5 Nisan 1862 Tarihli The Washington Standard Gazetesi Sayfa 1

5 Nisan 1862 tarihli The Washington Standard Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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milling!on S§ Jlaniatfi VOL. 11. TIE 11SIIUTI\ STl\ltil JM\ nil.M R *| RCHI. IMiior mill I'lttjirirtui 1 . MibirHpllM Bale*: Prr Akkia • . IIH *• >l» Vwklli' J '►*» I\r.IKI.IML I"/.*' I/' i l .\> t MiertMat Bale*: Otr #hw i»«rft!t»o. K«< ki lx»«*TT»«*t> 1 I*l iia<iar«> • ar<i». }«rr i|44rirr h •*» HT * liUcrml 4fil«ctii»n mill l*r tu <«le u t **.»r «>f tU>»«r » U » »J«rrli»e (uar t#r I>i thr \r*r. Mfi of lurth- lunrtiije. «n<i dratli* Id* »cr:tii frtf. MTllU&k*. R»'l !>«•««<-. •'•r.li. Bill* of Farr Tin uUr*. r«|«|n;Mir<, l'*ni|ibl« l - A<■.. rlrt iilr»l ul rr.i«uiuMr rate#. b>mr All r«»mintintr*tion*. *lo thcr on t»ii«int or lor publication >lmiiili| l»«* mlilrrvH'il to the i«li ilor o| thr \VA«NI*UTO\ >ta\l»\Ul». OKFM'K—In Uiirnef'f l»uil linj*. cornrr «»f Main nu<l Fir*! si reel-', luartlir steamboat lati<liti£. DDW.IRD A. *ORtti: A ( «., IMPORTKRS AND DRALRRS IN mm, ftIMIIIWS .HI BLIMIS, WOl'Ll) inform the trade in rnlifurniii. Ore gon nml Territory that tlicv have opened n new establishment fur tin- sale of DOOItS, WINDOWS AND 111.1M1.S of e»ery des cription. I liio of the partners residing in lloslon (who has shipped the above pood* totliis market since IH4!>,) enables us to keep a thorough and extensive as sortment. which we will sell at us low prices as unv in this market. Parties sending for poods hy letter run rely on having the same at as low prices as if orilcreil in person. Orders by letter or otherwise will lie promptly and faithfully fiitKlleil. We also attend to the Inlying and selling of oth er merchandize. KPWAItI) A. MOUSE k CO., 11 and 1 n California st.. nsd 114 and 11«» Market St.. Han Francisco, and JOHN HALL, lilt Mack stone st., Itorton. 11;: i■ i:t RLOt'll, niLLKR X CO., (Sitfrtssnrs in I'ritr, Millfr «V Co.) DALLES AND COLVILLE, WUOI.KSAI.K ANn HKTAII, IIKAI.KRS IN FliP MID DIESTiC 3SY-K, CLOTHIXC, BOOTS, SHOES, IIATS, Ac. ALSO Staple an<l Fancy ttroccricM, Provisions, Wines, Jiiqttors, Kt<?. A full assortment of MINKItS' OOODS con fitaiitly on hand. * {feiy'Mr. ItLOCII being a resident of San Francisco, where nil our purchases lire made, we shall be able to oiler butter inducements than any other House. October 10th, 1801. 47: niG OLTHPIA WAGON MANUFACTORY. Stuart & Blaeksliear, inform the citizens ofOlym- Mp- iJJJ-. f f pia and the turrounding country that they are now manufacturing WAOO.NH,CAR RIAGES and ill'titilKS of all descriptions, from tin best of imported material, by experienced work men, for which WHEAT will lie taken in exchange, delivered at the Turawater mills. Shop corner Jd and Chinook Streets. Olympic, December 8, 1800. 4:tf HENRY M. M'CILL, [LATE SECRETARY OF THE TERRITORY.] Attorney-at-Ziaw, CommiMttvHfr of tkt Court if Clmmt of I'. S. —AMD — Commissioer of Deeds for Oregon and Washington. WILL devote special attention to the prepara tion nf thr necessary |«aper* lo accompany claims undi r the art of Man li 2d ln*>l. for the payment »f the war debt, and tu buMnru before the I'. S l.aud tHlrf.. Urric* —Ho Main St.. Ohmpia. W. T. [4l] k. ruiLi.irs h. L. rmturs. D. PHILLIPS * SON, sunim HI ti£\Eiu Kims. < »lyinjHJ*. \V. T. Orrtß f.»r air a M« k of— -1 >rv (itioiU, < ■ t'l< »t la 1 it ir. |{<K>t> & Hlkn >. //<»/.« ./*</ t'-if. I'r-r-L.r-t 1 «thry, Jh... frr. Teas* iNtlipts. lllh, !•«.! 44 tf CEO. L. KENNY. H.ITISU •I'k lm. Ir..m tH. firw «< If || rr -ft 4 *'« . h«« «•»!« *i»' »—«" ml- J Mr j. m. imiiMJi. - < •••iiaar m \\t ffiimtif sm\ In All Itr* Hi-nnclun. fiHEfW A-V > MIL DIS H, it« :ttr vM *t»t>4 sad** lie nam' ..t KEXNV A ALEX.%M»tR >4ii Fran- i V ;• Id- ! ?*"■»! < -aiiaa* tfcr va.. Th* |«- * ih* K'fi».' M - *if- OLYMPIA, WASHIX(iTOX TERRITORY, APRIL 5, 1802. Opinion and Dec: HOC of the Surveyor Gen eral. /. >RTF ''' ' *'/ /*F '««/'»' "/ < ' J'MJ IU M/4MI tk* nt f 9»J I MftitWff/, o 7V/ .'*•*•< II ji' fHtrtmumt t*» >m tit m> «/ /*< fi(»i/<;< /.*/•./ #»/ /4r '."I/in' /A"'«u/» F I*^4. l"Vt TV 1.11 .i IIRIRA<!. of LITMI in iucutttmver rt ur< -ifu.v<«l in N,<tth II -i i< 'IN W ilUdM'tti MiTi'liaw. ri*>i ri«y ili. -it. tit.- *»r.— nt eir\ ••! Vain-i«u»«-r. in »ai«l Ttrril'iri. ami •-mhrac.tl within a I Irart. t. rtt.«-r I\ a hiiliu-il l<\ tli 11 n.|~! T.i% C.NII|MII\ . umh r tli. .'>< l arti'lt- «F ihr lr>-.i'v • 4 .lnnr I'rtli. I*» 4* •- I--I m • .-ti tin- I i:it<<! Mal<*» ami lin-at liiimin. In * lii.-li •• tin JH~. "*->->r\ "t tlf IlihlioiliV I•»*\ 4 oiiilia- in. ami ••! ail I'rit -Ii •iil*i* >t>>. who IU.II U "abvaaiv in tli,- • N-I ii|>atiou nt I-aiil laiul or oth "i*r |iro|«*rt\ lawfully inijiiiriil within s;:iil " *r<*rritorv -liajl U n -|Mi t<il." 1 ntil tiir "J!till ila\ of Si |iti*mlier, 1 *>■'>''. tin' Surxi vor lieiieral of this Territory, .*:» aNo of Orej»otl. li.nl 111 ell iustrili t«*il hv tin* I'otllliiis siom*r of the t •••iieral l.aml (Ithi-e not to ,-ur vev within tie* limits i laimeil liy the saiil llmlsoti's lti\ Coiii|uiny. Kut at that ilate the saiil Commissioner thus instructs the Sur veyor lieiieral of tin-Territory of Wnshiiig toii, > i/ : ••It is claimed, mi tlii' part of the Mission " (/. r. the Woman Catholic Mission of St. "Jntiies) that these possessory rijrhts arc now "extinct, liv tin- expiration of the charter, on "the .'tilth May last, of the Hudson's Hay " Company, anil in support of this averment, "reference i< Iliad" to the ltcport of the Select "Committee on the Hudson's liny Company "communicated from the Commons to the " Lords ill the year INj7, and despatches of "the Kith July, and l lth August, IS."»s, from "the British Minister, Sir Imlward 11. I.vtton "to(Jov. Douglas ot lh-itish Columhia." " The ltcport distinctly shows the JIOKXM " .iiii if right;, was merely a license totheCoui " pany to tradi—did not convey title to the "soil, and one of the despatches of llitli July, " ls."»s, explicitly declares that 'thr Irgul ron " nr.i iotl oj' thr llmlxon's ltd// CoiH/il'ny with " I 'tun nurrr's Ixltiinl will shortly hr srrrrrtl "In/ thr ri'xuiiijitioii of thr grunt of tin' .soil'" "and adds, that ' thr h gill rights, on thr ronti " unit o/ijiositr, tcriiiilitlfrx in .1 lit}/ nrjrt, "(1 5.30.)' " " 'I'll:' possessory privileges thus shown to "1 e cx'.inct, the title of the I'nilcd States is " tlisenctinihered, and heconies ahsolute in the "premise*, and consequently, they are no Ion " j;er an impediment to the survey of the " lands fornierlv covered thcvchv." " Villi will therefore proceed to cxtl'iul till' "linos of tin' public surveys nvcr tin* trart of '•country in I|iiestlnn wlwn the nforcsaid (IOS " sessorv privileges have become extinct, will "innko regular returns of surveys, nn<l trnns " mit approved township plats thereof, laying "off the .Minion on tlio jiriHiijifi.i laid down " ill tin- (itli section of tlie net of Congress, ap proved :J7tli September, 1S">0, (I'. S. Stat " uteri, Vol. !•, page 4!»s) ami appropriately " representing it on the pint of tlie Township "in which the same may he situated, and will, "of course, properly designate oil the ollieial "plats the tracts reserved liy the I'nited " States for military or other purjtoses." On the 19th December, 1N59, lion. 1. I. Stevens, Delegate in Congress from this Ter ritory, addressed ncommunication to the Com missioner of the General Land Office, protest ing against a continuation to the St. James Mission of the tract of (540 acres claimed by them, and asking that the claims of the l". S. Military Heserveat Fort Vancouver, the town of Vancouver, and of Mrs. Short, and the hrirs-at-law of Amos M. Short, a donation claimant, (all of which claimed to have rights in the tract claiim d by said Mission,) might be passed upon. On the receipt of said lelter, on the 19th Dec., 1*59. the i 'oiumissioiier of the I .and < iftice addresw-d my predecinsor, from which tin- following is nil extract, ri: : " I now enclose herewith n copy of a letter "of this dat«' from the lion. Isaac I. Steven*, "showing that in addition to ••(Irt.i The Catholic Mission claim, and ••(Vd) the I'liiied Stat«* Military n at ion "tract. then'm* »tln r chiuus \>z : ~ (:t«l. Tlie Vinirouvi-r tm»n-*iie trait. •• (mn- art ot -J.til Max. I*ll. I . S. MatutiT. •• Vol. •». |«atrc <»•*»<• chap. 15) and -(4 th.) Tie <BMI.- 'ion rUiui of Mi-. >l**l. •• Tl„ paqsix- of ti»i- i- t«» call ujfciu •>« to - m.fk< • S|n ill K*'p -rt in r- pinl to tin- •» »- "••ml rlaini» in th* Im-i- and p»'j»-r - rilrM -4" tie- -atn> . git iuji r. f« to tl». "date of tl». t'w»- • latin-. and tin • \ -t«-nt which -b ■al«l U U*fnllx a*artl«-d to - rarli ca~. Kr"nlin» tn th'- f I«-f-T> - vow. \rvl if r«ur fib— t*»t fnnriati r>wi - 4ata in «■.•>; k n»-. r-m «ill call »]«•:: -th. |«arH» r- pr«-~ ntinr ilw "!«»«»- - a:»i .'•lift rim*, ami tk> Military an - tl».*iti -» l»r all th-- infat—limt th. v lisi -I- tl»* \ • ral rDtui-. tli • \l»-ii . ~pri >ritv Ac. ami aill sffc<rd th-UJ an oj |. rtu.ir v I» ioj: 1m -«nl." - WWa tUr Uwni »» «uJi' . ><"> -a ill uaak< * .rttf l!.|>r -koaiug j«.ar - i-rti up tb lu*fV" TS.ml i-Xtrt?* taili "t - 4nl rl.iiu>" atthan i!t«r'rati*«- map " \fl.t <!•» tit ■ ftp- r» di\ |<r< !. • • »**r. '!i lf«*! Ja#"* I di»*i rM-4nl i" X ar tM»»i r tml un ' W Iprit. I *"»■»'. l«» frl*- «)l « Ur M kl) !.iHit**• % . ■•ml Ha«k «>» tl«* l' r» -(<• •!i% rrl iiuf : ij a«Uif»»«o l« «f • Hiivi »'f' »»>!• . aw) , »»-L claiuiaui * !••• -tt .i->'_ k!iJ >i ax f .tiu an x- a j-irt <4 fit r.* *nl i» tin- r»- X(. j.. .! -- .. <IM !>•'* u»cL>- a r-j«>rt x-.A v I. >••!■ - ».* 'in** if j»'-- njfc«u frt>in tin- *. rv * ■ •luiiiitmu* nTiml- <l. i -n» ami ■rjrniiH Utt'. - ill the j»n>:rri->- • t ill. i*u-.-. IVMU tin ILL<4 -UIIMU'.F utiliL . it A|IJ« «T> TK-at lli'l. A M A Mailt 111 t. I'.i-li..p .4 \i-.jiialh. williin wh*~i ill.tin tract rUiunil >• lie Mi—i-n ••• >t. .laim— I- l « :«!iil. < Uiui- lur tin said Mi—i-«u six liiiiuln-il anil f- rt\ n« ri» ••fl.ii.il under tin mik(Hl |»ri>* i«i "f >•■<•. i . t tin' art nf ('i>iijrni«» apprnied An;' 11. I*l*. entitled -alt art n«t.il>lii-hi»? i|» "I .-rri •• ti-rial «liieh pr>i\i- MI i- in tin-liillii* " titli tn Laml. imt rUiiiluiy ri( 11iiiii!i• -•! ami •• lnrtvarn-», urn* occupied a- Mi>»i"Uar\ -U ---ti'i- tin- 111«11.111 tutu- in IVrri •• ti.n . t.i-ji tli, r * i'li tin im|>rii\. in.hi- tin ri ••nil. In I l 111 ti I*: 1 li-l I 'Hill • Stalih-lnli ill till »i A - •• ••ml ri n ii-tii-* t<i u liirli -aid mi-- •• »i<niar\ -tali. Hl- ri-»|H-cti\ il\ IMII'II^." 'I'IH Milit.-ir\ LLI-jini- n»l it- I ! aim I'JM II tlir follow iiijr facts : In M.-iv. I s !''. at the request nml I v con sent "I' l'i trr Ski i II < ii. ii 4 Tiit l Factor of tie Ilu.i shli'k |ti\ Company, ill ch.irjlc of the interests of said < *IIIII|IIIII v in ami resident at their |iost of Fort Vancouver, Mnj. .1. S. Hathaway, I . S. Army, estab lished a tiiili!.-try |iost ami ilrp.it ,-it fort \ an couver, taking possession ofall lauds imt en closed liy tin- said Company, ami subject al ways tu such rights iis tin- said Company may In- decided t<> have itiiilrr tlii> said .'til article of tin- treaty. Col. Luring, of tin' mounted Willi's, |'. S. A., succeeded Maj. Hathaway, ami on tin*'list October, Js/io, |»y order of tin-War Pcpartnient, throujrh (Jen. 11.I 1 . F. Smith, declared a reserve of 4 miles square. Hut tin- act of Feb. 1 I, IH.'i.'l, limiting milita ry ri'srrvrs to (ill) acresi-ach, liv orih-r of tlie War Department of (li-l. sjfttli* IS-i.'l, Col. Ilontii-vill.-, thi'ii in command at Fort Vancou- VIT, hail tho reserve reduced to its present limits, ami as now claimed. Tin- claim to tin- Town-site of saiil Town of Vancouver, unili-r the provisions of tin l art of Conpvss May Mil, I*l4, is based upon an order of the I'rohate ,fud*»cs of saiil county, niaile July .'til, In.jO, a quarter sec tion as follows: Coimucncilijr at a liahn ol (iileail tree, on the north hank of the Colmn hia river, marked ".I. M. 5.," thence along the east line of Amos ,\|. Short's claim, one hundred and sixty rods, thence due east one hundred and sixty rods, thence due south to the Columbia river, thence along the hank of said river to the plat f beginning," except ing thereout tln> enclosures and improve ments of tin- Hudson's llav Company. The a hove tract was surveyed anil subdivi ded into blocks and lots, and the plats thereof recorded, and there is some evidence that lots were sold under said survey. .Mrs. Ksthcr Short, the widow of Amos M. Short, deceased, and tlie hcirs-nt-law, claim 610 acres, in accordance with these notifica tions. In support of this claim, Aihoh M. Short appears to have recorded Ills claim nt Oregon City, in l s lt>. under the laws of the provisional government of Oregon. l'sther Short, widow, as aforesaid, tiled a notification on the Ith day of October, 1533, dated Au gust itith, under the not of Congress approved on the I Ith day of February, I>>.">.'J, amendatory of the act of 27th September, 1 S;>o. The notification and accompanying proof establish the arrival of Amos M. Short in Oregon, ill tlio latter part of December, 1811, ami a residence upon the claim from the Hth day of March is-ix, to the date of his death, January l!Uh, 18;>.'f. This is the showing made by the parties themselves, but there is evidence showing that said Amos M. Short was actually on the claim in l!*lt>. and was driven ott'hv the Hudson's Hay Compa ny. 11l I*l7, he built a house thereon, cleared and cultivated a number of acres, and was forcibly expelled in the latter part of the year bv the servi.nts of the Iluds m's ('oiupa iiv —his family pat in a b> at, and sent down tlii- Columbia river. We are therefore in clined to give the widow ami heirs the Im lie fit of his |M-rsisteiit attempts to cultivate and Imtoiiic om uer of this tract of laud. The city of Vancouver asserts no preten sions to any portion of the tract claimed by Short's widow and heirs. The limits of the pr.—i nt Military reserve, fall entirely ontsiile. To the cl.tillls of >hurt's heirs there in but oil** contestant. tlm* Catholic Mi—i'>n. Tbi- l»ritiir— ii- nn r&aiiiiiialkHi <if tin* il.-iim- • tit*- It-mail <'atb'»lii- Mii-wi-'ii <>! St. .Irt'ri-. 'Hi ► -V til. (OHnarl. tA IN r..' •ii!'"- '1 I!I I' II|H.II tbi- RAW. itM I \Y. - l(«:i«hi; ' '.'•tli ,, li» Mi*>i'HirrV >tati..!i at Vanr.im i\ «bra *.•»« it li-b -I. ami ilitt an- tb>- mt« In tahi< b tk>' rl:.inant> l». r»*. Mij.jf.it tb-ir rlaiw t>> I* tb-- Mi--i-»ti <•( St. .I .ni.-- f II Wa* tlx M ; —i"- an »j«j»-itilig.» ««r «l> j» i..l .<\ .! ib< Ilu.i->n'.- It :* t .wwjoi \. i - nartatan- J-ri -t*. i b ij.'-mf. in tb •» r* ..I tb»t •J.-'I«". *t i>T tUI t 'impiiiv. ?•»»! b\ - l ;ri. -j. T .l l » - ii»l <' j>*ny. anH <li«l -i»rj. . lit f. a~ awl t. mtimti- »vh . \'iniii<ai "f tk. >4 tb«t t .w-iivinv i «.t»- tb. pr>.--!- mi ilnti at \anr.Mi*«r. Mir-kiuiii.-. iml.-ji*-ni. nl ... I »ui|r.ii\ ' 111. \\ tb- M>«•.* >4 **l. Juikx .* Sli«- «i>.ii;-.r\ >t»ti«n asuiii;' ib> liwiiau triU» <•! • »r> r>« at ur U h»n- tb> >4 tb. • *l*^ll -- art *4 «»r1 Titnt.-n, j.w».<l 1 l b. I » it bin 1 iuti ut JIKI ut. tf>i: c >4 liw nr>«ii jm.iw. uf tb. I>t MVti..a if > W art f |«*. IV • - --ti -i - j., .mlu .-il tli. j. .4 fk \2ii-- -u - ihnt n*i tin- t>ib H .1 1•* 11l ». tb- K >.. ut :'H .1* b.-ii -;.j* .J H'-i •£, • •■» !uii: 'tw i'Hlan »| i''• ti A tr.«.l c*-rtaill •rtiiri- 1 IU ii.- I t!«-t 'Max/.-- tb- W'ti-.nat-t'r nw t.i - i"f thill bitb to tltt-iO. Utrk'-Ml I *r. Joint \| l l-.:l;_li!.ll i•( tin- llu<!-.u'.- lll\ I will ilk j-siii->!<ii> that i. if-muan.T r.HiM u.'t i r.|Mt<46«n K«-l If iv - •r. I>JI MTIN;' In* Would MJMI IM> al4< In cii|»- |!v ib. •ir »urii ai.u_' in-, J.-irv t<> ir, to "Jur tk*rf,n um'fl'r lm*iutma

. nrarjt. /',» mrum« »/ Lmiftg <•«•/." I In » tl|. i- t-u tl« \\ lilain. tU . Hot tin llud -' " liay ( , n|>|>i:i-«l l»r th< uii»- -i M.afW. Ihi tin nth April. IMK iln- I • India- It.-I|. .|> 111 ill « llim llim I W tl • <-omitiy »>-« i >,| tli • Itoi kv Mountain* wa* iiuiir.ii'nl, a|ij«>iitt,-d •• t'ra'icin N. lU.un li. t and ti* 1 riv, |ir li-r-t>, .!//>««*>// irt for ilia* |M>rii..ii •»! tl.i* nf v. lii. II i- ~itliati*«l IM|W<*I*II I In- L'a< ific I Ki-an ami tli. I' nk\ Mniiiitaiii!.." ami in ilirti ill *>-• Jft'llt !• ill* II t*l JlpM.I-ll ttl till' til 111 of tin ir I ilmr-. tin* lir»t in-tnn-titili i*. "that tli \ ni'i-t i*oii!-iili*r JIR tlii* tir-t ulijif) "f tlii-ir lni- mi tn ilr.u\ liniii liarli iritv ami tin* tlisor -111-IJ. w liicli liilluw from it, tin* Imliati nntiotis cjiri. il in that i-mmtrv." Among tin* instruc tion- w c liiul tin* follow ing : |C. "A- to tin' jilaci* wln ri* tlii-v ill lix "tln ir ]iti11i i 11:11 rrsiili'iiri', it \\ill lie oil tin* "Jiivif Cow lit/, wliicli i injitii-n into tin* lliv " i*r t *i>l milllia,• >II tin* in>rtli r»iili* of tin*last itiv "lT. On their nrrivtil nt Fort \'aiu*ouvrr, "tlirv w ill pri-si-nt tlii'insi'lvos to TLIO JKTKOII " who ri'iiri'srnts tlio lloiuiraMo HmlsouV •• Hay ('iiiii|iany, uml tlicv will take lii* advice " as to tin* jin'cist* situation of that cstalilisli- '• inelit." 11. " They are particularly recommended "to have all possible regard for the members " and employees of that company with whom " it is very important for the holy work with " which they are charged to lie constantly in " good intelligence." Ity which hitter instruc tions, it will be seen that "so far as the sta tion on the north bank of the Columbia riv er" is concerned, the said priests were to be advised by the persons in charge at Fort Vancouver. (>n the 24th of November, 183S, Messrs. Hlancliet and Deincrs arrived at Vancouver, and the evidence establishes the fact that during that year and the next a number of stations were established in Oregon, and a number of trilns visited at various places. Mr. Hlancliet at that time, acted as Vicar General in < Oregon, to the Rishop of Quebec, ami it appears that he or Mr. Homers, with the exception of temporary absences in visit ing various portions of Oregon and New Cale donia, was on duty yt Vancouver, imparting instruction totlie Indian wives of the whites re siding there,nsalsosuch Indians as visitedthere. From this period till 1*1:2, wo Hud no addi tion to the number of theso priests. This vear, Sir (!eo. Simpson made .1 favorable re port, and Messrs. Holducund hangloisarrived. In .1 ulv, 1811, Mr. Hlancliet was succeeded bv Mr. 'Homers, Father Nobili from 10th September 1814, to June 1*55, Father Do Vos from .lime 1845, to May 1N47. Fathers Joset and Demors had charge after Father Do Vos until November 1847, when Father De lav. tud was appointed and continued till I*so, when succeeded by Rev. J. R. A. Rrou illet, who is now in charge. The services and instructions were conduct ed in an old store within the stockade of the Hudson's Ray Company Fort, which room was exclusively used for such purposes. Re fore 1854, a piece of ground outside of the pickets had been obtained by Mr. Hlancliet, (not purchased, for the company refused to sell.) which piece included the present site, for the purpose of erecting thoreujwn a church. The grouud had been designated by Gov. Doug las, (then in charge,) which piece of land the Mission had permission to fence, but did not do it tor want of means. In IKIO or 1840, Mr. Hlancliet had jutr cliased an old building from one of the ( om panv's servants, which was used as a school for Indian children. On the .'list day of May, I*4o, Rev. Mr. De Vos, then in charge of the station, •• under "the auspice* of the holy name of Mary and "the patronage of tile A|sistle St. .lames the "greater," dedicated the church edifice built bv tin*. James iKuiglas, who signed us a wit ness to the dedication. § Fr»m then till i*-w the church has hertl continuous! v us**d. has Imvii greatly extended ami enlnrg<<d. Within tliemckisun s an- sev eral buildings UM-d for n ligi- u, learning, and ••tie r < hariiie*. Stub »n- tin fail* •■rtaUifbin- tbv l»WMln u«.n <>f ili. Mi--b*i u lull it ntUiiiMil ikeuw oftb. Mif. iui ■>! Si. Jaw* »wl cfciwt mv i»r nil »! v, liUli th. iv i. i. aIK jwi di.-jmtf. 'llii- k 1- a* to tli-* I'. i.ajitiri : W Im-ilht -IH-1I Miti'Nivti'an ,jj.|..-inlaffi- «T il.-j»ml«w* •l ili. IIMWi> IHI |\«I|B»; ' 'III* t. -tiu.»»tiv t.*, m tk- "fit. mi-1- .-ml nr** * b*-b <-.iH.il iut.i U in-ill.- .UioMMCf «-\|»-rtif »««i o4 Ni«*t«. ItUiM'li.t a;;.l I V-iu.T> iu l*{\cl ailj d.tw«ii »trßt«- h-t .1 *.i- I*4 '•* a *'' . f tit- H i!- .11- Hi\ ('.i<u|Uinv. Tkr »'»>b n««i llik iiniroilMi' • tlw I i-!i"|> oMJnr !»«-. ;iii«l lh> fc-Mrt* «f tl"- 1m»I*"J» "f J-Tff li" -i • * c*»t* I* tint tb. IW|any i... I .1 •Imi.-v.t in* t!i .-•=MMnivi»t: mi nl.it. it «.4i|.l !»**• I« t-ti. • >*» lav, .-.-t ti-!i.>l .-.CnJUitflY tbtt tkr*- n». u wrrvrb i| I--, ik> )• «Mthv i. "liuhmiT *• a«l --•In . |< .ii t iki -*ar> l'» t-aialafcli *i* Z *fi*.. a:»l jh.-w tit * »«T« !»<•« i». Irfit r>- .- *t«u •>. .41« "t (wnt' I '' I* "* ik'tjk" J *.i.- 04WiMNltkMi K«*a« .*« !•• *!v r ..V .1 •»> • i*i ii -«J»-r»..r- MtJ r.tfud.-J I.;, tb. 1IoU«iV K*V « «ui ikin\. lUI ,1 II . UwV Itiv «imit.-U , ta a- «b»|i..i.- ill- Itrtl. mf l*h btrnmr t ti.. Mm I Qabr *oulil »»«*lw u-f. -H.t: TV »► t.Jb>«* ■- • \*tlrv "i MIV-I*. Itlaiirh<*t at.'! 1 Vm«Ti-1 iviutiu; nl» "nitiri-h »|»ntWir-iiorrn trum flu- :u- i "tii'ii forth •iV j'.ipai. ti the I'ait!.,' i -*a!>- 'likliiil a \»;ar ag« iu tin «Ii mw, to jmnHe "for th. ir bwtmmer ami th«- «T ••« lia|»-l>i »n«l (•"»»« * liirh th v * ill mt*h "lto-h ill rariotw |.iar»T a/'tkor J/iuun. th< \ "will imliMV thr* «hit<- 'aiitk j.ial tli. '•mnhi-4j uf 'ir rummtry to «■ :Ut:l<M«- lar th. a> uiurh as t'n-ir iin-atf will .iB-m ♦•tin in." (13) "Tl»rv will not fail to jrivr -inforniatiim a* to whit Mat ioti*r«*t, ihlay, ••or favur tin |in>" r rn-»»* «f thr>r AJiwom. 'l'h«*y "will IM* can-till that tln-m*iletails IN* .irrni.pi! "iu Mirli a way that tin y may I«* jiiilili.hiil. "a?- well for tin* <«!iti«--:'ioti ns for th<* «*nroiir- "apinrtit of tin* faithful, who. n* IIM-HIIMTH of "th«* asportation tor tin* |>ro|i::piti'Hi ol the "faith. ciMitrihutc l«y tlnir aim.- to the siiji|n.rt "of that lull' Mir-ion." Sir < Jcorpe Sitnp>ui, in charge of tin' af fair* <>t' that Company (Hudson's Hiv I'mit pany) on tin- continent, mi tin- 14th June, addrei«scs "The Rev'd Mr. Hlauehet. IIOHHIH ('AT /to/ II Mission, Columbia," and then goes <lll to hope lliat everything will It*. 1 done liy the Company, "to facilitate and pro mote your | Mr. H.'s] endeavors in the en use of morality mid religion among the servants, freemen and Indiaus." In this letter, ntul one of the same date, Sir George, however, declines for the present to accede to Mr. Itlau chet's request for permission and aid to in crease ill ■ number of Missionaries. This cor respondence indicates an entire independence lictween the Mission or Missionaries and the Hudson's Hay Company. Year after year, from IS.'JB down to IS 15, inclusive, we find the Hudson's Bay Compa ny keeping an account with them (the Mis sionaries) for goods and supplies, invariably terming thein as the " Catholic Mission." lu 18-1:2, on the 2.lth November, Dr. John McLaughlin, then in charge of the Hudson's Hay Company's interests west of the Rocky mountains, writes to Rev. F. N. Hlancliet, "I am instructed to place one hundred poiuuld sterling to the credit of your Mission, as an acknowledgment of the eminent services you and your pious colleague are rendering the people oj' th is country." Setieral respectable witnesses have given their impressions that the priests at Vancou ver were housed, fed, and paid as chaphaus in the Company's service. There is no posi tive testimony by u single witness that any one of these priests ever received a dollar as chaplain. There is positive proof that the Company recognized the existence of a J/'-t --*ion, and made the above contribution in :«.id of that Mission. All doubts in this matter of chaplaincy mul dependency of the pin sts of the Catholic Mission upon the Hudson's Hay Company, arc fully set at rest by the testimony of Sir George Simpson, in March 1857, before the Select Committee of the Hritish House of Commons, ( ritle report ou the Hudson's Ray Company, 1857, Hr. Parliament,) and espe cially the answer to interrogatory lU3I said report, p. 91. (Jn. —"Is it entirely optional with tlieni "whether they keep a school or not ?" An?, by Sir George Simpson.—" It is optional as " far as we ant concerned: we do uot insist " upon their keeping schools. They arc under "the control of the liishojt of the Territory, or " the society to which they belong. Wu EXKU "IISK NO CONTROL OVKK THKM." The Mission was further supported by tlio "Society for the Propagation of Faith,"in (Quebec, by a like society in Paris, by sub- j Mcriptions of the servants ot the Hudson's Hay I Company, by the products of their farms, at | St. Paul in Oregon, and the Cowlitz, and by donations. We are forced to conclude that these men were Mi**iumrric », and the evidence is irre sistible that their chief stationaud headquar ters was at Vancouver, called since the uedi catioii of the clia|tel, the Mixtion of Sr. .In met. It is verv pertinent hero to lo:ike inquiry what wm tlio iuteution of Congress in making I his donation. It seeius that flu* Govern- . •ncnt recognized with favor that body of men , who had plunged into the *ildcrncss to carry the tidings of salvation unto the heathen, to mollify their native dispositions by Christiai - ixiujr tier,' mik tbu» | r.pcrrl tie wav for succ«f-tul aial at the same tiin. peace- | r.bfe settlement of the c matry by the white race. Mav we not siipjmsc, with nsum, t<»>. that this doiiatiaNi intended by the Gov ernments to th'«se Well lliitiiste:illg to the i-piriiiui.-U w auts «.| ilu- piouoi* to civiliza tion .Hid sftth ui.iit of our intii.tnl iToinr.in, afT.inli'ig an iiie«-iitire ber.alt.-r to rrlipiou wnirtii* to x lid forth ibeir lllWi >B!UM to uew fields, at: I as tl«y Wjhil to settle Ile* i. irit'.rv i-f th- 1 tfcrtr bd»«r» -h«>nlil be r. • ••gniaed *t-l . iK-owrag><d by grants <>f b»»l ? While it i" » ' «Hmed that tbe ar> of Mirrb 3d. 1 - V;. i.jUi enlarge tlx- right* of jurti.- « b-> bud Vt»!t d lI4IM by lirtii.' th.- j«r-» ic "f the «»s*r>*i < Ac*. y«« if rrtrr to it a* s«|»j»>nii.g the * lew. It tbe «b»-*r still wirier jj.J tbe tith t« Luhl. e\re»*lu4r C#U a»li». u»'« o.tU pird. f lair Arm mptni nt .Wn tmmmrm jii< r to lb-- imwajp- nf tfc. 1 ifMuir Ac*—ww«>«»i -.tag a 1! li.'u to ti I*l nrw bv auv re!i,:iw*»« ~>ri t% llwtiuii h*Vr estah li-b.d a HiiMtMnrr si.nion -ittNiiijr ilu Itidi n trilxT •<( :b :t p»rt . f «»r> g«n. bv tin- said ar« -d lu:o •.<! «■. j-'i'uteJ Wa hiu^-t.ai r.nii'Tv. Tbat tbr Mtawou "f St. JjiW W!» a tai*- rtatMHi. ami li.lt th.- jiri.nn. a»iuiii:i#v inm; «rti mi »<n»a... aiul atal ctuui'.aiiA •*» Htmrt" i-i-i" -'i' l. v 1 ».•".! li"b- I'U- tin «1 «|ii. -ti ni- |»t -.tit..l to wliicli <«ra!l him t -»»u <l. \\ .to ti. Mi-. 1 .ii o' >t. .1-nar» a ■ "t 'twn|i tllr li. 'L.uiii'' - i.i -jI<V-Trnit'«T," «ft. Jj'wd at tlx tiiiw >4* ti»r- uf !- lij » I. #. r. mi tin- I 4*l> f 'I'll*! it »*> i« lh< v.-ry i)f »L:« art |A*W!. .1« a I TMRRTI «H~ HK) IS • r whi'ivr fur "« tint \ n <lrv. thr IIV riajrr of !'. r in. !»••» l*r>J .«tr of t'lirk-- IMWV, W- m>!-UIE7X-'*! in tin: the rliiji. I r.{ -i. Hie I'tiiv . -»'!<••» Iu« F*-_ prl.-H all th. iTrtriianr »>--i <tf tit- litxlv •> to tli< lIMI.MII ui'«T. likwlinlnl * itli tlmx* native tril> - f.»r ih>- rxiinjrwuli iwi.t and pun Li* ««t tli.-ir title to t b>- land*. The cowl* hiVi' i»it treated it m Julian country f<>r the punishment of \ iolaiion* of the Indiau intifrour-1- law—that law In inyr r<|>- plicaMe to the ro«ntry w *1 of tlw Murky Mount:.in* liv tin* art of Congn** of June .*>, ISSu. There in «\ itit'iiri' tli.it Vancouver was in the couii;r» claimed liv tLr Klikitat trilie; I lint fur a number of v«»r» large camp* of tin- Indians were in the vicinity, until lln*y li;ul been tliimti <1 out liy the small-pox. •ludge IVtrain, of Clarke county, swears that :it one t i:Hi- from 1,501) to *vero present at or near Vancouver, and hits testimony is corroborated liy the evidence of Bhtnehot, Barclay, llarvov anil McKinlay. That Indi ans constantly visited the priests, to receive instruction; that the priests went to their camps; that tliey were preached to in jargon, and in the Indian tongue; that hundreds were baptized and received the rites of relig ion imti'iilly, thv're i.-i abmi'lanco of proof; and so far as this station is to be regarded, missionary Fa/tor among the Indians was their chief occupation and preferred duty. lui'eed, this is inkeeping with the spirit and intent of the instructions t'i the Missidnaries who founded and so long in person presided over this Mission. In tlio letter of the Bish op of Juliopolis, on tho Bth of Juno, 1835, addressed " to all the families established on the Willamette river, and other Catholic per sons beyond the llocky Mountains," answer ing the petitions for Missionaries, of July 3d, 1834, and February :23d, 1835, and regretting his inability to comply, but assuring theni they will secure help soon—he thus eloquent ly writes, "My intention is not only to pro " euro to you and your children the knowledge "of God, but also the numerous Indian tiibes " among which you live." " I exhort you meanwhile to deserve liy n " good behavior that (Jod may bless mi/ uuJi'r " taking. lCaise your children the best you "can. Teach them wh st you know of relig " ion. But, remember, my dear brethren, that ! " the proper weans of procuring that your j "children and wives, take some notion of God, ! " and of the religion you profess, is to give j " them a good example by a life moderate and ; " exempt of the great disorders which exists i " among inauy of the Christians beyond thu " mountains. What idea do you give of God, " and of the holy religion you profess to the " Indians, especially who see in you, who are "calling yourselves the servants of that Great " God, disorder, which equal anil perhaps sur " p..ss their own I" I'hb> letter goes ou show in" that the conversion of the Indians, was a leading if not the great id:-) of establishing ! the Mission. On the 17th of April 1838, us before seen, the ltoinan Catholic Bishop of Quebec in whose diocese was included the country vest of the llocky Mountains. and t nd >r whose ju risdiction were the llov. Messis. B anchet and Demon', sent forth those gentlemen aa Mis sionaries "to that- portion of the diocese of Que' >eo, west of the it'ocX y SlouHt<iiu»." The Bishop instructs these Missionaries : "Thev " must consider as tin* first object of their " mission, to draw from barbarity and the dis orders which follow from it, the ludiau '• tribi*s spread iu that country." They were " froiii the first moment of their " arrival, to apply themselves to the study of " the Indian lauguages, to reduce them to reg " ular principles, so as to lie able to pttbliah a " grammar, fee., in said languages." , Numerous other instructions were giren. but the whole letter establishes beyond a doubt, that the Church and Bishop* who setit forth the Mbwnn >rv*. wb > c.«tablMi*d their station at Vancoavt*, loug i nterior to tbe Mas sag.* of the act ut I ;>ugrc*s. were ucti a'ed i:i the luaiu, by the idea to etuvert tad labor with the l.uiiau tribe* theu peopling Oregon. The te*MtiM»ay addnc -d on t*i» trial, in no way diminishes the Imtv »T those dxMin' , but thr«.u<»bni». frees the cowrie rial that if even a Mi.-w'sm wa» established fur the aa*.- |W ut Ui *Uij. V.iih aui .-lHoug the Indian trib. *. jj s- thi'T« «ju'Mßents o «*■- stitate mitli su »»»»•»♦ «'i m. that indeed iafhe «,< ft. Juw*. Vtaa*. the taarlta form nttua was cuarctted at H-. Uouiiacc ai'd Qa* - 1. r, duritg kwig \tars of i» r!ors 'than at d nuintemjpfed jn>~enre rfon.* srnthrtftbr l>ri» *rs citun ct"d »nb fb«- MMai at Vaaaon v«r lai> >• mp «ri h rel iartiuctiag the mktripi- M. cither aa the kusUr atore-baasr. aria the iillle edifice d«*i; utid iu Saint ut this Mi/.-i'**. d«*wn to the smcefafal .haritics. now an Institute <4 I«-rming. Bkttg iiM and Henevobnee. rwditabh* ta the Seet I r*nd to tb fWrisnrr Cm int ta last it l*-' : tains its uu*a< s«a rr chccat tef, cad naaMtak nhiy beau* the isupreas *b4 iUastrati-s the ; |.i*-a» dn-igtu- <4 the I'r.biies who ' In- CalbolW MISSIONS id We now Live dK asard the j/aflat af the Missina of S». .lawn a. rta Ma-iiiaarr ehamr tee. it* md -petnitaae of the Malina't Bsv II iw|Muy, usdniin to k a» a anr- ICIISRJ >!.".VHI AIU"HG tic Indira Tiibt-s of I »r<-jp»a. < »tln r rf rrcn ■ i»nw«li Hwt> —J in'rwrtW** ihaßrt't im prwri ituiaU»»- W. httr inirnl st iU»* that ilw .S* {—*?• NO. 21.