8 CHARLES A. CRAKE, ADVERTISING AGENCY, NO 172 MONTGOMERY STREET, Between Washington and Jackson, up stain, op posite Lyceum Theatre. San Franclnco, California. AQRMT FOR Washington Standard, Ol.vmpia, W. T.; Daily Bee, Sacramento, Cat.; Nevada National, Grass Valley ; Butte Democrat, Oroville; Mountain Messeuger, La Porte; Placer Courier, Forest Hill; Northern Californiun, Union; Coloma Times, Coloina; Mooney's Express, Folsom; Plumas Standard, Quincy; Daily Herald, San Francisco; Daily Appeal, Marysville; Daily Argus, Stockton; Columbia News, Columbia; Napa Co. Times, Napa; San Jose Telegraph, San Jose; Alameda Herald, Oakland; Contra Costa Gazette, Martinez; Santa Cruc News, Santa Cruz; Petaluma Argus, Pctalunia; Daily Lc Phcre, San Francisco, Cal.; Police Gazette, " LeMlneur, " Hutchin's Magazine, " California Culturtst, " Territorial Enterprise, Carson Valley; Daily Oregon Advertiser; Oregonian, Portland: Oregon Farmer, Portland, Oregon; Dalles Journal, Dalles, Oregon. November 17, 1860. *»* The l>e?t purifier of the blood is llsll'f far s.ipnrilln. DR. J. G. YOUNG, LATE PrOFEBBOR OF THE UNIVERSITY OF PENH. Can be (bund at bis Private Medical Office and Hospital, No. 751 CLAY STREET, Opposite thesouthwest corner of the Plaza. WHERE HE CAN BE CONSULTED PRl vately, and with the utmost confidence, by the afflicted, at ail hours daily, from 9 A. M. to 8 P. M. DR. YOUNO addresses those who arc suffering under the affliction of private diseases, whether arising from impure connection or the terrible vice of self-abuse. Devoting bis entire time to tliat particular branch of the profession, he feels war rantcd in GUARANTEEING A CUBE IN ALL CASES, whether of longstanding or recently con tracted, entirely removing the dregs of disease from the svsteni, and mukinga PERFECT and PER MANENT CURE. He would call the attention of the afflicted to the fuct of his long-standing and well-earned rep utation, furnishing sufficient assurance of his skill «nd success. Upwards of five thousand cases have been dis charged cured in the year ending July Ist, 18(>0, showing a record surpassing any hospital in the United States. CONSULTATION, by letter or otherwise, FREE CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY AND SEMINAL WEAKNESS.—Dr. Young addresses those who have injured themselves by private and improper indulgence in that secret and solitary habit which ruins the body and mind, unfitting them either for business or society, with the view to impress upon their minds, before it is too late, the absolute ne cessity of skillful medical treatment, and by a direct course of-reasoning to show that although we may not be ungrateful for the health giveu us, that it cnimot be sported or trilled with without loss; and when once engendered cannot be regain ed by mere abstinence from folly, or urgeut and strong display of courage. It may not be generally understood by the great majority of sufferers from mental depressions, that these dull and heavy sensations experienced in the head and übout the chest, accompanied by feelings of anxiety and foreboding, arise from a disorgan ization of the important functions of the body.— Such, however, is the fact, and in latter years to such an extent has this been carried that our In sane Asylums arc becoming filled with putients who owe to this cause alone their suffering. The stmly and practice of years lias shown conclusirely that to the weakness of the genital organs, super induced far too often by self-abuse, which has be come so apparent in the face ; and where once our fathers stood giants in mascular force, the men of to-day are dwarfs in comparison. The symptoms of the disease may be faint to-day, but so surely as you experience that weakness in the Imck and limits, dimness of sight, nervousness, derangement of the digestive functions, and gen eral debility, so surely will follow the harrowing mental prostration too nwfu! to contemplate, and which will end only as the last breath comes strug gling, gasping from the breast of the expiring vic tim. There is something noble in dying when the good light lias been lought, but what man can view a grave filled by one whose life dribbled out in pollution, without a feeling of disgust. Do not hesitate, hoping that time will eradicate what it only strengthens, but call at once at my office, with the full assurance of a speedy and per manent cure. Let no sense of false shame deter you, but save yourself from the awful effects of this dread disorder, and regain the full strength of your manhood. Mercury In no form enter* Into the Remedies adopted by Dr. l'oung. Mercury has been nnmod, not inaptly, '• The curse of Mini," as, under the treacherous garb of « restorer, it bequeaths the most terrible disease. We do not see it at once, but hidden beneath the fair surface, it poisons the blood, destroys the ner vous and muscular system, preventing the action of the joints, and rendering wretched, under the name of rheumatism, the life of the stiffcres.— •' The remedy is worse than the disease," as many a poor, crippled, miserable, toothless wretch wiil say, while pointing to his decayed jaws and ulcer ous gums, he tells of its ravages—or at his swollen joints and body marked with purple or leaden col ored sores which speak of his pains, and again at his impaired, ruined digestion, which tells of wretched days and sleepless uights. All affections arising from the use of mercury perfectly eradicated and health fully restored. All dlcteanett of a private nature arising from impure connection, such as Ulcers, Swelling of the liroins, Ulcers in the Throat, Sec ondary Syphilis, Cutaneous Kruptions, Ulcerations, Tertiary Syphilils Syphilis in Children, Mercurial Syphilitic Affections, Gonorrhoea, (ileet. Strictures, False Passages, lullamation of the ltladder, and Prostate (Stands, Kxcoriations, Tumors. Pustules etc., treated ill the most scientific manner. Cure always Guaranteed or no Tee Required. Dr. Young would state that he has been a pro fessor of Obstetrics und Female diseases for the past fourteen years, and is fully qualified to ad minister in all cases both medically nnd surgically, not in a superficial, hut in ns thorough a manner ns years of study and practice—both in hospitals and private families—can make. Therefore fami lies can rely upon him ns upon a father. All in affliction enn find in him one who can feel nnd sympathise with, nnd befriend them in trouble— one in whose secresy the utmost confidence enn be placed. Come, all ye thnt are nfflictcd and in trouble, and you will be relieved and cured. Ptlvate medical Office and Hospital 151 CLAY STREET, Opposite southwest corner of the l'laza, SAN FRANCISCO. DR. J. C. YOUNU. Da. J. C. Yorru, who has become "so celebra ted for the thousands of cures which lie has per formed on old, chronic mercuriel, syphilitic, nnd all private diseases, without mercury, is consulted daily at his office 751 Clay st., from i> A. M. to 8 I*. M. A cure guaranteed or no pay. Dr. Young has probably had more practice in venereal diseases than any physician in California, lie cures alt the most aggravated cases of this dis ease, and mild ones he removes in from two to five days. The Doctor has for many years been known as the most eminent and successful physi cian practising in the United States, and what is more important to the patiSht, he always effects a speedy and permanent cure. Truvolers, seamen, miners nnd others, who wish to be cured without mercury, hindrance from busi ness, or exposure to friends, should apply to him as soon as possible, and a perfect cure guaranteed in all curable cases. The following are a few of the many testimonials of Dr. Young's ability as a practitioner, which have appeared, in the public journals of the last few years: I FROM THE BOSTON MEDICAL JOCRXAL.] iough we are opposed to the system of ad vertising for good and sufficient reasons, still we deem it but justice to say thut Dr. Young is one of the most industrious and indefatigable votaries of the medical science in the United States. [FROM PROFESSOR JACKSON.] The subscriber is personally acquainted with Dr. Young, and has seen much of his practice, and can bear testimony to his merits as a practitioner. [FROM THE NEW YORK HERALD.] The eminence of this distinguished gentleman in his profession, and the very extended opportuni ties possessed by him for the observance of vene real diseases, makes his services invaluable to those afflicted with the above complaints. [FROM THE WHIO AFD ADVERTISER.] All afflicted with private complaints should, if possible, consult Dr. Young, whose medical edu cation is not surpassed by any physician in the country. In his skill, honor and integrity all may rely with safety, while most of the medical prac titioners in this city are without honesty or res ponsibility, their pretensions being grounded in ignorance and assumption. Important t# fttranirers and Others Requiring Medical Treatment. Pr. Voting i« the Adverting Phv«icl»n in California, and the only one now advertisiag wbo has received a regular medical education which is requisite for the successful treatment 0} diseases. Because of his unparalleled success, there have sprang, from time to time, into exist ence, impostors, without character or education, who, by boasting have managed to decciTe the an. wary sufferer into the belief that they were reaped able and scientific men. In so doing, they have scattered broadcast their nostrums among the hon est and unsuspecting, to the destruction of health and in some cases life itself. Beware of them as you would of the Upas tree, for they are as deg. tractive. Dr. Young's office is at 751 CLAY ST. opposite the southwest corner of the Plaza. ' With regard to remuneration, (an indispensable preliminary between patient and prescriber, and which no fastidiousness or false delicacy should set aside,) Dr. Young begs respectfully to state to those wishing to consult him, that in ordinary in stances the usual fee is expected as by other prac* titioners ; but where patients seek to entrust their cases to his entire management, he takes this op. portunity of expressin his readiness to name • specific consideration to conduct the case for a determinate period, or to a successful issue, where by the invalid is at once apprised of the extent of the expense to be incurred, and the physician se cured the punctual attendance of his patient, which the golden toll often deters beyond the second or third interview, and which arrangement Dr. Young will be happy to apportion to the purse—length' of the patient, as may be agreed at the first inter-- view. TO CORRESPONDENTS. Patients residing in any part of the State, how ever distant, who may desire the opinion and ad vice of Dr. Young on their respective casei, and who think proper to submit a written statement of such, in preference to holding a personal interview, are respectfully assured that their communications will be held most sacred. Dr. Young takes this opportunity of observing that all letters are only opened and replied to by himself, and the latter as promptly as possible. If the cage he fully and candidly described, per. sonal communication will be superseded, as in structions for diet, regimen, and the general treat ment of the case itself, (including the remedies,) will be forwarded without delay, and in such a manner as to convey no idea of the letter or parcel so transmitted. Consultation gratis. J. C. YOUNG, M. D. The French Lunar, or Female Monthly Pills. The best remedy ever discovered for suppressed menses in females. They are safe and sure, acting in the most easy manner possible, never creating sickucss, but renovating the system, and at the same time they remove any obstructions which may impede for the time the natural flow of the menses. No family should be without a box in the house, as they greatly assist in the delivery, at maturity, of the child. They should not be taken under some circumstances, in the early stages of pregnancy, which will appear plain to ladies. Price $5 per box, with full directions, sent to any part of the Pacific coast upon receipt of the money. Address J. C. YOUNG, 751 Clay street, Opposite southwest corner of the Plaza, 14:tf San Francisco. Sands' Sarsaparilla. The Great American Remedy For Purifying the Blood. WILL BK FOUND A CEIITAIN CURE FOR Scrofula, Rheumatism, Salt lilioum, Fe ver Sores, Erysipelas, Pimples, Biles, Mercurial Diseases, Liver Com plaint, Cutaneous Eruptions, Stubborn Ulcers, Loss of Appetite, General De bility, &c. AS AN ALTKH ATIVK AND RENOVATING AGENT, IT II I'NKgUALLEU ! I ! A plentiful supply of pure blood is as essential to niiimnl life ns light, heat, and genial showers are to the vegetable kingdom. When the proper cir culation of the vital fluid is impeded, sickness is the inevitable consequence, the secretions bctcnic unhculty, the liver becomes clogged with impure bile, which, forced into the system, vitiates and in flames the blood, engendering scrofula and cutane ous nnd biliary disorders. The experience of six teen years has fully established the high reputa tion of this invaluable medicine; its curative pow ers have been thoroughly tested in long-standing nnd obstinate cases, with such invariable success «s to call forth the most flattering commendations from eminent physicians throughout the country. MEDICAL TESTIMONY. The following recommendation is from one of the oldest phyMcions in New London, Conn.: Messrs. A. B. & D. SANDS:— Gentlemen:—Yonr Snrsupurilla has been very extensively used in this city nnd the neighboring towns, and so far ai my knowledge extends, uniformly with success. In a great variety of diseases of long standing, and of a very distressing nnd dangerous character, which have resisted a long list of remedial agent*, it has been used— in many of them with complete suc cess. nnd in all with decided beseSt. It is regard ed by the mcdicul profession as a medicine of great efficacy in n numerous class of diseases, such as ii vetcrate constitutional complaints, when the sys tem has been long diseased; in cpses of long stand ing; in obstinate diseases of the skin; in enfeebled conditions of the system; in chronic abscesses, at tended with profiisc discharges; diseases of the bones; obstinate ulcers; chronic pulmonary affec tions, enlarged glands, and various other maladies connected with a depraved state of the system. Its use is usually followed with improvement of ap petite and digestion, increase of strength and flesh, better rests at night, the production of a more healthy state of mind, and complete restoration to. health. Truly vours, WM. STERNE. M. D. Prepared and sold by A. B. * D. SANDS, whole sale druggists, 100 Fulton street, corner of William, New York. For sale by 11. Jonxso* k Co., and RIHIKOTC* k Co., San Francisco; Tics It Corn*, Marvsville, R. H. MCDONALD k Co., Sacramento; and drug gists genererally. Tbe Great Japanese Remedy. THIS WONDERFUL REMEDY, CALLED THE Japanese Venereal SALVE, and used for the cure of Syphilitic Sores and procured at great trouble and expense, is now placed in the handa of druf gists for sale, where persons afflicted can (.urrhsM it, and effect cures without the consequent aaortil cation and heavy charges incurred by going to physicians. The ingredients procured from these scientific and wonderful people are such as have not been known to the rest or the world in the cure of loathsome corruptions, and far excels any thing heretofore used. Testimonials of a«toni>hiog cures could be obtained if necessary, but it is only requisite to test it to prove its great healine quali ties. The cost is nothing competed to its value. For sale at all the Druggists. THE JAPAIEBE SALVE, For the cure of Tuts, Burns, Sprains, Gunshot Wounds, Piles, Boils, Chilblains, Bruises and «U kinds of Sores, has been discovered to be the best and most wonderful prcprration ever nsed. It* healing properties are astonishing, almost magirsl. It supersede* all calves now in nee, and develop* one great good that has resulted from the opening of Japanese ports to the commerce of the world,, and will caute all that use it to rejcice that to i* sirable result has been accomplished. This salve has been sufficiently used to test its Try It all—everybody. No family should be with out it—and althongh the Ingredient* arc rare srd expensive, only FIFTY CENTS is chargeed for a box. It can be obtained of all the Druggists. VTb" best purifier of the Mood is Hsll'f ararilla