26 Ocak 1867 Tarihli The Washington Standard Gazetesi Sayfa 1

26 Ocak 1867 tarihli The Washington Standard Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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Uashiuglan slandari llt W C jHP ■» C ♦ s» * * —►. ■ - * <%s*» • MIH II •* • %• * II «—' »">■—" » - T »*>■"—* -«■»* —— - " • " JT * *tar*m m •*•*■:*». « «fcs ir ** » iiw - -•' *•» «r W iir ».«■*. •»* •»•-•>*«■«*"'« »% ► lir «f Mr *»•%»%»" !■*• »»|ri n»M4*r». - i« » l*r >t '*<i«4 ait n •■■«.»fcft» r*» - orfK*r.-rwf «r t p ii tW w.<4 «r * mi tfcf t.i ■>: >■■ i "t Koft<i!v«iJSES«. —The* ni>ml plain and natural rnitiiiu'iiU ol equitv. MVfi Dr. Itlair, concur with divine anthoritv. to enforce the duty «•! lor givciicee. " Let bim that i-\vitli'*ut d'hi east the first stone" is the true principle of forgiveness. Of all pis eions that envade the human breast, the most direful, the one that soonest unhinges order and repose in society, and which has its dwelling place in harrow contracted minds, is revenge. It permeates society like u serpent in the garden of Eden, exciting at its poisonous touch, moving onward unhinging society, and spreading desolation in its pathway. It ha? been truly said, that •• ilie greatest man on earth can no sooner commit ail injury, than a good man can make himself greater by forgiving it." One ot the surest eriteiioin tojudyo a people by, in reference to their position and advancement in civili zation and morality is, to sec if they oXi-iviS ' chir.tv and lor:;i veucfS to others. Uevciige ehaiuetoriy.es na tions as well as individuals and moves ot. the same principle hut in greater volume. It always lias its abode in lit'le self-conceited minds. A brave man and a brave people, never harbor revenge. What a sad instance of these great truths do we sec at the present day in the degrad ing actions and conduct of the Nortl - - ern people? Having both riglit and justice on their side, the spirit of forgiveness and charity to a con quered people-would shine forth with increased lustre, aud add honor and glory to courage; but when it is even doubted whether the scales will proponderate in their favor, when viewed on the rigid principles of strict justice, tiow sadly does a nar row contracted self-conceited spirit of revenge, tarnish the glory of their urms.— San Antonia (Texas) Ledger. VVIIAT THEY WON'T OWN TO.— There are several things which yon never can, by any accident get a fady —be she young or old—confess to. Here are some of them : That she luces tight. That her shoes ure too small for her. That, she is tired ut a ball. That she paints. That she is as old as she looks That she has been more than Jive minutes dressing. That she blushes upon hearing a certain person's name mentioned. That she ever says a thing ehe does not mean. That she is fond of scandal. That she cannot keep a secret. That she —above all persons in the wide world—i« in lov£. That she doeau't want a new boa Met. Thai know everything. TV»t «b» can in with «hw I"* wfc« tU i* «!• nit t<> tr»v- wt ikr A t .« • ""fC * fkf lif > r wi aui -t « nmkd +*■ JJ« Tk**-mz% »*ii 1W «M Aw ii> t k<~~m Wrt -e tM mm «M a Unw U ar ***** m i—-'- i ' mmmmw* mm. . ■" « m ftwarißfcMwg *br»~ J%m < i ft«. #«i a *** C ft -♦ 4 • * • fbrva* * A*» I. t - iMft-o*' WKKO lb «*"* (■ * HH«» I— ' V ** opr (V «NMOB*4BHPP Ift **»• jfi. * H «. *•- fltt -• - • «* 4 .«, ' i *\i~ i! ti j k \ .U *c*4 II I. > :«4 - . r«-*.»e »«« a T.-- 1 JhMii I ai l; i 4 *1 Jr. !•» VI Iwrf:.!. >JM |4>«-L t it N . in *1 i.i t »i i r- •> • i t.l\ 111 >ll -II 'llir.i e l»!lt*. M Ji ll »». ij Mr. VM k '<■ intrifcluvl II i> Xii'/J. an ;i«'i t>r i iu* rvlul •>t 1 lie members of tin? L • j. 1 "! itivtf A •»! a - b!\ ot Washington lYrritorv. II li No Mi. an iii-l appropriating money In sii'l in tin* repair and con struction of the road lii>i ii Olympia to N1 •lllticcllo. Mr. SiiiiinoiiH moved t«» strikeout tin? enacting clause, ii| on which tlie siye.s ami noes where called, result ing as follows: Ayes: Messrs. lirazee, Clark, Hancock, Henry, Harmon, Ileekert, Jesse, lvmipp, Kelly. Ijongmire, Me- Uilvra, i'olloek, 0 Bryant, I'.igo, liees, Robinson ami Simmons—l7. Noes: Messrs. Clviucr, Kid rid go, Ford, lluutington, Morgan, UuHi, Smith, Vanßokkelcn, Temple, Voting and Mr. Speaker—ll. On motion, the House took a re cess for one hour. AFIIIIXOOX BKSSIOX. House re assembled. A coinmuuicutioii was received from Gov. Cule informing the As sembly of his approval of the follow ing acts: An act to repeal at. act entitled an net to incorporate the town of Seattle. An act to revive an act entitled Tin act to locate and establish a Ter ritorial road from Skagit Ilend to Deception Puss, in Island county, approved Jan. 11, 1803. An act to repeal an act entitled an act to prevent the depreciation of le gal tender notes. An act to repeal an net in relation to road tax in Whatcom eonntv. An act to authorize D. J. Schnis lily to construct it bri Igjacros* Spo kane river. An act to amend an act entitled an act to incorporate the city of Port Town send, in Jefferson county, passed Jan. 10, 1800, and to repeal other acts in relation thereto. An act to authorize Win. Ranck, his heirs, or assigns, to construct a ferry and build a road in Clark coun ty. An act to authorize Patrick Fer rel to construct u bridge across I tang man's creek. An act to incorporate the Mill Plain Cemetery Association, in Clark comity, \V. T. An act to repeal an net entitled an act to create and regulate the of fi«re of Inspector ot Sa'iuon. An act to authorize \V\ A. Ball, and su<-li otlurs mi may associated with Liin to coimtr'M't a wagon r0.i.l fr« •hi (t.fiM? 1'M.0.i4 .it Sunki' river to the Mull hi road lo'ur the old Indian ferry. «m the north »i«le uf the S|~»- luiir ami to «-»f.»l»li-!i l«ri.l»>-» •mi flu l'tl< i»«- u<l rivers. Iloa*** r~ >♦•«-« rr»-l »•, ('oabil »Hi bImM II J\lN •7. |<ni«r f«r»n »] ;#»<j -jli.* ..f U*iW! i iMiliun r-wl fr>« |* «i At>- . tif«i • IllfV" [ \<»« wrft.- ' t>rJ ' B S - tl mm m-t « «r (W mmt «rf f. * w T F «» r 4Jfc u: - ■*■ 1 «• ' CJIS.I*. „. Rfc 4 tiftl»l ■■ «• ■■ „ ,I„,I " . t. 1 I * |■tf ■ H X jfc- * mm <ij«—> iMMMR «nMfP r *■" H "«tm M 9 %»' IM» +*» ■ w> .» * -. Vt k. v s * m ■*6 f «*»•* * •*• I' * » MM #- -r rjpr «r i T r % U i a % **s <* ?*\ +s4r>m jfm* • * !»• dki #• «1 rt|wit' *• i» «| ff4*t fl»t A ».wr. a IV. v <* J Mr. M <i. i . larr.i* *-J || f: N • l"i t« xl I" 4 k.i t«4 »•• V> < !<• t»«#n» in i!»«• I» airn t <"«»»irt Mr. 11 : tl: n«ST • »«• intr-> hi'til II !> X" 1"• J ;.t :i« '* t-> mi:i'i <1 uii lil rel.it ii-j; to eruiif* and f• 111■ l ~11111«-lit and | ipn-eftli !!•»■, in eriiimial cases, aj>- j rove-l Jan. 1 NliJ. II .1 It No lit. a ivsoliit'oti relative to the powors of ('ongress ami the rights of the States, Made the special order of Wednes day at 1 P. M. II li No 99, (Mi act fir the relief f.i the member* ami officer* of (lie Legislative A>semblv of Washing ton Territory. Imhtinatilv post poned. II Li No 9S, an act to empower Mo r * 11. Frost an. I his associates to construct a whiirfut Mm-kiltco, in Snohomish comity, wan passed. II I) No 57, an act to provide for tlie removal of obstructions to nav igation on ChchalU liver was taken from the table, ami upon its tinal passage lost—ayes, 12; noes. It!. (J Ij No 30. an act to provide for the organization of a tire department at VIIIK Oliver. Ittfimd. Sill 8 i ute tor II B Mo 8, an net relating to road tax in Stev/us coun ty, WHS passed. II 11 No li:j, mi net to provide f.»r assessing ami collecting Territorial ami soliool revenue. C I! N<> 22, an act to provide for the assenting and collecting Territor al revenue Made the special or der for Friday. II B No 30, nn act to provide for the election of County Commission ers tind defining their duties, was passed. Ilouse adjourned to 1 o'clock P. M. AFTERNOON SESSION House reassembled. House went into Committee ofthe Vhide upon 11. B. No. 34, the elect tiou law. Committee rose, report ed progress and, Ilouse adjourned. TUESDAY, Jan. 22,18G7. Ilouse met pursuant to adjourn ment, and business was opened in usual form. Mr. Ford introduced 11. B. No. 105, an act to fix time for holding County Commissioner's Court in certain counties. Mr. Miles introduced 11. M. }»o. IS, praying an appropriation to im prove navigation of rivers. Mr. Robinson introduced 11. M. No. 10, praying an appropriation for the construction of certain public buildings at Olvmpia. Mr. Kelly introduced 11. B. No. IW, an art to int-orporato the Stuck Mil .iiig and l.og-l>riviiig Company. Mr. \ siiJUkkclvit iniriMliittil H. B. N>> loT. ai- *ct lii distribute the pill••'n* arms of \V. T.. and to pmvide t«r tt>«' -al«'-ktx'j'iii(f "f tlx" rviultl* t»t t-K* I'i-iiall «Jf '»f Al«*« tl J li N." frbfkr tna J -in! t •ni<rnti»« ftr tW rinlK« ui TrfrH.*!* 1 fArr*. A» II M V. M f+lMmm. t > a 4 uw T. II J * V - ft ***«. fUk* I * r-faMf af wk<n Ml <>*"— II to > fc* 4. 1 K UU «>. i—— ■ mr+ to fMkr. afci Mud ■i* J|» ■ii » r t v- o hi ■» M »- tor tow »" -J"* -M jn< »II «■< •J --pVM*. It l> *» «»>.« A «gt 4M M "4|MflHßHk' *"VBi 4MMNjpHHff 4E • v MMHRP •M< **• % r| ->• «*»» «*» *»»««*» W - K» W _ ..„ tn »>gMf •». •• : W •■ . ** S »4MbHV)« • * ■ Bfill II t ton* % i «w»li J ■••-••Vi* fl «• uri * Mj— z. I- * m**? *• <nr •»'**■>■ 9"***! ** • •e« • **k fs»« "•**■* rwn t" :•*» H •«rt wt Ml r> lr «kd 4rj*< f-ir m U«r inj ■-trLoJ lx» d«.i ikr nul r»»»»i • tS* «-r» » --rr. »u4 Itw rxtmt l<»«)■•>< lltrir.i.ilitj «« tijnl 11, luirutfj !■• t!•«.• (4l>miii( r>nvcr*»- li<>ii bfturrrn an ii«t*-ii«iiii|£ I'jwi.g. r ami itto lifkti « li*rk : •• 1>• tn l! v next train stop at New tow II ?" •• No. «ir; it i* the Kxpre.«s tmin." *• Doi.'t the K<prc*a train stop ther«»''." " No, sir it j; »es past." " llow intifli is the tare!" " One dollar ami twenty-five cents." " When will the next train go that stops -at Newtown ?" '• At 4 o'eloek, sir." " Whv, don't the Express train stop there ?" "No, sir; never." '* Will the train that start* ut 4 o'eloek stoiig there?" " Ves. si r; "There's no danger of its going past without stopping, is there?" " No, sir." " It isn't the Express that goes at 4 o'clock, is it ?" " No. sir." " Couldn't the Express train just as well stop as not ?" "N •, sir." » Why don't it?" " Don't know, sir." " Will this ticket take me to New ton ?" " No, sir." " I couldn't get off anywhere lor a few minutes, could I?" "No, si'." " What time docs the train start ?" " Four o'clock, sir." " It will bo sure to start on time, will it?" Clei/i (angrilv)—" Yes, sir." Tranter —"\Vell ve might be civil." to THE BIM.K. —How comes <t that this little volume, composed by the humble men in u rude age, wlyjn art and science wore but in their child hood, lias exerted more influence on the human miml and on the social system, than id! the other books put together? Whence comes it that tins book has achieved such marvel ous changes in the opinions of man kind—has banished idol worship— has abolished infanticide—has put down polygamy and divorce—exalted the condition of woman—raised the st.oidaid of public morality—created for tainillics that blessed* thing, a Christian home; and caused itsother triumphs, by causing benevolent in stitutions, open and expansive, to Miring up H* with the wand of en chaiitinen* ? What sort of a book is this, that even the wind and waves of human piMHii obey it? What other engine <>t iM»*-ial improvement ha* o|*fat«*d l«»ng. and yet |o*l iHMie of of its virtue*? Since it »;>• 111*11 y l» IJaM of aiucl ».«cali.m hirr UVII tri*-d and tailed ; ran x itf birr rnrrm- i*. Mt.| nt* lb- tr rnanr. id ex }<rr<d «n«-r mj-it b* W- I tW tU mt t .m* *MI y»r aw »*< trare mm tIH « JS« -» K«* (W> m f » mrn*m A T imam mm; .mem mfk f*» W-a t (Aw •X "*• m « mm *» 'WT iM" !■» ■** 84 • mmfg *MMr MM# taHk VW P«ar Mi* Mm a* » m-m-tm a AaP wAm <Ay i'» «mI «at>* '"»■>»■ mA 14 «*= Abu ■»• |wra>i—■ ■ -- marj - \:..i ■»- 4w t • # mvff. »* m -»Ii um i « ti f CIX - Ctfbrr.M lu mi rrjJ e~] tW Jmmrf - lt4'ii«4i. fLat i»a i«1 tnatarc. atu lrt4 i< Sn«-Ue bant br»'. tu out i f the E'u|f»«' UJi.t in waiting ? Itnp-tMilde •My |»-*»r Nikolii (T «!.e i* y«»«irig ami Iteautiful ami you are old ami ugly." *• She love* me ?" aaid Nikoliefl, SM elliiiff with uffe;:ileil pride. " Kv ry one does not look on me with the unfavorable eyes of your Majeatv." "You muat be very rieh, then or ahe eould not love you," said the Czur. " Allowing tliat to be. I should not be the first one who' has been loved for bis wealth !" replied the buffoon, with a cynical smile. "I know one far richer and more pow erful than I am, who has thought himself loved for himself alone, in stead of his piles of yellow goH ; and was so plainly deceived that he alone was unsuspicious oft he true object.'" The Emperor turned pale with anger, and bit bis lips until the blood flowed, for the buifooti alluded to a love adventure of the Monarch well known at court, but which none had dared to speak above a whisper. »Very well," said he, controlling his rage by a powerful effort, "since you desire to marry Catherine Ital vaski, you shall do so. I charge niv sell with the whole expense ot the nuptials, and you will receive . from me the palace wicli you will occupy with your charming bride. Mean time you are forbidden to leave your chamber, under penalty of being made acquainted with tho knout, in comparison with which, the blows of my wife, which have often made your shoulder# ache, arc mere love caresses." Fifteen days after, on the 14th day of January, 1720, the buffoon was awakened at daybreak, by the sound of music at the door of the chamber which served him as pris on. A number of servants df the Czar entered, clothed him in a mag nificent suit of garments, then placed him on a sledge, to which were at tached four of the most beautiful hordes in the Imperial stables, and surrounded by a cortege , composed of the greatest lords and ladies of the Imperial Court, conducted to the cathedral Notre-Darue-de- Kahzan, where, the nuptial ceromony was celebrated with a splendor and ex travagance which uot only complete |v reassured, but delighted the proud ftikolicff*. Tho nuptial benediction pro nounced, the happy collide were put upon sledges, and conducted to an diaolated place, a short distance from the ci y on the banks of tho Neva, where had been built I Palace the like of which never existed, except ed in fairy tale*. The ptlace. which secnietl «o be constructed of crystal, and a luck tbtwanJ* of lamia* as ray*. lUc W*zinr Ucfcn r/ tbc TM b«Dt t«f WJfcivf « .4 w.rtt««ts» if »r«s and (MOMH a f|| «JtcT m |WT .< ,In at TW d«arf a*J U mm** <•* mm. mr ** —■* •*» a fca* ** "T x 251 ■*«•4 ■> a*» Mtmmt mm Gp UM* <rf AM* 'MM Ml *Mt - ■ "4» J•» Ah* MBmmm* W4a «nr% **«4b >MI m M »•» ' YW mhmM —< y»l wtwini, * mm mm lairr t» ♦•"«> So %.*' Vk> t-« ;' - </ t_. - «£*•» ' ; ~rv mi >W» t < im ( ±* ;r*» kki fere* •» v <iWf. vn'fr |«w< fM *> » ml.i ■ „ tl«e frarfui I••Culi —fw ,»• itul t»<> «*ar> Ut« r, «o«ier ti*« (x>ti- ul t'r-wt. 11. »r>o*. ua*t, tun Mini rain, t!ii* fairv palace «ji CMiipletly transformed into • little hillock, and hideous to beh(>hi. When at last l'eter the Great gave the order* to demolish this frightful witness to hia barbarity, the pick-axe and bur were found insuf ticent for the purpose, and recourse to blast WHS necessary to relievo the shores of the beautiful Xova/rom the villainous object which recalled so disgraceful a history. MORMON WOMEN. —The Salt Lakd Telegram thus comes to the rescue of the women of Mormondom,wh» have been called " ugly" by an "Eastern scribbler Speaking for ourselves, wo will say that our ninety and nine wives and our five hundred and ninety nud nine daughters, God bless them each, every, and either, all and singular, are the very perfection of beauty, beautiful bevond compare, in coun tenance, in ligure, and far higher, in virtue. With the most unshaken con'tidence wo put thetn against wives and daughters elsewhere. Our women give in to none for personal beauty, but when you com 9 to the beauty expressed in the homely proverb " handsome is as handsome does," we assert, without the slight est fear of successful contradiction, that our Mormon women "immeas able surpass those ot any other com munity, and wo can prove it the sat* iefaction of any reasonable man, and. if wo can't, then ho is no man, that'sall. Every citizen of Utah will back us up tu these particulars, and if they do not it won't make bit of diilorence wo can back ourselves Wo are perfectly at homo at stand ing tip for truth and the women—we are a whole team at that, it is forte, exactly what wo prido ouselves iu. . TUUTLB Eaa BUTTER. —O»d of tho peculiar productions of Brazil, des cribed by Mr. Fletcher, was "turtle egg butter." There are innumera ble turtle* on the sand bars of the Amazon and the natives make it a business at the proper season to col lect their eggs which are deposited in the sand. These are thrown into a boat nnd when sufficient quantity has been collected they are trampled by the Indians. After a short time an oily substance rises to the surface and is skimmed off and this is 44 tur tle egg butter." Many millions of eggs are consumed in this war every year, and the article is largely eon iiumiiL Bat Mr. Fletcher coufoseed that although be bad partaken of many •tm-fg* diabe* in this e«srw iff i«f Hi* travel* and had Umti to rrlwh tbeot. be oerrr cn«U taste tar tie ncr Utur. lie 4iis't oactlj TW» Mt mmm ikrttw i ywrk<t fi—*mg _ . mi afc | > :<;:4Mn * 4MM9L 0H MMM

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