12 Ocak 1867 Tarihli The Washington Standard Gazetesi Sayfa 3

12 Ocak 1867 tarihli The Washington Standard Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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' y II <* •"» •» «, in «n» > !■■■ ■ •"* 4HK V. »<<*» * * ' - *Mfa>— * - •-- iifcr -<ot * ,» flaw -w 4M 4® '*» • ' m ~ jjmrn i> 4fr mm * 'in— ♦ ft"' ?**m * *- * -** > , |U«M Mfta. n*K €fir r-t • n«» ny< atefoi tfc* It* Umfirt. Mtntk rjf«rat* «*f httMMl n<W awrt»i"«l fb«-rrta MM* tbr *4 xWe dvrt t »r tbr t*-c"«t*Mt»br»*t.t <>f tt>f CV»urt L*s uot becu «MB|4MKI with. Tlit a«idnr»« r*xjue*t» the Empfmr not to rwiJfr Mtintc.ti'n reconciliation impossible by op|K>»- iti<r »he re-e«tiibli*hii»crit of the K'jpil basis of public atf.iirs. It concludes by requesting His Majesty to give means ami opportunities to the diet for effecting a satisfactory comprom ise, and by praying that an amnesty be,exteu4od to all political offend €rß-j'i v> W" AsifrNGTO!t, Dec. 28.—There is official authority for stating that at 11 A( M., January Ist, 1807, the Pres ident ftiil receive members of the Cabinet, Foreign Ministers, Judges of the United States Supreme Court, Senators and Representatives in Con gress, Judges of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia and the Court of Claims. At 11 o'clock officers of Army, Navy and Marine Ct>rps will be received. The recep tion will commence at twelve o'clock, at which time the gates of the en closure will be opened, and the re ception will terminate at 2 o'clock, p. M. Ladies will be received. The President has issued a procla mation declaring that after January let vassols of the United Stated will be subjected to the same tonnage du ties as the French in the ports Of France, and therefore French ves sels will be charged the same tonnage duties in our ports. The question of sustaining Juarez In war against Imperialist usurpation iu Mexico, and the contending fac tious of that country for another yearr involving as it does the safety of, American interests, is being se riously discussed at the present time; and it is understood that a movement is on foot looking to the raisiitg of a loan for that purpose. General Banks is said to be favora ble to that proposition of a loan, and confidence is expressed that mittee will report a bill to that effect, The Senate and House committee differ considerable iu their views of Secretary Welles' tariff project, but a further' intuj-chaiige of opinions wiII no doubt put the matter iu a satisfactory light, soon after the as sembling of Congresa. A vigorous effort will be made to copitmi the two Houses to lecuring the admission of any siugle South ern State or any number of them* upon, condition of accepting the Constitutional Amendment. Some of the Kspminutim of the Sooth assert that :hi« proposition, as a fin ality, has Micr heaa made bj Con grass, And there i« a growing desirv he auMle as aarly af- tm — M »►• 40P> Hfc O iMwwri"! *ttt* ®PP*4WIBP» ** • "**** 40*« l 'WiwkNß Vt#* » 4BBk PfcHNMfIHHHP ■*■**"•• Vunp »*• mmpp» #*»- 4W Moi W iHPM# «■* %•« I«L lnwlr- *—A (■c 'Mil n—» *MMN> VtMdb «ui hwi 4l V* *»I f' ■MI Ll**"%r • w a»4 j»*r«l lU-rv*: 4r it»i*Nw >4 iix > t'.«rt m rr C*r*i T«* in i»t*rr trv«K l<»)Crth*r »itli rr|*«rt» <W >4lirt iiM|>>rtaut <l«<i»w»m t«> dmfliy tutluwr. tu * it »» al lc«isf«*d it«»«-i»«i t<> devlar® »rvml l.iw» it ■ m on Ibo statute Iwtok uncon stitutional, has |i rodUt-cd feeling-* of alarm. Several jurists in both Houses are seriously considering the property of Congress taking iiiime . diate notion to avert grave dangers, j The President is said to liuve eon - ferred with several Judges of the Su preme Court in regard to the posi tion assumed by Congress towards the Southern States, when he an* nounccd to the Comnriaaioners'from South Carolina, Col. Wetherbce, that the Supreme Court would declare the Amendment unconstitutional, lie is thought to have spoken by the card. , NEW YORK, Dec. 81.—The appli cation to remove the directors of the AtUntic Mail Steamer Company and declare hivalid the election held by the stockholders on Nov. 18th, has been denied by Judge Mason. WASHINGTON, Jan. 2. In view of the repeated thefts; ,of the United States securities, the Treasury De partment, desires attention called to the fact that though all coupon bonds of the Government are issued payable to bearer, so that the}* will pay by delivery, or are good although lost or stoleu from thu hands of law ful holder, the case is different with seven-thirties, which are issued in blank, but with the word "or order" instead of 44 to bearer" inserted on their face. So long as a seven-thir ty note remains thus in blank, it passed by delivery like a coupon bond, and a bona tide purchaser tor value can collect the sum, notwith standing it has been lost or stolen { but in case a holder of a seven-thirty bonds tills the blank space with his own name, the note then becomes his property, payable to him or or der, and he can not thercfore be de prived of his title by nny loss or lar ceny any more than the holder of a check or draft, payable to his order; and this is the law, notwithstanding his name may have been so skillful ly ersed by acid or otherwise as to leave no trace of his name, if the or. iginal holder of the note can provo cltarly that his name was once'writ ten on the face of the seven thirty, hit title is good, even against a bona fide bolder for,value, and will ba reo ogniz< d by the Tre ieury Department, and npou proof of the fact, will be paid to hini. TW brig A. Htrfom. ftmm ths Wrst la dies. for with a nip afsslt, meat s*W«e in a w tVttaWr TTtk. mm ths tiit A thr islssl sf Smmwmy. Brn ssr4 lk«. isi Wshi is is«. TW ('^ lx« \mm lis a-^W ■mi mmtrnammmm mmmm <m '* i +»mmmmmmmmm *# 4a» iwm * «MNOR *» -ovmm* «w 4i 4ftv» «p» * mm**** 1 4ft «4feMP 4fc»*' l Mir |RI «» •Mfe 4haft* 4 dflßM# ' 4MM r •Bfc* *- mm** ««r ai-tix • IB ll W f «f4 m V«* fk- »»-»« * f-m ■« lm \ « Ur- MBi ><i fN— f ■)>. mm fer-4 a' ♦»« l'»t l»|«. »=*«»- s •*»-• Wt A*4 k «-il* Tke «fc < to-< 4 r#rrt ymtt it »» • r l«t lunawti. Ju 2 —Tw Kv<U»4 «ir tdj «rurd to 4«J. TV- f> o (m.iiip *trr Ull »|r*l>iit. Gov Sfftu't Hi mgr i« d'>u rd m I ■!> to Sivr ffj| » IV d'tit of the Stile i» 61.078.400 ll<-op|i'iw* th«* t'on-tiiu i m l .inu-n im- ul. Ui'iov.uE, .Inn. .').—A tire l>r>lt>- out tn-nijglit in the fuiuitu c * ore of \V. \V. Mortis. !.'••» liy fie and wut-r. is eHtiinat-d at 818,000; fully cnveivd by in-urtnce. NEW YORK. Jan, 6. —Quito an explosion lias b«'fii produced in the Fenian ranks by the disco vet y that Ja*. Step ien« never left New York, hut remained there hidden -<nd h'nd even d -serted frmn tin* ranks. This fact was officially announced and f >rm.d the sudject of conversation at a meeting of (he Fenian Out res ia«t evening, wh eh requested (Jen. Gibson to (ill the vac n-y and voted to 'continue their exertion <. Stephens ju«t. fits his action on th- ground that the organization is not powerful to attempt the liberation <f Ireland. Col. Riley stated to thi> meeting that he did not think Stephens wa* a traitor but at tributed hia conduct to oowardice. Pickwick'* March. As played by the Swiss Bell-ringers. [The following waif has found its way into our office and thinking that none can appreciate it more thnn the gentlemen named we give it for what it is worth. It contains truth if it don't poetry") Who killed our Pickwick ? I savs Conaervaliva, As grave as n hermit, 1 killed poor Pickwick. Who saw him die. I says McElroy, With my evil eye I saw him die Who'll dig his grave ? I says Bill Miller, For that is my trade. I'll dig his grave.v Who'll toll the hell? I says John Murphy, I'll do it well, I'll toll the bell. Who'll be pall-bearer ? I Kays Jack Moore, For I'm getting lower, I'll be pall-bearer. Who'll be the Parson ? I aavs McOilvra, For I'm for Snoqualmie— I'll be the Parsou. Who'll be chief mourner tsnys poor Eldridge, or now I'm a goner. I'U be chief mourner. Wholl mourn for bin ? We says the Rids For wen- very sad.

Well aonni for bia. Wtal pat Ua In I MJS Oc SSg. ML WW* aria Ma ■ * > I .«% C.k «« h» WV n««* w. , - i-v7jfit2nrr ß ' *» ttHHBHMi> llMi: "T < w hji | i i<— 4M* ttfMNr *'HMMIcJIk H wiMUMWr 4hMM|MMMI * m 4WIV United Stales Mail. VASIIIXUTOX TERRITORY. I o«t orrioc DirtiTiiiT. I Wast.iugtju (ktgtwr 31, 1866. | P!tOPO*ALS m ill I* received at the CM tract olfi.-e of this Department until 3 r. M of February 15, 1867, for conveying the ■i»ii Is of the United States ia the Territory of Wellington, from July I, 1867. to June 30, 1870, on the routes and by the schedule of de partures and arrival* heraiu specified. (Be ing route* established by acts of Congress ap proved March 14, and July 18 and 26, 1866 aud others.) Dccisious announced by February 23, 1867. 15421 From Seattle, by Tree Posts and Pas* Ulakcly to Pass Orchard, 30 miles and hack, once a week. Leave Seattle Tuesday at 8 a m ; Arrive at Pass Orchard by 6 p m ; Leave Pass Orchard Wednesday at 8 • m; Arrive at Seattle by 6 p m. 15422 From Wallula, by Antonie Plants, Pou d'Oreille Lake and Hell Gate, (Mon tana) to Helena, GSO miles and back, ouce a week. Bidders to propose a schedm of depar tures and arrivals. Proposals for three-times-a-week service invited ; and also to eud of Hell Gate. (Missoula Mills P. 0.) 200 miles less distance. 15423 From Walla Copple, Touchet, and Lcwiston, to Pierce City, 273 miles and back, once a week. Leave Walla Walla Monday at 6 a m; Arrive at Pierce City fifth day by 6 p m j Leave Pierce City Monday at 6 a m; Arrive ut Walla Walla fifth day by 6 pm. 15424 From Walla Walla, by Mullan's Bridge, to Fort Colville, 22!) miles and back,; once n week. Leave Walla Walla Monday at 8 an; Arriveat Fort Colville,Saturday by 6 p m Leave Fort Colville Monday at Bam; Arrive at Walla Walla Saturday 6 pm. 15425 From Port Townsend, by New Dunge ness, to Whatcom, 75 miles and back, once a week. Leave Port Townsend Tuesday on arrival ef boat from Olympia ; Arrive at Whatcom in 36 hours ; Le ive Whatccm Thursday at 8 a m ; Arrive at Port Townsend Friday by 8p m. 15426 From W alls Walla to Seattle, miles and back, once a week. Bidders to state distance and propose a a schedule of departures and arrivals: For forms of proposals, guaraury and certi ficate, aud for instructions, requirements, etc., bidders are referred to the general advertise ment of Washington Territory routes, dated July 31, 1865 at the principal post-offices. ALBX. W. RANDALL, Postmastsr-General. Dec. 31,1866. B:w4 Sfcerlff* ■ Bale. BY virtue of an order of sale issued oat of the United State* District Court of l'ierce County, W. T., on the 13th day of December, 1866, and to me directed and delivered, I hare levied upon, seised and taken into execution, and mil anil m* tke law direct*, oa ike prsml »e» al the "Newport Mill," on Saturday tke Mb day of February A. D. IM7, al tke koar of I o'clock p. m. of said day, all tkat eertaia piece or pan-el of U>d. eituate in Ptoroe C«n ty, Yaekmgtvsi TetriMr;, know a* Ike "Xewart Mill." Mtaate a* tke anatk mf Secwaiitrkew Creak, and MM parti mini 4»- k'M SI MUwa ta ■* to *» mam K* Tito —mm » to toil*. •» mrmmmm mmm mmrnmmm to *to sMStoSt Ml t UflBV, »»MS. Stop tat (niffcitf la tmmmrnr |'i r i >< pi I—n Pulmonary Syrup is really the VERY BEST remedy ever com pounded for the cure of Coi:ghs, ("olds, Sore Throat, Asthma, Whooping Cough, Bron chitis and Consumption. Thousands of peo ple in California and Oregon havebeen already benefitted by the surprising curative powers of MEWELL'S Pulmonary Syrup and with one accord give it thnir unqualified approbation. We now address oursetves to all who are unacquainted with this greatest Panacea of the age, for the healing of all dis eases of the Throat and Lungs, assuring yon that NEHELL'B Pulmonary Svrup has cured thousands and it will care TOD if if you try it. This invaluable medicine is pleasant to the taite ; soothing, healing and strengthening in Its effects; entirely free from all poisonoui or deleterious drugs, and perfectly harmless un der all circumstance*. Certificates from many prominent citizens of San Francisco accompany every bottle of NEWELL'S Pulmonary Syrup REDIXGTON & CO. Agents, San Francis co. . , , AUK. IS, 1866. 4l:m6:is Tell me not in mournful numbers life is sinking to decay, Should there come tn frightful numbers O'er your heads the silver gray. Life Ureal, life is earnest, Why should any one despair, " Dust thou art, to dust returaest," Was not spoken of the hair. Not the marks of age or sorrow, On your tresses long should stay— > Yon oanHvs that each to-morrow Find them darker thun to-day. Time is long, but age shall find yon. Though your hair with lustre wave: Seen when fading, 'twill remind you, You are marching to the grave. In the world's suUhner calling. Where we tech our race must run, If your hair be falling, falling, Use the "Martha Washington." Trust no other, howe'er pleasant,— None can do what this has done; Try it—always keep itjweseot,— Use the " Martha Washington." Twenty theesaad heads remind as What a nefelr teat It's steed! Million# more shall COM behind us With their treses* all r—awed. "WITIU WMIHTW RESTOKEB. CoulJta Mbeetkepukia. tsM nsij aksM. mivmax, *- ORAEFEXBUM} ITTEKISE CATMOLKVy Th ■■■in « • -mm* %• m m Mm * ummmmmm, ■■PHIMfttMMIIBHIM , DTIU UNR M m met • Urf« Mack of lllil. On «Mk MMiM rrttj mrlirU ia ikr CMtaf Ml liar. We ktvt flaMaaUy aa kaal HM largest dock aad greatest Tariety of Pmlatu aad Wool HATS of aa/ boat* ia Baa Fraaciaco, and oar price* for lb CM Goods art leas thaa tbote of any bou*c, as w« receive them di rect from the BMtthcluir'i cousigameat. Our ttock of FALL AND WINTER Good* i* particularly attractive, aad the great feature to the couatry merchant ia the aa usually low price* Lais Than the Cast of Importation We alao keep the STAPLE ARTICLES ia the Dry Gooda line, which Gooda we bare pur chaaed ia thla market under the hammer, aad are olferinj them at New York Coat, aad leaa. We publiah tbia card ia order that we may make aew acquaintancea, aad Induce thoae who have not heretofore purchased of ua, to call and examine our stock. Good Article* HN LOW Price* t Are tba great iaducemeata to all who purchase to sell again. Merchant* who boy of ua, cat make a good profit, aad tell to their custom* era at alow figure. We remain, respectfully, Your Obedieat Servant*, BADGER * LINDENBERGBR, Wholesale Clothing aad Hat Warehouse, Nos. 411, 413 and 418 Battery street. ' San Fraaciaco, Oct. 3,1866. 36:3 m A COMPLETE PIM HISTOIY OF THE GREAT REBELLION BY HON. J. T. HCADLEV Author of " Washington and bis Gener als," " Napolnoit ud hi* lhr ■halt," dec., kc'. mais new and attractive work embraces a I comprehesive account of the WHOLE CONTEST, Nearly Printed from beautiful. Clear Type, on good paper, ELEGANTLY IL LUSTRATED with numerous BINE STEEL KRMATUfiI UP SOUSD COMPbITI II ONE bUPEHB VpWJME Of over 1300 page*. It contain* the OFFICIAL REPORTS in M of blent. Qen. Orantand M»jor Gen. Sher man. HOME TESTIMONIALS I It i« written in Headley's best style, aad U is about the best delineator of battle scenes that there is among our American authors. Pereonspurchasing this work will get a Tain abls and entertaining History. •file War.— Oregon (Mm) AMMms, July 2. Ot the many histories of the war, Tht Ortmt RtbtiUon, or a Bitlorp </ Us Oml W sr <a As Untod BMm, by J. T. Head!ay. author of Na poleon and his Marshals, eU~, id undoubtedly the most candid and impartial as well as the most laterestiog that has ever laMrtftWf MM American press. Asa dsocrtpilrs <nHss, fe Headley has si npiffat la iMftaL-MS BtrmU, Portland Oregon, July IT, UN. It Is the beet history yet eShsed. We earn- SMd it lo all who desire a hir Impartial hieta tf.' to.se., *m iHk. It m Sk* Mmt IM«sy s MM r«r. JksdaaW ledsssery ISiaip. BEonnmw * oo.v