22 Aralık 1866 Tarihli The Washington Standard Gazetesi Sayfa 2

22 Aralık 1866 tarihli The Washington Standard Gazetesi Sayfa 2
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•: - * ■m m jmm. If 2 ■rmW m< - "MM WB } 4 % —•» **■* » %• * * l €*>w*« * . •V • kpw v» -i:\im;. i ?"■ " Inert.i.u Mail F-icuitje*. Wo aii j ..-« 'l to *.•<•-« >< " Kobin-oii. ot .'• ri'vT- '!i «'■ r.ty. i • - introduced in the 11• a memorial praving lor a semi-weekly mail service on Koute No. 1 -«.4<»•. from tliin j»lacc to Victoria. Wo hope it will receive that consideration its im portance demand*. A growing ne cessity requires this improvement in our facilities for stoain communi cation. It has always appeared to us ay oversight of the Postal Depart ment that the overland tri-weekly mail service should terminate at this point, and nothing better than a weekly mail be afforded to the many thriving business points on the Sound, which but await the aid of capital snd industry to develop their many resources. The establishment of a semi-weekly mail, is a step to warcs the achievement of this object. The memorial should receive an ananimous support in the Assembly, and aided by the cordial co-operation of the people on the Sound cannot fail of success. A semi-weekly mail need not cost much more than our present weekly. A first-class boat can easily make two trips a week. The extra cost of run ning would he comparatively a triile, •which we believe would he amply compensation by the increased trade. Another important measure inau gurated in the House, by Mr. Long mire, is a memorial asking for a post routo from some convenient point on the Sound, through some one of the many practicable passes in the Cas cade mountains to Walla "Walla, or other eligible point in the Eastern part of the Territory. This also should be backed by the voice of the people. Let no sectional jeal ousies debar the success which is in evitable with united and harmonious action. These, and other important meas ures of like character, have engaged legislative action the greater part, of the week. The session this far has been remarkably harmonious. We trust it may remain so throughout, and result in much practical good. • • • THE MAILS laon PORTLAND.— From some unexplained canae the Portland mail* do not reach here in lr«- th*n f»ur daji- AH that i* known aU»ut tL<* iw '.-r »«. -impi*. that l: •• - i . • "• 1 • ■:!- iMrtat M «*. * t-« . o: ~ pars.' . tW uu < arc <w i » u. «? •» 'mmx *• ♦-» »sU We f- ;«» |*f- TW * Vi ; tl. . . or »f SC » • t, --• -4; ;«■ JBT • %*» «* «»>MI • * 1 , Mr 11 •-.» - •- to wr~i T t. • V» tl» * - T.»•* •* ifc"- i'-mL '4b »' f-- -•»: V * 4 0 m m **■. -- ■■■ Bmm Tmm.— TW kx-'mm *« SSfc< »*»■». _ saKi • ' »M|. 4ft tinw- frirn* 4ft »4. > ■»* TW • 4 tm 'iiium ttftr H |M4>MMK • T to* ml &> Ift-* i _ iii"w " i-JRJP «a» • . mm eewi. *te» IMW «mw> •«* . «&a* r Imp* mattmmd *§m nqpnw I .> «%»«. - -tfT*" | H ' « ; >|JU t -I. i % • #> i * «, .ft |; ■ . II . V. T. m.IIN «• -I. I • «NT»» tin | • :i« -«!»• 1:l« .1 i.i i ;v«- t! •.. till | -• it.lt I* *ll ** t. t» pli at" <•< rtili■•ate. \ ■/ : S:lll,ii;.l .lalilt <1 :i11« ~ Plnmmer. ('athorine Win «•!■ r. A' - mi ll< '■• rv. Willi..in S. Itaio'iss I«u-~>-l D. Campy, (Icorgo P. i'»i-->'l, Kearns 11. MiCabe. Ignatior.s Culoni, Aaron \\ el>*tor and .lames I'oster. • • • Sri>i)i .N Jlr.vni.— i lie many fri'-iul of Dr. O.K. Wili-ird will regret to hear ot his death oil Wednesday morning l ist, after a .-hoit lint severe illness. The Doctor was one <>£ our oldest Mul must esteemed citizen, and his departure leaves n void in our community that cannot be tilled. The deceased was liuried on Tliursd iy, under the auspices of the M i sonic fiateiiity, of wli ell In* was nn hon ored member. The resolutions of tliel.odgt upon this «ad bereavement will uppcar in our next issue. A SKHMOX.—The clerical writer in the last J\ Tril»nn devotes nearly two columns of wliamrdoodle to the 9 « President, and regrets that spacs will not permit liim to extend it to still greater length. The sorrow is all own. "What'.'! I lie use of eussiu', 'twon't tlo :inv ? What's the use of fussing, in this fivn/.ieil niooil ? Are vim a man of fuuctiou, who never can say ilie ? I!i}r i'i}t, little pi);, root hog or die." BIM.IAUDS.—Wo observe that Mr. JJermister has obtained one of the finest billiard tables this side of San Francisco for the use of hi* custom ers. It is one ofStrahle's four-pock et table with all the late improve ments. Its finish is truly superior, being made of rosewood carved and highly polished. Admirers of the game would do well to give Charley a call. A QI'KfITIONARLE EXPEDIENT TO " DRAW." —We observe that the Hell Ringers announce for their perform ance during the holidays, a new piece, entitled, " Governor Picker ing's March. Whether it is to be his march through Suoi|iialmic, or his march out of ollice. the bills don't say. It will doubtless be a •' variation" of the Uogue's March. Tile KMHIUTION. —The exhibition given by the scholars ol Mr. \ ciien s n liixil at the Olympic Hall, on riitir«l:i_v eveiiing l.:«t. we I. ..rn, #i,l att«-I.'i iA- i T| J( - i ar . it. m rr*i : '• v <»rcy,*a tb+ryvim K»>. * t "!* <4 liwt (4»r - to < 48 tt . ib *r£- ■ - . t nI4 j t*. » t ■« •J* fc Sjf. M| Bm" ~ I - ■- n M« MNWT' ttu A i*' t,* * *• «, J| ] |». ,ti f I i | \f * ( I M j. " }•', , r _\J .- r - V•- -« r _' i- • i. a- .1 •-1. \ (i • J ' i" \1 r. I>nl in t' •• i Mr. K«'ijis--»ti in'r -i . I ' I« \ • J. w lii' hr« .id- i- I*a ; /,'< • ■'»««/, I llilt ilia' r< *!l—. I i • 1 ! tin' Spa ak'T *aj the House (all y.-: • l.ty :.a f<— 11 iiif the I'hair, while tie- 11 •an —•» wa- -'■ 11i11 tr in <'omiiiitta e i.t tu«' W hole, to receive a the Council, was an aet'ol di-eourte >v vvhieli ought not to be repeated. Mr. Karusworth, moved to adopt the resolution. Mr. I>cnnison in the Chair. Mr. Laiigford moved to lay the resolution on the table. Ages, 2 ; noes, 4, Mr. Ijangtord and Sharp stein voting in the aHirmative. Resolution adopted. Ayes, 4; noes, 2. C. 11. Xo. 11, an act to regulate fees and costs of certain county ollicers in Kitsap.Stevens and .1 ell'er hoii counties, was passed. Substitute for ('. 15. N'n. i), an net amending mi net ti» regulate mar igcs, was passed. ('. 15. No. S, an act to amend an act for the better observance of Sun day was |>:isse<l. Several House bill was read and appropriately referred. 11. M. No. •'», praying an increase ol the number of Indian Agents in Washington Territory, was adopted. On motion of Mr. Sharpstein, leave of absence was granted Mr. lJennison uuitl after tl.e holidays. C. I?. Xo. 12, :in net fixing time of holding flic Supremo and the District Court, was passed. 11. M. Xo. f>, asking increased compensative for carrying the mail hctwi'cn Walla-walla ami Pinkncy City, was adopted. C. H. No. IS, an act to pay asses sors, was passed. On motion, Council adjourned. Moxn.vv, Dec. 17. 18(50. j Council met pmsuant to adjourn lincut Present—Messrs. Farnesworth, Ferguson, Landlord, Mitchell, and Noyes. l'rayer by the Chaplain, Mr. Jly- Innd. Journal read and approved On motion of Mi. Langford, Mr. Ferguson, was unanimously elected | to preside over the deliberations of this body during the absence of the President, Mr Dennison. Mr. Mitchell introduced. C IS No. li», an act to change the name ol Charles Anthony Frobis doii to Charles Anthoncy White. Pa-scd under a suspension ot the rules. II P. Xo. 10, an a<-t relating to li s> liec ill K IIIIT count \ Was pa-sod. • B Xo. 1., mii act authorizing the ap|H.iiuiii,.|it <<t Court < "ommi—ion •r- .j. ti . njr «lutle». • P. Xo. 14 an jit r>- lo ft;. » ■ .• » '! »t • » a- |«^il H M X •. I", jut ri j lor - »' ■« t » I . f «t«' A «i 1 Vta «a» lu ;<*■ «• »« H J l£ f> ■* t a to».t *t' thr T « mm- t •*— L '' **■< • U L. - »u --; "wnt*-4. T* »«» I* »* I—. -It-MiiPk f amw«w,#i* Ljk»; 1 V- - «• ami %-r , N»H> «%*• « Jirm, * i *WBMNP WPUMP MM*# jr -•• .. *6- I TTgff 4 ... ~*adn>'-«l * K: %'■ V~ *» rnr" •»*:.-»* 1» Ml -i (P^fiMNMk "iMPiiiiiiii «' k fes* «•* *NigpwNMMn» "* ilflV •" ■ « ""Hfc. «•" . «MM fllfcW ' iiMnftt ""X ■»' •■ .«•* *of %' • L 11 lia j«r >««*■» <* «M—l , .11 J-'MMMi Ik fit *3' I1*»r. .... * «*» TIIIII ■« » W". *WR» w tanai »»fc » <M*iMat a F \ -i. MJL « 1- ' . »t t t fl» i«n » « 4ca pn' i«- li J ta N 4. I'U it» to tW rtarliM ■fl V t aa. |' 1 > T., «a --r-t - a • J li \ lrt. r t«> la*:i li- IV i! 't.J !'• iii-tiat \, » » i .i»-a J I'll. ! n .. y> .r..< al j rii -i c \\no • | 'i arum iii tlie('oilit cal, mi Th'irsd iv. I' rid.i\ - pn»ceed- unimportant | not »k. MiiM»\V. l>ee. 17. ISM. House met pursuant to ailjourn incut. Mr. Clark introduced 11. 15. No. IS, to permanently lo cate and build the !'cnitentiary of the Territory of Washington. Mr. I {razee introduced 11. I». No. 1!', an net relating to tlu? construction of roads in Wash ington Territory. Mr. Kees introduced 11. 15. No. 20. an act requiring the registration ot county hcri[» in Walla Walla count v. Mr. Knapp introduced 11. 15. No. 21, an act to authorize Win. Hank to co -.struct a fishery on Lewis river in Clark count v. 11. Is. No. 17, substitute for 11. H. No. 4, relative to persons escaping from justice, was read second time and referred to committee on Ways and Means. 11. 15. No. —, substitute f<>r 11. 15. No. 1,1111 act to restrain and license dance or hurdv-irurdv houses. Mr. Eldi idgo thought the word "waiter," in the second section was liable to misconstruction; that it might he applied to lady waiters in hotels, and they compelled to take out a license. Mr. Knapp moved to strike out the t)bjoetionablc word. Mr. McCJilvra thought no possible misconception could arise, and thought the language plainly indi cated the meaning of the legislators. Mr. Simmon* said, if the word "waiter" was stricken out, l»v the amendment, the hill might just as well not become a law. lie there lore opposed the amendment, as also the proposition to reduce the cost of license from three to one hundred dollars per quarter. Mr. Kldridge said the bill didn't affect his county, but ho wanted to see laws framed in proper language. The law tdiould unmistakably indi cate the intention of the Legislature, lie maintained that the word " wait er" applied as much to waiters in a hotel as in a saloon. Mr. McGilvra thought the gentle man was inclined to be technical; thought he must have eaten pickles for breakfast, which don't set well on his stomach. He thought there «ii< no possibility of misunderstand ii iU. hul that the gentleman was rath er -en-itive in regard to some of his lady friend-' reputation, lie thought the language "Va- tiMiri* and jppr»«prjulif. Tie otijwt uf tW to miiif r it »• 1 4am a* toiMiUr. V ■ - ■ - v»i*l tW i mit« rmlj *" ■ -4r * tWr lu «-v{-ri»i r * ly J>-o1 mrr <nl f* m> ' Mr' '4 ~B~f !-• »S --' i~M f' *• «-■ >!" ■". Ik»4 | V* t' 'i ■ i ur <r««a» A ~ * ' '*•• i »»' ' * 11 i km h M L mmm, 4•» W>* M ' *■ * ntai 11 • laNßa 1 I t % t ft. fcr i— ' - « «"nr in * ~tii «»» mA-m*. k W ■ i t. % 4 mm * «, f ajf % ti hmhh - - ■ - - .tf* dftMM -a. -- #" ' % 'lfc ■ # unffl ' wapiii u I I. ■» «R & •mmmßH/9" *—b~- M m % ~ m m - sm| » Wfcuj. >1 —HI <■» ■«■» *•» «*•»* *Mk & iMßnnn *» ■■•■•• II 111!, «* , '%► *»- mat* iar ■«!* a^ 1 ii" u— ~ ft*. aM. ® -- * * % m-m t"* ftt*t» Ur t <»n a* Mr 4 t.»i mi I "i *.< k.» J f ■»•« |>i.»r--f m tu n . ! I»i iir ~ £• ■ - »«a« ui4 »!•« I t-.. . ui|-u «« I# ■in •„ lr>*t.»f*ihrt ar«-- (•• i 4i t«i -ti ; adiinl s u 4i turn i niili I'*ui»l in i<e« pmiii* i«-«. I. t ► »■ »iniiti««*i *r»- «c |>rrii<;lt ii lorun the kntdU tr—ii in-!-- i.f youth far iiiTo the precincts • •I'tihl age. Of liitii it ma\ Ik.* trnl y sail! thut lii- life was spent in sowing sci'il- o which others an- to t"«*;ij• the harvest. The monument of his cur vices ami usefulness, if not tlif proud • est that men can leave behind them, is among the hest: the fruits of their lahnrs, the blessing of cultivation and civilization, to be enjoyed by other generations as the natural re sults of their self imposed toils and privations. .Judge Ford's social virtues are too well remembered to require eulogium. The untitled niche in most of our hearts —the va cant places in which we were so long aceust nneil to see him and which may never be so well filled again, speak more than words can express. To him the lines of llallcek are pereuliarly applicable, and in repeat ing them, 1 but express a feeling, wish and sentiment, that will be res ponded to by all who knew him. u (iiven he the turf nhove thee, Friend of my better days; NOII • knew tliee but t•» love thee, None nanietl thee l.nt ti praise* Mr. Miles also paid a glowing trib ute to the many sterling qualities of character of the deceased. Referred to the pioneer life in the then almost desolate tract of country which em braces our Territory. lie had known 'ho deceased long and well, and under all circumstances found hi in to be the same genial-hearted gentleman. [We regret that our notes of those remarks are mislaid] — REP. Mr. McGilvru said : Mr. Speaker. It was my good fortune to make the acquaintance of the deceased some five years ago, when 1 lirst landed upon the wild and rugged shores of Puget Sound. Judge Ford was then one of the old est residents of this Territory, and honored and respected by every one who knew him, as he ever contin ued to be up to the time he took his departure from this troublesome scene. Aside from his intellectual abilities, which raised him lar above mediocrity, he was ernenently en titled to tlio noble apjrellation of an honest man. None are without faults, but if he had any the noble ness, gencrostiy and integrity of his nature overshadowed them s.> com pletely, that it diseernable, they were not remembered. The loss of such a man. cannot l»e other wise than a son' bereavement, not only to his immediate personal friends and neiiihb -rs. hut to the community »t lar-je. May he re-t in p-a< «*. and iujv we emulate hi* virtue*. On motion. ll.'Um- iiljt>;iriml. Trr-MT l»r. I*. N/, I! •<**• ik<|>'ir*<uat lo m*ij • ara ■wac. A fUntiSi. J i«>. J* ■—- V•«jjt. M II VI \ H Mi «r«»r» .*» fvnMv \| ■ ♦»£. «f*a *» V«r— »L*. fc I. jww<L • it'll ? mm Mem» w* ttm A ' «i<m *t ml mmmv i> lM*mk. fwMft- C3mt m- ** mi mm. wmmsm II - M «mt* 9% ft mmm* m &W- t mamnt* mmmtmr B < mw»iw mf mm Tm * %.>• mtmf * MMm tmrn ++*■**** «• turn- Hk <mm mmm Hm* - H ***■■ «** in * ». <4t .i«qj»' m , ttmummmArn *- - .mm ■ ***• J» « <w> ti" M mm. I» fc—t XHL'. WP' flw mwP"»t sjp JMI 0 (ir -iti % tR "* '■*?"»* * «n«MN» s*•■& »<fMWNnP9M|g jr *f &MMI C * •, mum %» « -«i muti*— *» >««toi iIT « *fc «* 4MNB. ft V _ » '•* m ' K \ m » ' fcswg »r—i W •■ * a »-« Vi t jti m Jk a < I _ »<.. « t», » 4 n»ti»i H fc \ - art l« |ir irtA l«t>- w>* ■■'"jL.t. fc- *— II !• \ ««• b <idu «t Mr >«•- » *«_ •j- !-»*»-« »««i r» U rn-0 to • 'Muwrtt<- m t mwlM*. m itt; i«*»tnic t ( ..> .t - rvj».rt i ffMwTil tciL 11. I> N • S». mn I<> kutlo ruin|T \i '>f i< |"ia .ft • a ft-rrv on S|»»kati<' n\<r j * nun.ittee on IC>M'I« and High way* ri'|H»rl< <1 a*:'-!ilote for II B N'.> *. an a<'t li> ie.-'»vt*r iiu net to **- ablinh a r< n<l lr>m Deception Pass to Skagit Head. C l» No l«i. an act to change the nmne of Clias, A Forbisdoit to Clias. A White, Parsed under suspension Several Council bills were read and referred. Mr. Ehlridgc introduced 11. M. No. 12, relative to the Northreu Pac ific Railroad. On motion, -House adjourned. \ WEDNESDAY, Dec. 10,1866. House met pursuant to adjourn nient. Absent—Messrs. B.irstow, Jacobs, Jesse, Page, Morgan. Bees, Smith. Prayer by the Chaplain. Mr. Kelly introduced 11. Is. No. 21. an act making ap propriation of SIOO to pay Levi Farnsworth for exploring certain routes for roads. Mr. Pollock introduced 11. B. No. 2">, an act to repeal an i:ct locating a Territorial road in Clark county. Passed, under a sus pension of the rules. Mr. Ku.jpp introduced 11. B. No. 25, an act to incorpo - rate-the Mill-plain Cemetary Asso ciation in Clark countv. Mr. O'Brvant introduced 11. 11. No. 27, tin act to authorize Patrick Kerrel to construct a bridge across Ilamrman's Creek. Mr. KI dr i dge 1n t rod u ced 11. 11. No. 28, an act re latino to the verdict of juries. [Provides that when three fourths ofjury upon a verdict, it shall he received by the court.] Mr. Van Bokkclen introduced 11. 11. No. 2!', an act authorizing \V. A. Ball and his associates to build a road in Stevens county. Mr. Harmon introduced 11. M. No. I*i, praying for appro priation to establish a mail route b'}-* tween Port Townsjud and Ebcy'a Landing. Mr. Harmon introduced Substitute for 11. B. No. 8, an act to establish a road from Skagit Head to Deception Pass, in Island county, was passed. C. B. No. 13, an act to provide for the pay of Assessors, was referred to committee on KnjjroMed Hills, with instructions to report a general bill. C. 15. No. 15, an act uppointing Court Commissioners and defining their duties, was referred to commit tee on Judiciary. li. B. No. 22. an act to repeal an an act incorporating the town of Se attle. p..wd. C. B. No. 10. an art to rarat? cer tain -trevt* aid alleA* u 1M >**»- t ww. »»• |«w«d ' B V IT. > . f.«r f| iL N > !•. »' tr» rttt.f to f-rwiM raf««* fmnifc j wfmp Vlr «Mt : » W ymwi >*a «/ «br T u'« » j * ~ •% MMw t«B» 4Mi «tM» *ai gppr ■**■ t ""W 1

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