12 Nisan 1862 Tarihli The Washington Standard Gazetesi Sayfa 2

12 Nisan 1862 tarihli The Washington Standard Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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THE V.ISHII6TOV STIMUID. - - 1 . S. uPFiria PAI'KR FOR THK TERRITORY. i ric I'alM"!! Sfcall b» Prrwrted. Agent* for the Standard. Ills following naia*>l sfeiitleuicn aCfV.ri*cd u mcive and mel|it lor moati due or *«(•*<ri|»- > .i to the MTAM>A*I> : L. P. FIKOT*, Saa Fraor'uru, <".il. Th«*. Bovc«, S*n Kmarifi*f. «'al. <J. W JONL*. Vumarfr. W .T. ; Ai*x. H. Aaiaxrrwv ««*fc Point; It. 1). H*Baivutn\. Moaiitcllo; Juan IViwoit I'nrl llniliniu ; lltsir (' Wnm. T«L»I«; IlliH. SralHrik. (QJT Mouiv <■»« IH scut through the mail* at ■ ir risV J.e Viioa Baaolntions Rejected by the Lefiilatire Awembly of Waalungton Territory. Tit il rt—!r*J IJF tkr l.rgitlatirr .IHWIWJI <•( Ik* ■Mmrf HailnyfM. That tliv. I'tiioD is so in ;iotiated with Iht' institution* of our eotimry. l iu dissolution would their |»-rout r re. and seriously threaten oar e\i.-tenie as :i •ioa. It'firrJ, That all ncrlional divisions ran tic tier healed wilhin the I'niou lli.oi without tin f .ion, and that all |irete*t- for a dissolution of !:.• I'niou. are unwarrantable. tolrfJ, That the alacrity with which the pen. 1 > rush to the rescue of the I'niou shows them .» .rthy of their lineage, sunt their birthright. i make* us, the most distant limb of the I'liiou, : 11 ver their debtor. '"'tulreJ, That Washington Territory, true to -elf, and true to the Government, will not be i id wanting in devotion to the I'nion. in fidrl to the Laws and Constitution, or iu due res- I it for, and support of Mr. Lincoln's adiniuistra- II in, which the |io|iular voice lias called to maiti t. in the one and enforce the other. That a copy of these resolutions be . '•r' to our Delegate in Congress, Hon. W. 11. M'nilacc. VOTE OS Tnit RKSOLVTIOVB. ]'«»—Denny, Griswld, Lombard, McCull, Smith < lClark, Taylor, I'rquliart, Co«k—B. Xny* —Aird, Ho/.arth, Kates, Beatty, Chapman, (Ttirdner, Gilliam, Hinckley, llolbrook, Page, Set tin, Smith of Walla Walla, Huth, Thornton, Wil s jn, Warbass—lo. Xut Voting —Williamson, Ferguson. McLean nnd Ynutis. SATURDAY, APRIL 12, 18G2. Still Complaining. The Vancouver Tclegraj/Jt has found a new cause of complaint and abuse in the action of a portion of the corporators of the Columbia Trinisportation Company. That paper a few vceks ago " winked aud looked wise" when tlio call of a majority of the corporators was published, in strict conformity with'lhe law, and promised disclosures which would astound the very natives. In that paper of the sth inst. the promised disclosures are made, in v;igue intimations that "somebody's to be cheated," and "somebody's" to make the mod est little sum of $30,000 by a certain little '• hit.tineas transaction," nnd intimates, of cousse, that the aforesaid gentleman of busi ness proclivities resides on the Sound, mid ijuaintly adds, to smooth the matter over aud prevent disagreeable consequences, that "we do not wish to be understood as.nsserting the fact that sinister motives actuated" the party. r ()ne would suppose from the tone of tlie Telegraph for the past eighteen months, that the people of the Sound were at deadly eutni ty with those on the Columbia. We know lmt littlo of the merits of the case iu contro versy, and do not volunteer as the champion i.f the individual who has such a keen eye to " business"; but we must say that the contin ued attempts of that pap°r to create aud keep alive an animosity botween the people of the two -jectionß is very remarkable, to say the least. According to the showing of that paper the people in that section have been the recipi ents of an unprecedented train of injuries, the commencement of which is dated back many years. First we find Governor McGill" usurp ing" unwarranted authority in removing Cap itol Commissioners; next we find Bome one perpetrates a fraud on the Capitol bill, which was rushed through the Legislature by the river members IN leu than fifteen minutes ; tin n we find it heaping abuse upon Governor Tuirry and Judge Hewitt because they did not look through the same spectacles that the Telegraph did; and again we find it bol.lly declaring that the decision of the Ha pr. ;ne Court was obtained by fraud > And even this doea not fill the measure of wrongs eon. mil ted against the Telegraph. The leg i-1 itioo at the last Assembly lias been so dc iva aa to allow "openandar«wed cmniii* ot he enterprise" uaactnated -by sinister ui itirea," however, to peculate at the expense of' ilia corporation! If the THrgrmph is so eertaia that it kw> " MMttod" the gftlf m of UaraMu-Khe pm rt:\ itiea, why doea it hesitate in diiwcting the l'i.iiue to the proper sower? If the Trlrgrtiph if ';trite Nrr that It has feirttd out the pv (Mßphisel of, aa we certainly have good rounds for believing, if it haa traced np his e " section with a rival company, why has that paper doubts, and dslay exposure ? That game is "played out," Mr. Telegraph. 1' u have UMR fault to find with the peo p'" iver here, yon must substantiate your as . rem*. by giving the naae of the " Imw n -a" man. or we can attach but little weight to t'iem — jou cannot surely niwin' the peo of r'iU locality tor so doiti?. * 1. Wm. H. Farrar liaa b»»-n elected Jfnyrrof the city of Portland An Atteapt at a Defense. We received the following letter from T. W. (ilugov, willi the modest request that we give it n place in our column*. We give it nn showing the best defense lie can make. He has acknowledged to us tliut lie has on more ilinn one occasion struck bit wife, and practiced other bmlalitien in keeping with the ■chargi* made. While wc are opposed to eVervtiling like uiob justice, the story told by bimfcrlf—that'part about the parental treat- Mu'iit lie exercised toward* bis wife—is a series of cm -Ities w hicli would cause the MIH.II to boil for the tidmiiiistnitioii of a coating <;f tar and feathers to the inhuiiiau wretch : KI». STA*I»ARI» :—My attention has been cnlbil to au article in yotir pa|ier, relating to the unhappy difficulties existing in my fami ly and tb<' causes which have led to the es trainp'ineiit ot my wife you also publish tin- resolution* adopted at it convention held bv forty odd married Latin* of I Olympia Tile I* nitt a relelTed to have dolli' lilt- till honor to forward to me throui'h the |sist I Mfice n copy of the ri-solution* with the names of those who have taken a part in the proceed ings 'f tlic convention. The light ill which I have lieen represented coiicemiiig the alius*' and unkind tn-atuieiit of my wile and children by the public .louriuils nud convention held by a [ionion of the Ladm > of Ulympii •poin- IH-IS me to make the statement which I b id a lope that I ciiuld avoid on account of tln state of my wife* mind and also the imcnlli'd for scandal and disgrace which would cncvi* tablv fall u|Ktn her anil our oll'spring. Thin community is well nuare that she lias not been in her right mind in the last vear pant they know the attempts she has inaile to destiny her lite and the causes that She al ways stateil that had led her to that deter mination and at the present time she is not allowed to act up to the dictates of her own sense of propriety being kept under continu al excitement by Iter pretended friends dining her partial derangement my whole attention has been devoted to her welfare night and day and in taking care of her 1 have been fre quently compelcd to use harsh means, but not with malice or hatred but such means only as a parent would use toard a child, ns for knocking her down with sticks drnging by the hair of her head and starving. 1 deny the ulegatious I can show that my patience ami perSHVerence for her wellfarc up to the last hour she was with me has been unprece dented In reply to the L<idic» convention I will simply stute here that their unpreeeilenteil in tellect and sagaaity might have been em ployed for better purposes, in answer to the resolutions I intend to give them astatement of nil the particulars in full which led to tliis unhappy state of affairs iu the shape of a cir cular not that 1 have anything to fear but for the sake of the helpless. 1 will give you the names of the Ltnlits whose names are attached to the cony of their liroceedings which I received that they uiav >e aware that they shall be forwarded a copy as soon as practicible. The reason that I waived the prosecution and examination of witnesses on the 9th inst was if jx-sfiltle to prevent a wider breach and a less scandal nnd disgrace being heaped upon my wife nnd children 1 have a.duty to perform toards them and as far as I dun able I will protect and defend them, n* for myself had it even been as represented. I could easily get out of hearing okrcach of it but the helpfess could not - f The names signed fo the resolutions nre Mistrusses.l. K. Ilurd, S Woodard, M. ltrown, Cock, L. Durgiti, A. M. Karnes, 11. Harrow, S. Knox, Holmes, E. Jl. llorton, M. ■). Mor gan, Misses F. Knox, 1., Holmes, .1. Par<|tiur, L. l'ereival, Henry, Doane, Miss 1). Phillips, K. Austin, Mrs. A. litird, (iuerin, E. llarned, S. McKlroy, K. Rfced, P. N. Judson, 10. A. Heed, E. J. Murphy, S. lilankeuship, A. oid dings, A. Bettinan, E. Winsor, M. it. Wood, M. I''. Mituliell. -U JL Baker, ('. Hays, 11. (J. lirown, M. J. Moxli#, L. Clark, M. E. Patton, 8. llinehart, V. (Jove, M. Warbass, M. E. Johnson. > Rcspectftdly Yours, T. W. GLASGOW. •We publish the letter without correction.—Ko, —. ■ . ■■ - - We call attention to the advertisement of Harvey lJrown, of Sail Francisco, who ban laid out a large grant into building lots, in the suburbs of that city, qu the line of railroad to San Jose Valley. Those investing small sums on several years, will find that their invest ment it the safest anil best they could make. The title is perfect. Head advertisement in another column of to-day's paper. Bar We hear it intimated from parties who seemed to know that an a«»l|{iiiimtinii U goon to take place between the T>i •rrland I'm» and the Olynipiu Standard. * * * The old •• (iorilla" haa about accomplished the work, (Kemlall'ii re moval,) lor which he secured the willing aervice* of the bog, and w ill hire no fuftHer use for him. l'rkaat't Ttliyrjjih. -> Ah! I" rbane, you don't say so! Perhaps you'll tuear to it—won't you ? Cum tux f ty Tl.«* Mountaineer that the I)||ln jiortage company La* < IVKII to vxiart. The propiTty of the concent lia» pimd into the haiulit <>f tbe <I.S.N. (JL who will in fu ture take charge of tbc freight [iiwing over the portage. L?"(ibp)» ww brought brfiirr Jimlin l'ip4ow, on Wnlnndiv lart, on a charge |«re ferrrd l»y hia wife, of a*MuU ami battery. The acraaod waived an examination. and wan hold in the turn of fur hi* appearance in conrt. W KE*. —Alonao, iii Monday'• PretM, aaya that the lilacgow rcmlutiona were Mgned by f"rty •• odd" women! lUiber a doubtful com pliiiM'nt that. ' lyCntigre* ha* appropriated one hun dred thousand dollar* for the construction of a fort at the u>outh of the ('olnnbia ri^er. tF* The location of the seat of Govern ment of (In-gun is to submittal to the people of that Stale at their June election. I'ARTKOMZR IIUMK I\M'MTKY. —Try the ««|i made at Meeker'* factory at Sieilacootn. For Hale by 11. A. Jnd*on. I BR.\SKI.K«» I'IFPIMJ.— The Yreka Journal gives tin- Portland Timn a sharp rap, as fol lows : '• Tlio editor of the Portland Timet is heavy on putting Mteiimlioat ufflrrra, Stewarts, engineers. 4r., nad if he don't get his hut ' chalked' for Sulmoa, lie i« .-urtlv u • Sleamboated' iadividoal." To substantiate the almve paragraph we take all the following items from one number of the Titttet, selected nt random: PifSit better man navigates the water* of the Ctdimil'iu than t'apt. Wolf of tlic Julia. Ci LISAKY. —The Steward, llan. Keatrall, an<l rooks uinl waiters on the Julim. haveaa eye to the la>tr< «f Iter pa«- eager*, and get up their Meals in the lie-1 style. yof K|ili. ilav. of the Ju'm , is deservedly a pop ular Purser. #u},. I'harlev Knowle*. the bar keeper oa the JMII I. is a good jud/e »f wine* and lii|Uom. ®-IV„liilaiun. of th i-Jufia. is a safe engineer. In the same pa pi'rare several other " steam- Isiat puffs." and notices of drinking aaloons aud free lunches iuuitmerable. If that don't fill the hill, we're lirt judge. CLUV* ANOUVNK TOOTHACHE DIOP.— 'Phis simple and efficacious ri > me<ly aets in stantly upon the nerve of the tooth, and imme diate relief is given. It will not iiujieasantk effect the hre.itli like Kreo«ote, injure the gums or destroy o ie teeth ; "tin- nuimr otiK4Uire» it has accomplished are well flttestid. aud it has only to become generally knowu to lie as highly ap|ireeiated bv the public as it has long bceti by dentists. LV Wc are coui|iellod to postpone the pub lication of the division of the Suprcmet 'oort a week longer, and omit much iui]iortaiit matter, in this week's issue, to make room for the dispatches. Tu PiivrwAßTKK*.—An exrliango savs tli.it I'oM masters ought to establish a penny post to deliver letters to Salmon Iliver wid ows, and he wiil lie sure of receiving their thanks. Tow \ FLECTION. — Pirn tallowing gentle men were elected 'Prustees, on Monday last, for the ensuing year: Geo. A. Harties, .losepli Cushman, Clias. 10. Williams, and J as. Tilton. triP The Mountaineer says the employees on the Pes Chutes railroad struck tor higher wages—an increase from S3O to SOO per month. The company acceded to the demand. - ••• The thru onion says that Senator I-n --tliain has written to this coast that there will be thirty thousand emigrants to Oregon and Washington the present season. . . •• » t #' 1 We learn from the Advertiser of the flth inst. that Martin 11. Ilogau was accident ally shot dead at river, W. T., on Sun day last. this place 011 Sunday last, for Victoria, laden with cuttle, horses, fruit trees, produce, etc. ■■ Ijf One thousand passengers ariived at Portland by the last Brother Jonathan, the ma jority of whom are bound for Salmon river. fj' A Western editor defines n widow as "one who knows what's what,and desires fur ther information on the same subject." ► . *% • Iron ore is being procured from the banks of the Willamette rWcr, near Oswego, eight miles above Portland. — rr A San Francisco paper says that the coming wheat crop of California will not be sufficient to supply that State. ••• ty Who is grinding the Portland Time* now ? There is evidently a new man at the crank. • iy Pack horses are selling at Dalles at from $25 to $l5O. rr Oov. Tnniey arrived Iwine on Thurs day evening last. Later from the Atlantic Side. Wo take the' following dispatches from the Portland Oreganian : WewN or March Iflh. CHICAGO, March 17.— -The Unionist! found a train of 72 cars with commissary stores, twelve miles from Manassas. The steamer Price, engaged in carrying rebels from Columbus, was snagged and lost with men and stores. An atnendineut to the post office bill makes provision for carrying the iu«il by strainers to San Franciseo, provided that no more is paid for the duty than government receives. The Clothing Inspection Hoard have con demned 92,000,000 worth of clothing. Mews mf March lMh. CHICAGO March 18th.—New* ftvin Key Wwt |tartly confirm* the n-port of the evac uation of I'enaacola. HALTIMORB, March 18.—Newbern, N. C« Itae bwu capturt-d by lim. liuruniilt-, after a hard fought liattlc. We captured a large «|uautity of cannon. Our low is reported 90 killed and 200 wounded. New hem waa de fended by 10.000 ivlieta. After four houn hard figbtine the I'uiun troop* drove the eue uiv from all their poaitious, and took 1,000 iiri-otiero. Moat of our l«e* wan in the New Hug Lai id regiment*. The fall of Newbern leaves Na*bviUe at our merry. HOLLA, March IK. —Five rotnpanie* of (Jen. llalleeh'a tore* encountered the mbela in Texan cuunty, killing 500, taking many pria ouei*. among them three colonel*. Our loaa wan about 150. The Naval Committee hare reported in fa vor of appropriating 515.000.000 for the con struction of iron-dad ateameva. CAIRO, March 18.—A man uger atatra that our boata kept up a heavy fire on I aland No. 10 ycaterday. The rebels are atronrlv fortified" ' Itnmaide waa confirmed a Major-General on yesterday. Hill to provide for the purchase of coin wn« signed by the I'rerident. 'Hie troopa of Uurnaide have lauded 18 uiilea below Newbern. I«»« or March 19th. ST. Lolls. March 19.—-Telegram* from Gen. Curtis state that his loss at I'M Ridge was 1400 killed and wounded. The rebel* an- still retreating. Thereare no rebel troop* in Northern Arkansas, except marauders and I'ike'* Indian*, who kill and plunder the rebel force* indiscriminately. XBW YORK, March 19. —Further 'detail* from Newbern have liecn received. Com. Itowan waa in command of the fleet. On Sunday lie had sunken vessels, torpedoes, and other reliel obstructions to overcome, but he surmounted all with slight damage to his ves vek. Two brigs, three t«rks and eighteen schooners were sunk hv the reliels alxive two of their batteries. The latter were silenced mid tin* sunken Vessels passed. This was Saturday afternoon. <hi Sunday moming a heavy fog set iii, but shortly after lifted, when the Uiats passed up and silenced Fort Thomp son, mounting two heavy Columbiads, then Fori Kllis, of uiue guns, waa captured after

brisk fighting. At Fort Love, the ouly n uiaiuiug fort, the reliels made but little opiio ?{;!<•«. A HIT leaving the latter, they fin-d a large number of scows filled with r«»in and tin |N'tit inc. intending to tow lliem down awl I mill the giiuWits. They, however, pit stuck in the river. The lioats then shelled the depot nud track. but our troop* having crossed, the white flag was raised. Our navy did not lose a man. The op.-rations on laud were briefly as fol lows: Troo|is landed twelve miles below Newliern. Itcuo's brigade i i advance. Most of the troops were so anxious to hind that nearly every regiment jniu|ied iuto the water and wailed ashijrc. The whole division was ashore i.i less than two hours. After two hours' inarching they found the deserted reliel camp-fires hurtling and breakfast untastcd.— Karlv iu the morning the First Hrigade. com posed of the i4ih. 2,">ili aud lititli Massa chusettts, engaged a twenty gun Imtterv of the rebels on the left, showered grape, cauuis ter and sh"!l on them ; also, heavy musketry from infantry. The Second Hrigndc, com prising --.'lst Massachusetts, *>lst New York, 51st Pennsylvania and '.Mil New Jersey regi ments engaged them on the right. General l'ark's Third Hrigade took possession in the ctiutre.. The First Hrigade bore the brunt of the baffle. The 2lili Massachusetts lost heavily; Maj. Stevenson aud LT. llorton were wounded, aud Lieut.-Col. Mcrritt and twenty-three others killed. The Third Hrig ade, together with iho Second, executed the flank movement, and when the order to charge bayonets was given, u hand to hand fight en sued of the most desperate character, in which our troops drove the rebels out the point of the bayonet. The'reliels took possession of the railroad train and fled from Newbern, hurtling the bridges, some buildings, and a number of whiskey nud turpentine distilleries. The slaves had comnioiicod pillaging, but were slopped. A number of Uniouists were found in the city. NRW YORK, Mnrcli If).—("Jen. Buniside, in n congratulatory address to the troops, says, that after a tedious march, dragging their howitzers l«y linud tlirnn*rli swamps and thickets, after sleepless nights passed ill drenching rain, they met the enemy ill his chosen posit ion, protected by sfroug earth works mounting heavy guns, and in open field tlieinselvos, they conquered. He directs that each regiment engaged shall inscribe oil tnoir banners the memorable uarao of New hern. WASHINGTON, March 19.—A special dis patch to the New York papers savs : It is Jiositively asserted from Manassas that a milli ter of graves of Federals, killed at Hull ltuu, were opened by the rebels to obtain the bones to manufacture into kuife-handles, pipes and spurs.. It was said that hundreds of rebels sent skulls home, they being considered as the best of trophies. Ktwx of Mareli 30th. CAIRO, March 20.—Com. Foote writes that Island NO. 10 is harder to conquer than Columbus. We nro firing niglit and day, and gain on tliem. , St. Mary's Florida, is occupied by our troops. CAIRO, March 20.—Th® Legislature Tennessee, whith sat at Memphis, has ad journed and gone—nobody knows whcn>. The subject of burning Memphis was still dis cussed. Men Irere impressed as soldiers ami sent to the camp or instruction by hun dreds. The Union men wero leaving Mem phis in great numbers. Firing continues at No. 10. There are thirty guns and 20,000 troops there. On Tuesday night the gunboat Mound City kept up a Bteady fire on the upper fort, prevented the rebels making their usual nightly repairs. The result was, that in the early morning they commenced removing the dead ana wounded from the casement* of the fort.- l*rge numbers wero carried out and taken hack into the woods. Oa-Mmdav the gun boats fired ninety times, mostly shell, and the mortar boats fired three hundred sheik. On Tuesday the Commodore directed the fuses to be wet down, with I view to destroy the works and dismount the guns. The result was moat satisfactory. As yet but one man lias been killed by the enemy. Himouton uvs that Stanton [Secretary of War] decline* "Lime Point at any price, and will substitute fur it another Mtmi/or. The rebel building* were burning at A<juia Creek at laat account*. The Federal fag fipat* over the fort at St. Augustine. Flat town Mrnadticd without fighting. Jacksonville. Florida, hat suiren dered. The (iovernnr of Florida recommend* the evacuation of Florida. CAIRO, March 80.—The rebel* forrn an* concentrating at Decatur Ala, and Mia*.— They are aaid to nnmlier 40,000 men. Fed eral tranaporU are moving in their vicinity, indicating externave military operation*. WIKCNBKTM, Va.. March SO-—General Khirld'»%e encountered the rear of the reb el Gen. Jackann'a force beyond Middletown. A alurmiah occurred. Our troopa entered the ton. NKW YORK. March 80.—A apecial din natch to the New York papera aaya: Jeff. l>avis iaaued a proclamation on the 16th. cal ling all the nude population between the agea of 16 and 60, to mtm themaelvea into oompa niee, and report immediately at headquartera. In the llonae, Hickman of the Judiciary Committee, rejiorted hack aeveral billa and resolution*—referring to the confiacation of rebel property, including alavea, with a rec ommendation advene either to their paaaage or adoption. In the Senate, Trumbull from the Judiciary Committee, reported back • joint resolution for co-opention with State* in accordance with the President's Menage with recommen dation. l'awed. Sewi of March Slal. CHICAOO, March 21. CAIBO, Mnrch 21.—The effect of the can nonade of Mondar. from the gnnhoata and mortan on Inland No. 10. waa terrific. Tim rebels could be seen rang ing off'the dead and wounded. Our pickets*could plainly hear their groans at midnight. A moderate fire was kept up on Tw-sday and Wednesday.— Vcrtcrdny, the gunboat Mm intuitu dismount ed the on tin- enemy's up|ter battery. The rels-1 gunls>at* tried to force tlu-ir wav up ag.iin yesterday, hut failrd to succeed. tien. Pope has 22 puis mounted on Point Pleasant, below New Madrid, lie hits also erected a new luiMerv four miles IN-low Is land No. 10. The n-U-1 regiments were dis tinctly seen on dren parade at one time ou Wednesday, ont of n-acli of the mortars. Information has lieen rereived from Gen. Grant, from Savannah, on Tennessee river, that the troops an- in fine health and spirits, lteaurepan! commands 1.1,000 troop* Iroin I*<ii>a«'o|a. at Corinth. ('lleal barn and Itragjr also command diviehms near that poiut.— The Federal forces in that vicinity an- divi ded into five divisions. COO v<duuteen< have eulir-ted at Kivininli in tin- In ion anuv.— On the night of the l.'iih a skinuish took place lietween a division of the sth < >hioCav alry and a jtart of Cheatham's force. The relN-ls were routed. I'IHTIIW MOXROLI, March, 21.—Nothing ha» been iwn or heard of the .I lrrrimar. IV Monitor remains nw the lliri. She has imirnl some altera! ious and additions, which innii-rinlly iin|>r<>vit> Lt-r. WAMIIMJTON. March 21.— AM our fcrcra I'Jtfiiil tin- authority of the I'aited Slates ou tin' Atlantic coast, numerous application* are Hindi' liv merchants and <-liito tin* Trens ury I It-part incut, for permission to trade with tlio recaptured jiorts, lint are uniformly re fused. Nothing will lie done to interfere with the blockade. Permission, however, hap lii'en granted by the Department for internal trade. Hereafter the public debt, and all foreign drafts, are to be paid at maturity, no matter what may be the pressure in other respects on the Treasury. Mnj.-Oen. Hunter's new Department is to be called the Department of the (Julf. As constituted, it will comprise all the coast of the (Jnit west of Pensacoia harbor, and so much of the Gulf States as will be occupied by the Federal troops. Its head-quarters will be moveable—wherever the General commanding may be. Nuw YOIIK, March 21. —The steamer Van ilcrlilt is lieing converted into an iron-el,'id man-of-war. The steamship Ocean Queen will be converted into an iron ram steamer. S'r. Loris, March 21.—A rebel dispatch front Fort-Smith to the Memphis paper* ac knowledge the death of (tens. McCulloch aud Mcintosh at the battle of Pen Itidge. The 'Memphis A/ijie/il contains a dispatch from Richmond of the 4th, saving that Jeff Davis is coming West soon and urges everybody to rally to his standard. I*HII.AI»KLPIIIA, March 21.—A letter from Ship Island, dated March 12th, savs that the gnnbriat Ifosa captured a schooner off Mo bile Hay, having on board 100 bales cotton ; and that the Panola captured the schoouer Corn with 200 bnles. NKW YORK, March 21.—A letter from the Engineer of the gunboat Water Witch con tirniH thu capture of the William Million*, with Yancey on hoard. .Against thin, a tele gram from Nashville of to-day says that Yan cey arrived at New Orleans and made a speech, avowing that no help can be expected from England or France. Me urged retalia tion l>y stopping the cultivation of cotton. News of Narcb 33d. • WASHINGTON, March 22. —The Navy De partment has ordered of the builders of the Monitor, six more iron-clad vessels of similar construction, but more formidible. They are fo be 800 feuftjong iustead of 175, aud to car ry 2 10-inthttiHtcud of 13-inch Dahlgreus. lien. lihmker has been suspended, on ac count of unbecoming conduct. Orders were sent to-day to Gens, llalleck and Wright, to send troops to protect the en tire overland mute, euiigrauts, mail, and treas ure, which tlio Government is anxious shall be carried on our own soil and not through foreign countries. ST. LOUIS, March 22.—Gen. Halleck has telegranhed to Secretary Stanton that the eu einv's flotilla, hemmed in lietween Cow. Fenrte and Gen. Pope made auother attempt to es cape down the river, but were driven back with severe loss. One gunboat was sunk aud others damaged. They have been complete ly hemmed in, and can only escape by fight 'iug their way out. I'hiladelithia, March 22.—The craw of the privateer Beauregard, 17 men, have been brought hens and will he sent Jo Fort War ren. « WAHRIKOTO*. March Si—The Senate IN in Execntive Scaaion to-dav, and confirmed aa Major-Generals—liuell, t'urtia. Pone. Hinl, ami Md'lcruand. Wallaiw and Hmith, the Colonels who commanded at Fort Dnaihwi, arm confirmed aa Hrigadier-ttemwule. Fremont left for New York today. It ia aaid that hia Denurtmeut baa been * enlarged ao aa to include Ohio and other paints. ■•trier Hartfe 94th. CIH iuo, March 24. —Gen. Bnmaide haa captured BeanfoH. K. C. The rebels blew up Fort Macon, and burned the atenmrr Sat Anile. 8. 8. 1 (aiding ra'en Friday nominated aa (■ovenmr af Utah, ntl'DavMi rejertcd. WlxrHßrrn, March >A battle toak place 4 wiles frum here, an the Stsaaburg rand, between the Federals numbering &000, under Gen. Shields, and the while numhu ing 14.000 under Jackaou. Smith and Lang atroet. IV Inttar waa routed, with M 0 killed and 300 wounded. A large number a* of nriannm ww taken. The enemy waa in full retreat. The ground waa atrown with muaketa thrown away in their fight. The battle laated from 10 A. N. till dark. BALTtnuac. March 24.—Four droerten ftwn the robel army arrived at Old I'oint to day. They atate that Magruder'a force about Yorktown. ia eompoatd of a dooen iif,inM ut« having not over 6.000 elective men. At Groat uathel, and other pninta on the peninsu la. it haa not been leea than 15,000. Some heavy gnu are manaled at There are alas fcrtifieatiw. below, at Wyom ing Creek. ; WaantNaTOK, March t&—This evenis* there ia an imprraaion aamnc naval milit.T. circle*, that New OrlMmk aan, the mwtZ fleet having attacked tha nU fort at ,h. Kigoh-ttes on the 11th. listtrn fWmi si,;. Island confirm this. TWfat iclmed ia fa? Hke, commanding cm nlianiu to Uke I'oa chart nun. WAcauoTON, March «4*—Dr. Joh ß Er TelZttXrJ?. In the House. Ihinn offered a which was adopted, instructing the Wars k M< an* committee to into the raijli . ev of organising a large force of una,™, I the necessary macbiaeefy. H proretd to tL. p4d mines of the Wmt, and work the —, Ihr the lieiM'fit of «>f the Governim-at, M 4 means of defraying the expenses <rf th,- n, j Cwhmel Williams, of the Mth \r» J_L regimeot, rviuforced Gen. Shields. I tanks wlm waa on tha way to Waahiaciw. on Sunday n-turned and mounted tb maud. lu the mean time Gen. SLi.-Mv shin punned the enemy bryond N'e« um. Ai|- i ing them the whole way. Ge*. Jacks*', men weteprriectly demoralised and hevusd control. They threw overboard the dnJ wounded to lighten their wagno*. It in noticeable that nearly all the n-Wb wounded mere shot in the 'bead and brrot, ehowing the superiority of tmr wmkmm. The bravii*t loss was anmng the IVnmvlra nia ami Ohio truojst. t Hi Sunday tnonting the nheb rrr.iv.-d nw iuforceuient* under G.-n. Garret, sous- 5,000: while (Sen. Shield's force did not exceed 10,- 000. At IrtJ the enemy made at. iut on -sir left, which commenced by act in); ItrifradWr Sullivan o|M-ning a heavy (in- of artillery, while the real attack was made on our riplli, whole the fighting was d me. The reheb ? w.'re etrougly posted in the wood* and Miind the hill, and the artillery was posted on emin ences on both sides of their left wrug. Our whole artillery force was engaged, 24 pieces. ADDITIONAL.— The tight raged furiously till 4 p.m. The fighting was chiefly done by the artillery at a distance of 3 and 400 yards,—often less. The rebel infantrv at tempted to capture Dunn's battery t»y a charge. The first effort was nearly success ful, but receiving a heavy charge of grape, they retired in confusion. A second weaker attempt was defeated. G«a. Tyler now or dered his brigada to charge tho euemy's bat teries on the left and a most deadly enco.t nter enfeued. Twice our men receded under the storm, but on the third, the rebels were rout ed with tremendous slaughter. Our loss was heavy. Many officers were killed and wound ed. The enemy's killed and wounded now strewed the ground in promiscuous lieaps. Their left was entirely broken and their cen tre wavering. On their side the 4th and sth Virginia regiments suffered most. The for mer were terribly decimated. Several at tempts to rally the right win£ failed, and to udd to the confusion, an Irish battalion of 150 men was brought forward and ordered to tire on the Union troops. They refused, and a rebel regiment drove this gallant little baud forward but could not compel them to lire UJI on us. 40 corpses of the 150 afterwards strewed the field. Meanwhile, the rebels (T<tvo way on their left and centre, with a loss of 700 killed and wounded, mid 23C taken prisoners, Beside® these, about 125 muskets taken, and many other valuable tro phies. Our loss does-uot exceed 150 killed and 300 wouuded. WASIIINUTON, March 26.—Advices from- Fortress Monroe are quite conclusive that the main body of the rebels cannot be far distant, as known scouting parties have been discov ered, within the past 24 hours, near Manassas. Appearances iudicatetjbat the«Beiny is strong ly fortified behind jbeir lines at llapp.v banock. The Tax bill was under consideration in the House to-day, and the proposition to tax slaves was rejected by a vote of 101 to 62. NEW YORK, March 25th.—The Union forces found at Newtara 500 of the finest Enfield rifles, a part t>f the Nashville's cargo, which brought 3,00(» News oriKarcb 3ftlta. WASHINGTON, Marqh 25.—1n view of tb# 1 lending Tat bill, of the I'acific-ltailrond bill was again postponed to day, and made the special order for Tuesday next. Several State prisoners were released to-day* ou their taking the oath of allegiance. WINCHKSTKR, Va* March 25.—Gen Shields has received a dispatch from Gen Banks, dated five miles beyond Strasburg, stating that the enemy was in full retreat, and our forces were in hot pursuit' The low «f the enemy must be enormous. They have abandoned wagon* (long the road filled with dead bod ins, and the houses ou the route are found crowded with the woss ded and dead. The hoildbgs in the tswss ad jacent to the battle- fiundell, are SIM with the wounded. It & snrrentlr rrpsrted that Gen. Banks had overtaken and destwjW 200 of Jackson's wuoa. We have further oetsML of the battle at Winchester: <hi Sunday morning, at aunriae Jack** Icing rvinforred attacked Shield's near Km Town, three milea from Wiathntw. Th fflrtiv war stronptv Mated in the wo<dK ami behind atone walla. The artißrnr ofti* reUU was putted MI raiiurnrn at BOTH ddr* at their left wing. TWir fcrre e«ui»n«d 600 Aahley'a eavulnr. &000 mfrutry, mi » piece*. afartgory, Wkh aay e. Thr<g« l>v<he Ohio iZfiltoT. the lac. mi the lat Virginia cuvulrr on the right d tW memy. dririag them hack half a mile. *Wn is&zzisSistJSz fautry. Tlda canard mm fan* to tetne. A ahart i agau ami nt Mad, when Hhiil* dered CflLTyVf to turn their Ut Oaak. "** he did win tmdimmU km. Thr* Penueylvuniu and.the 19tb Ohio ao. chap* and the fight hmae pand. C«L of the 6th ISamyhmit. was UW-" The enemy rotimd rfuwtjr. briar* gun*, to hear at ewery anpertauiiy "■ men raahed fcnnmd with ydb. »beu » F* ic enanad nmaag the enemy, which oar tr>«r* took advantage a£ and 'WUw«I ihm f driving the enemy hdh» them tfi dark. <""P luring 3 gmm. 3 «li mm. with n"^ r " eqnijMnenta. fcr. WAMMIWIV*, March 30th.—Shield* tsfc-